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Kootenay Mail Aug 2, 1901

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Array jl
Vol. 8.���No. 27.
f 4 VI!
$2.00 Per Year.,
���    6fcTiie Lea'dinsr Store."
"^..U" VIMU1'.1    7U.-W.J��.|..
a**c* *?
5 ��~    i'i P '
$��* Mat
Come and See Our Beautiful Display
of Spring Merchandise.
i . ���'
. .1 SWISS
Fancy   White    Muslins.
Laces,   Valancincs,' etc.
Revelstoke to
A most beautiful assortment of these J$J
fashionable iroods in various colors at {fit
ii, I/Ja, 20, 25 and 30 cents.
Mercerised Sateen   Skirts  in endless |��|
colors���All prices. ' |f|
\\:e sell thc famous Perrin's Gloves fe
���Once worn always asked for. ft
��� r i'',7]
Just to hand tlie' finest shipment of |||
Boys' Blouse Suits. These are the Bp
best made in Canada, and don't rip ||
anywhere. ������     ���__,���
We have   just   opened, up, a   large
.range  of  beautiful   Satin-lined,, AD-
' wool   Sero-e and   Worsted Suits, and
marked  them  away1 down. - Call and
see us before buying elsewhere,
MoKonzie Avenue.
k'xn pointed out that 111*- States, wilh a
go'd output nf $o7l."G3,CG0, had four
{jn.-wriiuicnt mints mid eight, government assay office!?, while C/lilndn had
iigiilrt 1 rod net ion of $10,0C0,00U wish-
nut'one .such I'Ktiililishiiieiit Since
Mr. WilU**'-' iiilili't-sH was delivered ihe,
Dominion government h)ivi'c>inlili>lied
Hi) assay office nl Vancouver, alld lhe
result, has already been Lo bring iiuicli
go'd to | lint, cily.
Air.' Wilkin then went on lo show
lio\V Seal lie" lind grown from a town <.f
'2-2,TA) inoJSi'O, to a (ity of SO.07'1 in VXi),
niiiinly through its l.i'enlillllg th.. mail
for Canadian gold, Ihe govri'iitiii'iii
ips-snv office nt Seattle alone.handling
tjil i,7-17,l)ll of Oiiiiadifin gold foi-last
year. ' >\,    .
Railway Traffic Interrupted,
Sln>r!!y��nfli-i" Ihi' .ifali ir.iln imn-'i'tl
llii'i'tigli  \ oi'-idiiy nftci iitnin en mine
lii   It.'i-i'lsloki'    t,wo    snow    sheds   nl
Three V.ill.-y L.iki* weie found to lie. on
fin', nnd wi'i'i1 eiiLiii'Iy.destroyed.   Tli'*
effect was lo block   IrnlUc  on lhe road
till to-day Mini the tclegiaph lines weie
ii No down.    Tiie uiigin nf lhe fire irf not
Known lint,'is il. occurred after I lie scab
, liaiu   |iii.iM>il   il.  is nlino.st I't'i't.-iin   lo
lm ve   lieen   due   lo  if rpurk   from llu1
engine   Ihing   the dry I iniher..   Afire
i-Urlcil in "ue .-lied'wiuilii tnpidly pass
t\u tin-othi'i-.      Of course the Company
u ill hi.inie lhe .-Hiking truckmen rigln
itw.'iy', .-ind  lni.-e ;i hue niiil i ry, hut we
tl'iii'l  believe   nuv of the. men nn this
*��� i;
division would be guilty of nny such
tiling, nud lhe foi in t-i-. explanation,
Unit lhe lire stalled from n pacing
LMiiriii'*, is lhe more probable one.
'J'lic   scull   gang   nt Twin IJulle was
sent   for in make the. line passable for j ,llKi prospectors, win I'ormed a lincket
Iralilc. ' brigade,  and   after   (juile   a   snuggle
"" * '   I succeeded   in    subduing     (lie   flames.
A CANADIAN MINT'^f ��*��**���������*�� "���!���������"��
I active part had a riddt.y f,i,ll Irom the
top of a ladder, which broke, in Ihe
.center. , He abstained a few bruises,
hut nolhing of' a serious iintui'i'. The
fire orL'inated itl tho roof of thu
Fire at Lcrdjuu Hotel.
Tin? Liirdean hotel at (Joniaplix.
owned hy It. G. McLeod, had n nni row
escape from heing de.-.tioyerl liy fire on
Tuesday aud was only saved hy the
elfoi I" uf a large galigiifsa wuiiil   men'
A Country Bustling   With Towns.
Ranches and Mines.
Revplstokc is naturally the main
busincy-   point,   for    commercial
.raiiriiction? wilh the Lnrdc-ai:, anc
wnli a fair railway tariff, this  city
sliould today have been the main
wholesale   supply   point   for    the
Koolenayp.   lho   C  P.   R.   with
their  usual   ppeculative   vagaries,
however -chose   Nelson   for   their
favor.-, and  the want  of  wisdom
rhown in that selection has just
been evidenced by the action of the
Turner-Beeton'Comprihy in closing
their'Nelson warehouse.   Had Revelstoke been chosen for tariff favor?
bestowed on Nelson wc should havo
seen Revelstoke today ,a  city with
as large  a  population  as  Nelson.
As it is, however, Revelstoke is the
banking point for the Lardeau, and
merchants and manufacturers ,in
this city dp a considerable business
with Lardeau points,
���   '    AlU'.OWDL'AlJi
Leaving Revelstoke, the' railway
follows the Columbia River to Ar-
rowheiid���one of  the beauty' spots
of   the   province.      Tho    business
portion of Arrowhead "consists of
two hotels and a store!   The hotel?
are the Lakeview, and the Arrowhead.   The former is conducted by
J. J. Foley, and is one of the best
appointed hotels to be found on tlie
road.   Ihe Arrowhead is owned by
E. J, Kerr, and though not such a
pretentious hostelry as the  Lnke-
viewriHs n,well~conducted -house.'
Ihe store and post ollice are in the,
hand? of  G. T. Newman.   Arrowhead is essentially a railway centre,
being the point- of transfer from the
A. ��t K. -niilway   to   the   C. P; R,
boats which carry traffic into the
heart of Kootenay, - Slips are laid
to suit the various''stages  of  high
and'hv.v water.'. The Fred Robin*-
son' Lumber Compain'e steamers
also connect Arrowhead with points
on the north-cast arm of  the  hike,
ihe Aniieiythis reason being under
command of Capt, Johnston,
��� This is the site of .the Fred Rob-
inscn Lumber- Company's mill,
Kootenay Lumber Company's
store, nnd the mining recorder's
oflice for this section of the Lnrdeau.
Mr. Sumner is mining recorder and
provincial constable, He has had
a busy lime of late owing to the
rush in the Fir-h Creek camjii There
are two good hotelsj the Queen's,
conducted by Li Cameron; and the
Lardeau, conducted by R. McLeod.
A public school has also been provided here, Miss Gibbons'being the'
present mistress. Comaplix is also
a point of arrival from and departure to Fish Creek.    ��� y
Thomson'.-; laxijixo.
J, W. Thomson, niter whom this
important point en the Arm was
named, was (he pioneer store and
hotel-keeper in this, section, but
retired from busine.-s some years
ago iind has a pretty home on thc
shore of tbe lake. rJ homson's Landing is thc point of .transfer of pas-
.  iy.h 1 *.!.���.���
��� i in dueled by
P.. Fra-cr has
i ;."��� ������ -.t-i
������ndy 'Vrnig,  .''fnn1
;   weJl-slocked
. i.
������'. liich he. 0] cued about a year ago.
Mr. Fra.H'r is agent for the telephone
Thorn,-on'.- Landing is a ci-le:
l)ra1ed jilace fer fruit at this season
of the .year, and tra-vellers have a
good time picking berries. Mr.
Ncedham's garden is a favorite
spot", and one of the best and most
prolific in the district in the way of
small fruits. J, Tqbin conducts a
blacksmith and horseshoeing business here.
A good" wagon road connects
Thomson's' Landing with Troul
Lake, twelve miles distant, 'ibe
road follows Thomson Creek
through, a deep canyon, affordijig
magnificent scenery. Four and a
half miles out Fulmer's ranch,
which is a favorite stopping'place
with travellers, is reached, and at
this season of-the year (he ranch is
celebrated for its strawberries and
cream. '������' ��
The road skirts two pretty lakes,
one k'no\ui' as' Armstrong Lake,
"four,miles out, and forming the
headwaters of 'Thomson Creek, The
other is Stauber Lake, ��� a much
hirgei;sheet'of, water, and Fulmer's
ranch is between the two. From
Stauber Lake to Trout Lake Cily
several ranches dot'thc valley, and
appear to be doing well, dairying
and hay being the principal re-'
MS* q
^i-r^ r'if*'3f
Oyster Groups
A. F. Rosenberger is Pushing De-
���'   velopment. , . :
A. F. Roscnberger, ibe v.-ull-known
manager of the Prospectors Exchange at Nelson, recently bondei
the Caml-ome and Oyster group-
on Fish Creek, near (he Imperial
and Eva property, which has given
such a good account of itself its 'a
free-milling gold proposition. With
that enterprise which is characteristic of all Mr. Rosenberger's
operations he has lost' no ^lime'in
starting work on these properties
with a'view to thoroughly , proving
them up.
thai a d-'-ir.-iiilc sn ileirn'iit will  spring
.up theie mioii.    11 luts aKii   have  liefn
sold in the Invvei- town.    The  stiitahle-
ness of t.lie flat there ;il=n with its even
sin face and good  soil  for residential
purpose!'  is   heconiing   nioi-t?   nppnei-
iited   now   that   a   perfect   title,   low
pi'!ct?s,'i'!i5-v  levins and  at   presc'iu   a
large area in vv Inch to .x-lect siles, -are.
o.Tered lo  intending  piiriha-vrs.    The
ni'inagei's of the c.-tate discourago ad
fiiras pos-ihle sitcn to those vv ho would
Imy for Hy specula live  resale.    Recognising I hat as a rule all towns  tend   In
grnw in a winterly direct ion   and   ih'it
i>'( vy l-i-giil.-j'ly euip lived miner in il.o
ue glilinrhiii'il of a town of ivxiri aid
supply means lifn addilioii of len souls
Lo llu-pi.pi'ilaiiiin, ihey wish   to as-ist
in'   fiirwariiing   I lie  growth  of  Revel*
stoke into a good railway  and  minit ff
lo'.vn wiih ail sections  taking ti chili
iu ni hit; iv-.sl in its prospeiiiy.
, It is along-this valley, close to
the road, that tho railway to. connect Revelstoke with the Lardeau
railway will be built, via Arrowhead, Comaplix and Thomson's
,  .' TIIK park. '
The next- stopping place is the
Park Hoiel, situated at the junction
of the reads to Ferguson and Trout
Lake, and within a  mile of Trout
Lake City.. This hotel is conducted
by W..jBaty, who is sanguine as to
thei'uture of the district and"firmly'
believes   that thc old-timers who
have stayed with  it are about to
have their reward.  He is interested
i.n the Copper King, on  the North
Fork,   near Circle .City, and the
Justin   and   North   Star   in    the
-Johnston Basin,   The Copper King
is one of the few  copper  prospects
in the district  and   Mr., Raty  informs us assays  have- run H-85 in
copper values.   Quite a bit of work
has been done on it and  the trail
runs through   the, property.   Mr.
Raty has a nice garden,1 with good-
crops of potatoes, etc.,'and has one
of the best poultry yards in,the
district,    '"���
Views of a Leading Bank Manager.
At (lit- annual , meeting of the Imperial Uhiik, Gem-Tal .Manager Wilkin
di'livei ed a very alili- addre;>s on ihu
(|ii"s|inn of theolalilislimeiit of a mint
foi Canada. The main argument set
fin tli was tht* oMnhlialiiiifiit hy liiii
means of a local market foi llm silver
and gold pioduced iii (lie Dominion.
Mr. Wilkie   point.-. Out
As tin.' Cusloins Department, will not
Issue a license for a cigar factory to he
conducted   on   the  same premises a* a
Unit thi' profit j cigar store, II. A. Brown, who i* start-
to ihe Uuijed .S:.ite-. government, on
thi'iV silver (���(linage in circtilal ion in
Canada is i-s| iiualed at from $ 100,00; I
to fji-JO.OOO, ii profit eiitin-ly h;.st to our
l)\ illj-j 0|", Of \i\f lll-HIIIJJvJjt #!'��� Wjj-
ing   (lie Union Cigar Faclory, found it
neecssu y lo erect  a   sepai-ile luiildiiig
j sengers and freight for Trout  Lake
i and   Ferguson.      Considering   the
'size of the place, a large amount of
| busiiies.s   is   done   here.     Messrs.
I Craig A Hillman  have splendidly
I equipped stables which supply pack
| and saddle horses for miners, pros-
! pec tor?, experts and  all sorts  and
I conditions of men for thirty miles
arounth    Forty pack and'saddle
horses of good stamp arc kept, and
Mr. Craig has just gone   out   (o
purchase  another    lot,    specially
with a view to packing out ore from
some of the outlying cuiups.   Thc
firm also run.a stage thrice weekly
each way between Thomson's Land-
ing and  Ferguson  aud have four
teams continuously on   the   road
hauling  freight   from   Thomson'.-
Landing to Trout  Lake and  Fer-
guscn.    There arc two hotels here-
the Prospector';-: Exchange, a  larf:<-
for the purpose, and has the work well ; building conducted by  T. W. Gra
in   hand.     The    liuilding    is     iieing
erected  mi   lhe ground whii li was for-
ham.  and  tlie  Pioneer,  of   whicl
Rate is  tlie  landlord,    K.\"
���������liiopt 6f'r"i\Yir\iru}i>ii(\n    [c   II f*i)T'(l('��i
mi 113  site  101'  u  town,
nestling in the valley, and between
the mouth of thc La nio j'iver and
Trout Lake, is the characteristic of
Trout Lake! City.    The  lovui has
grown   considerably .of   late   and
gives every promise of becoming an
imj ci'tant business centre and railway point.  Four good hotels afford
accommodation for travellers, and
the stores arc well stocked with all
the requirements of a mining camp.
There are also a mining recorder'.-
office, assay officc\ schcolhousc, and
Trout Lake City is headquarters of
Capt. Davey and other well-known
mining'men,   Mrs, Jowctt runs the
Trent Lake City Hotel, the pioneer
hou'e'of the town; D. R. McLennan
owns the  Windsor:   Messrs, Abrahamson   Pros,   the   Queens;   and
Messrs. Madden nnd  Levequc are
conducting thc Lakeview,  N.   Lay,
the former landlord, devoting most
of his time to his mi 11 ing'properties.
C. R, IJuiik1 & Co, have here a finer
'stoiv than their   Revelstoke premises, and overhead is a public  ball
winch is used  for  (lances,  socials,
meetings, and answers the purposes
of a local church.    Messrs.  Hume
it Co, opened here in 1890, and ' ]i.
Li  Godsde is   in   charge   of   this
branch   of    thc   -firm's;   business.
Masterson & Griffith opened two
years ago in the general stoi'c business and have a well-stocked establishment, and J, IT..Cui'rie, formerly    manager   for   Hume   &   Co,,
conducts: the   post   oflice,   general
store, and thc telephone agency. ���
J. O. Piper, who is one of tin-
owners of lhe lownsile, conducts i.
gents furni'iliiiig 'tun' general Iioijsi
furniture wareliousi; as well.
The city hnaits 11 weekly nevv.spiipei'.
(<MHJR-toJ tU }'''!'l/''{))
This property is on the west side
of Fish Creek, three miles from
Camborne". It consists of nine
claims. The development work in
hand here consists of surface work
and tunneling, and'twenty men
are now employed on the property.
There arefsix veins on the Camborne group, most of which carry
golcl values. One vein is ,ten feet
in width and 'the assays so far
made have given'-' the extraordinarily high average of $'10' per ton
free golcl. Another vein on' this
property'presents an immense bod\
of quartz, being 40 feet in width,
carrying good milling values, and
the whole of thc vein appears tb
yield ' average paying values.
