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Kootenay Mail Apr 18, 1896

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 4  14  A [/ /   ,���������  J-.***  ji ^  ^1  1^/  ^    \yjT  13    "$.   -d-*** -   -stfe*-/  Vol. 2.-- No. 52.  REVELSTOKE. WEST KOOTENAY, B.C., A?RIL, J8S 18%:  $2.00 a Year.  FROM ALL QUARTERS.  THE REMEDIAL BILL .WITHDRAWN  BY THE GOVERNMENT. "  The Dominion Elections are in Sight���������  .  Dissolution ' Next   Week���������Tupper  Will Form a New Cabinet Before  Facing the Electors.  Tbe Remedial Dill is .-t tiling of ,tlr<'  past. ' Exactly, .-it 11:*'** Wednesday  night. .Sir Ch.-is. Tuppi'i- r<>-e' in tbi'  .1 loll���������er- iinel nlineiiilU'.eb llr.it owing "to  the e-arly pciieiel when the life* 'of Parliament e'Xpheel iiuil t!:i- l'.-ie-t. Lb.it  isiipjily vvns rii'i'ile'.l, it \v.i*> found  iii'C-i"s.-ir-y iidC to go further with tin'  Hill fen- lln- pie-sent. Hi' e b.ll gcel tb.it.  1 the Bill not being passed  was--  entirely  dliele) the Opposition. He rt'iCI'i'l te-el  ibiil, Mr. Di.j.initV'airii'i-ebi'eiit. i'nr n  separate' s-.-1k.io1 grunt eif iiiiuu-y Lei Lhe  minority' biiel not been disetissed.  lion. .Mr.' Liurier- replying -i.-iiej ' tli.-it.  twei ministers of the Oinv.u haii-e'is-  . puled llie right 't������> rn.ikc hiin" such  grant and ihorefene' lb.it. was ,-i good  ri'.-rseni w by Sir Oliii*-. Tupper did not  o\ pi essoin (lpiniiin on il. , lies ili'iiie-el  tlliit, tile Opposition I'.iul'olisti-iH li'il (he  Bill. They discusser! il anil iiiovi-cl .-in  .-luicndiui-ut to it. whie-h was acci'| ted  I iv tin- Govi'i'iiinoiit. Tim Government,  ishoulil have' lii-.i-.i'-rbti the' Dill , ilown  sooner if they wauled it. passed tbi*.  ���������season. . ���������    ,, r  ll i.s now- .-ii-e-e>pteil that, the House of  'Commons will prorogue Thur.-day.noxi  ' jinil dissolution will   follow on Fi iil.-iy.  The inter\.-il will Ih> -pent,, in   completing geivernmeiil.  bu-bless  and di-uis.--  ing the estimates*.   One of the fir-L acts*  of Sir- Charles Tnppi'i- al'ti'i- dis-olut ion  will be,tei reeirtr.-inize* thi-'e-abinel. ' Il is  tri'iie'i-ally .-uri'pteel that Sir  Mackenzie  Jiowell  ,will   resign   , lire  'premiership.  Lii'iit.-Gov.   Ubapls.Mii, of  Quebec,  will  jn'oli.-llily   lii'i-ome   a   t-i'ilScfi-'iii,-  of Sir  Charles a-, well  as Hem. -Mr. Pe'llel ii'i,  who i*-now   .-i iiie.nlie!- nf   lhe   Quebec  Government. ,      ,  News has hee'H ree-eiv.' i of the death  at Mont'-rey, ' Mexico, of" S'.r .To'iii  Se'.niit"., ex-Lieut "i.i'it-liovei-e.or of  .M.iniloha. The inte.-..ieiit will lake  place at. Wi i:ii| eg. ii.i- .lohii was  " knighted as J\. ('. Nf-'U. by .Hei' M*u-  Je-siy jusi ; rev,on.- to l.i- lei ire-'uei-.t ,is I  Lic-'in-uaril-Govei Jior ol tlii' ,P,ovini-i'  of .M.ir.itoh.i.  Lieut. Coi. F. O. Deiniisen. M. P..  died at, Toronto, .it. l:i"> Weelnc-d.-iv  nun-nhiy-.    He   r.-tfer������d l.oni e ane-i-i-   ol  Wiis [i.utie-ipateil in liy only a few, hut-  last, night fully five 1/hoiisaiiel persons  took part in offering insult to Weyler  anei Spain. The figure represenling  Weyler was wr.ippi'd in a Spanish fl.*������^  iinel Ibis so enrageel the Spaiii.ireW he-re-  thitt'iv riot w-iis fe-iirecl. Th" Sjiauish  consul is especially indip-naiiL because  tin* local iiiilit.ii-y coinpiny, c-oinpose'd  uf Americans, toeik par-t in the btirnhifr".  lie elee-liii-i'j. the affair lo be ,-i <<i-o>s  .insult lo Spain, and Minister ele Lenui*  will'lay the mailer before' Secretary  Oliie-y.  uI':inJ"'oi:okmkxt.s you the soojiax.  rriie I.eiiiilon Du'iln Xcir.s report-��������� lllilt  10,IKX') Ih'itish ti'oops .ire geiiiif? lei "the  Snudii'.i in the' Aiitiiiini.  The' Home' e-oi-i,'1'-,|)oiieleiit. of the  Time.', ilecl.iics liiat '*t.h<' Soudan  epi-'stiou is elevi-lopin^ into.'i iiueAUoli  erf Lhe mastery of Lhe.whole of North  liii'-.l.e'rii A ft ie-.i.  " Hvielenci' ae-e-iimulate.s,'' s.-iys Lhirs  e-eil-re'spnneli'iit, '"not. strong i'liou^h, tei  justify an alLinraliiin, but sufficing Lo  concine-e',-iny e-enjipeU'iil nh������.iTver L!ial  Fi'.-ini'e ioiel l.iiHsia'.-n-e" heginniiiK Lhe  work of oi-g.-iiii>in;? Lhe bni barons  tribes of tb'.-it imini'iise: > mountain  counti'v in siieh" a 'uiannei- that some'  day ii't.on-eiil i'f,t,heiii may pour down  on all the' adjacent possessions' of  Jiiiiope'iin nilLioiis." ' ,,,  An official de-spal h fi" nn Bub; a--i',  Mal.-i'oi'leland, says : It is imj.o.->sihle  to i'-l'uiiiite Llie uii'iibei-s eif Lhi'-e'iiemy.  Tbi' whelh' cei-.iiitry is now in the' haiiels  uC'rebellioue. naLives. They are inass-  ing in great I'ore-e norl hwai d.. ll will  i-eipi'ni' a l.irgi-'forte of troops Lo iii-.-  liielge I hem.       ' ,, '  the- hvei  .and  hiis   lice'::  siiije-r:!!!.  .-ibiirit five iiiorrtii-  The murderer   H.il.n ���������-.   has   inael  e-onfession   of   a    ii"iii-,r   inn ribly    coh  b'.oo'di'il char-.icter in \\ h'cii heconl'i'*.se-  to tweiity-se.vc.s niii:-.l"i-s.    The detail- |  are'  given 'with   a    pari iciil.n ity   thai, i  uia!;i-.-o.ii'.-huelde'i. yet he declau-s hi.-    !'"*'-'-  e-riui.'s to be i-omiif lleel -ole'iy   for   Lhe  pur) o-i' i,f in.-ikiiig  inoiiey  enough   10  e'fbu-.-ili' hi- hoy. *      ���������  For the-e-i oriel Lime in ;i week Gen.  W'evler h.-is been Inirneel in effigy a I  Ki'V' '.Vest, Floiiebi.    The lir.-L bur-iiiiig*  A   ISAOY VAH3IINC   lIOIMluR.  London. Apiil II.-���������Mis. Dyer, .vhose  iirii'ist, in conneclion c\vi(h ,Lhe liifaiili-  ciele'Ciises has been published a!'iioael.  atli'iiiple'd suic.d.-' hi ft-.-i 1'iiij: gaol  ye.-le'i-d.iybyl yi igin, rshoelaces .iron.id  he.r- ue-i-k, in.il.ing ilieni, in'.o ihe slum.  kneit. and pulling it undi'r the left i-.ir,  pree-i.-eiy   as   in    lhe' Vase     of     each  st r.iugli'd'i'il.iiil 'foiinil i'i Lhe Tbaiues.  Alchi eling (>) life l.-ile.-l.   rumoi -,  per-  ha;-ri)0  oi-   1 )' biib.es   were-   njurel -red  eluiiug   lb"   I'our-e    of    hi-i-   husiiie-s  i-ai-eer i i l.i'iiiliiig.    Slowly   hut, surely  ] the, j ol , e-  are   w-e-.-ivi".g   a   stiong  net  ai-oiii   I   b-r.       NVuile    eon table's   nri'  I dr.iggbig Lb.- bed   eif   ihe   river, otlieis  I wo\k I'V.jiy le'ose>  e-nil oif*   the   lln-i'.ids.  | ri hi' b.iliy'cloti'.i'S   found   in-tie   'hui-o  | wvi"h   ii'i'ii ,'.v  ISH)   oo'inils.    A box has  ; Iser been found which emi s a h irii'ile  -leiiih.     It evidently    had  contain'd  a:i iniant.'.s   body.    A   hro-.v.i   p.-iper  iu  whub o.ie baby was \i'.-.i; p'tl h;i- been  iilenti'ii'il   by 'a " lailw.iy   e ie-.-k,    who  -wi'in.s "that  il,  ivas  the  cov  r! ,g of a  lor j parrel el 'liverc-l lo I hi' prisoner. (ji,roof  ! ha- alse> he'i'ii obt liueel ��������� of  oiiejian y  j of Mrs   Dyer ivhh ii  hi;g.m \iiLii n baby  ,,   .j I a nil   a   !-aipel    hag, (iii 1   which enileel  I with the' bag, minus the habv..  I     The  St. .It.iiin,   f.'a.:-.-//.'s,ivs "th il it  'is eleaily   i.imi'     tl-.ai    sosneboeiy   was  w-akinu lip about Ibis mailer,   it 's not  ml lo Lhinl:  that   wholesale e-h,Id  inurdi-i-on .-i Ib'i-odi.-iii -call'is uoi sg on  right in our  iniel-.i,  wilhoul  inih'ii- .it-  li'.ille'!'. hi'ing  i .-dled   t,i  il, ��������� r   wii'ioi L  tbe* police appari'iilly tbin's'ng il worth  a special ri'l'o-1. ''  ��������� Tin Cyaaide. Pposass,  REFRACTORY GOLD & SILVER ORES  Tror.tcd an-1 Kivioi'teil on  By Tha  MacArthur-rcrrest,,  (Da-got Cy.iiiiii.iliiin )  By T\\i  M.icArthur-Yates  (Aiii.ilfl.on.aioil .ni'l ('.i.uiiiliiLiuii.)   '/OIt  i'AltTlCl'LAKS   The Cassel Gold "extracting Co.,  (Li:ni;ccl.i  ' W. Pellew-Hirvey. F.C.S., Supt.,  Vancouver, B.C.  Ai! A��������� lying in all il-*. ImmdcIr's. :i---'-(;>n  C   H. HEAPS &. CO.;      .  1������������������       .5 li C'oulo':i St., ami Powell SI.  machinery ;:������ B  A Laudable Institution.  -,!���������������   Mill  Mucin'nL'ry  Jlciilcr..   Will oi-   Wln-i'l-.  I'le.-.  Wholesale   Paper   Dealers  . . Stationers . .  .^,E0'. D. SCOTT,  U'  .A-nolice ha- been re'ee-ived .-iniiouiic-  iim that a meeting | of the Urilish  Uoluinlria Mini-rs A���������ociation will hi;  he-Id al Nelson on Lhe 22nel itisl. The  buiiness to be L'-an-acle'd is the'eli-c-  tiein of pi'i-iiiiiiii'iiL .iUr,��������� i��������� isv and. tin'  adoption of a e-on'-til ill ion and'by-l.iws.  . A "draft, of the- eirg.mi/.atieii' ac-  conipanie- the notice, -oine of il.s salient cla i-e-i b.'i i-; .is fur.DW.-f:  '\'<iii uliji'i-is ni* Iliis A-s'i.-i.iiinn -!'ii!l lie to i.i-o-  tueil, eluCi'lo]!, anil r'lVsloi', Ille! |i|-i-e.ii}l.-> lii'Ji.u  iii.n n.;   in! .-Ii'j-   ol   lliu   la-oViiiv'-  ol   Hril sli  C'llillllllli.l HI nil lis lll.lllolie.'-.  The oilliii'i's of l Iii-, ori,Miii-s,itiiiii si.ail bu .i  irrusiiUnl. \-icu-|i.-i *..>! nt. -ouretiii-y. L.-..1-ue.-.  mill .in ux cnlivi) ooiii in 111 jij loii-.sini; i<! ���������niu  ii:e'iilie.rs le.U-el uoin o.v;li of llie 111111,11^' el.\ i-  -ioria ioii.-e.s-.'iiiejil in the A���������.oe.i.ii:oii.  Anv jmi'-on iiol.tiii^riin"nuuvjiircel free iniiiM"'-  \r i'v/v-i-vim* l>n 1 e-e'iliflwitu i'. cliKihle- In lic-oiii'! .1 111 nili*.-.il  V .V-> v.-'J t, N  l-jJi,   ]>.<.,., tii:^ A���������in iiiliiiii l������.v I'oi-vv.ueliii'; hi-ii.ii.i   to the  *.ue i-il.u.\ Itii'i-unt  mn!  l'.i} hi- .ei  .iiiini.il r-e-of  eliilliii-s, iinel  lie  will  lie   1111 ii I���������ii<���������1    >y  lhe  secvcliiiy wiln .1 eurlilii'.il J uf liK-inhur-liiii.  'r'e-ii iiie.iiili.-i*- ol" this A-snri.Uh 11 in Any mill-  iiiK elivi lull uf I hi' pun ili'-e 111.iv lui in .1 '1 .uilIi  ol Ihi- A��������� rei.iiiiin. iin-1 .ul l)'i-.ii--> 1 :.i.i-.i-iKl  Iiv siieh hu'iii-h .(,**(!. 1,1 lions ,h ill h. fin.iii-i'.i.uc-  Iv rep..'-; .1! lo llie *,.'ei-i! u." oi' LI.I- A--'������.:...1,011. .  *."o thill l-orie-,.L i-e-i-.in!- ol lii������lill.u!-!.l|> an.! I  olliei' lai-iiii"-*-, mil} lie !.r| t. I  lliiuie.il ,i,soi-i.il!i-n- -lull re-lain |ii'i e-nt. I  eif the. iiiciiilie'i-liip ice- ' n.l.'e-leil. fen-1 af l.'iuii- :  t'-'ii.iiiisinl i.i' h lii'.illi"h .is- 1. ..1 III ni. the ivin.1.11- 1  (Uriel !i" ;i..'l Llie.. '.n i.ry ol tln-.is-x,. i Hi,.11 : .  ��������� i-i,i i'le il, lioiicur, Ih.iL no 'jimiicIi .1- " i.e.ion !  -hall i���������ne iiiuinlii.r-.liiii e"i-ti.l,-aUs ul .1.1 1 ���������tn :  Ihceei-lillLiil'.-i i���������i.eel li} llii-.'.-soeiatn..-.  All iiite-i'i-sieil iu the' a Ivanccmeiil of  the mining iiidu-lr\ in   l'riti-b C.ibiin-  bi.i,   and   who   ciiii     po���������lbly   iitt.'iid.  shoulelbeiiL Nelson 1111 th''22nd.    The  aelv.-mtage'*- of an organization like t- is  is il would he ii power-  lhe>   iriebrs : y  U-eflll.  