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Kootenay Mail Feb 7, 1901

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Vol. 7.-No. 44
EE7ELST0EE. B: CFEBRUAilY 7, 190],
$2.00 Por Tear.
< rr��i��l
n Incorporated by act of Paili-iiuc-ul 1853.
JI.vci'KXKsriX. Proa.       S. H. E\vi:*n, Vice-Pies.
.Ja:.;i2s Elliot, (jonerai jMiniii^fi-
PAID UP CAPITAL'   ,       , - .   - $2,500,000
RESERVE - ��� -, -   "      -        '2,050,000
'.���ciier,-;! tiAiililn-r :.-.:-:'.;.t-s tiv.::: ictc.l.   JiilcrcsL nllof/cd on .trios':,.- at c*:: rent, rate1*.
J 5 l_ni,.sGN MsosafP
U.      .Ul     J*o��J^I^J.?j     ill..J.lJ^l.l  I
Jv.u-i-!;.! .-'..
ii.lVI-  had
i In;'.i*-: ;-.-,
incut  0;
driving l;
proper: y
li;:'i::i-l l!;.
oi-f i;i fun
������ 1,
:-.-., o:: v. iiu
fn:.'-!' ut  iiii-ii
M',-;-o::��. Ilii:!i'l
ft 11
yy;   I'm-'
Ed. Ailii.ii cf ,R"V< Isi.-ik.',
:i*:i'!-.-n;d j-��:is;-.i-i-:i;ig I'.i.-ii-
in gem':,-;'.' In diivi::g the
V h.'ivc ;i'.:i'.-ii!v  i-;.:   1 i::t.;*.,;li
'    , .CAPITAL '
���    REST
[-1. S. HOWLAND. Pres':,
T. R. MERRITT, Vice-Frcs.,
D. R. WILKIE, General Manager.
Interrst paid nn deposit..'* ill. highest current raLos.     Lcllers of  credit, is!��*.K'd
a, Tillable in iill parts ol* III'? world.   General banking business transacted.
'      ���    '  ��� -A.  R.  P.  HEARN,  Maxagi-r.
UUIiADLt LirtAoo
IIs.s ofllees in every civilized country on the fucc of tlie earth.     '
.t fr.j-V.i* ll'.itiiiil Catapsny--All profits for the heiicllt of policy holder-* oily.   Q,"
: :- " [N'sciiAN'CK ix Foncic-ovKi: a mi.r.ioK doijLars.
ASsK'i'ri OVKl; ?J70.fifiO.OOn.(K).   SURPLUS OVEU fiO'J.O'JU.iJtO.t'O.
Ciish f-iirrr-nder and l/mi Values, Kxte.ided Insuriuicp, Froodoin of Travel, X��n Porfcitahlt
ii re some of ihu li-at-arc--ot ils policies. ���
Gener.il Aaents for'Eastern B. C;
, , ,<��� Ic-jSTWi'.y-Viin.),
The camp i*; situated mi tin* uoilh
side of i.iifoi-iiiii tin'.')*, iibinii- six, iniles
east of "Steamboat Landing, on Oolurii-
lii:i liver, and -lii;s about .lour miles
south-ej-t of the Rosi-hery niiiio-on
Carnes cifi'V. ' There hits already been
euiisicierab'.e work done on fouror five,
prcperLie.'* hire, and .-ill have i-bovrn up
well.   Tlie , ' ,
, -KOEJi" THREE GROUP'      *���
- , .- 1    0
which', l.y i\.f way, wits lhe -first dis-
i-ovfrcdintiiis Ciiiiip. lias a wonderful
showing foi- tin- .-litniuiit. of work'done.
' gold, silver and copper. Most iiiiporl.-
iin!, however, at present, ure the two
veins known as (lie Big I run veins nnd
this is where the licvelopnent, work is
going on at present'..
Tliese veins , are approximately SO
feet apart and no doulit in dejilii will
pfoliiibly' fiirin one I.-ir-L^i* vein. The
.surface sllo'ivin^ liete is escelleiiL
There is, next, the foot wall, 2'.) indues
of solid ore, aiid inside of LS feet from
the foot, wall, there-.-is- at least 3 feel, of
ore, and in the upper' vein at the liai'K-
injr wall then' are two feet ul' arseniea!
iron   ot'i'  and  20 inches of cai'liiinales.
f;.,i  :i-:;i, liiiii's.   ii:-.-!   l.iiii-
ii-.ei-.es of si-."*.'i ^,-.!i-:;-,.  :,!;!!  f.'i:!!;i-i* on
tru   i/iciii'S  of   Ki-:: :ii if;i!  .<:;-i'   i-iiiiiiin;^
well i;i ;,'i-i.l   ,i:;il   i'ii;:;;e:,' :;::.!' li;:! Iiei-
o:i Mill, at ihe   loot,   '.vail,   n'mll!   I 111 *-������
fuel, of ofi'. asviays ^i-.in^ <ill   iho  v.ay
fi-oin ?KS  to  i'l.jlj  i:i  yiihl  an;!  i-iij.-per.'
Still I'ai I'ler on othei- cut JO i;K-hevs of
iir.senicfil   iron   oic.    In   co;-.veis,-i!ioii
willi Mi-. Ail.-iii" he  informed   imyllial
hi^   I'omj'Aiij'   has   a]ready   I'Spended
o-tT "JTiJO!) o:i liii*. propi'ily and 'Ami it
is tiie  inl en'.ion   of   lho   etunpaiiy   Io
Ihoiu'.ij-'hiy   develop   tlieir     pinpeily.
Tiie ineiliiii!   he iiiLeii.i.' It)  p-.ir.siiu'is
tunnelling and i'.;n alsie,^.
"Tlie yie.it. diiliciilly*' lie says. ,we
have to contend '.villi in the Big Uend
is the
y "I hi'Iieve," said lie, "that piTJSuTi'
should hi: hi-o;i^'.:l. lo hear o-.i the j^ov-
eniiii-ntat Otl.-iiva to at once,, iiive>l i-
gate the, iie.-essily of iiiiproviu;- tin-
rirei'iiorlh of I*-.t:i**��� ���, especially at Death
Ilapids, by pu'liiny' in a.i tiaiinvay
nror.iid thesB rapiiU���ahout one-half
mile in Ien**tii. This w;i*:!d be ;i step
in lhe ii''ht direclioii.' a;id then, I
bdirve, we .-should���everyone who h,-is
the best interest of this Kevi-lsloki-
Rilling .-it' hi'.-ift���line our inHuence
with our iiifiiiliei- and y-overnuient,
and try and p-��'t.' them'to' frrant'��
cei tain amount, yearly to ii coiupHtiy
v.'ho -.voiil.i put im and opera Le
1 i.
into   Ci>>-   LI.*nil���s.-sy   1 wo   -small hub
I'lowerlti! id t't--, out!  in  ran   as  f.ir as'
I ,o ���
a pi::ly of friends Mrs. Bobbins (who
h' v. i-l!-��no'.vn in Kevi-Istoke) fell and
si'Vi-Ti Iy sti.-lined hi:r back.
, I*. (J. F.-iiifinier, {���old nimniissifiiier,
H'ti-.tiH'd fi-nin'j'roiil Liikeon Haturdav
iligl;!. ,   ���
G. S. r.IiJJ.-irii'f li'fL foe Golden on
Thursday, relurninfj on Salurdiiy.
TI. TJ. IIig;;iii!-on, foi-merly Dominion
Land ,..'.irenl, parsed tlirou^h Hevel-
.-���iDke on Sunday's No. ], iinvinjf atteii-
ded the fuin-i-.-iI at, Palliser ot his late
cousin, Mi's. W. C. W.-lls.
.".[.������ I3��.isley, f.irmeily C. ]'. It. super
inteiident at Nelsoii. passed through
llevelsto.e on his w.iy west on Sun-,
day. '
Pat,Owens'. theSalmoii Arm rancher,
has been mail i.'d al Ottawa and has
returned to the cily with his bride,
who is the guest of Mrs.'Hutchison.
Throughout   the  empire,   ,'*5:ilii!*.-].-.y | p:e<cnt yc:iRrat:un, hut of  jj-riftratio:!*
vva�� observed   as   a   day   of   sole'i-.m j vi-t to ciiiie.
inouriiin^, whi-n ihe suiij-eis oi' th-; ;"'.Ih-.v. \V. C. Cider <5jviL*c of "Tot
ln!e (>uceii Violin i,-i e.-\pn;-sse.l in their , ('Jufen as a ."-jovuit-i^'i. lit; refenrd '.<>
v!ii:ou-i   ways,   tiieii-   lieiirtfelt 'koitovv ' iho u'jv.i'n] ^.-ni;   of   tilings   wia-c
Direct Statement From the Chief Com
niissioaer re the'Wag-on Road.
' On the. Herald arnu-iunci'ig th.-it tlie
chief coiiiiiiispintii'i-of Iaiicl��niid works,
IJo'i. \V. C.' Wells'had stilled in an
interview that he was opposed t'o the
opening up of the Big, Uend country,
wc placed ourselves in coiiiniuniciition
with Mr. Wells on the matter,  feeling
sure   from    the'  opinions    we    hud
o * , ...
previously heard him express, that, he j u largo portrait of the Queen, suitably
had been  misrepresented.   Air.  Wells I draped in black -ind purple, and over
ovei' ihe. do,nl) and inu'lid of one��nf
llio noblest monan-h*. the wot Id has
ever .',of-n
]}y Friilaj'ifvc'iiiii^ the various coin-
niitlecs .-ippoiuted at the nieetii:^ convened by the City Council of llevel-
siukij hud coinjileted their aii-iin^c,-
nieiits for a civic deinoiistriitioii of
sorrow and loyalty in ' common with
tliu i-c-t of the empire, The opera
houso had been secured for the occasion and was. solemnly and appro-,
piiately ' draped by the coin ink t.:c,
coif-istini* ot .Messis. Ijirney, JLowson,
Courtier, Ivincaid, apri Ad-iir. assisted
by the following who alone responded
to tho general invitation to'tlie Indies
of the. city to give their assista'uee. ���
Mesdaiues.JJoyle, .JJnin, Birney. Smith
and Dickey! The cily owes, its best
thanks lo them, and it, was lin idly a
compliment to the ladies of tlie city
that lhe whole; of "the work aiiotled iu
them should .have fallen on ' those
On the stngiV'of die opera liou��e was
Vii'tiui:' ,.��i;cn.i.'d thi-1 tlinmc, arid \r>
the fail ui* tin, u'piiblic-'ii spilit beit.��
abrdid ,-is the icvjii of t!i�� cmidiiio-ft
into which the cut:it had dlifted���k
st-A'ipof tilings lli;it h;;d I.tea completely altered by t lie, ex eel lent lift, and
example, of Queen Victuii.i who, as x
ruler, sio.'vl head and shoulder*, ovei-'
all pcev ions' mi-naivlis. .She w.-i�� onr
of the ujiuteibt li'iuiiarchs the. world
had over-seen lie quoted lhc high
tribute paid her hy Lord  Salisbury.
' The. band then plaved  "The   Mapla
Leaf" ' ��� "    ,
Mr.   II,   It.   Atkins
tut   next'
[ji'iiih   1" ipi.Js,
The work done ili this group coii-asts I .-ill giv ing .very s.-ilisfaclury assays in
of stripping the reins ia sevi'i-al jiiaces
ti^iil riinniiig open cuts jui-I tunneli,
liuiiding caiuus etc. They have
several tons of good eh'.in slii|ipiiip; ore
on the,dump at present,. This is a
galena proposition, although'il carries
considerable gold and cupper .also."
There is an abundance of good timber
on this property, and also good water
power for all -milling puiposes, tile
property being beautifully situated on
' llio summit between (James (Jivek on
the north and L iforme creek on the
smith, and near-In- the head of' the
north hi a neh of L.-ifornn- creek:. I
have no heMtalion in saving that I
believe under proper deveiopuient that
this properly will prove to be a shipper
Willi a veiy reasonable expenditure."
