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Kootenay Mail Apr 11, 1902

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Array j
Vol. 9.-No. 1.
..REVELSTOKE. B. C,  APJL1L 11, 1902.
$2.00 Per Year
ive just opened up a most complete shipment of
imported direct from Scotland.     This '    0
shipment consists  of  everything  new
, ��        ���   and fashionable '
Dress Goods, Silks. Satins, Muslins, Organdies,
Pique, Duck, Veilings, Etc. Etc.
' c *)
0 f ���
REMEMBER by importing these excellent Dry Good? direct
from Scotland, we save thc middle man's profit and give
our customers the benefit of it. ',.    '   ,
We have also in stock 16 new rolls of ,
. inlaid Linoleum and Floor. Cloth .
the very newest patterns and unexcelled quality.
Boots & Shoes a Complete Stock g
"    '�� ���       -    III
���   Rubbers all Siiaoes, Sizes and Prices m
. ���   ��� '   ���    ��� '1
-Mail orders solicited and promptly attrnded to. fh
British   Terms   Accepted.
Bravery Of Canadian Mounted
News from the Transvaal has
been more than usually interesting
during the past week. A force
under Botha is reported to be
advancing on Natal and towns
bave'been put under arms.
In an engagement at 'Hart's
River, which resulted in the repulse
of the Boers, with heavy losses on
both sides, a brave party 'of the
regiment of Canadian Rifles, under
Lieut. Bruce Carruthers,' held,, its
position until every man had been
shot down, . either killed or
wounded. '        <-
Among the killed was W. Volrath,
son of Chas. Volrath,. farmer, of
Armstrong, who enlisted at
Revelstoke in 'December last'with
the supplementary contingent of
Canadian Mounted" Rifles. British
Columbia "men wounded ' in the
same engagement were J. C.
Griffins and'S. Lezert, Cranbrook;
���J. C. Fisher. -Vancouver, A.
McDonald Fort Steele, J. Simmons
Nelson; P. Hendy and Geo.McKugo,
Rossland; Lance,Corporal R. Lloydj
Revelstoke. , '    '
, The, Governor-General .received
:i cablegram from Chamberlain on
Saturday congratulating Canada
on the splendid stand made by, our
men and asking him lo convey his
personal svmpathv to liimilie-
A-- telegram was .received this
morning saying Steyn. DeWet and
Botha have accepted Bri tish terms
of peace..
was   thrown   back  and   his chest
i forward, with his feet-on floor.
To Coroner:���When' Dr. Carruthers  was  there, examined rope.
To C. E. Shaw:���My brother and
] used to play in the loft'.
Ton C. F. ' Landmark:���Never
played with rsipe round neck, and
never talked of hanging.
To Coroner:���On day he_.died he
acted strangely,teasing my brothers.
He had no whipping lately, and
there was no cause I know of. Some
years ago he got hung up twice by
his feet when fooling with ropes we
used for swings.' Released him.
Told him if be did it again would
not take' him out. ' Had no scrap
with him'' lately! lie had no hard
work at home.
A.vniti.w CA].i.sox '
said:���Mrs. Turnross called me out
of my sleep between half-past nine
and fen. She said, "Freddy has
hung himself. Hurry up." Went
to the loft. Charley called,to me
to cut rope. Took body by the
waist and "took rope off. Tied
handkerchief round nose , and
mouth.' Told Charlie to run for-
Dr. McLean. Took deceased into
house and tried to restore him. Dr.
Carruthers came and said it was
too latc,,he was dead. .
To F. B. Lewis:���Felt him a little
warm. Knot of rope was behind
neck. He could have knelt down
and would not'have choked.
To Coroner:���Never saw him do
anything  that  would  lead to sup-
A Bear Report
'Denied by Sir   William It an Horn..
On April 2nd the following tclegra ..
was sent from Montreal:���"Trackmen,
trainmen and telegraphers of the C. 1*.
H. are asking increased wages' and
other conees.,ions, which (lie company
absolutely refuse to grant.' Reports
from the west say, the men (here are
aboii. .lo strike whether the eastern
men do or not.''
C, P. li. "stock fell, on (he market
as a result.
Sir William Van I Ionic said of the
"report:���"I have heard nothing of il.
At any rate why should il all'eot. flic
stpek of the company. ,One per cent
on the shares of the company would
annumt th JftJOjOOO and on the new-
issue of stock something like $80,000,
while .1510,000 or $20,000 would go a
long way in settling any strike wcr
su'cli a thing'contemplated. It is,
therefore,' a serious thing to talk
strike in order to 'affect1 the market
when there is nothing of that kind in
the air." o'
'vA..' ���.���,*���
��� .."X^V.
We   have just
importation   of the
J-.njj'lisli. Frenc
These, are v th
ever shewn
attention to inteiidii.o'
received  a large
.above   from  the
l and (ierman markets.
e   fin est ^oods we have
md we would call especial
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Toilet Sets, Fancy Cups ^
���& Saucers, Hanging &> Stand Lamps,
.Fancy Teapots.    ,
door. Was
last six and
horses. Did
.Next tore's cap below
Why you should buy GEO. A. SLATEL'S (Lwiotus
Bi!.\.\n) Shoes : -        '
1.    Because  they  are   madetfrom   the-best  stock
lirocurablc.   - .   ��� ��� -' '���     '
��� ���    /;       2.    They are made,by. the most skilled workmen."-
3.   .They are the most comfortable without exception.
'4.    They keep your feet dry in wet weather.
5.    They arc Ihe fincsti.nished shoe made in Canada
<-    6.    They don'l create corns like many othcr'inakes.
"     7.    They'are always asked for by competent judges
of footwear. '
S.    They-are made to fit any foot.
9. They  wear  longer -than any other shoe on the
'   .��� market.
10. Last but not least they cost no more than many
-    inferior makes.      Every  pair stamped INVIC-
TL'S.    Have no other they are not genuine. ���
' Thirteen. Year Old Boy Hangs
' We,also carry a full line of
( i . iL
Gents'   Furnishings,   Ready-made  Clothing,  Etc.
ware,  Crockery.
GROCERIES which are Always Fresh.
Our Tea  and Coffee
trade is fast increasing,
try will always buy.
Try them.    Once.5
Front Street,
Revelstoke, B. C.
The re-distribution bill passed the
legislature on Tuesday.   ���
In a party vote on the budget in
ihe Commons the Lnurier government
was sustained by a majority of fl .
The royal commission on the Smith
. Curtis charg-s has been very lively,
the commissioner dressing down the
Premier and his accuser. In f.'iet he
.-en( for the sheriff to arrrst Sin th
Curtis ''lit that Gentleman a o'ogi.��rd.
A resolution in favor of govern men t,
)���(.'I'm cries moved by K. (irecn. seconded dy T. Taylor, "was ..doined. Mr.
Taylor ms V an excellent speech on
the subject.
The Vancouver delegates tn the
Kamloops labor convention have been
instructed to vote for compulsory ar-
hitiation. Pclult mi'Tiagc. initiative
iind referendum with imperative mandate, and independent political action.
A correspondent writes expressing
the opinion that the defection of T.
Taylor. M. P. P., from the government
ranks has cost his constitiipnev at
least $20,000.
The local conjorvfitives intend to
rc-orj:nnisc. and if (he scheme as outlined to us is carried out it will immensely increase the inlluenee nf the
party in this section.' ; ��� :'.,',. ���,.-.���
The Royal Commission on Smith Cur-
tis's charges;,closed' adruptly the other
day 'when the Premier called Curtis
a "crazy loon,'' - whereupon the Commissioner arose iind left the room, The
jncpiiry had to he adjourned.
Tlie Miner says of f he member for
Kossland:���"i'ir ways (hal iirfcclsirl.
and tricks that .arc vain .Mr. Curtis
seems to he somewhat peculiar." .
T. Taylor bus pivt.it notice (o move
on the third reading of the re-disiri-
butitmibtll the construction of a nfcw
electoral district, to be known as
Lardeau. to take in the southern portion of the former Revelstoke district,
and the northern boundary of Revelstoke electorate be' extended to the
53rd parallel. The idea is to give
the present Revelstoke district two
T.Taylor han given notice of motion
for submission of case to the courts
for opinion as to whether E. and X.
railway lands can he taxed, and for
investigation whether thc terms of the
charter between the province and the
dominion for handing over E. and K,
railway lauds had been complied with
so far as they require coal to be supplied to Canadian customers on the
same terms as American consumers.
.Mr. Hawtliornwaitc has introduced
a hill to require employers to compensate employes or persons dependent on them, for injuries sustained
in their occupation by no carelessness
of their own.
Mr: Curtis has introduced a bill to
provide that in giving subsidies to
railways and other public works the
government shall retain sufficient to
satisfy all wages until these have been
Mv. and Mrs. (1. S. Flindt leave
tomorrow for London. England, on a
trip extending over three months.
The'' trip is ,' being made for the
brnc'fit, of Mr. Flindt's health. Their
many friends will 'wish them '������ben
voyage.        ,,.'"   .
K. II. l.og'ers,; of Arrowhead, has
laid up by an injury to'one of his
Sustained   by  a steel rail fallinc
on it
. O.
Wilcox, of Ka in loops, wns seized
a   paralytic stroke while-visiting
"relatives in the east.
Mrs.    Hamilton   and   Mrs.
will   leave this  month   on  a
trip   to
-The community was shocked to
learn on Tuesday of the death by
banging on the previous evening of
Freddy Turnross. aged 13. The lad
had ' suffered from fits, and his
mind, was consequently affected,
but lately his health had.been better, and he hadjio repetition of (its
since December. On Monday he
appeared-to act rather differently
than usual and the last seen of him
alive was by his elder brother at 7
He was not in the house, all evening, and on thc elder brother returning home about ten o'clock
Mrs.-Turnross sent him to look for,
Freddy. . This resulted, in' the
ghastly find'of the body hanging
from a beam in' tbe hay loft. An
alarm was uraised, and with the
assistance of Andy Carlson the
body was taken down and Dr. C r-
ruthers summoned.
, Tbe rope in use was one in which
the strands were loosened at one
end, and the other end, with a knot
on it,-was passed through the loop
ot\a rope which had been fixed on
a beam for hauling up hay. .This
was located in a place which was
difficult of access. The other end
of the rope had then been doubled
back through the loose strands,
forming a noose, which had tightened on deceased's neck, and in
which he was found hanging. His
boots had been taken off and pni
in a corner of the hayloft.
Till.   I.N'QflCST. '
The inquest was hold at No. 2
fireball on Wednesday afternoon,
before Dr. Cross, district coroner,
and the following jury : C. F.
Lindmark. (foreman,) A. K. Kinetic.. C. K. Shaw, F. McCartv. F.
H. Lewis. R. S. Wilson, '  .
c. "rn.Nuoss, .n/Nit..
aged lo. said :���Last saw my
brother at foot of hill below house
on Monday evening, about 7 o'clock.
Told him to'go home. Stayed at
Granat's till 9:30. When I went
home moih'er told me to look for
my brother. Found him hanging
in the loft of stable. Body was
cold. Went io house and told
mother he was dead. Told. Mr.
Carbon, who-was sleeping upstairs,
and-be and J went to barn and took
body down, went for Dr. McLean,
coil Id not iind him and went, for
Dr. Carruthers. When I got borne
the body bad been'carried in.
To 0. E. Shaw :.���When my
mother.'.told; me- to look for my
brother I went to the barn because
he used to sleep tliere when he came
home late.:'/: \..' ������ ; \\-   ;       ��� '    ,
To. F. IJ. Lewis :���Consider it
would be too dark about 7 o'clock
to see. a, rope in the ham. My
brother took", fits, but had none
since fall. Did not see rope round
his neck when I found him, Had
io raise the body six inches for
Carlson to loosen rope
pose he would do anything unusual.
He was peculiar that day, laughing
and talking' more^*foolishly than
usual. His mother remarked she
was afraid he would get tlie tits
again. Last saw him ten minutes
��� after six outside front
in barn between half
Hcven to feed cowr- and
not :-ee the rope then,
noon saw .-strange bbv
loft and told Mrs.-Turnross about
it. Deceased's cap was found in
said Charley Turnross came to his
house on Monday a.t ten lo fifteen
minutes after seven and staved till
9:30.    , - "     ,     ���
im. c.u.m.Tiruij-
said:���Cliarloy Turnross asked me
to,come  as  soon  as possible.    He
said ".Freddy  has  hanged himself,
but ..I   don't   think, he  is dead."
Found thc body cold with the exception of the chest.    Told them he
was  dead.     Examined'tho loft by
lamp light,   but' did   not  see   the
boots   afterwards   found.      Found
cap lying on bay  in front'of' pendant rope.     No  signs  of    struggle.
Loosened  strands of   the rope were
tied   together.     Saw a housclamp
lying   in   corner.      The- body was
that   of   a   boy 12  years   of   age,
strongly built  and  well nourished.
Cause  of  death was strangulation.
Attended   boy on   Dec. 5ih for epileptic  fits   which   he had,for some
days.     Do_\   bad   no  fit since Dec.
7th, but his intellect was distinctly
impaired by them.
To C. E. Shaw:���Consider he
was dead not more than three hours
or less than one hour.
The Coroner reported (he police
had made a search for the strange
cap but could not find il.
mother of deceased, said the strange
cap was new and looked as if
thrown from the loft. She thought
some boy must have been playing
with her boy in the loft.
To C. E. Shaw:���When deceased
got the fits he wanted to fight.
The Coroner pointed out deceased had been subject to mental
aberration. The development
about the strange cap had not. boon
satisfactorily accounted for and it
was for the jury to say whether it
should be further investigated.
Tin: vi.hdict.
After a short retirement, the jury
returned a verdict  that   "deceased
come to his death hy strangulation
caused   by   hanging    by    a
round his neck."
tmk Ft;.Nr:i;Ai,
took place yesterday,   Rev. C
Annual Meeting.
meeting oi ihe
The first annual
Revelstoke, .Navigation Company
was held at tho company's oflice on
Monday. Thc following were elected directors 'for ensuing year :���
P.resident, Fv McCa'riy; Vice-pres---
deni. A. E. Kincaul; ."ec. 'r ������
G. >S. McU.'iricr; Directors, i. Kilpatrick, T. Downic, D. Robinson,
The,  report     gave     particulars
which   we ��� have <ajready published
of  the  dimensions of   the steamer.
TlfcPTfist,   however,   was   !flS,500.
being   in, excess of   the. estimate,
When   tho   capstan   is   put in the
steamer   will   cost   $19,000.    The
assistance ��� received   from   the city
and   the    provincial     government
were  acknowledged,   and reference
��� made to the promisc.of the Domin-'
ion government for improvement.of
the   river.'     The   directors , are,in
communication    with     New   York
parties   interested   in   Tete .laune'
Cache' mica claims, with a view'to.
co-operating  in,, putting in a tramway at  Death   Rapids and operating a  steamer  between   the rapids
and  Canoe  river/ itjid   are asking
thc government   to  subsidise the.o
GROWER to'the
RMS & STEED, Sole Agent^R-eve-Stoke"
ngiish-Cough Balsam
The healing and soothing remedy for Coughs.
t. Tick ling  in   ihe Throat.   Bronchitis. Group;
Stages ci  Consumption, and   all   other   Thrua
Lu g Troubles.    Worth a trip to California.
(  and
proposed additions,
fore   be   necessary
rt ma}' thereto increase the
company's capital, and thc Now
York parties propose to take a
large block of stock to .enable these
projects to be carried out.-
The' Directors expressed their
thanks'for the assistance given by
the C. P. R. oflicials particularly
General Supt. Marpole, Captains
Troup and Gore.
Go  where  the  I;
Bedroom   Suites,
'Tables.   Carpets,"
in Good Variety.
md best stock
Sideboards,    Odd
linoleums, and   Oil
is kept.
ner.conductin" the burial service.
Don't  Throw   Them Away.
It is just like throwing away money,
when vou throw awav (he SNOW
.SHOE"' TAGS which "are -on every
plug  of   Pay   Roll   Chewing Tobacco.
.iiive them and you can have your
choice of l/SO- handsome presents.
Tags are good up to January 1st, 1903.
Write for our new i Dual rated
premium Catalogue. The Km pi re
Tohacco Co. Ltd. Winnipeg Branch.
Winnipeg." Man.
American capitalists   are lukin
thc Ilorsc-shoc on Trout Lake.
The Carncs Creek Consolidated mow
cd their ollice this week lo the McCarthy Block.
J. ,r. Hill has obtained a large n-
terest in'lhc (iranliy smelter which is
being s:>ld for $^2,00(.).U!j().
fvieh grounds is report id to have
been struck at Frazier Creek in the
The Calgary company which is
drilling iu south-east Kootenay,struck
oil at 280 feet.'hut no payible How has
yet been' obtained.
A. W.   Wri'j,hl.   who   has formed a
Wholesale Hardware; Ship Chandler)
Mining'Supplies. '
Hardware Department, 8-IO-i2 Cordova Slrer l      ��
Ship Chanfll'-i-v
Vancouver, B.
I'tmsiii, 8-!0-y.'.-ilc i- Sired
��� if'
company in    Indiana
His head
G. rf. McCarter left for Victoria on
>Vedncsd.iy. -While there he will
discuss with the government further
assistance 'towards the erection of new
school building at Bevelstoke.
M.P. Gordon and J. R. Mitchell,
of Kamloops, and .1. Clapperton, of
'Nicola,'are ''appointed.��� licensing commissioners for K'aililoops district, suul
G.T. Neiviiian, ui Arrowhead. A.Olson,
of Trout Lake and .E. A. Ilaggen, of
Revelstoke,'commissioners' for Revelstoke district. K. T. W. Pearse is
license inspector for Kamloops and
K- A, Upper for KcvcUtokc, ;
to work copper
deposits al Aspengrove, Similliaiiiecn,
stales a Vulcan smeller may he pill
in thei'o.
A. 1'". l.nscnbei'ger IciVyeslerday for
Idaho to Inoi. aflcrjhe in(crests_uf the
Mines Exchange ' iiriliiit slUtc. lie"
will he away for several mouths.��� Nelson  Miner.
lion. C. II. Melnli'sh has inlerc.sU.il
Scotch capital for the operation of the
Giant mine at Hos-dand. Burnt Ba.Mii,
and the Lavina in the Lardeau, and
intends pushing operations vigorously
this spring.
