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The Orchard City Record Feb 9, 1911

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'And   the  .world   is
with you;: Quit and
you stand alone. .-..
Circulation^ H i gh e s t,
Rates Lowest.
TlveOrchd.rd Cfcty   o
I     'II I
Job Printing
Special Facilities for
Exe c u ,t i ng High-
Class Half-Tone, and
General Letterpress
VOL: III.   NO.il.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of City Council
Insurance for Members of Fire Brigade —    Electric Meter
Rent to be Removed    -   New By-law to Regulate
Billiard Rooms
A meeting pf the city council
was Held last Saturday evening,
with a full attendance. The usual
minutes having been disposed of,
a letter was read from the Attorney-
general stating that Mr. J. F. Burne
had been appointed magistrate of
the.Small Debts Court during the
absence-of Dr. Boyce.
A notice was also received from
the Provincial Secretary of the ap-
. pointment of Alderman J. W.
Jones and Mr. E. Weddell as mem-
bers_of the Board of License Commissioners ; also Alderman Leckie
and Mr. F. M. Buckland as
members of the Board of Police
Mr. Harold Glenn, the secretary
of the 'Fire Brigade, submitted a
list of the members and officers
elected for the year, as follows:
Chief: Max Jenkins.
Deputy Chief:. Jack McMillan.
Sec-Treas.: Harold Glenn.
Capt. Hose Reel No. I : Chas.
Capt. Hose Reel No. 2: Jas.
Pettigrew.   "•
LieutHose'Reel N°- I : Claude
Newby."   •;:■  .'. .';>/'' 7 \   . .  ,/ .  ;   \."
Lieut Hose-tReel.; No.,2 : V Ian
MacRae.—';  7 Ay'A' ;■—.'• ^'-#''.
LisR' Bailey, Harvey Brown,'Colin
McMillan, Geo. Kennedy,-Leonard
McMillan, Arthur Beecher, Alfred
-Dinghes, Axel Eutin, Ben Smith,
Jack White, Frank Bird, Robt.
Munson, F. Buckland. - :
. A letter was received, from the
secretary of the 'British Columbia
Anti-Tuberculosis Society, stating
.jhat JiT imeetirigYof ".the Court of
Governors of the Society would be
held/p^Feb7l%af the City Hall,
Victoril^vBi d.;raTnd requesting the
council to. nominate an Annual
Governbr-ofcthe Society.
It was decided that.'a grant; of
sixty dollars be paid this year to
the Tranquilte Sanitarium, and that
the* nan\e of Mayor D. W. Sutherland be submitted as Annual
Governor by the council.
A report wa? handed in from
the city constable for the month of
January.and was/ordered filed.
Aid., Jones, as chairman of the
Fire and Light committee,' said that
it had'been' the custom of the
council in the past.to make small
grant* to the Fire Brigade as some
recognition of ^tKelrVfluabie Services ito the • titty.: It had been
suggested that the council, instead
of making a direct grant should
"pay the .premium for a, life and
1 accident insurance policy covering
the twenty - members' of the Fire
Brigade. He thought tKe boys
would greatly appreciate this attention, which was really, a necessary
one, considering the risks they had
to undertake at fires.
Aid: .Jones presented several
-quotations which bach-been obtained by the committee from' the
various insurance' men in town.
The lowest was from Mr. G. A.
Fisher, quoting a.premium of $286
covering on each of the twenty
members a- death payment' of
$ 1,000 and $ 10 per week < in case
of accident or sickness. ■/
A motion was passed accepting
Mr. Fisher's tender.
A petition wis read from seventeen property owners on St. Paul
street requesting the council to
extend the street to Bernard ave.,
and charge the purchase price of
the necessary land against their
property. The street would have
to pass through Mr.' Weddell's
property oh the.njain street.
Aid. Jones said that the matter
had been brought up last year, by
Mr. Middleton. There was, however, some difference in the present
petition, in that the petitioners
asked that the purchase price be
charged against their .lots. The
subscribers to the petition owned
54 lots on the street. ..-
It was mentioned that - Mr.
Weddell was still strenuously opposed to the dividing of h^s property.     "    '.: f ;.',•'■     .  ,
Aid; Leckie mentioned that when
the matter wm up before the coun
cil last year, Mr. Weddell had
shown him a letter from a lawyer
stating that the city could not expropriate the land unless the street
were absolutely necessary to the
city.     .
The following motion was passed : " That legal opinion be procured by Aid. Jones as to the city's
right to expropriate land for street
extensions, and also city's right in
reference to the control of irrigation
water. X
By-law No. 84, empowering the
city to raise a temporary loan to
meet current expenses was re-considered and finally passed.
Aid. Leckie mentioned that now
the city's light plant had been*
placed on a paying basis, he
thought the rent charged on meters
might be dropped.
A motion was accordingly passed that the meter rent- of 25c.
hitherto charged be cancelled from
the beginning of January, 1911.
' :. An amendment to the' Electrical
Light -By-law. was thus; rendered
necessary, and a new by-law. No.
86, was introduced to effect the
amendment. This was given a first
reading..-.',. -' .'"_•■ :." .,• 7^A-A '".'-.
• AibyJaw, No. 8i),.Was alstfcml^ro-
duced to regulate the conduct and
management' of pool ^ rooms and
billiard halls within the city.: The
py-lajw provides that all pool, and
billiard rooms shall be closed all
day oh Sunday, and from eleven
o'clock nt night until seven o'clock
in the morning; that no slot
machines #6r ■ games of chance .be
allowed,there; that no youth under
18; yesars of age he', permitted to be
in*.aihy^Tbilliard.''or: pool room-,
whether for the purpose of playing
or .watching, the games: that the
viewintb any pool roornfrom the
sidewalk shall be unobstructed by
blinds, £aint or screens. during the
hourslit is open to the public.
The by-law. was v read a first
time A y-yy.,      ."\    -.
Aid. Jones : asked if it was the
intention of ..the council to retain
the services a night constable.
' Mayor- Sutherland replied that
there was really no need at present
for a night constable, and instructions had been given to that
effect . ;.'."'■-•;•.' _ 7.     .77 . ' -."
The following; aQC6ujats^ Ayere
referred to the finance committee
to be paid if found correct:
Crawford & Co., stationery..... $   3 00
S. P. Colquette, Ut engineer, sal... 140 00
H. Blakeborough, 2nd    - do. 100 00
E. Fowler, lineman, »al,......;.. 85 00
G. Goldsirnith, fireman, mK'..'...'.    75 00
P.T. Dunn. ai#iit. clerk'* sal.........   50 00
Dr. Keller, rent council chamber...    15 00
D.Mili«.jicavengeryial......;...,..., 150 00
G. H, Dunn, clerk's sal. and petty   "■
ckah.............;,   131 00
Ian MacRie, constable's sal. <...    80 00
H- Johnstone, night, "     '■'   -.....,:.,.   70 00
C. P. R., freight on meters..'.-.. .'.'    ,4 09
John Tooth, refutad of casK paid
for firewood for.gaol...'      3 50
G.-L McGuinn, firdwpod for power    .
house A;...-.A.....A ... 169 70
G. L. McGuinn, firewood for power
house   ,,........:......,.:......,.., 125 00
P. B. Willits & Co., stationery      I 30
A. O. Brunette, repairing valves on
water mains,..,..',.,....!      2 50
Harvey 6c Moorhouse, 6 blu^ prints ■'"
of cemetery      4 50
Orchard  City  Record,  stationery
and printing .x ...-......'.,...'.... .144 45
Northwest Electric Co., 15 5-amp.     ■
Wattmeters ..;.........    168 75
Kel. Sawmill Co., lumber and fuel
for Jan...  112 20
W. Gaddes, work in public park 8 00
J.C. Collins, - " ."..':'7"".    8 00
G.  Markham,. cleaning officer and
fire hall......... v..........:..;,...     4 50
The King's Printer, 5 copies Murtic.
