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Kootenay Mail Dec 23, 1905

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&' x \y>~   -T^TELLO. -CHILDREN^!
ig^^f^B  J- JL A\ ^vin be at C. B. Hum* (
y^* Co'V ItWY.fl Ws$v,e*
Just drop  me  a lints  telling
<-. iiijijr"
me what you want andil,will*
attend  to it.   You "will"finds|
my letter box iust outside the
qj need^to-putta Btamps o'nut.
1 *{ JilsJ put^t^an'envelopVand
addiess it to    ^ *    ��      *i  *~*
ilil ^ Jr&fch^rjn'/^d.'l
.���  ;,     ���  w    ' ��'" .'
4 The store belongs  to the peo- I
/I pic fort4he>extttwo, weeks, as-l
f&pectaj^displ/ys ' Conje^'and
j t       i i
allynice'hne'of "presents'suit^ j
,. id    J',
t itV       '*",*&
���fi        <*kM   , >i
] �����"   f*^ '"-Jtjf-
I- .   -
*   ir
i.7"   .lJl '>
',U   J *���
1 ��� *!. ._
J,'""* *\"
*^?7 mMLAfiesJn.Fancy. Bpxes.iK
J y ,^Niee Dress* ShirtrProteetqrs ^ ' }%0i'��
^O ��'*. 'NieeTSmokers'-MSuits^I'g^'^r Cl M#?
.,--w.   *,.. -,��frt     ��;- *- 6��   jj i<*     ���* ,--  -Rt JS^'^S t��S ft  '
(��� -cNice*Silk'Lffieia',Gl6ves^��&. %^*-^pfo..
1 ,> NicV/Hockey^rShoesi r    v ;j> ;  ^ ;|U^|
I'  /V
and acceptable%?/4V
,-!'T J-   ��-,*.
3�� ^^J>EPARTMENT.-STO|f^%^^
1 "��� *> -        - ^^ - ' ,,
Of Kootenay" Mail^ana->Revel-
5\*       . stoke Herald. -  .
a �� 1 a
^^Arrangements ha\e been made for
the amalgamation of the Kootevay
'Mailand Revelstoke Herald'punting
officeB '"The name_of.tbe.new���coni;
pany taking them over is tho Intenor
Publishing'Company.-which has-^beerf
registered with'iJ'c'apital'*8tock of "F50,
000 The neuspapei mil be known
althe MAiL-HrnALD, and nilf be*published ,twice a week after the New
Year 'Tne company proposes , to
issue foi subscription sufTicient-shaies
to , enable "a.   substantial 'up'to date
printing oflice to be built and equipped
...        ���<    .w   it.       it     l ,V(,
with a Mew to making it aJ credit .to
tho oity of"Re\eIstoke and distnct*
The newspapei to be published b>,the
new company will take an independent stand in politics 'and ' will endeavor to'gi\e the fullest news of the
district'y    '   p)'i ��7 rS ���lC
& A Pioneer of lReveiVtokr^
f i
���s��; v.'. y'j-. i^
^jJudgef^'Spioat,   the pioneer Magis-
trate '^and    Go\ei;nmeut    Agent .of
iAI    ,'.<%->-     -.  -      .'-'Cv j
KeyelstokeyiB one of the most wondei-
u<> r u.ty
1 (*
iv-   -,�� ��>��� a "-vji*<��u^(ii<^-'>,��m -
. v^.
--1 t,*y>^ -* ���?"* *��� ^f.i 1** v*^l
l *-i It1
^ -v
T!,. ;y�� u (t-1*-   ~>    O) '
-r^iuil   ji  ?   J>'i
���- <   - '!>- v-m I
Men's Fiirriishirigs and Clothing;!
fujj^men^of^thej.oldi ,tinieia -of the
���Provin'-Ze1 fTirotfgh o\ei"80" years of
age he'has contiihuted'?'.to'Kthe>'pi*ess''
one ofrthe most fuscmatnig a^d^valu;
able'histoncal recoids .ofithe^histbiyi
-oythe. eauiest^dajs of? settlement
'The subject is 'John'Todd;%.and the
chapters aie being published in se\eial
leading papersJ.0?^ kU * -^ ^
u4"John ^-Tod^the -*BubjeoMof kMi.
Sproat's��.brochure, was, 1as.,the*rtikle*
imphes,Aa=ft&cotch    >>lad   who 4'���rose
\v.   * *,,Tl4, ��(.' ��. ,     * , t 1
throughisuccessne steps to the highest
positions|iniCthevgift of theJH.udso'n's
Bay Company 3>/He was tire contemn
porary, and peer��in"many^respectSji~of
^ouglas^and ,McEoughhn.-%<C'He ^was-
one of,the most remarkable chaiacters
in the employ, of e\en the ,gieat com-;
pany. "-���   rU ^ -^'^ * - ^^J ' -^   -'i-i
- /*-i,i
��2��pT^( f~A~ti
Allk Employees ^East qfi,Fort
' r��t,*>-  .<iifHi<i     H    .If  VI   i.J
^William Want Increase in
:}/v   .Wages.; f>-,j
""^Tlie Canadian Pacific railway management is confronted with the most
far-reaching labor problem that it has
had to'face for tlie last,-fourv'years
E\ery branch 6f ;the C. P.' R employees between Foit William1-and St
John, N B , conductors,^; brakemen,
tVainmen, .yaidmen, etc-p intend to
frame a schedule which is to bo pie-
sented to the^pompany" dehianding 111-
cieases of^wages and levision of>chouis
of'laboi^K5   1,     \    r .<    '$,'y'i*��
AVcominittee has been foimed which
has gi\ en notice to' tho company of
their intention to call for revision, but
beyond that, the negotiations ha*>e not
advanced,to any marked degiee    '  j r
The number of .employees affected
by this movement  runs into seveial
y it.., i, 'ni .i**,,'1!*"'  1   -��
thousand,    >\Yhat leply the company
patiylwill make.'isuimpoas'ible^.at the"
pi esent to ascertain ~|-i-c ^ "j. f '
i-jTlfe leasons foi this combined move
merit on the pa'it'of the oigam/ations
is that tlie cost of necessities of life,
, - r  -t     <~ r    -, *��������       - -> ^ <���
foodj^ clothing,' house'' rents, 'i have
greatly increased' andi-'conditions,-of
service have"T changed .since* the pie-
sentslwoiking   schedule   came -into
,'M     A      1      ^   ,   *     , If** l r       - _,
operation ^ ^        r<.      *
��yTh'e amounts fof mciease' td'be asked
for have not jet���.as fai -as,is-known,
been decided upon." 1. . f   c      v'-'<    <
>!{*���      '"
*3 3fc ���.-A-  -ji1** vi-h.        *i  ����� &
1-    -I* ������, -i��*L -C    ��"   Jff Ijj,    1
^ ^ m?(. -*^.
house 01 call tor many horsemen
who reveled m^theirjfavonte sport,.before* the"days'of fences and-;encl6sures~
It^^asi after long conversations ,.on
sudi' ocoasipns^thatiMr.; Sproat made
the'notes, which , formy the * basis of
this series of ai tides, which, take the
form-of a self-memoir of Mi Tod' '
^The writer, Gilbert Malcolm Sproat1-
lsjfno'wn.injiteiatuie ias thejjauthor
of/several Kworks . \* Selects Odes "-of
Horace in English Lyrics, Scenes and
Studies of-Savage'Life, On* the "Poetry
of, Sir Walter Scott, Physical-Politics,
The' True Macbeth, The Education of
tne$ 'Kuial Poor in England,- The
,British Opium Policy* m -India*and
Chinai etc./etc , The^last-mentioned
was, ^the^fiast pri/e^- essay in a com'
petition open to^the^world^and'the
reward^of <J$1000 was "by Hhe Indian
Viceroy and the Governors of 'Bom-
* 1 --    * *- v. i
.bay and Madras. Mr.-Sproat came to
,Victoria iii 1^60, and wjTs^a, friend of
'the ' "Scotcif ^"Boyy��� thei 'Honoidble
?John Tod���whese caieer he depicted "
'   JW , ^^y *��i . ^   I (j ^
wmrlta*^*. h^. *.~,
*�����'      *,^*
' s>i~.--c -v_^;.
i ^jfS��>��*5��-rfV
f-3^ OPP
it����   :���> ��'&.*$*���, 1
^    W "i,t?*J��W'*V   *���!.���*   ALL   VUK.i'
i ' vi .    ��     �����
Fancf "Goods arid Small^War^|
1;   . ft  "- .,, jj ALL OUR
fi      ���Jxtft-' '< ���* ��
��    ^A   *" I
'tt ^-, ij ..
'iA, !fi ���* 1
���  -       1-1
iWomen^-Rain Goats.
-,    t,r , " i^t >   't ; v'm *evt ��� -i-    * ���   �������'��� >'i
I*1* ^J  * ***4*     ^ f,* ^
'Wt^O nij vrt
^VThelstbre'^'^ploBed. from Saturday
night till after the Holidays for stock-taking
:w ���
-,'.��    !Revelstoke.\^f   A?
���cs-Thanks ^mainly, .to-'Cthe 'efforts of
Alderman .Lewis, the Undeiwriters
Association has granted, Revelstoke a
substantial reduction in fne pre-
raiumB, ranging from 10 pei cent to
25 per cent, on former rates. fAs* m-
stances of the reductions, the rate on
dwellings in.the'city*-is brofignTdowu
from $1 to 75 cents, and'on the, block
on the west side of McKen/ie Avenue
north of*-'Front Street the rebate is
85 cents per hundred*** Alderman
Lewis took Jthe ^matter up ^with ^the
underwriters some months ago, spending about a week at Vancouver urging
his plea for lower rates for" this city on
the ground of improv ed water supply
and fire brigade service and equipment, and is to b<? congratulated on
tlie result of Ins eftorts '      '���!''>
-y There will be a meeting of the
Hockey Club on Tuesday, Dec. 26th,
���hYthe city hall. It is important that
all who are interested in getting winter games etaited should ^be present
promptly at 8 o'clock.
-Don't Buy Smokers Supplies
at'stores that handle them only for
the Holiday Trade, you get cheap inferior goods at exorbiant prices that
are not appreciated by the receivers
We have the laigest stock of ^Smokers
Supplies in the Interior to choose
from, at prices that make them sell.
Xadiea day every Friday till the New
Year, Brown's Cigar Store,
'   j       1 * ?   -< fl     Irr'  ^   i    > tp 1^ fofes'*
j From Our>Own* Correspondent rt^j/K
Mia'-'Moftat, who hasM been suffeiing"
faom"a giovvth^onT'lier hp,,fias gone'to
VictoiiaTito consultfaaspecialist.a^ * ri
"-"Miss Mebins'*' our^school? teachei,
has gonV'on"a visit* to heifhome 'at
Nanaimo^i'-i'M-^y��!*^,r' �� SaJ'ti, > ,.
i Miss Constance Brett is1 home fiomr
college for the>holidays. ^ , 5. > J5 a
(trW. N -Poole leceived a % message
'stating'ttliat 4his rb'rother i'was (veiy ill
at" Fei me, ^and he, hasj gone, there ^.to
see him ,'j ^ t ^"^A-r^ \ :
���-vThe Dramatic Club,gavef"arveiyjsuc;
ce'sful-^peiformance   pf f "The" -filan
, |.r    1 * .'*t ~   *.   'j.1*1-        .'T.'V,
IromTBoineo."^' ^ *?��.t ��"V
��y John "Hector, the .genial propnetoi
of the5,Giand Hotel, has sold"out his
business to M_ McCai thy, of Roseberiy,
who will take1, possession about Janu-
1  u)     *���    if,       l z-        - k��   >'   tf1
ary'lst    We are sorry to -see; Mi
!     ��� ������*     ii.     ^ ( .    '
Hectoi leave us, as he has always been
-   v~ ,<  *- ,*w     t  ,**- *
a good citizen, but wherever Jie goes
we^wish him every success    r it ,
" ]Mr.l and Mrs   James'Clemens and
family "have^ left on  afl trip tto" Mr
Clemens' old home in the East. "They
expect to be gone for a few^months
vMr.* Fred tvV[erisley,''who has been
bfalseman on the freight Here for some
years, has'been'transfened'to Nelson
The^Polmatier Sisters gave, one "of
the best Tnuisicil 'conceits ever heaid
in Nakusp, Find'fchould  they 'return
'againfthey will belissuied of a bumper
house'   s n   *���   . 1 "        ->��
V" f. 1
^.     'vtiom oui own coucspomlcnt
The entertainment��given last F11-
day^1 night by the Polmatier Sisteis
wasjdecidedly the best that 'has yet
been given 111 Arrowhead      , ,t
'A nnmbei of \oung people attended
the dance (Tuesday evening' and all
repoit a jolly time ���
Geo Sumner, of Camborne," visited
Arrowhead this week
���^Mrs.-*- Stevens ,was , 111  Revelstoke
Thuisday      - '
School closed foi the hohdajs Tn-
day. Many of the paients and fnends
attended the closing exercises The
workjdone by the pupils reflects much
ciediton Miss Brown, oui teacher.
* Mr Wmters.of Cloyne, Ont, ainved
this week     He  is inteiested 111 lum-
benng 111 B C ' * ,
^ ~&- ,
Grip Quickly  Knocked Out.
i," Some weeks ago dining the seveie
vvintei weather both my wife and
myself contiacted seveie colds, which
speedily developed into the vvoist kind
of la gtippe with all its miseiable sym-
tonis," says Mr J. J Egleston, of
Maple Landing, Towa " Knees and
joints aching, muscles sore, head
stopped up, eyos xnd no&e 1 mining,
with alteintte spells of chills and
fevei We began using Chamberlain's
Cough "Remedy, aiding the same with
a dose of ChambeiIain's Stomach and
Liver_Tablets, and by its liberal use
sf on completely knocked out the grip "
These Tablets promote a healthy action
of the bowels, liver, and kidnevs, which
is always beneficial when the system
is attacked by a cold or attack o�� the
grip    For sale by all druggists,
Januaiy 1st is the date of the
Woodmen's onteitainment and dance.
Remember it.
> / l'     t 1; ���*
. A." D1" Wheelei, of the Topogr iphical
Survey, has7 issued an appeal foi support in forming a Canailnn Alpine
Club.   He says ���,      (     v
f2" You have'doubtless hetrd of "'J;he
Canadian^ Alps" iThey 'cover tbe
largest pait of British Columbii, md
a oonsideiable poition of'the'PaovitiPo
of 'AlbeitaS''As eaily tis 1884 lecoulcd
climbs have been made in'tlie-ie mountain ranges ' The advent of'the Cana
dian1 Pacific Rulway 111* 1885 tlnoiv
open to tlic vvoild this v ist'holil ol
Alpine reseaich and recication Since
then inost,of theacccssiblopeiks along
tl}o**Imo ofjiiulwxy linve licon con-
rfueicd? and many that* h& a long
way/distant' upon cithei  side   tit is
1 y 1       * '
neveithelcs8  a, factJ that  tho   itgion
e\ploied and known is  small as compared with that  winch���is almost unknown and as ypt buely touched
rT , 1 * i
" In looking ovei the list of lccoided
climbs"'the  names of ...Canadians'aie
itti,   * ���>  ���*        u   1 . iX.   *��� i    3.     1 *-
chiefly-conspicuous by'then absence
It would seem that-.we are not,yet
fully alive to the glonous hentage of
sn'dw-clad'peakj, sluninggla'cieis^ daik
blue forests .iiid'nibhing^smountain
tonents > found ^111 t-this enchanted
wondeiland of crags aiidicaiiyons that
we j possess���a v poshessipn* that1- is
aheady'pioving,'and will piorve a
ventable and inexhaustible gold mine
~ i/'A The, eves of the world are upon
Canada" She ife piepiring to take hei
place among the nations of(the eaith
Why then should she be behind in the
e ...      *    [ 1 1      > ' I {I        -l
mattei  of .an Alpitie Club to exploit
hei own Alps ' ��� ( * f    ,', v  - ,- ^,���
" In 1903 the American Alpine Club,
-1 * 1 j 1 t < *,   %        i    ���
was   foi med,    with,)  headquaiteiswit
1, r J^t L* H
1      *
We have opfned up some very nice lines in
    '<[ (''JEM1 <    /��!
