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Kelowna Orchard City Record Nov 30, 1911

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VOL. IV.   NO. I.
$1.50 Per Annum.
City Council Have
Busy Week
Many Important Matters Dealt
With   -   By-laws to Borrow
$29,000 Introduced
The Council met last Saturday
morning at 10 a.m., the Mayor and
Alfl. Jones, Dalgleish and Copeland
being preeent.     '
A letter was received from' the
Kelowna Hospital society requesting the.council to pay the balance
due on Ole Berg's hospital account.
The Mayor explained that Mr.
Berg's home was in southern Alberta and that he had been taken
ill after working in the district for
some time. He had- been sent
home with his family at the expense of the city.
It was decided to lay the letter
upon the table .until the council
was satisfied that sufficient funds
were available tb . pay the sum
asked for.
The following letter from Messrs.
Whiteside,' Edmunds & Johnston,
solicitors for the  Okanagan  Telephone Co., was read:
His Worship!, the Mayor and Aldertnen,
" Kelowna, B.C.,
y..~ - ....   ' Nov. 10th, 1911.
■'-Gentlemen, •
As you'are no" doubt aware, the
'Okanagan Telephone"Company is author-
' 'ised by its act of incorporation to instal
and operate telephone ' l'ries '"through the
' cities, towns, and)''municipalities ^of Yale
Cfunty. The company deems it advisable
to establish a first-class and up-to-date
system in your city,' and we wish Iii* know
when it would; suit' yajit-., convenience >to
m$et the.company'a engineers and go over
the different streets and arrive at a mutually
satisfactory arrangement as to the location
of the poles, etc.
... We may add that the company contemplates the early extension  of  its Jines  to
Penticton,   which will  give" your. city., a
muck enlarged telephone connection.
Awaiting your favorable reply,
.   We''have the honor to-be,'•    , *
-       ■.. Gentlemen,      A~        _'..
Your obedient servants, ...
.,■   ■■  ■'  '   * v'' i'  '*   -    /'".
1   The mayor stated that during his
visit to the coast, he was interview,
ed by the" manager  of the ~ Okanagan Telephone Co., who 'informed hln that the company had purchased the phone systems of Vernon, Armstrong and  Enderby  for
, $37,000.   The manager had also
-' mentioned that it was the intention
of their engineers to visit Kelowna
to whiq'i the itfiyqr had  replied,
ll?.. that there could be no objection to
their visiting Kelowna to  take  up
. the matter.      »
The question jraised by the. letter was an inportant one and gave
rise to considerable discussion on
on telephone matters generally.
Aid. Copeland said he was, a
strong advocate of the city owning
its own telophone system.
In this connection Mayor Sutherland said he had been approached
the Union of B, C. Municipalities
held at Victoria to which he and
the City Clerk, Mr. G. H. Dunn
went as delegates on behalf of the
the city.
His worship said that  owing to
for sale. It was in perfect condition and could be had for $1,000
cheaper than a new plant could be
bought for.
A resolution was passed that the
Kelowna Irrigation Cos.,  offer  of
severe weather, their journey. had j the rock-crushing plant be accept
The meeting then adjourned until the following, morning!
.been delayed a little, and they did
not arrive in time for the first day's
Several matters of  considerable
importance had been dealt with at      A   •, T      , .
the convention, the most important      At the meeting Tuesday morning
perhaps being the qualification  of j &* following By-Laws were ,»ntro
municipal voters.    They  had  de- duced« Potions havmg been   pre
cided to request the government
/to amend the Municipal Elections
Act to enable the holder of ef reg-
istered agreement for sale off. land
to be placed upon the voters* list,
provided a certain  perce-tage
sented ih due form
No. 98. To raise the sum of
$5,000 for the purpose of improving and extending the combined
water and light plants.
No.99.   To raise $13,000 for the
the assessed value of the land cov- P^hase of ,and &>r aeweragepur.
ered by the  agreement  has  been p0*Ts'
,,by.Mr. H. H. Millie, with a prop- and suffering loss from having no
t.    *
bsal, that the city purchase his
system. The proposition as at first
submitted by Mr. Millie was that
the city purchase . his system at
- cost - price, less' a reasonable
amount for depreciation. Upon
an option being prepared along
these lines by the city solicitor and
submitted to Mr. Millie, he had declined to sign it, claiming that he
was also entitled to goodwill which
he valued at ^$5,000. No. further
steps had since'been taken in 'the
Th* Clerk was instructed to
write to the manager of the Okanagan Telephone Co., stating that
the matters referred to in their
solicitors' letter had been covered
during his interview with the
In reference to the case of the
consumptive Nicolas Kramer, Aid.
Jones reported that Mrs. Krumer
was very anxious to have her husband returned to Tranquille Sani-
torium, and Krumer was willing to
go. The medical superintendent
of the sanitorium had stated however that he could not admit Krumer for at least a month, and probably not then as their accommoda-
was all taken up.
The city's medical health officer
visited Mr. Krumer, and had found
him living with his family. Dr.
Boyce had'suggested that a shack
near Kramer's houce be repaired
at a possible cost of $25, and that
he he required to live in it. This
was necessary for the safety of the
rest of the family.
In response to a request from
Aid. Jones. Mayor Sutherland gave
a brief report of the convention of
paid by the purchaser,
The convention had also decided
to request each hjunicipality to
contribute towards the expense of
having a complete bill fpr the government of municipalities drafted
by the Union. This bi^J would be
presented to the Attorney-General
with a request that the same be
submitted to the Provincial parliament along with a petition asking
that the present Municipal Clauses
Act. be repealed and the new bill
The mayoi„also Said that as it
had been his intention previously
to visit the coast on private, business, and as the extra expense/ ih
connection with his . attendance
at the convention ,;hacl not been
great, while he thanked the ^council for its offer to pay his expenses
he did not intend to present "an
account for same."
Plans of the subdivisions of
Block 36, map 202 and lots I and
2, Block 57, Map 262 were presented and accepted by the council.
The meeting then adjourned to
meet again Monday.
• • * • ■*
7s-The council met again Mondajt-
afternoon at 2'o'clock, and several
important matters were dealt with.
An offer was received from the
Kelowna Land & Orchard Co.,
(which cancelled-a previous offer
made in April) to sell ,tp- the city
about sixty acres of land for the.
purpose, of a sewage iarm, at $200
per; acre. It" was understood that
a by-law was being prepared to
raise money to purchase this.
•It was, also mentioned that a
by4aw to bprrowr ^5,000 for the
extension of the water riidd' light,
plant wotjld be necessary. The
greater part of this was to meet
expenses already incurred, in making extensions of the "systems in
various parts of the city.
Aid. Dalgleish suggested the
borrowing o^money to build a
shed to house the city's implements and tools. The city was
buying   these things all the   time
100. To raise $10,000 for
the purchase of the lot at the corner of the park.*•'■'.-
0 No. 101. To raise $ 1,000 for
the construction of an implement
shed.   7.
Motions were passed giving
these by-laws a first reading.
Nos. 98 and 9.9 were given a
second reading.
A resolution was also passed
that the voting on the four by-laws
be on the 12th day of December,
1911 and that G. H. Dunn be returning officer.
It was decided to meet the next
morning to further advance the
Rutland News.
From our own co-r<*Dond«_n-.
A surprise party in which a large
number of Rutland young people
participated took place at Mr. John
Woolsey*8 Monday evening. The
object was to say good-bye to
Russel), who is leaving to spend
the winter in the east. A lively
evening was spent ih games, etc.
A good joke on Russell, who
prides himself on his " batching "
powers, was in having him bake
his own cake, not knowing it was
to be eaten in compliment to himself.
Penticton and the
Kettle Valley Line
Getting Disgusted With Company's Delays
Venison has been an item in the
bill of fare in nearly every house in
the district lately. The heavy snow
fall evidently drove the deer down
the mountains within hunting distance. The Lefevre brothers, Tom
Locke, and Frank Bouvette were
the lucky hunters last week, going
out one day and coming back the
next with four deer to their credit.
George Schell also has left the
tenderfoot class, and joined the
mighty Nimrods with a bag of two
Penticton is  agitated just
A Familiar But Mysterious Apple Disease
Baldwin Spot or Fruit Pit
Has Baffled Investigators For
Thirty Years
' This disease of apples has been
over the action, or rather inaction, j reported to the Departme.it   f
The fbvrth meeting   within   the
week was Held Wednesday morning.    The following accounts were
referred tp.the committee for payment:
G. Pickering, special police duty ...   18 00
H Johnson, 6o....A.\...................   7 50
J. Undstrumj-work on waterworks ... 3 63
B. Straud'.'do  3 30
CP.R.. express and freight..:.........    7 29
James & Campbell, work" at  power
house.:........., .....y.:<;....y,y... 19 25
Orchard City Record, ptg. and advt: 20 15
Willits & Co., stationery,....   .........    I .25
W. F. Bouvette, teaming .....   ........ 31 50
B~.C. Anti-tuberculosis Society, care
" ofs. 'jx^:AAA::^A:;:yA.,.:
A- fianmpre, water connections......
Do.   do: ...,".;:...•.... 	
S. EX Colquette, 1st eng. salary
H. Blakeborough, 2nd do.......
place to put them
.. Aid. Jones agreed that it was Unwise to vote money to buy valuable machinery arid have1 no place
toput it. --'- '-'■ '"'y -■■-■■-- -----
It was left to the Board of Works
to prepare" an estimate of the cost
of such a building and submit it
to the council.
The mayor announced that the
city had received' on offer from
Mr. D. Lloyd Jones of the lot at
the north-east corner bf the park
for $ 12,000—$2,000 cash and $ 10,-
000 in annual payments of $600 or
$700 without interest.
There was very little enthusiasm
displayed over.the offer as the
price was cansidered rather high.
The terms were discussed at some
length and the opinion reached
that the city would find it , more
convenient to pay in cash by raising money on debentures. The
Mayor accordingly, got into telephone communication with Mr.
Lloyd-Jones, and asked (or a cash,
offer. The offer elicited was $10,-
After some further debate it was
decided that it would be wiser to
give the public a chance to decide
whether they would purchase the
property or not by preparing a bylaw to raise the money.. This
would have to be submitted to the
ratepayers and they could either
pass it or trim it down.
The matter of the, purchase of a
rock-crusher for which money had
been voted was raised. Aid. Dalgleish reported that the Kelowna
Irrigation Co., had set up and operated for the benefit of the committee, the machine they had for
.3 80
.41 48
.150 00.
100 00
.100 00
wler,. lineman's salary............. 85 00
C Golde-nith, fireman's salary........ 75. OQ
I. McRae, constable's oalary.. ......... 90 00
20 days.56 00
and petty
cash..;....  ......126 05
P. T. Dunn, assist, clerk's salary..'... 50 00
D. Mills, scav. salary......    15000
Jas. Harvey, 3rd. do..
E. Fov *
I.  McRoc, i~u.u_.un> -. Kv,.a.,.
i_). Fitzpatrick, night const.,.
G'. H_ Dunn, clerk's salary a
Dr. Kellar,.rent of chamber..
15 00
G.:H. Dunn, delegated  expense  to
.convention of B. C. municipalities 56 63
Mr. G. A. Fisher was appointed
auditor for the present year.
By-Laws 98. 99, 100 and 101
were given a second reading.
