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The Orchard City Record Nov 16, 1911

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you stand ^lone.
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Meeting of
City Council
A meeting'of the council was
held last Saturday morning, the
Mayor and Aid. Leckie Jones and
Dalgleish being present.
A letten from the Tranquille San-
itorium asking for payment of one
dollar per,day for a patient who
had been sent to the institution by
one of the local doctors gave rise
to some little discussion on the
city's position in such cases. The
opinion was expressed that the
council should have been first acquainted with the intention to send
the man.
Aid. Jones thought it would be
well for the council to meet with
the local medical men and discuss
this matter of tuberculosis. .
A resolution was passed " That
the clerk write the Superintendent
of the Tranquille Sanitorium confirming the action of Dr. Knox in
sending Stephen John Hall to that
institution, and that the city would
pay for his maintenance to the
extent of one dollar per day."
A further resolution was passed,
"that the city health officer be requested to report on the case of
Nicolas Kremer to the council at
itn next meeting." .    "
The appointment of, a city auditor was mentioned, the clerk recom-
" mending that the matter, should
not be delayed as there wa8 fully a
month's work in auditing the' city's
books fof the year.
Aid. Jones reported that he and
•   Aid. Dalgleish'had visited the city's
nuisance ground to investigate conditions,  there.   They   had^ f,0und
7 ,$)$' the scavenger had beei^ftisy
A- lately and  had' greatly improved
matters. ' ^ ■'.'■...   '
In discussing  the  question the
mayor mentioned that.there were
two other applications in  for the
position of scavenger for the next]
year.' •
Aid. Dalgleish,believed the city
. would do better to have its own
teams engaged in that and considerable other work which was ~ necessary in the city. A good man
could be placed in charge and he
believed it would be a saving and
an advantage in many ways.
The mayor said that the difficulty,
with the present scavenger* had
been that he had attempted too
much independent day work which
had interfered with the efficiency
df his services for the city. He
did not think it desirable to
make any changes before the new
■ The meeting then adjourned to
assemble again at the call of the
New Census Probable
There is now; every probability
that th* census of June last -will
have to be taken over again. It is
understood that the question has
already been informally considered
by the members of the government
and there it a very strong likelihood
that a new count will be taken in
1912. A decision will be finally
reached when it is phown beyond
question that the census machinery
broke down in June and that the
returns now in the hands of the
chief commissioner are so hopelessly unreliable as to be useless.
A thorough investigation will be
made on the return of Hon, Martin, Burrell to Ottawa. The new
census will likely be taken on the
English system. In order to have
such a recount it will be necessary
to pass a special legislation and a
vote for the money.
A Scottish service will be held
next Sabbath evening in Knox
church instead of the Sabbath following, when the Rev. A. W. K.
Herdman will speak on Scottish
heroes.   .
The annual meeting of the
Kelowna Tennis Club will be held
in Hudson's Studio, oh Tuesday,
Nov. 21st, at 8 p.m.        • *
Kelowna's Growing
Fruit Shipments
Emphasizes   Need  for  Better
If anyone is in need of an object
lesson as to the gravity and urgency
of Kelowna's demand for better
transportation facilities he need
only visit the different packing
houses and make some inquiries
and comparisons of fruit shipments
with previous years to realize the
enormous rate at which the production of the district is increasing.
And not only is the rate of increase
being maintained from year to
year, but the pace is being rapid.}'
One hears in a general way of
car shortage and the inability of
the lake' steamship service to cope
with the fruit Output in a few years'
time, but those who are handling
the fruit shipment and watching
its growth, and have something
more than a!general idea of the
amount of fruit which will be produced in the Valley during the
next year or two, know that we
are, on the verge of being faced
with a difficulty which would paralyse the whole district, and set
back the clock [oi progress for
several years.
When one thinks of the thousands o,f acres of young orchards
planted to apple trees, from two
to five years old, and of the proportion which this acreage bears
to the small; acreage at present in
bearing, one gets a faint idea of
the multiplication of the present
output which is in prospect. And
hpw will this be-handled? The
facilities provided' by the C.P.R.
car barge, and the lake steamers
have this year/been taxed to'their
utmost, notwithstanding which the
greatest inconvenience has been
experienced from shortage of cars.
; Fruit has accumulated in the
packing-houses, wjrich several
times have been threatened with
serious loss. At the beginning of
the month when all fruit shipments
should be over there were still a
large number of carloads to move.
There has been no more busy
place in the valley-during the present season than the Kelowna
Farmers' Exchange and some facts
and figures of the past year's work,
revealed in a chat with the manager,
Mr. B. McDonald, will serve to
show how rapidly the packing
business is developing.7. ■■■■>..
- Already this year .Qilfe 230 cars
of produ'ce have beeii^Miipped', by
the Exchange. In October alone
125 cars were shipped, nearly two
and a half times last year's amount
of'52 for the same period. This it
might be mentioned included shipments from the Armstrong branch
which was opened this year, and
before tne season is ended the total will reach 260 or 170 cars.
The striking growth of the Exchange during the last five years
is shown by a comparison of the
turnover during that period. In.
1907 this amounted to only J&28,-
000, in 1908 to $52,000, in *I909
Jo $82,000, in 1910 to $144,000,
and this year the turnover will be
at least $250,000, and it is quite
possible, when the returns are all
in, that, the quarter million mark
will be'well passed.
The great increase ofthe present
year has been in some measure
due to the agressive action on the
part of the directors. Early this
year the Exchange underwent a
process of reorganization, placing
it upon a much more business like
and efficient footing. Up to then
the concern had been run under
the Farmers' Institute act, as a
purely co-operative undertaking,
and moreover with' capital utterly
inadequate to cope with the rapidly growing trade. It is now however incorporated under the Company's Act 1910, with a capital of
$100,000 in 1000 shares of $100
each. Nearly half of these have
already been sold solely amongst
the growers of the valley, and
principally in the Kelowna dictrict.
Branches were also opened at
Penticton and Armstrong, ih
charge of Messrs. F.  W.  Zerener
and F. W. Allen respectively, and
in these places the support cf the
growers has readily been obtained.
Shipments to Vancouver have
shown a noticeable increase this
year, and Mr. McDonald declares
that the whole output could have
been marketed there, but for the
necessity of keeping tKe connection already obtained east of the
Rackies. It used tb be said that
coast was a difficult market bo get
into, but the apple trade generally
and the sale of Kelowna apples
particularly, has no doubt received
a considerable 'impetus fiom the
National Apple Show.     -
Anew departure with the Exchange this - year has been the
shipment of a grade of ", cooking
apples " in open crates (so as not
to conflict with the Fruit Marks
Act). There seems to be a large
demand for this cla3S of fruit on
the prairies, and to the grower the
result has been very little fruit returned on his hands as culls.
Another department-which is
being developed is the storage of
potatoes. ' There" are at present
between 500 and 600 tons stored
in the exchange cellars belonging
to various growers in the district.
For this service a charge of 30c.
prr ton per month 'is made, the
Exchange guaranteeing to protect
them from frost. The advantage
of this to the farmer, is that
shipments can be made -at any
time through the winter in specially heated csts, as opportunity
might offer. If the potatoes were
pitted in the usual way this could
not be done, and it need hardly
be pointed out that shipment during the winter might mean a considerably difference in the price'
realized. '     , v
The potatoes generally seenMo
be of far better'quality than last
y<sar, due' ho doubt to the large,
amount of good seed which was
shipped in.
Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 800 to . 1,000 tons of
onions, have been • shipped this
year. A temporary shed had to
be arranged for the grading and
packing of these. In quality this
year's onions were, in the opinion
of everybody who handled them,
the finest ever shipped.
Altogether, the year's work has
been highly satisfactory, and the
directors contemplate extensive
developments in the future.
Dominion Pacific Ry.
Seeks Charter
Application will be made to
Parliament shortly for a charter for
the Dominion Pacific Railway,
from a point on the international
boundary at or near range 23
west of the fourth meridian,
Alberta, thence northwesterly to
Gardston, thence noithwesterv via
Pincher Creek to a point .on the
Crows Nest branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway near Lund-
breck, thence northerly and west
of Porcupine Hills to Calgary,
thence northerly and west of Snake
Lake, Gull Lake and Pidgeon Lake,
to Edmonton, thence in a general
northwesterly direction to Fort St.
John, in the province of British
Columbia. It is proposed, also, to
build a branch line from a point
on the main line west of the town
of Pincher Creek, in a general
southwesterly direction, and along
the south fork of the Old Man
River, to the boundary of British
The Kootenay Central Railway
Company will apply to Parliament
for an act authorizing it to cor-,
struct a branch line from Galloway,
southerly in the direction of the
international boundary, also for
more time to construct lines already
authorized. j.
A freight shipment , of sterling
silver novelties has just arrived at
The Baptist Young People's
Society is holding a social on
Monday next, November 20, to
which a very cordial invitation is
extended to all. Music and games
will form the programme and
refreshments will be provided. A
collection will be taken in aid of
the society's funds.
Ca_ip Social at the
Presbyterian Church
There was a strange red glow in
the windows of the ^ Presbyterian
Sunday School Hall last Monday
evening, which betokened some
unusual event. It was the camp
social of the Yqung People's
Society and the Bible Class, who
I.ad united forces for the occasion.
Seats were arranged around a
make-believe camp fire, contrived
with electric lamps and red paper,
and the? room was'decorated to
resemble the " forest primeval."
The evening passed pleasantly
with music and games.
"Current Events," were summarized by Miss McNaughton,
while Mr. L. V. Rogers^ gave a
paper on " South Africa." A reading was given by Mr. Reynolds, and
songs by Mrs. J. Harvey, jnr., and
Mr. Roger'.
' Camp refreshments-brown bread
beans, etc., were served to complete the illusion. A feature was
the singing by the audience of such
old favorite songs as "Tenting on
the Old Camp Ground, and " My
Old Kentucky Home."
Fruit Inspectors Condemn States' Apples
Two carloads of apples from
the United States were condemned
by the provincial fruit inspectors
stationed at New Westminster
during the past week. "The fruit
was confiscated because of codlin
moth with which it was found to
be infected.'. Mr. Lyne, assistant
fruit inspector, states that on account of the high reputation-for
cleanliness enjoyed by British
Columbia fruit, it is considered
necessary to take stringent measures to maintain the high standard.
"1 do not think," said he," that
any other district on the American
continent is so, free from fruit
pests as 'British Columbia. The
advantage of this position in trading with other countries that are
also free from these pests is not
perhaps sufficiently understood.
In Australia, for example, there is
astipulation that no fruit may be
imported from any place within
an area of 25 miles of a district in
which codlin moth exists. Now we
have' ih view .a bigf trade with
Australia. In fact, if we had'the
varieties " there are brokers who
could handle 100,000 cases of
apples this season, and considering the fact that of the area planted
under fruit in British Columbia
not more than 25 per cent, has
yet come into bearing, the importance of preserving to ourselves
this future market can well be
understood."    '
Mr. Lyne states that fall nursery
stock is just beginning to come in
and the quality is superior to that
imported in former seasons.
Scavengers on Strike in
New York
The garbage gatherers are on
strike in New York and it is ' expected that the health department
will step in to save New York
from the evil effects of somf. 40,-
000 cartloads of refuse that has accumulated since the men who drive'
the street - cleaning wagons' quit
work because they objected to
night hours. Fear of the strikers
and their friends has kept professional strike-breakers from accepting the high wages oflered by the
city for substitutes. The health
department has sent its men with
several hundred barrels of disinfectant to sprinkle on the piles of
rotting garbage in the poorer and
more thickly populated districts. '
The wedding took place on
Wednesday, Nov. 14th, at The
Manse, Kelowna, of John Jardine,
of Edinburgh, to Lizzie Laidlaw,
of Kelowna, tne ceremony being
performed by the Rev. A. W. K.
British Columbia
Census Returns
The census bureau has published
the tollowing figures f^r incorporated cities, towns and villages in
British Columbia:—
Cumberland City 1,237
Prince Rupert ....4,184
Alberni... 891
Fernie ., 1,287
FortSteele 276
Nelson, without suburbs..4,563
Rossland 2,82 7
Cranbrook. 2,365
Trail 1,460
Slocan 189
New Michel  .' 662
Old   Michel 1515
Revelstoke   3010
Nakiisp.. ..347
Golden 932
Hosmer 3091
Esquimalt ...4001
Nanaimo 8305
Ladysmith,   including    South
Oyster ...3295
New Westminster
New Westminster 13,394
Steveston 1 10CT~
Chilliwack 1657
Victoria . 31,620
Yale-Cariboo.   ,
Grand Forks.-. ......1577
Phoenix..... 1512
Enderby.,.. 835
Armstrong   810
Kamloops 37 72
Kelowna 1663
Vernon 2671
Vancouver.....\...  100.333 ,y
North Vancouver........... 7781
South Vancouver ...16021
PoinfGrey  4319
Box Social at Benvoulin
Benvoulin had a pleasant function last Friday evening in the form
of a box social at the schoolhouse.
The social was arranged by the
ladies' aid of the Presbyterian
church, and although the severe
weather made the attendance a
little small, yet the sum of $35 was
realized. The Rev. A.W.K. Herd-
man took the chair. The boxes,
which included some very pretty
efforts, were auctioned off by Mr.
W-. A. Scott. Music, recitations,
games and refreshments combined
to make the evening pass pleasantly, the gathering breaking up about
Convention of School
Trustees Association
Mr. Thos. Lawson visited the
coast last week to attend the
convention of the B.C. School
Trustees' Association, of which he
was president. The sessions opened at Vancouver last Thursday
when trustees were in attendance
from .all parts of the province. Mr.
Lawson, who took the chair through
the convention, in his address, outlined the objects of the convention,
which were in the main the interchange of ideas, and to get in '
touch with the department of ,
education. He spoke of the ne^ds
ot the schools generally, and also
of tbe school teachers, and advocated a wide optional course in
technical education being adopted.
The officers elected for the
ensuing year were as follows :
President.-W. E. Flumerfelt, of
Vice-Pre8ident.-Capt. Mcintosh,
of Victoria.
Second Vice-President. - J. M.
Wright, of Armstrong.
Secretary - Treasurer.—Spencer
Robinson, of South Vancouver.
Executive Committee.-—A. R.
