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Kootenay Mail Dec 20, 1900

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 PTJBIiISIIED   BYEEY  THURSDAIT.  '7.  '���������SO  33  EEVELSTOKE, B. 0.,:DECEMBER 20, 1900.  $2:00 Per Year.  isOTa  r^r<  s'CJ  J! Iff  Christmas;  .])u!i't :'ai! to make happy the Christmas  of  .some 'needy   persons of  your  aC'|UailiUUCe. ,    ,  Ifilj't spftiid more th.'iii you can  afioid-^-on presents. This is good ad-  sviee :miiJ of course you will not take it.  Ouir'i Oiul fault if your presents are  (Iupli.'.'iiC1'!,  oxi-iriii^fttl  you  store,for t-umethriig else  don't   tell your friend  one   duplicate  at the  D.ih'1  nan"  uo   vour bicycle'stock-  ings oi' your watch.  JXm'i tfii children   under   10  years  of   age   that  Santa   Ch'ius   is a myth.  .This (bar 'old fellow is one of the-most  I (.Mutual delusions of childhood. ���������  Don't urye other people to tell what  ���������they   iceehed   for  Christmas if  they  appear reli'-eut.      Perhaps they" didn't'  get anything.    , '   ,' ��������� ,  '' Don't tell-some one who has sent  you ,i gift for 'Christmas that you will  rccipiociie mi New Year's. Just do  so,'if viu wish, without announcing it.  'j^ouVuv-misc homemade.gifts. r Are  thev viwt l he work , of loving hearts  and willing hands 1 (P. S.���������If your  wife gives you ' a homemade necktie,  tint doesn't go.)      ' * ���������  .Don't gi\e pietorhvl   primers to girls  have" celebrated    their    twelfth  birthday.      Give   them' powder   puffs,  instead.     '    '  Dou;l fail to smoke the new pipe  your wife gives 'you -��������� Do 'it with  ostentation and use the' old sweet  brier when she's not,around.  Hon';, hint ,l'b a person'"that yomare  <<V)hig to give- him or her a present in  order to jiridupt that person to obtain  one for yourself.  Don't try   tu   enter   a  locked apartment with a.  to   deposit  who  last   Saturday in   connection with the  trouble between two young1 men at the  masquerade   ball    Wednesday    night.  Not .only did IT.   William Hardy, who  had been  seriously   injured, lay an in  formation   against   Emmanuel Cound-  ley, but Mrs.   John   Share complained  that she had ' been , assaulted   by  Mrs.  Coundley, Coundley's sister-in law.    It  appears that there  has been bid blood  between   the   two  families  for  some  time   past  and   Har/Jy' charges   that  Counrlley   and   his   partner   wilfully  collided    with   hiin   and   his'partner,  Mrs. Share, during the progress of the  dancing.    Hardy   spoke,   to   Coundley  about   the   matter  outside   the   opera  house, and   wotds" led to blows.    It is  alleged   that  Coundley   kicked Hardy  in sucli   a  manner as to cause serious  injuries  about   the  abdomen  and - to  break .his   jaw   in   two   places."    The  latter   is  now" in bed and,,has to take  nourishment   through     his   nose   by  means of a tube.  The case came up before Magistrate  Yarwood. No evidence was taken  and, the cases were remanded until  December 20. Coundley was allowed  bail in the sum of .$1,500, his worship  being very much averse to granting it  at all.���������Province.     ,    ''  h a burglar's' jimmy in order  u;u  year  and  who'gave  do the proper thing  a present in" your sweetheart's si!Ken hosen. Her father may  ''keep a bulldog.  , Donrl lie awake ail night hoping to  see variou.: people steal into your room  and leave packages on your dressing table. A watched pot never boils.  . Don'r wonder if the friend you  reiVK'Uiboied last  yon nothing will  this yea!1. '  , JD.mi'g exno-.-t your neighbor to  overwhelm you, with thanks if you  give his youngster a biliygoat.  Don't -give suspendeis'to a young  man unless you are engaged 'to be  married, to him, and, if you are, don't  forget to put elastic in the suspenders.  Don't give a complete lovo letter  writer lo  the  oldest spinster in town.  Don't ��������� pretend ��������� that' you think  Christmas''a nuisance and should be  ftbolUhed. ( Just get off the earth  yours'-lf. 'i'-You   never will be-misscd.  Don's, be .jealous of others whose  gifts aiu 'more numerous mid elegant  than  .>ur   own.  They  may  owe  expensive   presents   to  larger bill < ,tir:n you d(  Don't   Mi  new frit-sid's   and   acquaintances unless  you a;e w-rv wealthy.   ���������   <���������     ,  Pvii'i lake your host, girl, sleigh'  riding behind a ' learn of colls that  are (inly half broken to' harness. A  nine mile walk through the snow  yanks all \\-.r romance out of the affair.  Don't tell your sister that you had  iiiteiidid to ;.;ivc her a much nicer  pre.-.enl, but had found 'out that the  nianufactuicrs could not get it finished  in time for ChrMmas She may  have h'.Mid -iu-h '-.lories before.  Don't give your' wife a .$'100.00  sealskin coat on a $1,000.00 salary.  Don't look a box of gift cigars  in the���������-well, in the label.  Don't- gi\c your boy a (bum and  then kick because, he is noisy.  Don't idiy wish every day were  Christmas because you have had a  wood time. One Christmas a year is  n/ore than enough for most of  people.  Don't forget to pay the printer so  that he may' e'njoy his Chris! mas dinner as well as the rest of folks.  A Bull Room Fracas.  k Charge*   and   counter   charges were  made at the police court  \i\ JNunaimo  ���������  ,   -ILLECILLEWAET NOTES.,    ,  "  The town is now assuming its natural conditiou now that the election is  over. Excitement ran high for a while  but when the result was finally made  known the enthusiasm of our Liberal  friends was almost beyond control--  another period of libeityand prosperity-   - , ,    .    ,  Mr'. Stewart, one leading merchant,  has received a carload of, Ohilstmas  goods. His store presents ,a fine appearance being tastefully deco'ratcd  for the Christinas holidays.  ' Our popular school-teacher Miss Ui-  quhart lias completed arrangements  for a .Christmas tree to be held in the  public school room on Thursday. Needless to say the'young people are in  high glee over the prospect.  Some, of our lads and lasses on their  Way home from the skating rink a few  nights ago bad ian experience which  they wiil remember for some time. As  they strolled leisurely along whispering "sweet nothings'' thev were  startled by the sound of chains clanking. After a hurried consultation two  of the j'oiing gentlemen decided upon  investigating. , Armed with skates  they crept cautiously for ward through'  the brush a'nd had not gone.far when  they came suddenly upon a large black  bear busily engaged in trying to release  his foot from a trap into which he bad  u'ufortunately stepped, not knowing it  was loaded. Being good law abiding  citi'/.i-ns they did not wish to interfere  with their neighbor.-" property so left  the scene " mighty sudden." Sunif  uncharitable people have since reported  that it was only a marten, hut such is  not the case. ��������� The largest marten in  existence, not'even Joe Martin, could  stimulate these youncr meivto such an  exhibition of speed. i  Mrs. Anderson  has returned from a-  three'months   visit   with    friends   in  MEETING OF (SOCIETIES:,  Proposal of. Federated Board re Hospital Ward Endorsed.  The proposal of the Federated Board  to erect a ward at the Jubilee hospital  for the use of members of secret tpcie-  ' ties has been  taken  up and discussed  by almost all  the lodges of Victoria.  In most cases the plan  has been ,very  favorably received and at a meeting of  the   Federated , Societies the ��������� scheme  was endorsed and refenedback to the  different lodges to ascertain how many  member's were willing to contribute to  it, this information being necessary for  the board to deal intelligently with the  matter in  their negotiations with the  hospital   board.     The   proposal is to  erect a ward adjoining the Provincial  Royal   Jubilee  hospital,   tbg cost  of  which   will  amount  to  about $7,000.  Half of this amount the societies will  have to 'contribute.    It will contain  about  17 or  18 beds, and  be divided  into private rooms and a semi-ward.  There are in Victoria about 2,200 members of lodges. , About 1,000 it,is estimated, will contribute 25 cents a month  until the amout required has been subscribed.    The institution will be maintained after its' erection,by the contribution by members of 10cents m'outhly.  This will enable the members contributing to use the ward free of  charge.  The physicians'services, however, will  be charged for unless the physician be  one employed by the lodge to attend  its members..  Suggestions have been  received by the Federated Board that'  all the lodges of the province be allowed to contribute towards the erection  of   the   building.     Members of lodges  outside-Victoria "would  then come to  this city when ill to enjoy the privileges,  of the free use of, the society ward.'  iIt  would also take some of the weight of  the cost of the erection of the building  oft* the  lodges of this city.���������Victoria  Tiuies.    ,  despatching 3,000 volunteersto fight by  the side of the British troops in South  Africa."    The Liverpool  Postsay.i: ���������  "Sir Charles Tupper and  his friends  came before the electors as more imperialist  and   loyalist   than even Sir  -Wilfrid Laurier, the appeal has been  conspicuously in vain."    The Nottingham   Express   pronounces   that   "Sir  Wilfrid Laurier is a Liberal Imperialist of the best kind."   ' The'Plymouth  News pointe out that "It has not been  a question of party or of country but  of empire.    Sir.Wilfrid Laurier is the  embodiment of this spirit'and that is  the   reason  why French and  Biitish  Canadians   have    joined    hands'and  voice, and proclaimed  him once more  the leader of the colony."  Nor was the attack on the Minister  of  Public.   Works any more effective, I  ,for the Daily Chronicle says'  The Iiiiiieipal Coiineil.  Mr.  Tarte was branded a disloyalist by Sir1  Charles Tupper. It is to his credit  that Mr. Chamber-lain by his attitude  towards, Mr. Tartc, as Canadian Commissioner at'he Paris Exposition, did  what in him lay to discredit this piece  of partisan follj.and it is significant'  that these racial appeals have found no  response ^in- the Maritime provinces  where United Empire loyal ism is most  deep-seated."  