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The Orchard City Record Dec 8, 1910

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VOL III.   NO. 2
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of
City Council
Electric Light By-law - Ques-
of Street Boulevards to be
QrA meeting of the city council
was held last Monday, the Mayor,
Aldermen Harvey, Jones and Cox
beihg ptesent.
The minutes of the previous
meeting were read and confirmed.
A letter was received from Mr.
G. F. James requesting the council
"to place a 100 c.p. Tungsten lamp
at the corner of Abbott street and
Beach avenue. This was referred
to the Light committee. ,
The following accounts were referred to the finance committee, to
be paid if found correct:
G. Dillon, teaming on waterworks $.-.•■ 7 00
Collett Bros., teaming for Nov  '-.   2 75 J
Ian  MacRae,  taking  prisoner to
.Kamloops    26 00
Robt.  Violette,  taking   lunatic  to
New Westminster ...A..........   3950
J. W. Sanders, water connections...   44 36
H.Johnston, night constable,  sal.   70.00
Lawson, Ltd., Nov. supplies	
J. Cowan,  5  days'  special police
duty ".. ................ ...
S. D. Colquette, 1st engineer, sal.
H. Blakeborough, 2d        "
E. Fowler;iineman, sal.	
G. Goldsmith, fireman, sal	
G. H. Dunn, clerk's sal. and petty
P. T. Dunn, assist dark's sal..	
D.Mills, scavenger's sal  150 00
Ian MacRae, constable's sal....    80 00
Dr. Keller, rent of council chamber   15-00
R. Draper, work on streets         II 81
Kelowna Courier,   printing,   etc.,
Aug. to Nov............A.... ..N  69 44
Morrison-Thompson Co.,   Novem.
supplies ...........;.;..;;;.;..„;...:...
Kel. Sawmill Co., lumber and hauling sawdust	
Palace Hotel/prisoners' meals'/.....
Kel. Mfg. Co., waterworks supplies
I. S. Chamberlain, do."
W. C. Blackwood, work on streets..
G. Goldsmith,-work on waterworks
H. Johnston, taking lunatic to New
Westminster .....,...;..-.
Edwards & Fineh, repairs to Fire
Hail ;........
6 00
15 00
140 00
100 00
85 00
75 00
50 00
Missionary Banquet
Next Wednesday
The Laymen of the Methodist
church are making extensive preparations for their Second Annual
Missionary Banquet which is to be
held in the church on Wednesday
evening, Dec. 14.. The banquet of
last year was a very pleasing function; but the laymen hope this year
to excel their former effort. An
engagement has been made for
most excellent catering for the
supper, while the toast list introduces the names of the young men
of the church only. The banqueters will sit down to table at 6:30
p.m. sharp and the speaking will
begin at 8 o'clock. The toast list
reads as follows:
1. "The King,' proposed by
Capt. Knight, followed by " God
Save djxr,Gjfacious King."
; 2. AO^r#^rv%uig Battle Line,"
proposed by W: E. Adams, reply
by LeRoy Dolsen.A
3. "The Home Boss," proposed
by Leslie Dilworth, reply by
Mayor Bell of Enderby^
4. " The War—Why we are in
the Field," proposed by Dr. James
Baker, reply by J. R. Brown of j
5." "The Campaign—the Situation at the Front," proposed by B.
A. Moorehousc, reply by C. C.
Knight of Vancouver.
67 "The W. M. S." proposed
by K. F. Oxley, reply .by Rev.
