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Kootenay Mail Dec 17, 1898

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l    '
Yol.5.���No. 35.
The bill read--Ward sepaiation and
'  property  qualification for voters
"discussed -The motion that passed
--- Time   for  flection   bhort  if
request granted.
The ."iicii.il gcnoial mooting oi tin1
RovoMuUo, lion id nf liiii'n* called to
disn.-., llie- .-Uivi-.-ihjlav 'of iiu'oi potation, , and signed l��v ?.J.'->rs. II. A.*
Biov.ir II. .Ij Bourne, F. McCarty, .J.
D. Mol.-on, d. S. MAA.rtor. ami T. .1.
Grahaii.c look pi.ice' Wrdiic-d-iy
ni^hl in the lion id of luitli" ol'.rlmlior-,
w ilii'President'A. R. B. lieai n   in   I lie
') V
i-hiiii. ,
Menihoi-- pu'sonl:' Mo-sis. T'.iylui,
, .Silili.,il.'i. Phipps. Alien. Cingo. Well-?,
Scott, IJrow-ti i-A-'.-'.ig. j-5ioi-.ii (II.A.),
'Brown (W.M.),' Tapping, McKochni.,
Aliialit'.iii-oii .(-I-). Ahi.tbamson (G.),i
Bourn?. McCai lei,
and C.  E.   Shaw,  sec-
��� Molson, Atkin-
' v   "ri'liiiy.
, II. ���A'. Bourne moved, II. Tapping
seconded. TlinL this hoard circulate ,-i
petition,playing <"1"'*-- lieutenant-go vor-!
nor-in-council U* sol a d..te for the firsl
o elect ion of liinyor nnd aldermen for1
the cily of Revelstoke, Under I lit* pro'
visions' of llio Rcvel.-tnke Iucorpor-
atiiui Act 1S.!*j. , ��� t<
���       The pi esent hill was  then   to.id  soc-
tion hy section, and witli the exception
ehiifly of tilt*  qualification   of   voter;-,
and division into wards,   ik"i objections
Svoro'niade.'   Considoiahlc-  uMs.e iission
took plate o:i,th equal! lie.-1 ion question
and suitability   of date   for   iucoipor-
iind it Wat- .it length decided to risk for
iiuorp'iiiiUion   nuclei' _llu*   present,  bill
before the end of the yeai.   witli  polling  tin to  on   the Thursday  following
the second Monday   m  .laimary,   thus
hi ingiiig it inter conformity   with   the
governing .Action-, of   thi;'' Municipal
filed ions Act.
Mr. Brown's,   motion   wa?  then   put
' iind curried iind a  committee��� .Messrs.
M cCnrt er. Scott and' 1 lea rn ���n ppo i n led
to draft the petition dining a recess of
ten minutes..' Tlio committee made no
nllor.-itioii in Hu*  original   motion" am!
'    il wa,? then formally  moved   hy .1.   D.
Sibbald. seconded .hy   11.   A.   Brown,
' and cirriod.
Following i" llu* draft of the petition
n-* liiuilly approved and cii ciliated:
TO '"THE     l.!i-n"Tl':N"ANT-(iO\"Kl{.V(lI{-l.V-
Coi'NciL,,Victoi i.i. B. 0.
The pi'tiiion of the   undersigned residents of lho district,  described  jn lhe
schedule ,lo  lhe   Kevelstoke   Incorpor-
', ;>iioii Act 1098. hunihly showelh:--That
at, a special  goneial   meeting  of   the
* Eevelsioke hoaid oi trade  held on the
,1-lth day ol December. ISDR, tliu following    l evolution      w.i"      unanimously
passed:���Tint   thi:-   board  circulate *.i
petition   praying   the   houtonaut-gov-
ei nor-iii-council to i-siu* lei loi s  ptitent
for llie incorporation   of   I lie   cily   of
Revelsloko   within   the   present year
and suggc-ling  a   d.'te  in  accordance
' wilh,, llio   Municipal     Election"    Act,
Section iU, be fcol   for  the  nomination
and polling   I'm   a   inayoi   and  council
for llu* "aid city."-
Tliat in the opinion of your pclilion-
ors.it i.s desirable that the said di-Hi u-t
th.uild he incoi-poi.-ited fori I) wilh under tin* provisions of tin* said Act. and
we lieiehy express mii-clvc-- as'being
heartily in accord with Ihe said i c*s-
olutioii and humbly piny that the said
district In* Jorihwiih incorporated iu
the maimer suggested by llie said ros-
' oliilion,
Ami   your   pot humors   as   in   duty
bciiind will i'Vi'1' pray.
Da I ed at   ItovoNlok",   lllh   December,
Moved lhat Mi". JVn-n.* circulate the
petition as speedily a-* pos-ible and
that lhe chairman be instructed to for-
wai tl it when completed.
In the di*,cus"i(iii  the Mail held  to
views   of   la-l   week   ami   deprecated
haste,   believing     it     heller   to   seek
amendment I o several   sections  of lhe
present   bill,    which   il  was  admitted
did not expho with the year,   li, recognized   Itoin   points, of    principle   ;uitl
fad llial w hili* incoi por.iiinii gives undoubted benefits, .several  amendments
woi o'    desirable   to   the   present  lull,
especially   in   I he franchise and   properly (jiiiililicaliou.   And  (hough sorry
Io appear   conl enl ions,   il   niusl   Mill
protest against the anomaly   ol  a   ie-
ijtu'sl fur incorporation signed   by r osi-
tleiits who aie b.'H'i'cd from   parlicipat-
in its  initiatory   eloclion   by  ,-i  clause
which will put, lhe voting power Ihero-
ttl, in llu* hands of about  oiic-1 enl li   of
the  population   and  give   a    iimi-rc-i-
denl piopeily holder more In say than
a re."id.'til  householder   nr   small   personal    properly     holdei    . of  Uritisli
nalioiiiilily and  age.     However,   lhat,
has hi'i'ii,settled- for the .present',  and
ihe.'cll'oct. of this  pi-'lition,  tiuless opposed, will very   likely   he speedy .-in-'
i;ui|n.ii'itlii'ii With polling'.i_n Jaiiniuy '
V2ih, 1S90. The busine-,-; in luind therefore is to seek nut the best,  men   available for ofiico, men irluv can,be hu ked
to lo represent   something  ino.'e  than
per.-onnl   or   sectional   interest-*,   men
who 'can bo expected   to  labor  in   the
public good ami   ippreseiit, llie town as
a whole.    It   i.-,   of,  course,   useless  to
appeal to the resident public   to   "ee to.
this, a.-, the polling  will   be  limited   to
the ratepayers and   the  duty  of electing (itand  proper  person-*  to  ciniliol
the destinies of this   thriving town for
the   next   twelve   months' is  in their
.hands    alone.    It    is     fully   expected
that they will .-elect men of the. piupi-r
-tump nnd put   in   the  supreme   ofiice
no representative of clique or  faction,
but (ind for mayor   .-I'man   of    hioad
,vi,;W", trood. chai'aclor, dcjl'eriliiualiuii,
business aciunen and  under the thumb
of   no   coipoiate   influence. ���    Future
('vl'iits   in  coiinoclioiT with   thi-  fi:���t.
election, which is   a   most   inipoitanl
one toiKevelstoke as   the   liist   c.nmcii
w iil.be' empowered   to   borrow   nioney
'uilhout, submitting it, to   the  eledois,
w ill, a^-the interim   lietween   Lhis and
election i.s shoi t, move quickly,  and it
hecome-, I he ratepayers'  duly   to  takfe
the mailer 'up   without, delay.     Good
business    'sense    and'1 judgment,     in
which   the   ratepayers  of   Revelstoki*
aie not wanting, should, with   the ex-
'ercise of fair play and  and  broadness
of  \iewj,  select a  council   which   will
meet, .with 'approval   from 'the   whole
city including those now disfranchised'
but,   who ''if   not   satisfied    with   the'
selection may be relied on   to  make a
piactic.'il   prof est, next election   when
Ihev will all vole.
��� , I r     j
The vear JS91), the last, of llu* century, (KeveNtoko might well he called
lho fin de siuclo city) will be fraught
wilh considerable* inipot tance aud interest to the people of Revelstoke*,'and
wilh them all the Mail hopes and expect"- lhat everything may work together foftheir good and benefit.
Items of Interest Gathered Along the j G3iieial Endorsement of Mr. Graham's
',   Main Line and Branches.
biiand after January 1,' 'Oil, through
lra!Tic from the C. P. R. infjiii line to
Xe'-on, Trail and Rot-sland wiil transfer at X.-rku-jp to avoid any danger of
a lie-up in the Narrows.