Stacey, North Vancouver ; George
H, Stevens, South Vancouver; J.'J.
Dougan, Vancouver.      fr
"Kamloops vyas decided upon as
the pl^ce for the next convention.
Nelson and Victoria were candidates, but Kamloops won by a
substantial majority.
The Kamloops-
Qkanagan Line
A current issue of the Kamloops
Standard says, It is practically certain that at the next session of the
legislature the C. N. R. will seek
aid from the Provincial Government to enable them to continue
their proposed branch 'line from
Kamloops to the Okanagan. Mr.
T. H. White, chief engineer and
his assistants were in the city yesterday and visited the construction
work going on near Tranquille.
The engineers: have commenced^
their examination of the proposed
route to Vernon, making Kamloops
It has been suggested that a
Library and Debating society for
ladies and gentlemen be formed
^on the benches for which purpose
a general meeting will he held -on
Friday, November 24th, at the
East Kelowna School house at 8
p.m. to whioh all interested are
cordially invited to attend.
-f    «■—<«"»W>,; -m*gl\
A Scene from "Billy," to be at the Opera House
Saturday, November 18th. \ .^Hh **r'«"***-!:- T_<
'•^■'' vv— ,"■"-    ''•       ■■.■'■'7;-   " •.'     ■■■7/'    ..   '•    • ■":"yy "7 i/A' '":■''- :;''77 i-y -A 7 '• ■■■■■"
The Orchard Citu Record.
Thursday Nod. 16
The Kelowna Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk
The season for these goods has arrived, and we are
able to meet any requirements in this line,   having
just   receive   a   large   consignment   of all kinds of
Coal,  Wood,  and  Airtight  Stoves   and Heaters,   at
prices to suit everyone.
Furnace and  Hot-Water Heating a Speciality.
Wishes to inform the public of Kelowna and
surrounding districts that he has now opened
premises in Water Street, and is prepared to
buy and sell second-hand furniture, etc., to
any amount, also goods sold on   commission.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablet* do not sicken or gripe, and may' be
taken with perfect safety by the most
delicate woman or the youngest child. The
o!d and feeble will aba find them a most
suitable remely for aiding and strengthei)-
ng their weakened digestion and for regu
ating the bowel*.   For sale by all dealers.
There is little danger from a cold or
f""*» a»| attack of the grip except when
followed by pneumonia, and this never
happens When Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used. This remedy has won its
great reputation and extensive sale by the
remarkable cures of, colds and grip it
can be relied upon with implicit confidence.   For sale by al] dealers,
Town and Country
See Knowles stop watches from
$5 upwards.
The Rev. E. B. and Mrs.
leave this week for Victoria.
Dr. Gaddes returned Saturday
from a trip to the Columbia Valley.
A daughter was born to the
wife of Max'. Jenkins last Friday,
November 10th.
Mrs. D. W. Mills, mother r»f
Mrs. H. H. Millie, left this week
for Halcyon hot springs.
Miss Hazel Calandar, who hns
been visiting in Kelowna for some
time returned to Peachland Tuesday.
Mayor Sutherland and Mr. G. H.
Dunn left Monday morning for
Victoria as delegates from the
city to the convention of the Union
ol B.C. Municipalities.
Mrs. Johnstone, the government
telegraph agent, is exchanging
positions for a short time with her
son Reid, who has charge of the
office at Halcyon, B.C.
On Saturday, Nov. 25th, the
ladies' aid of the Catholic church
are holding a supper and fancy
goods sale at the new church. The
supper is from 5.30 to 8 p.m. An
orchestra will provide music and
there is to be a fishpond for the
little folk,
The . adult Bible Class of the
Methodist church is entertaining
the senior girls' and senior boys'
classes at their annual social, to be
held at the home of Mrs. Hunter
to-night (Thursday).        3
Wm. Madden, the young man
who was injured by a falling tree
in the park a fortnight ago is
happily recovering. Considering
the serious nature of the injury to
his head and the delicate operation
necessary to remove the fragments
of bone, it is not to be wondered
at that now he has recovered consciousness the last two weeks are
a perfect blank to him. He has
no recollection whatever of the
accident or of any subsequent
The population of the city was
increased during the week by the
influx of large numbers of men
who had been released from the
camps owing to the cold snap.
These were chiefly Italians, a large
number of whom are applying
their savings of the summer to
visit the sunny land of their .birth.
Mr. J. Ball conducted service
at Benvoulin church last Sunday
afternoon, giving a report of the
Laymen's Missionary Convention
at thecoast and also of the Sunday
School Convention at New Westminster.
The Lord Bishop of New Westminster and Rev. Thos. Greene of
Kelowna were visitors in the city,
the guests at St. Peter's rectory ori
Thursday evening.
—Revelstoke Mail-Herald. ;
The famous " West Minstrels "
will be an attraction at the Opera
House early in December. They
carry a strong minstrel troupe with
a full brass band and orchestra.
Mr. Thos. Hidson, formally constable in Kelowna, and now a
member of the Vancouver force,
has been visiting in the city for the
past few days. Mr. Hidson has
had the misfortune too lose his
wife about a month ago, leaving
him with the care of two young
Notaries Public,
Conveyancers, etc.
Barrister '
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. C
C. Harvey, B.A., Sc, C.E., D.L.S,, B.C.L.3..
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
P.O.BOX 137
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
p. o. Box me
'Phona SO
Corner Penepzi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all CP.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work.      » 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Tov.rn and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
Miss   P.  LOUISE  .ADAMS,
Scholarship   Graduate  in  Piano  and   Teacher'*
Conn* of Toront6 Conservatory of Minic,
Will, receive Pupil* fer
At the Studio.
Lawrence   Avenue,'  off   Pendozi   Street.
Addrew   •   •   Poat.Ofice, Kelowna.    *
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
The Royal Bank has been somewhat short Handed this week. Mr.
Smith, the teller waa taken suddenly ill last Friday with heart trouble
and removed to the hospital, where
he lay for some days in a critical
cqndition. We are glad to hear
that he is now making progress towards recovery.
> For paina in the side or chest dampen a
piece of flannel with Chamberlain's Liniment and bind it on over the seat of pain.
There is nothing better. For sale ty all
Purchase. Yonr Gifts from
Knowles the Jeweller
He has the goods and will deliver
them fer you in any part of the
JeTtfilcr and Optician,
KELOWNA   .  ^.C.
Auoc Mem. Can, Soc C. E       Gradual* Toronto
Waterworks and Seweraye Syatem*, Pumping and
Lighting Plant*, Concrete Construction, etc.
Wishes to announce that his Car is at the
disposal of the public  reasonable irates per
'    hour or per trip.
Exhibitioner Royal College of Muuc, and lately
with Kendrick Pjme, Mu*. Doc., Organiit of th*
Cathedral, Manchester. Eng.,
At the Studio, 'Trench Block, Kelowna.
Music of every description  supplied.
New term begin* September.      P.O. Bos 437.
at Mrs. T. ALLAN'S.
Prices Moderate.
Bernard Ape.        Phone 86
,'iijhH.Ii' iWiJi'iBgi^
Attractive Bungalow
Four rooms and bath room,
concrete cellar, electric light.
Lot 50ft, by 126ft.
