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Kootenay Mail Aug 5, 1899

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 !   I
Vol. 6.���No. 15.
$2.00 a Year.
pi^r> ���7^^^*&^/ww&*&/��/^/^'^/&*v^^^/^^^
Tiie following document, part of the
inlercMing invitation . investment
course of the Bo.-ton and Uritish Cul-
umbi.'i Copper Mining and Smelting
Co.. has -i cached the Mail. One or
two things in connection with it need
f explanation.
���A'.   IP   P>.   Ilearn,   Manager   Imperial
JI1. N.  Couisier.   (Juki   Commissioner,
Yicc-Pre.-ident.     '
C. P. Shaw-; Secretary.
'   . "'    Kkvki.^i'okb. B.C., April 9, 1S0J.
Covt'iiij  Mixing   Company,   BOSTON.   MAS-i.,
���Djar Si:'.-:--1 lieg to enclose herewith
a report o.i th.- position "f Kevelstoke
fin;u a mining and smelting point of
vie\w.' The repoi t hab lieen compiled
by a special commit tee of this' board
willi a view t'i agisting vou to ariive
at'a d'-UMon as to thu location of your
pi o])0seu .Miieltcr.
Yours truly,
. , O. E. Siiaw,
Secretary. ,
i' ,	
Bkve'^toiok. B.C., ApiilSth, lSOfi.
i .: v ���   c
\Vil,i,'.\"i  ( ltn.'iTiiK. I'.PQ..   manager ot
'���    the Bo.Mon   and  British   Columbia
.Mining and. S.nelling   Co..   Rooms!
S2-S1 International Trust Co. Bldg.,
���  .Milk Hr., IS >-�����.0:1, Mas*., U. S. A. '
I) -fir h-h":- In reply to  your  request,
for our opinion a* to.the probable  suc-
ce.-s of  a ���smelter  il*  established   here,
we beg-to submit  the   following   for
your consideration ;'* ' ,
'      isITtJATIOX.
'"Sftisa'le as RevelMuke is on the main
line of ihe Canadian Pacific Kailwav,
centrally, between the well' known
joining coups of the J-jurdeau, Fish
Civek, Siocanund the .Lower lv oh ten ay
.Mining Camps, SjuUi: the'lllecillewaet,
ll'iuric. Albert Canyo.i and Golden
Camps, east; tho several camps in the
Big Bend, nuit.h; lhe Kamioops 'S'nus-
wap L ike and Okunaguu camp.-, West;
all d'iie'clly tributary to here, should
make Kevelstoke a very desirable
Trout Lake, Fish Cieek, Laurie, llle-
cilk'W.iet, Alliei t Canyon, Jordan Pass
and -Sioc.in mines will contribute lead
oies pincipaliy,* though considerable
copper aiul gold ores \\ ill also be produced in1 Trout lake and Fi-h cieek
camp-.1 Tiie Big Bend ramps, namely,
Cum1.-- creek, Keystone inountain,
.Standard basin, Ground Hog basin',
etc, c'!'i'.* are principally copper and
'g-ild ii) ���tisemc.il irr.n, thougli there, is
'(iin-id.'rauk1 lead ores iu tho same
di-ti'lc;.-". Tiie K'i'uloaps, Shuswap
1 i'.e ,i:id Oivanagan camps supply cop-
P'.'i, gold an,l iron, and 1'j iM, Kootenay,
aro'inu (lolden, has copper-gold with
sonic' lead ores.
l'l.I'XES and FUior,.
The brm-depo-dts ut Albert Canyon
aud five mile-: east ot Kevelstoke, with
the iion mines near Kamioops, the
coal ai Ciiimoiv and Anthracite, and
cuke ! 1 0111 Vancouver puts the mutter
of find aud flux within reusonahle"eal-
cula'.iou. N\"itli the developmenl. of
mill".-, th" neee���ily of supplying
jhixc- will in a great mea-ure he done
i.uay w it'i; a-many of our ores carry
nn 1 e than r-uflk'ient lo tieat them-
selves ,
K-:V''Ntoi*e i.- sil uated on the main
Jiti" of tlie Canadian Pacific Railway,
u liich run- e.ist and west, and ia the
jiiiuiion of lhe Arrowhead branch going .-until, which connects at Arrowhead with-Lhe boats which tun on the
Arrow Lakes cmiecting with the
lnauch lines which tap tlie Slocan and
ol her S uilh Kootenay mining camps.
A' hi,inch i.s under construction to
open'uptiie Laideau-Trout Lake dis-
trict which wiil connect, at. Arrowhead
tt ilh the present branch from R'tvel-
sloko. Thc Columbia river is navigable for nlmul, six months of each
year, 1'ioai Arrowhe.ul, 30 miles south,
to La Porte, -1:2 miles north of Kevel-
A company is organized to build
boat^ for the liver noilh of llevcl-
ulokc which will, when runiiingi put 11
number of the Big Bend mint's in .1
po-iiLion to ship.
