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Kelowna Orchard City Record Dec 14, 1911

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 VOL. IV.   NO. 3.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of
City Council
The city council met Monday
morning in the interval of business
of the Court of Revision.
The following accounts were referred to the finance committee for
P. B. Willits and Co. stationery       $    1.00
ID. McMillan, digging 3 graves   -        15.00
Palace Hotel meals to prisoners   '     16.00
Mather, Yuill fie Co. engineers fees
in connection with purchase and
installation of new unit in power
do. Installing new switchboard
B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc, care
of S.J. Hall     -       >#    ■.       -
Gas and Electric, inspecting meters
Kel. Sawmill Co. lumber and hauling sawdust for Nov.    -       -
Thos. Lawson, Ltd., supplies for
W. B. M. Calder,'supplies for Fire
Hall    -        -       -   .   -  .    -
James &  Campbell, supplies for
power house    -        -
Morrison-Thompson Co., supplies
G. Markham, cleaning  office and
fife hall and cutting wood
Crane Co., power house supplies
G. Dillon, hauling planks for sidew.
G. F. James, supplies for power h.
Municipal Construction C, car of
wood pipe       -       -       -       -
W. F. Bouvette, teaming for Nov.
MacLean Pub. Co.,  advertising.
I. Chamberlin, supplies       -
W. T Ashbridge, report on sewerage works^'""/   -
R. fl. Parkinson       -      do.
Wm. Scott, freight on powder    -
Dr. Huycke, prof, services  re   J.
Madden.   -        -        -        -       -
_„- ^ , 270.00
IV R. H- Parkinson       -      do.       -     314.50
h Wm. Scott, freight on uowder    -       10.00
A petition v\(as received from the
Kelowna Farmers' Exchange and
the Kelowna Canning Co., for . a
plank side-walk.
Mayor Sutherland agreed that
the sidewalk was quite necessary,
but although the work would be
done under the local improvement
by-law, there were no funds available this year.and the matter would
have to stand over to the new year.
Aid. Dalgleish said it was against
the principle of the Board, of Works
to put in plank ^jdeyaUia, but in
that case, the expense oi a cement
sidewalk would be very great
Attention was again  drawn  to
the unsatisfactory  nature  of   the
work being done  by  the scavenger, and it was decided to  engage
. someone else as soon as his term
of agreement expired.
' Mayor Sutherland said that at
one time it had been difficult to
get anyone to undertake the work,
but at the present time there seemed to be quite a number who were
anxious for the job. There were
already some six or seven applications in.
A plan of a subdivision submitted by S. V. Bray, was referred
back tor alteration.
The matter of bringing the newly acquired rock crusher into operation for the preparation of material
for the roads in spring was discussed.
Aid. Dalgleish said that if it were
possible at all, the crusher be got
to-work. If the work were left until January, it would run it pretty
late. Winter was the most favorable time in which to do work of
that kind. ^
Mayor Sutherland pointed out
that however much they would
like to it was impossible to expend
any money this year.
There was no appropriation for
the purpose, and the work would
have to be left for the new council to deal with.
Aid. Jones said that as early in
January as possible the crusher
should be got to work, and as much
rock as possible hauled into town
in readiness for the spring work.
The meeting then adjourned
Monday next, December 18th.
Results of Voting
On Money By-laws
The voting last Tuesday on the
four money by-laws brought forward by the Council aroused
rather morcinterest than usual, the
vote polled, 141, being rather high
for a vote on such a matter. The
results were decisive enough in
each case, large majorities being
cast for three of the by-laws. . The
other, to purchase the corner' of
the park secured only 11 votes in
its favor. No one, however, expected it to pass, the council's only
object in submitting the matter being to shift the responsibility of its
refusal upon the people themselves.
The complete results for the four
by-laws are as follows:
By-law 98, to borrow
$5000 to extend the Water
and   Light  System-
For, 115.   Agst, 22,     Spoilt, 4
Ry-law    99, to borrow
$13,000 for the  purchase    ,
of land for sewerage purposes.
For, 106. , Agst., 33.   Spoilt, 2.
By-law 100, to borrow
$10,000 for the purchase
of the corner of the park.
For, 11.   Agst.,- 119.    Spoilt, 11.
_ By-law    101,   to   raise
$1000 to erect an   implement shed.
For, 100.    Agst, 33.    Spoilt, 8.
Dramatic Society's
First Concert
Dangers of Christmas
Result of Ontario Elections
The Ontario electrons held Monday, resulted in the return of 83
Conservatives, 22 Liberals, and I
Labor member, still leaving the
handsome majority of 60 for the
government.    .  -.
The Musical and Dramatic Society held their first concert of the
seaion in the Opera House last
Thursday. The attendance was
somewhat meagre, which was to
be regretted, aa the concert itst-lf
was a really first-class affair, almost
every item on the programme winning enthusiastic encores. The
Society'8 Orchestra, led by Mr.
Whitehead, contributed largely to
the programme, their selections
being highly appreciated. ; The
rest of the programme consisted
of songs by Mrs. J. Harvpy, Mr
Tom. Hill. Mr. Geo. McKenzie,
Mr. F. Pedlar, violin solo by Mr.
Macbean, and a duet which won
the loudest plaudits,- by Mrs. Harvey and Mr. Macbean.
The orchestra was composed as
follow : First violins, Mr. Macbean.
Miss De Wolf. Miss Fraser, Mr.
De Caqueray; second violins, Mr.
D. W. Crowley and Mr. Dixon,
viola, Mr. Meugens; 'cello Messrs.
Quinn and Olds; double bass, Mr.
T, N. Morrison; clarionet, Mr.
Davis ; cornet, Mr. J. N. Thompson;
horn, Mr. Cramp; trombone, Mr.
J. A. Morrison; drums and glockenspiel, Mr. Duncan. Miss Delossa
Fraser was at the piano and Mr.
Whitehead conducted.
Superintendent of Insurance
Issues Timely Earning
Municipal Court of
The Court of Revision for the
purpose of revising the Voters List
for 1912 was held Monday. • His
Worship the Mayor and Aid. Jones
and Copeland were present.
The following names which had
been omitted were ordered to be
inserted: H. W. Raymer, Thos.
Lawson, E. Arthur Day, W. C. Duggan, J. L H. Collett, A. B. Knox.
The following were struck off:
Frank Mullhall. L. H. McMillan.
Mrs. E. M. Ball, John Birtch, Mrs.
L. McTavish and Rae E. Pullen.
Mr. A. E. Day and D. McFarlane.
were removed from the school list,
Mr. John Dilworth Seeks
Aldermanic Honors .....
in. Victoria
Mr. John Dilworth, 129 Government Street, says the Colonist, has
announced that hewould run, for
alderman inWard Five. At the
election last January Mr. Dilworth
and Alderu.an Peden tied in the
vote, the latter being awarded the
honor by the returning officer on
the ground that having been the
longest resident in the city, he
should be declared elected.. This
principle has always been adopted
where candidates run even. The
chief plank in Mr. Dilworth's platform is the necessity of a better
system of conducting civic business
particularly in regard to street improvements.
To the Citizens of Kelowna:
' At the request • of a large
number of citizens I have
consented to stand for the
office of Mayor, for 1912, and
respectfully solicit your vote
and influence at the coming
Municipal Elections.
After having' been in abeyance
for five years the B.-.C. Entomological Society has been revived,
and the work of organising the
fruitgrowers and agriculturists of
the province to fight insect pests
will be * carried on vigorously.
