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Kelowna Orchard City Record Dec 7, 1911

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 // \A""       •" "    \.
VOL. IV.   NO. 2.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of
City Council
Victim Park Accident Claims
$5,000 - Gets $500 and
The'regular meeting of the City
Council was held Monday morning
at 10 o'clock.
The following, accounts were
passed for payment: —
W. Haug, fuel for Fire Hall .\......$ 24 25
Jas. Madden, compensation for injuries received in park  500 00
H. H. Millie, teleg. and phone ace.    16 10
Collett Bros.^ teaming ..'  50
Wm. Palmer, work in park ...........    60 00
Gas, Electric Light, tmd Inspection
Dept., inspecting meters           9 00
F. L. Firth, 46 hours work on city
wharf     12 00
K. Smith, work on waterworks    20 67
T.H.Ellis, do.      12 42
G. F. Teal, sal   .'.  100 00
E. Wilde, work'on waterworks       1 33
Sandy" Hendricks,       do.        I 33
C. P. R, freight        2 64
do. ...       I 57
do.   freight on car of pipe  158 00
Chas. Harvey, half-day establishing
grade on Glenn avenue      11  50
Pay sheet, work on sts., Nov. 6-24   160 50
A letter was received from Mr.
R. B. Kerr, claiming the sum of
$5,000 from the city on behalf of
James Madden who was injured
by a tree which was being felled
■"..j by an employee of the city.
Mayor. Sutherland reported that
the Parks Committee and as many
of the council as could attend had
ih'eld   a meeting during; the week
to consider the matter, and had decided to settle with Mr. Madden by
paying him the sum of $500 together with his hospital  and   medical
expenses.  A discharge of all claims
^Kad been signed   by Mr; Madden
"on this basis and the Mayor asked
the' Council to  confirm   the  committee's action. 7
A resolution was paused "That
the- settleitiient made WiCil", Ja^sffj-
Madden by the Mayor and Pafks
Committee be- approved, being
$500 with hospital fees and attendance."
Mr. Geo.. F. James attended with
the lease of the foreshore to the
Aquatic Association. The matter
had been hanging fire for some
considerable time and Mr. James
desired to have it completed before
the new year.
The question of a Court of Revision of the Voters'List was then
taken up and the following resolution passed: "That the Mayor and
Aid. Jones and Copeland be a
Court of Revision, lo sit in the
Council Chamber on Monday, Dec.
The meeting.then adjourned.
Ratepayers Meet to Discuss
Money By-laws
Four By-laws to Borrow Sums Amounting to $29,000 to be
Voted on Next Tuesday
Farewell to Mr. I. Mawhinney
On Monday night after a , late
supper in Raymer's Hall in connection with L.O.L. 1870, the "meeting was cancer to oruer, anu the
attention of the large number present was directed by the Chaplain
to the sorrowful fact that they were
that night called to say good-bye
to the oldest member of the association in Kelowna.
On behalf of the fraternity, Mr.
R. Copeland handed Mr. Mawhinney a neatly bound copy of the
scriptures, the remark being made
at the same time as to the suitableness of the gift to him, who prized
the Bible so highly, which .was a
charter of a nation's liberty.
The recipient responded with
much feeling in his own patriarchal
and felicitous manner. Kindly references were made by speakers to
Mr. Mawhinney's worth, not only
to the Orange Lodge to which he
had been an "inspiration," but because of the efforts he had put
forth " to guide the feet of others
into the way of peace."
He was described by one as
having been "a good neighbor, a
kind friend, a genial companion,
an able citizen, a wise councellor
and a father in Israel." He had
won the respect of all because he
fulfilled the Soloman's description-
" the hoary head is a crown of
glory, if it be found in the way
of righteousness."
' A largei number were at the boat
in the morning to say good-bye to
Mr. Mawhinney and family, who
was commencing his journey to
The public meeting called by the
city council to discuss the four
money by-laws which are to be
voted upon next Tuesday was held
in Raymer's Hall Tuesday evening
some seventy or eighty ot the ratepayers attending. Hi8 Worship the
Mayor, Mr. D. W. Sutherland occupied the chair, and briefly announced the object of the meeting.
One of the by-laws, he said, was
to borrow $ 1,000 to build an implement shed, for the housing of
the took and implements owned
by the city. Personally he thought
the amount was rather small, and
did not see how the board of Works
could expect to build much of a
shed for that sum. It was, however, from considerations of economy that the amount had been
kept low.
Another by-law was in connection with the water and light department, and aimed at borrowing
$5,000 to pay for certain extension-
At the present time both undertakings were paying their way,; in fact
were more than paying. The
plant and extensions wefe^ earning
sufficient to pay interest and sinking fund on all the debentures, and
the. city as a whole would not be
called upon to contribute anything
from the general revenue. The
extensions made and proposed
wete very necessary. The water
especially was very much wanted
both in the way of a general service to householders, and os a. protection from, fire to the citv at large.
The tyy-.law'might have beeni?sub-
mitted earlier, but the counciLhad
been unwilling to incur the exjjgjnse
.... -ff^>mt '-'.■■:. V-'-v'-:??;':.'_----~V.■■>*>•"_-_.   *-><-   -fOlf5&t\   ,
oi two elections, when .one ,qauld
be made to serve by deferring the
matter. As a result it had been
necessary to expend in advance
some of the $5,000"asked for.
The principal by-law was to borrow money fo purchase land which
would be needed inthe future/foy
a sewerage system, and at present
for use in connection with the
scavenging system..
The council had, during the present year, devoted a great deal of
time to the matter of a sewerage
system for the city. A large amount bf information had been secured and compiled for the use of
future councils. Not all of the information thus secured had been
made public, but after much consideration the council had come to
the conclusion that the best system
of disposal bf the sewage would be
by. means of a sewage farm ; that
it would be more economical, and
cheaper to instal. There were
three reports on the matter at present before the council, one from a
prominent authority at the coast,
and two - from local men. The
outside engineerhad favored the
idea of septic tanks as a means of
disposal, and had estimated the
cost at about $36,000. This wa?
excluding the cost of pumping, as
it made no difference what system
was adopted, whether septic tanks
or sewage farm, the sewage would
have to be pumped. By employing a farm the cost of the disposal
plant would be greatly reduced.
The land itself would cost only
$ 12,000; then there would be necessary a delivery pipe, which would
not be a very expensive item.
Referring to the cost of the land
it was proposed to purchase, the
Mayor eontinued, the lease on jhe
land at present used by the scavenger ran out in the spring. If the
land now offered was not purchased, the new council would then
be up against the purchase of sufficient ground for the scavenger's
purpose. . This land would be
difficult to get, and might moreover
be very expensive, They would
have to hetve such a place, and
would not likely get off for less
than $5,000. Deducting this cost
from the price of the land it was
desired to purchase, left only a
small extra outlay to secure a site
for a future sewage farm.
The council, he pointed out, were
not asking for money for a sewerage system, but only for land which
some time would be required, and
which in any case they had con- j
sidered it necessary to secure.
In most places-all the expense of
a sewerage system was paid by the
persons directly benefited. In
Vernon, for instance, the whole
cost of septic tanks, land, etc., was
charged as a local improvement,
and none out of the general revenue of the city. Probably a better plan was to have the city, as a
whole, buy the land and bear the
expense of a sewage farm and delivery pipe, and anything over that
to charge to the persons benefited.
Thus all the cost which the city
would be Called upon to meet
would be about $30,000 or $35,000.
1 he rest of the money would be
r.ised by way of local improvement debentures, in the same way
as money was obtained for sidewalks. •        "
The fourth by-law, continued the
Mayor, was in reference to the purr
chase of the remaining part of the
park, consisting of some three-
tenths of an acre at the north-east
corner. The question was one,
said the Mayor, which the city was
hot pressing at all. The council
had thought it 'necessary to give
the people a chance to buy the
land if they wanted it. The matter had come to a head while he
had been away at the coast, and
in connection with it some reflec-
tions had been cast upon Mr. D.
Lloyd-Jones, the owner of the land.
The latter had in consequence of
what had been said, expressed his
willingness to let the city have a
chance of buying; and bad made
the necessary arrangements with
the party who held an option upon
the property;. Iri making the kind
bffeVMr. Lloyd-Jones had reduced [_,'
the price.to the city by $5,000,
Mr. D. Lloyd-Jones, who was
present, spoke 'briefly in explanation. He sold the lot to Mr. De
Hart for a much higher figure, but
owing to what had been said, he
had been willing to' let the city
have a chance to buy it. He was
not anxious, howevir, to sell it to
the city.. It would be a good thing
to have a new hotel, and by the
exchange proposed the promenade
would be kept open. He spoke
with some indignation of the foolish
slanders" which had been going
around..Some people had actually
said they did not know the corner
waa being reserved when the park
was sold to the city, whereas the
matter had been fully and publicly
discussed at the time. He had arranged to sell the land at the time
to a local syndicate for $30,000, but
had offered it to the city for $1000
less. The syndicate, of which he
himself was one, had had the property subdivided, showing some
$60,000 to $70,000 worth of lots.
He had offered, if the city were
not satisfied, to buy the property
back again fbr$40,000 and pay 5
per cent, interest from the time of
its purchase.
Mayor Sutherland said the council at least fully understood and
appreciated the kindness pf Mr.
Lloyd-Jones' offer, and the sacrifices he was making. They had
felt it their duty tb give the people
a chance to say whether they would
buy the land or not.
• Mr. F. R. E. DeHart spoke on
his hotel project. He emphasized
the need for more and better accommodation for the city. The
site was ideal fbr the purpose. He
was no hotel man, and had no big
thing to n.ake out of the scheme.
He had "been pushing the thing for
the good of the town. His agreement with Mr. Lloyd-Jones in purchasing the corner had been to
erect not less than a $100,000
hotel. He had gone to the coast
tb interest money in the scheme,
bu{ when he had received the telegram asking him to withdraw his
option, he had had no definite
plan to offer.
" The hotel matter continued to
hold the discussion for some time,
when the subject was changed by
Mr. Parkinson speaking' on the
sewage system.
He had gone carefully into the
matter, he said, and had consulted
all available authorities, and come
to the conclusion that the only
available means of disposal for the
city was a sewage farm, for which
it was necessary to purchase a site.
Personally, he did not "altogether
favor the lots mentioned in the bylaw, but preferred the adjoining
lots. This, however, was a matter
of detail, which could be arranged
later. It was advisable to purchase
the land while, it could be got for
the low price of $200 per acre.