'i'he Clirnl Noi thel'ii Uailwjly Is pUsll��
ing norlli and is, expected' to reach
Trniil .L:ike.t.h,isseiison, and with the
.(''ousl.i'in'Lioii of 'the ', 33fitij-li.f Pacific;
through the country moth, with the
' almost certainty of a branch line to
connect with it going up the Columbia river, will in the near future give
competition in rates. ., '
. It is a dilTlcult matter to estimate
the output, of a district like the Lur*
dean, in which developement is waiting on transportation. ' At present the
output is small, hut bears no kind of
proportion to the actual prospects of
the country.' This building of ,a railway thiough the disti ict would in all
probability increase the output.to"extent unimaginable except to those who
have, watched'the effect of railroad
transportation in other portions of
Kootenay. It is unite certain that
tlie amount of ore ready for shipment
how in'the. Lardeau is a great deal
larger than the quantity shipped out
of lhe Slocan during the first yearc.of
the existence of the Nakusp & ;Slocan
Kiiilway.' Tlie- marvellous develop-',
ment which has taken place in the
Sloe.in in the six years since then is a
matter of fact patent to anybody's investigation, jf ever a railway pierces
the Lardeau, it said on reliable author-
ily that the Silver Cup can, easily ship
100 tons a day. The assays ou this
mine run fiom 10l),to 31)00 ounces silver
and as high as $5fl in gold to the ton.
The average net returns from the'
sinel-er after deducting-all transport-c
ation charges, etc., of ore "shipped
from the mine has bean $lo0 a'tou.
Among other mines in the Laideau
and Trout, Lake di-tricts , are. the
fy-oadvie, True Fissure, St. Elmo, Bad
Shot, Beatrice, Black* Eagle, Nettie L,
Glengarry, and many others, which
with proper means of transportation
would no douhtMi'e able, to ship several
Ions daily. ���     , ���-, ,
' On the Beatrice, a 6x8 shaft was
sunk, and when'dowu 33 feet, 100 tons
of shipping ore,was taken out. This
will give an excellent idea oh what the
mine would do when op.med. up.
Tlie Bad Shot is'hon led  at   $103,(WD,
and it i- expected will   be   extensively
worked this summer.    The Glengarry,
-can ea-ily ship 100 ton ��� da'ly.
The Big Bend Country js one uf in-
esliinubk; wealth, hut -ofar i-> coin-
naiatively undeveloped, hut there are
many pioperties there which with development and proper transportation
facilities' would be able to ship large
quantities of ore.
The Carnes Creek Mines in thr> Big
.Bend have 3000 tons of paying ore in
sight, and are putting on a huge foice
of men as soon as spring opens up.
This ore, however, can liu treated by
cyanidation, and it. is likely the com-
pany'will put in such a plant of their
own. There are, many other good
properties at Carnes creek and in
Standard Basin, Keystone, Ground
Hog Basin and Laformu creek.
' The Waverley mine ha- had extensive work done on it.;-
There aie over 390 locations in   the
Big'Bend with   considerable   development on some, ot the.111 awaiting means'
of transportation.
Taken altogether, we are of opinion
that. Revelstoke is ver.y centrally -located for yout busines-:, and there is
every indication Ithat by the time a
smeltei is erected lhe increased facil-
lies in the way of transportation will
have already arrived.
, MAI'S.
Accompanying this w<> send you
maps which will show the districts
mentioned., We tru.-t you will be able
to make such ai rangements as .vill enable you to establish your bu-iness
here, and we extend to you th" prom- ;
isc of evers assistance in otir power.
Yours truly,
IJ. A. Buott-x,
We respectfully call the attention
of the investing public to the stock of
the Boston and British Columbia Copper Mining and Smelting Company, a
limited number of shares of which are
now ottered to the public at
$2.50  PER  SIlARlv,   PAR   VALUE   $10.00.
Full particulars on application.
MaKe all checks pajable. to George W.
Fiench, trea-ui'er, rooms S2, S3 and SI,
InU'rmuinnal Trust Company building,
do Milk St.) Boston,
Itaviug noted the date of the st'ere-
tiirv's letter���April Dili, lS0!h=lonk at
the names of the officers of the board
of'ttade. They are those of, last year
aud replaced by present,ones on Tues.
day. January !3ist, '09, How is it, the
iUhivu nuiiH's Hie ttsml in &\m\ WI
How, too, does it come that tlie
public oflice and business position,of
���=mne of th'i-e officers are advertised in
this connection. As far~us "tHenpublic
official is concerned the Mail believe.-
it has a right to~ask explanation.
While congratulating Mr. Brown "on,
his descriptive effort on Revelstoke's
resources and situation, it is fair to ask
him to explain how he can, for himself
and the board,' reconcile the recent
board outcry and persistent agitation
for a road to above the "impassible"
canyon, with his statement reproduced
"The Columbiaj-iver is navigable for
about^ six months each yur from
Airowhead,30miles south, lo LaPorte,
-12 miles north of Kevelstoke."
Smith Creek Giving   Up
Its  Yellow
Speaking to "Mayor McCarty who
returned'Monday from a round-up of
Big Bend camps (excepting Laforme
creek and Standard basin) he. expressed
himself as pleased generally with what
he saw. He reports a good deal of
assessment work going on and with-
good prospects. He \V.is more particularly communicative about Smith
Cieek where hej-hus but lately become
interested in exploring the auriferous
gravel of this famous creek. He left
Andrew Parks with two m-'ii running,
a drift in good pay dirt. The shaft is
down one hundred feet where it hits
iiin rock and they, are drifting across
the. channel to lhe other rim with bed
rock about four feet below/ 'When the
other rim is caught the shaft will he
lowered further nnd'tlie whole bottom'
cleaned up. 'From present results,
which are better thin expenses a good
deal, the prospects of the clean-up are
so'bright that lhe mayor thinks befoie
fall they will be getting out po.unds
instead of ounces. Me brought in' a
sack containing two pounds of the yel-'
low metal, and expect to go up again
shortly. A "good pump,has been,sent
up.ind everything Is working splendidly. .Andrew Parks who his' had 'faith'
in Smith creek sufficient, to. hold 'Mb
down for six years is now it is hoped
about to get his reward. " Miyar. Mc-
Cai ty mado application.this week for a
half mile lease on this creek.
