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The Orchard City Record Nov 9, 1911

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And   the   world   is
with you;   Quit and
you stand alone.
Circulation Highest,
Rates Lowest.'
VOL.111.   NO 50.
~ -Special Fecilitie^tor
General Letterpress
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of
City Council
The city council met Monday
morning last, the mayor, Aid. Lec-
kieg Jones and Dalgleish being present.
The following accounts were
handed to the finance committee
for payment.
H.H. Millie, phone, telegraph  and
12 poles for light system".       -$ 90 65
Northern Electric Mfg. Co., supplies
fo.r power house. ' -■      .       . 209 05
Northern Electrtic Mtg. Co., 10 gals.
transformer oil.
Crawford & Co., stationery   -
T. Lawson, Ltd., supplies for power
house.    -       -       -       -       -
Crane-Co.    -       do.       do. -
Chas. Harvey, establishing corners
for foreshore lease. - ' -
Office specialty co., folders. -
Geo. James, flashlight battery
W. Haug, 2 ricks cottonwood
C. P. R., freight.   - .  . -
Complimentary Banquet to
the Hon. Martin Burrell
Kelowna Joined by Visitors ^rom all Parts of Valley in Doing
Hdnor to Local Member
8 75
149 00
100 00
85 00
75 00
78 00
150 00
15 00
6 30
129 50
50 00
70 00
144 80
100 00
90 00
31 36
57 29
21 59
144 48
111 60
5 75
I 33
100 00
6 50
Paysheet,work on streets Oct 23-28
H. Blakeborough, 2nd eng. sal.
E. Fowler, lineman sal. - ■ ■.-
G. Goldsmith,- 31   days  installing
mach. in power house.    .
F. Wingate, do do. V -
S. D. Colquette, 1st eng. sal. - s •
Dr. Keller, rent of chamber - -
W. Crawford, work on waterworks
G. H. Dunn, sal. and petty cash.'' -
P. T. Dunn, assist, clerks sal;
" G. Pickering, night const, sal.       .
. David - Mills,   scavenger's   salary
(less charges.)     .-.   :'>       -.
James Hsrvey; 3rd eng. sal■-•■.. \.y
1. MacRae, constable salary. .     '.
Imperial oil co., 1 bbl. cyl. oil.
Northern Electric Mfg. co., 277 lbs.
No. 8 copper wire. ..      .       .
Fleck Bros., I endless leather belt.-
. Mor. Thompson co.,. supplies for
October.-T*- .. ■!..-.'•- ■'•■'.- . ':-
-    Collett Bros., teaming for Oct.       .
Kel. SawmilT,co., lumber and.haul-
-■:■;'."*"■ ing sawdust.   - ■  y.y'y.   - .-.
G. Dillon, teaming for Oct. 7-   .   .
K. Smith, work-onrwaterworjiH. -•-- '
W.A..ToroUn   7 Bo.'"A do. 7    -
P. Pearse,   ' So.      do. .      -,
l4A Teal, Oct salary^-:._•"• 7:.."' <:
M. Palmer. 24 days work in park..
Payseeet, work oh streets Oct. 30th
tb No*. 4. '-y 7 - -■■- -      - 165 00
Aid. Jones drew attention to the
fact that there was still some of the
excavation - made in . constructing
the cement sidewalk along Bernard
and Glenn Avenues which was not
filled. He asked if it was the in-
tention of the board of works to do
anything with it.
Aid. Dalgleish. said that if the
intention of the Board ~ of Works
was carried out the poles would be
moved- along Bernard Ave. and
the road graded out full width as
far as the Presbyterian church. •*•
Aid. Jones announced in' reference to Mr. W. T. Ashbiicjge. who
had been asked to investigate the
question of a sewage system, that
he would have his report ready for
submitting to the council by the
end of the .week.
The mayor announced that the
Kelowna Land and. Orchard Co.,
had signified their willingness to
reserve 80 acres of land for the
purpose of a sewage scheme, whenever the city was in a position to
take it up.
Referring to the city band, mayor
Sutherland pointed out that the city
had promised a grant of $50 par
month, and asked the council's
' opinion as to whether thev should
continue to pay it. The band, he
said, had practically gone out of
Aid. Jones did not think they
ought to pay if they were getting
no benefits from the outlay. H?
suggested however that the question be left until the next meeting
and in the meantime the state of
*the band ascertained.
Mayor Sutherland stated that as.
he would be going away shortly
for about ten days to attend "the
convention of the Union of B.-C
Municipalities, it would be.well to
appoint someone to act as mayor
in his absence.
A resolution was passed appointing Aid. J. W. Jones acting mayor
during the absence of Mayor Sutherland.
The meeting was then adjourned
to Friday morning.
John Taylor Channel, an old man
of ninety-two, was found guilty of
manslaughter at New Westminster
last week and sentenced to two
years imprisonment. Channel is
the oldest prisoner in the history of
the Canadian courts.
The banquet which had been
arranged to do honor to the local
member in the Dominion House
on his recent election and his subsequent elevation to the responsible position of Minister of Agriculture, took place in the Opera House
last Thursday evening.
An enthusiastic welcome was
given to the Hon. Martin"Burrell on
his arrival by the s.s. " Okanagan "
soon after 3 o'clock. Mr. Burrell
was accompanied .by Mrs. Burrell
and his private secretary, and a
large party of supporters from up
the valley. Messrs. H. W. Raymer
arid R. F. Morrison, as president
and secretary of the Kelowna Conservative Association received the
hon. guest on behalf of the local
party. They were supported by
a large number of the prominent
conservatives (and liberals, tod) of
the district. Several. automobiles
were waiting to take the party to
the Palace Hotel where a deputation waited upon him. on several
matters of local interest. The rest
of the afternoon was spent in an
.automobile trip around the district. -.#   •
During the day the committee
charged with the decoration of the
hall were busy transforming the
interior": of the Opera- House. A
large Union Jack was suspended
in the centre of the room with
streamers of red, whiteand blue to
the corners. The w^alls. were
of the district, with pictures of the
Royal family and prominent Canadians. "
The banquet.itself was attended
by some 200 people the long tables
being inadequate to provide seats
for all who bought tickets. Some
forty or fifty of the leading men
from up and down the lake were
The menu, which included
oyster soup, turkey and cranberry
sauce, and abundance of other
good things, was provided " by
Messrs. Biggin and Poole.
After the'feasting was over chairs
were- turned round and cigars
lighted ready for the speech making. Telegrams conveying regrets
for inability to attend were read by
the secretary, Mr. R. F, Morrison,
from Mavor Sutherland, the Hon.
Premier McBride, the Hon. Thos.
Taylor, provincial Minister of
Public Works, Mr. L W. Shatford,
M.P.P., and the Hon. Price Ellison,
provincial Minister of Agriculture/
The toast list was opened in the
usual way with " His Majesty the
.King," proposed by the chairman
of the evening, Mr. H. W. Raymer,
the meeting joining in the national
. Mr. John Dilworth was the first
speaker, and in proposing the toast
of "Our Leaders," Mr. R. L
Borden and Mr. Richard McBride;
he said it was a pleasure to toast a
man like Mr. Borden who had
made ■ good from the first, and
would no doubt continue to make
good. He had the country at his
ack and when he had got men in
the cabinet like the Hon. Martin
Burrell, he had got men who
were well qualified to rule. Mr.