It was obvious that as. soon as it
was drained and put to use it
would be worth at least $400.
He went at some length into the
benefits which the city would derive from a sewerage system. The
present opportunity of acquiring
land for the farm should be taken.
It would be then up to the council
to consider plans for installing the
Questions were asked and answered as(to the nature of the soil,
and the suitability of the land for
the system. It seemed to be the
opinion of all who had carefully
examined the place that it was eminently suitable for a sewage farm.
Mr. J. B. Whitehead asked if the
land was not too near the city to
allpw for extension. He also expressed the feaY that the enormous
cost of the sewerage system, considering the scattered houses,
would be prohibitive. Mr. Parkinson thought that the increase in
value of property served bv the
sewers, would pay for the installation many times over.
The greater part of the evening
was devoted to the discussion of
various phases of the sewage system, and the purchase of the land
named in the by-law was strongly
recommended by several speakers.
Aid. Leckie spoke on the by-law
respecting water and light extension. About one-third of the five-
thousand had been spent already
in extending the waterworks, which
the city would have to pay whether
or not. There need be no uneasiness on  that score,, however.
English Church Bazaar
Substantial Sum Raised for
Building Fund
The bazaar held under the auspices of the Women's Auxiliary
and Chancel Guild of St. Michael's
Church last Saturday proved a
great success. The ladies in charge
of the different stalls had worked
with great enthusiasm and the hall
presented a most charming effect
of prettily blended colors.
Mrs. Hewetson in charge of the
sweetstall, with Mrs. Rees and
Mrs. Crawford won first prize , for
the prettiest decorated stail. Mrs.
Barlee had charge of the " fancy
stall" assisted by Mrs. R. Jones
and Mrs. Crowley. The scheme
of the decoratons was in mauve
and yellow, making a beautiful
show of color.
Mrs. Greene presided over the
Chancel Guild stall, where quantities of dainty and useful handkerchiefs, ties and collars were
Mrs. Chapmnn was in charge of
the plain work stall assisted by
Mrs. Ransom, Mrs. Scott, and Mrs
Khurler, and realized a good sum
of money.
The Baby's stall was presided
over by Mrs. Fettier assis ed by
her little daughter, and proved a
very attractive booth.
Afternoon lea in charge of Mrs'.
James and Mrs. . Matheson was
daintily served at small tables, the
waiting being done by the young
ladies of the Chancel Guild.
The fish pond and bran pie, in
charge of Mrs. McCullough assisted
by the Misses Cross, Ransom and
Greene, proved a most popular attraction for the youugsters and did
a "roaring" trade so that everything
A. & T. Association
Annual General Meeting and
Election of Officers
for the plant was   paying  its   own ■ was gold out Dy 5 o'clock.
way, and would provide profits   to J     The picture gallery with Dr.Shep-
coyer all interest and sinking fund jherd as show man probed a  great
on money borrowed for extension.
Asked by Mr. Whitehead, when
the city might expect power during
the day, Mr. Lecljiie: said that the
difficulty in the way was the many
incandescent lamps used in street
lighting. Until some means was
provided of switching these off
during the day, the generatorscould
not be run.
Aid. Copeland advised the bor-
owing of $1000 for an implement
shed. The city had accumulated
a good many tools and valuable
implements which should be kept
under lock and key.
Mr. Parkinson thought the
amount rather small. He wondered whether it would not be advisable to turn the fire hall into an
implement shed, and build a better
fire hall.
As interest in the by-laws seem-
source of amusement.
■y Th'e baby, show -was the feature
of the afternoon, got up by Mrs.
DuMoulin. 26 babies were enter-
|-ed, and demonstrated to a large
and interested audience what a
sturdy, splendid lot of children
flourish in the Sunny Okanagan.
They were divided into four
classes. The difficult positions' of
judges were ably filled by Captain
Brush and Mr. Lionl Taylor, who
proved themselves most efficient
and popular.
The prize winners were as follows :
I. class, I to 8 months. 1st Baby
Kerr.   2nd Babv Band.
II. class, 8 to 18 months. ' I st
Baby Lloyd-Jones. Tied for 2nd
Baby Bell and Baby Treadgold.
III. class, 18 months to 2 years.
I st Baby Shepherd.    Tied for 2nd
The annual'general meeting of
the Agricultural and Trades Association was held last Thursday. The
attendance was rather small. Owing to the absence of the president
Mr. P. DuMoulin, the vice-president, Mr. W.C. Blackwood, took
charge of the proceedings.
Ihe minutes of the last annual
meeting and the auditors' statement
of finances, which showed a satisfactory balance to the credit ot the
Association, were adopted.
The directors elected for the
forthcoming year were: -W. C.
Blackwood, P. DuMoulin, B. McDonald, A. D. Monsees^ T. G.
Speer, J. W. Woolsey, M. Heieron,
A. W. Hamilton, D. McEachern, "I.
Bulman, H. W. Rftymer. F. S.
Coates, A. Casorso. W. A. Scott,
A. E. Boyer. <
Mr. G. A. Fisher was appointed'
auditor for the next year.
Resolutions of thanks were passed by the various officers of the
An important matter was broached by the reading of several
communications from the Hon. P. '
Ellison, respecting the granting 'of
money for the building of- a new
hall for the Association. The sum
of $5,000 it was stated would probably be included in this ..year's estimates for the purpose.
In anticipation of this a committee consisting of Messrs. H. W.
Raymer, B. McDonald, Thos. Bulman, W.C. Blackwood, T. G. Spe< r,
D. McEachern, and P. puMou! n
were appointed to.draw up plans
and make up all necessary arrangements.
Mr. Thos. Pu!n a. \ was appt int-
ed delegate from the A & 1 Association to the,annual convention of
the Agricultural Fairs Associations
at Victoria in January.
tThojrewas- some discussi&flSregarding a proposal to employ a
manager for a month or six weeks
during fair time, as the pressure of
work at that time was more than
the regular officers could keep up
The matter however was referred
to the board of directors.
ed to flag some what, the mayor in- j Baby Poole and Baby GUtfke,
troduced a fresh subject for dis-j |Vt Pla88. for babies under 3
cussion by asking how the city: 18t prj£e Masters Harris,
would like to own its own tele-! Jn the evening a Promenade
phone system. A proposition had Concert under Mr. H. G. Tollett's
been made some time ago by Mr. j able managmentt wa8 held, those
Millie, but nothing further had been kindly assisting being the Rev. Mr.
do-e.   The  city   had   no   power j Meyrick, Miss Smith, Mr. MacBean
anyway to handle such   a  scheme [ H. T. Meucins. Mr. Ferrier and H.
..1       .   r t * _. " .     _-l   _--.' -^  r>;"    .     "*    -- --     —
without first having a  special  act
Mr. H. H. Millie (the owner of
the present private system) said he
would rather 'see the city take over
the present system than run chances of having a dual system, as had
been suggested recently bv the application of the Okanagan Telephone Company. He pointed out
the tremendous disadvantages of
duplicating poles and wires, and
the necessity which business men
would be under of paying double
rates in order to be connected with
both systems. If it came to turning
over his system to the city, he had
no wish to make a big thing out of
it. He would only ask for a square
deal. He had made it pay, and he
had no doubt the city could do
the same.
The city water works will be
shut down on Wednesday, December 13th from 3 to 5 p.m. for
to make connections with the new
The Methodist'Ladies Aid will
hold a Talent Tea at the home of
Mrs. Hunter on Thursday Dec. 14.
Every one is cordially invited.
It was officially  announced   this
T. Boyd
Coffee and refreshments were
served and        the      evening
wound up with an auction of the
the articles from all the different
Mrs. Shepherd, the Secretary-
treasurer, announces the handsome
sum of ^690 gross receipts, which
is to be devoted to the building
fund of the new Anglican church.
Farmers' Institute
The attention of voters is called
to the fact that copies of the new
municipal voters' list as compiled
for the coming election are now
posted on the door of the council
chamber and in the Post Office.
All who are qualified to vote and
desirous of exercising that privilege,
should * see that their names are
correctly inserted in the list. The,
Court of Revision is called tor
Monday next to hear complaints.
After that all kicks will meet with
the answer " Nothing doing I"
Mr. John Dilworth left Tuesday
morning for Victoria.
The Rev. G. O. Fallis of Penticton will occupy the pulpit at the
Methodist Church Sunday next.
He is to preach in the interests of
week that the Kettle Valley  Rail-j Columbia College and the educat-
way would apply for a chatter at
the next session of parliament, for
a line between Vernon and Pen-
ional work of the MethodistChnrch.
Mr. Fallis is an ex-student of the
College in addition to having a wide
knowdedge of educational matters.
Interesting Series of Lectures
During Week
Some interesting meetings have'
been held during the week past in
connection with the Farmers' Institute at various points throughout
the country.
One of ihe visiting lecturers was
the Rev. W. E. Dunham, an expert
poultry man who has for some
years rendered valuable service to
the Department of Agriculture in
that important branch of its work,
Mr. Dunham, besides being a most
able speaker, is thoroughly master
ox his' sUDJectr "ine ^nrormarion-
he had to give was distinctly firsi-
ihand, and the result of years of
study and experiment. His talks
on the various phases of poultry
keeping, natural and artificial incubation and brooding, feeding,
Housing, marketing etc., weie listened to with keen interest
Three years ago Mr Dunham
visited the district, and expresses
himself as very agreeably surprised
at the many evidences of progress
and development both in the town
and district.
The other lecturer was Mr.
Cowan, a prominent authority on
general farming from Vancouver
Island. Mr. Cowan, who was supplying in place of Dr. Medd, who
had been prevented by some circumstances from fulfilling his engagement, has been reared in agricultural matters for over half-e-
cehtury, and what he does not
know about farming has not y t
been found out. He had, many
valuable wrinkles to impart on 6oil
cultivation, crops, live stock feeding and management, and in the
general economy of the farm.
The first meeting of the series
was held at Ellison, where, in spite
of the very short time given for
announcement, there was a good
attendance. This was followed by
a meeting at Rutland on Friday,
Benvoulin on Saturday, Enst Kelowna on Monday, South Okanagan
on Tuesday, and Kelowna on
M TiiG Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Dec. 7
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue        Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
The season for these goods has arrived,
able to meet any requirements in this
just receive a large consignment of
Coal, Wood, and Airtight Stoves and
prices to suit everyone.
and we are
line, having
all kinds of
Heaters,   at
Furnace and  Hot-Water Heating a Speciality.
