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The Orchard City Record Apr 20, 1911

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 iX-» I'V-^'v rA.™^. vs^fl
Special Facilities for
Executing High-
Class Half-Tone and
General Letterpress
VOL. III.    NO  21.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of the
City Council
Cemetery By-law Finally
A meeting of the council waa
held last Saturday,' the Mayor, Aid.
Leckie, Copelar.d, Jones and Dalgleish being present. The minutes
disposed of, the following accounts
were referred to the finance~com-
mitte for payment:
I. L. Mawhinney, work on sidewalke$34 50
B. C. Gazette, advt. Court of Revision   5 00
Fuller Bros., refund of amount paid     -
for wire to  connect  skating  rink
with electric mains...  12 00
C. P. K, freight. : ..'   I 5f
'.-' The by-law for the regulation of
the cemetery was then taken up
and with very little discussion was
" re-considered and finally passed."
An application was read from
Constable MacRae for a uniform-
to be supplied by the council, or
in lieu, an increase in salaty.
. Several of the aldermen express-
eel their approval of Constable
MacRae'as a most efficient officer,
And thought it was desirable that
he should wear a proper uniform
which would help tp maintain the
'dignity of his position.
A motion was accordingly passed
that the council-provide a suitable
uniform for the Chief of Police.
Attention was diawn to the fact
that the watering of the streets
would have to be resumed, as the
dust nuisance had arisen again as
the result of the fine weather.
Aid. Dalgleish announced that
he had already engaged a team
for the purpose.
As some alterations were
necessary to the street watering bylaw, it was decided tp "take the
matter up at the next meeting.
Aid. Leckie suggested that the
stand-pipe arrangement in front of
the Fire Hall, which had been used
for filling the water cart should be
done away with. It was a source
of expense, as the stopcock froze
up every winter and cost $10 in
the spring to renew. He suggested
that the cart be equipped with a
short length of hose which could
be readily attached to any of the
hydrants. This method would not
only be quicker, but it would often
save long journeys to and from the'
filling place.
Aid. Dalgleish mentioned that
, the city would have to be looking
; around for a nuisance ground, as
he did not think the present land
would be available after the lease
had expired. He had spoken to
the owners about it, and they had
complained: of the " way in which
the ground waa kept Heaps of
bottles and cans were distributed
ail-over the -placs,^ -
Aid. Leckie said there were
several big holes to fill on some of
the. new streets. He suggested
that the bottles and cans might be
dumped there for a time. They
'■ would help to fill up.
The meeting then adjourned
until Saturday, April 22nd.
Easter Monday Social
The Easter Monday social arranged by the Ladies' Aid of the
Presbyterian church was a highly
enjoyable affair to the Urge number of people who attended. Mr.
W. B. M. Calder presided, and an
excellent programme of music, etc.,
wns gone through. The items included a humorous song, by Mr.
Geo. McKenzie; duet, " Larboard
Watch," by Messrs. Davies and
Macfarlane; reading, by Mrs. Armstrong ; an alphabetical guessing
competition, won by Mrs.
F. Armstrong and Mr. Grimes; a
humorous quartette in costume,
by Mrs. J. N.,Thompson and Mrs,
McTavish, Mr! J. N. Thompson
and Mr. McKenzie; song, ". Love,
the Pedlar," Mrs. Brooke; grocery
competition, won by Mr. J. N.
Thompson and Mrs. McKenzie;
song, J. Harvey. Refreshments
were served during the evening,
and a good sum was raised for the
Ladies' Aid funds.
Jas. McEachern   returned;
week from Vancouver.
„ Mr. and Mw.^ Ira McClure left
Kelowna last Friday for Penticton
where they intend to make their
future home.
A; H. Wade of Penticton, has
sold his general store business, the
oldest in southern Okanagan, having been established 25 years.
i- ■,'■■
Not to be outdone in loyalty by
ihe "Georges" of the Empire who
are making a coronation gift to
King George, the "Marys" are
gathering together a fund for the
purpose of sending a gift to Queen
The plans of the Grand Trunk
Pacific for acquiring the Indian
reserve for townsite property at
Fort George have fallen through,
at least for the present. By putting
a prohibitive price on their holdings the Indians. have virtually
turned the railway company's project down.
W. C. T. U. Convention
'    Opens Tuesday Next
The annual convention of the
Okanagan District Women's Christian Temperance Union • will assemble in Kelowna next Tuesday
and Wednesday, April 25th and
26th. The meetings, which are to
be held in the Presbyterian church,
will commence Tuesday afternoon,
when a paper on " Local Option "
will be given by Mrs. Wanless, of
Penticton. In the evening a mass
meeting will be held, when the
delegates will be formally welcomed, and a lecture delivered by the
Rev. G. O. Fallis, \ of Penticton.
Solos will also be sung during the
evening, and a collection taken.
On Wednesday morning a paper
on " Women's Franchise " will be
given by ..Mrs. Doherty, of Vernon,
and a paper on " Social Purity " by
Mrs. Chambers, of Armstrong. In
the afternoon "Juvenile Work"
will be dealt with by Mrs. Fenner,
of Summerland.
A Hymn of the W. C. T. U.
The battle cry is ringing;
. It is ringing from afar;
It is ringing right around us
Where the bannered armies
It is ringing to the echo
Where, with fearless   front
we stand,
A great white-ribboned army
Of the mothers of the land.
_ Have you listened. ?._ Have you ■
heard it?
Have you thought on what
it saith ?.
"For God, and   Home,   and
Country ";
For our firesides  and   our
For all that's holiest on earth,
For all that's high we stand,
A great white-ribboned army
Of the mothers of the land.
Jehovah is our Leader,
The Lord of Hosts is He
And his Name upon our banners .
Is the pledge of victory.
Our trust is in His presence,
So with steadfast hearts wc
A great white-ribboned army
Of the mothers of the land.
—/. Sinclair, Kelowna.
The Epworth League of the
Methodist church is giving a "' T'
Party" in the church Monday,
April 24th, at 8 o'clock. A short
programme will be given, followed
by contests and games. All ore
invited to attend and spend a
social evening.
Mr. Martin Burrel, M.P.. has sold
his 225 acre ranch, near Grand
Forks to the Grand Forks Fruit
and Nuisery Co.
Immigration Laws to be
To Get Labor for Railroad
Registration of Births,
Marriages, and Deaths
Regulations to be Enforced
More Strictly
The Dominion immigration reg
ulations providing that aliens)
entering Canada must come from
the land of their birth or naturalization will be partially suspended
it is stated, from April 15 to September 30 in order to give the
railroad contractors apportunity to
obtain men for the vast amount of
railway construction being projected for the summer season.
The precise regulation is, Privy
Council otder, No. 920. It was on
July 14, 1910, suspended for three
months, as the contractors were unable to secure sufficient labour. In
connection with the suspension of
the order, it is added, however",
thatthe applicants for admission
must produce evidence to show
that they are going to railway construction jobs. Laborers from the
south of Europe will not be allowed to enter Canada, the change
applyinb only to those from Northern Europe. Orientals are not
Automatic Guns Barred
in Duck Shooting
Bv an order-in-council just passed
by the provincial * executive, the
future use of automatic guns by
British Columbia sportsmen has
been prohibited as from the first
of September next. These guns
have only come into general use
during the past few years, been,
particularly favored by duck hunti%
ers, who with them have been enabled to slaughter the ducks by
wholesale. The general opinion is
that their use is the reverse of sportsmanlike and the action taken by
the|government will meet with the
cordial approval of true sportsmen
in all parts of the country.
By a second order-in-council a
closed season for sheep during the
ensuing two years has been prescribed in the districts of Yale, Okanagan, and Similkameen and another year of immunity has been
granted the wapiti in all parts of the
mainland as from September 1.
The wapiti of Vancouver Island
already are under similar special
Drank From Wrong Glass
At the Leroi mine at Rossland,
last Wednesday, James Fuller, the
surveyor and assayer, was eating
his iunch when he reached out for
a beaker of water. There was no
one else with him at the time, and
it is supposed he picked up a beaker of potassium cyanide by mistake
and drank it.
F. S. Peters, who was in another
office, heard his telephone ring,
and on answering it, he heard
Fuller's voice shout " Oh, Peters I
and then there was silence. The
foreman hurried to Fuller's office,
but found him lying on some steps
about 5.0 feet aw«y.