' The Coming Circus ; :,
Limited space will allow but, tlie
mention of a few of the many nm-cl-,
lies introduced by llie Walter L. Main
circus this season, \vllich exhibits at,
Ruuilstoke Thursday, August 17
Among tlio most prominent, features
will be a'detachnient of the famous
Roosevelt rough riders; the smallest
elephant in existence; tlie celebrated-
Livingston family of acrobats; the
great Werulz family���six in number;
Miss Rosa Dockrill, the most beautiful
and accomplished ' of - all lady riders;
Martina Lowando, the Brazilian horseback and champion somersault rider of
the world; young Herbert, the.ten-
year-old clown j Lil Kerslakes, n
Springfield, Vt., farmer, and his troop
of performing pigs; Wm. Conrad with
his horseback riding monkey; Cooper,
the. giant, the tallest in.in; Wild Rose,
tho wild girl; Delavoyo and Fritz, the
funniest and most eccentric of all circus comedians, and   C.inandiague,  the
only horseback liding pony.
Dropped 'Through'Obstruction. ���
Ar special to the Victoria Times
from Ottawa states that owing to opposition important clauses ha\o been
dropped from Mr. Blair's railway bill.
Mr. Blair hoped the railway committee
would pat through clause 1, icspect-
ing the local ion of sail way stations,
but llaggirt oflV.red resistance and
finally Mr. Blair road a letter from
tlie premier, stating that at another
conference with Sir Chaales Tupper
he learned tlie opposition would use.
all kinds of obstruction to prevent tho
cl-uw' K(��ing through this session.
The result was that both claiises 4 and
'��� were dropped and the remainder of
the bill passed.'
Reform and Labor Association.
The postponed half-yearly "meeting
of the association was held Saturday
evening, and the following ollicers
were elected for the half year: President, Samuel Needhain; vice president,
Hubert Green; recording recretary,
Daniel Stamper; financial secretary,
John Stainpei; treasurer, II. Tapping;
auditor, E. Picarri; sargeant-at-arins,
Riuhird Wh.illey. It was decided to
change the meeting uiijhb to the first
and third Mondays   in   each   month.
Recovered Monday
On Monday lhe burly of tl. Far-
qulinri who with his wife was drowned
at Arrowhead recently, was iTco\ered
hy . Chas. ���Livesly, an adopted sou of
the deceased. ' He states that it was
not more than 10 feet from where Mrs.
Ftin.|uhav's body was funnel,
It Looks As If There Was a Split In
, the Camp.
The Herald, on Saturday, July 20th,
headed a one-stick item announcing
the return of Messrs. Fiench, G. W!
Beach;   Wilcox,   Rumens   and    Skea
""from inspecting llie Standard Basin
group with the statement "they are
well satisfied." Where did it get its
authoi ity? The .Mail is authorized by
Mr. Kellie, M. P. P., to state that Mr.
Theodore. XV. French, the second vice-
president of tho Boston and British
Columbia Copper Mining and Smelling
Co., came, unsolicited,to him after inspection of the property and thanked
him for the action lie > liad taken in
showing the mal ter up; and he
promised that aftei his arrival in
Boston he (Mr. Kvllie) should have a
letter to that effect from the company.
'He also piomised generally a hot time
over the  whole   business.    That  looks
like us if he was satislied, doesn't it.
Again ! Wednesdays' Herald announces: '" George W. Beach, T.'' W.
French,and Chas. Ltumcns went east
yesterday en route, to Boston.''' Thin,
the Mail is also authorized to contradict as Mr. French did not travel with
the others but by himself over another
route. All of which goes to show, as
well as other reports of a in.ire serious
character which it would be unwise to
publish at present, that, the promoters
of the B.'&.B- O. 0. M. & S. Co. ar-Pnot
all of one mind about, their prospects
and piospectu". It is safe to say,
judging from what N heard, that Mr,
Kelhe's statement of, what Mr. Fiench
said about a hot time ovi-r'the whole
business is likely to come about and
should it be half as hot as may 'be inferred from reports interesting dis-'
closures may be looked for.
Comaplix Notes.   *>   '
" Two more rich strikes are reported
on Lexington���Ureek. This creek will
surprise the world yet. '  ' ,
��� More assessment, work has been done
ih this district than ever before. The
old'plan of doing t.wo days work on
tiails doesn't go now as assessment,
much to the cliagiin of nunii1.,
B. B. Slarkey, locator of the D ifTodil
,on'Lexington Creek, was dowiv from
���that claim on Tuesday. Ile. claims he
hasaiuine, and judging by the samples
brought down and the, amount, of on-v
claiaied to be in sight he. must'Certainly have made the higge-t strike this
year; the ore is identical with the
Kitsap and Lone Sl'ar.' Lexington
Creek seems to be well to the fore with
reports this week.
