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Kootenay Mail Feb 5, 1898

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 >i>  i t'  /<f|% \%-^a%  Vol. 4.���������No. 42.  IlEYELSTOKE WEST KOOTEXAY,  B.C., FEBRUARY o, 189S.  $2.00 a Year.  TOO MUCH LIBERALITY  THE   TELEGRAPH    CREEK--TESLIN  LAKE   RAILWAY   CONTRACT.  t()i>-: no more great grants "of lhe pub-  i"io domain,   of  iii-h   mineral   Iv.k t-, of  -pociiti p,-ivih-os nnd gigantic- mom,'j The New Bujldi     Siarted-A Deserip-  |lolics, as it ha.-, done*  at   almost   ovei y '    ���������  session   in   Un'   past,.     The   0|>|)i>ilion  i  The Government should, have operated  it���������It,needed no such bonus���������The  Provincial government can't refrain from chipping in.      ;,   ' *  From a cai ofnl study of 'he terms of  thi' colli i-ncl. svilh' Ale ���������i-.-. .Mackenzie \-  &   Maim, in thc Telegraph Creek ami '!'<���������.--  Hi: Lake Ji.iilsvay, I lie M.sn. i- eompoll-  cd lo s;iy il think- it tiniu'ce���������arily  lih-  or.-il : ami I hut, the government   svould  -   has-e done much better tu opi'i'iile  the  line   it-elf.    IL  i.-   true   lhat the conditions  gos-orning  the  undertaking are  stringent and fi.'iiiii'd svilhsomo reg,it (1  for (lie pmu-i-i ion of tin* public-m-h as-  giving  only  alteniiil.!  I lock.- ol land,  the fiee rights of prior individual locution--, and tilt* loyally lobe paid by the  conl i-acfing 'company,    ll  i-  nntesvnr-  (hy   too lhal I hc undoi-l-iking   i-i quire-  ^ett'ort of unusual kind���������-lot) mile- lo  hi-  ��������� '      Ii ii i 11 in 120 davs���������and thai for. the observance of I he conu-acl in all ils  particular.-a he-ivy  giiarantoe-.-$2.';0,()t)0���������  has   boon   demanded.    The   passenger  and freights'have been kept under lyr)i-  i,   vv Council eont ml, and to   be   reduced  i  ..-iftei- four  J'o.u-, 2Y)   per  cent,   and   by  , iurther redticii >ns  at,  olhei   interval.-.  Notwithstanding all this, Ihe   contract  made by the government i- too liberal.  " II i.s nol a load that svill'lias-c to induce  travel nor be tlperated for any  number  of yi-ars;, before payinur dividend*..' The  I i-iiflic will   be   there, .-oonei   Ihanthe  road and in greater voliiine than il can  handle.    Theie is every   reason   therer  foie to a ii I iei pate that  it svill be a paying pi cipo.-ilio;], from I he lirst rail- laid,  so the government might hasy reason-  'i .-,1  hly osviii'd it  themselves  and   retained  t h.'ir public lands.     Wo knosv that the  general ea-iern   public, independent of  parly, nlttigothei object (o'lhe country  going   into   finthei-   c(r.-L   for Ihe svesl,  '.-intl I ho a'lnouiK-i-nieiit.  thai   thi- road  is to lie built svithoiil costing, the etnin-  t ry .-rt'c'iil/hii.- been hailed svilh loml ap-  p'aiis:>.    Tli'.-il. may heit lie eastern' was  '  of looking at, it,-but   the  giosving  feeling in the"svesl, i.s  n'guiiisl it. .'-pecially  I he I.-ind '-ubsids-   -y-te':ii,   tliun   svhich,  I hei.'   is   nothing   more   extravagant.  Though there arc   rea.-ous   that   many  ssill conl.-ud for from a Canadian trade  - '   point of viesv, the refusal lo^ authorize  for live years lhc  t on.-truction   of any  line of  rail svay from    Lynn   Canal  'oi  other point ma   the 1 ouiidai y bet sveen  Alaska anil Canada, gives the Alui-ken-  '/.if'-.Miiiin fiullil a monopoly of lhe traffic svhich   it   can   baldly   cope   svil.h.  Three yi'iii-s of t he  excitement   to   Yukon svill give these  contru'clor.-  such a  ptop-.'i-ly   that   lhe , reduction   of ralo-  svill hot hot (hem little.    Thej   are   engaging in ;i gieat, undertaking il i.s i rue  but  al-o   in   a   "most    uininy-  making  scheiue. a iiin-L cei lain   bonanza, svilh-  out the .-lid olVei-cd 1 hem by (he Dominion Govornmo it. '  Hut this i-not all.    These d'ort tinad-  railroad builder*- have st'ill nunc favors  coining, it -ceiiis.    The Bri(i-h  Coluui-'  Ilia govei'iuueiit��������� alsvays anxious lo aid  an\-   impoi tunaie     railioad     operator  ss-ith the imblic'.slaxes-���������is ttigivethein,  so the dispatch -ays. .f*2,2.~() pei  mileoi,  in .-ill. gi::H7..")(KJ.    This T- jndeed   killing  svith kiniliicss, huUering   the  bread on  both sides iind edge.-, iind all I'm undertaking;!   proposition   sshich   is almost  cerliiin of inimediale financial  success.  '   The ,.\| All/S siesv is   not   endorsed  hy  Sir Charles Tupper. svho ha- expressed  hi-  appi-osal  as   have  also many Con-  sers-iilis-e papers, .is lhe Cohmi-t.   It is,  pei haps,   an   extreme   s-iess-.   hut  il   is  liecoiiiing more and   mon-  an .iccepied  one. al least in the   svesl, and   svilh examples   liel'ore   us   of   road-,    |ikt.   ||Ki  (J real Norl hern, successful svii houi subsidy ill face of  great   coinpet il ion, nnd  of I he prosperous- ope mi ion of govci n-  ' iiienl-osvneil     rail sva vs      in      various  coiinlries. ii is iiuihiuM   [ u|   i-jj^ji(  (),,,,(  C;i 11ad in us, en-I en i Canadians o-'pcci,-il-  ly, -hoiild tij'io realize  il- (-nusumiuu-  li,in in I heir oss'ii  eoiiniiv.   The  .Mail  expei led   some assi-lnncc li-oiii ils con-  s-ul-ive conli'iiipoi-ai-y on   (hi.-i  mailer.  , ll    should   be   u-cd   by     it  as  ,-inolliei  ie;i-on I'm--iiying   ihe  Turner gus-crn-  'ilienl should be rcl,lined iu pouor.  must s|,onl linn ,-.s a rock ,ig;iin-(  all these thing.-, and if it cannot  storm the 0 overifinent fa-lncssC's, it,  can coiiline it there, mil il leinforced hy  lhe lio-ls (if the people at 111" polls.  Already the mandate of lhe elec-lors  to the Opposition toadopt such a cuir-e  is  heard.'    Fron'i   ICootenaj-  and    Yale  comes ihe demand that/no nesv legisl.i-  lion of great,  import ; no action   that  shall insolve   great  finniieiiil   rc.';poii-i-  bilities, and  decide   Ihe  cour-c of pro-  s incial all'aiis for Ihe   next,   finu ye.-n-������,  shall lie laken 11i'i 1 iI I he opinion  of the  eleelorate can he had al, lhe polls.   Thc  Opiiosilion inu-t not--sve believe it svill  not--di-regard I hi-prndt'iil   and    svi-v  coiii-.-e.-   On (he  (Suverniueiil, and   nol'!  ,nn the   Opposition, lie's   the  failure   to  call lhe llou-e togotheral an carls'  period, so as In make   possible  a  speedy  app.'nl lo the electors.    Ou IheOppo-i-  liou   svill, Ifosveve'r, ,,llosv   devolve' the  litsk of holding  hack lhe   Government  hoide sshich svould .-(ill further exploit  the, public re-oiii cc--, and retain ils hold  on the Pi os'inci'bj*'nie.ins of bribe.-,   lo  those svho svill aid it, to keep, still    lou-  gvr thiil control of posver of svliich   il  has sliosvn   iiself -o   unsvoiihs-  in  the  past.��������� Nesvs-Advertiser.  THE MOLSON'S BANK.  tion of the Plans.  They Call for Comment.  t,   Burroi' Koo'ri'-.v.sv Mail': ���������  Sir: ���������I think thai I he letters appearing over thu signature of "Observer"  and Air. S. Neodh.im, in j-oti^'issues'of  the 22.id and SOlh, i"o.-pectivoly, call for  some comment.  Whilst not a-apprehensive iis ��������������� 01>-  sei s;er" of I hi: possible dangers of incorporation, I ihiuk lhal letters such  as hi-, ilia-much a.- tliev provoke ifi(-iii-  ry bs-' the public into the possible objections lo il, aio nf considerable value.  But I cannot think, though '-Observer"  evidently tines, that the "possibility of  the I'ul me iiiiinicipalil y lii'iiig������eall.'d ou.  lo uiiflei'liikt; the pn.ieclion til the" river ha uk, i-oilier th.-ui a sei-j- leniote  one.  Are I he promises of govci iiineiils to  he held of iibsolulelv no value, and  tiiigbl sve lo po-i pone indefinitely the  inaiiagvinei:! of our lot al ,ifi'airs o'ii. ac-  "coiuil i if'an event uiiiii y .svhich if'nof  r.'iiioveil (hi- yi'.ii', iu.is-,' for1 all sve  Ivimsv, leinaiii for j-e.-il-s to ciuiie ? The  svaler- of the Coliimliia arc, sv.. fear,  ,is lit 1 le re-peeler of per-on- ;is I he sva-  I ers of I be At!,11,lie svere in'the tlavs ol  Caudle, but sve inaj' coiisule. ouiseive-  bv lhe ii'llection I l.al'l lies* will not be  likels- lo increase I heii .yearly ctiii-ump-  lifuiof lots--blocks���������of I he losvnsiie of  .ftvvclslokc, bi'c.iuse | He assessiiient of  "the said p;iieels or tiacts of land''  fall lo the lot, of a civic fiinclionary iu  lieu of a go's eminent agent.  Willi regard lo Air. S. Needh.tin's lei-  ler, I believe it i-a fact thai in .-on.e  svay iiolilit-alion of the la-t inei'ting of  the I i't-iii poration conimitl ee did not  leach him, bill the nnlj' business Ir.ius-  acl','d at. that iiieeling���������Ihe dispatch of  the petition ��������� would, I knosv have received his support, .is, before ,-iiiv one  ss'a- permit led to sign the petition, his  or her n;i iiu-svas lh--t found upon lhe  provincial govci umoiit a.-sos-inenl roll.  I tin iiot-lliink I here sva- room for mis.  lake in the signature.-.. The notificti-  tion he mention- 1 svas not asvaieof.  Of course the petition c-iiculaled bv  the conililil tee, svns; quite dill'eient to  lhal provided in lhe Municipal Acl and  in no svav subject, lo the liniilaliou-  I here meiil ioned. '  Mr. Neetlhain olearlv osv.-s it to lhe  iin-iispeci iiig public to -boss- up in ihe  course of hi- "more here.-il'ier'" Ike  "great aniouiil of duplicity"' practiced  by a fesv svhich i- exposed lo his eve in  "bb-erver" letter, but rather (lif.iciilf  for-onie of us (ti discover: in fait, I  has-.'ilotibls ,-is I o'svliel,her "Ob-eiser"  himself svould I'u! I j' recognize the double meaning svhich' Mi: Noctlhaiii finds  I hn-e remarks cons,"v. I anr, -ir,  Yum.- faii'hfully.  T.  Livi.vii.STo.v Il.vin.  Hevel.-t'ike,  Feb. .HI,,' KS!)S.  ,The Molson's hank, the --ecciiid Ha liking institution to locate in  Hevel-toke,  has comtiieiiced o]>ei-.il ions, on   its nesv  premises  at  coiner   of,  First   St.  -mil  Mackenzie Ave.    The plans  are   in the  Ij.-iiid- of (he conti actors and Mr. (). li.  Maclean, svliosvill' be inspector'.    They  .-hosv a building 25\7o feet, tsvo storeys  high.    It   i-   divided    into    njiin.igei-'s  room,   Hanking   th-pai I meiil, sault "for  safe,    svhich   is   lo   be   made   fireproof,  lavaiories, etc.    The ss hob'   building is  to be pla-tered throughout and  be svell  iidnpti'd    to   the   rt'qiiirements   of the  tosvn. The piemisi-s at the back, facing  Mackenzie Ave. arc divided   into  lasv-  j-ei-'s pris-iile and   public  offices,   vault,  and lavar.-itors-, all in one -uile, for Mr.  A. 0. M. SplMgge.'  ' The main' enu-auce is on th'e'right of  building facing   both   on   Fi-s'l St. and  .llmavonuo.    The portico  is   supported  bj' tsvined columns of Lhe Tiiscm style  and pi-esenl  a   vei-v    nice  appearance.  The manager's  private  enhance  is on  thi-" left side of the frontand oi.ens.iiito  a vestibule leading  to" up-tairs, svheie  lhe rooms are niclj* sel onl,   all'oi-ding  lhe manager much solid cointort, in His  home life.  The eon It-act'is let to Mr. Tonipkine.  svho has put T. II., Fitzgibbons in  charge of the ss-oi-k svhich is to be giyen  ltir local' men and lushed ihiough .-is  quickly as pos-ihle. Under Mr. Ar.lt-  le.m's siipeiintendeiice a good ,job is  .-ec-tired (o the Bunk'.  THE NEW TIME CARD.  CP.R. Making-Preparations to Accommodate a Large Traffic  The nesv time table look eU'ecl. at  midnight Tuesday. The (rain arrives  fiom tin; svest at 7:20 ;A in. The train  from thee;ist is not aHVeli'd. The south  train svill nosv leave ut 7:35. Manager  Wiiyte, interviesved at Winnepegsaid,  the nesv lime caid reduces svi st bound  time IieU-yen Mjjjit real 'and Ihe coasl,  by four hours and east bound time by  five hour-, and the change ssas made  osving in ihoC'rand Trunk co-opera lion  svith' U. S.'liailsvay-. As to the reported fast service he slated it svas not required just yet, and svould not be  brought inlo; iii.e before lhe summer  sshen toiuisls svould appreciate il.  