(Several of the other veins appear to
carry quantities of free gold, but of
course on a property oi' such extensive ore-bodies it will take some
time to test all these veins,' and'
work is meantime being confined
to the principal ore-bodies.
This property, also owned by Mr.
Rosenberger, adjoins the " Eva
group, and consists of five claims.
Jvigbt men arc now employed on.
development work on this property.
Two veins have been discovered oh
the group, one known as the
Criterion and (he other as the
Oyster vein. The latter is"from
ten to.fifteen feet in width, carrying
good values in free-milling gold,
and the Criterion vein appears to
have a width of from 2 to 15 feet.
Thc values in the "Criterion vein
average very high���$25 to $80.
Numerous open cuts have now been
run on this vein and .where it has
been broken into the quartz, has
shown fine specimens of free gold.
On tho Criterion claim of this
group, should tho tunnel being
driven prove thc ore to continue to
'a depth of a hundred feet, it will
place half a million dollars worth
of ore in sight, thus showing thc
magnitude of the property.-'
Mr. Rosenberger has taken steps
to crown grant these properties,
and the surveys are now being
prosecuted by Mr. Green of Nelson.
Mr, Rosenberger has secured a
water right of 500 inches on Men-
hinick Creek for the purpose1 of
providing power for operating the
It Is At the Instance ol ,0old Com-
missioner Graham,
Referring-to the Atlin Piiquiry, now
iieing made hy Judge .McCuil, we are
i'nformer! on good authority thai, tho
enquiry has lifen hrought about at
llm request of Gold CumniisMoner
Graham, ,
It is well known that when Ml*.
Graham went to Atlin ho hid 11 terrible tiinglo to HtntiglitP.il out an J was
of course, bound to make, eneniie.i.
rfojne of the.so parties have, been making complaints which Mr. Graham
���le'uiiiuded sliould he inv est igai ed,
This news will i.p gratifying to Mr.
Graham's old friends iu Re^elstukn ,
���alm learned with somo ri'slTjiii.slimeut
uf the proposed investigation".
nery Being
Taken Up
Rossiand Mines to Be Shut Down
For Some Time.
properties and the right is a valuable one. The properties cover an
extent of a mile tip Fish Creek and
have shown golcl'hearing ores ovci
I heir entire length, A tunnel could
bo driven into the upper showings
for at least from 3000 to -1000 feet.
The possibilities of Fish Creek as a
great gold camji are therefore unexcelled in any part of the world.
Samples of tlie ore from thesi
properties may bo seen at thc Canada Drug & Rook Company's store,
and also at the ollice ox thc Kcox-
JiNAY M,ULi    .
Policy of the VenJor.
On tli<�� Farwell c-tale, west of Ihe
railway line, within (lie la-t few day-',
VI villa lo!--, aggregating iilnnit -10
���ii-ri's, have lit-en .-.old lo nit-ii who vv i]|
lie actual settlnis, and half ti dozen
mure  villa   lots are being  negotiated
fit* TVP li' Wj%v ever,* }>w\ w
Evervlliiiig points to the fact that
1 lie. UoSsland mines will lie shut down
I'm- some ,time as the rpsult of the
miners sirike. Tiie pti'inps havu been
taken out of several proper!iefi, showing 1l1.1t Manager Mac Donald Ins no
intention of reiiuiiing wtulc for soihh
lime. One ipa.vui fur this pi nimbly- is
thai, the Norllipiii t .Mnellei" jm said tu
tie blocked with ore suliici-mt to keep
'lie. furnaces .running for ei^lit iiiontliK,
This will enable tin; LeRoi for ih��
��� lance to tealise. its shipped ore .-in'l
nay ofF in indebtedness to the Dank
of Mont real.
Several of lhe miners who are. in-
vol veil in lhe si like at Rossiand' inform us lli.tt they.iio nut. at. all agree .
wiili the nut ion of the. union in calling
out lhe iimu, but 1 hey h-el bound to
stand by their oliicers even
diey,'ire in 1 he ' wrong. These
���ilso --peak highly of Manager
Donald, itmi inform lis they hii\0
never been better paid I ban when,
woiking   under   him   and   they    wr-rn
well sali.sfl-'(J w ith the
lie. had treated them.
way   in   which
Twenty-Sixth Annual Report,
We are in ivceipt. of lliel&ih annual
repiu-i of ihi* Impei i,d R.ink. The
llguies .-how a Mum'std'nl ycai's hi:��j.
ne.ss-, dividends amounting to y p,M.
ei'iit having In-eii paid and $1211,0^
milled In lest fund, uhich now sluiids
at Sl.S-VJ.li00. an amount (������uiviiient tn
71 per cent of the subset iheil capital.
The hank holds iM limi��>ijialtly
liquicl us-cts 8'',o53,511, of a total
a'l.nnnl of* assets considered good of
.$2!, 182.513.
The amount of liabilities to the pnhi.
lie is SI7,-107.5113. llu- hank inns show,
im; a surplus of ��4.711.018. The
Imperial is, on this showing, onc.i f
the. si.nndest  li-injjiinjf .ilriitnljiw vi yp-'yy.
^(K 1k00tCna^f1Da![illutV,'Ollkl n":"]":��  <,onfi:siou   *���'':l1-   ^'""l   vrorihy   of   the   great- SOCIAL  AND PFRS'VJiji
J-um.isnio uvkkv FiaiiAV. :^-^v.ndul , : positic n he h-dds' he  ;vould.  loin- ,'    , __
J'U.U.l.siiKD  nVKUV I-T.1D.W.
���il --
ubssrlptloa   ?vi��,   52.03   Per   Annum
A gentleman who saw the affidavits filed by the C. P. R. officials,
when they asked  for  the  ajipoint-
JCiiPKINTINO of every kiml at uio.st reason   I .%,-.., t nf tl,,, 5���,v.;.,l   1,���i;������    ;,-,?,-,,.���-,-
abio rates .ma .-.hoituat notice. m..iu oi tne st.iet.ai police, mioim--
U5 that they contain the vilest and
AUVKr.TIi-UCG   KATr'S   quoted   on   aiijili
���i ratio.-.
lying charges against   the  strikers.
'Hu   considers   that   fome   of   the
ACCOoMn for job  printing  or advertising
���layubU: or; the tir.-a of every mnnlli:  Mib
' rjnpiioii ��� p.ivMlile -trictly in adv-moe.
COKKKSt'ONIll'-.NCI-:  iirileii on all niiiUc--.-/
ot lou.il or inihlii' mtuix-i.    All (.-oiiiiiiiiiuu.i- I     ,,.   .   , ',      "
lion-* to the K.iitoi- miistu- acuoiniwiiiod ! officials? who lin'dc theie  adidavits
by the nitaic of the 'vritia-, inn nwi-ssniilv I ,     .
fur  iniiiii.jiri.in.  lint, -<- mi rviiii'ii.'.- ..c. suoiiU!'he pr^iec'iiti-cl.    vi hen r.ar-
(rnoilf.nih    L'orr^pDiid.-nL'eiiiiisM-iachthi)    ,. , V .     ,, ���
omceby itu'1-d.o* fveuiiijriii nriicriu Hud ,i I uainent   meets?   ono   ot   (he    lirit
V'.iu'" in lho ti.'rr Wu: ot the Mail .ittev '
receipt.     .
Tu;-: Kootkx.w, Mail,
'   lxevel.-.tuke, IU'.
1', 0. l\u\ 7n, HfU'lrK-l:*.' Station,
Telephone N"i>, Vj.
Ihii-.g.-s tliat j-houlil be demanded by
lhe labor memlier.-s it? the production
ere (his, have exhibited a desire
act fairly by the strikers, and the
offer of conciliation made by the
other brotherhoods way his opportunity. Bt no I Mr. MoXicol lias
uo use for unioni.-m. He .thinks
he can break up ihe. trackme.ii'r-
union.ancl that done he will devuii-
his attention lo tlie breaking up of
the oilier railway brotherhoods. If
he could succeed in- tliis ho would
make a railway system), which has
hitherto shown  a  fair  disposition
-Mr*, j. D. .Sil.hald and f uiiiiy left, on
Sunday on a vj-iji to the OkaiMgan.
Mrs. (J. i{. Skene returned Wednesday from an extended visit lo Toronto.
Mr*. A. I) ivie--, or Stialh -n 11, wife
of one of, .Slivilhcoiin'r. most, popular
niei'chauls--, ia tin a visit lo.Mis. T.
A most isacf-e.-sfnl social ��� nailer the
aus.nice- of Si. Pi'ter'-, Talent Soci-ty
wi-* hi'!d ai the vicarage ground--on
Tuesday nighl, th,- hand being iu
The dance at Il.dcvon Springs on
Tuesday night was a great succe-s am
-v-AKGE   A ���
fi sjJIU'LE  lu
^^S> ,10c a.r .t.i 1
Koujlb.   Hoalod ty
o ectno  bolU  an
li^ui in ever} room,   i'i to Luo -uucu-all
trains. , ,.    '
N'ifrlit Orill Xioi in in t-oiilK'etion for the
i:omenu.i.ei-oi ij,in. -in aiming m.-duc-
j-nrtiiia dv ni';lu iniiiis. Hourly Direct
car between liotel und alruiuii..
tow.ird-5 its ' employe.-1',   to   be   au j 'he gin^t's were drlighied wiih ill.
engine of oppression worse than the j ''('i,Li<'1- accord.'d i.iu.;ii by the manag
ment of lhe fcianilnritim.
of tlic.-e arridavitsand if thev are as i ., *������ , ���..,.    n-u , .   .,      ,,        ..     i
,    , . ������ ! tteel trust,    ihat is tne alternative
had   :\- ,-.-:iated    tho    government '
The   dance   nt   Ur.' Open House on
,     ...      ,       ,y, ,   -   ,  ���,    .    i before the railway men who  venire I ,v ",'' ' i"'c    . , ,  .    .,   .   ,
slum (1 le t'OHipc led  bv   the   lus-;*-   /,,   ���    ���,    ,.       ,      , ,     ., .   lH',-ln��'Mliiy.i.i��lit  nimJnf Uh-mmI-h
1.1W to. Wocc.c forthwith '.he    ! *  f   '    , Tf"1  ,"    '.";'-,���,,������,, ��� ,���,,,,r���,l ...vH,.,.,
rt' ��� 1     1        i      ,     , ��� ,      -       jnncture.   It the trackmen's str.ke | m iievelstokc ni.d refh-cted gieat ere-
��� .",-...,��. .     ;'^cials who so barely slandered a l faib_ lho olher  brothol.hood5 c;m j dit ,.,, "u,,. lilies Ai.:<ili���,v who ���,-
thMlliiovn:,^ S-l"'iy ,m ��bi,li,i^ rra,n I " , ���' ��! lT] Wh�� havei6hown them"! depend ou it - that  their  turn  will \ ��"1,is",i iL'   Tiu' l,M'"l'l'!' '"...Minted i'o
i \.-y....".' -,", I selves to be amomxst the most law-1,,,,.,,,    , : ,        ,-,       .      over SWO.    Mu-ic  was provided bv
'     ���       V^^^uc,               'ubidin, citizens ohhcproVincc.       * ^    '^ "   ^     ��WZ'    M-"--   T��y.��rf   Humphries,   .avvyi'i'
/��� h- \^'.''-s. r    J__ ations ot railway employes,  to  be ' and O'Xeil. ���
ypy  jj,Z].OXDOX, K\(,'.. AGKSpV, yy... zji
Tlie  Jliipcrial T;.-po'l-'oiui('lt'j*U.'o., biii'iitai',
Advi-rtisinj,- .���Agcnis, A Higli ritrcct, Ureal ford. I
bondoii W'., Kiisliiml, yyy_:',.  ������������.   ;��� ;;.y .., ,;,,;
zK'tiropciiii atul Colonial Adverti?iiio' Agoiicy,
Ml fleet Sly -yi-jy.; iy;:: y ::'.y-y;yi: ,.y��y��� y;
^'harlesjKypopc, chairman of the
.;y!;Z;'z;;''Z''jy:TOKO^TOZAUKNCy..:y^;'':''.-v ..; y
���:������'.'.CentralPres.-i Agency, Ciuiiidi'iiii'.Uh-'.'i'tistii'j'
AgOlicy, AKeiltir.;:.:,J:;y.ZJZZjyJ :  :. i '���;'���;:: iyy'yy ;
;'jv;'yi;JJJ/;jIONTnKAb':AQKNCY.'v:'jZ ':''':'y"
' '.'������A;Mcivici'&'C"o.'; iVsoiiis/-;. ''Zv '���������^���'ly-' ������/ y Z '
" DcsbiiratdAdvei'titiing Agency. J zzzy   :
y.yyi'i;iy :-';SPDKAXE;AGEXCV,;;.yyy-y.:'
j ' Alcxiitulcr"���'&; Co. j itdveftls'iiijr'-AgciitiJ.' 321
y'irot Aye, ������������;'-��� J'';yZ".:.''z;jjyj"-,;,:.' <%:,��� \yy
,.:' K. C. Diikc1,"- o'l Z'lncl? 0.3JMci'cliiiiitSZKxcliiiiiijc;
'ZABuii.ts.- ���     ..;'-������ ..:���!.-���-     f    ;������--���,���"'���. --. :'
y. ��� y;: ���, ���:' jXE\y vol tic ag kxc v.
I'eiuiu^loii'hro's./yfli Broadvvay.y-;
y' 'yz J y 'lyy-:-: \\' i.i' c 't^Ji.' ATI p.N,;.' jy /'yzjjZy'"'
fZ.j-Tiit-iVl'voii'i'ii.V'.iv' M.vii. inisn. lii't-'i-clii.-sZcir,-
. li'ijlutioii in .tlie Gil.v up Kc-vi'lsiolio iiinl "sii'r.r
i I'liinirlhii* Z,.il:strii;l, li'n'd- ids-.i   a I.J, the rollov.-iiiy-
^���iiiiicos:. 'yy.j^y.T.'j-vy-;' y. ���.<���������. -yi. ,:���"���..��.. ���.. '������������.
:i' ,' - A1 burl. Oririyon.   Z ���   Illoeillevv'aef y Z 'ZJ'
'���-���'(.ilacicry;-: -1' ';���'.'; ������ --yy'y I tigers'1'u si- J;Z: J J.Z
'i;!:: I ioldcii':'" ��� .yZj.J:;,. i; .Sa I nion A nil ���������      J.J J.
1 :-;i-A'it6 vvlieiiiiz Z ;r   J J Z'J'lioiiisiin'si juiiliiiyZ''
'   ������ ���'.('dimipliNV.       ���;;���;  -.  ('iniiboniez.'���.-':; .<������ '    J
i,' ,,'J'i-oul l.iiko Cily'Z , .  ]''ergiisonZ   z Zj ij J J
y ZHulcyonzlIoi Springs Nakusp  j.;y '.���:yyy'y
Z;Z:z'J(tii'toi\.Cily Z  ��',. v.'ZJi'irc A'ollcy.       '
��� A LIVE Y &'] MclpltTEl Ij
...Oi'TiCEs: s.MoiZsons ���'iBAxif'.. Bi.ock;^ lliivicf
:y;i: /::' ..;;Vy:-,;.y.'-.ST0Ivl5,  I), V; ������:������������:'��� r.;;'"-.J..rZ ':;;;;;.-
i    ZZMoiiey io loan
(i.P.-K j Locomotive Enc-iueers, has
���lsifuedy''a-: circular jin Avhich .he
slanders '{lhe tracknieuzmost un-
���waiTani-itb'iy';yz'ancl,{ is
i'more like that:df a'tool of ,'the com*
pany tliaiyof'ithe' friend of .labor he
.should j:be,'yiriyz his,jjyrespousiblc
position, y Sinc^ytho strike began
:tKe^<ttigiti^ have
.madezno seefct'fhatzthey distrusted
���theirzchairrnaiiy andijhave stated
zthatizatyiextjelectionppfiollicers, he
wbulclzz.bey-turncdy dbwii.i- Their
jud|fiicnt.seemsy to .���.&���'. light. Mr!
