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The Orchard City Record Mar 9, 1911

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And   the   world   is
with you;  Quit and,
you stand alone.
Circulation Highest,
Rates Lowest.
^ Kelow
£>rltl5h Qolutn
VOL. III.   NO  15.
/Job Printing
;£ Special Facilities for
Executing High-
Class Half-Tone and
General   Letterpress
• Work.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of City Council
Pool Rooms By-law Receives Second Reading -New Building
By-law - Salaried Building Inspector.
A meeting of the city council
was held Saturday last, his Worship
the Mayor, Alderman Leckie, Cox,
Copeland, Dalgleish and Jones
being present.
The minutes of the previous
meeting were read and confirmed.
A letter was read from the
Kelowna Sawmill Co. requesting
the council to provide a place for
storing sawdust, as the property
previously used for this purpose
would not be available this year.
The letter was refered to the Light
and Water Committee.
The following accounts were referred  to  the Finance Committee
to be paid if found correct:
Gravelling Richter st. and Harvey
ave., payaheet to Feb. 28 ......... $85^.52
P. B. Willits, stationery	
T. Lawson, Ltd., supplies for power
house and destitute persons	
Biggin    &    Poole,    supplies    for
destituted persons	
P. Burns & Co., supplies,  destitute
K.F. Oxley,
W. R. Trench,        " "
W. Haug, ....
Morrisan-Thompson  Co., supplies
for power house  	
O. Tress, 4| days pruning city trees
at $4 per day	
Kel. Sawmill Co., hauling fuel, Feb.
G. Markham, cleaning fire hall and
office .....:	
J. Murray, I5J cords wood for'gaol
H. H. Millie, 'phoe rents and telegrams...........	
Thompson Stationery Co., tax col..
Thompson Stationery Co., assess-.
ment roll.....................,.........'.
Aid. Copeland reported that the
Fire Protection Committee had
purchased from W. B. M. Calder
the necessary supplies for the Fire
Brigade, in accordance with the
auufbrity given them by the resolution passed at the kat meeting of
the council.
Aid. Dalgleish, on behalf of the
Board of Works, reported that the
gravelling of Richter street would
be completed within a few days.
He suggested that authority be
,^iven to gravel Water street north
of Bernard avenue.
It was mentioned that a portion
of the street had been given a
coating of gravel last year, but as
there was now a great deal of
traffic over it, and the foundation
was bad, it would be necessary .to
make the road serviceable.
The council, after some discussion, sanctoned the work.
By-law No. 86, the purpose of
which is to regulate poolrooms
and billiard halls waa read a
second tiroes .__■____=__. _ ____.__,;__________•__. _.-
An amendment was proposed
and carried that clause 4, which
stipulates that the view into the
interior of the pool room shall not
be obstructed by "blinds, paint,
screens or other devises," be struck
By-law No. 87, to regulate the
erection of buildings in the city,
was then introduced.
Mayor Sutherland mentioned
that the by-law was not yet complete, there being some details
which could be filled in at a later
The By-law divides the city into
three portions, the limits of which
are hot yet definitely defined. In
the central area all buildings must
be of solid brick, stone, cement or
a combination of these three
materials, and the roofs covered
with non-inflammable materials
approved by the building inspector.
In the second section the (ire-
proof structures are limited to
stores, factories, hotels, restaurants,
boarding-houses and livery stables,
and a minimum valus fixed for all
buildings within the area. .
The council is given the power
to appoint a competent and
practical inspector of buildings and
fire-limits, who will be a salaried
official. His duty will be to issue
permits for the erection, enlarging
or alteration of buildings in the city
in accordance with the provisions
of the by-law, and to keep records
of construction, sanitary appliances,
heating apparatus, electric apparatus, elevators, fire escapes, etc.
Provisions are made in the bylaw for the safe construction of
chimneys, and the provision of
bricked-in thimbles where stovepipes pass through partitions and
The by-law was given its first
The meeting then adjourned
until Saturday next, March II..
unions   of
Idaho,  and
created the
of the kind
Famine, and Plague
Ravaging China
Famine and plague are sweeping over China. The known deaths
number 30,000, and according to
the official statistics the death rate
averages 200 daily. But officials
have limited knowledge of conditions in the interior or are not permitting the facts to be known. It
is impossible to estimate the number of deaths that have resulted
from lack of food.
Dr. Samuel Cochrane, an American who is engaged in the work
of relief writes, "One million people will die before the first crop is
harvested. This will be scanty,
because the people have not the
strength to till the soil; few animals remain for ploughing."
The Chinese for political reasons
are directing their efforts to control
the plague, chiefly along the railways and frontiers.
Since the recent Russian request
for permission to cross the border
and quarantine Chinese towns
along the Amur, China has been
attempting to check the plague
along the frontier, but the Russian
legation says this has been done
inefficiently, because there are no
doctors there familiar with modern
methods of sanitation.
. Although the central government
has issued explicit orders both
supplies and funds are lacking.
Japanese and Russians have offered assistance, but only in a few
places have these offers been accepted, the Chinese, not liking to
receive favors from foreigners
whose political motives they mistrust.
Owing to the political question
involved and the presence of foreigners along the railways, the
plague in Manchuria is receiving
greater attention than .the famine,
but tHe death iFate from.thefamine
is many times greater than from
the plague.
The famine is the result of the
distinction of the crops by sixteen
inches of-rain in two days last August in a district where the people
ordinarily lead a hand-to-mouth
existence. As soon as the first
pangs of hunger were felt, they left
their homes, but many of them
were unable to get, beyond the
borders of the devastation. They
returned and took up the death
struggle beside their homesteads.
It is said by many of the medical
authorities that such an epidemic
as the present which is entirely
pneumonic, has not visited the
world since the middle ages.
American Fruitgrowers Organize
Central Agency   Formed   to
Handle Entire Western Crop
By establishing the centra;! selling
agency for the fruit crop of all the
north-western states, representatives of fruitgrowers'
Oregon, Washington,
Montana last Friday,
greatest organization
that has ever been formed.
Not only was the selling agency
formed, and rules laid for its operation, but plans were made for
the organization of district associations and their relations with the
growers' associations.
Resolutious adopted by the convention provided that the central
exchange will have the selling of
all fruit or products controlled by
the district associations. It will
establish a sales system covering
all markets where it is practical to
sell the products of its members,
establish such rules and regulations
as are necessary for the proper caring for and marketing of products
also such rules as are necessary for
the maintaining of uniform grades
and packs and for the placing of
the products of its members on the
market in the best and most saleable condition.
Ic will maintain an efficient system of market and -crop reports
and do such advertising as is found
necessary for the carrying of an
aggressive campaign for the expansion of the market.
Senate Adjourns
Without Voting
On Reciprocity
Extra Session Called For
The sixty-firist Congress of the
United States passed out of exist-
ance shortly after noon last Saturday -without taking the action necessary to ratify the reciprocity
agreement with Canada, although
many attempts have been made to
bring the matter to a vote. President Taft at once announced the
calling of the sixty-second Congress
in extra session, fixing April 4 as
the date.
Settlers Coming
Into Glenmore
Home Building Commences in
Earnest - Further Development This Year
With the advent of sbring and
the prospect of fine weather, the
new Glenmore sub-division being
developed by the Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd., and the Kelowna
Irrigation   Co.,     is    assuming   an
Fire Brigade Busy
Ellison District Notes
The closing concert of the-Literary Society held in the school
house on Feb. 28th was well attended, and although on entering
the hall the temperature seemed to
indicate a frost,' the audience
gradually got warmed up as the
programme proceeded. English,
Scotch and Irish melodies were
rendered. Mr. Hayman's ..West
Country songs were enjoyable, as
also were "The Admiral's Broom"
and "The King's Champion" by
Mr. Whittaker. Some amusement
was caused by the shadow play,
while Mr. H. Schwab was preparing
for his character song "Poor John"
but his appearance produced still
more more hilarity. Mr. F. Mawhinney was in good voice and very
appropiately sang "My Ain Folk"
when all his. family were on the
platform with him. Piano solos
were given by Misses Cottingham,
M. Hereron, W. Lang, W. Homuth
and Mr. G. Weedon, and Mr. H.