Wishes to inform the public of Kelowna and
surrounding districts that he has now opened
premises in Water Street, and is prepared to
buy and sell second-hand furniture, etc., to
any amount, also goods sold on   commission.
Just About Now is the Right Time
to call in and renew your subscription to the " Record."   New
subscribers will receive the balance of the year free.
Town and Country
The Chancel Guild of St. Michael's Church wish to thank the
numerous friends who so readily
responded to their call for gifts of
handkerchiefs, collars and ties, foi
the bazaar held last Saturday. They
are pleased to say that the sale of
these articles on their stall realized
no less than $142.
The monthly meeting of the
country gtrl's branch of the Hospital Ladies' Aid will meet at Mrs.
Mrs. Renwir.k's, on Saturday next,
December 9th at 3 o'clock.
Mr. J. B. Knowles, the jeweler,
is to have his usual grand opening
on Saturday next, December 9th.
This has become quite an annual
affair, and is planned to give gift
hunters a chance to look at the
many good things which constitute
the fine stock. An orchestra will
be in attendance to enliven the
The Kelowna Hospital Ladies'
Aid will meet next Saturday afternoon at 3:30 at the home of Mrs.
Mrs. Walter M. Parker will receive on the first and second Wednesdays of each month.
No little sensation was caused
in town Monday by a rumor which
seems to have originated in Revelstoke or Vernon, that Germany
and England had declared war.
Although rumors of trouble between the two countries are only too
common, yet happily, there has
been no foundation for this one.
A war between Great Britain and
a powerful nation like the Germans
would be a tremendous world disaster and one which it is hoped all
civilization would unite to avert.
Notaries Public,
Conveyancers, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
C. Harvey. B.A.. Sc. C.E.. D.L.S., B.C.L.S..
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147.
P.O. Box 231
P.O. BOX 137
At the regular meeting, last Friday of St. Georgs's Lodge No. 41.
A.F. & A.M. The following brethren were elected as officers for
the ensuing year :--
W.M. Bro. Dr. Knox.
S.W., Bro. H. Burtch.
J.W., Bro. Meikle.
Treas., S. T. Elliott.
Sec, Wor. Bro. P. B. Willits P. M.
Tyler, Bro. Percy Dunn.
Auditors, Bros. G. A. Fishers and
G. H. Dunn.
The Rev. Mr. Huestis, travelling
sec. for B. C. and Alberta for the
for the Lord's Day Alliance gave
an address in the Methodist church
Monday evening last on the work
and aims of the Alliance. He corrected misconceptions that some
people share in the way of prejudice against the Dominion Act,
and declared that, the Attorney-
General of the province was now
more favorable to granting prosecutions than he had been before, because of the flagrant abuses which
had crept in by the encroachment
of greed and pleasure in the absence of legislation.
Dr. and Mrs. Richards and chil-
ren arrived on Saturday's boat aftei
an absence of over three months
on a visit to Wales, Dr. Richard's
early home.
Mrs. W. R. Trench will receive
on the fourth Friday of each month
instead of the third and fourth as
Ernest England, who has been
in charge of the cannery at Okanagan Centre during the season, returned to Kelowna this week. He
has purchased a lot oh which he
intends to put up a cottage.
The death took place last Saturday after a long illness of Mrs. Rose
Etta Newton, the wife of Mr. E. W.
Newton, foreman carpenter for Mr.
J. A. Bigger. The funeral took
place Sunday and was attended by
a large number of friends and
The Roval Bank of Canada ever
ready and prepared to anticipate
and meet the requirements of the
public, have just had installed in
their new fireproof vault, Safety
Deposit Boxes, as announced in
their ad. this week. This will be
very gratifying news to those having valuable papers or documents,
as heretofore nothing of this kind
has been available to the public of
Kelowna and district.
Dr. J. W.
Nelson Shepherd
.'. 0. Box 136
"Phone 66
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
The largest assortment of
Dinner, Tea, and
Toilet Sets
China, Glass, and Silverware
and many other useful articles for
Call and inspect our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
The People's Hardware and China
Phone 180 Emporium P.O.Box 221
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ngs.Tov/n and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
Miss   P.
Scholarship   Graduate   in   Piano  and   Teacher's
Course of Toronto Conservatory of  Music,
Will receive Pupils for
At the Studio,
Lawrence   Avenue,   off   Pendozi   Street.
Address   -   -   Post-Office, Kelowna.
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
The quicker a cold i* gotten rid of the
less danger from pneumonia and other
serious diseases. Mr. B. W. L. Hall, of
Waverly, Va. says: " I firmly believe
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to be absolutely the beat preparation on the market
for colds. I have recommended it to my
friends and they all agree with me." For
sale by all druggists.
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc,
Exhibitioner Roval College   of   Music,  and lately.
with Kendrick ryne, Mus. Doc, Organist of the
Cathedral, Manchester, Eng.,
'At the Studio, Trench Block, Kelowna,
Music of  every  description  supplied.
New term begins September.       P.O. Box 437.
at Mrs. T. ALLAN'S.
Prices Moderate.
Bernard Ace.        Phone 86
Attractive Bungalow
Four rooms  and   bath room,
concrete cellar, electric light.
Lot 50ft. by 126ft.
Price - $1,^00
Write Box J. M„ " Record " Office
Kelowna Livery
A good  supply of work
horses, 'driving and saddle
horses always on hand for.
We guarantee every horse
sold as represented.
We are prepared to pay
cash prices for gcfod sound
young stock.
Our Livery is complete.
Good horses and equipment.
Phone 25.
Leon Avenue, Kelowna.
Coal!   Coal!!
Nicola Coal (Lump)
Real Pensylvania Hard
$10.00 per ton
$18.50 per ton
W. HAUG     -    .-    Kelowna, B.C.
Telephone 66
P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat Daily
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135
_____!____«_____! Thursdaij, Dec. ?
The Orchard City Record
^«ri-ii__-_in_ni(ti ii*
*      ,_"
'   ■*     . • '
'    '. f
*    J/
' '-7
*   ' c
«*- :',>>>>♦£■•
■'   * '*?■ ___•''
«.>.,- ,-
'. V   '*l!_
. _**
l£[Chief Eaglehorse, The World's Greatest Indian Vocalist.
City of Kelowna
BY-LAW NO. 101.
■' "Mr w-.-uwiviisamiitftt^iuiM^ ____.;ta
A By-Law for raising the sum of
$1,000.00 for the purpose of constructing implement sheds for the
City of Kelowna;
WHEREAS it has been found necessary
to raise sufficient money for the purposte of
constructing the necessary sheds in which
to store the City's   implements,   tools   and
AND WHEREAS it is necessary for the
said purpose to raise by way of loan upon
the credit of the'said City the sum of One
thousand dollars payable on the First day
of January, A. D. 1937, bearing interest
in the meantime, payable halfyearly, at
the rate of five (5) per cent, per annum,
the principal of such loan when raised to
he applied for the purpose aforesaid.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the said principal and interest it is necessary to raise the sum of $74.01 in each
._pd .tveiy yea,'.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
land and improvements or real property of
the City of Kelowna, according to the last
revised assessment roll is $1,409,590.00.
AND WREREAS the amount of the
existing debenture debt of the said City is
NOW THEREFORE, the Mayor and
Council of the City of Kelowna, in open
meeting assembled, enact as follows :-
I. It shall be lawful for the Mayor and
Council of the City of Kelowna to raise by
way of loan from any person or persons,
body or bodies corporate, who may be
willing to- advance the same upon the
crcdi. of the said City, by way bf the debenture hereinafter mentioned, a sum of
money not exceeding in the ' whole the
sum of One Thousand dollars, and to
cause all such sums so raised and received
to be paid into the hands of the Treasurer
of the said City for the purpose, and with
the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the said Mayor
to cause the said debenture to be made for the sum of One thousand dollars bearing interest at the rate of
five pt cent per annum, and such debenture shall be sealed with the seal of the
city oi Kelowna, signed by the Mayor and
countersigned by ths Treasurer of the
said city,
3. The said debenture shall bear date
the First Day of January. A. D. 1912 and
shall be payable in twenty-five years from
the date hereinafter named for this By-Law
to take effect, at the Bank of Montreal in
the City of Kelowna.
I     4.    The said debenture   shall have cou-
I pons attached, for the payment of   interest
j at the rate of five per cent, per annum on
j the amount of the   said  debenture,    and
I such interest shall   b>*   payable   halfyearly
| on the first   day of   July   and  January   in
! each t>ni evf.ry year,-and the sicnatures to
sue i  coupons - mav   be   either   stamped,
wrilten, printed or lithographed.
j     5.    A rate on the dollar shall  be   levied
f and shall be'raised annually in addition to
a I other rates, on   the   rateable   land   or
improvements or real property cf the  said
, City sufficient to pay interest on   the   debt
hereby created during the currency of the
said debenture    and   to   provide   for   the
.pavinent of such debt when due.  .
j     6.    The sum,of   $50.00 shall   be   raise.d
land levied annually by a rate on all  rate-
' able land or Improvements or' real  property in the City of Kelowna, in addition to
all other rates, for'the purpose   of   paying
the interest on the said debenture.
7    The sum of  '$24.01   shall be   raised
a 'i levied annually by a   rate  on   all the
r 'fable land or improvements or real prop- 1 f
e ty in t'.ie city of Kelowna, in addition   to
, all other rates, for the payment of the debt |
[hereby created when due.
I 8. It shall Ke lawful for the City cf Kelowna from time to time to rrpurchate
the said' deb nture at such price or
prices as may be mutually agreed upon,
and such debenture so repurchased
shall forthwith be cancelled and no reissue of such debenture shall be made
in consequence of such   repurchase.
9. This By-law shall before the final passim? thereof receive the assent of the electors
of the City of Kelovna in the mxriner provided for in the " Municipal Clauses Act,
1906," and amending acts.
10. This By-Law shall come into force
and take effect on the hirst day cf January,
!     II.    This By-Law may he cited   for   all
j purposes as the City   of   Kelowna   Implement Shed Construction By-Law, 1911.
On Tuesday, Dec. 12th,
The following
and Household Furniture
Will be offered for sale by public auction, at the
home of Mr. S. SPROUL, Rutland, B.C.:
One heavy team, age 6 and 7, weight 3000
One general purpose horse, age 9 years, weight 1100
Two waggons, two set harness, one democrat
Two buggies, set single harness, two robes, stock saddle
Set peg tooth harrows, set spring tooth harrows
Plough, mower, binder, one-horse cultivator
Garden seeder, stable and garden tools, etc.
