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The Orchard City Record Apr 6, 1911

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 VOL. III.   NO  19.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of City Council
Pool Room By-law Passed Without Further Amendment -
Petition to Submit to Vote of People Turned Down -
New Fire Alarm Signals
; Thanks to the agitation over the
much debated Pool Room By-law
the usual meeting of the city council last Saturday evening was rather
an unusual one. There was a full
attendance of mayor and aldermen.
After the customary routine of
passing the minutes of the previous meeting had been gone
through, the following accounts
were referred to the finance' committee for payment:-- .
D. -Mills, removing rubbish  on
streets .$     9 00
D. Mills, cleaning Fire Hall grounds I 50
Buffalo Meter Co., 80 curb boxes
-for water meters;,.;...........:...... 80 00
Buffalo Meter Co. 80 water meters 1020 80
H. H. Millie, phone rents,...  13 50
C.P. R., freight....;...  12 32
Crane Co.,'cotton waste, flue cleaner, etc.  25 27
Imperial Oil Co., 2 bbl. engine and
cyl. oil...;  49 78
E. S, Jackson, duty on curb boxes
and'meters..........  383 25
. Pay sheet on streets Mar. I to 7th . 360 28
Harvey &  Moorhouse,  work on
7 city map.;...,..,................  5 00
W. C. Blackwood, grading streets 10 00
Mor.-Thompson Co., supplies for
March........  39 00
Drs. Keller & McNaughton, medical attendance on Mrs.  Brown
and Mr. Kremer...,.;................ 37 00
K. F. Oxley," supplies for do..;..... 9 45
WTHaug.      do.      do.    ........ JI 75
W. R. Trench,     do.     do.  19 00
S.  D. Colquette   salary  150.00
H. Blakeborough, A " A A....... 100 00
E. Fowler..              A    ...7.....; 85 00
G. Goldsmith,     ■■■■"''■'  75 00
Ian MacRae, constable's sal......... 60 00
IpmiSSSiiTu^eng^»^r.L.......y 150JD0
P. f. Dunn, assistant clerks sal.... , 50 00
G. H. Dunn, clerk's salary  arid
petty cash............ .'..';........, 134 00
'J. F. Burne, city solicitor and police mag.sal............................ 170 00
Dr. Boyce, police mag.sal............ 41 29
Dr. Keller, rent of council chain...: 15 00
Mr. R. B. Kerr then presented a
.petition signed by 159 ratepayers
asking' that the By-law No. 86
which seeks to impose certain restriction upon pool rooms and
billiard halls in the city be referred
to a vote of the ratepayers before
being finally passed. It. was the
law, he said, according to the
Municipal Clauses Act, that if at
any time one-fifth of the voters
asked for a referendum on any by-
by law before the council, the latter
could sanction the taking of a poll.
One-fifth of the present voters list
was 84, so that the 159 who had
signed the -petition represented
considerably over that proportion.
And this was, moreover, hot the
result of an exhaustive canvass.
More signatures could easily have
been got. The largest poll ever
taken in Kelowna was last year's
record of 230. So that the petition
represented over two thirds of the
largest poll ever taken. On that
account alone it should receive attention. The by-law .in question
had become an issue in the town.
Everybody was talking about it.
It was, therefore, a matter on which
the council should take a vote of
the electors.
Aid. Leckie raised an objection
to the proposal oh the score of the
cost oH_ poll to the city. Suppose,
he said, that a vote was taken and
the result went against the opponents of the by-law, would Mr.
Whitehead be willing to pay the
expenses incurred in taking a useless poll? .
Mr. Kerr said he did not think it
would be fair to ask him. In the
event of the vote carrying, and the
council being proved in the wrong
then they should certainly pay the
cost, or if the vote was lost by . the
people who had signed the petition
afterwards; • voting in opposition, then they, the ratepayers,
should still be made to pay.
Aid. Leckie said he would not
be surprised if many who had
signed the petition did vote for the
by-law. He had spoken to, about
a dozen of them and found they
did not really care whether the
by-law passed or not They had
signed purely out of good-will, be
cause they had been asked to do
Aid. Jones said he knew of several who had signed both petitions
who said they had really no interest in the matter, and thought the
council" should go ahead and do
their duty. He did not think petitions counted for very much anyway. A good deal of personal
influence was used in getting people to sign.
The expense of taking the vote
was estimated roughly by the city
clerk at about $35. This, Mr. Kerr
said Mr. Whitehead would be
quite willing to pay if he lost.
Aid. Leckie thought this put Mr.
Whitehead in a better position.
He would certainly have opposed
the vote on the ground of expense.
Mayor Sutherland said that this
was His sixth year on the council,
and there had hot been one year
when they had not been asked to
pass such a. by-law as the one in
question. They had been, approached by parents, school teachers
and others, who had complained
that the children had neglected
their studies to.frequent the pool
Mr. Kerr here interposed on behalf of Mr. Whitehead, who declared that during the time he had
been running the pool room only
three cildren under 18 years of age
had been inside the place.    '
The matter had been repeatedly
brought.up, continued the mayor,
even so far back as Mr. Morrison's
time.. One of the arguments had
been 'that they ought to have.some
means- of preventing the boys attending the High School froni visiting the pool room. They were
getting letters every month on this
and similar matters, and not always-
from the class of people who were
supposed to be making complaints.
Such .letters were usually referred
to the police.
Aid; Jones did not consider the
matter of sufficient importance to
to a number of those who had
signed the petition. People he
had talked to on the subject had
•aid they had.every confidence in
the council, and advised them to
go ahead and do their duty. For
his part he would oppose the vote
being taken.
Mr. Whitehead, who had come
in to the meeting a few minutes
before, declared with some., heat
that he was personally responsible
for every signature on the petition.
He challenged any o,. t__e aiucrrnen
to put his finger on any one who
had signed merely for the sake of
signing. For a person like himself who a short time back was
utterly unknown in the town to go
round with two petitions inside of
two weeks and get so many to
sign indicated that there was considerable, interest felt in the  mat-
ter* '■-■■.. .
Aid. Leckie said  he had  heard
several declare that they did not
care two whoops whe/her the place
was kept open or not.
Mr. Whitehead retorted that
there might be some waverers
amongst them, but if a poll were
taken they would see whether the
people wanted the by-law or not.
If people were not interested, then
why should they sign the petition?
Either they knew their own. minds
or they did not. He did not see
how it was possible for him to get
at the wishes of the people other
than by a petition. He knew
petitions were despised, and some
gentlemen did not believe in them,
but he could not see any other
Mayor Sutherland said he did
not believe in the campaign of
calumny which was being conducted against the council.
Mr. Whitehead : The council
were the ones to start it. There
was no need for such a bv-law. If
someone else had to take Up the
pool room who did not conduct it
roperly, they could pass a by-
aw inside of two weeks if they
had the people behind th<;n.
Aid. Jones, said that in any town
or city the size of Kelowna there
was always legislation of this
nature. The council had no wish
to work, any injustice against the
proprietor of the pool room, and
he did not think the bydaw as
submitted would work any injustice.
Aid. Dalgleish thought 11:30 was
a very reasonable hour for closing.
In most prairie towns 11 o'clock
was the usual hour.
Mi. Kerr reminded the council
that they were not at present discussing the merits of the by-law,
but whether they should concede
to the wishes of the petitioners to
put the matter to the vote, of 'the
people. 7„
If it were not such a «mall matter,
said the mayor, he personally
would like to see a vote taken. But
the question was so trifling that it
seemed like springing an April I st
joke on the people to ask for a
' Mr. Kenr said he knew: many
others besides Mr. Whitehead who
considered the question of great
Aid. Leckie said that when they
placed the hour at 11 o'clock hie
thought they were very reasonable,
and were certainly stretching a
point when they changed, it to
11:30. However, he was not
againstJiaving a vote if the people
wished it. ;   7
Aid. Copeland said he would
like to see the vote taken. He had
no doubt as to the way the vote
would go, but he thought they
ought to give to people the chance1
to say 'whether they would have
the by-law or. not.
