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The Orchard City Record Aug 10, 1911

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 :. <■ n
• m
Kelowna Fifth Annual Regatta
Ideal Weather and a Most Complete Two-Days' Programme
of Events Draws a Large Holiday Crowd from all Points
of the Valley.
Kelowna's Annual Regatta has
come again and gone, and the
steady advance which has marked
its development during the past
five years from very humble beginnings has this year been more
pronounced than ever. Favored
by the best of wepther conditions
—fine and bright, but still cool
enough to be comfortable—the
general opinion at the close of the
programme seemed to be that
this fifth regatta had been without doubt the "best ever." Ex-
\y __ perience is teaching the management to avoid the annoying delays
which U8uallv attend these functions, and almost without a hitch
one event followed another in
rapid succssion.
The two days' programme was a
long one and well arranged. Over
$700 in prizes were offered, and
the entries although light in some
of the events were still sufficient
to make interesting sport
The attendance on the first day
..when   the   excursion   from   the
north came in would have been
much greater but for some bungling
the  part of the CP.R.    Ar
rhngements had been, made ten
days previously and guarantees
signed ffpr a Wednesday morning
excursion from Enderby, but on
Tuesday, it seems, the, agent in
Vernon, from, where* tKft bulk"of
the visitors would have been d rawn
was refusing to sell tickets claiming
he had no instructions .respecting
an excursion. The committee .are
up ' the jmatter« with  the
responsible -parties,
a -large contingent arrived from
-" Penticton and the south.       t
The Kelowna  Band  furnished
imuic throughout the entire'regatta
' and it was pleasing *to* hear comments upon the wonderful progress
"the band has made during the last
■ few.months.   A children's band
7 from   the   Orphans'    Home    at
Des  Moines,   Washington,   who
were at the-opera house during the
week also contributed selections.
The judges were Messrs. J. M.
Robinson and J.. S. Gillespie, of
Summerland, C. C. Prowse,   and
The first morning's programme
'..-opened,.or- should, have opened,
- with the Open Sailing Handicap,
_ -dut owing to lack of definite understanding as to the course the two
boats entered started in opposite
directions and the race had to be
called off and postponed until the
second day.
- ThcTnfec^neaia inwSe'QuoJtef
Mile Single Sculls resulted in St.
G. P. Baldwin. K. Morgan and W.
Hill winning places in the final
which was to be rowed on the
second, day.
There were numerous competitors for the 30 yards Boys' Swimming Race, and it is evident that
some good swimmers, are being
* trained amongst the rising- generation. H. Keating came in- first
with G. Silke second and, Cyril
Weddell third.
The Quarter-Mile Double Sculls
heats placed R. C Bennett and
Geo. Benmore, and J. M. Paret and
W. Hill in line for the final.
In the 60 yards Ladies' Swimming Race there were, strange to
say, only two rabies, MiBs Nancy
Buchanan beating Miss Jessie Cot-
tingham, of the Palace Hdtel.
There were seven entries for .the
Open Gasoline Launch, and some
very speedy boats were in evidence. " Mr. Leckie Ewing had his
fine-new launch entered,-built for
him this year in Kelowna,   and
- came in first. W. R. Megaw'a
beautifully-equipped boat arrived
second, and A. James'" Rip *' third.
The latter is a second edttion of
James' red "Rip" of last year,
which then left everything behind
it.    Although the competition this
■ year is keener "Rip U.",;might
have made a better showing in this
race but for losing co&iiderable
time owing  to  trouble with the
OnThurifttaftr Ining for season ticket holders ol
engine. S. T. Elliott's boat
fourth and the rest in order were
Geo. F. James, R. C. Lambly and
R. Lambly. In classes this result
showed jLeckie-Ewing . winner" of
the over 25 feet, A. Jones of the
25 feet and under; G. F. James of
the 20 feet and under; and R. C.
Lambly of the 3 h.p. and under.
In the -afternoon the gentle
breeze of the morning had almost
disappeared and the lake was in
ideal condition for sculling and
canoeing, -'-j'
The 60 yards Boys' Swimming
drew" four 'entries, H. Morrison
drawing gradually ahead in a
keenly-contested race, H. Dryden,
of Peachland, being second. Clarence Jones, was a competitor in
this race he having happily sufficiently recovered from the effects of
his broken leg to be able to enter
into: the sports this year.
In the Men's 60-yaird Breast
Stroke Race, A. Edwards, who is
undoubtedly pne ,-ofl. the finest
swimmers bn •_ the lake, won first
place, J7F. Burne and L. G. Aviss
being: the only other contestants. _
The- Mein's Tut Race proved a
failure, it being discovered that the
|ubs provided Were not big enough
to support the contestants. An
attempt .was made to carry the ]
race through by using the " horses "
provided for the Aquatic Derby,
but as no'nek of, the competitors
finished the race mounted as the
rules required, the judges decided
no race.    • - .:■,,• ■
• «Thtf-60-yard#lHandicap^ Swim.
t__.Y__.__.!"-f_ _:•_.-__■-' •v_-_-i_' _  in       ■-1
the Aquatic Association resulted in A. .Edwards finishing first,
with J.'FT Burne and L G Aviss
tying for. second. -
.'The Boys' "Aquatic Derby'wa*
nbt.very successful owing to- the
apparent absence or perhaps disregard, of rules, the boys being
occupied more in endeavouring to
dismount each other than in making progress towards the goal.
Alwyn Weddell was declared the
In the'. Single Canoes, R. W.
Stevens, who seems in a fair way
to establish a record by cleaning
up all the possible canoeing prizes
on. the lake this year, was an easy
first, with A. Cather second.
" The Open';Dive proved a popu
Jar: event, nine competing. Five
points each were given for spring,
action in air, distance and entry in
water, quick and neat recovery.
Mr. J. F. Burne, who has had repeated success at the various
regattas this year, again succeeded'
in scoring highest marks. H. M.
Goode was second and K. Mac-
Laren third. A small competitor
was L. Hassell, an Okanagan
Mission youngster who, notwithstanding his diminutive size compared with the' portly figures of
some of the others, showed some
very neat diving.
Three. crews entered for the
Canoe' Fours—Lawson'st H- JL
Willits, J. McMillan, C. Morrison,
E. Hay; Bank of Montreal: A. E.
Pettman, F. R. Wilgress, N. E.
Planche, H. Gi MacCullough;
Collett-Crowley: M. Jenkins, G.
Stirling, J. Chapman, C. Newby.
The race was ■ marred somewhat
by the erratic efforts of,. the Bank
of Montreal crew who probably
from ah unequal distribution of
weight in the canoe seemed unable'
to steer. By persistently breaking
away from the_cpurse -and .making
for the " open ^sea"" :th^i put I both
themselves arid the Collett-Crowley
crew out of J the running, the Law-
son crew7sailing homepractically
without competition. The Collett-
Crowley .ci'ew .should have protested according to rules before
leaving. their canoe, but they
neglected to dp so and the judges
had no option but to award the
prize to the Lawson men.     '
The Relay Swimming Race was
the , most interesting swimming
event of the afternoon, and on that
account may have justified .the
elaborate   preparations   entailing
£ into pure ,y horse play." rules being
1*1 vli.Ma_irrl_._4    A. L. Meugens man-
the moving of two big scows and
mooring* them in position in front
of the stands. Two teams of four
each were entered: Kelowna
consisting of A. Edwards, Clarence
Jones. J. Wilson and Geo. Stirling;
Peachland : T. Buchanan, R. Laidlaw, J. Buchanan and F. Thome.
Each team had two men placed on
each scow. At the start a Peachland man and a Kelowna man
dived together from the same
side. The Peachland man was
the first to touch the other side,
thus, giving the signal for another
man of his own team to dive and
continue the race in the, opposite
direction. The Kelowna team lost
time on two occasions in getting
into the water, and Peachland
kept the lead all the way through,
winning by.a good distance.
The Tilting from Canoes was exceedingly well done. Four crews
competed, the first to enter the
"lists" being F. R. Wilgress with,
H. G. MacCullough paddling, and
Cruikshank with Crow paddlins.
Wilgress had a close shave at the
start but recovered himself and
alter a little sparring aimed a well-
directed blow which overturned
his opponents' canoe 'and dumped
both the occupants into the water:
F. A. Taylor with J. F. Burne pad-^
dling, and A. H. P. Errington with
L. G Aviss at the paddle, next
took the field. A determined fight
ended by Errington falling put of
his canoe. The final then brought
F. A. Taylor and Wilgress together,
and a fierce onslaught ensued.
Unfortunately Taylor overreached
himself in, a furious thrust at his
opponent and fell overboard leaving Wilgress and his" paddler
MacCullough the victors. 7"-..      1
Three pairs entered  the Mixed
Canoe race, R..W. Stevens and his
Eartner" Miss   Gladys   Robinson
avirigan easy.win.
The Aquatic Derby resolved itself
aged to cross the line first, and was
awarded die prize.
The heats in the mixed double
sculls were:- 'Miss Shayler and
E J: Maguire, 1st, and Miss Wilde
and A. H. P. Errington, 2nd; second heat, Miss M. Raymer and W.
Hill 1st, and Miss Abbey and R. G
Bennett, 2nd.
The Long Distance Swimming Championship for the " B. M.
H." challenge cup and $25 prize
drew five entries. The course was
from the opposite side of the lake
a distance of one mile. Only three
finished, the first being R. G. Tait,
of Summerland,. who thus takes the
cup, from E. Norman, the last year's
winner. Although entered, for
some reason Norman was
to compete. The winner's time
was 29 minutes 50 seconds. ' G
Stirling was second and R. S. Airman 3rd.
The lacrosse match in the afternoon between -Vernon and Kelow-
Presbyterian Sunday
School Picnic
The boys and girls of the Presbyterian Sunday School—and some
of their elders too—had a great
time last Thursdav at the annual
outing, this year spent, by kind
invitation, at Mayor Sutherland's
place on the lake shore.
The dav was beautifully fine and.
Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland had made
the most elaborate arrangements
for the entertainment of their guests
and nothing was spared to make
the afternoon an enjoyable one.
Motor boats were kept going taking
the children for short trips on the
lake. Others were splashing merrily in the water in the sunshine
swinging and frisking around as
only children can.
Tea was served on the lawn for
the children, while the grownups
were provided with a table on the
verandah. There was plenty of
ice cream and other good things to
which the youngsters did full
And then the races after supper.
There was a great variety of races
and the fun was fast and furious.
Such races as 'threading the needle'
for the girls, and other novelties of
that kind provided no end of amusement.
As the daylight began to fade
out of the sky a return was made
to town, some in drays provided
by the school, and as many as
could be accomodated by boat
Before breaking up, hearty cheers
were given for Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland for their hospitality and generosity, in acknowledging which
Mr. Sutherland expressed his pleasure at seeing the children .there,
and invited the Sunday school for
a similar picnic next year.
Bishop De Pensier Will
Visit This Week
Items from Ellison*
(From our own correspondent) '
On Monday night last a meeting
of exceptionally great interest to
fruit growers and farmers took
place in the achoolhouse-when Mr.
Ben Hoy, of Vernon, and Professor
Thatcher, of Washington, spoke
on matters pertaining to the rearing
of orchards, &&
Mr. Hoy, who was the first
speaker, delivered a very interesting, address on the selection of
nursery stock, planting, cultivating,
and irrigating of fruit trees, and
his remarks-were listened to with
great 'attention by the ranchers
from the surrounding district, who,
at the close of his address, asked
several questions, which were
answered to the evident satislac-
unable tion of the perplexed ones.
Professor,Thatcher, on being introduced by Dr. Dickson, spoke
eloquently on co-operation in farming, laying special emphasis on
the benefits to be derived by pur-
chesing materials for the farm in
Kelowna is to receive a visit this
weekend from the Bishop of the
diocese, the Rt. Rev. A. U. De Pensier, Bishop of New Westminster
and Kootenay. His Lordship will
arrive Saturday afternoon, and will
be entertained at a garden party
from 4 to 7 o'clock at the home of
Mr. P. DuMoulin.
On Sunday morning the Bishop
will consecrate the new church of
St. Andrews at Okanagan Mission,
service being held there at 10:30.
At the Parish Church, Kelowna,
Holy Communion will be celebrated at 8 a.m. There will be no
midday service, owing to the consecration service at the Mission.
In the evening at 7:30 a Confirmation service will be held in the
Parish church, at which several candidates will be confirmed by the
All parishioners are cordially
invited to the reception on Saturday at Mr. DuMoulin's house. It
is, however, requested that no children be taken.
Summerland and
Kettle Valley Line
Miss Hume, of Ottawa, and Mrs.
Woods, of San Francisco, are visiting their ' ro her, Mr. George
Hume, for a month.
Mr. L. G. Mewhew went East
last week to his home in Hailey-
bury, Ont. He will return on the
21st inst., accompanied by his
family and will take up residence
in Glenmore.
Mr. E. K. Adamson and Mr.
