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Kootenay Mail Dec 15, 1894

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rr,'v.i j ��i
;     ?#'*.��
C>A .'f(A,
si/      Jig   N   /sr^ m     I "4   IBS
. G? r -Au^j-x^^jlJ^-^
vir <#"
Vol. I.���No. 36.
$2.00 a Year.
Exporters and
Importers ot
Main House: 200 to 212 First Ave. N.
Proprietors of
'Goods bought right one; no commission; fail- selection; liairodiatorctunis.   Shipping tag& iunusicd upon request.   NO ]&B5,y"oa aaty goods we handle.
. o '
SSr WKITS TOVl CIRCIDXAK GIVING "uATKST market fkices. t---?.     -.
���A iT'p
""5   '
\j b Pi h-l
K" A s? s-
: 2 '41
-,~ ^^.vr*^ ������������y-i-���!��--���=���
T=.-jg>t.r-_-rir-a.-^-?Tt.-j-.r j yjv
JOHN STONE, Proprietor.
The" Dining
loom is IpmsM with the test tlie
.���Market affords.    ��*" '   '
. A. McNEIL,
��� - o , ���
Front Street, Revelstoke. -,   '
��� :o:  ���     .
Haircut, 25c;  Bath, 50c; Six .Shaving
.    Tickets tor S1.C0. ' '  "I
'   "'"."GUY   BARBER,
Repairing Neatly & Promptly Executed.
K3V2I,SfrOKE, B. C.
Wit hnviLLdidac rriAhiViAu/.
NUW-STOCK OF    , - v
"fancy-' goods.
Revelstoke Station.
'First-class Material kept in stock and
First-class Workmen employed.     '
General Blacksmith/
'SIX' TABLETS F01</25o.
Repairs to Wagons, &c.
Slroeim; a Specialty.-
"Tt WILSON &"C0.,'
(One door .vest of Courthouse.)
nici'Aius :vTr.ATijY'& i'iiomi'tly donk.
l'lirC'I'.a  .MODI'KAIK. '      ,
on all kinds 'of
Store and Office Furniture repaired or made io order; al
/kinds of Sliopzaork iu my Hue
neatly and promptly executed by
skilled and experienced hand.
On the War Eagle Group, Jrail Creek
A mining deal of much importance to
the Trail Creek district vv.is consummated in' Spokane last week. The bond
has been taken up on the War Eagle
group of three claims���the War Eagle,
Uie Iron Mask anil the Virginia. .Tlipse
properties were, bonded Jas-t'May for
$2i.003 hy P.-itt-L-kClark, Austin Corbin,'
13. C. Kingsbury, Finch & Campbell, -
E. J. Kohurts mid J. 'c. Wakefield, all
of Spokiiiif,,;,vho'li."ive since expended
about $S.C0'J in developiijeiiL work. ',
The three cblini- covei'aji.xi'.illrl v��.-in
lo the Le Roi. They were located
aboul six years ;xgo bj,- Joe Morris and
J ue Bourgeois, f.-oin whom they have
,iust been purchased. Oliver Dui-and
still owns a tliird interest'in the Iron
.Mask. _
"The lengLii of the' ore chule, as
.���siiown , Hy siii-f.uiu developmenl,"' said
Pa trick .Clark, "is about nlX) feci, and
i/hi? avei-ap-o, width is eight feet. On'
this two shafts, aOO f(*'et apart, hare
been sunk. No. 1 i** clown So feet and
No 2 .">0 feet, and both are on ore.' A
crosscut is being driven which enc the
vein,20 feet below the bottom of No.'l
shaft, showing .-even 'feet of ore that
assays iplOO" per ton. The ore carries
about 5 per cent, copper, three or four
ounces of silver, and the rest is gold.
"We shipped a samplf: of Bi) Ions of ore
from the .surface of the shaft'to Great
Falls, iipd it returned $10 n ton. It is
our purpose to go to mining ori"a large
scale. For the present we shall need
no machinery, but later on may build
our own inatteing plant. We expect
to ship from 1,000 io 1.500 tons of ore
per month to Great Falls. ,   ��
" Trail Creek district is a promising
camp," lie said. " and has more of the
peculiar characteristics of Butte than L
have seen in any other camp" in _ the,
west. Tho surroundings -are' advantageous for mining cheaply on a broad
scale. The mountains are not high,
there is'an abundance of timber, and a
good wagon load from the claims to
jNoL-thport on'the Spokane & Northern.
Tliedistrictisaccessible ; one can leave
Spokane in the morning and be in the
the camp the evening of -the "same day."
The fact that sucli well known mining'men as Patrick Clark arid Finch &
Campbell have taken up the. Trail Creek
district and intend to ��� push mining-
there on a broad scale, is evidence to
mining men, generally that the camp
has a great future. The district is.dis-
tinctivelya Spokane field of operation,
says the Sx>olccsitian-Rovicw, the' Le
Roi group also being owned by well-
known citizens of that city. President
D. C. Corbin of the Spokane & Northern
is' taking an active interest in the
camp, which is expected to yield a tro-
mondriiis tonnage to his road., n
Wei! informer] mining men say they
would not be snprh-cd to see a camp on
Trail Creek," within a few years, of
several,thousand population.
Railway has refused���so it is reported���
shipments of ore from Trail Creek at
any point in Canada, necessitating
shipment by boat to Norrhport. The
way things have shaped recently has
been sufficient to convince members
of the Legislature that the construction
of such a line-as the Red Mountain
railway could have but one effect, and
that is the diversion of tr.iilic from its
natural channel through British Columbia towns to the American townsite of
Northport. An effort will be made to
impress upon the House the fact that
the building of the road will tend to increase, (he   material   importance   and
progress of an American townsite nt
the expense of places on this side of the
The_ Goat River District.
The Goat River mines are on .the
east side of Kootenay river between
the boundary and Pilot Bay. Tiie Sea
King is the best, known claim in the
district and has undergone the most
development. Jt is owned by the Columbia .Mining Company of Alma,
Wisconsin, the oSvner'also of several
other claims in the district. The Sea
King tunnel'is about 150 feet in and is
now penetrating a "stringer" of quartz
contai'iing grey copper. Mr.' Kunner,
the superintendent, feels assured that
the ledge 'can be reached in a very
short time and will resume work at
once. At tlie onlsi-lu ho'thinks that it
c-ln be reached in ten daj's, when preparations vvill be commenced for ore
shipments in the spiing. The location
of the mine assures, easy and cheap
transportation by water to Bonner's
Ferry. ��� .. . .
Mr. O. Wegan, manager and part
owner of the President and Lizard
mines, of the Goat Rivei district, B. C.
has gone to Minneapolis to . organize a
stock, company. The Presid-jnr- has
been developed ior the last, year and
there is now a tunnel over 300 feet and
several crosscuts. ' Mr. Wegan says
everything looks promising for shipping oie next spring.
The Lizard having been recentlj-
- bought by the same parties will be developed at once. It is one of tlfe best
prospects in the Goat liiver district.
Provision has been" made, to woik six
men all winter, and active operation,
will begin' when 'Mr. Wegan .returns
from, the east. Pumping machinery
has been introduced into the mines.
The two mines are a mile apart.
ashes h Blinds.
wTa. JOWETiT""
J-inrcleau AsSloca,:) Jr*:��oyjrect?�� Wanted.
-    .    ROYAL MAI LiNES.  ,
CHSJAPSST routalo tho OS.23 COUNT11V.
Proposed Sailing*- from Montreal.
���      Alj'jAI-r LINK.
P.WtlM V,\" ":	
Mongolian-... .:	
.TOHONTO t.   ...
i VASC!')UVi:it	
Oitr.oo.v  :..
Ijaki: Uuuo.v	
IjA!Ci: Ontahio	
Ij.vui: Nti-i>ioon	
Cabin $l.i, ��.50, Si*". S'O. SSO hikI upwiuilR.
'        iiiloi-iiicdlrilo :?.'*fl; SLcer.ige ?20.
P.iShoiiKci"? tiukolcd ihiou^li to all parts of
Great Hril.iin and Iroinnd. and al spccl.tlly low
rates to all part,, of tl.o Kiiroiiuiui eoniiiioiit.
Apply loii.-ar"(."SL'-U.,aii)hIiipoi"rall\\-,iya:-Ci!iil,to
X. T. BSSW5TKII, Agent, R-ovclstoJro,
or to HoinaiT ICi:mc, Cion.  I'lissonger Aft-nt
.. Oct.
'IT HO ,
TO   AN"!."   t"
All lantern
'I'lii-onj.'li Fit'*! Cl.i"-.-'ieuj)iiiKl"ars,iii(l Tniiii-.r
Sl'j'iji mjC.iis 1'. l-l. t'.iul, Aloiiti'CuliindTuio.ilo
viilliuui (Imii'-'O.
Ml?   id   itii.
i.'yii you ii
Norwegian Saowshoss,
Toboggans & Sloighs.
Maiiuiaclys'er of.all kinds of
Old Fui-iiiture P.f.r
in \-
. ^ii'ii-. ("-   0 1". (l.tdy.
liii-)   "
l-'rvr fill:
apply l��
infui-io.iUon  .i. to i-.ik'-, time, (.le.,
Jt.      IL.    jj! .   l-MCl ,
Agent, Revelstoke.
Sheep Gieek & Red Mountain Railway."
The Vancouver IVarld has the subjoined article on the proposed raihvay
named above. While at Trails which
has heretofore been tiie shipping point
for Trail Creek;'ore, we were a few days
ago credibly informed that the railway
authorities of the. Nelson & Fort Sh.ep-
pard Railway, who are identical with
those of the Spokane Falls & Northern
Jr-iilwny, refused to put in at Waneta,
on the Canadian ?ide of the line, the
track required for convenient transfer
of ore from the C. tfc K. N. Co's sleaiu-
ters to the cars 'if the N. & F. S. Ry. or
S. F. icN. Ry., and that the steamboat
coinp;iny was obliged lo put it in at their
own,cost, or deliver it at Northport,
which i.s about 12 miles furl her down
the river. This would seem to support
the conclusions of the World's article,
that the Spokane Falls & Northern is
determined, if possible, to make (lie
Trail Creek mines tribul'iry to- their
railway and I herefore, to the prosperity
of certain .American towns':
"Among other r-ailwa;, imderinkiiig-.
with uViicii the LegNlatiir" will have to
fle.il thia-.f^.-ion i-a tlie Red   .Mountain
"-"- *   The Old Men's Home.-   -    -
0_ _   ,   '
"-The Provincial Home fowAged Men,
at Kamloops, is not yet fully completed,,
but it is described in the report of Hon.
Mr. Martin,.:Commissioner of Lands
and Works. It is erected on a site of
320 acres, and commands a fine view,
fronting north. The total frontage
from east to west is 176 feet, and from
north to south 10! ffeet. The building
is heated by steam. Water is obtained
from the city mains for' domestic purposes, and' for use in case of fire, for
which ample provision is made.
The timber used in  construction is
Douglas fir
scans are. of British
Columbia maple, the dining-room is
ceiled and panelled in cedar: the lime
used'throughout is of local burning,
the bricks manufactured in En derby,
and the work largely executed by local
artizans. - ,  '
The building is constructed -' with
double floors, with paper* linings, and
double-boarded walls and paper linings;
storm sashes are provided for insertion
during tho winter, and every portion
of the building is carefully heated and
ventilated. The boiler-room, laundry
and kitchen ceilings are lathed with
metal laths, and plastered with cement,
and'tliij (wo former have concrete
floors, thus averting danger of fire as
much as possible in a timber building ;
and equal attention has been paid to
The architect .adopted the English
renaissance of the lOlizabetlian period
in'his treatment of the design for* the
Rome, which piesents a very picturesque appearance, with its half-timbered
gables, bay and oriel windows, and
copper-covered towers, and the general
grouping is effective.
Thf I Joint' i.-: provided with 00 beds
for the acconiinodalioii of its inmates,
d being a provincial institution, West
Kootcn.sy, us well as all other parts of
iln* Province, is entitled to share in its
, r      ,       .    ,    ,,    .     bcii.'fii/.s,    ll will doubtless  be opened
r.mw.'iv   M-heme.     fn   -u,i-.l    !"p.-l.   it , |)V (be New Year.
,.i .mi r.il  1 Iin. (ininnn m*    ol   niiiin.i    A i /.^i-n
District, P,isiC!rr,'or Agent,
have been ef-
ifctotl by my
"       'li
jy.i>fj Rj;i���������"���M"""""*"""""~~�� TiuBeoB"'-w"it���
8-i-fl vh-a litrfcct ."-iii", to tcrmier tlinn by .iil othi-r
ft.,: tJ <]<���( I.'.".��'..itililn.'tl 'lhey iotiilni,vr,-e3t
K-jJ-S^y il'ijitilt������ ut.rior tiov��iien. hti-.tln A ..yo-
fo��vi�� tor. oflltlliin lint, buoi) ytjrfiictotl tho I
c5rr"'3   !"1"1 "B J""'"'" fully t-H'ial toyieriou.il    a
E. PICAHD. Hcvcisloko. B.
wfi �� vS   rxniniiint.1un Jo   mnll.   127 patent.^   /^
M fig iiVi.W??::i DEFORtWITY^
g?i I'M ��*J3 -.lur-i fi rvnv..      _^-.r?^tK*Ci
%!& 12a wi Kii-it.- st.v/..'i-o*.'o]iro-sc��j��^a!SSBJ
ji anted thihcoiiipanv. of wbicii 3fe.->si
C. T. Dupont, F. 1.1. Peinbci'lon and !>.
C.   Corbin   are   the   le.nlbig   ligbl'-, a
chai ler lo build a line from A p.iint on
tlicinlein.'K.ion.i! boundary on the rigin.
fork of Sh.'.-p Creek up  the slid creel;
to  Red ^Mountain,   tapping   tlie  Trail
Cteek nii-ies.   Nothing has  been done
in the v.ay ot   c.)ini!ie.-K.liig  opuivitio'is
and   the  ch-irit-i-  e.\i>ire.��.  in   April   in
defai-lt ol   oo/.-it /'.���-/{��� operation-.    ri'iie
promoi.-.i's  v. iii  have a '������!;   Iii-fovi-*  t'lc
flcii-e asi.iiif.-. amoug other  thing.-, an
c.\t'*nsi<i;i of   time   in   which   io   I'uili-
nii'i-.t.- i)[),-t'<it ions.   Cert-'iiii cvt-.i!.- iiave
Ir.in-J'ircil   .-iiice   the  gi.iiiliiug  uf  til.-
chart ei   to  piejudice   nieinbei-s  of llie
Legi'-lature against the rleii .Mountain
company.    It is irraotic-ally the Nelson
& Fort   CJhepp.irrl   Jiail.va'y   Company,
or. in other words-, i). C. Ci*>rl)in.    Tnis
g"iitiei-i.,'in   is  ihe  piiliuipai, owner of
the Spokane J'billT it Xoi-lliei'ii llnilvvay,
.th.1   -A iiii'rifin    coiii i.iuai ion    of   she
, X"Noil   aiwl   I-'t-rt   Shejjunl   I oriel c.ill-
J iii-clin,"   Hiiii   Sp.ik.-.n  .    r,"Kt-  i;i.|v..iy
i ( oiup my o,i ns lhe  11.-.-. ii-ii.-, ol   .Voi-lii-
- ('or!. iiiul v.i;i.,ij ! he la-t year iir^s inadi"
ev( i y eii'iii-t   to   build   .!   i<!>  at  iheex-
l'"i,-"nl"  I.'"iii-1*.  ��'cliri'i'iia" iowiis.     io
��� -in i. an .->.t.".,   I,, -   i "* 's bciii  ci, iicd
. oui 1 b.it the -n'i'I-iiii .'ind I 'ort ^1ll('jl}���.'ll(l
A warded
in��"lt<!.st Honors���-World's   Fair
A pure Gr.ipc Crenni of Tartar Powder.   Free
from Ammonia, Alum or .iny other adulterant.