Messrs. Dunn & Magee are intending
to work on the. Lone Star in a few
days, and Mr. Dunn will also work the
Ironside. If the owners of these properties had been working right along
more would have been liu'arcl of the,
Lexington lead lo Ihu benefit of the
owners and adjoining'claim owners.
��� The' reported wedding has not yet
occurred and the mosquito has vetoed
any evening boat rides.        . .   ���
Service was 'conducted Monday,
night by Rev. Mr. Pollock, of Revelstoke; it was well al tended.
-  Another Arrowhead Accident.
'Accidents seem never to come alone.
In addition to the. melancholy drowning of Mr. and Mrs. Farcpihar at
Arrowhead comes hew.-, now of another
catastrophe at the same place and of a
somewhat ' similar character. On
Thursday as the steamer -Tiail was
moving about at Arrowhead placing
scows,the hands heard a splash and
saw inie of their number, C. Mills,
sti ugglinjr in the water. A rope was
at once, thrown dexterously over him
but he was too confused or unable to
grasp it and he sank before, aid could
reach him. Ha was recovered within
thirty minutes but all efforts to resuscitate him were unavailing. Interrogation over the wire resulted in the
discovery of the wheieubouls of his
relatives, and they being'-desirou.- of
having the body sent it was brought
up here last night awaining information.
Tuesday's Council Meeting
At tlie adjourned city council
meeting on Tuesday the public works
committee recommended an additional
expenditure of S200 for grading Douglas street hill and Kootenay street;
adopted. It also recommended that
819.73 he p.iid to H. N. Coursier on
account of the cemetery, and ih.it the
city solicitor be instructed to make
the transfer of the cemetery property
from the trustees to the corporation.
A largo number of cheques were
Messt'3. Hawthorne, Bell, and Newton, of Revelstoke, ascended Mount
Mackenzie on Sunday last. They
started; at 8a.ni., and got buck, having reached the siim.niiyut (J p.m.
They tell tin interesting  story of the
climb,   ' ' '.���������..,���
Last night's meeting of the cilv
council was a most interesting one, the
sidewalk queslion being lhe main
issue. Abb' speeches were made for
and against, the advisability <.f 'imposing a frontage taxton the hunk sidewalk. The climax would have been
quite lluilling to the. .audience had
they, not unfortunately, left before
they had achance to he thrilled.
After the reading .and adoption (if
the lniiiuli-s of (he pievious��ineeliiig,
und the disposal cf a number of t'om-
'hiuiiications of little public importance, the report of the Hie, water, and
light committee was read. It recommended the appointment of S. L.
Saunders a.s chief of tbe volunteer fire
brigade at a salary of .$S0 per month
for the balance of '03, and also the
jL'stabli-huient of an electric fiie alarm
system, the estimated cost,of which
was $000. | '     ,
Ou motion of 'Aid. McKechnie, Seconded liy Aid. Kilpatrick, the tepoit
was adopted. ' ''
The finance, committee,presented the
city auditor's report, which was
adopted without discussion.
It was moved by Aid. Kilpatrick, seconded by Aid. Graham, that .$30 be
set "apart for the construction of a
bridge near the smelter for the purpose
of dumping garbage.    Carried.
Aid. Graham, moved, seconded by
Aid. Crage, that'' bv-l.iw No. 2i), re-
gaiding the discharge of firearms, be
introduced.    .
Aid. McKechnie moved in amendment a six months' hoisu.      .      ,
The amendment, however, was'not
seconded, and the motion had a walk-,
over.    " , c,     '
A motion wa.s carried to the. effect
that. the. Revelstoke gun flub be. given
permission to shoot on their grounds.
'Aid. Graham enquired, if it was the
intention of the council to establish a
crossing on Victoria road for..the convenience of teams crossing on Victoria
road for the convenience ..of teams
coining, from the lumber yard. .Several
had spoken to him of it* necei-sily.
Aid. Crage recommended 'that a
committee be appointed In enquire
into the advisability of o.-tuhlidiing a
ciossing near Tapping'-j corner. ,
The statement of the city pnund-
keepei for llie months of June and
July was then read. ,
A'number of accounts were presented. ,    ,
Aid. McKechnie introduced the
sidewalk question. He thought it
should be settled now. The council
couldn't go on building a sidewalk and
afterwards ask the people located ' on
its route to pay a portion of its cost.
They had adopted a repoi t embodying
the frontage principle, and now they
would have lo wait till a jidewalk was
asked for. ,
Aid. Graham -aid the council should
adopi (,!)'���'sy.-tem only. It had lieen
suggt-.-.ti-d'that, the trunk sidewalk lie
built, at the expense of lhe ratcpajfis
generally. That looked too much like'
favoi ilKm.
, Aid.   Kilpatrick   asked'  from    Aid.
Crage'a   definite    siatement   of    his ';
po.-itiou on the mailer.        -',
Aid. Crage explained that he had
been aiguing nil along that he was opposed 'to the, frontage Uix only as
all'ecling Ihe t runk'Mdewalk.
Aid. Kilpatrick -aid it was unfair
that some '-hould go free. It had bpen
figured ' that under' the proposed
frontage tax the prop--i ty holder would
only have' to pay an additional 30 cents
a year. I lis ' chief ,' reason for advocating ^tlie0 frontage tax .was that
��� owners of vacant lots should he
cha"ged equally with those who built
liomes.,011 their property.
Aid. McKechnie 'endorsed the previous -.peukei'o remarks., But the
difficulty was how would the council
get started? Theie was the .prospect
of months of delay. Would it not be
better to go on with this sidewalk and
pay fur'it outright? t If they could get-
people im its route to ask for it it
would be all right.
