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Kootenay Mail Aug 22, 1896

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.��� (. ��/���-
'  ���
Vol. 3.���No. 18.
$2.00 a Year,
mn-n -ivttiwt'   r-,^7'r<Trrr,'i\/r putt ! coiisolidalc.l    into    tin*   Oo'i-ulidatcd
THE NEXT EXCITEMENT s.u�����. <>,���.,* Mi.,h,g c P,���v. it \
Big Finds In Ground 'Hog Basin���New
Strikes on Keystone   Mountain ,--
��� Outsiders   Getting'    Interested
Trout Lake   Activity --Lardeau in
it too���The Record���'. '   <���'
UK",    MUX 11. ' '
Rcvcl-Uikc was tIn*', scene of a   -cn-
saijdii tin- week when I lie result of I he
assays made on -nine -������uuples limn tin*
(���round Hog Ba-iu were nride  known.
Twoi.-amplcs nut. of four went $112.'Hid
$110   iu  gold  and   lli<*   owner   of   the
properties,   .1.   \V.   Ha-kins,   and   tin*
.' 1 <��� \v11 generally, i- highly   cl.iled.    The
die   In id y   fn ill   which   lhc-e   -ample-
.   C!iiii[>   ]���<*  immense..-. aiid    a     .Volldei till
future li'n* Big Uoiul (juarl/. i- in   sight
Tlicie i- mi   i'i'.i-on   why  (here .should
not l)c an excileinrnl iu the Bend   thai
will 'outdo  any .of   the' already  gie.it
excitement-nf   Kootenay.    There  are
'��� lew camp-, in Kootenay that  ran   look
al the Bend for ridine��� of ore, and    in
<.   no part of it, are the  lead-. so  di-tinct
',   and .-.() true: A uuuihei* of townspeople
aie getting iu on the ground floor and
several   knowing   out-ider-   aie    al-o
making Uaatiou.-. ���
Ou- Lund i-down from (inninil Hog
Ji.i-.ili When* he hu- llei-ji doing   n:-,-e-s-
m.'lit- work oii��the Ole Hull and C.O.I) .
.    belonging to himself ; Hig liend   Belle,
.1.   I).   Graham:    Ooldeii    Hill," (!.   li.
,, Hume; and O.K.. G. Liodm.irk.
The Ole Hull lead i-���lloW fi'iif feet
\v..li-and lhe flee gold may lie -ceil
in I he rock in I he cut with lhe naked.
eve. (iu- ha-a JO foot-li.il'i down on
tnis claim an 1 w ill woi k it. ail winter
going dow n to 7.") net. It is-a magnificent properi v. <>
- ' The CO.I), lead, which lie- on the
West of !!���(��� Ole Hull, i- .l&xiiu IS inches
, v. id<- and an npi'.. i-ui i'J e-el. deep has
heel) put, ill heie .-how,.eg (lie gold
wiliiout a gla-s. There arc"! lead- am
tin- CO. ID. cl.iui).
The Big Bend Helle, owned hy .1. I)
> ,CJlM ll.t til, i- the liorlnerly I'Mten Miiif* ol
. the Oh* Hull, and lhe (iolden Hill, belonging lo C.'.J. Hume, lie- to the
sotiSii'oii the s*aiiic lead. Both claim-
an* looking u,i well .\\i,l willi mine
V.'oi-k  will heroine \rllu,Hue.
Ihe inlenlioii of Ihe company to mid
two .-hil'ls ot four men each, for lhe
pie-enl, lo open up their pnipeily.
They will put iu a winter camp and
, li ail- and have every t lung in .��� hapc for
-hipping I his winier. Sofat, theie is
a ero���('ill ou the ledge al a depth of
(it) fe'et "-hewing an ore body '2"> feel
wide. They now propo-c lo run 15') lo
200 feet on tin* \cin. -inking a wiir/c
l.">0 feel, and then cro���(ill. This i,-
gr.it ifying new,- io the people of this
di-tricl. ' "
M.u-.   l-'.!li
The lioyd Cicek trail i- now liui.-iied
lo wil hin .'���)  mile-,  ol'lhe   head   of   lhe
creek, tlie appi oprial ion of   .S70'l liein'g
u-ed up.    The trail i- well huilt..
J.A. Alagee,   -upei inleiident,  of   I he
Kootenay Liiuiher Co., ha- had io men
at, woi k (leai ing. and   lias  goi   iu   lhe
pile driv er lo  drive  piles   lor  the   mill
and Hum a wh.-ii I.    lie will   lie -awing
lumber next month, and will  take  oui
a quality of   timber unequalled   i.i   Ihi
pro\ iiice.
J. D. ttihh.-iid   hioughl   in   (hi-   week
fiom his claim,' I lie Gleng.u l y.'-onie ol
the   h.uid-onie-t  specimen-   ever   -een
in I he -hape of galena.    TheOleng.u ry
is a triK*  ti ���lire   with   a  ledge   1"��  feet
\vide, lliyeof which i-ilean   -hipping
ore a--aying atioui   jlOO  eunee-   lo   tile
l(>n.    The (onc.'nt.i'.itnig ore<i-  a'-o  ol
.a'g.iod   giade.     A��� e ���nieiil    woik   i.s
now being done on I hi- pro, ei ty.
Of West Kootenay for the Fiscal Yeni
Endins- June 1S96.
I. red li, lake ,,   number..!   genl lemen j p . p T | A M FMT,      nPFNFH
up there and put them on to   a   " good '| x  n. A LlAiYi Lit 1        \J 1 i-.il L.LI.
,   Tile con <*cl retiun-of  oi e, -liipmenls
I'm  tie* fi-eal   \e.ii*   ending   .1 line .I'll h.
LS'iii,  a-   ceilllied   hy   lhe  ill-loin-   ail-    ,,,,        , 	
llioril u*s al KcM-1-loke and Xel-on, are ! 'M ,|e u tliup at a deplh of 'l'\ feel
a- fu]low- :
(.01.H.                  ,sIl,VKl:.
(ji \ts I Lit    , 1     ^	
irappsnii^s   Amongst   the   Treasure   illin-;'   H" ">va-to m.-et ihem.ai H.-v--j
,,    ',        ���   ���     ., '.,      . < l-loke in a moiilii,  hul   o|   i-oni-e   did
Van t*-oi South Kootenay. >    ,  . ,,       . , ,,    ,   '
J \ not    turn    up.    His   victim-   -old   oui
. tlieii  hu-iiii ���e-and g r.'i' up   positions
'I'liAIl. rincicx. |   ^^   M{   (.()(.   ]{ iw.is,���|vlli   w|ieie   they
A -olid -...^1 ol ��'le. veivlike that    of j ,|,scnven'd I li.H lln-y ll.id heen  Inekeij.
ie War K.nile, ha- heen -I .-in k at   lhe \ Seveial ol Ihcin ai-e now iu   llos-|,nid."
i     The ,iho-, e ii.ii atri -mil from t he   Vau-
. '' ' rt
Oleili'liie   W'.illingfoi il   goes    11   per ' ( o:i\ er  H'orf./, I eail- \ el V inui h like
I.MUMi.    <iV.N< I -.    ���iM.ll".     (l''N(-l.o    VMIT
fcjii. i 'ij       n.'iu  ���?il'1,!i,;i     '''.'i.-i:; iriii.-* i | ii
'���   ,     i.'.Jsii     :'.'i.(ii:i     ,iv;h*.i     ���.'(!��.'.'.*>
H- pi. l fii
,1) c;
"M.u.   1,'li,
.'>,7I!1 1IH.I-.) I��1*.i.."i
COI'PKK.                    l.KAI).
���iiiN-. \ vi ( r. in..-. v.\i.i i
JUL S "-; lH.llll          I.-.'. 1.1 SM.I-'..
���s.\~.:i 'ii.TTi *.'l.'o.n in ..in
.   j-.'.'j :ri.i7i'' :;.i'i-.7 in.i.n
.'.l-M ."i!l.-H' L.M77.1 ' 71,Ci*.i*1
Tllt.ll L      .
. ? ",i,v.r>'
:<: i (i-ui
.   y^:> \t>,\ii;'
Iteighly iv" Pi i-hy are down again
from the Wild 'Juo-e gi oll[). They aie
doing their assessment work1 on the
Wild (loose and are now down ahoul
ll) feel altogether. Tile on* hody i.s
i.npro". ing wil h depth -in-wiug a line
.sleely galena with'-i.ine i ai hon.ile-
'lliev al-o made another lowiliou ot
��� heavy cuhe g.-il-n.l that look- laiily
. good. Then* .tie six loialiolison then
main lead w ith -t long liimelal on lll.-ee
ot llieiu. They inleiid lo prove lie*
AVilil (>m -e piopei i y to the \eiy lie-l
of I heir mean-and aie coulident, they
will make it.-i vain.lIiIc tiling.
Tiroij'i' I.AICK.
The re.-illl of the v i-il,' of -t he Silver
Cup people i- that, another tunnel i- to
tie-tailed at once. .Monioe, the f( r -
man i-.novv (in the gioimd to duect
Freight hauling i- now repoilid
heavy over the Thonison-T' out La, e
A l.irne nuiuher of stia.ig. rs, even a-
inaiiy a- 10 or 15, are coming in 'eveiy
Tlii- Bad-hot has a ie.iui of lior-e-
drawing lunilier, -upplie-, and oie
.-ack-. getting all in leadine-s tor making -hipment-.
Knowle- A' Fergii-ou have now two
feet ot good cleat-, ole ill sight, on 1 heir
new linil, to which lour exten-iou-
havc heen slaked.
The Home Payne out lit are pulling
up ( cahiii-on the claims I hev re< eull v
lioi'ded. Ahiiiit. 12oi la iiien w ill pioh-
ahly he working Ihi.- week.
Yawkey, of the Slocan iniicent'.itoi,
war. much iuipii���sed with pm-pecls ot
t.he Black J'rince claim and may open
it up this fall. He i- having the a.s-
k sessnienl done on lh<* Free Coinage,
.Silvei-'Hollar. and Alice .Murphy. He
speak- highly oi Trout Lake camp and
.-ayv il, will mi.iu diaw n large amouiil
of piihlie attention.
The 0 mile hiJl on the South Fork'
trail ii- heing fixed up and made a good
joh nt. Tin* sleep hill oil lhe Tlolil
Lake ivago.'i ro.ul i- als<. heing giaded
The camp i- full of ''go' and men I hi-
h<';|soii. The good filld-ai e so I��� [1111>��� I ou-
Mial evei-yold local ion iu lhe lamp i-
lieiug recovered.
The   two   couip.iiue-    I hi     Kootenay
(Soli I, Silvr and Coppei. and I he K oi ilea.iv   C in-olid.lied     which   ...ive   heen
opecitilig on   Salile   Cicek,   have   now*
]������"!!'Ill THIS .Ml.VINO liKIJ.'HtlJS.
Aug. 17���Golden (''uri y,   J.,\V.  Has-
'     kin-. Incited .Inly 2').
i      ' 17-Oiphan    Iiov,   .1.   V,'.   Has-
kins. located Aug. 11.
17 ���Keystone,  .luhii.ttli.in   .Mil-
,     ler, located Julv "^7.     ,
17- Oeui,   J.,A. Smith,   located
.      Ai'K-1.
17--.Jordan,   T.   Hori.e, located
Aug. I.
]!)���Hosehei y, (ins Lund, located Aug. 1.
l')-Cariii(io,OldReliahlc, IJl.K.k
jJ'.-imond, located Aiic (k.aud
li on Kiiigl'  localed   Aug.   10,
.1. ('. .Montgoinei y .nid   M. M.
ti'      i Bouche.      '
("ICh"! II'li.-ATEri OF WORK.
Air_r. II ��� KeveUloLe. I". (iiiini.ui.
l.'s���linnair/.a   KuigP'F.   "\'omig.
Io -Alice, (!ha-. S. Voiuig.
I.".��� Yain ouver. .1. W. Ha-kiii-.
, la   -Oloee-ter, Cha-. A. Lett.
la- -('town Point,0. Wicki'i'den
la- L.-usl'Chauce,M. II. Hoar.
]7_Wi|(| Goose, .1. Heighley.
17-- Chase       . '"
1S--0.K., C. L ndu.aik. I
IS���Ole l'i,ill, liu.- Ln.id. J
cent  coppd', J;:.") iu gold.   Did '10   ounces i  " lake," a-   ih,i   '*_;eii| leniell" 'w ho   sold
in -ilver.    Tliei <��� aie 1 wo �� lear   fci I   i f i out  liu-iuesses  ,iud   gave   up   po-tlion-
i     ' I for .'I  '*good'l l-iillg"'  el    lfl'2',   have   lieeli
...      ,  ,   ���    ,,      .,.,.,,     On,   the   Heather   Belle.   -Ifialid   10 ! -een',,1 oun 1   Hevelsioke   (hi-  su er.
 ���"-'      '"-Ml    1-"U"'"     '.'Jit;    miles ������,.h ol l!M-l,wid..-.   I.,,,,,.   |,(,dy''"'d if thev had il i-haidly likely  Ihey
ot ore  ..ssavim.   iriWi.CO  in   (.ml   and   a ��� .could catch on al lhal moderale hgure.
lillie copper has heen Munk.      "        '.   , Tlie  paper puhli-l.ing , this   I.all-owing
.,.,    '    ,.  ,, .      ,,       ..   ' ,,   ' l.ile i- proli.ihlv   the  onlv  "victim"   iu
Tin* Siher Uelle gioilp in   Ihc   South i ,'
.... ,i i i   .���       l'.io    I tue all.or.
Belt was recnlly, pui'-hased   ,or  ."rilO,- (
(l')O.     They ll.)\ea  1*2   loot   le life   goiiii-j ���>     * *"~~<
fiom $.s."i t'o .^12 per ion.        '        ' The Canyon Wants a Post Office. '
J'"l"���   lll-;l1    " "<,--',<-   I'I'""4-   ���������'*�������� j      The new goverunienl  will   -oon have
,""'!l,,l<i* ' l'"1 ,ll��"  >"'"nma ider .n����l | ������ ������,������., lllllly in ,1,,.   llMn  w.rviei.   ol
Lily May piop"ilu-. I ij.( :'. lu siU'\v n-good'inl^nl ions lo I he
As-ay-fio.ii ihe'tluee   fool   oy lead I |lt.(iple   oh this   province.'-*'  One   place
(ill the 5). ill hie HlMlid.-ild give .-.l.'i lo .S20 j u j,,.,,. (|���. neci'ssil->  of an of lice is li ul-
in gold a<i.l o,)e lo ,'iv e per cent coppei. i Iv fell i-.il Allien Canyon on Ihe main
hue ol IheO P.U., not tar f:om Illecille-
w.iel. Thi- v\ ill proliahly he a pl.ueof
iinpin f, nice if il lii'i'iiim* the outlet and
trade supply point, lor liu* propei I ies
now loiatedaiid v\ oi ked on I he north
fork of lhe Illecillewaet. There arc a
liuinhe1! (if miiieis and prospector- al
work here and it is a ha i dship on these
men lo he di-fuived ot a sei vice when
legulai mail I lams.pa--the place t w ice
daily. At p're-ent Ihe mail husiness
i.n iirfioin Alhert Oauyon is all done,
a I, illei 11 lew, i "I, w hi( h isl! miles distant.
\\Ti"ii Ihe new Po-I iii.rster-General
get-down In hit-mess and looks into
lhe mail facilities ot B.C.., the ahsence
of an office at Alhert. Canyon should
tie i e'ltiedied.
An Old Tinier'Talks.
C. F. .Montgoniery.-w'io repre-ent- a
Ileav v companv of San Frami-co eapi-
Eleven   men   aie   now   employed   on
(lie Ciii-rie.
tali-t s ,'tnd who ici iirned lrom   a   pio--j     Oieh.is   heen   -truck   aicain    on   'the
peeling trip in l,!ie B'g Bend, Tue-dav
is one of I hose iut"resl ing people, now
met -o seldom, kuo.v.i .is pioneers
or "re.'il old lini'!���-.*' He iif-t -i/iiti^.l
hi- milling e\pei ieiice.- at Alder'Oulcli
in '<)2. tlieii al .Salmon I'iver in 'til.
which whs .mji.of the earliestgold finds
in H. G. Ile 110*1 liavelled lo While-
sione at Ihe uioiith of On.ui.igan in 't>a,
then lo Ketile itiver and Hack Cieek
get.t i:Tg Ii.ii k lo Oolv ille, t he pro-peel or-
ineeca of t!io-e day-, l'i the fall of (iial
year, in the -pi ing oi '(i(i. he made th"
fii-t 11 ip on Hie Fori ynine into the'Big
Bend and lollowed her ,Jfoi t line- I'm
four tup-, lie then pio-pct led all
through tin* ljiif'-"He'id and Canoe,
.liver till, the fall of 07,' when the
excitement a( Perry (ireek die.v'him
ihitiier. Fioln Pel rv Cicek, he went
to Cedar 0r"ek, .M. ml. ilia, (lien lo
White Pine. Ari/.on.i, in -pi jug of '70,
hack to Walla-Walla in '71. a*.si on to
tile Peace IIIv el exc.leinel'.l 1,1 O.nhiec.i.
I i O.oi ict.i h'-tai.l 7 year-, workihg.
at SI.ile Cicek a,id olhei iiu .i.iisss.
' Hei- faiui i.n Willi i'\i-.-y foot. 'or
ground in the Bi^ Tiend, a ml, as hill.i\ el- iii.iii.il e, i- al-o pi ell v f.imiliar
wil 11 !uo-t ol B. 0. He li.i. lately heen
ii't,i liu���land 'and, .-ay- this uppei
(ouutry iu iheli"iul will heal aayl aing
in -ighl w neii o,ieiicd u|). la I In* early
d iv- il wa.-.ille.i l eni.oked Ov oilier-
a.-well a-hinisi'ii lhai no v\he:'e wisie
tin" e such ledge- .is m lhe Ueiid. hut
at. I hat t une rpi.-u V/. v. a- nob-looked foi
Kntei-pi i-c and lhe' ledge   is   widening
and improving.
A recent incorpoiation lo woi k the
Phoenix claim on lhe Xoilh Folk of
Cii'pent.'i Cieekis the Phoenix Con-
solhlited   Co.   with    }f.7.")().()(U _. capital
A rich si i ike lias heen made on the
Oregon Oily, Ten .Mile Creek. Tlu-v
'hav" i ledge of four feet with two and
a half feet of mineral. >
A lour foot vein i unning .S'2"> iu gold
and 127 ounce- in silver luis heen
located ,it Aiusvvui th.
il i-stated ih it there will he no less
than ol) shipping mines in 'the Slocan
t ills season. J
Basis of Settlement of the School Ques-
tion saiii to be Agreed Upon--
Minisuer Patei'son Having a Hard
Fi^lit Tor a Seat in North Grey -
Ontario's Secretary Dead.
J. A'. C. Has Been Here.    , ���
'iuc  J*]istcrn   papeis   that   have   so
lung heen asleep and   in   ignoi ance   ot"
lhe i ich(*s   of   B. (J.,   Imt   whoso   eves
(*i:.\"i:i! \\..      , j Si.tve been opened by '(! page adverlise-
\Voikisin   Tail   h'asl   on'  the   Red j nieiits   of   ils   i ing   ti.nipanies,   are
,Mouhl,a,,i t-.iili <>..(!.   whii-li.   it,  is  s, d,    n >w \��o\ ing their   1'iesli   kindled   zeal
will n'n.-li Holland Odohi r I-t. I'"1  "l"  w elt-u e In  sending out   cones-
'   Tlie new fm-,,,ues()| Lli't-Ti.n! smelter! l'.��""'iils    t*��    �������>'��'���    "���>    ��|��-    }1^   is
areuow in -'la'c' '       !u,!l!l1   "mi    !'lllllll"M    S ll'1    u,|"��   ^ns
'     ,   , .                -           ' liim elt'-l. A. 0. (K-ASS being  uikIui-
A -Mr. < .\1'-Ai l.niu, ol   1 (W- and,   has.   ,      n              .  ,,       .  ,   .,   ,     ,',,   r u..:i
t-             > ,                | slood) sa.s or Kevelstuke iu the 'J/aU-
��� I. ll'te.l   .1    peiiliou    to    toe    Do umio'l !;,.���' r    *'
1 ' kiu;nre:   - ,
���'We arrived at   llev elstolce   in   the
tion    ot    l lie    Cni.v'.s    Ji '-I      IM-ft j    p.
1 out.
Gov erii.iienl    pia;. i.ig   for    'liu-     io
slnution   of   the   O'o.v'.s   N-t     1'.'- j.lf(0ln(1||]1^   ;U1(|    ;l     ,1I|lt(11.   a|uJ   ���������,.'
| diisly plan* it would be   li.nd    lo   lind.
The    .Nelson     smeller     ha��    closed ;  IPjvelstoke is a point oii'll.e line of t he
(outr.K Is wilh ihe Ni: ke! Plate. Crown    Canadian     Pacini:    that   h.is1 achieved
<;   l��]xl,eii-'ion-   of   lime.-St.   Lam ence. j The main n.iYera! belt i an hi  lollowed
SI. Loui-a'nd Coluuiliia.     ��_ I he   declne-,,   up   t .ie    Ben.l    ngiil    lo
L!'*\si>;''('i"AN'i'l'"r*. I Alaska a.i.l is miK Ii greater and   ]>i i��Ij-
Sinilh Cicek -Bin I   Lam*  and  0.  C. I at.lv i u n.-i i-imbu'ial than   lhe  lowei
(iilli  pie. one-hall mde   (I eek di^glliu- J i Ouiil i \ I.meed    it    was   almo-I.    , a
C.-.uip Cieek- -! I.    S.    Howard,     on"- ) pi ov ei a . y. nil    old   liinei-   (hat.   "Ill
hall mile i cek diggings.
Camp   Creel. - T'fai;k       Ilvat!
(piarter mile ( i eek diggiiu.
Point and"C. i*c K. mm"- oi Ilo���land
a !, l��� i"K-ll lovvei lig ires th I I ev el ipu.'.ed
for Trail < 'i eek ores.
O '"'
l'^rank A nder-o'i is suing C .M:ii]i!iv
for an eighth inlcre-t in the T.'o
1-" lend-.
The S indo i < vvatei woi ks aie now
voinnletf at -i co-t of .yS.O'l I.     11,   Is   (1
(Sold Klieaiu���Kayinmid     Alien,     fall
aci e- tieni h. (
TllOLT  1 akj-:
Aug. 12 -Ogant/.. Ole Arvog.
i:i-SiKerHi;lloiii.N .McF.:dd<Mi
'i:<- Sihei Beef, Phil Al Donald
��� ]:l--lron Ala-k, lleiuy G.lrllth
]::--Hed Hack, .1 (<. Kirk'p,.ti k k
]:i--S.lvel* P.eW'.il'd, 0 !) Iliui
i   j hi. the!  ho.-lii  vou   went   Ine   i icher   it
i.'u- I 1-." *���
lie had ,,ften wanted to gel hack to
111.1 Dend to luck up life gieal leads of
mi,!! !'/. I hat he had seen llieie iu 0a-07.
hut not I'll tin- \e.n- had the oppoi-
liiuil v pi e-enled ilsell. The (oiupany
he w a.- in w il h had asked him to look
around in' the Bend. <ini\ as a i e-ult li *
ha.l!o(.,| d, lour claims on Keystone
Alou.'lain neat theciecsot that name
and Fi*. e M*le Ciee.c".    T ie leads    weie
noloi lely c'niellv o'v.ingto t'uo l isc of
li.issl.mil, as ir is tho place wlieic
giioils are'ti .nishipped t'l.ini tin; main
line; ilow u lhe Columbia nver to Tiail
<.ud Ko.ite.i.Lv v. it li ils liu nd i ei I iniii ing
camps. it. is a small ' typical mining
town, t'ie iiuii-e- biiiil ol pine boaid's,
an.I thei" is an an   of   new uess ,.ibo.il
The fiisi, se���imi of thecighrh jwilia-
nieiil    of    C.ni.ida     ojieiied   Thursday
alternoou wil h  lhe   usual   eel "monies.
Tlie Speech from thcThroueafter.-l.it- ,
ing I he icasiin loi-c.-dling  Ihe House h��
he I he iici e���Hy of  making1  piovisiuii*.
tor I he   public  se/'vice, goes  on   lo say
that. Ihe'iipel-aliou of _ the  tariff will hf   '
made   lhe   subject  of caieful   inquiry,'
aiid I hat immediate steps will hv taken
lo   ell'el I a    .settlement   of   the   school    ,
Sil (!h.is. Tiijipcr asked that, life de-
hale on tlie address he deleired until
niouday, lo ' w hicli Prem'ier Laurier
.1. I). Kdgar  was" clecled   Speaker of'
of 1 lie Commons without opposition, ou
II. is said in well-inf'oi mod circles that '
a tiasis   of    .settlement' of   the   school
(picstion has aheady been agreed upon.
The.Conservatives ai<; putting up a
gie.it. fight against Hon. ill'. Patterson in North Giey. The poll will \^.
taken on the 25th. Hon. Mr. Blair
in Queen and Sunbiuy will'be an easy
W.  0. Balfour, the, newly appointed
Provincial Secri'tar.) of Ontario, (lied iu ,'
the'Tai liaiiicut buildings'at   G "o'clock
Wednesday. ��� ,
Lord Chief Justice; Russell is expected ti* v isit Toronto.