Nakusp, where train is tiiken for
Three Forks, was first 'brought 'into
notice by the fact that it was'nained as'
the initial point of a railway extending
thence to the'celebrated Slocan mining
.district���the.Naku.sp & Slocan Railway.
It has since liad favorable mention- on
its own merits as being a good business
point, handsomely located as a place of
residence on the eastern shore, of tho
Upper Arrow Lake, elevated above the
high water'of any flood that could pos-
sibly endanger it. The townsite i.s a
quite. level bench of land stretching
back from the lake shore, and is dotted
with hotels, business blocks and residences of fairly good construction. The
railway buildings are particularly good
and comprise "a fine' station - house,
_ freight shed, roundhouse with two
stalls, a section-house and sand-house.
There is also a 3iibstanti.il wharf 800
feet long capable of sustaining a loaded
train and locomotive. By means of
this wharf freight can be transferred
directly between steamers and cars
with promptness and at a minimum of
cost. ' ,    ,
The train for Three Forks starts from
Nakusp in a northerly direction and
sweeps around the'lown on its easterly
side at a'considerable elevation'above
it, with the town and lake visible in a
continuouslyi changing and charming
view until lost by the tortuous windings of Nakusp Creek, up which we are
ascending in a southeasterly direction.
Twelve niiies takes us to Summit Lake,
Hi miles further to the Slocan Lake,
and 6 miles thence to Wilson Creek'.
At the head of Slocan Lake is seen the
sawmill of Hill Brothers. The timber
is of very trifling value until the summit is reached, but from there to Wilson Creek it grows better, and considerable merchantable timber is to, be
found. -It can be, however, truthfully
said;that if the section- traversed,by
this road is not good for 'mining it is
quite valueless.' .   , .
. ���   "  ROSEB1SBY. '    ,
At Wilson Creek, or Rosebery,- as its
promoters perfer it should be-called,'
* we see the first desirable townsite since
leaving Nakusp. The'railway has constructed 'here a medium 'sized station,'
section house, freight shed,,wharf and
2,200 feet of sidings. Here transfer is
made to steamer for -New Denver,
Silverlon or any other point on the"
lake for both passengers and freight;
and ores from' the Alplia or Fisher
Maiden mines, which are packed or"
rawhided to the lake .at Four, Mile
Creek or Silvoi ton, or in fact at, any
other station furl her down the lake,
are here transi'erred to* cars, going out
bj" way.of Revu-ls-loke to smelters east
or west. , J. T. Nault, has a fine -hotel
here, a store and a cluster of-co-related
buildings. There is .also a residence or
two. all-the buildings being of recent
(jonstruction, the tasteful nucleus of a
coming town. The townsite is level,
and the,lake in t'ront-with the mountains hemming in Wilson Creek- on
either side, in' the rear, furnish surroundings most inviting and picturesque.   ' ' ', , ���     '
. NEW   DKNVEB. "    '
Leaving Rosebery, the, railway skii-ts
llie lake foi some distance, and brings
into view New Denver, the- capital of-
tho Slocan district,. It is a fine town-
site- and is beautifully loca ted-on Slocan
Lake, but much to our regret, the railway does not approach 'nearer to it
than about two miles, and the exigency, of limited time did not permit a
.special visit to it. Should the railway
be extended down Slocan Lake and
liver, New Denver will be the first
station after passing Rosebery. -
At New Denver siding we change
conductors, James Trodden having
brought tho train from Nakusp find
Sain Woods taking it hence to Three
Forks���two veteran and niosf obliging
conductors who have followed the
,dc.stinl'i.s of the O.P.R. fiom const ruction times. Following Carpenter Creek
about live miles, wo reach' the place
whore the "North Fork, Middle Fork
(Seaton Creek), and South Fork unite
and form Carpenter Creek���the conjunction of these three creeks giving
the name to  the  town located here���
It is, indeed, a great surprise to see
a hundred or more fresh a'nd newlj'-'
cr.iisti noted buildings here, and to lie
(old that about four mouths ago, aflor
the great fore.-it fire, there was only one
single building left standing on the
ground now covered by tins array of
hotels, business houses and comfortable homes. The secret of all this renewal of town life and,s'urvivalof business i.s that the. mountains which hedge
iu the (ocalion, are honeycombed by
rich mines, which seek their outlet here
as (ho iiio.-.|j (.onvoiiicnt place of shipment.
"We obtained ;i statement from are-
Gleaned From Local Exchanges.
A curling rink has been opened at
Golden. The Era is hopeful of its Success, and says: "Some of the greenhorns have been doing some remarkable playing and bid fair to become
crack players."
Rev. Charles Reid, Presbyterian missionary at Okanagan ^Jtfission, has be-
'come'deranged, and has been placcftl in
charge of the government authorities,
lie came only a few weeks ago from
One hundred tons of mangold from
three'acres of ground, which sold at S,"> _
per toil, thereby returning to the  producer at the rate of $150 per acre, with
trie assurance that  the cultivation of
100 tons of roots did not cost the producer   more  than   $50���is   one of the' '
pi oofs of what can be done'On some of,
the   small   holdings ,in   the   country.
This is slid to have happened in Oka-.'
nagan Valley. t
F. \V. J,prdan is now postmaster at ,
Nakusp. and has removed the oflice to
his store.
A telephone line is being put in-be- .
Gween Rossland and the river landing
at Trail. This, connecting with the one
now in operation to Wancfa, will'give
Trail Creek camp telegraph connection
to all points*. , ,  '
The amount of ore shipped by the
Le Roi, will only be limited by, the state,
of the roads for hauling. The continued,,
soft weather and the absence of .deep '
snow impede the work greatly, and .the. .
stage from   Northport over the, new.
road, which is getting worse every day, -���
occupies some seven hours in making.'-*
the;l-ii miles. " . ��� '
Fifty-three'tons were shipped frorn--
,the Le Roi to the United Suicltiug-Co.
Montana, on November 20,-27, and 28;
and 30 tons  to Tacoma December 0th. ���'
These shipments are made by'way of
Trail, and steamer to Northport.
i. -"'.'.
Placer mining is being activplypros-,i*
ecuted at < Kaslo.'", From  November' 18'
to 2-f, fourteen such ,ne.w claims were ., '
located,' and   among 'the   locators   is
found the naine'of R. E. Lemon. P   A -
^ The trains on the Nakusp & Slocan \
were.leniporai-ily'delay-ed last week by.-
a smal^ land slide. ��� . .  '      A
The.old. No. l-.inine at Ainsworfch, i
thei hist oi y\.of which is connected' with*-,
the"Revelstoko.1 Mining-Co'.,-is under ���.
* lease, to  Messrs." Mc Vicar and-Shaw.--
Twenty men are at work taking out- -
ore, all "of which that is prime-will - be
shipped to the -Pilot Ray smeller. ' -
��� There are 10 children in New Denver,
and 9 in Three Forks of school age, and .
bin appropriation is asked for a suitable
school house.  - , '      '       -
Tho   fsuu of   Greeri   Brothers,  mer-   .
chants of Kaslo, are preparing, to open
a store at Three Forks.
The rawhiding of ore to the, sleigh ?
roads and by sleighs thence to Three
Forks and  other shipping stations , is
actively going on in the Slocan district.
The Pmsjicc/oi'iKiuifii the Blue "Bird,
Reco, Deadman, Noble Five,  Ivanhoe��������
and S ji pi iso as now- moving .their ore\
this way.
Mr..\V. Thomlinson, of. New" Deuver��� c,
manager for Ronnie Bros, thqr.e, iare-n
ceiving very flattering mention.for the--
able manner ho has .financed, and .car-  ���
ried through the. buiIding,of. the.sleighs
road .between ,New Denver aud. Three
The Woman's Council.  ���
Lady  Aberdeen   is organizing  Th��-
Woman's Council, which is said to be ���
a national organization of which she is
president.    In a letter sheaddressed'to
Mrs. 'Spragge, of which  tho following
is an extract,  its objects may be in- .
"Could you not have a meeting of
the ladies of Donald, of Golden and of
the other centres aud ask them to consider the matter, after you have explained it to them. If a Council i�� '
formed please Ik* very careful to have
all churches find sections represented
on it, as it is this feature of being a
power tn bring all together on a common basis that makes the movement so
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rfJ\ 5- J ii. PAGE i.  THE KOOTENAY MAIL.,  Ttbe Ikootena^ fl&atl  SUBSCRIPTION.  INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE.  One Year $2 00  Pi'-Months    ,     1 DO  Th roe .M on th.s    0 50  ADVERTISING RATES.  One Tneh, per month    1 50  Two Inches, per month    2 00  :  Si.-:        " '���������   '    "         000  Speeial contracts for large advertisements  All bills for advertising due the 1st of each  month. ^ .    ,  ,       "  Quack'and cure-all advertisements not wanted.  The Mail is',:printed every Saturday morning  "��������� for the KeVelstdke Prfnting & Publishing Co.  , ' (Limited) by  R. W.NORTHEY,    -:  EDITOR AND MANAGER.  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1S&L  Mr. Kkllie must naturally feel a  little elated at the fact that his district  , lias received such -generous treatment  at the. hands of tlie.Govorriinerit.. There  is no district that: receivers more', for  ?o;i<ls/'ti"iiils "Find bridges, and only 'iwo  that receive an equal sum���������Covvichan-  Albernij'Uid East Yale. ' Of course an  adverse comment will be made on this  by our contemporaries in the South  Riding, but it must be ���������remeijibcred  that for many years 'past 'they ,'have  had the lion's-share; and in the  " matter of appropriations-.everyi'mem-  ber in the house feels bound  taa -"-pull" his hard'esffor his "own "district. Beyond ������200 for' fire purposes,  salaries;, etc., there will probably ' be  nothingi-nvailable in this 'district, ex-  , cepting.the $200' for'repairs' to the  court .house, until'the first of July.  LAWS NEEDED.  ,  Wk gave pome space last summer to  |hc c|esti;uctfon of timber bj* forest fires,  .And", ���������'published thef'lavv-^liich was enacted forith'e." purpose; of protecting ijt.  .fyt: ���������"Dvgwfyj of the' party "which- lifts  ' biseW-'Sttrvejrhg Southern Kootenay,  gives the results of his observations  ,on the subject to the bJ/mer. He  thinks these fires are more the result  of design than of accident, and that  which are' considered to be accident  frequently ' occur in violation of law.  Tiie fires are often purposely ������et .by  prospectors to destroy the Cu'iSergrowtli  and debris covering, the district in-  'which they are looking for,mineral,  and there are many chahcejs agailist 4b  oneof-fincljng' veins ofl ore fn thesjec-  tjons "thus terminally, .cleriiicled of' timber. : By this means forests of Jcnown  value which it has taken"~centunes"to  produce, are desjftpyed, .nnd 'ipejTg' fre-j  quently than cKfiwwis^- iieithirig'- is"  found'to replace the. irreparable loss..  IftiMstatutes' now^beairlng uponfthiy-  qugfitloQ ��������� l'ai-e -jsufljcleii^ly stringent,  pr0vifeion.'8hoijld be"taade-for tneireri-  ^cementp-;i������=no^.tb6t^^ter.--.laws  sfiouTd be enacted and   the forests  of  'the province protected'against recktes's"  and vvanlbir-desfiruct'iciii. j'-|_ - \f  Anot-ller-^ ^u,^^-'fe.*HMegislati#-i.-  might be to extend the applieation>.of.  the laws relating, to the destruction-of ,  Canada thistles to the entire province! .-  We understand   that the portion west  of the Cascades only has   now suitable  protection., lp^-tliLs-'respect.     In   this  part of West? Kootenay tlie thistle crop  was   allowed   last summer  to mature  and send its pestilent seed   broadcast  wherever the wind might carry it.   ������-  .  BUREAU OF MINES.      , !  j ire  : NAKUSP TO ��������� THREE. FQRKo.  (Continued from 2,a(lc !���������)  f A"t bill,' introduced '~by ~ H6n. CoL  leaker,, entitled''.'An -Act .for/the promotion of the Mining Industry by the  establishment of a Government'Bureau'  of Mines," was ordered to a second  reading on Monday last, and will of  course. &oon becpjne law. It provides^  for tbk-selection of "a suitable locality  for thejerection of tlie necessary builcf-  ipgs,...iil.ichiiiery and furniture, for. a  museum of minerals, ollices and lecture  room, assay office and-laboratory, after,  it has been sanctioned by the legisla-  tucerj_-*Ib-abalM- collect, iufurniatioir and  publish it for making the mineral  wealtl������- .of- the province more widely  knowivVThe Minister of Mirfes ahail  have control of the bureau and may  appoint bi deputy minister. - All persons engaged in mineral pursuits shall  answer enquiries personally made or by  capillar rol.iting.to.such pursuits. The  irn'uistcr may arrange for such instruction as -nmy be deemed -of 'benefit to'  prospectors' and others. -A schedule  of fees for instruction and for assays  arid tests shall ' be fixed. An annual  examination fur etiiciency in assaying,"  etc.. shall be. marie, and a certificate  issued to successful candidates, which  .shall be prima facie evidence in all  provincial courts.  ,it appears that the Minister of Mines  isOo.havji his duties enlarged by the  addition of a Bureau of. Mines, the  whole to he called the Department of  Mines. Where the. bureau is .to be  located is.riot stated, but since it is,to  be a mere attachment to the present  work of the minister,' the inference, is  that it will be at the, provincial capital.  Nevertheless, we remain of the opinion  expressed -last week-, that* a: location  near r_ the rqihes :of . Westv Kootenay,  woukPhe of'" great practical' value'in a  course of instruction on the subject of  mining.  APPLICATIONJF0R LIQUOR.LICENSE.  XTOTICI" IS HRUKHY GIVKN" that f Intend  i> within lliirtv (lay., I'i apply to llie Htipco-  diurv i.Kii.'Htriilc ..I Wc-t KeoK'ii.iy (lisl.nel, at  Nelson, for .i liceni's t������ sell li'!"'"- 'it re (Ail at  mv hotel at \Vi(,'������a..i, in s.il.l .listnet.  .'. , .UMKl'll WAIjKKIt,  .    IUsvoJ.st.okc. 11. C. December 5th, 18!>J.  intend to ship this winter, and believe  the following can be. depended upon as  quite correct:  The Idaho and Cumberland are in the  Idaho basin. The Cumberland has 55  sacks of ore ready to ship, and if the  mine is not sold the owners will work  it themselves, and continue shipping.  It is " owned by McNaughten, Clair  Bros, and others. It is_ 123-ounce ore,  working eight men.  The Idaho lies above and adjqini.ng  the Cumberland. A mountain, of 200-  onhce ore. Now working 03 men.-  Have 350 tons sacked and will shib 500  tons this' winter. A wagon road is  being constructed^pbirt way to the concentrator; "vVifl rawhide the balance  until wire tramway is put in. One-  ninth"-of-'the Idaho was sold by Mrs.  Fvarrell to Frank Cox of Duluth, a few  : days ago, for $25,000.  , Immediately above the Idaho is the  Silver Bell, worked by .John A. Finch  under bond;.' a very promising property; eight men working. All neces-  'Sary. niine buildings on this and the  Idaho.. - _..   "'  In the Twin Lake basin the Alamo is  .situated, owned' ��������� by the Humphrey-  Moore syndicate.' Last year shipments  were made by way of JCaslo. .Expect  to ship this winter, aiid have 200 or 300  tons of clean ore. , .lolin Valiance,  manager,-wprkcd-35 fco-40 men all summer.' ��������� -   '  The Queen Bess shipped last winter  one car 125-ounce ore via Kaslo. Itis  owned by rich people able to work it,  but is not now working owing to low-  price of silver.  " The Mountain Chief is midway between Three Folks and New Denver,  and is visible from the train ; shipped  "several carloads last winter via Sbislo,  and three carloads by way of ^Nakusp.  Has never shut down since first pick  was swung." It had IS men" "all summer  ���������160' oz. ore���������has good backing, and  has liiore than paid for itself.     " ���������  The Payne Mine, oil; Payne Mountain, is the nearest mine to Three  Porks; produces.200 oz. ore;, shipped  several-- carloads via Kaslo ' last year,  and has 50 tons ready no'w, only, waiting for snow; working 20 men, and  will continue to ship all wiater. May  ship via KasIo,,.r;iilway rates being so  high there is .little difference in fi eight.  ' IfTraiiway freights are not reduced  itis expeefced.-that some wcrchantSj-as  well, as- mineri*,  will .ship. by .way of  .yasijgp^A,:   A-"iA  Y-AAA  " The'next property via Sandori Creek  iSj.the-Woiiderful,- operated by,J.-;A.  Finch' .rind .superintended by AVHliam  iSprin'ger,. a, veteran lipbirig., man. A  good quantity of preiji sight, juidvyilj  siiip "to'vViii?ds" spVi ii gV 'Worlting^men;  .rcduced..-^rom 23. Splendid rawhide  trail   to ' sleigh . rprtd ; . will  become a  iWonaerful mine."     ''V.r,.; v .  The Slocan  Star, near' Sandon, has  "shipped.seyefal toiis by .railroad and has.  contracted for-1500 tonts ot���������m'orc to be  .hauled, to Three Forks. t Byron White  manager, Bruce White, .suporintr-ndent.'  Working 20 men," arid will;"increase the-  force immediately. '.The! ore ��������� is 1-13 oz.-.  and the mine is valued at $1,<KX).000.  More work has been (lone on this mine  Wiari"o*ti any.other m\t"he'SIoc.m." Pine  levels have been run, aud- there*" is an  immense quantity of ore in sight.  Near the  Slocan  Star is n pVopcrty  called Ruth,  owiied and  operated by  "tlie original, locritprs���������D. C. Chirk and  partners of Spokane.    It has an IS-inch  vein   of clean   ore.-Shipped a-car load  this sumhiei'-At/r' Kaslo.   .D.-C. Clark, j  manager.   Small force working.  ' j  Further up the trail i.s 'the fvau'hoe, j  one of lhe Wells Group, own".! by a j  Duluth syndicate   Captain'DonnolI.v,'j  .manager. Developed thus summer. a.nd .  a large, body of ore ha.������just. Ix-en struck: ���������  500 sacks are ready to ship, and will J  continue1 shipping. Working 15 men.  If the Nakusp route cIo-cf, tb*s K.u-lo ���������  route will be utilized. This will be the- ,  ctise generally as to allmiries that have j  access to the Kaslo road. ,    '- '  'The Noble Five h;us been a big pro- '  ducer, and still,is,.and Kps t������een a lar-ge '  shipper.' Working 20"men. lU'n-t/ifor e |  has shipped ,via Kaslo. Will "hip _  several hundred tons this winter. If  is owned by the original Toc.iMr*-, and.'  nianriged bj-Jack McC>uii<an. 'j  On the/same mountain i.s trie Riicccaii |  (or Reco)  which   produce--   t h������-   ric;i*--1  ore in the district, averaging proh.i-.ly (  "(itit ' 1,(100 ounce's to tiie ton. wilh a,  vein of about 15 inclv-s. Th'-y shi;.[."d  several (-arkrads la-t. wii.fer. and" inti-ui!  .shipping this winter ,'KX) Ion,-, ll i- '  worked by the owijior- -li.irr-i( a.i.l !  Kcllcy, rnrwiflged by John Ifarri.-,, and j  employs 15 men. |  The   owners   of   tlie   Riir-eenu  hnv ,  recently bonded  to John A,  Pincii. oi j  Finch,   Kinney   and Williamson,   the i  Slocan Sovereign and  Omega for, it, i-  believed, $20,000.    They  have   put up ���������  'mine -buildings,  are  working   IS men. <  and (ixpect to ship this winter.    Volley '  Williamson, manager.  ' -ifarris;and-Kelly have bonded  to J.  "F,. Cutler arid-Co., art e.intein coinpnny-  'a group called the "'Dead man " for  $:50,f)()0. Working 8 men, nnd expect  to ship.  The Madison, originally owned by j  ITarris and Kelly, struck line ore .iri-ii  was then bonded to Mr. Taylor of,  Spokane. Working 10 men and expect I  to ship. ,  ' The Freddy Lee, George Pl'iimler, |  manager, is working Imir men, 'ind'  more   will .be. .employed.    The - niiiie I  looks as well as ever. This is the first  mine under bond in the district, as well  as i he first shipper. Several cai s went  out via Nakusp, also by way of Kaslo  hist winter���������expect now to ship via  Nakusp.  The Blue Bird has several tons ready  to f-hii), and a few men working.  The GoodenoMgh, anextensioii of the  Rucceau, has several tons of high grade  ore ready for shipment working 7 or 8  men.  The Atkins syndicate are working  Paddy's Peak which has seveial inches  of ore. They are employing 8 or 10  men, and will ship via Kaslo because it  is more convenient.-  The same syndicate has also bonded  Idaho No. 2, and are working 10 men,  there. They have a large body of concent rating ore, and will ship a quan-'  tity of clean ore via Nakusp.  The Eureka, on which a small force  of men is working, is developing into a  line property. Will probably ship this  winter. '        .    ��������� - -    '  The Dardanelles   and   Surprise   are  working several men, and -are rawhid-j  ing.   As soon as snow makes sleighing,;  ���������thjL-.   ore   will   go out   by Kaslo.   The  Washington is not working because of;  .disagreement among partners.  The Antoine, near the Rucceau, has  several cars high grade ore ready for  shipment. Is; working S men, Jack  Thomson,' uiannger for .himself and  .others.-   ���������   '.   . _    ��������� '     .  - XM. E. McDonald's'Fureka-hlis been;  working 12 to 20 men all summer..  Have shipped already several cars, and  will continue as ore is produced..  The AVelliugton, owned by- Ottawa  parties, has shipped several cars, and  is working a number of men.  The' Bon Ton and Big Bertha are  very promising properties,' and vvill be  working again as soon as parties become reconciled....  There are'seveial good claims on the  North Fork, but no shipments' have  been made as there is no trail on which(  to bring out ,the (ire, but they arc developed and work will go on this  winter".   ' ,  The Alpha, of the Reid & Robertson  group, has been working 20 men. A,  large shipment has been made 'by  steamer from Silverfon and Nakusp &  Slocan Railway from Rosebery. " Intend to put in a" wire tramway.  The Fisher Maiden idso-ship by way  of'Sih-ei'ton/and has just sent forward  about 00 tons tou the 'United Smelting  Co., Montana. They are working 10  men.   A.  '   ' "  " ,   1 TRA6IC ENS.   ,  ^ '   ' ti  Andy Whalen and Ed. Wilson Drowned'  in the Columbia. . ;  --The-people of Revelstoke were ter-;  aiib'ly. shocked   Wednesday   morning!  pvh'e'n,thc'feai'ful news became known-  that Andy Whalen and Ed. S. Wilson?  lutd'been'drowiied in the "Cblurnbia'tbe!  night before. ' Wilson had been .under]  the care of his,friends at the Victoria;  Hotel for several days, in consequence,'  probably, of the too frequent and long  continued use of .stimulants. Malcolm  Ross 'was'''looking alfter him on "the',  fatal'* night,  and   it was   feared   thap  JiVilson might attempt todo himself?  harm, as some of his actions had pointed}  that way.   About midnight he took a;  -walk to the rear of the hotel which,  stands.only a few feet from the river'  bank,-and Ross and. Whalen, with "a;  lantern, went'out with him. On their'  return Ross was ahead looking frequently back to see that Wilson was;  following, but he suddenly rushed be--  hind. a building and slid over the bank,  in the snow���������the bank being quite steep'  and1" nearly 40 feet high. -Ross  cried;  'out '-ffe's gone,"'and rushed after hhii, ���������"  onlV  a few ^seconds  behind.     Wilson'  made directly towards the open water-  across some   intervening   ice,   which-  wa-* notstrong-and broke through with  their weight.,  Wilson then  ran  down  the. river for several yards, Ross dircct-  i:.-g his course so as  to  overtake and  ht-ad him, off;   hut  Wilson  turned to-,  w.n-d 'the  river and, throwing his hat  on   the   ice.   rushed   into    the   water.  Meantime, Whalen had rallied the men  in th.-  hotel and about half a dozen  c.im<"- running to  the  river,- bringing ar  long pole.    Wilson  was a good swim-  rri'-r. keeping mar the --bore but beyond  -.pac'.i, and when the pole (which had a  crii.s-.-pieoe.on it for clearing snow from,  roo*"-) was pushed nr-.-.r him, -so that In*'  eo'ih! ha ye ���������������'-!/.'*������ it t)V merely stretoh-  :,)��������������� out tii- hand, he  refn-ed  to  touch-  it.    itds-   sv.t.l.'.l  out   until   he   nearly  ..ti'!  '.lie   other men  THE SCHOOL OF MINES.  vv ith   the poll  !���������  ios"   his  foo'inu',  ini'.". jo'nc'l   h.rti'l-  and  trierl'l" g'-( hold   of  W'ii-oti. bill he ."(  i.i-id   lo   b"   h"lp!'(l, at.')  swum   nw.iy.  Wb.ii-ii th< ri , w"iii   down   llie   river a  hiiii.li'i'd   yard's,   perhaps. v.'h"ie   there  i-   i '.mail Aland in -hallow   w i!'"f.'iind  wi.ii'*,   Ih"   w.ii.'r, in..r.es   a   rill!"   in  p:.   -..Iil^ll.     Vi'i'-(.i>    t:i!ii"    quit'*    lie.'r  til ��������� -litij'-al    (in-   pLt'(���������, alt:.'.st v. itinn  i..,i. ii, ,ii,.|  Whaleo, r "|faidles ,���������   of htm-  -.e!!'   a-   Ij.-   t.ti.lo'   I*'/!' -v, nil a  pu !:���������'. j  nisi.  .! in and whether   he   I Iii'j".v bun- _  .���������.(���������' i'  ij,, ia nl   V'.'ilson, to  g)',i--p   bdd of |  him! (-rlo-t bis I'ootinK and   I'eli   head- I  Irini.' ii.ro 1 he river, c.inn.'t   be   kiiov.n. j  Wo.-'.u.   J'liil  llo.U'iig and   .-wimuiing, j  kept on the siirf.K e for some time, ,-ir)d j  '!'..rr.    Home   thrrivc-    In- .s.t.w biro  sink I  n'-.ii" 1 Ire uptown si earner   wharf.     Milt '  il Un-- since   been   proved   that   it v.as _  Whalen who Was si ^i! -pla-diing in I v!>' j  ^v.it 'i'..if tiie wharf.    '! h" moon w.is.i!  j  tbe full, bur the-iky vV'.is   over c.(-I, .ill'i I  it was  hardly   p..s-ib|e  to  distingiri-ii i  which    it w.is.    An   efTorl,   v.'a-(  rn-t'l*^  to wt o.it .Mr, JforneV  I.Oa.t but it was j  U>o late.    