Adjoining'this to  the south-east is
i vTT' ''   T'P'-^'-iT"'VI'V
goid, silver, and copper, rtinning iiom
$(5 lo ;j!13 in gold and on (ho surface. ,
The veins have a notIh-west.erly,
course, and a dip of ahout, 47) tU-giees
to tin; north-east. The, development
alreadv done con.si.ViS uf building cah-
ins, stripping the veins in seveial
places, with three open cuts hcrops- t,he-.
veins, ami in driving ,-i cross-cut tun-
ni'l .'!();> feet to cm, Ihe upper vein,
which, however, has not yet been
reached, on account of had air. ' As the
company could not get in the necessary air pipe at that timeof season, they
hud to suspend wcrk until next spring.,
I' niight say thai. 17) or -0 feetmoie.
will cut the upper vein, and I believe
when cut it will prove satisfactory.
1 might just, add here that the attention   of   the,   .government should   be
u Inch li
percent i
; called to ihe f.tatc in which this iiiain
is also a ri'i-.Kirkahiiy surface j u-.-iil ii)i Lnforuie erci'k" is at the pres-
of galena carrying gold arid a ; ,.���i, |j������. a,���j  witliouf. t he expenditure
ol   co;
e.rty li;erc is a eioss."iit tunnel tun for
:: few feel, aii'd the face of the tunnel
is almost .solid oiv. There are about
twenty tons of good clean ore on lhe
tl flip. The Mii'i'ace showing here ,i'
leuiiirkable. Theie are M-veini (.-hunks
of solid, clean g.ftena ore 1(J and IS
in-.lies sqiiiv lyisig cm the surface-
There is no scarcity of -.-nod timber at
Next con.��s
adjoining I his to the en��l. The Adair
^-roup is owned by Kd. Ad.iir. of licvel-
i-toke and some eastern men. the company being registered us tin' Adair
Prospecting, Mining .-ind Development
Company. This piopcrly consists of
eight full-claims, Flora D-ll, Morning
Star, Grtindview. Knrek;!, Eastern1
Star, Iron King, Mabel May, and Alma
mineral claims. They crunprisi.' alto-
aether over foiu hundtcd acres of land
which is well wittered and timh..'ietl
foi mining purposes. This group i-j
��� itnated near I h" head of Lafurme
(h-eek. on I lie soul hern slope of Miiu'r-
ul Mountiiiu and lies favorubly f.u- lun-
nijl working-. The surface of the
mountain slopes at an ar^ic of about
forty-live decrees,
The country roe!* ln-re i*< chiefly
Bchist, with diorite dikes rminini;
liirough. In the scliM-* aie found
narrow hand.- of limestone.   The veins
O.i   this  piop-   ���f   jjiSflfj oryiWOon this triiil it, wii
almost inipassalile, unci will ceit.-.inly
I'.'lni'd deveiopuient work in this camp
next season. I will a Ism say that I
have been i;i this camp for ihe last
three years and have worked on this
pioperty and helievt! it to be one of
great promise. ���
But (oVesiiiiic. The veins are traceable fm- the whole, distance across th��
properly, and also for three unlet; to
the south-east they have been I raced
and -it,'iked.
They havi. also been  traced  bv my-   ���]e   ,.���,���.���,,,���,������   Lh.,
sell and  others to the  north-west to    ^        Let, u-do it!
I he already well known Kosehery mini
and still westerly to the
.1 the oilier above
I his, a ��� I liii would not only help out
the camps at French creek, McCi.l-
lough cil'i'I;, Smith c;pek, but would
op.eii up tlie. co-.iutry north of thij
{.      ��� jU   v,..i��UjIi  hi l .111       .
Ms thi' Col.iiuhi.-i   river c iihi/roi D.'iith
Rapids is,navigaiile,Hiici, 1 unclerbtand,
oOiniles up (J.-iuoe river, ahout 70 miles
in all, ami then Llio "i.'iy ohslrucUoii is,'
a log jam in C.inne river,   ', "
It is'a well known fact't'.iah ther^'  is,
abcui!. or.u iiuuC-ired  tho-nand  .-teres of
in the Cunoe. valley ahuie,  besides  Ihe
vast amount  of good  land   along  the
Columbia   valley���in   all    nearly    2'li)
mill's   in   length.    It.   is  also  a , well
ku nv11 fact that this whole stretch of
country is in  the   mineral   belt,   and
practically i'.n> x'piored.
\Wv li.-ivo al-o
i m v? i* -.*c-1? rn -i i> i? ,~�� ri,*-> '. fife1
said be. to l!:*^ north of us including
hundreds of millions ul' iVet of the
choici"*l. timber in British Columbia
for lumbering purposes, and hundreds
of thousands of cord* of (irsi-cl iss pulp
limber on the niouiitnin siihis and ,jn
the valleys, which in itself is no auiall
This all means great tldng! fm I!ev,��
elsluke and district if properly liandled
and iil.sO within ;i very short, time a
large an.', inci easing revenue for our
g ivcrn'iip.i!, shouhl we lie able lo pri-.
v,ii! upon iliem t lie nei'e.ssi: y of o|ie'n*
ing up t hi-: great and valuable countiy
to ill��� mil-! li ...r u**."
i v i-,n-!' *, i-pi,i   T-"v   7% i? *.* i.- r c'*r/-, - * i -���
" i bclievo,"'   said    he,    " I iiat Iti-vel
stoke' coii'd  be made, to doiib!.' its pop.
illation   '.vithiii   threi-   or   four   years'
time if v.e nil gi t in and ivoik along
Ihesf    lini'S   suggested.     We villi liave
now vvntes us; ���
",The stati'iiieu!-, attrlliiitecl, viz.,
lhat I was decidedly opposed to the
[Jig Bend road is not i'i up. What [
did s.-i'y w.-is that, the people so persistently urging the construct ion ,of the
road into the Dig1 Beiid eoinilry are
'unreasonable, iu expecting any government without further data as to Lho
possibilities of the country, lo- incur
-uch a huge outlay as might be incur-
ied. ��� I--
"I expressed myself so far in  regard
t'o it as to say that I would oven- favor
keeping an expert in ihe district during the coming  season,  whose  report
Lhe. government .would consider with
lhe view of extending  the road past
tiie head of the canyon,  but  in   any
case it would be completed '/>  a   point
;to ensure navigation during the whole
.season.   I went further and said,that
for a couple-of years a sd'Hinei- put. on
ihe rivei  might answer the necessity
of some  belter moans in   getting   in
supplies,   so   thab 'sufficient   development, work  could   be   dune   in, determining the expediency of a road  to
Carnes Creek,     ���  ���
"The fact i", I gave the plainest intimation thaL tile government would
assist in every way lo determine ,the
expediency of continuing the road past
the head of the canyon.
"There wa-\ it is true, a vote ' of
$12,000 for I his road, but it was never
intended, nor could it be expected, to
take the chances of a large expenditure before a survey could be completed ami ii report received as Lo the
co^t of the mad.
II. would be a nios.1* unliu-iness like
proceeding, and as il, has turned out,
ihe government lias been niore than
justified in suspending work past.the
ilea.1 of tlie canyon. Hail I proceeded
any further this winter the appropii-
alion would not, have been sullicient,
in tench even thai, point, undei the
(l.incu'.iies that, presented themselves."
head t'hn quoUtiuu from Tennyson's
beautiful stanzas, " She wi ought jier
people lii-iting good.".     '<
Tho town wore a holiday aspect,
many of the business houses and thi-
Oddfellows hall being draped in black
and purple iii token of mourning.
in  on
yes, paper i
���iiu1.'  nulls, pi
and -aiii-ltd's   in iievi'lstoi'e, am! a pay
roll  that, will  support, yes, live limes
U.!velstok*j now
which is now owned and worked by
Lhe Prince Mining and Development
Company, of Revel-toko. This is a
propei Ly that is showing up well as
development is curried on. The coin-
pai y has a force of men pushing development.     They   have   already
otii;:;i goodpkopertims.
nut to resume. Still east of the
Adairgioup aie seveiiil good looking
[imperii-"-. Next conies lhe Norland,
Kitchener, and the Dig Jjeud Chief, nil
having g'nnl surface .'���liiiwing'*, with
hut a -iiu,ill ,-iiii unit, of work done.
To the ea-r, of thi- lies
'Rossland Carnival.
Til" 0. P. R. have mimed a rale of
-ingi" fm e t,o Rossland and lelnrn for
parties desirou-; of ntleiidiiig i he
winter c'lrniv.-il. Tickets will he. t,o|d
from this point'ou'Fel'iriiiiry l'jtli to
1.1th inclusive, and will li" good for
ivturn up le Febiuary ISlli.
At 1.30 o'clock, lho hour set for Lhe
assemblage, hundreds  crowded   about
No. '2 fire hall, whence the   procession
was to, start.    The   pageant   was  the
most imposing yet seen in the city and
was nuuslialled in perfect order   under
Mr.   \V.��J.   Lee.- The   Hand,   undei;
Bandmaster    Sawyer,    'headed      lhe
solemn procession.    Then  followed   in
order the Mayor and Aldermen, Board
of Trade/Knights- of  Pythias,  Loyal
Orai ge Lodge, Foresters,   Oddfellows,
Masons, representatives'of* the  Salvation Army,'1 the  various  organizations
being   strongly    represented.      Xext
came the school children, arranged   by
Piir.cipid   Sullivan,   and   the  general
public brought up lhe rear  while  the
sidewalks we're lined  with  onlookers.'
Sadly, in solemn slate,   with   the city
fire hell tolling its mournful  tale,   aud
to the, strains of the. Dead  March, tlie
proiession marched   to  the  city  hall,
when those taking part  filed  in  from
the rear forward, excellent order being
observed, and lhe school children taking iheir places first  in   the  galleries,
the Mayor  and  Aldermen and'City
Clerk acting as ushers. ��
On the platform were Lhe speakers,
members of City Council, Board of
Trade und Salvation Army,
His Wuiship the 'Mayor presided,
nnd read Lho resolution of condolence
and loyalty which the city council had
forwarded to the .lieutenant-governor
for transmission lo the seoritary of
state. He said this meeting was an
evidence of the love and honor in
which tlieir late sovereign had been
held by (he people of Revelstoke.
Rev. S. J. Thompson was tin; l)r<\
speaker, his subject being "The Queen
as a Woman." He reminded the
audience that the tokens around them
were emblems of the real sorrow of
their heart's that, Queen Victoria, who
had, during her long leign become so
much a purl of their livci,  had  parsed
speairer, choo:-i;ig lhe. subject, '"Tim
Queen ns" a Win !*('|;." Ite viewed her
life's work, tlie help she rendcied lo
charitable institutions, and for the
iimelioratioii'Vif the condition of the
people, her piirticip-niou 'in. ,'*tal��
functions, her endeavors lo- promote
the spirit" of chivalry -among her,
soldiers, the Victoria Cross, one of-her
institution^, .being among the mosfc'
coveted of nii!it!iry;!.distiiictions. llt'i'
life was marked hy ^race, industry, ,
and refinement.. , ��� 0
Rev. C. .V., IVociiiiier spo.o  on   the
subject "The Queen'i-as  an   Iiiliueiice
for   gond.",    'He   congratulated    the
pievious speakers on the excellent way
iu   which   lhey  had   acquitted   them--
selves, and the audience on the manner
in which lliey had -hovn ' their  nobl*
loyalty   towuras   Her   h-.te    Majesty
Queen Vicloii.i..   There could not be,a,
greater sovereign   than   she. , At   the ���
beginning of  her   reign   she- invoked,'
through the Archbishop of Canterbury,
the hi'lp'of, C.-irl   to  rule  her'.people.
She was always on the  M'de,  of right,
and her inilueuce wus ever en the side
of justice.  " .
His Worship thanked  the  audi'Mica
for iheir attendance, and the, children
for tlieir excellent- behavior, the ladies
who assisted in draping   the,   building,   '
the clergy, the i.-*T;iers ot   the societia>-,, '
the principal of the public schools, and
ai! 'who  hud   assisted   to   make'  the
deaionstiiition s-uch a success.    ' -        ' <
The hand then played
" God Save the King,"
'and   the   procession     reformed     and
marched back to'lhe fire hall, where, it
was   disbanded.    Ou   ttie   return   the*
hand  played   the   "Red   White   and    '
lhe ceinmistrulioii was a 'grand
success. Over 1000 people as-embie'd
iii the streets, and theie must have
been 000 present iii the ���hall, iho
gather-in*.' being the largest- yet seen in
\\"e are requested by a gentleman iu
Revelstoke in   publish   the \follovving
touching  ii lies   taken   from   a    const
[in per:-��� , ���
Tin a deep bc-il's iiioiii-nin-*' soiuifl!
