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Kootenay Mail Dec 4, 1897

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 /*i'<L- >.^J-''A.  i <*, <>  - /*.    i   **  Vol. 4.���������No. 33.  REVELSTOKE. WEST KOOTENAY,  B.C., DECEMBERS, 189/.  $2,00 a Year.  ITS MASK IS OFF NOW.  THE  PARTIZAN  SHOUT IS  EASILY  EXPLAINED.  >h  i* -  Judged out of its own mouth and compared with statements of "good  Conservatives ���������- Its desperate  somersault explained.  Willi lii-azon e'tt'rontery null utipntal-  Idled assurance our luc.-il conteinpornry  ,', attempted last week to foice upon the  ,    pulilic that tlio Libeial plat fin in   justi  hod it   iu deinimding H'j.iiiiiniun   party  lines   ;it   next provincial election.  Tlio Mail pi opuses to iloinonMiMto  'the utter falsity and huiluwuoss nf ilu*  Heruld'.s conclusion and 'show, again,  th,ib it is but a eowai dly expedient  resorted to' to cover the personality  and sins el' its m.e-teis- -tin" Turner  government���������and ,hid" it ���������> own deceil-  *fuli������".ss. Its '���������smoke." ns fiom ,i wieok-  er's fire which iluies seamen and Llieii  ships to dc'stnii-tipii, wo will blow avdo  and'disclose to ' tlie pulilic the U-uo  position, lbs mask uf pni tizinship we  will te.u- from its face and rove.il the  cuuiiteiiaiivo lii'liind -it to he that  of���������-t.lio Tin nor. candidate.  The .Mail said the. platfoi in Used liy  the J loi.ild as an - excuse, fur its p.-uti-  z-in shoul, had been accepted by'jniuu-  als . wli'osi; Conservatism >v,is "tiiupie;,-  ' ti i.'ied und hy C'ois-M'v I'ivos wiuili.nl  " fought , tin; Turner government for  ui.-inv veais. We in i!:e t!i it .st.ito.iuent  good nu'.v, nnd pjt the opinions ipioted  against tli.it uf our i*'.>'ile.'ii[)(ir.i y. fully  confident in tiif*. icsiilt   of"I lie coiiip.ti i  i  'sun. ' >  ' - i ,      . *���������  Who, rus a Gniisot \alive    tppcHed   lu  the  Turne:-ites. oin   betlei    ennt.-.tdict  ' i!*p   Herald   than * Ch-iiie.-:, A. Somliu,  tiie loader of   tho-pies-'iit -Opj.o-.ir ion  nnd ''.i ni.ui yf st:e'"ir,' worth."     If ho  believes  llie Liherui-'iiie.ui   him ' fair,  -.should not, the' Hot.uld?    He'ir'him :  W        "  *< C vcrr: Cur.uic. N'o v. 20, '!>7-  ,   jKoiTon Koorr:N vy M'vn.:  Dear Sir,���������-My .utu.itioii h.i-. boon c.illctl t ^.111  article in tho Ucvc'-to'tO Ilorall un lei* llio  healing "A Iauer.il Mini!*.'"   TIu objuu   in"-.m-'i  ' nn articli! cm bo e.isi!> un lorst i nl, lPuo lake  the Hur.iM ro be a s ipiiorto.* oi" tin* prosjnt  locil government, .mil aii'cioii-s to tlu what it  c.u to uplinld it>, p.itii)n������. '  It-uysit lux-: been rolin'taiitlv fori/jd to bc-  ��������� Hove that our t'ieet'on vv ill ho f nu'il on 1"> jinm-  itoi' party line*, the J.iboi-.i's of t'ic jirovinoc  having determine! it shall liu so. ninl rotor s to  action nf Lllvjr.il convtnli'.ii I"1 prow* it*- a*-. ���������:-  tion. I wi-h lo-ay tlie ITuimM i-i iiiinoce-���������anly  alarmed, for if it will re.i I tlie Opposition p.irty  platfonn and coinpave it with th" Inbtv.i! platform published mont'is Inter, it in i-.t-ou that  the Liberals adopted tho ������..ini3 platfurin v. 1LI1  a few incorr-ciiuoriti.il planks .1 Med. but s.iul  nothing whatever about riiuniiigou ��������� prov inoi.il  elections on Ilo.iiaiio.i party li'i.>. In f.ict such  a proposal was scouted bv ihe coin cut.on and  our general election vvas ti be run without  reference lo Hoiiiiniuii ntr.ii.s.  Now turn to our pl.ilio-.-in and yo-i (Ind the  Opposition placing Usclf t-L.irly, si.uing the  same thing. C'onipaiv the two platforms and  you find the Liberal convonlioii paid us a great  c'liiiplinient by taking on'- platform .eul ivfusing to run on p.ut> lines. If the Herald wishes  to oppose the pres"iit government on local  groniuls it. should not mi\- ft-.ler.il and local  issues. , For years hack Cinsji-v-ative- and  Liberals have struggled shoul lor to shoulder  for tho same pir.-po-e without .wiy reference lo  Dominion p.iliti.s. Taking the d('.laration of  the Opposition and the oxprosiuiii ol the Liberal con volition against the in',i-u,l-.ietioii of party  linc>, and aided to thcin the oxprcs.'nns of approval from the plectoiMte ii-i-esjiti live of party.  1 feci as-ureil that the go vl son-j of tho people  will deculo the coining conti-il on llio ground  of whether they are or are not sali-tlcl with  the present administration of public .nl'.iii-s in j  this province. I btg tu rem lin .vour- very  truly. *        Cims. A. Si.-ui.i.v.  Mr.   Seinlin   has   fought     im'   ^uud  ^uveriiiiient   ,-ind   the   interests uf tho  peopio fur ninny veins,   lie is intiiii.-ite-  lv iicijiiit-inlerl   vvith   piuvinei.il   all.iiis  and   is a Cun.servativo   irexuiid   doubt.  lie, l<m, on n   see no season I ml one fm  the Ileiiild's  awl;vy.ii.l   (lop-   thai it is  ;i Tut net ite in disi,'iii-e. aw oil in-sheep's  clothing.     Cist oil   tlio   thin   disguise.  i-.irv. .Stand forth in \mi  binds them together���������the desire ior ti lx-ttfi  Provincial a.'lmmi'-li.itioii. * * ' The Conservatives in this prov iiuv have alw.ijs oppo-nl  the mtrodiiuion of Ki <ler.il political line- into  Provinciiil.iir.ur.s. 'I'lic Lihcial-.in tho convention .itNuvv \\'o-li]iinstei-,(!elibcraleiy put tliein  selves on roooid in Ihe sainoway. To������.i-t the  -lightest dun',I ( n Ihoirsiuceiilj and good faith  in that, would bo lo o...-,t reflect ions on men  who, in llm pa-l, have fought sturdily wilh u-,  in tin- battle against the abuse- wl.i. h hav <; prevailed -and -nil prevail-in the adiiiiiii-lr.itioii'  uf Provincial a Hair.-. It will mpiiro something  veiy ililli-ieiil fi'iiui llm s]ioc!him arguineiits ot  the t.'ovi'riniient'-newspaper -uppoitci- io de-  f-ti-i)y llio soli.liij and iinily of the Opposition,  cfinipo.-od (hough it ho of both ('on-i-i-v.ilivos  and Liberals. "  o  Nol-ion/ri-ibuiio- The'oigaii- of  the pi-iivin--  cinl gov ornini-nt do not like tho platform vv hii h  the Liberal iis-nejaiion of (ho prov in ��������� ��������� h i-  is-d(d. 'i'lioj (|iu-sl ion the I ight of the ns-oi ia-  linn lo touch upon prov iiiel.iLuulitita���������huL-tlicv  do not ntlciiipt lo i.lnivv lhal Ibo alni-i-s i itm-  plainod ol'du iril, e\isi. nor that tb" prov iin-inl  govoi-iunenl i- nol wholly lo blame for tl,i-ii- ox-  islaucc. It is sue to-ay thai lhi-people of tin-  )uovinoo will nol coui-crn thi'inselv i - -o iuin li  over llio n'log, d inl'jrl'orenee of llio Liberal A-  iiieialKin with piiiviiic'.il all'aii'Y, as tin v vv ill m  s.-onig thai llie sot of mull, ������ ho-e ino i'ii)iit.'iic'  provoked the mli rvtnl ion ol* (l.e Lihci.il As  hOi i.ilion, an-juov en'., .1 fr mi - .fii-i-.iig ii n.-v.-  'c.i cor power. Tl-. T.i-.iK-r ffo*. o -inn '.'.1 i.."l  !iav e io f.n i'a ri volt ol the p:i,]il' a: tlio ne\l  genual cli'cl.ou, nol' a ruicli'pf ih," L'.li'-ral  pul.v. 'i'iniiois a <l(-,,o for pr.iuil'r. goiOi-n-  nu.n1 in |)i-il'ft;iei!( i I,) Ibo pn.si.i-t tr.iv (.-!.,. 'I'lie  iiicnrb '.'sol tin- Tin a <r (ab net .w��������� fool.sh if  llioj e.\uoe( iim( l!u( on-ei-vali', ts ol Ihe pio  vmee will r.il'j io Ihe:." siiii;n,ii-, s'mph !)Ol..v ise  the Libeial .\-,so..i u :on is atl.i'.knig tlu'i.i T.'ie  Libi'i-al paity will do Uie Consul vmuvl p.-.iiy in  lliis piov-iucu a , rvn .��������� in lek'K.ilini; prcnVei  Tuoium's di-, rediUd aggivi; ilion uf (.'on-.ci-. a-  tivo into pi-,valo life ,'  Wheie   is   now   I ho 'cv.-tise   for th^  ! Ler.ild\ s-iiiiei.s,ui!t.     On   iheseu. the  tt'lideifoot  ILeiald lepiesenl   (Jonsorv. ,i-  live (ipmioii?    J7>o/r 3 oui-   cap, llci.iid,  mid udnrit your iiiuiiv es '   Jjtit   shujld  those  bii   not enough   to move,   it,    let  it be judged out of its o'vn nioiitii:       r>  Revelstoke Ih'Kik" May 2i.illi:���������i'he  er-j \iv* lie- ,1 ul I (lis p.-uviiK-e is ,i ile.in  ,'i,'i:l iMj.-ilile .id iii l ti i ���������11 at I'm, and no  jieis-u.i Qr paper I lint > n ie,il liieiu! ul  Ui il ish C 'uiuiii lii.i vv ill.e.ii e tu l un the  i i-k i l'vv 11 el.iu;_, -;o lii'siiable a result,  (the iieliMi'ot I lie Tin lu'i* <<uv ei-inne.i;)  or. thciui.k ul ,a!i!il p.u I iz.i'.i.ship.  lievelsiuLe Hi'i.ild, .7line ot li:--There  ll is       111��������� v   r        l-ee" hil hei I u   * ,-i!!\-  uieiilion (ilrD.iiiiirriuii pol.l us !n J3i iti.- li  liuliliii'i..! .lll'.lll-M, anil Ine picst'lll .jilll-  it'.lli is ton 11 il ,cal ( u Jii-i in 11 ut llien  int'o liu-Li ui ju-t in-.i-. '' ' * Our |",'o-  jili' Wiini in -i'i- in poui'i ,il Vrt'liiri.i .l.i-  l.une'Jt nnd ,-'i*r'i-( I ;v e nibiii'ii.-i i.ii i m m  (one li ivith then i,Ie,ls i.ill I.M'iil on fh'-  vel'ipiui; llie I e-'iliri es vi the pi uvill' e  lor t he v. Hole people, .mil nut lor Llie  <ulv,mt.i!>i' ul one p.u I it iilar' (list i lcl  anil <i lit) le eli(|iie ul fri.-ieU ;hkI sul.'l-  ll* es. Thi- uie,i is euti'i Iniueil hvimii's  o!' local (.'ousel v nl ive.s ,is vv ell ;is Libeials. A iii/ ii/lciupi lo icorL it far pcnii-  zjn piirfjase* will, inevil'ibli; tend tu  hamper its <;oni])le!i> SHCCJS'i, whereas a  leal leturui p.nly, including (ill those  (li-.s,itls'iieil ,v\'it ll   I he ' present   il(|uili".lr-  li.tliiiii will strt'/'p Hi a Province.  Compare those .ilatemenls w ith these  of later date. Look int. tho change uf  front (Oil sii.-ime! wheie. is rliy blush;  .mil nsk can t!ie i l(" aid  ALL IN ONE WEEK.  Three Marrages of Popular Young Peo-  The week h.i- heen chief ly noticealilc  in Kevelsloke' for il- many marriages,  all, loo, nf well known :tnd'pcipnliii' (we  siill (l.-iini .Jim Kdvvnids us n lievel-  sinkori i-e-iileul-, und nil Imuiglil oil'  iii a inn..I private uinuin'i-.    .  Tin- first. i;n   -Monday   was  n  double  event, ut. the   resilience  of   I'M.   Aduir,  ;i\n\ though il lnid lon^lK'eii looked for-  vvni il lu by nn   interims! ed  public,   they  were nut taken into the  conlidence  ol*  I he eontruelint,'parlies nt all. Tlie pub-  lie Miiisl    be   I eekoned, with,   however.  It ilearlyiloves a nrnri i;ri;e and expeels  I he fullest  cuiifiilenee.    'iTic rn.ii I'i.iges  alluded lp w ere I iiu-i' nf M r. Cha.s. I Itil-  len lu .Mi���������   ICli/.n (Lydaj Kdvvnrd-  mid  Mr. .lau'ie.s I'Mvvaiils'ln .Mis- KUle  .May  Adair.    They were united by Rev. 31 r.  Proi-unier.ol' Kaslnjn the'pi eseu.-e ol'ii  few relaiive,- and pei-sonul friend-  and  1 i    .  left by   the   rni'i] nii'g 11 aoi  1ni (Jlaeiei.  .Mi.aiid   .Mi's.   Jfollen   passed   (liioiiirli  , < i '  lievelsloke tin- nextiiav ltu- w'nliioriiin,  whore' they vvill spend their honeymoon. Tlie ne\l "eei elininv vvas th.it  uf.Mr. ,J-Y \V. J.aiufr, li. A.I to��������� .Mis5  il.i'/.i'lej ,wlio, lli'iu^li mil Ion": in town,'  h.-is m.-ide iiiimeioiis fi ionds. .Mr. L.iiug  a-a pi uuiinenl busiue-.s m.-ui needs no  'ml rodtu-t ion. i They, Inn, ivcie united  quietly, by Iiev. .]