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Kootenay Mail Aug 9, 1901

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 REVELSTOKE. P. C,  0,1001.  , $2.00 Per Year.  rs?\  :>  WE HOSPITAL  r'  a  a    ii  u!   /l/ifjwll  meeiim  Directors i Elected and Building  "be Erected.  lO  k. ������������*HL-tHfcv  ������nts  0OT-s  a:  'ELSTOEI  A BREEZE  Some Plain Talk at the City Council  At. the meeting on   SiUnduy   niijit.  ,,   AI'l.   Nol lit'   proposed    that    Dr.    Car  ruihei.s In*. i|i|jiiiiiioil lii'iiltb (niicor   fur  tin- i-iiy at 61U ii   (lay 'when   net Willy'  employed.    The   council   had   nut  re������  ceivt-d  any   application*,   nlid   us   Or.  , McLean was provincial health otlicei  it was advisable tli.-il another medical  man should linld iliat poMiinn for .tlie  i-iiy. It vv;is necessary,tu make, tlio appointment. LeoaiiM-i if tlio i'uuiioil did  m*5. do it llie government would do   an  fiii-'ilipiu.  ���������  Aid. T.iylur seconded ilio motion us  ' it- was neee-sai y lliey sdiould have u  lic.-dlli 'iilJii-er. While, lie considered  the c'llincil Iiiid lint tre.-ilod Dr. Cross  right y liy dismissing Iiiin in the miiii-  liiaiy vvny th-y diil, lie mini tied linn  lliei'o was g (tl reason for" ill-* C mi  plaints m.idt.' iin-iiiist. In'a udiiiiui.s-  Irniinii. ll'J had gone In lhe Irniilile  Lj ascertain cost nt ti eating sum lp S  t-it.M-s in iiilier cities und .it uver.-i-ed  (s^UO a head, wlteieaa liert1 the cost  was iie,n Iv ,?1S0J ahead,  Aldi .MiTj"o;|  vvni inly defended    Dr.  Cross, niul said ho was imt  lespuiisible |  fur all the mi>'tuUe.s which Ii- had been j  made tu slii'tiHeiy   Some nf tlie alder- I  men wtiin ihi'iiiselves   H.'-'piiiisihlo  nnd  put the bin me un Dr. Ciir-a I'm'   things'  tii.-iL were tint his built i    JIm iiisluiieud  lhe pnyiiieiii in ihe 'City   IL'iIhIi    Di",  Cio-s had   mailing   In   (in   with   that)  und lhe, inMiei.s of the hotel 'we.it;   Hot  r'litilled 'u  it,   yet.it   figured , in   the  I'n.st. , No hc.iiili (illict-i;   wits   requited  in the city,    lie   wits   only    a    limine  head.    11" I'oinpl.iii'ied of 'two or tluee.  iiieiiilii'rs'uf   the .'oinieil   meeting   and  posed dt.lilies weie made.  Ald.'.McL,jiid ���������Here is an instance  nf ihe wjiy in which the a Hairs 'of the  council are conducted. There, is only  one oupv of the by laws and you, can  liariily see to lead,it even with a pair  of ybissea  A In. Abiiili.'iiiisuii said lhat if the\  bad Dr. Conns a.s health uilieer for 'an-  oi hei 'jcii:- they would hive'no city nl  nil. They could not rai.se enough taxes  io keep him going.      '  AhL McCarly said the. aotioh'i.f the  council was not   tllrt   way   In   lre.it   a  iinvoiiH   else   fm  iave   been  [irofes.siniiiil  iiiiin   iir  that,  matter     lie   should  asked to redgn.  The,million was then   carried  Aid. McLeod dissenting,  on iv  'Editor of the Mail Called to tho Bar  doing business vv Itich  1 v  t'i(!   vi h.iie   couiu'i  slii ut Id   lie   (ioiie  I. ,   lie'   licensed  "tin-,    in ym    of   unduly    mailing   the.  niul tor i hioii'Ji.  'The nut\or said,ihe. niiillri' was in  jiHi'lVcl iii'iL-r at the tiiiin it wan dealt  with. He had gi veil ample lime fur  disi uitsiun.  Aid. .Mc Loud ���������No yill didn't.  Tbo iiiiiv or���������Yes. \oii had plenty of  ���������till!", You have no riglu. Aid. i\lc-  Loud, lo cast lolled ions on vutcs  passed.  Alii. .Mi.'f;"(uj---Tiic miilli'i' .sli.-iuliJ  Iniv-i* si mid hv'hi- ('..|- n full meoiing,  Tlio ni-iyui-���������The  members  piHseut |  Ii.iii: ine is..ii,<- jiuvii'i  itn a lull   ii,eel llyr  of lhe w hole co'incil.  Aid.  .Me Led--This  have.   iJr,   C-n i utln-n  liiiiiixht t<'   my 'noiice  nii.-etl in   1 be   I'ouni il  t liis low n v\ niiied in set  inissi'd nnd   Dr. Cai rut I  in his place.  Aid. Net lie--Tlm dismissal of Dr.  C-n*-! was liiiiiii-hl up in pr< pet' form.  If Dr. .McLean or any nlhi-r medical  man hud applied for the position he  would have supported ids appointment.  The business bad been (lout) in accord  mice with tlio by laws.      ���������' 'y '"','  Aid. McLeod���������WIkth  urn  the  hy  laws ?   Th.vo. never seen I hem.-     - ,:  Aid.: Nettle��������� I'l'erey they liie, yund  Vou can gel, a fopv if'y'Mi wiiiiLotie. (  The clerk e..vplnined there wiis only  nne copy as the late mayor', told ' jiiur  not I'u"run oil an V mm e   till   tlio Vm-  , The cable messages of Inst week in-  .foiuiHil us that Jim. editor of lli"  Loiidoii Daily Mail naiinwly eseuped  being called to the liar of the llou-e  of Ciiiiiinoiis to .answer,, for some  articles w hich he had published con  ce. ning the Boer war,' c.  At ihe meeting of tlie city council  niiS.iliiidnyniU.it the editor of the  Kootenay Mail narrowly, cise-iped  hein# called lo the bar of the. coiiiieii  fir .some criticisms on the, in inner in  which the, business hud been- conduct*  ed.  Aid. .McLeod had just been ivalkmilt  into the council on llie dismissal 'of  ,Dr. Cross. Aid. Taylor h-ul "one in  luck his store, up. tlusine.ss w.-is ,lu^-  V'n.H. Tlie in.iyor called the order of  the day, beinir "'Inquiiies."  ���������'' Under this head." said Aid. .Me-  r.i'od, '��������� [ wish to call upon the ediou  of I hi- KOOTICKAV MAIL, whom I see  presei'ii; to csplain Ins iillitck on llii������  couiioil."  The innyor iiskc-l  the   editor" to  do'  us retpiesied by Aid. iMcLend, but- the  i;dilor could  not   see   it   in   the   same,  light and pointed out that it   was   mil  of older foi' I he council lo call, him   I,-  aeon tint,       ' '   '  The vvhoii;   lliin^   was   Ladlv   yivei' |  Tlie first annual mopling of tlie  Revelstoke Hosjiital tsociely yl;\\  held nt the city council clmnil.c-r-  on -Monday night, '��������� 'i here \uu: ;���������  good iitlt'iicitiniT. F. McCarly l.'e.n;-  chuirmtin.  G.- S. McCavicr submitted thy  proj.oscd by-*luvv"s for the administration of the hospital, such complying with the requirements' of  the Victorian Order of Nur.-er.'The  by-lairs provide that the' ra to if or  private wards i-honld be $10 a week,  with medical attendance extra ;  and that there ihouldl;-e a ladie.-  ttdvifory committee. Ihe rate for,,  ordinary patients was lefc with the  directors to arrange.  Air, Phipps said it was neccs?ary  to have a coraniitfce who would  work together, and he moved, seconded by 'J. McLaughlin) that the  following be elected dircc.ors for  the ensuing year; Messrs, Temple.  Kiipau-ick. iiowscrn. Pool, McCahv.  McCarter/'T. 1C. I, Taylor. ,lin:w-  stc-r, Gordon. McLeod, und Lind-  .mark.���������Carried,  lit UMNO. ���������    9  Mr. McCarior said the government grant and 'grant from the  Victorian ,Order oi Nurses wore  available- and,'they should get in  the funds' and start .building operations as soon as possible.  On the^motion of Mr. Liudmhrk  it was decided that the'directors'be  authorised to -call in the subscriptions as: required.       , ' ���������       ,   o  MELTING 01* TltUSTIiES,  A mooting of fhe trustees was  afterwards held, wlun the following officers were elected ; President, ,feupt. Kiipau-ick: Vice-President F. McCarty-; bec.-'ireas., 13.  K. Atkins, 'lhe secretary was m-'  structed to write to an nrchitocD at  Calgary for ��������� plan j for the proposed  building.  'll.e ireasurer wns ilislruetc-d to  open 'an account at tlie Imperial  tank.  -    ,."  lhe Toard decided to call in the  smaller sidi-cripiidns by. fi'ep-t. 1st  and those over <t'20 .to be paid half  bv Sept. 1st and the balance by  Nov.,1st.'  raise   uddilicnal   subscriptions   to  cover this amount.  LADIES  COMJlITTliE.  is   very  jileasant   to  nole h}  ���������it  way  v'-ork  u hie  ol conti-iii-1 liie enthusiastii  of tii-' Ladie.- Coiiniiiihc.  , with .Mrs. .]. F. Cami'thcr.  .is ]iresident, has not only canvassed the town well, getting together a subscription list of Jf 698.75.  of which .$289.75 is paid, but which  is also luvino' plans for further  work, that will, without doubt, further augment our lis't by, say,' H500  more.  , in : cknowledg-ncnr of ibcladie.  j,ood v, ork it is ex poo led lhat ;.  ���������ection will be found in lhe bye-  laws 'recognizing' them as ofiic-t  holders of this institution. Stcp.-  have been taken, wilh wluit success  it is yet too early to cay, but we  hope for a favorable reply, to try  iind get, Lady Minto io perform the  iir.st fii'nctioii in connection wilh  ihe hospital at the time of the visit  to Canada of I-l. K, H. tho'Duke of  York,  Iii conclusion it'should be stated  that-through the generosity of the  citizens the hospital has been presented with a,, well-equipped and  handsome ambulance,'and that by  the kindness of Mr. Kilpatrick,  chairman, who applied his,subscription to payment of freight  'charges with consent of Pourd.  The vehicle is now available in  elite oi accident,  ' B, R; .Atkins, u  llon.'iScc.-Tre.'is.'  5th. 1901,     '    '  It-  Communications from  Sir Wilfrid  Laurier and, Ralph Smith, M.P.  ti  The strikers have scored the most  Important victory of Ihe ,war. '1 Jo  rir.st Italian- lhat the company c-n  i'loyed were under-a-mon-rh^���������eon-  iraci/and lhat having expired they  have quit and  called   on  the corn  parties who are  the  sufferers, or of  .heir frii nds. .'   '  Yrours very sincerely.  Wn.ntiD Laurieh,  0:.awa. July 27ih. ]9Uh    '  RALPH   SMITH   IITARD  KR0M.  E.iitou or Mail:  Dear Sir,���������In your issue of the  2nd in-d., the, following' item appears:      .   '  "The inactivity of Ralph  Smith, 'M.P.-. in ihe trackmen's,  strike has made him distrusted  iinicing ihi-'\vpik������i> ;'h ihe east -  a-; -\u-ll as tbe v.est, and at  '  Montreal th.e   piesident of tho  Aug  pany for their wages .and pas.-es  back to Boston under their contract. Another big gang which was  later engaged for a similar term  will quit in afew days under similar, conditions, their term'of service  having expired.- Thus have ihe  strikers scored victory all along the  dine and no device of llie company,  however unscrupulous has been  able to checkmate it.  A fresh committee, representative  of the engineers, conductors, firemen and trainmen," has gone, to  Montreal to(urge President Shaugh-  nessy to arrange a settlement. Li  this should fail the committee have  instructions to appeal to the Dominion   government   to- -"intervene  '/  ML  iiLPoirr  OF  PI'OVI?10.\AL   UGARD  TKl'STICES,  The Provisior.nl Board of Trustees have held' three meetings and  experienced considerable diihediy  in getting a quorum at'eaeh, e  pecially tlie  summed   up  securing ot  i.'is'ii     Their   labors  have resulted in the  a $1500 grant from the  Victorian Order of N'ur.-cs through  Lady Minto, the, passing of,a Uva-  sury voucher for !f-iO()0 from the  Provincial Govern men I, the arrangement to purcha.-o a siic-selec--  ted \v the Situ Committee for li-1000,  tho clearing of iho fame for which  it is indebted r.nd express-os-lhanits  to the truckmen and 0. P. K, shopmen, represented by Messrs. Grah*-  am and Temple, corresj ond'ence for  j-dans of a fr'7.000 building, framing  ��������� A Round Amdnj iin Hospitals.  Vriiile on his recent  trip Dr. McLean paid .special attention  to the  hospitals.in the various cities which  visited,   with   -;i'  view   to   getting  pointers in  hospital 'management  and ''equipment, '. He , visited  lhe  hospital at Vancouver,'the Jubilee  Hospital  at, Victoria, and  at San'  Francisco 'he   attended  the  Lane  Hospital which  is  connected with  the   Cooper   Medical   College, the  City" a n 11   Co u u ty ' Hospital,   the  German and French ho.-pilals and  lha children's ho-.piial,     He also  Went,out to the 'U, S. Marine Hos*  pitiih-where he saw ci^es of some of  the   special ' diseases    which   the  troops have, contracted in  Manila,  At Oakland Dr. McLean visited lhe  F-ibriola and City .Hospital, and he  also . attended    the   hospitals   at  Tueomn and   Hverclt-    'lhe info'r-  nutlion he, gained   will bo of good  service in cnniiearion  wilh the hospital tu be established! at Kevelstoke,  Dia Uor.d IK,I tiro,  La foi  me'ri  pack train came down  ei  proiiosti mn   lo ���������  ���������      i       '  ���������-ippiiiiiii'd   was ,  l.efme.   it   was  A   crowd    in i  - Dr. Cross (li>- |  ii'is .iipp'iiiiitu'.'  Let oi hy-Jaws, a mi itppo.iu-  ment of'a Ladies Committee representing all  denominations  of  the  a way   when,   iminetiiiilely   aflerwaiiU, i c\\,\-\ who, have   done ?]ll(.ndid WOl'k  Aid. Me Lend sailed into the cli.-iiriiieu | foi' tlie pl'Oi'-OSC'd illStitUticn.  not,    iilteiidini.' !  IiU.sIIIPh-'.       I l|i'\  ���������  .should, he saiii, have their lepon-; The gvcn'.s and subscriptions lo  le.idy liof..'re. ihe nieetini,' intend nt ' ihe l.o pital amount to If8,0-J!.75,  wiisiin-/ ihe lime of meetings iii I:xi11^   made Up as follows !  -  of   lomiuittoes    for  (impel ly in  lhr>   city  ycsterday-cven.n'g after a bard trip  owing to the Pin- along the trails  It took live hour.