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The Orchard City Record Aug 31, 1911

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 ^K^ leboiahv'e ^.     .
Special Facilities for
Executing- High-
Class Half-Tone and
General Letterpress
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of
City Council
Court o: Revision Precedes
Regular Meeting
The council sat last Thursday
morning at 10 a. m. as a court of
revision to hear complaints against
assessments levied under the Local
Improvement By-laws N98. 94. 95,
and 96, the first being for the opening up of St. Paul Street through to
Bernard Ave., and the two latter
for cement and wooden sidewalks.
Mr. E. Weddell appealed against
the assessment on the south-east
portion of his property on the
ground that the opening up of St.
Paul Street was no improvement,
as it came too near his house. The
court, however decided that the
fact that the extension made a
corner lot of the property was sufficient improvement, and the appeal was not allowed.
Dr. B. F. Boyce .objected to being assessed for the cost .of the
new cement sidewalk where it,
crossed the ends of a private lane
which ran along the east of his
place in Bernard Ave., and out into
Richter Street south of Mr. Cooper's
house. The lane, however, had
never been deeded to the city, and
the court decided that until this
was done, Dr. Boyce was liable for
assessment under the by-law.
Dr. G. Moore, of Vancouver,
wrote, pointing out that he had
been assessed for a lot on St. Paul
Street owned by J. H. Middleton,
Mr. Middleton had also been assessed for a lot belonging to Dr.
Moore. The necessary corrections
were ordered to befiiadi?.       *
The court then adjourned..
Engineer's Report on
Local Sewerage Scheme
Favors Septic Tank System of Sewage Disposal  - Estimated
Cost of Sewers and Disposal Plant is $130,000.
Immediately after the Court of
Revision, the council assembled in
ordinary meeting, the Mayor and
Aldermen - Copeland, Cox, and
Leckie being present. .
The minutes were first read and
A formal motion was then passed
that Local Improvement By-laws
94, 95 and 96 be reconsidered and
finally passed.
By-law 97 was then introduced
and given a first and second reading. This provides for the extension of the date upon which the
rebate of one-sixth on the taxes
may be given to October 2nd.
The extra work in the municipal
offices, connected with the sidewalks and street opening by-laws
had made it impossible to get out
the tax notices on time. It was
therefore necessary to extend the
time given for payment.
Aid. Copeland, on behalf of the
Board of Works, reported having
examined Fuller Avenue and Wilson Street, the opening up and
grading of which had been requested by the residents. It would
take a considerable sum of money
he said, to place these streets in
fair condition.
The mayor suggested that there
might probably be a balance left to
the credit of the city of the money
raised for the opening of St. Paul
Street, Sutherland Ave., and Elliott
Ave., after these works had been
completed, and in that case it could
be used for the improvement of
Fuller Ave. and Wilson St.
This was agreed upon and the
meeting adjourned until Tuesday,
Sept. 5th at 10 a.m.
Mr. A. Day has just sold through
D. H. Rattenbury, 40 acres of hay
land to E. W. Powell, a real estate
broker of Port Hammond, B. C.
The property, which is about a
mile from the city, realized a little
over $6000.
It is a good sign and a sure indication of faith in the future of
the city when real estate men themselves turn purchasers. Mr. D. H.
Rattenbury has made several purchases during the week, including
five acres of orchard adjoining Aid.
Cox's property, from B. A. Moore-
house, the house on Bernard Ave.
until lately occupied by Mr. F.  H.
Rees, and a cottage on Glenn Ave.      ,   t .
the two latter from Mr. Dan Fraser. | sewerage system itself.
Mr. H. Sydney Hancock, of
Vancouver, the consulting engineer
engaged some little time ago to
inquire into and report upon the
feasibility and cost of a sewerage
system for the city has submitted
his preliminary report. Mr. Hancock is an expert on matters
relating to sewage disposal and
has had a wide experience with
systems presenting ever greater
difficulties than Kelowna. The
report is too long to reproduce in
its entirety, but the following
extracts will give the gist of his
Mr. Hancock visited Kelowna
Tast May and made a detailed
inspection of the city and a study
of the problems affecting the installation of a satisfactory systerri.
He was assisted in the preparation of a topographical map of
the city by Mr. R. H. Parkin: on,
who took the necessary levels.
The chief obstacle to the installing of any sewerage system is of
course the flatness of the townsite.
At the eastern boundary an elevation of only 20 or 25 feet above
the lake is attained, and near the
lake an extensive strip lies af a
comparatively low level.
Discussing the particular system
suited to local conditions, Mr.
Hancock says:
There is no room for doubt that separate systems of sewers should be constructed
in Kelowna for the care of sewerage and
storm water, rather than a system that will
combine the functions for the following
chief reasons::—
(i.) As all sewage must be pumped and
treated  before \ discharging  into   the
.   lake, the presence of storm water adds
greatly to the cost of separation  and
purification, and  limits the efficiency
of the results attained,
(ii.) The capital cost of providing suffi.
cient pumping capacity for handling
storm water is prohibitive,
(iii.) Kelowna being in the dry belt the
construction of. a ato^m water system
can be postponed for many years and
a series of surface drains substituted.
The present ditches quickly dry after
rain  and  are  in  themselves   almost
sufficient for present requirements. —
(iv.) The elimination of storm water from
the sewers with its accompaniment of
mud, sand and street debris, permits
.the sewage to be carried at a considerably lower velocity and therefore on a
much flatter  grade  line, a matter, of
very vital importance considering the
topographical and sub-soil conditions
affecting this problem in your city.
Location of Disposal Plant.
The location of the Disposal Plant will
depend  very  largely  on  the  method of
disposal  adopted.    The  oldest  and first
method to  be  considered is that of the
direct application of the sewage^to land on
the sewage farm principal.   This method
will require a different site to that of any
other system.     As far as Kelowna is concerned it has the following disadvantages:
(i.) A suitable site for such a farm can
only be  obtained  on   the  low-lying
land adjoining the lake-near either the
North or South boundaries of the city.
In  neither case is the land suited  for
economical treatment, and a comparatively large acreage must be provided,
due to the presence of a saturated subsoil  within a  short  distance  of the
surface, and the generally non-porous
character of the stratum lying immediately beneath the surface loam.   By
choosing the best location available,
probably one acre of land would be
necessary to care for the crude sewer-
am from every 100 people in the city,
(ii.) Land   in   the vicinity of   Kelowna
naturally   commands  a   very   much
higher price   than ordinary agricultural land, because of the value 'of the
fruit and other crops it so abundantly
produces.    •
(iii.) A  sewage  farm  would  entail  the
carriage of  sewage  from  North  to
South,  or  vice   versa,  through   the
entire  length of the city, necessitating
a great depth of sewer at the sewage
farm—a most costly operation in such
a   subsoil—or  a  numerous series of
subsidiary pumping stations,
(iv) The expense of preparing the land by
under-draining will be very large in
this material.