An interesting event took place
Tuesday evening when some fifty
neighbors and friends gathered at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. Sproul
who with their familv are leaving
Rutland shortly for Victoria. An
address, which had been prepared
by the ladies' aid of the Methodist-
church, was read by Miss Lily Bird,
expressing appreciation of the
good work done in the past by Mr.
andrMrs. Sproul in connection with
bpth the church and ' the day
school, of which latter Mr. Sproul
has been secretary for many vears.
It was regretted that Mr. Sproul
himself was not able to be present.
Good wishes'were extended from
one and all, and a very substantial
token of regard was tendered on
behalf, of the ladies' aid, arid, the
jdis^ict generally in the fnrm of.a
ibeaiftiful silver tea-set and-salver,
pjngraved with mono)n;anu7. Mrs.;
Sproul, to whom the affair came as
a pleasant surprise, thanked the
people for their good wishes and
nice presents. The rest of the
evening was devoted to music and
gamfcs. 7
„ ■  '' • ■   s
;  Miss "Edie   Gay   arrived   from
Vancouver last Saturday.
;Mr. W.H. Colclough, of Winni
peg, has been visiting hia sister,
Mrs. Vance, for the past Week, and
assisted the Rev. W. Vance at the
Sunday service by preaching an
inspiring and helpful sermon.
Farmers' Institute
The Farmers institute held a
meeting Sarurday last for the purpose of considering the question of
holding packing schools, a movement which,the Dept. of Agriculture are renewing this year. The
viee-president Mr,. W. H. Raymer
presided oyer a rather poorly attended meeting.
Messrs. JV1. Hereron, W. A. Scott
and Colin Smith spoke on the subject in hand, and favored the continuance of the packing schools in
the district It was felt to be necessary to give the rising generation
at least an opportunity of learning
the art of packing.
A resolution was passed that the
meeting was in favor of holding a
packing school in Kelowna provided a sufficient number bf pupils
made application.
The secretary was also instructed to ascertain whether the people
of Rutland were desirous of holding a packing school, and if so, to
see that necessary application was
. Mr. W. A. Scott suggested that
the government be asked to send
an expert to enquire into the cause
of a disease which had affected the
onion crop. It was decided to
make the request for an expert lecturer on onions and tomatoes.
East Kelowna
On Friday "evening, the inaugur-
m'eeting of •, the Debating Club
was held in the East Kelowna
school - house. The following
officers were elected for the ensuing
session: Pres.,.Mr. Salvage; vice-
pres., Mrs. Wallace; committee,
Mrs. Shaw. Mrarjones Evans,"and
Messrs. Affleck and McKie; sec,
Mr. T. L. Gillespie. The meetings
are held in the school-house on
Friday evening at 8 o'clock every
fortnight. The subject for debate
at the next meeting, Dec. 6th, will
be " Is a man morally free lo dispose of his money as he wills, pro-'
vided he keeps within the law?"
On Dec. 22nd papers on subjects
from Shakespeare and Tennyson
will be read. AH residents on the
K.LO. bench are asked to support
the club.
A Winter Sports Club hns been
formed to rent tne pond on the
K.L.O. bench for skating and curling. Up to .Christmas the membei-
ship fee is $3 for men and $2 for
ladies. After Christmas an entrance
fee will be charged. At the meeting which was held, enthusiastic
support was accorded the venture,
over 40 members being at once
enrolled. Mr. R. H. Hill was elect-
-ed secretary-treasurer, and will be
pleased to receive the names of
any who desire to join.
of the Kettle Valley Railway Co.
The Railway Company submitted
a proposal to the council which
practically meant that the latter
waive thei«- right to hold the company to a time limit for the construction of their line, which the
council could do under their agreement granting aid in the way of
land for station and tracks.
Penticton, it seems, is gradually
getting disgusted with the Kettle
Valley Co.,.and indignantly refused to entertain the proposal.
On the contrary the Board of
Trade got together in strong force
and passed the following resolution
which was ordered to be sent' to
the Dominion and Provincial governments, the local members, and
the towns interested in the early
consumation of the Kettle Valley
Railway Company's obligations.
That Whereas, the Kettle River
Valley Railway has entered into
an agreement with the district
Municipality of Penticton, to build
a railway, east and west through
And, Whereas, under the. above
mentioned agreement, the Municipality of Penticton has paid the
Kettle River Valley Railway a
heavy bonus for the building of
the said line,
And, Whereas, the Kettle River
Valley Railway has agreed to work
continuously, and with all due despatch, to complete the above mentioned railway,
And, Whereap, a large amount
of capital has been invested in the
town and district, in business enterprises, in view, of the rapid completion of the said railway. 7
hk JAffd.:Whereas, the Kettle River
Valley Railway has not, thus 'fair,
proceeded with the construction
of the railway through Penticton
within the time, and as expeditous-
ly as agreed upon with the Municipality.
And, Whereas, a notice has appeared in the Penticton Herald to
the effect that the Kettle River V^t
ley Railway intends to apply to
the Parliament of Canada for an
extension of time for the completion of its lines and branches under construction,
And, Whereas, the granting of
this extension of time will mean a
heavy loss to the business men and
fruit growers of this town and district,
Therefore, be it resolved, that
the Federal Government of Canada
and the Provincial Legislature, be
respectifully requested not to grant
the Kettle River Valley Railway
such extension of time as they ask
for, to complete, the building of
its lines _ and branches east and
west of Penticton.
In connection with the Farmer's
Institute, lectures are being given
by the Rev. W.E. Durham on Poultry subject, and by Dr. W. B. Medd
on General Farming as follows.
Ellison—Thursday, Nov. 30th.
Rutland—Friday, Dec. 1st.
Benvoulin—Saturday, Dec. 2nd.
E. Kelowna—Monday Dec. 4rd.
,'S. Okanagan—Tuesday, Dec. 5 th
Kelowna—Wednesday, Dec. 6th
The Kelowna Hardware and
Specialty Co. have decided to continue their sale for another week,
and are showing some still greater
bargains for the next few days.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Adams and
Miss Adams left this morning for
Hanover, Ont, where they will
spend 9 holiday.
The Ladies Hospital Aid meeting will be postponed from Saturday, Dec. 2 to Saturday, Dec 9,
on account of the . bazaar in connection with St. Michael's Church.
The Christmas Tree and entertainment in connection with the
Benvoylin Presbyterian Sunday
School has been fixed for Thursday
night before Christmas, Dec, 21st
The bazaar and supper' in
the Opera House in aid bf the
Catholic Church building fund was
an attractive and . well managed
affair, and realized .some $400 to
swell the fund. The room was
handsomely decorated and a splendid supper was prepared. In addition to the sale of fancv articles
thete were several raffles, Mr. C.
Gourlay winning three' boxes of
apples. Mr. W. M. Crawford a turkey, while Miss Mary Conroy carried off the doll which had excited
the envy of all the little girls in
The Kelowna Benevolent Society
will meet at Capt. Knight's house
Friday, Dec. 7th, at 2.30 p.m. •
Miss. Olive Ferguson of Peachland is a visitor in Kelowna this
week, the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
R. S. Ford.
Mr. J. L. Pridham was a visitor
in town this week.
practically every apple growing
section of the province this v. »r.
Not only is the interior affected, but
the coast as well, while probably
the greatest losses are leportcd
from the most prominent fruit sections. During the last six weeks,
enquiries ori the subject have increased greatlv, indicating a r^pid
development of the disease just
previous to and following shipment.
During the season of 1909, a
similar outbreak occurred, though
not to as great an extent ns tins
year. In some cases, there h_ive
been losses up to 25 per cent of
the fruit picked,and weareadvised
of other cases where large shipments have had to be sacrificed on
arrival at destination, because of
development in transit.
This trouble goes under a confusing variety of names. The principal ones commonly feiven are:
Baldwin Spot, Fruit Spot, Dry Rot,
Bitter Rot, Brown Rot, Physiological Dry Rot and Fruit Pit. In
Germany, the common name is
Stipon, or Stippichwerden; and
Bitter Pit in South Africa. No
scientific name has been given,
because no specific cause has yet
been discovered.-
When usually noticed, the appearance is that of roundish brown
spots just below the^Surface of the
skin of the apple, or perhaps up to
1-4 of an inch deep. When near
the surface there is a smaller circular depression just above the
spot.. On the coloured portion of
the apple: this depression is surrounded by slightly deeper colour,
and on the green parts ofthe apple,
the depression is deeper green
changing later to ' broWn. The -
brown spot is; pithy; in character,
dry andcomparatively tough. 'The
spots are generally from 1-8 to 3-16
in diameter and of not quite the
same depth.
As the trouble develbpes more
spots occur and finally the brown
may. extend in, a more or less complete network through the outer
tissues of the apple. The,affected
flesh is dry and flavourless but not
bitter. The appearance and sale-
ability aire"very much impaired and
even for cooking purposes badly
affected fruit is not of much use.
In the third stage the apple becomes practically entirely brown
and quite worthless.
In its first stages the Fruit Pit is
hard lo distinguish from the effects
of hail. Another type affects early
apples, particularly causing a more
or less complete browning of the
tissues surrounding the coro. In
this case the apple becomes valueless commercially before, its outward appearance is much sffectrd.
Variations of the above forms Y
and very similar forms 7B~re Tound
in'the Apple, Pear and Prune.
' This disease has been known and
been under investigation for thirty
years, principally in Germany and
during the last ten years especially
in the Unitt d States ard Cant-da
We have consulted all the available
authorities in Canada and the United States on the subject. They
are agreed that it is not caused by
any fungous, bacterium or insert.
The organism causing it is absolutely unknown. Spraying experiments have proven absolutely
valueless. Scientists are now thoroughly agreed in designating it as
a physiological trouble in the same
class as Water Core.
The true Baldwin Spot of New
York Slate, the true Bitter Rot of
the middle west, the true Apple ..
Scab or Black Spot are all fungous
diseases and the life history of the
organism, like that of Typhoid and
Mr. John Dilworth was an arrival by Monday's boat
The Rev. S. F. Huestis, field sec-i
retary of the Dominion Lord's Day '. * l„?t
Alliance, will address a meeting mi   '*
the    Methodist   Church  Monday
evening  when   reference  will  be
made to the work in B.C.
The True Blue League will not
hold its regular monthly meeting
On Monday next on account of the
practice for the Christmas Sunday
School entertainments. The Orchard Citq  Record.
Thursday, Nod. 30
"«™»^»"™««MnnD««»wreB«i»n^«rg>n» *-,<r«ror.
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue.
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.V Office, Keller Blk
The season  for these goods has arrived, and  we are
able  to meet any requirements  in  this line,   having
just   receive   a   large   consignment   of all kinds ol
Coal,  Wood, and Airtight  Stoves   and Heaters,   at
prices to  suit everyone.
■ .
~T -
Furnace and   Hot-Water Heating a Speciality.
Wishes to inform the public of Kelowna and
surrounding districts that he has now opened
premises in Water Street, and is prepared to
buy and sell second-hand furniture, etc., to
any amount, also goods sold on   commission.
Town and Country
Messrs. H. G. and W. Fuller are
pr p ring to run ttie open air staling rink at the tennis courts again
this year. They expect to be ablo
to announce the opening day for
some time early next week. A
band is to be in attendance at the
The Rev. Thos. Greene conducted services at Penticton last Sunday.
