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Kelowna Orchard City Record Dec 21, 1911

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P   JAN8-V9U . j
Sector.^ r
VOL. IV.   NO. 4.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Farmer's Institute /
Annual Meeting
Elected  for
' • The Annual meeting of the
Farmer's Institute was held Saturday afternoon last. The President,
Dr.' Dickson, being absent, the
Vice-President, Mr. Raymer, took
the chair. Mr. P. Brooke acted as
secretary in the absence of Mr.
John Leathley.
The minutes of the last annual
meeting were read and adopted,
also the treasurer's report showing
receipts of $112.41 and expenses
$67.50 showing a credit balance of
$44.91.       .
The election of officers was then
proceeded with. A suggestton was
made that the same officers be
elected for another term. It was
mentioned however, that the secre-
H\P' tary,  Mr. John  Leathley, had de
clined re-election owing to pressure
of other business.    '
On motion of Mr. Hereron,
seconded by Mr. DeHart, Mr.
Leathley was elected director for
Kelowna, Mr. P. Brooke being appointed secretary.
Dr. Jones proposed and Mr. J.
C R. Harvey seconded that the
remaining -list of officers be as
before.    This was carried.
The officers for the ensuing
year are thus : president, Dr. Dickson;,, vice-president,... H. W. Raymer; 8ec.-trea8., P. Brooke; directors: for Kelowna, John Leathley;
Okanagan Mission, C S. Smith;
Benvoulin, D. McEachern; Rutland,
J. W, Woolsey; Ellison, M. Hereron;
K. L. O. Bench, Mr. Crichton
Spencer. <
Mr. H. W. Raymer was appointed delegate to the Central Institute
meeting at Victoria to be held in
January, with Mr. C S. Smith .and
. J, E. Reekie as alternatives.-~M'Asa-Ai.
Resolutions for consideration at
the Central Institute convention
were then discussed. Dr. Jones
referred to the great service which
was being rendered to the province by the horticultural branch
of the Department of Agriculture.
He submitted however, that the
field of horticulture was too limited
to cover many important matters
connected with general farming,
such as potatoes, vegetables.onions,
hay, >and other farm crops, and
suggested that the government be
asked to establish a branch of
agronomy which would tak^ care
of these matters. Dr. Jones had
mentioned the proposal at several
places during his lecture tour for
the Department and it had been
received with general, favor.
A resolution was accordingly
framed that the government be
asked to appoint an agronomist in
addition to the horticulturist. Mr.
C. S. Smith seconded and the
resolution carried.
The following   resolution'   was
Important Board
of Trade Meeting f     ■% Jffcrrp Christmas
Resolution Passed Cover Matters of Vital Importance
to the City
—i _-__._ri m_
suuimucu uy mi.
" Whereas, the development of
the horticultural and agricultural
interests in the several portions of
the province are such that it is imperative that better facilities for
shipment be provided, particularly
in the Okanagan Valley;
"And, whereas, the Canadian
Pacific railway and steamboat service is at present inadequate to
cope with the immense trade which
is now and will in the immediate
future be offered for shipment;
"Now, therefore, this Central
Farmers' Institute in session assembled approves of the avowed
policy of the government to give
assistance to railways for the development of the province, and
would ask that such assistance be
given to the railway or railways
having for its object the development of the Okanagan, at the' earliest possible date."
Upon discussion it was decided
'to amend this to refer to the province generally, as more likely to
be considered at Victoria.
The subject of packing schools
then took the attention of the meet
ing. South Okanagan it was mentioned would not hold a school
this year. An application had already gone in for Rutland, and it
seemed as though there would be
more pupils than could accommodated. Very few applications were
coming in for a school in Kelowna
and it seemed as though this would
have to be abandoned.
The meeting of the Board of
Trade on Tuesday night, the last
meeting of the year, was marked
by an unusually heavy list of important matters to be dealt with.
The attendance was large and the
meeting was not adjourned until
after 11.30.
The minutes having been read,
a large batch of correspondence
was taken in hand.
A letter from the Domimion Express Co., was the first one of any
importance. This was in reply to
a request for delivery of parcels in
Kelowna and stated that the matter was receiving consideration and
that a decision would be communicated shortly.
Letters were read from the Hon.
Price Ellison and Mr. Hamilton
Lang in reference to the permanent improvement work on Mission
Creek. The Board of Works, it
was stated, could not undertake
the work unless the people benefitted were prepared to contribute
50 per cent, of the cost.
The matter was discussed at
some length and it was eventually
decided to leave it to the executive
to arrange for a deputation to the
government at Victoria, to put the
case more forciblyjbefore them.
The deputy minister of Public
Works, Mr. W. W. Foster, wrote
on the lake shore road question
that it would be impossible to go;
into it before spring, when the Hon.
Price Ellison would be in. a, position to go over the ground^ personally.       ;
■r The superintendent^ of ;C. P. R.
telegraphs ■repli|d7respStiflnfe' the
delays in transmitting' telegrams.
He hoped Within a month or so to
give the Okanagan a direct wire
to the Coast, which would remove
many of the delays consequent
upon messages passing through
Revelstoke.' He asked for specific
cases of delay.
A report concerning the plots
of land in Washington won by the
Board as prizes at the Spokane
Apple show. Acting upon Mr.
Gibb's report it was decided to
list the land for sale with agents
in Spokane, offering a good commission to effect a sale.
The Summerland Board of Trade
wrote asking the Kelowna Board
to endorse the following resolution :
" That the Secretary of the Associated
Boards of Trade for the Okanagan, be requested to write the Hon. Mr. Hazen,
Minister of Marine and Fishries, Ottawa,
Ontario, pointing out the fact that White-
fish spawn was deposited in the Okanagan lake some years ago, and a few have
been caught in tne past three seasons, which is sufficient evidencetowar-
rant us in making the request that spawn
be provided and deposited in the Okanagan the coming season 1912, the great
depth of water in the Okanagan taking
it beyond the experimental stage in this
The fear was expressed that the
white fish might not prove an
unmixed blessing, as they were
said to be voracious and destructive to the salmon trout. It was
decided to obtain more accurate
The Angell Engraving Co., wrote
advising delivery of the handsome
new booklets, copies of which
were handed around at the meeting.
The Penticton Board of Trade
drew attention to the meeting there
of the Associated Boards of Trade
anb &
?|appp anb $ro£peroujrj?eto gear
®o M ©m &eabersu
Wbik tfje Cfjrtotnta* log in burning;
&ub tfjt air ii crisp anb clear,
3nmogt tfyousfctg are eber turniug
ttfo olu frtenbg anb {(tenet- go bear
Mr. Harvey drew attention to
the fact that several pupils of last
year's school had been refused employment by the packing houses.
He thought this should be looked
into by the Institute. The lack of
enthusiasm was no doubt due to
that cause.
Mr. Hereron said the trouble was
the successful competition of the
Chinese and Japs who, owing to
their eagerness for money, worked
faster than white men. He said it
would be a good thing if the local
packers could advertise fruit as
packed by white labor only.