Grip' and Password:  Hidden Marvels of Nature.  A party,of Canadian Pacific engineers who were engaged last week, in  exploring the Canadian Rockies in the  neighborhood uf Field, B. C, reporto  the discovery of magnificent waterfalls, one dropping from a height of  1,300 feet, several glaciers, one of  which' rivals the great'glacier of the  Selkirks in its area, and surpasses it in  magr-ilicence of its surroundings, of  mountain lakes of unusual beauty, and  of lofty peaks which offer great tenip-  tatitn ' to 'mountain climbers. They  report that these hitherto hidden marvels of nature can be made easily  accessible by the construction of  trails, and it is understood these  will be built early next spring.  Portland, Ore. Swan looks happy  once more. Her many friends were >o  pleased to see her luck that they determined upon giving her a surprise.  Accordingly invitations weie sent to  Albert Canyon and promptly accepted  and on Tuesday evening sixteen couple  headed by our ever-obliging violinist,  K. Maran, dropped in and immediately  took charge. The spacious dining  room was speedily cleared of chair-;,  table?, etc., and dancing commenced.  An adjournment was made at midnight,  for refreshments when a sumptuous  repast was served. Songs and speeches  were then in order in both of which  our genial host distinguished himself.  With such an array of talent it would  be haul to diaw coinp-u i&ons bin, it  was generally conceded that the duet  rendered by Miss Sandbeig ;uid Mr.  Anderson, with piano accompaniment  by Mv^. Anderson, was til-3 crowning  feature of the oveniuar. After singing  "Auld l/ing Syne" the party di-*  persed having had a most- enjoyable  UlllO,--CuJtKESI,0.\JJliNT,  Disloyalty Falls Very Flat.    ,  The charge of disloyalty brought by  the Tories against Sir Wilfrid Laurier  evidently strikes the.English observer'  as ludicrous in the extreme. The  British Weekly says:���������"The empire  will not soon forget the services he (the  Premier) rendered at the gloomy beginning of the Transvaal war. In the  hour of our reverses not one word of  despondency escaped,him, his speeches  were the noblest and most inspiring  uttered by any of the Queen's subjects.  He showed rare tact and good sense in  ai ranging for the despatch of the Canadian troops without breaking up his  own party, in the best sense of the  word he is a.sane imperialist," and adds  significantly, "French Canada has enthusiastically endorsed the imperial  policy of Sir Wilfrid Laurier ; in Quebec the Opposition are almost annihilated having' secured but eight seats  out of sixty-five." The Sussex Daily  News says : ".The moderate Imperialism of the Canadian Liberals is greatly  to lie admired and their sturdiness in  the hour of danger has increased our  respect for them and the public men  they delight to honor'." The Manchester Courier refers to, "The cordiality  with which the Laurier ministiy gave  effect to Canadian sympathy with the  mother country in her hum of trial by  i. o. F.  A court was instituted at Salmon  Arm Monday .evening starting out  with a membership of 17.  A.F. AND A. 51".  Ko'otenay Lodge", No. 15, elected  officers'Monday evening, A full list  will be published after next meeting at  which the staff of officers will be completed by appointments.1"  '   s i. o. o. K. '  The officers elect/if Revelstoke ledge,  'No. 25, for   the   ensuing term areas  follows:    E.; Waterso.i, N.G., J. Skinner, V.G.,   il. N. Coursier, R.S., J. A.  Stone, F.S., J. I. Wood row, Treasurer.  s. o. E. u. h.  'Royalty Lodge, No. 214, on Friday  evening elected the following officers  for the ensuing term: P. P., Win,  Mathers; President, W. Watson; Vice-  President, II. J.,Parsons; Treasurer, S.  D. Crowle; Secretary. II. W. Edwards;  Chaplain, S. Needham Sen.; Committee, R. Smythe, R. Buckley, D.  Willis, T. Skinner; Inner Guard, H.  Morris; Outer' Guard, W. J. Dunne;  Trustees, C. E. Shaw and S. Needham  Sen.;'Auditors, II. V. Scott, Wm.  Mather, H. J. Parsons,  T'v. AND M. is. u. s.  Primrose Lodge, No. W, Daughters  and Maids of England Benevolent  Society was instituted' in Oddfellows  Hall last Saturday evening. The officers elected for the first term are as  follows: P. P., Mrs. H. J. Parsons;  President, Mrs. H. V.- Scott; Vice-  President, Mrs. Watson ; Chaplain,  Mrs. Carrulhers; Treasurer, Mrs. D.  Willis; Secretary, Miss N. Dunne;  Committee, Miss O. Daniels, Miss  Evans, Mrs,- McConnell, Mrs. T.  Skinner;' Inner Guard, Mr. Daniels;  Outer Guard, Mr. II. Morris; Medical  Officer, Di. Carrulhers.  Atthe close of the institution ceremony speeches were given by the  newly elected officers and refreshments  were served.  The regular meeting of the city council was held Friday .evening, with the  following in run hers present : Ma}'or  Smith, Aldermen Kilpatriek, Gordon,'  McMahon, Abrabamson. ;i  (A communication was received from  Bowles and Strow, of Portland, Ofc,  asking for'a copy of specifications of  material for waterworks extension.    -  F. J. Deane, president of British  Columbia Good Roads Association,  wrote requesting council to send ft  delegate to convention<to he held in  Victoria on the 18th inst. Received  with thanks.  Smyth and Howard, of Port land,  wrote making enquiries of advjrnce.  trient in waterworks extension - and  asked for plans and specifications.  A   by'-law   respecting   the qualification of voters at the election of mayor ������  and aldermen  for the year 1901 Was  read and passed.    0  .  A  by law respecting the municipal  elections for the city of Revelstoke for  the year 1001 was read and passed.  o  Moved  and  seconded   by Aid.  Kil-.  patrick and Gordon that the. mayor  and Aid. Abrahamson procure samples'  of the most  suitable views of Revel- ,,  stoke and surrounding country for, the  secretary of the Bureau of Provincial  Information.   Carried.  The council then adjourned.  Opposition Leadership.  At a .recent meeting in Vancouver  of adherents of the provincial opposition supporting and hitherto led by  the Hon.- Joseph Martin, the advisability was discussed of transferring the  leadership���������for the present at all  events���������to Mr. Smith Curtis, of Itoss-  land, who it is believed would be  infinitely more., successful than "the  stormy petrel," in harmonizing and  solidifying the diverse interests opposed  to   Mr.   Dunsmuir's  government aud  , policy. The fact that Hon. Mr.'Martin's^ health has failed rapidly of late  and his doctors advise that he devote  himself assiduously  to its restoration,  . aftords convenient opportunity for a  tactical change that has for some time  past been counted amo,iigbtue possibilities. ; The transfer of the leadership  was merely discussed informally at the  recent meeting here, but some definite  move will.' probably be decided upon  on Tuesday eveving at the adjourned  meeting to be held in the rooms in the  Whetham, block, when a candidate  will also'bo chosen to contest the seat  vacated by Mr. Garden's resignation  from the legislature.���������Province.  Holiday Rates by the-Canadian Pacific.  In connection with tins Christmas  and New Yeai's holidays the Canadian  Pacific Railway will put into effect the  usual local holiday rates of single fare  for the round",trip. Passengers can  purchase tickets on the following  dates: December 22nd, 23rd, 24th and  2;jth, good to' return Januaiy 3rd, und  on December 29th, 30l.h, 31st, and Jan.  1st, good to return on Januaiy 3rd.  All who were present at the fip-  worth League Monday evening and  heard Mr. Sullivan's discourse on  British Colutnbift, its scenery and advantages, could not but feel that there  are worse places than the province in  which wclivtji  Steamer Wrecked and Nine Lives Lost.  Tin* steamer Alpha, of Vancouver,  owned by Messrs, Bather and Geuelle,  is at the bottom of Baynes Sound, having struck against the'rocks "at the  baseof the lighthouse on Yellow island  on Saturday evening. Nine lives were  lost including Samuel Barber, one of  theowneis, ,J. II. Barber his brother,  purser, Cap!.. Yorke, three engineers,'  two seamen and a stowawa'v. Tho  Alpha was bound for Japan and it ws������  the intention of llie captain to put into  l.'nion for coal. but. the gale was so  fierce, and the steamer became so unmanageable that he attempted to make  Baynes Sound for shelter. On Yellow  isdaud, at the head of the strait, is a  lighthouse lo warn off ships. The unfrequented strait had to he made by ,  passing to'the left behind the light.  The wind was loo strong and the Alpha piled up on the rocks a hopeless  wreck.  Mr. S. Barber, the principal owner:  who was among the victims, was at  one time manager uf the Imperial bank  branch at Calgary, and was well  known in eastern British Columbia,  having been manager of the Golden  sawmill for seyeral years.  The official count of ihj} voles cast  at the Yale-Cariboo election on the  Olh tilt, takes, place at Kamloops on  Wednesday.  '���������is  ���������Si* THE KOOTENAYQMAIL.
e "Kootena? flDaii
B. II. VAiU'llFAjh,
],ci!;Jrsiii;a and I'lajeKU-rron.
Sul)3criijSi3ii   Pi-iae,   03.00   Per    Arinnia
ADVERTISING   RATWS   qnot       on   appli-
JOB PRINTING of c cry I:iii(I at mo.il reason
able rr.ii-o and slioclchi notice.
ACCOUNTS fur job  pi-ii'tin'ff  or 'i'rtVortWng
payable on the iir-l ofoa-ry inonlli.
COIIRE^BOaDKNOE ou all niaUor.-, of local
,or public ink-re.-! iinilcj and o.irofidlv eon-
Md'ored. Ail :;'.in!i)'.i!iic,i|ioii<- lo the KiliSor
iiutsL be iirc(.ii'pai>>d liy tb" name of t!)'J
writer, not nceo-aiily for publication, but
as an evidence ol j^ood faiili.
Revelstoke. B.C.
IVc Irish
Otic ajid All
Very Merry
Tiik freely ov:pressed views of   load-
'ins Euyjiish newspapers upon the Can-,
adiau elections   ar-j  particularly ioter-
��� esting on   account   of   their outspoken
' reference to the chief issues upon
which they wore'fought.      The fantas
" tic policy which Sir Charles Tupper
advanced with refeieuce   to trade rela
, tions between the Dominion and tho
Old Country is na't urally- given most
prominence, and if ihero are. still those
who are ' not \."t co-iviuoed tli.it lb it
pnlk-v   is   utterly  impracticable at the.
