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Kootenay Mail Apr 2, 1904

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 f f '
I J        i
'  A
���    t
A Few Timely Suggestions.
\-,7    '  '    " ������", i1       .        .    '       ,7       ;     .   '       ���      . '   '.  '-
We,sugg(ist that now is the,proper time to investigate the. many lines of New and'Seasonable Goods
���'we are , Showing."- v> Good .Qualities and Low
Prices consistent: with'the same. We' rest assured
h.will satisfy  you, that   this, is'the  right, spot. to
.'purchase your'spring necessities'.'' - Note'these pi-ices
' ���'       ' on a few of our       .; '       i       -  '.
V    I '   "        , , ,       ' , , ',. i,
4,    Kino Range- of Ladies Tailor Made Costunios,      " '
- '   Price- lf.ia.Q0 to!f3f).00. '
x  ' ,     ,     .Special Value in Cloth'Siciitt, nt.fi-..7.r).  ��� '   .
/       .   Indies Silk nnd Muslin Blouses 7.'io. to $1000.,'"     r ���
.See ou'r Special Offer in Silk Mouses, Ilegu In r Price !|i 12.50 to
-...���,      '   " $17.00, now ,1110.00.      ���    .    /
To our,   % ' '      ���     ', . .' l-   '  '     ,'
\7/.:>'*���',,  TRIMMINGS/: V>   : f
Wc desire,to direct the special nttontiqn of the bailies. .'"Our-
. ��� Drci*s Goods,in Voillcs, Ktiimcnies, Grenadines, Biilliantines, "
'-ir Venetians, >Sco"tch  Tweeds,  and* Fancy Hlo'tiMiig "are idd*!,-
'suitable for Stylish..Spring Custunios.   Prices fiom iiOc. to    ,.
- to $2.50',per yniil.    Applique-*, Yak ,Laec and Iii*-i*rbiou*. tu'
.    ' ,'        match are among the latest arrivals."    -'���       '-    .   '
;     ' DRESSMAKING^ ;DEPT.   :
,11) connection with stoic, where Mist class work is gnai.intecd.
In : house;"rjrnishings
Our, Stock is now complete   Xew Quilts, Counterpanes, Luce
ij.nd Tapestry Cm tains, Table Covers, Fulled Muslins, mostly
;J put into stock this week, at prices to suit 'all pluses.    Make    ���
.   ,     your selection while -took in all lines i.s'complete.'
i   *
Antarctic Relief Expedition.
L)d,tleton, N. Z., April 1.���The
relief ships to the Antarctic expedition have arrived here. , They
found nil tlio* members in
hen llh'. ���- ' "
Kilo Group Sold.'-    ���. r
Nelson,   April   2.���The, fimidiis-
Kilo.groiip,on north fork of Lemon
creek  has   been' sold
syndicate I'or $75,000.
lo   Helena
', Steel Company's Profit.*1
. Halifax, April 2.���Thc annual
meeting of Nova (-cotin Steel Company! held ��here .^shows company
had ;heb't'; year';;in -' its" history.
Profits^for year were' $900,000."   , "
"Japanese Continue: Attack'on
* Port Arfhur-Ne'wspaper Cor-
'respondents to the Front;
Tokio,,. -Apri 1, 1,���Tne ' Jn pi'i ncsc
nfter  dis.lodging   the  J.ii'-sjinns ,u't
. J .     ^ " . s- ',
Cheng Jiiiadvanced 'to Yong  Chun
Jnrly-livc miles west, the  lUiss-inn,*.
again retiring  after_-.'&hurp, engagement: " f     t ' '���     '     r  ' '
Tgfcio. .April 1,���The' Jiipane.-c
government,., 1 lowed the lir.t party
of fqreigh-newspnpcr correspodents
..ojenyejor the front today.
' .Odessa, 'April,, 1.���The Steamer
Malay.witli .the^crews of destroyed
Russian criii��ers-K6rifsi'nnd V.-iring
on, board arrived here tod.iv.,
--i-it-,  . > ,.-.',
were   given, an   'enthusiastic
i>   '
British"-Regulars for'.Canada.
'I ,      *-   ,   L..       - "     <-
' Halifax, April 2.���It i? rumored
here ��� that�� eleven*- regiments- of
Briti-sh "regulars'will he sent' to.
Ciinadii tin's 'spring, two  of  which
C.     ' ������ -  '
will come,to B*
Committed for, Assisting Cashel
Calgary, April ..2.-^-A rancher
named Smith has' been committed'
foj. trial charged with ��� assisting
Ernest^Ca<*liel to escape.' "It seems
that police called at his house on"
December I3tli va'nd Smith 'told,
them murderer was;not there. The
police "h.i\e evidence-now to con-'
tr.iry. ' '-       """' r ""
������%<-. -5 ;_
. -./-^-.-.i'.^.   ^ ^
'I'" Strike Averted/   -'. '-
>    ta '   ' ',      ' '     '
Glace Buy, NS.-1���The threatcnecl
strike'iit'No. 2 Doniinion   collieries
' , . it. - ��� ���
has   been.aver'led   bv  demands.." of
-<.-     ,,    il,      i    ^-..s-.     -   ,'B '      J -       U t   /-
���trfiner&'being acceded   lo and suine
dismissed firemen reinstated. '      <
ception." r '���'/* j
! 'St."Petersburg, April 1.���Viceroy
Alexieffis at* Port Arthur oira tour
of insjjKecti6m^\Therc is a"growing
convicj-i'oh, tlVaf" Tpgos -attempt to
bottle", up-the Russian fleet is^for
the,purpose 'of definitely iinmobil;
Jizing it,whilc the Japanese effect1 a
landn.g'at'New Chwang i
London, April 1.���A'despatch to
the Central News says Vice-Admiral Togo, made anothert attack on
PortV Arthur "during the night of
March 30th-31st, for the .purpose,of
taking'so'unds and ascertaining the
effects of the last 'attempt to-bottle
���"lip the.Russian fleet.   '   '
Flower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Grass Seed
, OnionSets.   All the'best varieties.    "
Hoes, Rakes, Spades, Forks, Sprinklers,
' Lawn Mowers. Scythes, etc.      '
McClary's Famous'Stoves, and Cooking '
' TJterisils, Stove Repairs.   ��� ' ,;
Hope/M.iils.' Chum,' Iron'", Steel, Cutlery, Rifles, Ammunition, ',
-    .- -���Fiiliing-Tackle, Window tlliiss, Pnintb, Oilh, etc: ' ""
Headquarters ' for .^Groceries,   Harness,, etc.
Business Men-Agreed on Clos-
^-1.  )    '- '.',    * ,   7
1 jng.at 6 p.,m..F���our Nights In
* Week Commencing May 1st.
' <i
" LION "
Thib Sjaing you will Iind us lendy to clothe
1 the I3oys.     Wc h.uciui lOntiiety Xew
Stock of Boy-*' Clothing
Fop Best Wear, School Weap and Wash Suits.
Hoy-,' Suit.- to lit hoy* L2 and 14 ycai-* in Navy and
Tweed EH'oct"*, made a*i'tlioioughly a*, a 111:111'-= and
looks ju-at like his Dad"*.    UouHle .Seat.*      , (JJ   CA
nnd ICnee.        -P^.JU
1    Hoys.'   mouse Suit*), lit hoyi (i to 10,yenia. piclty
fellow.-,   JJinid  trimmed,   Nice Tweed-        (JJQ   c'A
and Wii-di Woolen-j        -PO.Dv
Hoys' Three I'iecc Suit*., lit liny.*) (! to 10, with vc*>toe,
nobby,  manly   little   s-uits,   braid   and        (JJO  CA
fancy hiittoiib        tPO-��jU
Bo.ys>' Odd rant*, in Na\y and Home Spuns in all
colon,, double *.ewn with linen tlneiid, lined all
tluough, tlnoe pocket*., buttons put on to -lay, double
beat*- and knee.- will help to mc.ii n lot     75c ,& 90c.
Wc aie milking a .special effort for the boy*.' ti.ule
and uic allowing-.peciiil line-ol good wo.uing
Boots, Hats, Hosiery, Clothing, Shirts,
Collars, Hankerchiefs.
The. ' Reve'stoke     Insuraiice
"���    Agency Limited".
jMcsm's. Lewi- tlroa., ' Ke.il Kat.ite
and Insui.incc .\gent-, h.i\.-* (I..i med
their biiaincv* into <i joint -t ck <: mi-,
pany undei tbe'-iJoniii.iine-* Act lt-.)7."
Thc new company will ta'.o iheji.imc
of the HuM-'rtok'.' In-^iii.uice Asioncy
and will ennduct ,111 in-1111 u.ce, loan,
10.1I estate .uid lin.111ci.1l agency Xhc
(.oinp.iny have lecently t.n.uu "vei'
the msui.iiicii ageneic-, 01 the Hevel-
stoke Wine and "pii it Coiiipmiy consisting of .1 .i.ni'bcr nf the leading: and
-tiongcst file niaiiiaiice coinpniiea
doing bnsincaa in Canada. Frank H.
I.ewia is the inan.ig.i of ihe ncv company.
Thc il.ui. wishes -SIcssi*. Lewis
Hros. c\ciy success m theii new undertaking.
-- Tlint, tlio uiini'ineiU' wbie.ir ha- I
Vjjd "TS-riiig'Uie past   two wchO.h In
.vide,  foV.
"��� .BEI'D :-���&���-;YdUNG-y';', |
A Multitude of. Good Things for Easter j, A
V   I
".. .J.   .       '
Without doubt the best conceit
tioup that has ti.uelled the west will
gi\othcii entoiiaimnent in Ile\elstoko
Opei.i llon-e. iMonday, Ajiril llt-h.
This urgaiii-.-itioii consists tol eight
arti-t.s and stnis, headed by }t,.. Iiert
Il.uvey. 3ri. Jl.mey's work is ically
clever. Hi- line is similar to "F.i\-"s"
but has more lelineinent and a good
deal better vocal equipment.
boxed Choeol
Ho.M'd   IVi fu
I!o.\c(l Notcpa
lin Pen-   . . .
Tine I
inioges China
Drug-g-ist and Stationer,
M.nl orilcn, |]roni|ill\ lillud. Noxi_Hunie'i
rre-crijitioii-. Di-jion-cd
..   ...   ..I"'";.
0.11 Iy clirsing of bu-uness
houses has met with the im.uiinioiis
appioval of the merchants is evidenced
by the fact that all concerned have attached thcir.-sigiialurcs to the follow-
in it petition-��� - * 0-
"AVc tbe undersigned retail mer-
chants'of this city, heicby agiocto
clos-e oii) establishment- at si\ oclock
ji 111. on Mondass. Tuesday.-, Tliurb-
days and Fiidays. and'at seven o'clock
p. 111. on Wednesdays, ' commencing
May 1. 1.104, e.\cept when these days
immediately p)ecede a legal holiday,
or when the C 1\ K. monthly, pay
checks )each tbe town, 01 either of
these day-, or tor ten days pi celling
ChriatniiU- day. The time for clnsing
on Satmd.iys to lcm.im as atpicscnt."
John K. Wood Furniture
\V. M   haw 1 once..J laid ware Mei chant
H.'Ilowson Kurnitaue Dealer
Reid it Young  Dry Uoods
C. 15. Hume it Co., Ltd    . .Merchants
Macdonald <k ilonteith v
...  .Gioccries and Gent's-Furnishings
P. Hums iC- Co. povJ. M. Doyle	
?        Meat Merchants
M..\  Smith A- Co   Hakeia
W. J. (icoige
.   ..     . '.. Pry Goods and Furnishings
.lames liuilletto	
.   ..   .'.. ..(iinecrio-s nnd Furnishings
A. K. beiinison     	
 Rikerand Confectioner
lioiirnc Hros Merchant*,
15. M. Allum Jeweller
F. 11. Wells MeiehaiiL
.las. I, Woodrow Hutcher
W. Fleming	
J. Guy Rubci lewcler
Jn addition to thc above the merchants have agreed that in older to
piopeily curry out the eaily closing of
their places ol business,provision must
also be made for tbe delivery men to
shine in the new conditions, and it
has theiefoic been decided to request
all customers to make their purchases
(foi delivery) befoie I p. in. as ordeis
given after that hour can nut he
dehveied until the following day.
The Bank of .Montreal opened a
branch at Armstrong on April Jst.
Thc Imperial Hank of Canada has
closed its Ferguson branch.
Spring Drass Goods
A hnii(l=0!i].��� spring In In ic,
nil wool voile, in im . y blue,
black, ( i'.miii ,V champagne."
Regular,75e. Now UUe. .
Ladies'^Kid Gloves
In all Hie best makes. IVum
$1.0(),ii pair." Colored and
black,1 in dr��'8-i.'.l-ii'inl uu
dressed white^'and ��� giey
wa'shing kid gloves" Emm v,
..pair Iguniaiilned. Child-'
* nil's kid'glovej!''-alPsi'/i's.' \
Collars & Belts     \
4 Fancy chiffon &silk'o..llai's
..���ill new. _ In new and fancy
color*, rvd, blue and lilack'
t.iffet.i.iThey cu-iy n ne.it,
1. fined and distinctive up
piMivinci' with,theiir.
Handsome Blouses
We have ji.st receivenco
consignment of tiavelleis'
s.iinpli'.s'boiighl, nt. a discount. You can g��t them
heie ill wboles.de prices.
White Wear - .
Ladie.-'ski 1 ts, corset covers
drawei-. Hnby and child-
icii's lobes, ,-ind reefeis. L
Lcdies' Empress. Shoes
TluC well-known favoiites.
l.'oltie .lli.l st>|,.(.|  ji  p,tii\
reid; ft YOUNG,
Men's Furnishings"
Rp.idv-ti.-Hear suiif>,, Imys'
suits long and'shoi t pants.
Regatta Shirts
In' t.oft,  nnd "stilt  fronts.
u Boys,' "leg.itta   shirts ^md
.white, shirts, i"*,,,   >0,.    i    -
Ties, Collars, Gloves
( Ndhliy   and ,\vi'l|-selected.
goorlsjn l jiese lin'J*i ju'sl'iil.
All 1 In* latest spiirigshaiitjs
,-iiixl 1 (liming-:.,    ���-���   r'.-,. ,*.ri
7 Alfii's   Aiiii'iican   Harlow'
i-ihii(j   and   the Twentieth'
C'-iitiii v Shoe.     These ,\r^
best   made   shoes   on  the J
miii kef:     ��� ��� v . "
"I-House Furnishings -
Lace I'lirlains from IiOc. to -57^
per pan. Portiere- dirt.tin-,
Irom SII.-iII to Sin (HI per ['air,
'SlicutiiiKs and Pillow fottuii-.,
T.ibloLlueiiand .N'.ipkiiis.itul.l
1 price-.. Red Sprciul-, white and
Easter Millinery
Th" li'lth wn*. 11 Mold d,ij for the
. " U dr.'- of ne\elstol.e, iiolhiiiK
In tc nipliiiiuiit-froiii .illqu.ir-
toi- (in our millinery di-plaj
If .miii lni\c not \et left jour
order, lu.iie it before the -tool,
v I-   brol.un.   We ,Kiiiir.iiitce   to
ple.iM' or no sale.'
Cull nnd -re our BreoS Good-, ,uid
pi ice II10111  before 111,ilinc your
purcli.i-,e*   All work .-ti.ii.iiiteed.
Dressmaking & Millinery Parlors Upstairs.
Converting a Man
A   man   who wears  thc   finest custom-made clothes  to
the adoption of   Itoady-to-Wcar, Garments  is   coinpaia-
tivcly .111 easy niiittei with us, handling as wedo thejinest
line of clothing "Made in Canada," namely the
For which wc uic Sole Agents. In every garmenl may be
seen the " art, touches " of tbe true (iiafl.sinan -"ocleverly
cxeicised that thcie is not a thing in the style.*!, in the
fabrics, in the workmanship and in thc fit that would
suggest ready made.    An e.Mimiiiation of our
Spring and Summer Models
will convince you of their supciiorty.