Allen enthused the audience with
his violin selections}. The evening's
enjoyment _was. contributed to by
the following vocalists, Mrs. A.
Wilcocks, Miss L. McGarrity, T.
Smith and M. Hereron. The proceeds, in aid of the piano fund,
amounted to $16.25. Light refreshments were served and the
gathering dispersed after singing,
"God Save the King."
Two alarms of fire have occurred
during the past week. The first
call the brigade boys received
proved to be only a slight matter—
a chimney in Fullers' house catching fire last Thursday ninght. The
trouble was over almost as soon as
the boys arrived on the scene.
The second fire was more serious,
and but for the promptness of the
brigade in getting to work, might
have had quite a disastrous ending.
Soon after 1 1 o'clock on' Tuesday
night, smoke and flame* were seen
issuing from a stable behind J. N.
Cameron's blacksmith shop. The
alarm was at once given, and being
but a stone's throw from the Fire
Hall, a stream of water was soon
pouring on to the blaze. Fortunately
there were no horses in the qtable
at the time, but something over a
tori of loose hay had just been
stored there, and this, as usual,
gave considerable trouble, by
breaking out in several places.
Water, however, was poured on it
until thoroughly soaked, and. all
danger of a further outbreak past.
The damage was hot very heavy,
but had the flames reached Mr.
Cameron's shop a serious loss
would have resulted, tbat building
being well stocked with a large
number of buggies and vehicles of
all kinds.
The cause of the fire is not
known, but it is conjectured that
some one was in the stable enjoying
a cheap night's lodging, and
possibly a quiet smoke.
E. C. Scott & Co. have been in
receipt of several large shipments
of goods during the past few days,
which makes their stock of kitchen
hardware and household utensils
complete and comprehensive.
Every available corner of the store
and out-buildings is now packed
with the big stock. Every conceivable contrivance for the assistance of the busy housewife, and a
a good many things the busy hus1-
band will appreciate too. Crockery, pans, dishes, glass-ware, table
cutlery—but call and see for yourself.
The Young People's societies of
the different churches met in the
Presbyterian Sunday School Hall
on Monday evening last at a social
gathering. Songs were rendered
by Mrs. Brooke, Mr. J. H. Davies,
Mr. Geo. McKenzie, and recitations
by Miss Fannie Copeland and Miss
Harding. Judge Swanson, who
was present, held the" attention of
the large gathering by a most
hearty speech. A quartette sung
by Mesrrs. McKenzie, Davies, Hill,
MacFarlane was encored, as was a
violin solo by Miss M. Laidlaw.
Ice cream and refreshments then
The Baptist Church choir are
giving a Social Evening on Tuesday
next, March. 14th, at 9^ o'clock.
Musical items will be rendered and
games indulged in. We cordially
invite you to be with us and so
make this Social time a great
success. s>
Mr. W. Eaton arrived this week
from Saskatchewan to take up a
position in Mr. McKeown's barber
Rutland News.
(From our own cone»pondent.)
A Musical Entertainment, entitled
"The New Minister" is to be presented by the Rutland Amateur
Society inr the school house, Rutland, on Thnrsday, March 16th.
The characters are as follows:
The New Minister.. ..Frank Farmer
Prof. Topnote S. Gray
Ralpby Bunter .1. Hall
Seth E. Fleming
The Sexton T. Locke
Musical Committee Messrs. W. Craig,
V. Dilworth, T. Locke
Daisy Lovejoy Mrs. Victor Dilworth
Petunia Miss Ida Fleming
Odelia Hasbin Mrs. Wigglesworth
Henrietta, Miss Craig
Mrs. DeLancy Mrs. Goodrich
Members of Old Maids' Club and Ladies'
Aid Society—Miss Joy Fleming, Miss
Gladys Bird, Miss Gladys Stodart, Miss
McGee, Miss Alda MeDonald, Miss Hope
Goodrich, Miss Flossie Dilworth.
Accompanist.... Mrs. Gray
Conductor Mr. G. Whitaker
Admission, 50 cents. Children,
half-price.   Curtain rises at 6 p.m.
Mr, and Mrs. Clever, sr„ arrived
from Alberta last week, and have
taken up their permanent residence
in the valley. They brought in two
carloads of brood mares.
Mrs. Baker and Xavier returned
from Leduc, Alberta, on Tuesday.
Miss Lulu Whitehead 'was attacked bv three dogs last weekand
suffered a severe shock and bruises.
She is able to get about again.
air of activity. A large number ot
lots were disposed of during the
fall and winter months, and the
newsettlers are now arriving almost
daily to take possession of their
property. Several of the new
owners have already commenced
the erection of houses and barns,
and in a short time the district will
have quite a populous air.
Mr. Silver and his family, who
come from Sherbrook, Que., arrived
last Friday. He is looking after
the interests of a group of investors
who under the name of the
Richmond Syndicate have purchased a number of fine lots. .Mi.
Silver is putting up house and
buildings on the iand, and will
plant and care for the young
orchards for the owners. Mr.
Johnson of Vancouver, who
recently purchased some 40 acres
is also building. Other arrivals are
Mr L.G. Mayhew and Mr. Emwrick,
from the Cobalt district. Mr. A.
Gibson, from the same country is
visiting town this week, having
made some large purchases in
Mr. A. W. Davidson, another
purchaser, arrived from Montreal
during the week with a car of
furniture, prepared' to -.take up
residence at once oh hisidfsA'A
telegram, however, acquainting him
with the sudden illness of his wife,
who had remained behind in the
meantime, compels him to return.
Mr. G. A. Melville, who has been
town for,the past few weeks, has
commenced the_erection of a house
and barn on his lot and expects to
move in within the next month.
Mr. Geo. Ward is busy sinking a
well and preparing for his new
During the past week lots to the
value of $30,000 were sold by the
company, and indications seem to
point to an exceptionally large
number of sales during the next
few weeks.
A large amount of further development work is planned for the
coming season. Teams have been
busy for the past week hauling up
wood pipe for use in distributing
water from the main ditch. About
20 cars of this pipe are now on
the road, also about 20 cars of
cement are yet on order, and  will
House Prorogued
Thursday Last
Second Session of Twelfth  B.
C. Parliament Ends Labours
u_>.._.___] f~.
ar_A^k_k«>   ^A*.««tf>A|i_.   Kn_aJ
taiavria****   vvnwi vivitucu
Miss M. Hartin has returned from
her trip of inspection of Millinery
styles, and brought back some of
the latest New York creations.
main ditch on the west side of
In addition to all this the Company are undertaking the work of
development on a big scale. Over
40,000 trees are to be planted, under the care of Mr. A. V. McCarthy,
an horticulturalist of wide experience, having charge of the extensive orchards of the Company,
and absentee lot holders.
The second annual meeting of
the Kelowna Tennis Club will be
held in the old K. L. O. offices,
Leon avenue, on Friday, March 17
at 3:30 p.m. All interested in
tennis are requested to attend.
" Pendray Spray " seems to be
the stand-by of our orchardist this
year. Messrs. Morrison-Thompson
Co. are handling a car of it this
MILLIE—On  Friday,  March 3rd,
to the wife of H. H. Millie, at the
Nursing Home, a daughter.
WEBSTER —On   Friday,   March
3rd,*to the wife of A. W. Webster
a boy,
COWAN--On Monday, March 6th,
to the wife of A. M. Cowan, a
SAUCIER--On Tuesday, Mar. 7th,
to the wife of Joe Saucier, a boy.