Before adjourning the meeting
tendered a vote of thanks to the
officers and directors for their services during the past year. -j
of the Okanagan on January 1 7th
and asking delegates to be appointed and copies of resolutions
forwarded.' The following resolutions were submitted by Mr. Kerr
and carried:
I. Whereas surveys for crown grants
are shelved for six months before being
gazetted after reaching Victoria; and
whereas it is then necessary that they
should be gazetted for two months before any progress can be made; and
whereas, after that the application for a
crown grant is held up for six months
more in the office of the Department of
Lands before anything further can be
done: and whereas such an outgageous
state of affairs is more appropriate to an
Asiatic despotism than an enlightened
part of North America; resolved that
the Associated Boards of Trade request
the Provincial Govemn.ent . to sweep
away this abominable system for ever,
and make an earnest effort to issue
crown grants with the utmost possible
2. (This was a resolution passed at a
recent meeting of the Board in reference
to similar delays in the Land Registry
3. Whereas, the Okanagan' district is
enormously under-represented in the
Provincial Legislature, while  other  dis-
• trict8 are absurdly over repiesented (for
v instance, the Boundary mining district
has two members, with a very small
population);-and, whereas, great injury
is done to the Okanagan by lack of representation ;■ resolved that tlie Associated Boards of Trade request ihe Provincial Government to take steps to subdivide the Okanagan into three constituencies, and give each a member.
Mr. Kerr pointed out that the
wording of the.latter was significant. Many proposals had been
made to increase. members for the
valley, but none to sub-divide,
which was the only way to give
each section real representation.
Mr. H. W. Raymer drew atten
lion to the fact that the offorts of
the Conservative Association and
of the Board to have a customs
office established in Kelowna had
met with success and the office
was opened this week, with Mr.
J. L. Doyle as custom's officer.
A resolution of thanks was passed to the Hon. Martin Burrell for
his share in  the  matter.
The following resolution was
prepared and carried :
" Whereas Kelowna has demonstrated
that the lands in its vicinity can produce
the highest class of fruit and has on many
occasions taken the highest awards in
competition with fruit-growers from an
the principal fruit-growing districts on
thiscontinent, thereby advertising the
great possibilities for fruit-growers in
the Okanagan Valley, and whereas all
claasses or varieties of fruit, vegetables,
tobacco, etc., which can be grown at
this latitude and Tn the dry belt have
been successfully grown here;
We, the Board of Trade, would respectfully request that the Experimental
Farm be located in the Kelowna district.
The question of increasing the
appropriation for roads in the district was made the subject of a
resolution proposed by Mr. H. W.
" That the Kelowna Board of Trade
make strong representations to the Provincial Government pointing out that the
amounts set apart for road improvements
in the district are in the opinion of the
Board totally inadequate, ' and asking
that largely increased grants be made in
the immediate future."
and   a   resolution   framed   by D.
Leckie passed :
" Whereas the accommodation at the
present Post Office in Kelowna is very
limited, and there is no accommodation
at all for Customs Department; and
whereas the amount of business in these
two branches of the government service
at Kelowna is much greater than at any
city in the Dominion which has similar
lack of suitable quarters;
Resolved, that this Board of Trade
earnestly request the Post Office and
Customs Department of Canada to erect
a building in Kelowna for the government services mentioned, of sufficient
extent for present business, and also for
the . immense expansion now taking
place. And that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Minister of
Customs, Postmaster-General and the
Hon. Martin Burrell, M.P.
Hon. Martin Burrell
and Fruit Industry
May  Reorganize  Entire Fruit
Royalty Figure in
Wreck of Liner
Hon. Martin Burrell has made a
number of changes in tbe fruit
inspection departmenl. About
half-a-dozen fruit inspectors have
been dismissed on the recommendation of the officials of the
It is also on the tapis that a reorganization of the fruit section of
the agricultural department is being
contemplated by Mr. Burrell.
At the present time the fruit industry is under the direction of
the dairy commissioner, whose interests are naturally with dairy and
not with fruit farming.
Strong representations have been
made by various fruit farming
associations that there should be a
special fruit commissioner appointed. As Hon. Mr. Burrell is himself
a fruit farmer and particularly interested in farming and developing
of that industry, it is almost certain
that the change will be made.
P. & O. Steamer "Delhi
Ashore in Gale
The President, Mr. J. W. Jones,
made the suggestion that in view
of the probable railway developments in the near future serious
steps shonld be taken to bring
the claims of Kelowna both before
the Government and the heads of
the railway companies. He suggested that data be gathered and a
strong deputation go down to. Victoria to look after Kelowna's interests.
The various rumors of railway
surveys and schemes were freely
discussed, and it was decided to
leave the executive to gather the
necessary information.
The need for a better Post
Office for Kelowna was discussed
Discussion then shifted to the
new tourist hotel scheme. Mr. F.
R. E. DeHart related the progress
which had been made. Since the
turning down of the by-law to purchase the corner adjoining the park
the lot had been sold at a greatly
advanced price to the People's
Trust Co., which company had also
undertaken to provide the money
for the hotel. They had guaranteed to put up a building to cost not
less than $80,000, with furnishings
about $40,000. .■"       ■ . .   .
The proposal of an exchange
with the city of a portion of the lot
ia order to give a rectangular space
for the hotel, and leaving the promenade and lake front open for
the city was also discussed.
Mr. DeHart mentioned that any
other portion of the park might be
considered, but the company must
have lake frontage. The company
had plenty of capital at their disposal and proposed to build and
own the hotel themselves. He
asked that the Board of Trade pass
Some resolution signifying their approval of the Scheme.
Mr. F. S. Coates, proprietor of the Lake-
view Hotel, spoke at considerable length
on the project. While he might not be
expected to welcome the competition, he
knew that sooner or latere tourist hotel of
the type proposed would come in, and it
would be a good thing for the city. He
had been a little sceptical at first as to the
size of the hotel, which seemed larger than
was possible for a place of this size, but
the promoters seemed to have definite information and had shewn how the scheme
could be financed. He did not favor the
corner as a Bite for the hotel, but as to
butauing sn titc par*, he «_d net s€C how
it would be any more detriment to the
town than out of it. That class of hotel
would entirely exclude any rough element,
and the usual objectionable features.
The city by renting a ' site might raise
money enough to pay interest and sinking
fund on the whole park debentures. At-
though the hotel business was good in
Kelowna such an hotel would have to look
outside for a large amount of its trade by
advertising and inducing people to come
in, which would be a benefit to the city.
Several speakers followed, heartily endorsing the need for a first-class hotel.
Mr. j. W. Jones said he did not think
there was anyone in the city but what
would hold up both hands for a first-class
hotel, which would provide accommodation for visitors nnd tourists. Mr. D.
Leckie while favoring the building of a
good hotel objected to its occupying any
part of the park.
It was suggested by one that a site
further down the park, beyond the grand
stand could be selected which would be
more suitable.