•The discussion continued for
some time,. Mr. Kerr urging thai
the principle of referring disputed
questions to the people was becoming commoner and commoner
every year. The referendum had
been'introduced into ten States of
the Union, and the movement was
spreading in Canada.
The following motion was
eventually proposed by Aid. Leckie
and'seconded by Aid. Copeland :
''-That.a vote be taken of the ratepayers as to, whether By-law No.
86 as now amended, be passed by
this council, said poll to be held
in the council chamber on Saturday
the 22nd inst."
On being put the ..motion failed
to receive any further support, and
was accordingly lost.
Aid. Jones then proposed seconded by Aid. Dalgleish: " That Bylaw. No. 86  be reconsidered and
Contiuued on pace 6
Glenmore Notes.
Fire Interrupts Play
at Opera House
Outbreak in Basement During
Visitors to the Opera House last
| Monday night were treated to some
unrehearsed excitement, which
might have had a good ] deal more
serious consequences. . During the
progress of " Merely Mary Jane"
smoke was. noticed coming up
through the front steps of v the
Opera House, and investigation
showed that fire had broken put
under the Hall, in the basement
used by Messrs. Lawsons, Ltd. as a
The alarm was at once given,
but before the brigade could locate
the fire and get their hose directed
upon it the blaze had gained considerable head way,rand the dense
smoke began to fill the Hall. The
place was about half full of people
at the-time, many ladies and children being amongst the audience.
Fortunately order was maintained
and in a few minutes all had filed
out by the side entrance.
; The fire, however, never got
beyond the basement, though considerable damage was done to the
valuable stock there. A few minutes application of a powerful jet
of water sufficed to put out the
flames, though not before some two
or three thousand dollars' worth of
stock had been ruined by fire and
water. About a. ton of butter
stored in a refrigerator contrivance
under the steps of the Opera
House was utterly spoilt. Potatoes,
canned goods, pickles, and candies
wer strewn all over the floor. The
loss is fully covered by insurance.
' An amusing feature of the exciting event was the. sight of the Allen
Players. sitting in war paint and
feathers on a heap of baggage,
dresses and other properties hastily
removed from the dressing rooms
into the back lane.. "Oh, VernaI"
called out " Susie," as she ran from
the, door with something in her
hand,; "You've saved everything
but your purse I" ' This ■ was 'addressed to " Merely Mary jane,"
who was sitting on an upturned
trunk in the darkness and debris
of the back lane.
A little later on when the smoke
had cleared away from the Hall,
performance was resumed,
great was the applause when
rise of the curtain revealed
Miss Verna Felton and Mr. Irving
Kennedy apparently as cool and
collected as though.they had never
been interrupted.
Mr. A. V. J&cCsrty, orchardist
for the Central Okanagan Lands,
Ltd., returned Wednesday from his
trip to Yakima Valley, where he
has been selecting the nursery
stock for Glenmore orchards. One
of the cars of stock came in this
Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie^ ot
Sunny Slope rahch.Glenmore, have
moved from the Lakeview Hotel
to their new home in the valley.
Among those who spent last
weekend in town were Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. A. Barrat, Montreal,
guests of Mr. H. H. MacLeay. Mr.
Barrat purchased a fruit ranch in
Glenmore, overlooking the city and
lake. They were so Well impressed with conditions in Kelowna and
Glenmore that they will visit the
valley again this autumn when the
crops are being harvested.
Mr. Jamieson has! returned to
Montreal after his two weeks' visit
to Kelowna. He made a good
number of friends in town during
his short stay, and it is reported
that he was a heavy investor in
Glenmore, where he will make
his home a little later in the season.
Mr. and Mrs. MacLaren have a
friend from the cast visiting them.
Mr. Canavan arrived from the
Coast this'week.
Glenmore  is  at  present a very
busy spot with so many buildings
being erected and so much preparation being made for starting the
[orchards in the valley.
Tlie wedding __ was celebrated
last Monday of John Duhamel, of
Kelowna to Florence Graham, daughter of Mr. J. J. Graham,' at the
home of the bride's parents. The
happy pair after a luncheon took
the boat for Penticton returning
next morning, but went through to
Calgary, whers Mr. Duhamel, who
was- formerly in Bouch's barber
shop, is starting in the barber business. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. D. J. Welsh.
. The Hatch blackmail case was
tried at Vernon last week and dismissed, the judge maintaining that
the letter sent to E. J. Pettigrew
could not legally be described as a
threatening letter.
A baseball match is arranged for
this afternoon between the city
team and the Allen Stock Co.
A daughter was born to the wife
of P. DeLautour at Vernon on
Sunday, March 19th.
Chicago and the Grear Lakes
are in the grasp of a severe blizzard.
W. O. Knowles of Vernon and
J. M. Yorston of Quesnel have
been appointed census commis-
siners for Yale-Cariboo.
The W. C T. U. will meet next
Tuesday, April 1 Ith at the
home of Mrs. Chas. Wilson. A
full attendance is requested, so that
final arrangements may. be made
for the convention to be held, here
in the last week in this month.
Allen Players Conclude
Successful Run
To-night's Play Last of Series
Miss Verna Felton and the Allen
Players close to-night one of the
most successful series of play 3 from
an artistic point of view which has
ever appeared on the boards of the
Opera House.
The Allen Players are a strong
combination, including some first-
rate talent. The leading star, Miss
Verna Felton, is a clever little lady
with wonderful versatility of talent
Grave or gay ; tragedy or comedy,
she exhibits a remarkable power
of throwing her whole vivacious
personality into the character she
represents. She can even '■—a rare
gift—rescue a part from mediocrity
and make it sparkle with her own
cleverness. Iii the varied characters
in which she has appeared during
the past': week she has been ably
supported by a company whose
talent is unquestionable.
Mir. Irving Kennedy, while at his
best in strict drama, is yet an all-
round actor of undeniable merit; 7.
"The Resurrection" given last
Saturday, is a great play by a great
writer, and its presentation was a
triumph for the company.
Such productions as " Zaza,"
" Second Mrs. Tanqueray,', "Merely
Mary Ann," and " Camille," present sufficiently varied and difficult
repertoire. fpr any company to
carry, but suffice it to'say that a
return visit will be eagerly looked
for. This we understand* the
company intend paying in the fall.
The music was supplied throughout^ the -.evening by the Kelowna
Orchrttra;:■■■■■Ay-y'y-"'yyyA Ay'
-' To-night is the last play of the
series—-a comedy, "Hello^ Bill f*
In the morning the company
leaves for Vernon.:    7:i.
Sudden Death of Henry
.The last spike completing the
Copper -• /River > & ..Northwestern
Railway between Cordova, Alaska,
and Kenneicott, where the Bonanza
copper mountain is situated, was
driven this week. Work on the
railway, which is . 197 miles long
and cost $20,0.00,000, was begun
November 15. 1907.
Death came suddenly last Monday to old Henry Bartlett, who
died alone in a little cottage on
Glenn avenue. In the morning he
was around and appaiently well.
In the afternoon about three o'clock
he was found to be dead. About
noon he complained to Mr. and
Mrs. Newby of not feeling well and
as he became worse the doctor
was summoned, and he was got to
bed. Several times during the
afternoon, Mrs. Newby, who waa
attending to his wants, went in to
see him, and imagined him sleeping peacefully. Later he was discovered to have passed away
quietly. Heart failure due tOj
advancing years was the cause.
Deceased was in his seventy-
sixth year, and had always enjoyed
the best of health. He was born
at Portsmouth, England, coming
out to Canada some time in the
sixties. He had seen much of the
pioneer life of the olden days.