On the Velvet mine railway charier
coming up in the Senate. Senator
Tempiem.in said il looked like a line
to the boundary. The charter was
passed with the proviso that a line to
the boundary could only he built by
consent of governor in-eouncil.
The Bcntinol says the Kokl dredge
at Lytton is working steadily and is
tiow'in good pay ground. So well
satisfied are the owners that there is a.
���possibility' of their placing, .three or
four additional dredges on the same
lease in the near future.
Mr. Bradley brought down with him
some nice gold from the Blue Jay
last week. Thc work still consists in
drifting up stream for bedrock and
good progress has been .; made,.'hut
owing to the contortion of the old
channel several deviations have had
to be niade'and the work of reaching
bedrock is ill us more, arduous than'
might have ken expected,
U-~s,   t! IJ       S        ,.
a b!y
will)   t
if fords.       lb
s $i a d
I\" rate.
iir-t1    stoxnTju.   j?:ro:p
On2 Block SYons CPU Dc-po:
anil S'cai-i'oont Wiiro-vcs
-2c-fi:rni��>hc<! and Ko-modcllcd
Itr-.cs Sl.rjQ to S2 j:cr day
Corner Granville & Hastings Streets.
R. DOWSWELL,  Proprietor,
Vancouver.   B. C'
Complete Installations Our'Speciaity
Finest Class of Machinery. .      ,.   .
V jLU"X xJlui.il
Wit a
���xr���   '
ibsoription.   Prio��,   S2.M   Per   Annum
.DVEIJTISr.VG KATK3 qnntcM on application. Change* in advertisement*' nm��t
>!9 in bj- Tnecdav of each went to gutiura
good iisploy.
JOB PRINTIKC of every khul at most ro��-.on
able rales and shortest, notice.
ACCOUNT? for job printlni; or odrertuirifr
parable on ihe rlrst of every month; smb-
sori}K!(.iir payable strictly in advance.
CmRESPO.VDEXCK invited on all mutters
or local or public inU:rc"-t. All communication- to the Kdiior niu-,1 bo ncuoiiipnnird
by '.he name of the 'vritor, not iiKO'SMtrily
for publication, hut -t�� an i-vidc-nrc uf
i,wrl faith. Corre-ipondence muflt reach thc
c��no�� hy Tuc-daj evening to Hud a
liLvce ui tho ilrt-t ts-ue of the .Mail nftor
Tifj-: Kootkvav .Mail,
Kevelatoke, B.C.'
J'. U. Bos 7". licvcla-tui'vc.
Wo request our? numerous readers to
favor us with tholp assistance In
making- tho'KOOTENAY MAIL tho
most valuable advertising1 medium In t*ie Kootenays by srlvlng-
the preference, when making purchases, to those firms who are
regular advertisers In the KOOTENAY MAIL.
once returned from circulation is
forthwith cancelled. With the
Government takinj: the initiative it
should not be dilhcult to require
tbe banks to adopt a similar policy.
Tha Prince Mining and
Developmont Coipany
Tiik City Council would do well
to have an inspection made of tbe
galleries of the Opera House, to
ascertain whether they arc in safe
condition for carrying a large
crowd. No' one wants to see in
Revelstoke a repetition of the disaster,-* so frequently reported of
(I.iinilcd   Liability.)
Tiik proposal of the city, council
to put in public scales, forin.ng
part of the scheme for city improvement about to be submitted to the
ratepayers, is a good one. The
weighing of coal, etc., has for some
time been a cause of dissatisfaction,
mid the institution of city scales
rrill ensure the conmmer getting
what he. pays for.
Head  Oitici:���Ri.velstoki:, B.  C.
into   1,000.000  shares   of   the   par . ul\l)>' an "Pen'cut on the Commander.
value   if 1.00   each,
T. Taylor, MtT:
lature  the  Silver
,      CITY AGl'.NTri.
CW.- of Tin; M.vir. may be obtained lYom
.1..- fiuloniug- city agent-:
.1. W. Ukn-.\j;ti-.
C-L.N'AllA llIIUO ��  M'JOIC (,'o.
f. IS.   Wm.I.,1.. ,
1.0SI*O.V,-:.K.VC.. AGENCY.   :/.���:,'
i-;ia\.pv-,vii nml Coioiiiiili:Advertising���'A'gcnuu
lit Heel Si. ���.;���/. ������   ��� ,���.':. ��� .':,. '      .������. ���, , >��� y.    '..
C. .Mil.Ju-11 a; Cu.; liand i.Siibiv Ilili; London;
r.. 1 . ������.���������.'������.��� .���.'������'  ;���".- : -��� .<>������������
t'criiial Pre-.* Agency.
( .miidiuii Ad-.L-rlisiii''
A. Ik-Kim .v Co., ...'gc-ii|,?.y
I'fjUir.Hs Advcrlisinij Asjeiicv. ; ;
i\ irvcv AdveriHiiit;.AKeiie.v. ""���.'
-Uexandel   ic
i'ir=t Ave.
.���sPOKA'N'E-^CiENC.Y.'"- ';������:'. <>:��� y
Co.,   Advei-tisiiig, Aseiitd, 521'
.     rfAN KUANCISCO AGENCY. '���>'
K. L'. D.vke, 01 awl'GoMerchants Exbliniikc.
ABCIIt.-. '.'   ..,y, .-;,....:,',;,....-        .::.".,
P.. told the leg-
Cup mine had
been sold for half a million doilai>
cash. Mr. Taylor ought to be better posted on his own constituency.
Perhaps Dick McHride whispered
this piece ��f romance into his ear,
and whatever Dick says goes with
thc member for Revelstoke. even to
tbe sacrifice of his constituency for
the Ne\v..-\Vestniins.ier-bridge.-,. ,,;,.;/^
The iMayor intends convening a
public 'meeting to arrahgc;'for.;lhe
celebration,' of, .Coronation'. Day;-in
'_Rev,elstqkc...',i ���;, Wei-hope: to;, see/the
citizens' .backing; .up ,; the^ gclieme
mostyheartily,���'and:;,,that the result
will'lic;;.? to ^organise "ii, celebration,
thai -..wi li.be a credit lo.'ihoi.city', "and.
will bring to it 'bur neighbors of .'the
s iirro ii n"d i n����� 'cou i . t ry. t o'-,: ta ke'-'p'a r't.:
iirfv day's hearty enjoyment..;; ; y";
Since Mr. Scott made his report No
3 funnel has heen extended and is now
in 530 feet.    Drifts have heen  run   on
the ore  i:_ No. 2 tunnel showing continuous ore all the way.    Besides this,
drifts   have   heen   run   easterly   and
westerly at a point 35  feet  down   the
w.inze,   showing   in   the   face   of the
westerly  drift   five  feet  of ore arid in
------------ ----- ) the easterly drift over six feet of ore,
1 the drift being 40 feet in length.     An
Capital  Stock $1,000,000 divided ' immense body of ore has been  opened
the1   oar     -
_ . ,    '    , ' which will he tapped at a depth of 275
Mill   anil    fC��!t |,v extending No.  4  tunnel   to  n
distance   of 300 feet, of which 106 feet
has heen already driven. <���
The management of the company
have always maintained that the company has three large mines in its
property and this view is borne out by
.Mr. Scott in his report when he states
that "work would evidently make .two
or three mines." And again he
unequivocally , states that he looks to
the future and economic and skilful
management of the property as HEING
At the annmil meeting of the company held last month the question of
installing a Vulcan smelter was discussed and very favorably considered.
At a meeting of the Hoard of Directors
held afterwards the Secretary was
instruct, d in obtain full particular),
of <r(isV.fiK."i^i:il'ilities of tliN s'lielter,
with a view to making' nrrangemenrs
to   ii.-t..i"   ."iii'   on     il,e     i.(iii''p.ii.y'<
]'Il.-);l'I '.,... -I���' I   he l-l.T'i-l.t   fiV.C,)\   ;>.   f-,11   !y'l-V
.wbti :;;: iTyi'v'r'^pH.'Ky bi- :'���'.) toils',-is
a! nil; l if^;i:--'JC \V'-.'":'','",i;'il: n:st;i!irfi nil he
Cc,ii.!]'H:-'n>vV:'|ii-, .pei-tii s,ir:'.;,v.i.'i!i!d ���put. t-lji'
iiiiiii.' ,oi! ; .i;'ysciy-yii-'ta'ining *.nd divi-
den(l-pi.\inji Iii-. sis.-,; '"��������� ���,'.:'' ,V :::-:: ,;- .''
.';!'The..iii;��psViCi'o;'-;-;p:i'ij'yii'ij>: Mr. rfcoi! s;
rt('i-.in,,-iti.:-i(i.:'';.-;.'--r ':-he. ecii",��� iv/'ri'v.-V' jiri/t.-
eriv;������������ Th-e'.''-iVi,i.'''i''Jti' u��'n.:.   il.��:   r.oi'Vi-
...- ������'���--, ���'���:-���-������.��� "Of-. '���:������"������������    -.- ���-'(������  ���'������".  ������:.-���.������ "��� ��� "-���:���������������
nanv S'-oihce.' .-:���������-��� ���:��� ���.'���.'    ������<���-.:.-
i".0.\l:l) OK DlHI-XTOirS.
II. A. 15ROWN. Revelstoke, B.C.,
ri. P. SMITH. Pendleton, Ore.,
Yice-Presidenl.   ,
J. M. SCOTT, Revelstoke, B. C,
C. .). RUMENS, Kevelstoke,,R.C.
HENRY S. SCALES, lYndloion,
Ore. ' "    .
\V. II. WILCOX, Revebtokc, B.C
Kcinii.yion ilron., IUCBrcwdwiiy. *
cuipui-A'Tiox;,;.:;���' .���
tHK Koni cxav M.ui,: lias a;fir*t-oif.3ii oir-
u.flaUou in tliu CitA'j of KovolHtoke and sar-
lilfliiKiins  district, nud  also  (it'the following
j*k-��co= :    ,    ,      .;; .���.;.���::..,,;;;."" -.;��� ���,..:������. v.
Albert C.uiyon    .'.--..;y IllecSHlewuef.     ���;
,   (jrlicior .'",";;"'   Kogrerii Pn83,;.��� ;
Oulclen ,     Salmon Arm.:.������.
Arruu licad . --;    Thoinson's Liindini;   ,'
Cotnaplix Camborne   v,
'JVout Lake Citfy:; ,;: Ferguson y ���';   y:      .y':
Halcjon Hot, Spriiiga NakuBp
Burton Cilj-
Smith Creek.
Cwiip Creek
Meld ,
>*oi-(h Bund
rtfiir Crt-ek
Kire Valloy.
McCulldoh Crock ���y
: CarncR Crock  '-..:.,:'.-
a Standard Basin, r  i
iyOraitfollachic' ���'-. .������-.���...���.'.���
Notoii Hill .,  -
:.Sicamou8'v .������.',..:������ .���
. Beavtirrnonth.:
New Denver
'���'��� :\We cohgratnlate^the -Mayor-and
Aldermeri: on .' th'; 'proposals:;which.;
they-:.,���are.; .now. :snb.mitting/.itp :'thev
ratepayers for,, the;-improven.ent!of
the towii'.-���. ���,This is,; ri.e hope,ythe in-
auguration of a.live and'progressive
policy;.f\tif. the;::administration v<oF
;civic;,:;ani.irs;yy Tlie /programmepis;
outlined,,is:: an;; excellent: ''o^cj a nib
if the  by-law sboiildybe: adopted, it
���': wi Ri result i n;. a ii.. i hi in e use; i rri p rove-'
ment;in   the::appeifraiice"and/com-:
��� fort' of-the^ci'ty;^/- ;^f./?.r.:. -.������-.,
���:���' , Theysta feiiient'telcgrapheeliironi'
thejeoast. :f.baty.Tde,yMart^
"would ,.defca:t,: the ; governnient oiv
ih'&ypaBsageVbf the; Tedistribntioiv
bill yturns,^out' ;t,p;.be::;iiii.trviei' VThe'
C.T;' R::/telegra jibs-and ihe oppds.ixv
tioh/papers/atfVicioriahave gained
reliabi li ty[ of despa 1 cbesf wb iCb a re
about as:bad as the, telegra'ms'.".se'ri'tr.
irbrh;:;MdrifreaT ^during-"; the;' A rack-';
men's strike., ������.:i\-rH-,%:':--\-/: :'^:'
The following   extracts   have   heen
taken    from   a   leport    made .on the
properties of   (he    Prince .Mining aid"
Development Company,    Limited Liability, by John 11.   tjc(ilt,,l-.si|., iM. E.,
of   St.. i Clement's   . Hon. e,   . Lonihaul
Street?; Londoni: E'.-C. 'i^:     ";-: :;   ' '���
;. '���Although ���,/: the'.'-vela i hi s,c ha ve; nut-
been : Croivn    (i ran ted .;. vpiv, .survey ed.J
,'Siifiieieht; work has;: bi^lii; diine.on the
properties; to obtain 'the Cro.virOriint'
��� when tire siirv.eys;; are.yconiplete'd.a iu!
;wbu Id: obtain ���[��� ;i' 'coiiccssioii; of-a bout
,4.00 acres! ��� '''���TluV'!ilt-ifiidc"d'f,'t'li,e'.p'rop'(ir.-
ty .is a bout" 8,000, fecit,; above, sea'level
aiidyis easily; :rcachcd,.,frmn Obiuhibia
river by vvay of ,;5-J\Iile Greek; t ra i'h;'":
Miulfrom tin. alcitiiile/.of the: property,
line'and vci'y:, little,, vegetiition" covers:
'the grpiii],ib'.;as, "the  siitawfall'y'is' very
heavy,, al n iost/forni ing   f n to'glaciers'.
The general erosion   hii* ground down
the surface rocksTsd , that the country;
rock; is,clearly ,-seeii'at   many places^'
with the gossan of .the ' v.eins'andthe
dips and strikes/of the:rocks.:.   :.-.���-.-v".���:.
';��� ���.���"''������ y'tlKOLOGlCAI-yFOlblATlON    " ������
is Green ;,an'd:yGriiphilic;':Soliis.ts, the:
former,being iniiidi fdliiiied'lvith lianils
pf.iiuartzylii.yJtSii,: planes;, of,,.origin a 1\'
sti'atification���an'd'|-'evidence of Dioritic
and Syenific;.Dyk(-s..:V ..';,'.,' : : f; '.'....���:,
/   ''The.trendof the' Schists is noith-..
Bourne l.ros., nierchants.lievelslc,].
report for week ending April llt't:.
Flour. ' ....
Hungarian, per hag 98 lbs..--..' .$3.00.
Gkai.v. r    ���
Wheat, per ton.'. $30.00.
Oats, per ton ?30.00.
Hay, per   ton, timothy $22.50.
Shorts , $25.00.
Bran,!' $22.50.
Sugar, per  sack, 100 lbs $t>.00.
Beets, per  lb..' 3.
Potatoes, per 100 lbs.., $1.50.
Onions, per 100   lbs $4.0.0.
Cabbage, per lb .' 3.
Carrots, per 100 lbs 2.00.
Turnips, per 100 lbs 2.00.
Fau.m I'l.onuci..
Eggs, per do/,   new laid 35.
Case eggs 25.
Butter (Creamery),  per 111 35'
Butter (Dairy) per lb...'. 25.
Cheese, per lb  20.
Laid; per
".������el", per lb....
'������Inii-.in, p.. iv lb.
Veil I..,pe'r.'iv.-;.'.'-.'.
Newly   built.      First-class iii every, re.-pect. ,    All modern conveniences.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.BO per Day, .       Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout. Lake, under  same   m��.n,igem<.nt.
This finish is more popular this year than
ever, and has won'its popularity by its durability,
' pretty tints, and the easy mode of 'mixing' and
applying. , "
Put. up in 23 beautiful shades and White.
Ask your dealer for a color card or send direct to'
McLennan," McFeely  & - Co." Ltd.,
122 Cordova Street      - '..  Vancouver, B. C.
��^NVW.*i��T��V*W ���IWMUrtlirtll-lWB'.IW*"*
Omc&s :   Molsoks   Bank   Block,   Revp.l-
stokk, 13. C. -���'���' ,-.-    .
^tonoy to loan. ',...-''���'��� .'-.'���'���      :������ .���i"
Office: Hevolatoke,,B.G.;.'F6rt'Steele, B. C.
iJco. S. McC.uirnn, -.���:''.      J. A. Harvkv,
Kerelsiokc, li. G.    -      Kort Steele, B. C.
.M. SCOTT, ;B.A���'LL.B.
Pl-blic, Etc.
>tcKenzie, Ave.,        Revelstoke, B.C.
.Mining Engineer,   '.,;,
iM-.-a.' Amci-i'Mii  Inslitmo. MiniiiK Kngirieoi^)1
i.Muin. ruimiiian Milling .Institute.),-'''- -i
ni.VL:i.3TOKK,B. 0.        '-
- ;;Coi.ORado has:settied tbcqueslion
of,>mine taxation; oiva system si mi -
lar to that- which we have ailvo-
cated.:::,: Mines are .-separated;;'in to
two classes���producers ..fa'nd-y'nbn'-"
producers.. y;'l'lie "former" is: ii1,mine
wilhy a; gross yearly 'product ion -.of,
$5000 and over, and is assessed on
its7'proceeds' after; deducting the
.cost of mining,;transpbrtation> and
treatment; y' Non-producing Smirks,
are not assessed^- at niqre than the
smallest producer. If ihej'miheral
tax, in this "���.-province, were levied oiv
the returns1 aher- deduction of :.a 11
clnirgesof :p'rbduction the most' dyspeptic .-.mi ne-qwner cou Id have-no
longer.liny'cause of cbnip'aint. ^ '��������� ���
ion 01' 11 ml; rt-jiorl.-;. 01'i Mineral 1'ro-
I��.-rlie-i ii Specialty. ���'.  -   .;...,
ILI.IAM    A.; HAUEKy,   >y
^Viivi:voR.(?-;'   ,,-','-
. y- ui Minci'.ii ClninK-; Timber liertljs and
Cioivri  l/iiul-'.   ���       V  .... <.''-.'