Clauses Act  . 2 50
The King's Printer, advertising in
Gazette..... v..............7.., 2 50
W. Haug, firewood for office ........ 14 65
K. F. Oxley, supplies for destitute 3 75
Biggin & Poole,   "                  " 4 95
P. Burns & Co.,  "                 -" 1 50
A.Wilson,          "      -     ..'•■'■ 75
W. R. Treneh,    "                 " 9 50
W. R. Trench^ stationery ...'........,.. 2 ?.0
The meeting then adjourned
until Saturday next, February 11th,
Packing School
Dates Announced
In connection with the Packing
schools which are being arranged
in conjunction with the Farmers'
Institute, the secretary has received
the following commnnicatipn from
Mr. R. M. Winslow, • provincial
Associated Boards of Trade
Meet at Summerland
Pass Many Important Resolutions     -   Strongly Condemn
Reciprocity Proposals
at 8
Dept of Agriculture,
. Victoria, B.C., Feb. 2, '11.
Dear Sir:—
The Department of Agriculture
is able to announce that schools
for instruction in the packing of
fruit will be conducted as follows:
South Okanagan— Feb. 20 to 25
Peachland—Feb. 28 to March 6
Kelowna—March 8 to March 21
' The two first will take a maximum
of 16 pupils, and the last a maximum of 32 pupils. By the courtesy
of the Kelowna Farmers' Exchange,
the school will be conducted in
their packing house. Mr., Zernor,
whose experience in packing has
commended him fp the Department, ' has been secured as
, I expect that in view, of the great
desire for ,y. information • on fruit
packing, the#e schools, a conducted
■hy.' tha'-Pepafftrient with; the cooperation ot the Kelowna Farmers'
Exchange, the "Kelowna Farmers'
Institute and the Peachland' Board
of, Trade,!>will. be 'well attended,
and very valuable to the district,
The fee.is.$3 for- 12 lessons .of
2$ hours, each and the Department
hopes that as"'" far -as possible the
school will be used only by those
either intending to be packers
themselves or who intend; to supervise" packing'next year: • ,
; 1 have the honour to be, Sir,
; Yours very truly,-
R.M.WINSLOW,     :
7    7"' ■■  'Provin. Horticulturist.
■• i-&:;y-: '..,• .■■'.. '77 . ■"   • '■ y  ;.' ■
■ There are still-two or three vacancies for the Kelowna school; As
all arrangementsmust'b^complet-
ed within the next few days, those
intending to avail themselves of
the opportunity offered should not
neglect to communicate at once
with the secretary, Mr. John
Leathley. 7* -y--
Important Land Sale
.   \-; y •■■'■■: " ■'■'■"
.'  ■       ...'...:'■' ■-... \. ..*
An imFfortaht sale has just been
effected by Mr. D.H.vRatte'nburg,
by which the well-kjftJwn ranch pf
Mr. Frank Mawhinney on the
Vernon Rood changes hands. The
purchaser is Wm. T. Fallis, of
Rpcanvilje, Saskatchewan. It may
be mentioned as significant of the
attractiveness ofthe Kelowna district, that Mr. Fallis has been for
the past three mbnths pn a tour of
inspection of various fruit-growing
districts, including Oregon and
Washington, and' of all he hf»s seen
has given preference to, Kelowna.
The place he has chosen consists
of .twenty-eight acres of fine land.
Only seven acres are planted, two
in prunes, which have born some
remarkable.. crops; and five in
apples which are just commencing
to bear, ■ The price paid is $ 15,000.
Owing to his large farming interests in Saskatchewan, Mr. Fallis will
be unable to take hold.of the place
until next year, Mr. Mawhinney
meanwhile remaining in occupation. It is $he intention of the new
proprietor. to effect seveial inj-
prdvements'i, increasing the space
devoted to orchard to 20 acres,
leaving eight acres' for pasture.
The hockey league between the
Commercials, Firemen and Shamrocks reached /the end' of its
schedule Monday night, when the
Commercial beat tjbe Shamrocks
by 7 to 2. Each team has played
six games with the following result
.. 2
..  1
Still another ice carnival :is; announced fbr tomorrow (Friday)
night at Haug's rink. Prizes are'
offered for costumes as usual, and
a successful event is looked for.
The third annual meeting of the
Associated Boards of Trade bf the
Okanagan Valley was held last
Wednesday at Sumrrierland, and
to our Summerland contemporary
we are indebted largely for the
following report.
The' delegates attending the
meeting were as follows :
Vernon—G. A. Henderson(pres.)
P. Dickspn (sec), S. C. Smith, C. C.
McRae, K;C. McDonald (proxy).
Kelowna—Mr. Pitcairn, F. R. E.
DeHart, D. W. Sutherland.
Peachland —Messrs. Batchelor,
Cutbill, and Lang.
Summerland—R. H. Agur, C.
Stackhouse, and C. H. Cordy.
Tenticton—E. Foley Bennett and
F. H. Latimer.
Mr. R. M. Winslow, provincial
horticulturist, and several members
of the Summerland Board were
also present.
The resolutions committee met
early Wednesday morning to consider the various resolutions submitted, and to put them into brief
and practical1 ferm. A
' On the^ meeting being called to
order at 11 o'clock by the president
ith.e minutes of last meeting and the
financial 'statement, for the year
;wrere read .'7ahd .-adopted. The
president and secretary were reelected for another year's service. ,
The following resolutions were
read and passed :-
1 .That the secretary be instructed
to again bring to the attention of
theAPrpvincial Government -that^
in the.opinion' of^this meeting,'additional representation in the local
legislature required more than ever
in the.Okanagan electbrial district.
2. That,: whereas the passenger service between tHe Okanagan
Valley and lake points to the coast
is very unsatisfactory and slow be
it resolved that the secretary write
to the General Paseenger agent at
Vancouver urging the necessity of
alteration and improvment.
> 3.. Thatthe secretary write again
with a renewed .resolution to the
Postal authorities and the C. P. R.
affirming the necessity of placing d
Vail clerk on the s. 8. Okanagan as
urged by the Associated Boards df
Trade last yetfir.
'4. 'That the- matter; of having
the words' "Okanagan Junction,"
inserted In the C. P.~ R. time" taibles
uijider the name "Sicamous," be
again strongly brought to the attention of the C. P, R..
5.' Whereas the express rates
on less than carload lots from the
Okanagan to Calgary is $2.25 pec
hundred; and from Lower Mainland points $2.40Aper'hundred;
from Vancouver Island to the same
point $2.65 per hundred; and,
whereas, tne rate on less than carloads by express to Winnipeg is
$2.90 fronrthe Islands ;'$2.65 from
the Fraser, Okanagan and Kootenay districts; arid, whereas, the
ra» an less than carload lots by
express ftfom Vernon to Vancouver,
is $1.80 ; from Nelson /to similar
points $2:40; and, whereas, all express charges on fruit carried from
the British Columbia producing
districts to markets, are in proportion, and the rate to even less distant points is even higher, be it resolved, that this convention strongly
urge on the Dominion Express Co.
the necessity for a general reduction in the express rates .on less
than carload lots<of fruits and vegetables.   _
6. That the Associated Boards
of Trade of'the Okanagan _ Valley
{which represents at least 60. per
cent, of die fruit industry of B. C.)
at their annual meeting now assembled urge in the strongest manner
upon die "Dominion Government
the absolute necessity of maintaining the present import duty on
fruit.as from the United States. The
The fruit industry in B. C. is in the
infant stage with great possibilites
which has been stated by responsible men will equqljthe lumber industry of the province and at the
f-resent stage requires careful handing and fostering.      There   are
millions of dollars invested in the
fruit industry in the province, more
than in the farm-implement business of Ontario which has been
nursed and protected. By so doing
these factories of Canada are classed in this" line as the leading industries of the world. Without this
protection through their growing
years, these ' magnificent plants
which are now employing thousands would never have existed.
