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Kootenay Mail Apr 11, 1896

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Vol. 2.���No. 51.
���� i^O i
5 >. \J..
APRIL, 11,' 18%.
$2.00 a Year
Front Street, ReyeLsloko.
Haircut, 25c;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving
Tickets for $1.00.     ,'
_     '   GUY  BARBER,
Repairing Neatly & Promptly Executed.
C. B. C.
���-- o	
Contractor  and Builder
'     '    "  U) '
TT S I'ltBI'ARKD TO KSTIM \TK on buinlin;r..
1  - Plans and .specification-,  furnished on application.    Dealer iu Sash ami Doors.
.- Boats for Sale and ?.Iade to Order.
Arrow T-��a2te.
S now open at the-iu Celo&ratcd Hot
Springs for tho aceniimiotlat son of giiesl.-.
Rates $ll50 to $2.50 a day. Batts" 25 cents
each or flvo for $1. Special r.itos to' families
or by the month eim be anansjed."'
Dawson, Crmidock & C��.
' for the Spring Gleaning
Cuban Resolutions have Roused Spain���
���!>* Italians] Leaving  Kassala-^SoulIi
Af.i.as Dictator Repor.el Dsad���
Grecnway may Resign.
Fresh Insect, Powder
Chloride of Lime   4
Etc.,, Etc. -     t
Try Lactated Food for the Babies
���it"��   �� -r^rw   '       ' Maria    Theresa;   Almi-uite,   O,quando
PlP A UV     _r��<5&>~    suul Vixeaya, the secorid-e!as< armored
LllU Ail0/,OaS^^>     CHlisiT,   Rcina    M-rcedes   im.l   Alfonso
...        i    "VT  t  !        ,,.w..I.ii.im..Ia  <l/.oJ.t ri\*ui' '111(1   .*-.(��� \  f��ll
���FOB   .A-HL-U
New Yoi'V, April O.-The World correspondent in London writes 'hat,
England ,has concluded a treaty of
alliance with Spain, and the la tier has
Hindi1 important con'ee's-ions t.i Kng-
land, in return for more or losi- active
support'hi her quarrel with the Cuban
ivbel-. ��� N>> d'elails arc,furnished but id
is said that Spain .gives England the
right to harbour and refit her fleets in
the Mediterranean, hi event "f this
being so, the. French fleet at T.mloii,
would he at England's mercy.
Washington, April (3.���The house of
representatives has adopted t'ie s.-ifate
coneiurent Cuba resolutions liy .nr unofficial vote of 211 to 21. The "ollieial
announcement , fully conlinne.l ' ihe
���stat-'inent ol* the unoffieial y��.te, no
change whatever heing ' shown. The
vote on the ros-olutions was lake!) in
the shane of a .motion to adopt? Ihe
conference report, showing lhats ihe
conferee.-, had agreed to the senate
resolutions., The resolu'rions be'tieg
i-onciu'rentdo not ni'od the approval
'of'the President hut will he s- ..t. to
him to-day hy the secretary of the
senate. '
' New York,'April 7.���A special from.
Madrid to tho World says: Admiral
Sanchez Ocaua. commanding the great
navy yard at Fcrrol,'on the extreme
northwest coast, reports that he has
rmnpletPil'preparations for sending to
.-ran. Spanish squadion composed of
| these vessels; 'i'he iroii-el.ul Polavo,
the first-class helled cruisers Infanta
Maria    Theresa;   Almi-uite,   0,quando
.J. R. HULL & CO.
Wholesale 'and- Retail
P'urvcvorsof Hii��"h-chis.s Meats.
All orders in our line will he. promptly
'.attended to.
l'-IJRNITURE.     .
Doors,, Sashss & Blinds,
and would run a-" a Liberal candidate,
fm- the Common- at the approaching
general elections.
Ottawa. April 0. --Tin* general impression in parliamentary" circles is
thru, there will he no let-tip to the,
committee -stage on the 'Remedial hill
uiililS.iturd.lv. J-V.in that time out
Uie Government will barely hu\e two'
weeks.in which to.eluse up the. necessary legislation. The supplementary
cM.ini.'iU's for'tli(j_Jbu.il year luiist he
passed and are nut likely1 to meet, with
much 'opposition' from tlie Liberals
provided ihe amounts are reasonable.
'Hie' Ou\eminent will reijuirn tiie
greater pirt,pf next week in order U)
get tlieic cstimate.s, ami certain legislation through ihe 1 Louse. Jt is not
likely the Remedial bill will be considered to any great c\( en I ���'ifn-'i" '''i'8
The C.P.R. Instruct Store Car to Sell
No More in Revelstoke.
Mr. Lavoie, the store car keeper, has
received a letter from 1<". .Baker, G.P.
R. faloru keeper at Donald.' to sell no
more gouds to the employees of the
compaiiv, in .Revelstoke. The only
one.- who ai'e. to be supplied fronii the
car in futuie are, section nun a^d.
hridge men, who aie noty counted as
being in IJe\ el.-toke. This is very
s.-itisf.i(li.r\ and is, ho dontit, the
result of" the action of our Board of
Trade., ,   # ,'I'
On Wedncs lay last, the Vancouver
Board of Trade moved'to do all iu their
power to help tins'Bevulatoke board..
On Tuesday, soine boys at the round
house weio refused goodr at the car.
filH   IJI1NU. '
The Kiench Oieek Mining Company
have purchased tho interests of Thomas
iloiK'-.vy in the Nugget placer claim,
Mad-en aiKlMcRaeVs in 'the .Bahamas,
and Vandalland IJeaton's in the (3old
Hill, and George and Jessie Alkins's in
the Chicago and Royal. The inference
is that, this company will work these
claims (his summer and by buying out
the whole list of claims secure a ,working dump on the Mad-en claim.
Some parties from Seattle are now
in Revelstoke preparing for a trip up
the Rig Bend to look at, with a view of
local ing, some bench diggingsat mouth
of (,'arne- Creek.
An eighth interest in the Little Falls
plater on'pi each Creek has be.-n sold
by A. Bowon, of Taeonia, to R.'.lo.-lyn
of same place. ' . *
Ore Shipments via Revelstoke.
(Under   New  Management)
. AH SAM, Proprietor
The Restaurant has been opened under
new management. The propr.etor,
who has been for ten years bead
cook ip one of the leading hotels in
Seattle, wishes to announce that he
will put'up, in first-class style,
F. MeCarty
���j Wholesale and Ratafli.
! . . BUTCHER'. ; \
Revelstoke Station,
XI li.! onu'torpedo desti oyer aiul,so\ en
fas! torpedo hunts. The Madrid p ipers
lilaiiilv ,-s.iy .-lie niovement of tbe d.'.'t
'\vil! de[i:'-'id o!:'l:i(> eoui.se of Presidenl,'
Cl.-.eia'nd a'i'l-r the vot" of o..ngre^s
oon the belhgerein-y re.solutioi'i-.. i-'.x
tran---All.intie steamers have been
turned into fast cruisers.' Tney will
be readv for wiuci' by tbe end of
April. '      '
, London, April 7.���The Globe^ this
afternoon, c-iiiiiiienting'.oii the, belligerency vote, iu the IJ. S. Jlouso oi' 1. ;p-
."resentatives yesterday, says : ".The
chief'danger of the .situation is that
Spanish pride'' will never surromler
Spain's, most valuable colony until she
ib beaten.to the ground. Should there
be ti repotilioii of popular clem mstration against tiie United States, American p ission might flame ,up in an ug"}'
manner and compel President Cleveland to demand satisfaction. This
would inevitably lead to w&>: The
United St.ifes would,'of out.so, ci ush
Spain, I'ut American trade, ii'ioady
veij'. clehe.Ue, would be largely w eck-
ed." In conclusion,'tiie Globe expiess-
es'the opinion that it is impron.ible
President Clcvelan'd will seriously consider the concurrent resolutions.
The St. James Gazette remarks :���
"Congress voted'with the intent.on of
being offensive to Spain. This, pieso,-
mably, is new Aineiicin diplomacy.
We must candidly confess wo fjo n >t
admire it, when it is ti'ied again-'t sensitive people already in dillicultio��, and
it is eminently calculate 1 to p-ovoke
an explosion. The Sp iniards do not
understand it is part of the pre-iden-
London, April 9.���It was riKiruirod
on the London Slock Exchange to-cl ��y
that Cecil Rhodes, who has, been ill at
Salisbury,' ilatabololand, is dead. The
report is generally discredited, especially by oliiciai-s of the So. African C >.,
nevertheless it caused a fall in prices
of the Company's >eeurities.
A wiie has been received from Home
stating that oidcrs have been fmwaided from MnstoWd.li under (late of April
5th, that General Baldiser.i, now commander i'n chief of the   Italian   ,-i.ni.",
FitOM .Willi., 1st, 1S00.
.   ldulio..      .. m.frt.i - 82.'i''J.n<)
.'..   s51.io.ni Star . l&l.OOO .. ('...<!3.'..!
���r    Idaho  I.I.W .. ���.',L"ll,'il
.    Sloo.oiril.il-.. luO.OOO .. (J3I.J.10
'���    .. 121I..H.I) .. 1.772.0!!
"    Alamo  -l-'.OW) .. ���_\:fl!UM
soo .'.'.'jo   ." $Ji,:>'ic.co
Tiicy dilake a Misla:.L
, ' If the report i-- true that tbe 13. C.
Iron Works have really decided lo
locate at, Tiail, they have made a mistake which time .vill prove. There io
no heller location for handling the
tradeofWest.Kootenaytb.il) at Bev-
elsuike, situated as-il is, on- 111- main
line of a grent railway which can
handle their raw m.tteri.il with dispatch. 13y locating here a groat, saving
can he offect.-d in gross freights, which
now will have to ho shipped thtougii
to Trail. Coal,' a great de.sider.itum
surely, can be cheaply and quickly put'
upon the j.i e:ni-es hen?, hut will cost
considerably more  and   be  subject  to
i     TllOlJI' i.aki:.
Atkinson, Knowles and Humboldt,
who have.iii--t <]ii<l. on' Lardeau ^creek
on, aceonnl of fresh.ets, .report an
.average clean-up of an ounce each day.
They worked about ten days', clearing
$l.wat$15.."50 per oui'iee. This gold is
coarse looking and free from quartz..
.lames Sn.-ll was also fort.-.nate on
Lardf.iu creek, finding in' one day a
large nugget worth $2.'3. Along with
the nugget lie fi-bed up i5 smaller
'pieces totalling $10. This was on a
claim just above A tkiiirfln'.-,. All. ��� and
there have been a few, working on
Lardeau cieek ha\e done wll.
The Great NorLhiinijJead   is  looking
well and  i?  i;i   some  high  g'-dde  ore.
Hugh rdePhei'son has  a  bond  on
'properly    from    Downs,    iJolden
��� The Silver Cup cue is   very   rich
goes some 12'.) ounces to'the   ton.
shipment i   already    i-ont    our.
quite a round fsum.;
Three    shifts   are   working
Abbott group running tunnel-,
(er be G foot higher than at pitwent,
or what is known as the middle,fetage,
tlie boats themselves would have t-o be
taken out and skidded over. 'In any
case, the trip is an arduous one, and
requires great skill and some courage
t,o undertake. The boats are to be
christened " Beaver''" and "Trump,",
which aie eminently simple-and apropos, and will be launched next'Monday.
What Our Legislators at Victoria Have
��� Been Doing This Week.
and '
on    the
delays, no doubt,
pany i- thmki:
Crows Ne.st Pass
at Trail, o If the com-
g  of  forestalling -the
road, they   are  verv
The gover.uneni, have intentions of
building a wiggon ro.i.I from Lardeau
City up Fish Creek, on .which, ^a:id on
Poole Creek,,some oi the l.o4 t laims
iu Lardeau divi.-ion are Incited. This
woidd m.alei iallyjielp this divisio.i, as
Fii'n cieek, which is more a river than
a cieek, is navigable foi 12 miles up.
and a big tributary country would be
opened up.
On the Sable creek group of mines,
controlled by Kootenay Consolidated
company, work will soon be begun on,
a veiy large scale. These properties
are of a valuable concentrating character and carry, loo, a large per rentage
or bismuth which' is  woith  some  COc.
it * * ��
per U).
Several t raiisf'ers are   reported   from
SHED NO. 15.' .    '      ,
He Fell from the Train and was Run
Over--Heavy Traflic on tlie Arrow
Lake Branch. .Additional Accommodation Necessary.      r
About   live  o'clock    on    Wcdne'-day
Condueloi-     .McLean'-.
morning,     as
i.tl     reached   snow   shi-d   Xo.
liable to be dUippoinied for many
years to come. Al Trail they will meet
with .American competition and be
awkwaidly sitr.aiod for cent roiling the
bu-ine.ss of tin Slocan'and Kootenay
Lake trade.' The trade of this North
country top is soinethiift,, and will be
in a little time worth looking for. 'Hydraulic op. ration--- are but commencing
in the Big Bend anil concentrators and l
tramways will ^oon be in operation at
Lardeau and iHecilleivael. The company could also seeme the trade of the.
towns along tbe C.P.R. and could oven
reach iSu.-t Kootenay by locating here.
It may bo said that it is the Iron
Works." business lo locate where thev
please. That i.- true, but, they will
Slave no,objection lo have the advantages, which they net haps have not
noticed, of a location al Revlstoke
pointed out.
hen1, on, anion
Leadville,    Sunshini
mineral claims.
others the Silver Hell,
dud    Ami'i ican.
Subdued In Four Minutes.