Mason Risch Piano, nearly new, parlor and dining-room
furniture, four sets bedroom furniture
Beds and mattresses, carpets, linoleums, etc.
Kitchen stoves and tables, dishes and utensils
Sewing machine,   home-made jams,  etc.,   and   other
articles too numerous to mention.  .
All sums under $ 15  cash, six months  credit on  sums
above that amount, on approved joint note, at 8 per cent.
with 5 per cent, for cash.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock sharp.
M. BYRNS, Auc. i
to  do
Read a fii st lime by the Municipal Council this 23th day of November, I'i I I.
Read a second time bv the "Municipal
Council this 29th day of November, 1911.
Read a third time by t>ie Municipal
Council this 29th day of November, 1911,
Received the assent of the electors t/f
the City of Kelowna this day of Dec
ember, 1911.
Reconsidered and finally passed by the
Municipal Council of the City of Kelowna
this day of December, 1911.
Mayor.    !
We now inform the
that we are prepared
dying, such as Suits, Dresses
Drapes, Curtains, Sweaters,
and all kinds of cloth material.
We also handle a line of
second-hand goods for sale,
Detroit Cleaners and Piessers.
R. S. FORD   -   Proprietor
Office nest to Dreamland Theatre.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a true
cpy of the proposed By-Law U| on which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
at the Council Chamber, in Kelowna, on
Tuesday, tho   Twelfth day of  December,
1911, between the hours  of   9   a.m.   and
7 p.m.
City Clerk.
Court of Revision.
Notice ia hereby given that the Court of
Revision will be held on Monday, Dec.
IIth, 1911, at ten o'clock in the forenoon,
at the City Clerk's office, Bernard Avenue,
for the purpose of hearing and determining
any application to strike out the name of
any person which has been improperly
placed upon the   Municipal Voters'  List,
1912, or to place on such list the name of
any person improperly omitted from same.
Copies of the said list, will on the Fifth
day of December, be posted upon the
door of the council chamber, and in the
post office, and remain so posted until the
sitting of the Court of Revision.
G. H.DUNN, Gty Clerk.
Kelowna, B.C.,
November 29th, 1911. 1-2
Office Flours:   6 a.
Saturday: 8 a.m.
m. to 7 p.m.
to 10 p.m.
Come and
■ ———     —___-^^:
Learn to Shoot
For the best five shots going eveiy
First-Ciass Rifle Range
(Behind Fire Hall)
Ladies are welcome, too.
As we desire to give the general
public a ch'tice, expert shooteis
vw I be barred.
R. L.
December 11 and 12.
"The Fall of Troy
(By the Itala Opera Company, of Rome)
A complete Dramatization of Homer's Historical Poem.
One of the most magnificent Photo Plays ever produced
Played by a company of over 2,000 people, und costing
over $30,000 to produce.
It is an attraction interesting and instructive to old  and
young alike.
Two performances nightly, at 7.30 and 9 p.m.
Matinee Tuesday afternoon, at 3.30 p.m.
Children.  10c. 4<v Adults, 20c.
,*•■. The Orchard Citij Record.
Thursday. Dec. ?
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna. B.C.
JOH.\ LE.4THLEY, Editor and Proprietor.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising tales upon application.
Kelowna Public School
For Month
Ending November
o. on roll
Div. I.
Div. II.
Div. III.
Div. IV.
Div. V.
Div. VI.
Attendance Percentage 89.6
Honor Roll
Sr.    IV.—Dorothy    Leckie,    True
Davidson,    Annie    McLennan,
Beatrice Campbell.
Jr. IV.—Dorothy Evans, May   Wilson, Wilfred Pearce, Jennie   Ritchie.
Sr. III. — Dorothy   Forrest,   Edna
Clarke, Margaret Clarke, Richard
Horrocks, Will Duggan.
Jr. HI—Fred Whitehead, Tom Ritchie, Roland Barlee, (equal);
Glen McCarty.
Sr. II.—Marsh Davidson, Geo. Pettigrew, Alma Wilson, Henry
Jr. II.—Emma Rutledge, Ray Elliott
Terence Crowley, Vera Dawson,
Kathleen McKenzie (equal).
Sr. I.—Lloyd Day, Pearl Downing,
Carl McKenzie, Bay DeHart.
Jr. I.—Leslie Richards, Edythe Rob
ison, Lizzie Wilson.
Sr. II. Primer— (A) Eunice Teather
Clarence Josselyn, Emile Marty,
Annie "Wilson.
(B) Nellie Jones, Flora Ball,
Helen Robinson, Leonard Gaddes.
Jr. II. Primer — Dorothy Morrison,
Bessie Haug, Violet Dillon, Elsa
Sr. I. Primer — Winnie Longley,
Leslie Mawhinney.Bertie Duncan
Martha Burnside.
Jr. I. Primer— (A) Ronald Todd,
Alice Burtch, Sherlev Chambers,
Kim Chapman, Denis Gore.
(B) Nellie Patterson, Henry Witter, Ettie Clement, Wilbert Witter, Cicely Tutt.
Cooperage Industry
The production of slack cooperage is a much greater industry in
Canada than tight cooperage, which
is due to the shortage of Canada's
hardwood lumber  supply   and to
the fact that there is very little timber   now   growing   in   Canada   of
sufficiently   fine   quality   to   make
barrels for  the containing   of oils
and liquors.    The Forestry Branch
of the Department of the   Interior
states that reports from 133  cooperage plants in  Canada show that
over four-fifths   of the  total value
of cooperage produced in Canada
during    1910   was   cou posed   of
slack cooperage.    The  total value
of the slack cooperage stock was
$1,395,545 and was  made up  as
follows:—104,821,000 slack staves
worth $736,960 ; 9,860,000 sets of
slack heading worth $330,480 ; and
38,244,000 hoops worth $328,105.
In the manufacture of slack staves
in  1910, fourteen kinds   of wood
were used, for one of which, elm,
a production of over sixty million
staves was reported, and for six of
which  (beech, Cottonwood,   hemlock, pine, oak and cedar) a  total
of less than two million was reported.    Although  the   proportion   of
four-fifths of the total formed by
elm and spruce is the same  as in
1909, spruce   is  slowly becoming
more important as a  stave wood.
Over two million more   pieces of
spruce were produced in 1910 and
five million elm staves less than in
1919.    Every species of wood used
in stave production except cotton-
wood and  cedar was used in the
production   of  heading,   as  short
lengths and pieces not suitable for
staves can be readily used for  this
purpose.    The  percentage   of the
heading manufactured from   each
of the heading species was:—bass-
wood, 37.7 per  cent; poplar 19.3
per cent; spruce 14.7 per cent and
elm   10.7  per  cent.   Elm   is  the
principal   hoopwood, contril >uting
in 1910 over four-fifths of the total.
Over a million hoops each of spruce
a-'d   poplar  were   produced, and
with elm form nine-tenths  of the
hoops manufactured.    More elm is
used in Canada for the  manufacture of slack barrels than for lumber.
Black Mountain
School Report
For the Month of November
:—"__•• rfl/rjm-i
The following is a list of pupils
gaining percentages worthy of mention during the month of November, 1911. The figures relate to
Conduct, Regularity and Punctuality and Studies in the order named.
Loraine Woolsey 90    100    72
Merriam Woolsey 90      93    76
Fred Duggan 90
Consuela Woolsey 90
Verna Dalgleish 90
Earla McDonald 85
Winifred Leathley 90
Dora Paase 90
Beth Dalgleish 90
Lillian Sproul 75
Tom Duggan 65
Rita Maxwell 80
And to those who Hesitate.
Mabel Duggan
Mona Woolsey
Donovan Woolsey
Jeanie Warden
Margery Lansdowne
. 70
Jean McDonald
Bert Dalgleish
Mary Pease
Department   of
The following are the.dates of
the conventions to be held under
the auspices of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, at tne Botanical Chambers, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.:
B. C. Agricultural Fairs Association, January 22, 1912.
B. C. Stockbreeders' Association,
January. 23.
B. C. Dairyman's Associations,
January 24.
B. C. Farmers' Institute. January
25 and 26.
B. C. Poultry Association, January 29.
B. C. Fruit Growers' Association,
January 30 and 31.
Do you ''now that the only hope for you to become
one of the big fellows of the West is to apply some
part of your earnings in procuring real estate. There
is no other way offered you. Buy, if you can, in a big
way, but don't make the mistake and not invest because your income is small.
Come along, there is no time like the present.      There
is going to be something doing in Kekwyna next   summer, so be prepared with something to sell.
My list of bargains is too long to advertise.
Have a word with me.    If you have'nt time before
supper, see me after,  and  if we  deal I  will
be honest  with  you.
Levitt, the Homeseekers Friend.
Am Open to List Other Property
"I had been troubled with constipation
for two years and tried all the best physicians in Briston, Tenn., and they could do
nothing for me," writes Thos. E. Williams,
Middlesboro, Ky., "Two packages of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver tablets  cured
;."    For sale by all dealers. .
LEVITT    **    P-OBox495    'Phone 194.
Corner Abbott St., and Lawrence Avenue.
Office open until 10 p.m. during the coming week.
BUY IN     ::
BUY AT  ::-
Odd lines, the balance of the Seasons Stock, oi great reductions to our patrons.
Sweater  Coats.
All  Wool,  better values  than  we  have ever
offered before, all styles and colors,  for men
and women.     Look them over early.
Children s   Overcoais.
A whole table full of these warm Bear Cloth
Coats and Jackets, $5 values for $3.90
$3.50 values for $2.60
First come, first served.
Ladies' Furs.
Several sets of. Muffs and throws, worth $25.00
for $ 15.00.    This is a bargain.
Cushion Tops.
Suitable for dens, halls, or library, etc.    A big
variety of designs, appropriate for Xmas Gifts.
Come and look around  before selecting your
Christmas Present.
Special Attention to Mail Orders.
Men s Suits and Overcoats.
Best of Style and Finish, worth $25.00,
for $17.50.
They are odd sizes, made of the best English
Tweeds and Worsteds, well lined and
tailor made.
Childrsns Bear Cloth Muffs and Ruffs
Greatly Reduced.
Ladies* Handbags,  exceptional value in Goat
Skin Bags, Leather  Lined,  also  Velvet Bags,
of good quality velvet, well made, $ 1.00.
EMS »Pran<-Rn,
Indispensible in the cold weather.