;Pb]jcvjcliarges-zthe strilcers with
zjy r;;'zjnien byz'wreckiiigjtrainsyzAVe give
���'Ji ini; tlie: lie; direct. ���;���.: The com pan y
jlVa've hiuhno nfore boiiurable. hclpcis
z-tlianili'c sti'ilcbrs' whbiia-vc'-'exeiled
evervz'effort, to yi!i:event' iiiivthiii"
jlilcfcyioicncezp'ridestruetionz of the
.- lot of j nicii: n c ver ;'.:j pi h ed i h ay's tri ke
forjtheir rightsy'zA."iiVaii'.V;like-.^I-M'ry'
jl'opc, :;yvhp ;;uses.jjhisyii'espohsible
'pqsj.fion as a-Sprescutafiye,of labbri
:to' i iij tirjy-i.ts';cause by false ;'charges
isiiiiwbf^c ���'enemy iof^usfellowyem
successful, should (ind the men  of
every branch of  the service stand- j
ing shoulder to shoulder  to secure
justice to all.
���/Id I
jij.mn;%\   i�� i umii. ��� ��� *.. . ... ���   o  ' ���'
Ollice.-1: :l!evelritoke, B.C.', /fori, .Steele,' JJ. C;      ������;,  .'-.  -v..,: '-���. ~  ���.   ,, .z       '���.'.-������ ':' '"'-;���'.���������������������'���' ,y ���     ,l ��� z '-.r.-uuuiouK.  .��� j lie ..annav   nniKes
Cl.ipi:Sj^lcavKTi-ir;'yJ;/;',j;x;.iriHVKy,ij ,
 -V./.!,;-,Zi,,T/.|,Zj''yv.zjzzZ:ZZ-, iyy.Pi.: ������.y-yi^yyyyy'yiy;^py-'y,y::ryy-yiy ���yyyiy y.y.
.(Continued from page ].)
" the Topic," very creditably conducted
by J. J. J/ingsialh
D,   L.   Clink's   sawmill    keeps    the
city folks up-to time, the. mill -whistle
blowing with the punciutility of   those
well known liuiekcepei.-. in Itevelsioke,
lhe C. P. 11. .shop and the   Fred   Pvob-
insun rjiimlier Company's mill vvhisiles.
The mill isrof lhe. Wat emus make and
has a capacity of   In,000  feet   a   day.
The mmivo   power   i.s   .supplied   by   a
boiler of oO   h. p.   and   itu   engine   of
.'30 li. p     Hie pliiiit.  includes   pi uiing
and moulding machiuei \,  ,\nd  li   well
in i.uiged foi economical winking     As
building 1-, slack pibt now  the   mill   is
not    u oiked    to   aiiulung    like     its
c ifi nit}      The    l-'g-,   aie   cut   on   the
Ludo 11vcm and tluated   down   to   the
y'Thw-e'yi^ on
Trout.: Lal<e;y the jVictoria, z/'ii 1 n ge
:Bi bs.y; iiiifl Z 'Cop t. J /lip 111 a n ,j:v JiV 11 d the
Kjler,:yvliiuh tluysarnejfiri'iizjpuicli.isefl
fi'oiiijjCapryjTriiiip, iaiirl y \v liii.li was
lliat-:geinleiiiaii's;vpriy;ite/ launch   al
Accident en Shuswap Lake.
Salmon Arm, July .'XL���Two lumbermen,  Jos.  DeLaurier'andW. McDonald,   lclt    Hicainous 'for   Katilt    la.st
Friday   when   (licri-   was a vi-ry heavy
>!oi'in on llu- lake.    On Saturday while
the C.  li.  I/. Co.'s .steamer Thompson
was   i('turning   to   Kault   the.-boat in
which lhe above  parties U-ft fiicainous
was   picked   up, turned   upside down.
An'oar and a  paddle  were also found,
but.no   (race  of   lhe occupants of   ih^
boat.      Tt i:.' feared that 111" boat cap-'
.sized and I.Iih two  occupants drowned.
Search  parties are   now  scouring (he
*r!J?^:rt.ti?l--ir1L':'a"--JJlt5T*t'?;T'*"**"-*""   --1 ri��� L-��.-i*wiT-r3j.immm.
proof   safe. ���    Freo 'bus
meets till trains.
Under same nianiigeuietil.
D?afnoss, Mo sos in the Hjad, &c.
posiliveK t in i tl b> il WiLUVSEAlt
LOTION. Thi-s m v\ Itc nedy goes
i ight lo (he ai ttt.il t-eaL ol (he di-i-ase.
and ii is i dec I ed such tenia tknble curi's
th tt Ihe gieatest hope is held out to all
���mlb-iei-, no in 11 Lft hou b.id oi lnng-
sl Hiding lhe cas.'ui ivbe. Ono bottle
vv 11 curs any oid'ii.ny cum', and will
be sent sec in ih' packed ,uu\ post-paid,
wilh lull dim thins and tes| imonials
upon   leteipt  ot   ^10)     Oidei diiecl
...Nelson; also 'a jga^iiiie JiOat.owtied   li\ ] fiom J VMTrs  11. IIaulij-s , 2J Stockdah
j'hevelril.oltc; lJ..C.!y
������i:'6rl Steele, JJ.Xy
���'������'��������� JJAKlU^TIiKy/SoLlC'lTlJl?/- '[KoJAUXy,
z^zzy/yz;-':;/ 'j-PUGup/ETC.yy z_ ��� -jy'^
' AlcKeiizie/Ayoi'���/-:  Kevelstoke,/B.."0.
' nj D W AH D A/ii AG Ci EN, z^  /
y,P ,.;/,/"MixiNqzENcuNKiJi!,:jy," z j ���'
(.Vlpiii. Aiiioriciin Iii'stitute.Jlinuig���������Etijjiiiccri)
. jMeih. Caiuuliiiji .Miniiijj In.stitiitc.).,.   ''
makes   a
.S   il
t sin tirt/1 ill iRJlauiich/ ,
:��� yjy=======rr^^
jlillllE^FilOTE^ ap-
zz ��� z/y��� z/jz/i.^-'���'.'::,/:��� j/Z /.j! poiiin��l Zto' succeed zDr.j\\*iiSon/<i
Z; CVjnst'able.Snel! luiik.S''after 'tlie i^ood
;bRliavi(ir;;of'jijie   peop
aiidTroiit Liike alike.
i/: A' iiewztrailiiasbeeu 'i'>pp,n.:0.c..���'������'(3.i.t*0'ctr.���
train y tiie   city    t(i./yiIff; /S'l-.ery Oup,
iiiour.itniii a nd efleut'sii greatJsav'in
Iio ul, S mill   L un In t li,   Londoi./Exc'-
At the/nieetingof the cily /co'incil;
ZonjFrid,iy night zisohic. Jcoiiiplaihy \v-as'
'���iiiiide/filibiit lhe, article iii last/issue' of
��� the 1\Iail;urging,!hat thii/vvater'svsteni;
:ofzi,he city shuuliT lie 'pliickiZon a iiit.re- /M'^n^Hiii and ('(leuts;a great:saviiig. (if
������'i-u1; f''Zi ''������������;���. i .ic.;.   .'''ih ���'''���.''"' '������"��'���' ! lime in leacliing a tiumber.of claims '.
s.i.tist.ictory.basis..y 1 he ratepayers en-    ",r >, >,       ,   ,,'���-���    ���..-... y
���'���y.y z, ���������������'��� ,' ������������; ���.������������ j. ���������- ���; ��� yy; '���������;..... .^:-���;���;���.. ,! y ly ,C yaiiipiielyi.s, tinning   recorder,
Jdurs^d byaJarge   ni'.jorityz.lhe/pur.,^
' .iseyif lheyvalet'-v'-utilvs ;a!ifl jelecft'iczijrecoi'derfot-^llie/DuhcatiSection; of:lhe,
Ivasio���'dist'.'iiir'i;  Hejis lit present load :
plant und ttiough'thfi''rtebeiitu're-j'/'haye'1
l.tiot been sujd.dt is' otiiimbie   the.  cum-
������ed'liti'Willi eiiough otfice work for two
$25,000 OUB &R4HD $26,000
Ornithological Contest.
Soiiicttliirf cidiulj   new    imkI   intcri'sting.
Itoiul what Mill nio tu (In     Yon mij get SI.OWi,
��� Our contosf. is lo'fco ivlio enn, iiial;o't.lic largest
liat'of iinnias (or kindH) of birds fruiii lhe lolluvv-
irifjlist of luttere-:   J '���'.'.'��� ye- '.��������� yy,-  ,  ,���,.
.W-pZOJO.pZ-C'C K Q IT L! A Kr'tVh I D G
e s p'njiE.L Ve b irpyrviw a p.o htl
-JWovvill recognise nsn .-biriiiuiylliitifr-'bclomr-
. ing.,co tlio -feauioroil ;l,ribe,..vv-riet!iei- it i.s a IUn
'.Cravy, Shi-jcr, or any other kind. j-You ean ti,e
amy letter us ninny linics, to niiiko a'iianiL' in. it
.aiipen.i'H in tlie liai of Ici-tuis.above; for i'ii-tninn-
AVoodeoi:!-,'. Wo.vcr,  Snovv-ziiii-fl, ,cte. ���'���������'J'n unv
��� poraona.vv-lid cin'i make? ii Iiit-ot. -'.) or more tlif-
���fe.niiit. ���,iiiiiii��3 (if.bh'rlH, we will give absolutely
1'it Kb a beautiful 1'iT/y: vuliio Sl.OUil or h's.s,
clsennan,  ��� vv^ .w wv
carry thc largest stock in' B. C. of .-ill SHELF & HEAVY HARDWARE
Wc are HEADQUARTERS for Railroad Supplies, Mining Supplies, Mili
Supplies, Builders' Supplies.  Painters'  Supplies, Harvest Tools, eic, etc
s\VFTVCT''?Zllr5'C asS0l"lmcnl of TabJc Iind- 1'ockcl Cutlery.    GEM*
We Invite Correspondence.
CARPETS,    .      /
'  Everything to furnish a Home in modest or elaborate style.
Write for our 1901 Catalogue���free, it contains'iooo illustrations, all priced.
:.y//v/;/REv5i.i;sTpivk.':i3'.':t!...../.' :/
^N'lliiiiiatidl/iOf'aiid/reiiorls onZ Mineral Pro- | . ���.,���.: '..;,������ t.jv.jy  ViVi,,,- ;", ^ "iy.  ,>p",   'illiun' (����','u^Ztn ..tliu ^mry iictivily'Vin
������'-'���. '���������������..,���������       ''.V ���liM'ties 11 Sni'rinltv                    ,���       -P'lUA . vv iiUliJ    taKK    then         .   nn.ni eil.t. ���'���������.���', 1  , t       ,   r    r ������' ���'������   ��� "��� ��� '������   i' ii"- in         '-z
.-���...'���,.       u^iiies a ���^.yi.ciaaj,   . , , y, .:'   ���. ,j ���'   .. - .-.,.  ���������-..  ..y.y;.. ������-,, .. ��� I-   -   ...      ^Uiiy iruut'Lakp  ni visiiiii.z-'M r, ��� Ganip. i. -,���.,,.
������������������-���������'���   -������-���   :".-|;;J'|]....-< riip"ii\-viip''r '^ fz;-tF,W '���n'.,-r?'^Jn';--"-'- i,i' !'-."t"v,1'liuii-j-ou li-nvo-ni.idcoiit.ydfii>:}l��itnH:o;:t(.ln3
;i'l*u;i!*: tiiR.oviif-i.   or ;tne. L,ari.>ti(if,,.)ii.| Hug outlroboi loinju*-. tliis ;>/.lvt, and reiuil i n.s
Jp'ii-i'ts'p.r.sliip"- wit'ljV J,  ��� ij!/(ck: nnd   VJyi ��'Uh rSmiiiii^I ^ddresHcci. envelope, stump ot
r' (,_.-... . , ; ypitr'otiutitr.v will a.,, ihaii if. yo'i -���p.i'o livvaidud
i v
Complete Furnishers,
Vicioria, B. C.
���Tlia 'uyiter.-*\'��tRiiiyiy-m -a yni?>at'  nu-,:
'satisfacUiiy statujat.iprtyen't nnd/it. .urs
uutbiTuiv/i^jjii-t'Zrjuccurred "/t!!-.)!-p.y'is.
ViiiUihle   zwtth
zpract'idaii'y   rid ��� vvate
yvliicti; lo'- iiarid!a,,;,itZ: z, Ar..Zt!i'��
-pdiictivc. /if ;t t!Rji)ri^ad<f -\hsr-f- : -yaZ-  )h.i yorp/'and/'iii ulu
,'.;...,.,    ..���:,:.,_,.,���,.,   r  .(;.���,      ty.-: ;, ,vptu-i)tiiiti[.i--,v wiii a.,, man ir }'om--i',i'o u-.v.udod
���J..'hti.it(iii, .in. itidinpMoti a Latintntr,  Up],a jirlaci youZciui It ���yuu..��eairc,^ot tlio-pr y.n by
''���-.,"������'-.   ,i, ;��������� .,��� .- . yp. -���'- -. -  ���' -y   -.-..-,-���-; '> cj,ni.-oi w q .-j.itvn fiwui'U ii. prmi! to: e-vi-iy pi'i'-
t'.vii luijci lifiiiv*-. TeiizMilH.Zaiid  Zwliirhz/snn vviin siiii^la i.libZiiain-i of 26 -"lilfits, jtii'l um-
V,n ���������V...'..,-:..-i..y    (l '''r,-L|(..|1;i yby;:: solntioa oncli...-day     '    ������������' '"
!"J Liul tv Duncall
No. 4 K..V/.-C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C.
P'uS-'p81,',^1';1^ ^W011!'01' J,in08 wnnt-ccl nt the EXCILANOK.
i,   .'���   ���v}^l''/l��N" OQM) properties vvatuod ntoiiuo I'm- Eastern investor,-..
EXrJVANOKVoruxhaii\1im,?,r01Ji;1''y f,,r aal�� '-"'"-luci-tca to send samples of their ore to tlio
All samples .should be sent by express. PREPAID,
Corrcapondeno*! .-olieitcd.   Address nil couimtuiieatioiis to
Ttiloiihono Xo. 101.   I'. 0, Hox "00.