Price - $1,500
Writs Ba J. H.," R«corJ " Office
Ythe Place!
Trade where your
Money goes the Farthest
We are looking for your trade, but ask it only on the
condition that we give you ih return
Square Dealing-Honest Prices-Quality Goods
China, Glass, Silverware
Fancy Goods Department
Our stock of Dinner, Tea u_4
Toilet Sets and Lamps is now-
complete and awaits your inspection.. Largest assortment
of open stock patterns in the
city from which to make
your selection.
Our Stock is now Complete in every Department
For the Carpenter, and the
man who likes to tinker, we
have tools  of   the   highest
quality including.
Disston Saws,
Maypole Hammers,
Bailey's Places,
Stanley Tools*
and'many others. '
We are prepared for your Glass Orders now.
Stoves and Ranges
A large assortment from $6 to $75.   Every one guaranteed to
give satisfaction or money back.
.ni.i !■ ■ ii •    i    i' r. -    7  i     hi i
Come in and pay ua a vUit, we shall be glad to show you ardund
The  People's  Hardware  and  China  Emporium
Telephone - 180 Keller Block, Bernard Avenue P.-O. Box 221
Kelowna livery
A good supply of work
horses, driving an<i saddle
hones always on hand for
We guarantee every horse
. sold as represented.
We are prepared to pay
cash prices for good sound
young stock.
Our Livery is complete.
Good horses and equipment.
Phone 25. Leon Avenue, Kelowna.
Coal!   Coal!!
Nicola Coal (Lusip)
&1A.f)A ,*w ton
Real Pensylvania Hard -  $18.50 per ton
W. HAUG     -    -    Kelowna, B.C.
Telephone 66
& Co*,
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat Daily
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135    :<
mmm ....
Thursday, NoiX; 16
fh© Orchard City. Record
Like to
Sell the Best
There is more real satis
7 faction to "us in^ selling a
high-grade article than in
7 making a big quick profit
because it means a steady
future customerc
WkittweseU Kodak
glRBids we know that 7.,
our customers will
be so well satisfied     ,
that we will hold his
trade..; That is why
wehandle the Kodak
line exclusively. Not
merely   the  Kodak
. Cameras,   but   the
simple little Brownie
Cameras, the Kodak
Films, Papers, and
in fact almost everything made by the
Kodak Company
These goods are right because made by a concern
that cannot afford to sell
goods of any other kind.
P. & MM. Co.
Kelowna,     B. C
Kaas-aj^ErtMaatei Famished
Residence,' 10 Lawrence Ave.
i PHONE 9»~ -
Ladies* and  ^,,
Gents* jailors :
Repairing and Pressing
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flower*
Short Courses in
Department of Agriculture to
Continue Last Year's Work
A "W^MM thtf Record
is a sure dividend-paying
KeUwia iti.
Wkolessle ft Retail Botchert
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt' attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
The Department of Agriculture
has this year arranged for short
courses in fruit and vegetable growing to be conducted by the. Horticultural Branch of the department.
It has been decided to arrange
these, where possible, under the
Farmer's Institutes, in which case
these will forego their usual requisition in these subjects.
Short courses will be held during the months of December 1911.
and January* Feburary and March,
1912. -These ' meetings .proved
very popular last winter, and they
already have applications from a
number of districts for their continuation this year..
In general character these meetings are distinct from and superior
to the usual Farmer's Institute
meetings in the following respects :-
1. The great majority of the
addresses are given bv permanent
officials of the horticultural branch
of the department. These men
have studied conditions in the
province, and are well acquainted
with the numerous local problems.
2. The meetings will extend
over two days, morning, afternoon
and evening. This permits of a
thorough 'discussion of all phases
of the subjects in hand.
3. Special features will be practical demonstrations in orchard
practice, planting, pruning and
4. Special emphasis will be
given to the study qf, soils, their
analysis, treatment, cultivation and
'5. Lectures delivered in the
evenings will be illustrated by lantern views.
_. 6. Special lectures in connection
will be given by the deputy Minister of Agriculture, by the Prairie
Markets' Commissioner, and by
prominent fruit growers^
7.. Local fruit growers will be
asked to take a place on the programme and lead in discussion.
8; An- attractive programme
will be gotten out for each point,
and the meetings thoroughly ad-
yfeftisedsto«ia^yf .tfsVV'- .
t 9. TTKfe* series of lectures and
discussions will be framed in each'
case to meet local conditions, and
tKe central idea of the short course
is to furnish/real .inspiration and
information for the-best development of the district,
10. A partial list of subjects" is
as follows :-
The selection of orchard sites
and soils.
-   Buying nursery stock,  and   the
choice of commercial varieties.   ~
Propagation   of  trees,   grafting
and budding.
'  Soils; their origin and types.
The planting ..and care of the
Soil cultivation.
Fertilizers for orchards,
The use of cover crops and crops
forgreen manuring.
Pruning/-- ,
The prevention of winter injury
to treea.
Plant physiology; its importance
to the fruit grower.
Insects and plant diseases.
Sprays and spraying.
The growing of small fruits.
Judging of fruit and exhibition
Practical co-operation in - buying
and selling.
Economy in production, simple
The. markets for fruit and vege
Commercial production of early
and late potatoes.
Celery, cabbage, tomatoes.
Profitable onion growing.
Fertilizers for vegetable crops.
To secure these - short courses,
the department makes the following requirements.:
'■'■' ■..! .;■•- The granting of any application to be at the discretion of the
department. Where no short
course- is granted; the previous requisition of the institute will be
fulfilled. ..
2. The-dates and programmes
of meetings to be arranged by the
_3.' At most, meetings at two
centres in any institute district, except at discretion of the department.
4. A guaranteed average attendance of 30 at each meeting.
Notice U hereby given' that at the next
statutory meeting of the Board of Licensing
Commissioners for the City of Kelowna. I,
Arthur Peabody, intend to apply for a
renewal of my licenser to tell liquor by
retell in the premises known m the Palace
Hotel, situated on the north aide of Bernard Avenue, between Water Street and
Pendozi Street, in the City of Kelowna,
B.C   Dated November 3rd, 1911.
In the matter of the Board of Investigation created by Part III. of the 'Water Act'
for the determination of water right* existing on the 12th day of March, 1909; and
in the matter of the following creeks in
the Gaoyoos Water District ;—
Aberdeen Lake. ""•   "
Beaver Creek. 7
Beaver Jack Creek.
Bonneau Creek.
Bear Creek and its South Fork..
Big Creek. .'..'■
Blue Spring Creek.
Big Horn Creek.      ""
-   Bisaette Creek.
" B. X. or Deep Creek.
Beaver Lake.
Balagno Lake.
Bath Creek.        '
Bigg Creek. ..
Burnyeat Creek     -      '
Brown Creek.'
Brewer Creek.
Bold Range Creek.     .
Bouchers Garden Spring.
Cherry Creek.
Cedar Creek.
Coldstream Creek.
Cranberry Creek.    7:
Copper Creek.
Cattail Lake. . :y   .
Clark'or. Horse Creek.
Cashmere Creek.
Canon  Creek..
Clover Creek.      '...''   -
Cottonwood Springs.        •■.""'.
Commons Creek, -..''.
