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Kootenay Mail Dec 2, 1899

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Vol. 6.-N0. 31.
$2.00 a Year.
Sueii Was the Sentence a Sneak Thief
Received Thursday.
"This sneak thieving must be stopped. People living in hotel- must be
protected from such men as you. It
should not be necessary for them lo
keep their goods and chattels under
lock- and key. From Ibo evidence I
can' come lo no other conclusion but
that you are guilly. You are senlon-
ci'd to three months.' iinprisnnuicnl. at
hard 1 labor.'' ��� hi those l"crse words
Magistrate H.iig pronounced sentence,
and Olias-. Steilitig. convicted ibief,
with bow'ed head and shamed I'acc was
led away to bis cell.
The man .Steilingb.-ul been c'-'m'HcLed
of entering a loom at the Oriental
hotel and taking a w.-ilch from a sleeping man. Thus. Miihood, in ''broad daylight, lie was delecting Icaying I he
hotel shortly after committing the
theft, and the case \v;i< win ked up and
bandied by 'Policeman Shaw, who deserves great credit for bis work in
' connection ,with it.
' Ab'\". MeRao appeared for tbe prosecution: the prisi'ilel* decided tosl.md
tiial bef'nic the niagis,! nite lather than
wait till llie next session of tlie county
court, nnd defended himself. Me told
a 'cock and bull story about having
bought the watch, but I be evidence
against him was conclusive, and he
was convicted and sentenced.
Picked   from   the Trout. Lake  f epic
' ���   .    -  Qutcroppings.
Tile letut-iis from the shipment of
120 sacks' of oreJVom llie"I'llhcl, this fall
netted $T7()..">l'. Placing the- average
weight of I hv sacks'at 10!) pounds, the
shipment would 'an mint ,to about, six
tons-,' which has theiefore, returned
'$(31.7.3 clear profit .per ton. Cotisi-.b-r-
' ing the very high freight, rates lo the
smelter, this is a very good showing
indeed, and should encourage, the present lessees  in   their elVorts to develop
u <i i (
the properly.1   '
The Cyclone group.of four claims 0:1
Great. Western mountain is a prbjuxly
that, is likely l<> spring to0 1 h ��� fun! in,.
the near future. Tbe lead, whirl
quart7.-5 feet in thick :ie*-s t-on'.-iius 2\
inches of clean galena and IS inches- of
concentrate* assaying $23 silver, $10')
gold and -II per ce.it, lea 1. Thi-own-:.*
of ��� thia properly are. Messrs. Oirand
O.i the r]va gniup in th" Fish Creek
camp preparations are being made to
drive two tunnels of 200 ft. each on the
vein, crosscuts to be extended right
and left at. intei vals of 50 feci in order
to thoroughly sample tbe ledge.
S. D.ui'ey's pack tiain slat-led out
.with a load for the Silver Queen this
week. but. could not get through s on
account, of the snow. He is now. raw-
hiding from the Broadview.
A torsof ore at one shot yvas broughl
down recently in the workings of the
Nettie L. This large mass was almost,
solid grey copper.
D. On* and G. Goldsmith recently
sold a half inlore-M in the Sirdar group
tin the divide between I3oyd and' L<-x-
ingtoti cieek * to J. 11. Scott of London
Tbe properly has a lem.ukably line
showing, giving return-"'on the average
' of $250 hi copper and silver.
A large force of men are now vvotk-
. ing at the Bealtice. The work on the
trail'to'the mine is being pushed from
both ends-, but on account'id' the difli-
cuiiy of llie woik.it Knot expected
. that it will be completed for ten days
"The men are now, in Fll feel on the
Hob Roy and Highland Chief. lt wo
claims owned by the ScottUh Canadian
M. & D- Co.
The 'Veteran   Cartoonist_  Delights  a
Large Audience. '   <
Rengough's crayon sketches and
inimitable recitations und stories entertained several hundred people in Ihe
opeia house Wednesday evening, every
one of whom were' immensely pleased
wilh tho man and his"work. In every
way (he evening's ciitoila'inincnt, fui-
llisiied by theladiesof llie'Pi-eshylcii 111
chinch, was a .���neeo.---, and they are lo
be coiigr.ihil.-ited on giving t li" people
of the cily an opportunity to ha've a
li early laugh. Mis slietclies of local
subjects were good and, evoked' mars
of laughter and applause.
.The c.-irlo'iuihl lirst, .sketched ;t small
boy 011 a toboggan .starting duwii^the
bill of life." Me emphasized the i 111 porta nee of the boy starting right, 7-is he
would'travel fast, and, with a few deft
strokes .of llie crayon, a red-nosed
driinknid looked out at Ihe audience,
who watched the. cartoon grow from
tin; ordinary drunkard into th" veriest
hum that ever walked llie Bowery.
Me drew a S.-nlchtiinn in kill and
plaid,'W itb a running comment on Ihe
S.'-nlch cliaiia'cler, and'wilh the richest
biirclnld (he slory nf Scolly Aiilie'fiV
coiutsliip: "I was in for il. 'That's
hew I got her."'
-, A-few iiiomenls sullii'i'il to change
tlie canny Scot, into a new woman in
knickers, nnd bul^t few more built a
diamond fiaine wheel mulct ,lier and
she was speeding down the .street, with
everything, even the dogs, scurrying
out of her way.
Mr. Bi'iigongb, is almost as good an-
Irislmian as he is a Scotchman; this
waspioved hy his rendition of "Donley
on the Ttansvaal War."
One of .iiiir local physicians was next
sketched in the act of diagnosing Ihe
,case of a love-sick' cliide;'lhe audience
evidently thought, llie physician was
all t ight. in cases of this kind.
A "Pastoral CalP followed, which
was not well received.
Askelch of John Hull .-ind Uncle
Sam was the next, mini her, with a 1 ('citation in the b"st b.Mi-i-.-ick room ballad
"Our Next Mayor"'s eceiveil'the, at-
I eiilioii 'nf Ihe en i oonisl, and H. Tapping appeared', marching ' stc-idily in
tbe m.iyor'.s chair, cat rying a banner
inscribed, '"Municipal uwiii-r.-hip of.
electi-ie lights," .-nul plac.-iid.'d "'icon
omy.'1 Seve.-nl pairs of fei-l were 11I-0
depicted appeal ing iu I he soup tun-en,
but it could only be iinagiiied if Mr,
Tapping's were among l.'nein.    1
"The Tininp," ail effort ivo rerilalioi?
in Mr. JJengough's In-M style, closed
tb.'j evening's pi ograin. The sketches
were afterward auctioned olf, I ha't of
Mr.  Tapping   biinging  the top  price,
$1.05.        ,- *- ,
New Sanitarium.
Thomas Tompkins. Ihe well known
C. P. K. ennti actor, is interested in
some mineral springs discovered not
long since near Albert Canyon. Tbe
water has been analyzed by exports
and found lb be of inn-t unusually
high quality. Me is new contemplating the erection of a large bottling
works and sanitation). If this is done
work will be commenced as soon as
possible aftei January 1. mid the
building elected'will be nn a large
scale. It is uiulcistood thai till the
plans have been prepared and are now
under consideration by Mr. Tompkins.
Small Registration.
Last, night there were only about 225
voters regisleicil on tbe municipal roll.
The list closes (o-nighl. Y'-ty few
householders have legistcred, and il
seems as I hough many would mil avail
themselves of Ihe l'r.-ilii hi-e. ll should
be ri'ineinbi'i-i d tluit ueitliet a into-
payer mi a householder t an be ngts-
tered as a voter unless lie lins paid the
rund uixfoi'i?(Ja,'- '���'.'-.;
Provincial Voters' List.
Theie were but 133 names added to
the provincial voters' list at the last
sitting of the' court, of revision, the
first par.t of November. ' Since that
time tb" collector of votes has received
about 20t)*applic*ii lions for regis! ration,
but the names of these applicants can
not be placed on the roll until the
nest sit l ing'of Ihe coilit, which will
not be held imlil next May. This state
of affairs is due to I lie failure , of, the
govci iiuient lo piOpet ly advertise th"
silling of the com t. Instead ol'advei-
tieingin the press, the vote colh-t-lois
were insLi in-led to post notices in at
least five public places in llie di.-lrict.
This was done, but in lliis t-los.- of ihe
nineteen! h reiiLuiy the people have
neithei the lime nor t bo-inclination In
stop and lead nolics post'-tl on the
doors nf the government buildings.
That method might have worked all
right 0,1 ie hundred yeats ago, but. ii.
won'!, go now. Should an elect inn,
cither provincial or Dominion, be
ordeied bel'on- the next revision of
the lii-ts.jihere would lie 200 men in this
district without a vote. Complaints
of the .s.-iine character have been received from other pin tsof tbe pro vine-.
This .slate of nlr'air-- could hav e been
avoided by a few dollars invested in
pi intet-'.s ink.
. A< a   lesiill of   the  persistent   fight
. A�� a lesiill of the jiersislenl ligu!
for il made by the Mail, at last nighi's
session of llie city council a lodging-
bouse bv-law wa* in I rod need which i.s
calculated to regulate the Chinese dens.
Tlies victoiy for health anil morality
is scon d.    ' ' <
There were present, Aid. Wells Kilpatrick,  It row 11.   Graham,   Mclvcchnie
and   Crage.      In   the   absence of  the
-mayor,   Aid. Wells   was   voted   to the
1 hair.
The finance and 'pulilic; works and
property commit tees recoiiiiiied that
lots 11 and 12, bh>ck\7, (corner of Itobe-
by avenue .-nul Second at reels) be proem ed foi Ihe drill ball.
,The committee of public works and
propel ty iecoiiini"iid that $15 bea|T:
propi iat.il> to level Boyle avenue between Victoria' 1 ond and ,Fir.-t street
and, to build sl.-iirway on 'McKenzie
.avenue lo lot 1, block 215.
Tim 'finance and general executive'
committee beg to report a.s foil own :
They would recommend that the Itev-
el.sloke Company nf the Rocky Mountain Tlangets receive a grnnt.of $10 per
nioiitli foi" two months, and ��� would
recommend,;, the ' enntinuance ,nf the,
grant   to  llie  incoming council.   .The
co iiltee 'regret   that   lb",   financial
ariangeiuenls for th'e rest of the yea 1-
JS03 will'not admit of a grant lo the
City Band: I hey would 1 econmie'iid
the most worthy object to the incoming council.
The   reports   of.     committees   were
adopted aa read. ' ��
Aid. Graham asked if'il  istlieinten-
I lion of the council lodonnyt hing abmtl
j building  the  I) inglas   street  crossing
lli'is year.
After some  discussion, Aid. Gr.ih.-nu
moved, .seconded   by Aid. Brown, that.
public works cnininiLti'i' be 'instructed
to complete crossing on Douglas sheet..
' Aid. Kilpatrick said be would like lo
know  if  there  is siiliici"jiil."iiioney on
hand for'this work.