X\"e have aheady icfundcd 100 custumcis their money,
���I A Mirwctnr.^-^1 ��� -,a,j.      ��� .. LABOR PROBLEM  Address  by   J. A.  Baker,  at  Meeting of Federal Union-  384 Monday Evening.  J. A. Baker, organi/.er of the  ���������\Ve*tern Federation ��������� of Miners, gave  an addi'i"-* on "Labor Problems" in  Sell.h!.',hall Monday evening to nn  iiudiein-e   of   -10   men,.-- The   speaker  '-.jlwell on 'the^T-ituation ' which confronts labor and in the course of his  remarks ,refe"ned to the- dispute in  'Colnuiilo and made 'the assertion that  a press cen-oi.ship was in vogue, jit  that;time, I'or the spccilied object of  prejudicing the, public niind'again.sl  I he ./-inkers, and went* on' at Koine  length lo endeavor to prove that the  Condition of I ho worker, n't Coloiado  wa-worse lluiu   (||i>f-e in   Siberia and  ts lli.nl the objvoi. cl'^ tllO Wl)-*. I.i I'll !'\'der-  ' at'inn.' "'  Mli".'lrs' Wi - u>   I'VUvr .lbe'  (���������('.ni'.ition of th'e worknien., lie refer-  ied.'to capital  and /Inbur  in   politics  '��������� unil-,i'iid if 'workmen wanted justice  Iheyjnust not o.\pecl it. fnni'i eilher'  liboinl 01   coiiseivnlivc,_ and  while he  ' did*Siiol appeal lo lhc pa-sion-  oF J'$o* people be m">' .'-ftniii-  Jy w'.is greatly df-aiipointed ,al the in-  d'ill'eicnce  of the   worknien   to   shew  , their inieiesl and incidentally refened  lo the-miiiI audience nnd^siiid the  day was fasu coining when ..Ihe worker  wVuldV.ive to take notice or go under  eveiy tunc < Mr. Ilakei also-icmaikcd  that',the dispute was caused at Colorado over the 8 bom question. t Tbe  ultimate outcome   was  thai'owing to  ��������� ', the ultiiiiiituni'of.   eniployeis   lo   men  '   'viz.' tli.it they niiisL leave the union oi  -   cease "work'the   men   left   work  and  'then    commenced " the     battle    fm  siipieiiiacy.    The speaker  then   went  on lo say (but the autlioiitiesdi.-tinot-  ]y iciii-cd aece-s to the men who were  out   on  stiike at   the   time and who  Jiad been lodged   in   piison   lor una I-  '    Jc-'-ed \inlalion of lhc law.  i      * -  31 r Hakei was very *c\eie on the  citi/ens  alliances   in'  various   places  ��������� which ho .-aid aimed al t hode-trucl ion  of organised labor', and madcspeci.il  jcloici.ee'to Vancouver saying thai in  ' conned ion with   the  citizens alliance  or soinii.such society with same object  "that at'ii icceiil   meeting  not a "-ingle  honw'orl.e'i    was      present;   nnd   also  staled that no 'matter bow low a man  is inoiaMy or -how  deep a ci iminal he  may .he  he  is  eligible   foi those alli-  i ance\    Ho went   on/Vi  deseiihe bow  .stoi'Cs.ueie loi med at Coloiado. stating  .by the way that they did not,go in for  piofit, and thc\   had   been a -uccess as  the   -toics   weie    now" cleat    and   a  balance in hand.   Thi* statement   wn-  challenued ,h\ F. Ogle as   to how they  could   inn   a   -tine   at   no   profit and  kei  but to  lb'* di-putnnt, and some of the  iiiubence ll wa- scaicely clear. Iti-  undei-lood thai an attempt i- be.ng  juadi to get the workeis to take ���������") oi  10 doll.u shaie.- in the s.nd -unes to  ciuiv  nn   ihe  woik   .-till   .'uitlirT but  hand.   Thi*  l>\  F. Ogle .  a   -tine   at  Iiiim* a  bil.incc  on   band.    -Mi  cudc.iMucd to explain  n   awa>  the winter of MHI2. it, is a Mury very  unichof tin- pi'i-.*('nt. .Up to'li sljorl  lime ago Mrs., John 13. IliirinonV ol  .Mclfii Slat ion. Vu.', had no pi'i'-ona  knowledge of Ihe rare curntivc piop-  ciliesorCliambei'liiin'sCoiigli Remedy.  " Last Jannaiy," she says, "my baby  took ii dreadful cold and at nne'time I  feniI'd she would have pneumonia, but  one of my neighbors told me how this  ri'iiii'dy had emed heV' little boy and I  begun giving it to my linby at onfe  and il. soon cured her. I beat lily  thankjthe ruamifocturers of Chainber-  lain's Cough Itemcdy ( for placing so  gieat a cure wilhin my ri'iicb. l.can-  iint. recommend jl. too highly or say  too much iu its fa.or. '1 hope all who  lend llii-: will try it and lie convinced  as 1 was." ,For snle by till druggisls.  WAR PROGRESS  IT ' lf '  Another   Attempt, ai  Blocking  . Port Arthur^Four Steam- ���������  ers Sunk,  St. Petersbiug", March 2(..���������Captain  IrkoriV ,' of ' the'' Manclnirian com-  inissiiiral. service, who was anesled on  life charge of having sold information  lb, Japanese ofliccri,. has'been' scii-^  ten'ced to 2.r> years' penal servitude.  ' St. Petersburg, March 28 ���������barge  ciowda gathered bcfoio "th'c bulletm  iKiiuds this morning to', icad' .the  ollicial accounts of the second unsuccessful rtltumpb of the Japanese to  bottle up the Russian Heel "at Port  Artii-.-.r. /Lieut. Kiinizkis' 'heroic  attack' oii th'e enemy's liiesbips and  torpedo boats, and the action of tlnce  Russian odiceis in boniding thc burning steamers, extinguishing the Haines  and cutting the w ires connecting with  ihe infeinnl machines, evoked, enthusiasm, while the 'almost universal  e.vclaniation appl.ed to Vice-Admiiai  .\Ia km oil', as thc people 'turned away,  was "Molodetz,." which might literally  be tiiinslated, "He's a dandy."   /'_'  The action ol the .Japanese in making use 'of internal machines , has  aioiised ii.digiiation. . No further details ha\e been ieeei\ed,e.\ceplthal ihe  injmy to the torpedo boatdestroyei  Silni from gioinuling is slight ar.d  that it can be easily iepaued7 , The  Associited '1'iess has leceived con-  li:matioii of1 the repoit th.it'Admii.il  .M,.kaiofV, dm'mg bis reconnaissance  of tbe Elliot Isla'nds, ' c'aptu.ed , a  Japanese vessel, towing a Chinese  junk, but lbe 'vessel, was ii small  steamer, not ii gunboat.'- The ciew-  'weie taken oil", "after which both  vessels wcic sunk. '  ''St. Petcisbuur. Mnich 2S. ��������� The  go cinnient isoideimg the construction of an immense dock for Poi t  Aithur to be completed m fo,ut  months.  Tientsin, Mnich 2S���������bloul's agent  at >"iuchw.ing tele'^iaplu as follows.  ���������'The poi t is now open. The Russians  have not blocked tho mer up to the  piesent Theieaie im moieinen'is oi  noops and the town is in perfect  order The two vessels uncl.ick April  ���������Ih-A."  Petersbm-i:.    March   1-0. ��������� An  VX  DR. 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West  Kootenny- Distilct, IJritisb  ('olniiihia: .,',.,,   .',-   ., ,  Von nro hereby notified that I, tho uiidor-  hiisiied, have expended for you the sum of $820'  in lal.or, iinpiovenicntH nnd reeotdiiiirfcesupon  llio Miiit Vlkinis, Vnlhnlhi, Odin and Thor Mm--  cial cliuniH, under llio provisions of.tlio Mineral,  Act, and if within niiiclj days from tlio (Into of  thlh notice you fail or icI'uhp to contribute lhc  afoiesaid hum, tOKolhor wiih all coslH of udvei-  tihiiiir, your intorcHt in the said niinoral cliiiniH  will  hocoino the pioporty of'llio undeisiKiied  under section I of the Act entitled "An Act to-  Aiiiend the Mineial Acl,,'HHX). ���������  IJaled llii*- SnUtluy of Deeeinbor, 19i).i.  ,    ,    " ���������        >MMi. STAUKKY.'  P  TEN(IW1..LI.'TIIANSI?EII  Vll.K.  I , I  Kootenay ;Mail Publishing' Co.J.imited  .HIiVKLSTO , li,rB. C..',"'. 1,,  elVgct: "The Japanese Meet has been  successful in the aUempt pailiallj-lo  close the channel of Pent AiHim'. 1'oiu  .Inpanose merchant"vc-s'elsl'cscoited,by  twel.e destioyeis and' si.\ lirst class  loipedo boats, a in veil at 3 a..m. ������"  Marcli.'iTlh. .The Japane^ merchant  u's'sels successfiilly'"enteied the chun-  nei'inside tho,.lighthouse. Two were  destroyed/sunk by. Russian destroyers,  two of them by (heir own explosives  The lo������s in killed-is/two ollicers and  two li'ien, tbe 'loss in wounded"one  ollicer.and eight men'. Tbeie were no  casualties on tbe .Japanese torpedo  ve=s'els. Tbeie'isa1 vciy.sinall gay iu  the channel.'" ^should the cablegram  from Tokio prove-lp be accuiate it is  "belieml heie tjia't' it will bo ildhcidt  foi the Kus-ian ship-- io pa-s the  Channel       i   -  LUMBERIN  About seven indbon ' feet of logs  hue been cut on the 'Shu-'wap liver  this season for the Okanngan   I-umbci  Po's mill at Endeihy. The company  intend clearing out the Shuswap-rivei  right up to Mablc lake ,.for , next  winter's logging onejations.  .1. b'udgatel of lbe Big bend' Luiii-  bci Company, returned fio'm the east  Wednisday wf'tb a niimbei of men* to  be employed in thecomnany's service.,  BIG ESTATES  Being Subdivided  For Settle-'  ,   _     (, , -ment*   \  ."' -1/  r Still more of Uic largo properties  .iiound Vei non a.c_ coming jnto the  market, a poi tion, of the D. X.- uinch  now being otl'ered in^mall lots. This  makes four l.ugc pioperties, ofwnieh  portions aie now efl'eied in-small  lots���������the 13. X. ranch, 0'ICeefe's, Price  Ijllison's, and' t'he Ko/,iei pipperU.  recently pnichiised and subdivided by  Lord Abeideen's estate. The portion  ol'-tbc Coldatieam estate subdivided  some ye.us ago. and nfteinurds witb-  rbawn iicm sale, is^als'o being aga:  'lleied  nuclei p-oper condition-. ,  Kelejcnce  wa-   then   made   to   the  S-t.iiidaul  nil  mist   and   the acli'.n i.t i  lbe u.-u'uiment   in   placina a ibiry on  same,  -nying '"that   i'l   -imi>l>    meant i  t:i\in;i-tl������> worker for hi.* coal ml.  "Mi..baker in.idi  a .-imii'X npp'.d i"��������������� r  niii.ci.- .tu  j"in   the  Americm   I.il������.i  l"ni> ll.r.iviiu he wa-  aiiaid that li'cy  weie not   -tiling  i-noii'.di t" ni-jam-.' i  bi.inch   ot   rheii    own   in ennm ci'.'U  w ith    tin-     \\".-K rn      l'( di 1 iti'ii)   hi  Mim 1-.md it wnuld bi   wi-i r |inlii;. I.i  join tin   Ann ue.in l.iimi  I ni.oi.  Mr  llak.-i eli.-.'.l hi- .nldie-* bv-a\-  ini:  he   !'(.p"d   tu  -> i   the .hy wlien  stiike- ,\i.uld li" illi's.'.il and tin -.nrl.i'1  Would   get   ju-lici"    and   thai  II  would  not h.i.e lu I..- .1- tin  i-hiiicli \\.\i\ I.e. 11  teachiii'.' \'./. that wi- niu-t -utb i Ihic  and   tlie"  men    ue  -nlleinl   hcii- th..  gica.'-i wnuld miii    lew,ml lie h.-ieafli'i ',  -��������� 1  a   -eiitrni'nt   which    w,i-   Imidiy  ap-1  jilail'li (I by ,-i-u 1 a I nf 11 if .1 ml ifnr c I  K   B, s-trmger  pic-id' nt of the local  blanch A. f,.' I", occupied  the chair.  READ IT THROUGH.  'Twould   Spoil  This Story  to  Tell it In the Headlines.  To use An eighteenth century phrase,  this is an "o'er true tale." Having  happened in a small Virginia town in  nf the rh.-t lsr.d <.;ig..g''irieiit, and no-i  decl.ue thit r'f'' ..j>fr*ing land  eng.^c-'  ment- .nil l.e f...n'ztii midi-i dilhcultii- ]  Tht! Xovoi <V'i nn 1 coiiiij' 1,-"  pitien :���������'.',  and ii, a leifcihy I'ln b-   '-f.ite-s  that a,  series of nniiiK ' 1 opK d    iietoiie-   (an  hnuily bi- i'\p(eted !  .Nnichw.-iig.   .\f ircb  20���������The    Jap  ane-e Meet, in rb-r   Vic- \dmir.i! Tone '  in id.    anothi 1    itt'.'npt   on   **,itm.l'iy 1  night    lo    l.l-ji'k    'lie   entrance to the  liaibor of Port    \1ti1ir  and   rn.Itle mil  - 1  the Rn ��������� ian sip) idrou       I ne atteinpt  w:l-rornp"' t('!y (b '"e.ited If,    the   ,.!eit-  ;u -* ol th"    I.11--.1.U1    coniin indfi aoil  oil'ieei-,       id u lu 11   .it   d 1WI1    \'ice--\d-'  1)111 li      .llll.lkotl      *,lll(d     (lilt     of       (he  niiilmr   to   siii"   battle   the   J.i|jiin.".,  \i���������.el- rf'tiri d  Al about 2.la o'clock, tlie -ky being  clear and tlie moon sinning,    the   approach of the J ipanc-o wa-'peretiKd ,  by   the   [,'us-ian   guard-dup  nnd hat-1  t<������ries,   which immediately opened on j  the hoitilc fleet a   heavy   fire.      The  four liiesbips sent  ahead   of the Japanese torpedo boats,  and   which   were  armed with guns,  did   not 'reach   the  entrance to the bnibor.    Two of them  crounded on a reef under Golden frill,  and two were sunk.     The   harbor   re  mains clear.  Washington, March 30���������Information has been received herefrom Tokyo  under   date   of  March   Stltli.   to   this  ii.V-^^ipl  ���������yOJ^'M:  E  s  swocale willaamsjraar^o  1 *��������� Jn    Foremost  AfN r ii*\f������il an 1 (������������������h ni't"1 Ic.U  iti  .'II  poiuLi of excclL-itcu, the New Sralc  M. i *  i^.-i I   .   j *i       *'    *t     ������������������*    t   I     * l ttr '-t rid i*d of j *an i i>cr"(.ci. n 1  hy V c   lie .  ;vr r. c  ;r -: *. i-.*u ,ui ������f :iomhi aiiii m i^tiir^ c .i!- ,c. stc*.\ *!<���������. r: d    T'w  of tl.  1 -'ll  'lUjI..!  Thc V'iI'm t* I  in   u -c   f'J1*  tu ������.'*  J������-   fT     ,,   ^     [1   ..     (   ...,������  vtrcmi L>r. I,ur<'e:i cxpl.tin-i tht: reason for h.s sccctioi)  bACK.iur, X,n.  ��������� t> To . n-,] iw (   On'.  \*       J    i\r  tUt I 'r.ir   Cif   J'Oll I" N*" W  Sc   lit*   Wtlll.UMS  I'iniH">S  ���������* i.i Mil.*    .iii t   hue  l������*  ������l  u  l-v h'y   ������-.itii������. ttU"y.  ire"-   I  (in   j; m* <>(  ui r  p;������; rt t > tli-   I t t'   jt,i r  I  .   ITU 'ICT  t  ll* ��������� lit t.ie tii.l 111    L   I   h l\ <*   yiVLII   >'ylll    Mr    lilL-y  fill   6ul*.v  i jr It-A at*,*  r,id,,i/, V-.itir.* ir ily  M" u:*it Allison T^'J.**s Co!I'"'<Mi so well nad fa*oraM> 1 nowiusom. of lhc Iar;;esl  :titi y~Kt :;>*. mtAt i.tilut Ml il I --iiittitioti (A il-t kni'I in tint coiii.tiy (tilustr.iltoii of  tiie Co:i-������TVit>ry oni/ iIkmii aVni ) Hi iL the cli wC r������f the N \/ i-cilc Wil^ain-  fi timely ji* i^trJl*-* lhc fort* ni oil y^U ������n t'nt ni.lrui itnl is ( '.ni(; in Vm jjuho  worM Ut-l^y I4* In?h qiuKt/an'l niinn'.ic ni'Tit njupUd v.th tl.c : iiiy im  p-'ovcn'MitA and .Ki.aiiLi'j*** it y>iv -v--> o,cra\i olhos, )i i1 .* wn i f_r it I'ic praise  of thc h-**->t ju'l,{������** r\fryv hire >t^ uik^iuIJi M in tone- qinlily or tin/ of thc othe*r  requisites of a thoroughly lrt-Mi'* instriii������' ul.  'I h'' UUharr* 1'iano Co , OJiawi \>\ihl ���������>). thr'-e* intcrrslinj; liooi.I. ti on the*  history anfi ciiifruction of a puno Thts** cm ixr procui'1-'] fret* hy n jiI on request,  or from th'* Agents for th:<������ celebrated pi.ino for thin territory.  The "Williams Piano Co.^ Oshaiwa- Ont.  Pianos kept in stock by Lewis Bros.  Soareorows*  The terra li 'almost a misnomer, now a.  flays. Tor the "century-living crow" lnu  been schooled by experienca. The scarecrow dosn't scire him. InvestipUiiirr orni-  'tliolog-i'sti. say th.it lie can tell a gnu from a  ktick and can count up to beveu. Evidently  .��������� .       '  ,       .  ���������      the  crowi has  progressed from  the ignorance of  his ancestry.  .The ciow is jn  .' gome , things   in  - advance,of tho  human family,  Tliere are scarecrows w Ii l c li  scared our  gi and fathers,'  and which aro  just ns fearsome  to,us., ,In spite  of the  fact that  " some scientific  investigators,  say. "There's  ..nothing to be  afraid of. A  scarecrow ' can't  -'hurt  'you,"   the  - bulk of men and  women still believe   the scare-",  . ciow is a powerful and destroying fetish.  . This attitude"  is most marked in relation to certain forms  of disease. In'diseases' of the lungs and  respiratory organs, for instance, it is the  custom to assume tli.it.there is uo cure for  the cough, no help, for the hemorrhage, no  healing for the lungs. The scarecrow, Con.  sumption, is set up,"often taking the form  of some inexperienced and unskillful practitioner who denies hope orVlielp to the  victim of disease. ,  Yet tlie records go to show that stubborn  coughs have been cured, jthat persistent  hemorrhages have been stopped, and that  weak lungs have been made strong by  the use' of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical  Discovery. , '  TESTIMONY TALKS.  All the claims in the world for the cura-  ti\e vu lues of a medlciup will not equal  one testimony to the actual fact of cure.  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I w.is sick over  two yens I took  tliutecu bottles of  the ' Golden Medical Disco, oiy' ,iud  four vials ol Doctor  l'ierce's l'eltets."  Thcie is no al"  cnliol in "Golden  Medical Discovery " and it is entirely fiee from  opium, cocaine,  and all other narcotics.  Sometimes a  dealer will ofTer  a substitute for  the "Discovery,"  claiming it to be  "just as good."  The substitute  pays him more  profit, that's why.  I'rotcct yourself  from unscrupulous  dealers  by    insisting on Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical  Discovery.  31 GENTS' WORTH  Of knowledge wouldn't amount to much,  you'd think. Hut for just 31 cents invested  in one-cent stamps (to pay expense of mailing only), you can obtain knowledge which  "it has taken hundreds of years and millions  of money to acquire. Dr. Pierce's Common  Sense Medical Adviser covers the field of  medicine and hygiene from the day of  Galen to thc present hour. 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JI always chips and is pleasant' lo take.-  For tale hy all tli-iigi<iai������>. t  ��������� j    f  ���������  TinycEi' TABLE-,  S. S.   '"Archer" cr 'S^S.-'fJ.ardean.    '  'HiinniiiB  belwoen   Ariowlieud,   'I'lioinson's  Ijiiidiiiu and Coinnpliv, commencing Out. lllh,  IIHII. will sail as follows (weather |iei-niiltiii(,'):  " Leave  A'i'i'owliead   foi'  'I'lioinson's 'Landing,  and Coiimplix twice daily at ink. anil K'ik. - ' -.  Leave Com<i|ih\ and Tlioinson's l.iiiiduig for  A1 rowliead twice daily al, T.ljlc. and I'.'.lok. _.  JMiiknig close connections   with all C. P. It,  trains and boats.'      _"'.'.  The owners reserve Ihe right, to chiin'ifo times  of sailings without notice ~ .    .   ^ ���������  TIIK KKED ItOIJINSON'i.UMIIKH CO.^L'TD.-'  ������������������ .      r V. HOI11NSON, 'r  i- J Jlniiaging llnector.  .-     ff ,*>������������������ -*-* 'J .  <f-     ,r  *"} y  o  THE KOQlWAYrMAIL.  ;  ,' ,4*4������4������3M$^,!HHH^*!,4t^t&  r . . I I ' *  ,gHHNH*4HH'4"'-M4^  -i  ESTABLISHED  189^  Subscription, $2.00 Per (Year,.  f. _  Published Weekly on Saturday by  the Kootenay Mail Publishing Co., Ltd.  'li  and Publishers  'Dealers in  Printing and Wrapping Papers  and Paper Bags  Loose Leaf Account and Duplicate  Counter Check Systems  Agents for Tengwell and Opalla  Patented Loose Leaf Files, .  Ledgers and  Billing Systems  Phone No. 13  P. 0. Box No. 70  NOTICE/  NOTICE ib hereby gi.eii that thirty d.ijs afUir  " dntoj intend,t<i,aiiplj to the Chief ���������C'-omriii-,-  *inner of Lands nnd Work-, for a sjjecial license  to cut mid carry away timber from the following  described land-, situate about twel.e and a half  miles from the mouth of Hair W.i> Creel., Uujicr  Arrow Lake, B. C. ''���������  Timber claim rnniiiiuiicing at No 1 po-t,'  ruiiningiibmit twehe nnd a half milei nioreor  less from the mouth of Half Wiiy Creek, thence  w-'slMchains, thence north &() cli.-iin-, tlicucc  east kO eliiiin-, thence south W chains to jilace-  of commencement. l <*.    '  US .' i  Mated this :>ltli dnj of Novonii>cr���������A D ,'li<W [t  " '     "      C   J   Mf-PHl-IiSON."'  , ' , -t  vr j - '  notice:;,. ";;������������������'  ATOTICK is hereby khoii Hint thirl- dn'>9iifter  JA dale I intenif to iipiily to tho Chief Com-  mi-sioiicr Of Lauds and. Works for'a .special,  license lo cut and curry away limber froin'lhc  follow ini,.di"-crihc(l IiumN-it unto about foilrtei-ii'  and one'I'iglith miles, inoru or'le'-ls1 from the  intuit li of Half Way Creek, Upper Arrow Lake*,  ii. o.   ! -,..,     '    -��������� - (    ���������  |Timlx'r claim coiiinieiiciiig at iki*I marked,  .'"No. 1 Post," about foiirteuu and .uu- ciylith  miles more or loss from tlio iiioutli of Half.Wii)  Creek, thence 40 chains north,thence UK) chiiins  enst, llieueo III chains south, tlicnco UK) chains  wi'st In place of commencement.  Dated this rah da> of No.enilier.'A.l., I'JM.  ���������    h   > '   ��������� F. DOBIIS.  NOTICE.  fJOTICK is heiebj ������i.on that thirty d.ijs after  -*_- date I intend to npplj lo thoChierCo nmis-  isioiior of Lauds and .Works f<)r a special license  lo cut and carry aw,i> timber from tho lollnwiin:  described lands situate about eight (ii) nub's  from the month of Half Wnj Creek, Upper  "Arrow Lakes, B C. .. ,��������� ���������~������������������������,.-������,^;. '  Timber claim coiiimenciug at post jn.irkcd  'T..-I5 No I Post." about cicht miles nioreor  lets from the mouth nf Half W.ij Creek, thence  ease,.SO chains, tlioiico south 80 chains, thenee  wostjSOchains, thence north SO chains to place  of commencement * *  Dated this -Mill day of November, A  D , liKM.  JjL, . A   R. STEWVRT.  #\      notice: ;;,y,,  YTOTICE i������ hereliVKUeii that thirty d.ijs after  >���������-���������>.' dale I intend to nppl\ to tlio Chief Coni-  inisiioiii-r oT Lands and ��������� Works for a special  license to cut nnd.c.irry nw.ij timber from (lie  follow mi; de-enbed lands situate about nine  and a half.miles more or less from tlio mouth  of Half Wa\ ("reek. Upper Arrow Lake*, B. C  ., Timber claim commencing at a post marked  "T B No. 1,"' aboutninc and a half mile* more  or less from the mouth of Half \V.i\ Creek,  thence 10 chains south, thence 1110 chains east,  thence 10 clianis'noitli, thenccJGO chains west  to place of commencement. ^  . Dated this 2..rd d.i>  of November, A.' 13., 1903.  ,< - ���������>��������� '   ,   j.'Mcdonald. .  For a Disordered Stomach.  "I have been 11 (milled foi some time  with indirection and snur stoniacb,'  says Afis7S.ii.ill W. Out tis, of "Led  J\i ass., "arid have been t,iking'(Jliiiiii-  liefliiin's Stomach and Liver/Tablets  jViJiicli li.ivc In-lpi'il'iiil' \ciy iimcli so  j.linL now I c.in eat many things thm  'Hefiuifil tomld not." If ynu have nnv  liouble' with 'your stomach- why in.I  itJike tlle&e T.iMets iiml g^t well? For  .11h by all di uggists..    ,   '       ' ->���������  .... i  '���������������vi    '.^^^^^DrS?  Tondcrs for a License to Cut Ttmbor on  ro -. Dominion Lands In tho Province  "1 .li.   '���������������,-oi British Columbia.  CKALi:i>,Ti:Nni:ilSa(l(lieised lo thoTimbci  --' ' and Mines l.r.inuli Deimiimeiil ol the  ln'cranr. and iu .rk.-d on the eiicelopo " Tcudei  for-TTiliher Hyilh,No. Hill," wl.l lie received al  thin llepailiiii iii.'0-j.iO.iiniin nn Wcdnesdm. lhc  (iih (In j-of A|iiil.M!),ll. for a license Incut tlinlii'i-  oii llci'lh No. 3T1I. eoiniirlslnjr-Pcelioiis I,.,. (I. 7  8, and il.'lowiisliipai, IfuiiK-t!!. West of the lltli  .Meridian, eoiiiuiiiliie;aii area of IIs()iiaru miles,  inore or l"ss i  ' The I'lKiiliitionw under which allcen*o will be  issued, also pilntcd forms'of tender ilikI cn.ol  ope, iiia.i bu i.biaiiied al this I3t'|i,irtinuul or aL  ihu (.lllce of lhc Crown Tiniber AkciiLiii New  Wc-tiiiiiister. r  Kuch tcudei inu������t be accompanied by an  nc( opted cheque on a chattered bank in fiivoui  of the De| nt> of Mm sier of thc Inter,or. for  thc amdiiiiu of the bonus ������ hich ihe applicant 18  piepaicd to pay for a license. ^  ,, No tender by liIcKi.iph will ho entertained.  i ..'rKHLKY G. KKVKS,        -   '  '      ,  - ���������   ,   '..,   <,,      Seci eUi y.  Dcpaitnienl of the Interior. ', '  Ottawa   Keht-uiuy 2(i|h. ISH4. "      '-  * SUMIOIKZIE]  KURTZ & CO'S CIGARS  '" <  '      '      , "' - ''��������� '  - "   -The Best.on.tha,Market.  ��������� A llnlh at Tiflla.  To tnke u b.ith nt Tillis Is to conrt  a wonderful experience. Abundant  springs of water, strongly Impregnated  with eiilpliuretcd hydrogen, Mipply the  building, undjii its vnulted chanibcrs,  fur, below tlie street, there is no sound  out the splash of tbe lountnin nnd the  rolling echo of one's, own voice. Henry  Norninii gives n_, description 'of the  masseur who presides over tbe biitb  and miiUes its most eccentric feature. -  "lie is n l'ersiiin, who, speaks but a,  word or'two of Itussiiin." Uisr head is.  shaved,  n  rug  is   twisted   round, his  waist, mid Ins feet are dyed orange.  "Kir'st be rubs you, anil then suddenly, as you lie face' downward on the  marble slab', be is upon your back, hisj  feet dug into your spine, bis hands'  grasping your shoulders, "to increase  the pressure. Slowly, with skillful appreciation of every muscle, bis feet  grind up'and flown .your back, They  encircle your neck.- They are on your  head. ,',.'*  "Then he .vaults-lightly off, and in a  moment" from a, linen bag tilled with  soap ho has squeezed clouds of "perfumed bubbles, and'you are biddeiifin  thcin from head to foot as completely  as if you,hud fallen into a snowdrift.  You are not absolutely bruised,'1 but  , you are clean."  ' * ,  A  HORSE AT THE SHOW.  "NOTICE, ,  "VfOTICE is herein piven thatthirlyfl.i^snftcr  _L> (Lite I iiituml to.ipph tn the C luof i'oin-  mi-t-ioncr of Ij.hkK .md Works for a *-pccmI  licensfi to cut ���������..K. c.irrj aw.iv tnnbur from tdu  follow in*.: (le-cnhc<l land- situate about cIc\cmi  and a half mile- more or leas, fr.un the., month  of Half Waj Creel..1 on the north Mric'of thc  creek. t        ^       s  Thnbor claim commctrcinis; nt p'i-t mjrhcd l T.  B. No J," about ele\cii and ii h.ilf mile*, more  or^lc-b from tlie moutu of H.ilT \Va> (/reek,  thence north 40 ch.un'-, thence c.i-*t HM) chains  thence south 10 chain-. .hence \ve*������t JW) c)i;ihi������>  tt>i>hice of coniTiicuccmenr '  Dated tins 21th da> or,No\embcr*; A  D. 1WW  ' *- ,-j: .Mt'MTLL"VN  KURTZ'S OWN ,   f     ...  KURTZ'S PIONEER ' ,  KURTZ'S' SPANISH BLOSSOM'  ",     ,     i       ' i    '   '  are Biaiids th-itcin't lie beaten.  MAVDE'BY UNIONXABOR.  WOOD YARD  ' \      O) ��������� . "  1 h.tve stm Ied.si pei iii.inenl -Wood  Yrfid (in.Tliiiil *.irei't. With my p.mt  expci ience I hope' to be in.1.1 pn'sition  Cu witi'-fv .ill rfquirciiieiits ci cu.sLom.  eit>.���������JIill .11 ul (otdwond supplied in  any lengths at reduced ptices for c.ish-  '   '     ''.,'. R. SAMSON.   ''   <  X-*.  1.     < t  Wm. Fleming,  , \V holcsalo and Retail  <'    ) _  - Meat Mepeliant.  Fish   and   Game   in   Season,  First St., Revelsto    h  SiTcetncnH  Tliat   Never   I'nlls.  During a sleepless night" the "Vizier  'Mujjpdiiddin Kumi.ia dispatched bis  slave, lledruddin. Kjas,". to bring biiu  sweets. The'slave procured a copper  kettle heaped with many kinds of  fruits and sweets, and Mujjeduddiu begun to eat."'" ' ," L " '���������" '; iJ  ��������� "You relish them., my master?" asked  the slave'. . - >        ��������� ,  'The vizier shrugged his shoulders.  "These, fruits arc -sweet���������for the nio-  'nient," he said, "but show me a fruit  .the sweetness ofCwbicb will endure"  even unto the judgment day." - .  ��������� "Such fruits there are, my master,'!  cried' the slave, and hastened toward  the Mescbcd' IIusu, where he awoke  tlie starving,orphans in tbe house of  Alnrin and led them forth and into the  iooin ot his*, master. Overjoyed,, the  famished children devoured the fruits.  . "Look."oh, ruy master," said the  slave. Here you see truits the sweetness of which endures unto the judg-  lii'eut day."-       - ,  ,������,  -TRY-  THE OWL ���������2?  Kn.-aofMol-oii-.Hfl.nl-       ���������      Ite\ clstokc.  For your iiih.-i1������.    Open day and niglii.  Meals 25c and upwind.    Special vveekl)  rates.    Oond ..ervii \- guinanteed.  YODO FUJI I, Piopiict.ir.  Sfied Potatoes fop Sale  Tlie iVillowiim v.uiutk's of -eed potatoes  may be li.ul from tlie undci --'igncd .  Early Harvest  Gem of Aroostook  Pat's Choice,  Carman's No. 1* & 3  Thr fir-t-na-ned hi.-lily recommended.  Original  -<y>d   from  D.ircli & Hnntur. London  See tlteir descniitiio citaloKiics,  BUSHEL, $1.50, SACK 100 LBS $2  C;.'i*h with order- Will br dclnemd at  l.nderby siatimi paid to Hevd-toki- ,K  -.lonas T.eaiticn>orniils-. Snpj)l> limited.  Fi.-*t come, ilrn <-er������cd.  W. ELSON, Euderby, B. C  WHAT GAME OF A LETTCR*  My Dear A mil Kate  "I must tell \ou the crood news Ri"'it  after receiving inui letter the day b lure  New Year's I started in with i.e.. iomiIu-  tions on the fust of the \e.ir I wiolc Iff  Ur R V Pieice, at Buffalo, N V . as \ntt  requested me to do I (Mvc hi n all i iy  -ymplniiis, which were that I was men���������  si, tiied���������all the lime and did ml cat. to  go anywhere, depress-d and sul, and all  ambition gone backache and a dragged . ut  feeling.'could not sleep, limbs feeling *.>re  and aching. I followed the doctor's advice,  which he went to considerable p^uii- to  make plain to me���������to re*t e\eiy das'���������-a i ip  after lunch���������complete iel.i\alion���������eiilli\..te  repose-of iniiul, try not lo woiry, gel as  much outdoor air *',is postible, and |iia<*-  tice long, deep breathing. e\pancling I'.ie  lungs. Then for a uterine tonic, I)r Pierce's  Favorite Prescription, coupled with a wash  he told me of. Inui'st say that after fqllow-  ing hi-i ad\ice foi four mouths I feel perfectly cured and like a new woman. ' ,  your1? affectionally, Jewel.  Letters like the above are not unusual.  Mrs Kooiit.in, ofS32 Orant A\e , Scheneclady,  N. Y. si;* "I conlin.ied with the medicine  iu.til I bad taken fu. Iratllo, also two vials of  ltie 'Pleasant relicts,' ami I was cured I always recommend Dr. Pierce's medicines to my  friends w lien thej arc a it well '  " Mv dnugl'ler is in quite good he"iltli. tlianks  to Ur. I'icrce's niedici.ies. My wishes arc that  nil who are afflicted will try tlicni and see what  Eood can be,-done for the sick," writes Mrs.  Elizabeth llcConell. of Rochester, Ind.  Send so one-ccnt stamp.s to Dr. "R V.  Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y., for his Common  Sense Medical Adviser, 1008 pages.  Be-trotliiil CiiRtomn. ^  .  The ���������Scandinavian bridegroom pre-'  8ents,to his betrothed a prayer, book  and many other gilts, which usually include a goose She m turirgnes him,,  especially in Sweden, a shirt, and this  be invariably wears on bis wedding  day. Afterward,110 puts,it awny, and  under no circumstances will he wear  it again while.alive. But he wears it  in bis gi-.ivc,"iinil ,there "are Swedes  who earnestly befieve not oiily in the  rosuriectioii of the' body, but in the  veritable resurrection of the betrothal,  shirts of such husbands as have never  broken" any of their marriage vows.  Tlie Swedish widower in list destroy on  the eve of his second marriage tbe  bfnl.il shut which Ins first wife gave  llii i.    , ,    *  To Bell  Wnlcr  Wi-liout n- Kettle.  ".\fy wife and I," says a traveling  mr l, ','were once in a hotel where wo  coi Idn't get any boiling water. After  w.' had discussed the situation my  vi ic asked me if 1 had an envelope in  rrv satchel. I got one out," when she  toli me to fill it with water and hold  it over the gas jet. 1 ^hesitated, but  fi tally did it and expected'to ^see the  e:nelo]-e blaze up every minute.', But  it didn't bla-'.e. The envelope look on a  ���������little soot, bat that v������ as all. Tbe water  b .led in time, and tho envelope was as  good as ever when the experiment twas  at an end. I don't know the chemistry  ot.thc pio"oss, but try it yourself and  see if it will not work," .  Story of a Illbbon IViiiiiiiiif From >���������  I2,|ii!ne  Vle\\i������oi'jl.. ,  'One of the popular features of "the  annual horse show in New York is^he  squad or park police horses,jlhaf is" al- "  ways entered.    Tlie' wliuiing'of, a blue  ribbon by one of these,pojlf-'e'lipiseS js ���������  told in "Horses Nine," by 'se.veil'Feud,  from the viewpoint of the',horse.   Tlie ���������'  -author says: ' ,'    ,.".  ^  .So   it   happened   that   one   morning.  Skipper'heard the .sergeant tell Heddy '  that lie had been detailed for the bor.se  show, squall.    Keddy had > saluted and  'said   nothing  at  the   time,   but  when  they'were once  out oii  post  he  told    ,  .Skipper all about It '  ".Sure an',it's iipp'tirin' before all thc  swells iu town ye'll be, me b'y. l'hat  do ye think of that, ohV ' An' niebbo  ye'll be guttin' a blue ribbon, Skipper,  inu lad, ins', inehbe Mr. L'utrlck Martin-  will have a roundsman's berth an' ,  chevrons on his sleeves ufore the year's  out."     "    \  The horse show was all that lteddy  bad pi-omi-ied, and more. Tlie light ,'\1-  niost dazzled Skipper. ,Tbe sounds and  the smells com used'him, but ho felt -  lteddy on his back, heard him chirrup  softly and soon felt at case on tbe tan-  ,bark. > ,   , , -  Then there was a great-crash of  noise,'and Skipper, with soine'fitty. of  hls'lrlunils on tlie force, began to move  around the,, circle. First'it was fours,  abreast, then by twos, and then a rush  to troop "front, when,' in a long line,  ,they swept around*as if.they had been  harnessed to a beam by traces of equal ,  le"f]gth.,     '        ^        ','',     ',,'-���������  After some niore evolutions a, half,  dozen wore picked out andpnt through  'their paces.   Skipper was one of these.   '  Then three of'the six were sent to join  the rest of- the 'squad.-* Only -Skipper'; ���������  and two others'remained m the center  ofs,'thc   ring. '  .Men   in 'queer' clothes,( '  wen ring tall, black bats, showing iiiucli   ,  white' shirt   front  and   carrying  long  whips,   came   and   looked  them' Lovci-  carelully.     , ' ���������  , Skipper showed tbe'sei men how he   .  could %waltz in time to tho music, anil  the people who banked the circle as /  far up as Skipper could see shouted  fund clapped their hands until it seemed  ,as if a thunderstorm bad broken loose.   '  At last one of the men m tall'hats tied*  '  a bhie ribbon on Skipper's bridle. '  When lteddy got him into the'stable,  be fed him four big led apples, one  lifter tbe "other. , Next day Skipper " ,  knew that he was a; famous hoise.  lteddy showed him. their pictures in  the pa pei.       -���������-���������-.  i. ������������������ ;  z   L    '  A Reivnrd nnd a. Fine.1,  ,  A few years ago.'.owing to the serious depredations of rat catcners on the  banks .of the Thames, the authorities  ���������weie compelled lo issue notice, boa ids .-<  offering a reward of ������5 for information,'  payable on conviction of tbe offender."  'Not many days after tbe  notice appeared anvIrisbman  was caught and,,  being brought "before tlie  magistrate,  was oidered to  pay a tine and  costs  amounting altogether to ������2." Not hav-  "  ing the needful. Pat went into retirement at the expense of'the country.  The neKt morning,  however, another \  son of Erin appealed at the prison and, ���������  paying  the  line,  liberated "bis friend.  The governor, having been in tbe court  on   the   previous  day,  lccognizcd   thc  "liberator"   as   the   principal   witness  against the accused.  This puzzled him,'  and he asked for an explanation.  "Well," said l'ut, "it's loiko thi--, sorr: '  Tim and mjself were ha id up, and.  seeing the notice, Tim agreed to be  caught". I gave infoi m.ition against  him. and this mottling I drawed the'  money, and, now ye'ie paid, we've ������3  lei t to' start the world with."���������London  Answers.  HENRY'S NURSERIES  a������10 Westminstet   Rond.  Thousands of Fruit and  Ornamental Trees !  Rhododendrons, Roses,  Greenhouse and ]Inidy riant-..  Home-Grown and Imported  Garden, Field and Flower Seeds  Por Sjiring Planting.  Eastern pi ices or less.       White labor.  FERTILIZERS.  Bee Hives and Supplies.  Cut Flow cis> mid Designs.  Catalogue free.  M. J. HENRY,  Vancouver, B, C,  (T?:c Oriental Amctliynt.  The orientrl amethyst is really a violet colored sapphire, which is an exceedingly rare gem and ot brilliant luster. It is regarded as a sacred stone,  and it is used to ornament the cn*r  and the pastoral ring of Catholic bi3_  ops. Tbe ancients often used the amethyst for cutting figures both in relief  nnd in intaglio, and there is in tlie national library of France a delicately  wrought profile of Miecenas, a Roman  statesman of Octavius' time, engraved  on amethyst by Dioscorides, one of tbe  four celebrated engravers mentioned  by Pliny.  Cnnurbt the Students.  Tliere was formerly a barber In Harvard square who caught thc university  custom with this classic appeal which  some friendly patron suggested:  Slate, viator,  SubmlttB colltim tonsori  ICt a 1)1 alter Adonis.  "Traveler, stay, submit your neck to  the barber and depart u second Adonis."  IlnHlnc������Ml!ke.  "Some people," said the caller with  a slight sneer, "seem to think that  signing checks Is tbe most important  thing in life."  "I know it," rejoined Senator Sorghum, "and it's a mistake, my boy; a  sad mistake. Getting the money In  bank in tbe first place is what counts."  J-Iii..oiira������<.Ri<-n| of n Grent Stnuer,   .,  Ciassini, tiie great Italian singer,  was veiy much interested in the young  I girb among her relatives and alway*-  l-piidy to encourage'any talent she could  find in any of them. One day a novice  was brought lo lier with the uupromfs"  ing wouK "She is a spoiled conlia'.to  and will I1CY.M' do anything on ihe  stage." But the singer listened while  the young girl bi-gsu> her frigh.cu.-d  trills, when Middenbj' Grassiui.caiigl.f  her in her arms with delight. "Why,  you are not a contralto." she said, "but  the finest boprano in the world. Your  voice is far stronger than mine. Study  well. You want none of my help.  There is a rich bank in your throat."  Tbe little singer was none other thau  Giulia Grisl.  Aicreed on One X'olnt.  "But I am so unworthy, darling,"  ho murmured as be held the dear  girl's band in bis.  "Oh, George," she sighed, "if you and  papa agreed on every other point as  you do on that how happy we could  he!"  Lliliculitlo   luitlue't.  The strength of tbe linguistic Instinct  in children is show n by tbe remarkable shifts they will make to Iind tonus  of exp. Ion for their perception or  feelings. An examination of these  shifts will show that the energy of the  child manifests itself along precisely  (lie same linos as have been taken by  the languages of the races of mankind toward their ultimate .forms.  Thus, lacking the word "wide." a little  one said, "Open the door loud," extending the meaning of the word "loud"  precisely as wc do when we apply It  colloquially to colors.  AnililKiiouis.  Asklngton���������She has a rich husband,  hasn't she?  Teller��������� Yes, and nt the same time a  might}' poor one.  I  IIIn Pool l'Tirmilt.  "Are you following the races?"  "Yes, and if I ever cateli up to them  I'll quit."���������Princeton Tiger.  The respect of the common people is  the highest reward a man can reap ia>  tills country.���������Schoolmaster. ,  (:  ..A,  7   ..^.,   ,t ������������������^,^<.- ���������r^ w ^ffvi-cvtsf -^'-T*" 1 THE KOOTENAY MAIL.
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Kami ooi's���Smi-im Huos.      '    ���'   '. ^
AuM-.ritOSC^-K.   W'OI.I lINI-IlN'. ' .    ,
VAM'OUvY.U���G.U.l.OWA.   &. COMI'ASV.
Out English ollices a'le at W Fleet strcel, London, B. C., whoiO'-Mcssis. K &./. Haidj if Co.
will loccive lor us JuiBli-h nc��s ��u wciipiioi ��
and adi-ertisoiiieiits and wheie a file is kepcot
' tlimui'i'i foi theuso(fieeotcliaiKe') of any of
our iculcis M-iting London ami desirous of
feeing the latest issue possible of lu= oi hei
local paper.     ���
raised rather than diminished since
the appointment.'. The'.government should do away', with the
oflice   immediately   and   save the
salr.ry.    ' ,
' i
, frhiuiit'anomalies.'
1       iO i '
When C. P. R- freight agent
Greer was here he declared the
company gave no preferential rates.
Here is an instance which he would
do well to ponder oyer and take-
some s'tcps to 'remedy. Under the
existing .tariff tlie rate, from Qal-
g'ary to Okanagan points is six
cents a hundred less than from the
same points to Calgary: Another
case of-preferential "tariff is that,
although Winnipeg is equidistant
between east and' west 'terminals,
tlie rate from the west to Winnipeg
is'25 to 35 cents a hundred more
than from 'the east to'.Winnipeg.
The west 'is just as important ,as
the east and should have equal
consideration from a railway company subsidised by the public as
the C. P. R. has .been.
R.  T.
E& .1. IIABDV <fc (JO.   i;       ,
1101115 AND COLONIAL     ..
'    iVKW.sl-'Al'KH UOitKiist'ONDl-NT*-,
30 Fleel St i eel, -  r -  London, Knola.nd.
ARV13Y, McOAKTlSIl ���    *     ���
'    ,       AND PINK HAM,
timers':    JIolso.vs   Bank   Block,   Kkvbi.-
S'lOKB, 13. C. --
Money to loan. ' -
Ollice,. KevcUoke, 13. C.; Fort Steele, 13. G.
Gi;o. S. McCahti:k,"
A.  M.   PlNKUAM,
l.e.elsioke, 13. C.
J. A.' Hauvi-.y,
.  -   Foi t Steele, 13. O.
L. L
SCOTT    B.A.,
B.uiristisi., -Solicitor, Etc.
First, Street.,,        a   ' Revelstok'e, B.U.
Mining Engineer,
' {Mem. American Institute MiniiiK EnKineci.*)
(Mem. Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoice. i3. C.
"Examination of and icpoits on Jlineial fro-
* parties a. Specialty.
jlm*i��i����i|" turn
,, t
By Lewis Bros.
$< 175
Two ,-t"r> lio'.i-e. built la-t v.'ir.
ton loom*':.m up-to-date rc-iik-ice.
IT) feet fiii.itauu on Fir-i -t. Part
Cottauc on .McKenzie avenue. S
room-, all modern convenience-
Tw.i lot-.
Fine- ��-r'ooin  lioii-e on Second -I
Lar,'e��rounds     Easy pajinent-.
Uu> a large house and (ironnil-on
Fourth si.. inciiidiuL' new carpet-
.ui.1 linoleum tIir.nu.bout" ai.d a
6 7.00 kitchen raiiL-e. This i- a
Lar-se h'>ii*e "ii First  street,-lone .
I n u n d a 111. n .-,   finely    finished j ljrirl"e   iirro-
thiiiu-'hoiit      Part  ca-h.   balance f
on tmiuthl' i).i>iuent- | Poplar.    JllCl
Will -till buj   , fe�� choice Int. ii j .Operatic
the amelter town-lie.     The >>o-t
lot.-, on tho in.irl.et
Lowery  Interviewed at
,." " ' ,Nelsoh.
R. T.' Lowery, proprietor of the Nugget, of Poplar Cieek, was in Nelson
tlie early'part"-'of the' week, having
just leturnod from u visit to thc new
gold fields. 'To n News reporter he
said he felt ceitain, that Poplar will
niiike a good e.inip and have a boom
th.it will surprise the eld timers who
have pni ticipated .in ninny such revivals during their mining experience.'