_For the above reasons I consider it more
economical and effective to use some more
intensive system of disposal that   can be
carried on without offence in a very much
smaller  area.     Such a plant designed for
six times your present population can be
comfortably accommodated on a site not
exceeding two acres in extent.
Such works can be made free from
offence, and a comparatively small expenditure on shrubbery and ornamental design
will render the site unobjectionable to the
surrounding property.
Under these conditions such a site can
be located in the centre of your city with
I very great economy in  the cost of the
It was suggested to me on inquiring for
a central site that a portion of the park
might be used, and at present I see no
very serious objection to this course. I
was also informed that the task of securing any other plot of 'central land would
be both difficult and expensive. Consequently I have designed the system and
disposal plant with the idea of using the
park site, but would point-out as a firm
believer in the acquisition of as much land
as possible by every growing city, that an
effort should be made to secure some other
site in that vicinity. The day will probably come when your increased population
will begrudge the park space occupied by
the disposal plant if for no other reason
than it has been deleted from its dedicated
purpose. In case you are able to acquire
another suitable central site at a iea3on-
able price.it will not involve any serious
or fundamental change in the design, otherwise the park site will fully answer the
purpose for which it is required..
Having thus fixed the location of
a disposal plant the engineer goes
on to consider the design of a
pipe system for collecting the
sewerage from the various sections
of ihe city. In the design of. this
he is handicapped by the fact that
the principal business section is
only six feet above lake level and
the growing industrial district to
the north is only three feet. To
obtain a sufficient fall to drain a
large.mapped-out central area and
to bury the sewers at sufficient
depth to afford protection from
winter frost, it would be necessary
to go about three feet below the
level of the lake at the disposal
plant. The northern' and southern
low-lying areas of the city would
have to be treated separately, arid
subsidiary electrically-driven pumping stations installed to raise the
sewage after draining to their
respective sumps. In this way
one disposal plant could be made
to serve the whole city.
Owing to the flat grades encountered the sewer pipes would
need the utmost care in laying so
as to ensure their being true to
grade, as any depression or distortion would inevitably cause
clogging and obstruction. The
joints, too, would need to be as
nearly perfect as possible to prevent the infiltration of water and
sand, an unknown depth of waterlogged sand underlying practically
the whole city.
The report then goes on to deal
with the provision of Hush tanks
for the main sewers, the importance
of an efficient system of ventilation
and the rigid inspection of house
connections. The city is also
mapped out into sewage areas, and
the direction and size of sewer
pipes indicated, with the locations
of the subsidiary pumping stations,
which latter it is proposed to
operate with electric motors, driven
from the city's power house.
After the sewage collecting
system comes the question of a
disposal plant. As already stated
Mr. Hancock concludes that a
sewage farm would be inadvisable.
Whatever method is adopted, the
sewage has first to pass through a
screening process to eliminate
sand, gravel and other mineral
matters and street refuse.
The next step in the disposal problem is
the elimination of the suspended matter in
the sewage which mav be accomplished
more or less successfully in a large number of ways. Those in general use, adaptable to Kelowna conditions may be divided
into four main classses, as follows.
1. Septic Tank process.
2. Chemical precipitation.
3. Natural Settlement.
4. Hydrolitic Tank process.
I.    The Septic Tank process is well known
to you. The main essential of a Septic
tank is that it be constructed in such a way
that it will provide the most favourable
conditions for the development and action
of anaerobic bacteria. Briefly, both light
and air must be excluded and disturbance
of the contents of the tank must be avoided
as much as possible. The former desideratum is best obtained by a close cover of
concrete or brick arches; probably necessary at Kelowna in any case owing to the
possibility of occasional spells of cold
weather and the central situation of the
Comparative absence of disturbance is
'secured by building the tank large enough
to care for at least twelve hours flow and
arranging the inlets and outlets so that
neither the bottom sludge or the surface
scum are appreciably agitated. For a unit
caring for 5,000 people a tank 42ft. by 12ft.
with a depth of sewage averaging six feet
in depth would easily care for twelve
hours flow when that population was
reached, and would not much exceed a
24 hour flow for your present population.
In case a tank has to be entirely emptied for cleaning or repairs it is absolutely
necessary that there be no interference
with the process, and consequently it will
be necessary to construct two tanks of
this size with the first unit. The final design for the estimated population ef 15,000
people will have four tanks of this size,
each taking a twelve hour flow ol
people, which arrangement would permit
of one tank being out of commission and
still leave sufficient capacity in the remain-
dei to give reasonably efficient results.
Even when all are in operation for the full
population the rate of flow will be sufficiently rapid. Two tanks for your present
population would take a flow of 48 hours
which is not harmful; in fact, the process
continues to give increasing efficient results
at least up to a 72 hour flow, but the increased percentage after the first twelve
hours is so small that the additional cost
of providing tanks with an ultimate capacity exceeding that period is not warranted.
The length of time during which a septic
tank may be permitted to work without
emptying depends very largely on the
character of the sewage to be. treated.
Usually a tank ceases to give satisfactory
results when 25 per cent, of its capacity is
occupied by sludge, and it should then be
emptied and cleaned. The real test is,
however, in the effluent which should
never be permitted to contain more than
fifteen grains of solid matter per gallon,
when discharged on the filter beds. By
regular reduction of sludge, a tank handling only domestic sewage will work for
very long periods with emptying, especially if its capacity is not overstrained. For
Kelowna it is quite probable that this
period may extend to seven or eight years
or even longer.
On starting the operations of your tank
natural settlement will take place but it
will probably take some months before
the sewage becomes actively septic. The
length of time will vary with the season of
the year and the composition of the sewage.
Warm weather is of course favorable to
rapid septic action. 'After one tank is in
operation, others can be.started in a very
short time by fertilizing with sludge . from
the operating tank 'and permitting it to
stand for a few days.
Great care must be taken in this initial
development as well as in the subsequent
operations. Regular and intelligent handling is of the utmost importance. Bacteria
requires just as careful attention as far as
food and warmth are concerned, as do any
farm stock, and a week of carelessness
may mean many months of patience, to
As compared with chemical precipitation or natural settlement the septic process has the following advantages and disadvantages :•   .