" /��   " j-"jot
"i-tv v.
'Our'Grocery Stock is as usual we'll'to the front.
INew Nujs Fruits; Peels,,and Finnan Haddie
/   r*
7 V T-
A great business .doing in Stoves,7 Pipes,-Elb'ows and;
'Cooking Utensils in1 granite; copper ,& Tinware..'/
il the club<afe 'The scientific cv
ploration; and- study ��vof -the lughei.
mountain elevations and of the legions
lying vv ithiu oiu about the'Aictic and
Antarctic Circles , the~cultivation of
the ^mountain Icraft ,-the promotion
and   dissemination  of knowledge, ie-
*     .  WJ,1,   .-       >*��� -��� fr *,    -* .      '  ,       ,    ,'
gardmg the regions above/indicated
It shall forjUts-ipiimary iwoik under
take'the study and'elucidation 'of the
mountains "of all Ameiica, gatheiing
loathe facts and phenomena -3pei taming to them,'and*sliall at 'the? earliest
time piacticable publish a systematic
illustrated woik on these ^mountains
to.the end of presenting a complete
nionogiaph of the Alpine Mountains
of the Westeiii 'Hemisphere ' "'    ** v
$ * 1
^Peisons eligible for active membei-
sinp^aie ��� _.      h   ' Lf -
'Ja.) Those who have maae the ascent
of, one ,or moieS mountamc elevations
which aie consideied " acceptable " to
1 -.   Kt - \.   v
the Boaid of Dnectors j- No mountain
will be^allovved in this 'category-.which
does not' attain_ an~ altitudS of 2,000
feet aboveHhe'silOw line of its "legion. ,
lets) Those who have conducted ex-
j-x * it, <��� ���     i t
ploration in the Aictic and Antarctic.
tra'cts1, or contribiited'substantially to
a'knowledge of the natural^phenomena
of those legions and of the legions of
high mount tin elevations  ^t   j-
(0) Those who .ucfengaged in special
study of lecent glacial phenomena
Celebrate Christmas Festival.
jTheie was a laigo attendance at "the
Salv ition Aimy Hall Thuisday night
on the occision of the Salvation Aimy
holding then Clnistmas Tiec , E
Adan pie&ided and the piogianime including the following items Eeci
tation 'Peace on Eaith" by Ruby
Berger, lccitation "band Clans" by
Willie Gove, lccitation by Dora Smith
reading by Fanny Whitehouse, solo by
Tilly Lund, dumb bell tc\cicises by
eight guls, lecitations by Misses 12
and Annie Donaldson, recitation b*>
Oscar iTanson, and the piece "God is
Love" was sung by nine gills*, rcci
tations by Willie aad Maggie Galli-
cano, flag dull by Lama Tolmson,
Lillian J'ettipiece, Kuby Bcigei, Edna
Coison, May Aiitlion*,, Magtie ^Galli-
cano, i.Maiy l'aitons, lecitations by
Douglas Jledstrom, Lillian Pettipieco,
dialogue by Geo Woodland and Fred
McMahon, solo by Capt Mooie, lecitations by the .Muses Donaldson,
lecitations by G"o Woodland, .Tcnnie
Blaine, Carman Smith, Inez Mitchell,
Chi lstiiias^exeicises by 'elev en -girls,
Myitle" Lniclmaik, ltita Caddcn, Lillian Pettipieco, May Anthony, Eva
Gove, E. Tuicott, Maggie Gallican6,
I. Mitchell, Kuby Borgei, Ni:dna Corson and Edith Anthony dialogue by
Cecil Corson, Alice Bloomfield, ArThur
Robinson, May Field, Walter Robinson, Mary Parsons and Edith Anthony.
You can club  the Pacific "Poultry-'
man and  Kooilnay  Mail (for $2 25
for the year 1906.   Apply at Kootenay Mail oflice. -    ,,.,       '
* ' 1  1
��� {
���ft v r i-fl* Gil
,  ?        -yy> i'  - X   ,  1*^   fuL
' I -      ,�� ���,��l",ii'l
,e- s-'   fei 5}J
r. /i C ��   i^i*
��</��� jj<-iv 1.1   '   *i* (V .'
i* -   ��,'f > vL^'|
  ^        j-;,   ,.'i        ' 4\,<���* /1 'Wli
u J3ROS. -, ^ % ^y? $S0t
,1 '
>. ��� f
.<��� J
v*        *
"       'V
���3' -tl
It *
I '
i )f, r
*  *''Cf
li-.t <
��,-   -
.si"   v,
./*{-. >��� Fit-Reform Slo. and ��18. Overcoats arey
' wonders at the pi ices. ~'
1.       L ���*'
,.   t
Tlie'c styles���the��t6ne-^tlie"materials-i->
the colorings-i-are the biggest inonej-'s worthVr-
~^\'.     -��*!-.   ''���1'**.   *   '\. ��'       ^.     ' < .-">���'
that Fit-Reform" has, ever., shown at 'these --
t> 1
.^popular prices.
���7 /���
t ^ s
.   '���*-
. I"
i--   >' There!s*nor 'question'/aboiit 'Fit-Reform-t
^setting, the ^standard.of *-values, 7 m
i,Ui*, ^&*'>  r-'j^i-   i-j-{    xy    ���    , J\
���\iustr. asVrFit-Reforui^sets *th'e .
' standard of-fine'tailoring.,- �����'" , u
/! >2 &V.'-",: f* �����   ^.j*   _*���*.-?.',."      ''r.-'t"*w,^tS
tt    tFit-Reformr Overcoats.^ ��12.^
K to $30
? , x*.^ fKj *.��   H , sc, rJj ��^ci
n  '   '5,
i>   ~ >,   *1>Vr<,vl'
^ '4
'-c^fi-^j  ��r- ,el"i
'��.-<     _, .J"  i Si3..'���ST
4^I  ���<-'*'^'>T,   'tffVr
!,,!!lS"''l<.w-  A%-Ti,
Jif G. lMacdonaldii Revelstoke.:;\ ^ ^;CS*9fei
-  ������ ��      iv   -   1 " - 7 _�� L���L���^A* **t        ^^'4w
' i"\ SCS
*'���;-THE^MOLSONS -BANK , ,y,
1     r Incorporated'by Act of Parliament, 1855 u __      x      ^ ��r��        '
'     ./HEAD.OFFICE,*    J,  t=   ^  'i -'i:        MONTREAL.   ?
I Wii ,Molson MacphersoiC Prea.   c'"1,.' S. H. Ewing, yice;Pres?_" \
James Elliot, General? Manager. '   * -*- '.���
i     Capital,paid up, $3,000M0]    *'
i Reserve, $3,000,000 ;   5
Eveiything in way of banking business transacted without un- '
necessaiy delay. *       ,, , ^ i
Interest credited twice a year at current .rates^on Savings^Bank u
deposits," ' ' l    "- ���  J    J~
'J   *
W   H   PRATT, Manager,
' Revelstoke, B. C. *. '
*���!�� U -
i v.
^  H
y- r1'.
< *r '* "
v r *ii ^. |
Everything a gentleman wants in theiine of tailoring.  V "" ( *
.- ^%^<^Our-'St6ck^��new-ahdup-to date.   ""'^-    --.��.--
1 Pressing and cleaning promptly, attended to.*    '""
V * 4 *
������     �����   . v  ���
1    1 ,!
First Street, Opposite Union Hotel, Revelstoke.,
i ^ ���-  '
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and     u
Cigars     Rates $i a da>  , Monthly rate.   *
iDonsr'ir i
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' *^^&*����^S2=��Sg>��-#ig*  -.cja ^1F*1������ {**<* +  " '*W wf '  ' 17-* ���������" m   +*V$  PC  l-feW  tj^  'I   f  ^^.^nw.  /',   ������HI  THE KOOTENAY MAIL  k^*  ������be 1fcootena\> flDail  iI'UBLISHKP   SATURDAY.  ' ��������� \T���������  ' 'EEVELSTOKE, B.C.,  SUBSCRIPTION   RATES  Including postage to Engl md. United States  ,        '    mid Canada i  Brlhe vear[through po-.lofllcc] ������200  Halt       "        ,"        '      ' 1r"  Quarter " ' .'   ,' . to  Including Glii-intinos Mail jOc extra.  , ADVERTISING   RATES  ft   Measurement.  Noiipanel [12  linos make oiio  '   inchl.    Preferred  portions   2o per cent  ,      . additional.   Birth-. Marriages .md Deaths.  il,   ' '50c   each  in'-trtion     All  luhertueiiicnt-,  subject to tbe appro*, .il of the management.  Wanted and Condensed Ad-.citisenicntA ���������  Agents Wanted. Help Wanted, Situations  wanted. -Situations     Vacant,    Teachers  Wanted, Mechanic-, Wanted, 10'words or  r   ,     <j less 25c. each additional "Old tuoccnt*.  ,    c   ',   , Changes in standing ad\uti-,einentH must  oe in by 9 a. m  1 hm sdaj of each t. eck to  ' '     secure good di~uluj     Suinding ad *. rn tising  matter willb' changed mice a month with  r " out   extra   cbuive.     Vo.   inoic fi cement  alterations the time occupiedi in making  f same will be charged at usual rates  ������l '  "I J  in, -  JOB PRINTING proinptlj executed at reason  able rate.-. *���������     , r    * i  TERMS���������Cash   "Subscriptions pajable In ad;  GOKKESPOXDENCK mMted on mattcis of  public inteiest Communications to lull-  tor must be accompanied bi namo of  writer, not necessaillj for publication, hut  as evidence of good faith*- Coiictpondente  Hhould be brief (  We request our numerous readers to  favor us with tholr assistance In  1   making tho KOOTENAY MAIL, tho  ,     most valuabloadvei'tlsing- mocllum  In  tho Kootenays by   giving-, tho  preference    when    maklncr    purchases ,to   those   llrms  who   are  reg-ular advertisers in tho KOOT*  NAY,,   AIL. '  .DB-  M 0 R It I S O N, ���������,  DENTIbT,  l   " Ol-HtB I ,  HE   NEW   LAWRENCE  BLOCK,  , McKeu/ie Aitmio.    ,  1  Ai* i'i  T  E  DWAMA.' HAG GEN,  Mining Engineer,  '     *  (Mem. American Institute Mining Engineers)  ^Canadian Mining Institute)       J"  *-(        '       '   Revelstoke, B. 0. v  1   '   Examination of "and reports on Mineral Pro  ' t    pcrties a Specialts'.  rUGH^S.   CAYLEY,V   --���������"'  c  Banister and Solicitor. - l  OFFICE���������Cornet* of Fust Sticet and  Hl  'Boyle Avenue, ReveIstoke,vB. C  I A. %  HARVEY, McCARTER  "   AND PINK HAM,  -   , BARRISTERS, SOLICITORS, ETC. "  OKKiCi.8 : v Imperial   Bank  Block,   Revm.-  ' BTOKP, B. C. r '  Money to loan.    Offices: Revelstoke, B. C; Fort Steele, B C.  Geo S. McCarter, ������  A. M   PlnKUAm,        i      J. A; Habvky,  ,, Revelstoke, B. C. ,        Fort Steele, B. C.  "S.  J. M. Scott, LL.B  iCOTT :AND  W I Bnggs  BRIGGS  ���������������*'  w  ���������*(.  r  **."-������  V*  ���������  ll<l  11  >,M  ,  Jt  ff*  J.-1  <-.-������  Barristers, Solicitors, Etc  *',>������Money to Loan "  \bOLlCITORS TOR MOLSONS BANK  First Street.   ,    -   - Kevelstoke, B.C.  ZbeMooteiimflbtiil  SATURDAY,1-DECEMBER 23, '1905  IjV??  A Merry Christmas and a Happy  New Year. ,^fA ., v - '��������������� ,.  Hon. R. Greenes to be congratulated on his "proposal to have a  thorough survey made of the province, i . This v is .one of -the most  necessary public works that could  be taken in'hand.-  The Board1" of Trade has been'  achieving.some good results of late.  To them is due the credit of getting  the'C. P. R. Telegraph office on  McKenzie Avenue, which jvill be a  great convenience.^ On their representations also the Dominion Express Company are putting in a  telephone service at the new  station. These conveniences will  .be a"great boon to the business  community and we should like to  see every ^business man show his  appreciation of the Board by becoming^ member.  OURSELVES. ������  This is the last issue of the Koor-  ena.y Mail under its old auspices  and after the beginning of the New  Year it will appear in conjunction  with the'Herald, .being published  twice weekl}*���������on Wednesday and  Saturday. The experiences of the  past)ear have shown there is not  room for two newspaper and printing offices in Revelstoke and allow  two ofiices to carry on a legitimate  business, and the amalgamation is  the result of experience forcing  both offices 10 consider their business interesti. Most of the business men of the city are interested  in the new company, which has  been formed to amalgamate the  two papers. This company will be  known as the Interior Publishing  Company. We have to . thank  those who ha\e hitherto accorded  their support to the Mail and  assure them that under the new  auspices the office will still appreciate their support and seek to  deserve it.  SUNDAY OBSERVANCE.  Nelion New-. r  We have lead \. ltli very great pleasure a commimicition by tlie Ro\.(II  S. Akelmist to the " Kamloops fetan-  daul," dealing with tlic subject of  Sunday obbei wince in geneial and the  proposed Loid's Day Alliance in  paiticulai Mi Akehuist writes with  commendable fi an kuess, and wetiust  that his example will be widely followed by theclcigy thiouglioutBiitish  Columbia. The Dominion Government and the Parliament of Canada  should be given to undeiatand cleaily  and unequivocally that the legislation  proposed by the Loid's Day Alliance  iacntiielyat \aiiance with the con  ceptions of liberty and justice held by  the great mass of the people of this  countiy. Rev Mi. Akeh'uist's timely  letter reads as follows .���������  "To the Editoi of tlie ' Standaid '  "Deaibn,���������Theie have been sent  to ine,foims of petitions to the Senate  and Commons of Canada seeking the  enactment ,of legislation on Sunday  obseivance May I be pei nutted space  in youi papei in winch to"e\plnin why  1 am unable to sign these or canvass  foi signatuics. Those petitions must  be,,taken in connection with tlie  enacting clauses of the law which the  Dominion Loi'd's Day Alliance is  stienuously advocating. These peti  tiona, beside making illegnl-the Suu  day indulgence in many innocent  recreations, willdepiive many woikiug  people (of the only oppoitunily they  now. enjoy of spending a few hours in  the healthful open aii of the countiy,'  and so escaping foi a shoit spell the  soul-deadening sunoundmgs of theii  daily life. ^This act will not, prevent  the rich fiom using their own car-,  nages, boats and other conveyances,  or froWeinploying their domestic ser-  \ants on the Lord's day, but the poor,  who cannot afloid isuch. possessions,  and;have few, if any, oppoitunities  other than Sunday'of using public  conveyances for pleasuie, will be debarred from doing so on that "day.  