On Mr. DeHart's suggestion that the
company were willing to meet with say
five men from the Board of Trade and the
City Council to discuss matters, a resolution
was passed empowering the executive to
act in conjunction with the council in
selecting the delegation, which would
meet with Mr, St. Albert's, the representative of the People's Trust Co.
Although the hour was getting late Mr.
F. S. Coatee broached* another important
matter by asking if anything was being
done respecting the acquiring of the telephone system by the City. He had recently been made aware that correspondence was going on respecting its
purchase by on outside company, and he
thought the city should certainly not allow
the system to get away from them.
Mr. H. H. Millie, who was present, then
made the somewhat startling announcement that the telephone system was practically sold—that he had almost completed
a deal wjth the Okanapan Telephone Co.,
At St. Michael's church Sunday
evening after the usual service
there will be a Christmas Carol
Service with solos.        '■ .     ■
The Presbyterian church is having speeial Christmas music on
Mr. St. Albans, of the People's
Trust Co., was in town this week in
connection with the new hotel
scheme, which his company are
arranging to finance.
The Telephone office will open
on Christmas Day only for the usual
Sunday hours, viz:, 9.30 to" 10.30
a.m. and 5 to 6 p.m.
The British P. and O. liner Delhi,
aboard of which were the Duke
and Duchess of Fife, Princess
Alexandra and Princess Maud,
went ashore near Cape Trafalgar
in a fierce gale early last week, and
is now being pounded to pieces by
heavy seas. All the passengers
have been rescued, the French
cruiser Briant having succeeded in
reaching the ship after lifeboats had
failed and hope was almost abandoned. The Delhi is one of the
finest ships in the Oriental service.
She carried a number of the British nobiliby, who were expecting
to spend the winter holidays in
The Chiistmas tree and entertainment in connection with Knox
church is to be held in the Opera
House to-morrow night, (Friday).
It is to be on quite a large scale
this year, and should not be missed. There are to be two big trees
filled with good things, and «he
room will be   seasonably   decorat
ed. The chi
ing for enterl
time is pro
The mana
propose   to
for its purchase. If the city wanted it, it
would necessary to.get busy at once. '■"*""
Aid. Leckie and Aid. Jones referred to
the negotiations which had been made
some time ago by the city with Mr. Millie,
but which were now at a deadlock.
Mr. R. B. Kerr proposed that Mr. F. S.
Coates, Mc D. H. Rattenbury, and Mr. H.
F. Rees be a committee to bring the
council and Mr. Millie together on the
The meeting then adjourned.
To the Citizens of Kelowna:
At the request of a large
number of citizens I have
consented to stand for the
office of Mayor, for 1912, and
respectfully solicit your vote
and influence at the coming
Municipal Elections.
i   Signed,
ment of Dreamland
excel all previous
efforts in the picture programs for
holiday seasb-. The leading picture on Xmas day (matinee and
evening) will be a very funny
comedy ''Ah Sing and the Greasers," also a thrilling -drama " On'
the road to Richmond."
A runaway accident in which
Mrs. L. Taylor of Bankhead was
rather badly hurt occurred last Saturday afternoon on Pendozi Street.
Mrs. Taylor was drjying„with..her
little boy when the horse bolted,
bringing the buggy in colliton with
ah electric light pole. The unfortunate lady was thrown out, sustaining severe injuries to her head.
The little boy was" unhurt. We are
glad to hear since that Mrs. Taylor
is progressing favorably.
To the  Electors of  the City
of Kelowna.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I beg to announce that I
am in the field as a candidate
for the Mayoralty, and I
solicit your support, pledging
myself, if elected, to give you
a sane, reasonable and economical administration, and to
work with all my strength for
the progress of our City.
jen have beentrain-
'mehts and a gjoocLs'
Starts at 7:30.
Al. W. Fordyce, Russell Hale Co.
. m
"*   If   J. The Orchard Gity Record.
Thursday, Dec: 21
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
Santa  Claus
is here. He is resting in a window
Furnace and  Hot-Water Heating a Speciality.
Wishes to inform the public of Kelowna and
surrounding districts that he has now opened
premises in Water Street, and is prepared to
buy and sell second-hand furniture, etc, to
any amount, also goods sold on   commission.
Just About Now is the Right Time
to call in and renew your subscription to the " Record.'
subscriber* will receive the balance of the year free,
Town and Country
The ladies who have promised
candies for the "Country Girls'
Hospital Aid" concert are asked to
kindly send them to Mrs. Cameron,
Guisachan, or leave them with
Mrs. McKay, at Willit's Drug Store
not later than Thursday, December
Mr. A. A. Gow, who was formerly manager of the Royal Bank
here has been appointed to succeed C. C. MacRae as manager of
the Vernon branch.
Frank Crane, who recently sold
his ranch in Kelowna came in with
his family by special stage on
Saturday. On Monday they wt-nt
on to Idaho, where they will make
their future home.-Hedley Gazette.
(Keremeos News).
Mr. Knowles' watch guessing
contest, as usual, created a great
amount of interest. The watch
was wound up Saturday morning
and ran for 33 hours, 52 minutes
and 25 seconds. Some of the
guesses were of course wide of the
mark, while others again came
very close, the winner, Miss G.
Etheridge, being only two minutes
and 19 seconds too low. Miss
Etheridge is sister to Mrs. Haroid
Newby, and is at present on a visit
from Victoria.
Messrs. D. W. Crowley and Co.
took possession of their new store
early this week. Although not yet
completed, the new premises offered better accommodation for their
Christmas trade than the small
temporary one.
Unusual caie, perpahs, has this
year been lavished upon the store
windows and some very fine displays, appropriate to the season,
are to be seen along Main street.
Mrs. S. Sproul and family left
Monday en route for Victoria. A
number of friends were down to
see them off.
Mrs. Taylor and her sister, Miss
Fraser, of the Vernon road, left
Monday for the Coast where they
will make a short stay.
Next Sunday the services in the
Baptist Church will be in keeping
with the Spirit of Christmas. The
morning subject will be"Immanuel"
The evening theme will be "Universal peace." A well trained choir
will render the follnwing anthems.
Morning, "Let us now go" Hopkins
" In the Field," Farmer. Evening,
" There were Shepherds," Vincent.
" All this Night," Maunder. Soloists, Miss Dorothy Evans and Mr.
S. A. Good.
The Country Girls' branch of the
Ladies' Hospital Aid are holding a
concert and dramatic performance
" My turn next" on Friday evening
December 29th in the Opera House
commencing at 8:30. A good program has been arranged and hearty
support is asked. Tickets may be
had from any member.
Miss Bullis left yesterday morning for her home in Weyburn.
Mr. J. W. Jones gave an interesting account of his recent visit to
Italy at the Young People's Society
of Knox church last Monday evening.
The Rev. E. B. Glass and Mrs.
Glass bade good-bye to Kelowna
last Monday leaving by the boat
en route for Victoria.
The Benvoulin Christmas tree
and entertainment to-night takes
place in the Benvoulin school and
not the Mission Creek school as
announced last week.