PROVINCIAL   PARLIAMENT.  Some   Pungent _ Remarks   Regarding  Current Legislation.    i  ,*���������  Vicloriii. Ajn-il 15--When the Provincial Gover111ne.il brought down its  supplementary e-tiinate-, it included  "$o(J,(KK) foi- scagliohi - columns, lib--,  drainage anil furniture." It is not  neces'siiiy to say Lhal this applies lo  the piirlia'ini'iiL buildings in Vie-Loria.  Thi'-e building*- were buitbiiri'/.i'd in  1S;W, a year of elisister i'verywlmre,  anil the estimated 'cei-t placed at $000,-  000. The biiileling.s are; not nearly  complete , yet. and totally without  furniture, so that this sum of $50,000 is  but, a foieta-le erf the many similar  sum- that we may e-xpect. lei hear applied fur before-tbe .sLriictnre is complete. If was a' pii'ce of , unjust ifiabli'  folly and tlie)i-e,nigh!y iiiislate**ni.-uilike  to build such -i pile in a small piovince:  like this, iind the' many .si'cLions, now  contributing inure than any others per  head 'of population, must, bear the  brunt and e;xpciise'of it in the' .shape of  mineral taxes. There are also the stilus  of $'34,272 for iMalcatiems, and' $18,001  to the Nakusp e!c Slocan It'y.,. which  are elue to gru-s misin.-iniige'inent ,of  public iilfairs. All these; items repr-e'-  si'iit, an increase' of taxation that is  ahe.iily heavily borne'.  The House, on Mr. Seinlin's motion,  almost unanimously .oicci that, lln*  Government had acted in ��������� t hi" best  intere.-ls of tbe- e-ountry by refusing ,lo  ae-e-epl. the prei|ie-.-al' of the" British  Pacific pioiiiot-r-s. Tbe only ~ di.s-  -enlients weie Messrs. Uraden, Ilel-  nick-en. Kitchen and YValkeih. The  people of the province ba\e iea-011 to  congratulate ' I heinseh es that this  measure' mi'e'ts with such general dis,-  ,'ippioval in the' House, and it is tei be  heiped that we have heard the last of it.  The,Mineral Ael is again occupying  the! alLention of the Provincial P.-ir-  liami'iil, and this time will receive' the  addition-of some- very useful cluu.ses  for the protect ion of mining properliL's  fiom jiini|)er'-. Sab Seclidu O of  Section JO 'inovidc*. that no ni'iie-iai.  'claim shall be iccord. o wiiiio.it .1:1  .-iffiii'.ivit tiiatil is iiiioc-upie'il ,;i\-,a..\  other pel sou .-(.-a liiinei-ai claim. Tni.*  will pi e'venl. trouble tt^occupiers a- the  lecirdei \t ill e.si'l'-cisu bis poWei's" a lui  i-efu-ci to lecurd any claiui already  liiken. Secii.ni 2.S, w nicii is a iii-w- one  alLoge'lher. is also I'raineel lo discountenance claim jumping. It re-ads lo the  ell'ecl'thnl li("> irii'giiiarit.y previous Lo  tberecocel e)i l.e-t certilicate or wj-r,.  s i:.ll alf.-cl Lhe Litle ihereto. Ot'l.e'r'  aiiieudiiienls oll'd-ed ceimpel co-owners  to share in Lhe expense of assi-.-siiients  ���������perfoi nied by one eif Lhe owners, or,  upeiii 111.Lice, to lose' their title' which  .-hall revert, to llie 0.1c wiio [ii'i foi meil  Ihe work. All these, amend.iie-nts .iri'  timely anei will elo much to make t he  rn'ning laws of B. 0. attain a -*till  higher posi:.on of 1 e.-pecl in all who  work uiiiler tliein, by ,gi. i.ig th.-m a  s-ecui-ity of tenure. At the- same I hue.  the jumpe'i- should not altogether be  de'iiouiie-ed as i,e is a \obintary policeman who protects the- 'government il-  selr* fioiii fi.-iud by designing specii-  liitors, who hohi 1 iiuinbeiiess claims  from year to year without eloing anything upon tliein, c������i:ept relocation.  The number of claim.- he-Id by one man  ���������shoiilel be limited and relocation eif  claims disallowed.  The Hon.   Mr.   Turner   expressed   a  wish   on   W'eohe day  afternoon   that,  earning nii-a-iire before the  Land Sales   Bill,   would   be'  and alleiw tbe I leiiu-e  11011(1  l'ro-,|'>('i.liii���������r Drills  in 1   S.iws, '     I'jifum  ���������!-.",l-:iiii  HE DIPLOGK BOOK  A!!0 STATIONERY CO., LTD  and  2.-.1-.2..1 VANCOUVER,   B.C.  Insuranea and Milling Broker.  -i--  H.U. Ji.iinsici- l.-nd'Hi lc l..iii".i-!iire Life  -\--aiiiint-e e'n Miiii.ii' V.uiJiiiuci- Miientc  Jliiiv.r.i. ^cjj'tz in :UJ lislir/si-.j Cor.ip.-.nijfa  l'or b.-tie. 1,      1     -'-.''l-U  o05 Coniova St.,    Vancouver, B.C.  J. A. MacI;arIano, F.C.S.  Assnycp and Miniiig Engineer,  tin' only 11'  House,  the'  p.issi'el in oi.i' iiiiy  lei   prologue   Priday.  ,T!ie> opposition will' probably riot  allow the Land Sahis Hill e-lau-i's te>  puss Ihusi'iisily iinel witbe)utdiscu.,siein.  Atany rate, the House will not remain iu se-sion inni'h longer, anil Sat-  uidav or Monday po-sihly will see the  la-t of it.  Victoria, April 17 (Special) --.The  business of ( hi' I louse concluded yesti'r-  eliiy anil it luorogueel to-ilay. Several  anieiidnients otl'i'ie'd by lb" Opposition  lo the L.-iilel Sale's Hill were- ae-rcpd'el  by lln- Goveriiiiii'i't. The ineisl notable  ameiidiiient w.i*. enie excluding all  t.iinbe:' hinel- troni sale.  DISAPPOINTED  HOPES."  Dominion Estimates Make no Provision  for Columbia River Canyon.  Oa April 101 h tin* snpple'iiieiitarv  estimates of the Dominion House were  brought down, but they contained nei  mention of.-my npj-ropiialiou for the  removal of certain Kicks, which .ire a  nieiiae-e to even small boat-", in th"  Columbia River canyon.' The only  Koote'ii.iy jti'in i.-one' oi $1,000 for the-  Kootenay Rapid-, where; much money  has already been spent.    ,  The disappointment, loll here by  many, ("11 the- absence of any grant for  the upper river, is, not expressed wif limit, goeid founelatio'n. "When Mr. Mara,  the pre'sent M.P. for Yale-Koolenay,  w.-is going through'to Ottawa', be was  appro.ichcel by a e-oiiiinitlee eif the  Revelstoke' Boiird of Traile: who asked  .him to gel an appropriation for t he're-  inoviil of these rocks, ;iud Imsi'd their  iirgninent^iii the report of Dominion  Tihigmcei- Gamble, ,\vhicb reconinienel-  ed the sum of $2,000, feir this purpose.  Mr. . Mara ree-eivcel .the cominittei"  jile.isantly.iiiiel thought there would,he  no difficulty'in getting sircli.a modest  sum. '  ..Some little time after this,a letter  (dated Feb. 2Sth) was teceived from  Mr. Mara saying that, hi' hail applied  for $2,000' tei be appioprialeu in tile  suppli'inentiirv estimates-, as per- lhe  request oj'the Boai-el. This l"lterw.-is  Ihiiiikfiiir.v acknowledged, and it was  nrgi'dthat, if possible, the'grant should  be made available' at, once, as allow  water wa-the' propiM time to e'd'ecl the  improvement. L.-eryono e onc.-rneii 111  the gelling of this little grant 01 $2,000  hilly expected that, if iff could not be  given before tbe estimates we-re published, in' lliem, .-it le-ast, it ,woidel b.-  allowed and from the ciri-uinst-Liice- of  the e'ii-e as explained, they'bail evi-ry  l-ea-on to think ser.  This noi'iherii -ei-tion i-i-Jnf <r e t iiu-r  portance to the- e-ouulry, s.ielly i.e'',ling  some govei-ii'iie'nliil iis������,ist.-i:ice in opening up, and it woiikl' be quit.' proper  and reasonable- that some- 1ne.nor1.il  sheiuhl be forwarded to OH r.v.i with-  out elelav expri'.-siog el.s, pi unt'ne.it  that tile' approjiriaiioii t* w.-n not  gi-iiiited. n .' .  llyibiiulic' opei-ilioiVs are j.ist com-  ineiiciiig i,i the 13ig l"Jeiidv the ad\ enL  of the first coiiii'.-iiiy li- el->ew!ii're  noted; aiiel it i- generally i'x, ected that  oliie.-s w.l^follow. , The Ira.lc of the e  cei iinaiiii*- is most valuable to Revel-  stoke, and ilece.-,.- to the | 1 icers -houl 1  be made ea-y. t.'ierefore there a re good  grounds; to require I In' Dominion  Governiiii'iit to elo .-onielhiiig to in.-  pi nve navigation.  NORTH KOOTENAY0  White Star is said to be a ledge' 25  feet wide' containing silver anei copper.  The Bank e>t Montreal is going to  I'lecta two slorev building Ml Ross-  land.  About 125 tons eif ore is now being  shipped every we'ek from the Skyline  to Pilot Bay."  The Geeirgi.i claim, ."it Rn-shind, has  been bonded for $25,000 to a Vicloriii  syiulicati'.  A car load, of Ore i.s re-ady for shipping  at. the llow'-arel Fraction, loe-.ileel on  Lemon Creek. , ''  Work ha-again been started em the  Proim-slora on Cariboo Cree-k, iinel it  looi. s better every day.  A daily train service is propo-eel  iiet we e'n Spokane'and Ni'l.-on. It will  ge> inte. ell'cct Miiv 1st. ,  ��������� The Inlei-naHoiiiil Tradiiig.anil Navigation Co., of'which -Mr. Alexande-i is  pn-j-uli'iit, will,begin building a boat at  Kaslei this week. '  The- .slii]imeiils.- of oie bullion iinel  m.-illi' from We-st Kootenay, fr.iln  January of I his year to elate aie 0,0'Ki  tons valued at $1,010,58:1. ,   ���������  The War Eagle Co. has paid, another  dividi'iiel of $25,000, being 5c. per sham  on $500,000. .This i.s the fourth divi-  elenel paiel by the,War Eagle.  Oapt. N. D. Moore has resigni'il the  management of the Three Forks concentrator, ;iud is sue-ceeileel by .1. D.  Fan-ell, l.iie of theGri'iit Northi-rn It'y.  The Itos.-lanel Miner a-sures its  readers that- t wo new smelters will be  built in the' eli-tiiet in Lhe near., future.  One may he at Hobson or Nakusp0on'  the C. P. It. bi-iinch, iind the other at  Nochpoi t on the Spokane -Vi Northern  Railwav.  c-      -t-  Their Kiel-, was-Effective.  Editoi. KoeiTiONAY Mail:    " , ',.  SIR,���������-As schoeil matters have' been  brought .before- the' public,in re-e-ent  issue's of your paper, I should like lo  aelvi-e vein of wh.-i L has been iicconi-  plish'ed by oiir couimuniciilions with  the Depiii'tnii'iit erf Felucat ion. I have  to-day ri'i-e'ived wind from the Minister  of Kdue-ation that the -alary to be paid  tlie teacher at Revelstoke will be: $70  pet' month instead of $5S.50 a-'printed  in the e'slimates.  We had hopeel to get an assi-tant  teacher, but that is a concession, we  look for in the- near futur". If'thc^  parents ehi their duty and i'iifeire-e regular alle..el.inee liy the'u- ehildieii wi'  shall tiave,-uc'h an aveiage that we feel  sui-e- the Depai tii'ieiit'of ICducation will  <ji\e us what w.- a-Ji. Yours truly,  .   .   '       W.'J   Lef,  \S"cn tary of the Bo ird of Trustee's.  Revei-toke, A| I il 15lb.  MINING . FLOAT.  are liii-alciil.iuli'.  ful factor   in   protecting  from iinwi.se legi-lalio'i, and  ;il-o. in e-eunpiling statist ics  iind   i.ifor-  m.-itioii which are- now In-big lo-L.  Church 'Services To-morrow.  The regular -ei \ ice -   oi   tie  li-h  62 T,   I IA1-I'I Nt'1'  S1-.  \',\KC;()U\'i',K.  ehuie-l*. wiil be hi'l.l in l's ' s.-ho-������lh nis(-  tei-iiioriow al 11 .1.111. and 7:.'^i p.m. by  Itev. I-'. Voll.ind.  Ser\ lac- will be ii"! 1 ill the Mi''"iodi-t  15. C.  chiii-i li bv R"\. .  . A.  W'ei.-d t  0- 1  : 1). . 