Stafford Wake, of Montreal, have
.already started improvements "on
v^their newly - acquired* pftipeftfr.
Thev will build at once and will
have their land prepared for next
spring's planting.
Mr. J.' S. MacKenrie's residence
has been completed and is now
having the finishing coat, of paint
Mr. Crehan, of Vancouver! hast
been in and is much pleased with'
le  on
latter by 5 goals to 4. The game
was marred, as is becoming too
common, by a good deal of rough
play. This is the last of the league
matches to be played in Kelowna.
The first event of the second
day's sport was the single sculls
filial, resulting in K. Morgan first,
Str G. P. Baldwin, second, and W.
Hill third.
Boy's high dive: I, A. Weddel,
2, G. Copeland, 3,1. Weddel.
Double sculls- final: I, J. M.
Paret and W. Hill: 2,1 McRae and
Max Jenkins; 3, Geo. Benmore and
R. C. Bennett.
The handicap gasoline launch
race, although interesting enough
as a spectacle, is more a matter of
arithmetic than anything else. There
were six entries, the competing
boats having been timed on a trial
run: the; previous:. morning, and
handicapped accordingly. C. Harvey's Qu'Appelle started at scratch,
G. F. James, handicapped 7 min.
3lsec.;S.T. Elliott, 10.50; A. Jones
15.39; W.C. Megaw, 17; Leckie-
Ewing, I8min. The result would
probably surprise many of the
spectators not conversant with the
Continued oa Page 6.
J l... : _ I
IU-lWia-_lM%G«U '
_£ i. : 1. _
wr cavil' umi-
vidual purchasing singly and he
pointed his remarks by several
striking illustrations of what was
being accomplished by this means
in the States.
The Professor also spoke on the
methods of conserving moisture in
the soil and on the dangers of over-
irrigation. He showed how much
valuable plant food was often
w«flhed away on lo low-lying lands,
eventually forming what is Known
as alkali lands. The lecturer in his
closing remarks stated that he was
endeavouring to find out what particular virtue'a barbed wire or rail
fence had on certain pieces of
land; on the pne side a farmer
was able to grow 70 or 80 bushels
of oats to the acre, whilst on the
other side his neighbour could only
raise 30 .bushels' although the land
waa identically the same and the
weather conditions alike, vet the
results weie different and he often
wondeired what the fence had to
do with it. , "77 '"' ■ 7; yy
Should the Profesaoi (who has
a witty style of expressing himself)
visit this neighbourhood again he
will be sure of a hearty reception.
Dr. Dickson occupied the chair
in his usual able manner and spoke
earnestly on the need of more
unity amongst farmers. At the
close of the proceedings a vote of
thanks was proposed by Mr.
Hereron and seconded by Mr. Silk
and heartily endorsed by the aud-
the improvements
Professor Eaterverry, Professor
Irrigation,  University   of Cali-
ornia, paid  a visit to  Glenmore
last   week   to   see the   irrigation
Mr. H. H. MacLeay is building
in Glenmore and will be living on
hia property the middle bf this
Mr. Ward has been putting on
an addition to his home.
The Land Company report good
sales for past two weeks running
over. $50,000.   „      __„       .,:._.__,_-___
It is evident that the Kettle Valley Railroad has no intentions of
coming into Summerland unless
some official pressure is brought to
bear on the company, or they receive a subsidy from the municipal-
A. perliminary route was run by
the company's engineers which was
duly filed with and approved by
the Railway department at Ottawa.
This route came across Trout Creek
around the side of Giant's Head
and out through Granett Valley and
westward through Meadow Valley.
Later the company applied to the
Department of Railways and Canals for permission to revise these
plans and make the new route follow up Trout Creek and northwestward to Osprey lake.
July 24th was the date set for th«^
hearing of the case at Ottawa. Upon
thia being made known to the Summerland Municipal Council they at
once wired Ottawa for a postponement of the hearing to enable them
to learn the.reasons fpr the change
and if necessary* to . prepare argument showinglwhy the _rail.teiy, ??>%£
should be compelled togo'thrimfehV,-**;.
oummenand.      • ■>     - ;   ,Ayr
A meeting of thes cquhcil waiiy
called for Monday evening last, arj,^
a commumcationtjust receive&frofo''?>.
the Minister of Railroads,was read;,, *~!
and with ita statement bf the tajl^iS
way's reasons for avoiding "^m\~/Jf
merland. They haj-madeasstxjbnif.t^
a case as possible, and in j.ornpar- >j*%
ing the preliminary route with Hhe;^?^.^
one now decided upon'by therail-^a^^
way, the president that'Jo  bndgjsK^JI
Trout Creeklwould cost a ^u«fter..,/1v^.
of a million dollars, and, whiletthe A0*
grade of the Summerland routed ~is]k"jff
litd^bettaff the road would'ifS^
vlenitSeH>eUrl.y some' ISinule^iNthW
Summerland  route    is    followed.-
Nothing was said of the route proposed by the Reeve of the Municipality.   There was a full attendance of the council, and all admitted that to a  person  not familiar
with the ground a convincing argu-
ment had been put up by the railway company^ butfthey did not at     ■
aJJj_ariafy_Ae^e_jSrd jthat a route
through    Summerland    was    not
practicable. -Thr date of hearing    .Ay
was postponed for three weeks and' >=.f 2
the case will come up- again on      "f
Aug. 14th.   All the memb*ra"%of.7 .".
the council felt  that   the  inatter~\  'f
should not be allowed to drop and   *   *"*■'
an unanimous vote was passed put-    y*
horizing the Reeve to  take  what       ' "<
steps he thought necessary to present a good case for the Municipality at the hearing before the  Railway Department" , [
—Summerland Review. „,;
Rutland News.
From our own correspondent.
-WILLARD, The Man of Myttery,
^Opera hou*.. Av«. 18 and 19.
A. E. Clarke has returned from
Victoria feeling the better for his
brief holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dalgleish and girls
are leaving for a holiday trip to
the coast.
Miss Pearl Sproul returned home
Mr. Bond's unlucky star has again '
been in the ascendency.   His 'fine
thoroughbred.Jetsey cow,<only5 re- '•>,>.
cently purchased,, broke, tbroufth ^"-
the fence, and got to a pail of .cut-'f^
worm poison.   It cleaned out^lta^i i->
pail and died before the vet, could >_._^
be got out f t\ A
Anumber of Rytlanders arjterided,
the Baptist Sunday School Picnic'
at the Belgo. grounds On Mission,
Creek last Ttmrsday, and, as usual'
gave themselves up to the spirit ot-
enjoyment A\
The Methodists are announcing,?-. ^
a   lawn   social   on t the   chufch^   '
grounds for Thursday, August ^W^1
to commence at 6.30.   They~;&|s^ri
ambitious arid  have engaged:j^e(4V
Kelowna band to awake the eohj^l
amon^ the firuif trr^&c, ^ _ *
entertaitiitient later in the"eve^l
will be presided over by Mr,'C.
Fallia, of Penticton.   Hot  drinks
and ice cream will she- Q» £i|>, to
suit all tastes, and in ift^a^ron
for varieties of tempetatuflS L^Lai^
but not least 50c. is the t!a for
participation in this four/ o£ mind '
and body.        ,  A   ._**' A   ,   s   ,
_.' * -'■»'..
1'     A *_>i*"'
___■-.'_•_   ^	
!.._.'..> «Niii_iH_Wifc*niM''i«_m "•*•- • in -J-lliTljHL.
- <_ I.
'*-^7 s*i.
I l*ll»ji._llllllf-'*-"ltrjJ-iJlltlllv
Ml|(tttl|».'»i.ii . 1I'««|IWI1I k Tl ,,l\ i\.
1 ■"- '^%£t The, Orchard Citii Record.
Thursdau. Aug. IO
w___bevkbkmb«.H_ffl_M______a_a»-_v_a. .;>*_wii_-n->
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
Kills instantly, Green  and  Black  Aphis,
Thrip, aterpillars, Bark Lice  and Scales.
Put  up in   lib.
tins, all ready for use.
to prepare.
No   trouble
£111 1
Sold   by
Town and Countn.r
Medicine In Norway.
Norway prohibits doctors dispensing
medicines where pharmacies are convenient and pharmacists prescribing II
a doctor is within reach.
G!cment Bros, Ivwe alrcac'" ml'1
twenty-four lots   in  their new sal
An    interesting   y;.t!.eYi.i£    was
held Monday evi ning at ;i.c horn,
of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. iVhi.rlr, th*
occasion "oeiug a _<.»nv<vt:!l social l.j
the choir inenioTs ol St Michael'*
Chun h to Nurse Edgell, wtio leaves
! Kelowna   this   week   lor   liic   O J
Country.    A   presentation,   which
took    the    form    of   a    i..u__sorr_'
I handbag and   purse, v-.iis in-'do by
! the   rector, the Rev. 1 lies Cr-ene,
> on beh.iil   of   the  cli.nr  ol   winch
| I Nurse E !gell  has bes-n an  active
member lor a considerable tune.
A person was fined this we.'k at
the police court lor running h;t
motor-boat on the hike alter daik
without proper lights.
Mrs. Jas. Dolyle left Fiiday foi
Calgaiy, having been summoned
there by the sudden ilinesj of her
Mr. H. H. Millie left Tuesday fer
Kamloops at which point he is to
meet Mr. L. A. Palmer, superintendent of*the Dominion Government
telegraph service. From Kamloops
a tour of inspection will he commenced of the circuit, first down
the Nicola Vailey to Penticton, and
up through the Okanagan to Vernon and Lumby, and thence along
the line of the wire back to Kamloops. A thorough inspection is
to be made of all instruments and
trunk lines. Mr. Millie's wide and
varied experience in telephone and
telegraphic matters should stand
him in good stead in his new work
for the department.
We understand that the new line
between   Kelowna   and  Penticton
is to be installed in the near future.
The addition of a   double   copper
Itne devoted entirely to   telophone
business, leaving the   present  iron
wire for  telegraphic   woi k   would
| be   a   great   convenience   to   tl e
, towns down the lake, besides con-
! sidcrablv facilitating the dispatch of
I messages from this point, and it is
to be hoped there will be as   little
ielay as possible in the completion
>f the undertaking.
Miss Band, sister of Mr. Martin
band, arrived on Monday's boa'
>n a prolonged visit.
Mrs. R. F. Morrison and daughter returned Monday from Ontario
They were met at Regina by Mr.
Mr.-P. Currie, who left Lequime's
store a few months ago to enter
business at New Westminster, is
spending a holiday in town renewing old acquaintances.
The Ladies' Aid of Knox church
have presented to the new Presbyterian church at the Landing a silver communion set.
Mr. Leslie, steward on the s. s.
Okanagan paid a visit to his
father ard sister in town this week.
Mr. Crehan, of Crehan, Mouat &
Co., chartered accountants of Vancouver, is at present in town auditing the books of several business
Miss Metcalfe of Black Mountain
road leaves this weekend for Saskatoon on a month's visit.
Mr. Jack Conway has reentered
this week upon his old position ct
A new Presbyterian Church has
been erected at the Landing and
was opened recently. The Rev.
J. Thurburn Conn of Okanagan
Centre is in charge, and will shortly
move to the landing, which he will
make his headquarters.
Ireland's Claddach Clan.
The Claddach, in the extreme west
of Ireland, is the one section of the
country where the Gaelic life Is the
same today as.it was before the Normans invaded Britain. Up to about
forty years ago the clan had Its own
king. A Dominican monastery has
been ln continuous existence there
since the fifth century.    f|
London Climate.
An English wit made an epigram to
describe the climate of London: "Jn a
fine day, looking up a cjilmney; ln a
foul day, looking down one."
Mexican Chicle.
The gum of tho Mexican chicle tree
Is valuable as the basis for most
chewing gums for the reason that It
Is absolutely tasteless and therefore
does not affect the flavor of other Ingredients mixed with It.
Last of the Barons.
The battle of Barnet was one of the
most decisive ever fought   It waa In
1471 and closed the age "of baron rule
in England.
The foxglove is a hardy perennial
that has a medicinal reputation. Digitalis is one of the most valued remedies In heart troubles and is obtained
from the plant, to which the common
name, foxglove, Is i/lven. In olden
time it was esteemed as an application to ulcers, etc., and Italian peasants have a proverb, "Foxglove heals
all sores." Flowers of the foxglove
were reputed to be favorites with
elves and fairies.
South Africa.
South Africa is of volcanic origin,
and the land In the vicinity of Kimberley is so sulphurous that ants cannot
exist upon it.
Battle of the Emperors.
The battle of the emperors was
fought at Austerlitz, 1805. The emperors present were Napoleon. Francis of Austria and Alexander of itus-
sla. Over 170.000 men were actually
engaged in the buttle, and of this number 23,000 were killed or wounded, or
13 per cent of liic whole.
Suspension Bridges.
