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The Orchard City Record Feb 16, 1911

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■ IJftlllSW
And   the   world   is
"with you;   Quit and
you stand alone.
Circulation Highest,
Rates Lowest.
VOL. III.   NO. 12.
Pub I IS
£>ritl5h Qolam
ob Printing
Special Facilities for
E x e c u t i n g High-
Class. Half-Tone and
General Letterrireas
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of City Council
Compuhory Vaccination to be Enforced - Mr. J. B. Whitehead
Makes Strong Protest Against Pool Room By-law
17 39
15 50
22 25
1 50
A meeting of the council was
held Saturday last, the Mayor, Aid.
Leckie, Copeland, Jones, Cox and
Dalgleish being present. The
minutes having been adopted, the
following accounts were referred
to the finance committee for payment:
G. F. James, flash   lamp for policeman.  $ 4 00
■ VT. Lawson, Ltd., supplies for Jan...     8 05
Thompson  Stationery  Co., special
light and water books.     28 00
Can.  Consolidated   Rubber  Co., 3
automatic respiraiors	
Morrison-Thompson Co.,   supplies
for Jan.	
I.  S.  Chamberlain,   power   house
H. H. Millie, telegraph and 'phone
C. P. JR.. freight...A.;.......	
D. Mills, cremating horse          5 00
A letter   was   read   from   the
Provincial Board   of   Health,   as
Prov. Board of Health,
Victoria, B. C, Feb. 6.
Dear Sirs:—7   .7
I enclose copy of our regulations
recently issued. In this copy you
will see: that vaccination;, is now
compulsory, in 'British Columbia,
and that municipalities throughout
the Province are asked to take
steps to put it into into force.
This will, I trust, be done without
Faithfully yours,
The enclosure stated that owing
. to  small   pox   being   present  in
certain districts of the province,
regulations bearing date of Jan. 3 V,
191 If were to be enforced for the
prevention    and   spread   of   the
Clauses 9,   10  and   II   of   the
' regulations relating to vaccination;
9." It is hereby ordered that all Local
Boards of Health shall arrange suitable
times and. places for vaccination and give
public notice thereof.-
10. Every resident of this province
shall forthwith be vaccinated or produce
to the Medical Health Officer of the district or municipality where he or she
resides a certificate or proof of successful vaccination within the preceding
■even years, or a certificate that such
~ person is at the present insusceptible of
vaccination, or a certificate of physical
unfitness for vaccination. Such certificate
shall be from a duly qualified medical
practicioner. '  '     %%
11. It shall be the duty of School
Trustees and teachers of all schools
(public or private) to see that the provisions of the preceding sub-section are
forthwith complied with by all children
attending such schools, high schools or
A penalty is fixed for violations
of the regulations of a fine not ex-
ceedin $100 or to imprisonment
for a term not exceeding six
The matter was referred to the
local health officer to report.
A letter was also read from the
Union of Canadian Municipalities,
asking for the support and co-
: operation of the council- and a
membership fee bf ten dollars ($ 10)
foi the year. The letter also suggested that delegates be sent to a
convention to be held in Toronto.
The communication was laid on
the table.
Mr. J, B. Whitehead, proprietor
of the Pool Room attended and
made a vigorous protest against
the provisions of By-law 86, which
was introduced at the last meeting for the purpose of "regulating
pCol and billiard rooms within the
city." Mr. Whitehead said he regarded the by-law as a personal
attack upon himself. There was
only one pool and billiard room in
the city and that was his own, and
and therefore the by-law was aimed
at no one but himself. He thought
the council might have made some
enquiries as to how his place was
conducted before bringing in a
drastic measure of this kind. His
character, he declared hotly, was
well known to most people, and
he did not think they could find
anything against that. Some time
ago, in response to a request from
the local clergy and others he had
established a library in" connection with that iniquitous place
called a "pool room." Only last
week at a meeting of the church
members he had been elected sidesman of his church, all of which
went to show that he was held in
some kind of respect by his fellow
citizens. The. natural inference
which people would draw from
the present attack was that there
was something wrong with the
pool room, or that he was not a fit
person to run it when special bylaw was required to regulate it.
He was utterly unable to fathom
the reason for the by-law. It had
come upon him and his friends
like a bolt frpm the blue. If any
complaints had been lodged ag-
.ainst him by any persons, he would
like to.know their names, to that
he could answer them. Even if a
few people prejudiced against the
game, had laid complaints, the
council was hot there to legislate
on behalf of one or two, and in
doing so take away half his -business. They were there to represent the majority of the citizens.
When he came into the town
the pool room had been und^rl a
cloud, but since he had takei£j it
over he had madfe it his constant
endeavor to lift it out of the mire
and put it on a respectable basis,
and he deserved some (credit for
what he had done. Everything of
an objectional nature had been removed, and at the present time the
pool room was a place which could
be visited by anyone. Some of the
most influential men in the town
made use of his place.
It seemed to. him that back of
of some people's minds there was
a strong prejudice against the game
itself, and a feeling that a pool
room was essentially different from
any other business. This was not
so. His business was exactly on
the same basis as any hardware or
grocery store.
He objected in the first place to
the clause in the by-law respecting
the hour of closing. His chief
source of ihMifie^'^eTfrdm^ those
who used the tables at night, and
if he had to close at eleven o'clock
a large part of hia best business
would be taken away from him.
As to having dice and slot machines
that was a matter of Provincial law
and applied equally well to hardware and grocery stores, and.did
not require any by-law to make
provision against it.
Another monstrous clause was
that which stated that no persons
under 18 years of age must be on
the premises either to watch or
take part in the games. Since he
had had the pool room he had
started a library and reading room ;
he also supplied tea and coffee.
Ladies came to his place and never
found anything objectionable or
offensive. Pool and billiards was
not the whole of his business. So
far as he knew only three, youths
under 18 had been'to his billiard,
room since he took it oyer. Two
of them had not been near fbr over
two months, and the other for three
months. Were the council going
to seriously injure his business for
the sake of the&e three who had
stopped coming ? Moreover; there
was nothing passed there which
could hurt anyone. He did not
even permit swearing in his place,
which as they knew in Canada was
rather a strict regulation. It was
fit for ladies or anyone else to visit
at any time.
With regard to the clause about
obstructing the view from the sidewalk, continued Mr. Whitehead, he
had, when he took over the place,
found a curtain stretched across
the room. He asked what that
was for, and was told that it Was so
that people could not see in from
the  street.   He  at  once took    it
Contiuutd on p*f« 6
Board Trade Meeting
Officers Elected for the Year
A meeting of the Board of Trade
was held last Thursday evening,
when the business of election of
officers left over from the annual
meeting was taken up.
Rutland News.
(From our own correspondent.)
Numerous skating parties have
taken advantage of the moonlight
nights to enjoy the winter sport,
about 25 sleighing down from
Ellison on Friday night.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  F. Pow, of Stim-
A resolution  was  first  adopted merbury, Sask, have moved  into
that in accordance with the recommendation of the council of the
Board, G. A. Fisher be appointed
secretary at a salary of $ 100 per
year.. 7
The minutes bf the recent meeting of the Associated Boards of
Trade at Summerland were read,
and a motion passed endorsing the
resolutions passed at that meeting.
In respect to the proposal to
change the day of meeting from
Wednesday to Tuesday, it was
decided to hold the next meeting
on Tuesday, and decide the matter
Some discussion took, place ori a
proposal of Mr. Kerr's that the
Board should send fruit for exhibition to the principal fairs in the
prairie provinces. A motion Was
passed referring the idea of arranging an annual exhibit of fruit to the
Publicity committee.
The following' officers were
elected :
President—J. W. Jones.
Vice-Pres.—R. B. Kerr.
Council—P. DiiMoulin, Pitcairn,
W: Haugi H. W. Raymer, B. McDonald, D. Leckie, Jas. Harvey, sr.,
Publicity Committee — W. E.
Adams, J. B. Knowles and the
Agricultural and..'.. Horticultural
Committee— M. Hereron, "T. "Xi.
Speer, and L. Holman.
It was decided to drop the transportation committee;
/a resolution was carried unanimously that the thanks of the
Board: be extended to Mr. R. B.