Many phases of the subject' were
dealt with at the meeting of the
society. held* ..Satiird ay afternoon
and evening at'"■ Vancouver, in
papers read by the members.
In a brief address, the chairman,
Mr. T. Wilson, Dominion fruit inspector, explained that the society
had originally been formed in
1901, and later affiliated with the
Ontario Entomological Society, but
had-later been allowed to lapse
until a month ago. Mr. R. C. Tre-
herne, Dominion Superintendent
of fumigation, spoke briefly, urging
the ' importance of keeping in
touch with Dominion entomological work;
After the reading of reports from
various fruit growing districts, Okanagan, Kootenay, Vancouver and
Victoria, the following officers were
elected for 1912:- President, T.
Wilson, (formerly vice-president;
hon. president Mr. Geo. Day of
Duncans; secretary, Mr. R. C. Tre-
herne; board of control, Messrs.
Wilson, Day, Treherne, Lyne, Sherman, and J. R. Anderson.
Just as we go to press and since
the rest of the paper was printed,
Mr. E. R. Bailey, the postmaster,
has informed us of his intention to
stand for Mayor, and has handed
us the following letter to the ratepayers.
the  Electors of  the City
of Kelowna.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I beg to announce that I
am in the field as a candidate
for the Mayoralty, and I
solicit your support, pledging
myself, if elected, to give you
a sane, reasonable and economical administration, and to
work with all my strength for
the progress of our City.
..... Tripoli _ now virtually is in the
Undisputed possession of Italy,
accorcing to a despatch from the
Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Smallpox exists in nearly an
epidemic state in Quebec, especially in the laborers' district.
December 5th, to the wife of Mr.
HUYCKE—On Saturday, December 9th, to the wife q| Dr. Huycke
a girl.
PETERMAN-On Saturday, December 9th, to the wife of W. J.
Peterman, a boy.
ROOKER-On Saturday, December 9th, to the wife of R. Rooker,
a boy.
VARNEY -On Sunday, December
. 10th, to the wife of F. Varney, a
MONSEIGNE-On Thursday. Dec-
ember 14th, to the wife of Mr.
Monseigne, a boy.
Mr. Ernest F. Gunther, Provin-
incial superintendent of insurance
has just issued, in bulletin form, a
timely warning against carelessness
in the matter of Christmas decoration. The extremely inflamable
nature of much of the material
used for decorating Christmas trees-
etc., and the temptation from their
pretty effect to usd lighted candles'
or Chinese lanterns amongst them
has resulted in many a serious disaster, in which the children who
were being entertained were always the worst sufferers.
Fires due to carelessness in connection with the decoration of
stores, , churches, schools, and
homes for the Christmas season,
says the bulletin, are more numerous than is generally imagined.
Complete statistics are not available
but information collected' shows
that such fires are numerous, costly
from a money standpoint, and attended with much suffering and
deplorable loss of life. It is estimated that last year there were 500
such fires in the United States. "
It cannot be too often insisted
that the majority of fires are preventable. Decorations are dangerous. There should be no carelessness.'
The following are mentioned as
common instances of carelessness:
It is careless to tamper with electric wiring to produce or facilitate
To use cotton batten in a show-
window and on or under a Christmas tree to represent snow.
To allow the inexperienced and
thoughtless to do the decorating;
To hang inflamable material
;wherie it touches or may be blown
or pushed against stove-pipes;
steam-pipes, lamps, gas or electric
light. 7
To use celluloid ornaments in
To allow children to light can-
dips on a tree.
To leave matches where children can get them for that purpose.
To allow childien to-touch an
illuminated tree.
To leave an illuminated tree un-
To allow paper and rubbish to
accumulate in the premises and
about the furnace, owing to pressure of business.
The closing sentence of the bulletin is impressive :— " Let t here
be no Christmas horrors in British
Rutland News.
From our own correspondent.
Literary Society.
The Rutland Literary Society
held its opening meeting Saturday
evening last in the Hall. The Rev.
D. J. Welsh gave an address most
appropriate to the occasion on "The
Value of the Study of Literatute."
Mr. Welsh pointed out the pure
pleasure and uplifting influence
which comes from association with
the best minds of all ages through
their writings, and showed how
the society which was being formed
might be made a source of mutual
impro'/ement and mental development to all its members. Mr. Welsh
was listened to with the greatest
interest, and was warmly thanked
at the close.
After the address the meeting
took up the business of election of
officers. Mr. Warden, the school
principal, was: elected president,
the Rev. Vance, vice-president, Mr.
S. Gray, second vice-president, Mr.
C H. Leathley, secretary, Mr. Blenkarn, assistant secretary and .Mrs.
W. McDonald, treasurer.
It was decided to hold the meetings every Friday evening, arrangements to be made for the use of
the hall for the purpose.
A committee was appointed to
draft rules and arrange a syllabus.
Several lectures and addresses it
was mentioned had already been
arranged, and there would be no
difficulty in making each evening
attractive and enjoyable.
Quite a large crowd of people
turned out Tuesday to the auction
sale at Sprout's which was being
conducted by Mr. Manly Byrns
and some good prices were realized.
Mrs. D. E. McDonald left last
to spend the holidays with relations
in Ontario.
Mrs. Schell sr., and Miss Brandon
1 .after spending an   enjoyable   holiday,  left   on   Tuesday   for   their
homes in the east.
The Lowering of
Okanagan Lake
Agitation for Carrying Out of
the Scheme Again Being
Card of Thanks
Mr. E. W. Newton desires to
thank the many friends for their
kind sympathy and assistance during his recent bereavement.
Mr. Frank Mawhinney has moved into the corner house nearer
town, having had it renovated and
Next Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock in the .Methodist Church
the Sunday School Teachers' Association will resume their monthly
meetings for the Winter. The Rev.
J. W. Davidson will lead a discussion on "The Teaching ot Missions
in the Sunday School," to be followed by Mr. A. S. Wade on "The
Teaching of Temperance in the
Sunday School." Every Sunday
School teacher should plan to attend this meeting, also the parents
of the scholars.
Mr. Macleay, sr., of Glenmore,
and-his sister Mrs. Kendall, left this
morning for Massachusetts, where
they will spend the winter.
James Madden, the victim of the
park accident, left yesterday for
his home in Scotland. Madden
has now almost recovered from
his injury, with the exception of
his right eye, which is still considerably affected. He has still no
recollection of coming to Kelowna
or any of the unfortunate events
which happened here.
The officers and non-commissioned officers of the local squadron of the B. C. Horse are undergoing a course of training at the
hands of Major Macdonald, Sarg-
ant-major G. S. Collins, and Sarg-
ant G. W. T. Malsden, who arrived
from Winnipeg early this week for
the purpose. The course will extend over three weeks. The aquatic pavilion and the park are being
utilized for drill purposes.
East Kelowna
The usual fortnightly meeting
of the East Kelowna Debating Society was held on the 8th inst
There was a good attendance. A
spirited debate took place on the
subject as to whether a man has
the right to dispose of his property
according to his own free will and
pleasure after he has fulfilled all
the demands of the law. The
affirmative was sustained by Messrs
McKie and Leggatt, and the negative by Messrs. Beattie and New-
bold. After hearing the arguments
the meeting decided that the possession of money entails moral responsibilities as' well as legal ones.
Members please note that the next
meeting, at which a paper on
Macbeth will be read, will be held
on Friday next the 15th inst instead
of on the 22nd. 7__
Items from Ellison
(From bur own correspondent.)