Yard master I^rcscolt, of Arroivhead,
was taken east Monday morning paralyzed on one side, the result, it, was
said, of an itijtuy he had received
some time asjo.    , ,    ,    '
At. a meeting held Monday night at-
Kamloops it was decided, to form a
railroad men's club. Heading matter
will be furnished and lect,u''es and debate-"* on different branches of railroading will he" given. The .following of-
licers elected: President, Iv. Marpole;
vice-president. L. J. Johnson; secretary-treasurer, ,,). Lndtie^; chaii man','
G. JVliddleton: welfare committee,
Messrs. Hoskerp'^Blooiner, Elson, jRis-
l"cn, and Dr. Proctor; room committee, Messrs. Boardman, Leighton,
Ken wciod, Stevens and  Wells.    A sim-
, ilar nioveiiK'nt would bo useful in Itev-
o ,
The long mail run between Crigary
aud V.-incrnivcr will , pruh.ihly he
divided and if so the break will likel}-
be made at Revelstoke.
���Fridays No. I had a " run oil!" about
one mile and'a half this side, of Uos-s
Peak and wits delayed sevend'hours in
coiise(]uence., * * t
The-Donald "correspondent of "the
Ea.-t Kootenay Miner notes the removal from that place to Rovelslok'fb of
the following families: "Steve" Smith,
Jos. McPhetson, "Nevvman, Gallicano,
L-iw-"*on and W. Smithr also Miss Mc-
Calhim and Dr. Cross.
Louis King,* an old-timer in   Donald,
Alberni Election.
VicTOUiA. Dec. 17.���Special���1-
luriis from Alberni give Neill, government, o(i majority.
'    tv   ���
has)(h"eii   ]iroiiiqted   to,   the  passenger
nin' between   there,   and   Revelstokt',
vice "Tom" Gar
��� | to pull the throl
i, \L  Pass tfiute.���Ea
���bill rn-AW=-J    	
vjS^viee "Tom" ('are^who ex'pects shortly
//j to pull, the Ihrotlle on the GrowV Nest
ist Kootenay Miner.
ETjti'Oit KootunAAMail:*
'What nuthorityTias the Revel.-loke.
Board of Trade to circulate, a petition
piaying for incorporation when' the
citizens of the place "in p'ublic 'meeting
assembled" have requested them nrjt
to move in the matter till" ceilain
things weio settled to their satisfaction
and when by their own initiative they
have petitioned the Aioutenanl-guv-,
ei nor in setting a date to await, their
further pleasure. Why is the people's
lilt ther pleasure not propeily sought
hy public meeting. Are the. hankers
and their lawyers and the business
men afraid of public debate a (Feeling
Ihewelfaie of the whole town. The
proper plnce for a'petitioti for incorporation to emanate .from wns a public
ineeling in my opinion.   ���
in view of the coming municipal
election pel haps it would be advisable
that, a mass ineetiiicr of citizens
inlciostod be called to discuss a plan of
civic government, whether the cily he
divided into separate waids or the
aldermen be hallo'ted for by all the
voter." as in the election for , inav'or.
Another question to be Considered
should be whether the mayor and
aldermen shall'hold honorary or ie-
inunerative positions. The nec-.'S.-aiy
number of permanent oilici.ils to con-
due I. lhe business of the city may aUo
claim attention, it will likely be
llionght, in the present state of Revel-
stoke the duties of two or more departments can be properly filled hy one
(illic'il. In the matter of a central
post oflice tin- interests of the citizens
have not been considered or their
view's upon it ascertained therefore it
would not he out of place to dUetis.s
the necessity of establishing a central
post office and a free mail delivery ai
lhe same meeting.
.Mh. Stampeh.
December Kith, IS!)?.
Mitchell���Lofsvold. '
' '-.The Mail is "pleased lo announce
the wedding on Monday of Mr. C. W.
Mitche1!, commercial operator at Revelstoke, to Miss Ruth Lofsvold also of,,
this town,: , The pai ti��siwisrt* wedded
at the home of the bride's*" parents
Second St., by Rev. T. Menzics in, the
pic-sence of a few perscnal friends and
relatives of tlio contracting parties.
On Tuesday evening a number of the
groom's bachelor friends (he. was'president of the U.iclielois Club) called on
the newly married couple and presented them with a very pretty china tea
set and-an appropriate address of congratulation with the spirit of which
the Mail is thoroughly, in accord iii
wishing" Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell every
joy in their united future.
Very   rarely   has   an    appoint n enl
been so well received as that of Mr.  J.
D.' Graham  to  the   important  post  ol
government     agent      fiTr    ��� Northern
British     Columbia.      Follow ing      are
souk! of the   press  remaiks from   ��� ro-
vineial cnnleinpc!arie-.
i Visitois to the cily  from   the   Kcol-
enay's  who  are acquainted   with   the
character  of  Mr. ,Graham's   woi k   at
Kaslo and   at  Revelstoke   regard    his
e "
appointment to the new held as a  veiy
happy   one."  lie   is   dosciibod   as   an
eminently)       ellicient      officer       nv.d
thoroughly fearless in the disch.-tige ol
his duties.���Victoria Times.
This is another appoinlniciiT'Avh'ch
meets with general appi oval. ��� Pro\ -
The government appear to have
lihindcii'd into a good appointment.
Mr. J. D.' Graham, formerly goveri,-'
mcnl agent at Revel-toke, has boon
appointed agent, at' the .new Atlin
Holds.���Kamloops Standard.
The Senilin government are to be
congratulated on having made such
excellent appointments.���Giildon'Er.-i.'
, J. D. Giuliani, Who up lo Deceinlu r
of last, year held the'position of g(.ld
commissioner foi Noitli Kootenay has
been appointed to a like position in
t'le^Atlin iake district. Mr. Giahain
was, a very efficient oliicer while
���serving in this district  and   his  manv
o , I
friends here and elsewhere will be
pleas"drto hear of his*1 appointment.���
Trout Lake Topic. , "
Th" ScniliA administiafion has
secured a goc.d .r.fificer for Ihe Atlin
lake section *'n the person of Government Agent Graham. Mr. Giahain has
been in th *" government service for
several vea'rs. He was a polite and
efficient officer and never contracted
the big head. His last appointiiioi.t,'
was at Revelstoke, where hu was gold,
commissioner, which office he lesigmd
to lake the management of the Wavet-
ly mine. lie resigned the rinanago-
nient cf the mining company to reenter lhe civil service.-Nelson Ti ibune.
too   wa-   I'odnel   Swing <'r; die and
the  Dels ine  a' tiliidcT .ind   tableaux.
The proceeds will total  apj roxin:alely
about .i;;'>l)nnr  XTO   w iiicii   represents   a
hiTiRe of over 2,3')' people. The   te.tchei s
dese: ve m-i'.-l: credit far tiie c.ire taken
in the drill or" Ihe childten to make lhe
affair such a s-.ncess.
The   public   ox.tuiin.itio-.i-   'followed
the  ( n'ertainnienl , i.e.\t  div,   l'bida\,
. , .'i
and everything passed ( i'f beautifully. '
Aboul oipeople.il (ended aud nd.lre-'('���- j
were delivi'led by Di'. J,*lf<, I'". Fi.im-i, j
.1.1'.,'T. .J." Graham and Rev. H. 'J.J
rho:yp.-o:>. Th ��� school vacation la-l". }
till .I.iiut.tiy Hid and leadiers ainA
Si'holars .-ill expect to eiij -.y llTe Xmas I
lio'.id.'i*.-.*���'.    ...
D A IJ \\f '. 'j   r-fT -', DT>T)C
i\/jiLVVi'.l   ^'AAuiibKb
PROMircuoTii. rA?7:i
G-IvjA   O'i'LIJ   fiO'.
r o v. Ei s
I Jib.
y..i i. ���'.; *
a n...-.''.v,.-*
v, r.-U^ti ;
aSsiii;".' [)'.
to bu.i i.
The bM v.-i.
jll"t   hll-.V III ill
���ne (������������.* i i.,g ;
(.0   .1-
;y ' tv-i: It-
U-nd   ..
1 '���"   t
yesterday   for   Ed-
Toll! .James   left,
in >:it(i.*i i.n a \ isit.
Gel l!.e new imperial postage stamp
a,   tin.' local j oil oilices,
Mr. ami M:-<. F.' il. Bntinie. of Naku-p
have lost their infant daughter.