NuiVn-iiav, /'���'ii'''''.:ile'iia '''bw;'t splirtiii'ii cai'b^iliiy a baiiutiFui'Tmir^tiJn
- ^ ���������I.cii bol.{.Idivtlic. ��oveii;iiext ll'.wl.solii(,idll.' enel
; J, CdMI'iyUNTy iU'O/ znnulc.abo.Ut. llil?;,: pressure and   the praiftjee liadyto ��� iic / pyip^rty'Hii ;t.!iii
���'���slow.'progress : bMuyinitde: witlbthel''1'11'^'"1^'-'^!'!^'stats5 oyiliirfe"'!'// v^-' TyAlicy.-foi-inpily of l.l��vekt6l/e,;
yonstriietion of the ^ardozrailAvaNvf "'^
\y . ������;    iy. ���   ,      ���,������   ������-.,"    ���'������., ���',".:;,..,.,    z;.;::  ���   v ��� ���..-;��� ���' z:, ���":      ,;���;. riru^^istyinid, -nncc   me   (Impart tirp.  nt
It 'is .stated /at-Traut/Lake that it [brm^ u:hy:;��ive  i,u-ir ,lllrt? y.,,-: Uw'.'y'Df/rNViU'rt.r-liP.fs al.n. rpspni.iiiife'- l,r  ^Infon^mln'^
'road^yhh ihe'nuniber^ofzznien "   '' '      '	
'���piy.ot':vvir,ier,('iii  .wSiieiiyUicy'ZcauZfif"
day. a Koiiralf Sii!;i!i Di-nionil iiirrt-'ltiihyltini,';
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all'���toihor coi'i'ict ���siiluiinri'Si'..���'��� Priaes of (Jooil
���Yft.li.ie.,. ..���.Theiie Prizes will be furvvai'ded'd.iilv.
y.iii will, not, Imvc to wait a long, timo in uiun.'V-
lainl.y��� before yoti know:the result..   Tbcfj is no
oii thi;: work.' j  4. 'gi'Mt ��� many meit
left 'prior to the recent ri-=e in wajic?. 1 P^1"^
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"/'vSL'fTLKKf'jr.t Thomi/on^Jvjintlingzj,.
cyniplain ihat,'th'j. sawdust- front/ WR     -    ..,-,��� ...        ,;
the millzat. Comaplix; has heencle- Vm^ti ^"^j^'';^'^"^'n/au ��� taky cn-y
ytrOvinCT   a'-rr-'it    n-nu-  :,l,',,iir nnrl i.i! 1-,�� ,-Wl''.t-t-'"-iinfl ^iii.z^iioill   accorfHll-
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,  ,   V   :.-  -   !     .. e.! ' ��� l" ��� y/.1   '" l1t ) yotu-. list id ,llio best, yoii shall hava th j Gold
'.'.slurp Und takr-i-'i an   active   interest,  'in yWatch or.if yeoond ��� beat the boatttif iii Tea Si-t
; ,i,-,tipr���'���'��� run ������,!.,(���,;������ i��� '��� t i'/n ;' ���-, if.,,.-;', M "lul s? "V-   '\Vu (faaraiitcc that wu will awiipd
ni.it.i.pr.s. j.-ert.ii!ilii^,,)y   Luo ���vvtltare   ot j y,-,u a prla'j,   'rhfii-ci.-sabsoliitcly no opuortnnltv
TniUL  Lukp. ,.JZ     Z.      ������ v .:���������"��� , j f"r deception on nur pii.rt;-.vvo eaiiiiotiUr'iid if,
1 :,,.|    ������-��� ���������        .- ���    Z, ������������ .���-���������-.      ...   -,  ,z ��� '���. |: \\y .vvaiib lo ��� ifct l,()!lO,00i") well sntlsfliul sub-
J.liP.fMilerprrr'.iii'i:   (u-iji otj Lung .&���', senbenv, and for that, rensnii wii don't want vnn
.'�� i.      i!/Ju     I ./i i- #t        '  '. "nilVVtft 'Aj-    L'nnit   ill'l'.'.n 'I    .....  1. ��� -1   . ..-   -	
���ipy.rAn.    A.< soon aitiii; l i���.itiv.-.caclijct��iy'.t^M P"."--
at Tiianv iruut and -p ���  -' ���      -���--��� ���,r...,,--rv,iii  ..^w,...,,^ : j j .vf(ifv j. fj; ^jf.r
.   ��� .'In n'i'MVTi!.- ��� ,i ii    'i,l!!f.^.i!-. ?     i,..11.-,.,'. ��� ���>,,..,;!.. ��� ,-r ': t...
lu prnvido,- an ...ylliO-ifiit 'w.-iici- yupply
tor which' iJic yliy pi's:.-
zjnit'a stop to. , ;'M.-r.\.Ski.:'iie. who at
j present.'.has e'lnirguj of /the nrilhir
;une/ofyhez best ^ortsmeh in the I /��� xH��' .TRA'CKMES:.^ SXRIKE.:.'
country and we arsyure thsniatter ��� y   . .     ��� .^^ . '"   y   ���;'"���/ '
his  only   to   be   brought ' to : his j:    By their rammony\tawards' the
, y trackmen ���lhevpr��5?nc manngem'e'nt.:
, ���',! of the C. ���P.yR.'/is'Z bringing' '.'ihtoy
.The SelKr. Tribune hay'bfgi:n-y> ['.discreilit-the griat name which  Sir;
':e government'1 y/illii'm Van;'riArna"" built/up1 "joy!
iiiipm ,11'ui;.    :                     ,-                ������ ���-.., y.wmii'.    A-< soon aitiii'.M|.iii...eacli,,(liiy aa pas-
'ni      ''.'     '     ���   c   ,'i     .-   '     ���,             ��� ts ysibla. I.lie (���.vr.niiili.'i-.s will '.huljrn tho I ��h t.M ta llu-
f-li.. rivvrifHx.f ,!h-'.t(.wn<itn,ai'P .1: i best ofZUieii' nbilife anil vvlli A^QalS tlie
D.'.Wci;.',    Al'aahiiiti.sdii    iJi-ns  ���':-.].   P J'-PflziM. ,^\'e will vvilt.u.ti) yoii nl.- oneo noUO'lnir
li../ ' r   ("'���   vi VL-'-'ny-ri',.' ���:������.'',- ������������' :, ' V<'U "'hat pvUp, ins boaiiawni'deZI you,, then'ti
I !i!iif, J. Ij. 1-ipflr, i. .Kt!pat.i:!vk   and'; ymi nre Kiui.-iflod. yon umii '(-'end' vour subs-crip-
)!��. H ���ir.t-lhp.r"/    :           ������'���'   '!   ���'       .-. .'��� : ti'?;i,t'yTii:;y\'oM,\Nyi .\V.6i!mV and -your, jT-lzij
.I'hu IS'VIUTuti Stioii is made on thc most modern last, and
is thc most handsomely finished, gives the best satisfaction, and
costs no more than tlie ordinary e.verydav'shoe. You need not
consult a corn doctor but purchase a pair "of Lwictu.s Shoes
and your corns will disappear. Made by George A. Slater
and sold by
���attenti-oir tc.ha.ve it .recti!:��c
��� ��� Caiiibf.riv.' i.=i' livi.dy llio;-!-1 day*, nn
av'-r.-i-^p -it'1 fnri \��, ji-'iijil������...(,-d-iii'{'���'iii'ciil-
at. Mi.. BtU'h.'iiiHu'.- h/.i, 1, y,    ���".'������'���
Iii;- .-iiiunr'-iirpd i.lrti ihp l.^v.'ti'un "itud
B. C. CrcJd'fii-Jds  pi ���('))fi>Ji' fi   cr.'i-t   a
the   attornev-^c-r-ei-l    ! rbo   r--iridi-i'i'    P'-y-fi.-      pyi,,.,,.1 : -tan i.null at Canilioirif  tn n.',it H
'������������������ 'UCs.ti'diii Lm- Jv\;i   yi-(n;;i .nt  nn   i'iil !v��� J daily, but the s*w:!i-| .��.'.*!iiirlze will be awiudci
1    J .        .        z .', cJi; .W.n.rdi.,J:/.'.':'. ..Vny-blid�� niiuie found in the
���Av .th"  pidic'tj. r'/rtirt   fni-;   iv;.rr,\n'i,
1-if-fni't'yMr. IyiiifjuiVryS. M.,.T. L^n^\
���' ?:���*-&-.   '}*> -* if- \"-
.���minister''6f.mine-, commissioner of | -Neither.- ..'tim'ytalile    nor    public
lands .and , worky and- provincial j;'intcrt:3t..cuta any figure yo long,, .as
.'��� secretary dismissed from the; cab; ylr: Mc}/icq! "caii .defeat' the ti^ck-
���'ine't; and-GiCcn-: Ellison yir.d . T'-i-{.men^y ver- uarrov/. platfomy for
'."iiw appointed in their piiicey -The /the manage ��� of a great rnrhvay or-.'
article appears'to indicato -a . prol-   gjinizatWn to idaiidyipoii'. .  \\'ii;it-
;tUIyy|']it;in the goycriimynt rniik-./cvia-Mt. McNicol may', have done
dint i.yal the ..''iiiiiv- ��� tim-,'yitnjns't.   (p.   tondvance (ho iiiterwt^ of theZcom-
t,he ministers with 'whom  it iinds   pnri'y.,i.n' f-h��'.pasty W.-'-i's'''rlipiflK-
fault.   .What   lho "O-iluiho  wants' earninv   for. it a rnpiiiatio.n  thai
apparentlyy^a  frover'nmciH to .lie cannot   hut   haveyeriotin yon^r, ;j 7""���  "-ym-z.'-',.,.,,....)-..   u,v.
will m ���bv.rvtitriiof. poi-fcarrliiijormlfl.1 Ton
pi'ivs-jM nf iini-1'ijwldi.Ti.i i! s-ii'iiirt iaipurisiblc that
w,.. ,:i:i(inld bu able to i|ia!(u..*iii;li it'jflK'intlu
(liJi.r. nut, wo hitva th.-i inoncy,��� bnihtiv rtiurrt'pu-
tatjiiii. wc l-ii.i'V.'oxiiytly- what vvcMu'odaln-f,
������in/] ir.wu ���.���tin.. Iittlt.-iitiiir.d.v fjiiiti i,i.ii)lIl.[oii rtiib-
nvrib(ir.-.-'li.v linn, ���rnind, nlwi wn laiovv' Hint UiId
lajljlnii ofyv.vll piciis il^uiMcr-lljuw can be In.
dui't'd t-ireroiriiiitaid Titti Wom/n'.s W'oHLIJ (o
all fi'M-jiirp, tliBri'liy.biiil-lliiL' up our clrimlniion
*Uh i.ai'tiv,", \ii!.nr(! .'.vIJIidk to sp lid S-iJ.inA
in tin-- w.-titaft, in biiiiilli-Kii'Mi blKfillta-caiptlon
I'sf, and wnci lli'.-i nioll.;,v .^spoilt v.'n rcriurui
Lie r jfr.t, !.o pul'lhii a iKiilli,-(it.|oii Mint, tlio cola
.p'Styiay bciai. (tiduoiititiuwl. Dnn'r, fl"l.-i.v until
ir U rf;��i,l��.ti',   Th.yconict. will, ccntjsiub until
:^y\ip'^Aimw Iv!-:o ofzg^oindependent
of a!i ota'av io tjin Ih.-im.-h who i-cikIs Id the lid
K'it.!.( a ii foil ihi'.bc-! ii,,,) li.'iiHjuoiiiL'-d. iiiiiiincr,
Oiic (.'o!iiii,it!i(.  will rUflilu niidawiti-d prl/.cs
who are also dealers in Groceries, Hardware, Tinware, Leather
Goods, Crockery, Glassware, Clothing, Men's Furnishings, etc,
Front Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
ably furnished with the choicest thc market
affords. Best Wines, Liquors, & Cigars.
Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate    >
WHO, V/E are,, ;.,/;.'
Tirr XV<3::a^fi ���\Vo;':r.D U n llifn-mi^ly rein
,.  ' ll.b1c:.(;'/.'l(.f.r
! ;idvcr,'l-'".
'-���i- .i.--'; kii'V.vn r-i do exactly tin we
��� lo ntir n.'lliildllty vvu refer t.o unv
ih'cilliMv.-icl.   '.Hvid.ffKci-'WiM L'ivci) Jiv
I... Palrii-ly W. JJ. Xi'/hfrl.-son, H, f.'iiVi ie
and C. P. ll. C'diista.l'l-.s Glnippi-ll Jinri
���Jiiii.'x'ns'ln l.hc'Mali' 'd'  i In: ��'vi|- Ir.-i nrl
ICCIlSial   ll('il)',' SCl'll; I lll-t'.-.!.   in id    lie . Uji-
���niiimiit.i'dz   fiy' Trial.1    ,,f.   M,   Scnii
ni.si'Clllcfl    fiii     the. .(���l/iiiyiiiy.       (jj..-
(���ni. iil.r'i
N", I!.-. I'd''.'uii'iil niid [inn,-tv  vorij- hjl'-r ,'"���, in
ywi' tly'i mil rcd'ih-e iiirbii'imid lol..!,.:i-.-.. Addrc-s-'
Thn   ".Woman's��� World',"   Brentford,
L^yVA/fejai];),   '
Wholesale and Retail
. ��� . ..   Meat Merchants.