Richard McBride he characterized
as the grandest man in the province to-day, and one the province
should be proud of.
Mr. J. A. McKelvie, of Vernon,
replied. He commended the
people of Kelowna on the great
success which had attended their
efforts in doing honor to their
member, the Hon. Martin Burrell.
, Speaking of the. new premier,
the Hon. R. L. Boiden, he said
that when the affairs of the country were placed in his hands they
were placed in the hands of a really
great man, who was far superior to
to the conception of the average
politician. It was fortunate that
such a distinguished leader as Sir
Wilfrid Laurier had given place to
such another great leader as Mr.
R.L. Borden.
In Mr. Richard McBride we had
an astute, earnest man, in whose
the pro-
his enrly
handstheprovince had passed from
a condition of chaos to its present
high place, and too much credit
could not be given him for the
work he had done.
Our provincial member, the
Hon. Price Ellison, he said, needed
no eulogy. All over the Okanagan
were monuments to his enterprise
and ability. -
He referred to the great satisfaction which had been felt all over
the Okanagan and Yale-Cariboo at
the news that Mr./Martin Burrell
had been raised to the cabinet. He
believed that the people of Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacific
thought that whatever might be
said of the rest of the cabinet
there, had been no mistake made
in selecting Mr. Burrell. The newspapers, too, were unanimous in
their approval.
He would not be doing his duty,
said Mr. McKelvie, if he did not
make kindly reference to Sir Wilfrid Laurier, There was no exultation over a fallen foe. A tremendous question had been decided, but he felt a measure of sympathy as he regarded the efforts of
many years by the man who had
been the most distinguished Canadian of his day. He hoped he
would have many years of prosperity and happiness as leader of
the opposition.
• Mr. J. M. Robinson in an ; a musing speech full of interesting reminiscences, proposed " The Housfe of.
Commons    and    pur  "
Guest." He enlivened
ceedings with yarns of
missionary efforts in preaching the
'"gospel of the sunny Okanagan"
and telling his/friends who were
shivering in the north-west of the
haven of rest to be'found in the
"Italy of Canada," and with extravagant' eulogies, of Kelowna and
its people. .-•>
Coming to the subject of the
toast, he said he had followed
closely^ the" career of the Hon.
Martin Burrell, and had always
found him courteous as a politician
and a gentleman, and one who
knew his business and had the
confidence and support of the best
men in Canada. He could not
help noticing that the newspaper
press had been unanimous in favor
of Mr. Burrell as minister of Agriculture. He was the right man in
the right spot at the right time.
We should hear a good deal of
Mr. Burrell during the next fourteen or fifteen years.
.The toast was drunk with much
enthusiasm, and singing of "He's
a jol'y good fellow."
In rising to respond to the toast
the Hon. Martin Burrell said that
of all the tasks which a speaker
had to face, the task of replying to
such a toast was the most difficult.
It was easy, during the heat of an
election campaign- to-go out in the
face of opposition and make a
fighting speech when one had a
cause to defend, but it was not so
easy to speak satisfactorily to ones
self when meeting all the1 old tried
and true friends, and to attempt to
voice one's appreciation of all the
good wishes and congratulations
which were heard on every side.
When he looked around the hall
in which they were assembled and
saw the gathering of typical western
men, full of vigor and earnestness,
the beautiful decorations, and the
excellent repast which had been
prepared, he almost wished he had
the tongue of a J. M. Robinson in'
which to express the pleasure he
felt (laughter and cheers).
The chairman of the evening,
Mr. H. W. Ravmer, said Mr.
Burrell was one of the old-timers
of the Valley, a tried and tTue
friend who had done much in his'
time for the party and the district
and he was glad to see him there
again that night. As for Mr. J. M.
Robinson, they all knew that
amongst the boosters of the Okanagan Valley none could eclipse
the gentleman who had just taken
his seat (cheers). While Mr. Robin
son was one of the best type of
boosteis, he was not a booster who
could not deliver the goods. He
could always deliver the goods.
He was a man who had shown a
wonderful faith in the district, and
strength in his belief in its great
future, and such a man generally
got what he went after. He (Mr.
Burrell) entertained the most grateful appreciation of Mr. Robinson's
friendship and the assistance which
was always so generously given.
There was one thing which
Kelowna could do, continued the
speaker. He noticed on the walls
photographs and pictures of the
National Apple Show at which he
himself had had a considerable
share of the work of judging. In
discussing with^Prof. Van Deman
the awarding of the prize for the
best carload, the latter had declared,
that in the whole of his career he
had seen nothing finer than
Kelowna's famous carload of Jonathans. That alone was enough to
convince any man what Kelowna
could do if she tried.
It was a pleasure to see some
hew face* amongst the old friends
present. Mr. C. A. Stoess he had
known twelve years ago as a bashful young man who was characterized by the modesty and -ability of
the boundary people. He was
glad to know that Mr. Stoess was
doing good worlrin the district
Mr. Wm. Bunting, he noticed,
from Ontario, who was performing
a mission under the department of
agriculture, in preparing comprehensive reports which would be a
valuable guide to the department
in- its future work. When he had
taken his stand in the House of
Commons on the question of
Reciprocity, Mr. Bunting had led
the vanguard, and had made a
most ifotable speech. •
■£ Mr. John. Dilworth he was glad
to see back again in his old haunts.'
It was a pleasure too to see not
only supporters pf the Conservative
party, but a strong sprinkling of
Liberals. - ■ ■ *
He had no intention, continued
the hon. gentleman, of making a
speech; He had done that' five
weeks ago. He had been asked to
reply to the toast of himself and
also of the House of Commons.
The House of Commons differed
from a gathering of the present
kind in pne pleasant respect Any
man who had to speak on any
subject felt that he was met by a
part of the members in a hostile'
spirit. He was often surprised too
when he thought he. was producing
quite a fine effect, to discover that
a good many were paying no
attention at all. > They would be
reading newspapers, or would
sometimes get up and go out. He
had the advantage .at the present
meeting that no one was going
out and that everyone was very
friendly disposed.
He had some amusing remarks
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Masonic Banquet
At the regular meeting of St.
George's Lodge A. T. & A. M. on
Friday evening last. Several members of Miriam Lodge of Vernon
paid a return visit, and took part
in the work of the evening. After
the lodge closed a banquet was
held in the small hall, at which
about 60 sat down. The toasts
were few and well received.
"The King and Craft" being
proposed by W. Bro. D. W. Sutherland. W.M. For "The Visitors"
by W. Bro. Knowles of Vernon.
W. Bro. Hamilton Lang and Bros.
Turner, Smith, Rev. Davidson and
others briefly responded. W.
Lang on behalf of the visiting
thren proposed a toast to
George's Lodge," • which was received with musical honors and
replied to by W. Bros. Sutherland
andj. W. Jones.
Several songs and short witty
speeches contributed to the enjoyment of the evening, and everyone
felt that the "Junior Warden's
Toast" had brought to a close on*
of the best meetings conducive to
a closer faternal spirit among the
Masons of the valley.