An amusing episode took place
in this district a few days ago. A
well known young man who possesses a fine saddle horse, had the
misfortune to lose it. It was
thought the animal would take to
the hills, but having been used to
visit a farm where a sweet lassie
"frae bonnie Scotland" had been
staying, it made straight for there
and went into the stable, until its
owner fetched it.
It has been arranged to hold the
official opening of our new school
on Tuesday January 2nd 1912,
when the Hon. Price Ellison and
A. E. Millar Esq., school inspector
are expected to be present. The
committee in charge are arranging
to have a first class concert, to be
followed by an elegant supper
which will be served in the basement after the concert is over. ,
The question of lowering the
level of Okanagan Lake has been
the subject of innumerable petitions and deputations and agitations extending over a number of
years, and the matter is being revived now by ja petition which is
being circulated up and down the
lake. The scheme has often been
discussed, and most people are
familiar with the proposal to
dredge the river below Penticton,
enlarging the outlet from the
Okanagan into Dog Lake, thus
lowering the level some three or
four feet. .Government engineers
have reported several times on the
scheme, which they have declared
quite feasible, in fact, considerable
dredging has been done during
the last year or two by the Government with a view to rendering the
river navigable. The work, however, has not been sufficient, and
the river is still too narrow and
dangerous for steamers of any
size. What is wanted is a little
more vigorous handling of the
problem so that some really effective work could be done.
During the recent visit of the
Hon. Martin Burrell, this was one
of the questions dealt with by the
deputation which waited upon him
from the Conservative Association,
and he promised his support to
any petition which might be pre-,
sented to the Govenment.
Mr. H. W. Raymer, on behalf of
the Association, has prepaied the
following petition which will be
orwarded for signature to all
points on the lake interested in
the project. Mr. Raymer it might
be said was the 'first to take the
question lip some seventeen years
ago, having waited upon Mr. J. A.
Mara, the then member for Yale-
Cariboo in the Dominion House.
The enormous advantage of the
scheme to Kelowna, where so
much good land might be reclaimed if the lake were low enough to
afford proper drainage is apparent.
Many difficulties ennnected with
the installation of a sewerage system would be solved if the water
table on the low levels were lowered even two or three feet.
The development which is going
on up and down the lake makr-s
it imperative that there should be '
no delay in the carrying out bf the
scheme. New wharves are;being
added every year, and the expense
of accommodating these to the
lower level might in a few years
be considerable.
The following is the wording of
the petition:
To the Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, Ottawa, Canada.
This petition of the residents of th«
several towns and settlements adjacent to
the Okanagan Lake, in the Province of
British -Columbia. County of Ya!e, 4*un_b!"
showeth that
WHEREAS Okanagan Lake in the Province and County aforesaid being, navigable waters and therefore under control of
the Dominion Government,
AND WHEREAS the natural outlet of
said lake is bv Okanagan River, thence to
Dog Lake a distance of approximately six
miles between the two lakes, with a fall of
approximately fourteen feet
AND WHEREAS during high water
Okanagan lake overflows its banks in many
places owing to obstructions in the Okanagan river, such overflow being very injurious to the agricultural development of the
Valley by the submergence of large areas
of the most valuable land, being what is
known as bottom lands
AND WHEREAS several towns are situated along the shore of said lake, or in
\ close proximity thereto the sanitary conditions of which are dependent in a large
degiee upon proper drainage facilities
AND WHEREAS Dog lake and Okanagan lake each being navigable waters, if
dredging was systematically carried out and
the waters of both lakes made mere m a
level steamers could traversn from end to
AND WHEREAS some work has already
been done toward thia end, your petitioners would respectfully ask that you place
a sufficient amount in the estimates to properly carry out the objects herein set forth
and your petitioners as in duty bound will
ever pray &c.
The Rev. J. W. Davidson spent
last Sunday in Penticton, exchanging pulpits with the Rev. G. 0.
The Benvoulin Christmas tree
and entertainment takes place next
Thursday, December 23rd at the
Mission Creek school house.
Fire Brigade ball to-morrow night
(Friday).      -,
Mayor Sutherland left this morning for a few days visit to the coast.
Mr, G. H. Dunn, left Wednesday
morning for Tacoma, to meet a
liner bearing a visitor from Japan. The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Dec. 14
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
The  season  for these goods has  arrived, and  we are
able to  meet any  requirements  in  this line,   having
just   receive   a   large   consignment   of all kinds  of
Coal,  Wood,  and  Airtight  Stoves   and Heaters,   at
prices  to  suit  everyone.
Furnace and   Hot-Water Heating a Speciality.
Wishes to inform the public of Kelowna and
surrounding districts that he has now opened
premises in Water Street, and is prepared to
buy and sell second-hand furniture, etc., to
any amount,  also  goods sold on   commission.
Just About Now is the Right Time
-■ : 7 ~    ■
to call in and renew your subscription to the " Record."   New
subscribers will receive the balance of the year free.
Town and Country
The firm of Hewetson & Mantle
has been incorporated as a limited
liability company, with a capital
stock of $75,000 divided into 500
preference shares and 250 ordinary
Mr. C. E. Weeks was amongst
the successful exhibitors at the
Spokane show at the end of last
month, winning first prize for a
plate of Ontario apple3. Mr.
Weeks won the same prize two
weeks ago.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Ashbridge
and family left Monday for Toronto
where according to their usual custom, they will spend the winter.
Mr. Smith, formerly of the Roya!
Bank left last weekend for his home
in Newfoundland, where he will
take a much needed rest to recuperate after his recent severe illness.
The annual general meeting and
election of officers of the Kelowna
Farmers' Institute has been called
for Saturday next, December 16th
in Raymer's small hall at 3 p.m.
The piano used at J. B. Knowles'
opening last Saturday was an exhibition "Nordheimer" and was
loaned by the Kelowna Hardware
and Specialty Co.
The Rev. F. A. Robinson, who
conducted evangelistic services at
the Presbyterian church about a
year ago was in Kelowna this week
visiting at the Manse. Mr. Robinson addressed a meeting in the
Sunday School Hall, Wednesday
evening leaving Thursday en route
for his home in Toronto, where he
has been associated in moral reform work with ' the Revs. Dr.
Shearer and Dr. Pidgeon.
Mr." J. N. Thompson, this week,
moved into his fine new house on
Richter street, opposite the new
English church.
Miss Annie Harvey left last Friday to take up school teaching
work in Alberta, near Medicine
Dr. McNaughton entertained the
Young People's Society of the
Presbyterian church last Monday
evening with an instructive talk on
the microscope, and the wonders
which it reveals. The doctor had
three powerful microscopes and
those present enjoyed a peep at
many interesting specimens.
Mr. James Cartlidge, the only
authorized piano - tuner for the
Mason & Risch Co. in the Okanagan will be in town this weekend
and for a-few days. Orders should
be left at Crawford & Co.'s store.
Mr. Fallis, who last year purchased Frank Mawhinney's prune
orchard has taken up residence
there with his fan.ily during the
last few days.
. The Christmas opening of Mr.
J. B. Knowles, Jeweler.last Saturday
was a very successful function and
crowds availed themselves of the
opportunity of inspecting his extensive collection of beautiful
Christmas gifts. Next Saturday
Mr. Knowles is conducting his annual watch guessing contest. This
contest is becoming more popular
each year and the result will be
watched most keenly by both
young and old.
Photographs of the family as
Christmas reminders seem to be
more popular than ever. Mr. S.