Head Office, Abattoir' and Cold Storage:
. ���   -
.j :>  >,Y  f HE KOOTENAY MAIL  0/fi- SjB 3"''g*% "3'-3-R.'S , ���������'<���������?���������*������ s r-% E'5���������  AIM Ofl#fftbli1'  ���������'zSHRzGfifl/zi]  ������������������'   ,''hl5lL?z,-yuUj- L:5  */.i  Si  x;^.y.  ".Kocitehay Lo;!���������-?  Kor 10 A.F. c& A. 'Vi.  Ti;W regular r... ..ii  .  art: iicld in l!;..-  I  ,.��������� '���������'.y^^a-iy^yS^   ������������������������'���������'*"<-.������n,i ia-- ..i.  .'-��������� 5Ste7-"^jVi--   ^      iiaii-Tc'ikiIi'. ;'i-.-i. i  ���������<rA^mt&^^F^M=^ii:i������.   o:t'll.<-     I:..:  "^������kwj|',i'nii'!'^ nt ������������������"  ,iii'ii:t,li  lit,    s   ji.  , Vj's-ilitj-i ,.bi-i t br-i  ubi'li.iily 'Wi-juoni'jii.  G. S.'.\lL''iAitTKit.  Skcki:takv.  JtEVELSTOICS JCODSS, I. O. O. P.. Ko. 25.  .-r'-\\/>. Hp-j'iliirino.'tiii'r-- arc held  a  1 3     s     s. .-  r.v   ^.iai-ll!  L*  For Only W yent-  AIl'ivii- i!i.  'N...1J Kiii.- -. 1  ;ii-r Mil :.- jii.dsi-  1 aa  ji   in  -i.  II-;   II,.il,'  1" I'-ll llllllil II |)'-l'i  starting June  iotli   will  make the  run from coast to coast in  IOC  i:. M",a'E!WOX. N'.fl. .1. A. STONK, F.is.  H. X. COURSip, U.S.     '  SELKIRK I.OJ3GE, NO. 12, I. O. O. 27.  -Meoi.-- every Tu"-d.iv  cv-cnini;    in    ^eli.iil.  I fall    ai.    ������    o'cloek.  f) VUitlnp brctliron ci.r-  ' dlnlly  invited  to attend,  K. ADAIIt. K. G. .J. MATI1IK, Srx.  ours,  Cheap rales now in effect to the  11  Exposition.  tor rut03, tickets;, nnd full information apply  to  T.vV.  CRADSHAW,  A'grl,  , Revslstoke.  E. J. COYLE,  A. G. P. A.,  Vancouver. l  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  HsyalMail Lines.  Chsaiios; lloute to tho Old Country.  ALIjAN" IJ.NK-I'Voin .MontiTiil.   ,  I'.irii-inii ���������      ���������   July tit li  Aii'lrnl ;in    ".. ���������        - -      ���������     ,    ". 1,'itl,  ('iirintliiHii    I -   "    "ii'il.  Tunisian "    :'7tb  DOMINION LINK-K-oni Portland.  D milt!ion         ���������        .-     ������������������   -      ��������� Jnlytitli  ('iinibi-iininii      ���������      -            -      - ���������'   iotli  Vimcuiivei ,��������� Aug. 3rd  DOMINION LLVE-I'VonrHoston. .  (^omini'iiiwonlili      . ,   .    ".     .     - July 3rJ  j^'jvv Knglii'iJ    .'  ���������'   J7tii  L'oiniriomveaUli  '���������'   'Mai  UKAVIlil LIKE-I'Voin Iloiitrciil.  ^'a^tit ....    juiy ,3t,|,  liiil:u Cli.-implain    ...,--      "   j-.'tli  Joke ^leK'Hitio       ...-���������.      "   lllib  I/iico Superior " "Stitli  Luke Ontario Aug. ind  G3AKG3   L0DG3   NO.    1053.  Regular meetings arc .hold in  tho Oddfellow's Hull on tin-  Tlili-d'Ki'liliiy ot ciieh month, nt  8 p. in. sharp. Visiliiif.; brethren cordially invited. ,  TIIOS. STICKI), '\Y. .M."  ,     XV, G, UIRN'EY, lice. See.  i.l lb. s  ill!  I" i.  . 'J'ih-:,- ,,. ..,  * I In.' (.nifd -l.it" il t'-..ii v..i hiio "ill i.i,  vvaiir one or ilio-i' i.--1..-;:'-;; ]iii-iiin--. Tin -. .-i .  full ���������-:.:���������. I.y. Xo i-:;.'t -,- i,;i- ,j-i-i] *;),<. ,-'  ���������ind tli>-jiietin-e is v.i-II v.-oi-tiiv or a li.itirl'-.-iiii  frame. .\���������-.-'iit- c.-in -el! Vf'.i d,iv. Sample.-- In  Mail, post i.,nd. 1 ('.  i dnxpn j'ictiiiTs. :.y -i-i; f^:- -j:.-ji, ;i-.-,';:;| j-.-  ,'Kl in-. lin-L--. i.'iui     ������������������      fiii.i     ������������������    ?���������'(,  i'i������"    " t'l.ii')   ������������������     5:"'.0'j ������������������   kji,i  Rclicr or.ii-.-UTjat uneo and -ink:- vvbil,' ill-  Iiva is Kot;.. The Uiik- !'. ^ell -,-oods i- vvlii-n  Jlie people vv.uit sliom.    Tln-y wain tiiem acw.  HO^E NOVELTY W1FS. Gmm,  P. 0. Eo:-: 518, Dopt. C3i,  CHICAGO,        : /      : ILL  Attack of Eoyai Cancans at  PaapJeta.  Regular Meeting.  '. : s c. s /r.\  ���������I - I!'  Wi  !M,*i ���������-  ���������Fiiihiv  Alili'rim-i,  Alinthiini-  . COURT MT. ZJEGSIE  fgrnkwySm^1' 0. P, No. 3MI. "  ^j������m\       ' ���������  ;jlec!sin the OddfeJoiv^  Hull on the second and  fourth Mondays of eacl.  nmntli.   \'iditlnK breib  rcn   invited  to attend  J. RLVfJKH,  C, 11.  K. D. J. C. J0II.V80X.  R. S.  . Pa-spencers ticketed throii*,*); to nil parts ot  Great liritniii and Ireland, and at ipeeinlly low  rate-ito all parts of the Kiti-opean emitincnt.  Apply to ueare.-it railway or stenin.sliio atjent or  ������"     ������������������      .      '       ' ��������� ". o  T.  W. EBADSKAW.  A.cfont.  Rovolsiolto.  S. S: " Lardcau." '  1{'.i:i:i!ii3 Iisf.voea Ar.-owliead and Thomson's  l/iiuliii? eommeneing' June 10,1'JM, will ^ail us  follows (weather permitting):  I/.'iive Arrovvliciul 'for Tliomsou'c ' Landing  and (.'oni.iplix at 7k. daily. . I  Leave Tboiiiion's Landing and Comaplix for  Arrowhead at I7!c. daily, eoinieetins with all  r. P. K. train.s and boat.-*.  -    The owners reserve the ri0*ht to change times  nf Aiilings without, notice. ' ''  TJIE l-'UKD ItOLI.VSOX LUMBKIl CO. L'TD.  K UOJUNtiOX,  Jlainnrinj? Director,   '  . Thc ; ivri'r.i Un iinie' when war pict urns are  in ���������jrcnter c'einuiirl  than ci or.   '('lie eondMct ol  iheBriti*-h soliiic.,011 the ballIclk-ld Inn woa  the plaudits ol aditiii-iiiR nations.   Wcluive  of ���������jrcat expense jvablislied lour lc.i\-c. bcnutif r.i  piettne.-. size iv:ri\, on beav v, siiiif-i-iiiie, calcii-  dered  pajier.    A  pieiiiro that v.ill commend -' f.-ji,.  it.splf and .send a thrill to the lic-uii of cverv  trr.o  ('.-inadiaii  i������ the one culled Attacit c'f  KoynlCuaadinnsat PaarcioL'crjf. then'nre  liL rally litindt-LiK ot li-fnns on ihin jiiciinc,  tho inoiiiitiiinx or ki'iilee* sticlchit'i oui i;:to  the di.st.nice are i<vvi>iiiiirfr  wau men, while  here nnd tlicra a jiroMiatu Hijiire-jseisks onlv  toovvcll.cf the Jjocr r .'k-mi n.    ll wa-un Ih-.'s  battleticli  the ffallr.nl Major Arnolsl nm  death  iniflJiieliiimly.   It is only ino inn-ilini  many of tlnw piljimi., 11 in-is thm b-at i������,i Inj,'li  when   the ehacs-ijig ihciisanto bade them  God speed as tlicy Milled frinn I'.ni.ulii's -shores  now lie rtil   f'ncve" In Umely knwcs on the  iilh"r side of the  world under African skies.  To every Canadian fcoert, in ������vnry Csnc-  dlaa homo, the detds of ihtii' brave snklicr  boys ayezlt witJi an ii-rcsisiible   thrill of  Piitrlotrfcaxanaprifio.  Gordon Hisrhlaiui-  sra at tho Ba;t,io ot Eoimout. ciTargins  tho Boor Guns at Kla-.-IslspffEe, ei;*i the  Cliargo or General >1rsne3i,ii Cavit-ry on  'J lie   city    cor.nfil   nrcl  j cvenlnir wilh tho 'Alnyo:  jTonnic, AK-Lcod/i'.-iylot  | ;on and I\'euie prc.'-onl.  ! ('���������nHKhi'o-Vin-'ixc.'C.  1 Fi-oinJ!. IL Atl:in:y pccrelarv  hospiuiJ hoard, asking for loan of  city toois to clear hospital ,������itc.���������  t-i ranted.  From IL Tapping offering ijilo  for the fence at pest house.���������Decided lo call for bids.  From Chas. Devorc claiming $35  for clothes spoiled by being fumigated.���������Htrfused. " ' ' '  r^From Chief Uain reporting an  alarii; of fire at the .Central Hotel  on'.thp 17th.���������-Fylcd. ���������  ^ From secretary Vancouver Street  Fair extending' an ..invitation to  mayor and council.-���������Aid, Bourne  was appointed repi'e:-.eiitative to thc  i i-i.'iiik;  .���������li'i.-s!- ii  i-l       \\  I Ii'i'  iiiini'i i -,.| !i t:  i*.\-jj.'ii..-ii ions-.  I li',i--i- ul' our |-t.  Ml   Ui  .ill   ij  'il.'P'  ^i  -   i    ii-i.-iii.iu.   l���������ii'li|,..|,   ;,,  . .;.,,, j.  Till'     l,,-t, 1,1,,.     jrjv,'.     |......     ,|,|,|,,.       ,;���������,  I'divi^n   ; alit-nls.   ������n,l   u,,.   s . i-,-i, ,'y  will gladly  send  .i.l   liu-   i:,|-.,i,,,.,, j(,���������  IIII'VI-l-'lJllll-l' 1...���������n,i Id,. linMH  111 111,,(,., .,,  iliv li'iMliirciil. in ilii-ii nun liu.'ii-'s.  VV llilll  In. ,:.'-,-  ���������siilij, (I tii.ii ,)),.- ,,  '���������' iln '.);��������� i-ict i-i.;:  '- P iVI.-ih.kI. I���������ii.iii,..|,  iinn s ..!,���������- i., ,,,.���������..:���������,..  l-U'l^rl-li.ll^  ,,,.-    j���������-,,.rr(  o: in. in,n -.il iv-,,ui-,-t-  A J i i. ">-' i*~ ���������������  ��������������������������� i- -. ������������������ yi."i,-,!  io  ' "' ' -     .V'.'.l;    ,.,J. Illi-  ������������������������������������-. . ,'ii .- [hy-  '������������������-: ;- ���������;, ii't.i.-^ ii,  -  -.    i,,.-  i i.:i r  -:.v.--    <i   iii.-(iiir    of  r-.-i.iiuk- iiiforin.-itioii  -- -<n-i dcvcK.'.jjitnt  ��������� if N'orlh KijiiiL-iiny.  iKE  ���������mo  Til  S    il  .������!��������� -i  W  tlie, Ucti'oatln-; General CroRje'a Arzay.  Tbeceiire all alirrinsj pictures and criiriiut Irril  to commend tliemsulvt-s tn any one ������ ho will  pwinjnellieni. Tlicy nic SSO K051 &S������iL-  ^.RaJ. , A|,rciit(. coin money. Hiy jiri.iitx  r.noriiioua siieeis-. ��������� ( ie iiKcnt sold i-8 in one  i.ni.v. cSiiniplis nnd ferns io cents (none free);  ronriorfiii cciils-; Sl.oi, Jie ��������� di'-:eii; 5o for $-i.1S;  oil ror S3; UK) for $:i.5i. Write to-dnv for n  dozen and make niniiev, '      "  HOME NOVELTV ftlFll. GGMPAUY,  2os t>i3, Sept.. C3i l>,  itiiiv&ltiij.  ll hM    ^y SB  E. W. B. Paget, Prop, '  Jt-niilipl. (ielivpty nf parcels, baggage,  etc., to nny put of the Cily.  ,. Any Kind of Transferring  ���������   UndertsKen.  All rilvicrs, left nt H. },l. Smyllie's  Tohnocc Sn/tc, or liy Tnlt-plioai.1, Ko. i  will receivR prumpt altriitiuii,  UNION LABOR  Bay Only Uhioii-Mado Shoes:,  Citizens of Revelstoke: -  Do you know that $10,000 or  $12,000 a year has lieen going  into,Chinese coffers for Laundry   work- every year in this  toiun.     The Reaclstoke Steam  Laiuidry Co. are trying to divert this money into the channels of trade. '   Will you not  help by.sending us your laundry.  BUKER& SAXTON,  ��������� Proprietors.  IIKPOI.TS.  , The By-lav; committee reom-  niendcd introduction of by-law to  cloto V.'ynn street between Second  s-treei and Government road.���������  Adopted.  'ihe Public Works committee  recommended that ��������� the tcliool trus-  rces'bo a?kcd to request the Provincial government to acquire block  58 for pchool jiurposes and that  block 52 .nml villa lot 30 be pur-  cJiufed from.JIr. Farweil for $2,000.  The first clause lwas adopted.  Thc Mayor. Aid. Pourne'and Taylor were ai^pointed a committee to  interview Judge .Sproat as to terms  oi purchase of block 52.        ;  The Finance committee reported  as follows:  "Your general' executive and finance committee begs to lay before  you a .-statement prepared" bv the  treasurer shewing 'the actual" revenue   and   expenditure on general  A'In-all liy sitfii ni the ,tiinc> is il nt  (iriginnl owners ot Tumi Lake Cily  lots are now -filing lli-'in at a c(iii-,i('.L'i'-  alilc ailvancu in iiiir.'.  Sunn! cxi'it,.,in-ill w.is civ.il.'il 1,^,1  wi-.'k liy the ivpni uli.it. J.N. U flm,,|.,  "f Cle-.-la i.l, wlin i., inii'ii.���������i...i| wiiu  A. E. Wi'lcli, ,if Ldiiiliin, Out., in'Liir-  di'-iii liiiipr'ilie.s, Inul hoiKle.J lliu Ruf.  Me.I G'nin-se, wliicli in within eiih.y  i'tinc:i ur Trout Liikt-Ciiy, I',,,- jjiTO.ao,  Tlie first, piyiiii'til on ini'oui.i, ,,i ||ltl  liniiil i.> lull.' iiiad.. ij ex l, iniiiiih, 11. j.,  lliidyiMdiiU ii L'ii!ii|iitiy will Ire fdi'med  to ojioiMli' L!k. proiiei-iy. .Me-M-,  U^'luli and Hit-hauls'leR I'ur the cim  List week Inn will sliuttly n-liirii tu  l.lli' Ltinieiui.  f  The (Jroniwel), near Uu. |���������.ati , ������������������  Druivn CJreelv, is timler timid, tu the  Wrinii'i-Miller ���������.-.yntUcalu Cur JjiloD.UOO  and i-i owned hy JJ. Mur^iii, T. \\.  Graham, A.   \V.' Bniilli and J, Giant.  Two intiiiiUjng itiiniti-r prdiierlies in  Hie vicinity uf (|1(. t.|,y Hrt. [|le'K|nn.  dyke, oune'd hy S. Graliaiii'and Wil-  mid uf Holland, and the Et.lu-l, owned  liy Meal's. Uird, Aloyer, anil Mo,,ie.  T ie lalti-i- is liic-itej vvilhin ,ivvu inileti  uf'the'luwii,  ���������W. Hclinell has liiu Undid' on the  Kto mil fur lhe pnipo^; (|f i-Hyclin^  ffiv.it. iiiiprovunieiiis lu his L's-lninish-  uietil.  O.i the Birher claim al Pive-mile,  W. Si'lineli is doiiifj cimside'iahlede-  vi-1 i|ini,eti'l. work, n iiiiitiel.h'aviiifr l,e,.n  account, to .July 15, 1901, and the   nm isi;et;t mid niiuiiier^ieeioFwu'tk  estimates on this account from that  3X22.  eaiitiiul piei'ures it.  fmjsAH  ' EXCITEMENT, ��������� ���������  THE ROYAL VISIT TO CANADA.  THE CLOSING SO&NES OF THE WAR  THE RETURN OF THE ARMY.      j  of World Wide |  Intel,   ,   !  An Opportunity for KOOTENAY  MAIL Readers to keep posted  during this Period of Excitement, .  THE BMEST' VALUE EVBH  One of the ino>t beat  eolors.   Upon a background of Puro ������o:i(.  Gold rests" the Pniiiily  Kscord in tl.i  shnpu of a iiandsoine  volume with Go!c.  Jlaspa niicii ii cushion of crimson velvet  ivltli  a  buuutiful CO-'1 tc.czol.    On tin  p.'ifaes, under diil'erctii hcadin-j-.-, arc t.pr.ei'-  '.ii which to write the mime and date oi  birth.    On cither side ir>a beautiful scroll  ��������� ni which to record iii''.rr!n;;e.i itiicl dent lie.  On  top  of  lho pieltit'o nre    thc    word-;.  Tamily RaoortVin ilierichiutleUei-hig  knov.-ii to the printers art.   Under ihls nn  .-space*; for'futiier's and mollicrV iiictiin;^  In the lower pari of the picture Is a b������>au  :iful home soen3.     he doar, old grant-  parents, the handaoms, stalwart hns-  jc.nd, and hapiiy youaj; wife, tlie lovhi-  daaglitor an.i  euby ooy���������the idoiSa^c.  grandohllU-iu'e ali Katliei'ed iiround tin  labl", while ijiiiihI'iuIici- ivikImi port ion ������  God's Holy  Vt'oid,    A   truly  iH-nutifn  ���������ieeiip.   Uiiriei'iieaili are the -uinl,-,, "Get  Bless Cur family."   Around 'Inn pictur-  .ire eiKht npaeei- ror phoii)fcrrapli.-i ot olhe.  members of the f.iinil,v, each -pace eiielosiii;  aifom liuwer piece,   JCL-uu'iiere onrliepii  tnre are sealtei'id ci-eepiny ,\ iiics, luid-- und  bloi-'sniiis in rich eolil'iitioii, tlie wlmlure-r  .iiffon, and tln-imii ilitu hold i'elii'1'b,V tin  jrorgeotis biiekKt-iiiind of SolUlGold ivliiel,  prouiices a picturo uf dacaUn^ fcoauty,  'A^PMTQ xnv-' ,s Yoi;n Tn;J''- 'fi���������  riyLii I Q iTh'Ulnr jirluc In fifl cciils, bill li  ,ii!j-on.