Manager Seaife of the French Clock
C i. lolt lor C'hica'go this morning. ,
Mi's. R. S. .Johnston of At rowhead
was a visitor lo Royolstuke this   week.
J. l).,bSiii!ial(l: is mining into the
V.indali residence so as to be nearer
to his oilice. , I
is b-niig   in ui
p:'".i!ji.-( rii.1.,- c",
lo idi' g in j ; ,u i,j fi
,.- liitl !
,*.:iv -in*
in;.   :
1   !.-:L
,   Iio
. ,'!!'.   :   ,'.v    -,;-, Jv.t'i.'i,,!
!<,'-    '"���'''    m.i'i*.    Ti.is
i.ii i" ^iv ir.g, lb".-   ov i-<-
'  'z   v.,*!!!    ;-.-:p(.|.
g.*,K. .-.l!lj
���(".id in th
IHi'.'i el ",    I
dm I |\ " ol
and I'.r.v ivq-iiii
pub'ic ���.���..ml.I > ia
way   co.i-l i i! ���!,"(. i    iii(,.e    usefi-.l
p**.i( tic.il   |!d: :   a   d,  - -.-s   cba: toi-
, ...       ���   - ��
cutl lers minei to m (oi . pr.n :uct.
i.d g
>::r ��� al i!':il '.���
!������(, <>:i ' pbv,
��� |ik-
��� p.-i-t
: i.ii!-
"ai d"
, f r
ha vua
,uot by any oiea,i- implied i o:i-ti uclion.
If chai loi"*.ii'tf to '-������ j-ri.-s'ii'^d it, appcn--,
lo the Mail that i:���..���,- -;; .���|,i icq'uho
con -ti-.n I inii   v.;*:-!<   tcimpl'-ted  witfiin
George J.ernljke left for Tirnito
Tuesdiu li.t\ing iecii\ed, word of the
serious illness'of h's ni'itlicr. ',
ro.t-n'in'be tim
- foi
���ir   ri'o
*vp.-s in
nnot t-l-ii
A fresh supply of linger it Gallcti's I provision-. I
Fiench'fiei-fiimes just opened ' at. the | apei ul.iiia<��� m
Canada Drim it J3ouk Co.
to ir-e tii
inte;-esls thpy'-a
I hey   anil !\ es only
\ pear lo"be n'.enninjil.-s   to
i'i!, "- If lib"
and Jillei.d
I he ��� ptibfc
0  !>
t'l   Sl!( h
sought   Irom
ii    Wolild   nr.
n.'  liiem
* Dr."Malloch has wtittotf the   Mail   al'.l!! lV"in lh" i'"1'111" r<"!lt -' ���'''"a'-
saying that he has settlor! ' in   Toronto       ^'"I'that iiiaiier, il i haitei aj'jplicmt.s
and will not return t,o Pm\elstoke.'      ,1 imi |,('aliy nnxinu- to  s^ok  power to
construct .and' ofi-'i it..*.    ,-, by   should
Nelson Gold Commissioner.
" On Friday evening Mr. John A.
-Turner received a telegram announcing
his appointment as gold commissioner
of lhe Nelson Mining Division, vice
Mi'. G. O. Dennis. Mr. .Turner has
been a- prominent business man of
Nelson for some years, i\nd is well
known thtoughout the' division. He
was an unsuccessful candidate for the
mayorality last year" and has not since
endeavored to attain civic honors. As
agent for the Hon. J. Fred Hume, Mr.
Turner took a loading part in the
recentrpiovincial election here and, it
must not be omitted. . has done good
woi k as secietary of the South Kootonay Board of Trade.���Miner.
Fancy Dress and Masquerade Ball.
' "T/.ifi_firat ball .of 1��99 'will be .a
masquerade affair-given by that jolly,
croH'd "The Bachelors'' in tlie Rovei
stokt. Opeia House on Monday, January 2nd.', On that night the "boys'"
hope, '^i entertain the pleasure seeker-
of Revelstoke iind with, nieny hearts
and flyn ���; feet greet (lie ISew Year,
the last\ of ciiis old 'century. The
hull will lv decorated for the occasion,
good miisicVwill lib in1 attendance, and
refreshments will he. served, prepaied
by. the bachelors, and, the menu will
nob include bannock.    Tickets SI.50.
The'debit h occurred'Stiurlay in   Vic- I
' 'o.-iiiof   the*   wife   of   R. "E.   Gjsnell. i
Tne Mam. oilers its deepest sympathy. _
Silk lined mocli.i glove- at Coui-siei's '
on Mackenzie avenue.' o
Fied Mountain p-issed .throin-h
���Wednesday evening en route-* for
_Ho",oluki whem lie^ will visit this
bwinter.    ',".'' '      '
��� Dr. Hall has withdrawn from , the
field in Cowichau leavint; Mr C. 13.
Swoicl in jjijssessiou as government
can lidate.
D.. M iclAnzio's English Cough   Balsam cnre-'oiiughs every time.���Geo. F. I 1
Gin tisA The   Druggist,   Taylor   block,
li.'Velsloko Station. -     o
Aliss    Flo    Xathol    of   the     Harry
Liudloy Cu. is seriously, ill   at   Revelstoke.    She.   recently    returned    from
the east to join   lhe   company.���Piuv '
ince.    g     '
'til. Kerr of the C.T. ]{. lel'r. for the
etsl' 'j'luu.sday    morning.       Jie    will
bi ing his mother and  sister   here   and*
reside in   lho   Lee   collage   neaiA the
court house..
In   pioc.'.-d   as
lino; poiation
o    ,
lhey. not ��� be   Aii'v,, d
iinder   ('be   Ti,i'ip,.,i.v-
ACL    Sllbj.'I i      I I)     the     p."! illi-sion      nml
supi'i'-vi-ioj} nf th.-  ihief   eoriim,-sinner
' 'and? .ind v. mi.-, ,i;ul by whiih'tin-y
coiiiuience ��� woi.k    witiiin    two
moat lis ot I in* date or theii i���gi"t ratio;:.
Without i.is!i:,u_  :.-iy   a'-prisioiis on
the   motive  of   li,.-   a'j'.j lu.int.s   in   (|,(.
Big Bend c.i��e, l.ui "jsenkiug ge::er.i!Iy
lbe,-;ub.jetl is^ij-u.   tlj.-t,   si:>u,"ui   mn.,.,^'
some .'tllentioii from the   nc*.v  govcm-'
nubit arnd till- opinio,! i- v.o.th
ina when o;io
C'll.C"    'A
of vh.ii'lo". s sj.-anti'd
*r thi' number
the   p.��"t ' that
lave been unpi cdin'l i ve  of 'benblit   tt
llie public and think- < f tlie* t
in theii 'ciin"iii(-i.iii(,)i.   The 1
one "jieut
h is sonn thing 11-c 1-) do than to p,,---
nn aiiing!e-s iii.*.i-i,iv. WXo rp.-iny now
In be found.iu it-' "t.-s tuf�����. It "labors
in iho-pnbh-j a> \*. * - ���} ,(., the f>ri\*iU;
intoie-l if ti.iditii'ii holds irootl.
The Kootenay Rifles.
It is said (o he probable that despite
delay-and uncertainty the nnifoims
of the Kootenay Rifles vvill after all he
of kharki, as they are much cheaper
and more dutahle than the red coat.
Th" khaiki was the choice of the militiamen themselves, il appear-, and
Jlr. Rostock has been urging it on the
militia department. It i- aNo remarked
I Inii Ihe lilies are to bo ls-ued wilh
uniforms ahd that they, are- to be of
the new -pattern." Jt is. doubtful, how-
ever, if. ..tin; 'deadly maxim Will be
.given'the corps as was first piMini.-ed,
it   being   striclly    ennsidered   a   lifie
corpij,       b
W. 11. Vickeis left .Monday evening
j tor the not tii.    lie   will   go   to   Atlin
lake and prospect with the   first   rush.
An extract from   the   ilopartmental
circular issued to postmasteis relative
to  parcel   pO"'t  packages   reads:   ,The
attention   of   postmasters   is   further
called to llie fact that   no   parcel   can
be sent   from   Canada   to   any   other
country by parcel post unless it bear a
customs declaration setting   forth   the
nature of its   contents   and  its   value,
as tne acceptance by a postmaster of a
parcel addressed to any ether country,
and   not   provided    with    a   customs
diclanition, will   result   in   its    being
sent to the   dead   letter   oflice.    Postmasters are specially   directed   not   to
accept   such    -parcels     without     the
customs declaration.���Signed,  Deputy
P. M. G.
Christmas services will be. held at
ft. Peters chuich as follows: Satur
dav. Xmas Eve., midnight celebration
of the Holy Eucharist, commencing at
11:30. Chri-.tm.is Day: Holy Communion S a.m.: Morning Prayer and
Holy Communion, 11: Choral Evensong, fo'lowed by Carol Singing, 7:30.