The same applies to the British
Columbia fruit industry in which
the growers have invested many
millions of dollars, besides the very
large investments of capital irrigation systems, running into' millions
of dollars. The necessity of a protection duty .outside the fostering
of a young and promising industry
is the undeniable fact that the
natural market for. B.C., the NdrtK-
West territories, is made the dumping ground for surplus fruits from
the Northwestern States, ' which
already possess a large and fully,
developed fruit industry, and the
pernicious action of consignment
is resorted to on a larg§ scale. It
is well taken that the fruit-growers
are entitled to have.-their." rights'
guarded the same as has been the
case for other enterprises.     ■
Resolutions were also passed
respecting the establishing of road
communication between Vancouver and points ih the Valley ;• the
Government inspection of dams;
the 'opening up of Indian lands;
.the; hi$w€.P.ft rate for. idni^sf
the unreasonable delay in forwarding freight from the Landing:; the
matter of telegrams and lettergrams
in • .the:Okanagan^district ?. urging
the'■■■■government to.']nifjjjfee.vterms
Witti-the CP. R-:tp;biring in labor at
cheap "rates from' the- east, and to
promote ihe immigration ot a desirable class of agricultural workers
from Great Britain ; the establishing of an experimental farm and
demonstration orchards; the; adoption of. a uniform system of
municipal 'book-keeping and the
appointment of a .Government
auditors   7      -7-AA''•■•;-".'■ ■'.-• ,.y.'
An. invitation froth: the Pentictpn
Board pf Trade.to hpW theimie'eting
pf the"'Assbcinted Board, in.that
t<$wn, next 'ycar-t^as' ^unanimpusly
accepted., Eniergency meetings, if
necessary, will be herdlat EhlderDyt
During the evening, the delegates
were entertained to supper by the
Summerland Board of Trade and
both an excellent menu apd toast
list were gone through in a business
like manner. . A splendid orchestra
was present and a good time
generally was spent.   '
The King in a
libel Action
His Reputation Cleared in thie
Courts c
Modern Woodmen of
America Organize Camp
St. Valentine's J_)ay. .The proceeds
to' go towards . the ,furnishing of
the new -parsonage. Novell items
of'special interest haye been" er-
•range'd and everybody is invited.
It. is ito oeiheld-vjsf-=the' home q£_
Mrs. Goodrich, and 25 cents is the
admission fee for each person, old-
or young.
Once more; the , Rutland school
trustees are looking for a new -
teacher in place, of Miss Harvey,
owing to the regulations which
require teachers coming here from
other provinces;- to .pass exam's being allowed to accept an appointment.
A local camp of the Modern
Woodmen bf AmerJca^ was organized last Monday, with twenty-three
members. The officer? and 'rriefnr
hers, of the Okanagan Centre Camp
attended.. The following officers
were elected:   .A
r F. Armstrong
F. G. Davis
A. Duhamel
P. Brooke .
E. J. Clerk
;E. Leman
C. Panton     A
Dr. A. H. Huycke
R. F. Morri8oil
C. J. Martin
■ W. Ludlow
The work was demonstrated by
District Deputy A. T. Anthony and
members of Kelowna Camp No.
14398, after which the members
enjoyed a repast. The next meeting will be held Feb. 13th at 8 p.m.
in the Band Hall.
Advisor    -.
. Banker
Clerk       -
k Sentry       -
Physician -
Managers -
The hockey match between Vernon and Kelowna last night at
Haug's Rink resulted in a win for
Kelowna by 8. to 5.
The report, oft-repeated, that
King George, while a cadet in the
Royal Navy.morganatically married '
a daughter bf Sir Michael Culme-
Seymore, was given complete
refutation in the highest court' of
England last week.
Edward Mylius, agent and distributor of the Liberator, a Republican paper published in Paris,
which revived the tale last November, was tried on a charge of
seditious libel, promptly convicted
and given a maximum penalty of
twelve months' imprisonment.
The   defendant sought to have*
the King summoned as a witness,
but this was refused on constitutional grounds;
After sentence had: been passed
Sir Rufus Isaacs,  attorney-general,
read  a   letter    signed    by    King
George  and  authorizing  him   to
state publidy that the writer had
never   been   married   except   to
Queen    Mary,   had   never   gone' ■
through  a  ceremony  of marriage
except with the Queen,  and   that *
he would have amended the proceedings to give testimony to this   *
effect,  but  for  the  advice  of the-
lawyers -for the crown that it would'-  ■
be unconstitutional for him to do -.
86. :        i - y.L^-Lyy.yy f ■ >   -■
It  is  assumed - thaf the govern-,
ment brought the present proceed-"'
ings. less to punish die author and,
circulator, of the statements   ahd ;,-
opinions- offensive' to  the  crown,\   y,
than to set at rest^fpr all time, the
story  immediately   involving > the
person ^f;thiMKfSg."7'        * '  -   A"*
.; ■".■■■ -a:T*a^        '\
Rutland;0ews,      't -;
'7     CFrom'our <>Wn cOncipondept.) ,
ri *       • --       •-  _r_!*- -~ *
Mr7Whittaker is home again after < t
his accident,   although' it will   be „--
some weeks before  he fully* re- ..
covers from the shock. -
^'.Ruhiqr8"'^'fX''''W;e(3ding are  floating arouhd..'Do you, know the  in- ,' i
terestedv^l-rties ?yy    '        .   " >ri-  ,
The ladies'siid of; the Methodist,, ^
church areio give a Pink Tea dn^-.
' .
Mr. Crawford has this week
opened a fine music parlor, for the
sale of the Mason and Risch piano
a number of whose fine instrumento
he has on show.
The regular'monthly meeting ioil vtw!
the W.C.T.U. will be held1 at the r*-J
home of Mrs. Jas. Harvev Snr. on " * H
Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 14, at 37-./:.
p.m. Ladies are all cordially in-.C
vited to atterfd. '    T^
'y. i
The first rhubarb to be seen
town this; year was   brought
yesterday by  Mr.  C.  E!
This first product of his forcing ^£j
Weeks.-■• tfr
shed was certainly a fine sample.
A St. Valentine's Ball is-annount^
<sd for Fed. 14th, organized by>*
circle of ladies interested in Hospital „
work, the proceeds being devoted i
to that institution.
The Kelowna Tobacco Co. . _
moved their work-room and'officifil 7's
to S. T. Elliott s building. - ~ $$$
~  Aa
The .critical. Condition   of ^Qrf ^^
Baker, who is in the hospital suffer- '.^A
ing. from an intestinal disorder, is j^,
causing much anxiety to his many5 mj|§
friends.   Latest reports, however,,.?1^
are more hopeful, and we join ^-7 >|
wishing him ipeedy recovery. " , *^*v,»^
■-1   :-t::, V   . c.l\,  \< -
-. ' • m , . ■ ''.'. .'• y y v.v,->:*.:'A1.', •..■KLLjs.y,.. .
■'':•■.:, A-y. ■•'■. y"v'yviyy!':yyy. .••■'": ».''&V'';'
SFV;-;. -yyr
..<...-,-'%►   .