1. Cost of construction comparatively
2. Special care required to avoid nuisance if other than domestic sewage is
3. Sludge is produced in comparatively
small quantities.
4. Sludge is very difficult to press and
of little or no value as a fertilizer.
5. Filtration as an after process has to
be more complete and thorough than for
chemical precipitation.
6. Percolating beds must be deeper
than for a preliminary chemical process.
7. The effluent from the tank is more
difficult to treat by contact beds than
either of the others but can be satisfactorily treated by percolating filters.
8. Cost of operation low.
2. Chemical Prtcipitation. In this process the precipitation of the suspended
solid matter in the sludge is secured by
the addition of certain chemicals which
cause the formation of solid compounds
These solids in the 'process of precipitation carry down the suspended matter _ in
the sewage as well as some of the polluting
matter.' So thorouahly is this done that a
comparatively small amount of secondary
treatment produces n satisfactory effluent
There are a large number of more _ or
less satisfactory precipitants some of which
depend on certain characteristics in the
sewage under treatment to produce the
necessary chemical reaction.
Those in common use include :-
Lime, in a perfectly caustic state.
C. P. R. Vice-President Some Interesting
A report from Winnipeg states
that great surprise was expressed
there when it was announced
that Sir William Whyte had retired
, as vice-president in charge of the
r___rmi_' Canadian Pacific Railway's western
line. Official word of Sir William's
decision came from Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, who gave a dinner
at the Manitoba Club in his honor.
Sir Thomas said that when the age
limit of service was reached last
year Sir William had desired to
give up active work, but at his, Sir
Thomas', earnest request, he had
finally been prevailed on to continue in the company's service.
However, this time Sir William's
decision to retire and enjoy a rest
after a long and honorable service,
appeared to be irrevocable, and it
was with regret that the directors
had accepted it. However, they
induced Sir William to accept a
position on the board of directors,
where his splendid services will
not be altogether lost to the company. Although not announced it
is understood thst Sir William's retiring allowance is $12,000.
General manager, G. F. Bury  is
named as his successor.
Election Figures
The Laurier government dissolved parliament with a majority
of 45 divided thus:
Rutland News.
From our own correspondent.
(i.)  Lime, in a perfectly caustic state,
iii.) Lime, in solution  and  sulphate  of
(iii.) Lime, with alumina,
(iv.) Spence'a Alumina-Ferric,
(v.) Ferrozone, or Magnetic Fetrous-Car.
(vi.)A mixture of Clay Carbon, blood
and Salts of Alumina. Known aa the A.
B. C system.
The latter system is the only one that is
likely to be of-use in Kelowna, but only if
there is a satisfactory market for the pro.
duct. It has been in operation about 25
years at Kingstion-on-Thamea and renders
the sludge easy of treatment to a marketable condition. After drying and treating
it produces a dry odorless powder, rich in
nitrogen and phosphates which, when put
up in bags sells readily in Great Britain
as " Native Guano" at $17.50 per ton. At
Kingston One ton of Guano is produced
each year for every twenty five inhabitants.
Comparing the chemical precipitation
process with natural precipitation and the
septic tank processes the following points
are to be noted :—-
(i.) Comparatively low cost of construction.
Little or no danger of nuisance.
Large quantities ot sludge.
Sludge easily pressed.
Comparatively   small  amount   of
filtration required as a secondary
Least depth and capacity of filtration beds.
Very suitable effluent  for subsequent contact bed treatment,
(viii.) High cost of operation.
The lawn social held in the parsonage grounds on Thursday week
was well patronized. The band
from Kelowna enlivened the evening's proceedings and was appreciated by all present. The.demand
for refreshments during the warm
evening soon outran the supply,
and the total receipts amounted ■ to
the goodly sum of $115. Several
disappointments in the programme
were caused by the non-arrival of
outside performers,, therefore, the
local talent had to- be drawn on,
and creditably filled the bill.
Miss Cross of Calgary and Miss
J. Turner of Kelowna are visiting
Mrs G H. Leathley.
The Bible class held a picnic at
Woods Lake last Thursday, and a
pleasant day's out it proved. The
drive is through splendid scenery,
and boating, fishing, swimming,
shooting and eating, were some of
the means employed to pass the
time. John Woolsey liked it so
much that" he and his family
pitched their tent by the lake'for a
few days. The launching of the
good ship " Rudand Belle," built
by Schell Bros., was one of the
features of the day.
The service at the Methodist
Church next Sunday will be taken
by  Rev. A. W. K. Herdman,  of
*-»%«a\_r •rr aawa
Ontario        -
Quebec        -
New Brunswick   -
Nova Scotia -
Prince Edward Island -
Manitoba     ...
Alberta        ...
British Columbia -
Yukon Territory -
Continued on Page 4.
The attention of those who took
the trip to Naramata on July 27th,
is drawn to the notice on the back
The O. K. Lumber Co. are erecting central storage sheds for finishing lumber on the corner lot next
to the Baptist church.
There was an unusual number
of people on the wharf Wednesday
afternoon to welcome another detachment of returning travelers
back from the Old Country. The
arrivals were Mr. and Mrs. F. R. E.
DeHart, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Lawson. Mrs. Lawson was accompanied by her sister, from Ontario
who will visit for a time.   -
The new supplementary, plant
for the power house came to hand
last Friday after some delays in
shipment and transit. The additions comprise a 50-kilowatt electric generator (half the capacity of
the present one), a compound
duplex pump for the waterworks,
and an engine to drive them. The
smaller electric unit was ordered
bv the council with the double
purpose of economizing in fuel at
times when the load was too light
for the big generator, and also to
provide a day service for power
purposes. The new pump was
rendered necessary by the rapid
extension of the water system.
Total 88     133
To oust the Laurier government
from power the Conservatives
must gain 23 seats.
No statutory provision exists to
provide for any specific time between a dissolution and nomination, but it has generally been
thirty days, though there have been
cases where the time between dissolution and voting has been
shorter than this. Here is the
1878. Dissolution, August 9;
polling September 17.
1882. Dissolution, May 18;
polling June 29.
1887. Dissolution, January .15:
polling, February 22.
1891. Dissolution, February 3 ;
polling, June 23.
1896. Dissolution, April 24;
polling, June 23.
1900. Dissolution, October 9;
polling, November 7.
1904. . Dissolution, September
29; polling, November 7.
1908. Dissolution, September.
17 ; polling, October 26.