'' present time, a perus.il of the opinions
of those didiitei'cited representative
critics may convince, them The Pall
Alall Gazette ,i'iii��(:xiimp!i! says :���!i lo
return for <;on-"essi<>ns lo the, mother
country So, Cii irles Tupper would have
exacted terms which ' were altogether
impossible���a'"most .ludicrous, having
regard to our oivn fiscal policy." The
- Daily' Graphic ,.', ly^ :--" Sir Chai[es
Topper's fiiends did imi scruple to tci!
the Canadian oleclois tint the Lb'irNh
ffovernmont   would   have  been willing
Louis was again selected as the location for holding, the next biennial convention in 1002.-St. Louis Daily Globe
Democrat, December 7th.
'Protest Entered Against Messrs. Prior
and Earle's Election.
Saturday morning a petition was
tiled with-the registrar by Gordon
Hunter and II, Mackenzie Clelaud.
acting for the petitioners,' against the
return'of Messrs. Prior and E u le for
the city of Victoria.
The names ai'ii.xed to the petition ar>*
those of" Andrew Fab-foil, Thomas
Dunn and Marcus Phipp'-'. The.peti-
tion sets forth that, the successful candidates were guilty of both pijiv,nnal
'bribery and corruption as well a-,
Accompanying the petition 'was a
deposit of $2,000 as required by law.
It is possi'ole.liiaL active proceodieg-v
will  not  be  reached   before , the Commons meets.    ,
Old Christmas.
There's a   box  in 'the  cellar', a buuule
ups tail's
And the family cherubs are whimpering
, in pairs.
it's all about Christmas,
1 know it is Christmas,
Old Christmas once more.
When I venture to,enter, where laughter is rife,
"You cannot come in." crie.- I lie voice
of mv wife.    , ��� ��� '  ���
t 'Tis the sweet sign of Christmas,
The coming of Christinas,
Old Christmas once more.
When" I open  a closet to, look for my
.     hat
I lind���but no  matter it is not the cat,
It  is something for Christinas,
A comfort for Christmas,
-  Old Christmas once more.
Politeness "Wasted,
A guileless rustic who wis':p(J to become attached to one of our railway?
emerged from the examination room
and iuformed the expectant relatives
that lie had failed to pass the sight
teat.     '     ' '
"Why, you can't have!" exclaimed
the,, father, who was horrified at thc-
U'OUMht. "You'ra no more color bliud
than I am."   ��� '
'���Happen not, but they won't have
me," answeied the rustic bitterly. "I1
all come,'; o' Trying to be polite vi��
obliging, as you said I was to he,, fey-
"I>nt  I   can't see  how bei*,g nob'lc
coind make anyndifference," quavered
, its- father.
"ft- did,' though," said the rustic.
'���The old chap held something up an
says: 'Tlii.5 is green, isn't it'.; Come,
now. ipu't it green?' quite pleading
like, and. though I could see it wor [}���.'';.";,.
, red, I couldn't find it in my 'art to tell
him lie wor wrung for fear he might
take oi'i'e.'i.se. So I simply said, 'It is,
ycr lienor,' an they bundled me out.
No more politeness for mo. It don't
pa;.'.'-"- London Answers.
I SAMPLE   ROOMS.   Heated b?
A "^"��fcot nil- and electric bells and
light in ev-ry io ,l:. P.ej bus meets al
lie ins.
\    ff B  ATA   f^ (    A *=/-SC:,-A^  RATES.
& //    ii [{       ,"      U      H         p. fast?  ��    0% Nitjlit Grill ]:-r...i. ti-'ii'i!,ti���� for t'i��
M     B   V\         0      H       Fd    ,    fftt     -%   U   &**& ccrTvuiliiac    :,.-   . , .u-l\:uh *v.-l Mb
W       $    '<W^        H       ^Se^    I       B. I B      \ |��ii-[iiis k. n.,ii..   ."...'i- -    J:ei-riy_Mr..cl
  L-dj- in iwv-lm l.i.u! .,:'J. I'.ii.^.ii.
r r 	
3    ?_ S H ��    �� P      \\\ y     q    5    8 i'\   ��
' (Continued)
They shook hands in the casual way of
canncc acqu.'iiiitanci's and paried. V\"lieu
Fenton reached (ho Hotel dn Centre, ho
sluit himself in Ins room nnd sjipiH a day
of peculiar and initatiiifr inactivity. lie
did not suffer from any acute dii-<]r.iet,
but his life had leinporarily ceased to in-'
terest him. lie' saw that he had been
very near a pi'(oipice, but the fecl'iv of
safety did not fill up the gap which Ins
disillusion left. lie told himself a^a'm,
as lie had done four days before, that.lie
was a focd. Poilmps the sincerity of this
bilief helped to h -Id him lo hN resohe.
Tho following morning, as his lugg.igc
,, .     ,       .,   . ,       was., b(-ir.g carried  out,   ho  stood  at  the
to tax tue ;oo.I   ��r   the    i.ntiMi pwip,.-    coni(ir ))f d,c, ^,KU.0 fiQ|n v,1]ic|l ,he hi���
for the benefit of Cmad.i it Sir Wilr'iid j c.ouned with the crucifix was visible.    It
,     , , . -r.        .  .        i  will dt.se> red and bare,  half'shrouded in
'   had notsto-;-! n�� im- way.    Ine vi^ory |  a t,]fn v,,n of .,,,,.,_ Thp drivci.   ������ lhe
' of Sir Chai iV's   Ti!;i;..'-r-iiivier such (..'-n- !  In:d'.   nietaliic  \oice  cf  his  kind,  cried,
... .  /' , ',    i ��� !  "A     voirr-rel"    and    Fenton    took    his
ditions illicit   iiiw'>   Ti'sn.Ml t-> a se:\ ;  ^^ witboul anolher look  beuiiid.-E.v-
di.sa<jreea��)i(" mi-und'M ^t-nuiai;' between     change.'
the people   .if   Condi  and liie people , a Sore mprcMion.
of Croat'  ib i'.ii::. '    , In   another is<':e |     "Xo. 'Sweet airl graduato' is a sore es-
I Fenfcon's Disillusion. 1
A decrepit <old pegress, with a deformed back and a few discolored
fangs' in tho place of teeth,'called one
day upon a gentleman who bad been
her employer and announced, "MistaJi,
Ise gvilno lor git merried."
"(Jot married, auntie!" exclaimed the
man. "Why,'I'm surprised! Isn't the
change a Utile sudden?'"
"Yes. tol'ablo sudden, but bottali late
than nebber."
"Oh. well," answered thefrieud politely, "a lady is never too old to marry, 1 suppose���if she falls in love!",
'"But I'ze not fallen in lub!"
"Going to marry for money?" sarcastically.
"Yes. snh, dat am de solemn troof.
It's money. Ise 'gaged tor 'liiliy
Jones." ' '   ���
������Why, Billy's only 23, and you musr
"Yes, sah, dat's so, .but I'ze now pay-
in Billy fifty dollahs a yeah for ront-
an I'ze gwir.e tor marry him ter save
dat ermonnl."
n'.v, :> *,-."r.r'A    p-r��0
Ist'.il   0.
built        i'",i!h: rlas'-'
in   ni'        i e.-,j- ������'..       -A ll
��&���.%!*..-.-. '* '\ iV"~ ^ *
I.C     _  \\
1-1 ^K   /J      '    H
\\it/ I iifa XT I  1 Ai 11 Aio li'l nyio H a ys t"
ti,-/ ?,����� ^ f1:;-      w   d  f ��� 11/ L*      i:^<     rT ^
Oik> Wssfiiins SulHcieiit.
"Now, madam," said the crotchety
judge who had been annoyed by the
digressions of previous female witnesses, "we want no hearsay evidence.
Tell only what you know. Your name,
please."    '���
"Mary Jones," replied the witness.
"Your age?"     -
"Well-er���I .only have hearsay evidence on that point, so I won't an-
swer."-rhiladelphia Press.
lieK-cn ��� I've seen a drop oi' water mo
nan electiic li'dit plant, mill and ���
Dnbhon���Where did you see a drop of
water do (hat?
K'ootsnay Lodg-e
,v/^T *" No-15 A.F. 6; A.M.
Am?   -
For the convenience of our friends
fiiid palrou.sal a distance, we have
//ffi\\ ' ^K~^^~^~^^'S~'-~Trs i-'s'lied a spfcml catalogue of
WllImM^^^^^^^ Silverwcre, OstCifar^ Cutlery, etc.
Send For One.
Complete Furnishers,
Victoria, B. G.
�����        v\l *   *   The regularniceLm
are held in the Masonic Temple. Hoimie
.<r.  1  pre.ssion fo:- rne.
' i      "Why should it be?"
the' same   piper   ;i:i-,-"^d:.!
ijU'St   (c-ir   lecipiii.. ii   pr^rereii;----; cer- ; '-The sheerest one oCthem T ever saw
'<i 1"   i-c'i-rd   tn.iij m'i.Iv. , vvas ray Jatidlady's dauprhter.    She used
"'./     '      '            i ro coiiecr.the board bills.   Temper! ' The
e\er it Cani'1, :' >!   !-,n-- 1j :;-.in ir-nuu'" if>le  _\rrp_  Xarrippe  was an ,anwl  coiu-
,, "_   ;"lL.: j;-^r< t;\,^, ! pared lo her.   And sarcasm! ��� That pirl's
7' .'     "'' /' j tongue would make a man-want to hus-
" '.' v : "'-:'' '���' '���-  %-!:;s   ' tie off somewhere and pawn his only suit
:;.�����    ",,'   -.'-'i'..<i \i-    I of clothes.    She never had any sympathy
; '              ' for a man.    SiV-'d  have taken the very
'"* !     !'''���  ��� '���'       I'-.- | SOr.j;s   iii��i   mother   knit   him   for   honid.