• '..'„ ;■* ■
77 The Orchard City Record.
Thursday Feb. 9    a, j
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
„, 7^ ,.<>   PROFESSIONAL AND   \\
1 own and Country (\    business cards    *
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under irrigation and Domestic Systems
K.L. 0. Co.'s Off ice, Keller Blk.
Read what the Deputy Minister of Agriculture has to say
about Pendray.s Lime and Sulphur Solution:—
Office of the Department of Agriculture,
May 6th, 1910.
This is to certify that Messrs. Pendray & Sons' Lime
out! Sulphur Solution has, whensver tested by Officials
of the Horticultural Branch of the Department of Agriculture, conformed to die standard strength of 32
degrees Beaume or over..
(signed)   Wm. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.      *
. .   HARDWARE Co., Ltd.
Mr. C. H. Canavon arrived Monday from Victoria.
A new store is to be erected near
Oceola on the Vernon road.
Dr. and Mrs. Knox left Saturday
morning for a trip east which will
extend over five or six weeks. They
intend visiting New York, Boston
and other large cities in the eastern
Mr. D. H. Raltenburg last wfeek
sold a house and lot off Ellis street,
his own properly, to W. D. Stoker,
of Vird< ri, Manitoba.
"I he Epworth League of the
Methodist chirch held a most enjoyable sleighing party Monday
last, in place of iheir regular meeting. Several sleigh loads of young
people joined in the fun, and the
us'jaliy quiet toads were made
lvely with their tmr.iment as the
patty pulled out to Mr. Leslie
Oil worth's place, where they were
most hospitably received. Next
| Monday e> e n'ng the Leag.u : will
lm e! as usual in the Methodist
church, in charge of Mr. K. F.
Mr. R. F. Morrison returned SUur-
day from a visit to Vancouver.
Mr. J. G. Fraser returned Saturday from Vernon, where he has
just completed a building contract.
The Rev. A. W. K. Herdman
leaves on Monday next to alt nd
the meeting of the Piesbytcry at
The Associated Bo?rds of Trade
of Vernon, Summerland, Peachland
Kelowna and Armstrong have
wired a protest to Ottawa against
the reciprocity arrangements with
the United States.
The ladies of the Hospital Aid
intend to hold their Talent Tea in
The Juniors have a hockry team
which is in deadly earnest, ntid
means to achieve distinction before"
the season is over./ Tuesday night
they met the Shamrocks on Fuller's
rink, and licked them to the tune
of six to three. Needless to say
the play was fast and furious.
The" great hockey match for
which the ladies have been practicing diligently for some time past
came off Monday night, and turned
nut to be a very goc d game. The
result was a tie of 2 to 2. The
indies are determined, however, to
rmke it a fight to a finish, and will
cross sticks again tomorrow night
(Friday). The line-up is as follows :
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Moorhouse,
C. Harvey.
B.A.. Sc. C.E., D.L.S ,
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Kelowna,    B. C.
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Mrr. Weddell        Point
Nettie Tait
Mrs. Crowley   Cov. Point
Miss Collett
Mrs.  Crawford     Rover
Mollie Harvey
Ma. Wil'its       Centre
.  Minnie Tqj,t
Mrs. J. Conway . R. Wing
Grace Martin
Mr..W.L-Johe«  L. Wing
Louise Adams
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue. ■•■'•
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Watch    I
It Was at the Bottom of
a Plot
Copyright. 1910. by American Press
"Goodby, Harold."
"Goodby, Alice." *
Tbese, aud these ulouo. were thi>
parting words beiweeu Harold Hotb
well nnd Alice Sw.ilu, for tb.'lr hearts
were too full to say more. They were
to huve been married within a few
months, but Hot li well bud developod
pulmonary trouble, and it was decided
that he should go west and live au
outdoor life. The prospect he f oro
them was gloomy. Even if Harold
recovered his health the giving up or
prospects be was leaving might fect-p
him ln poverty and necessitate thi'lr
continued separation. He turned uwu.v
and set out for the railway station
Alice watched him till be reached n
bend in the road, when ho turned and
threw ber a kiss. She returned it. and
be passed out of sight. Sad as they
were, they would have been far mon-
so had they known what would hap
pen before tbey should n_.eelaj;aiii.
Thut same day two years lieiKv
found Kothwell financial manager for
Henry Palmer, a rancher, though but
just appointed to the position, itoih
well bad long beeu a sheep herder for
Palmer, nnd tbe out of door life Had
completely cured bim of his ailing
As soon as It was considered safe for
hinrto lend a more confined life I'alai
er, who bad Taken a great fancy to
him and who needed a clerk, put bim
in charge pf the financial part of his
ranching. Then Roth well wrote io
Alice Swain that within another year
he hoped to return for ber and brinti
her back with bim.
The ranch was uot a large one. and
the owner and his clerk were the only
tw.o persons engaged upon it except a
few herders, who were always away'
lu care of tbe flocks. The men be
came very warm friends and were al
most constantly together. One' day
Palmar said to his clerk:
"You know, Harold, tbat I am n
bachelor and have no one in "the world
to leave what belongs to uie. I'm
going to make a will bequeathing this
.rauch and Ihe stock on it to you."
Roth well smiled. "Considering that
you are but ten years older than I and
far stronger, I think I would better
leave my possessions, if I had any, to
you." .,
"Furthermore," Palmer continued
without noticing the comment, "there
are five $1,000 bonds, which will also
be yours. These bonds, together with
some old-family trinkets, I have placed in hiding, and I am going to show
you where they are hidden. They,
too, will go, to you at my death."
He led the way to the attic and
from a recess formed by a corner ih
the roof between two Joists took a tin
box, opened It and showed Itotbwell
-the bonds nnd tlie trinkets referred to.
The latter consisted of a gold watch
bearing the initials H. P. and some
articles of jewelry.
"You are very kind," said Rothweli.
"to make mo your heir; but, as I have
said. 1 don't (liink there is the slightest chance of my ever receiving my inheritance."
"There is a bet I er chance than you
tiilrikAwild tlio other; '"'"'
Kothwell looked at bim Inquiringly,
but received no further confidence.
Palmer replaced the box, and the two
men returned to the lower story. Then
Palmor opened n safe kept on the
premise.!, took out a will, showed
Rothwul! -Hint It was In his favor, put
it back nnd closed tho safe door.
"Why." nsked Kothwell. "don't yon
keep the bonds and the other things
In the safe?"
"1 have a special reason for not
kepplng the bonds there. As to the
winch'nud Jewels. It doesn't rauch
matter whore Ihoy are kept. Borne
day you 'may learn the reason. So
long ns I Ihe I can trust you not to
disturb (lie box In.the garret, and'
after my dwnh what It contains may
be of some bp_io.lt other than for their
Intrinsic value."
"To whom?"
"That will appear at the time."
Tills was'not very satisfactory, but
Hut hwell was obliged to be satisfied
with it.
It was inn » few weeks after this
th.it Uothwoll. having got in some
funds for tho sale of sheep, rode to
tlie town. *oiho dozen miles away, to
deposit the money ln bank. The day
proved nn eventful one. On the way
two masked men spraug upon him
from a wood beside the road and
robbed bim. I.on.rnlng to the ranch,
be round Palmer lying In the living
room of tin- i' ••w with a bullet hole
in his IimI:.
As so-mi a?, tie bad sufficiently re-
eoveirf! from the shock to think he
detenu inil io ride to tho nearest
rnieli. .Tt M messenger nnd send for
the pr.ipcv nuiliorltles to come and
hike lee.nl notion upon the matter.
Within n few hours an officer of the
lew in lived nnd took charge of both
tin. premises and tho body.
