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Kootenay Mail Aug 15, 1903

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 A/SS  j   "'��������� "'"J -T("A'I  1 i,   1' 1 .,(1, ,'i  'Staple/.and Fancy ' Dry Goods  -' '' ���������'/ ,���������i   '���������-"''   .   '    '   '  , -  ' Ready-Made Clothing, \  I\Men's'Fupnishings, Hats, Caps^Bodts, Shoes'  ' A ''        ��������� "  Our Geo. A. Slater "Invictus Boot" is a Daisy." , Ask to see it-  ���������a-''  1  r" '     Notice a Few of Our Special Lines:-  '     ,   ' a 'UKCiULAU  Men's'Suiis iii grey and mixed colors, $6.50,  Men's'Suits in grey and mixed colors, '10.00,  'Men's Suits in "rev and mixed colors, i 1.00, ,  Rain Coats ' 16.00,  Rain Coals./ .'....'. .'Vv.'. .'....  Tau,13ool.s. ���������������\?>" VVillow Calf  Tan Boots,     .'" "   Vici Kid.'..'  ' 1        r  Tan boots,*      "    ,, Box'Calf..'."  Black Boots,' ' "    Donyola Kid,  Coats-./ ...,.'. 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Now 75c  Ladies' fine Cotton Vests, rei>ul.iiA|OC,  Monday Price 25c  regular 75c,  Monday Price 40c  and 40c,  Monday Price 25c I  A  i2-f|iiarl dish pah, tin plate:.  collection ot  .nicy  Chi  na,  .jo1  Childr  re 11 s  .its,  00  c a  nd  toe,  tec  Bargains  Monday Price 25c  Ticketed in the Stora.  LIMITED.  Millinery and Dressmaking Parlors Second Floor  On Tlitii'stliiy'.nioi'iiiiig Ficd Stowiut,  who linilod from Minneapolis, and was  iibout i!.r> years old, wns found dend in  the. Climax Hotel. He win, sitting in  11 chiiti with liis licnd resting on his  liniicl over ti barrel. The body showed  wound '.iii nose nnd bruise on head.'  Dr. Cross, coioncr, wiia culled in nnd  ouloied a post mortem. Meantime 0.  Timniins, ,n C, P. 11. bi'iikotnnn,'who  Iind hi'cii wtoslling Willi deceased, win-  iiiTOaleil in connection with the .tll'nii.  Deceased wits foi'ineily lype-wtiter for  lliti'lifii' Liiiiiliei',Co. mill latloily wiper  nt 0. IY II. shops, riom which he wns  clischiugcd,Wednesday night.    _  1 .      rui: iMiUcsr. '   '  An inquest, was held yeslctda'y by  tho coi'oiici'. .I.;M. Scott lcpiesented  tho ciown: The following "juiy 'wns  cnip.iiielledii iMesafs. Ciotdoti (loionini)),  Dickey, dlowson, rj^indiiniik, ��������� Voting  nnd it. S. i\\'jlson., Kviduncc wns  t.ikcn .ts follows:���������'  r   GIIAKI.US TI.VIMIX.S  snid' Went,fiom Block's lo ClinitiK  .it,-(JO.t fn' Tliuisd.iy ' becutio could  not 'sleep., Wns -ilono nnd sobci.  d''oiinil four others in curd room pl.iy-  iiiir������bl.ick jiick.' W.is with thcni till  5 ii.'in, 'Tlieji lein.uned alone with  bnr-tcnder/A. McXcill.'till .iftei1 bienk-  fitst. Going outside with McNeill met  deceived and letuined " to-bar nt 'his  invi.t.itioiit, to have drink.1' I > also  tie.tle.l twice. Deceased talked of r.ul-  lo.iding and said ho was quite n  wreatlei.' -lie wa1- slightly under in-'  'fluciiceof liq'uoi. 'Told him T also  wies'tled a bit. Wc took hold nnd  both fell on sides on 'floor in fiont'of  bar. Neither wns mud. ��������� Both got  light up -,-He oidercd .niiollicr drink  Thedj.ii-teiider, J. Pciks, saw iia. Had  couple of, tusscls. Whole sciap lasted  live minutes. Pciks told us to behiivc  unci not make so much n'oise 'JJeccasetl  otdeted a chink, and Perks put glasses  down to sot\6 us. AADupont, c.unc  in, pushed glasses b.ick and tokhPeiks  not to givc"dcceitsed mote-drink. Deceased,waaWnoycd with J)upout who  told him to go out.,s He-iefused, clinging to'bar, and Dupont took ' hold of  liim by ntms and jin^liotl" liim tlnough  doni "into c.ii'd-iooin. Dupbnt' was  cioss with him foi icsisting. YDid not  see aiiyi-iii.il k������ on deceased ,'aftei the  sciap and he sustained no damage  wli.itcvei Did not sec Dupont oi  dcceaacd stiike each othei. Deceased  wanted to' fight mo.  i' ' .IV    l'UltKS  tioro out Tnnniins's statcinent., adding  deceased icfeiled lo having to goon  carpet, befoie Mr. itobcits. -Deceased  vvas qu.ii iclsoine one niomcnt.. and  wanted to tteat the , ne.\t. When  Dupont came in he noticed blood bom  deceased's noae on l.is moustache after  bis last fall in wiestling.  On cot oner asking whether deceased  was not clean shaved, witness was not  sine.    .  Witness would g.\e a diunkcn man  liquoi unless _ he' was incapable.  Though Timninis was not as drunk a^  Stcvv.ub he was also nuclei the in  fluencc of liquor ' Did nothing to stop  the nun's hleoding  The coionei���������Mow ia it when 1 went  l omul vest ci day J was not told ,inv-  thmg about this bleeding9  Witness���������This is lhe first I have  lienid of the piopcsition. Dupont  wanted deceased to go to back loom  and h.uo a sleep, and he walked quietly theie with him. 'Dupont alwny-  ev(ended kindness to any poiann in  the house under influence of liquor  To J M. Scott���������Believed the man  was dead when I found him about 1  p m. in the back room where Diipoiit  placed him. The loom was uacd foi  atoiing hctllcs, etc. He might have  been dead some time befoie a-, tIndoor was cloacd. Told Dupont, who  examined man and  sent foi Dr. Oio-'-.  i:. dui'O.n r  gave evidence as to cnteiing b.u about  S a. ni. and icinarking to Stewait nnd  Imimins "What's the matter with you  people this nioi nim:'' ' Stewait, ic-  plied. "Theic's nothing the matter  withita. We weie jit'l fooling and 1  fell on the llnor." Timniins added.  "We're ju-t playing heie. (Jome on  and have a di ink." Went lo the b.n  when Stew.nt, fell against inc. Ke-  nurked. "What ia the miutci with  vou.'" He icplied: "Too niuch  uoo/e, Mi. Dupont" Said. "Von  bettor gf*-to back loom,--it down and  icat a while." Teccascd said. "I  don't have to." Kephcd. ���������' You've  been ih inking too much, come with  tne " lb'-aid "Wait n minute, let  me lnue thia di ink "' I said : " No,''  ai-d pushed drink way. Took him to  back loom and set him in chan alongside a. b.u rel w hoi c he was aftei wauls  found. He thanked me and left him  theie with dooi open. Saw a little  patch (if blood on Ilia face. At, 1 o'clock  l'eiki told ine tbe man wm*. dead. Saw  htm and ���������.������������������nt lor dnctoi, ic-in-irkiii-j  " If tin--in in is not deid he is dying  mho,' lli������ nose was bleeding a little  when I plierd linn m tbeehaii Did  not iiotiii' .my injmics on bun and  n-(d no foioe on him.  id:-,   -.i imiiUM) .vxn (,i:*iu.vi  who n. ",li   I'ltopsy of body of dci eased  <-ui'iiiittc<l   joii't   icpoit     They   esti  innted   iige  of  a quaitor inch hing'e.V.i-3(ed on left side  of nose, penolratir.g to bone, also fiac-  ture of ncT-e, bruise on forehead above  light eye, abrasion of lower lip.  Dr.Sutliciland >aid injury to noie was  the most important. tOig.ins of body  were noinutl. Aiipearimccof heart in-  dicnted decen'sed died siiddenly, sny  within HO minutes, jbenth wns due to  shock, which might hnvo been caused  by injury to nose, but could not sny it  wns sullicient to,cause death., though  alcoholism, would incieiis'o chnnccs of  death fiom that cnuse.' The injiity to  nose might have been caused by small  weapon not having a 'good cutting,  edge, but could not have been caused  by fulling on a lint sin face, The injuryi  might be caused by blow ol list with'  ring on it.  'To Mi. Scolt. il'oiks must have,seen  cut 'if that side of nose was turned to  him/but not otherwise. I)i*uiac , on  bond" might bo caused by blow of,list  with ring'on it,  Di. Giuliani gave eoiTob'orntivo evidence, snying'tbe sliitouf tlie heart indicated deceased died <liiddciily. Death  was duo to shock piuiilysing lhe hcnit,  the injtiiy to bend and nose being sufficient to   cause   death, '-The   biuiae  might  have, been, pioduced by falling  on bnricl iigiiinst which liu wns  found  sitting, but. not the wci'und. The cause  of injuiy waa a blow fibin ii"H-t  with  something  on   it," as a ting     Unconsciousness    and    bleeding   from, the  wound on the nose would develop,immediately   the  injury', was done, nnd  the man who would see the,bloodrIlow  would   see  an  unconscious  man who  should have immediate attention    He  did not die fiom   alcoholic, shock     It  was  possible  to  put a dead nian in n  chair so  he  could  sit'up  for   bonis.  Deceased   had  no -moustache but had  not been shaven for thlec oi lour days.  1To Mr. Scott:  Jl  deceased  had  ie-  ceivcd these wounds by .falling on the  floor  he  would,, not h.Yvo picked him-  sch  up  and'set himself, in a, chair in  condition which he was found. ' Jl" evidence of Timniins, Pciks and  Dupont  was correct, lie must have lece'ivedtlio  blow after leaving tbe b.iriooin  JS. Diipon^iccalled  produced a gold  ring with polished q'uait/. stone which  he   wi*ie''on   the  l!3th and it was impounded by the comO  ' '    ���������     coiio.M'it'.s Ai)i)i;i;ss.  *-    ,  The ,coioner-summed   it[i  nf a io  markably"cleai, concise and able manner.  ,Hca said:- The  only,,men   who  knew';iiny*tbing of thc.aH..ir weie Timniins, 1'etks and the  pKipuetOi'of the  hotel, ' li ,iDupont:,������ Although,' theie  weie ceitain discrepancies m   the  evidence, deceased   appeared' to have had  no   blow Yon him iiiitbc'l'.ii-too'", and  there had been no kind of a sci.'in   between Timniins and  hiin.y Tnnniins's  stoiy was boino out by Pciks, the only  othcr.w itncs.s'pioseii't, so thev had two,  stotics jibaolutely" agieeing1." Now ic-  gaidingitbc   blood     Tiinniins said he  saw none     Pciks stud he did, hut'his  mcmoij   was  not veiy good.    lie said  this man, who had .no moustache, had  one, nnd  contiadicted   in   sev'eial  do-  tails.    The-evidence of Timniins was  conclusive thoc was no blood pioduced  in   the  bar-loom     Whcic,   then,  did  the man meet bis  death.'    They   had  the statement that, when Dupont came  in,  he* took   this  nun, whowusvciy  quarrelsome, and pushed him into the  other  loinu.    Deceased   was  in   good  enough  shape 'to .nut up a sciap, and  they had the  evidence  that deceased  left the loom stiuggling with Dupont.  His alcoholic   condition would piedis-  pOsR to sciions lesults fiom nn  injury.  Ho  was  last,  seen alive by Pciks and  Timmins.in chaige of  the  piopiietor  They  bad   Tn.iniins's  statement that  Dupont,  was  out ol   the loom   lO^to  15 minutes, while Petka said   ho  was  out  one  to   two    miiiiitcs      Dupont  said be put the man in aclian losobel  up, nnd s,i\v a   little   patch   ol"   blood.  The medical   evidence showed Ihe two  blows weie lcccivcd at  the same  moment     He  might have fallen or been  stiuck . The   man   (bed   with   awful  suddenness.    They had  theiefoie vciy  suspicious   evidence   implicating   the  pinpiiotot of the house, but he warned  tin-in of tbe danger ot puiely  ciicum-  st.inti il evidence.    Dupont put up tbe  stoiy he did not kill   bun.    He hacbin  bis favoi  the   possibility of  tbe   man  getting up and   meeting death by fall  mg  on   lhe   li.uicl     J'eiks. swoie hc-  doui ol the ifioni w is closed all   morning,   while   Pupoiil  said   it was open.  Then theie was the i mg   put   in      He  had cude.tvoied to sum up faiily to all  coi-coined and left the niattei in their  hands.  ���������nn vi'itmri  Aitei a lebiicmeiit of three and a  hours the jury rttin ncd the lollowing  \oidict. Deceased ciiinc by bis dentil  by mis.icl vent iu u at iho ban Is <d eithei  C. Titnmins, J. J'eiks oi 10. Dupont. oi  two oi all -jf Lhein, fiom a blow on the  nose, predisposed by .in evlieme slate  of alcoholism, in the building known  as the Climax hotel.  lilDlilt.  They added the following ridci. Wo  finally earnestly lecomi'ieiid lo the  city council in om capacity as jinois  selected fiom the citi/.ens lo icpicseul  on Ibis occasion [inblie justice, and  the inleiest of the law, Hint ,m absolute end be put to gambling in tlie  hotels of this city, nnd that exlieme  measures be taken to piled the -nine  and safegiiiiid the inoial welfaie ot the  city. '  The coioner thanked (lie juiv, w ho  weie dismissed about 1 'M a. in.  As the lesultof the inquest 10. Dupont and J. V. Pot ks weie also at tested  Dupont was admitted (o bail in $[i,0l)0  A McDonnell and M. J O'Di icn being  ihe sureties.  About 000 people, 'half of  wore childien, left the city Wednesday  foi'Albeit Canyon whore tho united  Sunday school picnic bad been ar-  iinigcd'. The "G'. J'. Jl. nrriiiigCmenis  toi the nip lellccted the highest credit  on the local oflicinls. A most pleasant  day wiis'spent. Swings were erected,  seats laid, nnd everything'done by tho  committee) and friends to make the  event a "success. The ininernl bath  proved,a gic.it attraction. P. Forrest  nnd other I'esidents of the Canyon  weie unstinted in their hospitality. ' <  ��������� 'flic idea of n united Sunday school  picnic oi iginatcd with It. Howson and  0. .).'Aiiinii, to whom much credit is  duo foi lhe way in which they woikcd  it. to -neb n successful issue.'"  0. P. 11. employes under Koiidninstor  Newman did much to make the place  nl tractive. ��������� ',  Refreshments were, dispensed', by  Mt'adiunes Annul, Wilk������, Dickey, PotU-  pioco, Davis, Bennett, Procunier, Bain,  Buck,.). Bourne, and Alias Dniriigh, to  whom ihe crowd were indebted-for  their'.ho.spitnlity.   , ', * '    ,  j The'childien Iind been given fiee  li.iiispo"italioii and riifter paying fates  and all expenses, ��������� amounting , 10  spa21.50, theie, was a balance of .flOO  to credit.       " /        \  ��������� Spo'rts" weie oiganised for the  childien loi money pii'/.es subscribed  on the gi omul. Thc.JndopciHlent bund  furnished excellent music dining the  day.      -     "  ,, A large consignment of CROCKERY - T  just fto hand," including all kinds ���������of ���������"  GLASSWARE for.'Hotel and 'House-,  ,   hold use.   , "        " '  ">   ,  STAGE  ACCIDENT  -    " -f '     V  C.' McKay Has  Three Ribs'Broken  '- --Others Bruised.    '    "���������  ��������� ^ I  ' On Wednesday,, nigli't' nn nccido'iit  hnppciicd to Kiikp.atiick it Jlillin.in's  stage when'-making the trip' from  heaton t.i Tiout1 Lake The 'night,  was dark'and the stage went ovciHlio  steep bank nt If. Liingiell's' l.uich. C.  McKay h,id three nbs bioken, and  'though' otheis sustained bruises no  otic else was seriously hint. .   .  FIRE VALLEY:  ( J-'iom (iui own coriu-iKiiiiluiil. ,    ���������'   ;  '0. fjiodeiickf of tlie -Narrows, has  moved with Ins men .mil logging out-  lit to Kiiu-fViilloy,', wlfoto -Iu/-.will nt  once commencing ..taking out bigs for  the Yiilc-Cdlumbiii Lui'nber''Co.  "    ir , - - v    f    -*1^'  "��������� W,m. Kirby,vw ho, has, charge,of,the  steaniei Procter on Kootenay'lake,  paid a,Hying visit to hio ranch   '    ,   '"'  '-/No. 1/CREAMERY1 BUTTER .in  /prints and boxes,' EGGS, California  'aiid"''British Columbia FRUITS ar-'  f a ��������� " ',     ,     c  riving'daily by Express.      ",.'   ,  BOURSE" BROS.  " ' , ' '     "-     -  ���������  -, ���������   '  Headquarters for-Groceries "y,r  , of ^ G-uaranteed. Quality., ��������� y /{ ������������������  ���������^te  tr -S  &  i  in*  i. Mil  T.^2  ^    *^- -i.  -I    -     A* c V.  &M*WMmmrwtom,<;i  -,--,  Goes the Prices for,'the:  l       *      ( 1 ^ / ( >'     -I*  Balance of the Clearing Sale-  ^ ���������  ./'-Ji'f  ,j ?.(  - "d  An iiiipoit.iiil,  put through but   ivc  linlil   over   u.ii ticul ir  pleted.  tinibci deal is being  ne i(-qiicsti-d lo  ,   I ill   it is com-  RAIL AND STEAMER  The C. P. 11 shops here sue working  lull picssuio, 270 men being employed  By vvtcck of a ciicus tuiiu oii'Gi.uid  Titink in Mu.higiii I'.i weievkilled and  '20 mjined.  - Union r Pacilic engincmen struck  against the dangeions condition of  engines on tlieir division.  'The C P. Jt is endeavoring to make  n schedule for llogcia Pass to prevent  loss of lime by the pusheis. *    |  , The Austiali.in govern men ts to-1  quiicd the English mail steamers to |  piit on white ciews, nnd ns theyie-j  fused the new con tracts ,< may be made  with the Canadiiin-Aust.'ali.u'i steam-!  ships and the C. P. iv.  The new 0 P It. shops m Montica'l,  when completed, will be in a position  to^ tin n ni:! iijhty-twu [i.issengei  coaches-liMiilciiieniisly, tbiio developing a l.ngia c.i[i.ictty ih.in any sitnil.it  nistitiilipii in the wuild  Condnctois [Stevens. McKay and  Ileichiiici who lopiesented the Pacific  eoi-.duc ots aiid'tiaiiimcii .it, Alciiticil  in demand foi new schedule, Ii.im- ic-  tuined, well satisfied with the settlement made with the C. P. It.  .������  The G. P. It. is to be congratulated  on its successful year. The piolits  weie "HO.O.Vi,057. A dividend at late  ot (i pei .cent foi half year is paid nnd  $3,!)7.'3,9i!0 cuned foiwaid Kivenew  dncctors aie added. G. W. McKay,  New Yoik; I). .McNicoll. Senatois  Diummond nnd McKay, Ali.'lt. G.  Kcid, all ol Montical  On H.ituiday night the ni.ichinists  g.nea Miiokci in bonoi ol \Y Nugent,  who lepic-ciitcd the local incii cm (he  coininitti'L" which ���������-ccincil liom the G j  P. It a new sclii-diili*- wnh im lease to  iJti ceiiis nn hum. II. II. K.nwcll, piesi-  dent of the local In.inch of machinist-,  occupied the chair, liio. Wadnian  pic.-enlid Hi ii. Nugent with a handsome gold locket. Addie���������e- weie  given by Loenmolivc I''oie:iiiin llobeii-  .1. Oiitheii, of bliiekssniib-, II !���������'. liny,  of c.u pi nti'is and P G Anislie on bell,ill ol boilei m.i^ets. Mes-is. Melville, Allen, .lohiison, Millei, Kenny,  IJiuke, Ilendiy, Gosnell, I! Sinithand  .1. Hooley eonti ibuted well totheeven-  ing's enlei taiiinient  larpns, Bargains-  In \lveryv Jiepartmenti^> ;^  t.'''.'  -<-'v'  jy-f-".  Vl*1!^  ��������� i ."'A":  ; _ < '"in"1  ,*  -.-^ -'.1^|  "  .'??<������  '���������"/lY_^  V-'liV.l.  ��������� -1 j"V'Sji*i  T- -. iT^-Ht'*''^?-  :'M\  ','������V-2f������l  ' ���������"'."/fl.-ifi--*  -    -     ?������(-,-,T-V''"* *$,  -j ��������� jfflffi-'-v.ifciv,-  .- I,  ���������yr-'l'u  ���������*&'-���������  ���������i ~i\  *> r  ia'?att^2am^^awB^jL!^Aj^ti������^^  -A,.  (VtlA> Au-LiAUiro A>tYib~Aj~ JsX^jAU^cy ,  ' <tJL(L <MjW   AW Atfi/ ^y&^',7&^������������������/  M. A. SMITH & CO!, Agents, Revelstoke, B. C.,  IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS  A wntei in    the   News   -a\>  Lucky  .lack  on   Poplu   creel  W. B   Pool bus puicliascd.    "  up the   li-siiies ol   the   ltdge  of  the  c, w hich  Looking  in place  one can see acoies of   nuggets sticking  out of the (-uu'l/ like -,0 many walnuts  in a batch of  ("like."    Tlio lead is 'I rt.  w ide und tiaooablo foi  .100   feet     Five  leads as    licit    as    the  main   ledge  have been micovued  Hunkci, the diocoveier of Hunker  cieek in the Yukon, was an old Big  P.endei, having once piospected Gamp  cieekwilh a view lo operating it as  hvdi.iiilic giound.  of Choicti Groceries,  and a general  Clothinir  &  with a full n<xw assorted stoc  Hoois. Shoes. Re-idy-Madeline of Men's l"iiniisliinf;>. eic  In order io show lhe people of Rcvelsioke our  slock we will make the following inducements:  On Saturday, Aug. 15,  we will give 5 per cent discount on all cash purchases on Groceries and 10 per cent discount on our  Hoots, Shoes, Ready-Made Clothing, etc. Goods  paid for the following Monday will get the benefit  of the discount.    Come and see for yourself.  MACDONALD & MONTEITH,  FIRST .ST. AND GONXAUGHT AYE.  A ,1   "  ' I , < ,   .'  -I'l./  ���������: m  h'  THE KOOTJSJMAY MAIL,  , r   "   ' il  a,  TH)e 1kootena\> flfcatl  ' ii   PUBLISHED  SATURDAY.  . '      i    ' i    -A-ft- ������    '    '  REVELSTOKE, B.C.',, '  Subscription .Prlco,   S2.00   Por    Annum  '  ADVKUTrSINO     1LATKR     on     ii|>]illciilioti  ClnuiKcs in iidvoi-tit-oinonts inii-t  nu In by  1        Tuesday of encli  week to mh-iiiu Kiiod (1U-  ,   play.  Timber notices,Muno into up Uii/.otlo,  '       ?o for eneli localiun.    y        ' ,  ,J03 PKINTING proiii|illy OM-putod ntiuison-  i, able rutut-. ,        '       ,  'ACCOUNTS   for .iii-InUiiK   nnd   ndvoi-llsiilK  ,        pnynblo on  Hi-**, of iiioiil.li;   Mib-oi-i|itlons  ,    jHiyiiblc in udvunuu. ~ ,  'COUUKSPONDKNCK  invited   oil n'l.ittoi-K.or'  public   unci est.   Comiiiuiiiciiuou-. In Kill-  -  lor   must,   be  iiccoin|iiiniod   by   inline   of  ���������mlOii not necessarily lor jiuliliuiitliin. but  a-, evidence of good fnilb.   (.'(in-e-iioniluiieu  1     iminL reiich tbe ollice by Wednesday even-  '"K"<   ,,'!-' < ,  Address ,  ,   , ,"'   ��������� The,Kootenay Mail,  .Phone No. 13.    " ' Revel-tokcvB.G.'  as a continuation of the old regime  which hits done so much boodling  at Victoria'.'   ,   , ,   ��������� ' '  'Ir  --'I  *%, I)  ���������>������<  Wo request, oup numerous roaders to  =���������', favor1 us  with'theln assistance In  making- tho KOOTENAY MAIL the  , , most 'valuable  advertising- medl-  ,j urn'1 In   the, Kootonays  by giving-  the preference, when making- pur-  (i' chases    to   those  llrms who'are  regular advertisers In tho KOOT-  ,' .enay'mail.   --  '        - j  11,  (/  , CITY ACKNTS.;-  Tub JLm'i. limy bo obtained fiom  ,   Copies of  ilio following city ii-juiii*:  i        (        ������ii. VV. Hi*.\*ni.tt.  'AN ADA  1IKUO JC'IlOOIC 1,0  ,' ,     F. U. W'i:iiiA. . ' -  4   l  "t L\'  ~*   ,;        ���������  1   I "  1 .('  fc  -(  LONDON (KNCliANDl'ACKNCr. ,  Our Knisll-li ollice- are (it SO Kluot'Ati-ei-l, London. K. t\, wbero Messrs. K. & .1. Ilurdy & Cn.  will receive for u- KukII-Ii new-, Milisoi-liili-iiis  mid iidveitl-eiiient- and wliei-e n tile is kepi of  tlsi- purer for tlio u-o (tieu of olitiiKi*) ol any tit  our render- vi-itiiiK London nnd de-lion- ol  ' sceinK tlio latest l--uo poi-lble or liH or liar  ol-nl paper. ,��������� %     ������" .  1   jl  E  M.  \r, -  I ^ "  6    *   ���������  is-;--1  %  ���������fi J. IIAKDY & GO. , '        ,, ���������*  .      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Jfrom .'its    importance ��������� this  trail  should   ho , litiel    out   at   a   good  grade.    Judge, then, of,our surprise,  in visiting  the  Jioncl, to  iind  this  one of Iho worst  laid   put trails in  the country.    Tho Columbia; river,  between' Smith   creek   anel  Canoe  river,'has a,fiill^ of. not  more than  two and a half "per cent.( Tho Lrnil  one would naturally <;xpe.'cl to have  therefore an easy grade. ''But'what  do vve iindV    The  ffiiil, leaves  the  Smith crook trail at' the sum mi I of  the ridge, overlooking.the Columbia,  river, and 'instead of keepingfOn an'  oven gracle'it rises with the summit  till ��������� iiv Jthree and   it   half miles it  attains  an'elevation   of'; 900 feet  higher above  tlie 'Columbia ,river  than at the po'int,of commencement.  In about a mile and a half it drops  down again that 900  feet by a zigzag tonight-Mile creek.    The, work  is clone all right, but the'iiianncr in  which, the ' trail 'is  laid out is disgraceful, ami., lo- be of  permanent  service a newtrail/properly graded,  will have to be laid off between Uie  summit'and UighVMilo creek. <Iiig  Menders siucasticnlly  refer  to  the  Canoe river trail a"s  "tlio*no\v"'but  uncompleted trail ���������to   Clrotind Hog  Basin," and judging by' thewaynt  climbs'the description^ not inapt.,  ,There is nolexcuse in,these clays for  bud triiil-btiilding."-���������A:trail  should  ,he as carefully'' laid   oi'it'.asa roiiel-  wttvy'.'ind'it' costs   little or nothing  ino're.    We* hope"  tc'i' see^ no ^inore  biidli' exhibitions,, of   Irailbuilriing,  repeated as  llitf'yCitndo-river^Kcy-  s'lone, Mohawk,f aii'd^Ground-llog  R.isin, trails.^  They   ar.e ,a *great  draw-back* to,', the mining camps lo  which they >iU*o   intended   to <*give  access,4and-  entire'ly   fail  iff their  purpose. J An   '      .   . /',", '    ,T  -  by  the McBride govern-  they are  ment.  Here arc somo notes of < the condition of things in the district. The  road along the south fork of the  Lardeau was in a'disgraceful state  at the time of our visit, and the  English companies under the management of, Mr. Forbes">'who are  showing so much enterprise in that  section have been heavily1 handicapped in tlieir operations., ' The  Beaton-Camborne road has been in  such a bad state that teamsters and,  mining companies operating, ,at  Camborne have had to contend  with a frightful condition of things.  The road from Comaplix' was also  badly, neglected. 'At Hall's Landing the. settlers hav;c been seriously  handicapped-by the state of their  roads and bridge.-/ In the Big  'Bend the main trail,is so ovcigrown  it isr almost ,'impassnble ,jn r some  parts. 'The trail up -Downie creek  is badly blocked. The trail between  Coldstream iindSmUh creek is impassable, though owing to the  amount of work ancl���������packing there  it is'most',necessary. The portion  of the main Big Bend trail between  the forks and Coldstream 'is well-,  nigh impassable. ' Tlie Five-Mile  trail is impassable. 'At Lllocilliwact  a packer had a' horse destroyed  owing to the bad state of thc/trail.  Such a condition of things ������has  created wide-spread, dissatisfaction  'with l'remier'^McBride's'"administration ,as chief cibnmiissionor of  lands 7ahd works, and "rightly so.  Js' it aiiy'vvyonder this part of .Kootenay,does not progress "more rapidly, twhen the public! interests are so  grossly neglected at Victoria'!'      '���������   ,  WHY I AM A LIBERAL  ���������>i -  v-v,  '$. ,\y Fit-st Sti-eet.  *?   Revelstoke, tB.G.  :.-E  D WARD'A." II AG GEN,  Mi.vJ.va'ISxoiNKEis,  -(.Meiiir Auierienii lnsti'tute JtiniiiK KukIihaii-i  1    *-_'. (Jlein. Canadm'n .Minint'Institute.)       .  "T_   j'^'/Revelstoicu, B.G.  ?ii-:\amiiiatioii of niid'Yepo'its oii Jlineinl I'io-  ������ ._*'.������   i   l      pertiea it Specially. .. <��������� -       ' ,  ��������� 'J ^  ���������A'  %i~" c-r-r,  PERRY, LEAKE,    , (1  YjtiniiiK Knt'ineer.ind Jlclulluigisl.  T, * . yL   "   --'    . u si'eoiAi.-in.s:^, ^   , ',  ,        ^  '!-   'E\nniuinlioii-  and I'.epoits on MiniiiK, 1'iop-  --rtcterlics.     ,   "*���������       -   ". '* *  i     Specification and '���������Construction of,Mining M.i-  ������^       ;chineiy. '       ,,.,"',,     ',    ,,, ,  ,riiT03t!.ma(l(!otOre-aml (���������oncentinltoiifor/l,liloi-  \m V i  J  ; k-.-?i-A*'  ine iviid Ci amde Trtal ment.  Hvdraulic I'liinL-.**'  *        1     *..,,���������  ,"    v  "*_-t|,      _    *    ^ i Itidfoid McNeil Code. .  Bargains iri'Real 'Estate. XL  i'_l} 'etoiy dwellintt  on Conniiuylit  q>l,^UU   aVemic, couliuning.') looms.  <E<   Kfin-l s-t������r>"  lOtUgo.  o  iooiiii   l.iih'e  tpljOUUy  yaidcn with .sinall fruit in vunulj  $',   onn-Comfortable    2-=toiy,     (1 loomed  I,OUy,  bou--eand2  lols,   newly  lmnilud  ���������- -   - i and fenced.v      , -,  OU   flKn���������7-rooincd cotlafe witli batliiooni.  r,  Jpl,UOUtfiotoO\100.  L<Hi   CKfl���������Large 2-storj bouse,,11 loonis.all  t    <pl,DOU   modenicoinenieiiceo.   Ageiiume  bargain.  building   on  idid oppoi  riglit paity; good tonus.  <DO nnn���������Restaurant-  tp^ijKjyjyj   street; splendid,oppoitunity  Fu-sl  tin  Cl Ortrt-2--tory'i'Cs.i(lcuco, ^ell built, ton-  $l,OUU   milling S loom-,. '  COCH��������� U-story  cottftge,  :>  ioom=> and b.itli  $"511, room, iicu- C. lJ. It  looms and  shops.  ' rooms,  near  Me  Cl  ftflfl-2 story-hou-c.  ^II.UUVJ   ivciiiSic avenue.  -2 otorv  bouse  contaiiiini  cellar" full ^-"e.        ' i  -ll-story cottage, G rooms, lot lO-clOti  S  looms  modern residence, 3 lots,*in  $1,300  $1,100  '$3 J000_gOOd fawn.  C3 Cnn��������� 2l-������torv r'c-idencc complete and up  q>J,3UU   to date, with fine giounds.      ,  -TTTE are prepared to loan mciiey on .mj of  <   \Y    the above properties on the inonthb ic-  payment plan. . v        ''*���������     '  "iVrEhtvp for sale an imptoved f.um nenr  \\ the city, stock, implement*, etc. Puce  S2,6i5.   Cash required S1,0(XI. ,  I LSO SO ncie-* uniinpioved land near Salmon  XV   Ann -talion, price ?OXl on good terms.  LEWIS BROS. BeafEstate Agents  o-be 1fcootena\> (pml  SATURDAY, AUGl  British Columbia is such a  splendid field for the tourist that  vve consider the government should  create a department lo promote the  interests of lhe province as a field  for tourists and mountaineers.  The tourist trallic could be made of  a������ much value to the province as a  third of its- mineral production.  Says the World; ''The government has done weil in making it  clear totlii'delegatoo fionl Manitoba  that the Separate School question  i- clo-cil. dually. There could be  no good ac'Cdiiipli-'lied by the reopening of this vexed and discord-  ( creating question���������and much harm  would inevitably re-ull in the needless antagoni/.ing oi now harmonious elements in the Canadian community.    '        The fact that Premier McBride  voted a-a member of tlie Dunsmuir  cabinet to give-1-1.5,000,1)00 of coal  and oil hinds to the C. I'. I!, while  under hi- control as minister of  mints, and that he has refused to  allow tlie locations of prospoelois  lhat the C. P. JL may yet have a  chance to get these lands is hit ving  a most damnatory elfect on the McBride govci nmeiit, which is rightly  regarded by   the  electors generally  ���������A "GRAND-DEMONSTRATION.  .     a     f     ,1      ���������       '   j       ' ' ( -r '  The promoters . ofi'the Sunday  chool union picnic held Wednesday arc to be congratulatecl on' the,  success' of the movement. ''IJeie  citizens, of*"; aII* denominalions,  Piojestanl and Ca'tholic, liict to vie  with each other-in entcrtairiingdhc  ohibylreiiv uof ' thc%-vario'us Sunday  schools.' " Tho ,event willy do'much  to bring.about the* union of ytbe  various,icligious sects and to suppress those infernal sectarian feuds  which "only '.those who sire narrow  minded, .and i.bliiKleeU ily bigotiy,  ca n seek, to 'main tain. iiTlic_exaniple  is one which, if *,taken up.over,the  length and bicaclth.of'tlicdd'minion,  vvouldfbecome, a-^national blessing;  T,hc Catlioljc has -as much right in  tliis fiee land,to wqrshi]j God in.his"  own- wayias^lhe^'Protestanl, free  from the'-launts- -or-'abusC-'of-liis  fellow-citizens^ Letais leave'to.the  old land'* this icligious 'hale, and  let the people, of this,new land work  for the future^.'greatness- of their  country free from all* religious discord. The constitution is not built  on sect but on the broad shouldeis  of the whole nation. Let alPbe  loval then to thr.t'constitution, and  bury themonstei cif ^sectarian and  class bailed face downward that  the moie it scratches to leappear  the deeper it will go, crushed for  ever beneath lite good sense and  that generous recognition1'by each  of the lights of tbe other that goes  to make a harmonious, contented,  happy aud.piosperous people.  ,        ROADS AND TRAILS.  Premier McBride is chief commissioner of lands and works,--and  thejo has probably never been a  chief commissioner whose 'administration has been more negligent  and discreditable. We have travelled over most of tlie trails in ,the  Revelstoke tiding ancL have never  seen the roads and trails in acwor?e  condition than this year. To  enable the interior to.be developed"  it is necessary roads anel .trails  should be kept in good condition,  and it is most necess.ary that they  should be repaired and opened up  first thing each spring so that  miners'' and prospectors can get  access over them. It is now the  middle of August, and many trail*  are blocked with fallen timber and  have not even'been cleaned out yet  thi-* season. Of course we recognise  that Hon. Richard McBride can  reply winter will bo here soon  again, ant! the trails can stand  over till next year. That is no  answer or excuse for his neglecting  his duty'to tlie country, lie could  put on large supplenienlaiy estimate- for his own conslitucncy of  Dfvvdney to enable bitn to purchase  the electorate at the public expense,  but he confined the Revelstoke  district to the smallest grant, allowed tins district for some years. The  provincial government derives a.  large revenue'from this riding. The  iciital oi the timber locations alone  trni*-t be coii-idernhle, in addition  to the ordinary taxes nnd mining  revenues. The Revelstoke riding  should not therefore lie treated as  some back-woods block, but should  have as fair a cli.tnce as Premier  McBride's own constituency. Tlie  people are showing much enterprise, and making a big effort to  open up the counliy, and their  efforts should bo reasonably, facilitated, instead   of j being blocked as  CORRESPONDENCE  -\ '    ._���������  A)Reply-       *   i'   r  IMitfir Kooius.iv Mul:    -. .   ',  Sii,���������Would you permit me to tisc  your columns in replying tothe letter  yoit'publiahed last week -signed by the  'thankful one.' I suppose the majority"  of gentlemen in Revelstoke passed it  by without "a1 secpnd thought as the  'work of'sonic ignoramus whu-was oven  too silly to -biiloy"hi.*>r'/o\v!i ignorance  fi-oin the eye of the public- Rtif'tbeie  aie those "possibly str.uigeis in'town  who might be misled, by,'some of bis,  statements. Youl know thatYit 'does  not matter how clean a house inay"bc,.  it-*will be stained if ;some mean person;  tlnows iDiid'npoiijils walls,.  'J know nothing about hiatobjoctioi-s  to ypnrhcries of articles entitled "Why  laiii a libcial." Rut I do know something-about the, lattei part of bis  lettei. Tho fust pint I would'"put  down to e bis--beingt of n dill'ei.ent  political.p.uty, btitithc lattei���������I bum  jvitb-shanie to think that one of our  sex ulib lite sii|)poscd to, be chiv-nhous  andimniily ,would con'descend to try  and influence public*'opinion and turn  it against a ti ue ipiea'cbei, of Cbiist's  gOspclV,aij(l'������Uliag ,, an ,-,11'piight,, tt,ue'  (Wonian's "name , into ,his ��������� letter., J-'or  nbiisiiiicMi.'XJidder 1 njigbt, ajmost  fqrgive^ ~l)in'C "Jor^th"'ftXil'lb ,']Jiyc0"'j3*  fashionable, but ("hah^hc^^ considcr-  atitm for womankind?        ' -     ''���������"  iXoiv, anyone who, considers IhntMic  knows such a .gie.it dea^ about,Mr.  Calder wpulirccit.iinly know that the  Revelstoke Ileiald i-. not that gentleman's mouthpiece. And ' dining 'n.  close v ncqinuiituiiccsbip tuith* that  ininister I b.ive always found him to  be a sound.thinker, and a truth-loying  man. and I have certainly .not found  out that, he is either prejudiced or  ignorant. Then, again, Mi. C.tlder  cfoea not abuse other denomination!,  or try and .cause dissension between,  different nationalities.     ' x  As for llomati Catholicism, ii the  'gentleman' who wrote the article had  heard.Mr. Calder'- sermon last Sunday be might have felt a little shaky  in his belief himself. ' Mr. Calder said,  '-That in looking over,tall tlie papers,  and seeing the thousands who belong  to tbe vast Cathbjic- church who were  prnyh'tr for and having masses said  for the lftte Pope ,.Leo, he tbotiirbt it  strange that that'religion could not  bold out a better hope of piinirig  Heaven than they do/ Here i,- Pope  Leo, a saintly gentleman who attained  a. decree of perfection that"- few  attain ,in this world, seems to need  the prayers (,f tbntis.indo before he cn'n  enter Ufa veil. Wh.it chance then has  tbe orcliii.ny man of salvation?"   ..  This is not tbe thought of an igi.cn-  nnt, ptcjudiced man. And the thankful one-insinuates that all the intelligent people have left the Presb) teiian  chinch. I wonder if he ever goes to  .see the crowd wc have Sunday after  Sunday, amongst whom are the  principal of the public school, one of  the best doctors in town, and a crowd  of tnie-henited men .unl women who  would scorn to wute such a letter a������  the thankful fotic's to stab in tlie dark.  And now. Mr. Kditor. 1 -.uppo.-c f  must not take up too much of your  valuable ������pacc in answering one whose  only reason to be thankful is, 1 think,  that Mr. Pettipiece h not n jonng  man instead of tbe "old man'' n- he  most kindly rails bun in his nntiual  coin tc-V, for perhaps if h" were, our  thankful friend inij-lit havV every  reason to feel unthankful. Ami now,  Kditor, T must doio, hoping that  our imitiinl friend will still be thankful that'he cli'd not di-close be iiniw;  as well as bis ignorance to the fiublir,  TAi.nor  I.llil)l.-i-HAi l.  Revelstoke, Aug. Pith  NO. S.     '  ,    ' (CoiiUiiuod,)  >- ' , -  ''ClUJHOir^AN'U'STA'-l'i:. ' ' ���������  One of the most gigantic'struggles  in the, histoiy of. Canada was that  between chinch and state,, The Frcnch-  Oiinadiaii libeials, though "iiiembois of  the Catholic church, maintained, the  church' should .confine itself to  spiritual affairs and that, the chinch  dignitaries should not interfeio in the  affairs 'of stale, otherwise than as  citi/.ens. Theassertion'of the supremacy'of the state in civil affairs is an  essential feature of liberal policv. Hut  liberalism is equally bound to pracUcc  religious toleratice, to, lo-epcet all  honestpbnses of, religious opiiiion,'aifj.l  to afford equal "piolection tp(all1 foniiss  'of religious faith. Tho stand of 'the  liberals on these points ,vvas .supported  by scvcial branches of the Cathqhc  church as iho ecclesiastics 'who' stooll  for the Giillieaiin liberties 'the Sul-  picians, the great and progressive in-  llucnccs of Laval university,'and by  those, gnuul men,'Aichbishops JJail-  lergeon and Tiischcrea'u, of (iuebee. ''  v i^tiii; li'r.TiiAiVto.v'rlv.vi:, ,,  '' On the otlier hand Uie Ultrnmoiitane  anil Jesuit pititi'cs in the church, led  byf Bishop Rourget, demanded tlie  legislators should be in perfcol'accp-id  with the'teachings of the church, held  up thficom-erva'tivo .party as^defenders  'of authority , attached 'to Catholic  doctrines, demanded control by the  bishopsi of laws .regarding marriage,  baptism, burial, ^education,, proposed  lo ostiiblishqYii-'ifiiiversily , 1 milling  Laval,', and > condemned ^liberalism.  "The slate inuSt be -entiicly subordinated to the church, must give itscivil  sanction tb therdecree('''of the clittrch,  and niust'* defend and enforce all hor"  claims; civil uind-ispiritual,'',,wns the  doiifniidt made,, niul alsC'thnt "Tho  priest nnd,,the bishop Mnny 'and ought  to spoakmot'c/nly toy the,elcctpis and  c.indicbitcs,Jiut even to the constituted  iiuthoiities.';       ' '*'/"/    'i*  "- liishop -Roitr'gct'saidy. iio'cnndidntc  should be rcturned'to parli.inicnt who  qiicstioncdLtlioviight' of, thepriests to  omploj-y spiiitual censures in elections,  or who rejected the intervention"1 of the  pope,,the' bishops, and the piiestsin  the affairs'of governments.' ]    \  ' r<  ", "ianniTAircbxsoi.ii/ATio.v. ~ * ,r  . ,lt was this condition' of iifl'airs that  icsuited in -Hie demand'of, iruntmg-  ton, postmiister-gencr.il in the libcial  government under 1MoXen/.ic, uiging  the British population ' of "IJiiobcc to  unite w'itli the'Frcnch libeials in.lhe  intcicst Jbf -lice T' Ihougbt^and fiee  speech. ' lluiitinglbn pointed out that  the' activity of the Ultramontane  movement was directly ' chargeable to  the piactice of the consci vntivc p.u ty  iu liiaking'n'ny h.icrilice; eveny that of  conscience,, to-maintain- pl.Tcc- and-  power, 'llopiotested, on behall of the  liberal party, against the jntrcduction"  ol religious contioveisyt into political  conflicts, and believed Catholic' and'  IVotestimt blight, and siiould, agree to  chllci on these political i questions,1 al:  of - their,icligious  ' *    - yli  u,Slater" Oxfords  ><&���������  ij ,i  ,    , Summer .'comfort'   iri' i  ���������      " <l' ''"'' '/ ' '' ' '   ''  r  a fashions   tlatest, / approyed.  ' ' ' ��������� '  -  I , ' f '    ' ir '  lorm���������      <        ,/,    '.���������  ���������Liffhtnoss, '���������    ffrace1'-'���������<"'' and  ' comfort,- ,      '"'   ,<L, L"'  ir )  I        n -v "��������� t <" / RD>  ������4���������Patent   Leather,' Glazed   ''���������-  <Kid, leatlior^litfed"' to- teako; 'g  ' ,a smooth* 'interior.  'Mi,   'vv*    '   4  | .v'tvladJ in Canada 40 Years ( t        )  ,W  " $4.00 Per Pcir."   '' ', "-    ''-  Sold in 1G" Slater "'Stores and 200'Agencies  '3   "UsoT" Stater Shoo Polish.'i.,<3hines Easily.       "  H'l "  " ..   ��������� .    ��������� i ���������������       -J       i     I       '   i '  \     ',,   SOLE AGENTS .  C. B. Humef Co.  ,%aiJmBEaafiE^D������nBfflHEfflDaMI3HPE^H ���������������������������!  REVELSTOKE, B C  ',*  A  ibnECTty'*''' 'VI  .together irrsspoctive of -  opinions!^ fl'o-thc,  > r<^  v   ^LIlJi:ilAr.,<,'ATllOl.iCS  tbe.progiesst'of .the liberal paity  much, for they   liaveY upheld ffn  QUi;iii:c) ,  owes  erfMn-  stittit[onYs Jagaiiist'_1vciy_ powcifiilyni-T  llucnces, 'and lnivey done mucir to  secuie Hoi tbe party some'of'the  grandest victoiies m its histoiy. -It  was due to their plucky and honorable  stand that the Ulti.uiiontanc movement got its set-back, let us,trust for  ever, and as the icsultyof >tlieir''staiid  Archbishop Lynch icpudiated such  liberty and authoiily "for the hierarchy ns was claimed by, the Ultra-  montiiiies, dccl.ue'd thc\church was  not. inimical to, popular govern ment,  and urged the priests to mstruct their  people to abhor bribeiy, calumny, sale  of votes, .lies and eveiytbing that  would injuie private charactei. He  warned iheni against ptostitutine;  their .