Must .we conclude that hired seivice is  foi the rich a necessity," but for the  pooi a deseciation of the Sabbath '  Is it just to refuse a public concession  of those kinds of recreation t to, the  poor which the nch ,have long taken  without hesitation ">x Above all, is it  i j,        *  just to multiply lestrictions and re-  qunements beyond what is essential,  when we know that men so hemmed  in break the artificial bainers, and in  bo doing with a sense of guilt become  hardened and Jpiepaied to' transgiess  commandments of divine and eternal  obligation. Let us in all lawful and  expedient ways tiy to ensure to e\eiy  nian his w'eekty day' of 'rest, 'though  that ma\ not in all cases.oi o*n all  occasions coincide^ with the ������������������Sunday  Bj' all means lawful let us tiy tolcad  men to what we believe a right observance of that day.- But1 as Christians  we have no right to go further than  St. Paul did when ' one nian esteemed  one "day above another,' while 'another  esteemed eveiy day alike,' the apostle  only said, ' Let eveiy man be fully  persuaded m his own mind.'  " Much of.the work of the L. D. A  is ,commendable, but their proposed  law in its present foim seems'neither  advisable nor just, and to sign their  petitions, though very geneial in form,  would signify appioval of the law.  " Thanking-you for your courtesy,  ' " Yours truly,  ��������� - H. S. AKEHURST "  RAIL AND STEAMER.  The C. P 'II and Gie'at Northern  eaph announce they will build to  Princeton. ���������> s- ���������>  The C P P has notified twenty-  three union clencal employees in the  stores and mechanical accounts depart at Wmnipc8 that theii services  will be no longer lequired. The  offices are being tiansferred to Monti eal The cleiks aie members of the  Biotheihood of Railway Storemen.  Train robbeis held up a Great  Northern train on Saturday and blew  open the safes of the evpress cai.  The C P. 11 roundhouse at Revelstoke will be considerably enlarged  next spring.  It is stated 60 men are to be put on  tlie grading of the fvootenay Central  south from Golden  Supt. Kilpatnck resumed his duties  this week.  LUMBERING.  Revelstoke Sawmill Company's  Mill.      ���������  Thanks to the energy displayed by  the Piesident of the Revelstoke, Sawmill Company, C. F. Lindmark, splendid piogiess in being made with' the  consti uction of the new building for  the Company's mill at the Big Eddy.  The building has been loofed in with  galvanised iion and is a compactly  arianged and imposing looking stiuc-  tuie. The machinery is now aniving,  the band mill and othei paits having  ariived this week and aie being put in  position. Two, boilers have been se^  and the other two are expected in  daily. k The boilei house being of  buck and iron will make the'mill one  of the safest from fire in the province.  Two Jack laddeis aie being built���������one  foi handling the logs> as they come  into the boom and aie dumped on the  bank, and the <othei to supply the  mill The foimei will bo operated by  a special engine andv> will prove an  economic   and   effective    means    of  handling logs.   Mi. Kendall, the millet -*   *  wught'in charge of electing the  mill,  is making a splendid job" of it.     The  company have about (!0 men employed  in their logging camp and twenty-five  men employed in mill construction.  A "dam is  bejngf built on another  stieam which, withjihe former source  of supply, will give * the, mill  an ex>  cellent  high-piessure   water    ������upply  both foi boiler feed and * as an extra  precaution in case of fire.    The new  mill will be a credit to, the  and to the district.    '  Kootenay liOdfirc No. 15 A F, & A M.  The reguliir meet-  iiitn- uru held in thu  Moronic Temple,  JcidFellowK Hall,on  I h( third Mondd) in  iwcli month at 8  p m yVihltinij broth  ion   coidnUl)  coined  C. A. PROOUNIKIt, Si-cuktaky.  wel  SELKIRK LODGE, NO 13,1.0. O. F.  Moots overyThursda������-  evening InOddFcllows  Hall at IS o'olook  Visiting brethren cor  dially Invited to at  (   ' s      tend.    ,   v.' (  C D   PALMER, N.G.    ,      J. MATHIE, Skc  owners  -J  CURLING.  v   At a meeting oE the curling club  Tuesday the"committee reported that  forty,., names   had' been secured   for  i ii j        ' t-  membership...      / _, t r    <-  The rink company made the club  an offer to supply two sheets of curling ice for $250,' which was accepted.  The'caretaker of the, rink will be under contiol of J. H. Jackson, who was  appointed an ice committee.     ���������  The election of skips resulted "as follows \\. A. Stuidy, J. A. Dallas,1 T.  J./Graham; Hi A. Biown.'G-.'s/Mc-  Carter, F. B. Lewis, W. A. Foote, A."  McRae, D.'M. Eae, A. E. Phipp's, J. H.  H. Jackson. '   , "    i      '   _ " '  1 A Certain Cure for Croup. .  When a child shows symtoms 'of  croup theie is no time to experiment  with new lemedies, no v matter how  highly^they may" be recommended.  There lis 'one - pieparation that can  aWays be depended Kupon. It has  been in use for many years, .and has  never kbeen known to fail, vuj Chamberlain's Cough Bemedy . .Mi. M. F.  Compton, of Market, Texas, says of  it . "I have used Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy in cases of croup with  my children, and can tiuthfully say  it always gives prompt relief." For  sale by all druggists.  All our Xaias presents are useful.  We have a laige variety at prices to  suit all puises.���������Lawrence Hardware  Company.  Happy at Last  ftaauun* TMtcIem Beater Cm* BtaB.  l^ubdf ������*/i: "Fee Jke iM llm  y nocc I bwr* hm ntnict I^mb  ml mnuat  CJUM ot hkt  tpe^Kui tyhct arrbat-  ttmiiwi bnNvnosc I c^ *^  U Urn ia ia tea taiboi.  I tbm ptihll tTtataaaot  > nd aMe it imit^j. \ tt n  ���������nlaM, ->ad l caaact nffie-  ttaUr ������te*yw farthe Hw A  c%eitta>lM|h ������������������ or  Cp<M> Parirafli**   nnd pamphlet pi\ hip full ^  fflw.  I Ut/Iiayv   particulars, testimomils  and price sent in plain seiled cn\ elope.   Cor- .  respondence sacredly cnufidential    Address:  THE SAMARIA  REMEDY ,CO., 68 -Jordan *  Chambers, Jordan St., Toronto, Canada.       ���������    ���������  USB  An Emergency Medicine.  For sprains, bruises, burns, scalds,  and similar injuries there is nothing  so good aa Chamberlain's Pain Balm  It soothes tbe wound, and not only  gives instant relief from pain, but  causes the parts to heal in about one-  third the time required by the usual  treatment.    Sold by all druggists.  and a Union Made Cigar.  " KURTZS OWN"  " KURTZS PIONEERS "  " SPANISH BLOSSOMS "  You  finish one with  regret tand  begin another with pleasure.  For sale by all good dealers.    ���������  MANUFACTURED BY  KURTZ'S   PIONEER   CICAR  FACTORY.  M8, Cordover St., W.  VANCOUVER,   B.C.  LECKIE BOOTS'   'u/'   V  :DEFY THE  ROUGHEST USAGE.  -  - *���������    ,  . They are the staunch friend!  [rof the logger,'prospector and'  miner, and  the arch ^enemy  of the custom shoemaker.  LECKIE BOOTS can * be  relied upon to stand the  severest strain that' shoe-  leather is ever put to. -They,  never go back on a pros-  .pector 'or "miner when far  from the busy haunts pf men.  How much LECKIE  BOOTS, will save you we  cannot, say ; we do know,  however, that they will wear  twice as long as some boots  and a great deal longer than  most boots.  Ask for Leckie Boots ; your  dealer has them, or can  secure them for you.  MANUFACTURED  BY  J.   LECKIE   CO.,   Ltd.,  VANCOUVER, B.C..  </rn&ns  1   V1  y.C' i������f&i  '\  1 1'  vl  '���������f  r.-il  ij-A  .TV-*;   ���������������������������' It  OOEAN   STEAMSHIPS;  oyal Mall Linen.   .  Cheapest Route to tbe Old Country.  ���������       ALLAN LINE-  Victorlan ...'..  Bavm laii  Virginian  Tunisian  Victorian  From Montreal.  .     . '     Sept. 29   Oct 0   *..    ... Oct. 13   Oct. 20  Oct. 29  .Sept. 28  , ..Oct. 12  ���������Oct. ID  .Sept. 21  CAN. PAC. ATLANTIC 3. S.-Krom Montreal  Lake Cliaiiiplani .   ' ' ",  LuLe Erie  LaLe Maiutobu  ,  DOMINION LINK-*'rom Montreal.  Dominion '. /    ..'A.':.  OtUiwa ... . : : .,.    . Sept. SO  KeiihiiiKton       ... , . . .Oct. 7  Canada        Oct. 14  Soulhuaid "'"      Oct. 21  Dominion .   ...1   ..      ���������        ,    . .     .Oct.'28  ', AMERICAN LlNK-Fi-om Now York., ,.'  St. Paul . .' . Sept'.'S������  New York. .   -.     - .' *..      Oct.'7  St Louis   ... . ..   .Oet. U  Philadelphia Oct. 21  St. Paul Oct.28  ^WHIfE STAR LINK-lfrom New York. ,  Teutonio \'...J~ '"...'".. .'.. ' A'\ " Sept. 29  Oceanic"     ..'.     ...".'   . *..:..Oct. i  Mnjeatic.        <   '     .   ���������     "      ".. .!,v-Octm  Baltic ...  Oct. 18  Toutonlc       . . .   .l.     . Oct. 27  ''> j CUNARD LINE-Krom New.York.*;   *,  Etruria' ���������<���������."'..'?.*:   :   ':.:f.':.sopt.'so  Campania         ...     .*~     ...Oct. 1  Umbna    .'. Oct'1  Laconm..'    .. .' c    .r..' Oct.   4  Elruna ... ." '.      r.   .  * .*    .*%...'-...Oot.' 7  Passengers ticketed through to all..parti of  Great Britain and Ireland, and at specially low  rateflto all parts of the European continent.  Apply to nearest railway or Bteamship agent or  to,i Jn -������m -- l - j- -;-  T. Vr." BRADSHAW. Agent. Bo eUtoke  W. P. F'OUMMINOB,  Paolflo'. ARent  yOheFall-  Showing -oi^yj    ,o  ancy Mates  >  ' 'i     ,      ���������-. ��������� ;*- -~t" ;��������� * *.." % fi y.  I;' Never in tHe, history of this  store^have we shown so^many.'  styles of : fancy ^plates1' or ?sol  many pretty designs-"costing  little., ^ -   ���������     -     ,..'<-  6| In fact tome of them cost-so abuuw  little'that you - can indulge yourself wiuv*  out extravagance.      ��������� > *     "> '������"  *5 And.then, you needn't be afraid of  breaking them. A  ���������Q The prices don't begin to correspond  to their real value., , f '  ���������I In dozens orisingle pieces. ���������-���������  'Q Then there are the^nner grades, sold  in dozens only, made" by potters���������to  ; European royalty. ,You 11 manage to own  some of handsome new patterns, we dare  say.  .f *  ^YOUR CREDIT IS:jGOGD^F0R  -VI  ������l  B. H(MSQUmrOQ'B  t r ������ -fi  ��������� PICTURE  * FRAMINO  FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND RM6ALMEHS. .  b.BD������mBA&am  9  'h  ���������*rv|  ' f j  Wholesale and Retail  i*jti'  1^  V  f'Vi������l  ' i ������i t. r������. f.- ���������������.  tj.'j/lj/'r  . rAk  ti it  Meat MercHants.  fini  Head Offlce.CAbattoir and'Oold^Storajge: ,-">>'  fr1!W*-y Calgary,4 Alberta  i^r  r  v-^&Vj - ������,?f  reVeiistidke; md.  y'xr  'tfmi * i  'iV-f  Newly built,  .. ABRAHAMSON. BROS.,  PROPRIBTOR8.  '  , i   -������>.    ������������������ 'i'  'f i   11   r ������������������ u*. . ", " J (?        ������-f. v*  . *" First-class in every respect. ���������  All-moaei  a  r &  'ff*  ''51  . .. ,. tn"-i-'-'->-i^r':-,'A A-1,  every respect.������ All-modern ^conveniences  "hAi r^ "  - _- -��������� *' C Large Sample'RoomB."'''1''^'      ^\    -"* '  Queen'syHotel, -Trout-Lake^under'SsameKmanagement   '?  - '-'\\> /   ~y  y,������\  (i-"t ' *^^ -  iff  ?���������/���������  tht   ���������"-'lie''-   '"^  -~   'rJJBf ><���������������   j^   l ' ' '  ItBIJ- ���������-''" ft ^-Hl     ���������-   ' i  5,11  bi  ,C1  ni  . a  I  c  HOME  HOTEL  "SifCLUB FURNISHERS  Victoria;^.-c. - -':���������,  Victorious Through Merit.  ��������� " OXYDONOR triumph* through merit���������for yeBrs  '    it'lias been tne lifo'guard ofrmoro than ������-milllon  ^persons.    It is the embodiment of the highest'law  ���������,fenown to human sclenoo.   In it ls concentrated; the  '.fc  4  X'1  -n'  ntl iMmiMOBTcit*?B irtv tn nn  o-cperience. of the KreAtest-telentist of lho age."; A  51������Dor of love for humanity. '^  ���������������  *    ,   i  ������-m  No other agency for health has to many faithful  friends���������none other deserves bo many.   _       ��������� _*-  ^y OXYOONORinstlls new life into the system; regoner-     ^  I'ates, reinviKorates and ritalieea avery organ into the.^ 'AA  y   '  *- . proper discharge of the function for which Nature   - s  intended them. ~Its use brings vigorous health with all the vigorous activity that makes life--''' y,  worth living." ^ ,        , -      ���������      *   .    t  \ ,,������    ^ -   "  \ %      .  -   _,     -      <���������'  No matter whnt disease you havo, this is the only natural cure for it. LThere is no 'danger.    ' ?r  no pain, no doctor nor medicino in uiing OXYDONOR. '->   "~    '  -*" '      t"   -".*,- --- 4~  It.will liibt a lifetime and servo the whole family. rSKND TO-DAY for book 40 mailed free,,.   A  Write us a description of your cose.\ > _   .-JiV, i���������'-,l;'-������ 1"'.. -   ,',���������������- .1 > ^--j '*      '.-,<>'* --fJ *m~ v  .syi. -   _ .   INFUVMMAXQRY., RHEUMATISM.   '        -      "   ' ~     "&  -   |  ** <A    -_rpn..  OxydOnor for his sister. t '*   "_ -     ~   i     ���������* t. ���������^_  "A short timp ago my wife had an attack of inflammatory rheumatlom. Sho could not walk  and hor joints were much swollen.   Sho applied Oxydnnor, nnd before night the pain had  ceased, and ne-^t morning there was very little swelling, and she could walk as well as ever.  She had a similnr attack before,v,e got Oxydonor, and was under a doctor's,care for a month, >*  and suffered agonies." r ,> - y?:,,    ,*C p   ,J i,.-1' i,'fjjf-       .���������"*,o!>T J-'   '  It has cured mo of a severe cold. "���������    '"     '*i.-i,-      i*-r"''        "'   *���������-       -j   -,r-y    a  ���������tBEWARE.OF, DANGEROUS AND-FRAUDULENT IMITATIONS,' ������   The genuine has the name of "Dr. H. Sanchejc Co.," plainly, stamped on its metal parts.    .  Dp.(H. SANCHE 6c Co., :'2267 St." OATHBRINB ST., MONTREAL.  '  McKenzie  and   . .  artin  Crown  oap  And save Wiaiipera for Premiums  ROYAL CROWN SOAP 1ms no equal  on the maiket Drop uh n c.ird and  v>e will mail you ,i caUlognc llliiHtrat-  ing tlio bcnutiful picnmims ive oflcr.  The Royal Soap Co.,  Vancouver, B. C.  Limited  It ahatiU ba borne la mi*A thst  every eal-S wsakea������ the Untgs, lowers tl&o vitality krA jpxvpsnv Hk  tyttest for tbe man settees 4b-  e������se������, tmong tvUch are tha two  greatest deatrorera ������f faqawa Hfa,  pseomoaia aa<I t&tianuipUom.  s  Cough Remedy  h*������-n*oa ha freat poftoiatity hy Hs  proinj* enrea of tils moat ecnuaon  ailmott It aida eapecfawtfaa, n-  liave* tfe* haira aad oyaaa tka  aecrctiaaa, eflocUag a ty*'*r a������4  persuM-at cere. H  m*y Ua&tacy toward;  XTOIICK 13 HBIIBBV OIVFN th.it thirty  IN <Inyi iifLorclnto I Intond to npplv- io the  Ifononihlc the Chief Cominliwioner ot fjindi  mid Works for n ���������'pecial liccnne to cut and  uirry n������ay llml>flr from the following de-  vprlhcd Im iw In West Kootenay diHtrI(*t>���������  Commcnclnctt a iKwt plnnlcd on Sullivan  Crock marked .M. I'. Brophr, ahoutUio ������nd a  half miles from IU> nioutli. thence ziouth 80  rhaint. thence cn������t ������J cluilni*. thenrc* north  80 clininn, thence wtwt 80 clialrirf to point of  commencement, comtalnlnff 010 acrCM more  or \i"in ,  m. v imopifv,  JleielHtoke, B. C . Nov   M. IDVi.   THE   GROCERS  Dealers  in FRUITS  OF ALL KINDS IN SEASON  Fries ������5c, Uxf Sisc &c.  rpiIIRTY T)A YS .tfter date we intend to np-  I, ply to the Uomml^loocr of lAndA and  \S orlfs for .1 spccl.il liccnv������ to cut and carry  nway timber from thp following rfexcrlbed  Innds:  1. Commencing at a post planted ul the  north exst corner of K. and S. Block 800, and  marked " Rig Bend Lumber Company'-i Southeast Corner Post." thenco north 160 chains,  thence west 10 chains, thcr v south 1C0 chains,  thence cast 10 chnlnn to point of commencement  2. G'ommcncelng at a pout planted about one  mile north fr*m the north-west corner of K.  and S. BIodrgCT. and marked "Big Bond  Lumber Company* South-east Corner Post."  thonrc north 80 chains, thence west 80 chalnfl.  thence south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains  to point of commencement.  I Commencing at n post planted about ono  mile north from the north wost corner of K.  and S Mock 860, and jnnrktd "Big Bond  Lumber Company's Noithenst Comer Poll,'  thence west 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains,  I hence east 80 chains, thenco north 80 chains  to point of commencement.  Bio Uivi> Luunm Companv, Lrri.  Nov 28. 100'!  VernoOi  You can  get  tho  KooTBrrAY Mah,  iind Btisineas  Magazine   at clubbing  rate   oi  if3   per    annum   fur    both  | publications.  vXiAJS'D NOTICE  "VfOTICK IS HKIIKBY GIVKN that sixty  JJN days after date wo Intend to apply to the  Hon. tho Chief CoimnlMionor of .Lands and  Works for pennlwilon to purchase the following  described lands situato in tho itovolstoke DItT-  slor, of Witt, Kootenay Olstrlut Oommonoing  at a post planted on tho Kast Bank of tho  Columbia Hlver about one half mllo north of  the mouth of CurntM Crook, and mnrkod "P.M.  Si D. Co. Ltd. Ly's 8. W. Corner," thenco Kast  sixty chains, thenco North eighty chains,  thenco Wont sixty chains ho tho gqnio moro or  loss to tho Kast Bank of Columbia River,  thenco following tho meandering* of tho  Colnmbla River in a southerly direction to tho  point of commencement, containing '180 acres  moro or loss.  Dated thin 20th day of Soptombor, A.D. 1005.  Tirr. 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The Chatham Incubator  and
jBrooder'has,Wealed a New Era!
m rouljry Raising.
^The^settiiijrHen as a Hatcher
,1; has been proven a Commercial \
Failure.  - -,^0.      Ajy", , ,
THE SET-TING HEN^-Het failures     'TV  '3 W ,U '   ' i   * i, , ��� ��*   j
*����e dtscouragtft many a poultry-raiser.,   ,4l��e Uiatnam Incnbator' and
You,can .makefmoney -   11 Brooder has always .proved, a.
ralslh^IcKlcks in the rldht     ���  "*-'   *      """
way���lots of It. > ���*���"
No.Jl-120 Eg*,    r   f
sj'No. 3��� MOrEggi* j
ra^ CrT/* TIfAM INCUBA TOR���Its
success has encouraged many tomaker,-
more money than they ever thought' i
possible out of chicks.
��  i    No one doubtathat tbero U fnoney in raising   * fi iji.x'"iii   * *"*     a. i V��      * i
__ chiokens with o^ooo Incubatoi andBrooder."  A'JLlBIlt, fleasant and Profit- n '
i    UseHofthoChathaiiilncubatorandBrooder-able'BuSineSS'foP Women-t%
,-   have aU made mon��r.   If you still ding to tho, ����������;���� >ui   vtuiucu      ^  , .        ���    .       r .
*��� old Idea that you can nuccessfully run a poultry 41 'Many- women>nie to-day maklngraiT inde''   I?'      ~     n *   ci        u' ,,
i ' builnossnolnifthehen as a hatcW,--wowould   pendent HMng and putting by jnoney every   tliVery W armer, bllOUldi '   ���   J
tS Vtx��*��30? vkltli you.    ,),?>"��     ,  t,��,   ,month raiblng poultry with a Chatham Iriui,��alai>  Pnnl#rv ��� '
In the first place, we can pro-.* to you that   bator. -n /  ,-��%ma��e  rouury r   ,
sho��MCtlay tffrin'^ttai^ffi.^^^ M>��� time ��' her ', Almost ci u y fiumei "keepshei<1b'ut,whJto
hatohlnrand EoifdlnV win L*2�����?,?,I\���e.,2   disposal can, without any pie\lous expulenccj   be knows Unit lliereisacertainninountofproUt
f!i"WiF..?��!L��V?.?.i5��^ P-" without a tout of tush, begin the Doultrv   In tliubinliie��s o��on when lotting it tdke caro
of itself, feu farmers aro awai-o of how much
the> lucloalng omji> jear by not getting into
the poultiy buslnc-. in such a \mi>- nt, to mako
If van >iinu. �� v.... ������ ���*        ". 7 'A T  *tnrtod with much nilsglviug.oiily to bu tmr-
��.Si 5.:   "���,or.��a?'"ff (thieo.-JNeoks hatUdng   nt otlts cmue to them '' -        v        ,
and tlvo weeks taking caru of tho tlil<kensl.01 A,   "���   i" ��� *
say In the eight weils sb�� would lay at least "��� ",���,?' ,,cour!,el- success depends pn fretting a
tlu-se dozen erg* Lot theOhaUwm Incubator -^rlKht stail Aon must begin light You can
���u the hutohing, while .the has goes on laylnir ,"u*?} niakojaiiy* ton-.lderuble uionej ^us a
oggu y ��������v<.   ���*"*������)""���. ^poultry lulser with hens as lmtchei-s ,   Vou
"   J1' JW1"""*" Booil Incubutoi and Ilroodoi, but
*, I
-r          f^
i              cl
.n         ���
f                  1
" <��
U ���
' beroia a question Iii arithmetic���
If you keop 20 hens from liiylng &A
j        for 8 weeks, hojv muoli cash do j<
,       i-  yotiloioif each iftii would liaro
laid S doren eggs, mid eggs are
worth 14 tents per dozen I    Ans-
real iiiomj out of it ��� - , t i *
,-* Hit ictiing litnii.a hntober will ne\er be a
coiiiuk.ii.Iii1 snot(.*s. iliti buMncss Is to lu>
cggsiuid she --liniild bu kept at It 1 lie onlj
way to raise clilcU foi piolltis to begin light,*
byliibfalliugnt liiitlmiu Intubutoi nnu Ihoodei '
\Mtlisucliu liiiulilnc 5on inn bigln liutchliig
onnlaigoRLHlo at nu> time        �����*- <���  -
�� ou can only gut one crop oil jour Holds in
a >eur, hut with u Chutliuiu Iniiubatoi uml
llioodei uud ordinaly utteiilloii, you can niiho
'1 Tro^:^nc'^ ��r sloppy Neither,vmeaiis cold,''Wet,
^li-et, cluibiains'.anld miseiy/unlessS your 'feet' are pro-/
\ [:< ;ed by ��^3S3��P^^ Lumberman's andrBoots.   (' * '
; ^Weather'an^' waterproof, comfortable, tand made to '
- stand;any,wear."' All styles.     "   il *'      Vj ,
.���. .' !Ae !P5rk %flu#IUon the genuine
��00   i
k.J'.���w.S!,1!f!'l!u"i.��������9 ����� hotter. -Now,? wh ch.perhopsyou.aro not piopared to uiuke   moonei una onllniity utlentlon, you
oir ,!IS.w!.'\nd lhlu U --.,""' wlle!;<) our HpoUal   <hltkons from e��il>  fepiing un{|f^\ Jhttr-uiiii
oirir cornea in        /,     j -;����� hnjeaciop e\oij mouth   Tlhiukof It')  ; Jvi
^ Jlf younio lnJoftincst�� no will sit you up In   .,yuit,e �� fe"  fainieid lin\o dlounutd that
eifirs  mil wn rnw ^i0 P��nI,,,rl' busliiChS wlthout-a'ccnt of cusli4 J,,!,,!1",1f,I{101"0y''! tliepoultrj builnLi>sn;idhu\o
-f5r,i��,?���ieWA5   ou.m jd0*��    If wo weie nntsuro that tho Chatham ''{""ni.thls bianeli of furniingho pwilltnlilo Hint
ti....*s        u     .I1  5,?   ^n'    An,|-?!"w .Incubator and JJroodci ls tho best and that  i,,uy '"il," iiiftiilltU soioiaruimlhuiii Intuba-
incrorore, when th��r Chatham Incnbiiloi <u i with it and a. ranunnnMn ���nm,���,t nf ���H-���..f n��� ItorbuudllioodLiK uftsi l.rvlni' the lllbl
reiiuucs a gieat
ccliulcul kuow-
.   ?--   - ; - -  ( h itliain llKU-
_,, ^ bator and Hioodei     if i.n.Hou uierreiitl) mis '
^      ,   ,        r "p, -  �� j-'   ,        ,   .       I'takon    iom  w!fL oi dituglitei i in atteid to
1/       ",       "''     rffl     "   " <j(tr<htl'<!'u'-chlnoiiiidlook uflti tho'cliickons with '
'     - - '       '��� outjiiiterfuins-nith thelii<.ffiil.u household'
in the wiiolesaie, iKnd^eing'K-iify to'do'tiho
���same thing over again the moment each hatch
i�� otr.,   i        ^ ,
��� i i,onJ: JC" Ihink   thcitfoie. that it pays to
keep tho hens lajing  and lot tlia-Chatham.
,Incubator do tho hatching/ .i'"^-' ��r        i ���
^L'���,Ih?'-e are many   other  rc��sons  why the
y -.}
^ini v .-   reason
^/j^b,^ ������        hatcho
HI' -.   ^ it win
���V     Chatham,Incubator tand. Brooder.xutclassCB t
>  the setting-hen        -''      $> ,>   v     *>v ��    ,5
,<-Tho hen sots when she is leady   The Chat '
,,    ham Incubator is always reidy.   By planningf
~  ,to take off a hatch at the right time, you may
t have plenty of broilers to bell .when broilers *
v are scarco and pi Ices at the.-top notch    If you
depend on the hen, your chicks will grow to
broilers just when every other hen's chicks are
being iimrketed, and when the price Is not so
- etiflr. s, j  -
The hen is a caiclcss mother, often leading her
.1,   chicks amongst w et grass, bushes, and 111 places
>J, where raK can conflseato licryoung .    rjr*     1
���  i: ,lho Chatham Hroodcr, behaves iUelf. is a,
perfect motherland -very rarely loses a chick.1.
'" and ii not infested.,wrath lice -=, -J. �����> r^j) s      -
Altogctiier, there in absolutely no reasonable-
reason for continuing the use of a hen as a
hatchor nnd^e\ery reason  why you should
1 Chatham Incubator and Brooder.,.,, v,   o
are making a \cry special offer, which-
piy jou to investigate t-j-    j- _ j >s "-""
Small Premises Sufficient"   J
iii.gtoi-TO YOUR,STAlIONrt'.,'t}f
fH-itflFREIGHTj'lPREPAID i-n &
' - -'  ���* K     -y 1 1 j * ''   <t���i
For, Poultry Rolslnrf.
You Pay us no Cash
Till A{teril906 Harvest
-   t.vC
f*fc   fcri-*^&ftf-*S\
duties { ���  , , .    ,        , , u.
��� The, market Is alwa>3 good and prices are*
nevoi low "'1 lie demand ib always lit extt-is of
..the supply and at certain times of t he j e u > ou r
lean niaitiiull} get aii> piicc)o\i(iut to iskfor
gowl broilcM    With n Clintham Incubutoi and
Bioodor jou can btartOntchin^ nt the light
time to bung the   chicken*   to   nmiketiiblo
bipIIeiM when tho supplj m ^eI) low nnd the
4 prices iiccordnirl) hlKh - 'Una )OU could ne\er
do with lions as iiatcheit,        ^
r-"��Veknow that thoro is money lu,tl C poultry
^busmeas foi ev ei j 111 inei w ho w ill go about it
right   All jouhait- todois'oga.i Clintham
Incubatoi and Uiooder .uid otait, it   " But per -
~liaps you are not piepared just now to spend 1
the money, alius u,-whyjve miU thosneciali
offer. Ai-i"<hy ���-'i v    - >,va '    - 5 t "
?: s t glSJTHIS; PMR^^% i
1 We know theie i6 money in raising chickens
-Wo know the (Jhath.un Incubutoi and
Brooder has no equal.^?"^,-.-.��, *?*. ^.1*-*-' '-���sti t -
, 1 Wo know that with'any reasonable effort on
jour part, you cannot but make money out of
the Chatham Incubator and Brooder.