The company, Mr. While said, svere  .having V.i nesv locomotives built, equal  in posver lo the big ones no.v in use on  the mountain sections of the Pacific  division. AYe svill al.-o make many improvements to our road bed and,increase 11leii'ccoinnnidation nl. (lie mountain hotels, and ei eel. ..-i' magnificent,  station building at Vancouver.   '..  pollution, on i svhich   the   Hoaid   holds  sliong viesvs, ss-as    svell    discussed.     ]t  svas determined   to   modify   the   regu  Int ions concerning diphtheria so as   to  bi ing iJiem into aeeoid    svilh   recently  acquired    kiiosvledge    lesuliing     fiom  the in hod not it in and use of auti-ioxine.  The reports of l)r, Geo. H. Duncan,  .secretary of the board, and   .Mr.   Clive  Phillips-Woolley   in   ru-'pecl   of    their  tdurs   of    inspectidn    tliroiighout    the  pros ince sseie handed in and discu.s.sed.  These icpoi ts/'says the Colonist, ''make  it evident tluil lhe inspect ion throughout (he Piosint.-e (luring lhe past' year  svas    most,    thorough. '   Copies   of   lhc  public health  act   and   sanitary   icgti-  THE BOARD OF TRADE.  THE COUNCIL AGAIN DISCUSS^THE  0    RIVER BANK MATTER.  Board's letter-acknowledged by Turner-  No particulars yet received���������Wire  sent���������Bostoek interviewed���������Press  comments noticed.  lat ions  the    Pitivinci.il  A  Land Registry Office.  '   It. i- reported'upon veiy good author-  it j*    that,  the   provincial   govei nii'ient  svill establish a   hind   regisliy"ollice,at  Nelson   for   Kootenay ' District.    This  linif theie is -uinolhmg'doriiiitf given  a- to the time ss hen this much   needed  '���������Hie svill be established.   -It is reporf.-  i d (hat so soon as t he necessary vote is  passed (he ollice svill   be  opened. "The  gos-eriinient   has   been urged to open a  land registry oilice at. Nelson for several jv.'iirs, but the present promise  is  as  close as | he poople'havo   ycl    conie    to  having (heir iique.-t complied svilh.,  , This paragraph lrom the Nelson Tribune is   intere-iiiig.    A   land   legi-lry-  tViicc 'in, Kooiemiy   i-  veiy neces-arv,  hut i( doesn't folloss-a 1 all lhat  Nel-o.i  is the place for  it.    Resvlstoke   is ju-l  us C(>nveiiii'iit for the purpose as is Xc-1-  .-oii. .evei j*   bil," antl   in   another   fesv  yea:s svith lhe great northern development takimr place it ss ill be much more  central and usi'lul in every svay.    Thai  registry ollice -hould conic heie.  Chilkoot- Conquered.  A T;icoma de.--p;ilch says Hugh 0.  Wallace,' piesideni of lhe Chilkoot  Kailss-ay and Traiisport.-il ion Company,  has advices of (he completion of the  company's aerial railsvay over the Ohil-  kool Fass io' Lake Lindei lUiiiin. This  inakes a new era for Klon'dykn I ravul,  it adds, as lhe time between tidosvafor  and thtyhe.-idsvater.s of dhe Yukon ii\--  er is shoilened from a inonlli to one  day, beside-,, removing (lie hardships  and perils. The compaiijMiiade a c(in-''  trac-l svith'the C-inadian Government  .tl 15 cents per pound for transportation of ail Ireiglitfor the N..W. M. Police fijoin Dyealo Lake Liutlermann.  5oiiid , of  lltallh svere , left iii oach,' place arid  eaiefiilly explained to the oilicials  svhose din v it is to put ihein into  ('fleet, and the tictii/tl irurh of sanitation  commenced under the ]>erdi>t<d supervision of these gentlemen."  These italicised words express the reasons of the .MaiL'.s criticism of the Hoard  of Health olliceis regiiidiug Hus-elstokn.  Tlie. public know svhat a fiasco the  iSvlioln thing svas'here ii'mJ hosv nothing  has occurred from the v isi I s of these  peregrinating ollicials to boiler the  .sanitary condition!- of the place, in fact  il might truly he.said ihey are ssor'e  since lhon.��������� If,these ollicials in o lo got  sanitary svork .stinted at country tosvn*-  svhy (lid they -not see. it clone here  Mr. Kellie svould not nut Ice a mistake  in (Irassing attention (io it svhen the  J fotisci meets.'  Local and Personal Briefs.  Got a New Job.  A Victoria despatch to tlie litis-land  Minei- says lhat a .pi online,n( Victorian  'is responsible for lhe slaleinent lhat  '\V. A. Curly I.-, the head of lhe British  Columbia Mining Buienu, is about (o  rt-igii hi- po-ilion to accept (lint, of  general supei iuli-ndciit and cfinsult-  ing iiiinernlogisi of iiu' Jiriti-h Ameri-  i'n-ii (;..i'ptir:ii ivin. It is.-iitl Iti be knosvn  foi .some sveek.- tl'iat (Joveruor iM.-lchi-  ,losh svas eiideavliring (o secure, Air.  Carl vle's services.  Lardeau Properties Bonded.  Tho Ophir, Californi.-i and Oregon  cliiiins ou lJiit,l Creek' have-. Iieen iv-  ported bunded by .1. Thornton Langlcy  sv 11 (> states ' to the Nesvs-Adsertiser :  Thei e aie, t svo leads i tinning thiough  i lie three claims. One lead is 20 'feet  ssitle' lying betsveen lime and slates.  There ;u e sesei al pay sti oaks on llu;  ld.-irl of from LS to 20 inches. An  ussiiv of Qphir.oic gises over nn ounce  in gold, :-J 10 oz: silser, 1 I.S  copper.  per   cent  Want an Export Duty.  Advertising Their District.  Thc Coming .Session.  Thai great responsibilities rest ou  the L-gisIalure atllm pre-eiil, period in  the Hislorj-of (he province, none svill  deny.    Thai i( ssill have lo   meet dilli-  11 il  cull problem- and liml i,-olul ion-  them lhal ssill serve lhe public lliier-  csl-, no one ssill di-pule. J tut. (hose  end- ssill nol be secured ss'hile I he present .uliuiiiisl ral ion is in poller. The  dul j* of lhe Opposition a I lhe ,-ip-  pioiii-luug st'.*sitiii is (on plain lo be  iiii-ini(b'i--( nod. If il cauiiol defeat ll,e  goveriimeiil in (lie Ilou-e, il miisl ,t|  least si'" In il thai il gives lhe Ial icr nn  mine oppnl I illiil ies |o s'tpiaiidel- Ihe  public re.-oiirccs; no I'm ther i,i-c,i.-,i,,ii  fo gis-.e v.-iluabl ��������� 'frauchises   to .specitla-  Mr. .[. .1. L-ingstiifl of the TnnH  I^ike Tup[e arrised in losin sesteid.iv.  lie is represent ing lhc Trades Coui  niittee of Tioiil l.alce and Laidt-aii  .lislricls svhich is citg'igcti in tlie pm,  (liielisui of a jiainpiilei gis-ing a full  iiceoiint of lhe inini's, mine, al-, lossn-  and .-idsantiiges of ihe-.. disi-i,,ns. \  fully di.'.-cripi ive ni,-i|i is lo   iLt-i-.iutp-ii��������� \  '.  il   sil'/SS'illg .ill    till"     llMllillg     pllipeilies.   |  ionics, etc.;   so   iha(   it   s|,on],|   |,,,   ,t |  ii-eful fat-tor in In inging iliest;  pn.mi���������j  ing seel ions   to   the   fnuit   at   a   tin.el  svlieii public iitleution   i-   list-tied   on J  (hi,   Province.     Mi.   Lui^-tall'  -eeL-  llie (jo-operation of    liesel-'.oke    penp e  intert'sied in his Meld   in   making   thi-  piihliciition a success.     Hi- point,   am]  lhose svilh him on the committee,   ssill  be to piomote amli-hoss i he advantages  of the trade connection of (hat   -ec-tion  fioni the l.osolslt.l-e end,   lather   than  from tin: Kaslo side sslieie   the   people  are nosv' en gaged   in   a   .simii.u    publi  cat ion trying lo shoss  lhe Tumi    Like  section   pi opei lies    ciilih i lilllo: \     It,    it.  The Trade ('oiiimil tee's  proje. I   i-  s ci i  much    iu     hue    ssiih    ss hat    the   luca1 ,  Mo.lld nf   Tl.ltlo    is    iiou     engaged    1111.  ii'i'i  if   'he    Hade   ads,images   nt    ibiv  poinl  in Ibe mailer of -uppls ing   (he-,- I  camps is   luoiight   out    t,,   "lies ei-i.il.e i  s.iii-faciioii ii is ssoithy of toii-i(ifi..li!c ;  local    suppoll.        A I...I lui-    mallei     eM  gilljiilg     lhe     Tinui     Lake    toiillilltlee'- '  iitli-.il mil  is l he ipie-1 im, ,,t   i'liiining   a ,'  . I'.o.iid ol Ti.i.i.' vos.cring   ihe   seei ions !  in.'i.ilioiii'.fl.. I  A large depul.-ititui   represent ing lhe  nickel industries of Canada   interviesved I He gos-ei-iiinenl Tuesday to ask   for  the imposition of an   export   duty   on  nickel and   copper   oies.    Last  -e���������ion  the govei ninenl took posver nuclei   the  liiriH" to   impose   an,  export   duty   on  all ores, but  ,-o   l',n-   nothing   has  been  i,| done.   The deputation pointed out lhal  lh.-re i- only one  other  nickel deposit  in the svorltl svhich < oinpare-- ss-il h ih.-it  at Sudbury, nan..'!,   lhe mine-al -Ness'  Ciiletloliiil.    Canada has s-;i.-l quaul il ies  of iron, but   under  pre-ent  contliiion-  uoi nn imi) mine  jn   C.-iiiada   is  ss-nrih  one dollar.    She ha-   s a-i ipianl it ies of  llit-kel .tlld   Copper, liul    t he-e   deposits  a-opei':il"d aie of s ers-   lilll>>   value In  Ciili.idr. all htiiigb of gn-al   impoi lance  lo ihe Slate-  and   I-hunpe.    The  only  ssas- in ss hii-ii   bi'iielil    mnj-    be t onfer-  i-etl upon C.iii.-ida ssniild be bv    joining  lhe nickel aiid iinii    iuleie.-l- Iogi-l her,  svhich could In-don" bs- placing  an ex-  poi 'j duty on  nii'ki'l a in I copper in iheir  (-I uile form ss bii li v. uiili] nun pel (he refining-lo bo dime in I In-   Dominion.    It  al-n svi-pointed onl lhat   il  the   Dominion   government   impo-ed   an export  duly of 10 per t em. upon nickel in any  form -lini I   of  being   fully   refined   the  American con-u r ssniild have lo pay  that much more for hi- nickel. Sup-  po-iinr Ainci ieui inamilitct ui ers added  bin live per cent, of nickel (o their  -li't'l. or lui) pound- In lhe ion, iiuib r  the Dingly lull il svoultl cost him siS  pel ton more 1 ban it nosv ctisl- him. In  oilier ssoriL Cau.ul.i sviuild receise  eipiiv.ileiit heni'.'it ami h-sv count i ie.- in  the svorhl ssniild be abb lo compete  again-t her ssiih ,-m h ads-,tillage- ;i-  tlle-e. The gosel lilllelit svere a���������uicd  I hat if .Hi e\poi I fill! s- ss el e impo-ed ,-m  iliiiin-ili.ite in i a i igei, leu I i on Id I e iniide  foi e. t't I ilig I f li.lit-l ies .li.tl 1 III 1,,'lt t's ill  Canada.'.' Thej- pi mnisetl cal-el'ui'cbil-  sid-'ivil ion. ,  1    Crossingjthe 'Arm.  While cro���������ing lhe ice (o Across head  un Monday   lusl. Al rs. A'fl.in AlcKonzie  and clii'.d   had   a   n.n.osv   esi-ti| ������;   from  dross-ning.    Andy   Ciaig   ssus   leaning  Ihe Horse'svhich svas al Inched loa cutter,   \s hen-I he  animal   broke   llirough  Lhe'ic-e.    Airs. Ali-Ivenzie, as soon ,-isshe'  s.-isv   t-he'accidenl, Ihinking Ihe danger,  iiiuniiient, tlue'sv her link- one out on  lhe snosv clear of the  cutler  and   svell  out  of harm's  svay.    Km Innately  the  ice svns solid svheie t h.'cutter sva--stan-  (ling .-md she svas thus  enabled   fo  get  clear of lhe cull er, svi! bout any   other  iujuiy more serious I lian  a   bad   scare.  The horse was got oui   svilh dilYic.tilty  after   some  hard   svork.-  Trout   Luke  Topic.  The Ice Carnival.  The ice carnival at'the Vicloiia Itmk  Wednesday evening svas the best attended of the.season, and slum's lhat  the ontcrpri-e of lhe proprietors in pro-  viding such heallhl'iil and iniei esling  reiTc.ilion is being appreciated a- il  deserves. It.ss'.is I he largest crosvd of  people seen'in lhe rink at one linn���������  about ���������200���������and I hose in roslniuc, (on,  sveie ss'cll represent ed.  The naines of I ho-e   in   eharaoi er, as  received by I he AI.SIl,, are   as   follosvs:  AH'sdames llearn,   l-Ycnoli   hnii-einaid;  Sibbald, ghost;   l''i etz, sist er   of ineicy;  I'.ilnicr. Topsy.    