-acred cbiuacter for paity purposes, or using the church and the  altar as the battleground of contending? factions Tn purely, temporal  matters, lie declined, the piicst had'  no concern and ' could- not only as a  ciri/en. a'nd 'he concluded by saymg  there might he parties and diffeienccs  of opinion but all agreed in unbounded  ��������� loyalty to the institutions of the coun-  trv. -    -  "The liberal party thus destioyed the  ini������chievoui> designs oi the Ulfcra-  yvei'1 nion lanes, aiid succeeded in establishing in their place a broad, patriotic,  and tolerant spirit )ii the church, in  burying the -cctiirian feuds of the  past, in cre.it.ing a bettftr'undcrstancl-  ing betvveon the church1 and the people,  .md in uniting different races and  ciceds in that national l-ond which  cannot fail to make for the welfare of  Canada and which1 every well-wisher  of this dominion trusts may never  again be broken. c  * To Ik' L'nntinno'l.  If. M. Carter, J. XdsbiLt, J. A. K'irk-  patrick mid E. Ilitim in, of Feiguson,  and J. Kiuio.st and V. Lade, of Camborne, have been to Poplar creek.  amoenam s  Remedies. '  Chainberla'n'o Cough Remedy.  'o'.ij,!;'-,, Lold'., Croup and U'licip-  ; or  Ing Cc '.i^ .  I'r.'c-; 2', t fnt<; large M/e 50c,  It. Gordon, of Ferguson, is doing 73  ft of woik on tiie Goldfinch, on  Gainer creek, in which Vancouver  parties aie uiteiesled. The piopirty  will then be eioiv.11 granted. The ore  is silver-lead,  \V. V. Ii'obertson, provincial iniiieral-  ogi.st, ha.i visited the Ptin inigiui nnd  Paradise mines at Windermere. Ife  considers these two of the big mines of  the province.  Toronto capitalists, including iron.  K. .1. Un vis and C.G. Van Norman ine  investigating coal fields on noith fork-  OS Kettle river. I*  C'iainb';rSain'3   Colic, Cholera  aid Diarrhoea Remedy.  ; for lio'/ii Complaints.    Price 35 cents.  Ch.imberlain'ji Pain  3alm.  An itnt -'Title Imi'.uer. - 'penally valna-  Mc 'o ('lit,, Jinn,' - 'j\ r.-i)i;' and Kluiiina-  ti,in.    f'rn r> 2<; (eiil--; 1 trgt si/e 50 renin.  ClLamberlain's Sfomach  and  Liver Tablet:?.  For Disoiders of Ha Sloiiiuli. I.ivcr  s-nd :jovv 1 Is.    Trice 25 (eat'  Evcrj) one of these preparations  ���������is guaranteed and SI not Sully satisfactory lo the purchaser ihe  money Y/iU he refunded.  CONSERVA TIVE-, PLA TFORM'i  Ad(i|ilcd iiljHo" olsUilx", Suptonilioi 13tli, 1002  1 That (lii-Cdnvonliiiii icnlllims tlio rii(iliov  of tlio imily in iimttci-siir iikhiiiciiiI ioikIs and  trails; Ihu ro\Miuislii|i and roiitnil (ii i.iiI-mijs  and Iho cluvcloiiniunt tif tlio imritiilliual lu-inu-  cus of tlii) prmiiico as laid diiwn 111 Uiu pliitioiin  Yiddiitud in Octnlior, Id'J'.l, winch is ab follows:  "To aotiMilvaid in tliu coiislnictiiMi (il I mils  tliriiUKliiint (lioviiii(lu\ol(i|)(!(l |i(iiliiin!iv (if tin*  prui iiicu mid tlio ImildiiiK (if tlio inomincial  IriinK-loadb ol inililic imcoisily. ~*  ".To iidoiilllioiiiiiiciiilo-orKuvuriiinbnIiiwnor-  sliipol nulwins in'ii liu ns tlio onciiiii-laiicof,  nl tlio pi ivuibu v..il adinil, and llio sii(I(iptioii  of I ho pimciplu Unit no bonus slioiild lii'si.intod  (il'.uiJii.iilw.n oiniipaiiv wlnili docs nut KiM)  tho Kovciniiionl ol tlio pioviiicu coiitiol (it intos  owe linos Ikiiiii^ucI, to���������'ollioi wilhllio tlio option  of pmcli.iso. v      , ��������� <V  "To' nolhoh Insist' In slalo aid in tlio  (luvolopini'iitol   llio'iigiicilltiii.d   ioioiiri,ol>''ol  till) piOVllICO        1 '   " ,r   ' ' ,  , 2 That in Iho inoniiriino .mil until tlio iiulwav.  policy iiIkivo sut foitli 'ciii Iio-ncooinpli'-liod  ageiior.il i.nlw.ir .ice l)o]ns-od, kimiik licodoni  locoiibtiucl,rnilw.ns mulct coilun .ippioyod  1 oKiilalions, analogous to tlio \\bluiu that has  losultcd in such ottonsiiT i.ulwaj coiislniclinii  in tlio UmtodStatos, with so nuioh ndvaulaiso  loti.ido.tnd   coiunioico.   -    ��������� a   \   y   '.  , ,i Tlidttorncoiii.iRclliu iiiiiniiK indusliy, tlio  liixnlion ot iiiolnlliruiotis iiiino-. should, ho on  tho hasisoT .1   iioicoiiUko^oii tlio   not   piouts.  I. Tluii Iho Kovoniiiioiil"ounoislii|> ofloli'-  pliono sybloin should ho lnoiiid'l alioul .is.i lost  stop in tho iiuimsiiioii of public ulillio-  5. '"Th.itn portion or ovoij co'al .110.1 hoioaftoi  to ho disposed of should ho lOicnod .fioni.s.ilo  01 loaso, so that-stiito , owned mines nun -Iio  o.isils .accessible, it llioli opcintion liocomos  iiocossim, or advisable - t       ,, ,        ,-^  0. "That 'in Iho pulp land lo.iso* piovision  should ho made lo'i loroiostin-,' audMh.it slops,  should bo lul.011 foi tho koiu-i.iI' pio-soiytilioii  of foiests ���������!)> Kii.iidiii),' nc.iiiial llio .wablolul  (lostiuction of Iniibi'i.,      ^        L^ -  7 Thnl^tlio-'loKisliiliiio'' and .'-loM-inniont  ol tho pioMiice should por-ovi'io in the ollorlb  to sociiio the exclusion ol Asiatic lalioi. -  '-S - Thai llfoni.i'lloi oT bolloi tonus in Iho w.iv.  oT subsidy and appropi i.iliuiib loc.tho_i>ioviiico  'should 1)0 MKoruuslj jiiossod .u|ion tho. Doin-  1111011 BONOiiimoal       " >   -.' ,    t  ll/ That Iho silroi-lo.id .ndnstiii'-. ol the  province bo fobli-reil and oncoui.mcd 1)N HJ10,  imposition of.o-incre.isod otistoiiis dutio-. on  load and load puxlucl-, impoilcd into ty.ind.i.i,  and Hint) tho Consor\.itivo inoiiibris ol tho  Doiniiiion House bo uriiod to suppoit any  motion introduced for such a puiposo  10 That as niduslrial disputed .1I1110-.I invariably losult 111 Kro.it loss and injiiiy notl,  lo tho partio-i directy concoinou and to tho  public, lesiblation should bo passed to piov ido  moans for an amicable adjustment ol such  disputo"! 'bolvvoon   oniplovois   md  oniplojeos  11 Thatitis.idvi-.ibloto r.isloi tho ni.inur.ic-  luioot the raw pioducUot I hi- pi ovmeo within  the province .i������ r.ir- as pi.icliu.ible 1)5 nie.in-,  of taxation on U10 said law- pioduul-., sulijoi.1  lo iob.itoof lliosiinio 111 whole 01 pait,wheu  manuractuied 111 Uiili-.li (joluiuliia.  '^CONSERVATIVE CONVENTIONS.  At a meet iiir or i he osccutivi- of tlio Vi nvinoi.il  l.'onsoivalno A~biioi.itton, held at Vancouvoi,  Iho province was divided - into live divisions  for org.im/ ition purpo-,e- Lhe U.opteuav-  Boimdarv divi-.mii is made up of Iho follow nif-  proviuciat election dishiels: liovolstol.c,  Columbia, Feinio, Cranbiool, \11111, lv.ilso  Sloc.iiirGr.111d Forts, Ciii'euwood, the citv or  RossUind and Iho U.t\ (,r Nehon Vt tho same  mcctiiiKlhc lolliivviiiK re-olutiouswoio adopt ed .  1. Thai convcatioiib lor noiniiiiitiuK candidate-. Tor mombeis ol tho loisisl.itivo a-somlilv  bo made up or dcloB.ilcs chosen as fo lows-  fa) Hi citj 0lccto1.1l disliu-ts, one dolo-i.ito  foi evorj hllv and liai-lion or (lib voles pollpd  at the provincial oleetiou held 111 I'm,and a (lie  city is divided into wards, Iho piopoitiou ol  rlolcBiitcs for each w-ard shall bo based on tlie  vole polled ill each ward at tho last cmunicipal  election. , ,    ,   , . ,      *     ,',      ,���������'  lb) Jnolhorclcctoi.il di-daicl-, one dole-rale  forevory lUtj 01 Iraetion ol liU* vole-- poled  at tho piovincuil election held in WOO, tho delegates to lie apportioned to polling places, 01 as  near thereto as will bo lair lo the-votois or tho  dilloronl, nciKlihoihooils  , 2 Tho election held or dolewitos shall bo at  public meeting,'held at a designated ecntia  ptneo in each iioIIiiik division, or in each wan  in city doctoral districts, i! tlio city lsdividod  into wards At such public meetings,'- only  tho-o who plodgc themselves to vote foi the  candidate or ciuididatos selected at Iho nominating convention shall bo entitled to a vote  for derogates 1 .  S Two weeks notice shall be giien of tie  public meetings at which delegates am to bo  elected, nominiitiiigconventions shall bo held in  city electoral districts two davs ���������'ft''1' l,1������ ','"*  on which dolegntes aro elected, and in other  uleclorut districts seven (lavs nTtcr. All nominations throughout the province lo bo made  ala designated central place in each electoral  district, and on th(A-amo day '  I. All not ices of tho ditto of public meetings  r.ir Iho election ol delegates lo nominating  coiiv, lit ton-, Ih" npiHiilioiiiiiciil or delegates,  aiiu tl," plmeaud daleof noiaiiialing convention- In several cl.-ilf.ral districts shall he prii-  pared ������> the iiiniiilier of the executive ol the  divi-1011 111 winch tho electoral dislru is are sit-  mite, and issued over Die naau sof the presuleid  niul secreiary of lhe I'mviiiciitl Onsorvntivo  Assoniition  A niwiliiigof Ih" I'.roviucial executive vviil   be  held at Vanr ouyer .vithin 11 nionlh, anil the dale  for holding dl-lrlct '''"'"'''".'"Vl'.'ri'.rlvv'V"  theiibelUKl JOHN IIOUS   ON..'  I're iilentof the I'rovincial  ( ous.irvative Association.  ,V,.).,,n .I11110W1, nit;.  Kootonuy LocIko  No. I5A.F. &c A.M.  Thcrc-gulai meetings  are held in the M.w-  ..^-Stf-V.    r\       onioTi-nilile. IHiiirne  /tey-KrTV ^y,y   - llnll.  on  Hi"    Unnl  '/"WgMiik   W-r-.M(niday   in   each  ^���������^C~:>C\\^--i month   lit    S   p.   in.  Visiting   brethren  ���������*"       cordially welcomed.  UOUIlO.V   ShCKKTAKV.  SEMCIKK LODGE, NO. 12, I. O.  Meets ev cry  O. F.  Tuod.iy  jlkirk.  o'clock,  J, OUT1IKTT, N. G.  ^ I fall    at  ^Vlsiling liretlircncoi-  dinlly invited  to attend.  J, JIATUIE. She.  ,ndotriWerAvilI-otrei,"o"'ur StVick of  ^;^f onuahrTiies^ %  ^rr ,   1          'i . ^     '    V    t     i- r *" 1     '   >         /          -              <i         '     * "    ��������� " "             ��������� s       r  'I  '$6   -    '.l-ipmrt lee Greain Fr'eezers, was.$1.00,'reduced to '....$|t.25   y\ tfL Y,  jit I  JL 8(inuit,Jce Gieaiii J'>ee7.ei"s,'vvns .yS.50, reduced to...;-..:...tti'SOO    ' _  ������       *    jl  T' f ���������",2-l.iii'nei- Oil Ktoves,- wns $3.00, red.iCMpLn .." .7-.\ ..'. .',..':.$2 00 _     ;������������ * - -j- I  ^     'J, ,1-burner OiLStoves., wns $1.00,' l-cdtieed to....,.., ..  ..'    75e     *���������  ,<V ,1  <%> I sei Table Screens, vvas 7()e, reduced -U(i...\: .ff- ......���������.;.'    ���������')()(: j,^  ������g������ , r   -jl  *������*      "AsVell as"tb,'Til'ifrvi'"\v'e(tie''selliiTgrev-ei.v^biiiK birthisYliiur at etislr't|������-V^',J  '41-   such n.slSpiiuklers, Sprays, Huso, lee1 Picks} Bellows, etc. j " , .-. 1 ���������   ^ y~   ->|  e%������       J,Bo sure aiiiP,ivail yourself, of this .-ippui tunity, -   '       <-. ���������   " ; - - xf"- '^   ��������� ! 1  t.;,-W. ',-m!-LAVVREN0E ���������^^y^yv:%  f  ,   _,  {&   1  t������   '  '     ' -'      ���������    'f-   S '1  ItliVriLSTOKIS, B-G V *������  01T Al.lJlCINUS.  ff   T.iyloi1 Block, Mackenzie' Ai-i-iiui-fr ," **"- - V '   'ItliVELSTOKIS, B. G V  J 1 il i ,  ,,Jt^has bccoinePycnerally known that' Wilson^ijctids-in 'fine-v'  Tailoring, r Our "'New'York* training gives us the'know-how,'oT, -,;'  doing ilie.*, work.,J _. yr-������ V ,,. -^ ,"',';,,' J '*'"',*?;,' "^'",';* *- '" v (  p V;Scc.our display ofVrrouscrings' for thcUrouscrs'season."   '\     . ;!  * Union made .  . J( '  T-? i!  *.**   i'*  y W   " ,  t %&i\'ri   '''Fashionable'  M^Ilfe^Taildrri i:  '���������McICISNZIB AVKNUIS,-  10   . n  VNKXT TAYLOlf'BLOGIC.  R. HOWSON & CO.,  Furniture Dealers, ;House Furnishers and Undertakers  , *     '   ,i ��������� t  Have jusl opened lhe largest slock ;<    -  of Carpels in the city. . . ,-J  Linoleums, Rugs, Toilet Ware^and 'General House FumisliingS"  McKiJNZiE Avjsxue,   '      -'        RBVI3LSTOK15. :',  4* 111  u'      DAVE OKIt,  Pi'0])i'ietor. ^   _     i_   ,  Tlielie.st.PnlIaraDayIlou.se   "���������     , " *     Best Brands of Wines, Spirits  in the l.own  ind^GiK.ii'!,.  LIMITED.  MINING BROKERS AND FISCAL AGENTS. <    u,,<1  MINES  AND   MINING   INVESTMENTS  We fui-ni.sb'ieporls on all kinds of inelallifeious mines and  prospects '.  Lowest (ptol.itions on listed and unlisted mining slocks.  , OFFKJIAI- BROKERS .FOB THE  Calumet & British Columbia Gold Mines Ltd  NON-PEUSONAL LIABILITY.   (EVA MINE.)  IWLUTII, Minn.  CALUMET, Mich.  CUIGAGO, III.  NRLSON, li. O.  CAMBORNE, li. G.  Coponation Hotel,  Camborne,  .1. II. SMITH,  rjp.'iot')  First Class  Accommodation  for   Travellers.  Wholesale and Retail  ,   Meat Merchants.  ���������        ���������  Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:  -s^^sss^Calgary, Alberta  tfimitmrj ,.f~-*t A'CM'*������,llW*w".  -,>s*t4������jiMnws^fr������Jr"F. <v-tW���������* ������f*������ rt'Ji������"4������w   i i ���������*    ,1    t   ** *J     '.J*  rf   ������������1v'������ I  : ..���������* ','V-';^7f  4(? ������ . r$l  THE KOOTENAYJMAIL  r/fJK BIG &BJV7).  Progress  in   Lumbering,   Placer and   Lode  Mining, and *Ranching. "   ,  <'   (Continueel.Fi  i' ' '     '   ' .   i  The   bleiiinboiit    landing   is   at  Dovvnie creclc, which will be an important arlery of tlie^uturi! in the  , opening of the Big' Bend. At  present theie if- nothing there but  (Jco. Lafoinic's log cabin, hay fahed  and ranch. , A tent constitutes the  landing warehouse where shipments  are protected from the weather  ,pc nel ing removal by the pack trains  to the mining camps. - <.  Till:   KAXCllIXtl   OUTLOOK,,;  is excellent for Dovvnie creek. The  stream, flows through-a valley  averaging a mile and a half'in  width of almost level country,'with  rich f-oil intcrsporpcd with fine hay  meadows. 