*; who sdi-lt- tliii mht, wc will rtei.d  ��������� ���������uo Tor ���������.'���������j cttiiii. uiir prlen ty n������?eiil.i!l lm  ������1| .ill for Sil 101 loi' ci-ti'i. \\ c pnynl  ;iiiii'KL'-> i-ird, ri'iiiin money for uiii-old pn  q tnrc. X. V. -7m.!;scn. Kilinoru City, IioukIh'  i o7,i SH.Tii, so'ui ihiln for liiilf' price, 'ii ecu:-  j each, in 5 day-, nuikinc So.'.jJ elear pi-otlt.  j Can you do bolter (  ^\'e have 6|030   tesClncliitils lind  waul  yoiu'Si  ,   Addrc's:  Wm NOVELTY KOOIPAIiY  Dont, COi C, ?. O. Dck, CIS,  CNICACa-ILL  i  ij  223E  ^i^s^^c?cpr?3?^ariZ23gaGsi5^  i By a very sili.-.f.iclory eltibbin;,' urnnij;:-  meiit with that fc-rest Kamily Newspaper tin  l-'amlly Jlorald and Weekly tit.ir of Montreal  wo are enabled to offer to. new s-ib.scriberMlu  | blffui'sl vnluu ever iK.-iircl-of/  ractei  This .sinmp used l,v I Iio JOHN Mc  PHELiSON   CO ,   LiinitP.rl, uf il,iiiiil- '    Tho ImIi,1k;u oi Uli^ J'ciir Promlsc������- tlieino^i ;  ton, tlie niily-U.ii.i.i F-i.tury in Ciiiiml.i ��������� ^f^^ontytuui every'.pei'Ho.i ,!,6tiU kee; .  'J                         i)            '       ; |)3>led,   litre 11 the opportunity: ���������      ��������� !  t                                                                          ' t                          ,   , . ' )  For the Small Sum of $1 25 we v/ili;  ���������  sen'd you until January -1st;. 1902, y i  Jas. I. Woodrow  ��������� BUTCHER.   ,  Retail Denier In  d.ite to ihe end of the year.  "'The statement shov/s that the  sum of ^8,462.25 will have to he  raided hy a -general rate on the  taxahle property within ihe city."-?  (i lhe sum ' required to be rauecl  by a pjiecial rate will be the sum of  ������'���������5.6-13.71. This will provide interest and sinking' fund for debenture  series A to E,   ' '  , <: Tho valuation of the assessment  roll for 1901' for taxation is $484,-"  061. Your committee would therefore- recommend that a by-law be  introduced to lory a special rate of  117-10 mills on ihu dollar and a  general rate of 15 mills on ihe dollar, if paid after Mow J, 1901, and  a special rate of 11 7-10 mills and  a general rato of 12 5-10 mills-if  paid on or before Nov. 1, 1901, ���������'  '"'The general rale here recommended is- insufficient to'meet the1  estimated expenditure, but there is  no legislative authority for raising  a higher rate than lo'mills in the  dollar for general purposes,"  ll., J, Jioi'jtA'i:,  Chairman.  WOTJO.W,  Hivoived that the finance committee's  report   and   statement be  received'and  the recommendation  \ j of rate be adopted, and that a bv-  j j law be introduced at the next nicik-  ) j ing fixing lhe rate of 'taxation for  1901..  Moved by Aid, JlouriU', seconded'  by Aid,- McLeod; tliat the public  ivorks committee be instructed to  bring m 'an estimate for the construction of an extension of an  8-foot side-walk oiv the east side of  MacKenzie avenue, to 1 lie south'  side of .Station road and thence  easterly to tho street crossing at  MeCa r l y ��������� bi ock.���������Ca n\ ed.  Moved by Aid. McLeod, seconded  Aid. Xettle, tli.-,t F. W, '& L. com-  mittecj report at next meeting re  lighting of Third street.���������Carried,  Moved hy.Aki" McLeoil,-seconded  Ald.'Xettle that lhe Public Works  committee re'niovc obstructions in  front r f  Loiiphred's block, between  .������ ''li r:.   '.'.-:ii|i iiij    ini',*:.d  'iiij< '/.) rcn-., r nn- tin-, m-.-o,,!;.  '���������V.    (W.l.'i    ll.,,   l,,,,)   ;,:, ..jr.'l- l,:|- his  int. iv.-t I,, i;.t. Fioiici t'nt'K. Iivilr-iriiliij'  |irn||.-|-| y. .  A. Bniwn has Ihv'u 'appointijil foreman nf ihe Whim W.inioi Ri-inipAi:d  Mr. ShitiiiHiii, nf Ei'i'^tisoti i> I'liRimyr  for lhe (-iiiiip-tny,        ._____.  ��������� Shvim-mI uiiuinjj pxpoi-is u-ho hnt'ft-  Vi-.tcil the Larclivni cxpiv^g, iJlt.  Ojiiniini tlmt it will nvHinniilly jirovu  l" I'l* in.iinly ,-t gulil eiunji.  "Since tin' (>������L-ililMiment ()f Uu- Uu-  miiiidii ns-ny ulilci'iil Vniii-oiivcr iind  ivlidU'tin -dUl hrnii-jht there, pikl huq  liven flowing ty V.-ineoiivi'i- nnd Vic  Uwiii. .*���������  The S'iiuhI.ik.1 Ciiiiip.-iny h.i> nrone (o  lite wall. ''Thi-i, iinmlini-. WhitHkci-  W r:r'ln /lui.iiioii, a nil'ilm expoMnvj (,f  ili^ri-i'i-ivi-r w.'iv 5o |,,u| Ui,-,t, the sinck-  Inikli-r.-i (,iil.-d i',,|- ihi'Iym:lii,iW,0f i)iQ  ru-pniisilile ptii lies.  W. JJ. Puiii was in Ferguson on  ,.Monday it.-i'.iiigin-,' id smit woik, on  tlie. Laiie prupeity (,t which D. Grail,  formerly toreiniui of the Nellie L.,  will linve charge, nnd will lie succeeded  at the Nettie L. by hi., hrolherV.M.  C.-fiil.'  .Me^rs. Long ami J,4ui!os?, of tin.1  T.-.iil Mueller, have l)Heii ex.-iinininjjf  thu Lril'.leim country with ri view to  siz ng up lhe iiiniHr.-il |>ro.>pi'ct.������ of Umfc'  seulion .find will n-prn t ih,a it is a  e nnilry of high, v-ilue-., though so f.-ir  liieri* i.i no huge turning.' of oie in  s .rlii.  , The Mine Owners Association Iinvp.  pr.'M'tited n iiiHiiini'inl io the D.niiiiiion  government ;i>kiiig tlmt u rnynl con..  ini.>..-iii!i   he (i|ipoiiiled  io enqiiire J'nio  is  in   piogre.ss.     He  is a!-,, inleieVt','d'   '!le '"'"'"K !'IWS. Ill,ci eoni|>l.-iiiiinK p,u  li'-ul'iily   of   llie   cii.-iloiiis   duties, thy  nliiMi In hor law, iln- 2 pnt cent tax, fees '  for iiicorpor.iiiiiii, the eight-hour lnw,  ���������riul Ihf mine iiispcciion net.  Tin* L-ir-.h'-iii' liv.-r c-u-vies placer���������  g.ild along ii, length. When in Fee:  gt|,iiii l.i-i wt't-k our ri'pie-vniiiiivo  -u\ a huge (|ii,iiiiity of gold in y\v.  Kiniioii cc yuihei'l.iml'-, s.iIV which lind  Iiieii   taken   ihi.- .,eii.,oi-.   out   of   ihe  EBBF,   PORE,' rQCT\aml 'lliil(1 >{^[na]^  ^-_y,���������-   _,     i tratke to pai-'s,  on Goat Oteek with D. Morgan, in th  Black Jack, Ohio nnd Kcntitikj al  Eiglit-tuile, mid in itieTetre liatiieon  the iiofih I'm k. A hond of $2.1,000 ha>  been enleivd into o'n the Black  Jiick'prnpcrty. ,    '  Ir, is reported tlml the O. P. U. will  itiine'dialcly place a (on.sti'uciiuii crew  at. the Selkiik end of the Laidu railway.  . Owing to ine difficulty of iih(-,inhi-j  men1 the conii actors J'or llu- J.aido  railw.iy have had to raUc"lhe v, nge.-i to  $J.5(J per day.  "At Trout Lake nn Tliesdav, heforv  F. T.AI.ev, J. P.. T. J.McB".idelwas  lined ,$1U and co>ls or u-u days im-  pii.Miiiiiieni for heing drunk nml di>.  orderly. A-, Tiout Lake Oily prices  itself on the oi'derline.,., of it., i������������������ li-.LiL-  tiuils il is hardly necessary lo nd I il at  the ollViider was a slrauger and (Jon-  slahli! ynell "took him in" and has  liini engaged in1 the improvement of  tjuvei'iiini'iit pi-dperly,  P. Bui'iis find Co, have, re-opened  llieir meat .������lore heie in charge of Geo,  Johii.Min, formerly with J.'L Wood-  tow of Revi'lsloke.  D. R. McLeiiniui, of the Windstn  Hotel, h.'is in his liar'sotne fine specimens of ore frinn ihL. Ncdje L, and  iMuliel groii|n, A specimeii I'l'Ltn llie  la Iter properly 'weighs I)[ lbs.  Mrs.cD.   P..   McLennan   will fftniti  frinn her ell.Nlel'u I rip ttiint.i, t||L. ] {L|,;  t). Morgan and \V. B.ily are arrang-  ,ing lo consolidate ibeir inlcri-hls in lhe  C-'I'pi'rlvingtind Copper Qm-en, which  aie adjoining .claims, ki as to forin'n  suitable giotip foi-'iiivesioi-s.  The AIpii-.o was recenily I onded,  assays from which ran ij.31 in gold and  1^0 oz.-'. iu silver, -  The following transict ions have been  M'coid.-d at the local recoiiier'. ollic-  during the monlh of July ;c 2.id, P.  Johnson lo P. A. Lindgren, sale of  inleiest   in   Copper  P.*ak fraclion, on  ,-nit b fork of the Luileatt liy Mr. Mc-  (/.Hy. The gold w',l, all cmii-'e, s-oiiih  nl' i h" unji-el, riniuing to g:i0 in .value,  W. B.  Pool .,ectll'.'d (Ule of   t!l"   l.ilgfst,  of these ntiggei, Hiid has had it al'titcli-  el'to the wall b-cliain which J. D.  (ji'.iliaiii, of Atlin, prusenieil to him,  'S c  A strike is iliiTiiti-iied at the. Dum-  niuir mines at Nanaiino us lhe owners  wish lo letlticD lhe [lay of   lhe collieis",  The poi t of San Francisco is |-.i-.-ic-l.**  cilly closed ai a shipping [itiinl owing  le. the li'iickiiien'o slrike on lhew;ilii������  front.  As a result of a conference between  Mr, Murpole, General Supei intendi nt  Pacific Division, O. P. I{��������� and a dele������  gal ion of union hlacksuiiihs, the wngia  of all blacksmiths fiMin Winnipeg to  Viiiicuuver have been incieitsed f ruin'{J  to 7 cciils pev hour. Fffnris tosectuu  a .special increase for NVImii! nnd Trail  failed. A new schedule containing  many' advantages lor the men was  acci'iited.    " , .'  1 The Inacllvily of Ralph Smith. M.P.,  In the tnicknii'ii'd strike has made him .  nislriisli'd iiiuong lhe woi kei> in Ibe  eiihtas well as the ������'.-si, iand at Montreal I lie' jii-e.Mtli-iit of the Tailors  L'nion deiiouuc'd his line of conduct,  anil dtcided to wiihdi-aw fr->ui thu  Trades and Laiioi Congfeas uf which  he is pte.-ideiit,  Par, -American Excursion,  Rubber Stamps.  fii'.k-M toi1 llnljlioi* Strttllii^ ?cnl in to flic  n/ll.-c (if tin; Kikii'k.vay Jlmillcvclatokcl.'.  V.: will bu tilled witli dceiinfcli.  Gunsmith and  Macliiniet.  MUTTON, Bto.|  Fish and Game in Season.  All or J ere proinjilJj- tilled,  iXf-rinu:  Tl.u Jiinuyi' wanted to know what  the cnnncil inlcr.clcd to'do with the  I recreation   Lrci.nd.     Parlies   lind  piTiuium ���������pictures,  "Christ in tlie Temple"   ;'���������  ,    & "HoiB).'.fpbiu tlio Wary  /  L.-iv.'rcncc'rf  i-Iai'dw.'tre Store,  REVELSTOKE.  AU,classes of .repair. and machinist  Work' promptly fitteridocl  Tie KpofaaayJail,  Tlie ftmily Iforaid;& liekjy ,'siar j A   i\|  % m % f f  aiid-lhc rtimllyiromurs two great'1 '.',v.   i ^^      ^   ^ O bjt t������.B.k &JL  ��������� ���������   Baker, ConfecltonEF,  Caterer, Eto.  Choice  Grroceries.   '  Graham Bread,  Wedding Cake a Specialty  . Mail   oider";   piomplly and  ��������� '       (-..I'efuily atli'oili'd'lo.   '   *-  T-Mint.noi *,*,-il -..t'i!'';. I-Ji;:ior pici.ai'OAlnn*'  is wnrtli ilnalili I lip iniiiit-y, Tlil.-i r.li'ul.'i-OM(.;i  nnly tn .Inly :il-! a-tlio Ripply of picture- i-  liinito'l mnl (iiruiot l>p proniiscd nftcr i!������:it,clu'je.  To any nf f'lir piv-ont snlv-crihois -vc. mim- t.rV  fniiely IIci-.ilil iiii.-l W'li'kly Star1 until .fanunry  UU-ipa.1, iii������iiiii!i)������ die Vwo.pknj;e,s. for-tbe  REVELSTOKE, B. C, te^Sl0^^'  to  leiue and  ,,ut ra^in  rropcr pha-jjij for use as a recreation  giound. 'He thought if the city  could hot do anything with it that  it would be a good idea, to lot others  take hold of it as-ihe city required  a nice recreation ground more than  ' anything eke.  'J l.o opinion of (he council generally wns favorable to making  F.cir.e we of lhe cify'= government  grant for park purpose?.  After passing several accounts  the council adjourned,  miiiiIi   Cork of   Cniiyon  creek.   \in\, J.  W.    We.-lf.ill    III    Jf.    Di   YotlllK, Nile of  Silver Chief Nu. 12, on Gainer creel, fur OiiAiiU'ii^t (j:h and y.'ptii|iiiie|- 3n\  .fi-200; lloiue.-take, Di^ \i\nu, Hidden 1 'lu' c;- p- fi- wil1 M'U Mckils to Bid.  Trea.-uie, Mile bv N.'O'Ile^an to T. V. I '",u fUul '���������������������������lniii al S=(l fur I he ro-md  JelTers, [\,v -ji.-jlJO. 1,'iih, (Jy .McCartney ' !'-il������ "'ilh a limit of (V) days in.stead of  lo C. Snyder, sale of (jtinrtoi' inten^i: ;:*'' ''ay.-,  iu Tom Kd-vnrd  ou smith fork of LiP- j     '���������'lli>! ndditinn.-i] IU) d,iy> .-hou'd prrn-e  dean creek j I'I. fiaillle lo li. J, IJani-.  of lio.s.-laiid,.'J2nd interest in Cionnvt-ll,  and Annex and a 10,'h in ('iMiinvell  fraction. J5th, M. JJealon nud \V,  Glenn, lo J. HiiIIiiuiii, Ihird iniere.st in  Atiacond.i, Jfjth', iM, liajes, cf Ivn^jo,  I" E, Hi Liiiliani, hall inieientiu Wn'lf-  "lone on lla.-kins ci-eek | Alex Gum-  iniii'! lo Titos. Jii-iin*', inleresl. in Ll.iion j  nn attrai lice imliiceiiient and doubtless quite ti number will until iheiii'  selce- of the chance to Wike i;i ihe fair  and visit I'iiemU in the east,  The   (Jim   Club  did   not.   hold thi-ir  u<iial shoot on Jj iliuday.  Tin Cily D.uid has been iv-or^anlscd  r Uiidet Uu- n line of the K"vel-loie  Uill (in suinh fork. 1/ih, J. II. John- j I'i(le|)ei.d--nl Hind wiili -he f,,ll,iwiny  son to 1'. Ctilkt-iii, qu,uier inieie.-t in j V^''1'1"1 ""��������� '''**sideiit, A. N. Suilthj  Go|'|iei' Djkeon soiilh fork ��������� J. .Mm ray i ["-rt'-id.-ul, ii. y. Wil.-on; Manager and  to I'. Culkeeu, (jiiai'tei iniere.-t in Copper JUoiiiiiniii on soul li fm-k, 22nd,  James Grant, to H. P. Jones, quatln-  iuteiest in  iMichijfan,  on  so.iih fo  S-c-Tiea-.,   D.   11.   C'uuiiili-!!-   Band-  iiinster, 11. II. S.uvys-i'.  It .-ippeai-j  we  \vei������   in   error   wiih  refeience   lo the  recoiiuiiei'dalinn   of  . Something for ihe Deaf.  Ill t'onKeqiience of our' arl'iele,   puii-  li-lier] I.i*-1 Week, concei ning I lie lecetif  ,,,.    f-    t, , T   ,,   ....    l'"-   "���������(������������������"liiui'i'ciniir.'n   or  rV.;..^'.S"i". 'miiJ\C>^IMl:rl,,J-|,1,"h"M'it'llsi.ebvth..M.eco.n,���������iltec.  Mr. Ai kiti1-. se( i,.i,,u y In lhe titistees,  has shown us a copy ()f (t supphj.  iiienlary reMihnion p.-is-ed by the com-  mil tee cancePiti-^ their reconinien.  dalionof No. 4 .-,nd  jidoptin-f No.  5,  which is Wwk 97 ti ity* y������rwej| t(JWU������  M'V'  Lainjf, Ihiivl inlerc.-t in Lee Hunter,  and Lee Hunter No. 2, on Goat creek.  27ih, J. Voting lo W. JJ. Pool, ihird  interest in G. Y. P. fraction onNeitie  L. tiiouiiliiin, and J. Yoini},' lo F\ \V.  Godsal,     U|j|4    jutfi'vpt   jjj    'Jiimie  ���������iV������Hf������fy-y TIIE KOOTENAY MAIL
5 ~- r D> '-" > (\ *"*"-./      ��   F*5He
A rJM: Gf!AP2  V\"ZL.*A   Or TimAS  POV/OEI
' J?