He breathed once or twice, then
died without a word. On examination made at his office it was
ascertained that there was a beaker
was a beaker of water on the table
and a beaker of potassium cyanide
upset. Fuller had a sandwich in
his hands when his body was
By an order in council passed at
the protracted meeting of the provincial executive last Wednesday
night, the amended law transferring
all matters incidental to the registration of births, marriages and
deaths from the attorney general's
to the provincial secretary's department was brought into operation
and effect as from the first of the
provincial fiscal year, April 1 st, Dr.
C. J. Fagan becoming registrar. It
is announced as the intention of
the department to see that this Act
is hereafter very strictly enforced,
and under it clergymen are henceforward required to make returns
for all marriages performed by
them within forty-eight hours after
their solemnization.
The registration law in respect
of births, deaths and marriages has
in the past been very much of a
dead letter. Deaths, as a rule,
have been promptly recorded by
the undertakers, for the reason
primarily that the filing of registration forma is necessarily precedent
to the issuance of burial permits.
With regard to births and marriages,
however, almost inconceivable
laxity ha? been permitted.
Recent investigations of an informal nature disclosed that in the
chief population centres of- the
province, a considerably greater
number of children have been
christened or baptized than the
official show to have been born;
while with respect to marriages,
the practice of-the clergy appears
to have been to keep their filing
certificates together until a considerable number have accumulated.
One clergyman visiting the land
registry office a few months ago,
took advantage of the opportunity
afforded by his visit to register.jail
the marriages that he had been
performing during a residence in
Victoria of upwards of twenty
Hereafter it will be advisable for
clergymen, and all others upon
whom the legal obligation of registration rests to see that such
registration takes place within the
prescribed period, as otherwise the
penalties provided by the Act will
be rigorously enforced.      ...
 •   '    ■ -m^L
r'   -■■ - .it.tt=
The District Deputy Grand
Master of Masons, Capt. Esterbrook
of the s.8. Okanagan, paid his
official visit to the local lodge last
Tuesday evening.
Mr. O. B. Holden, of Peachland,
formerly of Oak Hall, was a visitor
in town last weekend.
Mr. C. C. Chittoden, formerly of
B. P. Willits & Co., was a weekend
visitor from Penticton.
The store-keepers report n big
demand for rice and confetti in
anticipation of the return of J.mrny
Doyle and company.
CHAPLIN-On Friday. April 14th
(Good Friday) to the wife of
Harry Chaplin, a son.
MORRISON—On Sunday. April
16th, to the wife of T. N. Morrison, a son.
KERR—On Thursday, April 20th
to the wife of T. C. Kerr, a son.
The wedding took place early
Tuesday morning at St Michael's
Church of Thos. Arthur Woods, to
Miss Doris Christine Vernon,
daughter of Mr. Thos. Vernon, of
Kelowna. The bride, who was attended by her sister, was given
away by her father. Mr. G. C.
Benmore acted as best man. The
ceremony was performed by the
Rev. Thos. Greene. The happy
couple left by the boat soon after
8 o'clock en route for the coast
cities. s
At the  Manse,  by the Rev.'A.
W. K. Herdman, Blaine Gillespie
Griffith, to Edna May   Whipple,
both of Oyama. .
With the object of determining
what portions of Canada's vast
forest wealth should be set aside
as new government reserves, as
has been done with the eastern
slope of the Rocky Mountains,
partys will be jmI mtf liy ll\< forestry clep-utni i '!> s -■ . <■■■
tho Pear*' Rivn ..n.mUy, !'
Co'utrini.i ..i■'(-'   '.•.   '"     ■•    v
Winter Sports in the
Rocky Mountains
Swiss Guides Imported From
• Announcement has been officially made that the Canadian Pacific
Railway hotels in the mountains
will be kept open all winter in
future for the benefit of tourists
who prefer the attractions of the
snows to the delights of summer
in the JSelkirks and Rockies. A
great deal of attention will be paid
it is said to winter sports such as
tobogganing, snow shoeing, skiing,
skating, hockey, sleighing, and ice-
boating, and it is hoped to make
the well-known resorts on the railway system in British Columbia
and Alberta just as popular in
winter as in summer. The success
which the hotels in Switzerland
have met in encouraging such recreation as this for winter tourists
fro.i. Great Britain and America, it
is believed, can also be achieved
here. Already skiing, which is
comparatively new in Western
Canada, has gained a very prominent place among winter pastimes
throughout the Rockies. '■/
The construction of the Swiss
village of Edelweiss, about a mile
west of Golden, in which the hardy
Swiss guides being brought from
Europe for the CP.R. mountain
hotels are to live, will be.conpi-
pleted^ by iiiext September* -it is
stated. The contract for the construction of the cottages in the village has been awarded by the
company to a Calgary firm.
Campaign Against
Bovine Tuberculosis
No Encouragement to
Negro Immigrants
7 The movement to Canada of
negroes- from Oklahoma has received its -latest check on the
British Columbia boundary.
Canadian immigration inspectors
at Blaine have turned back the
party of forty which on Thursday
reached White Rock, Boundary
station, in a special car, presumably
for Alberta, The ground of rejection was physical unfitness,
several of the party having tuberculosis. While these were the
only ones barred from entering
Canada by the inspectors those
physically sound and otherwise
meeting the immigration requirements having plenty of mpney, at
once declined to enter without
their less fortunate relative, and all
returned south.
It is believed that the party
sought to enter the Dominion at
this point-owing to the success of
somt thirty negroes, also from
Oklahoma, in December, who passed through Vancouver in that
month by way of Blaine, bound for
Alberta, in the northern part of
which a number have already
taken.up free homesteads, for there
is no law preventing American-
negroes entering Canada fbr this
purpose who have health and
" Immigration officers here and
at the boundary do not draw the
color line," said Mr. J. H. MacGill,
head of the immigration department in Vancouver. "We are
following the declared policy of the
government, which does not encourage the negro as a settler,
because the authorities do not
think he will do well in Canada's
An important circular notification
to all agriculturists and dairymen
with respect to the necessity of
exerting all possible endeavour to
secure the stamping out of bovine
tuberculosis is being sent out by
the live stock commissioner for the
province, Mr. M. A. Jull.
In his communication to the
directly interested parties, ihe live
steck commissioner deals with the
subject at length. He says in part:
"British Qolumbia has probably
not had so much of the disease as
other parts where the dairy industry has been highly developed,
such as in some of the eastern
states; however, we have enough
to give us sufficient cause to take
every precaution for its eradication.
While there is yet little of it, we
should see that it is entirely eradicated in order that our dairymen
may be in a position to breed
healthy herds and produce wholesome milk.
" While there are many features
concerned in the eradication of this
disease and while various methods
have been adopted in-other parts,
it is to 'be seen that in British
Columbia the work has been progressing favourably. One significant
feature in our work is ihe cooperation on the part of the dairymen. Many of our dairymen are
anxious to maintain herds free
from the disease and are having,
their herds officially tested and
premises inspected by the provincial veterinary inspectors, of
which" there are four in the province.
On the other hand, many: dairymen
have little or no knowledge of the
disease and do not realize the importance ^of its eradication. This
depattiiicnt has -been .carrying on
educational work rhroughout the
province, in an endeavour to show
our dairymen the nature of the
disease and why it should be
eradicated from our herds.
"It is possible that the general
public does not realize the material
assistance the government is giving
them by compensating them for
all slaughtered^ animals which are
affected by the disease.,; This is
more than is being done in any
other part and the responsibility of
completely eradicating the disease
largely lies with dairymen. Anyone wishing to have their herds
tested and their dairy premises inspected should apply to Dr. A.
Knight, chief veterinary inspector,
Sardis, B. C, under whose charge
the work is being carried on."
A settler, by starting fires in the
bush, between Penticton and Dog
lake, caused a serious conflagration
last week which threatened the
south and residential part of the
town. Practically every able-bodied man in Penticton was out, fighting the flames. By back-firing
several acres of dry. brush the
danger was finally averted.
Small pox is raging at Ottawa
nr.d »-■   •-.-   offi-i-1.   -f   ••■  -,: --'
t . ■
During the  cold  snap  the  first
week in  April,  the  thermometer
■*rH96S©W"-f«cJo-BI   \_.H_-—
i nil
gary. ;
There is much activity in Peace
River real estate. Upwards of 2,-
000,000 acres having' been sold
since the beginning of the year.