Some lit tie stir  was  occasioned   thi.-,
afternoon al .out 2:35 by the ringing   of
 ._ _.. .    , the  (iii.-   bell.    A    few   seconds   atti-r-
has ordered the evacuation of  lv.ts-.aia \ wards the  fire   engine   wa.-   out   and,
unless found impossible.      _ ! dragged by a  sro,-,.   of   men.    re,-,.-hed
J. A. MacFarlane, FX.S
Ass��yop and Mining
623 n.-\M"ii\'<;s sr.,
ii',i)\ li
ii.ssays and
,il u-
done in
London, April 10th. ��� Ivassala has
not'been evacuated but a column of
men has been withdrawn with a \ie.w
to the fact thai an ordin ir. .garrison is
strong enough, and because, the dery-
ishes ha\c vacated their post in its vicinity.
Buluwayo, April 7t,h. ���Tho latest
news received is that Gilford repulsed
the Malalwle.^ this morning <:^d the
lighting continued all day. Gifiord
lost three followers. The' Matabele
aie massing again 15 miles distant.
London,'   Aptil    7lh. -A    di-p itch
the seat of the fire in quick order,
water was turned on. and, in
111*1111110=1110 tire was got under,
catislrophe oecuiT-d iu an annex ol
the Victi ria Hotel, and oi igiiriled,
probably, iiom the stove pipe catching
the lining or woodwork. Tt might
have proved a moat' disastious fire,
indeed, but for the promptitude of tiie
biicade and other-,, who worked with
remarkable coolness and sle.ulii.c-s
till it was subdue.1.. The fire engin",
too, did il-- duly well and tiuew a very
fair stream of water.
Captain John Grant is trvingto form
a company to work five claim-- on the
North Fork ol' the Mleeilie.wael. These
properties carry galena and 'uokl in
fair quantitie.- and have; occasioned
considerable comment. A trail and a
biidge,'to cross the rivei to the North
Fork, is urgently needed to develop
this now field, which is of con-idorahle
value, and the people of the camp will,
it is evpected. move in l.hejnatler of
petitioning Ihe Commission.'!" of Lands
and Work." before I hi' session rio-es.
It is confidently "oxpeeled that this
.summei will see a gravity or other
tramway put in opeiation on the
Maple Leaf, Isabella and Lanaik
proporlie--, which are now controlled by
the Lillooot. l-'ra-er liiver and Cariboo
Gold Field-Company, anil it is said
this company will work the-e proper-1
lie- for��-ill they are worth this year.
Al Arrowhead there ha- been some
tall: o\er two mineral ilisi overie- recently made by I'ete Arena and Carle-
son. Samples .w' in Government
Agents (.Hire in Uo\ el-toko, but no
as.-'avs ha\e a', yet been made on them.
For the Big- Fend. ���
There aie now    bei.ig   built    On    the
river   bank,   by   Tl -    lb,rue.   two
lar'a? flat bo its"for  tr.insn n'l ing   mate
m,n i:et
is   v.-rv
from St.   Petersburg    reports    another j vanced   to 30c.   l.isl   week.
'.      . ,- .... ii.       :.       P.urt,.    -.iirl    .le-s!..    :o-e    I'.'i.e:
for   Ito--l:i'id    niinbig '
active.    The O. K.   at
rial ii[)|llie Columbia
ami    V."
d.iih  ii'.ne 1111-
oulbicalv iu Korea. The trouble h
tbe outcome of intriguing 'netween
Jlussian and Japanese faclions.it Se-nu.
The 'danger of a cla��b between ."laptn
and H usiia is bscomin:
Winnipeg. Api il S.
dc, ariaire   of   Prerni u
'i'oi'onto. and   thi.*   ea-t
I  l.ereeling poiil ir-,-,1 1 uue
flll.ll ion     ill,I IUL'     1 he
,1    While
but  11 'i
Follow in.
(i. co:: w.iv
Scrupulous acruo.) il c-jro an.l viUi.va'o':.
\ estl
1 -  \\ 0
al'ci ���
Kagle   and  .lo-i"  are   repertoi
well.    For Lou M.ish Ote. i
the Le Roi in -oaghl lor at
The Mam, h i<   just    reeoivd   a   i\\��-
line  of   hill    lie,.,!-,    loiter   head,   en
j velopes, etc . and 1- pi ep.n ed lo oxen ti
j^J order- for i-vi-ry hui.i of jo'. ;ji iiiluii.
needed in tow n.
These Gu.its
feel Wuli-. a
v, il! bu can ..Me of
into   Bi
aie   cuh     10    feel
lid t hree   feet   deep.
!e of ,c l'"l'\ i'l
I _
! >ng, '���)
Victoiii.4, April 9.-The School Lands
bill has been discharged and a'substitute intioduced. ' Tlie'new bill is entitled an "Act to Amend the .Land act
and Amending Act," and amongst other things reserves to the crown a royalty of,j 50 els. per thousand feet boaid,
ine?isui��e,'oii all timber suitable for
props for milling purposes, and a royalty of 25 cents for every cold of wood
cut upon crown" lands, patented lands,
timber leasehold's or timber limits or
other lands hereafter granted. This
rovalfy is not on wood cut for peisonal
use for fuel or domestic purposes but
upon wood for sale.
<��� Coming to the head of sales of crfiwn
lands, this act alloy's the purchase of
unsurveyed, unoccupied and unreserved crown iands, to every person to the
extent of 610 actes in one lot or not
loss'than 160. , The lands aie classified
as (1); lauds suitable for agricultural
purposesor containing lumber suitable
for'lumbering, (2) lands needing irrigation nor containing lumber suitable
lor lumbeiing, (3) mountainous or locky
lands. > The price of first class binds
is So.00 per acre : second class, '$2.00,
mid of the third ' class" $1. 'Die purchase price must be paid iii full at time
of purchase, 25 per cent, down and 75
per cent. wlieiV survey is complete.
"' The committee's icport on the Cari-
,hoo Gold Fields Hill was adopted, the
bill read a third time and passed.
The Hon. Col. Baker' moved an
amendment to the Mineral Bill, permitting fiee miners to locate claims,on
lauds granted ,lc> railway 'companies
without lirst furnishing security, for
damages. ' b
Tiie h'.iiidon -Water Works hill' passed. 'An amend men t proposed, by Mr.
i-Iume requiring the company to sup:
ply water within a year was defeated.
"Tiie ainendmc.it to tho Small Debts
Act LS95. allows the removal of actions
of 825, or upwards, to county -court
jurisdiction on piyment of costs Also,
instead of the fees allowed under the
old act,' magistrates shall be paid a
The bill authorizing the grant of
land to the Columbia &: Western lly.
proposes to give them, in thc districts
or V\"e.sti'l\o.)lenay and Yale, 10.2I0C
acies for each mile of nai row-guage
railway up'im condition of their com
pleting their li.ie, from Trail to Pcntic-
ton within four years. The lands shall
be taken in alternate blocks of six
miles frontage on thc railway line by a
depth of si si eon miles, and not less,
than one mile square. A right of way
of two bundled feet is considered necessary for the company, and the hind
granted shall not be <uibjest to taxation by the Pro\ ince. until the expiration of leu years from their acquisition. Nothing in this act shall interfere with.mineis' lights to prospect for
mineral, and they (mineis) shall'also be
entitled to acquire surface rights of
mineral claims from the company at
not exceeding $') per acre. Tn event
of the company substituting a broad
for a narrow gauge! it.shall get 20.000
acres pvsr mile. ' .
Mr. Kcillie presented an amendment
to Ihe Placer Mining'Act, 1S01, as,follows : Auv free miner in a placer claim
who advances moneys or does his work
mav, it oilier co-owners neglect theirs,
lodge notices of amount due with Recorder who shall notify such co-ownet.s
To piv same within 00 flays, and if not
paid shall issue certificate of non-payment and amend certificate to vest all
iu(."rcst.s iu applicant.
Mr. Graham moved to amend the.
IMaier Act by striking out the words
'leu acres' (dry diggings) and substitute words '2d0 feet square.'
Vietoiia. Apiil 10l.li.���Supplementary estimates wore brought down to-day
and provided additional allowances to
North Koolonay, as follows:
Works and 'buildings���Ivepaiis to
Government buildings (additional to
$200 vot"d) S.">.00.
11 ,nb, S: ie"is and   Bridues   -fA'kh-
between Bear Creek and Koger-    JVs-,
Brakesman .Jo���ph Luceie fell  off   the
train in some mysterious way and   the
cars passed over him, entting  oil*   both
legs at  a   point   somewhat   below   the
knees.    There was   but  litfle   light  at.   '
the time and the shed was dark.  ���  The '
bvaivos'inen, of which there were three,
wore using their lanterns, and   thus  it
was that the  accident,  was  discovered
first.    The  middle  brakesman   missed ,
.Liu-ore's light, and not seeing itslopped
tbe train promptly and walked over to
where Luceie's  btation   was.    He ,was
noUhero, and  ii'.search  disclosed   the   '
poor  fellow  in   a  shocking  condition,    ���
out in t.wo'- by   the.   cruel   wheels, but
still   alive.     He   was   taken   back cto   <
Donald on a light engine with its much ,
dispatch as could be made,  but' be   arrived there in a state   of  collapse  and    ^
died, sad to  relate,   about one  o'clock
Thursday.    Luceie was of  French  ox-,
traction   and   a   very   amiable   follow,
whhse loss'.is  deplored   by   his   follow"
railroad  men..
Tlu^ pioocnf' passenger iiccoinmo- ���
dation on'the Arrow Lake branch is
entirely insufficient for the present,
heavy travel, and is a .subject of some
complaint. The travel, however, this
spring is'so em ly and the branch "new
that when the, matter in noticed it will
be rectified. Another good coach is
needed.   ' ' .
Friday's No. 2 was very heavy,   b.-iv-"
ing thirteen cars  iu   the, train.    There   ���
were four-oars of Chinamen  alone,   all'
en route   tor  New  York. ,They   came
over in the Empress  as did   also   two ,
cars ol'silk which wore iu   the   train's
nniko-up. ( ���     ' . "
Hubert Cruick.shauks one of  Lbe  old
bridge hands got his'fool slightly hurt ���
with  u   falling   timber   on. Thursday  -
while'working on the bridge,   lie was'
limping around on Friday.
There are 17  cars,  of  rails,   seven  of
coal dumps,  2, cabooses  and  1   engine.'
foi   the  Columbia   &   Kootenay    R'y.   ,
(the Trail narrow  gauge)   in   the .yard
which will go down south Saturday.
It was Honored that Lord Spencer
(the lied Earl) and party would go
through here on ^Thursday's No. 2.
They were not there but the mail was.
Freights o\\er tho C. P. IL for Kootenay poinLs are increasing in q'uantil.y.
Some 010 too is coining .out; but the
season for rawhidiug is over.
The president oi the Fit chhm g ' Railroad, with his family, passed through
RovoNlokc in his pa'latial private car
on Sunday.
A big gravel slide "in the cut at
Mountain Creek delayed Tuesday's
No. I. making it 11 hour.- late at- Uev-
lion 1' I" "
412,000 v.>t ef!)
,s. wi' ii a d; alt oi
to Id ineiie
coming down, thev can  lake
Tne MoKenv!1.'' 'Grand
e\ ailing.
I no i nici
.statement lhat   Maii'loba's :���'
about lo   le cuter     I >oiniiii.<.-i
\\ 1 -
said 10 in-'. on
talent,  v. ill p
Al'i"l l-ll i . al  il nir 1:
s-iiil li\  cistern ,','-p,'.
pc 1��� (I ol e ;,
������ 101 <ii   iiei e
.���lie :t iti'i-;
1111   :ik:ht
,:'!      A-   il
p.itioli.i_r>\ .1 t: eat
' (   Bos' t veil -"a; - Vie
. 1 .')!��<-,
ma v
.. . . ihv  01
..v.pei led.
:>() tens.
)'>at';, with the rupahing being
done on the " Big B".id,'" which was
built some lime ..go, will cost all <oin
plot". Si'JOO. iioine lies eonlia.'t-'.l
���villi the 'Joll.mbi.1 !!;, d, a'lhc 1-liui'UT
ii-,p-i: t thvii maehmei . an:i
.i'.y supplie,, to the.;- piopoitv "'"
"'] ei 1;      The b m! -  'viil  i.<i '�� .g-'> ���
p. o'.,.l
to  De.-ili
.���ill ail b
< ^
1,. bi
be   p..rtaged,
i emjjl \  bo.tts taken iiji.   Should lb(
An i'ltei-o-iiiig item is S'Jieduie 13,
"Sum gi an'.ed toller \iaje-i, to (lis
poso of e��i tain .-urns wbieh apjiqar as
;i li.tbililv a-ainst fhe iiiirler.iient ioned
oiiiceis of |l e -ervi.-e b-r moneys ini-
divi-itefi w''ich iiie irrocover-
! auihoii/.iug.lhe -u:.e lo b��
..-riiien "II a.-. ���! ! )'S .b.e. ti\ to the
l'r .\be ', .Vjth June, lS'.Wi :
From Down River Points.
Rossland is to have a variety theatre.
Seventy   men   are'at  work   on   lbe ^
Idaho near'f hree Forks.   '
Lenv. it Lei/.er. of Victoria, aie erect-
inn a store in ICa.-lo. ' ,
The customs receipts at Trail for first
(juarUir of 1S!X"> were $S0,10 '.52.
The Iron 1 lorse was bonded recently  ,
bv A. E. Utimphrevs for S51.IKX!.
'The. Banks ot British North Ameri-i
and Monlical have opened, at Bossl,-uid.
The 1 fall Mine tramway is, now at
work: having been cm in two.il. will
no doubt prove serviceable.
The Sir. Neb-on left Kaslo foi Bonner's Ferry, on her first trip of the
season, on Friday.
La-t week John A. Finch and otheis
purchased a half inlorosl in the Queen
Boss group in the Slocan..'
'fhe TwiKVYiond.s. on Springer Creek,
it is reported, has been sold for ��75,-
000 to .some C.P.R. o.'licials.