Rutland News.
Fron •»> ewa caraspeadss*.
Black Mountain School
First Division
The following is is list of pupils
gaining percentages worthy of mention during the month of October,
1911. The figures relate to Conduct, Regularity and Punctuality
and Study in the order named :-
Mr. James McEachern returned
Saturday after two months visit on
the prairie.
Next Sunday is world's temperance Sabbath in the Sunday schools.
The CP.R. has replied to the
letters of protest written from Kelowna against the Sunday boat that
the change is merely an experiment
to see if it is wanted. Last Sunday
it was reported the " Okanagan "
han only one passenger.
The s.s. " Okanagan " failed to
appear as usual Wednesday morning from Penticton. The high
wind pf the previous night, it
appears, had caused the boat to
break from her moorings. She
was driven upon to the shallows
at the foot of the lake and damaged
so badly she had to lay up for the
day. The " Aberdeen" brought
down the mail from the north
during the afternoon.
Friend*- of Mrs. Daniel Brown,
who left here with her husband
only a few weeks ago ^or their old
home at Dresden, Ont., will regret
to learn of her death there. Her
husband, it will be remembered,
died on the way down. It appears
that they both had the misfortune
to catch severe colds on the train
which in Mr. Brown's case turned
to pneumonia, he dying in hospital
at Chatham.
Baptist Young People Open
Winter Session
The Young People's Society of
the Baptist church opened their
winter session with a meeting on
Monday evening last, Nov. 6th.
The proceedings opened with a
short song service, followed by a
Bible reading by the Rev. D. J.
Welsh. The business of the society
was then taken up and the follow-;
ing officers elected:
President.—H.C. Jenkins.
:   1 st. Vice Pres-Mrs. A. J.Clarke.
i   2nd. Vice Pres.-rJ. B. Knowles.
. ■! Secretary.—A. S. Wade.
. . Treasurer.—Miss May Duggan.
Devotional—Rev. D. J. Welsh.
Social. —Miss-Mary Bird.
Membership.—Percy Haley.
Musical.—Sidney Good.
Mr. Welsh spoke a few words
on each member's duty to the
society and urged their attendance
and co-operation in the work. The
society purposes following a course
of studies similar to those discussed
last season. The full list, however,
is not yet complete. The subjects
for the meetings prior to Christmas
are as follows:
Nov. 18.-" What Sunday work is
necessary and what can we
do about it?"
Nov. 27.-" Existingwages." "''
Dec. 4.-" The rising cost of living."
Dec. 11.-" Organised   labor   and
Dec. IS.-" Christian principles as
tp wages."
There was a large attendance
and the membership roll is already
much larger than last year. A
very cordial invitation is extended
tp all. Meetings commence 8
o'clock sharp.
Canada's Liquor and
Tobacco Consumption
Canada's consumption of liquors
and tobacco shows a marked increase for the past fiscal year. The
per capita consumption of spirits
was .859 gallons against .815 in
1910. That of beer was 5.434 gal.
as against 5.276 gals; that of wine
.104 gallons against .097; while
the tobacco used increased from
2.940 pounds per capita to 3.011
The total amount of tobacco
smoked was 18,903,322 pounds
against 17,961,279 pounds in 1910
and 17,217,710 pounds in 1909.
The cigarettes smoked reached the
enormous total of 585,935,370
against 451.095.138 in 1910. and
356,756.130 in 1909, The cigars
smoked numbered 227,585,692 as
compared with 205,820,851,
1910 and 192.105,371 in 1909
The members of the Musical and
Dramatic Society, taking part in
the choral practices, are requested
tb take notice, thnt if the attendance on Tuesday next November
14th is not satisfactory the practices will be discontinued^.
Merriam Woolsfcy
Fred Duggan
Dora Pease  .
Minnie Campbell
Winifred Leathley
Loraine Woolsey
Consuela Woolsey
Earla McDonald
Verna Dalgleish
Rita Maxwell
Beth Dalgleish
Edith Whitehead
Joy Fleming      .
Second Division
Mary Woolsey.
Mona Woolsey
Donovan Woolsey
Jeanie Warden
Stanley Duggan
Margery Lansdowne
Mary Pease
•3 IS
A special school meeting is to be
held at the small schoolhouse on
Friday evening, Nov. 17, at 8 p.m.
for the purpose of voting upon
the raising of money for the purchase of additional school grounds
and for the election of one trustee.
Mr. Hereron has a good force of
men and teams working upon the
Black Mountain roads, grading and
levelling up. The short, sharp hills _
on to the first and second bench
are to be graded down, thus making it possible to haul a much
larger load from town.
Photographic Competition at
QtUte a new departure which
evoked no small local interest, was
made at " Dreamland " on Tuesday
night last in the form of an Amateur Photograph Competition. In
spite of the decidedly wet weather
the hall was packed, quite a numbet
being unable to find seats. Fifteen
slides,, the work of local amateurs
were thrown upon the screen, the
majority of which- were splendid
samples of the camera's work, and
provided food for the discretion
ofthe audience who acted as judge.
Mr. Ed. DuVal being finally de-
dared winner, with a bush camp
scene by 24 Votes. Mr. W. G.
Wilson second with a scene in the
park at Vancouver, by 21_jvotes^
Backed by the orchestra and a
good wholesome show of cinematograph films, dreamland has
made rapid strides since its opening-and an extension of premises
is to be made in the near future.
The Young People's Society and
Adult bible class of Knox Presbyterian church are joining in a camp
social,on Monday evening, November 13th.   AU are welcome.
PURDY--On Wennesday, Nov-
ennber 1st, to the wife of A.
Purdyr-a boy.
PIROT—On Friday, November 3rd
to the wife of a Pirot,aboy.
'  Marriages
The marriage took place yesterday (Wednesday, November 8th,)
at the home of Mr. W. C Blackwood of Rpbt. Wm. Byerly Reed
to Laura Violet Eaton. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. ■
A. W. K. Herdman. v      -
At the Manse, Kelowna, by the
Rev. AW. K. Herdman, on Wednesday; November 8th, Walter
Curtiss Hitchner, to Alice Pearl
Sinclair, both of Wast Bank.
iWUlHH The Orchard • City Record.
rsday,..-Hob'. 9
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
muwmiwwjw. _muu
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems j
•'§ i
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
L1^ll_'T__.■^»»^f^J__UJ<g__lJ^■^^^Mi^gL»v^.),^^. ,*.<m.,. .
The  season  for these goods has  arrived, and  we are
able  to meet  any  requirements  in  this line,   having
just   receive    a   large    consignment   of all kinds  of
Coal,  Wood,  and  Airtight  Stoves    and .Heaters,    at
prices  to  suit  everyone.
Furnace and   Hot-Water Heating a Speciality.
Wishes to inform the public of Kelowna and
surrounding districts that he has now opened
premises in Water Street, and is prepared to
buy and sell second-hand furniture, etc., to
any amount, also  goods  sold on   commission.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab-
lots do not sicken or gripe, and may be
taken with perfect safety by the most
delicate woman ot the youngest child. The
od and feeble will also find them a most
suitable retnely for aiding and strengthen-
ng their weakened digestion and for regu
Diing the bowels.   For sale by all dealers.