Aid. .Mc-Kechiiie did' not thinkr the,
crossing was of iniuiediaU' necessity. ���
Aid'. Graham \spoke' saying -that
ciossing would lessen distance for
h-iuling of wood wli'ich will have to be
brought across the river..
Aid. Brown thought this work very
desirable to 'be done. Money appropriated for gravelling streets had not
been all used, balance .should 'be devoted lo crossing. - ' .
Aid. Kilpatrick said lie had favored
'crossing when first brought up, bill
finance committee reported lack of
funds; ho,did not see where they bad
come fi0111 since.
Motion was put and carried.
. City solicitor said'that agreement
li.ul been drawn tip between the city
and tlie Revelstoke .Water, Light &
Power company and were to be signed1
by mannge.r of company.
^By-law legulaling lodging houses
was introduced and received' its three
"leadings. 'A by-law respecting voters'
list, was also read.      ,     ,   ' ,     '
' Aid. Ciage made . apphcat ion for
leave oT absence for one month. Leave
wa.-. granted.    '    '
Council adjoin nod to ineet, Monday
at 10 a.m.        .     . .
Do Honor to   Their ' Patron Saint on
'Thursday Night.
"3 iy, we were j-.i-t jiluni full of g'""d
tilings when 'web-i't for . honi e I his
morning''," ��;<'d oile ol'iour br.iw RcoU-h-
iiieiry'c.sleribiy/'-but 1 ..wisl^my head,
w mild slop aching.".' '.
,Uev. lstoUe Si 1 liiuicn-ran not let St.
Ambew'.s night pass w iilmut 'snine
Kind of a celebration, and Thursday
night's was the most sui-ce.s.slul nl ,-iiiy
ever had in tbe city, though the a flair
was hugely impromptu. "A few .of
Ihe lincst"decided Tbur.sday afternocin
that they would have a supper and
Mine. Host Brinvi'i of I he Union hotel
got a great hustle on and al S o'clock
last night some fifteen or twenty sat
down to one of the finest spreads evi r
given in town. "There was no haggis,
owing to thejshort time for prepai-
iition, but everything el*o needful for
a good time,was provided. Part of the
good cheer consisted of hot pumb and
olhet-soft drinks, over which the ban-
cpielers made nieiiy; everything
Scotch was toasted, arid almost every
Scotch song known 'was sung. .- All
things, good as well as bad, must have
an end,\-uur-in Ibis case lb-'end was
i-e.-u-bed' about. 3 o'clock yeslenlaj
sterna! Greetings to Drither Scots.
A Government Smelter Advocated.
Knrroi* Koutunay Mai;.:
Il may mil be policy   for   B  C. legislators to talk government ownership of
railways (for iI is a   matter   which   the
Dominion government, must.deal wilh)
but  the  opei aline,   by  tin-   provincial
govci 1111 tent of one complete inM it 111 imi
foi I ho entire ti eat menl of ores w holly
iu B. (.'., wiiHi her as  an  experimental
one  or   ol hei v\ i-e, would   be  a step in
I he 1 ight tlirei lion.    If   the  Dimiinlnii
govci iiineiP (,-in   make   paying   propo-
slliotis   otit   nf  defunct   ci e.-iiiici-ies   ini
Aih"]!.!,    tin     pto\ii:ci.ii    gnvet nmelil |
i.in make a   piolitabb'  iu~l i I Ml :.i:i   out '
i.| eveivwhit"    el.'plianl smeiler in   B   [
('.     ' Tiie     irovi'i umeiit   i-pi'iaiiou  ;T'
The   o\e'iiiug of   St.  Aiulieu's Day
must luuo been one of acute agony  tu
teleirrapli   ope-.-ators   till   o\er   Canada
and   especially those   of   Irish  nationality and theiefore unfamiliar with the
intricacies of llie real  at tide of Scotch
dialect.    Tlie wires weie kept, hot fnnn,
one end of this broad  Dominion to the
j other willi   messages llie  full  meaning
I of which not blue Scotsman really   tin
i dci-siooi], and of some it might, lie s;.id
that it tunk :"i erudite   Caledonian  lo
grasu fti!!}"'
The Vimcouxer Scotchmen suit, the
following to tlie Hevel-stoko sons uf
Anld Scotia:
Tne a' leaf Scots wli.i' honor boimin
Audr.i's flay, Lpreiitigs frae true biiili
u' the Tei 111:11.il City,
The replies wore:
Tiie soiisie cliiels o' lle\elstc>l<e  Kiiul
Settlement of Labor Troubles Not Yet
c ,''     .' '   Complete.      -'.    '
Despite the assurance that was given
last, week of llie immediate'soUlemonf
of I he'Slocan labor .difficult y, (ompli-
calions have since arisen lo prolong
the negotiations-."ind make tl'i'e setllr-
less uf a general character thaivwas at
first expeited. Jtt��t. what the difficulty, is no one poems to know, but
there is every indication that tlie mutter will be. set lied and work lesomed
on the bitr properties within a week.
Since the preinatme publication of Ihe
reported settlement last week the
union members and the mine managers
have been more reticent in giving infill inatiou and very lit tie can be learned of llbeir proceedings, though they
aie in conference almost daily. The
end is surely close at hand, and maybe looked for. any day.
Was One of the Best Things Ever Heard
in Revelstoke.
��� The Smiley concert last night was
attended by a fair-sized audience,
which was well pleased with the en-
icrlaiiunenl furnished. It was a cum
plum success in every way. Mr.
Sin ly's liuiiiorotis tiioiiolngues kept
his heaters in a continual uiar of
laughter, while his rendition of'Tomiy-
son's " Hevenge" was lieaitily applauded.
Miss Ella Briilyeland is probably tlie
best contralto ever' heard in Kevelsloke, and she always received an encore. Miss Walker was equally vvill
reelings srucI and a' that.
IJ. A. JJuowx,
Fiesi.le-.il St. And lew's Society.
He.niv    gteolin'gs   fiao   the   Scotch
llie   Dicland.*-. o' llie   wild
J. B. Smith.   .
chiel am ing
Vvpmen Conductors. ,
Theie.-ire seven young women conductors (.11 t he siivi-t cars 01 Chiliicnthe,
Ohio, and live at Vinciiuu-.s, Ind. They
lav  and rcieiy'e $1
. i-
go vet!
i sun 1', ri ��.   in   1 his   piovii-.ie  would
\ id ��� en.plovm-iit   foi   all I iie pen
vvoi le lime hours
a vv i-ck f..;  it.
v'tiiiadii if they wished it.
W.7.M.    L-twronce -has   al'.v;*.'
PlinGHEc^i,  'hand pip; and pipe-(iuiu^s.
���s 011
A Magnificent Building- to be Erected
at Once.
Tender* are nnw.being asked for (he
erection ol the rink, a building 1011x1.'id
loot in size, vvitii an addition running
nliing one side lax 1.10, for wailing
looms-, dic's.sing rooms, etc. The structure will have a trussed rocf, Ihns
doing away with the ncccs-sit y of using
po>ts. Tbe main link will be CUxI.K),
vvitii curling links 20.vl.10on each side.
The   woik   vvill   begin   at unco.    This
rink will cost, roughly s|l(.;ikuig,!p.1,0()0.
���. ^~	
Drills This Month. Ov
Revelstoke Company'of the Rocky
Mountain Rangers vvill drill in the
opera house on the following nights in
Monday, December -I.
jMoud.-iy, December U.
Monday, December 13.
Wednesday, Die. ~0,(2nd ������tpiad only)
Wednesday, December 27.
lu case the opera house is being used
for enterl.-iiimieiits on the regular
nights the drill will lake place.: on, the
following evening,   ���.'.���' . //
_   ,       t t ,
Ejections���The Maxwell   Fund���Election Adjourned.
Elections, iiiiti.itions and conferiing
of degrees have kepi the city lodges
busy this week.    ,
JC. OK j>.
Election of officers for next term was
adjourned (ill  next  Wednesday nighl
owing lo small attendance al la-t niect-
1 "re 1
Local knights have, contributed liberally In the Maxwell relief fund.
Chancellor Commander (iill and Mi s.
Gill were "at home-' to the knights
Thursilnv night. A good time, hardly
expresses it. ��
At the last meeting of Cold Range
lodge, A. C. Thompson, P. C��� in a few
words'bade the lodge and knights
good-bye. .Many expressions of 1 egret
at his depai litre and gmid wishes I'm
bit success wherever he might locate
wore received by the deparl'ing knight.
Gold Range lodge confenod the
page rank on a stranger Wednesday.
Enquire rank next week. .__,_	
Local Foiesters are having'!! warm
lime those clays. Thiiteen candidates
weie initiated last Monday night, and
the bear will be let loose' oil-about as
many more next iiiceliiig.
13. R. Campbell retiiined this week
from Golden, where he spent 11 couple
of weeks putting'new life into Court
Kicking Horse. He seemed 21 candidates and saw Ihi.'tn-wi II on their way
through the forest.
With a view to encouraging a larger
growth in membership and to create a
record I'or the closing month of the
year that will eclipse the' work of any
previous month ,in the histoiy of the
older, it has been decided that every
member in good standing who secures
the initiation iii his court during the
nionth of.D.ec-einbor ot one new Regular Beneficiary jMeinbei", vvill have his
court dues for the next twelve months
reduced by tbe auiountof bis extension
of Mm order tax, stud the' couit vvill be
relieved fiom- llie' payment of Ihe extension of tlie oitlci lax for such'member during the year 1000.
I. o. o. F.  ,
Selkirk .lodge initialed a candidate
last meeting and conferred one degree.
Both iniliajion and degree work will
be on the floor next week.
Officers for Selkirk lodge next year
will l.e:    *?'.*
N.G.���Bei-t llanhury.'    <���
V.' G.-Pefpr Hnoley.
Secret.-ii y���James Mai hie.
.Treasurer���R. Gordon.
Rc'vclslokejodge had no floor work'
on this w��ek. It is expected that next
week's meeting vvill be a busy one,
when several degrees will be. eonfeited.
Thursday night's meet ing vvas adjourned for one week for tl.e election of officers. After the election the regular
Order of business vvill be taken up.
L. o. I..
No. 103S vvill nominate and elect officers next' meeting, December 15th.
Installation will follow tbe first meeting in January. Brothers should remember that this is the annual limitless meeting and should surely be present.  -
ie in iiotn t ie coast
The Revelstoke Saw Mills are now
engaged in cutting the lumber needed
for the erection of the new skating and
curling rink..
Cutlery display���Our pride to keep
the largest juid best assort nionb Razors by the gross to choose from. XV.
M. Lavvienco.' ' "*,
1. T. [hevvstor is making a business
trip lo the coast. On bis return lie,
will leave for the east, where lie will
spend the winter.
Professor C. G. Cordon's company
will give a concert of variety on Doc.