Regular $1.75, for $1.25.
Nothing so nice for an Xmas Gift.
Ceylon Flannel, warranted not to shrink,  good.
patterns, and warm, $2.25 values for $1.50.
A. great assortment bf Negligee Shirts,
your choice, $ 1.00.
Phone 22
'Phone 22
gpummansf Thursday, Dec. 7
The Orchard City Record
i >-~-.-~l^—  •*--—M^rimtitrni -rrinviiTsiuMtJiiinfafc^
The New
We have in stock nearly all
the latest" copy right books that
are worth reading. The list
this year is much stronger than
usual, and includes
The Ne'er Do Weel
Rex Beach
Red Eve
The Following of the Star
Kennedy Square
The Winning of Barbara Worth
Bell Wright
The Common Law
Life Everlasting
The Conflict
The Silent'Barrier
The House of Iron Men
. Steele
Mary Midthorne
The Fourth Watch
The Wilderness
The Dop Doctor
Besides many others of
equal merit.
I'. 1). Willil.. (v 1,11.
Kelowna,     B. C.
PHONE 19 ,
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10  Lawrence Ave.
Ladies' and
Gents* Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
City of Kelowna
BY-LAW NO. 98.
A By-law for raising the sum of
$5,000.09 for the purpose of improving and extending the combined water and electric light system of the City of Kelowna.
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
'      Violets
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
WHEREAS it his been found necessary
to raise sufficient money for the purpose
of improving and extending the combined
water and electric light system of the said
City of Kelowna.
AND WHEREAS it is necessary fbr the
said purpose to raise by way of loan upon
the credit of the said City the sum. of Five
Thousand dollars payable on the first day-
of January, A. D. 1937, bearing interest in
the meantime, payable half-yearly, at the
rate of five (5) per cent, per annum, the
principal of such loan when raised to be
applied for the purpose aforesaid.
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the said principal and interest it ia necessary to raise the sum of $370.05 in each
and everv year.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
land and improvements or real propertv of
the City of Kelowna, according to the last
revised assessment roll is $1,409,590.00.
AND WREREAS the amount of the
existing debenture debt of the said City is
NOW THEREFORE, the Mayor and
Council of the City of Kelowna, in open
meeting assembled, enact as follows :-
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor and
Council of the City of Kelowna to raise by
way of loan frojm any person or persons,
body.br bodies corporate. ,who may be
willing to advance - the same upon the
credit of the said City,'by way of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, a sum' of
money not exceeding-in the whole the
sum of Five Thousand dollars, and to
cause all such sums so raised and received
to be paid into the hands of the Treasurer
of the said City for the purpose, and with
the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the said Mayor
to cause any number of the said debenturea to be made for the sum of One thousand dollars bearing interest at the rate of
five per cent, per annum, not exceeding in
the whole the sum of Five thousand dollars, and all such debentures shall be sealed with the Seal of the City of Kelowna.
signed by the, Mayor and countersigned
by th,e Treasurer ot the said City.
3. The said debentures shall hear date
the First Day of January, A. D. 1912 and
shall be payable in twenty-five years from
the date hereinafter named for this By-Law
to take effect, at the Bank of Montreal in
the City of Kelowna.
4.. The aaid debentures shall have coupons attached, for the payment of interest
at the rate of five per cent, per annum on
the amount of the said debentures, and
such interest shall be payable halfyearly
on the first day of July and January in
each and every year, and the signatures to
such coupons may be either stamped,
written, printed or lithographed.
5. ,A rate on the dollar shall be levied
and shall be raised annually in addition to
all other rates, on the rateable' land or
improvements or real property of the said
City sufficient to pay interest on the debt
hereby created during the currency of the
said debentures and to provide for the
payment' of auch debt when due.
6. The sum of $250.00 shall be raised
and levied annually by a rate on all rateable land or Improvements or real property in the City of Kelowna, in addition to
all other rates, for the purpose of paying
the interest on the said debentures.
7. The sum of $120.05 shall be raised
and. levied annually by a rate on all the
rateable land or improvements or real property in the city of Kelowna, in addition to
all other rates, for.the payment of the debt
hereby created when due.
8. It shall be lawful for the City of Kelowna from time to .time to repurchase any
of the said debentures at such price or
prices as may be mutually agreed upon,
and all auch debentures so repurchased
shall forthwith be cancelled and no reissue of such debentures shall be made
in consequence of such   repurchase.
' ?. This By-law; shall before the final passing thereof receive the assent of theelectors
of the City of Kelowna in the manner provided for in the " Municipal Clauses Act,
1906," and amending acts.
10. This By-Law shall come into force
and take effect on the First day of January,
11. This By-Law may be cited  for all
purposes as the City of Kelowna Combined
Water and Electric Light Systei
By-Law, 1911.
. Ext-
Rutland News.
From our own correspondent.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Fleming re-
turned from the prairie last Friday.
The first skating party of the
season took place last Saturday
evening on the lake by Mc Arthur's
barn. The LeFevre Bros, collected
the party in their new auto ar>d
judging from the shouts and laughter, eveiyone enjoyed the pastime.
The opening session of the,Rutland Literary Institute will be held
in the public hall, on Saturday
evening next, Dec. 9, commencirg
at 8 p.m. The Rev. D. J. Welsh «
!o give a lecture, entitled : "Th"
value of the Study of Literature,"
and the chair will be occupied by
the Rev. W. Vance. After the
meeting, re-organization of the Institute will take place and the winter session arrange^. A cordial
invitation is given to all.
We are sorry to learn ih*t Miss
McGee intends to sever her connection with the Black Mountain
School at the end of this term.
This is made necessary by her intention to continue her studies.
She has been one ofthe most painstaking and careful teachers we
have had, and everyone is sorry t >
lose her.
A skating party of young people
gathered together Tuesday night,
for the Rutland "lakes," after which
they drove down to Mrs. S. Sproul's
for supper.
A song service is to be given at
the Methodist Church Sunday evening next, fifteen minutes befoi e the
o dinary service. Good music and
a good sermon will be, highly appreciated by the Rutland people
and this is what is being provided'
The Baptist services have been
postponed until spring, the drive
from town and the cost of horse
hire, being found to be too much
during the winter season.
It is to be hoped that some effort will now be made to form
some kind of an adult class for
Sunday afternoons, a strong desire
for such has been voiced by many
on different occasions.
Mr. Wm. Gay arrived from Vancouver Wednesday morning. He
travelled per C. P. R. Box Pulman
accompanied -by his horses, cattle
and household effects! He will assemble his family at the old horn. -
stead, where his numerous friends
will be welcomed.
At the Opera House
Wm. H. West's Big Jubilee Minstrels
On Saturday, Dec. 9, Wm. H.
West's Big Jubilee Minstrels will
appear at the Opera House. This
is the 37th season of this premier
minstrel organ'z ition, and it. first
tour to the Coast over the Canadian
lines. The entire prodt c ion is new
throughout--the magnificent scenic
first part, wardrobe and electrical
investintfe being especially made
for this tour. For : n everiii g of
unalloyed pleasure and genuine
fun, in'erspersed with high-clats
singing and dancing, nothing that
has appeared here this season offers so much to the amusement
goer as this well known ninstrel
The Honeymoon Trail
Next week the patrons of the
Opera House will have the opportunity of seeing that funniest of all
musical farce comedies, "The
Honeymoon Trail", as the opening
bill with the Sherman-Cleveland
Opera Co., who will appear Monday, Tnesday and Wednesday Dec.
1 I th, 12th,and 13th. This music. 1
playlet has been one/ of the most
popular tv^r touring the country.
It was an instantaneous hit at the
La Salle Theatrr .Chicago, vh *re it
was produced h r the first time
four years ago. After the long run
in Chicago it was taken to New
York and Boston, playing over a
year in these two places alone.
For the present tour, managers
Sherman and Cleveland have provided a most excellent cast, chorus,
costuming and scenic environment,
wh le the entire product'on is in
eve.-y way up to the standard of
any musical show ever playing
through this territory. The management has decided nt veriheless
t ■ play the tour at popular prices,
realizing th; t the public lias been
"two dollared" past the place of
er-durance, and that a big musical
s'iow at one dollar top pr c;s would
be an innovation which would be
welcomed by * 11.-. The bill will be
changed nightly.
Items from Ellison
(From our own correspondent.)
A "Want" ad. in the Record
is a sure dividend-paying
D. W. Crowley Co.
Kelowna Ltd-
Wholesale & Retail Botchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to m&il orders/
Phone 12
Read a first time by the Municipal Council thia 28th day of November, 1911.
Read a second time by the Municipal
Council this 28th day.of November, 1911.
Read a third time by the Municipal
Council this 29th day of November, 1911,
Received the assent of the electors of
the City of Kelowna this day of Dec
ember, 1911.
Reconsidered and finally passed by the
Municipal Council of the City of Kelowna
this day of December, 1911,
Clerk. " ' Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE that th« above i* a true
copy of the prop6sed By-Law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
at the Council Chamber, in Kelowna, on
Tuesday, the Twelfth day of December,
1911, between the hours of 9 a.m. and
7 p.m.
City Clerk.
The provincial police are searching for a man who attempted to
hold up the customs officer at Osoyoos one night last week. The
contractors for the Penticton sec-
tion of the K. V. railway paid $500
duty on a number of horses they
shipped through. At midnight the
officer was awakened bv a man
trying to push, open his bedroom
door. Quietly taking down a double
barrelled shot gun, he threatened
to shoot, when the burglar disappeared.—Penticton Herald.
On Thursday night, November
30th a highly successful meeting
was held in the School room under
the auspices of the Farmers' Institute, when Mr. Collins lectured on
general farming, and the Rev. Mr.
Dunham on poultry raising.
Mr. M. Hereron who occupied
the chair, introduced the gentlemen
in his usual felicitous manner, and
Mr. Collins who spoke first, gave a
very interesting and instructive address. He particularly emphasised
the need of a comfortable house,
good water and laborsaving devices in the kitchen. The worthy
gentlemen not only possesses a
most comprehensive knowledge of
farming and the various troubles
connected therewith, but he also
possesses an intimate knowledge
of what is required to lighten the
labors of the ladies of the household, a subject usually neglected
by the majority of farmers.
The Rev. Mr. Dunham gave a
most interesting talk on poultry,
and evidently gave every satisfac-
faction by his lucid replies to ^ the
many varied questions that were
asked, even the one asked by a
fair and blushing maid as to the
cause of a hen eating nails.