Kerr for his efficient services as
secretary, and that he be made a
life member of the Board. Votes
of thanks were also passed to other
retiring officers.
Messrs. H; W. Biggin, G. H. E.
Hudson and Axel Eutin were
elected members.
Banquet at Parsonage
Combining pleasure with business, the regular meeting of the
officers of the Methodist church
last Fridaytookjhe form of a banquet, the members of the Quarterly
Board and Trustees' Board being
entertained at dinner by the Rev.
and Mr--. J. W. Davidson at the
parsonage. An elaborate menu
had been prepared by Mrs. Davidson, and ' some thirty-six people
were present to enjoy the good
things provided. After dinner
toasts were giyen and responded
to by members of the board, and
an entertaining programme of readings and music given by Mrs. L.
Dilworth, Mrs. K. F. Oxley, Mrs.
Adams, Miss Anna Knight, Miss
Long, Miss Mawhinney, and Mr.
A. S. Cox. Reports were given
from the various organizations of
the church, showing a gratifying
increase in all directions.
Before the close of the evening
a hearty invitation was given to the
Rev. Mr. Davidson to continue his
pastoiate of the church for a second
year. There were many expressions
of appreciation of the good service
he had rendered during his residence here, and the gratifying results which had attended his ministry, mention being made of the
previous Sunday's service when
twenty-one new members united
themselves with the church.
Mr. Davidson, in replying, thanked the members of the boards for
their kind remarks. He expressed
his pleasure at the invitation extended to him, and said that if the
conference saw fit to approve, he
would be very pleased to accept
and cany on the work for another
A vote of thanks was proposed
by Mr. Leslie Dilworth to Mr. and
Mrs. Davidson for the excellent
hospitality extended to them during
the evening; a vote which received
very hearty support.
the dtstrict, and intend taking up
their permanent residence amongst
us. They are staying with their
parents, sMr: and Mrs. W. Fleming.
The Ladies' Aid social held at
Mrs. Goodrich's on Tuesday night
in aid of the pafsonage was a success as usual. The capacious house
was filled with a fun-making crowd.
Everyone was decorated with a
pink T, showing that they had been
parted from a quarter of a dollar.
Several guessing games were presided over by the young ladies,
and great fun was caused by the
winding up of the threads, ait the
end of each spool a prize being
found. About 70 persons were
present, the proceeds amounting to
$28. An interesting musical programme was rendered by Mrs. S.
Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Vance, Miss
Craig, and Mr. Whitaker. There
was also, a round by six young
ladies, and mouth organ selections
by Arthur Gray.
Martin Burrell
on Reciprocity
Interesting Letter on the Tariff
The sad news of the fatal (termination of Dr. Baker's illness was
.telephoned out to Rutland from
the Kelowna Hospital last Saturday morning, casting a sorrowful
gloom over the whole neighbor-
-haodjA After only fourteen days',
illness, the trouble which was a
recurring bowel complaint, caused
the death of our most useful and
kindly neighbor and friend.
After only two years' residence
in Rutland,' the doctor had endeared himself to everyone in the district, and had a host of friends in
town besides. His kindly, patient,
and unassuming disposition, his
readiness to help in all good work,
will keep his memory green amonst
us for many years to come.
He will be sorely missed. He
was a trustee of the church, sscre-
tary of the quarterly board, bible
class leader, and trustee of the day
school, and intimately bound up
with many other movements.
Born at Littlewood, near London,
iJnt.,M6"yearf figo,"he was the Only
one of his family to come west, his
mother and other relatives still living at or near the old home. Our
sympathies are also with the sorrow
ing ones down there.
Taking his medical course and
degree at the Western University,
London, he went to Ohio, where
he practiced two years. From there
he went to Leduc, Alberta, practicing there for six years, and leaving
for Rutland two years ago.
He was a useful member at
Leduc also, being secretary of the
Methodist Church, and member of
the council. He was also member
of the Masonic order.
Mrs. Baker and the boys were
with him when he passed away,
and he was conscious to the end.
Everything that could be done to
lighten the sorrow of the bereaved
ones was done by sympathetic
friends: The doctor had desired
Mrs. Baker return to Leduc, where
her mother still lives, and to bury
him 1 there. The funeral service
was consequently held at the
church on.Sunday evening, Mrs.
Baker and the boys leaving with
the remains Monday morning. A
number of Rutland friends accompanied them down to the wharfe,
being, met by members of the local
Masonic order.
Quite a number of young people
from Rutland attended the Epworth League meeting in the Methodist church here last Monday
evening, when an interesting discussion on the life of Joseph, was
led by Mrs. K. F. Oxley. The
meeting next Monday will be in
charge of the Missionary committee
Mrs. Adan.s will conduct the meeting, and an interesting programme
is oeing prepared.
The following letter h*as been
received during the week from our
representative at Ottawa:
Editor, Orchard City Record.
Janurary 31, 19 M.
Dear Sir:
The abolition of the fruit duties
comes to us all as the most startling
and painful feature of the Reciprocity proposals recently laid befort:
the House by Mr. Fielding.
I cannot believe that the Government is unaware of the immense
importance of this industry in Canada, or that the ministers did not
know . that very serious injuries
must result by the removal of the
duties on U. S. fruit, for these
things have been pointed out to
them on • many occasions. I am
therefore driven to the concision
that free fruit was insisted on by
President Taft as a quid pro quo
for certain other concessions wanted by Canada. That such a step
was absolutely unjusttifiable goes
withou^ saying, and the greatest
indignation has been aroused
through the large fruit-growing
districts of Ontario where the blow
will be a serious one.
It is possible that there may be
an attempt to justify the step on
the grounds that, while the industry in the far West is hurt, that
of the. Maritime.provinces is greatly benefitted. Such, however is
not the case. For early apples
and berries Nova- Scotia may obtain slJEjhJ^v 7 better prices in the
Ne^ter^^llISttrteS^but iKave^re*
ceived a" telegram, this morning
from7 an authoritative, source
stating that the abolition of the
duties is a* matter .of indifference
to the great: apple industry; ofNpva
Scotia a's•'. t_ii£ir7iriarketsi■■'arifi? 41 to*
getherin;England. 7 k:yy, y
In New Brunswick and Prince
Edward Island the- fruit industry
tho' a growing one, is not so extensive. Qyebec does not grow
sufficient to count in the export
market. There remains Ontario
and our province, and in .both
cases, especially our own, the disastrous effect of the proposals is
at once apparent. It is evident
from the . reference in President
Taft's message that a free market
Jn Csnsds.---Ws8 - coveted-~by- both-
the Southern and Pacific Coast
states, and I cannot believe when
the true facts are known that so
grievous an injustice to a national
industry will be allowed to d i s-
figure our fiscal policy.
Ontario growers are organizing
a very large delegation to come
to Ottawa and protest against the
removal of the duties, and I have
been asked to/suggest to British
Columbia the advisability of taking
a similar course.' I might point out,
however, that the Minister has explicitly stated that the scheme must
go through in its entirety, and there
is not the slightest probability of
remedying the matter at the present
stage. As far as the present
Dominion Government is concerned the proposals will undoubtedly
be passed intact through this
Parliament. Some action, however,
either by delegation or otherwise,
which will show to" the Government
the unanimous feeling of the British Columbia fruit-growers as to
this great injustice is highly desirable.
It is not necessary for me to say
that, having the honor to represent
a constituency in which fruit-growing plays so enormously an important part, and also from the
fact that all my personal interests
are wrapped in the fruit industry,
I shall take every possible step to
impress the House and the Government with the baneful and injurious effects whicb must necessarily nV# from such a step as the
one proposed.
It is not likely that the measure
will pass through Parliament for
two or three weeks, and what
action Congress may take is a matter of guess work.    Should the
arrangement be ratified   by  Congress and the U.  S.  Senate  (which
is extremely doubtful)  it  is  open
either to Congress, or to   our  own
Parliament,   to  alter  any  specific
feature   of  the   proposals    which
may seem to work disastrously for
either country.    It is probable that
some such feature will be amended
by the Congress next year, and in
any case  the   overwhelming   representation   of  Canadian   growers
should make it obligatory   on   our
own   Government   to   amend   the
evil in respect to our own industry.