A daily  mall   system   between   local .
points has been inaugurated  on   Koot-
eiiiiv Lake.
Tiie Skyline mine at A'm.-wortb has
-'nipped, during Mai eh. JSU tons of ore
to Pliot Buy siiiolU r.
Tbe final pa.yiii"Ul mi liie (ireat
Western and (>"ol��l"ii Chariot claims,
situated near Rossland, was made last
("has. F. Law has 1 claimed from the
coast- to attend to the linal arr.-mge-
nient- I'or clo-iiig (iiodc.il on thcNohle
Tbe new -le.imlio.it Kol-.i.ice. to ply
on Kootenay ijike. will b.- la-inched
thi- week..' She w ill ' he aboui :100
tonnage and % cry fast.
I      Bu-ine.-s tit-Kaslo   i-  u-noii
pi ii.ie'
dile. a
C   P
loin :
C  i  --     Will   Will
>\>2 5"('.. 1 !
. io,2o;hi,;
The c'oimcil intend issuing de'iontures
:i ,d promi-e soon to -apply tb�� town
Wt '1 \\ atei work-.
It is reported mat \J. C. Corbin has
bonileil the Le Itoi mine at Ro-sl.uiib
If so. the figures, which are 1101. slated,
u ill be of inleie-t.
The ,-oid.- to IL.���land frnmTi-vil and
\*orthp >rl are almost   ioipa-s.ili'.e.   and
he   aiiveii'    or   do    11 1:10 a    gang1'    i-'
a.iMoii-l v a', ail ��� I-
I - of Ollliio
and ci.-"   l'.-oio    i\"'--.    '<\<y lenay   so   far
i'or Is!*'. .I'Hii'.iiii lo '.).j:>j U'U.s v.-.juei]   ;^j
s 'oO^.'jS,;.. TA<
Mr IX   K>iAX'fcU��Ui> *59JMi. : imention or ability'of
_ii' _
A'riaxs & ^Mi'nr.
.  Pi'ia.wiirns ami) I'jsni'iuiJroii*.    .
Subscription   Price,    $3 00   .?cr    Ami
��to" si'itien.Y iv  tiiv.wci: 'f"��
CONTJvC'l'. AilVKii'l i.SKMI.NTS  uni'i-ti-cl  al
oinc with the
ty'of jirospKcting for
] minerals, and much better' results can
| b<- obtained with a unial! onrl.u by
i liiis iii<>ans, than by any other   in    tlie
I      -��� ' M-t "      - * I -    1
ilisLi icw     j new   is    at:    inexliau-uii/ic
| iuj'ply of mineral in the Noilh .seciion
a ' of i\.-litem.y which   has   no! 'yet   been
I touched and awaits tho blast of p.-.w-Jer
= ' and slutdv strokes of independent and
i . ���-
i peiseve'iing men to-fcuie to   them
short space of   time indeed
f'loratv of'fi-"" riiTiciliiinii iii.-li jut rioistli. !        , , ,
Kcir-ii.u-c.��ii>r"si\"c-ciininii melius or over ?1 { mul, pM'haps,' priceless returns
The,. Prospectors are Satisfied.
p ���;- -.ii -'i mi i- jaunt1'. -,
lino Ji.'-I, iii-rr(,:uii. ���".(-. per li"'.'  i-.u !i -iilisc-
fl'jiMt   ii-.-. vl'iin      Tin*   iii'nilii'r   el   , Inn's
,     ri'Livoiie-l i>y-pac-r iicc-iijiii'I, 1'J ]!;���'���-  Iu  tlie | _ 	
, :����''���        , ,. ,   .    '      A lecenl i-suc ot* the   Kaslo   Claim,
l.T.AOINC.    MII'IflK-"   H'c.   per hue eai'li   in- i .   .       , , ,. ���   , ,    '
-i.riii.il,   iiiiltos  icmii-.iciu'l  tV.r !j\  t,!ic 1..0 ' coijfamen    ii    lengtny    aiticle, on   the
JOi!hi'PKlNTiNrs oft!��rr>-kiii.liiij.i..M,!0ii.Oi.-' ^,'Axh\'1 >^,in country, in which  lili.a
iiijic- va ������-.'ml -t'loi-tys! nvi!'�����'. I i> t>:iid   oi   a   lew   properties   on    Had
.AC-"OUSTS  f .1- jcitj   priuiiii'!  or  u lvt-i-1 i-iiij
piiMiblL* mi I'ic ijjsl.it c.->' r.v in mill.
t'Ol.ltK-'l'f'Nl-l-.SCI'. (in r.ll  mm
creel:   and    much
on    I.'ic
hards! ib:,
itttK-s-l'f'XfiK.vt'K mi -ill miii(its of loual    thrust   upon   the   pip,pcctor   thr. u i i
or pnlilie mil rest "iiviliil mi. I ciroM lly eon-'     , '     . .'   J"   1      , ,.    .-'
sMene.   Allc-oi]ii!iiiii'"eaii")iis f. iln- Kclut.v,, the recent change in bf.und-iries ot toe
l\VJ. ���;i^S--^y ^r'liS.rK iV.1V ; '"'���'*�����* 'i'visi*..^   ..f   Trout   Lake   and
(ui fin .-viilc lieu uf ifot-il liiiln.
"Address    .'   <
oTiiH Koori.NAY Mail,
Boyelstoko, B.C.
That mining is undoube'rlly, the industry of greatest benefit to British
Columbia, which will bring the greatest amount of money to the country
and wealth to its people, is undeniable.
Already tbe mineral production is
chief in the country's list' of exports,
and it has but," now commenced. To
this production South Kootenay is by
far the largest' contributor; a result
which is iu a great���perhaps the greal-
' flst���measure due to the untiring
efforts of its Press which, in and out
of  season, 'has   kept   its   merits   as   a
mineral  field before the notice of the
-     * ii '
investing world.
That North Kobtenay, containing
such well known camps as J3ig Jlend",
Lardeau, Trout Lake, ' 1 llocillew.iot
and others, has mineral of equal richness, quantity and variety as contained
in South Kootenay, is, hy prospectors
and mining men well qualified to judge,
readily, admitted. Yet; its development has been comparatively slow,
which ".is in a great .measure due, no
���doubt, to'the fact that its resources
have not received that degree of public
Attention which  their worth deserves.
This, however, will no, longer be (at
least from tho want of publicity,) as the
KoofKNAY "Mail, the only paper iii all
North Kootenay, lias now changed
ownership and ever}' eil'oi f will 'bo
jnade in the future to do full and adequate justice, to the mineral wealth of
this section and press, its claims ,to
public' notice.,     . ' 1V
The policy of the Mail under its
iiew management will be to advance.
at  all  times,   the   country's   good:  to.
:\i!iswonh.    It   is   argued ,that pr<
peclors should be all.jwvd to iccord   at
Kaslo as they would then tint have ,to
cioss the divide ,to Trout Lake. ��At
present the only way _fri.ii-. L.irclo-
JJuncau to Kaslo is hy the Jhincau
river, which this very article says 'is
"a,very rapid stream which requires
the presence of a person thoroughly
conversant with the methods of navi
gating such waters to be at all possible
as a- moans of access." Need more be
s-iid as to the present best' place for
record, Trout Lake,'or Kaslo. The'
writer himself would no 'doubt prefer
rather the crossing of a divide, to
navigating to Kaslo by the Duncan'
ri\Vr which "he repeats is dangerous
for even tin expert boatman."
The Claim writer did not evidently
consult the wishes of the .majority of
claim owners in this district of L.udo-
Duncan who are almost entirely in
favor of the Trout Lake ollice, and in
his desire to bring men down the
Duncan river to reoord at Kaslo he
does so froti^the motive so innocently
expressed elsewhere that it would
prme of inestimable benefit to Kaslo.
No doubt' , '���
'Mh& Claim urges the' necessity -of
building a trail from head of Koiucnay
Lake to-Hall Creek and estimate, its
costal i-2,7o0. While the' people of
Kaslo are welcome to .-ill they can get,
it is necessary to explain' that obt;
people, of Trout Lake properties, are
almost till perfectly content, with their
piesent br lindanes 'and outlet and in
the present state of depletion in winch
West  Kootenay is a Country to Be
0 "     Prcud Of.    .
The following very conservative
article, which recently appeared in the
Eu()iuccriiui and Miithiy Joiiriud, is
woithy of lepiodtiction as a s.-imple of
the attention now being jsaid to the
district.      It,   might.,    however,    have
a. McNeil;
Front Street, lievelstoke.
the public purse  is,   it' is   well   to   bv
careful and economical in- its   t-xpendi- i during 1S'.)7>  was , very
with perfect t ruth said'more.    For instance it  quotes   the   output ot   West
Kootenay for] S-)3ias $],87.),0(;(), whereas
it should be so.-iio ij-2,175.0!!') or possibly
even more :
Judged by the standard of tlie Hand,
We-lralia, or Cripple Crook, the. district ol" West Kooten-iv, Hi Wish Col-
uiiib'a, can hardly be regarded 3'et as
one of Ihe foremost producer- of the
precious met a Is. But if t he almost in-(
credible difficulties in the way of the
development of the country, arising
both from its large area and l ugged
nature, and from the fact that while it,
is politically a part of Canada, it is
geographically tributary to the United
Slates, be iaken into account, the advance, it has made since 18.11 is most
sf i iking. West Kootenay is not a
single ore bell, like Cripple Creek or
tho Hand, but a collection of mining
camps of widely dilForanfohai act eristics
scattered through the mountains which
fringe1 (ho course of the' Columbia
river from the -49th to the olst, parallel.
���In 1891 a little desultory mining was
being cai ried on at the Hall mines on
Toad Mountain, at Ainswortb, and at
the lllue Bo)i"mino on Kootenay Lake.
Means of Communication with the outside woild there, weie none except
during the summer months, and,,only
a low sample, shipments of ore had
borne witness to the'possibilities, of tbe,
country. , << ,>
Now there are no fewer than five
short linos of. railway On continuous
operation connoctiog the different producing camps with the main waterways by which llioir output finds its
way to the smelting and refining
centre-. And railway construct inn is
mil/ by any moans at a stands-till, but
i- being pushed forward in ail directions
to keep''pace with tiie requirements of
(lie mines. "
In 18!)1 there was not   a   single   producing mine in the country; now there
;ii e no fewer than  IS  properties  which
are actually   producing   and   shipping
i o.-e.    The out put.   from   some  of .these
]S'.)5   was, very   small,   and   the
Haircut, 25c;  Bath, 50c; Six Shaving
Tickets for $1.00.
t '
Repairing Neatly Si Promptly Executed.
 o -���
Contractor. and Builder
TS l>UK."Ai;Kl) TO ESTIMATE on biiildiiigs.
I I'Ian- iiint s'.ii'i'ilii-.iliiiiis fm-iii-ilic-cl on ap-
]ilir*ntiiin.   ]V,lor iu .Sash an.l Pours.
Boats for Salo and Made t.o Order.
==="EsveIstoke, B.G.���
Largest Hotel in Town,
Centrally Located,
o�� .'   Free
Rates'$1 pep day.
,   Arrow   Lake.
rS now niicn at, theso Celebrated Hot
Springs for tlic'Wccniiiiiioilatinn of quests.
States $1.50 to $2.50 a day. Baths 25 cents
cacti cr live for $1. Special rales to fiiiniliei-
or by tlio month ciin boarraiiKeil.
Dawson, Craddock & Co.
for the Spring * Cleaning
Fresh Insect <Powder -
Chloride of Lime
; Etc.,, Etc.    ,   '
Try Lactated Food for the Babies
BROWN' &. CLARK,  Proprietors.. '    \'
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars,   Draught Beer always on tap.
PQ   Upper Arrow Lake, B.C.
Under same Management.
' *       2-nl-12m
line, and do it from'siimc cither tin live
thnti I li.it> nieruly of cont'oi-ring ���'aii'iii-
e-.timabltt Iii*iic-Ht" on sonn.' mic pi.ice
or increasing ..ho revenue of its icuoril
resist all infringements of public rights^.
to1'lend no countenanco to scheme*
opposed to the.,public weal; and, to
further the true interests of this section T dem
and people. Locally it, will endeavor
to be up-to-date and the ad vantages of
lievelstoke as a centre and distributing
point for the trade of West Kootenay
will receive its earnest advoc.u-y, and
it will not be the Mail's f.iulb if this
recognition is withhold.
In i.Kiking the ?.!.ur- a ne-wsp.-ipor
.worthy of the many interests of tin's
s-iciiou and town, ii/ reijuiivs ,the
financial and moral .support, active and
cordial sympathy of all concerned. To
this end v.-e respectfully solicit your
p itiona^e for our ad-vei lising columns
and subscription lists and the pleii'-ure
of receiving all genuine news items on
subjects of local and general in'ereat.
Do   tmi   flaij   in   vour ini.en^r   :n tlie
Origin of the Boers.
In view of ;i reqi.e-.!, of  a   coi iv.-ipoii-
l.lill   .ISIli!*   illl-O'.lgll   s| |-('...s of (|| !||'|
matter, il may be inlet esliiif^ to inquire ,i-lii who ;',inl wli.it Ihe liners
really are, a.icl win-he.' comes their
heron-'and .stubborn cli'lVme of their
rlgiitn v. Ilic-h ha.s exalted to sonic rie-
jrree the.se y.intli Atiicm Myra-tilttn-i^ls
in the   evi-.s   of   the   imiiM.    After   tin-
heavii'si produc-er'in ,t he, dit-l riet.   the
fji* Roi, at Trail (Jrcek, only .shipped 10,-
."XJO  tons.    The  .ipproxiinalu   value  cif
the oie shipped .l.ii'ingj: ISJ'5 was $1,S70,-
(XX).   -Tlie mil put  wa.i  divided amoiij*
the diiferenl callip^  as   follows : --'Trail
Creek ]^)ivibio'i),   ^ijOio  tons  of copper
K"!d   ore;   Ainsworth   Division,   2,27sl
t m.s of .silver; lead ore and concent rates
j and bullion: Xel-on Division, ],3I.j Ions
I of copper, silver ,-u)d gold    ore;   Slocan
i Division, S,I0i) Ions of silver  le.-ui   ore
and concent rate.s; the total value being
; iu round intmbei.s as above.