SPENCER—On   Tuesday,   March
7th,  to the wife of W.  Spencer,
a daughter.
The second session of the present legislature ended last Thursday
afternoon with an unusual absences
of cerrmony. His Honor, the
Lieutenant Governor attended at
the brief afternoon sitting to release
the members from further attendance. Parliament, being duly prorogued with the following short
speech from the throne.
At the close of the second session
of the twelfth parliament of British
Columbia I desire, in relieving you
from your legislative duties, to express my appreciation of the care
and earnestness that have characterized your deliberations.
It is pleasing to note thatthe
continued expansion in revenue
has enabled you to make increased
appropriations for public works
throughout the province.
The formation of a department
of railways and the act dealing with
coal Mines Regulations should both .
prove most beneficial in further
preserving life and safety ofthe
The great importance of agricuJA
ture warrants the efforts made by
you to assist, that industry. 7
The    rifiahy    other    important;:
measures  with   which   you   haveJ7
dealt  will  inure,  I   trust,   to   the
benefit of the province,    y.y
I thank you for the supplies;;
granted for the public service. 'Ay A.
I now take leave of you, trusting: -
that your labours on behalf of youiA
country may be blessed with
abundant success 7;-;   7 7Afe
- The^-ann<*imcement..-.■. that,vJh«^
sessiqn was at an > end was made
by the provincial secretary in,,pre-
scribed form upon His Honor's
withdrawal, and the House joined
in singing the National Anthem.
The  session  has been  an un7
usually busy one.   The list of bills  .
assented, no fewer _ than seventy,
eight in number,  in  itself further
emphasizes the strenuous nature of
the expired session and his Honor's
entry and closing address to parliament were unostentatious,  terse 7
and practical—the scene in its en-"
tirety offering striking contrast  to;
the brilliant spectacular formalities .
incident to the assembling  of  the
legislature on January 12th. \;
By curious chance, the closing
was participated in by members
exclusively supporting the Conser- i
vative government and policy, this '
being the first occasion  in  British .
Columbia's political   history upon
which the representative  of   the7 :
Soverign has taken  leave of any
parlament displaying no opposition
complexion; most probable, tQo_-.ari.___
occurance without parallel in  any
Canadian province.   As for   the
Socialists, Messrs. Hawthornthwaite
and P. Williams, it has long been
their practise thus to assert the revolutionary "principles,"  for which
they ostensibly stand, by withdrawing from the chamber on all occasions of His Honor's  official visits.
Mr. Brewster,   the respected  rep-    .
resentative  of  Liberalism  in   the
councils of parliament, does not in
any way concur in or approve  of
this policy of studied impoliteness,
but earlier in the day had sailed
for California after making his excuse to Mr. Speaker and the Premier for unavoidable absence, on the
occasion of prorogation.
.-.-•■ ...'.asKil
;'..U. V
Westbank Old-timer Dies
The death occurred on Tuesday
last   of   Arthur   Keefe,   one   of
Okanagan's earliest pioneers.
Deceased was born in Dublin,
Ireland, about 55 years ago. In hia
early days he was a sailor and
sailed practically all over the world. ^'._ «ii«^
He came to British Columbia from -i,VJ'i''s
California about twenty-five years
ago, and to the Okanagan about
sixteen years ago, to Penticton.
Afterward he moved to West Bank
where he has resided for the past
sixteen years.
Intesment took place at the
Catholic cemetery on Wednesday
last, the Rev. Father s Verbeke
."_,,„ The Orchard
Thursday, Mar. 9
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
Read what the Deputy Minister of Agriculture has to say-
about Pendray's Lime and Sulphur Solution:—
Office of the Department of Agriculture,
May 6th, 1910.
This is to certify that Messrs. Pendray & Sons' Lime
and Sulphur Solution has, whensver tested by Officials
of the Horticultural Branch of the Department of Agriculture, conformed to the standard strength of 32
degrees Beaume or over.
(signed)   Wm. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
Subscribe for The Record,
And get all the local news, keeping, also in touch
with the progress and development of the Valley.
indicate refinement, and have a refining influence.
They cheer and brighten the home when the liver is
out of order and the stomach refuses to work.
We have a
New Stock of Pictures,
New Frames, New Moulding,
and an expert framer.
PV"  .
The duck shooting season ended
Wednesday last.
Mr. Pulford, druggist of Winnipeg
was a visitor in town last weekend.
Mr. J. H. Silver and family arrived from Montreal by Friday's
boat. Mr. Silver will look aftef the
land purchased by the McLeay
borthers in the Glenmore district.
Mr. Geo. James and family returned by   Friday's boat.
Messrs. Harvey and Moorhouse
have opened offices in Penticton as
engineers and land surveyors. Mr.
B. A. Moorhouse is to reside in
Penticton while Mr. Chas. Harvey
remains in Kelowna.
Mr. L. Holman is conducting
demonstrations on tobacco growing
in connection with the Farmers'
Institutes in various parts of the
On Thursday evening, the 16th,
a new musical entertainment entitled the New Minister, will be
presented in the Black Mountain
school house, at Rutland, commencing at at 8 p.m, Admission 50
cents, children halfprice.
We are very pleased to hear that
Mrs. T. Allen is recovering after a
serious operation at the hospital
and a   long  spell   of   illness.
The government has amended
the Health Act by introducing a
" conscience clause " in the regulations covering compulsory vaccination. Hon. Dr. Young, in
introducing the amendment, said
it was made in deference to the
wishes of a large majority, particularly on the mainland.
Messrs. E. M. Carruthers, J. W.
Jones, R. A. Copeland, E. Weddell
and Frank Fraser have been appointed commissioners for taking
affidavits in connection with the
voters list for the Okanagan Electoral District, Mr. D. S. Strang for
West Bank, Mr, M. Hereron for
Ellison, W. D. Hobson and Jas.
Baillie, for South Okanagan.
The W. C. T. U. will meet next
Tuesday afternoon, March 14, at
3 o'clock, at the home of Miss B.
Mawhinney. Women's Franchise
will be the subject for discussion.
Women are cordially invited to
Mr. Bernard Lequime is a visitor
in town this week.
Dr. Richards left Saturday for
Nanton, Alberta, on a trip to purchase horses.
To celebrate the closing meeting
of Benvoulin Literary Club a social
on a large scale was planned and
carried out last Thursday evening
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
Renwick. The evening was spent
pleasantly with games, singing and
a spelling contest. The chief feature
of the proceedings was a dialogue
conducted by Mr. Roy Dolsen and
Mr. . Gordon Scott, called " Benvoulin in 1930." The /speakers
named over the members of the
club one by one, and related what
had befallen each in the succeeding years; Benvoulin itself having
been raised to a foremost city with
daily trains. Refreshments brought
a pleasant evening to a close.
Miss McNaughton paid a visit to
the Landing last week-end.
A Local Option meeting will be
held  in  Knox  church on Sunday
evening next,  at the close of the
chuich services, for the purpose of
hearing a report of the temperance j
convention recently held  in  Van-1
couver, and other speakers. Music-1
al numbers will be rendered.   The
public are cordially invited.
The Rev. A. W. K. Herdman
returned Monday from Vernon.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
church intend holding a St. Patrick's'
Tea on Friday, March 17, at the
home of Mrs. C. Martin, Richter
street Everybody come and help
a good cause. I
Mr. and Mrs. Kincaid and Mrs.
Bawtinheimer    and    child    were
amongst those returning by Mon
day's boat, having been visiting "
Notary Public,
." Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Moorhouse,
C. Harvey,
B.A., Sc, C.E., D.L.S.,
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
Amoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E        Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Syrtemi, Pumpins and
Lighting Planta. Concrete Con-
•truction, etc.