Ci.iud.uir and Stanhurv are m.-itchuiJ
to    low     for     the    world .s    sculling
���ft '*
clianipionsliip at. London, England, on
Septeinher nth.
At bill  'is   lo   I if   submitted   to   the
(���eiinin    icichslag   dcm.Hiding    fiofu '
JOO.000.OUO to 100,000.000 marks" for
i ' '
naval pitrposes.
A 0(11111.111 dispatch savs that Chan-
ccllor I tohenlolie h.'i-s re.signed^lnit that
the f��m[)i!ior is tnging him to reniaiu
till iil'iei the C/ar's visit. ���
V ooi oie(e .1 i ^i   rusi   it,   ,-s-i,ir i i.       , t,    is lie-                  . .                    .
...,,..,                                   , ,,     lie place lh..t  is depiessui"               a
intent io.i o-  i Me i o up.lev   to   also pui         ,/.,                  ,         ',,,       .?               ,
,,������,,          , wliat a    jo.\i>'      ii mil    a   r\ei da nl
i.i .-iu elei trie hum s\-|e'ii.                                                        ,      , ���              ������   i          -,
Corralled In Ten D,i,ys.
1 I��� lion AJo'.uitai'
'!' ii ilon.c ' i'nuie.i'si' i.i  -.������' and
( oiild   he   I can
- II    Black Cloud. M .Maine-on
11- Ti ump, I! B llorne
11- Silver Tip, G \1 Nagle
11--Sunshine, W li Ross
I I -Bulle. Tho- F lloil.e .
17- Coon. Fi.-ink Tieanor
IS -ih.van. Loui- 11 Legg
IS -Sew,ill.  lO.-irle I! .Jeiiiier
j thre.' lllil(J-. ,'I'hd of I ile piopeii,jewel e galena, one w a- a gold 'pla I \V. a nd
one an asli.'-ios nl ,l gioat .vidih. i:i-
.saui[)les   lullv' liore  .u.t  la-   lemar^-,
,u\i\, iie added, i'i   I h.-v wei e a. cepl.'.'ole
i '
I to his people an "Xpei I   would   be   licic
Jon    Sc|.tomlii'i   i-1    Io   e\ ine't'ueui.
! and pru!..ibl\  work v.ould follow if not
i Loo laic.
IS -Alaid of JCt in,  Al H.iye-'       .
13- Banker, Selkirk., las Dixon |     U^  l'��'*'l'l��'.  -"<'   -M>-   .Voiilgomerv,
we e no: afraid Lo gel m and put lio.it-
on t he riv er io get  out'liie   me   it   I ue
anil .V McCillivia
I.S    ! iiu o.i, Frank Trea.ioi
.)  \Y Livingston'* i pn-pu lie-tin u out   lavoiable.
V.i'-l-J^.-.M i:\ts.
Speaking      about        11 a ii-p.a la I ion,
,.   ...'"'Y'^'V!''^ 1>",1 ,,   ,,       , , i Aloiilgomcrv s.iul   Hi,it the   Foilvnine
Aug. IH-  Jiauiiockliiu ii,   P Ah Donald | *    .       '_ ,    ,      .'  ...   . ,, ,
.,.,,, wa-a'.'u or in  loot   boat,   (j >   h.p.,   and
IS    .Jennie Liui , Oie A i vug.        I    , ii    i .i 	
�� ' that -ue was j idled up tin* rapid-  liy   a
hand cap-1.in.    The i.a'. iga! ion ot    the
IK -Suu-hilie,
IS-  Black Fagle,  0. .I.uoh-ou.
1 > -I   liol.-e,   Cha-..  Oi-oli.
Tran-lei --Aug IS^-Thi,-. Tayhu lo
II. .1. and A. Ai. Slewai 1. full nileie-l
in Tu-cau.
Columbia is an e.i-y enough in.liter,
said he, by pull log on two by hi
dlaiight boil- with -ulliileiil power,
one below and one above lhe Lipid-.
jTheiivei is noL a very bad one lo
tlivigate, ,nid ii .-ouie impi ov emeiit-
""   " I wi re iiiade in t he c'li.iuui 1 <oid   a   poit-
Orc Shipments via RevuUtoke.        Il4l. M..���i ��,ver ihe  rapids  ih.*  wi,..!e
I'or week ending Aug. It.
Slocan Star. l'-Oten-, value yl \,'T>1.:>0,
-hipped lo Omaha.
Idalio.  ID tons,   value   Su')-'l2,   s-llipjied J
to Oiiiaho. i
l"""i��i- week ending Aug. -S. j
Slocan Star, 12(1  loll-,    value   y'J. I7:i, I
.shipped lo Omaha. ;
Idaho, 2(1 ton-,  value  y27il.>.   -hipped |
to Oiuaii.i.
c iiiuliy, (iveu   up   Canoe   liivei    wincli
w.i- n.-iv igable lor o\ei* .VJ  mil.-,   < oulc
! he opened up.
The    f'n-t     killing    ���t,     Hulls     |.o-v
-lallglltei      hoil-e,      uhlcll      is    -11 ll.i t e-. 1
.ibniii   ',   mile   out   o.i   the   Big    ','>' i"\
i o.ul. look jil;...c Tuesdav.
IJiini a   i'.is  ,t    t!i..t    s-iiin thing    '���'���ill
-ii.ii  be (iuiic aboal    p.lliug   nuals    on
' lhe Columbia   into    t,.e    Ben.I      '1 b''i('
I  l-.l   | Ml I \   111  '.ov.n  Sl/.ilig   Up    I lie    -!'���"-
| alioo.
New  York.  Aug   20 '       .l.o !. Sands i, alvi ,i_\ - pn p, '< d to do
Bar silver             .           . ')I'*L.          H*..uil'ig am    h.iuhnj    .,1    all    kinds    al
Cojipcr (Biol ei- pi ,-ej .-iU.I"l i-holicsl   iioIkc      . ,. ,   ...j,     S"i.i
Lend               '*            " .. "���   2.1*11. j wiolei   vvoid.                                              ''
Ale-si's. Moore ,\\\.\ O'Biien, wilh
w hum w e: e pl.u e'd .> !,���') Id -h u e- ol t he
Noble Fiv e C.iiisobdalL'd sto^k. ilo-ed
lli.-ii-   book-   lasl  Tue-dav.   the   whole     ���'���"-   l!l��   Joke   of , I ue    thing    is    lie
.joking voiith iliis must havti ~bcen,
and who was il look advantage ut'< his
verdaiic,   lo give liim this sloiv '(
'J'hoiigli Kevcl-tokv lsdtistv. enough
at time, it isn't in i' with ot her places
in  B.C. or foi  that in it (er in  (hil.uio
block, with    the  .evi ept kid    of   a    t(*.\\
shti'cs,   buying   I een   lakeu   hv   ICa-lo
people ill esail!'.  ii. ���  da\t>.    All   weiil
in -mall    lots,   20'))  -hale-   hci'ig   the,
, ,  , , ii.,' , i-       sini  nni-l have wo.n   in.1 #-;/���'-   to   a; -
laige-.l  hliK i. sold, vel  miiiv  \vel*e0di-- . '
,'   .   .    ,        ,.   ,   '     .. ,       ,    ���.,,���,! pen*   i hsl :i.gii's led,    l).n> v\ ,iich  .must
appointed.       Oldei-    lol     ..hoill    ltl.tjlli) i ��� 7 ,
depi ess.ng    air oi newness annul    tin
place   "ill it.    has    achieved    noloi iel.v
thiellv  owing lo (he use oh   llossl.lllil."
'iiie'*,  this using young  join n.lli-tic
a.i'i'si une in ai'i"r ihe -uti-ci'ptioii
books li,id been i lo-ed. The lig.ue on
lhe local holdings has ah eady g me up.
Foi ty ( eiils vv a- I el u-ed on a tboil-and
-hai e . I h" ol her day .ind man v dei I.n e
Ihevwill not -ell below p.n. .-(> gieat
l- the ( on fide iu e in I he pi o pert v. Not
a -haic i- left ol lhe '��)'),<),)) liea-urv
slock Hid 1 he holdings of Ihe incoi-
porator, caniiol he snl.l lor om* y'.'ii.
1,11 liCilll .o /(.
A Follower ol' Dean Swift.
The w ill y old I) mii of Dublin knew
more, anil (old il, of lie Ail, of Con-
ver-alion lh.ui un.-l people. M i ������.
\\'o| I hit: g I ou i- In- modern a po-t !c an. I
-eek- lo ill'pli ,- Upon ! lie people i I
I I.i- geiiei a 1 ion I In' need ol cull I val I.ig
I hi- ni.i-l agl ee ibl" ol a 11 arl-. i.n al i
it im. All's. Win I hlngl. n w ill' lectin e
ou '-The Ail ol Co iv ei sal ion," a'
Bourne's Hall ou Taur-day m**il, aiul
ev ei yone inlei e-led l i'I hi- mo ' "il"i
1, lining aud in-11 ucl ive -ubj d shou'd
alleiul Th" lectin o is -'.u-l c.led \,y
aue. doles and ( hai a.'ti'i' -kel he- aid
i .' full o! palho- and l.rinor vivid y
de-(iibcd bv a cuhiued elocul i.mi a
Bourne's Hall.'I hiii'-dav. Augiiil 27.
lave injill e.l lllisigiil s i c ll lonsl\ h
lie v.evved llun'^s. A- lor his con-
(kisii ns iIk:;. aie 1.1 f.u fiom being
(oi ieel thai H i- "' dep essing ' to have
la unit i.ullct  theiii.
ivevelsloke. voting All. Sill, was a
low n oi soilie uiipoi l.uii c bei'iie theie
v..is such a jilau'.is li'isshui I, and n
a.'li'.eve.l ii'iloi'ietv liom Ils capital and
colli i.! I position Im ii.ui.liing lhe ti ulc
uf this gieao di-tiiet. it is not, de
pi e-smgly neu, but has ste idily it
slow ly glow n for  neiilv    S   ve.us       ll
- sail.hi uh'.I b\ mineral ileld- in-h iu
gild (jii.it t /C and giavel, silver, coppei,
Ie .d and .islicios, an I is on the i ho'sli
old of   .i mining ("kcitcment,   that   vvill
Metal Quotations.
Local and Personal Briefs.
M r. Smith is,about to build a tvvn
storey 'tesidenee next to W. J. Lee's.
.The lumber is ou't he gioiind.
Oil.u he Wilson was down with the.
general complaint of the .season but i.s
get I ing ai oi'.nd again.
'Sei i ices at usual hoius, morning and
evening, in the Alotlfodist diuri.li turn illovv.     ltev. ,1. A. Wood, pastor.
A smrdl fiieou Wednesday evening
occasioning sonic e\citement was e\-
linguislied iu a few  minutes.
.Mi: Cassoll u as iu town .Monday ou
his \\.i) back to .Vla-ka. His bond on
t'ie Ti lie  Fissure is (il)'.
A gi.od cigaristlieide.il of asinokeis
en ]o\ ment, buy a Kamloops one and
vou w ill smoke no other.
I''red Whitnev late steward of the
Na'ctisn, is now engaged bv the. Omaha
(ira i 1 Siuciier ana is looking into
piojieriies fm llieui.
Tlie funeral of little Oertie Donnelly,
winch ocein red on Wednesday evening, Mas hugely aUeiideii by friends of
I he sot low ing p iretils.
Olive Phillips-Woollev, Provincial
(iiivi'i iiiiieul lie.ilth Inspector, was iu
town Aloud,iv looking into .sanii.uy
mallei s.
If.Mm waul a cool, sweet and lasting smoke trv a 10 cent |i ickage of
TON K A .Smokiieg Alixtuie. Be sine
Vol! get genuine. o
make v our 'c i pa bio, iiilellig"iice slaggei.
It  is not  billll altogeliier.il  p:ue boards -Ml'-    Ooepel,    g. iv eriunc.it     auditor,
,,|    ihe    pii.nitive    kind    which      vou | �����'�� ����� '"u" A��-terday and   went   over
s.lggesl, bill   has   good    ieslden.es   j,,,,! 1 1 l>e liooks of I his ollice, needless to .say
conifoi lable hol(*ls wheie '*genl lenicn'1
ma*) be hospitably icceived who vviih
lo know soinel lung about lhe place.
Such ci i at ii-   and    ii i ('sponsible   ink
il.urliei > as ibis, vdm ine, to   be    uillv     ;u) j J,,,,;. t ������������������;������  ][ ;l.m.;   evening
,ii. the c\p.'iise ol  liuth   and   a   lnwn-    ,���,,,.,  '.,,    r :��i   .. ,���       Hi-   I...vl-l���'^
ie toliud them all  light.      Ile pmcecd-
ed Lo day to I.lonald and (iolden.
Chinch of l'aigland serv ices:     Morning  piavor.    10..'IU   a.m.;   cmifii in ilioti
it. ine expense,.)  u uih   ami   a low..-         ,.,.,   ;lI    - :j0   p _,���_      His, lordship
cpiil ,ll���n, oiighl   to be uept   at I""""' I ,]u." I;,,!,,,,,   ,,'f   ,|���.    diocese    of    Xew
iv  a leputable   p .pel    like   the -i^"/" | Westuiin-lo"  will    p.each    both   moi ii-
A'"/""'��� j nig and even a ,'.
A  clay plge.ni shoot is lo be   one    .
,'      .J ulc-Pen iu is   painting   the   .Mail,
a    ,      , , . i.i ..
-\  clay    ilge.ni siio'U, is io oe   one    <u . . , ... .,
, .'   I   - . Iiuilding a mosl  ellieieal blue.       LieiV-
ihc al llaell.'iis al   the    Kamloop-,    I<al!, -.    i   -i      a .   i ,e
,,   ,   , ,,,. , ' one   savs   It    looks    liea\ t'uJv.      It    vou
I'.miio (ion.        Ihe     go ier. 1 Illlllei   ' ��� -   .
, ..in, i lit wall!   ail    aUl.sle-    piece    ol    (lee.iraMve
inop'ise   (o    don,Ue   SlUd   it    the   <!llu ,     . ,    , .,        ,    ,
1     '        , , , , mill; (fuiie give .lule- a call as lies   an
i.ilsei   the   same.      It    would    plove   a .
. . . . ;. ., I ai 1 isl.
uravv ing al I i acllou lo v i-iioi s liom   all
over lhe Pi.on,,e. i       A   WO It LlVs   F AI Pi    -At Joe Joe'n
Sonic    vonng  g-ulleiii".       Tue-    parlor.   I'm-gents  u In. want a shaving,
��� lav   nighl   weie vel y e o ne-,1    and    loud  , sli.nii]iouiiig ol   sea fn.u-1,  hot  and    cold
in nihil tiling the (on n  I li.it   ihev     weie    bath, tobacco, cig u - aud cigaiettc-   of
A Smooth SwiiiJlj.
"A priiitei giving I he iiaiiieiil How.,
bill vv li>. is Ihi.light to be aliol ll( .
genius .vho pn���esscs ,i c.'.idv turn ol
lhe pen, and who i- iv "ll-k now n i .
Van. on-, ei, ha- worked il| on the
people of Pol ll.iu.l and ol ll. I iltie- oi
I lie ol hei   ��� ulc l  I   I be ll'.e   lol     el UIH' ot
ovei   !;���'!.(Mi'l     ||e   lepicsonlcii   lhal    In   i   ']o!lv   goud  iclloiv s vi hi. Ii nob ..Iv . oiii.I I all     ki'als,      frui:     or     confeclionerv,
ti.iii    -.'V i i ..I    v.,|ii,io|e    no! Il'g    ' I i.m-
ijr.ll   Jil-Vel-lnl." ,ii.il- foi      ,.J2/   I'.K'll    "i-
dc,,\.'      Il     has   L<-,*li     denied     seveial
I line- since   I'tievi i V.
slatioiiciv and so tm ih ; next   'lour   ti
the Columbia   Jlotei      J. A. MoiHiAX. <tf  PACK :>.'  r',~\  rilK KOOTKXAY MAIL.  a  be Ifcootenav (\hm\  l'um.r.snKii i:\-ic::v s.\ti;imjay  - AT���������  REVELSTOKE'. 3.C.,  ���������KY ���������  ATKINS it -SMI'," T.  i IViii.isiiiiKs anii Pnoi'i.-uu'Oi:-.  Subs3rii>tion   Price,   $2.00    Per    Annum  ,     SCI' .-1'KICI'LV  IN'   AI>V.lVCi*  "tX  ABVEItTISING RATES.  '.'ON"J'!'.\C*T AllVIOIl'I'lSI-::,: KNTS insert r<l al  the r.ile of -l.."i.l per column incli Ji.-I- iiiontli  FurS|nco- of -iv < uliiiiiii niclic- or over $1  IK i  incli i<ci- lll.llll.ll.  TttANSIKNT   AI'Vi:i."riSKMKSTS  Hie.    ]n*r  '  liin-.lir-l in-i.i-li.iii, .V. p.-i- line fiicli  -vil.-"-  ������|in-iil   in-citiim.     Tlie   nuiiibi"-   ol    liiic-  rcclioiir.i liy-|iiicc iicciiiiiud, 12 line- lo  liu*  IIK'il  ItK.MlINC 'NOTH.'KS Idc. jici* line f.ii-li m-  pcrlioi), unless coiiti-.Ktcd for liy liu: nm  liniji..  JOI1 I'ltlNTINO ol lively kind .il mo-l rca-.m  alile r.ilrs and -liortcs! nolice.  ACl'dl.'NTS for joli pi inline or ml verl i-itiK  innnlile i.i* llic In-sl Df every month.  <*Oi:l:K.-"'!,oNI>KN('K nn all iiinilci*- of loc'i!  or public* inlcr. <t invitcil and ciu-ufiilly run-  .sulci-, it. All coniiiiimic-.ilioils to I lie lvlil.il'  it)(i ���������t lie ncCouip.uiii .1 b.\ lhe name of llic  writer, ml nec(u.-,irily Im- publK-al ion, lull  il- .hi eviili'iici' of kikkI failli. .  A'lldrc-  Tuu JKootknay .Mail.  Revelsloke, H.C.  11KVKLST0KK,   A U(JUST 22, IfflHj.  ,       Trri-:'(|U.*irtz dovelopmont of   the Ih'g  Bond i.s ii matter of   almost   jfil.-d   rni-  portancc to the  people   of ,this   town.  '  The riches of   this   great   country���������as  large as   many   a   kingdom���������lying   to  the north,   and   directly ^tributary   to  this place, cannot well be diverted.    It  i.s   rich   iu"gnl(i  ledges    and    ora\els,  .silver, iron, and, other   minerals,   and  .onl}' awaits a cheap and 'ellicient mode  -   of transportation lo   come   rapidly   to  the front us the richest portion of this  'already      rich      district.      Old   " and  practised prospectors,' who' have  years  ;igo trod  every foot   of   this   country,  say   that '" the . truest,    biggest    and  richest leads in the province are to   be  found up   in   the   JJend."    Yet,   little  lias  been 'Ydoiic; to   develop   them   for  -want of transportation.     This .year,   it  is said, has seen more assessments done  ,th*iii,(jw'r before, and eveiything   that  'has been done proves the wealth of the  mineral there.  Right    through    this   'rich    section  flows one (if the greatest livers ih   the  extreme    \Vesl,    making   a   highway  without an eipial, yet   almost   entirely  unused.    This   must _ not , be ;    these  riches must, be developed ; this .natural  highway utilised * this town   built    up.  The gold   quartz   in , this   section   can  liuild up Reudstoko into a cityi much1  'lugger than Rossland. i'or iiot.'only   ft  the quartz richer, tlie ledges as   strong  ���������inr! true,   but   the   shipping   facilities  ��������� are much better and easier.     There, is  a natural route for a   railway   up   the  iiig Bend that would hit a rich mineral  country   for   most   of   the   way;   that  would travel se a great in ea   of   arable  liuid up Canoe River, come out iu licli  s Cariboo, and if necessary  continue,  on  to Alaska. k  If the people'of this province    want  Telegraphic Work In Russia.  The Russian 1's-e���������= gives sonic interest ing particular*, of t he woi k done , by  the Telegi aphic, Department during  lhe Imperial Col onat inn at Alo.-co.v.  After pari iculari.-ing tlio special  preparation made to meet the exceptional pre.s-mrc, which included (he  employment of all the nioi-t skilful  opeiator.- throughout. Ku-sia, and of  over 100 iii-l i nmeiifs (SO Alor-e, +  duplex, 2."S Hughe,-, and .") Whea(.-tone  autouial ii-). the writer goes on to say  that foreign telegram* weie 'transmitted as far a- eilher Reilin or Vienna  without a break, and hv this means  the celerity of the various despatches  (o foreign ' newspapers was ensured.  The total nuinberof vvoids t raiisiuitted  av er.'iged foi a fortnight from .'JSO.OOO  lo -t^l.tKXJ. The entei prise of '.lhe  I'higli-h and Aniericau join Hal- al-  iracted special notice. Telegram.- of  ilvvo or three thousand ' words vyere  ([iiite common, and on the Coronation  day oik" telegram to, the London  Standard contained 10,,"i!)l woids, at a  cost ol over 2,000 roubles. This was  the longest single telegram despatched  during the whole of the festivities.  Europe's Standing Army.- *,  t    The whole of'Europe i.s Utile, better  thai, a standing camp numbering  millions of armed men, while a double  row of frowning and opposing fortresses hri-tles along every frontier.  Our hat hours are .stuffed and the sea  swat ins with ironejad navies, to whose  number I am forced to admit hhigland  lni������ been obliged in self-defence to add  her modest quota, liven in the re-r>  molest. li.-ist* the pa-sion fin* military  expansion has displayed an unexpected  development. In fact, (hanks to (he  telegi.iph.'the globe itself has become  a mere bundle of nerves,' and the  slightest disturbance at. any point of  the system sends a portent ou:- tremor  through its inorbidlyo.seu.sitive surface.  To-day it would suf'lice lor any one of  half-a-dozen august pci.-onagcs to  speak above his breath or unwittingly  to���������rai.si' hi- little fin'ger,naiid, like iu a  heaven overcharged with' electricity,  the exisling, condition of unstable  equilibrium which   sustains  the   Euro-  NIAGARA'S   NEW   BRIDGE.  It Will be One of the Wonders of the  World. '  'i r  The new metal arch-bridge at Niagaiu  Kails will tic noteworthy in two  respects. The new bridge i,< to Inbuilt ov er t he old suspension -(i net m e,  without interruption (o the Ira llic on  the latter. ' The span fi om ced pier to  end pier will be SI0 feet, ni'aking it, the  largest, span in the world. '  '  The suspension bridge ' now in ti-e  which has been familiar to all visitors  to the gi eaLnatura! wonder, for forly  years will ia* kept iu place until the  new arch is ready, as it.'would tie impossible to construct, false works over  the Niagara gorge to sustain a .si curl lire  of this clas.s.  The span, will have a ihe of 1.10 feet  from lhe level uf lhe pier-.-it I he .skew-  backs to the center of I he ribs ;il, |]|e  crane of the arch which point is 170  feet above low water. The^depth of  the tiu.sses is 2(5 feet, and they will be  Cri.l inches apart. 'The biidgi; will  carry one floor, 10 feet, wide, divided  longitudinally into three parts. On  the middle port ion, which is 22 feet !)  inches wide, will lie I wo trolley tracks.  Each side of these tracks vvill he a roadway for carriages S feoL \\ ide and  out-  Q  side of these, raised (J inches* from the  level of the roadway vvill lie footpaths.  Tiie const ruction of this remarkable  span is from plans of L. L. Ruck, engi-  neei ol the new-East, riv ei hi idge between New Yin k and .Brooklyn, and  'the author of Lhe plans diy which, the  railroad .suspension bridge at Niagai.l  wil'. replaced by an arched hi idge.  'The approaching oi* flanking spans  vvill be 1!KJ feet long on the American  side and 21i) leel ou the Canadian side'.  Thetotaluiet.il ou the new strut due  will be ahiiut, 1,00'',000,000 pounds.  Every conlidence is expressed in 11 r.  Jjiick'.s ability lo carry out his plans.  The replacing of (he railroad bridge by  another w ilhoul. an hour's interruption  of hu-inc.ss was one of (.lie engineering  feats of 1 he decade.  Those wiio have not seen the great  Mructuie al Niagara which il is intended to displace .will, hardly icali'/.e  the si u petitions charactei of the uud"r-  WB. McKECHNIE,  out.. ji.d,<������.:,i.)  PHYSICIAN and SIMEON,  kkvkl.stoke . . .-. b.c.  ilVPlVK in It. S.uii-.in'- Ikiii-u (iicnL Pre-lij t"i*-  l.ui Cliii)-(-li).   Cili- lij   Tcli'iiiioii.tjiir 'I'cle-  K'.'.i;.li p.'oniiitlj iilfiidcil l'i.1 (1H!.-"   Iiaui-s:  ' '.):'.Vi to 11 .i.in., l::������i tn 1 and 7 lo S pan.  '   JAS. McMAKON,  General Blacksmith & Woodworker  Repairs to Wagons.   .Tools Sharpened.  SIIOKIMI    .\    .SJ'KL'JALTY.  .' a. McNeil,  SAH.3SII SH3P AND VJATH ROOM, ������  l'l'out Street, Itevelstok-e.  