Ross "ays VVil'-f.n in.'ide orily ,  one outcry after coining to the  surface j  from rns first plunge, which   hi- under- j  stood    lo   be   '���������thiti h'-lp   nie."     ffe >V.I-f [  d''t"i-iiiirieil to (Ju'O'.v lnr/1-.ell'a wa'/. arid |  A nd.-ci*.   Whalen   lo.t hi" life'ryiia'to .  sa ���������. e ,'ris friend.    All   the   rrieri   y.o'-k.d i  bravlv,   and    some   ri-'lo'd   their n.vn j  liv   .,   b"ing  in  Hi"  cold   water  up lo '  ib.'ii  necks. ;  The iriends of I h" iinl'or I una I ������������������ iri'-n  have been inilcl'iligii ible in their  I'lToit- to !'('(OV..| Ih'- bodi" , bul -o bii-  l.bc-V have been iiiisiiei.-'.-sal'irl, , .      '  Sir,���������It is a matter for congratulation  that our Piovincial Government is  alive to the necessity of establishing a  school of mines. No doubt their action  is somewhat tardy, but we must take  into consideration the youth of the  mining., industry, and besides, can  hardly afford to lose sight of the prevailing dulness of trade, both of which  are necessarily very important factors  in deciding on establishing a new venture such as Mr. Kellie proposes.  No one, however, who is competent  to judge, and will give the matter fair  consideration, can doubt that such an  institution as a mining school is one of  the first necessities of 'a' mining  country, in order to train those whose  interest,it is to learn, so that they may  know what they see when they meet  with the 'various minerals so profusely  scattered around the Kootenay country,'  and, although at first government aid  vvill be required to establish and equip  such a school, yet it can readily be  made self supporting after the first  year or two. The first expense will be  the greatest���������models, drawings and a  certain^anioimt of apparatus must be  supplied wherewith to make a start,  and after that the fees collected should  be sufficient to keep the school going.,  But even, if after all, the. rincome was  found insufficient it is a matter of such  paramount importance to the whole  -country that the Government should  not hesitate to expend even $1,000 or  $2,000 to keep the institution in full  working order.'       ���������>   ,  It vvill not be wasted time, if we endeavor to fix a place where, this school  of mines should be located. Obviously  it is useless to plant it at the coast,  because there are no mines there except coal mines, and, besides, there is  already a Government-supported'-laboratory at Victoria. To be of the  greatest use to the greatest number  any such school must be near the mines  -themselves, so th'atrstudents can learn  the theory and also go out and see what  is done" practically, by this means  obtaining, a far better and quicker  education than they could���������get by-  attending lectures only. To be near  tho mines then, the school should be'  situated in the Kootenay district, and-  Revetstoke itself appears to be-a very  suitable place to establish it in. Though  it is hardly necessary to point out to  your readers the advantages offered by  this town, yet, maybe, outsiders do not  "fully appreciate the central position  that.Revelstoke occupies, ifiid in particular its convenience of access to all.  working mines. Next year will witness;  a.busy scene in the. placer ground at'  _the'Big Bend,-and it is tq be hoped an  ���������equally lively state of affairs in the  Lardeau' and Slocan districts, and as  Revelstoke is the supply point for those  parts of the country it certainly seems,  peculiarly well situated foi- the establishment of such a scientific training  school'as has been proposed.-  ���������What constitutes a school of mines ?  may-be asked by some. Well, scientific,  lectures' must be given by competent  teachers, and these lectures must' be  illustrated by models and experiments.  Chemistry must of necessity form'  the ground work, although there may  be. no occassion to en tec "iii to the more  abstruse details of organic chemistry;  and then chemistry as applied to the  smelting of ores, which'branch is usually termed metallurgy. Instruction  in mineralogy must also be provided,  and above all the nucleus at least of a  mineralogical museum,as more is learnt  ft oiu examining typical specimens than  from .trying to remember what the lecturer said about them. Lectures on  mining and tin* dressing or preparation  of ores will be required, and a well-  fitted cheinical laboratory for general  analysis in combination with the simpler assay outfit will also be necessary.  A separate class for mechanical drawing would be found of the greatest service, though that need not be connected  with the school if the student desired  to learn privately. It is a most useful  accomplishment, though not absolutely  necessary.  A small reduction works in connection has been proposed, so'that a miner  might send a couple of tons of ore and  see what it yielded in practice. In my  opinion this would be utterly useless,  and any money spent on such a plant  would be wasted. Tbe idea probably  arose from the oft repeated and probably true assertion that 'ore sent to  Swansea for treatment' gives higher  'return's than the same class of minerals  sent elsewhere. Hut in Swansea the  process i.s not I o take three or four tons  of ore and .sineltit by itself; recovering  say all its contents, .and paying llie  sendei accordingly���������no one at all acquainted with furnaces would hold  that idea for an inslant-- but what i.s  done i.s l,r������ carefully sauiple and thoroughly analyse th'* ore sent, whether  in l.-ii'}',''1 o." small quantities, and then  pi./tite r.eller upon the assay value;  adding on a litlle in' some cases if the  ore was of a specially desirable quality,  or dcdiicling a litlle il there was any  special Iy del .'(."I'ioun coin pound present.  A n assay otlicc and analytical laboratory will do more, in competent bands,  to decide the value of any ore than a  small reduction works would ever do,  and thai idea is not be entertained as  long as money i������ scarce. All right  when cash in unlimited, pul up all the  little- works you want by all means,  but they will never |e|| you as much as  an accurate analyi.i.s will, about lhe  ore" treated. Hoping I have not trespassed I/jo f.iriui your Hpaoo, arid pleading the importance of the subject as  my cxriiHf,- I am sir, yours truly, //  A.  If. Mm.nifir.  jMcrribcn-i of the hobo fraternity have.  be<-u arriving in town lat.'lv, coming  up fiom Three Fni kh mid other point-  in th'- lov.'i-i' Count ry. Their pi esence  here i-��������� imde^ii able, and lhe police are  (icier (.lined lo juiss them on cap or  VM'-,I a- last a- t bey ( ome. In olher i  word-,, all loui/fis arid I tamps vv ill be i  i"ir:|, (.nl- of town on .sigh!. j  THE CENTRAL H0TE  ABRAHAMSON  BROS., Proprietors.  First-class Table,  Telephone.  'BUS MEETS   ALL   TRAINS   AND   STEAMBOATS;  ZFIIRIE-IPIRiOOIE1   S^IFIE.  A. H. HOLDIOH,  t t  r    OF SWANSEA AMD WIGAN,  " i      .'  Analytical Chemist arid Assayer,"  Accurate-assays made of all kinds of minerals, water, _ milk, etc.  T.' L.  H  '      NOTARY  PUBLIC   -   -. REVJiLSTOKE," B:C.'    ���������,  *  Mining and' Real Estate Broker and General Gom-  ,      mission Agent.   ,      !>  ' FIRE,  LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE.     .    '  ������������������-    t  o     Representative of the Kootenay Smelting & Trading- Syndicate.  -:o;-  AGENT'FOR TROUT LAKE CITY, EVANSPORT, KASLO & NAKUSP  WHOLESALE DEALER IN-  WINES; .LIQUORS AND,CIGARS.  EBVELSTOKE,     B.O  '   \1  Is where we have placed the price on pur new stock  of Xmas Novelties, comprising  TOYS in great variety,  Dressing Oases  Photo Frames  Elegant Pans  Silk Handkerchiefs.  Albums , Card Receivers '  "Work Boxes    Shaving Sets '  Cigar Cases     Magic Lanterns  Fancy Bus-    - Ties,  penders etc.; etc., etc.  DOLLS of every description.  -:o:���������:o:-  Gall and see our Stock before ,pur-  chasing" elsewhere.  ���������:o:���������:o:-  LSTOKB * STATION.  SUCCESSOR  TO  THE WESTERN MILLING COY. (LTD.)  BETELSTOKB   B^^-nSTOHI.   -  DEALER IN  FLOOR, FEED, FROST, VEGETABLES  AND  GROCERIES  Agent for   Wuloron������ Engine Ccn-.y.any.  op all KINDS,  Sxrciglit Wngon Compan rn  THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  PAGE a  LOCAL ITEMS.  John Cranston, an old-timer, after  spending about a year in Kamloops  has returned to town, and is stopping  at the Stockholm llouse.  Joe Bourgeois and Luke Aubrey  started on Monday for a month or two  of trapping, and will establish .a camp  about 15 miles up the Columbia.,  McDonald's bridge-gang, which is  building a new water-tank near Clan-  william for winter emergencies, will be  laid off about December 15th.  Mr. B. H. Grinrod, who superintended  the construction of the telegraph line  from Revelstoke to Nelson, registered  '     at the Leland,   Vancouver, last Monday.  Crawford's   bridge-gang working at  No. 20 snowshed east of Glacier, which  was   broken   up   by a   snowslide  last  , spring, has finished'the job, and vyere  laid off last Saturday.  The name of Ed. Adair appears as  locator of a new quartz claim at Kaslo,  November 21th, called Edna Alice. It'  is however a record transferred' from  '  Trout Lake district.  James Armstrong will go on duty  for the C. P. It. atClanwilli.-im as watchman December 15th and will Continue  as long as the snow-service requires it,  ���������=. probably about four months.        '  West Kootenay smelter won't reduce  ores, so the English Trading Co. are  reducing prices. Give'them a call and  verify this statement. Their motto is  "Best goods lowest prices.",  Mr. Allan Granger of Golden, the  plaintiff in tlie,"Bobbie Burns" claim  jumping.case, sends us a communication anent the recent lawsuit. We  will endeavor to devote some space to  it next week.  Mi: N. Abrahamson? of the Queen's  Hotel, Trout Lake City, is in town for  'a few days on business."   He states that  things   are quite'lively, in   Lardeau's  only town, but that the mail  facilities  1     ,are"abominable.  Mrs. Kirkup, wife of Mr. -John Kir-'  ' , kup, who was government  agent   at  Revelstoke   up to this summer, *, is  in  i       town superintending  the removal of  their   furniture   and   effects   to Yale,  where Mr. Kirkup is now stationed. ���������  Mr. Ed. Adair is nursing his right  hand, which was disabled by the nearly  successful effort of some one to force a  , cutter "bolt'through* it. For certain  , good reasons, it ,is 'said, Dr. McLean is  giving his surgical services in this case,  without charge.     '   - >  There will be three bridge-gangs kept'  at work for the winter���������those, of Mil-  ' ler, Alton and Richards.   Miller and  Alton's  gangs   are  working' on   tho  '  _   Colombia river bridge at Revelstoke,  ,'  and Charley Richard's' 'gang is at work  in the Shuswap sect ion.  The.. American  Development  Co., of  Chicago, registered in British Columbia  has   a  capital.stock of   $100,000 with  shares at $100 each,    lrraddition to the  investment in Big Bend Bend reported  ' last week,-they have large interests in'  the.Slocan ^silver mines.-b    ��������� -   ���������'        , -  The annual Christmas  tree and-entertainment in   connection   with ��������� the  Methodist church will  be. held, on the  evening of Monday, the 21th���������Christmas Ev-.e:- -The program-promises to be  one of_ the  best ever rendered here.  'The young people have been practising  for several weeks past.'        .        ...  The weather   is   very  mild for this  ������������������    time of year, the thermometer ranging  from 35"to IS above during tlie week."  From the combined thaw and rain tho  snow has  disappeared   rapidly., Yesterday tbe weather1 took  a hardening  turn and  last night frost'Ugain put in  an appearance.   ��������� 1  A capital entertainment is promised  on' the 20th inst. when this Revelstoke  '.' Amateur Dramatic Society will present  two pieces���������a. comedy and' a farce. Being Saturday night-Abe last Saturday  '��������� night in ISiM-���������nnd tbe prices very  popular, there is little doubt of there  being a full house/ ,  Mr. E. E. Penzer, Vancouver,' a director in the Cariboo it Kootenay Min-  ing"Co. arrived Wednesday morning.  Accompanied by Mr. O. D. ft oar, mana-  i ger,' a trip was made to Trout Lake, to  look over the St; George placer claim,  one of the properties of their company.  They expect to make the trip in about,  ten'days.  Mr. Drewry, of the photo-topographical survey, has quit work for the season. The" work 'done tbe past summer  covered a large part of tbe countiy between the outlook of Koorenay Lake  and the boundary, and from Toad  mountain to East Kootenay. Next  - year Mr. Drewry expects to survey the  territory between the Slocan and  Kootenay'lakes.  