. A! XVouls, on Weil-  lu'.sdaj- eveninji, and as they did not.  like the I'll)"!1-, .ltteriipt lo e'st.ipe. (he  public displ.i'ye.I its it^D.iJ uatuied dis-  nppuintinent of their lack ol cirrfiderioo  by jl'111'.i.-.I upi u.ii ions-.t'l eu.id--. What  llie I'.ite,nl ! he t run nl - '.v ill be on   their  retni n it. is di eadi'u! lo imagine if that  nci oi-ded 3lr.'and .Mi.s. Laing is to be  taken .it, a uample.  Tlriiui;!) , siniiew h.ii di-..ippointe(l nt  not lieing nppri'-eil oi t li" 'v.'i hidings oi  its siilisLi ihei-s and nt nut In ing pi eM-nt.  to vi isli I hem vvll.tlie 7\I.\IL i-t.ill dj'si, e.s  Id.'idfl its voire to the \ er v geneial cnll-  gr a' ul,it ion:, extended on all sides lo  I he new ly wedded couples, iimi wishes  t hem evei y nu[)t:,d joy  unmixed   wilh  i>(1I'II)WD. .      ,  FAVORABLY DISPOSED        *  Are the Government; Towards the New  Kamloops'' Pap Scheme.  The    Kamloops .Bridge  (Jreek   road  movement lius gone a nol her step   forward.    A public ineet ing elected a delegation lust Snturdny to  interview   the  gnvernineiil for awslniice.    One of the  tk-legnt.es .snid he hud n  pull   with   the  government und  would   use  il.     Does,  this nut go fur to pi nve the M A J i.'sci intention   In.sl,  week   thnt   this  loud   is  purely fur locnl benefit, und   tut   credit  tu guveiiinient,cnii(lidnte and .stippost-  I'l'-i,    If it'wilt,  in   the' public  inleiest,  Mir ely, delegates co.lid be   fuund   independent of governu'ieut, pull   nnd   from  other    pliices    Ih.-in    Kuiulou|w.     'J'he  legi.slat nre   in  considering n   voto   for  t his/, pi Opu.st'd   iti.-til   should nol/foigel.  I he circuuisi, mees' in   connection   wilh  iJ,''.ind reniembei th.it n delegate relied  upon 'pull'   lu get   the  appi upi i.ilion.  ..Mui-l prubnbly   the  delegate   with   Uie  pull had seen I lie minister  beluie   the  meeting nnd everything ������n< uirnng'ed  fur when tne delegut ion e.une   tn   Victoria.    The   man   vvith   the   ���������pull'   will  come back vvith Ihe gift and the people  vvill do him honor,    lie will prnine the  geneiosil v uf Ihe  Turner government  The Tin U'ciding" Serenade.  Our ( ol;i| any a;-! i\ nn; late i_   ,  Aud iinexpui led, we may stale, v'  'J he.mipeli's.s inmates of our-, bouse.  IjilLtleee i.i iiiiuihei ��������� 111^������������������":*!.'i-'i-'vs-.i.1"*      i  Win n .-l.ti-thd by a noire, <lny ijinei.  They'll si'i-cn.ide lis���������let them try it.  \\ ith fi lendlv I bought  we  sliced   the  file:  The bovs .-aw -mioke and di  il n.-pii e  ne called sin _  ceie, enn it be fill I her ti listed. Tt. is  not sincere! Its p,n tiz.iu ciyis bin  a contcniptible ti iu1: tu bii.u c the public  to its support and cover ' its iimpiiiv.  itolleis a I'ne brand whoie others extend the olive blanch. It stiis up' n  '-sinoke.'' when ot hei s nsk for light and  icnsun. Il has entered on a deceitful  and doubtful com so >ind will run  .Uliuck deaf to nil fcntie.ity. li has  bin nt its past files, Lk-induuod foruici  vit'usand cast its last iciiiaii'ii^ sci a[i  of pi inciplo <iw,iy. J leucefort h il vvill  feed on scraps fioin the Tninei table  It has sa.d ,-i long f.uewell tu the in-  teieslsof '-llie whole people" and. like  Lucifer fallen from his high estate,  exclaims :  with  So farewell   hope!  I'.ii ewt-ll to tear.  Fa: I'Well  i em n.-i'l nil  lost. ������    *  Kvil, be I linn my good  mil   Willi   Hope  rood to me is  Like Santa Clause to mount the luuf.  Of then  intent  v.cm.iiii' h.iv e proof.  rl be ( hin.r ey's openii'e was.i lempler,  And   thinking   ihu.s  lliej   lain' wuuld  enter,  We damped Ihe fife and did i etii e;  ,  Nor I bought it needful loe.Kjiine  The pui pose of our 11 iends  i etreat.  ri'u sik h a lolt v nil y -eat.  A snowy cu-iiiun theie ihey found.  Through .ill, the baby, sleeping '-.ound,'  11 en rd nut t lie i alliing uf their feel,  lie.lid nul theii  music ru the-street.  We hold I hei e is a timi   lu iluiii e  And sui ������ nlv.'tl I u K'l, 1 hem'prance.  'J'is indooi dailies olt i.died 'mi..ed'  'Uaiust w bu h our pi iiiciplest.-ii e   fixed.  Out out door spoi is we hold nre i ight. '  Though tle'se w ere rather lale at eight.  The spi'ei lies, inlei spei sod  with.song,  Weie chu-te, polite, and notion lung.,  No dopredal iui.s cau-eil alarm.  The full was, fine ,iih\ i'i ee fi nm li.n in.  Theie hung I he washing ���������flag ul 11 uce;  'i here stood ihe I m for i endy u-e;  The keen edged axe was unmoleMod,  The ehimnej  pn-sageclear when tested  So I h.inks we owe and thanks we  tender,  Cecalisf t be I rent ment w .is so lendei.  'Xovv. Iiuv-. vv e merely wish tn mention,  Why we gave  up  our first  intention.  We nevei  meant lo treat vou bnd,  W'e'd f.im have iciv'n I he be.-t   we   lnid,  Oul  when coiiipi'iled tu quench onr lire  We ionlid ll le-ed! nil lo i elu e.  A bi,ice of year.- hav e li.u el v  (led,  Since happily we two did  wed.  Oul    hand-   made   hn^le    while    kind  ll".il Is glow ed ' ,i  And tins a buiidaiil weie bestowed.  Xovv com.- again, .-rid hav ing wui ning,  We'll entert.-iiii \-'ir till the uioriiing.  ' 'i HI.* Sl-JUKNAIIICII.'"  Thin sdav. Oec. ind, 1 s: ri).  .ind say 1 Ion. G.   0.   Martin   is  a0maii  'Kainloop.s sho,ihl re-elecl. 'What polil'i-  cnl juggler y. <J  A despatch of the '.lul inst. stale.-  Iliat J)r. (/l.i'ike and J. T. Hobnison, of  Knmloops, nre in Viet iuin to interview  Ihe Government in connection vvith  I lie cons-ti net ion ol" n wagon road lo  council North River with the (Ja'iiboo  road at Oiidge deck, the estiniuted  cost ol which is .������iSU,(J(HI. 'i'liey had a  suliif.u tory    talk    with   Uon.   G.   B:  Mail in   ve&lerdav  nnd   will   meet   the  ��������� - ,  other inenibeia uf the (inveinnient this  nitei niiiirr. The Gover-iinent iseem in-  t lined t.) do something for Kn.nloops.  The Miner's Exjhang3.  conteinpo''ary. fitnnii rortii invmn lure  colors und serie your in islei s in.iiifull \.  And ii.>"v foi Cu.'isei vnlivo join link  Those quoted aie no tvros in j min.il  ism, Jlerald ; no meie (L.bb'eis in pi c-  \incial jn ir I Dominion n flans, but of  long und close e\pei lence. The\ ai e  Tories both, ,uid not with.ml inll.ierice.  On Monday .M.e-srs. Gus Ound and;  I-Mer 0'if.ndl. both old-lune resid'-at- I  tn' Oevi i-ioke and di-lrict. look hoi.I j  of the Sen. lie Iiolel on n l,uo yi-.n -1 e.i si ��������� |  M is the intention nl 1 ne  le-w   piopiie-J  loi s Ui thu.'uligni V   le.it   and    it'vo.ale  I In   hou-c 1*1 o'li top to bul tin,i a lid 111.ike '  it inie of t he m.i-t con 11 oi la I le and   .. 1- '  Injured   Innocence.  r'sn roi: K()'"i"ii;n.',y .M.mi. :  l)H\it Sii::-l!e.-"Wanl u slal cut"  If .-my siib-cri'ier In the ?\'oilh IC.iot-  enay inineinl exlubii'w ill call upon lire  requiring a -lal eineiit, 1 w ill lake pit u-  sin e in let l big him into ihe in v-ii'ines,  nt thi'-rim.'(iuie a -iib-,er.her wilhoul  a none dealing in i'l-nr.i.il ion ��������� and  i.iiiendue--, 1 i.iii only .-,iy Iimi'' -o,'-'  '/ni hi(il  'J pi 'i i''".  11 e  .11,  ,cll(l   (llgl  ligesl  I I.U'I IV e I ".-nr!- 1,1  lo,\ ,i.     .'  win k nf rem w.i 1 h.-is beg,in  e:.s anil paperhnngt I - a: e  mirror of law -t design   ii  splendid inclines, hn-. k e:   i i *l��������� "��������� ���������!  the bni, w hii h   is  to   l���������>  -,i\t\)  only   the   best   of  kqunis.   t-i^  Thej  will i rm   their  own  eli n i i iir  lo.nn ' n]t. ]���������>.  toy tin |  ii p.i'iit- |  busy. A lu-w '  sides -ev ei al ,  :   i i di l e.i !fl- |  1 uin ,  .-iin.i \l  Kis Last Resori  lion  11 oiu   I he   .-l.i 11.  Hear vv Ii.it the} have to s,i}  well :  Van-junior Now-, \ ivc ���������li-is ��������� Wo (in as  sun* llio Gov l-i nm ill iievvs;.,i|iois tli.it i'len  o'foi Is to < i call' si.s|iu am ill- tli-liiisi, IkIvv.iii  Pi< Con- I ..'I il ( - .11.(1 'i'l'f. i's in l!i( (>,i,i - -  lion i-.uile.. will nlu-ilv fil. Piiiln; ''. ji i 1  fun i ji.ii'- int n v\ Im il" in I .'i,,'u'' "ii -'I'm ��������� 11 '' -  linn-in I ai . loin,'iiiiii*i l.tieilll '', li ivt fo ' , I  Mile llj snlo. ill llien ililill In -1(111 li'll"  gov ei uon ul in IIi.Iis'i Culiiiiili ii 'I'I.-v liavi  It'iii'iictl lo Ii'iisl ono iiiinl 'ii i, i ,n !i I i ii ill-' I In  lionoslv unit inli-^rilv of tin ol'i.r. .mil iinlimir,  ..'tliiil. Llio c.miHHiii-ios of tlio eoiiiiiion iV.e ���������muy,.il.i i ".J"1"' "' "ishmg n ..-,,,,1  orsay vvill vvwikon l.ln; kIi-oii^IIJ of tlir'tii! vvliioli.l  etors success.  I-M. X. Uouehe. n well-known mining  with    ll( rrntor nf  liu--l.ui'l.   tummilleil  -ui.  ei'"- i inie oil l\i- inlay I nol ning, s-i\ s I he Sea-  w ith a 13 cabin ��������� i ev ulv er   in  md expei I  to make   H   eain.i   i epi.l ;i- J a tJ-.,..-.t i,,-i,i ble i i-oi I.    11  is not cei lam  ii -  Ill'-V  lu. e en- j u jH |1���������.| 1,.. kill,.,! him-elf be. n use ul  gaged Ci.a.s. Xi lies a- li.ai,ayer and n- | hi- Iii, nu ial condition in b-cnuse he  he i-a pl.tilii l! h.ilel man, wi-ll k.iu.Vll , |i���������>llt;|,t    Uie    !ii-|    sliol' he 'fired   had  I *'e J..-I i ie- t billed mi" ui the m.,i.iles.    On  I h" S,il-  | in day pi ev ions he vv i ol" a   lei ter   lo   u  lie,l  nil along i he line, I  man Icji  I he  pla|. e.  Mi. I.uiul has   not   \ i t  name ol  I ne i,or.   I.im-e    !  (le, I I! i  ��������� nt   (ie  -per.it e  and  lla . li'   oil   -, i  Th ��������� ,M un i'-  II.one ul iln  I loueil i,  a  'I 1 ll,   s.,.,.   (   i ,,  i'.M hi  < ' '.      V,  boil-e   ,1 iiil    I he  loud   one.    I bo   ]  its   II-  I be , |. jenfl    -av jug   he   w a-  iie    JI Ul,    ,'n,,! .-,17 M ,n ilo-iaud.  "     '��������� dl    ' " li.na !,e v. ol lie I "n:t iii'i'e!, d In  manv  ���������'ev ' I lie- p .i.p],. ] i ���������) ,> ,,s I,, i,.^ 11.|... ,��������� led I i -ome  "'"��������� "���������' "* t piupt'ilie- un Ive;, sioiif m.u.nl,un. Jfe  libln    will     in.ni.'one   tlip   i:,i   ll.e, "   iu   Ihe   enily  ���������v.-   piiipri; . winter of '),(>.    lie vvas   aniun   vvitii   n  ' ������������������' | gtiod mining li ainiiig.  Local and Personal Briefs:  ' Where is Kcilie,' M. P. P. 1,  j'ishup J3.u t nriivud this niuniing.  AieOnrty hits   some   fine,  venison vin  snle.  The    incorpointioii    Coininittee   hns  ss...t '.<> I  wito tho peLitiuii.       . ��������� -  A. \S*. JMtJutosh, the pioneer ' o'f  Jveynloiie, is staying nt  the (Jentr.li.  'i'he. gyspel service vvill be ut Tripping's Theatre   to-rnui low nt -i o'clock.  What pietty styles in dress innking  Couisier is turning out. *'*'  Mr. und "Mrs. j I irnce Jlunif. were  visilois to tovi n this week en mute to  Nelson.  1-I.inv Perks of Nelson, a biotlier  of J. Pei ks of the Victoi in Hotel, is  in town.  Tlnee cnr-londs of coal crime in for  McC.ittv this week und it is going  fnst.  Pietty soft eideidown silk cove.ied  cushions nt Coui.siei's. . +l  Iiuv. C.A.Procunie , of Jvnslo wns in  town Sunday, letui ning .Monday nioi n-  nig lo Kiislo."  