Gray has been turning out these at
a great rate for the last week or
two, and pictures of Kelowna families will as a consequence, go to
all corners of the earth. There is
still time, he says, to arrange for a
Notaries Public,
Conveyancers, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
C. Harvey, B.A.. Sc, C.E., D.L.S.. B.C.L.S..
and B.C.L.S.
Phone 147.
Kelowna,    B. C.
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box I US
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Tov/n and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93'
.—■mil  ■■■■■    ■■._■■_,  i.    ii t    -n     ■ ■____—-__—      nil i —.ni    i  ^     i i        _'"™__ii
The largest assortment of
Dinner, Tea, and
Toilet Sets
China, Glass, and Silverware
and many other useful articles for
Call and inspect our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
The People's Hardware and China
Phone 180 Emporium p.o.Box22i
P.O. Box 231
'Phone 86
Miss   P.
Scholarship   Graduate  in   Piano  and   Teacher**
Course of Toronto Conservatory of  Music,
Will receive Pupils for
At the-Studio,
Lawrence   Avenue,   off   Pendozi   Street.
Address   -   -   Post-Office. Kelowna.
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona!
Kelowna Livery
A good supply bf work
horses, driving and saddle
horses always on hand for
We guarantee every horse
sold as represented.'
We are prepared  to pay
cash prices for good sound
young stock.
Our Livery is complete.
Good horses and equipment.
Phone 25. Leon Avenue, Kelowna.
Mr. J. C. Stockwell moved into
his house on Bernard Avenue Monday.
Mr. Manly Byrns is -holding an
auction sale next Saturday week,
December 23rd at the residence of
Mr. Cal. Blackwood, and will dispose of considerable property belonging to that gentleman in the
shape of horses, harness, buggies,
wagons, etc.
The annual Christmas tree and
entertainment of Knox church is
to take place this year in the Opera
House, on Friday evening, December 22nd. A good programme
has been arranged and both young
and old are assured a good time.
Commence at 7.30.
The quicker, a cold iy gotten rid at the
less danger from pneumonia and other
serious diseases. Mr. B. W. L. Hall, of
Waverly, Va. says: " I firmly believe
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to be absolutely the best preparation on the market
for colds. I have recommended it to my
friends and they all agree with me." For
sale by all druggists.
Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
Coal!   Coal!!
Nicola Coal (Lump)      -   $10.00 per ton
Real Pensylvania Hard -   $18.50 per ton
W..HAUG     -     -     Kelowna, B.C.
Telephone 66
Exhibitioner Royal College  of  Music, and lately
with Kendrick Pyne, Mus. Doc., Organist of the
Cathedral, Manchester, Eng.,
At the Studio, Trench Block, Kelowna,    .
Music of every  description  supplied.
New term begins September.       P.O. Box 437.
P. BURNS & Co., LfaL
Wholesale and Retail
Attractive Bungalow
Four rooms and  bath room,
concrete cellar, electric light.
Lot 50ft. by 126ft.
Price - $1,500
Fresh Meat
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Write Box J. M.," Record " Office
Phone 135
KELOWNA Thuradau, Dec.   4
The. Orchard City Record
-_*"»'. Tir »___• •*•■■—r ■ ~r  --"'-■ - ■,
The New
We have in stock nearly all
the latest copyright books that
are worth reading. The list
this year is much stronger than
usual, and includes .
The Ne'er Do Weel
Rex Beach
Red Eve
The Following of the Star
Kennedy Square
The Winning of Barbara Worth
Bell Wright
The Common Law
Life Everlasting
The Conflict
,..'.' "M_   Phillips
The Silent Barrier
The House of Iron Men
Mary Midthorne
The Fourth Watch
The Wilderness
The Dop Doctor
Besides many others of
equal merit.
'. B, Willits & Co.
'■•'■■.....•'■'■!-■ I  .''•■ ,
Kelowna,     B. C.
j. A. Bigger
Plant and Estimates Furnished
• • ■-.     . • ■      \ ■'"..
'Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
7 PHONE 95
res* an<
Gents*. Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
A "Want" ad. in the Record
is a sure dividend-paying
ii '
D. W. Crowley Co.
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
J i
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
• to mail orders
Phoiie 12
Proposed Provincial
Poultry Farm
The establishment of a poultry
demonstration farm in connection
with the department of agriculture
his been in contemplation for some
time a d it is ro: unlikely that the
legslature at the approaching session will be asked to provide the
necessary funds for that purpose.
The idea is that one such farm
shalj be established in the first instance in the neighborhood of Victoria. About five acres of ground
would be required and the initial
expense would be about $8,000.
After the first year, when the institution has been tried out and the
necessary -experience obtained, two
more similar farms would be established, one in the neighborhood of
Vancouver and another somewhere
in the interior.
These poultry farms are not intended to be in any sense opsri-
mental, but purely for demonstration purposes. It is calculated that
they would be a great benefit to
poultry fanciers, who would thereby be enabled to purchase birds of,
s'.andard breeds and eggs for their
incubators at a reasonable price.
As things now are, British Colurr-
bia poultry fanciers who desire to
improve their stock are compelled
to send back East for eggs or birds.
•    Lawyers Predominate In
New Parliament.
Lawyers, as usual, predominate
in Canada's new parliament. The
following table compil-dby the
Canadian Courier shows the calling
or occupation of the members of
the new as well as of tl e old House:
1911     1908
Merchants....     27       31
Capitalists        2 7
Lawyers.....     75        75'
Farmers.     32        31.
Docters...  18        22
Journalists.,      10 10
Manufacturer.'...........    13        12.
Agents..       8 .8 •
Brokers           5 2
Students......        1
Druggists       1
Surveyors....       1   ' :   ..
Labor employee         1
Contractors       9 2
Notaries       7 4
Lumbermen.....  11 7
When your feet are wet and cold, and
your body chilled through and through
from exposure, take a big doae of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, bathe your feet
in hot water before going to bed, and you
are almost certain to ward off a severe
cold.   For sale by all dealers. '
modern woodmen of
America        ;
Lodge meetings held in the old School-
house 1st and 3rd Monday in each month.
All MnclaM Repairs
20 th Century Shoe
Repairing Shop
(Near Fire Halt)
Boots and Shoes Repaired
Quickly and Properly
Wear Rubber Heels to prevent
slipping on: icy sidewalks'
New Premises:
Careful and prompt attention
to all. orders for
Rigs for Hire turned out in
. ' -"   '   gaodttyle.
A Matter-of License.
"I am very sorry, sir." said the Innkeeper, addressing tbe uolsy visitor,
"but 1 shall have to ask you to leave,
"Me. sir? Whaffor?" demanded the
noisy visitor.
"You are Intoxicated, sir," returned
the landlord.
"Well, wbaff I am?" retorted., tha
noisy visitor. "You gotta sign up there
on th' wall saytn' licensed to be druntc
on the premises, ain'tcher?"
"Yea, 1 have," said the innkeeper,
"but that's my license, not yours."—
Harper's Weekly.
The Airship Brought Him Back.
Providence is alius nigh; it toilers on yer
Tbe auto pitched me to the sky, an' tho
airship brought me back.
I couldn't see o'er the glory wall nor
crawl through a friendly crack,
But the air man beard my auto call, aa'
tbe airship brought me back.
An' to when the auto sends me high na
faith I'll ever lack,
B>r the airship man—he'll sure come by,
an' he'll fetch me flyin* back.       •■
—Atlanta Constitution.
" David Copperfield" j
in Moving Pictures |
Micawber, who was always 'wnit-
ing for something to turn up," is
probably one of the b< s portrayed
chanu-tera in " T.ie Life of David
Copperfield," which is being prr-
8 tntt-'d at Dreamland on Friday and
l^'turd^y. Such a picture as this
d pendsl^geV < n cbaracterizati' n
and also on the apmosphere that
'« given by costumes and settings.