The prize ol the 25-20 Winchester offered at the rifle range last
week was won by E. Legyeott, wild
a score of 27 out of a possible 30.
Next week a 25-35 is offered. Th«
boys are to have a chance too, ;»
prize of a pair of boxing-gloves being offered for the best three shot*
by boys 16 and under.
The Musical and Dramatic Society are announcing an instrumental and vocal concert in the Opern
house, Thursday next, December
7lh to commence at 8.15 p.m.
Skating has been in full force
during the week on Whittup's
The annual general meeting oi
the A & T Association is called
called for this afternoon at 3 p.m.
The Ladies' Hospital Aid meeting will be postponed from Saturday, December 2nd to Saturday
December 9th on account of the
bazaar in connection with Si.
Michael's Church.
The Rev. A. L. Burch,  financie!
agent of   Westminster   Hall,   Vancouver, preached in Knox   churcli
Sunday last, and brought the claims
of the Presbyterian college   before
the notice of the congregation. Oi
Monday night he gave a lecture t<
the   Young   People's   Society  o;
"Ghosts" showing how the dea<
hand of the past   had   influenced
onr customs, traditions, speech ant
manners.    On the   motion   of   th'
Rev. A. W. K. Herdman, seconde<
by Mr. A. R. Lord he was   accorded a hearty vote of thanks for  his
! lecture.
Mr. I. L. Mawhinney sr., and
family are leaving earlv next weel
for Victoria, where thev will mak<
their future home. Mr. Mawhinne>
has been a highly respected resident of Kelowna for some nin<
years, and there are many friends
who will wish him well in his nev
Mr. E. C. Scott has purchased
the house on Bernard avenue fron.
Mr. 1. Mawhinney, and will tak«
up residence there next week.
Next Monday evening the Yount
People's Societies of the various
churches will not hold their usual
meetings. A union meeting in tin
interests of the Lord's Dav Alliance:
is to be held instead, to be addressed by the travelling secretary.
Dr. McKechnie, of Vancouvei
was in town last week end, and
performed several important operations at the Hospital.
The Literary Society has been
reorganized at Benvoulin and will
meet during the winter as last yeat
at members' houses. The officers
elected for the year were as follows': Pres., Mr. LeRoy Dolsen ;
vice-pres., Mr. Wallis; sec, Mis:
\      BUSINESS CARDS      j
Notaries Public,
Conveyancers, etc.
Barrister .
and Solicitor
Notary Public.
C. Harvey. B.A.. Sc. C.E., D.L.S., B.C.L.S.,
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
v. o. Box iae
'Phone. 50
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings.Tov/n and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
Miss   P.   LOUISE   ADAMS,
Scholarship   Graduate   in   Piano  and   Teacher's
Course of Toronto Conservatory of Music.
Will receive Pupils for
At the Studio,
Lawrence   Avenue,   off   Pendozi   Street.
Post-Office, Kelowna.
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotcna.
Mrs. R. Morrison, sr., went last
Thursday to Penticton on a visit to
her daughter Mrs. Chittenden.
Dreamland requests us to intimate that all Amateur Photographers
desiring to enter the next competition should send in their names at
once. Comic pictures only are eligible this time.
A feature picture at Dreamlands
Saturday Matinee will be "The
Princes of Rys" a very beautiful
hand painted picture, showing the
marvels of the bottom of the sea.
The story is a lovely fairy tale and
one that every boy or girl iri Kelowna will be delighted to see. <
W -
ChsmberWs Stomach and Liver Tablets do not sicken or gripe), and may be
taken with perfect safety by the most
delicate woman or the youngest child. The
old and feeble will also find them a most
amiable remely for aiding and strengtben-
ng their weakened digestion and tor regu
letting the bowela.   For s«U by all dealers.
There is little danger from a cold or
from an attack of the grip except when
followed by pneumonia, and this never
happens when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used. This remedy has won its
great reputation and extensive sale by the
remarkable cures of colds and grip it
can be relied upon with implicit confidence.   For sale by aj) dealer*,
For pains in the side or chest dampen a
piece of flannel with Chamberlain's Liniment and bind it on oyer the seat of pain.
There is nothing better. For sale by all
Strap Watches.
The«e are very popular now
Silver. $6.00, $9.50. and $11.00
Gun Metal, $11.00
' Solid Cold, $19.00
„    $56.00
Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C, E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
Exhibitioner Royal College of  Music, and lately
with Kendriclc Pyne, Mus. Doc., Organist of the
Cathedral, Manchester, Eng.,
At the Studio, Trench Block, Kelowna.
• Music of every  description  supplied.
New term begins September. *     P.O. Boa 437.
at Mrs. T. ALLAN'S.
Prices Moderate.
Bernard Ace.        Phone 86
Attractive Bungalow
Four rooms  and  bath room,
. concrete cellar, electric light.
Lot 50ft. by 126ft. -*c.
Price - $1,500
Write Boi J. H.," Record " Office
On Tuesday, Dec. 12th,
The following.
and Household Furniture
Will be offered for sale by public auction, at the
home of Mr. S. SPROUL, Rutland, B.C.:
One heavy team, age 6 and 7, weight 3000
One general purpose horse, age 9 years, weight 1100
Two waggons, two set harness, one democrat
Two buggies, set single harness, two robes, stock saddle
Set peg tooth harrows, set spring t°oth harrows
Plough, mower, binder, one-horse cultivator
Garden seeder, stable and garden tools, etc.
Mason Risch Piano* nearly new, parlor and dining-room
furniture, four sets bedroom furniture
Beds and mattresses, carpets, linoleums, etc.
Kitchen stoves and tables,"dishes and utensils
Sewing machine,   home-made jams,  etc.,   and   other
articles too numerous to mention.
All sums under $15  cash, six months  credit  on  sums
above that amount, on approved joint note, at 8 percent.
with 5 per cent, for cash.
Sale to commence at I o'clock sharp.
Kelowna Livery
A good supply . of work
horses, driving and saddle
horses always on hand for
We guarantee every horse
sold as represented.
We are prepared to pay
cash prices for good sound
young stock.
Our Livery is complete.
Good horses and equipment.
Phone 25. Leon Avenue, Kelowna.
Coal!   Coal!!
Nicola Coal (Lump)     -   $10.00 per ton
Real Pensylvania Hard -   $18.50 per ton
Telephone 66
Kelowna, B.C.
P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Me%at Daily
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W: LUDLOW, Manager
v a
Phone 135
•■■■ yy- \.  ' -  •
U f
Comnencing Saturday,
out   your   Christmas  T
oys  at
. once,
and  don't   get  caught
in  the
We . will • carefully put
anything  you  may   wish   to
V7                  .   "'   ""■ '   /
November 25', for 8 days.
Search the World over, and you will
find no joy like the Christmas joy
of the' little child.
Joyful anticipation is now filling the
hearts of young and old.
Everything on the go.    Airships^ O^ Whizzing Boats,
Whirling Mechanical T^
K   *
Early Shopping
always pays.
Farjcy Goods
Toys; Dolls
Games j Books
Boys* Soldier Suits
Galloping Horses
Doll Carriages
Toy Pianos
Hockey Sticks
Fancy China
A large assortment of choice Case Pipes, also
Calabash and Meerschaum.
Makes j^we]^^ men folk.
Special Showing of
Direct from New York,
25 per cent, off to clear.
Christmas and New Year Cards.
Mason Risch
Victor and
Eastman's Kodaks
Fountain Pens
Gillette's Safety
£■ The Orchard City -Rec'crd.
i. ii_i_u_i__in___s.il
Thursday, Nor. 0j>.,
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna. B.C.
JOHX LEATHLEY. Editor and Proprietor.
Subscription $ 1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising tales upon application.
Apropos of the matter of the
placing of a mail clerk on the s. s.
Okanagan, Mr. R. F. Morrison, as
a member of the committee who
waited upon the Hon. Martin Burrell during his visit to Kelowna, has
received a communication from
that gentleman which goes to show
that in ^pite of the many duties
which are beginning to crowd upon
him in his official capacity of Minister of Agriculture, he is still anxious to do what he can for the welfare of the valley.
The letter'-States'that the necessary authority for such a service
has now been granted by the Government, but that the C. P. R. has
not furnished the necessary accommodation on the steamer:
The Postmaster-General is taking
up the matter with the oompany,
and urging them to take action,
while Mr. Burrell hirrfself is communicating wih G-sptain Gore, of
Nelson along the same lines.
It is up to the various Boards of
Trade in the valley to now transfer their agitation to the C. P. R.
as we are assured there will be no
delay so far as the government is
The attention of the ratepayers
is drawn to the public meeting
which has been called by the council for Tuesday n xt December 5th
at 8 p.m. to discuss the four money
by-laws which are at present under
The bylaws, which involve the
large sum of $29,000, are of high
importance to the citj-, and it is advisable that they should be thoroughly discussed. The sums to be
raised are $5,000 for the extension
of the water and light plant; $13-
000 for the purchase of land for
a sewage farm; $10,000 for the
purchase of the corner reserved
when the park was sold to the city
and $1,000 for the construction of
a shed for storing the city's tools
and implements.
How to Get the Biggest
Egg Yield
The laying hen is usually searching for what she needs to make
eggs.'-, She takes What she wants
in the way of food and lets the,
rest alone.
If you compel her to take what
she doesn't want or take npthing,
whv.-of course, she will take what
you provide rather than starve to
death, but she won't lay   as   many
Therefore, we like the hopper
method of feeding. We always
provide a self feeder hung on the
wall, just high enough so the hens
can eat what they want without
wasting it on the floor.
A better method is to provide a
platform 1 6 inches or so above the
floor, so the fowl can jump up and
down for the feed and water they
desire, arid then go ' back to the
litter of work for the grain that is
scattered in it.
ln one apartment of the self-feeder, is grit, another charcoal,, another
oyster shells, another equal parts
of finely cracked corn wheat barley and oats, in another beef scraps
and in still another is placed dry
You5-might {hink that hens will
eat too much, but they won't, the*,'
they will eat only what they want.
When you find a hen that lives
off the feeder and gets fat and
lazy; she is usually too lazy to work
and too lazy to lay eggs,- and had
better be sent to the butcher.
Scatter the whole grain, sucl i as
wheat, barley and corn, in the litter.
Feed them whole corn at night, especially on cool-nights. They need
a crop-full to keep up the bodily
heat over night.
Give them table scraps and green
feed at noon. For green feed use
cabbages, mangel-wurzels, sugar
beets, chopped apples, etc. Onions
are also relished, but they are liable
to flavor'the eggs.
Noon is also a good time to feed
green cut bone. . Give them a little
every day, and only what they will
eat up clean. It is a; rich food, a
great egg-producer, and alitth- will
go a long Way. If you notice a
looseness of the bowels after iceding- it, cut down the amount.
Keep them always eager and
their appetites sharp for fresh meat
and cut bone,, and you will get all
the egj-.s you can expect. j
Once in a while feed a mash in;
the morning composed of bran,
middlings, beef scraps, etc., mixed
with a little milk or water. It must
not be wet and sloppy, but dry
and crumbly. ■ Feed them onjy
what they will eat up quickly ..and
cleanly. They shouldn't be allowed to trample on any that i- left
over, or to leave any to beccc
sour arid foul.