The open collections throughout the
day are devoted to the bDiocesati"
Mission Fund. An appeal is made
for gifts pf flowers to be se.nt-.in' on
Saturday, and for help in decorating
'he. church   commencing  on  Tuesday
.News Items From the Fraternal Orders
of Revelstoke.
I. o. O. 1\
The new Oddfellow lodge was insli-
tuted at Trout Lake Oily, on Monday
the 12th inst. with a membership of '22.
Following is a list of lhe elective officers of the new lodge which will be
known as Trout BakO Bodge "No. II:
N. G., T.Taylor; V. G., A. M. Craig:
11. S.. 1). l'{. McLennan; Tea"-., N.
Abiahamson. The R'ivclstoke and
Arrowhead brethren who went in lo
institute speak very highly of the
hospitality and enlei lainnient. provided for Lhein by the brothion ol
Trout Lake and heaitily acknowledge
the kindness of All's. McLennan, of the
Windsor, who piovided lhe supper at
request of the local lodge.
. i.o. I".
A pleasing ceteniony looi< place at
tin.' last ineeling of the Fore.-t"r'."
court, (he presentation of��appropi'iale
badges to Chief Rangei ��� Kcott and
Financial Secretary Smith for faithful
services to the order during term of
Geo. T. Mallery, some time ago
manager of the "McDowell Atkins,
Watson branch at Revelstoke has been
elected chief ranger of Court Gold
Hills I: 0. F., Kamloops.
A. J-\ ANO A. .11.
No  Mason   need   he   reminded
December 27th is St. John's Day.
Quaint j.iril-'niers small and* massive
at Morris and Steed's.   , o
Most  EnjiV/abii  Bnil
OpvTa Iiov.se L?.bt Nigh:.
The credit of giving tin* Hr>!   ball  in
the i
lew opeia   huu-e   b"h
to  Fire
The Victoria   skating   rink   opened I H, i-adc No. 1 and tbo-c w !j��� attended
Wednesday night.    Quito a few people.) it la-i night fuiiy appreeiated   all  the
attended."  The   lefieshtnent   stall   is ' ai"ran'Ten!c;it      "
under the charge   of   R.   M.   Smytlib j evenin*'-'-
this season. ' ! with the
ent" :n tele to  *  '".:;���!.   r.  geod-
onj lyin.'tiL.   "I".k. bt'Jl'opened
( ...in 11,..- prou.en.i L-* al  IV;'-  a Kl  wj(|_
The Canada Drug ii Book Co.   have ; ���-'*   intoi :ni���i',n   Uir   -upper   iLuiring
���j .s.ii.  riie pi j,.
i vd  ai r.tngi'd   t,lti
Driislius   and
_ met
'��� li il   p. '"i.i.V     Ji'll,
ai'lei th--   wa\   ",
I Me*
I),II O.T,
-is. Ahlin, 11.,
this veal a nice variety  of   ladies   and ��� was kept gm
V * -w 1
gents   dressing   cases,   uniting    desk's, 'j S'-hiiiiii* w
gents    military
purse's. .
ri     ,    i ���   'i      ���  ,  ���, ! "-'ally ��^o.)d. a,.d it-:l: -r the d.".
dipt. Liiidipust it appears was   one,  .      '    .    ,,
nf the pionoei steamboat incn of   15. C
ll<; was in charge of   the ,St,r. Poet less i
oi lS7t>.    I Le carried S2,00p insurance' I
in the   I. O. F.
It you have never .seen  lhe   famous i
King shirt go into Coursici's store  on
Mackenzie avenue and  ink   Mr.   .lack- _      Til1'''���'�� l'"'" ��"*"!   .ir. i, .mv  dr.
<i     ()     I and did ^:c it ( n'dn. I,. \h ��� t ,-u. of ih
., " ! fii-'ni":i of No.  I   Oi.     With
Vancouver   papers
l'   t!n-
n. I'. .,;
I I lews    li'.e   >-,'v ct.il     i":,'!i)-'
j "iiionthiv.    A lew nice cxira  ntunnM-
I were played    by    M:-.    l\'.i i eliu*   am!
���>is,'. The
"t. was
i-tir,n of
nm-ib    of
..    l.i     .v,   ,I *
.11!        VV,,|.|
Mr. Ciage.
The hall v,
v isit
Dun Stearninii ol Hev(!lsto!':e is
ing  there.
Miss Emily Knowilell icturneil last
week to lievelstoklj: to visit her sj-tei
.Mrs, il. Gordon.
Handsome and coinfoi-lal.li' fur cap".-
ii'id uiull's al Coursicr'", on  Mackenzie ;
avenue. o    i
"Jim'1 lid wai (Is is gelling his lieu
hotel piemises on First Si. fixed up
and expects to open on Monday.
K-'V. Ft: lai/.on will preach on Mm- 1
till Sin, in Ihe Catholic elnireh.it UK'.ii) !
Sunday morning. At 7..'!',) in the eve- ,
ning hi" subject vvill 'he the Holy j
Eucharist, "  i
Cour-iei-'s dressmaking depai i riicnt .
is in coriespondeiico with Pari- f'a-hion
"vei gi. on- and    p.il,!.,*-   ||U.   |u)]   ���..,���
siiiq ly ti'.t!!-;.!. ,*:,   i  WIJ ;,   ,.(.!.���(���  (.|*f,*a
pi odiieed th. it, vi���- \.>-.-y inettv indeed.
11.") pe.'pl-
In t he |��� ;
w a - ai -,i
the fii-1 all u; -
'.���(���!) I ly   !,'    ,,!l!   i
iii nii'ii1 er w ,t), '
agl ee iliie -I ','.* (
make Bi ig.ui ��� . .-
illdt'l il.        'I OP     1 .
.very   p.*-tiy, ��� ..
t ii ui.i, a it",,: A i
and wa- -ip .X' 1
loci! cat.*! i :.     'f
(ill- (hc(iil.:,.,v.:.
able rcoi.,1   b ('.'
* at ( ii" I on ,,
!'! "���:.!. i "[,
i! ii .1 % ' i th" b.
���i'i,ii '��������� .1 I i, it i; \,
��� I*. ��� i.!..i|
ill"   I iil,* -    v,
' counted,
.1 ii'ilnite
- ul '.     11
l-  I   ,'!.'    of
���-r v ,'ii   i,.,
'!""    I'ipl.il
.'I!'    :
,    I I
'.   i
,,!il ;-
1 ',-.
" A... ll
1       V.'lV
,."  "Itpi,
\.     \.     *���
i. -*'- (,;
! w.i.M
'.',.    >:.il
1  V ��� ry
������iv in ml
"' ���- wore
���ti...'    pir.
��� was fail-
nil)), tiie-
^���r.\   house.
of a  suit.
no  dmihi
The Entertainment and Public Examination���Vacation.
The public school cnlcrlaimnuit on
Thursday evening vvas a very enjoy-
ubH*. one. The children aerpiitled
themselves splendidly in everything,
iind the hoop drill was particularly
good. The club and bell exercises
were well rendered, (ind Eva Lang and
Nettie Forrest did very creditably
indeed. 'The grandmothers drill was
laughably droll, and the recitation
Uu-idle Pown  w<ls Uiucli noticed, sg 9 be itttendeJ to
, in mv iiime pi-i-,.,.i ..:,.m - like that of
L'b id iy nielli v
nia'sors so that the lalcM is always  as- '
sine.I. ,j     |
Mi'. Morkell,   sct-rcl,iry-lrcnsii-or   of!
th; Kfoleii.iy Liunber (Jo. of Coiu.-:nlix, I     Fmiu'n
has been in tow n   this   week   eng.iired    m'-etiiiu--   W-dpe-d,
in looking over the company's business    December::! .kiu] :12,
in Revelstoke wilh   their   lucid   airent j Army hall.   Timi-d,
]l. Tapping. be an cm.- .iinei.i .--.f
John   Skog-tiom     ind    Mis     Ciil  |      Pi    v      Ci ;  i
son   of   Alhiit    Gun on    wire   both   in in u i      f   t   (     \.
reported   so   ill    Ilmi"dn    tint   Di   j hi m h it I!  \     t   ,
McLean w i-, c illi d oui   tint   night   to'dn n i   Ncl    n   t,
go up tin bur    to   attend   diem      Mi  j M ,\i ), u i - i ,      *,,
 I.-      ,1        . .1..    .'   .! .
i r   (
cl   ,
bll"ltK>r- til ,!f- f.r   j(
i   i< * '-'iveij on -(5. \\,
�� v.i!: pad -pocial
a.V( .i"d T'!i'.!--day.