0 w  iiiorniui; -ni'l  cv  ��������� ni'l <���������    ll    11  .11:  d 7.:'')  Sniiil.iy   e-'.o  ! ..  ., ���������;.,  AM  1��������� iv- in  ll" il   WOI l  (btn'i   r ���������   ��������� o. h  Wcriui-.iioiiB iurKo:i il c.ii'a uiu". diBiir. c.':.  J .1 1 j-11  S   I!   lb -id\. em ������������������ ' ' n   1 be   N" 1'sii-l1. 1  I    III tow 11 01   l.i>       ''       ��������� ' - ' ������������������'*    ,������������������'''��������� .  I 111      I    I-   .  'o   .1.        .     .,1       '   ' '.-   '      ''' '  lin.il 111.1v !^' I I I'i oiinn I" 'i '.   ,i \i i\ 1 *' ���������  Thomson's Landing Locals.  Andy Craig and Kel. 11 ill 111:111 have  se'curi'd lots ii ml are electing a large  livery stable at Thomson's Landing.  'Several either- buildings are- in contemplation.  The N. E. Ai 111 is open lo Whi-key  Point iind it i-e.vj.ei-; ed that -leiiiiii'i-s  will come tei Thoiiisei.r.-. iu ii  fe-w  ehiys.  .Me-nhenic'- Brjis. have their new  boat launched and will bih.g 1*.< i* 'a*'-  for ln.ichiiiery lo Arrowbe.i.l w he-ii  we-al her Jii-rmits. She is to lie i Iu i-ten-  e-el ( he ���������* L-irde-au."  Tlie suoiv has dis.ippeai e.l oil tin-  townsite. and it i.-el- good I" be ei ,  elry srr.-inn<I nyai 1. Tne ro.-i.l is V'-i\  -oil on tile summit Lei ween Thomson'-  anelTieiut Like, and (eaini'iis i- (b--  e-'iiil iniii'd.  T1 ni-,.,,,-,. 1 ������������������ <. (.,;" 1. '1- of -siher C'.t;  en,' here w Inch piohablv w'l1 I ' -iiippeel  liexl   week,  c irtcr r.TOND.    ,  1 [en-ne'V boats were successfully  launcheil Menuliiy last and haiiled  iihove tbe ��������� bridge'. Tlie-y are heiiif?  lo.-nled up this week with the hydraulic  inachini'i-y .-met will start on their trip  Monday' ni'Xt. The' lounel trip will  take II days to accemiplisb and require'.  :'A) men. Prof Na.-on will ace-eiaipaiiy  the expi'dition. '    , ,  Henry Howard and p.aitners, who  have bi-e-n building Humes on thi'ir  property,' the- Big Hole, on Geild  Stream, report that on'a llime days  run they i-leared $100. They have now  twei big holes.anei 215 fe-et of fluniiiig  on thi'ir ground, .-inel will pi'ohablv  niiike'ii good clean-up this year as their  ground is well em bed rock.  The Li-l Chance, on McO.illoch  C'i-ce-k. has shut elown for luck of water  lint will -till t up iigain in about two  wi'i'k-. They have brought up a pump  fi oiu the Lit I le ' Palls claim anei wiil  sh'irt.lv sink on I heir ground.  i:.M:e-ii,:.i-:\VAi':T,  ,   Transfers   arc   ice einb-el    upon     the  Neho, Donald and Walt'erScottinineial  claims. "  TweiiLy men aie- at' work on the  Lanark, Maple Le'af and Is.iliellii  tunnels.  From Down River Points.  Iron Mask stock jumped 20c. this  week.  The".Lucy, al Ainswoi Lh, is lo lie  developed.  The new- ferry boat at Trail i- a pru-  nouuceel sue-e-e'ss,  P. Gene-lie's siiwinill is now running  full bl.i-l'al Nakusp.  The White' Grouse Mountain e-lainis  will be worked this, year.  The- Le Hoi mine- i ��������� about lo pul in ti  ni'w 10-eb-ill compressor pi,ml.  On the lligiilanil'-r, at Aiusworlh,  the' luiiiiei is uo-.v iu a houl (il.) I i-i-l -  Work h.is been coninii'iii I'll on tb-'  lliislli'i- I'V.i'lion near Three Forks.  Porler Piisis. anil i'"l ��������� L11 ������-11 mad '  a I.11 i'e |i.iyini'iit .111 I he .li.'.i .. l'o\ la-',  week.  So\ i'1'.ll p! o-peel Ol -   bilM'   golH'   iul"  l,h" ninnln   ii".ir I he ,\ lies on Ai mw  Lake.  Several claims h.i'-e i-e-c"lly be-- 1  .-Liked   on   Crawford    li.iy.      On    I ���������>������- i  RAILROAD RUMBLINGS.  Things Seen, Said  and Done in Local  Railway 'Circles.       ���������  ��������� There is a general,e-a-a.-e of complaint  aniong-l local mi'i-e-li-uiLs nul others,  that Hie freight shed here is not. only  too siiial1, bin un-uiiiilily .-ilualeil. This  is one of the heMvie-L freight points in  the'vJo.npanyls Pacific section aud deserves more attention. I L should be al  least live times hu-j-er thin it is, and  he removed lo the Hal near the water  tank.  An exchange says: " Nelson, B.C.,  has beiii made the , head offices  for all th" Ci radian P ici.'i,;* branch  lieies in ICoolenay, -1 a-to more readily  ell'cct, settleineuts between (Iu railwav  e-ompany anil the (iobunliia and Kootenay sle.nn navig.-itiiin company,.  Engine I')3, wdii lSngb-ieec Cbitt.er-  h.ick iind Firi'iu'M N. Glen, left Wcd-  ne'selay inortiing for D ni.-ild. She has  been here'all winte'r 0:1 snow service'  anil gutlhrough'Monilay. lti- hoped  she will bo (-lose,.-! round here.-ill siim-'iei-  0.1 work trains, for the sake of Fi ed  ������������������nul poor Hubby.  Tin; Goat (No. 15:1) is aremn 1 .-igain  and looks as gay in her new cmt'of  paint as a shop girl of N"W Ven-k. It  is a |ile.isure to again see Fred Mc-l'-y  on thelefl with .liinniie h'o.stei'handling  t! e tie ol fie-.  On Tliiir.-d.iy, a new first-class coach  ( ,'.,. I'll, arri.i'il for the' Anow Lake  ii.'.m.-'i scr\ie'<-. IL was ve-iy nii.cii  ni'nl -il. A bagga,ge' car sb iiili1 now be  il hie I.  Two tons ol' b,i4<.ige, .seven r.ir- eif  1* -el -lit. 50 passengers, and "ft) sicks ol  m iii leave on an average 1 hrli'o .1 week  fur .South Kootenay 1 oml.-.  A broken lail'be'lwueii Ci nige'ilachie  and Sicainous was disi-uvered Friday  morning and pr pl'.V n-porteel.  Yardnian Ohyriu-, who has been laid  up foi-ii lew elays with a bad ceild, is  on duly again.  When the McKonzie Concert Cei.  was here, (hi-ei'���������railw-iiy boys elesireel  lo lake two lady I'ricneK but foil ul (ei  Ihi'ir i-oiisleruaLion that the eM-heepii'i  wou'.el einly e-.irry tlnee'. As gentle  gall,nils should, Ihey ci-l loi-. ami enie  Ronii'o look the- two fa'r Juliets.  Uuike ma le- a iiii-l *.'.-:������������������, e-\idenlly. in  saying the day- ol chn.-ih-y are gon '.  A l.-ir-; ��������� nn nb ���������: ol lie- locid C. P. R  ollicial-" iniiiidine I. T. P. ewst -r. T  Kilpalr'i'k, I-'. L-iki' ami Vx . V. Crairo:  il-o, (' II. Tempi" :i i<! v.o'e, ami I ���������������  Allou ane! w il'e- b-i I he-re Frid.iv uiorii-  ,.,_. |,, ,|-,|".ul I In' .M.iso lie Hall ;il  I >. 111.1ieI.  Kiigiuoei' Ihirlon. ol Ihe K-". i'1-l eik''  v \;-\,\ ������������������: L.il.e l!r.i*ii h. i mo\i'ig iulo  1 1,11.. Kill Ml."J.*!.'- .ic.v bou-e tin- wee-!..  FIRST .IN  THE FIELD.  AN   ENTERPRISE THAT . DESERVES  TO BE SUCCESSFUL  The Inception of .Hydraulic Mining in  the Big Bend by a' Foreign Company���������A Complete Plant- to be  Installed at Once.  Wlu'ii in the early .sixties jdstcer  uiincM-sunir.irUiurl liunelrcelsof tlious.iuels  of dollars in gold in the slri-am*. e>f the.  IJig Lend, they elisclose-el ,-tlsei the fact  thai nriii-h more w*iis lliem ihat ihey  could noli touch'.,  In tlii'-iO early   elays- appliances   for  iiiining were! rude anei could save   \i<'i[d  ���������*-  einly    from    tiro   shallowest   digging*.-.  Centre's of ti-iide' we;re:   then   far   a way  ft inn the scene erf   their   eexpleiits,   anil  journeys entailed iiuii-h   hardship   ane!  expense!.    Conseejueiitly, though   gold  was found, it was but'' a   modicum   of  what remains;,'and now  that   rail ways  ane! town.-j ,-ne naur tbe diggings   more  peniiiine'iit eileirt.is and cini   be   made  'to wrest the yellow    metal    from , its  home.     Ingenuity, too,   has   perfected  machinery which will recover; gold that  otherwise would be-lost   to   man   and  wjll now replace  the   rocker   and   the  pan.-   ,  To tlie Columbia, Ilyelraulic Mining  Co.', organized in Illinois, with a capital  of J?] 00,000 in 10,000 shares of ������10  each, is elue the credit of the first at-*  tempt to try'hydraulic mining in tire  Big Bene!. This 'company have two  leases covering 250 acres eif ground iii  an angle between') Smith Creek anil  the Columbia River on tbe north side  of Smith Creek. This ground con.-sihU  of gravel' banks, abelnit 40 feet high  where the workings are at pre'scnt'iind  rising lo 80 feet'behinel., Theie are  some boulders on the ground, (but of  such size'that 7") per cent, will pass  tluoiigh llie sluices.', This- ground has  been worked fur some, lime by ground-  sluicing iinel thoroughly testeel by Prof.  Mason, the company's representative  heii!, upon whose recommendation the  company have now decided to install a  complete hydraulic mining plant, all  th.i uiiit-ii-ial for which hits now arri\etl  anei will be carried up lo tlie grounds  (GO miles from .hei;e) .in three bonis ,,  built fur the   pin pose,  by -Tone Home.  For the purpose of working this  ground this year, waler/muler 11 total  he;,id of 185 fect.oor, allowing for friction, lnO feet,- will he drawn from  Smith Cieelc, from .which the. company  have .1 water right eif .'5,000 inches.  The total ili**lauee fiom -smith Creek  to the tliggirrgs i.s li,")70 feel, eif which  3,2G0 will be a Hume e'n- ditch ; then a'  pipe-box will be put iu and the water  piped to lhe place of operations in steel  pipes. For the first. 100 feet a 2 t inch  pipe,. 16 71 guage, will bo useil : iben  500 feist pi 20 inch, pipe ;'600'foet,  IS inch, 16 guage ; 600, feet, IS inch,  15 guage ; 600 feet. 16 inch, 15 guage ;  600 feet, 16 inch, 1-1 guage; 000 feet,  12 inch, 12 guage. In all, the com-  pany haw .'3.800 feet of pipe, leaving  200 feet fir ne-cessury icpairs." This  pipe line will then be connected with  two of Fisher's double, jointed, lull  socket jointed giants, with an inlet  each of'S) inches iinel an outlet of 7  inches. The spouts of the giants are  8 ,feet, long f roup inlet l<> mizzle anei are  rilled to piewnt rotation. The stream  of water turned on will issue from tiie  11 i/.zlc. at ti speed of. 109 foot per  sec in 1, iind lhe 4 inch noz/.le���������the  .smaller of lhe two���������will eh-liwr about  ���������JOO'br -100 miner's inches of water per -  second. This enormous force of water  will mil be long iirreelucing the gravel  banks'anei proving their wealth.  To put the plant in shape, for working will rei-uiro tbe. labor of 20 uieu  for about two month*", after which 10  or 12 ini'ii will be steadily employed.  Pi of. N.-.-.OH expects that it will be  June before waicr 0.111 be t'iriieil on  ane!. if llie sci.son is fav-uable, work  will be kepi going till Nowmber or  ik-combi'i'.  As in.iv be judged by the ilc'sciip-  tion of llie plant, it is eit a c ,m;ileio  ch'.i-iicter which, when installed, will  have co-.t about ������1.") 000. It is a large  enterprise, the Iii si, in this se-ol'r.m, and  descixing or the success which il is expect eel it will Iinel in the, golden  gravels of the IJig Lend. 7't also elo-  serves some encoarageiiieiii from the  country by a cancellation of the iluty.  