I » both the"Thanhouser Company"
(milters of ihis great picture) has
b ^en very successful and is worthy
of high praise. Th* story is very
well a'-ted and made c!ea"~-how
could it help but be interesting ? It
is a masterpiece production of
Dickens' great novel.
Every family haa need of a good, reliable
liniment.    For sprains, bruises, soreness of
| tl e muscles and rheumatic pains  there  is
none better than Chamberlain's.     Sold by
all dealers.
Sweet Job.
"What are you doing now, Jimmy f
asked bis chum.
"Oh, I've got a swell job in a bakery
dealin' out pies," poasted Jimmy.
"Hub! Lots of good it does* you to
sell pies."
"Aw. you are slow. The apple plea
are marked with a big A, an' de peack
an' pumpkin pies are marked with a
"How kin you tell de difference!"   |
"I taste dem."—Chicago News.'
Remarked  Improvement.
She was shy when she went away
Two months ago. precisely, ""
' But Kisses now, 1 have to say,
Real nicely. ''.   -
She was shy for a city miss. ~<
1 look at it astutely
And wonder how she learned to kiss
8o cutely.
But she Is not Inclined to tell,
And 1 can only ponder.
How do girls team to kiss so went
1 wonder.
—Washington Herald..;
Cause of His Grief. *j
A .kind bearted old gentleman toxmS-
a small po.v crying and stopped to sea
what was tbe tnatier. I
"Wtmt.s the trouble, son?" he asked. I
"Tommy BrowV hit me," boohooed
the boy. "an father'be hit me because
I "let Tommy hit me. an' Tommy Brown
be bit me again because 1 told father,.
an' now fatter 11 hit me again because
Tommy Brown hit me the second
time."—Lipplncott's. •
Among Those Present. 7
Whenever mere's an accident,
Ana victims' names are listed
Among- them there are always soma
Who "went norae unassisted."
• But when there is a midnight feast
Where' liquids fizz and foam.
■ No paper ever tells Just how
The revelers got home.
—Chicago Tribune.
Children are merely men and women
who nave not yet succumbed co civilization. ;.
An affinity is a fresh disappointment
ta disguise.
A  suffragette by  any other nama
would talk aa much. -.,.
- Affectation.is/dignity-making an ass
of itself-Life.    7
Thin .lee.
Dan Cupid skates over the Ice where Ifi
While we clumsily follow the brat.
And'the flrst tning we Know we have all
tumbled in.
But beauty ta only as deep as the skin.
And we ought to be thankful for that
~New Stork Times.
ou are
Xmas Photos.
y. Rowcliffe Block.
from 10 to 3.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $6,200,000.        Reserve, $7,200,000.
Total Assets, $109,000,000.
Secure one of our
. and
Place your valuable papers
beyond peril or danger of fire.
Lodged in absolutely fireproof safe.
65, William Street. 2,   Bank   Buildings,. Princes  Street.
Branches and correspondents throughout the world.
H. F. REES, Manager.
Situated within one half mile of town, and being
about loo feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town, lplcr. and surrounding counfry.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
There.it only one GLENMORE. Don't miss tha op.
portunity of selecting - a few fecres of this desirable
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and wa will
show you our sub-division
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.     Prices low.    Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
Looked Good.
Woggs—So yon got stung ln that mining company ? Vou should have known
Boggs—How could I? It looked like
a real thlDg; uo fake earmarks about it
»"".'. iucicmuHli u omgie Qjuu Ouiuu
board of directors vvbo was prominent
in public life.—Puck.
A Toast.
Hero's to the man who can bold his tongu*
Whan ha might oy a word or sign
Destroy tbe chance of a fellow man
Wbo la trying to ao the nest ns can
To brae* up and get into line.
-Chicago. RecoN-Herald.
Mrs. Styl'es-l see tbat bund painted
hats are ft millinery novelty for women
wbo ore opposed to the destruction of
birds for their adornment
Mr. Styles-Well, they ought to. «o
with some faces, all rJgUt-I«nk«»
Tha* Parmer.
Little strips ot bacon
And a little egg
Make the mighty dollars
Roll into Ms keg.
—St Louis Times.
Pleasantly Misunderstood.
Miss Bute-How dared you kiss mef
Didn't you hear me, say "Slrl" whea
yon asked me if yon might?
Jack Sianger-1 thought yoa «UA
•^3ertP.'-Bo«ton. Transcript
•'     "   i    i    ii       i   , i   ■   ■■ '
. Up at All Hours.
4 baby brightens up a home.'
"•It comes to Tjasa
Bioce baby came that we oonsuma
More gas.
-Kansas City JsormL
'    WorUs Both Ways.
Tramp—Madam, every breath I draw
la a sober.one.
Lady-True. If b the outgoing MMtk
that gives you away.-Judge.
'\.r   ;     "    ' '■'
flepealogy.   '
So-many are descended
Ppotii Bill..the conquering Norman,
tt deems to we It couldn't be
'   t-nless Bill wns a Mormon.
 ^        ,,    t   7  -Cleveland Leader.
Annual  Watch Guessing  Contest
Saturday, December 16th
A Gentleman's Gold
Watch Given Away
Gn Saturday morning at nine o'clock Mayor Sutherland
will wind the watch up in full. The one guessing the
nearest to the number of hours, minutes and seconds the
watch runs wins the same.
Should the successful one be a lady watch will be exchanged for a lady's watch of the same value.
Anyone who can fill out a ticket is welcome to vote.
All tickets must be filled out in the store.   There is no fee
required in order to haye a guess, nor are you required
to purchase any goods.   It is perfectly free to all.
lit order to keep our valuable stock of. Jewelry, Silverware, China, Gut Glass, etc., from being defaced we
are forced to arrange these in show cases. Thus at a
glance you are often not able to see many of the
articles tha* might be of interest to'you. So don't
hesitate to enquire ior anything you do not see.
J. B
Christmas Present Specialist,
Kelowna The Orchard Citu Record.
Thursday, Dec. 14
Published .very Thursday at ihe Office,
Kelowna. B.C.
JOHX LEATHLEY, Editor and Proprietor.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United Slates $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
Only a few days more and
another year will have run its
course, and passed into history.
At present Christmas presents and
Christmas festivities are the uppermost considerations in most people's minds, but as soon as these
are over, public attention will be
turned to civic matters. With the
close of the year comes the end of
the present council's term of office
and once more the citizens will
have placed upon them the duty
of electing new representatives to
cany on the business of the city.
As usual very little is definitely
k lown as to who will be the candidates for public honors—public
sacrifice would perhaps be a better
term, for although no doubt the
position of trustee of the city's
interest and the city's progress and
welfare carries no small honor,
yet the man who essays to take a
share in the running of the public
business, if he do it honorably and
well, must be prepared to make
sacrifices of time and energy greater
than the general public realize and
certainly greater than as a rule
they appreciate.
It is  the privilege   of  the  man
who pays the  rates  to   kick—and
he takes  full   advantage  of it.    If
the  council   is   enterprising,  nnd
bent  on   doing   things,   he   kicks
because the rates show an upward
tendency.    If they are economical
and endeavor  to keep down   expense, he kicks   because   they   do
not in a single year provide all the
conveniences   of  a   big   city.     In
short he kicks this way and that
way, and   sometime5?  in   all directions at once.    Sometimes he has
good reason to   kick, but generally
speaking his kicking  should be a
little more   tempered   with   syrr-
pathetic consideration for a  body
of men who are trying to do their
best under adverse circumstances,
and with little hope of reward.