It took  sixteen  years  to build  the
first Brooklyn  bridge, but  Immensely
larger suspension bridges cuu now be
constructed in from four to five years.
Girls In Vienna.
The girls of Vienna nre kept at their
studies until they are fifteen years.of
age. Then for two years they are
taught houKokeepitig and the intricacies of the kitchen under nn experienced housekeeper.
A Piano as an Investment.
The value of an investment is not what it costs, but what you get
out of it. A lot of money, you say, to put into a luxury I But have
you figured out what a' Piano would mean in your own home ?
The Piano is no Longer a Luxury.
The possession of a Piano has ceased to be a luxury for the rich-
It is a necessity for any home with a growing family and any
aspirations towards refinement and culture ; keeps the young
at home and encourages the best kind of social intercourse.
Brighten Your Home with a Good Piano
and you will never regret it, and when you have decided to
take the step come in and talk to us about it.
The Largost Tenement.
The largest tenement house In the
world is the Frelhaus, in a suburb of
Vienna, containing 1.500 rooms, divided Into upward of 400 separate sets of
apartments. ^
The Ring In Denmark.
The maidens of Denmark never receive a diamond cugngcinent ring.
They, are always presented with a'
plain goid band, which is worn on the
third finger of I lie left hand. On the
wedding day the bridegroom changes
the ring to the rip lit third finger, which
is the marriage finger in that country.
Mourning Veils.
The custom of veiling tbe face when
in deep sorrow Is worldwide.
Bridal Favors.
Bridal favors are of Danish origin.
For lnstaucc, the true lover's knot was
a Danish fancy and took its name
from the expression "Truelofa"—"I
plight my troth."
We Handle Only the Higher Grade Instruments.
The names of
mout with all that ia beat in Piano manufacture.   We a
get you any make and can
Sell Cheaper than the Travelling Agent.
Are (yuonymout with all that ia beat in Piano manufacture.   We can, however,
get you any make and can
Buy it now. Now ia the tim* to huy a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy It ia almost certain
to be needed before the summer is over.
This remedy has no superior. For sale by
all dealers.
An ordinary caie of dinrrha.pt can, r» n
rule, be cured by a single case of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
This remedy has no superior for bowel
complaints.    For sale by all dealers.
Curious Fact About Brats.
It Is a curious fact tbat common
brass which Is subjected for some
time to constant tension occasionally
undergoes a remarkable change. It
loses its tenacity and In a short time
becomes almost os brittle as glass.
Direct from New York.
The  v*"fy   Infest  in   style.
All styles letters for .inme.
Jeweler and Optician,
KELOWNA   -   B.C.
Illustrated Novels.
"Koblnson Crusoe" was the first novel with Illustrations ever published in
England. This was iu August, 1710.
The Illustration was a map of the
The 8ilver Bridge.
One of tbe customs observed at a
Bohemian marriage feast is that of
making the bride cross a silver bridge.
The bride's father-in-law lifts her on
to the table, where she walks on two
rows of silver coins, at the end of
which her husband stands and receives her into his arms. The silver
bridge typifies tbe wealth with which
her bridegroom hopes to smooth her
path in life.
The scent of on otter Is conveyed to
the pursuing bound while under water
by the "chain" of bubbles wblch mark
Its devious course.    «
Great  Reduction  Sale
So mark your calendar, set the alarm clock, tie a  string
on your finger—do anything that will remind'you that
our sale starts
Friday,  July 25th
and lasts only ten days.    Special' discount on all lines of/
hina, Glass and Sikciveie.Dirrer.lea er.d Toilet Sets.
WE want the room, YOU want this chance to
replace your china cabinet. Our stock of Shelf Hardware has arrived, and in order that we may have room
to di'play same we have ordered this sale for ten days
The carpenters will be at work remodeling our
premises after August 1, and we want to be busy
handing you out the snaps in the above lines.
Remember the place and date.
Successors to. E. C. Scott and Co.
Kller Block, Bernard Avenue   -   -   KELOWNA,_ B.C.
' *■ ' -
A good supply of work
horses, driving and saddle
horses always on hand for
■ '■;..■■ sale.-"
We guarantee every horse
sold as represented.^
We are prepared- to pay
cash prices for good sound
young stock.
Our Livery is complete.
Good horses and equipment
Phone 25. Leon Avenue, Kelowna.
Large Quantity of
In ten cord lots or over.
W. HAUG - Kelowna, B.C.
    'Phone 66   — —■—-
Testing Eggi.
Uncle Sam's way of testing eggs Is
to drop them into a 10 per cent salt
solution. The strictly fresh drop im*
mediately to the bottom, while those
that are stale float gayly over the surface.        	
In 1588 , Philip  Stubbes  inveighed
with great energy against the use of
starch, which he called "the devil's
Studio    open
Thursday, Friday, and
Carefeul and prompt attention
to all orders for
Rigs for Hire turned out in
good style.
Rowcliffe Block
Next door to Crowley'i Butcher Shop
Bring your old comforts and
have them fixed up as good
as new.
Agent for Okanagan
._,     Laundry.
mmm t"i?'.*■%*» --$£ -*St
£__:*- _.' Tf-t-^B'
.*r?,*-?3 *__!•■«_.* _ *-*•>.•**_**-r; =K^v.^2^V".£_r
,«- {*►£_".
yy v*37B5iv^Ra«
r ^ -'' i j
'       - 7,       T*    i,'
Thursday, Augusfc 10
Orchard Gity Record
BY-LAW NO. 96.«-The City of Kelowna Wooden Sidewalk Local Improvement Assessment By-Law, 1911.
A By-Law to assess, levy and collect the
cost of construction, as a Work of Local
Improvement, ol Wooden Sidewalks under
ByLaw Number Thirty-nine (39), and ta
raise upon Debenture Loan the necessary '
monies for payment of same.
WHbREAS the Municipal Council, pursuant to tho Local Improvement General
By-Law Number Thirty-nine (39). determined to carry out certain works of improvements, viz.-the construction as works
of local improvement .upon portions of the
following streets, viz;— .      .       >,■
.. 1..'A wooden sidewalk,   four' feet  eight
..-   inches   wide, on  the  North  side   of
■7,'   Doyle  Avenue, from .Ellis  Street to
St. Paul Street.
.' 2. A  wooden  sidewalk, four feet eight
' inches wide, on the  West aide of St.
Paul  Street, from  Doyle' -Avenue to
the  North-east' comer of Lot Eleven
ill),  Registered  Plan   number   Four
432>- .
3-_A  Wooden sidewalk four feet eight
inches wide,  on   the  North  side   of
Cadder Avenue, from Pendozi Street
_-to Long Street. •
' 4. A wooden sidewalk, four  feet  eight
:' inches wide,  on  the South .side of
'•     Cadder  Avenue,  from  a point  two
hundred and twelve (212) feet East of
the Nofth-West corner of Lot Twelve
(12), Registered  Plan  number, seven
hundred and thirty-seven (737) to the
North-West comer of .Lot  eight (8),
Registered Plan number seven  hundred and thirty-seven (737).   .     {
5. A wooden sidfewalk, four_;feet eight
inches wide, on the West-side of
Ellis Street, from Cawston Avenue to
J-he North-east come; of Lot Nine (9\
Registered Plan number six hundred
and sixty (660).
, A wooden,sidewalk, four feet eight
inches wide,- on the East side of
Richter Street, from a point one hundred and seventy-two feet (172 feet)
North of the 'South-West corner of
Block Twenty (20). Registered Plan
number two; hundred and two (202)
.../.v'to.WiJMn'/Stnjjet.i 7-.; .' .■,•.....-. ' •;.•■ y-
.-7. A wpoden sidewalk, four 'feet eight
inchy»;;*i<j«i^don- the " South side of
Wil8bo;,Street,<froni; Richter "Street to
the North'-iaat coiner of Lot Twelve
(12), Registered Plan number six h'un.
dred and twenty .two (622).       -
AND. WHEREAS the Chairman of'the
Board of Works and the Assessor, of the
City of Kelowna on the Twenty-second
day of April, 1911, made joint reports and
thereby determined the probable, life of
the works and : improvements at five (5)
year*,, and conjointly ascertained and1 determined the proportion in which the assessment for the cost of the said works
and improvements would have to be made
on the real property and portions of real
property benefited, and ascertained, determined and showed what real property is
immediately' benefited by the said works
and improvements, and the proportion in
which the assessment for the same should
be made. ;'
AND WHEREAS the probable cost of
the works of improvement, and the amount
2 3 4 5
to be assessed against   the owners of the
real property  benefited  as shown by the
- said report was estimated to be One thousand-  three' hundred  and  ninety  dollars
,($ 1,590.00).       .
AND WHEREAS the said reports have
been adopted", by the Council ot the City
of Kelowna.
ANDJWHEKEASthe Counbil has decided/to distribute the payment of ihe cost of
the said works prnposee . to .be. assessed
hereunder over a period of Five (5) years,
and to borrow the monies necessary to
defray such cost upon the special rates
levied hereunder upon the lands and.improvements benefited, and upon the guar' C. Harvey,
enter of the Corporation at large. -.'
AND WHEREAS the total frontage
upon the said works of local improvement
of the real property and portions of real
property immediately benefited ia Three
thousand seven hundred and' seventy-nine
and seventeen twentieths (3.779.85) feet,
and the cost chargeable to the property
benefited is One thousand five hundred
dollars ($l.5CO.00).
AND WHEREAS the Corporation of
the City of Kelowna desires to pass a By-
l_aw far the purpose aforesaid, therefore,
the Municipal Council of the City of
Kelowna, in open meeting assembled,
enacts as follows:—
Notaries Public,
Conveyancers, etc.
Barrister    .
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
A. Moorhouse,
I. That the real property immediately
benefited by the said works of local improvement shall be that which ia particularly mentioned in the'-said reports, and
which ia set forth and described iii the
Schedule following.
BA, Sc. C.£. D.L.S..
andB.C.L.S.      .,.<-.
Kelowna,    B.C.
Phone 147. P.O. Bos 231
2      "    NIGHTS 2
Friday & Saturday,
^JGlJSf 18 arid 19.
P.O. BOX 137
Bertram, D.7
Lapoint, Chas.
v e
- 5
c *
•8     5
■ o SA" J)
<a. au.
i   3
North Side of Doyle Avenue, from Ellis Street to-St. Paul Street.
5 432     150.5     $.3717   $55.94   $.0871
16 432     150.5      .3717      55.94     .0871
C      «
«=      ■_.
West Side of St. Paul Street, from Doyle Avenue to the N.E. corner of Lot 11, Plan 432.
Lapoint, Chas. M.
Wade, A. S.
Raymer, George
Cramp, H. C.
Tress, O.
-.2 *
20 50
North Side of Cadder Avenue, from Pendozi Street to Long Street.
Taylor.F.A,                                4'      8    ^348    283.f>         .382    108.29     .0876 24.83 124.15
Meugens, A. L                            5        .8  *^348     100.0   ■     .382      38.20     .0876 8.76 43.80
Bawtinheimer, Mrs. A. E.              6.      8       348     100.0         .382      38.20     .0876 8.76 43.80
Kelowna Land & Orchard Co.       7   „    8       348     200.0         ,382       76.40     .0876 17.52 87.60
South Side of Cadder Avenue, from a paint 212 feet East of the North-West Corner of Lot 12, Registered
Plan 737, to the North-West Corner of Lot 8, Registered Plan 737
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
p. o. Box me
'Phone 86
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all CP.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work.   ' 'Phone 20.
12 737 W212.0 .41      86.92      .096    20.35     101 75
II 737       88.0 .41      36.08      .096      8.45      42.25
10 737       88.0        , .41      36.08      .096      8.45      42.25
9 737-    87.0 .41      35.67      ,096      8.35      41.75
8 737       87.0 .41      35.67      .096      8.35      41.75
West Side of Ellis Street, from Cawston Avenue to the North-East: Corner of Lot 9, Registered Plan 660.
Stirling, Mrs. T.W.
Stirling, Mrs. T. W.
Stirling, Mrs. T. W.
Stirling, Mrs. T. W.
Armstrong, F.
Finch; J.
Barker, D
Gibb. J.
Tocknell, C. W.
Ashworth, A.
Whitefield, F.
Gussell, H. M.
-■ 50.0
- 50.0
East Side of Richter Street, from a point 172 feet North of the South-West Corner of Block 20, Registered
"■>■'.. Plan 202, to Wilson Street
In South
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for pnblicBuild-
ings.Tov/n and Countiy Residences
PHONE No. 93
On improved property also other securities
* '      L
Fire, Life,, and 'Accident
Martin, Cornelius
Harvey, W. D.
Murray, J.
Murray, J.
Fuller. W.S.
Fuller, W.S.   .
Davies, J. H. and Mathie, R.
half of
North J
South Side of Wilson Street, fjrorri Richter Street to the North-East Corner of Lot 12, Registered Plan 622.