When hesfirst came to this country
nearly half a century ago he attached himsiSf to one of the old
Hudson 8 Bay posts on Lake
Manitoba.-, He was a young man
then, and -could tell many interesting stories of that adventurous life. -
Leaving,: there after • a', few years, he
joined'SG' P. R.:stirvey camp in
British Columbia. The party were
engaged in locating the main line
of the C. P. R., and this province
was an unknown land. Later he
returned to Holland, Manitoba, and
followed the occupation of gardener
coming to Kelowna six years ago
last fall. *
. Henry Bartlett was a man' who
was liked"and'respected wherever
he went.--;.. A;straighter man never
lived, sayA&ctae^who knew him
best. Ever ready to lend a helping
hand, he won the esteem of all who
came in contact with him. Amongst
his treasures was a gold watch and
chain, which was presented to him
by a large circle of well-wishers
when he left Manitoba for the
, So far as he knew he had no
living relatives. He had been so
long cut from the old land. that he
had lost all track of ~ them.
The funeral service took place at
the home of E. Newby yesterday,
the interment being at the Kelowna
cemetery. The Rev. A. W. K.
Herdman officiated.
MCn. Whtthu wUh Max ©iHjCo., Open Home, April 14th and 15th. xT
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday April 6
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Ea3y Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
Read what the Deputy Minister of Agriculture has to say
about Pendray's Lime and Sulphur Solution:—
Office of the Department of Agriculture,
May 6th, 1910.
This is to certify that Messrs. Pendray & Sons' Lime
and Sulphur Solution has, whensver tested by Officials
of the Horticultural Branch of the Department of Agriculture, conformed to the standard strength of 32
degrees Beaume or over.
(signed)   Wm. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
. I, I-      ■■-_.-  ■■ II ll-_M.1l I      ■■■■■——*■■■« II       —■.■■__■■■» -II. ■■■II Ill
The Cleaning Device for Every Home.
"Cyco'Ball Bearing
Weighs but 5 J pounds, operates by a mere touch, cleans
thoroughly without injury to carpets or rugs, laises no dust,
always ready, no burden to carry from room to room, and is the
only efficient cleaning apparatus that is offered at a price within
the purchasing power of everyone.
BISSELL'S Ball Bearing Sweeper excels all other cleaning
devices in the work it does in the sewing room, dining room, or
wherever there is a miscellaneous lot of litter to gather up,
The "Bissell" picks up without effort what other
cteaners cannot gather, such as lint, large crumbs,
m itches, threads' ravellings, scraps of paper and cloth,
etc., etc.
The "Bissell" gi\>es the maximum sweeping effic
lency al the minimum cost.
"Cyco" Ball Bearing "American Queen," - $4.25
„        „ „   Grand Rapids, nickel  -$3.75
..      ., ..      i»P»«>   - $3-25
yco Beating, Universal     -—   -    -   -    - $3.00
Town and Country
Mr. J. Curts is building a new
house for Mr. J. Conroy at Ellison.
The Ladies' Aid of Knox Church
have organized a social evening to
be held in the .old School House
on Easter Monday, April 1 7th. It
is to be a really first-class affair.
The  branch   lav.'  office opened
f by  Messrs.   Burne  & Temple   at
Penticton is to be managed by Mr.
Tunbridge, who has been taken in
to partnership.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Patterson returned Friday fron_ their visit to
Rochester Minn.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
The free packing school for
girls run by the Kelowna Farmers'
Exchange wn& started Monday
morning. Mr. J. Gibb has undertaken the duty of instructor. Some
eight or nine girls have enter- d for
the course, and are making great
progress. There is still room for
a fe«v more pupils, we understand,
and-those who would like to acquire for nothing an accomplishment which will ceit.inly mean
money to them when the packing
season starts should not hesitate to
seize the opportunity.
Many ratepayers on receiving
their usual assessment notices
recently saw with no little dismay
the apparently enormous increase
in the sum for which their-'improvements" had hitherto been assessed
—the figure was double in fact.
There is no need to lose any si. ep
over it, however, as the rate levied
will be on exactly the same basis
as before, that is on half the assessed value. The change is the result of an amendment to the Municipal Clauses Act which makes it
necessary to assess improvements
to their full value whatever' the
system of levying taxes may be.
Mr. D. McEachern left Tuesday
for a visit to Vancouver and coast
The organized Bible Class in connection with Knox church are holding a social in the Sunday School
hall this Thursday evening at 8 p.m.
An invitation is extended to all
friends of the congregation.
Mrs. H. H. Miller arrived . Saturday from Ottawa on a visit to her
daughter, Mrs. W. E. Adams.
Mr. and Mrs Holman arrived last
Saturday morning by the boat from
the south. Mr. Holman had been
taken seriously ill with pneumonia
the week before at Keremeos
where he was visiting for the purpose of lecturing on tobacco
growing. He was joined there by
Mrs. Holman. who stayed to nurse
him until well enough to make the
trip back to Kelowna. He is now
Mr. Williamson, of the Bank of
Vancouver, has been in town
during the past week, sizing up the
district with a view to advising his
firm on the opening of a branch
here, and also for the purpose pf
disposing of stock in the Bank.
An interesting meeting of the
Epworth League of the Methodist
Church was held last week, the
topic for discussion being " Lessons
from the Life of Joshua." On account of the Laymen's Missionary
Banquet on Monday next, . the
League meeting will be withdrawn.
Mr. NeiUon, inspecting engineer
for a group of Montreal capitalists,
has been looking over the district
during the last few days. He is to
report to them in connection with
the Coteau Power Company'?
scheme. He was accompanied by
Mr. Hamilton Lang, the road
A Laymen's Missionary Banquet
is to be held next Monday, April
10th, in the Misses Laidlaw'*
restaurant, Water Street.
C. Harvey,
B.A.. Sc, C.E.. D.L.S.,
and B.C.L.S.
A. Moorhouse,
Kelowna,    B. C-
Phone 147.
P.O. Box 231
A-.oc. Mem. Can. Soc, C. E       Graduate Toronto
Wolrrwork« and Sewerage SyaUtnt, Pumping and
Lighting Plant*. Concrete Construction, etc.
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
p. o. Box mo
'Phone 06
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Mr«. LAWRENCE. Graduate Nurse,
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C.
Phone 134
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all CP.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
X IlV/l'lX-kVJ.
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotcna.
Just Arrived.
Small sized Jena Glass, $14.00
Large   „   Bristol Glass, $10.50
„     „   Colmont   „   $11.00
„     „   Marchand,,   $11.00
Busch Prism Binocle „   $45.00
Jeweler and Optician,
KELOWNA   -   B.C.
Length 33ft., beam 9ft. First-
class high-pressure engine,
nearly new safety water tube
boiler, aU in good gunning
Studio    open
Thursday, Friday, and
Rowcliffe Block
. _      Lame shoulder is nearly always due to
Will be Sold cheap for 'heurtnatism of the muscles, and quickly
A 1     Dr.   D      -t/i\       - yields to the free application of/ Chamber-
Apply I ,U. tiox 160.      j W, Linimeftt.   Fer *_e by ail dealers.
See our line of
China, Glassware,  Silverware,  and
Fancy Goods.
Dinner, Tea, and Toilet Sets.
Largest Assortment in the city.
A visit to our store will convince you that we handle
nothing but the best, and
Our Prices the Lowest.
Agents for
Martin-Senour Paints.
Auction Sale
Saturday,  April 8th,
at 2 oclock,
Davy Livery Barn.
Drive and Work Harness, Democrat Wagon, Planet; Jr.
Cultivator, 35 Hens, Kitchen Range,~ Dining Table,
Drop Leaf Table, Bedroom Table, 6 Dining-room Chairs
6 Kitchen Chairs, Bed Lounge, Linoleum, Iron Bedstead,
2 Rocking Chairs, Stone Churn, Washing Machine, Gasoline Stove, 2 Washtubs, Wringer, Cross-cut Saw, Bicycle
'   and Agricultural Implements.