I shall welcome any suggestions
from   Yald-Cariboo    and   Bntibh
Columbia and beg "to   assure   my
own constituents that I shafl   exert
every effort on lh<_ir   bfhcdf   both .
now &i.d at mi latino   times.
I have the honor to be, Sir,
Yours vers* truly,
News of the Valley.
The ratepayers of - Vernon have
petitioned the council to spend $ 12,-
000 on improved fire apparatus.
The smoke-house in connection
with P. Burns & Co.'s establishment
in Vernon was damaged by fire last
Vernon has had five fires since
Jan. 1 of this year.-
The new offices and headquarters
of .the    Lake    Shore-  Telephone
Company at Summerland are, now
completed.    On the  ground   floor
are situate the large general  office,
private office,  and  also  the  long
distance call office. , On the second
floor the telephone exchange'and
night operator's room, also a large
storeroom. , When the cable arrives
frorojhe east,,th«? exchange will fie*
removed Yroi^^I^^^ffl^
the business of the company "transA
acted.in their new premises.    The '
building   is   not   only   the  head-'
quarters of. the  local system, but
also  of the [ Kamloops • Okanagan
Government system, of which Mr."
Stevens is1 likewise manager.
The Kettle Valley railway has
arranged for the purchase of some
50 acres of meadow land in the
block bounded by Fairview road,
Gurnsey road, and the river, and
will build its depot and lay out its
divisional yards there. The station
will not be built on the lakefrontfes
many expected, but in close proximity to the yards. The reason for
this is apparent. Penticton will be
a divisional-^oint-OB-s-through line
and delay and inconvenience
would result if the depot were
erected on the lakefront. The
station will be located where trains
can be quickly handled and change
of engines, etc., easily effected. A
spur line will be constructed to the
new wharf, and a Y will be put in
on the waterfront connecting up
again with the yards.
The site secured by the railway
for its yards is about the best that
•could be procured in town. With
a minimum of labour the land
acquired can be made as level as
a-billiard table, a very important
point where the rapid handling and
making and breaking-up of trains
is concerned.—Penticton Herald.
,1 _ > <p
A fire which broke out Tuesday;
evening  in  Chinatown   destroyed
the building usually known as Sam
Lee's  Laundry   and  the   lean - to
adjoining in  which  Charlie Sing
had his Victoria Restaurant.   The
alarm was turned in by Constable.
McRae. who noticed smoke issuing
from die building.    The fire had
got a good hold when the brigade. . ^ _.?
arrived, and although the blaze wis*" ' M
extinguished with their usual
promptness, practically nothing
but black ruin remains.
Messrs. E. M, Carruthers, D.
Lloyd-Jones and A. H. Crichton,
delegates from Kelowna, accompanied by: the Rev. Thos? Greene,
left Tuesday morning to attend the
Anglican Synod' at Revelstoke.    ,
A talent tea, id aid of the Khar-.
Church L. A. will be given by Mif*. i
R. F. Morrison and Mrs. W- B. M.
Calder at the home of Mrs. Monti-''
son, on Thursday, Feb. 23 from 4
to 6 p.m.   All cure welcome.
v,, ^ «a "TT
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Feb. 16
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Of Pice, Keller Blk.
■ III——__M
Read what the Deputy Minister of Agriculture has to say
about Pendray's Li ne and Sulphur Solution:—
Office of the Department of Agriculture,
May 6th, 1910.
This is to certify that Messrs. Pendray & Sons' Lime
and Sulphur Solution has, whensver tested by Officials
of the Horticultural Branch of the Department of Agriculture, conformed to the standard strength of 32
degrees Beaume or over.
(signed)   Wm. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
Mrs. A. Patterson and children
left last week on a visit to the
The Rev. A. W. K. Herdman left
Monday morning for Kau.loops to
attend the meeting of the Presbytery.
The opening services in connection with the new Anglican
church of St. Andrevws at South
Okanagan will be held next Sun-
d<_y morning at I I a.m. In con-
s«-qu«nce of this there will   be   no
! service in St. Michael's   church   at
. that hour.
| The Musical and Dramatic Soc-
j iety have now practically complel-
I ed their arrangements for the pro-
| duction of "H. M. S. Pinafore"
1 which is to take place on   Monday
and Tuesday, Feb. 27th and 28th.
; ihe following principals will take
j p..rt: Mrs. Huycke, Mrs. Hayman
j Miss Cockrell, Messrs. E. G. Fuller.
; G. E. Ben more, A. L. Meugens,
> H. Y. Meugens, W. A. Peters, R.
; C. Reed,    New  scenery   is   being
painted by Mr. J. McKay who
! achieved such great success with
| the scenery for the "Mikado"   and
altogether it is   expected   that   the
| production will be first class.
i .
j The Young Ladies' Auxiliary of
the Presbyterian church are arranging a Box Social, to be held in the
lodge room of Raymer's Hall. The
social will not be held until Mar.
16th, so that ample time is given
to prepare some elegent boxes for
this occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Blackwood
1 returned Tuesday from, their winder's trip to California.
! Miss M. Hartin of Toucher &
■ Hartin's millinery store, left lues-
I day for Vancouver, Spokane and
Portland. Miss Hartin will visit
the principal Millinery centres, and
will return about March 1st, with
all the latest ideas in headgear for
the coming season.
Mr. A. R. Davy returned  Saturday from the  Arrow  Lakes  Dist-
| rict where he~has   been   for  some
| weeks past recuperating.  Mr. Davy
! ii enthusiastic about the beauty   of
the district and the curative^ "iWdp^
erties of the Halcyon Hot Springs,
*>nd   certainly   comes    back    very
much improved in health as a  result of his stay there.
Next Tuesday evening the Opera
House is to be the scene of gladiatorial combats which a:e a decidedly new feature for Kelowna.
A smoking concert is to be given
by the Athletic Club. Boxing and
wrestling matches will take up the
greater part of the evening, and
the procedings will be still further
enlivened by vocal and instrumental music.
The W. A. of the English church
aie holding a musical evening at
the home of Mrs. Lloyd-Jones,
on Wednesday next Feb. 22nd, at
6 p.m. Refreshments will be
served and an enjoyable evening
is looked for. All are welcome.
Tickels to be had from any member or at Crawford* store.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
■B. A. Moorhouse,
C Harvey,
B.A., Sc, C.E., D.L.S,
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
Aitoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. £        Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Con-
■traction, etc.
KELOWNA, ::. B. C.
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box 146
'Phone 06
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Mn. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nuree,
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C
Phone 134
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all CP.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
A piece of flannel dampened with Cham,
berlain's Liniment and bound on to the
affected parts i* superior to any piaster.
When trou led with lame back or pain* in
the »ide or cheat jive it a trial and you
are certain to be more than pleased with
the prompl relief which it affords. Sold
by all dealers.
Subscribe for The Record,
And get all the local news, keeping, also in touch
with the progress and development of the Valley.
Pictures in the Home
indicate refinement, and have a refining influence.
They cheer and brighten the home when the liver is
out of order and the stomach refuses to work.
We have a
New Stock of Pictures,
New Frames, New Moulding/
and an expert framer.
What Has Dandruff Got To
Do With Baldness?
Vou see the statement every day
thnt the one cause of baldness Is dandruff.    But Is it?
■   True,   dandruff  ofton   precedes   the
departure of the hair.
Jt Is equally true that you know
mon with a shock of hair you can
hardly pull a comb through, who have
curried around a dandruff laden collar
as long as you have known them.
lou have also seen men whose scalp
was kept as clean as a baby's whose
hair was surely departing.
That dandruff talk sounds well and
convinces a food many of U0. but let
us not fool ourselves.
Of course dandruff isn't a good thing
to carry around, but It is only an Indication.
;. The same trouble that causes the
hair to fall out usually causes dandruff, so If you get at the cause and
arrest the loss of hair, you will stop
dandruff too.
Those who use Nyal's Hirsutone tlnd
lt_.._tl2.e.m_?8t jatisftictory Jialr healer
and hair dressing they have ever used.
It  does  stop  the  hair  from  falling
It will   also   stop   dandruff.
Your Nyal Druggist cheerfully recommends It—11.00 and BOo in sprinkler
Plans arid Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelowna.
Pipe Fitter, Wells Dug and
Pumps,  Windmills, Drains,
etc., repaired and installed.