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box IU6
'Phone 56
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Mr.. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nurse.
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C.
Phone 134
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and-Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuiid-
ings.Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
On improved property alao other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
muAiuis   d  uii.i,
       i iivl'iiiu.    i .    aa_.i_-__i —
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelowna.
Charlie Morrison returned Monday from Edmonton.
Studio    open
Thursday, Friday, and
You will soon want to decide the
question of Paint for your house. But
remember most paints look alike even
after the cans are opened •.■•but " Old
Daddy Time" who make his sun to
shine, his wiud to blow, his rain, snow
hail and dew to descend shows thepi up
with unerring accuracy.
The Martin-Senour Paint
is the last word on q-iality, tl'p proof of
purity, the yard ■. s>L»_k of economy to
the consumer,    j
Full line of Brushes, Oils, Putty,
Varnishes, Floor Stains, Carriage
Paints, ~etc.
Rowcliffe Block
Do you know that of all the minor ailments colds are by far the most dangerous?
It is not the cold itself that you need to fear
but the serious diseases that it often. leads
to. Most of these are known as germ
diseases.     Pneumonia   and . consumption j
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a^rta*?***^^ ■'-"■"k^
In the days of the tallow candle prepared his
paint by rubbing between two stones his I„ead
and Oil and color, the next step to perfection
enabled him to purchase bis Lead in one
package, his color in another, his oil in another
aud his Turpentine and Drier in still another
with no guarantee of purity. The finishing touch
was made with the appearance on the market of
The Martin-Senour Paint
It contains the same materials minus the
"rtirriiig stick" and plus modern and up to date
machinery and the supervision of paint experts.
The result is "Old Daddy Time1' has a big job
on his hands trying to wear it off.
See  the  Fine  display of above  *
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C. Scott & Go.
We own the most beautiful site for surburban
residence around Vancouver, cleared and ready for
building, etc. We desire an investment for our
capital which will bring us fair interest. We will
build you a house according to your own plans and
let you pay for house and lot for rent you are paying now, or we will sell you a lot now at about half
its real value, and let you build at your convenience.
To carpenters and other building mechanics we
will furnish all building material at cost for a home
and you build your house and pay for it on small
monthly payments.
Mr. W. C. BLACKWOOD, of Kelowna, has
thoroughly inspected this property, and has purchased four lots of 45 feet frontage, and we take pleasure
in referring any prospective buyers in Kelowna to
Mr. Blackwood, as to the value of the investment
You will never have as good an opportunity to own
your own home with as little effort.
Electric trams run thvough
the property.
Hundreds will answer this, and the first will secure
big advantages, as the prices, terms and locations
are changing every week by week.
Phone or Address
1108, Dominion Trust Building,
Phone 8365 or 614, Columbia St.
New Westminster, Phone 687
Open evenings until 9 o'clock.
4.  Vs. y-.yy,yy?y$
The Orchard Citt) Record
It. )is a question as to what
will happeri if you do not
give your cold early attention
Start to day and the effects
■will surprise .you. A cold
simply cannot stay where
Laxacold is.
If you are late, and the cold
and:the cough  has  started,
and" it will give up.
If it don'-t, see your doctor
at once.
Price 25c. & 50c.
.7 X
P. ft Willits & Co.
Kelowna.     B.C.
PHONE 19 A     ■'■■
j, A. Bigger
Pku and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
PHONE 95 ~~
ft Fishing Trip That Had Most
.      Satisfactory Results.
[Copyright, 1910. by American Press Association.]
There wa« a tinge of autumn In the
air. although the calendar still showed
Its September page. Here ajid there
on the hillside!, n tree flamed out, herald of Jack Frost.. The bay wrinkled
crisply Into wl_lt<» capped waves, and
over all was the odor of ripe grapes,
tweet elder und buruiug leaves.
. Phoebe Allen leaned over the gate
aud drank ln the sweetness of the air
and looked at the blue und wblte water and saw the flaming tree.
•'Smells frosty," she sniffed delicately. "I'm always mighty glad when
winter comes around. It's the coziest
tlmo of theu-year. Wish 1 knew which
way the wind was blowing."
Her pleasant face wrinkled In a
frown as she tried to peer around the
corner of Captain Amos Dodge's new
house. All her life she had been wont
to see the weather vane on the peak
of Channing's barn, and now that Cap-
*'Ladies and
Gents* Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
mmmnflv attended tQi
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowed
A "Want" ad. in the Record
is a sure dividend-paying
D. W. Crowley Co.
Kelowna Ltd.
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any .part of
7 the City
We give out prompt attention*
V    .to mail orders
Phone 12
rr felp our at hbb touch. .
tn In Amos' bouse bad Interposed Its
bulk Phoebe, felt personally aggrieved.
She had even approached the doughty
captain and laid her complaint before
blifi. "I never can tell what the
weather's going to be without seeing
thaf vane." she said.
"I'll put one up on my cupola*"
promised tlie captain affably.
•'I. won't look at It—probably If 11 not
be good for anything," said Miss
Fboelx.' peevishly, -and so she went
Captain Amos and Phoebe had
known each other all their lives; they
li.id gone to school together, and they
had attended merrymakings as they
grew older. Phoebe had danced holes
in her slippers under the skillful guidance of A mos Dodge, and Amos had
been caught by his father while concocting a love letter to Phoebe, and
an Incipient romance had been destroyed.
Amos bad run away from his motherless borne, and Phoebe had forgotten
all a'l.out him until years afterward,
when bis father was dead and buried,
he came home a childless widower and
built a house on the brow of tho hill
beyond Phoebe's solitary cottage.
There had been no sentiment about
their meeting. Their first words had
been a disagreement'about the weather v.l no. nud neither had recovered*
Now- Phnebo crnued her soft rouhd
thront In a vain endeavor to learn the
direction of the wind. .._, _,_._'.___     „,_■
A barefoot boy whistled past^ a fish-
fug rod over Ills shoulder and a can of
bait dangling from his hand. '
"Where you going, Hennle?" asked
M!s3 Phoebe.
"Afler blues-they're running down
In the channel," returned the boy.
"AVhlcli way's the wind?" asked
Phoi-b.v >
"I duuiiM." said Hennle stupidly.-
"Don't iniike uo difference about wind.
I'ho tide's <'<iii.liig In, and the blues
nrf running In with It."
"I believe I'll go and get some for
•ny mi pp. r. It's too fine a'day to stay
l:i. [Jennie.. I'll give you a nickel if
viiull get me some bait What you
T"t thereV"
"WanI to sell 'om?»
"I tlf n*l mind." ....,'■
T.j lake 'em.   Wait a minute."   7"
Afur the inuisnctlon was concluded
Ixk.|.<> ran back to the cottage and
liiir.nl nn ancient skirt and knitted
•n< i;t*( On her head she tied a pink
.■liiil.iiimet. and ovty her feet she drew
nihUT overshoes. She packed a small
i.ii.*!.i't of Juncli. fed the cat, hunted a
tod nnd Hue from the woodshed, locked
up the cottage nnd scurried-down to
In.'i' little IkiiiUiousu on the beach below.
riwutl.v she was rowing slowly out
toward tho Ii.-,.t.i,i's mouth, where little bout., were dotted about laden with
mi go r ilsheniicu. :'.r blueflsh were run.
nlag plentifully  &
Phoebe's bil.'..!i. i.rowneyes had dbv.
coven d a'nl.'iy 'solated spot where
stie had ' lenrr.pd by experience that
the current r«i. .swiftly nnd where ex-
ellcnt luck might be had. This was
htt.vpfii. the lircn It water and the long
-mid ? pit that beenmo an Island when
•he tlile was high;
II wis. TiiNt hccoailng au Islfthd poir,
lid r.tvp.for one loo?Vfishermfiii.ths
Lit-ie cbnniicl was <jait« dererted, tar
there was exciting sport In trie Harbor's mouth.