Messrs. Trickey, Spragge, McKay,  Kirkpatrick and Dr. Simmons reported  in the Vernon Xeic.i as of Revelstoke,  are residents of Donald. They have  been on a hunting excursion down the.  west side of Okanagan 'Lake, and returned home this week with more than  40 carc.i ses of deer. Presumably they did  not violate, the law prohibiting the killing of deer for their skins, but their  larders must be very full of venison.  A map of Revelstoke new addition  i. e. the portion north of the track,  which was surveyed in the spring of  1892, has been issued and, can be obtained from the surveyoi, Mr. Win.  Pearce, Calgary. Seven roads traverse  the peuiiitiHl.-i.'oiie running north striking the river'near the point where the  Big Bend trail runs along the bank,  and the blocks of land are i chains  wide by 10 chains long.    -  Fred Ahlin had an accident befall  his right arm, which he now,carries in  a sling. Tie has become very expert in  manipulating, a. long, limber saw, with  the handle at one end, which he experiments with on the wood-pile at the  Stockholm House. We infer the speed  ' of the si-v.' caused it to take on a rotary  motion, H/id get hack at the mrs -.ulrr  mill tiiat was rushing il, so fa*-t. J low-  ever it happened, three saw-teeth put  in several "staccato notes" on Fred's  arm, which are quite painful.  Ed. S. Wilson and Andy "Whalen,  whose lamentable deaths .by drowning  are recorded in this issue of the ALyil,  had both been resident of West Kootenay for six years or more. Mr. Wilson  was a clerk for R. E. Lemon here, five  and a half years ago, and then engaged'  in the mercantile business for himself.  A serious lire impaired bis capital, and  betook up other pursuits. He acted  as an agent in tlie. late sale of the Columbia liiver Hydraulic. Company. Mr.  Whalen had been interested in llie liig  Bend mines for live years and in other  pints of the district, and Cor the past  summer lie bad an interest in a placer  claim on McCullorli creel:, which he  developed in pari iier.-hip with William  Kirkup.  B532SK233IS5SSSE0  DEATH OF SIB JQM THOMPSON  CANADA'S 'PREMIER EXPIRES  SUDDENLY AT WINDSOR CASTLE.  What is almost a national calamity  beenrred at Windsor Castle on Wednesday last,   when Sir   John   Thompson  died suddenly after being sworn  in as  a' member, of    the    Imperial    Privy  Council.     Canadians,   irrespective   of  party feeling, sincerely regret ihe early  demise  not alone ofpthe   First   Commoner   of   Canada    but    also   of   an  eminent jurist whose forensic abilities  won for him the honors of knighthood.  The event has created a profound impression in England, and the obsequies  there will partake of a, state character.  The body will be conveyed  to Halifax  aboard ��������� H.M.S.  Blenheim,   where the  sLate, funeral   will   take   place.     Her,  Majesty, besidesplacinga laurel wreath,  to which was attached her autograph,  upon the. casket,  has caused a special  message of condolence to be transmitted  to Lady Thompson.'    ,_  Sir John Thompson' was born at  Halifax, N.S',' Nov. 10th, I&4-L He was  called to the bar in 18(15. He entered  the political arena in 1877, when he was  elected to the Nova Scotia Legislature.  In 18S2 he was appointed judge of tlie  Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, which  position he resigned,, in 1885 to accept  the portfolio of .Minister of Justice and  Attorney-General of Canada in the  cabinet of the late Sir John Macdonald.  He became premier on the retirement  of the late Sir John Abbott. _ ,.   j  Hon. Mackenzie 'Bowell has been  asked by the Governor-General to  form a ministry and has accepted the  invitation. . l  -   REVELSTOKE POLICE COURT.  Before F. Fraser and H. N. Coursier  on Monday, Frank McManus, charged  with stealing a gold watch and chain,  the property of Capt. Gore, of the Str.  Lytton, was committed for trial at the  next, court of competent jurisdiction  and'taken to Kamloops jail.  Alex. Chisholm was charged with  having stolen property in his baggage.  The charge was dismissed for want of  sullicient evidence.  Nelson Riopelle was arrested by  Constable Graham for carrying a  loaded revolver. The prisoner pleaded  guilty and was fined SI0 and costs and  the weapon was confiscated.  Constable Graham captured' Daniel  Young on Tuesday. When arraigned  he pleaded guilty to stealing a gold  brooch, the propert}- of Bertha Johnson ; also an overcoat from the Central  Hotel, the property of Nelson Riopelle.  He was sentenced to four months' imprisonment in Kamloops jail,- whither"  he was escorted the same .evening.  iners  THE PLACE TO BUY  'Supplies,  Groceries,  ������������������    The Provincial ��������� Estimates.  The estimates were brought down to  the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday. , There is a vote of $25^000 for the  Fraser' River   Land  Protection Commission, contingent on the  Dominion  Government granting a like amount.  Nanaimogets $25,000 for a new court  house,"arid $10,000 "for a  new school.  These are  the   heaviest items voted.  Alain trunk'road, $20,000; East.Riding  of Yale, ($12,000.   The North Riding' of  West Kootenay gets $12,000,for roads,  trails  and   bridges; $5,000  for Revelstoke river front; $1,000 for Fire Valley  road, and $200 for repairs to Revelstoke  court house and lockup���������-$18,200 in all.  The South' Riding will receive $8,000  for roads,   trails and  bridges, and $200  for   p\iblio   works.     East   Kootenay,  $11,000 for'roads,   trails and  bridges,  and_ $200"for'public works;  $0,000 are  -voted.for building, site and plant of the  new mining bureau,'but tlie location is  not stated.   The Provincial  Home-at  Kamloops gets $1,000 for suudry- requirements."--Cariboo roads-and trails  get $7,000, in addition to, $1,000 for a  trail  to  the Horsefly hydraulic mines.  KAMLOOPS PRESBYTERY.  Their First Meeting in Revelstoke.  The" ijuartely_ meeting of-"-Kamloops  Presbytery vvas held in the Presbyterian church here on Wednesday and  Thursday' and _considerable business  transacted. There were present Revs.  A.' Lee, 13.A., Kamloops, moderator;  J. Knox Wright, B.A.,'*Eudorby, clerk;  G. A. Wilson, B.A.,'Vernon; W��������� R.  Ross, Donald. Elders, A.. L. Fortune,'Enderby; Thomas Lewis, Revelstoke, and J. L. Johnson of Vancouver, asked to,sit as a corresponding  elder.   ������������������  Rev. P.'F.L;ingiir.s resignation from  the Vernon congregation was accepted  and a minute passed expressive of the  Presbytery's appreciation of Mr. Lan-  gill's work in Vernon,and in connection,with the church courts.'  Mr. Lee was appointed convener of  the home^mission committee, and Mr.  Wilson added to the committee.  A claim made by Mr. C. T. Baylis  on the Presbytery and Revelstoke congregation for certain sums of money  was taken up. For reasons considered  good the presbytery declared itself  free from all obligation in money mat>  ters with Mr. Baylis.  A report vvas given by Mr. Wilson  regarding the insanity of Mr. * Read,  late missionary at Okanagan, and a  minute of sympathy was passed covering expenses and making mention  of friends in Vernon who assisted in  taking care of Mr. Read.  Owing to the vacancies at Revelstoke and Okanagan, it was agreed to  telegraph tbe superintendent .of missions to send suitable supply at' once,  for both 'fields.  The general assembly's new hymnal  was approved and several remits dealt  with.  The next meeting i.s to be held in  Kamloops on the first Tuesday in  March.  ���������  Fire Brigade " At Home."  Next .Friday evening, in Bourne's  Hall, Revelstoke Fire Brigade will be  ���������"At Home" to all comers, and the  more that visit them the better they  will be pleased. The .evening's entertainment vvill include" dancing, for  which purpose there is not a better  hall ,in the interior. The Revelstoke  Orchestra 'Band will furnish music.  The band is in excellent shape for good  dance music, having been organized  two years ago, and comprise five instruments: There' are two first-class  M. O.'s in town���������Guy Barber and Dan  Alton, and between the two a good  programme is ensured. Refreshments  will be provided, and it is hoped all  patriotic citizens will attend, as ' the  whole of the funds lare to be devoted  to the needs of theo Fire Brigade.  Tickets to admit lady and gentleman  are only $2."  A Much Needed Improvement.  Ten lamps for. lighting.our streets  have just arrived from Montreal, and a  meeting will be held at' the Columbia  house this afternoon to decide on the  best points' for their erection. Probably the whole' will be placed along  Fro/it street, although two should be  placed on Douglas street. Of course  this will depend on the amount of the  subscription coming from that street,  as the whole will be paid for and  maintained, by public subscription.  These lamps can be regulated to burn  ,for any number'of hours, and will effect one of the greatest improvements  ever inaugurated in this town. The  remarKsof the late'-'"Diogeues" on this  matter seems to have had some effect.  REVELSTOKE PRINTING AND PUB-  ���������   -;   ,   LISHING CO.,- Ltd.    _  -VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Mint thfcOAn-"  ._lN nunl General Meeting of the Shareholders!  will be held on 'Wednesday, January 2nd, 1S9S,\  at 2 o'clock p.m., in-thc 1'irc Hall, Iteralstoke,'  to elect Directors for the ensuing- year; to receive balance sheet, aud to transact such otlior  business as.may bo necessary. - \ ,  Tlie presence of all Shareholders is particularly-requested. ,' ������ "    L   "  A. H. HOLDICH, Secretary.  Revelstoke, Dec.'oth, ISM. ,       '  NOTICE.  "VTOTICE is hereby given that any person in-  1>I tci-fering with or removing property of  any kind belonging to the Kootenay Smelting  &. Trading Syndicate, Limited, at Kevelstoke,  will be prosecuted according to law.  '   T. LIVINGSTONE IIAIG, Agent.  FOR SALE.  , ���������"  RAYMOND SEWING MACHINE, in good  working order.   Price ������20.���������Apply Mail  olllcc, Kevelstoke. 0  Kootenay Lodge  No. 15 A.F.&A.M.  Tho regular meetings  aro held in the Mas-  onic'������cmplc,Bourne'n  jL=. Hall,   on   the   third  ==Monday   in   each  ^J month   at   8   p.   m.  Visiting    brethren  cordially welcomed.  C. H. TEMPLE. Secketaky.  REVELSTOKE ' LODGE,   I. O. O. F.  Regular meetings arc held  in Oddfellows' Hall every  Thursday night at eight  t o'clock. Visiting brothers  cordially welcomed.  J. LEE. N.G.      J. I. WOODROW, Skc.  All   placer  claims   in   this   District  legally hcldjmav be laid over from the  15th October, 1&)1, to the 1st June, 1895.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold Commissioner.  Dated at Nelson, B.C.,  4th October, 1891.  A sale of work was held in the  church in the evening, which was well  patronized. A intervals addresses  were delivered by the attending ministers, choruses by the choir, a recitation  by Miss Lindsey, and a song by Mr.  Guy Barber. The chief feature was  a cake contest between young ladies  of the town. Miss Johnson won  the senior cake by 433 votes, against  Miss Lindsey's'- 412. For. the junior  cake Miss Lizzie Hamilton won with  292 votes, against.Miss'Sclma Tunros's  283. The, votes were ten cents each  .'ind the amounts collected reached the  satisfactory total of SI 12. The cakes  were made, and donated by Mrs. W.  Ileid and Mrs. M. McKay. Refreshments were, served by the ladies of the  church.  NOTICE.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  application will be made to the  Legislative At-raemblyof British Columbia, at its next Session, foi an Act to  incorporate a company for thu purpose  of constructing, equipping, maintaining and operating a line of railway  from some point on the North-East  Arm of the Upper Arrow Lake to some  point on Trout Lake, in the District of  West Kootenay, with power to construct, etjuip, maintain and operate  branch lines; to build and operate  steam or other vessels, to run on the  Arrow Lakes and Columbia River and  on Trout Lake ; and also to construct  and operate telegraph and telephone  lines in connection with the said railway and steam or other vessels, and to  build wharves and docks, together with  the usual powers to oequire lands,  privileges, bonuses or .aids from the  Dominion or Provincial Governments,  and to make traffic and other arrangements with railway, steamboat aiid  other companies, arid for all other  usual and necessary powers, rights and  privileges. >���������  Dated at'Vancouver this'30th day of  October, IS!)I.  DAVIS. MARSHALL,  MAONEILL A: ABBOTT,  Solicitors for Apjilicfi nin.  rovisions,  HARDWARE, STOVES  .