' Fowls should have plenty of
fresh water, and never warm it.
They like a cool, fresh drink, tlie
same as we do.
Provide a dust bath, sri they rv-iy
help to rid themselves of lice. Use
plenty of liquid louse killer n"d
keep the whole pen scrupulously
If a variety of food is given th'-re
is no need of fear about plenty of
egj;s. Do not feed full grain in
hoppers. Only the ground fond
beef scraps arid bran are fed lh< re.
If these simple suggestions nre
carried out, consistent with your
local conditions, the hens wjll do
the rest. A   "■ ■
■ Two dozen eggs evejry day will
be just like finding $.1.20 incharge
inthe nests, according to... prices
for fre«=h eggs in the local   market'.
—w. w. storms,     '■■.-.'.;.■:
Knowle's Jewelry Catalogue
One of the most gratifying evidences of local enterprise that Iws
come to our notice in a long while
is a copy of a haridsorpe jewelry
catalogue issued by Mi", j. B.
Knowles, in advance of his Christ
mas trade. It is elegantly printed,
and every article picked out for
illustration is intended, to m« I<e
somebody's Christmas happ.v. It
gives a new impression of 'the
resources and facilities of this w_< II-
known jewelry store, and shows
at a glance their ability to supply
anything that may be wanted in
their line. Our readers- should
make it a point to. get a copy of
this catalogue,; which is crowded
with singularly appropriate Christmas suggestions.
m  tne wor
sell so much property ?"
This is the only reason, hearers:  The property listed with
That  is,  it  doesn't  go on  my  list    unless   it is   .awayj
below actual value.    .
Some  of my  clients  have already resold  with  a   very
snug  margin  of  profit. .
TO DAY^ SPECIAL:    '  ¥
One acre on Richter Street, south,
$ 1,3 00,' very easy terms.
Two lots on Richter Street, north, 50 x
221, $175 eachr terms.;■
List your property with me for a hurried sale/     The price
.must be attractive, no time to waste ori; anything else.
Levitt, the Homeseefaerj Mnehdy
Am Open to List Other Property
Don't trifle with a cold is good ad\ ire
for prudent men and women. It may be
vital iri the case of a child. There is
nothing belter than Chamberlain's Coii|.h!
Remedy for coughs and colds in childiPn.
It is safe and cure.    Sold by all dealers:      j
jo   P.-0. Box 495    'Phone-194-
Corner Abbott St., and Lawrence Avenue.
Office opeij until ,10. p.m. during the coming week.
7    «'..  A:.
BUY IN     ::
BUY AT  ::"
Odd lines, the balance of the Seasons Stock, at great reductions topurpatrotis.
Sweater Coats.
All  Wool,  better*, values  than  we  have ever
offered before, alt styles and colors,. ior men
and women.     Look them oyer early.
Lhildrens  Overcoats.
A whole table full of these warm Bear Cloth
Coats and Jackets, $5 values for $3.90
$3.50 values for $2.60
First come, first served.
Ladies' Furs.
Several sets of Muffs and throws, worth $25.00
for $15.00.    This is a bargain.
' ————i^—■—_-—-_—_—-_■___________________________■ ■ i—_M__q-.wq.il   II '—_■—
. | , . .   :A>' A •:■ ,;    j -;■  :
• Cushion Tops.
Suitable for dens, halls, or library, etc.   A^fcig'
variety of designs, appropriate for XrrjasGifts*
Come and look around before selecting your
Christmas Present.
Special Attention to Mail Orders.
Mens Suits and Qvercbqts.
Best of Style and Finish, worth $25.00,
.yv.;..";' .7-.;/';%$i7i50/'.
They are odd sizes, made of the best English
Tweeds and Worsteds, well lined and
tailor made. _   :        Y
'  '■—pBM«a_OT—i^___-___-_____-_-_-«■m-_)-mmM^m_-______--___.
'      ' ' ' v " ' '-■■'      '.
Childrsns Bear Cloth Afi(^ ahJ Ru^
Greatly Reduced.
Ladies' Handbags,  exceptional value in Goat
Skin Bags, Leather Lined,  also Velvet Bags,   '
of good quality velvet, well made, $1.00.
Indispensible in the cold weather.
Nothing so, nice for an Xmas Gift.    ,
Ceylon Flannel, Warranted not to shrink,  good*
. patterns, and warm, $2.25 values for ,$ 1.50;
A great assortment of Negligee Shirts,
your choice, $1.00. t \
* Phone 22
and Co.    Phone 22 Thursdaii. Nod. 30
Tjio,. Orchard Oitij Record
e in ew
We have in stock nearly all
the latest copyright topics that
are worth reading. The list
this year is much strbhgerjthan
usual/and includes
The Ne'er Do Weel    -,/';'
7''    'Rex Beach
Red Eve ;
''■.'•'■  Haggard
The Following of the Star
Kennedy Square
The Winning of Barbara Worth
"   : .    Bell Wright       A .
The Common I__aw v
Chambers :'••
Life Everlasting ._.■
'- Co(relli
The Conflict        :    7 77 .
.Phillips   •-:    ...'■
The Silent Barrier 7^' 7 ;
'-'-'.Tracy 7""'7 '.'  -:"
. The House of IrbniMen
•'   (   ;/.r7St«le77',7l:".
Mary Midthorrtev^Ayy    V
McCutcheon        .
The Fourth Watch - 7 ;•
. ■ ■ • ■   Cody.
The Wilderness'
777-' Hocking
j, _ Harrison o
The Dop Doctor ;7;   :
Dehan '■■ .   ':        _..'■•
Besides manyothers of
equal merit. "
City of Kelowna
.   <  BY-LAW NO. 987
.-,..■   . ... _ ,.. ....
Kelowna.     B. C.
PHONE 19 -7
Plan* and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10  Lawrence Ave.
h °
Ladies* and
Gents' Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
' promptly^aftended to.
j ■
t'fi '   0
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers ;
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
•A "Want" ad. in the Record
\f, is a sure dividend-paying
, At the residence of
Mrs. X Rutledge, Kelowna,
On Saturday, Dec. 2nd,
at 1 o'clock P-m-
all the contents of
the house.
A By-law for raising the sum   of
$5,000.00 for the   purpose   of .im-
Mm of the .City of Kelowna. WATER BRANCH
, In the. matter of the Board'of Ii-Vestiua-
tion created by Part III7of the 'Water Act,'
(or the delermtnaiinn of water rights existing on the 12th day of March, 1909; and
it. the matter of the following creeks in
the Osoyoos Water District :-■»
Aberdeen Lake.
.   Bearer Creek.
Beaver Jack Creek. ,"
, Bonneau Creek.
. Bear Creek ahd its South Fork.
Big Creek
Blue Spring Creek.
Big Horn Creek.
Bisaette Creek.
B. X. or Deep Creek.
Beaver Lake.
Both G»ek.
Bigg. Creek.
Burnyeat Creek
Brown Creek.
Brewer Creek. *
Bold Range Creek.     '      ,      '
Bouchers Garden Spring.
Cherry Creek.
Cedar Creek.
Coldstream Creek.
Cranberry Creek,
Clear Creek.
- Copper Cretk.
-   Cattail Lake.    '
Clark or Horae Creek.
Canon  Creek.
Clover -Creek.  '
Cottonwood Springs. •
Commons Creek.
Christies Creek. »
Dailey Creek.
' Deep Creek and its Nortli Fork.
.; Duck Lake. •
Duck Lake Creek.
Diamond Dry Lake.
Duncan Creek.
Dry Creek.    .
Deafy Creek. _
.   Davidson Creek.
Darke's Creek.
Darke's Lake.
Deer Creek.
Dutchman Creek.
Echo Lake.
Eight-Mile Creek.
Eneas Creek.    '
Eeparron Lake.
Fish Lake.
Falini Lake.
:   Fern Creek.
Five-Mile Creek.
Finlay Creek.
Fox Creek.   ; >
'Falls Creek.'
Fall Creek.'
Garriett Lake.
Girod's Creek.
Goose Lake.'
Gyfney Creek.
.   Grahite Creek. . ..   '. /
Hams Creek. /   ,.
Haddo Lake.
,.HiIl or Venner Creek.
.Headwater Lake..   •
Hog Gulch.'   '  ' '.'.'
Hill Creek.
Irish or Coyote Creek.
.Ireland Creek.
Island Lake, or Lake of the Woods.
■  Jones Creek.  7 -.:''...'. .
'.Jacob Creek.
,   Jacks Creek.
King Edward VII. Lake:
~ Keep Creek.   ■_.,'■;•
''..Larch Creek.-. 7 • ,.   . ,
Le Due's Creek.
,   Lapsley Creek!    '
Louis Creek.-;
Long Lake.
.   Long-Lake Creek. '-.■.- v    7 ,
Lyon's lrriigatien Ditch.
Lulluwaape or-Vernon Creek. ■
, Latch'Creek, -v'■.','".
Mud Lake.
Mabel Lake. ..-.A--,-
Meakin* Creek. "' ;
Mill Creek. 7
; Miller's Spring. A-
Mountain Creek. '■• ■
Mosgrove Creek. •
, Medora Creek. 7 •-•
McDougall Creek. -
Nicklen Creek.7.  ',■ . •'.
Nelson   Creek.'A;-:''
North Branch Creek.
,  O'Keefe'* Creels     7-
Otter Lake.
Otter creek.
Pnitie Creek.
Porteous Creek. •.■'■'
Power's or,FUshdale Creek.
n.-     _        rm..J   I   _.'_-i __  ■.. __-_ -;
—rigeon V-reeir.  ?
Putman Creek. '
Perry Creek.
'   Reet* Creek.
Rockey Gulch.
Ribblesworth Creek.
Rolling* Lake      ",
Six-Mile Creek.      ^
Spider Creek.
Shuswap River.,
Sheep creek.
Shingle creek.
Swan lake.
Swan lake creek.
Short'* or Biche creek.
North Fork of Biche creek.
Si wash creek.
Smith'* creek.
Stoney creek. ' >
Slack* creek.
Shannon lake.
Speer lake.
Spruce creek.
Sucker creek.
Sugar lake.
Silver Spring creek.
Sow-Sap creek. '
Spring creek.
Sturt's creek.
Styx creek. % ■
Trout creek.
Trepannier creek.
Three-Mile creek.
Ta narack lake.
Vance creek.
Veners creek.
Venner creek, : '
Vernon creek,- .7
-: Wood* or Torrent creek.
Whiteman Creek.
-White or clearwater creek. '
and all unnamed spring*,  streanis  creek*,
pondi, gulches arid lake* tributary to or in'
the vicinity    fo    the   above   mentioned
streams. ...',. *;
TttkA notice tbat each and every person,
partnerships company or municipality who
on the 12th day 6f March; 1909,. had water
rights On any of the above mentioned
creeks,, is directed to forward on or before
the 30th day of  November,   1911,  to  the
WHEREAS it has.been found necessary
to raise sufficient money for the purpose
of improving and extending the combined
water and electric light system of the said
City of Kelowna. .''..' ..'•.'
AND WHEREAS it is necessary for the
said purpose to raise by..way of loan upon
the credit of the said City the sum of. Five.