Davies, J. H. and Mathie, R. C.     1
Lee,M.H. 2
Pettman, A. C.                          ,    3
ScholLW.    -               - 4
Davies, J. H. and Mathie, R. 5
Davies, J. H. and Mathie. R. 6
McLeman, A. 7
Davies, J. H. and Mathie, R. 8
Dayi^SLJ. H. and Ma^ie, R. 9
Macready,-!. L. 10
Brooks, J. P. II
Brooks,!. P. 12
. 1113-
• .57
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotcna.
2. That tha shares and proportions in each, not,, however, exceedina the sum of
which the said turn of One thousand five One thousand live hundred dollars [$1,500],
hundred dollars ($1,500.00), together with and ^ll such debenturea shall be sealed
the amount necessary to form a sinking with the Seal of the said Corporation and
and chattels of the person liable for such
debt, or by sale of the whole or any part
of the real property so charged; but in the
event of any sale. of the real property, or
ing wnn me seat oi tne said (corporation ana event or any aaie. or tne real property, or
fund and interest, shall be assessed on the signed by the Mayor and Treasurer thereof. any. part thereof, Ten (I0J day's notice
various portions of real property benefited 6. Ail of the said debentures shall be thereof, published in one' newspaper cir-
in the manner and to the amount set forth dated tbe First dav of September, 1911, dilating in the Municipality shall be given,
inthe Eighth [8] and Ninth [9] columns ol and shall be made payable in Five (51 10. If the owner of any portion of the
the eehedulb to the next preceding section years from the date hereinafter, mentioned said property hereby assessed shall desire
of this By-Law. ■- tot thia By-Law to take effect, at the Bank to commute the special assessment imposed
And the said real property and portions of Montreal, in the City of Kelowna, in the by this By-Law, he or she can do so by
of real property, set forth and described in Province of British Columbia, and shall paying the Treasurer of the Corporation
the Schedule in Section One [I) of this have attached to them coupons for the on or before the Second day of January,
By-Law contained, are hereby assessed payment of interest, and the signatures of 1912, the amount set opposite the real pro.
accordingly with the payment of the the May_»r and Treasurer of the Corpora- perry mentioned in tlie Sixth (61 column
amounts set in the Eighth [81 and Ninth 'tion respectively, or either of them, to the of the Schedule in Section One [I] of this
[9] columns of the said schedule opposite coupons may be affixed by printed, stamp- By-Law contained.
each said portion of real property. ed, or lithographed facsimile. II. That the Corporation of the Gty of
3. The amount of the special rate as- ' 7. AU of the said debentures shall bear Kelowna do guarantee the monies and
sessed aa aforesaid against each lot, or por- interest at the rate of Five [5] percent, per interest thereon , to be raised under the
tion of lot respectively, shall be divided annum from the date thereof, which interest authority of this By-Law,'and the various
into Five ""      ' * " ... - -.
,...... „.«. —~.. r—- "8. It shall be lawful for the Mayor and
Council of the said .Corporation to dispose
of  the  said  debentures at a rate  below
par, and to authorize the Treasurer to pay
out of the sum so raised, by the aale of the
said  debentures,  all expenses connected
with the preparation ana printing of the
said debentures and coupons, or any dis-
Amoc. Mam. Can. Soc C. E      Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Sjrtfema, Pumping and
lighting Planta, Concrete Con-
atruction. etc.
<ELOWNA, :: B.C.
Architectural Work. Designing, Estimating and "
P.O. Box217        Kelotona.
Wishes to announce that his Car is at the
dispoaal of tha public reasonable rateaper
hour or per trip.
ive [3] equal parts, as by the eighth shall be payable half-yearly at the Bank of perions assessed hereunder, and so as in
n of the Schedule in Section One [\] Montreal, at the City .of Kelowna, in the no way to interfere with or prejudice the
;, and one such part will be assessed, Province of British Columbia. assessment  and  special  rate   hereby im-
levied and collected in the first year and
each subsequent year for Four [4] years
after the final passing of this By-Law during the Five [5j years which the debentures, hereinafter mentioned have to run,
and shall be payable on the dates hereinafter named.
4. That it shall be lawful for the Cor
posed or the charge hereby created on the
lands and portions of lands, will out of the
current year's revenue pay to any person
or corporation from whom they may borrow money, upon the security of the debentures hereby authorized, or to the
several respective holders of the said debentures   the   several   respective  annual
payment* aa they may from time to time
poration of the City of Kelowna to borrow count, or commission or other charges inci- payments
on the security of the rates hereby imposed, dental to the sale of the said debentures, fall due.-
and on the credit and  guarantee of the     9. The amount so assessed and levied      12. This By-Law shall take effect and
Corporation at large by way of the deben- against such  lots, or portions of lots, as come into force on the First day of Sep
tures hereinafter mentioned, from any per- aforesaid, for each year, shall be paid upon temben 1911, and may be cited as " The
son or persons, body or bodies corporate, the day upon which the general rates and Gty of Kelowna Wooden Sidewalk Con
. "'■ >•• • % mt v _. £   iL _   _0__a__. •___.*   lr __. 1 __ 7. _______    __. _[___. ___J_J   !_.___.   ~~ __.lv>ii_n_k*_p«M* I   <hJk__>l     1 •____.___.__•__.____.__. ____. ______       A _ .
who may be witling to advance the same, taxes of the City of Kelowna aforesaid be
a sum not exceeding in the whole the sunT come due, in each and every year during
of One thousand five hundred dollars which the said debentures have to run,
[$1,500.00] end in default thereof shall bear interest
5. That it shall be lawful for the Mayor, from and after such dates respectively at
and Council of the Gty of Kelowna to the rate of Eight [8] per cent, per annum
cause any number of debenturea to bo until paid, and may be recovered together
called " Local Improvement Debenturea," with all costs in that behalf forthwith after
to be made for Five hundred dollars [$500] default by distress and sale of the goods
struction Local Improvement Assessment
By-Law, 1911.
Read a First time by the Municipal
Council this Nineteenth day of July,
, 1911. Read a Second time by the
Municipal Council this Nineteenth
day of July, 1911. Read a Third time
by the Municipal Council this Twenty-
second day of July, 1911. Reconsidered,
Auditor and Accountant
Books written up and examined.
Balance Sheets, Trading, and Profit
and Loss Statements prepared.
Systems installed.
Kelotona, B.C.
. adopted and finally passed by. the
Municipal Council of the Gty of
Kelowna this day of , I9U.
 ; Clerk.
NOTICE ia hereby given that a Court of
Revision will be held at the Council Chamber, Kelowna, B.C, on Thursday, the 24th
day of August, 1911, at Ten o'clock in the
forenoon, for the purpose of hearing and
determining complaints [if any] against the
proposed special assessment or the accuracy of frontage measurements as shown in
the Schedule to Section One of the above
By-Law, or any other complaint which the
persons interested may desire to make and
which by law is cognizable by the said
Court; but no complaintcan be heard un-
le«a WRITTEN NOTICE of the ground of
auch complaint shall have been served
Upon the undersigned at least eight days
before the holding of the said Court'.
Dated at Kelowna. B.C.. this 25th day of
Julty, 1911. G. H. DUNN.
Gty cu*:
...ii ii_n-___ij^«i
"._*_"..'. ;i_yT'»iOTli-lfrVVij
" The Show That's Different
Two Hours of Fun and Mystery.
25c,   50c,   75c.
Complete Change of Programme' each Evening.
We have exceptional facilities for
;, the production of the best
kinds of
-  'ft.
t, >~ r
Give us a look in, or phone 94.
" 'i
»> y %m
*'{!   %
^ v1
1 t$
••k^rnkMAlfA^tmrnJ+i*^ The Orchard Citaj Record.
fhuradat]. August: 10
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna. B.C.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising tales upon application.
Conservation   Commission Issues Valuable
An Exhaustive Work on Lands
Fishries, Game and Minerals Contains mass of
One of the most valuable publications of the year is the volume
just issued on " Land, Fishries,
Game and Minerals," by the Dominion Commission of Conservation. The book, representing as it
does a great deal of exacting research work, makes available to
the average man a mass of instructive and entertaining information
otherwise unobtainable by him.
As a refarance work for the journalist, the student of public questions
and the well informed nun on the
street, it will be found of no small
value. It is a large volume of some
525 pages, substancially bound 'in
cloth and fully illustrated throughout, with maps, diagrams and two-
color photo engravings.
The section devoted to Lands,,
describes the agricultural survey of
one hundred representative farms
in each province, made by the
Commission of Conservation in
order to ascertain just what the
condition of agricuiture is in Can'
ada. Some of the subjects on
which information was obtained
are : rotation qi crops, use of manures, prevalence of weeds and insect pests, water and fuel supply
and the use of selected seeds. One
of the striking facts revealed is that
not more than nine per cent.ofthe
farmers of Canada follow an intelligent and effective rotation of
crops. By the adoption of more
scientific methods which could
readily be put into effect, it is estimated that the field crops of the
Under this liBuuiiig commuiil u:ioii8 icill
be rocciocJ upon uny.&"tj<;c oIi it-lv <':,t.
LVttefH must bc< signed, tn b ief, acoid
p.r_soiial!ti>-8. The Kditrr do<"8 vlr ?i"C.
easuri i| endorse opiniona gicon  t,.u io.
country could be doubled in twenty
years. The report is replete with
agricuitural information, valuable
because it is not hearsay, but a
statement of actual facts scientifically obtained by men in the field.
An article on Agricultural Production in Canada indicates just what
each province has produced of
field crops, fruit and live stock
since 1891, and also gives crop
areas and comparilive crop yields.
Fishries and Game
i ..  •
The section on Fishries and
game is a valuable compendium of
facts and conclusions by various
experts,. On account ot the frequent disjitftes over jurisdiction in
the case of fishries between the
Provinces and- the Dominion, an
analysis is given of the clauses of
the British North America Act, re
ferring to fi hries, showing what
p'owers each authority has. Following this is a digest of the Federal
and Provincial fishries laws and
In ijbe section on Game there is
a full description of the game and
game fishries of Nova Scotia, Prince
Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. This
portion of the report will be found
of special value to the sportsman
in search of good hunting and fishing territory. At the end of the
section a statistical article gives the
amount of revenue derived from
the fishery and game resources of
each province.
The Minerals section of the report opens with summary of the
Provincial and Dominion laws and
regulations respecting mining. An The f0llovving are the twills of
exhaustive article on the conserva-|the recent High School Exarnine-
of mineral resources, by W. J. Dick, tions in the Kelowna centre : -
Mining engineer for  the   commis-!D   r   • n i n    j
? i l       •        l       r Preliminary Lourse, Junior (__radt\
sion,   takes   up   each   mineral   or .       / ,
economic importance   in Canada,. (Maximum  marks 1,000.)
showing the extent of the deposits Number of candidates, 4; passed, 4.
the consumption, and the methods Frederick J. Day -        -    727
of mining ; and recommends mea-jNorman G. Kincaid      -        -    695
sures of conservation.    Mining ac-jWilfrid S. Philp    -        -        -, 624
cidents in Canada and   in   foreign Bruce Fletcher     - 622
countries are fully dealt with in an-j 	
other article  and   suggestions  are a ,...,...■._,_» J   C~..™*.   i.,„;„»  r>- j
d.  .        ... i i     Advanced  v-ourse, Junior  Urade.
vanced. pointing  out   how   the,        Y.,    , .     ir./.___
heavy death rate in  Canada  from (Maximum mark-, 1,000.)
this cause nay be reduced. j Number of candidates, 6; passed, 5.
The Orchard City Record,
Ke'owna, B. C.
Gentlamr n :-- - *
In order to secure a ff.w ivprrr-
entat ve exhibits from your ciis.rici
in commercial packages of fruit,
the Vancouver .Exhibitinn A^-nria-
tion have decided to act as sclimg
agents fur any fiuit seal lu .' ur ex-
hi'oitiop, nnd any fruit et ti»rr>d in
the ordinary way, ivi-d. s: precl
prepaid to the Vancmiv< i, '-£ji.lubi-
tion Association, we will p|.-.c« on
competition, and at lire cl >se of
the exhibition will sell it to th ■ vn y
best possible advantage, and will
guarantee the best market price f«>i
same; remitting promptly to (lie-
shipper, the proceeds of the spies
and any prizes won. In doing this
the exhibitor will have no ftirlliei
trouble with his fruit and wili have
all the advantage of the exhibition
besides, probably opening up connections for the disposal of tho
balance of his crop.
Trusting you will give this malt'-■
such publicity as you possibly car,
I am.
Yours respectfully,
Manager and Secretary.
Dominion Elections
! Yale Cariboo Electoral District
A Convention of the Libe'nl-CoTRerv.--
tivrs of Yale-Cariboo will be held at'.