��� ' 5- H,i- S rivatioi,
iny ni-:i!t Ihi'i-e wi))
!'������ mil-.
SkogstroTi vv is biotight  down   to   the ' depn tun, wti
Central Hotel 1 tst night vvhne he will j a   iii.mbc
��� ���  i-'dic
"do*ii'd    Co
it    'II    s-itu
i    I   nit  ule
novid      H.v,
ri-'iettfd   03
rixciiMs   and   in
1 <.>,
i��f*..- g^"M|ir��-flWl*WL-."-^l!tiglB i-fXtWm :'M
;.. t".'*'. - / ���_; ��� ������_  ���'���',).,'���;���. ':. p, ���'���-''.','       V:'1:   .   ���..���'��� -
bay'b,jAtJj:.!mXD.VsVE)'iY SATUitfAA ",'-'];���
pbA.y.:bvEf7ELSTOKE,-B;c., PPiPf:
A 'a: "''.'. a.,.,    iSlblv IXis .'&. 1 A>1 Pliklilbpb| ''.' ''; aba';
bb  ':'���'���  -'A ;I^';'i;nSlIlCI!S ANIp l'ilOlVijii'TOHij.b    bAb
SitDScriptlbn   Price,-..,' $2.00   Per    Annum
.b-yyb^SasTinc-l'l.Y. rxb;Ai)YAXCiby"^a,,ybaybb
���bb'.Af ADVERTISING' RATiSSbpybAb.bA,
ba. i.Ik.'ivii(; ;(..f ��1.5(1' fid-i"'(!()] ljiii.ii'in'ch 'iier.ii lonilip
a  ;-riirsiiaees oj'-jrix ooliinin iiiolioi- or ov'ciA?l;
-.������,;.'-- ,i'(ii".-iiicJejitC"i'-ir!oii^|i'..''.V'','. a <���������-��� -���..������ bba'Ababab
��� '....., ,'h"iip.-,lir!sliiiiirfei'l!oii;y5(!..'|icr,yliiio',.oiieli'snl)sc.':'
it furbisyiiot .the cmlitbof' initiating, ,it
largelyj:luevtob'btl)e''Arifc' postinnstA-
geho.ral."' ''''bbby^bbb-'-y.-bb;" ���': -.-"; a p.b b"a'Ab
.By..liiftiii's of t.hisdar,northerlyb liue-bof
; railway   t-lie b t bipbbl'ronib pVieiOria-,--, lo
A ll iii City'dr Dawson w j 1! Tib sliry'-n .'o
i.,Mpl,-j,c ;i l. ,i,'ci',"!���'ii';,    ,./i-A -''���.'    ������'���"'. .A '   I '."'l'b. OS,'l*-;r-'J ���ieJE.'ivi'.'.i.-i i UleKeiii'ie ''''avciiii'c.'.iiiiilbilic
nilU.h'Ot;,lt.sdllilC!.ilt,i;,,ai!d.--chil!.go.i-;:plh(: i:Jyj . bhii'ierial llaak.mbr.'iuiada, ,alady"* beaver
\binAS\AAProvb nee, says bi .local AquA
bl^-1.1 'yA%-^ U A��^'l:i -^tp.*hf te>r b t ho?ir" sealpbib
Thatisbbsei-ibus botioiiglr'' i^yaiiialq? :'the::'
bvbales' blubber;;, b   bp'b ;���'; y.y,    yapp"" y-y:
l�� ,        	
..-: f|iiciit   iiisci-tipiib ,: The   liiuiiboi' J of -lines-
reekoned by sjiaee- oeeiipicd; 12 lino.- (oHIh;
;iricIi��-p-':-a,   ./,;.-. ,, . p,.   ,���.:-..-:. -aya.   a: py- ������ ���;.,'.,'. ab'
_ya; ��� ^ei'thiii; auiiles^peciriiivictedpfor yljyi tlio loo
:.TOH I'll IXTIXtb bl";bvci-y kiiib .at tiiosi: reason-
A ;,,a',k*'mlesiiiid-sliorlc.st nolice.  : Aa-.-'���������
���:.<j? ,-:, P.-pp/p*. ���' a- PPa'Aa.b APpvA -bp-y
:Pjv<b';(-Ol>.\"l.'sy fur' job...''jiWii'tinj-'������..oi'",...���advert isinj
,;. ap piV(il.)lq oir.tlie first,(if ���over'}':iiioiill*. ';,.    aa-
b'J;'!,!���:. Ool.o.ips't-p jj*^
Tt- isyiiidoedibb. -Abb aabbbbbbp. ;..���'""-, byybbb.
tl'a verier will be abo.'.foisush Y, ibaAfu'l .|:��-n*.;tln;.,p!y;h(:pui*id.pa;A s-iitnbley j'ey.urd  will
..'���."������' .    ���-..,. ;" ppA" -,;-'���.-..   ��� '  bbaA;a:i���y '.���'. !vl!e,wyoi!'i,ii, i hi.'n-turii orblliy. saino to tlie Jin-
spocrd fnnrr the li;iili,iab_t',l!'';!r,V'S.;;bbi:ciiini.i,;3)*;pa.! BiiiiiA.'-AbA ; ,���;-," ���'���p.y.b a:'
Unlilblm..slepA oiy: .'.ihis-b.'Hbaibi'A
KlcindikebyAapiiblpoib (ho uUiiiib- dig-b' 'A-
ba! The. Spoil
���Sjj'sttfin.',-; ���'-������
(A     '��������� - a A ��� A
b(b:,Oi:i;Ks;i'OXI"iKXC,l;;.(iii ���villimatters nf -.-I iical,
.yap ���oippublic iiiKirvsl,invitodinid Aircfiilly ..���.'���,011-
a;Absitli;Vt(A AlloiililiiHrri'r^iii-iiiiiH I'.r, lliij Ivdilmp
inii':t.byji<-i,-(i!iiliaiii(.i(l, liyl'liiPiiiuiH... of-. Hit'
>���'.'���',! d;i;i.ni-l^u^
.('r-'Al-Av-^.bi'i��.'>\v..'.i.ii ;bt.Ii'eb"* ��� lobklsi-I Ii'Mb^:' .-i'lViii'-il'st';
Aldb-lh-eady isyseburing Aini'risrdybjTiib'
,"; 'b Av lea is p bright, a ;i iidppl,heb;bch;i'!7ict(*rs
.cleverly divivviAabrii^^
Vidibncli'l arnlinikl iii'l;' .lifbrjAiniiiboAb rtirrl
������ ':-������ a'QKAIJKiP/I'KNrlKitis!\vil1; be received up to
���.'������'���a,a-i:,:ti-l3l',,J.*ei;oii!l)oi.* :.':;n/l ��� lrfiS.a by tlie; lindCTsiKiied
...*..'���;��� ������'���-���!. as-igiiei. (rf tlAApluy'iAlpi-aiik  Vaiidiill.'aipiil-
  ,..  . ���'PapA ?'(jl'Vi:i)ir,;i'i,A )ic;i)iiivli:i-c; of-tl];c,)iou'suln.ild .(ind
���"������Air-.'''" i'-:',y- by v A .bbbb-a.yy.b'byv ,:::,'���.     a-   '������^���������iiOtfil.i.iiriiil.vir'rr-aiid.Jl.xjiiu-iK-'tlie'M'i'oi'k of wines,
v. \\ (��� stateadeJlberatelyyatlnSl,;; the;' ofipplpiiioi-syiuid (;igii!'.sy;lrii(l ^licyiiiier-Alpol' tbe iii-;
ini'silimb nreb*; nr'^rirAVi.i^ 'bbb,^ibr'-'bA.bp ��� b'b-r.lv<nt in IjiiN-'oinp; islnekaTlirce, iiev'-clsloke.','.
.]j|;siiioii.pic:s_s^oi:,.-sRtaKf-j...S;.--.ca-iu;iul,:,_,j,e-f| i>. c..;aiii!.ll,b;.l.iiilili!^s ly-oet&l tbercoiibkiiowii'
'Cify-'oi'ie ci'iso.'inbvvh'ljih ;ui 'ciV/bhbvecv(ir'b'n.^tlo'Cnjlii.-iniiHjifelb;, ������-.-.���.���--���..b'a.p.p,,"��� "������, ;���.   yyp.