Ministers since confederation
have been as follows:—
Sir John Macdonald, July" 1, 1867
—November 6, 1873.
Hon. Alex. Mackenzie, November 7, 1873-October 16, 1878.
Sir John Macdonald, October 1 7,
1878—June 6, 1891, dissolved bv
premier's death.
Sir Mackenzie Bowell, December
2.1.1891-April 2 7,1896, dissolved
by premier's resignation.
Sir Chas. Tupper, May  I,   1896
-July 12. 1896-.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, July 13.1896.
The standing  of   parties   after
previous elections was—
Lib.- Con.
1896- r - - 122 88
1901 - - - - 133 80
1904- - - - 138 76
1908-  -  -  - 134  87
B.C. Horse
Orders by Officer
Commanding " D " Squadron.
i    A^nn;n»n.-_.~»-.    tl.-. _,_____....
ing appointments will take effect
from this date;—
Trooper A. Morrison, No. 2
Troop, to be Sergeant.
Trooper C. Bird, No. 2. Troop,
to be Trumpeter.
2 Enlistment. The headquarters
office on Leon Avenue, will be
open from 8 to 9 p.m. on Monday,
September 4, and Friday, September 8, when anyone wishing to
join should present himself for
enlistment as the sxuadron is nearly:
complete. G. H. BRUSH,
Comdg. Officer.
Martin Burrell Here
Next Monday Week
In connection with the candidacy of Mr. Martin Burrell, a
meeting has been arranged for
Monday, September 11, at 8 p.m.
The candidate will be supported
by several prominent speakers in
the conservative interest and those
who have the arrangements in
hand are inviting discussion on
any of the vital questions upon
which the election is being fought.
Mr. H. H. Millie was in town
Thursday last leaving again in
company of Mr. Palmer, the Dominion telegraph superintendent,
for Vernon and Kamloops.
m The Orchard Citq Record.
Thursday, Aug. 31
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue        Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
Town and Country
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
Sporting Goods
Now is the time to buy your supply of these
goods, while our stock is new and well
assorted. We have a large range of Shot
Guns, Rifles, Revolvers, Ammunition, and
Hunters'  supplies of all kinds.
• •
• •
will  appreciate the ease and comfort derived from  wearing " proper fitting
glasses."     If  you   have   not   had   your   "Eyes"   attended   to,
Ian Cameron is visiting at the
home of Councillor J. R. Brown
of Summerland.
The Ladies' Hospital Aid monthly meeting is on Saturday, September 2, at 3.30 p.m., on Mrs. McKay's
verandah. Members of the Country Aid have also been invited to
this meeting for joint discussion of
tag day business. The annutl
meeting of the L.H.A. takes place
September 9.
Mr. F. Wolridge returned Frick.y
from Victoiia.
Mr. N.D. McTavish left for a
few days' visit to the coast las!
week-end, returning Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ashbridge returned
from the coast last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. George McKenzie
are spending a week or two at
Miss Hartin left Saturday last for
Seattle to purchase Fall millinery.
The firm of Harvey and Moorhouse, surveyors, are announcing
a dissolution of partnership. Mr.
Charles Harvey is to continue iu
business in Kelowna, whilst Mr.
Moorhouse will take over the Penticton branch on his own account.
1 he quarterly communion is to
be dispensed next Sunday morning in the Presbyterian Church,
Kelowna, and in the afternoon at
Benvoulin. The usual preparatory
services will be held during the
week, to-night in Kelowna and
to-morrow (Friday) at Benvonlin.
Mr. and Mrs. I. Mawhinney anc!
Miss Mawhinney left Tuesday
morning for Victoria for a six
weeks' stay. The journey has beer
undertaken for the benefit of Mr.
Mawhinney's health, which has not
been good lately.
Miss Furse, whose home is in
Alberta, is staying at present with
her sister, Mrs. George Fletcher.
Dr. Howie, of Glasgow, Scotland,
! is visiting in -town this week with
the object of looking around the
district. He has received a most
favourable impression of the city
and its future prospects.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Fraser arrived
Monday from Regina to spend a
few days before proceeding to the
coast, where they will reside for a
Miss P. L. Adams, A.T.C.M.,
is resuming her music classes in
September, and will be pleased to
meet both old and new pupils al
the studio near the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Pendozi Street,
or at the residence of Mrs. W. E.
Adams, on Glenn Avenue.
Mr. H. F. Rees has this week
moved into the corner house on
Bernard Ave. lately vacated by
Dr. Martin.
Miss Trew arrived   in  Kelowna
'Saturday and has taken a   position
as stenographer  at  the  Bank  of
School re-opened Monday morning and the large number of pupils
who presented themselves caused
such a condition of overcrowding
that a special meeting of the trustees had to be called to consider
some means of dealing wjth the
situation. It was decided to move
the High School into the old school
building, thus giving more room
for the Public School for which an
an extra teacher is to be engaged
at once.
Mr. W. F. Bouvette, snr., returned
last Friday from his visit to the
Mr, J. Lawson is spending a
couple of weeks with his sister,
Mrs. T. Renwick, at trie Mission.
Miss Cassie McMillan is visiting
her sister, Minnie, at Vernon.
A number of men hailing from
the " Land o' Cakes " arrived by
Saturday's boat, and have been
looking for work.
Notaries Public,
Conveyancers, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
C. Harvey. B.A., Sc. C.E., D.L.S., B.G.L.S.,
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
P.O. BOX  137
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
I*. 0. Box l*J6
TIl-llB 50
Corner Peneozi Street and
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Continued from Page I .   /
'Children whodp their oijm
buying   Have as Tpareful
attention as their elders.
P. B. Wis I Co.
PUm and Estimates Forniihed
Residence,   10. Lawrence Ave.
Briefly, this method of treatment has
much to recommend it on the grounds of
comparatively low cost of construction and
efficient results usually' obtained, but the
cost of operation, including chemicals and
the burden of. large quantities of sludge,
would, I think, prove too great for your
3, Natural Settlement. Th.is process, as
its name implies, necessitates the bringing
of -'.tHe seweie either to a «onipiet<! state'
of test or to reduce the velocity ofthe
flow so 'that the suspended solids in the.
sewage may be deposited on the floor of
the tanks," The sludge thus formed being
constantly removed prior ko the commencement of septic action, comparatively
small tank area is required, but the sludge
produced is considerably- greater than the
septic tank effluent.
Generally speaking,'this process gives
average results between the septic tank
process and that of chemical precipitation,
the merits and demerits of both being less
marked.- It haa little to recommend it for
Kelowna.' '   .