Christies Creek.. '.*.•-
Deep Creek and its North Fork.
Duck Lake.
Duck Lake Creek.
Diamond Dry Lake. :
Duncan Cteek.   •
Dry Creek..
Deafy Creek.
Davidson Creek-. .
Darke's Creek. ■'■--.-
Darke'.a Lake.
Deer Creek..
Dutchman Creek.
Echo Lake. .
Eight-Mile Creek,
Eneas Creek.
Fish Lake.
'_ Fahni Lake.
Fern Creek.
Five-Mile Creek.-
Finlay Creek.
Fox Creek.
Falls Creek.
Fall Creek.
Garnett Lake.
Girod's Creek.
' Goose Lake. '
,  Gurney Creek.
.  Granite Creek.
,' Harris Creek.
' Haddo Lake.
? Hill or Venner Creek.
Headwater Lake.
Hill Creek.    .      -
Irish or Coyote Greek.
Ireland Creek.
Island Lake or Lake of the Woods.
Jones Creek.
Jacob Creek.
Jacks Creek. ■
Kihg Edward VII. Lake.
Keep Creek.
Larch Creek.". . <
Le Due's Creek.
Lapsley Creek.
Louis Creek.
Long Lake.
Lone Lake Creek.'
Lyon's Irriigatien Ditch.
Lulluwaape or Vernon Creek.
Latch Creek.
Mud Lake.
Mabel Lake.
Meakins Creek.
Mill Creek.
Miller's Spring.
Mountain Creek.
Mosgrove Creek.
Medora Creek. f
McDougall Creek,
Nicklen Creek.
Nelson  Creek.
North Branch Creelc.
O'Keefe's Creek. -    -
Otter Lake.
Otter creek.
Prairie Creek.
Porteou* Creek.. ^^7j__ '.._;..
Power a or Rashdale Creek.
Pigeon Creek.
PutmanCreek.  '     • 7'..-,--
Perry Creek.
Reets Creek.
Rockey Gulch.
Ribblesworth Creek.
Rollings Lake . 7
Six-Mile Creek.
Spider Creek.
. Shuswap River.
Sheep creek. ...
Shingle creek.
Swan lake.
Sw«n lake creek. .       7
, Short's or Biche creek;
North Fork of Biche creek.
Siwash creek. .,
'   Smith's creek.
Stoney creek.
Slacks creek.
Shannon lake:
Speer lake.
Spruce creek.
Sucker creek.
Sugar lake.-
Silver Spring creek.
Sow-Sap creek.   ,
Spring creek.
Shirt's creek.
Styx creek.
Trout creek.
. Trepannier creek.
Three-Mile creek..
Tamarack lake.
Vance creek;
Veners creek.
Venner creek,
Vernon creek,
Woods or Torrent creek.
Whiteman creek.
White or clearwater creek,
and all unnamed springs,- streams creeks,
ponds, gulches and lakes tributary to or in
the vicinity; fo    the   above   mentioned
streams. ■
Take notice that each end every person,
partnership, company or municipality who
on the 12th day of March, 1909, had water
rights °n any of the above mentioned
creeks, is directed to forward on or before
the 30th day ©* November.   1911,  to the
At the Opera House
The Sherman Stock Company
The Sherman Stock Company,
which makes its first appearance
here commencing to-night, will
offer during its engagement as fine
a list of plays as ever seen in this
town. The company comes well
recommended after a season of 51
weeks at Calgary where it was located permanently during^hat time.
After a short road tour' the company returns to Calgary to take up
its home at Mr. Sherman's new
$200,000 theatre which is now
nearing completion.
The, company numbers sixteen
people who are clever dramatic
people in every sense of the word
offering a fine list of up-to.date
plays, and each one staged complete with their own scenery arid
effects. There are no specialties
between the acts, but a real dramatic company is offered, producing
the best of plays, at popular prices.
The play selected for introduction here is " Blue Mouse." ' Other
plays to be produced during ,the
engagement are " The Virginian "
on Friday night and " Billy " on
Saturday .night. Seats for the engagement are on sale at Crawford's
and should be secured in advance
in order to secure good locations.
Popular prices will prevail at' this
engagement and they will be, reserved seats $1, unreserved 72c.
"WATER ACT, 1911."
Take notice that the Board of Investiga-
tion acting under Part iii. of the " Water
Act" will meet at the Court .House,.in
Kelowna, on the 23rd of November,' 1911,
at ten o'clock in_the forenoon, to hear and
determine claims to water rights existing
on the 13 th of March, 1909, on Saw Mill
Creek and its tributaries^and to unnamed
streams in that vicinity; on the 24th day
of November,' 1911, at 10 o'clock 'in the
forenoon to hear and determine claims to
water rights existing on the 13th of March,
1909, on Scotty Creek and its tributaries
and to unnamed streams in that vicinity;
on the 27th day of November, 1911, at ten-
o'clock in the forenoon to hear and deter
(nine claims to water/rights existing, on the
13th of March, 1909. On Mill Creek and iu
tributaries, and to unnamed stream' in that
vicinity; on the 29th day of November,
1911, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to
hear and determine claim* to water rights
existing on the 13th of March, 1909, oft
Mission Creek'and its tributaries/ and ^ to
unnamed streams in that vicinity ; and on
the 30th day of November, 1911, at ten
o'clock- in the-forenoon,-to hear and determine claims to water right* existing on the
13th of March, 1909; on streams, lakes and
ponda. In Dry Valley, and to unnamed
stream* in that vicinity.,
IVOrdWrif the Board, -. 7 >
Dated at Victoria, I Ith October. 1911.
When too send
Your Xn^r Greeting
to your friends back home
'   ' what could be more appro-;
priate or have more chance
-of being appreciated than a
" -PtfotdgrajihTof"Vdurself or
family. Such a picture
would be treasured for years
while a tawdry present
perhaps costing a great deal
■more would- be thrown
aside after a week or two.
High-Class Portraiture
has been pur business for
.many years,..and we can
give the benefit of this long
experience without any extra cost.
Let us thou) you style* and pricu
Portrait Photographer - RowcliffBlk.
Studio* open"
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
chief water commissioner at the Parliament Building* at Victoria, a memorandum
of claim in writing as required by section
27 of the said Act a* amended. Printed
form* for such memorandum (Form No.
19) can be obtained from any of the water
commissioners in the Province.
And take notice that the said Board of
Investigation intends to proceed to adjudicate upon such claims on or about the
10th day of January, 1912.
After the claims have been tabulated by
the Board, notice will be given of the
plate* and day* upon which evidence and
argumeat will be heard at local point*.
DetM St Victoria thi* 19th day of October, I9IJ,
481*!! '••...■■ Cmifrntujt.
■ '-»■■» iii i*i>i
Royal Bank of Ccarada
! Ineorjporated    -.   1869
Capital   -   -   §6,200,000
Total Asset* ov«r   -
H«.dO_r_ce   .    MonJr«*J
Reserve   -   -   $T,W8,000
Accostnt* may be opened, Daposit* made er withdrawn ky ms_tl.  Every attentisa
is given to «it of town accounts.
..   Savings   Department   ..
Highest current rates allowed on deposits.     No delay ar trouble ia withdrawing.