"2 (to night) in Tapping's opera lioii-*i\
Doors open at 7 p.m.' i"
J,-niios Taylor is prcpaied to do piano
and oigin tuning and ropait ing. Lessons given on the violin. See bis ad-1
veitisoinont in this issue.
Miss Hume loft fur her homo in
New Jjrunswiok Thursday nmrninir.
after spending the sunnnei ivith
friends and'relatives in Revelstoke.
J. J. Foley came up from Arrowhead Wednesday lo see llongoiigli,
who vvas an old schoolmate of liis. He
says lie enjoyed the viiil very much.
See I ho, new line of Christ m-'.s goods
at \V. M. L.iwience's.      Plated   gun Is.
Hoger's   IS 17,   Fiiiil.   knives   iu    eases.
'carvers   iu   sets   and   cases, plated tea
sets. I
Arthur Cato, who is now in chaise
of tlie mechanical department-of the
Columbia it Western railway, is visiting old fiiends iu Revelstoke this
' Chiistinas goods atriving daily at
the Canada Drug ur Rook" Co. They
will have a beautiful Stock this year
and all the latest iu fancy goods and
loys. ���        0
The. dago shacks along tlie At row-
bead branch will bo removed at once
bv order of Supt. Duchesnny. They
weie nearly as filthy as many of the
Chinese,   deus   and    were  a,   distinct
Perry  Leake
lliis morning'. ���.
i'\ Bullock-\Y\'I��tPr p.-is'4-d tlitoiigh
Revelstoke Wednesday evening orijus
way to the coast. ' ''
, Ask ybiir neigiiborliow h > likesdiis
Gurney self-feeding heating stove? XV.
M. La\vn;nce, agent. o
Dr. II. JC. Hull, ijemisi, has located
iu Revelslokc. , At piosent his'oliice
is ill Revelstoke. jiosjiital.
.Souvenir and Chiistinas e-iuls and
plintiis of I'evelstdkc in dili't'ii'isL designs j tist iu at the Canada DiTg tt
Buolc Co's. . '       0"
The Canadian cn.'i'ingent has arrived at Cape Town. The' Canadian
troops, it. i*-- said, will only be. iued for
g-inison duty.
Don't miss the chance of getting
sonic, of ihe Rochester plated goods.
See Lawrence's window displav.      o ,
Artists     nialeiials,     tracing    cloth
waterproof, drawing ink, drawing pens,1
.ete._ahvav.s can l/e, h;id at  liie   Canada
Drug it Book Co's. o
David LM.'i'trusiiu i-etiif-ned from tiie
coast this morning. He will 'rem lin
ill Itevolstoko n few dav.S before g'^ing
iiil.'i (.he Lardc-au.
The Revelstoke Water, Light, 'it
Power Co. is now outraged in installing
six fire hydrants. This necessitates
the laying of oOO feet of 4-incli pipe.
Menibe.s of Revelstoke, lodge ]. 0.
0. V. sliottld leii'.on'ibei- that'the annual
election of oilicors vvill take place upxt
Thtii'sdav night and turn out 'in full
force. 1
Chas. ..Lindmark left on liis long
contemplated trip to Sweden Thursday,
illuming. Jle v\;j]l go by way of Chicago where he will be joined by Mrs'..
Lindih.-irk.    " ' . ' ���<,
1   <Peter T. Moon', .-isiistant   bridge inspect or for tlie   Pacific divisi-m  of the ,
C.   P.   R.,   has' icsigui',1.      Tt   is   not
known at this writiiiir who   his successor will bo. , ,'
" ��� 1
.     Hilly JLclIoway was   bested bv Billy.
H.iwkins 'in a' six-rOuml sparing
match iuoTappiinr's opera,, house, Saturday night. , lt was a lively and veiy
scientific go. , ,
For genuine bargains in   boots   ;o <\
sliiios, men's clothing   and   furnishings  '
call at A. iMc-Loan's,  in   the.   McCarfy '���
block, Revelstoke. ,or, no.*et door to   tl.e
P. 0., Kamloops,'B. C. o
W. Tcmlinson bioutrbt an engine tp-.
from   the   Columbia   it- Wesiei-u   this
week.     Tt was placed iu Mie local shoi s
for   repairs, vvhile   Mr.   T"in!:iison   11-
turned to Robson Tuesday.
The purse of re red to the lady selling
tlie most li-jlc-its for the Smiiy coucut
vvill be divided between 'Miss'Tiirnros-s
and Miss' Henderson. Each of litem
vvill receive, a 85 gold piece.
Carpenters' tools (,f ;1il Mi'e lau-.-b
and best makes always kept at Lawrence's hardware. ���    *
Found.���On the sidewalk between
Bourne Bios, and C. B. Hume ��'Co.'s
a large parcel, owner 'nay hive same
by calling at the Police Station, proving property aud paying expenses of
advertising. '       0
A rainbow   toai   a  ili^tirsct   novel;v
in   ReveLtoko,   vvill   be  given  bv  the
ladies   of   .St.   Peter's   church    in   the
opera   house   next   TIiuimI.iv evening. 7
The tea will  be  followed   bv'a .-oiiceit.'
Tickets 00c.
Bird cages, 'brass ami .lapanin d
glasses and springs. W. .\|. Lawionei:
liarrlwa.'e. - *
J.'.M. Kellie, M. P. P.. ������ hh return from the east, stated ihat in 'a
business and mining w.iy bis tiipw.is
"a gioat success, uul ih it ,11 1 si 011
tune he v\ aiid hive so.no ii>tcie~Uii"
news to give the public
'J he Sah iLion A.mv wdl ojic-n thou
now building on ]""iist stieet o-i Stin-
fla\ at S pin Mioliiigs will 1, ��� <on.
ducted m tho i'��vv Iiuiid ng on 'llinis
tltv, Siuinli, mi feu id iv lights
until esii rilio'. of tl.eu I i-^eorP-tet-
sori's hall.
Ihe Couducto-s and riai.imon have'
foi a crisidei ib'j period tioe.i n"g .Haling with llie Ci ti 1 Jni'ik Im a
moclifi ��� it.on io; lofins 1' t,i ( iiig. the
vv tgo schfilulo tu in   1 d t    to  1 in V i;_ ���
b ISls       'Il'l' (i.'iiiihi    I   is im (   1      \Moi\
foi the o.gini/ it 10 is   -i he \ .. ti
0 ���.
(3uW II   fill It   (.!( In
m uiv R(  < !stou<
1 tin'.
tun    on
.0    (c inn*
l      tl   is       VW1.' H,.,
I 11    lis    IM    10  1^1   it U
S I   I   isi        f    1   I   |l'(  tO
1 CCOVOl V    finl 1    the    si    ,   (        j.u,, s ' ,
leciived in ih"   C'< 1 i_'i      ui.   t list
-VligtlSt III'     !S    st,)N%l,    1    r;     m   g-M e
use   of    his    lift   .I'm   . Inch   v\ is s 1
tentbl\ piiuted
A peddler of p.ctuir fi inns  was .11-
lested fur   jjr idling   vv1M1.it   i incite
this wee',, and on appounig be foi e '1 e
p jhte magistrate he w is .isst'sM d a fn e
of '"'23 and costs     /Jc .ski i j 1 iiiiis.s o(1
lot ike out  ilcfi.se    i.   1 !��� ive tl c bin
tiduad      'I lie   m igi-ti   ie   was willmn-
.mil ih" hue  v as  ledmel   to -1      He
thin contiibnted -3U to the city, tieas-
11101  and no v    h is a   light I 1 sill pic-
tuie frames 111 Revelstoke till Jantuuy
Zhe *lfcootena\> fl&ail
li. I!. CAM I'll KM..
Pi.-iu.ism-.it and l'j!OPiiii:-roi:.
Subscription   Price,   $2.00   Per    Annum
tSf ST1IICTI.Y is apvaxci: '("}-.
the rate of Sl.nO per column inch pur month.
,    For spnecs of si\-column inches oi- over .>1
per inch per month. ,
line lirst insertion, ">e. per line' ciicli sulisu-
qnent   insertion.     The   number   of    lines
,.   reckoned by space occupied, 12 liner! to llie
UEAl'IN'O ' NOTICKS 10c. per line each insertion, unless t'onti-aeled -for liy the 100
lines. ,-���
JOj) PHINT1VG of every kind at most .renson-
ulilc rates nnd .slioi-tc-sl notice.
ACCOUNTS for job priiiliiiK or advei-ti-.iii{?
payable on the lit'sl of cvcr.v month.
COHltKriPONDKNCE on all mailers of local
or public interest invited anil carefully <���<>"-
.sidercd. All c-oiiiiiuinientioiis to the Kilitor
nitift be accompanied by the name of tlie
writer, not.:icc-cs.s,u-iIy loi- publication, but
ns nn evidence of food fiulli.
.    Address     , , , '
TlIK   KllOTH.VAY  M.VII..     ,
Revelstoke, JJ.C-.
, Tun Hi'it.w.iJ, judging by its n-cnir
utterances,' has no rogaid for llio
truth, and the wiiler uf its ed loi ial
columns in its last issue is a eliminator and a falsifier. 'In its aiiNicty to
injure ' a capable and ti tist worthy
"overnineiit. employee, wlio succeeded
one of its,busses, and bad continually
fed il on pap, the lleiald inakos'reck-
loss   statements   utterly   icg-irdloss  of
'llie truth. In its i ago against those
��� who havo received their share of gov-,
urn men I' work it does a groat deal,of
plain as well as ornamental Iving.
Tn its frantic attempts to iiijuie .someone, llio only weapons used are villi-
ficatiuu    and     falselunid.      And    the
. wiitor calls himself a man! In its
last issue, it devotes, half a' column to
Kellie, Atkins; Coursier,, et 'al, in
which (bote is not a wind of trui li.
To the opening p.-n-agi-.ipli R slates
that Kellie told a .staiiiicli supporter of
liis that the appointment of 11. Allans
to a clerical'position' ��� was made during
his absceuc-e. This, .Mr. Kellie says,
is ,a falseliood. "Hurt",'' asks Mr.
Kellie, "could ! make such a .statement, when us a Inallcr of fact no
appoint nionI. lias been made. I would
like "to know who 'this '.staunch stip-
'purti'i.'  is.      The.   Herald's   at'l.-icks  on
c Mr,. (Joursior are like   tbe howling of a
'pack of wolves in disappointment at
missing a bono." As a matter'of fact
Mr. Atkins .worked for tlnee and one
half davs propating llie revised votei .s
lists. This ,was all he was engage,! 1 to
do, and it vvas finished last. Mninlnv.
These, facts were well known by the'
Hei aid writer, littt thoy did not detei
���  him from writing a half  column'  f.i'sf- I
' hood regal ding the matter.     The   government   agent   hoie   has   been   made
"recently the, object, of  several   attacks
. bv   this   villainous   sheet, which   wc o
equally baseless.
losullof their work. Legislation, the
most radical . placed upon tbe statutes
of any piomise in Canada was enacted.