'Here there is enough  land for ten i miles up the creek to  make a hundiecl ranches. The day  '< ih not far -distant when this land  will be s-ottlod, and theie vviil bo a  town at 'Downic cieck, the tbvvns'ito  of which'is owned'hy'New York',  imrtics. "Already 1).' Woolscy, T.  Lewis, .J.'l. Woodrow." P. B.,Wells,  J. 0. lMontgomeiy and others have  selected homesteads on the creek.,  Geo. Liiforme Jr. is the .pioneer  rancher of Downic creek, lie has  a lino piece of land, of which about  about 12 acies is cleared. '-Potatoes  and vegetables . are successfully  grown, and 'crops'of timothy and  oaten liny taken off each season.  Several1 acres have been brushed,  burned oil', and sown^ with grasses,  so that in another yoar'or'so there  ' should be excellent feed for stock.  "Ducks, gec-e. tiout 'and  deer arc  'said to be plentiful.  LUMlJl'UlXG.'i ���������  The timber lmmedjatcly adjacent  ,,'to the river has   been destroyed by  '(iroythough last season Mr. Lafornic  look'out a large  (piantity  of  logs  for the   Revelstoke   Lumber*" Coni-  panv.'" As one tiavels two miles up  the "creek, howevci, excellent timber  is cncounteicd   and   continues   20  "miles up the  valley.    The creek is  ��������� a good one for chiving.   The timber  has all been located, but' when disposed of toopcralois theie is enough  unibet   here   lo 'keep^   lumbering  *ca in]>s' busy    for /serani.   ve.irs.  Along the valley much of the cedar  ' .consists of ancient and hollow trees,  little   use   for  lumber, but- furlhct.  b.ick.Mip  timber  is  excellent.    To  judge by its appcaiance the traveller might imagine  he was in yii'gin  forest weie it not  for   the fact that  tbe cbaicoal  seen  along  the  tiail  .shows, the   whole  country luis*becn  ' devastated by'lire', though -it  must  have been so  long ago' that.a. new  'foiest ha*- grown   over   the scene of  ��������� devastation -     . * <-  .-' ViiiyTii vi:.^  along Dovvnie cieck is anything but  ci editable to the government. 'The  liist poition. built by the late J. D.  'Hovel, is well cleaicd and graded,  - though located too low, but the rest  of tho vvoik has been butchered,  though no bettei valley exists in  tlio counti v for laying out a cood  ' tuul. Pun, of the lino is along a  steeij sidclnll on which no grading  has'been done, to connect with  other poitions, and in another part  not even the right-of-way has been  cutout, 'i hen much of what has  been done is lendered inaccessible  i, by being blocked by fallen timber  so that access up Downic creek is  'practically blocked at picscnt. The  ti.ul is, however, to be extended. (  cixilocy.,  Downic creek piesents the earlier  geological featuies of the'"SeIkiik  range" embracing the Aichae.tn and  Cambium, locks - Heie theie is an  extensive'sheaiing oi the earth's  ciust and the Aichaean ��������� locks are  exposed forming the heel of the  vallev. The" whole country is  nucleii.iict bv gianite al least 3,000  feet in thickness, exluiiiing for  neatly four miles.' and clipping  north-easteily at an angle oi, 45.  Theie is no evidence of eruptives at  tho lower end of the valley, though  thorites, exist on tho south fork.  The formation is Uiercfme-'.i.iiilicd,  .schists of vaiying width up to 100  feet or moic ov'eTlying the granite,  then a qunt/.ito forty feet, then  schist, of similar width, then a  smaller qu.irt/.ite dyke, then 500  feet of schist, overlaid hy lime  shales,.with limestone forming the  tops, of ihe mountains. .These  vaiious foim.ilt'ms and oicbodios  con foi m to the clip oi iho granites.  ' MIN'l'II.VI.-.  The minerals occuiiing in the  section aie aisonopviiti', associated  with gold, silvei and copper, dial-  cop\ rite, pyiolusite, argentiferous  galena. The oies occui in lhe  schists, in a seiies ot live parallel  /one.-, extending fiom the Downic  cieek side lo the basin ot Boulder  oioL'k, a huge stie.im which heads  in ii lake and huge glacier extending fiom the (lolelstieatn side, and  empties inlo Downic cieek. ,  I oc,\ 1'IO.Vs.  On the lowest miiieial /.one there  aie live locution- hi Id hy Messrs..).  I. Woodrow find ,1 0. Montgomery,  the Mammoth. Sunset, Ifiuieku,  Commander anil I'ipiiada, one by  tho Carnes Cieek Consolidated, one  bv K. McRciin, and two by A. W.  Mcintosh. These locations cover  three   /.ones.    On   tho   fourth,   oi  om Last Issue.) ' ^ ,  galena, zone arc ������two locations by  Messrs. Woodrow and Montgomery,  and on the fifth zone three locations  by Messrs. Woodrow and Montgomery. The lower locations are  made about 5,500 ft. above sea  level'and the upper ones from 500  ft. to 1,000 ft. Higher under the  shadow of Eagle mountain, one of  the highest peaks between, Dovvnie  creek and-Coldstream. Ml. Monty,  another ' lofty peak,, lies f a  mile south-cast. Tho-oreboches arc  exposed in'seveial slides which cut  the mountain-side." ' "   .. ''"'  '      ^ ACUIC-SIIIILITY. '  .As there'"is no ' trail connecting  these locations vvilli the Dovvnie  creek,'trail, they' areyat picscnt  rather diflicult of access, anel the  only'means of getting thoieisup  tho sleep box.,canyon of Canyon  ci'eck, a good portion'of which was  still tilled with snow anel ice at the  time of our visit.' Canybn creekjs  seven miles front the Columbia and  the distance up the creek three  miles. Aline has'been blazed for  a well-graded trail, so when this is  opened the-ground can be easily  icached.' "���������    '     '      -   ,,  , DLVLI.OI'MKNT 1  work has been done ' on the''exposures in two .of' the gulches, 750  ft. ..apart and at. a diffeicnce,,of  elevation of 100 feet. ,At No. 1 cut  eight feet of, solid ore is���������"shown  towards the hanging vvall.ancl two  feet of oip*1 towards ,"the ''footwall,  witlfother'b.tncls of ore between of  A'arious width. The foot.wall is not  exposed," so tho true, width of the  'orebody'cannot here be ascertained,  but it is at least 30 feet wide. The  lead has a stiikc of N. G7 li. and a  dip'of 40N.'W.,   ',       '       "c '  The'next exposure on which work'  h.is'bccn done is at No. 2 cut in'the  gulch below the camp. 'Heie the  lead is over 30 feet wide. The out-  ciop,shows strong mineralisation',  the cieek being lronstainech from  this outcrop fo~r many huiiclreel feet.  The cut at this .point, which is on  the JSureka claim, exposes the ore-  body for a' width of 3U ft., or about  thiily feet on. the true clip. Of the  exposure there is 20 feet of oie on'  the footwall side, lhe ledge matter  showing very little g.mgue in proportion to pre. Six feet of tho oie  nppciir*-toVtin well in'copper. Qn  -lhe footwall there is about GO ft.'of  hydro-mica schist lying between  tlie lead anel the , gianite, and the  hanging,wall is rjuarUilc.  In the' next gulch cast the ore-  body is agdiriy exposed - at an  elevation,of 125Jt.'below No. 2 cut,  thus showing a depth/of 225 ft: en  the orcbody and ' a ' length of over  1,000 feet. Theie 'is not much ore  showing heie however as tho exposure is hugely covcied by cchist.  This otebocly outcrops for between  3,000 and 4,000 ft. further easterly.  No. 2 lead occurs between hyeho  'mica 'schist and quartzitc 150 ft.  fiom No/1. No.' 3 lead is 40 ft.  "wide in schist below the 'lime anel  300 ft. above No. 2. It" shows 2'ft.  solid ore on the footwall. No. 'J  load is above the lime, and No. 5 is,  in schist close to the upper limestone.      ;  If these oreboelies prove on development to carry payable values  iu gold and copper theie is here a  showing of oie of suflicicnt magni-  ��������� tudc to make a big mine. Theio is  ample powci available from Boulder  and Dovvnie ^cieeks, good- oppoi-  timities for economical handling of  oie, and fiisl-cl.tss millsite.  "(To be continued )  Cholera Infantum.  This has long been ieg,n (led as nne  ot the most dangerous and l.ilal diseases to which miauls ai c subject. It  can he cured, hovvevei. when piopeily  tte.ited. AUtl-at'i? neces-.uy is in  Rive Clianitierl.iin.s Gobi, Cholera .md  Di.iiihricM Keinedy and caslui oil, as  directed with eaeli hot lie, and a  etii-e is certain. Fot sale by all cliug-  Ktsts. -  THE ORANGE CELEBRA110N.  Editor Kooli.s*u Mm..  Slit���������I must adnmc jour consistency J n one issue ot your paper you  mite in glowing tciinsof "Ruiving  the Hatchet, ' and Sunday school  union picnics, and in your ne.\t you  allow a lettei to appeal hurttul to the  line theories adv.meed in your aiticle  You may say vou are not icspoiisihle  foi the opinions of ycun coiiespondent.  (Juito so. But jou have a legitimate  power ol censoiship which should have  uceii used to pievcut the c.vhibition of  lilllcncs:> and bad taste on the p.ut of  "One ol the thaiiUul." The unmanly  and ungiacious attack upon one of the  itiostl'ie-pcotcil laches of this town and  the evposine of hei household to i ldi-  cule should have been pievented.  When the held of argument oi leason  is foisitken and ill dispositions and  inucoi take iheii jilace, then tlie line  should be diawn. The cause must he  pioud of its'eh.iini ion.  Without luithei iiutiie ol this sint;-  iilat ciiiimuiucatioii I would like lo  pen a few sentences in auswei to the  lettet winch appealed in join columns  a loitnight ago signed by n Lumber of  icipeoted ineinbeis of the ivoninn  Gatholic fnitli in this town. I feel had  these gentlemen been in St. Andrew's  chinch on the mottling of tbe 'twelfth'  also in the Indue inoin on Ihe .iltei-  iioon ol the I.'ltn .1 uly, they piob.ibly  would ni vei have publi.-liLiI th.it lettei  One thing they would lia--e noted, that  the spiiit of the celebration was apart  fiom any desire to attack their leligion  or to utter anything likely to stir up  strife. Beyond the statement of historic fact, contcmpoiary or otherwise,  and that in defence of our existence  as* iui order, not a word was utteied  derogatory to ltonian Catholic belief.  I have never attended a twelfth of  July colebintion where the tone of the  speeches was better consistent with  the statement of tiutb. When a  sentence passes into cold ,type its spirit  is not always ��������� prescived. Often it is  inaired in the hands of a lcpoitci. I  notice this ��������� in the icpoits of tbe  speeches on the Ktlh nib, although, pii  the whole it faiily good lcport'was  .given of what was utteied. Ifourco-  ii'ligionisrs feel that any of the historic  lefeiences are untrue���������if, these be  pointed out tbe "amende honorable"  wilj be given. h  ��������� I wish to point out what is the mind  of the'Loyal Oian������e association in its  celcbtation of the twelfth of July. Jt  is not intended as an insult' to any,  nor to bo- an occasion in which exasperating things shall be said. Butto  asscit tl.o'piinciples of civil and icligious liberty, nnd to icjoice in this day  at the termination of ti'long and tiy-  ing stiuggle to secuic these blessings,  and as tho means of keeping the memory of these things giecn) also ns a  notice ot and protest against any in-  tetfeience with these, whene'esoever  their quartet.      "   -  The civil and icligious libettjywhich  has been won for us our co-ieltgionists  share in. Under the shelter of���������,this  their .security and lights are beyond  dispute. I lis for them equally with  us to icjoice in this, and to sttengthen  oiii'diands iti nsseitihg these piinciplc.  Let the .signcis'of'that letter compare  their, lot with that Jof their own faith  in lands when* Rome has prevailed for  ccntuiics, and I think they will readily,  giant "theie Ms good kiouikIs. for our  rejoicing.''"    "' '~~  One,thing itlonc.was utteied on the  afternoon ol the 13th tilt, which I feel  11nil better been left unsaid. 'That is  the lel'eicncc of one of the speakeis as  to what the ltoiiian Catholics weie  tiying to do in this town. If the sign-  cis o\k that letter will ichect a little  they will sec theie was some justification for the leferenee. It would have  been bettei at the time to have stated  the naked tiutb than to have cast the  thought iirthe form of a hiutr I otlei  this'exolanation in the hope that it  may help matteis as fni as wo arc concerned, for J know there m o those ot  om own faith, while having no sympathy with'iis as an oiciei, will-not  hesitate when it,suits their purpose to  niiso the icligious cry.      , v- ,    ,- ,  List fall a canvass for officials in  the Laches Hospital,Aid was made on  tho giounds that the Boman Catholics  weie tiying to obtain control of* the  hospital and place the nuns theie as  riuises. rllomcn)bcr - the men of the  Oi.inge oidcr-did not st.nt tlns'ciy,  nor had they ^anything to do with'it.  In fact some" of" out mcinbeis stood  with tliCj Roman Catholics, as the'y  felt the c" to bescctinn.il aiid'unjust.  The iiiinoiu of 'tins has languished,  and1 is, to' n ccilain extent, stiength-  ened by evpoiiences ni other localities  iii the west This is what.oiu bi othei,  in his ieiiiarks,,,illuded to.' ' ' ,  . It would be well foi the'signcis of  that lettei'to study what is gong on  within their own chinch, to, note the  snuggle on the p.u t of the most cn-  1 ghiencd, and at the same time most  loyal,, of tlieir own faith, for that libel ty so familial to us. Piof.,A. Eln-  h.ud. .idistinguisbcilGeiman Catholic,  in bis last woik, "Gatholicisin and tho  Twentieth .Centuiy in the Light of  .Chinch Developnient-in Oui Bay,',  -avs that his chinch is now- face to  face witli thiee eonsideiatioiis- Fust,  the wide spiead belief that Catholicism  .is the-gieatcst enemy ot modei n cul-  tiuc; second, the gi owing csti.niKC-  ment of educated ciiclcs fiom the  chinch in Catholic countries���������France,  Italj, Spain, Austiia, and finally, the  wide-sniead di=ccntenb -with existing  chinch conditions, iiniong persons  who aie tiuly Catholic and wish  to leinain so He tne* to explain how  these things arose, and then concludes  that the ^chinch must li.iimom/.c the  model a -pi: it with Catholicism and  thus s.ive suciety. To do this -he iiiu-t  dtup nieilia'val custonis' show syni-  pathv with modeiu a..d national needs,  especially iiso'the language of the neo-  l.le in public avoiship, use the laity  nioie and uo-opeiate in all clep.n tments  of modei ii civilization. ' Othei Cath  olic voices aie calling upon the chinch  to give up the'semper eadem'ol Pio  Xono, and opcii the doot to leforms  befoie it be too late.  