.,-���    ; _.    ..,.,,)' And  yet you never taw n sweeter hi.:h
T 'L          . school   iji'fiduato   than   she   w��<.     And
��� ���-." ���   "��� ' '',,;" :'-'!-'   , what do jou suppose the subject of her
 -                   t c��t-av was?''
.      ...^^.. ' "W.dl, what''"
\A- , !, iiij.i.i   '���'. U.'ii'. "'The     Sv,vr(in?��s-,     '!er.(!cno��s     and
P.road 'Mrarii;. of Tr;e Womanhood!'"���
.    .      .     ,.        . Clevehue! I'hiiri  I>e'.lfr,
������t   , v.1!   d" ui.i:,ii  , 	
Uinly �� m!-i i
;\er it cai
alf'.-n! I ) :; .n '
to plea-iri   !i".'
factory   t <   ,',::
tiiry   '>t    ���'���<
leuri-e.i    .���-,',
taM'on or -.''''i
track:?:::-; r
5#^;5.^#L=.(1.\1I,  on'tho    third
SS^^^^S^^sSKy .nontii l,t J ''��� "i.
^S^- Vi^ilin'^ h.'othreu
Ss^- cordially vv -lo'1 ��'i I.
II. ,T. PRATT Secretary.
RI!VSL3?3::3 LODGSS, I. O. O.'F., ITb. 25.
^���^J^-fT" Kourular meetings are held
-/5^l^^^n   in U-ldfeUovys' Hall every
^T^3��?^iO% Thursday night at  ciglr
^fe^��j?&S^jai) o'elorjlc.   Visiting brothers
W-si^^Cjsp1-   cordially welcomed.
N. T. FA) W AI! US. N'.G.       J. A. STONE, S kc.
SSLKiaK I.023G3,' NO. 12, I. O. 0. P,
1 _>J-7=-*v_ ��� -Meets every Tuesday
���7K\      ^^V^&s^'    evening in Oddfellows'
/T      w'j       i^^^PIall    at   S    o'clock.
(((   ^s&~T^zz&''-��>^    MV'i'ilinp; brethren cov-
%s��!*y X!=353^tlially invited to at-
Incorporated by act of Parlianient'1855.
War. Moi.son Maopjikuson-, lDre.s.      S. H. E^vino, Vico-PreK.
J \3iBS Elliot, General Manager
PAID UP CAPITAL - .- $2,500,000
RESERVE   ,       -       ���       . - . 2,650,000
general banking business transacte.l.   Interest allowed on deposits at current rates.
J. D. MOLSON, Manager,
P. HOOi.lW, X. (I.
W. TdATIlIK, Sjco.
$jii$l930-%\        2- O. P, No: 31C1-
Ir.si-u:n ���:
- '.!
1 ,1" Vj ��������� ' : 1
llli'll 1 i'" 'm ' '���
1 heir tin.! ; ' ���
11)-- in-! .!.-. i �� 1
s.'leel-d ,bi ��� ���: ' ' 'i" ' 1" 1-' - '��� "
The^i' v. im" ,' 1': : T. "\\ 1'-- 01. .is >,
l^oui-, 1 ������-������!i'' ' 1 : in i i'.'' id"-'i : /
13.    li'iw.'.    i\.'i ' t ��� 1,    '),il ,   li' -!
The rUInct Wmu j !��� iv <in��,ii>- .
Jnlm  I.'u l.:n v. a�� a  fearl^'-s eriiif -,:���, 1 j
n-.'iil"     liiilllV1      f'flPIIlieg     hy     his     r.'ldi'Ml   i
\l m." '��� iv '!'"���'' '.       vl"-.\-s.     |'i> rievfr ("a.-idcied  the nniii or
,  .;  (,,_      ,i|''i-c.i >" i      Ih"  f.;"!"i   ill   Ids:  ciiliclsijis-.      It   v;;i-   lie'  ;
.   ,   , ,   ,      v ci k i'-( ff li;,":'' onci i lif-d |ii:n.     He i u  e  '
' IJ. II. ATKIX.-',
;- t'. I!.
Established 188Q. Incorporated 1895
��� ffl8L8flnan, MeFeely k Company, Limited^
Dawson, Yv T.       Vancou��er, B, 0.
rron,   Steel,   CJIu--s,   Paints.    Oils,    Metals,   Simps,   Tiiiuv.re,   Giiny, etc., etc
\VK MAKW A SPhlCIALTY   OF   SUJ.��PLIES f��.r .^'ines, Mills, Pda��ksmiliis
UailroaiN, (Jontractors, huniberniLMi, ole.    Agents fur : ���     'c
(..'iaiit l'ov.-iler Co.    ' KisirlMid.-f Sciles.      Hcnnott'h Kn^'i.-'s '"ii e.       ?-I:ii",!ic
Stcji'l ll.-iiu;^:.      Canlon Aljiiiiiii Ssec'l.      S|joo;n-r   < 'i.;'.;.'.1 i;,e.    '      ��
Registered Trademark   "Suru-cc."
NOTICE. ��   , 1 "    	
('. YT. MI TO I r KM,
It. ��.
....          ,.     ,       ,                      . liWln  '!.     |i ')l.l,i.,i.| 'IfimiA^TAIT. of
<"" !'=  "'.   in   ln��   ferule. :   vci.v.   I lie   e ;: , j\| ���,!,,, ,1        ,,    || \|-|.\     AI!!H��'I I' .indfiKO.
of a   ','��'li  Iw.o'v-i   0.iii;^i-,  w',0  ",'is  !ii;i  li ?>fi L. |j;r')\',   ���   o,  v'.,i,hiom -, hi  lii-   i'lmni'-o
r.:,.v..,!  !t   d,f> ef;'e(T.     Oh  lie.-i i-mik ��.f  ill' "f B. h .-', ( .1!., -.I.i,.   K   ei.M   , * ill .i|i',.ly lo I lie
,      ,     ,         li,              .     .      .. ���   I'.in..i,,i'id -i < ,'ii���'l.i .11 il- 11.-:i M'-iioii lornii
pe.rov,    lie   Inid   reil-r-d   lie   WK.fr    k,   t !.o  ,  ^, ,.,,,, t/1., ������|,, ,   ,   ( ,��� ,,n ,������,..,- 111(- ���.iniH
a��!i-:f    l'"lt    le''    ro'_"-r-U"d    I'f    eoi||i|    [lot rjF   [.,-    IUri!.      \'{     \'.;S     \ I,' JOWl IK A J>
fi-f>:.k rno.e fnvoraldy of the {deinre.  hut J:AH.\'.',\ >   ' " !���',''"' '���   '"A'" |MU,"' ''V"""
��� 11,( t oi- 11 (i n,' .iiiii iii ('in . or .1 r uluity li'nin
P.      I n\'-..      ',\   1, '  I  1 1      , ),il         ir ,      V'c ,          ,     ,             . ,          ,                , ,.-                 . ,  ,, 1,1,1 t or 111: iii' .iiie In I'ln . in1.1 r inwity 1  inn
ij-   l''u'���            \   ,,.'    '                     ,,        , ''ope.]   d   ufM'ld   :::;ii:e   no   dilieicnfe   '"' ;t ,.;,/��� l|} ,��� ���.,������   \l(o�� ,. .d.on Awow l���dcu.
viee-|)rct-id"iil :  a.  '.v . l) iv.-ii|i>m 1. .'( >- 1 their   fiiond-'di).     if   is   8��i'!   the  arti-,t ' k,j0|i ...n ji, ;��� ,��� -   i'l.u h Ci'imbi.i, I'leii'" h.v
difer   v. T.,   .���(���.,ml '   , e lee-i.! >nt :   W   , v, rote in i<|'!>:                             ' ! \u-,  "���''-' ,'li" ''  'l,1!'.1 "'":'',:'   l'"'1,'' )'',' ''I1'!','!'
'                                          '                                                 r,   ,                            ,                     ,    ,   ., , ji-i   i,,   Iii!it,',i   1 rir   0  -/'Hi'  Mini nt the
provident find n.t'nni.il i)t"^ ini/,"r; J. ��� . > {erc!lre in our fi/jinl'ti.p. t,';, ',. , ,,, ,, ' 1   ;.; ���,)   ���,; In,,   .  r m, �� n .-, anil
1/ci'inher!,    i'(.I-..   Worth,   'I'.-x.:    .1.   S. ,                             . i t/fiii ���.'������     �� ��������� '   '     .    ��� ��� " a'nl oth- .��� v. -
' ' ..t     ,,   r>      , Mnkc 1hc EiTo-rt. |  -d-    .-n, n- in'.'   .        Hi':'.'r   ' miS.
Ea.t.,K,!��, i'(-,np,.n.inMn,, s i.;(,   >'��yl', <      Jilpw  ^^ v^h  hnv]n��� rMn0 wifh.     ,,;, ,.;..����-.'Vi": -.,; ', '". I;���::,;i' '���,    ������
of M��'i'iici-:.v!!i". O.il., mid .-.. K. !I,ivv-. 0M(   f,-cn,i,i4-.   ^n-ife  or  rffort.     The  r>-d     "''      ' ���.���!������
An^ii-t.i,   ('��� 1.. ni" .1' er = of   the   I'Ai'i'ii- ' id!i<.t  he  liiillled   for.     Neither  fi 'lit   nor
T,      \Vil-'in, 1 fiow'Ts eiin he i^nlliei-ed  unless tli" hand
f-'i,*--.S -'      4 . fTt?f-Vi i
"V.*.     -   >.'~^'"x. ���-"'���i.i'
."cv^cpa fo^cir.e.oc/if.-i to Cut Timber
on Dcsriinicji  .r.'-.:'.c.a ��r�� t*?.a Fi'o-
vJacc ol' >2.?.'/u;h Cciu'i:'Bin.