I'iiblic sentiment changed rapidly; it
eniloisod the legislation and vvitii no
unceilaiu vuice the'people demanded
its enforcement. The opposition to
t'he eiil'oi-eeinenl of these law- proved
a giv.it.ediicntionnl foice. People com-
meiici'd .studying and thinking for
theiiiselv-es. and they will not, be sitt-
isfii'd'tiiitil British Columbia is given a
place alongside of the most, radical
count lies.    Tis well.
Oiut conteinpoiai-y is now vyorrv mg
about. Mr. Coursier and tlie Cash
liaznar. This establishment no longer
advertises iu I lie Herald, and the fact
piobably explains the Herald's trouble.
What   an   oppoi/lunity ' Rongougli'
bad to do some most effective caitoon-
ing.      Our   local   board   of   trade and
cily council would have made excellent,
.subjects.     Too bad lie passed llieiu up.
Isn't   Hovclsloko  going'to do something   for t'liat   "Absent Minded  Re.-
'Board-of Arbitration Needed.
I'Jiirrow .Mam.:
���Sir: I would like to express my
sympathy with tin; sii iking Slocan
mineis wlio are m.iintaing "such, commendable pal ienco and self n'Mraitil,
.under most, unjust and prnvnUing roii-
dition.s". conditions which are a disgiiite,
to llie country thai can  develop  such.
Permit me also lo slate thai 1 do not.
consider shikes or lockouts, a just
means I'or deciding the disputes that
unfortunately so t'leijiioiitly occur be-
t vv.'i'ii capital and labor.
No man, since the time that,'"Adam
delved,"' has been able to justly lay
claim to Iho'lV.ll results of bis individual laliur. The gioalesls lesuills tberc-
fi-nin must 'n.-it mally belong lo the
.State, and whalevel the nature of I ho
work perform' d, the most inipoi lanl
element in the I ransict ion is, 1 hat il
inci-eas-i's llie ainount of the common
weal III of the nation.
There long cessations from labor thai
an- inflicted upon the workers al the
instance of trade--, unions, to correct,
perhaps.' llie si-HNIi injustice of n
..yiiflic.'il.e or corporation; really constitute ;i conlNcali.in ol" t be natinn.-il
wealth. Idleness is hut another naine
for ��.lcaling, because, although capable,
the idler refuses to woik.atid so inakos
no return for, the privilege and right of
living. Ill's I'm llier.stealing because'
the nation is thereby depiived of llie
increase of vv call h' vv Inch <-ll(iuld have
,-ipcrued to.it from ihe fair .labor of the
Under Ihe pi osfiil .system ni rather
coudilion, I'oi-'l heie'.s nothing .systematic about it.'the people ���vvitii a big P���
ai'i' ooiiipelled lo walls for il, should
some petty squabble aiise between
Mi-eel car iii.iii.nrer and em[ihiyees.
ANn it ha.- to iiic'ui- mnit'i-i'ssiiy risk
The Way It's Done m, Spokane.  .
If may not. be generally understood,
but it is nevertheless a fact, I bat th"
trades unions of this city hav-.* done
considerable tovvaids settling tin-Chinese question by'refusing to and discouraging other'- from patronizing any
institution run by Mongolians. A lew
years ago there wore over forty Chinese laundries in this cii.y. Now there
are not, ovei' a Awn, while the population of I ho cily has increased to almost double, and tlie white laundi ies
have increased threefold, and employing six pr seven times as manv hands
as (hey were four years ago. There.-
are now employed in the white laundries of this city about 250 hands receiving about $2 a day. or over $500. a
day, that menus about �� 150,000 a year,
which could lie increased to $300,000,
being paid to white men and women of
this city. If it were not for the active
pari taken by the trades council and
the subordinate unions,niost. if not all,
of this money would lie going info the
pockets- of Chinese. Il may not be the
case vvitii all, hut must of the union's
in lliis city have ,-i fbie of $5 nn any
and all members caught palioni/.ing
Chinese laundries. We hope all vvill
follow this example and, then enforce
the law.���-Fioeiuens Labor Sournal.
Kootenay Lodg-o
No. 15A.F. &A.1VT.
The regular meeting
arc held in the 31as-
c&���������>^Xv  JT\       eiiJcTcinijk'.Uoui no's
^ST^TJi'^V^ "*-Wi?L==- U.ill.   on   llie   tluril
gt^- j%7*feM "" t1 'l-v, in   u,'icl1
*r~j��lll(Jlllll     ill    S     J'-    til.
O^    Vij-itiiar   lirct lii-cn
-*-' coi-iliiilly welcomed.
V. is. FUN11T, riec-HUTAiiv.
REVELSTOKE LODG3,1. O. O. F., No. 25.
;fcS*-'-��� '       Itoiruliu* mud in^s are held
-*****"��� : - - : *  <&
Musical Instruments!       %
curtliully welcomed.
Meets every Tuesday
J^rrX^'-~i��Xr~^^     evening iiiOddfellous'
/r   m    ^r^\H'111   -lt  *  "'dock-.
'* ---^"vS^    v\ Vi-nin^r ljr< tlirt-ii oor-
x^*--aSAli,-illy  invited   to attend.
" , Practical Patriotism.
The British Govci'iiiii.mt after a few
more pui chases of onibalined meal
���from crooked United States contractors will probably turn to Cniiail.t which
r'oallv^shuuld have'liad first choice, as
part of the Empire, in Ihe purchase of
supplies.' Canadian-: do not, deal in
Kitten meat, but. in food which England knows i.s unsurpassed, at least by
I lie United States. Canada has shown
her loyalty, at some expense, and a
share of the advantage of furnishing
supplies might well have been given U>'
the Dominion. Tbe fi amis worked by
Yankee contractors may be useful eye-
openers���Toronto Star.
Social Question,Solving Itself.
JJiiriiijr the past 'six months the
li'usts have decreased tbeii" advert is-
insf out lav by from $9,000,000 ,lo $],'},-
000,(100. The d. inuners are heing bit
pi ot I y hard ; the,above shows that the
newspapers (not supported liy; trusts)
vvill also lie hit. The geiioial public"
.will bo hit the hardest, however, and
the blows will keep on comiuir until vvo
have public ownership of monopolies.
��� Citizen and Qounlry.
11. It. CAMPiSKLh,
C. It.
I.' O. F, No. 3iCl.
Meets in the O.ldfchoiv
If.ill 011  tlio second and
foili-l h Mdinlii.v.s of ciicli
mouth.    ViMtin;-; lirctli-
l'cn   invited   lo  attend.
JC. D. .1. O. .JOHN'tiON,
If. S.    '
Gold Ro.ngo Lodge,
K. of P., No. 20,
, ^  i
Meets i'vi'1-v W'ediic"--
flny in Odd ' Follows-
11.ill al S unlock.
Visit hig Knife'lils, inr
vited.'- ..     ��� "
AAX. Glhh.
C. C.
W. MUIlltAY.
<-'<j\r-*   '
Miss KII011 C. Witter of Denver,I.s the
only ivouian iuitlim-iy.ed In prac-tico liefore
the United States land ollice.
Ufinir a tilled editor pays. Lady. Randolph Cliiircliill hris o.OOO subscribers
who paiil ��20 a year in advance for her
riiiai tcil.v. The Anjrlo-iSaxriii..      ,
Miss'L.' L. M. Cootc. the daticliter of
the secretary of the British Visilaiice as-
sociaiion, lias just ncconiplished the dan-
^-"i-oiis font of eliinbiim the Maiti'i-horn.
. Helen Gould has studied law and could,
if she desired, make a first class lawyer.
I Ior dislike, however, to iiiiytliuiK inascii-,
line in a woman has kept her from follow ini; n jiiihlic Ciiroer. c
Lady   I'.lennei liasset.   who  recently   received    the    "^iililen    palm"    iron)    the
ol losing life or  limb, when   tr.-iv-ellimr j. [.'it-iuh nmiisiiy of education  in ii'cosjni-
hv   the   l.iilway,   should   a   lockout  or,   turn df her service^ to French liteiature,
strike piev.iil 0:1 the system.
Corporation1 of tlio Cily of Revelstoke.   -
���VfOTlCI'; I.S IIKKKHV OlVKN tlinl 11 list of
il llie persons eniille.l lo volu m (lie iiiiuu-
uipnl elect inns fiii- llie City of .l.'evelsioke for
the vi .ii- I!) HI is now in fuiir-c ot pi-cpiii-.ilioii
and will he tl..s...i : n Ilcceinliei- llli, H-tKI. All
jici'siiiis cl.iiiiilni; lo lie I'lilit Idle lo vote at
such cledlion ^lionld make application to the
uiulci-sif,rncd before s.ud dale lo have llicii-
11.lines placed on s.iid 1 i.-,t.
JXituil -Noveinlier 101 h, ISflf).
, C. K SilAW.
. City Clerk.
larycsi sujiply of nuisical ^oods in Revelstoke,
such as Violins.   Banjos,  Guitars,   Mandolins,   I\Iando-'.|:
lineties, Autoharps, Flutes etc.,  also  every  variety  of  ���8*'
string's for above,, at
Uevelstoke Station,  J3, C. ^
Is n l(.)iic- wliich is oct-iip.v iiiK ihe nltcnlioii of
tlio I nn ii,v. 1 let ore yon iiniUc .inoiliei- ]iiiitIi;i-c
of ii SL'l I', .insl hi'.ii' ni*. in mind. Our workmen l-i'ccive I.in* p.iy. our .SI'lTl SOS are (lie
hfsl ipi.ililv, nnd money spi'nt willi ns rcvci-ls
into llie cli.inncl.s of ir.-ide in your own cily.
We e.in Kive ,vou III and llnisli ci|iinl lo any
in (-Miind.i. (let. nm- pi let -i an 1 examine our
ifowls and latest I'.-iiliioii pliiLes.
Muruliiiiil 'r.iilo-.-.
..-^���^.-rrt ft tri    '
Purveyor of High-class Meats
All orders in our line will be promptly,
i      attended to. ' , ,    '
GAIrENDARS-^    ,.
Tlio pi-odiiclion of the ".Kootenay
Mail ".loh Itoom, will bo randy for
the biisjiK'ss'incii wlio li.ivc ulrciidy ,
placed tlieii- orders, liy Dcceinlicr
iiilli." ,'J'liis is the fli-st time tlmt
the business inciiof Itcvelstokc linvo
had nn (ijiporliiiiily to
Adorr} fcl^c Ifappy
Ijon^cs of tl^is cifiy
vvifh ii home production.     And tho '
"Mall" feels   oonildciit.  Unit   next
,  , k'iisoii  will >im many more onlcrH
lilaeed in its liniids for thih t-lnnsof
woik. Size llicin up when yon
sec lliein. ��� Then for any class of
business Mationcry consult
The Kootenay Mail
Watches, Clocks
i     , Repnirintf n^Spcoiiilty.