-���������' '  AND  RAL MERCHANDIS  DEALERS IN  ercfta  :o:���������:o:-  ew uenirer  JUST RECEIVED, ONE CARLOAD.  LVIE'S ��������� WJ^S^^mm^i  iiebb:������5  -,-M  QBTjilTijSj'  POST-OFFICE, STORE  'i'Mi  Gents' Furnishings;  Patent Medicines  And. TOILET ARTICLES of every description.    -  Specialty ;  ; SHIRTS and SHOES.  If you want to reach the People in the North Riding of West Kootenay  (  YOU SHOULD  sein  o o ooooooooooooo  IF  YOU   WANT  You can get it done at the " Mail" Office  N STYLE AND AS LOW IN PRICE AS IN ANY OFFICE  IN THE PROVINCE.  ifiwlj  000000000,000.ooooooooooo oooooooooooooo  o  REVELSTOKE,. WEST KOOTENAY, B.C.  5&uc������l p.  HIE KOOTENAY 31  rp  11  ' Pn  U if DA A US      DIA^MJS.   I C���������U   vo^y   bo   mistaken   for dia-  :ih-j'    li t, e'i'tp is s   t in'inon   among  l\   THE   ISLAND    OF  J-\VA   V/AS TH������  GLITTERING  VALE-  VJheio the " \r 1> 11-1 Ni,-lit-" Sailor Is  *-i:]>]>.>���������' d to jI.i-. <* round Itm l.i. t.iiK'--  Atl. 1.1! tl.e l>< -. rlj.r.oii ll^-'mld I.ike 'Kiln  ���������Sli.r> ..r*������ h ^julor Ymri.  The pot v* Inch injured an nnony-  n-oii<- .ii'^ior lo llvtlil si">ioo1brys spell-  i (mr.vi lui >-. tiOi.dn; r? pist. to-jviiT-* ft  7i ., :���������<..-' *. i.h t'.T.l ni .ir li.lj "*-ijiv i.e  ft. u iu." cm to top'e, iv h.i j tho --ci.!)  blur oi . . ...,.) (hoi ;o I the vorilio  no* i, ' '., ' tl,i bai'tir nom the leufc  i.r >i3b..i . ii ''. lis bud, '.as ever been .*.  feul jCi r lor ... i\ e cont-"oveie>v.  but me i,i(_ "nf 'n.ui'it-.i v, hoconinh  nt. "i t.- t it  1 ng   '  l .1 Ll    -in. iv   have Msued l. e :-u.mu if  ti     i  !���������( i' i  vi.. ,;  It-' !      -i.  I.IJ"-.bii    V  SILENT FIUUT FOR LIFE  iii  i  B . liii.-.-'-   ,vl'(.  )   e |  r b tr i .. r  i'i    ',:.-. pn-t  's '-���������(!,J ,'     j,pt     Vv|j]   '.1   qS    Mill J  .  Ii   .1     i ve   .I', i .'���������. .1 'h'-ir  -, .    \,i o, u' <i 'be  iu d ', u- it  A- .la 'ij i.jj-'.n*,' th'    la.  of   fcirjcb..!1 b   'inii ���������").*��������� i-'  .iv   have Msired l. c :-uanii '  J \a, li. 1 .(> i;,<bl' i''i Ai'lj] d igo .'lid  made it lv'.' -'iiiit-ul I is sLVoi.vl advent?  ure A'rr,) e j.toots or it������ locality oxibt  iu li ',��������� .t. .   \-   it eif  1 ue v . % . bi ti<\������ by the rcnshore tip  winij'i. Ui., f r^i'ii-n '-.uloi   chmii'l,  the  hold     w V *���������] i r llu *, ("nJ ini, I/j   1'ieans  of raw 1 tor .i'������l io< n is not Icrovn  Ihe w.iLj, uf the L-Jinmo,   m   common  ' -curb  ni.'iiy   \olc.i' *c mount mis are of  l..\.. ',i n, le rock     Tins has biuken  and  cm I'bk 1 away  blrewihg Ihe i'.(*or with  thivt il'me   f-iguicni-,   which   Rleun  inul gl'uci- in the   equaiond   sup lght  Ihi'oi  'p ��������� r have been wen by the nitre  ind ti iv .���������.. r who   posi-ibly accompanied  a Laud o< ii.iritis to its  lunik,   and   ho  imagined them diairrsi������d8      Hunco   his  story,' winch has come duwn to   posterity   IA hat Si.la H ih !-(. en.  Tt is something to bo able to tell the  present e..'������''r,tin.u, b.ijs Sal a in the  London To.egiaph, that I have been  Louw rhii*].i..j s. 'ule in, vvfib Jiill king  of tho I''h".i,'i, th..r 3 h.ivo *eo-i   Soulfc,  Thieisp (iu.'ut  and   L .i i.v.tine, tli.it 1 I lives did pel   dare to im :���������- >    Un,',  for  h.ue. wUjk   wilt'.rccin  Intiorib m   llio     fwl,   0j"   setting mo   waul*   loo n   ui   n-  (a 1. v.bhy n" iu.'..) '< (I on ..11  . a ..lOi-.n.n!]-, of fi, A. ini^ht,"  '^-i'.iiii; s*:il'ijiil ' t1'rii a- if  'i i j ,i r're,it tloid, '  tr.'j   m.v.il  '���������(l b i' t-s 111    (xl'I"-\,     ()i     JiKClia  .1 o . tHi.-ri.iius *-eipent*-  ami <;ven  .-.j, i..!t!-' for j t' ri  hi- ul ice a^ I w n  i-^ii.mou  V  " \! r \  H('.r*> v  tip i'ii  Cl-jf "...  ot M������  ^1<)*J!. J  the   (."to     I   i'.-u it.-Ji,  noi.tio J.( ir.^e rwl jjorut lo  xhi "o.iitt ui tl.o ���������iiiiiior'*-  II. . the sriakrs fcn.-l i^lrr.i ,t% Ijlg  ei'nr.j Ji to ' '-wallow in eleph nt v.'ith  ca e," .iijU cond.iis'or o,.���������'k- vv'j>ch prey  or: *'.o .. coui 1, hv a 1 U'o a'n :��������� .nri'g of  an (J: eitil  nij l^ieaii'm,   b'i ei.--.1*   ex  I .III I     i  llltl IMC    piOLiU-lilU',    J j'( pd't.O'l-i  r!r let     J.h"io( u , -,(j'i inn 11> [ l< u.ib.  Ol  jt.c iio:if'.l in tlio iLvirative, s(r!l nil ,*.wit  tIk i-'au'1, I'l.'l II.e ' tree ���������*','' i .->ci' i >v.i-  j...oi is "rvii *i*rtil" i ol tjin,"i.ii iriMwi li.  Ci:to ie .n ii'icid- -uu not, hue Irf'n-  bad piolv.bly ' i-.iltoil" tli.vt LjiuvolToiw  mind of.lus And that is a iiro(e-.s noj;  suio-vethcr unknown in ti-,.i j^l.Tnd  Una voioanic valley i& pios.'.ically  l-nov������u as tlie Bionio It is i-nuied in  fi-, Tt-������.i(le������'y ol I'.isoc.oc v an, about  n a.*, o juiiney irom the noit of that  n ii-if o'l the Kiv-er Gtr.i. unj', winch  flow- j'Ho t i"* f- titiivi of /'l.iliii-i Ic is  in tl.o si'iil.t ot ii l.inge of tliulysic  loTlv rniini '.una, eli'Yo.i of v. In (Jure actually voka:'0t3, and -\ lio*-9 highest  pu k-, nr" ,-J *i* noc <uijl ivl iii.i'eeui  r-iiimly jioi'ies and t.ohe gniiles aro  ii'on.l'd loi the (diilnt oils v'sttoi- who  would? po'.oti'.ito ti.is wjitit-ruess of  e; npnve <uul awe inspiring n.itmo. But  tiie jotTviy ib������so aithioiis, and the tlan-  t<0's siis.ii,; i loin the eniiic fiOiy fnr-  ii e v<- .i'n! n't* ."nalanche.5 ol law winch  ������.b mud *-o ���������i eat1, that ono c^ul.l aliiitist  ���������u.-li to Iu borno t& the ir.t..-nor tiOitto  the l"ir of.n gia.it bird, as van tho horo  of the "At ibi..n Kmglits " ,  . The e.,r iy part ,-oD the trip, ovor tho  -fc- tlio -plains, niound r.iiocioevvHtij-  ti.rrtiigh the tropica!', yot Tii.ii.ii-g at-  i.io )>h!iro, rO'lolc-.it of tl eswfa. perfn-no  of tl." mei.iti. tho f.ivo2'iij flo.' ei xit tiio  ^aVrit'io is as deh-*iittnl as tke latpr  Ihijio, ���������! are appj'lhp-: V. oil kept roods  U-yeiw tho onli't,.i.ioni't iiut iiud.ror  I..... b ij'il- \i.Ah ib s-iriiiuiiut d by cqlieo  h >\<\> w'luh peiii.i]ij ..io r:rin try claimed  to . u t'.e nc'K-t in il.o v.... 11  'J he- . o>.ioiid to tm altitude of 8 000  ff*. 't t' en c (.".iriona *. a bines of forth" s   an 1   j  npes liter.irly    dive  with  ,!.'(   h  coio. '*'". lij(J->   ,'lld   t hntUTil!^  I lg  1.1... i������ im)imi������. U i ler tho 1,1 _' .!]--ic  pijbn*ue ..'i'i the tall, v.ifi n,* b i*n  ji.. )���������, nd'v ��������� i,",tv Iolu in . *,- t, r:id  <���������;, i', t. ,. ..i,,1 ...nd piC'lifk *-!, ������ growth,  ci Ji1i.Il-, iii.i i'hihu 0"i cji* .. tlu i: w.iy  v> i li I,.'., i 1.1 if; tiOJJ v 1 tij;"i-",  Jkiii'j . and v.iltl >v. n.u st^ *.th.Iy t re-p  fiwiv'at the api>fb.ich ol uuiuii'. i\  tunics.* a **>���������  ������ A n**i   a live'hours'   clivib n chfl is  r" '    'j, vv huh affords  a s.ipoib irtro  h.ioi.t vo i'.i.uji ia of the puiia*. bon>* ith  <f:  ''*-���������>  .  it1 ,-i o" t.y atiei tin , tno ..*  t���������'in i; -,..> of   ' :,,(- ' " *'  ; r.iJ.),.d'b V.ill.*v or   Diaii.-i.ij   ������������������.! ,t-     "  t! '.wily   snuouu lm*;s   hi'"ik'J  ii] t> r!*.o  Ll  movv     ib-obioji) In's at ihe t .Liitn?'  l  i.in-.io (ii"..*rt or  *-cjn!.ng  1\.',* r 1. (.it mil; tn .t l ioi.i -..'1 Cm  J bilro ni I*., (^u.ipii.^ii iji r'l-Tviul,  rlu.t J li i\c r i n,l IJ .l.ul lliMi ill do  liver <i hj i cell at the Ln ...o*i 'Ipvidi,  i f'.it I k v*v. L'rud PaL.'e ,'iir>, fiat I  I kiuw tl.i in t jjoid ]iiijuj..i;iiii 'li.it I  , v .fa in r o r'larno Uexie in *-��������� j.r iiad "it  the, siorniiii JT oi I'lieliii; lhat I'.ijint  \n u< ,"i s in An iii.ii .vhiiii -she  l t,'A n.i ist of vvr.i t'-.at I w.r*j  ptism 1 y .i.qii -i-Ti 1 \\:iu ���������'i huiii* in  L.uc. In, viih ,-cvwiiJ, v^-i.'i Rl.e-.on,  witn t'liarie'-a t-uii'iini wilh (l* o..e Hi'i-  crott vmi.ii Lfiiif.-f.'11'.w ;-u\ \ v,n Ti.'y-  jii d T.i.'.i, vvi.a GL.m* >.nd wii'i luc  Clr1! r. \ :l)i J> )-<ito <"<ro( ey, li.iph.vl  Stni m ��������� i I/( K-J-.0.1 La\j-, I li.'-e  ci'Ti'7 j^ei it Algiers with J12 Tii.puor  N']iii(ii'i IjT , f ii i\o 1 n.'ii p,iL'jil on  the if,! n .'C^io.t Dit'.i ol V, . Ih,*.;;,  ti>n, I J'1 d ip. ( ii'.,. v l>ej. t.ioie veto  no'-id ������������������". \ c *< tue,c and i:> T;n-.- ,- v ��������� *n  theie v , ie iy! bony of v 'eiie-t irb in the  the   do.in   "O'-i   of the C  bln/e.    II.,tl  ovei(-o.*ao  tnoy  ;.; n.ituce^i.ot  Will.IU  ') IV i    !j,t���������.l '.'"  i  to  h-ic  i  ..1.0  hvo  V   si ;  ' '" ''��������� rfi,ia ���������-'  nun wtarld L'iM*. i.u ,i .'i.ii  Tlie oii.'.-nv v '.- ii ad ot bti.iur') u'b 1 by  a in.-ie,) i.ii'fal or me' -.,j..j , I'lipy  niauiiiLiiic-.l th^ir pc-itioi.-, b* miu.mii-;;  | the di.ii.ly gio un oi tho rule iviuh  1 wl.i.-never a dijimailioa ,v.*a sliO ,.. uf  liTjinng tnei 1 ��������� .nl dcru.i'c"; 11m. lho  d.ij now on without a sii"-k- ahot. beiti^  fUL-I,  and to tii ., n..t noj-t* s.op  on i'*o  part or lL t, id.ii t L'.inicoiivi'iLi.ilI owe  my ii.e, 1' i mi any of tho natives been  Lille i'),-v "...fi ', 'O'll.l 'lot Ikivo boon v. oi th  five / -in .1  - ii'i.Ciia ,o  WI (i   ' r-i>" iboijr   left rue to my own  devi .    i '(>'l "-"novel at h.iyi'ig te^i-id  111 1 o.".    .    A  U.OllM HOjI.   !'(.!   il.C 'lul   '  l.ll  t**.l> IC  iiifulx*! to have ?e<m the 0. .1   Ni. hulas  hiiniclr at At-cot racts, 1   . ti-inletl the  fllliei.'lof t"r>0 AhbnMIl.itol Ah \ indei II  nnd ti> ���������> ce-o i .lion o*" Ale- . idei ill , I  vvr, 1-1 (.'o;*^* in 11 'epic \\ li"u tn-* fist  Tiirk"-ii to- .,ali"'.Vi i v* >s j,ro( launed  liOin ibo step, ol ti.e'ol I er,.:;bo, and I'  can hen no������v the s'loo's of "A mm"  fiom thi Uo*.eui tioopt, pie.ont  i:. s( i i.,n r.u  r..i i:. .  Tho bf.r poik is of com .e that made  fronr pus ur dui'a j,ear old, and those  should b������ ,',iv.!i st.ch too 1 ns will p:o-  ilrcco nniscie or loan n.ojt tn the pieat-  est possible txtei't. Jr'.hoitiil in tbctho  p-p 'ip >' a."i to prolnco i .'. f.iit but to  feed *-"( h fi>l������'-> as will mala <.*-.(.., th(,.iiid  kctj) tho ,n���������. btivo oi���������'aii3 m go id 'eon  diuon For this pmpose a pood c-i.isa  rai'gc i������ pio* ably as f-'ood1 ns annlung,  aiid ph i.'y ot np.i'-c whtvo it is oot '.liable .Will i>e found to t,m ph .pent tlio  gras^ i*i the prodiiclioii cf l.iu tie If  tiie pig j'. rie*. r ii'a thpv-i'g coinl.t-on.  by a ton o of fci'i'n.g (r thu kivl it  wiU b * leady to finish for thj  shamble?  ma short riu.c, wi.e.i tin, tl.iugliLiiug  sc.iaou coii.i-i Bran .i.ul slie.ts L.ro  good thiii* s irr fted mowing - ij-s as tlu'y  aiuiitli ni bono a.id i.nio^le foin.uig  in tend A pig tb'i! it. fed boi)iet!!iri^(  nftei this stvle wnl.not p.oduco as  ini'Ch 1. rl oa on'e tlat lb kept until a  year .lt'd . h..lf old bi.t tl e j.ork tiom  ltwi'lbu v* toe aud w Loll ".onio instead  of a -,u>  i> im rss that ii piohtlc of dis  wis*, ..nd  <:i-.t,bteful   at  any tunc tea _' ^ ^^^Arn'to'the'KonV w*]u'ii;' "somo  reiuio.i I .-ie I ���������.,, , , ,   ,jjUI   ,p(,ari; ���������s ,f U) _ ,,,] t���������_ n  ot ,.-*i , fit nriohiug Ir' (.     i r> >o   in  audii.ir j . tv mi ,i*r eiuire *-h >,', v .nic'of  ir.*Jv . I. ' .t u ,!'-,. ;,!:���������; "\\ ,, .t o'liiKO  com I jl } o. ibly ha*'3 now tn..t t, oiv  Uixil i,,'s upr It was ohoer i adn-bd  wi.ich Iind 7. oiuptt'd : ia to v'.ti'i'.'^e my  vv.il,(ji! . tul e :on as ot wpial v.d'io vs n,!i  iiry life i Yot the the was c.ir-i. and even  if I would I could not now lcact*. niy  win ti-'.]'linen, for a b.u.d of ]'. .kali  hi.n v.".-.- i.ov." lushing fio i' the .st wl'oa,  bh t-.i-i* _*��������� Jiu t"'ly load to o'it't.iy And  a vt nt i i - ',.->t of do'i.o'i-. tlitv* looked ..b  the In t*.,,i '���������'.* 1 their long bpeais .'.-id  yelib.s oal vongCiinco nr most blood-  cm tin vc t-1 neks.  I iu'1'P-tl di.t of tho wagon box nnd  b.u\ th u ri.e thioe riilebwoio loadi d ..i.'l  ici'ly to hi.'d Bur whit was the use  of tho. o n^atr.^t i'undroh ot :is,*-og,u* ?  1 coi'l I i.io 'ix bnilt-tb and. pei'n. ) ������ r .re  as ii'.riv L.-e-*, then, be lore 1 c' J 1 io-  lo..d, 1 *���������! onid be tO"t,ed a bl',oi\ii ���������,  m.urgli'd c. .; se to irrother t.n th ..rip t  tho jotis- in' i*iy pla^eis. I fiw,'.!1 1 \cr,  had r*'ic ��������������� "jrhfc char.ce which >*- nil I I.o  uitaL i 'i.iMied it I Died a *>3i*���������'to .iliot.  Without ne-il.:tiO(i I iltti'i-'i.ied to  adopt it, so I sat down on t'io v-d^ou  bo.-, lit mjAipn, and was ort limy smoJf-  mg when tho foe curco up to nio.  Tula apbrt.oijt ������,lD'j; fluid it mod to  stagger the n, fo.- they stiip.,1 tbtir  wild ni-i'i i ml stared at ri.e v. it i A-t..t  cuno-itv v,*.iich -jeemod to 11(101-0  when thov noticed I h.i 1 no oik .' i.o  weapon *vithi'i re.ich Wh.t e\ ictly  passed tli..'