At the close of the proceedings
a hearty vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. M. Hereron and seconded by Mr. T. Bulman and
unanimously carried.
We hope to h_vv6 these gentlemen visit us again and that earlier
-notification of the meeting be given
us than was the case on this occasion.
Don't forget the Christmas tr.-e
and entertainment in the School
house an Friday the 22nd inst.
Admission free.
The Gibbons Lumber company
is applying for permission to construct an aerial railway o\er the
Columbia river to connect with the
siding of the Revelstoke andAnowr
head branch of the C. P. R.
Kamloops will celebrate its centenary next summer. It is proposed
to make it a six days affair, the
programme to consist of horse
races, an aviation meet, regatta,
baseball tournament, band concerts,
historical pageants, and an effort
will be .made to raise $100,000 for
this purpose. The city council will
be asked to donate $1,000 at once
towards preliminary expenses in
sending delegations to Victoria and
Ottawa and other disbursements.
Resolutions of the Conservative Convention
Every family has need of a good, reliable
liniment. For sprains, bruises, soreness of
the muscle* and rheumatic paint there is
none better than Chamberlain's. Sold by
all dealers.
The Conservatives of the province at their recent Convention
passed resolutions on the following
Dominion Government aid for
B. C. Ports;
Railway connecting Island and
Creation of Department of Mines;
Commission on mining Industry ;
Provincial Department of Imi-
Retaliatory tariff oh American
Settlement of water rights;
Fair share of advertisment for
Appointment of a Telephone
Congratulatory message to Rt.
Hon. Joseph Chamberlain;
Building of Canadian National
Clearing worthless timber off
lands; and
A "white" British Columbia.
A bartender in Vernon was fined
$100 and costs for selling liquor to
a man of drunk and disorderly
When your feet are wet and cold, and
your body chilled through and through
from exposure, take a big dose of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, bathe your feet
in hot water before going to bed, and you
are almost certain to ward off a severe
cold.   For tale by all dealer*.
Packing Schools.
It has been decided to hold a
packing school in Kelowna again
this year, provided a sufficient
number of pupils present themselves. The fee is $3.00 for the
course of 12 lessons, of 2£ hours
each. The date of the school will
be announced later.
Any country district can have a
packing school provided not less
than'12 pupils are guaranteed, and
a suitable room and tables provided. v
AU information may be obtained
from the secretary of the Farmers'
Institute, Mr John Leathley, who
wjjl also receive applications.
Royal BanK. of ^anaaa
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $6,200,000.        Reserve, $7,200,000.
Total Assets, $109,000,000.
Secure one of our
Place your valuable papers
beyond peril or danger of fire.
Lodged in absolutely fireproof safe.
65, William Street. 2,   Bank   Buildings,   Princes  Street.
Branches and correspondents throughout the world.
H. F. REES, Manager.
Situated within one half mile of town, and being
about'loo feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town, Irke and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
There is only one GLENMOKE. Don't miss the opportunity of selecting a few acres of this desirable
property. 7
If you wis'.i a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and we will
show you our sub-division
just four blocks from the centre of the town.     Prices low.   Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
View Books of Kelowna
These Handsome Booklets, containing
56 fine Views of Kelowna  District,
Christmas Calendars
'Fjeduced to 50c each.
A splendid new assortment, with local view
Photo Views on Christmas Cards
Two for 25 cents and up.
Panoramic Views of the District
As Christmas Presents.
Ccme Early for your CHRISTMAS   PORTRAITS
G. H. E. HUDSON, Landscape & Portrait Photographer
Pendozi Street       -       KELOWNA, RC.
We have exceptional facilities for
the production of the best
kinds of
Give, us a look in, or phone 94.
A® The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Dec. | 7
are frragjaragg^^^
Many gift seekers during the holiday season are not decided
just what to buy. A gift selected from our well assorted stock
will satisfy any purchaser. Any suggestion yon may make will
receive our most careful consideration. We will be pleased to
show  you different  lines, even  if  you   don't b'-y.
___[« a nin AwskAnm
We have prepared for the season   a   well
selected stock of
Diamonds.Watches, Clocks, Gold Brooches,
Stick Pins, Rings, Bracelets, Lockets,
Necklets, Cut Glass, Brass Goods, China,etc.
We have everything in the Jewelry line.
Space  does   not  permit   us    to   mention
them   all.
Come in an select your Gifts now
Engraving done
and promptly.
Annual Opening, Sat., Dec. 9th.
Annual Watch Guessing Contest,
Saturday, December 16th.
A   pleasure  to
you   goods.
Sherman Cleveland
But Mark Twain Missed It Ly Juot
One Pail of Water.
Witb Steve Gillis, :i printer of whom
he was fond. Murk Twain went up
into Calaveras county to a cabin on
Jackass bill, whore Steve's brother
Jim. a lovable, picturesque character
(tbe "Truthful James'" of Bret Harte).
owned mining claims™ Marls decided
to spend his vacation iu pocket mining and soon added tbat science to his
store of knowledge. It was n halcyon,
happy three months that he lingered
there. One day with Jim Gillis he
was following the specks of gold that
led to a pocket somewhere up the hill
when a chill, dreary rain set in. Jim
was washing and Clemens was carrying water. The "color" became better
aud better as they ascended, and Gillis, possessed with the mining passion,
would have gone on regardless of the
rain. Clemens, however, protested and
declared that each pall of water was
his last. Finally he said in his deliberate, drawling fashion:
"Jim, I wop't carry any more water.
This work is too disagreeable. Let's
go to the house and wait till it clears
Gillis had just taken out a pan of
"Bring one more pail, Sam," he pleaded.
"I won't do it. Jim! Not a drop!
Not if I knew there was a million
dollars in that pan:"
They left the pan standing there and
went over to Angel's camp, which was
nearer than their own t cabin. The
rain kept ou. and they sat around the
grocery and barroom smoking anil tolling stories to pass the time
Meanwhile the rain had washed
away the top of the pan of earth left
standing on the slope of Jackass hill
and exposed a handful of nuggets-
pure gold. Two strangers had come
along and. observing it. had sat down
to' wait until (he thirty day ciaini
notice posted by Jim Giilis should expire. They did not mind (!u> rain not
with that gold iu sig.tt ■■ and the minute the thirty day* were up th^y followed the leril a few pans farther and
took out SL'lUK'Mi in all. It was a good
pocket. Mark Twain missed it by one
pail of water.-Chicago Post.
Handy Guides For Underwriters In
Fixing  Premium  Rates.
Many person-; must have noticed
when making applied I ion for lire insurance tlicit it i* the practice- of the
underwriter lo examine certain maps
before he will |i\ the rate of premium
or accept a risk on Hie property offered. His lithographic-surveys marked off in diagrams of red and yellow
and other coiors are always in evidence, sometimes bound securely in
do/ens of large volumes, on other occasions laid conveniently in piles of
loose slice is-foe handy reference.
Few persons realize, however, ilv.it
these maps contain all the informal ion
which the underwriier desires lo know
about the building he is asked to insure and that in most instances more
matters are explained to lilm by a
single glance than the applicant could
make even though he be the owner of
the property.
As a matter of fact the details set
forth are most explicit. The map-
maker has managed by colors, characters and signs lo give a full description
of the construction, equipment aud occupation of tlie building, everything
which over fifty years of this sort of
surveying has proved to be of any possible interest to the insurance man. It
is so complete, lor instance, that an
agent in New York city can readily
form a good idea id the character of a
risk situated'in some town in Missouri
or California, or. vice versa, agents in
towns iu these western states can likewise tell the character of a risk in
New York city -Cassier's Magazine.
Poising on Nothing.
Away up iu the air. far beyond the
mountain tops, the great condors will
hang poised as motionless "as if perched on solid rock True, their wings
nre outstretched, but even through
glasses not the slightest motion is perceptible. . They remain In this position
for many minutes, sometimes for an
hour, making a careful scrutiny of everything below them in their search
for prey Then, with a slight tilting
of the wings, they flap slowly away,
or, having found what they were seeking, dart like « bullet toward It The
eagle, hawk and other species have
this same faculty of poising apparently on nothing.
In rounding n curve the tendency
of the weight of a train Is invariably
to shift to the outside wheels. To
counteract this tendency the outer rail
of a curve is raised on n higher level
than the Inside, the elevation being
lp an exact proportion to the sharpness of the curve as determined by the
principles of 'engineering. If both
rails of a curved (rack were of exactly
the same,elevation a train would not
dare round it at high speed.
Tender Hearted Youtht.
Sympathetic Old Lady—You're kind
hearted boys to help that poor fellow
up.   Here's a quarter for some candy.
Enthusiastic Small Boy (helping
fat man worse for liquor.-Thanks,,
missus, but Jest hang around a minute
and watch th' fun wheu he falls ag'in.
New York Times. t*
"If   This   Court    Knows   Herself,   and
She Thinks She Do"
We frequently hear the expression,
"If the court knows itself, and it
thinks it does," but few persons are
aware of the origin thereof.
The individual who gave birth to it
was a Pike county Missourian named
Blackburn, who flourished in the west
many years ago.^Hlackbtiru ran away
from home wheu he was a mere boy
and sought his fortune In the west,
where he grew to manhood as an Indian fighter, huuter. trapper and
mountain guide. Although not an educated man, he was possessed of great
acumen, to which wns united a keen
wit. When gold was discovered in
California, Blackburn was one of the
flrst to proceed thither. The miners
as a sort of Joke elected him alcalde,
an office that combined the duties 6_)
mayor and Justice of the peace. The
first case coming before the new alcalde was that of a gambler who while
drunk had ridden his horse over a
young Mexican .womau. She was serf.
ously injured.
The trial took place in the largest
cabin lu the neighborhood. The gambler, who was rich, had retained ablo
counsel to defend bim. Alcade Blackburn called the young woman to the
witness stand. She told a straightforward, honest story. When she had
finished the alcalde peremptorily ended the trial. Tbe attorney for the defendant protested vigorously, but the
alcalde disposed of his protest thus:
"If tills court knows herself, and she
thinks she do, 1 fine you $500 damages
and assess upon you the cost of puttin'
this young woman in good condition."
When asked what he meant by
"good condition" the alcalde replied
that the gambler must pay the doctor's
bills and all other costs of the young
woman's sickness.—Exchange.
St. Michael and All Angela' Church.
Holy Communion, firot and third Sundaya in the
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth Sundayi, after
Morning Prayer. -
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11   o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
St. Andrew's, Okanagan Mission.