C.lMt.' Watch Inspector. KcvclKtoko; li. C. ���
HidTOHY is boin.4   in.ii'le very f .st in
J3i it tali Columbia just   now.     A   ;oe.ii
revolution   is   takinij  place in liiopio-
vince.     And   cli-int,ro<   are   m-ulc vvith
, ."iiu-li   k-aloitlosocopii;   r.ipidiiv th it few-
are able to   aputeeiatc  vvb.it tlieyun.v
-iiiean.    Tw o \ eai s ai;.!   I'lrnisji Columbia    vvas     conl rolled     by     the     ni"s-.
non-proijios.siv e     i    and     . corrupt
Set o:' men to   li"   foiln I   anyvvlie,-'    io
C.uiad-i.       .Manv  "t"   its   p��o-i,'e    vvoie
tnoss on t.hoir backs as   (iid   liie   n.-o;i
hers    of    ibo   jjm oi uiueiit.      J'io^oss
w.is   uiikiio-.vn ;  ih"   ii'viiiuis   o*    ',."
piovinc-o, t'ie   hei ii.i.ij"   of   tli"  ������"-.   ,-.
were ^'iien  lo f.iv ..i iles   .\ ;, I:    .1    In  s
hand:' natural   vic:i!th,   wiu-h   s||..u! i
have   been   conserved    for   the   w||i.!t.
poop'e,   .v.is iteklessly   s,|u,mdered and
very   few   d ire.I   c.di   Ii.dr.      <." ��� \ r��� i :i
meilt    was    for   a     ir'V,    by    tin-      {>' \ .
and      Iw    pfripl.'   vmH   'no",    a    \w,:,7
Men    of   r.nlilfil   iilels   weie    ('.--.v:  ,i>; I
tho-e who   had   (lie   leui'-l ily to   ,'\r, i
th"ti|s,'lv"s Mici i|is(, weie I io\i-i|  up li
as fii ,ind pi (ipei- -ulijei t - foe ,i Iii..i;o
asylum.    "J'vvo   years   .ijjm    inis   vv'iil.-i
a  f"W voire? weie lifted in piolest. ,i:nl !
the    revolutiiin    t oimnem '-d.       In    Ih"
pi-ovinci.il   ei-np.ii^u   vvhuli   fnllovv.il. '
for tin' Hist (ini- pro^res-ive id-Ms .iii'l
pi im iplt's vvei e   eXploit.'il   .nul   ill.'  oil
Ji'll-iy   shoutel-.s    -ti'ii'l ���',ii;li i-l.      The.!
shells wet e ^"-1 tinp,r   I ii;bter e.i; h   ye,n.
tin- iiidf H-iii^inuii'i; lnm,'"i .in I  ,'h'V
couldn't see I hot    these   vv.i^.:;i\   l.i.:'
in    pi ovini i.il     publics     foi    .inv'l ,'iin-_r
more tll.in tbe pu-b !<. bold   tiie o'lh  -s
and di-poiis..  Ii.iiii-liisi's.   1'nii'i >'s  ,i nl
r-o,il hind-lo tin   f.iit bli.'l.    Tli"-c lin-
imcI'm   were   sciMpcd   away   ami   iciu
was  in,id..   i'iir   |i'Lfi-!,ii ion   ,-i|n:i^ pi.-
2i'|.s,jvc   line-.     T.'io-i'   wlio   i>11>.i-_r"11
tin's abo.itt tcd.iy are iutoiii.shftl at tbe >
is a il'ictor of philosophy of Munich tuii-
-L-lK. -free and tnilepeiulentV can I'm - j "Ss'Mn,-nrot It. B.-irun:.1 has been
tbei vvilni-5-- the s-i:dtlen .stopping: ot j. 1Ilsti,|!,,,| n< |l;1>t���,'.- ,,f the Unit.-u-iali
lhi- li ivv of pnispt'i-ty and the develop- , chinch in Chelsea. Mass. The Ilev. Sani-
ni"iit ot tbi'ir t-outilrv enliiely .-it-rested
In serve Ihe interest of soiiu- piobably ,
obsi-ure and fiieii;ri z.ni'i of spet-ula-^
i ih'ti" and   tbe  F.   of   L. .
im- or a
d.>i en't s..y !.,,,>; 'j'iiev ; r" now i-i i'-s-
to inl"i ["-���; ". Ti IP', they ini'Jfbt in -ome
or" I be .i!love i*isi,i:i'-i's. p-'t ili.>n tin-
;nv rninent. ..:.d :f '���'.<������ :;������. -':-Ti��i'--i.t
i-ii-is"i,| c! lo i.o'O" 1'"������:". '.', !i!"jriil t'-il
I il" ������hiilii1"" p 't .' ..-'I,'; s" ". it, v.-;J" .--.- ���:
pi.iv , eli . fli'l ���" .v.-. i|..e ���_-o-.--:-:i!!,r' .:.
mu-t r.i*' ! i"i; ��������� v.i'h tie- lav.-s ,-f
sil.n-lv    a-l.I    (���"':��� o.'l "   '"'    i'i    ���>"��� 'lb   '
Corporation of (lis City of Hev-
���> '    elstoke.
COUItT Ol'i l.'KVIStOX. ,    '
VTOTICIK lis l,IKl!I-:i".Y f.'lVKN (hut. n c-oin-l
J_N '* of revision for the I'itv of Uevelsioka
will he held nt 1 lie ollice of thu eilv clerk. Itev-
clslokc. II. ('... on llie 1Mb d.-iy of Deccinter nl
the honi-of lllo'cloek in tho founoon for (he
purpose of hciuinu; eoinp'iiiiits .mniiisl llio assessment lis nindu for llie year l!'l.O ,liy the
assessor nnd for icvisinif nnd correcting Ihe
nssi-ssineiil. roll for dipt yea v. ,
Dated this JOIIi Nov ember, ISflJ).
���C. K. HUAW.
City Clei-b.
,XTOTIf:K--Tlie Arrowbcid and Koolcnay
��S liniluiiv (-(linpiuiy (incorpor.-ilcd by nn
net of (Ik: IcKislnturc .o'f liril'sb ('oliunbi.i. (il
Victoria, Chaplin-17) vvill apply to llio inrh'.i-
iiii-nt of Oiii.-ifhi nl its next session lor,in net
declining llio vvordis which the company is b.\
ils net of incorporation authorized to construct
to bo works for the gcucr.il .ul vantage of'Cm-
���uln; extending: to the end ot the year ICOo the
licnod ivitliin vvhieli the company may com-
pleio its woik, and gh ing such iiowovs to the
company ns to tho maintaining aud npc-ntiug
nr (hsjio'sing of its railway and works u.s are
iisimIIv given tn railway eouipanics incorporated bv the pni-li.i'.iicntof Can oin.       i
Bv order of l lie Provisional Pirecloi's.
CH.vI.'hKS DllI.VKW'ATK!?,
r ' Secretary.
Monlrcil. -nib November. ISIW. IIIMU
Healers in all kind��
of      -�����       -f       +
Earm Produce
Fish ;
FrilitS (Inrge qiuuiftios)
Vegetables ,
On Inuid till (ho time.    itffC.M and get  prices
before purchasing elsewhere. ' '
Telephone Call 36.
iu3'*i\ c?{vza
Dry Goods Groceries, Hardware. Tinware. Powder, Fuse, Etc!'
Miners' and Prospectors' Outfits a'Specialty.
l.'p.mtii.iu   iis't-ofjiitiun.' pri'iiclii'il   the   iti-
st.ili.-iiiiiti sermon.
Add.'i.lo I'Nt'iii. llio L'l-cnt Il.ilinn :1C-
Ui'��. Ii,i�� j;;s; been ci'lebi-iit'llg nt Itonlo
lhi/ liflieth .iiiiiivei s;iry of the Iii11 Si of
i.< i onl.. s..ii. Mai.pus (Jionrio C;'.pi:iiiic:i
Ini (J.-ilii). g-M.'em.-m in w.-iiiing' io "r o-*T'-Hci worn the (', P. I.', hotel and
i,. , ., \ ...a,,,:,., . I {J Hoiii-ik; Iii (is. s|o:-f. small gold bionih,
'j.ni  .\...^.i  iiia ^ ,   u .���f foi,,- lt.,i veil   elov ei. j. u.-lcl.     l-'indcr
\;;-s V.-i'iiiie C.i'idiilph ileili. who wis | v.-ill be revv.ird'-'l by lolurnilig lo the elllce of
i- I'm- ilit- eutiie sn'Uli ill I he j lhi'C P. K. bulcl.. ' .'I'l-'-'l. o
���   re:::;i',n   .-u   f'li.-n lestmi   list   ,  rrrr=������ ���:���.   .. .	
i rede:
i  I ���
.1 -
o! i '.
ill i'^'
s|   'I   IP
i'i-   ;���-   i
11'  >    i' i
a    win!
i "
��� I
��� I
i ' r
.a-cr.iesc: n-d to tiie p-.-s-..|( it. in n
t ie    ii-si-P tin; s    ��i>.|| in!    |,v    i|:o
���' - < !  '.!.<' leii'iion .'
of   t'l e   l.ii^-i-st   J"': In! ij-   pjesei'ts
W.ls   !.
y   Co..!
'i ;i  s(|,. < ( :
1 r, r-n ed   I ei en I'.i   by   |
it   i!
nAniir-jncKS. wii.igitoij", rcrc.
Orriciis :    :t.j:.so\s   V/zw   Vi.nc'K,   1,'t.vi.i.-
- i-ik.*, I.. C.
^���'i'    I'l'imi-i-.  !     ^ro.icvt.it. an.
!   !,(���!   elgl.l. i I'-'i   !      (Ullif- ' l.'evt-Nlo'.c. V. C:  Furl ?*|(;  le. P. C.
t'e  <\r.(:iiM's I cir.o. S. V,<< 'iiniu, ' .1. A. Il.vnvrv,
li'. !ln-s   to   tlio   ;        '       licvi-l-'ol.e, 11. C.
I-'orl Sleele, 11. C.
i' v   "1(1 '!
cut" r..'! illi\v n i
���s r.    I    'i"l,e\f
' U "i'i! ' ,ip   I   l I  .1'
i<*K c i. ;"." ; i
i ion 1* mp ,! t.
-o ; !i.i I t h ��� v\
ii ������',!. ,!-.    v. i: M.i' ��� ���
t !������   "j\-".i"    n,if>, -i .',i
'.J-il l!     "'ill!     of   Ills l n-l-
i.��."fr"e ,i nd   nul -;i"ii'l
"'fll' I'   I 11(1    .V Ol sltljl   1^1 III.
���    lint    .til   (lis).uli's I,.-.
