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Kootenay Mail Dec 5, 1903

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 i    I t
'      '.  .'���-.' t ,-  A'-$"k\
Provincial Libr��ry
11 '"   ,
���j ���*���
, ^    'Ml��� "^' ���'-!-
- /?E40 BY
5,000   \v
J}. E. I.KASOS*.
viorroriiA,     -   ' n. o.
Aincri'.in mi'l Kiiri.j,r.ui 1'l.in,
(     Amcncni) I'l.in f2(tfnnd U|iu.inK
.ilc.iia IlciUcd. Piiiiiplu rouin-v
Vol. 10.-No.,36.
$2.00 Per Year
'   ^
Leading Dpy Goods
-House "of .Revelstoke
r'      " *        i. ; ��� _        ���
-   /Stocks in call departments are, now  ~ '<
'      complete for the FaHand'Winter ,,:
��� "Season.   ,,G ���<'   -\
Ready-to-^eap Dept
>  /; 'Our'Stoek-iri this department is the
���"-Best, in the  Kootenay.    Blouses,--
��� : ' -:Jackets, ^Skirfs and -'Wrapper's,-, all 7
' *   ^thelatest styles at.moderateprices. '-v'-
< i   '. ��� ���_    - ,*
-*/; ;.VV'e pay particular attention to M,iil Orders.
''Samples-sent to any address/-.      <     '.     ' ,
m. j:
TAYLOit'nLOUi-:' .\rcKKNZiV:-avis. nuvi-iLsroicii.
^;13oots;:5hQesrMefe ~>rr~*/|
X'\"V ; '" :-   'Clothing, Hats;rCaps/'.etc., etc. |��
. j Ciipss; Famous Mackinaws, German' Socks, :Mitts, ^etc.       ';%
%>.., -'   , Canadian Rubber Company's Rubbers- and Overshoes, <t>
l"-' Bargains in Boy's Winter Siiits and Overcoats.   ^
��fl*        , . . '^
���f" REVELSTOKE STATION, B   C.      , &
Any person and everyone is welcome to a- look1 lhi oug
the 'store these -days.     We are ready-for your busmes:
Every department   has   new   and   seasonable goods   to
show you ' '
A special show oi'tovs in the front part ol the store
.will please the children', Bring- them in and let them
enjoy themselves. -
Nice presents and useful presents you   will  find  all
over the store. \
Something for father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife or sweetheart.
With an increased staff of sales people to serve you
you are sure of proper attention.
For Gentlemen���Iv.ncy Tics, Fancy Suspenders in
Xmas boxes, Travelling Cases, Comb ancl Brush Setts,
Smoking Setts, etc. -
I'or Ladies���Dress and Waist lengths in Xmas
Boxes, Fancy Collars, Fancy Ties, Fancy Mirrors. Work
Boxes, Silk I land kerchiefs.
For Children--Toys of e\ery description and usefu-
presents in every department.
llie Grocery depaitment has an unusually good
showing of Holiday Fruits, Fancy Candy, etc.
Everyone  tdJelcorne.
Millinery and Dressmaking Departments on Second Floor
Concert Given By Willing ^Workers
a Great Success.
The  Scotch   conceit   given   on  St.
Anclic��& night was  nn   immense sue-'
cosi.   The Selkiik Hall   was ciowded,
to the clooi-5 im.l  considciing  the in-,
clcmcncji of  the .wentlier  tTip Kevel-
slokoni.ms deceive ciedit  forttuming'
out .is ihey did to n,conceit given by
loc.il   talent.    Although,  the   conceit
did not coi'nnicnco  until  S 30, people
iu lived  shoitly  nftci 7 p. ni. to spcuic
beat.-, nnd 'it   \\n��   well   they did for
theie   v;erc   tlo/.cna   of> young ,men
slniirling up during tlie whole pcrforni-
nnccNillhougli n hundred  extra, cliniis'
hit I   been   brought   and '   tenipoiaiy
benches iinpiovisu'd.' v
The lirst event of the 'programme
was'llie nppeiu'ancc of the Scotch
piper, Mr. Oliplmnt, newly tirrived
lioni ScoiIiukI, diessed in the pictui-
esquog.nb of* Auld Scotland, and nl-
thougli ^people usually say that the
bagpipe* sound better til. a distance
thui'e;\vii& no attempt at running on
the part of Ihe listencis, 'but 'instead
theie was .i stiaining of necks as the
woiid yet fascinating stufins of tho
pipes floated on the air. , ���
Tlio.nc\t on the piogiammo w.is a
choiiis entitled "My Ain Countiie" by
the Junior Clioii, compQaed of some
I-I gills, tastefully'" diessed in white,
with l.ul.in'pl.iids and Scotch bonnets
Bc%C1.il, of these took pi.it in songs,
iccit.itions and duets, and ,pci foi mod
their seveial pints \ciy cieditably.
The solos givenr, by.> "Messrs. fTall,
iruiiiplnejs,. Huik /and Cooke weie
well lendeic''! andL a di\eision ��.is
cui-ed'tt hen.'in t espouse to .in encoie'-
Mi Jhuiipliicjs sang,-. '��� Kathei,
p'Klynn,", and' t'/'judge''by the applause theie must have been a good
many Tibli oiv.idmiieis of Jiish songs
amongst the g.itlieiing.
The songs given by Mrs Creelman
and Mis J3ews weie beautifully ion-'
dcicd Annie L.uuic, the Scotch1
favoiite, diew loith a lound of .ip-,1
plause which 'did ��� not die out until
Mis .Uieclmau letuined in lesponse
to sing '''Bonnie Dunde " ,''Will Yo
Xo Come Back Again," as sung by
'Mis. !JJews, wns lull of pathos'and
sweetness, and that tho audience, a.is
determined that Mis. Bews? should
come back again' was shown by, the
wayjn which, they, cl.tnioiously en-
foiccd hei leappcaiance.       "-.i'
Mis .1. Law son caused u gieat deal
of miith and applause tby'hei- leading
'���Fiom ii Wintlon- In Tin urns" Tins
selection was full of diy Scotch humor,
.uid.iib^iuidcd in wit. - ' _ , ' ���
".Miss, F. Palmei'o""swinging of-'the
clubs was \ciy giacefully executed. .',
'kTlic instrumental by Kobeit and
Ada A.rmabiong) and tho selection
fiom Scottish music by the Revelstoke
OiclicsLi.ii weie two good items, and
Rcelstoko should be pi oud ot having
men* lik'c��� Messis 13. Ilumphieys,
Connie 'and1 T.iyW, for then
'���Sc'cctinns lioni Scottish Music" was
ceit.unly one oi the best things on the
piogr.inimc. At times one could hour
a pin diop, and at others the tiamp of
feet sliuwcd how ii.esistablc is the
pouei ot Scotch music upon the
tcmpeiamcnt of man. '
The Coming of the Haggis was one
of the unique fcatuies of the nights
tlie haggis home by..'Mastci 11. Calder
and escoited b\ the piper and junior
cnon was leeched by an addiess'
dcliicied by Bessie Ikwson fiom
Bobbie Burns, and could Bums have
scc:i (bat haggis bla/.ing he would
ha\e cndc.noicd to make an appcai-
.incc' ai'd help to demohsh it and
.-pend another night with Scotland's
Altogcthci the conceit w.i" a success
md when ei ci j body .nose and'with
joined hands sang * Auld Lang Sync,"
theie \\.is nothing but pleasme cv-
piesscd upon the countenances ol the
audience and one thinks it strange
tha't Kcolstoke, wilh such talent.is
she undoubtedly has, doc? not tiy to
li.ii;- moic of these enjoyablecicnings,
winch cost littli1," please many, and
help lo bi ing out talent w hich would
othciwise lie doimant.
(hie of the chief attiac.tions of the
conceit was Ihe fact that eieiyone
seemed at home, theie \\.i>- nopictend-
ed admnalion of classic music which
few nndeistand, but thero was the
ii.il appieci-it'on of music which up
pealed to all uatmes. '
quality of bottled ale. 'J'he plant con'
sists of,, a IlOO-irallon mash tun, with
copper stiainer, fiom which the woi t
is transfcried to the kettle wheie it is
cooked liy diiect f'nc, this being con-
sideied prefeiable to steam. Thence
it goes to the coolei, and from theie to
the fermentinc tun and, casks in-tho
cellar. Jlcie it is bottled, ifc.illy
labelled and packed in 'cases icady'for
market. ' ' ; ���
The biewciy is . convcnienlly ai-
langcd ,iind well kept! an- excellent
'water sen ice put in; the cell, ii clean
and well diained, and the (inn infonn
us thoy find a good demand for their
pioduc't, having had several outside
order��r>wliicli they have been unable to
Iill. Jt is intended 'lo put in an
elevator and extend the, biow^iy as
business, win ranis.
iiiivi.i.sTOKi*. iuti:wi:itv.
Mossi.--.  Allen   nnd   Jolinson    have
now got  thf-ii   bicwciy   in   full swing
and   aie   turning   out   an   excellent
The following are the' inci eases ami
new taxes proposed by the Mcliiide
government:       ' ,"i i
Properly Tax ��� Exemption 'i.iiscd
fiom .*p'iOO'to ^ 1000 and tnxiiiNed fiom
;| to 1 per cent. y , 'r ,
' J?cal 'ICstatc Tax���liaised fiom'four-
lifths of 1 pci cent to 1 per cent; wild
lands lem.iin asbefoic, .'" |icr cent; U's-
dential lands 5 pei ccnt'v ,r   ,'
Income Tav-^-Exeinpfion 'of $1000
lcumins nnd up to $5OU0 'the ta\-,is H
pci cent as bcfoic?, ,Jt is raised fiom i
to i\ per cent ,on 'incomes between
$5000 and $ 10,000; icmains as bcl'oie
at 3 per cent between $10,000 and $20
000 aiid is ieduced honi '1 per cent to
3J percent on incomes ol ,$10,000 and
over. "        l s   - r     ti
Banks will be taxed on income 2\
pci cent up' to $L0,000; 3 pci cent to
$20,000 ti-d V, per cent upwaids
, J nstuancc, telegraph, tclcphoncjo.in,'
gas, wateiwoiks electiic light and
power companies aie to be taxed on
income. - , ;
' Stock���Cattle ancl shcep'aic (l.t\ed
as before ' ' i
"Mining���The 2'pci cent tax icmains
as befoic.' Coal prospcctois tax" is
raised fiom $50 to $100.' _ '/    -
Railways���Assessment to beincieas-
cd fi om'$:i,000 tb$ 10,000.
Timbei���Rental increased'JO cents
per acie to 23 cents, loyalty 50 cents
per 1000 J'eet; icbatccto loccnts.au
acie to mills iiinniiig six'month': poi
annum., s    'J.-    ' >, ''
Special leases ai i.iiscd te $100 one
jcai,*:-*00 two yea is, $180 .(thieo veins.
ijiSOO five je.us. -   ^/ ,"-,. .       ',      a
y '-SiK cr"continucs'to'_di op and js,now
quoted at 5GJt cents,"'' A^.^ I
' The, J'vlinoie oil"* co'nccnti'ation
process is to be applied lo sil\ci Ip.uI
ous        '
Fiftj-fivc Amciican milling companies paid $5 000,000 in di\ idenda in
October. .
The annual meeting of tho Hei el-
stoke' and' McCullough Cieek H)-
di.mlic Co will be held on tho 8th
F.1L Blockbeigcr has applied foi 300
inches of" water on V.twliill cieek,
Lexington mountain, neat   Camborne.
J. I. "Woodiow, Mis. Wood tow. K U
Wells and W. Cowan lia\c- taken up
new placet claims on Ficnch cieek
The Xoithwostern Tiu*tco Company
has been organised at Calumet with a
capital of $'"> 1,000 to pay oft' tlie liabilities on the Camboinc gioup on
Fish cieek. provide working capital,
and lecenc piocceds of sale of shaios
in the reorganised company
J. O. Biadley h.isjocatcd the Emuk.i
gioup on west side of McCullough
cieek neat Ground JFog s Basin, und
found fire gold Iheie lfe has a lead.
8 ft wide and has leccued an excellent a^say fiom a .��.iinpl.ii'_r ol 45 lbs
of oio which he packed out bimplus
show abundant lice gold * He li.ieod
the lead foi 7,500 ft -and leaves foi
Seattle Monday to piomoto ��� company
lo develop the now lind
Geo Goldsmith, who was in the city
Tuesday on his way lb MOiigland, '-old
out his mtciest in the Big'Show ing.
on I-'ish cieek' lie infoims us the
neighboring ��ii-'pcity, llie Scout gioup
in which he and Geo Johnson aie
inteicsted, is looking well Then; aie
two tunnel-, onc20"ft. and one 112 ft,
ancl two open cuts all showing rue.
The width of tho on', body is not jot
known. The 70 ft. woik on Ihellig
Showing has icsullcd in piovini; up a
promising chute of oie. J. Leaslc, of
Uia.ibiook, now controls the Big
Showing, which is said to lt.ok like
making a second St. Kugene.
JI is leported the C. P. lt. propose
building a line hotel in Revelstoke and
that the piesent hotel will be Used for
the company's general ollices.
Christmas Suggestions in Plenty.
To the wi'.trv one not knowing what lo buy in w hoi i* to look,
our slock oilers many idea1.. Here ymi can baldly Tail lo find
soinetbing  th.it  will  df  suitable  and acceptable  lo --onu'ot
Our FanVy'Goods Department "^"^s WKuilft
suited to all puisea.
finr   Pprfnrtif fa��;p<; (lll> il delight and a surpiisc.   Hen; you
uur   rerrume i,aseb w.��� (.m] llVl.iylhiI1K fmin (1ie io tent bottle
all through the medium pi iced goods to the co-,Lly ctiL glass
Our Book Department ^.isiu-rii-c totiu-book lovci.
Our Confectionery Department ^���^^l^^^^
lo the people of Ri'vi-l-toke. Wc have tiii; choicest packages
ft nm Many Webb, purveyor to His KxciMlency, the Lu'iitcn-
.inL-Gnvt-i-nor, A. J. Slcw.ut. Toionto. iMcConnick. London,
Out. Also uc have empty f incy boxes ,ind ha^kels l..r put-
,' ling up home nmde candy in which lo send lo your InentN.
WALTER BEWS, Phm. B., Druggist and Stationer.
ll.ul Orrlci-v rcucii c inompl unci careful iitLcnl^ioiL
'     l-'iem oni own (.oiio-noiulunt
Miss Annic'Willi.iiiin  hnsi gone  lo
spei d tho wintci in Fciguson.'
The snow has neaily all gone again,
leaving the loads in \cry bad condition
'��� Mr. Macniillan ofj Rossland, who has
been staying for a  few days with *���*. J.
Bangs, left for home lod.iy.
Mis. \V.   K'n.ipp  and   son   of  Aim-
stiong* iirnved   lic-ie 'Wednesday on a
visit to hei paicnts, Mr. and Mis. Jphn
Bangs of The Cedars.   '
Pidiii Oil! Own ('<iiiii-.|ion(luul. ���
i Mrs. Harry Cook and family m rived
fioin the'cast Sunday.'     , ,
a Mr. and Mi's. Donovan leav,e this
week for a nip to Minneapolis.
Steanier Miuto I1113 taken llie ICoot-
cnay's place on th.c lake tiips.
1   The Clnistinns tiee in   Mr, 'Living-,,
hi nil's window' is tho  delight of all the
chilchcn iu Ariovvhead."    ,
l.'ast week the cash legister of the
i.akcvievv hotel was, '���lapped" to the
amount of $20.~  Xoiiiiests   liavc 1 con
inacle yet ,   ,
j        , 1
. The-Big ' Bend Luinbei Company's
mill, which is nipidly no.iiing complc-'
uon, was lit with clecti ic light for the
liiot time List S.ilutd.iv night.
 |^  v v
I.r . i
*           . , V
,<.' ~r~. !''���
.   'From 0111 own (.'(inc'.ponclont.
' *     ' . ' 1
Mi. Dempsoy is getting aiound
again slowly. ~r ' "   " ' '
Anolhei c.ti ofTvvood went out last
week; lo'ts 111671 e t,'�� f��,"ow- v >
Mastei Angus Caii'pbeli is heie on a
visit to his uncle, Tom Wolsey.
Our postmastei is laid up-vvith another of his bad attacks, but is slightly
on the mend.  ,
William Jjoftus called fin to see the
folks lately Wc nuclei stand he is
giving up l.ulioading loi good.
Theie J1.13 " been considerable beef
and poiK killed and shipped fioni heie
lately and all of it''in veiy line condition �� ' .
Wc ha 1 another enjoyable bitthday
p,ut\ on the niglit ,ol" the 27th, celebrating M.istei John and David,
Bay lies'= and also' Mi * J H. Woolsev's
biithd.iy Jt was held in 0111 school
hou^e. .About 30 wofc piesent, and
appaiently enjojed' themselves ' im-
meiiaelv ���/"'",'
A seiious accident occuned at the
Coliiml'iii "TKiver - bunibet -Co's camp'
heie. " A ' joung ��� man " nuiu'd
James - Ii win'' woiking ���' on]:' the
sk'.dvvay got ciushed by 11 big log
caused by a chain bieaking It Inoke,
his thigh m two places, and toie thiee
holes 111 bis stomach, and still he lives
and is doing finely. Jfe was taken to
,Fei 111c lio.uil ol ti.tdu wants a [uo-
vinci.il siil.-idv foi -the ICootcnav
Centi.il 1a1Uv.1v
J3y a mudslide on the Ciows Nest
load a sleim shovel was biincd, and
it took 100 men 2't bonis to elc.11 the
1 he Giand Tiunk has not jet put
up its $5,000 000 giiiiintee, but vvill
do so on M.in.igci Hay s aiiivalin
It C. B.iikci, of Vancouver, has been
appointed chief ti.un despitchcr at
Kevelsloke ami will enlei on his duties
Monday > c     <-'
A tiniiiii was icccntlv nigan'ised
among the Dominion K\piess em-
[ilojccs and now' llie company is Ining
evei v  man who joined il
The kelson News ndvic.ites the pio-
posed l.iihvay to the Bntish Yukon
being consti noted fiom the inteiioi of
the piov nice i.ithei than thu coast.
The C. I' I! levcnue for the mutes
between Ucvclstoki'.ind Nelson showed
an metcast' of $20,000* for hist month
a.s compaicd with same month of
picvious yea 1.'
Among llie C J'. It. condtictois liis-
pensed wilh aie some of llie oldest
bunds on the load, namely A. honest
unci J. Doig, <>l* Vinicouvci, and A.
l'en/er, of IC.imloop-.
liiiilway boys and
deeply rcgiet lo jem n
C. I'." IS. Conducloi
Mediciue Hnl, who
week to an allaek of ap[iendicilis.
Kngineei Goddaid, biother-in-law of
Willis Ai msLiong, who vvas killed in
the I ntei oolonial wreck at Lotbii.ieie,
had one of his logs biokcn iu Ihiec
places and his neck badly cut lie
never icg.nnecl consciousness.