The public slIiooI childieu uiear-  rnnguii; tor a conceit in j'npping's hull  on JJeueui.jer 17,th. ,  i Messis. Atkins, M.u.sh.dl nnd Senile  of the Piench Cieek Mining Co. went  out Wednesday for the winter.  See those pietty toys nnd Christmas  presents nt, (Joursiei's. *  Coniiiieici.il printing iu nil it br.in  dies done with iieutne.ss nnd despatch  .rt the Mail ollice.  Al the leijtiest of lelntives the re  mams of Thus. Wnllnce were sent to  lionfievv, Out., on  Sunday morning.  Pietty nnd useful Clnislinns pies.-  ents nt Coursier\. *  Ihitish Coliiuibiu's new Lietitei.unt  ton urnur, lion. T. lt. JNI u 1 lines, was  .swin n in nl Victori.i on Wcdnesdrty.  Mr. nnd Mis. .J. .J, Foley, of the  Luke View, Anowho.i'l, weie iu town  for a couple, of days this week.  Mr. nnd Mrs. Il.nry 1'uiirno entertained on Fi iduy evening, a veiy en.  joyable time wns spent by those pics  enl.,  .Messis. T. Cirahniii nnd P. Leake  vv ci e dovv n from Albeit Canyon this  week nnd eirjo)ed theii trip, so they  snid.  How couifoi table those ladies and  childi en's over-sluckiugs iiiid lubbers  ni e nt Com siei 's. i  i'uve l'ei guson   und  J nek    Know les  at lived fiom   the   west   Monday morn  ing.     Knowlo.s went on   to Mnnfl' Tue.s-  d..\  j l.-n'g it Ci.ige have just elected a  iiiost loiispiLii in-- sign on the old .smeller'building, whoie they vviil in fuliuo  have nn ollice ns well ns ut ihe station  Uur i;u( (Is aie good hei .uise we make  il u iu!e lo bin nothing Imi the best.  The MiUovveil, ^Vtkliis, Watson Co.  Lid. ;  The linpeii.il Hank niliivs n'o intu h  impioved b\ I he .iddilioii of some fine  gilt let lei ed v\ ne set ecus on Ihe windows.  A ninii named John Ing.-dI.s wns  hurl   Tuesday   morning   in   'JYipj/uig's  lumber ynid by the. bi caking of n  stake holding lumber on a car. He  was unconscious for a few minutes, and  though badly shakerPup had no bones  broken.     I Io is getting well again.  Don't forget that, the Mail's ollice i.s  now in the new Central hotel block,  wheie all its fiiends and patrons will  be welcomed.        .    '  Whilteniore's GilfEdge show dressing. 20c. nt The McDowell, Atkins,  Wiitson Co. ' t  Jiev. A. & Gieen, Crund Chief  Templar of J Iritis!) Columbia was in  town this week speaking in the cause  oi leiupei unco.  'J'he Literary, Dramatic mid Musical  Club had a pleasant evening's enter  ta'n-iient. ou Thur .day in the Unii n  J Intel pallors.  '' The .Musical Covellos, Fuglish \nv-  irjty stars', have decided to give another  p :i foriiinline tonight, Salurduy, nt  Peteison's hall, owing .lo the great  .success last night. Lovers of music  should not miss this show. '     *  J. I),   ("lahuni, the   manager of   the  .Waverley    Mine.    Ltd.,    went    upCi to  Albeit  Canyon'   Tuesday   to   organize  the tianspoi intion business.  , Jtead the December nu nber< of the  Canadian Home Jouinul. It is particularly inteiesting for Indies nnd well  nnd piufuscly illustrated.  _ o       ,  Mr. Harry, of Harry it Hoss, left fur  the cist Monday morning. This firm  expect to do some ra'ilro.ul work down  smith in the near future.    ' ' ���������  Sec the new ad of Jas. McMillan it  Co., fur buyeis in this issue. This i.s a  reliable Tn ni nut! the) pny good price?.  The)-publish monthly price lists.  Cot tains celebrated unveil biid seed  .sold by the McDowell,^Atkins, Watson  Co. Ltd. '   t  Tho Mah. regrets it cannot rucc^b  the invitation of Slocan City to'attend  at tho celebration in honor of ils fiist  train ariival. The walking'is loo bad  now.  Tlie departure of Chas. R. Cnrlyon  for C ihforni.i, on account of ill health,  will be noted by his ninny friends nnd  clients wilh Tegret. Miss Cnrlvoii ao-  conipaiiied lum.  At P-ter-j oi's It ill tonightjthe "musical Guv olios C ). fi-ulos nnd . dueUs. on  .-vKjIins^innndoliiis, zithei"7 flute, piccolo  xylophone, a,id fiunjm- also comic con-  jui ing show. Mdlle Tiacennn, lady  ct iijurer and champion' lady clog dnncer  of Auieric.'". little 'Dando' boy corn-  rdian and dancer. Popu'ar prices.  At S:.'I0   .shaivv. *  XVd ily and warm mackinaws, Alaska stockings and rubbers al Coursier's.  ] Lniidsuine uov elties in dte.ss goods  and tiiiiiniin'^s nt Coursier's. f  The entei tainiuent last night by llie  Music il (iovello's was well attended.  The specialities of the piogramnie nre  the clever tiick pLying of musical in-  s urn nl.s and the clog dancing of Mi s  (Jovel!o. The tioupe appears ngnin to-  nig'it al Piiteison's hall and promise a  change of programme.  ��������� Pvt. Rev. Hishop Dart will pi each  at both mm ning and evening services  at St. Peteis chinch to-moiiow, and  will administer' the lite nf'cniifit inntion  nt the evening service. His lordship  will give n talk on "Patriotism in the  Poets," on Monday night nt Tripping's  theatie. A good musical piogramnie  is also provided.   9   What About Revelstoke?  NEGOTIATIONS FAIL  THE DEAL BETWEEN C. ?. R. AND  -    HEINZE IS OFF.   ���������  Couldn't' agree on the price--Marpole,  goes' south to arrange for building  --Interesting results may follov  disagreement. '' ���������  The negotiation'- between the U.P.R.  nnd lleiir/u f'.rr the' purclinso of the  Trnil (ireek lund by the former seem  tu be oil'.' Sir Win. Van Uorne snid t������  u .Montreal .S/o/' reporter- Monday. Jt.  is -ibsi'ihtlcly nec'cy-nry that, we should  reach Rossi.md with our own line nnd  are under pledge I" du so. We would  hnve prel'ened the purchase' of the  Trail (Jreek ruud, which could hnve  been adapted In our 'pin poses by a  considerable expenditure, bul we could  not come to't,ei ms, nnd we nre obliged  lo go on with oin own work. ,     ���������    ',  Sir". Jlein/.e seen by the Star said he  hud nothing hi'" particular to say in  rel'eiericelo Sir-1 William's statement.,  lt wns'simply a ease nf ^ihe 0. P. It.  wanting to buy his road but nut being  willing to pny'what he considered a  satisfactory price for it.    ..  General Supt. Mnrpole went south  this week to R(?ssland where he will it'  i's said complete arrangements foi- the  right of way nnd other details pre-,  liniinary tn commencement of work  upon the coinpuny's direct line toRoss-  Innd. '    i  "The railway outlook from this disagreement is veiy intyrest ing'and iui-  pur-tant results may follow in which  the publicshoitld be gainers. Cortnio  building schemes are already spoken  about which should largely add to the  otrnuspnrlnlioual facilities of tbe  county and Ihrraigh the circumstances  should be cuiisti ucted with little or no  charge to the people. Railway builders  it is safe to say build only where there's  business, tu be got or made and, as the  roads are generally bonded after-wards  foi-larger-suni.s than they cost, do not  liear so heavily as is often iiu.igir.e4 on  the pockets of the promoters. ,"���������  The militia department is considei*-  'ing n scheme for the organization of a  r'flo corps as a p.-ii-L, of the active militia  in souilieiu Hril inh Columbia. At present, il" any trouble occur red in any of  the mining camps of ICootenay, mi  force is available for aid to the civil  uiithui'ities in luuiutniuing low nnd  uider. As it is u mountainous countiv  n special uniform will be provided.  This will consist, of n fell hnl, jacket,  cut ridge belt, breeches nnd ga'lTs.  They will be ni'ined with Lec-l'Jnficld  rifles. The corps will be recruited fioin  mining British .subjects nt Kninloops,  Snndon, Nelson, Ro-.sl.uid und oilier  points.  Rev elsl oke occupies n mote strategical point I Iran any of the others und its  young men .ire juM. ns p,-il i iot ie. Shall  we join t his movement '���������*  lllecillewaet ,Items. "lV  Mr. A. G. Howard Potts, who has  spent the last two summers mining at  lllecillewaet, West Kootenaj, has lately  come down. He says that a good sti ike  of solid galena lias lately been made in"  lire Lanark mine and speaks very favorably of the di'sti iet in general. He has  bonded (l he Donald claim to an English  company for $](),000. who are-spending  consider nble money on development  work, nnd hns several other companies  coming iu there in the spring to open t  up claims in the district.���������Victoria'  Times.  George Ritchie, who has been   working at the 'Donald,' sitirated on Round  Hill,  Cariboo  Creek,   ensfc of  lllecillewaet, for a few  duv's,   returned   "Wod-  ' - i  ne.sduy. lie says D. Wolsey has got  the contract for driving n tunnel to tap  the ledge on the Donald and hns seven  men working. The tunnel when it taps  ihe lend will be about 100 feet long and  it is now in over 200 feet. It is being  run through granite and is haid driv-  in   .  Trout Lake City News.  A Satisfactory Showing.  Dan Kenn left on Sunday for Albert  Canyon. He will be employed orr the  Wavcrley mine load.  The work of rawinding from the  Silver Cup \* going merrily on.  O. D. Hoar has live men working on  Ihe-Dnion Jnck group.      0  lt is ,-iu established fact thnt the s. s.  Lnidc.-Hi will be moved lo Trout Lnkn  thi.s w inter.  The completion of the telephone line  is delayed for want of wire.  I). I. Clinch is erecting a building  w hicb will completely cover in his mill  He has a man overhauling the machinery and states ih.it when next season  opens up he will be able to turn out  three limes the amount of lumber he  did Inst .summer.  The da IK e al t.lle L.li.o View Hotel  on Thur-d.i} la~t wa- niusl, ->ucii'ssful.  An enjov.iMe evening vvas spent by  evei ybodv .ill.'uding.  I      -   ' '.'. 'i 1 egret  we   'eceive   the   tit'-  re-ign.ilion   of  In  I, (..    II I "ie tvi.-Iies uf the  disiiiit   nf-  ] fcil    I an .o Hulled. Win. Vicker.s  vvill  The post inn.slei-geiierul says I lint I he  revenue of the dep.n I meiil   from   Julv , _  toO(loberisip2l2,(*')0in   excess  of  the ] '���������'-- **' ���������'��������� '">    Gmh.iiii's  revenue   lor   the    corresponding   four!1"'-   "���������   " ������������������������������������������������������ ������-i������"i������-i-l.i|i nt tin-   d. -  mont lis ol last year, innd  wilh   the  exception of the I.rs|, fiscal   vear.   Ihe  increase is gi enter than the' average  for \ '"' l!"' '���������"* ''PP"''"-'^.  anv whu'e vear in the past.     Tiie   Oct-        -^ -h'-lhig maleh   tor  i lnckcus-   will  ube,  levenues were yiil.OOU in e������e.s. of \ beheld m  L*i out I. .!..'��������� Gils  on the   day  I  O. I obei, lSati. Today r elm ns icieived  it 1 he department from leading cities  lor Xovembei ju-lifv, M i. Mniock in  expeel ing this \ ear's postal levi-nue to  e<eeed last yen's by y7.V),U!)!). He has M.\:.  now under considei al ton n plan for  in ili/nug 1 ne I,it e ul po-t ends   for  the  forcXiii.is.     An  eM-lling   contest   is,  xpi'i I --il.-  i,ii(.  ei ei -,  e,,ui I  iom.i ,.; lie.1!  