I and    i iimi oiii^hl  11. !>.��� ,il
I to  i  i^'i' ei ir:i"iit ni 'ui i ���-
i   ,-it'ii- di .1 .*   ad j'i-1 mi-'il.
id   oi olti ess   i i    i'w'
';,"  nl
Ten V"
; !  .li,,
II   (lid    I ','���. \ le    S.
.t, -i i!. - . ,- ��� 11'ir->
s:i,.;.i:!k. v u-.
Ii'i.ii   Sliiibi ir'-,
I J.
\V7 cnoss. M. D.
(������unlive i-i ' i i 'i I"' t stuiiid. ..V- J
ii iv.-   \.i in1-"!   .1.i'. I l-,oii_'b    il   is   m . I!
kl.i i V. 'I   III'- LT P. "! I.," I' 1,1,  as    ,i I     |i| ..si..](
(iiiis( ii ni.'d. i i i n-'ilv I,i. ki.-iL," in m"a r--
io ..|V-- I Ib.s l.iii s],,,i,|,l ii,,. po,,; Ii-
ii ia k>' it I -spoil~i lih- t'l >| - and ,' a |in li'e o!
a VV.ll dill'.' just il-l'  I.,  l.i 111 ir W " s hi Ml 111  s�� '<.
a eli inu' ' i.i ' b ��� ( hai ,k ter and ;,i i i
i ildi-s of (l|<is|. t! ho | i;isl,i(,' fo; (i;i
i iMint rv.
F:. r,. p.
A Scuw Loosfi Somfiwhoro.
ft  h is I ii   -i nnoiiiir "d I Ji.i I  I be IC'dd
ou! ji it of I in- "i"n'..oii | Ins vat- vv iii lie
n-,"i $1.",,0')') fl" I.     F!'il.   th.'u'dii iniii-.il
u'V.iiv 'i ������!  |'"i- r.-iii j i^ oiiiv   ::.'7"n,-'
(X)        Wh ,1's- lip    mail  .| ���;     /.    li,,lf    |||,. ,
\--v^  ;,i   K.nk.v   Sl.on.l.   S    <:..   r,:vi   l-  thu j .-jC"l{fiIi()N TO Till-: C. P. I
ri.-i'iii'l:lil^:l lei- of   i,l��M|ti'"lflot   IJdlUiilid T I Ol-'I-'IClili.
Siirii..i. 1.   -a!,os,.  r..t!,("-  M.n^   lb- f.n.i'.us (     ofl"ce: Tavlor li'ock, :.:nckcnzic Avomic,
riri.n Mid. I      SI,r ,^ --1st. rliririent tri.iiul- j 	
i.ieec or  Itc.it   Adi.-u.-il   \Vil!in;:i   IJ   S'm- I	
tu-Wk. -'
Mi^.s Dve i-JI.iiii,\ i ��� Suoiisfi,-;. vi hn is
vi-itii'.' lb,-o.ii, is i ,i. i,'��� -j ter if Iho
l.i!.' S', .i.i:si. - Vn'ii.y S i"|��i ii, lie (!'-
< live, e ��� nf , lilin f'l'.,, S Im I.'- p iblisi)-
nj 1 I'll- ft !'���'! I .t' e| ;ls ������ i ! I as ni.r i,f
it'.beit I., "is Stev. i-'i'i, vi liu") s|.(. ) .,i v7
vi v v. ill .,,,.) !'(���! li"-'.. in IMt'ib i ^-a n
l!ie.-i"tli   . f a  pii.-.s'f,!   i, '(.|, i! y  si.e.. "v
Mi-s   Materiel   A-t,>,   ''!i.iii!r:   of  N' -v
���"enders, Fire sets, Andirons, etc.
>i:;iss and  Wrougiit   fron Finish.
I.; I. st  d,--i-:is   in   11.   &   II.   Rr-
oeption;    IJuiciuet,      Pi.-nio   ;mil
ii;i i^  L.nn|'s.
Write Tor  Il'usii-.iCon.s of C niplrfs
Ifolisj Kuril.s|i:ni;s.  .
G-old.  Silver,  Lead,-and
Ooppsr  Ores
\ ui k   r'il V.   V l|'l   kIi'II' "''I
P< d      ('loss      ,l-.)I k      'i   ,,
Ati'i1! i"."" " -ir   "   ,!.-'(
" ', IIe|i|(.s,.' !."!'.!��� I'.'V
f'l, '"'l ,-. I . W.'-i'I!^'-' '
!,,v   vi   -I    i'i   , .," ;  c-^   . .���
I'.i-I-   ll'.'l,
h., -e.i -.-.ith the
,- 'li" S[i���'.,-!i-
i;. i"-. '.:��� ; b: .j" !i
Wi!'i,i in ,A-t ,f
��� ��� ��� i: Ins t.-k'-jj^
|.'.*i ;;-iscs c-jtitb-
r ,i;nt;il
F. 0. s'.. Kit.
> flfli '-nnil r\Tr t ii:i'.i'(,'ical Works,
VA Vt'Ol, VI I!, It. C.
.snirijilin-' Wor!;-,, 717'; I!) I'endcr Si red.
;n*( l,.ii-id   to   |ju,liii-e    Ihe    .''how;    cliisse-.
of oi' - I
i\ lii.m li'
* i -.'. 11. & -'
1,1. .. JI .ri
P.    -i  i
follow ll
s"  111-.   V 1/
van i a.   I lholl
oil.   -Miiilh   W'r.li
Kii^hsh  houses
-Metal Co.
SlIK llt'l-s,
l)i ilieii/'--, Viiiiiif.'ittiiroi-s.
3rotor    pulrn   a.    specialty
lirr  il I>; nit p.
"rmr iriil' \"\ ,'.��� ,;, , -he -.-.tut io
I'l.ti iv Mini old !"��� i f .j '' I r,,!i! he, ho
'V .'I5- ,' '1 oi to���'> 'i I! ':lll
"I k'l'i i it. I,el s!,,. i',i, m'1 i >;i ,,, |n;��i'-
rr'l 1,111 v, ;|s ri innii u i'th ^.s'l.il'K; ' ���''hi-
e.i^-o 'I'i ih'ir,"
339 Hastings Street, Vancouver. B. C.
Branch Store: Nelson, B. C.23
MeLennan, MeFeely k Company, Limited,
hULCdHLL     E'sHnUVVAllt   !    ^'..ml    Maud-Is,   Gmtn
a-id   Til.'ifr.       .AiAJJiSTfCJ   STFI5L   HAXGES   for   Hold   mid   Family   U *
Miners' and Mill Supplies.
Vancouver, - ������     - British Columbia,
JJi-.'ind.cs a! IJ.iwsun Cilv, Atlin and Bcnnclt.
n ' in.in
I Ini.   vi-Id    |.
I he .-I'd! i- ,'\'i';npl
lil'ist    ef   ill"   yull
Tn   I if-   ii    hi'l o    "'>    t l.'f     vv "ll
,  s|hiii!,|    ( hi im    ;'��� .;     , ��� i , i -i,i,'i
1   frn.l   .'!   t III-i t   In   li   |. M I'   .hi   [ 'i-    i.j il,. �����
_ bin   ' - ��� i ��� ir  i'i   In- .1   I i tlii   i.i .ii   - Al. In-".'i
I li'in   !-) 11) )d   ,i nd nr.' \ f ;|i|t,(.
fld'll Kiv.ii'V?     Or   is '      r -~    	
' '  Tl," fi!'!'.'i!i  I-. r cit.'iiii'T n  rn-���, ��|i..;. or
v.hv    'V',i:|.|   h,.   be   (������,:,,|    I,,,-/, (.'h.tn^j
Juunml, ���������'..; '" .  '.
I^l,ii-i:.'_' ?i:,'l 'j'-Ii
'JV.iriM ,i! w 'il'-.
rmt i'-".
. f.'in^
K ally
,i   sij.fi Lilly,
at    "-li'iitcsL
Coritiac-ls    fur   jfilii'in^
.Airi'ti'   fin'   !���!��� C. Oil Cf.
berfc Samson.
(Lad- .JJarF.'ii'l.'inc ic C(i.)
\\'i' ,ii i- .M.iii'.iI.k I in ci -; and   direct,  Import.-is, .-ind   carry a  l.n-^i'  ==tock   of
," H i la in i s, J.'ni i i.ici .s, l'"iii'('!iij-^(iniN. Si-ii'iitilic" and Practical Books Glus.swnrp,
Plat in urn unii(|s,.v ri(|~.(;;,(.inic-alsand fl]] oUiprAssaycr'sand Mincr'.s rcqniriMiu'iits
,.Su!" A^'-ut.s ji.i   .Mi iy.ni Crucible ('onipaut, J3iiLti-,rsi,a, Becker Sons' BaI-
anc-i's, etc
C,il.il('a'ii'' a.i.l r'nii p.n lic'iiltirs st.'lH on applicatii'ii.
Pour Men. Kucli Holding Ilia Drentli
mid L;niuft- !>nt One Kinder, Lift an
Iron I'liile AVcif;I>i��K IS-I Founds.
All Indian F:iklr'n Trick.
"A few of us have lately been experimenting wilh the old trick of lifting peo-
'    pie on  one's  Ihifrer' tips,"  said   a   young
man who lives at a fashionable boardiuj;
house on St. Charier, street.    "Our pur-
,   pose vvas to obtain sonic accurate, intelligent data on a very mysterious phenomenon, and we kept a careful record of cv-
'   t'rytliinjj   we  did.     Some  of   the   results
were very surprising.    We began by lift-
���  injj a living person.   One of our party lay
down at full  length on an extension   ta- '
ble, and two of us stood at each side, opj
posito his shoulders and knees.    At a given signal all live tool; ten deep breaths in
unison, then each of the four at the sides
,   placed one linger of the'right hand, under
the   prostrate,   man's    body    and    lifted,
meanwhile  holding our  breath.     In   the
majority of trials, .say three out of five,
he   came   up   without'-, perceptible   effort,
nnd several times he was 'lifted  as high
as'we could stretch our anus.    Theie i.s
absolutely .no  sense of  weight,   and   the
o thing is so absurdly easy that each man
at the table is bound to feel vaguely suspicious that he liaK--!a-e::=:i-:"!;^i=:^sd=.:!jatT
the others really do the lifting.    I'felt so
myself instil common'sense convinced me
that it was ulteily impossible.
"The lightest tif'nur subjects weighed
14!) pounds, and no four people en eaith
could ordinarily lift a man of that size
on their linger tips without visible strain.
We Hied- a great many variations, but
thejilaii I have desciihed 'was the only
one that proved generally .successful. The
essential point .seemed to I.e'to seemc a
certain rhythm in breathing, and whenever we hit the lift was made wilh unfailing eertaiiity, hut if any one'of us
'broke'step,' so lo speak, the experiment
failed. We were all deeply in earnest.,so
wc had no trouble ou account of giggling
or h.Vbteries. I was lifted repeatedly myself, and the feeling is indescribable.