Wo know that w e made a similar offer la9t
year and that In every oaie the paj ments w ei e
mot cheerfully and promptly, and that in many,
cases money was^nccompanied by lottery expressing satisfaction.
*'    ���    CHURCHES. .,;,%���
K:*o.\  PuismiiniAN��� Rev. .T   ]i
linbeitBon, I). A , pitbtoi., ThcHervieea
nioiiiing and   evening  will   be
specially in hainiony'vMth the Cliriat
niiia season. The Subbatli'eclibol and
'Bible class nieet^at 2 304pvm.( ^Mo'in-
ing.bubject, "When Jesus was Bom."
Evening,'"Is' Jesus well iknown' to-"
d(tj?��'MSpecial music will be rendered
^','MrTiioDisi Cuunon"--fceimons by
thePastoi^theRev C II. Sutheiland.
Subjects ,a "m-, " Chiibt, the Light of
Man ", , p m., " Chnst, x the 'Light of
Life 'I ^Special, music. ���A M * Anthem ",vOui Holy Lo'id and, King,"
Ghou', Chant, "The Loul'a -Piajei,"
Junior Choir P M Antliem, " Sing,
0, "'Heaveiib "-^'(C f.*Cimpea),i.,Choi^,
Soloi . " Bethleheml" - (Coombs),   M".
-Wing, Chung's /newly "imv "
^ported  stock-.off Chinese .
, and Japanese sfoods1-i'r" if v
'     Tl 1 -'   ��    "* 1
' Ihe bestrassortment ever/
��� rrlfiridcd "in   Revelstoke' of"
'- useful��'and ^tornamental/;
1 articles:
luS^^^cZ^^I^Si^ No/l incubator is *;*&%%&$&t\%&%tt$5��3g%&,
'cl^rjinioia.uc^fiiifand rrontaMe^ultJSiSS." .i^ S!?0^1! 8_a',Bned .1"Ul!"- ^l1"' Er^?���niS.wll�� ">"V"sh t0:^A l0 theiryearlv
day1 of 'a Kirigj; '(Neidhngei), Miss
Mclntjte " ', ��%    , i,s f vi    J      ..,***
hi'iPun k's ^Ciiuncir ��� To-monow
ls^the Fourth Sunday in Advent. "Sei-
vices wril be held as^ usual By j the
rat 8, IT and  7.30 ,*sOi? Christ-
v   TIF-r *>    ft
I     *> Jl<* '
c. 1   'Klowoi Pots /
Uinhrclla Stands^,
"  t*l.unch B.islcets   r>
. SinokiiiB lac'ccts    *
i^ti-inuiieicnicrs-    ,, failk OooiIh.
<" ^ }-J     GOLD,FISH       "- r-    .
feinenl stock of candies and funis 111 town
t' - JW'Front Street,r,Revelstoke
,l flea sol upct
Plates    ,
1   Bahkel s    ,',.
1   Cane Ch ills ' .,
^Handkei chiefs
IMecahnics, Farmers, Sportsmen
1 To heal .md soften the'slcin and^ie-
move gicnse, oil aud'Vust "stums, paint
and eaith, etc , use the ."Mastei; Me-
chanic'skTai Soip~,*Albert Toilet Soap
Cp.n-ianufactuiera i-jftT "f��� J y ,\
We sell good things;
'things that look ex-J
pensive but are not.
-It ijaj^us.to sell good
'things,, it-pays you to
,buy them. ,,.  f   '
You .will; have Christinas Gifts to buy before long.- Why not
- give ^something Z'diff-
'erent'".!. and'"worth,
'���while.",i There is* no'
store,1 Jn .this Great
West ^ better 'able/ to
assist-yoin if you will
but write. .Buying by '|
mil from usas^even
: buying 0 ver^tKe county j
iefat-.some store's.-* <*
As evidence of the new !
'things/, beiil^:* offered^
i Hat1 Pin' flolderevind
M. J. Henry^ ,'
Nurseries and Greenhouses ���
�� v
, #)10 Wi*sliiim��toi Road,  ' ,
VANCOUVER,   -    13. C/
M.iiii Km>ei>-foi  K1111L Slotk���South" ,
V.intoiiv'ei-,   0111-   nnlu south  of'city.
Branches at Vicioim and Alatsqui for    '
Suecli   mid   Nurseiy   Stork  giowing.     '
Jixtia laige plant 1111; foi Fall delivery.'
One year apple, 1 to 0 feet, $10 to $12
pei 100; apple, 2, 3 and i yeais old, $18 >'~
to .s>20 per 100; Maynatd Plum $1 each.
Laige importation of Bulbs fromi -
Japan, Holland and France. * ' ' , '
^lixtia nice choice of Cherry, Peach, J
Plum, Apticota, etc., now growing for ' "
fall oiders. No expense, loss or delay,* ,-.
of fumigation oi inspection..   ^     '--������?
Let me pi ice your lis,t before placing
yout order.    Catalogue  fiee.",Green-     i
house Plant-., Floral  Work/Bee  Snp-o
plies. Friufpiiekages,' Fertilizers, etc. a \
uaiden,  Field and Flower Seeds   in
season, '��        -*.-*/=
M. .r.' HENRY,   ^ ( f
JOIO Westminster lioatl, Vaiicoiucr, B. C.
URNI.NU   TUli   UiSi'OSAt,   CM?   UO-
,   It AIL, WAY   Ui.LT   IN   UHB   PROV-
.'  A LlCJ^bU  lu cui limber-cau, Lib 1 ��c-
(lUlrLU   onlj    ut   public   competition.   >HA
1 until I  of.  *m por��siiUai�� inllo Is ctutr-eed.
for uli  tiiabur beiUia exct-pt  Uioao *itu-
utod ��Lst of Vale (or which the rental In
ill tlio tatc of !i cents per acre per annum.
in adJItlou  to  UiO'ieiilul, 'iluua at! the'
following i.iiva uie eliurted.���
tin'~  '.
Saun   lumber,   GO, cents
tea   U.M. ������
Hulluiiy u��.a, eisliUand.nlne feet Ions,
1 1-J and I J-i cliiu eiich. ,j     j   1 r
bliintia bolts, 25 cents a cord.    A   A.    ���
-Ul otliti   ptoducls, & pel   cent on  tile
sdlea. 1 , ( ' ^     '
> A lleciist. la Isaucd uo^soun aa'a berth
In gi anted,'bui In suivuyed territory nog
tinibei   can be out on 4.5 berth until  the
licensee has made a survey thereof.   >y
��� lViiiiiu to cut timber aie alao%Kranled
at public competition, except in the ca��e
of actual  settleis,  who reaulie the  tlm-^
on  lor then own use.    ^t-v-'t.     . V .< ,
Settler^   and' others ��ma> -also   obtain
���-        v .  -   '   *   y%ttw
por itiiouaand t it-   �����. ri _vtl*gi
, .._-_��. -,    '/'will
pcrmliu to cui up to 100 cords of wood forT   5*���'*������  .
salo   wlthoutJ.-competlllon.     "���     <���  '��- r     y '*' ���
  '" ' '     - .!>>%* rlA
The dues pajable  under a permit are
Jl 50 pei   thousand feet B.M., for square ���!-
ilnroei   and   sawloga   of   any   wood   cx-<jv
cepi oak, 11 om l-J to 11-i centa per lineal-" ft?.1 J" -'<
foot foi   building logs, from li 1-1 to a
Eector 1
*^inatcdsDept. No. 226; CHATHAM, CANADA
ii^tfi-r wf?',lvV
IIIICop good^Farm1 Scaler
t^hi^*^^ ���> ~) i*i* -r,    -f��*i���J.      ����j)>*
OApltalAuthortted, 14,000,000,- Capital Paid Up, JJS BOO.OOO1" Best, $3 600,000.^-
-Ji-^iajT.-^-j-s, .I  r    ,ai._,' t�� ���-"rt   -- * ��    v.-  v       - -.V   > n"
o^l>^r��> ��   tHead*Office; Tobonto, Ontario."
f f^     Jt
,..      ** ,u      *��'. S   ,?-   (�����.    r��.       lif .   >*V
. l,VT^ '
l^evejstoke Branch, B.X.���A.General Banking Business'transacted
r    '     Barings Department^Doposlts Hoooirod and Ifllorost Allowed, i
y,   .��   "I A-, ^,       ,        ji'rj-r- rr "  "x     ii'i'-'yt ',) r 'i
-Drafts 90W arailabla In all parts of Canada, United Statos and Enropa. * <~ A
A. E.PHIPP8, Manager _
elal attention giren to collections.'
Reported/", ' t   ;
n "'AihK  f.*  "-���!���    t��'/ ^ n
On'hie return to th8 coast from his
trip through the interior-,. Mr. jAdder-
sod, Deputy^Minister^of .'Agriciilture^
e ~,
is -a.district ,that re
quire! careful attention, as the people
are now "going iu a good deal for fruit
cultivation and need ^ instruction to
start right. '' ' \    -J ,^r
Mr. Anderson spoke of one or two
instances of' remarkable returns re-
ceived*by Okanagan fruit growers - for
this season's crop. 'One cose was that
of the Coldstream ranch, Mr. Ricardo,
the manager, having told the visitors
that from twenty acres of inoithern
' 8py apples over ,.112,009 was made.
Another instance was that of a fruit
grower in Feachland, who sold one
and one-half acres ,ofT peaches on* the
tree for 5700.1 Again", tho wonderful
1    ,    - '    '.    I--
productiveness^of the^soil of .that sec
tionwas cited in,the%case ofTMr/Gel-
latley's   place"' on --Okanagan f Lake/
where from three to fqu'r acres planted
in toirwt<%S'hali-vprod"uced^$1^56o^per
acre* ��� Mr:fGeflatley obtained lO^cents.
per pound for earljr t6matbes;fand ailo
informed the visitois that "fiom"one
vine alone 420'tomatoes had been.har-"
vested.   " One might go on (recounting instance after instance,"* said the
deputy^minister, i��otithis'kind. ""dve'r
in tlie Kootenays,  in| the vicinity of
Nelson,~~the -strawberry- business"is
assuming large pioportions,  and  this
past'season quite a considerable quantity ; of   these  delicious Terries were
marketed at good figuie to the giower,
not only in the home city, bufat e\ery
point along the Crow's Nest Pass'railway light into Alberta., -The indastiy
proved a profitable ,venture to "those
who have gone into stiawbeny culture.   The markets are near at home ,
piices, particularly in the coal-mining
towns, are excollent, and the climatic
(jonditions such as   the growing  of
this berry  lias been  demonstrated a
--?-The American capitalists who ha\e
purchased irbn deposits'^ &t\ Crawford
Bay prpposa toput jn^steel rail manu-
facturiingjforks pn^Koptepay *Lake'."
Capt.^ Arni strong isjgetting ��.out ore
at Jabilee''Mountain; on1 the1 Upper
Columbiajlner, for>shipment"to the
���sine smelter iit^Frankr^^The 'ore' is5
amongst tbe( richest ore yet found in
the Province and ^assays overv50 per
cent zjncjvalues1. ?" ^v^./ ,^ i     ^ '_
J.fM Kellie has made "an. important
deal in connection'with^ the copper
property which he has held for^ some
years on "Praine^Mountaii); ./behind
Beavermouth".f \Mr.'' Krll.e' lias' gone
t^eyj^York in connection, with tlie
niattei and'niil not be back till "April.
Mr. ^ "Kelhe/s ,many'.frien(l8'aje coii-"
gratulating him on his good luck and
hope he wilWive long to enjoy it    *  '
"ll'        - -~ ��� \       *-    A   *
-�� J.'M. Scott,-secretary of tli9 Piince
Mining .and-Development ^Company,
bas-ieceiyed the good jiewsvthat the
raise'eonnecting No/>5,jtunnel wYth
the_ intermediate level has been completed, the laise beingmia'de tlnough
a fine shoot of pre all the'way. \ This
will gieatly improve the Ventilation
of the mine and allow further development work to be pushed on the lonei
level. s '
ma& Day sen ices foi theliday "will' be'
held'at" 8.and llsa^m ,?tho> church
being^piettih decoiated-with Uloweis,.
and|specul music w_ill be pfovided ,i
rj Cathomo, Churchi-This ' chuicli
is J)eing-{pLettily^Jdecoi.atecl for, the
Christmas* ' festival. - Seivices-*7will
begin to-morfdw 'e\ ening^and ?,extend
ovei Chribtmas Day -. High Mass ^vill
be^ celebrated, and sp'ecial, musici'.in-,
eluding a solo by,Mis ^Bobbins a ,   "'
Notion is nrin uy tivhN'iiiat'thiit*,
'flujs iHci dalul 111I1 nclilo'npph lo the
CliietCoiniiiis<,ionci ofLiniK nnd Woiksfm a
spocnl liceii'.o to cut mid * uui} awav limliei
fiom tliojollomn^desoiibcd lands ���    \
C.oniinoriun���' nt 1 iiost plnutoil iiboul foiu
111110=1 soulli, of CJ1110 Hoi 11 om Uppor Arrow
Jjiike mid m irl oil" Bi(,^ Homl Lumber Com
panj s^north wcl" corner po-t," llionco\oiist
80 1I1iims,' Ihoiice ��outli^80 olinnib<5 Uionco
���wosl SO oliiuiis, tlionco north SO chains to point
or coinnioncoinoiil *" ~ * L< M '
'���Docombor 8th iW,  --   s "   1   , ','
rnHIRTY-iDA-iS"after data wo'inlond to an'
���ch .P'yto the fominmsionci of Lands, and
Works foi^a hpLCinl litense Lo cut and can v
away tinibei fronn the-"follswing described
lands, fr-t ^ '"    ,��i\ r-      ��,�� 1 f   , j j j    ���j   ^
Commeneing nl a post planttd at" the "south
west cornoi ^of K it. S Wool. 8b0 and marked
Big Bend Lumber Company's Kouthcaslt cor
SPr,-iP<8t, tlionco 1101 th 80 chains thence we&l
80 ohalns, Ihencc south 8*1 clinins, Mu nee enst
80 chains, to polnl of coimm nccmont^- *������< ���-���* -
,^No\  21 190)   k>     ���_-.       ,-i*-.-.     t   v/,,   ��
W. 13aty, of Trout^Lake, has gore to
Calgary in connection with _a deal
which heiias on for the O K. at Five
oA      '   I��.    J;.
''Williams Piaao'
has .the largest
"strings;-to, the~\
scale.? <-. x7M
^ has the largest
sounding board and
E���'most powerful action.v<
No wonder-professors ancll
.* students^-performers,
and singers���prefer the
f*'    ��� Nw^Scaijb)    -   :
Isi,, "Wir,LrAMS Piano
"Mr Choke Is n Newi|
Scafe WilHams."
Harolo Jailvis.