Abc.iclj wc aie being bettei undei-  stoocl, and Ionian Catholics eveij-  wheie aie beginning to look upon om  celcbtation with a kindly if not sympathetic eve. Frank Hugh O'Bonnel,  ,i notable Roman Catholic wiitei, has  published a st.utling lettei in which  be applauds the victoiy gained at the  battle of the Boyne by William of  Oraime over James II and bis Iiishrj.  He sympathises with tbe Piotestant  lejoicings ovci the victoiy. ;lie holds  that King James was a tyrant and a  tr.ol of the Jesuits, that King William  stood for liberty and the lights of man,  and going back to the beginning and  origins he declaies that the massacre  of Vk. Bartholomew was a bitter fiuit  of that same poisonous tice���������Jcsiiitiy.  Why should any man of any chinch  get angiy over what is tine in rcg.ud  to hi- chinch.' It is foi its all to deplore tlie eiror and the wioiigand -eel:  ni so fai as m lis lie-, to woik for what  is light and tine. If the .Roman  Catholic chmch would accept and endorse icligious hbeity theie would be  little need oi our contention. Until  she so places hei self on the side of lib-  eiiy of conscience and equally of ic-  ligHjiis piivilegcs then-will bo a need  of such ccleinatioiis as the twelfth of  Julv While tbe signcis of that letter  may not have intended it, vet to ninny  u luoL- like an attempt to niuz/.lc the  I oval pioss, and tbiough a bid for public sviiipitby. shut off freedom of  .-pooch Poluically the Oiangenian is  one who will CNCicise his intelligence  and lefusc to become tho tool oi party  ui'e pulii i-. and m lhe coin.ng Biilish  Colunibia elections be will be found  votini: wilh  eiibei   paity, loot a   few  casting their votes in a diieclion cal-  culcated to be most salutory and helpful to the best interests of (his province.  In conclusion, Mr. Editoi, I may  add that in future celebrations the  men, of the Oinnge older will bo tun  to tbcir'tiaditions, and wbethei then,  sympathizes be/ many or few, thev  will ever endeavor fearlessly lo speak  tbe truth, not m enmity but love.  Yours veiy truly, ��������� r  ,    .\V  OltV.NUL.viAN.  [Our cotiespondent's iclca'of fairness  is lopsided. We published a fair lepoit  of the Oinnge celebiation as was our  duty. Wc published the letter signed  by lhe ineinbeis of the Catholic'community as was our duty. It was then  our duty to publish tho lettei of an  esteemed Catholic of tbe distiict, giving his'side. -Wo should do wrong if  we icfuscd any lniui the light to voice  bis views on it question,of public intei-  est. We feel that we should extend to  a Catholic the same i ights "and priv lieges that wc extend to n Piotestant'  nnd nn Oiangeman, and we shall continue to do,so, however much wc may  regiet the occasion for such cones-  pondencc.���������Ki) J     ��������� <  Very Remarkable  Cure   of Diar-  ''   ,       rhoea.  "About, six veals ago ,1'or lhe first  time hi my bl'e I bad a' .sudden and  severe attack ol dinri'liuea,'' say-, Mi-,  Alice Miller,? ol Morgan, Te.vu.s. "I  got temporary n-liel'. but it ciiine hack  iifjnin and again, nnd Kir six long yeais  I liiive suIU'rcd iiiin ������������������ inisi'iy and agony  tlniii I can tell. It. wns worse ' tlinn  death. My husband spent hundreds  of dollars lor physicians' prescriptions  and treatuienl, w-'itliout avail. .Finally  we moved lo Bosque county, our picscnt home, and nne day I happened to  si'C an advi'fl isement, of Ghaiuliei liiiii.s  Colic, Cholera and Dinii-hoea Remedy  wiili ,i testimonial ol a iniin who had  been cured by il. The case^vyas so  similar to my own I lint ' I concluded  to ttyjhj'_ivniedy. The -result vvas  w'ond(Thii:lT",I "(inild' hntdly teiilrz.e  ihatT was well again, oi believe ileii'ukl  he so alt"f .having "siilfei'i'd so long,  but thai one hot lie ol medicine, co-ting but a few cents, eui'i'd mi'." For  snle by nil di uggist-.*       ~ -      '  HENRY'S NURSERIES  3000 Westminstei   Road.  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Appliuilions fm Kiazinu Iciihch should be  inailo lo tho Scoiotiiry, llepaitinonl of tho In  toiloi, Otlawii. ,  ,      " P. O. KKYKS,'  Secretin)-, Dop-u'lincnl of Iho In Loi lor.  TI3VCE     TABLE  S.'.i' "Archer" or S. S.   "Lartleav.'  . liitniui'K liclivccn .Viiovvheiid, Tlioiiihon t  l.niidiiiK nnd CmnnplK. coininciiciiiK Oct. llth,  111(11   will 'ml ,is follows (wonther pelinlltln-,'):  l.uivu   Aiiuvvhciid   fm-  I'lioinson's  IjiikIIiik  and C'otniiplW tivluo daily at Klk. nnd lak.  I.i-avo Coni'iplK- and I'Iioiiisoh'h IjiikIIiik foi  Aiiowhcnd tw-lou dallj at 7.1,',k. and I'J.l.ik.  JWnkiiiK,close (onnoelions  villi   all C. 1*. It.  tinlnsatid bonis,       - ,    ,  'J bo owneis ilmii vc Iho ri|;httocban 0111110-  of -iilllngh vvlthoiit notice     " ��������� ' ,  TII 10 l-'KKI) I'lOHINSON LU.MIIKIt CO. LTD.  V. UOHINSON,  MiinaKliiK lilieclor,  Tlie Revelstoke Navigation Co. Ltd  ' TIME TABLE ���������������������������     ,  '       ' r - I*       .  (During season ol high  water.)  '1  Leave I'jight Mile Landing eaeh  TUESDAY,AND  FRIDAY atO 11. m  L-nve La P01 te each  TUESDAY AND' FRIDAY at'2 p, in  SPEg'[AL,TRIPS%vi11 lie made between d.iles ol tegular "sailing whenever business off ei eel vvaiiants same.   I  - The Gonipnny teseive the light, to  ihange (line iiiid days of sailing without notice. "       t   1     '     .  A.'FORSLAND,     C. D. BAOI1I3K.  Master. .       Pur-ei.  -OCEAN STEAMSHIPS'  "   Royal Mall Lines. , -  Cheapest Route to tho Old Country,  ALLAN LIN'K-Ki0111 ^Iniilicnl.  Il.ivaiian  Ionian  Tunisian  July IS  July ii  .Aug 1  DOMINION' LIN'K-Kiom Montical.  Canada '.       "        ' ".   . July IS  Iveiisinuion . . July 25  nonunion      * ��������� .      .Aug 1  DOMIVION- l.I.N'JO-Fioin Iloston.  Jiaj llowci-                      ..     ' .July Id  Columbia                             ' July 2.1  Couimonw'c.ilih *             ' ������ Julj 110  CAN'. PAOIli'll! ll'VIilN-KpI'ioni JIonti"cal.  Lake Kue   ' .        '       . July '-II  Like M.niitolii          *   litis !������t  Lake Champ1,nil .       . .... .Vug. Li  AJIKIiiaVN LINK���������Ki om New Yoik. ,  I'lnl.idelphii    ' ' . .       ..Julv I.i  &r Paul     . . - .     .-    '���������   July 2.  bl. Louis . '.   Jul) 211  *    Will I'K S'l'Alt LINK-1'ioni Xew York.','  Cednc .    ..  Inly 17  MniL-liu ...    '. .... July 'X>  Celtic- . .     . July 21  Oceanic. \        . . July 211  l'.i-senjrcis Uckoled IhioiiKh to all parts ol  Gicat Jlutain and Ii eland, and at, specially low  rales to .ill p.uls of the K1110peu.11 continent  Apply lo ni'.ui'st 1 ail way or -tcamship atfeiit or  lo , ,  T.  W. J1KADSHAVV,   Agent.   Revelstoke.  W. P   F   CUIUMINGS, PaoWo Agent.  Union Overalls,  etc  WK   MANUFAUTURE  Cooks'   'Alliens   and  C;,i ps,  Caipcnleis'A)nons,  Wailcis' Apions, ,  P.iinleis'.iiid I'liuilri;  eis1 Oicialls. ���������  M11cl.111.1vv Coats,  Shuts.  Ov ni alls,  Ouiiiii Pant-.  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It i- the uiost ( nnvenienlly situated hotel in]the.--cily, being  a I, tbe coiner ol Fiist Street and Con naught, A venue.* in,I he henit of  ','   the bu-ine-s portion of. I he'city, convenient lo  railvvny stntion^intl  1   post olTice.        , - '  - , i-'>  - -1 >������ -    i '       .' '  First Class Accommodation and'Tablo.   u ,',"-,  m������>,        ' Best Brands of Wmos, Liquors and  Cigars.,^  ' '    - ,L '���������'���������'.���������'   *-Y   -)    .'^fi'AT*^  ^-0<>00'OrCH><><KKK><KKK><H^^ %'    I' 'l^K  - i. '   s . . ^ ,   .   -   ^^iji*  \^jh^i^  > f* i  - -"l-iy^Ji  a. i j'.'  , -    )V,^J.   ,t ,  T-'   "A"''"  ^  ,  '   J.    "-V.1  T -  L r.-.'-"*-l  '   i     '.^    vr.' I  ���������  ll.    '..  Ift?-i   |  t      V,v     1       ' "   * * *  ���������I  '   t,,, c_  1,-J     ,"  -   ; I;  i,  )\&  _REVELSTOKE, B^Ci'UC^  ABRAHAMSONHBROS.,1 PROPRIETORS.  Newly   built.      Firpl-clitf-", in every respect.      All modern conveniences.  ' " ' ' Luige Snmplo Rooms. ,���������/  Rates SI.50. per Day Special Weekly Rates.  Queen's Hotel, Trout .Lake, under same  management.  - it \'  ���������-7tf"  . '4  I   HOTEL . LARDEAU  *   ��������� COMAPLIX ==  i$? -     ���������  rJis   The Best Louse in Town.  Well Furnished  -      V  v$������    f$>  .  ($������  l$)t  Good Table <fa  J       Best Brands of WINES, SPIRITS and CIGARS kept in Stock.   > |������|  f^    ' - W. HAMILTON, Proprietor/ .      fn  ORIENTAL   HOTEL  ably furnished wilh the choicest the-market  affords. Dest AVines, Liquors, & Cigars.  Rates $i a day.     Monthly rate.���������  J-.      .AJL/BIEIR/I?      STOWE,   '   FJROJEr' v  dust Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences.   (  UEKIN'S HOTEL ,  Kooms in Suites wi/li Hat/is and   Toilets attached, /towing- Not  and Cold Water, Inside Toilet:, on each floor, Gas Lighted and  Steam Healed Throughout.  J. C. GREENE, Proprietor,        ���������        GOLDEN,, B. C.  COMAPLIX  CHIEF YOUNG,      -       -       -     Proprietor.  Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Travellers  to   Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation  at this 1 lotcl.  Neatly-and      The Kootenay  Expeditiously  Executed at   Wail Office. -,"'
'      /
We hjive'a large a'ssort-
ment of the best American , and' Canadian
makes of ' '
Ladies and Gent's Parses
Card Cases and
Chatelaine Bags ' ;r
Alii- the   newest
on hand at the
i  ,'
'i '������,
t-, -.
i      ,
n * t
\    ,    ���     BORN./ ���    ,
GoiiiioN���U lleyelstoke, on August
lUth; to Mr. nnd .Mrs..R. Goidon n
daughter.    "���,.     "'. - ,
���   I        T     '
V., '. ~"      'I
JJill.vian���.UC-ilnary.on August 10lh,
.   Ohailottu'   M.Mll'illi 1,'agcd    SI1
, yeiii*.
Tavloi:���At , Vancouver, on August
, loth', Ada', only daughter of Mr.'
nn'dJ.Mis. T. E. L. Tayloi.
Akdl'kJiOn-���At>-]teve"l.stok'e, 'on August
I-lth, David Conriid,  youngest  son
of Xel�� Ancler.soii, aged '10 mouths,
.      21 days.
;W^:-  v1
'W-  .,     '
,,'t    Anarchists ntteinpted  to ' shoot the
French premier.' v L
, ���'  A.false  'alarm,- of   lire   wns  raised
, ���Tuc.sdiiy���tiiorning.
,; ,   Xclson .is   organising   a   busincss-
men's'trip to' Coniapliv and Ciunborne.
���The -Mining -Review  appears as tlie
'Sandon Standard under new manage,-
ment.  .
i ,
J. Shields  of   the  Sicamous shingle
- mill hud-one  of  his   bunds -badly cut
Thursday. <
,.    Complaints arc made of  thcriuality
of the electric  light  supplied   in   the
citv of late.
Yesteid.iy was  the  date  of closing
- tbe electoral roil and-IOUli names then
appeared on Kevelstokc i id ing list.
��� ,     Tbe Mayor convenes 'a -meeting I'm
Monday at No." 2   Iho  hall   to arrange
- for'.sports on Labor Day'. "���
U'byi'nper, ,the   celebrated   niount-
' aincer, was to arrive at Albert C.uiyon
y this weck"to*e.\��loie*the] mountains in
thar vicinity.
The'meeting of city council to have
�� been held last 'night was adjourned
till next I-'rid.iy as the ball was iu use
by tbe coroner.
Prof. Parker ascended Mt. J [ungiibce,
one of the most difficult peaks of the
Bookies, the altitude of which is placed
ac 11.500 ft.    ,
Several-Kevelstokc lesielcnts express
the intention of exploiing some of the
.great glaciers of the Rig JJenel loferred
-to in our last issue.
It is not generally known that boys
- are forbidden by law ' to cany rides.'
At Nelson a lad was bound over in $50
not to repeat the offence.
Much sympathy is felt for Xels
Anderson in his bereavement by the
boss of his youngest, son. who died
yesterday in convulsions.
30 British newspaper men, including
representatives of .Reynolds and the
Graphic passed tlnough h Revelstoke
Sunday on tlieir way to the cua.-t.
Tbe Kevelstokc Wine and Spirit
Company have re-opened their factory
:it Vernon under management ot A.
K. Grant, formeily of the com pan y'.-
ofiice here.
S. K. Humbly, sheriff for Noith
Xootenay. vvas in town Tuesday, lie
appointed G. Knapp deputy sheriff in
place of J. Taylor, who has left the
.1. A. Gill, oi Johnston ifc Co , Kamloops, was j,. the eity this week completing  the  woik   on   C. B. Hume it
Co|J.s. store, for which liis linn bad the
conti'iicl. , '
Thescow, has been built and hiuni-h-
ed for the dredge Niikusp, which will
shoilly resume the improvement of
Iho Narrows, nnd will go to MuiiUm ,10
dredge the einiiinel there.
A son of Sir .liinies'Ilector, direcloi'
of New Zealand Geological survey, was
In ought, to tho hospital froni Ci lacier,
'where he iind���bi.s fathor'wcie .staying
in course of-n lour through lhe mountains.
The.boily of'G. II. Rnyne, who died
itt Keiguson fniiii effect,* of nltnck by
ii griz/.ly beiii,,wii.s brought to Revelstoke Tuesday by G. Knapp and ootid
cit'sl, Tbursdav , for interment at
Halifax, N. S.'      ,'
A veiy special service will he held in
Iho ' Salvat ion ' Army barracks, Revel-
sloke, on Tuesday evening, Aug, 18th,
at S p. in,, conducted by Rrigadier McMillan, the new provincial cllieor, nnd
Stall' Capt, Taylor, both of Spokane,
All are welcome.
Tlio'funernl of the late R. Rninsoy
took place Tuesday from St'. 1'eters
church. F. McCarty, .). M. Kellie, J.
Cnley, A. Cowie, P, Kennedy und \Yi
Dickoy'Mverc pal I-bearers.' - llev.1 C. A.