Such a clever little, sailor woman us
I'hoebe 'Allen'.;found nn riltlii uity m
getting ber boat.'Into-i in* rigin position, dropping" her aucU'— overboard
and preparing for sport. { '■•■. -'■ A
' The lone tisherniuu proved; to be her
especial abhorrence. Captain Amos, and
and as his broad back was mrued to
her and. his great Happing bi\i quite
covered the back of bis head be was
recognizable only by his size and the
dainty lines of bis new boat.
One, two, three, into the boat they
flopped, little silver beauties. Phoebe's cheeks grew pink witb excitement
as she pulled them in. 'Enough for her
own supper at Uist and then supplemented by others there were enough
for gifts to various Ashless neighbors.
It so happened that Captain Amos
was fishing with a rod. nud so was
Phoebe Alien It Is an awkward way
to catch Hsb from a small boat, but
Phoebe loved to see the silver booty
come swinging through the air into
ber craft, and It was also Captain
Amos' favorite method.
At last Phoebe impaled ber last bit
Qf bait and swung tbe line overboard.
It Jerked forward, and she felt the
weight-of a captured fish. .As sha
pulled in the pole flew up. and tbe
baitless hook sailed over ber bead and
caught neatly in the slack of Captain
Amos' shirt between his broad shoulders.   It caught and stayed there.
Almost in the same instant Captain
Amos lost his bait in the same way,
and his pole performed the Ha,nie upward leap, his line flew over, and the
hook imbedded itself In the woolly Intricacies of Phoebe's knitted jacket.
Then Captain Amos, feeling tbe
pointy of the hook in his tender flesh,
yelled murderously.
"Woman!" be threatened, turning
his bead as far around as pain-would
"Man!'" snapped back Miss Phoebe,
straining at her pole and against the
captain's hook.
"What in tarnation"— sputtered
Amos, 'groaning. "Woman, you have
killed me."
"Keep still, do." said Phoebe Impatiently. "You've gone and caught
yourself In my hook. It was the last
one I had. If you'd reach around you
might get It out."
"Get out  nothing!    Do you   understand  the English  language?"  asked
. Captain Amos, with deadly calm.
"Of course I do."
-< "Then listen. Your hook Is caught
in my skin—s-k-i-n—skin, and '1'iii
bleeding to death. If you'll have the.
goodness to look around and see what
damage you've done," suggested tbo
captain savagely.
"Perhaps 'you'll look around arid see
what you've done," said Phoeb^ crossly; '   "
She craned her neck and looked
around at the captain's back, which
the point of her fish hook barely priek-
' ed. At the same moment Captain
Amos peered around to see bis own
hook caught In his neighbor's Jacket.
Something In the ridiculous situation
broke the icy crust of,years of separation; It recalled another day wheu. aa
. children, they had fished for minnows
ln the mlllpond and. sitting together in
the old green boat that bad beluiiireil
to Phoebe's father, tbey had hooked
each other quite as neatly as tbey had
done today.
"Amos Dodge, you little ninny!"
cried Phoebe in the same tensing
words she bad used on that former occasion thirty -five years ago.
"Girls don't know how to fish," retorted Amos as he bad done In tbat
other day.
"Dqes-tbat book hurt, Amos?" asked
Phoebe. '
"Not much." admitted the captain,
twisting bis neck around to look into
Phoebe's sunbonnet. "Tour boat's
drifting a little, Phoebe. Don't get any
farther away from me," he said in a
queer voice.
"I;won|t," said Phoebe gently. "Just
■ wait a minute, Amos, while I slip off
this Jacket—there! Now I'm free of
your-hook I'll-help you. Walt, now,
till.I get my boat over."
By dint of careful maneuvering
Phoebe ran her boat near enough to
the other to lean over and touch the
hook. It fell out at her touch.
"I was afraid the point might bave
caught, but it's all right, captaln"-
"Amos," saId the captain briskly. "I
wasn't any captain wben I knew you.'*
"Amos," repealed Phoebe obediently, "I hope it didn't hurt you."
"Not a mite, Phoebe. To tell tho
truth"— Uo reddened -.and looked
doubtfully at his old sweetheart
"Tell It," commanded Phoebe ln be*
old Imperious way.
"I caught you on purpose," confessed the captain.    ''
"Why?" blushed Phoebe. "WbatJ
"Just to get acquainted again. Youi
have beeu as stiff as a ramrod even
since I came borne again and"—
"Tide's turning," said Pboeme from
tbe depths of her pink sunbonnet
"I've got luucb to eat"
"So've 1," returned the captain
promptly. "Lot's co ashore and have
a picnic." . . *» '
"Let's," said I'hoebe.
That night when they trudged up
tho hjl swinging their strings of silvery fish srfnebody saw tbem and
said: /
"Well. If Phoebe Allen ain't caught
Captalu Amos at last I"
Somebody else saw them and said,
"Land sakes, if, Captain Amos ain't
caught Phoebe Allen, After alll"
And just then Captain Amos was
saying. "When yoii get over to the
big house with me. Phoebe, tbere
won't be anything to shut off your
view of tbe weather vane."
"I gnoss tin re won't be anything to
obstruct my happiness either." sighed
Phoebe contentedly. __  .
News of the Valley.
£" The delegates appointed by the
Armstrong W. C T. U. to attend
the convention in Kelowna are
. Mrs. Gamble, Mrs. Ed. Chambers
and Mrs. T. Ball.
Mr. C. S. Stevens, who has been
in charge of the Dominion Government Telegraphs and Telophones
in the interior of B. C. during the
past seven years, will sever in connection with the Department, on
May I st, next. During his super-
intendency Mr. Stevens has extended and developed the government
system from 67 miles of line to 543
miles, from 10 agencies to 54 offices
and from a total revenue of
$50 a month to one of $1,800 per
month. Local exchanges of the
Government tetephones have been
installed at Hedley, Merritt and
Princetown during this time with
over 100 subscribers in all. Of all
the government lines in Canada,
this is the only one which yields
an increase of revenue over expenditure. When Mr. Stevens accepted the position seven years ago it
was on conditions stipulated by
him that he work on part salary
only and that he be allowed to
continue his private business until
one or both became too large to be
well conducted together. , That
time has now come and Mr. Stevens retires to devote the-whole of
his time to his private interests as
managing director of the Lake
Shore Telophohe Co., Limited, of
Summerland.—Summerland Review.
A fire broke out last week in the
English church rectory at Vemon
doing considerable damage.
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at. the shop of Messrs.
Crowley  Co'; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in force which they wish to
bring before tbe notice of the public.  1
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket', which erititles - the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness 'or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitte3 to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to - the secretary, Room I. Keller Block,-or P.O. Box
275, Kelowna, B.C.
Capital Paid Up -
Reserve Fund ••
Total Assets
Savings Bank Department.
Interest allowed on Deposits.
H. F. REES, Manager.
& Co., Ltd.
'Wholesale and Retail ■
Fresh Meat Daily '
Full supply of Hams arid Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
Phone 135
T - 'S.
Never wastes time and horseflesh^ upon faulty or worn-out implements.
" ..■■."■■■,.      -■■■.■..      ■'-.*•'     \
A machine that will not do its wor1; right is dear   at   any   price,   and   the
longer you  keep it around, the more it is  "eating its head off."
This spring, and it will be easy to   keep right.   Call  in and let  us show
you how easy it is to get the 'right  start. '
Our Gockshutt Plows and Adams' Wagons are the
last word in proficiency and reliability.
g. T. ELLIOTT - Keiowha,ac;
' __ i:
"•up  t> M Tb* Qj$b«£*J Cifcfl Record.
/rbwrvdji, \yfar. $.