• Auctioneer.
At the rear of  Cameron's
Blacksmith Shop.
We own the most beautiful site for surburban
residence around Vancouver, cleared and. ready for
building, etc. We desire an investment for our
capital which will bring us fair interest. We wilt
build you a house according to your own.plans and
let you pay for house and lot for rent you are paying now, or we will sell you a lot now at about half
its real value, and let you build at your convenience.
To carpenters and other building mechanics we
wiILfurnish= all -building .material at cost for .a horns
and you build your house and pay for it on small
monthly payments.
Mr. W. C BLACKWOOD, of Kelowna, has
thoroughly inspected this property, and has purchased four lots of 45 feet frontage, and we take pleasure
in referring any prospective buyers in Kelowna to
Mr. Blackwood, as to the value of the investment.
You will never have as good an opportunity to own
your own home with as little effort.
Electric trams run through
the property.
Hundreds will answer this, arid the first will secure
big advantages, as the prices, terms and locations
are changing every week by week.
Phone or Address
1108, Dominion Trust Building,    A
Phone 8365 or 614^ Columbia St.
New Westminster, Phone 687
Open evenings until 9 o'clock.
MR Thursday, April 6
The Orchard Citq Record
We have'pure, wholesome
and delicions confectionery, the kind that satisfies
the most critical palate
and leaves nothing to be
Try a Box of
son s
Next time you want something extra good.
We have a fine assortment
of    Chocolates,    Bon-Bons;
Nut Candies, etc., in duinty
Prices from 25c. up.
P. II, Willits i Ui.
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
S      •
Ladies' and
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
News of the Valley.
Plans have been submitted )\o
the Penticton council for new
municipal buildings, to cost approximately $16,000. The buildings are to include large assembly
hall, council chamber, offices,
library and reading room, afid fire
A tame bear kept by Messrs.
Arnott & Hine, the proprietors of
the Alexandra Hotel at Okanagan
Falls, provided an exciting episode
last week. The Penticton Press
relates the story. The bear broke
away one morning, and Mr. Warrick Arnott started in pursuit.
"Bimbo" climbed a tree and
crawled along a branch with Mr.
Arnott after him. The branch
broke, and the bear and his pursuer
came to the ground. Bimbo then
made for the lake, running out
along the shore ice. Arnott followed and managed to grab the
long chain which the fugitive
dragged behind him. Then the
ict- gayft way, and both man and
bear disappeared for a time, only
to reappear and strike out for the
shore, which they reached by
scrambling over broken ice. The
exhausted bear was then captured,
and his courageous pursuer hurried
off to the hotel.
A large new 36-foot cruiser
motor boat which has been building for W.H.T. Gahan, of Penticton, is to be launched Easter
The Penticton Amatuer Aquatic
Association has been incorporated.
The engineer appointed to report on the Vernon waterworks
difficulty, states that an expenditure of about $17,000 will be
required to make good the faulty
construction of the new reservoir.
At a meeting held last week in
Summerland it was resolved by a
majority to ask the council to
borrow $7,000 for a local hospital.
A new Presbyterian church was
opened last week at West Summer-
The first meal was served Friday
in the new Naramata Hotel.
-M.C. McAulay and family left
Keremeos last week for Kelowna,
where, we understand, Mac has a
job with his old tilicum, George
Cawston, supplying irrigation construction camps with meat. We
wish Mac • success in his new
home—Hedley Gazette.
Famous British Oarsmen  Kave Visit-
ej Canada—Unassuming  Persons.
The British amateur oarsmen ap-
to be. unique figures in the .ath-
world. They are among the tew
men who have been prominent on
the sporting pages of the world without contracting the advertising habit,
and when Hon. Kupert Guiness visited Toronto a few weeks ago he was
not preceded by announcements nor
d_.. he try to get into the pub c eye.
When interviewed, it was as a politico ...i that he expressed himself, and
talked of colonial preference and tariff reform instead of speaking the lait
word regarding the sporting events of
the moment. In fact, it seems hard
for Canadians to believe that a man
who had twice • won the Diamond
Sculls could bo _,o modest. Hon. Hu-
part Guiness is one of England's gentler,.mi nt..."t«v aid his stalwnrt figure iind quick movement* indicate
t.ic. biJiiuiits 61 the life he lid* led.- It
may be added that he has not con-
_inul his career to taking part in and
t-lking about athleties, for he is now
a Unionist member of Parliament,
and has also served as a soldier.
!-T'« nui t coming and departure recall the visit ot Mr. Vivian Nickalls,
.u_>.u.t-i iu.i.ou.. tingliBh oarsman who
was present a. the Canadian Henley
in 1908. He came with a crew which
ho had been coaching in the United
States, and had been at the course
for a day before it,be ame known
that one of the-..nest oarsmen of the
day was present. Mr. Nickalls did
not make himself conspicuous, neither did he talk of the superiority of
the English style or tho English fecul-
lers. .
There   is  a   story   told   concerning
him which hi-icates that he had no
thought of adopting that attitude.   A
week before the races at St. Catha-
rii.es, a Canadian sculler had fallen
out of his boat while taking part in
the   Olympic   races   in   England.    A
sporting mdn was making fun of the
showing wuch Toronto oarsmen had
made   in  England   on  various  occasions,, and remarked to Mr. Nicknll?:
"I suppose you Englishmen think we
.!"...•   .....   .....ii.-iu   io   take   such   long
trips to learn to row?" ,'   •   .
• x-.iiu^s we are.especially justiued
in thinking that when you carry ofi
some of our pet trophies," replied the
British oarsman ironically.
Kelowna Public School
No. on roll
.  1.
Total 201
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
A "Want" ad. in the Record
is a sure dividend-paying
D, W. Crowley Co.
Kelewna Ltd.
Wholesale & Retail Botchers
Goods delivered to any part of
die City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
Attendance Percentage —82.14
Senior IV.—Ethelwyn Jones, Will
McKeown, Hazel Ritchie, Bern-
-   ard McKeown. -
Intermediate—Jean Kincaid, Annie
McLennan, Everett Faulkner.
Junior IV.—Louie Evans, Gladstone
Langille, Ralph Ritchie.
Senior III.—Dorothy Evans, Willie
. Bradley, Johanna Knipple..
Junior III.—Mabel French, Dorothy
Forrest, Violet Tutt.
Senior II.—Vivian  Jones,   Norman
DcHarl, Geo. Sutherland, Mack
Junior II.—Geo. Pettigrew, Judson
Copeland,     Harold     Herdman,
Henry Crowley.
Senior I.—Emma Rutledge, Ter-
rence Crowley, Evelyn Fletcher,
Gladys Ling.
Junior 1.: (A)—Ray Elliott, Graham
Evans, Vera Lawson, Emma
Junior I.: (B)—Eva Collins, Pearl
Downing, Eileen Fowler,   Allie
2nd  Primer, Sr. — Jas. Anderson,
Lizzie    Wilson,   Earl    Raymer,
Henry Tutt.
3nd Primer, Jr. — Emile Marty,
Annie Wilson, Clarence Josselyn,
Iris Webster, Bob Burtch.
I st Printer, Sr.—Margaret Saunders,
Nettie Mills, Kathleen Crowley,
Claire Rowcliffe.
" C " Class—Kathleen Hinks, Violet
Dillon, Muriel Scott, Bessie
" D " Class -Winnie Longley, Alma
Bawtinheimer, Martha Burnside,
Ewen Hunter.
Owen Sound—A Town.
Owen   Sound   is   an  Ontario  towi,
which certainly shows none of thosi
symptoms of retrogression which a/i
said by some critics to be invudint.
the systems of eastern municipalities
its  equilibrium,  that  ib  the   bigg.'s;
fact about Oweu Sound.   It never put?
on air—Owen Sound became a tow.
in iiii'i; it is still a town.   Which is.
where it differs from other places h.