-! Io wdrk the horses  'through lhe burning district, which  extends Jor aboul- live miles along  the trail, from 8 to 18-mile, and is  a, mile wide in some places, Tbe  heat is reported io be .intense and  several of tlio "horses were moro'or  less burned owing to hot. cinders,  Kcveiv.l parties who left for tbe  Bend yc-terday were compelled to  car.'ip this side uf the' fire being unable to get through, and Nelson's  pack Irtiin was having a hard time  of it. -  Th'e packers complain that the ,  work of brushing out the trail has j  been done in a most slovenly man- i  nor and say that iti many places it  bhonld the government prove as  helpless as it has been so far, the  commitli-e have instructions to ar-  rang'ofbr calling out,of''all the men  oii 'tho roadi thus plucing within  possibb reach the biggest strike of  employes that has ever taken pblce  in-Canada. The men, say that if  the company will not meet the  trackmen in a fair spirit Ihe-'day is  near at hand "when there will not  be ,a wheel turning on "the company's roads Irom the Pacific to  the Atlantic coasts. This is the  proper course, and the pity is that'  it had not been done before. It requires a desperate remedy to bring  air unreasoning official like Manager xUcNicoll, to his senses,  An experienced roadmaster points  out* that tihout 15 years ago the  foremen and trackmen hud the  same wages as tho conductors and  trainmen. He points out that the  safety of the track 'depends more  on the section foreman than any-,  one .else,,and that, he must he a  trained, eyreriencr-d nnd,, reliable  man to render.,-good service, This  oiticial periiiieiiily asks*', how is it  that while the wages paid these  trackmen have,gone buck tho wages  of those employed in other branches  of railway work have gone forward?  The answer comes, because the  other brancb.es were organized t.nd  the trackmen were not.  .      AMLN  MHO 11  bAW'i  -The sod'etai'V of tl'u Revelstoke  Liberal Assocititirn. has received  the following communication from  lhe premier- Sir Wilfrid Ladrier,  which explains itself i  Dear Sir,���������1 have the honor to  acknowledge the receipt of your  favor of the 18th inst., conveying to  me a communication from the  Kevelstoke Liberal Association, in  which representation's are. made  thai lliC'Canadian Pacific Company  is infringing the Alien Labor Law  by importing, under contract, laborers from the , United States to take  tho place of the strikers.  'Jailors Union denounced his  line of conduct and decided to  withdraw from the Trades and  Labor Congress of' which he is  president." __ , ,'  'i his is one of the many conccc-  rions that aro being sent broadcast  al the'present time by *:omc \ oop.'e  for some peculiar  reason.   I desire  to say that it is impossible for mo  to keep \rack of  these things nnd  impossible, if I could  firid time, to  explain them.    A few  weeks ago a  Montreal dispatch was published in  the Victoria  Colonist  to, the effect  that at some  tailor's, union in thr.-t"  city the president suggested0 that I  had   sought   the   nomination of a"  conservative   convention -and had  the   last  session   supported    tho  liberal party,   Now in your news  'columns   you  make   this seme to  read Unit on  account of not doirg  more   for   iho. C.P.R. strikers Urn-  chairman, of   the tailor's union in  Montreal said what he did,' nnd ycu  enlarge it into ihe magnificent dec������  hir'a'tion that  this is.io be taken c^.  representing, th.e opinion of the men  of the Hast and 'the West against  me. - I am not at  all cenvinced'of  the wisdom of writing any explanation at all, for the persons who find  comfort in   such   trash will he\ev  bo affected for good   however inuth  explanation   is   given.   I do   not  believe, however,, that   the sensible  people of   Revelstoke, or lhe great,  majority of the striking trackmen,  believe the trash, ,and   I will just-  pen a few facts  fori their consideration : '       '    .  The only application   to render  any help   was   made   to me froni   ���������  Kevelstoke   regarding    the   Alien  Labor Law.    Mr. Graham forwarded telegrams to me and I answered  in keeping with the' meaning of the  amended Act. I aLo sent telegrams  to   the   labor   department, taking  them   io instruct  Mr. Bremner to '  inquire into the   facts  and enforce  the law.    I forwarded   the  answer  to this request on -to the lawver at '  Ashcroft   whom I understood wafi  retained    by   the    unions   to  do  their   business,   Lako forwarded  information  to the postal depart'  ment with regard to thcrregulnrity  of  the  mail service on the C\ P; R,  It wns impossible for ine to do more,  I am  not the paid agent of  theso  uhichs  and  could  not possibly go  into tl-.e midst of  the'' trouble'with'.  out  being   specially 'instructed by  the   unions   affected.      1 have my  hands full at  homc-and depending  on my   daily  services,  for a livelihood, yet if   these unions affected  desired my assistance or mediation  .1 would  1 e rcadv to do fas I have  always been) all within my power.  I   cannot   i nderstand the item in  in yfiur is.-uo regarding my inactivity on behalf of the striking trackmen, I acted as far as.I could and  is. worse ihaii  done up/ n it,  dure i.nv work was  up iepulis at lhe l.iM uiruiuMiy "Jt is  hi\'h lime the council w.-i** lining some  thin;;," concluded Aid. Mo Lend.  BUSIN,  J. Guy Birlit'i' lias imported a Iiii"  .-look ol' t.ilv'ei'vv.ii-i; ami weikli.'if; presents.  J. E. AVooil ,is erecting n Ivvo storey  iiilililiou. to liis'1 block on Fir.-.t stirel.  tlie liddilion being uQ foot, iu length  and the width of the building;  '  ', IL IL Mayiio ilispi-.-vd of his insnr-  .in i iv nnd-bind ���������agency'business to Lmv is  ie .'!g"iits for I ii**'  .M.iyne leaves  fi-r the (.'ii'ii-l next v.cek. .  SM.OOO 00  1,500 00  ��������� -A,n-l I 75  $8.01] 75  Mi (js.,'who ,'ivill, also  .s-iii('|ioi-  tovvii>il!'.    Mr.  Prov. Govt. L'rant , .  V. O. N. gri.nt . ...  Revelstoke subscriptions  ���������Tolal  .    .  Owing to a regrettable difference  over the matter of site, culminating  in a petition now to hand, the sum  of **2-iS in local subscriptions is  threatened with loss and the influence' and support of 27 iron-subscribers is denied. It is much to  be hoped that these petitioners will  reconsider ..their views and jbin us,  without reference to location, in  building a new 'hospital at the  place'where it so very badly���������need-  ;cd., It should lie'added .here that  it is guaranteed-by M,r. McCarter to  thtiio.F.3   Reii  Tlie en-loins ii'iin ns foi* IL'Voisiol'i'  iis (-<iiloeti.il by Cii-liuii- Officer A I Un-  vvei e as follow-, loi- I bo moid n of Julv:  I'll-IOIIl-' cut 10.  on tie, .'���������;!!),'! ll).  ���������Old  llilaml    lev-  Tho Duaf Hear.-No. ,-l.'i."i of "The  lli'.-ilili Woi'iil " of ".SO, L'igbib Avenue,  New York, cinilnins a (li'M-ripiinii of a  [li'iimi loible Oiu.-e for Doufnet-s and  lleaiPN'oises which niiiy be carried mil  at lhe |'iali"ii'..V liinni.*, anil 'which i>  siibl to be a" certain cuv,'. 1'bis nuin.lior  will . be si'iit, 1'iec litany de.-il' iierson  seniliug tlieii- adili-csK lo [.lie Editor.    ,  Gold !'(Jommi.-:>ioi'i'.;i' F.iiKpihi' piiid a  v iftit tti'Oiiinboi-iitM.m JJnndiiy,,    '..  would with proper instruction do so  I would call your attention to j at any time"; 1 have no connection  tbo fact that an important amend- \ \\jth the authorities who arc man������  ment has been mndc, last session, j aging tlie'affairs of ihe strikers and  to the Alien Labor Act. By ihe , could do nothing without tm-ofiiciul  lav/ which was passed in the session ' request; my sympathies arc alto  of 1897, all tbe prosecutions had to | goikor with the men, hut the official-  be taken by tho Minister u: Ju.-ticc.: ism of the unifin is entirely outside  The local labor organizations made [ of  several  representations to us upon i oni  thai subject, and  claimt-d that the | Miid was the Alien Labor Law, and  right should have  been left to any- il wrote  and  exi-lained this mattt-r  any   interlerence ot   mine, tbo  v matter n-feircd lo metis 1 have  body interested to take legal proceedings, A nuasure was introduced duri-jig last fe.-.-ion. end  passed, to amend the existing law  mi as to give the privilege thus demanded, lenclo. eyqu herewith a  copy of the law, and you will see  thereby that it is open for anyone  lo enter suit, The only restriction  to this is, that.' the . suit must lie  authorized either by the Attorney-  General of the .Province,: or by a"  County Court' JtidgeV ir.o,'if (it be  (rue, that, the CanadianyPacific;  ���������authorities are importing laborers,  under contracty to take the place pf  t'l'io strikers- in Keyelstoke, the  reirindv in within   (he* ���������hn.ndw of the  to Mr. I)L.".nc. of  Knm'oi)  . _ s and to  tbo lawyer <-f Asiicn-f:. Mr. Graham of kcvoisloh;. 1-owover. came to  Victoria and interviewed the Attor*  ncy-Genc-ral. pre-umably to get the.  liberty to s-uc under the act. and  Mr. I'^berts b.oof.lwinkcd him, for  whiLt ho never gave the necessary  consent, as a politician he toltl this:  gentleman tiie law..was no good,.  :i hcl he then left with this satisfaction and went to the Trades and'  Labour Council of Victoria ind tokl  a pack of lies about me; just when  help and advice was wanted, and  after   I'limb done all I had any'  ,,,;      (c-viiiin������d vn j������i^ ]���������)  ALUMH\iM,i.uuMimtyiuasm  J!M4JIIJ8MHBaaBBBtBMaMMiaiaiMJ^^  jjttgmiiiiuiumMmiaBiHissiiii^  mesm  ws&nmmit  HKSSIHKHBHIffiffl  iaiiftaiaiidiieagsBi������sttasiii^  W?1 ������$'
abe "ikootenav! /Iftail! i:,:ii,,ar-v ^-c-n;ul who }:;is ^
, ,������.,   ,���.,.,,,.,. ,TT,,,. ' 1U1   epportuiiitv  of   furthering the
rL':iLisiii:i) i-:vi:i:v 1'-.:ida\"
u"J3Sr:;iiion   P.-isS,   02.00   I'or   Azir.un*.
Al)Vi-:;vriSING   KA'lLS   quoted   en   appli
R;;vki.-uvki: is fo be congratulated en ihe fact that the ho-pital'ii
now in a fair way to realisat'on.
A good hoard of  trustees  lias been
^''^T^A^^^^^^ 'elected and  wc may expect to'ice
ACCOf.vr.s fo,* job pnntin- m- .-oivoi-ii.siuK ' the   building  put   in  hand in the
|,.'iv.ilili-u:i Un: lil-st   ol' cvcr.v   iiumlli-   i-.-.l)      ,.   ,, ,  ,,,,.-       ,-   ���.   ,.     -
s;,-i;ili ills piy.ihle singly ;.i ,i.lv:i)i.-i-. Cnli.-O 01 il  lCW    WICK-.
COL-ni^l'ON'lJKNCK  iiivilul on all  unttor-
'i    nl lucil or (nililii- inlcic.-l.    Ail '-i.nnmimi-.i-
lioiis to tlio Kiliiui- mu.-l hi:  ���loouiiip.'iiiii'i:     , i_' '��� "
!,y iin; monc; yi tiioyriior, ���not noco.s.siirii.v   vide for anv  member '"becoming, a
t,),--     |i,!Oll|iMt,,..il.     lull, .i.s nil    liVllll.-llc.l    >.| ������  '  ��
Tin; by-la wr* of  the hospital pro-
le .for any, nieinber rbecoming.a
Km"' 'r���"'!!.-'' .i-'orraKpoiifiiiiiop. must, roach the ft/rustee.    That lis 1 o stiv ahv���'perron'
ollice liy. iuesdnyevening in iii-dur to ihul a i ^.    . .,,     ,  ��� - .    >      ��� . ��� ���' .,.���.-.������(.���    i���.
i>iaco fu, lire tiiyi i^uo of- tiiu.--M.\ii/.ai'ti:r..i contributing #5: and upward'is; ei:-
.'.'.'.' '   -��� .
fyy receipt
y- jy'i'-,"''':';"Address '���'''���' yy y/'y7>:'.';.���' / yA.
, '���'��� Ti'fivTvOotiiiNAV'.' Mail,    ,
'���:'������' ',; -yy'. yyy'-:, 'y  itcvbisioko.fJJ.U;
!'. 0. J.ioxTi'.'l{cvOLL(,ko Simioli..., y'y   : y y
fTekphoiic No/,''>0. y-.TyyAj-��� T\-'T  -r'\
"��� T    T'y.: 'yy*':"' L'lXV AdKNTs.:,' y "��� - '    ''   ���
���.'.''C'fli'i-'-'K b'", 'i'n'���',.TSl .vii. mayi bo obtained froni
: Iho fytlinving oil y.ngoiils,':   ���    y   ;   yyy yyy
''������'���''"','���        ,!..W. IlnN.VKTT.-. ','.'���:'.'���',y->'y:.7yy'-'''
''    ;, C'a.n'.vs'A Unco x liouK Co,,:. ���-''��� .:���������''..���
'    1'/ U  W'UM-S. Ty;
yytitleddoycquiil^privileges' .with the
��� 1"' h'igliest:.-". t/phtri buto.i^''- "to';."-',lh'e-.ihs.tit:u-;
'��� tJoti.: y'/This; AynL-ontiLlothe, labos--
y'in<<\ymdio.h;::of yt hil^conmiuniiyyo
;��� liava^fuil: reprcsyntatioh'ywhenever
j'they:takoy;suuie:eut: interest in,the:
'fill-titutiouy 10 attend yi Iio meetings:
���i and I'ecprdlheifvveHcs,:;;.1: T -y-y y'y:
strikers, but it cannot remove a
love of fair play from tlie hearts of
the people, an'd the day is not far
distant when tbe people will havi
���in opportunity of electing free and
ndeptnuent representatives, who
will be above the corruption of a
great corporation, and who will see
hat   the   company  will  have its
great privileges va*-lly curtailed and
'hat it   shall   be   made to obey the
laws tlie same  as the individual or
iny other, corporation in the land.
The lessoiis'ytttugbt ;by',the present
strike will ^notysoondje^forgottcii,
iind 'we^ifcycertain lhat- itfhasfjaid-
the foundatibnfor an cntirefchangi?
of repre-eutati'6'n.; and;,government
in .both-elonHnion /and /provincial
afiai-rs.r'-;i::'-- '-y.' "','''.tt-'yyy y{T:'''':<yr':-T
:',���"   y/ ,LpNppN,:i;xe!.,i agkx'cy. '-.���*";'/.
���!y Tho  Jinperiiil, Typo Koiindry t'o,, Limited..
AdvertisingAyciitri, A lligti.s-irec!, lii'cnll'oi-d;
j> niciuiryy., Kiiifiiuiii.    :.,-."::
.,,.Kiiropoiiii and,.Colonial Advertising Agency,
Jli l-'iceiSiy     ���.���������-,��� .,. y'y7 ���'. ,
TyyyyT, TpKOXTO-AGKNCVy''; -. '   _'y'\'
y :. Ciiiitval t'ra-iAgoiioy; Canadian Advertising,
y'AgClk-y;'AgCllli?. .-'���:: o   .   ���   y .   '   y    ' ."    y'y
;'y;y:��y: .��� MOXTHKAli, ^CllCNCV.
.A. -Jli-I-Ciiii & Co., Agciils;'."   .'���',���'.-:���
yUiji-biii'iUS Advortisiny Agoncy.y-y
T H'7:' -
'"..-���'.Aio'kiititlci''-'k ��� ���"Cb.l' Adwrt^iiig ,Agoiit^o21
,'::J,1iMf Ave;." ,     ,.-. ���������;, ',; ������;���- ���   ���'���'���,y, : .... TTATT.T
\yy- ;'y;ySAX^FItAXCISCq���AGEXCVf':���������;������''���'���:
���T K.-'CDalto.^tii; and Oj Mcrcliitiits.Lxohiuigc,
...Agouis. ;.���.���_ ��� .y y.y.;:<!y:.y .yy'. .��� yyyy
;.    Hciuii'istoii iBro.s,. 310 ilroiidwuiy. y '   ;. 'y'Tiy'y
l��''i'iiii..I\uu'i';Sl\V ^LvM.iinsH.: Ib'sl-olass oir-.'
-ciilii'tii'iii ,.in lhe (.'il V: ni';.-,.l!'o\'i.'lstol>i). ���������liiiit-sm-.-i..
.-i,tiiiii1(iiii.^v.,(lieti-i(:l,,'i(ii'lyiil.-iUi.iil'  tlio fiilkiwing
������- Ay'^Kuv p,oiitical pai'fv: is being
organised at: the cdastj with a progressive,:'j;olicy��� iny: view, ahdy,one'
wdiiclp"cannot7,fail-to fakd y\ell at',
this: tiiper; :when theyC^yPy/Ryis
making.: itself J so : obhbxidtisyto the
people, v-y Th'e:policy oLtliCyparty
Aivill boy requ
seilts. in:*-the li^gislative'-asscmblvv;
'���'-������ .-, :'yy..'".������������������ t yayyy^' yay ���.. ,.;���..������>*y>
encouragement/ '.otyy construction '-of
railways7 indepiendent of ���and competitive; ;with,; the: Canadian Pacific,
Railway^Cdmpai)y/-pcnding'a "cpm-
preiiehsivfr- system:? of'iCoveriimcnt
y: yiilnv'o
y (i!i!oi<;!-, y���'���.���'��� ������;;','y'
, y ::,.y:tlo!(loli:yy,:��.yL\.