Mr. R. Munson was a passenger
Monday for Vernon.
The Hardware 6r Specialty Co.
are showing a choice display of
high-grade china and cut glass in
their windows this week.
The closing exercises of the Public Schools are to be held to-morrow, Friday. Parents and friends
are invited.
BOND~On Friday, December 15,
to the wife of C. Bond, Rutland, a
Notaries Public,
Conveyancers, etc.
KELOWNA,       -    :: B.C.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
C. Harvey, B.A.. Sc, C.E., D.L.S., B.C.L.S.,
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box 148
'Phone fie
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ing8,Tov.'n and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
Miss   P.
Scholarthip   Graduate   in   Piano   and
Course of Toronto Conservatory of
Will receive Pupils for
At the Studio.
Lawrence   Avenue,   off   Pendozi   Street.
Address   -   -   Post-Office, Kelowna.
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
Exhibitioner Royal College  of   Music  and lately
with Kendrick Pyne, Mus. Doc, Organist of the
Cathedral, Manchester, Eng.,
At the Studio, Trench Block, Kelowna.
Music of every description  supplied.
New term begins September.       P.O. Box 437.
The quicker a cold is gotten rid of the
less danger from pneumonia and other
serious diseases. Mr. B. W. L. Hall, of
Waverly, Va. says: "I firmly believe
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to be absolutely the best preparation on the market
for colds. I have recommended it to my
friends and they all agree with me," For
sale by all druggists.
Practical Gardener
Pruning. Planting and Landscape Work.
Day or Contract. \
Attractive Bungalow
Four rooms anc)  bath room,
concrete cellar, electric light.
Lot 50ft. by 126ft.
Price - $1,500
Writ. Boi J. H.," Henri " Office
Crown   Derby   or Rich
American     Cut    Glass
Tlie mere mention of " Royal Crown Derby " or Cut
Glass brings to mind the rarest and best in artistic china.
We have just opened a small shipment, of the latest
designs that will strongly appeal to lovers of this beautiful china and cut glass. We urge your early selection
as the quantity is limited to our Christmas selling.
Particular Gifts for Particular People
Royal Crovyn
Derby Ware
Salad Bowls
Teapot,' Sugar   and   Cream
Cups and Saucers
5 and 6 in. Plates
Cooky Plates
Muffin Dishes
Tea Caddies
Pin Trays,
and many others
Rich American
Cut Glass
Salad Bowls
Wine Sets
Water Jugs '
Water Glasses
Bon-Bon Dishes
Celery Dishes
Berry Sets and many others
The People s Hardware and China
Phone 180 Emporium P.O.Box 221
Kelowna Livery
A good  supply of work
horses, driving and saddle
horses always on hand for
We guarantee every horse
sold as represented.
We are prepared  to pay
cash prices for good sound
young stock.
Our Livery is complete.
Good horses and equipment.
Phone 25. Leon Avenue, Kelowna.
Coal!   Coal!!
Nicola Coal (Lump)     -   $10.00 per ton
Real Pensylvania Hard -   $18.50 per ton
Telephone 66
Kelowna, B.C.
P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail >
Fresh Meat Daily
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135 ■    -■. • 7. -7;.--;-:. »>\V.;;>V •"*■#'?>< v'^^i
Thursday, Dec. 2
The- Orebard City Record
If you still have   son.e   gifts   to
purchase, further delay will  only
make it harder to  find just  what
you wish.
Our stock is made up of these
High Grade Goods which are
carried4 all the year and is never exhausted by the holiday
Books with art Illustra-
" Buffalo jbnes-^ Lassoing wild
animals in Africa " is the greatest
cowboy picture ever produced. It
is genuine, absolutely devoid of
fake of any kind, and will be one
of the most impressive ever exhibited. The management of Dreamland has been successful in engaging, this feature , picture for next
Wednesday arid;' Thursday, 27th.
arid 28th December.
tions, and Beautiful Bind*
ing,Dainty Booklets, Popular Fiction, Hymn and
Prayer Books, Art Cal;
endars,  Fountain   Pens,
Cameras, Brass Novelties
Mirrors and Hair Brushes
Perfumes, Delicibus Confectionery, Scholars Supplies, &c. &c.
The entire elevator plant of the
C P. R. at Owen Sound including
two elevators, and 1,000,000 fet-sh-
els of grain were totally destroyed
by fire last week. Many buildings
in the vicinity were badly damaged
as were also the steamers Atha-
baska and Keewatin. The loss exceeds pne million dollars. The
conflagration was the worst is the
history of the town.
When your feet are wet and cold, and
your body chilled through and through
from exposure, take a big dose of Cham-
berlain's Cough Remedy, bathe your feet
in hot water before going to bed, and you
are almost certain to ward off a severe
cold.   For sale by all dealers.
Rutland News.
From our own correspondent.
, Don't wait  until the last
day.   There is always  so
much confusion and hurry
that it is hard to give the
best attention.
P. B. WilliLs * Lu.
Kelowna,     B. C.        :
£HONE 19
Plans and Estimates Fbrnifted
Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
i -A''       PHONE 95       «
GentsV Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
.promptly attended to.
As New Year
Rowcliffe Block. -
from 10 to 3.     r
- kBLOWHA CAftlP 14898
Lodge meeting* held in the old School,
house I tt and 3rd Monday in eaoh month.
P. BROOKfc; Cleric.
Sutton's Seeds
Kelwfaa. Gfetenhouoe.
A "Want ~^lM&faiaA
is a sure dividend^paying
% W, XJrowley Co,
Wholesale ft Retail Batchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
Co mail orders
Phone 12
j. m. <mm
T^iWaM of Repairfc
20 th Century Shoe
Repairing Shdp
{Ntar Fire Hall)
Boots and Shoes Repaired
Quickly and Properly
W«ar Rubber Heetato prevent
slipD.ngrdnic^ sidewalk*
Bouvette's Livery
New Premises:
Careful and prompt attention
to all orders for
... Rigs for Hire turned out in
•. "goddstyl*."".
The Christmas tree and entertainment on Tuesday, December
26 is something you must not forget. Santa Claus ' leaves for parts
unknown after this, so don't miss
it. -, _    .
The Sunday School Anniversary
and Rally Day takts place at the
Mount View Church on Sunday,
December 31st. The morning
exercises at IJ a.m. will include
good music. addretseB, Bible knowledge, contests, etc. Evening service at 7.30.
A meeting of the Rutland taxpayers and all interested in the
old Hall is to be held there Wednesday evening, December 27th,
at 8 p.m. for the purpose of electing a trustee to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of the late
Dr. Baker. .
Literary Society.
There was a good attendance at
the Rutland hall last Friday when
the Literary Society met to hear a
debate on the question " Resolved
that the city offers' more advantages
tlian the-country." Mrs. Will McDonald was voted "to the chair, and
a pleasant evening was spent.
Rev. W. Vance and Mr. Warden
spoke for the affirmative, while
C. H. Leathley ahd Mr. Duggan
championed the negative side.