!     The lot;;! ouliii.t of   tiie  dit-trict   for
' * a
1 t he first two months of  lSfXS  has  been
J. R. HULL & CO.
Wholesale ������ and   Retail
Purveyors of High-class 'Meats.
�� RBVSLSTOES, B.G,    ��
All orders* in our line will biv promptly
-   atl.endt*d to.
Si I - w
'     '���        H. A. 'BROWN,  Proprietor: '   ,  \
'   Revelstoke Station, B.G.  ��_
,0O0O0OOO00000  o  o  o o o o o o o o o'o
I ,   *     .���. ���	
I , r *     I ' 1
Strictly First-Class,; and(Conveniently Situated
Between Railroad Station and     .
..   '"".     Steamboat
Best Table in tlie Interior.   Commercial Sample
Rooms.,   -Fire-proof Safe��� Free Bus.'
TERMS:    $2 and $1.50 per day.       '.   ^     ' Kl43M'
\J \J -vv
'),'���>!<> tons of ore coiiceiilrnles, bullion
i'evcH-.-i t inn oi" tlie 1-Mici of 'Nantes hy ;' llVA\ m;lue, of wiiieh the .-ip))i osimiito
Louis XIV.. :uimbf!\s of JliiL'iienot.-- in [ value vv.-.s $.Vl;.(.'..i>. If thi-= licii-s the
lii^ left Fi-.oh-,    (incl   sc-ttlerl   in   Cane ' ,.,,,.,,. ,.t.i.,, ;,���. ,,, ti!(. output, of  ISEfl  us
Colony uncle: the O.it'-h. v, hu then lisid'
jni.ss.-is.sii.iri of it. whi.-h (-o-. eruuu-nt at
th.it Lime denied the very jirivileircs to
the Hii��jiit-iic'ts thai ih'-ir ilc.si cildai.t ^
anrl'those Of t!a> Dnti h have   nutil   r-e-
ar.d   Kebru.-ii-y
value   of   ore
-Mail and it
will   lie tluI
v 1111 Uv.,
fit I
B. R. A'i'tays.
J.   A.   Sm; ril,
proprietors and Publishers.
eeiitly de;:i��.
\vhif,-;i li.is 1 -d
\>>h .I'^.iiij-f   '
Tl.l'l's.-L.ll,   ,-!-;
I   th-    I
to'  t.his
ill-'    .'i. ���'.--���!���::!
: i ! in- i -I Ii i
ii;e>--in j
a n:i!.-'.."-
to   '.!)<>
Two -
'���a t'li",
rJ'itK Robsland Miner in alatsinu Mv.
]Cellie, local member for Noitli Jvoot-
e(naV. t.ikes oecihiou tc- repc-aierliy
.sneer at tlie place \\ heie "he re?ides,
and terms it thrice iiroue para^mph ���-
11ii 12:',11��� n'���>ts- ,-���
p"l.itinn ro ; l>.
r-iniit-. Vaiidc-
��iisi,iis,i.(l f;j,-
���:i i"- ,
.';.[''��� Ci"!
y,-o', fi :i--,i
Si.-15 u.is
V v>~ -
i< >:-
ij iv i;
to i
n n
'j,>'! i.'iei.ei"-.'
Pre! u; i.i laic-
it i ��� i
)-i: t.'.c-
-:;t-c! .i.
-cj. .i.-i'i
di i.u-
J-l    Tl
riicMjut put uf Januiiry
did to tlt.it of iS )o, the
bullion and :u.-it,r.' exported during iS!)G
should be y.S.H.j'i.O M- in round iiuinl,ier:-:.
Hilt there arc various eireiim-staiiees
v.-hieh'uiakc Lb!-'an iiiideie.stiiiiate. In
the fi:-s-t jjl.ic-e, it lake ���; no aec-ount of
the cut-full, (,f trie Le Roi, the heaviest
chir��p��-!- in ^Oa. and which for-the   last
k Blinds.
t\i i) n.wiit !i
'.O.'.li  sUi'-Itl
it '
the ullage of Re\ftl.s}c)'n.e.     ^^"e do nd i a;,;,
feel called upon to take up cuni^ci*, fur -
Mr. is. el lie, tbe uiiarrel i-s hi.s own. but
thougii Ui'y.ilrttoUe i-i not even a ''cits.'1
ive ;-;e anxious to   .ussiire   the   Miifr,
lest it   should   a��ain   rn.ike 'a   nimil.ii
-error, that tliere is   no   such   piai e   .-if,
the "villiiije'' of   Re.oisfoki��   in    Wes'
Xootenay, but at tiie   prpjent   time   ,i
ve.rv j^o ahead town   of   that    n.-.mw   i-^
tliere..     The Mimr forgets   iifcelf.    ;.ncl
niiuiild not, without cause, speak slight
in^ly of other towns in   Ivootenny.     ! t, '
is ncit justified hy, facts,   neither   is   it
nece.s.sarv. .
Lui'ier-- ��
1 he me
i be   .|s(.   uf
I      V.j    j,    ,1       s,,,t-7M,
1 ia;:i   tin ir-   F; .-n
i'lieh   i.,n:   .��   |ia-.
.   H ll>'.I  s-.irle    | . ,-���
! "".ir 11 ;.:��� "-.���>.ration   i-y  v.ii-   t'it-
r-< -'i". e-i   n it h   ,.-'���: ,"'   bv
abe-M iif trie j;.'u<iz-ta!.    fi, ,1~!)>
��� jeis   io   a Idr i s--,im-  i he
i   c".|fie,,.|   oi,.tt.-i-     was
publii iy fui Ini!("!������]!.��� f >, ]7^( 11,.- i irii'-h
���sei'i ic* in I'n-ni li was p.-rniil t ed f.-r
t he lasl i inie, and 70 veil's after tin1
auiv.il of ihe Hi.;j;ueii..|s hi Soul li
Afi'ic.i their chddt'c.i tt\i*.f(\ in' sic-ak
fieucil (-..fiieiy. When tbe st>(t|��:is,
cnulci no Ioiilt. r enclnre I !)������ i Vrannv   of
i.-us 'leen s!nj)p;n<^ (n a
not yet, blown in, to which
under i t>i;[;.u't, t'i deliver 37,000
'if ci;'.-. .,r ,-,early twice as much as
I.Mi! cairja.t of the Trail Cieek
es d.u ilia l'.~i}~>. ' S'-cond. it takes
���:i".il|y ie> ,-iccciuat of the- ouljiut of
Jl.'.l' niiries., ..>-, rJ',),-id Moantain,
i li arc now rnoninu'Jl)*l tons^if cm e
y r't,i.riii.ri, it-.'!i sin.-Mer al  Nelson,
 i)ii|\- ere ! l> d ivit ii a liltlc o>. i'-r
:i..is cr" ti.i.t te .i.11 iii��( January and
: u irv. A I-' tl.er tii.]ni!-t,i nl fa('.or
,,tt i ail'.1. ,i\ - \s hi'-li h.i\ ���* mi I v . imic
(Under   New  Management)
. . AH SAM, Proprietor .
The Restaurant has been opened under
new management. The proprietor,
who has been for ten years head
cook in one of thc leading hotels in
Seattle, wishes to announce that, he
will put up, in first-class style,
The Siring Room is furnished with the host the
��� '" ���'*'���   ' 'Market-affords., ';
1A WW AT 1 A MS0N UROS., Pkophiktobs.
-.;n l.st.i'
> !-
HI   l.lli 1%   Will  ll.-l'i'e ,".     e-l-'-at
i'at i<t:'. the ceil ;,'ii. -1 )'>n'ii!/
is ,i < ' iiitiu.ia! -oi (���" ���ion of
the [Jul
i��� jc-�� tin
CJUlte ,i-
'! I ckk.ee
oi    ll.ic'.i'd
At the presnit, moment, when Xoot-
en.iv is being extensively advert is^d in
the east to a people not, over busy, it is
apropos to remark, and in our opinion
too uni'-h'stri-soi .-annot be laid up ai
it. that there are plenty of men in
"\Ve.->t K��otenay ii.r the amount of
laijor jvrfonii*>d. , V\*hi!c anxious
.secure the reliable and respectable
^itizejjs of e'.ery O'limlrv wl;o m,i\
liave means r-noijeh to assist in making
liome'. -luil fleve.lojiiny the rlisirii I we
tfirniMtlv dej/ieeate thr, invasion of
K"otena\' bv n. si warm of men who can
sinlv ear-n money by occasional labor,
and who minus it become ,i menace to
iti ]ii-.ic�� ancl a charge to (lie cruiniiy.
AVhat Ko'it^nav wants just now is
capital to open the unrjuoht ionably
rie.'i oropertu-s that  aie i-e.-e. and inal,"
th'-lll i'l'O 111 ��� 1 !'-���*. Ti.''!i v. .I1 be fo"ii'l
e.nlibiviiieii! foi pl".'].i '.' I '."I I'i'C 'I
iind ���ij.f-nin^s, fm i: ;.\. v. li.. ,,i,i, I
ji..".'-��� Iind I h'-ei !,. ��� h. - -i ' t i ���', ol I ' ���
��� j, ,;,;  i    la.v. ���    ' I,   v.- ���-'    ' ,.    -    v-    i'1' i. c
a t hey
inli rii'i'.  aij'l   i1    is,   theiefoie.
likely ll.,il the l)nLch-s|".ak ihii
Freiiciiinen ire nioie cntil'e'l !o b"
called    I lie ' t\\\ i.eis    of   tlie   '!"r,in-va,|l
th.in tlie Dul.'h t ii''ins( Ive - thai is. if
\VI\ col --ii'i-, ,|s ci.lll/.ed iiatir-u . d",
that I h" orimuai  nati.e   has, no   tein-
ae_ri .1'.,,! in,.' -*<i|"|.M'/r*-. li oni 1 ad  i  .,..!���,
,���'. '!  v a.it nf ��� I oia -f<- me ib at I be in in.-..
I1    his   1 rl    r-s( ,,i) !{,.,!     | jj if.    j)     (J,,.
i en ies at pi'-s<-nr o[u-ii'-,-| in W'.-.t Knc.l-
c',a'- winked ' o!i' i.'iwoii ^lv t!ii-, y.-ai-
tb ..-ipiit Mould I'" ".\ 'I'll Wl(),'l "i.0.fl.
A ', 'CHI' '��� b'iftf III l'l' , hov.-.-. l. :.i
the  i' parentis" inevitable   .'u.-akdeu i,s
ten !,d rient.s w.
! he ol iL'ii.a)
l.-l'^'iLILi'    I '
Ol  tll'Ml' " in
I iiri'ir'h     . ,i
'o i M.dl
���le I Du
<'oi.!,.-..    i.
Ilu-r..    .'(i
Wli; I    t
biiines I .-( ^
Noi ma lid..,
name    of
Joiibi'i I, i s
also ,i (!������ . i-
in IliSS, '���   ���'
foi  Ihe     i   -
The na    e
\'an /!
.\ ere
i   in,,
.c.'.lh      A
l.i   seal!. J'"
).���  he   :
���i'-l,     Ij'-
a ch-'.
,.n a ,s,
in! i. ,
I��o ix
K',irli e.i
������   ': . I   ail |
1   li   I"-sis,   j
.    il      l'l s-     .
II-    I'll,
.re. !
oil.   '
of. ���; i, rs.
���    'm    the
, ..t.u.li'ilied il ii-ii l-"i -nt Ii  -  ;
..-.'ai-als, Liu o'll", flhorie,
I.aii^uedoc-.     etc':      Th" |
ihe   ("oiiiniinnhiiil-! reriT.il,
. !���; "'ir-b, and be is   pmbably
ei.r.anl   of" one of  till   -e    who,   j
'���������i   t ll'-llls.-l i .-s   *"T��� ��� ���. 111'   KlMIK"   |
" of   their rclitfii ins I liberty. '
,'    1 li" l'i ei s, ih
I I i    T | ui a, v.
11 >>-ii ice i a:is.- or ,
-'.  old   not   ^'    '!,c
!,7Ti��',''.-'"*.��iid >vill
?0 I ' <"��� I.
' i i   ������ a: e r v n j-. i-si,.;):::
tlj.-v i < c.r. willa.r/ ji-t ,c i-
ooMie;    | ue    oulpiil
wor-l    fall    below
.rob iblv r���ach   S7,-
-VhoIesaJe and Retail;
; . .,BUTCHER . . j
Revelstoke Station, B.C.
!. ,c,   l 11(1 (lnZells
..a n<"s I he v if.t'
calf 'datioii
'.ij,; a
("r ������'-,
If'M a'
! hes--
forc ,e<
t (T
jmoiin'    c
ti,���     s..(-
i   0
.1 o>", -
���f !''.ij< t<
il.  wh
the- ( li,- rin   of
r cum' r v, - rin 1
sober est n, ,,' ->
" ',   f'"'"'-; $T,,(),I)|
'I     I     ,Y '.'-II    'il.l I, o |.|s    \-, ci e I
II  I-it  V
��� on   ro
iu'sl,   the
i.-i, i , - -
��� ic   i    ir :
F.,!e    ;
'   I',H   (���
���      Ml-'s
.11,   II
-       il      I.