4. The Hydrolilic Tank Process is the invention of Dr. Owen Travis and he controls patents on all its essential .features.
It is more, expensive to construct and
operate than the septic tank but gives
considerably better results, and the saving
in the secondary process is large.: It has
two points ot superiority-
fa) Large superficial surfaces are provided in the form of concrete or wooden
slabs suspended vertically from steel joists
with their planes parallel to the flow of
sewage so that the suspended matter in
the .sewage is attracted to the slab surfaces
in a colloidal condition.
... (i) The precipitated solids are removed
by gravitation quickly and continuously to
separate chambers so arranged that there
is no disturbance caused to the liquid in
the main body of tank from, the belcbing
of-gases given off during the process of
liquification in thp sludge. This is^ an
excellent tank in. every way and has much,
to recommend it for cities of fair size, i
fear,- however, that it is too costly-and
complicated in operation for your present
for immediate future population.
Selection of Preliminary Process.
; The main object to be considered in the
design of all disposal plant* is to secure a
satisfactory degree of purity in the effluent
at a minimum cost in bath construction
and operation. One ofthe most difficult
and costly features of operation is the disposal of the sludge residue from any of
these preliminary processes, especially *o
in th'e case of an installation pf this size,
therefore this feature has to .be one .of our
chief considerations, in the selection of a
preliminary process.
The .usual drying and filter-pressing
plant is one ofthe most approved methods,
but even a small installation would cost
not less than $1,000,000. Such a plant
would still be sufficient when your population reaches the 10,000 mark, but.no
smaller ■ junit is practicable;. If however,
the balance of evidence indicates ithat a
septic tank is advisable it will be unwise
to attempt ta filter-press the resulting
sludge. The .septic process renders the
sludge very difficult .to press, necessitating
the .addition of  large quantities of  lime.
Ladies and
Gents' Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
commission reported that the septic process eliminated from 25 to 30 per cent, of
the total solids, which is considerably more
than from any other process.
In regard to No. 2, one can readily remove the organisms in the secondary process if   the-first fails to do so.
For No. 3, it merely means that the secondary process must be complete as for
any other preliminary treatment. Briefly
!the commission laid emphasis on these
points, not because of the inferiority of the
process1, but because certain engineers and
advocates were attempting to use it without adequate secondary treatment.
TKe effluent from the septic tanks
require further purification before
it can be allowed to flow into the
lake. There are two processes of
this secondary treatment described
in the report, viz., Contact Beds and
Contin.uou8 Filters.
Contact beds consist of watertight tanks
of from ■ 3ft. to 5ft. in depth, filled with
hard material of such size as to give a
large percentage of voids which form a
nidus for bacteria. The liquid frorn the
tank is run into these voids until they are
completely filled and then allowed to stand
in acquiescent state in. contact with the
ipaterial of the bed for a sufficient number
of hours to enable the bacteria to do their
work. |
The Continuous Filter system,"
however is recommended as being
cheaper in construction, more efficient in action and less likely to
get out of order.
In carrying out the oxidisation of the
preliminary tank effluent by this process ia
tank is constructed with a strong impervious floor and porous walls. This tank is
filled with a filtering medium which inust
be pf hard material, which should be non-
porous. The medium rests on a false floor
of tile or other material of sufficient
strength which leaves a space for Jthe.
collection and egress of the water, after
passing down through the filtering medium.
The preliminary tank effluent jj discharged
.continuously on to tl>e su/face of the
filter by some method whose essential to
clarification is that eveness of distribution
jap secured.
' Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
-    Chrysanthemums
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
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D. W. Crowley Co.
Kelowna Ltd.
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any. part of
the City
• •• •" "••
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
even so, the cakes are not satisfactory, tKe
operation . becomes slow and 'excessive
wear and tear to the filter cloths results.
-With other.preliminary treatment the
result* are. good, the cakes being hard,
pressed (containing less than 50 per cent
moisture, and practically.odorless. They
dry rapidly in the air ariU do not again
■enter into fermentation.   ,        .•/-  ,
. Cremation by. means .of an incjrveratpr is,
an excellent and senijtajry method of dia-i
posal, but even, thri smallest practicable'
unit would not be iept economically busy',
for same- veara to come even-with the
addition of all garbage and house refuse.
Drying in Lagoons or prepared beds is
a ^method frequently adopted, .but it has
several disadvantages from a sanitary point
'of view and it is not to be recommended
for a central jBjte. Earth burial ir*a method
that has much to recommend it'under
favourable conditions. It must be carried
on with reasonable care on a central site
but can be made (entirely unobjectionable.
It .can be used oply-to advantage with some
process'that does'; not produce excessive
quantities of sludge and is particularly
adapted for use in conjunction with sceptic
tank's, but-sludge from which is small'in
quantity and difficult to treat .Jag other
methods.    '
- The free land available at the park site
may not be sufficient .pfter the lapse of
some years, :but temporary we may be
made of the site alocated for percolating
filters No. 5& No. 6,and fcy occasional hauling to a more isolated site the construction
of an incinerator may te delayed -until the
destruction of your garbage of house
refuse becomes a necessity, at which time
the incinerator can be' built to perform
both functions.
Taking all the circumstances into consideration, I think it' is necessary for you
to select a process which gives a minimum
quantity of, sludge, or ono that will give
low construction cost and comparatively
large quantities- of sludge4and prepare the
product for the market by the ABC or
other process. .
The desirability of the {latter proposal
depends entirely oirthe extent and value
of the market available.
With your present population, and, considering the nature or the agricultural and
horticultural industries of the district with
the fact that the vast bulk of your land
is still practically virgin .soil, needing no
artificial stimulation, 1 can only conclude
that the septic tank, with its small product
and-low coat of operation will, if properly
installed and operated, be more suited to
your present and immediate future than
any ofthe other processes we have briefly
considered. v
Some misapprehension has arisen in regard to the efficiency and. Renewal utility of
septic tanks as a result of tne report made
in 1908 by the Royal Commission on sew*
age disposal in Great Britain. 'After carefully studying this report, I take it that the
coroihission still consider this process a
valuable one when properly designed and
when applied to suitable a class of sewage
and conditions. The'commission, as a result of searching experiments and' investigations, reported that some extravagant
claims formerly made for this process nad
not stood the test of experience. These,
claims were.