The "Tim nie bond of trade chaige.s
the Canadian l'amlic vvith l.i il in e to
pei foi 111 lis duties as .1 common cai-
nei, and desues the piovmcial and
dominion gavci nnienls to take action
lliat will compel the Canadian J^acilic
to live up lo Us  duties in tins icspoct.
C L'. Jt. Gcici.il Manager McNicoll
iinnounccsi 11 satisl'acloiy
ngtcement has been 1 cached
ncclion with the engniceis
men of the the loud The
ions looking to a new schedule moic
advantageous lo the engniceis and
I'uemen weie opened by tho Western
employees, but the mattoi finally
widened out lo include all the Company's 0111 plojes of that class. The
chairman of men's committee s.ijs the
icsiilt is a genci.il increase to every
class of mechanic on the C. J' 11. The
men's committee numbeied 1'.), the
l.ugest commit tee yet visiting Mont-
1c.1l on similar bus'ne-s.
the public will
of the death of
Geo. Noble, of
Mice'.'.tnbed   last
basis   of
in   con-
ind   fiie-
Wc arc opening up the finest lot of
Fancy China
. Mi Glassware . *.
iluit has been seen in towii.''' gl
' *    ' >      . r**>
f|   Our 'Stock of ,    ,
Stoves, Cooking Utensils;    |'
and General Hnardware
if 1
is," verv complete,    b"^
' ' , ' ' iV8!
Headquarters, for Groceries
,"   of G-uaranteed 'Quality.,  / -'    *    ,���
Seasonable Goods'at' Special Priees>.
,    ' A '  ' " '' .   .    * , '    ,   '    '  '" v
1   ���    r ���' ..'���' 7~~" '      -:       " - " ' ><���
" �� "Dress   Goods 'this'  season's   newesi .effects, 20 per ���
cent'discount.     ���   'y       -        -"'     (      1 .        , '.  '     *   ""
' '.Ladies made-up costumeVsclling at less than making;*
prices. ,  No two costumes alike. ' Sizes 3^, 36. 3S.... ,  .^
.-,'' Ladies Mantles and Coats���Regular $3,6o now ,$4;,^
regular $10 now'$6; regular $15 now $9. ' _    ,   ��� '/y^ ?-;.- "^
' ,;    Children's Coats���A*few only  left 40  clean, at less 4
'than half regular prices.    $5. $6 anck$7 now your choice   |
for $3.00.   (i  t    ,     *     *"r- ','"   '^ ���   ' ,:   -{a ^     '-. -',_l���"���'������,
'' .Staples at reduced prices. ^  ���/''���''";   w     ,,., y"
els, Table Linen, Napkins, etc.* - '  "; yj\ ' ;/f; -��*���---''���""
Special Discount for Quantities."
Agents for Ladies Empress Shoes and Btittencks Patterns."" v<t-* - \
1   '   i- A "A
r' .^     -   '
������K , if1.-"' ,1 1
1 V vi'-?L
I u-.'
. "1 -"'I
"��� _     -i
' dTod AM&<br7rs AOxM^^-^y^1^^^ ^ A
a��cU duy  a^f ^^ &uj(*^ Jfrf**** c
M. A. SMITH & .CO., Agents, Eevelstoke, ,B. C.
7 "
We have received ar.olher co:isi��mneiU ol ^
those goods,     WV arc  .ni^ini;   very jjood KP
values. iv|
We are ,doing the business in this line.
Call and see our stock of Fine Shoes ih.it
we have just received (or the Xmas trade.
Just a few words about  the Grocers   .business,
e have unloaded another car of  Hungarian Hour
_...d  Rolled   Oats.     We also might  state we have a
large stock of Wheat Chop. Bran and Shorts.
re ���
'   ,   A    '
.r'URi.ignKp s.vruuKAV.   '
Subscription   Price!,   S2.00    Per    Annum
| / '
.   ' i
ADVEltTrSINO     ItA'lI.S     i.n     iiinilunlicm
. Change-, in nilioi-lwnic.it.- inii-l  ou m uj'
.I p.iii.T liur-vil.lv ofciuh wtcl. ig -.ci mc good
rti-plny.   Cii-.ii il  mli'cili-uiK  ��l"    ll0   ,L'
CClVLll lip tOlO.l  111. Oil .-5.1H1I iln>*>.
JOU l'KIN'llNO piomiiily e\uut(il nl. u.i-von-
able iiilc-.
ACCOUNTS   foi   "priming   mill   ailvc-li-ang
[       p<i>nblc on fli-,1, of inomli,  sul).cii|iiioii->
iv.iv.able in ,ul\ mice.       ���
C01:RI:.SPONtI)I:NC1:   multil   on m.ittcij of
k. public    UUCIC-it.    UoilllllUIIICIlllOII-v'UI   I'.iU-
lor- inii-vt, be .accompanied lij name ol
w l iter, not iittc-oimii foi imlilic-itioii. i.m
a-ciidcncotif Rood lnil.li. Uoiics|ioiiilciito
-vhoiild.bc.hncf ftnd must ii-m.li ilu* ofiice
' cby *v\'c<liic-(liij' evening.
' if Address r'
Thu Kootk'nay Mail,
iJhon.-'No. VI.    <   '   JtcvolstoUi'. H-0
Wo request our numerous readers to
,    i"a.vor>   us with their assistance In
,      maklns- the KOOTENAY MAIL tho
most valuables  advertising- mccll-
<     um   in   tho  Kootcnnyo  -oy glvlns
,  tho preferonoo, whon malting P"��'-
uhasos    to   those   linns  who   are
'roB-ular atlvertlsors ln tho KOOTENAY MAIL. ' '	
~~~1, h", C1TV AOBNTS.   '
,   'Copies of Tiik M.mi. imiy l��o oliljiim il fiom
tlio following cliy ugeiiu: ' ''   ,
.1, WMIiAMn-r.
Cl.V.lllA 1311UU �� lionit Cr..
fiti\es iii pailiument, and it is the
diity of the Transportation Coni-
mibbion and p.iiliament to see that
a dni'-lic remedy is provided for the
motliods of imposition now practiced
on the jmblic hy the present system.
ha- policy   inti odneed   hy
McBride ��oveinment i.s a "'Obt
sciiou�� affair for the piovincc/That
it i'e neccsFiiry' to hoi row to lectify
the deficiency in the finances of the
pioiince iheie is-no doubt, and no
complaint will he made on that
scene. Bul when it comes lo increasing the taxation on an already
o-vcr-buidencd people lit is a dif-
feienl matter.    Already .Ihe people
A Hard Case.
Hvlilor Kooii-n i\ Mail
Sir,���J n justice to myself I consider
it my duly to lepoit-an outiagcto
which I was subjected in your town
two weeks .i!jo. 1 am n tailor by
Undo nnd on November 'hcl :i toy the
name of Stephen was- looking ovei
dimples ot 'suitings in my room in
your town and'lcqucsted th.it I should
Older.i sui', for him. I at once took
his ineiismc and lie voluntarily paid
the pi ice, thiiteen cloliais ($13 00)
Tlio following day I, foi wauled tl.e
older and icmittance by express money
oidci to the clothing mnnuf.ictuicrs at
Toiouto. Iliad intended leaving for
the Kootenay southern district on the
nioining of the Oth cr 7i.li, and had
bent my luggage to llie station the
inoining   of   the   5th.    &to, hui   suv
"*I.0"XIJ0N* (i:N(iLAX��) Afll.XCV.
Our Kiish-li ollice* nro nl ll'. M���^*f'���.1'"'1*
don, IC. U.. when) .Mi-.-.!-. J.. & .1. ll.iul.N >*^ c,o
>��� will icccho ior ���� l.ni;ll��li ��c��-. *\\h-'1! ft     7
c?, and ndierti-eiiiflils mill  ulioio a "'"'���J^l'"'
llil-i paper for tl" "-�� v'""0 "' oli'ngc) "'  ""* "1
,     our Vender, -.i'-ltlng  London  iu.il ��l��7"*|��\'''
m.c-Iii<; tlio lnu'^t l^uu 'io-sible ot In-, m hei
ocnl p-ipur.	
.<v: J. HARDY & CO.
i *  ,      J-
1 *' .- '������
, '     , AUTHOR'S ttUKNTS anh���...,.'.  IV
,:!���! i;iecl,Strccl.    .    - J.oMios, I'.m.i.\m>
1.    QANADIAN III;.SIM:*3�� ,A  SI'LCI A l/l V.
'    , , AND l'INMIA.M,
* IIA nl'.'STIil'iCSOLICITOUS l'"ll--;
' UKKiChS :    Moi.SO.srf   lHs-ic    IlI.OUC     liiMl
i<- sioici'., ll. C. '
v ...
Monej lolonn. ,. .    .. ,.
Ollice;: KcvcMokc. JL C,: I oil bade. II I
,i:ko'S. McCAiiruc, .
A.  M.   1'lNIv.IIAM.
i Ue\el-.ioke, ]1. C
r,l.vA. IIauvi.v,
Koit Steele  H C
��� v' :, -, -''���
y<   1?aj{Iii.si-::ks.' SoLicnoitfr. N'oi.\i:iis-<
l> s  '      J'uiu.ic, lS-i c.
Fust Siu'i-i.
Iie\ebUik<;1   IJ O
J[ D W A11D W ��� 11 AO ti 1? N\
.Min'ino Km.-iim:kh. "
(Muni.  Aiiiuil.ui- lii-itiliile Milium l.ni;iiiti..*=l
(Mem. Ciumdiim Mining Insliuite I ,
- '    l{i;\-i:Lb'ioivH. B. (J. ,
K\ainiiintion of nnd lepoit- on Mniuial I'i"
pei lies .i Siiecin.lt ^.
* PKURY MiAKE.   '     .
Minint! Fiicmcci nnd J[etallingi-.t.
, si i cm.nit-
'Examinntion-. and Itepoit-.'on Jlinin^  J^'OP
v. eriie=.        ' .     '     ,
Specification nnil  Con-tnu lion of Miiuiih' Ma
..--chiiieij ,    ,      ,    ,��� ,
Te��t- made of Oie-, and ( ontenti.itKin fo.-l lilm
ine .".nd C.*5 nni.de '1*. rat nicul
ITKliaiilic I'1.1111-'        ' ^
' li<(Uoid McNeil Cuvle
f.n ihn.*i' dvpiivtrd ut tiii- hiisl..md oi
'f.ithi'i-,to k"ii(i\'v that ln-5 lnii'tluiiiiilit
has pi'ovifli'd .1 mum fm* lhi'" liHuie
^nppoit.. They   will   not  lie ulijpct- ot
"V.U  J".     ...^. C--   .
1il*, lipgins lo pay pii-miumo th.- 1.j-k
cost to him.
is the'-ticngi-^t (in.inciul cniiipaiiy in
the wniId, .md tin-one we would like
to place voui'insurance wilh
Financial, Real Estaie, Insurance Agents
kkvioi.stok'i-;, ij. c.
TLbe '(kootenay <Il^ai(
l i'i Ullli   Illil I IUI ��� /l l t wtn.^    .m��w    [-��-j  IIIIMIIIU^      Ul       l"**'      wi<��t.        ^��w(   -----
of JJiilisl. Colf.mbi.i pay four and a that I ��..s going .iw..y and *'Pl��;;��!g
,    ,. .     ,       ,.        f   /-x :,, became suspicious that 1   Iinil not loi
lull limes, llio luxation of   Ontano, Hilldwlf, lM!)l   okilm.    jle deinnuded   a
throe and it half   limes -more  than receipt, but when, I   olteied   to' write
Quebec, four lime, ino.e than Nova him one l.e insisted   upon  ������'"mB l,,e
Suoliii'iinil Now Brunswick,   nearly
twice  as   much  as   Manitoba and
iceeipt I   got  fiom   the expie-s com
puny, which   wns   my   own   personal
vouchei.    I lel'uacd of cour&e  to, give
three 'lirno**   as   inucli   as    iVmco  this up or to answer seveial <\m*--0��*
ho put to ine about my business. He
"then suoieout.an inioimatiou before
Justice of the I'eace Goidon, who al
once issued  u   warrant  for niyunest
lSilwnnl Ulaml.    And now, instead .
of lojipiug off  the   useless iippend
i\"(.'=of llie   p'ublic  service, ami iul
juMing expentlituic   lo t revenue on
even 'such an exliavagantly high
basis' of laxaliui the Mcl3tidu,g6v
eminent liiuU' it lias not the courage lo fri[iiii'i*L-ly face Uie issue, ancl
pioposeS instead to salt the already
o\cr-l)uulenctl taxpa\er , witli
heavier taxntipn.* 'J'he people' wlio
\oled to place the McBride government,'in power lnne no . right' to
complain .lliougirwc notice they
aie ni-hing to Victoiia fiom n)i
c]tiiiileis io point out< the ltiinous
cflect winch llie pioposed taxation
i- ijoing to liine^op the'province.
The misfortune, ;is that the ��� opponents of the government, who
fore=.iw this veiy thing ancl \oted
to pic\ent it ha\e to '<=uffei with
tho=e wlm pndoised the government
which ha*- ind'ocluccil il.
On one point the government has
deh'neiately bi'okcn faith with the
people The McBi'ido paity went
to the oounliy pledged to a lepeal
of tlio two pei cent' minei.il tax as
it is lc\ied but their policy bills
lea\e malleis as they were in Hue
lti-ptctanc! constitute a deliberate
bieach of faith! -.ImlliC go,veinor'&
speech no lcfeiencc ��lialo\ei was
in.:do to the " mineial industry,.
���vNhich lcpiesenls an.iinnu.il \\ealth_
pioduction of the piovince exceeding the gieat gold output of the
Yukon "The mining mdustiy does
no. wi^b to sbnk il* just fclmie of
taxation bul 'asks that lax bo
IjmicI in an cquitiibk m.-innei. instead ot i eing a�� il now \->. u tax on
indusli \, [iie\ennng the in\e-tmcnt
of capital and handicapping the
development of llie pjovmcc. Piioi
to the election Piemier MeBiidc
'pioiniM'd ibe people of Rowland
and other po.nU that amendments
to ha\e tin- tax le\ied more equitably would ba\e his support, but
aitei tbe election   be   went back on
-  see a fiienil oi go befoic hi
to obtain bail     I was told by the con
stable "no one" would go���u)}- bail, wa
troduced when he was minister of
mines, ancl \\c saw no other way of
lev\ing the'tax. His addies? in
lenlv   to   Mr.   Macdonald   oil   this
-lmiikl he canitd   bv ("ci\   ni..n���the
man of family,  in oidei- to piovidi- l.'i '. ',    ,          ,    .,���   ,'rrt,.:���,���   i,.t ��
his loved one.���the single man. i<�� I""- point-fchowed   llie   prowiwe   lias a=
\ ide for his.min old  .-igv.   The  imiIkm '        i-i    ' - i.""*-
,7b Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Macdonald.
The following list of wedding
piesents show-, the high esteem in
which Mr. and Mis. J G. "Macdonald
���ue held by theii many fiiends-���
Cut glass cud' lcceiver, "Mny.oi and
Mis. Oiiinmeit, sibei fimtclish. K.JI
Goidon; silver c.uving sell, J A. Macdonald; steiluigsiUer salt cellais, Miami Mis XV. J. McDonnld; siber pudding, dish, J*1. G. Malcolm; sihei inur-
rn.il.ide jar, .1. A. Melssae, silver'sugar
dish, J. J. McDonald; hai.dsomc eight
dav mantel clock, John' Buckley; silvei
cuid receiver, Albeit Koss; silvei spoon
holdci, .las McCormick; siKci Iruit
spoon, Mr. and Mis M. McGuig.in;
silver shaving cup, Mi and Mis Mc-
Caithy; silvei- sug.u dish, 'K Aim-
stiong; silver cruet stand, J D Campbell; one do/., spoons, P. Ward, mum
cue sett, W. Chile and .1. I'ottei;
stiawbenv sett, V. A.'MoK'imuin; sofii
pillow Mis. .). Wnjrlit, Uattenbeig ten
cloth, Mis. K. MelCinnon, point lace
collar and tli ess ' liinunings, Mis-
Agnes McKinnon; handkeichief :un\
glb\e eiiso.'John .1. McK'inno'n; sett ol
'table linee, Jtev. Fnllicr Jennnote;
silser mounted pinycr bea'ds, Kev.
Rilhe'r Coccoln; check, Mrs. A.Mu.-
len; sofa pillow,  Mrs...l..LJM'ciL*Ji?n'
f,i,se   P'o;������;/,^'";'^^"!      ^   ����cn.  o'eeLiields  Co,  silve/
taken to the gaol and   not     llow^to iWo d|fch|   Kelly    .Aiuglas it Co ;
" i.   biscuit jar, Air. ,iiiul   Mis. C. .1. \\ ilks,
.   sili-er lo.i selt  and   ti.iv, A. M. 1Ty.��11:
stable "no one" wonlil gopmy u.ui, was  s e.i .lis  ''"���-', \-
t,e..ted likeadcspe.atccha.actei   and   so p dish    J.   V   Mo    ci i    c.u      t
thrust'into a cell  occupied   by three sett^U. j[. XUI ^^J^c
I  dish, Jas. ll'Hleison; leathci   leelmmg
ehaii, .1   M.  Munlock,   china   dinnei
on ii cliaige.of obtaining money undci
,.��%..t��^ .-f. I7^*-W
The best and safest way
to keep Baby's _ fhia
healthy is to use only
��o    ma
I'lire,' P.iinly,   Dolicatu.
Beware  of imitations.
piisoners awaiting their 11i.i 1. Hy
this time it was too lute to obtain li.u
so^J was compelled to stay theie all
night. '   '
No   one   knows   the'   mental   and
ph\sical inisciy I'enduied in.lliepooi
ly "\entilated   cell., J  b..d   only  loom
to stand and   theie   was  no  seat oi a
place to lay down,but on the llooi.