.''';.���:::. At'i'ovviiteii ������',:
.��������� - ���-.' '(i'limitplix:  '��� "��� y
���'... '���..���.'���..���f.-'l'i'oiit.l'.ijlco'.'e.'i.ly
���.IllocilloWilot,.,:'" :.T:y
liogors.l'ass, "r
'Sallii'oil Ai'lii'yyy
Ciiinhiii'iiC;,' lty   , "-..;���-,:
.iI.iloyoii'ITot yp!'ii)g'.s XnU'ii'sp-vp,.'?
IHo'lini Citjy ',.;.-':   M-'ii-cynlloy.
''-'bi-i-icES'-'':"'.' JIoLsbxs^ ::ILv.vif-"' ELOcii.'/ItiiVEL-
".. ^������.���:->7C'fi';i.y''^:;,8rpKIS(yU.,Ci>;;y,:<-- yyyy:4y, v,
y.-'Money to.loiin.y-' ;*-���.', ,���''���.���:.���.':'��� ���"j'.'-';.7 '.;'  ���'.-;--,-���.������'������
yy ptiiob.?.:'-1 to vefetoke, B. ;C,; Foi'tyStoolo, li;^ C. y
"UlilO.'Si MciOAHTEl', ,,..,���,.
yy    :-: itoVulslo!;c,li."C.
���������lyA; IlAiivEV, i
y :������. KorlSloolo, 13.C-
;M.'SC(;)TT,UBiA', LL.U.
:;^;.pAi{uisTLi;.;,��� So.Lic,itok.,:i;XuTAtty,y ���:
:T':'yyy'.,Ty:��� ",;Pci3i.ic,:ETC. '������>���?���;:���"';���:';��� ���".-
y McKeti.zie: Ave.,'" - /Kovolsfoke, U., Ci
yy-Api),.Me:LLpt); liadydiis'war-paint;
on nt last/meeting;of7tlie city' couh-=
'toi-ia 1  cplumVis; ;of;:-'Tni-; .^rA-jL.^verc-
ni[bl -'cbinparceb. W'iti'fyytlH;,; worthy
a Idcii'iiiiui'syiiislaeiglit yoiLhi-j;fellow^
.1 ie.";.'o v i tt 0 i;i't-1 vi^y I i i 't t\i rul s..' '.'���-.t'l ri:i t ��� 1 i.p��': V j i iL ] I '.-
yho.Johghv roma^
7glad ytpyheary^
plain ly,:,:, aiid7.?;hb-ydul^'iiot'''-i^inee''
m'attbvtyyy yyTyyyyy
'���'^     '-,'.'���...'..���',.. ... '''''. ,      , ..-.
'-."���^.oMii'.elise-ussioii'on:tho'matter of
city: police  tdoky'place at the iheet?
ingyof.!:the,.;council von Saturday;
night.Vy 'It i:'wa| ydecided, toyjgra'ht
Constable 'Shaw  'full-'-ptiyyfor hisi
lioliday:.but.there :wai'some.dispute:
as"to: granting;'Constable Keilyythe
s a in o ]>ii y a s; t h e c hi ef fo f .Hem p qra r y
:krviccil.:.Tbc.position ofvHhepolice;1
commissioners ofythc-citA-ywa^tilsp:'
���disctissed,yy'Ald;'y Taylor f:saidyhe>
���:-\xdsy one of the; Commissitihers'but
'had .-nevery ;;beeh /'coii'siil ted-: about*
��� thtse'y matters ylinclyli^vwahtedlo
know - ;;whether'Uhc;; police; commis-;:
if so,;iyi'hat.they'Uyere.' ?'VyConsta.b'Je
Kelly; wTas;;;allowcd:?sameyL^
services.-w-'y :^y-
coin enti-.-i'.iiig nre, .-in.l ou 1 be hanjring
vv.-iil' ibel'i* i-< ,*i .-ei-oml p.*i y*-t l csk of
iliouL a foot of dcai- g.-ilcu.-i. .The
(���(-ono b-dgi* c-.oiioo ,-ibout,' '1\ foot of
,';ili'ii;i ore.
J. Ijolil.*!' bus Inc.'Heil tb�� IJnldei-
'���l.iini on Gunw ci-i di, ;i 11 i tint a cy ol
i ne Joid.-'iii. iind W.'irieii Aiulii'ws has
loi-iiLoil tbe 'Lbi.it cl.iiui i'.L the .same
Localinn-i have been made on n
,(jiiit Iz vein on t bo I jig IJciid'l i aii a limit
���t'o:11  niib's i'i-.on IL-velMoUe.    The bu a-
Liik   wen*   II.   P.  Smith, W. Anilivwn
iind A. Johnson.
VySiiine tiiuej,ig(i il, AviisreiiiM-teillbitt-
tlie London a nil 11. CL Goblliehls ;liad
bought, l.lu.v Ev*;i gi-(iiip (in'Fisb C-'i'i'ok
:7i)i- li.ilf- jl ini!Iitiiii';���'���It.���now. (iii-iis (iiiL
,! bill, the {'oiiipaiiy, ha ve <-i (lovolojuneut,
'miihI (in .tiii'ypr.ipei'ty,iiiui theHiikimr
iipyof ibis, .IionilVib'pi'nils/ihi.vvl'ii'lliei1.
tlii.' i'i.'.snlls'-of Lhe woifi inivv lieing iloiie
ilici'e HIT s.-n.li.-l'a('to'i V.y.y y   T.y'yTT.y'y. '.
AltGK   A \YKLL    LK!I1TEJ��
ti.v.iil-ljiC  iiuuitib.   Ikiilui by
S>   jut,  ;iu*   ,1,1.1   COOil'iO   OOlln   ��H1
nym tn cvci} room,   i-iou tni!> incou all
Xighl til-ill Iiuoiii in oiauuLtioii lur ihe
UllllV L-llii.1.1 O Ol   ^llo.ils   ItlllVillg  1(11(1 III-
p.iitiii^ u.v iuj_ 1 ji  Liiiins.    lloui-Jy strcci
(.-:ii- -Jul \; iuii lit'tcj am. nl.ilitiii.
\y:.':'TTpTfisir Secrst js'Vitiyy'%-.���.
,AU SadieyiHeylvy., was cui'ioiis'to.
ii'.-iin Iliy.oui-it* of t.heyvitsl.'iiupi-iioi'-
inmit: iii Lhebeiiltli (if ilr:5. S. P. \Vbil-
taker, win; had for'a''kitiglime,enilured
iintold sulTV'i'ing  froiii  n clii-oiiic. briiu-
���Vliial ytrpiilih'.,: ;:-*Ti.V'"ViIIyclit<> io Dr,
Iviiig's New y Discovery,",: vyritesy hei;
liiisiiiiiVil. yyyl t" oii iii pli't.ely't'U ii'd boo
and''.���ilsii.i-iir.HiL piii' liftle'gi'iiiid,-diiugh-
ier   of   a severe   attack1 (ifWlionping
.Oiiiigli.''    :Ity jxisjl ivi*ly ciu-eis (.'(iiiglis,;
OpbIs,XiiiGiyipiii', Bi'iuii'hill's, .all Tbi'iiii
ViiiuyIjTiiij^ li-.yiiiti^sy^"fGtl.iic'itit<-*i*il I��i_��l-
ties ;50.;.yiiiii,;$l.();J.': Ti iaLbitttli's fi'ee
'at llieyCiiiiiiil hi )i-iig''&yljiii iky isltiiy'iyy':;
;;;:-'j'Xyy'y:::':-;;:y.yy;yi.'.-fo.-L.;.-y:yyy7��� ;.'yy.,7^,;���.. t
'y01it:rkyWidbii.eyhiisy lieen.i'iveloctetl
GtiiiidySiiviu'oigi. yif   the ;LV;0; L.y (
Biitislv  Noi th   Aiimi'iciiyiiiid''if; AVai-
;i.i(;t'y,iy\^i'cUii,ii'i.--;Ci��'a'?l.M ���'^',*i*\t'iI!''-'Kl*,f.,-'i,-W-^��
'���T'Ar 'TiiLymeeti lig-of: t he'yci ty touii-i
.'ci Pdibyfa t u rel ti;\-^i;i igli t A1 rl 1 Ale Le ccj
Prospo.otors and-lniiic-oiynci's.'ru'e invited '.'tb/
,~y;...ooiil.i'iliiitoilo tlio, Kooi'E.N'.vV: rii ah,, iiirunit
.���'���'::. iilion (if a i-oliiililoolijinictor. i-oga l-dhiy f.!u.-ii-;.
yi,; ,pi-opei-Uo.-,; dosoriUing:..siii-i'iioo : .sliowings,..
y; (lovolopiiicnr wprk.iuid results at tending il,',
,. ynss'iiys,-' unit now* ilisuovoi-ius.. :TlieViiUiliii-i,
- y; desires.'-':'lii  make ���tlie  jMaii.'- ay- iiieiiiiti , ol
���'���...fiiriii'slihig to investors reliable1 iiilonniitioii
fyyooiieei'tiilig lhefprogress:nnd develupinont
yy  ot't'liemiuei-ul resource's of'Xbr'tli Kooienify.
yy^'be Gi-iiiiliy/sinelti'i'/is-iiovytiffoi-i^g
.''.to.l'ui'rc.h'iise c!iitsidi--iu'('s;y:y:,:y'y:yyy'y';;f:
yTliefArliiigton'fsliiiiped 'last, week.CO
, toiis aiitl;Llit^Eiif('i'priW'-iU t(ViiV^
;i'i line^nvuteHifypi-eyiii' tho bivveif ttiiinoL
yf.fMessrs-y'^L :S. iAicCiirteiyind Satiily
;;JloIi)oiincH; havef iii-qiii^iydy tlicyTi'iiiiie:
"Frmrtion/yyf'fy'yy.yyfyyy,'': Tyj..TiyT yyTy-T:
yent; should: assisL; In'liquidating:  "''-'V^
:'' v,y'   : y,       vf:y ::.;f-   ..;:   ? yJ,aO,ton  ? nu-ltei-- fit 'Osliiii-ue.BiiyyViiii.
ie. cost ;to'-;t:h,e.eitv:oty,th^rec^iit,|'(,ltly(T
:,yiewyoLtbo;f;i,ct   that the epidemic J lieehsbiiL dbw-ii- wan'LJii' 'fniiiis: being,
originated-;from7; a Aisitor.;7 Aid ! "'"���:--'"-"",':'--"1'-:"' "      ������' - '  7  f- ;--7!
' :n'DW AH D'f A. 11 AGtlEXy'
������JLi ,:���'���:,������  , '���-������."   , ���-   -���r-:'-'������   'Ty; ���
}.t::T;:    Mixing- Exgixkkh,
(Meiu, fAiii.ct'icfitr iiistiyiiloyMilii.iiS.Lagbieefi)
���,-���;.,:���' '.LUoin.' Canadian'Aiiiiing In-titute.)',
yy y f,f .,,   .'ItfKViaSTOKt;,' 11. C.TTy '.'../
t_ ���.   - .      y-      ���    .       ��� -;.,""*','-  r-.y ���������   ~ ���-������-������ ���      *-**-*.��;:;. i; . ������.��������� u.*.-   . - -   ���-.'.,,   .:. i-. ���    ���.. .y i .,.-,....
.McLeod aisp; .considered'the���inem-yj v;T'1(1  Hcwjtt, nt ^ilvertpn; has'sliip*
'.&ei*-:-''..":f or: ���:'. t J1 o:-?- ci lis tV i'c t j v'iil r.. ��� ^TiiA-io-iS"^!". ,'ii'>i"\1-:|Mc/1, * i.^-M > .'.^:--.��*'��!��..��' ."l ��� ��� "^/V8*;.""-! * '.f ?** >V>'.?
. i'���-.;  , ,'���:..".:    .   '.-'���     y, ' ���   "'-' .,".',    ������:! sOViM! ieof:cf .-bililjillg oiyo HXOOSi'd. ,T   i
should .;, give '. the      council-'an r,;     ''������ ��� ���:   ���:,'"-' -��� ���-.",-. ��� .''���'-' t     yy
give .-������., ine      ^.uuli-.,i ��� ,u, , .,., .
.,  ,,,.���l  .-y-yy...Tyy y-T ,. ::..;- ���":.,��� ���. .," f. -.1 in' .Crow s NeStfGi'ubGotupany.nre
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.ll    . ...... , ���'���������.���....Vt. Jq   1-'llL;, ^-l'u-,i iiutliiii,' in 4U0,cokt; ovens at Aloi-i-issoy,
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.   jfproyincial'f ^GverumehtyAn c:: the.:-ti'work oiii:v,y;.y.v;,'^"y.yy;i^y.,-���;������.,.y-y;
,E\iiiiiiaa!iciii'of aiid; .nyppi-Uain '���.^hiorul'ProvLniaheh-'-'v'' ���'v.y-'-''-;y .^ ��� .\-V, -���;.���'��������� -'y'- T tfy Thi'Cmiiiio'i In ml'coal mines ai:e sliuL
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: ���'   -.'"".������ ;:  '���- .'"��������� . ���-'������ -yf ���.. 1;, , ���'���' '-������'-"..���. f-y . ��� -.���..-,.., >...,^m.., -yyy     -.. jduvvnyovving,, to lire in, tiie'AvtU'kings,
/The ely(-f;i!i;!a!i,'"iiituied'TIUiiba^>iicliull'
y Deafn09sy Nois23fy iHfJhef!Head,-.'--'Stc:'-'
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i-jjifbtf-pi,thi'/iictualyea I ol"flbeyli^eiiso.
and;li;isi;(f'i''Ct.;e(l,:sut-h i-eiii;ii-'kiilf,Ie cures,
fihalUhiygtyeii'testybi'ipe is held four, I oyill
���'^ii'ifr;'/i,i.'r^Vj..,<1-'!-"'iOJ,-!l-j.*i|*'-'..'V'-'Av';-'.Vl*^'.".,-llA ''^'"W-;'.'
'stIindiiigft lie: ti7isVV iiiriy Lii*. y OiVa ^tj/otlle
will f cu're/yiiiiyffordinai;,v .-'it'-asi'V,.-I'Viil_f\yi|
be sent si'ciii'elyyfimc.ki'tlyitiitlfposl-ii'iiii!;
wil:liy'fiili:: direct Lit island . tesl iinonbifs
fi'om JAMtls E.fHAHi;KV; 23 Slpebrbilo'
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,,' SLimo.tlTiiig ciitiroly',;.now--T: an'd" iiiterostinglf
Roiid 'whiiii yoii iu-e 1^ (lo. ff Von innyge't -?l,0U!i.-!
Oiir.ooiitest is to see who eiuifiiialiofilio iiu-gosi
list, of million dii' kinds) otbirdsTrui'n the'l'ollovi'-,
iiig'list ot lettei'S,:i':,-ff y ': ,f. y��. '.: _.-���:���/yyyy
WD 6,0,0 O C.KQULI A PiflT A fl ID G
E.S p. N LE. L V EfB 17 Dyl M W ADO H TL
,: WcAvtil rdebgnise .-is a. birdfnnythion: liulbni-
ing to the fcailioi-ed tribe,whellior it is a lloii;'
eii-o'w',��tiii!go!:,orfiiny oilier kind. Yoii cairuse
anylotio!' us tiian.r tyin.ies lb niiiUo ii iiniiioas li
iiippeiM-s in t lib liftt'oflctteis ahovo'; foi- instance
W'oiidooelc, t'lovor, biiovv Hird, oto. f 'Jfo imy
persons, who 'dim make a' list of '23 or iiio'ro dif-
fe.i-onf. liaiiles of. hii'ils.ive vviil give ahsnliijoiy
���FHKKui.bodiitlful.l'riaa.vuliio fJbiWirorloiss,.'; . -
.... vy^9'iv.~��� "T^,y~~,Jy:T~~y .^.W.j,,,..
r   ���'*   ,y.'y      ,       :������    ,;,:,        .. ��� '. ^ :        ' ���'':"   y.~ ���"���.������ ^"I'l"!.'-J>   * -1 "iv^OL    Jl UUib,  etc.,  ClC,
A IvE.LVy-d^A'ZOKS./.yy'fy.,:-'., y,::;;;, ^'yfyyyf/ffyy :'yy^
vVVc;; invite;;'Correspon'd^ncei;yy
;Hvy P'if'U"" '& ^^ish'a ;Pl6ine;in;inpdcst;^ slylt;'&:f'r' "C-''7:
Complete Furnishers,  :; ���
A ?ij.attlhthayi'he Boni'd.bf Tracle-f7
V   .;, -y ,, ,y. ,". - ���-���: T-.     ������,.:      .. \--feV ,   ,. ������'���., ���: ,:  '���  : ���-y   . v-">>''!; v.io|: of li)ey\!-i-o,u llt'od bl-flllfh, llilS boo
y. .;^;d?'l{lU'AY.v':At'LL;tJ.-'lOOL'yv-'y';; l;ne. .scttlcrs'y inem'' do; a'-^ lart4 Tc,i^���s���i  -wo i^vy-:f,'���,-L;y,;,,',,:,;.., i.,T
���Wlibn you have tiin'tlu.init yoitrllst, IUI onl.ilie
liiioon t.lio boi.toin of tli|s mlvri ami fond to us
vvikliii 3|,iiiii'|ie(l AilUrousiid' olivoldpe, sl'ninp of,
, i-.your uotiiitrywill do. l.hon if yo-.i ai-o iivvntded'
'���-���'a pt'lifo yon eiin yif yoii. ileiilro ((of tlio pi-iao by
,y--! heeoiiiiiig ��� ii ������ Hti)j<��i'lber to .'i'ii:--,' ; Woman's
'������ -WoiiLd.  We shall ii.wardii.pi'l'ie.lo, every per-.