The coming year promises to be
one of the most important in the
history of Kelowna. It requires
very little prophetic vision to foresee  that  during  the  next  twelve surprises
months many matters of the great
est importance to the future of our
city will come before the council
Railway rumors are coming too
thick and fast to remain rumors
very long. The urgent demands
of the district for transportation
facilities, and the evident awakening of the various companies operating in the neighborhood to the
need of complying with these demands will raise many vital problems involving concessions and
negotiations which will require the
strongest business heads in the
city to deal with. The installing
of a sewerage system, probably the
most urgent need of the city at the
present time, the question of acquiring the telephone system, etc.,
are all matters which can only with
safety be entrusted to men with
cool business ability, and an outlook broad enough to fully grasp
the possibilities involved.
It is to be regretted, perhaps,
that Mayor D. W. Sutherland,
should at this stage have signified
his firm decision not to again contest the mayoralty. From several
years experience, and enthusiastic
study, Mr. Sutherland has become
something of an authority on mun
icipal matters, and his knowledge
and experience would have been
invaluable in the difficult tasks
which will face the new council.
He will however, it is understood,
run for alderman.
The only candidate, so far, definitely in the field for mayor, is
Aid. J. W. Jones. In u.any respects Mr. Jones is well qualified for
the position, Apart from his business experience and cool judgment
he has ample leisure to devote his
time and energy to the duties of
the office—no small consideration
when one thinks ofthe multiplicity
of the demands on the time of the
mayor of a growing city like Kelowna. He has been sufficiently
long in the council to be thoroughly in touch with all the affairs of
the city, and apart from his trip to
Europe has certainly been the most
closely attentive to city business.
For some time past he has been
collecting information on the subject of sewage disposal, and h?s
accumulated a stock of data which
should not be lost.
There will be some change too
in the list of aldermen, and from
the rumors one hears, nomination
day will be   productive   of   some
Learn to Shoot
For the best five shots going every
First-Class Rifle Range
in the
(Behind Fire Hall)
Ladies are welcome, too.
As we desire to give the genera!
public a chance, expert   shooters
will be barred.
the Indoor Rifle Range
We now inform the public
that we are prepared tp do
dying, such as Suits, Dresses
Drapes, Curtains, Sweaters,
and all kinds of cloth material.
We. also" handle a line of
second-hand goods for sale,
Detroit Cleaners and Pressers.
R. S. FORD   - -Proprietor
Office next to Dreamland Theatre.
Office Hours:   8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
/ Have Just Decided
That my success tn selling so much. Kelowna property is due to
Correct Representation
Of the stuff I offer
Nature has done so much in making
this lake port city attractive that all
I undertake to do is to unravel the truth
and nothing but the whole truth. My
clients then see the opportunity and
grasp it quickly. To-day I have a
few bargains, that will yield immense
profits to someone and before much
cash changes hands too. Be fast,
prices,are hardening.
Levitt, the Homeseefyers Friend.
Am Open to List Other 'Property
J. LEVITT >° p-a Box 495 ,phone ,94-
Corner Abbott St., and Lawrence Avenue.
Office open until 10 p.m. during the coming week.
eason is
Many friends to be remembered, many presents to be purchased, many stores to visit.      All
this entails much worry and occupies a great deal of time.    Let us see if we can help  you,
and make this arduous task somewhat easier for you.
Our stock was never greater or better assorted, and it is no trouble to show goods.    We are always glad to see you
whether you buy or not.    On with the Christmas shopping.
Dorothy Dodd Shoes
For women. These are American creations. At a glance their
excellence is apparent, but you must put them on to fully enjoy
their perfect fitting qualities. They come in Patents and Vici Kid,
Buttoned or Laced.
Price per pair, $6.00
A Baby Crib or Buggy Blanket
Makes a useful Christmas Gift and costs little. We have them
in different shades.
Each, 75c
Cushion Forms at Low Prices
Women's Silk Waists
A most appropriate Xmas Gift, one that delights the heart of
every woman. In many colors and styles. Silk Fancy Nets,
Tailored and Lnens at prices from $2.50   tO $5.00
Table Linen
Extra Quality Irish Linen Table Cloths with napkins to match at
from $4.00 to $10.00. Your wife will be pleased with a gift of
this kind. ■'-,'-'
Christmas Suggestions in Women's Hosiery
Women's Silk Hose, in ffhite, Blue, Pink ahd Black
Per Pair $1.60
Jfomen's Fine Cashmere Hose with embroidered clock. Good
fitters and best quality. Pair  65c
Women's Plain Cashmere Hose in great variety at
35c, 40c, 50c and 60c pair
Ladie's Collars arid Jabots
Big shipment just opened up.   Very pretty.    Priced from    'A'
40c to $L50
Men's Ties, Gloves, Suspenders, Neck Scarves
AU inexpensive but appropriate Christmas Gifts.
Dainty China
Many handsome and useful articles for table decoration, and very
reasonably priced. You will do well to look these over before
purchasing, it will pay you.
'Phone 22
Phone 22
BUI Thursday, Dec. 14
Orchard Gity Record
-r.........,...._-- ...,.......
We carry only the best lines of these goods, which will give
you satisfaction every time.
Buggies,    Wagons,   Democrats,   &c,
to suit all purchasers.
It is becoming every year more obvious that  spraying,
to be effective, must be thoroughly done.    The cheapest and
best way to handle an orchard of any size is with   a   power
outfit.    We carry the
I. H. C. Power Spray Outfit
complete with 1, 2 or 3 h. p. engine wagon and   tankT   This
is giving satisfaction in some of the best fruit districts.
Get all the pleasure and advantage there is  in  winter
by owning a sleigh.        We have some in stock, and another
large shipment may be here any day.
Hay,   Oats,   Bran,  Wheat,   Barley,   and   Oat   Chop.
• *
Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
The Oak Hall Clothing Co. Ltd.
Commencing,  Monday,   Dec.   18th
and   closing   Saturday,  Dec.   31st.
During this sale we will put on our entire stock of Men's
Suits, Men's Overcoats, Men's Pants, and Fancy Vests for cash
only at prices as shown below.
Pants and Fancy Vests will be sold at a Discount of 25 per cent
Men's fine Tweed Suits, regular price, $ 12.50 reduced to $ 9.00
Men's fine Tweed Suits,     ,, „       15.00 „
Men's fine Tweed Suits,     „ ,,18.00 „   -
Men's fine Worsted Tweed Suits „      20.00 „
Men's fine Worsted Tweed Suits „      22.00 „
Men's fine Worsted Tweed Suits „      25.00 „
Men's fine Worsted Tweed Suits „      30.00 „
Men'* Heavy Tweed Motor Coats, regular price, $12.50 reduced to $ 9.00
M._>_. U..._.. T._,_.__J M__,«» Cr..!. 1B.0O 13.50
Men's Heavy Tweed Motor Coats,
Men's Heavy Tweed Motor Coats.       „
Men's Scotch Tweed Overcoats. „
Men's Fine Black Melton Overcoats    „
Men's Fine Black Melton Overcoats    „
Men's Fine Black English Melton Overcoats
Men's Fine Black English Melton Overcoats
Men's Pants, Fancy Vests, Heavy Working Jackets and other articles in
the clothing line will be sold at the same percentage of reduction.