I*', ,\ i'i'i tt Go's new nil in the  i nis iio'.t, This liiin is making  li. st;jiji|_\  die   punlic  w ic.ii  ������������������I  an  j-,i inline of such de-igu- ns muni' ipnlr- ' alie.nl>  .1 ..;;g a g >...!    ' u*> u .ss.and   i.i  lies,  lnisines, un ii, hotel-, lailwuv ( mil- . Ml"  the public liy    inspect     their   stock  panics, elc.,niay iles'u e for id\ i i Iisiiil,  He expeels   this   will   lurgt Iv    niiliasi  ,1 he sale ofenrds.  lliev will shi iiiv I. ive in <i ing supp.y  ot lmpuiltd St .idiuiviin go ids wlucli  will be ,i']ii (i.i!i\  will; them, PA 0 K 2.  TI IE KOOTENAY MAIL'  7TU/> *fr*/N/-kf/^i%v������i^   /il\r*������l    eed that he has sent  in his   lesignation     -OHAS.   R.   CARLYON,  HOC   IWOQlCWclS!.  AliJnil    as a diiei-torof the  Daw sou City   < V     ^ -       o--  EniTistsr-at-Law. Solicitor  and Notary Public.  PUULlrfHJCI) KVKliY SATIIliHAY  ��������� vr-  REVELSTOKE, B.C.,  --IIV--  ATKTNS \- SMITH,  J'Ollf.Jl-IlI.KS AND   I'llOI'KlKTOKS.  Subscription, Price,   52.00   Per    Annum  ' S3' S'i'kK.'i'i.Y IN .vnv.vvci-, 'irS  ADVERTISING AATJBS.  CONTIiACT ���������ADVKItTIisK.MKNTS in-i-Hod nt  the ruto ������f $1 "n'l iii-i-coliiiini moli por inonlli.  Kors|i.iet-i of nix column im-hos or tn-ii- ������1  pt-r inch per month. <  Tl'ANrilKNT AirVKItrt.SlCMKNTS inc. poi  lino lir.st insoitioii, ."n-. por lino o,ii-li~siTlist-  qiii-nl iiisoi-tiim. 'I'ho niiinlier nf Im.s  rocKoiK d by ,sp,it-u (it-t-iipiotl, 12 linos in Uie  inch. ,  liK.MUXC NOTIl'KH We. per lino f;trli in-  SL'i-lion, unless t onli-.iotnl Itu- hy llio 100  lme.s.  J OH I'UINTINll nf evt-i-.v Kind'nt inosl iv.i-uu-  nhlt-rotis antl shtn-H-st ntilit-c.  Jvf.'l'OUS'r.S I'm- jiiti pi'intiui; or .itlvi-ili-iiijr  pay.'iblo < ii llio lli-s( t-.f ov'i ry mtnitli.  <'OI{|*]-:s]'ONl>KN( K on all m.iilu-s ..I lui-.il  HI- pulilic ilili'i'<;s| inviloil iinil o.ui-ltillv t'tni-  Milcivl. All etiiiuiii'iilo.ititiiis in the I'Mitm-  jnilst ho ;ioiMi|i|iiin'i<d tiv lhi- li.ilil' nl I lie  wi ili-i, io t nri-o. M.nl;. ini' 'pulilii'.uinii^ hnl  ;is im t-v iileii'.-c nf jjooil fiiilh.  A'.liho.ss  TtiK Kooticna y  Mail,  b'evelsioke, I'.C  RKVKI.STOKR.  I) I'll'. I,  I SOT..  ,\V)IATuie Ihe townspeople iii' l.evcl-  f toke doiiiH nbout rci.--i.-ti-.-it ion ? TN'oth-  , jug !, They seem (|'uite content to let  things be shaped for them by olhcir-  rnther 'than taken h.-ind in' shnpiiiK  them, themselves. They nre registering every man in Hosslnnd.  "Till! decision of the Lnurier Govci n-  -nient to reduce the lei ter postage to nil  pin Is ol'Ihe British i'hnpire to the'-aine  ^���������nten.sis enjoyed within the Dominion  js'an Iinperin] measure. It will greatly increuce trade nnd promote communication within the Empire.  Thm public ,-u-e invited to lend the  -���������i'ein.'ii'ks of' the News Advertiser nnd  Nelson Triliunc'inVonnerl ion with (he  stnnfll In Ken hy the Herald Inst week.  '7'hey are both pnpeis of midoiibled  eonservati's-m nnd nre' no new coiners  fo t hi.s province.  It i,'( es h-inl vvith the province that  the n'.'uiios of its public men should 1 e  mixed up with nilaiis of ibis' kind.  SUFFERINGS AT  CHOWS NlST.  It shoiilJ be looked into by the Authorities.  ��������� The si,(||.|]|<.m{n coni-crniuiv the 111-  Us.ige ol l,-i lit it (���������!���������-, on tbe Ciov, s Nt <t  road, bv the O.'i'. H. un- substantiated  by Iresb detail-- fioin Fori Kleele. The  lasl issue of'tlre Fort Steele 1'rospei tor  colli.tills a i-ecilal of fact s'innde by (;,  Northup, n pron iueut Toronto lupines, niau, who recently jmll neyed ov ei  I he pass i-e.-olvvork. Mr. Northup s -,ys  there np|eai.s to 'be a di-.pt Ml ion In  take advantage i'i I Iii- men in r.ii-ry  sb'ipe nnd I'm in, men hav e been ai rested nnd I brow ii into jail by   Ihe   i\'.' W,  i ''  ,M. Police for i efii-iint; to'ubniil to tbe  tyrn.nuy of I he l'(>ni|iauy^> ngents. Tbe  illifol't uiintes -ire luineold on ev cry p-i'i.s-  sible occasion. One poor fellow signed  nn n^ieenieul at ()t lu wu. which   siipu-  lated t hat he vv us to hnve I lu ee I lion I lis  i  woik and was to he paid fslalj   per;  din  with board al rfSl.50 per.week.    He wns  lo be ehai in-d one rent   n   mile   for   bis  i,  I rnnsporlnl ion.    lie left   Ottawa  Aiijj*.  2St h nnd, ben.in work nine dnvs afoi--  vv.-iuls-. The employment wns not constant bul he worked when he |4<il the  chance. On Nov. Sill, he ipiit wink  and risked I'or his pay, bnl-vv.-is told he  wns in debl lo the company. lie bud  been charged $'22.al! for railway fur-e.  had bought about .*���������>���������*">.00 worth of'jronils  from the Coinpany's .store, nnd this  wit h dor tor's lees, inuil service, etc.,  togelhei-wilh losj. of tiim- in (he. way  it w.-is lifjui ed oul by Ihe pay iii.-i-hi'.  brought him out in d"bl. Ot her details  ai e given at one camp. .Mr'. North up  found I he, men totally withe ul cohering, no tents, or cnl,dns, and ibey weie  sleeping under trees. j\i probably n  doy.en dill'erent enmps theie i.s said 'to  be a shorlnge,of food.  It-.: OfKR-K:' linen*. '.'. Pool  J Hue I , lievi UOiko.  ARTHUR G. M. SPRAGGE,  (.  Barrister, Solid ioi\ Etc.  Notary Public. ���������  Oilier in Smith !!]������������������������������:, I'-tHfe; A\ c init\  t  ''   i       l{KV"Kl.<n)Ki: -STATION. I". ('.  P III UP l-Y -MAT!" I AS  ''(J ' 0 Ci  l'ook-ki.:cper,  Accountant  unci  Commission Ai^ciu,'  HKYF.LNTOKK,  li.'c.  T. MATHEWS,  Real Instate ancl Mining Broker  319'C6i-dc,~. St.,  '    VANCOUVER, B.C.  i\Iining stocks .-nul projiei lies liou/lit  nnd-old on   coimni.ssion.    Cm icspond-  ell'-e solicited.  ftcVelstoke - -Ho.spliL'iI.  .Mat .'riiit v wui d in connection.  Vaccine kept ou hand   ....  1 <  Drs. HEcEoohnio ip.fl -jg'Vs,   -   Attendants.  GUY   BARBER,  WATCHMAKER AIIi> JEWELLFR  Repairing f-lently $: Prompt!/ Executed.  REVELSTOKE, B.C.  .BEAUMONT BOGGS & CO.  Alining i-frokers,  VICTORIA, B. C.  Miiics ancl'.M initio" Slocks.  CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.  Thu ehoniK .of c-ondeiiinntion of  'Premier 'J'urnei'.s connection with mining eompnnie.s still continues in the  Eiiglish press. First it. is the Times  j-egretting to observe the names of the  Premier and President of tlie Exccn  ,tive Counuil-of M.C. on the coinp.inv's  (Dawson City and Dominion T.adiim  .Co.) ndviso'ry board, and exclaiming'  ,tliat it is n Ijitfl precedent.  Next it-is the Pall Mull Unzelio dis-  '.crediting the piospeclus of the company and calling it a fiasco. Follow  jug this conies the Stntist, snvnig that  gentlemen holding the highest positions m a colonial government should  know that' by associating themselves  .oiliciillly wilh companies they niny hnve  their nniiies unduly used nnd the dig  nity of their ollice belittled.  The IjoikIoii Fimincier follows the  Times vvitii regrets and is astonished  .at seeing these oflicial names ass-i-ei  ated with a trading, undertnkiu^ of  .this1 kind. The London Monev  Market Lveview, Snturdnv l'eview ,u\i\^  No Bonus for Klondike Railways.  , lion. A. (J. 131,iii;. minister of railways, in the, coui.-e ol" an interview  was asked if the Cunnoinu Pacific Huil-  wny Company hud applied fornsub>idy  for the bout nnd short , i-nilvv.iy line  they proposed running to t be Klondike  Hlair nnsuetcd in. the 'negative.  "Would you be iu fa vorol'^iaiiLini; I lie  Mibsidy if it"weie upplii d r" iiKjuiied  the repoiler. "I do not think, fnnn  my piesent knowledge of Ihe mutter.1  tint it* should he giant eM.',; said Mr.  Ulnir. "I I hiuk t hnl there is enougli  lo be made from I lie i.iilw.iv ii>e!t,iii'  sin b .1" loe.ilil v loa.nplv lep.iyany private corporal ion I lint, would  make  Ihe  venture, without unv urovernnieiit  nid:  1   #      .  There is going lo be n Irenieudo'u.s i tisll  to t lint (list i-ict nevt siunmer, and iiu-  bnblv a ti'i'inendous rush back again."'  a , McNeil,  r%. (  BASSSR SHOP A"r.T"0 BATH BOOK,  Front .Street, lie vol stoke.   >  H.iircul, 25c;   Balh. 50c; Six Sbavoig  Tickets fo>- SI.00.  M'lWAIII)  WHST,  tl  fl (As .tl. i.t't i.f lioy.il Si Inuil uf Jliin s  '   Ijiiiiilnii,'' Km*;! iik!.)  Kining   Kngisccr,    Asn.iyiicnl    Chemist  aa;l  A.of.;:yor.  fl' -n;ii r!M'-1 \.iii>itu'<l .un! i'i inirl.'il un.  ,  :m'av di:.\vi:i:. h. c.  \\r   pkllkw ii.\!:vi-;v, f.c.s.  * V' .      (,M ml.. N. Imi.'. lii-i.,_S!. Cv- M.i:.)  , 'Miuiiirj bhii/iiu .'>��������� a nil A s.s-i///er.  Vam-oi-vick. J". C  Chckkin.-; Oino't;!- Pulp a Specialty. ,  Hy ,o'i-iii^>iii'inls ������iih Kiii'iipi ,.n sin H-is1,  ,-nlv unci's >v ill li. in.elf un . <i|is:ii;iiiiii'iils el  un - anil 1'iiiiu -. n|i tn .un value.  C .tiiiuli.in Ajn-iil '   'flic CismjI Lull   K.-.'.i.u 'inn  Cor,     Ltd.,    (Jin .govv,    "tl.iuArlliiii-l-'iii'ii'sl  Cy.uii'l'.;  I'i-im-i"---.  N. II.    t'niniu'leiit men einiilnvuil.    Xn|i;i]ii!'.  #^,Jr.V'4'%^  fi s-������'v������c' .< c-'Svv- a \- *-��������� 'A  J^A^-������^������&JX������-    ,  UJjUUJi.b.'  Now that th'vj dark mornino*.s are approaching* you  need  something to wake you up early.  P    L. JOHNSON,  d      u  I\i-:vi-:i.<-toici<: Siwriox, IJ.C.   o ���������  Haircut and shave 50c jg&sst&ai  fi  *^=-"3i?;-^ Comfortable Parlors.  Opposite '������ ru ;' Store.  We have jusi received a supply of new alarm clocks of a 1,1 kinds  and-prices.     Call and see them at ��������� ,  f1 A ?T A T������ A    TTr-tTTfi'' o    pjlfhl!/'   Pi(X    'TIA  Iklikuk Mm������wmy& Liu.,   \  Revelstoke Station. B.C.    -   '"  ��������� i ,  C B MXO FA  ' F*i s   i fj ������ " rr^ iT" f'^       A ^ ?. 'C*\ '* ���������  Mij s   a '���������    R )\       &~\ ? vi \l_J  -r-i -n-������ ���������������-*^���������^ ���������wi-'^j. le-x.-iiTi^sri  ���������Ts"^}!  jrians a.:^d. ������pecTilcat-3ons prepared  in India Jjik'or {Bi-ae-piint  iirawing?B.  X-t^T3.J.-W7-*������ '  !f   )'i)i!    ll tr  ill   ;  A'   J ( r.-,r- a i-h all  nKxlern   conveniences  c:i!l a:,ci ...������.  '."..uukan \ i c tan desiirn voti  one  iivnnv  ' r ' j. i       *^ J  ' st!) ie: Oucen /\nne. Colonial, Swiss, or any other style  vou prel'er. ��������� "' ,.   '  his  Store  i ^sil'i'wm,M^ilS--'si    '  FFJED.'iVl. WFLLC-, Mine Examiner.  r*jTM().\l.\M UitOS. ������t (-JIfA'NT.  "4 -y^n^-oc-.  r,     Suits IV.uii i-i!-.   [-".intsilVuni i$'-l.  ���������Suiujile und   ine.isiii-cnieni   j'(irui<, sent  '  on npjilii nl ioli.     , u  .'92 Qovernmo'-it St.,  y/lijtejntioron'v. VICTORIA    E. C.  Private Bill Notice.''  Ifeinze ancl C. P. R. Dickering:.  \Mynri-- i.s irKiiiciiV caviix n,,u .m ,i.i-  i JN ]il.t.i| i.n will Im uiaVj (n f'li: 1.'^isl.u iv e  .\-���������"niiily oi llie I'loviilt c- ol J!i'iiis|i Culiliiilii.t.  'ill  Its HUM s' sit, ii, it, r ,in   ,ioI   k>   IlK-oi poicllo   .1  (-i.iilli.iiiy vvnli i-oiit i- in (on-lni^l, (i|iii|),  tipui.uc .mil maintain .i si,uulai.l oi- a n.ii-i-oiv  L;.i'iKt'r.el v.iy I nun s ji:).-jiDim at ur m-.u' the  inv. n (if l'i'V I'ls'uki. Wcsl Kniiton.iy Jl.slnuL.  ill- li'.an n 'j'i'I'I .:> iiss dm ('ciiunl)i.i llivei.  -(mltivvi-iurly li-oni Itcvulsliiki ; tlmnuc foMiivv-  in^r ll"' f'iiliiinb..i anil C'.iiinu ltivm-sjii 'JVic  .Ilium- ' \u-lic: liiunoe liv tin. nm-1 fi'.niljlo ro'it-  aloiiK tin l-'r.isci-.iiul I'.ivsiuji llivcis lu tin, nfi  n-.i.l'-l: i!il-ii'o  !iv 'lie.'  innsl   jiiaciK.iljle .ui.l  A       II. IIOLDIi;]!.  Analyiici! Oheiaist anil A"3sa*yer,  .    NELSON,   B. C.     '  .\ss,iv-, til'c\ ci'.v variety of iiiiner.i'.  Analysi-  tif  milk,   vv.iter, or nllic:   m .(  v',,l  i-s'il I'm- feod ' -  ,    '     i  Prompt Ito&iilts. .   Pro-j:<ii, fl. r.' .  i-i.  HEAP3 & CO.,  _ Machinery Rroha::,  ' , .";i(i Ctii-iinv a --i,' ���������! ;,  ���������   ��������� VAN'Cf;u V'!-:]!.,  i;c  nieri'ors  and ' iiHei'irJr di-coration^  are   his  specialties,     .^tore  Pecoraiions, Han!<   l;i.\itires,    Hotel   Fixtures;   'Hall  ,shewing1   ,paniu-llcd   dadoes,    frescoes,   etc.;   Artistic  Screens, Verandahs, Stairway's, elc. can be got out to  '    suit the market. <��������� ,'���������'���������'  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.  TS2sxx.'i .-utaBSScsr:  I    ^h&~\lli&AW7     pWf>fpf    ^ J- FOLEY,-'  lL/fili^^"J. V   ife^?       &������'J'ltll_>*    Proprietor  ���������=----ARH0WHI1AI); B.C.���������  FOR SALE   A (|-'ii!,i!i.v ofi-iii Mil,:. i;.(|  SI eel l.'.i'h.  COifMERCIAL - HOTEL  He.st ,*p*J.(l() ,i day House in llie Cily.  VANCOUVER,    -   -' 'B. C.  other   iiilluenti.il    papers    nil   expiess I u ,,,,]v.  A .Montreal special  d.'spalih   says   it  hn.s heen'knovvn for some past Unit  | lie  C. P. \\. lias In" d ni jrot i.it i;iLf   vv*irli   1". rm-iliK- i-innuu. Ji a-e  I, ik". ,1'uni o \.\  iln  .     it   ���������         ,���������      .,     ...'    ,          ,.            ,    , in   -".  |i..u-l i .*.! iinil''  i'i 'I'l'slm   L.ikf  on    Hit1  A. II.-in/,.' lor the  I mil s.i,t-ller(in,l Ihe .\.,u;,,.;���������,, I'miiul'.,-, nf Uie I'i-dviiil".   Or ii-umi  road from Trail   It.   iii.li-orn.   oi    hoi ! ,'    *!"    "'���������i,-"'l'  '.'>''���������>  ;"  tli"  5ti |...,.illul  liy ;lic  ���������                                         ' ��������� Inij-t    p.-i. tn a!    ami  . l-.i-'lil"    i-oiiiu   to    Un'  nnd    it    is   thought     th'"   di-.il   will   m> ' >'(>' lie i" Hti'iiiil.u.v nf llio I'mv'. nt-t- ,u  a   pouil  tlliiiinrii today |..Mo:ida\ 1 oi  In-dt'ei n t-.l ','  a'-'. .V'ililni'l^'l/m   li ���������; v Vile .l.i.-n.. C.n-iu  o(i   .-iltoi;eth..r.      .Mr.    Ileiir/e   ami   Iii- f. I-.e .i:.is vin   Unijml.'.r'   o'   I In    iVi.vuu-c  bv  .,        v^_-=,                ,,.           ,, --.a    "' lli!-\,'!!ii'i  ll'   i.i l'a- .  1 rnd .lu'enr. ( rr is.   Wniinld. ,\i\-   liotli \!-n   ,i   i'.i in .'   l,.:i     '.t:-.   I;  vt-lstol..!   ni-  ;���������,  \:,ii.-,,,,1   ,..,tiU^,-;,..     ,;        i       .1. a. r- ��������� : li   ( ulnril-v. Stnii' ���������>> uIivv-.^lc:-!,   'i-n"i !  1,1  --roniie.il  1 111 -i.t-.-s   ,;.,.   t,,   ,i.,. ,;..,! j���������k;. 1(,   v,.,,,,,   |..,k, :  il,,,,. t.  !(; Ti'oal  I  1 it'll et' 1 lint son let l.i SILT W   II he  done t i.*s "   I"-s< . I'm 'i '��������� ' i t';.*   ai  . i   vm'I'.'--  el   ICnoi. n ij  This hotel has heen .re-built  and greatly enlarged.,     Itjs newly  ; furnished throughout   arid  afibid.*   every convenience      ',  to u'uests.'-    It   is   bc.-iuiifiiiiv  situated   over-     ;,    ,  looking U["ip'er Ar:o\v Lake, ai;d is  lojat'ed most eoiiven'iei'tly to railway depot and steamer landing  '     --   ---Rnlos. ������-1 lo S2 per day ' , , Ar  CITY  BAKERY  Bread ancl Confectionery.  Free Delivery Every Day.  McOAGUS BROS.  L>k -. A-i.'  i.i  'i.el    ^i:i!   d]i-i.H'   liauiM.i.'s  ia I  . .   ".IJ'.'II'iilIlll    l   .'!.. -V.l  1 pjV.Xi- 10 I ��������� ll-ll Hi :.  1        ' .  .themselves in   iniicii   the   saimr strain, i      It is'.-No ^aid t l:.u *f ���������.'re- ('. P    :'.   ,;.> ;;'';'" 'i 'i���������-'-n;! Y;M. 1'.';1;,]1   :;,'*1"'!l��������� ll"'.'..'t"1 ,;','| I e    -'- i   : e   s rj    B       r ^-������,/~  and'to wind up the lot w.ilres "Lal.hv; j "f >" clra-e Ue* r.ubva v. _ - ii-y nr,-*,! J1.',',;.,  ,'f ���������:. .V1,."*,, r,,,',,!,.',:,.?,'^]", -v' ^!:,^I,;!'|:Y \ J.   H. MULL   di UO.  1 * | seek i srnr.uir p ..v i . s   ..-!���������,  .* r o j, ]������ .   . u     'mi   ' l'< n  r 'i '"     . . .u.-i   ivrili  jiovvir   in  in Truth with the followin'': . s-m   to  ("ni-'-.i   m    v;.:r.;,\-  < ,-> , \   ,   .; ���������-i.i *. o*m.. ^i i',. .u <!   m,. ,ii-.n -u-.an ami | ,  -   - -   -   --  -- -- ���������-_  , -k J   ..     ,, -,    j ,���������-     , ]>    '    > l     . " '    '    ---'-     "'I    :'    -'"���������   -''���������"   "'>   i.|iii-nl(.   tl.e     "     -"  '���������Lulu   the   hitter   cnte^orv   (undei-i          ',".-'!"- '   '    '"   "  "'-'.mi   i,\    ,f    ,_t ,,    ,,, ,,���������    ni-v.,,i,,  ,,, ; ,-,  ivnhin  n<i ! -ttt-h _t���������������^ i _       ���������.   ji      t-    j.    -i  Xrikh.-s    will,    the   .lend ,1   LsiUe    hr.mrh ol ..������������������:, ..u ...  :��������� . - -J^ .;',.-;. ������������   Vj.M.   .,mj,   , V^XlOieS^ie        Slift       RoZ^ll  /-m   , i    ->���������  * y���������~f o ~i a ,  ty .   l  ^_Go!a jim-Hc  -' "    FRANK'^a'nLMLL, Pkoi'riktou.'  Best Table in. Town, Well Furnished Rooms,  Choicest Wioss, Liprs andf- Cigars, - t.  *  Evopyiiitsg StKeth'First-Class.     - '  Terms $2 per dajr. Kamloops I>ccr on Draught  ir^r  ..'.Ci.>.   ;   i"i   i .'.t'.'. .,5.  basis t'ur their cxisieua*) prohnblv- fal s  tin? D.iwsjoi) City (Klondyke)   nnd  Do- ,  minion    Trndini;     Coiporntion      Ltd.)      H'-'l   e-i.''!������  ii    \,ir-t;i   is  ,���������,, -,v;:L-    ;','  "which hn.s ju-,1 been plneed   before the ' t'"''-"'''"-'''!'' ���������"'''��������� ; *���������  -" ^*'-"- ';���������" v.".* J ���������'      '������������������  , ,. ,   c ,-i       , I i rensi> ,n "loi-ili.-i ii iai- ii.-s".  i.rit.  <]   v      '���������  public   nnd   for   vv Inch   tlie proinorei s f ,^r yu _, _   ^tv-,.,j,.,  .;, ,....,,., ;���������.;    ,,���������'     n-.  'rue bold enough   lo ask for u c.i[.tln! of l in ilu- ^r.\'i.i '.i-'i_*���������!*.I i '.>��������� \ n-.u ;   i ���������:    ti " ',' ,  .������600,000.    ^    +     k    No sjii-iinl pi-.- (I'l-'ic- 'fo...!!'.... ,,-     ,.,.:   \-,,   ,..::.!, ..*'"'  p'.'riif<   ava   ncijiiii-i'd.  no  options   .11 .��������� 1 ~!! ���������'��������� ' ������������������ '*'A '������������������'' !' ������������������*���������     '"   '���������<<���������'*'���������    a  - j j  st'Uilied, nil   is   111    ihe   future, and ii  1 "ii ieion" j  I   ',u!\\,,,\    c il 1  .1 '  -r_3 _r-j_ ���������        ���������      _  ,Jt7_>   -���������J   -L 1. y���������j!���������i_.j^_i.jCOk^).  ui-v'cyors of 1 li^h-clas.s IMca  -   ���������     -"   1   I I    '      I I ."  II J"    I'll-    1   If   I  ' ' * ��������� I    1 "������< -.   mill   ''.;l !i I  ,    1.i'i   ' 11 1)   ..1'  ! |>,i; |i[ -   -  ol  .  e     i������ I ..    f   III'., I..'111-.    1     I ���������. .-    I    1   ���������        I l >  -r '  j -.. u ��������� . 1.'- 1 ",i an.. An- j L'ur'v'cyurs 0! I 1 l^n-cias.s iNlcals.  , 1]       . iiui.i; 1 11      1,1     ft'., i'  ' (   ..������'.���������  .}. ALIllCiri' STtiNK. I'ltoi'itii/i'iii!.  The Dining Room is famished .wi(h*'the'best. the  I'l'i  iu ', ,*-.,ii 1 ���������';��������� li'iiii   ;   nn,   id  ru-    ,;,,.. 1   _i,., .1       "i"  ...    ,   1;  M-stinents aie to be made at the h\veer  will of tin- tliieclois in Loudon  ..or-   of  the   ailvisorv    lui.ud   in    I'viui-ii  Coluiubia.     'I'lit-'uiiiv ini,'spM it  lu 111 '*t*  ( ip-il   s| 1 ,��������� ���������( .       j  , .-,-  s' m 1 \   ]i\: i l.u^ (-,'   ; i  injr !"'i~i;,t- ~  C. P   R \ai-A  R.-  ���������  .11   1   ii  i-  imll-i    !'.,'!.. -',  ' .          1,        i . ,1 *!!      1 .    1,1 1  i.i '.. - ,     '.   ' 11 ��������� ].i . e  ::; > A-  ,    1 1  ,j: 1 1 -1> 1 .< * ������������������������������������  1       .1   '   .' .'1 j   - ,t,    ii  i'                       ,  1 '  - ,.      1     'i e 1,    . t        |r  r  '   . ''   ;      '  a  vI! 01;lers ]���������] , Ul. ;i,H. \x, 1; ii,> prtinipl iv  11 elide ! lo.  ���������J  1 _3  i        M'i'(';?"'^'',-:i     "r     h'.-������  "O  THE BAR J.S SUPPLIED WITH THE CHOICEST  WINES; LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  ' '  1 '   ir' - vv ���������  I:"' .'v.'.'.l I. .iiiii it ���������   ill-    '������ '1    n   .-, '. ������������������   1  bo.nd i~ no doubt    Mi. Josrph    itos .  -              .  '���������    -          .ii                   ,                   1 In- ( .1 ".11 1.111 1' i' -le   1.'m 1 .���������-.(.- ,  witA nn A.net-l, nn   JLela.-.i   -t-ntniuin     Jli|p. hlI ,_,- r. ,  i/'1. t    :.!"*,.-...  (ii    \ietoiia,   l*riti-|h   (*��������� <I 11111111 1,   willi     ,.��������� t'l.)h. . .-    (,,,.-    ,,<A,i   '. .���������'.',!. 11 1 1 I  M 1. J.  H.   Till if -,  Pi liii'-    .\I ll, 'si tn    it     vv 1 ��������� n ' ..; ��������� \i 1 ',-..���������-. S|..,r     'J'!'!- 1 . 1    1 1  IJiitish  'Coluiubia    ami     .\h.    I'.,.,lev.    li'-- -1-"!. H l,7.,-  Qi ���������      n      .1     .        -���������    .1 1 ��������� . I n Oi 't 1    1. 1^' 1,   1.  .(_..     1  l.-sltl.'llt        ol      tlie i-Ae.-ti'I    e  C0Ui1t.1l of   Ihillsh    Cob) in Iiia   aie   t.'ifj u,,_r (|, t,,; ,., ,,]..!, j .'i/\   ;|,     I   fi,,  fi_L,'ine   heads.   , I  should    sav   (.lint    in   ; lo'lov, ..;     (liu-s   ,.im.' 1.--     Si ', I  or;! ::  "Vestois  would  Linnk  twit,-    l"i.-lole   rliev!  u '" '"'"'-' '"-o"'!'-''  . !���������"! I ��������� I'S'i.Til: lie.'   p  iii-         1          11 1     '     fi; -. .s'-.i'tsr..')')'!.  ernb.nUed in 'iwn a '.vittl i_'ot,sr:   1 M,i,i.            ;;  ���������'                          ,,            ,  . . , - 1      !���������. 1  I ue tt ii   n 01.11 -    'i 1.   ������������������'  O "i.i . ���������  null   I   mil    slit pi l-ei'   I uat ( .t'l.ei ll    Mt , ;;] ,(<   ] ,i ,5^ 11,. , ,. ,,, ;  , ,     1        ,',,      , ������������������;,) , ,  ���������  .Ml'-llnel A. S.  liiddulpli, O.C. \'> ,s!in,ilt|    '1'ii.    mn--,i-..   m   !,.-i    1   o'i; .   n    ������������������    ;.-.  hnve   allowed    his   naiiil-   lonppe.n  oir ��������� -'"'"��������� l"'* " 'I I-'-' ."��������� ���������   'i.f   1 ueieiiu e, |. 1  SUC-ll     il     piospeclus. It      Is     pa,si���������. 1  '������' '"':'";- ri ^ " -H'V "���������"'���������'���������"''"' ''     I  1         '                             ,       ���������   , '                  1  In Oelo'ii 1  .,1. Si, 1 J!',.As.  .sti-nn^e    too     rh.it   .1    10I01 11I    piini'-;  .   piiuister  should   ciuh.uk    iu   (oinpanv | i\\ f^'T'TC'~'  /ll UiLTi'l l!li{,    foi     tills    is    not     the    filsl   ! ~  liiosin-i-tiis   1111011    uiiitjh    Mr   Turnf-i '. I   V"'"' 7    ill1'!'  '" 'I  '     11 ��������� n 1!.'     '  ' '   '. ,' , , . >     ai.;ilv 1 1 l.e  1   11  ! 1   .- -.       '      1    .  Iiuilie I.s    to    In;    tulinfl        At     the    eom      ,-ni.l W ,r������,    ,'..   -,     ., ,. 1, ,     . 1  oi' ti'. I   .1 ii Ui n '.,, I.lli        1        1      : ,  (Vi. K   '1   I'.i.,- hi '1 ,     \ 1   ,   u < ,'  j, ,      1   -  1>' <in 11 i^- .M    1   ,1 1 '    '11 ���������   '     '   (. i.     1        I 1  (di-.K ���������-. 1 li   11 nn   1..' i' .;   11 i'i ������ "i ��������� ' 1      1',,  "'" I  vv     I    11 1 "i.i li', I  11 '1       ~'i ,1 li    I 1     ':   ,n      '  1        1.  Klondv ke and Columbian   ('ml Fields   ' V1 "' l'll"-|",'->    "'    ���������""r"    ���������' ���������>'  r      1      /"t >   ���������   ���������   1    / 1   1 , 1    '. 1 / /       '       '���������'" al' 'I 'I  '������������������'���������' 1   I '.  i"'i  J.ld.. (1.1 Itlsll  Columbia/ t;.ipit,i! ,������,100,   I 1.0:11 , (.'       |.t      fi   ,  000.      Ill  both inslnnt-es  llie objection   ]  able feature i.s im induced   of   defenedl NOTICI?. '���������  1  il 1;  -J ' _L  1  1 ','iji ' !'K S.   j   ('( 1 1,   J' I'I  I''. Ji   .1. ! lull :���������  Nil  dLv-f  ;;iuitL.  .ri > -i    A'j."i^ 1.1  I--.  f,:  -. 1  IA  i       'V 1''  \Vc i)nve ,1  i s rig  I  Lt'i  A I li J A 11A .\IS( 1N   1 >. I! ()S ,  I 'noi'in i-.toi.'s.  rrieiiceuient of August he, Mr. I'oolev  nnd Mr. iiii-ri uwji/, also anjieaK-d ;ei  directois  in Hiitish   Columbia   of   li  '"'':'��������� 1-��������� 'I- '";   ���������     .'������������������*."!   r.nrr fURffi   ii-T A m rip, j a t i Fivst.-cLaRS Table *   Good Beds   V   j^ire-Droof Safe  ''-'' '-> - A1 -t-* ���������* -'   :  \J )).\)\i    .... I.. iii jLJ mi -| )T-> '.'IT J Ti     t-v-i ���������  f. r r ,,. -r - . t , - ' Telephone +    Bug Meets all .Trains.  *.-ri:*\.-v -j.  ;^,.i;-\.\( UJH    T jfR-T^^n ! --        VV. f     I  ahnies siinrin''pi ofits niter 20 nei ecu I. i  -,.,..?,' -ii, .1    ,1 \'frncf'; I-.'fi;i:i:i!'i  /JlVldeild   llns   oci-ii     Jj.illl   ,     Until     IIK-sl  C  7  '.'(,'.   II ,il   l,),| iv  County i'Diiri Nntiii:'.  Cut \<n[<:> for SjjoI CcisJi. ; ;   C?.t!i and sec us, Wc cjim fix vou.   "T"S   S 5"  B !i������.  l,',l;l .',*,  (-1 '.''ON, 11.  i  I I I I I v  .' i) I;' i    , i i I  ���������I   ! oi i I!.''        oi,  "'in ���������    i in in ���������    i ii n       Wed ii   -i! i v   I l.e ! ">l I   (' i \  i I  ! r  i i in i >i ���������.  f.'EVELSTOKE    SAWMILL,  I  r-Jf'VflMrj':"    S'tntiofi,    V, C.  NOTICE  QUEEN'S   HOTEL  AHUAIIAMSON    liliOS.,   Piioi'inn-oii.s.  ��������� f;vcrythii?K *'"*^v and f:irs(--c'ass In ?j!1 Respects.  -HVifii'iKl  mis   oecn    [i.iki  ,     i.otli    iliese;   ^     .1 u r il.u ��������� llie  limit ��������� -i.'in '1 t^   ,.'i  il  n. w-iiiuiij      im  L'oinp.iuies, bv    tho   vv.iv, und    a  thn 'I,' ���������.'j,1''1.;' ''!l!" ''���������"'>' '":-e    kmi ���������   "'';'-   ''''l  ���������   '.,,,,-:,.     ,/������������������,,',     i    i ^v ''*'*" '"*'" "-*' " " "'" ' ' '    ' i""'Mil.' \ ~ >; i' t; j -i f i,',i;  J ll(j  t.ioldoil    I V, ins  (Ulltni in)   1.1(1 .   n|so      l.m I 1,i-.ik- -    i, ,-    l,i,i,',i,n       '  ;nl,   n      i    l !,, \                  (1  i.:ve,-.is...i in August, a.,- isM.ci -r,m; iv;;i;;;;:\^;;',.,;;;,;;,; '���������',:;,;;;���������;;,:; v.1','.;!���������'. i;_ i,,.'r. ���������";,��������� 'i...',  ^he s line o'iiue.  '.'> 1   Vietoiia  Sl.S     W.    I m-''ki d i:   W.     ,.'n   n,i     u-ni-    linn,,    nm Wnlii   -.! i \    ||,f!*i|  ,   . i       r         |          f,          i       .���������     ii , |                    I ii-ii,:   ii nlli   ->i  t I   t ii .   111. iii i    I i  t-li .i-l. vi)      ; j')7      ,|     in   ,, , |,,   '      ,,,    i I,,.    I,,, ,.        S ' i i'l |(  1    I      III I.' i I   v   '���������' ���������'.   -.'    I!  if    'i ii I-  nnd (he London  (....nrlsot nil tlueen.e    ,,���������,���������.   ..,;,,���������   .������������������,,,������������������,,,   ,,,,.,���������, ,.       ���������    ���������   ������������������"'���������    "    I '  ... I. . ..    m   II"    ion s    ,,,,.,,,,���������,, ���������,   ,.   ,,    r,   .,       m.       Unufi   k������ i|no!/or| '.rifh t !io  Finppf AVillPP Pii;    fliffPP? Ill   flip MflplfPi  Wistii'"-nished bv n curious familv  ld<e  ' |,,l;-   '" ���������"''-��������� > " '" ' ������������������ i'"1  '" "* -i-'1 ���������" >��������� s "���������"l-     '                                                            -1 ,��������� ��������� 'i,,-,  w , , ���������,, ,., r,��������� i >,   \-���������-i,,':,.,.-���������   ,ill-j   llUUo.'  lo A'.di/JivJ   <��������� ��������� Ul L'lti i'liltot 'T lillo niid   Uigdl'illl   LIIL/ Jllnl rvcl  -1        '������������������' ,            ���������'. '   '     .        .      ���������-        ' j ni'nt tu i --..              _        _ .Id's. I). d ir \ 11A \|.                     i\. i i.'i.nit ii ���������   im ;.��������� ��������� ii.i--it.ii it. ii i>. -. ��������� i m  /less.      ,Sm ���������(' vviilin^    lh(:   above.    (i(ii-i  /.'.ini on   Michael  iiidduipli h.is niuioiin- j ������������������-,.,, ,| ;,  .*:.':--|- 'ii  ;��������� i\\kr':.  i. i .; v mi -i i,j a iv  i ,i  II -..]  K >.'ii-li.ii  (' I \  Coin I.      i liiiui.i In ��������� n ' l-i \l'-i- (. i   I.'.-i I.*.  !��������� li.if .-nr   I  ^:<,i    '-'.A.  ������������������ ,.'l ; ,1. . In   fiiili. i I ,    I--',.  t -i_rn ni ill i.p ,c i m l.'Ki-;  |  TEOUT   X,^_5^S   CITY"    JB.G.  in^&>^&i'%!' TIIE KOOTEXAY MAIL'  . I.*  fl  a  WHERE  CONSERVATIVES STAND.  The    News-Advertiser    Seorehes   the  it  Journalistic Acrobats.  Everyone must sympathise vvitii tbe  extraordinary   anxiety   thnt  the   half  dozen   or-  so, newspapers which   coin-  piis'e the whole of the support that the  =        Provincial Government has; in the press  __  .of British Colunrliin, are di-splaying  as,  to tliii.sitriation of   the   (Joiiftcrvnlives,  ,    , who are found in the i.-inks of tin:   Op  position party.    The .jonrn.ilis.tic  K.vrn-  nnslics that ure.'iiovv'  heing   performed  are exceedingly amusing to  onlookers,  were it not that   the   enjoyment of the  ' entcrtninnicntntnirded is mingled with  'anxiety   ns   to   t he ( injurious   ell'tcts  which   their  efforts   may   hnve on the  perfonni r.s.  Weie a provincial Ihuiyan  '       to attempt, to portray anyone of  these  journnlistie vvritei'.s, he   would   hnve to  enlarge t lie nomenclature of his proto-  -    type of Hedford and -p,..ik of "Mr. Kiio-  ing-Ir'oiir-\Vuy--," instead  of  the nunc  inndftt. appellation given hy the "(Jloi-  ioiis Oieuiner"  of  two   centuries  ago.  In'syiripatlry   with   (aui-eivulisin ; op.-  ,s      piiMi-d   to   Doiiiiliitm   poiilies   Iviug introduced   into   .'L  Provincial    ciectuial  caui|iaign; yetilenoiincing the LihernN  for   their - declaration   that  they   will  L</< suppoi t nny candidnte   who siihsci ibes  to the resolution of the New Westminster    convention���������ojijio.-'it ion     to    the  present ^overiiinent���������und',nt   the same  time holding up Mi*?m>. Tiii-ii>'I-, JJnkei,  Eherls, Martin and Pooley  as the only  LTenuine    exnonenls    of   CoiiM'rv-ntisin  . nod demanding support for them n.s t he  nii'inbers of n cnbinet, which, lo repent  ;        rMr. Tin tier's declurntion   Inst  year-  al  '     .Nelson,"is Cunserv.itivi'   from   lop   to  hot loin,'*���������can anyone imagine a gren-  /   ter medley or n jiu-sition 'more  cuntr..-  -   dictoi-v and absurd ! *  It. is not. however, a difficult task to  ' dissect, the singular articles which are  'now filling the erlitornl columns, of the  government ncw.spapers . and slopping  over into the space devoted to their  correspondents-. These journals are  like the heir c which lias hatched out  " some ducklings nnd is tilled wilh alarm  whyn the latter 'follow their instincts  nnd fnke.iinturnlly to lire water. In  I he past soiiie'Co.i.serv.-ilives niny have  supported the government, or, rat hei-,  ils |iredece.s>*oi> with which it has little  iu cohiihon. Hut' thnt Mipport wns not  given lo'l In-administration of the day  bemuse it was composed of men,' who,  in regard Id Dominion politic.-, belonged !o the   C'onservulive. p;irty,( but   he-  > cause, in their opinion, a Smithe, a  Davie or a Kohson was better fitted to  direct Provincial a finds thun those who  were found in tho>e days in tin; rnnks  of theiroppbnents. " Like I hedurUings  to w Inch we have referred,   they   must  ������' |>nit couipnny with the Government  hen, even if it be of the ('on.servutiv e  species, if any other cour.se would pie-  vent them exercising tlieir.nliilities ,-md  povvi.'rs1 in the open waters of Prov inci.-rl  intere.-ts. And no cackling from the  hank; no "(inU-ri.'s ns to the danger  which they may encounter if they find  any Liberal nipiutii; associates, will  cause them to turn back and place  themselves under theii- would-be Con-  ser-v,iliv'(j foster mother.  If there were winning any proof of  the houei-ty and determination of the  majority   itf   Conservative   Provincial  x voter.s to exclude Dominion party liii"i>  fiMin Prov incinl politics it would be  found in the almost universal tcfusal"  by 'them to support a government,  which its leadei declares is'���������'Conservative from lop to bottom." Jt will be  necessui y foi- the join nn! i������t ic nd vocal e--  of the present eov-ei niueiit to find some  other i ea-on'why Conservatives .should  Mipport it than tin re fact  that   its  personnel is composed of men who  nro  Conservative.-, in Dominion politics.  We may go further us showing the  feehlenes.s of Midi an appeal for the  ���������aipport of (Jonsei-v.it iv es fur Mr. Turner and his colleagues. Supposing thnt  it was decided to .conduct Proviurinl  contests ou Dominion lines. Willuny-  one who i- iu touch with   popular s, M-  ��������� ��������� tiineuls in IJritisli Col inn bin say formic  minute that the members of' I he present nditiinistr.rtion would he .selected  by lb.- rank nnd file of the Conservative party as iLs standard hearers' nnd  lenders:-' Of coin-e nil. To do so  would lie to invite defeat; to expose  themselves lo j 11 -1 and pi opcr ci'il ieisin  al the hands of their opponents. To  cite only one ii'isiaiii-c of t he manner in  which Mr. Turner und bis colleagues  have departed iu their management of  Provincial affair-* from the cardinal  |ii iucijiles of (,'onservnt isui, let usiecnll  their actum in regard to anti-M.ongol-  inn legislation. If theio is one pi-in-  ciple indelibly stamped on the Con-  sei vntive policy it  is   the prolec-l ion of  -��������� the inteiesls'of our own people from  the compel il ion of aliens.    