{.{,if'���!-'.-<ioii who���.seiidij. f-lic imiiie of "iil lititU, and out
,;      ;THE   PKOSPSQTQRS^^^^
y'y'"'--' .''-:'""������ yy. T'T-T    KO.IX.W.-C. B1.00K, NELSON, B.'Cy'-..--vy:1:��;-';''-y-. ^ .: *��� -
���'���'���   PolV,?ll,^1';,;^V! 'A'JA1.9��*II>cr Mi.,los wuutodyia tlie KXUIIA^GK. :,::   -     -: , v'1 * ���-���'   ...y   ; ���/(
,-,;���.  J'ttlXlvA IljpL.vei apnu pi'opoi'Uesvviuitcdat. onoe I'or Kiistern investdr-��   '     ������''���''���".-' ���-���������'���-"��� -:T
EXCli"ANGKlfp"SxbibUkm;yr��PL!%*?��� ^y^ TO8^-y.to ^^m^aotpidvovc toHlio*
y.     Altsiiiiililos'shoiil.l be seii't by (ixprcss, 1-RKHAIIVf'f- ������     '       ���'���-',':������   'f   ���;. " /: ffff".    '���'   f T.'
���: Correspoiideneosolieited, ;Ad(li;ossulloouiini!i!ieuUoi!S to y-' ': ���'���'-'.���������7V' '.'y'--;
Tofopliouo No.;lOL ; V.-Q., Kox 703.   y f ��� ��� 'J ���
ArpaE W P. ROr33NEI1IIGEII,' NelBon, B.O.
.China ^iidfth^^
ii!l,i.'y. ..-Ill  i '���' ;i;i',^,^vi,^:; '-������'"! tllC    lor'! ��������� "���nier'cli"iTl".--'''"i('v  tl-^r ������iVr-V I'f'vV"1 vb.;.,Lal-..i'.s L!:ei-lvLotisoIldat.e(l,y ,y(,��� vvi'lljiiot ha vclo;wai't along linio in uneei-
���������t,-��.1-1i?riAV',-,!l:. L"VtMiij��^uiuivra-i-.>^,:v,--._ .--j.-.1 .^. . fW^.V. ���11?crc;;-??-,-'-:. -:��."-::t.;."*t::V't,^":.>*lfi"\^.5".:lv' bo fims'b,-,-n ii'irti^U'evM^
,;���:  ;���',; .y-'f .=======   yy.:     ������-.;��� ,, ymatterisone 'cit, 'locaiy.imLorianre. ;'....y.y yvy,.   . :.,:.���,���..-  y ...���',,'���'   .ff".       '-,' ���'icloiaont oflo ttory m our. plan, ���.it. makes no dif-
; ina'ttei'.is- one/ of ��� 'ipcaiyinipprtance
;7-y 7;;11fc:;I^v
isthefiiicist iLindspni^l^ljiM
costs no nrore'thiinthe^oi-dihary^w
anelyyotir cprns- will��� clisdpheiLiV'.'.vMjidi2:. by-'.'-Geo^c;k ��� A".'"'::S'L'-VTEK";:-,'-r'
and: splcl:yb)';-.:--y������,-���������/ ���>���������/;:,ityy\     \^:'''.'.ffry.:y-;/;f.'7':,fyy^;f/'..::;y/^y..\v^y:;';'y^:;.\;.^
'goiiy out of 'bu-siiics.-! ;?;������������ y'Thc;people
���'���"/_?*'-��� .<?/.*.':;^'���>"��-ii'ii_cJ.ii yvou]dyH!'.cffo.l:iiow"j'b'/-'
' ('(iuselhe' CI',, :li. y:cci'jl lyt,"b:e, ruii--
,'y!iing:*ithe'cb.t;uti'y'f:a-r,;,.th('y:: like, iii:
, ;' defiance ef law' and'order. ��� ''������'���
7 yAx. Nelson ff-ttjs are beiiig'taken'
.���it'O'a.inalg.air.a.ii',. the liberal and iabbr
jiiiiyie-s, ������ That is'Tho-'prui>cr move;
���ii'nd  a ������;c'on'il.'.iiiod':i"art'y.-f!;iippori!iig,
that LolicV''could sweep the .tlomru-,
'���ion .and the province at;'thc"pb!lf.;'
: ctMiVi-nioiK; .'and:,in;>.t'ey,' c:cjVeii^Tvo
ythan :,n(ved; be.    ��� The lyJifiarci-niiylit,
get liie f:i,cts together ;a'ncl lay the'm
before the olticiirl^ of. the Coiiipauy,
y Tin: liierciiauts of 'ivcvelstpico ,iU--
st-.rve gi;(.-r!t; ('lyciit, for the w-ayiir
^vybieii they/have stood .'������'by; tho-
'li'aidciiieiMi!; iheir sTrikp,:,' The ,rc-
fuVa'.l,' of .oi'.i"-'iiierch,:;.n,t.-;'''to sujipiy
ihu '/Cab   "g;:j!g ,';W[tll;   SUpplK'S'* (or
31 i,ii(;liIy ,f 11ows:1.1)at   iu",T'{cve 1 stoke-
at'least :we,li;ive' uitij, w;ho will, not
; TTTfi-1 I    ll-h ',
to send  .'iny inoiii'j':.until  yon know o.xiiot.iy
���-      ,       .' i, ���  ���������-��� ���,,',,      ';������'������- y.whiif iii-i/.oyonJiltvo guliied  hy imsw'oi'IuK l.hii
j  -,v\ dt'iil, is mi,for t lie Jt'o-o'iiei ry-jjionp ���! .-ptale. ���   vVs '.sooitiifl:,-!-,1 imh;, o.-icli 'day ns' lios-
���i-i -iiii- fii.'r -h';.o/lo",'i"i'..'l ���, ',,.i,.-,V,<'yv.;,.,i ��� sibi';- i-.l)0.-��siiiiilii'.'rs.will.:,|ii(l|fo' the lisisto the
..yi,,l iy. bt^jjen-y,.ml,,!   u: I y, n>; i-e.Ji.pei,!.. i ��� hs.��t';,0f, ��� M���, ,r. nhilit y. and vvilldcslgiinto t.lio
��� t'-fi   foi' Co-it"--' ; tfr.'-'L'���������( l;i~: vv i'-ek   iii I pi'Uiy   \v'iy-.vlil w-iiioto yon nt (moo uoili'yliiL'
.-���������'yo ���.-:.     ���','..' ,.,������., ������ ���-������-,. y    ���    . ���.   ��� 'ymi.nimt- pi-bio Iniri hiji-u (uvai'di: I yoii, then ir
i;('i,ui|i;iov. vv,Hii,y 1;   I.. ; i /t c Ws lor, a lid'J,',,';���/����� aro -aiisilod. yoii e.ii) m-iiil yoiir.siibsei'ip-.
; II     H<->'-![     a"'   Lo-'do'l   iiiiikoV .'���iii'���v.! lion t?i Tit k ^Vo.^!.A^���'t!  WoiiMi- and your pi-b;e
''.'���-.���:'.."'.' lj.   ������'' T    "<<>""��. U>  y.V , wi||kr0 i,j. s-ctii! ii of-post ciii'i.'liigc paid.. Toil
���>einin'e,l lie |)i-(,'|ii''i.l.y'.,        ��� y, .- |iei',.nn tif iiiii'i'ow', kbiis-lt ���ioomw Iniposslblo Unit
.' ,. l   ���.'���"     . ���        ���" ���''���. ���     '' -���,���"" ���-L      .     i ��-,��� y.'.hnbM   lie iibli! to iniiko yiti-.li n glgnniio
" ' -Tb'-e'lt'-^i-u.-rm-im'*, at.-the Lab* of the',' -f>fb;!'.'biit- wo have tlio li'ioii'ojybi'itliisiiriil rojiu-
,y yy  ��� ��� ' ,   ��� ������ ��� ���. , ���; i.nti...ii, wo  know oxactly- what wyoiire dotng,
\v ,oo(H,   ioi.s   ln-i'ii   M,|,,|   to   the   JiinoK    nii-,1 ii" wo oiui .lo/iliisunoly guin a million sub-
!���' ,.r'e    M iiio-y ��� (',,', ii,-, ov - .if A Vinii.,,,'   I .-".;i-M*��rii"Wy ibis yi-uml -Idea wo know I linl tills':
i.-uoe ..viinii.^   lyi.iij.iaii}    (it. Lombiii, ; m||,|������ op,,,,.,.]!.,,!,.,,,,,,,! Hiihserlbors ciin l,(* in-.
ami     it    new* ������ .-t";oiip     nit JI     vviil ��� tic- j- '.bt'o(:d t'o 'c-ojiiini-o'LTiii-: U'dnian's WoiiMi'.to'
���'���;-,   . ���'      ,,,,'. '���' .   ��� ���     . , .-, , all fnonil-i rlici'di-ylailfDiiK up our circulation.
P1'-*    l-'>y -Jb!*' ,H.,t    i,'oo,|.   pron.'i.ly. , ��illl foi'll'ii-i-,   Wo,, ni'n'wIIIIiik io so nd Sl'S.iiOO
Avho'arc also clealcrs;:iirGroceriesv,Ha
Goods;- Crockci-y, ;Qlass\y:irc, Clothing,.;Men's; Furnishings/'etc;
���.-,   , ,,,,������      ...  .-, , ,'ui ini-nii-i riior(i(.>',.oiiii,iniK u i onr cit'ouiauoti
"t    I-'1-'. -J bM . h ya    tcioiil.   proji.Tly. , .tin f,n'tl'ii-i-,   We, am'willing io sp nd .<i2,5,U0O
Imi iv;t.s's|-oi!eirUii'(".ij,'(i Tr-'oi/'on uiiTls", J." il.'i*<;om'-ht lii.b:fll.lb.g.inia i.iK-nba'ilpUoo
'  ��� , ���;, " ,    > ,i,oiiiis , )|,r, an-; ���.-,':)<.'.i th-H nioiioy L spont-w-o rosorre
heiiiK put.ii|iii| J-bic'i'oy sf:H:iips-;',   ,v ! tin. |-ljfhl to p'.ilill'ilii  ii'ill|i,|tdoi, tlntl tho onii-y
.-������'''    .���"���,��� ", '  : >".��'. li.-i'��� licen i-lN.-otillimi'd,   lion'i delay imlll
' -A Miike ��� t'-t ten   iur bc-'of���-.'ime-.'vb'iil V"I- t/m L.(��>.   T io contest will; c-jiiihmu.until
���..���'��� .., ' .    ���,������������ -.' ;il mniii'v 1--', \Xri,     '  ���    ���
ziiioy foi e   hay.tier-r> m,ia<* on Lh>* I' r*'c :     We viva A .liuiir^ I'li/.n nl. &1V1 fndoj'ii'iuli-iit.
(.���oilia^e,a.,;   r^-iiAnn ��� (,f   th-'    Silver '.^^''^'.���'^Vl.^'iyi';'1:;^1 fe^'^J^1!^^
U ,���>��� ���-:���
T'ni; '.(j ut crop -aiieiitioiis, lloii. W,
C-^elhyf'ii'.coming'pVemhraf l.hev^
We 'have iio he-itation   ' '""'" "'--���!- !-   i^->->-��� '..-....-    .-..���..,..   ���    .,���   ... .���;.,-..,���..,. ,.,...,..-.,���.,.  .-, - .
(-,,;���,,.,,.      ,,,      ..Vlei.s-,,,,   .   OF     I),  .     Wil,-.n       "I ��:i'.llK,'.i>  lOUl?    I'T.'H.U    W Kl .<l! MUX     I    .)('    IS.
(.oin.i.^e, an    (Mens,,,,, .ot   (he   bll\ l-r l.^ttai yVh. the bosl iind. liiuiilsoniwl. manner,
Cup-, piopt'i'l'.y.     -Tlii*,'' lessees u'ho iil'o'i Oiii'.'-'oiOiniili-o' will, (h-elilo iuol nivied. |ii-|::es
..:',,    '' ,,-   ..,   y ',       -. i'l/iil v. hut (In- i.|i(oliil ^.W|ii'l)!o will hoiiiviudod
piiicoy.-pnncip.ie  and a,
love pf  f,lil'.:,;v. oiotty i:; iiojyt.*. of jLtikiiix'.e'"iiie i,(T(-!LLiMriarks.u,;yo*.t';(l,
:'"������. ably furnish eel with the choicest the market '."���������
/affords.      Best   Wines, Liquors, & Cigars.   ���-'
-,.������'. Rates fi.a day,   -Monthly raie.y '������''���;������
, -AiLSEliT    BTQiTiE,    PROP.
..,..,,,. that the Chief Commis- ;V^F,   be:orf;yany   iittie 'ir;onc:t;rr'y
��:o::cr is'ofie oi -the!', moil cipa'ble.-'.a^va'ntfljjfi' that might .he,--.dcn-vc-d.
who :hai. -held'-.office.- iiv! thoyf^nrfhc' trade' of '.thc.se,imported
hi;,'.;i ���gi��rdi.-'  -iiv.cr -btyes ,0'f-.; (.'uc L'tij
..Tn:- W'rt.\t,',:;'fi V.'ojo.n is ,'r,.(horongjily.'r( Iii
T;i:: su,;cei-;sful inauguration of a.
���i rjl ���(���
aliens Tho C. P." H.".iynbio to
pa ra !y:-:e iJio llohiinion a'n'd Provincial governments ; it can openly
troiiX   ledges  en   lhe oropeiiy., . Om-
is friiin , nine' lot v.-efv e  feet whl.-'nml
e.'iri'i.'si, betwi-oii 4; and 5 feel,of  ��.o|j(j
(,'alona, the.  galena  carrying.eomid.'-.y.
f   ('(ipju-r   p)'rii,e>-,'.���(���(.ippi-i
prilicij^aliv   witi'i/.public'moiicv, to |/'^;7 '''^M\<m��  Um (in-Kivi-^ .-.-Uimih
,,     t,    i,       v ii ���   "    ���   l      l ���        i   .      V *   i     i '���     i ,       ���'      i "'' '���'   i"'''Ceiit,    ���IJetvyeen  thin body of.
yn^; and to b. li,  Atkiu*, who has   circuhitcybaso falsehood and mis- |,,n, ;m(l'thVl  )Killg.u,(M jlf h,,,,,,,,,!
T-,  ;���>���'       .     r, '.a >       ���      '    '       ill'.'   v. OMAN fi   V. Oi(I.I)   Is .fl I  lOI'Olia , V YI 1.
��� Till' Giy.'iL D.yo.e Kir,i:p of mine:,- ���ii , n\,\i:. ���������.,..,���,,:\v��� arc kt.o.vn u.,\t> rix;nliiv����i vve
'Hi.. ' Maiy's lias fiec.'r.liomleil- by ,J, 0, ��� o.d v-r.Vt i-.-. A< lomir rj-lmhiHy we iv.'c-r to rtiij-
��� ,,-..������ f      .;,���;:���,;,���    .,,, / Advertising Aifent or.���btiiiacM, inan Li Lobdon.
Ui-eury   for   ,-;[0.'J(>),      Iherw. in c in o' ' ,.���������������...