The Governor-General, Earl
Grey, Will take up his residence in
Winnipeg for about two weeks,
beginning April 22nd.
Capt. A. A. Sears, master of the
steamer Iroquois, which foundered
on Monday last, off Sidney with
the loss of twenty-one lives, was
arrested Saturday evening by
provincial police officers on a
charge of manslaugnter.
It is quite in order for the tax
collector to' to take the poll tax
from the wages of employes. W-
C. Stewart, an employee of the
Thompson Stationery Co., objected
to this method of collecting. He
refused to sign the payroll- of the
firm until he had received the full
amount of his wages. ^ a consequence he was summoned 'to
appear in the police court, with the
resnlt that he wos fined $5.50 and
ordered to pay.the tax. ^
•  The largest individual contract
for sidewalks   construction   ever*
awarded in Western Canada, yjifa*
last week let by the city commis*
sioners of Saskatoon.   The cota-' >v,*$|lj
'      "f :J^^v'i*J
' on
• I.-ng,
-to-"V.-.-ii The Orchard Gity Record.
Thursday, April 20
The KeloiDnu Land
and Orchard Co.,
_MPaB«=l'm__l_ .' MW-—*J««ffj
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
8=-        .== ,   . i.i      —. - ■ =
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
The Best Paint is the paint for you.     When you buy
you want a paint that will give you the greatest covering capacity per gallon, the greatest durability, and
the best protective qualities.
That is the paint we are offering you, and it is combined
with beauty and permanency of color.
Use Stephens' Paint and save money.
Stephens' Shingle Stain's.
Stephens' Floor Paint and Stains.
" PEROLIN " Sweeping Compound, the enemy of*
s   dust.   In packages or bulk.
The Cleaning Device for Every Home.
DTCCCT I 'C      " Cyco" Ball Bearing
Weigh* but 5) pounds, operates by a mere touch, cleans
thoroughly without injury to carpets or rugs, mises no dust,
always ready, no burden to carry from room to room, and is the
only efficient cleaning apparatus that is offered at a price within
the purchasing power of everyone.
BISSELL'S Ball Bearing Sweeper excels all other cleaning
device* in the work it does in the sewing room, dining room, or
wherever there is a miscellaneous lot of litter to gather up.
The "Bissell" picks up without effort what other
cleaners cannot gather, such as lint, large crumbs,
matches, threads' ravellings, scraps of paper and cloth,
etc., etc
The "Bissell" gives the maximum sweeping efficiency at the minimum cost.
"Cyco" Ball Bearing "American Queen,"   - $4.25
„ „   Grand Rapids, nickel  - $3.75
„    ,             )aPan   - $3-25
Cyco Bearing, Universal $3.00
Town and Country
Mr. Wm. Gay, formerly of
Rutland, was in town last weekend
on a short visit.
A. R. Davy has sold out his
livery business, which he. recently
started in the McDonald stable, to
R. A. Copeland and Dr. Richards.
The new firm of Copeland &
Richards will re-organize the business, which will be known as the
Kelowna Livery and Horse Exchange. The buying and selling
of horses will constitute their main
business, and in view of the increasing demand in the district for
horses of all kinds, thi- should not
only prove a highly profitable
bu8:ness for themselves, hul a great
convenience to horse buyers and
new settlers. Since the beginning
of the month Mr. Copeland has
disposed of no fewer than S'xteen
work teams. Ail this, win!.,
eloquent testimony of the growing
prosperity of the Kelowna district,
indie, tes a need for a really efficient
sales stable and horse exchange.
The new firm are open to buy any
local horses which may be for sale.
Mr. H. H. MacLeay left Saturday
morning last for Aibt-rta and Winnipeg.
The new flag pole was erected
this week in the city park near the
band stand. It is 75 feet high—
about ten feet higher than the old
If you want lo know what's doing
ing the way of development in a
town, watch the sawmill I The
growth and activity or otherwise
in that institution is usually a pretty
safe indication of the amount of
business being done in other lines.
The Kelowna Sawmill is making
preparation for a record turnover
this season. An extensive addition
to the factory has just been completed nearly doubling the available
space. A complete suction system
of removing sawdust and chippings
from the machines has also been
installed, this waste being drawn
into a network af pipes by means
of a large fan, and carried to the
boiler to be utilized as fuel. New
machinsry is being installed in the
enlarged factory to handle the box
making branch, and a new and
powerful printing press will impress the names of the different
packing houses on the box ends.
Several other improvments have
been lately carried out in different
parts of the mill, all making for
greater efficiency and increased
output. The office is also in the
hands of the carpenters who are
remodeling the interior.
Miss Dickson and Miss Robinson
were passengers to Vernon Monday for a few days visit.
Lome Sproul returned Monday
from Toronto where he has been
attending college during the past
few months.
Good Friday proved to be a day
of ideal weather and picnic parties
went o*ut from town in all directions.
The Rev. A. W. K. Herdman
was in Vernon Monday and Tuesday to preside as acting moderator at the ceremony of induction
of the Rev. Geo. Pringle into the
charge of St. Andrews Presbyterian
church, Vernon. 1 here was a Iar«»e
congregation present, including
visitors from other points. The
Rev. J. Henderson, of Armstrong
preached. The address to the
minister was delivered by the Rev.
Ferguson Millar, of Penticton, the
Rev. Herdman addressing the con*
gregation on their obligations.
The social held Easter Monday
by the Presbyterian Ladies' Aid
was pronounced • big success,
over a hundred people being
Judging by the shipments of
trees which are coming into
Kelowna, ah enormously increased
acreage will be under orchard at
the end of the present planting
The decorators and carpenters
are busy fixing up the premises to
be occupied by the new branch of.
the Bank of Commerce.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
j KELOWNA. :: B.C.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
(.. Harvev, B. A. Moorhouse,
B.A.. SAC.E.. D.L.S., B.C.L.S.,
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
Ai.oc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E        Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Syatema, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc,
fCELOWNA, ■   :: B.C.
P.O. BOX 137
Stoves  and Ranges
We have just received our first shipment of the following
Stoves and Ranges:
"PEERLESS "Steel Range, with closet and reservoir,
for coal or wood.
" HUMMER " Cook Stove (coal).     '
" DANDY" Cook Stove (wood).
" PRINCE ROYAL," with reservoir, for wood or coal:
" FERN " Cook Stove (wood).      "ALBERTA" (wood or coal),
"ALBERTA," with reservoir; for wood or coal. ,
B.C. Camp Stoves (wood).    Blue Flame Oil Stoves and Ovens.
Get our prices- on the above before purchasing elsewhere.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back ia our motto..
E. C. SCOTT & Co.
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box IU0
'Phone 66
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Mrs. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nurse,
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C.
Phone 134
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets ail CP.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
irigs.Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
For Sale by
W. HAUG AKeldwna, B.C.
'Phone 6$ .-
mirmr i n      r»     iiti »
inuwflo. r. niLiLi
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
Ten years experience.
Largest Optical practice
in the'Valley.
Jetoeler and Optician,
KELOWNA   -   B.C.
Studio    open
Thursday, Friday, and
A good supply of work -
horses, driving and saddle
horses always on hand for
We guarantee every horse
sold as represented.
We are prepared to pay
cash prices for good sound
young sice*.
Our Livery is complete.
Good horses and equipment.
Phone 25. Leon Avenue, Kelowna.
Kelowna Opera House
Brandon Bros., Lesees and Managers.
Rowcliffe Block
Lame shoulder is nearly always due. to
rheumatism of the muscles, and quickly
yields to the free application of Chamberlain's Liniment.   Far sale by all dealer*.
The Distinguished
Scottish Prima Donnaf
Seats on. Sale at Crawford's Store.
;   -; . , '4* £?$*
I) Thursday, April^20
The Orchard Citi) Record
If every man knew the
comfort of a Quick Shave
with the kind of Shaving
\ Supplies we carry, we
would not have half
enough to go around.
Lazors, Strops,
trashes, Soaps,
'reams, Safety
Outfits, Hones,
Is the best we can procure
What you lack to make
your kit complete, you
ought to have, and should
have it now, for you are
entitled to one that is entirely satisfactory.
'. B. Willits I Co.
Kelowna.     B. C.