On Thursday, AuQUSt 17,1311
for tl.e purpose of selecting a ''ib.nt.idnt.-• lo
contest • the forthcoming Dominion Elections ir the interests of the .Liberal-Con-
servatwe Party. Local Asiociations are
requested to meet and appoint deletrat'-s
at one*;. Representation at the Convei tion
will be by delegations from the Piovii.ci.il
Electoral Districts of Grand Foi kg, Gicei.-
\.uud, Similkaifieen, Okanogan, Kamloops,
Yale, Lillooet and Cariboo. One'delegate-
will be appointed for each' twenty or fraction of twenty votes cast at each po!' r>t
the last provincial election. Accredited
relegates may vote either in person or hy
proxy, hut not more than five proxies
snail be held by any one delegate.
Chair will be taken at 2 p.m. All Conservatives' are invited to attend the Convention, but only accredited delegates wil|
be allowed to vote.
Prea. Yale-Cariboo Conservative Assoc'n.
Sec.  Yale-Cariboo   Conservative   Assoc!-.
".The Flower of the Ranch "
High School Exams
The volume is perhaps the most Ethel Hall    -
thorough and complete  record   of Gladys M. Hinsley
investigation and research jhat has Donald E. McLennan
ever been issued- by   any  govern- Alva H. Green
ment in Canada. Bertha M. Green -
/                         .                                  .'...'■
-    Call and See   -
Craw0d's  ^»:1-m
""■ ::"':" ••/"  .              ■■..'"'>■   "/'     ' y:"yy ■   ~
' -   Five Cents up   -
" The Flower of the Ranch," is
one of the attractions booked for
the near future—Thursday, Aug.
24lh, It is a bright musical comedy, and judging by the notice it
is receiving in other places, is well
worth a visit.
Seemed to Gioe Him. a New Stomach
" I suffered intensely after eating and no,
medicine or treatment 1 tried seemed to do
any good," writes H. M. Youngpeters, Editor of ' The Sun,' Lake View, Ohio. The
fiift few doses of. Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets gave me surprising re"
lief nnd the second bottle seerred to give
rae a new stomach and perfectly good
health."    For sale by all dealers.
Good meals to be had.
Closes Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9 p.m.       •"
Misses Laidlaw.
Corner Water St. and
Delivered anywhere in town
1c per lb.
A. R. Davy,
Phone 137
for rent     STEAM FERRY
Five-roomed Cottage in  Glen
Avenue.    Apply
J. Leathley, " Record " Office.
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear. Creek every Friday.
P.-O. Box 70.
"Phone No. 108.   Resid. "Phone, 105.
Landscape and
Portrait  > .
Largest Studios in the Interior
-Portraits by appointment
Pendozi Street   -    Kelowna
Smith Street     -   Penticton
Hot Weather and Outing Goods
A Few Suggstioris to help you Keep Kool!
Flannel and Duck Trousers,
Flannel Outing Shirts,
White Net Shirts,
Lounge   Collars.
Don't forget to take with you on those hot
day   excursions   a   nice   Bathing   Suit,   Bath
Towel,   a   good   Comb,   a   few   extra   Hair
Nets,  and Barette Side Comb.
Call in  and let us show you a few of these lines.
We still have a nice range of Bathing Suits, all sizes, fancy and plain colors.    Kelowna's
Big Regatta is  over  but we are  here  with some  Big Bargains.     We need  the   room
and  You  get  th$  Bargains.
and Prints
Three Special Values
10c. 15c. 25c. values
A good range of quality and color to choose
And  every  pair  a
White Wear
Special   Bargains   in
Ladies' White Wear
during. August.
Odd   sizes    in    Corset
Covers,   Night   Gowns
and Underskirts.
To clear.
Laces and
have gathered and
vthey go unto the
Bargain Counter at
your own price.
Two  Big   Specials.
Ladies' Special
2 for 25c.
Special    value    in
Men's   Silk   Lisle,
and Cotton.
35c, 40c. & 50c
To clear
Towels and
Bath Towels, bar*
gain, 25c. Fancy
Huck Towel Specials. Also a few
special pieces by
the yard.
A Few Big Bargains in Ladies' and Children's Wash Dresses
Phone 22
Established 1850.
Phone 22
idiaHHi niy_MwaBBniiuim4_iaMi
J_fc_a«|»IMIgfflWMHJMI»t^lti^ggW|'<Bill1!)pil Illy -fltjIH^HW. ._.,.
.Thuradaii. August 10
*V Orc.hr.rd Citq Record
Won't Tell
If every woman who has
*   been benefited by HISUTONE
would tell her friends what
it has done for her it would
r   be in. even, greater demand
than it is.    But a woman is
h    perfectly  right not   to   tell
Tier beauty  secrets.    However, if you will accept our
recommendation   you    will
not be disappointed.
makes the hair soft- and
glossy, stimulates the growth
bf new hair and makes the
old hair healthy, stops falling
^     hair and removes dandruff.
50c.and $1 albotde.
A fool tbere was, and he made a sift
(Even as you or. I).
He bought it with taste and care and
• thrift
(For 4 lady his friends thought rather
And when he gave it the lady sniffed
(Even off you or I).
Oh, the Judgment and tastq and time we
;■. 'waste
On the gifts at Chrlstmastlde,
Which we give to the lady who isn't
(And now wo know aha could never be
pleased _.
And never he satisfied)!
A fool there was, and he gave hia check   '
(Even as you or I)   .
For a necklace of pearls without a fleck
(And it didn't the' least.'suit the lady's
'neck), "*.■■< "
And   she  never  thanked* Jilm ' a  single
speck  ■ ■■■.' '   "•-.
(Even as you-or I).. ^
Oh, the chink we 'lose, and the think we
On the things we buy with pride
_To give to. the lady who never is pleased
(And now we, know she can never be
And never be satisfied)!
The fool was fleeced to his last red cent   ,
(Even as you or I).
She.threw him aside when his gold was
(And nobody cared where the lady went).
And the foql gave, way to loud lament
(Even as you or I).
And it wasn't the loss, and it w.asn't the -
The reason that same fool cried.
It was coming to know that she never
was. pleased  '■..":
(Seeing at last she could never be pleased
And never be satisfied).
—Carolyn Wells in Smart Set.
The Churches
St. Michael and All Angels' Church,
Hol> Communion, tint .nd third Sun<_«y« in tha
month iit tf 'a.m.; second and fourth Sundky*. «ft«
Morning Prayer.
f Litany on the first and third Sundays.  :
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock;   Evenina Prajer at
■ \. - ....   7:30..- ^       '
RtV. THOS. GREENE, if A.,'Raetoir.
7      FESBYTERIAN   -      '■■;.'
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at II a.m.; evening servicesat 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayar Meefens on Wednesday* at t p.m.
.' Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN. Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m..
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. W. DAVIDSON. B.A.. B.D., Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at LI a.m. and 7:30 p{in.   -'
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.
Wed.. 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh. Pastor.
Artificial Camphor.
There is in operation. in New York
state an uriitlci.il camphor factory,
the product of which is Intended to
compete in the market with, the natural substance. It, is maintained that
it does npt differ, except iri the manner of Its ori«'iu. from'that extracted
from the camphor trues of 'Formosa.
Artificial' camphor' is made from essentia! oils derived from turpentine.
Chemically the only difference between turpentine and camphor Is the;
possession by each uioknnile of the
latter of one atom''of .oxygen which is
lacking in tite former. By .chemical
process the needed oxygen Is supplied.
Three-fourths of the1 entire supply of
camphor is nsetl iu tlie arts and one-
fourth iu mwliiitie.—Exclmiige.        .
P. B. Willits 1ft
».'■'•;■ ■■        Kelowna.     B. C.
.   .      KULOWNA CAMP 14398^
Lodge meetings held in the old School-
house' 1st and 3rd Monday in each month
„--.■. P. BROOKE. Clerk.
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully recei/ec.
at the Kelowna Hospilal. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley  Co; Ltd.
Measuring Water by Sound.
An electrical device whereby a' sound
wave is sent to the sea bottom in
relutively shallow water and upon being deflected buck to the vessel Is received by another purl of the same
apparatus bus been designed In Nor'
way for measuring the depth of the
eea. An automatic record Is made of
tbe time elapsed -Between the departure and tbe retjirn, aud. as the velocity, of sound in water is known, tbe
depth is at once ascertained. The
apiwratus makes a continuous record
and is so constructed ns to give an
alarm wben the water shallows to a
certain depth. * Several, tests of the
apparatus' are said to prove tbe absolute accuracy of the device.—Montreal Standard.
They had been talking, about "Vog-
ner,'" "The Suanee River" and others,
when she asked. "Do you know 'Maggie Murphy's Home?'"-
"No," be replied, "I didn't know she
had been away."       .
J; A. Bigger
Plans and Estimate* Furnished
Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
Ladies* and
Gents* Tailors
Repairing and Preasing-
promptly attended to.
lr  .
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
A "Want" adrin the Record
is a sure dividend-paying
Mollie Knew.
-Little Motile, tba,daughter of a popular, physician,' has a most vigorous
imagination. Indeed, It is such a very
vigorous imagination that It runs away
with Mollle'8 honesty, to ber parents'
great dismay.  .   .     -
The other day her -mother overheard
her telling a story to Bobby Davis, a
neighbor.   It. was a very interesting,.;
story.   It related, with every appear-"
ance of truth, tbe adventures of Mollie
on an airship.   Now, Mollle's mother
knew very well  that the child bad
never seen an airship in ber life, so^
she called her away from Bobby Davis and began to. talk to her.
"Mollie, dd'n't you know that you
make mother very unbappy by telling
such awful stories?" she asked. Mollie hung her head and said notblng. ...
"Don't yon know what happened to
Ananias and Sapphlra?" the mother
continued. And Mollie looked up
"Oh, yes," she said. "1 know all
about them. They were struck dead
for lying. I saw tbem being carried
Into tbe corner drug store."—Chicago
Journal. -
A Failure.
7 "Do you think, sir,'' asked tbe wait-
ter, helping the guest on with bis coat,
"that lightning ever strikes twice, in
tbe same place?"
"Yes, I guess tt does," answered tbe
departing diner.
"Well, sir, tbe gentleman who sat
at this table before you came ln gar*
me it fifty cent tip. sir."
"Ah, indeed!   And you think there"
may be a chance tbat be'd come back
tomorrow?   I doubt it.   Good night!"
—Toledo Leader.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance  in' force   which  they  with  to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may. obtain a . Hospital Insurince
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accid .nts
except contageous or infectious dise isea,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for'tickets or for further information should he made to the secretary, Room I. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275. Kelowna, B.C
' Amazon River Prices.'
At points on the Amazon river flour
cpsts $20 a barrel. Shoes are $15 a
pair and' beer $1.25 a bottle 1,000 miles
from Para, while for the next thousand miles up the river prices grow
higher and higher. Food of all kinds,
liquors and all fluids come from a distance. The course up 3.000 miles of
any of these rivers shows only banks
of impenetrable Jungle- running indefinite distances back from the river. In
this Jurtgle are the rubber trees and
tbe people gathering the gum. The
supplies for them must come vast distances, be transported ou the backs
of men, in many cases after long canoe
hauls, and consumed as sparingly as
Around the World.
Improvements iu tbe Trausslberian
railway service now inake.it possible
for a journey round the world to be
made in thirty-seven days. From London to Yokohama by way of Siberia
would take two weeks. The trip
across the Pacific would take twelve
days, making Vancouver twenty-six
days distant from London. Eleven
days are allowed for tbe journey fron
Vancouver to London by way of \ev.
Standard Bred Pacing Stallion No. 30,233.
RECORD   -   2.071-4
The Pedigree of Capt.  {Torino has been examinedi by the
'Department of Agriculture, which certifies
the stallion to be of pure breeding.
,,,,,, ■ ' ,i     i.
Will Stand During the Season at Bonvettes* Livery.
TERMS: $30 to insure, $15 payable at tirrje of service, with
return privilege if mare proves not in foal; $25 for the
season, payable July 1st; single service. $15.
Pasture for mares at $2 per month.   All mares at owners risk.
ELI JOHNSON, Owner, Kelowna, B. C.
A Christmas Hint
If it only was good form at Christmas
We'd not be out many a V
Could we write ou the card with tbe present
A polite little R. 8. V. P.
_________________   kludge.
Lesion Prom the Past
Sisyphus was baffled, but not discouraged. '■
"Look at Edgar Allan Foe!" he said.
"It took him sixty-one years to get into
tbe hall of fame, but be made it at
Bending to bis work wltb renewed
energy, he rolled tbe stone up tbe bill
again.—Chicago Tribune.
D. W. Crowley Co.
Kelowna LtA
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City   • r
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
Before Rome Burned.
Roman Citizen—Whafs the matter,
Friend Tullius Marcusque?
Roman Insurance Agent — Matter?
Why, the companies have just decided
to cancel all their policies here on tbe
ground of a "moral hazard," and tbe
board of underwriters has appointed
me to acquaint Emperor Nero with the
Heard at the Symphony.
Mrs. A.—I suppose you are very fond
of music, Mr. B.?