What do you think ol* a magistiatc
subjecting ..'man to this tieatii'cnt on
'the Jlimsy statement of* jl youth fiesh
from the old sod to take the li 1! U 12
stiikcr's place,'
I-'iiday morning ' hin'Mionoi" appealed and oli'qied to let mo nut on
"one thousand ' dollnr" bail. Ho in-
fornicd my fiiends who weie going
secuiity lor me that there was \eiy
stiong eiulence. of my guilt and that
he had he.ud fiom good authority that
1 h.id tiicd to beat my land loid out of
my mom lent (which is moic than
niv lantlloul nonid ha\c said foi the
lent was* pit Id in ' e*eiy instance on
time) While my case was pending
he went to the fiiends v.ho weie itoing
my secuiit\���outlined the , seiious
ness of the" chaigc and the sticngtli
of the evidence that one man who was
willing 10 go'my bail became alaimcd
and lefu'ced (o ,issist" mc. So this
necessitated delay iu.J it ��,is aftci one
o'clock p in. bcfoic.I was lcleitecl
At the appointed'time this intamous
?aiee was continued in com t. Stephen
had in the meantime wheel to Toionto
and liis leply stated -the older foi his
clothes hud been iccciicd lie showed
theie was not the slightest evidence
hisanoney had been paid tir.dei false
pictenoe," M.v counsel -howed his
honbi \eiy filu'llly and foicibly that
had ho lulled a w.ur.int (Oi m} ane-t
on cliais,'C of iniilli)liiuj{htor or fcellme
diseased meat to tic public it could
liH'.c'been c(p>ally well suppoiled In
theeiidenco fuinished by  theplamtill
It seems a seiious m.Utei th.it the
good name and liberty of the public
maj at any lime be -acriticed by one
igiiru.iiit eien of the delinitinn of a
common ci line and the fust iiidin.ents
of judicial piocedure
'Jhe  scandal   monger^  enn   (bair   a
which surround the  eosiiping tongue,
and   cleat  o\er  ,i   inul   slandci  they
Jus   foimei   pledges, and   defended   know is false.    A  lespectable   citi/.ei
the tax b\   saving  it  bad been in
can be aircsttd like a felon on n fli.-i
K. Gi's-x.
>*e!-on, 13. C . .N'd\ember zi. 10O3-
Young Ladies. Read 'l his.
sett, I'\ 13. Leslie; .lapancse silk piano
covei, Mies A, Cook, sibei buttei dish
V JI. S.indeison; half do/- silvei
ki ives and folks. \< V Kobcilson;
siber picklo flish, A. .1 Maddigan
napkin lings,-' Mr. and Mis W G.
Costigan; sihei bon-bon dish, Miss V
Jtomane,selt Uattenbeig lace cm tains,
Miss J-Catie Callaglian, sib'ci ash ti.ty
It J Donaldson; sibei' sug.u/lish, D
A. Fiai.kfoul, fruit dish, K. It. Moen,
silver bi|tte|- dish, Mis A Ruins,
silver pickle tongs, -M|. and Mis C s-
tollo, siljer sett afiei noon tea spoons'
Mi. unci Mis \ ���} li.ilos, sil\ei ben\
dish, M-iss'.Mao Cniley, fancy iockei
Mi and Mis MoCiHtiiyj f-lhci butlci
dish, Mi. and Mis' Donald MoKlnuon;
sil\ei colVee spoons, W M Lawiencc,
beny spoon, Guy JJ.uvCi tea sett. Mio��
Clili, buttc- dish. Capt Ji.ichei, sihei
liuit'dioh, Mis  Calc>
The gioom's piesent to the hi ide
was a1 IpnulsRinp yold ling and sable
boa, lo the bndpsipnifl a)P e\ciuisite
gold biaoelet wilh nili*i 11inc locket
,f A. D.ui.igh came m fion C.uu-
An Oddfellows ball is td' be gi\tn
at Camboino on Dee  loll)
G K. Giogan.foimcily of Rc\el.-toke,
left l.ist.wcpk I'm England.
'Mr ancl Mis Inert Tajloi left Tuesday to =pencl a few months in the
iVoith Thompson  Valley.
Mc��dumcs Spin ling and Ic Masitie
left foi lingland Tuesday-:any fiiends
being at the station to bid them a
pleniiiiit ^oj-iigfj
T. Meiedith of YoiktPP, ?? \Y T,
was in the city"Tuesday on business
connected wilh the Anowhead Lumiiei
Company :n which hc is one of the
pi mcipal iinc-tois  ,
IC. A. J3iadely came in fiom Fiench
Creek Satuiday and lepoi ts the   niop-
scaiuiai   ""'"b^"  �����"   "���."^.r   city   to   continue   to    look   f.uo.ablc
man s reputation   in   the mud o. tilth   ^^ t|jp ^^ ^^ ^^ ( n     ,Rj
had a \ery haul tnpo\ci tlicsoft snow
The   meeting   of   the   Shakespcuc
ts premiei a weakling and a bum
bii'_'.    1H= statement   that the mining men had offeiecl no solution of
the two per cent tax  was a deliber-
CJn on Tuesday night was a gieat
sticces~ The study ol Macbeth was
begun and created inteiesting discussion. The membership continues to
W, C. Wells   M   P  P    left   Ottawa
for Victoria Tuesday buf. wassummond
, back on account of the *-eii'His   illness
If vou  are   bothered   with pimples, j of his nccetl mother, w bodied on   Mon
, "     i.  i 1...1...   .._   ,.���.,-.-.����   .l.iv.        Up li>fi.   Onaw.i on Sum
indies or ugly blotches on your face
if your complexion i- sallow, it's an
evidence'that you nrjuire Ferro/one
to tone up your blood.   One Ferro/one
lax   was il iiuin/'.i-   v- r j -----       :
. ���    -.   Tablet taker nt meals makes the com-
te ial-eliood.    Again and   again it; plciI0ll |ikt. ,(C,,cll bloom, cheek-- soon
a ' ' 	
1 c-en pointed  out   the  tax as it j become ins\, cc* bright, > ou Ml I e thr-
i- now levied  i-   a   tax   on the ern  J pietiueof health.   Thousands of Jadie-
, ... i   ,i    .   ,i,���   keep   up   their   youthful   iippc.ii.ii.ee
iLoum'nt   oi   labor   and   that   tlie! vvjti, j.*crl.0/0ne, why  not \ou''    l'n'cc
lies   in
lev vi nu' the tax on
Sati i:dav, ijkci:mj;i*I' :.. 100:5
One of llie fn-t thing.- the Dominion Transportation (Virmn:��.��ion
.-hould do i- to iiujuiic- into c.iu-cs
of d'-lay of fieiglit from th" e.i-t via
the V V 15. Se\er.il itM-oip- aie
given a- to the cause and tbe public
are en titled lo know the truth. A
] 1 rge lumber fi 1 m complains ol" provoking delay 111 dcliwiy of it^
micbinery. Again, if a .-hipment
g >e= wrong, in-tend of the customer
pjvinii for ihe jioilion iccncd hf
hi- to pav for the whole ��� 1��1 j nient
thu- [ia\ mgimjiht on good- he has
not ]��� cci\rd and 111.1 \ ne\ei get    In
Gained Forty Pounds in Thirty Days.
fiOc. nt diuggi.-ts
New Steamer for North Arm.
day He left Ottawa ou Sunday
Vankleck Hill, wheie his niothci
,   AND,      .     '    ,
!' .
Saw Mill Machinery
Wood Working Machinery
Machinery for all purp'oses
' All of very best makes.
���   1 602 Main St., Winnipeg,
' H. B. STONEX,   ,
Opposite Ccntiul Hotel, Itcvclstokc.
Lathe and   General Machine Work
Piomptly  Jixeeiited.^
Painters, PaperIiangers,Signwpiteps
'   '       KALSO-MINING  DONE.   '
Ordeis recive prompt attention.
Second ivtreel,
IIIL.      UVVL       'First Street,
KiLSt of AIoKoiiv. Kinik
For your meal.-. Open day and ni^ht.
Meals 2"5c and upwind. Special weekly
rates.    Good set-vice giiiii.iiitecd.
YODO FUJI!, Piopiietor.
Sir 11 ibbeit Tupper  .inuouiicoa   hU
letirenienl fiom.pohiics.
Of liie debate on t lie nihil est.-in-i cply
LhoTiiuesbi\-; Di bind Mr. McDonald
is the finest .may of liilont thai'.has
evei bun K.ilheicd toguiher in the
assembly. The- libeials li.no good ca i'-c
for (lio��� exultation Unit' came upon
them after that piehmin.uy louncl"
, The Timci*-.ays ol'the new libeial
leadct'at A'icloiia- ','-\lr .Macdoi.ald
111 hia maulm f-peecli in 'the House
conwiiecdfc hi>��" ,, followcis that, they
made no mistake in theii choice of a
leader. PosbCa-.cd of an excellent
P.ulianuMilaiy stylpi 11 beautiful mod
ulatcd���iebonant ancl pel leetly.atlm'ed
\oice, whose low notes'cut' be bend
disliiic'lly in a by no means .���ccoustical-
ly pci feet chajnbpi it is a ple.isipc to
li-ten to the n'pw le.u|ei making his
points. And he is .1, debatpi ol the
stamp who belices'ln appealing tothc
ic.ison 'of his he.noia i.ithei than
m declamation"      ,
S.iys   the' Tnbuneon    the     open-
iuk of the session-    ,' Only   eighteen
membcis    .iiiindcd the   {jo\cinment
eaiii-u-, iv.vj ui which weie held   today,
.mil the .lolj .Mcl5|]il,o cliiiins  nic con-
sidenng wbpic they aip a'l.    It   is now
delmiiely kno',\.i  1l1.1t    the   Socialists
itiuUlabbi    p.i ml|C|a ��|ll  stand'by t l'.p
panics that  elected   them,  and' w]i ]e
1 hey   will   not   vote factiouslyagamsl
thc"go\oiniiitiit  thcy.will   to   \ote  in
all questions 01 pnnciple    The mem-
bci-a ol the t'6\eimiient do not make a
yood   nnpiesoion   and   theie is a gieat
deal of clissatislaclion he.ud among the
mcinbeia  ol   thcpaily   ^loutloii   of
Xelson wil| nqt  ''0   nlto   lhe-go\cin-
inctit^taiiciis i|iitil the paily makes'its
elected   IcitRi    p'lehnpi      The   paity
will suieK- be.deleaUd   n   this   is  not
.        ..     *     ��� ' *��� ' 1
done    , ,  r '
'An 'Attack of Pneumonia Warded Off
'.Some tiinea ".oniy d.iiit?hlfcr 0 ui^hl
,i>e\ ei e cold, yhe (.onipl.iined ol pains
in Ifer l1ii'��I. and li id' '.i had cough.
I K.ive hei Oh.iuibei l.iinS Cough Kem-
eilv, .iLLiiiduiK to duection and in two
days she was well <|ud alile lu ��o to
sclibol. I h.uc u-id this lenu'dy in
my l.innlv |u| Ihu pist si'H'P )'".iis.
.md have neiei known it l" tail.'
s.iys J.inu'S Pi-i'iidv'ig.isl. niei-diant
Annate Hav, Jamaica, West India
Islands. The pains in theihe-t indicated an appiu.uhmK attack <of pneumonia, which in this instance was
imijciuHedl> " 01 del]I elf by (Jhainl)ei--
l,un% (.'oukIi Ilemech. Jt (.(niiitf'i.ictb
any lendeni y nl-.i (old low,ud pneii-
1110111,1.       Fur   s.ile   hv .ill   iliiifiK'sIs
Kootenay Lodg-e
No. 15 A.F. & A.M.
*   'I he iiyiil.u incc'linf;-
fS^.l^,t"r7Ps       ipc liclvl 111 llm M.is
_=.*-^!!*-*<v"""^*v,      onic   'liniplc.   0<1(1
JT/^T^yS^AW-Y-��� I fllow- fl.ill, on the
^Sj'c.icli inoutli .libp.111
~    X'l-vilniK    hi ctln en
'=��� cuuli.ilh  w clcomcil.
K. OOIIDOX  bi em iahx\
-Meut-cMij Tiic-rfl.ij
oi enini,- in Sulknk
. II.ill at t> o'clock
Vi-ihni^ In. tin en coi
didllj iinitcd to ut
II ml.
.J, MAlillK. See.
T   I'.AK
ii.i -fVi'iiil ui'.iith- out  vmilii,'ei bu.   f
l In-1 h.id I n liouliled wilh iiiiliu.'-liun
II..  Iiixl ���will M-iiii'ilii". Iiur K��t  im.
Ill-II. Ill   ttlllll I In-Ill.v\\'.' pill I ll.isul illllH'
.,f C'h inilicilaiii'-Himiiai h   mid    Livei j
T.ihl" I-   and    li"    ii'iuiiieiK i'(l    Iiikincf ���
tin in.    Iii-idfi.f   Unity day-   lu*   bad
t< ui i il Ini l y   poind-   if   lli'sh.    [If i-i
mi.i   fi.llv [-.'((ivi-ii'd.    We   hviie KOod | fiom a tii[i e.nt
n.i.le i.ii" Hi-   Talil-i-,    Ili.ll-v   ri'"--t     The   Omdiillc    Clul
^l"ll ll lilt-.        I.IH1L'     III.null     Alii.      I	
-il- In
Hov.-l.tnd w.unl ils el.iinn to the
iiirlin- hiui-piel Ibis w'ntci mi f.iv ji
of Ki \< NtrAc
On Moiid iv It A I'.rown left foi the
-nnlli lo icprf-eiit Iteielstokf at the
iniitiii- of the Kootenay Curling A-
-oci.ilion.and took with him a iiuinboi
ol pioxiet from other points in favor
of l In- -e.i��nn% bon'piel being held at
!!��� u l-ioke
what oilier l.ii-nii���   s\
-iein would
.-ucli i c oi'iiliiion of ihinj.'- be lolcr-
a'cl.' 'I lie public aie entitled to
iaii tic.anient fiom the G. I*. It. as
well .is fiom i.ll corporations operating t.ndei chai toi- {.Minted by
the people through  thc-ii lcpre.-cnt-
Hcart Palpitation at Night
I'attli- CM'i) t'ne stiongest man, but
to the ,n ei age woman it i" a taste of
geneial pmgatoiy Take n little Xei-
uhne m sweetened watei arid away
goes the palpitation. Vou'll I e .s.ued
lots of won y b", Leeping Xei vilme on
hand, which is a triiisuie for all "orU
of pains and aches. Ncniline ernes
lieadarhc, siomach and bowel tioublcs
quickly.   Costs 25c. for a huge bottle.
I'r nn Our Own C'lrrn-jJiiiiilont.
'1 he oig.ui fund now amounts to o-.ci
Mr->r-> .Newman and Ch,i[)inan hive
stalled ll."i:- Iokj;!"'-' coup up I be
nvrr.    .--iiccr'rr to il.f in
The (viM''-<t we h.i'l   ltlieie    was    12
.ibo\e /i ro,   jWith    nn   wind���m    l'.ic-t
I the onl*. wind th.it m U It her., i-- fiom
the south a-1 we   an-   protci te I    fiom
'��� wind-, from all otln r qu.irlt r-
(;ur  town is  crowd.d   ew,'iy   night
ritrangi is ,1(10    poading    tb"   -li(fl,<
looking for .i place   to lay their 1.'-.ids
Moth ho'cl-   are   ii-im,'   c-.-ry   .nail
I able spot wherein a   \w��ry   nun   cm
1 ������t-|.v| re-t li'i- bonc^ and the c > is,r-till they
di-.ipp-.iied to the |     Tho I;.g fj-nd   Lumber   Co    i.usid
di-ippointriieiit of the young picple.     , the ia��t ���,'ction   of   the   null    -mioke
Tl.e drnilge l'-ft   on   Monday for the j stark on Wcdru -d i',  ��uk I   '.xpeel
Nariows lo pull some sn.igs outof tbej to ha-.e Ihe ekrtiie light ir)>-l.tMr ci
r|UM. . and burning in the mill in a i< \s d.iy ��
Theie ,sp,ep.���.tion  being made forj Tberc   a."   many   arixi'm-    e, im
from niir ..��ii Ci>rr<  i^.nd.'iil
Mis   I   Mm tin   and   family   I'ft   foi
Seattle 1 i-t week
Mi-i    !���:    ifi'Duii'MliI    ha*    ii-turiiedj
rnd.iy eieiung
Our snow has al
,in Xmns tiec in the f-uiidny s'diool on
Cluistrnas eie
The Yale-Colmnbiii Lumber Co's
tug SmtiKglcr made her trial Inn last
week and handled herself HaUxfartonly
to her owners
\V I") McOoug.il'1. who has been
visiting Ins folksat Oi.ind Foi ks foi a
week or two, has ictuiwd, and his
fiiends were glad to / sec Hilly with ih
Mr. Mcfx'is-,ock has the frame up for
a l.uge tug, 80 ft. long, lb' ft beam,
and 7 ft hold, for llie If.uboi Lumiiei
Company of Oomaplix. She is to
h.uean uppei en bin for pafesengers
She will be lilted up with Iii il class
macnineiy, and will run between Ai-
lowbead, Comiiphx nnd Thomson
Jj.-i nd ing.
���is I'i w In-n Ih" eomp.iiiv will Like
lin ham! the wiimg .md lighting
j of the tow n
I The cold snap we had thioughoul
this p.1.1 of B, 0 It'.ids Ariowhi .id-rs
to congratulate therrneh's on Ibr, fact
that they i-oidc in a "p'-nally lavortd
locality Asa well known icsideiil
said to tli" wntcr onf day last week
on getting oil' the liaiu and inked if
it was cold in CeM'Istolve "Cold' I
should "ay so���7> below /no and
blowing haul. Anowheiid is a sum-
infj ifsoi t   n coirpai lion
[Illinois weie (hick (his wiek of impending changes in the local sinlT of
llie 0. I'. 11 but on enquiry nt the
siipoiinlf wl/'lit'a ollice we were infoim-
ed nothing is knoHl) PI the changes
it-ported, .
I )i;iJI,IC NO'I ICKi-^iMii (I,,u I he 11 k lluiiil
1 l.iiinlici ( iiiii|),in\ I.iiiiiKiI h.iiu adopicii
lhi- liclow mcndoniil liinlici iii.nl.', foi Iob- Iiu
I'mikiiij? In Hiciii (I .ill   p-i-oii-   ine   i\,until
.iKvimsl ili'.i|in,' wilh fir licpniK in i.o-si.^ion
    ' '   ""--'     il'Io
,iiiy lon'- Ijl.uIi K'ui,! of -ipii m.I
u 3
Dulul ,it Anowlicml, Aiib. 2S, I'Kll
i in: uio iii:s-|> i.i;uiu-:ic co. i/in
'I'lll.O,   I.I (Kl.l'll .   I'ic-lill'lll.
Web liciewv know oui' hu-vine��s.
(Jui hu-iiii'ss i- lo help jou do j-iiiii
business. We supply up-to-dale husi-
ni-.- ini-.in- anil inelliods,���money-
���iih tug (lev'u es .mil Iwiw lo use tliem.
ri.x'r.w i*i.i, r,oo.-i;.i r.Ai- r.::i)(ii-.u.
Loo-e fj-iif Files and L-dgeis wilh
lilmg'', -penally mild, pi-mted, pel foi-
niid and punched In suit any -Ij, le of
-ii-.xc.w rr.i, -i it \N-^i*i:rt r.r.i*..
Kootenay Mail Publishing- Co. Limited,
JfclSVELfeTO   li, li. 0.
Synopsis of ttognlations for Disposal of
Minerals on Dominion Lands ln Manitoba, tho Northwost Torrltorios and
tho Yukon Territory.
' Cu.il.-Coal liuuJs may he i>uichii��cd at
(10 per acio Tor suit cuul inul UV ior un-
llii.ic-ltc. Nol moie tlniii WO ucies cim
Iiu iiuiulieil Ijy onoiliiilivUlu.il or com-
ii.iny. JCovnlly at the i-iito ot ton cents
pui ion ot H,I)W poiimlh slitill bo'collectoil
on Uio gioss oulimt. .