Thousand dollars payable on Jthe first day
of January, A. D. 1937, bearing interest in
the. meantime, payable half-yearly, at the
rate of five (5) per cent; per annum, the
principal of such loan when raised to be
applied for the purpose aforesaid.      7"     I
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the said principal and interest it is necessary to raise the sum of $370.05 in each
and every year. j
AND  WHEREAS the  whole  rateable'
land and improvements or'real property of
the City of Kelowna, according to the   last
revised assessment roll is $1,409,590.00.      j
AND WREREAS the amount of the
existing debenture debt of the said'.City is
$163,500.00.    . ' |
NOW THEREFORE^ the flayer and
Council of the City of Kelowna, in open
meeting assembled, enact as follows:-        I
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor and*
Council of the City of Kelowna. to raise by |
way of loan from any person  or  persons,
body,or bodies  corporate, .who   may   be
willing-to   advance   the  same   Upon   the,
credi. of the said City,.by way of the. debentures hereinafter mentioned, a sum   of
money not "exceeding   inthe   whole   the'
sum of  Five   Thousand .dollars,   and   to
cause all such sums so raised and received
to be' paid into the hands.of the Treasurer
of the said-City for the purpose,- and  with
the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the said-Mayor
to cause any rihmber of the said debentures to be nur'e, for the sum of One thousand: dollars bearing interest at the-rate of
five per cent, per annum, not exceeding in
the whole the sum of Five thousand dollars, and all such debentures shall be seal,
ed with the Seal of the City of Kelowna,
signed by the Mayor and countersigned
by the Treasurer, ot the said City.
3. The said debenturea shall bear date
the Firat'Day of Janurary, A. D. 1912 and
shall.be payable in twenty-five years from
the date hereinafter named for this Bv-Law
to take effect, at the Bank of Montreal in
the City of Kelowna. • _ '•!   *
4. The said debentures shall have coupon*.attached, for the payment of interest
qt the rate of five per cent, per annum on
the amount of the said debentures,,'and
such interest shall br payable halfyearly
on the first day of July, and January iri
each and every year, and the signatures to
such coupons may be either stamped,
written, printed or.lithographed, '/
5. A rate on the dollar shall be , levied
and shall be raised annually in addition to
all other rates, on the Jateable land or
improvements or real property of the said
City sufficient to pay interest,on the debt
hereby created during the' currency of the
said debentnres and to provide for the
payment of such debt when dueT
(6. :The sum of $250.00 shall be raised
and levied annually by a rate on all-rateable land or Improvements or reah prop
erty in the City of Kelowna, in addition to
all other rates, for the purpose : of paying
the interest on the said debentures.
' 7. The sum of $120.05 shall be raised
and levied annually by a jrate. on all the
rateable land or improvement* or real property in the. city of Kelowna, in addition' to
all other rates, for'the payment of the debt
hereby created when due.
78. It shall be lawful for the City cf Kelowna from time to time to repurchase any
of the said 'debentures at such price or
prices as may be mutually agreed upon,
and all .such debenture* so repurchased
shall forthwith be cancelled and no reissue of'-such, debenture- or debentures
'shall be madi in consequence or such re-
purchase.'. .   .,,.;:;._. .■'■,'.
• 9. This By-law shall before! ihe final pas*,
ing thereof receive the assent of the electors
of the Gity of Kelowna in the manner provided for in the "Municipal Clause* Act,
i905,v and omfchding acts.
' 10. This By-Law shall come into force
and take effect on the First day of January,
1912V "'"        "•'
II. This By-Law may be cited for all
purposes as the City of KelownaCpmbined
Water and Electric Light System Extension
By-Law. 1911.
Read a first time by the Municipal Council this 28th day of November, 1911.
Read a second time oV the Municipal
Council thi* 26th day of November, 1911.
Read a third time by the Municipal
Council thi* 29thday of November, 1911,
Received, the assent of the elector* of
the City of Kelowna thi* day of Dec
ember, 1911.
Reconsidered and finally passed bv the
Municipal Council of theX-ity of Kelowna
thi* day of December, 1911.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a true
copy of the proposed By-Law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
at the Council Chamber, in Kelowna, on
Tuesday, the Twelfth day of December,
1911, between the! hour* of 9 a.m. and
7 p.m.
C H, DUNN. .
Gty Clerk.
We hq\)e just received thh
week for the Christmas season
a largeihipmenis>f
i Combs ana Barretts. .
They are particularly smart.
A Familiar But Mysterious ? j
Apple Disease
Continued from page I  :,        i;'.-'      :•
tuberculosis is weU known jfo finr
vest'gators. -The .4i9fc«&evJ aibpv/e.
described is none of rfiosp.
While the .absolute-caiise^is, unknown there Have been discovered
certain inducing causes These are:
(*) Light-.yields.'-'"of. *«ppy7usually
tartJe imit. (b) Heaivv jyood growth
from two toj four oi; five feet in
The light yeilds and heavy
growth are.due to the following
causes:    ■? : ' ;•    i
1. A heavy crop the previous
year. '■■ y
2. Youi.g trees.
3. Heavy winter prunirjg,,	
4. Exec*8 of wa'eri by rainfall,
seepage and irrigation.
5. Clean cultivation;   7 -
6. Nitrogen in the,-.oil in excess
over potash and phbsphoric acid.
7. Unhealthy or winter injured
trees. ' ;   ; '* '■">■■  '"'
Any one. or any combination of
the above conditions may-be sufficient to brir^g on fruit pit.
The remedies are a good heavy
crop of fruit, and a reasonable
growth c onsistent with the age, size
and hea th of the tree.
To secure heavy crops and a
mature prowth the following' are
of importance:
1. R tioal winter pruning replaced by summer pruning if- abspl-
utely n« c -ssary.   ,       ' ■' '      _       ,
2. The maintenance of the proper
moisture supply, less irrigation,
proper drainage.   ' •'
3. Lirss clean cultivation.; Put
the orchard in sod if necessary.
4. Increase the amount ,of ?oil
nitrogen by lessening cultivate n,
by putting the orchard in sod or
planting in!ercrops and where necessary bal. nee the nitrogen supply
by adding potash and phosphoric
.acid. Unhealthy trees should be
given proper conditions as ' above
to regain vigour. Properly cared
for they v ill produce a much higher class of fruit. Badly diseased
trees had better, be removed.
It is the application of the above
remedies under local conditions
which calls forth th'e skill of the
grower. , -..-  :.      .;; '..;.
More rational methods of orchard
cultivatroh. are absolutely,essential
to permanent control of this disease.
Its prevalence this year has aroused much needless apprehens on in
the minds of fruit., growers. The
disease can be avoided alpiost entirely by the proper methods. It is
significant that good intentions,
rather than-wanton" neglect have
brought it.on to a very large degire.
The methods above recommended
skilfully applied will result in much
greater yields of fruit per t,ree and
pter acre; The cost of production
per box will be actually lessened
considerably and the general quality and color of the fruit raised in
equal degree.
In view of the possible injury
. which may be caused our Province
by. needless alarm, it is to be hoped
that fruit growers 'will investigate
the subject rationally, and having
forrged their conclusions work out
the'Xethedy bjesl adapted to'their,
own orchards. Itis encouraging to
note that the ' prevalence of , JRt.uit
Pitih bjie orchiard has no effect
whatever on.the^rchards of the
same district. Contagion and infection are impossible; on this account no governmental or municipal efforts at control are possible
or.jy!eel be undertaken. This does
not absolve any' progressive, fruit
grower from endeavouring to brii g
his neighbour into line with proper
methods so as to eliminate this
trouble and with it water core, winter injury,,,to some extent aphis,
from the dffcrict.     .
I hav« been instructed by the
Deputy Minister of Agriculture tb
prepare for general publication a
Bulletin dealing fully with this nub*
I'ect which will-be issued in time to
>e of service for the coming season.
In the meantime, fruit growers
who have seen special phases of
the subject not previously brought
to our notice, are asked-to. cor res-,
pond with us accordingly. Co-op-*
eration in the matter will do niuch
to.secure a reasonable altitude in
the matter and the adoption of
feasable,methods of\control.
R. M. Winslow,
iRc»yal Bank of Canada
Statement to tbp Dominion Government showing. Condition of
chief water commimioner at the Parliii-
ment Building* at Victoria, a memorandum
of claim in writing a* required by section
27 of the aaid. Act m amended. Printed
form* for *uch memorandi(^i (Form Nch
19) can be obtained from any or the-w«er
commissioner* in the Province'.'
And take notice that the aaid Board of
Investigation intend* to proceed to atljudi.
cate upon.*uch claims .on or about the
10th day of January, I9T2.
After the claims have been tabulated by
the Board, notice will be given of the
place* and'day* upon which evidence and
argument will be heard at local points.
Dated at Victoria thi* 19th 'day of Oct.
ober, 1911.
48-3 • Chairman.
the Bank on 31st October, 1911
Capitol.Ppiii Up  ...!'.
Reierve Ifond.	
Undivided 'Profits .....
Notes; n« Circulation.
Dep oai ta,/ 7	
Due to Oilier Banks
Cash'on Hand and in!Banks ........  .....:..
Government and'Municipal Securities.	
Railway arid other Bonds, Debenture* and .Stocks....
Call Loans in Canada   ....:..:......:      	
Call Loans Elsewheie 'Than ih Canada 	
Deposit with Dominion Government for Security of Note Circulatiop
$   6.200,00000
7,000.000 00
6.504,265 04
68.019.432 26
1,688,323 74
$ 20,923,834 81
2,116,265 93
8,921.546 36
4,647.656 73
10,099.488 73
Loan* and Discounts	
Bank Premise*...
$    47,018,791.56
2.498,83$ 64
. Kelowna Branch, H. F.Ree's; Manager.   Vernon Branch, C C. McRae, Manager
7 ' •>      NEW YORK OFFICE:       V .",.    "  7 ;' LONDON, ENGLAND, OFFICE-
65, William Street." 2,   Bank   Buildings,   Princes  Street.
Branches and correspondents throughout the world.
Situated within, one half mile' of town, and being
about loo feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town, Irkr fuid surrounding country. .
Ideal Fruit Soil.    7      Aiwndance of .Water.
Close to Town anid Market.
There is only one GLENMOkE. Don't mis* the^op-
portunity of .selecting a fe v acres of this desirable
'property. .
If you wish a cheap building, lot or an acre, of land call on us and we will
show you our sub-division
. just four block* from the centre of the town.  - Price* low;   Term* easy,
' monthly 'payment* if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the beat board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
kelownX. B.C.
*>   >^i
r>.    *i
Vie^^Ri^^.; Kelowna
j ....; j .1.
These1 Mands&nie Booklets, containing
56 fine Views^^_l?Kelowna, District,  ,
yy; V.'. .-.,-   ■■:'■■■ A An yyyAyyy..7'-       -
< ..   7   A~/y&daceJ lo 50c. each.
Christmas  JalendiffSv^ )" x •
,'A splendid new assortment, with local'views, r
y Ay ■{ lit ah- :7/7 -.:-. ••■■■' ' ''•".•■'■ '■■•■ ,
Photo Views on Christmas Cards
. .-..     .-.■■■•■• T-vto for 25 cents and up.  -
■;■ 'AA-..-'.        '*' ■     "■      '.■ . :
Panoramic Views of the District     .: .
As Christmas Presents.