Gold Hill Hotel  FRANK  VANDALL, Proi-riktok.  ^<R,evelstoke, B.C.==^  Best Table. in- -.Town, Well, Furnished Rooms,  Choicest Yfines, Liquors and Cigars,  Bvepythlng Strictly First-Class.  Haircut,  25c;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving  '    Tickets for S1.00.       '        "'.,  ���������   GUY   BARBER,   0    ���������  WAT02SUKEE AND JEWELLER,  Repairing Neatly St Promptly Executed.  ' REVELSTOKE. B. C.  J. R.HULL a DO.  Wholesale . and ��������� E,etail  ,   SXJTCHEBS:  Purveyors of High-class Meats.  REVELSTOKE, B.C.    ,  All orders in our Ii in* will ln������  promptlv  .-lUtfiultMl'Lo.     rl f   ������ j   THE   REVELSTOKE ; PHARMACY.  Terms $2 per day.  Kamloops I Jeer oii Draught  pom political sy.iU'in would Uv ���������up-.i.|,, I t.-ikinj,-.' Iiiiiiginc the t.-i-^W oi, ilispl.'ic-in.u;  aiul war,"- wngi-il in c-iiviiiii.^l.-iiiri.'.-. iit'ltlio ��������� 111��������� |������li-t-t* hin I oi briilffi' wirlioul  !<i''t'.'iti'i'horioi Lh.-in liaJ, h..|'i) liiilii'ito | i ��������� i t-.-iiiipLi 11 lt 1 rai'lic-, .mil I li.'li .11UI aiiou'l,  knou-ii to lln-<'\-p(,'r'i^iii-i.  of   niankinil, i'J.1)00 per i-i-'nL   lo   llic   tlilUrnlty.    Tlii-^  inirj-lrt I'vcntually -.���������iivi-lop not Kurupt1  alono hlilPt wo. iijfy, all (In* four, C.'on-  t ilU'llt.-N at, oiici','.cilice in every one of  t.lieiii repre.se.il.il ives and oil'^liool.s of  l.he eoiiteiKlini^ naLioius would of ueee.-.-  sil.y he lirou^ht, inlo collision. ��������� Lord  Dullerin.  Vocabulary'of One 'Word..  " I shall never forget, my fir-i visit,  to .Madrid," said a wom.in to the Nov.  York Situ in.iii. " I was t.he only  ineiiihi'i'of our party \vlio knew anv  Spanisli.   and   1   knew   hut   one   wind,  will ui\ e mhiii'I iiin^ of an idea of what  confronts enj^incer.s and huilders.  In an uiidei taking of t.his nature  the  slii^hlfsL error uiighl. he productive   of  inlinile dis;is(e|.,     l*]\ci-\-   measurement.  o  uiu.st. he ai cur.ile   lo   a   hail'-   lirc.iiilli.  Jivery portion of Ihe^ieal   arch   uiu.st  ]iei'l'orin   its    pint irul.ir   Miare   of'  t.he  ifi'i'at coinhin.ition I hat will  he  one   ol  * C I  the marvels o, Lhe world.   ,  AIMh.it is done niusi he  accoui])lish-  ed ipiickly, for in all'.iir.s of I hi-,   iiatuie  time   is,   indeed,   money.    Every   man  | who can he utilized will join the   armv  UR Stationery' Depart-,  ment' has heen recently  enlarged and .remodelled and  you may now procure at reasonable prices anythim*' in the wav  oi Staple and Fane.)*'..Stationery  THE "lEVaSTOKr" PiSfiiAGY.  COLUMBIA   HOUSE,  ==Reve!stoke, B. G.- -,  It  Largest Hotel, in Town, ; r  y Centrally Located, Best Accommodation,  . , , Free Bus,  Rates $1 per day.  '"      .        ���������   '^    BROWN' & CLARK,  Proprietors. "  " , ���������  Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars,   Draught Beer always on lap." ������  ������������������  . nm ii in i mi     '          r  ���������| FflM 1JflT QPRIMP9���������Upper ArrowLake'BG:  LLufil  SilUi   OrSill^UO.       Under same  Management.  * ' ,' a 2-.11-12 JI     '  ALL   FIRST   GL.  -:o:���������:o:-  -MeCapty  r  ���������     PORTER AND STOUT  ~  ���������.      FINE "��������� ALES .  O.K. LAGER BEER ,.  i< i ' ^  Drauarht  and   Bottled.  Lto.  BSVELSTOKB     BREWERY  of coiisi ruct ion.     Perhaps uo   work   of  tli.it- one   l.ein-"leche'--.nilic-l.ul.  ���������������>������������������ | n-.-ont, v.Mr������ 1..K rvqurivd, or   will   vet.  means ()f-es'ure< we n.,ui.,-eil   lo   ffi't | m.e,|, ���������*������������������.,.  ^in. ,i   |ul���������,r. !*,   i.ut/in  nlonu: until hival-f.i.sl w-a.sserveil. Then, \ i,,.;,],,,. j,,,-*,*  nig it   is   heconllii!^   uusale  to ulili/.e l.thor of .niv ot her ciass.   The  ������i*r I In* ojie   word   of   Spanish    that    f  ;l road   hi ' traverse   llic   1,'toat    no) th, ! knew, and which nt all words   was-   the  i          ���������    .1              .,   ,i    .       iv ...    ;,..���������](   ...'one    most     wanted    at.   lh.it     moment.  hem is tho  rmitotlr.it   oiler,   itself   ^ . Thi>',rlnt itil(..,.  Ii,.^,���������l. ���������,���������. y, ]Uu���������  more feasible ami   practicalilf1   than k a'j w-i-iv   ol ' .mv   avail,    so,   at    la.st,     jn  do/.e.n  British "P.ioilres. " i de-peratiiui. K--*i-/.ed a   pit ct*   ot   piper  As a preliiniii'ii'v in opening up   the I 'll5(* a P<Mu*il and d ew  a   pictuie  i.f .1  claims in the Bend to make then,   into   ^    ^1>"-"I'.<"> rlu* i���������.-iid rr ipp.-d ���������ir  , ., ' and came  hack   wiin   tl;ie.-   ticket-   to  'sliippors    abb   lo   supply   a     r.n.w.u, i fhi u,n ,k:,u_- ���������    ,  tiipie   is   tlio   gro.it   Coluiiil.ia    Muei. ���������'  ^__   also an oasv route for a  waggon   io.nl. y  ���������hi-,  [ Kutv I'ritisn soldier iju--*  ���������Soiridtliing nm.st he done, somo act ion lrv s^OO e wji-\- year  taken, to gel a commencement made, Al>ie\cU jiiIi nhfivn: p'sr-  in tlie securing of cheap t lanspoi'...t'.oil : has I.ee:i piese;.;e'i r->) tlie i^;te  for Uii; IJnncI ores; for it needs only    a i Il-*d\.  as I iu k would ha v e il., tiie ui.-iid hi oii'^ht  my colVee without a.Yv ...ilk,   and   "I-" [ l.H.ltr... wli.-n   completV,   will   iu   ii-iiin  asl,.<;k would have it   I   piou.plly   f, * - . ,���������. a ���������.,���������.,.  ,',f  gt.hiliB   in   p(li!ll   ^ t.()|).  sliuction,    as   well   as .jloint    of   conception.  The work <>f preparing the material  for the iri-eat 'si i nctiii.' has been in'  prnu-re.s.s for some time, as iittle can he  a'( coiuplislieu hi an enterprise of tills'  oat in e until t le preliminaries aie ( oin-  plete. \Viii;ii,t he eil'ori of ' jiiaci'ig t he  diliVtt-n! parts-of the hridi^e in position  i.s hetrun Nlagai.i will he one of lhe  ��������� in-ie.-L of busy places.���������I'nilroad  Gazc-tlr.  WlDlssale and Ratail;  r^r<ni  iihl  Revelstoke Station, B.C.  "TR7TAPPiNGT~  Oontracfcor  and  Biiiidor  J S I'l.'KtWUKP'rO lOSTI^lATKonlinildiii^s.  i l'i.iMs ,iinl s|)<uiii ��������� iliniis lie iiis'iioil on .1])-  iilie.it nm.    DLiik-rin .-������.i-h .im), limns.  Bort i'or S-ilo anel Mado to O-dsr. .  ��������� * ' i i  '  '.,      ,1-1. 'A.   BROWN.  Proi-kiktok.  Revelstoke Static-n, B.C.'..  ._fu,r'  comiiie.'icernent, a work.itile eoimuence-  inent, to demonstrate th(> uri*eatei  wealth ot mineral tlian cart lie oht.tilled uy urea tor means.  Tl.  ii-i.iiHe-r s'a'idi'.cr arm*.  'fV^Mo  Piiiss'.i.    anii    tins    -t ronu'e-t.   n.isV   to  I (ite.lt   lit ll ,i!II.  1 Ti.''   " ti V f   ll-ll lillis  of     Kll'r,j,e (.U'll  "J.'ilO \i .LtfsJi i j iv, mount i'iil: *������������������'*", ���������_;'*������������������',��������� ^i.u- '  all rearl;   i"r ," iiinii'-dt -te ^r< ice  'tl.,.     i.\ r.. .*',       )..*Tf'..s      it,      y,'\  .In J if!.11! 1 theie are foil l p.icks of  st i jliouu is  '.slln   I'O'j'ei.-iiiles  . Tlieie ..!.- JU.t'O'J iioiiilds ill (Ileal  ill',!.Jill ijs.'d   f(.'   iiunLili'.' p'WpOM*-..  ' } i'-ln \ .I i ) ..I   Kii^!.iud o! dallied  I li.it  he   1!  C. Bc MacLeaii  'SSuilber, '   -  tkchiiect  'H)raugbtsnian,  --���������RRVRLSTOKK': V>.C���������  (>  {)   O   O  t>   0  (j  ()  <l  O  0   i)   ()   (I   O   O   It  <>   O   O  (i  (I   (I  ti  11 n ^  Strictly First-Glass,' and Conveniently Situated  Between Railroad Station and  Steamboat Landing.  Best Table in the Interior.   Commercial Sample  Rooms,   c Fire-proof Safe.   Free Bus:  TERMS:    $2 and 31.50 per day.     c ,, ���������- .;..-,,.(illl  J. AUlEU-T-fsTONU, Vhoimuktou.  The Dining Room is, furnished with tho best the  affords.  THE BAR IS SUPPLIED WITH THE CHOICEST,  WINES,"LIQUORS AND CIGARS..   ��������� '    .  t'lf-   ]..')_'  !-ll     P'Ti'i\      s!���������,u|(       I'lUI       t   It!      -"SJ���������V    I'     -.   \TC I      C* T  v...^i, YftinV...1,������������������������������������,.ot',!,...!,    I  P'".vNJ?  ������ncl  Wif.cjiupns  Ir ^ s.,,,1 "oat ,���������s a   'ol.i.ide,;   ���������.    ti,e ' ������. '".   ^. Sl>'''C    ,'������x^"ul^  Numkrol'.i castas of illness this week,  lendeis it. necessaiy for the    people   nf  the tnHii to lie more   cirel'til   in   11 i������-i i-    \i;\.v 'n'an a'.' i.iL'e piu'eof *)T<- ;n 1 *���������'.)!  h.uiit.iry .���������irr.im.'eincrtU*.     The water   in,      The  vrci'"^    pi opt 11 ion.it.-   i.'.--   ..}  use. espwi.-.llv fn)m <l������neortNvos,air(es.    <.Hi.*ni - r., mei!  in   ..in    l..ni|..    u,,s,,.  ,       ... , .       ,   ,     .-       i   -   i ��������� the   e.iptilM'    ot     I'f'dan,    wiiet/-   rhiee  .sh'iuld !��������������� useil inoderalelv lor driiikni'j:. '  , mikei   th'- -'.t'nla'd  '.-in d of the {, iiileil  '  .���������vp.,1-1     prices    ,������������������    whi,,,    ,j,,(,.     r���������il|#.^|   H'wOtl, .,1  .ll.   m.-h  I....   l..r.������'iC.in:  Stii) iia\e   .a'i.-.J  M'.lil    -s|.->(     u>    ili,t  with     Pronij^nicss     ;uul  t.  Colonial     Style    a  d    then    onlv    when    ln-iVd.    T  ollicel's  'A'e.' e, lo'-l   to '"> ei v  liU'li  ll  ano        lliril       nun        \> n.-it        . " i.w ��������� .. i  .. n , .,    , .  i      Since  th"   C'lO'in    ������ar    h'-^an    the  perio.1 -,f the year i������, a   d.ui-eroiis   oi..* ; rn]llly]A\ ,ilAtt  ,,f   t|���������.   ,���������������������������,������������������    h.,,   ,���������.������������������  for disease, and if  a typhoid   epidemic t lll(., ,.,^,.,1       |,y      fi:U)~>,')'i\y'.)7><).       The  j;i'K started  it   is almost   imp-is-ili|c     to 1 pie\ ions del, t  \v,i^ ."Hi.! .")."*). !>";0.    m.i'n  .silhdlie uithout, the e.\[.ense   of    .V   few ' "'^'   '   ,",'tl  ,,f' ^'"JS :^--(^->  lues and nii-ch .sickness.  CoAs'i' |iapeis are all ai^oif aliont |  wild cat mining w-lieiues i,f the Kool-j  C-nav. If w* mistake ' not, th< re .has j  heen si tinef hini; of I lie s uur  A lliMiisaud slnn^ies, l.nd w.rii I  inela-s iif" e\p.is,i[" to t he'ueat Iii*i, aie  ^���������n'd to enver 100 square feet of roof  and "j p'lilnd-* of shingle u.-iiN \\ \',\ } c  used in Listening I hem in position,  Tlie liist   |i.iper mone\   issued in Am  char.ii ler    euci   was   is-ced     le.     I'i nn-s Kaon,    n.  fn ].',���������' I ,i -i .1 .o- of i'i I ,'.,l<r| I f o'  I0n_' a,.d ' oiu.'ii md.'! iii't ttuee li.irli",  eni lis ill ^ an 1 p!,u e I e id 1. i end,  .dl'.U.'l   ii" .1(1   ]fl"'!l  All e/.pill _''.le'l I'll, ion of "T'-lil  .fit,'��������� l^ll MMir-f nl pt e. Ll ,. li.l, o\  M<-    .1      M      l'Vi.-.l|lM_'     tile      -.Mfi*     ot      the  iio\ el.ii - -_'i' a t t*> ..nd,-' -I.  The    hi.wid-    !,������    M.eeiia,     i'li'ie   ,,('  K .llllio-ip*-     Ti'l    I'.ll'l'.ol       limits       ,11'    oil  Ui.ili.it.i' ti.'i i!   n>.   f '     i! .,' ! 1, v |< 1.   .','   ( ' i .  K oi,.'- op-  In i',e I'iu'i d '������������������- *"- ' '.' I' ' 1 '���������!  h .1 se.. Ml- ,n lie- M^ i nd i hi ;is i,,^  t ill ill tl. il d i ��������� < t inn . fu i'!m. !an !  I lie  u.tt io*i ,1  i ':-'.,)n   >- * he i .-*. < I ''���������  .���������^')Ci:ialiv.  i j  CORRESPONDENCE     SOLICITED.  p   H. HEAPS & CO.,  ������������������������        '��������� ll CiinliiMi St.. nml I'liu-i-ll St..  VANCOUVKH,   I !.C.  luiCT.Tiv M,,^.xuy.,,,,,K  CTiDBWBaa  W.  COW A  'WHOLESALE DEALER IN  WINE'S, LIQUORS  AND  CIGARS.  on the coasl  h'-fon- now   and    a    \eiiti  latioil fif theil   aflails Illicit   lie a|iio|io  I li   the (' U'l\   pal t ol     t h it   '.!���������   i  ' "Vi ."<fl00  ne>e  issued on     ||ie    ii'rlit  lhe  ,! an   and a ii-a in 'iith-* I.i''  ������������������'.o.  "'    "!"     I,r������'-S-      "f      ,l,;,t       '''-"���������"���������'���������       T,"-,00'>   UHier.il lowed.  Kooienay p,es-;, asm.iy he   .Jul'.'-,]    |(> (      .,_,,.   |i|0    ,.���������, ,,.llf.v    , ,     <   ils strirtiiM-s of recent  wild i*a'-������, is not j   t),,,,., ^ |i|,,:i the iimi'' ..f ihe  !' ,:i.<)  venal and will h'* '-he fit it   ,n  '*oiideiiin i Slate- w,is -,v imiaiin, wln-li ������. s,id|t  an\ t ! i j M i^ injlirioilH la t\u: hest inteiesl- j ,''1  l '>'   'he    Ma ^ ichll  et ts    ,-o|,,i,isU    in  l'i()7   :n   tli'*ir   iiileien,u\(.   n jj<!i    the  ... i .i fii'li.'ins  patieis s:������. ik   (,r   wild    eat--    tliev   otili   I        ,    . .    ,       ,,  1 .' . i A   teal IP C  '.'   I )!'���������   I ,11 I-   e\r, is il em    o  treneialise.      'I UN is unfair, as   .1    ������>���������<'< j | ;k#������ > u.l:  L.- ..  -f<--i-tn f I-.. t.   I    lo    r'..  eals e\.ist   w-iis  not   p.n I inil.n i/e   ihem j |,j,i,��������� -,    ,;' (',u ,-l M ���������> i1 ,  I'   ml  e- ' < fu  ('ive     I -  '  nnii;  to  I   .1-    |i   oi     ii.ii       .'.   ' re  I lie  '| elllpil- ol   .lei u        i ||  :    ���������   i.e   .-   C  i    r    |',.r  of  Kooleii.r,  A^ain,  w hen the  :   wild    eat".    t!ir\  Tliis is unfair, as   it    u il  SI  111< 1  stand   * le* entise jijeli'-.-s  u I't i'-ul.il   i'i -t. .in es' '!  I  I   s    I 1,1 || ^f    lo    I     .1  ' sent it i .i.s  I   ,  ' I lie   -.'.���������  I  _.\   'iin.iii. .I'll   'i   s  ! .c ������������������������������������(I   lie'    i(i* : *��������� e   ,  ���������j.tJiJ ������������������'' -'>l<'.i.o,   i'laji, as a p.acert i ..in.  I  d    C  i   i i, ii  lion"*.    f 'on-1   nt i i.  I ,,-���������  s .i.i Is.  CA\  I  OI5TAr?f   A   fATy.^Vt     A.r ri  .rrnnpt aniw-r Anii ,,n l.i.n.-u'. <>;'< i',n. ���������vrlu In  >r l.'.N S A- CO., who h ivt ImiJ ni-url / ftfij yenn'  PTIrfTlt'tir" In llin rnl"nl ih]>iihh������. '"''.���������.lelui.'.-i_  tlonu str|rtlj"*'.ii'l'|..iit il. A 1) .not) .,<,u ���������.' |���������.  fiirm'ttiuT) 'f.r.o r'l.ni; t* i fioiis h.'i'I l.'j'v u, .,',  t'llrs I tiTri s'nt. fr' <: n I on rnt.i|r.:;ui. ofim-i I. a,.  jeril nnil ^fii-nlil.i Look - .< n{ irif  t'nl'Titl t ii.-i-n tliin ii''i .Viinn .v Co. rml.-n  piiKr-ii'l iiotlrt. iriti.i s, ii-Htitic A niclir in,, ..j  tliiid iirp lirriuirlil "I l"i/ i,fi'i-f. o,i> p'il.1,1 i |,,  out cut lo Mil- 'rivpi.tiv. 'rim ���������.���������ili.iiil.il .,, ,  Isuncd v/ccidy el.../ii,,i|,. ill,, ir il'.l lin l.-i.i'i.'  lirL'c-it rircul In.'i'i.f nnv x i-r I II' "..n, ,,i ;,,..  world.   ���������*.'������ ii-.. nr.   - m ,.l    ",|.n i.'-,i u.,.,  rt'lll'Ilii't i'lilltion, ruoi.t hi /   ''''i'i ) i> ir     - .ri A,  rojilci, a.-J ci nl-i.    Kui/mini  (imiii.ni i,, ,,,  tlful til,-if("������i, In cfilnn, in,.I |.li.,i.,i r ipli i (i- ii' v  'ion-no. i?lf ll fil wi i, cniililii.:: l,ul|,|. rs lo ������u . ,' .|.(.  Jatr-'it i)(--.||-'in nml "... ie< ...n'-ifi,     ,\ ���������  AIl'.'V.V .'������ ( ''.. .S,,.'.'  Vol '.     M-i    '���������  111 1 i,< iii Ll I'null's. Diamond  l'i'.i-|i"rliiiK Drills,  -,ii'- Mill. M.i. Itini'i y nn! s-ilK���������_ j-aiKiiics,  lii.lii V-    Wan-i*   Wind-,  i |... L'-.'il-,lin  ' Th] Cyanide Process.  -i-lKFKACTrj'tiY (J0LD& SILVER ORES  ( Vrh.t'.(;(! ;unl itu)iorto:l on  B/   i I if.  M.icArt'iur-Forrest  l.),r' i ���������  ( ;. nn I il u(|i |  By 'fhh   r/l-i'.Arlhur-Yates  'Am u" . ii .'io-- in. I I \inilii.it ion j  . o't i' \i*; ci i���������\i:s  '{'nt Cas:;c! (ioid fixtractinj; Co.,  '.'.I .iJtaJ.l  VI. I^llew J.fJuvey, F.C.S., Supt.,    ���������  VY'uiconvjf, B.CY  ,r" ,\-'ii.iii/In  i'i II    trt.in. In ,. X jr.ni  QEO.  D. SCOTT, ������  fnsiir.;ncfl an?! *V:m'\ L'lMkcp  li C.     M iii i ," ��������� I,   ' mi    '       I   hi,       I,, I. I  \     ,   '  i -|i       ' e 'I i h i '. r     ''..},.        i ,-   \l ii,<|.  li,..,,.I     .lto.-.1: l;i-ill IW.t'AAi:  Co.iip-in'.'.'  'o,- .vile. j -,j -.'  ;;')"; f )i.lf".':i St.,    Vip<���������-",'.������������������-���������*, ]).('.  REVELSTOKE  B.O-  HE CENTRAL HOTEL  ADUAIIAilSON P.I50.S., Titoi'microHS.  First-class Table   ���������   G-ood Beds   ���������   Fire-proof Safe  Telephone   ���������   'Bus Meets all Trains.  REVELSTOKE,      IB_0_,  THE   QUEEN'S   HOTEL  A li!'. A 11A .MK0N   I5K0S.. Pkoi-hibtoks.  HvcryCliing new and First-class in al! Respects.  Th3 Ha:i33 is stocked with the Finest Wines anil Cigars in the Market  TROUT   LJLEIE   CITY"  O. 0/ ���������  V  r<. ������  TIIEKOOTEXAY MAIL.  PAGE 0.  SWEETHEARTS-  Bob and May weiv sweet hearts.  Of rourse t hey were; that's what, I hey  li.-ul heen learning ever since Bob, a  stripling of 20, had come out from Tennessee (o tin* Texas PenhaiiuiF" with  the family. "  In those days May was a bright haired, high strung little girl of 11 whom  Boh never called not thought of as  " redheaded.'"   ' .  Bob was a strong, good humored hoy,'  not a bit afraid of work, and he  had  a  ii  way with him that gave him command  of men and creatures. He rose rapidly  in old man Love's employ from  simple  .cow puncher to waggon lions', then foreman, and when he was  only, 2o  went,  ,with tire approval and good will of  his  einnlover, to t-uke the position of ranch  i , f *  manager for-a Boston company. '  ',    AI! the world loves a loi-er.   Boh was  such a wholehearted one, his state of  mind was so patetit, he  took  such  delight in it, wore his chains  with   such  open pride aud enthusiasm, that.all the  Panhandle felt with and for him.  ,  And   old   man    Love    wa.s    pleased  enough   with   the match  and, greatly  given to l)tagging of Hot) ,-e<  a   coming  adjunct to, the   Love  greatness,   until  tlio tragedy of  the one horned   In indie  cow, which tore things all up, generally,   tin eateiied   to   sevei    two   loving  hearts and  darken  forever  Bob's and  ���������May's happy horizon.  This old row���������^vorth perhaps $7���������  bobbed up at oneof the roundups sport-;  ing.'in addition to the 11 N of ihe Bos-  ' ton National, which was facetiously  known as t.he "Bean" brand, , old man  Love's (xxx)'. c _ ;  Though very uncommon, such  dents may occur- in the haste and  fusion of branding without neces  implying   dishonesty   on   -Hum  acter in itsVVi(v,.ls ,[.���������,,.  iu   his  hit ere-  and started; v"-tl, (.<)lisideralil<  and curiosity.  They rode hati illlri vv,.riJ. m..,r ���������v���������,._  hauling the lover. xV*t|,in ;l j���������il(. ������,f  Roaring creek. Bin while ,,,,,-suer and  pursued  pushed   on\lti   tju.ir   ���������ti���������ost  pace another factor  w.  s  coming  with  acci-  con-  s.-u jly  on i'V  part.    While t hey do.soinetinies re-nil,  '���������    in lights and   killings  thev  are  easily  enough' adjusted   between    reasonable  people, since any clever cattleman  can,  readily tell which brand is of the loiig-  . ci st-Miding. ,,  o But. any cowboy on the range  would  '   have told you that, while old 111.-1.1 Love  was square enough   himself  he   wa.s  a  ,.    crazy eiank about, the s.irrednessof his  brand.    His loiig .siiil^w.iv, to jump  up,  .-Mid down and >wear that, it. never.'yet  - was on anything that, wasn't his  own.'  Jie invariably claiiiied<an. animal   t.hal,  bore it in   addition   to  aiuilhcr   brand  t>  (.is did this old cow) however plainly it ,  showed as tin* i.i-werof the t wo, though I  , sr-s a matter of fad his   branding  iions  ���������weie handled by just as many  careless**  cowboys as any "others.  If Bob had   known   what  that aged  and damaged brindle cow was going t,i>,,  cost him, he might, perhaps have blinked his obvious  duly   and   let  old   man  '  Love have her���������in the face of rightaud'  >! 1  reason.  But he was not the man to be backed  down by any one. and lie dared the  worst���������andgot.it!  He held   the   cow   for his   company,  after a  fierce  contest,   and   old   man  Love went   home   1 aging,   to  give   his  distorted   ver-ioti   of  the alfair,   issue  orders that no member of  his  t'aiinly  was to speak to or of Bob  from   that,  time forth, and to remark signilicautly  t.hathe had far   rather see  a  child  of  his married to a hoise thief than   to a  person capable of such behavior.  ,   (Jommiiiiiration  between   the   lovers  had since been managed, once or twice,  liy  the   utmost   stealth   and   secrecy.  Having,"by this   moans   been   assured  of his sweetheart's steadfastness ancl  readiness Bob sent her word by one   of'  her father's   cowboys   to   ride  a   good  horse past the half way biaiuling   pen,  armed himself with a license and hung  around the Triple X ranch for a   week.  When .May finally found   the opportunity to slip away in the mo.stcareless  manner, with  one  of  the  men's  sombreros on arid in the face  of  threatening weather, she received   a   rapturous  welcome from the long banished   Bob,  and they promptly headed their ponies  for Squire Wiley's, just the other  side  of Roaring creek, who was supposed to  be holding   himself   iu   readiness   for  t licit* visit.  What Mexican or other paid spy or  what unfriendly or envious hand carried the news to old man Love will not,  be known, but he burst into one of his  near cow camps at. dinner, shortly  sifter Bob and May's depa.itnrc, like a  1 oat ing South African lion with  nMislaid in his eye.  "The Ixiys"���������who knew well enough  what was afoot, and what would be  asked of thciil--iiroppod their tin cups  and plates jumped on their waiting  ponies and were outof hailing distance  before he lairly lit in /heir midst.  But old Hank I'earsall, (he cook, was  a new man, not, long I'lniii soul Invest  Texas neither knowing of no; caring  particularly for Bob Holly and his love  .-'trail'. .So lie stood at Ins otTicial post,  at the tail end ol the chuck wagon, and  gave ami.-! I i|o attention lo the impassioned hara iigiic and singular ant ies of  this new ami eni ert.iining ������������������uijiJoyei.  Being commaiiiled to Come alongaiid  assist, in dispersing Bob and rescuing  May, he mounted a .serious appearing  but lit fid tempered-buckskin colored  'pony, wit.li one white eye and much  symmetry of lion.* - as much of. a eli/ir-  a hundred times grcatc'i^.,,,). ,{,   Ulk,,  a hand iu tin* game. Y   ���������>  "The dry bed of roarinp, t., e(.k w;ls  just before them', beyond t,y\ ;l tiny  rise, then an arrayo, and hcav,n(] tli.-it  again the roof of the justice's. n<,ust.i  jus! insight. As Bob and M,ly'c,, (,(,.,..  ed over the creek bed and sci'ai.',*,,ti  up onto the rise beyond, both locked  back, and their ponies stopped', to.s-ii,^  their heads, pricking their eais am  snorting at a curious humming sound  that suddenly seemed to fill all the ,-iir  about. ,    '  "Hurry up, darling," cried Bob,  throwing out a hand to catch .May's,  " it's a big storm coming from .-.l>.>ve."  But before they could descend the  slope to cross the dry arroyo in front  it was running from bank to bank and  brimming over with a sudden flood of  red, muddy water. "     ���������  And even above the noise of tho  ' flood befoie them they heard a sound  like the angry shouting of furious  multitudes. Looking back waul and  up the creek whence the/ sounds came  they saw a great, tumbling, shuddering wall���������pushing befoie it and 'bearing upon itsr crest all imaginable sorts  of debris���������advancing down the dry  creek bed with such a thunderous onslaught that, the little mound on which  they stood shook and seemed faiily to  lower under their feet. They looked,  about the'm. The arioyofan into the  creek below. Aboye, both it a'lid'the  creek had flooded'out until (hey joined.'  t'hi-ir little mound was an island,  momentarily growing" smaller, surrounded on every side by raging torrents, in which were driven' and  whirled, whole trees, full grown cattle,  with aoinetiines a fence post whose  trailing wire? hail caught in thiir  barbs all manner of ghastly wreckage.  own life, had to fish him out, receiving  plenty of abuse for his pains and returning it. with bitter irony.  In two1 minutes' time the shallower  arrayo wa> fordable.'though the creek,  down which big drift continued to  come, was not. Bob .-et- May on her  pony, mounted his own and prepared  to ride out. Tin* sight of the justice���������  a plains Cupid, with boots-, slicker and  cowboy liat--|)i*eparing to take charge  of the pair was too mnvh for old man  Love, and dismounted as he was he  plunged, iu a delirium of rage, into the  ri*c������*fc, spluttering and yelling:  '    "Stop!  'Hold on!    You ju-'t dare!"  May hesitated, frightened, but ,i>ld  Hank I'eais-.dl yanked her father out  again and >i*t him on dry land, snorting: ���������������'  "Doggone ye! I pulled y' out, unci,  before!- What fer caiu't ye stay out r  Huh:-   ' , ,  "When ye trybuckin agin a boy like  that, backed by a Texas norther, you're  agoi.i  to  git, left���������don't  ye  know    ill-  That kid's got a double cinch on   prov-  erdunce!   Bet   ye   he   h'ad   this   hyer  storm staked out!  "Go it feller! (Jo itg.il!, I'm   with   ye  ������������������ver time���������I'm fer yd ' Yer J,lu- '"���������gbr  ���������Vt!    I wouldn't bender ye fer~all   llTe  jln ned old snake hit fools in. Texas!  I'll'jftt gether u[) the scraps o' thi.s ole'  eejit.ti tote 'em back to the ranch."  And is'May'and Bob rode oil', tattered', htjitou, draggled, but ohlivions-  ly blissfiiiand jaitriiy.,a faint hail followed then.;  "Goo'dhy, Vids���������wNh yer joy!    Come  on ole calamity!"���������Alice Mai-tJowan  iii  Chicago Herald.  THE DIPLOCK BOOK  1      AND STATIONERY GO., LTD.  Wholesale   Paper   Dealers   and  . . Stationers . .  ���������M1-12..1 VANCOUVER, ' B.C.  .SALMON A KM,  B.C.,  General Merchants and Dealers  in all kinds of Farm Produce,  Fruit, Hay,- etc.  r'  Write; for prions and   vvc  will fruar.iiilec yon  satisfaction.   31n.cn t'ows fou Sai.i-:.  lie  Ej-  BREWERY  0  ���������Kamloops, B.O.���������  Export Lager Beer in bottles and kegs.  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The \ead Inillt-I.s, or those, hut  slightly hardened with a ( inixf lire, of  Lin, do not wi.ir I he barrels to the same  extent, and tin: barrels last far longer.  .��������� Will undertake to handle Bonds of Electric, Steam or  Horse* Car Railways, or Municipal Bonds, and Build Water  Works.    Address full particulars  Manhattan Investors,and Securities Company, Ltd.,  i j and   19  Broadway,  New York City.  THE  '       . TJIK  3E3T AND CHEAPESTROUTE  TO   AXI)   FIIOM  ,  All Eastern Points.  Through First Class Sleeping Cars ami Touri.sl  rilceiiiiiK Cars lo St. Paul. Monti-oiiliuiil Toronto  without, ulmngc.  REVELSTOKE TIME TABLE.  :i:ljil.iily.  Atlantic Kxprcs-s'urrivu'  1'iiuilic "  Ki-  UN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY  -���������-OF CANADA.���������  Assicrs  ..'.'. $ 5^803,270  IXCO.MH ' '     ' ,[,528,054  Insurance  in  Forck ,34,754,840    '  New Business Within. 1895 .. '. S,86(5;688   "   ' '  Mi  inag-er  for B.C.  J.  E.  CRANK.  .G.'PAZTON,  Agent' for Revelstoke and District  L7|>eaiiieLhe wateraliont them; down  fell" the liitfh.-ul.-  '���������Jt'-s a t-lohdtiiii-st fi'invi*,' darliii'j',"  said Hob. " It. won't la.st long���������the  water won't cover this rise.".  " I'm not. afraid, Bob,"' said .May,  with very white lips. ������������������I'm y;\:ul 1  I came anyhow. If we've got to die,  we'll die together, anilnthe way I've  felt for Lhe last three weeks I'm Mire  that'.s a heap better than living apart."  Bob jumped off his pony and lifted  Mav from hers. The hail wa.s coining  bigger and beat crnelly upon them.  He wrapped his slicker about her,  pushed the ponies close together and  sheltered her with them and his own  body as best he could. '  , " We won't die," he said, "but, poor  little girl, what, an awful storm'I've  dragged you out into!"  .lust then, from the farther bank of  the cieek, above the awful howling of  the storm,'came this intelligent command in old man Love's ear splitting  tones :     fi  " .Way Love ! You come here to me  this minute!" And May laughed hys-  terii ally.  " Well, he can't, get at us anyway  ��������� but'I he hail can. Oh, look at your  poor hands ! Oh, Bob, I can't hear it���������  put the slicker back on ! "  "Why, honey," said Bob as the tears  came in earnest now, "I'd get pounded  ju.st the same anyhow, anil you must  let* me have the comfort of keeping  some of il off you���������it ain't, a'patcliin  on the way your pa would do me if he  could get me light now."  While Ihe storm laged and the water  rose nearly to their fict, Hank fear-all  had the almost exclusive benefit of old  man Love's remarks, since only his  wildest shrieks reached the \oiiug  couple, who were too much absorbed  in each other lo heed eilhi-r him or the  .storm verv much.  These remarks disagreed wilh .Mr.  I'earsall, who wa.s notoriously, a man  of judgment, and observation.  '��������� What's the matter* with I hat young  feller?" he queried angrily. " Watch  him a-slandin to (he nor) h'ard uv his  gal, a-keeping the hail ofl'en hei ! He  ain't, no chump! If he keeps that lick  up right through, he'll make a heller  hiishand'n what you ever did ! "  About this time, the hail ceasing, the  expectant, justice came down Lo the farther hank of the arrayo. The wat r  was going down visibly, but its roar  was si ill considerable.  "Ho, Uoli!" yelled Ihe justice, above  its sound, "got yourlifeii.se?'*  Bob look il, out and waved it above  his head.  Old man Love ci.uld not from where  he stood hear a word, hut he  siirmis ���������<!  Lo  In Joliamiesl.uig there i.s  a 'ha  ever)* 250 of tlie'vvlijLe. population.'''  Accord ing to lave statistics there are  in the Unileil .States 1-0,000 deaf  mutes.     ,   ,<       , '  A "carat" as a weight for gold and  diamonds was'originally a grain of  Indian wheat, well tliied.  . The largest edible ovsLe'rs are found  in Australia. Some of' theuMiieasure  a foot across theshell.  The births' exceed t,the deaths  throughout tlie world by over 1,500,-  000 a year���������an average of' three a  minute.        '  In Australia horses and cattle, are  now being branded by electricity from  storage batteries.' The temperature is  uniform and., the brand safe and  artistic.  A lot of land in Cornliill, in London,  with a'-front of twenty-four feet, facing  the Bank of England, was sold recently at a price equivalent lu ������������������?! 2,200.000  an acre. '  ������  Coal tar, formerly considered a  waste and a regular nuisance. Lo gas  workers, i.s now. carefully saved and  utilized as one uf the. most valuable  color producers. The chemists have  extracted froni it sixteen shades ol  blue, sixteen shades of yellow, twelve  sliiidi-.s'of orange .and nine of violet,  besides shades of other colors too  nunieious to mention.  ASSAYS.  Aiotow b.vici: Uhvxcii  Tiiaixs  Arrive lr'll, Tuesdays,'Tlnirsdiiy-:, Saturdays  I.L'.ivo    111:,')),   .Simrl.iys,   Tiivsilays,  Thursdays.  J. K. MacFarlane, F.C.S.,'  Assayer and Mining Engineer,  62-;  HA.-sTINCJ.S ST.,  VANCOUVf'R-,  H.C.   o   "  Trains on  Arrow Lake  Jir.uiuli  conned 11  AiTDvvlujiul vviili (.'. & Iv. Co's S*i'i:ami:ii X vici'sr  r CLOSE    CONNECTiONS ,  . , To and From   Rossland, Trail Creek, Nelson,  Kaslo, Ainsworth, Pilot Bay,  Nakusp,  New; Denver,  Three Forks, Sandon  ,,   ���������ancl���������  ,  ALL POINTS 111 SOUTH KOOTENAY  For full iiifnriiiatioii as to rates, etc.,  a|ij)Iv to o       ' <       >  I. T.   Hrewstir,   '  Agent, Revelstoke.  GKO. Mel.. IlliOV-'X,  .District I'.isscntjci'A^i'iit, Vancouver, H.C.  Columbia & Kootenay, _  Steam Navigation Co.TJ  PASSENGERS FOR'  Hall's Landing,  Hot Springs,  Nakusp, Three Forks  Nelson, and Slocan Points,  Kootenay Lake Points,   ,  Trail  Creek,   Rossland,  Northport and Spokane  '--SHOULD TAKK  TIIK���������  STEAMER  NAKUSP  beavi's  Arrow ln'.vd  for Xakusp  .nut   I'obson.  Mondiiys, \\'c'di)!'s(liiy.s,nid I'Viil.iysnt 7 p.m.  Luiivus   l!ol)-ioii  for Xiikii-s]),  Arrowlie.id   and  I'niiiuli.ii) I'ui'iliu I tail way poinl.s  (on*!   and  wist) on  Tiiesdiij-s,'Tliiii'sduys and .Snliir-  dny.s nl .S:.'*.i p.m.  L'iiiiiii'uLkim is iniuli: at.  K'olison   vviili  (': Jr K.  It'y fin* Xelson ,-ind all points on Ivoolvn.iy  l.iki*  and   with   Mcunicr   "I.yiLon"   lor  Trail   and  Xorl.lipoi't.  CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC CO.  (LIMITED.)     '  Capital, $1,500,000.    '     ' "'  Head Offices, Toronto, Ont.  Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus,  Locomotives, Coal Cutters, Keriproeatiii'j' Drills,  liotary J)rills, J{eduetion and  Liglitin<( Apparatus. . r i  ,j\yi^������qr/^\''oQ   Either of Direet. Current'or Three Phase Types, Suitable  I'IV^/  I  UriO    fi,r any make of Fan, Pump, Hoist, or Crusher.  Electrical TiansmNsou of Power, liy our Three1 Phase System, successfully  operated up to 50 miles.   ��������� ���������  _^-B,''C. BRANCH OFFICES  '    '  Granville Street���������VANCOUVER' ,"      ', Kootenay District���������NELSON   -WHITE     TJS  2-51-6n,  9  J*L SPECIALTY.  Ikootena^ flpail ===== * IRevelstohe, 3B.C.  A HANDY PROSPECTOR'S FURNACE.  PORTABLE!    PRACTICAL!!    ECONOMICAL!!!  Kor local Unit* curd of Llio Company'.-; sluani-  ers on Koolcn.iy UiUc apply to���������llit! piii'stiron  lio.i rd. v  Kor fill! infoniiiilii.il as Inlirkuts, rules, etc..  apply lo T. Allan,   Suirelury. Nulson.   It (!.'  A  issays and analytical work done 111  duplicate  with  Scrupulous personal caro and dispatch.  .'-."il-I-.'ll I  WANTKII AT ONCK-Autive .i;;ciits for  wil'Ii touiily. Kvi-liisiK; <-r,in(iol and no  ri-k. Will clear l*Jlo '-'.1 linnilrcl dollius .1 year.  Kiiulo-ie stamp for full pit.*liuiil.i;-4 or i'le.tni'?!  sanipk'. Hn,' llaplils Mineral WhUt Co., Jiit;  Kaput*. Midi.  NOTI0B  VTOTICK IS HEt.'KMY OIVKS Unit ,*i.\ly  _l> (fin) iiny* alter ilnto ue intend lo apiilylo  the irnniiralilu the Chief Coiniiii.-,sionerol Lund-,  and Works for permission lo pun-! nsf* ciKlity  tW) acren of land (trserihed a* folh.vvs-, c um-  ineiieiiiir nt a posl shhhIliI iiIioiii t"ii mile*  more or k"-.* up lCoo*-kn-n.ix ereek ami on Lheli fl  j hank of .*,iid creek running unsi followinj,' 1111-  .Liiilt-riiiXs of the creek forty (I j) i-tiains, lT)ri)'-t-  .-oiilh t-.venty (-J(l) c-liams, thenee west lorlylKH  eliniiH. thence njitli twenty (-JD) ciiaiiis to coni-  ineiieeiu-'iiL jio-t, if) i ciin-iiiiing eighty ( U)  ncret- of land more or le**.  \V. IIl'STON'.  I.. K. MriJOaUAI.D-  Nakii-p. Jt.C. July 2 th, k.!ll'. ]:<.),  what had Iil'i*h said,  the document was a  tin- hull.  "I dare ye (o marry V111.  etl.     "I dare ye lo do   il.'"  f'viifi,' a;ii(I  nd   the  siirht  livid   red   ra^  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS.  ��������� ���������._ 1  ROYAL MAIL LINES.  CHEAPEST route to the OLD COUNTRY.  ALLAN   I.IN'K.  I'AitrMAS',  I rum Moiilrcul Auk. I  7>tON������fll.IA.N, " "         Viik. I.i  ���������siOMIXION   I,INK.  V.vxi'OI'VI'.u, fiom Mont i-i-nl \uk. -S  Scotsman.       " "        Au^. I.'i  HICAVI'-lt I,INI*:.    .  (Ki'iini MnnliTiil)  IjAkt. OxrAicin Ai*if. Ill  I.AIvi: Sl'i'l.KIIIK Sepl.il  Cabin Sln.iinl iipwnnlri,    [iitcincdiiil'.* S.'IO.  Slc*l*ll!{l].l'j lll������VI'������l   IMlfs.  I'lisscn^er* lickili'd !liroii|;h lo all jmi-Is ol  (,'rc.il tiril.iiu and Ircliini'. and .11 specially low  nil' * (o all pari* of I lie ICuropi an com iucnl.  Apply loneari'sl sIciinisliiporriiilvvay.tKenl.lo  I. T. BREWSTER. Agent, Revelstoke.  Or to William S'in'i', (icncnil Aijei',.  U'innipeK.  Cut   This   Out.  .MAIN   I.I.N J: Tl( VI.NS.  ICisI Hound (No. Si arrive* dailv..  Wc*t    ,"      (No. I)       '* **    ...  The attention of prospectors and miners is called to the  merits of a new improved apparatus, for testing' and smelting  various kinds of ores ancl minerals, also separating and refining  base bullion, etc. ' , ���������  Manufactured by a chemist and metallurgist, who thoroughly understands,the wants of the assayer, the .prospector, the  miner, the chemist for laboratory,test, for all furnace work, such  as melting, scorifying, coupling, fusing in platinum crucibles,  testing of sampling charges, roasting, enameling, etc. <��������� (Any  kind of fuel.) ,  This furnace is built in two halves for. easy transportation,  is complete in itself, made of sheet steel with cast iron slag and  metal spouts, wind supply pipe and'knock-down bottom.  This Handy Prospect Furnace is of the Cupola type, with  extention for smelting ores, capacity 1000 to 5000 pounds per  heat, according to the character of ores. No prospecting out-  Ik is complete without it.  Agents Wanted.   For Prlco' and Further Information, Address  National Ore and Reduction Co.  415 Locust Street, St. Louis, Mo  Alllf'IVV  Arrive Tiu srtny  Depai-l S'lii.'l.iys,  . .!):1.~> a.up  . t'.'i't p.m  I.V'CI*  U'{ VNCII YltAINs.  .'I'lliirsdiij s.Sal unlay.*.'!:.''1! p.m  Tuesday*.Thursdays., I:.'!(l p.m  In- srream-  Ainl   in   nil  In*   foi'i-i  X  eesrasy of ra^c and an.vii'ty   In*   furred  h'is pony do vii into I lie f.i.-iininir   cii-ek  atlKllljr     I III*    Wllillilll<   d  was   promptly   pileli.'d  li'i-rilied rri'.-ilni'i*, whirl  1,111 ned.     I'i*iii'-all,    al   I  '���������itL... wt.i'.i  oft'     I iv  1    inslalillv  In*   risk   ol  tin  OTK'K is IIKHKHV GlYKX. fnai  a sit,iii(ir ,,|* 11,,, r *,,���������.,) y Cnin'Ui ill  he ���������hiildcn al. ���������' HevelstofcV',' ]!.C, on'  Wedin-sdav, Lin* 2<!ili dav of A iil-ii*!.  "A. I). 1 S'-XJ.. al, 10 (i'i-IocIY in (.he 'Cure-  noon. ���������   ;  JOS, D. CiHAIIAM.    ,  Heuri.s't.iai'X'oijniy ("oiiit,.  Kevclstok.', July. 17l,li. I������I5.   "���������        ' 1 :{-()!-  MAILS.  |{1'vi:i.mt()i<:; r.o.  Close for lhe ive*l, :>:.'IU p.m  >i*ii*t K:.'! 111.11.  kiiiiIIi. Sum.. Tiie. TIiiii*. .*l*sn p.ii'  1!' v. S|,,| ion      ,S:.*IH a.m.. Ilr.'lll p.m  Due from I he west           I(i:(|il,i.m  '' "        e.i-t  ...       .."i.-l.'i p.m  1" ���������iiiilh. Tue.. TIiiiik, Snl ...~,:\.'i ii.in  " " l!ev. Klalion 1(1 a.m., a:l.i pan  liKI'HI/fl'l'l'.'KM'ATIUNI'.O,  (!lo������e for the vvesl ���������..;...���������.'..'..'...',.',;. l:0.'l ii.ii:  "    ,     "'.       1'iKl. ..'...'.,....   !li!)(lii.iii  ���������1 "��������� " so''l.!i. T;i<'.,���������Tlinix.. Sal,, ,!I:IKI a c-  ltevelHl,oki,*.; tl (i.iii..- hll'l *i.m.  ! D'.ie Iron 1 the ���������������,:*'.. ..:.....,.'. .!I:'W a.m  cast  (:l.'i p.m  "       ���������"        south.'Wed., l-'rl..'Mon...!i:.*l(la.111  ��������� li-'.tvel.-sl'i'Itir !l:.'(()il.iii..-IrJaji-m  CAPITAL, $500,000.  SHIP   US  YOUR  Incorporated 1893.  G O O (1 B     ll I) 11 p ll t  rif;lit out; no coin-  ^   IljiHHJOIl  Clll.) {?o<l.  I    I''n.lrH(>l<.<'tioii;lm-  '������<2/?C~sL "'<J,"UI������ ������-������:luriih.  Slili>pin|> \>n;k fur-  niHlxxl    tree   ujion  Jfj^rj ruqueAt. .  .iwT/fAl!    Xliorc Ih NODUTV  iiSaSE* on    1- ������ 1 s   or  oilier    (juOlls  limxlle.  Writs for Cirrnlar  K 1 v 11) K SliipiiiiiK  Dire ci Ion. j. n ���������  I-ATHST MAUKL1'  m... bsjh \j>JW^ ������ y a  INCORPORATED , '���������''.���������'''  MAIN HOUSE: 200-212 First Aye. North. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.  ��������� ';.jiUA'is-crii.i;.������.s ��������� . ;,' ,���������  HELENA, MONT.        I      CHICAGO, ILL.      I     VICTORIA, B.C.     I WINNIPEG, MA"  Cookc& hozcmnii Sts.   I | S{5 WharfSt. I    2" V King St. :;{j?m*m~&
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Y.;: '2tBViEI.3T,3SE.;LOpGE,ii:'0; O.'F.i:;No.'25.- r Y Halcyon .Uot .Springs,: A;ug,-adi.li;������:Ji-';)+'' YYHtY'Y "; ������'
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point;.   '.. ���'��� A,  M .\'/I'ilC. '��� ''���' , ��� 1
Larileau. I'liC. A'i),'. -'Nl. ���ISOfiv' ���.     .'I;-:ii:
Notice [^Creditors'.;'      ^
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Mining1,and Real S:.-:tat,e Broker and General Cloiu*
For all duties,
1 �� 1.1 a *
,;>-������*issYOri Affoiit.
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^vel^ofcellivision. West, Ko���.<i.,ay I��i- l./i.;l. | ,^y i j,;;.; J  |.'(Jj ��� ;,'j;,(, (;*|'  |,;, K j,; C;;'| y/    j.; V A X'A I ���'< M IT,   KYASI.O ,v Y'YAKCSl'
Y fri^cY 'L ir-'e.  AMD ACGID'YWT HiSLIRAHOK.  ,
Rf.'jii'fWifit-'ili'.y'.. of the Kootynny Snied!in;: ft.Yi'i'ruiinjr Syndic'ilft.