and an" effort has alie.i'dy beeu made  to have it   remove.!.  J AS. .MoMAHON,  daneral lilacksmsLli & Woodworker  llepui-. lo W.-i^.ius.    Tools Sii irpeiied.  -sMiil'lve";    \   *' I-.' !A bTY.  Wc G. Paxton j*  ..('(lOl'NTAN'T  Revels toko   -   -   - ������������������'Ilia'  m:m]AM  I j-j Jli".- Jvi;^.J,;i.Ji^i^.\; Iv.-.iVl'^V.l.Li.  |-;.*;  %:Mt'mSmWtMMMMM^  ;wil.|.d)������'5::.>ivV^:'-i?insV'Co ::;:'AAA^S-. -M^N^IL;.-  .;:������������������'.,- a;fyj..i-bi.sji:���������:.'������ KYKii v- SA'ruiiriAv��������� .a;"  a:;'3''^V;!*EVKLSTOK13,iE.C.,:'^  y ^a^aai/'aaaaa i A'''KINi-j' &'.;SMITH."|lyl. :;;.a:.>.;"';V:'  ���������',;'''��������� .','������������������',.���������..(,,]fi:';Si,i������iiiii'iu.s. and t'lteii'iiiKTeiiis,'. ;!'���������.-' 'a'.;  aaa .;���������".���������.��������� Jsr .srarc'r'Lfeix.AijyAXi::-: i'iV.J-',|.,aiy,:i'  ^AA-:sA'$^^iB^is^G^^^AA.A.  '.'i.:iv.':'acinx'-i^  ������������������'"':" '.iv/'I'tlisM-iitt!'(if ������l.a< pi.-i-.e'i'iliiniii.iiiitli Iier iiigifUi.  ::';:���������'.,,>.    ; i'"ei'i-'s;iai/<'s of six oolniim  inclics' (n-:,(i\-ci-, ������-l>,  "a-'v"', -a .-'..Tiirr ine:Ii I'til-.tilijllt ll.i'     " a a ^'. a      '' ������������������ :i        a"'''':  A1' y,;TllANHll''XT"Al^^  'i--'*"-'''���������'.,���������������������������'.������������������liiio,llrst insertion,', oy. pip', 11in-  en<j:li.,.sti 1 >.-;���������;,-  iaii;...vi;':���������...fjiiiurl,,.in'-i.;rt.i(iii':/. Tiioinuiiib:;!-.:;ef . 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Cafe.',   j'he   siiiip . is : pr'.;p \<>tA'V   C .'ii ii ;������������������ CtV vvv  n::":'o    ���������" ���������"''.'i"ia--ai "���������>������������������ ' p--' >\v.-i;.i'k'i.!ik ���������!' civck nt fon'f'iif  l''-      '.'i   ���������������������������������,!        "���������      ''   T   ,-;���������*.    ',1,"        "   ".nia-,.,Mn l'u'|.r'v:   re,i.'!lV-,.���������,,-���������(!���������- '-of    ���������l''['1 ',J"1- ''���������'"'���������. a,'-''-"bU. '.>. >e... e J.L. OUl^     ,.���������,,,,]., i;-.|;,w  ()���������,. ������������������.,|ii,. ,l;ri.l,,,.,. Miene-e   m.rtli  11 :i \'*'   1 wi. ti   1 ;: i-i ,\ei ti a fi n -1,    1, i     I 11 (*    ... ���������.,..���������      -..''; L,' '.I   l''  , *��������� ' ,,, A   ��������� ', i.( -i.:, l, ���������    . 11,., i f..-   , u , ��������� , ' . .  ���������     ...      ,. >.    .     ���������    . ���������.. .,    .        ..... . -,,  ll.iye    nil..i   I...IOW nig (.iini.    ill     ioi.    i.y(..j..   ... .. , ., y ,   ,.. T....   f;.,^ .-.-.' ,r--      .;>-;,���������..- n-j    ���������  ��������� '.-ll ���������': ei -le;, ' -eai'-r- v, a-1 ,;j. en :i, nip... 1 !n.-ri.!.:<'.v.ii;i( li  of th('-jie!i|ilc since   l-heyy. first  yi'i'od.ly.-: ;��������� -'i i|:'l;'. '!:,'y'-'v''/-.-! v. '���������"''���������'h.g 'i'ii!-''tri';i.i;i;iit. 'I ���������. ������������������.- ���������., -,v Vf.1���������' AAAh'A::oAi$l       '-'"': ��������� A: !"ilA'As ." *"'',"';t.' 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V , -a I: i li .' ���������! j' 1 inier. ��������� I ! |. .;,;���������..��������� ,,  -;������'i-ti|- ii!;e|y'< ii;il , i;.;;'':io    .'oiig    C:'l!a,h. !  tic  ���������;> I,. c ..'.-i.-i,. "      '.': j ,.;    '  -I.  Al-ci; ���������'���������.oiiiia,-:ii\-'.nV, ill   ,<n!>i,|,   1,1   ,y. ilea  I'eisf,  '   ''    ;''.i('ri--.!<,--ii--:,|-i-'i,.l.!'!i!ii'''1*i .v.-')!/ vi\'le;i;.   tlie-iiee .-we;*,!  ,,,���������   ���������.'.rifit'.-. ?.'���������"'.!. i'1.-'1, fl.e l'i".ii "-a. |.ti,.'.||.i. ���������;,::. if. (niiit.  ���������       ...,i;i:(inii-;;'Ida :,.;:',;-.    11, ,tl| Iisii,(.-,-fVi,-   .���������.'���������'  ���������. -i- ti ���������:��������� [���������;*���������. 'r-'. f- '��������������������������� ,: ���������-; ��������� : .,   ', ..      .'   -K '..vri;; SI.'O'i;'!'.   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Everything new and First-class in all .'.'Respects.'' i    ;;  ���������Tlio.:Hoiisu is stooked \vlih the FinesiaWliios and Cigars in:th3 Market:  ; .T^OTJT: i^^sze :������������������ git7^' 's.;c3-  &  ~4  ,TO;n^GERS'A^n:  m A������i.Amwi.pm \j*  V./iri,.,iUv..i.  .!>..{.:    i':xro.'i'f.e:K fri MKiMCiiY"i;\vkn ilmt. :i:i d.-ivs  ���������i.l.f- l.n-il! iVp.,'.-,|.(i Die  ,,,;:���������:. e:(:l..':;-..''je.ii'ly. ,",'i |.'S\ oil:-' f(.('i;.-,.|i������e l,,,.in  ;1rn-l'l:;.n-Vll.lVil.V|.tfTfll.(;rToi|li   fie:. PilN.H flu;   de-  .-���������:���������;'',ed lairl.-v-'liltiiili.-d ..���������!., I:'i������li f;n.."k. I.i,,;<|, ir;  ",an,ly. >V'.-I   Kw.'< mr':     ���������   .   '    ' ' '.  ! -.li'ii!."lic'iij.: ,'' 'I-i i.-i'ik of-' l';--!i..'f*|-.-'.;k  ,if.,lil.li -,,���������!' ''" 'l",a: "la. Ii," il ���������<��������� ,l|-.|-il, "!' |.':  11,   ii,:,'- c, .(.';, i,i' y it.i;|.', , l.if.'i..i:'v-;.(,'p'li   1 i   eiil'  ;'| .���������   c'    W.-.-l  .; ('��������� "''������������������ a ��������� |i,', -I,   ,-:! n   ;e-.-.|)\c.-, .". Ii'-,j.|  :n -r, ici'i. ���������',-��������� a        '���������      . '.''������������������..���������'       .   !  .\ 1 .., i-o i:,:ii':;ia 11.; .| m !i- ���������  .'ii, 'i,(.|" s,,,,,,   *,j} j-_.  ;  I'i.-'I..  f','-li''-   i"'il-iie .:ii..ii������:   liuir '.I,"  nrel   livei-j  ��������� i.,'!dli-- f'tja. 'id!'-.' -Vii.v.m ������������������!   rii.-e ������������������(���������; ;ii:|,y  ,;'  ������.; ;ikobteiTa^ v.nDaU' - .^:.:^ ��������� IRe^efstof^,.. JB.'C'  ���������������������������'I',    'All -a  i   ���������,',<���������: :.:n e.  , ,:|,   Kiim-ifil ���������,,.    ,'i  'I   'i'V    iii"-'     ' ".-'li   i:n  ai.lilr. (������������������ll.'fli  i.lii i. '.if ii ii.i'c.!!;, !e- ���������   .-.->!  'n 111M ��������� ���������. ' -. ���������'-'��������� t - ���������" 11 ��������� 11 -^ I :e'i'ti:--..'In nil 'iM' .���������,���������.-.���������--.  liliO.  ji. .Si.-OTT,    ���������������������������'  Viiii-'-iiio-i'i'. April ii.* 1 .*-"'.. ��������� ; .-.Ml  ,..n,...,-.>-."W..-aJ Til  i-  KOOTENAY M  TT  . . f j.  ���������AGE  Ger}tlen}ar? George  A STORY OF Till-:  AUSTRALIAN   HUSH,  FROM CIIAMUKRS S.  is   over  the  "Gentle-man   George  betrelcr, sergeant.'  * You don't -ay so, sir!'  'It'.-s.-i fact. The chance you have  been waiting for is cemii' at l.i-t. Ib-  stuck up the bank at Rosewood and  put it bullet through Ihe malingers  he-ad.    You knew that ? j  Yes, sir. . Twas his  fir-t  inurder,   I I  ceeded te> give me a minute de-e-i-iption  of the bu-hrangi'r.  Well, good-bye*, old in in, I said when  he had finished; Til tiring back your  uniform with George inside it, I hope.  Meantime, I'd aelvi-i* you not, to talk  too much "sheep'" to Hogei'sS or you  may come to grief.    So leingl  A migbtv .smart trick that, I thought  ������������������.]j,.vt.. 'a-   I   rode   along.    A   troeiper   rilling  '     Yes, iiis li.iuels   were   clean   of   Mood j through a   bush' lown.-hip   is   ue>  such  up till then;  but they  all  come  to  it    uncommon  sight.    1   expee-t   I'll   have  some time if the������y an- out long enough,    senile trouble to strike Master Ge-orge'-   Kow   long   has   (J.iidale   bee-ii    out? i trail.    If it bail not been loi- a piece  eif  Carei.ile was th" almost forgotten   Mir- J .-upei'b iu.soh'iice  on    bis   pint   and   a  name li\-  which  'Gcnlli'inan   George' r foitiinate accident   ein   mine,   I   might  had lii'en known in elay- i^one by- -  Tliii-i- years, sir, I n'plied. Three  years, gooil iiie.-i-ure.     . '���������  Ah! we-11, it is time In'  was slopped.  - 1 suppose he finds Yicteui.-i ii trifle   loo  hot, for liim aftei   this   rum pus,   .so  lie  has crosseel over to us for .1 while.  Ts your information reliable, -ir?  Quite. Fost-e-r saw him at Billabong  yesterday, anil wired. '  ' Feistei !  then ? ������  Tin* Chief smile-el. - As well ask the  bird why il, did not e-atch thee-at. Nn.  no; there- i- only one man on our side  1 expect imii do that.' And. he looked  at. me and laughed.   ,  Meaning me, ."-ir?  Meaning you, Sergeant Sparks. ���������>  Tin sure I'm much .obligee1, .-ir. ���������  , Well, then, see that yo'u, justify my  geieid opinion.���������-Hut, you have a. wily  i-ustoinei- to ileal with. Sergeant. Three  Yi':ii-s out, by Jove! Auel those Mel-  beuirne -iele tioeipe'r- are' no fool.-.  I expect. I've got  my ' work  cut   out,  ' .sii. "  I iniayr'nii' vou have.���������Now  then,  olf  0 ii i  ���������with you  at once:  gi't   the  late-st ele-  .scriptioti   of  the  fellow  from   Feiste-i','  anei follow   him   up.    It    will   he   five  hundred puunels in voor poi-kot  if you  take biin.--Ai.il mind, added (he Chief  impressively aftei a pa'i-.-e,   niinel   it  irj,  dead (ir-alive.    I.epmt to   ine  on   \ out  return. ' c  I  saluted,  iinel   wit lullc-w,   and  minutes   later,via-   galloping   in  v\, '  ten  the  very well have mi-.seel him altogether.  It was about one o'clock erne nfier-  noon I bat, I rode up to the* homestead  on Tiiiiinliiii'i'.i, tlie owner of which  station, Mr. Ingram, oi 'the Sepiii c,'as  be was usually styleel, I knew very  well. I e-.-iine in by the back way. and  was li.ling tow.nil- the stables, when I  noticed a hor.-i' hung up to ti, post by  one of the outhou-e.s. I glanced eaic-  .Why didn't   he   take   liini, i lfs,sly towards  it   as  I   went   by;'   and  then, as my eye look in the di'tail-, 1  jumped hastily out eif Hie -saddle, and  hitching my lior-e,,to a sapling, r.in  I hard across the* intervening giuund.  My heart thumped ugainst my ribs  from excitement as 1 saw that my im-  pression bael been corree-t. The strange:  hoi-e' carried a ic'gu'.alion saddle anei  brielle-, .uid bore the gov eminent br-airil!  Gently, I saiel to myself. It won't elo  to jump at conclusions ; this in.-iy, not  be. Foster's lioise after all. 'llien 1  examined lhe bolsters. One was empty,  but from the other'I drew, but a revolver���������not 'regulation. I breathed  nieire tr-e'ely. That's better, I multei-  ed; lie's got the other (on uini for a  certainly: I'll make sure of tbi- one  at un.M-ale: and I eb-ew lhe- cai fridges  and slipped the weapon back into its  case. Then I went swiftly, loiilid to  lhe front of I he-house anil, she-lle'ring  myself behind the ciecpe-rs vvhie-h gicw  thickly over the veianda posts, peeied  caufioii.-ly into tin' dining-i mini  tin ough the open window. Tln-y were  all there'.' the '.Sipiiro,''his wife and  cl.-iu-.btiM-, arrd a young son bi'ine forth e holid.ijs. Ihitl.uie v..-is sonic one  else, "a , stra'pi ing .fellow in | olice  uniloiirr, vi ho-e' feali.ie-, as he sat  with hi.- bai k lo the window, 1 i o'uld  not make out.' I dm.'i'know hiin'lroui  this.si.le, 1 .