There is little danger from a cold or
from an attack of the grip except when
followed by pneumonia, and this never
happens when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy ia used. This remedy has won its
great reputation and extensive sale by the
remarkable cures of colds and - grip it
can be relied upon with implicit confidence.   For sale by all dealers.
Town and Country
Quite a number of friends enjoyed the hospitality offered by
Mrs. Thos. Bulman, last Saturday
evening in the form of a party. ,.t
her hoine on the Vernon Road.
An excellent evening was spent,
the friends leaving at a late hour
for the. long drive home, which
would have been more pleasant
but fot the rather inclement weather.
Mr. E. Jenkins went up to Vernon on Saturday last, returning
Mr. C. Hubbard took up a position as lineman with Mr. Millie lar.t
Mr. R. McDonald spent las.t
weekend in town, returning lo
West Bank Sunday afternoon.
The Sacrament will be observed
Sunday next at the Methodist
church after the morning service
when it is hoped all members will
will make an earnest endeavour to
be present.
Mr. John Levitt has gone into
the real estate business and last
week sold seventeen lots of the approximate value of $1,800.
Mr. C. C. Josselyn spent last
week end in Vernon.
A special meeting of the Country branch of the Ladies' Hospital
Aid will be held on Saturday, November 1 Ith at Guisachan, the residence of Miss Dorothy Winter et
3 pm. sharp.
A convention of the Women's
Missionary Society is to be held on
November 16th at Armstrong. Mrs.
J. W. Jones, who is president of
the Kelowna district of the Society
is attending together with the following delegates: Mrs.-Gaddes,
Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Dilworth, Mrs.
Cooper, Mrs. Langille, and Mrs.
A mothers' meeting of the W. C.
T. U. is to be held on Tuesday next
at the home of Mrs. J. W. Jones,
at 3.30 p.m. All mothers are
heartily invited to attend as subjects of special interest to them ar«
to be discussed.
A meeting of local Scotsmen is
called for tomorrow (Friday) evening in the Presbyterian Sunday
school hall, for the purpose of organizing a Scotsmen's Society.
The Rev. James Hood has left
Summ.erland where he has been
a settler for the past six years. On
the eve of his departure, the congregation presented him with a
purse of $150 in gold, and the
Sunday school remembered Mrs.
Hood in a similar way.
Mrs. E. Newby left Kelowna on
Tuesday  morning   for  Gull   Lake
Mr. Jas. Harvey sr., returned last
Saturday from eastern points..
The meeting called together for
the purpose of re-organizing the
Benevolent society took place last
Thursday at the home of Mrs. Capt.
Philp, when the following officers
were elected :--
Pres. Mrs. Philp.
1st Vice Pres. Mrs. Rowcliffe.
2nd Vice Pres. Mrs. Lawson.
Secretary, Mrs. Knight.
Treasurer, Mrs. Josselyn.
Two friends kindly volunteered
to visit any poor or needy families
and to report on visits at the next
meeting, which is to be held on the
(irsl Thursday in December, at the
home of Mrs. Capt. Knight. Donations of all kinds of clothing will
be thankfully receivid.
J. C. Stockwell has taken out an
Auctioneer's license and will under
take to do Real Estate, Household,
Live stock and' Merchandise sales.
He has had 25 years experience.
Office in Rattenbury & Williams
real estate office.
Notaries Public,
Conveyancers, etc."
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
C. Harvey, B.A., Sc. C.E., D.L.S.. B.C.L.S.,
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
P.O. BOX 137
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to make on a man's first impressions
on entering the House of Commons
and the wholesome levelling effect
of life in that institution. He
referred also to the many trials of
public life generally, and urged his
hearers to refrain from too hasty
There was some compensation,
however, ih meetings like the present, and the generous exhibition
of loyal friendship would make
the burden lighter and cheer him
with the knowledge that all the'
time he was* making strong and
warm friends. There were various
ways of killing a man—either by
ignoring him altogether or by
damning him with faint praise, or
killing him by overpraise. There
seemed to be a grave danger that
he would be killed by over-praise,
and he would have great difficulty
in living up to all the kind things
which had been said about him.
They had just come through a
•great campaign, when the whole
district had been surcharged with
enthusiasm, and they seemed to be
there to discharge some of their
enthusiasm that night.
The 21st of September had been
a great red-letter day in the annals
of the empire, and an exhibition of
patriotism which had proved that
the emblem on the wall of " One
Flag, one-King, and one Empire "
had a real and vital significance.
The new government, in entering
upon its duties, had by no means
an easy task. They had a great
many onerous and serious responsibilities to fill, not only to Canada
but to the whole Empire. Although
as the census had shown they
were only a small people of a
little over seVen millions, and as
yet only scratching, as it were, in
a great big country with vast possibilities, yet when we remembered
that in 1770 the population of
England was only seven and a-
half millions, one began to realise
what seven and a-half millions of
patient and earnest people could
do if they had to do it.
Touching upon the question of
Imperial naval defence. Mr. Burrell
said that in that particular matter
the great word Duty, reverence
for which was a mark of the
English people, would enter largelj'
into their deliberations. Nelson's
famous words : ." England'"expects
that every man will do his duty "
were watchwords which eminently
fitted R. L, Borden,- a leader whom
it wasfan honor to- follow, and - the
people of Canada could feel sure
that with him the words would
have something more than an
empty sound.
Going back-to the recent campaign, Mr. Burrill said they certainly had had an election in Yale-
Cariboo. Some people called it a
walk-over, but personally he
thought they had had quite a
strenuous time, though he had
been troubled with no grave doubts
as to the final result—a majority of
2,041. When they thought of the
up-hill task of 1904, they had cause
for gratitude that they had been
able to convert a minority.of 61
into a majority of 2,041. He wished
to thank not only the people of
Kelowna, but of the whole Okanagan for their splendid support.
Although it had not been a personal
question on account of the great
issue at stake, and though he
believed that any conservative in
Yale-Cariboo running on such an
issue would have received the same
support, he- would be foolish not
to admit that he had a great many
kind friends who would have supported him anyhow.
His appointment aa Minister of
Agriculture had caused him to
disappoint his Kelowna friends at
first, but possibly it had given-
added zest to the present gathering.
His hearers would no doubt be
pleased to know that not only
from the Okanagan and Yale-
Cariboo' but from all over the
Dominion had come'letters of congratulation on his appointment. So
many, indeed, that it was impossible to reply lo more- than a
fraction of them.
In having the temerity, to accept
a position in this cabinet he confessed to a'natural reluctance. He
knew that if B.C. returned all conservative members a portfolio
-would have to< come to this province and although unwilling to
lose his services to the province he
would have liked to see Premier
McBride go tb Ottawa, because no
one was so strong and' well-able to
fiulfil the duties required. The
invitation to himself had come unsolicited and unasked, and as it had
seemed his plain duty he had
accepted, and would try to fulfil
the task. He would like to feet
that in thic hm had the warm
support of his B.C. colleagues, just
as he would have had pleasure in
supporting any one of them who
might have been chosen.