.   Ami ti sis'lilon pain iu tho nation's- !:c\rt:
"Wi-ileliei-suns o'er tlie earth toils uU��rmc*t
ITevi tin- p-i.:-- of a Vila! ivoiuul '.
Tis a (tfic;i bill's iiio;r.-|-,i;i-,- sottla'.;
Anil Cr.- o'ci- ll;c deep r.-.i-l .'.'.;��� o'er IV.c p'-vin.
- O'er ,ihe eltie-- and c.'.r.i;u .-.n.l i.ti-�� o( lue
main. - ���
U i;ii\l!..'s tiio vviito wc;-;,', r-iiinii : '
"J"'.-- n (!.-e;. bull's mnuriiini; *otiin'!
Anil Ihe listening air Vnows .i llirob o.' vniu
.au. ram .t co uc** agftin
c'.,::-..< '
away  into   the   silence ��� into   that
.'iftna^crs   Have   ta    Bll-iy    Pro-[ bourne whence  no   traveller  ever  re
gramme Ahead of Them.
hockey m,itch - between
i I .J   .-u '
which lia-  coii-iderahle  work done nn
peiided it  large amount of money  in !
duvcliipm-'iit having  driven cfour  Inn- ! h< ;l,1;t   J   I"-'"('VI'  ij  blowing   up well,
' Toiiiglii tin
Riew.'l.siuke and S.-uidoii will take pliice.
' Pi i a* to the match tonight the
four I h oveiii, fur the two-mile skating
championship of R-'velstoke will como
off, and the dual event is lixod for
Monday night.
Tomorrow nigh.l there   will   be   an
For iveli knell
Krt the \a,.< s-ino -.cl.v C l,��s fo
'7'i-, :i il'.-op beii'-inoiii-ni:i~souii(i:        '      .  ���
Anil tlie iii.ri!i..,ji.-.t.-to-ouili.iir.J the wen
P) iliecvi'..
.  A nit t.iv p.>.-i n the ;i;-0Jei:t a:ij the zre'Ueil
, tolh'j.liM-t.
In ;..cciiiaiiKi:! !;vivi f,i-tt bound !
'Tis a ('-ep bell's r.-.r.r.rr,;;;? -g-.:;ii'.!
ilnt eve*- *�� It tells t,i .i (,-rojU Queen xtv.it.
Ami a lifo u-.;!l ,;."iu nn,l,-. pooil race run.
Il lA.A of a .sj'jI n jw crowned !
ii.-!s,  and  1   am   informed   that   they ! y"'- ���'���cOali'.nr. and a-fore..' of men have    other carinvni
run in or along llu-ie dikes.
There are
nt le'asl six, veins running through the
Adair property. Three of these have
:.ii'��-ady been proven to ciii-ry gohl and
copper'.'��ud- also -.good Values in silver.
There ure two very large veins running through this property, one twelve
"and the other twenty feefin,width.
The latter biis not'..yet been tested by
the cdnipaiiy, but work done on'those.
reins ii short, tlisLanci'���east (if1 here, has
have been attended   with   satisfactory ! '-''''''-'
i-i-siiits. "  I'-'K:'""-
Stiil lying lo the we-l of this a short ��� ^'i'Jl'
di.-tiince ii I he famous ;
J\EYSTO.\l-: ;dOL':\I*AL\" |
well known for tlie  wonderful  sinf.u-e j ��lm
showing-:  ot calena   and   other   ore--   , P1'0'
Tbe ICt-y.-toiie' group, owned bv  A. W.' | "-'
n   t'oiiiiiieiice    oper.-iliiiiis
on a   l.-iigij  scale on tIii.-group,
liiiiking an ex.imiii.iliiiti of this
imp I bi'iicw il has
,        /,-V.s    <   ns     ,,r-m..,,;,
i\      tl   1> I'j-l   I.      i    I.    I    ������ J��*.l
1   with   {.ropier   di'velo|iiiiei-.l,  these
���flies vvi'l becoine large [irodiicets
..old, silver, lead  and copper.     I be-
ieve the day v. Ill  soon come when the
()u   Satuiday   and
creek,,.and. those o' !)er,eaiiip.-.-,|iiciiliiMi-
i.'d :  as  it   hoists   t lie -precious mcln] to
Me[iitosh, of Hevelstdke. wlifiis known
here as the  original   localer  of   this ] hnin "f   ""n���Z    .maeliinery ,wi|l   he
caiiip.   is aYv.'ry [irouusiiig   property   lieard'thrmighylhe.- valley of Lu^rme
indeed. . This group  has I'na.-ideiable'j
work done.nn it,'and   has u .vVmiderfnl j
showing   of   (vre..1   'J'he   owners   have i
��� - ,     ��� ���    ���     i
inade a trial ,-liipiiK'nt of o;-e which  I j
un'er.'itnn,l has been'very satisfactory, j
y These dilVereut camp.-- and properties, j
are .-ill,ou ilpi .-nine vein and onlv a'few j
iiiiles np.iit.   On the Adair /group tin '
the surf iii
its liidijen vaults ii
(he heart of tlie'iiiounlaiiis**"
Tim Era reports that whileskaling
m-uyyu that'��� thcji- arg fully ilt-lifr in ! wuik is, bciuy ..vlnrlly- doiie. on .iiu I on'. Monday la the Golden rink, ivjtlj | m*d o-n -j'uibijjuijiie for tj*e \voVu^e<i.
.Monday Capt.
r>e,ii'li, the Wilier king, will givn an
cn hil n't inn of his wundei ful aiiiiatic
On Wediiesijuy night there wiil be
lhe fir--t, of a series of tlnee coiupe-
tiu'oii- between nmateur tennis representing respectively the married and
single M'ctioiis of the coiriiiuiaity, H
J. JJoin-rie captaining the iiiniricd, and
A. .1. .Me'Doiud 1 the, single side, Only
those v, ho have never handled a
liockey stick vvill be, eligiblu toplay in'
these matches, fur which a trophy will
be [iresentecl to the wihnerof- two out
of three compeiilions. A. lady suggests that the managers of the .rink
arrange to have, bu hand during these
matches th-- full.medical staff of the
city with tiio'latest surgical appliances
Sura* Off Vour Taps.
The lievi'lstoke   Water    Li ���.���lit  and
turns. The feeling of mourning was '
not evidenced metely nt, the heart ot j
the empire, but extended to (bent most bounds of her pos.'jfis'-ions. The I
rev.   ' gelitleiniui   pointed    out     that ���
Victoria was woman befoie queen, and ' Pa-w-rCo,  Limited,   ie--pectft-,l|y   i..'.g
lie reviewed her   life   in   her   ielation  j to call liie attention of lhe rale p.ireis
ship-* rjf d.nightpr.   wife-,-Mid   mother. ��� lo   the  i!nu:,e  furbiiidiii';  tiie 'wilful
He refiii'icd to lhe ��yinnathy   she   had j wa^te of y.iter.
���iliown lo Caiiadii,   when   her   prriu'er, )      if the taps am h ft upon  and   walrr
Sir John Tho'iipson, died  at   Windsor j ullowed to tun av��...y during lhe iu'l'Ii!.
Castle,   nnd   tin;   loving   arms   of  the ! it slmrleiis  tlsr   BU|;ply   of   waier   and
Queeii wen. uluscd in sympiithy nround I rendeis r,he  ii'\   i>,ure' in   cUiij^r  in
his daughter who sat by his death-bed. | cue of the.
That act of   lhe Queen   had   endeared I  *���-���	
her lo the people of Canada.
Principal Sullivan spoke on "The
Queen's influence on educational life."
He said Unit lie. represented on that
occasion lho youngest, nio-l sympathetic, and most, loyal of their institution^ the pupils of the public schools.
He referred to the intellectual,abilities
of the. Queen,'.to-the great growth of
the, public 'school.. system during her
reign, no other reign having shown
such strides along educational lines.
He reviewed tho.great names of ihe
literature of the period, and concluded
an ���'.eiTe.ctivo address hy saying that,
though tliu Queen was dead, she would
live in tl)e hearU not yonl-y of  the
Smi'i D-=bls Ccsrt
At court ye-teiday, 1>pfore Mr. Sib
bald, S. ,M., the men employed tu- "W.-
Flem'.ncr in cutting ice. sued him on ��.
dispute in wai.'.'-s. The case h��ani
.mis lhat of J. JL Dickson, and lho
decision in that settled .seven other
cases.. It, appears thcio was- no 'ar-y
rnngement as to wages, and tin; men
claimed 25 cents'- au hour", while' dc;-
feiifl.uiit had : offered ���. 20 ,c?nts. His'
vvorship held that the ruling wages
in Revelstoke had not been less than
25 cents, and in the absence of a
special agreement lie must decide in
favor of the m$n, ,
Hfl-i'1' THE KOGTEjSTAY ]\MlL  yY; PUBLISHED ''-EVERY THURSDAY.   '-  ���������A. y?Y.Y  '  yyy ty.< ;'*..���������AT���������/ .���������.. p    '?'���������' . y'''?  :'���������'.-'  ..y.y'.    REVELSTOKE. B.C.,     '.  Subscription   Prico,'_ S2.0G   Per yAnnura  AdVKRTISLVG JIATES���������."qiidlctt"- on   application.,-.,;... ���������;., yyyy'<" ;������������������.���������    :y.-  J03 PRINTING of every JkinVl nt most reason  ,    able rates and 'shortest notice. ���������'.' ��������� ,.���������..  ACCOUNTS fnr job printing or ��������� anvcrasi'iiq;-  ��������������������������� payable on the first of every month ;' sub,-,  ,.-. scriptioiis payable strictly in ad viliiee.  CORRESPOXDKXCE 'in vitcd on 'Sill- matters  - ���������;  of local or public interest;.   All cominunica-  , 'ytioiis. to. the ���������'Editor, m list bo  accompanied  ;'.���������������������������; hy the name of the '.ri-iter.not necessarily'  Tor.  piihlieal.ioii.'iiiit,  n.e. ?u   evidence  o"f  i:'A,?'l{'Aiin- ��������� t-frrespfjiHlenoo inn'st rcn'clrtlie  -,-. ' .oiliee liy 1 iiosday evening in order to find a  y,'-* jilnep .in the lirst.kriiio-M' the Mail after  .yy. receipt.    -7; - -.--. 'yy   (j.y    y ;.y  ������������������y-;.Y:-yAild'i'eHSV; Y  - Yy'y'-Ai;. ;'.-'-������������������      ,:;.-Y  Ay ';'.'.;??;'; ';-:T������^--;^OOTEXAY,,MA'JL,A:4.'yl  y '?���������?        .'yA-'i'yy -Revelstoke, B.C.  adininistration of liis department? yln  fact it, is uiiivq'siilljY.-adiiiit'tediiniOiig  'iill wlipv are y in: touch with ; public  afwirs, and are ; notAmerc '''narrow':;  minded, and bigoted Ypai-tisaiis? '{j,-.lt  theadininislrationof ypieYdepartinenti  of lands and  beeniu such able haurJ������.-  works-has never 'before  THE MEMBER TORY,;;??'.'?? ??'?  ;?''''?;""'-?' ;v-,'''yRE'VEl4ST0LE.'-  :-$ 3.  fw  M%ai^yA;'I-;|p<^  .'ff3^ d     a---/c*^: a 'ir .  O* mdk  Td get clean txEEEM tea use tlie���������maclime-made  i-n  to  ri  at  wy:cross;:m.d.y  :'?/.',?A  '���������- ,Y,.Ay.Yy���������-:,���������.-.;���������--  diljcc: Tjiylor Blbt-k'.YM'ackciizio Avciiue.  SCHGIi'OX TO T1IK C.P.;u;j CITY UKAtTJi:  ". ' 'A'.OFJ'ICKK.iYY-'y .   y,y"  fi  ���������ARVEY & McCAItTEIl  y, Y,   IIAniUSTEI'S, SOLICITOUS,ETCy.  :.'6'i.;Ficns'-:!;-,3I6LSo.\s'':-i!A'xif' Block*,   Rkvi-i.-  yy.y.y 7y;y-A,:.y<y STOKiyJi. C.-'   ���������'���������'���������-.'���������'���������'.;���������  Yy Money to 'Jpiin. ": 'Ay '    :;* y.y.,.   ;.