Wl.eii r.oMiwcll had told him the
wIki! ■ s.iry of Ids connection with
1'nlm-T. eoiK'ludlug with the statement
dint lie •,.:.« Cnliner's heir, that he
iind stoned for Hie bank Hint day to
(U,n>. it s.niie $l,2i)0, been robbed on
tl.e wny and returned to fiiid his ban-
fifm-tor' '.v..:rdv:,ed, the official looked
at bim curiously. Then ne called a
messenger aud sent htm off posthaste.
When the messenger -returned he
brought the sheriff with him, who.
without a word of explanation, clapped
a pair of hnndeuQ'.s on Itotbwell's
wrists. Tbe prisoner was taken to
town nud lodged in Jail, charged with
the murder of Henry I'nlnier and the
embezzlement of ihc funds he elaimed
he had intended lo put In the bank.
The case was oue of circumstantial
evidence—or, rather, of motive—alone.
It was nssumed Hint Itothwell bud got
behind iu his accounts, hud-embezzled
the amount of which lie claimed he
bad beeu robbed and. fearing that if
detected lie would lose his Inheritance,
had killed the man whose property he
would inherit
This made n strong, case against
him, and there was very little to be
said In his favor No trace of any
one having atiacl.cd Palmer aud no
evidence of Koihwell's story thut he
had been robbed appeared. The court
retained charge of Palmer's property.
but allowed the legatee sufficient
funds to pay n lawyer lo defend him
His attorney did the best in his power
for him, but was unable to establish
his Innocence. The Jury hung for
some time between murder lu the
first and second degree, but finally
brought in a verdict of guilty of the
former. He was sentenced to suffer
the death penalty.
And so it was that Rothweli. having
escaped deuth from tuberculosis, having reached a condition where he
might bring his sweetheart to him as
his wife, was doomed to suffer on the
gallows for a crime he had not committed. There nre not the delays In
punishment for crime In new countries
tbere are where the safeguards against
infringing ou the rights of accused
persons are more strictly enforced.
Rothweli was sentenced to be hanged
a few weeks after his conviction. No
new trial was grunted, no stay of pro
ceedings, and the day of doonr was
near when something happeued.
A young woman stood looking in
through the window of a pawnshop iu
the town where Rothweli was convicted. At the time nn officer of tlie law
dressed In plain clothes wns in the
shop interviewing the pawnbroker
about some stolen goods Hint he had
loaned money ou. The woman eiitereil
the shop nnd produced a wa'toh on
which she asked for a loan The bro
ker inspected the watch nnd at once
caught sight of two letters. "11. <f\.'
on the case.
"Whose Initials nre those?" asked the
Tbe woman said she did uot know
The detective took a hand in question
ing her and. her replies being eonira-
dictory, took her to police hendi|unr
ters. There, after, ninny -surmises,
some one noticed that "fi. P." were
the initials of Henry Palmer, for whose
murder Kothwell was to be hanged in
a few days. The chief of police put
the woman through the "third degree"
process, with the result of a confession
tbat she had murdered Palmer.
Many were inclined to doubt tbat
the. confession was genuine. Had It
not been for the fact that the woman
mad attempted lo borrow money on a
watch with Palmer's Initials on it lit
tie attention would hnve been paid to
ber statement. She claimed to have
been a discarded wife of Palmer's, and
it was for this casting off that she had
killed him. The watch was shown to
Rothweli, nnd he told the police where
he had seen it. Tbls Identified the
woman with Palmer, she was charged
with his murder, und Rothweli was released. Fie asked to see tbe person
who stood in bis place and was taken
to her cell.
What was his amazement to recog-
-iiize Alice Swain.      --    	
Before he had time to betray their
relationship she gave him a look that
put him on his guard. She then spoke
to him as a stranger, telling hint that
if he could get permission to see her
alone she would throw additional light
on tbe murder. Permission was granted, and the two were left alone.
Not daring to embrace each other,
they refrained. Alice talked about the
murder, but, fearful of being overheard, said nothing to reveal tho true
situation. 'Menuwhile,she scratched
on a bit of paper:
This Is a plan to stive you. Luckily you
wrote mo of (he tin box. 1 came, took the
watch and pawned It to vet arrested. Oo
uwuy and 1 will convince them of my Innocence.
It wns agreed between them through
the same medium that Harold should
have a week be'fore Alice revealed
the trick. When the period had expired and he was safe In biding she
called for the lawyer who had defended him and told bim how Rothweli had written her of the Interview
he had had with Palmer and of the
tin box, showing him the letter-how
she had gone to the hiding place,
taken the watch and pawned It, knowing the man who was at the time with
the pawnbroker to be a detective. Tho
attorney soou obtained a dismissal of
the charge against her, and later she
was sot at liberty.
She nt once went to tbe ranch house
and in her future husband's name
claimed for hint his Inheritance. Making a more thorough examination of
the contents of the tin box, she found
a bit of paper on which were written
the following words:
If I am murdered It will be by my old
partner; Jacob Wilcox. When we separated I took some bonds .that ho claimed
belonged lo him. He told me then that
he would have the bonds If he had to kill
me to get them.
Iii time Kothwell came Into his inheritance and married the girl who
had snvep him Ho spent considerable moms trylii'. to "And Wilcox and
brlug him to Justice, but never succeeded. The Knthwcll ranch Is now
one of the largest In that section of
country. ..__..
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Tbe Orchard Gito Record.
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ingly in evidence to the most caus-1 Senior I.—Terenee Crowley, Emma
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things exists iimpng tjhe vested   in-1     Mills, Clifton Ferguson.
terests   to  'the  far    east    of    its I Junior I.—Vera Lawson, Ray Elliott,
can in some measure be accounted
for, but that those who are father
ing the  project  should
Phone 11
R.  W.-;W
Phone li
Our Eastern exchanges this week
are naturally full of "Reciprocity."
! Whilst the proposals are strenuously opposed in some sections, and
as loudly applauded in others, the
absolute lack of any consideration
whateVer for the welfare of B. C.
and her Industrie? is most  surpris-
Kelowna Ma ^pfacturij
Funeral Directors and Embal
us is the unkindest cut of all. That
B.   C.
there is such a thing as
Fruit industry seems to be altogether forgotten or calmly ignored.
The millions cf dollars already
spent in building up an industry
which is providing profitable and
congenial occupation to thousands,
and thousands more yet to come,
seems not to weigh in thebalanceat
all when cornmerce (?) gets astrjde
I of the other end. of .the .beam.
The history of tariff operations,
' ! or the lack of them, in any country
contains many surprises and unexpected •results,, and . so, in view
also of the marvelous success
achieved by B. C. fruit in competition with t\ie world, both at exhibition, and in .the open market,
it would be unbecoming in us to
indulge in any hysterical resentment, yet we feel .strongly, and, we
hope, with no more than a bare
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No. on roll Average
Div.   I.        29 ......    26.19
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Odd Waists to clear at 50c.
Satisfied Customers/' ommoUo.
I    iMTrii.fi!
Phono 22
•  • •[ \i*\,     ''.,-vJirfVy •
* .™4 K AA^.XXJ   J        A
K**R*»ii«^ iw«teti«WB*W(»« ■\.
Thursday, Feb. 9
Orchard Oitu Record
The car with the get-there-and-back
wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds these two special facts;
Rpbin  Hood Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, of you can have your money back;
It is the guaranteed flour/
Robin  Hood Flour absorbs  mofe moisture
than other flours, therefore add more water
.  when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats, Bran, Wheat,
Barley andOatChofr
Fresh Clean Stock, Just In.
Buggies, Cutters, Wagons,
Bob-Sleighs, etc. .