- Mr. Vance led off with a speech
(that was noted for its brevity,
though he made up for this latec
on. He claimed that boys and
girls from the country had to leave
home if they wanted to finish their
education, which; could only be
done in the city, and that this disrupted the home; and that in the
city there were quite a'number of
spheres-of work, while there were
at most only four or five - kinds of
work a man could turn his hands
to in the country.
Mr. Leathley combatted these
statements and expressed his be
lief that agriculture was the basis
of all natural 'wealth; and instanced
England which was suffering/ from
the fact that its Jural lite was utterly
neglected in favor of the cities.
Country.property was the best of
aH kinds df security for loans, etc.
Wealth, he claimed, in its best form
must be(permanent, and this was
not so iri the case of city property.
Mr.. Wardep and Mr. Duggan
followed, arid the meeting was then
thrown open for discussion.
. Mr. Vance, in his,reply-pointed
out that the audience should not
confuse the issue. It was not whether the, country'was the most congenial life, but what had the most
advantages. A'-A
On a Vote being taken, (there
being no judges) tKe resolution1 was
carried in the affirmative by 15
votes to 14.
A general' committee consisting
of Miiseslda Fleming, L Bird,
Craig,: Du^giri-«ndiMeijsr8.Clarence
Duncan, J. Fleming, and W. Craig
was appointed witb power to1 rent
the organ use'd-in tne Baptist1 services if they saw fit. It was also
decided to-move into larger quarters; the expitehie to'tie" defrayed
by a box social when convenient.
Items fromjEllison
(From our own correspondent.)
Ellison  district is to have the
time of its life next Tuesday week,
T----.*   0__.il-- --.A -t.t-.-_. __k.---__-UI.-_.* *mC   frU-k   «.__.«__.
jam fira, w uivuycu-ng ui u«_. •■»•»»
school-house. A grand concert
has been arranged for the early
part of the evening. After this a
supper ia to provided in which
Ellison is determined to distinguish
itself. It is to be a combination of
Christmas dinner, New Year party,
and school-opening, and like' the
school building itself will put all
previous efforts into the shade.
Already several parties are being
arranged to go out from town to
take in the event, and if r&»
weather man sends good sleigMiftg
thin Ellison had better look oat.
East Kelowna
The East Kelowna Debating Society met bn Frjday, December 15.
The secretary, Mrs. T. L. Gillespie,
gave a paper on Shakespeare's
tragedy of Macbeth. A discussion:
on the paper followed, in which
tho president, . Mr. Salvage arid
MessiVlvfcKfc.WaUe.ee and Geo.
Allen took part. On December
29th a debate will take place on
the following resolution:- "Resolv-
ed that the Home government hat
the right to involve the Overseas
Dominions in war." Appointed
speakers, affirmative Messrs. Geo.
Allen and Affleck {against, Messrs,
Reekie ane Salvage.
Every family ha* need of a good, reliable
liniment. For sprain*, bruise*, «orene** of
the muscle* and rheumatic pain* there is
none bertAV thkn Ch.fnb^*mV Sold by
all dealer*.
One Night only
Dec. 26, 1911
.   . ,The ■'■■.. . ■■-:
ank of Canada
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $6,200,000.       Reserve, $7*200.000.
Total Assets, $ 109.000,000.
Secure one of our
safety Deposit boxes
Place your valuable papers
beyond peril or danger of Are.
Lodged in absolutely fireproof safe.
' 65, William Street. 2,  Bank  Buildings,  Prince*  Streat.
Branches and correspondent! throughout the world.
H. F. REES, Manager.
A heart story of the
Popular Pricfes
Situated within one half mile of town, and being
about loo feet above'the lake, it commands a beautiful view-of the town, M« and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
There is only one GLENMOKE. Don't niis» the opportunity of selecting a! few acre* of this desirable
If you wish a chetfp building lot or an acre of lend call on us and wa -will
■how you our sub-division
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.     Price* low.   Term* easy,
monthly payment* if *o desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
-.-. ; .■X'.'ls&i&X&Af'Z&'&^&i.-'i*-
five Reasons why you should Purchase
w    -    i» i7i
H  i'i     till_—-____».
Your Christmas Gifts from
■"--■■■■ _ a . . \_ '.•''""■ y ' :
Knowles the Jeweler
■<■•■■ *t.
■■_ ->.
t ''-■■iir<M^______i--_____M
i   ^,i ■._,,'_
ivll'     r, ''ill
1. We have the largest assortment of
Christmas Gifts in the cbtltitry.
2. We are gift  specialists.    It is our
% We  serve   you   with   the   utmost
A. We spare no paiiis in msikin^ our
gifts attractive.        ..'.<"
5. You make your selection with the
least loss of time.
Ask to see the Moor^oft: China
The newest production of the potter's art.
Xmas Present Specialist
■i. The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Dec. 21
Publlthed tatry Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna. B.C.
JOH.X LEATHLEY, Editor and Proprietor.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United Slates $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rales upon application.
Kelowna's New Customs
Another important step in the
advancement of the city was marked this week by the opening of a
customs office here. Kelowna is
growing out of her clothes pretty
fast, and the nuisance and delay
of having all parcels from abroad
stopped at Vernon for the collection of duty has been a sore spot
for a long time, The matter has
been the subject of agitation with
the Dominion authorities for a long
time, but with very little result.
The recent visit of the Hon.
Martin Burrell, however, brought
matters to a head. A deputation
consisting of Messrs. H.W.Raymer,
J. W. Jones, and R. F. Morrison
waited upon him, and the claims
of the city were forcibly presented.
It is to the credit of the Hon.
Martin Burrell that so little time
should have been lost following
his visit before we had the realization of our wishes.
Kelowna has been made the
same as Vernon, a sub-port of
entry from Revelstoke. One of
the pleasant features too is the
appointment of Mr. J. L. Doyle as
customs officer, an appointment
with which everyone will heartily
The knowledge that when one
has business with the customs
office, one will be received not by
the haughty airs of some snappy
and pompous official but by the
genial smile of kindly Miv Doyle,
will we are sure result in an immediate increase in the business of
the office. Mr. Doyle at present
occupies quarters behind the Post
Office, but we hope the day is
coming when both the postal and
and customs business will be carried on in a building more in keeping with the growth of the city.     '
Under this beading communications will'
be receiced upon any subject o. Interest.'
Letters must be signed, be brief, acoid '
personalities. The Editor does not nee-'
e88arili| endorse opinions gicen beloio. ]
Business vs. Sentiment
To the Citizens of Kelowna.
I take this opportunity of directing your attention to various matters that are at the present moment
of the utmost importance to this
During the past few years we
have been making a sure and
steady growth in population ; comfortable homes and substantial
business blocks have been erected,
all revealing faith in the future development of the district behind
the city. We are passing through
a period in this city's history where
it is absolutely necessary that the
very best men that can b-5 secured
should be placed on the Council
Board to advance the prosperity of
the city and carefully guard its very
important interests.