Ontario which call themselves citit'*.
though none of theni have more popu
liition that Owen Sound.    Therefore
Owen  Sound  is the largest town  in
Ontario.  To be hackneyed, you might
say  that  Owen Sound "lies in  tin-
path  of  progress,"  sitting  up  there
on an inlet toward the southwebtern
part of Georgian Bay.   Here it cor
'rals 'a ■ big'"heap • of western traffic--
fresh water liners tooting up the lake.-
for the red wheat shacks of Port Ar
tiiur and Fort William; two transcontinental systems   feeding   the boats
They  are  prosperous in Grey Coun
t'y's metropolis.    Owen Sound has .-.
comfortable look.   If you ask a real
coiuu. u.au up tnere about thai lie wi.'
wink and   tell   you   about   builditu-
stone—part of the rocks of Georgian
Day. 7We-will  show ydu it in the
postofiice, which cost & cool hundred
thousand.   This   stone   has   built   a
good  piece of   the   Soo   Canal   and
bridges in Toronto.   Citizenship is de
scribed aa virulent in Owen Sound;
remember local option.   And there is
something significant rarely  in this
fact: just now public spirit is goinj:
inta its pocket for a large sum to
bjiiarge tin* water supply which gravitates into town from dsep springs.—
Canadian Courier.
The Speech From tha Throne.
There is somethinf quite mediaeval
about -this' time-honored^ custom of
reading the Speech from the Throne.
Th_ Governor-General sits with his
hut- on- all the" way uuvugu. sscept
when he addresses the members oi
fie Lower House, and then he giv<••
it a gentle tilt. In Offer to show that
lu; is tlie representative of the representatives of the people the Speaker,
standing on Ms" little, hassock at the
bur, keeps his three-cornered hat on
also, and when His Excellency raisin
his headgear tho Speaker does likewise. Speaker Marcfl hu long, flowing white locks, and there is a growing suspicion - tha* his hat ib too
smnll,. for it is only tar the exercise
of continual dexterity that he is able
to keep it on his head. At the recent opening of. Parliament it was
quite fascinating to watch the movements of this "tile." The Speech was
of unusual length, and half the time
the three-cornered affair drooped
cutely over the left «f of the "Honorable Charlie."
Earl Grey, with a graceful wave of
his hand, sent by his aide-de-camp a
copy of "his" speech (prepared by
Hon. Charles Murphy) to Speaker
Marcil, and the latter promptly put
it in nis inside pocket, and marcheu
off, headed by the maoe, to the House
of'Commons, where, a few minutes
later, in a Sherlock Holmes tone of
voice, he informed tbe members that
"I have secured a copy of His Excellency's speech in oMsr to avoid mistakes."
Keep Out.
An invention has .been completed
for what many thought to be impossible, namely, an indicator to reveal
the number of the 'phone where the
receiver is taken down while » conversation is taking place. Subscribers
to rural 'phones know that there are
always one or two people that ans
always interested in other people'.,
business and frequently their presence may be known by the click of
the receiver .as it is taken from tho
holder. This indication will not only
indicate when a third person come*
on the line, but when they come off
—Tiverton Watchman,
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient tame may be left at the (hop of Mesne*.
Crowley Co j Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in force which they with to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married'
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary, Room 1. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275, Kelowna. B.C.
If your business is
not worth advertising,
advertise it for sale.
Good meals to be had.
Closes Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9 p.m.
Misses Laidlaw.
Corner Water St. and
Constipation brings many ailments in its
train and is the primary cause of much
sickness. Keep your bowels regular madam, and you will escape many of the ailments to which women are subject. Constipation is a very simple thing, but like
many simple things, it may lead to serious
consequences. Nature often needs a little
assistance and when Cnamberlain's Tablets
are given at the first indication, much distress and suffering may be. avoided. Sold
by all dealers.
P. BURNS fc Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat Daily
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135
We have, just received a-car of the famous
The models are technically correct, skillfully designed by a designer of well
deserved prominence, to give the best efficiency, proper trim, balance of weights,
maximum speed, and attractive appearance.
Retain their finish, and attractive appearance for years after the average boat is
discarded, and when needed can be re-finished to look li':e new. The material
and workmanship is about as near perfect as it is possible to get, and the power,
fittings, and accessories are of the highest grade.   They are built for reputation
also, not merely for profit. s
These Boats represent the latest development
in Motor Boat building.
We have also put in a stock of
Peterborough Canoes and Skiffs
The quality of which is too well known to need comment.
Come in and look these over—they need only to be seen  tb be appreciated—
and be ready for the boating season, so close at hand now.
S.   T.   ELLIOTT    -    Kelowna, B. G
.    Umll ■iifc-rf affBii iia
53g5___J{_B_-a^ak£-.B__Ba__^ jp.^ p.^,.j, ..n^
Tft« Orchard City Record.
Tharsdiy, April 6
Kelowna  Opera House
Brandon Bros., Lesees and Managers.
Coming Attractions at
the Opera House
April 14 and 15.
Famous German Commedians,
With a Superior Cast
of Forty   People,  in
"Lonesome Town"
"Dream City"
Bright, Catchy, Humorous, Musical.
Prices, $1, $1.50.    Balcony, 75 c.
Children, 25e.
Seats on Sale at Crawford's Store.
Direct from San Francisco, with
his all-star caste and supporting
company of 40 people, comes Max
Dill, the noted German comedian.
" Lonesome Town," merriest of
musical comedies, is to be his
offering at the Kelowna Opera
House on Friday, April 14th, and
Saturday, April 15th, ' Dream Cily.'
He will be seen for two niglits
" Lonesome Town " is from the
pen of that brilliant librettist, the
late Judson C. Brusi^, and is a
genuine laugh-feast from rise to
fall of curtain, presenting, in addition, a number of song  hits  that
And when.the entanglement is
so complex as to leave the audience
a withering mass of laughter-worn
humanity, the rightful heir, in the
peson of Hazy Fogg, a freckle-
faced product of Lonesome Town,
sweeps aside Eill other contestants
and with biblical meekness comes
into her own.
It is the funniest vehicle that Dill
has had in hjs career and his corps
of funmakers are excellent second
aides to him in the production
of the entertainment.
The Merchants and Business
Men pf ICelowna have agreed
to close their places of business
26th, 1911,
Both Days Inclusive.
Provided that no weekly half-holiday
shall be held in any week during which
a statutory holiday shall be observed, or a
civic holiday proclaimed.
Provided also : that this agreement shall
be binding on the parties thereto only as
long as its conditions are observed by all
the business firms concerned.
are bound t" become popular at
once.  It is an exceedingly ehibornte
production that Dill is to give us,; nan
as  picturesque  as  any  of the big j every Thursday, at 12.30   p.m
New York productions.     In  fact, |
from   a   standpoint   of   costumfry \
and  scenery,   the   presentation   is From  April   6th to   October
superior  to  any that has  come to
us   from   the   other   side    of   the
Rockies.    This  is   the   unanimous
judgment of  the critics  wherever
Dill has appeared this season.
The fun is maintained at a
screaming pitch throughout the
performance. The action of the
play is based upon the story of
Watts, a boom town in southern
California, founded by the missing
Isaac Watts. The founder has disappeared leaving a rich legacy of
uncollected rents which appears to
be the oasis in the otherwise dry
and dreary spot of Lonesome
Town. The moment it becomes
known that suqh a legacy exists,
each character in the play, practically, lays claim to it.
In order that the claim of Bakers-
field Bill, which is Dill's character,
and that of his fellow-tramp associate, Chico Charley, may have
some appearance of genuiness, it is
agreed to the digust of Charley that
Bakersfield Bill is to masquerade
as his son. Just when the last
obstacle has been removed, a
fascinating, though designing .widow, Mrs. Marvelous Wopder,
appears upon the scene claipiing
proprietary ownership of Lonesome Town, as the widdw of the
late Isaac Watts.