Alisscs  Alarlin,   Kale  Ci-eeiiss'.-iy; w Tui-iiro-,   Spani-h  ib-incei;  Chase,    i.ul-ol'-dale ;   Ilopgood,    sH.-im-  i nek; M iller, crossing s\i eeper; Toonil s  si-lei   of  mercy: Denl,  sunuiier:  I''oi'  i oM,   gipss;   jN'oilhej',  gip:.,v:     Lodge,  siliuinot    girl:     llehrelis,    sellnsv    kill  Messis.   ||.  Sinylhe,   svitlosv;    Lauder,  liishiii.-iu ;    l'ea-e,    Caudle ;    llyl.-nnl,  trump;,   Kellie.   page:    Beavo,  coltiri'd  g-hmui'ii;    I'rall,   Doclor   Kuiisv-iinich;  Taylor, Spanish  courlier; Sleele, black  dude: Kino,till,   Wallace,   I Hand, Jackson,   Kdsvards  and   Xeetlliam,  closs'iis;  It.   Sinylhe,    Indian :' AIcTns ish.    Air.  (ioodnighl:   I'hipps,   Airs,   (���������ooihiiglil :  I !.i rlit i. cosvbov; Toombs, gHo-l: Si one,'  Spini-li   casiilier ;    I lamill nu,   jubilee;  I.ePaso, Ssviss   pea-,ml; Toombs, Robinson   Crusoe;  Shasv.   niililaij*   officer  Sinvlhf,  I'liiicbinello;   I!i osvn, jester.  The ladies'prize- svere .-issauh-d lo  Air.-, lie.line and Ali-- Hebreiis; (he  genlleiiiiin'- (o Koy Siiis'thc. Aiiituig-I  several other good co-luuies lhal    nl T.  Chillies Ssvopney i.s going "lo    Klon-  dyke. and leaves iu a fesv dasYs.  -   Court Interinouiilain T. ()'. 'V., Trout  Lake. City, intend to gist;   a   ball   and  supper on the lltli.    Tickets .^2.  I'here.fire 120 Ions of shipping ore  froin'* the Silsc-r Cup, at Thomson's  Landing and 80 moie svill be added in,  a little svhile.  Rev. Father Thayer svill celebrate,  ���������in.-i.ss al the Catholic church to-niorrusv  at 10-.10 a., in. Evening sersice dt  usual hour.  <  J. \). (ii-.ili.iiu svho is nosv manager  for the Gold Fields Co. as svell as the  Was'erley reluinetJ from his coast s isit  this sveek.  Thus. V. Masters, assislant,. chief  c>] eralor'i f C. P. telegraphs at Winnipeg, has been hansi'erietl to the V.m-  cutiver ollice.  AL V. St. John, of London, lingliind,  a fur buyer, svas at lhe. Central all  sveek'. Hi: bought'a largo amount of  fins from local dealers.  Dr. lMcKechnieJias boon furnished  svilh a, set of meteorological insliu-  iikmUs for taking observations for the  Ontario Meteorological A-sociation.  AIcDosvelPs Syrup of White Pino  for pulinaiiiiry aU'eeiions and bronchial  troubles. ���������AIcDosvoil,'Atkins, Watson  Co., Ltd., The Druggists      ,' '  o  - A considcrahle'force of men are at  svoik on the Black ISagle a bonded  property situatotl on .Se.von-Alile Cieek  a fesv miles above Ferguson.���������Trout  Lake Topic.  The- Impoi ial Bank announces ilmt  it, svill issue special deposit, receipts'  svhich ,svill be accounted for at any of  the Hudson Bay Co. posts in the iST.  W. T. am'! British Columbia.  Win. White, Q. C.', i.s building an  ollice ou II. is'. Coiusior's lot on corner  of Front ami Benson's St reels. It svill  bi' icady for use, in about tlnee ss-eeks.  The    bachelors   of   -Res-elstoke,     a  ,numerous    parly,���������   have  sent   out    in-  sitalious   for   a   ball   to   be   given   in  Tapping's Hall on ihu Nth insi,   This  i.s your opportunity, girls.  Some excellent, maps of lhe Klon-  (Is-lce accompanied by a lot of useful  information base' been received by the  Mam. from .McLennan, McFocly ii; Co.,  if Viiin-oiisei-.     If you slant one,   call  The council of the Revelstoke Board  of Trade*met in ijieir rooms Thur-dav  cs-f'iiiiig. I'ic-ideiit A.- R. .IJ. J J earn  in the t-hjiir. Piesent-^ Me-st-. Wells.  Coui-ier. Haig, Taylor, Abraham-son,  Mi:K(,'ehtlie.     C. li. Shasv, .secrci.iry.  The iniuuSv's of pievious' meeting  svere iea.1 and adopted.  ��������� No pmpo-als for   membership   svere   '  icceived.,  Ctiiiimuniciilioiis:���������A     letter    from   '  Piemiei-  Turner's   oiiice   svas   recc-ised  iickiirsvlc'clgiiig receipt of 'Ji.iard's letter,  svhich svas   to  the effect   ilmt:     They  sveie glad to hear the Govei ninent svas  taking steps tu protect the   ban",   but  svere   somesvhiit   .surprised    at   stand    .  taken iu Hon. Mr.   Turner's   letter, ,of  Janiiiiiy 20th  as   to   the   question   of   '  responsibility, us on the  'hist   occasion  the Boaid met Hon.   Mr.   Turner   the  Provincial Government"   acknosvledged  lespon-ihility to be theiis.    Thoy  (the  Board)     thought   .the     question''   of  icsponsibiliiy    svas   of    little    piesent  moment,provided, tlie svork   svas  done,  immediately, and   they   svere   anxious  to hour the nature of  the proposals' of  the   Pros incial' to    Dominion   gosei-n-  ineiit.'. They sie'sved   svith   alarm   the  gioat amount (if time, to   t>e,  consumed,  in negotiating bet sveen   the   tsvo  go's-  ornuients,   'and    urged,   'unless    svork  cbcjnun    before   inidcJIo.   of    Fehruarv,  probably    too   late.     Pleased   to   hear  provision    nuido    for   canyon   svaggon   .  road.,    Would lequost a  definite  rej-jy.  as to nature of proposals made 'toTJc'-"  minion Government.  Commit tee of mines and manufacture  lepdrted progioss onr pamphlet nuttier.  .Mr. T. L. Haig-.epcu-teil   for   public   A  svorks committee that,lie   aud   Mr.   J.  .Abiiihiini-on had (ras-flled   to   Glacier     "  svith Air. Bostoek, M. P., and   look   up"  ���������  svith    him    all    questions     likely     to  come   before    the   Board.     The   riser  bank; recreation^ ground;   necessity  of  survey   of    tosvnsite   boundaries   svith  map   shosving   same;   improsement   of   '  riser north of Revelstoke and^xpendi- .  lure of 82.000 already < as nibble ;, Big   ,  Bend'mails;   survey'of   lands   around'  Re.s-elstoke; and old deeds   unreturned   .  by OnvoriliiitMit.  Onmioti^n public svorks committee  retpiested to send stiong telegrai'n to  PrenVipr ,J,tiriie'r''Ynr .a leply to Board's ,  letter (before mentioned) asking f)r l  part icuim s of Pros incial Governinenrs  proposals ttj Dominion o authoritie*.  Also to ijoml a-letter' to J. M. Kellie,  M. P. P., relating position" of aftaiis  re liser bank ami asking for further  information. ��������� Committee of mines  and iiianiifactuie requested Iiv president lo report on advertising .scheme  at next meeting. ' <    '  Bi  at the Mail ollice  inard papers not,in possession if  Board icferred to. Secretary said all  Inlt one, on fire department, to hand.  Seaiet.-u-y asked to request sessiona]  paper-, maps, etc., ns Boatd propn-rd  forming a library. . Secretary asked to  collect members dues. A long discussion follosved on the question of moss  comment on Board cotrespnndenee.  The idea svas .supported geiieially that  the pi ess should be discreet and u-eils  privileges iu the hianner  accepted.  generalf-y\  The North Fork Camp.  There aie no'sy'iihoiit KX> tons more  of Wiiverlev me at Albert Canyon,'  and though there is some left al the  mine il uill not begot out  thi- sviniir  SVeek   aiid    hauling   will    likely    be   dj-,.  in         n        l    n    ss-  i    r -,       i'        ; on accouiil of lhe  si'cathcr.    One o.u-  .1. Bilssell and    B.   \\ ehrfrilz,   hosts'.    ,,,.-. .           ,.         ,  i       ,.     i      ,,               ,,                , ' load ol lior-e-. svere  shinned   im-i il,io  icspeciisely oi    the Cosmopolitan   audi "     '     '' ' ",l-s  Doluiiiion  Hotels,  Kamloops,  lease  for I  (���������'leiioi.'l   ibis    sseek.     They    svill   open  An,  a    hold and stiirMibrossvrv- (|,0,e. I   ,s-v'".'"1 ".������'" "' "'" '"i.,... ami they  'has s-ervilimg  ihere   u,,w   l(ik.-.'|ia  l.nge i-iew working   till   June   or   Ju|y  Ili-XI.  vamloops,  lease  i,.,  . . ,  ��������� ���������������������������    '   ' , coiiiiniietl.      .Stipiiln-.     limber-,   cie..  'The, Opening of Parliament.  n  T.-ij'lor de.-ers-e.l imi ice.  ���������^*���������  'liie Board of Health  Ofiiccr.s Iseport.  I'lie N'icluiia Colonist nf Sundits  coiilitiiicd ,i report of lhe Bios incia'  Bo.inl of lle.tlih session. I'aiuplilets  on vaccina I ion imtl drv enr.l h . ch sets,  svere. rend, ' nnd ��������� I lie   subject, of ''river  F. A. It. Mountain, pros incial con  s'alile .tl Three Fm ks aiul Saudon has  been sent to Lake Beimel at the  noiilieni boundary of I he pi os inee in  cll.'il'gi: of a ' squad of I I plnviucial  constables.  The (>IIit eis of the pros incial  -ervice  during Mr. Giuliani's   leiuue   of   ollice  svere each    pi c-ented   by   him   on    his  reiiiin    from    the   i oast   svilh   a   gold  mounted pen 1 scai I' pin,  Dl.   iMallock, of Tfil onto,  has flecided  to locale and    pi ,.t I ii c    in    Bos elsloke.  He   ss-ill    be   found   .it    Dr.    Ale Lean's  ollice.      He is ssell ,spiiJ-on of l,\ -eseial  tosvnspcople iii.-.piaiiiit'.l   willi   him   in    C,., ,,i,i ny ,,i,d Belghtii,  lbe  Fast, ami   il    is   expecleil    he    ssill  build up a   practice   licit!   iu   a   shoif  I i 11 Ki.  .J. T. Wilkinson (Wings) has sesered  his ciiniiecl ion ssiih lhe Vanc-ousci-  Woi Id, iiflei a faithful -el s ice (or a  period close upon sesen sen-, dining  svliich lime'he has iiasellcil tiser the  gicitei poi tion of Ihi- I'lmiiiic in the  inleresl .of 1 harjoiu n;ll, making friends  ami ticijii.-iiiilaiices ss'liei-est'i- he. sveel.  I'arli.iinelil is a- opened Thin -day bv  the C'f.veriiiii-:.'e!n.i.d. Jn i\v. vjK.,.<.h  fiom I he Throne. In- i-efen.-d (n the  pio.peiil.v of Can i.l.i; C.in.i.Ia'--.pl.-ii1-  did fli-.iil in lhe lOuiope.iii m.n-ki't-;  llu- .M.ilii.-i- e.uiiiliv'- appreciation of  ( 'iiii.itia'- lediicliiiii of duly ,.n yiioil-  mipoi led iniI. (".111.111.1 fi dm tb" l.'nited  KlliU'ilnlll. Ill- lefi rre.l Slilh ple.l-IU-.'  Ill Illl- .11 tl'lll of the Imperial CioVI'l-ll-  oi.-nt in il.-iiniin.-ing   ihe   ii-e.iii,.^ with  In I he   t-Vl I.ln|.  tliu.ii y gn|,l <li,i-..sfi i,..  in   (|,..   Vtt^on  .lllll  lh<' boil il ii'ul h.ll v -t.      lie -.lid     jf  lhe Te-'in Lake  Bail svay    \s,i^    built it '  svoultl -e.-liie ft,,-    (",,n,i(i,i    ||,e    bulk of  the    Kh.iitlyki'    h.tde;   that    inea-iues  SS otlhl   I.'- Mlhlilil led     l.'-p.-t Ini^r    -opei-  .-ilimi.il ion. r.-peal of lie- K, m.-bi-.. A, t  and ihe plebi-cn.. on pn.hibiiiou.  On A!..nil.ty. Mi _ .Mt lum- ss ill a-k Air.  ���������Sill ;;n for full pai-tirulars ill regard, It,  his Iriji In Wa-hiiigloii,    , ,     .'    ' fi  PAGE \\  rilK KOOTKXAY -MAIL.  ri-i  Hbt Ifcootena^ fIDail  I'UIiMriHKlJ KVKItY SATl'liDAY  - .ST��������� '  ������,,     REVELSTOKE. B.C..  - isv-  ' ATKINS & SMI'l'ir.  i'l-HUslieiis A\-j) I'uoi'im.i'oi:-.  Subscription   Price,   S2.00   Per    Annum  <������i" WKKTI.Y  I.S   ADVSNCi: 'i'i.  ADVERTISING RATES.  ���������COXTItAC'I" AOVKItTISEJlIZVI'.-' in-eili-il .it  the rate of ISl..'jll per column ni.-li |in- iihhiiIi  Koi-hp.ici's of his" ctilninii nii-lii- or user i'i  per inch i������-r iniintli. <  TUAN.SIKNT AJlVKI.'TISKMKNTS III.-. per  line lli--| in-i-i-lifiii. ."><. per line e.tili -nli-e-  qiii-nl in-ei-tioii. , The iniiiilit-i- of lni-  rcckoned h.v -|i.������e occupied, 12 line- to Ihe  in -li.  I'KAIJI.VC* N'OTJCKK 10c. iier line c.i. li insert ion,' iinle��������� eoiili-.iili-tl for hy lhe Ida  Ihu -.        ��������� I' o  .lOH IMUSTINC ofevcis kiml ,ii niii-l i-i-.i-mi-  iihle rule- .md -litii-ic-l not it-.-.      '  ACCOUNTS Im- jnh printing; in- .i.Iseili-iiig  iiiisiihlf nil the Hi-���������I ol cvei-j iiumlli.  <'f)l:l{I-:si'ON'l)KNCI-: .,11  all  mailer- of  local  or public interest his m-il ami .-.ii-i-fnlls   c.in-  .siflercil.    