Changs in
Von can ';"'.���! Cameras & Kodaks ,
irom us al tin; Unstern price?.    Wc ���'
\<c6p a  l.u'tfe  Mipply   and  all   the '
Highest Honors, World's,Fai.
Go!d  Medal, Midwinter Fair
Av>!tl   iJakiiijyrdiviler.j   containlii;:
alum,   T'lcy uro ir.'-irloiw to hi-a'.ih
Sm       fa "^F tt R %& 5**        stand   looking   on   pr.iot ic.illy   doing
nut liin-; bul siickin-j lln-ir I liuuihs. Tt
-Uik<y ii.e \civ 'fi-rcibly thut if
.in i -hi-iii i- ;' -in^ in he i if .-< i i v iiitl ei iai
!-(.|i( lit, liieie i11Ui-1 ie llunoin-h c
opei'iitMii lint; -.'���-;i'in-:niiy of intuest.
Uniiiiii-m must l-e operated on liroad
general line--, witii hearty support
fiom ai! of its branches. Wil limit
thorough co operation and support,
presenting a solid and unbroken front,
ih". whole business wiil fall into disrepute and become a laughing stock
to 1 he wm It]'. i '
Li-t'he  t I'lickmeii's   strike   prove   a
  , 1  . . .
" | jf.iiliii*!   and    the   ulher   org mi/itimis
X.,l a in ui who went out, hetween !'vvi,1,s""" '���''���'" 1,; I'111' "P '-fliglii' *""'
Ti aiicoiiv,.r and rj.iult St. .Marie Iju-, { <jxi.stpnfc��. The whcle. business looks
���mne bad; tu work. " '      l" ,ul hnparlial observer as a blooming
the h liu at ion
Company Decline Settlement Proposed by Joint Protective Board.
Meetings at Penilnoke and Echo
I Day expressed strung sympathy a-111i
j the slril-ers.
i   '.Two strikers, ' 13ei tiie   and   Wildes,
. vi'eie. charged   near   Toronto   with   iu-
tiinidaling scabs   hut  lho   bench   (lis-
UOtl'l rlcii'V
,'    Pi-iiv   !.t ni'.c, 'M. Ii.,   is on a \i.-il!o   ,.. "   ,      ' ,     ' ,'  ,. '    ,
,     ..   ", " | lot onto,   who   appeared   iiH'-accti.-ed,
get ,0110       ,l' ��   -v ��� ! made .-.oine .scathing coinnii-nts on   the,
;     Mr. and Mr-. C H. McC.ii lerjeft in ' discreditable inelliuds adopted  by   the
J-it tilled  and  (..hu:n<c'i;s  for yen to , ' ���       (   -
('uliiplete pk'tl'.i'Co.
This i.-j the wcahcr to g
;     Mr. and Mr-. C. ��. McC.it ler left in ' discredilahlo methods ii'Jupted  hy
��� Tue.-'d.-iy fni-Hanir. , j company.
Iii me  Adair came  in Tuesday I'm iu |      Manager ."\IcNicol litis declined   lho
L'tl'oi nn- creek, , ' oilers of conciliation prufiered   liy   the
Mi.-s Maud Ijnice,.l'Vancouver, lias :J>(jint  lJi'otecli\e   Board   of   P.aihvay
D-i-n ai'ipoinlcd lea.cberat Feigu-oii.   ' ! -Unilheihoods.-
,,.     ,r .      T, ', , ...   ,        !���   This   Alherlan     renmiks
j ij   ,      Ml-s lielen   Dunn  relui lied.V. I'dne.--
iliy.fioui   a I vv ti   inouihs visit nt lhe
,   U  Mil. , .       '     ..
">    __  !     Mis.   Wm.  IJnvd retni'iicd1'Wednes-
fa ice.
It iijipp.-i'rs to ine supremely ri-
diculnu* (hat lhe irackiui-n should
have lo fight their b iltle alone when
oilier labor orgaiii;:;ilioiis, I raiiiineii
and.operalors,  could, by ' e.\eculitig   a
Miners Octagon Steel, only Jessop's best .kept.    Picks,   Shovels,   Barrows
" '   Single and Double Bitted Axes,' Cross Cut Saws.
'Duiiders' Supplies���.Nails, building Paper, L.,cks and Hinges.
HARDWARE ONLY,'- W. I. Lawpeoee, Revelstoke ���
\j^'      Carpel--, Linoleums, Floor    /
JUi t>     CI,,|1'-< Bl'l'ils, Wall Paper.&c
"*t "* "''**"" ���" '"��� ��� *��� ���** *mi*^**i
Second     Hand     Fundi in e
Used llm case, and  Mr. Pateison,   of    Ihoik  movement,   .vive.    llu;   situation
and put llu: McNtchol's and Sliaugh-
'uessv's heirs de combat iu -IS,hours. ;
I will watch closely tlio outcome of
the trackmen's strike and if no assist
mice, is rendered by lhe, othor organi-
zalions to eflect a settlement then may
we well   exclaim   unionism   is. busied
9> RflflV' fin
Revelstoko B. 0.
J��KLL.-~A'l. llevel.-loke, on Augll-I Jlld.
���'Jl'WJ,   to Mr.'and  Mrs. George W.
Bell, a daughter.
Di. Buigv.-o, deiillsl, Drown Block,
A blind has been organised at Salmon Arm,
,'    Furnished  loom.-, to lei.   apply i\,
��'A special col is I able is being appoint' ll
for the Lai do railway winks.
Jieinl/.inaii Piano loi saleat U. IIovv-
sou \* Cii.'o furniture si ore.
��� The  contract, for mov ing I be scIk el
. buildings has been lei lo ,J. Kernnghai).
\)i: McL",-in is aUendiug lo.L'r,'
.Groas's practice during the lalter's absence.
FOR SAi,!'J--Alli(.od..lileby 0'mley,
apply lo It. II. Mayn''. Hevel.-loke.
I, T. I5revv.-lei''o map of I lie Big Bend
di.-liict is now pitblUhed and reflects
" much cicdit on the couiiiilcr.
Three  (rains of Bpvvo'i th J^eagu^is,
i diy i'ioin a six moulhs visit to Salmon
j A-Ml.
!     .Mrs.  It.   Davis and   Miss Lily Davis
caiiie up from Feiguson Tuesday evi n-
A. Sl'e-.vai t, of the Enterprise Cigar
Co np.iny, [iriid' a  visit to the Lardcau
this 'Vei'k',,
... ;  ,,' ,, ,, ,���    , . I you inav possibly get mere, next week
\\ . J. Gi oige, ot Messrs. Tavlor and   Jr,,        "A      ,   ' y? ���        ,.,
, . ,-.        : ,     Oh, ves, the, .strike.s over!
GiM.rgi', dry goods uierchi'tils, is spending a few days at Vancouver.
' OcsEtivnt.
Kevelnlnltp, Aug 1, 1901.
-1 lie
trains have got so used .lo  coming  in
ativ old- time lint it would   le   a   nit.v !      a
to upsel tho time, honored (want oi) j The cninpany were yesterday oifei-
sysleui. The trains could then be | inK lln-ir I ale foicnien here time and
bulletined: "Xo, 1���Expected along j ���> li-df-find Hack pay for ihe lime they
any old timo, should lime been'hcie had been out if I hey would go back to
yesterday." "2vo. '2 ��� Duo today oi work, but noi a men would budge till
tonight, (barring  cloudbursts)''     It's   the  .-11 i k u   is settled  with  lhe union
Motighl and Solci.    Warehouse for Storage of Furniture at inonl lily rates.
/�����rt for' Pianos, Organs, and  fv. irg Wacldn s.,,   ���".
Spring' 4 Siinwei- (jpods. to Hai{d
��� Extra strong Serges for pants at $5, made'to order.
I;irst-class Spring Suitings from $20 to $28.
%* 'Be   -v
���2* ���
unmet (ting like the song rendered a
few ou'iiiiigs ago in the opera house���
'���If., you want to go 'tonini row,, why
you'd   heller   stmt   today,"   etc,,   and
Mr. J,tf. Fraser, 0. P. It. despalclu-r,
relumed Sunday morning from the
co.'ist wberiy he has been .-[lending his
The News Advertiser of Wednesday
says: "It was" stated by the local
C P, It. oilicials yesterday that llie
stiike would in all probability he
sullied lhis week. Ir- was understood
ihat.   wind   had    heen   leceived    ihat
Dr. M.-ii.'il l;i anci C'.ipl. Hughes of ll:c h'l tors had.-left Munlreal and weie
Dmiiu'stic Mining Company, nccpiu- ,' oow on their wiiy to the coast that
p.iuicd by Supl. IJiadley, returned I would contain "information ��� likely to
from Smith Ci-ek on Tuesday.      ���>       ] ureal ly assist'in get ling lhe men   still
o   Mr.  G.iliiher, M/1'.,   was in the cilv
oui to return to wot k."
o:,S,'.lu.(lav i.nu some'of the strikers I ''V *��cub _irain [lasted through "the
inieniewed him'iu reiri.i',1 10 the im- ! ^'W >iUl\ ��.M. Su"d'^ , ",tihl f,.'<""
'forceineiil of lhe alien labor law.
A letter pnlilished  by the chairtni 11
of iheB. L. 13., 0. It. C id B. It. T���
shows ihat Manager McNicol nskid
these,, gentlemen to deny Ihat tie
strikers would receive the support of
tin'other raiSi'iiy orgiinisations, which
they pioperly refused lo do. The coir.-
p.'iny is prepaied lo wage nny soil of
light.liul a fair one.
Missltulli Valentine, chief as-i-lanl.
.'it I ju- Canada Drug and Book Si ore,
acc'i.npanied by her si.-ler Mi-s Lily
Vii'eiiline, left- on Sunday to spend 11
few weeks al lhe Coast.
T. Tavlor, M. I*. P., came out from
Tout. L-il.c on Tiie-d.iy nnd.wenl on
to Mah-von.      Bt-I'oi e re I ui'liiiig he v\ il'
1 he west, Nothing could be seen hut
lho train ciew pulling the meanest
load ihey-ever hauled ���Alherlan,
''For lho lirst time siii.'e lhe in'
aiigui'iition of the trackmen's, strike,
Kamioops is infested 'with a "scab"
oulbieak. Strictly giiar'rlid, and pro
vided with a special '"armored train,"
a gang of .-oiiie 50 or GO ''.-cabs" are
now eiuploved in the yards.   The gang
'r-t'iiriiingfrom  San   F. a nci-co, passed | v ,iL   [/j, (J   v.ill-y   ami   lhe-  m.iiiIii rn ! is inude up'nf   impoili-d   Italians \iu
through Itevelstokeon Widiu-.-day.       i |10l.j,,n   ,,(���  |,[s  (,',nsl iti.toiu-y. lo n.-c-i ��� j Japs.'''.'-Se'ntiiiel.
G'ood   value's   in    English    Wiiior, Ltniu the n quit'cincni- of ilniu-ecl ion.     ' .   The company   have   lieen   crowding
JJ 1 iis-clls, and- T.-ipeslty   carpet, al It, j    .JJ,...   do.-.-, of  Winnipc;.r, inol h--r of - ���si''e(-''11' euiislaides iii lo Calg-iry.'   What
Bow-on irc Co,.'s I'liiniliire sli
u e.
Dr., Ci'i><--,  spent   Wi'dni'sd.iy  in   the
Ttic sale'of government lou u h Is al ' city, aiu'l   h-ft   yi-steiday   iniuning fur ;      j-uu ciaiipanj-
The ci'inpiitiy say the. - track''is in
NewD-nv. r.i'ali/.id $2,m, ay aga'nsl ' li .m.-, accoionani.'d by the D.K-ii.i*, ' fi,5L t,,,IM "'"'H1'- 3el il fl^slit train
W.T.M hid for iliciii in l^It.',    ' i T. e .��� will be j .imd at Cilga.y bv .Us.   ,H,t ,,!B r;uU Hl L',i:n;in llie> (,t,,.pr d;,.v
1 p,. .    ,. 1, , ,,.,'^y,.,i tin,,,.,'1, ,,,, \v ,i,, .   , ail(' ^'"- '-' "'fls o'ela\ed over 2 f   hours.
.   :T1i, GrealXoi.hcin last week l.auhd | C-   .;-x; 1... P-��- .1 11.. ....^1, ��... \\...m��:;      jBbi��cm flf Kw.i.r��..'.p* clismi^Prl   lhe
Oil >   s  .VO.  _  llOI.I   llil"  bll.lM. , ,.     ,. .    ,     '    ,. , ,     .,, ,   .
tvvii C,. 1. ll. special police, McDomilil
gOSas^dO    a/A^-ft       and Ward, who alteinpted   the   bully.
"din tOd   NU B tv.   '��� in^ "f ,lhe Cr-ugelhichie  itinchers   the
���    - ��� ������       ! other day.    The justices  should   have
' gone   further   and   dismissed     evury
oil! two 1 oaclies loaded   wilh  stiiU.ng
luitiei'B wlio  have   Ml   lhe   Itos.-hii d
.   The   first   si orey   of   lhe   new hoi  1
being erected by M Grady at St. L, on
Vancouver Street Fair.
Tlw niaiing-'!' and in.-rubers of Ine
coiiiinittee of the Vancouver St rent
Fair are working like beavers to get
everything in readiness for lhe opening on August 01 Ii. ��� The Fait i--ore
to beta huge success, and I ogive evei y-
oiie an opporl uuil y of seeing it the
Canadian Pacific Bail way Compai y
will make a specially low rate of .-ingle'
f,ire for- the round trip from all stations west of Revels!oke, Tickels to
he on sale Aug. 4th to 7th inclusive
and good to return leaving Vancnuv ef.
not latet than Aug. llih.
Wholesale Hardware, Ship Chandlery and'
.Mining. Supplies.
Hardware Department, 8-10-12 Cordova Street ' ''
��� Ship Chandlery Department, 8-10 Water Stree
Ono Block from CPU Depot
and Stoam^oat Wharves
Refurnished and Ro-modollcd
Rates $1,53 to $2 per day
On July 20il�� C. P II slocks-advance.J fiom 101' lo 1 OS in 'the
London iii.i 1 ket.
Ueiieiiil Mil iitger McNiiol was ex-
peeled 10 pa.s through today for the
co.-iv. Mr. M oriole went east yts'iei-
day lo ine'i him.
A 1 iti\e itioii hy W G. Treiheway,
foi ihe automatic coupling of the.
steam and air pipes of a train, has
been successful I v tested hy lhe 0. P.