I  II   ���   II   I
���s .vliich, is"
ipsi-l. Ih.-s.-
i.ifln-i of ,,
..."   Ki.^.-I,
S       >\      ; _-,       f,f
'if. 'j'l.lil
'.I   O     I    .   I ll|
I- .- Ihil
tin- n-
",     half
'l.l'l   .J
'1    l'l    I
If you .-ive Imyii.t. Sec. cl I'ul.itncs, Ccmlcili^
I'otatoe-., ��� M'-.li 1'ail.lc r. iKic-sh K^Ksfliiily), l'>. cl
O.ils.co-. .-cud in j our onliis willieiil .luliiy
W       AltTHCl!. U WIS,
f'i-<,<lin .- M. )-' Ji.mi. SihiIIi  I'Minoiifiin, Alt-i
S.H.-  All or,i(,-s hl.ii-.;,,-,!   !,y   t|iht,  tiMiii  h   tl
sflliif.ietl'jll   C.l   '.IstN'Ji-J.li. .11.||
First-class Table
Good Beds   ��� -Fire-proof Safe
'Bus Meets all Trains:
BE-yBLSTOKE.      33_0.
ABKANAMSON   IJHOS., Piiopiuktohs.
Everything new and First=class in all Respects.
Th3 Hoiiss is stocked with the Finest Wines and Cigars in ths Market
TROUT   L^IKZE!   CITY.   33_0_
-ii ���
ai ii
.i in,
Ol    '    I
)' '.-I,
i 1(1,1
bis ,!,.,
an ! w,
Ilea) e|
Certificate of Improvements.
cnKI'K Kl".-.f'f;��: MP.'I-IIAI, CLAIM. .Situ
J .it'.l in !!.- '1 rijiit i.i,.i> .Mining 1'iMsiiiii ol
Wc! ircul'-iiuv l)i-.Oni. [...-ut.-cl noi Hi (.list
'miii Ir.mt tiki- oi I.e,.mi IU 0 miles from Mi.
.ii'i'.Mi of IfC'e. ' n < V. on tin- noil'i lio.n.li
la!:'   li'.llC" Ilia!   I. 'I in.In i ��� I) i.\"|,-i, fi . c m j|,.| -s
i. i.i
a '.' i ,
.    \"',      -.!.!
Mi-   cla'��
Ill I.'O',
''    1
an   , on.
f(l. .1 <' 1
Hi.  ; 'i.-(i
,ii  oi.l
,il.-.\ i  i 1.
M. 1 r-
1 1   "1   1 i C
i     !      ,:
le    '    i"
i'      '
li      ir
i   oi ii . e
1 ail   li   ��   1
ol       hi,
.-l II lie Ml
'��� ii.   Iln|.'-
lie!',   '
ll-tc 1
v|,m ,l,  1
'    'l'l   .'.!
Ill.. lllt-'ll'l
.l.[.l.  II. Ill
rl.ti a',  of ini,'.
lillllt^ ,i ( o.c*. i
^k_   S^EOI^A.37_,T3r
^i Ikootcna^ nDaif ^ * * IRepelstohe, T-.C.
l.'.ll' '    til if     Hill .
urn <
I. f a-  in    ,-- i.ii,. ,   - ,   . ii, 1,
i\ < I
'! IKi.M \s IitiW \s.
i. il.    ( .1 ,   '., -  iii i a,iv .,'"
ii; ;,t THE KOOTENAY jIAIL.  PAGE 3  TO THE POLE ,  IN A BALLOON.  HOW  ANDREE  W1IL   ACCOMPLISH  HIS JOURNEY.  Interesting Details About the Extensive  Preparations Now Uuder Weigh���������  The Start to be Made Late in May  or Early in 'June���������The Balloon  Being Constructed in Paris.  An exchange gives some   inlet ehting  particulars about .M. Andree,   the  balloon expert, for whom I lie natives and  re'-idents   of   Northern    Canada  have  been rccjnested  to  be on   the  lookout  by     the     Ilud.son'.s     JJ..y     company.  Andree 1ms thc; courage- of- his convictions, and he believes that   the  undertaking planned by  him   is  not hy  far  as dangeioils and   nii'n-e  feasible  than,  the trip   upon   which  Nansen   entered  some two years ago.    For a long   lime  ,   Andree had been figuring and  experimenting   and  planning,   until  hi:  has  reached a point where no detail of  the  pending join ney has been left' untried.  The aeronautic exploits of   Mr. Aud-  ���������   ree, have   become _ known    all    over  the world, and   he  has  made a   name  for himself as one of  the   moat  audac-  1    ions nie'n that ever ascended  in  a  balloon.  Once  he  went up  from   Stockholm  ' , and crossed the gulf of , Bothnia,   lauding on the bluires of Finland,  a deed  never before dried.    Another  time  iie  .sailed in his balloon .from   tho 'city, of  Gothenburg, on. the'western  coast of  Sweden, to the Island nf'Gothland,   in  the Baltic; {raversing  the  distance  of  2.J0 niilet. in-live hours. "The noticeable,  feat are of his doings An these and other  , similai,   occasions  was  not that  with  the help of chance he' performed  feats  never before accomplished, but'I hat in  ,   every instance the aim   to   be  reached  'stood   clear  before  him  and   that   he  'reached   that   aim   along, the     roads  mapped out in advance. ���������  The little expedition of   which  Andree will be the head,  will   be  made up  , of   three  men,   Andree, 'Nils  Kkholm  and Nils Slrindberg.   Kkiiolni is a man  of IS ye.:is. a  sci.-nti-l,  bv   natural   inclination and bv   siibsecp'.ent   develo.-  nient.    For the  last   twenty 'years . he  has   been  devoting  his  undivided  at-  tentiou to ,sthe study  of  meteorology,  in lrf'tihc acted  as  the  chief for  the-  ,  Swedish   expedition,   to    Spitzheigen,  which   was  working  m   conceit  with  t similar expeditions from   this  countr\  a:ul ten European countries.    It is generally asserted tliat the result achieved  by the Swedish  expedition   surpassed  those gained by any one  of the other  expeditions, and that this  was  chieJlv  ' brought about liy   the  excellent  work  done bv Kkholm.    At the present time  Ekholiu is, by jijl  European  students,  considered an authority u.i the. hraiiuh  ��������� of  natural  science  to   which'lie   has  devoted himself. ,   '  The third member of the trio of explore!?, is a very young man, only 2-1  years of age. Yet Nils Slrindbeig has  -already succeeded in making a name  for himself as a physical student of  high standing having paid special attention to electric phenomena. He is  .also an expert, photographer, and n.s  such will be of great use to the expedition.  " Pole Nord," er "The North Pole,"-  is tbe name Mv. Andree has chosen  for" the ' gig.in' ic balloon which is to  carry him and his fellow explorers lo  the pole. Tt will .have a diameter of  ���������some 05 feet and it will hold nhout 160,'-  ,000 cubic feet. ' At present it is being  built ;it Vanguard, a suburb of Paris.  Tht"' silk (o be usi'd has been especially  ordered from the best looms of Lyons.  Three thicknesses of silk are to be  Used. To join them together a new  kind of varnish has been especially invented by Mr. Andree. When ready  the .balloon will be practically gas  proof.  1 {ringing down from the  balloon are  the guide ropes, weighing 2.200 pounds.  They arc made of cocoanut  (ibei,   the  lower end   of   them   being   saturated  with a" mixture of vaseline and lard   in  order io enable them to float on   water  and glide over  the  ice   without  being  torn to pieces.    Mv.  Andree   is giving  careful   attention   to  these  items,   in  which lie is won; i.������ see the safeguards  of  the   expedition.   They   have   been  submitted to the  most exacting  tests  before being attached to   the   balloon.  First, the ends of the ropes were  fixed  iigainstall rapidly  turning  wheel   with  rough surface and was allowed to stay  in such posit ion unl il   the  turns  made  by   the   wheel   repi cseut ed   a   way   of  more   (ban   sixty   miles.    At  the  con-  ciiisioiioi  the   tests   (he   line-:  showed  iii) marks whalcccr of the rough treatment to whic h tiiev had   been   subjected,    lint no;, satisfied   ..iili   tin-,,   Mr.  A'idiee   sub.i'u.'ed    tlc'iii    to   another  still more i gi i lest.    Iu the neighborhood ol   liie  .Sscdi-ih  i.ipil-d  a   small  area ol ivniii.l   iv.i -��������� cover'I   with   ice  liJoc' s ,\ ���������\'.i jf.-s i o'l-: Ir ^.ii I.ii i s ,!s   could  In' f"ii:.-.i     /,    ��������� |iei i.i!   in'-c-!i,ii'isin   was  ill l.lilted   ���������.>   .I'll    '.. ; I    lb-   lilies   (Ii,lull e  M.il '! I      ���������     i    ..' I.'111,1 h  Iii     'ii'si    lest     had     been  esi'l1   ', a - I .j ���������   ���������i ���������>,".     i; v  -. ,e: ; r. i\ en '"'\ c.ni -i. .net,  Wo,,Id   l.e   I..-I t   lbi.Mm ���������  by lbe fat substances with which  they  hn,l been saturated.  Circulars concerning the expedition  have been spiead all over the countries;  adjoining the Arctic regions. With  the assistance of the English, Russian  and Danish government they have  been en tried to every ' point .within  these regions where civilized people'  are residing, as agents or- representatives of these governments or their  subjects.  Another feaiuie of the equipment  will be a small colony of carrier pigeons, trained at (he expense of the  great Stockholm paper the Aflonblcdct.  The slatio:i to which the pigeons are  being trained to return is located in  the noi theruniost part of Norway.  There are 102 of. them.  A great p;u t of thc equipment of the  expedition has been donated hy" merchants from all quarters of S.M'.len,  the old king heading the' list with a  subscription of ijiT.aOO and IJaron Oscar  Dickson following him with a similar  amount.  Dining the latter part of May or (he  early pari'of June the expedition will  leave the Swedish port of Gothenburg,  finboaid the steamer Virgo, which  has been chartered for the purpose.  The steamer will at once head tor the  islands of Spitzbergeu, a group of t wo  large and' several ' smaller islands  located between four and five hundred  miles to the north from the Scandinavian peninsula.  '< The first business oT the explorers  and Ithe crew of the steamer,'in which  several skilled workmen are ' incl.ided,  will be to erect the house to be used  when fitting and preparing the balloon. ' <���������    '  Along the top of the house is built  a balcony from which the balloon is to  be(handled when it is to be raised for  the stail. ,, .      , '  Finally, when everything is ready,  tho balloon tilled and impatiently tugging on the restricting lines; tlie gondola fastenedl under 'the gigantic gas  filled globe, and the" three courageous  men that ai e to 'make - the trip ready  and at their |(osts; then a few shoit  words of command will be heard and  t le .-a oi's and laborer.* will let the  ropes glide out of their hands. The  swelling balloon lloals majestically  upwards to be caught and carried  away by the southern breeze. A , last  shout of- farewell !( And Andree and  his two comrades are off for th'e pole.  Will Supply Wives.  The Department of the Interior has  received a- eomnr.inica'tioh fioin Wfn.  Weeks of Clevetton, Chippenham,  15; g , \\ ho is starling shoi tiy for Canada with a party of, ,'men and 'boys,  staling thai farmers who a i e in want  bf'fema'.e help or wi\ es'should communicate with him. -lie says that  there are any quantity of'g'irls willing  (ocomeif their "xpenses are made.  He suggests that if 20 or tunic'1 people  will pay a deposit of ������15 at' the Dominion land office, Winnipeg," to cover  t he expenses of a second-class ticket,  and a share of the. expenses of a matron to fake charge of them, and at (he  same time furnish him with a full  description of the kind of girl they  'want, he-will endea.or to fui.il tin-.i  requiieiiients, the money tci be returned to them .should he f.ul to do so.  Edison and the X Ray.  A I'imvs-fferatd's New York special  says: -"Thomas Edison has succeeded,  with the aid of the X ray. in pcn'etiat-  ing the human body with the naked  eye, the successful experiment Laving  been made last, week. .He looked into  the lungs and heart and examined tl e  arteries, muscles and b!o..d \ i-s^t-Is of  one of his assistants. With the powerful cathode light behind the i.i bject,  he looked through a screen of prepared  chemicals, and is said to have, plainly  seen thc workings of the various organs  of the body."  