;.y.'p'y   ,,a :,-'������       ��� ��� a-1-.,- ."���'-, -.-,. -:��� .;*'.   ,.-']'.��� y.XyiKlei'.- \'.:li] lye.n 'r'.'ived 'for (lie ��� wliole iii'Dii-
���iiiako i:ob;inAfdi*ba apolitical bbiipA'iberbf"1^'1,; bA-'b"':;-^"-.; ���. p,y; y:. ���;: ., -������*���. Ay, '-AbA -bb:
j,. ;.-:..��.a, ,;- .���.;.. ' , ,���..���.; -ppr-pa ���.-���. -.1-1 .���.-������ , .;.a vbp A lull in veiilory i.i! ],ij(piv]iri>iiert,ypiiid vvrirteir
;ln_e dismissals, have been, irfiici'e .on' (hi:t-|,'_.:5!;��t'_iii,i,_M::.1ilu^
i^miie'"'"���' ;ei
sevei'ala ���Semites-,
bbV,i,b,b-,Ab :-l:!K- '���it.leil.'.vdA i;liV;rf-iiiK tbcAcal (isinte inuy-be
     .....,.-. .  ...... ..'.'blb-A:' bbj>eciiabf:iie,,(.(!i��!ai.nbeVi!S^Kiivea';;i;eV(!lsloke,
���have;'; !)t,*e-u - :drtcii'argcci-;,.e.boit!i'iu.seyalhei c; I Ab'A'ii oi-iiiiiAcritioii.i-; ���������;. a   -y:   ���-..���;-������ ;_-.: ap,
���A ,P". '���".-/  : '������-��� ������'���--' p..j.. P^Y.';.-.."'pP"abaaa' A "!bA;aiUed;Ti;(i''JJeeeiiiljeivlS;iS; ���,- A   ���     Av'Ap
wasnio, reasp,n'y..f(>r ..then':. yengAgenifiiitai-yb --,���;.. -'..;. p.. i;.,a.-.i;;y.,,;p!;oiKO.".\v";bjirL\CM'r>
vv i 11 i lot ��� .1)6.'/.(i I let J ������'������, '';;0.t.| i e A' Ji ib e' b b.eebr p i'p
.(lisii'Asibl.'p.bebaiiscbJK^ .iifiuirinius [���;
ingbth'adii'ties' bwliich   tliey
bby by;! fa bv;oiib;vv(uiAtcib^bbbif heblaj.gesipbisi-iU'lnientbiind.i:
''A.;''.'.-b b'<.!��i.;i u_;,:6^.V_v).ixt, i'ii";t-'|-1 i c?.st,'..'.-i h'd,bl le^ L-b-':.-.ii;t7ieI(bs.b: ni rist ���; tiiil. feb:
bW!'ilC'!V.iot!r,eebssarily ib^^n^lieatfcii.bliulbb'i^a'hn
pasJlliev-idciiee(rf;Kood;IViitlAv'bAAp;p:,b.la ��� ^
"���-' '���'- -vdihA-"- ib a.p ;-;p.aaa.a   w,  a      . A ''"���'���    ,'"  read to be appreciated. Al lit' rend ers >'���''      v 1 ���''���-' ��� '   i- '��� '���' ���"'���' ���",��� ��� ,������>'��� '���'���������-���- 'a.'a a; a" ���-, m, r,! -. v ;iJ-i,vi!u-,v.,or ������Ui-itesn Ai.nrniDia at its m^|.
ivVvav-A'.^SA-p,,..    ,;,;,bp;a    ap.,'   ;.    aft ,a'-v a-   ������./;"��� a   .'A '���:.'���' ,pp, , b;' ,' ba   ���'��,'.' ',;������ ���'-���'-.   ,     IlilVO, liWMl 'dismissed::' f(l!" ;in!pt'0|.i('l'aV'.'np"- :St-ri-i.)n  .ifi-pioiPi'i-l  I o  iIi'i..(')ii|.iVi"iilo;u-.',(ii'o'ifi))iliiV
'y. ayVa yJllK.'kc.lf'IKX.vya^lA'JI.pa.ayp bln,'bYi,vA,!,V..b.,,,bb;,A"WAlvbA^
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cherished scheme   of   .Imperial "penny
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Revelstoke Station, B.Gb
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Milk Gows;iSaddle, Pack,
Driving and Draught
Horses. b
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.'or.u' known who's hurt!''
"���..'"'llie ci'yin.a 'nn' groiininj'.-i-
now, sir," saiil tnifither, ..���"'V.-ni'-'
nU'lit'tbue is 'ngiii'.-'r,!-; we. "hail
'.roinothln^ lir.eiiilfiil; nt day break,
pn tint."
.lint nothing wr:a found up |pi "dibtiin:
-1 left Oovn:1, .or'ariPinyards,.either,    ,-.P 1'.-.!
���is I heard, ri ml. 1 .looked   in   tho'  piii-br;
->r    notli-
If.  Dii'j.
"s:-"j.. IPC
jiill'i out
to   see
.any inciitio!'. .of it
vyoi'e made, .   ,    . A
Tho. following;''111.Tiiln-r   tii,';-
nitii'li tall; in tyhc (���'.',tbe i-.-inm1 ���.,!.���.
ilhttii'liam't!  ot'    thepi-evlcns
; Kleeplng oil my   jhie   pf
heard it.      '    A'
thltik   somo ,0110   vva.i
:," fiii'id i\ waiter.
ilc I:
lniKlbk; tp each b,
;;. w it ii'bit. i'ii y?r: I rp sH ir in gii fc d iv abb I.tya kb vol-y
a.vpc irrbss'nrid t'r'ainitriiiiiiilulavyith'ernilnob
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; Quq>-vH'bpf.;'SA0t3,b.bbpA-ibbb'Ab-iibby. p ���".bA')'\p'
p bi 1;(Ipbiiotbtlii n k'y.I:'eyei*.. bsnontnjil\ 'di'-ipbryb
bsp;: vvpllb i a,,: my il ifqyn a ;I; d la'.'.. vy li ji*:) bpidnt-:
a ing fro.m .tjiat;. ...itiiir.qj-bthb.ibinhiii.bfp.ll biidb
pojiiirgbsoabehuti Cully: abinbibbvitsbygraeeful
bAvinibi-nt; .h6itiii*'i'';.mya.ri3btiii;ri.ripr..;Tahob"
���'i'irfiiil.i.") p:c".fcib'v'iH' t:n3!t-Nyi-i':.iu liiip!;b:;;p'td,; hi,
���ihifei'd,:an:io.ilflcliiyc'a'-'tbytin'^'r.tiiia '������Rtiitd.io
'c..i.it.. f.JI/ "bri^.r itbphngeif tobring' 'inuyy a :ft*t,--|
���j'bri'pbbi'.nkrdbtihobrniybin'.A -'-'i-ha-- dniii', with j
j : i;p!-,i5ypipii:;brl p'nb't.iio-y:������ bv* b-iiytlW iisvil':-i-.x- -i
,j  ppbtint!.itiro'poiint;3iipb:iyh!;r,pAb,.s!ib vr;:i-5,j
i:brs' tiibsf.'p'osc.jl'biit':  EPrrinicb-lii y oilw-'pi-q-
���j. =;''(;'(:I'^i^iii);,'!',had bbaiibvith lisbpnmo  iiijib,
jbyvyebWiiibibo billed '.-to bh!i'iii.f;'rb.h.er', .'iy-hiinp''; ;sp-.
,' bcif cp!!!'*c, my��� stun:o;wiibdipt too .tiiiyb y.a
1 -b'-.My,���a'lTiqthfc.i''������������nbout   this-tlnio tibrhire-it
'{bi.'sh-Si'ivcabr'ct';far>isc��'p"*5'"bV'\v'iii 1:iiiji, .r.'bbi.it-,;-,.tiie
ib Ptnbio���'!!)'the siiinli .hotTi-.'r^'f.tlip.in-prriiu'gi
I'"aA-i'f(.i' n\o'i' 'L.ji.-riir-rn.oy 'flept too soundly
i by hscvr-aiiythin;;, tnilevsJitvi-erbb iinusnl'.y.
l;.b: ���^i.i-.v.,..'icb is .-it" ���''':"i.:!i'.i!"l:'ali::o.'','-'f,'i'i*.'',-:'-'btlKit;''.'