In considering his duties as
Minister of Agriculture it was
natural in this district to think of
fruit-growing as his principal duty.
He was glad to find it was an
increasing duty; and Was becoming
a question of national importance.
In his first year they were to have
in Ottawa the National-Dominion
Fruitgrowers' Convention, to which
would come delegates representing
fruit-growing interests all oyer
Canada, and it would be his happy
privilege to endeavour to make the,
convention a success.
There were other duties, however, which confronted a minister
of agriculture, and he found he
was supposed to be a kind of
political Ko Ko, and to have all
sorts of jobs, such as the care of
the national archives, copyrights,
quarantine, and the census. '
He amused his hearers by an
account of the storm of delegations
which he had brought down upon
himself when he issued his first
summary of the recent census, and
of his discovery of the abundance
of pressing local needs. He knew,
of course, that there were many
pressing and legitimate needs
which it was the duty of the government to meet, and he would
try to see that they were met.
While he promised to give sympathetic consideration to all requests
he knew his hearers would recognise, as men of affairs, that with
all the wishes in the world it was
quite impossible to meet everyone.
It was a matter of great satisfaction to himself that he had no
public or private promises to fulfil,
and no pledges to redeem—he had
no strings to him. That he had a
heavy task before him no one
realized more than he did, and he
hoped to meet it with the best of
his ability and energy.
He thanked the people of
Kelowna again for the splendid
gathering and the splendid expressions of goodwill.
A wild burst of applause greeted
the hon. gentleman upon resuming
his seat after his most manly and
graceful address.
The next toast was that of " The
Provincial Legislature," proposed
bv Mr. W. A. Lang, of Peachland.
We had had many legislatures in
B. G. said .Mr. Lang in the course
of his speech, some good and some
bad, some shifty arrd some thrifty,
but the one we had now was the
daddy of them all. He" recalled
the deplorable financial condition
of the province when the present
government took hold. The prov
ince was without funds or credit
and provincial cheques were being
sold at. a discount in Victoria. NbVv
they wsresorelyput tb it to find
places to spend their money. He
heartily congratulated the committee who had had charge of the
banquet for the success with which
it had been carried out.
Mr. W. T. Shatford responded.
He regretted the absence of provincial ministers from the gathering
and expressed the hope that now
that B. C. had representation in the
Dominion cabinet, the claims of
the province might meet with
greater recognition at the hands of
the Dominion government. He
was confident that the Hon. Martin
Burrell would be successful as minister of agriculture, and said the
valley was to be congratulated also
in having the Hon. Price Ellison
as provincial minister of agriculture
He was sure they would work in
harmony for the good of the district.
The proposing of the toast of
"The City of Kelowna," fell to
Mayor Husband of Vernon. He
added his congratulations to the
honored guest on the high position
to which he had been elevated,
and said that the people of Vernon
no less than the people of Kelowna would follow his career at
Ottawa with keen interest. He
had many good things to say of
Kelowna, which he described as a
town with a magnificent stretch of
lake shore and with the finest orchard lands right at its door. He
was filled with admiration, he declared, when he saw the many
evidences of < the display of that
public spirit which was so necessary to the development of a new
In the absence of Mayor Sutherland Aid. J. W. Jones replied. He'
voiced on behalf of the'people of
Kelowna the high honor they all
felt at having the presence of the
minister of agriculture at the banquet and also so many representatives from the different towns in
the Valley. They had had so
many congratulation and bouquets
thrown al them that they had come
to believe that Kelowna was no
mean town. He had been proud
to notice on his return after the
summers absence abroad the great
development and improvement
which was going oft in the district.
He spoke of the fame which
Kelowna had already achieved on
account of the high quality of her
fruit products; the many fine buildings contemplated and in progress;
the   growth of the public  schools,
&c.    The citizens of Kelowna had
good reason to be proud • of their
town and  the  rapid advancement,
which was being made;
Dr. W. H. Gaddes' proposed
" Our Local Industries." Although
the subject, he said, might seem
insignificant' when sc* much was
being said about provincial and
Imperial government, yet our local
industries were morft in our minds
■every day. We were living in a
climate where it was pessible .to
grow a great Variety of products—-
lruit, garden produce, tobacco, &c,
and these, too, of the very finest
quality as evidenced by the'number of prizes we had been able to
capture. The great problem we
had to face, however, was not how
to grow the best fruit, nor how to
obtain labor, but the lack of Transportation facilities, and he would
like to emphasize this while there
were so many present representing eveiy district of the Okanagan.
Extensive development in the way
of orchard planting was going on
all around, but unless something
was done quickly he could see
many of our beautiful red apples
lying on the ground for want of
transportation facilities. The present provincial government went
into power on a progressive railroad policy and although much
wa? being done in that way, we in
the Okanagan were not getting our
share. Railways were not being
built sufficiently fast to cope with
the growth of the fruit output.
Even now shippers'were placed at
great inconvenience, but next and
succeeding years would see these
difficulties multiplied many times.
We were too apt to., be satisfied
with the prospect of electric tramways, &c, when what we wanted
was some trunk lines,"capable of
handling a heavy freight traffic. It
was the duty of everyone present,
he said, to press that question
home to representatives of the
governments as more than anything else we needed attention in
that way.
Mr. B. McDonald, of the Farmer's Exchange, who replied) also
spoke on the' transportation difficulty. He considered we' were
getting a very poor deal from the
C.P.R. At the present time when
shipment' of fruit should be over
on account of car shortage they
had still a considerable quantity of
produce to move. The result
would probably be great damage
and loss.
A toast to the Learned Professions was proposed by Mr. C. T.
Daykin, of Armstrong, and replied
to by the Rev. 1 hos. Greene, B.A.,
and Mr. W. R. Bantoht of Enderby.
" The* Press " w6S proposed tty
Mr. R. W. Pooley, and responded
to oy Mr. John Leathley, Mr. Thos.
Bulman and Mr. Walker of Enderby.
The closinh toa*t of "The Ladies'
was proposed byMft J. B. Knowles
the responder   being   Mr.   L.   V.
Rogers B. A.» of the Public School...
Interspersed with the speech-
making were songs bv Messrs Ferrier, Tom Hill, Hamilton Lang and
Geo. Whitaker, which were loudly
It was nearly' 2- a.m. - when the
guests dispersed. Those of the
visitors who had been unable to
firi"d room in the hotels were provided with accomodation at the
houses of friends who kindly came
to the assistance of the committee
in that respect. The Hon. Martin
Burrell was the guest of Dr. Boyce
for the few remaining hours, leaving by the boat ar 8 o'ciock ror
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Reserves   -   -   f7~£W,Q61T
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fOHX LEATHLEY, Editor and Proprietor.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United Stales $2.00 per annum.
Advertising tales upon application.
Kelowna Public School
Report for Month Ending
October 31st
Div. 1.
Div. II.
Div. III.
Div. IV.
Div. V.
Div. VI.
. on
Total      243 218.84
Attendance percentage 90.5
Honor Roll:
Sr. IV.—Annie McLennan, Dorothy
Leckie, Jessie McMillan; True
Davidson, Louie Evens, (equal).