Aid. Crage asked if frontage tax be
imposed for sidewalk--, why not for
other street iniproveinents? He instanced the work now' being done on
the hill'. ' ,
Aid. Brown spoke of the difficulty of
putting through the fi outage tax. Are
we to have sidewalks this, year? It
was evident we could not unless we got
a petition from tatepajeVs ,-isking for '
it.,  , ��� '
Aid. McKechnie suggested that a
motion lie put. before-the meeting to
give them something definite tto talk'
to.       <>    .     - '
Aid. Graham agreed, saying they
were all out of order.
,' Aid. Brown, se.-ouded r by Aid. ,
Crage, nnvpd that ihat part of the
report of the public works committee
in regard lo ilieimposition of a frontage, tax bo rescinded.
Aid. McKechnie suggested that iu
order to prevent 'delay residents on
the principal st.-eets should be induced
if possible to sign petitions asking for
sidewalks. ,;
Aid. Crage'explained that' even in .
that event the council would have to
submit a bye-law to the people in or-'
der that the petitioners would have
only to pay half .the cost of the sidewalks asked for; otherwise they would
have to foot the, whole bill.
The motion was then  put   and   curried.    Aids. Crage, Brown, Wells and   '
McKechii'e   voting'   for,    the   mayor,
Aid.-. Kilpuli iek and Graham'' against.
The couucil adjourned.
1 ��� i
Gratifying News of Immediate  Rai!-
"way Construction.
Last week's Trout Lake Topic-contains the welcome intelligence that the
C. P. R. branch contract for lhe road
between,! he foot of Trout Lake and
head of Kootenay Like has been let.
Kepoi t has it that the contractors will
put on a man for every .Mump.
Il ul.-o says that ''the section of
road liet ween Selkirk Cily a'nd Tniut
Lake City, skirting the lake shore, will
also be let and it is stated emphatically
that by next Christm. ������* trains will be
running inlo Trout Lake City."
lb continues: "There N now m>t Llm
fainte.-t shadow of doubt concerning
the sincerity of the C. P. H.'s intention
to connect Trout Lake City with the
head of navigation on Kootenay lake
for thc above statements, are authorized
by A. 15. Doucel, constructing engineer
fort he C. P. It." ,
To Survey the Valley Lands
A party of Dominion land sur\ey-
ors, headed by Jos. E. Ross, of New
Westminster, arrived in the city yesterday morning and bngi:ii preparation
for their work. They got their outfit
together and took tlie. afternoon
freight train to Montana Slough,
where they make their camp. Their
work, it is understood, is the surveying out of tiie Ulecillewaet \allev
lands, a matter -vhich will be of considerable, value to the settlers here
and to the town. This matter bai
���been urged upon the department for
years, and it is a practical sign of the
now attention being given the railway
'hdt'by the authvrities.,
The Railway is to Reach It Year After  ,
;     'Next '      ,    ���
��� W. N\ Brayton, acting in tlie inter- '
ests of the Kaslo it biocau railway and
other auxiliary connections, was in
town this v.eek. To a Mail reporter
he'staied that, acting for the above,
lie had purchased a half interest in
Feignsnn tuwiiMie. and the conditions
slipul.i'.e ili.it a railw-.y will he, completed to ili.it town !,\ Januiry 3rd,
1901. Tiie Ka-sln, Liid��ni it Duncan
railway, he -aid, have <uivcVed with a
view of m iking lrPrgu��on a tensiimil
point to lhe north and south forks of
the Lardeau river, a belt line,being
tun from Fi-h creek. Among the
townsite interests acquired for his
coniji my, acconjirig to Mr. Brayton,
are all of Kuskcuook, all of Sirdar,
and one-third in Crc-Mou. Mr. Brayton thinks si-i-v highly of Ferguson's
location. He left Friday morning for
The Young Idea
The story, fiom its po;nt of yiew,
showing the bi'tn-lit of Sunday school
teaching. U go;.d. A Revcl.-tokc lad
of leudei yeais, going ea-t wilh his
moilr';1 on v.if.itiiin. Nit in his pullmau
seat foiui'inplaling the .M range aspect
presented by lb" prairies to his mountain-familiar mind. Suddenly the
brake.-man hurried through the car
yelling, "Calgary! Calgary!" and
thereupon tbe boy startled his placid
parent with the astn.vjidmg observa��
tion: "Say! mtithei1, thi- is the place;
'���where' Christ was crucified.     Which
hill wus it .on?*'. ������. -    ' ���'-. .