Haroey Aoenue, East.
One for each everyday ailment
Sold and Guaranteed hy
P. B. WILUTS & Cb.. Kelowna.
D. W. Crowley Go.
"""Kelowna Ltd.
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders.
Phone 12
The Martin-Senour Paint is prepared ready for the brush
and  under ordinary conditions, and for finishing coats
needs no thinning.
It is the best paint that can be made, and while the 7 first
cost may be a little-more than some of the cheaper
brands of paint on the market, the fact is that it will cost
from 15 to 20 per cent, less to paint an average size
building with the Martin-Senour paint, than with a
cheap and adulterated paint.
For example:—A building containing 4000 sq. feet will
require 10 gal. Martin-Senour paint (1 gal. covers 400 to
450 sq. feet), at $2 per gal.,—$20. To paint the same
amount of surface with an adulterated paint, covering
300 to 350 square feet per gal., would require 13\ gab.,
at $1.75 per gal.,—$23.33. It cost no more to apply the
Martin-Senour paint, and besides it looks better and will
wear twice as long. Any person can apply it by simply
following the directions on each can.
We guarantee eyery can (except a few dark shades that-
cannot be made from pure lead and zinc alone), to be
100 per cent, pure white lead, pure oxide of zinc, pure
linseed oil, pare colors, and turpentine dryer, and
to be entirely free from adulteration or substitution, and
sold subject to chemical anrlysis.
We wil be pleased to quote our prices on above paint.
E. C. Scott & Go.
The Wonderfully Cheap Men
1 \\
' $
For Highest Quality
Printing, at Lowest
. . Possible Price. . .
'.-.' 0
HtiHM Miursdaij, Feb. 16
The Orchard City Record
looks for
tyery   person whose taste
ins to   good  reading will
ind plenty   of   interesting
»poks on our shelves.
l have the latest fiction as
En as it is published, and
ire a lending library which
^bles you  to  read them at
ill cost if you do not wish
[purchase them outright.
standard Works,
scientific Works,
Etc., Etc.
[you want any book which
le have not in stock, we will
hake a special order for it. It
kill cost you nothing extra. .
KV Wits I Co.
Kelowna.     B. C.
>HONE 19
,|. A. Bigger
Plan* and Estimate* Furnished
[Residence,   10  Lawrence Ave.
Ladies* and
"   _r*     --.-.♦  T1    '1    ___
~ Uents   l auore
r    Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
A "Want" ad, in the Record
is a sure dividend-paying
John T. Long
Planting, etc.
P.O., Kelowna.
Correct stationery is one of the signs
of a well bred woman, as all will
agree, for any person receiving a note
from a total stranger judges according to the writing paper used, and If
nny thought of future acquaintance Is
given one is prejudiced for or against
Among women one knows already
freak stationery Is always taken as an
evidence of bad taste, aside from the
Just as much thought should bo
given to the selection of correspondence paper as is necessary when buying a hnt. Indeed, many of the same
elements are-contained in the former—
for example, size, shape and color. Extremes must be avoided.
Two sizes of paper should be in every one's desk—large sheets for letters
and small "billet," it is called, for for-
nml notes. The latter Is the smallest
of the several, sizes made for women
and Is iTS0rved.exclusively for invitations, acknowledgments of the same oi
other formal communications. Itvarie.
little, if at all. from year to year anc
is six and a quarter Inches long bj
four wide.
Square envelopes are undoubtedly al
•vay best for all social correspond
■■u<'e Long ones, which were a fad c
fow years ago. have been again dis
placed, as they should be, for obloiif
is ovc!usively for business use. Squaiv
rarely, if ever, is so employed. Tin
use of the latter, then, in social writ
lug Is to keep business and social mat
'crs divided even to the eye.
Vivid colors,in writing paper are
never permissible, although occasion
ally em ployed, but a woman choosing
it will always be rated as "freakish.'
Colored Inks most be avoided. Pur
pie will always be used, but "it is faddy
and not as conventional as black ot
f^reeu that Is so dark it appears black
You Won't Be Popular if You Do This
This Is an age when time is money,
but too much time thrift,' like toe
much money hoarding, is deteriorating
to character. When we short cut-a I
the cost of good breeding it is time tc
draw n sharp and sudden halt.
It is folly to;iaud, the;good old times
at the expense of the present There
Is uo leisure today for grandi'sonlan
periods and much palaver, and it If
not certain but there is a gain in sin
cerlty thereby; What we have to sny
we say in as few words as possible
and a redone with it.
The danger mark Is: in making the
words too few—short cutting our appreciation aud thanks, The telephone
and printed forms-make it fatally easy
to be had mannered. ..
Our parents .would not' need jogs
about short cuts after a Tislt or house
partyr For them it was a; "bread and
butter letter" or being consigned ,t<>
the hopelessly rude class.
Tho girl of today thinks she has
done her duty if she calls her hostess
up in the course of twenty-four hours
to tell her what a "peachy'? time she
had. She does this calling not alone
to hostesses of her own age, but to
older women.
It is convenient, It is time saving. It
Is far too customary, but it is not good
manners. Hospitality demands tbe
courtesy of a gracious note if it be but
Overflight.    The puiietiliOuo giri-^WfitcS-
her hostess if she has but spent the
day or lunched with ha ln the country.
Courtesy Is not old faBhioned, and
the girl who tells yon, "No pne bother?
to be so fnssy these days," may con-
side- herself up to date, but her host-
. thinks her'rode. Nor does *he
nlnk ber less rude because she accepts
Excuses In lieu ot a note.
An Editor's Parlance of the "Shop" at
a Funeral.
The following characteristic anecdote
is told now and again of a great upd
good editor who had an "unusual knack
of finding at words for unusual occasions:
The great man was seated one winter morning many years ago in his
sanctum when a reporter gained admittance. He had. come to tell his chief
of a lamentable occurrence. One of
the paper's nondescript hangers-on, It
seemed, had been overtaken by a blizzard on his way home the night before and. being at the time somewhat
fuddled with liquor, had perished of
cold in a doorway. So far as any ono
knew. he. had neither relatives nor
The editor was touched by the. story
and proposed that the staff bury the
body/Accordingly several reporters
were detached for the afternoon and
accompanied the editor to the burying
It was dismal weather for the business they had lu hand. The snow was
still /falling, and the thought of the
poor fellow who had perished over,
night, homeless in the midst of a
thousand homes, weighed pretty heavily on .the men's spirits. It was a long
drive' to the cemetery, and they were
forced to stop now and again to get
warm. By the time they arrived at
their destination the 'cemetery gates
were locked, and they prevailed with
difficulty upon the caretaker to permit; $25 per acre up.
them to place the body in a vault over,
night. Meantime .darkness had descended.
The bearse was finally backed up to
the vault door and the coffin lifted out
As the bearers were struggling with
their burden across a bit of intervening
turf covered witb snow one of them
lost his" footing. The coffin rocked and
swayed. It looked for .a moment as if
disaster were impending.
The great editor, terror, stricken,
rushed to the assistance of bis-mem.
"For heaven's sake, boys," he cried,
"don't pi the form!"—Chicago Record-
Herald.   7
At Mrs. Irons* Round Table.
"There are several names for It." explained ' the talkative boarder. "I t
may be called the dehorned conundrum or the amputated conundrum or
the half point conundrum. It's a
conundrum that has had its enacting
clause stricken out. Here's a sample:
The one Is a Barkis that's willln'i and-
the other is ■VWillis that's7barkin\,7-,;'
"But what is the question fhat goes
with it?" asked the argumentative
boarder. ..." ;
'.'There isn't any question that-.goes'
with It.   it has been deprived ofits
Interrogation   point.   That is   why  It
may   be called a   half  point conuu-
Nobody said anything in rejoinder.
ButAthe table groaned.—Chicago'
Tribune.  -..    ■-'"■: •■• / ■■- ■ ■■     •- -:'
In the Judicial Repair 8hop.
"What's the charge against these two
men?" inquired the police Justice,
"They wore, bavin' a quarrel over a
busted auto tire, your honor," answered the officer.
"Well, we'll" let them patch It up
themselves." said his honor, with a
slight closing of his left eyelid. "Call
the next case."—Chicago Tribune.