Vel on I hat  fundanieulal (piest ion lb-' Govern nl  wns found during (he lust session in  direct opposition lo Conservative  principles. And-=1 ill Conservnlive<nre  accused of something little less Limn n  crime if (hey swerve in t heir allegiance  (,, (he power's IhnMu'iil   Jnmcs Hay!  Then .-mother thing which is causing  tin* Mitiisicrinl Mippoi lers iu the |iie-s  intense anxiety al the present lime, i-  the ui-in.ici in which the Conservative-,  are being -'Inckel" liy the Libeials.  The foriiii-r. vve are (old, me nolhing  less Ui-in Ihe asses which .ire lo i-.-ill-y  Iheir LibernI lidei's   into   power.    As.-i  roof of J his    in Ihe opinion nfaiwrilei  in a Kevelsloke paper*, one so convinc- since  ing tli.it- it is conclusive���������we are told  that, while Mr. Semliii. the Conservative lender of the Opposition ill the  Legislature, vvas referred to in the New  Westminster Liberal convention .is -'a  man of sterling worth,".it was not followed up by his election to the position  of vice-president, of the Provincial  Liberal Association! lt is not necessary to say-more to expose the lack of  argument**, available to the snppoi lers  of the government on ibis subject.  One word more. We can assure the  Government newspapers, that their  efforts to create suspicion or distrust,  between the Conservatives and Liberals  in the Opposition ranks, will .utterly  fail. Dining the (last, four years, int-i'i  who do not agree on some (jiii'stiiins iu  the Dominion jiolil ical held,have fought  side by side, in their efforts to serine  betiergoveriinicnt in Uril i.sh Columbia.  They have learned to trust, one auoi her;  each to realise the honesty and integrity of the other, alul nothing (li.it tile  emissaries of (be common foe ni,iy���������do  or say will weaken the strength ul'"lhe  tie which binds them together���������Ihe  desire for u heller Provincial ndininis-  ti'ittion.    There may hnve   been  mi me,  either in   one  Dominion -pai ty   or the  i  other, who advocate the introduction  of the division of the electorate on  Federal lines. Hut such did not comprise m'nny of (hc most I houghtful ini'ir  ofeithei party; still I'ewei of t hose who  exercise any influence in , Provincial  affairs. 'JJut the views df even rt his  small minority, vve may us-nunc, hnve.  heerr abandoned,' in coiiformil y vvitii  the decision of llieii associates. The  Conser-vnlivt'.s ,-in this province hnve  always opposed the introduction of  Federal political'lines into, Pr-ovincial  affairs. The Liberals, in the convention, at/New Westminster, deliberately  put themselves on recoid i,hi5 same,way.  To' cast   the  slightest  doubt" on   their  ity and good faith in that, would  be to t"i->t reflections on men who, in  thep.ist. have Jought st.urdily wiih us  irr the battle against the'.i.l>n<e.s which  have prevailed���������and till pievail- -in the  .-idiiiinisti-atron of ju-ovincial uil'.iirs. II  vvill requite .something very ditfer-ent  from tbe ������pecious nrguuientss of the  Government's newspaper sujiporleis to  destroy the solidity and unity of the  Opposition, composed though it. be of  both Ctuisei vntives and  Liberals.  NOTICE  a  The ]i.'irti!ci-shiji'i"ii-lin^ bi-nwi-ii the mider-  .sijriK'tl. win) '-.in-u'.l mi lin.-,ina-3 as Ijvcryuiuii  anil Te.un-I jr-. liiiilcr tin- linn of Fleming &  Hamilton, h.xA lireu 'lNs'ilvi-tl by imtlnnl con-  sciu. .-is at l.'illi NovcinliiT. IS.'.)". All liabilities  of i.iitl linn vvill be (liscliniKcd liy W. Kll'iiiintl.  vvlioi-i iiulliui-i^cil to collect, ail oiit.-tiindiiitf  debts due to tbe linn.  Signed (\\~. KUCMINO.  ��������� I l\ .1. 11A MI WON.  .-t.K'l       itcvelslok-L- .'"nil ion, li. ('.. Nov. ill, 1-07.  ���������   Private Bill Notice.  V-Tl'I'lC'--"Is 1 iTrnlCiJY _ci I V KS' Unit nj.-  J.N ���������.|)lie.ilitin will be Hindu lo tin: Legislative  Assembly'ui ibi- Pitiviiii-i' of J'l-in'sh ('nliiiii)iiii  nl its im\l Ses.-ion for n Private Hilblo incorporate a r'(iiii|i.uiy l,(i build. I'tjiup. ui.iliilaiii  ninl ojlepite ,l linu or iincs of 'railway from a  IieiiiL.U or lieni" Albert Canyon, llienet: u;i the  valley of IbeNorlli l'*tnk of tbe lllceilleviaet  Kivei- to, llie headiiii.ti'lir- ot llie Dovvnie  I'l-et-lc, tbi'iice tlovvn llie valley of llie Downie  ('reek to the.junction uf Unit stream wilh (hc  Columbia l.'iver, with the power to ecjuiii,  rcoiiMriu-t, notinl.iin bi.int'b lines lo any mint;  <.���������!��������� mine's, and all iieees-.n-y bridj,'t'-, rn.uls. ways  iintl I'ei'i'ii-s, and to bmlil. own and inaiiil.iin  vvli.in-i's .nul docks in connection 1 herewith:  anil with power to build, own. o'|tiip and maintain steam and oilier ve--el- and ho.il.s, anil  operate the -aine on any n.ivn.;.ii)le watcr.s  wit.liin thu Prov inee; and wilh power lo built],  ('quip, operate, ami iii.iiiitiiin tuli-xi'.ipli, and  telephone lines, in connection vvitii the '-aid  railway unit bianches.iiiid logencrafe electricity  for llie .sii])]ily of li-rhu licit nnd jiovver; .mil  vvitii j lower lo e.\propnnU' l.tiuls for the pur-  p'l.-itisof the Cointi.uiy, and lo ncquii-c liuids,  bonuses. privilL-su's ..r olliei-'nidsfroni nny gov-  criiiiicnt,' ]iiiunei|ial coi'jioi-.uioii' or other  pal'.soiis or bailie.-, and lolevy and eulleel. tolls  Irom nl) parlies nsiii},' and on all freight puss.'  ing over any of Mich ro.nK railways, t ram vv<i> s,  ferries, wharves .mil vessels bu ill bv Ihe L'oin-  }iany; mid willi povvi'r lo make li-.iillu* or oilier  arr.iiigcini'Uls with railway, ftteambo.it or oilier  coin]).tnie-i and for all oilier nece-sary or inei-  deiitiil riiiiit^. poweis and privileges in that  behalf.      ��������� , '     '  Dated nt Vancouver, 15. C.   lliis   17th  day'of  November, 1S;I7.  WII.^OX & SKN'ICbKH.   '    ,  Ill-lit finlieitors for the Applicants.  P.O.  LIMITED  LIABILITY.  __^COMAPLIX, B.C:  Alt kinds of  - _-; ROUGH AND DRF:SSED L-UMBER.  " ' '  '    ' . . ''  ,At the Company's Store is carried a.J^ull Stock of General  Merchandise :    Miners' Supplies and Outfits at close rate's.  A1 imrWIIHAD ' '   ' ' '        .      ,. J      TKU2015APH TO'C'OJIAl'LIX.  ,The Company's S.S. " LARDEAU " comiec-l'* with all O.I\ It.' trains aiid steamers, and mak'es dailv  trips between Arrowhead and Coniaplix and'Thomson's Lauilin^. Couiiuuuic.'itioii i.s thu.s e .tablinh.-d with  rill jioirrts in the Lnrdeuii, Trout Lnke nnd Fi-.li ("reck di.stiicts.  The Company's tug "ARCHER" is ready (o enter inlo tuwiii^iiind frei^Iitiii}^ contrncts.  .< The Townsite of COMAPLIX is ikhv nn the'niurkel, und lols'are .selling rapidly. I'oniaplix is t he out-  litlini? point nnd henihpinrler.s for the buidenu und h'isli Creek districts now hein,^ opened up. It, occupies a  .sjiletnlid situation, hifih and ihy, on the N. I'J.nri'n of Upper Arrow Luke, ei^hl, miles from' Arrowhead, and  has d"e|> vvut ei I'or ri-.-icls all (lie year round." It has j^ood ,1 kd el neenn mini Int ion, lele^rnph niid t<'ie|ih(.iru'  connect ions, nnd daily mails. ������������������   r- ,, 0  '     ,      ' ,4 ., " - ..    R. TAPPING, Agent for flevelstoKe,  rr^T" "J ���������n^rxsn* -������-tt_i -k  '~^>  Wholesale   Druggists,  '    (Kst.ibli.slieil 1SJS.)  A^aaan&s2&> Victoria  and    Vancouver,   ,B. C.  COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL  KAMLOGPS,,B  n  Best of everything goin^".  RUSSELL   &   HEROD,   Prop's.  TR.  PICARD,  Contractor   and Builder,  Plans and   Specifications  pre  short notice.  REVELSTOKE,' B.C.  pared   on  \Vf cairy Ihe largest stock of'Chernicnls, Drugs, Patent .Medicines, Toilet  Aiticle.s, I'Jtc, in Hiili~h Columbia. ' ��������� '  Parlies in. or coriti'iriplatintf in. ming ill business, will find it lo their advantage to place I heir orders wit h it-.        . '"  The   present   centre   and future  headquarters for  MINING OPERATIONS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA.  It is the centre of the Lardeau mining district.  It will have railways to'  the north a-nd south.  Its climate is superb'.  It has plenty of building  timber and a sawmill j  ��������� in operation providing  lumber at   reasonable  prices on the spot.  Its lake aftords exceptionally good trout  fishing.  It has a crown grant, pur-1 good hotels, siores, post office.  Chasers Of lots thus Ob-1 recordino office,  butcher   shop  tailling  an   absolutely! nnd many private residences.  ������ ,_      - !i      mulcting*   operations   arc   in  full progress, and the establishment of the sawmill  will  tend  still more  to enhance  the  ini-  rowth  of this  ri-*  ROUT -LAKE   CITY  is reached by r,aif from  Revelstoke   to    Arrowhead. 28  miles ; thence  by steamer,' io miles, lo Thomson's   Landing;, and    a   short  stage of   12 mile's;'the   entire  journey occupying only 6 hours  through' magnificent mountain  and lake scenerv.  Well-known , mining t' promoters and capitalists already  have their; representatives on  the ground, and it is no  boomer's dream to sav that be-  fore another six months Trout  Lark Cfry will be a bustling  centre of business and the principal town ih this treasure-laden  Lardeau, the new centre of attraction ,for the best mining  enterprise, .skill, and capital  which British Columbia has  magnetized within her borders.  The climat ��������� and soil 'of the  district are all that could be  desired bv the'ranchc-r,''"ardener  or fruit grower for whose  products a profitable ancl rapidly increasing market exists ;  whilst to the sportsmen 'the  neighborhood affords game in  plenty.  The accommodation includes'  J Wholesale and.Retail 7  ! ../butcher;. .1  IJISALHi: IN      < "  Milk Gows; Saddle, Pack,  Driving and Draught  Horses. '    ,  '  Revelstoke 'Station, B.C.'  e  . rintinor.  i *- , i   ���������  'tootenay fiIMl> = = IRevetetofte,- B.C.  ��������� i  i  Smelting  b.  i number pf lots centrally located  in their Townsite  Ag I  ' -I  1$  ���������nm  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  FROM REVELSTOKE "  To all Points  East and  West.  The central pointof  H  KOOTENAY.  B.A_s^r tieirimis.  THROUGH TiCKETS TO  V-mcmivi'i*, Winnip'K, Nt. P.uil,' C'liic-  ;iH", 7Mt������iitl-c.il, 'j'lii'niilo, iN't'vv York.  Fiisl-class diniiro- and sleeping  cars on all trains.  I'aul il.illy, iimi  to  .tiitl   Mtiiiti't.-.'il .md  clear title.  Tln-oiltfli 'I'tmi-i'it r.iiv. to SI.  Tiii-onlo ov-ui-.v Jloiitl.-.y,  liti.ilon uvor.v 'i'lnn---tl.i.\-.  ii  I'iii-oIli-m! i lukoK 11) yiiin* tloslin.ilion  und  Inivu  yonrliiittKiifri1 clii'iikcl 1 li i-uujc'.i.  For full iiifi.i-in.il inn ;i-. to nil-4-, li  <-l<-., ������l'-  ply lo iiiiirt'M ll.l'.i:. .\i,'i'iil.,lii ,  T. W. IIKAlr-'HAW , AKi-nl. l.V*v<:M')l;t',  ' (li- in    10. .1. CO VMS.  Ili-lriul. I'll���������.i-irKi'r* .\;fcnl. Vuiicniivui*.  !,' mediate  ��������� town.  n<r  '  PBICBS   OIF1   LOTS.  Inside. $100; payable $35.33 down. $33.33 in 3 months, $33.33  in 6 months.  