One Dollar and Upwards open* an account
'-  ■ • ■:- - - ■ ■■ ■   ■■        '■••-.   •-■•■-■'•■ -■-.-^.'
Kclewaa Btawch, H. F. Rees, Manager.   Vetaoa Snack,C C Melt**, Manager.
65, William Street 2, Bank Buildings, Princes Street'
Branches and correspondents throughout the world.
During the' building of the new Crowley
Block the above business will be carried on
in the old Crowley building, which has
been removed to Lawrence Avenue, near
to Fire Hall.
All kinds of Boot and Sho,e REPAIRS: done
well and cheaply.
''It's neOer too lait to maid.'
View Books of Kelowna
These Handsome Booklets, containing
56 fine Views of Kelowna District,
Chffctm&s Calendars
Tjeiaotd to SOe. eaeh.
_ ii    i>       ii
A splendid new assortment, with local view*.
Photor Viewr on Christmas Carfr^
Two for 25 cents and1'up.
Panoramic Views of the District
i • ii i i i ____________
•'--••' ■' ■ •*- ■'■ - ♦■ ■"-•■.
Aa Christmas Presents.
Gome Early for your CHRISTMAS  PORTRAITS
G. H. & HUDSON^U«^«ie * ?ortr«t PU^**
We have exceptional facilities for
the production of the best
kinds pf
Give us a look in, or phone 94.
V' J
i_.V__f " Tbe Orchard City Record
Thursday, Hod, 16
Published every Thursday al the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
JOHX LEATHLEY, Editor and Proprietor.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United Slates $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rales upon application.
First  for
By winning the Stillwell trophy
nnd £1,000 at the great Pan-
American Exhibition at New York,
British Columbia has earned the
reputation of growing the best
potatoes on the North American
continent. The exhibit which
gained this award consisted of
101 varieties drawn from all sections of the province, aggregating
weight about one and a-half tons.
The credit for the display rests
entirely with the Department of
Agriculture. The entire province
was scoured to secure the finest
specimens and Mr. W. E. Scott,
deputy minister of agriculture, and
those who assisted him in the task
deserve the highest praise for the
new honoi which they hnve won
for ihe province.
Under this beading communications toltl
be recelced upon any subject ot interest.
Letters must be signed, be brief, acoid
personalities. Tbe Editor doea not nee-
essarlltj endorse opinions gioen beloic.
To the Editor of
"The Orchard City Record."
Dear Sir,—
As one who attended the complimentary banquet tendered the
Minister of Agriculture, Honorable
Martin Burrell, I would like to add
my appreciation of the action of
the committee in charge who were
progressive enough to veto liquor
of all kinds. It is to be deplored
that there are those who would
still use these public functions to
spread the seeds of that which has
done more'than anything else to
drag individuals and nations to the
lowest depths of degradation.
" Slightly Humid" in the last edi
tion of'The Courier " characterizes
the banquet as a " child-like affair,"
intimating it as man-like to drink
liquor. It is a thought, no doubt,
emanating from a perverted mind.
Where are the great commercial,
industrial, educational oi national
institutions that measure a man by
the standard of his being able to
drink liquor? Even those who are
engaged in the manufacture of the
product value the man who is man
enough to abstain from its use.
Again " Slightly Humid" claims it
almost an insult to be asked to
drink a " man's health—to say
nothing of the royal toast — in
water." Where would a toast be
more fittingly drunk in water than
at a political banquet ? Can
"Slightly Humid" instance any
nation made great by the use of
wines and liquor? 1 think not;
but there are instances that the
desire for entertainment of this
kind for the sole purpose of the
gratification of the animal,' nature
of man, has caused the ruin of
nations as well as individuals. No
one but he who has lost all sense
of dignity and desire for the future
of his community and country,
would wish to introduce into that
which touched the government of
his country, the very evil which
added to the downfall of other
We have clubs and hotels where
those who wish to indulge in the
drinking of liquor can do so, but
when a public banquet is held,
either to honor a person or to
further the interests of the district,
it seems a lasting disgrace to the
community if any considerable
proportion feel it necessary to intrude this objectionable feature
before they can enter into and
enjoy the spirit and object of the
Don't trifle with a cold is good advice
for prudent men and women. It may be
vital in the case of a child. There if
nothing better than Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for coughs and colds in children.
It is safe and cure.    Sold by all dealers.
The  Churches
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, fir»t end third Sundwr* ia tt*
month at 6 a.m.; Mcend and fourth Sunday•, aft«
Morning Prayar.
Litany on th* fir.t and third Sunday*.
Morning Pi»y*r at 11   o'claek;   Evaning Prayer at   |
7:30. a
REV. THOS. GREENE. B. A., R«ct*r.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Momins Scrricu at " a.m.; erenin«**rTice»at 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weakly Prayer M'etiag on Wedne*d*y» at 8 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Suadsy School at 2 P.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN. Pa«t*r.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
'     Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek icrvic* W*dn*sdsy at 8 p.m.
REV. J. W. DAVIDSON. B.A., B.D.. faitor.
Kslowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sakbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m..
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
Lodge meetings held in the old School-
house 1st and 3rd Monday in each month.
P. BROOKE, Clerk.
. Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy pro-
duce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley  Co ; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society hav* an
Insurance   in   force   which   they   wish  to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which • entitles th* holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or. for further information should be made to the secretary, Room 1. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275, Kelowna, B.C.
el an Interest in
While  the  Price is  Within Your Reach
HB..'WIW*^:il * It   H*~m*mWlUi**1***t.W**mtf9i**  »>■■ i «*■!'_! <!__>■ Hull. I
Having secured the Sole Agency in a First-
Class Sub-Division, am now offering for a
Few Days Only several Lots at $80 each
Terms: $15 down and $5 per month.
Recreation Park Ayenue
I have other equally attractive propositions in hand, and for
the man with small capital can show some splendid bargains.
Am Open to List Other Property
J.   LEVITT   *»   P-O. Box 495   'Phone 194.
BUY IN    A:
Two Good Reasons for Buying at; this Store:
BUY AT ,::■
Reason 1
•       . ■ *
Because Vou are sure of getting Dry Goods and Dress Materials which are
honest and reliable, and at as low a price as they can consistantly be sold.
Reason 2
Because you deal with Neighbours   and pay less for cost  of selling goods.
Return goods if not satisfactory.   Build up your home store and help the town.
Think It Over
We are still endeavouring to  reduce our stock, which is much too large for our store space,
and   are   still   making   substantial    reductions  on  all  Web   Goods  or  anything sold by the
yard.      The winter campaign  in  Clothing and  General  Dry Goods is on.
Extra Special for Saturday and Monday
New, Stylish, Warm and Comfortable.    We cannot itemise them all here.   We
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One Navy Blue Serge, seven-eights length, size 38.    Regular $20.00
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One Black Serge, size 38.   Regular $25.00.       For Saturday Special, $17.50
One Black Beaver Coat, size 36.   Regular $ 18.00.
For Saturday Special, $12.00
Wrapperettes and Flannelettes
25 Pieces of heavy, good quality  Wrapperettes.   New goods.
At from 12&c. to 20c. per yard.