O/Al  4  A
News and Views
From the East
Reciprocity and the Financial
Interests - Continued Opposition    -    Quebec Bridge
Saturday, M#r ch 1 1 th
at 2 p.m.
About ten head of Horses \vill be sold
One Top Buggy
And miscellaneous lots of
M. BYRNS, AucUmvc
Montreal, March o.—Business
men, manufacturers and others in
Montreal are very anxious to obtain
the views of the large banking
houses on the reciprocity question.
Sir Edmond Walker, President of
the Bank of Commerce has already
come out strongly against the proposed agreement, it is true. But
that was in Toronto, and . Sir
Edmond did not give any specific
reasons for the stand he has taken.
Sir Edward Clouston, President of
the Bank of Montreal, has now
been asked, not in the interests
of any one particular branch of
trade or commerce, but in the interests of the Dominion of Canada
as a whole, to either make a statement for publication, oi to address
a gathering called tor the purpose.
He has not yet consented to do
either, but he will likely be persuaded to speak at a special meeting of the Board of Trade which
will be called for the eighth of
Strange as it may seem, reciprocity talk has not disturbed the financial worH one way or the other
that is although there is a great
deal of comment and chatter,
money is still moving along the
regular channels, and. stocks are
soaring or falling as the case may
be in much the sarpe way as they
would on a quiet summer's day.
Last week, it is true, was rather
dark in some, quarters, but that
was owing rather to. affairs in the
United States than to reciprocity
agitation. Reciprocity is a freak.
Fruit lands in British Golurnbia,
which people ot that province say
will be ruined if the pact goes
through, are selling beautifully.
Sawer-Massey stock, the new
company which is • turning out
farming implements and which has
just been placed on the Toronto
exchange, has jumped about ten
points and at one stage of the
game waS"as high as thirty-three.
And there was much doubt in the
minds of the farming implement
men as to reciprocity.
There was another big meeting
at the Board of Trade this week to
discuss reciprocity. The same old
arguments and the same old speakers were to the fore, and, altliQugh,
the atmosphere was distinctly of a
threadbare second - hand store
variety, it was proven once again
that Montreal business interests
intend to fight to the death against
the proposed agreement. Peter
Laing, the packer, was almost the
only speaker who turned ' on a
fresh breezy argument. He told of
what the packing industry might
be led to expect, and quoted Pat
Burns, the Calgary Cattle King, tp
show that thewest, in this respect at
least agrees with the sentiments qf
the east.
The rather sudden resignation of
Mr. H, E. Vautelet, the engineer
from the Qyebec Bridge Commission has given rise to all sorts of
rumors in regard to the future plan
of construction of that famous and
ill omened structure. It will be
recalled that Hugh Lumsden, chief
engineer for the Government o.f th,e
Transcontinental, resignee. under
somewhat similar circumstances.
After the resignations had been
made public the r=ame excuse was
offered to the people from the
floor of the House of Commons
concerning both men. The' minister of railways said that Lumsden
had resigned on account of ill
health and overwork. The Minister of Public Works announced
the same thing in regard to Mr.
Vautelet. Both are walking around
as chipper as may be. Mr. Vaut;e-
let will say nothing, but it is safe
to predict that the last has not been
heard of. the matter, and there ajre
going to be fireworks of' some description before the plans of the'
bridge have actually been decided
upon.  .
Mrs. A. W. DAVIDSON   has   instructed *the ur^clersigiied to
sell all her
which is practically bevy, on v    -'.   ,
SATURDAY, MARCH 11th, at 1. o'clock,
'       at the SAMPLE ROOMS of the Lakeview Hotel,
Consisting of - *
1 Quarter-cut Oak Buffet, Lady's Dresser, Chiffonier,
Washstand, Round Dining Table, Dining Chairs, Side
Table, Centre Table, Parlor Chairs, Sectional Bookcase,
Umbrella Stand, Wardrobe, Large Easy Chairs, Wicker
Chairs, Beds, Mattresses, Pillows, Folding Couch, Pictures, Carpets, Rugs, Kitchen Furniture, and Utensjla,
and several other articles, too numerous to. mention.
A. R. DAVY, Juctjarifier.
■ ■ ..■ ' '_..);.)
Lieutenant Bague, accomplished
a sensational and daring feat by
flying over the Mediterranean from
Antibes to the little island of Gor-
gona, off the Italian coast. He
covered the distance of more, than
200 kilometers, establishing, a new,
record for oversea flight.
When you have rheumatism in your foci
or'instep apply Chamberlain's Limine..t
and you will get quick relief, it costs but,
a quarter. Why suffer? Sol^'by all
dealers, '".
Beginning Saturday, Mar. llth
As we are how leaving for the east everything must he-
sold.   See handbills for particulars.
Variety Store        -      Kelowna, B.C.
' Next to Royal 3fank
■n;. ii.-.:,,.."
ftcrr.'.   i
I'DJ   LUJ 'JiUli'.m..
New Spring Ready-made Dresses and Skirts for Misses and Ladies.
New Lace and Embroidery,    All new pretty p^ierns.
$350 to $7.30,
Muslins and Ginghams, in pretty (^olors.and Stvjes.
Panamas, Voiles, Serges, Prices, $4.25 to $10,
Good selection of colors.
$75c tp $2.50.
Latest Spring Styles..
m ■; :,:r>.i.     .,*;.: r
Stiff and Soft Felt H^js, fc Black, Grey, Slate, T^ajad^ Styles,   Reliable Brands.^
gisiJtiJ ''jft )
Poplin Neckwear.        QfoehetSilk Tfes.
Springywil^on,be in fujjjswin^ y^wiUfwant a few new Curtains.   Machras Muslin bythe yard all colors,and,prices
%t|e a look through oujr, line before theSpri^
Bancy Hopiety*
*)!-, .'
Exiru^ and White Lace Qurtains, 75c. to $8*5Q
l..1.", .I!".11!    I),J.
per pair.
* f  4 ~
M-   y
\A X't
'll.jHH'W ■
WBWJWKJJUiWW 'aviw**^-^-. •*->— v
Established 1850.
j  lu.uivv imp;/." u> nimw" f
Phone 22
■■-,  i- ,,— MV
it^H-i .'J_,
st    v: t        J.     _        M  T   ->    ~ *\* v    •"        ,!„
.   -" 1    I '     _ .
Thursday, Mar 9
Orchard Gity Record
"The Mighty neo.
The car with the get-there-and-back
wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds these two special facts:
Robin Hood Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, or you can have .your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour.
Robin Hood Flour absorbs more moisture
than other flours, therefore add more water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats, Bran, Wheat,
Barley and Oat Chop
Fresh Clean Stock, Just In.
Buggies, Cutters, Wagons,
Bob-Sleighs, etc.
Do your own and other spraying rapidly," cheaper, and
more effectively.   Do all kinds off odd jobs  with  the
engine—pumping, sawing wood, feed grinding, etc.
Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
'i-TJOf^Jr -„_
Ml kinds of Repairs
Prices Quoted tot Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66 Kelowna, B.C.
J5.-- '
R. C. REEb
Phone II
Phono 120
Kelowna - Manufacturing
 ___-  ". - - - - _-_;_-.      m-,-
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
We haoe a lar6e consignment of the latest lines of
Piature Moudings JUST IN.
Nob is your time to get all your Picture Framing
done, at prices that DEtHT COMPETtWiON;
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Office Phone, 86
Trustees: Rev. T. Greene, C. S. Smith. M. G. Gorrie. E. R. Bailey.
'•..' Librarian: J. B. Whitehead.
Subscription: $2 per year, with deposit of 75c. returnable upon withdrawal.
Couatry member* allowed 30 da>«, town member* 14 day* for reading.
The books art pfaced just inside the door of the Billiard Hall, and can be ob-
talned between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Borrower* wishing to do to may leave books for exchange with  Mr. J. M.