The , cai-.p' he says, 'is showing thc
(list sighs of the ictiiin of'spiing.
This i* evidenced in the increase, in
the number of guests 'at the hotels
mid the aiiirniencation in the number
of hotel employes.       ' '���
'''Machinery," he stud, "is being, installed "on the Handy "group oiiBLynch
eieck. and the intention is'to,, do a
ureal deal of work tliis vear. The
company I,.is $LS,()00 in tlie treasury
for devciopnient put poses; -the property is paid for, and ptomises to have
a successful caieer. s
"Oii Rapid uicek John Nesbilt, and
pnrtners recently sold for a good sum
a giotip of claims to a 'Spokane
syndicate. Mr. Xcsbitc and associates
took "pi 000 worth of'gold fiom the
Stoup lasi summer while they weie
doing prospecting work. Mr. Nesbitt
says that the country between Rapid
and Poplar cieek lias considerable
wash and, alluvial which cover the
leads, and it prospectors ddiic to locate their lcds.es it will requirecon-
siderable ��ork to do it. The Spokane
syndicate which lias acquired the
Nesbitt property, intends to spend :i
considerable surn'on development thi-.
\( ar.
"On tlie Home Run a tunnel is being ('.riven to open up tlie main le.ul.
The Home Run is It.okini: very wc!!.
Work continues on the j.ncky Jack
���and Swede grutip- and 'the management says char there is gold in all the
ore taken from tht leads in bi.th
��� -The
snow goes off, cf prospectors, speculators and mine'purchaseis. I am
getting, letteis from all classes .of.
people from all parts of Canada arid,
the United State's from capitalists who
desire to invest in mines, to men and
women who des'ue to secure employment. The lush in there during the
next six moir lis, I believe, will'-be
unprecedented in'thc history ,of tlie
Kootenay, and I do not even exclude
the Rossland iiish, which was probably
the largest. The Sandon boom was- a
hot one foi the ' reason that/its activity was'confined to a small area.
It was, I believe, the most typical
mining boom that 1 ' have witnessed
in the west. Still I believe the Poplar
boom wlien'it gets under full headway
will beat 'em all,"- ��� - r   ,
st. i>i:ti:k.i. ,
Easter  Sunday���Holy  communion
at 7 and 8 and after  morning   pniyr
at 11 a. in.','' I'.veiiing- at  7.30  p.  m.-'
Appropiiate music' and  special floral
'decoiations. ,   ' '    *
The annual Easter vestiy meeting
of this parish will be held' on Easter
Monday in, the church at 8 p* in.
. On Sunday-night Rev. 'C. Lad her
during the couise of his sermon made
some veiy' stiong remarks on rlie
evil influence of the thientre and
drama, and said he' was' soiiy to find
that members of .cli ches weie en
de.ivoring by vaiious excuses to perpetuate those evils. He appealed to
his hearcis, and especially thc young
men, to shun the threatic as it, most
certainly was ''not, a place in ' his
opinion for, a christian tcbo found.
Mis. Cieelman sanga beautiful solo.
iui;risrv ��� ' ���
Rev. 1. \Y. Willliniiiaiin. of Kamloops. will hold .divine, ser\ ice in the
Iiliia'ry building, Rovelsteike. on Tlitus-
day evening next .it'So'els-ok.'to which
everjbody is he.utily invited.
i'i.i:siivn:i.iAN. ' '
'-��� Mi C.ilder'.s subject "foi the morning seivice is ���'.Synie thoughte'^oii 'the
Resuirecnon." In the evening he will
lire.ich on ."Faith in three aspects "'
Thcie \\\\\ bj sp'cci.il music by vthe
junior choit in tlie e\ening
cities on the nor
government   i*   biiiMing-    a
he    Lard (Mil   mer   :it
ns   iwil   facilitate the
of !,;fi=jK'Ci(/r- having prop-
1 -l(l(    nf   the   riiei
'. ��� P   7s.
;       rrom Our Oun CorrosDondcucj'   s
U-harles Kirk is building ,i house on
hi- lot. , - , '
Mr. Farmer li.is launched his gasolene jacht.'
E. J. Kerr, oi" the Arrowhead {hotel
l.as.graded up the'pathway in fiont of
hi*   hotel,  a   much   needed, iniprovc-
James Ludirate. of   the   Bin   lleiul
i    *���
I.iitnher Co.. returned fiom the(e.ist
nn Thursday hrinbng ahout 25 men
with him.
Owint: to tlie bad state of the nail a
-idew'alk is tc be built by private -ub-
-eiiption fiom tlie school house comer
to Mi. Columbus' lot.
OwEmr to a. tlisagicemciit   with  the
Ri-.' R.'ikI Lumber Company  the   ship"
builder?   who   weie   -woikhm   on the
i-.uiip.iijy * new tug haw quit work'
j     .**c\..i.ii housv-)i..!deis aie vei,\   irate
i at the >t.���nber  cmiipaiiles   team* diiv-
, inc (,-" er ,n:(l   i ntfmg   ii[i    their   lots.
.'IJi.'V   .it'-nrl f.i take   proceedings if it
| I- I)"l -twppe'l.
I     Re\   Mi. .*-<.lly. church .of   Kngland
���. .     .     ��� ,   r. , 1.1   Will    PIH      UI
Financial, Real Estate, Insurance Agents)       '^^ ^
RKVKI.STdKK.   11. C.
A couple of   entorp) i-n.g   le-ident- of j inini-tei .i' Trout Lake,   held   -i-ivicc-i
Poplar have --t.-iked   N) acre-   on   lhc i he- on Tue-d.iy f '.'.'niti-.' Ia*t. anil wa-.
iio'thbide   of   the   ri\"i.     TIk y cicl' ! wi!' "iii'-d    l>\    a   '_'<��"l   f"iigi('gatinn.
p   ie-��|pncc��.   .".nd   b( side-., lb    ,'i!ii!"iiii< ���'!   ili.it   in    the   future
���ith 'i hi the
If. ��� i i-t..k.-, and
- .nd,i v    nun n-
Synopsis of .Regulations for Dlspo'sal'of
Minerals on Dominion Lands in Mani-
' toba. the Northwest Territories and
the Yukon Territory.
:\ ho (!<
ill *e!l acre ti.ir't* to olb.-is, A'n.w!.. .ni im.iiI'I
ire to eie.;t n-*M( iici-. I l'e\    Ml. Puii'iiiii"
'The faith   in
the ,rieiiiir��-   ui   tin-
-trom;   in    Poplar,
/-�������       ��<r��.        i. ^       xirv -'T ' >"""v<{lii^j  LMotiii  i��   -trong   in   Poiiiar,
ahe Ikootena^xlDau..lrl;i ,i���.,.r..irt,r.���i..riy m.. e.... ��ui,
.ilr.'. n.ifc
SATL'RDAV,   Vl'IiH.  ���>.  100-1.
Some time ago the governiiient
aupointecl a freight commissioner
to go into the mailer of freight
rates- on farm produce with the
railway companies-, and to endeavor
to keep the rates down. Thr; object
of the appointment has been entirely defeated as the office irf conducted in thc interest oftho railway
Companies rather than in that of
the people. As a mutter of fact
railway rates on produce have been
those   who  iiaio   \i-itul   Hie pinp' rt>
and examjne.l it��� '(due-.     ,\s j n-nit'
of thi-i ciiii-iidciable   n.oi.i \   b.o-   l.en,
i:i\c-tid in the .hares of the   ,-pyul..-.-
Mining   f'ninjiaiiy   bv   Pcplu per.pti-
''George   llambly    formeilv   of   iIk
Coal.���Coal lands may be purchased at,
(10, per acie for soft coal anil $10 for an-
"'tlu-acltc. Not more tliiin X20 ucieu can
tie'acquired bv one individual or company. Royalty, at the/rate-of. ten cents
per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be collected
on tho gross output  ���
Quartz.���Persons ot eighteen years and
over and joint stock companies' holding
tiee inlne'i 's ccrtlllc.-itos mny.obtain"entry
for a minintrJocntlon.   , ���
A fiee miner's certificate Is Ki-anted for
one or mole yents, not oxccedlng live,1 upon payment In advance of $7.50 lier annum tor an individual, .and from $50 lo
$100 per,annum for a company, nccordlni!
to'capltnl. .. i ���
A fiee miner having discovered mineral
In-place, may locate u claim 1500x1500 feet
bv niarkliiB out the same with two legal
p'osts, be.ulntr location notices, one at
each end on the line of the lode or vein.
The claim shall ho recorded within llf-
teen davs If located within ten miles of a
mining i ecordor's . ollice, one additional
dav allowed for every, additional ton
miles or fraction. The fee lor recotdlng
a claim is $3. "
At least ?100 must be expended on the
claim each year or paid to the milling ie-
coider In lieu thoieof. When $500 has been
expended or paid, tlio locator may, upon
���having a survey'made, and upon complying with other icquirements, ��� puicliase
the land at $1 00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the Minister of the Intel lor to, locate, claims
containing iion and mica, also copper, in
the .Yukon Tenitory, of an aiea not exceeding ldO  acres.
Tlie patent toi a mining location shall
pio\ nle lor Ihe payment of n lojally uf -'i per
C'nt ol Ihe sales ol the -.induct*, ol the local ion
Placer Mining, Manitoba and the N."\V.
T,' excepting the Yukon Teiritoiy.���
.Placet mining claims gonoially are 100
feet -square; entry fee, , $5, renewable
yearly. ,On_ the Noith Saskatchewan
River clainli for either bar or bench, the
former being 100 feet long and extending
between high and low water mail. ,'The
latter includes b.n diggings, but extends
back lo the base ot the lull or bank, but
not exceeding. 1.000 feet.' Wheie steam
power is used,'claims 200 leet,wlde may
be obtained. ,       . -   "   '1
' .. Dredging In, the rivers of Manitoba
and-the N. \V. T., excepting the Yukon
Teintory.���A fiee miner may obtain-only
two leases of five miles each for a teim
of twenty years, lenewable in the discretion  of  the  Minister ot  the Intel ior. .'
The lessee's right is conllned to the sub-
meiged beds or bars of the liver below
low water mai k. and subiect to the l ights
ot all pei sons who have, oi who may ic-
cei.e entiiesaor bar diggings or bench
'claims, . except on the Saskatchewan
River, wlicic the lessee may diedge to
high water maik.on each alternate -leasehold. - i
The lessee shall have a diedge in operation within one season fiom the date of
the lease lor each,. live miles, but wheie
a person or company-has,obtained more
"Ihan one  lease one dredge  for each  llf-
-teen    miles    or'  fraction    is    sullicient.
i Rental," $10 per annum for each tmile of
��� iiier leased    Royalty at the late of two
-and a halt per cent collected on the out-
'iput allot  il exceeds $10,000. '       " .      *    ;
Diedging in the Yukon Temtoiy.���Six
leases,ot live miles each may be granted
to a fiee miner for a term ol twenty
yeais,' also renewable.     'o '
The lessee's' light is confined to the
submerged bed oi bais in the river below \o\> water, mark, that boundary to
be fixed bi itss position on, the 1st Jay ol
August in the year of the date of the
lease.     '   , - -  , ,,
. The'lessee shall have one dredge In operation within two.jeais from the date
,of the lease, and "one dredfij* loi each
live miles within six jeais fioin such
date. Rental, $100 per mile foi the Hist
���ear, and $10 per mile for each subsequent j ear. Royalty, same as placer min-
Placer Mining in the y/ukon Temtoiy.
���Cieek, nvei ,gulch and lull claims shall
not exceed ^50 leet lu length, measuiuU
on the base line or geneial dueclion ot
the cieek oi gulch, the width being lioni
1,000 to li.UOO teel All other placer claims
shall be ���J."ni leet siiiiiue.
Claftiis are m.tilted by-two legal posts,
one at each end. beanng notices. iHiitr..
must be obtained within ten days, il the
claim is within ten miles of mining ie-
coidei s ollice. One exlia day allowed
for each additional ten miles oi  fiaction
The pei son or compan> slaking a claim
must hold a liee minor's ceitilicate
Tlie discoveier ot a new mine Is entitled
���lo a claim of 1,000 teel in length, and if
'the paily consists ot two, 1,500 leet altogether, on the output of which no royalty
shall  beichaiged.   the lest or  the  paily^
oidinaiy claims only.
tinny lee. $10 Ro\alty at the rate of
two and one-hall poi cent on the value
ol the gold shipped fiom tho.Yukon Tei-
rltoiy to be paid  to the Coinptiollei.
���No fiee miiici snail iclcivo a giant ol
moie than one mining claim on each sop-
eiate'river, cieek oi gulch, but the same
miner may hold any number ot claims
by .purchase, and Hoe mmeis may woik
their claims in partneiship by riling
notice and pajing lee of $2 A claim ma-
be abandoned, and another obtained on
the same cioel., gulch or nver, bj gmng
notice and paying a lee.
Woik must be done on a claim each
year to the value of at least $J0O.
wV (.eitificate that woik has been done
must be obtained each >uiu; if not, the
claim shall be deemed to bo abandoned,
and open to occupation, and ontiy by a
fiee miner. ��� ,
The buundaiks of a claim may bo do-
line.l alis.-lu.el> by having a sui.ey
made and publishing notices in the Yukon
OltlL-l.il Gazette.
P.tic.Iouin.���All unnpiiiopiiatcd Dominion Lands In Manitoba, the 'Motlli-wosl
Teiiitoiies and ,wlthlii the Yukon Teirl-
t.-r,\ aie open lo piospectlng lor poll oleum, 'ind the minister may iceive loi
an Indhldtial or company having rnn-
"hincry on the land to be niosue-tod.
an ,ii>-,t of 010 acres Should the pios-
pector iliccovr oil In paying (iiiiintllks,
ami sntlsl.LCloi lly establish such dlscov-
eiy, an area not e\rceding Wn .ILU.s, in-
cliidiiig the oil well and .such other laud
Ymm lu.il-' ���'*> may In- dOleiinliieil, will be sold to
'  -���      (IK. i-.veier   nt   the   irile   ot   $1.00   -������-
Bovril  in the Kitchen
The object of cookery should be to prepare'Jqpd in the
most" nutritious, palatable and easily digestible form. |
BOVRIL is the" embodiment of all'th'ese qualities'and
is therefore of paramount , importance in the kitchen
flTwhere a; little of it added to soups, gravies, stews, etc., |
gives, relish " and' real nourishment to 'even the'most,
tasteless dish. ,', ���   ���
,7    d
C.ipilnl Aullioiized, SI,IHK),(XKI.   ('iipital Paid Up, SHUII/IOO.    Hc-l, *2,ir.(),(W��
"' _    Head Oflice, ToitoN-ro,' Oxtahio.'   \
.   HniiH-hesin (lie Noilliwosl Teriitones, Miinitob.i, Oiil.iiin nnd Quel  .
And   (he rullnuiiiK poinls  in   Hi it i-.li   Oluinliiii:   '( iiiiiliiool,. .doll ,
, Nulsou, lievel.stnl.X', Troul   L,il.e. A iincnu.oi nnd Vicloiiii.
K:   T. If. Ml.ltiivrr. l'rosidenl.    ' ' U. H. Wii.Kii:, Vice-l'iesident nnd (leiieiiil Manager. ,
5       : H. K,n, Assisd-iit Oener.il M.innis'er. , W. ,M(irr.\T, (Jluel In-pucloi.    . ,
����������� Revelstoke Branch, B. C���ArGeneral Banking Business Transacted
v  " SaMiigs Dep.irlinent���Oopobits Recoiled and Inloiost Allowed.       , *
?. ���   "' .,<*'.-'-,>
d'      DrurtswUI av.iilnblo in .ill p,nls of Canada, United Slates and l.iuo|ie.' '
��^   Special .itlonlioii giien to collections.        , (j        ,      A. K Vim',!",, Manager. -
. \. -i.    ,,-    ,
'Meets every Tuesday
evening in S0II.11K
Hall at S o'clock.
, Visiting brethren cordially, invited to attend. (       '.  '
l'l. !���'. AUAIIt.N.O. ,- ' .  ,     J. MATIII1-. Sl.u.
Kootenay Lodge
No. 15A.F. & A.M.
The regular meetings
are held in Uie,Mn.s-
oine Teiiiplo. Odd-
Kellows Hull, on lhc
^=tliiul Monday in
e.ieh 111011II1 at -> P m.
-Vis,iliiig> brothi en
eoidiiilly  welcomed.
C. A..PRCXJUN1ER. Si:cki:taky.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash- Prices Paid
P.   B.'  WELLS,'
Exporter of Purs.
Standard remedy for Gleet,
Go ��� orrheca and Runnings   fmrvy ]
IN 48 HOURS. * Cures Kid- \nilUIJ
ncy and Bladder Troubles.
1      J.   SA'lS,ON......
Paintep, Faperhanger,' Sipwriter'
t,  ,-    KALSOMINING   DONE.".?  /''
^Orders recivc prompt a'tlention.
Second sticet,    . -'      KEVISLSTO'kE,
For Sale' or Rent.
UHST-CLASS lIOTJOf. in Oiiiiilioine
li. O.
TlniC,lni(-;esl mid only Hist-*,
lass  hmis-e  in  town.    Foi-'ji.ii lieul.-iis. -
ipply   to   I lot i*l  Ci iti'riim, 'Cnnhoini*,,-
13  ()'. .   - -   r ....    ,-��...,
J. Guy; Barber
and a
complutc line '
'    of the
.{ g that
Tie   M i-l.'t  M. rli..:ili'�� I'm,.  T	
.itlil-'if', it-1 ii*  s^'n   \ Me'  pr'ilnplll el, .iiis.ii^ I   ll
ii>! it 1    .I  '������-:. .'.     Ii.i.ilu.ili'le  fur ine  I  act.', .subject  to n.j.illy n( Su. li  inle 111
li.u.i' -. I i'i,.. -       ;"-!-i(i.i>     he- >.ini|ilu of     may  lie  Hpeellleil   by nrder-lii-ciiiincll.
Ij.-j.iirliiunt   of   lhc   JnU'iIoi,   Ottawa,
.... ij.i nf !'���. i\n
' tt. m.iriuf 1..! in.
.(.-Ill^i        AII..-II    'I (fill t   Ml III
-. Mi.utn.tl
In nun, I'kiI,
Deput>  of the MhiNter of the Inleilor
The Prince  Mining   and  Development Po., Limited Liability.
"VfC/lK !- lSlll.lti:iiY til\l"N(li:i( (lie.iiiiiii.il
L\ iiieetiiif,' ol Hie sh.ueliiildeis of llii,
I'niNca. Minim, ami Hi vi i oi'MI.n'i Comi'W.,
LiMiii.n Li \i,ii.in, \mII he hold nl llio ( 0111-
p.un's-nlliee-. I'ii-i, stn-et, Ue\e|st(.l,-c, I! (1 .011
Weducsd.i). Hie Hindi day ol M.ucli. A I) . 1H0I,
nl (ho I10111 nl two 1.'cluck 111 tlio .tlloinoon, r.M
the piiipii-e ol elei'lni's' nllieeis foi (ho eiisiiinir
vo.11 and loi .1II01I101 pin |hi-i��-. lolnluiK to llio
iii.iii.i^eiiient ol Ihe conipanv. - -.
It is pinpo-ed In .inieiid the Iij-I.iu*, In 111-
creasiii!.' the inuiiliei ol dneelois to *e\en
Tlio ti.uislci lienk nl llio coinp.inv will bo
closed diiiini; the l.nnleeii d.i>s uiiincili.ilel.i
piecedini^ sta h nieetiuis:
Dated ,11 Hcielsloke. II C, this l'thd.iyol
I'-uliiii.iiy. A   I) , Will   ,
.J. JI. H.C'IT.
Keciel.uv    .
Mining & Legal Purposes
Transfers, Options, Powers
of Attorney, Stntutoiy Declaration;.,proxies, etc., can
��� be obtained al the
..Kootenay Mail Office..