40 Flannelettes to clear at a sacrifice.     Some very fine values at 10c. per yard.
Children's Tarns, all colours.   Good warm ones.    Regular $1 values
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bb l^^^^^^^^^^'^f^
J.rJ^^^ssJiWs?,^1 *^_!_S®l^^'S__«S^'*ft^£f!sKB5?_&
Thursday, Nob.' 1(5
Orchard Gitnj Record
■ IIMlTl,,     MMII I        I 1*1—__■__—■III! LU       II
Wa carry only the beat lines of these goods, which will five
you satisfaction every time.
Buggies,    Wagons,   Democrats,   &c,
to suit all purchasers.
'" The Mighty Reo
has demonatrated its reliability and general efficiency times
without number, and you cannot go  wrong in investing
in this make.
The LH.C. Roadster %
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is-without doubt the car for the farmer.   Easy to handle
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Come and let us show you.
::    FEED   ::
Hay,  Oats,  Bran, Wheat, Barley, and Oat  Chop.
Dealers.in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. andr Lawrence Avenue.
Kelowaa Manufacturing
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
W« haoaa larGo oonaignment*! the litest lines of
Picture Moudings JUST IN.
Now ia your time to get ill your Picture Framing
done, at prices fehat DEFY COMPETITION.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Office Phone, 86
Situated within on* half mil* of town, and being
•bout loo foot above tho lake, it command* a beeuti-
ful view of tho town, lake and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Madcet.
There ia only one GLENMORE. Don't miaa tho opportunity of eelecting a few acraa of thia desirable,
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on ua and «
/ show you our sub-division
just four blocks from the centre of the town.    Prices tow.   Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.
- Provincial and General News -
The Hon. Arthur Balfour has
resigned the leadership of the
Unionist party.
The steamer " Minto " was blown
ashore on the Arrow Lakes during
a tremendous storm last Saturday
At the suggestion of the British
minister at Lisbon, Portugal has
decided to purchase several warships and certain artillery.
The Canadian Pacific Railway
Company haa just opened its
sixteenth hotel. This is a cosy
and well fitted up structure at
Balfour, B.C.
With all the time-honored
pageantry that has marked Lord
Mayor's Day for 700 years, Sir
Thomas Boor. Crosby, physician,
merchant and financier, was last
Thursday inaugurated as Lord
Mayor of London.
Premier Asquith announced in
the House of Commons that the
government intended to introduce
a manhood suffrage bill at the
next session of parliament.
It ia estimated that this year's
orange crop of Florida will bring
Hay is $50 a ton in the Bulkley
valley and one rancher recently
sold 200 tons at that price. -
For the first time in the.memory
of the oldest timer Vancouver
during the first week in November
lies under a thick blanket of snow.
The government of Saskatchewan has notified the department
of labor at Ottawa that after a
careful study of the fuel supply
situation in the province it finds
the coal shortage to be 200,000
tons as a result of the strike.
Supplies of coal are being rushed
from the south, but • fuel famine
seems inevitable.
The militia department will send
two or three officers to England
shortly to take an instructional
course in aviation aa applied to
military operations.
There is now every probability
that the census of June last will
have to be taken over again and
that a new count will be taken in
1912, on the English plan.
England bade goodbye to King
George and Queen Mary last
Saturday when their majesties
sailed on the s.s. " Medina" for
India where the great coronation
durbar will be held next month.
Her Majesty the.Queen is devoting^ her coronation' gift from the
Marys of the Empire to establish'
ing a holiday home for working
girls in connection with the London Girls' Club Union.
Joseph Smith, for 30 years the
presiding patriarch bf the Mormon
Church, and right hand man to
its founder and first president,
Joseph Smith, died last week after
three days' illness of pneumonia.
He was 79 years of age. Patriarch
Smith was the sixth to be chosen to
his office, the only hereditary one
within the church.
W. Clark Russell, author of innumerable fascinating tales bf the
sea,, arid one of England's foremost
fiction writers, died last week after
an illness of eight months. He
was born .in New York in 1844,
but at the age of 13 he joined the
British navy and served to manhood. Among his Works are " The
Wreck of the Grosvenor," "The
Frozen Pirate", and "The Life of
Ex-Captain Boswick, night watchman on the "Okanagan" at Penticton,. had • narrow escape from
drowning last week. In going
down ■ in the early morning to
throw off the?teel hawser, preparatory to the, sailing of the boat, he
fell over the erid of the wharf.
Engineer Gray fortunately saw the
accident and gave the alarm. The
old man waa'found clinging.to
one of the piles, half frozen. He
was pulled out and taken care of,
and is little worse for the mishap.
Beaver May be Trapped
Until April Next
After a closed season extending
over six years in British Colunbia
beaver may now once more become the prey of the trapper. During the time of its protection, the
industrious little rodents have
multiplied enormously and are
plentiful in all parts of the province. The season will remain open
until April.
Already reports are reaching the
offices or the chief game warden
for British Columbia of numerous
beavers being killed and trapped
throughout the province, as a result of the coming in of the long
deferred open season. It is stated
that as soon as the season ends,
it is extremely probable that a
closed season for a further period
will be declared—until some comprehensive scheme can be devised
for the regulation of trapping.
During the open season, it is noteworthy that non-residents are forbidden to trap or kill the beaver
without having first taken out licenses in this behalf, at a cost of $100.
It has been found necessary
however, to place a restriction upon certain,districts and : an order-
in-council sent out by. the Provincial Game Warden makes the trapping of beaver illegal in that portion 'of the Similkameen Electoral
district included in the Okanagan
river and lakes between Penticton
and the boundary line of the United States of America, and also in
the watershed of all streams and
lakes running into the said Okanagan river and lakes between the
same points. -
Ballot to be Taken on.
Church Union
" I am pleased to recommend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as the best thins I
know of and safest remedy for coughs,
colds and bronchial trouble," writes Mrs
L. B. Arnold, of Denver. Colo. " We have
used it repeatedly and it has never failed
to give relief."   For sale by all dealers.
Ballot slip's are being sent to all
Methodist congregations in Canada
to vote on the question of church
union with the Congregationalists
and Presbyterians. Only one question is asked, and that is: "Areyou
in favor of organic union with other
churches ?" The question must be
answered. "Yes" or "No." There
are four ballots. . One is for the
official board, another for church
members, one for those under
eighteen years of. age, and the
fourth for adheranj* but contributing to the support of the church.
The vote was commenced last
week and will be continued until
spring, when a complete return
will be compiled. The conferences have already signified their
stand by voting in favor of union.
The Kelowna Furniture Co. have
taken over the Undertaking business
of R. Minns, who will conduct thts
Suitable buildings will be errected
on the Lawrence Avenue property.
-   Kelowna Furniture Company
For the
We are busy these days unpacking
large shipments of Silverware Cut
Glass and Jewelry, * and - a look
through our stock will convince you
that we have the goods.'
Our lines of
Cut Glass, Fancy China
and Novelties
would do credit to a city store, and
we pride ourselvee on our prices,
which are es low as the lowest.
Let us prove it to you.       *
&C* trouble U *ft»(0 g*»ds
W. M. PARKER & CO., vaum bw*. ulotha, k
Watchmakers and Jewells
AU work absolutely guaranteed.
hi. ■   ■ .
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
" Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, limited
In Marty Subdivison on Pendozi Street, with building
restrictions, size 68x121,
Prices from $350 to $650, easy terms.