Croft, shoemaker, Bernard avenue, giving librarian choice of three books.
J. B. WHITEHEAD. Billiard Hall, Kelowna.
- Provincial and General News
The Hon. Clifford Siftori_7has
severed his connection with the
Liberal party on account of his disagreement with the reciprocity
Ratcliffe, for over twenty years
Canada's official executioner, died
at his home in Toronto recently.
His right name was Rattley. He
boasted that he had hanged 450
people in his time.
. A missionary, who arrived at
Shanghai, China, from the famine
district, where he has been at work,
says thai 3,000 persons are dying
daily, and that 350,000 are wholly
dependent on the foreign famine
committee which was organized
there. In many places dogs and
cats are being killed for food, and
houses are being pulled down by
the occupants and the debria'ex-
changed for anything that can.be
- The Canadian Pacific Railway is
to put on a magnificent new
through train from Toronto to
Vancouver next March, as business
is increasing so rapidly.
The I. O. O. F. Sovereign Grand
Lodge of America will meet next
year in Winnipeg. 7-
Sir Allan Avlesworth, minister of
justice in the dominion government
has announced to the executive of
the North York Liberal association
that he would not again present
himself as a candidate; 7    7
A special British army order has
been issued creating an aerial
battalion. Eligibles must be under
thirty years of age, possess an
aviation pilot's license, be good
sailors with, an aptitude for mechanics, a knowledge of foreign
languages, and not weigh more
than one hundred 7 and sixty
One hundred .arid , eighteen
members of a. wedding party of
120, including the bride, and bridegroom, were devoured by wolves
while travelling by sledges from
Obstipoff to. Tashkend in Asiatic
Russia, a distance of twenty miles.
Thetwo survivors reached Tashkend in a half crazed condition
after having made the last stages
by throwing the bride and bridegroom tp the ravenous pack of
wolves.7    A ■•':■':
The United States Government
began a fight last week, against
what is alleged to be one
most complete monoplies
country. Suit was filed
thirty-five concerns engaged injhe
manufacture of incandescent electric lights. The National Electric
Lamp Company, which has its
headquarters at Cleveland, O. and
the General Electric Company of
New York, are named .as two of
the defendants, and together are
charged with being the keystone of
a trust that has ramifications in
every state in the union. According to the government's petition,
the defendant companies are in
a conspiracy in restraint of trade,
and thereby have control of 97 per
cent. oi_ the country's supply of
electric lights.
The Vienna Council has ordered
the police to seize any woman's
hat pin with unprotected ends, and
1,000 have already been confiscated.
George Anderson, alias " Old
Bill" Miner, well known in British
Columbia, was given a prison
prison sentence of twenty years
and George Hanford and Charles
Hunter sentenced to fifteen years
each at Gainsville, Ga., Friday, for
complicity in the robbery of an
express car on a •Southern Railway
passenger train near White Sulphur
Springs recently.
From -' information given out at
the offices of the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company the amount of
money which the railway will
spend this year on the section from
Revelstoke to Field has been
estimated at from $1,000,000 to
$1,500,000, which it is said will entail the employment of about1,500
extra men during the coming summer. The work is to be largely
along the lines of that carried out
in previous seasons — being the
construction of new stations, and
the laying out of heavier rails, side
tracks'and switches.
Lord Rosebery has accepted the
chairmanship of the House of
Lords committee for the entertainment of representatives, of Dominion parliaments during coronation.
Saturday'8 Canada Gazette contains a despatch from Downing
street;stating that it is the wish of
HisiMajesitythe^Kingw,that his
birthday should be "officially celebrated in the Dominions beyond
the seas on thet actual date of its
anniversary, June 3.
Informal polls taken in the
United 'States senate show a majority for the reciprocity measure
arranged with the Canadian government.
The Canadian government has
received an invitation from the
British government to send
parliamentary delegation to
coronation.1 This will be drawn
from both sides of the House, and
the result may be that the parliamentary session will be curtailed.
The present indications are, that
owing to the reciprocity debate the
session will be prolonged.
The announcen.ent that a miraculous spring has been discovered
bubbling forth from.- under the
altar of the Church of St. Clotilde
Montreal.-brought crowds fromfar
and near on a visit io the. church
An altar, on which a new. statue of
the Blessed .Virgin had recently
been placed, suddenly required the
attentionof a plumber. ^Investigation showed the spring of pure
water bubbling from the earth. A
similar occurrence was reported
some time ago from a church of
the same name in Leu, France. It
is said that since the discovery of
the spring two people, who were
suffering from different ailments,
were cured instantly by the use of
the water.
Ottawa seems to ba as far away
as ever from a solution of the
causes of the typhoid fever epidemic. Nearly every day shows an
increase in the number of cases.
There have been 771 reported to
the health oflice since January 12.
The pervicacious opinicestry of
the Reciprocity philosophaaters
will result; in the detumescence of
the hortulan industry and opigner-
ation by the operbpolists—Creston
Echo.   Gee Whiz, is that so ?
Right Honorable Augustine
Birrell, chief secretary for Ireland,
speaking at Oxford, indicated that
the government's home rule for
Ireland bill will be on the lines of
Gladstone's second home rule
measure, subject to modifications
that time has shown to be wise.
He said that the government was
now engaged in an inquiry into the
financial position of Ireland preparatory to granting home rule.
John W. Sickelscmth, Greensboro, Pa.,
has three children, and like most children
they take cold. " We have tried several
kinds of cough medicine," he says, " but
have never found any yet that did them as
much good as Cham arlain's Cough Remedy."   Sold by all dealer^
Early this spring two exploration
parties will be fitted out Montreal,
one to go to the Pacific coast, near
Prince Rupert, and. tKe other to
push its way into the Peace River
country.:. They are being sent by
Corporation Agencies, Limited, for
foreign clients and it is not unlikely that their reports, when they
return this autumn, Will: mean the
investment of more foreign capital
in Canada. Both parties will be
composed of competent engineers.
The Pacific coast party will report
upon a new industrial undertaking-
which it is proposed to .establish
near Prince Rupert. The other
exploring party, which will be under the control of E. H. Drury, the
civil engineer who recently made
the preliminary survey of the
Hudson's Bay railway route for
ihe Dominion Government, will
make a report in the interests of a
French syndicate of certain proposed undertakings in the Peace
River district.:
Landscape and
Largest Studios in the Interior
Portraits by appointment.
Pendozi Street
Smith Street
If yoU have trouble in gstting rid of
your cold you may know that you are not
treating it properly. There ia no reason
why a cold should hang on for weeks and
it will not if you take Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy.   Sold by all dealers.
Shrubs, Shade Trees, Roses, Ornamentals, and
general Nursery Stock.
Book your orders at once for spring planting.
The highest class of stock, true to name, and all the
standard varieties.
Ti.   E.   BOYER,   Manager.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
Cottage, containing  5  rooms,  on
Lawson Avenue. Electric light, etc.
$16 per month.
i._;..... Situated'within one half mile-of - town,—and  being .'-'■•
about loo feet above the lake, it co^nmands a beautiful view of the town, lcke and surrounding country. ,;■..    -
Ideal Fruit Soil; Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
'.".;'J .Tjjjwii is only one GLENMORE. Don't miss the op-
portiinity of selecting a few acres of this desirable
' A»\.
4 A
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and we. will
show you our sub-division
Just four blocks from the'centre of the town.     Prices low.   Terms easy,
■    monthly payments if so desired.
>   . -
*     lm
*_   *k
Fire Insurance
We'represeht only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
Wood and Coal
[Masons' Supplies
Donn Hollow Cement Blocks
Bos 166 'Phone 66
KELOWNA.      a      B.C.