J. W. Davidson.
Close Fight
in British
Fate  of  the  House  of Lords
-    Hangs in.the Balance
Fruitgrowers of Pacific
States Combine
41 12
179 02
f. 13 25
3 00
2 75
127 30
.   3 00
53 00
A motion was passed approving
the action of the Finance committee
borrowing the sum of $2000 from
the Bank of Montreal. The mayor
explained that this note had been
given by the city against unpaid
taxes which amount to about
$3,400. He also stated that there
was a considerable amount of outstanding scavenging, electric light
and water fees. From present indications he was of the opinion that
there would be a surplus revenue
at the end of the present year of
The question of the revision of
.the voters' list was then taken up,
and Aid.J4aryey and Cox with the
Mayor were appointed to constitute
a Court of Revision'to sit Saturday
next, December 10th, at 10 a.m.,
Aid. Leckie to act in the absence
of either.
By-law No. 81 was then, introduced and given a first and second
reading. This is a by-law to regulate the Electric Light service.
A request .was received from Mr.
R. H. Parkinson for the council to
place sand on the crossing in front
of Mr. Elliott's house. This was
referred to the Board of Works. .
The right of drivers of delivery I
rigs and others to drive over the
grass on the sides of the roads
came up for consideration. Some
owners of lots had been at considerable pains to fix up the grass
in front of their lots, and also
planted trees, thus helping to make
the streets attractive. It was felt
that some protection should be
afforded to such against having the
grass cut up and the trees injured
by driving over them.
After some little discussion the
Board of Works was requested to
frame a set of rules governing the
construction of boulevards within
the city, and also to report upon
the advisability of framing a by-law
in connection therewith.
The meeting then' adjourned
until Monday next, December. 12,
at 8 p.m.
Big Blaze Destroys
Old Livery Barn
The big old frame building formerly occupied by-Messrs. Collett
Bros, as a livery barn prior to the
erection of their fine new cement
structure, is the latest victim to
the "devouring element." Soon
after 2 o'clock Wednesday morning
smoke was noticed issuing from
the rear of the building, and before
the brigade was.summoned the fire
had gofalmost complete hold.
Fortunately there was no wind
at the time, or the damage might
have been considerable, as the barn
was situated in a dangerous locality,
with-several old wooden buildings
near at hand, not to mention the
hotel which is just across the street.
The flames leaped to an enormous height, illuminating the whole
town, and practically the whole
structure was burnt to the ground.
Happily the building was empty or
nearly so—a few tons of hay belonging to the South Kelowna Land
Co., and several bags of sugar being the most valuable of the
Anxiety was felt at one time for
Coiietts' hew barn, tbe large doors
nearest the fire being considerably
scorched. The horses were removed to the park in case of
trouble, but happily the precaution
was needless, as the well-directed
efforts of the brigade were successful in preventing a spread of the
fire.      •
School closes for the Christmas
holidays on Friday, Dec 16.
The medal won by Mr. C. E.
Weeks for the biggest apple in the
Vancouver show is on view in Mr.
Knowles' window. The result in
this case, Mr. Weeks contends, was
not quite satisfactory as his,exhibit
was distinctly the largest ' apple
free from blemish, the first prize of
$100 going to one badly blemished.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Thompson
and daughters - Sadie and Bessie
left this week for a visit to the
prairies anc to Belleville, Ont. Mr.
Thompson intends, before his return to visit his old home in Nova
One of the. curious features of
the election now proceeding in
the old country is the intense interest displayed in all partis of the
Dominion in the great struggle
between the apostles of the new
regime, with Mr. Lloyd George and
Premier Asquith as high priests,
and the followers of the Conservative opposition, who stand for the
established order of things, and
through whom the time-honored
assembly of hereditary rulers—the
House of Lords—is fighting for its
Partly is this interest of the Canadian people due to the fact that a
number of well-known Canadians
are amongst the contestants, but
more still to the momentous issues
upon which the election is being
fought. Questions of vital importance to the English people and to
the great Empire beyond the seas
hang upon the result of the present
contest. Though tbe Lore s are in a
measure pledged to some reforms
even if given a new lease of power,
yet certain it is that should the
supporters of the Liberal government be returned to office with a
sufficiently strong working majority,
the first Parliament of King George
will be the instrument of reforms
of a sweeping and hitherto undreamed of character. 7
Though the strife between peers
and people is no new feature of
British politics; though the fight for
predominence between the ancient
aristocracy and the new democracy
has for long , years past been
steadily growing in intensity, never
before has the crisis been so acute,
nor the determination of the
Radical forces so great as at the
present time.