An Even Break. ^
Madge-But, Billy, the Idea of three
coaches to each man to put him in condition for the big game! Why, it's absurd!
Bllly-Not any more so than three
dressmakers, two maids, a hairdresser
and half a hundred, female relatives
put rtSiT■ y'ou In" shape for conimence-
Electric Wiring
AH kinds of Electric Wiring
neatly and promptly done.
Best Workmanship and Materials
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Enquiries addressed P.O. Box 160
will receive prompt attention.
Do YouKonw
real estate investments are the best in the
Okanagan in quality of soil, location,
prices, etc., and that they will triple in
value in one year? Have you stopped to
consider? If not, .just remember that
Westbank will be the largest, most industrious, and influential place in the valley.
Now is your opportunity. Most excellent
bargains. The lots arc cleared, cultivated,
fenced, and have young orchards on them;
,w«H irrigated, and have good demetti
water. Prices, $175 to $200 per acre.
- Other most valuable land bargains
Capital Paid Up- - $6,200,000
Reserve Fund - - $7,000,00(1
Total Assets      -  - $95,000,000
Savings Bank Department.
Interest allowed on Deposits.
H. F. REES, Manager.
Hitchner Bros.
Westbank    -   British Columbia-
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh M^
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
q   A WANT AD. in the Record!
will bring speedy results.
W. LUDLOW, Manager
KELOWNA        \ ■■''■■'.'■
Phone 135
Bad Mmmn>
Complaints an common of the lack
of manners ln tbe yoong man of today. In most instances this mny be
traced to want of training in early
youth. -You cannot begin too Boon if
yon want to make yonr son a gentleman In the best sense of the. word.
From babyhood teach Mm to giro ln
to his sisters because they are girls
and need consideration. If he pulls
their hair or kicks them—for, alas,
small boys are often bullies—never
pass over each an offense. Do not allow any rudeness or disrespect. Demand courteous treatment, make him
bring you a chair, open the door when
you leave the room, walk on the outer
side of the pavement, and, in fact, behave to you as he will to other women
In the future.	
Origin of the Word Etiquette.
The French word "etiquette" really
means a "label" or "ticket" How,
then, comes It to denote "conventional
forms of ceremony P
It is said that a certain Scottish gardener in charge of .Louis XIV.'b garden at Versailles was very much put
out because the courtiers walked over
his beds. To keep off these trespassers be placed labels or tickets—"etiquettes"—at various epots, with instructions as to the proper paths. At
first the haughty courtiers did not
deign to notice these placards, but a
hint from higher quarters that their
walks in future must be within the
"etiquettes" compelled thetf obedience.
Thus, according to the story, orig
tasted our present nw of tbe word
"etlflaetto." ^
8ur« Thing.
Church—I see a concern has a large
thermometer in front of their place of
business that can be consulted only by
dropplug a penny in a Blot
Gothain-1 suppose the proprietor
looks for some change in tbe thermometer every day ?-Yonkers Statesman.
Up to Date.
"Do your boys give you any trouble?"
"No, but my daughters do. The suffragette is always in danger bf'jail. I
expected that, but now her society sister gets pinched for gambling.—Kansas City Journal.   ■'    ' *
Proving It
Professor—Young gentleman, learn
to discriminate In the use of words.
Now, there is a difference between a
job nud a situation.
Smart Aleck^-You bet, prof. When
a fellow loses bis Job he is in an embarrassing situation.
While Mother Works.
Solomon Qrundl,
Bnrn on a Monday,
Schooled on Tuesday,
Played truant on Wednesday,
Children'^ court pn Thurrday,
DlBclianred on Friday,
Bun over on Saturday,
Wed on a Sunday*
A_aa, 'tis truel  >
Cow SolonwB Qrundll     <-Uftt
■M Progressive Farmer
Never wastes time and horseflesh^ upon  faulty or worn-out implement*.
Amachine that will not do its wor> right is dear   at   any   price,   and   the
longer you keep it around, the more it is "eating its head off."
* >
This spring, and  it will be easy to   keep right.   Call  in and let us show
you how easy it is to get the right start.*
' ' "-r.S-1
-   -'--"rt-slSI
< Xl
Our Cockshutt Plows and Adams' Wagons are the
last word in proficiency and reliability.
O.    1 •
Kelowna, B. C.
% yVhM
, * V-
l- V".
y "'iyy*
1 t <■* m
T_,« . The Orchard City Record.
f httrsday, Feb. 16
Published every Thursday at ihe Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
CHAS.  H.  LEATHLEY, Business Manager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising utcs upon application.
babes to the polution of foul
diseases. Tetanus and other
horrors lurk in the filthy injection,
and so on ad infinitum—and ad
nauseam. He is equally ready with
statistics, showing the utter folly of
placing dependence upon so
palpable   an  imposture,   until   the
average man gets tired before he is
fairly started.
It may be very fairly contended
that where there is so much disagreement as to the wisdom of the
method of in the higher ranks of
the medical profession, the wishes
of the individual might reasonably
bewildered enquirer wearily drops  be consulted instead of attempting
The order which has just b^en
issued from the Provincial Board
of Health enforcing compulsory
vaccination, has raised once more
the old controversy regarding the
efficiency of vaccination in preventing the spread of that dread enemy
of human kind, small pox. There
is something in man's nature which
causes him to rise in bitter anger,
and violent assertion of his independence at the veiy mention of
" compulsion " in any form. But
this outburst, natural though it may
be, must not be taken too seriously.
Very early in life the child is taught
to recognize that in addition to his
personal rights as an individual,
there are certain duties he owes to
himself and to his fellows which
may involve more or less sacrifice,
in a controversy of the present
nature, mere abusive generalities
can hardly be allowed to weigh as
Although the discussion of pros
and   cons  in   a question so highly
technical as that of vaccination  is
beyond the capabilities of the nonmedical   mind,  yet  when   an   individual   13  asked   to   submit   his
apparently  healthy   body   to    in-
noculation with the serum  from a
diseased   cow,   he   promptly asks
" Why ? "    And it is just here  that
his confusion begins, and more he
persists in his endeavours to get to
the   bottom   of   the   matter,    the
greater as a rule does his confusion
become.     The  foremost  medical
men   of  the   day,  he   is  told, are
enthusiastic   advocates  of vaccination.    Volumes have been published in support of the theory, giving
statistics   which   would    seem    to
clear  any   doubt   from   his   mind
once   and   for   all.      Thrn   along
comes the anti-vacoina'ionist, with
statements      from     indisputable
authorities, utterly condemning the
system as useless and  dangerous.
He  draws  vivid   pictures   of, the
tyranny    of   submitting    innocent
the subject, and either takes the
advice of his local doctor, or lets
the whole thing slide.
Knowledge of the bacterial oiigin
of certain diseases has been steadily
growing for the last half century.
The theory once scouted as impossible that many of the ills which
afflict humanity are due to the
presence of minute living organisms
is, of course, now an established
fact. Germs of disease always
present in the atmosphere and in
dust particles find lodgment in the
body, and there under favorable
conditions grow and multiply. Ii
the individual is able to resist them
to force it upon him whether he will
or not. The justice of this has
been recognized in England, where
compulsory vaccination was
modified some years ago to give
any person the right to exemption
upon making a sworn declaration
that he entertained the belief that it
would be prejudicial to his own or
his children's health.
Although, as has been said, not
absolutely infallible, the weight of
expert evidence is abundantly in
favour of vaccination, and with the
improvements in the method of
obtaining and administering the
serum,   much   of   the    danger   of
they die harmlessly ; if not, he con- transmitting other diseases has been
tracts a disease. The exact effect eliminated. Recent developments
of disease germs upon the system | too, of the successful combatting of
is only imperfectly understood, diseases such as diphtheria by the
Researches of eminent pathologists, administering of protective anti-
however, have shown that a person toxins would seem to indicate that
contracting a bacterial disease and I there is a great future before this
llndar this bending communications io 111
be recelped upon any subject of interest
Letters.must be signed, be brief, aooid
personalities. The Editor doos not nee-
esssriit) endorse opinions glt.cn beloic,
recovering has developed the
power of destroying the germs of
that disease, thus acquiring more
or le..8 perfect immun.ty for the
future. Obviously then, the way
to secure immunity or the power
of resisting a disease like small pox
is to have the disease and recover.