OiuiiUi,���i'l'i.sons or eighteen yours, and
ovor and'Joint htoclt companies lioklum
fieo miners coi tllioutes may obtain entty
loi a milling locution.
A noo miner's coi tillento is, g-.anted for
ono or moio yo.u.s, not exceeding live, upon p.ivnient In advunco ol ?7 M pei nullum lor an individual, .ami fiom'W) lo
jlOO poi annum foi a company, utcoiulng
lo c.ipit.il *��� .'
A Hoe minor having dlbeovoioil mineiiil
,in place, may locate'.i claim 1500x1000 lcet
by m.ulvlng out the .same with two legal
posts,i be.uins'loculitfn notlbcs, ono-at
c-.chiciHl on'l-ho lino ot the' lode or vein.
Tho cl.um s>li.ill bo i(Scolded Within fif-
teeirdays. it located within ten miles of a,
milling lecoidei s. ollice, ono .iijilitlon.il
day allowed lor e\eiy additional ton
miics'oi fi.iction The toe loi lecoiding
a claim is y>. ,,-..���
-At least $100 miibl bo expended, on tlio
claim o.icli >'gai ofpnlcl to l|io mining io-
coiilei in llou theioot. AVlieu ?500 has been
expended ot paid, the locator may, upon
having a smvoy mado, and upon complying with olhui lociuuoinenls., pui chase
the land at $1.00,an acie." .
l'cimibsion may bo granted by the Ailn-f
istei ot the Inleiior to locate claims,
containing non and mica, alwj coppei, In
tho i'ulcon Tenltoiy, of an aiea not exceeding JCO acics
The patent foi a mining location shall
pi ovule tor the pas merit ot loyalty on the
wiles not exciedihg hVe per cent. .,
Placer 'Mfiiing, Manitoba una the i>. W.
rJ', excepting- tho .Yukon. Temloii ���
-Pl-a-ei mining claims, genoially aie 100
feet "b(liiaio,BCiiliy 'ft'?. ?:,, ienewable
yeaily. On tlio Noith Sabkatghcwan
Kivei claims for either bar or bench, the
loimoi being 100 feet long and extending
between high and low water maik. the
latter Includes bai diggings, but extendi
back to the base ot tne lull or bank, bin
not exceeding 1,000 leet Wheie btciim
power is used, chums. 200,,leei wide may
bo  obtained        ' i
- Ill edging 'In the nveis.of Manitoba
and the-N7 \V. *T ,l evtc'ptlng the Yukon
Ten Holy.���.*! lice mln'cr may obtain only
two 'leases oCc,li\p miles olich lm a teim
ol twenty ypais, (cupw^blc in the aihcie-
tion  Ot  tho J\]Inistpi   pt  the  Jiuoiioi
'I'ho lebsee t. light is conlined to tho sub;
meigod beds" oi bais ot the liver below
low watei maik, and v-ubject to the lights
ot all poisons who ;iave, or ^vllO may'ic-
teive entnes ioi'bai diggings or bench
claims, except on .tlio Saskatchewan
Unci-, wheie the lessee may uiedgo lo
high watei maik'on each'altoin.ito leasehold  J .  ,     ,
The lessee shall Jisive a diedgp in c.ei-
atlOn wttlnn one j-eas'on fi'Cim"t. c (I ..^ of
the lease loi'eAch live miles iJL..-wlieie
a poison oi company lias obtained moie
than one le.isu one diedge toi each lit-
teou miles pi .tiaptlon is sullicient
ltcnt|Ll, ?10 per iinnum lor each nulo ot
livpr lpasctl. * llpy,ilty at t|ie i.ite of two
and a hall ppi cent co||ec(0(l Qii tho output after it exceeds $10,000
Dicdging m the Yukon Ten itoi v.���Six
leases ol n\e miles eacn may be granted
to a lice minei loi a i.im ot twenly
jeais, also lenewable.
Tho lessee's light is conlinecl to the
submcigcct bed oi bais, in tiie livei below low w-a[e\ inqi'|v, "pl.'^t boundaiy to
be lixed by us pohs|lion on the J^t day oi
August m tho j ear of the clato of the
'I'ho lessee shall ha\c one diedge in op-
oiation willnn two >eais liom ine date
ot llie lease, and one diedge loi each
live miles within six ye.us Horn such
date Kcntal, MOO pci mile toi tho lust
\eai, and HO per mile ioi each subso-
(liient jeai Uojally, same as placer miu-
"ig     ' A      '   " ���    ,���
' l'later Mining iu thp Ypkop '|'pir.toiv.
���Cieek, nyei .gulch and hfll glanns shall
not exceed 2j0"t>;el Ul length, moasuied
on tho base lino oi goneuil duection ol
the cieek oi gulch, the width being Horn
1,000 lo -,000 leet All othei plaeei claims
shall be .100 leet suuaic.
Claims aie niaiked b> two legal posts,
one at eaeh end, beating notices- iOnlij
must be obtained within ten dajs.'if the
claim Is within ten miles of mining le-
cotdei s ollice One c"Uia day allowed
foi each additional ten miles ot fiaction.
The ptisQi'i or'comp.ltii spiking a claim
must" hold a liep muifi's ceitflicatc
The dlseoveiei of a new mpio |s entitled
to a claim of 1,000 leet In length, and 11
the paity consistss ot two, 1,301) leet alto-
gethet, on the output ot which no loyultj
shall be eh.ugcd, tho lest of tho pany
ux.llu.il y claims only
'JOntiy lee, ?10 liojalty at theviato of
two and one-halt pel cent on the lalue
t the gold shipped liom the Yukon Ter-
UL      11.V.    ^U.'��      I... JU'V-V.     l.V...      ^..^.      --  ....v.      *
iltoiv  lu  bo paid   10  llio Compitollei.
No fiee ihlnti"shall' iec|3ivc'a giant -
moie i|f.in ynp mining pltaim o|T e.'ich scp-
eiato ilvt'i. eieelv or gulch, but thp same
miner may hold any number of claims
bv pin chase, and lice mine-is, may woik
theii (l.ilms in pailneishlp by llllng
notice and paying lee of fi. A claim may
be abandoned, and anolhei- obtained on
the same eicek, gulch oi ilver, by giving
notice und  paying a lee
Woik must bo dmio mi a claim each
\e.ir lo Ihe value ot at leaat f^OO
'A (i I tllleyll' tli'at." woik has been done
iniiit "In- ohiiihitd eacli year; If not, the
claim shall be- deemed to he abandoned,
nnd open lo occupation and entiy by ii
nee miner.
The UoundllilOH of it claim may be do-
llnid ubsolutely by having u survey
made and piiblislilng notices In the Yukon
Olllclal  Clu/.ctle
Ilydi.iullc iMiuliig, Yukon Teirltoiv ���
Locutions unliable loi hydraulic mining,
having a lioiitugo ol Horn one lo live
miles, and a depth ot one mile oi moie,
may he least il lor twenty yeais, piovidcd
the giounil h'js bepn piosppctcd by Ihe
applicant nr his agent, Is found to be un-
iiifmhle foi lilaeei milling; uiiTl does not
Include within ltd bound-ules any mining
fl.ilms alieiidy giantpd. A reiilul of *lfc*o
fm each mile ot 11outage, aud loyally tit
the i.-itc ol two and une-h'ilf pci cent on
the value ot the gold shipped Horn the
Ten itoi y .no chuigod. Operations, must
be commenced wilhln one year fiom the
dale of the lease, anil nol les-3 than fcl.OOU
must bo expended annually. The lease
occludes- all bare metals, quaiU and coal,
and piovidcs foi the withdrawal of unop-
ciatod land toi agiiculiur.il ot building
pui poses
lJeti oleum���All unappropriated Dominion Lands In Manitoba, the Noith-wC3t
Ten 1 toi it's and within the Yukon Teirl-
toiy aif open to pioipccling for petiol-
eiiin, iiik) the mlilistul may" iespi\o* foi
an indlMdii.il or company having ma-
clilneiy on llie land to be riospected,
an ana ot 010 acics Should the pios-
puetoi discover oil in paying quantities,
und satlsfactoilly establish hucIi dlBCOV-
ery, an area not exceeding 010 acics, including the oil well and such othei land
as- may be determined, will be sold to
the discoverer at the rate of *100 an
acie, subject to loyalty at such late as
may  lie specified by order-in-council.
Depaitmtnt of the Interior, Ottawa,
Sept,  1003
Deputy ot the Minister ol the Interior.
Waller Muni'o, uf this cily,' is<   nmv
iinjiuiiy.iiiK    an    c'leniiiK   elii-tv   fur   a   ,
thinciu^h and   L'i'in|ilelt' simly  of  (he
ahnvf  subject'.    If you  would heeiiuie
an  expel t   ill   the  |iiol'es^ion of Slen   '
'opni|ihy e't.toll now.
Foi" lurlhcr    pintieulnis'- apply   by
letter. *���
r'       ' WALTKR ISI UNUO:      '
IteveLstokV,  B. U/'    *'
Wc have jus| inai|e ,||-|.|iih:i;- - J
ments to |'.|ve .( Te|egi,i|)|i f)n- j
p.nlini'iit w'liieh will'lie nutlet . A.
.llie pc'isoii.i] supei vi.-vjun of nil .' -*
ex-peit who lias hail i')(|)i'li(Jii(ii , ,
in all kin(]s ol tejegt,i|)lii|ig ,\\\(\
telepliiuiintr wopk, -     '
'It will pay  you to wiile for tei'iiiv.';
-Vancouver Business College, Ltd.,*
��� Box-'olJ.    ���v.VANUOUVKH, B. C.
\     '
.     1B86. K c   M   o
ft      <
DR. EDWARD FISHER, Musioal Director
The    Eest   Equipment   and    Facilities
and Strongest Faculty in Canada.
,   A thoiouglily m tislic mill flni-vlicd
SlfJSICAL kftircA'c^j* '��� "".
,Local Center |i\ailii|intio]is held fivuiy S|iiii-
iiui in .Miiiujolii) 'ivJoi||iifcs|! '{'(.��� I't'l''I?** !l''ll
IJiitish C'ohi|nl|i|| ' ' '' ,
School of  Literature   and   Expression
.   Mrs Ine/ NiihoKon C'ultci'. I'liucipal.
l'*ull Faculty    All launches timglil   -      _   '
i     When Milting plca-o iiiciition Tlie"Miiii._
The Best on tha Market
KUH'IZ'S OWN '    ,
kuitr^s noNi'JiiHi
��� tie  Bl,Hid-,  tll.il (iin't he lii-.ili'li. *���
J. U. Iluitliison has ,iii.iiufeil  fur  a
Iiu'ri1 supply ot O.uilL Ooal.
. Oiili'isli-fl nl W.   M.   L.u\|.:ii.-\  or
ll.   M. .Sniylhe'.-  will  h.n e pmnipt attention. * '
1 h.ue .stalled a pet inani nL Wood
Yaici on Thiul siieet. 'Willi my past
expei ii-ne-e I hope- lo he in a position ,
to satisfy all i. quiieinenls ol tusloui.
els. Mill and cm ri wood s-upplii-d in
any lengths at reduced piieesfoi eii-h-
'      [{. S4i>|��5Q"f/.
Halcyon Hot Spring's
~fa n it a rite m.
rpIIB MliDIOAI, WATERS of llnl-
X c-yon aie the inosvt fiiriilive in Ihe
woild.' A pei-fet-l, natiual ii'inedy for
all Net Mius and J|u*-cii|.ii- ili.seitses,
Liver, Kidney nnd riloi|iut-|l i|i|i||f|i|-j
and lMftaHic J'oisnuinK. A sure c\i\v
for "Thnt Tiri'd .Feelinu;." Mpeeinl
rules on all hunts nnd ti.uns. Two
mails in live and depait eveiy day.
Telegraph c-oiniiiuiiieal ion with all
parts ol llie wni Id. An expeiieuced
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrobu J*,afo. B. Q.    ,
Revelstoke Grows Fast
We pticw fa-l.-i, having .iddeii
to our Bakei y and Confeelioni ry
business full lines of
Groceries and Camp Supplies
Agents for  Ihe  Oelehr.iti (I
McKenzie Avenue, Kevelotoke, li  ���������   -V   if   'ffl  i. A$ytl  rJ HE KOOTENAY.f MAIL  eet,  ike.  ight.  ct-kly  nmv ���������       ��������� ,  'nr   a   ,  r  the  ('OII1C             ���������,,  Slen   '   ���������       '  y i>y    -  r  when epidemics of any kind  prevail; when changeable  weather makes  cold" easy.     , ���������   ���������  , At the least sign cf  fatigue, chilliness, or  faintness,'take a'cup of  hotBOVRIL.'ltv/ilL'  give' instantaneous  vigour, and  energy..  lasting  BOVH1L is just as ������ood as a preventive  " as it is as a restorative.'   ' ,  <���������*!!nxx*m'*Kmfr*vtiFftm'7L^  THE BIG BEND.  '   '   i. i  " - ���������   ,      i >..  Progress in Lumbering, Placer and  Lode ^Mining; aiid Ranching'. '  ,   , (Continued)        + '  '      < " '* *  .    HA.VCIII.NO.,      t     ,  It will' be'"Tiiiiys  to   many to.be*  told that" llio   Big  Bend   offers an  'excellent outlook for ranching. But  - '   with transpoi talion opened jb'Ciuioc'  - river. ll)creBis'no doubt about it.  yinall .'fruits .f.Q if-ple'i'diclly -and  t'hpie ib little floulit 'that tiee fruits  '\iould nl.-Q (lo wt-li:. No (ii-ioi- veget-  I'ble'and ioot crops'could bo ������\a\\n  -'' |han thuie seen   in, Uie gauli'iiB of  ,.     the Bond ut .1. Hathaway'.--,   K.-iMe-  J3ean'.- and J, P. Kelly'.i at C.uno-,  . ' 'ijov'd'a ranch,'   Lafoi-mu's   l.inch at  - ' Downie and Goldstream, Ra\ niond  - Aljen's.   and      Hairy', Howard'?.  Potatoes do well ancl though sometimes injiiied   by   frost   the   occui-  , i-encc is inie.'' the late J. D: l'oytl  '     told ub-ho   had '-experienced injury  '    lo his potato crop,-twice from frfi'st  d\i|-ipg'lH5 lffci'clpiicp ip thp Bcpd.,   ,  /h     ' '.I. l'J;iihaway--has'ii rnnpli'at.Lji-  "\ fu'r'pip pip'ek,  wherp  good vegetable  find potato crops '"and  small fruits  are grown'. There are small'patches  of good hiiult along  the   river bank  - between here and Carnes creek    At  "    O.iiiics 15.,McBea'n  and J._ P. Kelly  h.hc- taken   .up "homesteads   and  ('iaise 'good    icgetable   and    potato  plfiP������*      -j  ,Al ftive-Mije P.. J'elersqn li!*s one  pf tbp'cliQipptt p'ipecs of land in the  "   Dciid,  the  aiea  'buihg   about  GOO  t   ..        , .j.,-,,        - .j1. r  acie?. ,< t ���������������������������   '���������  '  -     The mo.-t'up-to-'dale r.inch.'in the  Bend is  that  owncd-and operated  by.lhc.Navigation Company, known'  -  as Boyd'o ranch, taken vtip in 1S9-P  by  the J.ife   ^Z ]).* Boyd.    XV. G.  Wi'iVpii is 'ip' phai'Erp'^Mlf1 !lils l,ut  pp' eight tons of hay thi.-. season be-  bi'deilri-Qwing line crops, a nil sup-*-  plying the co"mpaii)3s steamer with  fies-h " supplies "h| small funis, as  strawberries* and .ctirianU, ancl  \c_etable.=. Two acres weie planted  in"polatopsi ibis season, anil ha\e  dune ,-plcndidly.-while-good  crops  4 f-f. Hnp,ip=. p.u |i't*-, cabbage, onion-,  niiil luii'iu-u lmvo iil.-o rb6eii g.own  'ICightuen eiates of straw benits ancl  thiee craics of cm rant.- were supplied the steamer. Fifteen acies of  land ha\e been eleaied and put  under hav and other crops. Moie  a'|icl 'will'be clea|cd. 'Hip S|iqu'l*.i'l  IS I'gii1 l10'^! s6mpti|nps pqt_ niftip  lliaplwofepl when it-is five feet at  Games ancl JJownie.' The company  h.nc  cut  200'cords   of   first-class  . > biich (itewood at the l.uich and it  will probably,be Mnpped to the cily  for sale. Tlicic* is a splendid bain  o0x4p ft.-and good farm out build-  j'pgs'qro also 'proviiipd.' Tho arpa,  nf ijip'iapph is 2QQ acips. oi wliiph.  lOO acres is meadow and 100 acies  heavv timber.  Adjoining   Bend's   ranch   A. XV.  '.Mclnlosh has a.   good piece of land  with well-built  hoii**c, ami   mi   the  north'sirle there is; room for two  niore ranching locutions, the low-  lyinn land extending' a ''mile back  frumvthc river. '    ', ���������  On Downie craek thcici \y excpl-  lent farming a'nd and meadow land,  homesteads having been taken up  by G. Laforme, ,1). Woolsey, K.  Blackniore, A. lid gar, J.Jo Wood-  row, J. C. iUonlgomeiy aiid others.  G. Lafonn'o'a place is1 tlic.only one  at wliieli0ciiIUvalion is .yet carried'  'on. * -Thcip istroom ip'theyallcy of  Dowpip vprpek for 1QQ . ranches on  rich bottom liliul - intpispeised with  meadows, ,     ," '  - At*Goldslioani(lheio is a lot of  "good land, -beside- extensive  meadows,' Gus flfetlsti-om and ,fG.  Lafotmo h.uo made =elcction-j of  1G0 acies each hero. Tho-nicadows  extend for len miles up llie creek. '  'North oE Smith cicck,"lheio is  coiisidel-ablc good iand on the cast  side of Columbia nver,-imich of it  'meadow, but on the .left side there  is iittlo or none a3] tbe mountains1  ox lend to thp river. ���������>. ' <  pAXOU  KIVIl'l- i . ' -    i  The following aie toxtiacls fiom  icpoit nude,by K II, Lee, P.'h. S.,  in lSy.j;���������  '.'Within about f'nc miles of the  mouth of the Canoe nvcr, we'enicr-  ed a valley'of. about 12,000 acres,of  good agiiculturai" land, about.one-  half' of which' is bottom la {id not  siibjcct.Jo i|ui|iilali6'p, gqocl ,c*lay  jpil'Miqwiiig "tpn, tc, fifteen feet in  depth at the cut-banks, with a  gravelly sub=soil, the romainder  ���������lying upon low "benches fifty to  seventy-i'nc 'feet above the ri\cr.  