"f-   '!".��..   >>     J      *���
Kcvetstoke iiisiuancc Agency
CTOIICI! IS HFftFBY GIVEN that thirl*,
_��V -(lnjsafteridnto we intend to apply to tha
jClnef Coniniissioner of Lands and Works foi &
special license to cntiind enuy a��uj timbci
from the following desciibed lands ��� �� l
,,"     1 ,        "Not ' .     '
Conimeneing at a post planted on the west
side of tho north fork of Vosthall Creek and
about two and onequaitoi miles abo\e tho
forks and marked ' Big Bend Lumber Com
pans." Southwest Coiner Post," thence noith
100chains, thenco west 40 chains, thence south
100 chains, thence east 10 chains to point of
commencement "       *���
j/   )' " No 2 ,J-"   -
Commencing at a. posl planted on the east
side of tho north fori of I'osthall Cieok about
one and one half miles'abo\ e the forks and
marked "Bir Bend Lunibei Company s South
west coiner post, llioneo noith 100 chains,
thence cast* 40 ^ehams, thence -oiith ldO chaiiit,,'
thenco wes,t 40 chains to point of commence
incut ^ i 1
-,���       '      ^ 'Ko  3 '     '
" Commeneing at a post planted about one half
niuofloin the west bank of the north foik of
J oslhall Creok and about ono 1 imlo abo% e * the
forks and marked " Bik Bend Lumliei Com
pany s bouthcast Coiner Post,' thence north
100 cliiins, thence west40 chains, thence south
100 chains, thence east 40 chains to. point of
commencement ,
'        ' No I 1'     v
* Comnioncing.it a post planted about one half
mile from the west bulk ot tho noith foik of
I'oslh ill (1 eel nnd about fom miles nbovo the
folks md mailed ' IJi=' Hetul Lumber loin
pan,\ s N011 licasi Con ci Po I, t licnec Mi c-t W)
'chanib, thence south SO chains thence cist 80
chains, thence noith SO chains to point of com
inonei mi nt ,-,
Auowhcnd   BC��� 1     1' t
Nov .'I, l'JOi     w , 20-jii JO
^   JsV'20Jh8 is
''oiip'^of English
design -n\ithv,a-
'sihei base topped with \ el vet
>^pin    cushion,
from  which is
a i^wheer^iear^
'which tlie pins
'are 'put before
entering (J th/e^
'"^ cushion."   The
i.> and lij lirluo of eeitain wills of llcii
fiieins to 1110 directed ngninst the poods or tho
American Mining Coniiinii) and Issued oui 01
the Siipieine Comt of Milllsli Coliiinbia In cei
Suitable and sensible gifts foi youi
uncles, aunts and cousins 111 all departments, C B. Hume & Co.
tain actions In snldcoiul, wherein 1 M Tnlf
is plalnllll, and lho Anipiienii Mining Com
pnnj mo defendants I lm\o sel/ed and
taken ill execution all the leasehold Inlcicst of
the A11101 lean Mining Company In lho fluid Hill
No 1 and Cold Hill No Jplncoi loiihPsoi clniiiiH
Hitunto on Kieneli f'reik In the UciolHlolto
Mining Division of Biitlsli Coliimliin, and all
lln> goods, cliatlils and elleets of Die said
Amnilcan MIiiIiib Compiiiij Hltuate on I'loneli
Creek afoicH.ilil and being coinposed of one
/limit 111200 feel In length, one pipe line' 100
feet in luiiglh,'.' nionllois I .111 11 w at ei gales,
one tlft'Pellon wnloi wheel one Win hobd
drum, one Man mill willi all altnclinioulx anil
eqiiipiiioiilH connected therowllh one Loflcl
I'lirLinc wntei wheel, 11 iiuinboi orslulco boxes,
one sloiii house and ollice* one iiios-i house and
cabins a nuanlilj of lumliei estiiuated nl
uooul IO.0WI feet boaid'nieasiiro, nil ollice anil
Ktoio supplies and fiiinltuio contained in U10
buildings aboic niciitioned, 11 rmanilt*, or
kilelien utensils a laigonuanlit} of tools in Ihe
���<toic house or tin -aid pitmlscs, a C|iiantlti of
grocciles and supplies contained 111 tho build
Ingsof the said pieniiscs, a full Inventoiy ot
which said goods and clintlela will bo pioduecd
at tho time of salu heieinaftor mentioned nnd
maj In the meantime bo inspected nnd obtain
ed on application to \V J. Law, fiepul} Sliorill
at Ilcvclstokc, and 1
that on tho 20th duj of Novembci, 100J, nt the
hour of 2 p m , at tho door of tho Com t House
111 the Cit} of Roielsloko, B C , I will ofloi foi
salo publico Ino abovo mentioned Intoiest,
goods, clmttols, and effects- and all tho inlcicst
of tlie American Mining Company therein to
batisfj tho said writ ot fieri facias
Dated tho 11th day of Novomber, 10OJ.
m S  E.HiMBLY,
28.* Shcrilfof North Kootenay
3id, l'JOO, AT 2 P.M.r^T THE SAME
Sheriff. *
>""      NOTICE  >      ��� . '
���vroiicr, is iiphbuy orvrN tint, timij
i.1    (lijs aftd dati*    I intend lo apiih to lho
Chieft oinmissionerol J iiidsand Woiks fot a
spcein   Ileenso to cut andciuii nw ij lnnbei
rioni the follow ingdisLiiliLd lands
*-* No 1
lomiiiencingal n posl pl.iiiturnlioul Ihe
nulcK more 01 less Irom lho moiilh of licai
Cieel llionee souUi UK) chillis, thoiut 1 isMM
ch ilns, tlionio 1101 Hi IMiUmlilK thencu wesl 10
chains In iilaei of LoniniuiiiLinont   ��
' No .'
Commencing at a posl pi inlcil 40clinlns wist
of No I posl 'iheilic IliO chains foulli, Lhoiiee*
ciihI loeliains, thence noilh lOOehaiiiH   I hence
west II) < Imins to plaeo ot eoiiiineucciiii ul
No   I
( oimiK iielng al aposl planleil at No .'  niml
IheiKi'soiltli IliOehiiiiis lin iicii'hihI   IiiuIiiiIiih
Ihcni i* ninth too chains tliencc 1 il-I   Ul chains
to place 01 eoiiliiieiid nunl.
N"  '
Coiiiiiioiiclngalaposl nlanlol 1101II1   of No
1 posl, I heme noilh Ml ilinins   tin in �� msl vi
chaiiiM, thenceMiulh Ml (Imins, thunui \11wl In
chains lo plaeo ofioininnicc meiii.
No Ji
Coiiiinencliig al i posl plant ed w< el  of No   I
posl   Hume   1101II1SO   ehaliiK, lh( nee   ��csl   80
chains, (hence south W) diains, tin neo msl SO
chains to phuc of coiiiiiuiiiocniciil
No li
f omnieiif iiigul nposl planted one mile wisl
or No Iposl, t hence nmlli   SO (Mains   Iheiien
west SO chains, theme koiiIIi *-0cIiuiiih   IIiiihc
east SO chains to place or eoiiniicneeini ut
No 7
Commencing nl a posl planted on r list sidi or
No 0 posl, thence soulli lOOcliiins, llienco cas(
10 chains Ihcnee noith im)cliiiins thenco wisl
10 chums lo plaeo ot commencement
f �� s
Commenting at a post planted west Mdcot
No 7 posl, thenco south Wclinins Ihdicowest
100 chains, ihcnee 1101 th 11(1 chains, thence cast
IW) chains to plaeo or commencement
Dee. 8lh, 1'IJj Ji'ljlt
inches, high,
^ '^nnd we mail*it
J >tto any address
If S* -.ilior ^>4~\s*'
A,-i$2f75 \
' t       K
(without pins)1
No. 20996 repre-"
sents one of-the
best* values ever
sent out from
this store, Sterl-
_- ���ing Siher, handsomely decorated
. in "Apple Blos-
silk   ribbon   for
1 hanging. Puce^
to   any   address^
w (without pins)
* ..        s
Length of holder |
exclusive of 'ribbon   4 V 1 relies
We pay all deli very charges
ancl if, when you see your
purchase,1 you are not sat
isflecl with it,' return them"
and receive full  refund of |
( '      money, J
Send for Catalogue.
Henry Birks k Sons \
Unldsinillis ami hiliorsiniihs,
350-352 Main St., Winnipeg
ccnia pei cord J or wood, 1 cent lor fence
poaLb,   o  centa  101-railway, ties,! artdj oO   ,        ,
eeiits pei coid fur shingle bolts. 1 1
~ Leases 101  ^luziiifi-'purpoBej are Issued-, sJ*
of      --   -
i.to <- -  l_f 2)
-   --fi Us&
-  t,
ioi ,11 icim ut LWeniy-one ��� years, ac a ' j'" ' r i'*i[-&;l
iciujl ol, two cents per ^cre per annum.^->'^Ajr-ji. ?<Ai,i>Sfl
<Coar.lauda   may   be  purcimsedl'at?��Uldr%^JJ$Jg^\
 " "" " *       -  ���- ���-    ��� ��� ijjVap*'
1 1
/ &-
pel acre foi soft' coal and $20 for anthra
cue'   Noi.,-iiiore'than1 ��i0 uores may3 be
icquiii'd bj   one individual Jor- companj;'
^iiuyali-, at ihe late 01 10 centa per tOD>\
oi -uuo pounds "-la 'collected on the po��j *
output. ,   . -      l 1 1,1 > j- ��*
->L,iiuies  for  land  for agricultural 'pui-^
posci, maj  he made personally at the lo-   ���
cui land ollice fori the district In which
the ltnd>io>t>e  taken,up ia situated,  or
il  the  homcateadei   deslres,she may, on *f~i,
appheation to the Minister of the Interior   h I
at Ottawa  the Commissioner of Immixra--) , e
tioii at Winnipeg, 01,the local agent for,
the  Dibiiict,   nUlihi .which   the  land   Is y
situated, ieceive authority for som�� one"    '
10 makt entrj  for^hlm. 1     ���*   j ���
���-, A fee of.. $10 is charged for homestead t
enlry.V    **������� i     (        L *   ��     1    2        ���' 'ol
A bettlcr who has received an entr*, foi
a homestead, ls required 10 perform" the" ""'
conditions connected therewith under one ,.    .
ot the following plans.��� \,\    v    v   , v,
11 ��� At least six months   residence' upon ���-   *
and 'cuttUaUon of-the land in each yeari^
duiing theiterm of, three years, r , ��     1     frf
ft is the practice ot the Department to I*' ,
irequire a-.settler to bring, 16 acres under r", .
cultivation, but if he prefers he may sub-,
stitute stock, and 20 head of cattle, to be .�� t,.
actuallj  his own property, with buildings    ,7
foi-tlie r accommodation,,y,ill be required^ *<��
instead'of ^cultivation..,��  *���', ,��� j-ej   ��*i. ii   *
'ii V) U the lather (or mother. If the'ifa- '.    .
ther is deceased)  of any person-'who iB��--tv"
eligible to make a homestead entry under     > .
the provisions of  the Act,1, resides>upon ;<ri
a Cairn  im the vicinity of'the land-an->. v.
tered for oy.suchipersoatas a homestead, ,i , o ��s
the reuuirements ^of the Act as, to resi-ri'r *'
dence prior to obuiining'patent-may'be *-'ja-ls
satisfied by such person residing with the ;'
father 01  mother.      - ���*     "-**'
CJJ if   the   settler   lias   his  permanent A,
residence  upon farming land owned by   "~
him In tlie vicinity of his homestead, tbe
requirements of the 'Act as to residence ~ L   ,
maj > be sausfled by residence upon the _  r,
said  land.     - -      * v      - * *��� i.    '      '
Application for patent should be made   *y   1
at the end of three years before the local -'
agent, sub-agent,or a homestead inspec-   :
tor. ' l' -        , t  ,'    ��
Before making application for a patent,
the settler must give six months' notice       '
in writing to the  Commissioner, of Dominion Lands���at Ottawa, of his intention, to do so.      - .���
_    . TV. TIT. COKT,      i      - 1
_       Deputy Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa. Februray 14th. IMS.'      '      *   ���
, ���-'-y-rKf^Y
1 ""''? am
-',. i-4,[
X -, If &-I
'^ .
' AA ,.-..>
Haley-on Hot Spfrhtgbj
���Sanitarium.       ; v
Under the new manaRement of     >
Harry  McTntosh,* Hoffman  House ',
" . Hobsliind.       " '-*     ,   . -
^     ^      it
.~v   "-tL
cyon ai e the inost'cura'tive in tbe
vtoild.   A perfect, natural remedy for "3~i
all, Ner\oiiSo and   Muscular   diseases, A
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning.. A sure cure   /
for   "That  Tired   Feeling."?  Special   >/
rates on   all   boats  and trains.   Two
mails ^arrive and  depart eveiy-day. '   l
Telegra h   communication -"with ' all **
marts ^of the world. ., ���  -     'a
TER^rs���$12 to $1S per week.   For     ,
furtlii't particulars apply to   1 _.
harry Mcintosh     ^
Halcyon Hot Springs    .
Arrotv Lake. B, C* """"  "   "
-i if I
���nd Copyright*
obtained in all couutnes.
ib ni;itr:ii,i  oivkv
\ro'J'ici:  ... ....
i>      '  Hoviilsliike    ti omiir    Men
"VrOTICJ. IS HKHUBY OtVliS that thiiU
JLtl claja attoi dato 1 intend to applj lo the
Chief Commissioner or Lands and works foi a
special llconso to cut and eanyiiwaj tlmbei
fiom tho follow IngdcHcubcd lind'*
No 1
Commcnciii({ foiu rods fiom the west bank of
Pingston 1 reoK, and about nine milos from the
mouth, and eight rods from tho south bank of
tlio west foik of l'lngsLon thence uost 100
chains, thence 1101 th 10 ch tins, thenco oast 100
chains, thence south 10 chains to place of com
Deg. 8th, 1005, 310JH
thnt the*
r- ��� , ,, 1 , . . ..,-���.( hri-tiiiii
AsmiciiiLkiii ��,int<>nil to iiiplj to tlio Lieu
tciilinlUow rimr in Council Ui anthorlzo tlio
���Mild ( nr-Miriilinii to climiKa tho nnino thereof
In tho ' Knllroiil \outii' Men's ('hristi-in
Associntlou of HovolstoU'," mid that a
Sincinl Moellnv of tho inoinhcr^ <>r the sulci
(.������riHiriiLliiii ivill ho hold at th�� nllico of
snid ('(iriKiriitinn, nl Itovel'.Uil.o, IIC, on
Jimimrj litli, I<H>| nt uiKht p m , u> datorniino
tln> action tn ho tikun tlioroon
Unlud Die Sill IW,
A  i;   MILLKK,
KccordiiiK becretarj
NO'lICi: IS HKltl BV CIVhS that llnrlj
daj 1 after date no intend to apnlj to the
( hlef ( ointnis>.ioiier of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut md eurj awnj limber
from the follow lug described lands ���
( omineiiciiiKfttii iiost planted at the north
west  cornor of  h    nnd S   Mock  Sou on the
wo-t Hide of Upper *irro�� Lake   tne!  marked
I3ir   Hotid   Lumber    ('omptnj's   sonth-wo-t
corner po-,1 " thonco north IH0 chain-, thence
oast-10 ch nu-., tlionco ^oiith IW) chanib thonco
west 40 chains to point of commencement
Dec 7th, TO,        ~
" obtained in all c
Registered Patent Attorney
.Mechanical Attornej and Kngiiiccr.