!   lip sdiolrlicd oi'ft to jilnek tin-in.    So with
five   pooiinii 11-'.      .I'm
Kranrfpre :d��   '.ui'l   .-,1... ;.cl ,.-^e. ,.���������,,���,���,  an(,   cult,,,,0.    Ul,,,f.   miHt   ,,t.
tfiryimd tie,i-,Ti.cr, .���inpliiy::.; ni-"--M ( tl)0 (,ff(1,.(> {]i0 ,.c.flf.i(iIliC ()\)t of (ho Mind
a'-fdv -nt-, in  ord''i   to  h e.i -Id'Aii the to grosp the truth nnd the unknown,'1
CXnvii,-...'^   el      toe    or.!.>llji//illioii.      ^t, I ' ""  ""    '" "~
: ���,,,   .H1   ,.: -I  '.'' i   I'. ��� I    ���. '  "   .11 'I   ' ii   li-.-
\tt)    ���   , , o '' , 1 . '1          ','1    1"' "1    '' - I     "ill'
l,i ..in'; ,���.! I  11 / ,,1 ; 1 i   1.'  ,     .1.,   ��'  1.    1 >-i-
v ,1     1!; '!   ' >>.!  ' '"I      1    ���   I'll.,.   no1 ��� '.-
|,r|; 1!   ,;, , ,      . , - i|              "V( -i    I"    II.i.      ���;
ft,.1   ,  -, ��� ,-    1 ,   .1 1  ��� '   1 1'   1 ,"'     '"  ii" '
(   ..������ !,. -,.. : ! ., ,.  ; ������    ' ��� -
liy; 11
.1. K. 'A-   iff,I." .,
.- jli'-'ilor for Ajij'li'.iint
0 , <l'v-~--''   "'���-''..- .-Vi'
'!'!.,- Cnlni'iiiiii fii.l l'r:v)i('iiny linihvny .md I >*.
.���-,, I,-n i'i;i:i-i'.ii will iijirily In I lie 1'arlui- ]
in . i oi ('.in ������I.i ill il-' if,I m--ion lor an Act'
i-,li iidi ,',' in" iiiii- wiinin vv!ie:hii mn'con-i
.>: 1 .i' 1 K - ������'. I'.i '.s - ii.i'l w (!,���!{���., ,.;.,:) u'.i! :.o; !xir.^' ',
IIk.Ch 11-. 11,/ In o-.'. n ,������ j'l op, niLi' .-l .niiiind (.,.< ICA I.KIi TKNMK.I.'S uddn -. . ,1 In (he iniflcr-
oll.i r \< --m|^ in,' 1 he oar.-i.'i^e ni" irolrdit .-uid \ ) si-jni'i! mid i:..i.'k'il i.n iht. ( nveii>|.c "Ten-
pi-,< li .t.. oe'iiij icil" i v.ni'cl.-J wiih a-iy <ii"    (i.'i'ji.i- 'I iii.i.er li-"I !i .V ;,''  (o he nn'iied en I he
,1    i.;.i.-.,'.\ ..'in!   1,; .! i'i;-  Jlniiiii'iil ,i��,  ios    l.-'il..!n; ci l'cc'"..l . r .,:'., i. will I e 1 t'eeived at.
.' -1 ������ .'1 ~. '���' ..1 )..u.r u li).j I di'. ct^..-. ir ni thi- !>. 1 .i-lin^i't l.'ili! iMiiii! (.11 Tnchdav, tho
' ��� i'l'i i.ii.ji .���. i; ; .,-!...., 111 ������ ��� .��� !'-,!".' 1) ,-. i'lli.i, ;������ ���.,..-a In, nst (u cut tini-
��� 1 . .    '.���'"    >��� ii".' '-ii   !,.l-  .���".  . ���'.     i-.i:,i.i 'i'i; .'"���!( clioiw 1.
���'. ���-', '. .'. ���>. ". ', 1; ��.' . 1,i!i iii.lf tu' Scclioii II, tlio  ���
,i ,  !i .;. i'   'i'.j'., .','', ;���,"  ,-'v.m,-..        .�����_ ��� - (��� i :.-1 ��� r t ��� ���-  :-"ii. :   1 ,-i ^l ������:-,-��� ita-.d ll. tho   '
���'���' ���'���.'.   I'll'-i   0 l|,'l',',;-,'  ;i| r[    I.   ���;,'!   Slil).(livi'li(Hlf5 2,
���;,"l''l 1   ;.'   .-��� ���<���:.. 1   !  .   .'. vl-.il.-   !7, II. I'.I. L'l, ��(),
   ���''. ���''",.",'  .'���" .Old  .''���  'i 1-, ii-d.ii) 'J.'i, i'ancri: L','-,
, \' c^\   !���:   Mic  ."-til  Jw- 1 liirtit. '.ii   Ire., nbov e ]Jni-
N~,/.,..-.-, - , \ i'c, (.oi.laii;;:'.'  a.ia.-d   -A L'Ji- -r.uaro iiiiIls
is "J !   \L 1 -, !" "''' '" !���>-���
: ,   r-ie i-'.-:{ti':'lioii, under wlddi a liccn.cj will bv
1 1 i--i" 'in-iiv he o'.i ���,'.:( ;i al   tin's  J.'cjinrlincnf or
'all h.v odice or 11-iL wwi. Tiniher Aj,i lit at New
I Vi'i ���-!nii!i--|("-1
'I'h" .\"..!ki-;i and  ,~i')ein   liiiiiw.i; ('���������iniir.ny       2.'.e !i   iciue. r  ni;.-:(   lo  noermpnnipd   Lv an
���.. i!! aiipl;,   I i I'k'  I'.nli "iieni ol   C.:ii.ni,i:il !ts ' H'.'.-i |,icd ciie'i'ic (,n a el'iivicriyl   l.nnl. in l'avnr
!),������.!   --i ~- k m   i.i,- 'in   Aei   (.Mendnu: I he time ,0;  l!.e D'-jmlv of the J'.ini.'.-lur <lf I lie Iiiteiior,
.'.i.lii.i   ul.iili  1!   Hi.iy ��; ,|'-Iki'1   it--- Il 1 1 w.ij.-. , is r 1 i 1'...inoe.nt !.f 1'..  li.niiy  wliicti tho npiili-
��� >u 1    ij. "inn 11;   .^ioii,,!. :   a,,   ilu-1-)1-o for it-5 j i."!''. N |iv.]-n.!0''. :o '.'.I l'.i'alif( i.s".
'��� ad  - 'li' <���  '��� il'i  jt'iv.i r 'o  the i)jr oLn; - li'.i.n ]     Nn tciidcr lij leh }M-,i'h v .!! l;u cnl'-i'laincfl.
I mix   li   111.'   iie'iin-'i:   .1  hy ily-i.f.v, aiidior ] !.,,,,,..,_
,,|j,(|'l,.,    (������     .. J'l.JlI.l'yV     G.    Ki'.l  I'vS,
1      -.,��,j\r 1*   1 11 t * - ff-   1 ,vp ^.c(ocinry,
.'���"^ ^. A I.....-./   l..M^. llcpnrtnK'ntof I!- Interior,
dee J S .-jevi'i t.n'i ���Trca-iiii'v.'i'. Ottawa, L'-Jud October, IO0O.
*<*���   I
f* j
'c. 1
,    '�� m  THE KOOTENAYMAII/  M    (*���������**���������  I My Patient's'  ,\    \'.p r\ ey- z < a '-> 4-  o  V K  A Story of a Doctor's Sin-   f  gular Experience at Sea. 4  5.$..s.e-5.<J������<J..c.f$i.������.(J..o.<^.e.^.e.^.������4  < I  \  ('  V'' '���������' i  Ml  ' I hr.J j;'.������t taken my degree and was  .*::���������!: i*ij; prnr-iicnl experience as a medical  m".a' on b: iinl the Maid of Narnibeon,  \ '.A- h \r.".;- bound with freight and pas-  7  ���������: v:>* iro.n Liverpool to Australia.  <���������:.;��������� evei.in:; alter tea the second cabin  :>v"i:ii (1'jieieil my stateroom.  "J;���������<i.,r," said, lie,' "Mr. Bentleigh  ���������...iiild li!:e (o see you. He is fooling  r- ��������� J v. opt tonight." <  ''',','..;, :"v 1, steward. I'll conic imme-  '.'.', A  i..'."   '  ! , '��������� -;:i'ed some drugs from the medi-  <.!,���������" ;;:'.;{ and passed out ihrough the  i ,!. .:n. It was a,wild night and bitterly  cil. i\ !wi a galo blowing from the  > ' I,"!.-. Tlie main deck was awash  -'' .'. the dark preen seas which broke on  I ��������� ��������� d. I waited for a favorable on'por;  iri\!,v rad then1 darted across'the deck.  .'ii. i!i������.rl!eigli, a middle aged, refined  1^' i.ii'i nian, wai lying in the under berth  ���������til l-wo berthed cabin% His lungs  ,i'e<ted, and since entering these  :!:!ile;-i lie had been confined to his  A'- I entered lie was seized with a  ii ',i of eoii'-liing. I mixed him a  <?.������������������' .- . diaft. v. Inch he drank eagerly.  , ": ���������!_::.;." sail! he in a hollow, weak  i"\.. 'I'm dying. I am convinced I  r' '��������� .-.-: i',:i otit the'night."  ".,;'; <, re."   said    L      "I'll   pull   you"  I T   -,<      .:   ,j ���������-:   i lv,-iL.  II" ���������>!,'(io������( liis'> head sadly and despond-  ' ";,\' ','it'.'' said he after another fit of  i ,. J . ..' i" h.ul another object in view  !;������������������   ���������    ;.!��������� . !',vi' yon tonight.    V\r:ll you do  I !,::,i'''"d my willingness (o oiilige him.  "I -,,! !; 3 on lo ta!:o charge of a packet  \\! :.h ye.!' will find in that trunk yon are  si:ill.'" on. ' Von. 'will dind .the keys under  iv." pillow.''  i !".:.;r!;od 1 "no trunk, which was tightly  j:':-.!-1 d la:".eon Ids berth and the wash-  <s-i.:''d. and'arter some rummaging found a  \e;;\\i r'tekot, which I extracted.'  "ll (���������(���������.���������ilaiiis some valuable, inanu-  PCiipf:,'' rjrid he,, apparently to satisfy  hny eniiosity I might evince as to the  co; ;e;:J^. "They have cost me years of  si'.:,;,\ and research, and I want you,'if  yen will be kind enough, when you re-  T:ir. (p Kiudand, to deliver thom nerson-  .-li.v (j tho address which I have penciled  ��������� on lie:- envelope.'' ...  I M.-oieed at the envelope and perceived  it ������%;-��������� addressed,,to a lady in a market  i!',ivn \:\ Voiksliiro.   ���������  [ pr-nniscd faithfully to carry1 out, his  !:;���������������:��������� r.crio:.*. lie thanked me in a very  fee'.Je .vo'iee and handed me a purse,  which, on opening, I discovered contained  a fi'v: sovereigns. ������  ".\'o. take it."said he, noting my re-  Im.'.-eo   to  accept  the  money.     "It  is  r:i.e!y  to defray any expense you may  ���������< lie put to on my amount."  At length I ro������e to depart, promising  lo leek in first thing in the morning. 1  emei^ed from the fore deck house, on the,  lee m le. and was walking quickly along  the main deck when an immense crested  wave stiuek the vessel, mounted over tho  h.iwr.rks and, before, I had'time to re-  t. ",;. caught me in its icy embrace and  swci.t me into the lee scuppers. I scram-  i.led to ii>y feet half stunned and gasping  fi-r ijiea'.h.  , Ti'e fealed packet'which had been in-  U;>l,"l fo my care was missmg.  ir   r.r.'s-'t   have  been   dashed   from  my  ir:*:i'-o v.'hen  the sea struck me.    Where  v,-f,, it : ��������� v? I hurriedly drew on an  ov. ;;or.r, rushed np the conipanionway  tn i!e poop and acquainted the mate  w!:h my loss.  '".Yiu'if size was the packet?" he asked.  ".'.'���������out a foot in length and some four  inches Li oral."  "Weil, it's just possible it may be lying  [about the deck," said he.    "Here, Clark--  so;:, fetch a lamp."  When the apprentice returned with the  lump, I. at the risk of auother immersion,  di>u'!ided ' with the mate to the main  a (?.-(k. We s?arelied diligently, but could  hot ('.'-cover any trace of the missing  j:.-i''k,'lire. Wo came sto the conclusion  th���������! it !'.id hecn washed out of one of  ,h ' viiipn.i > which fewnug open at inter-  ��������� m\' ��������� -'li fie rolling of the vessel and'  1'    .' ::. d the '-<���������:; lo c-'capc.  \,;���������  t w.:-- I lo do?   Suppose Mr. Beut-  h '-.: :e. ,.ver. d and demanded his valua  T    , t  J, i  )n ii.  pi *'!���������> d,  (:.<��������� ,.".  0 f v'   <  lie   <  h.  !��������� 1. ,  s:  *. ..  . i  i '  e.  \.  ,   iv .  hi,  o:.:  I really felt ill myself when  ',: i f such ii couliugeney.   ���������  ��������� iv/.ruing as soon as daylight ap-  i  diess-ed and  went on deck.    I  I'd ihe male, who was again on  i ',e liiid ,'iiiotlier search, but it  ir; nie, s at, I lie one of the prceed-  !.:c:.!:fast I plucked up siiHiciciit  in vf-il U'c fore deck house. "Mr.  !i, hi !-pi:f of his in'ediction, was  (,-; ('( posiled my papers in a  iil.vV" he indeed anxiously as I  ���������: I..-; eithiii.  ..'I f ,:' ie abuiil that. Mr. I3cul-  ' :::;.! !, gazing out of the port. "I  <,,!:. ie they are."  ; '.' lib.1.:, d diirin:: ihe day. For  , -.; !,'..- fi.s.\.- a lij.lit, warm wind  l';.i.-;i  ihe north and the sun shoue  Cic ill;. Miiioii ns I was enjoying ft  s.ed.i in my sialetonin Mr. Uentleigh en-  tind l"e ������-a.s looking his old self once  jiio.e and stepped jauntily in. The day  of u'i'loaiing had come at la-d. I nerved  my elf and invited him to sit down on  ll:v uvUcv.  "I suppose you've uiiossod what I'va  come foi V" ho said, with a bland smile.  "I'erl'eetlv," I i-aid, moistening my dry,  parched lio's.. "But 1 regrot to telj yoU������  l mean,' I'm. sorry to inform you that���������  that"-  "What do you mean?" he cried, springing up and facing me.  "The fact is, Mr. Bentleigh���������pray don't  alarm yourself," I implored, for his countenance had assumed a ghastly hue'. "The  fact is, the packet has gone a-missing."  "It's a confounded lie!" he cried.  As I had no desire to exasperate him, I  passed over the grossucss of his language'  in silence.     <-  "I beg your pardon, doctor," said he,  calming dojwn. "I'm not feeling well. I  suppose you mean you can't lny 5'our  hands on it at the moment."  "That's' it,  exactly, Mr. 'Bentleigh,'' I  exclaimed, grasping like a drowning man  at a straw.   "I can't lay my hands on it."  "But you will begin another search���������at  once?" he inquired anxiously" ���������  "I will," said I, with determination.  And I allowed him to depart in a state  of uncertainly.    I  thought it would  be  better for both if  I  acquainted  him in  writing with the exfent of-his-loss.    So  1 sat down and broke it gently to him in  my best handwriting.,  On-tho following  morning I dispatched tho note,,'together  with the purse which he had previously  given me, by the saloon steward.  As I anticipated, he came aft immediately after perusing "it. I was leaning  against the skylight chatting with the  mate when he approached.  "Perhaps you consider this an exquir-ite  joke, Dr. 'Walton," said ho icily, holding  my letter aloft, "but 1 assure you it is a  very serious matter to me.'"  "Mr. Bentleigh," said I, "as God is my  witness, what-1 have written is the truth.  I regret exceedingly what has occurred,  but 1 think even you will he forced to  admit it was through no carelessness on  ��������� my part. Mr. Riley witnessed the accident and will corroborate my story.",  "Well," said the mate, thus appealed to.  "I certainly5 saw the sea strike (he doctor. Some time afterward he came up  from the saloon and said be had lost a  package belonging to you. We searched  for it, but couldn't find it."  ��������� This candid statement by the mate, who  evidently had no desire to commit himself in any manner, did not improve my  case in tho least, and Mr. Bentleigh,left  the poop in a very, bad humor. It was  .perfectly obvious ho was not convinced  of my sincerity.  From this time onward he visited me  almost 'daily in my stateroom 'on some  'pretext or auother, and on eaelr>occasion  ho carefully scrutinized every nook and  corner of the apartment, as if he believed his blessed manuscripts were concealed somewhere in the bulkheads.  After leaving the ship and'until I could  secure a passage in a homeward  bound  'vessel   I   engaged   a  sitting'  room   in   a  boarding house in a retired street in ihe  city   within   two' minutes'   walk   of  the  botanic gardens. I  had only  been  there  a short  time  when   1   had  a  suspicion,  which soon amounted to a certainty, that,,  some one was tampering'with my effects.'  Some wearing apparel  which I had deposited  in  a1 chest of drawers  was  frequently, disarranged, and even my traveling trunks, which I kept locked, had been  opened and their contents turned  upside^  down. . ' 0 ���������  ' '  One evening, when dining at a rei-tau-  .rant in George street, I casually mentioned the matter lo Detective Kirkham of  the Sydney police, with whom I had  struck up an acquaintanceship.  "It's not your landlady," said he. "It's  either the maid or some of the other  boarders.   Have you missed anything?"  "1 can't be positive, but I don't think  anything has been taken."  "Stop a minute;" said he, as if struck  by'an idea. "There is a countryman of  yours just arrived by the. Orizaba; to  whom your story might be interesting  If you have nothing to do this evening  we'll make a move .shortly and interview him." ��������� ,  It was late that night before we succeeded in finding the new arrival at his  hotel.  "Dr. Walton," said the detective, "let  me introduce to you a professional colleague���������Inspector Largeness of the Yorkshire' constabulary."  I bowed to the sharp featured, iutel-'  ligeut looking man who had risen to receive us.  "I brought my friend round, Mr. Largeness," continued the detective, "because  I have an idea that he traveled out with  the party you are in search of.   Have you  any photographs?"  The inspector produced his pockethook,  extracted a carte do visite and handed  it to me with an eager, questioning look.  One glance sufiiced to &how me that it  was my follow passenger, Bentleigh. I  related how I had lost IJentleigh's precious manuscripts on board the ship.  They both burst out laughing.  "American debenture bonds and other  Valuable securities," said the inspector.  "That's what the packet would contain."  "Who is he, then?" ,I asked. ���������  "His real name is Arthur Ernest Job-  son. Ho practiced as a solicitor, and  after embezzling large sums of money,  which ho lost gambling on the Stock Exchange, he absconded with various securities which bad been intrusted to him  by his clients. We discovered some time  later that ho had sailed for Sydney, and  I was sent to bring him back."  "Then," said I, a light suddenly breaking upon me, "do you think it is he who  has been tampering with my things?" ,  "Not a doubt of it. He has traced you  to your lodgings. 1 should like to take  stock of your diggings tonight, if you  have no objection." . >   ...  "Come along, then," said I.  The three of us passed out find a few  minutes' walk brought us to our destination. As we crossed over I observed a  man steal out of the French window of  my sitting .room, which opened on to a  veranda, stare down at my companions,  and hastily enter the adjoining window.  By the light from a gas lamp in the street  1 instantly recognized Bentleigh.  Before he could be arrested ho had shot  himself through the head.���������Penny Victoria! M.iyjasin.9i ���������    , ���������.,.,..  ?���������     -''Vv.  S:   ->   &   Jf-   *   ff.   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' Kavig^J-sa Company  Jjilllltcd.  fper.iting !v:i'do ft Slouiin Hidhrny,  Jnternatior.id X:i\ ig.iUon & Trading  Company.  