These 'benches .arc also good clay  laiid^iipi-ock^or/giavcl showmg on  Jlhc surface. -'J'he-'surface of both  botloniT.nd bench land'is ve]-y level  and uniformi'^rriall pedar,' Spruce  and he't'nloqk cm the benebe*-* and  mountajns,*all small limber and of  no commeicial value." The vegetation indic.itps po,pbi(lcvable rainfall "thioughoiit 'this vallev, and I  do not think inigatioir will be required; but if so iheio is abundance  of waier for this purpose in Ihe  ciceles flowing through thewijipy.  [api informed, by 'irapppr- wlio  havo wintcrcd hero that the snow i������  fiom tlnce to four ftet 'in depth,  and the limber ancl bushes indicate  a considerable snowfall. The altitude is about 1.830 feet abo\esea  level.    Tlip   gepeiaj   fm ni.itinn   i������-  gl'm'^''  'F|*nni the mouili of Canoe liver  to Llrows Lipid-, a distance of ahoul  twenty-two miles in a not lli-wcstei ly  eouise, the valley will aveiage  about one-half mile in widih. It  has guod clay soil, with a gia\ell\  sub-soil; small ccdar'and bprtic-e  liniber, fti^d copsidpiahle bp-h. 'I he  liVp'r is fioin 'IQQ'to 1,Q00 feet in  ni(jth. wilh nn aveiago current or  about two miles per hour; banks  fiom six to fifteen feet high.  '���������I am -.informed by .Messrs.  Blackmoie and Jack-urn, who .-pent  llie last Uvo winlois-.Mii   the \alley.  ^rpnon!  that the snow was not over fifteen  inches deep' at any time, and the  winters very mild. The timber and,  beaver cuttings indicate a very  light snowfall. I'did not see any  beaver cuttings over twelve to  eighteen inches above the ground.  1 am,also informed that the spring  weather opens fiom a month to six  weeks earlier here than at tbe  mouth of the river.  '���������The mountains geneially come  down with low( foot-bills and  benches, and many places these  benches along the base of the  mountains.are good soil aiid could  be cultivated; good, feed-for stock in  tbe bottoms and benches. Bear  ancl "caribou aier *very plentiful  along the river. '  n "At Camp 26, about thirty-three  miles above Grows lapids (about  fifty-cine miles by "'river.'), the river  lakes a south-westerly course for  about four miles to the foot of the  canyon, at the head of navigation  for boat's, but.the valley continues  the same north-westerly course for  about twenty'miles to,,Tete Jaun-  Cachc, on 'the,'Fraser liver, and is  from two lo'four miles in width,  lirst-class soil, with small cotton,  wood, willow, alder, ancl hazel bush;  also some small pines'and hemlock  timber.- The mountains on each  side arc low, ol ii'granilo formation,  and come down with .foot-hills and  benches.   _ .       'A  "Crdiibeny. lake 'covcis about  1,500 acres, and is.,a shallow body  of water; Ms situated . about, two  miles north of Tiuil Crossing; could  be easily 'drained and made into  dry land. . r,p  "If irrigation' should be required  thcieis abundance of water for tiiat  purpose in' tlie creeks running  through the valley every few miles,  and the water could ,be brought  upon',, the land with very little  expense. 'Some of,the larger'creeks  come out of large valleys. TliCeji  altitude is about '2,200 feet above  sea level. * _ "  '' ,'\I estimate the distance from  Revelstoke to Camp 27 (Trail Cioss=  ing) at about 174 miles-by water,  aiid about 15Q .'miles 'by , waggon  ro.id route, At this point, the  bushes and timber."also indicate a  light -nowfall. and-1 am informed  by Mr. Joseph Null, of South  Thompson river, who','was with a  C. P. R. survey party through this  countiy as tpacker in 1874-5, that  they wintered.their slock here and  never had over eight to tep inches  o{ sn'f>w.u J think Ihe -climate Ms  very simjhvr to that aroundJKam-  loops, judging fiom tho genera] ap-  pcaiauce of the country. The first  frost of this season occurred on the  night of September, ISth, aiid  previous to this there had been  about two weeks' ,rain. There was  wet-weather at -Kamloops corres-  ponding'witJi"llpp. and frost about  tlie sai^fc elate.'', - '"'"',  -'Theie is,a great difference between the sides of the ��������� river'for  farming. The late J."D. Boyd told  us when he wag putting in his  ciops on the east side there would  still be snow and ice on the west  side. There is a large area of land  on the west side of tbe river which  would otherwise be spitable for  farn jng. '  To bo Continue:!.  Chamberlain's  Remedies.  Chamberlain's Cough' Remedy,  ,   Tor Coughs; Colli'-, Croup and Whooping Cough.  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A. .Da 1 nigh hns seemed nn option  on the Silver I)ollnr fi oin the iibsiynoo  of the estate of the l.i to J. licst and  \vill.enile.i\or to place-the piopeity  shoftly in the'east. '" '     t     f  Coiy Men hi nick has taken the contract'to cover the Eva flume. , The  wqikli.fi> been uncleft.iKcn to piccnt  the mill being <ifgain shut down  through llie llunic fiee/.ing up." '  ' .J. D. Sibbaltl; manager of the Ke\el-  fetoke jantl" jMeCullougli -; Cieek Jly-  diaulic isj getting leuily lor .111 c.u ly  start of hydiaulic opeiations 111 spiing  The woik is 111 chiugc of U. KicIuhU  1  It.' K   rioeler -ant!   J.  A.   Dai nigh  have seemed an opuon/oii the ilonie  stead group on >loh.t\\k cieek,'one ol  the inost nioiuistng gold propeities 111  the J(,iah cieek belt. Tlieiiiiopcity io  owned by AI.1ck.1y liios. unci Stiutt.  (]t'li.iij been tlecidcd' to* hold next  convention ot l'lowncial -Miinng'Aij-  sociation in Victona on,Keb>*22iKl A  conimittec coiiMatiug ol the piesidenj  the two \ ice-picaielei'ita .11.it iMt'isis  Gait, t'eaison nnd .CuniiL-ell sweeny,  with powei to inciu.ibC then numbeia  was appointed to.ualch legialatiQii.  Kofcriins; to.i'Uu> Knnoic' concen-  tr.itiou {i|uecs������ being tncd by ho Jtoi  i\o. '2. the lUvinagci s>.ijs, ' Technically  the pioceas h.u> pio\ecl .1'complete  success. J'la'ctically all the ii'iuei.il  is sa\ccl, tlie tailings 'uiiMiii.g on an  aieiago about I'S cents to- ia ecu!���������> n  ton. The. cost, L should judge, will  nin about %i to the ton ulien the  plant is in good 1 mining fchape ancl'iis  the oie io\v bcingvticatoc' ^Jimu $8 00  to'.iili 01c, th's'le,i\ps ,1   good niaigiii.  Garden, Field and Flower Seeds  .ALWAYS In'sTOUK". ���������  cut flowers l"l;/nd"Fl^;M</s:,^  Bee Hives' antl Supplies;  FliRTILlZRRS.   "  ' ,  1 1 1  M. J. HENRY,  "       VA.VC.-OUVIill',   J).   C.  S. .b'. i"A)-ckcr'  or  SiS.   "Lardeau.'  liiiiitilni;. I|cl\vi-cn Ariuwlii'iul. Tlinmsoii't  l.'iiullii).' inul CoumplK, euiiiineiiuliiK Oul. lllli.  Illlil. will Mill im followb (u cut Iici- lninniltliiKll  l.i'ulu Ariowlicml for 'nuiinson'v. LiimliiiK  iinil Comiipllx t vv ico dully at 10k. and 15k.  I.c.ivo Coni'iplix anil riinin-viinS' I.11111II11K Tin  ���������AiKiwliuiul Iwicv-'ilailj ut 7.1,1k. inul li. 15k.  JMnkniK clo-u comioolions   \\ 1LI1   nil O. I'. It.  tiiiinsund boiil1..      " '  Tlio OHimi 1 ro^ei vu llio iIkIiIIo 0I11111 u tliiic-  of siilintjs without liolluc, .*    .   &'<    <���������  TIIIO KliKI) UOUlNSON|I.UMIIKIt'CO. LTD.  ,    ' I'-.,KOHIN'SO.V.  ^     '   ' '     JI.uiiiKiiiK lllieotor,  .  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS.'  r  *- Royal Mall Lines. 1  Cheapest Routo to the Old Country.  '    ALLAN'MNK-Kioin Mcuilic.il.  Ionian       . .    .       ..     _....'.     Xov. 7  'runi-vi.ia     ..." ���������     Nov. 11  I'.iiHiin _. .       *'v . *     Nov. ^1  ll'OAMNION' LINK-l'-ioniMonhciI.     - *  -jou'liwaik   .... ' .Nov. 7  OA.V. I'AC. A'l L.ANTIUS S.-K10111 Jlonti ci'il  l..ikc- M.lmiLoIii   -       "' . Nov. IJ  Mount, Ti'iiiplu        .       .      ^ Nov. X  /cVMKICKJAN LIXK-K10111 N'ew Yoik.'/"  ���������31    1'iiiii, . .   .. . Vow 11  .Vuu-Voik '     . Now 16  I'lnliclolpliu        . ,      .        Nov. 25  \\ III I'i: STAR LIVIC���������K10111 Nuw\,Yoi k.  Mi.iuyiio  -       ' '. '    .' Nov. 11  Ccluu      '.       .'. . .Now IH  Ouiiimi:    f ..  .. ,   -Nov  1&  C'siiinc. - .    , '    .f. .. Xo\  2U  ruiiloniu .... ���������     Now So  v * CJ  CUN'AIM) r.lNIO���������I'-ioni New   Yoik.  lOliuii.i ���������' ���������   Nov. 7  C.iiii|i.ini.i "-                Nov. II  Uiiibii i'-v          . '      Nov. ill  IjIicuii..   ./ ���������    ',                   '       Nov. SS  i v ' . ,  IV-j-oiif-'i-i-, HckLlud IIiioukIi' lo all p.uts 0  O11.it Unl.1111 .ind I inland, .md at spcia.illy, low  i.ue-vlo all p.ula of the ruiopcm continent  -.Ip'il*. lo 111 .iiu<i i.iilw.ij 01 >.lu.iiii?liip .iKont 01  lo      , v  T.  W. BItADSHAW,  Asont,  Revelstoke.  W. P. F   CUMMINGS, Pacific Ag-enti  FURNISHING HOMES  IS OUR BUSINESS  and'Has Beer, for "0verr40 Year's1  .Our new fMiajo^uc' jiist completed contains 1568 illustration'., all priced; ancl  more information than couM be gained in  a week's shopping. ��������� Write for a copy���������it  i's free to you.  WEILER BROS.  ft      '    VICTORIA, B. O.  E B. EDDY'S  i   "ICING  KDWAUD" 1000-.,'  , ������������������hI':aoliciit,*''300.-.  "KaOI.I"!." 10U, mill 200-.  ���������'VICTOHIA,"   ,  ������������������I.ITTI.I"; CO.MKT."    ���������       .   <  FOR  SALE   EVERYWHERE.  *" Are the best,that'can be bought  Don't experiment with other ancl inferior bra'n'ds.,  ���������TJSE3  ���������v <���������'  REVELSTOKE,, B/G.  i' he Germs of Catarrh  Not only att.iek-'tlic passages of llio  I'C'.nI .mil tliro.it but lin.illy ic.icli (.he  lungs .nul ci lisp roiisiiinption. Noth  Hlg- clu->t|0j3 Ciiiiiirh to quickly as  |i.igi,iiil lit'.iliiift C.itniihoyoiic which  luliuvt'i. I lie cough, stops the clisch.iigc,  t.iIces .ill (lie "-oieiicii fiom tlicthiont  ������������������I coiiMil'-i C.il.u 1 ho/.one h.is no ec]iinl  ,i> a cine fui������c.i'..iiili .md lung tioiililc1'  wiitca J.1-- B. Wei hei eJ I nf Ijiighton.  It eiueil mc nftei ni.inx good doctois.  failed to e\cii lelicip \\\y tiouble."  C.1L.11;l-jq/..-)i������o f'.iii't Mil to 0111c���������it's.  g,ii,inintcci|. Two months 'treatment  |l 00  t i.i] si/c 25c,"  LUMBERING.  A  irmer  a  The Berliner Gram-o-phone  I bought.of you v.v.3 a Go:l-sc;iel during t':= loa������ cpl4  wiiitcrof last y.tir. It plieciccl 113 iiiicf uiadc us glac\  a-id Iniipv- I v-j.i'l not pirl willi il foe ten limes  Vhat it' cost u I car.1-1 "ot. got anolhei-." Wc liave  lliousan-.h" cf piuular lcltei.^ IcKin;*- cf I'.ic pleasure and  cntcrtaiur.ie-..t clciiycJ f-"om U12 Berliner Oram-Q-phoug,  rt vni vna \nnr r^npic 113.1111 or nail's 01 p''y fi r, 3"������ to ;'���������-"'������ ������������y-  M.I.." (...in a 1 ike '.Milk to iv M.ix.i.k 1 ll -.WI ciiltrl ilu Hie eiilue family  niic'i'i- i-i^'i'.i-.n-! ������������ll. Co-Uoni-lwciiliLili -,- iini.-li.i-. 11 l.mio or orqui,  S"rt civr"n!������l , 1.-.-H..I li "-^ ������������������'"������������������ ^-"-ly '"1 ���������������������������"V.rc. 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J11 Ihe new mills being ciectcd at  Aiiouhc.ul by the Big Bend Lumber  Company a:*.cl the A1 row head Lumber  Company thi.s distiict'will posseho two  of the linrbt mills in western Cii|iiulii.  *A pr.icticul luiiibcriiiiiii, who h.us  seep 1 lie new null which the Anow-  hend humbei Co. are electing at Arrowhead, iii-iiii'Cs us when the buildingb  I're complete'd and the plant iiibtnlled  the company will have one of the  I'm est mills in the west.  Major Bolton h.is come in (iqiu  Comaplix Ip iim^c nltcrations to the  Hiiibor Liuuber Company's mill at  Kevc'htoke with 11 \icw to fuither  economising operations for the coming  season. A new boilei is being put in  with i-liotgun feed and another engine  being added to the plant, nlfei.itions  in tho aiiangetncnt of which"1110 being  made.  A leading Vancotnei citi/en who  saw the splendid lumber mill which  Theodore Luclg.ite has oigani/ed at  Airowhcul, infoims us tho citi/.ens of  Vancouver now recognise they made a  big mistake in fightipg Mr. Tl^iHlgiilc'fc  scheme In put a null on J)eiulm.in's  Island, for they thus loit thecntcr-  pu'sc of 11 man who has shown himself  by his pii'h ancl piiblic-spiritednesi a  citi/en whose enterpiise is piovinga  cicdil to tbii west, though Vancouver's  lo-* is the gain of lliis distiict.  --*.-���������. Tor Sale/  ' TOtTsli.tii's iu Be.itiie-i'-mini'. Will  sell wholi' or p.u t. Fur p"n tiei.l.us <ip  ply at ollice ot Kootkxay Jl.vii..  POULTRY.  Ohoit'c, Puti'-Cii'ii Pmilli v��������� Siiigb  Comb,'Blown Lt'ulim n>. Bfc-.iii*-t; 11I,  l.ick of 1110111 for wiiilci-c]ii.ii te-is, I will  sell .il very low |inu'*-.i nuiiilii'i* ul m\  pulli'ts, bens anil i-oiki'i i-i-.. I'm piin"  etc-., .iddii'ss  A   10, A. LOWIiS. '.  \'v 1 nun, I!   C  FIREWOOD  Having- taken over ihe firewood .supply .of llie v.1 M.irhoi  Lumber Cc.'s mill, orders'left  at the mill, at \V, i\J - L.uvience  or by ringing up phone No. "-  will have prompt a'ltcniion.  W. FLEMING,  ���������R2SE*2HH������l3l=1'iOtiriaaa3aiJOi 1   1  IBCflMHaUBI  -���������'at  The MH-ter Slecliiinic I'lirc Tftr Soap heals  nml -often- Ihe -km. while pioinptly clLmisiiiK  it of Krin-e. oil.niH, etc. lninlu.itilc for ini  < h.inu--. fiirmcr-. spuit-inen. Kree snniplc on  ri'ivipt "f -'" for po'-'BO. Albert Toilet So.ip  Co.. tii.muf.i'.tiireii, llyntreril.' '  l^ZVWS^VJX^^S  ::  :.���������  Now In llsJSlh Year  Tl-o lcidinir tnlnlni; porlodlcil of tlio  world, wilh llio strongest editorial slaff  of any technical Publication.  Subscription $5 00 a year (includlnc  U. S., Canadian, Mexican posiaRO )      '  Tho Jouphal and Pacihq Ccasi'  Miner together, $6 00,  Sample copies, free, Sen! for Book  ealalpKUt;,  Tub Enonii'i'RiHoand Milium Joukiial  261 Broadway, Ntw YorH  '"������  |rn������������iaaMn������i  ''.r.ssrifS'tftff;  ID!  "S1  :  10a  "c������  SB  >  &        Sot  i>ti W4V'm'n MM ���������/J.'Wlh'*'*���������.  BUTCHER;  Relail'Dealor 'In>^-'T^?7Z^> \ " ~  * ��������� ' BEEF,   PORK,!  ',' MUTTON,. Etc  ,   Fish and Game in Season.  All Older* pioiniill} hllid.  REVELSTOKE, B. C, ^!W"  DollRlll-  ���������liei'N  BRAN!  =!EGI5TrRtD  Union  Overall*  mrttunuvmrnmrn  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. VV. B. Paget, Prop.  Piumpt dclivcny cif piiiciils, Imgg.i^c,  etc, to iiny p.ut of the Cily.  Any Kind of Transferring  Undertaken.  All onlcir. left nt ]{. M. Smyllio't,  Tobacco Stoic, or by Telepiiono, No 7  will rpcehe prompt iiltrntion.  To Trappers  Raw Purs Bought  Cash Prices Paid  F.   B.    WELLS,  Exporter of Furs  etc  ,   \VK   iM A iN Ul'*A G'l U UK  Slnil-..  Oiui.ills,  lli-iiiiii I'.m'.., .  Twenl I'i.I I-,  I iiltoniidu I'mil-  .limipeis, *  llloiixe..        .  IOiikInk iV .I.i. kc-l~.  Wiiileis'.IiiLkili-,  lllll I I'ls'.llllkuls,  CiiiKliiuii .InuL.jl-,  AI I���������.ion |.'I.iiiiiu1 Un-  ili'i'weur.  LQ'il.������'    A pi ons   nnd  Cipi,  ('iiniciileii' A pi ons,  ���������.