First Sunday in this month, HolyComunionatSa.m.
Matins and Litany, II a.m.
Evensong 7:30
Second Sunday, Matins and Holy Comuniou at   II.
Evensong 7:30
REV. THOS. GREENE. B. A.. Rector.
Rev. C. H. MEYRICK, Aa.istsnt Priest.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at 11 a.m.; evening services at 7:30
P.mi   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at S p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN. Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. W. DAVIDSON. D.A., B.D., Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
Sad Finish of the Career of the Great
Musical Genius.
Late hours, unwearied vigils, everlasting labor, the effects of chills, damp
and exposure, in the hard life he led—
a life alternating between brilliant
passages and the most loathsome
drudgery, between rosy anticipations
of fortune and inevitable and eternal
disappointments—had their effects on
the vigorous constitution of Mozart.
His lamp of life burnt" out untimely.
While still a young man—only thirty-
Dve years old—be fell into ill health,
the symptoms of which were a litful,
restless nervousness, a craving for inordinate excitement and a rapid decay
of the physical si-">dna of his constitution. ^
Unfortunately fur him. in the absence of any strong influence at home
which might keep him in the path of
duty, he was tempted to seek recreation abroad .and tell into the company
of a dissipated"set of men, bauuters
of the theaters and taverns of Vienna;
the chief spirit of whom was one
Schikaneder. a low. coarse man of neither refinement nor talent lu company with this crew-the glorious genius, whose critical state ot beaith demanded the utmost care and attention
from loving hands, flitted night after
night from tavern to tavern in Vienna,
deluding himself with vice under the
idea that he was gathering tbe secret
spirit of brotherhood- for use In his
opera. "The Magic Flute," on which
he at that time was engaged.-ttow-
botham's "Private i_tfe of Great Composers."
Teeth In Their Stomachs.
Whatever it may be that tbe lobster
and the crab, rapacious, never dainty,
nre eating they always see something
else that they want aud can't wait until they have masticated the flrsf. before attacking the second. But tbey
don't give up the Qrst, not by any
manner of means Nature, humoring
this rapacious bent, bus fitted the lobster and the crab with teeth in their
stomachs, and they swallow their half
masticated food and tiuish the chewing process with tuelr stomachs while
they seize and chew the other thing
that has attracted tlieni Lobsters and
crabs have no teeth In their, mouths.
They chew with xheir claws what they
have time to and hand tbe. untiuisbed
job dowu to their stomachs to do the
rest of the chewing.
Lodge meetings held in the old School-
house 1st and 3rd Monday in each month.
P. BROOKE, Clerk.
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley  Co ; Ltd. ■
The  Kelowna  Hospital Society have an
Insurance   in ■' force   which   they   wish  to
bring before the notice of tlie public.
For the sum of $10 bachelor!) or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are. not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary, Room I. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275, Kelowna, B.C. '
You  are  still
A JL1U1U5.
Dollar Bills From All Over.
"Thut dollar silver certificate you
have there bas been gathered together
from all over the world." said the bank
cashier. "Part of tho paper fiber is
linen rag from the orient.
"The silk comes from Italy or China.
The blue Ink Is made from German or
Canadian cobalt. The black Ink .ts
made from Niagara Falls acetylene
gas, smoke, and most of the green Ink
Is green color mixed ln white zinc sulphite made In Germany.
"Wheu the treasury seal is printed
in red the color comes from Central
America."—New York Sun.
Comic Opera Milkmaid*.
"I thought I would Introduce a real
cow into my comic opera."
"How did it work?"
"Didn't    work   at   nil.   The   milkmaids frightened the cow."—Washing-
f  ton Herald.  .* . .
No Apology Neoessary.
"I congratulate you most heartily,"
said tbe nearsighted guest at the wedding, "on this bappy-oh. 1 beg yonr
pardon! 1 thought I was speaking to
the bridegroom."
"That's all right." the other man replied. "I accept your congratulations.
I am tbe father of the bride."—Chicago
Tribune. 0
Very Luoky.
"I don't get what I deserve for my
Jokes," wailed the humorist.
"You're lucky." sympathized hia
friend.—Toledo Blade.
Rowcliffe Block.
from 10 to 3.
" I am pleased to recommend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as the beat thing I
know of and safest remedy for coughs,
colds and bronchial trouble," writes Mrs
L. B. Arnold, of Denver, Colo. " We have
used it repeatedly and > it has never failed
to give relief."   For sale by all dealers.
When a man foils back on oaths b»
declares himself out of argument*   .
20 th Century Shoe
Repairing Shop
(Near Fire Hall)
Boots and Shoes Repaired
Quickly and Properly
Wear Rubber Heels to prevent
slipping on ico sideWalks
Thursday, Dec. ?
Orchard Oitq Record
PHONE ,150
We carry only the best lines of these goods, which will give
you satisfaction every time.
Buggies,    Wagons,    Democrats,   &c,
to suit all purchasers.
It is •becoming every year more obvious that spraying,
to be effective, must be thoroughly done.   The cheapest and
;best way to handle an orchard of anysize is with   a   power
outfit.    We carry the
I. H. C. Power Spray Outfit
complete with 1, 2 or 3 h, p. engine wagon and  tank.-This
is giving satisfaction in some of the best fruit districts.
Get all the pleasure and advantage there is   in   winter
by owning a sleigh.        We haye some in stock, and another
large shipment may be here any day.
• ■ •
Hay,   Oats,   Bran,  Wheat,  Barley,  and  Oat   Chop.
Dealers in Farm arid
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
We are showing this year a very large range of the
very latest and newest things in *he following lines
for Xmas.
Men's Fine Silk-lined Mocha Gloves
Men s. Fine SilkJined Kid Gloves
Men s Fine Fur-lined Mocha Gloves
Men's Fine Wool-lined Kid Gloves
Men s Fine Wool-lined Mocha Mitts
Men's Fine Fur-lined Kid Mitts
Men's Silk Neck Mufflers
Men s Wool Neck Mufflers
Men s Silk Handkerchiefs
Men s Linen Handkerchiefs
Do., in Fancy Boxes of Half-doz.
Men s Fancy Braces
Do.,- in boxes.
Men;S Fancy Armbands in boxes
Men's Fancy Hose Supports, in boxes
Men's Fancy Waistcoats
Men's Fancy Sweaters
Men's Smoking Jackets and Dressing
And the largest and best selected stock
of Xmas Neck-Wear
ever shown in Kelowna
Ranging in price from 25c to $2.00.
Come and look over our stock before buying elsewhere
■I '■.»'.
The career of the "oil trust
offi ially came to an end last:
week. The Standard Oil Co. of
New Jersey no longer controls the
affair?, as the holding company, of
more than thirty corporations in
various branches of the oil business.; Those subsidiaries, which;
under the decree of the United
St tea supreme court must conduct
independently tha various enterprises, will assume entire management of their own affairs.
The foot of woman is growing
larger every vear, according to tKe
testimony of members of a Neyv
York shoe dealers' association.
The explanation is that it is because women are doing more walking and going in for all sorts of
outdoor exercise.
The probability of a big naval
loan in the near future is revived
by the- Pall Mall Gazette, which anticipates that $ 150,000,000 and possibly more will be raised supplemental to the usual navy estimates'
The provision of adequate docks
for the Dreadnought battleships
necessitate heavy expenditures....
Five,members of the public school staff of Vernon have handed in
their resignations, owing to inadequate salaries.
7 Mrs. Harry Ward, alone and unassisted, recently drove thirty cattle to the pound at Merritt. They
had broken down a fence and
wrecked her cabbage patch.
The new Bishop of Columbia
(providing he is willing to accept
the appointment) will be the Rev.
Dr. John Charles Roper, principal
of the General Theological Seminary, New York. Dr. Roper is 53
years of age, and was educated at
Tonbridge School, Kent, " finally
making a brilliant College career at
Keble College, Oxford.
A convention of provincial road
superintendents will be held in Victoria in January, at a date to be
announced later. The idea of such
a gathering. otig'nated with Mr.
W, W. Foster, deputy minister of
works, and has received the approval of his chief, Hon. Thomas
Taylor. The convention will give
the officials an opportunity of getting acquainted and discussing road
improvements. The programme
\vill include addresses on technical
subjects by well known civil engineers, interested in providing British
Columbia with better highways.
Fire lpst week destroyed the
government registry office at Prince
Rupert'along with many papers in
connection with the assessments
and $5,000 in, bank notes which
had been collected for taxes.
The Attorney. General has cancelled.the liquor license of Mr. and
Mrs. Bell of the Clinton Hotel,
thirty miles from Ashcroft in consequence of inhumanity and callous
indifference of the licensees on the
occasion of the death several weeks
ago of Mrs. Barlow, of Victoria.
While in the.'death throes of consumption she was refused shelter
in the hotel bn the ground that it
was full up with other guests and
eorisumptiyea _jVLere objected to.
She died in a motor car outside
the hostelry after being exposed to
intense cold for two hours.
John Bozyk a New York newsboy has been committed for trial
at New Westminstt-r on the charge
of receiving moneys, known to be
part of the loot in the great bank
of Montreal robbery at the' Royal.
P. Burns & .Co. recently killed
and placed in cold storage at Hazel-
ton five hundred head cf cattle; in
Hazelton the meat market is kept
open only two days a week.
The police of Kamloops are taking a civic census. Printed forms
are being distributed by the police
and their staff throughout the
wliole city.
A syndicate of three in Vernon
last spring bought the corner lot
occupied by (Vluir's drug store and
other small ?hops—size 50 x 100
feet—for $12,000 and sold again
>ast week to an Old Country investor for $20,000.
An express pack?ge containing
$10,000 was stolen frjm the office
of the Canadian Northern Express
Company at Regira last Thursday.
Ni^ht clerk Cr mer on was absent
from the office. When he returned
he found the package gone.
Floods between Vancouver and
Seattle have necessitated the cancellation of many trains.
The Okanagan Poultry show is
to be held at Enderby, December
19, 20 and 21.
Penticton is petitioning that the
Indian Reserve No. I, situated on
Main Street, and containing about
five hundred acres, be handed over
to the municipality, stating that it
is a very desirable site for a park
where agricultural and other buildings could be located. They recognize that the Indians should receive
adequate compensation.
cf your time when looking around
for Christmas suggestions to visit
our store and inspect our stock of
New and Artistic Novelties specially
suitable for
Xmas Gifts
We warrant your time will not be
wasted, nor yet your money if you
Inexpensive articles in sterling
Silver, suitable for mailing to friends
at a distance. Our stock is now
complete and it will be to your advantage to shop early.