Jr. IV.—Dorothy Evans, May Wilson, Will Bradley, George Curts,
Roy Haug.
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Bessie Haug, Violet Dillon. Elsa
Jr. I. Primer. — Winnie Longley,
Martha Burnside, Mary McEwen
Leslie Mawhinney.      . ,_..._..^
Primary Room,— A. class—Ronald
Todd, Evelyn Lancashire, Rosalie Wilson, Alice Burtch, Kim
Chapman, Denis Gore.
B. class.—Henry Whitter, Ettie
Clement, Wilbert Whitter, Cicely
Tutt, Dorothy Marty.
A box social will be held
the auspices of the Bethel
ladies' aid society.in the Benvoulin
school house—not Mission Creek—
on Friday Noyember 10th at 8 p.m.
Ladies are requested to bring baskets. The public are cordially invited.
Rev. Mr. Davidson and Mr. Ball
gave reports of the Provincial Sunday school convention, which they
attended, in the union prayer meeting in the Presbyterian church last
"WATER  ACT, 1911."
Take notice that the Board of Investigation acting under Part iii. of the " Water
Act" will meet at the. Court House, in
Kelowna, on the 23rd of November, 1911,
at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to hear and
determine claims to water rights existing
pn the 13th of March, 1909, on Saw Mill
Creek and its tributaries, and to unnamed
streams in that vicinity; on the 24th day
of November, 1911, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon to hear and determine claims to
water rights existing on the 13th of March,
1909, on Scotty Creek and its tributaries
and to unnamed streams in that vicinity ;
on the 27th day of November, 1911, at ten
o'clock in the forenoon to hear and deter
mine claims to water rights existing on the
13th of March. 1909, on Mill Creek.and its
tributaries, and to unnamed stream! in that
vicinity; on the 29th day of November,
1911, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to
hear and determine claims to water rights
existing on the 13th of March, 1909, on
Mission Creek and its tributaries, and to
unnamed streams in that vicinity ; and on
the 30th day of November, 1911. at ten
o'clock in the forenoon, to hear and determine claims to water rights existing on the
13th of March, 1909, on streams, lakes and
ponds in Dry Valley, and to unnamed
streams in that vicinity.
By Order of the Board,
Dated at Victoria, 11th October, 1911.
The  Churches
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in  th^.
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays, after
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11   o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE, B. A.. Rector.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna!
Morning Services at II a.m.; evening servicesat 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayar Meeting on Wednesdays at tt p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN. Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 6 p.m,
REV. J. W. DAVIDSON, B.A.. B.D.. Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Servicesat 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
Lodge meetings held in the old School-
house 1st and 3rd Monday in each month.
P. BROOKE, Clerk.
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more conven.
ient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley  Co ; Ltd.
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Insurance  in   force  which   they  wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except",contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further in-'
formation should be made to the secretary, Room. I. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275, Kelowna, B.C. J
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and  always  ready. . The price, too,  is moderate.
7 ! Come and let us show you.
Hay.   Oats,   Bran,  Wheat,   Barley,   and  Oat   Chop.
Dealers in Farm and
(3rchard Implements
Pendozi St and Lawrence AvenueV
-.■«.-.--^g__L.-. <2.-s3#*Ll> . ■-■-.-:>_ . __«^--_.-   --^■■
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
VI/« h§o« ■ ltrCe cotiiignment of the latest lines of
Picture jWoudings JUST IN. •
Noio i« your tim« to yet all your Picture Framing
done, afc prices that DEFY COMPETITION.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Office Phone,'85-.
Situated within one half mile of town, and being
•bout loo feet above the lake, it commande a beautiful view of the town, Uko and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
There ie only one GLENMORE. Don't miee the opportunity of selecting a few acres .of this desirable
7    .
Al jrou wish-a cheep, building lot or an acre of land call on us and we will
'*'•■>■. .show, you our sub-division
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.    Prices low.   Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent-only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
Provincial and General News -
It is estimated that for every foot
of lumber cut in Canada seven
feet aie destroyed by lire.
Bullets of solid gold were used
by Yaqui Indiana in fighting against
Porforia Diaz in the recent Mexican
revolution, according to passengers
arriving in San Francisco on the
steamer Curac from Mexican ports.
In Mazatlan hospitals, where many
wounded were operated upon, discovery of gold bullets, it was .said
was an ordinary occurence, although few patients had received
enough of them to pay the doctor
Vaccination against typhod fever
is to be urged upon all of the 13,-
500 employees of the United States
department of agriculture in accordance to a recommendation to that
effeet approved by the Secretary of
Agriculture Wilson. A committee
which he recently appointed to
consider the subject declared itself
in favor of vaccination. Of sthe
1 1,000 employees of the depnrt:
ment outside Washington a considerable number are engaged in
travelling. It is to protect them
from drinking impure water that
the vaccination was ordered.
The monthly Canadian bank
statement indicates that Canadian
banking institutions are calling in
loans,from abroad, presumably to
meet rash.requirements for crop
moving. Call loans outside Canada aggregate $93,51 7,076, almost
all of which is in the United States.
This is a decrease of eight million
from the August figures. In Canada the same class of loans totals
Police departments throughout
British Columbia have received
advices from" the secret service
officers of Canada to be on the
watch and endeavour to ascertain
the source through which counterfeit four-dollar bills are being sent
into .Canada from the United States
in considerable quantities. The
bogus notes are said to be brought
here by seemingly innocent immigrants, and by reason of their low
value are much. more readily ac-
cepte^^ithoufspecial examination
than they would; be if.of larger*denominations.   ,
Sawdust Concrete
A postcard just received by a
Belfast firm has been on it* journey
since 1870.
The Ontario provincial .elections
will take place on Monday, December 1 1, with nomination a week
Another party of Belgian Catholics has arrived at Vernon to take
up land from the Belgian Syndicate
there. . -        .       N
Fire which destroyed the powder factory of the Imperial Powder
Company at Chehalis Wash.,
caused eight young women to lose
their lives. Only two girls escaped
though a dozen men were unhurt.
The erection of a Catholic College at Point Grey is a scheme
which is at present occupying the
attention of the archbishop. Such
an institution would,.if erected, be
probably under a board of governors, presided over by his grace.
Last Friday a thief broke into the
window of the C. P. R. offices fronting on Trafalgar square, London*
and stole gold dust and other minerals from the British^. Columbia
collection there exhibited. A policeman gave unsuccessful chase.
An amalgamation of London's
electric tubes and railroads and
the London General Omnibus Co.,
has been practically agreed on.
According to the Evening Standard
$165,000,000 is the estimated combined capital invested in these concerns.
.Welsh tinplate makers are approaching the Canadian government, alleging that'since the withdrawal of the Canadian anti-dumping clause once operative, Americans are capturing the Canadian
tinplate trade formerly, held exclusively by Wales.
An evening paper states that
there is a prospect that the Royal
Northwest Mounted Police will be
abolished. Colonel Fred White,
head of the force, when seen, said
that he had not-yet had an opportunity to discuss the future of the
force witb-his-new-chief. .7-    -i-^; .