*.'inlets' Apioi,-,  I'ami cis'nml I'l.nler-  cm' Oiei.iIN,  Muel.inuw Co.its,  .Mud.in.iw- I'.inU,  'Im p.llllllis,  lllllllllICO I'.lKs,  ll.'1-.u hi.in];, t^,  TliiIh,  Iile , ( Ic, elc.  ABRAHAMSONiBROS.,    PROPRIETORS.'       ' "    '-,  Now'y   litiilt.    ' First-clnss'in every leppccf.' -,, 'AU modern conveniencee.  * "Vv " "      , Large Sample Rooms."       ** ���������  t.     .','   ,     \  '-���������  Rates $1 50 per Day V -,        Special Weekly Rates. '  Queen's Hotel, Trout   Lake, under  same   management.  ^(^^^^^^^^i^^ifa(fa'^^y'h^^^^^^>^^ri^?^^'  T " * r--f<t������   '  i ������ii?'  \fa  .<      '       '      '    * -      -���������;'.,������������������    (fa'  = COMAPLIX- ; >-  tfa..  ($>  (fa  (fa  (fa'  <fa  ifa  tfa  fa  $������>  tfa'  tfa  HOTEL.���������'���������. LARDEAU'  5^'  fi>  The -Best Housejh Town.  Well Furnished'   -'"  Good Table (fa .  "''',-- i'   ' *'   *   "   \   ���������,'������*������  ' Best Brands of WINES, SPIRITS and CIGARS-kept in Stock,   j ^ ;f  ' ;'   AW.. HAMILTON",' Proprietor. ;^   *  ,^^,./  ���������,^(fai^(fa(fa(fa^(fa(fa(fa(fa(faifatfa<^ffa^^'^^^^^^^^>^^>'  *.o    '-^1  ORIENTAL   HOTEL  V ������ ' ���������,     ,  ably /urni-shed with  the choicest t.he market  affords.       Best   .Wines.   Liquors,' & Cigars.  ' Rates $ i a day.     Monthly rate. , '-. ;   ,'  ^  ���������f*    "i,"1 4.       - ������������������  CT.  Just Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences.  HOTEL .  ttoo>us iii Siiilcs ivilli Balks and   Toilets attached, flowing Hot  and Cold, Water, Inside Toilets on each floor, Gas Lighted' and-  Steam Healed Throughout.l  J. C. GREENE, Proprietor,       ���������        GOLDEN, B. C.  HOTEL  COMAPLIX  CHIEF YOUNG-,      -  l    -       -     Proprietor.  Best brands of Wines! Liquors and Cigars.  Travellers  to   Fish Creek will find excellent  accommodation  at this Hotel. " .  DAVIO  OKI!,  I'lP-nicl'M.  Iii-M   [lull,ii   ii   D.iy  linns,. - IJ.���������I   Hi.mils nf Willi's,  Spirits  in  llii' town." .md Cipn-s.  IMulillsliul lfcli.S.   Iiiuii-|i(ii,ilt-(l IIIOJ.  TURINER, BEETOiN & CO.  I/I.MII'KII,  WHOLESALE MERCHANTS,  Win. Ikhi^i s. Whin f Shu t.  KiilIoi y, I lUstion Slucl,  VICri'OKIA,  15, O.  Us  L-'M   I   t_.!N    I   O     and Copyngl-  ��������� ol'Liiiiicd in nil countiics.  ROWLAND BRITTAIN,  Registered Patent  Attorney  .Mmlmnit.il Attcn.cj ^nd Ddkiucui.  lioom II, |-.ilill(.lil Illuck, CIi.uiMllcst . ncnrl'.O  VANCOUVER,   B    C.  A   ;ios|c.iril   will  stt u;0 u,) eicniiiK njipoint  iiiLiil lui llicisc uIiu ciuiuol vull aurmi; lhi) (lay  CO.  Wholesale and Retail  .   .   .   Meat Merchants.  Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:  <j^^5SE������^Oalgary, Alberta  SEE  Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese  and Japanese goods.  The best assoitment ever  landed in Revelstoke of  md     ornamental  AND  useful  articles:  Tea sci \ ice^  IMntcs  ISoskels  Cane Chans  I r.indkci ducts  now or I'ot-  Umlirell.i St ind-  Liincli Diikcls  SmolxiiiB JncLcts  felils Good-.  GOLD FISH  l-'mcst stock of ennrtic-s ,uid fruit in town.  Front Street, Revelstoke  WRAPPING   PAPER .  PAPER BAGS.  The Kootenny Mail Im? been  appointed ngent for one of  the l.irge.-t Canadian P.iper  Mill-.  Wr.ipping p.iper������ in loll*- or  flat, ancl paper h.ij,'b of nil  weights and m/.c������ sujiplied to  order printed or imprinted.  Kootenay Mail, Revelstoke. 'I.-  ��������� J'1  '     I  ?HE ROOM* AYMllL.  /<if  in Tune  ?>-(/!,  lrt  <   f  '"   , f     ''������ m     >      ';   '  '   When   there  are  discords,  etc., it is very often owinf-*  lo  -   <po'or strings.     Now we keep a  large supply 'of'all ��������� '  1 ,    '' i        " >  7 vMnsieal "Instruments^ .J  V'Stpinp^nd; Fittings^ r  .V'Miisie Folios,1 etc.,'file,  I       >       ���������', "   v f ii ;     < '    '  just  will  >M  A   I  \S'~t>  ������������������A  " * ' If'Vou, Jive'but of lown  , drop a posv1 card ancl 'we  ^givt-Jt' prompt atieniioii.  ^CANADA DRUG V  AND BOOK CO.���������  , >' REVELSTOKE, JB. C  The local branch of the1 socialist  leiiRiio had a good meeting last night  thu subject of discussion being soci'il-  ism and ti.idcs nn ion ioin,? intioduced  l.y I?. l'\ Guyin.in. 'At the next meeting subject will, be "Tho Church"  int rod need C. \V Mitchell. '  ' Aid. McLeod* is niontioncd today  as a c-andicl.ilo _ for the mayoralty.'  In discussing tlio mailer with him  hc inloinfs iia il it is the wish of the  citi/ens lie will stand, but lie con-  sic'Cis thoic mc'other citi/.ens moie  entitled Io  the   the   position.     _, ������>  At.i in������eting of  the  llockdy  club  iMoiubiy  it  was  decided to,ordei-(tini-  foims.' I issiitisfaction  was c\piessed  "���������with the loims ciueicd by the  rink for  the season. ' '  I). iMcGiiithy has .seemed the contract for* iiuilding the, hall at Kogeis  1'a.ss "      ''        , ���������*  BUSINESS LOCALS.  hard  coal*' fioili   11, X.  U$E'>&&zs%gp> ���������  ROYAL CROWN SOAP,  The Best in the "World.  ,, Mail us 15 Royal Crown Soap'  Wi.ippois, ancl in return we  , ' will mail iv beautiful Picture  si/o 1G\20 ; or for 25 Wrappers  your choice of over 100 books.  , Drop us a post card asking  for a catalogue of premiums  to be had F1U5E for Royal  Crown Soap,Wrappers.       / ���������'  Address  The Royal Soap Co.,  Vancouver, B.C.   *   ,   Limited.  l-i .  udvt. on  .vi  I ������"'  ^v  [LAi  Ik- x~i  < ,    , .    BORN.  "     ,! ,     '   'A >    " ,   i  Sav.u.k���������At.Vuncmiver. on   BatuuUy,  Nov. 28th, to Ihe,wife yf, .1. Savage,  / ffofiiiurlv of llevelatoke, a datighlcr'.  V ,  ' >'  ,   <n  :  &*"    r-  | .'TV  a   'A  <!'"-  *' 11 ,  ;L ...<-    '    -MARRIED.      J  '       <.  ; W'/M*.xi:it-l'AruiKO.v,���������' Atr 'Kosc'Ulnkf,  ' "Ton'Wednesilay'.-nec: *2.''d, "liy* Itcv.  *.< C! Liidner. Loion/.o \Viscner, Ifirnioi,-  ���������   )y>bf Canibhrne,'lo Emma I'.iuUon,  - ���������'������������������"of the same pjaco       a >&���������, s  wA\ A,  ���������tfy  -     V  JA   '  ���������   I'  iffi  -tr  J-  in -  -  ���������4 ^  -?  J">w*.  ���������t  ������������������  *L%i  j  i,  ���������&  u^r. '     ,,'iDIED. ^    \:w  XVr.uA���������At Vankleok] llill,_Onl ,  in  , ^a  Tt*.esdav,<'J)ec.    1st,'    .AIis "Wells,  '{mother'of W. 0. Wells. M. I*.'l', of  ii. J'.illiser^aged Of) yenis._     -  L _ _  LOCALS GENERAL  .    Tiout Lake wants a lesidont goxoin-  iiient agent. -J _, * ,   ' J  " 'E. "Mobbs, c/f Geiaid, is applying foi  1iccn������c"nt Tiold Hill    L ���������  Zion City���������on which Dowicc.spended  "$20,0(0,000, ia in, tho  iecei\ciS h,u*ds  '" The Camborne, (telephone ofiice  lias Leon"-loniovecl   to Ii'- 10. - l)io\\J������  s,toic'   ' A     "     J  yi'ha Diinsmui.-   company   has   been  fined   $20tu0   fir   employing ' Clunese  u ndcr giound.        "     *   ,  '"   , ', '  ^- 'li.i'. rettipiccoia no longei manager  of-the  Weotein   Claiiou. the  socialist  'paper at A'ancouvci.   A      ������       't  '- The Eagle says Feiguson is gi owing,  seveinmoic families'having' moved'into  ' the;town.during the wceki  "��������� .At - the-city   council    meeting last'  --riight "the' U.^L'.- K.-stfttion heie���������was  described'ns a "thy goods bo.\. ' *  i J. C. F. Johnson, who wiote'a libellous lettei onJoe Martin has published  a most humble  apology, ancl   ictiact-  ������:'ticn. s. * i  Mistaking .i bottle  of  c.ubolic acid  ' for castor oil, John L.uin, a blacksmith  at Sandon, ponied the contents into a  "lass of beei, and died in agony.      *  XV JI. Lnwiencc has just completed the i\oik of putting metal coping  on the now fmpeiial Bank building  and C. 13. J1111110'and Co's waiohouac  The work has been ucll done' by 1'..  l'uriidge -  1 Woliaie leceiied a coin of 'The  Journal.." a now conacn.uive ueekh  ji.iperof 12 pagea p.ibhshed at Kd-  nionton. It is well-pi mtecl well  \edited and newsy,-and we nish oin  coiiteninoiarv all success.  E. Tanghc, \vho_was-. eomini*le;l to  piison for1 claim jumping at 1'opl.u,  has entered Supieme comt suits for  damages against the Uieat Xoithern  Mines and Gold Commiasionei Fia-ei.  The.case will be heuid at Jtossl.uul  Tanghe was leleased on Thursday  The Willing Woikeis of rit Anclicws  church wish to thank all whoao kitidlj  gave their assistance on St. Andiewa  night and helped to make the cotieei t  a aiiccess. They also wish to tl.ank  'the Young  Consenuti\e Association  Older your  CC/Ulail'l*.' , "~  IUnid 0. li. iltiulo A-^Co'** ,  fir.st page of this issue. ���������       '  Webb's fancy   bankets,   lined orun-  lined, at Mows' drug stoie.  'Dr. W..)'.  Oiu'i'y,   ifsiilent   dentist,  Longhead block.        ^ ,t. i  "Ihing tho cliildien'to see the toys at  C. B. Hume it Co's.  ' Chums, Chatt'eibox  and  6tlicrfun-  minis at Dews' drug bt(Jro. ,      <  Kor.Sale.���������A cook Stove and Souvpnir  hcateV.   Apply to H/K. Campbell,    j-  lieidiilv:A'oiiiigrw'ill opcnr| their diy  goods store1 at Ariowhcad ne.\t week.  Ladies woik baskcta, beautifully  lined at Canada Di ug it I3ook.Co's. n- '  A naii ofJ oold-iinimod spectacles  lost onAVeduesday is advertised foi. (  * A iaigc asioltiiient' of N"m.<s cauls  and calenclais to choose I'roiiT nt 13ei\s'  ding stoie.-" "     - ^  The St. Leon Hot Spi'iugs has been  opened unci ,is now leady lo accomo-  d.ilotvisitors,    _ ���������, ���������  'i\ew Spanish grapes, oranges, lenv  ons, pe.us unci apples. , C   IJ.JJti'r.c &  I'"oiintain pens; gold mounted, both  hidies'-and genls si/e at-Canada Ding  & c\h)6k Co's.     ,  ' 'Fountain pens and Indies' gold pens  (oi piesenl.uion'f.-om' $1 50 to������ii>7 00 at  'Bews' ding'stoie*-', ��������� t  Mias W. Lcnnot is now ic.idy to  receive pupils on the piano.''^all at  Mis MacKiny's loi teims. -   7  (Janoiig liios. chocolates, bon-bons  and I'lystalised fiuits C. ,U.,llume  v.t*Co.  Toys by the lliouciiiids and the newest ur'linen.toj books'Toi childicn'nt  .Canada Dnig it liook'Co  The adveitism'g you do today'will  help jour business tomonow. Ad\ei-  tisc iii tlie'Ko'otenay Mail   ,   -4-ss-'  Tr.ivelleis visiting Revelstoke will  tlincl the best accomodation at the  'Cential Hotel. Abrahamson liios ,o  W. Reus haa added to his. shop it  namlsome new showcase wjneh he has  tillwlyviUupiettyji'noviLtiesJjnipo'uecl  ,loi the season * t   ,  When you come to.Ucxelstoko Ii.mI  the Central Hotel bus to take you to  a" good hotel. Abiahamaon Bios  1'ions. v ���������������  Siiiokcis sets ,cign and' cigiuette  cases, the0\ciy beat qu ility and a Luce  ass.iilniont at the Canada Diug it  Book Co's. i  LI Manning is ananging to.cotiduct  ti liiat-clas* "confectionery tstablidi-  meilt an 1 is engaging an e.xpeit m.inu-  l'actuiei  New L'luita���������K.iiaiiis, London lay-  ei- Valcncias, Malagas. - Currants,  putn.i, cleaned, in packages New  peels     C. Ij. Hume it Co.  li Ounn and L. Wisenei have dis-  scihetl ip.utueiship in the fni[ierial  llote'. .>c C.imboine. Mi.Gunnwil!  continue   therbusincss.  Mosciop Hios nie _ putting^steam  heating in the ahow-wiudowo ol C. B-  llume vt Cos. stoie. to ptcenf the  windows fiee/ing o\ei.  Some beautiful nuhtaiy brushe������3  toilet set-, inkwells ^tc, in genuine  Fiench at.ig horn The ieiy latest  thing at tho'Can.id.i Diug it Book Cos  0. Schulli is giving up the Windsor  11 utel at lllecilliwae't, and the licerse  ia J.ciiisi taken o\ei bj theownci of the  pioperTy, C. D. Mollis, of Rogers Pass.  (..   R    Xorthey   has    ananged   tn  tlkeov.cr the  Camborne   Miner.    "y\ c  uccess with   his  teat service  Social and Personal  ,, Mis.'J. A. ������lono letuincd Sunday  from her dip to Sweden.  J. 0. Macdonald has leased ^C. J.  Wilkes's house on l'irst.sticet. '        <  Ci. S.,McCarter and c! V. Lindinaik  wen! lo Victoria on,Salurclay. r   ,������'  ,J, jAlacdonald.of iMolsons bank stall',  had to go into tho hoapitnl  ycsleiilny.  \y. de V. le Maislro.left for ICdmon-  lou Wednesday and will stmt business  theie. %  XV. T. Dalton, aichiicot for the new  Imperial bank building, visited Hovel-  stoke yesteulay. "      ''   ,,        , '  Thcba/nar in aid of tho l'resbyteiiiui  church conducted 'by the ,Willing  Workers was very successful. Mes-  dniiics, Calder, McLeod, Lnwsou and  Miss Bell tended'the tables.   ���������>, ^ '  A 'most successful surprise party,  organised by Miss TempkV attacked  Mrs. llolten's home on Wednesday.  The visitc.is"nppeared in .fancy diess  and had iui enjoyable time. , ��������� ,  r J..B.(,'lfonderson 'r������nd family 'left  Grand Folks foi Tiout Lake City, B.!  C, wheie thev'will icaide in thcfiituic.  The Sun, says: J'Tlici'r , many fiiends  will legict to hear ot ,lhcir dcijiutuic  from the city, "as ' they have* been  identified with the social andoehgious  advancement of the,city,for the past  li\c ^yenis." 'J he good'wishes of the  entiie community-will go-with them  to'inch new \ome." Mi.-Henderson  bus taken \1.XV. Westfall sUihouse at  Tiout Lake, yy 7_ / *  GrWaND PASSWORD.     >  i        "    .MASOXtC.    f ,        '  G. E. Ristccn was banc|ucttecl by tho  flovnl Aich Chaptei on Monday night  on'the occasion of liis le.uing foi Van-  coin ei. Bio. Ristccn has been,'an  active and highly esteemed membci of  the lodge since,its  inauguiation heie.  I K. 01'  1'.     V ,v       t*  The following ofiiceis were elected  for Gold Range J.'odgc lor ensuing  teim: 0 A. J. Howe, C.G., Ci. JI Brock,  V.C.plLCooke, L'.'; E.'i'aget/iAl. of W.;  J. W. Hennett, J<7. of R. it S.; E. Bui-  ridgc* M. ol" E , II. "A. Blown, lAf.^of P.;  T. Waclm.in,  iAL nt* A.; Jl. M.- Smy the,  CITY COUNCIL.  Regular meeting held last' night  Present: -The Mayor, Aid. Foole, Mc-  Carty,'McLeod and Law. ���������  , ,    ' i-'oi:i*:i;sro.\'i>i:.vci:.'        ,    '  Agent-geneial in London, tiaking  map, ancl photographs of city���������He-  solved to send 100 copies of Christmas  rcdition of Koori'XAV Mail. - , '  'J7 Oariacliio, who rwas disabled by  losing aim, asking nee w,at'er-Oianted  J. E. Long stating 'he was entitled  to rebate of ta*es for use,of watei.���������  The Mayor said he had' agreed lo ie-  'fund last year's taxes and put.a pipe  into breweiy and -open up l'eaison,  street.���������Major and Aid. tLa\v lo aria nge matter.   ' "     .       '  "    (     OIIMIKAI..        '  His woiship, submitted c'list of disputed claims which hc wished denied  up before rctiiing'fiom ollice,*' '    .  As''to McLcan's'nn'd'Bongaid'a it  was'decided to lutluce lo cost', of  material only. ^ , ^ t  ,,l. C. Hutchison's claim was withdrawn. t        ���������    <      '       (  .1.' Law-son   wnitod  claim,   ancl decided  condition he painted  serve it., ,. ,      <     <���������  Claim   ngi\insi.  .1.  ordeicd to bo adjiisled.   ''"     ���������    >  Aid. Kobtu ,uigod light be .put on  polo by Haivoy's,���������To be put in.  