Building Loan arranged for purchaser.
We have funds available for Mortgage Loans, and the
purchase of Agreements of Sale.
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Bear Creek Services on Fridays discontinued untU further notice.
E. E. HANK1N30N.  j j      ResidencefrA Ave
P..O. Box 70. !| !' da O--.7C
•Phone No. JOB.   Resid. "Phone, 105.   C * r'V,OOT '"',
licenced Auctioneer
Sales Csaducted ot Coansjssion
Builders and
Plans etFarimataa Furnished
Bouvette's livery
Naw Premises:
Careful and prompt attention
tb all orders for
Riga for Hire turned out in
good style.
Geo. ©AVIS
Haircutting, Shaving,
Shampooing, etc.
* (Bouch'a Old Stand)
All kinds of Repairs
If it is an order for Printing you can make no mistake
in sending it to the
lUcorto 011ice
1 .      ... * *   !•.' .<-m
._... »n..ltffr.lni-y nmK.,1    iiywwi; <■*■*-*■ ^w^spr^mr j j acac ^Jfttfyfj.i>- uki_m_F_jb^uvr
The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Nod. '6
Our Xmas Stock of Goods, including
Raisins,  Currants, Sultanas,
Layer Raisins, Dates, Figs,
Shelled Walnuts, Shelled
Almonds, Peels of all
kinds,  Mincemeat,
Candies, Chocolates, &c., &c.
Are now arriving, and we can fill your order to suit
you with the highest-class goods at the lowest prices.
We want your orders and will guarantee quality & prices.
nM____-_____--___«____mw.M_.iiWLj»t*»«-S_-Mii-__*fl^ I  jff^
WANTED! j Come, arc
________M_-_a_B__sB__a___a____i in«m_ii# ;
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Brand new, ! 7ft. 6h. p. double-cylinder !
Robert's Motor, haa every convenience. ;
Satisfactory a speedy boat. Will be sold j
cheap. Apply, J. R. Campbell, P.O.Box';
160. Kelowna. 38t.f.
Fine young pure bred Jersey Bull (registered).    Three   years   old.     Apply A. W.
Dalgleish. 45tf
Imported thoroughbred Hackney Stallion
Six years old. Bred from best English
stock. Winner of seven first prizes in Old
Country.    Apply T. Duggan, Rutland.
Choice Eggs at 40c. doz.
"Just like fresh ones"
f*       Send us Your Ordors      K>
Phone 35 Phone 35
I6in and  !8in. Cottonwood, delivered anywhere   in   town.     Apply   R.   E.   Harriss,
Hawkesdale Ranch. 47tf
For the best five shots going every
I have opened a
First-Class Rifle Range
tact Importation
From the Manufacturers
in London, England.
Pedigreed   Berkshires,   6    weeks    old.
Apply R. E. Harriss, Hawkesdale   Ranch.
Pony Team, wagon, harness, hay, fodder
furniture, etc.    Also 7 acres   of   fruitland.
Terms, if sold complete.-
47tf F. Crane, Rutland, B.C.
(Behind Fire Hall)
And    Private   Boarders.     Apply   Mrs.
Jarvis, Ellis Street. 50-1
Respectable   Man   Desires  Situation as
Night Watchman or Place of Trust. Apply
J., Record Office. 50-1
Fond of children, excellent testimonials.
Been nurse 15 years. Good home more
desired than high salary. Apply Nurse
Stopford, care of Mrs. R. E. Harriss,
Hawkesdale Ranch.. x
One black Filly, 2 years old, branded J E
on left shoulder ; One Bay Gelding, branded  J E on left shoulder.   Cal. Blackwood,
Poundkeeper. 51
" I am pleased to recommend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as the best thing 1
know of and safest remedy for coughs,
colds and bronchial trouble," writes Mrs
L. B. Arnold, of Denver, Golo. " We have
used it repeatedly and it has never failed
to give relief."   For sale by all dealers.
Prize for Saturday, Nov. 18
A 22 Winchester Rifle
Shoots short, long, and long
rifle cartridges. A useful gun
for any man or woman. Given
for the best five shots on score
card during week commencing
Monday, November 13th. Gun
given away Saturday night,
November 18th.
All are cordially invited to come
and learn to shoot.
Ladies are welcome, too.
As we desire  to give the general
public  a  chance, expert  shooters
will be barred,
Children's Frocks, in Silk, Cotton, Cashmere, &c.
Children's Pinafores. A large
Girls' Sailor Suits. In Navy
Serge, best quality, all
Infants' Bibs, Feeders,
Children's Wool   Petticoats.
Infant's   Wool   Jackets
Hand Knitted.
Children's Woof Motor
Children's  Wool  Overalls
Children's Sleeping Suits
Children's Flannelette Underwear
Children's Bonnets, Swansdown
Hoods, &c.
Children's   Bootees, Kid Boots,
Children's wool Gloves and In-
Children's   Leather Gaiters.
Children's Qoods a Speciality
The i Kelowna Outfitting Store
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
Every One a Winner!
1 IClIlZ
Mandalay Sauce
India Relish
Tomato Chutney
Chili Sauce
D C_
i epper oauce
Horse Radish
Euchred Pickles
Sweet Pickles
Pearl Onions
Chow Chow
Mixed Pickles
Mustard Dressing
Tomato Catsup
Baked Beans
Tomato Soup
We are just now sampling India
Relish, and Mandalay Sauce, and
everyone who tries either or both
of them gives the same verdict, and
so the story goes with all things
bearing the Heinz Brand. These
goods are now manufactured in
Canada at their own factories in
Ontario, consequently the price
is less and the quality nothing
We only ask a Trial
To    .
the Public
Bring in your faded
dresses, drapes, curtains
and rugs to be dyed.
Also your fancy dresses
and other wearing apparel to be cleaned and
pressed : any length kid
glove cleaned for' 15 c.
and, all small repairs
done free of charge.
Detroit Cleaners and Pressers.
R. S. FORD   -   Proprietor
Office opposite " Courier '* Office.
Office Hours:   8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Packs & Pays :
Christmas  Goods,  including 'Raisins, Currants, Nuts, Peels,
&c., will begin to arrive next week-    Hold your orders for us.
The People's  Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
Postage on all :
Xmas Goods   :
In loving memory of mj' dear
brother, Thomas Wardjaw, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Wardlaw,
who was accidentally drowned in
Okanagan Lake, Kelowna, B.C., on
Wednesday, November 23, 1910.
Like the ivy on the withered oak,
When all things else decay,
j    Our love for him will still keep green,
| And never fade away.
Inserted by his brother, D. Wardlaw
We cannot bend beside his grave,
For he sleeps in tha secret sea ;
And not one gentle whisperins wave.
Will tell the place to me.
Although unseen by human eyes,
And mortals know it not,
Yet Christ knows where the body lies,
And angels guard the spot.
Inserted by his father and mother.
Three Nights
Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Commencing TO7NJGHT • >•
The Sherman Stock Co.,
Under the direction of Sherman and  Leland,
-' '1
will present
"The Blue Mouse
"The Virginian"
A strong company & magnificent scenery
Popular Prices
Book Seats at Crawford's Store    -   'Phone 87.


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