-.liel loiny-elf; but lu-seeiii.-  to be on i-nplt.ll .ei ins with I hi' Sipihe.  What if 1 have made a mi-take? Anil  llien J leinemhereel the pistol in the  rrolsii'i-, and w.i-couilorli-il.     ,   .  Making my'vvay rounil to the' back  again,1' I entered without ceremony,  ,iud going uoi-ele.-sly along the* passage. | a used tor a niouie'iit al tin*  dining-ioiiii'.eloor. 'lhe re 1 halt eel auel  looked in, anei, in the tapid glance I  .hiitar tlie handsome Hooper who was  ev idenlly the hie anil soul of'the parly,  i reiogiiiscd, b\ villain pee ubariiienof  teatuie- wbii h roster hael described tei  me, Ihe man I was after, the redoubtable George- hinisi'lf. 1 look irr the  -it nation m nn instant, liy jingo. 1  griniu-d lo in}-ell, isn't be a daisy!  \\ li.it niagnilicenl chei-k !  Ju-l then���������of e-eiui-i'it happe'iied in  much it's- tune ihan il takes In loll���������  the Sejuire' saw ine, and jumped up  with a loud outery. -Seige.int Span-:'  he i oared, upsetting h.s chair m the  lerviiiu- eit his hospitable- greeting.  ' Hi.no ! .-He-theie any nuiri ,oi jmi?  We'll have the whole force here  prese'iilly. , Come ai.d have some  dinner. 'J hat's right.' Anet lie pu-iie.l  ine into .i e-bair opposite the similiter,  whose' beh.i\ lour c\cr -inc iny  enl ranee ,1 had i.irel'ully .w.alHieel out  of the conn i ot my eve.    t must'say it  direction of Billahnng.  Five hundred pound-! It vvas a big  rewind: luit.cl" tt-11 the hoiie-.-t. truth  wbeul-av that ju-l ilii'ii 1 thought  iikiiv of lhe hoiieiui' anil glory ot  trotting tbe man than tbe nionev. Anil  now I was.irlu.illy out after hiin. No  wonder 1 felt.i trifle uioie exe-ite-el than  usual., Jf I eoiiiil ui.-iu.ige to mill him  ' al the tli.-t ti\, wb.-it'a leather that  would be' in the e-ap ot the-New South  Wides pnlire I '  Al    Hill.-ibong   I    found ��������� Foster���������in  plain      ehifhe-.      Wbv,      whaL's      up?  Where's youruriifni-rn ?    I a-ke-el him.  FosteM-gr-imii-el une'ii.sily. "Ask G''oige.'  be said.  .������] will that, 1 an-wered, if ever- I come  np with him. Do you mean to say he's  got.it?  He ha- so, replied  iind inv hoisi'. Jtiml  bargain.  I re'i.n i'd. laughing,  if   that,   doe-sift  heat  coi k-figbting.   I  crieel.    Got } our hoi si- ton.   liuiwlieie  i- hi- mare?  How should I   know?   Got   a  in her some'vyheie,   very   likely,  how,   be   was   riding   a   slury  ,enough.  Tell us all about it, I said.  Well, began Foster- gloomil} -  was very sensitive to chaff, and this  was not the first mistake he hael made  Iiv .-i long way���������I was over to Itoger.-'-  about those sheep he lost la-t week���������  Ibis I knew lo be Fo-lei'.- euphemism  for taking.i drink, but I eli.l not interrupt him.   My horse was bung up out-  Foster  ruefully;  saddle   into   the  Well,  I'm Mesl,  bull f  An>-  bea-t  -for  hi.-  the  side, he went on, and vve weie talking H..IS lem.i kal le. His lac in ver  aw.-iy, when, all of .-i seielelcn, in walks (.i1;,..jr(.tl ,u\ all, only 1 noticed that, as  George as cool a.-' vou   pli'.ise.     "Keep    i,i,t.   -j.jnirv   called   out  my   name,  youi se.it.-, gentl en," -ays he, laying * hand   dropped   iioni   the   level   of  a six-shooter on   the   counter,;    " keep ' (able to his bell.    That was all :   ofliei-  wisehesat periietly still: anei then,  seeinglhat 1 took no manner erf nol ice-  ni   him. In-   re'.siiined   his 'dinner   ami  your -eats, or (heie-'ll lie tumble-." We  kept 'i-ni.  Whiil !    Wi'ic you not ai ineel ?  I.n. Why? All vva-(juiel our way.  1 had lie iioiion George' was over the  bender till be dropped in e.n us.  llisal ay.- we'll to hi' pre-pared for  surpiises, J -aid.    Well?  Well. I lee-eignize'il him al once-, for I  lived down his way befoi e he took to  thelui-b. Pu-cnlly be sl.-iri'd ill me.  '" Why. it's Foster," says be. "Hullo,  Fosti'i-!"������������������'Hullo.   Geeu-ge!" ,sa.y-   1.'  noehb-d pleasantly a- the- Sipiiie, good  easy mail, vv ith nee notion of fre'ii-eui,  plot--, and slralage'ins, hit roduied us  to one a nol her.  You vvenfl know Mi' Ion, 1 expee-l,  Se-rge.-iul. he--aid. lie's fiom 1 he .\l"l-  heiiirni'-side em special dutv.  Now, blull is a game that two can  iilaval, anil, he'.-'des, I diehfl .want  built ts   flying   liilinel   the   ii'om   while'  What'.-up?���������" You'i-e   the  right   man    the-ladies   weie   iu   it,   -o   I   ans   (.i  iu tbe wrong clothes,"' savs he,  niiidity  polite,   ���������'I'm   sorry    to   incoiiv I'uicuct-  you,    but    I'll   tioulile   you   for    voiu  uniform.   'J'hat's .'.ball mean."  And you gave it lo hiin ?  What could J elei?    There vvas no use  in -wallowing .i-.ul .or nolbintr.  What h.-ljij eni'el iben ?  ile   liu-koil   the'   uiiiforni   under  his    u(. cur looU him ii]i togetlu  d  (inie'liv':    Iudee-d.    See-ret seiv ice?  Ob, linn- no! not at all. I'm out  after, " Gi'iitlem.-in George'," woo  -kipped trorn onrsiib' after that -hoot-  ing alf.iir ill Itoseweiod lately.  1 v .-isn't ready for   that,    I   ennfe���������:  b.il I ui.iiiaged lo keep a sti .light    fat-  as I   replied:    Are  you   really!    Tln-n  foi  I   a in  .-.I m, made Itogersgive him <i nobbier,  which he eb.-ink of]', lille'el h s ll.s-k out  of the- boMli', and tin ni-el lei tin- iloor.  Are! you lei liim go without :t a mil ?  Oh, I gave liim word- enough, yru  bet ; bul he only l.iuglu-d ; anei vv heir  he- got mil-ide, ll<- jllllljH'el ������'ll m.V hoi -e,  and say- lie : "I'll bin row vnui ling  a- well. Ko-leM-. il- V oil ale' -ei pi e's-illlf."  Ami will lhal he roele "'���������  I laughi-el again. Wi-II, he's a cool  band. J said.     Which way did'be go.? I  Norlh-easl, in.flic direction of Forty  Wlle'Cree-k,   I'eplieel   lnislei;:   anei   pi-.-y  1 continued, not looking at  him,  as  I  poured end, <l "l.is-; of cl.-iret.  i ^ . /  Ra-ther, he returned, l.-uighingagaiu.  Difyerii?  Unfortunately, no, I answered. I've  only a somewhat impel fee-t description  to   go   uiioii.      However,   with    your  belli   -   Anelyourown vvell-kriown ch". erne^-,  he coinplimented. a ''  Thank-, I -;iiel, -miling in a pleased  f.i-hion. Well, we shall -ee. ILim.'  you been here lomr?    I added.  No: I rode- up ju-l about iliiiiier-liine,  and Mr. Irrgr.r u insi-ted em niy  stopping. 1 bunked at W.i'al.lb l.i-l  night. ' ,  Fatal erreir! I lowered my eye's that  he might not see the tiiuuiph that  shone in them. Warat.ih was a -tat ion  some' five-.tnel-t wenty inih-s a'.vav, and  1 had spent tin- pn-vious night there  myself. I vvas e-erlaui of him now;  but it'w.is no part of my plan to let.  him see it.  T\w conversation grew general again,  and I will say n belter' table-companion  than Merlon I never nu-t. Ile'laugbeel  anil jested, told ,l score of , excellent  yarns, and cei-t.iinly nn one coillel have  suspected that he '-at there,, with' a  price upon his head, and within a foeil  or two of a man who was sworn to  take him dead or alive. I in.i-,1 a.bint  I admired the felleivv, he- w.i- so cool.  , - Presently I here-' ci nit* a lull in, the-  How erf talk, and Mertem ro-e from the  table. What n re-inark.-ibly handsome  man he was, and what a splendid  e-hestand shoulders'! I was not by  iiny^riii'iins a chicken myself, but I le'lt  if we came to gups he wofild have the  best, of me. 'Jheiefpie, I eleleiinined  not to give him I he--din nee.  Excuse n.i', Mr. Ingrain, he said ; I'll  just take a look al my horse anei be>  back again eliree-lly.  Do you think ol going on .-iteinie?  '1"  epierie-el. v ' ,  Well, he returned, as I "didn't kneiv-  what 'might happen. I hung up mv  horse outside- ; bill now ,that you have  turned up I'll stable' him for an hour or  so while we discuss the- be-t t hiug to elo.'  ��������� Itight you are, J -aid ; while; to myself 1 added : Catch me letting yon  reach your horse, my fine fellow.  ,Then I went on .aloud : I'll (akerlhe  saddle' off my beast as we'll.'  Hy this time he hael r cached the deuu ,  from vvhie-h a long and narrow pa-sage  led to the hack entraiu-e-. I let him get  ,-i little way befoie i ruse-, for I wanleel  him well in front of rue, .mil the... after  a hurried,whisper to Mr. Ingi-a.ii, Sit  -till, Sq-iire, whatever l.appcu-,, I  h.iuridi'd 'into the pa-sage alar my  ijuaiiy. ' lie had, not si.specti'd 1 saw  ll,rough him, il. was ev in. nt, -o I w,i-  uii lorn Willi the uni/./.leol ni} revolver  jUi'ssetl iigaill-l the back ol In.- i,ec,.  be-fell c hi' had time to tin n, i-> ell il il  had occuried lo him to' do -o. llnow  up your bands,! I cried in a low voiie-.  i-Juick ! in- I'll Uiop you in yiiur Uac..-.  lie threw u\i hi- bands slow h . Y'ou  ��������� lie mail, he said. Wn.it elo you ine.iii.J  I'll ap.ologise after w.ii d.s il I'm  wiong, I answered." Me.iiitline, kee,.  up v our hands. A- 1 -poke, 1 i.ipid.v  unclasped his licit,' iinel lliii-w it wi.li  the revolvi-r m Has far behind me' a- t  could.    Now. I -aid, loaiih -tiaightoi,,  and   lint Llie   light   was  not out oi  him by any mean-, tiiongh 1 nail bun  at sui-h a il.sa.lv anlagi'. \������ilueMi.i-  orelinaiv eplickne.-s, ne die-lvi-el, .null  then, turning swiflly lounil, he sti-ucl.  upw.lllls so dieiceiv iit my 1 Igllt b.-llln  thilt my pistol exploited, tile ball burv-  ing itself soiiiewhere in the ceiling;  while at the same moment 1 leteived a  Mow on the chest, delivered with such  tremendous si i-eiiglh loat I reeled right  back into lhe ilinuig-romu.  The uioinent J got te> my feet I ru.-h-  eel atte'i Gi'orge, who had el tnurse  m.iile goeid in- e-cape by tne back doeu  and gained Ins imi-e. Iiv the inner  got outside he was off, a..el 1 saw him  sailing ovei u.e shp-r-.iil ��������� like a lard.  So long, s,| ark-, old man,'lie siiemteel  to me. Vou .i.iel a goon u\V ior il, lull  you won't coll.n-toe five   uui.died   llris  liout.  Won't I I I yd led after him wrath-  fully, as I llui.g mv-elf on ni) bor.-e.���������  ' What's up? ' roaicil the S,pme rushing in.idly out.������������������Gentle ...in George,' I  howl.'ll back il- I p'ippc'1 ove-r the -lip  panel-anil laced .iw.iy'ovcr.lhc ilal on  liie hu-hraiiger'.- Hack.  , Geeuge-kne-w idl a-ioui riding, I soon  -aw, tor, short.i- w'a- l lie -l.u t ne  bael  got, he inaile the  st of it.     \v'e  kepi  the same liist.llil'e bet ueeu ll- loi about  len mile-, auel then, though I knew llie  pace vv.-i- too lioi lo I..si, yet Ge-orge's  lior.se was fie-iier than mine, an.I I -aw  that I was losing gioiind.  