It was decided to place two lights on  Eiist stiect'extciision. and' to put ini;  proved brackets ii'l C. I'. H. station. .  0 JL Gordon asked long distance telephone between telephone ollice and  power house���������Mr. Cowan's addition  to be drawn to matter. \ ,    '/  3STO"V^r  '> \> the time for ���������  XMAS PHOTOS  il   Tin vi'ynui'sill ings'now at the     '  REVELSTOKE STUDIO  "  'Over Iln> KootiMiny Alail.  H. W-   EDWARDS,  ,   'v.TAXlDKRMldT.    '  >'  Deer'   Heads,,- Birds,   Animals  '.Mounted: '  '   ' I 4 '  Revelstoke^   '-    -    B. 0:  ,^^4'^4*^*#^*^4-*#^4'*^H'^*^*^*^^t^S  on council re  to 'forego it 'on  criowork t'o pro,-  Keinaliau ' was  The Revelstoke .Business College  Day" and Evening Classes'iii the    i  'J  r    Library Bnil'iliiig.     ' >'  I'l'iii'licnl     iiis-luK'iion '' is    givi'ii   in  Book-keeping, Commercial Arithmotic  ���������   '������Penmanship, Correspondence,  Shofahancl, Typewriting     ���������  t and English,   i <  and nlhcr sulijeels ,1'iin be niiaiigi'd for  NOTIOIO N iicii'ln-Klvi'ii tlini ililrly iIiij-h  nllir iliilu I liilmiil loii|i|il.\,'.o llio UliU'f  I'oniiiilssloni'i iif Lands nml Wiii-kx foi'iinliorlul  lli'unsu lo oin.anil I'lirry uwny tlinlii'i- fiom llio  folluwIiiKdosti'll'Oil 'mills sltiuilo nbtilit lliriio  iinil-ono liiilf mills iiinio in'1 Icisoiillii'iisl of  Ai'ioulii'iul, II. ('., miiiIIi slilcof norllii'iisl nun  nl U|i|nir Arrow Into, also knoiui us llllnil liny:  I'oiiiiiiuiioIiiK ni n I'osl iiuii'ki'il "III II) 11, nliont  one iinil-ono half mllo fnnn Ulnul liny, llionoo  niirtli hO.fliiiliis, llienco wcsl SI) (.liiilns, tliunco  nlllllll WI olinlns, thonou c-ii-st fcOcliniiisi lo JllllCO  of coniinciicomoiit. .   ' "  i. , .1. II. M'.LbON.  Dated tliis 27lli'dny of Novf-inbur, IIIO'l. J  4*-  T  4*  f  LAMPS;  For  six yeai'* wc hav  -e made a study ol* "Laiiipology:' with the pleas-  tt, for the best and lanciest decoiiitecl  Wc  in-able result 11111,1 we nre now agent  '"^oit^iiri'^gKhnr'the key  to wealth is light buying. .     .  H'nlile  tliVs Iilb.?lmi1sinc,. wc havg been in business our h.ghestjaim is  <��������� >Ly, oiir'c'us ouicrs in regiud lo puce and quality. , .    , '  ��������� "'"u cos?s you.-iothing  ������������ w������ our stoek'of Lamps unci you are sure to  liesatWh'd, ns wo ha-A; Ihoniin ptiee inngmg'    , ,     ,     ',,  r_, ;    .;       FROM 40c TO $12.00. ,  '   ' See pur Saturday night display in our nortl^window  W.   M.   LAWRENCE  *  Al  KOH   irAltDWAHK  'Ol'* ALL'KINUS.  4,'     A ���������.������������������;���������-"' ��������� ���������-.. .*,     as   ry   ���������'*    ' V  .' . 'CRITICAL':  "G.;   J.   Baillie,   0. ci.;  J)r:  A     .'���������A.       ,1-1 A   1*,.���������,.������c<%,  0. ci.; pi-: Cioss,  physician. .The giand representative  will be elected at meeting in  .Luuiniy.  o "���������'   ~" "*  CHURCHES.  .   ���������' si. 1'|-ti:k->.  "On Tliuisd.iy evening the liiahop  held conliimntion scimcc, ten candidates piescnting themsches His  Loidship g.ne .in excellent discouise  and theic was a good attendance  i*ki:>hyti.iua.n  On dund.iy Kev. XV. C. Calder celebrated the ammeirnry of Scotland's  pation saint by ie\ tewing the achievements ot =ons of Scotland, dwelling  specially on the life of Livingston and  the splendid work he did in Afiica for  the cause of civilisation.  .Son*    and   swollen   joints.  sharp,  sliootms; pains. un luring inu--ile.->  iki test, no ���������-1 ,.(.[>_ Unit hum ns iheii-  nidlism." Ibis a siiibbin-n disp.i~������ to  fisrj,t, but Chainherlain's Pain K.ilm  ha* tpnqiu-red it thousand-'- of linn's.  Out- application nives relief. Try  it.    All clrnc;c;ists si'iis it.  PROVINCIAL LEGISLATURE.  On'Monday Ji A. McDonald the  libeial leader spoke on the addiess.  The Times says" he impiosscd 'both  sides with bio tail iiess. Jle took the  government to tnsk- foi advocating  tho, 'uadjustment ,of the two pel  cent. ,miiieial ,-tnx" befoie election  nnd pledging.>,themselves to it change  m that connection, and' then ''leaving  it as it stood. He dealt with the I'^ei-  niCiballotjbox sen nihil in a judicial  and practical.manner, also scoiing the  govcrnmenit seveiely for tho position  taken.   " '   *    '     r   ,"*  -Piemiei'   ,Mcl3iiclc    icfplicd' in one  of the   best   speeches1-; hc   has  made.  Olivei, WilsonT ircnileison^ J'ow'ser,  Dimy, 13unvn, JLiwthornthvvaiie, Davidson, llousto'n^Ifall nnd, Williams  also spoke. Jfouston condemned the  government .  -   'I'he addiess passed without division.  The first division to'ok place on the"  loan bill, when- the ^government weie  sustained by six .ninjoi itv on an opposition pioposal to,limit.the loan to  thieel yeais fc The socialist membeis'  and t JJnvidson* (Inboi) voted witli, tho  govei nment. * Houston did not vote. ^  tt  NOTICE?  POLITICAL  Ai  has  been  appointed gov-  LUMBERING.  T.'Tayloi  cinment"vvl.ipru -.- yy  -   '--'-'���������^~  ' Tho government  has  introduced   a  bill to iepe.il the ^poll tax.  John Houston  lias  given   notice to  amencLthc niincinl   tax   byJcvying \t  oirnct piolils *  c A bill has been intioduced to amend  the Evidence Act by  requiiing notice  of documentary evidence.  The McBride govci nment  pioposes  to aniend the  school   act  to  thiovv a  gi cater poition of cost of education on  the cities  Kefening to the  incicase  of  taxes  proposed by the McBiidc government  the  Times   calls   them   "<i   gang   of  plungers "  Ministeis   tiavclling  expenses since  June weie-    McBiide,$G27 50; Wilson,  $S60.75; Green, *8L:J ib,  Tatlow .��������� ifoO;  McPhillips, $557, Goode\e.r"fi*56.  1 The public accounts show the  i receipts ior ycai' to" have been sH2,04*i,-  1 6:'0.3.'). ancl e.vpet dituie $3,393 182 25,  'leaving a deficit for the year of-f l,.')'18,-  j 551 90  To CniLTIiurliioiiihcii, 'I licodoi Tollof^oii anil  Wllliuiti Allon or any poison oi poisoiihlo  whom llicy may linvciissiKiii'd Ilion intoiost  ,ln llio Vivlh.illii fi nun consistiiit' ol viking,  Viillmlln, Odin nnd 'I'lim iiiliii'inl claim-' on  Hlf oi col,, Rliuiilo on l Iiu htsI sido of not t li  in r Uppci Anow   l.iilvi', Laidonu Allniiit'  '^ Division'.   West   lCoolonuy District J lliltisli  Cnluiiibin: '    ,  You mo lioioliy notillLil thiil I, llio [iiiidor-  siioieil, linvu espondul Iui-sou llio sum of SvS.'H  in l.iLoi, inipiovuiiiuiilsiiiid ii'LUidniK foos upon  Uio snnl Vikinj?, Viilliullii, Oil in mill Thoi, Jlm-  cml cliiiins, iniilor llio piovisioiH'ol llioJIiiioial  Act, mill il vMilim iiiiiqIv ilnjslioin UioiliUool  llus nolioo vou fail or i ul usi- lo uiiitiiliulu tliu  nfoicsiild sum, loKLlliLM* witli nil opsthiif uilvor-  IisiiiB.")oiii uiU'icsl iu (liui-iiid imiioiiil olnlnis  will Uicomo llio piopcily of llu!iindoisi|?noil  iiinlei sLolinn I of Ilu* Acl I'nlltlul "An  Act to  Aiiifiid iim v'ii..ini ah,,' imm: .  llnlitl lliis Jii.l ...u ni Diiciiinliui. l!)(l.l. ,  '        , II. li. STAIIKKV. '  "vro'i'ioi: isiuMoKv Kivi'iiiiiiii.tiiiiivnii>s,irtoi  JM (lulu t> intend lo uiiplj. In Uio C'lnof Com-  inisiioni'i (if Ijiinils und W'oilvS fm ii spocinl  liccn1.!) locul llllll I'llllV .IVMIV Mimlioi lioni Uio  rollovviiiKilosciiliud lands on llio Aduins uvorv  Lilluoi'l dislru t '*      ���������  No'l I'oiiimci.ciiii: nl a post imirlvi'il "II li.  Siitlon's nmlli-.'iist coinoi," nlniituil ou Uio  wost Imiilc ol Ailiiins iivci,'iilioiil���������lour milos  lionfTuin-'I'uin lnko,v tlioncu soutli Ml cliiiins,  llioncowosl W oliiiins, tlionco uoilli 80 cliiiins,  liioucu^p.isl S'J climns lo pliiLOLnl coniinonco-  pii'iil' ^ '  7*       '  . No 1 ('nuiinnuciUK nl n post iniiikcil II H  Siitlon's -oiilli-vvost cnrnoi,"r|il.iiiU'il on Llio  wost hinlv ol Ad.uns iivoi, iiboul -i'i miles fiom  Tuni-Tuui l.il.c, tln.-nci; o.isl SO eli yus, tlicnco  nottli SO chains, tlicnco weal SO cliaiiis, tlicnco  south WI chains lo place ol toinincncciiionl.  U.iIliI the nth d.iyol Soiitvinlici, imn  II. 11  SUTTON.  NOTK'C is hoicln on on that thirty ilii.\s������rtei  (Into I intend Jo ap,)lv to llio Oluof. Com  V.oiks fori.i special  ivvuy timliei fioin Uio  on tlio Adams iivoi,  inissiouoi 6L Lands and  liconso to cul .ind ciuv  following clcciilicd liiiuls  in Ijillooot (littnct:  No I Coniniuncinfinl n po-.lmiul.iil 1.. A  Noliin's north-wi'st' coiner phuitod on I lie wcsl  Intnl. of Adams rivet.-nliont fnui "-iiiili's fiom  T'uni-Tiiin l.-ikc, lhence ������oulli III alinins, thoticc  oitbt IliO (h uns, ihonco iiorlh 10 chains, thonco  west Hid chains Co place ol (Aiituncnootnoiil  No I C'omnioncini;(.lt irpo-t t t.itlvcd *'B A  Nol in's soiiilitc.ist cornet," pl.ttitei! on the west  bank- ol Acl.ini= iivci, .ilioiit lout utiles front  Tum-Tiiin lake, tlicnco noith M) chants, (hence  wcbtSnchinus, tlicnce^soulh SO cliiiins. tliunco  180 chants In place of eoniiiioiicooionl  cist,  Dated the nth (I ij of boploinlioi, l'Hli  ' E   V   N'O I.  \N.  Fernie Bo^rd of trade^vants the law  amended t - give ei'inioycs in iihnbei  Crtnip a lien ior n-.s^rs, on the  ufncturtd   artic'i;   remaining   in  I V  rd.  Don't f-'rgft we make loo'c-Ieaf  bindeis md coveisfoi all kinds of loose  -liii't-, .\n'\ lo'i^r -htii-ts lor anv kind of  v. wi-i Wc are ln'-idipiai lei* for oveiy-  llnni.' u. a lou-e-lcat way ���������Kootenay  Mail ctlicc  for their kindness. ,  A link company ha.- been oig..ni/ed | ttI,j, j[,. x0lthev a  at  Trout   Lake   vvith   the   following j vuUnu. ,,. t|���������. .\iinei I*-of  dhectoiate:   J. A. Wet more, X. Abra-, t() t|l(, j*,.), CVck c.imi)  hamson.   J.    0.    Mun.iy,     Malcolm'  Mnthcson.  Jicit   Ackort,  Ai.dy Craig  IT. I.. God'oe.    J. A.  Wetii'o.c   t-..i-  urer;   K.  <S.  .~.iunder=   secietary.    It  wao (b-cidcd tu build a i ink 50\I50 it.  The Appeal Com t at Ottawa ha- n -  vnr-td the judgiii'*iit- "I tin- Chid'  Jti.-lice and the full ei.iut .���������! II ('.in  the Case of Turner A* Cn '. I'minii,  Ilolttn and Downs anil ju.lgiiK nt  now .-lands fur plnintill's. I'hi r.i-i-  may be taken by defendant- I'i tin  J'ri'vy Council. C. ���������*>. .McC.ut'f lur  plaintiu, J. M. See.It for defend.u.t  The men who are wo iking on the  uprivcr improvement have eli'.ued out  ihe rocks nt 17-Mile nllle winch cut  Ihe steamer tow line si, fit.nniitly la-t  sea=on. Trails have .tl-o bun made  for lining up. 1'h������ paity is now working in the canyon and J. M. Kellie,  ivho is in c h.lige, e\ptcU to improve i  that -o the <-tc.������mor fan go up in any j  stage of water i \cept when logs aie  i mining.  Il juii want tin*  Annual ' ' hum-,  N'k hoi i-.     or  any  In is h .ue wan   oul  |)i usi  vV   Hook  Co'"  Iiu}- ui finis (inn  Chattel bo\,"     St  of the Xmas iiuin-  r   nt   the   C.m.wlrt  They   iv ill  keep  A return  showed  ^12,191.50 of   the  curj-eiH jeai's aj piopiiation c.\pended  in   Revelstoke  nding   to   date, being  more than any othei   distiiet  except  nl,,n"|K.ist "j'a'ear.cl Koith Kootenay.  ; ' The loan bi'l piovides for boiiowing  '    I a million cjoll.us vvith   inteiest up to  Vancouver lonibermen b  ve protest- j g per centj "t0 ^ lepaid in ten annual  ' qd ngamst the Pioviucinl tovcrninent'nj instalments, the money   to   be used to  lpiopos.il   to rai������e  the fee   on   special   c|can np the   bank  overdraft, a nd pay  ' timber licences from -pLOO to $1(50   pel |iw|lir#c, ,lMC on Westniiustei budge.  I annum        Tl.ev     as'-eit   the   change"  ,   I ivill militate ?ei'0ii-.lj again-t ,\n ind-'  . ustrv vvnich is the l.ir<".t .-ii.glc soiiice  I of riovinci.il revenue and \H<!s al-  t together, as tho Iaat p'tnnii show,  j about fJ.18.000n jenr.  i The Kit F'oitage J.iimber, Co. have  ; decided to delay the building of their  ! mill nt Hiunsnn Lake is they con-iilei  th liuiibi I trade in .1 ..renewhut un-  i ������ati-factoiy eomlitiiii^ Thr manilg'1:*.  C. ('niiieioti, s.iv- piK-es foi   hiinber  BUSINESS COLLEGE.  The Iiihiui-s collige si.utid in this  city by Mips f.< nnox is pioving an ev.-  ( el1< ot ii -tit nt ton, .u.d the atti ildanic  l* giaduitlly ini'iriising. At One table  the student's- who ir< le ifiiing shoi t-  h.iml ..M.'.tl .vork .unl a." mnking good  ���������XrOTICC is hcicby iriven tli.itiliuiv (l.t\s.iftoi  _|_S -(Into 1 mteiKl lu .tpplv to thoC'liiorCom-  ntibsioiior of Liiinds and Woik-s fot ,t special  license to cot unit c.trrj ,i,\i.i\ timliei fiom the  follnvvinc described lands on tho Ul.tmsmei in  Lillooet ilislttct. v  No I CoititneiicinK.it a post ni.itked J. Jl  Nohn's -.outli-vvost corner plained on tho weal  hank of Adams met about i1' niilo- fiiiiu Tiim-  Ttitn hike, thence 111.1th 10 ch.unsv thence o.isl  lbOclintiis. tlnaico soulh II) chiun-, llieuce wcsl  lliOcliiiuis to plncciif comnicncenieut  No 2 CVntimencitii; al 11 post marked "J JI  Nolan's nnilli-vvo-t corner,' planted oiftlie vveist  bank of Adams liver aboul S'J tittle- fiom Tuin-  Tiim Inkc. tlicnco south II) chains, lhence east  100chiun-. thence uoilli 10 chains, lhence west  loll chains lo place of coiuineneoiiient.  Baled the rah (lav of Si plcnihei. l"0i.  J  il   NOLAN.  Nc  I'ltnian ���������  -(��������� 11   i-  tin in till Xmas for vo'i  BANKING.'  John I'niilion of'I 01 on to la.inch of  j the Mo!-on - li.ink, has as-uined  I po-ilion of iii-coi.ni.iiit 111 the Vancou-  Ivei u-iicii tic! v iC-anl bv lb' appoint-  I mc nt of tli" Mi W II. I'i.lit as Manage) r.i the Ilivi'lstoke hiaiich  J. A. Jji.ckhniii, having acipuri'd  lhi- above stoie, 1- pulling in .1 Ihst  1 lass -lock of  DRUGS AND  STATIONERY  A (ini! .-is'soi-linent of Tiiilbs  fiiisah; nt 11 bargain.  \ New slocks oriiered  lo iil-rive, ;.  i'llBSfKlJTIONSCAKKl'-Ul.I.V i'lilii'AilliO  Moscrop Bros.  Sanitary Plumbing, Hot  Water & Steam Heating.  Pipe Valve Fittings,  Electric Lamps, Door Bells and  Annunciators,  Electric Fixtures, ^ Put In.  Second Street, Revelstoke-  i).  had been well iiiiiinMini-d up to now,  but AlueiH'.u.s wen* seetil ing .1 huge  -haw of th'' C.i'*..u!ian Im-onf "���������<,  oumg to the absPiiot of any duty  und a decline in prico-i is eitt.uii lo  Co me at an e.uly (bite.  (/ S' MrC.u ter returned thi- morning from Victoria vv here he hid be.en  lotamcd to cooperate with a d������ potation if presenting the lumber niterc-a-  in resjaid to proposed timber le������i=i-  lation Tho depiitnticn urged special  licenses be mndt; transteniblc, and ro-  nevv.iblo and the government were  favorably disposed to grant thid. It  vvas pointed out the propo-ed increase  of fees was unfair to holders of timber  in the interior where tho (piantity pei  acie b not nearly so (jre.it as at the  const, and the government expicssecl  themselves favorable to reducing the  fees on intoiior holdings  taught  Ihe  Not the Slighest Danger  In u������iiif{ Di. Hamilton's Pills of  Mandrake unci Jiuttertuit for constipation or piles. .Highly recommended  beenu.se. they cause no griping pains.  