Koom.!. Kalrfleldrniock. Oranville eU, near P.O
A postcard will secure an evening appoint
inent for those who cannot call during the da/
rpiIIUTY DAYS after ditc ��c intend toap-
J iil> to the C onimissloncr of Lands and
Works foi a special licence to cut and carry
timber from  the   following de-^nbed
, pi
Commencing at a po&t planted about one
in le cast from Columbia Rl\er and about one
mile north from B05 d 8 ranch, nt tho southeast
comer of P. Agrcn's north limit and marked
"Big Bend Lumber Company s southvrest cornel post,' thence north 100 chains, thence ca-t
10chains, llitnco ��ontli 100 chains, thence wot
40 chains to point of commencement
Nov. 20, lOfo.
NOTICE.     ^
-VfOTICR Id HEREBY GIVKN that thirty
X\ da*, 11 after date we intend to appll to the
Chief Commissioner of I>anils and Works for a
special license to cut and can-} away timber
from tho following described land*.     .
Commencing at a poft planted at the north- J
w est comer ot K &.S. Hlock 860 on the west
side of Upper Arro w I^akc and marked "Big
Bend-Lumber Company's Southwest, (*orner
Poil ' thcucu north 100 clialnn, thence east ,40
dial' s thence south 100 chains, thence wot 40
chains to point of commencement.
Dated N'o*.   3.190S
*���' days after date we intend to applj to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and works torn
spccLil license to cut and carrj awaj timber
from the follow ing described land-,
Commencing at a post about four miles south
of Cape Horn on Upper Arrow Lake and
marked " Big Bend Lumber Company's north-
w est coi ncr post," thence east KO chains thence
south SO chains, thence w est 80 chains, thenco
north 80 chains to point of commencement
Let your friends in other parts see
something of your district by sending
them "Picturesque Revelstoke.'
Price $1.
1   tf
rQ u~i"" J\
:�����,  ll
a ���ft1
ii       ,
wig. J>
* ���     !
'li   *->'f
Mm Wf�� ���.b^l^.n.fnijut't
keep a full supply of above
in ali colois.    Also
Brushes, Palette Boards,
MLsdng ''Oils,' Sketch-' \
-���', '   ing Blocks
and-any other article you/may
i [ require for painting.
REVELSTOKE, B. 0.       ,v
���     ���       BORN.   ���  "
Tki-miilk���On Dec. IStli,  to   Mr. and
�� Mm. E Trimble/a daughter.
Johnsox���At   Re\elstoke,   on * Dec.
tilth, to Mr and Mis Ole Johnson,
(a son.    1        i '        r        i '-
Philllps���At   Revelstoke,' on     Dec
���lStti, to.Mr. and Mis   W   Phillips,
ia daughter.
IE -   a
% '
/r f
> ���
In*   "n-
-if ,V'
Local and General.
4    i . ( , ^       i   ,j    I *    1 I r.
���    -           ;'i i   ��ti
i      *    ( ^^   * i,
"* A man'named Sullivan, foi merly'of
Revelstoke,   has   been   shot   in   the
'  States     --,    y -p  -��� - - <-
,The Wbodmen'aie distnbutinj; 300'
free meal tickets to the people of Revelstoke. i   ���     . t
M.,Toll bos'" been fined $100 foi buying tote* in the hbeial interests in
The .final counts foi Saskatchewan
gave the '-libeials -l'i beats and the,
consersatives 11 _ ,        ���> "
- Tuesday being a public holiday the
i  Imperial and Molsons Banks v\ ill, be
closed that day - ' f'    .,
Revolution is spieading thiorgh
Russia and.nai is non on between tno
government forces and the masse�� >
"The'O.'P R started to remove the
restaurant to the new platfoim and
'trains may run into" the new' station
anj day now.    % (     /."
At the inquest-held'on'Friday at
Pield concerning the death of Brake-
man Davison,'a veidict of accidental
death was returned <
Premier McBude was  in  the city
1 Wednesday on his way home from'Ot-
v tawa.' He expects to be able to  table
a lailway policy at the coming session.
The C~P. R are going on with the
improNements to -the 'Lake Louise
Hotel mimediatelj but"will1 not stait
with the additions and improvements
at Glacier House till 6prmg.
Gus Hehnnei, section v hand at
Cragellachie, had a leg biokcn on
Monday while trying to get a handcai
clear of an engine. He was brought
, to the Revelstoke Hospital foi^ tieat-
v*The high school entiance ^examinations were held at the city school this
week, Rev C. A Procumei conducting the examinations on behalf of the
Educational Department. Theie
were five candidates.       l
The~Dominion Express Company
have decided on putting in a 'phone
at their new office in the_new C. P. R.
1 Station, and will call in their cards,
persons requiring their delivery rig
to call h.wing to ring them up in
There will be a union meeting'in
the Methodist church next Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock under, the
auspices of the Lord's Pa> Alliance
Addresses will be given bv the Ke\
W. C Calder and the Rev J. R* RoL-
ertsoD. All interested in the presei-
vation of the Rest Day are invited to
be present >.
We acknowledge receipt from the
imperial Bank of a prettv calendar
for 1905-1906 The Bank ifc also
issuing a   pretty little savings  bank
book in Moiocto leathei pr>okct ense
suitable f"i >i Ohiistjnis-piesunt of a
savings bank account, f/   K'
At tlie police couit f-iif'Thuiidiy fl
Chinaman \v.ifi lined $15 iTjicl cobts foi
assaulting anothci Cliiuiinun, and ��
ohaigo ot issuing viiluulcos cheques
\\ii-i picfciied against a'Swedc but he
auuuigecf to mako thehi good and the
charge was withdrawn.
,The C. P. R Tclegiuphs have wisely
.ibmuloned the idea of, moving the
waiting loom of the old station to
MclCcn/io Avenue to bono as a tele-
gi.iph office and instead have got out
plans for a new building foi the pui-
pose foi* which tendeis will bo called
shpitly. ,      " '
On Satuiday afteuioon,an explosion
in tho power-house of the Centie Stai
Mmp at Rossland killed foimer Chief
of Police Ingi.mi and injured others
and did much damage to property
Nearly all the plate glass windows in
Coin in bi.'t Avenue, Rossland, weie
smashed. '
At meeting of the City Council last
night R G oi don complained the now
powei machine hud been' bioken by
pi6ssing it with a ciow-bai and it was
decided to invito applications forJa
competent dynamo tendci to take Mi
Dunn'8 place, he to havo a1 bonus of a
month's salary,   tJ , f ,   _' ,
C. M. Field held a sitting of tho assessment'court on ^Wednesday 'and
Thin sday. 'Judge Spioat and the
Trout Lake Townsito Company tiled
objections to valuations" and G. S
McOaitei appealed in connection with
the asbessmonts on the Genollc prop-
eity.i A curious point ciopped up m
that the law now lequnes a minimum
valuation 'of i}>25 on '-townsite lots
though they may' bo worthless and
Judge Field adjourned the couit to go
into this matter.     . ,     '      ""-v.;
choico 'oaily,  and wc  will      Rmiuiom.  Si&ilu-s ��� Vt   the    last
Are arm ing every day. No
old stock left, so come in
and keep posted on
the new stuff.
Import Brushes
Are here in  Militarys, Ladies
&c   All of the latest.
Back Combs
���* ,
We have the newest and most
up-to date.
A do/en nevy odors have
arrived.    They are
simply exquisite.
Drug Company Limited
", t- c, *���    ,.'
r     1." . �� �� If    if "       'r*
, '( ,       ,* 'I ' ��� ���-
Fancy boxes���M.aiac.aibo chocolates
���at Bcvv's Diug Store i
A full stock of Tlotol and Table
Glasses sue .it Bom no Bros.
The compliments of the'season from
Lawl'ence llaidw.ire Company.     r     -
f. ,. .   , y '
, Crokmolo and canom boauls sold at
the Canada Ding Stoic        .     ^   -
Reseive Januaiy 1st foi the Wood-
men'rentoitainment nnd dance.
Childien's morns chans, the prettiest
little novelty in town, at Howson's    ���
-  Fnut of all kinds, Naval and Japanese Oranges, Apples, 'Lemons,  Grapes
and Bananas at C  13 Hume <fc Go's.1 ���
Our prices foi cut-glass goods  beat
them all ���Lawience Hardwaie Co.^ \,t
���   Jap1   Oianges,   ' Malaga     Giapes,
Bananas, etc.  , We ire headquaiteis
foi Fruit and Gioceuee, Bourne Bros
Children's moms ch.tns, ~ %?> Jat
Canada Di ug Store. '        ~ *���' i       .,
Doesn't she want, a pan ' of skates
foi Xmas ' "Lawrence Hardware Co
have a laige variety of the newest and
best makes'direct fiom the factory. . ..
Kindeigaiten chans, nice legs, very
strong', at Howson's. ( *;      ji
t Mis. Barnes, trained nuise, city, has
prepaicd a loom to take in maternity
cases''    ,      -      '   '"     _"        ' -  ���
noibc Blankets, Sweat Pads, Sleigh
Bells, Whips and Harness at Bourne
Bros, c J l
i See oui steilmg silvei novelties foi
Christmas piesents���Lawience Haid-
ware Company. < <
Toy'magic lanterns, locking horses,
hand &leds. Good'assortment at the
Canada Drug Stoie - ���
Don't oveilook out China Department, "an especially nice line in hand-
painted china as well as a choice lot
of cut glass at C B Hume tt Co's. ���"
There is no mere acceptable Xmas
remembiance foi join distant fnends
than a good photo of > oui self. Better
have youis taken now before the
usual holiday rush at "Truemau's "
Just take a look m Howson's Furniture Store foi sensible children's
c Silver-plated goods of the * best
quality at Eastern puces.���Lawrence
Haidwaie Company
Handsome Chustnias precents���a
large stock for old aud joung at Bews'
Drug Store. ^
TheO>8tei B.iy Restaurant begs to
announce to the public that they have
opened up a Inst-ckbs restauiant
next to Manning's Candy Store A
call is, solicited        'r-   '-���
Fiesh chocolates in pound and hilf
pound bo^es Best only sold at the
Canada Diug and Book Co
Make   .1   CIIOICI)   uiiny,   iiim ��u   rv..i ,
hold it foi you. The most suitable
Xiinis piesonts and tho best uilues in
town.���Lawience Ibj^awaio Co.
' The beautifi?l and useful lines of
Clui.ii, Eaithenwaio and Glassvvaiowe
ue*opening up daily must bo seen' to
bo appreciated' Gi\l us a cill, Bonnie
Bios ' ,
A Bibsell's Carpet Swcepei makes a
beautiful and  sciviceable Xmas  pre
sent.    Lawience Hardwaie Company
bell them .it reasonable prices.
What every lady ��� in Revelstoke
would-appreciate for a Christmas gilt
a dainty little footstool.���Howson's
Furnituie Stoie has 'em.
' Last chance to find out wheio' there
is an excellent stock of fancy goods
The Canada Drug Store have it. See
befoie you buy.
Cut prices in cut glass Xmas pre>
Bents. We are1 oflering-all oui cut
glass at 25 per cent cheaper than you
can buy elsewhere.���Lawrence Hard'
ware Company. > , t ' ' ,
j Choice > Confectionery. Do "" not
poison your fnends with cheap
candies Webb's, Robcitson's ''and
McCormick'8 chocolates, kc, in fancy
packages oi in bulk,' at Bourne Biob. '
Don't forget about the beautiful case
poifunies and atomiseis you bought at
the Canada Drug Stoic.
Charming vaiiety of suitable"' and
useful Xmas piesents at tho Lawience
llaidwaie Company, including ohil-
dien's knife, fork and spoon sets, from
26c. up. Salad bowls, caiving,._sets,
butteii dishes, <&c.,r <kc. PriceB away
down. " <   / ,
' Have the children! wiite aMettei to
Santa Claus. - Addiess . Santa Claus,
in care C. B. Hume & Co, Revelstoke,
The Big Depaitment Stoie. ���     '
Don't decide on makingVour Xmas
puichases befoie seeing what the Lawience Hardware Company have in the
line of Xmas"piesents. '��   '���   ''
Cut and   Potted, Flowers, Evergreen
'Roping.'     > "    '     -y        -��-���'.���.,'
t- 3,010, Westminster Road,   "
,    - b     - Vancouver,'B. C.
Social & Personal.
,\   ~   1 .>    A���'*A\   *>?
Thomas Giaham;of Bullion,  is   appointed a Notaiy P.ublic. '  i
' Supt. Douglas of the National Paik
at Banff is in the city'to spend Chustnias wifch.Mi. and Mis. McCaitei. -
i. Miss lEvansi will leceive at ,the
Arrowhead-Hospital New Year's day
fiom three until five if conditions aie
favoiable. , _.,_%.��� ". _; _  '"',,:;
' Mi. Jaffray, accountant of the Imperial Bank, left Sunday on a lengthened liolidayand^will not be back till
February. ^ His , place, is being taken
by Mr. Watt. ������ " t
On Monday tne La'dies Aid of Knox
church held a most successful tea and
Bale of woik. Theie, was a large attendance and* good puces "-were
realized. , The Ladies Aid has bought
a Newcombe" piano' for _ use aj; entertainments in - connection with*- the
church.,     ��� ,  j    / \      _      v
< On-'Monday' Mis Biuce was the
recipient of a' handsome cream and
sugar holdei and biscuit jar from the
Ladies Aid of St. Andrewsichuich, in
appieciation of hei! eicellent services
as secretary, and was accompanied by
an Addiess. The presentation wob
made by Mis R. Wilson. . '
A F. axd,M ���At tlie "meeting of
Kootenay Lodge A F. arid'M. this
week ��� the following otllcers were
elected :���Stuart McDonald, VV.- M. ,
W. A Morris,' S W, , C J. Aman,
J   JV. , A. E Jessop, treasurer , Rev.
C. A. Procumer, secretary ,v H N.
Coursier,   chaplain , Dr.  Sutherland,
D. C ?, A. Arman, S. D , G. Knapp,
J. D. , R. M Smythe, organist ; A J.
Howe, S S ;qW. Thompson, J. W. ;
G. Lembke, I* G  ; T Wm. Bain Tyler.
L O. L.���Officers for the commg
year were elected at the meeting of
L 0 L., No. 1,659, on Friday as
follows :���Bro. Atchison, W M. ; Bro
Caneio-i, D M". , Bro. R. S. T^ggart,
Rec -Sec , Bro T Steed, * Financial
Sec ' Bro. Rev. W C. Calder, Chaplain ; Bro Rev. W C "Calder, Dir. of
Ceiemomes , Bro. Ed. Adair, Lecturer , Bio J H. Sashaw, 1st Committeeman , Bro. Watson, 2nd Committeeman , Bro. W .T. Sashaw, 3rd
Committeeman ��� "Bro Johnson, 4th
Committeeman , Bro. O G Thompson, 5th Committeeman
iogu'nr nieelin^ of Cry-til Temple
No 3, the following olhceis vvoic
elected foi the ensuing tcim ���MEC,
Maggie ..Goidoii ; ',J3,��� ,8., FJor��;j,ice
Somes ; E J , Lulu McDonald'', Af" of
T, He* iti ice Amslic , M of It J ind C ,
Eh/ i Brown ; M. of F, Annie Cooke ,
P. T., Annie Henderson , 0. G., Minnie
Agnew , Past Chief, Elsie A Bennett.
rpO  LET���Tht ee  rooms., Apply  to
A. A. Macdonald, McKeiuie <ive.
', WANTED to solicit subsciiptions
for popular priced magazine. Can
easily make $2 or $3 weekly. " Canadian Woman," London, Ontario.