1 must-top him, 1 inulleied. Il'o'iie  he i caches ttie Long Scrub, he'd dismount and get clear ii way. So 1 -bout-  eel : Halt. George, en I'll lire'. I don't  know whether lie he..r.l .i.e e r not, tor  ne- kept slraigbireiii: so 1 iet el.ive- al  li.it). It-eemed to uu' thai he sw.iyee!  a little iu h.s saddle, but 1 could not be  cei lain, anil only those who have tried  it know how eliiiie all a tiling if is to  hit.il mark ������v hen nn- is goi.ig alr.u m4  ;i-.-e. Ihesi-ntly be- reached lo- h.  oolster anei elrevv out the l-evolvei 1  bail lepl.iceil.     lles.iw     I.I    .1    eiio.nclil  with a ye'll of eh fiane-e. ui^i'el his horse  itit'i ,-i yet men i- nu ioes g dleip.  Ne*,n er auel neaier we* eh ew ,iei the  si rub, and I be ];ace was I i-einenehMi-.  The slr.iiu was telling fe.iilully <in  both hoi si*-, niiel 'ti v\a*. evident that  neither of tlu-m had much moie  i nulling i-ft in him. liuii-.ih! I was  Hni. oh. Imw *lowly. Jt vva-  el endurance*, .'nielli,i! look at George I Was I blind with  e\i ilenienl. eir was he reel mi; iu hi-  -addle? Ne'.irer and nea.ei'���������five*  minute- nieire a'id' he-   will    be   Ihi'r  A  rt  gaming.    Hut. oh,  a question of I inn-,  PORTABLE !    PRACTICAL ! !    ECONOMICAL !! I  smc-rlimf  refiniii.14"  IS  lo I  lutee a,-e' gone ieiur lie  And th Mi ten one moment I seem  .-ee him svvay treiin side l.o -iele -Lhe  ne\l. J h.i* liui led I in ough the an- like  a bolt I'reiin a b ivv, ,-i- my lioi -e, jiutt ing  hi-? tool 'ill il lieac'ie.oils hole, curie  headlong to lhe giouud.  9 Foi some moments I lay there  stunned; and t be.i, struggling agiin  into eon-e-ieiu-iii's-, I tried lo rise. Hut  it was net use; iny lell le-g \va- broken,  iinel I s.iuk,back''wiih a gioin. I'ifly  v,nil-away, I saw George -ipporling  i.imseli on oni-e'lbeivv ,i".d loo'-i igat me.  -   Are vou bit, Gcoige? I i.illeil out  ^1'e-, lie- ,  -boulder.  i-iuilibi't ki  wii li voii ?  Leg", ,1 i epli'.'il lae-einie-iilly. Surrer.di'r.  (ii'ori;e.  lie laughed. Waal ! To a man vv ilh  ,-i garni' Teg? Not I. Beside-, wh-it  for? You would iiur-i- my wound web  ai;aiu, and tlieu hang me-. No, no; I  know a tuck'worth 1 wo of taai; and  lie began to ci.-i iv I -lowlv and p. miuliv  towards   a   p.o'ml  siunev.-he; e*   to   my  The   ;!ii/.-nu'e;n   of jirosjjcctor-,   and miner:- is au.ecJ l<������ Uic  mei'iLs (jf.'i nen-improved upyv-mitus,   f<>\'   U-^.v.iy^ and    '  v;irioi.is_lvinds of ore.*- and minerals, also separaiini; and  , h'tse bullion., etc. ' '/       /'"'-  i Mam i fact ii red hy ������i chemist and metaU artist, who cnorqjj^h-  tVierei |]y iinderst.incls lhe wants of  the 'ass,L\e-r.   the   pre^pecror;-tfic  -,t for laboratory test, for all furnace work;-such  ' i-       ' r. ...:���������..    :., t . .1.,,: ���������    ^',-,,,-i'Kb-i.  miner, the chemi  tinu", scvjrifyin.L;, cou'plino.   fusion   in ��������� plaliiium   crttc  :ib!  es.  linn'   charncs,  iojistiii^.'.cnameiin^. etc.    (Any  as in  '-e-)iin<.������'  ol   s;imp!mn'  kind of fuel.) ' .' ' ,"   .  ���������    This furnace is built in two-halves for easy transportation  ti  cast iron siajr and  n-W'M i'd: -ennewlu-i e iu  the  I    lo-t    -o   l,inch    Mm el,    I  ep inv -eat.    What'- v- rung  my  surpri-e-,   in   He  high!, not, to ...  direi tion of,tbe-ti ub. I w.itcne'il lu.n  for a nio.ueut or l<io as he dragged liun-  s-'ll laboriously along.  Whatever i-.-tn his game , he ? 1  wonde-red, as, -c-rewuig myse-lf i-iiimel  witli diflii ull v, I folio..-ed liiedii. cii'-i,  of hi-intent n.i/.e. I mw it idl now!  What.i fool I hael b' eu not tei think oi  iI before ! I'lainly outlined against a  ^tiissock-of grass by which it bail l'.illi'ii  'was my n-volver, which hail been  jeikeil out eif my Hand as J fell. That  '.-.as what George- was making lor.  I wasted nei time in v.e-iel-, Mm may  be sure : 1 wa-n'l ne-ing to In- theie to  be shol like a dog." auel, cur-iny Hi)  ov. n lolly, 1 -tin ted to cr.iwl lovv.-ir.l-  ihe i i'veilv e-r on my own .ucoiuii. I  h.ulsoiiiewh.il the be'st oi it even now,  .or though Ge'ingi" v.as n little nearer  the'Hi-suck than J '\m!\ yet he vvas  fe.-ii lull'v weak, and labouring painfully  tor ore.ith. Hut, oil! if 'was leu-lure  for ine. Lil'le.s oi icil-hol lir ��������� i.-in up  and down my l-'n, a*id my ve.-y Heart  ached wilh the intensity' or'   lire   | ain.  I "-laiice'd   at   C -(ic,   and   shuddered.  l'eir he wa-avvful lo be,*iie.!d. ' His light  arm hung 'u-eh's- by his side: but wilh  his left ha nil he chile bed the gia-s, oi  dug his nail.- into the soil a - be diagged  himself along.. ' ,  All at  emi e,"  in   the   midst,   ol    thai  ghastly i lavvl,   I   heard   tlie  sound  of  lioeits t.u away.    I never looked roil -d.  but i knew vv iiat 'il ine.iul, a.id a   Gird  ol hope -hot ihiough ine.  ,    Give it up, Gi'i.ige',    1    e-i ie.l   bie.ith  le-s'v.    Thi'   Svpn.e   and   hi'-   me i   a ,  1011101'-!,.     Yo'.l'v e' no shei.v, ev e'.i ll   VOi.  dosiioot  me.    'Not.i vv.ud -aid G"o ^e,  einlv he kepi -tia.sjht   o.I.    ..".i  er   ane"  iie.u-i'i- (-.line the eiiuiiiler ol   ine ��������� -all. p-  ing horse-, and ne.ii-i r aiui   m-aiei-   vYe  drew  In   Hi.it.  eli-.-iolv   reveilver,   a*   \. ���������  l.ihouu-d    iilomr.      j .lining-,     ga-   ing.  'iio.iiiing, gnashing.    Neaier sii'I.   ii ni  inv be.ui began to t broh exull.-i n'y a  I i i'.i!i-..*el I was t In- i iii-i'i  In tin1   go.".!  is complete 'in itself, mid.; eif sheet steel with  metal spouts, wind supply pipe anei knock-down boaom, ' - '  Thi.-, Mainly Yrospiici Furnace: is of the Cupola type, wilh  extenlion for nneltin^ ores, capacits ��������� iooo to 5000 pmrnd-s per  he:it, accordin.ir to  the: character of on s.     No prospecting out-  1!    ,.,   %,.,   and  Furt"i3V  In'ormatltwi,  /.eleircsfe  I  is complete without, jl.  Aqua's V/ft.itod.   '?"_?_������������  'National'Ore and,I  415 Locust SI rest,  !<  Ol     s  ion Co.  jOUIS  Mo.  ���������"^   r'~������^ ra  ,   -! r~\/''3  INCORPORAT  ,'; '   KiAiM iiO'JSE: 200-212 First Awi. North, MINNEAPOLIS; RilNN  KELEXA, HONT.  ,    I      CKIC GO, ILL.      1     VICTORIA, 8. C  Cooke & Bo7cman Sti.   I  1AJ. .  o  o3 Wlim 1'Sl.  '.VIKNIPEG, MAN.  2.". 1- KintJ St.  . -i������l_. C.���������W.U>a-.Si������MCtUG������a������������f.I  when all ol a sieehieo I t.-lt a- ,1  pain in the wo, Id ha t com e,it  e    . . . ������ , t 1  ..    .     . .  all :  ,11-,-d  It  -elf in mv le-g  'l-O,lie! not  I     'l,l(l��������� I'll     111  tile    I e>   ei]\e  .ink   swooniuc  .1.1.    Anolbi'i  instant ..ml i*.  been in   mv  grasp,   w he 1.  go on.   a in.  f >,- one .uoMient at   le, s'    I   ha I   to   In  -till: anil   lhal   mo.in nt   izave  George  the  advai.tag",   loi.    a  again, he   n.id    1 e,u hei  And in the ver\ act Into I lie glelll  would have  v. lib. a "dvi.ig e'il'ort, Ci'iii'-'i' wntbeel  loi ward. Our hands inei with a shock  bul befoie I could.-e'izi' hi- wii-l, In  siiateheel tin' revolve:, anil with ..  "���������')L\ ut ic I1e.1v e. 1 oiled ov e*r out of 1 C'-l-'-l 1  A-', lav still. Gioa.ii'i--; wi.b pain. I  -lewi'd in\ sell round. The Kepiire .1111!  his n.eu weie'nol iar ���������u���������y now, ami  coining 00 bk'' demons. II I lould  only iv.u h Georure belore hi' revivi'il !  On e-aine 1 be Seiuii". sheniling like  mad. In .1 moment, we should be sur-  I'oundeel : im a memieirt tin* el ingei  sbi'iild be' p.i-l. lliu-iah! T fried to  shenit. but my ] aii-ueel tluei.it retu-e('.  itseitlice. and" Oil' wold el.e'd away 111 a  kejd shriek. On li undeied lb-'  (ouple of hundred y.uel-  diired,  mil -at  a  1 1 il 1  Nepii  more   ;inil ��������� fn-sl   then  'heaved a li'iiii    he.ehl  "  (ie ei' -,"  im.' >:irh.  .ii.it upi itcht. the blood yusiiimr "Ironi  Iii- nieiiilh and iio-e. auel t'.e tevolver  liuht'.y e l.-l-pi-d in his /iamb  1 saw it w.i- all up, .nn\ -tea-bed myself, ih't"i inine.l lo meet my late- li :i' a  man. Pehind me I heaiel the i-'epure  in fiont of me* -al George, bold'n^ lhe  1 evolvcr. 'Old lookiiie 1ie.1I Illy a- ie  sw.ived uuste.ielily I ��������� auel l:o.  Suddenly   h<-   sj ol e,   loused   by   Hu  shout.- I ha'I    weM"   now   abiio-l    m   on  ear-.    ' !*m done   leu.'   lie   ira-i eel.    'I I  ,t we'll'onlv m'u. Pel h.-i'i-a   bu.ik   foi  Iree-eloir: but then- .11 e loo uia'l.y.   book  here. Si i gea lit.     Iw.i     bin n   a   gentle  man - I've'i-ei.iie ilow 11 a gooel 1!  al    hu  I'll elu- like  one.   ,,Yo'u   shan'l   | ut   the  rope round inv  neck.    Voushaii't.   lb  raised  Mil'   revolver   lo   i'is   In.'d.   mi'.  I hen.   i.-il'-bing   -inhi    ��������� f   mv   aln.-i/.ee  f.ii-e, In- hiv e-ied    il    a.caie    anil    biokt  into   .-.    low    gm "Inn'    laii"-h.    ' W by  lile��������� voi'l. Si'i'gi'.iiil.'   h ���������   saiel,   *   t    vv.i '  inv-i'lf- not   elm-   vol'.     So    hum; I  ...    Then   vva- a -Ie.l p iepoi-1, a' d  even    .-is .tiie   Kipiire   leajed   fun"   hi  reeking    l',o..-e   and   rii-be-il   fo -w  ,\l,  'Gelltlenian   George''   ie'll   (Ml  and lav -till ���������till mr e.er, (hi-  My$te &, Ko8t3say '��������� -  3laam Navigation Oo.Ii  'PA3SENGERS FOR  Hall's l.andino-, ,  H )t  Springs,  " Nakifsp.'I'hree  Forks  NieKon, ivod Slocan Points,  Kooteiviy Lake Points,  Trail   Creek,   RosJand,  Northport and .Spokane  ���������-snen-j.i)-MCK tiik--  aTS^.ME?J  NAKUSP  tiik  IsJI .  Si.nl i,-.'  lie  .1 1   fei."   sT.ii.n i'   uini   l{')b-on.  .il'i.v- .vi ! 'I'nui sit.iv s .il S 11 111.  ..e.i.e*   liiibsin   In" >.ikus,i.   Aii.vvliL.it   .'I'll  Cinuli-ii P.'e.ille. Ii.iih-.i.v p.ail-  (l-1 ',  .i'i I  \, .-el e.n M0...I.11- W srelii'-la.,-.nut i-i'il.iv-  nt I ;) 111 '  I'ona.'cl'.iil 1- ll' I'li'.U   Iteiln'ia   Willi   t*. & K  It ��������� ior Veil- in ,m 1 all liouils 'in iC110Ui1.1v   lake  inel   w.tli   -tf.uirei"   ' I.;. tl'in '   l.a"   Ti-ail    ������ui I  .\ Ml I ll| III' t  fin-lev ll lull" - u-1 ul  L'io  ('(iiiin.iiiv'-  -lo.i'e-  ���������r, nn  Kii'il  n.i.v   I.ilvt' ������l>|il* '" ''>" piii-e-ron  '.J(;.l "el.  l''(irt'.ill ���������n'diii'.'.li  "I.1* In lie Iccls. i-.i!^ ..-.".o..  "iplv In T  Allan.   S-lii-I.iiv . Vi!-( 11.    !', ' .  05 utjiijli'ili.iu b  till  So  III-     i.lC  . t ime.  Awarded  Highest  Honors���������Win Id'fi  Fair,  Full ling of Ladies'  1   BOOTS & SHOES  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  ���������10 ax 11 ri:oM  All Sa.teni Points. ���������  'i'lin>u,-li l-'n-l Cl.'v,*<kv|i.iiitC'.u-iiii(l Tnuri-t  HIlvium", Cos I" St   Paul. lloiavo.iliUKl Tiironlo^  VMlllllllI  l-ll.Ulls'L'.  o=-  A."IT  1. ". \  REVELSTOKE TIME TABLE.  .Ml.uiliu H^pics-.illivi's    I'.liel.ul.v.  r.K-ilic '* * 1������"> i"'    "  Aiiieiv l^vci: HiiVNCii  TitviNs  -.��������� I."i:'.'J,  Tiie-'lav-, Thin-ia}  I'i.!1    Sua 1 i,v ���������  S.uiueta.v*  fat'- l.iv-,   Tiiiii--il.i.vs  ,\l".(l\v   l.l'jj    IjIM'kIi    CDIIIIL-L-I .it  '1 ('.& K. t'ns si'i'vvi:n '.< vici -!���������  T.- un .  -Vs I'livvli.'.i.  Ill.lklllU  CLOSE    COi"MNECTiOS^S  ���������Tj 0.ZLJ. Fro-,;i- -  Re) island.. Trail Creek, Nelson,  Kas'o, Ainsworih. Pilot Hay,  ?sraku.st).   New   Denver.  Three Forks. Sandon'  " ��������� 1  ���������and��������� ,  ALL P03HTS iS 3*0U fH KG9TEKAY  i- u-  ipply  lull imor.n.ilion as to i.ites. etc..  A Sons  At     (.11���������  ^j-lM-K  ^*<������a>-���������zp^^v&m*  izagdY  l.  T.   S'.re.wste'i*.  . Agent, r.cvelstoke.  j :,i'.-n. nitnw'N. ,   ,  n.-L ut r.i-sLir^e r A^'i-it. vsuici>-.ivci-, 15. e.  OCiAN STEAMSHIPS.'   '  11 - -  S-OYAL MAIL LINES  O'S^AV-ZiT ro-.'.'.o to Yire OLD COUSVr.1  ALLAN   LIM.  I' Mil* I VS.   II   Mil   ll.lllf.l's .  Vl.li.lt.  ���������.i'lM.nl I V\,   ������������������    .M ,lllle;.i ' ->������������������������>  "���������  &Waj.   -- *  .t������:i  out .ifter hiin too.  Gad I saiel the Squire-, he shouldn't  ir--! very far with two such i-liaj s as  you after bun.  Ah, --aid my opposite neighbour. I've  heard of Ihe pniwe��������� ot Seinean!  Sp.u-ks. Who hasii'l I- I lliu.k vv  oiinbl to he sine of eiur mail. Two  bundled and lift.v apiece-, Seige....i, elrl-  Anel he-leiesked at im-and l.rughed.  .-        ...,,, ,       ,,     ;.  .... ,r,,.     tMicoui.igenienl, Iooke.l iiilliiil   einie-   a  ^ e's,  I ad 11111 ti'd e .11 e-le--lv .   ll  vve ire l  1 1-  hil'li.     I'iilt,'l''don|t   s'eeni , lo,  bear    )'"'  inonevjiiiLcling iu mv pocket.-ye't, ituy-  *i. '1..   '      '1 -     ,., . 1.,.. .i      1 v i in his boelv, I  W.-IV.       Pel  V-oll  kllll.V  (eeorgl-  Iiv   asl,.,..l .   i ,  what had been done, and flinging the  weapon a-ii'..'. be lodei.n tor dear 1J1 ������"-  And 110 a I he edge ol the Long S. I ul  came in signt. Idi.ivoihe -pin.- nil  my hoi.-e and -e-:il liim along Im all I"  I vv v- worth.    George heard inv ci ie-   "'  ennui  a   second    liulleu ���������, Iremi    111 >'     ii-v,.l>''i  whistled ove-r his lieail,- or liuri'-il it.**'-l'  could not: telb-whii'-h,.' "'I  iniMlNION   I.INi-.  .-.(      I|   s>I   l\.   tllllll    II   llll.l*.  \  |.  -ll   J-f  V \\    1)1 \ I 11, fl.i'll   lluilil-.'l1  1:1:'. V'Ki:  LIN'K  li'i .'ii -'1. .lii'al. N.!..)  L v .1    "M Vltlll  1 ,\. 1 .- 1 1 cm::  I .ilnii ?l'i line1 iipvi.i-.K     Iiili-nii-  *sl,'< i.i ;(',u he'. 1 -I l.i' *���������.  .vi iv  " ]1  l! I'i  .\ I i:rl *.'���������-'  '.rate SI'.  i'...s..,' 1- i>, i,,'. il I* , iiiirli 10 .ill pari- of  e;,i.i' niil.1.11 .un! 1-i'l.in 1. .uid at -po-..iii} t'JW-  1,e-s 1,1 ,i.l ein:- ni l!i ��������� L.iiUj-i".rir ij iluis'i t.  Ap el- i'iii.-.'..i-t si-.oii,'11:1 mi ri'.i\iay.e.'ciii.iii  I. r. B^^WSTKa, Asjn ,K.2v���������ic*:ol;<i.  !).���������    in    \t 11.L. vl     Sim.    Ltiii.1.11      A-*'   ���������  '.VllllllpL^.  n."-i  ���������I  )  Of l!UlPOY������lDJP.tS-  iviO   ICE.  MOST P1:RIT:CT MADb.  ��������� A: pure Grape.Orc-mi of Tartar .1'uw'e.icr.'   Ir.ree:  fronrAmmonia. Aliim or��������� aiiy clhcr aiiullci'.-int.  . ' 40 .VflARS' THI- stakd/,i:d.  *������������?   COPYRIGHTS, ^>  flAIV I ������I������TAIN fi- "ATE'v'T* rem  pKinipl ,iii-<\,(i- iinel mi limit's! opinion.,>ilie .0  \\ t XV iV <���������<;.. Kliol.v.t' li.Kliic.ulvlHI-, ;.' ���������:.  cviiorle-iift; m Im.' inli'ii'   I'i ir.."-'.   tiiinmiiiilf.i-  11(111- sllllllV cilll'I'll lllll-l.      ,V   ll.llll.t..-".. ill   lll-  Idiin illnii e mi' i'i -inn- l'-i le-a- .ini ' "'��������� '" "i'-  I  Ull I". HI ������. I'I   111"'.    VI-11   '  'HMlni.U', J1. .1.1    ...���������-'-  K, il i ul ������������������I'li'ieii'    i o������l -i ���������(���������in le ������������������  1 ��������� ifc>tils- ln'.tn liiHin.-Mi Miinn .'. Cfi. Ti-evivp  mki-iiiI ���������lillic..|ii ������l.i- ���������������cici.'il.e" Vice"-;, l.n .m I  thus 'ne- In ei l-'I't voel' H- lie-l.i..��������� I' .i-i.' . i ill. -  (Mil (', s'��������� '(, lhe in"(.n\i.\ 'I I ,*.*'i .i.iliiii".".  i -peel ������'���������<!. H '.-le ."iritH iP'iMi. I ..in I1' '' t.  1 e .-I clii".l I1 ':i O' in i v O'li'iirlii.' ������ ir- 'i' Inv  viiiini. '-.'-.i M'.ir. *- "ii.pl' (i.p'c '.'ill ti. . ,  IlnlliPiiT i'.il'mn. me mIIiIv.j..' ,)-i :i.;i. .. ���������- '  r.i -ic������, ���������i."- (.-eiiits. I-Miy iiiini! ��������� r 'inn n i. li.iu  I'il'ill pliit'fta, in coliii'E, and |ilioi.r,L'nii>iis,ef ik.ivv  Iioii'x-.i. vvilii pluiiH. cinibliii!! Iiuiidms to silt.- Let  :������;.,.-:1. il.ihlmis uini t.������e;iir<! e-wi'.mci:-. /��������� il:; ������������������. i'  . iMU.N'N A: e;o��������� Ai;'.- Vejine. "it"  "��������� .  i      ,-,   ��������� i- .  ', , -j    ������  . i   a i\  .),.!  I'r .''. i 'k' .i  ��������� i-eii i eil    1  ���������  i'd  -1       i, .1 <     ! .1      I  i i i   . 'x ���������     ��������� .  Vn '  1. Ml\'l  . -i' i.i .  'li*-.I.!  ,-AL CL.vlM.   ^"Uti  Mn   n - I) v i-y n 'if  n (i,-..e*t  1 ,  !-.',  i,  in  ,1 i  i i '  *   i  \ > -  -  .1 .  ,  i i ���������  fioiii tin-  '. li: ci 'i  v, e   a   i -  ,'���������   s      ������, It,   i  , H.i   ' ..in-  ���������e   iii -   'er  n.t  1   (  il.ei.  i-  '. ri*  V   .111 '.  Laku  ���������M.'.-'fW.  ��������� l!i:.   t'...'..  I  '.������,. PAC  1 V  j r.  rp  PI ll."  1 ji ������ i.  )orP!^x v v \! \ n  The: Church    of    England  ileli  REVELSTOKE LODGS. I. O. O. Fi, Ho. 25  <M,  s?^^.  i������i  a*  1 toL^ol it- iiiectiiiits .ire huh]  i<    in Od'l fellows' Hall uvci-v  "^  S&S  ���������*i  T.nn-.liiy nii^lit at. o'^lil  u'clnok. Vi.-itini; in-eilliois  CDl'eliiilly wulueiiiu-il.  C. UXIiMAKK.'N'.U.     K. O. LKU'IS. Sec.  Ijoyal Orange* Lotlgo No. 1658.  Itvffiil.u- nicotine- iii-.- lrold in  tlio Oelel Follow-' Hull on Lire  s.-i-iiii(t .in I foiirlli WfiliicseJiiy'-  (if t-11 -jli m,uitli ni 7:''>il p. in.  Visiliiiff Iji'utlircu .'ire cordially  invilcii.  T. .STI-'l-.'Il.   J. I������\VOOI������HO\V,  W..M. llec. Se-cy.  ���������      ' BORN. ���������  Tutisiioss.- -At "KovelMokc-,  M.-ituiel.-iv,  ,,April, 1 1,   ISiJO,   the   wii'e  of   C.  Turnross eif ii son.  vvill be iiui.siii'd; lit lo hold service,  Sunday vvee'-k. "  ft&t- J&  Hugh  ���������f  jJrown is   pulling   in   :i   nice  pie'ci- ot   giideii   opjios  Hole).  site   the-   I  ni, i'i  -Pullv  built  painteel, has be-en put in .-it the- Central  s ii'-e ehristening it.  l!, under the   auspices  llote  The bov  A basket se.ciri  Of the I. O. (3. T.  Lodge, vvill   be   held  in the lodge' room,    T  iK'Sii.iv    e've'iung  next.  '1-  very  ,-beidv  welcome  please biing baskets.  OUXL).  li  el Sa  lad  ies  4-&S.  &AS  "^-r^-  ������������������-.1 -.   Jn,'.L'iV.."l.>i.,&.<    -3"  %&������:<*.  .&s*  -SftAU.  . &/"-   l**  r^V^^LS**  1G38PV3���������Koatensy Bi  T^OTIGR IS IIKHKI1Y OI VEX that  i_ ��������� ii beltof land dese'ribed a-follows;  - -Commencing at. the hsi.er-e'ction of  the Columbia   Kivoi    Iiv   Ihe   northe-ii,  iimielnrv  of   the   IJailway  Belt.  Carnes Oree'k ; llieiie-e' l'o'.luwing the  saiel rivejr up stream to the* north-  vve-tei-n e-nd of I\inibaski-t Lake, and  exleiidintc back ten mile.-  on each  side  i.efween lhe  school   house , tll<.,.,.(,f. is  ,,,,,.,,.,,1   ,-(.r  the   exclusive  if  il<  k  auel rsamsou s, a pair ot chilli's leu  mittens., They can be had at this  eiliice by Lulling for them, astheiv won't  fit the editors kid.  Jbitels  in   Revelsleike   wore  crow-fleel from cellar to roof on  LOCAL AND PEHSOML BRIEFS  Capt. J. Giant got   back   from   the  Kn.st,n Wednesday.  You   can   get    Slider's    I'.oeits    anil  Shoes at, Coursier's. ,,      ���������      .   '"  Mis������ Edwards attendeel the Donald  Ball on Friday.  Rev. Mr. Yollimd's bouse is nciring  completibn.,  Advertising is tbe, best paying   item  rr     in your expense'account.        s     p  Two or:   three   pipenien   have   come,  from California to assist Prof. Nason.  ,.    '   Jiminy   Wooelreivv   is   jiiiinfing    bis  shop anil "fitting a grand new delivery  waggou fixf:d up. 'i,      0       '   ���������  'Tuesday Mnorning'vvas' very   wintry,  ,   a light fall, of .snow commencing   that  day.  F. G' Cotton was very ill for ii few  days this week, but is now all right  again. ." . c, ,  Tlie Webling Sisters are,contemplating  armtlier   western   tour   and    they  expect to be along   bore   in   June   or  * July. ,  'c.      Murdock McKiic i.s now   so 'far  011  the way to roeeivory that he* has   been  reineiveel from the hospital   anil   talcejii  to Tllecillewiict.   ,    , .,       "  ,> -   The attention of .subscribers is called  to the'notice em page 2.    Pay up your  .    olel subscription . and   take   flic   paper  for the'coining year.      L' *-  'Mr.'B. Pax ton, brother eif  the   well  ���������knovyn W. G.,  arrived   from   Missouri  to-day.    lie-has been in   Mexico, jmel  tells serine great sterries'tif the yioasei-j.  Frisby, J^eighly iinel   Jiruc'e   ILorne..  from' Jordan   Creek-,   came   down    to  teiwn Thursday after a prolonged   May  in   the   bills.    Tboy    brought   in    SG  niiirte.'n skins.  Wi   Vi.'.' CoggCshall,   advance   agent,  for Neil   Jhirtiin,   charae' 1 r   iiii-ierseiii-  iitor, was in town last vveek and placed j  two dates hero about   the   latter   pail  of May.  Messrs. ��������� Eraser and ITaiir. J. P.'j*! ,  presided iit, Police Couit sitting 'on 1  Monday, morning at -10 o'clock, and ,  fined Saturday's sci uppers --?2 each iinel ;  costs.        , j  Complete line of Hats, I'.ounets anei  Ladies' Fancy Goods at Coursier's     *   ;  '- A gentle son of the soil,    from  N. *\V. T.,  wanted   lo   know  this week bow   vve;   " raiseel  crop here and how   much   a  brought.  Mr. AViitei-son, of the White House.  Rosslaud, was in I own Tuesday. He  was returning from an extended! vi-it  tej the East, and repeats busme-s a-  ������low there. He savs 15. C. is gemel  fjiKurgh for him.  Tbe Victoria Hotel delivery ream  ran away from the station on. Thursday and readier! their own -tabic  wifely, ''"hey threw Uoctor Gem get  out and elepejsited a large* trunk utieai  bis che-t.    - k  Drummers of all sent-, hi'-'.itaue e  .oiel iiiiiigi'.-, lieptois'anei lexicon-, .uel  books anil beer, look po--.-���������ion or lln'  tovrn .Monday- Several of lliem weie-  i:\ieleiitlv working tl'eii way elovvn  river.  