-Dealers in Farm and
f Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
PHOM&150   1     *
J. M. 6R0ET
111 feinda of Retpairs
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake >A
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66 KeloWna, BX.
us your
.<     ■ ■■•''..■•     • '   y
Printing Orders
> ;■• f i..
•v .1W& tean execute.Qmti tieatly &r*4
cheaply, and give you satisfaction
every time.
iv. .■:
Provincial and General News
The Fort George Lumber • and
Transportation Company has been
placed in the hands of a receiver.
The company has been in difficulties fbr some time.
A delegation from Brandon will
wait on Sir Wilfrid Laurier with a
view to furthering the'efforts of the
city to have the main line of the
G. T. P. diverted so as to come into Brandon. The provincial government has offered a guarantee
amounting to $13,000 per mile, but
the company wants $20,000.
A bill is shortly to be presented
in t he provincial legislature which
proposes that it be made an illegal
act for any druggist to sell, except
on a qualified physician's prescription, habit forming drugs such as
cocaine, morphia, or any of their
derivatives, either in the. original
form or as ingredients of any ointment, toothache drop, catarrhal
powder, or otherwise.
• In the Swiss Emmenthal and on
the surrounding mountains, "black"
snow fell a few days ago to the
depth of 15' inches, giving the
whole country, which was • white
with show before, a funereal and
most depressing aspect over a large
area.. The first few inches of the
snow-was of a,greyish color, as if
mixed with ashes, but the grey became darker and .darker in hue
until now it is almost black. Such
a phenomenon has been witnessed
in the Alps in former years, after
volcanic eruptions in different parts
of the world, and on this occasion
Swiss scientists are of opinion that
the black snow is due to ashes
blown over the sea end Alps after
the recent eruption of Mount
At a special conference on disarmament preceding the annual
conference of the English. Labour
party, a resolution carried unanimously denouncing militarism and
war, and declaring for arbitration
all international disputes. The
conference by a majority of only
six votes rejected James Kerr
Hardies resolution in fayor an,
universal strike as a means of preventing war.
Owing to snow blockade in the
Crow's Nest Pass a very serious
coal shortage exists in Southern
Alberta. Conditions are worst at
Claresholm. Monarch and Cardston j
the electric light and water plants
at the latter point being; compelled-
to shut down. Farmers are driving
in twenty miles to get fuel, but in
vain. '• A
' Pile driving at Port Mann in
preparation for the big wharves to
be built there, which has been delayed on-.account of the inclement
weather, is being resumed this
week. Two piledriving outfits are
being sent to Port Mann by the
C. Ni R. contractors.
Provincial Game Warden Bryan
Williams has extended an invitation to Col, Roosevelt to shoot big
game' in British Columbia during
the coming season. - zi
The C. P. R. westbound ' train
No.-1 waa derailed at Gleicr^en,
a few days agto. Nine persons
were injured and many others
severely shaken. The train going
at a good speed, struck a broken
rail and fell down ah embankment
ten feet high,' Fortunately a drift
of snbw broke the force of the
impact, otherwisea serious accident
would Tiave "to be recorded. The
cars ditched were the colonist car,
dining car, A and also the
day' coach; There were some
miraculous escapes. .   '
Ah; important contract whic_v
will involve the employment of
many hundreds of men has been;
let by the Canadian Pacific railway,'
This contract isAfor the construction of a great" dam on the
Bow.river at Bassano, Alberta. The
water of the" dam will ber 'used ih
connection with the great irrigation
ptans bf the company, and an additional 500,000 acres will be
brought u.nder the working of the.
system. A."' 7'      .■.'';'■-'
Aftier along and bitter struggle
between S<m Francisco and New
Orleans-for; the honor of having
the Panama-Pacififc Exposition;
San Francisco has keen Selected.
The annual coh^ention of the
Provincial; Orange Grand Lodge
will be held in Victoria, commencj
ing-Feb/fV.-   .'.,/-'    .*.■ .A'        A
John-.McSorley of Jarvis, who
pleaded guilty to body-snatching
was sentenced, at > Cayuga, Ontj
last week, to five years in the pen*
itentiary. It is the maximum sentence for the offence. McSorley
removed the body of an old resident of Jarvis from its grave and
shipped it ih a barrel; labeled
"Turkey,'* to Bishpp'a college medical school, Montreal, expecting to
be paid for the body. This medical school went out of existence
several years ago, and when it was
found.that'the barrel could not be
delivered, the express company
which had handled it opened it
intending to sell the contents to
defray transportation costs. It was
then that the body was discovered.        . A
_ _ \
Sedentary habit*, lack of outdoor exer-
cise, insufficient mastication of food, constipation, a torpid liver, worry and anxietj*
are the molt common causes of stomach,
troubles. Correct your habits and take
Chamberlain s StomHch and Liver Tablets
and vou will soon be \tt\\ again. For sales
by all  dealers.-    .    ;.-.',?'•■ '■'
' A 7?,A
A verdict of not guilty was returned in fifteen minutes in an
assault case at Tacoma by a jury:
composed of six women. The
trial had excited much interest and
the courtroom was filled with
spectators. The case concerned
an argument between Arthur Bur-
chart and Karl Betsshart, an 18
year old milk dealer. The woman"
jury decided that the assault made
by the milk-dealer had been pro-'
voked by Burchart-and liberated
the boy.
" Getting rich is no success ; it is
a great and inglorious failure," says'
Dr. B.T. Wheeler, of California
University. - " After a - man has
worn out his fing«r$* getting his
hoard together, he dies, and what
he has accumulated he must leave';
behind' him. A man such as" this
is a'fool, and* blind to.,the great
things of life. Read good books.
Read history. ' philosophy arid
natural sciehces. Fiction-is worse
than useless. For the little exciter
ment you get' out of it you are
wasting your time. ' Knowledge
gives depth oMife, and, *like " af
picture, life jftust'have depth if it
is. to be called successful."
After seventeen days of ajmost
continuous rain, the January .rain'
record of San Francisco for'nearly.
fifty years has been exceded, with"
a mark of thirteen inches.
One thousand men have been |
thrown out of employment in
Hamilton as a result of the proposed tariff changes, for the Oliver
Plow Company, of South Bendy
Ind., Which is erecting a million
dollar plant in the city, has wired
its contractors to suspend operations 'until the reciprocity questions
have been finally settled, and it is
intimated that if the duty is wiped
off farm implements the Oliver
Company* will not manufacture in
Acknowledging the receipt of a
handsomely bound album of photographs pf Buttle Lake and various
points of especial beauty in British
Columbia's-.new Strathcona Park;
in the heart of the Vancouver
Island ?Alps, His Excellency Earl
Grey, Governor-general of Canada,
says in $;? Iftkfet'ib ;Hom Price
Ellison bearing '-.date, .of., the. 28 th
ultimo: "Please accept my grateful thanks for the book of really
beautiful- photographs which you
have been kind enough to fend me.
The photographs are lovely, and
extremely we11>and artistically
selected; They have increased the
desire which, past visits have already planted deep ih my heart to
make a closer and better acquaintance with your beautiful island."
The photographs referred to by
His Excellency were taken by Mr.
Frank Ward of'the 'Colonist' art
staff, who accompanied the Buttle
lake' expedition of last summer as
official photographer, the album
being forwarded to His Excellency
by Hofi. Mr. Ellison as a Christmas
remembrance from the westernmost and most beautiful of the
confederated provinces..   ...