"... J
* _. _*
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
Cane - Sugar ■ Only
AH B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
I       Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
A '■'.'' A ' ^
^ British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
1 413.
7 Ay'.
.*■   . t-
■* :Wt
'<■ 2*5(3
„  y'
. .7 '""<
' ! VV The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Mar. 0
Money Saving Opportunities
We serve you with the Choicest
Goods money can buy,
and give you a hundred cents
on the dollar.
Our Teas and Coffees are unequalled
in the city.
See our Bargain List
Specials for Sat, March 11th.
Best Japan Rice - - 5lbs. for 25c.
Domestic Sardines - - 4 tins 25c.
Holbrook's Malt Vinegar 20c. bottle
Choice Fresh Ground Coffee, 30c. lb.
Choice Fresh Raisins   -    -   10c. pkg.
Do you know ?  Our Hams and Bacon
are the Cheapest in town.
Headquarters for  choice  Oranges,
Lemons, Bananas, Celery, Lettuce,
and Cabbages.
Bring or send your orders to
Good meals to be had.
Closes Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9 p.m.
Misses Laidlaw.
Corner Water St. and
For babies are cheap, so don't
use your watch for a rattle to
keep the baby in good humor,
or give it to thenj to use for a
teething ring. In most cases it
is costly to you. Your watch
should be a timekeeper, nothing
more. If it is not, let me make
it so.    I can do it.    "Nuff said."
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed
Phone 35
Phone 35
The Misses Hartin
will hold their
Millinery Opening qf
Spring Styles,
March 15 & 16,
Ladies' Cordially Invited.
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
There are some things as much a part of the month of March as the March winds.
For instance:
Pino Pancake Flour, makes thin wafery Hot Cakes, and the trouble is
almost nil.       Per package, 25c.
Delmonte Self-raising Buckwheat Flour, makes the kind of Hot Cakes
that melt in your mouth, per package, 25c.
We also have Buckwheat Flour in 101b sacks, with which the Pancakes
, are made like mother used to make.    Per 101b. Sack, 75c.
To thoroughly enjoy any of the above, you must have
And that same is found in the
Quart bottles or tins, 60c     Half gallon tins, $1.   Gallon tins, $1.90.
We know this brand to be good.
Another line, popular at this time, is HONEY
Five pound tins Pure Ontario Honey $1.25
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
^Weve just received our new
"Queen Quality styles for Spring
ana they re beauties. \ve aid not
believe such footwear possible at the
£rice. The makers have outdone
themselves. Smart, snaj)£y styles with
plenty of comfort and service—just
what you have been looking for. You If
buy here eventually. VPhy not to-day ?
2 Genu per word, First insertion and- -
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Timothy in stack or delivered.any quantity
.   G. P. Dolsen. Benvoulin.
Bay horse, nine years old, branded 32
on right shoulder, has white scar from
barbed wire cut on point of shoulder;
about 17 hands high. Liberal reward for
information leading to his return will be
White Valley Irrigation & Power Co.,
Vernon B. C. 6 tf
The Kelowna Outfitting Store,
The Store 'of the Stylish Shoe,
W. B. M. CALDER,   Prop.
On and  after  Monday,  March  6th,
the Livery business now carried on
Will be removed and carried on as
usual  i-t- the
Mcdonald stable
At the rear of   Cameron's
Blacksmith Shop.
Mr. Davy hopes to meet all his old customers
at the new stand.
Persons having city or farm property for
sale to list same with me, as I have several
prospective buyers expected   early in the
spring.    F. DeCaqueray.       — 11 tf
Mr. Harold Tod Boyd now receives pianoforte  pupils  at  the studio, Trench Block
(Front room). Address box 374. Post office
All hinds broken to drive.   Also all kinds
for  sale.     Horses  clipped.     Apply E. J.
Pettigrew. |3t_"
Men wanted at once to do root grafting.
Apply Rosefield Nursery, Gellatly, B. C.
Bay mare 4 yeai old, branded H on right
shoulder,   little  white   hair  on   forehead,
white ring round left hind foot.
Also one sorrel mare, white face, four
white legs, long tail, no brand visible, and
one sucking colt, bay.
If not claimed before  Saturday,   March
11th, will be sold to defray expenses.
C. Blackwood, pound keeper.
Length 33ft., beam 9ft. First-
class high-pressure engine,
nearly new safety water tube
boiler, all in good running
order. Will be sold cheap for
cash.   Apply P.O. Box 160.
By the day.    Apply P. O. box 24.       11-13
To take an interest in an established
business, will require two or three thousand dollars. Good opening for a live man.
Apply to Box L. W. Record Office.    12-13
Good Encyclopaedia, and scientific research
works.   Address box W, Record Office.
Now is the time to get your
Buggy Painted or Varnished
And Fuller is the boy who can do
it in first-class style, _
And at   Reasonable  Prices.
We have the Finest Wallpaper patterns in Canada to
select from.   A post card will bring the samples
for inspection.
Also agent for The Woman's Household Frienn,
The Up-to-date
Vacuum Cleaner,
The cheapest and most sanitary machine made.
Does away with sweeping and pounding carpets
and rugs.    Only $10 each, with wood floor attachment
Every house should have one.
W. S. FULLER,     Kelowna.
Single comb brown Leghorn, single comb
white Leghorn cockerels, single comb black
Minorcas, from stock of C. C. Shoemaker,
Freeport, 111.   Craig Bros., Rutland.    15-7
Windmill, second hand, in good condition.
Apdly P.O. box 347, Kelowna. 15
160 acres of good fruit land, 2J miles
from Kelowna and J mile from school.
20 acres cleared, the rest is free from
atones and easify cleared. Small house,
stabling for 6 horses also chicken house
and other outbuildings. Terms, $40 per
acre, $3,000 cash and balance to suit at
6 per cent, interest per year. For further
particulars apply to P. O. Box 448 Kel- '
owna. 10-tf
Cabinetmaker and
Certified Embalmer.
On call night and day,
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.
The Kelowna Canning Co., Ltd., having
made arrangements for the installation of
an up-to-date Corn Plant, are now open to
contract for at least 50 acres of corn for the
season of 1911.
Intending growers are invited to
secure their contracts as early as possible,
as, in view of the cobs only being required
for canning purposes, the stalk will find a
ready market for stock feed, and in consequence this crop will prove most lucrative.   Lose no time.   Apply early.
WANTED: More room for the breeding
season, so am offering for sale a few pure
bred Buff Orpington cockerels, hens, and
pullets. Cockerels, $5 and $7. Pullets, $2
Hens, $1.50. My birds have only missed
giving sis eggs for-7 days sines 24th Dec.
1909. At Ashcroft I won 1st cockerel, 1st
hen, 2nd pullet, and 3rd cock. At Enderby 2nd pullet, 2nd pen, and 3rd cock.
Eggs for hatching, 1st pan, $3 for 13, $5
for 26. 2nd pen, $2 for 13, $5 for 39.
Rutland, P.O., B.C.
Married man, must be practical former and
experienced  with stock.      Apply'R. E.
Harris, Hawkesdale Dairy. 15-6
Barred Rock Cockerels, now
is the time to mate your pens
for early hatching; also 280
egg incubator, will exchange
for tent, single harness, or anything useful.   C. E  Weeks,
Benvoulin B^C.
In the matter of an application for
duplicate certificate of Title to E1 of
Section 32, Township 26, Osoyoos Division
Yals District.
Notice is hereby given that it is my intention at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof to
issue duplicate certificate of title to said
lands issued to Thomas Murray/ and
numbered 1010a unless in the meantime I
receive and valid objection in writing.
Land Registry Office,   District Registrar.
Kamloops, B. C, Feb. 15, 1911.
For Immediate Sale:
Fine Milk Delivery
Business, doing large
trade. Apply R. E.
Harriss, Hawkesdale


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