���[.. yhopi-h -j p^iiritibl. lib'ji.'.''"iitf-r ���hfuir-y iind
, ��� ���p.VaAl.OAday ���.-ir:i,:':lb' that ' lay' bilii.'tiA. -��� I
���_;.���_I'.yycr v���r.tili't- ,��?p nnytp;n;,*; revubiivn nha'tit
j'a'icpi- obiicr- ���'did.' My frainoi nnkci", iVi'r��� 1 n'-
AMii'iico-^a-wnrrliy," rrba.(a;tabh; tradesman
It- ��� vy.'...-(' bab oi" tlnibi *.v A)bt-r.ilbi not' look iit
���itb   Ay-nine!  'puratP' (:'if!ad()')).ally-:i'.tdlo,il'
��� uppti, ib.e   far   loeyd' subsci'liJi-ip-Ms;   ha
nivip?.tl    it   ''liii' wU:;,h of bKnci(it*bl\-.'l")r,'
Ilolli', who'nbt?mU*d iiiy.iiinilirir'.for'   liar
,; lieiir.\l^ia,b'nn:i'ln:;u: K.-snhi Its aiintoniy
wi;? j.cvf,;-'tb';ind    hibb r:o:i, -.Tnpij'' iln'llls,'i
.. ii(!C,hirr.,d he should li.ke'tn tilsiscs'; it."
In iIk* imifliiiiiritt J bad sold''ihy"old lay
.IJfoir'p t'o'irn. .'irtirit rchd iny iitp Llvcrpno!,
:i!i'.'l'tii',1. not'.-nJl'ivT itiyeblf to brctiii:!.* .pr'f"
jii'.licE-cl by 'people who know , nothing
ab.-'itit (ire fifniiiis: my 'new (imp Jliivins
iinished t!i? bh-.tl:.velvet, tlrrs^,I rbrirovrtl;
the figure,to fi corner of niy f.tuoit).
;���'. 'diss Lpi;-;,-' H)ili.?, .'.'n-i^iu.?!' 'of. tiip
iibbve n-.tinionptl nuiiical 'genrlKiritsii, lnid
kli'i'.ilyyg'iV'ii .inb'sltlln-M.b'for ihe brniul-'
.fill ami    iii)fyrtiiri;itc';rjn(*t'i).-     .She*, was ri;
lovely, briilhint brnijcttu, 'iuv:lb a eharrn
'���ing. fbir'l r.;* well      . \V|-,r*:i I iavi'i.-idh''1i''to
'sit ib:,r my pietiirebi w;i>' only-very
di^'iiiy a'fii'UtiiiHod vvith her/ but after,
.������.-'jo'.i.r.sivan }= iltin;in' of iwo hr'iur.ir.eaeh. in
iiririttion. wc Ijegniv.i'i.fpyl r,.-. if wo had
known each ��� other -inliiniitely fi.ll our'
liv.a-p Inbfuct, it lni lo'lit'i* iiltinbitely iio-
C'iitint: an, art!'-! Ins-ha !_)���!.;' yliut that was
ie.:;b" on, nm: lias'i!ia;:ili|ig trr dry with thp
b,i:i?tei*y Amy I'-nAim ln;,y lljjiir;*; 'On
.bin.', c.p.t-pclan vviiPii l.iipy tvas ^lv.ing inn
a ai:rir,u' I vva- cncAtd in ti'i'king the
np.p-i.-prcn.ieh: cf kci pretty iirirnl: ltvft.��.
-cciir.e&ly p. ware ci -it.'��� but pri'liapn I liiight
havo hijid ':'. ii ' til.b'-' lojigpv' than vra's.
ri'sffOtrjli whl'i) m*p w-a.ro :��!Ait.r;tied   by (1
Uib.dbnrpdeiii'baaridycnbiib: hero, bby
iboWypxi ",li A A' .r>' y bblqa rs A��, G eb rgi), i'y s hba
yoripic) t o:bb v.: ebb a ii'd'f't i'iir tb-i t-li'Sr e.b'. r. rob; few,'
tr'bii;, tp.'.'.'li'o''--'"'.,a;btii:d;��� A pare 111 tobyou/biiiy b
debr.yi'fijyrpAAAAp,;:;;; ,bb;; '���-���}���.;-i?,,pX:;P%;
^lipvil'Abb_"5t'cirei"beftbbyXfini'is truo,.;
'���'C j-aiib) bpibbyby yb:'bA;b;b;ib:-'bbV'Abbyvbb;bp'bbba'AA:
..���bi.Si ',ybi b tbiir i clyb o f-yt H p ���iii Ail go re? ?. i ;|T 0 b bobs lirb* ,A
As.) i byii I -.Vba - i ni irig In o;i:-':" b'b^i y,' n i glit^r" J i'i?' li fi *;��� - Syas -'
; wlipnialb^bi'vyiiiy (1oS''jP'_vhichbypliibkiipvybiA
ibid iyr...>y-''_fe^
aiifctjIiapiSidbpyqfb.thpa hed/ylppking at nie'-
a'g;itt;H.i"..dibits;eyes!bpTheypscorned;to; have"
;��� pres^oAwnif .flonc* is!r���.Jibii'nish !plb vyiis 'so;
boyercbiiipybVba'iib.' t\ fiilibtotlb. bliib^trpy'i-;ifc,ba
:'Gebtgp.: (iiystrby it. ��� ]h\ 11 i*ij���;h-y.ivvordsiit "is ay
ile'iiib'n'.1. "���'- Ay bb 'liio'tlieri.'.blii'yb'd'oiyn iiigain,;
bq h i tnbibyerbbmebiiiiUiytrcm bling.yioleritly.b
���^hri'bfiiaibii.pdbnie, for 0 rrt i n a r i 1 y h li ii bwas,
' a -person -of bgootl ���spnse.bqntl.not bbgivenyto.
iierybbusiipssp. bTlir.fc; she had becii bniualr,
y'frightei-pdb.was plain :b-hi*6.111 igiitjbsho' not
i lib vPbdveaiii.V.it^.Ib yviped photy dhiiipforb-'
liead \yj tii -li^ hiindkorchiefppb by.    bb-'b:
"���':]��� ������'^Ueh'{''.di,pyj,-'".i:.siiQb cdntinucd;,:, hpliiing'
niy dihndjbl'd). ydii;"i-j>m"erulio'v'*piiyu*bshak-b
ing iiiyAlv'.iil'thig-needips iir,bIc; yesterday���
���:tindrA:i.l.!bii;iiAa liqri-idpliliing?!.../ Olibbl;
..qabtiofc1;rPKliyiviti!' itr1-i 11.;tiici.r.hoiis3 IbGbbrge;-'
aid . you;,-lqck   ypui'yistudio:bbydoor'aiast'
pljlSb t -b'.' '-'���'-'-biiababb.yb_ ;p.-.p V;-;-.^,. -;^;-'-. -a.- -^ -��� ; ��� p,.-;' ;P'-; y ��� ������ '   |
b.b;t frledytb ro'iiio)h.l.''ei* Iji'it,  boiildbinofc ro- 1
ballbivvvliGtiybr. .Tyliatl.diibniv,: sp , nt* y.'npi���iny
liead,: ySii si*f,'bwivi rKiiiplstlbat tj'iiat'.iiiiha
-lAtliib;Uini^;P^  IjueypbHollisAsobpT 'i'lin
tipwnstid A to;sc^b A'Jvpp StransrPb to sayvl
-lind'iiot lpcknd iiiy'stinlip ;dopr:;bin Aa'eti,
���it'.'iy'i-j'^ p^ytlybbpen!   Ihiirripdb i n ta > tlio
:ii'no;n,bp but-therq bwasp myb |ay, f 1 g 11 ro iii
������'fc I j c.i.;o.o r.i 1 p r, -': j si ?; h- ns ip.was -yustci'day.' -b''I
cxaiiiinetii -thq  -: hli^kybbypivetb drapery,
vyhibh'1 blind;'bciiJetiillyybpinned^: niiil;:a'r-
���'il;tng(}i|'.,t;p'-ri.ili.irbfi,'niii'j ir,. appeared"todm
...ui'itii'Lstiiir^jcd. ������.'Niyi-iiiotlior'' iii.u3tilKi.vo--hcen
l.i dreaming, y Htllly il   eoiild' nor. i'.ataiii .clip
fpllgurpiilbit; worried'hyr/ that bwas   clear.'