But that is too risky—the person
might die. Here comes in vaccination, the hope of which is to
introduce that germ destroying
power into the blood artificially, by
introducing serum from an animal
which has successfully resisted the
disease. In the case of small pox
the serum is taken from a cow or
calf which has been innoculated
with and resisted cow pox, a similar
disease to small pox, thus introduc
branch of the healing art.
Thieves Get After
the Beef
A side of beef hung up on the
Carsorso ranch attracted the attention of some sneak thieves, who
seem to be pretty active in that
neighborhood. Abou* 3 o'clock
last Thursday morning the family
were aroysed by the barking of
the dogs outside. On looking out
they saw a couple of men hacking
away at the beef.    They made off
ing into the blood  for protective | *s soon as,the-?  foun-d   *«*   were
._ j;    i*     .1    'discovered,    lwo  ot  th
purposes not the disease, but the j
e    boys
product of recovery. | jumped up  mounted   their  horses
If this   method   were  absolutely and gave chaSe> but   f . l.he  darr
ness were not successful in   catcn-
is method were absolutely
reliable and uniform in its results
there would be little talk of opposition to the compulsory application of the principle in the interests
of humanity. But alas for theory,
this can not be claimed for it, and
the best that  can   be   done  is   to
ing the.men. This is only one of
a series of thefts from the place.
Last spring a large quantity of
wheat disappeared and two sets of
harness from the stable. It is to
be hoped that these nocturnal visitors will fall into the hands of the
examine carefully reliable statistics'     ,. ,    .,    , . , ,     ,       ,
as  to  its  effect  in   dealing   with  Pol,ce> and r,d  the neighborhood
in   dealing   wi
epidemics   of small   pox,   and   so
conflicting is this evidence that the
of what is becoming nn-intolerable
Editor Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir:—
In your issue of Feb. 9th, you
published a copy of a prospective
by-law, relating to pool rooms and
billiard halls. The Pool Room in
Kelowna is a clean, respectable
institution, containing the only
social life open to a large number
of men in the town. Why, therefore the council should desire to
put such restrictions upon a
perfectly legitimate business, passes
my comprehension. Many men,
esper.ially during the winter months
use it as a recreation room, for
reading, draughts, chess and social
intercourse, in preference to the
hotel accommodation; on these
grounds alone, the religious element
ought to be thankful to the proprietor.
If a man wants to play a game
of billiards after I I p.m., why
shouldn't he be at liberty to do so ?
During the winter months enforced
idleness many men do not rise till
9 or 10 a.m., and retire correspondingly late, actually looking forward
to the evening hours as the only
interesting part of dull, dreary days,
which absolutely pall on persons
who have already passed ihe
summer months in camps, etc., far
away from any social intercourse.
To these men the Pool room is an
" oasis in the desert." As a -resident of Kelowna 1 think the Pool
room, under its present management, requires no such grandmotherly legislation as that proposed in By-law 86, especially the
portion referring to youths, as they
rarely enter the place, and still
more rarely play billiards or pool
Yours faithfully.
Phone 11
Phone 120
Kelowna Ma ~ ufacturing
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
We haoe a lar6e consignment of the latest lines of
Picture Moudings JUST IK.
Noto is your time to get all your Picture Framing
done, at prices that DEFY COMPETITION.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Office Phone, 85
At a meeting of the Local. Option
League here Monday night, the
Rev. A. W. K. Herdman was elected delegate to the Annual Temperance Convention at Vancouver
on the 16th and 17,th. As Mr.
Herdman was already on his way
to Kamloops to attend the Presbytery, meeting, a wire was sent him
there to proceed to Vancouver
after the session of the Presbytery.
The Bald Headed Nan may
Look Wise
Bat If He Had Been He Would Have
Hair Now
You do not want a scientific treatise
on the hair follicle—you are not particularly interested in the name of
the German scientist who isolated tho
bug that is said to cause baldness.
What you do want to know is how to
save the hair you have ana make it
strong and lustrous.
Nyal's Hirsutone will do it better
than anything else.
It is not claimed that .-Hirsutone is
a wonderful scientific secret—but it
is the concrete result of all that is
proven in the scientific treatment of
sick and diseased hair and scalp.
It Is a happy combination and you
will notffce a prompt improvement in
the feeling of the scalp and the look
of  the  hair.
Hirsutone loosens and removes all
scaly and matted deposit on the scalp
—stimulates .the hair bulbs and gives
new life and vigor to the hair itself.
Nyal's Hirsutone gives back to the
hair and scalp just what it has been
robbed of by your neglect and abuse.
It is time to start right. Use Hirsutone.
It la one of the Nyal remedies and
no higher recommendation can-be given it. They are all good. Ask your
Nyal  Druggist.    He  recommends it.
• How to cure a cold is a question in !
which many are interested just noW; Chanr-
berlain'8 Cough Remedy has won its great
reputition and immense sale by its remarkable cure of colds. Jt can always be depended upon.   For sale by all dealers.'
Studio     open
Thursday, Friday, and,
One for each everyday ailm^nf
Sold and Guaranteed by
P. B. WILLITS «c Co.. Kelowna.
Rowcliffe Block
Spring Whitewear.
On Monday, February 13th, we open and display our Spring and Summer Whitewear.
Styles were never nicer, nor prices better than
our Whitewear for 1911.
Corset Covers, Underskirts, Gowns, and a few
only   Dressing   Jackets,   in   Jap   Styles   and
Paisley patterns.
_______ *
D. and A. Corsets
New Models, Representative Styles, fit every
figure, slender, medium, and the figure of large
proportions.   Prices, $ 1, $ 1.50, $2.00, to $4.00
First Showing of the New Wash Dress
Ju§t ten Dresses, no two alike. These new one
piece House Dresses are very pretty in style
and colors.   See them before your size is gone.
Remnants and Special Values in   DRRS-S GOODS.
Crash Towelling, 17 and 18 inches, imported,
122C. yard.
Glass Towelling, in red and blue checks,
Finished Towels, 1 5 and 20 inches,
per yard, 12JC
Turkish Towels, white and colored,
Size, 20 x 36, per pair 20c.
Ten Odd Skirts to clear at Half-price.
Odd Waists to clear at 50c.
Satisfied Customers/9 our motto.
Phone 22
Established 1850.
law Thursday, Feb. 16
Orchard Gity Record
" The Mighty Reo."
The car with the get-there-and-b^ck
wait until you haye seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds these two special facts:
Robin  Hood Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour.
Robin Hood Flour absorbs more moisture
than other flours, therefore add more water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats, Bran, Wheat,
Barley and Oat Chop
Fresh Clean Stock, Just In.
Buggies, Cutters, Wagons,
Bob-Sleighs, etc.
Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
All kinds of Repairs
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
mt m
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Bos 66 Kelowna, B.C.
us your
Printing Orders
We can execute them neatly and
cheaply, and give you satisfaction
every time.
Provincial and General News -
Going suddenly insane, Abdul
Hamid, deposed Sultan of Turkey,
brutally murdered~two of his wives
who accompanied him to the castle
where he has been imprisoned,
and to-day is in irons, according to
an official statement. He choked
one of the unfortunate women to
death with his hands and dashed
the other's brains out against the
wall. .
Gen. Piet Cronje, the noted Boer
leader, is dead. During the South
Afri cap war Cronje was in command of the Boers' western army,
and for a time operated with
success. The tactics oi Lord
Roberts, however, finally brought
him to bay in February, 1900. on
the Modder River, near Paarde-
berg. 7.7   -; '".1-7 .
The Vancouver World says that
a suit for libel has been filed against
Hon. Price Ellison for stating' that
J. J. Hill contributed . $50,000 towards the expenses of the delegation of farmers that went to Ottawa
to urge reciprocity with the United
States upon the Federal Government. The action is being ihstitnt-
ed by the farmers concerned
through their organixation in the
An immense gypsum industry is
being organized at Spotsum, in
which coast capital is largely interested. A plant to cost over $200,-
000 will be provided and it is
understood that a daily output of
300 tons will be maintained. Experts from the east have examined
the property, and in. their reports
they describe it as the largest arid
most valuable deposit in the west.