: O' .1. D. S.'BIUl.D, Ri-:vELST.dKE.:n.C.   "
^be Ikootena? fliail
KRIIiAY. APRIL 1L: 1002,
Thk i-rowin^ financial strength
..;' Canada i- evidenced by the fact
tjiai in J bOG the debt was ���fl9,-i76,-
oOO ru'jri* than the,trade. Now the
irsidt exceed- the debt by. over
S100.000.0CKJ.    : ���.'���"'.���".'.'
eastbf'/to:tU'g'rccs'.: atV^Nu, 2;adit, froiii.
where 11. c sjco 1 og ic a 1 sec. t i 0 n. i s ta ken;:
the ore, boily;''js./,?:fou 11 il; ;-in:;, ii.!l'|t-hese':
n-oi'king's ���,'asf.t:coiVtiict..'ilep(').sit'between'',
t lie Graphitic- '.Schist' iiikl' tin- Green
Schist. V ;ilt hcHi'ylVyt ho:: veirVjj IH
tvv.eijti'iHo, :CH-u.:::'li;nisi!si;:'is^a Graphitic;
;-5(';l)ist;,\V'itlivl rd'ii'������'���'..'Pyrites," a; ubaraCter-:
ifoundiaS^cblllitry.rqckSy^y^yy"    ::;-:'; 'yi';.
��;.''.Thcrc.ii re: iiia i,)y:.of;;;iiic.:gossa iis-oiiy
���'.'.'Stan.clarib,'.-'.-which,.'f'seeins : to indicate
that'tlie ore ;;boclies': "willlie fo'iih.cl between thev'ycontiict .-of, 'the ,Griiphitic
and Green' Scliist.;^:;,-;.;; ";'i;,;:    ���;; y:::, ���������.;
:,,(;TiVebri.::iSy.OI,iiilcopyi;'itq witli I'yr-:'.
i'hotito, QuVu'tZ; and iron'Pyrites. ',-';'
y   "'The present   work,, "clbii'e.shinvs the
vein to :-:strik'e,"-;north-west ,35 dogrecs'
and dipping iibo.ut   45 degree's towards
���iiorth-east'.'';',  .'':}'���������' ';;',:-:': "*"'' -.     ','-.'v'' "������'���
''���'The   pros e h (^e; a n ti' i .'* bid ica tip if o 1 v
"every'- (:claiirr,in    tlie .- concession; .of;
'���'.gpssiui's 'and ore, expo'sures' at. the'sur-'--
���jaee^with -.���tlie:-!;work''.���;.'done   give.great
. pi'bniisce.oi la'"rgb.6re.';i;.bptlies.' A siiirh't
'glance at the " grouiid and sectional,
jilaiis of- .'���the."' workings'   will   at'Oiice
.establish '"the former ..conclusions,-. .;���.
��� "������The, devel'.-pnicn't",, in"   the. property:
and ir.tercsts-'.'iGonncctf-d   there.wit h' is
(jonijiriifd uf , buij< 1 iny   tniils; .'���.''cabins-,
iiiiti -'"."'pffjircVii'l���'���.'   iirtisjieetnig:1;, iiiuP.;;tne
- .!e.vidpp.incii'.t.:>vc>rkv';. iii; yiulU 'L-veis. ti'nd
"vvunzCry.'������;';-;'���'���'���' y..:', /���.r\'\;';..".'.:::'��� ':"'. ;'.'":..
j;..'...'So:;.1, in 1 iI' (;-;.'fi;Jves. Jy: i'ct--r' iin.>��� 'i 1 .c?.
[.'hanging; waii:' nil'.;,'.i.er w(,";>t. -s\i>j:.::,,oi tiie;;
rniotnitiun,.���'!.:',.>, c.;i;c'.^sv-ii.* ���.. ti.Vv  v.ciiiMil'
[������was     .lUi'c'>.)iini.l-><i.
[ .tlKui'ght,,..t,'!.ie..e.is.t;,s;'-:
[ u.pon.:  ���������"' ���"'
j,1' v-No.'2 arl-ii,yjs^'	
j \vhicl.)"Nc'.i'.-.l':if:yi'i is' anvcji 3o fti.ii.-.'.ai'idj
ont'iof:it'Nji'.���!-i.:"le-v.c.d''>''i.s; '(b'i.vfui,. 15'i'l-ci-1:' 1
From a ji<,'ii'it 4A,fet-'t   iii,.N(>: 2 i.'dit .the"
;:yThe: niiViiiigen.ciii .t,f��f;::''th'c'.' "c'niiipi'i'ii
claiiivythat: tiieyCiiiiipiiiiy's;" pi'n|H-i:iiei<;j
aro/'secoiid to iioiviv.in -;-hiX"pr.iviiii'f.' ol' ;
BritisliColi.inibia' i.iul iii'ar inir.pi-e.^cri.t .''���
prop(M'ti(js:;i.rc,.capali|(VyC      p'riiiliiciii^-';
not one alciiiejiiit ui. Icnst������������'.three',-. 1:.rgc ;
mines of gi'eat.Vij,liit'; ".Tlie yiist,c.xic'nt- !
cdnip-riy, makes thii':pdfisi'li!ft.>;-'","';.'.';;
.,;'  Had the .'.Hoard;' of "Direetiirss, _*ta t��c
in.;;any   of-|their circiiInr bMten��-to,the.
sli'iireholdei's''.thai: there .'were;'; atyl.ii;py,
three,,yalnalik':'iniiies on ibvi-bivipiiiiy's
pro])erties,, such an .assertion"'ii.vi!w.\".hi'��'
so-niticli, niight hnvi' been". discrediteiV,
.butnowylliab .this  view f��' ad.;flneed
from ;'an ; independent   /and ;'rCliabii> j
noiircc. itis en titled'to be received with ,
creditby both.present:1 stud   in''i>'n��ling- i
Shareholders. ^yi.;:\v;'.,;::'.;,.:.      :,:.���,:.,
"Tii    view.; ;of':tlie stcainbpiit being-
,: corii plet ecl-,-'"-, theyc'biifiriviatiipn; -of y1 the
^theory of tlirce^sepiirate mines and the
large.: bodies of ore en'countcreil'pn  the.'.'���'
'06 iitpa if y 's...: pr.tpor.tie'o::;t lie ,'"'��� Bon rd -,y."pf.
.������Directors ������������hiiv'e. ���decided -tor raise; the'
��� pric.e ,vpf.-: sharcsf at1,: a.;: voryoarlyyUlitib;
j".Hefq're.-.-sb doing'we issue^fc 1 i11^i'circulur.
leftciyin order t(> give shareholders an
pppprtiinity of increuiiihgtheir present
holrliiigs'if they.so desire at theKpre*-;
���?.r.t ;���<;te of 30 cents;a aharey-'���-*';;y-1----;;
c ''.\ ���[.-���v.rn.'.v.'viirs 'trnlvi' y :"     "/ 'K;y :o':
���'.i:',"'    'rt;>: PRINCE MINING  A^D
.'"'.'���:.'-E .""'E'!'/;.M',MEXT 0 JM'PA'NiY.'
":;-..v..:,;,,:/;;���;,,���;.; ;.;;:..^i;���:.;;-:;:i.v.' :;.:>:���':':,
: in each town to ride and exhibit a .r.atnplc 19s; model
bicycle of our manufacture.' YOU CAN R1AKZ 510.T9
$50 A WEEK besides having a wheel to ride for yourself.
many (rood ns new	
We  ship  any.bicycle   Oftf   (flPPHOVfl... to
anyone without a cent deposit in adcance anil allow
110 risk in ordering from ns, an you do not Meed to pay
a cent if tbri bicyck die* not suit you.
Wffl   Hft~?   *3<V a >*���!""-- "TlliI J"���� ll5vr >;J"'":"" f.-.-..iur
i��9 JSwr i��.j{ Mcr.it/ pmci-s -ma j-v;!:-.""-:''.,..',-!l=?.
7hw lilxer-il ofler Ims uCvcr l>i��^ tcjuakd add i" .'' fiim.'..- aa
tlie qifility ol" our wlieels.
a rcli.iult person ia t-ach town lo distribute: cr.t'il'.cr 1-, fe   '-': la
liicycle.    "��7���!'-���; today for True caUlGfcTKBViiu'i: :���'������   ��� i ������/' ;
:R.   ;*��V����i % >j^   '    .  "'i '���''--'. ������-,
���Atf-    I*1 -1 Vi^.*-.    *-'!V',ri,'1    .     '.-'.C\l'. :.''v.-,.���-.}a
iH'^Praise the sea but'
-czp on 'hxi^-:^:-^.
r;~A a mir c^tndoyr
,. ifecs-Hnliiafs^wHat
j ihfy"v^creVh^deyfpr*y-C
:;;;��"^*thc S.IOC you
A^ Ragingi Roaring Flood
-Washed;.-' down a telegriiph line
which Glias'.'���'��� C,.,;-.Ellis,y of Lisbon^ Iii.,.,
had   to;'repair.  ::"Standiiig waist deep
in-'icyywater/', he; writes, "gaVeiine a
terrible",, cold;; and.���'cough. It, grew,
.worse:'daily. .Finally the best doctors,
in O.aklii ii.il,-."Neb.,.."Sioux City',- aiid
Giiia'liii' .said"]....had .Gonsuinptioiijahtl
cmi'ld Viotliye.. '/Then,,: I he.gii.n using
'Dr. .iviiig'S'Ne'w .Discovery���; aiid was
wholly ' C'iirod ; ������.by ,' six: V��� ".'bottles.'!
--; .IV^itiv'idy.'-^'giii'i raiiteed :for Goughs/*
C<-li 1.-- iuici-.';-'viil-���..-������:���.Tli.rp'at.,y..'iiiHll; l.Vi'ng';
trcuf-1- s liv Ciimida "i.'iriig; and ,1'bVik
Syir/Vt'riec'";V).c aii'd ^L.OO;'-,'-1"';-;''
 '" '^00^5.50;
;;���:;'������;'-���; iZ'������ f^,^t,:w^' ^rv:
Sole Iipcal Agents.
3       a�� i> I    ,s ft      v.- { J >1>' i     f.   * i 5 {;'���.-  '
s Eti**  ������*  ?<  Tsfc ,, F A si:��  fa.    t    ...  7^s t
I    , fi 'i S sL< . ii'-!    <n�� J \&iK~ J t 5 J i s rJt
,.-= of
inre lRrS ii
(lu- Mine 1
-    1   ,'    r   A
n-siness of
��� --jf'i;
elegant 0 .storey show rooniri with biii-oinenl���conceded
the.   best   in   (Simula   in  our lino. H)nr large' :> sloiey
warehouse.,.   Our   modern   .5   storey   brick fin niture
aie just,  evidence0 that   the   '.Topic   appreciate onr
to be
10!icy"of doing biiMiiess.     Cannot we have a s-harcol" your;
.^eiul'i'oi' our catalogue anyway,' it coita y'ou nothing
. '"'Situated   oiiy the-banks   of ;;���.'
���'Shtiswnp'-'; Lakp; ,one ��� of; ��� tlie ���;,, ���-.'���
largest   and ' most,- beautiftil.  '
���; .'."<��� laki's-' in  'British: ^Columbia.  ';
, j'. F.bry term's   and,; particulars:;' :���
*���:��� ���; apply to    ,.'���'..���..; ::\ ,-"",:,,.':, :' <���'.���"���������-'.:���.
.yTowii'sitcybf 300r;acres  iii: the Big
.I3yi.il. ;'v Fi ir particulars- iipplya't office'
ofiTiii-.KooT i.x.\.v;M.Aii.;\;, r
Tins is the :;n;nth; anniversary; of,
Tiik-' 'IvooTfe-SAY' -Mail. . To ���'���'Vpl.'
VJI-I. -"'the., word,"finis"' ba^ylieen
written, .and wit'h, this issue The
Mail.:, enters on its n'intli1 voiuine.
Duri tig -the veiif Tit e.-NIail iias 'been
Lwi'ce^nlargetl"'. to.tneeVtl.e; require-   win;,p,is Ml)lk ���.-.,������ ,,,,,,.,,.,���,.;.JH
inents  ol:a .s,teadily.<:rowing busi-. ;t^n Ui�� t(;11,,:s \vitir -rciip'ib' �� c,
.nes's,;; its circulation has niori', fban; 1 0I 51 ),,>",'.. t',.:,',, id-.1 2U!:'>ot'c)v.--sciir^ niii;!
doubled;,; -a. .new dress of   tvpejias.j i,-om' tl-ic.-Jl'ibt-torn.'': -r��'i'.'jt .T; was inii;if)i.:''to,;;
.been proyideib'V'for-,' the:; patier^and f get,..'.)  i'.:i-t  cluvvn .'.'.'the 'wiu-xe -.is'-ihe j
the-job;., printing, ollice" connected ���; Workings wcix' firllbf. wa-'ier.
therewith-' has'"been brought"���'���'up-to'-.
'A:'-WrfktiUnded 'Mi'etriii. \ v:
i' yThe. iiw-iitiii-T'of: thi;
i .islVPrida,',- ;- ni^ic-
"fm. revenue of the Dominion
-till coiit'imi"? to expand by leapt;
p.n'l bound? under libera! rule. For
the nine months ending.March,31st
it wa.-, -$3,-133,801 more than for
-Jttuc jit-riod of last year. ���, The ex-
c��s- of revenue over ordinary-ex-
panditure tra? ? 10,437,000.! ' '."     -
h T. Taylor, M. P,'P., would
iuok after the interests of his con-
."stituencj, instead of allowing hirn-
��olf tu be made1 a tool of by Dick
Mclb-idc to do-bis dirty work on
Vancouver J.-Jand, th�� electors who
���.-..���nt Mr. Taylor to Victoria would
I/O. a good deal better pleased.
Tin;   principal    of   the   Quebec
Grammar   school   has   done good
,-crvice in drawing, attention to the
spread .of "disease  by.filthy dollar
bills.    The  Dominion  Treasury is
probably the Worst offender in this
respect, and it would be well if the
isystem' of ��� thc Bank of England
' ivcr<?'adopted   bv which every note 1 ported at the mine.
date wifh ari equipment of.���.-the best:
and latest designs'.,   The.eonsjsti'M,
and ; ihdeperident". policy   of;.. 'i'liK
Mail   has- found , favor   with.the
.public, and   we   hope ' to' 'see that,,'
favor,.'-increased , on .one hand and
deserved ."on   lbe  other in the yy.-ir
that  is   to come.    . be plal.formof
Tar. Mail ,ma..y.���,be".summed.-tip,i.n
the wordi  ''The  greatest good blithe greatest number." .,..:''���'
The   year   or.; .which    we;-enter''
j)rornises   to  be: fraught with,great,
progress  and ^development  in (his
section and every .'movement for ihe
welfare   of   the district,,and .for the
bona.'fide..development  of  its,' resources, will have bur 'best ...support.
Our columns i can   never Tie bought
for the  promotion of  any wild-cat
scheme, or for the dissemination of
bogus reports. .    We 'have'to thank
our  advertisers,    subscriber.-, ��� and
patrons generally for. their support
during the past year, and in a.-kiiig
a.  continuance  of .their   favors  v.i-
assure  them   it   will, bono fniih of
oura  if  wo do not deserve it.    in a
short time we hope to give effect lo
further .improvements   which   will
make Tiik Maii.  second  to none a ,
a      Bewspa(ier     and .-'advertising'
The North Star- has paid $37:1,000
in'dividends, and has ?2()0,(K)0 in the
Treasury. Its eighth dividend was l-��
cents it share.     A    rich   utrilie   is rc-
No. o;adif,is :yldt) '-Vfc'i-t
t'hr.oiigli countrv rock: to
at No." 2 ii/l'it'.'.'-"'" ���';'��� '.'���''���:;:,, ������'
. "'"Ojifn, ciit .is'., ���"iii,,- :feet; 'loiig. ',orc,fo'r
len feet, SS/Ur i'c-c-t, iviile���anil tlic'-face of-
the open CUit i:-<- tt'ti feet.doep froip the.
surface, all in.ore.
��� "Nil.���-1-,���ndii.y'.is . Ifl(5   fi-cf long being
, rlriv.cii .tci-iaj'i l i.e   i.-rc .it- tin'
1 ������Thr'.fulli.iw'iiig: l'-tt'e-i: iro.ift
livau. P, (,'. 1?.; ..Vancouver,'' .(Ssnycr.
"Hiiiidytic'al ch'eiuist mid , liictu'llurgist,
says:.���' vl 'beg tri'iiiforni ���yoii-tbat'..No.
1!) is Ac If lliixing and .-that" it- would,
tii.ke'about o.l tons.'of this ore to ni-d.'e
one ton of.cupper iuaito.lid i'U.' ",
(Signed) .!.- C..S11 IliviUi.'''.',
' ''''WliiU' JjMif'.i.'vcry, .'I'P'gc :l.n,l p-r'-J1''^-
isiug..propiTiy ji' is in>pns..-iil)|��! ' to
'estimate t l.e .value'of '.tlie i'ii;e-"i'n sight.,
but at 'every , point, ii iud iciit.es very
great'promise ���.''afte'r. being developed
and thi; only thiug'.needcd-is stiilicient
cash to prove these veins and
ore exposure. .-'.'. WOI.lv: WO'b'D'D
'���The schist foriii'itionssecii) to have
been,'overInp'i !'.V lin.estune of which
No. .17 assay is a good sainple of its
ipiality. l'l. 'is still t left iipf'U. . the'
pKiperly, at some   places   iu   ("i'<��� 11 tity
���rit. ,1.    '>>
.'..jyiiitr'ic.liic'.d:the s.'i'ijec
'���',! (liscu'ssioii bv
tap 'the, .ill's"
Sooi.i.listicCiu b
was v.well   attended
'.���������;:'���.-,, .'i.-iii-.r-iitui-it-.' tHi-i1':--
r-'i;W'. W-bivn'b,. -.'i; hi
,'-, ���,,.('*,- I'iw^s'.' ;'.bo,y:'r-r-i
r.i-'uhett,' .jiri'sidi-.d,- and
of't he eveni tig's
,ii    paper. ';lie- was F��>I���
^   ;     Sanililry  Rkntihing, Hot
Wstlcr &. Strain licatiTTf;
Wholesale and Retail
' . i'(
." .* .   Meat Merchants.