.iipi then* minds ������3 ihty ,,w  me sitt.n^ tl.ero tho least u*. ^iii-j,1 of  tnem '11 I cannot tell, but I behove  thov reii-t have taken me for a vi/aid  or r.ed'.tino nian     Ilovvevoi. tfliov 1110.0    #    poi 3  "VJii,,  ii<   ui.7'11!;   !tirnn;li  i. Mifl.llp, at 1_1  A 'It^'O'd load 30ci i-.tlv bvilt 1:1 iled- 1 my f*>u.\ ao.  foil   M . -.    bv  Job 1   P  I''.l.,'!i ml   v-fis     in Stlv.:i ������(vt.  C   .1- t-'.'.P    'l'1'.  1 ls"l lilW VTPi . L.ill    VVLIPIl  L   1 to ' e . " . ri ' 1   i>>   t>   ".   l.i  1   :V. z  I cVt\> 11,  1      \  1   O'l"���������-j. .  V   i"bl   -*l  1 ave 'ii**  I   w .s  1  T'm t. "  '   to   t   ������"  .  \W -6 W  1 e  '1-..  : tl..- .'.  i 1  h  1  1   t,e,  ..I  ro  M!*'  V  *���������!  j������i il of 11 1 .1  latino desert or  "-cjni.ng  i w.tl.  t. mil, !-ori)nt"i':^-j(or tour   i-ribt.  1 i i;r.   1 ro '��������� '  i' "ii r     Aii.i.i* 1 tlu-i t arn- ii   iieii n^4     ir. li.  w   11- ir 11 1 ten to   flfti'tS'l   bri'i ir > I   ft  t  11 he  r.t. .-ind ..i.-ay  beyond   rh'������-e   t;.o  t.'|c,-..e   p-'i'i-a  ot trio   votcimc  i.'-"'_:c  !."t   IS.  i-   In adb into tn.-'  a".j it rjluo,  tie ' 'n  s skv  rt,r ih * . uhr is Soinroc   fully 1 -i 030  li _'-,   :". ^"rtr n..n..".ll,t..jP. r.ivn it-i  .   . -I 1 ( * o" .. -nl. -.   wfth  i'--  .,'i    ri   y  pii'i"' (",.  tu\% Liirn,'  at io,     ... ,   1 1-  J.i   *���������_, ,    '..!".     I'liI   -       p ���������   i������    ���������*.     . .1)  \   ie"   1.(1,      e   ' "'..'4    pt 1 ". 1    it.'-,   '.ii    ..'. 'I  ^.ip' >'  V.l ' .  h .1  r. in'  ji.i ,  \,'i  f-  V*l  L^. i'j  Tl 1    ret-  .   it.ppcc    . i>  .. -1^ ���������}   of  5s!  . -v^ f">"ied  -!    ( -3    I "' 31 \   -  ';;, -v.,   . .  ITt     ���������    .     S  .' tt. r.*. ,, . 1  pi  'Dl    i.  ������-. 9  \viiy  - ..r  '    v a=  .r-   .,   3  i tr *|   \  b, c  ���������s'   ,   u'l  t ( I,     JT)  :   .    ..I  i I'-rn  1    r. 1"  *    Tr,>  IL i.ipV'yinir '.bi 11 ion  res  ( io f.,-. .ion il .r t' 01   i-"  the" il!.ul>'   ti   \.;.tiillli'i   tl  i.������i    /   f    L  ing their ii'i   '."i-*;     After u:* lu: ���������   ;{jis  iinp'.o ---*.!   "     10 j >tr itio'i foi   .j .Uo '. .0  lUltl'it   -,  tn      *   .  M'.lS    Vltl'll    >.���������    v\ ic 1  out b 3 ' .u^'.  1- ii ivi.ru toutlu 1 ,  coi.is'jii. .'. .*..". md I. .I'u u,  it m'i   i  r !���������' i Ij riming the 3������<3,',.i ai-  a:.tt- > t t  ia iiiiK--t tr igtdy, a-, 1 I c. 1 Id  not . . ip      '-  bl|t".-."!-    v n  tlie !**.-(I  ." - yi-  t.jO cnei'y 1 10    tl o*it  oft   'jC      'Ir' -'" 'l-tO-.ii'i. lorit.   was la  ln.Mli   ,.       'i   t'lev   1   U'jd    lilr.t,    T    slul  P      - ,.. . v ��������� >.u  L.a,  but x - nt or. ,1  lj/rdy baked ti o-u wheio  *'    Of  'MS '0  ��������� i.:i;  v. noii   1   . ,'t   tu( 11  ji .omi. iMir.i   gud'tis   11  tL'-v - - i  ' An  U.Vr'i figl.'  Fa.  in  .,'"   extiamiotl   Pit*t,    tho  never th.jui/iit to bte you  . >.<>' >!i.j,i(. ,,;  .'.r   I    0!)   -  p    1   ���������  - ' .11 1  '.f jt 1  OVi-ltf,  ..  . h  it  n  ii  . onio w 1'it,   t' >ii1  ��������� i'.i.   j'..n 1. cu i k   ,.  -,   r,*  t".o -.ir   fi.j* o  ; V , "Si thr  In i.Uii f ���������  "i    *  1  ]i 1 I-*  I     l!"     HC  I      11,    it--'  Wi  t.lr.  ", .J ���������  V  I    '   .1  .1 tl.  .- V it     ' J .  1    '    , ���������        ll.'  'I.  Iir   I  I'  ,1 1 ne s  l\'  i;       Vi *  pi/ -murn  -ho.  i ti;l( *'  1 . t' "  '. 1   , rr. I'j  .1   '.   itriifiri.  .    !,-,*���������-  1 _,,      .*./ ��������� 1  lt\ J'.tK ,'l   t(j  tt I  r>  1 ,  i.  3  ?KY   L Tl  THE COOL  FAC'NG OF DEADLY  FOES  IN  SOUTH AFRICA.  An Englishman  V. ho   Mot  the  Wild   >'o-  groes  Without a  Single  Weapon���������1 Iii-y  Gliied and Ihoii Hod, Leaving   Ilirn   Uu-  i  liuriutd��������� Ho Lit His Plpo.  0  Arr Englibli t'aveler in Pouth' Africa,  who hod mt in red the wi ith of some of  the n.-tivo*. writes "Fjrtun siely in  1SGS the natives possessed no ir.e.irias,  they Jiehl them in niortil die i land  scarcely one could bo iini.il foulus  enough to faco a loaded n'lo T'io  btoiekoeptrs Iruew thib a������.d beuii.dctbi ir  baiiK awes v.'eio enabled lo i.eop tb.* too  at b������v tor j'.,iiiy hour- bv a ] It i.ti< il  tii"?])]<.y of every tl ^.ot.'i-; - e.ipon 1b.','  jiObjC sod Tho lliinsj- |....tJ3 3-' of v hi. a  tho Lerhui-ia Ir.its wi rn (on Uncled,  and the close inannet i.i whit!) they  v/ero l-.r.-l led together, rd ,o f,i>o tl.o  traders :i..other a Iv.iijti r/e   fiji   the  nil-  _.  .  --  1    -  ".,"���������''  (So coy j=lif  i-  i li  rt" :>;  VV li. 1  -  i  i  '.111  ll. 1  i  .  v  ,  TVhon jou  till _ ll  ',  i  I -\ .'  -nted?  I lilt -'.  i,  -  ti \.  .All. T>,  .  i  u us bl  uJ;  I'lM  .i  i  s  Whon ecu*-  Cf  (   '1  ���������������:     i.  i  i  i  *���������  ll".  ).  I (  iieiipvo  her,  I"    is  p.  c  '   .  e-  s  For Btolen r<    ' - .  .  i  ���������  ' Civ  " sir "  -V   PI  ,\  "  ,'  W in I 'i,   r������! -������     I-  U-,   llllill^lll.  There , th^ ever p* tsont o * 1 ������nd for  gr.(.o j. ),"3 ' A hui.'lrol ii,.]- u i <].) l iri  ci.'o1.'1 o-pe'it withi'i a  .fill   t.i'vii-.  cor   i {-*"    i  in t-ii.i tl.o  jiation  nr, d  iin.. *   _;   '. hit'i wovl 1 rcpiv,  I'.   . osi by  ti*c >!'.> 1 *   lue given to  i. nd ^ iaicol  1\ l .i ). kind      Oi coniM* u   vull 1 e ���������- ml  | t.. '���������..,*.'   of   the  nni'i. ,"���������"��������� ������������������'. < ie r . t  p' V     i r   \     ,'1'3������ 10 do  !)*!.. .   1   ".        i  ouii.-ina i.i (;l.odi.e.t- iinr .i o ., j .t  o't ,' 'i'ii' .i'_ ivel ������. ce o-.r i.'i.^ t* .1.'. s  the , .e.U'iu .it cr-og ror llio mi.i n.ig  v. .' i . o _ -t ') unit h re'di',. ( d At. Iin  ri,,--\ ii. *,e -I'i'i! to ill ui'b. itiKS  v.ii . ��������� ,'1 .uiord e;npiov-iii.'!.t, per  Imps i.u ..i' ter at lo.iat ])>u i tluio.���������  2Sution.il j  iir.-n  I li i ... i    *���������!������:(,< I y   In   Jfliirlil i,  A  in,i!,i '< *iig hurtle rn ul.   .n 'irfjck  on a  L' .f' il 1   i'.'\\) fe'-'l ,_ I'd,   ,ii.d  BlltlO'    .      i  .'1    11] pi"-?     it   L-I'l'l.'-,   (!.!".'  ei ie j"i > .1 liib 1 o .y, co t. r it ;'i i,;  |T i i) i ' in gi'-.uiu. arid idisi < i i. v ���������������  h.j,e '. '^u*:' t'*e oiavv, so nil.'. . -.ui:1.'1  iiM 1 . >. i >' d Ad iv or tv a ..i i r-. a' 1  tie! o-.i'ii t a'..lrht it a"Ki o. ji o*- t, c  hi .it- .j. tl ui liriiii jjeiloi'. ������""��������� i " '" -1  oj 11   i,on     'J i o cn.v.-%..i������ fvvi i o_), pi,  Cllll   t. .1   i\ 33 '   ...Ifftl   3n,l'.',t    vV.OO-"    u    .   )  tllfj    rt    1 11 'vl   'i'lll    ill/   S   3  l    V    .-,    21) .   t  oeJanit u\.iu, llio Ci.tv������- v iii 3t-.tj jo , *.  its J.l . , (he wound sotvc I tip, and nr***  th.ii il wut tlio heallb.3ti.fc oiii^keu in  the v .a T. i  '   'i. .' .1 'i������r������(. it I'i j........].  It h.i r : e l ('(I jr :u.ik d 1 y ������i*i Tlnglish  jif't'i*, .". a (' fbniiO'i t f t'lf* 'ia .'i.- c, oi  "in *-.,3 , it". '>- 'lb.1, "iii'.' .. t:.! ' ix  fii'o I ii ' ij -o ku3 anv i,. , j ,, li.'!,  eiil.er iio-i .inniiiisii tho u.*iui..l uei tul  nebs or trie r.n.inal so .lb Uj iu ..-.i* Ima  le-.-, c , a'jle of work of ,v \ ki; C, o.  whiili^ ii .Is erihtiary plc/ioea W'.l  ("nujio--.!) tne urduial u*ciui",,  of   t'o  137 II        I,     11   i.   t'lO hoi jO 1..I"-,   tjl.ilO.     f'lUl  di-..1. ������ o> ������. eil-'iit, mill'.'"0*1- . ov i.i  U ' i.i ei i .a I uotiuo thai tit.'*. ,ii,.".'  dco'    i in.  time, or 333 it*-   o: I      iv   ei  i'.'^to ' '' , 111 Ullllsll thO 11 Illi'Ol UM>ru]  llOS'l    01     tllO     llOl-bO,     &U0.1   Il0j.b0    lb UU  Bound "  l-l.i 'V^^:4ll  f,>.   tit r Hi-'.11^ HI lilt.  l-  Doj '.!. iig his 0J.]>ei -.11101.t.,  on  niilk  in hi^  t\i. k   ' Ta  *i'ie>sioii   ", i,i.���������.i:i  <)".o,'' i .(. 1  'e Paul  Beit,   vv',-)  1.   ���������  I  -  hie ..' '!' (,   ������ i ohtiinl i..i-. .1'��������� 3o 1,  .  ^"1 ' ,     1.   i  ii.cd th'it  ten .)i      . I  .-   ,  V    li  lV. tl'O CO   gill ll.n       ti*. Jiilu  'u uirig of milk,   tJt'fii'i >  '.', d  1" uarins or Vibilo'i" ������s' 1    ,���������*��������� ;in  0 11 i inontiition     il   "- .I'o i li !,  i' *b    li-tovoiy pnto  ; : it i t. ���������  11, !   l-'i'i-n"!  u':v,'u   *..:, l-o  U*.i!ll/i:ig inlllf , \V 1 , 1 ��������� to' 1  ���������_, ii3. oxv i;en  i-1 "..     i.^.l  for  ,. .11 L.Lcs <ib an 01 dm 11 y com"  ts -1  - -  ^  Si V  V  <~l  tl'   ,  '   K  i  ('.','  J  1  I1C '  i  IV   t  *.  ���������  1 ' .  0  -  11 it  t  ������.  t'.e ,  ii  1 L  iiioi.  11  I  '.    ...   JI , tii   fo.   Solio.'   Cl'.MIS. i  Take 1 v. o ; iris of soft Wuloi to one pai fc  of i'V . 1 1 ' 1 it ihcie ho jj.init c-pjlfa on  the--tiill  ���������*".!.its ot tiupu.iiij  S ' 1. a i] e.i^e well dipi.i thj iri\ture,  a 1 ��������� tl i'u*) . Vi ulth at a tii..o on bote  si.b i, alio.clung tho lu.iteiial on a  ta". 1"  lion on Cue viong side or 1b.it which  is to bo I'm ie whoa tho **U'j .b u* .d"  up C]n) 'i. obf with wale, nor, bur  1 ct s ni 1 ., before yon non I-o.r  ���������v.. .,-.! .' 1.1 Tin? ^iocce.3'*! -; vv ill a.ai.o  lho ..),itv.  1! 1 ppe.ir hko new  'p! ... .   I    tt.ii  !,<>|.()<vi. Co H.'i'in  It 1. .-,    u,n   dot 1 .ltd by tl.o   belirinn  fico   *,    .1   lo  open negol.i'io 1   wta  t. t  ]J   it1   C (v cinuioiit  for   1 nio t"*'i  ETh    1 ,. u" ibibt t telephone c iriniiin,e  ui,0'**o  . Lt.iiuuii to   Biiii-i!"*, vi,.  t"  t. !*('      It    l.!"g   UlKKl. tool    ll ,it      '"',!. ,il  ti 0   n-' Oi.t  ji.-.   be ���������'ii(e'J,'-.   . "'',   mi  thii    io   .uL, llin h u\.   ii'ciiii   0   L.1^1.  v, 3 bi . ,i (   ,i.t ons. rfc tc' ,1 t o-   ei t3iif;  toit;i'MuC ii!u iruui Tiiiis-il'io  lu Dt'niu.  ' Ii. <������p   I'O. "iOi s  Ptof. Ti mi,,.', Lli.iw has i"l("p������P(l Ihe  Ol.l'. IT 11 1111 '  'hat   tin   liiit,-U.   is   ill'  ir.t"' . o,   lit ei.' d uf shoe;;  1.  Canada  to 1 u   i   iia on iiuianu* ijiVrt It  t" .   rt)f '.rotoirg (w.- Iin*".) mj( h  (.if,    ,   '       tliny vv .11 bi g 11 ", ; 1  i|iii,   >  1.111 *���������        'j '"b   will   Ui'iuie  I'.ou   i,i;i I  bi'( I ij%'  '    it'" a moie ui.iioiiii  lot  oi  lataiM . ' "-   ,' t*. 1.  tr1!  -o ,  t .a  ti.it. 01   rti . 1   \,  ,   li) 'I   V'( :i   lliei  .1    '   llldUf"   d   ' '  v '   11 /���������   111   ^  -, 111)   (j\   ���������  t  I 11 \ ",���������, '  J,. II 1 .11.  I <'..-     I')  'ri  1   1.,; 1 .1S.1  ,11   ihe 'k  "I"*. >' 1.  ��������� ,nd    On thai  .t - ei. ill>io  'in.       ..loi  b  "p. i a il   app   j  * i-  .0  ���������-1 dun'.ry a'  iita*.'  UJi.y  1   bur-.I   it-*  iur  aini   p.  ,'    I!"     (,f.l    ll        I   .        ' 1 '  ( I'liiof ii" j 1 > ������������������ .1* .1 1.; "a  < 1. ��������� , ,- 1 ��������� . ni* 1 j. I-.', "i 1 'a "Mior 10,  v , 1, u . -i" ���������i.tiii't cr-t'-r they ap-  pro'i' ') i.i f( ir  irni u> suiili' ^  V.l 1'it'1  vi-1',0:   h 11   <h   . ci<i((l   tho  ,il**i. at pt. j isiKli.jnl.ir   :0(l"->  -*.*. 111 h at a  I r.^ii*. of f,( 0 ) ie. t -nrroiiiid tn. Mifitj4.ir  (1 -..Tt.'f.Tiire'a ^farni'y of- -tip'11 -r vol-  j  c iiioi-, ai 0  oIjitvi d,    v  onh!  ,\'/, mi  ij-1  * -.1 rt   of   v.iv  --.iMi'i,;    ,'1 nip,'.,,  ���������  ,0  "l,' ih'  pn, ��������� nf  1 ' 1''       '. ' 1   ;. .lV  1,1,1   1   ���������   1 ���������.(  oi    thi    1   '  nt   1  ni'i'i' t,i  ���������/  ),,     !  '   ,'   1   *|  .111  I  til'     ill.TV   t' in  II ,;im' t   11    di pi"iy 1 1 rib, H I ,n  ���������ii. I1,   )%'    ! nt  1 li -s nit     Or     ������������������ ri  f  ,,in'i       (7.1   . '. ill.'V   (;f'ban.,,11 l-i   I...  , .���������iin..i i;v   hu( h   ghastly    J' 'itiu' J.s na  1 ,(-e -    ;' 1  in tii" di '. rt lt-rel'f'lhr r.'' -iro no  iii're  or   pjiKi.'.s   st't.os   (;r   ,'in;'i..ng   I' it  - *'    'j  ill t"l!l  11  J,  a Strang  i  iind 11,  "Wiley ���������  Pi>. *'', St'  '"'? \     ,  !���������'    'r  f ,1 .       1  II  V i)V"7  ' 1   .      ,  .1    H  -'    te  '1     l",������  1  ��������� 1  l1-   i'lt' lli^i   1(0  Lo thi','::��������� i rr  '.(, of  <   1 ri  '. 1  TK  11' VI ���������  1--  *( dt nriy  ���������   irnov-'"  ii-   .  1 -  i.o  i >   1  *)  1,1  11  1  ijh.''jt  .I ( 1  !*���������  Ill,'  t  l.ll.   C'l" 31J  '1 ,tir  ji. thi'ik ���������! a k Votiiig-  am  le I.f.  I' .  ..'   .(  1  .1 J , ���������  .. . f I1 '  '( ,v.  ;  b  1    fr '  l.i I  '(    >    ,   v    I  ,  1 tl  It   I  (i I  "  but  1 in  ,    ..I1  ( 1  p., ;  av, ���������>  *. ���������".  MB. AND MRS. BOWSER.  