SAMPLES OF  READY WIT.'  Rough but Rich���������Smart   Sayings by  Smart People.  The reply of Lord Rothschild to an  English .-snob is given as a good sample  of ready wit. Ic happened at an assemblage of wealthy people in England  not long ago. Rothschild was surrounded by many men of learning, and  was con versing with one who always  allowed his detestation of eveiything  Jewish to overcome ordinary good  maimers and common politeness. Coni-  inenli'ig'upon the beauties of a place  which this gentleman of standing and  position had visited in his travels, he  so far forgot himself as to add to one  of his remarks: "And I was- informed,  loo, that (here are neither Jews nor  hogs to be found there!" < '  Tt was Aii unp.-irdonableafl'ront under  such circumstances, iind the great  lit.ancicr.'douhfless felt (hat it merited  a slinging retort, for he immediately  responded: "Is, that really so, sii\J  Then you and I should certainly pay  that spot a visit. Wershnul<l he great  curiosities." '  The son of an English earl, staying  in A'ienna, was one evening atadinni-r,  to which also had been invited'nome of  the ' most distinguished ladies and  gentlemen of that city. One,of the  ladies,' noted even amongst her intimate fiiends for saying shrewd but  ungracious tilings,' considered , the  Englishman worthy of her somewhat  .embarrassing nbsci vations,, and -siiiil-  ingly asked him how it was that the  English people'genei ally spoke French  so indiU'erently.^    , ,-  " Why, my lord," she added, encouraged bj- tbe smiles of some of tiie  others, "we Ai<������t ri.-ms use (hat tongue  with the same freedom as" we do our  native la'.igii.iire."  ".Madam," vv as (he biting rejoinder  she bad little anticipated, " L can only  account, for it by the fact that you have  twice entertained the Fre.nch army in  your capital, and we have never permitted them to enter ours,!"  At the first peri'ormance of Duma.-;.  " Etrangerc '" every body appeared to  be so pi ('occupied and woi e such a  serious countei:;inee that Marshal Can-  robert. who happened lo be present,  remarked ic, and inquired the icason.  .Madame Urohan, it is recorded, an c.ver-  ed :  " We are on the. eve of a great battle,  and I suppose f. ar.dt'ects us as you see."  "Feair"the   iuaisbal  said,   lookinu-  round with il pir/.zled air.  Ma.lame 'Briiii.-ii,' immediately summoned an attendant and' briefly s-;1jtl :  " Pjcard. ,i dictionary foi the marshal."  A neater or'wittier compliment in  fewer words it'would be impossible lo  produce. , , -���������  A lady once venlmed to publicly  reprov.j a well-knowii London soci 'ty  man for his over-fondness��������� of good  living. The_ gentleman' made himself  conspicuous by the way he gorged himself at, a diniiei to which he and othe.s  of tbe upper ten had been invited., To  make matters worse lie wa.ssul.iricntly  unwise, or thoughtless enough, to attempt to excuse himself with the remark (hat: "In eating well 1 praisV-  the food,"' thereby.-using a well-knnv. n  quotation.  Il was an opportunity not to be lost  by the somen hat disgusted and witty  lady sitting at his elbow. ���������   .  " Really, sir," she observed with a  sweet smile, "you should nit cnry  praise to the point of fla'tery."'  drilling a well up' in the Bradford  district and had got down about,1,200  ,feet, without any sign of luck. ] was  looking at the hole under the derrick  'with something like despair one day���������  for we had stopped woil: on it. Pulling out my watch, winch I earned  without fastening, it suddenly slipped  from my fingers and down she went,  chuck 1 into that dry hole., The idea  of adding that to my less riled me, so  1 got a cylindrical tube, such as we  get tests of sand with, and put some  putty near^the open end and let it  clown the. hole, which it, fitted neatly.  .My watch,ciiinc up with the suction,  stuck fast to the pr.Uy. It hadn't  stopped running. Ye������, and do you  know we icnevved woik on that hole  the next day and got first sand in six  hours 1 " -.  '���������'1 hadn't finished about my ring,''  put in the, Chicago nun. We had  moved to Towa, and niv wile lost it  again, i ol'teied ������100 iewar.1 ior it.  but no use." "Wi^c.inie (o Chicago, and  sttven years after I had left the Iowa  place J received tlie ring through the  inai! from the man we had sold out to,  lie said he was pulling cabbage in the  garden mid found it solid]}' grown on  the root of a cabbage 1 "  We began to move away before the  Oil City man could reeofer. ' ' '.'  'ROSPECTOR'S FURNACE.  PORTABLE!    PRACTICAL!!    ECONOMICAL!!!  The attention of prospectors and miners is called to the  merits of a'new improved apparatus, for testing" and smelting"  various kinds of ores and minerals, also separating and refining  base bullion,  etc.  Manufactured by a chemist and metallurgist, who thoroughly understands the wants of the assayer, the prospector, the  miner, the chemist for laboratory test, for all'furnace work, .such  fusing- in platinum crucibles,  of sampling charges, roasting, enameling, etc. (Anv  uel.) \       '"    ���������  as mclung, scornying, coupling",  testing  "Just as 1 expected!" siid thc.struggling young genius, ojieuing a letter  from tii(; editor. "He says my poem is  'very good,' and he iircci.ts i(, but  'under the circumstances ' hodoesnof  'feel justified in allowing more than .$1  for tt,' which he ' begs to enclose.'  When lie ih'id.s out it's an ai lostic con-  v������yi:ig the statcin'ent lh.it the editor is  a stingy old cuss he won't think he got  that poem so blamed cheap after all,  gol-ding him !" '���������  ASSA   o   ���������V.Qi  j. A. MaeFarlane, F.C.S.,  Assayer anil Mining Engineer, ���������  ,623  HASTINGS,ST.,   . , ���������  "'VANCOUVER, B.C.  '       o-    ' 1     ,'  All a.ss.iys and analytical work done in  duplicate  with  Scrupulous personal cam and fiisuatch.  a-." 1-1 Jin  i  bit L.sj<_;  Gv'jA  AUD STATSOHERY CO., LTD.  Wholesale   Paper   Dealers   and  ���������    ,       - . . Stationers . .       a  VANCOUVER, f B.C.  2-.il-12m  (T^EO.  D. SCOTf, '   -   ���������  <jA      ��������� ���������  tai'duoe and 'fJiaisg Broker.  U.C. Manure..- Louden Oc bmic.isliiro Life  Asstiv.uioe Co. Man.i.."cr Vancouver Miirn;,  Hiiro.ci. Stock i*i all Kuliivbic Comoanios  for sale.  - iJ-51-12  805 Cordova St.,    Vaneouver,,B.C.  m  OyanMe ftoeoss.  In Brooklyn.  They had been sitting on the sofa in  the twilight as thev had evcrv Huiidav  o . . ...  evening for llnce years, talking about  the wt.-alher and the, hist church social.  Suddenly drawing the girlish iigme  toward him ho exclaimed : ".Agnes, I  can no longer dissemble���������f love you!"  The slender frame was racked as  with uncontrollable emotion. Start. 11  froiii liis embrace she halt rose to  feet, clutched wildly at her throat,  then sank gasping by his side.  "Heavens'!:' he cried, " what means  this? Art thou ill? Was my decollation too sudden for you 1"  "Sudden 1" she, gurgled Faintly as  she struggled to sniiie. ������������������ S.i.l.'icu 1 T  should say it was. You sc'i'ed me si,  I've, swallowed inv chewing gum." , ���������   '  ���������3  her  A Hat-Lifting" Machine.  An eccentric citizen of Spo!'  gmg 0 er 1:,  of wa v as :,i  7)., -,,-.! Th-  <>ih. . 1. \!������ "l  t ��������� 1', I". ���������   bin  I'line has  just been granted a patent, by the  commissioner at Washington, for wh.'.t  he calls "'a sal tiling device.'" "When  attached to'the head it iciic-'-s the  wearer of the manual labor of lifting  his hat whan he meets an aeipi.iint.incr  and his hands ;ue otherwise c 'g='ged.  All he has to do to acjom ,'is!i (his I-  to slightly in,']. The inotio'i -t.'.rf-  thc inacl.'inerv, which is ii. i..eini   'i'1'  Well woven Yarns.  " You observe tin's , plain gold ring  on my little finger," said the man from  Chicago, turning the circlet oil'as if it  were a brass nut on a screw, " it lias  my wife's full name, engraved on the  inside. Well it is our engagement and  wedding ring. My wife lost it once  when we lived near San Francisco, and,  though we searched high and low, we  couldn't find it. One day, nearly two  years after, a f.i iend of our insisted on  piesei.tiiig me with a small cherry  tree "  " I'll take ,1 ci.j.ir this time, please,"  remarked the man from Oil City.     -    ,  " T said ch"i-:y tree, continued the  man f'-c.ir. Chicago, "...'id I'm giving  you a t'"ue story. Well, this offer of  nij- friend was decline.'! ���������"���������t .list,, but  my wife insisted, saying we could set  it out in a particular place in the lawn.  She inai'l.cd the spot and 1 sent for (,1a:  little, tiee. '1 dug down about fourteen inches, vvheio she. designated, and  so help me T turned up that ling!  How it got there we never could  guevs."  " There's untiling impiobable about  tii.it." said tlie Oil City man, '' unless  it is the cherrv tice.     I Jut did   T   ever  REFRACTORY GOLD & SILVER ORES  ������ Treat-si and Rcporietl on  v By The MacArthur-Forrest  (IVn-L'ot Cyniiicl.iUon.)  By The  MacAVthur-Yates  (Aiii.iluaiii.ition unci Cy.inici.ilion.)   S-i'OI. PAKTIUULAHS   The Cassel Gold Extracting Co.s  '       .,   '���������     (iiiaiitoti.)  W. Pellew-Harvoy, F.C.S., Supt.,  Vancouver, B.C.  'Assayii)"- in nil its I.i (inches.  .'i-iMini  P   H. HEAPS & CO.,  t-������������������       otti Coi-.lciwi St , iind Po'vill St.,  VANCOUVEIt,  D.C.  ttr Mines mi'I M.iiaijj;  Mauliincry,  T'lm;),. lli.inifiii'i  Prihjioeiiii-f Drills.  Saw Mill IMacliinory .ml S.u\s, Kii-tiuts  lioilurs,   W'.it'jr  Wheels,  cu-. 2-Jl-.'Iin  1 ������������������      .   '  -MACHINERY  NOTICE.  %TO'l'K'l'. TS TIKItKHV CJIVKN- Ui.it SOdiijs  IS .'���������."lurdntc I nil! ,t;i|i!v Lo tiie (*lii(-f C'ni'ii-  niisseaici- l.aiui.i,111,1 "Worl." torn licun-o to c-'.il  unit carry .1w.1v tiniljoi- fioin ll.c fnll.iHiiij-: do-  soi-ih-^d l.uuls siiii.iltd on Kisli (lixclc, haiduiu  Coiinl}", West Koolr n.ij :  Ciii'.iiiicneiii-; c'li west y m;< of tin c-lc ,it font, 'of  rapids, bourn- One JUilo Uralifi, Ibenoc ih,i-|Ii  onu Huh-, llicncu v.cst j of ,1 mile, tliciicn mi'.IIi  emu niilo, Laonoi; o.ist, -,' ol a mile, uonliiiiiin^ !-,l'  ���������icros.  Alio ininiiienc'iiK .it cabin, II Miio i-ost,  tlien^c licirtli It mile-- iiluia; river, tlnaiucj '.m-si  V inilo. tliunc;south 11 inilu's, t'lonc ��������� c ,is-t J mil.,  eoiitaaiiin, iM iiisrus.    In ai. !>s>,iu>'is.  ICATK WCtlTT.  Vimooiivur, li.C, .\]iri! t.tli, l.slli. ,'il-li  NOTIOS.  tell you llie "-torv of   my wad  s me   watch  huiuer.  pullinj  out  Several vcars   ago    1  This  gold  v\-a.s  Awarded  Highest Honors���������World's Fair,  The hat is sr.idonlv  ii  t,  of the tile.  ed about (ino foot all i.e the. he.i.  .ib a]i]),M at us ll .(��������� that at lac l.e i  seif-diimjiing coal cut. Then al'te  rem lining ;li M.,( A m imi-nt, it de  scribes a semi circle and soules i>,.< .  up'in ilit,. cranium.  "\T0T1C... IU ni'.l:KliY 111VUN' Ih.it *) dnv>  i> aflci'd.ilci 1 v\ill a-i;il.v l'i Ci.. fluff feiii-  iiiissionor Lands and \\ o,-lc-: loi-li.-i n.s-��������� in oi,l  ami carry av\.i." Ii.nhei- from the full.in .hk dc-  soriliccl I.1111I-,, sil n.itei! on Kisb'l'rc.'k, nanlcci  Cniiiiij-. West, Is 1 ml en,1.. :  C'onini n '.cfr cast hmk of |.'i������.|i Civck at  month uf Po .1 ..r ���������(���������!���������:, L n'li. u n-'i-:h II eu'o ,  tlicnec caM I cu a ii.il , Il u.ii c smiiii i J .iiilcs.  (he 1: \M!s(, j (t i.-co 11 u-i L -vsicil ,11,1.Iu. (, aiL dn-  1111? li .1 iicns  Also 11 ainci'iclii's' 1 m 1 lo siiilii.if Sc,-"i "\|i!>  Post, llion.c; noi-lM iiUi-il; i-'ki- unc and livc-  oi/lillis 11, ,1 'ii'lc. I,,on e v si L'l'.jc-fji'^iil i -1 ti  11 eiile. tli.'iiiii- --'.ill h !1 ol .'. it.iii' llii.ci e.isl, .'  of .a null;, u'.ii(aiiiiiiK I'-'li .1 ���������"(��������� ������������������ In .1!! lOOO ,u-n.-.  <JKO. 11. StJOTT.  Vnii.iutn ci. / jv il 0. I !).i. ,"il-l(.  xro'  lOiS  ���������VTOl'K'i-: is ii|;,!i.;ny a  J\ from 'late I '.'il 'i''. 1 .:  f.in.'nissionc r [���������im !���������-. .>mc! '  Lo .;nt ii'id < irrv 1 \ 1 \ 1   11,���������  Miff (luSUI-l !)((l    1,111-1   ,    M| 'lilt  l..ird...ni family, ','i'cs. 1C.111I  VK ,' I bill. liOd.ivs  !....-; '1. 'Pic fhii-f  ci.-l,, f. r 11 license  ��������� 'i-ii " tl.i; fiillow-  '1   in   I ish   frccK,    .      .   -    _..... 11.1, iiisLric-l,;  ('oiiiineiioin^-.it ,\s|a'-i iiiio-.p, e ter ni 11 mile-  east I ruin mi -;ii-->v 1 -....,', -i' l,n '. ,ui T.m n.ite  foiimair ' , r -,>������ 1\. 'Ik: .,, ; (,ne inilc.  tln'iic ,\,'-i ir, ��������� mile, . li, ),.��������������� -���������i 1.1 inn- mil,-,  iiciiitii :i��������� u_- i;i 1 a   ri -  A1-. 1 ;��������� ii,i,in-ii n.r a 1 ,') ."'!.'( ,' .1 on (-.-.-, I.  bi il;. 1 hen. < .1 n Hi , ")''<. I , a. i.  v ���������   t   I  mile.  Ill  MOST PERFECT MADE.  A purt Grape Crc.im of Taittai Powder.   Kiec  from Ammonia, Alum orain'y othn .iciultcr.n.l.  40   YP.AR3  THE.  STANDAKI-..  "IK V  .', Jill;  \   s,  .III   t  I.  I...���������",���������'   1 ,1-1  li1'  I  M ]-��������� I'n 1  ] 111' 111 - WI-  I III. II!,. I . .  '���������'l'l   .I"/. '  '���������' ','i.v-r,  ci..1  a. i;jf-c in  1 ' :i.;'.  !   !  ill.k*.  ml 1 1, it.' !     11  A. .1.  <'-, -\;i.  it:,  1   8 mid   II  1,   -j   mill',  -,   I hi   -.    li, all  OVT.  ���������fii-il;  Rind 01  This furnace is built in two halves for easy transportation  is complete in itself, made of sheet steel with cast iron slacj" and  metal spouts, wind supply pipe and knock-clown bottom.,  Tiiis Handy Prospect I;" urn ace is of the Cupola'type, with  extention for smelting" ores, capacity 1000 to 5000 pounds,per  heat, according" to'the character of'ores. ' No prospecting1 out-  lit is complete:'without it.  Agents V/aatccl.   For Price  and .Furtlier Information,  Address  'National Ore and Reduction''Co.  415 Locust Street, St. Louis, Mo.  Established 1877.  ���������    CAPITAL, $1300,000  -SHEP   .US  Incorporated 1893.  YOUR-  INCORPGHATlD >  HAlfS HOUSE: 200-212'First Ave. Noril.; [W1KMEAP0LIS, mM.  JQIiA.N"01Iii:f5:  h'=l.EKA, ft.Of'JT.      , I      CHICAGO, ILL.      |      VICTORIA,' B. C.     I WINNIPEG, MAN.  Cooke ft Doreinar: Sts.   I . | 55 Wliairf St.     .   I    2.14 King St.'  ���������z^z-stju .-fcy^-u J^;iii>ii"  PASSENGERS FOR  Hall's 'Landing", ' '  Hot Springs,  Nakusp,Three Eorks  Nelson, and Slocan Points,  Ivootenav Lake Points,  Trail  Creek,   Rossland,  Northport and Spo'kane  ���������SHOULD TAKI3 'L'lllS���������       ������  STEAMER  NAKUSP  Luiivos Ai-rmvlicul' for Xiiknsji anil Ifubson,  SiiiKliiy, Tiics.iiiy-. unci 'rinu^diiys .it 8 ii.m.  LciH'S ltclis,(iii for NTiilm-,11, Ai-imw1i.\u1 iind  Ciii.id.A'i I'.iuitii; Iciilway iioinl-i (u.1,1 mid  west) cm ^lonelily., Wiidiic-ilii} ���������- .mcl t^ndiiys  (iL 4 p.m. ������  Coniicclioii is 111,'idc sit Itoliiii'i with C. & K.  Il'y lor .VoIsDii .mil 1;i!l pniiu-iiui Ivooicjn.iy hiko  iin.l with .slciimui* '" fjyllon" ior Tmil mid  N'uiLliport.  TIIK  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  TO   AND 'Fl������0^f    '  All Eastern Points.  1 Through Kirst Class Sleeping Cars and Tourist  Slccjpini^ Cars to St. l'.iul, JVlontro.ilunci Toronto  without change.  REVELSTOKE TIME TABLE.  l'"ni''i.'io.il tiiii'j card ol tlie Company's .slc.nn-  oi-s on !CooU-ii,iy Lake apply tn the pnrsoron  iioii rd.  Kcii" full 1 nfoilu.iti'.i. ;.s tciliekels, rates, etc.,  .ijiply to T. Alliin,   Si'oiclar.v, NeNnn.   li G.  Full line of Ladies' & Gsataen's  SHOES    '  BOOTS  &  Atlantic ICxpre-sS arrives   9:15 daily. ,  Pacilic " "       10:25   "  Akkovv Lakh Urt.vNcir Tkains       '  Arrive loiliO, TuCMliiys. Tluirsilajs. SaturdiiyK  Leave   16:31),   Sundays,   Tuesdays, ThurMl.iys.  Trains on Arrow Lake llraneh corineetat  Arrowhead with O.& IC. Cos Si'i.amxk .V.vkcsi'  nitikiiiij  CLOSE    CONNECTIONS  ��������� To tmd.Froni   Rossland, Trail Crcckv iVelsoh,  Kaslo, Ainsworth, Pilot Bay,'  ���������    .N.ikusp,  New.   Denver,  Three P'orks, Sandon  -'���������and���������  ALL POiHTS 111 SOUTH KOOTENAY  F.ir full iiil'cii'iiuiLiciij as to rates, etc.,  .-ipply l.ci  . !. T.   iln-w.-stci;.  Agent, lU'velstcike.  GKO. McL. llltOWN.  llistriet l'lisncnijei- A'^ent, Vn.ieoiiver. U.C  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS.  , ROYAL MAIL LINUS.  CHEAPEST routo to tbo OLD COUNTRY.  ALLAN*  LINE.  I'ai.ihiax, fr.mi lliilif.i\  April IS  MoNdiii.i.v.v, "   .M0111re.il Alay 'J  DOMINION   LINK.  KcciTHvi i.v, fi-din Halifax-     vpril 25     ,  Vancouv i:h, from Monlreal  Muy-  lil'.AVK.i.  LINK,  (i-'i.nn St. John. N.II.)  LiKi: On i1 who  1.AK1: Si'i-i:ui(ii{  .April 15  ..A|iril !>-���������  H.  AT  ���������-: i V-,  'Pl;  ^   COPYRIGHTS.^  CAN  T OttTATN   A   PATENT?     For a  prompt. nri"wcr nn.l an Iioiic������i o|)inion, wiito to  hi I1SS iViC'O.. -Alio liai i' liiiilTiciuIytlftyycnra'  yvpeilcniio in Urn j.-id-nt business. (.'iiKmunlni-  t Ions st 1 ic-1 ly pom'Mi ii'i.'il. A J111111! hoc: I.- of In-  fon.i-iMc ii conciM-iiiiii.' I*:i t������'n.-c anil lunv lo ol>-  11I11 llici 1 sent fiec. Also n clniosuo of nice han-  lenl 1.'..! sricidtiu h(i.)l,M ;uin !rcr.  r.u.-iil' i.ii-an lln-oii!-li Miiiia ft Co. rcr-clvo  hpi-c.iii in licp in I lie .s.rir iiniic A uii-i-i. :,n. ,'iinl  M11H mi- l.in'i^lil, v,l(li.|v bet.up Hi'; piil.liollh.  0111 c;..ril ro 'he inwntor. '1'hi-i Mplcmi.i" p-ii'i'r.  Isnii-i 1 */i-( I-]-,-. cl.'Li'intiy ili'.i -irate.I. lias b'-i.,i ilit  Win.'it e'i:.iil..l.ii>u ol iiiiv scionlllli: vrur': in Clio  \.-ni!-(.   'r'J ii\������."ir.   xin-i'V *opii-.s^c:Tlt fie'.  Jli.il'lliii.' I J.i.inii, monthly, S-!.'."i0ii leio. MTifih  cipii-s, \:.3 ".'inii. llvoiy in.riltt r cn.-.t.t ni. 1 .\..i  t.tiil pl.-i',."-, In coli n. unci plioioirrroi-'s u< new  li.'-.i'i-s. 1,,tii |,i|ii. 1, ciii.'i.in" f.-.iil.U-i j 10 '.I,-,'.- 'he  J.ii.c.,1, de-Jen1. ;inij .-.(Mini,. ...;ntir.i.|y. .A- .:. .-..j  '.   .HIl.N'N ,'i, CO., .Vl-iVV YO'iiS, :\ti' '��������������������������� .    ..-j.-  Ciililn 510 ami upwards.    Intermediate $:U.  .^1 i'or.1 ire at i'luc-l rates.  I'ass|,-iters'lii.krtcd ihnmjrh :o all jwut-sof  Great Mrir.iin and Ireland, and at spi-iially low  rates to iill parts of the European continent.  Apply I o nearest steamship or railway ajrenl.to  I. T. BItHWSTEK. Agont. liovcja'.olic,  or to  IIci'.riii   ivt:iiu. Gen.   1'a.ssenKcr A;.'e! ;  "vViniiipe^.  ^7  OTICF. IS nr.RM.nV CASE?;, thnt.  I 111* 1 "(UM.l v ' 'in;.'-! VVlll  ;i >sit tin;_;  lldllll'll    .it  > i .!������������������-.In������.  ���������   i-  ."..'  .5 0-  .-]...-1.   in  .d  t!i-.'  ,'i..\il ".M.  II- ^f.-L'-.-r ��������� "n'.'ltv   I"  j-j.-ii-ch Z'j't.h. 1*5.  May  j.-j-.-  'lit.  ���������������i:-jj't  an'imuLiiiiiivuumiia PAGE 4.  TIIE KOOTENAY MAIL.  .������-.'.������  yffii      No"I5 A*P" & A,flI'  -���������V&, *    *    +   The; ii'Kiil.ir mi tl SjsK"  i.iv lit 1:1  in Ihe M.i:-  cmic Temi'le. 1'ouri.ftV  17"  ~    Vjsilmy    In el :n-c '.  ciii'li-illy -vi-lemn.-d.  II. K. SMVTIIK. SiXi.i-'i'Ai-V.  KEVELSTOKH L02GE, X. O. O. T., No. 23.  --. ^--'-X^y, '        Heisiilar ine.'tln-rs .ire held  ��������� r-P^^gtiyfes&S   i>������ Uilcllellows' Hall ovcry  BHfc'-i^iE^C-t'fv njX Tnui-slay  nit-flit   al   c-iifhl  ^^%T?^vC-,V^Vj,* o'clock.   Visilini? lnotlicri  ������������������   ���������Fj'f-j-'xs-- e.S.'^g?-   (-uriliiiliy weU-omed.  C. LINI>MA \v!C. N.G.     K. O. LKW1S. Sue.  Loyal Orange Lodge No., 1G5S.  lfi-Is'iilar niei-linys   are hold   i'l  Ihe   Odd   i'Vllou.s" Hall "ii I ho  ,-������        hi-coii'l an 1 I'cmi-lii \S".;.lnesil:iv'.>  ,Jyt    of   each   mcuith   at- 7:HI)   p. in.  iff     Visit in;, lirclhren .i'-e cordially  invited. ���������  T. STKIil).   J. I. \V001>RO"\V,  ".V.M. l.-c. Sec;.-.  t.'!-..��������� ci.,>i!,'c o\  il-i- liei-l Li" Hio.-.ii, in;     Fxti'di.ios Iiieet-- Funny hut True.  Tl.cv   need  l!ie P' e-.b\ lc,'i-i,-tii iiit  ci-nvei 'in'.; till l li'lif.  I'"1. (1. Cditoti. who llil-- lii'i'ii ;l . -i  ;i!.-s(-..i.-i-.-'i'   I'or  th"   p.-i-l   ye.ir  :'i  h.llf,    llilh    rese'iied.  succeeds liiin.  li-     Li.  The reiml.ir s-vrv ice-,  of  the  ;i  S\   i.";in  V. -. di-h  '   BORN.     '     ,   '  ToMl-iNSON.��������� At.  Viinroiiver,   April   I.'  '��������� '   the; wife of W. Tonilinson of a son.  LOCAL" AND������ PERSONAL BHIEFS  i. *      t '' *  Ernest   Miller,   Vancouver,   was   in  town Tuesday. ' '  Capt. Moore, ol* the coneenlruloi',  came in Thursday.  Swim Anderson, of' Jllecillowael,, is  with us. '  .",    The   very   latest   in     millinery     at'  '    Coursier's. o  The Columbia House is hiiviiijar; a new  o   coat of painty  W. R. Angus, of Montreal, registered  tat the Victoria, Tuesday.  '        ,  '  ���������  Street clearh)}.; is ;ill the vogue and  the weather kindly ust-ists. ^  E. II; Lewis,'.of Coursier's Trail  house earno up on Wednesday.  J. E. Halton, scenic artist, is at woik  tin more scenery foi Bourne's Hull.  ,   P. It. Peterson is effect ing sonic much  needed     improvements i upon    Front  Street.  The "hike" has reached lievelstoke  already,this spring. When will the  hloomers blossom ?  , AhcmtSO sucks.' of mail leave her..'  every other day for South Kootenay  points.    This means hTisiness.  Itev.-Father-Peytavin will celebrate  'mass    at   10.130 a.m.   in   the   Catholic  ,    church, to-morrow.  The effects in colour on grand Old  Mt. Begbie. on Thursday evening at  sunset were sublime!  . . L Best California creamery hut ter iu  lib. rolls or* tubs of any size at Kournc  Bros. ' o '  '"���������Mrs. J. Valentine left for Vancouver,  'Sunday, to   visit,  her   daughtei.   Mrs.  Tomlinson.  Sibbiild & Pease, will   have  in  Mock.  within a week,, a  carload   of   Ogilvio's  best Hungarian'Flour.  Tuesday's   west   bound    tram     was  1    defayed 11 hours on account of agiayel  slide at Mountain creek.  Mi. and Mrs. Hector, of N.iku^p.  arrived in town Wednesday on a visit  to friends^  1 Comfort, dtuabilil.v and stvle in  {���������Slater's boots, , , l)  Several   parties   from   Seattle     and j  California, destined for  the   Big   I "Send j  .   