All riiiiiiiiiinit alien- Hi lhe   Kililni  itiu-l In-,ii'i-f)iii|iiiiiif'il  lis   lhc  iianie nf  liie  , \sriter, nut iii'i-e-'s.ii'ils tin-  public.il ion    hill  '  jv> iiu evidence of uniiil f.iilli.       '  Addrcs-  , <���������    Tin-: Koo-ri-:.s-.sv Mail.  Bevel-ioke. B.C.  BiOVBLSTOKB,  l-'BB. ."1,  IS'IS.  Tm: Mail hastens to assiue ils local  Turnerite conteinporary' that il. h;.S  no desire to close its mouth. We  would much prefer if it svould open it  in defence of its mast ers.  Mil. Budding Candidate svill haso  bloosomed and run to seed if some opportunity is not, s ion presented to  liring him out 'with n floutish of  Herald trumpets. ' Well, he svill not  iie the first svastod nosey���������"Full niinv  ti Hour is   born   to   blush   unseen,,and  ,    **���������- . '  waste its sweetness on   the desert air."  for tl.e pin po-u of leliiiniiig Tuineiism  in power.   "Thes  knoss  boss   to < i.-i'.en-i  lv lick  thai  Tin nel  baud sou icmesti-i]  t ��������� *  Mr.  Kel! e   to   icsigii, bi.i/culs   adiiiit-  tini:    lh.it   to   do   so    ssmild   lease the  |ii'ti|i!,' heie  ssithoiii    :i   i cpi (">(.nt.iliso  Thes knosv Imss snu hied (and bungled)  lo    inhoduee   local   poliliis    into   the  lisei   b ink' mallei, pio'i.tbls  al,   lliein-  -irmiion  of vstiiu    pigms  pal i t.u-. and  boss     sou    sseie   'I'm ned    do>sn.      Tl'e\  i  knoss noss sou ,:ie iss.iTe 0! I .- t. m-  biiialioii ssbich Hon. M i. Tin nei is  hying to hatch to sase his pnli,tic,il  neck (the M.SIL has some knoss ledge of  il too antl ss'ill sht.ss up the M-heiiu- in  its, nakedness sshen the time' c-omc*-:)  iiikI uhich soil ssill, ssith the ;.ds,in-  lagt; -if youi iufoi matioii, use 'lo .say  '���������Isn't il as sve said.''  It, sson't svoik.   Herald, the   game i-  up for soil   ,ind   sour   peaiiullv ciossil.  The Handbook of Canada. ,  Tiealingol We-t ICcoleuaj- Di-tiitt,  I In- I.-ilelv- issued oflicial Handbook nf  Canada, -ays '.nuong-l ol her things : ���������  In 'lhe noi lh. iu I he II loci Hess act. Ki-b  Ci ci-,k. ninl 'i'i init, Luke tli-h ict-- are  liell piopeities svblch .lie being worked, aiid allium! Lardeau some valuable  pi.u or gold iind esten-ive depo-its of  galena a I e being developed. Belsvet'ii  I he (.'oltl Bange and the Selkil k- is 1 hiss est side of the Big Bend ol the Columbia i is er t hal extends noi th of the  o'iiid parallel. 0This Bend.draiiis a gold,  region \-t-l assailing complete exploration, bill svhich litis eveij- indication of  giv.ito min-'i-al richness. , Throughout  t Hess hole IConleiiiis' eoinihy nesv fli--  t ovei-ic- in e made cverv year, so lhal  sviiich is the riche-l claim of a (listrii I  tliii ing oil" ^-e,i-on, mav be -in |)a-,-ed  lis- a dt'i/eii olhl'i-s the lollossiug year.  The niiiiing di-l riets.u e e.i-ily reached fiom B"Velstoke. on lh" iiiain line  of I He Canadian I'acilic railss as-, about  niiilsv.iv bet ss "en I be ea-lern -lope of  (he Uockie-'iintl lhe Pacific cn-i-1.  ��������� Bevcl-I okc i-,-t mining I osvn bet sveen  the Cold in ii I Selkil K range- and is the  chief'souice of supply for lhe country  {-oulh of it, being the juuctioii point  learer 'iii-under-tood him.  'Hcsaid he    svit b I be Arrosv L-ike branch, and   111"  Did They* Misunderstand ?  ,, If MrTTuriiT'rniii imr]iroiiii-e a ic.li���������  t ribiit inn of seats fiom lbe public platform svhile in Boss land recent Iv, es cry  RcVelstoke - Hospital.  Alat.'i-nil v svai il iu connection.  Vaccine kept on hand  ....  Drs. HZcKtchn'e and Jeffs,   -   Attendants.  ARTHUR G. M. SPRAGGE,  Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.,  Notary Public.  M  'Illiv-e in riniilli r.luelv, I '.u ilie A smile,  l*i'YI"]..-i*i'OK''' STATION", 1$. C.  In* its Satitiniay issue (Jan. 20) the  Herald asks the public ''Do they expect reform in lailsvay adininistiatioii  from the men svho svere squabbling  last session at OtLasva oser the V. V.  A' E.'chai tor till, in their miserable  ���������self-seeking,, they burked the svholo  jBchenio"?", We don't cpiite understand  what   this   moans.      Who   squabbled,  ���������who were.self-seekers, svho burked thc  i  whole scheme'!  '    Somi'ii'ody* hits   boon    pinching' the  i I, ' '  Herald's "tail" svliich .svns   caught in a  .crack.'   The horns'itnd   hoofs   sseie in-  i  .side the sheltering hole into .svhich it'  "had crept. It'pulhd its tail "gradually but. firmly" nsvay and pulled the  Jiole in after it. ll svill not come out  itill it is "good nnd ������ieads''' and then  ���������4ve are cautioned to look out for smoke  and, biimstone, svo suppose. Boally  tt.his" threat is childish.  had opposed it on fornii r occasion"-, .-uul  flial the ss i-domof his opposition svas  nosv it|tp.-ii enl, and l hat I'o���������laud sVould  iippreciate il, because if it bad b,f'<'ii  done, she, svoultl -ulVcr great inju-tice  nosv. That I lie gi osvl h of West IsTool-  eniiy and Trail Creek entitled Ibis section lo a redi-tribution. Bossland i-  svatching svith interest and alarm the  uiu ert.iin iittilude of Breiniei Turner  nnd liis organ the Colonist, upon the  (picst ion.���������Rots/and Record.  ' Increasing- its Passenger Equipment.  A circular has been senl out bv Ihe  geueiiil passenger'depart inent of the  C. B. B. to their agent-, stilling thai,  commencing Febriiarj- 17 a tout ish car  svill be dispatched es;er>* Thursday ft on 1  Boill.-ind, .Maine, and svill run-through  to (lie coast. The leturn dav fiom the  coast ssill also be Thm sday, 1 he lir-t  car lo,leave being I'Yhru.-iiy 2ll h. Thi-  ai-i-aiigemenl, gives dailj' servic" to Si.  I'.iul; Ihrough car to Toronto everv  Sunday; lo .Montreal and Boston eve-  ery Wednesday ; to Montreal and Portland every Tlnu s(lay, from the tna-t.'  lu order lo'inake connect ion's ssiih  t hose trains, pari le- from lhe Knnlo-  'navs should leave ou Ihe -aine (las'-.  Big Bend counlrs* lo Hie north.  They,Favor Corbin's Railway.  An 'Author's Boom -Method.  The author of "The Dceiu-I or" had a  rather iincoinfoi I able e.vpei ience recent 1\*, which svas nol'entirely undeserved, and should cure some' of his  conceit. In ,-in account of the rejection  of hi- lirst book be has told the public,  "My gorge rose ssi'.hin me and I cried  in mv heart���������By Cod ! you shall--.-md  sniin'l hiug proud and vain." When  ���������'The Christ i.-in". c-.une out. .Air. Cuiuo  determined the public "should." Hearing that nt tine of His Thursday, -ervi-  ci's ill the City Temple, Dr. Pat ker svas  preaching on ."The Christian," Mr.  C.tiue ssii-ed to Ihe Daily Chronicle a-  folloss-s :���������"Dr. P,u kerpi cached on 'The  Chri-t ian'I his nioriiiug al lh" Cily  Temple. I -Imiild be profoundlj*grateful if sou could give a report.'" Th,'  Chi oiucle did a- reiiue-led,'but priiiled  l/ie telegram at, the end of its report.  BEAUMONT BOGGS Sc CO.  Minijiir Iiroki-rs,  ' , 'VICTORIA, B.C.  MTn'cs rtiul Mining" Stocks.  CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.  a' McNeil,  i     BARBER SHOP AND BATH KOOM."  I'ront Street-, Beselstoke.  Haircut, 25c;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving  ,  ' Tickets for $1.0(1.  Ca'rlyle, on, the Book of Job.  I call thai, a part fiom .-ill theories  about ,il. one of t'Ho grandest things  ever writ l en svi I h pen, O.ie feel-, indeed, as if boss ere mil Hebresv ; such  a noble nni ver-ahl >-, dill'erent from no-  ble j ial '-io! i-ii t or -eel,-ii-la nis: 11, reiir iis in  il. .\ noble B ink. all men's Book ! It  is mti-'lii-l, old,--I slalciiieiit of the never-ending problem������������������111.111'- de-tins*, and  Cud'- sv.iv- wit h bin 1 here on 1 bi^ eat I b.  The people of Bound.ns" Creek bust  stalled earnesily to'svork to -i-ciii  1 ailss as- fat Hi I it's. They do nol he Ibein  selves lo ,-in v one 1 ailss ay, but l hey p 11 - j And all in such I'roe-tloss ing uulline-;  t ii-til.n-ly ii-k I lint the pi o'1,11 iter- o I lhe grand in it* -inccril.v', in its si in pi iei I j*.  Kellie Biver N'allev lailsv.ij- lee'eive ; in ii- epic melodj-. and icposeof recon-  1 he chin t,ei' the ,11 e asking for. The res- l cilemeut. There i- the -eeing ej-e, the  idi nt- of (ii eeiisvood. Anaconda, .Mid-; mildly undei -landing heart. So true  svas- and oilier point- h.-i ve dialled a , es erv, ss a v : hue iyo-igh't and vision  petition to,the member- of the h.111-0 ' for all 1 hiug- : mat ei ial things no le-s  of con 1 mon-, svliich is being genera lis- , 1 ban -pii Una I : I be hoi -e -"Ha-t Thou  -iirned thiom-hout 'lhe .li-hu-t. The cloihed hi.- iiOtksviih lliimdei '.''������������������' he  piaj-erof   llu*   pl-liliou   i-  a- lolloss-:    lamrh-  at   the  -baking of the spe.11 !  The idea of compiling m.-ittei to ad-  ���������-.ertise this portion of North Kuotcnas  lias   been   p'roniinenl ly put   befoie  tin  ,  ,.      . . . ,.     ,        . ,1 1 01 ,1 vol' HI     I III *    I It'll I ion    I-    ,t-   10111 us - . Ill l 111 II-    ,u     ilie    -ti.iisini;    1.1    v ne s|..-.u   i  public 111 the columns or the .Mail.    It   ,'     ��������� ' , ...,.���������      .V  > . , 1 "lhat  lor the beiu'lil nl   iliecoiu.iry.il c-mi-1i lis ing liki'iie-.-e- svere nevei -nice  ���������    is ^tiine to begin.     We must, take esery \ ];UiX<.^ .,,|(l lhl> f.,.^,,-,,,1 of ihe   Piosmte di.i.sn.    Sublime' sorrow, sublime rec-  Jionost means  to   put    our   undeniabls ; (l)- n, j|i-h Columbia iii p.n tu ul.11. voui ont,-ll,i,ii ion :   ol.le-t choi.il melody as of  1   good opportunitio-   for   insestiiiont be-    lionorable body ss ill gi .nil .-: t Ii.it ter  to Mk-   heart of mil tikind : so-oft, and -o  '���������fore the public, svhile   -.hi-   piovince is | any c-omp.iny applsmg lor llu- -.nut- m i_n-e.il : .1- the -iriinier midnight, a- lhe  , ,     ��������� ,'       , a   , ��������� .1 1  ,,    ' build a i.iilssas  to t hi- -o' tine, ami p ir- ss ni hi ss ii h its  -e i- a ml   -t.u s !    There  iC'xcihng ss-orld-svule  attoiilK>u.-<   lhoie    ,.     ,    , .     ...       ... ' . ,. ,,        ,,,.   .    .     ,','       ,,.  'licuailv   lo   lbe   kettle   Bisei   \ ..llev , 1- 1 n.: lung ss 1 it t en, I think, 111   the    hi-  ���������miist be no   drawing   back   miss-.     \\  r.iilsva v   coui|> 1 in-. 1  had splendid progioss last year ami sse m,.���������i ,on thi-compans. a-they beli-s.  giuist. continue it iu this., We must dM- -t' ssill rii i> ;m il 1.11 ���������-!>" cou.iiii-i.. u  press our claims on the public --sse can [ cnn-ti ut hnn   ti|...:i b.-Ki-r   '-"'''' r  >i   !���������..-  offer tliein as gotid, if   not bcttc, open-    11"l-'ht ������'m!.������m.: a'rthe -,-n. -  t.*...-   sou-.  '   , .      .   . , pel it iolnu s [it is- 111 il   I'-. >'l 'i". ' ���������' ill- fi v  lugs   tor    money and    labor   .is   othei ..  .       ,  .    *     .    . ' .  * ��������� . -ball    be     ilellllled     |l.>:!������     il.ill-tl ll" i.'.e  parts of Kooc-oiniy - ami  nil-ad   their;  , ,.,.,}u,iy im,*, th-  ,*n-: 1 n i     '    -mi-l.u'  attention. '    We    must    lequest    from,, r.-, n>-.   Ami j.i'.i p. ���������;','":  ������  'gosornments a just recognition   of our , opmi'-n    that   imun ii.it.-  i-easonable   cliiims. and   in   es'eiy  way    -Imuld I - < 01m ' '  promote lhe  giosvth  .un\   pe.i iiianoncv        -' '."'.,      .,    -   .  ' ^ ' ���������      nt  llii'i-iiliiin'l lini I'li'iii'-i'  -i-e!   li,''  XJt the place. _ ,    ui,,, ;<, (U.m iilU .|i.n ," I. ���������'. *" 1-  u" n -  ,       1   m     '    d .        ' te.l I., ihe K.-lib   HYo   V-H    1., .-  Ouh   local    luinente  conTe11.pni.11 \ ;  1 ouip 1 ii s. li-      ::���������-���������   11.   