Steam and Pb.wer>-
jl ul'U'<iii kr^  jg^Ws^ "^r  VoL 3.--NO. 18.  PKYKI^OXF   AV1SST KOOTENAY. B.C.. AUGUST, M, 1*%.  $2.00 a Year.  ' I 'J 1 >Led    into     tlie    Consolidated J  THE NEXT EXCITEMENT Zrim* Mi.d,,g r.-..-i������������v ������ !;  111L.   ll^1    wvu .,,,.; ,,*,... r.r   t.he   roiiiiiany   to   inn  IN, KOOTENAY   WILL   CENTRE   IN  ���������_   THE NORTH RIDING.  Biff Finds In Ground Hog Basin���������New  Strikes on Keystone Mountain - -  Outsiders Getting Interested -  Trout Lake Activity--Lardeau in  it too���������The Record:-'-   ���������        . ,    '  ORE  SHIPMENTS  FROM DOWN RIVER POINTS.  .ercd to take a   number  of  gentlemen ;  up I here and put them on  to  a   " g<������'d  .11(111' *.*!���������������     ��������������� - f!  tlie intention ol' the <-oin;iany (o inn  , two shifts of four men each, for the  piesenl. to open up < lieir pi npertv.  They ������fn 1������*< "' .-^wi.ilei" .-..mp-and  trail's ami have'.-, eryt.liinj.' in .*d!,ipe lor  .shipping this winter. Ho far, tlieie is  .1 ci'os.sei.t on the ledge al a depLli ol  <;Ofcet shevvirg an,'ore body 25 J1 el,  wide. They now propose to run 150 to  ���������iOill'e.'t on Up* 'vein, sinking a wiir/.e  1.7) feet and then erossiul. This is  gratifying news'!., tile people <*f this  district.  The HoVil Cieek trail is now finished  ������'"   "KNI*- . ,to wil bin '-j" miles   of   the' head   of   the  Revelstoke was the   .scene   ol   a   so- , , |���������, apprnpriat ii... of    $7(l'l being  ..a.ion t.hi* week when the resiil, o.    he W.     .      1 I ^ ^  ,,,says made on some samples .,������������������ ..he    "^'^^   .,������������������,,.������������������,,���������,..,���������   of  the  '       t t ������ I . -. 1 . .. . 1     *��������� \    ��������� t 1 1 ��������� t  "1  ' *   , i thin"."     He was lo meet them at.  H'*v  OMVost KootVna--' for ihc Fiscal Year . H-ippcmnffi   Amongst   tne   Treasure   ,.,.,.,(.,. j   .,.,���������������������������,,, ,,���������i of .-,���������������������������- d,d  Ut \\estK0,.-;n                                                Vaults of South Kootunay.            ,������������������ ���������,���������,���������   lip.   i*i-*  Vutims ,s���������i,i  <...������  Ending Ja,i. K.Jo. r , ,     ^.^ ^ M.s ;ill>1 ���������;1V1. ���������,, positions  ;,,,<!   let I    for   IJ-vcisloke.    vv here   they  The correct |-eti;!l'> oi^-Tn-e ** '; in."Ill-*  f,���������- (!,.. ii-cal year ending .Line :;ut n.  ISO!)' a-'certified by the customs ;ui-  thoi'ili-sai B-veMokea.id NVl-i.n. are  as i'o|!ov\s :"  fiOl.i'. ���������sB.'V ���������'������������������'���������  (>i .mn.n   .- ' *    ��������� ' ~  I-Nt.INI..     OI-Nl'l-s.    VM.I   I*.     Ol'SCl.s.  VVU I.  s.-Di. 1 in    iwiii *^-Mi   -;^-:;' :':!���������':���������  ,,,.,. - . u..',sii 221.01:! :r*aiK!i.. a.'i.i'*!'*  m'.iv W. ���������"���������.v<'2 . lirt'iH i.'it:uii5 r,i7.t:*:r  ",     '     .. -.-tii      I. it-I       r,v.i',i~     li l.-������-!  .IllllC 1 . ���������). ��������� "���������'   '     '    '���������'    ' '  'I'llAII.***!!:!!!:  TliAII. I'll.!'.��������������������������� and    leil    H'l     i.--wi*.   V solid V...1I of .,,������-. very UK- < hat    of I <U.(.m ,,-.,l' ll.it I Ley had heen  t I'h'k.'d.          , ;...,,   iiu-    1-. 1 ..( 11...... .-ii e now 111   l.ossiano.  rol'I'Ki:.'  u:.\i>.  tJiinViid Uo������ Basin wen- made know 11  'Two samples oiit of four went tfl 12nnd  $110 in S"ld -and the owner ot the  ,���������,,,������������������,-,,., J. \V. Ha.skins and the  (own generally, is highly   elated.     Ih  came is immense, and 11 .. .vciul.-Hu.  future Inr Big Bend <p.arty.i*i������ sight  There is no reason why there .should  ������������������- Lean excitement h',1 be Bend thai  will oat.h. aiiy-of the already great  excitements o'r Kootenay. Theie are  few camps in Kootenay that, can, look  at the Bend fur richness of ore, and , in  ���������o part, of it a. e the lead.; so dWUncl  aud mi tme. A numbcrfi<>r towi'ispeoph*  aie getting in on the ground floor and  M"ve"iil knowing outsiders aie also  inaking' locations.'  Gus Lund is down from Ground Ilog  Basin vvheie he ha* heen doing as*e*������-  ���������,������.;,t work on the Oh* Bull and O.O.D.,  Kootenay Lu'mhert'o., ha* liad H m-r.  at work dealing, and   has   Kot   in   the,  piledmerlo  drive  pile's   for  Hi-   null  l(ll(l,hena wharfs 'He will   he  s,,wing  ���������id.vs. v \i.rt. *i������.*.'**.    v.vi.'-i:.  ,,','.. ...:u..     -.v..:,! ������.i.-j.������i    mill';  .Mar.   l-!l'i .      ���������>'������������������������������������!       *'���������������'���������;', ^-[^-l"^^    ll 01.1 %<> K> *!2 pel   '<"'���������  ���������l,1,lu    " ���������'''���������'      "'���������''"' "��������������������������� " K.a.r   drill   cou.iu-ss'oi'   pl.i.it.s  have  S-v-ial ot them an- now in   Unhand."  The almve paiagrapli from (lie   Vim-  -oiiv.-r  II oWd, i-ads very niueli like   a  -fake.-'as   110   '-^eiitl-men*'   who   bold  ,���������il  l.ii-inesses ami   gave   up'  it'"..is  ,',���������-.,  -good  thil.li"  at    i?125   have   l.eell  .        ,    ,    ,,,     s1.el.a!'o..nd   K'evelsio'.e   I his   s.l.'nl.ier.  ,������������������.,.   Belle,   sH'.iat.'d ;m(1 f,-, ll(.v h,,d it ,s h... dly likely I hey  niile-.ii(ii*lli(d'l?i.*-l.Hid.'������ i"i,ge i.i"l.> | ,,_���������,),,,..,,,'.'],,,��������� ;1| t li.il. moderate figure.  ,,<���������(���������,. .-,>*'iyi.ig #V.\.iy in "'"1 ���������'��������������������������������������������� -���������' j T!ui ,���������.,. puhii.hii.g ll.is harrov.'mg  little copper has heen sinick., ! |:i'i,. is prolMiily" ti.-  only  "victim"   in  The Silver Belie gioiip'm,   the   So.lt"..       ',,,. ;ljV.'lil-.  the War Hagle, has- heen slru-k at  tin  Mugvv 'i.up at. a depth of 20 l'���������i.  Ore in the Waiiiugfol d goes 11 per  (l.ii1 coppe,..*>5 in gold, and 10 y>������."'*>  ill silver.     T'neie liu* I wo  clear   i'-et    of  il. ' ,  On'   Ihe. I!eather   Belle,   siluat-d   l'i  PARLIAMENT  OPENED.  J. D. EDGAR'IlECTED SPEAKER OF  THE COMMONS.  Basis or Settlement of the School Question said to be  Agreed Upon���������  '   Min'isuer Patcrson  Having a Hard  Fight for a Seat in North Grey���������'  Ontario's Secretary Dead.  Belt was rerenl.lv   Jiuic-li.-i-.cil   lor  %l'X-<  ii,;).    They have a 12  loot,  ledg"   going]  SU.MMAI'V-  ::;y;,s:-';;:YY'Y������;!Y���������r���������:,;w z^:^^ ��������� -j^- ������������������������  a quality of   liinhcr unequalled   in   t li  province.  f , . '  .7. D. Wihhald lir.mglit in this week  from his claim, t.he Uletigai-ry, some of  the haiidsomest sji-iinien-* ever seen  i��������� the shape of galena. Th- Clenga. ry  i^a true fissure with a ledge I.i leel  wide-three of which is clea 11 shipping  ore assaying Tihout :-*(��������������� oime';** H'othe  ton' Theci'uc-'iilratnigore is also of  ,1 good grail.'- .Assessment woik ���������*  now heiiig'doneon 1 hi-s proferty.  (Illlll   .. -  HilVDt'..  C(i|)i)(,r .    -  Lo.i 1   . ...  Total. .   '-  .. .? .M.'.i;r<  .    J.Ki.K'.S  ijii.iVi  .   .       ������������������Tl.'ifd  ...S-2..VVi,ir2.������  i.-'.;om Tin? jri.vi.vt;. un::.)������u������.  Hi:vki.stoki*>-  '  An Old Timer Talks., -  G. F. .Montgomery, who rejiiceiit.-* a  <hea'vy eonijia.iy of San Fran.���������!*(���������.) capitalists and" who returned from .1 Jiros-  pectingt.'ipin tin* Big Bend, Tuesdav,  i^one of those interesting people, now  uu-t so selil.1.11, kno'.vy as pioiieers  (>I. ",,.,-d ,ol,l li.ii.i-s." He li.**t sl.-.ite.l  hi; niiuiiigexi.e.'iei.ceyat Alder. Culch  i���������',i2, then Y.I SJaliiK,,!. Kiver m 01.  which was one of-Jhe e.irlie*tg<.ld (inds  uiis uiiini i* ,   -  .             .    , ,.                 ,   ,                         - ... ,w .me ol-ilhe ear ii'sl-irnM  inns  Basinvvl.e. ehe ha* heen doing   as*e- Ul.VKUSTllKlt__       ,         ,       | ^h" '^"i,    , ,   ,v lk,l ��������� U>   Wl.iU-  Illt.;lt work on the Oh* Bull and O.O.D.,                    17-tioide��������� Curry,   3.   )\ . H.ih-    '" D. C.      Ie >������ * "   ' lr    "      ..,,,���������-,��������� T,5,  ;,1ougi,lglohi,,,se,f:BigB;md   Belh*.        ^   ���������       ^ ,   ,. ^.J^n n^.  J.    I),  Graham;    loUu-n     HI.    U   I>.          .          ]7���������0i-phan , Boy    J.   \v . Has-    t _                                   (^                  ^  H.ni.e:a.idO.K.. <J. L.ud.uark. _                  |;i���������s. located Any. 11. K' ��������������� ��������� 'n  ;"    '    ,                          ���������     ()(. , h;ll  The Ole Bull lead is now Tour feet  w.deaild tin* flee ������.ilil may he seen  i��������� Uiei(ii'-U,in thec.lt with the naked  ,.DV(. Oils has a 20 foot, shaft down on  ' t,',is claim and will work it' all winter  going down to 75 fiel. 11 is ���������<��������� '������ag-  nilicenl jirojjerty.  The 0.0.0. lead,   wh'.cll   lies   on   lh<*  u*d-t, of the Ole Bull. ;s..,l,.���������.trH inches  .viideaadao ope.. OU   iSl.eL   deep   has  Jh-cII   jhil   ill   Hei-. S-h.'-������.,.������   ������'���������������'���������' "������1,1  'withoi.(a glass.    The. .e*$  leads  on  111,- C.O-b. elaiii'. -  -The Big Betid Be'de. owned    hy .1. 0.  (ir.-.ha....'Nliu*''<'**'t"*'''l.v":t"M" ,"'���������  ���������the Ole ljull. .i-k! ������l������i' Ooldeti If ill. he-  j,,,,^!!-, to V. \i. Ilmi.e. lies Mo tn-  A,..'t'.;. i.n the same lead. P...U. dam.,  .111.l,..,!.i,W up well and uitli mo. e  wi,rk  vv.dl heco.ne valuaine.  heen ordeied for the   Comma ider  ami  Lily May proju-i lies. ,  A*s',iVs fio-ii the three   foul, ore  lead  SLOGAN*.  Bleveii men .-ue now employed on  the Gui'i'ie. * <   '  Ore'lia-* lieen struck again on the  I<]nt,;r|iii-eand the ledge is ' widening  and improving. ,  A'recent incorporation to woiktlH'  Phoenix claim on t.he Xorlh.Ko.k of  Oarpeiitei Cieek is thV Phoenix Consolidated   Co.   with    !j,7.'ViW)l   ciipil.il  stock.    ' .  '  A rich'strike has heen, nia'de on t.he  Oregon (Jily, Te:i Mile ('reek. They  have a ledge of four feet.wil I) t wo and  a half feet of mineiMl  The Canyon Wants a Post Office.  Tin* new'goverh t u-,1!   soon have  ,,,> opportunity in th-   m*dl   service   of  B.'C. 10 shew its good intentions lo the  X^ivsfio'ii.he.hi'ee   ,00.. ore ,e,.u    people  of   .his   province.     One    ,d.,ce  ,..; ,he'.).,i,i,le .Sta-.idard give ^15 to A'JU I vvh..,'- lh<* necessity oi .���������... olhc   ,s I,,,   -  id am   ,.,,���������. iive p-r ce���������. cop,,*,,    W felt is a.  Alherl Canyon on the .. a n  "^ ' lilK. oftheC, P.ll., not larlroi.i Illecille  waet.    This'vvill  pro'.ialily he 11 |ilace ol  iilliXiit nice it ithecoinestheoullet.-Uld  trade siipplvjioint   for  the  propel ties  11(,w located and   woi ked   on the north  (WU of   the   lllecillevyaet.    There.area  miniheror   niineis  and  prospectors at  work heteandit is a hardship on these  ���������u.n lo I,e'deprived   of,a service   when  u^ulai  mail'tiainsjiass thei.lacetw.ee  daily.    At   present  the   mail    husiiiess  (���������;'������������������ ,\r from   Alhert  Canyon  is all done  at, Illecillewaet. which is(i miles distant.'  When    the     new    Post n.aster-Oeneral  .^eis down to husiiiess  and   looks   into  the mail facilities of B.C., the  ahsence  of an ..Wee  at  Alhert.  Canyon   should  he leniedied. ' ,  jor.DAN  1'AS.s.  Itei-hlvcV   K.i-hv    are   down   again  f.-oni 'the Wild Coose bl'oup.    They are  d.a.ig  iheir  assessment    work   on   the  Wild (ioo.se and are  now   down' ahoul.  .(()   feeP altogether.     The  01.'   hodv   is  'iuiprov ing with depth   .-hewing  a   fine  steely   iraletia uwith   some   cai honates.  They'al-so   nii������le   another   location   nl  -1(.avv   euhe   n.il-im   Hi������L   l'������'l.s   la.ily  ��������� rood".    There are six locations on  their  main lead with sti ong mineral on three  t,i   them.    They   iulcnd   to   prove   Mi-  Wil-Ki a se ])/op."i'tv I" tne   very   hesi  ,  Y,,',,,,*���������-means anil are   confident   l.hey  will make it a valualile thing.     .  fliOi;'l* l.AICK.  Thi'i-esilll of the visit  of   the   Silver  C,,,]) peoj.leisth.it, another tunnel is to  l.csuiled atom*.'.    Monroe,   the   lor -  ma,, is now 1.11   tire   g>'-u,.d   l('   (ll"'H'  ler, located  .Inly 2i.  17--tli'in.' .J. A/Smith,   located  Aug- I-  17-.Iorda.i,   T.   Home,  located  '    '   Aug. I.  -jO-Hoseh-ry, Oils I.uud. located Aug. I. '  li;__C,,i*ih(io.OI(l'iteli.ihle, Pdack  Oiamond, located Aug. (5, and  'Iron King,   located   Ami.   1������.  J. C. .Moi'.tgoiueiV and   K. M.  Bolll'he.  ,     (���������������������������-.li.ini-'tuATtfi* or-' woirK.  Aug. I I - Bevel ,t.,ke. P. Chirinan.  ^  "   l.-|--I5o;!,iii'/.a   King.dr-   Venn-;.  l.-,--Aluc Chas. S. Vounvr.  j.-,���������Vancouver, .) ��������� W. ila*kin**.  l.V- (iloce.slcr, Cha*. A. Lett.  1-,-Crowii Point,C.\Vie.:-'.deii  l.-,--l,.*isl  Ch.-uce.   .1. 11. Boar.  IT--Wild  (.'on.se, .1. iteighlev.  1    17-  (Jh.i'-e  1K--0.1C. C. lJ'iidm.n'l<-  1^,-Ole Ball, Oils Lund.  TS--C0D,  Intension*  nl'^  lime.- SI.   Lauri'r.c.'.  h't. Louis and Cohinihia.  l.KASICri  lUiAX'rCT.  Mi*.i:h Cieek--Burl La'ne and D. C-  tliili-i.ie.o.a-hairmd-  Y.'-eU dtg^mg-  Camj.Oivek-lL K. Howard, one-  half mileerees digging.  Camp Cr,A--.M.iri< Hyatt. o:u-  (pLi'rlcr mile creek diggings- ,  Cold SI,icam-K'''.Ymoiid    Al ,    w������  icu"- hench. , '  TlJ'll'T   1.AK''-  \ug. 12--Ogant������, Ole Arvog.     -  111���������SilverBi lloiii.N McXadd-n  '   i;j.   Silver Reef. Bhil .M'O.maid  . "X���������Iron Mask.   Henry   (irdiilh  >' l-i-Hed Hack, ���������) 0 Kirl.palfitk  '    j:t-Silver llewani, 0 I) .'!o,.i  uiecca of llioa- day, in lhe f.������H ������'  <h;lL,|      A fllllI. ,'(,ot vein running %2o \',\   g"hl  vea'r.   in the sp, ing of'fkJ.,lie made the , _iji(]   yl7   nwu.^   ������������������,   ^jvei-   li.*i������    heen  first Hip on tlie Fotlyiiiue inlnllie Big i J(K..l!(l(l .,,, Aill,.W(,,.t.h.  Bentl  and   followed  dicr   fortunes   tor  four trips- lie then prospected all  through the lilts B.-I..1 a.ul Oanoe  .liver till the tall of 07, when the  ,.v.';(e..ientSat Perry Creel; (Levy liim  '1,1,11 her. ' hVo"- I-Vrry Creek h- w-nt  l���������, Cedar' C"*ek, BM..iit.i:ra. ihcn to  .White Pin-', Ari'/.ona. in spring ol \M,  ha.-k.to Walla-Walla in '71. and on to  tli.-P.'.-ice Ri\,ei .'..cilcmeiil in Omineca.  !,', Omi .ei.. h'e staid 7   yeac*,   -.yorking  II is stated that l.h"i*e will he no h'.-s  tiian ,->t) shipping mines in tin; Slocan  I'm.-, sca-on.  c;j.;nichai.  J. A. C. Has Been Here.   .  The  'Eastern   pape. s   that   have' so  'lnn.r heen asleep iui.T, in , ignoi ance   of  the'richer   ot ' B. C,   hut   wiiose   eyes  have heen opened liy-J \r\������o advertise-  ,,   '   p,.i    ,���������,.���������(s'of   its   mining   eoTi.panies    are    bqiteiii'ier Jih.  Woikisjif ,'un hi.;*! onto ������;'J| ^,,S1M|;i|1!s tW f.-OHl. kindled' Zeal  Mom.lain . at 1 road,   wnic.i,   -   >-  ->    ��������� ,     -,        ,'        ,     sciidingMHit   conuv  willre.,,hi:..ssl.,!,.10c.ol,erlst. V^ol,    I..    w.i.������   us   up.      1 l������.o   is  The new I'urti.ice- ..f the Tiad s.neller j l^^^   ^    |)U('ldiiig    S.ilii    who   signs  The Iii st session of th- eighth jiarlia-,  ������������������.,,(,  of    Canada     njiened   Tlnusday  al'ternooii vvith   the   usual   cci-emoiiies.  T!(,. Speech l'i 01.1 thcTlu one aft-r sl.it- '  i���������<r the le.-icoii for calling the |[ou.*e Uj  l,t."lic necessity of  making   iimviMOiis ���������  for I In*   |)iihlier service, g'..e>  on   to say      ^  'tha't the operation of   lhe  Ml itf will '���������������  m.-ule   the  suhject of   cai-ful   inquiry,   ,  and that iuunediate sLe|.s will he l.*tkeli  to   ell'ecl 11   settlement"   (d    the   .school  quest ion. , '  ' Si. 0has.>Tiii>jW 1ns-ked that the de-  hate on the address he defei red until  m������������������day, In which , ^reinier LmiiiM*  consented.  J. DY'Kdgar   was   elected   S|>eaker of '  of I he Common* without oppos'iLiim, ,011     ,  Weilnesday.'  It is said in well-informed circles that  a hasis   of, selLlemeiit   of-the' school  question has already been agreed ujum.  Tlie. Conservatives are puttin" up   a  ���������neat Ihdit against   Hon.  'Mr.   Patter-',  somil. North'(i'lt.y.     The poll   will    lie  taken on tho   25tii.     Hon.   Mr.- Blair'  in Queen, and Sunbury will he an^ ea-sy ,  winner. r  ,\\\ D.'Balfour, tlie newly apjKiiuted  Provincial Secretary of^Ontario, died iu  the Piiiliiiment, buildings at G o'clock-  Wednesday.  Laid  Chief   Justice   Russell   is"'expected to visit Toronto'.       n" ,   ������  ' < (Jaiidaur nnd Stanbury are iiiuLcIi.hI  U,   *iow    for     the    world's - sculling  ������liaiiipinnshin at, London, England,  on  , i)|>i-i.ilioiis.  KreighL   hauiing   is   now     reported  Jieavy ovei'   the   Thoniso.'.-T* out' La. e.  1 road.  A laru'e nuiilher of stra'ig* ������, even as  .,,iiany a* J()oi-'l5, aie eoniing   i'i   every  day.'  Tin- Badshot has a team of hor-es  drawing liiinbi-i". Mrjiplii".. .-mil ������'������������������������  .sa'cks. gi'tringall iu le.-idiness tot* making shipuiciits.  KiiuvvlcsA: I'ergnsoii have^uow two  Jeeti'f good cleai; ore in sight on their  ,���������.��������������� Ilml. I" which lour c.v:le..sio..s  have heen slaked.  The Iloriie Payne oiillil   are   piiltiug  ni. I cabin*,.hi the claims I hev recent lv  biiiuled.    About 12 01  15 men vvill piob-  ���������    ably be working Ibis week.  Vawkev, ol* lhe Slocan miiccnl.'ator,  was much impiessed with pro*|������ecls of  the Black Prince claiiu and may open  it up (his fall. II.' i- hiivinj,' the assess nl   done  on   lh������'  I'ivi-  Coim.g-,  .Silver Doll.*..', .-.nd Alice Murphy, lie  .sj.eaks higl.lv olTroUtLakecai.il. and  .says it vvill si..ni di.'iwii large amount  of public attention.  Theti mile hill on lhe ������"��������������������������� ^<"1-  trail is being li.-.cd up.'Hid mail-a g"d  jut. ol. The sleep hill on Hi"* Tiout  Lake wagon road i** fils" heing   graded  oil.  The camp i- full of "go* and men 1 his  M.;i*oii. The good Ibid* a I - so lllliu.'l ou*  tlul every old loc.tioii ill the eiiiup i*  being iccovered.  at Klate Cri'el; and ol liei  bu d'.iesse.s  He'is r'aoidiai 'wilh- i*very -loot- of  ..,���������..,at in On* IiiK ���������Ui-'iil. -������������-l. ������������������'���������- Vs  navel* imbcale, i* ������Imi prel I y r.-iiiiin.ir  with most ol B.C. iLehasialelybeen  ������������������������������������_.��������� iv'ossi.ind iii.d s.>y������ I i.i* u;,per  (oiiiilrv 111 iheDcnd ������.dl.iMl.i!iytninu'  i,1Mj;h;,v.!.<'iiop."..e.!l*.!..     I'I lhe early  d,v. it  was,,lien  leui.nked   I.e.    olhe.s,  ���������is well as him-ell lhal  n"   wheie   were  ,he.-e .siicl.l.'d^.'.s as i.i   the   Bend,   hut  ���������,, lhal lii.ieqi.ait/ was mil looked lor.  The.ll.i., ini'H'1'..l h.'ll .111. be followed.  h(.    d'.'cla..'*.    op    the    Be.ld    I Ighi     U������  M.iska a-ul iMW.rh greater,and   pro.)-  .,liL- richer in i.iinei'.il  I him   the   low."'  Cou'.ll.V.   "    I..deed    ���������'.     W.i-    .-dll.ost      I.  p.ovein    will!    ..Id.timer-   lh.it.   -Mi***  furl i.er .....'lb  > ou   nmm.I   the   kwhoi   it  T ���������      ~ r  Be had often  wanted l.) get   back    to,  the Bend lolo-d; up I he great   lead-   ol  uu.