-When sawdust .or woodpulp is
used aapart of the aggregate in
mixing,, the resulting concrete is of
light weight and low tensile strength
but has some special properties
that commend it for certain indoor
uses. Ohaccount of its elasticity
cbmbined with • its non-absorbant
character, it is said to be specially
adapted as a floor veneering for
markets, butcher shops, saloons,
etc.;. ■■■■'•a.  '. ;■:-.-:.
A novel application of sawdust
concrete has recently been made
in the new public .library building
in Springfield, Mass. It was .employed there as a base on which
to lay the cork carpet covering the
floors. The object was to obtain
a layer into .which nails could be
driven and which at the same time
would holdjhenails.
It may Be laid without joints, in
in a continuous layer one and a
half inches deep, upon paper
spread over the floor that is to be
treated. In these cases the customary proportions for mixing are one
part cen.ent, two sand and two
and a half sawdust. A greater
proportion of sawdust would make
it too absorbant.
World's Apple Crop
Of all fruits that are the subject
of international trade, apples represent the greatest aggregate value
The: following table shows that
44.5 per" cent, of the apples" imported to the United Kingdom in
1910 came from British possessions.
From Canada, 1909, 1.635.855
cwt., value £960,156; 1910, 1.106,-
510 cwt., value £652,292. Australia, 1909, 246\455 cwt, value
£251,761 ; 1910, 323,725 cwt,
value £322.748. Other British
Possessions, 1909, 13,933, value
£7,277.   Total British possessions,
1909, 1,898,303 cwt. value £ 1,219,-
543; 1910, 1.442,973 cwt, value
£991,317. Foreign countries, 1909,
1,321,343 cwt., Value   £788,368;
1910, 1,799,232 cwt, value 1,179,-
992. Total 1909, 3,129,646 cwt,
value£2,007,9-!! ; 1910, 3,242,205
cwt, value £2,189,309. '
It is seen that Canada supplies
the British Isles with by far the
largest quantity of apples, and in
1910-11 the United Kingdom took
476.200 barrels, value $1,598,359.
out of a total Canadian export of
green or ripe apples of 523.788
barrels, of ihe value of $ 1,75 7,75 3.
The Kelowna Furniture Co. have
taken over the Undertaking business
of R. Minns, who will conduct this
Suitable buildings will be errected
on  the  Lawrence Avenue property.
Kelowna Furniture Company
There is an infinite pleasure in buying cut glass
when you are absolutely
certain that the quality is
right. We sell o»ly the
best productions of the
most reliable factories.
j4 Call Solicited
W. M. PARKER & CO., Spedding Block, KELOWNA, BC
Watchmakers and Jewellers.
AH work absolutely guaranteed.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, limited
In Marty Subdivison on Pendozi Street, with building
restrictions,   size 68 x 121,
Prices from $350 to $650, easy terms.
Building Loan arranged for purchaser.
We have funds available for Mortgage Loans, and the
purchase of Agreements of Sale.
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake -
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
P.-O. Box 70.
'Phone. No.'108.   Resid. 'Phone, 105.
Licensed Auctioneer
Builders and
Plans & Estimate Furnished
Residence, Park Ave.
P.O. Box 75.
Sales Conducted on Commission
Bouvette's Livery
New Premises:
Careful and prompt attention
to all orders for
Rigs for Hire turned out in
good style.
Haircutting, Shaving,
Shampooing, etc.
(Bouch's Old Stand)
All binds off Repairs
If it is an order for Printing you can make no mistake
in sending it to the
■Eecorb Office
l,AliiiWh^[iil^^Mlji|^ffat||ii»iM» ta'»i IB «_W«»
■ Uimi'liM| The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Nod. 9
Each week our Saturday Special business is increasing and each week we
are trying to make it more interesting
to you by giving BIGGER BARGAINS
Here are our Specials for SATURDAY-
Best Japan Rice
- 5lbs. for 25c.
Australian Lunch Tongue 25 c. tin
(in tins)
Sardines in Oil
Best Toilet Soap a big bai
es   -
4 for 25c.
30c. per box
1 Oc. packet
Bring or send us your orders.
We GUARANTEE to save your
money and give  you  satisfaction.
Phone 35
Phone 35
2 Cents per word, first insertion- and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cent*.
Brand new, 17ft. 6 h. p. double-cylinder
Robert's Motor, has every convenience.
Satisfactory a speedy boat. Will be sold
cheap. Apply, J. R. Campbell, P. O. Box
160. Kelowna. 38t.f.
Fine young pure bred Jersey Bull (registered).   Three  years   old.    Apply A. W.
Dalgleish. 45tf
Imported thoroughbred Hackney Stallion
Six years old. Bred from best English
stock. Winner of seven first prizes in Old
Country.   Apply T. Duggan, Rutland.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting between Charier
Casarso and E. Jenkins under the name of
E. Jenkins & Co., has been dissolved by
mutual consent, and all liabilities hereafter incurred, will be paid by E. Jenkins,
who will continue business under his own
Dated at Kelowna,
Oct. 16th. 1911.
16in and I8in. cottonwood, delivered anywhere  in  town.     Apply   R.  E.   Harriss,
Hawkesdale Ranch.
Pedigreed   Berkshires,   6    weeks
Apply R. E. Harriss, Hawkesdale
Pony Team, wagon, harness, hay, fodder
furniture, etc.    Also 7 acres   of   fruitland.
Terms, if sold complete.
47tf F. Crane, Rutland, B.C.
Pedigree   White   Bullterrier   Pups   foi
Sale.    Apply A. Pettman, Kelowna.   50
And    Private   Boarders.     Apply   Mrs.
Jarvis, Ellis Street. 50-1
Respectable   Man   Desires  Situation as
Night Watchman or Place of Trust. Apply
J., Record Office. 50-1
Don't trifle with a cold is good advice
for prudent men and women. It may be
vital in' the case of a child. There is
nothing better than Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for coughs and colds in children.
It is safe and sure.    Sold by all dealers.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
Every One a Winner!
Heinz Mandalay Sauce
Heinz India Relish
Heinz Tomato Chutney
Heinz Chili Sauce
D m.
Heinz Horse Radish
Heinz Euchred Pickles
Heinz Sweet Pickles
Heinz Pearl Onions
Heinz Chow Chow
Heinz Mixed Pickles
Heinz Mustard Dressing
Heinz Tomato Catsup
Heinz Baked Beans
Heinz Tomato Soup
We are just now sampling India
Relish, and Mandalay Sauce, and
everyone who tries either or both
of them gives the same verdict, and
so the story goes with all things
bearing the Heinz Brand. These
goods are now manufactured in
Canada at their own factories in
Ontario, consequently the price
is less and the quality nothing
We only ask a Trial
Christmas  Goods,  including Raisins, Currants, Nuts, Peels,
&c, will begin to arrive next Week-    Hold your orders for us.
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
In the matter of the Board of Investigation created by Part III. of the 'Water Act"
for the determination of water rights existing en tlie 12th day of March, 1909; and
ir. the matter of the following creeks in
the Osoyoos Water District :--
Aberdeen Lake.
Beaver Creek.
Beaver Jack Creek.
Bonneau Creek.
Bear Creek and its South Fork.
Big Creek.
Blue Spring Creek.