In a concrete grave on the'shore
of Lake Halcyon, in Mount Auburn
cemetery, Mass., the body; of the
late Mrs. Baker Eddy, founder of
the Christian Science denomination
has been laid away in a bronze
coffin. On the casket rests a bronze
box enclosing a complete set of
the works of Mrs. Eddy, together
with all recent Christian Science
publications, while the silver plate
beneath^ gives her name "and the
dates of her birth and death. The
ceremony was attended by the directors jot t\e church and a score
of its strongest supporters.   ;
'umtiTz nurseries,;
Fruit Trees
Shrubs, Shade Trees, Roses, Ornamentals, and
general Nursery Stock-
Book your orders at once for spring planting.
The highest class of stock, true to name, and-all the
standard varieties.
H.   E.   BOYER,   Manager.
You tire probably aware that pneumonia
always result* from a cold, but you never
heard of a cold resulting in pneumonia
when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy was
used, V/hy tnke tho risk when this rem-
edy itaay be had for a trifle. For sale by
atj| dealers.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Ddors,#Windows,
Mouldings,. Etc.   .7
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company/ Limited
[New Lake Bungalow, 8 rooms, city water^ electric light, v
Price, $2,800, very easy terms. ^ aA
House tp-rent on P&idbzi Street, with one; acre; of laiid,7 ^
$\5 per mxxx^.    y yJ^  ' ' y y A,-7....;■." 7A
House to rent on Lawson Avenue, at $15 per^prithi.     1
,' ■HEWmS^&tMtiMAA
■ lr
■',' ry-;
.'•■ ■■•'3.5-
•       Situated within one half mile  of town,"- and~fc«iijsp'. -•'
7A      about'lobieet above the lake, it commands a beiuti- "    ■; ~
yy       ful view of the; town, Ipke and surrounding country.
Idealf Fruit ;SoiL,        Abundance of Water.
'^f:y^i0*&.focJTf>vrn- ah^L Market.;:  '
Th'ere is only one GLENMORE. Don't miss the opportunity of selecting a few acres of this desirable
property.'  .' ../.-. A A   ;; ", "' .'"'.''-"'''
_ ' If ^ou wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and wet,^!. A
"A       ■.':■'•■','   ••• ' '-•"'•'      show you ^dur sub-division ;'■_  ■'.".;"•*"   ■'"<'• 7' .V.5^'
"■'%*■ WQODLAWN   €        I
.    Just fovr.blocks^ni thfrcentre of^the town.     Prices low.. Terms aasy,    ';
■ ' ''»  • .A  • monthly payment* if so desired.
. ..77pl^
-    >•_'K*s.i"1
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
- Sugar - Only
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
' \- ...       GonsistSoletyof PureC^JSIE SUGAR.; '
I^NUPACtUBKD AT VANCquVfcH, B.C. BY    ;•'      j
T1^ British Columbia Sugar Refining'
Company, Limited.
• at5is3
Ji^l%^  *J«3'
' ^A'^l IT i—7ri"^.^i»r*ar-'iBiM««*a*iteiiMMts^fraw*Jflli' tim.
The Orchard Gitg Record
Thursday, Feb. 9
Saturday is Bargain Day, so do not
fail to be there.
We have Bargains that will
open your eyes.
Remember our goods are absolutely
fresh and of A 1 Quality.
Specials for Saturday, Feb. 11th:
Best Japan Rice, 5 lbs. for 25c.
Corn Starch, 3 pkgs. for 25c.
Choice Evaporated Peaches, 21bs 25 c.
Quaker Oats, Rice and Puffed Wheat
two packages for 25 c.
-   Domestic Sardines, 4 tins for 25 c.
Oatmeal and Olive Oil Soap, 6 bars
for 25c. (large bars.)
We have everything to ma^e the ,
hens  lay.
Choice Wheat, Oyster Shell, Granulated Bone, Grit, Beef Scraps.
You will save money by purchasing
your goods at
Under tliis heading communications tcill '
be ivceiceJ upon tint) subject of interest. '
Letters mii.it be signed, be brit.fl, aooid j
personalities.   Tlie Editor does not nee-
essari i| endorse opinions giceti beloto.
Editor Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir:
On the eve of my departure for
Fngland I desire to avail myself of
ihe wide circulation of your paper
!o convey to all those whp have so
generously sympathized with me in
my late sad bereavement, my most
sincere acknowledgments and
The kindest sympathy has been
shewn in innumerable ways, and
my darkest hot r. will be clicecd
hy the recollection of the kiacl-
heartedness of the p' o.jle of
Kelowna. May 1 add that tl e
clitqie for $459.10 handed to m^
on hi 6th in t., and subscribed
loca'Iy, w.H mntcri. lly assist me.
Yours truly,
X bm reKtlMss «•>•
As the an yi.i»
There's ii  im:.!f   ••
will. lull.
■ For the lia/.e i.»   .;
And the dui-KM uic
hnu.   I.l!l.
i-'.u:i>  null.
\   !•• • ii ■ i tiat comes
Ul.' .-...v.
can almost
heai-  ilieu-  loaders  as  they
Tlie marriage took place at Ke'-
owna, on Saturday, Feb. 4th of O.
D. Campbell, to Miss E. G. Fox,
both of Westbank. The Rev. D.
J. Welsh officiated.
By the day.    Apply P. O. box 24.
M r Jen's house, six rooms, with  or without land.    Apply A. E. Boyer. Il-12p
Phone 35
Phone 35
TV-—, wj... jw«_. -iM-fj— maiimj;
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
.Anyone sending a sketch and description mny
quickly iiacortaln our opinion free whotlior on
iT . »•    -_._» WI__ .____,_>___•_*_.l_T_*       nnmmlliilKA.
liiToiition is prbhnbiy patentable.  Commiinlra.
tlons strictly eoniideiitfal. HANDBOOK <
[ on Patents
tlons strictly confidential. HANBBUUI. ont-aici
sontfroe. Oldest sirency forsecurliiBpatentiu
Patents taken tlirotii.li Muuu * Co. receive
special notice, without charge, In tha
Scientific American.
A. handsomely illnstraUd weekly. I*rg«t circulation of any scientific journal. Terms for
Cmada, '83.15 a year, postage prepaid. Sola by
all newsdealers.
MUNN &Ca.36,Broa*M»'New York
Branch Oflice. 625 V St. Washington, D. C
I've been furbishing my Kit,
Guns and all tli>' rest or it.
And the outfit's lyiny it-utly on a chair,
Boots and corduroys und nat
And my pipe—he sure ot that —
And the sweater  thut  1  nlways  used to
Hunting fever Is,  I think.
Stronger thun the thirst for drink.
Every year it leads ine outward, and 1 go
To the haunts nt boast and turd
Where the hunting call Is heard
And the reeds nre all o-qulver to and fro.
Aren't you coining. Hilly, too?
Oh, 1 know you've lots lo do!
But you follow my example—let It slip.
When the air t» liko champagne
It goes bubbling lo my brain,
And I take my rod and gun and blithely
Now, don't sit there looking glum.
NMdn't shako your head; you'll come.
Though your act Is good enough to fit a
But you might as well confess
That your negative means "Yes,"
For 1 saw you buying powder yesterday!
—Berton Braley ln Fuck.
Braced For Howls.
Riggs—It must require ii heap of
courage to face those bowling dot'-
Baggstaff-Oh, I don't kuow. It a.l
depends on your training.
Higgs—Whatever do you mean?
Baggstuff-ff you ever hail a new
baby in your house you would know
what I mean. '
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
 ^____^__ /
■ ■—  "       .       ■ ' ■   ■  ■     mi ■■   ■■ -«    i       ■      i mi i „ —..—j       -       iijfr        ii    i   ■■■  ■—    .ii ■ i ■_-        i—.in.!. — .■■■—
Stock-taking is nouxover,
And great quantities pf
New Spring Goods
Are Arriving Daily.