Mr. B.—No, really 1   I come here simply because it's the correct tbing, you"
know.   Music I look upon as nothing
more than an expensive noise.—Boston Transcript
Glad. '^
Ah, truly he'i. a happy man!
Tate never prods him with Ita spurs.
He haa a wife who doem't want
TlV Christ mae Just a aet of furs.
. »•'_. .        —Detroit Free Press.
Come to us
We Satte; You Dollars
■   ■ \ ■ .
Five tons at $24.50 per ton
One ton at $25 per ton
Half ton at $25.50 per ton
Less than ton lots at $26
Tobacco Building, near Racecourse
165 Branches in Ganaday
Capital Paid Up        -    ■• -
Reserve and Undivided Profit
Aggregate Assets     -       -
Savings Bank Department.
Interest allowed on Deposits^
H. F. REES, Manager.
P. BURNS & Co., Ltd
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat Daily
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manage*
PKone 135
' 4'S
A iyrM
' - ^M~^mmMMMMMM^H^ma^M^alHI»nBMa«^a__________WI_____M«MMMMaBMMHa«««MMMM»
If it is an order for Printing you can make no mistake
in sending it to the
v if .
7 < "JS?
Woven Fence
Price* given for fences erected complete
A. E. CLARKE, Rutland.
Agent alto for the famous
a durable and etfidSent covering.
All kinds 0$ Repairs
nt».te»i»fa<»* letowAJtw
yCAkn^iSM ^A,l--
*'^jfrft'\Q\&-y^yy&{v7^'"^ .\VC 7''"'7
The Orchard Citu Record.
Thursday, Aug. tO
BY-LAW 95.—Tbe City of Kelowna Permanent Sidewalk Local Improvement
Assessment By-law, 1911.
by the said works or improvement?, and
the proportion in which the' assessments
should be made.
AND WHEREAS the probable cost of
the said works or improvements as shown
by   the   reports   was   estimated   to be Six
forty   dollars
A by-law to assess, levy and collect the
co.t of construction as a work of local
improvement, of permanent sidewalks
under By-law Number Thirty-nine (39),
and to raise upon Debenture Loan the
necessary monies for payment of same.
WHEREAS the Municipal Council, pur- thousand six   hundred   and
suant to the Local   Improvement   General ($6,640.00).
By-law   Number   Thirty-nine   (39)  deter- AND WHEREAS the said reports have
mined to carry out certain   works   of   im- been adopted by tlie Council  of   the   (.i.y
provement, viz: the construction as   works of Kelowna.
ot local improvement of   permanent   side- AND WHEREAS the   Council   has  de-
walks   upon   portions   of    the    following cided to distribute the payment of the cost
streets: of said work proposed to be assessc d here-
,    ,                   • i       ii     •     r            .i under over a period of twenty   (20)   years,
1. A cement sidewalk  six   feet   wide, and to borrow the monies necesary to   de-
on west side of Richter street, from fray 8uch cost upou ,he 8pecial rates levied
Bernard avenue to Harvey avenue, hereunder and upon   the   lands   and   im-
l. A cement sidewalk, four feet   eight proVement8 benefited, and upon the guar-
inches   wide,   on   the north side of antee or the corporation at large.
Glenn avenue, from Ethel street to AND    WHEREAS   the   total   front.ige
the south-east corner of LotS Block upon the 8aid wor|<8 Qf local improvement
55, Registered Plan 262. of the real property and   portions  of   real
A cement sidewalk, ten feet   wide, pr0pe.ty   immediately   benefited   is   two-
on the south side of Bernard avenue
from Pendozi street to Ellis street.
A cement sidewalk, eight feet wide
on the south side of Bernard avenue, from Ellis street to Richter st.
AND WHEREAS the Chairman of  the
thousand seven hundred and seventy-one
and nine-tenths feet (2,771.9 feet), and the
cost chargeable to the property benefited
is five thousand five hundred* dollars
AND   WHEREAS   the  Corporation   of
_l    d       "•;■---~ "■- ~"»"""— —   "•■- /_1NU   wt-lt_.Kt_.A_>   the  Corporation   ot
the Board of Works and the  Assessor  of the City of Kelowna desires to pass a by-law
the City of Kelowna did    on   the   twenty- fcr the   purpose   aforesaid,   therefore   the
second day of April.  1911, make joint   re- Municipal Council of the City of Kelowna.
ports ascertaining, showing and determin- in         n   meet;ng   assembled,   enacts   as
ing  the   proportions   in which the assess- follows:
ment   for  the  cost of  the said works or
improvements should be made on the real 1. That the real property immediately
property and portions of real property benefited by the said works of local im-
benefited, and ascertaining, show- provement shall be that which is parcelling and determining what real larly mentioned in the said reports, and
pioperty and portions of real property vthich is set forth and described in the
is,     and     are,    immediately      benefited schedule following:
12        3
4         5
7            8
a v o c   V to     v
0     J       '&J
-J          0Q              tOm
3 BOB     CO-SB— C 3 fi
CS^_S   ¥<=_>§. -SfcS
<o_ oh h<wo. Ht-<a.
West Side of Richter Street, from Bernard Avenue to Harvey Avenue.
Spedding, Mrs. M. A.
7            358
120.0   $1.65 $198.00 $.1379 $16.55 $331.00
Storey, R.
5              358
47.35    1.65
.1379    6.53
Mawhinney, I. L.
6             358
57.35    1.65
.1379     7.91
Boyce, Dr. B. F.
Lane         358
15.0     1.65
.1379     2.07
Campbell, J. J
2             358
189.4     1.65
.1379   26.12
Rutledge, Mrs. T.
1              358
189.9     1.65
.1379   26.19
Methodist Church
Sub. 31    462
N 154.0     1.65
.1379   21.23
Grummett, W. W.
Sub 31   462
SI 39.0     1.65
.1379    19.16
North Side of Glen Avenue, from Ethel Street to the S.E. Corner of Lot 8, Block 55
Registered  Plan 262.
Spedding, Mrs. M. A.
5 "   55   262
110.55     1.25
.104   11.50
Stubbs, R. H.
6       55   262
110.55      1.25
.104    11.50
Fraser, D.
7       55   262
W55.27     1.25
.104     5.74
Leathley, J.
7       55   262
F.55.28     1.25
.104     5.76
Fraser, J. G.
8       55   262
110.55      1.25
.104   11.50
South Side of Bernard Avenue,
from Pendozi
Street to Ellis Street
Okanagan Loan & Inv't
Co.12     15   462
50.0     2.80
.2334    11.67
Knox, Dr. W. J.
II      15   462
50.0     2.80
.2334    11.67
Knox, Dr. W. J.
10     15   462
50.0     2.80
.2334    11.67
City of Kelowna
9       15   462
50.0     2.80
.2334   11.67
Leckie, D.
8       15   462
50.0     2.80
.2334    11.67
Morrison, T. N.
7       15   462
50.0     2.80
.2334    11.67
South Side of Bernard Avenue
from Ellis Street to Richter Street.
Bertram, D.
Sub. 33   462
211.0   2.335
.195   41.14
Rowcliffe. G.
Sub. 33   462
68.0   2.335
.195    13.26
Calder. Mrs. W. B. M.
Sub. 33   462
68.0   2.335
.195    13.26
Anglican Church.
Sub. 33   462
73.0   2.335
.195    14.24
Harvey, sr., J. and Mrs.
H. Sub. 33   462
142.0   2.335
.195   27.69
Boyce. Dr. B. F.
\ Sub.    - - 358
253.7   2.335
.195   49.47
Boyce. Dr. B. F.
Lane         358
8.0   2.335
.195      1.56
Rutledge, Mrs. T.
4              358
64.0   2.335
.195    12.48
Storey, R.
5              358
50.0   2.335
.195     9.75
Mantle, W.J.
8             358
50.0   2.335
.195     9.75
Boyce. Dr. B. F.
7             358
W80.0   2.335
.195    15.60
Speddjng, Mrs. M. A.
•  7      •      358
E50.0   2.335
.195     9.75
2. That the shares and proportions in
which the said sum of Five thousand five
hundred dollars ($5300.00), together with
the amount necessary to ferm a sinking
fund and interest, shall be assessed on the
various portions of real property benefited
in the manner and to the amount set forth
in the Eighth (8) and Ninth (9) columns of
the Schedule to the next preceding section
of this By-law. And the said real property
and portions of real property, set forth and
described in the Schedule in Section One
(1) of this By-law contained, are hereby
assessed accordingly with the payment of
the amounts set forth in the Eighth (8) and
Ninth (9) columns of the said schedule
opposite each said portion of real propery.
3. The amount of the special rate assessed as aforesaid against each lot or portion
of lot respectively, shall be divided into
twenty (20) equal parts, as by the eighth
column of the Schedule in Section one (I)
hereof, and one such part will be assessed, levied and collected in the .first year,
and each subsequent year for nineteen
(19) years, after the final passing of this
Kir-Jatu, during the twenty (20) yea?" which
the debentures hereinafter mentioned have
to run, and shall be payable on the dates
herinafter named.
4. That it shall be lawful for the Corporation of the City of Kelowna to borrow
on the security of the rates hereby imposed,
•nd op the credit and guarantee
of the Corporation at large, by
way of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persona, body
or bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same, a sum not exceeding
in the whole the sum of Five thousand
five hundred dollars ($5,500.00).
5. It shall Le lawful for the Mayor and
Council of th'e Gty of Kelowna to cause
any number of debentures to be called
'Local Improvement Debentures' to be
made for Five hundred dollars ($500) each,
not however exceeding the sum of Five
thousand five hundred dollars ($5,500.00),
and all auch debentures shall be sealed
with the seal of the said Corporation, and
signed by the Mayor and Treasurer thereof!
6. All of the said debentures shall be
dated the First day of September, 1911,
and shall be made payable in twenty (20)
. years from the date hereinafter mentioned
for this by-law to take effect, at the Bank
of Montreal, in the Gity of Kelowna, in the
Province of British Columbia, and shall
have attached to them coupons for the
payment of interest, and the signatures of
the Mayor and the Treasurer of the Corporation respectively, or either of them, to
the coupons may be affixed by printed,
■tamped or lithographed fac-simile.
7. All the said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of Five (5) per cent.
per annum, from the date thereof, which
interest shall be payable half-yearly nt the
Bank of Montreal, at the City of Kelowna,
in the Province of British Columbia.
8. It shall be lawful for the Mayor and
Council of the said Corporation to dispose
of the said debentures at a rate below par,
•ltd to authorize the treasurer to pay but
of the sum so raised, by the sale of the
•aid debenteres, all expense connected
with the preparation Mid printing of the
debenturea and coupons, or any dtacount or
commission or other charges incidental tq
the pale of the said debenture*
9.   Tha .amount aoiuwea**! and  towed
spinet audi lot* 0* portions o* lot* *»
aforesaid, for each year, shall be paid
upon the day upon which the general rates
and taxes of the City of Kelowna aforesaid,
become due, in each and every year during which the said debentures have to run,
and in default thereof, shall bear interest
from and after such dates respectively, at
the rate of Eight (8) per cent, per annum
until paid, and may be recovered together
with all costs in that behalf forthwith after
default by distress and sale of the goods
and chattels of the person liable for such
debt, or by sale of the whole, or any part
■of the real property so charged, but in
the event of any sale of the real property,
or any part thereof, ten days' notice thereof, published in one newspaper circulating
in the municipality shall be given.
10. If the owner of any portion of the
said property hereby assessed a/iall .desire
to commute the special assessment imposed .
by this By-Law, he or she can do so by'
paying the Treasurer of the Corporation
on or before the second day of January,
1912, the amount, set opposite the real
property mentioned in the Sixth (6) Column in the schedule io Section one (!) of
this By-Law contained.
11. That the corporation of the City of
Kelowna do guarantee the monies and interest thereon to be raised under the
authority, of this By-Law, and the various
persons assessed hereunder, and so as in
no way to interfere with or prejudice the
assessment and  special   rate hereby   im-
fiosed or the charge hereby created on the
ands and portions of land, will out of the
current year's revenue pay to any person
or corporation from whom they may borrow money, upon the security of the debentures hereby authorized, or to the
respective holders of the aaid debenturea
the several respective annual paymenta aa
they may from time to time fall due,
12. This By-Law shall tsjee effect and
come into force on the first day of September, 1911, and may be cited as "The
Gty of Kelowna Permanent Sidewalk Construction Local Improvement Assessment
By-Law. 1911 ".
Read a first time by the Municipal Council this Nineteenth d ty of July,  1911.
Read a second time by the Municipal
Council this nineteenth day of July, 1911.
Read a third time by the Municipal
Council this twenty-second day of July, 1911.
Reconsidered and finally passed by the
Municipal Council of the Gty of Kelowna
this day of 1911.