(i.) That it solved the. sludge difficulty in-
toto as practicaljy all,the organic solid
matter was digested in .the tank,
"(ii.) That it 'destroyed any pathogenic
organisms in the sludge,
(iii.) That the effluent was more easily
oxidised  that that from any other pro-
In regard to the first item, it has been a
matter of knowledge for several years that
The Estimated Cost
The estimate of cost is given in
some detail, but for present purposes it may be roughly divided
under tjyp heads. The Disposal
plant, which includes screeningf
and detritus tanks, pump house
and equipment, two septic tanks,
and two percolating filters and all
necessary piping for connection
with the sewers, is estimated to
cost kbout $38,000.
The amount spent on sewers will
of course depend vipon the extent
to which they are laid. It w.ould
be impossible to cover the whole'
city at the first installation,-and the
engineer contemplates as a commencement ftn ,ajea which would
include the principal business and
residential districts. This amount
of piping and laying is expected .|.9
cost about $75,745- Adding $16r
255. for contingencies .and interest
during construction, the whole preliminary installation'. would reach
about $130,000, .or a sum ogjy
$30,5,00 «sl*9jrt <d -J&e xe.nit.ii}p flMfliici-
pal debt ,^s j,t ^tfujdp at present.
*. Tj&'.psjit of .future extensions is
based upon a calculation of $ 1.90
per running; foot for 8-inch sewer
pipe .ajotd j£J>,0 per foot for 10-
inch. . "''
The report concludes with some
suggestion re«pectii)g .the improvement of the grades of some of our
streets. ;
The construction of permanent concrete
sidewalks indicates that you have already
established permanent grades on .some of
your principal streets, consequently 1 think
no good purpose .will be served at the
present time by a study of street grades. I
may say, however, thait some of the low-
lying streets at the extremities of-the sewer
areas which are now from I to 3;feet-above
lake level should be brought up at the
earliest opportunity to an evera^eelevation
of 5 feet. Some few stretches will need
this treatment when the »ewers are built
but the main bulk of the work can be
carried out gradually. If fupds are not
available for a comprehensive .scheme or
the immediate necessity of such a scheme
is not apparent, many cities secure the
gradual rise of grade by distributing a
comparatively soft shale rock, which is
easy to break and handle and quickly, gets
into shape under the ordinary street traffic
when a steam-roller is not available. This
material usually provides a' good surface
for two or three years with light traffic
when it can be left as filling and a second
layer of ten inches or « foot will continue
the grade-raising process and, provide a
new surface. . When the height of crown
becomes too great for the present ditches
storm water culverts of wood may be laid
in these ditches prior to filling them. These
culverts would last many years, probably
very easily to the point when you will be
strong enough to cc-notruct a regular
storm water system.
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■ ■ 7^*'-1 li!
Tbe Orchard Citi} Record.
■ ■___■■ .-MThta—
Thtaradaij. August 3'
Published eoery Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
JOHN LEATHLEY, Editor and Proprietor.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
The report of the consulting
engineer, Mr. H. Sydney Hancock, Jnr., A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.,
A. M. Am. Soc. C. E.,   R.A.S.I.,
the  consulting engineer   who
was    commissioned    by   ' the
council    to    inquire    into  the
conditions affecting the installation  of a  sewerage  system
for the city should make interesting   reading.    The   matter
has  been   discussed privately
times   without   number,   but
this  is,  we  believe,  the  first
occasion upon which the problem  has  been   faced   in  so
practical and definite a manner
as to secure the opinion of an
That an efficient sewerage
system is Kelowna's most
urgent need—^and one which
■will have to be supplied in the
near future—there is no room
to doubt. The health of the
entire community rests upon
the preservation of sanitary
conditions and although' Kelowna has a remarkably good
record in that respect compared
with some other towns, in the
nature of things, and in view
of the increasing population,
the present method of dealing
with the removal of sewage
can only be regarded as temporary. It is, indeed, hardly
necessary to discuss these
points as they are too apparent
to everyone,
Unfortunately the cost of a
sewerage system will, owing to
serous local disadvantages, be
somewhat high. The extremely
flat grades which are met with
on all the city streets, and the
waterlogged condition of the
sandy subsoil, due to the very
slight elevation above the city's
natural drainage basin, the
lake, all tend to make the
expense of installation a formidable matter. In this respect
we are "nfortunate. But
worse diffic Jties have been
overcome by other towns and
Kelowna will no doubt have to
do the same.
The report from which we
print extracts in the present
issue is, of course, only a
preliminary one, and much
more detailed inquiries would
have to be made before any
definite action was taken.
BIRD—On Wednesday, Aur. 30th
at the Clifton Nursing Home,  to
the wife of Frank Bird, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Harris, of
Shelburne, Ont., are visiting friends
in town. They are -staying with
Mrs. J. H. Davis.
The new box-printing plant at
the Kelowna Sawmill is in operation this week for the first time.
Boxes of all kinds can now be
turned out complete with name ot
packer printed in one or two
colours on the ends. A complete
modern box-making plant is being
installed and it is ^expected that in
a few years this will be an
extensive indnstrv.
165 Branches in Canada,    ^/
Capital Paid Up - - - $6,200,000
Reserve and Undivided Profit - $7,200,000
Aggregate Assets     -       -       -$102,000,000   -
Savings Bank  Department.
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Eugene Labine, a Minnesota
farmer, is harvesting 500 acres ot
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day and night. The binder is run
with eight horses, four to a shift,
and a headlight ia 'used at
night. The night shift of horses,
stand the heat much better than
those used in the heat of the day,
and Labine predicts that night
binding will become the vogue in
the north-west.
For the past four years the output of the two creameries at Chilliwack has been 500,000 pounds ol
butter annually.
There is a large deposit of
Epsom salts in a natural state at
rCeremeos. It is estimated that the
lake contains 70,000 tons of salts;
98 per cent. pure.
A crowd of men, women and
children, cheered while a negro,
who had attacked a farmer's wife,
was burned in Oklahoma.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier announced
at St. Jerome, Que., that if the
government wrere defeated in the
coming election he would retire
from public life.
Some thirty young men aire expected .to sail from'Great Britain
about September 25 for Canada, ter
assist in manning the Methodist
mission fields in the west.
An amateur operatic society has
been organized in Penticton which
will take as their first production
" 1 he Pirates of Penzance."
Election officials estimate that
the balloting on September 21 will
cost the best part of a round million dollars, probably three-quarters of a million at least. In addition to $60 which the returning
officer gets, there is a $2 allowance
for each poll over 30, and other
extras where polls are scattered
over a wide area.