In cases of rheumatism relief from pain
makes sleep and rest possible. This may
be obtained by applying Chamberlain's
Liniment.    For sale by all dealers.
Holstein Fifiesian Bull
Homestead Colantha
Sir Paul
No. 8593
Stands for service at the Hawkesdale  Ranch (R. E.
Harriss, prop).
Official Butter Record Dam, at 2 years old,   15.65 in   7 days
62.77     30 days
„ „ „   Sire's Dam 31.83       7 days . ti
122.77    30 day*
Average for 7 days of dam, (at 2 years old), and Sire's dam,  23.74 lb* butter
30 92 lbs. butter
Great grand dam of this bull was the famous Colantha 4th, Johann*. holding
the world'* highest official butter record, irrespective of breeds.
Subscribe for The Record*
And get all the local news, keeping, also in tovcl
with the progress and development of the Valley.<
The Kelowna Canning Co., Ltd., having
made arrangements for the installation ot
an up-to-date Corn Plant, are now open to
contract for at least 50 acres of corn for the
season of 1911.
Intending growers are invited to
secure their contracts as early as possible,
as, in view of the cobs only being required
for canning purposes, the stalk will find a
ready market for stock feed, and in consequence this crop will prove most lucrative.   Lose 'no time.   Apply early.
Under New Management.
The Blackwood Livery Stable^* recently
carried on by A. R. Davy, is now
under new management.
New Rigs arid Teams have been
added, and everything cpndjictexl
in first-class city style.
Prompt and careful attention to all
orders for livery or express.
Children's Spring Dresses
A nice range of colors and sizes, as Blue and White,
Pink and White, Bliie and White Check, Tans and
Plain Blues, at $1.Q0 attd $1:50.
The size yeu want to-day may be gone to-morrow
Take a look through this range
Muslin Wear for Easter
Corset Covers
Of fine Nainsook, soft finish cpftop, and fine all-over embroidery
Price $1.25 to $6.00
Drawers and Night Gowns
Pretty cambric Night Gowns,
embroidery and hemstitched,
Price $1.00 to $3.50
Hose for Men     Hose for Women   Hose for Children
Silk Lisle, AU Silk,
4nd Fine Cashmere
I7£c per pair
Rjbfc>.ed Cashmere, Lisle,
and Ein&CiJ^
Tan and Black
"Hercules Hose?' for the Boys, a brand with amputation
■ l.*..-1.1.!!1!.
_n       •
Whether you buy your clothes from us or not
we would be pleased to show you our New
Spring Styles in
'VCertfury" Brand
They aye admittedly the^ leaders in style, and
an inspection of them will put you right on the
style question. A style for eyery size and
Established 1^50.
Phone 22 —_n <il niMjaiiH
Thur-sdaij, April 6
Orchard Oitij Record
The car with the get^there-and-baek
v   wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your: minds these two special facts:
Robin Hood Flour must satisfy you in .two
fair trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed fldur.
Robin Hood Flour absorbs more moisture
than other flours, therefore add more water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf;
_WW___Msw_*aw^Waww>WM^a*Mawwwwwa i» ^M«MWw^«^www»^*»wwi^w^^^
Oats, Bran, Wheat,
Barley andOaiChop
Fresh Clean Stock, just In.      %
Buggies, Cutters, Wagons*/
Bob-Sleighs, etcA
Do your own and other spraying rapidly, cheaper, and
more effectively.   Do all kinds off odd jobs with the
engine^-pumping, sawing wood, feed grinding; etc.
Dealers in Farrn and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
All kinds of Repairs
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
Wf haoe a lar6e consignment of the, latest lines of
PUture Moudirigs JUST IN.
Note is your time to get all your Picture Framing
done, at prices that DEFY qpMPETIHON.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Office Phone, 85
Trustees: Rev. T. Greene, C. S.'Smith, M. G. Gorrie, E. R. Bailey.   ■
Librarian: J. B. Whitehead.
Subscription _ $2 per year, with deposit of 75c. returnable upon withdrawal.
Couatry members allowed 30 days, town members 14 days far reading.
The book* are placed just inside the door of this Billiard Hall, and can be ob-
tained between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Borrowers wishing to do so may leave books for exchanae with Mr. J.  M.
Croft, shoemaker, j Bernard avpnue, giving librarian choice of three books.
J. B. WHITEHEAD, Billiard Hall. Kelowna. .
Provincial and General News -
a model home
Cattle and horse
be  engaged in
New York state's magnificent
capital valued at $27,000,000, was
practically wrecked by fire last
week. Tbe fire, which is supposed
to have been caused by the fusing
of an electric wire, did; damage], to
the extent of ten million dollars.
The Dominion Government experimental farm at Agassiz, on the
line of the C. P. R. about fifty miles
east from Vancouver, is to^be converted immediately into a stock
farm. Hitherto fruit growing" was
the principal work carried on there
It is the intention of the govern,
ment to establish
dairy at the farm,
breeding will also
and the results will be announced
in a series of bulletins for the benefit of the farmers of British Col.
An apple with a garter snake
imbeded in it is a'curbsity reported
from Colborrie, Ont., where it was
found in a barrel of Ben Davis
which was being repacked at a
Colborne fruithoiise. The snake
was over half an inch in diameter
and about eighteen inches in length
The supposition is that it made its
way into the barrel while it was
in the orchard, and not finding a
way of exit! decided to seek
winter quarters by imbeding itself
in the finest spesimeh of Ben Davis
it could select. It is stated- that the
apple, which was a big one, was
perfectly.sound around the opening in which the serpent was imbeded. It is one of the most novel
occurrences that apple men have
yet met with.
The latest Parisian fad is the
Jersey calf. The new fashion is
for milady to be accompanied by
a wee Jersey calf led by a gold
chain when she goes out for an
airing. The calves look pretty and
are cheaper than pet dogs.
Not counting the 6980 persons
who are entitled to places in Westminster Abbey for King George'*
coronation on June 22nd, and who
must be let in whether or no, there
have been approximately .25,000
applications Tor admission - to the
ceremony. As the Abbey will accommodate not more than 7000
people at the outside, this means
that 24,890 of these applications
will be refused.. , These applications are almost wholly from people
of wealth and importance.
The Garden of Eden apple story
got a black eye the other day, says
a Chicago paper, in an address
by Geo. W. Smith, secretary of the
Connecticut Horticultural Society,
who declared that that fruit could
riot possibly'have grown in a climate like that of the Garden of Eden.
An Iowa woman who looked into the barn and saw her husband
hanging from a, cross beam is reported .to have exclaimed;: " Land
sakes! So that's where my clothes
line went to!"   A
People living along the shore of
Lake Champlain were astonished
to see a house running away across
the, ice. The owner of Willsboro
Point, a peninsula opposite Burlington wUhetl to move . a house
about a haifiir.iie "~ov«= the ice.
While the workmen were arranging the skids a great gust of wind
struck the house and it started at
a lively gait up the lake. It was
soon travelling at a forty mile clip.
The sight of thie forty foot two
storey building as it twisted, tumb-
Oxford beat Cambridge last Saturday in the sixty-eighth inter-varsity boat race over the historic Putney to Mortlake course of four and
a quarter miles. The record time
was made of 18 minutes and 29
seconds. The previous record
was 18 minutes 47 seconds, made
by Oxford in 1893 and duplicated
by Cambridge in 1900.
The opinions of university authorities in America are being sought
by the backers of a new. British
scheme for revision of the Calendar.