With a keen sense of the responsibilities that fall upon the Mayor,
of this city, I yielded to the solicitations pf men who are concerned
over the problems concerning us,
ahd have Consented to stand for
the position of mayor for 1912.
With the experience of the last
two years on the City Council, and
in touch with all questions affect-
its welfare, I am in a position to
accomplish much for the City
along the lines of :-
Railways entering  the  city and
A sewerage system.
Street improvements.
Government aid   for  public   institutions.
Making Kelowna a tourist centre.
An improved Ferry system.
I ask you to consider these questions carefully.    Are you in   favor
of allowing business principles   or
sentiment to rule your city ?
I trust that you will choose the
very best men available for ihe
council of 1912. It is only on account of these considerations that
I solicit your vote and influence as
Yours for a business adminstra-
J. W. JONES.      J
Come and
Learn to Shoot
For the best five shots going eveiy
First-Class Rifle Range
in the
(Behind Fire Mall)
Ladies are welcome, too.
As we desire to  give the general
public  a chance, expert shooters
'      will be, barred.
The Indoor Rifle Range
We now inform, the public
that we are prepared to do
dying, such as Suits, Dresses
Drapes, Curtains, Sweaters;
and all kinds of cloth material.
We also handle a line of
second-hand goods for sale,
Detroit Cleaners and Pressors.
R. S. FORD   -   Proprietor
i ' <
Office next to Dreamland Theatre.
Office Hour*:   8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
It's My Pleasure aud Privilege
At  This Time to Wish   You
A Merry Xmas
But it's your privilege to enjoy a
Prosperous New Year if you will*
but purchase some of the bargains
I can show you. Great signs of
the times are apparent. Wise men
from the East are directing their
searchlight this way. Wealthy clad
from the West are eager to join
forces with us.
My closing .word is> act quickly
be ready, and be a Happy Customer
"Of   •   .. A-
Levitt, the Homeseefaer's Friend.
Am Open to List Other 'Property
J. LEVITT *> R-°-Box 495 ,phone'94
Corner Abbott St., and Lawrence Avenue.
Office open until 10 p.m. during the coming week.
eason is
t v_
Many friends to be remembered, many presents to be purchased, many stores to visit.      All
this entails much worry and occupies a great deal of time.    Let us see if we can help you/
and make thi3 arduous task somewhat easier for you.
Our stock was never greater or better assorted, and it is no trouble to show goods.   We are always glad to see you
whether you buy or not,    On with the Christmas shopping.
Dorothy Dodd Shoes
For women. These are American creations. At a glance their
excellence is apparent, but you must putthem on to fully enjoy
their perfect fitting qualities. They come in Patents and Vici Kid,
Buttoned or Laced.
Price per pair, $6.00
A Baby Crib or Buggy Blanket
Makes a useful Christmas Gift and cost? little. We have them
in different shades.
Each, 75c
Cushion Forms at Low Prices
Women's Silk Waists
A most appropriate Xmas Gift, one that delights the heart of
every woman; In many colors and styles. Silk Fancy Nets,
Tailored and L'nens at prices from .       \$2.50  t6 $5.00
Table Linen
Extra Quality Irish Linen Table Cloths with napkins to match at
from $4.00 to $10.00. Your wife will be pleased with a gift of
this kind.
Christmas Suggestions in Women's Hosterv
Women's Silk Hose, in White, Blue, Pink and Black
Per Pair $1.60
Women's Fine Cashmere Hose with embroidered clock. Good
fitters and best quality. Pair  65c
Women's Plain Cashmere Hose in great variety at
35c, 40c, 50c and 60c pair
Ladie's Collars and Jabots
Big shipment just opened up.   Very pretty.    Priced from
40c to $1.50
Men's Ties, Gloves, Suspenders, Neck Scarves
All inexpensive'but appropriate Christmas Gifts.
Dainty China
Many handsome and useful articles for table decoration, and very
reasonably priced. You will do well to look these over before
purchasing, it will pay you.
'Phone 22
'Phone 22
i+Kiyfrvti^tV ?*yr, .•yv.w
SP"PPPP Thursday, Dec. 21
Orchard Gity Record
_  . .. . . '       . - ' *
We carry only the best lines of these goods, which will give
you satisfaction every time.
Buggies,    Wagons,   Democrats,   &c,
' to suit all purchasers.
It js becoming every year more obvious that spraying,
to be effective, must be thoroughly done. The cheapest and
best way to handle an orchard of any size is with   a   power
.    .   * outfit. ; We carry the
L H. C. Power Spray Outfit
complete with 1, 2 or 3 h. p. engine wagon and  tank.    This
is giving satisfaction in some of the best fruit districts.
Get all the pleasure and advantage there is  in   winter
by owning a sleigh.       We have some in stock, and another
large shipment may be here any day.
Hay,   Oats,   Bran, Wheat,  Barley,  and Oat   Chop.
Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements   *
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
The Oak Hall Clothing Co. Ltd.
Commencing,  Monday,   Dec.   18th
and   closing   Saturday,  Dec.   31 st.
During this sale we will put on our entire stock of Men's
Suits, Men's Overcoats, Men's Pants, and Fancy Vests for cash
only at prices as shown below.
Pants aod Fancy Vests will ta soM at a Discount of 25 par cent.
Men's fine Tweed Suits, regular price, $ 12.50 reduced to $ 9.00
15.00 „ 11.50
18.00 „ 14.00
20.00 „ 15.00
22.00 „ 16.50
25.00 „ 18.00
30.00 „ 22.00
Men's fine Tweed Suits,
Men's fine Tweed Suits, „ ,,
Men's fine Worsted Tweed Suits „
Men's fine Worsted Tweed Suits „
Men's fine Worsted Tweed Suits „
Men's fine Worsted Tweed Suits „
Men'* Heavy Tweed Motor Coats, regular price, $12.50 reduced to $ 9.00
-■---■                            |8.00 „ 13.50
20.00 „ 15.00
25.00 „ 18.00
14.00 „ 10.00
18.00 „ 13.50
25.00 „ 18.00
28.00 „ 20.00
Men's Heavy Tweed Motor Coat*,
Men'* Heavy Tweed Motor Coat*,       „
Men'* Scotch Tweed Overcoat*. „
Men's Fine Black Melton Overcoat*    „   .
Men** Fine Black Melton Overcoat*    „
Men'* Fine Black English Melton Overcoat*
Men'* Fine Block English Melton Overcoat*
Men'* Pants, Fancy Ve»t«. Heavy Working Jacket* and other article* in
the clothing line will be *old at the same percentage of reduction.
Provincial and General News
Apparently Italy's war against
the Turks is at an end in the neighborhood ' of Tripoli. There is
much to done yet in clearing the
neighbor/hood of , bands of Turks
and Arabs.