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  Royal lln.il Lines.  Clicapect Isontc to the Old Country.  Aid,AN LINE-From Portland  N'.iinicliiiii  Conn th in n  January 2nd  5th  Halifax.  Jan. Cth  , Fast  ,   Daily.  Service  S-5 O"" ~\T7 A '"������T">  O  Atlantic  and"  1 Pacific.  ���������. -! i;l.i-:-- slv!.?]ic;r< on all li'.iin-  DOMIXIOX LIXE-From Portland.  Ottoman -       '    ���������     Dec. 25th  Vancouver " - 29th  Rowan      ... . Jony.   8th  Dominion        -        ....������������������    i2Ui  . BEAVER LIXE-From St. John       Halifax.  SoiiSvIsIe of Tirio��������� F:ic5fio SiandartI Tiir.o  Ei-VictivcFtb. 1st, 1900.  Kaslo C: Zlooon Railway  I'iisscngpr train for fiandon and v.-::,y stations  ionvs'S Kaslo r.t tfa.i'ii.; daily, icliiniing. loavos  Siindon at 1.1.5 p.m.. arriving at Kaslo ',1.55 p.m.   j a! c Ontario  " ' l^assf-n^firs tickclcd  throu^li to all parts of  (���������rcit Hrii.iin and Ireland.and at sjiecinllj- low  i.-u'"i lo ..'dl pail, of  the European cciUiiir]>;. '  AI ply le nciii'Lii railway orsUiiin^lnp njjui; ur  Lake Ohamplnin  Laki MoK.iniio  Superior  J>ec. 2Sth  Jan. Uh  " llth  "   ISth  Dpf.SPth  J n   ft'.i  ���������    12th  - "   ISth  m  O  -I..I-.C  I'..lily fur.-1   I'aul  />i.i.il n .',! .-Hi.! i'i.--!fii.  0;>i:i-:'li,".:,"':i !-j,'<l'J!..'iy ' :<).>' mi.! I.l'.'i-r.  S ':*. ', < r :i:.v \."i-.-,'.'.l. I'-av- ;.'<: *!.i :''U- NY1 ,< ii  a I :;a.rn. d.ii'y om i i.i Sun'.'.-iy: ulm-iiii.t;, I'.'isvf-.  N'el-on al i.-'1 p.m.. i.'idiiM,1: nl I a,lf->iir, i''i'/l  rey. Aln-iv.ost!:. ri'.ii .-dl u;iy pnliw:!; coiinee!^  with P. I-', fc X. li-.tln to and from Hpol.ane, at  l'"i\(! Jfilo I'lilin.  2.mi.'o'V.,i"H������.'i.':  :-.' i.". I   .\'.  :   ::i.'. \'... :-i.  ::.!j.:j.-i..v ,  i~C.VC.Ri tics.  T.\.  .-.ii  '.V I .,11'  r-r  ��������� I- 1 iin-nlo. ���������  Id -in*l fri'Jii  ��������� -i . -n.il  ,i>ji;;> ���������  .11 I'll'  ,1 , ^,  ' ���������    .' ���������!. II  ll   t ,.'i .nl  .-li.'lfl  J-JtiiE'J:.   bi    iVjC-ldiiiV.lt'H.  In  fh" iv-l-di' of   iii" lv').������toi!,iy Litnib'.'r C'.,-!:'.-  pany. I.ini'u.l I.i..:������:!::}".  J l',i's:..',|!l in the " C'jvd'lr:-'- Tj-li-t i)'-(";- .'��������� I  j .mil Ai'!i'!ii:J A. i-" n.'ln-i '<���������'��������� Avt n '!i.i' .,  Koi 11 :,;i,- i.ii:u!..'i-.'oi t .-"iy. r.i's-i.i i! 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'.  .',....:'- ; ' i i ,-  : '.il-''.:1. ^ii  (  ,-;".! :.. -.   ,..  -.   ��������� i   " - -   '���������  ��������� -���������   , ,���������    ;!���������.   !'.  ���������J .   lo w  I ���������  'i.'l'.  in  V T'J  ' ���������!    '���������   '  ���������ll  'l      I   M,''  i:\ '.'!'  '. kU.  CI'  I;.  ;  ii.'i'  ! ,i", i,  ���������  ;!n i> : :;���������  i.M   .-������������������  i  ',.'������������������ o1  ( Veil';,)!  i! c:;,.-.  J'-.^e'l  A.  Vancouver', B C.  liflu'l'lil  P.i-Sf-Tntfci' .\ycnf,  Victoria, U. U.  . I'   ���������.'!,.   f-   .���������  .',". !'.  ' ii!':'  11 *, i. .' i ' ur'  sfuv.ui:;  ju;xcav.  tVy ll.i-liii'.r- Pti-<-vt].Vi'iicoi)'.-cr.  vjoli'vilvr for thy Tni-l-.-u  ".*  ,v  c   i-j|  m  '.if  " ''if  i'iii  SI Si  THE KOOTENAYDMAIL.  ���������i  m  &m'  I  I  -   the lime for Xmas presents has arrived  and ONCE AGAIN the  F������a    ���������8 ^"1- C8 ifa ^1  have the I'arpest and 'best selected stock  of presents in Revelstoke.  They' have a magnificent supply of  For 1901.  Zrall and .see them when passing.  ?iic< . i '  lit1 present at.  these  exercises.    School  re-open? on January 7lh.  Tlu������ B. of R. T. nnd L. A. are leaying  nothing- undone Ihnt would help in  making (heir iirst annual hall, on flew  ���������Years Eve a success. The lower room  of the Oddfellow's.. Hall has been .secured for the serving of supper while  the lodge room will be used as ji dressing room for the. Indies.  ,/'f  "THE    LEADING   STORi  ���������K",  the Lsdies.^58^^  MARRIED.  Ckato-Lhach--At Nelson on the KlLh  insl,, by Row ,T. H. White, Frank  Craig to Annie , IJ. Loach, both' of  Revelstoke.  Puxn-Jojixhtox���������At, St. Peters church  Kuvcil.sl.oke, L'.'C., Nov: 20l.li, by the  Rev. (J. A. iVocunicr, ArLLiui Dunn  only son of the late Rev. Arthur  Dunn, Berke.nhaui, England, to  JVI.-iry Kate J3., eldest daughter of  C. Johnston, of .McAdani Junction,  New Brunswick.       ,  . ,  AViXRLOW--J!u'(.'l.AiJC������!H.rx--At the Ge.n-  '  trnl' Hotel,' Revelstoke, B.C.,   Dec.  19, 11,00, by Rev.  S.  J.  Thompson,  ,n    John Winslow,   of Armstrong,  B.  ,0., lo jM.idge McLaughlin,  late of  High River, Alt a.    =������������������? ---������������������-���������?-���������'"-"  of licenses. There were twenty-four  r enewals asked for and,all were granted.   ' <  Handsomely bound copies ot the  standard poets at $1.00, ,$1.75 and $2.50,  easy to send away for Xmas presents,  at Canada Drug & Book Oo. , '       - o  Santa Clans-'and the Sunday Schools.  The Methodist Sunday School will  have its annual Christinas five entertainment, on Wednesday, Decembei  2(ith. The ..���������cln'lars of the school assisted by older talent will render a  very pretty, Christmas cantala entitled  "Joyful Echoes." 'Admission 2.3 cents,  children free.  v Thursday, evening, 27th, the entertainment of the Presbyterian .Sunday  School, consisting of songs and hymns,  addresses and recitations, followed by  the distribution of presents from the  tree..will be held in the. church.  The children of St. Peters church  will on Thursday evening. 27th, be.  given a. supper in Tapping's Hall after  which the tree will' be stripped and  presents distributed. Supp?r commencing at 5 o'clock,  We have just opened up a large choice stock of Dry Goods  which is the best and only new stock in the city. The  latest styles and newest patterns that can be purchased.  Call and see us. It is a pleasure to show such excellent;  goods and it will be,a, pleasure for you-to buy them.   '  ''���������" I  r^l  Q.  i;ayiorfc $s u-eorge  ������3WJ  af*fl J  ft"  .,-,,-*ii'., ������...  Made to. Order  T  ������  ��������� it    i^jq  $T Va    sm    !���������;  ������1 4 h  Invitations are out for a dance to be  given at Halcyon Hot Springs Sani-  taiiuni on Thuisday evening, January  3rd, 1001.  G.B. Nagle returned yesterday fiom  a few days hunt during which lime he  war successful in getting five marten  and a caribou. ' ,  LOCAL AMD PfiHSOHAL BBIEFS  Alex. McRae went south yesterday.  Mrs. F. T. Aliey came up from Trout  Lake last evening. i   ���������  Swan Ande'i'-jon, of illeciiicwael"., was  in town last evening.   .  J. Cale'y IcTl Tuesday evening  on  a  visit. to-Ariiihtioim-.  ;~ Beautiful fountain pens, gold mounted, for either ladies or gents, suitable  for Xmas presents at Canada Drug &  Book Co. ' ,,     o  D.-F. McLaren, of Bonnington Falls,  arrived Sunday and has assumed the  position of electrician to the Revelstoke Water, Light and Power Co.  Lew   Thompson   and   Harry  Carter  left for the coast Saturday evening.  Promotion  examinations  are   bei:n  held in the public schools this week.  Mis.   .J.   J.    Kol-v,   of    Arrowhead  spent Sunday and Monday in the cily  ' Fred Mountain lame through from  the coast; yesterday bound for Mont-'  real.  Wm. Hamilton came up from Coma-  plix Sunday and.left Wednesday for -a,  two months visit to his home in Ihe  east fram which he had been absent  thirteen years.   "       " <  James W. Vail, one of Reyelstoke's  old timers, being first editor and manager of Ihe Knritenay Slar, when established in LSSD; k-ft Sunday morning  for St. Paul.     '     ,     ���������  Dedication services were conducted  in the Catholic church Sunday by R'A-.  Father Thayer at the re-opening of  the church which has had a large addition built to it.   '  ,  I     The Revelstoke Cigar Manufacturing  , (-;m,,p.inv |ias  j-t)t. Ln(J  p.la.t j.-eu, cjHVS  ' Chamber work w.mt'd in good hotel; \ had kc3 piwiuct nii the market,   and "is  worker.      .Miss  S. Scott, i working over-time lo meet the' Xmas  j demand. ��������� , ��������� '  'The Unw-ntuly .itJjataat BJrfl.  "The plainest of the large wading bird?  to be-seen in many of our zoological gardens is the adjutant, a native "of India  and Africa,"'remarked a naturalist. "Nature seems to have designed him in at  experimental mood jmd,'disgusted with  her handiwork, to have turned him oul  unfinished. Tho young adjutant, with his  bald headland beak like a pickax, is  repulsively ugly, and (he melancholy  'gravity of his demeanor suggests 'that he  has seen himself mirrored in some, still  pond and the revolution is,weighing upon  his mind.  "As he grows older, however, and, begins to take a,lively interest, in dead rats,  tho effect of the shock to bis vanity  passes away. lie becomes jaunty���������nay,  frivolous���������and in sheer lightness of heart  attends dancing parties oirlhe mud slopes  of his inclosnro, where he ducks and  bows, and ki'ks and scrapes, with half  distended wings, to the admiral ion of his  feathered companions. 'All the' cranes  and storks are great dancers, and in ,thc  early pairing season you may see really  graceful terpsicliorenn performances in  the paddock of any zoo where they are  on' exhibition. <  "An elderly adjutant practicing his  steps all liy himself is a spectacle the  sympathetic observer can hardly regard  without mingled laughter and tears. He  is so awkward, so ungainly, yol so cheerfully* earnest"alioul .it, you are sorry foi  the deluded bird, and yet cannot refrain  from .hoping that the honrr'of the hen ad- '  jutant will ho moved hy the pathetic display of ineptitude."  '     THE  CHANGELING.  ���������Gl i  ���������   ^M|     "VW./il.!  tread   Delivered   Daily.  experienced  Kamloons.  at  T. J. Leiidriim p.i-v-ed through Revel- f  stoke yesU'i'd.iy en route1 to the old '  country. :  Nomination? for the civic elections  take place on January 11th. and poiiing  on the 17th. ���������  A meeting of those interested in the  foniifition of a Good Roads Association  for this di-tiict has h._je,n called for this  .���������vening in the council chamber-al 8  o'clock.  What shall l do with lliis, my grief  That nestles in my breast  Like a little hcK child that, unbcguilud,  W'bimpu-s and will not vcsi?  Joy once lay in my happy arms;  Close lb my heart lay he. .;  'What wilch did briijg'tlris changeling thing'  That frets upon-my knee?  ,        <  Ever I sit and mourn mine own, ���������  Kvcr 1 pray for 'this,  Tli.it a lime may clear when I'll find him dear  ���������   And a sad content in his kiss.  Special Lines of Dress Suitings Just Arrived.  Patronize Home Industry  AND  SMOKE  '���������Frecl Jones, manage;'or' ihe Columbia  River Ijiinib"!'Co,,' at Golden, vwix'iii  the citv vesterdav.  An original idea of personation 'for  h im^o'i'Tadr-; wati .'{ruck by one of the'  d-iiiOiT- who attended the ball in Kam-  lo'.p-   U-!.  week  reprcv-mling   \V.  A.- '  Gallihor. .M.'P.  (3^'llilV7J!^^  ������\   \ ,. In'rll  fevelstok  ' 0 -d  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Your Pockc^boo!'  ���������   UNION  LABOR.  Bevelstoks Cigar 1%. Co.'y j  9 %  (0:              Revelstoke   Station. ' :j)J  9                               , -'ii  )K  may bo low but nohody soos it, but  it' your cloiliey arc shabby that  .suLtlcsJI, nobody wml-; l.oknow you.  Jiiiilies or GY-nis 'l'ailor^liulo Clothes  repaired n lid cleaned in food style.  Cull or scad po.->l, card,    .  Samuel   Needham, Douglas St.  Ivitabliislicrt l,'l years.  1 - yirJctly b'aioii Labor Shop.  Mr.' Frank  ('\,\\iz and .Mi-> Annii- L. ; [ '  Leach, bol'ii   of  H-vt'l-tok--. were mm-        If von ai <-��������� going to give  a   bottle   of  ried at Xeb:! ii l.i-L Tlmr-dav. , pei f'uiii",In your friend, give   LliA   very   '_ be������!.    The Canada   Iji uur   k   Uo.';k   di.  The     luiidi-igari'-n     .-ehool     clo-'c) ��������� li"-"' "i b'-aul il'ul .i-wor! uhmiI of   fb^very  Tuesd.iy'a'l'tfi inioii. ibe ex 'ici-e-, b.-ing ' b"'-1- I^H-nch and l',nudi-h perfi!me>.   o  attended by a iarg ��������� .m nbi';' vi! ladi"-.     '  ' c    ' Canraiii    \\',-ilkei'.  of   l,h.-   IP,   ,\f.  S.  "Ws^i"/'  '.     <r      ��������� V- '" N-sV  Ladies  ,  Watches.  T    W. CROSS, V.. D.  O.    SURGEOX TO TJIK C. 1>. II., CITY IlIOALTU  OFFICII?,.  Oflioc: I'ayloi' black, Jluckcnzic Avenue.  Ladies of taste  admire our stock  ol! watches. We  liavosoniedelicate  attractive, oases  that contain reliable works. These  watches lire not  only beaut il'ul they  , arc  perfect  time-  Keepers ton. ii,(.y are mu'do for good service,  and wo we I tliem at a small price. We believe  \i'c have the one you waul.  J. GUT-BARBER.  it  IT  ir>'(  Here's'' a' Brag tsto  Mr-  son's   Landing .S.mday morniii'.'. al't'-r  a vveek'.s vi-it wilh   iVi.-nd" inlhec.itv.  r>  'idien  IVI  Hi:  .1  L  a  ������  t  ���������a<  ���������<���������!  hug  ca.se  ���������s.  glove  ;ti i; i  ll  ; ii  ilk  .j.,.  hie  f  ho  X>"y,  etc.  v.-  y  I.ili  -t  s  vl.  ���������s  at  C  an  a;ln  Dru  g k. n  ink  Co  o  War-pile, .ijvI   Miit"   pa������>ed   Ihrougn  I'he i'it v Sal nrd.iy iiiornb.g en route for i  ICngland, from wln'iin'* In* v. ill proce.-d ' i\;    worill  'Vr'i  lo   .\ii-tr.ilii   to  f,ike command of the. ]-.,,..,.      lr  l  ; cu.sc>]ib':r.  wh!c!i wo fcndi.avor to make  the host dr;jg store you can  find ariyv/h^re.'.  W'c waul. v>[\ K> loani 'tliaL iL  TTABVBY & McOAUTJBK,  I3AHIUSTEUS, SCJLIOITOHS.'KTC.0 '  Owioks*:   Molsons   U.vxrc   Hi.ocic,   Kevei-  STOKE,  !{. C.  ]\roney to loan.  Otlices: Uevelritoke, ]). C; b'ort Steele, B. C.  Gko. S. McOAii-rni;, ,l. A. IIah'vev   '  Kevelstokc, ii. C. Fort Steele,' 13. C.  ���������'Oil  The  if  iilc.  Lo come  If. M. S. Hnval Arthur.  become   a  regular  tssssssssssa  F#������ First  K  Tin- -er,vic,?f in the .Mf'thodi-t church j  t)."xt 5vmday will he , >p"fifilly appro-j  ; piialcl.o fh" (Jbri'.fiu.'is season. Special |  A surpii-t; party .<-i-;t"d Mi. a nd ,' ihiimc by t he choir both morning and'  Mrs. T. .1. Graham Ci iday evening and .evening. Serving 7>y the pastor or, j  spent a very pic-t-aia. time in dancing the first advent and s"cond advent. j  and games. :    Clo-ing exaininiiliona  in   the  public  The board of miimI liu'ire comrnis- schools will be concluded to-morrow  Rioneiv f.niipoii'il of I?. A. CpptT, chief j forenoon from ������:.'30 to JI o'clock and  license inspector. f���������. foiidon, (U-n. T. ' from Unit hour til! J2 o'clock a, pro-  Newman and Angu-t CA on riu-t S il ur- J eramrno will be rendered by the  day in the polic- offi-e for the con- I chihlren. An invi|;ition i.s .extended  sidentLioii of applications for renewal    to all interested in Lhe school  work  to  g-<4  Curtis.  l^V       1      0  " The Dru^gis-t,"  S.irr'-s.Kn- >'o 'Ihi-Wh-b. A.   W. (Jo.  On and al'ler I his date our prices for  cut firewood will be as follows:  $1 per cord at Mill  $2      "      delivered.  Prices Cut for Cash.  Fred Robinson,Managing Director  v )\  ���������M -*���������-:���������  \t~ i .-���������-  pk  --0-  01VEUSATRSAL  REVELSTOKE STATION, B. C  '^V.  ll. JIOLD1C11  R. H. TRUfiAlAN & CO.'S  Pholographic Shidio  ',',;IM)"   ;]i   li iVul.l I'll.-.' until .bill. I ���������.!.  Call Early   for  Xmas Photos,  .    ANALYTICAL CJIF-IJIIST AND  ASHAMiJ,".  i      i  Itnynl School of Mine,;--,' bonrlon.  Seven year.-, o', SIorf:i \Vork.s, Su-;inheii.  Seven'I'i'i)   yp-irs  (Jliief  Clioinist  to AVigan  ('mil and fron (.', i., l''nir.  J-nli! C'lK-inir-t .uid As-ayer, Hall Mines, Ltd.  J'.very dociiiilion   of  asuiy  an.-l  analytical  work liiidcrliiki'i).  P.   BUKEE,   Proprietor.  Phone   43.  Clniiiii! cxainiiied and rciiortccl upon,  K1';VKLST0KK. IJ. (,'.  1  TIDVCE    TABLE  S. S. " Lardeau."  Running between Arrowhead and Thomson's  Landing' commencing June 10, 1000, will sail as  follows (weather iicriiiilllng):  Leave Arrowhead for Thomson's Landing  and Comaplix at 7k. daily.  Leave Thorn-son's Landing and Comaplix for  Arrowhead at 17k. daily, connecting with all  0. P. U. trains and boals.  Tiic.owners reserve tho right to change times  of sailings without notice.  THE FRED ROUINtOX LUMBER CO. LTD.  V. ROKINSOX,  3Iunagiiig Director.  1 it.7.  S'\\  ER_>^  '.v,V   y<  ft    J  ������"<  ii  /  r  u  >      (  ji  3  l'  b  /I  ft  * ]  j i  *' V  hi'  .^  ':' f*  t'vf  '���������'A  ���������.H  '1  U  Ll  i ���������-i  ii


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