-:���������,   ''���������'���������:���������_  A Ofilcos: lievelstoke, B.C.;,Korl.Steele'; B. C.y:  Gec-.S.McCAin-Kity    ;Y \I.A.HAi'vi-v,;AyA  y-' Revelstoke, B.Cyyy . Fort Steele, 117 C.  a:  M. SCOTT,RA?::LD;BY  X- '���������'��������� B.u-nis'ra^ySiii^  vyy; yl'uniiie, Etc. Y-. ;y--y.Ay;  yyycyv      -y ���������.-.', ;y;    -y ,y y-'-;,.,,-..y   i;   y���������:y.-  yUcKerizie: Ayi\,'%   Jvi'velsfokeAR, C/  s  yvllz-HOLDJCITi  y,..   : ;, AXALYTICAL CHKJIIST/AXn 'Ay'y,  r-;A?-^'?:?;,??x^  y Royal School of Mines, London, y ->..;A7--Yy'  ..���������Sov'en.yeiu-s at j\I.oi'f:i \Vorks,YSw.aiisen ; - YY  ���������'��������� -Jsc^nteeis:;yoiirs^Cliiuf: iCiieihistyto Wis-an  . Conl .and lron.Cd;,"\EiiK. ' ������������������" '���������*'.-'���������"���������' " -Y������������������-'-  Y^s J^t;e CheiiiisUndAsi-ayerylLill^niies. Ltd;Y  (';Every,dosci;i|ii,ion of jisSi^.mid .unalytical  iiwork undei-tiilien.    - '- .; -.-��������� ,.. ���������."-..,..,  ;y :|71.D WARD A:' II AG GEN, : A:J-y) 7      '  -jjji'-'-, ,'"���������';';yy-,-'ir.':..'.'.', Y >';,'-'.'. 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Taylor,.jM.P.P.y ;vyasyiitsentyiu thW  'occasioiv''-;,ofythe .rec'eiit^visit of the  Gotii'inissioi|ci^6f''fXJixxids andAVoikktii:  ������������������Reyeistoke.:"'; .The principle'of :'tlio-'coii'-.  ^H-'"\J!''J;?;''- t'*'l'''; <>f'' y^^i'iinitjiYt- Hy:  ,ih!ijority',and;iJr; ^lylqr.hayhig^lieen  returned by the minority of"the'electors'  of ���������.the.<di>iti'ietv.s!i(uild 'yliaveYljie.sup-;  portiYofy liis.':.fri.eiids-Ya!ir| Yopppneiits  alike -in A representing toy the gov ern-  .merit,the;;re(|uii:eiiie,iits-of: his cbiisiitu-  ,en'cy.: ' As;the ;iueinber:if(j,r theilisti-ict  .'^,r;.,-:r-^?i3:.----:?i/.-'^'."t-',.*5;1������|f|ii'-th.r<:titjh \\v!ipin,  ;ai!yrep;rese;iit:;iti(jirs;'to the goveriiiiieiit';  should be, conveyed, ahd  whenydo-putii:  tiohsY.are"to - wait;;','On;';'���������'iiiinis'te'rs'"; lie  should; '���������' ifY possible;'-he.;"''ppseii't,'^''^!^^:  Il'ieihg-:^  'ytlie cabiiietYiiiit'uriillyYjbok: Jo'liiin; to  :'advise;;thi'!!i as 'iQ^h'eyVexi'uireiileriis of  liiscohstituents.,; Poi*: iiistauce; ijii'.the:  : visit, or"; the .Chief. Coinhiissiopeiiy ibAvas  st'!ii'ec*I:.r-.Ii'!ity/L-;': JA'i.^einiVi'iLioiiy-Ji'julY'lso'oii'  sig������e^::-;iny;Re,yels;tp^ to;  the vgoyeriiinentyurgiiig^  taken to;open' up; theYBi^iiCeiKl^y-Thc  Chief Coni'missioi'iei-ystated lie liiich'iiirit  see i i i t it n cl' i t: i^; '-'iiptprt u ri nl$:XIi:it Si L  Tuy 10r'^��������� .'vya'sy-not ,pi'i-.seiit���������'���������'���������; to;.Yc.?;'.-,];t\iy  whatdieciinieyifityy'Tlicii, iigiiin^ythei-f)  : ,";^AVygrdnty^fyY$ 1,500. yfoiv'tJi^es'ta.'^  -'���������ii:sl|in,erjc;uF;'.H.:f������j"'i;j:^  ..riveiY:at-SiiVitliyc;reek,;iiyth  alistribt;. ::.TIie.theti'Colii:Goiniiiissioiief;!  ���������Mi'YY Cou'rsitu;,';  liiid; - instriicliiiiisy: to  carry:out"Y'tliiit;y work,;but'^hit'ej' (jn re^  ceiyed;insl.ructioiis;fi'(Hu;;the PiTiviiicial:  oingineeiyMi*.-'vlai!ili!e,  toydo;: iiiitliiiig:  ;"iViieireYiri ;'rt 1 ilviiiatl.3r'since* i\ 1 v) ;Tii yIor)  as - ni t? i n -1 icj r."f o r';;"i; Iio.. cl is t if ic t i'-;-;-, Ii VirJ .';'������������������'��������� fiske'ej '������������������'  that it Jteyvitlidrawiiy lv6w-:we;:,ti'ndr''i*-,'  sUlrid thisywiir!-; yis-- tir^-eii'tly Yi-ecjinrci:!:  VA.g',Vc-. /"-cess yiyrossYt.lpy.GuliiuiliiaAat:'  'ci'  te*a;������'pfv:,paylon\-aiid^  antSj^nO'Sti'Gls, ';i&Q0^  yy:;. y Th6,; same;is;;tru9'''o������'B  VM  f  u"  t'-I.  %-J>  IARGEyAXT)   WELL   LIGHTED  "SAMPLE   ROOMS-Ylfenlcd by  ,; ; 'SS'-hiit.'air.-mid clce.iric tvells .-rnd,  lijtht in'every rocni. 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'.-JJourly street;  , cur betvvecn.l.otel,and station. ...,, -  )Xi/Mm  U  ll'yl.  till  .1  t lie ;re;<jtii;reu)en;ts   of fLlio Yprovince,; at  present   fime.^. ;Hon. yMi-.-iWelis  iiis'takeni-tlie-stand/tliatYif; capiul. is;  ���������to'he hi'teresle'd-'iiii' .-this  province;.;-tlie.  people, ariihthe gdvcfriiihent'/iiiust'first;  do soinetliirigyto open upY,the -country"  SO'',tliiit,-   its; .resources'   niay;; becoiiie  ity;iilabley,:'\Vith that end; in-yview-nir  elaborate.;pl;in ofpublic works,':- is 'proposed     yThe ;:goyoriiiii('iit   intend'Y.to;  obtiiiii; i-eliableaiifoi'iiiiitibh i{s:.;tpytli'e  re:si)urces;;of'.i!ie;'(lifl(M!'ent;-secti^  thiii priiyiiice/YiihrrYvvliere Ylliese:|will  wa.ri'iuit/::'theA,e;'xpon'dit,ui-e:;'o  tlirniyupYit"isY,'pr(ipos('d,::tbYraise; yihe..^  ii'ecessii'ry 'money; to put -in/substanliiil  ri iads  'and,,; LrailsyYoiy1; .toy "subsidise  si eiiuieiSj-scillnit; these y'resptircesAihiivf  liecoiiie -ivjiiilnijle   iinrl   forin: r-etiiuiiei-  ativeyh'eldsy for Ythe finypsthieut;; of  Ciipit'al .���������' VC nc]'; 11: o; e j i������'p Iy y i������i������; 'i''t- i.ir: J :L l>o iv:?: :f:;,  :,;.,.; -yA)') X'-dXd-:: y-ICodtentty./Lodffe  - ���������%��������� vf->,'':->/^* :;No;i5'A:F. & a.m:  '..-' ���������'���������',d.."-\'~i,l   /,.).-���������������������������,'  y'yijf    -if-''-'   ';,-,'.-' ���������������������������-,  ������������������  .'*' -    -- ��������� ,  ,....--.- Y..J. >/, < -'; *VV*> ry,���������...".. .. , .:��������� ...  ^.-yy^'d-  :dW~Ti:(DiinB3^T^E  ) '���������;' -y* -, * 7 Tiierei'iiliiriiii'cliiigs  :~/d^<- didAAtXlF'-,-' :��������� -''' "iieid iii :t hvi: aihs-  w���������r-'^di-yX ddi' ������������������'������������������ .f"ii<- Te:ii|ile.. liouriie'  '"������������������""**"'"'"'''��������� ''-1-*-     A Iinil, Yon v the    third  '"-'"-   '   *-' ���������"       'i  in.,  en  nliall/ivjleoiiifiil.  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"I w,ir, ... n .sfa1idsiiir..in 'accotini.. of I lie  ly ei.iJorsKl the stand he , took tl.at. ju-���������-COr.ui'-iy'��������� of ,th<- nuiilic-' n/lmini?:  thoy returndd him by the mosr efiec- j. LWriiou.." Thoy 'have 11 a - J a YthankleKS  tfve Ymajoriiy uitnessei!, . in, the.elep , t.lsk| ���������������������������',]" .slion'ki.l-h;i.'vr. *a  Wis, both his opponents; losing tlieir j ���������(.���������',������������������ '.���������t'j,'ft.' pc'cnL'- vvhn.t. I'hey  deposit? , ." M rY. A\*ells; 'is ' no nnrrow--| T1|-.y - hn..<y Cnileavorer? ,0  ininded . bigot, who ���������' cai.^ee nothing ^h^incsH i.ict.ri(.ds?iiiii. ��������� tk  good Oey'oiui his own' party. J le re;  cognises; that .there are just as strong  men   o,n   the .conservative ������������������siiJe  as on  ���������' ;���������/.;.- ii I.;--!,':y'ed '('ii'iiyrylTi'  .-'Ti-if'nffis-:".'/������������������.Vjiig^.i.e Cal'd'-r.'  ,��������� .y '-A. ...;;,," ;yviyii/y- i;{Y  ; ,A'iy ' f'.-:?!   Ted'"'(*i'!i-t in 'arid-   Violet j  J?iKi'tyi,n.:y2  Ei.-hrge- .'r-orginV.;' AA'ruAA.  i-|:iiiii:i-('ii|;''-   '������������������.' Y ���������;"���������    '���������     .',-':.'��������� ������������������'������������������ ������������������      '-  '-.-  ��������� '  sr^r&ilS^O  ���������x^if  Vi-i.   -'���������  *<-a-UPwC*-"*       ' -,:���������'    ��������� .11*1  |y:':a;IO?yib?:  )OGEAM)y STEAMSHIPS ���������;  Yy-  v- '?.-?.y Royal Kail LinicB. Y-  ,, Clicapost Koute to tltoplU' Country; ?  ;  ARriAXRINK-Froin RorthiiKl  llalifii.v.;  Xiiiniiliiin ".-  Cpi-iutliliin"  Yliiiiiiary 2h,l, ���������  ���������:��������� "A -.-'.-,. oiliy  .'Inn. Otll;  '*.; - ! W'>"*0!f LINR-h-oin. Poi'tl-uu!.'" ?���������::'���������!  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If.,,  f leiii).,'!!,; 2 Jv.i i iih/eii .....lidt'.yy.::;  ;"���������      Pui,'KAw:,Ahir^:.   ���������  lao'iriinistratio'n,'and'a're ���������,���������(!>-��������� lea.-it - ni.-.i!c- |     .S.-coii'd   Priitieiv  ing an 'honest efT'iit to n')< et- tJi  (������������������iill'Vu'-'d  A .M,iff-  !:���������'[)'ii j-;  ;   .'y'.'.'/ill*'  ���������$-ouq& m .BiwBcrw'ezs.  ,. Thi: pryy-i-i-yir rif-:i.hie-K.,)!-iTj-::;.'ly '.\].\ii, re-  ..'|ili;.-!-yi-iiiiii.si-,i.-i'.'].,j , in nib i^e'hiiii nl imv ii-ro^pi-  'l.irkv iJi-l.l,-i;'il>.-il'-vi..:'-j'iif ,!.lii.'ir]i.-i|ii'iy.-   ', ���������      ' ������������������  For Sale.  Ciak4-- j;-:J  '-Kv,  ciiities..which thev 'have   to 'incv  -. ,the liberal side  the foremost; business men in tiie pro-  ��������������������������� ,yince mid so. well did the, premier  recognize; thi-j, that in inviting "Mr.  "Wells to join 'his cabinet, that gentleman, was offered his choice of portfolio.  Nor has Mr, AV.ells- belied;'the coiifi-  deuce placed' iii. him. Wo hear all  over; the province the highest, ci:-  coniums  us  to  the  reforms which'lie  "has effected und as: to the buiiheas,  '-"���������,. ���������i'--!'''1 ;'VV; ,i.';:y'ii--i!f ial-inyl,- hi' it i,'ei'ie,ra  '.vi-i: ;yi ri'ii --,!'.-':.<, i,\''i-\' priitiii^iMK- iiiinl'tiif ceu-  "';- -.! J.Yi',1,' .-,.;'-,-..; ;.*, i-;'iii.-(;������i.-|",'i'l!i <0li lie 'lililile  dil? [, Doyle , 2 H:���������idy^Ai-id: ':?,J"���������iii,f IC-r- [ ^t)^ "'  ' '  "''i''1-?1?;        '���������.:'���������'"���������??. .���������'?''''      "'!-' .'      '���������'"' '   i'YOO"!,.-*., v':ilAll/,"'''  ,    Y  a '.- /.Jivni.'ox  y;f'i:;ste^i;is sleepei's'oil (lil'ti'iiiiix,   -���������  :.. ;';TGiirl3t;d,ars ' ??:  O'i Iveyc'Iiitokii l).ii!y i*i)i'St. 1,'iuilj'. ,  I'Vidiiys iv,i'.;,;';)i,ii-('iii nii'i Uosfon;  ?  '.Siiiiihiys'iiiiil lU'ciuMdnysfo'i'Toi-oiito.,  ^Trains; ??  ���������,-,������������������?'for'', ������������������'" .  -Kootenay;  :' .' ��������� Points ���������)){'  sm'vu I!iiVi'islrjlceiiLK:!0.-'-  YJRCAVIOR.LIXK-I  'hi'iko niViiiipln'iii YA  ..MiKi- Mitjfiiiii.io' . - ��������� :  (.lilt'! .Superior -..:..- ..  hnkv Ontario'-..