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'���The value of thf-s town lots tin-, increased considerably since thoy wue
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money will he refunded. -2  sis  THE KOOTEJfAY MAIL.  INTERIOR    ;  LIBERALS  Convention at Rossland��������� Offi-  , ;, cers Elected���������Resolutions,  ,    ' ���������     Adopted.,   '  At the annual convention of'tho Inferior District Lilwi.il C nincil.lield in,  to demand and  receive from the C. P.  R. free "access to'' the-city without  going!.through a lat hole eight feet  wide with their 'farm pioduee. Lust  year J bought a' llorte rake 12 feet  wide and could not'drive it.tlnougli  this rat hole under the tiestle and had  to unhitch ^niy'^ horse nnd' take-it  through' eiidiVibe. , Js that not a line  stiitcof atVairs for a place posing ns  the 'centre ,of.. Ivootenay,? ,   To   tlie  DISALLOWED.  NOTICE.  <B  rt -  , ���������  ���������������������������  Itossliind last y,vbk', th'cie  was a-gocd  '   attendance   of"' 'delegates     fiom   all  *wtinns of southern  Uritish Collimhia  tinder the jurisdiction  of  the council.  J. A. Miiedonald," leader 'of  the libonil  jiiirly,     presided. '   The   "convention  Just I'd'two days and  concluded with a  ln.n.piet     given ,  hy " the    I.osslaud  liberal.*.,    i' "','''���������  The election" of oliicers/fof thoon-  '  #uing year reunited as follows: Duncan  ���������   'JRoss nf Cireeu win id, the liliei-nl enndi-  ,   dlatc'for Yiile-Carilioo, president .'John  c   iV. Turner,  Nelson, vioe-pre-sident:  I-'.  IC, Simpson,   Cranbrook,   'secieta'iy-  Ireasuier: cxecuthe  commit too,'K. I).  Ker,  Greenwood;   \V: H.  P. Clement,  ,  i.rnnd .Forks; , Dr!   Kerr. ' Kossl'iind;  '.���������Archibald  J.  Campboll^-Ymii:, F. J.  ('J>cane, Nelson;' E. j\. irnggen, Kcvcl-  rtqko;; I).   McVan'iicll,  Slocan: ..John  Keen, Kaslo; .l/-F.,llu.chcioft, .C.iin-  'lirtiok:   Fred'.   Stork,   Fernio:   \\''.'c.  AYcIls.' M.  L.('.\:? "Columbia:   W/'.J.  'Snodgrasft, Similkamccii.'  Rexilutions ' embodying   the   piin-  .Viples uhich had  found f.ivor with the,  Convention   we^ie   th������li .passed.' ' The  council! reaffirmed . its .confidence -in  Kir \\"ilfticl Liuirier and' endorsed the,  course pursued by.J. A'. Jl.icdonald: it  -ecoided its approval of ^the^dominion |  i government's actionem   lcmovinjrfthe  duty on oil nnp'oitedfor thc tic.it ment  of low-gradco'ies; it recommended the  submission of height rates on lumber  "to the  i ail way  commission, and   that  jin immediate inquiiv.be made In the  ���������-'.���������-. '  minister of trade and commerce into  flu? alleged existence of a combination  iimong letaileis; that ,i dominion government lepicsent.iuve should be .ip--;  pointed to  St. Louis exhibition: tliii't  I he-provincial mining  law's should be  amended; that ^aiiiveys   ot'-,available  risxicnltiiia.1, .land "should .'be .ni.icleT  Ihat m view-' oi  the,great and lanidlv  glowing\ importance      ot      milling  throughout   Canada..the   department  ���������of mines should be aTepai.ite one, pie-  sided over hy(,i'minister of "mines, and  ��������� Ihat  on  account  of  the  present and  prospective pai.imount   mining  mtei-  ests of the'Pacific   slope" oi  Canada.  shame and disgrace of our'mayor and  ilderinen that i*-.the position pl'.airairs  here. Why is-this, simply " because  the Canadian' Pacific ijailway influence  dominates this city amUniikes its own  conditions.      " ~        i0-  j,   ' '   '   , .      i        "     '   V '  ���������   bo ini- as this 'matter  is  concerned  where f can' you ' find 'another   City  Council lacking 'back-bone enough  to  assert its established authority   vested  in it'hy the legislature V --.Possibly in  the Jungles of Siberia,.where the C/.n'i  of Russia's iron heel'crushes  out 'and  breaks the sprouts of its political evil  Time' and   .gain   17 hiii'e,petitinnod  various City  Councils-for, lelieffioni  this ii.t--lc-r.ible condition of affairs, t"  be given tbecold shoulderof charity.  Why don't Mayor Brown and his  co'incil take' aciipn ? Does he iiot  know, the corpoiation of ^.evelslokc  crosses the C. P. ll. track, or is he ,to -  busy'with his pi ivate au'airs'to attend  to 'public needs ? 'Peilnfps he is too  busy with his Rocky,Mountain" Rah?  gers tn.takejold'y.ir, lloiiic' *hy 'the"  throat' and slap his 'jaws iind , make  him come oti' the perch., Why do-they  not rise.to the  occasion ?     Why '?,   ]'  ciinnot say unless it bejhe'y   lack the,  jiw-b)iie tint'Sanison'slew the Phil g.  tines with.    Are tho'scttleisYcross the  track asking anything  unie.ison.iblc ������  j No.-    They 'are not looking for 'favors  and   w.-.nt  nonei   they; demand   only  justice?.    'Will   Mayor', Brown iise to  the occasion and look into the 'merits  of the cn=e or'wil!   he'~ci.i\.l   into'the  C. P   R. Jo*h ��������� 1 f i-iu--i.   and   offer-, up n  pi.iyei for the Velum1 cd   Van   Home  and his s.iiclitcs. ,���������' mil.lie l.e  backed  up wiih hi- KoVky M "-imtaih  Rangers  and untold the flag nt justice V  '   ; * Youim lor justice,   .  ���������  \ .i     .    "'.   ������   P  R/PE'riiliSOX  Two B. C.-JActs Turned Down  , ' In,Federal House., ,  ��������� Ottawa, March ,,29.���������-The ' Dominion government has disallowed  two more bills passed by' the British  Columbia , legislature during "the  ?es(-ioiiiofi-U)03. .One is"an" net'to  regulnte'itnm'igration. into British  Columliia, aiid th'e Ibllief'to'further'  amend the Coal Mines Regulation  Act. /Both bills arc di recti d  agaiiisttheemployment of Japanese  and Chinese.    ,  "    '     I,  These   hills   weie  re enacted, nl'  tho'lnst meeting oHhe. legislature a  few n'lomhs ago, unci   tliey   will no  doubt bo"'disallowed" again.'    The  bills for the.ieH.ion   of   1904   have  just,   been'   leceiveil, ,at the justice  ilppar'.meiit.    TIhj government h,i>-  jusL a \e.ir 'within    which    to   ex-  r-rcise tlie di'-iillo'wance privilege.,  ,  Tli'e-e  nets weie  dii-ifllowecl   nl  ��������� hc^ra-iiest of the imperial' govern  ment,   the    piovisionb" interfering  with eei^ii in t run tics'made  between  l^e-British n'nil   Japanese' govern '  ments.     "An Act to funlier nmend j  .tlio. Coal- Mini's 'Regulation  Act,"I  made it  illegal' for-a   Chinaman.'  Japanese or poison unable tb speak  I^IKfl Icli i     tr\       \-\n~    r, ������-.,-. At .-_* ������������������1       i ,.    .J3...  I '0,ff?Il Thurhjnrnscn, 'I'licodor Tollcfi-on nnd  Willinm Allen or nny pen-on.'oi- pciaoiiHto  wliomtlieyniiivliavoiitfbignc-d thoir intorott  Valbnllii. Odin and Tlior mineral claims- on  Htg creek, Mtimte on < ho wc-.t-.idu of north  armipf Upper Arrow L,ako, J-ardcnii Minim,'  Divihioii. West Kootoimyi'llibiuot, Ui-UiuR  (.olniiiliia;       '  k. Vou arc hereby notided that I, tho under-  hiKiicd, liuve cspendtd for you Die Mini of SSl'O  in liil or, iiiinrovoiiientss nnd rccordinj-fups upon  tho mud "\ ikinir, Viillittlln, Odin nnd Tlior Mn"  eral claims, under the prov ision<. of the Mineral  Act, and if within ninety days fioin the date of  this notice you fail or l'efuhi'to contribute the  aforesaid sum, Ingot her with nil co*,ts of advor-  tJSiiiir, jour mtercbt in the wiid mineral .claims  ,,. L��������� !"������ V10. Prop"-!' of the iinder-iifiicd  Al"I,01rf%tIO"<o't'<-Act entitled "An Act to  Auieiid the Mineral Act ���������' 11100.  Bated this 2nd day of December, 11)03,  IJ. ������. STAItKKY.  Did you ever stoji  to think that  A large and experienced organization enables us  to   ,-resfht .styles -notable   ,for   effectiveness   ant!'  high  furnishing  qualities,   at   pricesi no  /higher  r i  Jas. I. Woodrow,  /butcher,  1 '   t,  Retail^ Dealer Ins^.ajazi^." ���������   J  ������������������* j        BEEF, vPORK,  '    '',   '    ,MUTTQN, Etc.,  Fish and Game, in Season.  ' - ������      '   All orders promptly filled.  REVELSTOKE, B.,tC.;  than  the ordinary kin'cl  V FUBNITUBB,  CARPETS,  CURTAINS; WALL,  PAPERS "'-  .  Complete House Furnishings'  '���������        AVri,e'for"!ar������.e Hhi.traled e.-i.'al.'igue-it i, free and int'eiest'i,,.. ''  WEILER^BROS., VICTORIA  6 C  Corner   Dointlns'  ami King- ,ti. tiia.  English'-to   be" appointed   to am,  position of trust in or about,amine  whereby   ihiotiph"   ���������"���������glijience". hi  might' enriange  any person em  NO BSTTUB" BBKAll  'In tdivn.tlinn that made  .H    Smith'-.   Bakety,   mid  ���������'��������� Cakes\ of .'Every Kind  tAgents for- the Celebrated,  ��������� ��������� monsoon teas: ,  or linib 'of  tlie  mine.  ',���������Tho Act to i,  in British   C(.';  ediiciitional,  ti' ,  immigaants    ni-  Pructically-'no pen  nipo>e.c."_flii  ,  'ii .inlf'nding  the    province  on  .who   can no.  *uch minister should he selected from  ihe p.uli.iinentaiy   representatives of  ih.-it region.  CORRESPONDENCE.  Another Request for .Douglas  :      Street Crossing.*  Uditor Kooh:n*a\ 5I\il  ', .Dear   -3ir,---\Vill   you    kindly   gnu  space in  your  next   issue   to   the en-  Tcloscd k'ftei. a c"cpy~ot whicli has been  ii'iiiled to the city clerk, and oblige, .  - ' p. r. pj-:ti-;kson  opi:.v i.i:iti:r.  ** l-exel'toke. I). G.,-Apiil Ut.-lOOI.  To Hi.-* "Woiehip the Major nnd Aldei-  inen' of'thft   Corpoiation' of'the  City of ReM-lftoko. 1> 0.  Gentlemen.���������Wheie.ia' .thcie  is  nn  legal established   highway  across  the  C. I'. K    tracks   west,   I   i expect fully  jielilion the  City Council to take im-  jnediate step*, to give residents of that  jioition of the city  a   legal ciossing so  that  access  to  the   business   portion  run.lie secured without  tie--p;issing on  jiriviife and coipoiate inteiests.  There aie stieet ero**ings piojccted  .jeross the C. P. Ii. track.* laid out nn  the map.*- of the city but owing to the  nppii-.itinn of the C. 1'. li. nflicial*. and  3nek of back-bniie shnwn by ' pioi ioiio  councils nnthing has been dune. M'hy  t-litmlcl uur city council bo dominated  Jiy the \.ishe* of iiiihvay ollicials lo  the-detriment of the intere-st*, and  wclfiuc of thc iatL'[i.'iycrs and fioe nnd  independent elootois of Uevol-toke.  Jia\'e the citi/ens of licvolstuKe  received anything but -nup from the  Canadian Pacific Kail way dining tlio  time it hits been running (hiongh tliis  -city? Have we not been cinched and  pay through the nose on ccoe^i.e  freight i.itesV Have the city not bad  to build load-s a quarter of a mile  thiough a bottomless frog pond to  jcacli the station all tlnougli pure  Ctisscclnes1-. One would think mem.  Siieis of our city council domiciled in  the mountains, bieathing deep drafts  ������r>f ozone through their lungs would in  -time get home siind in their composition and  show  enough  riinnhood  -;f "'What isiDyspepsia"?"V-'"  Qu.ilni^; nausea, bunging- for* food  yet di ending ttV eat. .You'may li.iv,  thu le.ilUhui'j, but I'Vrro/onif Tvili cure  you like'it did S! D. ".'lluntiugil m nl  Hamilton'who says'"l fieipiently w is  attacked .with Mielf acii;e d\spi-ps,iii  that I thought it iniwt be- heart  disease. - I used Fet to/.oiie. md gut  relief. [ kept on using Feiio/.one an.I  was cured. My digestion is in perfect ouler and I can eat anything today.'' Nothing is as good as Ferro/.one  for dyspepsia and those bothered with  weak stomachs' -Ti ice f>Uc. at all  driig"iots. '     "   "  read and writejn =nnif lnpgunge'of  Europe   ii 'to- be   sulinitn.il   inin  British  Coin mhia, -a -fine of   $500  being impo-uil for'il.e  violation   ol  the-Act. --An mimim-mi, moreo.vei *  who make-' hi's wiy,or  is?.found m  .British Columbia, in' ooritriivuiition  .of tbe Act is not to . lie entitled lo a  1 ceiT-e to , carry   on any    tnf.le/or,  calling-, subject   to   thc legislative*  authority   of the   province,  nor to  aoqnifc and hold land, exercise-the  right of franchise, etc. ;'  Any   per  son,������bo assists an   immigrant   to  contravene '"the   provisions   of (he  Act is- liable to   the' same   penally  as tho immigrant in question.  M.AsiwiTrt&Oq:;  MffCpn/.ip Avpnup, Revelstoke.  , ' H. B. I3T0NEX,,     ,  MACHINIST-���������AND  GUNSMITH  .' ,  Opposite Ccntml Hotel, Revelstoke.  'Lallip and, GHiicral Machine Work  Pininpllv' Rxi'cnri.ri.   ",  E, B. EDDY'S  '    "ICING 'RDWAHU" WHO,..,  <i  .   '���������HliAIJI.IUHT," ."3IHK.  '"' "fi.vGLK." ItKJ-'niid 2(H)-,.,  rVIUTOKIA."  '  f- i, . 'i  '���������LIXTUC CJOMIiT.,"    ;  FOR  SALE   EVERYWHERE.  ,~T  %  &  Are'.the..best that can be bought.i-  Don't'experiment witl^oiher. and inferior brands.  -Si<*������ r| r$ if ���������*$��������� ������$ r$ if if ffr'c* <tf ��������������� rff ff f*'^ nt rf <*? tf nt ffl1 nt- rit ������������'S-if  -''if  ��������� Hi  HOTEL   LARDEAU  S.S.'   ".Archer'  'TABLE  or S. S.  ", Lankan  CHAS. IMOYER  ARRESTED.  President of Western  Federation in the Toils.  Chiiiles Moyer, president of the  .Western Pedeiation of Mineis, was  ii rested nt Omay. California, on  isa tin day on a charge ol deseciating  the American flag Picsident' M yei  was a nested on a wniiant sworn out  by JI. A. Wood, of Tellmide, the  alleged dcsecintion consisting of usnig  pictuies of the flag, with insenptions  pasted between the bars.  The oflice of an Italian publication  at Tiinid.ul, Co!., was seized on Saturday by soldieis, nnd this week's issue  was confiscated. It is, alleged that  this paper has been inciting the  stiikeis to violence.  The miners commissary departmet  and the headqiiaiters of the stiike  lendeis aro in the same building, Thc  soldiers placed a padlock on the door  and a large number of stiikeis weie  locked inside the building. At: armed  picket was stationed outside. As this  was one of'tlie three clays of the week  on which supplies aie issued to the  stiikeis and their families, some hardships weie entailed.  A thorough search for fiienrms at  the stiikers' camp in the bottoms was  made today by tbe soldieis, but the  only weapons found there were one  shotgun, one toy riHe, a revolver and  50 shells. Major Fall has established  a press censorship.  Information i������ wanted immediately  of .John AlcMinder McNaiighlon, for-  meil. of Ab.'ideen.Sc >tl md. lie wrote  his father liom Nelson. B. C. cfep'tem-  bei 30th. 1!)03, bail -aoikcd on a telegraph construction ' gang, which was  disbanded at Nakusp 13. C. : ma\ ha\e  gone no Calitoiiiia or the, Western  States Important news awaits him.  Am in foi mation a-.- to tho wheieabouts  ot thcabo\e iieison will be thankluliv  iecei\ed hy-iBii������adier T. If. Collier,  enquiiy department. Sahatinn Aimy.  Albeit stieet. Toionto Ont-  ItiiiiiuiiB beuveen lAirowliciul, Tlionmraf  Liuiaiiiiriiiid Coiimpli\, uoiiiinciieiin; Oct 11 th,  1901. will -siul ai follow 1 (wcillii-r iieriiiiltini;):  ., iLeave An-owliu.iil . r.'ir Thoin'ooii's Landins  iiiid C'ornnpIi<c tu .ce daily ,ar ink. and l.k. . ���������  , Lcnvc Comaplix and Tliuiiiaon's Landing'Cor  ��������� Ariowlieuil I wice daily at r.lok. an.I 12.1jk.   '   '  ;*^Taking elosc connection-:  with .all C. P. R.  trains nnd boat--: ���������    ���������  -The owner-, reserve thc right to change times  of tailings without notice.     , , e  .THE FltED ROBINSON LUMREIt CO. L'TD.  -V-.,'",', .-iZ .. V. ROBINSON, . . .  '-���������"*'���������-. '-",; Mnnnsrinif Director.,  b   =  !������������������������.   .-  .,,  * . ' , ���������  X5>, The Best House in Town.  4  Well Furnished- . -    Good Table  ���������- ' "���������'    -    >'       "���������    ' '   * ���������  Best Brands, of WINES', SPIRITS and CIGARS kept in Stock.   '  \  ' ' Wi HAMILTON, Proprietor.    "   ���������   " "  '.^f^f^(^(^r^(^(^<^'f^r|7"f^(^i^s������^f^f^^ faJTr.  r^������ -  <*^>  rfo'  ll  i-.. j  Well Again:  The many friend-* nf Jdlin Rlruinl  will bi' plci-ed In learn tb.it liu lia =  enl 11 ely recovered Itmn hi< .itlnrkiil  1 liiMliiiat.istn. Oil nnbei lain'- Pain  Balm cured liiin after lbe best ductoi-s  .in tbe town (Jlomin. fml.) bad failed  to give relief. 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The disorderly girl will make a disorderly woman.  W. J. George is now showing a com*  plete lunge ol" ladies line collars and  neckwear in chifVon lace and silk-  just to hand by express this week in  time for the Easter trade.  NOTICE.  "VTOTICE i- herebj bivcii that thirt. d.i.-lifter  X> dine I intend to apply to the C'lnef (\iiii-  inis-inner of Lund- and Work-i for 11 -jieci.il  licen-0 to cut and earn nuny timber from the  foUowuiBdescribcd land-., viz:  ..- "inJjeiicini: at a iwsl innrked (' C. nillin-.'--  .North W ostcorner iKist about 2(1011(1111- from t lie  "-���������"���������-thniilc of the Coltinihi.i Rner. about-ix mile-  nprtn or Hiirton Cit> riiiininS thence -onth Wi  I.!','!!!;- V,lfiaco oa--t M clmin-. thenco north ltt)  clinUK, thence west 10 chains to |K>int of commencement.  C. C. BILLINGS.  . A Dictionary of ENGLISH.'  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The logging camps are still rolling  logs into Fish cieek and expect to  keep on for another 'month. '  , Today the road*,, which have been  exceptionally good for this season of  the year, slimy bigns of breaking up. ���������  Lorn Thomson, of [this plUce, left,  for the Yukon country Saturday. lie  has been up tliere t,.vo.���������Miiniiiers and  thinks there is uo place like it.  We are happy, io In-  ab.c to  report  . that-Wm. Johnson's  little son,   Herbert; who   has'..been   dangerously   ill  with pneumonia is rapidly recovering  ''��������� Mcsbi'b. T. W. Graham'and. .1.  W.  Thomson during   the-   week   received  letters   from   W.   A. Gallihor, M. 1:  j t f '  " stilting that   he   was doing all in hi.*  power to procure a daily mail   for   the  (Linden u nnd also to have  the  dredge  put in proper working shape and   tho  ���������channel dredged to Ueaion.  Last Thursday cveiiing'the ladies of  ' Benton'iriive   a,grand   ball    in   Mrs.  'i  ' Anderson's hal!,   which   was  in every  respect  a   decided   success,   over   50  couples being   in   attendance. .>   The  piano was piesidod over,  in- his usual  fityle, by Professor 11.. Jones, and  excellent violin music was furnished by  .Messrs.    Buchanan ' and   Mackintosh.  The lunch served was prepared  by the  ladies  and' was  so  enjoyable   that   a  iiuniieroi  young  men ��������� from - outside  points, are   tliieatening   to   come to  J3eaton to select wives.     The proceeds  will be nearly   sullicicnt' to  puichase  an'organ for the school.  March 20th.      ���������      ,     ,  and other pedlars hot' having a place  of bu.sincso'.in the municipality, 'This  will put a.stop to patent medicine  fakirs, cloth and clothing pedlars. It  will also shut oil' machine jind other  ..gentb nsclesMto thc district and give  home merchants a show. , <  ���������Iames Murphy, M. l'.,l\, Cariboo,  delivered an, address to, the liberal  as-MJoiation last Thursday evening.  His resume of the doings of 'the house  wore very interesting l<> thobo'present.  Tho Farmers Kxchange shipped  potatoes to the following points last  week:. Victoria, Holland, Arrowhead,  Moose daw, Keevviitin, Winnipeg,  Craik nnd, Davidson, and on, Thursday  fi'cnTleuvcH for Dawson, Y. T. How  -is this for an in fan I, indiistiy.  ��������� As showing ,the substantial' progress made hero, tlio sale if (ho town  site extension of Fastvicw is pioving  successful.'7 .The property, which1 is  owned by T W..' Fletcher, has been  subdivided into qiinrtcr and two-acre  lots. " These lots were put on the  market Friday and by 7(n.4in. that  dny'eight lots had been already sold."  The property was put on the, market  at reasonable ,- prices , and terms,  Messrs. .Sage .and Fisher,' real estate  agents of Armstrot'g,'have the handling of the property.    ' '���������  March 29th.   '.    A    ,     ,   " ,  FIRE VALLEY.  . From our own Correspondent.  .Mr. Bangs has gone to spend a few  ���������days in Nelson on business. .     "   '  , The Kev. Mr 'Glassford 'will hold  ���������divine services in 'the, church here  tonight. ,-   ,     \  _ ,  ��������� Wm. Calder is putting*'up a house  i-on tbe land which lie purchased some  time ago from Mr. Hangs.  There is some talk of a generalsrore  toeing opened here shoitly. This'will  be a great convenience to tberanchers.  H7..C. .Morrison'and \f. Carmichael  Heft Nelson on Sunday.- .Mr. ��������� Car-  aiiichacl'intends going, east as far as  Winnipeg.  Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bangs returned  from lievelstoke on Sunday. Miss  Tingley is out of danger and doing as  -well as can be expecled.  Work is to be, commenced on the  Lightning Peak property as soon as  ���������possible, and it is expected that the  ore will be shipped by imv of Fire  "Valley.  March 30th.  An Ordinary Pill  Is liable to cause griping pains, but  Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and  Butternut never gripe or cause any  pain, 'whatever. Tlie,' mildest and  effective physic. Sure cure for headache and billiousness. - .Use; only Dr.  Hamilton's Pills.    Price 25c.  ARMSTRONG.  A Successful Sale of Town Lots  From our oi. a Corre-pindent.,  Joe McDonald it finishing his own  dwelling on Woods avenue.  Mr. Symington is building on his  property half a mile from town.  Joe McDonald has the contract for  fitting up the Bank of Montreal branch  here.  Ed. Patten, formeily of Endcrby, is  doing a lot of improvement*- on hi.-  piopoity heie.'  Geo. Riu-li, late of I-'nderby, i- erect-  jug a modern dwelling on hi*, knob  JIil! property i.e.ir Arm.-tiong.  The ratepiiyei-!  voted   Tuo.-day on a  by-law to put   in   I'ne protection.    A-  w.i.- o.\pooled    it   earned   by  a   large i  majority. j  II. llawkin- ha- hniiaht the Shavv j  propelty (in \\'o(nl- .i\,'titiij. lie take- I  p.i-s(-'-ioti in M.y.s "Ma-pom Harry,!  lie know- not what lied m-.'' .  .1. (biylor.l, of   I-'.iiderby, ha- bought  a lot in   the  Fletcher additinii and i,-  hiiilding a i(-ii!cnce.    He will  n-move  ���������here.i- -non a-it i- completed.  T. W. \i iii-troii-.', of Silver cieek, is  removing hi-   family here.    Mi.Arm-  fctiong   h:i-   taken   over   the  manage  ment, of the- Arm-tiniig Advocate.  Mr. Tlioina-, of Winnipeg, who  bought the Liiid.-ay place is building  si huge modern linn-'' overlooking the  town, and is ,-etting out about 800  tree- thin spring.  Mr. Fi-shei, of Fi-dier k Sage, is  jilitting up a two storey icsidencc on  hlspiopeity adjoining the town. He  is also liming -idewalks [int, out to  his jilnce and the watei works extended  that far.  /J'lio ttiiitiic.ji.il council will jia.-,s a  by-law at their next meeting to impose a license on all   house  to house  ENDERBY.  From Oiir Own Correspondent.'  Mrs. "Andrew   Paul" returned .'  on  ������i . .  Wednesday's train  after a-brief, visit  to the coast cities.  , W.fll. Hutchinson has'commenced  the erection of _his new. shop-and  already has it well under way.  A coujile more carloads of- machinery, for the Okanagun Lumber  Company's sawmill arrived on Monday.    ' ' '       '"I-  -Geo. Bell has the plans and specifi -  cations oiit for a huge store which he  purposes having built this coming  summer.      L    \  W. H. Harvey has received a carload of farm implements and i������ pie-  paring to handle a large trade in that  line this season.  Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, from  Manitoba, were among the paasengets  on Fiiday's train. They purpose  settling near Endcrby.  Mr. and Mrs. Simpson arrived from  Ciilifornf.i last week, and, probably  finding our valley all "that is claimed  for it in point of climate, have decided  co remain here.  Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman came in from  Manitoba by Friday's train. They  purpose setling on a farm near town  which Mr. Hoffman purchased while  on a trip to this province some month-,  ago. (  F. V. MorTet, of the Columbia. Flouring Mills, returned from the North  West last week where he has been  buying wheat, several carloads of  which have already arrived at the  mill, which is running day and night.'  The Ladies Guild of 3t. Georges  church, Knderby, purpose holding a  Bazaar on Ka������ter Monday, followed by  a concert to be given in thc evening,  for which we tmder-ttund a very interesting ptogramiue is being pie-  pared.  After due deliberation (extending  over the past four month-) the C. I'.  R have at length decided to run a  daily tram through from Sicimou-i  to'  KELOWNA.  1     From 'Our,Own i Correspondent.  The people of tbis"fown .are agit'at  ing for a bank iind   one,( is",urgently,  required. , ..',..        i.  New buildings are going, up on all  hands and. the tlirec contractors f here  say they have, all ,tho' buil ling they  ca n" do 'between ji'o iv ii nd nex t'".w int ei  A new school building ,is urgently  required here. Thc present, one i-  wholly inadequate to "increasing requirements.1 Another toucher is also  required. , ,  Messrs..Lequime Bros, nnd Co,, of  Kelownn, tiro about to erect the fl rt-1  stono building in the Okaiiiigan  Valley. . Tho building will be'44 ft:  by 70 ft. and will bo'used iis a new  store for the linn. .  The subdivision of the Lcquime  and .Knrix estatesTsliringnig scores~of  new, settlors into this section of the  country. The fruit growing industry  is' being " steadily .extended ' and is  proving most successful.,   . ,'- ������  Kelownn offers one of the (' best  openings iii the'provine'e' fer another  hotel. The" present' hotel accommodation there*is inadequate ,to the  public requirements.' 'lhc town is  growing rapidly,'owing to the cutting  up of the.'.large estates .,and their  occupation by small settlers.'  Another dilliculty experienced here  is the want of telephone or telegraphic  communication. ;, There -is ample  business, here to warrant'the extension  of the C.P... K. telegraph system , to  this point. An agitation is on foot to  get , a telephone , line froni here to  Vernon and Armstrong.      . '  , An effort'is being made to' revive  the tobacco-growing industry. Winnipeg capitalists have'rbeeri investignt--  ingj the matter. ' They have , had  samples of leaf grown here examined  by <exp~crtsj who have'advised them  the tobacco grown hero is oprime'  quality for manufacture of cigars, but  the dilliculty has-been in the- curing.'  With expert aid,in this direction theie"  is no'doubt the industry can L be  successfully established' This.district could raise millions.of pounds of  tobacco annually to replace that "imported. /This * is probably t thc only  district in Canada where cigar tobacco  can be' successfully grown, though  tobacco suitable,for chewing plugs is  abundantly produced in the east.  The .Winnipeg people propose . to  es'tab'ish a large cigar factoiy here oi  in Winnipeg.  22$  V Maker's" VLluaijbn.  FINE OR PRISON  Was Option Given to August  Heinze and Associates.  It is not thought that the decision  will have the effect of closing down  any mine.  The text of the decision shows that  the fine is practically a deposit pending final adjudication of the mine  case.  After the action of the Court today.  repre*-ent.itivcs of the Hein/.c and  Amalgamated Copper Comjianics held  n conference, and an attempt will be  made to agree iijion a board of inspection.  In an interview this afternoon .fudge  Beatty said : " Should later developments in the trial of the case, prove  that Mr. Heiii/u is entitled to this oie,  the money .-hould be returned to him."  The litigation which re-ulted in Mr.  Hciii/e being lined t'xlay i- of four  year-" -.tnuding, and i������owr the Michael  fiavift claim, adjoining the Ranis  mine, owned  by  .Mr.  Heni/e, and   the  ^lideF  ar^  >jX<J.  priced by tlie dbaj-  r / <r J,M ������������������������������������ ^ ^ ������������������  *er iwliO'v'cfearge'S'  ,-wliat 'jie :'thii2k:s Ixjb can ggjb.  ������-Slater Slides". arfe price  branded bn the soles by tlie  makers who know tHe w^sLr  Value of each pair   of thfe,  '  i*v " * f i' '     >;'���������"   ,    -     ' , ���������  ������������������ '    * "���������,  Goodyear Welteid  For,,Men,  $4.00  $5.00  ������   For Women  O. B.^ HUME & GO,,  , . ,    ' - I _        ���������  I '   > .       1 " '        s     '     '        | -  .  Ao-cnts at' Grand Forks,  Hunter, .Keh'drick Co. , Camborne Agents, B. E. Drew & .Co.  -ii  PEOPLE LIVING IN HOUSES  ���������        1  .������i ..", "-, ,    > ' ��������� <.,'. ,���������  "A^'tote^.t������d-oknowUuib������-it--ndch������������p������������tw������y-odw������tethew.IIiiofrmngrooi^   NoUiInK compare wil*  L  tapointof chi.p^.^looi. or -tabulator thi i���������i o������ ������,, Ul&' ^������������ *- *������ta tlnt.4.  Artl.tlo ^0������tlnK.wilhtl������.ld.������:������r  AnBMTtNE Uno'l0: Ul^oiiio. but . .U^nt ^   Sold b, U*~. .nd ^ **������ e������^-h������������;   P������K*������ onl,-nU.r M In bulk.  V������lu������blo infonn������Uon by reUirn m������il if you wnto in.   AUdreM _     -    ,,.,"  '     ^     . ^ * ,_     .v..)    h,   r.        ,    ,-,    . '0-'    '^J  The AUBASTIKE CO., Limitfid, P.ARLS, QNT.  CI  I'eim-> Ivani.,  owned i.y the amalga-  ,'J,"J " ,"  i ^ ",",   ""'"���������   ' ' | |���������,n,.,| CuiiiK-r Comiiiiiiv.    In ISilil the  (-)kanagan Landing and back, on Nind .   ,  . ,    "       .  ,     ,        -   ,     .,        ���������,, .        , [claim   wa-   put   iiikIci'.iii   iiijuiiction,  niter tiie 1st ot April.      I his   change I       ,, ... , ,     ,  ,, ,       . , ., ,   1 IK'l.dlilg u deei.-loli a,- to title.   J-edenil  will be ol great advantage to the   r.nl-i! ...  way company  and   a!-> , of  verygreat  convenience   to   the   general   public.  but the. latter of cmn-e   i������ a m-itter of  minor import nice compared with any  I ;  gains that may accrue to the   0. P. ft  A Serenely Happy Man  Is Mr. Thos. Mcfilasban, of North  I'olhiim, who was cured of muscular  rheumatism by >'erviiine, the most  powerful rheumatic remedy in the  world, "f suffered all m.'nncr of oairi  for years, he writes, and N'erviline was  the only thing that did me any good.  Jean heartily recommend N'erviline  for all iorms of rheumatism; it goes to  thc very core of the pain and brings  lasting relief, 'f.'ct every sufferer from  lame back, aching joints and swelled  limbs use Xcrviline, It's sure to cure  and costs 25c. for a large bottle..  in-pector-i weie rcfu.-c-  1 the l.aru--  niine, whence   they wiidied  ' tsi get    into   the    fJ.iVitt,   and   Mes-ri-.  Ifeii./e,    Treri.-e     and      Frank    weie  ane-ted.  The judgment ajiplics only to one  count, and the re.-ervation of deci-fon  on two other count-, applying to  former orders of the court that an  hi-pcction of the Hcirj/.e mines \m  allowed, has the effector' keej,ing an  impri-oilment .-entence hanging over  Mr. Hein/,e. Judge Ileatty annoiniei-d,  however, that no imprisonment order  will lie i<Htied if tho line, is paid, and  tliere is no further violation of tin'  Court's order, but any infraction of lbe  Court's ruder for a jioimiinent inspection bonid of the mines, will, he -aid,  lie severely punished.  Muttc, Mont., March .10th.���������Mr. K.  August Jleinzc,,the Montana copper  magnate, Mr. A. ,L. Frank, superintendent of thc Johnstown Mining  Company, and Mr. "J. II. Trcrise, suji-  crintendentof thc Karus mine, for the  ITcin/.c jirojierties, were found guilty  of contempt of court by Judge Ucatty  today, in thc action brought by the  Butte and lioston Mining Compiiny  against the' defendants for entering  the Michael Davitt lode claim, and  extracting therefrom valuable ore on  what is known as the Ennargite vein.  Mr. Hcin/e ,was filled'fr'20,000 while  Frank and Treriso weie lined $1,000  each, thc lines to be jiaid by 11 o'clock  tomonow morning or the defendants  to be taken to Helena, in custody of  the United States Maishall, tind confined until the lines aie jiaid. Carlos  W.iirfield, another defendant, was found  not guilty.  encourage"  settlement.  B. C's Advantages Inadequately  Presented to Outside  World.  "l.esolvcd, that this council believes  that the advantages of British Columbia, as a ranching and fruit, growing  coil ti try, a re very inade.pialely brought  to tho notice of the outside world, that  no systematic elfort is now being  made by the provincial government  to Hccure the settlement of our agricultural lands; that two things are  urgently needed in connection with  this province. ('  "Firstly���������Proper surveys of at least  portions of our available lands and thc  furnishing of government agents with  full jilans and details thereof, and  ".Secondly���������The reorganization of  the itgent-gcncral's oflice in London."  The foregoing resolution, adopted at  the recent convention of the Interior  District Liberal Council, deals with a  matter that has nil along failed to receive thc attention at the hands ot  the government its importance warrants.      It is an indisputable fact to-  Patients will hear of something  to their advantage, by writing  to the Diabetic Institute, St.  Dunstan's Hill, London, B.C. .  iNOTHINti!  TO PAY.  J  day that at no" government agent's  ollice in the province can any definite  information concerning .available"  agricultural hinds be obtained, by intending settlers. Thc effect of this is  that scores of homeseckers, who might  becoincresidciits of this province, pass  on either to thc northwest or to the  Pacific coast states. Moreover, thc  fact that the local authorities have no  information for intending settlers  means that thc agent-general in London is in an equal state of darkness in  regard to just those matters which he  should be best informed upon if he is  to serve this province at all effect ivcly.  Rritish Columbia needs population.  There is room in this province for  hundreds of thousands of new settlers.  If reliable data were available and  roiidily accessible to those seeking information, many of thc thousands  now pom ing into western Canada fiom  the old woild and the United States  would remain in this province, to  their own profit and the betterment  of conditions for those already here.  One of thc reasons of the e.vce'ssivc  pei capita cost of education, administration of justice and public works,  such" us roads, trails, etc., is the'  limited population. These necessities  of modern civili/.ation could be provided nt a (ric.itly reduced per capita  cost if the present population of  British Columbia were 500,000 instead of 200,000, and there is no reason  why, by an energetic and systematic  immigration policy, this increase in  population should not come about  speedily. ��������� Apparently nothing is to be  done this year in' this direction, and,*  wc fear,  it'will  require a great deal '  keener public  interest in  thc matter  than is at present bcingdisplaycd,. to  arouse premier McBride to a sense ot  the situation."���������Daily News.        ''  THE FRUIT  INDUSTRY.  British Columbia Becoming a  Second California.  The development of the fruit-growing industry in the jirovince is niiwz-  iirg. It is hut a few yours ago that  000 car loads of plums, apples &c.,  were imported'annually into thc province. Now, owing to the quantity  of fruit raibcd in li. C, the importation of such fruit did not last year  exceed two cai loads.  Already this beason 260,000 fruit  trees, imported from points outside  the province, have gone through the  hands of the provincial fruit inspector,  and probably f^ur or five times as  many more fruit trees have been  purchased from nurseries in the province for planting out.  Salmon Arm and the, Okanagsn  Valley arc rapidly coming to the  front as fruit-growing districts, and.  there is no reason why there should  not be excellent orchards on the  Arrow Lakes.   ���������  Mason and Co. intend establishing;  a lime kiln at Armstrong. THE KOOTENAY M/TIT  Havii it- new aifd-up-io-'dai'e    , -  G& good .paper and. workmanship''by steam power  Get'your ^Printing done from  New  Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal"������'  Minerals on Dominion Lands in Mm i-  toba. tho Northwest Territories and  the Yukon Territory. ,     -  Coal.���������Coal lands may be purchased at  no, per acie for soft coal and $20 Toi an-.  Jhraclle. Not more than -a>0 acres can  be actiulrcjd by one individual oi company. Royaltv ar the rare of ten cents  per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be collected  on the gi03s output       - ,  Quartz���������Persons'of eighteen ycais mid  over and Joint stock companies liolduit,  free miner's ceitiflcalcs may obtain enttj  for a mining location.     '  A fiee miner's certificate Is granted To/  one or mote yeais, uqt exceeding: live, uij-  on>|ia>ment in advance of $7 60 pei annum foi an Individual, and fiom $10'K  ���������100 iter annum for a company, uccoidluu  to capital. i   ���������      i ,  A lice miner having discovered mineral  Ir. place, may locate a claim lsuoxlJOo tool  b> ,111111 IcIhk out the same with two legal  I* sin, liL-iuliifc- luculluii notices, one til  encli end on'the lliic of the lode or vein *  The claim shall bo recoided within Hi  tt-en days li located within ton miles ol ri  mining leeoidern oiUlc, one add.lioiuij  (I ij- allowed foi ovei.v iiddltlonal tei .  miles in riiH'tlon. The lee for,iecoidlni '  ii  claim is $S. '_  Al ileum ,muo must be cxpende'd on'tli"  cliilm each jenr Or paid tu the mining io  coidei In lieu theieof. When $500 lias been  e.Nilciuled oi   paid, Hie lucalOt -nuiy, upon  liiiv'iiig a sinvey intule, and upon comiil.v  llii/   with   other   rcqutiemcnls,   tniichnsi'  the hi nil at $1 DO nn aciu  1   Peimi.sslon may be gianted bv- the Mln.  Istei   of  the  Intel loi    to    locate    claim*  containing lion and mica, also coppei, in  ��������� lie Wikou Teulioij, of an urea not exceeding ICO acics. <���������  The'patent ror atmining location sli.il.  PlOVldu till   lll() |lll)lliuil   (It   11   llljllll,   ol'.*   |IL"  tllltd   UlUNllLnUI lliu indULl-urtholu    i  ''/"/������   on New,, Presses  Jfo' matter what class of punting  jou lequiro we can do' it~for 3-011  f     >     *-, . '       .    ,     .1      . *,    . " ' " ���������  ���������  j' 7      ��������� , Loose leaf accouiiting'systems a" specialty^   '-'    ���������' ���������'*  i- *���������                     . .  ^     ���������*    '    >' .         ' ' !   i'      ' ' ^.7. "''  ',   '    , '     ..   , 1 ___,���������  ,   >���������  ,'   ."       "������������������     ������������������' ,-        T-        ���������"        ���������        ,       '  The Kootenay Mail Publishing Co:,  ', ��������� .-���������     >     " Limited. ,    " '  "     ,  ���������������       .- /revelstaOke.'b. 0.,.;   -���������'  THECITY. EXPRESS  I ,E. W.B. Paget, Prop. ���������- "  ' Prompt, delivery of paicels, baggage,  etc., to any part of the City.--"  "> '  - "- Any,.Iind"'of "Transfepping  \'   '��������� Undertaken: J    ,   ;"  All   orr3eis~left:alrR~'M. Smvthe's  Tobacco Store, oi In Telephone, No   7  ivill icceive priiinpt   ttrrntion.  ���������      I " ���������  B���������'M   i    LLIN    I" O     aru-tcopynghts ',  '"   '      -' ��������� obtained ill nil commits.   *  "rowland-britminV-  i Registered Patent. Attorney - '���������>'  .-      M.'oli.iiiii alAHnii.ej nnd Kngincei. ^ '  Room J.*/Kiiii llcljLJ.li). k'.Gian. illcTi-rnilai RO  '.    ���������'* VANCOUVER, ' B.'i.C."-  A  po-.tc.ud Mill -si'cine rnn evimngnppoint  ment roi,thos.> who cnnnni mill (luring Iliedaj  H.  W:  EDWARDS,  '   TAXIDERMIST:  DEER HEADST-BIRDS, ANIMALS  MOUNTED.   '  Revelstoke,,   7, - -    B. O.  BOILERS  A  t  Don't bo satisfied to work  ilotijr in thc same old way  or low watjes. \\*e can  ncl|> you carve oat a suc-  , ccsufii- career. Thousands  have increased their salaries  by following: our plan. Wc  can train you in spare time,  and at small cost, for any,  of the following positions:  Hnchanicai, Electrical, Steam, Civil,'or  Dining Engineer; Electrician; Surveyor;  Arclulocl; Draftsman; Cockkeerier; Sten-  ograpiier; Teaeber; Siiow-Card Writer;  Wintuw Dresser; or Ad Writer.  