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ACCOUNTS forZ job pi'intiiiK; or- advertising  ;-;y jiayiible on the first of every month.  ;:������������������;.;. i'i:  CORliESPOXriENCK on "ail matters of local  : f or public interest invited and carefully con-  isidered.'.All coinmiinicalions lo tlie kdityr  supports steadily;. the .' 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The sad news of the death of Thos-  Sutherland in Vancouver on Monday  morning was received in Kevelstoke  with, deep regret. Mr. Sutherland  was but, .-i young man of sp'endid physique, and it was hoped by all who  knp.w him that his fine constitution  would pull him through. Tie had  many friends here who respected him  for his candour rind' integrity of conviction, and they oiler 'their sincerest  sympathies to alb the other members  uf the family. , George Sutherland left  Monday evening to attend to the last  sad rites, and in tlii.s he will be assisted by Mis. Lee. Deceased will be  buried in*'Vancouver likely.  G  EO. F. CURTIS^���������155555^  "THE DRUGGIST"  Successor to the McD. A. W. Co.  . Revelstoke Station, B. C.  '    .,. BORN. 0   ,  Bolto.v.���������At Kevelstoke. Station, on  the 2nd inst., the wife of S. ]I.  Bolton, of a son.  '  DIED.  THOMAS MATTEKSON SUT11EU  LAND, son of George S11 thor '  land, Esq., tlie well-known railway contractor, of Truro, N. S.,  aged 36 yeais, at city hospital,  Vancouver, li. C, on Monday,  July 31st, 1S99,   of tuberculosis,  The Leading Store...  1 NO   BLUSTER, NO   FUSS, JUST  BUSINESS;  THAT'S ALL."  LOCAL' AND PERSONAL BBIEFS  Uo  you  need a suit of  ���������clothes   that   will   fit   you  ��������� and  ti'ive vou cverv satis-  faction?    1 f so.  Now is your time to buy!  , During our monster give-  awav sale' vou can buy a  suit, of clothes from us,  cheaper and better for the  money than from anywhere else. Watch, our  windows.  James Gill & Co.  THE TAYLOR BLOCK, MACKENZIE AVE.  1-  Saturday, July 29  AT.THE....  CASH BAZAAR   '  J Hit      arrived,    a  assortment   of   the  full  cele  brated  p,  . T.    Corsets.  rices    run   from   50c to  - '       Our -%\   corset has  $y  _   Our .$1  no equal in the city.  The   greatest   kind  of  bargains arc beinQ' offered  irts.   blouses, gloves,  Violet Nort hey   is   visiting   fiiends  '    '    in Itevelstoke.  -Ferguson is going to'have a bang-up  'time on Labor Day.  ������������������Mr. and Mrs. Gill and faniilymade  a:trip to St. Leon's'camping ground on  Snndiiy.       -    ' . ���������  ' The .-'Mail is ,, requested * by the  Spokane fair executive to help in promoting its success.  Monster", bottle of poi feet ly pure  West India Linici.Juice for 50c.���������Geo.  F. Curtis,^ the. - druggist, ,1'e.velstoke  Station, 13. C. - o  Ed. Burridgo went down to tlie  camping grounds at St..Leon's on Sunday, and returned Wednesday wiih  Mrs. Burridge and family.  , I will .sell out, the few icimiiiiing  hammocks in stock* at absolutely cost,  price.���������Geo. F. Curt is, the cliuggiM,  Iteyelstoke Station, .P>.,C. o '.  <     ,The Nelson militia company have, sn  ��������� far progressed   .under  Si i-g. Instructor  Carroll that next  Sunday   (tonmiiow)  they havf! a'churcli parade  A detachment of North west Mounted Policf;, from IJegina, passed through  on Tuesday evening's wesl-bourni express, on route for Yukon.  ,. Win. Ogilvie and A. Macdoiiald  ���������returned yes tei day from a prospecting  trip to the Lardeau, bringing a number of ore samples with them.  Hon. Thos.   Lain,   M. P. for South  ��������� Wentworth, has'been   chosen   speaker  of the Canadian House   of   Commons.  ,He is a Scotch. Grit and a farmer.  Drill Sergeant Rnutledge. leaves   for  '    Kaslo a week   from   today,  and  Capt.  ���������-Taylor is anxious tlmt as many unlit ia-  ���������*wen us possible turn out to drill next  ���������' 'Space this week will not permit I  publication of a most interesting letter ]  on Atlin, contributed by J. J.). Gra- j  hntn to the Royal Engineers' Mag- j  azirie, The Sapper. ' j  ��������� , A. W.   (Keystone.)   Mcintosh  came ,  into town Wednesday with a batch  of  new records.    He. has been, developing  some claims on Keystone   and showed  tome splendid samples. j  Lieut. Governor   Mclnncs. Capt. J. 1  Irving, and   D. R. McLennan, uf   Mc- 1  Lannan,  Mol'eely   it   Co., Vancouver,  .  who  have   all   come   leamtly our of |  .Atlin, speak most hopefully of the outlook there. ' ���������  " ���������    D. 11.   .McLeiinon,   the   genial   pro-1  prietor of' the Windsor   Hotel,   Trout  Lake City, was   in   town   Wednesday.  