'/ .'-', ���(��� i t~'. ' . . i ' i      1/ *  " * -   ���'  V'     *"   " k *   ���
���i hospital -for. Kevelstoke is largely j'ict nt defiance, the laws'of the ];in'd;'j yaleiia. the. n
'due to the'efforts of G. S. i\feCartcr.��� it can.use a telegraph.system, biiilt.j'(pbiniities- of
tlie convener of' the .origih.arincet-   liriiiciiiallv . witli.. public inoiicv, to ,'-"i!',!',v '"'   -',"
Town T... .
Whblesale and Retail
.'f.'oi rut !���}���':
N,.H. '-��� lie o/ii'ofii.l.iuifl pi'erit.v vi,nf lrtior'/ic. us
w.udoiict i'eoelv'o uii.loi'paldli.-ttors. Address:
The: "Woman's  World,,;; Brentford,
������������"' MWi.MivMii'.   ������
Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage;
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fft��'.'i THTE KOOTENAY MATL  Kootenay Lod^-e '  No. 15A.F. & A.M. ',  *-;A  *\<^    ������   *    Theiegularnieeli!  ���������yp*       aro hold iii llie il,-  '"jTh       onrc Temple. I'.omin  -STi-^Sy^h^ygL���������t Hal!.  u:i   (ho    lair  -������C3~#^%.\fe: Mo inlay    in   en. I  ���������c-^'^-T^ "^-Si- 'v-Siiiii.mli  ..i   s p.   :n  ^^r^z'^T^^-Ji-    Vi-iting   hi-e! ln-.-i  "������������������^-^--'i-s��������� oni-di.ili.v welcome!  (i. S. .Me 'AltTKIL  Skokktakv.  Il"VELST3X3 I.0"Da3.1. O. O. F., No. 25.  < y-; r-M \T7~rf/~*  starting June  loth  will  make the  run from coast to coast in   '  '  HoRiil.ii"iu3iMin'r--are hold  jtu-awti-j   in '"'1 !f.'ll<Hv-s' ir.ill oven  TJT''3������<i-lWM3������i Thiir-il.-iv night at   oiifln  ��������� --Vy^^vdbp o'clock.   Visiting bi-oltior^  '���������" ''"f*5-i$jr cordially vvek-omi-d.  i-:. watei^o.v s.a.      j. a. stoxe, r.s  '     11. X. COUK5IEH, U.S.  SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O. F.  Meets every Tne.������d.i'  '"/JTirSSs^    evening    in   i-eh-h"'  ^\Hall    at    8   o'cloc\  |) Visiting brethren cur  diniiv   invited  to' ������!  tend,  'j. MATHIK.Pif  Uf lu  UULCh  A 3 can tif ul Engraving of  %J  VIPTflPJA  VfUlDnlA,  For Only 10 Cents.  THE CITl COUNCIL  Owing 'to   the ordinary weekly    I meeting  called   for  Friday having  All over tin* wuriii iIk.^o piciui-'--will in* i-oid    lapsed    for   v.'tiiiI   of   a   onorum a  "None kiu-.v 1i*t bo; lo hue hn : Nunc  ii.uik d    ...,,:, i    .,���������< ��������� ,    ,    . 1  :  iic-m-i-ii-i-i.-j" Ti-.icii..-tonnu.'iioi. people ' ^'ecial   meeting  was   convined tor  n ihe fiiiod M.ircyi-.-I {'.mad.-i who vv ill each " >';lt LT<i;! V    ni.'Jir,   wlieil,  lllL'1"'    W'J'C  vv.iiii one ia ilu.-e iie.i'U l.o! pie! m-e--.    Jiliv iiro i ��������� '        - , , ,  ���������na -v.-. ���������. iiA_".   .".'a o\!,ii,-,- ha- Ihmh-pn-iii i pre.-eiji :       lhe   Mayor,   a ml   Aid.  md llo-pk'Mi'x- is   iM-ll vvi.rilij* nf a Imniisdiiso I   \ I .���������., ],.,,  .,,.,,,     \T,.( > ,,.',,.    v, ., ! .    *ir..  ���������r.im.*.    Awiil-..'.ii-ollIilU.idiiy.    ri.-.m;,!cs liy j '* bl iillillilSOIl.   .McLill'ty.  .Nettle, Mc-  M.iii. po.-i paid, i c. j Leod and-'lavlor.  Iflu/.'ii jiit-tJivs 7.V.. -*dl for J 1.2,'i. prof t iw. I  -3i������ pittm-c- San i    "      Sd.0'1    -    S2.nn i e'OHI{i:srO.\DKXl'i:.  l'-O       " 'C-o.00     "       SH'.dO   "     53.00 I       t. t     i o ,,      ,,     .        ,  iiette,'oi'd.-.-ioci.-a oooe and-u-iiie while the,1., From   Judge  Sproatt onenngto  E. ADAJH, NT. 0.  ���������fia  ,ours.  '���������c^��������������� r  Cheap rates now in effect to the  For rates, tickets, and full infoimatlon apply  lo  T.W.  BRADSHAW,'  Revolstoke.  E. J. COYLE,  A. Q. P. A.,  .Vancouver.  OSAVGx!   LODGE   2*0.   1C33  Itcgul.-ir meetings an* held io  the Oddfellow's Hull on tin  Third Friday of ciieli month, ai  S p. in. .sharp. Visiting brethren cordially invited.  TITOS. STKKI), W. Jl.  W. H.   :>jri\-<.~\-   !.���������,.  On,.  Iron is Hot.    Tho tno'- t-i -vll ttooitei- when i lea-C    block   52   at   -1*20 1!CT Hldlltl).  the people want them.    Tliey v..vnt tiicai now. ,     .  . ,   .   ,        , . '      ,       , .  , ..    with right cl  liurchase. and at-kin������  HOME NOVELTY MFC. COMPANY,  P. O. Bok'SIS. Dopt. C31,  c -:icago,  ILL  Attack of Eoyal Canadians at  Paai'Jete.  OOEAN, STEAMSHIPS  Royal Mail Lines.  Choa::o3t Zlonto to the Old Country.  1    .    ALLAN LIS'E-Troiii Montreal.  J-nrislnn    *     -     ���������     ���������   >���������     ���������' ' ���������   July Cth  Au-tral an        - '��������� '"  1'Mi  ciii-iiiiiii.il! ���������:        -'-'tj'  Tunisian     ......        '     liith  DOMtXION LINE-From Portland.  Diinliiioii        I'....       .Inly iJlh  .('iiiiibr.iiiiuii      - !)������������������'.       "  I'M}  Vniiooiivi Aug. .ird  DOMIXION LIXE-l-Voni1 Uo.-ton.  t'oiiinioiiwciilih iliily���������3rJ  Now l-higiiiiiil      ���������     ���������      <     .,.(,-   litli  Luimiioiivveitah     ....*"  bl.-t  UEAVEU LIXE-I-'i-oin Jlciitrcitl.  Vi'iH.UI  ' i      -      * J iiiy 3th  L.ikii l.'hnmpliiln ,      "   J-th  L:iUo Jlestwitio ,,   *,!;;'  hiilte Supi'i-ioi '       ������������������''i'1  bukeOnt.-u-io " Aug. ind  Ri-wjiwnr-HicUotod through to all parts of  Oi\Mil llrit.iin and Ireland, .uul int specially low  ro.leito ail pii-td of tlie Kni'ope.in oontineut.  Auplv lo lu-iiiv-it l'liilwiiy or Moiuiihlilp iigenL or  to       . '   r'  T. W. BRADSHAW.  Ajjont. Hovo'.siolto.'  S.S. "Lardeau.'.' "  Uutmfnpr liolWccn Arrowhead nnd Thomson's  Lnnding eoimneneing .lusie 10, UMJi will.an.ilms  follows (weiillier porniitting):  Leave Ai-i'iiwhend for Thomson's Lauding  mul e'omoplix fit Tk- daily.  Leiive riioni-on'!- L.indliignii(l Com.-ipllvfni'  'Ai-i-iiwhond nt iric.^d.iily, eonneoiiiiK with (ill  r. P.,It. li'.iiiM and boais.  Tho owiiei'.i rei'-'i-ve the right to chnngo timet*  of Miiluii,'.*1 vvilhtuU notleo.  Tilii FLED K0L1X=0X Ll'MIlKI! CO. LTD.  f. itonixaux,  Jliiiiaginpc Director,  ki^*^w  ,CUizens_of^Revelstoke: ���������  Do you liiioiu that $10^000 or  $12,000 a year has been going  into 'Chinese coffers for Laundry ' work every year in thh  town. 7'he Reaclsloke Steam  Lanndfy Co. are trying to divert this money into,, the channels of trade. : Will you 'not  help by sending 'us your laundry.  BUKER&;SAXTON,  >     '    Proprietors.  A-.'.HALF- YEAR  'MENT.  The present L it time when war picture* nrc  in grower demand ll.nn ever. The eoiidoot ol  the Hritish -nl Iier.s on the hiiiilrlleld Iin- won  *.hc plaudits of iidniii-int'iiiiiioDs. Weliiue  nf prrent evpon-se puhhshed tour InrKC beautiful  picture:!, L<i.5C .'U.\yj, Oil   liellV.V, supcl'Ihll', Olllell-  lered paper. A picture lli.it wid commend  t-clf and i-c nl a th;>IU tn lhe hi-iui ol every  ;r������o ('iii)ii(li ni l-the ono called Attaelc of  loy.ilCariii i,'a:ip at X'.iariic'jcrs. ihciv .ire  it liilly him ''i'ds nf iIkui-. s on lliin pifiiire.  llio.moimtai - ur k,i|ijee-i iin tcliuiK <)iil,'ii:t(i  ihe di.stiiiieo -iiv sw-inni' n vvith men, while  ,iero nnd the c ii pru-tintc flmive njii-uU-s tnily  'ioo well of th llijcr r fleinen. It, vv.\s nn lips  i.ittletield th* gnUans Major Arnold nut  loath iiiiflinc liuuly. Jt is oniy too true Unit  nany of lhocio if.-iltitnl lii-nrls that bent so lii(?h  wlien Iho eft soring tliovsujics hnde ilitni  Jrod speed us I Ley sailed fruui ('.iniida's .shoi-e.s  low iio .-til fiirevcr in lonely graves on lhe  ���������ihor sido of iho world under .Urlcim skii-si.  ro avevy Canadian hocrt, in ci'ory Cana-  ilan homo, the dcid- ot their bravo jiolrilcr  inys epoaij with im iiTei-.intible lltrlil of  .'ntrlotiora and iiriao. Ctordc-zx illsrhlantl-  ���������r������ at tho Eas,.a oi E-Jimont. Oliarging  ,tie Boor Guns at KlanSoiadgte, and Mic  7harRa of Gonoiai Fresioh's Oavalry on,  ;he notroatim Genoral Ci-on'c'a Arrajr.  I'tiocoarc all -nrrfiij,' picliiros and cannot fail  to commend thenis-.-Ivea to' any one who will  ���������vauiinc tliem. They aie ItEiJ HOT bXilliL*  llR-sl Agents obui money, Ilig profilM.  Enormous succse. > ic iwut sold nS in one  lay. Sample and torn r< 25 cenln (none free) i  ���������mr for Un coiit-'i 5!.5tipe.-dcZeiii'2o for 82.761  id for S3;  liW for Jll.o.i,  ozon and make money,  Write to-day for a  ME NOVELTY MFG. COMPANY,  SOX 513, Doyt. CS-J D,  CHICAGO, ILL  E. W. P. Paget, Pi-op,.  i'l-iinipl. di'livery "f |)'HTf*!s, htiggnqv,  etc , to .-my p n-i of ihe City.  Any Kind of Transferring  Ibtleriskefi,'  ' All (ir.l.M-s it'ft at R. M. Simyjlie'ji  T'ibiiTi' Siuie. or Ly Ttdp|.ili(inp, Na 1  will ivcoiip pniMipt nitf titiiiiii,  Eubbsr Stamps.  THE ROYAL VISIT TO CANADA.  THE CLOSING SCENES OF THE WAR  THE RETURN OF THE ARMY.  .Events of World Wide  Interest.:  An Opportunity forKGOTENAY  ��������� MAIL Readers to kee.1; posted  during this Period of Excite=  ment.  TIIE BiaasST VALUE EVER  i  Size 16x22  Oiic of the most beautiful pictureK in  ��������� dors. .Upon a background of Puro Solid  iold rests the Family Record in the  ���������uipe of a handsome volume with Cold  .ao:3S upon u cushion of crimson velvet  iih  a beuuliful cold tccncl.    On the  '���������gca, under dHl'erent head hit";, arc s-paocs  i which to write the name and date of  ii-lh. On cither fcido i.s a beautiful scroll  u which to record iiiiui-Iiikcm ami deaths,  m lop of tho picture arc the' words,  ���������Family Itsoord," in tho richest loitering  no*-, ii to the printer's art. Under this mo  linccs for futlier'a and niother'.** pictures.  -. tlio lower pan of the picture 13 tlliPau-  .fill Iiome eoens. he dear old grand-  :iron;s,,tl,o liundsomc, oialwai'iilmB-  .iiti. iind happy young iviio, the loving  reply ro ];ure-hai-o of block 47. as a,  party v.*ished to move his hou-e on  to it.���������Resolved lhat' block 47 was-  not required. 'i he Mayor suggested  acquiring lot 57 and .moving the  -chool'LuileLngH thereon for city  I'UrpojTi-', liPthe school would revftri  to the city after January 1st and  tlie present buildings would be unoccupied at lhe Fchool grounds  after the new' buildings were erected.���������Aid. Nettle moved that lhe  Mayor, Aid. Taylor, AhrabaniFon  and McCni'iv lie. a committee tu  ai'rano'j for lhe lo; and wilh tin-  comr.icior for i-chool build.ngs un  llauuent of -1-.75 to move the buildings on to that lot, the consent, of  ��������� he Provincial Secrein'ry and school  trustees to be obtaineel. Seconded  by Aid. McCarty and carried."  Aid. Bourne as-kech leave of al>  ������������������(Mi'ee ovtinglo ill-health.���������(J ran led.  From J.A.Mara ,'isking , twelvt  days option on city debentures.���������  Granted.   ���������  'Fire Brigade No. 1 re letting fin-  alarm system.���������Council will look  into matter.  IJY-LAWS.  ' Resolved to introduce by-law to  close Wvnn street, and to lew  taxes foi-"1001.     ��������� ���������   ���������  On tho motion of Aid'. Nettle,  icconcl'ed by Aid. McLeod, it was*  resolved that the lax by-huv lie on  tho 1 a hie for a- week before being  linally passed; ,  GlvXEKAJ,,  Resulved to write Mr. Taylor, M,  P. P., asking h'im to name ;i da.e  when he might meet the council.  .-.���������line vvmy, cn-ii-s ul" dli-t in.-ilo (li������oli,u<r.- I  li.iyo hi'cn i-ui'i'd in a f.-vv ivc.-k-*.  .M.-iny j  jit-r-ihis (ti'd.-ii't'd  iiii-iii'.-ililf  liy ;tuii-ts I  liiivo   fiiPilly   r.'^aiiii'd   tli.-ii-   h.-.-ning |  ,thiiiiifih Ui(ii!('i'.-('.\-t(-ii].-ila|)|ilio,-iiiiins. {  Ki-iiin this  point, of view, " Tlu* Juiu--,  mil I'm'  tin*  Di-.-it"'   i.s (*xLro;ni*ly inli-r-  c-liiifr;   in   it,  ,-uv ;;ivoii part ii-u'iirs nl'1  sunn, two h und rod lvrcnl cuivs. Tlio*-(* |  vvhooi-i*  inii'ii'sti'd  in the Miliji-i L vvili  h"K'l-i<l t" limi'ii lli.il "Tin'Join iial fm-  tlio D^if," ;in ;i no lytic.-! I icviow of (In*  (lisoases uf tin* Kat-, Throat iind Nn-'',  published   iiioiiiljly'al   (lie Drnin't In-  FISH CREEK.  The Proposed  Wagon Road.  .stiiiili-.s ot P.n-is, London, nnd Buis-  s-i*N, is sent fret* to iiny poi-sous iipjily-  iiifffiirii Tn������������'t tlu'Eno;ii-li cdiiioii  thi-'y in*i.d only wi-iti* to ih" S.-ori't.