-  ���������'7.,..'..:: . Ree. ������i*.tli  y .������������������������������������' * .-.-':���������,. ,":;������"  ,. ���������*   ,'���������������������������, Jsiiiy.' Sth  A- ''���������'. 7 r'.y ���������"'":���������: --'yl'Mi,  i'fliu ������t;,.I(i!ni .-?iiiiiif!tx.y  Rec.'iBili.   Y'; Dec.,MU,  . '������������������".!'���������, 'if -,'���������'mi.  iii.l.  ,";.^Mi   a    'ViiiM,  am:  lie is himself oneof ! fc;r l]|;l:e ,;n.-is������.'ri tllfiy iJesei-te the public j.  ithy   and:''su'p'pdrt  Yv'vh'il.: '.tiicirY '��������� dhi^ I V;-hI ;IIow;ini A:<->;,i!, ��������� '���������> ]')7lvA-  ...... L , - ,     . Ciili KeiHiVily ; I! lyrirvl'J.nii'.i  policy.is direct cii to .set i.i,p iip. iifJniin  iHlni.l ion likely! lo ipeet ��������� .ihe', require  merits of the 'counlry.'   ������������������'-,'  A   V\dd'.MVd'AW'V] .pfiLIC-Vf. '  TijCprilicy of "the ehief ciipiii.issioner'  of hi lids 'and 'works ?������������������ a' jii'o;;i'(^s.sive  policy 'Htcli a-i ia dhiincal)' yniiti-'J   tci  "������������������Clii->- iff.    1  I't'nihls .Oanii-f-:''; A Edgiiyi  J Ji-i ir;i ��������� ;".', Merle (Yi|/|. 'j-. .'''.-'���������   I  ()l,-iss;   l.i. - I   I fairy V\nyt\: d James i  'yi.wreiiiv:''IJ'Noriiia'fi ,\Icf?:iii.���������-, .   ?  ������������������Cl'iiss I.---I   Alaiul   .Si'iiiiin.i.ii--:;  'A Ujili'.n i  Coi'siiii,: ;;:)lei-,l, Keriiiiu-iiiiii. ���������   '        A  ��������� ;.,     ..',-���������''   .i;<!,vi;!.<if.;!f.e, 1,1,0,  MsiinA-Line1  .ern;ii^li,-i ii. ���������  A. ,Sr').r,l*?\,-,-; I'l-i'iicip.-il   ,  Alc-iB A.. K;,ht;-��������� 1st, A.-.-i--l.oii(y  M.'SH (I. R. MlM.AKf), ^l|(|     "���������'���������  M.rs:'' A. I-hxtAR, iinl        . - ������������������  ���������Wi'saS. V, K'.w;:-;3y>-,.'4i(li  "  'J'!,'- .1'..iliuTibli.! ftii'l (-;ii;;l',,-|!iy 1,'n'l.iv'IV ni:(l  i i.,ivi-;.iii.v'i,';';.'-::,;i.iiv' vv:!! n;.;;iy /,, l'm-.l';;irliri.  ; lnl;l,l. nl' C.ill'e! i ;.'. I,!, liyJ, si>,. i,;��������� |'(.)|-.|i|', ,Ai;t:  | (���������-.���������I'lii'liii^ Hi;' p'llid u-i.l.lii'i '.viit-.h if ':11-1.-.' i-oii-  i Mniel; i-l'i nl.H-.iy.',-: ,-iij.i Wei-,';'-. ." !.-i'i r.ul Iin'r.'/inic'  till) I'n,'ii|F.-iliy lo i',V,-;i ;i|i..|; i.Jii'l-.lli- .,.'. ;i|i| i.Hi-l  I'l.ll'!,' il;;l;.:������:|-;   for   liii;   I',, i'i jli;."i   III'. Ii-iij;li(; 'III,'(I  |-i.-i..::.'-i):.ri-i'n mi iiii-y i-eiu.i-ediiiieetMl *.vil(i illiV.nf  I- ir.'y.-iiil'.i-iij-s. i'ii'1  iiiiYi!>ii|i,i.ii;:' .\|i,iiire:il ..>->' Its i  ���������h'.'i.',il i.ril.-if.vU-.li l"i---,-",-'.fn r,!::-Ulri.iPi'r.s tniin-j  linn.- I.o. rime io i.:iii!:i;ye!i  bv .''v-luw, a;i(i ^n-.i  OI,lil'l';e|:'jii;w;i;i,    - ' . 1  fell     '     v, i,i,'i'O'Vi'KJA/Y, "j-JS'.'f.hi;*)',    I  I'.llM,  Klifl ilir.  WA'dlvy  .'.-or.rait���������-, tic'.-t!.  I.) A 1  l.-VTl IAIN'S'  AVosl,'  .    J  evi'lhti'iki!'  . ari'.'ir.H)  1  ijvi-!s.lo|ie .'-.':  Y Iv. 17.;������J  T.,,WYPaADS^A\7. Agent, KovclBtolce.  ;.-',     ;,.:,..  ALASKA .KOUTE; 'A,  ..'Stuaiiiers for '.y'riuiKei, .funcaii aiid Skiifwav"  V ,.-'���������. y leave ������������������ Victoria " ,;..,-;  ���������   Svci-y VAirtnesday at 8 p. m.  anil Vancouver .  .Cvcry TliursiJay at,2 p..:m.   -  Steainei's for Xorthei-iPRi'iUsh. Golumbia ports  leiivu Vicl.i.riaanfl Viuieouvervved ly  I.nti'.s, eli'.,;oiiii.j|ilictitioii to    ,   '.-  y        .",..  -7y :...;y ���������  ;   C. s. bAxtkr?   .' .' .. *.'  ; yGcncral Passenger Agent,'  --���������'    ,-:     '    ': /'���������',  ���������        '  yietorin,. R. OY  ��������� -���������;.-5.^-.-l  - -Woi  ';Mr?\'t  n,  "::!,,  m  %'4  ���������.'SM  '.n;l inll ir.for.iii.'itioi: apply  T,\V. ORADShlAVV,    .,    E. J.' CCYLE,  ���������'     AEe.n'i,  '?'-��������� ,?A. Q. PdA.,7)  Revola'tDks.y . yVancouver.'..,  .,   S. S?" Lardeau,"  -, ,, -, i:- -..���������.  I ^^���������''?l!?l;W'^ drrovhuM and Tlioiiir^ii'i,'  4Vn-o'vht.?:j'y!'",'-ls \Ml\^grina Coniiipllx foi-  ('i':,)h:!.aiMi',,!;,jbo&cp'1,,oc,il1^  'mi:Juki) iiomxsox lum'beiico. l'td^ '  '(i.i*1. Roruxsujr,  ���������'������������������'?,.  . Jlanagli!-; Director,''.' THE KOOTENAY MAIL  vy  BA  IClietiener "Mafie Iler Tremble,  During the Anglo-Beer Avar tf smart,  good looking married woman of about  30 years of, age acted'as a Boer spy.  She was married to a. Itussicu civil engineer resident at Johannesburg, aud  at, the outbreak of war the -'slim"  'J'i-misv.iiilcrs suit her over the border  labeled "dangerous.'' She established  hprself at Cape Town and soon niau-  atjed to extract iuformation from impressionable English ofiiccrs. X correspondent who met this clever woman  in Cape Town Raid:  "V.'hen Lore" Kitchener o* Kliartum  erriyed in Africa, --he went to meet  him, for r.ho l:iie*.v thci '.������ she could get  inside his sre-rots she could lcaru all  ihinj-s. f.he made it her business to  come c;;si:::ll,v in contact with the  Kgyptian sphinx. She ran her eyes  over the tall, sun tit figure, the rugged,  uj:Iy face. She looked into the prominent, all seeing eyes and knew at a  fiancet!i.".l .she was face In face with a  , magnetism slronger Mian her own, nnd  nothing \vo::lii induce her to go near  him again. "sh.it is the most clanger-  ��������� otis man in Hiitnin.' she, 'said., ,'I feel  .-.���������s if I were within the shadow of  ilc::ill when I mil i:..-:!r him. He is a  I'ir.ii for men to conquer. No woman  c;:n reach Iiim'to use him. He would  r.-aii lue like an open hook iu an hour,  x::d I believe he would shoot me as he  would sheet a 'Kaflir if he caught mo  red handed. Twill try all other men,"  hut not th-it living death's lic.id. No  wonder he cciniiuered in Egypt. 1  'lliink he wculil conquer in hades.'",  "���������f/iSir- Trniise-.-;i, Narrow Streets.  La Luchu' of Havana in a long editorial "giving f.'s" to American visitors  to,Cuba generally comes out strong In  defense ci* Cuban trousers and of tho  narrow stiei-ts of the Cuban capital. It  says: ,  "One f:vr,::i>nily hear.'' Americans  - ridicule what lhey call 'Cuban, trou-  lers,' thereby hr-tiaylng their own crass  Ignorance. Tor insianp-. one of the  ooolcM. materials for uieii to.we.-sr is  .'.lpaca. To make close titling trousers  of it or of any other ihin material  would prove disastrous: consequently  In all tropical countries the'loose trousers are.woin. ami persons 'who visit  Mexico, Central and South America or  India ..grow innidly accustomed to  them. I-'iirllierinoro. ihe shape affected here po much is the height of I'ash  ion In Franco.  ��������� "Again, the statement Is freiiuenlly  made that the streets of Havana should  be 'widened ami i;::::';e modern.' Gross  Ignorance is again displayed. All tropical cities are built with narrow streets.  ������s that is llio only way in which' peilc*.  trians csn be given shade during part  of the day.    I'.v stepping out on to the  ' , ' s ,  Pr'ndo at - p. in. frnm Obispo or Ohra-  pia the ('.i'lVrc'ice i:i temperature on  wide .".:u*f i:;:n'ow slreets may be  noted."      . 0  IJott a Dos Stopped a Doeflglit.  On one of the most pleasant side  streets of Cleveland live two dogs���������a  large, dignified hound and a saucy,  small fox % terrier. The two are the  best of fp'i-iuls, and the big dog is always v.-atehiug over the little one and  doing his best to keep the pert fellow  cut of a fight.'" But the other day his  watchfulness failed. Another terrier  came and yelled defiance at the  hound's comrade, and when the big  dog arrived upon the scene it was to  behold a ��������� frantic, tumbling, snapping  heap, of which his favorite was pari.  He seemed to consider the state of  things, then gave a sigh of patient dignity and began to walk around the  combatants, keeping a cr'lieal eye on  the struggle and evidently acting the  part of umpire.,, Iii:; favorite was getting the worst of it, bur he did not interfere.' Maybe ho thought the,punishment of defeat was belter than any  he could bestow. Ife watched silently  till all at once his friend gave a yelp  of real pain and (rouble. Then suddenly the big dog awoke. With a  bound he was beside the other two'.'  Willi one tap of his paw he sent the  'victor over into the dust, grabbed his  favorite In his mouth as a cat grabs  hor kitten and made off to his own  back* yard. '���������  During tlie next hour he licked, scold-  ml and fondled the repentant terrier.  And now the two are more do voted  than ever, iliough 'the little dog seems  more meek  cat  than  Poisoncns EfTesis of TTcni-inass.  The  eating of  "high" game,  is  undoubtedly attended with r.i.'-r-. and the  poisonous effects are probably due'to  the   toxius   produce."1   iii    Hie   earlier  stages of the putrefactive process. Tiie  advantage, of ccu::-e, cf hanging gsma  is that the flesh becomes ioii:!er am!  decidedly more dk.es'.ible than- when  it is quite fresh.,  The ripening process, however, may mean ihe elaboration of toxius. ,  'It has been stated that the protluc-  ti������n  of tho  characteristic  liavors  of  game is related directly to tlie amount  of sulphuretted  hydrogen  or sulphur  alcohol set free,  hut it is rather repulsive to think that the (leiicaie tkivcr-  of game is dejjend.-cr upon'iliat iuvari-  1 able product of di'-crmpt. iliun of 101-  ! ten eggs���������s'ulplir.-'Li-d  lr.ilregcn.    Ti  smell evolved chirm  game is even more  Fresh game pom*  icrious   poisonous  >s'-������" -' '--���������  c- <*���������"���������  '" i  and decidedly more obecli-  of   yore.  , -   T!io Pie li-fiiiiiilry,  , A. man  who recently ' vi.site.l  a   pie  factory in Cliica:::! thus describes it:'  "The .day ye- were there a special  r\Vti was being iiu.'.cte on pumpkin pies,  and I looked hi vain for, a ay signs of  pumpkin rinds. Cue ol lhe foremen  grinued and told me in strict confidence that real pumpkin* was never  used in pumpkin pies at present ox,  cept possibly in a few remote and vary  primitive New I'agiaucl villages. The  iubstitute was ii mixture of sweet potatoes, apples anil cheap Hour flavored  with a chemical istruct. 1 tasted some  of tbe's:i:!T and was satisfied lie was  tellinir me the lit.:h.  "Cranberry pic contains only enough '  er.".ubei-rip;; to 'make a showing.' after  tl-.p manner of tlie oyster in the church  fair stew. The rivr is apple jelly colored red and Uavon-d. i have forgotten the other substitutes employed, but  thene .will give you a general idea of  the morality of tlie business.     '    '  "The average output of the foundry  was one n'secoiul. or about 3(1.000*pU*9  for a working ihiy. The manager told  me ihey were shipped all over the pie  belt In specially prepared crates."  A Fal'.lifnl Dos.  Many hundred years ago there lived  at Athens a elog wlior.e faithfulness  has caused him to be mentioned in  history, and In the .(Jreciati city his  story is often repeated.  The dog gi:anled one of the iis.iilirn  temples at Alliens.   One night a thief  stole into this building and carried, off  some of the most  valuable treasures  The dog vainly .barked his loudest to  frighten   the  thief  and   to   rouse  the  keepers as lhe man went off with tin-  jewels.    But the faithful dog did no:  mean to lose'sight of the rascal, and  , nil through the night he followed him.  By day break the poor animal had laconic very'weary, but still he kept the  robber  in 'sight.    The  kilter tried  to  feed him, and as he made friends with  the passersby he took it from them in  "stead.    Whenever the thief stopped lo  rest the dog reiiialueil  near liir.i, and  soon a* report \vc:it through the couu  try of the animal's strange behavior. ,  .  'J'he keepers of the temple, hearing  the story, went in search of the dog.  and they fo:::i<l him still at the heels  of fhe~r:iief"a,t a town called Crouyon  The robber was arrested, taken  bad:  to 'Athens and   there  punished.    The  juJIges were so pleased with the dog's  sagacity and faithfulness that they ordered him to be fed eveiy clay for the-  rest.of his life at the public expense.  jking ot "high"  ii-g-.isting.-  hues sets up mys-  syinptoms _ which  have been attributed to the fact of the  game having been overhauled, and  fatigued. Fatigue products indeed  have been separated from ovcrhiinted  ���������game which, whin injected into a  healthy animal, have produced marked  poisonous effects. There is no doubt  that fatigue products under certain circumstances are ai.--o elaborated in the  human body and give rise to a species  of self poisoning, characteristic symptoms''of. which, are headache, stupor  and gastric aud intestinal pains. The  llesh of overdriven cattle may prove,  ���������poisonous   from    the   same  .cause.���������  ���������M' ���������  is-'***  ������s������  &  <<or:-.i-:i Law of !.if>e!.  Th; Ceriiian law ci' lilie! is a curiosity.    An editor recently said in his paper that a certain gentleman "was an  unmanncrly  boui'." in consequence of  which   a   libel   action c,was   brought  ,against the paper,   The evidence given  leerned  lo show that  the only  fault  T.'ith llie expression was Hint-It was not  KtroiUT enough.    The case  was'- taken  ��������� from court to court In the usual way  until  It reached,the  highest tribunal.  The final decision vvas that the editor  would have been perfectly jtisli.'ied if  he had said thai the plaintiff "had acted like an unmannerly boor." hut since  he had said that the plaintiff actually  "was  an   iinnitiiiiierly   boor*'   lie   had  committed libel,   In (ieriuany i't .Is libelous io call a man a pig or an ass,  but if you combine the two and cull a  man a pig ass then there is no libel, because such an animal dnp.s not exist.  Tbe favorite combination among ("or-  mans Is, we believe, pig dog���������scLwcine-  hund.  Sere KhotikIi Tale.  In,one of Hie private schools here in  town there is a small buy who is always cheerfully miles behind everybody else: lie'Is not "'a dull hoy. but  learning does not appeal to hiin'as bo-  iug a thing especially to be desired  , Ueccatly the teacher told the class In  composition that on the next day she  would expect each of ihein to bo able  to write a short anecdote. She explained with great care the meaning ot  the word anecdote, aud next day when  she called the clas'i ;:p to write all but'  the laggard ,wr;>t .-it once to work.  "Why don't you write an anecdote.  IiObV" asked the u-aehor.  "I forget what an anecdote Is," said  Hob, undisturbed.  "I explained to you yesterday, Rob.  and you ought lo remember." said the  teacher, a bit out of, patience. "An  aneedote is a tale.    Now write."  Hob bent over his slate and. with  much twisting of brow and writ hiug  of Up ground out bis task. When the  slates were collected, his was at the  vrvy top of tlie heap. Tlie teacher  picked it up. and this isAvhat she road:  "Yesterday we had soup made from,  lbe anecdote of an ox.*'-Youth's Companion.  'The Shoe and (he Woman.  ���������    Hereupon I  ventured to reason witb  the woman. '  ������������������Your  conventional   Ii;-.;iuiiiities."   I-  urged,   "are not compatible  with   lhe  new responsibilities which you seek lo  assume.   That i.s where the shoe pinch  es."  The woman gave me a withering  look.  "I'iiicher-:" she exclaimed mcsl scornfully. "It'.'-,a mile too big! 1 could  wear two shies smaller!"  Oh. what a futile thing mere logic  seemed now I  Hovr Weather Works WoiK'era.  Not' the least mysterious of all tho  wonders of the earth is the extraordinary cleverness of Dame Narture as  a carver and designer. Her.tools are  air,, rain, rivers, springs and frost.  Any one who has ever seen the marvelous Queen Boss rock on the North  Cornish coast, thai wonderful presentment of the great Queen Elizabeth,  who- is scaled so grandly upon tlie  sands, must have a������I-:ed himself the  question as to how' such a thing could  have been accomplished.  ���������.Continuous trickling of water wears  away tlie face of the rock. Haphazard it was unlil at last a weird pattern is formed ilmt sometimes resembles a man's face, sometimes au animal. All over the world Nature has  placed her picture gallery, and hor collection of statuary, the biggest free  show in the world.  Another work of Nature's that very  often results iu extraordinary changes  being effected is a landslip.  And landslips-have arisen from the  tiniest possible causes.. ' Affilitlie underground How of water had gradually  undermined a hill or cliff until at last  Hie earth became "like a'hollow nut.  Then tiie soil became top'heavy. 'The  sea beat against its foundations, and  millions of ions o\' earth were fluug  into the sea, which proves the axiom  lhat the tiniest beginnings often' pv<>.  duce thc mightiest ends.    , ������������������  fit  H4  e have just received from the  East a first class and complete  . *���������-.'-' *������-  T-v������?*  1  ��������������������������� if---  ������������������.���������rd \  *���������������'  ;ivr  'T~ i y.  . ������������������-*?:*r'  :rA'r  '     4'/*  ,^'f  . *���������?* .?-**'  **���������?*������-  V    .1   4^,   '  ������i  ������4������  ������04 stock and are prepared to famish  lit, yon -with' anything in  the  Job  Iff Printing line.  Sit.   '  441   ��������������������������� * ���������  W  i^  4iv^  i t* ���������9.  4������������t  ������?������?*?  '*$&  fit, %. ������*<**  'Ms  ���������  " Selectitig lllasr.-.-.-are.  To select-glass Willi' discretion it is  necessary to understand somewhat,- of  ils manufacture aud to recall the properties of the chemicals of which it is  composed. These materials are chiefly,  soda, potash, lime, alumina aud oxide  of lead.' The quality of the glass to be  manufactured depends upon the  amount of the' basic material united  with the iJIica or sand. The best glass  is made with lead, which gives to it  luster, fusibility np.il high refractory  powers. It is often called Hint glass to  distinguish it fro*n0liiiie glass, which is  .much cheaper and of a decidedly greenish tint.  Flint glass is that which Is most generally usod for culling and polishing.  It may be picked,out by the clear, hell-  like tone which it sends forth .when  struck. This test may be made without  any danger of breaking .the glass If it  be held firmly in one hand while the  upper part or qu'^o Is sharply struck  with a pencil or other Instrument, the  only care requisite being to see that the  glass does not touch any object' when  it is struck, since if there.be room for  it to vibrato glass will never break.  ***������  4*:*������  ������*M#  <&'$&  ***  4*  A&  T it  4/< :r^  4fi ;tr*.'  4* :ir  Look  over this List and  ���������^ee  s  IL  4i\^r  tit.  4**'$* '  there is. anything yon want for j;|$  'the' new year.. Our, prices -are-i-l  4*  eiV*  4  sure to suit you and we guaran-  .11, u "  tee all our work:  4-  Oiir I.itcli' SI let-n,  Asps ago the Hindoo "medicine man"  knew nil a Im 111 disease germs and microbes, all hough lie was jeered at by  western   sclenlists   liecause   he  called  And   after all  1 hem  T.