i!i''   -"''il     -I    11'  ^.ind lho fact should neser be foigoiten    ,,,,,,., ,,,',]���������,,,  i,', .. . |������������������|,  ,���������,,,  1 )���������   ,1 .  *i"t in    pet b i.'iiir 1 -    hie m-out oi, il, of .-qual literaiy nio'ril.  rn IIO.MAS BHOS. \- CHANT, '   '   TAILORS   Suits from ,$12,, Pants from .$').  Sample and   moisureineiit forms sent  on application.  92 Government St.,  White labor only. '   VICTORIA,   B. C.  t~    ~" ; ; )   <    GUY   BARBER',  WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER'  Repairing Neatly &. Promptly Executed.  R3VELSTOKS, E. C.  1  I.- (As-nci.ilu of l.'ti.s.il Selniol of Jlines  bniidini, Knsl.uul.)  Mining   Enginjc?.    Analytical    Chemist  and  Assr.ysr.  r everything* required  for the  Bath, such as larg^e and small  sponges, nail and bath  brushes,  Toilet soapJs,   water's, go to the  CANADA DRUG Ss BOOK _QO.,  LIMITED,  REVELSTOKE STATION, B. 0.,  ���������   -F^AHLlN A'CQ..' .    '���������  G-roceries,   Provisions,   Fruit   and   Confectionery,,  Cigars, Tobaccos etc.  , Importers Scandinavian Produce.        ,  Mail orders promptly atl^nclctl to.  *' Goods delivered at any part of town.  First Street, Revelstoke Station.'.  o  ining Kxcr  "Front St., Revelstoke,.  ���������e  J.UND & DUFAULT, a  PROPRIETORS.  Best $1 a day house iii town.      White labour only, o  The bar is supplied with the best brands of wines,   liquprs  and  Cigars.     ' '    6  J.,V. PERKS, iManagkr.   ���������  Pi-dliei'lii-c-Muiiiiiuil .onl leiioi-totl on.  NKW DUNVKIi. li. e.  "I'T/Ts...  , V-t..''    .     ^l  '   I    ^"'./."JX.  S&\n-\ '���������������    <'   A/- i.^N.  ys.^iVs.y ' *������-".'/rt ^v  ftASSXfliI  7%^&^d:Siw.  ^^"''..UMjiHiMSlSS^  FRED. M. WELLS������ Mine Examiner.  \      II. IIOLBICII,  Analytical Chemist and-Assayed  NELSON,   B. C.  A���������.iy- of cver.s i.u-k-ly of mineral.  Aiinly-is  of  milk,   w.iloi-, or oilier niulei l.il's  u -I'd for Intnl.  Prompt Results. '    Prompt Cash.  p   H. HEAPS & CO.,  A lac/i iu cry Brokers,  U,  M- - -  Uu- '  .1.  Silver Bonds Resolution.  la' llii'i-cii*   llepi esent.itisps on  .\ tl.e Tel'ei lesiibitiiui. (lecl.tiiiio  ei- i>r  t'n-   LTniied   Slates   ]i,iy-  -ii.-T.   iv,is   tli-t'e.iieil  bs ,i in.i-  i.: ./i  -i   ils    u-i . it-fl 1:1 t...p i-iti i.i   svitli t ss-ti  iir 1 <i *i f- J:r i ��������� ii iu^' .>.  ���������, .in-- ."-''" '<��������� .." - fi -  lie    icpiiiili   ins    sveie  i'i"  ��������� \ ;,' i..',- ^'i.iit \ .nni Willie, <rf  N'i; li ' -wiii'i.i. Tl.e sute ss:.i- as-o.s,  i.'j"  i   i\   .  1-J  S  Mi'.-ily Place.  nllli C'fii'flos.i SI reel,  VAKCDUVHII. 'u.C.  .1. AlJliliKT yTONK Vhoimmktok.  The Dining Room is furnished with the best the  ���������      .   Market affords.     '���������    \  THE.BAR IS SUPPLIED WITH THE CHOICEST  .WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS:,    ,  .Gold  Hi1  L/   *U\d JL_  ^Bftlliitirt'ir'.V      ,  FRA1SIK  VAND'ALL, Proi'riktok.  * i    ,  ���������^-icGiJser������'fcoke, B. G. =-r^-"  ost Table in Town, Well Furnished Rooms,  Ghoieest Wines, Liquors - and Cigars,    .  ; ��������� EvBpyihing Strietly First-Class.  i'orins $2,per &a/y. " Knmloops Bcci-fon Dniuglu  FOR SALE���������A iiniuilily of liKlil.'seeontl li.tntl  Sieel l.'.iilt,.  COMMERCIAL - HOTEL,  Ti.-I. fi-A.OO ti tiny Utilise iu I he Cily.  VANCOUVER,    -   -    B. C.  {"'������������������i-i i  "-"-is-J~.u 'ii-iii u;c Xc's ne-,  , ���������'���������I '.  s,ui    -  ^|.i     In   lie    Willi.' ���������eil   ill  jLluit in illl its   [uilitic.ll    nitieles   it -up- fn'.il   ssill iris  ��������� lis--.ni'-n i.i^.  i * i ��������� n.-'   \i,.    i-   ,.   ii���������u ���������   i i; ;|.-   iitiin   I lie ir.inih- |  ������ort- tlie Tn rue r ^us-ei i u! J  ���������.'  I i  |)'-! il is i- i'.iti -. ,cnl y),i< ���������   . in- 'i. -I i    .  ,.     'i > < i������... n . \ u.. ' ie- -uii A\  s' ce nt ie y,  vulsise iiu'ilii"    lns(.   ts.UUliliiy. .u.tl  m   i ���������'- !-M   "' ll''"   *' !'"~'l"   ���������'- ! !"    K     -;'"l     III-     i.  .ii-ili-i ..,i   ii'i.v I I,,nil. s-.ry'  , '" , ,. , ,' , .mil   K n   I I'll.l S   -���������'. ��������� .   in-.        \ ',fl   ' i    I'    1 . -      |  ,      .1,   i.     -     .  I.,  ,_'   'S    1 l!   11 -    'III- ���������   l-*-lK i i-  '    loll'',    liiiiiulinir   iinil    sen.,.less    ii i it|.> ,,,,," t t        -,.      ,  ,  ^ - ( U 11 iliei - pi ,i v I 11.11   ,i'i< ���������! Ii> '   f ���������'   I if    t i' i       I-. i. ���������,    i ii." ���������     ,.I '���������   I I, I il' (I.    is 11 I imi I   j  ;i-,iil. .Itleinpt.s   tu  (.'..ill.e, l     I'ijiM.,",!. ,,,,���������,.,.,,.���������������������������;,,  ,,,   -,[m,,i-   ���������   ������:.,i|.|      e.-i    m   -.   .   ....   e In     n.i-   i.iImi.   ile-liy  wiih      Di.iiiiniuii      polith.i!      .illiii- |,\i!,.-   K'.'nl' v I;.'"i    V..'1. ,    i.ijvs.s     |>.    <i,<   -,- '   <'..   i I    iMhi'di nm   j  J-Jec.-UI-e,  ful.siwilll,   "jintliiiiif   li.i.    in-" li i..iipiv.s    -hill    I        ,i,    .iji.i'ni    I     '.'       '. ,      '-ii!.    l"i iii'iiL'   -i    -ipliie,  ,    ,,  /ieiinl f.t'^Sii- Hii-h.inl Culsiiulil   -M"'" ������ ''���������* h '''.'   ""I* ,,,s  '"l"!;";--   '     '''       '      '' _"     l"l,|,!"    unl' n uu .le  ..in-'",  , .   '   ���������    , .  ,     i .      , , lis i-i ..:. ��������� ' i nm i li - tli-t ��������� .. I ii i   ii \    nt. 1      i >        ur : '   ' '   , ��������� i '.1'.   in 'i 1-.' il ' s  ,i im-. !���������  J,i-t  --s-inii      llu- ss ii Ketll it il,-   ,u.. .|.  I i. 1    I . 11   i I) i ���������    (   f  l , 1   i 11 I    I     I , '  '   :        I,       . 11 ,,   - 11       l i'    j   '  i I   I     '     ������������������   I 1   .    I '    I   . I   i.   11 lull'1.  /.���������pi-, in" tlie pi.Ui'- iu Uiiii-Ii  C.Iiiii.I.m (,c  i,,,.  i,   ,. |,As ......i     ii.  | I.i..,.,    ih.     ii.mi'-. iii.ti.s,   Un  ,111(1  lire  lint   ti) lie I I ll.sl'-il.    A i "t '! 111' 'I '1 ],i ,.,   ,,, i - I,, ,i,]i ||, ,     ,, ,   ll,,,   '  i |.| ,.',, m     . in      i.ii,.,    i     i.s      lnu''-    uii-Iiu  >Sifluil  li.is |j|-uS.-i|  (<i  I lie lull   111- .'ii! ll f ' i i s .'I   in I in- I'liii .-il -i'.i I.  <   '      I i i'i ii i i '.'   .    ��������� ��������� I l H _'    li i 1 li    I h'      \ 11 11" -   nf  ine.ip.ieily fn.  (iiie.-l in-  I,.*-    I...-..-.I MM  , ApD,lpf,   ,       ^n   I-, i,, ,ic-T I w 11 ',,"   '      ,;",'"���������":', ,,'"'''   ! "n '."V"'",'  "   , ���������       , , ,   ��������� , i ' ��������� ' 'l.i. I ' ' I  I'..' 'I   I.s   1 lin   >    I''I l   In-l.i i nl,  /leiiiii tnu'lil      the   t.llt,   -elieui'-is    \shi ,      ���������  ���������  ... ,.      .j       ,, ���������,   |   u;.���������l 'I'I"     "'-r|'<   ",'   ""    -V,'u'    V.tiiti.i,     I     '.sin-'      .'i.ii.un ��������� '..,'        ss'-iili-      .tii.l  nn: uul iiii.'  ->!;-. ^eniliii   .iiiiiiiii!   liliiul ii   .,   ,    i    I,.    ���������,   ii,,. i ,i ���������,i ,    ,i   i ,,  1 , C,,,iI Ci.uip.ius  it. nun"   iimli'i-   tin-   -'������������������     11 e\'i-!���������-In     ... iii" lii'ipi.-nt s t-u , i.v  fi.liled ������������������i.sl  lit- ileiiouiu-ed, I |���������.|-,s ,.,������������������   |>,,.n��������� |���������,���������   M.t.id   ..ml  Wll.lt    ti,i*li;      Wll.it.   fli-isel'      1-, il, ,,,..11,. l(lVsi|silc i,|,, I,,. f.-|f..|.   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' 1 Wholoac-Io    and   R,otail  BXJTOHBBS.  ui", c\nr , (  if I I i<'h-cl'i',s jMc-als  .1 ��������� .  n\ 1 uu' 1 .���������!   ' 1 s > -.    liii   hi'i ���������', in 1111-  'jn . -11" _r i- .li11    -   ,tyl ������������������   Mi'i.'i-ii'i-l^ii  ' 11.1'   I ,   I 11   tl  ��������� I     '    'tl   '.,1 11" ll 11  ll",  loi'il 1 In- ,'   'i. . to _ri ���������     t- 1! 1 l.-'ii ii' i' h,  1 - -,  t! "1 ������������������   , -   i1. I   "i ->������ .ui'    !'<s m^;  ,' ���������    , ���������   1 1 -    1 -    , '     ���������   '    ��������� 1'.I" lo 1 i" 1 a  ]      , r  in -    .   . 'i   '',<���������  1.-inhi. 1-.     \\  (J  J/cl Vc n  RSViULSXOKB, B.O.  \li ..id"i- in 1 ni  lui" ssill lie   pi-oinplly  a I I i-liilf 'I  Iii.  ill      I       I'll  ( ',1, 11.1 ,   I, I  ,.    a 1,  ' I   j 1   o 1       ' >       llii  ' I.     .1 -1   ��������� 1 - il    mil  'I      id   li     u.'l   Lou '  ���������utssit, the people in llicn   ii.i.-nlion to    ,���������,,,��������� x,.u  V t���������,   , ;,���������, , ,,',���������,,,��������� ���������       ���������''[[fij'lS^y^W ^i'Xin^dl'Z  -,.     , , K     in 11   ,. 'i.'  il'  I 111 tie   Iii,' I'.f ml  1     '���������;- ���������.: 1.  ' '). k '   iiu 1   1.   ss .ii...m   i',,,n.r,  I i'i'i    1/, ni im   1 In   I/,iiili,11 ,unl   I: (  y 1  '       - \ 1 In ,ii- . li, 1  mint 1 - 1 1 111II1 in   \ii  ', iTI '    ri    11 1     1 \l \   1I.1 >      Hit 1   il.ii      In 11 nl'  tu '  '>"''* '"'" !������". H.-i. 1.1 r..i-.i...iiii.,ui .,1 ; Coll and sec us, Wc can fix you.  /jcMmy It, iis ii  ui.ill t-.lainps on a   sip.-i. due,   nol    1,111s    I lie   -aim'   IiltIiI  Tlutt liiiisk,  lleiald, is as irootl as oil ,\'"sv    Vain on . n    ( oa 1    C'l'i'pii,    l,a-  for    Ili������'    |jm.|������Ii-   <'-     tl'i-i    I"'    "������"     l������"-j  '" ",i,.in-|,���������- -on,"   lini"   m -I, ,   lie  /Mliiitrs  knoss too well youi  pa-t iceonl  ot iiicmisisli'iicy.   Thes  knoss  son hase  ynui    peanut,   g.iii^',     soiu    loul,-    ai"l | y  ]fi)i>\y thiit iill wan  ss inds di hi 11 < - . 1 "���������  {/Ood S"IM>'y of . . .  cviiii* or uwmmm.   BUILDING MATERIAL  AND LUMBER.  Cul kales for Spot Cash.  THE CENTRAL-HOLE  AliliAIIA.MSON   I'.KO.S.,  Fuoimiii'.tohs.   L Lff  First-class Table   ��������� ��������� Good Beds   +   Fire-proof Safe  N S  Teleplnone   ^*   'Bus Meets all Trains.  EEVBLSTOKE'      33_G-  AIJKAMAiMNON    I'.IIOS.,  Tijoi'iiictous.  Everything new and Firs(=class in all Respects.  The House is slocked with the Finest Wines and Cigars in the Market  TIROTTT   ZLi-AJKIIE]   OIT"Y"    JB.CJ.  Application to Parliament.  4 I'l'I.K'.S'riON* SS'IlFT UK .MAIlK lo the  j 1 I'.ii'liaineiil tif I'liimtlii til il-' tiesl -e.-sinii  Im1 .111 Aft In iiiftil'litii'iile 11 I'liiiiiniiiy \silh  |i,issi-i-In niii-l i-iii't. iii.iiiiliiiii nntl npei'itle liy  1111 niiilis .��������� inisser 11 sliiiiihml in- imi'i'tiss Katijie  rnilss'iis li'.iiii Minif 1111I11I nl, tii' iil'itr Ari'iiss'liu.ul,  Ari-iss" I .nl. ', Hiilis1! (���������iiliinilii.i, liy 1 In: nuisL  It -ili'e mule SMi Trniil Luke 111- lliiiieiin I Si vol  In wiine point nl or ni'iir Ilie ntii'll: mid of  Ki ntcnii I ,1' e in I lie Knot'mis' Di-triet  ssilli In.uii'lii - of .111) li ii-iii : vs 1II1 poss-e)-  n!-' i-i c ni-',t 111 1. iii.iiiiltiin .t'lit up'��������� i(u Ilie  1111 -a .i 'i.nl'-ci- ost'f mis i^.ililo lisui--, anil  iif.'t-sai s" ss-,i,\-. lei'i'it'-. mails nntl olltt'i- svoiks.  11.1I.-il at OK,iss.t lln-.'ltli (1,1 s-  of  Deeeiiiliui-.  i^i;.  a. I'-KitcrsoN.  11- HUM Stilit ilt.i-fm-the npplieanl-.  ,  a a I  I h-: |il.|. " 11 1 mi'il, I In- ' "al    lui, ,                          ,    ,       ,                         ,.     , ,                  .  1 '  iinf nn 11'    In   lh"   }iiiipn-f    nl   'ilitiiiiinii;  n  I  1 .ii-"<M 1 0111 I he i'i ol "i I loll I   la 1 i.i    hill, ii-    ..'in.    ,   i'       ', ,      , \mi 1  ',   ,                            1              ,                    ,              ,   !                      ,       , v   I      ���������      ���������    I     ,       '           <    I I            Jl'lt  I             , 1     I I        II   , I'     I   ,11        |            I  '  '   '1  I  'I'.'le'ii   It.1   lie    I,'|   tin 1     e.    i t���������    ,   ',  11     "In     I 1  111 nil    lull  I   ' 1ll  I" 1    '1,  1 1 1  ss ,  1      > 11 ���������    ie  ,  , 11  n   1 ti  1  s    II ' I  *  )  Ml1      I'I  I  REVf-.LS rOKE    SAWMILL,  ?\.- ve I ^tc-i- c   Stilion,   B.C.  Certificate of Improvements.  fi.'ll'IIAN  HOY   MINI'.liAl. CLAIM,  .-id.an <1   in   tin'   Uii,'   Hi'iitl    .Mining  Disi-ioii.  Di-ll,it    of    SS'i -I    Ktiolena- :   Im-alt-fl    fin  I'.uii'll   Ci-fflc. a li-iliul.u-y   of   .Mi-I'iillneli  ('it i-l>. 111 lin-HiK  Hi ml   111*1111111; diii-iotiiif  SS'i -I   I'noti'll.tS ,  riSAKK NO'I'ICK  tlml   I. Cieei-fi N'. Diis-iil-mi.  [      fri i-  initi'-i-'i- ��������� ml 1II1 .Ui-  No.  !)'l!l"(l.   i���������uiil  !  I'llit-iiais  Ifilli. Ih'i". nl   N't-ss-   Wcsllimi-lei-.  in-  1 il'iifl. -i\'l> (Ins-fi-.im ill.- flute lien-fif. to iipply  1 In lin- "SI 1111 ni; I let fiidfi-  foi 11 ('t-rt illi-nl e of Im-  [   pfllS fill.-Ill-    illl-    Illl'    p'li-po-      of    lllltlllll.IlK    a  ' ( in mi l'i.iiiI of llif .iljosi- el,en 1.  Airl   I'.i t'.' 1   Ial ''  not 111-  l|.,i:   ,e ' 'i"i. n. il  .-  11I on .,7. iie,-i   li    > i.'iiiin 1 . i tl   hi   iii    lla    1--  ~.ii ei  1 ni -tm 11 f'1 '':lli tl    of li ipmsi nn n'-  I' ,  <  I  ���������    V im    a,. - 1 1 h      I 1 -i il i"   ot   --.'i- 1 111-  1,,,    ��������� 11   i-'i,. "        :i; 1 .'.1  Private Eiil Notice.  Vf OTICK is liei'eliy jjls-i'ii llml iijipliiiilinn svill  J> lit; imnlo Iti I lie l.i'id-l, ilis e A-seinlily foi'  tin-I'ros'Incu of Hi-ili-li ("oliiinliiii, nl il- next  -e���������inn, lorn pi'is tie hill lo iin-o'.'pni'.ilt; n eoni-  liniiy Lo litiiltl. ff|iii|i. innintnin nntl operate ii  line ur lines of nulss-.iy li-nin 11 poini, at m- neiu-  Alliuit Canyon; thence up Ilie valley of tho  N'nilli Fork of lho Illeeillessael river lo tho  hi'iiil-ss-ator- of (lie Dossnie ereelc thence dosvn  lhe valley of Ihu Dnss nic creek lo lhe junction  of Hint -ireain ssitli tin: Coliiinbiii riser; (lienu:  ilusvii tin; Coliinihi.i l'iver lo liovcl-lokc; svilh  I Iiu posser to efinip. c-oiislrncl ,-uiij iiiiiinlain  lirniK li lines to ,-iny mine oriniiic- nntl nil ncces-  snij Im-kIkc-. roiitl \say- nntl fen-ie-. and to  build, t.ssn iind ni.iiiiliiin svharse- nntl dock- in  ciiinicclioti Llicress il li; and svilh posser to lniild.  nssn. c(|iiip ami niiiiiitiiin -Icam and ol her \e--  s.il- .1 nel litiat-, and opt rale lhe -aine nil liny  ttiii iunblc ss.-ilci - ss it hin Ihe pros incc; and ss itii  piisscr If) tmilil, e'|iii|i. opeiiile 1111c 1 niainliiiii  if It.i^raph iind l"li'plione line- 111 1 niinui lion  ssith the -aid niilu.is nntl hraiiche-. antl to  Ki nt rule elect nc iiv for Ilie -npply ol liijlil, heal  nnd pnsvei; nnd svilh posscr loeN-prnprinti- lantls  ffir I lie pnrpo-o- of lhe 1 onipaiiy. and It. itetpiire  l.i 11 U, l)'in,i---, privik'^e- or othei- aid- lrom  ans ^iiviji iiinrnt. itniiiicipal cot piiriit ion. or  o! fieri I'ir-'iiis '"' lmdio, and to levs nntl collet t  lolls fioni all parlies n-iiiK, iinil tin all fr(;i|dil  pa���������inir user !iii> of-iieh rnatls. rnilssav.-. Irnni-  ss-,ij-. fen if--, ss-liiirs e-iind s eu-e!s lnnll lis- Ihe  company: mid ssiih power In n.nkc linlllc or  niliei'ni-ran^cnit'iil- s������,lh i.tilssas. -Ii.tnilitial er  ollif r ciiiii|i.inie-. (..ud for all. ol her nei < ���������11 ry or  im id' nt 11! 1 ifrhl-. p issi r- tint! pris ilc^cc- in lli.il,  li.u.fi.il   s'.iii. n ;s. r. H. ('..  (Iii-,  IT!ll   fla.s   ol  N',\' 1 i'i' ���������    '-'i'.  's'i*.-')\' ,*.- -I'SKi.r.i:.  I'i 'il -nil' ilm - Im 1) 1������   \'i;il cants. TIIE KOOTEXAY MAIL  PA GE 3.  '��������� TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT  r   I  Between the Dominion Governmen and  ���������Yukon Railway Contractors.  As iilre.-idy iiiinounc-i-d, the Dominion  Government lias'nssai (led .Mackenzie k  Islann tlic-i-oiili-iiet for the Yukon railway to he I'liill from Telegraph Creek  toTe.-lin Luke. Til.'pi-'neipal t ei ins of-  tlie a^lC'int'llt ���������svliirll is sulijecl to  ralHicaliou hy |).-iili;inienl'���������ili'f' :ih i'ol-  loss's:  A winter rond is to he he^un 1'roni  the mouth ol th'" Htikine i iver to Te-lin  I.ike iiniii.'di.-itely ninl finished in six  weeks, or'by .March lOtli.' A railsvay  is to be lmilt fioni navigable ssal.eis on  ' lh" s'tikine liver, ul n point iu Ciiu.-idn,  -to Teslin lake, .-ill (luoiif-li (\-inadiaip  territory. This road is l.")0 miles in  leu" lh and is to he built, equipped nnd  opei-iitcd bet'uie Seplciii'. ei- \>l, I WIS,  or iu seven month- 1*10111 1 lie" present  dnti'. A spin* nl* the r.-iilssiiy I'i 0111, the  Stikine lis-i'i' Maillisviird to .-in oee.-ui  port in Il>iili-li Columbia mav be built  svlieii leiplireil by the ^oN-ei-ninc lit of  C'.-in.-idii, ill svliich ca-etlie conllaclors  arc to biiv."the olVei' 'to eoiistruct it, if  tliey iij"i'i'i' lu tl.e tei'i'n^'to lie imposed  by the iiovei-iniient. <>  " The eontractor.-;ire bound lo provide  steamship eDiiiinuiiiciitii'ii for p.-issen-  ������er.s and freight from l'11' terminus til'  the r.-iilss-.-iy at Teslin kike dosvn'tlie  IIo'oliiliiKpiii to Diiss-son Cily.  All r.-ite- on the p'ropo.-cd 'i-nilsvny  "for, freight iind passengers are,to he  til.-t. let lied hy the privy council, to he  reduced i") percent, ill .tbe end of four  years, ;ind further 1 educed by another  25'per cent, at lbe end of --even 'years,  .-ind nfl "i- ten years such rates to 'he  '    fixed under (lie general,railsvay n'rt.      ,  The contractors sire to receive 2."),000  iicres of l.-uicl pi'i "die in the Yukon  distiict iis.-i sub-ids" bu- huildinp- the  winter roiitl nnd i-ailsv.-iy. lnnds to' be so  located that the ."-os-oni'menl and con-  tr.-iclor.s svill have aller'nate. hlofks of  <-(he si/," of six mile.-", hy ili'ree miles!  All land granted   is  to,hi   subject, to  v rriy.-ilty on the gold  contained theio-  111' oi���������nne   per   cent..'' payable   lo   the  j-overmnent.   Xo port ion of  lherlniids  is to be select ed hy the  company   tinlil  10 mile's of  lhe  liiilsvay   ,-ire   lir-t built  and npc-t al "il.,   All free ininei-'s   claims  'located under government, regulations  before'these lands at e selected nnd bust-,,  'lines   nni   are  reserved for I be miners.0  Rivers.  Mrenins and lakes formincr the  water    st n-tell    from    Teslin   'lake' to  Dasv-011 Cily. and a .-trip of hind along  "iicb biink .-ue  ii'seivetl   for  the public  light of navigation, and   the  u-e of all  11:1 vigahie find   llosving   streams is pre-  ,   served.  ;    Tl).>   continclors    agree    to   deposit,  $2.")0,0'X") ,-is- seenril y for 1 be performance  , of the contract. ,  1 It is understood that the provincial  governnmnt gives $2.*2"50 -uh-idy i.er  mile lo the Telegraph Creek it'Te.-lin  hike rtiilsvay.    ,  pirrnx's opinion o's it.  The Tronic. Mail publishes the follosving in i.e 1 viesv svith Hon. CIHV01 d Sifiyn,  .minister, of ^interior, regal ding the  above conti'.icl : '  ���������JIt is said that lh" Yukon, railsvay  contract is a job.     What  about   that'.**''  "It is t be must onerous t-ont raet, ever  undei taken on this continent, in iny  opinion," .--aid Mr. Sifton.  "You,, think, then, the contVacto'rs  svill have liard" work in get I ing'their  money out of il ?"  " I' lliink the task almost, s'nper-  lium.-lii."  "Do you think they,svill .succeed?"  "I don't knosv: sve* have a very  heavy guai anloe."  ������������������When svill you get it stai ted?"  "The conl i-aelors svill gel it started  ,-is .-0011 as lhey enn. I suppose."  ������������������'Do you lliink there svill he any dilKi-  cult'y svith lhc American government  in bringing in supplies?" ,    . ���������  "Al Stii-keen 1 ivei?    No."  It'sva- lo   the  I'tlei-I.  that,  011 account (if the inrrea-cd wage- |>aid  bv expression.    It is only, kindness .-uiu ,   ))v (jj- fn(1j  tenderness  svhich   svill evt-i enable you '  t(,-ee s\ hat. beaiilv ibeie is in'th" dark ,  ev.'slhat are-link   will)   ss "i-ping. and    V< the | miner-,   it    would   be   li('c-"s-ar>  in   the   p.-ileix���������s  of  those   fixed   faces j f,���������. t []'   mine osviu'i--to i'.ii-"e   ilie   prire  which, the   world's adversity has rem- | ()f       tj j;f, v' (....it- a ton.   Of 'course the  paw,!   about   till   they ^^ ,*" ''^ . d.-alf-s .-ould not -land the   extra   bur-  patienci'like dvuig svatchiiies tliroiigl)    ll .  twilight,.            '                                             ,     I d"ii, as lhey-iiv their pi'oht-^  :u-e   sery   ; ~ T~        '*'     ! sniiill nosv.-o they in nun noliiied lhe  Increasing in Canada., | c(,n-umi-rs that tin- price nf'i-oai had  been inc-iea<"d hy fifty rent-" :i ton.  , So Ihe oo.iMitner.-- ni" nosv just, paying $1 ii Ion moi-"   for  coal   than, thej*  1 fesv month-alio.   Coal foi .-������ long  '    The Greatest Sayings Bank.  Il is claimed for the C'lasgosv Havings  Ban:- that it islhegreiitestsasidgs Hank  in the world. It has 1! 3.121 depositors,  iind th.-iiinoiiul standing lo t heir credit  i.s ii'I >, I0S, IS."). Last yea r $10.0:10.120 \s as  received and "-iO^OT.OTO paid mil. The  ass-Is of lhe hank aiiiount to $'.i7,(i!'0,  S3.j and ,-tflei- considerable I lan-feniu-  ces of money to ��������� the invc.-tinenl l.-usl.  department, there is a fiee surplus at  the ci edit, of lhe bank of }ji(l7.S.:i 10. The  volume of hu-ines-is ever increasing,  svas last year larger t, ha ti ever before.  There are un nps and dosvns in its record, il is alsvays one of pi ogi ess and is  a p isverful illusl ration of hosv the ir-  lia'iitauls of (il.-isgtisv are grosving iu  thrift and svell-doing.    '  Hints from Rusk in.  Live as iiiuc-h iu Ihe springtime in  Lhe country as you can ; you do not  knosv svhat, leaf-form mean!-unless you  have seen I he hud-hurst and 1 he young  leaves breathing losv iu the sunshine,  and wondering at the lii-l shosver of  rain. I Sill. nliove all, aecu-l nm yourselves In look lor and I o love all nobleness-of geslure and fe.it ure in the human form : and remember thai (he  highe-I nohleiiess i- usually auionir I he  a get I, I he pour ,11 id lin- i 11 (in 11 : you svill  Ibid in the end I hat it is nol I he strong  111 in of Ihe soldier, nor lhe laugh ol  I he young henul y, lhal in-" h"-l -Judic.  for you. Ynli uiusl lose lhe ere'il unto \\ IH1111 ynil milii-li'l'. S'''UI lelloss  men ; I'm'iiAyou,1I0 iiof lose Ih.ein. in 1,1  .'.only ssull ynii.h'e lil lie in'.t'lVsied in. lhc  ' passing I'S'eiil.s of. life,   but,  in.nil   your  I  gazing at humanity you svill be left   to | .-idilre---ed to I lie eo 11 duller-, the ,-meii  bestiuck only hy otil-ide form, and not , tmm whom the publi:- obtain ' heir siq)-  It is onlv kindness and  The cigarette smoking habit, is large-  Is* on the increase in Canada. In ]!s!i7  the number of Canadian manufactured  cigarettes taken out for 'home consumption sv;is!J2,i:-!l,(M)0, and of foreign  nianuiacture 1.(501,(100, a total of !K,.SOO.-  (XX) smoked in Canada last year, a-  against. 80,101,000 in IS'.Ki. There sva<  an increase of 'hoiiu-made cigarettes  il, '07 over "X, of Io,(MI0.000.  svere  svhile  so  Id foi  Dunsmuir Philanthropy.  It svas svilh considerable satisfaction  that the general public received the  announcement, that Messrs., II. .Duns'  niuir .1'Sons ,had'deeitleil upon it 11 ad-  sance in svages for the men ciuployeil  in their mines at ,Wellington ��������� The  inineis sseie: 'jubilant, for, svith the in  creased demand fni Yani-ous i-r Island  coal and an . a(ls-aiicc-iji..J.