It will be a matter of some weeks
before the contract is let for the
construction of the eleven vessels
which will constitute the Canadian
navy. Before Hon. L. P. Brodeur,
the former minister of the naval
service, retired he placed the tenders received in the hands of the
technical officers of the naval
branch to be reported on. These
officials are now considering the
merits of the various tenders received and will report later.
A race of people who had never
before beheld a white man or an
Indian has been discovered in the
Arctic regions of Canada by Vilj-
mar Stefansson, leader of the American museum's scientific expedition
which left New York in April, 1908
according to a letter received from
him in Brooklyn.
A C.P.R. freight, east bound, ran
head-on to the second section of
the Parker Shows, near Revelstoke,
on Saturday morning, and. but for
slow orders, under which .the
Parker. Shows were running, the
entire train might have landed in
the river, and with fatal results.
As it was two cars telescoped,
several people were bruised but
not seriously injured, and two
horses killed. The second section
was-delayed some five hours and
did not arriye in Vancouver until
late Sunday afternoon.
The first week's working of
Regina's municipal street railway
under normal conditions shows
that the svstem promises to be a
paying proposition' from the start.
With only four cars as yet in operation, the system last week-carried
13,206 passengers, total takings
for Six days being $672, which not
only covers working expenses and
interest charges, but shows a small
net profit.
The most conflicting reports
have been 'going' around this week
relative to the prairie wheat crop.
The- people, however, are getting
wise to these stories of hail and
frost and general failure, the
origin of which is to be found
chiefly amongst the jugglers of
wheat prices on the exchange.
The C.P.R. have announced a
wage increase of 8 per cent, to be
granted all 'mechanics in Western
Canada. The increase is satisfactory to the men, who number
Andre Jaegerschmidt, a Parisian
journalist, drove up in an automobile in front of the office of the
" Daily Excelsior " in the Avenue
Champs Elysee at 2 minutes 19
■-^ sees.-past y-tneoiiier morning,
officially completing his circuit of
the world in 39 days, 19 hours, 43
minutes and 37 4-5 seconds.
The British treasury has sanctioned an expenditure of £50,000
a year foi the promotion of agricultural research and kindred subjects in the United Kingdom.
Embodied in the scheme are
scholarships of £150 per anr.um
and advice bureau for farmers.
The scheme will operate forthwith.
Admiral Togo, the Japanese
hero of the -Russo-Japan war, who
has been touring the States and
Canada, was received in Vancouver
last^week-end with civic honours.
• Melville Vaneman's balloon,
with which he and five-others will
attempt to fiy iacross the Atlantic
Ocean on -October 22, has just
been completed, in a rubber factory
at Akron, O. The airship will be
christened the Akron. 7
Twenty-six persons lost their
lives Saturday night in "a senseless
panic in a Philadelphia moving-
picture theatre. A small boy,
scared at the sudden snapping of
a film, shouted "Fire I" This
started a rush for the door, the
frightened people becoming wedged in a struggling mass. on the
stairway* Of the 26 who- were
crushed and suffocated to death,
13 were children.
Seemed to Glue Him a New Stomach
" I suffered intensely after eating and no'
medicine or treatment I tried seemed to do
any good," writes H. M. Youngpeters, Editor of ' The Sun,' L ake View, Ohio. The
lint few doses of Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets gave me surprising re*
lief and the second bottle seemed to give
me a new stomach and perfectly good
health."   For sale by all dealers.
AH is not well with the Canadian
navy." Half of it is out of com-
mission for six months undergoing
repairs at Halifax following the
stranding of a few week's ago and
the other, half is at present in
Vancouver harbour with some dis-
satisfied ratings aboard and a
general feeling of discouragement
existing among all ranks of the
A bag of American rnail matter
which was lost overboard while
being landed from the Hamburg-
American line steamer " Kaiserin
Augusfe Victoria." at Plymouth, on
August II, was picked up to-day
in the Helford river, near Falmouth.
Cuts and bruises may be healed in about
one-third the time required by the usual
treatment by applying Chamberlain's Liniment. It is an antiseptic and causes such
injuries to heal without maturation. This
liniment also relieves soreness of the muscles and rheumatic pains. For sale by all
We  have opened this month   In order to make room wc haoe
Two Cars of started a
and haoe another on the way   from August 15th to Septem-
With no place to store it. ber 5th.
.' Sample Prices .
Iron Beds      -       -                -       - $ 3.50
Solid Oak Extension Tables -       - 13.00
Dressers and   Stands   with   Bevel
Plate Mirrors -       -       -       •- 12.50
Kelowna Furniture Company
Made in Canada and sold with our absolute guarantee.
Kitchen Clocks, Mantel Clocks,
Bedroom  Clocks, Office Clocks and
Hall Clocks.
We are headquarters for first-class Watch, Clock and Jewellery Repairing,
and all work is absolutely guaranteed.     Clocks called for and delivered when
finished.      Come in and examine our new arid  up-to-date line of jewelry.
Cut Glass and Silverware.    A share of your custom solicited.
W. M. PARKER & Co.,
Watchmakers and Jewelers,
.P.O. Box 316 Spedding Block.
All work absolutely guaranteed.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
In Marty Subdivison on Pendozi Street, with buildjng
restrictions,  size  68 x 121,
Prices from $350 to $650, easy terms.
Building Loan arranged for purchaser.
We have funds available for Mortgage Loans, and the
purchase of Agreements of Sale.
& Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat Daily
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135 $',
The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Aug. 31
Now is the time to buy
your Fruit Jars for Preserving. We have a well-assorted
stock of all kinds at prices
that cannot be beaten.
Improved Gem Jars, Pints, $ 1.00 doz.
„ „        „    Quarts 1.35    „
„       „      „    Hf-Gl. 1.65   „
Schram Jars   (guaranteed to give satisfaction).
Pints, $.1.25 doz.
Quarts 1.50   „
Hf-Gl. 2.00   „
Economy JarS  (the kind with the wide mouths).
Pints, $1.50 doz.
Quarts 1.75
Hf-Gl. 2.25
Jelly Glasses, with Covers, 75c. doz.
Economy and Schram Jar Tops.
All kinds of fruit to put in the jars
and pure cane sugar to keep it good.
Also everything in the line of choice Groceries.
We Want Your Orders.
^■^ _■■■■■■ .^
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Experienced,   moderate   terms.
Mrs. C. Pitt, Rutland.
Phone 35
Phone 35
Store open every evening for Ice
Cream only
Mr. Boyer Snr. has 5 or 6 small, but very
desirable Properties for  sale,   situated   in
and just outside the city limits. 17tf
Modern, hot water heating, electric   light,
city water.     Apply   Morrison  Thompson
Hardware Co.