-heii  lit in*  worms.  we moderns "discovered" what  he had known all along we could (hid  no belter name for the new organisms  than bacilli, which, being interpreted,  Is "little sticks.'   ^*     /-H.,,.1.4.;. -           -   .   .   j_  Old Lover-1 know I am old enough  to be your grandfather, but. my darling. I have an immense fortune to bestow upon you.    *  Young Heart���������I hesitate to answer.'  Old Lover���������Do not keep me In sus-  pouse. I have heart disease, and under  excitement I amlikely to die at any  moment.  Young Heart-Then I will bo yours.  A HcKKar's Ete.iNnni:i;;.  First Beggar- Why didn't you tackle  that lady? She might have given you  something.  Second Hcggar���������I let her go been use  I understand my business better than  you, I never ask,a woman I or, any-  thing when r,!ip is alone, but when two  women are together yhn c-iin gel money  from both, hecause each one is afraid  the oilier will think her stimry If she  refuses. This profession has to be  studied, ju.-t like any oilier, if yon expect to make a success of It.    Sue7���������  2*  4*  *5'*  f    b  e?-> S tap  'I     Jd  "<* . ������fc  >i   .i , d  *fc *.' "V*  4*>:������'v*-  ^;FT  ^  ���������J iii  S^������  Tlie lleciicil-  The   Crnnd   Duke, of  Mecklenliiirg  lip to Dntc.  ��������� Enterprising Aclvertiser-rnrdon me,  ��������� Ir. bill I heard you (ell Hie griitlerian  who just loll  Hint you "would  wash  your hands of the whole affair."  "UtylV"  "In case you do may 1 hope thai, you  will try my patent soup'/"���������ICxehange.  A hi)by Is like n crop of wheat.   It Is  first',cradled, then ihi'iislied, rnul lliially  ��������� It iieciiiiies the fliiwi'r dfrlliu raiully,-,  ,Kl}W' Voi'l/. W&l'iw. .'..', .;'L'........,.,'..'���������.,���������%,-  It Worl:cd Well.  "And have you tried 'the plan of  ptrpclitig your husband with kind words  when he comes home late, as I suggested?" asked the elderly friend.  "I have." said the youngish woman,  "and it works like a charm. He stays  home all the lime now trying to figure  out what is the matter."  was ono day gambling at tlie Dobei'iin  tables and was betting on the same  numbers as a rich master potter who  stood next to him.  Uoili having lost their money, the  grand duke inquired. "Well, putter,  what shall *>ve Au nuw':"  "Oh." replied tin1' mar-ter potter,  "your highness will screw up the taxca,  and I shall make pots."  4*!t  ������v ft v  ii    05    /���������  44X  4*6'.v  44Z  T >*-*s*  Letter Heads  Note Heads'  Bill Heads  Statements  'Memo's."    ' ,  Envelopes ���������  Visiting. Cards .  Business Cards  Menu Cards  Dance Invitations  Ball'Prograir.mes  Concert Programmes  ,0  Wedding Statioherv  Catalogues  , Constitutions-  Circulars  Price Lists '  Le^al Backs-  Debentures ���������  Shipping Ta  Raffle Tickets  Labels  Hand Bills  Posters  44#-'  At$i$  *���������  4  gs  sjkJ.T  &$<&  *> >'.������*?*  <**���������! fr *%*  4*9.*fc ���������  4^? *f"  4*S.*^ ���������  ������?������/!-*&  " ������&���������$***  4'^  .   ,\<> Tlnie'lo tie t.<*r.t.  lie '(iiinidi-1 ���������Now that wo are eu-  gaged I ���������I presume I iimy-iiiay-ldss  you as much as I please, mayn't 17  She (encouragingly) ���������Yes. Indeed.  Make the most of your time, dear.  There's no telling how long on engagement will last nowadays, you know.  Early Cue of I'ljreon*.  rigeous wore employed in early  Egyptian day's, navigators taking them  on Iheir galleys and liberating them  when,.H-cy arrived at thci;* destiuaiio'i  In order to aliuoiinco their safe.arrlv!*:";  to t he'll* friends oi- ep.-.ployers. .��������� The  Hoiiiant- titillzeti ilieth in eoiiliiniuifUt*  iBR-ffUIi OtteJj oiUai'.lfl tVUiUiUfl...  Siin;iIy j;:ifl!iiK-.  Gns--ie���������.lust altah I stabled out It  began waining. and I had 10 turn back,  -Miss Kosihj'.ip, ��������� Ilo'iv fortunate" that  there was sortie Oiie-Hnire to tell yon. ,  linssle   To K-ll me vy!i;:iV ,'...,  Miss Knstiijiie Thnt i; was ralalQjj.  ���������-PblludoliiDla'Roroi'd.  4dtf  4d^f  REVELSTOKE,   B. G.  "'- :>) .'4  ���������^.''���������yi  iJ,  >2-  **���������&  4lt  %������*  4*rf  4������.t  %������?  ���������L ���������'. ft*  -as .9 T  44T  4SI  i   -1 ,*'-  4a-v^'  4*11*'  b&$4$''$4^$Wp^^ TEE iKO.OTENAS ��� Maiffi;-
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12. 'II.' Lewis, real eeibite arid finaii-
'cial fiyepi.'.Of 'Trit-i!.- u'rrd'-'soii of ?dr. T.
Lewis,' of :lievelstoke,dirts-' purchased.'.-!
half interest in the Trail l/iyel; Kcws,'
���aiid is elTecting'great improvements-rui-'
tlie'papei'./; 'y .,,"; ' ;''"���.'.'���', ��� -���/..// A'.;
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Oourne,  JIcOiirliMy^^KyL.YTiiy^hiiy
Sibbald, and Fred Ri-biii^i/n.. ��� 7        yy''-.
The school /trustee's jiiiveyen'l l.o.the
Department at Victoria ii'plan/for iie'.v
Siinitaiy buiidings'iif; the"mo?;!; approved'/design in '��� connection ���/.' with. , lhe
school;/and haye/ashed iii.th-.iUy to
liii vt) ,/these   buildings Ye'rected ; ifuuiiy��
���','���"; The:,;, thi/rii'i'biiietC'r.Y w;i�� /;dqwh,; t ti/ii
bellivvYi'.cio oii/'Tliiesday Yif/F. Fimj-i.t's
- resi-l('!ir'e,yvvhile/.-it:tli'e.'U. i'Y R. s!;*,!i(,)y
r'i t reg is t e tvd'l 0:1 i'< ���'] i ivvy'" 011 .'.V.-Unp^py
liibi'iiiiiij; the giivi-riuiiciit tli'er;;;yiii',ti-i',
"at.'''Aiiv���,!'"���'.'.���'-it's reeurdi.'ii .1.1'/deifi-tys
���licit j'��v.':'.': >'���      /;/' -,. /,"./���.;���'���������"; '/.,./.Y''yY-"''/Y
d 'yso:;Age,:'A*IOn'1:'iy I'veniiig, Feli.yltb-;
ylllylyb}' -/I Ley.'''y.^.;;r-.v/J;.ii()iit jVsoi'i'i-jAI i\
Y- 'It.Yi.s ii(4:i.^i:-ii<'i-.-iIIy''J:n(��'.v':i l",iy.:vf.;it'(. I li;;
liist; iiieeling of lhe fnrnier cily-cosih,,;".l
i(YvViis rcsiilyi,'ll: bli th<'" 0'i'.sit ii'iii,/(ii- ,/A'ii!/
AI(.-Al'iihp:i", se'ciiiideil by Ahl.Y.'VI)riiii:i"-.iVi-
���/'-     ���- ...      ' i.      '��� . -, '< '      ;, ��� *    - ���'   ,;        ,..,   .*���-���;���:,.    >'-.������.
son', .-i.hiit t.hiy !���((,!.;��� of Ypiiy'fiu^tCiiii'i!-'
employed,liy 1 he ciiy  beyrahied ..'-fii/iii
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''"'-.  ' 'd  '.   "i"' ''"'.'' 'y ���"'������   '..������'' ,'. .'-:���   ''*.������-    '    ' ' '    ,fV ��� -..���'      ��� ,' '���,���.'-.  '.' ���:-,'��� ���'*"���,.,���
, ,abl\Yyfurnished ;;%itli/'theycbom
',"/���',afford^. ';'"-/ Best, AVines;1 .'Liquors, &'"'Cigars;/���''/'    ���',;1;',;''
'''���-���'e'.,/'Rates .������$'i/:''a';'da'y'.;':y.\'A['pn '���.''���/Y;;,/.-:y.Y.'.'U;"...
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His: I^oreishipyKt.. Rev. y Kshop;
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.iui.inte;i'c:--ting a nel ��� i n s t r ii b t i N;cV lecture
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il��:il>Lvi u'lvCy.U.y y.,   ;;ii,.! Kini-.sli-c,;l��.
-We have: just opened up a large choice stock.of Dry Goods
/which   is the .best and oiily ii'eiv 1stock ,in f he city.   The
-,. latest;, styles aiid  nevvest: p't.teins  that can   be purchiised.;
;.: Oil 11 .-ind see us.     It; is ,-i [ileasure  lo show:such excellent>
ygoods iind it will be a pleasure for yen-, to buy them. ���' ������
.'YyW ��� 'YY'w i'A
was helUyi'siei-diiy 'i;ioi-P,iii;{;to oirr;ii;g!'
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';S.peGi:,i.l.'Sc-riiion'-,pn--:,f,-'Qiii'i'/!vi;i.i'-.ya.nd,- ���Ai,iiui;-ii f.ii;iicivi!'ivi''f!r;i.iii?;r;ri;i:-i.-ir.-!:i.'ijiiiMri.',i.iio'
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','������' ..." ������ ' '    . I.. I  4(',;'.V'|'      '���    '       I'i'1'
claws  for sinsriiisr- on   Feb. ���iOih'.     Thel
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t'ti'iiiii   A.
pht'ee of: niii'-liP^ will be ,-iiir'io:ii;.ri'd,ii!
iiBAt wy'tli's issue., " y
TluysiKi-.vf.iII. ni, Gi.icii.'r.s.-i  f^r  ihi��
y winter I'.-'is   Iieen ' oyer-' .':'.   fee),.,   T'be
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PliOTOOHAPI! Y-~U.y IIt.'l'i.l;eiu>in
will  iilteivd. al.  bis studio, Fevi-N'oke,
until .S.-iC'iifdiiy. Feb." h'ltb. 'posiiivi-ly,
when hevvill Ur. irl,i,d to at lend pet-on-
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.V'.'.illejifines' ('[-'iy,'- ..MrsAdAi'-vAuX'   ''-'kA
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lift tin ".-\ I, 11 on 11!*'. in 1 iii��' e.i'en'ii.i.-''-, ;''���:.'���
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iiil.s|iii;c-s- ol* tlie .'i.'.-d'ciit   Society,'.-;: .."���!��� Je-'
I'c'.tf't-.i c.-Iinroli it .*um(I tiliie :i.-, ;i-i-iari-d;
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Al'u,   H.b'ix'ime'   pa'rty ���'('������n   ,ri"i;'f:s.'-k;y:
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V.'.'j i ,-  y    i.;. ,ii(i   riii'-'i b'.'l'
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.  -H;:,Lit.h..:iiV4,i: l 'y I, ii;,-I,;;;; ���;.-'.'���', !)|.,I''Ifi:i:l I'll'illill?:
:-. sii' 'Oil'ii't'i, .'iiiiiy.i/i.iyLi.'iviiii'or j'linio niiii
j ,--".:Vi.v,'.-..:lliiti':\l:-!i.':;;-, i, lh' ,'YY';.;:!':i!:.(''uiiiity of
- A ',!-';,;-;',i:v.iii i,:it)p>Y;V.;f; pYliiO I'll;!;'!) K-tll^f-'
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!��� y. ��� U.>.v-M:M'Yii,:iii !!:':-!'y:*A;-i"iiY'-yAi.t lli'iiiihi;
������'."'i-.r..!..'  j "', '-i-'.r.v':'r;-ir..|--.-i!' ��� Ah-.'KyHre; ;:i���;���  ;Kliii'i:t '���(j'riinii
'���.���������.'",.' ;.- y';   a-i'oyii'"Y Our. ;iii^:;-Y|);.i'ii'.'.iii;..;./."l On'lciri-.f
'"        iYiYi-i   Mii:;,;::l i;:;il.,;-i;>iii, (..'I'lii'^c, i;m., iU',,,.