Wrlto TODAY. Btl-tlnfr which post,  tlon interests you. to v  INTERNATIONAL ,,  Correspondence    Schools  Box 799. 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Keb 17  f'edrtc   .               Keb 21  MnjcliCi. I .../...'   ..     .            .. Mnr. -J  Plncei;.Mining, Manitoba.and the NW  J.;    exceptiiis   ,the    rukon    'i'eriltoiv -  I'liuei niiiiliit. claims K-.-iiein.il> aie'lut,  feet squ.ue; entiy,- ree, $5, renewable  iearlj On the North Saskatchewan  River L'lalnli for either bar oi bench, tin  foimor being,100 feet long and extendlrt  belvvi-eii high and,low water maik Thin iter Includes bai diggings, but cxUiu-  back to tlie bas,e of the hill oi bank, bu  not exceeding 1.000 feet Wheie bteai.  powei is, used, claims 200 feet wide m.i\  be  obtained , -,- c ,c  -   Dieagmg   in   the   rivers   of' Mnnltnh '  and  the  N.   W   T .'V-XLepting the   \ ukm  lcultoij ���������A Tiee mlnoi  may obtain oin  .two lenses or live miles each .fm  a tem  of twenty ycais. lenewablo In thu d'-scn  tlon.of   the JUIiiI&ter ot   the  Inteilor  .   The lessee's,light is confined to the s,ul. *<  incised .buds oi   baisiof the ilvei   belo  low water maik. and subipct to the light  of all peiions who have, oi  who mav  ii-  celve,entiies''foi *bar digging-,  m   benci  claims,    extent   on     the     ssa-kaichewni  River,   wheie   the  lesip.-   niav   diedge   t,  high watei maik on i-ach alternate leaai  hold .     ',  Thejebsee shall have a dredge in opei  .atlon vvilliin one season tiurn Hie dale ti  the leabe loi each tlv mile-,, b'ut vvhei.  a peibou oi companv has obtained moi.  than one lease one diedge loi each 111  teen mile*, oi n action is sumcieni'  Rental, $10 pei annum foi each mile ol  iivei le.i-.pd Ko> tlt\ ,u ihe latb ol tw.-  and,a,hall pei cent collected on the oui-'  put altei   it esceedt, Jlu.uoo        j  Di edging in the Yukon Ten'itoi >.���������Six  leases ol live miles eai_h may be gianted  lo a tioc-- iniiit'i tinja teun of tvvemy  yeais, also lene-vvable.        L ,  The-lessee's, ilghi Is confined to the'  jubinciged bed oi bais in the river be-^  low low watei mark, that boundaiy to  be, fixed by Us position on the 1st day ol-  August in the > eai of the dato of the  lease' 7 ' *  The lessee shall have one dredge in op-  eiation< within two >eais fiom the, daii^i  of the lease, and one diedge loi each-  live miles within six jeaisrfiom such"  date* Rental, $1U0 per mile foi the Hist.  veai, and J10 per mile foi .each subsequent >eai Kojalty, same as placer mining.' - - _ ' _- * .  ' lJIatei Mining in the Yukon" Tefiltoiy'  ���������Cieek, iivei .gulch and lull claims shall  nut e\cced -'5U leet in length, measuied  on the uase line oi general dhection'of-  ihe cieek oi gulch, the .width being tiom  1,000 to 2,000 feet All othei placei claims  -.hull lie .',,0 leet-.qiinic ,  Clatais aie niaiked by two legal posts,  one at each end beailng not ces linn.,  jnu&t be obtained within ten davs ii the  claim is within ten miles of mining le-  coidei s othce One e\tra daj allowed  foi each additional ten miles oi fiacton  The poison oi companj staking a claim  must hold a fiee minei s ceitihtate  The discoveiei ot a new mine Is entitled  to a claim ot 1,000 feet in length, and if  llio put} consists,of two, 1,300 leet alto-  geihei, on the output of which no royalt.  shall be chaigod. the lest of the pany  oidinaiy claims onl>  linns fee. $10 I-ojaltyv at the rate ol  two and one-hail pei cent on the value  of the gold shipped fiom the-Yukon Tei-  ritoij.   to be,paid  to the Comptiollei  Xo fiee minei shs.ll icceive a giant of  moio than,one mining claim o'n each sep-  eiate iivei. cieek oi gulch, "out the same  iniiiei may hold any. number ot claims  bv puichase, and fiee miners may woik  their claims m paitnoiship by filing  notice and pa}ing fee of 52 A claim m.iv  be abandoned, and another obtained on  the same cieeU, gulch oi liver, b} giving  notice and pa} ing- a fee.  .. Woi k mu"t be done nn a claim each  }eai   to the value of at least S200  A eeitilicate that woik has been done  must be obtained each }eai , If not the  claim shall be deemed to be abandoned  and'open to occupation and enti} b.v a  tiee minei  The boundanes of a claim ma} be defined absolute!} by having a sui ve}  made and publishing notices in the Yukon  Official  Gazette  Petioleum���������All unappropi.ated Domin  Ion .Lands In Manitoba, the Nui lli-wesi  Tenitoiies and within Ihe Yukon Tom  toiy aie open to piospetling loi peti oleum, and the minister may icseive foi  an individual oi companv- having mi  chmeiy on the land to be pinspecled  an aiea of 010 acies Should the pros-  pectoi discovei oil in paving (pi mnius  and -.ati-slnctonl} PMabllsh such discovei}, an ni������a not exceeding t>U ficic- ir  cluding the oil well and such othoi 1 md  as ma} be detei minor], will be sold to  the dsco.eiei at the late of ?1 On ,'it  acre, subject to tuvalty nt inch into n>  ma.v be specified by oidei-ln-councll  Dep.utment   of   lljo   Intel loi,   Ottawa  S������lUfji,i~ Heart nmiger.  "Tlio   pohr, i'livp  I'onris'n-.  wo]]   n8  Btomnchs."s.'ii(l   the   prnnnelnr  of   n  flower store- tin* oth(>r day    ".Most of  my imtroiis, it iH tru<>. niu of tlio well  to do class,'; he^oiitiiiiie'd. -but cjuiti*  often 1 bell llowei-a to lliosu whose out-  .ward aiJiiearaiitcs are loud in proclaim-  Inj; them iioverty striLki-ii.  One da.v an  old nt't'io, dad in vvliat tenve f.iint'evt-  denee of luivliii-r.'once been n klu'ikl suit,  with slioc-s down nt the lieeJ-! nnd.li.it  In which the crown had lonj; outlived  the rim. stopped' here loiip ciioukIi to  buy'ii tweiity-livt' cent liuncli'of violets. -    One of riiy regular patrons who  no doubt,never has known want said  when he saw tliis purchase:   '      ' *  , '"The   old   fool!    lie  needs   bread!  What right has he to (lower's?' '   '   '  1   "Quite likely none'of the- old darky's  family ever suffered from tlie gout; yet  I contend'that those violets did,more  to banish the feelint; of iioverty from  his fireside than all ihe food lie coulil  have bought with the quarter. There Is  n heart liiinec-r that feeds only on sentl-  inciit,.nii(l Its gnawing is not always at,,  the breast of those well provided with  this world's goods."/  t i .  Tlio Cauxtlu Cnrlyle.  1 3. -K. Booliin, ihe -iciiiiiiur, once met  .Gladstone at u country house nnd was  ,Iuiiiionsi>ly impressed by tlio extent  nnd diversity of theRtiitcsninirs knnwl-  eclge. as revealed in his,'conversation.  Roclim whs still full of the iubject  when thc morning arrived for Cmiyle's  sitting for ,a <bUbtrMiiid-,to the pliiioso-  pher the sculptor poured fnith bis nd-'  -A JAPANESE GARDEN-.  Follow  Tlila   Recipe   and   Yon   Will  Have Out* Complete.  The classical guidon, like a sonnet, is  governed by special laws of harmony  and   rhythm.    It  must  have  its   live  hills,   its   ten   trees   and   its   lourteeii  hlones.   You can get along wirhouttlie  hills,  and you can get along without  the   tree-,,   but you   cannot  get  along  without   stones      Indeed   the   perlect  t.vpe'of the lint gaiden is nothing but  .-in  archipt'lngo  of  rocks  in 'a  .sea  of  white  pebbles     Tlie  stiim-ss*nuist   be,  tlie foundation: the reM are meie uc-  (essorlos.1     Speaking stones  are  what'  is' wanted���������stones that suggest moods*  and passions���������for tlie Japanese lecog-'  nl/.e Unit thorcsiue sermons in stones.  I-ach stone has lis name nnd relative  place .in   the   composition.     There   is  ihe guardian .stnne'iii  (lie center'and  opposite It the belleview stone.   Across  ' the  cascade  is  tlie   mooiishnde stone  ii nd so on. .      r  ' .The hills .unmask e.-ich other by rule.  The principal hill has Its'tv.o I'oothllls,  Its spur hills, Its distant peak,'seen'  through a valley, and the low hill that  must stand on the'opposite side of the  I lake. . '        , ���������  I As'tliere are u principal stone and ii  principal lilll.'so must ilicit! bo n "pi-ln-'  clpnl tree," the slioiln boku, around  which the Tree oflVrfectlon, Ihe Tree  ol Ijvll, the Tiee of the Setting Sun,  the Tree of Science and-tiie Tiee of  Solitude bow (heir lesser heads '  'These are .tlio 'es-enlinls.-' Now, add  one 'pond, 'ono.iisland, Lwo stone lanterns, three;bridges mid mix tliorough-  -l.r, garnish wiih lotus mill serve with  goldfisli nndjnnudariti cluck /There is  a I'eclpo forNi .lapitiiese'ga'rdeii.���������Wil-v  liiim.Verlieck.In Country Life.  SAILOR AND  HORSE.  How  ||,e Kedrc.l   Srn   CiiptiUn   Mud*  u   I'llrc-Iiu-r.  'In "Horses Nine" Scwi-ll  Foitl telle  how  a   retired  sea   captain   bought  a  horse.   The story ru. .-,: As one vv ho inspects 'an   unliimiliiir   obicct   Captain.  Henn looked cln/.edl.v^iit Ilatuaclcs.    At  the .same tune ISarnacles nispecied the-  captain.    With head'lovveied  to  knot*-  level,  with  eais tockid   l'orvvanl.  nostrils sniiling and under  lip  twitching:  almost ns if he mo-uil  to laugh. 15ar-  natles eyed Ills piospective owner.       ;  rCaptain   l-'.ea i - s(|iiirnied   under   the*  gn/e of liariiaclcs' big. calm eye for a  moment, mid then shifted his position.  "What  In   time  dues  he'vvanr  anyway, JecIV" demanded the captain.    'y   *  "\Vai-ts-to git ':'t((|ii, iiiiicd.- that's, all,  cnp'ii. Miglny know in' boss, he is.  Now, some bosses don't take,notice of  anything. They're Jest iiatura.ly.dumt*.  Theiijig'inymTII Inn! bosses that seem  to, know eveiy blamed word you say.'  Them's the kind of bosses tlint's" wutU  liavln'." ' t i  "S'pose he knows all lbe topes: Jed?"  '  "I sliotild say be did. cnp'ii.   If there's  nnyihlng  that  boss uln'i done  In  h|������,  day. I don't know   vvlmt 'tis. '..War's I  il  miration  for Cl.idstuiie's'lnti.iiuteriic-"'  qunlntiineewltli subjects'so far apart  ns gardening and Greek.    Carlyle lis-j  tcnedjor'a  time in scornful  silence;,  then"lie7"8iiifl, "And what did, he^sny j  about   your   woik.'"     "Oh,1   nothing," '|  snid Boohin'.* "lie'doesn't'know nny- ������.     ' ,  ;  .'  thing 'nbOUt   SCllllltUle."      -'Of   COll'rse," ������-.T1---,>*������--"----I-.������ of Selection  on'WIilcta  growled  CarI.vlo.-"ofWuise.   and   ho''   ,   ' .   "!������������'������������'������> b������'">������������c,i. /    ,  showed   his   knowledge   about-things       I think that a limit of three books  that you didii't 'nucleistand.    No doubt -,V1"  *1&Uilll>' allow fa, very  lair repre-.  . A SMALL  LIBRARY.  Some FaetH Alionl Kid GlorcuT "'  ,j Of couise the w omeutlmik hat kid  gloves aie niade oait of tlic'taniud skin  of kids. Mniuif K'hirors hive,their' secrets, nnd three or,four iinnies suflic'e  to designate all tin -lied gloves, yet  those who know sa.\. tl-'-t !f till the nni-  mnls which contribute sk'iis co.-lcl  be  "Martin ^Cbimlewit." u. Walter Scott'  would not 'suiter by -oiio' choosing,  ,"Iv.uilioe," "The' Bride ' of Lanimer-  inoor-' and "The Ue.-h-t of Midlothian.".!  "Tom ,Jones" "would*sullice, lor Kiuld-.  ing and "I'l-idc and Tic'indice" lor Jane,  Austen. "The Mill on 'the Kloss", for  Geoige Eliot'and "The Oicleal ol Rich-'  aid "Keverel" for ���������Ueoi-ge' Meredith..'  Taking ouly-thc great outstanding1 lig-  relncainated it would ba the most re-^  'markable   nioua^i'iie   ever   exhibited, " ul(>s' '---'olstoi need only,be piesent with'  win Iind ouivhi>\ tiled evety kind ol  woik. in, or out, of iraces. that jou.  could think of."  ".Must be'some old by your tell." sng.  gestcd the capialii.    "Sure'bis .lmbi"^' '  are all soundV"  I    '[Uuiiiio 'bout his tlnibe'is. eap'n. but  ns fer-wind an' limb you won't iind )t  [sounder boss, ol his age in tliis, couiitv. .  Couise I'm not sellin' him ter a tour-  yeiu-old." '   r        .i       <  Again Ciipf.iiii Bean tried 'to' look  'critically at the white horse, but onco  moie he met'that en Im.'curious gaze,'  and tho attempt was hardly a success.  However, the captain squinted soloiun-  . Iy over Barnacles' withers and remarked:,  '��������� ','Yes, he has got some good linr>������, n������i  you "say. though you wouldn't hardly  call him' clipper built Not much sneer  for'ard an" a lee tie too much alt, eiiV" .-  | At this critic-isui-Jed snorted mirthfully. X . , ��������� e- r ��������� ������ n . '  , '-      ,-. &  "Oli.^rs'r-qso he's ail right." quickly,  ndded   the captain.^  "Fact  is  I'oi'ii't .  never paid  much attention  to liorses,  bein' on  tlie  water so m'u'ch.     You'ia-  sure Iie'll iiinicl his helm, Jed?"  , '   *  ' "Oh, he'll go where you p'iiit'bim." '-'������'  ."Won't drag anchor, will be?" _     ,  , "St,aii(l all day il jou'll let him."    s"  "Well   .led.   I'm  ready to mj,u  artl-'  clcs, I guess." ���������," -      "    j. , t  nnd few known animals would he miss  'ing. JEven tlie vv:-! has been searched  and an attempt made to lise eelskms.  -Coltskms tiom Buenos Ayres, sheepskins fiom tho Cape of Good Hope, ok  hides "from Calcutta, antelope/skins  from the Itocky,mountains nnd Mocha  sheepskins from Aden, on' the'Bed sen,  are perhaps, the staples,-but moose,  musk _ ox. llama, kangiuoo,-- peccary,  Wnter'hog anil many othois lose''th*eir  Identity'when they reach the glove.' '  Anna Karonina'7 and "'"War, and  Fence", and Ennle 'Zola Willi, say,  '���������Dunk" and "The Dieiini " 'The Tli.-ee  Musketeers" and "The Count ol Monte-  Chnsto" would sii(licc\ lor, Alexandre  Dumas and "hes .Miseiablos" and "Notre Dame do Pans" ior Victor Hugo.  .It is'harder to say of tlie v.ist mountain  ORIGIN OF'OLD SAYINGS.  i       * Saved by a Jolcr. ,'  J .Students " of.,, Edinburgh * university^ -  who could not spell fell-on-evll 'days" '  when rrofessor/rraili, editor of a former edition of the'Encyclopoedia Bri-  tannicn was nn examiner.V , * ' "  \ According    to    Trofessor    Knight's  "Recollections,"   Professor  Traill   one  flay obiectcd to a'c-undidate "for graduation, .who was<a native of Ceylon, on  the ground of fnlse spelling. - "' ���������  "W hy, he actually spelled exceed  with one 'el' " stud he. '  "Well." Instantly replied Professor  nendoison, who filled the chair of  pathology in the nniveisil.v."you should  remember that he comes from the land  of the Singal-ese."  The .Honeymoon ��������� Tor, thirty   day?  nfteii.i   wedding  the ancient Teuloiu*  had a" custom ot drinking a mead made  of honey -  The I'.iidegroom.���������In primitive time*   -_.. .���������   .... ���������. .... ,������������������..,��������� ,.  ( the  nevvl.v   wedded   man   hacUto vvv.ur,  r.'inge 'of'Balzac  on   what   particular    l,l'������" llls' hiide'and the guests on In*  peaks our choice .should tall, but pi oh-  j'^cdding clay     Ue was their gloom.-,"  .iblj  heicag.iinllieniOsliioiml.il  UU(1U"J  j    -0..i>>... or Deer.���������mi..,,  oumi-^uvp  will prov.e the ,most typical���������"l.e I'eie'  l"g gieatlj^plcased with a toast loin of  beef set beloie him, declaicd itr"g'ood  eiiougli'to be kniglitcd." It has ever  since been called Sir Loin. -<���������     _  A^ Spinster���������Women were prohibited  from v"mai rying1 in olden times until  they  had  spun a  full set or  bed  lur-  ���������The  Gonot,"  "Eugenie Grandct" and  Ass' Skin."' "  " '   ��������� "  lI am not. it must be undeistood, making n list of books "without whn h." -is  "tlio booksellers s.ii, "no gnu!Ionian's  library'is complete.". 1 am onl.v taking  a few standatd authois lor'tli'e puipose  of llltisti-iiting a piinciple of selection  winch must perforce operate in a small  library. If our libi.u-y does not or cannot coiitnm-the bc-st boi 'vs, it must certainly contaui'somc ol them, and. how--  evor ltliosynci-iiiic of its owner, it must  beat the stump ot a geneial distinction.���������Richaid Le Gallteniio in Success.  /,    \  insliiiigs on the spinning wheej: hence,-  till married, they were'spinsters.  Cabal.���������This vvoid" was ' coined in  Charles II 's reign and applied to his  cabinet council It was made out of  the initials or their names, which weie-  Chttord. Arlington; Buckingham, Ashley, Laiideidale. ,  Forocolli Denlli by. Sense of Smell.  Theio's an old snpeistilion thai a  howling clog in trout ol tlio bouse of  ru ill poison poi tends death One  prominent physician believes absolutely in it. This phvsician bus a woncler-  lully acute sense ot smell. KiiHiiient-  ly, ho s'iys, lie can foietell the coming  ot death within forty-eight hours ol* a  patient's demise. Within two davs of  Ing race to a small negro boy, the only I f������',Ul' "e S',:;S' " Peculiar ea.th.v" odor  nrtarl.n ^,,1,1   c���������n���������m      HM.���������  ^    J.      bCCOUlCS      IlOtlCCahlO     llbOllt     11      P01S011  about  to  die.     lie  tells  ot  one  case  Too Mncli For the Dintnnce.  Racing men toll a stoiy concerning  an oici-ant-oiis hoise owner and a pai-  ticulaily conscientious lider. Tlie horse  owner had issued full oi tiers as to the  way a horse was to be lidden in a com- j  rider ho could secure. The original or  ders Lthon were added to. witli piovi-  sions for all sorts of emergencies, until  the jockey became bewilcloied.  "Look yeie, boss." the boy broke in  at Inst. "Dii yore race is only one mile.  I K.un't do all you done told me in ]ust  one mile."  biuiii}. l'.-oi.  JAMES A   SMART  Deputy of the Minister of tho Inteilor  Ills   Full. ' ,  "Speaking of bud falls,", remarked  Joggois, "I fell out of n window once,  and the sensation was terrible. During my transit (hiough the air I really  believe I thought of every mean act I  ever committed in m.v lile."  "Il'm!" giowled Jiggers. "You must  have  fallen  nu  awful  distatice!"-  wlieio he became aware of the po-  culnr odor while talking to an apparently healthy man That night the  man chopped dead of heait disease  , The phj sici.in is far liom attnbuling  tlie peculiar inamlcslation to other  than physiological icasons. His own  sense ot smell is abnormally acute.-  i  Cl/pARD LINE-From New York.  Elpinii .  Uinbria  Ivernin  Cumpiinin..  Etruua    .  Feb   6  . .Keb. 13  . Feb. X  Keb. 27  ... Mar. 5  Passengers ticketed through to all parts of  Great Britain and Ireland, acid at specially low  rates to "all parts of the European continent.  Appl} to nearest railway or steamship agent or  to  T. W. BKADSHAW. Agent. Revelatoke  Nelson, B. C. I W. P. F. CUMMINas,   Paciao A^ont.  WRAPPING   PAPER   AND  PAPER BAGS.  Tlie Kootenay Mail lias been  appointed agent for one of  tlie largest Canadian Paper  Mills.  Wrapping papers in rolls or  flat, and paper bags of all  weights and sizes supplied to  order printod or unprinted.  Kootenay Mail, Revelstoke.  MakL'H Iter Diunli.  Nodcl ��������� What! You me out every  night until 3! Ibii't midnight Into  enough?  Todd���������I find that .vlicn I get homo  nt midnight my wife can talk lo me,  but when I get home nt 3 words fall  her.���������Life.  Scfiii.linis* inn  Ciir%inff-.  From earliest, (lines carving has received great attention' in Scandinavia..  One sees evidence ol tlus'iii many Swedish'chin ches, both.in wood and sione.  dating back ma-i.v centimes    In Stockholm aie m.in.v'*-o'be ton ml. now s.-ite-  Iy cared tWiii a well known museum.  Some 01'tlies.L northern chincl.es. nota-  bb   Uioacvol   Boigunrt  and   [Iitteidal.  are quite coveted with sncti q.i unt or-  iiaineiit.itioii     Bevond such public expression of ifainstnking labor one may  see m almost an.v comfoit.ibl.v luiiiish-  ed   house   wooden   loiks   siioons.  salt  boxes and  plalteis,  but still uioie ar-  tiiicting   aitcntiou   aie   huge   wooden  tankaids.   and   these  will   olten   bear  'close study both-m design and in execution  , Hotel  Dills   In  nuKliind.  The nulhot ol" "I'nilug.il Old iind  New" hulls fault with Knghsh hotel  keepers lor using a punted lonn of bill  on which  the plain rcqiiiienienls of a  'had  (hilled  ashore, and   to  the uiitu  lied   Flannel  Curr-Miey.  A Scotch missioning to a group of  small islands in the south I'aeiiie :i~  great m.inj je.us ago found bits of red  Uaunci chdilating as money. This currency came to them in a cutious manner.   