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Famished
Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
Ladies' and
Gents' Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flower*
A "Want" ad. in the Record
is a sure dividend-paying
D. W. Crowley Co.
Keltwaa Ltd-
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
A LIVE C51Y.-    ■
Hanover Is One o! \^f Mr,*'   Progressiva Cities  o.   F.j-upe.
One of 'th* m=t .■■rocr.^'ive and
up-to-date cities rf l-iirope • is Hanover, tt i? dill cf intor--t to the
tourist and its _iii?i-n- nre noted
especially tor thi-ir en- i >.y. For rapid
progress it ra^r. cU. #<*iy resembles
'American eiti"= tliiin •i.ny other city
on the continent. William t_. Curti3,
of The Chicago R.-eord Hen.ld, wjites
very interestinj.'".y concerning thia
German city. Among oth"r things he
Although it is so old ..nd in several
respects so antiqupted. Hnnover is.
one of the most enterprising cities in
Germany, and i.- trrowintr a? rapidly
as some of the boomed ci'7.»_? df Amor.
ica. The populatiin in 1940 was 27,-
000, in 1850 it v.-a* 49.909. in 18S0 ,'t
was 106,667, in 1900 it was 266,753 inhabitants, an increase oi 33.000 during
the last 10 year?, or an average of
3,000 a year. Mo?t of the newcomers
are from the country districts, being
attracted to the city by its commercial and industrial a:lvantages. Almost every industry is represented
among the factories, and tl.e energy
and enterprise of tlio population has
been recognized tir a mind red years.
Hanover was the first town in Europe
to use gas; it was one of the first to
use electricity; it wa? the second to
run street cars, and the second to
adopt asphaltum for pavements.
The business section of the city is
built up closely with fine Inrsje
blocks of modern building?. The-
residence portion will compare favorably with any other city in Germany,
but it is a question whet hi-r the people" are prouder of the mrxlern palaces
and the broad streets upon which
they stand or the old part of the city,
with its .antiquated architecture and
its narrow, crooked, lanelike thoroughfares. In the old town you c.an
see where tho ford was frt in which
the city derived its name. Six high-
ways running from different part.-;
of Germany concentrated at a shnl-
low place in the Lcine river, the
Hohen Ufer, as' it was called, a
phrase that was gradually corrupted
into Hanover.
Queer  English Custom.
Persons aspiring to become bailiff
at Alnwick, Kiig.auir. have to go
through a curious and somewhat unpleasant ordeal. Before the election
the various candidates ride up in a
body to a horse pond and, there dismounting from their steeds, plunge
into the water and struggle as best
they may to the other side. The mu=ic
of a brass band cheers them during
their struggles in the dirty water.
This ancient custom dates from tlie
reign of King John, who once paid a
visit to the town in 1210 and found
no fitting welcome prepared for him.
The bbime for this state of unprepar-
edness was fastened on the luckless
bailifls, who wcra promptly thrown
into the horse pond l>y royal command.
The Sicilian Vespers.
Tht Sicilian Vespers is the term
given to the massacre of the French
in Sicily. March 30. 1232. On Easter
Monday conspirators assembled ut
Palermo, and while the French were
engaged in festivities a Sicilian bride
passed by with her train. A Frenchman used her -ndely. and a young
Sicilian stabbed him on the spot.
The populace ran through the city
crying out, "Let the French die!
and without distinction of rank, age
or Bex slaughtered all the Frenchmen they could find. About 8,000
were massacred. Not ever, the
churches were allowed to become a
sanctuary (or them. The massacre
was general throughout the island.
New Zealand Dairy Exports.
New Zealand is becoming yearly
an increasing exporter of cheese and
butter to the British market, a great
development of the cheese-making industry especially having taken place
within the last few years, ln 1903 the
total export of cheese was 8,356.432
pounds of the value of $383,806. For
1910 the quantity as above noted was
49,491,008 pounds of the value of $5,-
770,426, while for the first quarter of
the current year (April 1 to June 30)
the quantity-exported 'ssas 15,308,043
pounds, of the value or $1,782,495.—
Census and Statistics Monthly.
.To Keep Young.
Think that you ure young. On your
birthday don't allow yourself to think
that you are a year older. Keep
mental cobwebs, dust and brain ashes
brushed off by frequent changes.
Doif't he too ambitious. The canker
of overvuultit.il ambition has eaten up
the happiness of many a lite apd
shortened  its yeurs.
Put some beauty into your life every
day by seeing beautiful works of art,
beautiful bits of scenery or by reading
some fine poem or selection in prose.
An Oversight.
A glutton cnc<? wade a bet that he
could eat ten apple dumplings at one
sitting if the other party would pay
for the accompanying wine. After the
ninth dumpling, however, he declared himself beaten. Sadly he regarded
the tenth dumpling, which still reposed on his plate. Shaking his-finger at it, he said: "Ah! If Td known
you'd be left over I'd have eaten
you first."
fuel In'Ancient Rome.
The fuel of the ancient Romans was
almost exclusively charcoal. This was
burne J in open puns without grate tr
fl\n and gave'economical hent for living rooms and baths. The inconvenience of chimneys was avoided, and
the  heat  could   be easily   regulated.
The  Limit.
Mrs. W'oggs— Whdt is the highest
compliment a man can pay a womanP
Mr. Wuggs— When a man says, "If
she is on the committee at that
chur '. supper I'll go."
A Difference.   &
"He   asked   eld    Gotrox  tor   hia
daughter's hand."
"What did he aetP"
"GoUox's loot. A _ A .7.  ■
The Latest Ev inte In the Most Vile of
Histories Are Unknown to Public
—How » Sad-Eyed Youth Laid His
Plans,to Gain Royal Power—The
Fato tf the Belgian Modiste, Who
A'ttractod Him. *  ■    ■
r*  '■
Tfr~    denoueme/ii    of    the   tragic
drama oi the east—the life career of
Abdul Hamid with a half million as.
sassinatious t.  give  it  the  vilest  of
vila settings—is shrouded in mystery.
No one seems to know authoritatively
whether  or  not  the  most tyrannical
despot   of .history is   still alive.   Th<i
|dim tapestries of obscurity have been
I lowered  before  his  career until now
|there is nothing to give an inkling ai
Ito  his  condition.    Mystical   aro  the
| ways of the Turk, but none more so
than thi manner in which this insipid
[old wretch is paying the penalty on
i this earth of his awry career,   If hq
I is  alive and  suffering the pangs oI
'his iniquitous past his plight is uncovered.    If he  be dead  the  sordid
place his decayed bones desecrate lie.)
in a remote spot w.th very few know-
ing its whereabouts.   Reports coming
from Salonica,  his place of  banishment, are conflicting concerning his
, Old Abdul Hamid, cruel persecutor,
are you alive? Is your brain suffering
.tht visions of many whom you killed
and cast into the depths of the seas?
Are you cror.^ii'iin along the musty
floors of a dark and hideous cell, yout
craven fingers seeking for a crevice
that will let in a little light? Do
your eyes peer from hollow sockets
iik> the ravenous beetles they are?
Are you sapped of the last drops of
vitality and are your bones huddled
fleshless together? If you are so,
Hamid, the laws ol retribution are
justly penalizing you.. But if you
have passed from your torment to a
greater unknown, only the. horrifying
thought of your transgressions will
be perpetuated in history.
. The Ottoman empire has furnished
the world some of its most trepid incongruities. But none has been so;
nauseating as.the career of this old
wretch. From the time of his youth
to his overthrow by the Young Turks
he has been the incarnation of all that
is., wicked.
! It is said that his mother was a
slave of Armenian origin. She was a
dancer in the household of his father's
sister, ISsmJ-Sultana. When a young,
man it was noticd that he was unlike the other children of the court.
He was sad, taciturn and melancholy.
Though his face was tho personifica-
tion of innocence and youth there was
an apparent expression of cunning to
|th< s who can detect evidence of a
'hidden characteristic. .
',. One day the youngster met & gypsy
(fortune teller who read his palm. She
Itold him that some day he would sit
on the throne. The suggestion was all
ithe dreamer needed to begin his plan-
Ining. Han. he undoubtedly did for
.'power, to mete out cruelty. After this
•he devoted days and nights to sor-
;cerers and magicians. With much of
hi; time occupied in this manner, yet
jhe had time for a romance or two.