district, iii e in town. t  T. Curtis has  made   application   for ,  certificate of improvements on his pre- j  '    emption at IlalKs handing. 1  1 Rev!  Mr.  Robbins,   of  Donald,   will \  preach   in   the  Methodist1, church   to- J  morrow at 11 a.m. and 7.HO p.m. , j  The ������������������boys"  are   practising  daily   at j  the pigeons, getting in training for the j  ��������� recapture of ihe cup from Donald. i  A    larger   i.inge   of   Slater's    men's '  KooL-s and Shoe-.   i!liin   ,.\-ei    at    Cout-|  . ������iei'~. ������     ;  Chief Justice D.ivi"aud -oils arilved i  from down liver   point1-   on   Ttie-sdav, j  and i egi-st-'i-ed at the rniou Hot  chinch'will be he-Id in the -.(jhonl'i'Sci'-e  to-iuoi'iow at II a.m. and 7:o<) p.m. by  Ucv. K.'Yollaud.'  The evli.-i number orS=vhe ('.il'iiiisl,  devoted io Victoria and other Islai.d  oil ies, was a most credi table producl ion,  and mucli apprecialed. It deserves ,-i  'eiri-elati'in thi ongho.it the njiper country disti-icls, to enable the p-ople' to  bec.iiue V.-iliiiliar with the coast l.cu-se-..  The J'r->vi>���������.(:��������� is.-ue of April 1th 'vv.-.  a special number and deserves u. worj  ol pi-aise. It is copiously ill .'.M r.il '\l  and ils contents, (hough following i'.s  ii-nul line*, are "f niu-h iuteie-t. It is  also .���������imioiiiifi'd in llii-> umnher I hal.  the Province will be hut $3 per year in  future.'which the public; will no doubt  fully appreciate.  ���������    A Public Boon.  , The swilchboaid of the local, telephone system is being removed from  the Victoria Hotel lo Ml. ,(,'o\van'h  office. In future a hov will he on duty  all day at the central oflice to' an.svvei  calls, also other improvements will be  inaugurated that,will much improve  the service.. Under the picul'iir condition-! of Revelstoke's situation, the  business centres being so far apari,  this local telephone' system is very  necessary to the dispatch of business,  ami .is ;i boon to merchants and, iv.-i-  dents. Several new instruments are  expected shortly, and will he put in at  busine.S's'houses for {jit per month; at  residences'foi $2.."30.  Thr 'Ii-1 ti Ci'.-e'ri AVir.s in iiiiotiiig tin3  , (port ol" fin: geological survev fo;  T,',">. makes a typogiiiphical erreir (and  \i!i,-;i pajier does licit) that'is not'only  iri'".is(ai.ly lunnv Isnt remai-!s<ib'y  near ) tie ti ill li ;is well : a-* lo the  iiidm.iry man, geological charts are  like oiie of Sir David Brews) it's  kaleidoscopes. This is the item : "In  t.he early p.ut of the year Mr. J .' Mi-  Uvoy was e,hielly occupied iu the complication of parts of the. Shuswap m;ip  slice). Hriti-'h Columbia, employing for  th.it purpose data'obUtined during the  ��������� ]ii-cvious .simuner."  TA3LB'  Showing the Dates and FLices of Courts  of Assizn, Nisi Prijs, Oyer and Terminer, and General Gaol Delivery for  "' the year 1895.  Sl'KI.VC  .ijKjz:-:,".  Latest From, London, England.  NTannimo... .Tuesday.. .."ilh May.  New Wehliiiitister'..".Tuesday 12th  ',M:iy.  Vaiit-ouver. .Tuesday.,. 101 h May.  Clinton . ..-. .Mondnv.. .2,"ilh May.  Victoria Tuesday., ,20th May.  IC.unloops . .Monday... 1st .June.  Veri.o.i .....Monday... St h .June.  "*Nelson ..'. ...Monday.. .loth June'.  "Donald.. .. Moud.iv. . .22nd.Juno.  'Special As .is.es., '      51-Ot  '    (Established. 1887)  TATIOlsT.  - - - "Wholesale and Retail Dealers  In. Groceries, E������ry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Carpets, Stoves, Hardware, Faints,  Oils, Glass, Dcors, Windows, Miners Supplies..  i rt ' ' ' ' '   * m ' ' lit  J^-\Ve carry the largest and most complete stock in this section.   . . y    ,  .BRANCHES at'.NJiW DliNVUR aki> NAKUSP.   '   - '       "  .  EILIK-EI?. '"&;  ELLS.  en  o������  "T| O  'nismnffs  Mr. McKinnon, of the 'ii-iii, McKinr.on  & De Heck, of Vancouver, passed  through Friday on his way home fr,oui  an extended trip to London. He re-  ported'himself well satisfied with ,ihe  result of his (rip, and-said it vvcMild be  the means of securing eonsiderablc  capital for this country. Any intere.-l:-  commiUed to his firm will, no'doubt, ] oj Practical  he carefully protected as I hey have  had a long experience  and   knowledge  Examination   for   Certificate in  Assay i rig.  Bt'UMAi; ov .Mjxi'.is,  Victoria. JS.C, Slit Ajiril, lHO'i.  /^N HAVING I.7<.AHN13Dtha( many  V./ vvho dei-ire to ohtain the above  Cei Lilic.-ite do not fee! sufficiently prepared for the examination it was proposed to hold here dm ing (lie last, week  'of this month, ihe Hon. the Minister  of Mines has derided to postpone said  cyaminalion until ihe autumn, when it  may be held at two or thiee places in  t he Province for the bel ter convenience  I of the 'candid:!)!'!- ; due notice (o-be  ! given of the time, places, and ,ex-  ! amiiH-rs appointed by the Minister.  1 An excellent book on assaying, embracing niO'-l of. the best and latest,  methods for nil the melals leqnired for  this examination,  Fiii'iiwn'i   "Manual  ���������aving,"   $:. 00,   John  of i-Jritiish Ooluinbia.  -ci--;- TUSTzr^^xrji cjPs-.i^_^..--sn3.rrTs -���������r-enrr--  Wiley iSc Sons, New York,   i.s  strongly  recommended. , .���������  WlIdJAM A. OAULYLK,  51-2t,  ^l*-r.>tCir.Virarr^^SN  Pro art via!, Muierulaylyt.  TTTTTriP'T^n?T  ���������^Ok  "S^ v* r> r\ "s "3 <r* d   1VT t~ ���������J'' (Ts Ir. <ca "?*������, ir c.    '     "'-'? <rn ���������=���������7 o. 1 qj -f", r\ Ir- <ca  Consig'np.KMU.s solicited of   Produce, Provisions, I;Iour,  I?ccd,'  Butter. C-ittjij.se,  King's, etc., etc.   v  ��������� ���������Retail  Dealers���������  In   Flour,    Feed   and   Vreg"eiHb!es   of all kinds.     All Fruits in  Season.     Nuts, Candies, Tobacco, Cigars, etc.. etc.  3ED-RGGK PRICES.     ��������� ' ���������    GOODS PROMPTLY-BELIVERlD.  Give us a sample order and you Will never go back on us.  &' 3  T  7   i^iJ A-^iii  ���������a  / .  ,L ������1.J23    i.-  J_   X, .i- JL rLJ \*S si. *--.._,  s a-*-1  i~i      ��������� rt       "!      n 1    i   tv. 'ij  ^ TiTlI'ln   iJ-rv^f--"'    fi'"F!"0. -Z,n    ?������0.S"������7"  j5\'    >^^-    !?'"=  .������J  Wholbsals   Commission Merchants.  ^������������������.-^-Revelstoke   Station---���������^���������  S,  o  >es  Fancy  ���������ars. ���������  it.  T and a'joy forever " is a house  _ J  -when it is papered with artistic '  wall paper.     Fullest'and freshest line in town at Gilker & Wells,  XI  POST OFFICE STORE  REVELSTOKE, B.C.  If you'want to.reach the People in the North Riding, of West Kootenay  YOU SHOULD  '%&  G  e  iooietiay' i  .OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  IF :YOU -WANT  EO  You can get it done at the "Mail" Office  RICE AS IN ANY OFFICE  fur  000000000000 0^0000000000'000000.0000000  RE\ELSTOKE, WEST KOOTENAY,-B.C.    ''-  f������-7-f,i,l;?������^                                 F^r^.s    V^p*e^ab"^.������    Ha^'A Splendid line of Carpets in Brussels, Tapestry  furs   horn   tne   Bij;   I.t-nd,    1 l.m'-d.i v . , i-ajtlv/A)        ^bfa'-1) '   "-1 Szj ^ *"' ~*J '->-<- ������������������,        Js.J.Oimy . , X  ^ . A m y .  A *J  j.KL.c..eN.-ii-dovv���������f,.,m,henend.:                           ,                          .^...        j and wool. Art Squares in Large variety  ��������� Of Patterns and Sizes.  ACLNTs  FOR  Mi:'   I'erciv-il,   of   the   ('olunihia   t\;  Kootenuy H'y., vvliich i.s  ic^i'slered  ,i- .  Hie ('olumlii.l .ttid Wc-tein. .-.in limn, [  \V.irm we.it her N coniiiicc .md l.idi"-. j  -.liould hce I he lilcin-'i -, 'Intl. -ml- j  vvi.ip|ier������- <ind white vve.ir.il Cnii.-si"!''-.. (  C.   F.    L.iw   priced     tlirouuh     hen- ] --'���������"'"'  on "1 hiir-ri.iv .md-..lid  the   Xolile   !-'i>.-  flciPwri- coni|ileted.    N;i liirme- urnen.  See ijonrne 15."^. for full hue <.( ������,tli  pa pel h -n new design-, ji.iinK. v.ir.iiw'ic- |  nnd other e-scnti.ils Icir  Sptin^   r-Ie.in- j Cdpitc'l,   Si,500,000  ii.K.  .                                                                                                           1 C  JUL.  1-IJucICIjQYaSjiCL <������j UO.,         ^imnviar i r i mmmTmrnw     Is called  to  our' stock of Dress Goods and Prints.    All are  <V].r.l^le Grocers , ESPECIAL ATTENTION                 Ncvv and Stylish and of the very best quality.          "M&*"&  VytOOeiS. i Gjvc us a ca]i hcfoi.c ]nirchasin{r elsewhere.  CANADIAN GENERAt c'"Tn"wjn  rl.f^Ii l i.D  I hLhUIKIU Uii. ! ������- JB- H"CTivnE & GO.,  ,  , , n��������� -r        .     n  J Agents for the Cv.k-hr.acd Ram Lai's Tea. Revelstoke   StatiOU  -���������cad O.ficcs.   loroito. Ont.       n  Manufacturers of Hiiectt'io ^lining Apparatus,  r.nc iiim.i iv ���������   ('    ' f'i.' i".  , i.i" :<i"r '" 'iu: ! " ', -,   1'   ' '.     ;.',      ,!'',,'   ).;". ;tr<i  ! 1.1.n i ���������:  '     I 'il f '   ���������   (   '.       '    . '     'i    I       '     , '      .- ,.'<---   II',..i,  ���������  . li.  v <   I I    {  X-"��������� "��������� Tt  -\FJ~3=^JJ������  IT."'  j  Wi'h.iM'V.inci.iivi liei ron di.ii'.^hl. '  Dii'V.cry'- in hot lie.    Com ��������� .mil   try   ,i  pi-.-. lei-At   Vi.loi 1,1  Ih lei. "       j r_   , ^ ..,.. ^     ,      , ,   ,,,.,      ,  '1 ne ( 'wllimhi.i  li'.M  is   iislnw-     1'iwly, ^ \-j\^'   \   ~>,.J ,i   .-^      >   ,       ,  Ji,i\ nnr m.ide |I:i( e or fo'ir ui'In -.    ihi-j \\   ,;,,   ,   'j',   .,.,, ,     ,,   ,,  Svi-.-k,     'j'ii'-s.- vv.-n in i! i v - if   > f>til fii11' .I - r,,,r     i.  i     'i '  i .. - ,,1-Ji  will mii>n m,ike it hum. j I.i:'!  i >. i  The pi'-idc-iit of  the ['ilchhi..';.- H'v . , Gra'w'.'"  C'r..   t      /ANOOL. v/������U  in In- pi iv.-itc-   (.ir   lJ'i|ehhui|,'.    .I'liui-  jjunied hy hi-.   f.Linily,   p.l-iseil   tin  .u^'1  oti Sni.d.iy.  W. Covvmii i-, coiiipletely    r enov.il mti;  the 'I'eU'phone sy-tein    .mil    vvill    h.ivi  Ihe i en! r.il ollice.   -il    hi*   bull h i.;   on  Front Si re< I.  Ml. .mil A I - .  J..M.I-. I������e...ilie, hint' ��������� "  jii-l.iw nod   sis,(.-r  ui   (li     !..!i.   '���������'. i  ^riived   fioin    Wim.'-li.,     M ������������������-        rltd..   Lirl    A.'ii)  A';'/,Oi.'    1  v\ ill 1 e-ide here m !... J  ^'m.  M'Ml I i". of  e. no ���������     '' ill  QEEnv-O  1-    I  -J J  . j j'A  '  '.in  T.  J.  i���������?      (..  AUV   l'l  1J1.IC  <v,\ i,1 ,i'ii:  MJnhi ' iiad Rea.l Estate B?ok>,c :,  ,"f*'vi; o! The !.vii"ii   , Sn -In; '"1,1  V II     I'    III  Mv'-.l'l..-;.-'"!- \V"d",.'-Ml..v ,.l,'-,,iM,'..i .", -������-'l-.M' I'M! 'I i:������������l  'I   Hid, (Ml V   l'.\\'     '���������"' '!    '.  ".    !.".v    .'ll-,l'|  Has just opened up a beautiful lot of    /  Spring Dress Goods and Trimmings,  Millinery and o Fancy Goods,  j. - \j(r--\-  ^nd also a splendid range of tlie famous  Slater Boots a;&d Shoes.  Mens Clothing1 and Furnishings,  !' <


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