Procunior conducted < tlie burial
services,, , '',    '
, C. I). Morris lias taken over tbe
'bDinding liom-e at Rogers Puss and
called it Hermit House. He has
greatly improved the accommodation)
has put on, a night'as well(.is ildny
cook so Unit trainmen can, get meals
at any hour. This'^will be found,, n
grciit convenience. Mr. Morris bus
also improved bis, stoic and' keeps
(juitc a stuff, ''
On Thnrs'lny the people of Revelstoke , will , luivo the opnoilutiity of
witnessing n grout treat w heii "Living
Ciiiiadii," u sei ies of bioscope pictures
will lie presented -tit Tapping's opera
house. Ay-E. Miller, piiiieipul of* lhe
eily school, who saw tbe exhibition at
Vancouver, informs us Ibis is one of
the most interesting and instructive
eiilerlainmeiils he has seen. i
Tlie'funenil of, Ada, only daughter
of Mr. 'anil Mrs. T. K. L. .Taylor, toolc
placo yesteiday from-Mr. .Jackson's
residence. The lemains were'tnkcii to
St. Peter's church where choral serv-
iee ,wns .held, thenco to the cemetery,
Rev. C. A. Procunior conducting the
services. The little girl died at Vancouver Thursday and the body* was
luiuight in on , No. 2 Fi iday by Mrs.
t"!uo and Mrs. Taylor loi interment.
.Much sympathy is full, for Alls. Taylor
in her sad boieavome'nl.
USE^*322Z2%gp   ',
Tlie Best in, the World.
��� Mail its 15 Koyal Crown Soil])
Wmppcns, nnd in return vve
will mail a beautiful Picture
si/.e. 10x20 ; or for 25 Wrappers
your choice of over 100 books. ,'
Prop us'a post curd1 asking
lor a catalogue of  premiums .
'  to be laid  Ji-RKH  for   Royal   '
"Crown Soap ,Wnippers.
( Address
The Royal Soap Co.,
Vancouver, B.C. Limited.
Ice'cream, soft drinks 'and   eider nt
the City Jjakury. " -     '
-  You   can save   money by   insuring,
with II. IS'. Coursier.
For Real Swell Kiirnituie l'o and
make your selection at John H. Wood's
School bitgs, all sizes, at Canada
Drug it Rook Go's. >
The St. Leon' Hot Springs lias' been
opened and 'is now ready lo accomodate visitors, ' ' a " ,'
'",Visitors lo Ontnborno should take
A. Craig's stage from llonlon. Citiiok-
est route, best service.
All school books 'of the very latest'
editions just opened up at .Canada
Drug it 'Rook Go's.
nil. W. .I.'CUJMY,
���   ' Resident Dentist, '
OMieo in Tuylor-Jllook.'
Read C. 11. Iltinie & Co.'s change' of
advertisement on,, lii'st   imgo  of   tlii,
for   pies  of  nny
oi'   fruit���at  tbe
Ijemiison. '
visiting RevelstoUe   will
(I      !
The stoic   is   well
' of  Coiiuaught and
Macdonald & Monteith Open Their
, New Store.
; s " ,-, -
Messrs. Mnedonuld . it .Monteith
opened tlieir new store this', week,
ottering special opening haiguins to
day und Monday
siluated at corner
Kirst stieels,and is a two' stoiey building 7S it. in length by 25 ft. in width,
with cellar 28x-10 ft. The ground
Moor portion .is dli it. from floor 'to
ceiling and the uppci*'floor 1OA ft." The
main store is 50 ft. long and-the back
p'oition is sub-divided for, ollice, a nel
bulk stock warehouse, while the lipner
floor will be used as a general stoic
loom for the surplus stock. The fi outage of the'store to First sheet i.- fitted
with two large show-windows. The
building contiuct was creditably cai-
ried out, by D. McCarthy.
The firm , will carry stocks of
groceries, gents furnishings, boots and
shoes, and has opened with a splendid
stock of goods. Mr.' Macdonalcl has
been in business in Sandon for some
years and has a thorough knowledge
of the lequiieiticnts of, Kootenay
towns. We wish them success in their
nuclei taking.
WANTKn-rAiTitruL pniso.v to nt.vv-
el Mi well o-t ilili-licd house m ii few- counlio.
calhiii; on irt.nl m,.r(h.iius nnd iii^ciii-. I^ic.tl
iciritory. .-Nilury S1U2I n -.ear und expenses,
payable $l!l.7(l .1 week in ciisli .nut o\p--n-(���advanced. l'o*.ition pci-iii.incnt. Hii-uies- -no
ues-tiit  anil  uisliiiiL-.     l-'.ncluse  -vlf-iuldie���cd
en v elope.
dt.iiiil.ii'it Ilon-e.  'll.j ('avion  BM^.,
it is stated a general dominion
election will be held in a few months.
.1. A. McDonald will be j_ibcr.il candidate in Ito.-sland.
Tbe conservative vconvention will
meet tonight to elect a candidatr. for
Jlevel-toke. Among the names submitted will be T. Taylor. A. Johnson,
.1. M. rieoit and M. J. O'Brien, and
some favor bunging*- in an outside
The Libcial A-.-oci.ition met Tuesday .ind ie-olved to uige on' the dominion government lhe nece-sity for
inc-rea-fd .ippiopriations for improvement of the L'pper Columbia rivet for
navigation and dredging lhe channel nt
l!evel.-toke. The selection of delegates
for ii convention to nominate a candidate lo represent the party at the
coming election was adjourned till
Tue-il.iy ni^hl. to leeeive report of
committee -i- io propoition of delegate-, from e.icb pa11 of di.-tiict.
issue. '
Leave your ..orders
kind���moat,  niince
City Rakery.���A1, li.
' Traveltor's .���
Iind   tlie   besta accomodation  at
Central Hotel, Abrahnnisoii Bros.
Slates, rulers, pencils, copy books,
etc., especially for school use at Can-,
iida Drug & Book Go's.
South African War Land Grant���
Those entitled who want to-sell should
communicate with P. 0. Box <102,
Vancouver.   ���   _   * . .
If you want to furnish' a bouse see
John l-l. Wood. By, paying hiin-n few
dollars per month he will fuinisb it
foV'you^    " '.J     "  '���
\\'ben you come' to Jtevelstoke bail
tbe Ceiiti'iirilotel btis to take you to
a good hotel. Abrahiimsun , Pros
Pi ops.
When you want to get to Caiuboriic
in speed and comfort, I 10k out for A.
Craig's stage line when binding at
Ren ion. ' i.
School stints on Monday, if the
children roipiire.nny school books, etc.,
you can get eveiything they need nt
the Canada JDiug it Book Go's.
R.'II. Truciuan, the photogrniihci1,
will pcisonully visit' Ilcvclstoke about
Sept. 1st. Kindly reserve your onlers
and .secure,) lirst-clnss work. Sec
advt. next issue.
"A. M. Craig still conducts tbe feed,
livery and frejghting stables at Beaton,
and 1:is saddle horses and light and
heavy conveyances for hire at, all
His daily stage'for Goldlieles
and  Camborne meets'the
C. J.  Wilkes���Your   letter   is'
avoidably held over till next issue.
Social and Personal
Mrs. W. A. Morris IcR for Ducks
' G; S, MoUiirtcr left, 'for thu coast
Tuesday. < "
J. J. Foley of Arrowhead was in town
Thursday, ,    ,
Mrs. K'iiieaiil leaves for lhe east
Mr, niul Mrs._ Kenner left TiieMluy
for the easl.' ��� ',
./. D. Sibbuld canie iu fiom 'the
Rend Monday.    '   .  '
R. Corning went to ICuglo Pass Tuesday for lisliing,  , yi ' '
Mrs. and Miss Spurting have gone
to'Albert Canyon. ��  ;
Miss , Ilobinson has resigned her
position' in tbe city schools.f <-
Tlio m'any friends of Mrs. Waul, will
regret to leni'ii of her illness, '
'Mi's.AV. M. Lawrence ciitcrtuiiicd a
party of Indies at tea this afternoon.
J, A. Taylor has resigned his position
as fcironiiin for'the Arrowhead1 Lumber
Co.'1 , '*
���The announcement is uiiidu of the
engiigenVenl of \Y. 11, Hull of Calgary
to Mrs. Kllis of Duvisbin-g.
Miss Ilnll.bo of Aniisti'ongi who bus
been Miss Sawyer's , guest - for s'omc
time, left Inst evening foi1 her home,
Mrs.'Kilpntrick gnvu nn nflenioon
tea today in honoiyif the visit of iMiss
Mcl.eod of the Victoria Order of Nurses
' Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Rourne went to
Vancouver Thursdny on nu'i. extended
visit, for the benefit of Mi'. Ronnie's
ben I lb.      -v     "     ���    ,      ,      '
Mrs, nnd Miss Pitts of Rat Puilago,
t\vbci liuve been visiling fiiends in'tliis
city, left foi ,lhe coast Wednesday
evening., ' '        ,
' ll.'B. Mueklestone, 0.15., I'.uinerly'
of Revelstoke,'was injured by lightning
which struck the C. P.-It. irrigation
survey .camp near Calgaiy,' .bui'iiing
it up.      ' ,
' The Ladies Aid of St., Ainli'ew-;
church w,ill h'jld a lawn social on Unchurch giotiiids Tuesday, Aug. 18th,
afternoon and evening. Rand iu attendance. .�� '   -  ,    ,
Judge Ri own, of India, who has
been "on a, visit to bis In other, H. A.
Browifof' this- city, left for Kiiglnnd
Tuesday on return lo Iho cast. lie
visited Japan, and .higblyt enjoyed his
trip thcic unci Ihicuigh this picivinee.
, J. \i. Lovei'ing of, Sandon', entertained un' afternoon tea party last
week". Among'tlio'inviteil guests well1
Rev. ui'.d'iMiss Mclnly.io, iMisses ,Adn
nnd Stella Pound nnd' Miss Adair und
Miss L. JJu'vis of Revelstoke, und who
returned home Monday.
Miss ' Giiiin,.'who has'' been bead
dressmaker at C._B. 11 tune it Co.'s for
some time, went lot-Vancouver wbeie
she 'will accept a similar position.
Miss Riddcll, of .Rcid & Young's millinery department, accompanied her,
but will,ietiu n shortly.    . ���
Portland, Oregon,
Classes in. Art  and' Elocution  1'orm
Wednesday, Oct. lst.i
Art   nmlcf' lhe 'direction    of   Miss
Georginii'liiirns, Art Student's Lcngiie
New    York..' I'llociition,    iNliss   I'lthel
Webb ol Loudon, Ktiglinid.
- Ciiculiii-s iiniiii ;11> 111i(:jLI,i1111 t'o ,
Miss I'Ili-lvnoii Tiiiiihtth,
ji iiicipa
'iNconi-ondTCD TORONTO SmJ.A.BoYD,
1801).       '���.���,���   _.    .  pncaiocNT.,
Dr. EDWARD PISKJ3K, Mu'oieal Dlrco'.or
The ^cst   liquipiriciit   nnd   Facilities,
and Strongest Faculty,in Canada.,  ,f
A llinriiiiKli. nrllslli: iiniLllnlslicd
-     "<     -AltJ.SiejAL'KDUO.V'l ION'.  "     -   ��� V
Lucut Cuuliu I'J.v'iiiuliiiilions In-Ill every Mine
iiiur in Munlliilia, Nuilliwu-t Tcrrtlori-is mill
Itiitlsli Coluiiiliiii.
School of Literature  and   Expression.
JIi-s. Iura Nklinlsiin-Ciilti r, I'l-tiiulpiil.
Kllll   l-'.lt'lilV.     .'.II   IllllllullUnJllllSlll. ,
Kil  (''ALK.N'IJ.VI.'.S A N'I)  SVLL.VIlUa   t-'llKK
When wnllne; pl(;.l-c lllcntion Tlio Jlnll,
'      UNIlKU TiriO AUSI'ICKS.OI'',        "   '���    ,
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial Society of B. C.
,.' '       WILL UK'III'll,U AT , '_     '
" September 29 and 30, October 1 and 2
A Hound of I'luiis'iii'd far Four Wholn lliiy.s���Luoi'iitse Touiniiiiionl, Kliiinnoc-ks- of
Wnnlicnl   Vnneniivcr  Luerni-Sn Cluli, WestniiiiHtm- LnuronKU Ululi, ,l''lru Woi-kh, IIiihu
Uall, (.-liilih-on'H S|,oi-|rt,Mnk'iiillci:iil llliiiuluiilloiiH,(ii'iinil ('oucci't c-noli oviui'.uK. Kpcolul
- Alli-ncllons. ' i   i
J     ,    ���      JVo   Entrance   Fee   Charged for  Exhibits.
I'lM'dullvo-T. '.I. Ti-aiin, I'l-osldnnli Aid. Sinclair, Aid. Hfllniui, Aid. Wll-im, tl. 1).
lli'Viiiiiiii',  VV, ,1. Alalliurri,  It. I"'. Aniluiwiii,  W. It. (Jllloy,  L. A. Lewlrt, I). H, OiirlK t.'.
A. Wulhli, Cleo, AdaiiH, .liilin Ituld, W. A, 1), .Ioiich, .1. A, CiiiiiiIukIhiui,
,  ,For I'rljiii LIiIh, Knlry Forms, and full iiiu'tloiilnrs wiltii lo ,>       ,
c T. J. TRAPP, President. W. H, KEAKY, Managor and Soorotriry.'
, First Street, I
' Fust of jMolsoiw lliink       ���      ItovolHlolii1.
For your nieiils. , Open day mid night.
Meals i'le'und.upwnrd. Special weekly
rules.    Good service gliiii'iint'eed,    ,   <
KU.Il'l  i^f.ITO. I'l-oprielius.
'-    Ladies, Boys and Men's
. '        ' i,
Boots aiid Shoes
- f.
-   See in y nssoi linen I of. the best
���'   'bargains  ever ofl'ered   in   the    ,   ,
city in ihesi,' line.-.  - -
���-     -       "      J.'filJILIOTTO,
Second si reel,        -'     Revelsloke.
Men and
Lo ,ii lend iitir St-bnol   and   prepai e -for
tin olfice position,' paying not less lliun
'    '  you inside
"Write for
Permit me to s-expiess my since.'c
thanks and iipprecialio'n of the kind-
riiess und syinpalihy shown n.o-.by'sc
many over my beieuvenient by the
death of my father.     ,        '
r R. II. Ramm;v.
Three tenders were icccived for the
Imperial Rank, but the contract is not
yet awarded.
H. Loughced bus been busy completing the upper floor of lhe Longhead .block on McRenzic avenue which
be built last full. Four of the looms
have been taken by Dr. Cui ry as
dental parlois and woikiooms. and
three looms h.,vc been vented us living
rooms. The rooms .ire being nicely
finished, the plnsteiing being done by
S. K. McLean and the painting by
Sam-on it Paulson. Excellent lighting is piovidcd, wilier laid on; and
every convenience piovk]cd, with stairways lo both front and backeiitranccs.
I in- .VIii-(, r .VI, i ii u,|, s 1'iin 'I'.n* -u.ip Im.iN
mid -nf,, ii. j |),. sLin, w In,',. _ i.i,ii|,i Iy , |, .insniLT
ii nf ��i,iisc, ml riisi, . |,-. Iiiiiilii.'ilil,'I,n in,.
. Ii.inti -, f,u rii.'r-. -jioi l-mi'ii. l'i,.,- -niiiile on
r, ifi|il nf -.',- I,,i |���,-l.,ir". All.i.rl 'IVnli-l, -ii.i-j
Ci, inn mi fm nn 11-., .Mont rent.
- R. riewman is arranging to le-open
the Winnipeg. r
A- fliL.ie 0,200 ft. long is being put
in to supply water  for the Payne mill.
The Waterloo has shipped two gold
bricks of 343.0 o/.s. as rcsiiit c.\ 40 days
run of live stamps.
' W. M. Brown, president of the
Prir.ce Mining nnd Development Co.,
intends visiting the Standard mine. <
W. B. Pool had assays of =f 10,000 a;
ton on Poplar cieek oie. He thinks!
the camp will pjove  a  second Cripple!      , 	
Creek. ,     r hereby r on veil'- a meeting for Moud,iv nevl.