NOTICE is hereby given that a Court ot
Revision will be held at the Council Chamber, Kelowna, B.C., on Thursday, the 24th
day of August, 1911, at Ten o'clock in the
forenoon for the purpose of hearing and
determining complaints (if any) against the
proposed special assessment or the accuracy of frontage measurements as shown in
the Schedule to section One of the a ove
By-law, or any other complaint which the
persons interested may derire to make and
which by law is cognizable by the saldCourt;
but no complaint enn be heard unless
WRITTEN NOTICE of the ground of such
complaint shall have been served upon the
undersigned at least eight days before the
holding of the |aid Court.
Dated at Kelowna. B.C., this 25th day of
July, 1911.
Gty Clark.
"What are,the bugles blowin' for?"
Tho wagon driver 'whined.
"It's turnln' cold; It's turnln' eoM,"
Said Shov,el-on-Behlnd.
"What makes you look' so white, oo
white?" .    - '
The wagon driver whined.
"I'm dreadln' what we've grot to face,"
Said Shovel-on- Behind,
"For the wind 'as got to shlftln',
An' tho folks Is wantih' coal.
They've waited an' they've waited
Till they've put us in tha hole,
An' the next few days or so would try
Mos' anybody's soul,
'For it's goin' down to freezln'
In tho mornin'."
—St. Louis Post-DJspatcb.
Corroborative Testimony.
Mrs. Diplo— M.v husband and.I never
dispute before our children. When
trouble comes up 'we send them out
Kind Neighbor-Oh, that's why I see
theni on the streets so often.
A Delusion Spoiled.
A venerable, white haired person received a month or so ago several requests from young women for a lock
of his hair. The divine, pleased at
this expression of respect, gladly-complied with the requests.
It was not long, however, before bis-
wife received a communication that
put an end to her busband's pleasant
delusion.   The note was as follows:
"pear Mrs. —: Do please ask your
busbuud to send me just a little lock
of his hair.—All the girls have been
taking lessons,in making balr flowers.
So many, of the girls have asked him
that I thought I'd rather address you.
Will you be so kiiid? It's bard to get
while hair for lilies of the valley."—
We can supply you.  We have over a hundred in stock all by those well-known makers,
McLaughlins, and the Canada Carriage Co.
the pioneers of the carriage trade.
Surreys, Top Buggies, Mikados, Carts, and
Delivery Wagons. .
Newest and most up-to-date stock in the Valley.
We have the
At the Fall of Troy.
The last Greek bad Just shinned
down the off hind leg of the Trojan
"Ah. me!" sighed King Priam as be
saw what was going on. "If I'd only
bad the sense to tell those cusses bearing gifts that I wouldn't take anything from them short of an automobile I should not now be so terribly
nagged by the enemy." — Harper's
An Exception.
"I bave observed." said tbe did professor mournfully, "that women nowadays are too frivolous. The average
woman's reading Is not productive of
any profit"—
"Don't you believe It" put in the
family man. "When she reads the
bargain ads. It's productive. of profit
to the advertisers."—Catholic- Standard
and Times.
Calling His Attention.
"How time files!" exclaimed Miss
Thuttyfore. "it doesn't seem possible
tbat four whole years have passed since,
we-had the 'Streets of Paris' here."
"Surely It can't be so long ago as
tbat," said Mr. Batchler.
"It Is. though. I remember.It because tbat was wben you first began
to call at our bouse."—Chicago Tribune.
On 8chedule Time.
A young member of a certain family bad tbe moasies. aud tbe family
was quarantined. . Oue of the little
girls spoke from tin open window to a
neighbor Inquiring Into the state of
her health.
"No. ma'am." she said; "1 haven't
got 'em yet, but I expect to bave 'em
day after tomorrow."—Lipplncott's,
Talked Into the Trap.'
- Book Reviewer—Tbe illustrations In
this novel arc decidedly amateurish.  .
Column Conductor — Aha! Another
crime of the beef trust!
Book Reviewer (never thinking)—
How's tbat?
Column Conductor—Forcing the publishers to use tbo cheaper cuts.—Sunday Illustrated Magazine,
His Money's Worth.
Mrs. Giles (at a London gallery)—
Well, George, do 'e lolke th' statoos or
th' pictures best?
Farmpr Giles—Ol lolkes statoos bet-
ter*n pictures. Ye can go all round tb'
statoos, but ye can only see one side
o* the pictures.—Tatler.
Juit Like ■ Girl.
"Her   cooking  school   habits
made a nuisance bf ber."
"How now?"
"She always wants me to taste tbe
gasoline wben tbe .automobile isn't
working right"—Kansas City Journal.
Those Confuted Impressions.
"Did Mr. Gun'umble see a deer while
oil bis bunting trip?"
"Tea, but in his excitement be mistook it for a member of bis party and
asked it for a cigar." — Washington
Two Better Than One.
"Drowning men clutch at straws,"
quoted tbe wise guy.
"Yes, especially If they are drowning
their sorrows," added the simple mug.
—Philadelphia Record.
Inadequate Protection.
"What's to prevent me from kissing
yon?" demanded the bold lover.
"My goodness 1" exclaimed the girl.
|}ut it didn't—Smart Bet
All Kinds
* 7/<77 '
^yt *''•>■     "*
■£?■"' v"'
4.7 -"V
T— ..■■,u..»„;,.,
■'K tjffyf
' *t^ V *\^A  JC-
'*>£■•#y -A, V*  As    %
'? <7/^.w -'l<P*?s
H^|^^H______________________________________________r "%■&<?'
Sole agents for the
Kimball Cultivator
The great weed exterminator.
Churns, Grindstones, Chaff Cutters, Scales, Pumps,
Windmills, and Spraying Machines
We also carry a complete line of
Light and Heavy Team Harness
t • ...... • -
Flour, Hay, Oats, Wheat, Barley, and Chop
Give us your order, and we will satisfy you.
The Kelowna Carriage House 77u
Thursdaij, August 10
Wrharij City Record
r> -  *
We carry only the best lines of these goods, which will give
'       you satisfaction every time.
Buggies,    Wagons,   Democrats,   &c,
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FEED   ::
Hay,   Oats,   Bran,  Wheat,   Barley,  and  Oat   Chop.
Dealers in Farm and
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Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
Phone 118
Kelowna Manufacturing
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
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" Situated within one half mile of town, end being
•bout loo feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town, lake and aurroundinf country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
There ia only one GLENMORE. Don't miaa the opportunity of aelecting a few acrea of thia desirable
' •.. If you with a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on ua and wa will
' ahow you our aub-diyiuon v
Juat four block* from the centre of the town.    Price* low.   Terms easy,
monthly payment*.if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
Provincial and General News -
Anextra Gazette announces the
design to be used on the new 50c.
and 10c. coins. The obverse side
will have an effigy of the King
with his Imperial crown and robe,
and will bear the inscription,
" George V. Rex-et Ind Imp.,"
while on the reverse side will appear 50 or 10 cents, as the case
may be, the year of coinage, a
wreath of maple leaves and the
Imperial crown.
A mountain of mica is reported
to have been struck in Merritt. An
offer of $30,000 for the claim has
been refused by Jerry Mullen, the
The Provincial Department of
Agricultuie has just had executed
in the Old Ciuitry and ia a
manner leaving nothing to be
desired a most interesting series of
duplicates or replicas of all the
medals won by individual exhibitors from this province in the Old
Country during the past six years,
and more particularly the trophies
ot yictories at. the successive
annual exhibitions of the Royal
Hoiticultural Society. These duplicate medals, the originals of
course are cherished as >>the
individual properties of the winners, form a collec ion of upwards of 150 in number The
intention of the department is to
have th.m systematically and appropriately grouped and staged
lor the effective advertisement of
the fruit resources of this province
at future important < xhibitions.
The Chinese government is considering a plan to send a corps of
agricultural experts to the United
Slates to study the apple-growing
industry with a view of adding it
to the industries of China.
The Summerland council has
engaged the services of a New
York landsc. p . architect in preparing plans tor the beautifying of
the lake shore.
Work has been begun on a new
$6,000 Agricultural Hall at Summerland.
A new city hall of a size and
importance worthy of Greater
Montreal is contemplated. It will
be one of the finest municipal edifices in America, Its cost is roughly
estimated at $10,000,000 and it
will take ten to twenty years to
complete. '
Defoliation of Forests
by the Spruce
A terrific explosion of a case of
dynamite carelessly left in a blacksmith V shop in the very centre of
Prince Rupert broke every window in every building within a
radius of seven blocks at 10 o'clock
Saturday morning, but did not
injure anybody. The fire swept
to the school building close by and
threatened to wipe out the business
portion of, the city, but was checked
by the fire department.
A Nelson report states that within a few weeks there will be eight
thousand head - of poultry at a
ranch at Nine-mile-point on the
west arm of Kootenay Lake. Already incubators with a capacity
of three thousand egR8 have been
installed and fifty brooders with a
capacity t>f five thousand chicks.
Tht new company formed to run
the ranch has imported two thousand pedigree white Plymouth
Rocks from Indiana and a thousand prize bred Antonas from
Brantford, Ont. Eggs now sell
there at fifty cents a dozen and
the company sees a bright future
for business as British Columbia
imports millions - of dollars worth
of poultry products yearly. Ducks
will be added later. Contracts are
now signed for.all the eggs and
poultry .the company can supply
for a year.
B.C. Game Regulations
By an Order-in-Council passed
recently by the Provincial Government, the future use of automatic
guns by British Columbia sportsmen has been prohibited from
September first next. These guns
have only come into general use
during the past few years, and
have been particularly favoured
by duck-huntert, who, thus armed
have been enabled to slaughter
the water-fowl wholesale. The
general opinion ia that their use
is the reverse of sportsmanlike, and
the action taken by the government will meet with the cordial
approval of true sportsman in ail
parts of the country. By a second
Order in Council a closed season
for sheep during the ensuing two
years has been prescribed in tbe
districts of Yale, Okanagan and
Similkameen ; and another year of
immunity has been granted to
wapiti in all parts of the mainland,
as . from September .1st. The
wapiti of Vancouver island are
already under special protection.
Cuta and bruises may be healed in about
one-third the time required by the usual
treatment by applying Chamberlain'* Liniment.' ■ It ia an antiaeptic and caueea auch
injuria! to heal without maturation.- Thia
liniment alao relieves, aoreneaa of the mm-
clea and rheumatic pains. For aale by all
Kelowna.    -   - •--.-'    B. C
Considerable uneasiness, and
even alarm has been felt by lumbermen and others interested in forest
products, over the depredations in
different parts of Canada, of the
spruce budw6rm,(ror/rtr/um^erflna)
It was feared that the spruce might
suffer a fate similar to that of the
tamarack which was killed by the
larch sawfly about twjentw-five
years ago. As a result, however,
of careful investigation begun by
the Division of Entomology of the
Dominion Department of Agriculture during 1909 and still in progress, the situation appears to be
much more satisfactory and reassuring than was at fiist considered
The destructive work of the bud-
worm was first reported two years
ago from Vancouver Island, where
the Duglas fir -was attacked ; and
from Quebec, where the spruce
and the balsam suffered chiefly. In
the case of Quebec, the pests were
at first confined to the west central
portion of the province, but during
1910 areas on the east of the St.
Lawrence were also attacked. It
was this latter CircumstanceT that
rousecf timber owners to a sense of
the possible extent of the danger.
While in the caterpillar stage
these insects destroy the buds of
the spruce and balsam, especially
at the tops of. the trees. They also
bite off the leaves,' which, together
with the excrement of the cater-
pillors, cause the tops of the trees
to assumes a reddish broWn appearance. When a large area is attacked it appears as if it had been
swept-by fire.    -...._ .....„,.,..'
As such plagues of air insects
can only be controlled by natural
means, the Dominion Entomologist
visited a number of the infected
districts for the purpose of dis-,
covering a natural remedy that
would meet the situation. Various
insect-enemies or parasites were
found, that prey upon the budworm
and these are being used to destroy
the pest. As the percentage of
important .parasites, especially of
the minute species which attack
Ae j_gg8_of th_e_.latter, judging by
previous experiences in studies of
teis nature, it is not improbable
that the insects will be controlled
by its natural parasites in the course
of a year or two, that is before it
has inflicted any serious damage to
the spruce and balsam by repeated
Haircutting, Shaving,
Shampooing, etc.
(Bouch's Old Stand)
Builders and
Plans & Estimates Furnished
Residence, Park Ave.
P.O. Box 75.
RINGS!       RINGS!   '
•0MWKs«k«Ha___.McaaB«__uBk*fcB__MUia«______i_k _M«_MaMHffV«aa____>s_M_iMW
Diamond Rings, Signet Rings,
Pearl   Rings, Birthday   Rings,
And last but not least Weddlllg    RlUgS
No mntter what kind of a Ring you are looking for, we feel aure we can
please  you, for  we   have  added a few absolutely new lines to our wall-
assorted stock.   Solid gold rings from $1.50 up.
Birthday rings marked down to $3.60.
Diamond   Rings   from   $15  to $150. *
Our  prices  will  interest  you. Our  values  are   unsurpassed.