Head Oflice, Abattoir and Cold Storage:
^^^assB^Calgary, Alberta
li^s: for   H^ichins; trom'
;:; ;: ;:';';:":-.{yr^i.iN)i.(lrry-y.;.y
lowed by.''C.. W. M itchelt, who il lust rated by jiitf-fe.sfing 'diagrn'iDs his'ciin-
tentions of the ' iicccssit-y. of social
'reform.- V>. ��� f'uiynia.iV -ip:>ke >i, length
bii.'t'lli' present   ('osnljtions and future
.".'OUt lci(yk.    :
y'lln- iiu'dieiiei
j,-i, ciit-i 'f,,',. (j';(! ,!,-,
'���'��� ^vl1" ' to ask cjiicstion
oi (he/ ,l.eauue
,s, an ,i?t'.
IIMve ���'���!������,:
to invite' al, i.P.' next
i.'ireting thivprc-sidcnti! of other ]'iii'|;iti-
(;iit iis.viciatifjns in., .the city to show
why, tlie';. workers should- vote for ti.ieir
p-sp.'rtiv.' parti.-.1-: .''���'���
',*'Meetings will, in������������ future -hi.,.held
monthly, aiid it is intended to get: ii
good speaker here . to iiddress' a rnci-t-''
intr on social miii.. -������'     ,'..-,���.
.Fvoii'::. S ;C,; l-rowii ici.ii:: 8C 'White'
.l.cglionis,- 'li; '���' hocks, Whitc.Wyiin-'
dottcs'und r'i:kin .Dii'cks $1,110 per 'set,
1-1 lien. II clu��"k I'ggs. Stock for fmle
at. low prices ������.,'.-,������ .,'"���:> ' ���
 ,1,200   Kgg   Inii'ulvntoi"; .and flroodor
fo^-saie-clieap. ���[-���-.     .-.��� .'���,:        '��� ;'
TheRC. Pupii v Vyrds.Vernrr
greatlv    eroded
1 nd
I'Ut   has' been
broken up. . ' ,-      ..'.'���'-. ���    ��� .
���'TlK'iT'.'is siifliclent ���.viitc' power to
be ^rot nfa'r the 'property for any.purpose, and 'timber on -the mountain,
slope*, flood quarters arc already
provided'for 10 men and work, is' being
carried on continuously, ���
'���I'fully endorse an expenditure of
'���$.70,000 I'ljifii'i the property and look to
il;-: future and economic and skillful
iiiiiiiKc.'��'ini;iit,- as. being  '.SIMMS     TO
Job Couldn't Have Stood It
' ft".he'd had ���Itr.-.hing 'Piles. ��� "The>;(rc
terribly ��������� annoying'; but, Buliklen'H
..A'rnica Kalve' .will oure''the worst.cane'
of piles on earth. ft haa cured
thoiisiinds. For fnju'rica, Pairu. or
Modify Kiuptions, itn the best salve in
the,'-world. 1'ricc 2oc a box. ' Cure
guaranteed. Sold by Cw!n��d* Dru^
iind Hook Store,
��� Thc members "of the Hoard of Adjustment for, , the. Brotherhood, of
Railway Tniinineit (fm. tho 0. P.'It.,
who were in unnual Iscssion in Montreal, have finished their liibarn. The
following oflicers have been elected.for
the ensuing .year:���T, J. Coughlin,
Vancouver, cjiiiiriiian; K. ' B. Eddy,
North May, vice-chuirman, and W. J.
Ka.t.li,'Ottawa.; sf;c,retii.ry.
.;',' I'.ii II,   t el,-.-,   i..|i(||. |-Avriti;
'iC, Leather.;;. _
Vancouver,, R. C. ���
I'a-ili-li Cnliiiiiliiii. Akhi'iIs fur'IIlls .:ol,-bi-atc��l
���'rKIJETAf.'if " .-(.id. I.ciitlic.-r. f' 111 S11I11- unci
ll'-i-l I'iui i-^ ���''.'������    ' ���' ' ���   ���    .
Ila;-noss;l,.-nl,l.ir^. Pricl'.-. .Sncldl.--niifl Skirt-
ina: l.'i.'ailici-i, vici- anil lii:l:^o -U'Htlic i>; Up-
���|i>-r Li.'nihi'im uf-'sill kfiidH.   '������,-,���.
.Mniiii.'.-iilui-. r-- ni' l'l6s(.-d 'U'ppor.H of all
fl.-��':ri|il.i.)ii>.', ;���' '.   - i, -
��� .���riiocnmk.cr^' TohIw mid |c'iii'lliii(n. Saddlery
Harclwiir.'.,, Hides ;ruid (,HU.
'I'wi'i'ih.jii'-iai'irt 'flut*rnklnfc Wniitwi. , '   ,.'���
CmhloKiiu-i h  d prlci; llnnioriaripllonlloii.
'..,--��� At Notch Hill
n^If * mill; fr'.m tlie atMifin. Itioli blnck
Mfiily f;....i(| r.ail, dmlni'd lend plovvc-d. Ooflid
dwidllnf/ In.a*-, flri.'oiillic.imcu. <:��llitrrf. corrnt,
��� to.    ^I'l-ndid h;tj- Imidj:    ,
. A!'-". III n(;re�� of iixco.lltiiit 1,ind on jmrt'of-
whitih U ihi; trr.vrislte.cif N'olch HID.   Applr   '
>. L,S
����sM   3K.u;
\ Has ."*   ������ ihhH
:\ M li J, \
."���> /;
In q
bill.1 nee
slock \\
50 Cents per
ir 10.00 I
\ ' :������'
v.i lb   order.
elbng at i, 1 persbari'. Order quick, as they will not last long.
ii<hi 1 100 share-   tip. pi'yn
in i'oim' monthly orpinl piiynicnt:-
per   100'
ot cn.-h.
REGINALD J. STEEL Broker, Nelson, B. C.
S. tllermann^
��� '',    BicyclcK  and'. Bewing ma-
'��� chines ; repaired.    Plating
done.    All kinds of mech-
.  unical work attended to.
Next to J  W. Bennett's Store,
(lie, ihriflv housekeeper's thoughts turn our way���and to
that special Cold Water Kalsominc they upcd.last year
���which wo still have in stock also to the '������'Ironite Floor
Taint" the best ever made���-also a little '.-Varnish to touch
tip'the furniture, a tin of'enamel to beautify your room or
ba'fh or to the celebrated "Elephant ". Brand of House
Paints.    Our spring stock expected daily.-
Ask   to fee. our  Electric Torches���just the thing for
Miners or Railway Men.
Hardware, Etc.
i f i
���mv*b&*$'��t y  THE KOOTENAY MAIL1  ��������� 1 Mtfm VWUfMBg fWi.WiH  i ROMANCE OF THE RAIL  BY   FREDERIC    REDALL.  ���������   [COXCI.UDKD.]  NINTH DAY.  fji.i.kt KxrosKO.  On Wednesday moruiti^ John Draper's first hiiiuirk-s were directed to  the Drovers' bank. There he learned,  of course, that [.culn-ii I-'illoy had  drawn the ?."iU.OOO. At the haul: cloore  nil trace of the fugitive'ceased. Ha  ,\vas not at any of the hotels, nor had  any of the president's Denver acquaintances seen him. It was certain  that the money had not reached the  hands of Dallon's men aiiri that they  had not set eyes on I'll ley since he left  them. .<->  Greatly  puzzled  and surprised  was  Draper at this state of affairs.    Two  eeptioually trying experience."  "I like the country well enough," was  the response. "The scenery, is magnificent, and the climate is superb, but I  must confess I don't admire some of Its  products���������the Dallon gang, for instance," ahe concluded, laughing.  "Well, I can't blame you for that,  only I had hoped to show you something of the west at its best before we  turned our faces toward the rising sun  again.   What do the girls say'/"  "The girls say, "Stand not upon the  order of your going, but go quickly,' "  said saucy Madge. "Flo and I have  settled everything. We don't want any  more adventures.    We've seen enough  theories prcM-nted themselves.    Either.I of  tlle  country,  and   tho   people can  wait. We want to go home!" and she  put lier knuckles in her eyes and pre-  tended to boo-hoo like a spoiled child.  Draper turned to Florence for coufir  mutton, who said:  .. "t don't want to seem ungrateful, bur  I should like to get back to New York."  "Well. Ives, my boy,", said their host,  "you and I evidently have no option In  ���������the matter, but as a mrre matter of  P'-liteiiess I should like to hear youi  wiMiPK."'  "Oh. I'm for New York." was the uu  Mushing reply "You know my leave  expires tomorrow." Hut the rogue had  laken his cue from .Madge. If she had  siiid. "Stay." he would have found  means to square the otiiee for a few  da; -��������� lunger. ,     '  "That -.-ctrli's it!" said Uncle John  ������������������Pin in n liiipi'less minority, and, to b'  trunk wit 11 you. I want to get back  my-elf." And then In- told tlieni ol  l-'illey's disappearance with the money  intended I'or their ransom.   ,  "The wretch!" his;,cd Florence (Iran  niss. Iiei usually pale face while with  indignation. "We might have , been  iiinrdc led 'for all he cared! I always  disliked blm. but 1 almost came to hate>  .him on this trip. So tliere!" And she  subsided into a chair, all quivering,  . with the unwonted excitement.  Mrs  Ilurst beheld this little outburst  with   quiet   satisfaction.     If   niitlilns  . else had been accomplished, Pi I ley had  put himself out of the running, mid the  dancer was past.   That Florence ever  ���������regarded  the  man  seriously  she  had  ./never been qnite able to credit.   Now it  i was John Draper's turn, and he should  have tils innings before New York was  ! reached.  j     "Then  It  was Ches���������Mr.   Ives���������who'  t really saved us after all?" said Madge  j "What should we have done without  you?" she said.1' The words were simple and commonplace enough, but the  . tone and tlie glance  which  accompanied them were eloquent of honest admiration   and   maidenly   liking.    Mrs  Flurst fsw and in that Instant submit  ted to the inevitable. .  "Yes; we certainly owe our safety to  Chester." said Uncle John. "1 should  never have .thought of the little river  ss a means of escape, and if I had I'm  too fat to wriggle along like an eel In a  water pipe. Ah, Ches. my boy, It's yon  youngsters who capture all the best  things.in life after all, and we old fel  lows have to put up with what Is left,'"  sighed Uncle John In mock dismay.  But Florence would iione of this and  came to tlie rescue.  "Why, Mr. Draper, what would we  poor women have done if you had left  us?"  "Yes." chimed In Ives, modestly anx  ions to chance the direction of the con  versatiou: "it needed more courage and  fortitude to stay behind in that den of  thieves than it did to cut and run The  only cur in tlie party vanished, and we-  can thank our stars that be did us uone  ofthe mischief,he intended."  So saying he rose and went to tin-  window where Madge was K.'tziii'j  down at tlie busy life of the (Juecii  City of the Plains, ami we will not dls  turb them  "How soon can we start, .Folfn?" qne  rled Mrs Hurst.  "This very evening," was the rcplv  "We eatl  go east  with the flier at ti  o'el'iek    Is it agreedV"  '���������'i ������h. yes!    Let us get away," begged  Florence, and tints It was settled. ,  Filley bad met with foul play at the  hands or some one who witnessed him  draw the money or else he was pursuing some ulterior plan of his own. Hut  among the'letters and dispatches waiting for him Draper found the following telegram, dated New York, Tuesday, from the cnsliicr nf the'(Irain Exchange National bunk:  Notes for fifty il]������ii=anil drawn by K, K. filUy,  favor nf t'litiiii). & ("'lilting, indorn-d by you, pre-  Ri'iilrd pn; incut. No funds Pilley'i account  Sluil wf (,-ikc- up*    \n.������,r.  Tiie.laiigua-sC ef the dispatch was ������������������  piicit enough lutes'drawn by Filmy  f..r ?."ll.( ',:n. Winn Iind he been up to?���������  To say ..hal' I 'rsri o- v..-is indignant is to  'put it'very i'iil,;,v .ic was simply furious. In all hi., I. 'ig business career it  had been lijs proi tln-a-i that no eom-  iiii'rci.-f paper 'I'!.-: us Ids name was  ever |. ii.-icil Even when lie was a  si/ii::-. lug merchant cl.iin:. a bit; business on a rmall i-apltal his name al-,  ways  -anod  high,  for  be  had  always  ,,  pre!, i    'I his --ii.ii.-i l me  lie knew that at the time he had no  "paper" oi". Iii- private means were  ample, and there u.-i< no need for him  to raise money In'lhat way None but  Filley could l>.\p!.-.in tlie my-lery However, one tiling .vas certain, lie. John  Draper, had never appended his name  to anything oi" the kind. Suddenly it  Mashed across bis mind that tliere was1  a 'curious coincidence between the  amount ol thc notes and the sum  which Filley'had drawn out of the  ban... ��������� Wli.".!  treachery  was afoot he  , could   mi   tell,   luit'it   begun   to  look  black fi"'- Master Reuben.   ',  f-'eir.'i'.i: a tclegr.-inh form. Praper rapidly iii.iited-the n-llowiu'g reply to the  drain Exchange bank:  Indum-uirm 'n (cr^ir.i Oo nol'honor. Rctara  Sow  Yolk ..limi-dirtc-'.    .     ,  The next -nip was to endeavor -to  trace or linil, Filley. So "to keep tho  matter from the ordinary police channels the" l'inkertoii'agency was called  in and the case placed in its hands.  Willi n full statement of all the facts.  Anil,ns Reuben Filley will not figure In  those pages .again it may lie stated  lierctbat- before leaving Denver John  ' Draper had siiHicient evidence to convince him that his trusted secretary  was not only a forger and n defaulter,  but a treacherous villain.  He was traced to the Union depot,  thence to San Francisco, where tbe  trail was lost. It was supposed that  he caught an outward bound Pneltic  mall steamer for China mid Japan,  from whence it would be easy for him  to reach India or Australia. Where he  ultimately "fetched up" was never definitely known. , ,1,'jhn Draper declined  to continue' th? search, preferring .to  pocket the loss. Neither the bank nor  Cutting & Cutting cared to prosecute.  Tlie money secured on the forged notes  for the partnership interest was refunded, and hence the matter dropped.  a result "which the astute Filley proba  lily foresaw The world of New York  knew him no more.  Tlie failure of President Draper to  appear at the meeting of the railroad  magnates occa-siniicd no surprise at  lirst. as it was expected that he might  arrive at any moment. Then'came the  tidings of the mysterious disappearing  o "  part of the express train, and tlie  wildest conjectures became rife Every lent of the' railroad between Colo-  rm!,) Springs and Denver was searched  again and asu'ii clurji'iL: the daylight  hours ot i'- ;��������� ay and Mnudar: but. as  we have s., n n v. as not until Tuesday  p.i';riri:g !' al the r i-gntteii :iml disused  ni!!.- ad --;.,:: v. a- ihoimht ot  The iic'"s- ii'i:ie rescue was tele-  ;:" a.ilv >l p to I'. ;'\ --r from Castle flock,  and so vh'ii D::. i.-r appeared at the  sessii n i I" : i; c.i'i'reres on Wednesday  inonii: ll-.v l.iicvv' all .tilnnit his ad-  venture ami ii> li.-npy termination  .Much of the routine business bad  been dispatched, and only a few  weightier matter- demanding unanimous iKtt'iii icm.-iiucil to be acted uji-  on Consequently by ,'{ o'clock the conclave a(l.i'nirii"d sine die. mid Cnelo  John hurried back to the liolel to announce that he was at the service of  the ladies.  Chester Ives had Improved the oppor-    ...,,,..,,  ninit.v to change his clothes, and after j bl' "'"kiul thnt.lt l������ no worse."  TENTH DAY.  iiomi:w.\i;ii ikipnd  A small army ol ear cleaners having  In en i    I  lo work on tlie Mmu'ida and  til.   I'l.tinian, they looked as fro-.li as nt  iiav.ug   New   York   when  our  friends  v.eni   aboard   tliat   Wednesday   nii-l.t  U.tli a sigh of relief Mrs. Hurst' miii I.  into lier favorite chair.  "li   seems   almost   like   home,"  she  said  Dmper and  Ives busied  themselves  looking to the comfort of the two girls.  and  for the moment the mother and  chaperon was left alone.  