The delegate from Nelson to
the Central Farmers' Institute at
Victoria in January, will ask that
a firat-class plant "pathologist be
appointed to study fruit diseases,
and more particularly the Baldwin
spot, also that the government give
a bonus of $100 per mile to any
company or municipality that establishes a telephone system in a
The Italians of Montreal have
bitterly resented the showing of
moving pictures depicting the
alleged cruelties of Italian soldiers
in Tripoli. In one place where
the films were on view,'a crowd of
young Italians rushed the theatre,
tore down all the advertising signs
depicting scenes of the war, routed
the ushers, and fought their way
to the proprietor, forcing- him to
stop the performance. The indignant Italians are asking the
Italian consul to take the matter
up, and they threaten -to return
and wreck the theatre if the pictures are again exhibited.
The King-Emperor and Queen-
Empress last Friday laid the first
stone of the new government
buildings of India which, as was
proclaimed after the Durbar, are
to be at Delhi, the new capital.
There was a brilliant assemblage
of ruling princes, governors and
state officials.
Mrs. Arthur Stannard, the novelist, who was known by her pen
name as " John Strange Winter,"
died last Thursday. She had been
confined to her bed for the last
five years as the result of ari acci*
dent while stepping out of an
elevator. Mrs Stannard was a
prolific writer of stories, chiefly of
army life. Ruskin referred to her
as "the author to whom we owe
the most finished and faithful rendering ever yet given of the character of the British soldiers."
Sir Charles'Tupper is suffering
from an acute attack of bronchitis.
,Jphn_Syic)air, an Alpha farmer
set a trap for a bear and caught
his bull instead. It took the' help
of several neighbors to release the
angry animal.
A reward of $1000 awaits the
person who can prove to the satisfaction of. Charles W. Morse, of
Brooklyn that the earth is round.
The money is on deposit in a
Brooklyn Bank. Mr. Morse does
not expect to be called on to pay
the reward to any astronomer or
geographer, for he is certain the
earth is square. The idea that the
earth revolves around the sun at a
terrific rate of speed is all nonsense
according to Mr. Morse..
- The C P. R. liner Empress of
China, which went ashore in August oh the Awa Peninsular,. Japan,
has been refloated and will be immediately drydoclced at Urega to
the south of Yokohama. Nearly
four months on the rocks, during
which time the vessel has been
battered continually by storms on
the exposed Japanese Coast, speaks
volumes for the staunch build of
the steamship.
The first train on the new tine to
Port Alberni was due to run yesterday.
T. J. Cummisky, C. P. R. agent
at Vernon, has been appointed inspector of Indian Reserves, vice
Dr. K. C. McDonald, resigned.
The Summerland Trust Company'
will no longer be known by that
name. Henceforth it will be the
Okanagan Trust Company, Ltd.
The necessary change in their charter has been granted by the Provincial Government.
Summerland has had a bad scare
lately, owing to an outbreak of
Diphtheria. The schools were
shut down and prompt measures
taken. Although probably exag-
grated reports admit a considerable
number of cases.
According to C. C. Castle, Dom-
minion warehouse commissioner,
from thirty to forty per cent, of
the Western Canada crop is still
unthreshed in the fields. Threshing continues in many sections of
the- prairie provinces, and given
fair weather conditions, the grain
will be cleaned up by February.
The watchmaking firm of Louis
Gallopin, of Chaux de Fonds,
Geneva, has just completed a wonderful watch, the only one of its
kind in the world. A pearl, which
weighs forty-five grains and has a
diameter of half an inch, contains
all the works. It took an employee
of the firm fifteen months to hollow out the pearl and fix in the
wheels. The watch, which - is
guaranteed to keep good time and
may be worn as a ring on the
finger, is worth $6,000.
British Insurance Bill.
When you have • cold get a bottle of
Chamberlain'* Cough Remedy. It will
soon fix you up all right and will ward off
any tendency toward* pneumonia. Thi*
remedy contain* no opium or other narcotic, and may be given a* confidently to a
baby a* to an adult "Sold by all druggist*.
The British Parliament adjourned Saturday last after enacting the
most important legislation in recent years—the veto bill, restricting the power of the House of
Lords to kill popular measures,
and the 'industrial insurance bill,
championed by Chancellor David
Lloyd George. >.' ■
The 1912 session of Parliament
will begin on February 14.
Prior to adjournment the King's
speech was read. His Majesty
expressed satisfaction with 'the
insurance bill and declared he believed it would go far to relieve
conditions of stress in the workers'
lives throughout Great Britain.
The National Insurance Bill was
presented to Parliament for action
by Mr. David Lloyd George, chancellor of the exchequer. It is an
adjunct to the already existing law
providing old age pensions.
Through the operations of this
enactment it is calculated about
9,200.000 men and 3,900.000
women will be compelled to insure. Small deductions will be
made weekly from their wages
and their employers will be compelled to contribute a similar
amount, to which the state adds a
further contribution, these three
items forming the premium. The
deductions from wages and the
employer's contribution will be
graduated according to the insured
person's earnings.
The benefits derived under the
scheme will be medical relief and
a small sum for maintenance during illness, a life pension if permanently infirm and also an allowance in .case of unemployment
except when the idleness is the
result of a strike.
Day 'Phone, 33
Night Phone, 88
P.O.Box, 114
We Specialize
Heintzmah   and Gouilay Pianos and
Players always in stock.
Our Prices are lower than elsewhere in Canada.
Kelowna Furniture Company
Undertakers and Embalmen
We may hot have the pleasure
of your acquaintance but extend the
Greetings of thia Festive Season to
tveiybody. If there is still some
little gift to complete your list, drop
in and look over our stock of
Xmas Novelties
We have satisfied many others. We
can satisfy you as our stock includes
nothing but the newest and best
both in design and quality, and the
price will please you. We are
busy, but will promise you every
attention.   Goods delivered.
W. M. PARKER & CO., Spedding Block, KELOWNA, BC.
Watchmakers and Jewellers.
All work absolutely guaranteed.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
In Marty Subdivison on Pendozi Street, with building
restrictions,  size 68 x 121,
Prices from $350 to $650, easy terms.
Building Loan arranged for purchaser.
We have funds available for Mortgage Loans, and the
purchase of Agreements of Sale.
\ Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m., 3.30 p.m.
Leaves Westbank 9.30 a.m., 5 p.m.
'. y Extra Service on
Wednesdays & Saturdays
Leaves Kelowna 11 a.m.
Leaves Westbank 11.30 a.m.
Leaves Kelowna 10 a.m., 4.30 p.m.
Leaves Bear Creek 1030 a.m., 5 p.m.
A new and Fast Gasoline Launch now
in commission for hire.
Phone No. 108.   Resid. 'Phone, 105.
Builders and
Plans & Estimates Furnished
Residence, Park Ave.
P.O. Box 75.
Haircutting, Shaving,
' Shampooing, etc.
(Bouch a Old Stand)
Licensed Auctioneer
Sales Conducted an Cmuusmmi
An ad. in the Record u th
hall-mark of a progressive business.   Insist upon people knowing you're there.
View Books of Kelowna
These Handsome Booklets, containing
56 fine Views of Kelowna District,
Christmas Calendars
Tjeduced to 50c each.
A splendid new assortment, with local views.
Photo Views on Christmas Cards
Two for. 25 cents and up.