j. H vvas, vexatious,bhnwpvei', to'jiiiefc, ..with
j  st!bh,'an-iic(!iii,s']tio!i,l!iulbbi!;' left   without
[any ii guie 11 fc bill fqrbmy-u'se: Itpbadi been
foolish of ino tii seliiiiiy old ono;^ it vvas
bliicp'ti veil ie nt ami ���' nii'ilea.sant.b :\".cs, b-.tiio
'iH^iri'-!-.ii'nst. bb'Fent"nti'(V of itiipa Iioiise,i'as
blipr.-'ypilio.h' :iny'hiotlier's nerves; ; blhit'T.
yiieed nofih'ell it at present': "'��� I ivonlil'lciiil
'���it. 'about, to my artis-rbbfriends' bwhoylwut
.'been so iinxi'itis't'obbPiTow it,  So I vvrotb
���ri liiio tailing i'O'. Kelly ihatb ,|. wouid'lend
it io hini'first,-' if' he a would noiiib iiiid
f.'it eh 1 tf,;; O ��� Kel ly: vva'siof' coiu'sc aii -Irish:*
iii.-in; ho had Ktiidlcd'he.'-idi! iiio tifc llin
aciideniy, timl I'jetame ,11 friend alwuyi-
,irflod-liatured and plefisiiiit, but.rather
.bid'11 veiy, being par-Hid   to   piriying silly
.'pi'i'ictlcai join.*.1'. Ill) hud prlvatn pt'bpoi'ty,
innd, cook Ills,iprofq-nlon casllyi iviiditig
in.11.���"hiinilspiiio'   lipai'tnibnt.-i   In    lliii'lcy
'.street, Cavendish i-'i-piiiro, 1 had no dotih'fc
that- If I -tiltliuntoly , mado iip. niy mind
to sol 1 iny lay .llftuni I should , Iind ii
piii'olinsei' in hi in,  J In. qtiin'o cr'ver t'i Kon-
bidnaton 'directly ho rccelvwi. niy ndtp,
only too glad to gor* .thoioaiiyof it; ���'You
iiiiiy ns yoell,leave on tho biuol: vc.lvot
dress, old��� follow;',.M'm. painting tlm -last
days of. Sir Thomas' .More,- and i*j"will dq
���; foi"'. jlb'irgi'.rct, ��� I.topor " p.'.: '     i'
. . "Verywell,"I said, Monly plonsn tn
I'Pinciiibci that I'vo" .hired   that  drnsa of.
"hevl Zertibliabel, and   left a,   lon-I'ountls
���deposit on   it,"'    A       ��� '
"���i:'"All,i'iglit,"l:���s.iilir,f)'Kelly. Wo tlinn
rolled thq'tlgui'o up in n damasic, c'tirtrdn
and ho drovo away with it iu u,.��� four-
wheeler with groat like, b ���-
������'". 3M-y. poor nipthei' wntuhetl tho departuro
from her hqdi'otnn wlinlow; sho tluinked
ino iiirrsc oiTfictlonntciy for ��� iieqcdlng to
tier request;.:   Slip'   lirul,  certainly   hail   a
,'H'i'Piit shoek iii some way or,other, though
.1 could n.Pt rcconbllo her story with obtii-'
intin sci'iSB. Ab .any rate, from tiiat moment sho begun to get better/ 'and ..Tnno'
Win as bi'liik as a boo, even risking, niy
licniiisi-ion to gb'0 tho studio .11 good,
ple'rin, ivhich In her relnctanco to cntor it
Ind not received for sonic timi,>, ''.Kvory-.
body was satisiiotl ��� 'ejcijcnd "myself, vvho
wns left withqub-anything to pose my
tlraivny iiian... I o.vnn wished fo.5 ms.ohl
b'i?b:preseiitb:b ceiitrebrajM
ap..'-.(,:..p.-',;:,.-t   ��l
It is Mebeiitre ofbthb La
It will hiave railwayspto
b the nortli and; south.   ;;
Its climate is superb.
It has plenty of building
timber and a sawmill
in operation providing
lumber at reasonable
prices on the spot.*
Its lake aftords, exceptionally good trout
It has a crown grant, purchasers of lots thus obtaining an absolutely
clear title.
yb i Areae li^dbbbyAriu 1 Hi fifoi ri; 'fiA
ib;Rieve] stokepbtopbi^i-ro >AbA
  ^ilTi; h^^tl"^;i^'^^ii;i 1 ���Ss^bptli;^ vc^i^i
'a-1-' \K'<  {*'.,���'���,/,.���(���''',��� '*'|'���''-'.���'���.���;: ���-'- ;,-:;0 --���������:.'������; ��� <���> - -, :1 ���l -:; * A ''.o'.'*:" 'b"f,��;--;-- .,   ;   -v(-,V;���-
bl li ro li o-hbMiamij fi cen' tbinioiiiinta i n Ab.
Hi.HJ;Wel l-lc.ne>A ii^iiAiiii in_n^A^Rro%':?
i.niot^rs -i aiicl-'b eajji tal ist|H::alreadyHA-
���h a v eijAh e i r bii'r ep rese n t a t i ves AO' tAi
���i'.bop nrer's^ "cl riea niv;tdi--^\^iliiitiil^T'yiA
_b_L A'kii^iSiT^.:;; will t be;'!;;ib;:'iii:stii,n^'..;A>
vceiitre of biiSi 11 esAaii'dth;ei{3ri 11-��� p;
cipeil tpwirin this trea��iii'e^lad'eiiHa
i'tLs a rd ea u} % H e .11 e wi, cent re; 6 f: ''ciif if
ientei'priise, bHskilFiianclb-; capital-b i:
' which i British AColuni.bia   hiisH--
magnetized within her borders.
The climate and soil of the
district are all   that   could   be
desired by^herancher, gardener
or  fruit   grower    for    .whose
products a profitable and rapidly   increasing   market   exists ;
whilst to .the   .sportsmen   the
neighborhood affords  game in '
plenty. , * &s
' The accommodation includes
good hotels, stores, post nihce,
recording office, butcher shop
and many- private residence.*-.'.
��� Building operations are in
full progress, and tlie establishment of the sawmill will tend
still more  to enhance  the
o'rowth   of
Inside, $100; payable $33.3$ down. $33.33 in ^ months.
in 6 months.
Corners, $150; payable $50 down, $50 in 3 months.   $50
(These prices are for a short time only.)'1
T. L. I-IAICi, Ri*:vi*:i.stoki-:, General Ageiu.
hugh Mcpherson, Trout lakkCitv
**> -* '
ii)   6
Resident Agent.'
iffluruhlTAN HOTEL I Mines op Prospects
Best of e\'er\'thinci"
Peter Earnhardt,
Hoiik'ln nnd  s(,|(i.      Mining ioih'muii*
iii-j.m!iizi.(I,  thoir pr'iiierty cvtH-rlcd, li-
ii.-tiici.'il inul iii.inngefl.
Sloney Loaned Mlacs.
Mine-, pro-pccli, rnincrni .*.-.siti-. ihiuUik
-ociiritii.'-. i-uiitraj-l-, Imnrl-. -in, k-.
Ic.t-e*- ami option- b'Hixlit. -i.lij 1,1 i,,-.-,,-
tl.itt-'l. K\.iinirii' mini.'-, jiro-pc, (. ,^ ,|
iiiiiic-l-.il liiirU ;i- lo ilifir v.ilnc, ini-ilioii
of working ami condiiioiivf llitirtlili.-
Assay nnd Chemical Work Done.
William Crosbie,
Columbia Hrjss,   Kevelr.oko,   B,  c. .'i^fefci'  WEMmow^MMAinf.  b^TV^V"  i'/baa  ���������������������������;;'���������:":  v HHateM; anil C&ueh  Trbf  ���������AAbYouiALifk'  ,-   V ���������?,'��������� :'���������    -a- ��������� :.-'   p :'-..-.  b Children vvi'JT- jibiyb'.r'oiiiid in the snow ;.'  ,-rtnd .-lii.sb andAilcli void. Xijflit-i-orbos a  and tlic-y r.o ci-onpy..a bp.;?.������:;  ���������'.������������������ ."���������;,./. 'a  b.:b". i, ^Mackenzie's bb Ab.Pab ������������������  ENGLiSH GOUGH BALSAfVI  ... tiro yea Is: (roup .and wlibbiiiii-AiboUKh ,'i  -..���������a- b/bb, if b!-'iv*cn at once,a His (,1k* 'best,; iii fnvt-.-'f  (vp: .tliovcaiilyy'Safo ciiiitfb 'medi'c-iiiu lb. {five  : a ,:,J pcihildrivii.p -It is aiwoliit-uly'-vpiirc'-priiiil.'  .-.:'...'."/... Iiai-ioless. 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