i     "Well," said  Ives when Madge had  ���������| been fussed over enough, "we are mi  i nus one of our party, but we ought to  i  a bath and a shave and a good night's  rest lie was none the worse for bis nocturnal adventure Nor did tlie Indies  show any maiked effects of the straiD  of the last two days beyond snmo natural lassitude and nervousness. But a  quiet night went far to repair the  shock and strain.  Draper found all the party assembled  in tlie hotel saloon It had originally  been planned that a couple of days  should lie spent in sightseeing, but the  adventure with James Dallon, Esq.,  and their enforced stay at his hostelry  naturally Interfered with this.  "Now. children." said bluff Uncle  John, speaking to every one in general.  , but to Florence in particular, "what  shall wo do and where shall we go? 1  see that some cards have already been  left by several people, and I have uo  doubt they will do all in their power to  entertain you charmingly." ..'      M,  "For my;party' said Mrs. Hurst, "J  don't feel like entertaining or being entertained. I'm ii perfect wreck, and  you'll never catch me so far west of  New York again." ,  "Cb, you don't know the wont yet,  iny deiii'." replied \m brut her. "Till*  has been nil iiiii'iii'ttiiiate trip. hut you  'mustn't blame the country for'our c,\-  "Small loss!" sniffed Madge contemptuously "We shall have a perfectly  lovely time going back; 'no foes with  out. no fears within,' as the old hymn  anys."  "Rather a tame ending, don't you  think so?" ventured Uncle John, looking up from his labor of arranging a  cushion for Florence's feet.  "Oh, one can never tell what will  happen," said Madge mischievously,  and then, catching the gaze of Chester  Ives, she blushed scarlet and made a  precipitate retreat Into the ladies' boudoir, whither Florence followed her  uftenn few moments.  Chester wandered into his place of  solitary confinement, as he laughing'.y  (lubber] the I'ullman. where he wo'jld  now be alone save for the preseur-c of  Alec and Henry, and thus left Mrs.  Hurst and her brother alone. John  Draper drew ud p "hair beside lu-r. and  said: ,.,  -  "Bess. I don't intend to stnrcid this  suspense any longer."        v  "Why.  what do yon  nieom   John?"  She knew perfectly well whist .was behind that declaration, hut. ���������Pj-amanllkc,  could not forbear a little cfttBke playing with the masculine mouse, and her  bigt worldly brother wag 4ust as timor  ous and uervoua over thc business in  view as the tiuiest rodent that ever  nibbled cheese in a trap. The plunge  into matrimony, like a cold bath on a  winter's morning, seemed more repellent the longer it was put off, and  where a younger and less worthy man  like Reuben Filley would have dared  all long ago John Draper, with tho  modesty of real and genuine merit, had  forborne to tesi his fate with Florence  Grauniss, not because he did not love  her dearly and devotedly, but for fear  that she regarded him more in the light  of a parent than as a possible husband.  "I mean with regard to Florence." he  replied to Mrs. Hurst's innocuous query. "I am determined to know tho  worst and that right soon."  "My dear John," she said, "my heart  has been set on this match for years���������  ever since Florence was of marriageable age. She has never niade a confidant of me, but I am certain that she  is heart free���������that Is, tliere is no other  attachment. Further than that tt  would not be right for me to say except this, that I believe you have only  to ask her to be your wife in order to  gain her consent."  A joyous light shone in Draper's eyes  as he made reply:  "I hope and pray your confidence  may tiot be misplaced." Then in a  more jocular tone he inquired:  "Are you prepared to enrry two engaged couples' back with you to New  Vork? ,1 think there is mischief nfoot  between Madge and young Ives."  "Doyou think I am blind?" replied  Mrs. Hurst. "l' confess that I bad  hoped Madge would r(lo better, but unless nil signs fail Mr. Ives will not wait  very long to find out what fate has in  store for him. I shall not interfere", ,  "I'm 'glad to hear you say, that,'  Hess," was the rejoinder, "Next to my  own happiness I hare that of Madge  and Chester at heart. I know he loves  her. and I think she cares for him."  "Indeed!" she laughed. "Pnnist compliment you on your remarkable Insight into the love affairs of others  while you are so blind to your own."  And with this parting shot Mrs. Ilurst  rose to go and make some slight toilet  preparations for dinner, which was  just then announced.  It was a rather quiet little group that  assembled once more"around tho cozy  dining table In the Miranda that night.  Tlie interior of the car was positively.,  brilliant. By all analogies the gathering should have been a merry one. yet  both,Madge and Florence were unusually quiet. Perhaps it was the natural  relaxation after the unnatural excitement of the past few days. Mrs.' flurst  saw and noted the signs' of tlie times  and openly expressed her intention of  retiring early, saying,, with a meaning  glance at her brother:'  "W������ shall feel better and brighter tomorrow after we have become used to  the old routine again." So Draper and  Ives were, left to their.clgars and some  desultory talk over Filiey's villainy.  There is nothing to equal n sonn<i  beauty sleep for composing one's  nerve's and clearing away the overnight- cobwebs. Tho' two girls were  positively blooming and bubbling over  with life and gayety when they emerged from their boudoir at the tinkling of  the breakfast br.U next morning.  Madge was full of mischief, and even  the usually, staid and dignified Florence caught the Infection, and together  they alternately bantered and bullied  Draper and Chester until Mrs. Hurst  ,camo to the rescue.  ' They lingered long after the meal,  and in nf ter years botli couples looked  back with fond' recollections to that  memorable morning. They were speeding over the level Nebraska plaias. rich  with the lush green, promises of the  coming harvest. For miles the prairie  farms spread out'on either hand, dotted with white homesteads and quiet  village stations, past which the train  tore with ceaseless and steady energy.  Breakfast ended. Mrs. Hurst found  an excuse for leitving the saloon oo the  plea of "tidying up" the boudoir. A  few minutes later Ives invited Mat-lge  to inspect the view from the rear (*oor  of tlie Pullman. ��������� So John Draper and  Florence C ran niss wore left alone. 'the  moment for them liiad come!  Florence lay back in lier scat, toying  idly with some trifle of needlework,  but her eyes were often turned to gaze  wiiidowwni'd nt tine moving panorama  without, John watched her. all the  love in Ins great (heart 6howing in his  i"'a ce  Suddenly lie rose- and leaned over tlie  back of her chair It was a prosaic  wooing amid pros'aie surroundings, but  with him it was now or never!  Men never kne w exactly what tbey  will do o" say at such times. The nwst  carefully prepared speeches are apt to  fly away when the supreme moment  comes In fact. John Draper had made  no verbal pre:<rnration. He wanted to  tell her he lov-.;d her and to ask her to  he his wife in n simple and earnest  way. as beciume his whole nature, and  then to list of, to her answer and abide  by It.  "Flnrenri?. dear girl," he began ami  then stoppx'dl.  "What 5s it?" she inquired. ITc had  taken hrr lsund, and as her uplifted  eyes nvft hits she- must have read his  secret ���������A'ith a woman's intuition, for a  rosy flush swop/ from throat to forehead find then as quickly faded. But  she conld not help him���������not yet He  dropped her h/.nd and took a few hasty  steps across the car and hack again,  then, drawin; j up his chair beside hers,  lie took her v ^resisting hand again. 0  "My dear child." he said, "we,have  known rnc!������ other a good many years���������  so arany that I sometimes fear you  onl',' regard me as a grim and gray old  fallow, vvltih no part nor purpose in  vour younjr life but that of a mere  businBsn relation."  "Say, rather, the best and kindest  and truest friend 1 have ever known,''  she replied, lifting her eyes to his. Unices he " as mistaken the true lovelight  :! WH3 <2AttlUfl������ there. '  i     "I Would not for the world disturb  1 that feeling unless 1 could put something better iu its place," he went on.  i "Florence, I have learned to love you���������  jfnot as a daughter, but as a man loves  the woman he would make his wife.  Will you marry me, Florence?"  Her glossy head bent low, but her  unresisting hand nestled in his not unwillingly. Bending nearer, he waited  for her answer. Slowly and shyly see  raised her eyes to his uud bravely au-  sweri'd:  "Yes. dear, I will."  In the Pullman another wooiug was  in progress. Chester Ives had likewise  determined to put his fate to tlie test  that very morning and went at the  matter with his usual dash and decision. For a few minutes he and Madge  stood, watching the flying prospect  from the vestibuied door. Then his  arm stole round her waist, and. putting  his lips close to her ear so as,to conquer the din of the train, he said:  "Madge, I can't go on like this any  louger. Do you know why' 1 asked  you to come out here?"  "The prisoner is not bouud to answer  any Incriminating questions," she re-  . tortcd, as saucy as ever."  !   ' "Well, I'll toll you. though I believe  you've   known   it   for   ever   so   long.  Madge, dear, one little word from you  will make me the happiest or the most  miserable fellow in the world.    I love  jou. Madge, and  1   want you for my  wife.1' Is it to be happiness or misery.  Madge���������yes or uo? -D.-a't^kcep me in'  suspense, dear."    ,   ' ��������� ,    ���������'  A   moment  she   hesitated.     All. her  bonhomie    and , phpianl ���������   Insoucietice  were pone, and she was' jm.t a simple  daughter of Eve.    Again he urged her.  ! "Which is it to be. Madge?"  Then she shyly turned her face to his  and murmured:  "The word is Yes!"  Tliere is little more to udd to this ro-  mauce'of tlie rail. Mrs. Hurst remained in seclusion for a suiliciently decent  space of time, and when she emerged  she found her brother and Fl-uviii-e sitting side by side in calm caii'.cntment,  and by thoquick. happy glance which  Hashed from' her brother's eyes she  knew that his wooing had sped fa"or-  ably.       ' "  hi a few moments Chester and  Madge appeared, both trying to appear unconcerned. Miss Madge succeeding much the better of the two.  Mrs. Ilurst read' the situation at a  glance, and John Draper, "his wits  sharpened by his own recent successful campaign, was equally prompt a������.  guessing at their secret.' ,  "Come here, you children." he cried,  rising  at   the   moment   and   drawing  Florence's   arm' within    bis.    "Come  ��������� here and  make your  peace  with our  chaperon." < ���������  "Mrs. Bradley Ilurst." he began with  mock severity. "I   beg to inform you  i!.T  nu  flicines.    >'.  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'���������Allow me also." said Chester,_"\vlth  your kind permission, to present my  I'm me wife, whom you already know,  Miss Miiduo Ilurst!"  , Mrs Ilurst took It all in pood part,  kissed tlie prospective Prides and ven-  l til red to hope that she mij;ht be invited  to tiie dual wedding.  j     Thus ended the tenth day. all dewy  1 smiles and happiness.    Upon reactiliiK  St  Louis that iiiirht John Draper sett*  the fulloivin;; dispatch:  To Edivanl Cati". New" Vorlc:  Tsui oonicramlalions art.' in order.  Joaif Dtunub  nir.- i.ni>.  HEALTH TnSPRING  NO. 32, I. C.  Ml-I'lS I'VlT..  ���������" ��������� n i ii ir in  Hull al ;.  Vi-iinijj in.-:  llillllj     .llVll.ll  ten'l.  .1. ,VI \'I'll IK. M i  Hall  Rook's Cotton Boot Compouad  l1?!   Is successfully used monthly by over  ''lO.OUO Ladies. Safe, perpetual. Ladies ask  ��������� your druggist for Cook's Cotion Root Compound. Tako nootlier, as aP, Mixtures, pilla and  imitations are dangerous. 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You may foul that there i.s nothing  serious 'the matter; yon are only ,1  little tired after slight exertion, or  perhaps your a|ipetiti; is. fickle, or  little pin'iplt'S or eruptions on thc  skin show that the 1'lood is not as  pure as il should he. If you feci  this,way, not only com fort hut your  health ' 'demands that you take  proper steps to: cleans-p yourself of  .the, blood impurities jthat arc responsible' for your' condition. You  need a tonic,' blood purifier, nerve  strengthener and general tip-lifter of  the entire system. .Dr. Williams'.  Pink Pills' for Pale .People meet all  these requirement^ more, perfectly  than any other medicine. These a"C ' Special  tonic piils and tun"', violent and lvcak-  n. KBIJAGMATI,  Lvllon, il.  C.  E. W. B. Paget, Prop.  ITiimpl. delivery of parcel"-, liagg,-ii;c,  etc., to any purl, of the Cily.  Any Kind of Transferring  Undertaken.  All firilcrx left ,-il |{. ,M. Sun 1 lie's  Tohai'C" Sinii", in" bv 'rclc|iliciiii'. No. 7  will receive pionipt iiiti ntioii.  HALCYON HOT SPRINGS  SANITARIUMS^  Tlio riicist cciniplclc Health Resort on  Ihe continent of North America, riitu-  ated midst'-Hennery unriviillcil for grandeur. IloutinK. KiisliiiJi,'. Kx.-iirslons.  Skating and Sliootinp. Ilesident Phy-  niciaii and Nurse. .Telegraphic'com-  iniinii'iitioii vv-itli all parts of Ihe world.  ��������� two mails arrive and depart every day.  lis fcnUw cure all nervous (Yuri iiiuscailur  disciKcs; iU waters heal all .Kidney,  I.iverand Stomacli ailments, and eliminate nil mctalic polsonn frpm ihe sys-  torn.. Its waters cannot bo -Ulrpassed  for their healing virtues.  ..Queens Hotel,.  Kamloops, B.C.  MOLONEY & fflAL'JNEY Props.  Tin's fir.-t class liolel is under entirely new management and ha-  lieen rcdeeoraled and renovaied  (hroiiLlioul,  Good Stabling.   Finest  Stock of Wines  & Liquors. Quiet Reading and   '  Smoking Rooms.  RATES:    SI 00 to S2.50 per day.  Anchor Wi're Fence  Tlie .-"tronge.-t, clieape.-l  and i c-t all rotuul leiKe  yet devbed. Ivjuallv  ndaptalile lor any purj.o-e,  irrn or Garden  Sinijdu of i-on-  md   i'.'i.-iJy   put  C. Outhett, A.R.C.Sc.  Ai-alytical Chemist, Provincial Assayer  l.-incli.   !���������  Fencing,  strtiction  up.  The B. 0. Anchor Fence Oo. Ltd.  Head Office:   Vancouver, B. C.  0. 1'. SKI.INK.       -        Ma.v.v.i.m.  Winter Terms:  Per Week.  SI2  to $15  Cold]   Silver   b'.ul   Copper��������� :���������; -.   