-.i-l/. that be'bad seen there in   (KJ-di,  ,mli|llll i.n   tlsis   vear   had   the   opp.,1-  ,.,lllilv presented i.seh.    The   1 ompauy  he ������n.v,i.'l Willi had asked   him   lo   look  ..i-tiiuid n> the Bend. ...alas., result   lie  |lll(| l.iciit. d   four  il.iini-  "i.   Kev'-sK-ne  Moil..lain iie.U   1lifi.vek11flh.il    name  ai.d Five Mde free.;.    T.ie h'.id.s   were  ]���������!���������Silver licwi.r... w w ......      1 illim|l..l}... j.)  .,,/e   a.id   could   he   ti.iceil  ll-   iron Mo.lnl.-ii...   TK.lmne    ^^^     ^^^    .y^o   ,,i    (,),,.   pn,peit.es  1 I  -Black Cloud. M .Mat.ie-.oii        ���������,.,.,.������������������],..,���������, one was a g.,1,1 u'.i.irt/..ind  oiieanasb.'siosof a gie.il widlii. His  samples lullv bore o,,t hi* 1 em.ir.xs,  and,'he added, ll they were accept -ible  iuh'-.-i'ieoplean "Xpe.l would he heie  ',���������. SeptMllher l-l 10 ex.-iniiue them,  aud probably work Would loilow il  not  too late.  ,       Hi*   people,    -aid    Mi.    Melilgolliery.  I ���������.,. 01 airaid lo gel iu ami put boat*  '  ,,��������� ti,e rivet' to gel   o'.l,    I I."   o| e    il    I...-  pi-npellies 1111,1 Ulll    la .'or.ll.le.  Speaking       riboul        11 .ui-l-.i-lnl ion.  ire ll',w* in place.  A Mr.   Mc.-Vil.hui,   of   PvOs*l,i!i''i.  huns'elrd- A. C. (K-VSA being  u'nde'*-  ..    ��������� ������ 1 l _ .     "<!.,������        1 In 1 /_  '������" j sio,,d) says of Bevylstoke in the   JW-  stirted  a   peiilion'  f> - t he   Domini.m'j [:lUl),n. .-' _ ,    -  'CoM',-,.me;,l' piavi-'ig f'" "he. ^'" \ ������������������'\Ve. ai. i ved at BevcKtoke in the  ..,,.,,,.:,,;, ��������������������������� l'i,,, ('...������", Not lJ.---.!llfleiI,;,������������������, and u hotter and more  1(iut(.' ,'       ��������� , Idusivpl.aeh would,!,.'  h.ud   to    tnd.  ,.,���������,     j-,,,,.,     s-���������.eller    has    el���������s,,iJ K<.v .'.Istoki: .s a iM.mt on Uie line oh-lhe  .....    acl^bhtheNhkelPlatcC, :,    (Ja l.-.n     V.^o ,1^    has   achieved  Poh,,   u,U lit: K.  ,���������in"s  ot   Wos*!.,^! | ..otoiidy ,l.i,fly -nig to   tne.   rise, -d  ��������� "���������*  ,~ ,  it, nine!) tower figures 1[ h.iii'ever quoi.ed  for Ti aiLCreel: ores. ,  Frank Anderson issni.m   C. Murpln  for   aiY  eighth    interest    in    the   T..o  F.'iond.s.  The   Sa.ido.i    walerwoiks   are   now  couiplelcl a cost (.fyS.lKrl.     It   i������   th  11. HO,   ,1    I   J      s  -. ���������        ,        I,  n.Mi.isi.l, ,.s .H is the place vviiere  .."oods aie li.r.isliiiiju'd from tlie main  Hue down the C.liniLi.L liver to Trad  ' ui.l Kooleiiav with its hundred milling  'can?'.-'. It is a small I \ pica! , mining  {own,' (he hollies b.nlt o! pirn* Iv.uids,  ,-u. I theie is an an   of   newness   about  A bill is to be .submitted to the.  Oi in.ni' teieh.stag domaii.liiig from  100,000,000 Ui 150,000,000 marks for  naval purposes.  A German dispatch nays.that Chancel l.'n* Hohenlohe has resigned but-that  the Kinperor is urging liiiit to remain  till after,the Czar's visit.     ' ������  complete at a cost of .^S,!):)').    It  is   th*'   <t|lt. .,l,v<-t- I li lI  is'dfpiessing."  int.eiili.ni ol  the .o.nii.iny   to  *dso   |>u: \\'h,a   ,1   ,jokc-!     W.ial    a.    verdant  in a.i e!ecl,iic,'ligl'.l s.Vjsle.n. lo.ikin"-   MHitli    Yl'.is   must    have   been,  II- Tiuuip. B B Borne  ]|--Stlvei Tip. (! !{ N-'-de  ll-Sunshiiie, \V K Bo--  II- Bui I e, Tho* F. I lol lie  17- Coon, Fi'iiisk Tic.inor.,  lS-lii'vaii. Louis 11 la gg  IS -Sewall.   Farle W Jetiuei*  IS    Maid (if lOrin.  M Hay.-,  IS-   Danker, Selkirk, -las !)i'<0li|  and A McCilli*. ra.v  Corral!2d In Ten Days.  Messrs. Moore .\nA O'Brien, wilh  whom we, ,* placed .7,),0,):) *!., 1 res, if tire  Noble Five Consolidated sl".'k: dosed  ,'hcir books last Tuesday, the whole  block. With Ihe excel,! ion of a lew  shares, having I cm I'd.en hy Ka-lo  people in exactly liVe divs. All went  iu small lots, 2')!)!) -li.it"-. being the  large*! block s.,.1,1. yet many \\ere dis-  anpoiul.'d. O.deis for . bout 10.(M>.>  shares.c.'iine in  "after   the   suh.-cr'.pl 10:1  hooks hail he.''!! i*lo������ed.    The ligure  on    ^^   ,,���������, j,,,..,! holdings has aheady gone up.    (.(in (.t.(, t)Ml,Mt is ���������'ilepi i-v-Mug '   to nne  Forty cents was refu*e,l on a thousand j ( i.,.,di<-l,  tliein.  and win. was il lV������k advantage  ot  lus  ve'dancv to give liim this story/!  Tilling!, lic-volsloke is dusty enough  at time" it. isn't in i''with other places  in B.C., ...i* foi that 111.Uler in putaiio.  Bui lhe joke of l!"1 li'i'^ is 1!1C  ������������������depf's-iiiiu"' air of new,less about trie  place "l!i'i I'���������'''> iU'ldew'd notoi ii'tv  chie'ly owing to theo'ise of   Bossl.ind.  Sm'ely this lising young join nalistic  star nni'-.l have wo.-n /iiu ������������������-���������/.*" to a;-  ,���������.,��������� ,lisi..iguMi'-d.������ but whujh must  Live ii.ju.e.l his sight s> "urioiisly has  )���������. viewed things. As lot his cn-  elusiotis Ihev   aie   so   far   fiom" Immiii  shares the other day .i.ud inanv decl.u  ,liey will not sell beloY. par. so great  i* tiie ...pTidelKc i.' lhe properly. Not  ,, sh-irei* left of the lajtl.lU) I r. .iMiry  slo.-k -Hid the holding- of Hie llie.il-  por.ilor.scaiil.ot he -old lor one ye.u.  I\u,j/riiii in 11.  Local and Personal Briefs.   *  Mr. fcniith is aboii't to  build   a   tvy.i  stuiey   residence   next* to \V. J. Lee's. , '  The lumber is 011 the ground.  Charlie Wilson was down with tlie  general complaint of the season but i.s  g"tliug around again.  Services at usual hours.,morning and  evening, in the Methodist churih lo-  mon-ovv.'     Bev. J. A.  Wood, pastor.  A small lire on Wednesday eveniug  iKxasloningsoine excitement was ex-  t'iiigiiished in a few  minutes.  Mr. Cassell' was in town Monday oil ^  his way back to Alaska. - J lis bond 011 (  t.lie. True Fissure i*-1 oil".  "A good cigar is lhe ideal of a smokers  enjoyment, buy a Kamloops one and '  viiu vvill smoke no other.  , K,ed Whitney, late steward of the  Nakusp, i.s novv'eiigaged by the Omalia  Cr.'i'id Smeller and is iooking iuU#  pioperties I'or them.  Tiie funeral of little Certie S^onnelly,  vv Inch occin red on Wednesday .evening, was I.n gely attended liy friends of  tlie sin rowing parents.  IS    Huron, 1 -" 1 --111 !���������  Ti-e,,..i,r  p.;    Larde.-iii.   .1  W Liv ingsi.-in  ������ ASr.l-.sSMK^'i'.s.    I M'������������������iLM,iiery.s.'.Hl   ih.it   Hi"  I'o.tynine  ,\d<r. W  .H.-.nni'ckhi.i'ii,  P Meponald '. ^^ ;| w ()|, ,(7 ,,������������������   I������-...t_   (!5   h.p..   ."l.d  |.-:   .lei.iiie Lb:d. Ole At v  ly   sini-ddii!', j  l.-i--Black K.lgie.   0. .lacob-oli.  IS   Sunset.  |s'    In.n lb,i-e.  Chii-. 0:-on.  Tra.isl'e.--A..g IS    Tims.   Tavlor   le  j|..j. and A. M.Siewari,   lull   mieie*t  in Tuscan.'  Ore Shipments via Revelstoke.  For week ending Aug- 1 '���������  A Follower ol' Dean SWifi.  Ld coiitiadict  tliein.  '   Hevelsloke, yiung Ml', rf ������1*������.    ������������������������-*���������   :1  town of some iiiip./ilam-e beloie   ilteie  wa* suc'.i a place as   I! 'ssl.iud,   and   11  achieved noturiihy from its capita! and ^.^    phjUij^AVoollev,    Provincial  ,.,.���������! ,.,d pisilioti h.i* lundliu*; the H l,Ui '(-(,u.lliment Health Inspector, was iu  ,,l* this gie.it di-,liicl. It is "ol.de- u^ Mondav looking into saniury  pH-'-siitglv    new,    bill    has   sle.id.ly    ll  slow I v grown l;n*  neatly   *    \.'.i"s       It   n'l.aliided bv mineral lield* null   I"  ,1-ait siie wa*, idled up In,- rapids by  a  i hande.ip-lan.    Ti av u.il i���������i, ol    li.e  I (.'olumbia   is   ,11.   ea-y   enough   I...II..-I'.  ; Sli|1 i,,., |,v pui Ting on i.m. IihI'I  j p.aught boals with sulllcieiil power.  j one below and   one   aho.'e   the   ''''l"d*.  Theiivei    is   not  a   \r\'y     '   ,lll!'   '"  , ur.ig.ilc and if -(.'in* impi oveiuetits  w-er^liiade in 1 he channel and a poit-  a ���������. road over   the   rapids   li.e    whole  ca.nlrv.eve'i  up  Ca    Hi*-'    wU"'\  ��������� ^        .       ,  was navigable lor ovei .71  mile*',   eoitld  Slocan Sliin*, lMlteii*. v aim-$11."(')'���������-���������'���������. 1 ,���������. (,peiu*d up  shipped to Omaha. j    Idaho. 10 lo:,s,   value   SlKX������.   shtpi.-dj  lo Ouiaho. I  For week ctnliiiiT AoiX. 2s.  -   -                         ,              ��������� ,|. 1 .-11111U ami gi.'^'l, ������������'**���������������������������'   '"I'I'",1  Thewillvohl   D'*."������   "f    Hu'.llillkl.ew     -u    liA^ .   :       ....I !,  more, and told il.   of   He   Art  ol  Conversation    than     uiosl     people.       M,'*.  The    first     I:i!1iiii4    ������'     l!l,lls    "l"\  \ sLui'ditY'i'    I10i.se.     which     is   situate,  , about  ),   mile   otll    on   th'*   Bin    .-end  Slocan Star, 120  toils,    value   $'\M, , ^^.^ x'i  ph.ee Tuesdav.  Woithiiigion is hi- moder.i.iposlle.iii,,  seeks to   impress   upon   Ih-   people   ( I  Ihi* .������������������eiier.ilion lhe ile-d of cilliivali ij.  thismosl .'.j-ree'ihlf.   ol  all art*, foi '"'i  it is.    Mrs., WoMhmgl'.n   will   lecnii-  ou    "The   An    of    Ceivcrs.il.u'i,"   11  Bonnie'.-* Hall on Thur-day  in-xl.    .''"  ,..,-e.'V.',iieiiilere.|ed in Ihi- mo .1 eni 'l-  taiiiing and insl rucli ve  subj el, slioil'ii  ,,11,��������� i���������l.    Tin- I.m.I m'���������   '-   ilhislcled   by  aiiecdolesand c'haraci.'r  skelelie-  al d  Is   l'i,11   of ..pathos  and   liunioi*   vivid y  desciibed   bv   a   cull 1.red    elocl.l iolli*!  Bourne's Hall, Thur-day. AnguM -''���������  A Smooth Swindle.  "A ..ri.iter giving Iheuaui.'of How,  I,..,,! and asbeotos, and n, on Hie 1 lin-s.i-  ,,1,| of a minimi excitement that will  ���������,,,!<.. voui ciipal.leinlelhgeliceslag-er.  It is ii..), liuill .dl.fgethei'ol" pli.ebofil.ls  of the. primitixe kind w Inch y.ai  Mi ..rest, bill I).is good tesid.'liees and  .omfo.l.ible. holels whe.e -'geul lei.'..  ,uav be hospilablv rcL'.'iM'd   who   wish  to know so ilimg aboul'lhe place.  Such nn.ilie   and   ii responsible   ml:  daubers,is this, who tiie, l<-   be   wittv  HUM    I   lllliv   1 - ��������� -      " 1  town   Monday   looking into   sanitary  inatteis.  If vou want a cool, sweet,   and   last  i���������g sin-ike try a 10 eet.t package oi  TOYS'K A Smoking Mixture, lie. sure,  you get genuine. u   o  Mr. Coepel, "iivci-iiiiient auditor,  was in town vi'sterday and went over  the Imuks of this ollice, needless to say  he found them all right. II- proceeded today to Donald and Golden.  Church of England services: Moni-  'jug pia\er, 10-..40 a.m.; confirmation  and holv communion  11 am.;   evening   ,  y,   Sl....   p������,'|  tons,    value   V'-'. I <���������>, > , ,.,���������������!, 1.  place   I uesil.iv. - A pn.iter giv ing 1 ue ........ *   sl'p otbuahl X    U       has   it    that    s ^    -"but   who    ,,    , g'M    to   be   anotner  Laho.2...o,���������   wdU'*   S27.P.   dipped     M),)|llicd .aho���������t    p'l.tin.     -MIH   ....     .,���������iuswl,o,T-7es���������   ,'   d  toO.iiaha. i tlieCoiumbia   i.,..   -,,*    V^J^    ^      , '.^      v7.,-  .       n     "    ��������� -���������  diuhci-sas ibis, who tiie, Lo  be   wittv    ;lil(| |)(,iv commuiiion  11 iliii.;   e^en iijj  ,;  ,l1('. expense,,!  ti'.Uh   .r.icl    .1    towns .,.,.   .���������    7.:{0    p.m.       His    Lordship  '.epiilili Y.oght I-' be kept   at   Imn.e | ,,���������;',>;,.���������,,,   uf   the    diocese    of    New  by ,,, reputable   p.ij.i'.r   lil<1'    (ll('   J/"(/" 1 Wesl.i.insler   will    preach   both  morn-  i.V.     :.,. 1.11, :.ud even 11 '.  li in l>'u  A day pigeon shoot is lo b ^ of  ll,,'. atiMclions at the Kamloop-. Fall  Kxhib.I ion. Tli<! geier.d commit t<*<  ,)1(ip.)M.  to   donale   S100   if   Ih-   ciub  . ' . I I.I       ......, r.      ',  ing and even'ii '���������  Jules Perrin is pln'iiting the Mau-  hudding a most -ihereal blue. Kvery-  oue savs ir, looks heavenly. It yon  ,v..nt an artist ie piece of decorative,  work done give dule> ^ call as he's   an  Me.nl Qtioiiitions.  I.AieiiKM". (  The   two  romp,...'.-*    Ih.    Kootenay j Nevv York. Aug   '-<  Cold. Silve,  .....I Copiiei',....dlhe K00I-. ...r ���������*��������� ^' ���������       ������������������  Lv   Cnsolid.i.cd     v.hieh   have    bee.,' ������"|'F'   ^!".V       '  ���������,���������.;.uiug on   Sable   Cieek,   h.ixe   ������"������'! L"',,J  CiC.  .-H*  !���������>.  *   2 tin.  1        .I.'.k   S i-  i,..lu..;.>  pi'l'-ne-l  l'"1'  . , - . 1 !      I. 1 11,1 s     ft  teaiiini..'  an<    haii.1"  kinds   ai  Vai.ci.uvei,      has     worked    upon    ������������������'  ,  1-ot   i'oill  '''"I"11 ,il"'S   "''.  Iheoliie,   -Ideol  11," hie* ' "d    ���������"��������� !  ,vcl   S''..(i:iO.      H"   ...pi-.-s.-i.lel   lhal    h  ,.,,,,,111-  .UK    hail,log    o,    .. ���������    ������       ���������������������������������������������   ������������������  .' . .lam.*     0,'i,... I.     '."*���������    ������������������"  .I,.,, test i-.tiee.    ;   ..'-���������"   >'"    h.,d   se 1   -hi....!"    - ���������;��������� ������������������ |mji., ���������licil Tll, ���������,,_,       ��������� I " ml.'.   B.".,)*lo',.,   ...id.o,    o.-i   ������������������'������������  aises   the   -.une.      It   would    prove   a .^  dewing anracliontovidtorsftom   all '      J)ls FAIR ���������At .,���������. Joe's  "V,M'11" '"""'      , ,���������     Tllc.Jp,i;.|���������r.   For gents who want, a shaving,  Some   ;)o������������������g g*n.,len,e, - ,   ha.iipi.oiiigm' sea foam, hot and   col.  day n.,h. ��������� ie verve.,,)'' nd       -        .^ ,   tnh^()i ,���������,,., and ciga.eUes   of  111 nil'.i.iiing Hi'' ('..in 'ha! !'<> ' .     . contectiouurv,  ���������>������> -���������;���������";��������� r XX:rSi       ,i"!- l-^i-;-' ������������ ,^  (|(lh.      h     |,.ls   he,,,     deliud     mm.  **! - ,,        ,       j.   a,   Mowus.  , ,'l,e (.'..luinbia    Holel.     J. A. MOHCAX-  w int.-i   vv ood. PA OK t
i'PHIJSilK!'  KVK'.'Y H.'.Tl'llHAV ,
-5I1Y-    '
' .\TI-:i\"S A: S.MIV '.
J*i-.".i.isiii;i:s wu i'it(U'i:ii:T(.ii;s.
Subscription   Price.   $-2.00    I'er    Annum
'i," sniii'i'i.)  i\   vii. i:cci: ',-�� '
rc>N'i'.;.\cT .vi)\r!.:i:*nsKMi-:\"i*.-*m-fiteii,.t
I Ik 1-.1K- of s-1 .jl' i���'i cliiiiiii in. 1, p.T 111,>nt li
]-\>i-si>.ii-c* of si\ (-0I1111111 indie- in- iivcr  -1
per iiiu'i per inmilli.
Tl.'AN.s-iHNT   .Mn'i:i."i'IS.'-"MJ':v-',T-?   Uh-.    l'ci
lilu.-Iirst in*c 1 lion.',jc. ]n ,'  lim   <_.,. li   s,.|,-v-
(jiiliiI    in-<;itnm.     Tin*   iiiiihIk i-    nf     Inn-*
n. Iv'ii.cil li,i" sjiai.1* (i)-iii|iie.l, li line*   lo   llic
ItKAMJN*:    NOTM'KS   111.:,  tx-r line  e.ieli  in-
si-rlion,   link'*.   <-<.ii|i'.i,J,-<l   lor liy tin-  lull
J OH l*l'IN"i'Z\"(J of uv cry kind nl in,,*! lv.i-tin-
a!,li- r.il--* anil sl>urti'.-.| n.itii.i;.
.\('('()("\T!3   !<n- job   ]ii-jiilmjLi   01'. .ulvurtisiiiK
|i..Mili!c r e tlie Hist ol . vci v ineiilli.
<'Oi.*l:l':.Sp(!S"l)K.\"t Kim  all   niattei's  of local
or p'llilli- iiiieri'sl in\ il, ,1 .mil <-.in.-fnUy i-nn-
��� si.lc-r.-d.    .VI! Ki11.1r1111.i1 .ilioiis |<> iliu  j.'ilitiir
must lie .1, i-oni-i.i'ii, il   liy  tlie  u.inlc  of  I lie
writ<t. ii'il iici.cs*,u-iij I'm- jinlihral ion.   but
iv-: an I'viileiH'c ol tcoo.l I'.ntli,
A.lllliss     r
Uevelstoke, B.C.
 0   __ ' _- ;       _        _1
Till! (piartz develojimeiil of I lie Big
JJ'-nd i.s a' matter of almost vital importance to the people, of (hi.s town.
The riches of   this   great   countrv���as
Telegraphic Work In Russia.
The Kussian Press yives some interest i eg particulars of the vv 01 k done by
Ihe Telegraphic Depart men! dining
I lie Imperial C01 on.il ion at Mi'.scd.v.
\flei- p,-iriiciil.-irising the spe.-ia. I
preparal ion made -to me"t the ex- |
ceptioiial pi'i'viin-, which included (he
employment of all the most skilful
opeiatoi-s throughout '{lt-M.i, and uf
"over KK) iiis|iuineii(s r(S() ^Ior*e, 1
duplex, 2~y liuglie.s. and .*3 Wlu'iiMum*
automatic). I he v\ riler goes 0:1, lo say
Ih.if foreign telegrams weie I i-.m-Jinit-
led as far a
It Will be One of the Wonder* of t lie
Tin' hew metal arch-bridge a I Xiag'.'iia
liolewiirl liv     in     Im
respect*. 'i h<- new hi idge is lo he
hu.l 1 ov er tlii- old suspension s) ruct lire,
vv il limit interrupt ion lo the li-.-itlic 1111
lhe la Iter. The span fion, eed pier In
end pier will be S'O.i'oet. making it the
largest span iu lhe world.
The suspension   hi idge   now    in    use
which has heen faiuili.-ii- to all   visitor.*
' I
\^/   B. McKECHNIE,
RKVKLSTOKH .'.���.: H.C.
'JI'l'lCKiii I!   .-sun oil's Iiimim.- (ik-m ]*r<"-.liyl.'r-
1    i.in I'.'i-.uvhl.    ('ll'-. I>>   Tcli'iilioiH* <n-  'l'i-l<-
Kl-..|ili li'-iiiillilty -i!i   n.lcil  U>.    Olli.'-e   Iioiiis:
'):.',.) In 11 .lim., \:'.V) lo 1 and 7 Io ,S ;..n). ,
it ln*r Berlin or Vienna
without a break, and bv this means j'n I he gi eat natural wonder I'or f.uty
the celeiit.v of (lie various despatches | > ears will be kept,in place unl il Hull)   foreign    newspapers  wa.s   ensured. 1 new arch is i eady, as it   would   he dm
f        - c-     -- f
General Blacksmith & Wood worker
��� -o��� -- >,
Bepairs to \V.-igon.s.    Tools Kluirjienod.
KHOKiXC    A' S.'-I'X'IAI/l'Y.
urge as   111.inv
a" lciiiirdi
,  the north,   and   directly   tributary   to
this place, cannot well,he (liveried.    It,
i.s   rich   in   gold   ledges   and    gravels,
silver, iron,   and   other   minerals,   and
only awaits a cheap*mid ellieient. mode
of transportation   to   come   rapidly   to
the front as the richest portion of  this
���    '-dready * rich      district.      Old      and
practised prospectors, who  have,   years
,-igo trod  every" foot-   of   this   country,'
say 'that' "the    truest,'   biggest' and
richest, leads' iu the province, aie to   he
,     found up  in   the   Bend."    Yet,,   little,
lias  been   done   to   develop   them   for,,
���    .want of transportation, i' This year,   it
i.s said, has, seen more assessments done
than o\er before, mid every thing   that
hasdieen done proves the wealth of the
mineral there.
lii'dit   through 'this   rieh    section
flows one of. the greatest, rivers in   the
extreme    \Vest,    making   .1   highway
without an equal, yet  almost,   entiiely
unused. , This   must   not    be;   ihese
riches must be developed ; (his natural
highw.-iv utilised; this town Jmilt   up.
The gold   quartz   in   this   .section   can
'' lmiid up lievelstoke int-v a. city' much
liigger than Rossland,'for not  only   is
the ipiartz richot, tiie ledges as   strong
kind true,   but.   the   shipping   facilities
are much bet tor and easier.     The'ie   is
a natural-route for'i'i   railway *up   the
Big Bend that would hit a rich mineral
country   for   most,   of   the   way ;   that
would traverse a great a 1 oa   of   suable
land up Canoe l.iver, come out iu 1 ich
Cariboo, and if necessary continue   on
to Alaska.
The total nuii.hcr of woid.s transmitted
in-i'iflui'il fui ;i fortnight, from '.-ritl.C-bO
to Jji0,0!'(). The entei prise of the
Kiigiis.'i and American join ual- at-
Iracled special 'notice. Telegrams of
two or three tbousand words were'
ipiitc comniiiii, and on lhe Coronal ion
day one (id.'gram to the London
Standard colli,lined 10,.*>!,'l vvoids. at a
cost ol over 2,(JiK> Kindles. This vvas
the longest, single,, telegram despatched
during lhe whole of the festivities.