\A'..tjd-' .Mi', e::-iiii;*i;n. .l.'t.ii;':. ill i'h.lV City (if
-���' OPii-.v-i.'-t.ii!; '.'.-ye ii ;>'���'.-'���:.'(;-.' ihiy ���)!' 'il.ilriinlry;
,' ij; tl' ; y'l'ii-.;* ii." O.-H' ''li.. -.1' i-;:y.-. tiii-iiviiiifliiiiiii:
i ���!i:;i:iii,;.! iinY-'-'Jiv, il:,u -,;vi!i; (ii't.e j-fii.-'iil'
vy,;yy'|-.    '0;y.;.,iyY'- - .   ,   . . .,.., '   -'������-  ,-:''
;    ��� y T- l:y (!;i.';:ji;iii::i; . Y.    .' y '-    ."    ;<: ���",-'      ��'-.. /
.-n-!i"!-!.y ��� ��� y- ...--. '���'���'-, '-��� ���;, ���'������ Ac-Avk . ..'.'���"...'  ,
y ylvi tc'  jiui'ity ; nntl| .iinifoi inity of
yy.y   ; v",f y    ���-      ,'���'���'.'"';.       " :/ l'y ..'-:���    y;   '���<?.: ITp" lK's-i, ^J-IqilKOil^Iaiilis--.' .otu.*-;;.- \. ���;;���..��� yyy-y
y'-: lili.-vi'dyiiytlie c��se. "   ,Y;   Y  y : -,',,-   iS). ���'.: 'No/'.s^-ciii'si.i-.oi' co:ii::i:s��:ciiis. to, :pn y. Y
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Y-Y' /" : f.)iyti.iiiet.;-ii.id biuji/reip'isitu*-.Y
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V&. v \> i -. ^-s -V -.-���*..'������ ���- ,1V,- ��.*��� * *��� ����� *>J j
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ji). ���.: rvo.-r.^ciirK' r.(iive.o:ii::-.:s.-:ci!is. to,'piiy.
X   Ori.li'i'.s.,;i;!iiy, iii /'oae.diiy.yuii win 'got; tho
���v ., i--.".:iU!1u-t'e!c. /Ko1 fiiiiiij'i'i|-,iiii(j:.nni,.iiisijis('.-:--.-
iP,; ,t,ioi),i.-!ini-i;os.    Gi'iioiihiiiis'iriiliints, iisri-i--
,A   ciiltui-iil.'. iiiiiikiiiicnts,    fiu'i.ilir.i'i'.s,.yet,(!.Y
\  -Ijai'Kii'st;ilild- liii);'', oor.iijlupi s;oui;in' t.iio
ip   Proviiiiity' .Suiid'l'or  y.ilnlo-.pio. (iim-iiII1 ���
-'.siuiil imiko .youi' siilcclioiis bC'.ui-b phioiiij-f
-.'��� yoiirordiu-s.y Address:,; -  'y    : -,. Y
���|;:'..-...-t-!,'',.ii*y, (if State,
o <)���;.. ���',.. e;-i-.-
'-! K'):-)!e,i;,y
'i Y'i'Y)     i'li'-Y
���:S^M/:-J^-Il8apy> yapipo.s'ye'r^BviOi"-
./Grdenh'bus'esY-aiid;'Salerooms :
���3C09 y/estmihster Road;;
vvh I eh'i'S iii't! not
only Im.-iiitil'iilthi y
nni  iK'i'i'rut,  I'lri;-
((icpt'i-s ton. Thoy
(U'c iniulo fur s;ooi"
::lil:i ,i':.ii:i.-i;'.v. K10I. j>!i'vKv:.jiinl -vye.si'll tlicm.n'l ;i sniiill prico.    We
) , TfiY-Y o-.o'l 7-7u;-7 ;i",-.ii'iiv.!, r,'-fi.i-- :i ;;,: ti'-t-i-.l
V!*'':.1.'1':?'*: i '-,������;,.;���:;!:-;: n.-r ij-.'��� yi '���'��� ���:..';i.:���'���..'. y ^,:'.-;-i.i V i..:l.oHii..'
���vv < i.'.- /'���ne j ;,, ;.,;:,������.:':(���;,-.��� i.i' ;;;, ��� i'Ji;,.|.--s-'.Vl* i.i iii 'i;ij":,l.y )ii
: ���-��� |:, ; '�����>..- :!'\ '���: ;)*.'...;. :;.,'.';!  | ;; ��� y ;,' i;.','- i::l y   './I', ,l.:i i;,ll;i.i y,   ItlOI.,
'"'"   "'   '      '       '-'''  '.i':/: .i.- .,.'.�� A.IV.- j.il',!,.'   ii". A-}; I liiil, illl  |il-:l'SOIIrl
yy,. ���:'..���������:. ��� :,.  ';���:.   ���..:.���': I ������':. I: ;���''.!*   1 !���.(;, dentil III/ Ihil"
"iri'-ei-i .iti-''ni(ii:y.
��� r I"
, t'l
��� A-f ,' !."-e .i : :-��� 11. yyy.A ���;  in
lii'.iiriiiii.y. I he,
'.J ik hi.-i'i oil,
���iii-i .Uiii-i.-.liii;,
oi-^iin;ze(J,,by  I >r.   and
���������'.��� The'un'nnal ineel.ini* of th? Fijiird of over tv.ciity Yyoun.e; pl-op,.. (.;:���<
Trade was l-,e!d {Ibis ii'iorninp'.'Mr. II.
J. Jifiiu nc. vicf-pi-esiileiit,. iii'esidi'iy.
"Vessi-.s. I'. If. Yoiuic-, F./7I,obiiifio;i.>i! d
il. A. 11���.iicj-p-'ii were elected uicMiliers.
The folhnving officers were elected for
ensuitit, year : J^residenl. F. McC'-irty;'
Vice-piesident, E. A. lln^c.u : Hecre-
farr, C. E. Shaw; Cciuiicil.yAJessis.
Jlolson, Bi-tMVsLer, Gordem, Lindiimrl*,
sftver.'d. irii'ieM up t li;':. '-,-i?:yi.n   roy.'i,   n:..(.
iuriiine;,    in��� 'uioorili^i-.t,;  .....\i riv-in-^ ' "ii j
I be doc.t'i.-'s  residence   iii-.n.iH'   i'Y   r*. i.'.j   j
saryier   av;is ..served ��� ;>);*'    i'.li'A     (-ii!i;
..I'. ��� .   y     . ;.    "   '
parly danced   iitil.'ij-  |];e.  sniiiii   !;o,i;; -;
The pnr.ly C'iii'ii:;!('i   of   iii,n-:(:   yA;:. in
niiy v.'iiy took-pitrli in   tlie' old   ii.i.ua'l.,
(Jnneeiit th:: rccciit 'Ciiuryii of Ive.fiiiuri
i. fm ���������:.-,��� c. ���)  -i
;."';,���'i   n-i'-d.,-.  ���''.;
��� ;,>.; :,-.,��� ������!���,. y (':.;-
���'������'>.    'Y'i;-;   I'll.    '!:
I, I, i.i-' ���     ! i.:
-.-i ! li-'- i.i'iiin. i *.'��� mi
yy.i Y'Yi;,. /.I.'���.'',''-.'I-
'' lie- i i'.s\Yi;e;���i
������ ,'i-. ,1 ' l-.'I--':j:i- i-.'iis--
'l|  .1' ���. i'i'. ei!    li I .tu
er'i.'roiid'iii'-leil l.y
;���-���' 'i';'i'ii,'.-i'r',' Cb'e il'Teiisi'lJ lady
:.-:!i.'',f'.o:!' i li" fl'-il li/'IY: cbiu'/'li.
.l-.'v- II'
U. 'rJ ll. ,-���' ��4.' '.���'  ������        V -
.   ���',-, :.,.tr>'iv''.'ii'- will
.i,  iKiiiiiiiDin,/! .Mini:
A. Ki'.)
'T;l'/.')j,'.'>,>*J-"��'i!;iILi���r,^VXlI.ii;^"7>.'^'.i>jat/!?i2iV<i���-?*.--'''|   (','   ' wi 1 [
/int-i'-i   !*"���:  ir::'..'
.'C-'.Xi or yiy :A.yy
r.l,  in   loll,.,
i-1!iv'ii\vo liu'vh tin'. oii(j you vvii.nl..
,���9 '"'��� Y-.A'   '  ������'.  .��� ;    --Y     . ;.-'  |j
6".  Patronize.; HoJiiepIiKiJislry   -^
Iy';''-'-'':      '   'AriD|��MOKE-   ".--���     ���'���'������':�����
5?-.' '. *-  ���        '' ":".    &
^-'- y.y . (���:��� -. ���    .    : '  '.   y    (W
d ���     :-".'   ��,'.'-. ^,. ���'      ��������� A.i
^   VVHiTE   LABOR   ONLY.   Jj   |
���-, Tlie' 'Ki.ihiiS])nnd Sliiciiii  lliiihv.-iy ''Cdiiijiiiiiy .   Y
Will utility lo the I'lii'liniiieiit'ol' t'luiiidii ul, ii'fi  ���������
nux.t .Si'ssinn   fur nil  .Vt-i; exti'iuliny the tinili
vvil.liin  vyhiiili it, iniiy ciiii'sti'iii't, its rtuilvvuyy.,'      .-  '/;'/
nnd  iipn6iiiliii��  lloiili-ijiir us' tii'ii pliii-c for its       >���   'fly
hciiit-ofliup With jiiiu-ii;- to theDiri-ctiiVs fi-oin A,|y
.'��� si'
-1 W
7 m
I :ft
tinio tu. time lo (iliiiiiu'c it by l.!y-liiw, und for.
otlmi''iiirpiiKcs. '���������' ...  '     ,
';    ,y '������   JOHN V. AKMSTROXct    , .
������ dec ���       ,'���' ..",,..'Sccrotary-'J'n.'Hsiii'i'.r.
'������������'. .a:;d |��i-/ioke- "
y:;''/A'Ay:/:;Y,,:y|,M: llRevelsfoke -
I Special Cigars. 1
��0-     .    �������� <7J   .-" .      it'
I I'M'-*,'  i   '. n r. p
�� ,    -'��� : . -   :- :������.'."     ���'   ���;���      ���".*'
���?;Rov.riSlok0'.Cigap--Mfg. .Co.'y-J
��� .-I".-- ���     '���'-.������' ���  a ..' ii'
,"?     A      Reveliloicc   Station.' ,  .'5
.VY ' . "���   iV
C^' ii-Ji' -i-r'fft' iVO.'^-rPfii-*'.'-'-',- ^UrT-lirCiiirK^rVi
MoiUl-i'iil.'iind J-rA-llItV' AHHOTT iliiiU.51';().'
'Jvliili/HUOWN. of. Viiaciui vur;'iii tho Pmviin-o
of liritisli Coliiiiililii. Je'siipiii'os. vvill iipiily t;o tin;   ���
I'.'irliiiiiiciit of Uiiniiihi nt- its iiu'xt,..Session for iiij>   '
A'cl, iiicoi-|ioi-itt.iii!' ii Cotiiiiiiiiyuiidci-flic iiiiini. '
nf  the   KOO'l'KXA-y   AND   A If ItOW'lIlCAD '
ftAI.JAVAV, t-'OMPAKV. with'' povvor to con-
.st.riii;l,,oi-uci|iiirc und to opci'ii I on, railway froin
iiyioinl, ut oi-nciir An'ovvhi'ud, on Arrow Laki'.
Kootoiiuy.Disli-ict.'Iiritisli (iriliimbin, l.lictioo bv
tho  most dii'oct .-nid fcasihlo route, vinl'iou'i,
Uiko, or Diuioitn Ifivcr to sonic point; nt lho
North end of Ivooteniiy Luke in (-.aid district and
-brunch linos, vyith power to own nnd opcr.ati;
loli'Xi-itlih und  telephone lines, ropovvuvs und
fmiiivvuvs, vvriri'lionscri. Hteiini'iind  ollii'i- ve.���
sols,  foi-i-ios,  liiiiies,  snieltors.    tiiuboi- land-,
vvliiirvcs. roads, docks, savv ihills, vviityr right-,
diims.  (luiilos. vviitci' power, to  yoi>*.i-ute  uiu!
transmit,. iind. ilea] in oleetricit.y .-i.pl uleeli-ji;
power, tbgotlior with such powers ii'.m to ni:iin-
tiiiniiiK and operiiUm? or disposing of I(h ruil-
wny mid   works mid  such  other, powers and
priyik'KCi' us  are usually Riven   lo Hallway -
Companies incorporated, by theTui-liiiuiciit of
Ciumdii and for other purposes.
.   J. E. MeMUUJCN,   '
deoll     , Solicitor for -ippllcar,te�� ,


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