Gold-and Silver.,.'........'.'.-.. ���������  Gold, Silver and Copper   Control assays.; Complete analysis of  Ores,  Coals,: etc., Concentration ,and  Amalgamation tests.  fii������P"Kesults of. assays by  return of  ������������������"    ' ; mai  I'OO  1 (10  1 00  1 50  ���������1 50  ���������2-.-50  CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED,  j fnland"Asubt OiHtct, Kamloops B.C.  ILA^K FORMS  Mining & Legal Purposes  Transfers. Options.Towers  of.  Attorney,   .Staiiqi.uv.v  Declarations, Proxies, etc..  can be obtained at file  :..lootcnaj Mail lee., THE KOOTSNAY MAIL.  v"Sweet /; Peas,;, Clover >'jjand.  Lawn Grass in Bulk.7 / /  /// -Tiiediest1 -of. Cainidiaii.v,Hceils' frenlr  '/' '.-'"'���������        s s ���������'.y" ' tliis year.' ��������������������������� ': '/'/ /.��������� //,  ;":>      Revelstoke;B. C. , ���������  jSi;.���������Un..Ajiri!,(;[li;::at'llcvxdslQl<e,  ;��������� t JiViyvyiA- .-.,11' J. A. Si One,; Of a \soh.: '-\'u  /.-. i.'/i���������() n; A pril '.'J'st-1 ho - wife of A'. I*>;  Lie'urd of a son. ��������� '7- / /7:-; i--fii'i.,  married:  if.  l(.nixs'rt>\-I>Ki.i!iY>-���������AL--; tlio : /Mansiy-  * "''I.-eyelstoke. ��������� on". :flie; 8th 'ir>st.;'Ji\'.  '-"' ;.-;!liey;,ev.::^  ;.-��������� ;��������� '/.(a pies;./ ; Johnston; of JAuiiby,;T5/G;.  K;^.tv.i:;E!ixal)et,]i;J;uie;l')erhyi or- Tres-  ���������-''   /clSt L -Oiitiirio/./���������'/'������������������: '':7 ���������,-;/,y, .'���������/, //'7 7  DIED.  ��������� ������������������.���������.<,!'Ocii)i-:r:ij^Av..-rT At; JCi i iii 1 i.io j is,- on April  "[ ;i;'':'y ^1 iliy:.tint 11';';i.-bss.:;%ifc''; of /.John  - :;y ' iMjoUfcilou;. clnef'.tr:iiiiidispatcliei;.  vT.i-;i;>a^^^  ;, ':S,y7th,-:Brprey0  i.<:^ y: sun of;Cy Turnross,;'aged.-13 ; years./  7l;/l.LiSKU���������/;\t; .Toroiuo,   .oii';;Api'i]:j;;10  _:;.;'iV",';''J;l'i'-H.'':,J;,^'.]|r-V.F  "/:/���������.  ''Kyll^S: ^rc'Lean.;' 0il.evelS.okeV  ' .P.i.Vi.r-r-r.'i[-7^'A't'I-icyc'lst.6ke Xm.April lO'Cli.  vyyy.A^'.-^Earl.;' feciii ,y oi" <Jolin7/L//'and;  ���������,������������������������������������ ���������'y:;(leri:rudeftT>cii:ter.;;aged S-^years.  7"-7/'/-7 '-iWxKKAIjVOTfcEfiiii'lifii  // i/TljIyi'iiheriil-pf hiy late son y\r. JOarp,  /wiil'ialccyplacc,,tomorrow, (Siiturdav) at  ^:y]������,.:m.y /Friends //.will/ 'pieii.se accept  /thi^ihyilatian.  J.d. P0I.TEK:'  &iGENERM  .���������j"; \V'e^liio.yOur baking., while you;,rido.,  7ypur7A\dieeL;go/.d^^  i:.A;.iS��������� SmitiKy: >;;;,'������������������/;/:/������������������";7/70//���������/7-/7;:." ':���������������������������  : ,:7'Ai \heaneetiiig'C.'/tiie7 Gold; Range,  i/'/Lftdge/K./oiP.'pii/Wednesdayy night  //l*. /l.avvrence /was-, promoted - to7:Es-ic  ://vpurc7/:,;';-/;://;7 7:y  V'*Le^At-:yic^  ".lodge ii/qn d'riday -night -four-new nieni-  ������������������7hi,'j;^ will  . / hc.init'iated dicxlymeetiiigy ���������"���������,;/A: "7:   y.''  ;y- Jasper ���������lyrugeivtsoiiy, ofyey-p'resident  yyiti'U^er; aiid'twcn ty-four of .the Kruger  :  i'ai^ily ]iave.;taken j. the-oath'.of  alleg-  ' 'iii;iice..ro the/British...'���������'��������������������������������������������� '-7/ '// ������������������''���������/;..  ���������������������������".������������������"'.-Y'ou'.'can- insure : tfty, fair; rates/with  /livN.'-eoursiei'/"��������������������������� ;,7.../,/,: 7,;-7' , o;];���������/:  / /The; ���������, bank ���������' circulation'  of .Canada  /sUbweil  iii).  riicren.se '.of'a. mill ion last  '��������� month.;'���������",!���������'"'���������: '..��������� ���������.;-.'.��������� ;'��������� :    '   "���������<<���������/��������������������������� ������������������"���������'���������" ;''-/'    '"  /;��������� /.Ai'the ;'uiiiuaTineetiiig,pf 'the,/Rev-'  '��������� i'lstokc^.ViiVc-anil Spirit /Company/ on  iMoiHlayihcjornier directors were  rer  /elcc/tcd.1";",/'   '''���������/'"   ' ' :"/"':'/ ;yy ::\''r     .^ "'"  ''.'vCecil Rliodes"  will b.e;-..t-l.ie., subject  .; oi.tlie .Presbyterian'x'hurcli on /Sunday,  '/eveni njr-'- nex t..'" r ������������������'���������' .^'''//';' '.,/'���������'���������'���������.' '/.;/  V/A. contented   woman','is; one-y vyhp  ������������������' 'i.'iii'ii.na.ic-s the baking from her house-  liold duties/nnd-gets;her bread at A;;N.'  ''Sinirjis/V v:*://';;./''1:/ ' >.,;'���������;''.,--V'':: P'.',:��������� ::\.::  ���������',,/The'Jotirtii 'Qanadian / contingent ia;  beiiig ra) lidlyorganised, and wiHeou-  The liiiily -of/A, JilcCiilIough, for-  'nicrly ; janitor of / t lie , provincial  jj'oyer'iinicht; c'llict,-, at Kaiuloops, vvas  frt'u'nd in the; North'..Thomsoii /river.  ���������Tho.' jui'v, ..rci unied a verdict of suicide  while,"temporarily insane.  - ',   , , y,  Fi'i'd., .M.cCii'egcir, son,of F. \V. Mc-  (���������regor, fornie'r'ly of l.i'velstol;e, liail his  leg broken'lit Sain ion-'-Arm the other  dav 'and is now at the Kainloops' .'hospital..., \'"'7 '<...,: ;/.',:. '/,' ���������'.''.,".", ' '/'' -.  C Fromey has started work on ,'his"  contract fiir the stone; foundation of F,.'  ���������l'J, Lcyis's'1'residence 'on--' McKenzie  Avenue. : The 'contract for 'the,,..super-  structure has.-notyet'been; let./ ,/'c  ���������'���������'���������' ,Ne.\t nioiifh shouli'l see the finishing'  'toucliefcon tlie hospjtal.'*; :.).' Ale Lean,  who   lias, the   pla.sternig ^contract, An.  pushing, 'on'���������������������������'with,, the yvork.y- and /'E.  yMoscro))   ife  gelling the lieating1 plant  iiistajledy ���������;.:������������������ ;;//;;'"'; ���������': y ..'���������','."'/  7 .7'/;  A : miner,   D./'C.   Tarrall,  vvho had'  lieei'i   woVkiiig" at   the   Eva,,is  at the  City   hotel,' seriously  ijl, <witl. .', pheu-/  lnoniii.      His    condition .shows, iin-  -'prpveiiient today.:,,', //.���������������������������'      ..''.;'      , '",'/���������  / :-Thbnias Alc^aiight,  .l.l\,of- Halcyon,   is 7 olVering , two. special /cash  ���������''p'ri/"t's.'7;il7;'l.liuv:lviiiiiloop.s exhibition;  nainely.: ���������; For t lie .best bouquet of wild  flowers /.arranged/. by'' boy  attending  school, -ii'2.50; aiul   for - siinie arransicil  bygirr^i^O..;// '   ���������        -'.V 7 7'.' 7'V  /-'���������' An errpr iicciin;eil iii a :]iar.-igr;ip'h!in.  hist issue rega rd ing ('lie new.... store ; for.  ;(.'-. Tunii'oss: on . ^IqKenzie .Avenue.  .Messrs..Foote and .Aljrah'aiiiaonslio.uld,  liaye./been st.ated^as.the .contractors'.'. ";���������  ��������� .'J'Ji'e/c-.ity. coiiiieif'nieeting/'. has been '  . |iostpp/iiea t i 11'; tonipri ow���������'. nigh t: so ,as'  /nqt-ip clash with-the cantata./   ;'.7,;'.7/,;  i.' 7 GQf!'don, sen (enced-.to death ��������� for/tlie  ;i)iiinlei'77of . the..: 1'aniier   JJavv,;���������' iiear  AA'"hit,ewater, will be'executedOn/June.  ���������2Stlh;;y7/:77 ;;/>]/r7;\, y  ���������'...,'ylV^'.ii  i Ry, the colliipse'of ii structure/at.tho.,  i ii t eri'i :i lion a 1.. i'oo tlia 11 "ga/in e��������� a t; ,'G h'is-  go\y fi ve, vycre Ic i 11 Oil ii nil ; 125, injured,  of vyhoiii. twenty will;dii;/; 7-      / ;;''-' ��������� ,A  //:E/fy..t;liaiiil>el's aiiho/uhceisythat 7he  will siispcnd-pulilicaiion:of tlie Golden  Ei'itZat tlie'/entlftcif:; this .iiipnth. "./The  plant wilh ce ;nioyci'| 7 to, - A rin strong,  :\ylierc;..M.r'^^^^^  .anotlier ne\ys].a per veiitui'e.y,, ,,,/;//,7  ������������������/'  The'Dominion govern in eh t outlit of  twenly nieii vyho i are7 engagedyiii; ini-.  ': ���������pr6vihg;'Dti hcii lV-Kiver-'r/for-navigation';-  had, a narrow ; escape ,,/i'rpin being siif-  focated;i)y/t/lieir-tent catching lire/" /;;  ;: Tiie -appointment of. Fnnik Sargeaht,-  President , of //tlie/ 'Brotherhood! of  r.ocombtive' Firemen.y.as Commission-.'  ei'-Geiieral bf;yJniinignition at .Wash-  ingtcjil ;is ;a:/-great������������������'.,'.-c.oinpliin'e'h't/,- to"-:  irgiinisei!'/!ub6r.''7;y  y7A7;fine//pict.ui'e. on ,,; exhibition./:" iiv  /lfdtel Reyelstoke. is Lieiiig ;r.ifllen./;//Tt  is'a/iiirge oii/piijiiiing^of/Mt- Steplieh;  piie of it'h'e,'.m'i.st sfrilsiiig,vie'iv's7ih/:/t.lie  Ivickinghprse/rass.by 'ay' well: known  ;arfist."aiid vyil|:be/,a7coyete^b.]h'ize7to  tlie/lucky-y.winncrlZL  61'it;iined-at CaiiadiiiDrug ct7;I3ook ��������� Go;'  aiid/al7HoteJ Revelstoke.,;/7/7 :=;/.', 7;":;  1 -q.'E,''Aij-;Bi'iulley 'lnade ;t,the..trip'.fr.ciin'  Siiiitli/Greek in/one: day/ hist week.-  Leaviiig'SinitlvCi'riek/by'yboat/ he-px-  'cluiii^'eci'.^tliis/'iifc^t-lVe'-rniiids ".'fdr.-iv.c':ii.pe'  which:11/4me/n/who yiire-tal.in.g/iivt.iie;  supplies ifory-the '-Blue : Jayyhail: with  theih, anil>. reaehe'd/ Revels;pkn 7tliat/  iifteifnoon.;/lJ.; V...Perks /..ntl two.men-  who-ii'iivc been-/.vvprkjiig/;oii.the/Blue:  J'liv���������a'lsbica'mc'-.do.wn in /the'fciiri'oe.v-.  :���������  . '-'       - ' .--��������� ���������.-������������������������������������     '������������������ -<., -; ���������'. --f .- : .-.- .'���������    ���������    i\..y..  '���������G:''13';7.;AIeDel-n.)0t: ,proposes;.to start  /'ist-'bl'-.- 2.300, men..  7. .^lorris .Anderson ;lias .left, to ���������'���������������������������])'.-  ��������� 'McCiirty.' a:- con tract-for the7erection  /.if. a';.;se.ven-robined' house on Second  -,'M'i-Cf;t.'-    ; '   y../":   ,:   ; -."... \ .  7,.!7 /\i.  .Scott" lias .'purchased ' Mrs:  'liainiiion's- ..residence "'/on,-McKenzie;  '.AveVlUf.'-V,���������>..'-,'' /    '7- ���������"' ,   y-'"'-  '������������������'���������'��������� '-���������'.'���������  'rhe: meeting/',convened;a.t Halcyon  "ii.. ionn Ji iin-ss. associatioii. /'for' tiie  -fpiw\^CTfvvi"ll.be'' h('Id;thj.s;'afternoo'n. .-'.  .;;.. '���������'i'l'iif:'-ia'-l'O.r.���������' convention, to.be held  "\i\' K:.ji'i!bo)iS on:"the "3-lth-'will be(re-  ' i;!''-'M:.:.i'ti.-.d'iVi'un   :i!l   parts   of the pro-  ; \ifU:>-'.   '   ;   ,' ,-. '.   -, .-, "'" '":",/"' .'���������'':-.' :  '..- A ;i7;;vr piinii.'l .Ri.i'he'rt Shore'lias,  .'��������� -'���������������������������:���������).'������������������ :7-!'7-!f(i7it" l;V-rhie. ��������� for/punching  '7v /',it-'.-'t'l'-'cl'-iif'n ici^ri.'pi'oviiiL'yhinpor,  'I   ������������������������������������'���������.���������:..,' .'.vlul- '      ''.-'-.'���������'        '���������'       , "���������" -'   ���������  "-  v,  r.:.M'.I."  'f< l)f.  7 da y;  ?:i-t -ix-irioiiths  iii iiivis rei-eiyc-c.! puivs .of,the  ���������I hi? >irter .\ii,s. Fraiser,  ;.l./ I!. Fi.-iser. at Toronto,  l.'.-ci-iiscd -had. 'been il.l for  ���������1 ni, t,'ii ley;  of thrCi'ty Jlotef -who  ni. bv l.'l'.iud-iioisc-iiiii'i'.  i:,i-...:i;  ,.'.li...:  i-Miproviiic  K';..';i!o(,  f7-v;7tok.  i-nit")i'.'!i'.('al  ;i/iip."   The  sliver   in. Jll-  loot, is now  ���������- will, send- -a team .. to  (������������������in .May 2-itli to contest  footballers   for tlio 'Martin  secretaryo.i  tlie local club  anotheristp're in Golden.,, ; -,- ,���������������������������,-.'..-'-,.,  The Upper ;. Coluiiibia ^Navigation  Company,.'; with': .7 lieaclquartcrs at-  Goldeii,/liave.''-i|g,ci,(iiid to . add. to."the  Col unibi.-r River .fleet, tlie ./N'ort-h Star  .tvhicli formerly , ''ran 7 oil /Kootenay  River.; Capt.''Armstrong .. has gone to  Gii 11a 1:Flat toyiniprov'e the,Jock tliere,,  sufliciently' .to . get 'the. .'Nivrtli.'.'.^tar-  thi'Qnghi -tlie /canal a-in to/'the Upper,  Coliiinbia - Ri.v'er.. /"The. North. Star-  .will r.iiii. between : Golden', andAViiid'ci"-  inere tRi,SySe;ison.,;; '' ;". ; ,;,';' V';//; ,7  A/ good 1 iotel' 'tci ,"stop at is a,ino'sr  important' 'qtii'-s.tion7to'.. tlie, trayeUer.  YouAvill.tind thi7.Ceiitral Hotel.'eon-  ilucted by ' A llirahaipspi'?, ��������� l.'ros'. supply  yp'ur.reiiiiireincat. . ;'7 -0// -/; ������������������/������������������'..-;'  . ,.Jir.,Bhul.ley-;-.'roport-s.:.'..t-.he..i:iv".e/r1/very.i  l'ovy-.'aiid in /excellent,, eonditioti . f,(tr/i  doing-the work,..,required��������� . for the.iin-'j  prove 111 en-tv'o.t navigat-ion'. , Tliis vvoric0!  he urges' sliouId, .lie, put in hand 1111-1  media tely>.ii's/eyeri-"day 'is of i.inporta'nce.  attlie/preseiit'stau'e of'.water 7  -.'" '  Tlie. Kootexav   JMArr.  has arranged  "to publish in.... hocik- /foi'iii /a coin pie te  map aiid-desej-iptioh .of. the  Big:R.e'n/(i  and Canoe   River /country/ with illustrations:;." J11 view/of   the'''opening' tip !  of'that .section 'by   'traiisportiition i:at'.';  an early " date'ii! ..���������������������������e.l.ial.ile guide-to the !  coun.t'ry tci' the, uiirt h;; is! reiiii'ire'c,.-,'..ani. !  the:MAir."proposes to stijip'ly it;  .-.'' 1 [it'll-' Pros'.,' the well -known .ranchers'  ai:.Ilall's- Landing, have . jiiirehaseilii  steiim. laiiaeh , fn-.tii -. P. (i..-,n*ru,o/aijd  intencl using- it - iii .-'carrying iirodiice  ff/irii their. I'll mi to ��������� He vols toke-'lu-,,rite  Coluiiibia liivr-r. and to'��������� the;MtJyvay,  station at Arrowhead., anil !-,ike poiiits  11 says "much for -the progress of farm-.-  ing .operation? at<   llall/s Landing 'thai  pit .warrant's the enterprise./   ;-. '���������  I -   . -:'-:-.,���������.-  .17.1. Foley ha.s'-niiplied to the (7'P/R.  to i-stalili'sh c'lieap yexelirsio'n vaf.es between (it'-v'elstoke ai'i'd.- A'ri'owhead for  the summer months. -His proposal, is  being backed up . by the local' Hoard of  Trutib.. '-      ��������� 7  '; * ,-,-       /'���������'-       .'   '-,  '    G.A.'Keefer, Domiiiibii���������(<ovei'iiment  eiigiiieei',-\vas-,. at,/,Kaslo   iiist week to  start work,6n the  improvement of the  Duiicaii. river.,: .It  is   to ; be hoped he.  will get (he   work -   on - tlie  Coluniliia;  .r'ver'at Revelstoke started immediately. 7'':/-.-' ;';/   ���������-.... .../';  .-'���������/,���������;���������.'���������.:���������':'/'/..;';/  ��������� .OiiJi",'plj'iit'i.igri5,plu'".'. 'studio,;will he  (ipeii until Monday evening'Api'il M'th  ���������K. H. Tnieman. ;...-���������-'���������' ���������7/;'//y;(,-;..ai'...  ,' A. McMahdn,vsenr.. /fitther of-Mc-  Mahon brothers,/ arrived froni/. the;  east this week, vvitlr, his son Williani/  and his wife. ; ;W/ McMahoh has,  purchased a piece of land from F. B.  Lewis, agent ,'.for the Siiielter Tow'n-  .sites'on.tlieilafc iiear ' the shingle- mill  where he Will erect, a   ilwcll.iiigyhouse.