! A beautiful golden-haired maiden,
jMUe. Flora Cordler, a Belgian mo-
idiste, chanced to pass through the
'crowded streets of Constantinople. She
.became aware that a sallow, dark-eyed
Iboy on horseback had his eyes riveted
jon her. She paid no attention to
jbim and was aroused to anger when
Jhe attempted to speak to her.   She
Sassed  along  thinking  the  incident
ad closed.   The next day she was
surprised to  receive a note from a
member of the royalty.  The note contained the startling information that
Prince Abdul Hamid  would like to
make her acquaintance.  Shy, and modest,  as she   was,   the  information
played on her vanity.    She granted
him an interview which was nothing
i more than the first step in her wretch-
j edness.   He offered to make her his
{legitimate wife and she accepted. She
w-; converted to Islamism and the
world-famed Fatima began her career.
But his love was short-lived and soon
jFatimn disappeared.
I 'Soon after this   he   began  to  plot
against his brother. - He was 33 years
.old when his-brother Murad succeed-
led Abdul-Aziz to the throne.   About
{this time the madness of the Othman
family began to show in the dreamy
young man.   He  told  Midhat-Pasha
that the brother on the throne was a
|helpless madman.   The pasha was the
'great friend of the people and he a&w
that the regent was not the studious
and far-sighted man he hud been before his accession to the throne.   By
the efforts of the pasha aud the connivances of  Hamid  the latter  was
able   to   ascend    the   throne   three
months  rt"Dr  his   brother   replaced
Abdul-Aziz.   His expression of gratitude was in doing away witb his brother and placing Abdul-Aziz, the pa-
troit, in exile..   The new regent destroyed all manner of claim to the
throne by his brother in the event of
his being restored to health and banished al! patriots from the kingdom.
There are many  stories telling how
many of these were killed and their
bodies placed in sacks and cast into
I the seas. N
i He had seen to it that his brother
I would not return from his place of
' confinement. Some time late.' a fire
destroyed the house of Midhat-Pasha.
Ulosely following this a box arrived in
Constantinople addressed to Abdul
Ilamid. In the box was the head of
Midhat-Pasha, the brother of the Sultan. He had been choked to death in
Vis bed. A quarter of a century later
(he head was found in the cellar of
the royal pulnce. Similar persecutions followed during the long career
cf the scheming Sultan until he was
dethroned und cast into exile by the
Yiunlg Turks.
Abdul Humid was bom September
£2, 1642. If he is yet alive he is only
T3 years old. Penned in Salonica as
« human rr.ulcr. the last days of a
wieieht J career are coming to a close
ii tiny Kim nut already ceased to
be numbered.
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, egg* etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messra.
Crowley Co ; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in force which they .wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the - secretary, Room I. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275, Kelowna. B.C
your business is
not worth advertising,
advertise it for sale.
Good meals to be bad.
Closes Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9 p.m.
Misses Laidlaw.
Corner Water St. and
Constipation brings many ailments in its
train and is the primary cause of much
sickness. Keep your bowels regular madam, and you will escape many of the ailments to which women are subject. Constipation is a very simple thing, but like
many simple things, it may lead to serious
consequences. Nature often needs a little
assistance and when Cnamberlain's Tablets
are given at the first indication, much distress and suffering may be avoided. Sold
by all dealers.
P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat Daily
Full supply of Hams ,and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135
»' &.
We have just received a car of the famous
' .    .^ A
The models are technically correct, skillfully designed by a designer of well
deserved prominence, to give the best effiaehcy, proper trim, balance of weights,
maximum speed, and attractive appearance.
Retain their'finish, and attractive appearance for years after the average boat is
discarded, and when needed can be re-finished to look li':e new. The material
and workmanship is about as near perfect as it is possible to get, and the power,
fittings, and accessories are of the highest grade.   They are built for reputation
also, not merely for profit.
These Boats represent the latest development
in Motor Boat budding;
We have also put in a stock of
Peterborough Canoes and Skiffs
The quality of which is too well known to need comment.
Come in and look these over—they need only to be seen to be appreciated—
and be ready for the boating season, so close at hand now.
S.....T.   ELLIOTT    -    Kelowna, Re
1-' I "J..
. ;-"_■
* '>}y&
y f^njM
"A\ ,- af1
" -\^
r,^ \ - .^y i
A&A&S Tbe Orchard Cii$ Record.
Thursday, April !J0
Kelowna Opera House.
Brandon Bros. Lesees and Managers.
Saturday, April 22nd
Monday, April 24th
News of the Valley.
.John Griffith
Supported by
And a Company of Competent
Players  in the   Shakespearian
Love Tragedy:
Saturday, April 22nd.
The Late Sir Henry Irving s
Monday, April 24th.
And a Return Engagement
on Friday, April 28th.
Play will be announced later.
A dreadful stumping powder
accident occured last week at Salmon Arm. E. Cecil Lingford, who
it is supposed was thawing out the
powder in the house, wasblownto
pieces, and his wife 'vho was in the
house at the time was badly injured. Immediately after the explosion the house took fire, and
when it subsided the gha's.Iy remains of the unfortunate victim of
the accident was found in the ruins.
One of the sad features of the disaster is that the Lingfords, who
are young people and generally
liked in the district, were married
only a few weeks past.
A novt-1 industry has recently
been established at Lriyingtun, in
the Okanagan district by Messis.
Bourke and Monteith, two young
resident ranchers. This is nothing
less than fur farming on an extensive scale, the breeding ol
marten being specialized. Eighteen
of these prized fcn.mils wete taken
alive in the Sugar Lake section last
winter, and are now being cared
for in pens on the Bourke and
Monteith ranch. As the marten of
this section are p. r icularly large
and dark, the best heing scarcely
distinguishable from Russian sables,
the promoters of the new industry
are confident that there is a profii-
able business to be developed on
the lines they have adopt d.
Marten pelts now range in price
fr,om $10 to $15, and as the-.mnrten
is a prolific breeder, it is hoped
that the fui farm, will very so >n Le
returning a good revenue.-Colonist.
At the Opera House
Mr. John Griffiths and Shakespearian Company
Shakesperian plays are none too
common in local theatres, and the
announcement that Mr. John Griffith, with his powerful Shakespearian , company is booked for the
Opera House, Saturday and Monday next, April 22nd and 24th
ought to fill the theatre to its utmost capacity. On Saturday night
the,great love tragedy "Othello"
will be presented, and on Monday
"The Bells," in which the late Sir
Henry Irving put in some of his
most famous work. Seats are
booking at Crawford's store.
Work has commenced on the
new Hudson Bay store at Calgary.
This is located on Sevente Avenue
and Frst Street west, and when finished will cost over a million.
Will be at Summerland until
about May 1st.
Return of Miss Jessie McLaughlin
Judging from the reception accorded Miss Jessie McLaughlin the
popular Scotch singer when she
last visited Kelowna, her return
tomorrow night, (Friday April 21)
will no doubt produce a mild .excitement amongst her enthusiastic
countrymen. There is something
in her rendering of the ole Scotch
songs whish touches a responsive
chord in the heart of every true-
born Celt,—most other people too.
Harry Lauder's brother, Alick
who has been touring the west for
some months past will be in Kelowna on the 29th. Alick has been
singing in all the principle Music
halls in Europe, and has met with
ovations in each and every appearance. The only disadvantage Alick
has compared with Harry, is the
fact that the latter has the reputation. When this celebrated comedian comes to Kelowna he will
no doubt be given a right royril
welcome by his fellow countrymen
as well as the people of all nationalities.
In cases of rheumatism relief .from, pain
makes: sleep, and rest possible, l^his may
be obtained by applying Chamberlain's
Liniment.   For sale by all dealers.
The Kelowna Canning Co., Ltd., having
made arrangements for the installation of
an up-to-date Corn Flant, are now open to
contract for at least 50 acres of corn for the
season of 1911.
Intending growers are invited to
secure their contracts as early as possible,
as, in view of the cobs only being required
for canning purposes, the stalk will find a
ready market for stock feed, and in consequence this crop will prove most lucrative.   Lose no time.   Apply early.
Holstein Friesian Bull
Homestead Colantha
Sir M01
No. 8593
Stands for service at the Hawkesdale Ranch (R. E.
Harriss, prop).