Come early for your CHRISTMAS  PORTRAITS ,
1 ^eridiaiStreet   i; A      KELOWNA, B.G. ,
y "Wf J
..'..'.'■ ■   ' •   •       •-■•■■■■■'
We have exceptional facilities for
the production of the best
kinds of
■v     ■<•
.( >
1 1 * —-.
Give His a look, iri^ di^iphone 94.
■ >,
< *W
i 'Al
7, * &$
. .r LSI *
»* ■   w
iirA7 . ym
AJ&& The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Koo. 30
Price concessions that will impel
you to buy.
IT'S because we have to raise money by the end of
this month, that this sale is forced on us. We
simply have to raise it. So to do this we sacrifice profit
and in many cases part of cost.
The part, though, that will interest you most,
is that this high-g ade stock of
China, Dinnerware, Glassware, Silverware,
Enamel and Tinware, Stoves and Ranges,
In fact our whole stock, including our Shelf Hardware, is
offered to you at such ridiculously low prices that you
owe it to yourself to partake of these genuine bargains.
Buy your Xmas and Wedding Presents Now
and save half your outlay.
Visit this store legardless of weather
conditions, it will amply repay you.
Our stock is now complete in every department.
Space here will not permit us to quote same.
Throughout this winter, we will have a
On our different lines, and will notify you through
our window display.
All Stock Patterns Dinnerware
Our high-grade Imported Stock Patterns Dinnerware
are selling at Reduced Prices for this sale only.
The best of English Semi-Porcelain y
and Austrian China makes that are
exclusive with this store.
Buy as you want, and as many pieces as you want,
but buy now and save money.
The People's Hardware and
China Emporium.
'PHONE 180
P.O. BOX 221
Curious  Duel  Between  a  Pair of Fire
Eating French.r.cn.
In the swasbbuctyii-g days of the
early part ot the nineteenth century
the dueling dero In France was the
Marquis Merle tie Saiute-Marle. whose
affairs of'honor, were almost Incessant.
One of these'.iff, snick to have been so
ridiculous thut It helped to set in mo-,
tion the current «{f. feeling that has
since made dueling:/so'ranch less honorable than it once was.
It ulipears that one day there called
upon the marquis one Pierrot d'lssac,
himself a famous duelist. Now, in
French pierrot means sparrow and
merle means blackbird.
D'lssac struck himself on the chest
with emphatic dignity. "Marquis,"
said he, "I am a Bouapurtlst and you
are a royalist. Moreover. 1 am the
sparrow and you are the blackbird.
It seems to me that there is one bird
of us too many."
"I quite agree with you. monsieur."
politely replied the marquis, "and my
choice is pistols, and, as Is appropriate
for birds of our species, let us fight in'
the trees."
Pierrot d'lssac was agreeable to this
unique suggestion, and as tf It were
uot a sufficiently'rldlciilrfiiR thing that
one man should challenge another because his name was Sparrow and the
othei- Blackbird the,duel was actually
fought from tree/*. The seconds stood
on the ground below
At n given signal tlie pistols were
fired, and there was a rustling among
the leaves of one of the chestnut trees.
Pierrot d'lssac came tumbling to the
ground "like a ripe .•.lostum." as one
of Sainte-Marie's sei-ciuN expressed it.
whereupon Merle de Salute-Maile iu
a facetious mood began to chirp triumphantly in imitation of the song of
the blackbird. D'lssac waited till he
had recovered from liis wound and
then challenged Salute-Marie for the-
chirp. s
This time there was nothing amusing about the encounter It was
fought witb swords, and Sainte-Marie
was badly wounded. The sparrow nad
avenged himself on the blackbird.—
New York Herald.
His Newspaper Story of the Last Days
of ths Commune.
One morning after the siege of P:\ris.
when the city wns believed In London
to lie still in the hands of the commune. Sir John l-i.hinson. manager of
the Dally News of London, readied his
office to find the late Archibald Forbes
lying ou the lioor asleep, his head ou a'
postoffice directory, while the printers
were hard at work on his manuscript,
the story of "Paris In names." a most
, vivid description of'tl.p last days of the
"Forlips bad ^telegraphed from Dover
' pronouncing his coining." said Sir John
Robinson, "the printers had l>een waiting,  and   thus   the  country   heard   of
those terrible days for the first time.
"London was alil>"/e with excitement
Bouverle street was luipiissable through
tbe newsboys shrieking for copies, and
In parliament Mr. (.ladstone was questioned that afternoon and could only
say he hoped the story was exaggerated.
'-'When Forbes wakened from his
slumber amid all this turmoil what a
spectacle he wns! His face was black
with powder, his eyes red nnd inflamed, his clothes matted with clay
and dust. He was a dreadful picture.
He bud been compelled to assist the
communists In defending a triangular
spnee-npon which three detachments of
the Versailles troops were firing and
had actually taught the citizens bow to
build a barricade."
By aid pf dummy dispatches addressed to Lord Granville and tbe queen
Forbes escaped from this threatening
triangle and wrote nil tbe way to England, being tbe solitary passenger co
tbe mall boat
Mutt Have Bean a Storm 8oene.   -
"As perhaps.there may besom* o©e
wbo bas not beard tbe story of tbe
Dutch painter. I tell It," says Bllbu
Vedder In tbe Atlantic.
"A person calling on this painter
heard a most Infernal uproar ln bis
studio Things seemed to ba falling
and brass plates flying about, and there
were loud sbonts.
. "The servant came to tbe door ln a
state of great anxiety and told the visitor at once tbat the master could not
be disturbed.
" 'I should think be couldn't be much
more than be Is,' said tbe visitor. 'Bat
what under tbe sun Is the matter?*
" 'He Is painting a sky.'"
Hie   Thunderbolt   Delivery
the Batters.
A veteran ball player who has batted against nearly all of the noted
pitchers in the iasit twenty years named Amos Rusie as the universal standard of speed in shooting the ball across
the rubber.
"There have been many fast pitchers in baseball, and all of them tn their
time when they cut loose for fair have
baffled the best of bitters witb their
speed, but you will notice that when
fast pitchers are spoken of' the one
remark is always made, 'Has tie the
speed tbat Amos Rusie bad?' And,
I think, It will be that way forever.
As long ns great names are remembered or baseball Is the nation's game
Rusie will remajp the champion speed
merchant, the one pitcher wbo could
send in the ball fuster than any one
else that ever lived. . Wben yon say
'fast as Rusie' you don't mean' it,
either; you only wish to show tbat
your favorite pitcher Is a very speedy
"Words fail really to describe the
speed with which Rusie sent the ball.
He was a man of' great width, great
strength and the ability to put every
ounce of his weight Into the pitch.
Coupled with this he bad a set of dazzling curves which were manufactured
with the same effort required to produce the speed. Some men can throw
a straight ball with great force, but
have to slow up tn order to develop
curves, but Rusie drove In a curved
ball with all of his tremendous power.
"Facing Rusie to a timid man was
like going into battle must be to an
inexperienced soldier. The distance
was shorter then. Rusie had the
whole box. to move around ln Instead-
of being chained to a slab, and he
simply drove the ball at you with the
force of a cannon. I have stood up
to all the great pitchers of nearly
twenty years. I have seen scores of
them come and go, and none of them
inspired tbe terror In n batsman's I
heart that was put tbere by the
mighty Rusie. The ball was like a
white streak tearing past you without
time to balance yourself, figure the
course of the bnll or take aim at It
The fellows with the wide curve might
fool you Into reaching out and missing
them, but you weren't reaching out at
Rusie—yon simply swung nt a white
streak as It hurled past, and If you
took a full arm swing tbe ball was
pone nnd In the catcher's hands before
you liad half finished the swinging,
"The convincing proof of Rusle'e terrible speed wns this: If any other
pitcher hit a man the man swore,
limped a moment and went to flrst
If Rusie hit a man tbe man retired
from the game nnd sometimes went'
to the hospital. To be hit by Rusie
was worse than to hnve an ordinary
man smash you with n rock." — New
York World.
Terrorized     "      fhe     Church
St. Michael and All Angeli;'.Church.
Holy Communion, firtt and third Sundays in tha
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth Sunday*, after .
Morning' Prayer.
.. I.iinny on the firtt and third Sunday*.
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
7:30. 7        '-,.■
St. Andrew's, Okanagan Mission; .
Firtt Sunday in the month, HolyComunionatSa.m.
Matins and Litany; II a.m,
■   .   '   .  Evensong 7:30
Second Sunday, Matins and Holy Comuniou at   II.
Evensong 7:30    ,
REV. THOS. GREENE. B. A.. Rector.     -'
Rev.'C. H. MEYRICK, Assistsnt Priest.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at II a.m.; evening services at 7:30
p.m.   Sunday Sclioolat2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayar Meeting on \V«dnesd»ys at S p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN. Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at S p.m.
REV. J. W. DAVIDSON. B.A.. B.D.. Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Servicesat II a.m. and 7:30p.m,
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.
Wed . 7.30; RSv. D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
Lodge meetings held in the old School-
house 1st and 3rd Monday in each month.
P. BROOKE, Clerk.
Donations of vegetables, friiit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital.'   If more conven-
I ient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley  Co ; Ltd.
He Didn't Knew Them.
The late Itev. Horatio Stebblns of
San Francisco was a man of large
mind nnd nolile powers. 1>ut more familiar wltb the world of intellectual
and scholastic interests than wltb trivial and timely things, ills household
was blessed with a charming daughter
who grew up fall and beautiful, commanding tbe admiration of all wbo saw
One day a visitor said to tbe good
doctor:   "Doctor, your daughter grows
more charming day   by  day.    Why,,
she's a regular Gibson girl."
*Ab. thank you. thank you." replied
the doctor tn bis best- manner. Wben
the visitor bad gone,'turning to his
wife the doctor asked, "My dear, wbo
are tbe Gibsons?"—San Francisco Argonaut
A Change For the Better.
The nine-year-old boy of a Baltimore
family who Is compelled by bis parents to practice dally upon tbe piano
may not be a clever performer, but be
has a pretty shrewd notion of tbe
worth of nn instrument, as well as a
rather mature wit, as Is evidenced by
an incident In the household not long
sincer ""    -
His father upon returning borne
from a week's absence beard tbe lad
plugging away at tbe piano.
"When did you learn tbat new piece,
son?" asked the parent.
"It isn't n new piece, dad," answered the -• boy. "Tbe piano baa been
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
| Insurance   in   force   which   they   wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness ,or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary. Room I. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275, Kelowna, B.C.
When you send
Your Xmas Greeting
to your friends baclc home
what could be more appropriate or-have more chance
of being appreciated than a
Photograph of yourself or
family. Such a picture
would be treasured fpr years
while a tawdry, present
perhaps costing a great deal
more would be thrown
aside after a week or two.
High-Class Portraiture
has been our business for
many years, and we can
give the benefit of this long
experience without any ex-
. tra cost. ■.'•■"
Lei us show uou slulet' and trices
A Student of the Drama.
It was at a performance of "Macbeth," and tbe three weird sisters had
Juct made their first appearance and
chanted tbelr uncanny Incantations
when a handsomely dressed, intelligent looking woman tn tbe tbird row
turned to her escort and Inquired,
"What's tbe Idea ln having those
witches?"—New York PresB.
8he Won. •
. He was a philosopher and a talker.