>Xi^t^jliiiir  prospects for thc prose 111 year were,  bright.     Theie svas Mime liltle.siii-pri.se  ion. The dealeis  were oiilj; making a piolil of'il cents  a ton ss-ben selling til tb.it pi ice,so they  rai.-ed th" price to j*;5.*5<'. Th.-n the  Diuistiiuir.- increased lhe svjtges of the  miners aud demanded 1 hat-tlic* consumer- shi'iuld 1 my the advitiiee.    ,  A Reciprocity Proposal.   |    ;  At Wa-hinglmi. D. C- Senator Cart-  ,er bii- offered to the bill graining right,  of svay in Ala-ka an amendment svhich  le-nfl'inn- and continues the present,  mining regulations, and al-u add- the  '.follosving provision-: ������������������ Provided lhat  native born citizens of lhe Dominion  of  Canada shall be accoi ded in, t he said  ,���������,;.,,, , ,. territory of Alaska   the, same   mining  il is true, at'tli(r action,'of the Duns- | , ights and privilege- accorded jocili-  liiuirs in voluntarily 'ad s'ancing svages, ! z,.lls 0f the United Slates in Hrilish Co-  butit svas felt- that t bey,being  among   hinibia and the  Noitbsvesi   Territories  the fust, to reap the Lenelit of the. in-  creasetl jjn'isperity aloot,' the coast, svere  anxious that their einployees .should  also derive some advantage. This may,  base been their iiiea, bsit one, tiling'is  certain that they did not. intend tlu'ib  their profits should be decreased on account of t he advance, in ss-iiges. Follosving quickly upon the notice posted at  t he' pit, heads, svhich made the hearts  of the ii'iiiiors glad ,came anotliei- an-  nouncenient from the head oflice of tin'-  company.. This laUeramiouncenienL svas  by the'laws of the D inicui  of C.-ina-  da or the local'lass-s, rules and regulations, .-md tlu'.-e shall from time lo lime  ])ri)tnnlgate unci enforce rtih-s and reg-  iiliilioiis.to carry, I hi" jirovision into  adTect.'.'  Though lifiine is called the Eternal  City, the name bo right belongs to the  'city of Damascus, in Syi ia, svliich i.s  the oldest city in the' svorld. As lung  as mau'lias svritlen reconls the city of  Damascus lias been known..  . HENDERSON   BROS.  '    ' SUCCESSORS TO  EANGLEY & HENDERSON. BROS.  ��������� Wholesale   Druggists,  (F.stablislied lisiS.)  ���������^-^aamzz^" Victoria ' and  Vancouver,    B. Q.  Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet  We entry the largest slock of Chemical  \rlirles, 13tc\, i'11 Hriti-h Columbia. .     .    ,     . .,,v   t  -.  ."     .1''  ���������       ������������������  lJiirties in. or coi teinplating opening in business, will  find it to then- ad  vantage to,place their orders svith us  ���������^533SCTC^C.,P',  jzjZZB*rGt*&*aa  f.'ir7*^-"  The   present   centre   and future  headquarters for ,   ,  MINING OPERATIONS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA.  It is the centre of the Lardeau mining district.  Jt will have railways.to  the north arid south.  Its climate is superb.,  It has plenty of building  timber and a sawmili  in operation providing  lumber at ��������� reasonable  prices on the spot.  Its lake '. afiiords exceptionally good trout  fishing.  It has a crown grant, purchasers of lots thus ob  taining an  clear title.  1  son's  Landing"  sta're of  ^gp\ ROU T   LAKE 'CI TY  ������       is reached' by rail  from  Revelstoke   to    Arrowhead. 28   miles ; thence  by steamer, io miles, to Thom-  ancl    a   short  12 miles ;, the   entire  journey occupying" only ,6 hours  through  magnificent mountain  O s o  and lake scenery.  Well-known     mining     promoters and  capitalists   already  have their   representatives  on  the   ground,    and    it    is'   no  boomer's dream to say that before another- six months Trout  Lakh Cut will  be a" bustling-  centre of business and the principal town in this treasure-laden  Lardeau, the new centre of attraction    for   the   best   mining  eiuerprjse,    skill    and     capita!  which   British   Columbia   has  ' magnetized within her borders.  The climate and soil ofothe  I district are aii   that   could   be  ;desired by therancher,gardener  or ' fruit    grower    for    whose  prod nets-a profitable and rapid-  lv   increasing   market    exists ;  whilst  to   tlie    sportsmen   the  neighborhood affords  game in  '���������plenty.  I 'J'he accommodation includes  'good hotels, stores, post office,  l recording office,   butcher   shop  absolutelyi | ^ m^ Pri���������te* rcsidcJiccs  li Building operations arc in  !! full progress, and the cstablish-  [imeni of the sawmill will tend  ji still more to enhance the  ! mediate growth of this  :: town.  im-  rising  PEICES   OJd1   LOTS.  lnside. $'.oo; payable $33.33 down. $33.33 in ���������} months, $33.33  c in 6 months.  Corners. $150; payable $50 clown, $50 in 3 months.   $50   in. o  months.  (These prices are for a short time only.)  -Ll  \). ll.VI'C, -Rkvi-i.s.tok'k. Ceneral,Agen|t. .  '('.] fMilMd.I-lRSON, Tkout LakiaCitv.  ,.,..��������� npffirjii  "   LIMITED LIABILITY.   '  COMAPLIX, 'B.C.  all kinds PF  -  .   ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER,  At the Company's Store is carried a Full Stock of General  merchandise :     Miners' Supplies nnd Outfits at close rates.  1 f   ' J ' f      < . h  P.O.   Alilll-VVHKAI*  , " TKI.I-OHAI'H TO COMAPLIX.  li  The Company's S.S. " LARDEAU "i oii'nei ts svith all C.'l'.ls". train- and . steanreiH. and makes daily  trips beLsve'eii An-nsvliead and Coinaiiliv and Thoiiisou's Liiniliug. 'Coi'iiiiiiuiiealion i~ thus eoUibhshed svith  iill,points in the Lardeau, Trout Lake and Fi-h Creek distiicts. ,  The Company's tug "ARCHER" is ready ,to enter inlo lowing and IVi-ighting eontr.iet.s.  The Tov/nsite of, COMAPLIX is nosv on t he market and lots ,-u-.. .-.t-lluig rapidly. 'Cou'iaplix i= the out-  fit.liii"- pointiinil ht'-.-itliiuarler.- for lhe I.-n ih'iiu and Ki.sh (Jreek ilistricl,.-. now being opened up. It occupies a  'splendid ���������i! nation, high .-ind div, on lhe N. I������:. arm of Upper A rt-osv Lake, eight, mile- from Arrowhead, and  liar, deep svatei for vessel.-, all I lie year round.' Il has good llolel ai-comiiK.dal mil, telegranli and telephone  connections, and daily mail-. ' <   . ' ��������� ������  R. TAPPING, Agent for RevelstoKe.  .J; Hatehison. & .Do.,  (Opposite ('overnineiiL Ollice,)  Groceries,,Feed, Fruit, always,  fresh and full stock.        "  NEW STORE. NEW STOCK.  ' Short   Accounts.      '  . i Wholesale and Retail \  !'..;. BUTCHER.:. |  JJUAMSIl IN"  Milk Cows; Saddle,,Pack,  ' Driving and Draught  Horses..      .'   ���������  Revelstoke Station, .B.C.  Plans and specifications prepared  in India Ink or Blue-print  Drawing's.        /  If you clesire an artistic home with all modern conveniences  call and see Maclean-who can design you one. in any  .style:-'Queen Anne, Colonial, Swiss, or any other style  you prefer. ��������� -' - " ��������� ,       ���������  Interiors  and,, interior decorations ,are. his  specialties.    Store  Decorations,/Bank   Fixtures,    Hotel . Fixtures ;   Hall  ,    ,, '      shewing   panneljed   dadoes,    frescoes,   etc.;   Artistic  Screens, Verandahs, Stairways, etc. can be got out'tO'  suit the market. ' '  MSMOPOLITAN'EpTEL  KAMLOOPS, B.C.  '   -Best of ev-crything going.  RUSSELL   &.   HEROD,   Prop's.  AND  T1IK  IG  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  FROM REVELSTOKE  To all'Points  Hast and -West.  THROUGH TICKETS TO  Vancouver, Winnipeg. St. I'iiuI, .Chicago, "\ront!-"iil, Toronto," iSYsv York.  Firsl-c/ass dining and sleeping  'cars on all I rains.  TlirouKli '1'iiin-i.st i.u-s (11 rii. I'.ml il.ul.v, tu  Toionto os-ri-y Momlay, "Mriiil ieal ninl Hds-  I011 every Tlitirstl.iy, ninl ^lonirc.il .un!  Poi-MiumI l''riiliiy.-. ' '  Pin-iilinstj tiiikels In yeiir i'li".f intil inn  nnd  li.ivu  .vniir linfji.MKOi'lii.'i'knl IIii'diikIi.  Kin- I'ltll iiil'i.i'iniiliiiii iistn i-alt's. I inn-, elf., n]i-  piv in iitMi-L'si cim:: .sueiii, if>  T. SS'. m:AI).SIl.SSS','.SKi':il.,Ki'S(jl-liiUf',  '    ()i Iii    IC. .1. COVI.K,  Di-li-icl PiissciiKCi-Ai'ciil. S'liii'-DiiMii-.  The- Canadian - Pacific  Steamship Co.'s.  O --STEAMJi'RS-  NAKUSP   and   KOOTENAY  l.t'itio AitossIiciiiI ilnily fur iill |iiiiii!sin ICiiul-  ijiiny, niiil-iiiK cihiiu'cIIiiii -U Nnkii-P for  nil |ioiiil i on Nnknsp nntl Siiit-nii lly. nntl  Slot an Luke,  losdi-finiif'filion nt lloli-son for NuNim. K'nsln,  llnlfour. I'iltiL Uny. Trail, llo-sl.inil, Viiflli-  jioi't nil'! nil )ifiiiils soulli.  l'*oi- full  information, lickcls.  innii.s,  i-U-., (.'nil  on or ailtlrfiss  T. W. BRADSHAW,  A^fiil, Kuvol-uikfj.  Orlo  \V. K. CA KSOX, IC. .1. COYLK,..  'I'r.iv. I'.iv*. AkciiI,       ,   Disl. I'.iss. AkhiI.  Nfjlsiin, H.C. Viint-tnnt-r, H.C.  Resideilti Ageni.  Columbia &��������� Western Ry.  Tiini- Talili- No. (I.  To tula- i'ilW-1 .Inl.vH.  I.'ili.  Ilnily Hfl i\fi-n Ti.nl itinl lifis-l.uiil.  No. (*, |in~st-iiKi'rlf:tvi'S llosslaml    -   -   7:'HJ ii.in.  ('ill 111 lifts Willi si en 111 it al  Trail.  No. H pnsst'iit/rr Itiisfs Tnul    -   -   -   Sjl.'i nan.  Coiuicrts wil.li 1,'ffl AI oil nl :i i 11 for SpnUiiliu.  No 2 iiiiss.-iif^fT It'.ivrs lln-slnti'l    -   -     11   nan.  ('iiiiiiL'i-l- ������ illi (MM.', -.li iiiiii'i' f<������- norlli.  Nn  I ]i-i-scn|,'iT li'.ivi's Ti-.iil     -     -     - l-'i.'lli pan.  Coiiiii'i-ls willi Cl'. 1!. slf-aiiit-i - fi-oin inn I n.  No. I i���������i-M'ii-'-i-l'!i-.i-- li'i.-l.unl    -   -   HI'i'l P.111.  I'tiiiiif'.is Willi Kill Mniitil.iiii lor i-.|iiik.ilir.  No ,', )i,i- t-ii^cr It.-iii", Ti,i*l     -   ���������   ���������   ���������">��������� t-". p.m.  (.'oniii:i-|.s U'illi'sl.cniiii-i- Lyt-Om nl- Ti'iiil-  '  fiiiuoi-iil Olli.'cs:  ��������� j,'. i'. (ITKl.H'S,   .  ���������.'���������Tni.il, li. (,*:��������� Y   L'Oi iiii'iilyn  USLDER AND  DESIGNER.  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.  ���������r  The Kootenay Smelting  *      "��������� *>   1 '  & Trading. Go, ltd.  HAVE FOR SALE  A number of lots centrally located  in their Townsite  The central pointof  NORTH  KOOTENAY.  EAST"   TEEMS-  NOTICE:.  S l-I !���������:RICHY t'.IVICX ilvu all parties indebted  > The Kootenay Hrilish Columbia- Smelting and  Trading Syndicate in respect of the purchase of lands in the  Town of Revelstoke are required within 60 days from the date  hereof to,make payment to me or to the, Imperial Hank at Revelstoke of all moneys due in respect of said ' lands when deeds  will be issued. I'nless said payments are made within the time  hereinbefore mentioned the purch.i-cr will be deemed to be in  fault and tnc asTeeinents for sale wiil be cancelled,  t. J. LICN'DRL'.M.  A'rent and Attornev in fact for the Koot-  enay I">. C. Smelting and Tratling Syndicate.  Dated at Ainsworth this Slh clav of December,   1897.  T. L- HAIG,  Resident At-ent,  'hiF;Y'i-;L.sTok[*:,:'-i3..'C.  T. J. LENDRUM,  Attorney in fact,  AINSWORTH, B.C.  <Q PAGE 1.  THE KOOTENAV .MAIL.  ST*"-'.^W  , \.  ,    ^        Kootenay Lodge  *f&A* No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  .vE, *       --���������  *   *   Tliu i-cfjiil.ii-mii'tiiiK  ~\~7*       'U-c liel.l in (lie Ula-.-  ,   c^-^tW  >Os       oiiK-Tciiiiili-.Hom-nc'-  '-/"(.���������Trr*-Tir,,i''- "Vr?"-��������� "all.   im   the   lliinl  ���������"CfgT^->'-kf- &~^*' "'"'-P'    >"    <*������������.*li  ^r-^^~7>^~^>������^i\^*.2y iniiiilli    at   S    p.   in.  ~----=~~-=��������� t-.ii-ilially wc'ii-oint'tl.  II. K. KMY'I'Ifl". .Si:cki.i..i:v.  /tEVJSLSTOKE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  .���������Osv'i" ,*>: IlL'ifiiliiriiioi'tinus.irc liulil  ~/<'''/-r*-".'--M;'  /c^.