The Indians from all the surrounding territory have been gathering in Kamloops to hold a powwow in order to find out from the
government what disposition is to
be made of the reservation lands,
that the incoming railroads have
their eyes on.
Tobacco will become one of the
main crops of British Columbia in
the near future, according to a
statement made by Mr. F. Charlan,
chief of the tobacco division of the
department of agriculture at Ottawa
This statement is contained in- a
pamphlet issued by Mr. Charlan
after a trip of inspection"( through
this province.
<.- j.
An ordinance was introduced
last week in the Ellensburg, Wash.,
council to place a tax of $25 on
every unmarried man and woman
in the city, pver; 27 years of age.
The city, clerk is to-take a census
of unmarried persons and the tax
list will be made up from this
report. The ordinance was referred
to the judiciary committee with instructions to report back at the'next
meeting. The ordinance provides
that men who shall swear th«tthey
have proposed to three unmarried
arid unbetrothed women arid 'shall
give their names, shall be exempt
from the. tax. and women who have
never received a proposal shall also
be exempt, while those that have
refused a proposal shall be taxed
an additional ten dollars.
The Dominion Government has
called for tenders fbr the construction of the ten new vessels of the
Canadian navy cohterriplated in the
initial building programme, viz.:
Four" Bristol cruisers and six destroyers -of the latest improved
type. -"- yypyyyy^-^-    - -
An electric thawing machine is
at work thawing out the water
pipes in Kamloops.
A test case brought ^gainst the
C. P. R. by the Province of Alberta
regarding the exemption of C. P.
R. lands from taxation -came before the privy council in London
last week, and resulted in a win
for the railway company all along
the line, the case being dismissed
without costs. Their lordships held
that unoccupied , lands were not
taxable until twenty years after the
actual grant of letters patent to the
settler, even should there be a delay for many years on his part; in
taking out these letters patent.
They also held that C. P. R. lands
sold on the instalment plan are
not taxable until all the instalments
are paid. .<.. 7
. Shanghai dispatches to a news
agency" in London set forth the
situation due to famine in the
provinces of Ngan Hewi and Kiang
Si as most serious. Information
received at Shanghai indicates that
thousands are perishing from
starvation, the dead remaining un-
buried. • Fears are entertained for
the safety bf ftiany American missionaries. . It is said that nearly
two million people are in danger
of death unless prompt relief is
f ofrhcoming.
In a miraculous manner more
than two hundred persons escaped
drowning near Chelan Falls, Wash.,
when five acres of ice broke loose
from the shore of Lake Chelan and
carried its human freight away from
the land. • The crash came without
a moment's warning. The skaters
rushed toward shore and plunged
into the icy waters of the lake to
reached safety. Several girls were
hurt, and scores were wet to the
Prayer of a Horse
Runors of Quarrel in
RoyJ Family
Englang is stirred aa rarely before
by the announcement that the
Dowager Queen, widow of King
Edward, will not attend the coronation of her son. King George. Thia
ia the lateat move in the battle for
social supremacy being waged by
Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra.
Court leaders during the reign of
Edward ere supporting the Dowr
ager Queen, and from indications
distinct sets may grow out of the
bitter quarrel in the royal family.
Almost sifter the death of King
Edward rumors of friction between
the two queens becarpe current.
Although these reports did not get
into print in British newspapers
they were commonly known and
formed the chief topic of gossip in
clubs and aristocratic 'gatherings.
The Dowager. Queen occupied
Buckingham Palace long after the
time when, according to custom,
she should have left there, This
and other acts have sorely tried the
patience of King George and his
royal consort until an open rupture
haa resulted.
It ia rumored there will be two
social courts in England, and that
Queen Alexandra aspires to out.
shine the wife of the reigning
Sedentary habits, lack of outdoor exer.
cise, insufficient mastication of food, constipation, a torpid liver, Worry and anxiety
are the moat common cat-tea of stomach,
troubles.' Correct your habits and take
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
and you will soon be well again. For sale*
by all dealers.
. By order of Acting Police Commissioner Bugher,' who as First
Deputy Commissioner has charge
of the traffic squads, New York,
there has been posted iii every,
stable and other plaices, where
police hones are kept,' a neatly
printed cud bearing this »" Prayer
of a Horse."
A::.-.- :-.i-,- NF.WYORK
To thee, my master, 1 offer my
Feed me, water and care for me,
anil when the day'a work is done
provide me .with shelter, a clean,
a dry bed and a stall wide enough
for me to lie down in comfort Talk
to me. Your voice often means as
much to me as the reins. Pet me
sometimes that I may,serve you the
more gladly and learn to love you.
Do not jerk the reins, and do not
whip me when going up hill. Never
strike, beat or kick me when I do
not understand what you mean,
but give me a chance to understand you. Watch me, and if 1
fail to do your bidding see if something is not wrong with my harness
or feet.
Examine my teeth when I do
not eat I may; have an ulcerated
tOoth and that, you know is very
painful. Do hot tie my head in
an unnatural position or take away
my best defence against flies and
mosquitoes by cutting off my tail.
And, finally, oh I my master,
when my useful strength is gone
do not turn me cut to starve or
freeze or pell me to some cruel
Owner, to be slowly tormented and
starved to death. But ,do thou,
my master; take my life in the
kindest way and your God will reward you here and hereafter. You
may. not consider me irreverent if I
ask this in the name of Him who
was born in a stable.   Amen.
You are probably aware that pneumonia
always results from a cold, but you never
heard of a cold resulting in pneumonia
when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy was
used.* Why toko the .risk when this rem-
«4y may be had for a trifle > For sale by
a? dealers.
Fruit Trees
Shrubs, Shade Trees, Roses, Ornamentals, and
general Nursery Stock.
Book your orders at once for spring planting.
The highest class of stock, true to name, and all the
standard varieties.
K.  E.  BOYER,   Manager.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingled, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
30 acres of Land, 8 acres of 6 year-old Orchard, (Apples
Pears, Plums, Prunes); Quarter inile Lake Frontage. House containsA5 rooms. Small Shack,
Stable, Boat-house, Landing-stage. Excellent Spring
on property.    Two miles from Kelowna.
- A&4
H y% 1
•t f.   ft
-•       ■"«'_
town, 'and   being
: commands a beautiful view of tBis3own,*lrkp and surrounding country.
.Ideal Fruit Soil.    "'"   Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
' There is only one GLENMORE. Doii't'xniss the opportunity of selecting a 'few acres of this desirable
property. .-
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land ball on us and we will
show you our sub-division.
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.    Prices low.   Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.     .
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
A £.
Wood and Coal    Wm. HAUG
Masons' Supplies
Dtuui Hollow Cement Blocks
Box 166
"Phone 66
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
Cane ■ Sugar ■ Orily
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.   '
The British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
:.».• v^A^^a*^^
The Orchard Gity Record      I
Thursday, Feb. 16
We do not claim to pay you to take
our goods away, but we do claim that
it pays you to buy your Groceries at
Here are our Specials for Saturday
Pearline - - - - 3 pkgs. for "25 c
Lard, 51b. pails - - - - ■ - $ 1 pail
Sugar Corn - - - - 2 tins for 25c
Laundry Starch - - - - 1 Oc. pkg.
Epps' Cocoa, half-pound tins, 25c tin
Glass Water Tumblers -    60c. dozen
Send or bring your orders.
We will guarantee satisfaction.
j_______-      • -= =
You will save money by purchasing
your goods at
Good meals to be had.
Closes Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9 p.m.
Corner Water St. and
Continued from pags I.
Phone 35
Phone 35
Dont Hesitate
To have your watch examined
if it fails to keep time. An examination of mine means correct
All kinds of Watch, Clock, and
Jewelery Repairs executed in a
prompt and satisfactory manner
on short notice, and all repairs
absolutely   guaranteed.
Bernard Avenue.
All tooik absolutely guaranteed
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
„_.,„ ..OT. «... ogenc. fofi'eourTnrpatenli.
Patent* taken ttiroui-h Munn 4 Co. recolrn
special notice, without obarRe. lntba
Scientific American.