Europe's Standing* Army.   .
The whole of Kurope is liltle heller
thai, a standing camp numbering
millions of armed men, while a , double'
row of frowning ' and opposing fortresses hi i*tles along every frontier.
Our harbours are   stuffed   and   the sea
svvaiins with ironclad navies, to whose
' a
number L am forced Lo admit   Iflnglaud
has heen'ohliged in self-defence to, add
her   modest  quota.     Even   ii:   (he  re-
iiiolest Kast  the  passion   for military
expansion has displayed an unexpected
development."  Intact,   thanks   to  the
telegraph.' the globe itself has   become
a   mere   bundle   of   nerves,   and    (he
slightest disturbance at any   point, ol
the system sends a   portentous   tremor
through its morbidly sensitive surface.
To-day il would sutlice lor any  one  of
half-a-dii/.en     aug,ist    personages <' to
speak above his-brealh or  unwittingly
to raise his little finger, anil,'like,, in   a
heaven   overcharged   with   electricity,
the   existing   condition     of    unstable
equilibrium which   sustains  the   Hum- I the .stupendous character of tin- urid-r-
pean political sysLein  would   he   upset,-,' taking.   Imagine ! he (ask of displacing
and  war,   waged   iu   circiinislaiices i of ! the simplest  r,,n 1   o!'' bridge   wi'lhoiit
greater hori 01  than has   been   hitherto! interrupt ing 1 ra llic, and I hen add about
'possible to construct false woiks over
the Xiagar.ugoi'ge to sustain a structure
of this class.
The span will have a 1 jse of, I.">0 feet
from I he level of the pier* al t in* *'!:e\v-
hack.s lo the center of the ribs at I lu*
crane of I lie an h which point is 170
fi el above low w.-iler. The depth of
the ti us*e- i.s 2t> feci, and t'hey' will fie
l'ri.1 inches a part. 'i'lie hi idge will
carry ode .lour, -l(i feet wide, divided
lohgii udinally into (lire..' parts. On
the middle portion, which is 22, feel, i)
inches wide, will he two trolley tracks.
i'Jacb side of these tracks will oca 1 oa'd-
way for can iages S'feet wide and outride of Ihese.. r.-useil li iiicliosgfrom' the
level of the road way vvill be footpaths-.
The construct inn ni this icuiai'kahle-
span is from plans of lY. L. Buck, engi-
neei of the new li.ist ri ,���<������ bridge between New York and Brooklyn, and
the ,nit hor of Lhe plans by'vvhich the
railroad suspension bridge at Niiigaia!
was replaced by an arched bridge.
The approaching or Hanking spans
vvill lie ]}j(J feel long on the AinerieaiP
^siileaud 210 leet on the, Canadian side.
The total ui'-tal nil tiie new strietuie
will be =. about l,00(l.0!)0,(l(l() pounds,
livery confidence is expressed inoJMr.
Buck'.-* ability ti. e'.irry out his- pl.u s.
The 1 ('placing of tiie railroad bridge by
aiilitbei wiLbiiut ��ui hour's interruption
nl busine.s.s vv.is one ol the engineering
feats of t he decade.
'��� Those vvi.o have not seen (he great
st ruct 111 e at Xiag.ir.i which il is intended lo displace   will   hardlv   leaii/.e
Front Hi reel, Bevelstolce.
1 i '
Haircut, 25c.;, Bath,. 50c; Six Shaving
Tickets for'SI.00.
Gold. Hill Hotel
FRANK  VANDALL, Puoi-rii-tor.
----^-Revel stoke, B.C.���=
Best Table, in Town/ Well Furnished Rooms,
Choicest Wines, liquors and Cigars,
Every thing Strictly". First- Class.
n < i 1
Terms $2 per day.
Kamloops Beer on Draught
Repairing Neatly & Promptly Executed.
n      '       REVELSTOKE. B. C. ��
��iu��iA   HOUSE,
evei stoke, B. O.-������"
V/hoiesale    and   Retail
I?urvevor.sof Hiy;h-class Meats.
All orders in iiur line will he  promptly
attended to.
known to t he experience   of   mankind,
Vocabulary of One Word. '
t" Ij.slliill^icvcr  fori,'.-!,   my   lir:-t    visit
lo .Madrid," s.-iid a woman io   tin
1.00!) p'er cent   lothe  ditliciiliy.    Tliis
ini^I)t eventually envelop   not   ICnrnpe    wilTifive ~oinet hing- of an idea nl',what
.alone hut, iffn, nay, all  the   four, ��� (am-    eoiii'ionis eii'uineet'h and ladldeis.
tiiientt. al, once, >ince in   every   one  o!'j      1 n an imdei taking of t his nalitre  the'
them represent.Hive* and   olVsliools'-.n' I shn-htest ei-n,;; iin^iii he ].,'odiicLive   of
the c.oiilcnding-'iiat.idii.s w.iitld of nece.s- '��� in tin ile disaster.    iOv ei y   nieasitreiueiit
sity   he   h'roii^ht   into  collision. ��� Lord     iniis-l. lie a, curate  to   a   haii*.   hieadlli.
Dnflerin. '' Jivery portion ot 'l lie lji e.u   aivn   imi'.st
perform   its    pai I ii ular   share   ol"  lh('c
ure.-U ciniihiii.-il ion Ilia! will   lie-'one  ol
tin- mar .'els of life -,.. orl|J.
,,  All i li.it is tloiie Vimsl li..  accompli.s^i-
..    ,       ,    , . ("   "w'w I ed i|fiirklv. lor in all'.dr.s of linn   nature
1 ork   Sim    infill.     ** I    was   the   only
ine'inher of  our party   vvl'io   knew   any
Spanihli,  and   1   knew  hut  one   word, I
titat'-one   heiii-.*-   'leclie'- -milK -but   hy  !
means of nest ores we in,inai,ri'd   to   yet
al,,:,yii���lilhreal-fas. was served. Then, ��� ,��� ilk��� ,���,���,,,���,. ���   is   I,,,,,,,,;.,      U(,v,llV
as luck would have il, the, "aid hrouyl.t ���; u, llti|U(l ,,,,���,,. ���f.1Ilv ���������.,. ,.,.',���.    The
my collee without, any milk,   and   ,,1m, , ln,(l^ w|u.n   ,.,���������,;.���._   wl���   iMlIl.ulll
as luck would have it   I' promptly   '"
UR     Stationery     Dcpart-
\J     nieiit  has' been   recently
ctilarg-ed  and   remodelled  and
ycju may now' procure at rcason-
,   '      '.     '   ' '
able prices anything" in the wav
of Suipie and h'ancy Stationery
Largest Hotel in Town,
Centrally Located, Best Accominodaticn,
Free Bus,  Rates $1 pep day.
BROWN, & -cilARK,, Proprietors. '      ���
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars;   I )raug"ht Bc'er always on" tap:
i Q   Upper Arrow Lake, B.01
Under same  Management.
���      ' '       *2-.)l-12 .1
Draught  and   Bottled.    .��� ;
U/s .O,      Q IO'*-'
j lime   is,   indeed,   money,    livery   man
j who can he uLili/.c.l will join the   army
of ciii.st ruction.    Perhaps no   work   ol
recent ye.ii.s lias retjiured,   or   will' yet
, need, moie .skill.d  lahor.    Iu   fact',   in
, ,   , ,      -   , . . , , ...*'��� i he a work of  j'eiiii.s  m   point   or   con-
]ta!.0 people of this pi-ovinw    want , p., the one   vv ord   .,f  Spanish    | i,;lt,   i ^ ���,, ���f.tiotl. Yas    well   as   ,��,!....   ,.r
i road   to   traverse .the   nieal    ikh th. ! knew, and which i.f ail vvoi-ds   wa.s  tin-   (.,!,,tl(111_
| one   most    wanted    at    that   -inuineiil. '
point,   oi    con-
~T71        T! II i     T-��       ,       ll
f it ilj'i-'ls'i'ii/ Hi iii ia.-JliUiI  .(
. . bfJiUnM '...j,
evelstoke Station,' B.C.
'Hi ��1>I Jd     EL 'I \J t vW J��
,'     -       H.�� A.- HROVVN, "Pkoi-kiktok. ' '
Revelstoke Sta-tdoii, E.G.; -
_^  ^ ^ | ti ^ Ci
o o (i ii ti ci o o n (i (i a  n ii  o  'i it ti n (i o o ii o u
Strictly" First-Class, and Conveniently Situated
Between Railroad Station and
Steamboat Landing. "
D    T,ADp|M.ft$
here is the  roiife that   ofl'ers   itself   a*,
more feasible and   ])racticaliie   than   a'ueie   nf   ,\o\'   avail
<lozen J.ritish Pacifies.
ids time neit hei   iri-stuii'   -icr   v, llimj
'i'lie woi k i.f prep,ii iujr   ihe   material
for   tile    f4re.1L   -'uii'liih'   has    heel)   in
'.    at    last,     in
i  j, ��� i-i ��� , " I'lP'-Tl ess lol- si i-ne tl.ne, .is   it t c can   he
I nc-peratilii:i.   I  s,.[-/e(l a   pn-ee   -of    pa pel-     '
,                '..'    ...                   .      ...,,,i   .    ;,   ,., i    I     ',.               .             ~ .���icci.mplished tn ail   enterprise   of   this
As a prchni'.ii'irv in opening tip   t.he    ���'��'' ���' peii'-n and di .-w  a   pu-tm,"   or  a .,         *,..'.
*                           ���                   ..,,,,-      i\'i,   ,   ,,,,   ,, , ,            - , ���             ... ii.dtiii' until t ii- nrelminiarie-are coin-
j.t.. ;.���t. ;., ,1... lii.i.rl i., in ,!-,. 11,,.,..   i,.t/.    row.     vv Hereupon t ;,e in,in t: miir-i leu       ,   . .
claims in the bend to iiiaivc them   into    .,,,,,,.,,..',...    .,'         ,-,,���, plete     \\ h.-u the eff,,i i of  piacim- t he
,    , .                    ii,                  i                    -i             , '"���o (������nie  back    With   tluee   tnkets   to '     ..               .               -    ,      ,    . ,                         .
-shippers    able   to   supph    a     railway,                                              ( diif.-ient part- ol t he bridge m posit ion
there   i.s   the   if rout   Uohniilii.i   llivei, " _2 ^.^     , i- lh'-r|in   Xia^ai.t   will   be  one  of  i\\f
also an easv route for a  vva^ou   ro.ai. ,'      ���       .'r>,,;,       -.,-   .       ,    , h.i a-t     of     busy     pl.u es. -./,'��� ,7 roml
"                   ,       r.verv l>n::s;i sonii.'i* eo>*~ im coin.-    C;<i;,''.li<
.Something uiu.st he done,  some  action ^ trv',C' hjq (..,,,rv v ,.,u-_ ��� "	
taken, to gpt a commencement made' A'liicv .-> w ith v\ !:.���'���;*, of .,;-,,-,. ._. ,V
in the securin,!*; of cheap t rniispiii ij.tion ' has hi-^u jaesent.'.i to, :'\." tl,,-,-, ..
for lliir Moiid ores: for it needs only    a , I'.a*, v.
eiilliineii'.-ement, a workable commence- ,        I he laii/eM s; o.di'i^ i, my '������','f".'-'i
il'JSsii,    am!     '-hi:    st/di,;.'. -1    ii,,\v    i(
Oontractor  and Buiider
IS P-MOl'AKIC!) TO KSTI.M A'l'iC.jn lmildiiii;*.
1 I'l.-ia-s'.inil -|i:-i ill 'it^ins nc'tiislii'd un .ip-
lilic.ili.in.    Iliiali r in S,i��!i ami 1)iioi-s.
25->i*-3 fov S.-iIo ;ind SI-.do to Order.
u B.-MacLean, ��� ��
:i e.ll ei
inciiit,    to   demonstrate    the
wealth of mineral than can be   obtain
ed iiv ,'i'eater means.
'Jie.u Bi 'tain. '
in  1; f-l.i'xl lie*:e  ue   four   p.u-ks   ol
-t,._l,'.-uii(t- ,\i*ii  Jn i <������) ii)l< s*
Tiiec- ,.; ��� '_'.' <y i   1,.iiiik!s   in '(weal i
rJ',tLei,  ..-.-ii 2' i   l limb,., ji.u-p.is ���-. I
;{, .i- v I I'I   ,r  i.;.k -mI ..id,ii.e-ii dial
��� ��i%augbtsnian,
���RRVi^.STOKR, H.C���
liv- natioi.��
i 2,">10 vv ,ii-hip~, ijiii'int in*.'^^ L'sr�� .'u.'i-
1 all  re.-id\, in]- '��� iimncrli ite <������< \ ]i ,-
'I lie e.Npolt pi tees ol -.vie,,! -,*',.'���
ren.-leis it i.'-eess.u-y'for the people of t | ^00 b.i v e v .���,, i<-d Ii. mii Al - 7 m ;f,it
.the loun tube more   caiet'ui    in    their , v ear to an av ,-i .il'" j ri  c.f fi7f in i*"t|.
N i;\ii:u'iu.s cases of illne-s tins vve
*!."���   f!|l'j':-h     ]"'  I.iv     silolj,'.!   ,e.|ll,,l     ilioj
��� ( I_:Y' ' I t' ., i *      '. u l'i.'im - (.7   vvYi'-at      i
It   ,'-   -  .,���!   Yui'    I,     ,1     ill IJI lei '   of     the ''
io i! .-i  i i'.- o.Mi  ' v ,.td, d' th'- I ,* oil ed '
���s;.io    ,-i  i'1'1 '��� Y ��� ; ei,, Im, !��� ��� ,.,  1 -��� 11lc. '
T)LAXS  ;uul Sj
i        iti  Anv Sivlc   lr.xc:cutccl
with     f)i*i,imptncss    'and
Best Table in the Interior.   Commercial Sample
Rooms.     Fire-proof Safe.   Free, Bus.
TERMS :    $2 and SI.50 per day.        ,   * . M,i;��� ���
Stockholm House, lilflr
,     . J. AUJIOIIT S'lWl^Piioeitnn-oii.'
Th8 Dining Room is farnishsd with the best.tie.,
-Market affords.  .���
.   wines; liquors and*cigars.
-:mr-i     i    Tr-Trrp,
Si vie
.s.untai v airauiremeiits-.   u I lie vv it. r  in
lie   'j;i e lie.:     pio^i.i t ion il..    e,
.. -i "^)'    n:   i" Iv ,td    II    n'
���iniii..'   I   i :. rv'  ' in i i    ,,ii lev
>lli,,'|s   ... in,'I:   ill      ine    lii'tle    'v,is     ,1
fli'ie    t.'liee
: ,1 I
i      ,.
Use, esjieciallv troin one or t w ,, -n mi, i
,.',.,                  ,             1 ~       ,    1       '          I    ���     l   ��� l III*    I .'lli' HO'      'if     lied HI
should In; i.M'il nlo'letatel v lor ill tnUinu'. ,.        '                                           ,
���        ' lltll'l'l's    '.W"e   ilisl    tD.-VI-l",     'Jl    MiC'l
Jind    then    onlv    when    lioiled.      Ihts ,.,,-.,
"      . Niif1  the   I uiian     >v-.ii     bi'.'.ui    th(
ji.'iiod of the veal- is a   d uiu'ei oils   on
i.i rl   l.
c'llolil.d del,I   ot    til"
for disease, and if   a  Iyplioid    e*,iijemi<
l_')'ts  sl.n-teO1   It    is .dlllost   llllfiossllee      to      ]ll ev julls  ,|
,  Un'l'i. i-e, I
el.t   vv'.e-
'\ W
l|.',,.).j I ,'.!.*>il,    in ik^
Mllidue wil luait the expense   ,,f   a    few   j  ���"'-,'   '  ("' ���' > "���"' ~' !''"' :)'"-.'> -'���">
lives and much .sicklies,. .'       A   ti.oiisin.i    shiii^le-,    I.,id    vv'ih    I
        ^ _ J  li|( he�� of ).\|).*sti|e I.i  I he vvc.il hf*l ,    .,"���
,, ,, ,       .   , Slid to co'.-i-r  I < '0 s, in.i re   feel    of    |oof
Coast   iiiik-is   an*   all   A''iej alioul  I        ... ,,,.'. .. .- ,    ,
11 '. i ami .) '.oiiihI    ot .slimyle  nail,    vv i i    I e
wiid cat mining schM.n-s of  the Ko���t- j ,.S(.,, in filMl.IMli;, ,|1(1|1| ;., ,,���.���,.������,
���fli.ay.      If   ue rtiwfikc   n��.rti t!i�� i-_   has;'       Til(1 ,��� ,,  ,,,,,���.,��� ,���oi,ev  issued,,,  An,
heen soiiiethill.LT of '-la* s.iiiii;    eh.irai t'*r ' eric a vv,,is   i,,u('i!    \i\     I'l'iur-v Iv-.inia    in
on tljic co.-Lst. hefore now   and   a   \enli-     I72-'i.      I u tliccuu  jiail ,,r    that   v<*  i
lation of their afl.-iirs ini^lit  he apiopos
\1*.   .1    M
i,....-;i '
���I-..-   I-'
K' ;i.i'i.. 'i
i,   . mil ������ I ni.   j    e.   '
K    I ii.,-.;
lot'.,    i '   i . .,    i-,
II  ,' -' ���  -I I ,     li   '   e-  1 i.
r     iii ri  ' !i li   'in
��� !,e    : .1 i.  ������ ,    .   ,-'. ,1,
i. i      I
'I-   i
*���>;)'.".��� t;ill \*.
5Z   H. HEAPS & CO.,
*������ ���        .. li I ii ,'.,\.i -I . ,im.| I'.m, I! Si,,
\ \X('i)i'\'i';j!, i:.c.
'���'*     "!     H'T i fllf J"T(7?",11"5 II    ""'I1" *���''">'!   .Mining
"  ���'   J inUiiH* un i   t'i..i.|.s,  tiii.iHo.ui
1) ill. I,    l,\
.;.-   ot'   i i.
'     '      . ' 'WHOLESALE DEALER,IN
M,!l   M ,    ,.ii  ,;    ..I, '
1   I--.      ".V   ,    I   |        ,V   !,. I  |l,     ,r|     .
I'lO-lHI-lill^    (ll-ills.
,.'. s. iOll^ilien,
,    'il' er
"i.^M Tho Cyanide ppoeass.
. ->,..~^���,~m-t��� ri* - y.,     puiann
AliKAIIA.MSOX  151108., rnoi'Kii:TOiis.
>? l.'j.OOtJ weie is,ne,| un    the   ciedit    o*
I he colon V and  a few ill. ml lis I 'l-i .-'.i'),
i 01 JO  in ���,'  followed.
lo   the   pd.ss    of    thai     dislticl.     Tile
Kooteuav in ess. as in,iv  he   iud.'ed    le.  i       .. -        ,. ,
���    '                              "    .                                '    i          I ue    .11 -'     ,   ol die.      is  ue I      ,,        t ',.
its stiiel iii.'s of icc-eiit nilil ia's,  i- not  j  ���},,,,..  ^ ; (J,;,,   , '���. |,   ,,f ,,���.   [',,,,,,/
venal anfl v.ill  lielheliisl  lo  condeinii    Hi etes vv is vv impnin,  win, ii  v       a I >, f
siiivlliilltf injlirimis In I lie hesl iiiletesK I ed  h\*   the   M.iss ,i:!i,|  ���;! I .   lolnni.ls    in
jiap-i s ���.,,<��� i k  of   'i'ild   cats   (liev   onlv
ili-iici .disc.     ,'rii?-�� is Unfair, as    if   v, dd
\ Indians.
f'A,\ f DI)T,l IS A IMT/'.VJV V<r n
pr'.infit nri<.-,r nrcl .11) n'.r i ���! ', .inii,;i, 7,nf, lo
>l t.N.V t\: f'O., -vho l.-iv ||.,f| r,f r, rl y II ri ���/ v, .r<'
 ' -���-"-��� ..-if'-m   l.r. ;,,..,.   f(,
.it'   '.'       ...   .. ',,-..',.    .. :,..,,  I I,,.     ......i   i   I 007    ill     their    Jll'ci co li s-     w il.'l      Inc.
'It     IS.ODli-.il.!*.. . �� iT.I ill,    V'lll'lltllC       H,,l> I    ,    . ,. .. fri��r>CTI(V Inthr.  ��-ir.-m    ,,,..;,,.,i      ,r,���,r���Y,,,
I ilniiNHtrl' 117 roniM.-t.ll.il.    A liu nrilmuli ,,r in.
I for.-)i.',tlr,fj <oi.o.. jinif   I*.i I,.,!,' .'eni l.o v I.. ol,.
|)i.|l|,l||     Ol    i f,1,n ""���"' "''''"   '"'"���    A>   '' II Oll'llO^Uf ,,/[(��� r fc.IH-
, I ! Ifil will J'l��iitiflolioo..'.   ,i. i" ir,-".
11)00  vv   !|   l.o ,i   s,., t inn   Mcvi.le ,'     I,,    ('.,   . I'litiTiM   tulion   tii.-.,,;'1,    Vlurm It fo. r i-r\-<.
its.-si^i  wi,\ ,...1   pnti"iil,ii/e   ,)���., ��� ; ,1|li(���M ..r-c,,,,,!,,,;^  ,���,,������ , ���   t , .,,���  | r^lV^V^iri.V'viMV.IJV^^.^^^.If.J't^;1-'
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By   fh"   MacArlhur-Forrest
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B/ Tie:   '/...(.Arliinr-Yates
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V;ii!f:oiivci,  B.C.