'Presents to suit all Purses.
W. M. PARKER & CO., Speddiog Block, KELOWNA, BC.
Watchmakers and Jewellers. All work absolutely guaranteed.
■<->—»■ *ffc —
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
A Revelation
When you have a cold get a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. ' It will
soon fix you up all.right and will ward off
any tendency towards pneumonia.' This
remedy contains no opium or other narcotic, and may be given aa confidently to a
baby' as to an adult Sold by all druggists.
Many people are unaware of the rapid
progress now being made in moving pictures, the marvelous advancement in quality, their position in the educational world,
and the great.and ever increas.ng variety
of subjects pictured.
To the person who has never been to a
picture show or anyone not having visited
a show within the last few years, yes, even
within one year past, a visit to such an
entertainment must indeed be a revelation.
Ihe machines for showing the pictures
and the films have been so perfected, that
a picture has now almost; the appearance
bf being painted on the "wall. Then the
subjects are vastly superior—not because
they are new, but more' probably because
they are the plots ot the old masters—
Homer, Shakespeare, Milton; Dickens and
Tennyson of modern times.
Not the least important of this hew school of classic and educational pictures is
"The Fall of Troy." It was indeed an adventurous undertaking to reproduce the
scenes of this greot story, told by Homer,
a poet of Greece, who was Shakespere's
equal in his own age. Yet the pictures
have been successfully produced by the
ltala Co. at a cost of over $30,000.
As one beautiful scene after another is
thrown upon'the'screen, we see, not set
scenes built up in a theatre, but what appear to be the very'places of Greece with
columned halls and marble stars. One of
the most remarkable scenes ii the attack
on the city of Troy, by an innumerable
' It is stated that over two thousand people took part in the production of this great
The Greeks lost heavily and resorted to
strategy. The next scene is magnificent.
A dozen of the bravest Greeks, hidden in
a great wooden horse gain  access  to  the
In Marty Subdivison on Pendozi Street, with building
restrictions,  size 68x121,
Prices from $350 to $650, easy terms.
Building Loan arranged for purchaser.
We have funds available for MortgageJLoans, and the
purchase of Agreements of Sale.
steam ferry . ERSKINE & CAMPBELL
Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m.,' 4.30 p.m.
Leaves Westbank 9.30 a.in,, 5 p.m.
Extra Service on
Wednesdays & Saturdays
Leaves Kelowna 11 a.m.
Leaves Westbank 11.30 a.m.
-Leaves Kelowna 10 a.m., 4.30 p.m.
Leaves Bear Creek 10.30 a.m., 5 p.m.
A new and Past Gasoline Launch now
in commission for hire.
Phone No. 108.   Resid. 'Phone, 105.
Geo.   DAVIS
the city, which they destroy by fire,   The 5 BARBER.  SHOE
last scene is a spectacular duel between
Menelaus and Paris in which the latter is
killed, and Helen of Troy weeps over htm.
"The Fall of Troy" is undoubtedly a picture of exceptional merit and will well repay anyone for a visit to Dreamland on
Monday or Tuesday, next. ■ Other great
subjects aa "A Tale of two Cities " The
Crusades," ''David Copperfield" "The
Colleen Bawn" &c, are being arranged for
by Dreamland, to help maintain its reputation as the "home of good pictures."
Haircutting, Shaving,
Shampooing, etc.
/ (Bouchs Old Stand)
Builders and
Plans & Estimates Furnished
Residence, Park Ave.
Licensed Auctioneer
Sales Conducted on Commission
The Kelowna Furniture Co. have
taken over the Undertaking business
of R. Minns, who yoill conduct this
Suitable buildings will be errected
on the  Lawrence Avenue property.
Kelowna Furniture Company
Bouyette's Livery
New Premises:
Careful and prompt attention
to all orders for
Rigs for Hire turned out in
good style.
All kinds of Repairs
■ 'i
If it is an order for Printing you can make no mistake
in sending it to the
Eecorti Office
y-^\y The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Dec.    7
Good Things for Christmas
Our stock of Raisins, Currants, Sultanas,   Mixed   Peels,
Icing Sugars, Shelled Nuts, Mollasses, etc., etc., for Xmas
cooking, is now complete, and the quality is the highest.
Send us your orders and we will fill  them
to your entire satisfaction.
Choice Seeded Raisins, new stock,
2 pkg. 25c.
Choice Cleaned Currants, 2 pkg. 25 c.
Choice Bleached Sultanas - 1 5c. lb.
Choice Citron, Orange, and
Lemon Peels - - - 20c. lb.
Choice Figs for cooking, 21bs. for 25c.
Extra Fancy Barbados Molasses,
35c. per tin.
Not the common blackstrap.
Heinz Mince Meat, the best made,
per lb. 25c.
New Shelled Walnuts and Almonds,
per lb. 50c.
2. Cents per wortl, First insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
16in and 18in. Cottonwood, delivered anywhere   in   town.     Apply   R.   E.   Harriss,
Hawkesdale Ranch. 47tf
Fond of children, excellent testimonials.
Been nurse 15 years. Good home more
desired than high salary. Apply Nurse
Stopford, care of Mrs. " R. E. Harriss,
Hawkesdale Ranch. x
Choice Eggs at 45c. doz.
Get  the  Habit,
Go to
Phone 35 Phone 35
For Black Mountain School,   Rutland,   for
the   primary   class.      Apply   J.   Woolsey,
secretary, Rutland. 2-3
Twelve   tons   of   first-class   spring wheat.
Price $35 per ton.    Apply S. T. Elliott.
About 5J tons clover hay.    Apply C. Pitt,
Rutland. .   2
Notice is hereby given that at the next
statutory meeting of the Board of Licensing
Commissioners for the City of Kelown*, 1,
Arthur Peabody, intend to apply for a
renew.il of my license to sell liquor by
retail in the premises known as the Palace
Hotel, situated on the north side of Bernard Avenue, between Water Street and
Pendozi Street, in the City of Kelowna,
B.C.    Dated November 3rd, 1911.
Tho  voting  or.  ti,i'   four nio'iey j
by-laws—to   raise    iriuuiy    !■->    (1)!
l.uilrl    an   implement   shed   (2)  to |
pMtcl.ase   land   for a sewage farm ;
(3) to purchase the corner reserved
from the park (4) extend the water |
and   light   systems — takes   place I
Tuesday   between the hours of  9
a.m. and 7 p.m.    The first, second,
and fourth admit of very little discussion,   buing   mere   incidents in
the ordinary progress of municipal
events.     The   third,   however,   to
purchase   the   corner   of the park
will   probably   be   turned   down.
Useful   as   the corner would be in
completing the park and keeping
open the entrance to the foreshore,
the city has other and more pressing uses for $10,000.
S3 gg^cTgrara-B-r-aaHra^
And Don't Forget.
Owing to some misunderstanding having
arisen regarding the Green Tea Room, it
is to be distinctly understood that the
Misses Oats and Mearns are the joint proprietors, and to whom as such, all accounts
must be rendered. 1
Notice is hereby given that the City's
Waterworks will be closed down on Wednesday, 13th December, from 3 to 5 p.m.,
for the purpose of making connections
between the new pump and the mains.
G. H. DUNN, City Clerk.
The W.C.T.U. will meet next
Tuesday afternoon, December 12,
at 3 o'clock, at the home of Mrs.
Jas. Harvey sr. Miss Sinclair is to
read a paper on " Medical Temperance."    Visitors welcome.
You  are  still
Xmas Photos.
Rowcliffe Block.
from 10 to 3.
That we have the finest stock
in town from which to select
gifts for your lady relatives
and friends.
Your thoughtfulness in giving
hei something she would
have to buy herself will appeal to her practical mind,
and is doubly sure of being
appreciated on that account.
We have the things she'll like best.
The Kelowna Outfitting Store,
W. B. M CALDER, Prop.
Headquarters  for the  Economical  Buyer.
This week we want to specially mention
Figs, Dates, Cluster Raisins, and Nuts.
California Figs in packages
Smyrna Figs in boxes
Hallowi and Faid Dates
New, fresh, and good
Cluster Raisins in packages
or in bulk.
Almonds and Walnuts,
shelled and whole.
Brazils,  Chestnuts,   and   almost every other kind, all
fresh, all clean, all good.
And say! Dont forget our
China. Every day makes
our assortment less, so
pick your China now, and
have it set aside till Christmas for you.
We want to show you our
Receipt No. 2.
Christmas Cake.
Two pounds currants, two pounds
raisins, dredged with flour.
Two pounds blanched almonds, one
large tablespoon of cinamon, two nutmegs, grated.   Mix spice well.
Two large wineglasses each of rose
water, brandy, and wine.
One half-pound lemon peel, one half-
pound citron peel, cut fine.
Sift one pound of flour and two teaspoons of soda into a pan-
Put one pound of sugar into another
pan, and into this cut one pound of
butter, and heat to a cream.
Beat twelve eggs separately, and add
gradually to the butter.
Alternately with the flour, add spices
fruit, liquids, and stir hard.
Let stand overnjght in pan, and next
morning put into small pans, and bake
three hours in a slow oven.
Christmas Suggestions
for Men.
I   m.r.m r\r>t   ri r\\r-mC±o     	
x___iv/«-»A*g*i.*g   * x\JUi\^a,   tp i v.vu   ivs   «pi # ,x/x/
tp i v.vu   iu yi i .x/x/-
Smoking Jackets, 5.50 to 10.00
Fur Gloves, 3.00, 3.50, 4.50, and 5.00
Fur-lined Gloves, 5.00 to 10.00
Fancy Mufflers, 50c. to 4.00
Xmas Neckwear, a beautiful selection.
Fancy Armbands, 15c. to 1.50
Combination Sets (Braces, Hose Suptrs., Armlets).
Suit Cases, 5.50 to 25.00
Club Bags, 7.50, 9.00 to18.00
Dressing Cases, also Rolls, all prices.
Linen Handkerchiefs, an endless variety.
Fancy Sil£ Handkerchiefs, richly embroidered.
Initial Handkerchiefs.
A  genteel  initial  is  always  apprecioted.
Fancy Coat Sweaters, all combinations of color and price.
Fancy Sil£ Sox, boxed, 3.25 special.
Fancy Evening Vests, boxed, 2.75 to 8.00
Phones:  Grocery, 214.       Dry Goods, 314.       Office, 143.


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