Good'progre-s   is   being   mude with | ^%t^ %!&,^ ^^VC
the Kva stamp mill.   The ore bin.-, are i -��port-.|t.ithci"inj,'.       ,      ��� ���.    r
Hnished and the rock  crusher is being j _ _ V** J; ��'��'">*. ��f>-or.
put in place. \~ ,   ' ,
.r. Finked, of the KiwondTinworkers)The Revelstoke HospiLil Society
^fining   Company,    iufoims    us   the i	
south   lead   ot   the   Copper   Dollar is j
i looking pat ticul.irly  well   as  result of!
work recently (lone OU it. !    Api.li' .llon-j will be rewivnl  l,y  llie  iindcr-
r.    ...    ,      ",        .    ... .    , ,        . ��\\;uri\  f*,"" tlii'  position of ^(i onrl iL-t-i'itiiiit Io
G.H.Me.ld.    01     J rout     Lake,    bus   ilu- Jlcdi' il Sirji.-i-intcri'li-Ml nf the   lt.-veUluke
purchased   the   Star  giour, above  the   ��""P".-''I ni.till Mondny. Aoi'iist.jnh n.-\t
' s, ,     .   ���      I     .V;u>li .nl-   will   ;,lm<i.   s'.ao   i|ii,ilillc,iliiins
Granite  mine on   Aloining niuliutaiii.   .md s,.jir. expcLier],
There-are  -2.W)  ton*"   of   ore on tbe!      . a. K. i'Hli'i'->. fc.-crLiiuy.
dump.    A mill i- to l,e installed. I    - __ .. . .   .
A  Revelstoke lady vvtn tbr viclim of'
a bon.\- nl Poplar  creek,    hhe   wanted
to     locate     ground   -o   a    tr.-ickiiuin '
i'1-ilsbed  .ii],   (|ii,ut/    containing   go'd. ;
dl-ti'ibtit( d    n   uboiit,   got   her   a pan,
-bowed   her   whit   -die   hi-hewd   tnl>"j_, . n-,,      ,non
placer gold  and -be  called   on   ore oi < ThUPSClay,   Aug1.   20tn, 1903
the men to locate a claim for her.    lie yVA[, t ���. p,!.���.,. Tui.ii.ri. I.wil.m. L'n,:
did   so, and   other=    -eeine   flu-   done   + nn nnn n. *nnnrn
rii-hedtbe.mimd.st.k,,,.,   ;;.)  ,.,,.,���' 1 00,000 BiOSCOpe 100,000
$11(1 pel 11 it til I ll, vve lo place
ol' (it) dajs.-il'iei gradual ing.
p,u lii-uliil.-s. ,  x '
Vancouver" Business College,- Ltd.,
VANCOUVER, R. C.'/' * '
" P. O. lies .III.' " .    .       "  ' .
Learn By-,IaiL
.-Pitman's" Business Courses
'are known - all over, 'die
Full course front Ten  Dollars.
Pitman's Business College.
Opposite  Hotel  Vancouver.
Leaves Hevel-lolie Cor Rout Liiuding
111,0:30 p. in. ivlondavs und Thursdays,
meeting steamer on rid urn I rip.'
IF.^IR.IE;, $1.00'���
A"i lbs baggage lrui'.0��   *
' I nl eliding p, i s-c Hirers 'should leave
word al li'leiiiimr's ..Siulilu oivring up
phone No. >S when the stage will call
for I beni. '?"      l L
laviny-iiikcn over
Enormous Attractions ! I
Unusual Sights! 1
Over Kootenay. Mail Office
the: firewood supply' of*, the ,.1-Jnrbor
Lumber Cc.'i mill, orders' left
at lhe mill, al VV, M.' La'vvren'ce
or by-ring'iny-up phone i\'o. "S
will have prbmpt'aucnlioni
' W/ FLEMING.    ���
Baker, and1 Confectioner
has opened hi- how bakery on
Melveir/ie avenue and triisl*.
that bis past cxperienc in the
��� city will niei'itra laii'shaie of
public patronage.'
Home-Made Bread a Specialty
''' $5,000 IN PRIZES.
Undor lltuiuihplo'is- of iho Aluyor niul ('IIy,
' r /     CiniiKill, . i
I'lilnnisi Tlui lliolliiii'luiiiil (if linlluiiy 'I'ndn-
uiuu und thu ItoHsliuul .VIIiiui-'h Union No il-i, W.
I'\ M.       '    '     ,
yTWO ,DAYS        ���   /
wmWicyiiAY, Aug, 25 and 26
('ii-Miid I'liruilu, Liiin-osHdiiiid Itu-eltull 'I'diirn-  '
iiuiunlH, Kli'munn'H (Jniiiiiullllniis, 'I'iiks (if-Wur,
IIiiimu HiiuIiik, llnvlnir niul   W'l-t-hlIIiik ooiiIcsIh,
Atlilcllu SpmlH (il'iill kinds, Miiuhliiuiuid llund
Urlllliih'. mid .Speed Kvlilhllliin  )j.v ilio fJiildi,-.
less Wiiuilni', Dr. AL; (inind   Hull,  MiikiiIIIcijiiI,'
I'yriiluulmlu ,l)ls|)liiyjund pcrlonnunui-H liy lliu
llos-liuiil Di'iiiniiiiu Ululi.
Ilulliviiy ii'iliii. lui-s limn uno fine loi- tin:
iiuiiid trip. - i
��� li'iii'lliiM' piiillcnliiis from   ��� !
'  .'A..I.   nilKWKIlV; tiuu'y'.
For Sale.
1 7.-|(J 'shin es in , Renti ice, iiiine. Will
sell whole,or purl. Knr.pitrlicT.lnr.s p-
ply ut olTlci! of Kootknay Mail. j,
;   ' JFor'.Sale '���''  ';
TWO Itcslilunuoti mi MiilCon/.io Avuiiiiu, wit ,
,    modem linproi-unionli, JJ.WiO cnuli, on i-u-y
10'ins. ,     , ,       -       ,     |
TWO  Itosldeuccs.on  Tlilnl  fjiii'i'l   unhl, vol'}'
,   ('oiiviuili'iit I'm- iiilhviiy  nion, $I,t(j(l eiiuli
i.'iisy turins. ' '<
ON I'l ItOhiiluina' on  |.'li-s|  Stiuot ensl, cu-li ru-
uulrud S'lfill. mihluiil. lo iiioi-Ikiikc ' " *
Apply io ,     ,
JfAltVlOY, .���UuOAIlTKIl.S;   I'IN'KIIA.M,
-For Sale.
-   V
Revelstoke Grows Fast,
We grow I'.isler, having added
lo our J3akerv and (Jimt'erlkuii'i-y
business full lines* of
Groceries and Camp Supplies
���Thu institution of a Jludi School in lievol-
slokc tioiiij,' under (.nu-iileialioii, illi unls mill
L,'iiiiidi.uis- in lhe CJil-', .mil fiom eiil-ulo poll,Is.
mo il(|uo-IliI io send lo I lie- iiudcivsiKiiod Iho
ii.mils of ,'inj oil ild i on (li^ilile nn- luliiu���iuii
lliuniln. anil who would Ik- vvill.ui; toiiltond.
II. I'LOYll.
i-iu-ic-luiy liuvi-'isioLo h'chont llo.ud.
cji-:ali-:i)  tkniikk.s   iddussi.i   m
O    .M.ii
Moscrop Bros.
ai >��� vv h.it yoii find at I lie
A. MILLI-'!' & eO.
Sanitary Plumbing, Hot
Water & Steam Heating.
Pipe Valve Piltings,
Electric Lamps, Door Bells and
Electric Fixtures ^," Put In.
Second Street, Revelstoke|:!ilT;,,BBiHli'.,'M
liefoic the bi,.i\  w.i- di-crivi-ied.
.loe .Marl in says be ha- not
slightest doubt, he �� ill top the pol
.LA Taylor, of An nwbe,nl has goi>>
to look over the tmib-v lumt-i .it Sug.ir
lake, in which W. Onvan and other-
lire interested. A lepresentative oi
American lumbering interests is >il��o
looking over the limits sidiicd by Afr.
(Joivun and nlhers on the Oiuican.
Valuable Time Saved.
Slighl injuiies often dbsuble u inun
and canse several days' los-s of lime
nnd when blood poison develop1.,
.sometime.-! result in tlie loss of n band
or limb. Obnniborlum'-, Tain Halm
ii (iu antiseptic liniment, when applied lo tuts-, bniises and burns il,
( uuscs (liem lo liriil i-uir kly and wit,b-
out, matin,il ion, nnd prevents any
poison.    l"'or   .sale   by
Animates! Picltnos of
oi.itfiT. impel ml li.inl, ol C-iiukI.i, Itev-
' i-ioke. It ('," Ifti- tlie i-ri-clinn of n continued
I-.iuI.iiik olll' 0 and ri -Klein c ut liovelslol.e vv ill
l���-iin-lvi-d up lo .mil in. In,Iny H.ilimlny, Mil
Auiiusl    ni\i.     i-'.u   full    infill in.iltnn,   piuiis,
s|ki il,<.,Ill,ii-. (K., iippl)   in  lhe iindeisi^ |.
'I hn   lovve-l   oi    uny   ll inli-i mil in (( --.u ily no
A. K. Pllll'l'ri. .MiimiKCr.
ItnoMoku. li. ('..���.'���Hi Jul}. Mi'i"
lie Hilling t,',<
Sights, M.ir-ih and Progress of lhe Woild i s,
Fl.ui' iiiMK s. crifs, L'.tfKin^ '-i ,-n. -, If.ir-        .    *
vf.'-iin/  .-'.-, ri, -    Kln>f   l.��iv.'.i'r^   Visit,        I
to I'.ins, tho fJcll.i luirl, ir. .1, . iti. \
Orileis ||.(.).|v(> pioinpt  nl lent ion,
���rood sir,., i,   _ -       KKVKLSTOIvK
f>,,or- op' n ,il -'
f,0 cenls
I'l.inin, in e ,il -  ,H r
I have slurled a pei inuiient. Wood
Yn ed on Third si i eel,. Willi iny past,
experience f hope lo be in n position
In siili-fy ,||| leqtiircmenls of riislom-
ers. Alill uud (onlwood supplied in
any h;iigl hs nl, reduci'd  prices for ensh.
Mi ill id Ih''  .iliove   Company will
in ih" Mi ill Hull nt 7.:i0eveiy"Tiies(I
.ind |.'i id,iy night lillliiilbei notice,
1 Ily oider
II. A.   IIIIOWN. <;.
Bricklayer and Stonemason
1'   O. Hu\ I'll IIKVKLS'IOKK, H. ('.
All linns of Alii.���mi vvorl." inulerlakcii. ,
Kstliiiatc-s jfiven fur builcliiiKs, ttc
Alc'.idow  Queen   uud   IMoiintnin    ill    illiiicrnl
Clnlins, Hitiuilo   111  tho Ai'iuw Lllki; jVlinluK
Division ol West Knot uimy J list riot.
Whom luuiloil:  On (jriinilo iMoiintiilii, ut the
, ho.id of iVIinonil Crook'.
TAICI-: NO'I ICIO Unit I. ICunnutli L llui-nol,
OiLfonl loi-.Sinilh Uiii-tN, IOsip, Kmo Jlinci's (Jci-
lilioiilo No. K7.-.II7, and L W'iIIiiuih. |,'s(i.. l-'ioc
Miner's Coi lillo.ilo No. IliTJS.).! I'Voe Miner's
t'Mlillcnlu No. Il7j-|il2, inluiid. sixty dnjs fniiii
Iho (hue liLioof, to.ipply to IhoilliuiiiK lioooiilor
loi u C'uililloiiio ol liniii'ov'iiniouls, lor Iho pur-
pnse of ohliiiiiiiiKuUioivn Grunt of tho ubovo
oliiiin.       .' -  i. ,
And   fiii'thoi'  lake  notice Unit -iclion, undoi
Seelion it7, must In- ooniiiioiiood liefoi-e I lie issii-
.into of such Cull Heme of Inipio-oinonls..
D.iled lliis Second iliiy of July, A. 1)  l!in.i.
,'enls for the  Celebrated
Victoiia linad.
Poill.in,I Minor,,I Cliiini, siintilo in  (lie Aikivv
L.il.e Mining Division of West Konteu.iyjli--
I rid.
VVheio   located:   On  (,'ioihm- Cioel.",   .ihout Hi
miles fiom I he tuniith.
TAKIC NOTIOLllnil J, Ki-nuoth L lluoif.lT of
llos-l.ind. (niioul for Mi.'M. IC. Kiiii:, Spo^ml
I'lcn Miiici'-, Lieeusi) Nn. "illi'i, issued nt 11',-s-
l.ind Juno Sth, lillVI,! Fioo .Minor'.- L'erlillcutc No
I17Vi.C intend, sixlv dnv.s lunii lhe d.ilc hoicnf,
tn npplv tn Ihe SI linn-; Kucoi (lor Torn Cortilic.ilo
nf -Improvements, for f ho purpnso ol* ohluinin-;
a (^rnvvn Cfinnt of the nhevo chum.
And   furllici   lute nolico ihul   act ion, under,
Scutum it", must he eoiiinieuced  hefole the |s-u-
iineo <if such Ccitifit-.ite of Improvcmoiil^.
W.iledtliis tweiilj-hididiiy ��r June, \. D. IM'i.
[OK SALK-IOO acres nl land iiiljiu-
enl. to   iaihv.iv  sl.ilion;  also live
good   cow--.    Addie-s    II.   (J.   Ki.isci.
i-inlmoii Arm, li. U.
"ITlOlt SALIi��� A fiisl. class liveiy nnd
1} freighting liiis-iiies--. Apply ofliee
ol Ivoolenay Altiil.',       ,
\ lT"AN'J'KM-IO\"perieii(.-ed millwright
>V     Apply nl once. Ivooleii'iy Jtiver
Lumber Co., Nel-on, II. C.
Knives, Forks,
Spoons, etc.
l.jts carefully  (.xniniueil  nnd
piupiilv fitted to lhe Lest grade
w'kcpuirintr. v. y    v_y
WAN'l'KM���I'm chaser   for
si ore in glowing lovvn.
ollice Kootenay Mail.
WANT TO SKLL-Tvvoof the best,
hotel investnienls in ICoolenay.
Knr paiticiilais apply to ivootenaj'
Mail oiliee, Kevulslokc. l
ANT TO SKLL-Inleie.sN in
;okl-be,u ing inineial claims on
Klsh Oieek. Apply lo ollice of Kootenay Mail.
WANTED TO SELL���Two houses
and lot-nl tising lovvn ol Oaiu-
boi-ne; euch ptopci'ly vv ill let lor $1.") a
month: price on each propel ty ii'iW.
For partii ill.us apply at ollice ot Kool-
eiiiiv Mail.
W it.ion of Sh.ikcspeuie .villi illus-
ti.ilions and notes. IJi ice $22 on terms
namely .**>2 cash and $2 per mruil.li. Apply al Kootenay Mail.
Several inLcrrsls iirsilvei,-lend piop-
ei'lies. Kor purl iculurs apply nl. ollic-e
of lhe Kootenny Mail.( ' ,
rpAK'K NOTICK Ihul thhl,y,dii-sutler dole I
1 Intend In apply lo the Unlet (Jnmiui.ssioiiui-
ol Liiuds'iind Worlej for li spuuliil,Ilfu.Lsc lo
out in d 'entry uvvuy tiiiihei-fioni Ihe follow ing
dcheilliei'. land, slliiiited'iireiiileiiii-Hiiy,, l/pper
Anovv Luke, Wi-^i ICooleiiuy, nnd niiu-keil
"Tlinlit-r llorlli I), II." .    o
i,, Coniinoiii'iiiK .al ,l po-t plauleil noilheiist
corner on W. Ilc.illy's wost surveyrd line, run-
nini? iioi'l h uud soul h, and uhoiit two (-J) cluiiiis
iiorlh of Hill Oicik.-iiiid uhoiit Iwo (.'iniilos
noi-llieiist ol (Jiilcuu Jliij, t/'pper Aitow Lnl.o;
lliciicc south Sll chains, llieuce wo-l,ill chains.
I hence uoi-ili to chains-, i hence oust il) chains, to
iilneo of coniineiiecmenl.      *~ ,
V Willed ut .Vriinvhe.id, II. C, July llfllh. l!)(i:i.
'     "     BAYl�� IlIvATTY.
( fl


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