Official Butter Record Dam, at 2 years old,   15.65 in   7 days
62.77     30 days
„ „ „   Sire's Dam 31.83       7 days
122.77    30 days    •
Average for 7 dr.ys of Jam, (at 2. years old),, and Sire's  dam,  23.74 lbs butter
30 92 lbs. butter
Great grand dam of this bull was the famous Colantha 4th, Johanna, hojdintf
the world's highest official butter record, irrespective of breeds.
Landscape and
Largest Studios in the Interior
Portraits by appointment.
Pendozi Street   -     Kelowna
SmiJi Street     -    Penticton
Haircutting, Shaving,
Shampooing, etc.
(Bouch's Old Stand)
The Merchants and Business
Men of Kelowna have agreed
to, close their places of business
every Thursday, at 12.30  p.m.
'From April 6th to October
26th, 1911,
Both Days Inclusive.
Provided ..that no weekly half-holiday
shall be held in any week during , which
a,statutory holiday shall be observed, or a
civic holiday-proclaimed.
Provided also : that this agreement shall
be binding on the parties thereto, only aB
long as its conditions are observed' by all
the business firms concerned.
Broken Range of Sizes, at a Price to Clear.
Dressing Gowns and Sacgues
Women's Dressing Gowns, of American Crepe Cloth, made.with Low Square Neck
of Satin, Elbow Sleeves, Floral Design, all sizes.
xirrr   itrim'ttw.tm .__. .it*
Special Values, Reliable rBrands-*Crescent and Eclipse.
pi \f
Spring Shipments of English Goods in Prints
Have now arrived.
Ginghams and Mucins, Letwns, Linens,
Nainsook and Persians.
Special Line of LINENETTE
Blue, Green, Sky, Pirik, Cream, Guaranteed Fast Colors
Boys' Blouses and Wash Suits
Boys* Wash Hats, White and Tan, in Linen.
. & A. an<l La]
The Perfect Fitting Corsets and Accessories,.such as
D. & A. Little Beauty Waistey
Gloria Waists for Missses and; Ladies^
Qpod Shape ^Brassieres        Non Rustable Glasps
Woven Corset'Laces        Security Hose Supporters
Jyh0.      I /*//      V/i*v%    J-4r>rlr\*t\
* IfC     I  U*t     XJLllll   X XXIXJ\JU
it takes a real Taijor to prmke   the tall   slim
v   fellow look like a sure prjpygh athlete.   It' is
a case of fitting style ,to .stature, and all the    .
genius of the designer is called into action.
In the
y^o\x will find Styles for the tall and slim, the
stout, the corpulent, the   big  .man,   the   little
man, every build.      014 fashioned tailors put
the same style on them all.
tn wwy' ■'■" ■'
Phone 22
. & Co.
Established 1850.
Phone 22
» J     Thursday, April  20
Orchard Giti} Record
ihe y^W^J!^0^yy
The car with the get-there-and^back
wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds these two special facts:
Robin Hood Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour.
Robin Hofid Flour absorbs more moisture
than other flours, therefore add more Water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats, Bran, Wheat,
Barley and Oat Chop
Fresh Clean Stock," Just In.
Buggies, Cutters, Wagons,
Bob-Sleighs, etc.
Do your own and other spraying rapidly, cheaper, and
more effectively.   Do all kinds off odd jobs  with the
engine—pumping, sawing wood, feed grinding, etc.
Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
AU kinds of Repairs
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66 Kelowna, B.C.
Phone 120
W* haoe a lar6e coniignment of the latest line* of
- Picture MoudinQs JUST IN.
Note ii your time to get all your Picture Framing
done, at prices that DEFY COMPETITION.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Office Phone, 85
Trustee*: Rev. T. Greene, C. S. Smith, M. G. Gorric, E. R. Bailey.
Librarian: J. B. Whitehead.
Subscription i $2 per year, with deposit bf 75c. returnable upon withdrawal.
Country members allowed 30 days, town members 14 days for reading.;
The books are p.aced just inside the door of the Billiard Halt and can be ob-
tained between the hours of 10 ».m. and 10 p.m. ■■'*
Borrowers wishing to do so may leave book* for exchange/with  Mr. J.  M.
Croft, shoemaker, Bernard avenue, giving librarian choice of three books.
J. B. WHITEHEAD, Billiard Hall, Kelowna.
Provincial and General News
Acting in conjunction with the
department of agriculture, the Vancouver Exhibition Association will
this year use every effort to have a
thoroughly representative display
of every kind of fruit grown in
British Columbia. The department
of agriculture has taken this matter
up with the exhibition association
and will assist in placing an exhibit
at this year's fair that will be a
credit to the province.
Mme. Curie, the disreoverer of
radium, who is a suffragette, has
"asked the rector of the Paris
University to permit her fifteen-
year-old daughter to ■ attend; the
boy'a college.
One hundred and eighty-four
Amei ican factories, have\ established branches in Canada.
A lodge of the Canadian Order
of Freemasons is to be founded-.in
London, England.
The exodus of negroes from Oklahoma to Alberta which started
several months ago, is 'continuing
despite the fact that it is not being
encouraged by the Canadian Government; Twenty negro farmers
from near Fallis' Lincoln county,
left last'.week to join the "colony ; in
Alberta.- They expect to take up
claims and immediately build
homes' and start their crops, after
which their families, numbering in
all about 200|Jpersojns, will join
them. It is said that a colonization
company is financing the negroes
during the first season.
The delimitation of the boundary line between Canada and Alaska from the Porcupine River, 15r0
jmiles north of the Yukon river, to
the^. Arctic ocean will likely be
completed during' the coming sum^
mer. The work will bp jointly performed by two parties representing'
Canada and the United States.
Mr. Carnegie has offered to de
fray for three years the expensesrof
sending three orfour young nien
from Great Britain to the/United
States for thorough training in practical methods of dealing with noxious insects. Sir E. Ray Lankester
alluding to this offer at the Imperial
College of Science, said it was only
natural that America should undertake to; traiii some English entom-
elogists, because it was from America that Englehd had derived some
of the worst insect pests of recent
years.:  -
The riots in the wine growing
regions ofthe: south of France have
broken out again over an obnoxious
champagne labelling regulation of
the senate. V^ineries and storages
of champagne arei being destroyed
and ; the :greatest .'disorder reigns.
It is said that in the various villages
over two. 'million gallons of
champagne have' been poured into
thestreet. Troops: -have been
rushed to the scene yto quell the
The owners of this Triangle
Waist Company, New York, the
horribly disastrous /fire at whose
building last, month caused the
death of 145 persons, mostly girls,
have been indicted on charges of
njanslaughteR—^i he-' —inquest on
some of the bodies recovered revealed the grossest carelessness in
the arrangements in case of fire in
the factory, and utter disregard
for the safety of the employes.
A movement is under way to
forma corporation to finance an
altitude machine, invented by Ma
Chuck, a Chinese inventor of
Modesto, Cal. The instrument is
calculated to give altitudes immediately by direct reading. Altitudes and' other measurements
heretofore have been obtained only
by complex formulas and extended
Rates of pay.foi" census commissioners and enumerators has been
announced. The rates, for commissioners vary frbiti $75 in cities,
to $1,800 in the Yukon. The
highest in British Columpia is for
Comox-Atlin. Nine hundred enumerators are. paid by .-{scale,- five
cents for each living person, ten
cents for deaths; farms, twenty-five
cents; mines, fifty cents, etc. The
expense allowance /in British
Columbia is $12 /pier hundred
names. 7   >■.
It is now definately ^certain that
Hon. R. II. Borden will tour the
west in the interests of a strong
campaign against .the reciprocity
agreement, during July and August..
The Hon. Rodolphe Lemieux,
Postmaster-General, has received
from the Imperial authorities the
design suggested by them for the
new stamp with the'head of King
George. It is understood however,
thai the design is not one which the
minister considers to be altogether
suitable for Canada, and Canadian
engravers will probably be asked
to submit designs to the department.
A report from Fresno, Cal., states
that in the opinion of fruitmen fully
two-thirds of the Malaga shipping
grapes and seedless raisin grapes
in this region were killed by frost.
The thermometer dropped as low
as 27 in some ranches and smudging had little effect.
As a result ofthe tremendous influx of immigrants into Canada, in
the past few weeks, it now begins
to look as though immigration
figures this year will greatly exceed
I those of last year. The traffic between St. John, N. B. and Montreal
has been particularly heavy, and
never before have the large steamships disembarked so many prospective settlers at St. John as during the past two months. Last
month, 18,500 passengers were
carried from St. John to Montreal
by the C. P. R. which is 5,700
more than the record of March
last year. During the past two
years immigration to Canada has
increased 150 per cent, and during the past few weeks the C. P. R.
has run sixty-one special trains
from St. John to Montreal alone.