-uy  of tin* London lu-lil uto, 72, lio^Hi.i's  P.iik-riiiid, London, England. Wc  nmy add ttml it ,js nut (it till nooos-in-y  Im ili'-in t.o (-nine to Eui'"pi' lo [yy I hi-  ipplicaiion nf i In* now IiimIiiiim.i. The  Ditiiiol Insliiiiiesi Ileal tlieii- inimoitins  piitionts iihroad liy iiio.-ins of u |mtho-  lii^icil i-i'piirt., i'ui'iii vvliioli iMialih's ll.e  p.iiii'iit Ln Kivo a f.iillil'ul ili'M-i iption ol  liis case, aiid liy vvhk-li the InMiliiLe is  alih'lo  pii'-oi ilu*  for liim.    L-t, u-iy . f  Mill'    li-.lll' 1'-,     lil'MI,    (|l .Siflll^     III   IIII..I 1".  lii'M* thi- ciii-i-, w i ii,'-, diii-i 1. in il.c  English Dro.n-I liislitulo, of vv hii-h no  iL'.n'n give the iul(li.'>-, 72, Kinoiii'.s  Pai'k-roiid, Loiidun, Ennlaiul, and tlio.V  will iri'i'ivu niiilis IVoiu tin* Seelidaiy  .dl tin* iii'odt'ul ��������� infiii-iiirtiiini and in-  -Iruolioii ���������' And now ii. only i-i'iimiu-  I'm um In wi.-li tin-ill ii spoi-ily cuiv.  .iiiglnoi- mul .oftby boy���������tlio idoila^us i mn.-*.  i-aiicloMId���������are all Kathend around tlio 3 ,   .  THE CURE OF DEAFNESS.  From tlvj." Journal for tho De.it."  "In ,;idili'.ion lo llie iiii-niivcnii'iu'.'  inherent tii ilu* infii-mily ilsoll", D.'.il'-  ll'ss liiis ;i niinkod iuflm-uu-i' on the  tiii'iiLiil di'volopin^iit nf the iiuliviiliuil  vvli'Ui iin* latloi- has,lii'i'ti iilti'ii-kfil by  i it. in voiilh. Mi'ii who in h.-iiIv von li  luivi' ^iiilVfi'd 11 om i in [ut ii oil In-ai-i ^  liiivo in niuiiy 'cii-i-s, .-ii-'it ooiisi'ijiu'iii i',  .soinoiliiiig iin-liilil-', I'onfiisi-d, or ni.-  difiili-d and f;111< v'.ug in iiction, illogical ;ilid clliin^i-iilili' iu ihotl^lil iiiid  ni'Hocli, their iiiiswois (ifii-n imi. Iujii>|r  In Ihu point. An expoiii'iim. olix'i-vt-'i-  L'.in i Iui-, in many c i.s.'.-, iil'tci h >l.tu't  cniiM'1-fil.inli,  ovon   fi'iiiu   I lie   ^pt'oeliv  I i nnd   maiint'i' of,a   man, discuvi*i- lh.it  i i  ihlc w idle Kiand.-.'iliicr rends u ijoi'tion ot  Pan-American Excursion.,.  On Amriwt, Oi 11 .-ind S-'ptiuiiln'i-, ,'h-il  -he ������. P. II. wiir.M.'ll ilckcli, to Bin-  fu In uud i-i-Ulin ,-it, Stili for tin* ro'iiKi  i rip with ii limit uf (it) days instead tf'ii  .it) days. ' ���������' a  This ficlilit ional o() diiyn ,������,hmi'il pi-ovi-  ��������� iii alti-Jielive indiicoiiioiiL .md donld-  ���������i's> quilt', ii Jiiunihi'i' ,vv ill avail ��������� i lioni-  -**lvo> of tin* cllillicc to take in tin*   fail  (  nulvihit fiioud.s in tin* oa*t.  Mr. Buck. C. E., has completed  the measurements and estim'atrs for  the Fish Creek wagon road. It is  proposed lo build six miles cf the  -road on the east side of the creek,  and -i-4OCO is allocated for this  work-which w,ill carry it as far -as  tlie junction with Pool Creek. Then  a bridge is to be built over the  creek to connect with Comaplix  and another mile of road constructed from Comaplix to connect with  the new wagon road. This will  ub.-orb $3,0011, or the balance of the  vote available fur the work. .  'Acorre.-pundcnt complains about  the, policy adopted by the  government with regard to the Fish Creek  road.   He considers that as there  is now a road from   Comaplix , tn ,  Camborne, with   a   bridge   acrosrf  Fish Creek-a t that point, the pro������ n  pun-d new  bridge  anell additional  fund work on the we?l side to connect the ivo roads is unnecessary,  and lhat il would be much  better  ii the whole vote of ������"000 were expended in pushing the road as l'm"  as possible to open up the country.  Complaint is also made lhat tho  department have- refused to make  public the reports of Messrs.  Buck  and Kilieen  regarding ibis   road,  and it is considered  that if,, they  were made public it would enable  a   much ��������� belter   judgment   to   lu ,  formed as  to 'the   merits   oi   Ihu ,  various sides of the question.     '   '  st   pniliiilily  he hud iu yoiiih ih li'i..  | j Live lii'iuinjj.  od'3 lioly  Word.    A   truly   beautiful g I     p,,,.., *,,���������., ,  D.'iifn.'ss and elm tl  one.   Lniioi-iieiuh aro the worn.-,    oottj I . ���������     ,  .Mayor Oui'lson says ho i.s inci-pusinu  i he stall'of men on tlie Lardu Lnuioli  it lhe i,ile of 150 a dayi  . Eu^iiifui-Sweeney lias, lit'pn lnkin������  ���������I pnMM'ii������t'P. iitn while liis engine lms  oft'u in the .shop for tepair.  The Gi't'iit Niiitliorii has .���������ilifiiiilniicil  ihe Llrniiier'-s Feriy-Ju^kiiiiouk bi-.iin.-h  wliioli it built, ,at ti e'oatut'( Inlf. a  million,  " '    ,  On Monday morning J  Dihh, wliih"  cleaning an eiiginri ul the round house  'nl   hiidlv   so.i|d(*(| nliiiut   I h'* ai Ills and  fine by ashes. ���������   Owing   lo llie nshpita  ��������� -11 ��������� li Inn ,lie    w.ifi" uiiu,"li" t' u,H'  i-.i'.n  in time to tivuid thu injur irs which he  a i*-t iiiiuil.' ' flu wmji M-i.t to lhe kani-  ' ii'pi liiisjiiia'  ."    What a Tale it Tells,  1 i'i *j  If lliaL', iiiii'i-di' of yiiiiis shows a  wtetclleil, sallow I'otnplt'Xion, ii j.-iiiii-  dit-ed look', mul it I'uU'hi1.- iind lilnii-hi'S  on Hi" skin, it'.- liver lnuihle ; hut. Dr,  Kliiji'.s ,Kevv   Life   Pills   lejjulale  thu  livi'l, pill ily  tile lllullll, K'W'I-   lb 111' "kill,  m.-y" clieek;*,   i ii-li couijiiexion.   Only,  2d(.'. nt llie G.ininlii Ui'tiK vC Bunk i-'ltiiv.  A Successful Poultry Breeder, and  ,, Gardener.  One of. I he pivtiiot' liuines in the  city is lli-ii'occupied , liv J. M.uhie on .  JThird Street. Mr. M.d.hie is .in V*.'i-  t iii������nt.-*i iv lit'i'i'der of I'lack miiii'ica  jioiilliy und lias a well tuiilt fowl hou-e  f u- ill' accoiiiniMilai imi of hi> f.i-ny .  The building li������^ four ply of hoards to  wiiii-iniid the cold ut win lei anil i.-tuil'  hea toil.'  The (Mi'Miieiiiei.'.s commit tee  on   ihe!,, -*���������"*' Bniiiiid flour  U walled in uiih  Orders for ltuhhoi- Sliunps r-cnl ill totliu  ntll.'o of the Kootenay Mail, t;cvel.-toke. 11,  C, will he filled with despatch.  TONEX.  Gunsmith and  Machinist.  Ovei' Lawrence's  Hardware Stot'e-  REVELSTOKE.  Ily a very xalisf.icior.v clubbing ai'i-imgc-  nicnl, wilh ihut grout i'Minily Newspaper the  Fiiinlly lloi-itld and Weekly Star of Montreal  wo are enabled to.otror to new subscribers tlie  biirt'Oft val ut over licurdo/.  The biUiiice of this year promi.se.- lhe most  -t:ntlinfe*events, iind uvcry pei'ioii should keep  lib-toil.   Hire is thu opportunity:  ..ii.88 Oui'S'axaliy." Around ihis picture  o eiu'ht spiit-t*! lor photogi-nph.i ot other  leinboi'n of lhe tnmily, ertoh space i nc,!o.siiiK  ^-ein How or iifece, Kl-ovvhti'e on l ho pio-  ii-o art- -ciiltei'id ereepinK vihes, hud-, nnd  oss'imsin rich t-onfiisioii, tlio vyhol.e ret  Address!  HOIVIE NOVELTY [^FO.GOrVIPAMY  Dopt, C3j E, P. 0. Boh, S13,  CHICAGO, ILL J  -raZZTTJ?*  '}  S22S2XS32BSS1  il- on, and thrown int-i bold relief by the [I'l .>,,, \i,.i,  io-geoii.sbiicKi.-1'nmid ot fc'fl'.dGold which fe l ' M,,n  loduccE a picture or daasliiij boa-uty,  nrMT0 ^"mv  1* -VOL'U TIJIK,   Otir'  ��������� lUCn i O   rcsrulin- price hi .'ill i-tiits, but to S  nv one who 3^n.it: Iiilrt iiilvt! wo will ������ei,il  iio fnr'/o e('ni-(.   tail' prloo to nnuiiiHUriir  ���������'I; ."ill foi- ?.')!  10(1 iav SD.il'l,    \\ o pity nil  ��������� liurKcs niul return money for iiunold ph-  ,ures.   ,V. e'. Juckson. i-'llinorc City, IjoUkIiI  ';7,5 SW.'ti, Soi'i them for half price,'-'6 (.out;  .���������aeh. in o days, making coJ.fiu cleur pvoilt.  .'an you do boiler.'  Wo  have J.O'.O   tcsl'mciiiii!*- und  want  youra.  . ie itifi't-tions nf  the I',n   lniM'liet'ii i-nii-  j -Id'ered   (llitio-L   ineiirnlil.-i .    Mont    ol  I |||hm������' nlt'i ctinlis    dtldck,   lis   is      well  j known, tin* in!i l'ii;il |mil- of tin* oroy.-iu,  E ir   oi-    labyrinth,   tn d  these   pints   a iv   illai'fe.ssililh.   'In (Hie  dir'-i'i io'u t In' t yii i piiii ii ni form- n part i*  linn i\ liieh cluM's lhe aiuliLofy lube ; in  1| lhe  nlliei'' dii-ei-liiill, il  tlie .Miiltlle Ear  ] i t'liiiiinitiiii'iiii's with  the li.isii ph.it'yii'  jlgi'id  tt'f;li)ii   hy I li������ Eiistiii'hiaii lull-s*|  the pusMijj-cs iit-e lieyiuul M'-lvii.    L'.idei  llii'M-  (���������ii-ciiu!>liiiices   llie  .-iiiriil  up',in-,  lionssiill  in   voj^ii", inv oi v intf ilieu.-i*  of-oinevv hat (-oinplii-ated insl i uuieiil -.  !3lli-)l   as   pi nlics   and - cat lii-li-l', and of  special   (ippliani'i-s-ail-   liny-  "(1  tin  like��������� ha ve lit.t small chance of Micros-.  For the Small Sum of $1'25 we wil  send you unt'il January 1st, 1932,  All classes of repair and machinist  work promptly attended to.  ,Jas. I. Woodrow,  Tlie Rootay Mail, ^     '    j       BUTCHER.  Tlio Family Herald & Weekly Stai j Retail Dealer i.t^bse^  nnd the Family ll.'i'iiU'.s two srcul   ,       [ BEEP,     PORK,  premium plclui-iit, ,  "Christ in the Temple"c  & <sHoni3 from tlio War.''  Pai'ilio Dili-inn have had a Imi^ -land  ing grievance, They tuuk iidvuulnge nl'  i he I iii'ckiiieii'.iati iki; tn have, it sen led,  with  U'iy   Siiiihfiiftoi'y    icsulis. , The  ���������coiuiliilleu    inti'iv iewoij    J\I|..    JJiu-jiiile  md obtained fnnii him uniii.'K.shiiins   un  dl but two points in dispute and   Mi.  Wnrpiihi linked, that, thene reiiiain over  (ill iMr iloNiooll'.i in-rival , when the  matter Would Iih <jyue into. ,The coin-  mil leu  went   to   V.iui'ouier  to   ineei  Miiiuiaer ,McNkjmI on  lhe,   iii;iiu;r   lln  beginning uf the weel",  We iiudei-liind iIimI, i his C P. U,  are jnakjui^ new in niiiueineiiis witli j  'heir liii-dicd ,til!'n;t'i- hen;, Dr. Cms^,  enifl't'l'liili^ thl' Ittl'dillal Ittll'udlllll-l' fi.l-  the railway slid'?'. Jiilhello llin t'diii.  [j.my have paid iho doctor n salary,  iii.Mii'l.iiiir ii piiiiton (if tin* dedtioiiona  in  Hlmss i'ur l lie low Is to inn in during  vv-inti r, aiid as n.i'iuil ii-liml in the  hot da\\-of Mlllilliei. Mi. Mat Im* con.  siil.'i's llint, ns (-niiiliiiii'il l.iyeis nnd,  l.iihli* birds, ill*- hlai'k mini vc.'^' aru  li.-ird Lo lieal. Tin'--U ck aiv d"i ived  fl'lllll Millie of llK-bl-it. 1 lived its in till'  States.    '  , Mr. Matliie has nNn a well-kept, garden in w.hit-li hi"' r.iises quite ii lot of  VeiteLnble.-, mill I'uod foi' hi.- poi.lllj",  Alltiiiifaf-l till* IllO-l-UCL'e.s-flll ( l*i 111.- ai'il  Sle.-h-V i-iildilinl beet Hlld while oaf.'  rots, nnioii.-and led i-ablin^e. ' lie is  itl.-n Li'yliij,' Ilu* ,1'iilhliiTi ia.-iil.eriy .'i  ei'lehriiLeil Aiiierit'iin vnriely of red  ra-pbei ry.  Tlu- potulo ifop in a {tiilure  lllis .M'ilHIIll,  j\Ji-s,  .M.ilble  bu iitfft'^rnl wiiii"n\v  j{irdt'iiei'   niid   lms   (Jin*  of   lhe lim-tb  uie f'ir nielliii.il   aiM'iid.uice, anil the ! fnci-i.-is   lo   lie    seen   anyw hen--thu  ' . '. . ' Ul I ' ��������� I I' I.i'.  Stor      " -""���������'  lial.'inci!   has   o,,ut'    ililn a fund I"' pro- , Wtui" .1 Kili^', al.-o ;i line lot of lie; Oldil*,  Throiiffh t In- nose one ci.iii,iipei nlc oiil.v  vet y inipei feci iy on llie' Middle E-u.  nnd ns to liie Ium-i JOnt* m- liihu'inlh,  it i'- .'ib-nliili'ly mil of i-e.ii-li.  Uut   recently-;i   vety  simple melius  lilts hceu   foiiiii'of  In injiin^ to bi'.ir on  even I lie iiin-l  IliilCCC-sibl,.  pal Is of I In  I'.'ir   ii'inedic-   cnp.-ibli' ot   oveicoiiiiiijj j-'  ilteir inil iiii'-d oi-iiii-i'i coinliiioii, and '  | of   1'i^tniiuK   tlc'in    lo   ilteir   nnnu.'il  i t'liiiclions.   Foi-1liia purpiisi' we utili-i-  llie   Ucll-kiiown  iilisiii'ln ill   pinpei lii-s  ' nf the skill.    A |,I;isIit, in I he i-lmpe n!  MTTfTHW    Win  i" ,1,''M"',|,L t'"v"',(l  ������'"> " in*-������lif������ I-tl  IVlUiiUlN,   iliiiO. !Yo ,,,,..mul,   i, sli-bily ln-.-iinl mul up-  Fish arid Game in Season,     i J''1;.'1,"'"; v^uu-m ,.���������,( j-hid. i-...  i hi'loiinil   lieliind   llie  eiil-{ihe iiiii-li'id  All order- promptly flUcl. ! ( i<ik*i>>p).   The cheiiiiciil elements 1'iuiii*  foi'iinv   Uoniflii!1 , iiiK ih"   I'luiipoiiiid   mi   the plii-h-i' up'  ��������� vide for pavtlimit,, of ll'isjnlal ch.i jres,  e.io. Now it is nioposi'd to hiiiul over  i.ii Dr. Cross all I lie ini'dicul f, es col-  ected nnd let. him llll'iei take there-  -nousiiiilii v of jii'mv idiii'.' hn-pitiil  uecoiiimolation whero required . in  ,i,i inin'ti'lo his ntli'-i' duties.  