We expect to have all our new goods, viz.;
Boots and Shoes,
Dress Goods,   Furnishings,
' t.
Clothing,  Whitewear,
Etc., all on display before the end of February.
Come in and inspect pur new goods.
No trouble to show them.
Headquarters'for the Economical Buyer
A Perjured Pair.
Hire SlstPin. I lie great furniture
king, having made his pile, had settled down to the pursuits of a country
gentleman. He invited his friend.
Plane Flgger, to make a stay with
One day. armed 'with*the latest appliances for dealing out sudden death
to anything In the game line, he an-t
his friend trudged over the brown fur
rows, but at the end of three hours
they were still looking for something
to start the bag with.
Suddenly n hare got up.   Bang came
from  Hire Sisteni. bang from  Plane
logger.   And over went the fpnr'fooi
rd one..
'.'My hare!" shouted the es-fnrnlture
"My hare!" cried his friend.
They argued for ten minutes as to
whose weapon had worked the mis
thief. Then the keeper was called up
to adjudicate..
"You'd take your oath It's your ;are.
would you:-" he turned to Hire Slstoni
fiercely. .      *
"If necessary, certainly."
"And you'd swear 'twas your "are?"
'truculently to Plane Flgger.
"I would."
"Then think yourself jolly lucky
you're escaplu' seven years apiece for
perjury, cos It 'appens ter be my dog."
—Spare Moments.
8omewhat Cautious.
Two Scotch fishermen, James and
Sandy, belated and befogged oil a
rough water, were In some trepidation
lest tbey should uever get ashore. At
last Jamie"said:
"Sandy. I'm fearing, and I think
you'd better put up a bit of prayer."
"I don't kuow how," said Sandy.
"If ye don't I'll chuck ye overboard,"
said Jamie. ' \
Bandy began. "O Lord. I never asked
anything of ye for flfteen years, Bind
if ye'll only get us safe back I'll never
trouble ye ugaln. nnd"—
"Whist. Sandy." said Jarale. "Tbo
boat's touched shore; don't be beholden to anybody."-Short Stories.
8omo Difference.
"I don't believe any two words In
tbe English language are synonymous."
"Oii, I don't know. What's the matter with 'raise' and 'lift?'"
"There's a big difference.- I 'raise'
chickens ami buve a neighbor who has
beeu known to lift' them."—Philadelphia Ledger.
mpM iwij_^iwpliii«p_fas|wpiw
Plain Speaking.
"I believe In en 111 n; a spade a
spade," sal 1 tlje emphatic person.      .
"That's right, friend." replied Broncho Bob. "There was a man who
nearly lost his life here by gettln' Into
a game tin' try In' to call a spade a
club."-Washington Star.
Undid Hi* Work.
Flngg—If your doctor cured you of
Insomnia, why do you refuse to pay
Fogg-IIe sent tne such a thundering
bill that he brought it on again.—Boo
tou Kveuiug Transcript.        •
A Quick One..
Jlowell- Howell is a hustler.
Powell- Ves: lie would make the sy-
ernge moving picture show look tike
still life.-Now Vnrk Press.
What Otiu Wonders.
"Gee. 1 thought. Id die!"
".Josh:    \yiijt  did yon change yarn
mind?" • Cleveland Leader.
Remnants of Dress
Remnants of Silks.
Remnants of- Prints.
Remnants of Sheeting?.
Remnants of Pillow
Remnants of Towellings.
Remnants of Table
Remnants of Flannelettes.
Remnants of Cretonnes.
Remnants of Ribbons
Remnants of Laces.
Remnants of Embroideries.
The above
Remnants we
are offering cat
Greatly Reduced Prices
to clear.
The Kelowna*
Store        .-■■'.;
2 Cents per wonl, -fli      nserliqn and ',
1 Cent per word eac». subsequent,
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
~~~        '   HAY FOR SALE ~
Timothy in stack. Any", quantity   up   to
40 tons. ,.
G. P. Dolsen, 'Benvoulin.
• FOR SALE CHEAP    ~     ■"
I -5 room cottage on Richter street, with
or withont fnrniture.    Also, I   mare  three
years old, I top buggy and harness. Cheap
for cash.   Apply, E. J. Pettigrew. 4tf
To clear stock will be   sold  at   75 cent*
per box. Apply. R. E. Harris. 6 tf
r_      WOOD FOR SALE. ~~~~
Cottonwood, will deliver.  Phone,  patty
line,   R. E. Harris. 6 tf
Bay horse, nine years old, branded 32-
on right shoulde^, has white scar from
barbed wire cut on point of shouldef;
about 17 hands high. Liberal reward for
information leading to his return will be
given. ■-
White Valley Irrigation & Power Co.,
Vernon B. C. 6 tf
Three horses and one colt, also want to
buy fresh milk cow. Address Pirot Bros.
Vernon road. 9-'p
_     _. WANTED r~~
Seed potatoes, three tons Early Rose, de-'
livered at wharfe.'   J. Campbell, Rutland.
On to my premises, small bay filley, brand
indistinct, white star in forehead, four
white feet, small white split in right, ear.
Apply J- Saucier. Thirty days will be sold
if not claimed, to defray expenses.
160 acres of good fruit tand,'2J miles
from Kelowna and J mile from school.
20 acres cleared, the .rest is free from
stones and easify cleared. .Small house,
stabling for 6 horses also chicken house
and other outbuildings. Terms, $40 per
acre, $3,000 cash and balance to suit at
6 per cent, interest, per year. For further
particulars apply to P. O. Box 448 Kelowna. "   10-tf
Cabinetmaker ahd
Certified Embalmer.
On call night and day.
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.
(Section 35.)
Application for License.
Notice is hereby, given that, on the 4th
day of March next, application will be
made to the Superintendent of Provincial'
Police for the grant of a license - for' .the
sale of liquor by retail in and upon the
premises known ps the King George Hotel
situated at West Bank, B. C, upon the
lands described as Lots 9 and 10, Block 6.
Dated this 2nd day of February 1911.
  Applicant. -
..'■".    WANTED
Persons' having.city or farm, property for
sale to list same with ,me; as I .have several •    v
'prospective-fcuyers'expicfed: early in the
spring.   F; DeCaqueray.   ;». "     lltf'7
A   ANYVPERSONi'    A   7
Found cutting'or hauling wood for. any
purpose whatever onpr from ihy-prop**tyv:;
the  South  West  quarter  section No.; 3 •>
Township 26, will be prosecuted.
H.L, A. Keller.   10-M .'y
Several  White  Wyandottes,'. hens  and
pullets, Duston and Martin strain
Schell Bros. Rutland. 10-13
' .7 ;FOR SALE       ~~      ~~~
Team, weighing 30001bs., harness, . and
logging truck, price $600. , H. C. Clilders
KeloWna.'■/;.'7.'.    . 11-4      f
.Mr. Harold Tod Boyd now receives pi^no-.•
#forte  pupils  at  the studio, Trench Block
(Front room). Address box 374%Post office ,.
To have your yiratch examined
if it fails to.keep time :An isx-
amination of mine means correct
: time.- ...••'■••■.-
All kinds of Watch,;Clock,.and
Jewelery Repairs executed in a
prompt and satisfactory manner
on short notice, and all repairs
absolutely guaranteed.
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed
Family wash, excluding fancy articles, £>Oc. d°z«
Flat Work, <4.0c. Per ^oz'
Our work on COLLARS equals that done
at the coast.
Phone 1 59
Pendozi Streeit,
Near Bridge.
Parcels  called  For  Mondays.'
S. M. GORE, Manager;
'■■y-A--.-' Ayy
'.*.'.- yyv"''.
; -•':. . .■. ;,' v   yyr-


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