.Flouting' in water is ns near as I, can
'come to it. '   ���.
��� 'Vr-fter a great- many experiments with
^.livmig^ people." continued the speaker,
"we tried inanimate objects. We took :i
square iron plate, 'weighing IS-I pounds,
formerlyx,used in a health, and placed it
on a stool. Four of us,stood at the cornel's nnd;went through the same routine
that I, have already described���breathing
. in unison'^nud then suddenly lifting. To
our gr.eat 'surprise, this experiment proved
fully as successful as the other, and in -10
recordj-'trials the plate went up 21! limes.
Such a test, hy the'way. is dangerous, because if there is,the slightest catching of
ft breath while the'heavy object  lifted is
��� in the- air it instantly conies crashing
down vvitii its full weight. 'Several of us
narrowly' escaped being hurt by tlie iron
Blab, aiid that suggested another and very
interesting device. "    '
"We took a large spring steelyard,
graduated up'to 200 pounds, and-made it
self registering by attaching a hit of pencil to the pointer and putting a slip "of
paper over the scale. Then we hooked it.
into a, ring in the llooi- and fastened"the
other "end   to   the   uudeiside  of   a   short
, piece of plank. The'plauk was supported
across a couple of chairs, and we tried
lifting it exactly as we did the iron slab.
That,'put a' tension on thp'steolyaril, and
the effect vvas exactly as if we were' lifting something that grew heavier and
heavier the higher it went. Our breathing had no effect whatever on the spring,
but the npparntus. while crude, vvas valuable in "showing our normal lifting power. We found we were unable to get
above 12 pounds without clearly perceptible effort, and to register '20<*poiinds re-
' quired pronounced exeition. Of course
we,could push the hoard up on our four
linger tips until the pointer stood at 100,
but that was a 'gymnastic feat that
strained every muscle. We found .that
the   raising ��of .the   IS-I   pound   slab   re-
��� quired inlinitely less apparent force than
the registcriug'of 10 or 12 pounds on the
��� steelyard. ' That disposes of the theory
that the weight was so divided we 'didn't
"Now, how is one to account for nil
this? To me it is unaccountable. It
looks like a clear inversion of the law of
' gravitation, and the experiments are so
simple that'.auy five people who are serious and sensible can perform them without the slightest trouble. They recall
Very strongly io my mind the Mevilation'
trick of Indian jugglers. I, have never
seen the thing myself, but Professor Kil-
' Ward Baldwin, who is known as an ox-
poser of spiritualistic hiimhiiggei-y, once
gave me a graphic description of a performance which he witnessed at Rum-
bay. The fakir, who was very old, stuck
four swoids in the eaith and had a young
fellow; lifted np and laid oi| the hilts, two
under his shoulders and (wo under his
calves. * lie-was stietched out rigid about
- (i yard above the ground. The fakir then
Withdrew the swords, one at a time, and
the assistant remained in the air without
vir-ible siippoi t. Rahiwin declared it was
n trick, but admitted that he couldn't see
through it.
. "Still it was really more inexplicable
than our own experiments. One might
say in regard to lifting a living person
that some sort of electric sympathy was
established, that the- phenomenon was iu
some Way due to animal magnetism, but
how about ,the iron plate? The metal has
n certain fixed gravity, and how that
gravity can be modified or overcome by
anything we might do, no matter what,
is a problem that bailies conjecture.-' Our
-rhythmic breathing undoubtedly wns a
direct bearing ou the result, been use we
nre unable to accomplish anything without it, but why? I have a pretty fair
Imagination, but I haven't been able to
get within n mile of a theory, even when
1 leave probabilit ��i>i:>-e|y out of consideration.'"
It In a Lout Art With tlie Boys of the
Present Day. *
Some unusual demand on the part of a
regular patron set the proprietor of the
little old variety store and, newsstand to
rummaging among the accumulations of
tho yv.'iis since he had first started his
humble business. Tt brought to light va-.
l-ious kinds of odds and cuds, but not the
urticle sought. -, ��� '
"That's dead stock for fair," he said,
without any thought of a pun as he
threw- a small parcel on the counter, for
it was a "pair of bones." These bones
were of rosewood, neatly finished, and
each wrapped carefully in .soft paper.
They were just as good as any that ever
ornamented the northeast Mid of the
semicircle of the San Francisco minstrels
in the days when negro minstrels had
not di'eaincd of putting on frills and becoming dark face comedians.
..."That pair of bones must have been on
my hands these 20 years," the dealer
continued. "I haven't had a call for anything of the"sort in a dozen .years that I'
can remember, yet it used to bc,tliat-I
had not only to carry a full line of bones,
but I had to put them in the showcases
to attract custom. How long is it since
you heard a boy going along the street
with a pair of bones in each hand and
making all the sorts of noise that the
weapons are capable of? I don't know a
boy now that would know,how to hold
the things in his lingers, much less play
pllicm.. ��
"Just as soon   ns  a  boy  got' through,
with   baby  games  he  had   to  have   the
bones and to keep at them until he could
play,them.    I'remember the first ones I
liad were real bones, the kind that come
in rib roasts,of'beef.    I must have traded
off something for them with the butcher
boy.     Of course   I   could  have  had   the
bones out of our Sunday dinner, but cooked bones were' no good.    They had to be
dried   in  the   sun   to   make,, them   right.
Some   boys' could    whittle   out   wooden
bones if they had the luck to get hold of
the right kind of hard  wood and had a
good  knife, for it vvas no good to make
your   bones   out   of   an   old" broomstick.
There was no ring to them.   That's bow
you  learned  to  play on  the things,  nnd
you were no sort of a boy until you could
play with both hands "at once.  Tho crowd
wouldn't, have anything to do with you
until  you  could,   and   even   quite  small
girls, had no hesitation about tasking you
to keep 'pin stores'-��� with them and made
you feel like a baby.     You bet you' lost
no time in learning to 'rattle the bones!'
That's   the  phrase   I've   been   trying  to
think of, and now it's just come to mei
Playing-the bones  didn't seem  right to,
me.    We rattled them.
���   "There were two- pair of bones,  such
. as that you have there, in a set, and the
more  costly  ones   were  nlways  sold   in
sets.    A'set like that must have sold for
as much as $1.50, for, you see, it's fine
rosewood,,,with a r^r.l piano finish.-'   Mahogany hones were a little bit cheaper-
say about $1 a set.    From that down you
could get them for almost any price.    I
know what killed the trade in bones.-   It'
was ingenuity.   When everybody vvas rattling the hones, there were some people
"who never could learn the.way.    I guess
'.their  early', educations   must .have   been
neglected.    So an inventive genius'made
n  patent bone that anybody'could  play.*
It had a metal tongue and a bob'that hit
thehono itself, and  made the noise that
way. ..That killed  the bones.    Who was
going lo  work  hard  to  leiun  the  "Train
Coming Into the Station' on the real bone
when any baby could do it iust as well
on the patent bone?"
A Pecnllnrlty of a Demi  Spot  In  the
Caribbean Sea.
"There is a, dead spot in the Caribbean
sea," said the first''officer of a Urnzilian
ship, "that ought to he called the port of
bottles. It lies very nearly midway between Cartagena, in Colombia, and
Kingston, Jamaica, aud at a guess I
should say it was due east of Cape Gia-
cios a Dios. It is out of the steamer
tracks, and the action of the, great currents going one way and another has left
a space of stagnant, water without any
real movement at all. Anything that gets
into the dead spot is apt to stay there unless driven out by some big storm and
will simply drift round and round, gathering sea grass and barnacles.
"The.last time I saw the place was in
ISOo, when I was on board a tramp from
Kio that had changed its course a little
to take up some rubber at a Centra!
.American port. .While we were passing
through we noticed a floating spar, nnd
among a lot of rubbish attached to it, was
a peculiar looking^, round''object, bright
red in color. We put off a boat to investigate, and it proved to be a patent buoy
which had'been set adrift from a Florida
lighthouse station in 1S93 and vvas part
of a systematic ntteiiipfTo_nscertain the
speed and direction of currents,. , Inside
was an official.memorandum, which vvas
afterward returned to the navy department with data of when and where
found. But what is a good deal more interesting is the fact that while we were
..securing the buoy we discovered threo
bottles'sticking iu tho drift, all covered
with weeds nnd slime. One was empty,
and the other two had papers inside., Tho
first was a memoranda that the bottle
had been dropped from a yacht off th��'
Grand Cayman, in, I think, the year
1S02, and the other i|ielosuro -showed
that it came from a ship bound for Mon-'
te^ideo, on what date I forget. In each
case it was-evidently the whim of some
idle passenger, hut it was a little odd
that wc should find the whole collection
"I noticed n lot of other driftwood in
the dead spot, and I am confident that
no end of bottles could ho culled from the
place. Hundreds are dropped overboard
every year, but' very few escape heing
knocked to pieces unless they 'happen to
find their way to'some such a still place
ns I have described." ��� New Orleans
Orders  left
at my
speedy attention.,
Nearly Opened    ,
Furnished and Supplied
L. A. SNOWMAN, Prop.
Analysis of Instinct.
An English traveler in northern Rus-
-sia, telling how he made his way through
u forest after a fall of snow simply by
keeping that side of the tree to which tho
suow,clung always in the same relation
to his course, is led to examine how it is
that a savage gains the instincts of his
We often hear of ''the instinct of direction," as we may call it,, possessed so
lnarvelously hy savage races. People
profess to explain it in one of two ways.
It is either said that the Indian actually
does take note of the sun. the wind, the
lay of the laud or the course of the
streams, which, as a fact, it is often, in
the dense forest, impossible for him to
do. i*r else it is set down simply as "instinct." nnd this, ullhough it is nearer
the" mark, is in a sense to. beg the ques-
'tion. -ft
Instinct,, however it may be In the case
of animals, is here no doubt hereditary
experience. - The sun, the wind, the
streams, are influences, hut only that.
The Indian does not consciously observe
them. Just hs you, using nn experience
gained in daylight, can follow without
hands in (lie dark a winding staircase between the baluster and the wall, so with
the Indian in his forest.
His "ohsi'rvalion" is entirely subjective, an unconscious impression, the sum
of small influences, to which by heredity
his senses are alive, as the rel'iia to light
pictures. In the same way I hail not
consciously remarked Ihe lay of the snow
on the trees, yet the fact kept me from
going astray.
A Prnctlcnl Mnn  Sny�� ForsretfnlneBH
In Mniinly Dae to Laziness.
' A successful business man said that
there were two things, which ho learned
when he was 18 and, which were ever
afterward of great use to him���namely,
never to' lose - anything and never to
forget anything. The story of this'lesson is printed iu The' Country Gentleman. ,
An old lawyer sent the -young mau
with an important paper, giving hiin
'definite instructions'what to do with it..