Twenty / persons are reported
dead, with at least a hundred injured, two towns practically swept
away, scores of buildings demolished and hundreds of thousands of
dollars' worth of property damaged
as the result/of a tornado that
raged in Kansas and Oklahoma
the other day. .
The reputed head of Oliver
Cromwell \vas exhibited at a meeting of the Royal Archaeological
Society" sit Bnrlington House. Rev.
H.R. Wilkinson said that the head
had been in his family for three
generations, and in that time had.
never; been previously exhibited in
TA: yy'^y •■' "  "'■    '■ .■■" ■ 7-7
7'-June 3 and June 22 will be proclaimed legal holidays by the Canadian government, the former being the kingV; birthday- and the
latter coronation day.
An intemntional strike of seamen
involving 250,000 men and eight
nations, has been ordered to take
effect May-). For the first time in
the history of labor organizations
American and European workmen
will make common cause and strike
simultaneously against the Shipping
Federation Limited, which has its
headquarters ih London.
It is said that 64 Canadian Pao
ific conductors have been let out
"Our baby cries for Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy," writes Mrs.. T. B.
Kehdrick, Raaaca, Ga. "It is the best
cough remedy on the market for coughs,
colds and croup."   For sale by all dealers.
by the G- P. R. arising out o
charges made bjr "spotters'* through
but the system. It effects trainmen
from coast to coast.
The .coal miners of . southern
Alberta'and British Columbia have
asked the-^ federal government to
appoint a conciliation board to inquire into the conditions that led to
the present strike.
An order in Council was passed
appointing Mr. J, H. Girsdale, formerly Dominion- Agriculturist, as
director of Experimental Farms, to
succeed William Sanders, who recently retired,
         '       • - *' - ■       t
That the proposed university for
British Columbia to be erected at
Point Grey, will be ready for occupation by July, 1913, was the announcement made by Hon. H.' E.
Young, minister of education for
the province, at the annual banquet
of Westminster Hall last week.
When a medicine must be given to young'
children it should be pleasant to take.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is made
from loaf sugar, and the roots used, in its
preparation give it a flavor similar to
maple syrup, making it pleasant to take. It
has no superior for colds, croup and
whooping cough. For sale by all dealers.
Asparagus Roots, 2 yrs. old
Rhubarb Roots
Strawberry Plants
Blackcurrant Bushes, 2 yrs.
pypberry Canes
Pendozi Street.
Fruit Trees
Shrubs, Shade Trees, Roses, Ornamentals, and
general Nursery Stock.
Book your orders at once for spring planting.
The highest class of stock, true to name, and all the
standard varieties.
H.   E.   BOYER,   Manager.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
;a7a . -INSURANCE,;-
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Plate Glass.
New and commodious house and lot sn; Lake Shore,
For Sale'      "
City water, Electric light, and all modern conveniences.
Price $3,000.     $600 cash, balance in two equal annual
payments, purchaser to assume mortgage.
Owner might consider monthly payments.
Vr^ir.^! Situated within one half mile of. town, and being
about loo feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town, Ink© and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market/
'7; There is only one GLENMORE. Don't miss the op-
pbrtunity of selecting a few acres of this desirable
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and we will
- show you our sub-division
i  WbODLAWN   €
Just four blocks from die centre of the town.    Prices low.   Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan lUntfc, U?
Under New Management.
The Blackwood Livery Stables, recently
carried ori by AR Davy, is now
under new management.
New Rigs and Teams have been
added, and everything conducted
in first-class city style.
Prompt and careful attention to all
orders for livery or express.
 I    ■ i in ■——■■.__i■■ —j—w——.-
v f-f KIM
' *" * r£l
"      *__
i'  <<&
v.    \»XE
. A^ f*L
-. •" v7«^l
r  ;<t$
•    Am
1 *. >M
.If' < fit*
'A -iffij
\'y*\ Tii^ Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, April 20
; «lM___rHii!gr^-^iiNvT^iiJM__m_OTi!aag^^____LVit__;.q
There's Money to be Saved by
buying your supplies at
Get in touch with this space.
Read it carefully.
Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!
Specials for Saturday, April 22nd:
Ginger Snaps - - - - 2 lbs. 25 c.
Cream Sodas - - - 21b tins 30c tin
Choice Sweet. Oranges - - 30c doz
Fancy Hand Soap - - 3 bars 25c
Olivers' Jams and Marmalade,
41b tins, 65c.
Pure Lard    -    -    -    -    3 lb tins 55c
Visit the Store, Read our Price tickets
There's Good Goods on show
at Money Saving Prices.
We have again  secured  the  agency
for the famous O.V.C. Ice Cream.
Better than ever
Watch for our Opening Day.
Good Goods, Good Service, Low Prices, always at
Phone 35
Phone 35
\   Every   season    finds g
more women seeking
the    protection    that
comes with the trademark of  the   famous
The number of
"Queen Quality"
Customers is now up
in the millions.
| But  this   is   nothing
surprising  to  those   \
I   who know the Shoe.
The only wonder is |
that any woman  can
be induced  to wear
anything else.
The Kelowna
tf. li. M. CALDER
g ses)
N.B.  5 per cent,  off
on all cash purchases
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
Have you tried the
n rmf
X    X 14.11
In Cans?
Good Fruit in Sanitary
Cans, with a full
Rich Syrup.
Cherries, Strawberries,
Raspberries, Pears,
and Peaches.
30c. per can.
Try them.
Onion Seeds, in
quantities, $1.25 per lb.
Timothy, Red Clover,
»   Alfalfa, Alsike,
and   all other Garden
and Field Seeds.
All special  orders
promptly attended to.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
Curari   Has  Baffled Science for  More
Than  One  Hundred  Years.
For more tlmn n -linn ..red years the
Tiu.nns of the upper Amazon h»ve
biiffied science with t'..e secret of a
p-.i*on which they brew for the purpose of rendering their arrow tips
more deadly. Many of the world's
noted scientists have investigated
into the chemical composition of this
poiaon, but the natives of the Amu
zon have zealously guarded the formula of the brew and effort-, of these
investigntors have been without
avail. Not long ago a professor in a
German university was sent to the
South American wilderness for the
purpose of discovering the hprbs that
were used in making curari. as th*
poison is named. After spending two
years among the various tribes, he
was forced to give up his quest and
was coming out of the country when
he fell in with « a traveler who had
obtained possession of a native blow-
srun. The latter tells how he put
some of the professor's curari on
some of his blowgun arrows, which
nre like toothpicks feathered with
cotton, and tried it on a buck deer in
the forest.
"After a deliberate aim our hunter
fired, if I may use such a word for
the little puff, scarcely heard by us,
and entirely inaudible above the
rustling corn leaves at the distance
of the deer. The animal gave a slight
st.irt ns it felt the prick "of the arrow
on its flank and turned partly around,-
snifling the air for a scent, and look-
ins about as if searching for the insect that had bitten or stung it.
Detecting nothing, it stood still and
unnlarmed. At the end of a minute,
-it a minute and a half at most. it«
head dropped a little, as if it V.as
"When the hunter saw this he arose
and stepped out in plain sight. The
deer turned his head and looked at
him, and moved forward, not away
from him. a few steps, and stopped.
It showed no fear, but simply curiosity. After another minute the professor and I ■ arose, and all,_ three
■valked quietly to within reach of it.
It made no movement to run away.
tint watched us intentlv. and shifted
its .|>osition a little. Its movement*
accrued perfectly easy and natural
Absence of fear was the only observable change, until at the end of three
minutes more; than it lay down, not
tallins, but as naturally as a cow or
sheen when ready for sleep.
"We all approached its sid-., an.l
the huntet laid a hand on its shoul
!er. It looked up at him, but show
■vi no resentment or fear. Even it.-
l>r»athing seemed easy and natural,
which surprised me, as I had heard
.hat death resulted from paralysis
if the lungs when caused by curari.'*
The question naturally arises as to
whether an animal killed in this
■nanner would be edible. The scientist does not tell, but it is safe to
venture that if the meat procured
jiftt-r thia style of hunting were not
poisonous an adapting of this style
in our native wilds might tend to
lescen the annual rate of human
fatality resultant from the heedless
lischarging of rifles.