g ���������i-|ii:lil!ll-  To Save Her Child. -  Fiom   fiijrliful 'dihjli.'iiioiiienl  Mrs.*  Nannie  Ci.-ille^ei-,   if   L'i ��������� Granire, Ga.  applied Btick!i-ii'> Ai iiii-fi S.dve lo ^reat;  stiivj mi hei- head   and face, iind Wlih.S  n-(liiick cut'.' i xi-eeded ;ill h'-i hope**,  It.   woik-   vvotulii'- in  Sole.-, Di-iii.-,-.-*,  V.iitcouve,-.       Mr.    Cu\lc    ic.ceived   n : skin   Iviup.liiwi-, Gin-.    Duiu-*,   .Scolds  .  u.is.-iiil.   surprise   nn   S.iiuiilny  after- j ,m(|   p,;,,^   ^v,,..   'Cure   -ua inn teed by   in, when   he   was   waiter!   upon   bv  There is   no   ni"ie able and popular  tni lie nielli nil    I lie coiiliiieiit l ii.in  E. 1  ���������I.    Co'.'ie,   of    lhe   C, P,  It.   ollioes  nl '  REVELSTOKE, B. C, iinaiciiicr^fillLtJ^  Bake?, Confectioner,  itei'si', "'  I'AJ,  I-tliat mil li'iid value?   Iilither picture .tlnn- i  is worth double the money.    Tlii- oiler ii- opi-i J  only to July tllst  as Uic supply nf pit-lure-i- j  limited nn.l cinliot be proini-rd ,-ificr l!'.-t! date. |  Tn,,uiy of '-or ]ir- ������ciil siih.-criher- wc offer ilu |  i'-'nni ly IfeiMhl nnd \A'ocUIy .Stat-until .innimi-j |  1st, 1.TJ.', Includlnj; the I wo pictures, for tin j  -mallsum of fii) cents, j  Choice   Groceries.1"  Graham Bread,  Advert'.so in  Wedding Cake a Specialty Tf)e (tootenav Mail :S  'p.ili: fi������l!(,������'i:ia;r1i)i!n',ii:(iii h.-ubeen rcccivid ;  1.    for I'.Lliiil l.i(;oor licence : !  J. A. Ur.r.v. Miners' KvchiinKC ('iinilioriio.      '  further take notice, lhat n spcovilineel' |  Mail   oril.'t-   |'ro/ii|illy nnd   ... '  ci.p'fully nl teiid.-d 'to.  Hi  1 in*   Hoard   Of   Ijice'noo  ,'<iiiimi**l".ll(.'!'.<  hehl in lie* i'l'oviiii-ial Police Cililco. on  piiiirs(!ny. '.-viur.'  t,"i;h. at. -tfjii. in., for the |UU'-  ,-���������., of ilccidii'.-;.-aid .-ippl'eathiii. . ���������  C n  ad  :"t:',".!:ig r.i-Oviium  in'tjjc'Kwjns'v*,--' :y  n  ^;(iv(i)sloko,P,.(i,   .,  ������Ugil> >i*i ������i''|������  A. tri'PKtt. .'  -..Chief Inspeclor,  pio^ressivelv aliMii-lied hy the skin, and  lhe work of rcgeiK'iiiliiig the oigiin  ((iinineiici's." '  This i> I he basis of I he Diotiol. trenl-  iiii'itl, vv liii-li has l.-ili'ly been-n iiiiicb  lidki'd ahniil. On ieailin������of theie-  iiiiilkiiblu results vv hich hiive been oh-  Uiineil by Lbis new pnncs-. it. niilly  seems as if th.s l inn-I In* secret of n  t'lil'i' for tliat. ti'il'ihle coinplaiul, deafness, ha.s been di.-.i'oven'd. Expcii-  ineiils'. ciii-iied on now for several  years, have-liown lhat iieilliei the  dllllllioll of I lie mnliidy nor llie aye ol  the pillii'iit, ba's any iserioiis inlliC'iic  on llie success of I In* 1 .real men b.. Sev;  end c-is.'S -ii c t|ii<������������������ i'.l cl ciimplel i* cm c-  in patients of sixty lo eighty yenrs ic  'iiKc,"'\vhii   in'   longer   ici-o'llecled,- iji   i  ii(,,;.   -i'-.    Lure  ,111''   C.'.iiiail.i   Di u*,'ii: Linuk Company  C'lpiaiii McPhadddii niid   Mr. J. Jack,; diiitr"t>ts.  sou, represent in tf   the Onmi{H Celebra-  ~������������.,..- .,���������..  lion Coinmiitee, miii  pie-eiitt'd with a  handsome   locket   pendant,      The idh ,  was   ncciiiiipii'iicd   by   cxpni sion-  of,  ippicciiiiiuii of  I'oiirli'sii s exieii-led to  I III.'  vi.-iliu^ (jlfllixi'll'CII  by  the piSSdi   ,  Kit di'pm l ment, wlih   which Mi, Covle ,  is coiiitecli'd, and the. coiisiilerulioii J  sliuwii by I In; Company in helping nt j  ihe (���������elehi'iilioii in lliu innl'iM- nf irau.i- j  iiiirtiitiiiii rales. ! tin* sciik ii v of l.iboi'.  Th"   L'liit'-d   St.-lies   Supi'-litr' (,'i.r.iL  Iia- jjranteil   on   iiijuii'.-linn pieveuiinj;  imiou men fruui   endeiivoriii^ Io.m^iu:  with un'ii who ile.-iiv Hi jjii In work.  -A   relliiil'knble   fealui-.* of   Ihedavis  (7.0 men m e ml-   ,��������� ���������,                               ' V"ili-ed  fm* on   Ine  Kaslo uud I.al'dn  Vancouver Street Fair,         \ ���������"���������nJ; *]m"'" n,r ;y!in;:"1 r,">.,lu"  I .M.imtoj.b'1 Ii.iive.-t, and   die tueal Noi-  *"                                    , I hei'ii want a   l.trxi' number of men for  Tin' m������innpr..|'   and   ninmlnMs nf   Ine ��������� th(li|. Ivli|u.;iy in [iu. jj,unnj,Uv district.  "i mi i ti il t i'i*   of   the   Vancouver Street. ��������� ,,.,     ,   .                  ,.         .   .  ,,  .                   ,.,.,,                         . llie hilinniijr set-liriit of the coinuimi-  I'aii'iiie  working  like  lien vers  to Ki'l, '  "veiyt hin^  in   readiues-  for the open*  nit'  on Aliens!   ."illi.     The  Knit i.- sure  ily   should   have   been  lunu* stimi^ly  n'pi'c.-i'iiti-d   nn   the Ui.-iiid of Hospital  ,        . Ti ii.-n'i 5, I'm I lev are vitally intei-i'.stt-d  l.o be a lume Micees-'. and logive everv-    .       ,  ".       .      '    j in   in  uie an iippii-liiiiity of ������eeinp,r it lln  Cl.iuudiaii P.icillc K.iilway (Joiupanv  .vill niiike ii specially low rnliVof single  t'aie for Illi* muiiil li i)i froni .-ill sia-  lions  west, of  Ri'velsloke. ���������-Tickets lo  ie ���������nil   Side   A 11^.   -li ll   lo 7l ll  iliclllsiVe  nd j.  e   .ubiliiii-ti'.ilioii of I he lin-pital,  i nnd t h'-ir c-ont I'lluii ion- inn-L form lhe  lliili.llsta v of the ill-l il tltioll.  oniltn ivtui'ii b'liviii',' Vancouver  Notice to Subscribers.  The proprietor of tho Kootkxav  M.ui. ri-  rjui-std Miifccrlbc'ra to udv|s(*. him of anv irrou'Ui  IWit}1 -lil".i������v lull) vi? vj pisjvj.'Vff, ' : rv
|: Di'. y MeLenn,; wluv dressc-d   thcwoiiiul
j ,-mVi i-^niiivecl lhe liuih-t.     ' :'''���;���
|     Tlie ��� city council   have . deciib-d   to J'1
; obtain   iiifvi-iniil'ion,' icgiiriliiip; the.lite"'.���''
j al'ii-'iii  system  at.   I'iii'niloops, which is j
s.'tii.l   t.o  lie   very   ,salisf;ii->n!-y.y    Aid.  ',.
N','1 tie .sujrgesied yetting tbi* K;lhilltops
electrician to look over lhe Ituvelsloke
system.,        -     .'y: y;'.fy   ��� '���'"'.'.'������|l
:   ;J'. ydvi'i-ii.-i^ban   hay (be ennt raol'Tii'
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f.j ci<ii['.*ii I i'/i'l'iii<r ' | .hint,   puicb.-ised    fi'-i 'in
Rj^ '������ ������.j-'Fifiiy-i-i 'alidye'li.'ibui-r--, iiiiil ..will place iIf
������&-,     ��� ���������������.'', ���     ������ -
A ?LT\- C.-lARi.- C ISAM  O? T-i" Art   HOWSE ft    ���    1
</,1'iii'yfi liey cars-fyl',,i- fis'lii'jiii'iciif   to".M'a'i Lb-
B iy,. Ti-Xiiibi :fl;-l;uid, v,1 litre 'it- will-lie ���'.
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ly'y.    ���', ��� ,��� &* T*>��'   "?%& -,':': : '���'. ''.'��� ���'-' If ft H j l'''"l' V,:'"0' .W!iAsentenced at,fNelsbi-yo'
y  :': -���'���:.��� yyyyyT:. yyy y/y.^cF-i7 T y|y|i yy yeais i 111) > ii ?�����) h i n t*i 11, i 'sen ] icd: f r-( i n i -
'-.     '':'','.'������������.   'v-. '���-'������  %.,,' -.   -���'-',.-���.y.r,'-..       \..' i whd vvas Uikiii}; liiin-i.o   WestuiinMcr.
; ft|>mus:lt.ai^
f   Iceij)7 a'.ylai'^e 'supply- ;uict.-;*:all.yHlie'| :'^i��|i'npiiv^i"!ny,.--.;.- ���:._..;.-,y.>y^ ���^���yy.-^^;,:--' ?f:
��� "fitting,'amiIC/hemicals /for ypirto*j:\l.M-^^
������-''-': ' T -yyT iv.yy yTy; .������"';���/ -;���.'��� ������.������'-"������ y -iy j'S.tt iiribiAyiii^bt several (ildoruioii ex-,
:co;ni)Iet,e pictures., ;:��� yy.y, y- ; yATy ,UTs^.il" ihofinpininir limit he (ire Iii-'
������yl,3ig;ies:t Honors, World's, Fail
I i. ij.oid-., Meda!/' Mid Winter 'Fair.
f      A-v-xdylJiikiufj  I'ovvdei-sy ooiitahiiii? ,
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;y Bexrelstoke, B. iG.,i:;
y|i'oi;fi;;>:<���At Ry-yidstoko, -'^ :.t"*n :-&I *��t.i fl.it -\" .y
fyyl 'Ayix',5lh;'t.hu;wife nK Alekyllishsoii,';
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d- 'f''.''!;.""iil! poiids aiiily|estf ;t!l ihe hy-'
di',int> .i|iul ;dMi,lhiy (ire, itlai.ni.syistf in,
fy Thi> .fgovi-i-ni'ienliffup'iitf ..'''��� 'I'irni'i'v'ji, ly
ri'nX a /tiling to clear ���"oia.IjijLJ fjend' Indl
,ii .leri.heini'esl, li re iitTeii Mile. ���'DH'oit's'.
nu-'htf'lo'7 be';:'ni;itle,' lo, iiiid 'oiiti, lie iu-i--'
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i   ���suns- causinif tflic--^. i".n-i*.-t (ii-t*.-,-iudfin
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cyoii S'iiiil.(iriifiii,y|)i('ii(ises:f,l(i ('(itiveiitif
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.(Continued friiiir jiiig'c-l:')!.��.yy '������;���
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in thiii  hjatter  aiid  iciudly jiifdnii/
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; Si.. 'Leon Springs seen'is Ui be, a
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basket of (ish fruin.St. tk'pnuinl placed
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friend espied I heft rophy, iind h.'indedMi;
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enjiiyed tin;.fyiiu.'f":f7;.;-y;yf'f/:tiy.:,yyTyy, yyy
Mii.oi's Octat;oiiySteel,;only Jessop'sbest' kept:; -Pick's,; Siiovels,y'Biiirowsy
.A Ty'-- ,Siii);'e and DV-ublc. 'lJit'iud.-.As'es; Cross CutySawsy . T\.y 'T,rT:'
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Carpets,'LinoleiiuiSj Floor   i
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_���   Second,    11 a nil    I^uinit the
ijiiuglit'. a'ii'd ���Sulci.'  AViu ehous'j for Stoiii^i* of Fiiriiitiire iti liionllilyiiiti's.
���'���y-T    ������:���''���:���'���;;-. '    y ^ ^nl for,Planes, Organs, and  Cu-irg���:IVCaciiin;'s;_.-,'i..-.
i.l:he' 'eastern ;;sectiiVuf;(ifytli('y jirirvinci-
AVi! undei:s!!iiidyitr/'McNau^hi: lias re
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piiyky li-iiinvbady to fctiyfi'ts way-out,
Robbers-Makea ':J8r3$?HdiiljMiibi
^i^Sefby^melter^ Works: Nearfyf
'-Kxtra strong Serges j or,: pa
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 ., ,.,.....    ,..,    ,        ���.,.   !'(joiiverft(i,u<e ' iheir .'��'i(id,,ol!i(-es';:with-
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b.ill .'I'liioiitii.:.... Itis. lnTendi (1 toyseciil'i'l   i' ^."  i  ->'    ';���"���*���'��� i'   ;-f ''V.-  u^-f-  ���  : 'v
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----���-������'~--yy-'- ���- -������-���-������ ���^y���^--       -^- ������- ��� ��������� -nAii)U!'icans,;mad
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,      M,-' ,   .    P  .   ���-,������:.   y/:f, \yy '"������>:������  ���:'   , '-    P1*^" '���' X !-'> ',   ��r:.-'.".'**'. *��"���    a.lid,,,.JMessrs, ,,(,h,m t.o rlple.at,- I he t rac]; llieil: Ity is y.utllli
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'.c'i'icket ;leani.to(!v,isit Gkiiiiiigatt ;pp;iits |.; .j,^1,^   -fuciyssfullyf.ast-eudylyMtyVai.x
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;Har^waref Department,l8-1042- Gqrdpva-Sti^
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yNovv, i-ivuly, the. ���'lyiiioiVy nnil l?0i;r f;
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.'.V.'" IV',-,;. .���'������'���'-Ay.A"-' "Ay      '��� A-A' :���   ! I yAii-.v.|.'('f>!g<'. f>r'fljif-i|lri)ii^ 3'avbii- A:!  |j ,ilje slllii'il   (in���..'���'���'Mi'uidav;���'''iii'driiiii1'"'-' j'short: distance 7iiiidei-| the (loordfy tlie
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^J-'"f-:-'x"^'''i"11.^"':h-^v'^"y-t'''^;*l/v1-fI-1.''.,���*?������-iv.t.Ii'^tuiiiVy"biiu^��.;wi 1 icii";*',;;i'e""':"ciin.LiiiueJ;"
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; y ','.���' f7-',.;      ��������� '���'','������'���''. ���'���;' yy 'y y '',"���  ,.:. ��� !��� Mr,   and ' M cyf, I: i M. HaA LfwenL t c, 'i- liiVthplivns ;nud: ihiv'trnvpi I in ^' 'public!':
llaviiesfoi ice bmldtiiironltrsl.^li;,^
live resakl- it,: ^Oyj.-D^^n.^al^,;.^ 1., rthV^Pfj^ njv^lbBc^vVf- ,!-.   y i;'rv"'y 'ffll/:7!' --i",-1;'- V ^' :^!- ;''^V 'V-'-'^ Iiiy '-7''-..f A   '
,:Iroii'if founder s,C;'B
f'ryf yyl ffy. |Su cces 130i"s lo7 A R MSTR0NGi% WOR RlsON.'/'^y yly ,yf T'fTA..