"But," inquired the. young man,' "suppose thnt.l should lose it, what shall I
do then?"       �� ��� .   ,
'   "You must not lose it," said the lawyer,
frowning.    ,    '      ,"     "     .
"I don't mean to," said the young man,
"but suppose I should happen to."
"But I say you must not happen to.
I shall, make no provisions for, such an'
occurrence.    You must not lose it."
This put a new strain of thought into
the young man's mind, and ho fomid(tliat.
if he was determined, lo do a thing he
could do it. Lie made such 'a provision
every contingency that he never lost anything. , [';
, He found this equally true about 'forgetting. If a certain niatter of importance was to be,remembered.' he,pinned
it down on his mind, fastened it. there
nnd made it stay. ��� He used to declare:
"When a man tolls me that he forgot
to do something, I tell him he might ns
well ,have'"said, 'I did not care enough
about your business to take the trouble
to think of it again.'
"I once, had-an intelligent young man
in my employ w.ho deemed it sufficient
excuse for having neglected an important task to say. 'I forgot.' 1 told him
that would not answer. If he was'sufficiently interested, he would be careful
to rcinombcr. It, was because he did not
care enough that he forgot. I drilled
him with this truth.' .
"He worked for me three years, and'
during the last year of the three he was
utterly changed in tliis respect. He did
not forget a tiling. His forgetting, he
found, had been a lazy and careless
habit of mind, nnd he cured it."
America's Great
Quick Time! ,
Good Service!
First Class1 and Tourist Sleepers
"  Through
From Ocean to Ocean!
Tickets Issued Through   and Bagj*ugi>
(Jliecki'd to Destination.  '���>
c * . "'
, Daily Trains -
Knst      ��� KKVF.LSTOKK * ,   West'
8.20 leave leave 17.30
8.10 loavo
arrive IG. 15
The   Canadian   Pacific
\'��� Steamship Co/s. .
, STEAaiEIT.3'
Leave'Arrowhead daily for all  points in Kool-
cnay, making comifotJou at X:\lc-.isU for nil
points on'Nakusp  &  i-Uoeaii   nulw.-y-  anil
.Sloe m Lake.
Close connection nt Kobson , for Nelson ami all
Kootenay l.nkc anil Uivcr points, and for
Trnil. llo.sslaml and points so'ulli.
I'or full   iiifornii.'tion, tickets. ina.pt, etc., call
on or address
Agent, Rcvclstoko.
Or to
\V. l'\ AXDKKSON'.
Tniv. Pas';. Agent,
N'i-Woh. H.C".
fi. J. COY I.E..  ,
���  A. fi. P. Agrnt."
Vancouver. 11. C.
His ConfcHHlon.
Chicago Girl���Now that we are engaged, tell me truly, Is there anything in
your past life that you have reason to be
Rshanied of? ���
Chicago Youth���Darling, I cannot toll
b. lie. I cTnce thought for almost a week
that I loved a St. Louis' girl.���^Chicago
News. " ���������' '���;.:' 77,
Tlie  IniiultiMvc   YomiKnter.
The old in si ii was, reading the paper,
and little Keiririe was plnyimr around.
"Pa." said little Iteggie, "did you learn
to pull wool when you were a little boy?'1
"Um ��� what's that? ��� uh-huh ��� lemino
read!" ' ,    .
"And, say. pa, is mamma's hair wool?"
went on little Iiogde.
"Uh-huh���run on and play now,, kid,
and lemnie read this paper."
"But, pa, when you pull it do you mis
it?" persisted the innocent little love of a
boy, with a crafty, faraway twinkle in
his off eye.
"Hey? What's that? What the dickens did you say?" hundred the.old man.
sharply dropping his paper.
"Oh, nothin," said Ii11Io Ileggle. "Only
I heard mn tollin sis a while ago that if
yon think you're pitllin the wool over her
eyes you're mixed, that's nil. and"���
���Washington Tost.
A-WImc Critic.
The late Krnncisquo Snrcoy was for 40
years a figure of great prominence, in
French literary life. As a critic of the
drama he was looked upon as one having authority, and praise from him meant
success to the struggling playwright..
His criticisms were honest, fearless and
independent, and it is rememberi-il of
him that he rofused the honor of lielnnc-
ing to the French academy lest he should
come iiudt'r'.nhligntinii to favor the plays
written by other members.
Surrey's good sen--'.- wns often put to
j the test. One day a friend came rushing
j into his room, waving a paper.
"What is the matter?", inquired the
"Here's sonic, one," cried the" other,
"who has been calling you an 'imbecile'
in print! Are you going to challenge
Sarcoy smiled. "Certainly not," ho replied.' "I owe him my thanks. The public will soon forget the word 'Imbecile'
and will only remember having read my
A Gofltlntl Knot.
Dasherly���I understand''that he's ver)
well connected.
Flnsherly���You bet! Tie's lied to IiiJ
wife's apron strings.���Kansas City Iude
pendent. _��� , 7 '. ���''
In India the rhododendron grows tc
0 height of 30 feet. Marigolds in north
Africa' reach o height of four or five
DlMpnted. '
Mrs. Wriggles ��� I saw tho strangest
tiling this morning on Highland avenue.
,7. Mr. Wriggles���No. yon didn't. When I
was dowii iii Union square this afternoon, I saw a stranger. ��� Somervilln
(Mass.) Journal.
R. HCWSON &��� CO	
Furniture and
Undertaking. ���
R.pi'ping and Upholstering Dane.
Warehouse in connection for storage
cf family nnd otlicrfuriiiturc, trunks,
etc., nt monthly or other rates.
Agents for Raymond Sewing Machines,
Revelstoke Station,' B.C.
Navigation Company
It is,a good thing to learn to stand up
on one's' own feet, but it would be very
foolish because of that to spurn the solid
earth, which bears and holds us up.
Almost any one, when he can't think of
anything else to do. cats something.���
Washington Democrat.
It takes from six to eight years for the
aatlers of astaj to attain their full Bise,
ASSAY 1311.
Ho.-ird School of Mines. London.
���>c".cn yc.ii*- at Mir/fii Works .Swiiii-.cn.
Seveiiteon yen-* Chief Chemist to Wigun
Coil innl Iron Co., Kng.
Lam Clr-'ini-t ami As-aycr. Hall .Mines, Ltd.
Kvcry ilo-eripHcli of ns-ay mid niailylicnl
work undc'-'lakeii. ' ,
Cliih.i- uxiiiuiiii-d and reported npen,
. lU-r-'iiwrvKK, y,c. .1
Operating Kaslo & Slocan Ilnilway.
International Navigation & Trading
Schedule of Time���Pacific Standard Tim a
, , Kfl'eclive Jinib-in, ������)!).
Kaslo & 51oon.ii Railway
' l'Ksscintor. train for Saivlou and u-n.y stntions
leaves ICu.vlnnt.Sa.nl.' daily, icturniiig, leaves
iSandon at, I.l.i p.m., nrrivjnjj at, Kaslo 3..V> p.m.
��� Intcrnitioiixl N.-.vls's.tlon. r��n& Tradtiir;'
Opci-.itiiijccn Kootciiay Lake and llivp.;-.'
'P.K. INT' UN.\T!I1N,M, ll'Hie-! IC.-l-iln.fili- Xl-lvill
at I! a.in il.-n'v e.\"i:"i't S-.i'i lay: i-e.l n���-:=in'.-. lea v< s
Xc'--'.'! al I .1(1 p "i.. i-M'.'iin; al K'tlfo'..-, Mm
' a v. A 'n^-.vcTl I., i-ii.l aTua- ;i."i:i:-i: i'-uiIiO--,.-.
'*��� ilh-I'-ii.iii-i- A"'i"tl In 'i '1 fr i'ii I'iisiM'-:-������
!-'i-.i-i-y. P'alm; nl-.ii w'lli S. I-'. .">: V. t'.nhi |.i mi"
fnii-.i S] im.an-, ai :���"���;\c MiIl- I'nlnl.
H. a. Ai.'iKKTA leal us -Xei-un f<i.- Iliiiium-'i-
l-'erry, Tuc-iliiy-f nnd Saturdays at 7 n in., inei-l-
ing steamer Intei-iinlioniil from Kaslo at, Pilot
Hay: returning, leaves lionner's furry ntSa.in.
Wednesdays and Sundays.    .
Lardo-Duncan Division
' Steamer international leaves Kaslo for Lardo
and Argeiita at.' S.i.i p.m., Wednesdays mid
Fridays.    ' ^
Steamer Alberta leaves Kaslo for Lardo and
Argeiita at S p.m. Sundays.
Steamers call al principal landings in lmtli
directions, and at oilier points  when  signalled.
Tickets .sold lo all point.', in Canada and Ihe
United flutes.
To icuertniM ralfs and full information,
i;oiii'"i:T ihvint;.
S If Manager. IC.ikIu, li. t*.
Royal Kail Linos.
Clioajicat Ko'.itc to tlio Old Country.
ALLAN' LIXK-Krom Kali rax.
Parisian Dec.   2
Nuniidian - - - "      D
California!! ..10
Livurciiliun - - -, 2.'1
1;KAVI;u LIN'IC-Ki-oih Montreal.
Lake Superior  Nov.   n
Lake Ontario    -      -      !      -      I      -      "    22
DOMINION" LTN'K-i'roin Montreal.
Nov. IS
From IVni.'nud
\ niiuonvcr -
 Dec. 2
 ������  ir>
"   23
- .1,111. fi
Das '"Hirers ticketed Ihrough lo all parts or
Great Mrilnin and Ireland, and at. spicially low
rales to ai! pints of the l-hiropcan ooiii.nr.nl.
Apply to ncarcsl railway or steamship iiKcnt, otto ���
T. W. BRA93WY, Agont, Rovotattftw.
One who
a.;id   who
to the   extent
wil]inland cip'tble
.'ill' in teres
of male
"'. >i.
Artistic Printers-
who   exercise
taste, vise
appropriate' type and newest,
idoas, are few. To this class
wc strive to belong. Wc do
printing for some of the best
business and professional men,
and   would   like   to   do yours.
'       THE      e
��� -^k-C<*--
St He is a Wise Man
W113 Dais tfc-5 Itis".i*- Tiilaj ai Uic lUsIit Tlnia.
Secure weekly entrance into the home circle : make
yourself known to it. You have something to sell :
tell them of it and create a demand for your \varec.
This end can ��� best be accomplished through the
advertising" columns of
The Kootenay Mail
a welcome wecklv visitor in the homes of manv of
North Kootenay's best citizens. The pioneer and
most influential paper iii the district: , Its popularity   and   efficacy   arc   attested by its steady growth
and increase of its   advertisin ������   patronage.       Write
1 - u
for sample copies, rates; etc.
iii     !���    i ���'  .   ���        -"a^e-1^-''       '
���   -   <~* r~   *-  /���
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