*,   i" Ol Ifolli.svs- If.-ill cvci-v  ,"~;:>~X,'':55'.-."tff-^ 'rii'ir-'liiy "i-'iit m   I'i^'la  v.~.V^f j-^. ������.-$.<$ o'uloi-k.   Visit iiu,' I.rotlii'i--  '������������������-"������������������-��������� "<'',-- - -       oi-.lially-ivi;k-fjiiic-.l.  J. A. STONK. N.f!. T. J. (IKA ll.\."\I. Si:c.  '.^...Jrmv.-l:  ,. d. %-..>,/ikfaizr\/r    '  Make vouksiclf as comfortable  as possible and enjoy life. You  can do this bv selectintf lrom our  larjjfe stock of comulete  -HOUSE  FURNISHINGS   Handsome catalogue containing  nearly 500 illustrations mailed  free on application. '    '  HIG-H-CLASS   TOOLS  For   Miners,   Contractors,   Carpenters" and '��������� Agriculturists, .   J ���������  and  ', -Comfort1--**- Mr to both.  , Face and hands can hard  ly keep,from roughening in  cold, damp weather. They,  can't keep from being-  smooth if you rely on our  CUTILAVE.       .;  It heals quickly because it  i.s entirely absorbed ��������� no  grease, or stickiness to  annoy. 'Hie soft velvety  feeling: imparted to 'the  .skin .by this preparation  marks the' di ffe rente be-  , tween it and others. ''  ���������    Price 25 and 50 cents.  ���������LUXURY--  WtlLfcK       DlvUbo,' ,   ^Established ISO2.')  ,. Largest stock west of Toronto.  C.  naaa  Capital (*oaid up) $2,000,000.  Rest ,    -      -       $1,200,000.'  /    n i  Picks, shovels,  spades,   forks,   hoes,   axes,   wedges,   crowbars;   hammers and  tools   of every  description. ' ������������������, ��������� ' '  Drill steel; round, flat, band and Norway iron; saws, files, rasps, etc.  Dynamite caps, fuse. ..  Doors, windows, building paper, paints and varnishes.  Double oven French ranges for hotels, cooking and heating stoves, granite and tinware.  '���������     ,     - .,' ,,( BOURNE   BROS., '  ' Hardware Merchants, ',   '  Revelstoke Station, B. 0.  HEAD OFFICE,  TORONTO:  H. S. HOWLAND,  President.        T.  R.  MERRITT,  Vice-President  '      D. R. WILKIE, General Manager. '  THE  McDowell, Atkins, Watson Co.  (Limited)   '  ---iLbc 2Dfuooists��������� ���������  JUcCarty's Block. RcvoJsfcoke Station, B.C.  a. k ('tarns, "Wi-iV.       '   '  A general banking business transacted.--���������Letters of credit issued.  .  available in all parts of the world.���������Gold 'dust and amalgam,  purchased.���������Savings    Department.     Interest..,   allowed    at  current rate. ' '  A. R. B. HEARN, Manager'Revelstoke Branch.  'KLONDIKE . OUTFITTER  C3  McLennan MeFeely & ���������o.,: Limited  VANCOUVER,   B.���������0.  We havis an iinirieiiss Btcc?~ cf siiney's and prospect-  ��������� or's supplies, pick's, dkdde.a, gold, pans, paels  b 2k.  H. 3. "WTLSOZKT  ���������J ' I  Merehant Tailor,. Gldtbiop and General Oii'tfiU'e  revelstoke station, b. a.  LOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  ��������� .1., L.  (Jilii'Vi'i-,  nl'   i'.'onald,   whs   in  Jicvi'lstiikc Tiiesdiiy.  y        iliss Lurscii left' on Tuesday evening  rni ii visit to Vancouver.  Mr. JVGY'w, of Arrowhead, \v;is in  , town tin's week.  ' ' ��������� Pcrcv Cliiipiiiiin   left Sunclfiv   for   ;i  .trip lo southern towns.  Everything in Indie-, goods fit  .Coursior's. ' ���������    "   , ,        o  '   W. Ci. Piixton lias gut,   his   .-ippdint.-  ,    .nient as Deputy Clerk of t he, Peace.  li. (Bob) Ilyliind is now in paitner-  sliip willi A. N. iSinitli.  , A steam shovel g.mg is to Ik; started  lU'iir Nakusp. '"Machinery is bcing'got  rendyofor'lhe, puipti.se,.''  ���������J. J. Fnloy. tin- genial pi opi iotor of,  .the Lake View 1 Intel, Ai lowhead, was  .in town this week.  Ap'aity of l-7f' fi<mi Minneapolis  leaves next month lor Yukon vin  Edmonton.  liossliind is'.-idvei tising ,umid winter  0      sport ciirniviil for Kijlmnirv   lSt'li   nnd  "19i.Ii. '    "       '  Fall   and   winter' suitings,   Overcoatings.        Good 'stock   and  . ' ' ,f  stylish make.    ���������    Order mades and "ready mades.  , SEE   TIHIIEJ   GOODS.  t,  straps and saddles, dog- harness said  :       sleighs, tenjbs, river boats,     ,,.���������',-. '���������',������������������  steel, stoves ' .utensils, - snow shoes, rifles ' etc., etc.  -er  Write us for lithographed map , containing, fn]]   information.    Goods  bought in ���������Vancouver go  free into .Klondike.     If bought in U. S. will be taxed 36 per cent duty. ���������   -  ' p  il  \J      41  Ml   })\      i~~ti n ^1   if ' r-%  'PposptOFS ��������� and' Travellers   Call ari'd ��������� Soe  :\GM:'.T: NEWMAN'S."'  Well   assorted   stock  of ��������� Miners  i \y*-  A  o noi������n  1  applies,. Provisions, i-Tir-  , ' o-     "nishing's &e.  Full Line of Boots -and Shoes  always  on  hand  GEK"'EE^  ir  J^    1    '     V  i       y       LLmmjsj XJw^i L  I  Hj-'IAlDq    iii1*    ^o        .  ARROWHEAD, B.C.  T.  L.  IIAIC.  Notaiiv  Pi-HLir.  rsjg-^avrsvj^ ,l-^: i~m ���������.'..*  W.  F. CJ5AUK.  AIG & 'GRAGE  JLU������  .1. K.  W. "MAUKAItljAXI-;. tli'iionil JI.in.mcr.  ia O'  Q_   '  .IOII:.' O. NOIillOJI,  K.M.. Sniit. Jliniii}; l)(.,,t.  .1. W. CAJIIMOX, Seci-cliii-y-Ti-oiisui-or  "HI  !i ^.;'K������ ?������K.jl iiKO ^?W!i^h   tu^i h   l. ( u. ������  tyijliJi,.. .       i.  JUii.:Wi,l 'o     -.A*iiLi.ls.UjiU}a     LtXjA Ji L.:L.i!ii>': IJ      UktU.  '?  >9  REVELSTOKE,  B: C.  Mining and    Real    Instate   Brokers   and   general   Commission  Agents.        I* ire.    Life   and . Accident    Insurance.  Polish    piitt'iit    .nt'difincs-a   full; K(.|)10s(,liu;iu.s,,f;ti1(. K������������������t,.,���������u S������������������'!ii,,-i������������������IT,-.idi.i^vndii-iitc.  J1110 ,-it the .McDowell, Atkiu-'. N\;itsi.n| * -      *  ,Co.'"s. 6 j   , Ai.'''iils i'"i" ltc\L'Kiiiicf iind Ti.'iiit L'iilci- Oil\* lown.sitc-s  Siiid on n<tod .-uiilioritv, to lie. li.vtoinlfil'i' , ,  nnido iici'oss tlit' ii.-c 01.   the   Ann   1,1st 1        ' '  Wl'l'l*. ' J  Tiio Mail iieknnwli'd^os the   icceipt '  of an iiu it.-ition to (he opening of   the ���������  .new piirli.iinoiit. buildings. |  : ��������� -*������������������  '    Under  the   new   ������i,���������e' tablo   tr.iinJ ' ��������� FREIGHTING   AND  TEAMING.  I--QR ._'__  LARDEAU AND TROUT LAKE  Manufacturers cf-'-  Marine, Sawmill,  Cannery and H yd rati li������ Machinery,' River  and Harbor' Dredges,  Ditching Machinery,  Water Wheels.  Keep in stock a full  supply of , Engineers'  and .Mill Supplies,  Pipe and bittings,  Brass Goods, Steam  Fittings, Etc.  ,0.d,,,,,,H."V"AITOOTJ'^BB, I3.CL ������-KS  ""'J       Cable Aclclross: "Cove"  lillflfj tiscii.  REVELSTOKE   IRON   'WORK  from the west an ive at Kiunlt.ops 1:15 ;'t;���������.���������| freight w.in-h-.u^ ,and .i-ii.-^h.ji-i-..!.      Iy���������- ali i���������tM,-,,���������,ti.���������, ;,l���������n,t  tians- | j^JJ  ^Incl^' ������f h?GZ&  SUftd   @'h������et' B3.et*a*l.   "WOT^  P'lrt-ui.in t>r ...nihil"',' :n  L,ii'.'.-,;;i ,ii,-i Ti.iitt  I..ik'' w i it'V  OBAIG- & HILLMAN  trwnzamanm  *~=*^-c������aar-f->"-��������� -wra  Tzrcpvicssaz*  r  x  Zb*  P * %% $    u^f������ tf t^ If Ti It '<TF'  s-iy* a. *x* h      Jk     k  k h a. U, U ii ti &L  -A_   SPECIALTT  a.m.. fruin tho e.isl, 1 1:10 p.in  ���������    The I Intel HeveUtoUp is   to   1."   en  liir^e'l in i-oninion with",ill the C. P. li.  ' "hotels iiloiii,'- the line.  ���������J. Ci. Allen, the expiess .i���������rent, i-  nnf triin.>.ictiiiLC business in his nt'\i  otiiei' uliieli is very coin fort,ilile.  .In.-. Murphy. ,ot   A--lit-roft,   ha-   ai  rived in town and will open a  LnW-i ~  (tllit.e in,a littlf'while  l*],i-y   1 ti 11 iiinir.   iioiseir.s-,   "W'hiit-  ���������sf-wiiii; ina.jhiiie- ill ('uiiisii-r's. o  ('. Vci ki's. of Vant-iuner, (U'riii-d in  t.inn tin'-, week'   and   has   been   ,tdd������-ii , ' '  fi lhe 1 fiiiiiji.-r. i.i! tel'"j:i,ipli ������t,ili'. ��������� ���������  .1.   I'. ' SI1..1 rill    has    relln iK'.l     fn.m     ,*- , ^.^       ,( ,(r^ ���������       ,       r ,/.-,    .-���������  S.U, Fi.in, ;-,-���������.md,-m -.i,,^ ,���������.,, iKootena^ flDfiil = = = sRc vc ib to he, jb.G.  us |iiitt  "iiiik.-r at  ll   ,S   Willijti -  JSI.ilt'i .���������.!.<> s  il I 'utir let- ^. ti  11. I. Clink, tin- s.iu .-mil III,Hi I'l'f.lll  ,'J'ri.lit Lake (*il\ t.iiiii- up Mi.inl.u and  was hei i- fni  a leu  ii,i^ s,  'Jiilin D. r.'.yl f-ainc di.An fi-itin   iie   Capital, $1,500,000.  Iii1-    li-nd   ..it    Thuisdiv.     Ife    len.s; ��������� .     . . -  mj.iin mi si-ni.u iii.iiim,-.  , ���������      Manufacturers ot Electric Mining Apparatus,  Flic  lirii; ule X-i,   l!    i.-le.ni-l    .-'!)'J.i50 !   Ilnlsi-.   f 'im 11 ] >-,   l/loweis,   I'm-,    l!'i-t me; A'ai i< it ir-,    l������,i,i,,,.     Im   f.yi*'!.'    ' ...  by   iheii    coiii-eil    and   dan, e.     Nu.    'I  ' I',,u,-i.  M.,t.,i -, f-.i  .i'i   I'm j..   UI. i N" si miii ciiLfT t.lln  tlieii  frit'iifls ,1^'alii ,, . ... .    ,  '    "        .,.,,.. ,    , , , Electric")] tiMiiMiii-.si.'j:~ o\ p<i*,v ������������������- -. w r .- 'mi, oy r,\\- <i '.;..  ���������<>   -���������,  hlci-tiu- lidit hltin^s and   Ldi.be-.   :i, i ...  i���������'wa,���������i,-i���������.,;-e���������iip,���������i,,ii������������������ '.,-,-,i���������-,���������: mii(.. i,v (,,,,- THHtE Pi-i^SE TSAHSMioSIOH SYSTEM.  NF.LSON lii.ii,. i, t.ii* i",n ,, r ..ii,i,,(,.,.    ,        . VANOOUVf f'  ^������*    *-? .-r =*  Thomstm s Landing. .IJ.C. ' Pi^eflttiSII^ BUld rOOffiil  i������lHiD.g, w������rk a,Eidrft������ols������  &  "T&'  ROBT. GORDON, Revelstoke .Station,' B. 0.  h$M m Mill WAGONS, EUQpfES, ETC.  MARKET INFORMATION AND PRICES GLADLY- FURNI3HEI  Fu1.! P.-!oc.'-.   '"orr-ci Sclcc;iO^.  c  -.1 ,Js1r'- ".v'  0    LJ       r '*  ���������V-snT  JO  r.srrtpiiiM  il! L.J  UhPIAUIAN   ULliCitHL  tLL-uhfiu bU.  (i,l Ml 1 I-.  Hoad Offir.^s, Toronto, Onf.  WOOL  "[':f-    Qi^MFPA  R.oi)o& and Tags Fuinlthcd Trie.  ��������� "'   -" * ^f^i*        ���������       TALLOW, GIKSEKG, SEH&  '���������-=^.U;.- --/v'^"^* ���������l: ~-J ^fc^/M^^^  V'   - ���������>^"'    Write lor C*rcu!r.r giving Latest Market Prices.    ^S^^^l  Ai"������IEOXATE ilSM'TTANCE ^.  ��������� JASr MeMILLAN & CO. Ine.  NO COMKiSSIOK CHAMGED  200-212   FIRST   AVE.   NORTH,  MINNEAPOLIS,   MINN.  nt .M.-l t.i.n'-li, A. i kins. U'.iis'in (J i '���������  .J. I>. f.'iahani this Ueel< in .-.ed ml..  }iis nei', ullice ill the Oi.u.iii l.ltti k and  lias ahead,   if,,I   mhiii' nice till nil 1:1.-    Hi  r^  .Jt.lili   lli.nlil. nf lllecillev.a.-l. ,,,���������-   ,.t' i   V=5i,        ���������������.       ir\ L Lf'i l'y j      -^^^g^^  Wholesale Boots and Shoes.  t la; ie-.jii-i-I(''l "Ifl  re-ideiiK ut l in., p.n i  di'   Kuiiii-iial ,   |ial(l    llexcl.-.liiki'    ,t     \|-it ������a    ^.^ *_, j. y^,r^^u.t. ks     j-_y������v^ *^ '.���������*->     vuj.j-.-a     ss_*wij'. ^jr v^?_-.  ' I    ���������.,'���������"  ��������� i-i '  ,'/ ''w^i-i:' Aidrid^e, ;���������f i'!; ii^n,,; | :' d IS &,15 Cordova St!, VANCOUVER, B.C.  iMiintaiiii, is siid It.i l.c'thc: ih;;n   mIiIi-iI  'f'  Miiiii'ini",   i"������   ^iiu   iu   i������;   iiit;, iiirui     ,������,i  urn        / ��������� * i i *   i ��������� f ��������� ���������< . .   i :     , r ���������. . .  t',rsu;)en,���������e���������dei-....M!i<'r.a.l.s������������������.|ie1-! C , rn.f;S tl'H'  l;:'St 1 nu- of   mi iicr s . anil'   prcsprrif,,-, <-,- [j00[!; yln   ||u.  iJ.:.r'.i he. Ci P.   il.  !' I '���������'.)'.' i i: t.: C.      V Y'r I' i ic: ������������������ I (> i" s; 1.11 it) 1 < ���������  the CO WAN-HOLTEN-DOWN  ,    A***.- Wliolesele Beeiers in  : hi FQ ���������W'lMCQ-QPfPJTO-AM  oi:


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