'  -U'9a
Corporation of the City of Revelstoke
, Tho Oitj  Council requiro the sorvioos 'of a
Lomnotont    Dyiinmo    Toiulor.    Appllaatlpns,
stutiiiK qunllflenlions nml wiiros  ro<iiuro<l to
roncli tlio uiidotsignod liy noon of January j, 1WX1
, i City Clt.rk.
Ha\olstolfo, B C, '
Doo   23, I'Kfi. o- 	
Notico iu Horoby QI*,on Hint Tnesilny, Uo
comber 2d, liolng li pulilio holiday, tlio Imporiiil
Bnuk nnd MoIsoh'k Bunk will bo Closed
'     ' ' r
Pint* nnd Cedar Firewood in
lfMiglh*- to '���ui<'cii'-toineiP. Orders
li\ m.ul in _ kit at Jrlobson and
Uoll'o. will havif pri ttipttfttTention.
Ot. "1     " *AJ.  11- I? *.HA\", ��wk
1 '".*        r t~   "  -* Ri.\i:L*3roivi:.A
Open Air Rink;
,        ' 'r ,   I J    '      *-'     >   i   l'i
,  r*."-1'     '   ,
W. G. Watson's opeii'air rink
is now open: Ice in good shape
���   \    SKATING DAILY.     * 'r
L ��� t
i <.     v -hat. reopened a ��.   n \ ,
'      on McKenzie Avenue.- "
Open Day and Night'. First-Class Service
t   " , 157tc' \ib''i''-\      ��f
Mns. R. E. MoKitpkiok
Banquets,'Theatre'Partios and *
Private Suppers a specialty.'     *
From HiSO.'n.ni. until-2 p.m.
j "    i   ���" Dinner 50c. '
^ ! ��, T *fOystPi*'a' liVCiein'e' ���  ��,    ��v
Consommevde .Vollade aux Quenelles
'���rt i    ,
��� ,.
H    !<,
- ii
Baked Salmon -      sCod and Dressing
' "��� ^   ENTltrES     .
^Chicken a la Quail'
,"��� Veal Croquettes "
p itOAsrs t y^    J; "< t
Roast Tin key, Oyster Dressing  _l
f.       ,      .Cinnbeuy Sauce *'      ''    i ^
Roast Duck, Apple Sauce    -a ,
'   RoascSucking\Pig a la Anglaise   -
Roast PorLerhouse > Beef,' Mushrooms
Roast Goose, Oyster Sauce ', ��� . -
-    ? *> LJ k  i    * l,^    i J
��   *>        nj   i   Hr.LI.SHKS      ~   '     -
Queen Olives j Swecb Pickles
v ���
i j" \% ���
,�� _ ^   N / vi:GBi'Ojr.KS^(l ,lu, ... ,,
'Mashed, Potatoes- \   , Sweet Corn .
^,   '��� -s i Stewed Tomatoes.V/''< (���*'"*'
*ir 1 iy ' V-pAbrnY\v>v ['1'-" sit~-
English Plum Pudding,~biandyrSauce
.-.������i     ^Lemon.Pie-.���.   Mince^Pie-,^'f
y ' ">��*>.y Jt���>���"*' H'A^
trj   -.-��       v'dessebTo    y^  j1  ,> ,-,
ynmlhi lce���Cream,r r Assorted Cakes
\ Oranges' ' ' Apples ^ >.'
���Assorted Nuts, *" '      Raisins
��� -""SEASON;' '"
.1 *
We take .this'opportunity^ of
*   i.      '   '   A ' !   1 If*, ' �� '  ->
Wishing jOiir* Many 'Friends
H       -       *    Wt  A,"!' "' ^rr"  i-r\ i i      ���*
a,- very   Merry Xmas , and a
���   i v^--"* -��� "��� 'A    '-   fr i y,      y
Bright- and '"Prosperous  New
i' ; * "��� * I'   '   ' a" "'      "    -
Year. A
V-       li
$ 1
^Ready^Made t eiplpg;;
rSTREEir reveItdke.
.i ->,*.���? * vr-r-v
'IJ-t ���*"������-
\.j  Jmltlm   ' . ,ifi,?,>     md     i.iEm-l
, >h 5:'t.-OFERA -house,,-";r,,,,.....
~iiLOJ!niAY��wrEi!mGu \
(.;;rfR*E'V;E[L'S;T,0 K-E'^A M A'T E\lJ R^-IW Fti'S f, R-ElCSf* ffi'FS' *,
��� J   '  ii    * ,i> UNDKR'THB AUSPIOKS OK THE C.'O W. 0. W.      \'r,  " ^ >M ,��� ^ f '
* i   -  i ,< -"&�������.���      r.riif '     - '*   '       *",    Jf
' '' ' y,-y Everything twill be' new and a up lo date.1?* f, ^ , " r,
^   I
' >)>
' "9 '$i
\M 1
. '-j :4s"f,BIG*^DANCE: AFTER   THEj^SHOW;
1"    V,jt'��f'     \   , �� ,<       - I '    , �����       , *��� ������
*. 6 and'8^*1 ��� a ��� ', '���''   ���" . PRICES ,  ���   ������,<.������.'���  k * ,6 a
4* >l   "        i
and B / a '
i       .
���      ijvl
/,;,To; Arrowhead Residents^ ' :; >,
' i '   ]���' ���"- "H, Va     " -    * ' '���    y <u>>i .* '    ���'  -'   , r
Get'Vour ,CirrislmaB''Delicacies'aiuL,IIoliduy Gifts fromf,,     i -*  ic''*- ""- 0,
'>    ,  ,.,  ,' ,-T.'f'r     ,m ','     ���;      i -' '    .,   ������'  ,*��� ���-,��� j'vA ���
��j i.ii.
J  /V
In }"** V
Stock of ^English,' Chinese,   and
Japanesei Goods. >k   ^ r,".'?
Offend 'at ^Bargain ^Prices ^ne ver
.before'Hfeardof at Revelstoke., .' -^
Fresh^.Green ^Garden-stuff', f or^the
'*"-.. Christmas "Ta6le. A~ "���> "^' .
STiLabN Cheese %'
for buying Xmas Presents at a first class Cigar Store,
You get the Best at Prices that are right.
We Have Everything a Smoker Wants
Tobacco Jars, Turkish Pipes, Meerschaum, Gold
Mounted and Briar Pipes of the best makes
Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Tobacco Pouches
Imported and Domestic and Union Cigars
in small boxes made expressly for the Holiday Trade.
-Firewood For Sale.\(
,i i.
��������,rj,   t. r * ??*$ t,;ps,
;*r*J A-'
W:rrL^Ffl,e mi ng,
\~ Wholenalo and Retail ^^^n f ,j>
*       r   (   1    r i?    **�� ~i -^ ?   * #*H ii^-
yMU ^MepehanUr
Fish- and ,Games in t Season
JPirst.St!, Beylistoke.,.;-;
BsJiMc0A��HRAN;i&(  CO.
The'only^Storo that handles'���
"'>:* There is-notlnngTbetterJjthan a |GoodcPipo?oi ior.arFine"Boxi-t)f ."-
Ufffara^for a\Chnstmas Present .for-, a Gentleman ���>and', these you can' ��
get at"best rquahty and price "at Our, Store. '  -   ���        *-** -
Out "Glass,'.Ebony iGoods, -TJmbreirds^and'Oahes %,'j \s :f %
'    . r��4+.1i anlrln.TiHrSilvfir'TTn.Wrfl��H-P��n.rl *$&($$$ *i   ''' "<( n,' , ����� J
' ��"     Ht     N'y. '.ii   '%S��r *   �� 5
i -,'-My ,���!-.,,   ���(iw   .   ���?��.'  v-^
'-"-   in
^%^,- yfr* -?
���^Engagement/ S a^epted^r-zAt-*
.Hom'ea> &"C.-^,'Theory^Lessons/a
speeia^y^^S-MidioI at ^Mra."; -Bewej
SecondiStreet. .^'jWJ^**-/ *:
Studio?, -i''.-1 iatpe^JPapsonap-|f
iliFim want of,.
write for prices to'
L. E. Griffiths
ti    .    ' -        ,   ���* -
*        '     MALAKWA,   B. C.
L have started a permanent Wood
Yard on Third strpet. With my past
experience I hope to Jbe, in a position
to satisfy all requirements of customers. 'Dry cordwood kept in stock and
supplied in -any lengths at reduced
prices for cash.
Irvine's Cleaning & Dye
'    "Works'       "   ^
Calgapy, Altaii '
P. 0. Box 787 Telephone 206
A. S. Irvine, Manager.
^,,1  n-  \
rj <> ' ?f    t
���'���t�� 'Lessons 50c. Each.
' Given) af Mr. Dominic Gallicono,
'1��>'     J?"      near Station.    *>    ^   Vi
*"    -jK'"" Ci, -*  'i; 'i,/ '    ,,   -~ .
Music" supplied at \'At HomesA and
,J'""i-'Dances:'1^': 'rJ' "'-""
LTtlu oa*3,d*fl)orfd on to hoat your houso oi *'*
"   -*    A     ~"    storo *   a _
"* >5*i    genuine coal, not *,lato oi lignite.', ^-
,>LS0 200 CORDS ;W00D
Ordotslcft at the Lawronoo Haidware Store,
1    or at Smythe s Tobacco Storo, promptly'
,. -   _    ��� .,' r    attended to>-
-.^. i' -t
J. O, Hutchispns
nRST STREEI. ������ -5i'
Sill!       .     ?2.00 & up
PantH 7<i *'
Vo,l... m ������
Cont      .   . 1 IW "
0\(tcohL .. l.��) "
JinlH      .        M "
8tilt,prc��K(.d   .7.0 "
Suit hp'iikciI
& prcwid 1.00 "
preaswl ..   ."5 "
Suit      ..   .��300&tip
PaiiU . .. .  I.fX)   "
Vent . . .75   "
Coat      .       IM   ".
Overcoat    . 2.00   ���' J
Special priced for
gpcclnl lot��
CoatMnnd VcaU lined,
KilrCoatfl ropolrfd
and lined.
Skirt   . .   $1 00 & up
Jacket* 1.00   "
Waistfl . .7*3 "
IllouscH . .7fl "
CoatM ... . 1.00 "
Wrnpporn . 1..T0  ',
SkirU        .tl ��0 ft up
WaiHtH       . 1.00   "
Wrnppem     a'-fi  "
Sacouen  . 150   "
f.lovcs.nli rt$ .12
OIovch, loiiif    2/i
I.accCurt'iiH 1 00 ft up
1'ortlcrn        I.W  "
DYEING.     ,,
SkirtK %\M ft up
JacKcts   .    1.00  "
Waists ,        .Vi  "
ItlOllKCH .7fi    "
Coato   ..        I SO   "
WrnpiiorH     2.00   "
^ ffimdsop-Bestaupant
,Mrfl.,H. JV Haabury. "Managress. ���*.    fY? J
First-Class ^able.      .   ^    ��� ,, -^
/  -V; v��i 1 Private Dihing-Boxesr tej
JWf I 'V- rl^blnmBriSm^for ^ >-      , , ^
\ *?i    }"*!? jBan<luets> Suppers, ete.��ftVf"t�� ;���*/*>^Ov
,- 'Furnished(.Rooms,To Let.-   vKfs
05o'SA^4ET:?.RAr,^?J^1- M06,-the-BABBER ��������k
SHOPS will CLOSE  at  7 30 p m. (10 30). ���>
oxcopt Saturdays.     -,   ��.   ^ r. ,a�� i l4(* c <: j*1 ��.-*? -^,-;
V ^15.3 f- P�� \ 3.JU MORGAN. J ^ lt t   K
Ladies Day Every Friday Till the New Year,    i   To Trappers
(GOOD GOODS) ,;   .-     \F-^^^^
Mail Orders receive prompt attention,
Work g'uarantcod.
Clocks I Clocks!
, 8-Day,' Half Hour. Strike,   for ' '
$4 00 only.' Limited Number.^
J. .'Jftny- Barber'
Notice pe:Vote^Wfp 1906,i>
THE alteration ofperions wishing,to Oualify     ,u��
[    to votovas " Housoholdors ",or "Licenco' '���<
Holders at the Municipal Elections to be hold    ',".��
hi Jauuurj,  1906, is'1 called to   tho  fact  that      >
forms  of, doclurntiQU  may  be obtained and  ,'  ?��e
the  iieco&Sary, declaration  made up  to  and
including December 30th instant,    Jj  ��    ,,/^! '
Section 3 of-tho Act providos that ""No declaration shall bo accepted by the Clerk unless * "A'i<
delivered to him-.-withm-.48 hours  aftor it is
made, provided all declarations shall  bade-     '���>'
hverod beforo five O'clock in the afternoon of
the  day  on-which Jthe  list Ms  dosed by the
clerk (Dec SO)    J P.'s aud others taking the i - ,
declarations will pleaso noto the hour as -woll
ns tho dato on the forms when tho declaration 11-'
is made-' -���*..���.
Decombor   31st  falling  ou  a   Sunday 'tins **-,���
year, tho list will bo closed at five o'clock in
the aftornoon of the 30th. -   , r        "-)'.,
Tho term '* H- isoholdor " is thug defined by
the amended Ac J~ ���>>���������       .      '      j >'   "
" ' Householder' shall oxtend to and in-    ���
cludo every person who holds and occupied
a dwelling,  tenement,, hotel or boarding      ,
houso, or anj part or portion'of a dwelling,
tnnoment, hotel or boarding-house nithfii
tho  Municipality who has   paid   directly
to^the  Municipality rates,   taxes or'fees       ,
of not loss   than two  dollars   daring  the     "
current jour "      ,    ,  , t I        ,'
Richard R. Copeland
i. . Jf^e     "*    >��-rf*1-  ���* ***
Mantlet., Shelving, Storua-.-Doors,
Ja&^b. Woodrow,
'�� B0TOHER. .
Retail Dealer In^^assB^**
:4Fish^dnd Game tn Sg^spn. ,^<jl7
' All ordors promptly filled.
Corner    Dougla
Jobbing 'Promptly 'Attended To"
Thiid Street East,
i- >
>   I-
.< if
��� i j
x-j-.'u- at0it$:
E.^-B. Paget, Prop"."-
'.' '��� ���      """""'
Pro^lpt, delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of the City.        h
Any Kind ofiT ^oii'
'��:*? .	
���       ��*-"-*---  A,iA~Z"
-      -       -        JSV~*f
* **\*Jjrt WC**^*Lr jj\-
��� ���*


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