Mr. Freeborn, of < bn-e|i,u ,{��������� I nin-i'Ie.  1 Winnipeg. Iimn-jlit in t'oui e-.u-leuel,   of  butchejr -tuck on .Mouela,.     Thev we're-  ilbeillt the second e-o||s[<jimielil   of     -:,ili  fed cattle bioughl  into   Knolenai    ,ind  We|<"  coilsieiieel   to   Ihll lis  An aelverti-eiiienl in the' Mail will  preive ellect iv e in soiling \our -wares.  It is well known thai ladies are the  closest leaders of the nevv-papei'- .iiel  if your new eoods are iirh crti-crl thev.  an- sine to in-ike a neite^ot it.  SubscriU- for the* Kiihti.n.Oi .M \n.  iinel be well [Misled on ull local a nil  pe-noral news.  We* have jii"l received new price  li*ets from Jas. .McMillan ,y Co.. Inc.  ���������J00-2JL' lyirsi Ave. Xo, il, .Miniieipoli .  Minn., lhe largest hide- and I'm ele.iici-  iu the Neii-l hw e-it, and I lie-v e-,in I.,-  tibtiiiii."il ;il ibis olliee al anv lime  Tlieii aelvei I i-euieMil .-ijipe.ns le^iil.nb,  ill   tile   \i.V.!..  II. W. Yoimi.iiis, I insiiiil b, ha- iusl  arrived t* 1 ���������< ���������111 'liiui.iln, .uid '.\n! be ai ,  the ���������' fill, lii-velsiol e *s|,,i ,,,,,. ���������,,, ,,  few ll.ivs. Ills lie d lidil I.iiii|i 1- Ui-i'  Woi lb its |n ice. a in| ,nl |e| ,i, , I,  ei-lllliti'W-ire. stuves ciiii-l s en-'i "-ks be I  /'A'-������������������1.1 '���������'.-,  H'.i.lh nl-aliie.-,- iiiio  .ii.-.p.ili-ji.       |  simply  se\ era1  occasions this week. The , number of  passengers tr; veiling is" enortiiems, .but  what they a ��������������� all going to elo is ' r.n  eiiigma. For some teasoii the fatmeis  from tin* [ii-iiirie's aie the most  uiiineroiis. '   , rf  Notice is given on the Geive-.-innenf  Au'cnt's boarel of the election eif File  j \N'.udens for the ensiling ye-ar. Noni-  ' inations will be ree-eive-fl on Wednevs-  elay next bijlvve-en the hour's of 10 and  11 a.in.; should a poll b.- lequireel, il  wiil take place-same day beivvcen 11  h.iii. and. 1 Ji.ui. , Some, conceited  action should ' be taken to e!e-i.t  wardens by that time, as il, is a matter  of ver,y vital importance*.  The Odelfellows of Hovelstirke will  celebrate their anniversary on Snnelay.  Api-il ^Gth, iind will attenel divine  worshiii.' in regalia, tin that evening.  The services will be held ,eii<Lic.* in  the, school house, or new church if  linisherl, and" Hev. Mr. Yollanel will  ollici.-ite.. On the following,' Mon;liy  night, ,-ui " At'Hoine. " will be hole) in  !>oiirne-"s Hall, whoie a 'carefullv  selected concert piograinine vvill be-  presented, followed by a dance.  Invitations will-be issued next, vveek.  A cow that, straveel into Mr.  Tapping's jilae-e , em Thursday b w::s  severely cut by him with an axe. Jle  was much ;Cl.irincd at'tho extent of tlie  injury he had infliulcel on the poor  beast and thought he uniylit be trierl  and seiite'iie-ed, for it. Happily for Mr.  Tapping, the eiwner of tlie'.pow te ol:  the' pi ice* of it iinel that settles the*  matter. - It should never be allowed to  occur iigain withruit. tin- penaitv al lower! by law being indicted, viz. 3   years.  piirpa.-e'   of   emiy    imeler   the-     Land,  .Mineral and Placer Alining Acts.  , GKO.  M. MAHTLV,  CI 1 iff Cum m ijfuio n'rr of  Land* ami   Wurkn.  Lands and Works Depart merit,  Victoria, B.C., llth April, ISM. '52-21  NOTION.  A IjAKIlLOttirri W'A I.''.'ANT freini S. NVi-d-  J_\ h.i'ii lei tin-t*lie-i-ii!'iif Knuti-ii.-iy )in,4 hi'vu  i-siiud tci uevui'tire'-iiiin <if ^ii.'fi (ivMiipf liy one  H. e.-ii-lislii. If llris .uiiniiiil, Willi all costs uini  Slicr-ill"s fee--, is nut fori li wit ii p.ii'l lire" funii-  liu-i- sjizoil in I.11I, Nil. a. Hiin k 11, DmiKl.is-  St'.'t'ct. Utsvu'sldke. will tie '.'ilil .it Dial, plio: 1111  'I'lnii-.-d.iy. Pic -SArd (if Api-il. IMIIi. nt VI o'clao!:  ileum,'en-' .-() iiu:e.!i tlici-cdl iis vvill s.ujs'v dell  .ni.l e-osl*. S. IMClJCStAVK, Sliei'ilf.  Kiivclrtloko, !!.(-., -Ajnll let, I <M. .VJ-lt.  NOTICE.  - - - "Wholesale and Retail Dealers -  In Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Carpets, Sboves, Hardware, Paints,  Oils, Glass; Doors,,,Windows, Miners Supplies.'  i0"We c'lrry the hirgesi and most complete stock- in' this section. ��������� ;       ' .  BRANCHF.S at NKW  IMCNVKR .and NAKUSP. ,     "  'iToriei: is in-:::i>".v cjivk.^ii.iii ncwniiits  . '������    eiwiii^' to t'ic   Itcvulstuke   I'l-iiillnj;   anil  i'.ilili-li'iif ("oiu;j .liy. l.unitcel, .irei'Mveinircd Lo  I c paid on ii." liffoif tlie P '-t d.iv of 3I.iv, next.  l'\ H. W'ICLLH, acuiclai-y.  ,        KOTICS.      -  >.|OTK-E TS Hl-MiKl'V (;iVKN ilint. 3() ilny-  i.*l iiltci-(tat,! I will c.pjily tii'tlic. (Jlricf Cdin-  inis-ioiicr Lands urnl \\ en-k- lur license! to unl  unit (.iii-r-y nu-.iy liniliui" fremi tlio following elc-  sijril eel Inn.!-!, hileiitud on l-'is'i Crook,-Lnnleiui  (Vinily. \\"c������l KooLun.iy : , ,  l-eaiiiiiuiiciiu- l,i-.i 11.111 k of Kisir C'l-cejk .il  limirtli ul 1'ei.i! (ji-ccl , Lii.-iii.u noil Ir 1| milej-i,  llit'iiuu fast I of ,1 mile, 1 lioiii t- houl li lj miles.  t'mncj west j (thruti nn,'.-t0rs| o'liiiiilL', eontiiin-  IIIp,- U. 0 I101TS 1 '  Al-ei (.o nmuiicliur 1 iirilo south of siuvt.ii Milo  I'u-l, 1 icn i' 1101*1 li .iliiii^ river 0110 and IIvo-  li^leths o',1 mile', llie-ncc vv t'-t Llii-ec-ci^lilhs of  11 milt", tln'in-o - nu!i Ii of a ;..i'i\ lliunct> cnsl J  of .1 inilei, coiil.iiniiiK I'KI no.'-cs In all lllfi.'l .iui-..s.  e.'KO. I). SCOTT.  .Vancouver. April ti, 1 '.Hi. jil-ll  FOttr^sTT-^arci  lLEZEE   &  JdjIjjIjiS;,  ii r^������-r_^^r--.���������  upnisninffs,  aeeoes  n  ?r%.  1 Lib:J j  PCI"  ini  ^-aney"  ana Clears.  cj  "A  fhiuiO' hfi' hf*eHM^7 andaJ������y forever" is, a house-,  /\ LlaMflg /Jl   U'^dU Aj ,whcn_ it ;, p:,percd with artistic  wall papeiv    Fullest and freshest line in,town at Giiker & Wells, '  N0TI0E.  -[���������roTie:-: is UKitEnv givkn iimt .-iodiiv-  iA .it'lervlntu I vvill njiply to tiro /'liiof ("oin-  iii!--su,ii(.i- I.aii.ls.ind W'o'.-l.-s ''oi-ii lic.i'ii-o to tut  and tiii'i-y iiwnv tinilior .-'roiii tlio fol'iiwinir do-  .s.ji-ibi'd land- sit,i.iu-d on !'"i������li Dreck, Lardcm  I'liunl}', Wesi KiintL'ii.iy :  Ceiiiimeiicarn on ������M liank of crock nt foot of  rapid*;, liolovv 0nc'3Iiiu KriilKe,- l.licnco rrurtli  O'leyinlc, tlienco vve;st | of ,1 eiilc, tlronco seinlli  one mill-, tlii-ne-ou.isl i of .1 mile, cnnliiiiiiii^ tail  .VJ'-e's.  Alsi) criiinni'iicin^ nl i.iljin, II 3Iilc l'ust,  llieaie..'iiorl'i.!1, iinlc. alonif rivi'i-. llicncu wc.-l,  J iii'lc, l'li-n :.'- 1 it'i 11 inili;-, Piuncj ciSc ', niilo,  uuiit.iiiiiii)!; J Hi 1 .u". (���������--.>   In a'] tlS'l .i.-cs.  e i:.\TK .St'O'J'T.  V.iiicniivoi-. 11.0.. .\]il-illit!i, IMili., ,'il-tl  POST OFFICE STOn  DC  ��������� REVELSTOKE, B.C.  If you. want to reach the People in the North Riding of West-Kootenay  ��������� HUTCHISON BE  -/E*.u  Produce Merchants . .' Revelstoke  Consignments solicited of   1'reduce, Provisions, Flour, Feed,"  Suiter, Cheese. I'-ggs, etc., etc. ������ ���������  --Retail  Dealers��������� , ���������,  In   Flour,   F"eed   and   Vegetables   of ail kinds.     All Fruits in  Season.,   Nuts, Candies, Tob.icco, Cigars, etc.", etc.  BED-ROGK PRJGk - GOODS PiiiifflPIlY DELIVERED.  Give us a sample order and you wiil never go back on us.  &~t&*P4S&L*Z3   ^&:'������^s  6**r    ������     r ^ ������������    [-*���������"'/   ir-t  M *r  ,      fiy.    r.;    m  %--A  i  t he-  one   <la\  the   oie  Hi-hel   it  THE LEADING  TAILOR.  Spring Stcek- Just Arrived,   ���������  ,, '   Call Early end Avoid .Bash.  \  ������ALP '& PEASE,  Wholesale   Commission Merchants.   ���������-Revelstoke    Station - ���������������������������  M.1    J&. M   $    P-,-f ^   M   ^  1 I L  You can get it clone at tho " Mail" Office  "On  (  L IN  li   5i'l  S*- ! fll!f i:-i 05?"nr sp tu isbim nrrii  ���������AO LUW-'IW ChlutAb IN.AN-? lift!1  B e L a 11U t il si %j I  O   O   O   O   O   O   O   U, O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   0  O  O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   ()   O   O   O. (J   o   o   o  ;RE\ ELSTOKE, WEST KOOTENAY, B.C. -  MOW  w u ri  1  GK  Butter,   Egg-s,   Vegetables,   Hay. A Splendid line of Carpets in Brussels, Tapestry  ������.     =.       ' .-.!������������������   and Wool.   Art Squares in Large Variety  \(";i".-\ts for '       ! ���������   '��������� -   Of Patterns and Sizes.  A. Ma,cI3onaid So Go  ���������.I ni,i  CANADIAN GENHrtAL -ELtUTrtiC  i i.i.Ml I i in  Capital,  41,500,000.     .       . Head OiTices, Toronto, Ont.  ' Manufacturers of Elsctrlc Mining App^ratun,  I.ocoiiiiil iv es. Coal ('iiit"r-,   I? i-e-ija e.e-a t ij.-_   | ii  |i..   Jle-Mrv  l/.-i.'!-    lie f|.|' r ion and .  I.i ���������'lili:iif .\p;iai :l n<. (  fl/lfirnP'^     f''!  '"''  ' f' ''''"    ''   <: "���������'���������''' "  'nil''"   1'n 'V-   T ���������.;.<���������--  ,-ini.ii.ie  Ii/*v_y i \.Jr\A>   t'.-a   in-, o,.- .a l''wi. I'nii.ij   II.,i-,i oi (',���������>,-',. i  ICli i-l ��������� i'- il Tl a iixiui- <>n o,   I' i, c      iiv  oni- 'I ;n i-.-   j'li .......'*, -f ..j,i,   ,,,  i e -  ;'������������������ ||v  el-llT.ltl'd   lljl   I   j   '>()   II.   Il'v.  li. C. f'.l..\  .('\\  OFFICF.S  GiM'.l'ille*  S!rr*ct     VANCOoi/tH Koot--.-/ O otr.'-.S    M-'ISON  ~\7'7~ u-*  .���������rrtri     .~���������rc'i , ��������� i ,     !  Vv   jr. J. _j_ _r!j        I I c:* - ���������! i rn i  ?       ' CTODFnr A f      A/RonTTiMTirft'Rl     '*S C;L"(X'   Lo  (Jiir sl0(-'k ������' - )ivss ("oods and Prints.     All are  WhoV^nlp a^^rc  ! UuYhhlhh    AIIiiDlilUIN ^rw and Sjylisl. and o( the very be-st c|i.alitv.   ___^ i.jive usa call beioro purchasing" elsewhere.  a. s, T3:i5"j^:.B] & co,  Ag-cnl*, for the- Ccle-braLed Ram  Lai's Tea. Revelstoke   Station  l-i-i  fEsx*.&  '���������'.V* e=j?a /f^^S /t*31^ 'HP* e'-'"Ts ^v +:::*;s   <gB*Ji Jgy-es ;-i',.--a i ur?gfs  HvJ   PiiH)T fIP' ^ fci ^n>l  ������at5!2?  ������ *i j"M������sr~^irn-*s z Jo--.crve.~-  ���������*���������** a w*rx=*Ty  y-r~i    ���������-r  _i Lj.  J:������^l.JLGt  xn'iwKVQiriii.if'  Rl'VI.I^Tr ;������[���������;,  \\  Has just opened, up a beautiful lot of  Spring Dress Goods arid Trimmings,  Millinery and Fancy  Mining ana Eeal ^3 Br^ and Gtenci-J Com-' And also a spionclid range of the famous  f .i-ic, i.if-    /. ,0 ac'Cid^kjt iNAur.'/.t^cr.  ... I!-:';)ie"..-.iit.'i-tivc-(i!'iii,.: Jvi..il"ii;:^ Stiif'.ll.iiii^cV 'I i,.u'iii������, Sym!ii--*.r  .AilMN'l" ���������!������������������(���������).;   , K<il|'r I.A'KK' i'ITV   iA A,S:<\ "���������ij'T.. K ASI..< > \- >������',;, K.'l "SI'  Slater Boats and Shoes.  BEjbks Girthing and/-Fwnigiamjgs/'  TV.


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