She was a woman of action. Tbey
stood together, on tbe bridge and
i watched a tug that was hauling a long
line of barges up the river.
"Look tbere, my dear," said he.
"Sucb Is' life. Tbe tug Is like tbe man,
working and tolling, wblle the bargee,
like the. women, are"-
HIs wife gave him no titae to finish
the sentence. "I know," she said.
"The tug does nil the blowing and tbe
barges bear all the burden."
Portrait Photographer • Rowcliff Blk.
Studios open
Thursday, Friday anc) Saturday.
Deserved to Get It,
"1 want to ask you for a bit of advice." said the Insinuating man.      '
"Wbnt Is it?"
"I want you, to put yourself ln my
place and. me ln yours and tell me
bow you would go about It if you
wanted to borrow $10 from me."—Exchange, I
• ■ Not So Bad.
■ "What's tbe worst you can say about
"He hasn't an honest balr tn hit.
"Well, that's bad enough."
"Ob, not so bad as you think. I
mean be wears a wig."—Birmingham
20 th Century Shoe
Repairing Shop
(NearFire Halt)'
Boots and Shoe* Repaired
Quickly,and Properly
Wtear Rubber Heels to prevent
slipping on ico sidewalks
Rays and Raise.
"Even-body.emit* rays.
/.Dining Hint
Fletcher says vou should "hold yout
face down" when you are eatipg, aa
that yonr tongue will hang perpendicularly In your month.  Tp do this most
An angry  comfortably get down on yonr hands
man  emits  violet   rays; a contented tand knees wben yon eat, explains ths
person emits pinkish rays."' Chicago Record-Herald.
■ "foiindi interesting   1 wonder if my : —- >.... '.
nose would emit n ten dollar raise of     Tbere is but one virtue—the eternal
Hilary:"   Uiuisrllle  Coarter-JounuO.     sacrifice of self.tDecree Stud.
D^W. Crowley Co.
Wholesale & Retail Butcher*
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12 Thursday, Nod. 30
Orchard Gity Record
■j_n_i  r' nil   Hi n"  "  '" '1f
We carry only the best lines of these goods, which will give
you satisfaction every time.
Buggies,    Wagons.   Democrats,   &c,
to suit all purchasers.
"The Mighty Reo
has demonatrated its reliability and general efficiency times
without  number,  and  you  cannot  go  wrong  in   investing
in this make.
The IHC Roadster
is without doubt  the  car  for  the   farmer.    Easy to handle
and  always  ready.    The- price, too,   is  moderate.
Come and let us show ypu.
:;    FEED   ::
Hay,   Oats,   Bran, Wheat,  Barley,  and  Oat   Chop.
Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
We are showing this year a very large range of the
very latest and newest things in the following lines
for Xmas.
Men's Fine Silk-lined Mocha Gloves
Men s Fine Silk-lined Kid Gloves
Men's Fine Fur-lined Mocha Gloves
Men's Fine Wool-lined Kid Gloves
Men s Fine Wool-lined Mocha Mitts
Men's Fine Fur-lined Kid Mitts
Men s Silk Neck Mufflers
MenV Wool Neck Muffler
Men s Silk Handkerchiefs
Men s Linen Handkerchiefs
Do., in Fancy Boxes of Half-doz.
Men's Fancy Braces
Do., in boxes* v.
Men s Fancy Armbands in boxes
Men's Fancy Hose Supports, in boxes
Men's Fancy Waistcoats
Men's Fancy Sweaters
Men's Smoking Jackets and Dressing
And the largest and best selected stock
of Xmas Neck-Wear
ever shown inKelowna
Ranging in price from 25c. to $2.00.
Come and look over our stock before buying elsewhere
A new Liberal paper, called the
"Morning Sun," will shortly be
started in Vancouver, on the capital stock of Which $100,000 has to
be paid up, and one half, of which
is to be expended in machinery.
A large shipment of over three
hundred and fifty thousand.pounds
of frozen halibut are being held iri
Seattle in cold storage warehouses,
being seized as unfit for human
In twq years' time, and perhaps
not so long as that, Canadian Northern trains will be running fiom the
west coast of Vancouver island
through to Atlantic ports. Every
mile of the road from the end of
the Vancouver island section to
the Atlantic is now either under
contract and actual construction or
is being tendered for.
What is the biggest dam' now
being built in Canada io under construction by the Canadian Pacific
Railway in Alberta. It is being
built in connection with the Company's big 3,000,000 acre project
in the vicinity of Calgary.
Cranbrook is • strongly urging
upon Hon. Martin Burrell the desirability of the establishment of a
federal experimental farm in the
Cranbrook district.
AViumber of Swedes living near
Enderby were given gasoline instead of coal oil at one of the stores.
A lam0 was filled with, the liquid
and lighted, but was thrown out
before any damage was done.
Next morning when the sajne can
was brought into requisition to light
the fire an explosion followed, as a
result of which one of the men had
tp be taken to the hospital.
"Canada has not realized by half
the opportunity she has of building
up a great and profitable field of
trade with Japan." This is the
opinion of Chonosuke Yada, Japanese consul at Vancouver,
A Soo train sank in a swamp a
few days ago and the passengers
had to take refuge on the tops of
the cars.only three of which remain'
ed visible.'
Items from Ellison
(From our own correspondent.)
The early advent of winter is
putting the breaks on the wheels
of progress for the nonce, so far as
working on the land is concerned,
but the erection of new buildings
is being pushed steadily on. Mr.
Lang's barn is rapidly nearing completion and very'soon this portion
of the road will present the ap-
pearahce of a thriving village judging from the number of buildings
now erected in so small an area.
The new school is progressing
favorably, and itv is hoped the
Christmas entertainment will be
held in it, so kindly hurry it on Mr.
Mr. J. Hall was a welcome visitor
to our district on Sunday last. Call
again John.
Fire Depleting
Forest Wealth
An interview with an engineer
given recently in a western paper
to the effect that there is abundant
timber on the line pf the Hudson
Bay Railway is an illustration of
the misapprehension in regard to
this matter that exists in the public
mind. Because there are large
areas of land in the north on which
there is timber of some kind, the
conclusion is reached that it is all
of present value and that the country has an unlimited supply. As a
matter of fact a careful inspection
of the timber along the line of the
Hudson Bay Railway made in the
years 1910 and 1911, by the Forestry Branch of the Department of
the Interior, shows that there is not
enough mature timber'along'the
line of that railway to build the
road. There are no prairie districts
of any extent along the route, there
are trees everywhere, but owi;g to
repeated fires the foreSt is,except
on the merest fraction of the area,
too small for commercial purposes
and unless it can be protected from
fire until it reaches maturity, will
never be of any use to the country.
Explorations in other parts ofthe
northern forested dietricts tell ,the
same tale. Everywhere fire has
worked havoc, and the forest is a
mere wreck of what it might have
been if fires could be prevented.
And unless adequate measures are
taken now to piotect the young «jnd
immature forests which form the
major part of the stand, the. outlook
for the future is hone too good.
If the northern-forests are to continue to be a permanent source of
wealth to the country, it is absolutely necessary that the fire ranging
system should be extended and
that proper methods of management of the forest should be applied, and bublic education to the
value of the forest is even more
In Sweden, which has large extents of northern forest, practically uninhabited, similar to those
in northern Canada, has about eliminated the fire danger in such
districts mainly by educating her
people to the value of the forests.
The Kelowna Furniture Co. have
taken over the Undertaking business
of R. Minns, who will conduct thts
department. !
Suitable buildings will be errected
•on the  Lawrence Avenue property.
Kelowna Furniture Company
Harry K. Thaw has begun the
study of law in the library of the
state hospital where he is confined.
He has recently collected evidence
utilized at habeas corpus proceedings instituted by several of his
fellow inmates and now hopes to
master so much of Blackstone as
will enable him to make a satisfactory showing when he is examined
next spring.
A belief that children are sometimes permitted to see supernatural
visitors was exprcttsed by Bishop
of London, preaching at St. Paul's,
Hrirringay. He urged his hearers
not to regard all that children said
as mere fancies.
Thirty-three persons were killed
and seventy-three injured in an
explosion at Bibby and Company's
oilcake mill at Liverpool last Wednesday. A boiler exploded, hurling mangled bodies to all parts of
the wrecked building. Mary of
those injured are expected to swell
the death list.
There is a growing irritation between France and Spain over
Morocco. France feels thot Germany is behind the situation, while
Germany-blames Britain.
Spare a F$w Mmites
- ■. •
cf your time v/hen  looking  around  ;
for   Christmas   suggestions   to  visit
our store and inspect  our  stoqk   of
New and Artistic Novelties specially
suitable for
' ■ y
Xmas Gifts
We warrant your time will not be
wasted, nor yet your money if you
Inexpensive   articles    in   sterling
Silver, suitable for mailing to friends
at  a  distance.   Our  stock  is now
complete and it will be to your advantage to shop early.
'Presents to suit all Purses.
W. M. PARKER & CO., Spedding Block, KELOWNA, EC.
■Watchmakers and Jeweller*.             All work absolutely guaranteed.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
In Marty Subdivison on Pendozi Street, with building
restrictions, size 68 x 121,
Prices from $350 to $650, easy terms.
Building Loan arranged for purchaser.
We have funds available for Mortgage Loans, and the
.   purchase of Agreements of Sale.
Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m., 4.30 p*nu
leaves Westbank 9.30 a.m., 5 p.m.
Extra Service on
Wednesdays or Saturdays
Leaves Kelowna 11 a.m.
Lewes Westbank 11.30 a.m.
Leave* Kelowna 10 a.m., 4.30 p.m.
Leaves Bear Creek 10.30 a.m., 5 p.m.
A new and Fast Gasoline Launch now
in commission for hire.
'Phone No. 108.   Resid. Phone, 105.
Haircutting, Shaving.
Shampooing, etc
(Bouch. Old Stand)
Builders and
Plans & Estimates Furnished
Residence, Park Ave.
P.O. Box 75.
Bouvette V Livery
New Premises:
Careful and prompt attention
.to all orders for
Riga for Hire turned out in
good style.
Licensed Auctioneer
Sales Contacted on Conmission
AU kinds of Repairs
If it is an order for Printing you can make no mistake
in sending it to the
&ecorb #fftce
1 The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday Nod. 30
Good Things for Christmas:
Our stock of Raisins, Currants, Sultanas,  Mixed   Peels,
Icing Sugars, Shelled Nuts, Mollasses, etc., etc., for Xmas
cooking, is now complete, and the quality is the highest.
Send us your orders and we will fill  them
to your entire satisfaction.
Choice Seeded Raisins, new stock,
2 pkg. 25 c.
Choice Cleaned Currants, 2 pkg. 25 c.  |
Choice Bleached Sultanas    -    1 5c. lb.
Choice Citron, Orange, and
Lemon Peels - - - 20c. lb.
Choice Figs for cooking, 21bs. for 25c.
Extra Fancy Barbados Molasses,
35c. per tin.
Not the common blackstrap.
Heinz Mince Meat, the best made,
per lb. 25c.
New Shelled Walnuts and Almonds,
per lb. 50c.
?. Cents per word, first inseriion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Imported thoroughbred Hackney Stallion
Six years old. Bred from best English
stock. Winner of seven first prizes in Old
Country.   Apply T. Duggan, Rutland.
City of Kelowna
BY-LAW NO. 101.