THE AMIABLE   COUPLE   HAVE A LITTLE DOMESTIC TILT-  Ho-wser Thinhs His  crato Attempt on  Londlnf,- ilia Shoes-  Wife   Mn.lo a Dollb-  i  His    I-ifo   Throneh  -A Scrioun Misundor-  bt(iti(iiii(; \l hirh lie Gefr nonlgn Over.  ' Has anything happened*" asked Mrs.  Bovvfer. as 3Ir Bowber got liome fifteen  minutes late the oth"r evening and was  limping on hib left leg as he came down  the hall  "Nothing more than that I camo  within an ace of being brought home in  my coflin," he replied, as he kicked his  left shoe neioss the fitting room.  "Is it i-o-iibJo?   Why, wl'at was it?"  "Blood po: ,oning," ho lio.nsoiy whia-  pored, as ho icll back on'the loungo.  Ji   "Fa t how?   You were all right whon  you wont away int noon.    How can you  have blood jaiisoning''" ���������  "Bow (i.u ono poison tako anot]ior'b  hfo wneu lhey coolly, debueratoly and  maliciously faei, about it t" ho bhouted in  rci>ly.  ��������� Who hns tried to take yonrlifo?  Why don't you e'X'ihiin ii3atters'''"  "Mi-, liow-or,1' he said, us ho rose up  and stood before her, wilh Ins right  hand outiti-eiuhod, "vyhat do you &oe in  my ) iilml'  "V. hy, I see a vest buckle, a shirt  btud ,i:id .1 nit klc, What have they to  do with voui- narrow ebcapo irom blood  p01a,)UlI\-.V" ������  "What havo thej- to do? This noon I  put 011 this pair of i,hoe*v to got tlio  otlicis mended I had Fi-aieely left tho  hoiibO wii03i I be/..n to biup Bo  foio I lent hod tho ofiico I wus  pnff.-ung intensely When I pullod  oil' my &ho * 10 liivtbii^ i1 j i found���������  "Urn . 13 el tl'Ohi* iiti( ies of (Oi'oi*,")  she hoi* lied. <w be hci-.'tatod''���������ind glaiod  at li.'.' iii 1   .i.vlul way  'Evo.ctlv, ,'if.s Bo���������ier, e.\..ctly' Who  pu1 fhi'!u tlaiei' Vi'b.ir wns the object?  Ii anyi a. in this family v.'ants to yet  nd of n-.e and get my life insurance and  m.niv' again, why don t they tinto an  ax and kill ine m a decent, rospectablo,  wnyn \\ 11 y t������use tno diii's or wooks of  ubolc.".s bi.i'oi ing?'  ,  "Jjt;n't bo   foolish, Mr.   Bowser.    In  the i'u st pi..co, I didn't know'  that yon  had chai-oi I your siioos.    In  tho  next,  it's a wonder   you   didn't  find a hairbrush, coino, paper of   piiB,   handglass1"  and 'i pint of   buttons   m   your   bhoei  Yon are one ot the  most caieloss , mou  around tho bouso I over heard of "  "Mr*- Bowboi, aie you t.ilitiug to me?"  "lam."  "I'm a t trcloss man, am I?"  "Vorv cuelcos Mr Bowser "  "I denv it' I (loay it in totol Even  n Lni'i io(.l would not drop b'ltlons and  buckles ai'd m^kols into Ins shoo If  tlic-ie's a careful, niothodioal man in  thi, town, ,I'm!-"  "For m-il'inco/'sho intorruptod, "yon  ran upsc .11, to ctiango your shoos "  "Amon,'your cuffs," bho went on,  "were ihe tack hammer, that, v.iidow  cntth you thought you lojtou the rtieot  car, tvvo cigars and your mining  pock, t knife A month ago yo.n gis  pme.ht'13 and tho key of the nnuvic box  weio bu.ideni/ mi^hing To day I lound  them ii* tho jiockct ot one 01" yoin snin-  niei co tto Tho last tune we clitmgod  gnls jou thought tlio old one cm nod  oif your p..per cutter and a shoot of 00  pooiago M inipt. I found t'nei.i to day in  the hip j oil. "t of tho*.e h,ht  n.iiita jou  tote on tbe knee, you rou orubi r '  "iris Bow .-or, I remember nothingl"  ho mtoiii.fitt'il���������"tii,it is, I leineuibcr  that if thu-o tliingo woio found whoro  you hij iin'y wore Iney were delrher tlo  lj* jliC'J'I ii'O'.o by a t'eil.i.n p( 1 ,011.  ltovvovti. thosubjoct h pi been .suilltiont  lj- di-( u i3.'!'., ann we will (hop it T"io  ia a i,'if..t moial li ibon 311 this Unrig  which jO'i 'boiild not h se tijl't or 1  am :i i.ii���������ivi!.g hu,band, but ao/i't c 11 ry  tho Hung tp'o far���������not too fur, Mrs.  Bovvbei' Hv en tho worm wnl turn, and  whti' be H'liJ-. ho k.iovb no pit*, "  And Iti rl'(i'ie.\i. half hot.i .Ui Bow or  tiled ;o . .in;, al out a bei'ifpi i.inl rn,.g-  niuii 1,0ns .\1nt\-s1011 and 10 tic.it Mrs.  Bow ad ������*-a t-'uld who had doiu wrong,  but fiji'l i be foiJiNfii 0.1 .1 pun h, but  his c lit.*-*; vaial.iilp.ii A j he vtoat up  st,13 3- ..i*, i his pip. lie i"t't the ("it .��������� -nl  1 if >( 1 t 'i'V a id ai":r,t /in lie.; hi, mho  in tl'O i( c with his nocittios lioij.itdown  and !,"' o .s let!.  1 p.v fb'iugp, but I vo got to put my  foot nvriiL down, or thoioll bo no living  with that woman in tlncouioiillis nioio."  M. (.JUjID.  HE NEVER SA'O A Yj'ORD.  Hut Smashed tl.c Cur 'V ....low Ittoause Uo  W a.jtc.l    Vir.  Bv ti!3"i imie a clieck large enough to  cover t'"u ei.bi of a window pane in one  otile .1/ cu.c'jPS of tho N."v "i ulr,  2\>n' !Ii���������n and Rarttord Railroad has  dotiutlibs bcon recoivt,d at t'.o ouic.es of  tl'.af ������oij']> ii'j-. The signature to itis  piobaoly ib.it of a man wl.ObO name to  asi.mlar bit of p.vper wouin be rrood for  an amount suiiicient to buy a whole  car or even an entire train, locomotive  included. This is how the check came  to be sent:  In a train that left the Grand Central Depot recently were seated two  gentlemen, ono directly in front of  tho othoi Both were well dressed. The  gentleman 1:1 fiom; nad the calm, self-  coiii.tiiifii maimer of a well bred man,  the clnei the fussy air of a person who  deotiib hnn-'jli of considerable important 0. Tin 10 were only a few persons  in tho car b(\si les the perhons mentioned, and dozens of seats remained unoccupied  Ab tho train rushed out of tho tunnel  into tho sunlight of an unusually bright  day the bert-no gentleman nusod tho  window and proceeded to read his even-  ijin:' nowspap"!. A uimnto later tho  lubsy iiiiiu iuo,e, leaned over and closed  the window. Tho sereuo man paid no  attention to tho net for a minute, and  then, as though having jnfct discovered  that tho window was downs, raised it  ag.pp j'.'il went on jcidiug.  The fip sy man srlaied at the back of tho  other, moved about une'isily 111 his seat  and with a*i air of angry dub nice closed  the* window again, th.s time w ith .1 bang. .  Th" (Hiiei did not take* his oyes trom tho  now-:' iii* 1 ior :i few minutts  but con-  1   j n  tj')'-.e',l  loading as though ho was m no  wise couCincd in tin* singular contest.  1'111.ill \ i.o plain oi lowairi the window, '  and w - 'it anv S3-"' <!,.t lua te-.yper,'  %,-,'f, 1,. th' 3c ,f,t 1 JrLd look up I113  Eil.ti Le.'. hd e liii* an I with lire head of  it sh tit.i-i'd tho window pane aud Knocked out Ike small piece-, of glass that  bluek to 1 I.o bides. Then ho loplaced  his (Biic 311 tho corner, took up his news  piipei and leniuueri iU> periual.     .  It is doubtful if the comluncd efforts  of tho woild's fcioaiost word painters  could do even p,uti.l jasiico to a do-  E>cri])tiou of tho fussy man s tuce 'as ho  \wtno.s*ol this extraordinary pioceed-  uifj Pity ior once that the- camera  fi������ nd was 330I on hand to picbcrve it for  postdity But ho was not and so no  one i.r.e thobO picboi.t will ovei know  bow he lookod. It "-.coined at times as  thougn ho1 was feocietly piuchmg himself to hoe il ho were really awnko. Not  a word waa'uttorod, hovvovor, by either  man  At Ij-irelnnosit Manor tho serono man  was 'ibdut M>ppmg fiom tho train when  hornet the tonductor.  ,r "Lj tno by," .said he, as., though just  romeniburiug poiuo long forgotten incident, "I've broken a window pano in  thrio     ITdre'B iny card "  A moment l.i ler 0 had jumped into a  hiiiid'-onio tiunout and was spinning up  th ' 30 nl The f ussv- man did 33ot look.  He li,. I not come out ot his coma o't bo-  wilvntiri amaaouiont.���������Now York Ad- '  vt'i User.  .     il  Iio  I o.p-ot   IlilllhOlj*.  When tho row boarder camo in to  dinner it was rather Into Only ono or  two weio at the tabic besides tlio landlady. Ho biioko to no ono until tho  winter laid n plate of meat beforo him,  and thou he binst out-  '"(3te.1t titottl Do you call this a dinner fit foi 11 civilized mini? Why on  earth don't you got .some victuals fit to  eat!1 What do you call this carrion  hero'   lie did not finish his question, for ns  his e\o swept up to tho head ottho tablo  he CiUifht tne landlady s stern glance,  nnd she lntoirupteri him with anger in  her to 10s  "What do you mean, sir, by such  qupMion-J"' I'd have you know that I  nin not accustomed to hear such uncalled 101 t nil. l.tii of inj- table, and I won't  have it li you don t hko tho food, and  if Mm cant boliuve jonibclf, you can  bunt .1: Oihcr hording placo aud do it  rifPil ,iw,.j "      ,  Tl.o (..-.iiipl.iinur rpiailod undor this ro-  buko ana 11 plied PubiuisMvoly: 7  "1 hog j our pardon, 111,111111. Indocd  I do I foi got for tho moment that I  wns away fiom liomo and thought I was  tall nig to my wito. It shu'n't occur  again."  . I>l!|.ll>V<'  llio   l'lllll   *p<llH  If then 'no poor -pi is on lho farm  Improve tiioni. Do not let tin in be idle.  Sow to g-.ts, and |ilov\ uniloi"   'lljolaim  10  on vliii 'i wi  pool    silll  un'il ab.   1  pro.id   b.  tn /.'ii-' .1  WIS     1   .III  '  tin in 1   in  fll'O lipt.'..  V/lls   III l(|i  biindy - J' ,n , ' r's %  idl il h I'i tell ;i( li"! of  1   "U lllg   Wi! I   1 till.'   Willi   it  v,.'.: 1 ,in< 0  w i".i ;i v.as im  t.,   ,   3.ln'     ..'.( h 11   I    L'l"l.l, 1    .111(1  p.i'i 1 it v..1 Iiie-i sown to  1 iij'tn 1 e.. p 01 ��������������������������� t.i id gi.iHj  .1," di this \* av ni' I bj' a  ,ii 11 of b ir ijaid iiiauuro it  1 j 1 ml  f'n Id     Tho boil was  (;ioe  t   ir  J i flow  1  ,i in  (I JC  11  1   to  '    11'  f    I  I.I .1  I    .   J I    !���������>  I   f    I     '!. I li     I  'i'i' ''.')  1 /"'.r  ri.  il i 1  tt'uv  .  r  >>  no  , h( id  rn t  31.,p. "-.������  Miln ���������Wnat di/,s .'.rajtcnr > do for &  livim*-'  I)i,l Tfi'i lnr.dl.nl> Ri;d a.iyy/3y <\w,  le  t,.t. 11 ,1110  ('1 ii.'  I* j     '  ) >    ,  lo-    j.m'  clour ���������   I  Pipkin  d'/^'l of '  1  ]'<,<   o      1  P ;       '    ' ' lid 1   1  he rcinlri nulv bo  l)( vi 1. 1'ih v..w p .id it war paid - N.  Y. WoW I.  I'r.  1 it  f. 1   iii  l     . a     t'a   futh otu 1st a  1 ,   1   pp  '    1     ! ji    . '  E.t 11. r IJ.ic.U ti..  fat the bei 'll" fioin a .I'lpnrieno fin.  f" illui  v-U'i t,  Kew tin  to tho  veiuent  open.  in o- long piece of 'ilk, Kiliu,  a wpoli'ii good-, at bilk .spies,  satin to tho lan, keeping it noar  (idga, Thn will liiiut'o a tori-  reeeivor   fpi   lottt rs or ouvol-  jlpliorJriiiiri.  An ob-rlin.'ilo man docs not hold opinions, but liitv hold him.���������Popo.  When impious men hold sway, tho  post ot honor lb a pnv itc station.���������  Shal.c-p-1 mo  Ore up mon is the necessary basis of all  enjo;, in -'it ���������Leigh Hunt  ]>,; not wan loi t'.vu'lord 1 narycircum-  Rt.'.iK i'J ro lo good .u tioiib , try to use ordinal \ site ti.oiifi.��������� -Richtor.  1 ut t i ��������� 11 ot habi: aro too i3tnall to tK>  loll, nun! tury aie too strong to bo  broken.- .Johimon  Tho -unshino of lifo is mado up of  very lit t Io bourns, that aro blight all tho  time ��������� Ailnn  .Adversity has tho offect of eliciting  talents which in proupcrous circum-  Btauces would havo lain dormant.���������Ilor-  oco.  s  1  H n  1  n  "vi  h  ) h 1  "Tl  ' l.i  ,1  A   I'  1.1!^  The tl-'  "i in  ' 1 I  b'  >" f  .-'     1  tin . - 11 1 1  r*   1 in        '  Oiii," , P<   '     "i  H    > . .. ,'    it  Tr iim . m      1 ; ,'  r/e       '! J   r  ft       H     ) I' (  *���������*    ,<j!,lll Ul           I    I  I- .! r i������.  '.. '1  lir. '( i.lioii'd  , . <-       '     J      '      Il    1    ,1  1' ,Pi,')i   t'io  iii'^      1   ,      1  Si 1 *i tIy   A. t ui .tie,  T( iin in v - P.itv, wind milieu them  hnvi tl.i .v itiu rofinc ,.wiy up on tlio  , top of a In ,' 1 1.1I line / JM: I'i'g���������That  in to :h,ti it will be loo mix li cx**rlioii  for ft /it n <nl to tllinh tip 1' 1 is am! kill  tho weilhii man.���������Indianapolis Journal  M'llV.   xt  i.i  u n!i  1 ...  W" 1  c i'i 1 I  fo  V  t.  All    I  ���������   '  V  .1 I-  Ki  IP.,,1 I.".  .1 ie V  fin .)'  it  ; -  ,1 Ml  '   t  f  to advo  row  be  i in bno  1 il  il  ](���������  ii 11 ti.nii.  A   Cm lenity AmoiiK Colorn.  It is a curious fact th at tho color of  yellow, whether it bo vcgetablo or animal, is much mora permanent than any  other hue Tho j-ellovv of a flower's  pctali" l*- the only color known fo botanists that is not faded or entirely discharged upon being exposed to tho  fumes of Milphurous acid. Tako tho  viola tricolor (heart's ease) ns an illustration If exposed but n moment to  these fumes tho purplo tintmimediatoly  takes its flight, and in the wall llower  tin-y.llow shines ns biichtly as over  after all other colors hav * flod  Ilopulong,  Wills���������What does Muxunco do for a  living?  Diils His landlady and anybody else  he t'.'iji 1 ij liib bauds on.


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