'l'f-;-'W.e liiivo'Ilio'nio'st,;,c6iiiiilci6,!''-'J,L^
,.for.the niniiiifactiirc of..y-';yyy���,.yfyfy v,���:-, .y.-y-TTy ������-'���;���������;..';; ;���"������', y;y:-f.'y:yyy'vyyy;..y.yyy;yy,y;:;. yf'ff
,r f Wo. Iui ycrin stock;; for huiucd'ial of delivery- hOiblCItS! KKOIXKS;;;PUJirS f-nRK-'C Alifl^
andSLyfHIdl'.'s.y-'f.-.f':..-'.- yy. y. y ������'������.yy.-yy yy:y^\,T-y: -'yyy-'y'-, '���',':,.y'.: ���. Vy-y:,-y r -'���,:;..-��� ���:���-';
.:."���'!. 'Coi-reapoiKkiice! sol 11 ItciV iin cl cui'ot* iil 1 j' n t. tc n it ed to.-;-,:  !-. .f,;;-'  AT fyfy'-f. .-fy ;y,ff7'!: Tr'-'T. v-: y yy
I :;E
yplltylhe    Wilfyorli'V*., ,'M in'esf- riibci-lVI fit t- ..
tug plaivt I'v'i'lhc' c-uiiliiiclol-, J.' Ki-i iiii- !
.lii'ii. ;!:-;���';,/'���', y-'-y ".���-'���!'���.;-.'���. fy -I; V.f
0 '"'"
,,!'ijtin-nMl -'f ,r|i i,i Ij-i.i:lr (til ifididay; .If.: :; 'A':..','.'? ^'''inpany'sy.^ppei'd "ciiiistalilefj,
��� Jliues'MlM-iilliii -.r:!lii!n!il'''W!i]i';. si .���'.'/ilt"',n"-H,. 'yH!lt''- 'Vllh^'iSliyir^f; ib-y-el
dayiliinii'-yllip-^^yvViniiip.^'yV- -I:7.'-iy'^'M'^
���ipiitefiyiii,   to ���i'ditise    the
Oil M',)':iii,;i-v.,Vr,ivf* of-Iii.'' S..viss-'if.niclv>s'"i.,''-.;-i;* ':;v !ir. '.ry ��� ,   ���"��� ���������"',--'-i >���    I'    n '   ,    ' tie- (t-i^-i"-; vpuleny in.   iir iibuse    tin
���.���'���      ������.-������',.���   -;��� .'.������-    ,-      y    .-I,.   '-','  ������, rei.s,, ��i,y,.- lelt-  !",' i .l.l!>.:Ji"n;l ������������ ������" '���r,   ,   r  '<   ���     ,.-- '   , :-���:   '���.;.������'   '���
at.(;!,u;ii-:', nn-tird  li'ill' 'M iclii.-!,' i'-nni.-   A.y, ..T���y  yi, v.,!.'   i "'yy     ' !-��� :   ,.���'���-. y*!'|:'-''"v -sii|i:r"rd: w.iniii wore,   dispustx
--��� ... .        ���,.���,���.-: ���.,���,.������... ���....,   ta-1.. �� .01'k,..!.-���=��� i-CS lil-'C-.t i-l!  o;i('k  l.ti-lli'-ii I ".vv.-   ,-- ��� ,'v  ,    ���  .������   ��� -.'.;., vy,    >     ���.- ,        .' , ,   ��� '.-   !.,������
lo huv-!if|iavin- !tii,|;h'ism'ui.:dNidc.;itetl...'-      ,,    .'-.'", ,. y, ';,'.���-.:,'-.y , :. ".   ���     V   ���'" ;.>,rkei.i:,'ou-t nt lhe scabs,yiinrt   vvotih
bvi-fidi^vh,'ii4-!in):,i!ig,:-li)yyWc,Le.ltly. ���."-';>!i:'-'S!,A',-.^r> f;; >--.^������t:r.:^,/-?/^! ���*''���f-"*-!v;;;"=-hiv-.d"��:^-^>���*.xi>:."f.,rvriis^'-:"i..,fr��;Vrtiu"<'y
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, ������: it.     t;.lci.'it,y (I.ii;>;'i!iei!lri!*.'til
-ii gooil, alii !ii.: il y   lhat   liis   v.isir wya-
ii, s r.'ti'Mcot'it.ii   -.villi . i in- ���ye'iy. j-it'i 'tl'eiii.i
.���'.".'-������ :;';:';.';.- yi-iVf nlii.-i .��."���'���������     , '.'I    '."���'.
.,   .  y*(i:ist: ��� on' ^iliii-ihiyiyj; jj| Hy^ t li,-i. ��,, y'y,,;,,, ; ,vp\y,  . nlfi^ns':-- 'Difellrf I llie
'���;���,���,' :y;,!i'.'t;>ii.(-iKi.i'gff'o-f tli.e dnig s^mfli; , .y ": A (t^i ey i).;,.j:'.;i :t.iir i:ei,,|ei'':siiHH<i'iig/(Kii, [
.... i'��c,i.;.' ��� -    j_ \-,, A' iu^ii.r-i:g, oj'l!-e ifiPnoc! I -'and' i'-of his [ 0\'!-:p'! and't.Ii^ si: i!;V!i s6:wonb   i o !
I,,:,yl;.yir,1iy.i1e;ci'-is!au.rit ir,. ry .oi! oil - j,',..,,;,. .lyv..,. : 0: d,��:; yy<-v iv :y yii ,r'7| },,*' y iif";.;ry n, sly 11*., li.' nXri^tyhn:'! f.v.- ('yilV'V lj
Ctia-I i'ii Swiiii;;���-,".  . . ������' ���* -.'.,  '���:'���'   -,';',f iii^'.W *;Vp- ns,'.   'I'lie.re was. i,n v:,n'iSvil !e'i
i,D.''f r.'.Mc.'������'���" ('(.'I. '-ii';'i,-.'|-.t:!ii'li.iepl cf-'t'll.''��� t'). '.'I '���'"'!f'* --��� '.-''(''V'.'   ���!" olll'!'d;'|-JiePII ���:.,'���'
i ("lv,"ni,u'.. iiii -
! !,
'   ���; ''   .' ..'��� yil'vfyifyVvvv is',:, .L;ie.f-'i!y li,, ,, S',,i uy y-T \U..- r iify- vv,y,,,i
.mim.g;!!ic-!!.:i!:ie.-of .p|-..ib;y|yiy;( i-    yiUyylA:} i iii \V'.> ||e's.|i'y'' :l,fiyii;,g,-   k     py'!��VipitOic.'y-.
}A<yA<A' Iti^glii.fi.iu.lfyii.Mii'^  ih't.' ���I-".!!',,;,-.   0,y^,:;,nj.llil'y''Mi.,,' ^ibi-ria, :1 il!.- cni' '���'"     V
c!','tii'i,..ij.;ke  i ���(��� ���( -..irii w:r.|.i, i Iri r. ���, ,f   M
'T.    (i,    ^fl ViigililM's-,.-.'' P,v, id.,;,!(.'!'  ihe'      .......yyy.. : : .-..*....', r...'   i i    ������ '    -  ,.M.���,'..���.-���'   '.>
iX ^'/m<l !���,;���:
���vi   r,',''! ,���
ili'ivy'cil   i ,y,,,;i i-r.i'ii.i!!, ,f>:li:. .a'nii   i-^iii-'f  U'.i
Pry-id,'.?,.!. <���!'   lhe'     ^i,.,!, ofi;,,',- ;,Mi! il-r A IcX.  I Jiins. ;;i. .'   ','���   wbl'.-.l    i'.,'i,JV-
. ..!-(-'|!;i|-|f-'d   Iroiil,   Cif- ';
.i,-_' liii.-t A-, sy-ikyifi-i in !'.,
(_' li.it'liaii l\n-i-iic.It iii','.,i\ i- iii, ill iiiiied,   .     ,.,..-.,      .   ...        , ... ���    .    ���     ,���
���-,v; ���: ���  ���'������ ������     ',    "    ylJ,   J*;, ..;,!!; iiis  l-.ll ���y.yturday b-r t u-.v
"������' A'; I..Hiliii.il. !;i';if;(> li:;i'c:,.|-ep('esi'l''.l.- ] ,co;iM. . to .a'-t.i'i'nd it; iiM-i-Sijig of ' I ii'i*;'eK -,
ilig (.'. ivijinltiiilgh.. piaiios and i.jygan-.. nil-! i'.ve of! In- Iligli.Cuurf.Vif l/iu-i-st y-is!
\i< In the Her,' T/..-..i,ve yoiirnnU-T.-nl.-; ���'T),-. ������ c.i-il-s-'lwis ..Va,k;-ii: 'Mi-s.' K'..ti-'-
lii;' U'.-ii!i-;il- I'"''! a!;dyilu-y will ie-.':. j)onM, .otl'McKenzii^ -Avemie'lind'v.-'i|'i ;
Cj'.vi* 'pi'oii'ipt. al Lent imi..'
o'Ws (*���
.y ^Gather ��� tills tic sy
Expect .prickles ";, :'i,,'
f|Hatmt" .-bargain
sakis :y and expsct,dissatisfaction, y-y : -yA".";,.-
yGood things ;;clc)li't
gq a : begging/; and
insurance   is worth'
Sty;&' value, up to
the :A^i^Tp^lce.
'irhz:mer Shoe"
r>i.i'rr.::.rn -.vkV i:;-ia- iu .oi:;;-!un!f'iif!rjijt
��� i iie  i.-ff.ryjli
W.<     vvy.y'
-Pay ='$i-"b",:pi- VS;i^'-"fpeV:'-:niom'hVfpV'''\t'l^c.;T Pay ,liroilii"$''id^o.-.'SiS''Perl;in6Jit'h"'fcr'''���'���"':- ���''
ycartii  ,i-At.'.lhe.end.oi that1 time the I i.'1 .",   ���<���;-.'���.������,   ;      yyy,. .a -������ -:���:.������-���������  ���.;���������'���
landlord^Wnslhehouse'and^nioiiey,;'^ :;^
receipts; v������:���;���; T"'y tv i'7 .,-.���'!:���,.,;,'...��� y,A:. after. . = i   ���'���;; .1' ,'y-7l'|. ���'.: !,;���:.,.-;'.. ^yy:,; '���'.'.;..,'
i'i - fir 7y';.-f^ \r:I:'7! ijoi"TtirEherfiilfpniiation appjy..'to���;,;.'f/ll ll ''yyA'ATyy'..
LEWIS J3R0S;|0encralAg
���: w'piv' ''SfG., B. HO Mill & ;U).'-":.
.t^H.ii.M.f C.P.'..I!,, yipci'
iri!f'ti..'!��,i'i'- i,:l:'- n'
CUUrl      (Ol'      ?l
Solo, Loc.al Agents,
a n
._.__,    y/^'^'TA'y    I;
���RPtQS��^ ��� -Np Homo Complete Withont It
^^PlPJjiglJg :'.'  y.        T    '���' ."-. > CALL : On4      ��� " '"'���.   ^ '.I.
V. ���
TO Tiiiv liKAF.-A!
rich   iaihv. l'i
i,-.l- i)ynfiii->.-: a ml Nni-i'-iii I' 11.'- Ih'.-id
have nis cciisultmir I'ihuVjs ihei-edt, his- .,\  i;y   -..-'       ���      y       ���������    \   ,,        '   ,-,-j ',
,,     ;   ; .,.   :,.���,.     '..      y.    y .(.-i.ailfi.ili ; ��� :<.'j,'t ie   '. . ,'j ''    out    li^yy: -;i.JUL
i-ctiii-n Iii*;ii Winnipeg.             ��� ������'":���      ; '           ���'    ��� '-,      r,.-                 ,��� ,
���              '            ,   y . i j .-tii il'ivtyii.aa  'Coo^.,    Ai  .ColMsc.    wlufi)
blisses .ni^.ifyiiiii Fca-ei-, of liieciiy    i (,,;��� vt, ]Uy I- over hey ici-y i!<i y'iD.moted .
i,V D;-. Nichols, ,|'r,-,A ll ieial I-Jai'Dl'liius, : schools, ba ve a i'i-aii^-(], to; I (ike a -iiort [ t ��� siitifi'iii! eoden t ,i;<y i i,:' ���', TheW'inwd '; f^Z' ^^ '**>'' jf^ n.<?/t/f TAa
gij.vc  .^o.WJ-tci.bis' IiYM.ii uie, w, lhat. : tn'iti   at,  !li" Ivoriiial vohnol, n.nd'imvl..,-,,., ,-<'vl, by' it "rrnin    win,   vwint 'jiiiiyi'l ^7,"!'0 ^^ "'��� V��f ^^jj.^��^
'Uf":i'.,    Rev&lstQive/B.O.
; , ili'ii'f pi-;,|i!e -unable   to proenne -.1 ���hi* Jvaiy aii'atip'f.l ii i- silbsl il litis 'Uicani.-hifi
/' Dniiii- ni'.-iv,.h;iv���(> tbi'in fif,".      A'!'!
v.v t:en     Is**'    I t;vi!H    lie;    ']<>',,(
���     - - - - . - -,-,   ' ,    ;      '���
\':'y 'Hiiult, vvlio  Iia-!  been .eiiip'lbveil ���'   '"t i -* j)f j-,-       -..',...���.
���Xo, . fed  The, Xi(d���ilsoil.III:-tiliU,-,- 7S0! |l baker, lor I he, p;,M. ! wi v-ajy in A.'/'     A ' ry,,,,;,, ',, ." - O   P   t>  . , \v,' y'\   \ ���i !       ' ',        ! '���", '   ''     ��� ���"������ ���' ���      "''���
��iSh.l.A,vi',ll.,^y,iit   . "Y^S'wm.v>i��r^
'The. sc.ib ?;au-> aie evidenlly b.'in^yt!f;'n:o i!vf;^--rs(.1,Qiit:'  ���     ,    .'.��� : f J,(i kick|.f!i>, t   Inking -'..In- j���b hut/'wasl      '     ���        (( '"'-���
t,tii-ht  frmi   pi-.:cliri.-by  ihe, (f. P. It. |    The'Mi sses rjpi'ii.Iin^ , ha vc'rou'iVcd a f li.M,' hn ���.Iiiid  i-ii her   (<.   do ^,/ir leave; " EHTERPKISE "'���'
special-.'.   On Mi'uid.iy im Italian,. \vlm j ���deservedly,, hi^b ���'ri''|iuia_t Ion   as  iiicuin- ! I li'i    ei,mp;ui\l    ser'v'ii-e,       |fe   hiis no ���!    '��� '' PT! l/lfll/" '   "
bad   evidently   b,-,-n   iind', !���   (:'. I':  It. !' f./iin'er.-'.    i"be yl her day I hey eliii.ibyl ; -ivnipit hy wit h I. he   j-ib ot- i.i'ilnv irons :  otL|\!ht\.
pei'bil   lii.il.iiiii nl, Twin   JJiille,   jroL a   'Id the "siiiujiiil of  l.iie uioitnlnin above j'howfn'cr anil   Inn^s   for  ihi'diff. m'r of
bullet in bis: iinn, and- was bi-oii(?hl. to    Reve!.st.ol<o nu-J   cantpi-d IJieni for the j ltevelsioke, vv-heio   the   I rncll i-^ fiiifyet
K'vivi-'hii'hf! nIii'jVj<t' ^v��|!iuvikH \iy. .jjighfo y i';, ' Hii.ic'Jiciif'J"i'/:i��j^ tfwi$w$,'    ' (   :
Chas, J. A min,.; A, V, Stawart,
:' It ���' is phly,;' by -.care.i'ul'ict'udy -
'".' the  druggist /beeoii'i.eB tii ���factor
������',.y in ''the-v&truxjjic-.tor health and
���'   I happiness. '������ . .,.'���' y. ��� ������������}
Our'reputation has been won
by. studying where to��� buy .,;
and what to buy.
���, :\Vf inaintain  that   reputa-
��� .lion' Hy careful attention to per-,
,-���   -feet filling of prescriptions and.
; '������   lowest price".���' . -;   ,���':
George- p.--Curtis,
���     "The Drugg'sf,"'    '��� "::
Successor to Thr. McD, A. IV. Co.
and  sf!,t'! one. that will   ���.
keep. time.    .
y iltlii, Orric::':   ���-.',;''   '      -.,'.
McKir.non   Eldg. Tbi**phto.y
l-iill .(jlov'ci'iiintiit  Deposit.-   Insurance accepteditt equitable rtitcr.
(; ���  A. DEAN, Manager.
Gity Agent���E; ^, HAGGEN,
'.".;'. V    -I ���   Xei^!!0I)? ffdi
������1:."f>f1 nwn ''���'���.   >,
���f    v- *��� ��� *jf


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