A By-Law for raising the sum of
$1,000.00 for tho purpose of constructing implement sheds for the
City of Kelowna.
16in and I8in. cottonwood, delivered anywhere  in   town.     Apply   R.   E.   Harriss,
Hawkesdale Ranch.
Pony Team, wagon, harness, hay, fodder
furniture, etc.    Also 7 acres   of  fruitland.
Terms, if sold complete.
47tf F. Crane, Rutland, B.C.
And    Private   Boarders.     Apply
Jarvis, Ellis Street.
Respectable   Man   Desires  Situation as
Night Watchman or Place of Trust. Apply
J.. Record Office. 50-1
Choice Eggs at 45c. doz.
Get the  Habit,
Go to
Fond of children, excellent testimonials.
Been nurse 15 years. Good home mort'
desired than high salary. Apply Nurse'
Stopford, care of Mrs. R. E. Harriss,
Hawkesdale Ranch. x
Near Pendozi street' bridge, on Tuesday,
a piece of music. Finder please return to
R. E. Macbean. K.L.O. office, City. I
Owing to some misunderstanding having
arisen regarding the Green Tea Room, it
is to be distinctly understood that, the
Misses Oats and Mearns are the joint proprietors, and to whom as such, all accounts
must be rendered. 1
Phone 35
Phone 35
Notice is hereby given that at the next
statutory meeting of the Board of Licensing
Commissioners for the City of Kelown*, 1.
Arthur Peabody, intend to apply for a
renewal of my license to sell liquor by
retail in the premises known as the Palace
Hotel, situated on the north side of Bernard Avenue, between Water Street anc!
Pendozi Street, in the City of Kelowna.
B.C.    Dated November 3rd. 1911.
" I am pleased to recommend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as the best thing i
know of and safest remedy for coughs,
colds and bronchial trouble," writes Mrs
L. B. Arnold, of Denver, Colo. " We have
used it repeatedly and it has never failed
to give relief."   For sale by all dealers.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
"• ' in.         r    ■ ■■: i   ! =g
Last Week We Asked You to Wait
For Christmas Fruits, and are pleased to inform you that we
are now in a position to care for your wants in that line.
There are so many different lines that we hardly know to which
to draw your attention,  but  this week we   will   emphasize
aisins an
d Peel
Nice, Large, Juicy Raisins, carefully cleaned
and stoned,
21bs. for 25c.
Lemon, Orange, and
CitronPeel, clean, firm
and with not too much
20c. per lb.
We will draw your attention to various other lines from time to time.
The thought has come to us that
you may not have a suitable Christmas Pudding Receipt, and we herewith submit one which is inexpensive, wholesome, and tasty, and
which has proved popular in many
. an Ontario household:
" Chop one half pound suet, rub to
a cream, add a scant half-pound of
brown sugar and three eggs, well
beaten. Mix a half teaspoonful each
of cloves, mace, cinamon, salt, and
one grated nutmeg, with one half-
pound of flour; add this alternately
with a cup of milk to the first mixture. When these are well mixed,
add half-pound raisins, half-pound
currants, three-eighths pound finely
cut citron peel, and one cup chopped
almonds. Follow directions carefully
and steam eight hours. Serve with
WHEREAS it has been found necessary
to raise sufficient money for the purpose of
constructing the necessary sheds in which
to store the City's implements, tools and
AND WHEREAS it is necessary for the
said purpose to raise by way of loan upon
the credit of the said City the sum of One
thousand dollars payable on the First day
of January, A. D, 1937, bearing interest
in the meantime, payable halfyearly, at
the rate of five (5) per cent, per annum,
the principal of such .loan when raised to
be applied for the purpose aforesaid.
AND WHEREAS for the payment, of
the said principal and interest it is necessary to raise the sum of $74.01 in each
and every year.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
land and improvements or real property of
the City of Kelowna, according to the last
revised assessment roll is $1,409,590.00.
AND WREREAS the amount of the
existing debenture debt of the said City is
NOW THEREFORE, the Mayor and
Council of the City of Kelowna, in open
meeting assembled, enact as follows :-
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor and
Council of the City bf Kelowna "to raise by
way of loan from any person or persons,
body or bodies corporate, who may be
willing to advance the same upon the
credit of the said City, by way of the debenture hereinafter mentioned, a sum of
money not exceeding in, the whole the
sum of One Thousand dollars, and fo
cause all such sums so raised and received
to be paid into the hands of the Treasurer
of the said City for the purpose, and with
the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the said Mayor
to cause the said debenture to bemade for the sum of One thousand dollars bearing interest at the rate of
five per cent per annum, and auch debenture shall be sealed with the seal of the
city ol Kelowna, signed by the Mayor and
countersigned by the Treasurer of the
said city,.
3. The said debenture shall bear date
the First Day of January, A. D. 1912 and
shall be payable in twenty-five years from
the date hereinafter named for this By-Law
to take effect, at the Bank of Montreal in
the City of Kelowna. _.
4. The said debenture shall have coupons attached, for the payment of interest
at the rate of five per cent, per annum on
the amount of the said debenture, and
such interest shall be payable halfyearly
on tire first day of July and January in
each and every year, and the signatures to
such coupons may be either stamped,
written, printed or lithographed.
5. A rate on the dollar shall be levied
and shall be raised annually in addition to
all other rates, on the rateable land or
improvements or real property of the said
City sufficient to pay interest on the debt
hereby created during the currency of the
said debenture and to provide for the
payment of such debt when due.
6. The sum of $50.00 shall be raised
and levied annually by a rate on all rateable land or Improvements or real property in the City of Kelowna, in addition to
all other rates, for the purpose of paying
the interest on the said debenture.
7. The sum of $24.01 shall be raised
and levied annually by a rate on all the
rateable land or improvements or real prop,
erty in the city of Kelowna, in addition to
all other rates, for the payment of the debt
hereby created when due.
8. It shall be lawful for the City of Kelowna from time to time to repurchase
the aaid debenture at such price or
prices at may be mutually agreed upon,
and such debenture so repurchased
shall forthwith be cancelled and no reissue of such debenture shall be made
in consequence of such  repurchase.
9. This By-law shall before the final passing thereof receive the assent of the electors
of the City of Kelowna in the manner provided for in the " Municipal Clauses Act,
1906," and amending acts.
10. This By-Law shall come into force
and take effect on the First day of January,
1912. '
11. This By-Law may be cited for all
purposes as the City of Kelowna Implement Shed Construction By-Law, 1911.
Save 25. per ce:
On Ladies' & Children's Ready-
to-wear Coats and Suits.
Commencing Saturday morning, November 25th.
We will offer our entire stock of
Ladies* High Class Suits,  Goats,
and  Dress  Skirts,  at a straight
Discount on every garment.
419 V%   ^or your
<P iCfOO choiceof any
$ 17.50 mantle in our
These great values so many
of our customers have said
are not equalled elsewhere
at $20.
Children's Coats at
$6.50, cut to' $4.90
$7.00, cut to $5.25
$8.50 cut to $6.40
$10.00 cut to $7.50
$12.00 cut to $9.00
Nowhere else can you
get such excellent values in $20 suits as here
Compare them with any you
see elsewhere at
the price.
Your choice now
;ili   win.  c,,v  juu
Ladies' Dress Skirts
$6.50 cut to $4.90
$7.00 cut to $5.25
$8.50 cut xo $6.40
$10.00 cut to $7.50
$12.00 cut to $9.00
25 pier cent, off our
regularly extremely
j low prices.
Remember   this   offer   includes
every  Ladies'  Coat;   Suit,   and
Dress Suit in the store.
None are Reserved.
First Come - First Served - Come.
The Kelowna Outfitting Store,
W. B. M. CALDER, Prop
Court of Revision.
Notice is hereby given that the Court of
Revision will be held on Monday, Dec.
I Ith, 1911, at ten o'clock in the forenoon,
at the City Clerk's office, Bernard Avenue,
for the purpose of hearing and determining
any application to strike out the name of
any person which has been improperly
placed upon the Municipal Voters' List,
19 12, or to place on such list the name of
any person improperly omitted from same.
Copies of the said list, will on the Fifth
day of December, be posted upon the
door of the council chamber, and in the
post office, and remain to posted until the
sitting of the Court of Revision.
C. H. DUNN, Gty Clerk.
Kelowna, B.C., _
November 29th, 1911. 1-2
Come and
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214   Dry Goocls. 314     Office, 143
Read a first time by the Municipal Council this 28th day of November, 1911.
Read a second time by the Municipal
Council this 29th day of November, 1911.
Read a third time by the Municipal
Council this 29th day of November, 1911,
Received the assent of the electors of
the City of Kelowna this day of Dec
ember, 1911.
Reconsidered and finally passed by the
Municipal Council of the Gty of Kelowna
this day of December, 1911.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a true
copy of the proposed By-Law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
at the Council Chamber, in Kelowna, on
Tuesday, the Twelfth day of December,
1911, between the hours of 9 a.m. and
7 p.m.
City Clerk.
City of Kelowna.
Learn to Shoot
For the best five shots going every
giVeu   mat a   i UuiiC
Meeting will be  held in  Raymer's  small
hall on Tuesday, Dec. 5th,  at  8  p.m.,  to
discuss the following by-laws:
No. 98 To raise the sum of $5000 for the
purpose  of. extending    the    combined
, water and electric light-plant.
No. 99 To raise the sum of $13,000 for
the purpose of purchasing land for
sewerage works.
No. 100 To raise the sum of $10,000 for
the purpose of purchasing a part of District Lot 14 for a public park.
No. 101 To raise the sum of $1000 for the
purpose of constructing implement sheds
I have opened a
First-Class Rifle Range
in the
(Behind Fire Hall)
All are cordially invited to
and learn to shoot.
The government Water Commission has been sitting in Kelowna
this week, necessitating a visit to
town of most of the farmers in the
vicinity. Mr. J. Armstrong, with
Mr. Gray Donald are in charge of
the enquiry, and an «ndeavor is
being made to establish the priority
of all water claims, eliminating the
unused land abandoned records.
A vote will be taken upon the above
by-laws in the council chamber on Tues-
day, December 12th nest, between the
hours of 9 a.m., and 7 p.m.
G. H. Dunn, City Clerk.
Kelowna, B.C.,     <
November 29th, 1911. I
A big engagement is announced
for next week at the Opera House.
If you only see one show this season, The West Minstrels should be
the one.
Packing Schools.
It has been decided to hold a
packing school in Kelowna again
this year, provided a sufficient
number of pupils present themselves. The fee is $3.00 for the
course of 12 lessons, of 2& hours
each. The date of the school will
be announced later.
Any country district can have a
packing school provided not less
than 12 pupils are guaranteed,and
a suitable room and tables provided.
All information may be obtained
from the secretary of the Farmers'
Institute, Mr. John Leathley, who
will also resetve applications.
Ladies are welcome, too.
As we desire to give the general
public a chance, expert shooters
will be barred.
Manager      i
We now inform the public
that we are prepared to do
dying, such as Suits, Dresses
Drapes, Curtains, Sweaters,
and all kinds of cloth material.
We alsd handle a line of
second-hand goods for sale,
Detroit Cleaners and Preiser*.
Office opposite "Courier'' Office.
Office Hours:  8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday: 8 ».m. to 10 p.m.,


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