Dumplings   For   Stew.
One pint of flour sifted before measuring, one-half teaspoonful of salt,
me teaspoonful of cream of tartar
ind oue-half teaspoonful of soda, or
as'.' two level teaspoonsful of baking
powder. Mix with a scant cupful cf
milk. Sift the cream of tartar and
>u!t into the flour, add the baking
<oda in the milk and make a dough
ju.-t so7 enough to handle. Pat it
out one-half inch thick or make it
softer and drop by spoonfuls into the
stew, lie sure to have it boiling and
leave room for the dumplings to
rise. Cook ten minutes. Do not
add any shortening, as that will make
them heavy.
The Push Man Train.
One of the quaintest sights in Japan is the "push man train," a little
railway which runs for nineteen miles
olong the seucoast between Ataroi and
Odawara, taking four hours to complete the journey. lJach car is hauled
and pushed uphill by coolies and then
allowed to run down the next incline
by its own momentum, the coolies
'limping on behind. When skirting
precipices and rounding sharp curves
this becomes somewhat exciting. The
sensation is rather like being in a
runaway switchback car.—Wide Word
Inutinct of tho Mudfish.
The remarkable instinct of the mudfish to roll himself m a ball of uiud
when the dry season approaches is n
wonderful provision of nature intended solely, it would seem, to prevent
the extinction of the species. The
most interesting fact about this fish
•s that it breathes by means of its
gilU when in its native clement and
by means of lungs during its voluntary imprisonment in the mud cocoou.
Different   Opinions.
Professor—Why did you come to col
I'.ge, anyway?   You are not studying.
Will Rurali—Well, mother say* it
is to fit mt-' for the presidency; Uncle
Bill, to sow my wild oate; sis, to get
u chum for her to marry; pa, to
bankrupt the fumily.
What Could He Call Her?
She—Lizzie's b.oke calls 'er 'is
peach and the apple-of 'is eye. Why
can't you call mu things like that?
He— Yes, that's all very well, but 'e's
in the vegetable business. I'm iu
the whelk trade, remember.—London
Not  Popular.
"I'm going to wake 'cm up when I
get into oflice," said the enthusiastic
young politician, #
"Well, son," replied Senator Sor.
ghum. "an alarm clock may be useful, but it isn't- very popular."
High  Finance.
Briggs—Is i»- true that you have
broken off your engagement to that
girl who lives in the suburbsP
Griggs—Yes; they raised the commutation rates on me, and I have
tiansfeired to a town girl.
City of Kelowna
Nolice is hereby given that the Council
of the City of Kelowna have appointed
Wednesday, the l?th day of May, 191 I, at
the hour of 10 o clock in the 'forenoon, at
the Council Chambei, Kelowna, B. C, as
the time and place for hearing complaints
against the assessment for the year 1911 as
made by the Assessor.
Any person complaining "against the
assessment must give notice in writing to
the Assessor of the ground of his complaint
at least ten days before the date of the
first sitting of the Court of Revision.
City Clerk
Dated nt Kelowna, 13. C, April 8th.,
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.        -
Modern, hot water heating, electric* light,
city water.     Apply   Morrison  Thompson
Hardware Co.
Magnet Cream Separator nearly new, also
200-egg Chatham   Incubator.    I. Duggan,
Rutland. x
I Pedigreed Jersey cow,  and a few other
cowi, all in milk, also  1   Pedigreed Berkshire  brood   sow,   and   1   hoar.     Apply
Hawksdale Dairy. 20tf
Sorrel mare, about 6 years old, little white
on all four fget, white face, branded Q on
left shoulder, pieces out of both ears. If
not claimed before Saturday, April 29th,
will lie sold.   C. Blackwood,
Pound-keeper. 21-2
Length 33ft., beam 9ft. First-
class high-pressure engine,
nearly new safety water tube
boiler, all in good running
order. Will be sold cheap for
cash.    Apply P.O. Box 160.
Mr. Harold Tod Boyd now. receives pianoforte   pupils  at  the studio, Trench Block
(Front room). Address box 374, Post office
All kinds broken to drive.   Also all kinds
for  sale.     Horses  clipped.     Apply E. J.
Pettigrew. |3tf
160. acres of good fruit  land,  2$  miles
from Kelowna and  $   mile   from   school.
20 acres • cleared,  the  rest  is   free  from
stones and easify cleared,
stabling for 6 horses  also
and   other   outbuildings,
particulars apply to P.   O.
Small  house,
chicken   house
For    further
Box 448 Kel-
Experienced,  moderate  terms.    Address,
Mrs. C. Pitt, Rutland. ..     . x*
For sale. Choice Early  Rose  $2.50  p«r
sack.   Apply, V. E. Dilworth, Rutland.
Morden's house, six rooms, with or  without land.   Apply G. E. Boyer. I6tf
Above Trench's Store, also  double  room
for light  housekeeping.   Rents  moderate.
Apply P.O. Box 257, or to W. Parker. 16tf
Trade Marks
.... Copyrights &e.
.Anyone sanding a sketch and description mny
Quickly tiscortnln our opinion free wnetnor an
Invention la probably PatonUAle. Communication.; :,;.rlctly confldentlol. HANDBOOK on Patpnts
S'ntfroo. OlrtC3t aaenoy for securlnBpatouM.
fiilonta taken tlirough Munn t. Co. receive
e,i.'7(. nutlet, wlllioiifc charge, In tha
Scientific American.
A "raiSoomoly fflustralwl weekly. I«rgut clr-
cnl.tfiuu of tuiy scientific Journal. Terns for
CmiacLt, S.3.7G a year, postage prepaid. Sold by
all newtf-naleis.
Braneb Office, 635 F St, Washington. D, 0.
Cabinetmaker and
Certified Emhalmer.
On call night and day.
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.
Three Buff. Orpington cockerels,  $2 each.
Apply Mrs. S. Sproul, Rutland.
On  to   my   place,   about  Sept. 1st, sorrel
filley, branded CB, white   face, and  white
hind legs.   If not claimed within  30 days
wil| be sold to defray expenses.
Joseph Christian, Vernon Rd., Kelowna.
Mr. Boyer Snr. hns 5 or 6 small, but very
desirable Properties for  sale,  situated  in
and just outside the city limits. I7tf
For strictly private Dancing'Class a limited number of pupils to  make   up   small
class.    Apply P. O. Box 185.
Strong two wheel   cart  .cheap.   Apply
E. A. Clark, Rutland or Record Office
For sale, apply Mrs. J. Collins, Burne Ave.
 . y;
For season of 1911, a water Bailiff, experienced, to commence work about-tha
middle of April. Particulars for duties
can be had from the secrerary . to whom
sealed tenders, stating salary required.
Must be sent on or before April 12th.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
accepted. Rutland Estate Irrigation Co.
F. W. Sutcliffe, Secretary.
Thoroughbred Ancona eggs. $!.50 per
setting of 13.   W. B. Pease, Kelowna.       '
- Safe, computing scale, platform' scale,
cash register, truck, McCaskey account
system, show case and several other articles. All in good condition. Apply to
C. C. Josselyn. 19-21
By week or month.   Apply Box W,  Rec-
ord Office. x
Barred Rock Eggs
From healthy, vigorous, bred-to-lay stock,
kept in open front' houses, summer and
winter. Eggs per setting, $2,3 settings for
$5. C. E. Weeks, Benvoulin.   19
Removal Sale
From now till May I st I will sell
off my stock of Jewelery,
Watches, and Silverware, at a
25 per cent, discount, as I am
opening up a large and up-to-
date stock of Jewelry, Silverware,
Cut Glass, etc., in the store just
vacated by G. James, electrician,
in the Spedding block.
Call and get a genuine bargain. Watch for further particulars.
Bernard Avenue.
All wort\ absolutely guaranteed
Right in. this Column
is a good place to let people know
if you have anything to buy, sell,
or exchange.
When a medicine must be given to young
children it should be pleasant to ■ take.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is made
from loaf sugar, and the roots' used in its
preparation give it a flavor similar .to
maple syrup, making it pleasant to take. It
has no superior for colds, croup and
whooping cough. For sale by all dealers. '
Studio    open
Thursday, Friday, and
Rowcliffe Block
■ ..■*
a __/_■_.


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