^  :; .Tlie/ Ladies' /Aid :��������� of: St,'/ Andrew's;  Presbyterian /Church   intend holding"  a sociable iii the   church   011 Tuesday  tlie 29th inst./ V:        '-��������� -'-��������� 7;":'/:"���������/// -y-;//  :   When': //visiting..' Hevelstoke7 imikc  your quarters  at  the.CentralHotel;  AbrMliaiiisoii Bros, proprietors.: "/:/;;���������7  ���������'/������������������At/- the   meetiiigVr'of fihc''/E|)W.irtli  League/ on ;;Monday   :iiight \V/y \V.  Lefeaux  gave iv'paper oii 'AVhy I'aih  a .Clin'stiaii';'.'/- ;./' ���������:���������';','. i,���������7,7;/';/v;���������:y."//:/7  ,   ,At/ ,the;';6peray lloiise,. tonight the  resideii t s ,'of" thi) / ci t-y,: wi 11 ha ve' the  opportunity   of; hearing /one" of'/the,,  fiiicst/niusical treats;.vct-put before the"  citizens    of    Revelstoke,     wheii   (he  c'a 11 lata/'/Esther,"/which  lias been/iii  active   preparation 'fiirsbiiiii'finie, will  be given., As. .the,proceeds are,iii aid-  of :'the<, hospit.-il .it' .is hoped there;will,  be-y a 7; large!/'���������/.  atteii-olancc.':" Thei:  M'aiiagnient specially request. thnt/all  sea(s/be;,taker. byS pin-. ���������������������������-' "y;/7/.:/./;;;7. /  There's ;a.sto.ve:/<fiill  of;wpod-fliat/is  /'//.   green;/���������"/;,); /^-y/;,   ......' v A:.;*7'/'--..'!./  TlitM-e/sagirl witli'sonie'gpod kerosene,  There's a/land that, is:,fairer than /day/  AndAve think she is   iieiidwrthaty'wiiy;  Mpralr^Have,.-lip insurance policy with  a good coriipanyfroiii':Lewis Bros,/p;;-^  : A\'c;regrct:'to/liaTC.;:tq/:iiiti6ui]ce the  death; of: A\::Eaf I,';:M r;;j7,.Porter's /elder  'sqii^y which-'/..took/ ;place;,7yesterday  afternoOn.;/;;The /'littie,;/''fellow':'su'ftcreil;  from   / eoinpliciitions   ,; of; //nieasles  jilietiihonia/;:"aiid,!/'whoopiiig; 'cdiigh.  Yesterday   niprh ing 7 li is; /condition  showed :iniproyenicnt': iind hopes, were  held/, put/Zof//his 7,rceovery7 / Much  ���������sympathy/'is" felt/'witliy/Mr;;.,'iinil 'Mrs.  Porter in tlieirsiul/liereavenieiit^/yrhe  iiviieral//vvill//t:ike//place 7ixt" "2;/':pm/;  tomorrow. ..;/.7;���������      7777>//';:"' ,.,:/'/:!: ,',":/  //;i,)bg':tags:eah.now /be obtained from,  '���������ho chief of 'police, /price $2. / All dogs.,  that'want';" to,/ live must ,.be/. tagged  immediately./1/ ,::   /  '���������:''''', ���������:'7. /---"o���������"'/.'".;  *',;". ������.*���������-   '-. ',      *.'    ......    ,  "7.-.-I., ���������:'.'���������..".       i.t'..   :./':.   '      ���������'.>.'.,.  ' ���������/;  'The:;; Colu ni bin. River.: Lunibcr/'/Cp,;  have iitide'r,way at Iya'ult/aii additioir-  tp" theix pliiiit iii :' the '/shape'of a sasli,  a nd/dopr/factory.,:.   ;/ /// :;;y/:; /:���������/;/  .-/.-���������  Good'���������'Reports   Received.  .of about'' 10 -per "cent,-,;-- w'il li  h.Vurs���������������������������'i'o'i;,:-vv^i"ic;/ip/.--.1-i-'/.( ������������������'.;i,s;-,,;i.* "--��������� .//,���������;.���������'���������, ;.  Several iiiei 11 in-,',-:��������� iwi- wi'gu.ig in-the ,  Coinniiihs a-bill/lri niiiciid, the Riulwiiy.j  Act and jirpviiji,' , for / certain' safety j  aiipliances; 'to: i'lduee /(lie risks .'.-to-'f  ..vylii/'h 1 "r.'iiive-i"'ii-.,'i'ri  :���������:���������]���������������������������.Af<li    , '//'/'//,  ���������������������������'Ihe. ;;.0;u(i"'../':./i:/>7i.iVi:;,    1,���������>!.'��������� i;Jii-  liVot'lierliood .p,i''-.-'-Ha'iiw;iy..''(!oivdU(.',lors''  on !l;he C..P; R-' will / liieet iu Alontreal  In June,-", //''-/./ ./.y'..���������/' /-..>'��������� / .   "''..  7..Within three weeks the stee/l-steain-  ,er :Y;ork',   novv"   plying -oii-! Okanagan.;  Lake,/ \yill l,>e taken   apart.;and shi])pb<],  via/' the:: La 1 dea 11 ''-'.'railway-/- to-; Trout/  Lake,, where; slie.'//vy'i'JI' ;riiu.... bet-ween  Trout Rake City.aiid-Gerii.riL���������������..'���������:/  :  ,7The iiew'st.eiuii''.'sjipyel/re'ceivcii from:  t lie/i\ 1 ari'cii'Y 1 rpi 1" \):-oi;ks('���������'���������y111 ie C;P.-It/  will be sent /opt ,:io :. work: near Sica-  nious. in charge of/v-.Mr."';..- Storey;/;::-A 11,-';  other of these'shovels'/is'' ojjoriiting on'  the,Nakusp briinclp    '"'��������� :i/7;'- '���������  Mrs. Gooi I fellow,,: wife   of /J. Good-,  fellow,;' C'.liief ���������;. Train   ..Uespatc'.lieiv'nt  Vancouver,   died   at/: .the: ;!v a ni loops'  ���������Hospital 7;last   .week./; ,v\ 7;!i;,iidspii:ie  wreath .was -seiit   by';/the/staiV of The?  despa'tcher's.oflice;,: at   Hevelsiiike.-//,/  Currehfiy is';, g'iyC'ii   liy  11 Newoyiii'k  'pi'fpe'r lo,;.a ��������� rumor/'-1 hat;- t he G: P.7IL  wi 11/, est a Id ish a., fa sty AI Inn t ic/Service  with:,its Giiiiadiaiiylei'ininiis.-Vl Sydney.  ���������N.'S:-, 'Mild :'alsp ^acquire yfhefco;il iiiill  steel .ii.idtisl ries';thei;e. ;;/.;'���������.-''������������������."��������� '���������'.' 7;   ",/  : /GO?2,000,006'dist ri'luited .iii'Torohtir  on .April; 1st'iii   (liviilen'ds/t .lio'liirgest-  wastho C./l'l/lLy-half-yeiiriy (livjdeiid,  .which anibunted ;to"!rl ,ji25;()00 foj'l his  ,Giiiiiuli:in'.':',iiit:-y!."al('iiic'./..���������...���������;'"''������������������;'���������/.'���������.'���������:'���������- /:/,;/:'//:::  //At, t lie- 'ni eeting''7()f7 tl ni I./G,. Fru i t-  Gi'owe.rsAsspeiatipii; it/7 wits, i/resolvetl,  that, whereas/ tlie;.C.; P! /R/and/lhe  executive/agent, Mr.. G. /McL./Brown;:  iiad^sliiiwiip/eyery: desire/tOfoster/tlie.  friiifgibwing/iiydustry, of tlie proviiice,-:  ancl.'''Mi\ 'Bi'own liiid //always, rendered/  every: assistance,/, he, .be'/niiideAiadife/  in ember ()f:tlie";-Assbciati6iu;'':i>'; ,7:' 7; :./7  '������������������'. 'A / w ri ter \ i 1/ 1:11 e i\ G.l 6be; sa ys.:���������"Lt/'is;  exiisjieraliiig/fp;;; see / iii;yoiir''co]iuiins  . (he'da i ly;/sla light er,;. of 'liiilvva y/tra in-:  ine.n in cciiipiiiip; (iii'i;s:;'/"ThcsQ. 1111 liiip'i'.v  /iiien/aiid fathers'of faniiiieso wb/l heir;  _iloiiths;io^  above theiii���������by/,iiure- negliggiice/iind  tlisrcgaril'dfliuliian/riglits/'a/ilisi-egiii'du  re'su 1 ting/l'i'oiiic;alI their."personal ,qh.(.r.j.  gie/s/being;wrapped , up iii; the thp'iiglit;  of-gain foi/theiiiseives;'/;::AVe/wercrtcdd::  tli!it/.tlip/eoiiipii!iies.wei'c i;mdci/pbl.iga-/  tioii;-: to '.'lia-ve- /automatic',7couplings''  provided' loiig .ere. this. 77/ ���������:'���������/ :- ���������:'���������; '//��������� ;���������  :.,Tliere are -several ; good'Scotch ineii/  iii tlic/C. ,P7 ll./sliop-s,/ but'tlioyf did not7  feel ..iip-thc- -'best; of;:;.b.unipr -1 lie pi. her.,  iiioriiing:wlieii;ohe::of their/mates said::  tlie: .settlement'"': of// 'the /irackipeii/s;  difliculty./with President' Shiiughnessy,/  cim��������� SMS It.  .:.',. '��������� .. ;' /; -". (.. ;''  ���������'���������'.,���������"-, Special Meeting.      /  il,  ,/y ..'���������: '.-���������;:��������� -,.,'-.!.d ���������'.:';e(.'.!'illgi'')f..f']if.'cii-.Tr'0'!i!.'  -.I'lj' ���������:;':'.'.''!.-��������� v ;;i:i;i7i>:;(:u . i-poiHyuf i iu/ V/grkb  ebiii!);i:iii:e//A liylaw//tp: raise $7,000  /.'will bo/siibniit'ted a't,tonight's meeting  /'for- tlie foi lowing/purposes:   7     ���������;'., ���������'/,''��������� ���������;'  To grade and, gravel   streets,   ctin;-.  sfruct/sidewaiks   as;   follows, and .pin--;  'clii'ise'a. city scale.>   '"/'-'      ;''.: :";,://  '������������������/���������;': ���������':���������'���������";:  ���������'/i'-"Oi'o'SEn;'\vpli.KSi7' ���������;,:,/-/',///;,-  ���������',- /-Gi'iiyel.., fro) 11 ..;��������� Centra 17. hotel   iijong  -Frpiif/Tiiig/ iiiu!7 Rbuglns/' streets to,  '���������Mbll'isptf'.s/.���������'���������:���������,:���������.'���������':,'.���������.'.''���������'���������'"-���������'������������������/'���������" .������������������/'/ ���������j"-'"'.  :/ /l.;(,p:iii^/.n!;iugl;is:;street//froni;A[(d-^  jispp's '('���������( 1' N(':'ttle?S:-a7:/ ���������;./;.,',/;,, / '-:,'��������� '/7;;���������/,7.������������������  ./- - G ni Vei .Kootenay street from Xet.tle's  to/rhird sfi-eet;,',:/:':/..:;:.;. ,7 -://;:..:':. /;.;.,  .'/.(irav-'el. Chaflei? street... Cowan;block'  ,,tc) ^ncl'slwd':..':.//",;/- //'y ', ), /��������� H':';'���������'������,  ::. ;\;(lniyel ^nd.-s.ircet/Charles to^Walcs,;  Brewery fij']i('isf. pllict';and;fi;din/IIuiiie's;  ;\Vareli.-use'lO!Ortoii;av(.'in'ie. :������������������/���������;,;',;.'.'"���������:������������������  "'���������'/-. G ra vellst/streety: froin 'freight shed'  "t./'Cily bote) "and '."/Governiiient7i'oad  from.Citv bolel to post oilict". '''.'���������������������������".>,.-'  /Cril. u'|j'lo(s 1 :iii(1.2, block 20.'-',/ y/y  Gi'iivel./ird street. - Charles to'Wales'  streejf. and grade: //: . ./7:r - J;./;7"// .  .;;-. "Gra'vi'i/-Koiitehay';:sti'e(?tijhd'io 2nd,/  striVct'..-:/-;''���������',' / -��������� :;. 'i:"'';.r'i ���������  ������������������'/���������Open/Big'" Bend /road from corner  vi I la fill s 8 a lid J.U/ /to coiner of /villa  lotS/l/'iind'(!., -���������//:'7-;.y /y7,/7,777///  ; . (ii'i'ido.Orion ayeniie-^rtlsfroetto 1st  street/;/'' :;;/<//i.,//���������", '.:y .'���������."',-."'.;. 7 / "//'7':'7;,7.:  /Gravel Campbell avenue from ,corner  'Idiird street ���������/Id; 'wiitertrougli;:. Station  ro;i,dJ: iind/eiiidei'i/ to Iliiihe'Ry store:  along St:itionToad.,7": 7:/. ,/"*'.-/  ,/:Open,;ai ul .clear;/: Rail way//'ayeniie/  '''"'���������" dZ/streeti'/to/cbnierSiid  In   One   /rear  ���������n"-'eeii Y^IIey Goal  a  Fair Profit;     Buy   Similka-  Oompany's Shares and make it.  Was the   "Profit  made  in. four  years   in Crow's  Nest,Goal Shares. . '  /'���������'The location of.thc Coinpariy's Coal'Land and   their   City  of Wonder, Progress and Prosperity,,  is '-jan'./cnviable one, and they" own the 'water power, timber  limits/and electric light. '- Stock holders participate in, the  profits of all of the above mentioned."  "'���������X'!;'"7Et.tini(ited assets of the Company arc now $1,350,000.  The-//'': .   '  ���������or  trom corner  ���������street.yij'y^;^ y.-;/'-;f''':;/,./;./,,.';/^/-/-:;.^/;/;'"'//,  if. /Level 7 4 th//street/Vernoii ayoiiuel-p  7\fcArt!iiir avenue.;'////:;/::-// 'y'y.'';/7:;7:;/  'Zv'pYa'vc.lyBoydc^  dst;s'ti'eet./:/,,;.:.//;;'-'/ ;^:/;,/v,/";.//>i7/y'V':,/',-'/l7;;  ,7;:Box/fiuine:/'aeross; Cainpjjqll;avenue.,  to'jpiii ciilvei'l: oii -1st[.street^.also'��������� pii 1--  ;vert../,'ti6.'.joijr-//nia.in;!/c.'iiJyer at/riillway  bridge. iii:\;;yfc/7;.-"y.;/;.ft7!;;: ������������������;//';/��������� 7/ /���������/; ,fri:'cy:  -:.\ iy-.���������-:',/������������������/���������;' '/sinK\v^i,KS.-: :"���������,/:/:���������,,/y^,:,"/:;  ,.; Six/foot;,sidewallc/;;north'/side;:;>rd;  sti/eet;;,/Ni;cR;eiizie;.yayenue/; cast /to/the  .Robihsoii;/ -'! iii i 1V l."ni i1--/;' Gp j."'' P "." y *���������* i" *': 9' I' VP~  aiid difto/oii/'soulh /side;, tci'MoGarter:  ;avonue/'[;v:/7r---:/';:-y- :;'/'7;7;:/;:;:/;-y-;..r:.;.:;77y...  ': /'Six/foot .sidewalj. /oh ���������; north side/of,  4t-ii./stirei't;./5iel\pii>.ip'-/i'a'.y^  ii.ven ue/'a ml di tpi/ south, side/ i;p Mc-  :Ai;thur avenue;;//;.: /' -/i /"/" i 7';V/.-7//./:.:  / Six/fool-/side\v-dky soutli /sale ilrd  si'reet. I"r,(>ii 1' Ivoote 1 iii.y ;; strpef to .'VV'i'Ies;  sireetj/a-iitl crossing������������������.t'o.c.oni't-Rdii^e:(iii-;  idiHliiigygraclmg:)-'-/'/;;":/ /;:;'���������'- y-:.y i-i:}:  /"-.Six fisoy/siiilti'vviilIc dp 2nd.streel/froiiv  coriH'!'.. Gliiiides" sti'eel7::ti.ien('e::across  of Tbronto.   is also   establishing its   Western Office and pay  roll/at-,   '���������    ,,        '   .'   ���������  SMELTER, LIMITED,  how an assured fact, with a Capitalization of $2,000,000, will  not only erect a smelter with a 5000 ton daily capacity but will  also /make ASHNOLA its Head Office, which means a pay  roll: of ft hree gigantic incorporations for   '  ;:77;Sirhesc facts make it possible for the Similkanieen Valley  'Coak'Gompany's shares to advance to at least' $25.00 within the  next:year. These shares are. now being offered by our official  brokers,at $1.16 on calls of 10c. per month, with non-forfeiture  cTause*;\vhich means you get shares for the cash you. pay into the  Com pan v   m   anv  event,  pectuses, apply to the  For   further information and pros-  after -yict^Trpsid^  v.irishi;iiMii,y.beat,   a  pieces::at -settling  y7/The'Voice/ :pf;//Apr|l::': 5th;says:-^"A:;  :iii'essage/ last: - cveiiiug,;:,,frony.i!::i:Vio.o--:  . Pyes;(lenPLp\ye;iiv/^  ;sbme;^lieei;iiig'/ne\ysv//He/says-it, iiiay;  .be/regnriled:iis,/'a:7certaiii.y: tliiit there  'will; be/;;;iiq;/strike^:/t:his/':spi'irig;//and  /fiu:tiiei7th;ii/7.i; /satisfiietbrW/scliedule  rnay be/expeiitcd iii a/few^days./yTliere  were, d illieuIt ies in. .reopen ing iiegotia,:  tions, these;iiiiv"c:/l>eeii /oyei'eoii'ie and;  all /going smoothly lip .-'. to " time of  'vvritiiig.'y.,/l|'/-7 ���������"���������;���������://��������� ;,'/���������'������������������' ..���������,,/, '..-I :.���������/"���������'/���������'  ,'Ay^Ioiitreal .���������-, telegrani/ ��������� of ;April dtli'  says:���������|'J/;A. Wilson, president of.the;  .Broihcrbood',01 Ra,il,wiiy Truckmen,  stated tliis morning. that everything  was going along ' a ro 061 h Iy, im cl nicely,  that/every thing.points ..to-sa tisfiietory  settieinents ,of :the " tracknieii's, grievances.'::: ;-,:,yyv- .'���������:-.'' 77 -; ,,/'/ ..-'.-: :..y,-  7;General Siipt./Marpol,e /tteiitieihtlie  'incpiiry;-' '������������������ 31 i".:AicN,icoHysays:������������������-'������������������'Tlrere,-  wi!! bey ho::,:trouble,, in : .arViving at a;  showed :,thii't  'Scotch n/iiin it  irdiincvili-y/.  i.'.'.iTiic./s'fceanier Revelstoke is/bfciiiggbt  reiidy.to/^bey/bronghl/ytoy/tiic: eit-y/.ih  readiness. .to-. be/ytiiken/yup/// theriyei'  '���������/w.Iieii :/tl|C/AvatiM':y:is/'-:fayo;r:i.tile.7; Tlie  /wlicicd:������������������.;tincLy to:/ l>t'?ftl>iwvi-eil.::''aiHl/oiie  Stairway.has, been //done "-ii way: witli/tp  give iiiore/'ile'ck;/ !icebiTihibcliitiou;,-:;/:A':  'steaiiLca:psl.aii,;/is /alt-p - beihgiivviiited,  ��������� having/iieeii delayed/ Ahitraiisit.fi'oiii  'th'b'Gbast .ii,///:'"' &;7;j;v.7/7- ���������://-: ;-;:/;7/-;.;::/-/a:::/;;  ��������� /Owingt'i;) si'ek'ii'ess/iiiiio.iig' the I rifin.1.;  ineii:"there;!'ias beeu7 spi'il'eydifliculty in  'get.'ing'/togethei'/ci'eHys/of/late./,/;,: /:.