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:���: i Cn; !ov;, Si ,    V,i��. .'..,,',-r, BYY
mmmims^^mmmmmmmmsM^^^^MMiM^i TIIK KOOTENAY MAIL.  TAG J:  SWEETHEARTS  Boh and May wore Ysweel hearts.  Of course lliey wi-iv; t lull's wliat, t liey  had  heen   learning  evi'i   sii'ii*e Boll,   a  e    stripling-of 20, had eome out from Tennessee  Lo  the  Texas   Puiili.-uitlli*   with  the family.  In those .lays May was a liri^ht. h.tired, hij������h r-ti mij^ littl<������ ^irl   of It   whom  Boh ( never  calledt noi   thought Of us  *' redheaded.",  .   ,     Boh wa.s a strong, good humored hoy,  not a hit afraid of work, and he  had  a  way with him thai gave liim eoiiimand  of men and <*r(*.-ilures.    He rose rapidly  in old man Love's employ from   simple  cow punehet to waggon bo-.-., then foreman, and when lit' was,only, 2.*)   went,  with the approval and gno.1 will of   his  employer, to take the position'of ranch  manager for a Boston com nan v.  All tin; world love* a. !o.-er. Bob was  such a whole hearted one, his -.(atd of  mind, was so patent, he took such delight in it, wore his chains with such  open pride and en.hii-ia.vn, that.all the  Panhandle felt wiLh and for hi'ui.  And old man Love was pleased  enough 'with'" the match and greatly  given to htagging of Boli as a coming  adjunct, to the Love greatness, until  the tragedy of the one horned In indie  ''cow, which tore things all up genoral-  Iv. thieatened to si'vei two lovinsr  hearts and darken forever Bob's, and  May's happy horizon.  This'old cow���������worth, perhaps JJ7���������  bobbed up at oneof the roundup*,sport-  ��������� * ing, in addition tn'the B N of the Boston' National, which w.-r; ^facetiously  known as the "Bean" brand, old man  Love's (\sx).  Though very uncommon, such accidents may occur in the haste and confusion of branding without neccs-ini ily  implying dishonesty��������� on' some one's  part. While,they do sniijctinir^ rc-ult  in lights and killings they aie easily  enough adjusted between re.-i-onable  people, since any clever cattleman can  readily tell which brand is of the long-  ei standing. o   ,  But any cowhov ou the range would  have told you that, while old nniii Love  \\a.-> stpi.ue enough   liiiu&elf   lie   was.   a  cra/.v clank ah..lit tlieVai-reiliiosot' his  , . i  brand.    His long .iiiit was Lo  jump   up  and down and .-.wear I hat it ni'ver  yet  was on anything that, wasn't,  iii-.  own.  Jle iuwn'ialilv el.limed an   animal   that,  bore lL in -addition   Lo 'aiiol her   brand  (as did thiscold cow) however plainly it  .showed a.-, the newerof the t wo, though  as a matter of fact his   branding  nous  were handled by just a> many  cirele.-s  cowboys a.s any oilier.-..  If Boh had   known   what.  Lh.it aged  and damaged brindle cow was going to  cost him, he might perhftps ha ve blink;  ed his obvious   duly  and   lei   old   man'  Love have her���������ill tile fare of riglitand  acter in it-, way as Hank was in his���������  aud started, with considerable in) crest,  and curiosity.  The j- lode hard and wove near overhauling the lovers within a mile of  Roaring creek. But while pursuer and'  pursued pushed on at theii ' utmost  pace another factor was, coming with  a hundred I imes greater speed to take  a hand in I he game.  The dry bed of roaring creek wa.s  just before them,' beyond that a tiny  rise, then an arr.iyo, and beyond Ilia I  again the roof of the ju-Lice's house,  'ju-'t in sight. A- Mob and May clattered over I he'creek lied and scrambled  up onto lhe rise beyond, both looked  back, and their ponies stopped, tossing  their heads, pricking (heir eais-aud  snorting at a curious humming sound  that, siiddenly .seemed Lo lill all Lhe air  aboul/' ������  "Iftirry ,wp,    darling,"   cried    Bob,  throwing out a  hand   to  catch   May's,  it's a big storm coming from   ,-;h >ve."  But   befoie   they   could   descend   tin;  slope to cross the dry   ari-ovo   in   front  * <  ,it was running from bank Lo bank and  brimming over with a sudden  flood  of  red, muddy walei. ' '  And   even   above   the   noise   of   the  ' flood befoie them'they heard   a   sound  like   the  angry   shouting   of    furious  multitudes.      Looking   b.ickwanl   nml  up the creek whence t.lie  sounds  came  they saw a great,   tumbling,   shuddei-  iiigiw.-ill--pushiug befoie  it   and   he.ir-  <ing uponil.s crest all   imaginable  sorts  of   debris���������advancing   down    the   dry  creek bed with .such a   thunderous  onslaught that the little mound on which  they stood shook and seemed fairly   to  lower under   their  feet.    They   looked  about them.    The an oyo ran   into   fife  creek below'.'    Above, both  it   aud tthe  creek had Hooded out until (licv joined.'  Their   little   mound   was   un     island,  iiionientai.'ily   growing    smaller,    surrounded on every side   by   raging   tor-'  rents,    in    which     were    driven    and  whirled whole trees, full  grown cattle,  witlr sometimes  a  fence ' post   wIiiisb,  tiailing   whet-   hadn]caught    in    lluir  barbs all manner of ghastly wreckage.  Upcniiie the walci'iihiiiil Lhein; down  fell the big hail.  owu life, had to fish him out, receiving  plenty of abuse f,,j- h;s p.tiu.s and returning it. with hitter irony.  In two minute.-.' lime the shallower  arr.iyo wa.s fordable, though the creek',  down which big drift continued to  come, wa.s not. Bob set May on her  pony, luounled hi* own and prepared  to rule out., The sight of the justice--  a plains Cupid, with boots, ~licker(and  cowboy h,.L���������preparing to take charge  of the pair, wa,s Loo much for old man  Love, and dismounted as he was he  plunged, iu a delirium of rage, into the  creek, spluttering and yelling:  '���������.Stop!    Hold on!     Vou just dare!"  May   he.siialed,, frightened, r but  old  Hank Peai sail yanked  her  father out  again and s.-t him on'dry  land,   siiorl-  *')g:        , .* ,  '���������Doggone ye! I pulled y' o'iif,-onct,  before! What fer (���������ain't ye'slay out-'  Huh-'        .  . ;/  "Wlicii'yc try buck in agin a'boylike  that, backed by a Texas norther, you're  agoi.i Lo git, .left���������-don't ye know il:*  That kid's goL a double cinch on prov-  erdtmrc! Jjet ye he had this liyer  storm slaked out!  "Go it feller! (In it g.tl! I'm' with ye  ever time���������I'm fer ye! Yer the right  sort! I wouldn't bender ye' ler all the  dinned old snakehit fools iu Texas!  J'llji&f yether up the >ci.*ip-> o' this ole  e'ejil an tote 'em hack to Lhe ranch." ���������  And as .May and Boh, rode oft, lat-  Lered, beat en, di aggled, lu.t obliviously blissful and jaunty, a'f.iint had foi-'  lowed them :  "Goodhy, kids���������wish yer joy! Come  on ole calamity!"'���������Alice MucGowan in  Chicago Herald. , ,      '���������  THE DIPLOGK BOOK  AND STATIONERY CO, LTD.  Wholesale   Paper   Deaiers   and  ��������� ��������� Stationers . .  ���������Mi-is...    ,     VANCOUVER,   B.C.  A. 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THE SUN ll  il ���������  ORANGE COMPANY  CANADA.  asxBsasaaaesa  Bullets Wear Out Rifles  ,t , There ih one thing which m-crsof the  new'hi'jfli velocity ni* .'JO-calilicr have to  consider, and-.hal is Ule  cH'i'lI   of  t,!ieY  coppei or nickel jacket, on Lh'c  ki'diivis  of t.lie rifle, s.iy.s  Llic   New   York   Sun.  Aliulletth.il.  leaves" the   muzzle  of ,u_  rifle nl a velocity of 2,000 feel, ;i second  'is mi wearing on the lifling, 'especially  near t lie muzzle, that  Lhe, accuracy   of  even the liardest-iiored .iilii;s ir, seriously imp.-iiied inside of 12,UU(J shots at, tin;  niosl.    The lead  iiiilli-tK,   or  those   lint  slightly .hardened   with   a   mixture  of  tin,'do not wear, t he barrel.-, to t he same  extent, and tne barrel.-, l.i.-t far longer.  THE  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  TO   AXI)   KKOM  AU -Eastern, Points.  TlirouKl) J''ii'<t Class SIcopiiiKr.-n-sand Tourist  S1uc;iiiik Cars to.Si. l'liul. Montrcnliind To'ronlo  \iilliont cliiuiKC.  Assi-ts    ,':.., . Y $ 5,803,270  Incomk .....' .'..."...     1,528,054'  Insuraxck   ix  Forck    34,754,840  Ni-\y Pu.sinkss Within- 1895 ..'   8,866,688'  ���������J.  E.  CRANE, Manager for B.C.  It.Ys a  cloiidl)ih*-t .-I'love,   darling,*  long���������the  reason.  But he wa.s not. the man to he hacked  down liy any one, and he dared the  worst���������and got. it!  Hi' held. the cow for his company,  after a fierce contest, and old man  Love went home iaging, lo give his  distorted vei'-inii of the -iff.-iir, i-sue  *������������������' order.- that no inemhei- of his family  was to speak to of of  J-Joli  from   thai.  time forth, and to remark sigiiilicantlv  1 "  that, he had far rather s.-e a child of  his married to a hoise thief than to a  person capable of such behavior.  Communication  between   the   lovers  had since been managed, once or twice,  by  Lhe   utmost   stealth   and   secrecy.  Having, by this   ni".-ins,   been   assured  of his  sweetheart.'.-  steadfastness  .������������������.111'-  readiiifss liob sent Iier word by one  other father's cowboys   lo   ride  a   goo'd  horse past the half way Initialing  pen,  iii'ined himself wilh a Iicen-e and hung  ;li'oimd the Triple X ranch for it  week.  When .May,/in.-illy found   the  opportunity lo ������Iip a way in lhe nio.-t careless  manner, with one  of  lhe   men's  sombreros on and in the face  of  threatening weather, she rexjeived   a   rapturous  welcome from the long  banished   Boh,  und (hey promptly headed their jinnies  foi Sipiiie Wiley'-, ju.-t the other .side  of Roaring creek, who was supposed lo  be  holding   hiiii.-elf   in    readiness   for  their visit,.  What Mexican or other paid spy or  what unfriendly or envious hand carried the news to old man Love will not  he known, hut, Ji<* hurst into one of his  near cow camps .-it, di.iner. shortly  after Hob and .\J;iy'.-depa.iture, like a  i oaiing South Africin lion with  inu.-tatd in his eye.      "The boys"���������who knew well enough  "what was afoot, and wh.it would be  a-sked of t-lieni--dropped their tin cups  and plates, jumped, on their waiting  ponies and were out of h.-nlingdisLiiice  before he fairly lit in their uii/JxL  Kill old Hank Pcarsall, thecuok, w.tx  a new man, not long fiom sunt Invest,  Texas, neither knowing of nm /-.'ring  particularly for Hob Holly ami hi.-love  jifTair. So he stood .-it hi- officii-.! jwisl,  ;il the tail end ol I he chuck wagon, and  it.n\f ;iiniab|.. attention lo the impas-  nioneil hai'.i ugiie and -ingiilai-aiitic- of  this new and /'iilei-i,.iiiiiiig enjpluy<*i.  Heing coiuiii.iinled 1<������ coiiic.-iloiig.ind  assist iu ilinpcr-iug- lioh and rescuing  .M.i.y, he 11101111I ed a .-eriou.s .'.ppe.iriug  l)iiI. Ill fill ' I enipcri'il 1 iiick.skiu' colori'd  7'ony. with, one white eye anil much  .symmetry of i)iin,.--iis lunch of a char-  said Hob. '*It won't, last  water won't cover this ri-e." '  -"I'm in it. afraid, Huh," -aid May,  with very white lips. '* I'm glad "I  came anyhow. If 'we've got to die.  we'll die together, anil the, w.-iy I've  felt for the ln-t three weeks I'm sure  that'.-a heap better than living apart."  Boh jumped olf his pony and lifted  May from hers. /The hail wa.s cohiing  bigger and beat cruelly upon them.  Ile wrapped his slicker about her,  pushed the ponies close together and  .sheltered her with them and his own  body a.s best he could. ,  " We won't die," he said, "but, poor  little girl, uhat. an awful, storm I've  dragged you out into ! "  ,7u.st I hen. from the farther bank of  the cieek, above the awful howling of  the storm, came this intelligent coin-  ni.-iud in old man Line's ear splitting  tones :,  '���������May Love! You come here to me  t.hi������ minute! " And May laughed hysterically.  " Well, he can't get, al us anyway  ��������� but the hail can. Oh, look at your  poor hands! Oh, Bob, I can't bear it���������  put the slicker back on ! "  "Why, honey," said Bob as tin-tears  came in earnest now, "I'd get pounded  just the same anyhow, and you must  let me have the ('oinfort of, keeping  some of it oil' you���������il ain't a patchin  on t.he way your pa would do me n he  could get me I ight now."  While lhe storm iaged and tlie water  rose nearly to theirfiet, Hank Pear-all  had the almost exclusive benefit of old  iiin.ii Love's remarks',. since only hi-  wildesf shrieks reached the young  couple, who were loo much ab-orhed  in each ot her lo heed either him or the  storm verv much.  These remarks disagreed with Mr.  I'e.'ir.sall, who was notoriously n man  of judgiiientYaud oh-crval.ion.  " What'.- the matter with that young  feller:*" he queried angrily. " Watch  him a-sliindin to the 11011 h'ard hv hi.-  gal, a-keeping the hail oll'en hei ! lie  ain't, no chuhip!    If he keeps  that, lick  n    In Joli.-iiinesliiirg'-'tliore is  a   liar  every, 2u0'of the.,white* population.  According to Lite stat i-iios there  th  to  gold  ii   grain  ���������ii id  Of'  in    tlie.     LT in teel    Wtiiteis    -I0,00U    deaf  iniiies.' ' '  A *'carat'' .-is a weigiil foi  diamonds   was -.nriuiiudly  Lii.'li.ui uiie.it, well diiedi  The, largest edible ousters are found  iu Australia.     Sump of    then: incisure  ;i foot across tho shell. <=  ..  The,   births    exceed       the  throughout the   world by   ove  OUO  a   year���������an   a\erage   of  minute.    ,  In Au.sttalia horses aiid c.-ittle arc  now lining branded by electricity froni  storage batteries. 'J'he teinperatuie'is  uniform :ind the brand safe and  artistic.  A lot'of land in Cornliill, in London,  with a front of twenty-four feet, facing  the Bank of England, was sold recently at a price e.juivalent to .$12,2G0,000  an acie.  ��������� Coal tar, formerly considered a  waste and .n tegular nuisance to gas  workers, is now carefully saved unci  utilized as one of the most valuable  color prodticets. -Tlie chemists have,  extracted from it sixteen shades of  blue, .sixteen shades of yellow, twelve  sh. (his of orange   and   nine   of   violet,  deaths  i*  1,500,-  thre.e   a.  REVELSTOKE TIME TABLE.  t   Atlantic Kvprcss an ives   (l.-l.) daily. .  Pacific " .'*    ,    I(!:*.'.i   "  , r       'i  Amwiv Lai;;: IIkancii Tkains,  Arrive, In:*! )��������� T.io-il.ij-s,"riiui*-(lii.vs, Hntiii'ilii\s  Lriivu   1(1:3'),   Siin.'tiij--,   Tiii..-.lii}v,'_Tliiir-(liiys.  . ,         ,  .       , ' <:  Tr.iins on Arrow L;iku Hr.uicli connect n .  An- m-liuiiil -)\it!i C;. & K. Co's Sti:ami:i{ Xakcri"  ln.iK-iiiK  '���������     CLOSE ^CONNECTIONS    '  ffi���������To and From   Rossland, Trail Creek, .Nelson,  . Kaslo, "Ain'sworth, Pilot \'iny,  ](,, Nakusp,  New   Denver,  Three-Forks, Sandon,   /  ��������� ��������� ���������and��������� " ,  ALL POINTS IH SOUTH KOOTENAY  For full information us to rates, etc.,  apply to ,  I.  T.   J'.i*e\vs(cr,  A gout, lWelstoke.'  ,  Agent for Revelstoke and District  ,,     (LIAJITJil).)' ���������    '  Capital, $1,500,000.,   ' .',        -Head Offices, Toronto.'Ont.  Manufacturers of Slectric Mining Apparatus;     ���������  Locomotives, Coiil Cutters, ]lec,iprocatiiig Drills,  IJotary Drills, Keduct'ion and  Lighting Apparatus. ' Y <    ' ,  MOTORQ    Kit her of Direct, Current or Three Phase Types, Suitable'  IVIV_Z I  \yr\\D    for any make of Fan, Pump, Hoist or Crusher.  Electrical Tiansiiiissnn of Power, by our Three Phnso Svsteih, successfully'  operated up to ~)0 niiles. "  -���������B. C. BRANCH OFFICES '    -    '    '  Granville Street���������VANCOUVER   "W-BITE'  TJ  Kootenay District-i-NELSON  S  '   , 2-51-6m'  GKO. SIcI.. ItliOWX,  District Pas-t'iiBor Af;unt. Vi  .ncuiivcr, H. (J.  Columbia & Kootenay  Steam Navigation Co.Tm  .A_ s^eohaJxiTtst.  1Rootena^:rtSaU - - - IRepelstohe, 3B.C.  iiesules   sliaites    ot   other   colors   too  iHiiuci'cjus to nieiition.  'ASSAYS.  J. A. MacFarlane, F.C.S.,  Assayer m&  Mining Bagif  02^   IIASTIN'CIS  ST.,   ,  VAX'COUVF.R.   B.C.   o   All iissiiys and analvtical work <i  '   PASSENGERS FOR ,   ���������    ,  Hall's Landing,  Hot Springs,  Nakusp, Three Forks  Nelson, and Slocan Points,  Kootenay Lake Points,,  Trail  Creek,   Rossland,  North port and' Spokane  --RUili;ttl T.YIvIi*  Till!--  STEAMER  NAKUSP  Lcuvi's  AiTowlioiid  for  Nulutsp   mid   Itolison.  iM()ii(lii.\-, W'cdiiesd.i.vsiiiiil '.'ridiiynil 7 ]..in.  Leaves  IJoli^im  for N.ikus|i,  Arniwlicxl   and  C'.LiDidiiin 1'iicilio I'nil way iinints  (c.isl   und  wvsl) on  '1'iii'sil.iys, Tlniixdftj-s ,-i.iul  yiiLin--  (1 i) ^ .ii. fi.'l'l ii.in.  Connection is mild,, nl,  liolison   with  t'. & Iv.  li'y I'm- N'.'Ni.n ,ind .il! p.iini-. nn IC'mli n.ij-  l.iUu  nnd   wllli   stuiunui-   " i.ylUni ", for   'frail    nnd  Nurtlipoi-t.  A HANDY PROSPECTOR'S FURNACE.  PORTABLE  The  PRACTICAL!!    ECONOMICAL!!!  Kol* loc.il linn, (in-il of l!iu CiiiiiiMiiy's sii-jini-  i'is on tvii'ili'iiny l,;il<i. ii,i|ilj lo I liu' pui'si-i* it"  lin.i I'd.  Kin* lull inf'ii'iiiiition us to lii'kcis, inlcs, ole,  apply l'i 'I'. AII.in,   S-jirctiiry, N'ulson.   II ('.  done in  i!ti])!io,iw*  ������itli  Scrupulous personal ear:  and ilis'iar.ch.  ���������J-.'d-r.'in  up rij^lil. tlirniifjli. he'll   make  a   lictier  linsliand'n what you ever did ! "  Aliout this Li n ie, tin* iia.il ceasinf,', the  I'Xjx'clanl, jii.-liec eaiiiedowu to the t'ar-  llici- bank of- the airayo. The iv.it. r  was going down vi.silily, hut its roar  was still i-oiisideralile. .  " Ho, Boh ! " yelled the jil.stiee, .-ihove  its sound, "got your liceiisi-J'"  lioh took it out and waved it ahovc  his lii-ad.  Old man Love could not from   where  he si ood heara word, hut he  siirinis"d j  vi'h.'t had heen .said,  and   the  siLcht  of (  tin* (liicuuienl was  ,i   livid   veil   rag   lol  l.hi- hull. I  "I dare ye (o marry Viii," lie -r-if.mi- i  ed. "1 da n ��������� ye to do ill" And iu an j  (���������.(���������.���������d.-isy of rage and anviciy lie foieed .'  hi- pony do mi in in the f i.i mi im cieek !  ai-iong the whiiling (I .Tt. <*. ice he'  was   prompt Iv  'pitched';   I'll'    liy .   tlie J  lyANTED   AT   U.VCK-A(.*l,ivi.   .i-.-nl,   for  >>      c.ii*!i i-iiiinty.    i:\.-lii-i\c  f.ontrol  ,nid no  rl-k.    Will i-li-nr IJlu ���������.'.') Iiiuidriil ilolliii*. n \e.ir.  Knulo-i; -I.imp for lull  ]i;c.-lk*ii!u-a- or *.'.'.(��������� f'ni-s-|  -.'iinpli.*.    Hiuc  ftnpids   Min..'iril   Wnlcr  Co., HiH-  Hup.>i-i, Miuh.  NOTICE  *V*OTIfK IS IIKIIKUV f.'IVKN Unit -Mv  ^> (lie) (l.iyu.'iflordiitJj wu iiiU'in! In .ipplv t'o  tin; iromiKililu liii't'.'iief Coniiin^ioiicrol' I���������i'ik|-.  und \\'ork^  for pt'i-iiii--ioii  to pun 1-r.sa uiKht\  (Sil)   .IL-IC-   (if   illllli    llosi-l-ilicd    lis    foi] )Ws,   i(ii||.  inoiicini; at n post -itu.uul iilniul leu milo-f  lnorooi-Ii-��������� up Ivoo--l:,i-ii:i\(;r(.ck .ind on llieli.fl  li.ink of-aid ci-oel: niiiiiini; uii-t following nic-  iiikI.'i-ui:;- oi tliu trejk fo.ly (i'i) oIi.iiik, ihenn*  -outl) t'-vi ii ty |.(i) oliains, ihcm-c we-t fort*, (IC/  chaiiw. tlicni-c noi l!i I went;.* (.'.:) eliiiins to 'coin-  iiieilucnii nt |������),t. an! t-jiifiiiniiit,' ci^litv (-U)  ncrcs of Imid more or lu-s.  W. m.STOX.  !.. P. MOUOUGALP*  N.-ikn-i). H.C. .Tn'.v 2 Hi, lsli;;. 17-<)|  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS.  ���������-1 >  '    ROYAL MAIL LINES.  CHEAPEST rou*;o to Uio OLD COUNTR'i  AI.I.A N'   LINK'.  I'AKIKIA.V,   ll'olil   Mollll'l.ll   MllNdlll.l ������.x,  " " . .  1>I)MIN'IM\ LINK  Vancoi-vi.i;. from Mun,'n-.-il.  Scni's.MAN,  ItlC.WK!:  LINK.  1 (1'V.iiii .Monti'dil)  l.AI.'i: O.V'IAIUO   I.A'fi: Si I'MltlOlt   Cnliin ?l I nnd upward-:.    Inlui'ini'diiil  Sl<;i,|'.n;i.,it, Idivu^I r.)!(������������������(.'  I'-is-i'iiicor-,  ',ickrlcd   lliroiiu'!i   lo all   parts ol  ('real Ilrit.>.iii nnd In-'nnil, ,ind ,n spri-iiilly low  l'.itc s lo .ill ii.iris of Uiu !'"iiiopr,m r.mlin. nl.  Apply loni'.ircsl -tc.'iiii-liipoi'i'.iilH.iy.i^oiil.tii  I. T. BREWSTEX, Agent. RcvcIstoUc.  Or   to   William    .si'itt.   Cciioiiil     Akoi '..  Willllipi;^.   ht. I  .,  A lie l.*i   Mlh'. S  ...Am?. 1.5  .Ani,-. Ml  ...Scpl. !l  ittcntion oi prospectors and miners'is culled .to the  merits of a new improved apparatus, .for testing' aiid smelting*  various kinds of ores and minerals, also separating .and refining*  base bullion, etc.       , ' ' ' **.  Manufactured by a chemist and metallurgist, who thoroughly understands the wants of the , assayer, the prospector, The  miner,* the chemist, for laboratory test, for all furnace work, .such  as melting, scorifying, coupling, fusing in, platinum crucibles,'  testing of sampling charges, ro.isting. enamelino*. etc. (Any  kindoffuel.) '     " v  - This furnace'i.s built in two halves for easy transportation,  is complete in itself, made of sheet steel with cast iron slag and  metal spouts, wind supply pipe and knock-down bottom.  '^  This Handy Prospect Furnace is of the, Cupola type, with  extention for smelting ores, capacity iobo lo 5000 pounds per  heat, according to the character of ores. No prospecting outfit is complete without it.  Agonts V/antc-d.   For  Prica  and  Further  Infor;a.ition,  Address  National ��������� Ore and Reduction Co.  415 Locust Street, St.  Louis,  Mo  Cut   This   Out.  MAIN   LI.N'i: THAI.*-!.  IC.isI Bound (Xo. ���������_') nrrives dnilv...  Wost   ,*'      (Xo. n       " ������������������-..,  !):I.') ii.ni  "     I:i"i ,1.111  VKHOW   I.MJi;   IlIiAVCII  I'lMlNS.  .\iTiv<i'riii.sd.Ms.Tliiiisl|nivs.!-'{iliii*iI.i.v-i..,I::i(l p.m  Duji.irl .Snndii.vs, Tin;;.]iiiv.i.T!.iii-siliiMi..l::i(l p.m  1,  .\  h  'OTici*: is !ii-:i*  ���������t  I!  ���������:hy oivi-j.v, iii.-it  .1 ������������������ittiii^- i-i 1 In- t *<nmt y Cuiiri \vi  i(il<I"ii   .1  -1,  ll  li 'li  ���������it   Id uVI.i.-k-  ,     H.C.   on  nl   Anmi-i.  in   the   i'orc-  I I'lrifii'i  I III nm  I.    I'  ','itnn.. wiiirli  iiisi.-int ly  S'ir.s;lll, ��������� 111 J.'Iji'.   risk   i>V  Vf-  liis ,  \V...In.--.l;iv  A A).   l.Vii.'  IICIlll.  ;';.; '  .JOS', i). ('HA'I^M,  ''' -.   Hi'->i;-l;r.ir C'oui'ly .('oniii'  Jicvi'l.sii.ki., July  17i.li,  1^   "... j:;.(;i  MA I I.S.  unviiLvroKi: i\o.  Close for Uio Hi-sl, :i:.'Wi p.m  ciisl      s-'! in.in  soulh, Sim.. Tne, Tliin-.. 'I:.'������l p.n,  Itrv. Sliilinn    ,.K-.:iii .1.111.. :i.-:������l 11.111  Ilnu mini l!iu wusl         I(l:ii(l ������.m  ''���������'������������������I   .'>:l.'5 p.m  si.ntli. Tin-.. TIiiii-s., Siit. ,"i:l"i p.m  "     .   I!ov. Slnlion in n.in., .���������������:I."������ p.m  ii'.vin.-'io-.i- sT'.niN- l'.o.  ''ios'i I.i ��������� l.lio iv���������,1       I:(i'i n.i"  C'lsl ..        .        .     !l;i|||,i in  '��������� '"Hi. T'U.*., Tli'iri... S.il...!l:(KI:i..:���������  ".,    Uoviilst.nkit (Iii.in.. 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Notice .irCreditoi
TiT. TmCm. I ff.'tJ I w w
���miiK ciiKiiiTfiiisoi' i.iic.i:i'i.(!\v';iiiiii!i'i'i-o'.-iv-
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1 .iri'iii oY mi-! tin- iinl.iin' "f '!i" .*,''.������.>���������'i<*H
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���''_j__ji... jj-s.rL.-^-^^;���^7- ^SkX
MOT/VKy' rC'in.l'G   -'' ^ ��� RKVlYLS-roKlyYlU,.,      ,
M^n^io* and-'R-nal Estate Broker and General Gom-
'���,' '/���'      ,, ivusBlon Agenty     .���.'���'���-���:'   .
.��� F!f?:r..  !-!P^ AMD ACOiDEWT INSURANCE.  ���       Y'
'���- ii��i',�� ���.���..���f,.V;i:A.rAM.     "      ,:..'��� ���'      ' Hq.r.s^.UUv, iiH!,, Kootoiyty SindMn, & T.nrlini? Syi.lir;,!,..   "���     Y
r.s-jj. ..''.,'    '��� ''.''���'       '���'....
Steam- and Power.


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