He thinks the news: of   the   letting  of  the contract ti, end of Trout   Lake   in  be correct.  I. T. Brewster has brought in Mime  splendid Kosehcry samples im- (In*  Pari* exposition. Other local 'nine  owners should hurry up. They are  uotng to do the thing in good ������t\It!, iu |  '"the Lard pa u. i  >   R.   Tapping's   honey,   a   sample of  -which   has   reached    the    M.vir. ollice,!  deserves a notice.       Tt   i,  the clearest U.-i-orinnn  of white   clover   honey, and  it  would ! fy''-'(yu"'",J''"^^'���������'1y_   find a readv sale,   anvwhori!.       'J'beic'.i '      1 "n        "' ~~ ~7 "7        '. ,,.  money in bee-keeping in Revelstoke.      j      RefOl'ffl   aHCl   LflOOP  ASSOGiailOD  Alex. McRae, chief licen'-'rj'inspector '  l,.r- *\,^ r\\^i.Aci    ,.���������,..>  ;..,-.   <n||-...l-   i',i,. !     \  '*'' iii'-'iiluM-  ,i,-i.  hi'i'f'hy   norillfrl   Mint thr:  for the distnct, went into Selkirk L:(\ ; ^ \    , ,,���������M. ,.uu. ���������f t!u. r;���������,������������������. .w���������.f,,hnn ������������������  K'ooteijatj  IxiiEQber  o.  but. Liy.  Manufacturers    and  dealers in all, kinds  'of   ' ' - ''    ���������-".  Rough and  Dressed '  BER  Shin 'les, " lath   and  ���������   Mouldings., '  < r r  Lonq- dimension timber cut  to .order,  and,, clear  - , ' cedar finishing lumber a "specialty.  *���������      '        ��������� I'": ' ' .'i,   ���������!  All orders promptly ��������� filled.  Terms cash.  R Tapping",  Agent,  Revelstoke.  9  s  Some!  1     thatVto  your  interest!  If you, intend buying in  the next few, months anything in the way of stoves,  ranges, orhousehold 'roods,  ' , 'it' will certainly pay, you  to'.buy mow.      Each   day  ! ' , we receive' notices from  ���������manufacturers of a further  ��������� advance in prices.    Up to  the   present   time   every  . piece   of    material     that  ,..  enters"into  the construc-  "-" tion,of stoves, rangesf-etct-;-  has raised very materially.  ��������� , '   We are fortunate in hav-  ��������� ing on   hand   by 'far the  largest    stock   we    have.  ���������"'    ever carried, all bought, at  the old scale of low prices.  ' We 'have "not , advanced  prices,"but it is a  matter,  of' time' until we will  be  compelled   to.      You  are  ' .welcome to come'and look  :, whether ��������� you buy or not.  SOME RANGE POINTERS  niDei  Capital (paid'up) $2,000,000.  Rest       -      -       $1,300,000.  HEAD OFFICE,     -  H. S  TORONTO.  HOWLAND,  President.        T.  R. MERRITT, Vice-President.  D. R. VViLKIE, General Manager.  A 'general kinking business transacted.���������Letters of credit issued,  available'in all parts of the world.���������Gold dust and amalgam  purchased.���������Savings Department, Interest' allowed at  current rate.  A. R. B. HEARN, Manager Revelstoke Branch  BE  Incorporated by act of Parliament 1855.  HEAD OFFICE  W.M.  MONTREAL  Molson Maci'Hichshn.  Pies.       S. H. Ewing, Vice-Pres.  ' ' F. Wou-'i'JitSTA.v Thomas, General Manager  PAID  UP CAPITAL'    ���������   '     -- -��������� '    "   $2,000,000  RES'ERYP: ' - - - -    ,     1,500,090  A Ki-iicr.'il banking busings tr.ui-iicle.l.   Interest allowctl on dopoMth at current rates.  J. D. MOLSON, Manager,  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  SsJ^1^/^/^/^/^/^ Sl/^SZSS^^^&S&^/Q^  'A  ���������TTB  [TIOM! BO YOU NEED.  o  ������  o  e  o  J77?UIT JAHS , ������  JELLY JAKS        ' (9 '  BUTTSRCROCKS S  BEAN POTS'   ' O  STONE JUGS ������  DINNER SETS .  CHAMBER SETS  TEA SETS  WATER SETS        .   , ������  BROWN EARTHENWARE  If mi,  anil  wear  ������������������ee INIni-i i^ ct Steed', tliey can supply.yuii.    We also ciriy men's lioots  ��������� hoe1-  frmn   lhe  best   makers, clolliinjr, lints, caps neckwear, tindcr-  liosiery, in fact everything pertainin*; loa first class general store.  ^MOBBIS & STEED,  Romsmbo*' tho placo���������Coursiei,,'s Old Stand  In  you'.'do  choosing a range  HARDWARE  111   s  hosiery, boys' blouses���������in  fact everything that any  lady requires ' will be  found at rock bottom  prices at ,  'AS'I).  ie-  c  sh o  ,\Y. Mki.ihu'.m,  Millinery-Dressmaking  Manager.  1 o  TINSMITHINC  OUR BUSINESS:  Hardware only.       ,    .���������  , OUR AIM:  .,     To lecop tho largest and best  stock in town.  OURv OBJECT:  To gain a fair sharo of trncte  by fair means only.  ,   c  Builder--  can #e.t everything in their  line.  . Miner.-)' and' piospectors' supplies.  Shot guns, rifles, and ninmunition.  See our 810 double-barrelled shot fjun.  <^=���������.W. M. LAWRENCE  here  not have to take  Hobson's choice. We  show you the leading'lines  of'  Canada   in   all' sizes.  ' We have not advanced  the prices of these ranges,  but you can make,no mistake     by .' placing   *,your  ���������   order at once.'  . .These rano'cs are made  ��������� by the McClary Manufacturing ������ Co., the largest  and, one, of thc oldest  stove foundries in Canada.  Thousands are being used  and are giving entire  satisfaction.  Nn. SKoolenay ..VpoU.UU  No. ������_1S-G hole. '  /IE AA  '���������    with hi������h ohelf.     H-JiW  No. 0-22-G hole,      KA AA  with hiirh shelf.      yJ\J.\J\J  y We also carry in stock  McClary's hot air furnaces.;     Prices obtainable  ' ori application.  HOJEL  ABRAHAMSON- BROS.,  PROP'S. \  Newly built.       First-class  in^cvery   respect.      All'  ., 'modern conveniences.  Lilian sain pic rooms.'   Fire  proof   safe.       Free,   bus  '"  meets all trains.  The Great  Departmental  QUEEN'S HOTEL,.  DOXT THIRST! ,.  riii-i't' s iifi nr rrss-it v for doin^  .iii\ tlni'L' mj fooie-li this hot  \watii������r i'i op' into A man's ���������  near 'Ik1, station���������and ha\e *i  drink ;':oni lii-j sod;i fountain..  A  ���������.ain-'y ( f ll,i\iii'n, .-ill good,      \  GOTO A MAX'S'      '  HOTEL VICTORIA  REVELSTOKE ^       '    ���������  ���������ir*-*  GRILL ROOM  RESTAURANT  BOURNE  BROS.  Electric lighted, furnace heated  Newly built and furnished. . . .  Finest  and   best  supplied   bar  in tne city  Cor. Front and Benson Streets, Revelstoke; B. C.  XZXS^WZa^^lttZ^ZriTJGZaSZT^KSZi  CHEAP FIR  GUT BARBER, j  WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER 1  Watches, Clocks i   J-  ....OI'Iv.V AU. .VfOIIT....  V. PERKS, Proprietor,  Send   your  Wood to  order   for   I7ire  [jc-inity.  KcvcNtolco. H. C  ipll  Jb'  Wednesday to   look    up   Home  cations for licenses   from , theie.  expects tn be back    befoie    tne  case comes to trial.  John Hutchison, fonnei-ly of Fmnt  ���������jtriot, ItevcI.MtiilvC, where he ian the  business now in the name of fJeo.  Uell it Co., Win in town this week,  from Armstrong. He is *<oin^ into  frout Lake (o Inive a look ;it the  openings there.  Mr.    Louirt   Levei|i;e(    the   popular  'host of the Robson "HtftBl, left'Nclsoii  last night for his native town. Quebec.  Wlien  Mr;   Leycsqiifl  return^  ay   he  i.wi f. .I f.-oiii ilif ih-ci iiiid   tliiitI   S.itnrfl.iv*.  Inr'ii'"vi i-i Lrni.n- in. a'.init"������ ill ho lioM  fin   Mon-  l!i- nrdor.'  0. STAJfl'KH. 1  li lint*. .���������M'crel.ii--  Kini{ I *i.'^- .Mi-fi-i rr^i.  '       Aju*   '.''   ..'I,  I  No tics  riMiK lni.il l.iiini' A'-aci.il ion lif^^'io tn|] n1(.  I .'i* t< hi i./ii uf liri<''<l.iyci-j' .ind mi'i-oim'  li 'l|i'--- loi'i- ci nli iii iiiO'iilioii of fcrtmii cin-  Iilti>M'-< lo ,i||.iiij,i to lumr Ih' -<lMiKl.ii'(l of  H-atfi.��������� ri (mi v'i t o -j.' per rbt v i  I). SrAMl'KFt,  _Any;_._y_flI. l^t^ lire. Secrntmy.  Offices to Bent     ,  rjIW'O. liirjjijc/llcosdii Kiivl-JtiT'iit. ri'ia|,- Anply  .1.   (.'i-n-ro ft 'iUyuc,  URPRISE  ^ STEAM  ^LAUNDRY  ii now fairly  goino- nxifJ tura-  in'j; out the hftst  (>{ work. Drop  us a card���������Dox  78, Reu'Istoke  1*. 0.���������and our  van will call nt  your door.  BOARDMAN & WOODHfll/SE  FRED ROBINSON  at the Sawmill Office. ,  Me will deliver at  . $2.25  a Cord, in Short Lengths, or  $1-50  i to   those   who   do   their   own  J hauling.  9-oao-o<>o<^o-o:o<><><^^  02  i pioe day:  c-WB.1������!(lWis.  Newly Built.  Lighted by Electricity  ' Throughout.  y  HE  ^^o  Be&l Brands of  Wines, Liquors and  Cigars  R. CALEY, PROP'R.  h-O-OO-O-O-O O-OO-OO-O<><K>-CKKKKK>^>O-0-a-<  ^���������ra/wvJMirr  NAKUSP HOUS  Newly Opened  Furnished and Supplied  A IifiK    ASM")    tVBtl,    l.lfiMTKl)  ^KAMI'IJO HOOMH.    11 .-ill oil by  "^^ hot air and  electric  bells  mill  lifflil in every room,   free bus meet-, nil  ti'iiins.  REASONABLE  KATE.3.'  Night drill Uooin in connect inn for tho  ciiiiviMiieiiei'of kikvIs arriving anil ile-  lMi-tniK by night train-. Honi-lv street  i.ir bciwcen hotel ami itiition.  JOHN V. PERKS, PROPRIETOR  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  rrz^xxmiitTzn.  Jt-ijMiUi,Mi.irL.,Jlimgpa  A FIRST CLASS HOUSE  L. A. SNOWMAN,, prop.  A PRETTY  O  a**   ba^t  g������  ���������on.   a   ci'owdcil    stret't---wouldn't  excite it lithe of the.interest (imiiii*^  t-hnpp.ers Unit (lie price's R. S. WILSON is 'quoting on Rcady-iniiilu  Clothing are doing', '���������'... ������������������.'."'.


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