//;/  strd'\t','..l:'0---<y\:'a-les' street ;| iii eluding /gru'd-,  . ilig;];<:,//.77:7.,,/���������.;// "i^/i/-/./-;-"!' / :���������/v^/;'y//'"'//-'  y7S'ix:fopt.: sidew-ilk':7aloi;g:s<iui.h/sidC:  i;Gbveriin,ieiit;./b;id/ifi'bni:  2nil s'trebl.tci  ^W'/sfi'iH^'t:./;;-^::/-::,;''/:///^  //;7Light.fobf/ei'bssing;''p:ist/  ;;Kei.izic;.:ii'yiViiue;/frp'm',;;U^  Cb/'s ciiimei':fO���������::."SI.ciGarty������������������  block/ [.\yitii;  ;rajl,ing.;]7'.:,,:;'.::/:/ ////./y1/;/;/:,/:/-//;:.-)'::-:.:/:://.'  ; '���������-.;:'i &;i x7fo<>,t-.'Js'icUV>v-i I ic',-7Xtivrcpirt-i'n u^/oxisty  .iiig/sidewai k ;��������� on//.. sf/'::strbet/tp: hprt-h-  .west cbiiier; :MeArtliur;a voniicVi--ii:b'/ ///:.  "dlepidi's'/ttySidbwiillsS:/';://1  ; Six,' fobt: "sideW'alk'/soiitl  ///'   7^/? ������ ������^K ^3770;   -/,  A Alanitobiv TMbliier '/'Gives7Pi;ffctteal  '������������������ '"Advice: oii the c-i're .of/Babies.'/ .;.���������'"  c It is well, --known'- tliatiii'ai'lly all'iii-  faiit troubles/- spi'iiigp/from va'/,disordered stpi'iiiich; /���������.Indigestion ir, ii/cliild  vvillcaiise 'at :��������� Jirs;/ jieeyisliuess : iiuil  s 1 eb] il ess 1 iess. but/ -'.ot-1 ier - ii 1 ore se.ripii -s  t roii b! t/s/ will fed low' /i'ast,-/' such: iis  colic'o'ri-'crii'nips.'1 "const-ipiitioii/ in:sonie  hew schedule satisiactory to ail pari ies,: j cases/'iliaiTlioea- ,iii others, with fatal  as.tbemeu express 7a ydest/e to.do ..the j TC.?u]'t7 in/nmnv "cases.-/ The... mother  proper .thiiig.,;; Concessions arc benig^.!^./ ni/���������ieetH "having ec^nstaiifly at  m;ulc.(>;i/l.othi7iaes./: ���������"���������'���������; ;' ��������� ; ,;(, , ';"; ���������"Whn'd - the. /meaiis "of - tr..-at-iiig'' these  yd-resident/Ailson .hasvbeen/kid ;.up: h,llit:ikes;aii awful/ risk/' -Mrs. R/L/  at ������������������Mqh.tre|il.'whli puepn.pnm. -:,   ,7 ,;y|;>i'c'.Mii]uiV,'y;/lj)g(ibh,  -Man.,/ /is/Zoiie  ~   l/ihother 'vv.lipls/part'ic/i.ilarlyywi'll lilted  to give iulv.ee /or.   the , ;care.of: b;ibies.  .ITer,st;andar(l-;piedieine/:.f(K,/t:he/niiiii)r;  ,s    '���������'.������������������"'.     " 7-   ,���������  ,,;-..-.'/' '���������'���������"   j liilrnentii. of ;hei"  little.'  ones is Buby/'s.  :-/ It'is'swted'the 'CV P. 'R/AviR biiild-;,;t.|;0wn /Tablets/ 'apd. /sh^.siiys:-��������� ':Xh,ey,  liirffe.-rit'>t'ei'dn'Tr>ronto:   ///..'.        /  fare tlipyfet iniidicinb'.'.[,- have.everused-'  for-.ih.fai.'t   iiilmen.ts.'/'   I ; have   giyeii,  thein to' my bal/y; for .indigestion/a iid-  i ���������'s'.i-om.icn.'. ti'oulie ' and, thevyiire pi'oiiipt  nd. t hompii'li' in'" uiakiiiti".a-eiiro: ��������� No  R A/HAND STEAMER  th y:S,|de /:1st  venue /tb Tt'obspii-  Ic  5th   stroefoiii  to   /corner   Oth  stree;t;:,/iUervenzie  avenue/ ;-;,/:;;.''y".;  ,;: Eight/foot /sidewa  M.c-'ion'y.io ,/:7i.venue/.  Street. ./''/.���������./ .���������':'/:..���������/:..;:.:;'/:///���������;;:'V7.'-'7/'-/.:'-;:  / -Eight' foot/ widevvalk .;.\'ve's.'t',i5.icl,e',;Mc-.  Kenzle ViyiMiue frpni/lst,/,to;2nd-street.  ;'/Sixy/fboL/.isidc'walk/' west /side/'McKenzie/avenue lVoiir/'2iid to/7tli'street/  /' Six:,foot'b.sidewalk/.on /Front-street  froni'/ ���������AVpll.-V store,/ to old -/Herald  oflice..,-.;/.;- .-::/.:/7/ . ."/'���������',,::' /,/ ���������/,.'/:-' ' ..  ': Six foot,sidewalk,-east,side;Gonnau1-  ght/ii venue: froiii/AMcforia;; i;ond tp/2nd  street.-with'coping.,���������/'���������:/ / / /:/,;.'���������;/-  ���������Six 'foot sidewalk,: froni/Tiuperiiil  Bank "to--.Tv.",]/.- Smith's/ /- ���������7/:'--' .':i: /:., 7- '/'  :' Six loot sidewal Ic 3rd s'treet.' ',.���������,-'.''.' "-,;  IRyOIwork in town leave" your work in town  =if: -/y7://7:-: Over I("10 suits have ciiino into town from eastern houses iirlhe past  7"s':j;fevv/iVvon111s. We can't help noticing them���������ils our business. Some very  7 ,goptl a nil some very had," but N'ONIO" ARE LQUA I, to our $20 lo $25 suits.  , V Give l"S a.I rial.  L  tas������j������������������  on  -,���������...[!.  lfi/i  -io  for  ".V;i--l.s-HV- iii-  f'ver route.  , urgey rn'.-nibers tj'get-'Jntp practkci".  ��������� I At'iiie giin cdub hhofit, on Saturday  sh' followiiit, were/the scores : A.  M<d>0!.mel! l^R. A. l/p,per;  A...Mc'1-.ne  ".md ''apt. Taylor Ki.'.l./Guy'Barber;J5,,'  K. '.'��������� Kll.ioit 11.    The 'annual, meeting  '..-I: th'.- '-5ol.. will lie held tomorrow  iiit'/rno'')]. having ber-ii )idst]ioned  from Tuc'.r.lay.'. ',    .      ,  ' Th"���������-iirrest'   of . Jpseph "O'eiiellc   at  ' lio'/land-oii' t\ charge   of inciting ihe1  burning of the steamers   Glenpni and  Mcaui. in whiclrlie  was   interested on  ;!i'- .Yukon.'eoni'.'-s ae   a.surprise.    He  ���������was taken to'the. Coast on Weiiiiesday..  ���������T!a- police   aileg"   they   found.,on the  ''night, watchman who .was arrested for  burning-the   steamer:--,, a   letter froni  'o.nelle   askiiig   him   to. burn them.  ��������� Mr.'!enelje"s fr'iend.s   (lo   not   l.ielieve  there is.' any  .foundation-'for   such a.  c-ha'r^e. lis Jin dm not write a fetter.  *.PUh_i CRAPS . Cai-AM    O^TAf-lAR    rOWIH^  Highest Honors, World's Fair  Gold  Medal, Midwinter Fair  Avoid   Jinking   I'cnvclurs   cciiil;iiiiln<;  ilium.   Tlie." wa iiijiiri<niH d> 1.,-iilth  rite! i.r.      .  /'Geo/ Robsori/of./the". Ci'/.F-.-sJiops./i  hi'us.gone io/Fie!d:tenipbriin!y.;   ;-.  ���������; General   ,Supt7/. Miirpole' ,,,\vbn  yestei-day's Nov./I: to Vancouver"/..  '..;-.-Supf.   i.pwnie.''   vcl'io-' c/iii.e-  meet General, Snpt'./jJIaVprik"  thi- 'south  this, morn iii g7 ,7 ;������ ',. ,./  , ; /Capt.' Short. ��������� ���������������������������{. the,' 'S. s., RooK/nay:  i'ha.s. bef-n 'transferred :.tn : t.lie'7'yiiki.p  I r-ervice.  'iiiifl ., is/   sueeeded    by /.f/tijii':  I .Frasc.-r of tbe ivo.ka'niie^', ./,//.,/      ;������������������ '���������  ' 'At'-.'.t;he:'r;n.lkiiy',CoiMiii:t.tee- a"1- "''tt-aiva  j/Mj-.^Ln-'ii,' I'eprWcntiiig ..'t li,i"-"Ciuia'dian-  j Nc"ii:i''l.ierh::,-Avithdr';w.'" the   ajipiii'atio;;  I for. |ii..wc;r ,,lo -build : thniugh, thy  j lb'whe;i'|. IM.ss,''. sl-atiiig-'/if  1 Ji'-ndi-d ii'i adopt    the , Pine  j-viii j.ibi'ili fork di" Fraser.-,-, ,'������������������'���������  7   ���������">'  !     Two sons of   pro iii in en t   .Ni.-.w W'r-it-  1 niinster .citizens   have, pleaded   gnU.'.v,  to/ wn.'cking 'lie Seattle irain.  : /The   rioiisci'Viitive'' pie8>: aud.ipl.'-.;-'-  esti.-d parti('s ivho.. ai't,' .urging-t h<- sa-lc  of the,' Intercolonial    to,   tlie .('.'d', I-.'/  are never d..ne .'eoiifloirining tin- in.-ii/-,  ageini'iij iii"   the   road   ,ind its. equip1 ;  iiient. The   following   bxeerpt   from ;  the annual   report   (ii   tht'-"Canadian ,  ('ri-ss Association    is   'an re fatal ion-of:  I these, statements:���������:"Itsj/:.ro-ad.bc:-d-hiisv;  | been-' praised';',  its    magnificent   ,arid ;  rliixiiri.ius   ybstibiilo   passengi.-/  truins':  I'hiive won    encomium's,    its dining car.'!  ��������� service,   is,.  i',ecogni/,i,'(!   as', the h':nl. i.n ;  America, 'and the   'courtesy //ind'atten- :  lion receivod.hy, travellers who patron- j  ize the railway are   proverbb.l.   'All of j  this,'we'; who   availed oiir.'clves of-the '  'o/ifiortiinitio-s,   soon,   learned', by pm.c- ���������:  I ion I experience," ,   '  A corn'mi'tfee of the C. P.'-R'. tnle-  gniphei's are al. Monl/real preparing a  sehcflule.' for presentation to Thomas  Tab. a'nd'G." W. Spencer. A .proiiiin-  "i.t lelegraplier sta.ted that there was  nothing of, very general interest. The  telegraphers were trying to improve  I heir condition. They: fiilt that some  of t'hi'ir duties' entailed danger Ui lbe  public and they would ask l(  ' lieved i,,|" ,such '.work, The  | T,'ill a-4: for a geneni  ir.oiiie.i': stioiud be a -single day wit bout  th'- Tablets hi .the;bouse.'���������-'"���������' ���������77 '  ,''Baby'r;(;py:bi:Ta!i!et-K-'; aro, {brycliild-  .r'-n}i.>i' -id!-'''ages,,-, ink! will cure such  .trouhles-- as '(-Tuisiipaticiii,-/ colic/sour  :-i.oinaclr, dian-hoea /.and si in pie fevers.'  Theyiy't- i.i,  fen, ii-iid..! ivj?  .ircveiii .e'i''eii  wstness:  ' .������������������������������������������������������' (Sucoussor to Jnmcs McMalion)  ;/:;:iii GENERAL   BLACKSMITH.  /Wagons made and lcp.t 11 ccl.    The he-t curia go woods kept in stock.'  ,7, ;/ /// Toolssli. 11 pencil shoeing a specialty. (  /';/:/:,;/ A c.nload of im]ilemcnlc; will shoitly turivo including  / ^Chatham Wagons and Sleighs.'   McCormick Mowers and Bakes  Cdpp Bros.   Ploughs, Harrows,  Cultivators,  Potato Diggers,   Rollers.  Ziif^':,iW. M. Gray's Cutters, Buggies and Express Wagons.  7    Opposite Hotel Vancouver, 7/  MISS E.   RICHARDS;" Principal.  .Shorthiinil. Tyiicju-i-il'iig, l'I.rt'nl.l.c'piiiff.' Tclc-  },'|-ii.lil|,v ii ml ; Aroliiliicturiil : D.rnwiiiK. '. Gi-aclu-  ���������iilt-K l"i-oiii,(.liisciillogosccJiii,o1ti(j.'-t'.'.'i)i|i(iiiitiii-!nt-?.  Iiicliisivci t.c.'1-ni.s tw lic>fii-ili.-i-.s .?������) per hiuntli. ,.  WANTED  lillcl  tain n'.v.oj  Id-rSoivicl'  with  \,W I'..;-.,  oil.': /  bo'v.lv  Mi ill-'  .'���������T'.IC.C  sc-i'.i  :,A\i  ��������� "'.'���������  valuable, for teet.ln.li!.   ir.cali , up   colds, '/and  '('i'Pi.ira'nt.eed to.Coii--  oiii.-i'. '-liartiUpl '(Irn'u''.'  !' : -i-'be-y. i-aii/bp, -given.  V-'l v IO. a. n.-w-lioin  ai! d'ea li-:!'s  vid  Adyertisemenls'/iuider 'this libiuling  ���������'will'' be |iublislied -at one'ceiit p.c'r woi'd  /per/issue.    Giish, with ,order. ;.../.  -i.  j ..in- niedi.--  '���������jil.et nts a '  Wi!  a 111.������.  ,f.,  ���������On  ���������AV.\;NTI*:D���������To sell an excnllehf ranch  ,.;'/,. Well,situated ,to  market^  Stock  , and   implements'-'can"bo   )iiid: at  Manning Blockj McKenzie Avenue.  /The passport to society is court  : attire. /iThe cost /of a fine wardrobe,  however, has been .1 bar to many a  brilliant man's ��������� social progress/That  bar is, now renioyed. AVe have taken  it down. Our new stock of. woolens is  now ready,fbi" your inspection, we have  the largest and best selected stocks  from .Winnipeg to (lie Coast.  ���������AeckfUQfth.  trousers-  To measure and np-to-dafe; best fit  in the city. For the nioiith of April  a choice lot,for<$5, worth $8 to ^ 10.  'V.fllllltioll.:  particulars apply  BUSINESS ,NOTES.  loii'ii.-r ofibe IvOOTKNAV....Iaii,,-  N'!'|.-:t).��������� Agi'iiis-'",-  Don't     forget  Tb.-  knovvi;  and ���������'  'hiiiii  ,,,,, /:  ������i>! r  :|.-iige  h:..s ,.  biaiii  orii'-<  Hi" d  ���������   P.  Trou  of  '1.   F  r.-u.  Oi-.  ii.-.t!  ,���������!!���������;-.|'l  11 v.e  '/,-'(''.','  '.'..rir.-'.  V-' U,-/:  r' are  jy- ii.  l.e ir  VV'irn  ������ -:!'li->  di.i ii  (������������������'['.In' I'lirly'  y'oriii); ��������� iviv.  iiif.-.iTii.a-l ion  a'.pjieiir,. Ill  itniiii ijialely.  i'f.hlishiu" '..'  iiii;.d calches;the lirst  . give you ' advance  about/ the best to  ���������;i'V. ;��������� Send address  ���������I". M. MacGregor  Go.   -Box     ''U7,  W  v.,  -Pi-  iH'ouvcr,  l!,G  I'.'iJ-  Illy  ji:|g  Thc-  n-nbc,  1   ���������  I iiiiinafj  f. agciK-;,  ir.nd wi  lie re  schedii  '','-  i.-uf  pia  ���������Is -  ill:  Hid'  ::n  - Bo  ,-a-..  ���������1/.11  III-  Mi-iv-lsl.  ��������� ICrigiiic'ieTH',.'.lo.reliien   Ma-  .������. and   Kleclriciau 'seiidfor.  e      paiii|i!ilel    '������������������ confaining  .iis   nsk'ed '.by   Kxaiiiining  o! Liu'/iiieei's' to pb'taiii K11-.  s ii.-criM-.     Address Geo. A.  I'ii!.li-!i"i,    Bi   S. '-|th St  ii,B, Mo.-1:. S. A ...  LADIES   AND  MEN'S  HIGH' CLASS   TAILOR.  -h.?ikj:  Saferthan a Bank  w.\/7n-;i;  :ii'i'  ti.eir  ;l'i!.,;  an'  ; 11'.,  .'.ni pi uy.  fiiii'ai'di'X.  'I'  di;-������ and, geiiflemen.en-  i.veiiiiigs   at   ./hoiiie  by  ,. Ive  dollars ''per .week..  i.-ur  address  and two cent  o no:, 2(>~>, Lr.indou, Out.   /  ,���������wTiK������TOm.iw/,,OTx������m--.OTw^r���������������     i'\\'.\/v"lT; (i���������'I'n /sell:  A   I: I lardy C'ab-  :;.- I'!anls. fiOc j.er 100, liOO for  If'ibO .-(i-i.iiO-, MaSsOon,, l.ax'tpn"s  .111 petifor. Sbni'iiless and Glyde  .sf rn wherries, if b per' ,100. Shipped  io ,-uiy p-irl of.the Province. Gata-.  l-'gc.e (>i nursery. stock free on  ajiplicai i'oii. Ml.Tolmie Nursery.  ���������V ii-loria, !!.,(,'. . .7.     '���������'  '��������� A\'h(in you invest  .-money-'in jownlry  , your wise. You  ��������� have your value,  , -inf.i nnd wive if  -.vnii    liny jiiu'eli'y  NOTICE.  Take notice tlint. Hiii-tj'days after (Into I intent to apply in the '.'Iiief- OomminRionnr of  I.itncls unit -Works for permission to entand  eiiri-y away tnmlior from' the following ile.ncflb-  cd lamM lilmiteil in.1-.lic I'ii, ttencl district of  West Kootenay. coiiiniuneinir.ut a post.on llic  east hunk ol'.Coliinibiarivei- naif a mile north-  .   .. .     wcclof, Hoyd's rancli. and niai-kofl Alico/ifla  ln-i'c,-iinil p:l. fli������ i AliiiiiiingV. sihiLIi-umkL':" oiirnor.- tlienee  norlli-  lii.isl.���������iirfisiie    re- ; nlonp; the Columbia.'river, KiO ehaiiis, Ihonco  ciisl, Jfl clmins. theuco soot hi GO ehaiiis. Ihcncc  west 10 .chains to place of conimonconient, or  initial prist. . ���������  Dated ".March 17l!i, 11)02. :  FCXE   SALE.  c  lilts Uirown in  ,' s'i;is our stock of  l^idii'BW'ai.'Olli.'K &  'Miii.in IJrooehos  dloek ."Unnliairo  "-���������'���������U-.tJnt flliiiis.'&  Tunuj-St'erliiigSil-  vervvare at  '  ���������   v*    -'' .', -: ���������  My Barbers  ALTCK ADA MAKNIXO.  Jo  Townsil'- 1,1'  :!(K)  Pend.     Fur p-irticiil.i  ,       1. in.     .->...-'     ,      ���������,,,,,.       ��������� ��������� "   ,���������'.,, ,������������������:  inerfii'sc nf wagec 4.of Tin; K'io"ii.;\.vv ,\f.ur.  ,.|ci-.'-s   in   Ihe   l.i^  apply al. ollice  WANTED���������'S'i'iur order',   fpr. visiting  cards.    I'"ifty ladie.s'orgentlemon'8  cards  supplied '-and.'printed   for  -^>1.00.   at/, the.7 h'oofK.vAY   Mail  printing   ollice.   /Our -. new., pinto  ��������� script ,type   is   tin: finest ever im-,  , p'Ttcd into this city for.this oliisa.  . i.i'''work. , '.��������� 7'. ���������'  Take nntico.tliat I. B. -.15. Drew, sixty diiya  frnrii date, ink'nil Ic������ 11111 keapplication lo tho  ("Iliiof'Coiiuiiiisdoticr of Lands and Works to  purchase the following, described, parcel of  !i.nd I,,.''!,-.'  CuiiiiiienciiiK at a post marked R.,E. Drew's  Na 12. corner po-l. 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