Panoramic Views of the District
As Christmas Presents.
Come Early for your CHRISTMAS  PORTRAITS
G. H. E. HUDSON, L«<k<*I* & Portrait Pbtapm^er
Pendozi Street      -      KELOWNA, B.C.
tllTM,1-.'*___»__ The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Dec.  21
Only two more shopping days until
So Get Busy
We have a full stock of
Choice  Xmas
including NUTS, FRUITS,   XMAS
STOCKINGS, Xmas Crackers, etc.
Special for Xmas Week
W^ith every (lash purchase of $1.50 we will give FREE
1 lb. choice Mixed Candy
Don't miss this chance to get your Xmas Candy free
We have the Goods, the Lowest Prices, and we want
your Orders
Wit toisfj pou all
29 Hftvy 0Ltxxp Kttras;
Phone 35 Phone 35
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
16in and I8in. cottonwood, delivered anywhere  in   town.     Apply   R.  E.   Harriss,
Hawkesdale Ranch.
For Black Mountain School,   Rutland,   for
the   primary   class.     Apply  J.   Woolsey,
secretary, Rutland. 2-3
Twelve   ton9   of  first-class  spring wheat.
Price $35 per ton.   Apply S. T. Elliott.
2-3 '
Auctio i Sale
About 5Ji Ions clover hay.    Apply C. Pitt,
Rutland. 2
Notice is hereby given that at the next
Statutory meeting of the Board of Licensing
Commissioners for the City of Kelowna, I,
Arthur Peabody, intend to apply for a
renewal of my license to sell liquor by
retail in the premises known as the Palace
Hotel, situated on the north side of Bernard Avenue, between Water Street and
Pendozi Street, in the City of Kelowna,
B.C.   Dated November 3rd, 1911.
I am getting in a stock of Fir Trees suitable   for    Christmas   trees,   also   Oregon
Grape, cedar boughs etc., for  decorations.
Apply, Earl Blackwood, P. O. Box 1.
Comfortable room and board. Next door
to old English Church.   Terms moderate.
Jerseys, due   Feb. 16th, March 27th, April
8th.   Apply T. C. Kerr.
Notice to Parents
A Cambridge and London University man, who has h&d
several years experience in
teaching in England can give
tuition to boys of 9 years old
upwards every evening from 7
to 9 p.m.   Apply to—
P.O. Rox 484     -     -    Kelowna
Having   received   instructions
from the owner, I will sell  by
Public Auction on
Saterday, Dec. 23rd,
Residence, Lawrence Avenuei
Tlie following goods:
1 I head horses, 3 sets team
harness, 4 sets driving harness,
democrat harness, 2 single harness,
lady's stride saddle, stock saddle,
heavy wagon, 2 top buggies, nearly
new, high wheel wagon, 2 two
seated democrats, one nearly new,
4 open buggies, dray, top surrey,
four seated democrat, 2 road carts,
racing cart, McCormick mower,
Deering horse rake, disk harrow,
drag harrow, set sleighs, plough,
2 buggy poles, 4 pair ice tongs,
6 cross cut saws, several neck yokes,
2 heating stoves, stove pipes,
chains, tongs and sloop irons,
double trees and lead bars, wagon
brakes, emery stone, grind stone,
dog cart, cultivator, 4 robes, and
other articles too numerous to
, 191
All sums under $15 cash. Six
months* credit on sums above that
amount on approved joint note, at
8 per cent, interest. 5 per cent,
discount for cash. •
Sale   to
commence  at
1    o'clock
" I had been troubled with constipation
for two years and tried all the best physicians in Briston, Term., and they could do
nothing for me," writes Thos. E. Williams,
Middlesboro, Ky.u"Two packages of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver tablets cured
me."   For sale by all dealers.
The Great Annual Riddle
What to get for " Him" or " Her"
is easily   solved   at   this Store.
We have spent days and days preparing,
selecting, and getting ready to present to you this
general stock of things that ladies and gentlemen
like best, and now that everything is ready we
ask you to come and see the result of all this
effort we have put forth to present a line of
* Holiday Goods
that would excel in extensiveness and distinctiveness any that had ever been shown in this city.
For Ladies
Ladies' Silk Blouses, $3.50
to $12.50
Ladies' Dressing Gowns,
$3.50 to $8.50
Ladies' Fancy Scarf a, $1.50
to $7.50
Ladies' Hand Bags and
Ladies' Silk Hose, Fans,
Kid Gloves, Real Lace
Handkerchiefs, Lace
Collars, Hand Embroidered Handkerchiefs, Table Linen,
Doilies, Tray Cloths,
etc. etc.
For Gentlemen
Neck Scarves,
Initial Handkerchiefs
Silk Handkerchiefs
Fancy Sox
Fancy Vests
Coat Sweaters
Fur or Silk  lined   Gloves
or Mitts
Ties, Slippers
For the Baby
Silk Socks, Silk Bibs, Silk Sox, Silk Mitts, Silk Bootees, Children's
Kid Slippers, Children's hand Nitted Wool Jackets, Children's Bonnets
5 per cent, discount allowed bn all Cash Purchases
The Kelowna Outfitting Store,
W. B. M. CALDER, Prop. ,
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer.
Ladies Take Heed
A Satisfied Man is a Contented Man
If he be a smoker and you want to make
him happy a box of Cigars, a Meerschaum
Pipe, a Tobacco Pouch, a Calabash Pipe,
A Tobacco Jar, A Cigar Case or a Cigarette Case will make an appropriate Christmas Gift
We have Calabashes at $2.25, $2.75 and
Meerschaums at $5.00, $5.50, $6.00 and
. $7.50
Tuckett's   Special and  Nobleman Cigars
Ten in a box or Twenty-five in a box, and /
living CigarS,   Twenty-five in a box.
Any of the above will comfort a smoker and make him easier
to live with. We want you to see our line of Smokers' Supplies
The largest and best stock of
that has ever been shown in the Okanagan is now in our store   I
Christmas Suggestions
for Men.
Lounging Robes, $10.00 to $17.00 "
Smoking Jackets, 5.50 to 10.00
Fur Gloves, 3.00, 3.50, 4.50, and 5.00
Fur-lined Gloves, 5.00 to 10.00
Fancy Mufflers, 50c. to 4.00
Xmas Neckwear, a beautiful selection.
Fancy Armbands, 15c. to 1.50
Combination Sets (Braces, Hose Suptrs., Armlets).
Suit Cases, 5.50 to 25.00
Club Bags, 7.50, 9.00 to 18.00
Dressing Cases, also Rolls, all prices.   .
Linen Handkerchiefs, an endless variety.
Fancy Sil£ Handkerchiefs, richly embroidered.
Initial Handkerchiefs.
A genteel initial is  always  apprecioted.
Fancy Coat Sweaters, all combinations of color and price.
Fancy Sil£ Sox, boxed, 3.25 special.
Fancy Evening Vests, boxed, 2.75 to 8.00
Phones:  Grocery, 214.       Dry Goods, 314.       Office, 143.


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