Drop in and look them over.
W. M. PARKER & Co.,
Watchmakers and Jewelers,
P.O. Box 316 Spedding Block.
All work absolutely guaranteed.
\.   »a
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, limited
, In Marty Subdivison on Pendozi Street, with building
restrictions,  size 68x121,
Prices from $350 to $650, easy terms;
Building Loan arranged for purchaser.
We have funds available for Mortgage Loans, and (he
purchase of Agreements of Sale.
- ___________     - '   *-
COUNTRY .or in  the TOWN '
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. _.*' y, i~.
■>i^£^^5^^_^_^&^-g__tg^^£#g^&^^ ^ ____
Vare prepared to undertake' your' WoJrk
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Painting, Paper/hanging,      j
Kalsomining,   Hardwood   Finishing, )
and Interior Decorating, a
We can do your work with neatness and dispatch.
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>A \
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• * 7 i^TOS
Residence: Lawson A^iuiis
■'   -■■■' ■ 'S. .    , i ^        yJt
P.O. Box 473        -       Kelown$!
v m y
-ha* The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, August 10
#  •
W 'J flU
The Hot Weather is here and the house is
warm, so this is the time of year that it
don't pay to cook when you can get a good
dinner without. OXLEY has a large stock
of good things that don't require any cooking.
Here are a feu) of them:—
St. Ivel Meats and Lobster (in glass),
Morton s Ox Tongue (in glass),
C. & B. Chicken, Fish & Game Paste,
Pickles: Sweet, Sour and Mustard,
Olives, plain and stuffed,
Heintz India Relish.  Something good,
Gillard S   Relish.    Like the King eats,
Canned Meats and Fishes of all kinds,
Lime Juice, Grape Juice, Raspberry
Vinegar, Lemonade and Soft Drinks,
Bananas, Oranges, Peaches, Plums,
And all Kinds of Fruits.
Brockfield Creamery Butter
Continued From Page 1
2 Cents per word, First insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
The Best in Town.
Order a Pound.
Phone 35
Phone 35
Store open every evening for Ice
Cream only
NURSING        -
Experienced,   moderate   terms.    Address,
Mrs. C. Pitt, Rutland. /
Morden's house, six rooms, with or   without land.   Apply G. E. Boyer. 16tf
Mr. Boyer Snr. has 5 or 6 small, but very
desirable Properties for   sale,   situated   in
and just outside the city limits. I7tf
By week or month.   Apply Box W,   Record Office. x
Modern, hot water heating, electric   light,
city water.     Apply   Morrison  Thompson
Hardware Co.
Situation   by Lady   as  Housekeeper or
Mother's  Help.   Apply   Box  A., Record
Sewing Machine and Democrat.    Apply
A. S.Cox. 34tf
Girl for steady clean  work in  laundry.
Experience not necessary. Apply Okanagan
Laundry, Pendozi-street. 35tf
We still have a number of excellent lots
in Coronation Square at $100 each. Apply
now if you want a bargain.   Clement Bros
Woman   to  cook  for   three   bachelors.
Apply box P., Record Office. 37p
Wanted for cannery, Wood Lake.    Apply
stating   qualifications and salary expected,
Vernon Fruit Co., Ltd., Kelowna or Vernon
Registered thoroughbred race Mare iri
foal to imported thoroughbred stallion.
Absolutely sound ; 7 years of age. Price
reasonable. For further particulars apply
Kelowna Livery and Horse Exchange.
Publications including " An Outline of
Theosophy," 'Is Theosophy Anti-Christian,
"The Evidence of Theosophy" etc. etc.,
may be had free of charge on loan by
applying to S. H. Olds or W. B. Pease,
Cuts and bruises may be heahsd in about
one-third the time required by the usual
treatment by applying Chamberlain's Liniment It is an antiseptic and causes such
injuries to heal without maturation. This
liniment also relieves soreness of the muscles and rheumatic pains. For sale by all
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
What are you going to
do with the Flies ?
They will come, you can't keep them out.
You know they carry disease geims, why then don't
you get rid of them?
You can drive a few out, you can swat a few more,
and kill them, but necessity has once more proved
to be the mother of invention, and has provided
a way to dispose of them.
Tanglefoot Foot Fly Paper, 3 double sheets, 10c.
Fly Coils, "Flies," 3 coils for 1 Oc.
Fly Coils, "Peoples," 5c.  each.
Fly Poison Pads, "Wilson's," 3 packets for 25c.
Remember that flies are an awful menace to
public health.
f  Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
intricacies of launch handicaps.
Four of the boats were disqualified
fnr exceeding the speed shown in
tho test race, leaving G. F. Jamas
for first. and.W. R. Megaw, second
The war canoe race for the
Knowles cup and medals, with a
crew of 15, resulted in an easy win
for Kelowna over Peachland, the
only other contestant.
The dinghy sailing race was announced about this time, Aviss
taking the prize, the others having
Mixed double sculls finals, 1st,
W. Hill and Miss Raymer; 2nd,
R. C. Bennett and Miss Abbey.
The Boys' Tub Race created an
immense amount of amusement.
The tubs were exceedingly difficult
to navigate and the boys had great
fun trying to keep them right side
up. Roy Haug got hold of the
trick first and paddled in triumphantly, Ian Weddell arriving later.
In the Double Canoes R. W.
Stevens and A. G. Woolsey had an
easy win.
The Junior War Canoe Race between Peachland and Kelowna
had to be called off Peachland
being unable to make up a crew.
Later a match race was arranged
between Kelowna and Peachland,
crews of nine paddles each. This
was also won by Kelowna.
Running Spring-Board Dive—
1,. A. Edwards, 2, J. F. Burne, 3,
A. H. P. Errington.
The Mixed War Canoe (four
ladies and five men) Race had
three crews entered: Naramatp,
Peachland and Kelowna. It was a
close race with an exciting finish.
All the crews paddled well,
Kelowna getting a slight lead and
finishing first with Peachland
The Crab Canoe Race -was won
by R. W. Stevens with Errington
second. Later/however, the judges
decided to disqualify Stevens for
kneeling in the canoe, the others
having been seated. This left
Errington first with Aviss second.
Ladies* Double Canoe. 1 Miss
M. Harvey arid Miss F. Cather; 2
Miss Birks and Miss Blomfield.
There was an unfortunate mixup
about the finish of this race. The
Misses Raymer-boat fouled the
winner almost on the line; the former however should have taken
second place but failed to cross the
line, stopping * only a few inches
'60 yards Open Swim, 1 A. Edwards, 2 T. Buchanan, 3 G^Yeld
The winner's time was 36 two fifths
The D. W. Sutherland Cup for
the fastest gasoline launch was
taken by H. Leckie-Ewing, beating the second, W. R. Megaw, by
82 .seconds. The excitement of
the race was in the close contest
between Jones' " Rip II," and W.
R'A Megaw's boat. Megaw got
away first and kept the lead until
after the first turn, when Jones
gradually drew ahead. The latter
however • lost time again on the
last turn, and Megaw crossed the
line a few seconds ahead.
The Senior Aquatic" Derby was
withdrawn, the boys taking the
place of the men. A. Weddell 1,
Clarence Jones 2, and the rest nowhere.
The war canoe race for the
Megaw cup, one mile with turn,
proved another easy victory for
Kelowna. The home boys were
first in the turn and held the lead
all7 the way.
Three entered for the ladies'
single canoe, the result being I,
Miss Blomfield, with Miss M.
Raymer 'and Miss Birks a dead
heat-for second place.'
The Tilting from Canoes was the
last event, the prize after a long
struggle going to Douglas and H.C
The. Chamley Cup for the Open
Handicap Sailing was awarded to
R. V. Agur's " Onaway " after a
face which dragged out to considerable length from lack of sufficient breeze.
The Silver Championship Shield
given by the directors of the
Aquatic 'Association to the winner
of the most successes in the various
contests was won by A. Edwards,
with 58$ points, the points being
allotted'in accordance with a scale
fixing the value of the various
events. J. F. Burne was second
! with 51 £ points.
A special Double Canoe Race
Was arranged for boys left out of
the tilting match, A. Weddell and
Clarence Jones competing against
E. McLennan and #. Fuller, the
latter pair being the victors.
During the afternoon Mr. R. S. Aikman
gave an exhibition of fancy diving, a display of skill and grace which wai loudly
applauded. Mr. K. MacLaren joined him
in tome double diving feats which were
much admired.
The prize* were distributed in front of
the Aquatic pavilion by the Mayor and
Mayoress,Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Sutherland.
An interesting ceremony at this point
was the presentation to Mr. Frank Bastier
of the Royal Humane Society's certificate
for his bravery in saving the life of Robt,
Lloyd from drowning in the lake. Most
people will recall the sad circumstances of
t'le accident last fall when three men Tom
Wardlaw, Mark England, and Robert Lloyd
w<re overturned in a sail boat by a sudden
squall when crossing from Westbank.
Frank Bastier noticed their distress from
where he was working on the other side,
and getting assistance went out to their
r< jcue in the Brewery launch. Bastier
I 1 inged over the side and succeeded in
""=uing Lloyd, who, exhausted with battling with the rough water, and numbed
with the cold, was on the point of sinking.
I tie other two were drowned.
Mr. G. C. Rose, chairman of the committee, recalled the incident in a short
speech, pointing out that this was the first
time anyone in the district hed had the
distinction of being recognised by the
The committe had no little difficulty in
overcoming Mr. Bastier's modesty, sufficiently to induce him to consent to a public presentation, but it was felt that the
occasion was such as to demand it.
In the evening the pavilion was illuminated with Chinese lanterns, and dancing
and music were continued until a late
At the Opera House
Mysterious Willard Coming
Next Friday and Saturday, August 18 and 19 at the Opera House
the attraction will be Mysterious
Willard, and the Man of Mystery
Co., which is without doubt the
greatest popular priced attraction
ever brought to Kelowna. The
company comes direct from the
Lyric Theatre at Calgary, where
they played for nine nights to record breaking business. It's known,
as " The Show that's Different," as
it offers .theatre goers something
entirely new in the line of amusement. Two hours of fine laughing
and myfetery. Willard is an artist
in a class by himself, and will have
the town laughing after the first
Besides being one of America's
greatest magicians, and illusionists
he is a marvel in mind-reading and
hypnotism. Each evening he will
demonstrate his wonderful growing stunt, whereby he increases his
height from seven to nine inches,
and the length of his arms from
twelve to fifteen inches. The performance lasts two hours and a
complete change of programme is
given each evening. Secure seats
seats in advance, popular prices
will prevail, 15c. 50c. and 75c.
"The Mummy and
the Humming Bird "
" The Mummy and the Humming Bird," with Mr. Paul Gilmdre
as the star, as played in London
by Chas. Wyndham at the Garrick
will be here the 22nd of Aug. at
the Opera House.
This expensive show is at present
at Calgary for six nights, and on
their tour around the world, will
take in Kelowna, and this town
should show their appreciation of
good things by patronizing this
successful English comedy dran.a.
The representative having been
successful with his listing-here requests all those that signed to be
sure and exchange their tickets for
reserved' seats on Aug. 18th at
Crawford's in'order to take advantage of the special price. Also all
those not on the list at present can
sign it at Crawford's Book store,
thereby getting a $1.50 for $1.00.
Studio    open.
Thursday, Friday, and
1    Saturday;
Rowcliffe Block
Buy it now. Now is the time to buy a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy It is almost certain
to be needed before the summer is over.
This remedy has no superior. For sale by
all dealers.
Queen  Quality
The Success of the
"Queen" Quality
Shoe   is   unparalleled.   It   is
tremendous!   It is now
World Famous
It is the world's standard of a
perfect shoe for women at a
moderate cost.
You   can   absolutely depend
upon it; it is as reliable as
sterling on silver or twenty-
two carat on gold.
Sole Agent, \A
Notice is hereby given that all Public'
Highways in unorganized Districts,'and all
Main Trunk Roads'in organized Districts
are sixty .six (661 feet wide, and have a
width of thirty-three [33] feet on each side
of the mean straight centre line of the"
travelled road.
Minister of Public Works.
Department of Public Works,
Victbria, B.G, July 7th,1911.   '
A well-known Des Moires jyrojtnan after '
suffering, miserably for two days vfrom-
bowel complaint, was cured' by one dose?
of Chamberlain's ColicCholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.   For sale by all dealers.
kelowna board of school
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to noon on Thursday, 10th of
August, 19 Fl Tor the construction ol~{w<T
cement walks in the Kelowna High School
grounds.    Specifications may be' seen at
the Council Chamber.   The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
Kelowna B. C, G. H. DUNN.
July 31,1911. Secretary. .
Geo.  DAVIS:
Haircutting, Shaving,
,        . Shampooing, etc.
(Bouch's Old Stand)
Builcfers and
Plans & Estimates Furnished
Residence, Park Ave.
P.O. Box 75.


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