The plan as outlined is as follows:
The first day of the year shall be a
bank holiday called "New Year's
Day, which shall not count as a day
of the week, of the month or of the
quarter. This leaves 364 days for
the rest of the year, a number that
divides exactly into quarters of
ninety-one days each, and into
fifty-two weeks of seven days each
Each quarter would be divided into two months of thirty days each
and one month of *hirty-one days.
This revision would make a calendar in which a given date would
always fall on the same day of the
The final obstruction in the Leot-
sctberg tunnel, through the Bernese
Alps, was pierced by the labourers
last Friday morning, after five years
work, and the expenditure of $20,-
000,000. The tunnel, which is the
third longest in Europe, measures
approximately nine miles.
led,  twirled, and turned  terrified Commons Monday with the open
thA      haK        Kilt      _A*fcl_r«w««» TkA       kAllaA*     * _   t     .1  •■.»__       "___»  "PL _.
the fish hut colony. The house
finally banged diagonally on a
ridge and came to a standstill after
a twelve mile run.
The streets of Luneberg, N.S.,
were in darkness last week. The
town council refuses to pay the
rates asked* by the electric light
company and the service was discontinued.
"Our baby1 cries for Chamberlain's'
Cough Remedy,'' writes Mrs. T. B.
Kendrick, Rasaca, Ga. "It ia the beat
cough remedy on the market for coughs,
colds and croup."   For sale by all dealers.
Landscape and
Largest Studios, in the Interior
Portraits by appointment.
Pendozi Street
Smith Street
Over 7,000 coal miners in the
Crow's Nest Pass district ceased
work last Saturday. It is not really
a strike, at least none of the miners
will admit that a strike has been
called; with them it is merelj' a
"cessation of work," on the ground
that their agreements with the operators have expired, and have not
been renewed. A strike would
mean that the miners had bid defiance to the Lemieux Act as the
Industrial Disputes Investigation
Act is generally known. This act,
which applies to mines, requires
the;submi8sion of the subiect in
dispute to a board of conciliation
and finy^stigation,.before such a
drastic step as striking may be
taken. The dispute is over a demand for increase of wages and a
question of open or closed shop.
Stories which have been circulated at different times of terrible
diseases caught from the wearing
of false hair are being brought
pretty, close to home at the present
moment. Dr. J. E. Laberge of the
Qyebec Provincial Board of Health
is about to issue a statement to the
effect that there is danger that the
plague which ia causing such
frightful suffering and death in
China may. be brought into Canada
by false hair. The officers of the
health department are making inquiries at the local hair stores in
order to discover what proportion
of the switches sold by local dealers con.e from China, The men
who conduct the hair business state
that they import1 the! bulk of their
goods from Germany, but they add
that Chinese hair^is also on sale
here. It b claimed that most of
the corpses taken to , the morgues
in the plague-stricken districts of
China are niilrtus piata!_s, "and the
reason is that the' hair has been
taken by agents of the hair companies.
The real work on the veto bill
designed to restrict the power over
legislation of the House of Lords
was begun»in the British House of
ing of the committee stage. The
scene in the House indicated the
intensity of the public interest.
Every available ticket of admission
had been disposed of days before.
The debate will be long and keen.
Already, mpre than 1000 amendments have been prepared.
When a medicine must be given to young
children it should be pleasant to take.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is made
from loaf sugar, and the roots used in its
preparation give it a flavor similar to
maple syrup, making it pleasant to take. It
has no superior for colds, croup - and
whooping cough. For sale by all dealers.
tragus Roots, 2 yrs. old
Rhubarb Roots
*   Strawberry Plants
! Blackcurrant Bushes, 2 yrs.
*-   Raspberry Canes
Pendozi Street.
Shrubs, Shade Trees, Roses, Ornamentals, and
general Nursery Stock.
Book your orders at once for spring planting.
The highest class of stock, true to name, and all the
standard varieties.
K.   E.   BOYER,   Manager.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability.
w_ot___i5' Situated, within one half mile of town, and being
about loo feet above tbe lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town, lpke and surrounding country.
[Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
". /There is only one GLENMORE. Don't miss the opportunity- of selecting a few acres of this desirable
If you wish a cheap building lot or ah acre of 4and call on us and we^will
show you our sub-division   '
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.    Prices low.   Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
Adda Humus to the soiirfurnishes plant food to both young
and old orchards, increases the yields of your berries and gives
them better flavor; adds to the richness of your apple crop,
also increases the yield of your potatoes, and gives them a well
matured, mealy body.
Remember Swift's Animal Fertilizer in addition to increasing
your yields and profits, also strengthens and gives  new life to
your land.    Extensive tests have proved this.
For further information and prices, write or call on
WM. HAUO Phone 66        Kelowna.
If you Want Your Jams to, keep, they
should be put up with
Cane - Sugar - Only
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
I*LeBritish Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited. lJ
:     %
.   • A'
""^■^i Th<j Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, April 6
In Endless Variety.
Now  is  the  time to buy your Seeds
when you have a large assortment to
choose from.
McKenzie s Gold Standard
Seeds are specially selected for
the  West,  and are unrivalled
for purity.    Buy to-day.
Saturday is Bargain Day.
See our display, read our Price Tickets
Compare   our   prices   with
others, and you will see  for
yourself what it means to you.
Choice Fruits and Vegetables, Oranges
Lemons,   Bananas,   Lettuce*   Celery,
Carrots, Parsnips, and Beets.
Bring or send your orders to
Phone 35
Phone 35
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
Have you tried the
In Cans?
Good Fruit in Sanitary
Cans, with a full
Rich Syrup.
Cherries, Strawberries,
Raspberries, Pears,
and Peaches.
30c. per can.
Try them.
Onion Seeds, in
quantities, $1.25 per lb.
Timothy, Red Clover,
Alfalfa, Alsike,
and   all other Garden
and Field Seeds.
All special  orders
promptly attended to.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
Continued from page 1
finally passed." Aid. Cox supporting the resolution carried, the bylaw thus becoming law.
The affair of the pool room
having been thus disposed of, the
council resumed its ordinary business.
The mayor drew attention to
the apparent change in the assessment whereby improvements were
assessed at their full value instead
of half. Some people, he said,
seemed lo be under the impression
that their taxes would be raised in
proportion, and it might be <is well
to insert an explanatory notice in
the paper.    This was agreed to.
The mayor then vacated the
chuir, owing to an engagement,
and Aid. Leckie took charge of the
proceedings for the remainder of
tins evening.
Some amendments to the Building By-law were read over and laid
o.i the table.
Aid. D.tigleish reported that the
Board of Works had been looking
over Sutherland and Elliott avenues
l'liey had found that it would coat
q .i.te a targe sum of money to open
up cither of these streets, which
were in very bad shape. A new
btidge over the creek would be
necessary in each case. Elliott
avenue would be much cheaper,
in fact, not half so expensive as the
other. Sutherland avenue was full
of stumps. The most costly part
of fixing up the streets was not in
the new bridge, but the extensive
fills which would have to be made.
A!d. Leckie observed that it
m.ght% be well in passing plans oi
future sub-divisions to take into
consideration the difficulty of
making roads to thern.
Aid. Dalgleish said he though.
Sutherland avenue would be the
best street to open up, as it went
straight through to the city limits
and Pendozi street. It would,
however, cost considerable to do it.
Aid. Copeland agreed that the
opening of Sutherland avenue
would benefit more people. There
was another thing, too. A nev,
bridge on Elliott avenue would
come within 50 yards or so of the
existing Richter street bridge. It
seemed a pity to put in a new
bridge so near td the other.
It was finally arranged that the
whole council should pay a visit of
nspection before taking any further
Aid. Cox asked if any more had
been done with regard to opening
up the street through Mr. Wed dell's
It was mentioned that nothing
could be done unless the people
benefitted gave a bond guaranteeing the expense. This, it was said,
they were quite willing to do.
Aid. Jones suggested that perhaps the best thing would be to
get some idea as to the cost.