Corners, $150: payable $50 down. $50 in 3 months.   $50   in   6  months.  (These prices are for a short time only.)  T. L. 11.A 1(1, Ri-.vn.sToKi*.. General Agent.  HUGH lU.THKRSOX, Trout I.akk City. Resident Agent. 1  The - Canadian - Pacific  Steamship Co.'s  - STHAKJi.It'C     '  NAKUSP   and   KOOTENAY  t'tivf  A n-ti vvlit'.-itl  t:vi.'i-y  ilny. i-m-ciiI   Si-iinl.iy  lor    nil    jioinl-.      In    Knoll 11.i.V.      1n.1l.i1iK  (���������tiiliii-clinii     ..I      NiiI.inii     loi'    it'l    poim-  oii NnkiispiiiiilSIii.-ii'i l.'y. iimi SIdi-.iii l.ikr.  Oliisuuiuiiici'lidii.-il i:<il)-ion  li.r  Nt-l-on,   KiiMn.  I'nlltiii:-, I'ilnl, i'.iy.  C'liwuciiiiii.'i'tiiin ill  'I'r.iii for  l.'t.-^l.intl,   No'.lli-  ]iui I mill all poinl- ^.inlli.  fin- full  iiifiiriiialioii.  litkt-N.   iiLip.-.  ct'-..  '-i'11  011 or iidilrcs  ���������     T. VV. BRADSHAW,  Aircnl, Kt.-voNliiUc.  Orlo  11. .MAUfillKOOl!, K. .1. COVLK...  'I'l-av. I'iis^. Aiffiit. I'M- ''���������'*"��������� Azi'iit.  NoN'.ii. II.C. V.iiKMiiv t i-. I!.('.  Columbia Si Western Ry.  'I'iiiii- Tn'ili- Nt). C   Tol.il.r ei'-ft I .Inly.",  l.i)".  Daily H< I vvi-i-n Tinil null l!u-.!iiml- '  Nn. li i>awii|;trliaws I In-,-land    ;   -   7: 0 a.m.  Ci)iini.'i-1-. willi sliiiiiu-i nl li-inl.  Nn. :{ linssi-iiKi'i-  li.ivcs Ti.i.l    -    -   -   ti:l."> .-i.in.  CiiniH'!:!-. Willi l!"������l SluMiil.iin for Spokane.  Nn.-J pa-,-,t:iiirt-r If.iV'*- 'Io-sI.im-I    -   -      11   n.rn  ClIIIIIUlli willi <M'. II. -.I'.IIIK'IS I nr Mill III.  Nd. 1 ini-.s(iifci-i- It'.ivt-i T:-.UI     -    -    - l.':::ii p.in  ("iiniicul* witli (MM!. -Ii.hiii is fi-. iii no: Mi.  Nu   I passi'ii^'i'i- I'livi-s I osslaiitl    -   -   li'.NO ji.in.  Ciiliiiffls Willi l.'dl Altm III .mi fur Kpnl mil'.  Nu..'. p.isvw'i-l'avfs  Ti.i 1     -    -   -   .*;:l.*i IM"  ('(inii(-i:li. will, si- .in.it l,.vllon,al. I rail.  O i.ilOlli.f-s: F. I'. o'l'KI.IC-  IS HKREBY GIVEN that, all parties indebted  lUL to The Kootenay British Columbia Smelting ancl  raclino* Syndicate in respect of the ptirc.ha.se of, lands in the  Town of Revelstoke are required forthwith to make payment to  me or to the 'Imperial Ban>| at Revelstoke of all moneys due in  respect of said lands when deeds will be issued.  Hated at Ainsworth this 8th dav of November, 1897.  "    T. J. LHNDRUM'      "  Agent and Attorney in fact'lor the Kooi-  enav B. C. Snicltini>- and Trading Syndicate and assign's.  T. L HAIG,.  Resident Agent,  RI-VKLSTOKh  B.C.  T.J. LENDRUM,  Attorney in fact.  AINSWORTH, B.C.  Tr.i.l,   H. C  Urii-nt r.il Su  ABSOLUTELY FREE ! !  GIVEN AWAY MONTHLY  A's a pri'Miiiini In n.-i'iMil'inir1  3 0-A.T3  1-Ji'lui-ii Ilii-(oiipnirs ;it I i'en ' ol ('-ic!i  iiioiilli .-iiiil si a nil ri i-lr.'i iici- ef winning  l.liii I ica 111 it'ul mat hint'.  Each   25c.  Bar   entitles  you to one coup on.  Any of our various brands count  in this competition.  No better SOAP on the market.  FIND LEY & CO.,   STANDARD  SOAP   WORKS,  133 Hustings St.. VANCOUVER. B.C.  !w!l?*.������lT������������������', PAGE 4  .>'i-i     '���������'   HE KOOTKNAY MAIL  i  #        Kootenay L,odg-c  *   No. io A.P. & A.ftT.  *    *    The rt-gular inei-l injr  ���������f/yfyy       inclirlil in tlie M.-is-  S.   4T\       i>i]ie'ri'iii]ili'.Houiin---  "   "���������"^*4=_II.ill.   tin    Hit:   Uiinl  ���������^-^ \icy=���������~ M<>inlii>     in    t/.icli  f^"fe> ~--^S^ Xs^S rimnili    at   ,S   p.   m.  rT^J^VjS^    Visitiiiu;    ln-i t lii-i-n  :������������-=��������������� c-di-tlliilly wck-iiiui-il.  II. K. SMYTH K. Si:cisi/i vitv.  fen  ftEVKLSTOKE LODGE, I. 0. O. F.. No. 25.  ^j^iOz I't'tr'il.ir im-eliiii.'sare IilIiI  r������tkc5    in O. I'I fellows' ll.ill-ovci-v  ..J'tj?^ Tliursil.i.v nii;lit, at   ei^lu  ?f&3������F%8SZW5 o*������-lii<-k.   Vlsiiiu^r In ritlif-r-  Fv������-x.-a������' "*- -T^=*     tirtli.illy vvi-leiiint-tl.  J. A. STONK, X.G.  iMfeidJ'  [JJ.ij.nj. II, 11,11 l rii;--.  'flifl   s:r-'T:LLI"-|F  W      i  T. J. (illAIIAM. Six.  Maki:.voukM':lk as comfortable  as possible and  enjoy life.     You ]  can do this by selecting from  our !  lar^'e stock of complete  For   Miners,'  Contractors,- 'Carpenters   and  Agri-  -HOUSE  FURNISHINGS -  1 iandsomc..catalogue containing  nearly 500 illustrations mailed  free on application.  -���������luxury  Photography  Used to be a difficult   art.  it is   different   now,   anv  faody   can   t ike   -pictures.  Manufacturers  now  make  ,    .cameras which anyone can  ,    ,    operate, nnd   they  furnish  chemicals  and accessories  ��������� in such shape that the fin-  ' ishino*   of   pictures   is   an  easy matter.  AH these articles, including  cameras , and    everything*  Jiciccssary to   finish a picture, " can     be     procured  ' .       through   us.       Prices   ac-  , cording* to   kind   of outfit  required, from $6 to $100.  the11  ffl������DOWELL-ATKINS-WATSOH GO.  ' (Limited)    ���������''   Zibc' S>rii(j&tsts   ;JtfcCarty's    Blools,   Scvolaioko    Station.  ,   Glio.  rl'.  JI.vr.r.i-nv,   Mi^r.  WE  DPiAQ  U.   B       h-i  <IJ>> rj-������ 'L? *   U   ~v  VICTORIA,  P.. C  (Ss-.ab::3iicd 130C.)  Largest stock west of'Toronto.  U.X b il J. ,.Lib bfe.  T. L. JIAIC, a\n-r.\i:v  I'lnu.ic. W.  F. (JJIACI-;.  ���������HAlG&GRAGE,  REVELSTOKE,  B. C. ' '  Mining'and    Real    Hstate    lookers   and   general   Commission  Agents.       Fire,    Life   and   Accident   Insurance.'  licjiM'sciit.itiv t>s nf the  Ku.iliMiuy Smelt i*ii^ -int] Tiviliiii.' "���������!������, uriicilf.  .\'ri'iiis inn J Id i-!sini:o .-nul Tiiuit Lnki' (,'ilv lovvnsiio*,.  Furniture Dealers & Under isik&ri  Upholstering and Picture Framing' a- Specialty.  Picks, shovels,  spades,   forks,   hoes,   axes,   wedges,   crowbars;   hammers  and   tools   of  every  - description. ��������� ��������� ,  Drill steel; round,, ila'l, band and Norway iron; sa\ys, files, rasps, etc. ' ' _  Dynamite caps, fuse. ��������� -   ,  Doors, windows, building paper." paints and varnish,es.. ,   ' ���������  Double oven, Lrench ranges'for 1'iOteis, cooking and healint!' stoves, granite and tinware.  ���������   " ' . Hardware Merchants,-  .. <, 0   ' Revelstoke Station, B. 0.  , McLennan,. McFeeSy k 'Go, Ltdo       \V'!OJ,!':.-L\i.I'' -   -.    '  1 ' ������ I  Iron, Steel, Miners', 'Mill and Blacksmith Supplies.  /  Agents for K;i\iikiii.I Ki;v\im; M.iuliini'. Mriniifac-tni (ji s I.i'm; i nsiiiviuuc Sncii'lv,  Unidii Fin; I iisiu-iinci' C'*.. I'i (iviiic-inl 1 >'.iiltiiii.'.', .url Lniin 'Ass-siK-'iil ion,  OliflA.N.S .111(1 Pi \vos. ' , '  jtOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  R. McDiai-nui lias left for l)yi*ri.  Gus Lund intnncls to lulce iielriir to  iC.-iliforiiiii'soon.     , ,  XV. A. Haiicr, surveyor, wont up to  1 "Jiiij. Ijcnrl Monday.  Tlif dancing assiiiiilil}' wns vviiil at-  jti'hdcd last Tuesday.      ������-      . ���������        '  .Mi*, nnd Mrs. Pele W.-ilkor loft on  ^londay for Hamilton. '  Mr-. Evuns of the   W-ivcrl&y lriinc i.s  in town tliis_week.  * - . '  G. E. Grog.-in, ?*ditoi* of the ITorald,  is avv.-iy at Victor ia this vvook.  ��������� .Tlios. Ironsides Dunn,  of Coinapli.x,  has heen gazetted a .J.P.  "7 Ji.,Tupping last week   sold   six Lous  ���������o������ciil>lmge to J. K. Loutj   for   making'  .sauerkraut. ' ,  Mr-. Faulkner- of I ho oS'oi th A'nioi ii-.u1  jLife . was ��������� i 11 town yostcid.iv, fioin  'Vaiivoiivei-, looking up luisiiioss.  .-.The Mail regrtn-vits niisl.iko of last  *veek, re the' Uiiion -lack." It said tho  xiwnors had fi ft. of solid galena tu  Start on. This should have 1 cad six  indies.  Vi ��������� ���������'  r���������i  PfiMAn3A!^P PUtU'H!   r^r^nmrn pt\  (LiAirnoi).)   ' ,  Capital,, ������1,500,000.' , '     ' HeadlOHiCGc,'Tcronio, Onl.  Maniifactiirers of Electric JXJAmng Apparatus,    ,'  Hoists, Pumps,  lilnwcis, J^aiis,  lilastin.; .\pp.-u,iLi;,s, !">_���������. n.-iiirjS'foi- Lighting and  Power. ,Mott)is foi-.-ill Puipi.sc-'-..  Fdectricai transmission gf power successfully'operaLcd up in  50  ,       miles by our   fHHhf: f^.^   ilL'-iffcfcSiy/*  8(b"St:rJ..  'NELSON  lir.uij.-li O.'lid's in I!i-iLis|i Colni'ibi.i.'  VANCOUVER  -,' ���������-'��������� AQO  kjl,      L.      A L LA IS,    <<A^:r.^  ���������Wholesale Boots and i3������i.uw,  13 & 15 Cordova St., YAIT0OUVE5i, 3.0.  Carries the best, line of   niinerWand^p.iiqKj^Gtf'ir's   Hoots  in  the:  1       Province.     W.rite for samnle.-i.  ���������   ,' Hardware   -  At ������,A   'JVi.M'n-.   UH-..L,),  a n  Btdves  nLisiisJj'.jv.tr.-.  a j I-..'- \j.  ' VA30GUVER,. B. 0.  I,   D  i    Ni*. a  ^  i������\ j  \Ai,  r"v  <^  J-X���������--        *'  ���������    1,--;   ''      '<!>,     fi    fi ".. V/ "   VI 4  ���������  ji -l     t    ?!   ,-���������     ..    ;.   ^  J.'.V*.^,/ ..-'iZ2_. -/rfk.....11 ^  .  r^  I-  ft  0  RWOeCvBI  H <  b  b  I  fl  Pi  O  ���������rH  1  .-P  o3  t������  !   4=3  !  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ARROWHEAD, E.G.   ri'-nuracl! re-'i c.i'--  r.h'u'ip.e, .S.'iv, ir.ill.  Cfinncry and Hydr.a-  ulic Mnchiitcry, River  and Harbor Di'fd^c *,  Ditchino-' .Machinery,  Wetter Wheels.  Keep in stock*a fu 1  supply of Rn^incers'  and .Mill Supplies,  Pipe ' and ��������� Ritiin^s,  Brass C:.oods, SLearn  IriLLiiiQ"s. Hlc.  ",Nj1 i^Sr??'-   '  Jj^^^Mi'f-AiiA:;:aSaA*tirzr^yzy/^^^^mb2   i'v.     Mining.,    Milling,  , -=r=.,������a. -.��������� --...--���������^v!>i^5-'rJsir'-.��������� -=-^-/ra''""-'"'������''������������"^"<*���������. ki     . r    ���������     ��������� '   1     iv ��������� '   ���������  ���������^"^^~2'%L^;Tr"55^^t~:iii ^~7^*r^^;'7'''/^*K ^    ] loistino'iand   Pumping  ti.^.ikt.iKtui.uj'ijp.'j O-  A1! classes of machine-  -^ J���������      /%v       ���������ew ���������TT��������� y*���������--1" X���������\ ���������p T"'.'"v"* -r-j-r-u        ��������������� 5     /"TN       Cable  P.O. Drawer, 754   ^/^A-HS!   OO    U       V   Jdj-JLlt,  Jt3-0-       *^-  ieries,    Ore     Crushers,  Ore; Concentrators, Ore  j    b'ecders, Air  Compres-  ^    sors.        ��������� .     '    ,  ;(      -Reeves' Wood   Split  )r   Pulleys.  Correspondence  solicited. Rstimates furnish  ed.   ' '     . . ,  Cable Address: "Cove"  ll.C. codu u*-t'ii.  I'v/IV.    -  SHIP   F-REGUENTLV   IM ��������� GET-'VOUR '1  i ��������� Kor.os :ii*-.cl Tag's Furnlslicd.Frcc.  LAkDciAu Pu-iU   l[\UUi   i .Af'.i.:  DAILY STACKS LINE: Thoinsq?i!s Landing to Iron  ��������� Lake Oitj ancl ^'evguzon  ,">t.l^l'    lc.IV I',.     )   M<'I!) -"'  J^'-l i.''.!-*''!'     ' '-' '"  ''ll     Ij.i II I   I I.  1. FRtEICH"i!NC AiVD TEAMING.  '  ' ! in if!  l'|i-*.'_'l ,1 'v  il i in.H -' -   .",'���������   r;iii< .' ' 'ir _   ''' '.        (   '���������  |i il I i! i   I.  ..1   ii.'  ,,1'U   III   I, vi   lr 'H  .11    I   1 '    '>'    i  0FAI3 & II1LT..I'5A'DT.  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