A handsomely MuntisUd ireeUy. I&rgtet circulation of any sctentlflo journal. Ternu lor
Canada, $8.76 a year, postage prepaid. Sold by
all newsdealer*
MUNN &Co.8B,Bro»*»»'NewYprIi
Branch Offloe. 6» F 8U WadHnatoa. D.O.
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
Stocktaking is now over,
New Spring Goods
Are Arriving Daily.
We expect to have all our new goods, viz.:
Boots and Shoes,
Dress Goods,   Furnishings,
Clothing,  Whitewear,
Etc., all on display before the end of February.
Come in and inspect our new goods.
No trouble to show them.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
down. He was going to. run a
straight open business, and those
who wanted to do anything that
they were ashamed of people see-
i ing could stay away. There was
I nothing wrong with the game of
billiards, it was the abuse of it that
was wrong. He hired out billiard
tables as other people hired out
automobiles and horses, and his
business was just on the same
footing. If he had to take the
paint off his windows people would
at once conclude that something
had been going on inside which
should not have done. The bylaw in question was different from
other by-laws in that there was
only one concerned. It would be
an easy matter at any time in the
event of other pool rooms starting
up to introduce a by-law to regulate them, but at preseat there was
no need for it. He regretted that
steps had not been taken to find
out what the present management
was like before attempting to deal
with it. He,, moreover, had it on
good authority that the council
could not pass the by-law, and if
they did he would be within his
rights in ignoring it.
Asked by Aid. Cox if he had
ever had any complaints from
parents about their children fre-
cusnting his place, Mr. Whitehead
replied that except in one case he
never had any such complaints, for
the simple reason that the young
people did not.come. They had
a place of their own somewhere,
where things went on which he
would not allow in his place.
Mayor Sutherland promised that
Mr. Whitehead's remarks would
have their consideration.
An agreement between D. Mills
and the city for scavenger's work
during the year was- read and
Aid. Leckie said that the lineman
at the power house had asked him
if he could not be insured by the
city in the same way as the firemen
were. He held an even more
dangerous situation. The application was laid over for further consideration.
Mayor Sutherland announced
that the Pool Room By-law No.
86, had been submitted to the city
solicitor, but ihe latter had been
away, and therefore no action could
be taken that week.
By-jaw No. 85, to amend the
Electric Light By-law, by abolishing
the meter rent, was read a second
and third time.    "
Aid. Cox asked if the city clerk
had received necessary information
respecting the Fire Limits By-law.
The mayor replied that all information was now in the hands of
the clerk, and the by-law would be
takt-n up at the next meeting, also
the Trade License By-law.
Aid. Cox reminded the council
that something should be done
towards pruning the shade trees on
main street. He noticed that many
of them were being allowed to run
straight up instead of spreading out,
and would very soon be up into
the electric light wires.
Aid. Jones said the Board of
Works had engaged a man to do
the work last fall, and he had
actually started. He had, however,
advised them that owing to the
amount of sap running in the trees
then it would be advisable to leave
them until February. He (Aid.
Jones) had been speaking to the
man about the matter the other
day, and the work was to be done
right away.
Before the meeting adjourned,
Mr. Whitehead again asked for the
names of any who had laid complaints against pool room.
The mayor, however, held that
it would be well first to consult
these people, and ask if they wished their names disclosed.
Mr. Whitehead hoped that  the
council would look well into the
matter, and  not  destroy a man's
living on the complaint of a few.
The meeting then adjourned.
Corset Covers
Made of Fine Cambric,
trimmed with fine Lace,
and Embroidery,
*   50c to $2.50
Women's Drawers
Made of Fine White
Cambric, comprising
double rows of Lace Insertion and Lace,
prices ranging from
65c to $1.25
Wos. Night Gowns
Made of Soft-finished
Cambrics, trimmed with
$1.35, $1.50, $1.65,
$2.25, $3.00.
New Blouses
Just received per express, the very latest
novelties in Shirt Waists
and Fancy White Blouses, prices ranging from
-     $1.25 to $7.50
25 doz. Ladies' White
Ribbed Cotton Vests
regular 20c, 25c, &
30c qualities,
your choice only
15c,   7for$l.
The Kelotona
2 Cents per word, 0rst insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25, Cents.
Timothy in stack. Any   quantity   up   to
40 tons.
G. P. Dolsen, Benvoulin.
To clear stock will be  sold   at  75 cents
per box. Apply. R. E. Harris. 6 tf
Cottonwood, will deliver.  Phone,  party
line,  R E. Harris. 6. tf
Bay horse, nine years old, branded 32
on right shoulder, has white scar from
barbed wire cut on point of shoulder;
about 17 hands high. Liberal reward for
information leading to his return will be
White Valley Irrigation & Power Co.,
Vernon B.C. 6tf,
Three horses and one colt, also want to
buy fresh milk cow. Address Pirot Bros.
Vernon road. 9-'p
160 acres of good fruit land, 2} miles
from Kelowna and 1 mile from school.
20 acres cleared, the rest is free from
stones and easify cleared. Small house,
stabling for 6 horses also chicken house
and other outbuildings. Terms, $40 per
acre, $3,000 cash and balance to suit at
6 per cent, interest per year. For further
particulars apply to P. O. Box 448 Kelowna. 10-tf
Mr. Juill, of Mather, Juill & Co.,
electrical engineers, of Vancouver,
has been engaged by the Light
Committee, and is at present busy
preparing the plans for the new
unit which is to be added to the
city 8 power plant.
Messrs. Dalgleish & Glenn are
offering for sale'a neat and, compact power spraying outfit made
by the International Harvester Co.,
comprising engine and spray pump.
Those who have much spraying to
do should call and see it.
Certified Embalmer.
On call night and day.
On to my premises, small bay filley, brand
indistinct, white star in forehead, four
white feet, small white split' in right ear.
Apply J. Saucier. Thirty days will be sold
if not claimed, to defray expenses.
.__         8-12
(Section 35.)
Application for License.
Notice is hereby given that, on the 4th
day of March next, application will be
made to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police for the g{ant of a license for the
sale of liquor by retail in and upon the
prernises known as the King George Hotel
situated at West Bank, B. G, upon the
lands described as Lots 9 and 10, Block 6.
Dated this 2nd day of February 1911.
Persons'having city or farm property for
sale to list same with me, as I have several
prospective buyers expected early, in the
spring. „F. DeCaqueray.' lltf
- Several   White   Wyandottes,  hens  and
pullets, Duston and Martin strain '      '
Schell Bros. Rutland. 10-13
Team, weighing 3000lbs., harness, and
logging truck, price $600. H. C. Clilders
Kelowna. 11-4
Mr. Harold Tod Boyd now receives pianoforte   pupils  at  the studio, Trench Block
(Front room). Address box 374, Post office
By the day.   Apply P. O. box 24.
Morden's house, six rooms, with or without land.   Apply A. E. Boyer. I I-I2p
12 tons first class baled Timothy and
clover at $24 per ton on ranch, two miles
from Duck Lake reserve.   Apppy
Cap Clark 12-15
pendozi street;
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.'
To take an  interest in  an  established:
business, will require two or three, thousand dollars. Good opening for a live man.    .
Apply to Box L. W. Record Office;   12-13
English  lady  desires   engagement .as
working housekeeper in  small family.   -
Local References.   P. O. Box. 89. 12-13    --
Lady help.   Apply, Mrs.  P. DeLatour,
Vernon B. C. 12-13
FOR SALE     '
20 acres of  land   three  miles  east of
Kelowna, price $1,200. Apply P. .0. Box
441.  ■   12-13
Teamster wants situation apply E Marvin
Kelowna. 12-13
Good young cow, fresh, or would exchange tor good saddle pony. Apply Record Office. '
Good Encyclopcedia, and scientific research
works.   Address box W, Record Office.
Barred Rock Cockerels, now
is the time to mate your pens
for early hatching; also 280
egg incubator, will exchange
for tent, single harness, or anything useful.   C E. Weeks,
Benvoulin B. C
Ik Okanagan laundry
Offer for One Week.
On any Laundry not done to your entire satisfaction
next week we will refund all charges.
This is a great chance for new customers to send us
a trial bundle.
Phone 159
Pendozi Street,
Near .Bridge.
Parcels, called  for Mondays.
S. M. GORE, Manager.


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