Captain James Mclntyre, a well
known resident of Summerland,
committed suicide last weelc\ by
taking strychnine. Tha sad affair
has aroused much sympathy for
Mrs. Mclntyre and her five-year-old
son, who are only out from the old
country about six weeks.
Henry Jones, who killed his wife
last August, and I. Meirshi, a Japanese who murdered a tallow countryman in northern British Columbia,
were hanged at New Westminster
last week.
England is at last making a desperate effort to clear her cities ol
their degrading slums. Chancellor
Lloyd George's Insurance bill has
been altered to allow of sharp
pressure being applied to the slum
owner's pocket or the treasury of a
neglectful local authority.
The telephone train despatching
system that has been used on the
Canadian Pacific Railway ince
August last has been abandoned
and the former Morse telegraph
system is again in effect. The
change will be permanent as the
telephone system was found unsatisfactory.
Sir Edward Clouston will retire
from the active management of the
Bank of Montreal owing to ill-health
Hon. A. J. Balfour, ex-leader of
the Unionist party in Great Britain,
will sail for Canada shortly in quest
of health and to investigate investments made for him in Canada.
The legislature of British Columbia has been called to meet on
Thursday, Jan. 1 1. The British Columbia and Alaska Railway Company will apply to the legislature
at ths coming session for an exten.
sion of t me within which to commence work. Some changes are
also proposed in the route.
National Insurance Bill
David Lloyd G'Oge's nation alii -
surance bill pas?ed its third reading
in-the house of commons last week
by a vote of 234 to 2).
The Unionists for the most pari
abstained from voting, because, a?
explained in the amendment moved
by them, while approving the objects of the bill, they considered it
had not been adequately discussed
in :the'bouse.
The bill passed its first reading
in the House of Lords.
Hon. Martin Burrell
Addresses Quebec Fruitgrowers.
The Hon. Martin Burrell, minister of agriculture, delivered an address last week before a gathering
of the members of the Pomological
and Fruit Growers' association of
the province of Quebec.
The minister of agricultnre ad"
dressed the gathering as a practical
pomologist who had spent many
years in the fruit industry. He ad"
vised the fruit growers of Quebec
to establish a system of co-operation, as had fruit growers of the
west, and stated that by this method
alone they could achieve the greatest success.   -  ^~-
He also gave a brief sketch of
the result of the fruit growing industry in British Columbia.
When you have a cold get a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It will
soon fix you up all right and will ward off
any tendency towards pneumonia. This
remedy contains no opium or other narcotic, and may be given as confidently to a
baby as to an adult. Sold by all druggists.
Becoming annoyed at the ingratitude of his flock and their lazy
indifference to the attention given
them, a Summerland man entered
the yard with a horse whip and put
his hens through some lively stunts.
He claims this treatment was just
what was needed, for three days
later the eggs began to accummul-
Mr. Greenfield, Inspector of Postal Service, Vancouver, will recommend the Dominion Government
to build a general P< s office at
Penticton, on the lines cf that at
Vernon, at a cost of $50,000. It is
expected the construction will commence in the early spring.
M. J. O'Brien will oppose Mayor
Husband for the chief magistrate's
chair at Vernon for 1912. Mr.
O'Brien was at one time mayor of
That the government intends to
apply the rules regarding the dismissal of public officials in a reasonable and moderate way, and not
to dismiss persons without convincing evidence of partizanship, was
the statement of Premier Borden in
the course oi a recent debate.
The civic census taken by the
police department of Kamloops
gives the city 4266 inhabitants, an
increase of 494 over the government figures.
Premie Asquith announced inthe
house of commons last week thatthe
government would use all the constitutional means at its disposal to
pass a home rule bill for Ireland
during the lifetime of the present
^Processes of Manufacturing Pulp.'
Three processes were used to
manufacture into woodpulp the six
hundred thousand cords cf pulpwood used in 1910. These are
the mechanical or grinding process
and the two chemical processes,
which depend upon the use of sulphite ot soda. Statistics supplied
by the Forestry Branch of the Department of the Interior show that
wood used by the mechanical process formed over three-quarters of
the* total during 1910, a greater
percentage than at any time in the
past. Unlimited supply, of clean
water is a necessity in the manu-,
facture of wood by the mechanical
process so that Quebec is the province best adapted for it. Spruce
furnished over four-fifths of the
wood used for mechanical pulo.
Balsam contributed one-sn t :enth,
with small quantities of hemlock
and poplar making up the balance.
The sulphite process accounted for
one fifth of the pulpwood and was
used slightly more in Ontatio than
in Quebec. Nearly seventy percent of the wood used in thia process was spruce, mostly from Ontario. Balsam furnished thirty percent, about three-quarters of which
was from Quebec and the same
province used a small quantity of
poplar in this process. Barely two
per cent of the total amount of pulpwood was manufactured by the
soda process, although Canada has
the distinction of having the oldest
soda mill in America. Quebec
manufactured over three-quarters
of the pulp made by the soda process. This process was the principal method used in the reduction
of hemlock. Of the total used by
the soda process spruce formed
seventy per cent, hemlock seventeen per cent and poplar ten per
cent. Balsam is not adapted to the
soda treatment.
Day 'Phone, 33
Night Phone, 88
P.O.Box, 114
We Specialize
Heintzman   and Gouilay Pianos and
Players always in stock.
Our Prices are lower than elsewhere in Canada.
Kelowna Furniture  Company
Undertakers and Embalmers
"    '■     .  "     ■ ""«»»■■ III1! .J. '."..." ".
Just one more week
A d sorr.e pe pie have not yet deeded on what to give. Our new
go ids are slill arriving and we
would ask you to call and look
around and see the many novelties
particularly suited for
Xmas Gifts
in Sterling Silver, Cut
Glass and Jewelry
Wa hope you will n»t let this opportunity pass to come in and sea
some of the nicest things ever shown
in Kelowna. Suitable presents for
Father, Mother, Sister or Brother at
prices most 'reasonable. Don't leave
it till the last day.
W. M. PARKER & CO., Spedfeg Block, KELOWNA, EC.
Watchmakers and Jewellers.
All work absolutely guaranteed.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
In Marty Subdivison on Pendozi Street, with building
restrictions,  size  68 x 121,
Prices from $350 to $650, easy terms.
Building Loan arranged for purchaser.
We have funds available for Mortgage Loans, and the
purchase of Agreements of Sale.
Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m., 3.30 p.m.
Leaves Westbank 9.30 a.m., 5 p.m.
Extra Service on
Wednesdays & Saturdays
Leaves Kelowna 11 a.m.
Leaves Westbank 11.30 a.m.
Leaves Kelowna 10 a.m., 4.30 p.m.
Leaves Bear Creek 10.30 a.m., 5 p.m.
A new and Fast Gasoline Launch now
in commission for hire.
"Phone No. 108.   Resid. Phone. 105,
Haircutting, Shaving,
Shampooing, etc.
(Bouch'a Old Stand)
Builders and
Plans & Estimates Furnished
Residence, Park Ave.
P.O. Box 75.
Licensed Auctioneer
Sales Conducted on Commission
An ad. in the Record is tho
hall-mark of a progressive business. Insist upon people knowing you're there.
View Books of Kelowna
These Handsome Booklets, containing   (
56 fine Views  of  Kelowna  District,
%educei to 50c each.
Christmas Calendars
A splendid new assortment, with local views
Photo Views on Christmas Cards
Two for 25 cents and up.
Panoramic Views of the District
As Christmas Presents.