l'*or prompt and 'certain cure use only  \)v. Hamilton's Pills.    Price 2flc.  pr.-jri*  ,nnl is ;he bet ail romid -jsteni,  ^todenv'-i .ire tntiflit how to take i\',i ���������  t.ition of h tlf 11 and InirMcrilie litem.  Th* ti theie is nlit iv pc\vntiiii< el.H-i.  (tie -ti.dent-) in vvlmh hii ffivm ,1  thorough fr.tir.ii.y 11: thi- uotk.ivl ph  in eon;t'nc tion with shorthand, i* 1 e.  corning a first rcf|li!-H' in ' vory up-to-  date otl.ee  The oook-kicpiiig eia-s is taught I he  piii.eipi. - of acconntiiv', k'( |.i'tg lli  diffei'iit -etJ of'bookJ. drawing in/ic,  rhefjiK", wreptaiif es and ol In 1 loei-  eantilf paper, M������iiing 1 eci ipt->, pi/par  nig shipping bilks and the hundred and  one details that cut'r into ofiice woik.  Mist* Lennox h.is evening classes for  those who cannot attend during the  clay The college is a great boon to  those who vvijh all (.flico I raining or 10  impiovc their education, and Mis-,  I,e''nno*c is well ipuilificil for the   woik.  OTfCi; is herein mvon thnt Unitv ilnv-.iftci  date 1 inietid*io apph tn Ihe Chief ('0111-  iiiis-mncr cl 1j.iikI- and W'otl,-, fot it special  licen-e to cut and c nr.v- aw.n liinlici fiom llio  folloiMmtdc-ciilicd lands on the \el.im& ltivcr,  Ltllooet Distucl. '    - ,    , _,  rr  No 1 L'oinnioiicniK.it a po-t 111.11 K011 I. II  Nolan's soiilli-wo-l, cornel planted on the wost  f>ink of Adam- tuer, .iliout two nnlo= fiom  Tum-Tiint lake, thenre ea-t SO chains, lhence  north !vi) chn 111-. I henie' west bO cli.iins.-thence  -.itilli SO cli.niis to I'lneool i-onimonceuienl.  No I C iimiucncini; al a posl uio 1 Kod ' V, 11.  Nol 111 - -(inth-e.isl conier." phinUd on I ho west  Iinil, of Adam's tiier. nliont two miles lroin  Tom-Tiiiti lake, j hence mest. SO chains, thence  north st) chain'!, theme c,t-l SO clianis lhence  southWlflimiis tn place of cniiimi ncement  Hated tho rah dm of hoptcmliur. I'Kli  T,   II   NOLAN.  OTI' V. 1- heionv ire. en (lint llinlv d.ijs nllei  dale I ml end to 11 ppl} lo the C'lnof Coin-  ints-i.iiici nf Ijtind- and Woiks fm 11 spceinl  lic-cn-c to ( nl und ( nits 11vv.1v liuilier frouilhe  follnwInKde-crilieil hind- on the Vdanis 1 tier,  I.illomil district : ,.,..,.  No I C'.iinnienciiu' nl a post nun Led 'I V  I iillilmn's uurtli-ui'-l  coiner.'  platil.'d  on tin-  west li ink of Aiinuis mor. ill I a'j tulles linin  'I'lim-Tiini Inkc. Ihetu-e-iiulh SO ( hunt-, thiince  i'hhI Sllrli.uiis thenco nnilli W) chitiiis tn plnco  of ...iiiitM nc meni  -Nn .'    ( i.miiii iicini' nl   11   pn-l in. irked ' I. v.  I'.lilll '-   tl.irll. ( ll-l   enllier,"   pltlllled   (ill   llio  \w--l Imiik of Vdani- river, 11I1011I ."i', miles fnnn  Tumi Tutu  lute.,  lluitio vvi'.l .V) chains, I hence  1   ..til), vi . linin-, tkeucc eit-l  SO chiun-, theiice  , 1 ortli sin ll.oil- In phieenf coiiililiiliccinenl,  ,     l>ali'I the I'.tli dm ol Sciiletiilicr. I'.'ll  T. A   I Al.I.Illlli:.  20  BONSPEILFOR 'REVELSTOKE.  At the nieetinif of the Kootenay  Curling nssoeintion Jit was decided to  have the bo'nsp'iel at lievelstoke. 1 he  elate is about Jan nn ry ll.th. Delegate  IT. A. Brown is to be congratulated on  the success of his ulVorts.']  J. Guy Barber  JEWELRY  DIAMONDS  WATCHES  line) a  lomplcK Hn  of the  GENUINE  Rogers Bros."  Knives, Forks,  Spoons, etc.  l-.ycs cnrcfttlly examined at.d  pro'pcrlv fitted lo,the best prade  "Pine       ( f  X     ������������������)������������������  -if ���������- ��������� . ,���������  Kxamination of Suits and Overcoats in our stock always pleases  u.s���������nnd rarely fails, to please lhur  oilier man.j jiuishionnble goods,  properly'i;ul, niopeily Iniioied,  pioperly pi iceel���������these things vve  guni'iuilee yon".- Don't oi'tler  your clothes'' until you Inivi* ex- >  niniiii'd ouiM-.tock.       '������������������ *    ���������  J;B.CRESSMAN  f*'AHT TAILOR.'  <><y<yo-<><>^<^oh-<><><>k  Kor'llic best and jiiccscXmas jroods\caU *anci sce^ k.  |-Iows6n'r& "Go's" large -assortmenti of. fancy-;.Rockers,,;'  ,,Center/'I'abieX 'Couches, ���������.Shina^ CabineLs, /;LadiestSc\c-^  retards, etc.     r?   H,      "- 'I  , --       /',     A    _   ^   -" ,V ���������  ��������� ;r; howsoisi: & :ca.   ?  ertakeis'and Iimbalmers. -  U n'clt  -..-lecture* Friiniino*.  *  WE  "; It has become generally "known that,Wilson   leads^n^fine  lilorintr..   Our. .New York'training* givers us thetknow-how ol  7    Ir  doing' the work t  .,' .Sec otii\ display of .Trouserings for the  '-"    Our'FalLstock of goods,has'i.arriyccl. rf  trousers season.  ,    r <'    UNION Sil  OP,  A.-Wilsoliu  9-    X   *���������  jMoKLlNZri!! AMJ3NUI3,  Fashionable  v*    Tailor. ;i I  NLOXT ,T'A YLOI! I3L00K.  VTOTICK io Iicioby,Kiven tli.il tlinlj- (lajs  JM*- nl tor (Intel lttleiKt to apiil.v t" thu C/hiuf  t'omml-v'.ionoi ol Ijiiulsauil Work1, for iimiuuHu  license lo out mill cm iy away titnlioi- fioin, Iho  ���������|ollo������iii({lilostiili('il In nil-ion the jV(liiiiw"Hni.r,'  Lillooot Distucl ~" - -1* -.', f" '"tr, "  No. I. I'aniiiiononiK ntii post phi' led r'\ the  ive-vt bunk ol ^ilnin-. iivul nl the lonlaa .1 mi;  Tutu lake anil ni.ukcil "IC.itht'une Nolans  bout 11������ ct cot noi post," lhence noilh SO cltii'iis,  lhence oust SO eliiinw. thenco hotith Ml cliiiins  thenoe wcatfcU chains to'place ol  loiiuiicuco-  nient , ',,,,'.,   i  Xo. 2. CoinuienciiiKiitn pobt planted on the  nest hank of Tuin-'I'uni laki- at the licn.il of  Adams i-ivei-:iii(l'nini-keil "Kutliei mo Nolims  hon tlicnst cot nei," thence noi I li .sn chatns.l heneo  west SO elm in-, thence soulh* .0 chains, thence  oust at) claims lo place of coiiiiiienei'incnt.  Daleil the llllidns of Senlemhcr. I'JO.I  IvATIIKKiN'K NOL.VV.  -VTOl'ICA N licioby given Hint Llm Lv (lavs  IN altci-iUitc I intenil lo apply to Ihe Chid  Uoniiiiissionor ol l-aiulsiind Woiks for a special  license Lo cut and can j iumij- lintliei fiom the  follow ini; ilesi-i died hinds on the Adams llivei-  in Lnlloool lllslnet i, ,,..,,���������  No. I.' Commencing at n pose limited .1. vv.  Kallihec's souLlienst coinci, phinled on tho  nest banker Adnnis iivci- aboul1 seven ini'.Ch  fiom Tiini-Tuin luke, thence uesl lhO clinmi,  Lhence ,1101 Hi 10 chums, lhence e.ist 100 chnnis,  Lhence south ID chains to place of commencement. ,  ',   ,  ...  No.'J. Coniuioncititf al n post niail.cd .1. w.  Knllilieo'-. noil Invest coinci," planLeil on the  ������esL bunk ol Adnnis mor aboul suven miles  riotn 'I'uin-Tiini lake, lhence oust I Ml chums,  Lhence soulh 10chains, llienco wcsl KiOchuiiis.  llienco notlli 10 chains lo-placc of coiuiiiciicc-  nictiL , '  IJntcil the lOlli day of Septeni'iet-. IOIO  .). VV. KAIjLIIUCK.  AT OTIC K  IN     aftet  is lieiehv Kiven that Unity days  j_, ....^. (InLe I liilcnd lo nppl.v to the Chief  Coiiiiinss.oiiei-of Lands and Woiks tor 11 special  license to cuL and tuny iivvny Innbei liom llio  following dcscubed lands on lite Ad.uns liver.  LillooeliliMiicl  No. I. CoiiiniencinKiitii posl niaiked .). l^.  Nolans noillivvust comet." planted on Llie  bmk of Adams nvcr, aboul two miles down  Honi Tuiii-Ttim hike, thence east SO chains,  lhence soulh SO eh mis, lhence vvesL SO chains,  lhence 1101 lit SO chains to place ot commencement. ,    , ...  ,,  No 2. Coiiiminicing at 11 post nun Led J. U  Nolan's ninth casL coi ner." pliinled on I he west  bank- of Ad.uns nver, about two miles down  fiom Tiiin-'ltim hike, thence vvo-t SO chains.  Llienco suiilli SO cliiiins, lhence casL SO ehiins,  llieuce 1101II1 SO cliiiins lo place of commence  Diilcd the l.-.tli ilnj oCSeptcniber, l'lOI.  ���������I. C. NOLAN.  -yTOTM'l-: Is hcicby given tb.iL lliiily days  J\ allcril.ilo I Intend to apply lo the (li of  Coiiiinlssioiii.t ol I,niidsuii'.l Woiks Toi-nspecial  lliciiso lo ciiLiind cany away linibei fiom Llie  follow Ing dosoi ilicil lands on tlio Adnnis 1 Ivor,  l.illooel dlsliicl:  No. 1. C'oitiiiii'ili'lng ul a posl miiiked 'L. I .  Nolan's ninth hcAicoiuci," planlcil on tlio wcsl,  hunk of 'l*itm 'I'ii 111 hike nml at llie head of  Aihiins i-lvi'i', llienco casL SO chaliiH, Lhence  noulh Si) chains, lhence wi'sL S(l cliiiins, Llienco  11111 Hi S'l chains to place of coininciicuincnt.  No,'J. Commencing nl n post nun Iced "U 0.  Nolnn'H 1101 Ih east comer, planted ou Llio weal  hank- of Tiiiu-Tiiui hike, and nl llio bond of  Ailiuiih rlvt'i*. llieticu Houlh Sll chains, thonco  went SOchnliiN llienco noilh SO chains, Llienco  (.���������list. SO clih 111 f lo place or coiumenccinciiL.  Dated this llth daj ol SenLcmbei-, 11)0.1.     ..  b. C. NOLAN.  WANTED  inOH SALK���������Cdcki'icl.s, tuns-, pons,  J' in li. la'h'liniDs, W. Li-K"")*-.  Hull'Oiliiiifjtdii". 13. Itocks, lii'sl laying  sliains und goiwl Wild-, cheapi CKK'5 '"  si'asuii. Aillnii- yiuivait, Ml. Tiilmiu  I'. O., Viclciim, li. U.  OU'NL)--A v.iliialit  P.  K  gll^O MllbllT.  Jj     P.  K.  station.  : t'ur glnv-c nt   U.  [iK'tiiii; of   Jj.ig-  OST��������� On Wi'ilni'.scl.iy evuning l)e-  tvvcen Picshytuiiiiii church ,.ind  lower town, pan- golcl-iiinini'd spi'C-  tacli's, wiapped in cotton rag. Finder  ple.iso 1 etui 11 lo Kootenay Mail ollici'.  \NTBI")���������A   position   ns dining-  room girl 01 cliiuiiluii-in.iid. Acl-  A IS, c-aie of Kootenay Mail.  V  XV  eli  WANTED  rooms  12x II) leet, suitulile for ollice  toSibliald & Field.  to. runt-Two  Iii   Taylor   hlcick.  frcnt  cuc-li  Apply.  NO'I'ICK is hoioby given that tbu tv days aftei.  dale I iiilend to nnplv to tbetlhiot (.ointnis-,  sionui of Lands and'Woiks foi-a special license  Lo cul and curry away limber liom tlio following dcM-iibed hinds, vi/ >vp-t'- ~ A"yA~A~''A-J  ii No. l.vConimencing at 11 posl planted on Lhot,  nghLbank.of Llio Coliimbui 111 or about hn f a  mile above Sin pi Ine inpids and niaiked -H..  ICIlis'snoiLliwest coiner, posl, thence souLh 10  chains, thence casL 1MI chains, tlicnco nm th 10  chains, llienco west 100 chains to point of> 1*0111-;.  niencoiiient. \ ,  - No. '2.    Commencing  al   .1  post  planted   III  obninsciisLor II. Ulliss noilhwcsl cornel  iios|  and niiukcd "B. Klbs's soul beast coinci  liosi.  thenco noith SO chains, Llienco wcsl 80 chains,  Lhence soulh 80chains, Ihonoo.onsL SO chains lo  place of commencement.-     ���������       ,.-,",, , !_   '  11.   I'.LLlo.  Nov. i:tii, liiiy.    N������������������rcK  is hoiebv given that lliiily clnysiiftd  dale I intend loupplv loliie c;iuef C'ommis-  sionoror Liindsand Woiks foi a special license  lo cut and ciuryiiwnv tiinbjr fiom tlio following dcscubed hinds, v 1/ ...  No. 1. Oninnicnciiignt 11 post planted about  twelve chains cast fiom head ol bin iiusoiainds  on Columbia'iivci-niiukcd ".fas HIlis's noith-',  wcsl coiner post," llienco east SO chains, Lbencc  .soulh SO chains, lhence west SO chums, lhence  noith SO chains to place or commeiicenionL  .IAS. KLLI5.-  Ni,    I3t'i.  l')U.'        '   ^   '   ATOTICK is heieb.v given thai Units davs  JM altei date I intend lo apply co IbcClnoC  eoniniissionei- ol Lands and Works for a  special license to cut and cariv away Imbei  fiom llie follow nig dcscubed lands, vi/ :  No. 1. Commencing at a post planted on  Poilngclinil over Suipiise inputs about one  louitb mile fiom tlio south end or it and marked  ���������'Vdani Hall's noilhwcsl corner posL,' tlicnco  south 10 chnins, thence east HiO chains, lhence  1101 tli 10 chains, lhence west IBO chums lo place  or commencement.    - -.      ,  j  No. 2. Coiiiincnciiigat a posl planlcil ou Lhe  Icfl bank of the Coluiubia nvei beside .funics  Gilinour'siioillioasL coi noi post nhouL ten miles  below Surpiise 1 lipids and 111.11 kod "Adam  Hall's soutlicasL coiner posl," Lbonco wcsL SO  chains, lhence -noith SO chains,- lhence  ens! SO chains, lhence soulh SO chains to plnco  of coiiiiiioncenioiiL,    - ,���������,,,���������,,,  AU.V.Vl HALL.,  Nov. ISth, lDOI.  ATOTICK  is hcicby given thai Llm ly  IN  .in   *   lllivs  "iftcr dale f intend 10 apply lo the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for a  special license to'euL and cany awny timber  fiom the followmgdc-crlbed lands \i/..:  No 1. Commencing al 11 post planted on tlio  leflbnnkor the Columbia river abnuL 12 miles  below- Suipiise iii|ilils nnd ni.irke I " G. A. Jordan's noilhwest corner posl," Lhence soul 1 0  Chnins, ihi'iiee easl HiO chains, tlicnco noith 10  chnins, Lhence wcsl. Kit) chains to plnco of com-  moncemciit. * ....      ..  No. 2. ' Commencing nt a post planted on the  Icfl bank of llio Columbia nvei about 12 miles  below Suipilsoiupids and iinukcd ' 0. A..I01-  diin's soulhenst coinei po^l, llienco 1101 Lb  chains, Lhence west l(l') chnins, lhence south 10  chnins, Llienco onsl 100 chains lo place ot coni-  ���������"u������co'������"'"-                             0. A. JOIIDAN.  Nov. ISth,WOt.  ^^  -VTOTICK Is hciebj given that lliiily davs  IN afler (Into I intend to apply to tint C hicC  Commissioner of Lands and Work- for a  special license to cut and cnuy uwny timber  Ii 0111 llio follow ing (leseilhcd lands, 11/,.:  No. I. Commencing at 11 posl i.laulcd about  lOchniiH wesLol Olivia Robinson s 1101 Ihe isL  ccinc-r post on Canoe liver, nboul 2V miles fiom  wheie il eiupLios inlollio Coluiubia nvei nnd  marked "Jus I!ii\ton'ssouLliwesL conier posl,  lhence cnstSO chains, thence 1101 111 80 chnins,  thenco west SO ehai is, thonco south ������0 chains,  to point of commencement  No. 2. Commencing al n. post planted on Iho  west bank or the Columbia in ei at the motilli  ol Mnlonej eicok and miiiked 'Mas. KuUons  noitbcast comer posl," lhence W05,t II) chains,  thenco soutli 1G0 chains, thence east 10 chains,  Llienco 1101 lh lG'J chains to placo of commence-  n*C"U ,IAS. RUXTON.  Nov. 18th   1S03.  ATOTlC;i* is hereby given thiittliiifydnvinftcr  J.> iliile r intend to apply to tlio Chief Commissioner or Jjimds and Works Tor a special  liconso Local nnd carrj nwas tiuibor from Llio  following described lands on lhe Adnnis nvor,  Lillooot district! , ' , . .  r  No 1. Commencing nt it post miiiked ".I 1.  Fnllihee's souLh-wc-L corner posl." pluiitndon  the wost bank- of Adnnis river, about 7 iiuloa  from Turn-Turn lute, thence cast 100 chitins,  thonco north 10 chains, thonco we^t 100 cliiiins,  tiieucc soulh 10 chants to place ot commencement . \  No 2 Commencing ut n p 1st mnrkod ".1.1.  Fallihco's unrlli-ca.t corner," planted on tho  wost Iwnk of Adams riier, about 7 milos from  Tum-Tuni lake, thence west ICO chains, thonco  south-It) chains, thence"7oust HX) chaiiis,;lhonc(j  north 10 chains to place nf commencement.-  ������������������'���������;  Dated the lOtli day of September. 1903.  i. I.:FAtiLIHEBJ  *z, * t  0  *',  A     1  i\(U      "*  rf a  r" -  M


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