Aid. Dalgleish said he would
like to see all grading on the streets
done before the irrigation water
came down, as it would be impossible in many places after. He
drew attention to the fact that it
was impossible to grade Harvey
avenue, as the telephone poles
'vere set too far out into the street.
He suggested that the council
should take a look over that street
the same day as they visited
Sutherland avenue.
A letter was read from the
secretary of the Fire Brigade, submitting the following code of
fire alarm' signals:
Block No. I.—That portion bounded by
Abbott St., Bernard Ave., Ellis St., and
Mill Creek—Siren only.
Block No. 2.—That section north of Bier-
nard Ave., and west of Ellis St.—Siren and
one ordinary whistle.
Block No. 3.—That section east of Ellis
St..and north of Mill Creek.—Siren and
two ordinary whistles.
That section south of Mill Creek.—Siren
and three ordinary whistles.
One short blast when fire is over.
A letter was also read from the
same, enclosing cheque for insurance.
Aid. Leckie explained that the
occupations of four of the brigade
members had been found to be
more hazardous than the rest, and
a higher premium had been claimed
for them. The fire brigade had
sent their own cheque to cover this.
The meeting then adjourned
until Saturday next.
Conserve Your Muskrats.
; Since tbe ladies of tbe land bave so
generally decreed that furs must be
worn tn tbe winter season even tbe
despised muskrat is being watched and
■tndled and marshlands ars being en I-
'tlyated for bis sustenance and borne
building. Muskrat trapping bas for
some years past been a profitable occupation among owners of such lands
'in various parts of the country, and
'the skins sold to furriers and dyers are
splendidly dyed, dressed and mads up
,to Imitate costly furs. The government experts are now studying a scientific way of saving the muskrat.
Verily, "things do change," as Parson
Pills would say.—National Magazine.
New Mods of Identification.
1 Dr. CamaBsia, an Italian, suggests a
sew method of IdMtttfieatton. After
long study ha has come to tb* conclusion that the back ottht hand possesses advantages over th* pagers. He
says th* veins on tb* back of the band
are never the same •* each hand, and
the hands of two pamono posses* raeta
distinct markings that they can B*rer
be taken one for tho other. Tbe differences become most apparent wfcen the
band Is clinched. The hand easily allows Itself to be photographed and offers a much better scape for observation than tbe thumb print impression
«f M. Bertlllon.v—Loo4on Globe.
Good—Though   Live—Indian.
An interesting sidelight on an. Indian of Western Canada was discovered by a' party of Ontario men a short
time ago at a Hudson Bay post on
the Saskatchewan River.
Feeling hospitably inclined, the
members of the party brought up thp
stock of tobacco in the store and
sftarted distributing it among the
noble redmen. The latter, of course,
eagerly accepted the gifts of the
weed, and. as news of the good fortune spread among the' Indians in
the vicinity of the store, more and
more of them came trooping in.
Amqng the newer arrivals was an
old Indian of striking appearance,
and to him also the visitors offered
tobacco.. To their surprise he ma^e
a motion declining it, and. thinking
thaj perhaps the old man was doing
so through imagining that he would
need to pay for it, the Easterners asked an interpreter to explain, that the
tobacco  was being offered free.
"It's no use offering it to him," said
the interpreter with a laugh. "He
won't take it. He belongs to the
Plymouth   Brethren."
Telling of the incident, one of the
party said, "I wouldn't have been
more surprised if we bad been told
that the old Indian belonged to the
Sulvation Army."
Cool Reception.
This one hails from Ottawa and
goes back the law days to Hallowe'en, ln answer to the hopeful,
insistent calls of a gang of youngsters, an upstair window of the house
under attack was opened, and the
head of the head of the house was
thrust, forth. "How many are there
of you?" asked the householder, and
the revellers eagerly informed him
that they numbered seven. The bend
was withdrawn, but soon reappeared,
saying, "Well, share that among
you." "That" WM • pail of cold
2 Cents per word, first, insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Mr. Harold Tod Boyd-now receive* pianoforte  pupils  at  the studio, Trench Block
(Front room). Address box 374. Post office
HORSES ~- .■"'■' ■
All kinds broken to drive.   Also all kinds
for sale.     Horses  clipped.     Apply E. J.
Pettigrew. I3tf
160 acres of good fruit land, 2J miles
from Kelowna' and 4 <mile from school.
20 acres cleared, the rest is free from
stones and easify cleared. Small house,
stabling for 6 horses also chicken house
and other outbuildings. For further
particulars apply to P, O. Box 448 Kel.
owna.. 10-tf
Daily.   A. R. Davy. Phone 25.
For sal*; Choice Early  Rose  $2.50  per
sack.   Apply, V. E. Dilworth, Rutland.
Morden's house', six rooms, with or  without land.   Apply G. E. Boyer. • 16tf
Above Trench's Store, also  double  room
for light  housekeeping.   Rents   moderate.
Apply P.O. Box 257, er to W. Parker. I6tf   ?■
Three Buff Orpington cockerels, $2 each.
Apply Mrs. S. Sproul, Rutland.
On  to  my t>lace,  about Sept: 1st, sorrel
filley, branded CB, white  face, and   white
hind legs.   If not claimed within  30 days
will be sold to defray expenses.
Joseph Christian, Vernon Rd., Kelowna,
Mr. Boyer Snr. has 5 or 6 small, but very
desirable Properties for sale, situated in
and just outside the city limits. 17tf   .
For strictly private Dancing Class a limited number of pupils to   make   up  small
class.   Apply P. O. Box 185.
Strong two wheel; cart,  cheap.   Apply
E. A. Clark, Rutland or Record Office
Cabinetmaker and
' Undertaker.
Certified Embalmer.
On call night and day.
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.
Nearly  new  wagon,  3   in.. low   wheels,
brake, $50.    New Planet  jr.   2-horse  Orchard Cultivator, $50.   Kimball Cultivator
$20. Apply Record Office.
May   1st,  Janitor  for Kelowna  Hospital.
Must  be young and  active.     Apply .to
G. A. Fisher. Secretary, Kellar Block   19-0
For sale, apply Mrs. J. Collins, Burne Ave.
7      A 19-1
For season of 1911, a water Bailiff, experienced, to commence work about the
middle'of April. Particulars for duties
can be had from the secrerary to whom
sealed tenders, stating salary required.
Must be sent on or before April 12th.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
accepted. Rutland Estate Irrigation Co.
F. W. Sutcliffe, Secretary.
Thoroughbred Ancona eggs. $!.50 per
setting of .13.   W. B. Pease. Kelowna.
Do your watch, clock, and jewelery
repairing. I guarantee to do it thorougly
quickly, and at reasonable price. Clocks
called for and delivered. Bring me
your jewelery and have it cleaned and
brightened up. No charge for that.
No job too large, No job too small.
Prompt attention given to all alike.
Safe, computing eeale, platform scale,
cash register, truck, McCaskey • account
system, show case and several other articles. All in good condition. Apply to
CC. Josselyn. 19-21
City Of Kelowna
Notice is hereby given that applications
for the- construction of sidewalks under
the Local Improvement By-law, also for
extensions ot the Water service mains,
must be filed with the City Cterk on or
before April 15th, 1911.
Gty Clerk.
'   Kelowna, B. C,
March. 1911.
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed
City of Kelowna.
Tha public will take notice that improvements are assessed this year at full
value, and not at half value as formerly.
The rate will be levied this year on half
the assessed value, and not on the whole
assessed value as in former years. The
result will be the same in both cases.
]. L. Doyle, Assessor.
Barred Rock Eggs
From healthy, vigorous, bred-to-lay stock,
kept in open front houses, summer and
winter.   Eggs per setting, $2,3 settings for ■
$5. C. E. Weeks. Benvoulin.   19
Right in this Column
is a good place to let people know
if you have anything to buy, sell,
or exchange.


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