Big Horn Creek.
Bissette Creek.
B. X. or Deep Creek.
Beaver Lake.
Balagno Lake.
Bath Creek.
Bigg Creek.
Burnyeat Creek
Brown Creek.
Brewer Creek.
Bold Range Creek.
Bouchers Garden Spring.
Cherry Creek.
Cedar Creek.
Coldstream Creek.
Cranberry Creek.
Clear Creek.
Copper Creek.
Cattail Lake.
Clark or Horse Creek.
Cashmere Creek.
Canon   Creek.
Clover Creek.
Cottonwood Springs.
Commons Creek.
Christies Creek.
Dailey Creek.
Deep Creek and its North Fork.
Duck Lake.
Duck Lake Creek.
Diamond Dry Lake.
Duncan Creek.
Dry Creek.
Deafy Creek.
Davidson Creek..
Darke's Creek.
Darke's Lake.
Deer Creek.
Dutchman Creek.
Echo Lake.
Eight-Mile Creek.
Eneas Creek.
Esparron Lake.
Fish Lake.
Fahni Lake.
Fern Creek.
Five-Mile Creek.
Finlay Creek.
Fox Creek.
Falls Creek.
Fall Creek.
Garnett Lake.
Girod's Craek.
Goose Lake.
Gurney Creek.
Granite Creek.
Harris Creek.
Haddo Lake.'
Hill or Venner Creek.
Headwater Lake.
Hog Gulch.
Hill Creek.
Irish or Coyote Creek.
Ireland Creek.
Island Lake or Lake of the Woods
Jones Creek.
Jacob Creek.
Jacks Creek.
King Edward VII. Lake.
Keep Creek;
Larch Creek.
Le Due's Creek.
Lapsley Creek.
Louis Creek.
Long Lake.
Long Lake Creek.
Lyon's Irrigation Ditch.
Lulluwaape or Vemon Creek.
Latch Craek.
Mud Lake.
Mabel Lake.
Meakins Creek.
Mill Creek.
Miller's Spring.
Mountain Creek.
Mosgrove Creek.
Medora Creek.
McDougall Creek.
Nicklen Creek.
Nelson   Creek.
North Branch Creek.
O'Keefe's Creek.
Otter Lake.
Otter creek.
Prairie Creek.
Porteous Creek.
Power's or Rashdaie Creek. _•
Pigeon Creek.
Putman Creek.
Perry Creek.
Reels Creek.
Rockey Gulch.
Ribblesworth Creek.
Rollings Lake
Six-Mile Creek.
Spider Creek.
Shuswap River.
Sheep creek.
Shingle creek.
Swan lake.
Swan lake creek.
Short's or Biche creek.
North Fork of Biche creek.
Siwash creek.
Smith's creek.
Stoney creek.
Slacks creek.
Shannon lake.
Speer lake.
Spruce creek.
Sucker creek.
Sugar lake.
Silver Spring creek.
Sow-Sap creek.   "-
Spring creek.
Sturt's creek.
Styx creek.
Trout creek.
Trepannier creek.
Three-Mile creek.
Tamarack lake.
Vance creek.
Veners creek.
Venner creek,
Venton creek,
Woods or Torrent creek.
Whiteman creek.
White or clearwater creek,
and all unnamed springs,  streams  creeks,
ponds, gulches and lakes tributary to or in
the  vicinity    fo    the    above   mentioned
Take notice that each and every person,
partnership, company or municipality who
on the 12th
rights on any of the above mentioned
creeks, is directed to forward on or before
the 30th day of November,   1911,  to the 48-3
Children's Goods
From the Manufacturers
in London, England.
Children's Frocks, in Silk, Cotton, Cashmere, &c.
Children's Pinafores.   A large
Girls'  Sailor Suits.    In Navy
' Serge, best quality, all
Infants' Bibs, Feeders,
Wool   Petti-
Infant's   Wool   Jackets
Hand Knitted. -
Children's Wool   Motor
Children's Wool  Overalls
Children's Sleeping Suits
Children's Flannelette Underwear
Children's Bonnets, Swansdown
Hoods, &c.
Children's   Bootees, Kid Boots,
Children's wool Gloves and In-
fantees. -     ...
Children's   Leather- Gaiters.
Children's Goods a Speciality
The Kelowna Outfitting Store
public Highways.
Notice is hereby given that all Public
Highways in unorganized Districts, and all
Main Trunk Roads', n organized Districts
are sixty-six (661 feet wide, and have a
width of thirty'three [33] feet on each side
of tha mean straight centre line of the
travelled road.
Minister of Public Works.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C, |uly 7th. 1911.
the Public
Bring in your faded
dresses, drapes, curtains
and rugs to be dyed.
Also your fancy dresses
and other wearing apparel to be cleaned and
pressed : any length kid
glove cleaned for 15c.
and all small repairs
done free of charge.
Detroit Cleaners and Pressors.
R. S. FORD   -   Proprietor
Office opposite "Courier'' Office."
Office Hours:   6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Notice is hereby given that at the next
statutory meeting of the Board of Licensing
Commissioners for the City of Kelowna, I,
Arthur Peabody, intend .to apply for a
renewal of my license to sell liquor by
retail in the premises known as the Palace
Hotel, situated on the north aid* of Bernard Avenue, between Water Street and
Pendozi Street, in the City of Kelowna,
B.C.   Dated November 3rd. 1911.
chief water commissioner at the Parliament Buildings at Victoria, a memorandum
of claim in writing as required by section
27 of the said Act as amended.. Printed,
forms for such memorandum - (Form No.
19) can be obtained from any of the water
commissioners in the Province.
And take notice that the said Board of
Investigation intends to proceed to adjudicate upon such claims on or about the
10th day of January, 1912.
After the claims have been tabulated by
the Board,  notice  will  be  given  of  the
places and days upon which evidence and
of  Oct
argument will be heard at local points,
day of March, 1909,"had water'    Dated at Victoria this 19th day
obor, 1911.
We are 'in the market for
your money. We are paying
good prices right now for
money-Real Cash Money.
If you have some money
you want to sell, now is the
time to sell. it. We pay the
highest market price for it.
We will take silver money,
gold money, and even paper
money, if it has not been
used too much; second-hand
money brings just as good a
price as new money.
Don't throw away old.
money. Sometimes it is worth
a little more than new money.
We take it by the peck, pound
or price; any way to suit you.
But don't ask us to buy your
money on future delivery.
We don't buy future promises. Don't offer to sell us
'money unless you can deliver
the goods on tne spot. " Spot
cash " is the kind of money
we aie offering good, strong
prices for. You can sell your
money for future delivery at
lota of stores, but you won't
get a very good price for it.
" Spot Cash " money always
brings the best price if you
sell it at a " Spot .Cash "store.
Try it. Credit stores can't
pay good prices for cosh
money, because they buy lots
,of promises also that spoil on
their hands, and the cash
money has to be used for the
spoiled promises. It takes lots
of good, clean money to
sweeten up a bunch of rotten
promises. The KelownaHard.
ware and Specialty Co., Kel.
ler Block, Bernard Ave,, City.
«Ji.,iii   Tffir.iTO


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