Girl for steady clean  work in  laundry.
Experience not necessary. Apply Okanagan
Laundry, Pendozi-street. 35tf
Registered thoroughbred race Mere in
foal to imported thoroughbred stallion.
Absolutely sound ; 7 years of age. • Price
reasonable. For further particulars apply
Kelowna Livery and Horse Exchange.
Brand new, ! 7ft. 6h. p. double-cylinder
Robert's Motor, has every convenience.
Satisfactory a speedy boat. Will be sold
cheap. Apply, J. R. Campbell, P. O. Box
160. Kelowna. 38t.f.
Bay Mare.     Thoroughly broken to ride
or  drive.    Perfectly  gentle.   Three years
old.    Apply   P.-O.  Box   155,   Kelowna.
These are first-class stock, specially
selected for the dairy business. Those
advertised last week sold; fresh stock on
hand. Apply R. E. Harris, Hawksdale
Ranch. 40tf.
Respectable   Man   desires  Situation   as
Night Watchman, or Place of Trust. Apply
Box J., Record Office. 40
And   Private   Boarders.     Apply   Mrs.
Jarvis, Ellis Street. 40
Buy it now. Now is the time to buy a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy It is almost certain
lo be needed before the summer is over.
This remedy has no superior. For sale by
all dealers,
A well-known Des Moines woman after
suffering miserably for two days from
bowel complaint, was cured by one dose
of Chamberlain's ColicCholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.    For sale by all dealers.
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214   Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry
And see our New Stock of Crockery
va/Inoio 1 im   ■ —
»v_i v_/r
Ridgway's beautiful Royal
Semi - Porcelain 97-piece
Dinner Sets, and 10-piece
Toilet Sets.   All colours.
A   large   Assortment   of
Glassware never more complete
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
The  Churches
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, firit and third Sundays in the
luontli at 0 a.m.; second and fourth Sundaya, after
Mornint Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundayi.
Morning Prayer at 11   o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE. B. A., Rector.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Service, at II a.m.; evening service.at 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weeltly Prayer Meetine on Wednetdays at 8 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon .ervice at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Paitor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek icrvice Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. W. DAVIDSON. B.A., B.D., Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
Lodge meetings held in the old School-
house 1st and 3rd Monday in each month.
P. BROOKE, Clerk.
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley  Co ; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance  in  force  which  they  wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary. Room I. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275. Kelowna. B.C.
Next door to Crowley's  Butcher Shop
Bring your old comforts and
: have them fixed up as good
as new.
Agent for Okanagan
Bouvette's Livery
Carefeul and prampt attention
to all orders for
Rigs for Hire turned out in
good style.
All kinds of Repairs
Woven Fence
Prices given for fences erected complete
A. E. CLARKE, Rutland.
Agent also for the famous
• dnrable and efficient covering.
JULY 27th, 1911
The following is a copy of a^ letter dated August 21st, received
from Mr. H. W. Brodie, General
Passenger Agent of C. P. R. at
" 1 understand agents at Kelowna, Peachland ■and Penficton,
did not receive my excursion advise, and that the people of these
towns were charged full fare.
Will you kindly arrange to forward me receipts from the purser
of the steamer, acknowledging the
number of fareis paid, I will endeavor to arrange refund down to
basis or excursion rates.
The -undersigned will forwaid
all receipts receive up to September 10th, to the C. P. R. for refund
in line with the terms of the above
For Committee of Arrangements,
N. A. & A. ASS'N
NOTICE is hereby given, that the partnership heretofore subsisting between the
undersigned, under the firm name of
Harvey & Moorhouse, Civil Engineers and
Land Surveyors, has this day been dissolved. All claims against the partnership
must be sent in within one month of this
date, either to Charles Harvey, C. E., Kelowna, B.C., or to Bernard A. Moorhouse,
C. E., Penticton B. C.
Dated at Kelowna, B. C, the 19th day
or August, 1911.
Osoyoos Division, Yale District.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made unjler Part V. of the
" Water Act, 1909," to obtain a license in
the Osoyoos Division of Yale District.
a. The name, address and occupation
of applicant.—Oskar Tress, gardener.
5. The name of the lake, stream or
source.—Joe Ritch Creek, a branch of
Mission Creek.
c. The point of diversion.—About 250
chains from its mouth. '
d. The quantity of water applied for.
—2 cubit feet per second.
e. The character of the proposed works.
/. The premises on which the water is
to be used.—Preemption No. 5,891.
g. The purposes for which the water is
to be used.—Irrigation.
h. If for irrigation, describe the land
intended to be irrigated, giving acreage-
Preemption No. 5,891, 160 acres.
/. Area of Crown land intended to be,
occupied by the proposed works.—None.5.
j. This notice was posted on the 19th
day of August, 1911, and application will
be made to the Commissioner on the 22nd
day of Sept.. 1911. '
\. Give the names and addresses of any
riparian proprietors or licensees who or
whose lands are likely to be affected by
the proposed works, either above or below
the outlet.—None above, Chriss Schramm,
and Wm. Preston, below.
Kelowna, B.C.
An ordinary case of diarrhoea can, aa a
rule, be cured by a single case of Chamber-
Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
This remedy has no superior for bowel
complaints.   For sale by all dealers.
Studio    open
Thursday, Friday, and
Rowcliffe Block
Builders and
Plans & Estimates Furnished
Residence, Park Ave.
P.O. Box 75.
♦ 9
We have just received
from the makers in
England a large shipment of these well-
known Boots.
The reputation of the
" K " Boots is one of
the   most    valuable
assets   in   the   boot
trade of this country
Men buy " K " Boots
simply because they
can absolutely rely on
their reputation.
The Kelotona
Nd-lce is hereby given that all Public-
Highways in unorganized Districts, and all
Main Trunk Roadsi n organized Districts
are sixty .six 1661 feet wide, and have a
width of thirty-three (33J feet on each side
of the mean straight centre line of the
Minister of Public Worka.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., July 7th, 1911.
Haircutting, Shaving,
Shampooing, etc.
(Bouch's Old Stand)
For some time past you have
had to send your suits and fancy
dresses' to Vancouver to be
cleaned. Why do this when
you can get it done right at
hpn.e ? Also Hats, Ties, Fancy
Neck Wear, Furs, and any
length Glove cleaned for 15 c.
Also all small repairs done free
of charge.
Office opposite "Courier'' Office.
Detroit Cleaners and Pressors.
R. S. FORD   -   Proprietor


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