'Ihe bod.v of a slnpwiecked sailor  Education Tluit raid.  "Was it worth while to send your  four daughters to that fashionable  school?"  "Sure. One eloped while she was  there, and the others came home engaged."  The Genlniica.  We are not in favor of pensioning  geniuses. If this is done, it will mean  a deathblow to the newspapers, for all  the newspaper men will quit work and  live on their pensions.  simple tinvelcr are lost amid n multitude of iloms 'I lie result is that when  a guest pajs lor :t day's and a night's  lodging lie is positively almost ashamed  nt liitdiug due registry of his baVlng  wauled neither liquors nor stationery  nor warm baths nor (louche bulbs nor  "-bower baths nor pots of jam nor the  hotel liiiirdlesser nnd Is apt to retlect  what a[pool shullliug Impostor of a  guest be i.s to have had so few icqulic-  menls,  torcd savages, who had never before  seen clothing ol any kind, his red lian-  nel sliht was an object ol wonder nnd  iidmli.'illon. By common consent they  cut the garment into pinall pieces,  which tlienceloi th became the cuireu-  cy of the Maud.  Sllfflitlj-   Different.  "Dat were a very e\citiu' Jackpot I  won Ins' night on a blulT," said Mr.  Erastiis I'inklcy as ho tilled his cigar  and (hopped his hat over his eye.  "Did you raise the opener?" asked  Mr. James Cohtlovver.  No, suli; I opened a razor."-  Sill 1111  UK-:  of (7..I.I.  Gold Is so verj tenacious that a piece-  of It drawn Into wire oiie-ivveiitieth of  an   inch   iu   di, -trr   will   sitstalu   a  weight of ."00 pounds without breaking. Its malleability Is so great that  a single grain may be divided into  2,000.000 parts and a cubic inch into  n���������-i2.'i.S09.:,2n parts, each of which may  be distinctly seen by the nuked eye.  She   Helped.  -  "Did she help you to propose?"  "Well, rather! She usked how many  boxes of candy would pay for an en-  cncenient ring."���������Detroit Free Press.  The   I'nn   of   It.  A young man writes to me:  "Is it pioper to kiss n young lady to  whom you are engaged If she says you  mustn't?"  "No, sir.     It Is decidedly  lmpropec  That's half the fun .of it."- . THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  r<"  Cough  Medicines  All Kinds, All Sizes  Just,'"Opened at the  CANADA DRUG &  BOOK; CO.  REVELSTOKE ,B. G.  .    BORN.  .Williams���������At. Revelstoke,  on   March  30t.li, the'wife cif.JI. Williams- of  a  ,. fcr->n-        ,   ��������� " '  -    '��������� -     MARRIED. ..       \  McKknzic-Wili.iamsos��������� At Revel-  , " stoke, Mnrcl'i 29th, b\; the Rev.yV.  '" C. Calcler, Mr. 'Donald JI. McKenzie to Miss   Florencj   M.  Wil-  .   , lianibOii, both ofrRevelstoke.  to three months' imprisonment in the  provincial gaol, the time to run from  March 7th.  First street near Mike's .store was  tlie scene of a lively engagement las.t  evening between three i whites nnd  Chinese to the number of about fifty,  rt appears that, in accordance'to 'the  custom which of late lias become too  prevalent, three men proceeded , to  iiinii'-o'tliciiisolvo.s at the expense of'a  Chinaman who was on the street, and  an'alarm being given at Mike'i* store  a, small army of celestials iiouied. out  armed .with stove wood and-- other  weapons. Tlie' whites faced the music  for'a short tiniii and did battle, but  being outclassed by such great odds,  and .their calls for help not being responded to, they bent a ha.-ty lotrent  leiiviiig'lieliiiitl a hard hat,which   may  be had on application to  tlio  chief  of  ��������� *.i , ���������  Y  police. - -i  Business Locals.  Local and General.  A    new   --life   of   seven tons weight  'was'instiillcd in the city   clerks, ollice  Thursday. ���������' r        *"> ������  Tanners��������� in   the  Okanagan   Valley  lnve been   getting-Siic.  a  dozen   for  ���������eggs and 35c. per  lb. for _ bu ter  .tliis  winter.        "   ������������������ ' "'   , '     -  **    A meeting of the  lacrosse  club will  be held in the  city   lis*11 '"'on   Tuesday;  evening at 8  o'clock.  " All. in crested  J invited to attend.  Twenty-seven  bags "of .papers, were  received at the'local 'post  ollice Wed-  Tiesday as the   result of  accumulation  tinovigh delayed train:-.     _._ i  Curling in Hev'elstoke on Good   Fri-  - <lnv is somctliiii" 'new.     *A number of  V. s  -curlers   amused   themselves   in   this  mimner at tlie rink yesterday.  . The pear ,trccs   of   the   Coldstream  ���������orchard at Vernon were destroyed last  summer by   (ire   blight.      The   trees  have been rooted out and  thc   ground  will be leplnntcd with prunes, 1000 of  which are being set out,.  , Good Friday was observed as a lioli-  ���������oiiy l\v the business house's  nnd shops  of the  city, and   a   large   number  of  citizens enjoyed   the spring  sunshine  by a  walk  along  tlie  railway   track,  which is now quite dry.  J. Durocher, who elected   for speedy  trial and pleaded guilty of forging two  orders for .f 17.50 and $20 respectively,  on March 7th, was sentenced Tuesday.  '   at Xelson,-by his  honor  Judge   Torin  First class  piano' for  rent/   Apply  Lewis Bros.  Revelstoke   and' Trout   Lake   city  lots for sale,    II. N. Coursier.  ' Go'carts, go carts, large and small,  assorted stock at It. llowson'ifc Co's.  The'St. Leon Hot Springs has ..been  opened,1'and is now-ready to accomodate visitors, '     ,  . Hciiiitiful picture playing cards,  representing views of British Columbia,  at Red Cross Drug store. Onlv $1.00  pack.    ' ���������> ���������       " .-  (���������  ��������� For ' sale,  cheap, second-hand-base  burner coal stove. Apply at Kootenay  . .. ' -  Mail ollice.   ...'-., ' i  'Read C. li. Hume '& Co's advt. on  first page of this issue.  .Try Our Own Gripp Cure���������cures in  a 'night. We have several recommends from prominent people of, thc  city.   Red Cross Drug.Store.  Travellers visiting Revelstoke will  find the best accomodation at the  Central Hotel, Abrahamson   Bros, o  .When you comer to "Revelstoke hail  the Central Hotel bus 'to take you to  a good ' hotel. Abrahamson " Bros.  Props.      , ' '  Ideal electric hair brush,.for promoting growth of hair, also .rendering  the hair soft and wavy. .'Only $100 at  the lied Cross Drug Store." . t '  ' You will always find an attendant,  at our electric fitting '.and -plumbing  simps, we'supply, the best assortment" of electric fittings , in the city.  Moscrop Bros. J' '  ' ���������   "  Eastoi gifts���������--perfumes and perfume  atomizers, nothing more suitable than  our Eas.er rose or Easter Violet. 75  cents per ounce at tho Red Cioss Drug  Store.  RAIL AND STEAMER.  The one thing  Needful for  Beautiful Locks  't,'i .-���������, '���������]  7,i a  l.-s very often a u .. d. well nmde l>rujli.  Wc boast of niirs lor -everal good  leason-;. They nn- cxy-ii line brittle���������  with solid buck*, and wi'licare and  clcanliiie.-s v, ill la-i for year:-.  J-lspccinllv do we i.'(;.,ininei)(! our  IDEAL BRUSH  Fine liri*tlc with *nl't clastic pud���������jiio-  clueing    an    electrical    ctVccr.    which  .stiriiiilnte- rlie g-ioivth ol Imir.  They are ir-cniiiim-inli'd by physicians  .'md aie very lea*..liable in price.  Only $1.00 at  RED GROSS  DRUG STORE  J. A. BUCKIUM.  John R. Sutherland for some time  operator .it Kamlocp-i died at New  Westminster Thursday.  William Cross, assistant to tlie  second vice-president of the C. P. R ,  is on a trip of inspection and went  through to the coast this week.    '  The employee.- oi the^C. P. R. shops  gave a farewell smoker in Selkirk hall  Thursday evening in honor of Foreman ft'eott.'  The C. P7 R. resumed its daily  service on the S. and O. branch on  April 1st. The daily service i.-  heartily appreciated by the people of  the Okanagan Valley.  'It i= reported that the promoters of  the Midway-Vernon railway have .-old  their charter to the C. P.' It. That  company is further stated to have in  view tlie abandonment of the linens  originally propo-ed between .Midway  and Vernon, and the substitution of a  i line hetween .Midway and Penticton  I from which it i*- proposed to build  another road between Penticton and  ripence'n Bridge to connect with the  mainline. If thi- policy in carried  out it will make Penticton nn important transportation point.  A number of change*   m   foremen's!  p(i-itiiill*> will shortly t,\ke place in the  lii.'cliiinieal   depart ment nf, the   ('iiiia-j  tliiin I'aeilic railway. vv<'j|cin  division.  It. I'.itti'i-on,   locomotive   foreman   .it  Kamln ps. will lie  transferred   to   Rat  Portage, H il h   the    position    nf acting  locomotive   foreman    to   succeed    W  Pitts.    Mr. Pitts will be transferred to  Moo-u-   .law,    with    the   ollice of locomotive foreman.    ,f. Anthony, general  forerun n   at    Foit    William,   will    be  f,ran*l"!TC(l    to    RevcNtokc,    where he  will serve in a similar capacity,   while  ./. Scott, of Rovclstoke,   will   probably  go to FTumloop*, and A. Mallison, now  foreman at Moose Jaw, will   be   transferred   to   Fort   William   us  gencial  foreman.  Social & Personal.  A. A. Clark, of Camborne, is in the  city.  ' Rr Corley came up from Nelson tliis  week.   ' ;���������  If. N.- Cursier visited -Kamloops  during the week.    '���������      ��������� ,  C. H. Mcintosh returned to Rossland Monday.    ' .  II. Cooke is in the hospital suffering  from  rheumatism.,  A. G.-Fiaser,' of  Trout  Lake   City.  1-       ...        ,     i, '.  came up yesterday. ' ,  ,Mr.'and Mrs.' L. A. Warner have  returned from the east.  J. Abrnhanison made  a   flying  trip  to Trout Lake this week.,  E.  Taylor  and   .1.   Barton   left  for  i ��������� ������  Edmonton on Monday. '  J. Wilsrfn has returhed  after spencl-  iiig'the.vvinter in'tlieoast. ,  ,   Dr.'Curry,deiiti.st, will   return ,from  Salmon Arm'on Monday. '  C. F. Lindmark left for ��������� tho coast  Sunday on a business trip.   ' '.'  '   Mrs.  Howson   has   returned   from,a  visit to friends ut Armstrong.  George .Sunnier, of  Cam borne," paid  the city ii visit Siitiirday'cvcning.  ,,' Inspector Wilson visited   thc public  school for a couple of days this week.  Tho Hockey and Lacrosse boys intend giving.ii dunce   on  or   about the  20th. i1      ��������� '   . '    \ '  . . ,    ...  , Misses Dent and Eraser lcft'foi",Van-  couver yesterday to attend the teachers  convention.'     ,   , (  Brakeman ,J. McLennan returned  vestciday' from a visit to liis Xdva  Scotia home.  Mrs. Bongard and Miss Stephenson  paid a visit to their sister, Mrs. FrascrJ'  sit Arrowhead this week.'-'  '"Mr. and .Mrs. R. 51. Hume and  daughtcr returned Wednesday, morning from their eastern visit.  Mrs. T. Bootli came in'from Salmon  Arm on Monday to attend the marriage  of her sister, Miss Williamson. '  W. B. W. Armstrong, the newly  appointed 'accountant of-Arrowhead  Lumber Company, spent Sunday in  the city. , (   ,   ���������  Mrs." C. 11. Skene is in -the city  arranging for removal of her household  effects to Kamloops, whew, she will  reside for a few months,'".''  - Mr. Faii-hiill," of _CoiufipU.v, was in  the city for a few days this - week  awaiting the arrival of. Mrs. Fairh.ill,  vvhn  whs! delayed   by the storm   on tlio  prairie.  '   '- ��������� <*  EASTER DISPLAYS.  "  ('. It. HUMK'A'/IO. ,     '    ,  A lady visitor to the town made thc  remark to the  writer  of  this  article  that outside the cities  she   had never  "witnessed a hrigliter and busier scene  ��������� -' -'  than she had seen in C. ' B.   Hume  &  Co's   millinery   parlors   on   1 uesday  evening last.     This   has   reference'to  ihe above   firm's   millinery   opening.  flicl sto������k    that    Miss   Ward     I.as  gathered for the spring trade seems to  be correct in design and style, thi* wc  gather, from   ther  remarks'passed'by  the ladies in conversation. ., Some  of  the hats show n. a re   perfect e! gen is ,,"f  iirt'   from   the  mode-1 turban to the  elaborately   trimmed  ' Gainsborough  and picture hat.    'The t,tiinniings are  exquisite in color effect,  slnivving  tlie  iH'W fruit and flower designs.   ���������< r Laces  arc being  largely   used;-1 filmy; silk to  coarser yak. ' ,      , " "*    "^,''  ,   Messrs.   C.< Be  Hunicit, Co.   iiit'c  ORGANIZATION  COMPLETED.  Columbia Athletic Club Will be  Name of New Association.  A meeting to complete organization  c-f the athletic association was held in  Selkirk hall Wednesday evening when  it was decided that the  i.evv   organization should be   known  as   Columbia  Athletic   Club.    l Vacancies   on   the  official board, held over from' election  Ut previous meeting,   were   tilled   and  thecomplctelistofoflicersisas follows :  Hon. President, M. J. O'Brien.  President,' T. E. L. Taylor.  Vice-President, C. R. Macdonald.  Secretary, Theo. Wad man.  Treasurer, Thos. Bain.1  Executive Committee���������Messrs  E. Kincaid, Chas. Holten.E.M. Allum.  J. Lyons and R. Trimble.  The club i������ meeting with' deserved  encouragement, as is shown by the  numb'-r of members already enrolled.  A set of by-laws arc being drawn up  mid will be submitted at n meeting of  the club Monday night.  quite, an iiui"vauoii in the proceeding  by having thc gathering enlivened by  music provided by the Revelstoke  oichestra.   ,  ( '   '   ' "       .    .  , It Kill Ji YOUKH.  I.eid A Young held .their annual  spring millinery opiming on Tuesday,  ami iiotwithstaiidiiig the rush in' this  department, "they^'will continue to  show their superb' collection'of trini^,  mod hats which comprise some of ,thc  latest styles and there arc hundreds of  them and no two alike.,. We have no  hesitation in saying that their Easter  millinery 'is the,.climax of, rcliiK'd  taste, .individuality and style, the  grandest' exposition of artistic creations ever gathered together, a variety  so broad as toineet all demands.,; ~  'We would also mention that Messrs.  Reid A Young Have . made extensive  alterations in their premises and now  have ample, room for their' dressmaking.1       ,/���������,'"  4 -MACinONAM) ..- 'JIOXTEITH.  -. One of tlie nicest styeki*. in tlie town  in their line ,is Macdonald and Mon-  tcith's for the Easter trade., A visit to  their store won Id convince you of the  nice, stock of, "groceries and men's  furnishing they handle. , In their  men's department one .can be pleased  with lit, quality and-style. All lines  are up-to-dateand are bought, at prices  which'.will" allow'them lo sell le.ison-  ably. Their show windows for Easter  will' give, you an idea of vvluit.' the  inside contains. This being.their first  spring *i,hoy have .spared no painsMn  getting reudv for the trade.        '.  .  ������������������:      ���������"���������A. ���������  Pa in t  Announcement  We wish to nnnoiincr _ that  we have been appointed  agents     for   'this    territory '  tot ,    ,      , t,  The Sherwin-Williams Paint  . 'and ihallthereafter carry  a   full stock  of it. i     ��������� , < '    -.    '  "a    8. W. P.   is made by'Jtff SHEWIN-  '    WlUIAMS    Co.���������the    largest   paint"  makers   in'  t lie ' wo rl tl.     They   ''.  have  been   making alp kinds of good  paint 'for' over   thirty' years.    They        .  make   only   one   quality    paints���������the'1"  bent (li.it can be made.,  They believe  that  best   quality   pays   user,   dealer; ,  ,     and manufacturer best.'"Their success ���������  .  lias'proved that they arc right, "  S. W. P. is the best house  i paint made.    It covers most,  looks best,  wears longest,'is '  most economical, and is always full  measure.   ,Ua'c  it  and you'll be satisfied.  No������matter what you want'to paint, .house, bam, A  table, chair^ or  anything, ,you ,will get best,results     .  "and save money if  you   use The Shcrwin-Williami  ' Paints.   They're made~.for 'all kinds of good painting.1;-  Come to us for color cards jin'dprices.  SOLD.BY  . I -  W. M. LAWRENCE, '���������'?? 1  ' t-   , '.".*������������������ "  -��������� , ���������'  'DEALER INSJJELF AND HEAVYJIARBWARE.. J  Get  Your,-  Spring Suit  / Union-Made at  McKKNZIR XVKNUK,  NEXT TAYLOR BLOCK.  , .    Catarrh of The Head  Is very' common,i but awfully dangerous because it causes deafness and  leads to consumption. Cure 's , as  certain to follow tlie use of Cat.arrho-  y.one as day is to follow night. You  simply breathe the fragrant healing  C.itarrho/.one which spreads through  the nasal passages, throat and lungs,  driving out every vestige of catarrh.  ���������'1 was cured of chronic catarrh of the  nose, and throat" "writes E'rnest'M.  Wilkinson of Lauren'ceton, , "after  many year.* of misery by Catarrho/.one  which is a splendid remedy to free the  air passage from mucous. -Catanh-  o/.or.e relieves quickly and my cure  has been permanent " Price $1.00 for  two months' treatment; trial size 25c  i          * " J               J V         r"*l���������  r "The"only place in.town yon'ciin get/itI"*' , ,,. "^  * V1  .                                   -                     '                       -     ,-  A  As thc Arrowhead branch train wad  returning Thursday afternoon two  freight cars left the mils. The passengers which were in the cojchy.s at,  rear end of the train were transferred  to a \u>x car and arrived in Revc-lstoke  an hour late.  REMOVED.  Imperial Bank of Canada has removed into new ollice--, cor. Mel\en/,ic  Avenue and Piist Street.  sofe Carpet Remnants  Many dainty, designs to  select from.     If   you want a'  .small square ,for your parlor or drawing room,--we still  have" some in pretty and tasteful'colorings.  R. HOWSON & CO.,  Picture Framing:  Undertakers and- Embalmers.  &L  \70TK-F. IS iriCltKHY G1\'K.NT Unit, til) (lavs  -N after (Into I inli'iid to apiih- ro tlio Clnuf  ('oiiiiui-v*sionor (if 1-nii'K mid Worlei for pcr-  iiii-^ioii to iitircii,i-<u Ml aci-uH (if !ii|itl -,ituiLli>(l  i.bout, 2) mil.;- -oiali east (italic village of  Arrowliuiul oil tlie shore of Ufipcr Arrow Ijiko.  (.-I'lnnipncliiff id. a post, marked Arcliilinld  MuMiIIiih-k Xortli-cisi, (.'orncr 1'osl; lliunco  -i.nrli 2(1 cliniii.s; tlience wcsl 10 cliiiins; tlionce  nr.rth I., shore line; llicnuu hIoiikshoru line to  IK..inL of coiiuiiciieciiiiiiit.  I luted 2lli li I'Vlirimry, IIKII.  AI1CIII HA Ll) .McXIl LLA.V.  Moscrop Bros.  Sanitary Plumbing, Hot  Water & Steam)Heating.  Pipe Valve Fittings,  (WANTED  __  WA N T K I).���������(;6NTltA(nrcrKS~tTi  U'iili-1 Lugs by HlK Ilc  Co., I.Kl., Ariuwh".i(l, IJ. <;.  ���������nil Liiinber  Electric Lamps, Door Bells and  Annunciators,  Electric Fixtures %������ Put In.  Second Street, Revelstoke-  WOOD.  i laving taken over thc wood  business of W. F'lcming I am  prepared to fill orders for Mill  Wood Pit $2.50 per load.  Orders left at VV. M. Lawrence,  Hardware Store, will receive  prompt attention.  Terms strictly C. O. I).  SWAN CARLSON.  M. A. SMITH & CO., Agents, BeveMoke, B. C.  Job PrintiiL  Neatly and  Expeditiously  Executed at  The Kootenay  Mail Office.  THE HOTEL VICTORIA  B. K. LKASO.V,  VICTORIA,       -      n. c.  Aiiii.'1'lciiii and Kiiropciin I'luii,  AiiiurliMiu I'liui $2.Mliuiil Upwards.  Slcniii tluiilc'd. b'aiii|iIo rooms.  AN EIGHT ACRE PLOT.  Kif,'ht Acicri of Choice Km 111 Land,  adjoining the (ownsitc, all fenced and  under curt iviiticin in Timothy, Clover,  Kiuit' Trees and Strawberry Hunts.  OockI water, (i Roomed 11 ohm* , I>argc  Shed and l''ii>t (Jlas-i Chicken House,  Clear title. I'oshcssioii t;iveii in thirty  diiyri. if!1,500 taken this ideal home.  Ajijily at once to the  Ri;vi;i.*.iok-i: I.vsmu.voi: Aciii.ncv Ltd.  VNWN   CAFE  Gondrovv ������t Vincent, Pi-nps.  fiiist nf liiijii'i-iiil Bunk  Finest Cnfe in Revelstoke  Open All Day and Night  Revelstoke  Dairy -*-^  C. A. REVELL, Prouriotor  Orders received for milk, cream  ���������    and fresh butter  Customers can relyin having on their  requirements filled daily  4  i'3


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