The Great Noi llu r.i have purchiispd
the.Lethbiidge and G eat P.dls rail-,
way, giving ihem accea ��� to lhe   norlli-
Corner Granville & Hastings Streets,
R. DOWSWELL, Proprietor, -   ,      .    Vancouver,   B. C.
Vancouver Engineering Works,   ���
Iron  Pounders,  Boiler   Makers  and   Machinists,
Welinvo tho most complete IUACIIIXK SII0P unci F0U.VDHY cqinpineiit west cf Toronto
for the niaiuifiicturo of N     ' ,
,   '" Hydraulic Gianls, 'Riveted Steel Pipe, Grizzlies,.Riffles, Ore Cars,
,,���   nee ijckpt��. Steel Wheelbarrows, Stalioriary.'Marine and Logging
1    Engines, Steam Pumps,  Marine Repairs, Sheet Iron  and Steel
Work, ���'������'. ,'���
Wii liavo in .-slock for iiniiiedialo dull very HOlhKltS. KNOINI-X PUMPS. OKIC C.MiS.
WIIKKbHAHIIOWSniKl JIININCf mid SAWMlLI, .UACHlNKnY of fvorv (losc.rintinii; nlso
and SUPPUKS. ''.-,' '
CciTcspondcnce aolicltcil and carefully attended to,
OFF.CE AND WORKS-Foot of Heatley"Avenue
Vancouver, B. 0.
i.i -noiv   up   and it 1= llie m;il'i:i_r uf a !     li. S. Wilxm, tlie well-known  tailor, i-pc-cia!    iu    that   section,   for     these
fine sLineturr,     &     , i has   imported   a   nice   i.evv   i-ioek   of specials havp sliovvn themselves   lo   be
Tom Horne  is in cli.-n-'Tf r,f Lf.-iil ci'ii- t t-^'^Pd.--. \vni��lk'n? elc.  suitable for the tiip niosi lawless crowd who were-,ever
btrnction on the tun Hi fork of lb.-Lar.   ��'n*nirs ir.u!-. '( n:i uated with authority in  the.  pro v. , ^^., ^d   ^    Q    t li i- .ia _?Ii    tutinin
dean and  lhe, woik will -iti-Bulily linko ;     Tayior & Grnrce have jusl opr m A !����;. ", ' powers'on ihi-;'Ciu'vm* K,��M'ua.l.
tt inonlh'a time, ��� i out a n-u .,,:u sii-ndid  li.w i f raiiii-t       ihf' ^-""Uiops bt-mdnrrl speaks very , [ ,_ .	
rVlr/   [i   j,   Kiiide  bv   ciiippinp  and !-!(e,.v "^ihe  action   of the   strikers ,  ; ~.~~"���"      ���---���--	
i   iev��'I  lU't V  it  ha<  ih'p '-heie au'i yivea llu ee insiances   vi here j
Le men  had   raved   t'ie ' track*    fnnii ',
-���Pi-in^y u> ilu- lie-i.-l.   Tiiiy-:-   .��!i��.':!d   y*-''i-li,e scene of seri ,u5 wieck-<.  Yd;
ih': company N ungrateful   enough   loi
treat ihpse   ^cry   men   a.s   tie.vp.ih^eijs '
and tiii-vcute ihum as -uch. j
The company'.- special-   don't   seem '
wiiiic iMvir.!.-
-���il'ec'l   of   nn!:ir,:-   ;i   ci:-p--t   .-..ft   ami
1  The Dolilinion C'oiiiiiii>biorei'of i,ol
Way  tariffs"i\ ill hoid an in>-e.-ti-j:ai ii n
V.'^ardiii-r   local   rales   al.   Hevel.-lol e
Mime time ibis month. , ...... .    .
i oecome a l-iviu-ite m i he bori.e-5 el   tl:i
The  inid-'uinuier  Lumber of the I a-' city.
die- IJ'Miit' Join ind  i- to hand.    W. V. ���-���.-<.	
. o Alesaniii'i'   N   now   ui;iii.-i^ii>^: edi'oi,
and is tui'iiiiij{ out a Ui.-l da-s paper'.
. It in Mated l hat. Ifim. J. I)- i>,.,.ii cu
will succeed, lion. J. 'll, Tuner ,-i-
Tiv.i-ur��'i-, and that- Ii. Green will sue-
lo be any more select at  Gulden   than !
lin-v aie at J{eVe|-Oikc.    Sume of them ,
  ,   cre,i|eij n d;-<oo.icefiil >ceiie ur   JJ,dlisivr,
CATllOMc  crlL"i;v;r. and aic ifpoiied toh-ive taken ;i hiiiiii j
ft  i-< not, p:.-i;"r-,ii!y kil'ivvii    tll.it.   IJev,     ji]  lobbiii.'  Jt-ir,.   W,  C   Weli\ itiit'l; nt j
c-ed   IJnii.   Lt.   MdJi ideas  ijini-t,"!-. of F-ilIn-i' Th,i v��v pi-ci'-he-' lo hi- cou*:ie. Palliser.    The-e ,ne tiie   coiitemptible )
Mine.--, Mr.   McDiide   lakinj,- Mr. Pren- -.'.ition in   two   l.iii'.'ii.i-.-'-, rv^!i-li and '';nr--. ihat   the   con.puiv    l.as   invested!
lice r poi I foi..'.                    - ft.iliih.    Tn:-   i-   m'. in-<   m   ih-l.ti'if- v, i'l ii .1 u 1 hori'i y n nd ,o nied ���.- it h -^u ns.    .
A   rie'piital'iO!)   1 r pie-e.'.ial iv e of  ih,, ��� fudi-in el'nn ni in llie coi'!'jr--i,'alion. The C. P. li.   u-le.'t.nii   r"poi tin;;   a
l-'l.e Brigade 11 iid (ili/.-ll- will | t'.ib,ibly                         .e.'.\I.VATh;N  Aiy.iY.
wait   011'   lb-  ciiy  council   lo-niu'liMo        C.ipl. J u :,--o!,, w h-i l.a-   i.iiiiv   bun J i;('.   ';,"!'ln.v    '""''"[[    ,l '   ",
ni-Ki* thai the w���t..| .iii'i'lyhMiiiiii-mcil ,r, cii.-u-e   ,f   i|,��.  S-, I v,.:;..:)   Amy   in *'"���'! _"" ! |" ","11 '"V,    'X''"""?."'1
t'liem-'dy  ihe coiulIiimi  i-t  1 hin-,'-ie. iIjp  rny,   i?   ni-d-1   oni'-i.-;   to   ijo   to
f-'i'i'ed to in ot,i- le.iilui'-' column.-,
fi fine.
TO THE DEAF. '-A  ii, h  lady,
1 :"L at   Car 1.dull'   u.i-t    iiiiniinr    f.>k
11    liie.r
tr.n !-: .i'.d ���(���h.i!���:"!���!   imn   with   a!m.i-i
evcri  L'iine in li,--   I'.di-ii'j.ir.     At   ihe
"Conl-entment cannot
he too dearly purchased."
Fooi';-comfort fand
siiaps retentfon,arc nevef
dear, at the expense of
mere flectin v finish.
Contentment lo those
Vfho v/ear only that foofc-
vrtM which is priced and
pledged by lhe Makers���
"The Slater Shoe"
'Goodyear Welf^d"
PIT** .
i     '
Tlie difference between rent paying and the Birbeck plan of Rent Purchase.
Rent Plan j       ��� Birbsck Plan
Pay 810 or $15 per month for the \ Pay from $10 to $15 per month fer
use of somebody else's house for 10 j lhc usc of  a home'for ten rears.'
years.   At thc end of that time ihe I .,  .,     ���,. 1    f .,   ,   ..
landlord owns the house and money, j At thf clld of lhat tmie you own
ihs 'rcntpajcr   hay   a, package  of j J'our   home   and   savc money ever
receipts. ��� j after.
For further information apply to
LEWIS BROS., General Agenls, or to Q. S. McCARTER, Solicitor
l'liKtiivniiiiAN r.:rji;c:t.
n'.in^tiiey u-i'b'he, aii.iK. c;.,.--��0. B. HQME & CO.
. v.-:jt-. I    I ! 1  . r   t .V   I 1 1, j,. .... 1 .,,.   , ...    , {...    I ,   . .   1- rf.,       ^ ��:, ^        A
])'.  lh.it   of  tliwfi.l-v-in',' nn   !;|-   Il.ii]
Sole Local Agents.
of Inn- D.'afne.-ni.d .V.ii-e* in the He d .Mr.   II.   (JyyP<\  , hoirina- lei-   of   lhe w iiich ihf.  m-n,   a hi.i' \*:1.     J .ie   '."an ���
bv Dr. .Vidiol-ou'- Ailii i.il Ear Dnmn. Pi e^bvlei i.iu   il.iorh,   iiifiodced    an panv ha i  ���Ii   i.'.e   nviiilable   p-.!i-e   w,    ���'"    ''             	
.  'g.ivi-   S25,L0(J  l��r  h:.=   In-liuiie. wvi'iu ii,r��n.'..ii..sf ini'.civ.ni,.n at  1,,-t   Sunday the. '< ���.,������,.}   Him���i   Wl!|,    KU,.v    IUJf|    TilG   Il8VeISt0k0    HlSp'tfll    SOu'.jtV
clfiit pKiplu un.tble   to proc'iirtfe the- Eiii* iii"i-iiin;_;'-   .-.- r. ir *..,   ulie;i   he   bad     a 1 f-voli hi - to ,"i ."'��� t   a   n: ni   who   i-��   a
Ditinx 11i-iy have iliein fie-.    Amir thoii-nt  twelve   j'lveriile-   d".>-sc.-!   in m-..e   l.iw.aiiidin;   cii:/."n    li.m    the            Allfllltli   0(311 ^I'tll  MGOtill^i
>7o.  ��01  Thr  >:irlio!.-o:i  In-'tituu-, 7��C ivo-le.   They -.m- v. ry nirvlv, i efh", t- :< mpanv '< oxn   uiaua-H-     The   C   P . ,-���,. ���. ,' ", ",_.., ,,.��� /!.
rij,'h;h Aven.ie. Xrw T.uk.
Thf   folloivinjj loe.i]   fi-.o-liei'.- p,|��
ing lr';jh creditor! Mr, Cool-'.- Iran,it,;r
-.    Ir. i-   iiynded   to   have   Ih"   juvenile   d'-t.-r mni'-d to upim'.i the   la.v.     It   j,    Kiro IUM   ��(-.:r; wl ht-;'!'-l. Il.-Vol-tak.! nn Man-
ay. ���' i-i i rl.iy lie- .jj.Ii Ai:^u-r. liiii.
.    ' 'VllV. Ilr-I iii.iiii.il :.'(;in;n'l ni(j(,ltlii/rif Hie Hit
thr-    cf-u-fi.iuy    vi er<'     I    (i.t.ikell'i-iiil.rl J��icl<'iv will liuliul.l at ihe
 Ki'Vcl-'tfiki! nn Men
it the. Innir of clKhi.
."Watches, Clocks,
Jewellery and Silverware.   .
Vi?.l; ilanii'i \V. IJi-own, l^'crj.; Xhinl
JIh-.-, , ���.���i'iid-' C, Maude Grant, CCO;
Mr-. L-U1-.VI Cr. ���\Vhitnu;ie, ��'/)��� Fra'.)f''J.
I, Dent, SOS.
f'c San Hor On-tcf.
E-iTOi*. 'Map.-.
ir,��� N"'it bfin*/n uiiinii man   T
,!���.!< !'.- ti '.I' .i!;f. f-iii'!-. f.f tl.i' '������fia'cty nre
'i.ii'.l'il ''. !' ; ���'.';-)��� i'l ���".:: rn nil inwituiv
'.'."���ivlit ?;'-,''.���,-,''.,i  i,,^ ���.','������ ,ui:l ail .sucli ,u'i-
It is only by careful study
the druggist hecomcB u factor
in thc struggle for health and'
Engagement Slogs a Specialty,,
jvelstoko Station, B,C,
the exHmir.al ioiis : S-eoi-.d Cla��� trnole ' ''''"''''''"'' l'1''  M,'ish-al   \v niou   of  lhe   about i ime   ih*--y   >->'���   iin   "xatnj/.e   r-y    r, -n.' fm- r'a- inii-p"-';of eln'tliiK Ti-ii-itucri for
u.. AiMii- Rmiib, ic^'i; A'.'.v. Smiih,' "loruin,^ M'! vie" in I'utme. oh^in-1he law-; ��� h*.,n-..ji.-., ���Ll%y\^J^,\,ye'^U!!'n!,VijVf'')/iran-  Our roputalion 1'ias'becn wen
by   studying where to buy
iuvii'.d'.o 'j: \,:t..r.t. ' j and what lo bU/.
it l:, a'iKIS!*,     .    I y^c   1-j-ju.inLain   that   t'eputa-
I    Fmn,  fii^h-ful   flNficfiiKment. Mrs.   i,..t ilrl" lo piop*-i I;,   imdei'v,,,,d  I,,,,   ^'^plu \,)',\l, i                 f-V'-Ttiary.   |        ti()n by aircfni attention to pet^
The   police   at,    y-inro,;-, c-r.    fmmrl    S.nuuv (i,i\\.^,-i:  , f  Li   (ivnw,(i.:   n.   i,   i;���'t   mm   bi.oe-l,    of  ���,x,,���i-,-d    ^-_ '-���r���_ :  ���_._.. ,' feet flllillK of  prescriptions and
DilllV.    Ill-    ,1,1,.-!.-     wil���(���    ag,-   list    ap|l!i-,l I!',U-|,lrll'-.\l,-|lc;iS,!M-|,,;rM.,:|     |,-j��� ������ .J,,,-.  , ��� l(... , , || y    ;, y\.,;    (>ll.fi Y?p1 n    Wfl 11T Pfl ' lo^CSt  Ul'ice'--.
II--"'i.ill(Ui in lhc   (hi.i^o-or.'iii.-iiii.i,. r, , -oi-.-oi, I,,-,- h,.;���|   ami face, and vvrilc.    lab ,r    m - , nv. .t i.,:,-   dm hi;/   I in,..,  '���f d.XtilU    /VcWll-fcU. ,
I.   inb   Iliiui-'  i��; (',.,'-. <.|nie. ;ii nl ,oi���   j ! ( - f f ��� ��� i ��� !-c   cii!*-'  i xcei-ih-d  a 11 h-i I.(.))"���,    11 i,i!      We 1 a v e i in-   r��� .j , t, i/ed   ir.i'V ()r\c.    Ii'.'/v-!*   Mvl    MV:      General'
ii.nni.-al.-d   uiib   (Jhiif   It;,iii  w.ho-'ad-j V.   v\-(,i!<-(   vvnriders  in   S' icy Ih-nis."-, I'mmi   ���fhdnin,'/. for  Jii^'he'r   vv.a��e.^ .���Md ��� f .'.���n.'iiidn.:1:-;1,    for    i-Jc '.���(���! Klol'C    Steam1 1 ^J Vt/S $$*"    tt . ���   ^IW1. CAOj
vised liu'inlo let liim  f^<>.    Dii/Iv v^-iti    H.'n/Kni,piion��, (July. . I.Jurn.s   Se,.,|,N j .i heie c n ml be any rpn-y,? imi ai to i ���he'-i j yuiridr)'.   '-IjOoll ''v.'clgcs' to   pi'ofl- j      .      ' Z    n fho Druo*grSl,"
.however berbni-e,! v/.iii va-raiK-, (,n . ���.ml''IM,'-.    -Jj". y'CJuVi'' c.ti ira'iif-ced 1 y':-m'"i it's   of , I heir    ease..   ('hjier    Inl'mr j dent l:c!j>.   y i
IIeai; C: riCE:
McKinncn  Bldg.  Toronto.
George F. Curtis,
���vhich (iwiige lie was. .���tireMi'd..,iU Van-    lhe   Canada   Unitf'& \h'"^  V""if,!-l!,j'>
pvh'tjy; '.:���  _      '���   ',,y     ' J-��|fH^i^-.     y. ,    .       .        ..
Sncceapo)' lo Thr. McD. A. W. Co.
I'till   O'ovuriiiiiciil   Di-pDsit,    Insuvniicc nc-
CfptCd at crjuilrtlrlc rulci*.'
A. DEAN, Manager.
City A^enty-E. A. HAGGEN,-


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