Come Early for your CHRISTMAS   PORTRAITS
G» H. E. HUDSON, Landscape*PortraitPkotsgrapker
Pendozi Street       -        KELOWNA, B.C. The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Dec.  14
Only eight more shopping days until
So Get Busy
We have a full stock of
Choice  Xmas
including NUTS, FRUITS,  XMAS
STOCKINGS, Xmas Crackers, etc.
   ■   ■    ■        - ■- i .—    .       ..-    .-
Special for Xmas Week
With every (-ash purchase of $1.50 we will give FREE
1 lb. choice Mixed Candy
Don't miss this chance to get your Xmas Candy free
Japanese Oranges
We have 150 boxes of choice ones in transit.    Let us
book your  order  NO W for  they won't last long at the
price, 85c per box
We have the Goods, the Lowest Prices, and we want
your Orders
Phone 35 Phone 35
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Auction Sale
I6in and 18in. Cottonwood, delivered anywhere   in   town.     Apply   R.   E.   Harriss,
Hawkesdale Ranch. 47tf
Fond of children, excellent testimonials.
Been nurse 15 years. Good home more
desired than high salary. Apply Nurse
Stopford, care of Mrs. R. E. Harriss,
Hawkesdale Ranch. x
For Black Mountain School,   Rutland,   foi"
the   primary   class.      Apply   J.   Woolsey,
secretary, Rutland. 2-3
Twelve   tons   of   first-class   spring wheal,
Price $35 per ton.    Apply S. T. Elliott.
About 5J tons clover hay.    Apply C. Pitt,
Rutland. 2
Notice is hereby given that at the next
statutory meeting of the Board of Licensing
Commissioners for the City of Kelowna, I,
Arthur Peabody, intend to apply for n
renewal of my license to sell liquor by
retail in the premises known as the Palace
Hotel, situated on the north side of Bernard Avenue, between Water Street and
Pendozi Street, in the City of Kelowna,
B.C.    Dated November 3rd. 1911.
Owing to some misunderstanding having
arisen regarding the Green Tea Room, it
is to be distinctly understood that the
Misses Oats and Mearns are the joint proprietors, and to whom as such, all accounts
must be rendered. 1
I am getting in a stock of Fir Trees suitable   for    Christmas   trees,   also   Oregon
Grape, cedar boughs etc., for   decorations.
Apply, Earl Blackwood, P. O. Box I.
Comfortable room and board. Next door
to old English Church.    Terms moderate.
Having   received    instructions
from (b.e owner, I will sell  by
Public Auction on
Saterday, Dec. 23rd,
Residence, Lawrence Avenue,
The following goods:
1 I head horses, 3 sets team
harness, 4 sets driving harness,
democrat harness, 2 single harness,
lady's stride saddle, stock saddle,
heavy wagon, 2 top buggies, nearly
new, high wheel wagon, 2 two
seated democrats, one nearly new,
4 open buggies, dray, top surrey,
four seated democrat, 2 road carts,
racing cart, McCormick mower,
Deering horse rake, disk harrow,
drag harrow, set sleighs, plough,
2 buggy poles, 4 pair ice tongs,
6 cross cut saws, several neck yokes,
2 heating stoves, stove pipes,
chains, tongs and sloop irons,
double trees and lead bars, wagon
brakes, emery stone, grind stone,
dog cart, cultivator, 4 robes, and
other articles too numerous to
All sums under $15 cash. Six
months' credit on sums above that
amount on approved joint note, at
8 per cent, interest. 5 per cent,
discount for cash.
Sale   to   commence  at   1    o'clock
" I had been troubled with   constipation
FOR SALE for two years and tried all the best   physi-
No. I hay also Oat hay. About'30 good «ans in Briston, Tenn.. and they could do
ewe lambs-Shropshire grades. 20 wether j nothing for me, writes Thos. E. Williams,
lambs. 8 cents per pound live weight. I Middlesboro, Ky.. "Two packages of Cham-
Buy your meat wholesale. Apply to A.H. j berlain s Stomach and Liver tablets cured
Crichton, Box 306. 3t.f.     '""=•     For sale by all dealers.
The Great Annual Riddle
What to get for "Him" or "Her"
is  easily   solved   at   this- Store.
We have spent days and days, preparing,
selecting, and getting ready to present to you this
general stock of things that ladifes and gentlemen
like best, and now that everything is ready we
ask you to come and see the result of all this
effort we have put forth to present a line of
Holiday Goods
that would excel in extensiveness and-distinctiveness any that had ever been shown in this city.
For Ladies
Ladies' Silk Blouses, $3.50
to $12.50
Ladies' Dressing Gowns,
$3.50 to $8.50
Ladies' Fancy Scarfs, $1.50
to $7.50
Ladies' Hand Bags and
Ladies' Silk Hose, Fans,
Kid Gloves, Real Lace
Handkerchiefs, Lace
Collars, Hand Embroidered Handkerchiefs, Table Linen,
Doilies, Tray Cloths,
etc. etc.
For Gentlemen
Neck Scarves,
Initial Handkerchiefs
Silk Handkerchiefs
Fancy Sox
Fancy Vests
Coat Sweaters      v-
Fur or Silk   lined   Gloves
or Mitts
Ties, Slippers
For the Baby
Silk Socks, Silk Bibs, Silk Sox, Silk Mitts, Silk  Bootees, Children's
Kid Slippers, Children's hand Nitted Wool Jackets, Children's Bqnnets
5 per cent, discount allowed on all Cash Purchases
The Kelowna Outfitting Store,
W. B. M. CALDER, Prop.
Headquarters  for die  Economical  Buyer.
Ladies Take Heed
A Satisfied Man is a Contented Man
I m-.      \~m ____      Kk-i      «-_'
IfQV     »_»V»<"-I
#■    4-z-w
it ne oe a srnoKer ana you want to rnaKe
him happy a box of Cigars, a Meerschaum
Pipe, & Tobacco Pouch, a Calabash Pipe,
A Tobacco Jar, A Cigar Case or a Cigarette Case will make an appropriate Christmas Gift
We have Calabashes at $2.25, $2.75 and
Meerschaums at $5.00, $5.50, $6.00 and
Tuckett's   Special and   Nobleman Cigars
Ten in a box or Twenty-five in a box, and
Irving CigarS,   Twenty-five in a box.
Any of the above will comfort a smoker and make him easier
to live with. We want you to see our line of Smokers' Supplies
The largest and best stock of
that has ever been shown in the Okanagan is now in our store
Christmas Suggestions
for Men.
r •        d   !_-. * i a aa .      <i» i n aa
Lounging i\oDes, ? i u.v/u to $ i / .vv
Smoking Jackets, 5.50 to 10.00
Fur Gloves, 3.00, 3.50, 4.50, and 5.00
Fur-lined Gloves, 5.00 to 10.00
Fancy Mufflers, 50c. to 4.00
Xmas Neckwear, a beautiful selection.
Fancy Armbands, 15c. to 1.50
Combination Sets (Braces, Hose Suptrs., Armlets).
Suit Cases, 5.50 to 25.00
Club Bags, 7.50, 9.00 to 18.00
Dressing Cases, also Rolls, all prices.
Linen Handkerchiefs, an endless variety.
Fancy Sil£ Handkerchiefs, richly embroidered.
Initial Handkerchiefs. .  -
A genteel initial is  always apprecioted.
r ancy Cbat Sweaters, all combinations of color and price.
Fancy Sil£ Sox, boxed, 3.25 special.
Fancy Evening Vests, boxed, 2.75 to 8.00
Phones:  Grocery, 214.        Dry Goods, 314.       Office, 143.


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