Realizing that a success to the
government party mean inevitably
the. relegation of the Lords to a
minor place in the affairs of the
nation/ the Unionists are putting up
a strong fight. Aided, however,
by the Labor party and the Irish
Nationalists, who will naturally
stand with the Liberals in support
of their veto proposals, the chances
are in favor .of' a government
majority, i A7 -■
The latest returns available as we
go to press are as follows:—
Liberals  110
Labor    20
Nationalists....................   37
Government total .".  167
Conservative  151
Independent      1
Still to poll   351
Showing a goverment majority so
far of 5.
With a view of organizing a cooperative selling agency company
to dispose of the $5,000,000 apple
crop of the Pacific northwest each
year, Homer C.Atwell, president of
the state horticultural society, will
issue a call to the growers of Oregon, Washington and California to
meet in convention at Portland
within the next 60 days. It is understood that <he call will be issued
The company will be capitalized
at $500,000 and will be formed
along the lines bf those perfected
by the orange growers of southern
California and the raisin growers of
the Sacramento valley.
It is expecfed that the new system will assist much in solving the
market problem for the growers,
and at the same time will increase
their financial returns.
According to President Atwell
the convention is to be called to
consider details of the proposed
organization. It is expected that
orchardists from all the apple
growing sections of the various
states in the northwest will attend
In discussing the plan, President
Atwell said :        ) '' -_ .
" At the meeting of the Oregon
state horticultural society this year
the necessity of a more efficient
organization for marketing apples
was conspicuously prominent in
the discussion.
" While very little trouble is experienced in marketing fruit ir^fhe
east, it has been called to my attention that fruit from one valley
hammers down the price of fruit
from another. On account of this
and the lack of system the principal
markets are glutted while ^mihqjf
nyukets are neglected with a result
that the best prices are not obtained by growers. These inefficient
methods of marketing and not excessive volume of output are at the
bottom of the danger of over-production."
Farmers' Institute
Hold Meeting
Delegate Appointed to Attend
Central Meeting
Movement to License
Hunters and Trappers
Dramatic Society's
Latest Production
and Mrs.  Philip  of  Peach-
were  in  town  during    the
Canadian Members Elected
. Amongst the -several members
elected who are of Canadian origin
perhaps the best known to Westerners is Mr. Joseph Martin, the
former doughty Vancouverite, who
will represent for the second time
the London constituency of East
St. Pancras. W. M. Aitken, the
young Canadian millionaire.carried
Ashton-under-Lyne, and Hamar
Greenwood the Sunderland division.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Bray, returned
Tuesday from Armstrong where
they have been staying for some
time past, Mr. Bray having invested
in some property there.
A meeting of the creditors of
the Radcliffe estate will be held in
the office of S. T. Elliott on Monday Dec. 12th, at 3p.m.
Mr. H. W. E. Canavan, engineer
in charge of the Kelowna Irrigation
Co's works in Glenmore left for
Victoria Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Wardlaw and family desire to return their sincere
thanka to the many friends for
kind expressions and tokens of
sympathy extended to them in their
recenl sudden bercavment.
The W. C. T. U. meets next
Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at
the home of Mrs. Geo. Fletcher.
A good programme is provided.
Everydody welcome,
"The Private Secretary," an adaptation from the German by Chas.
Hawtrey, the most successful farcical comedy of modern times.was
first produced at Cambridge on
Nov. 14, 1883. After-playing at
Oxford the piece was taken to the
then: Prince's Theatre, Coventry St.
London (now the Prince of Wales'),
the part of the Rev. Robt. Spalding
being created and played by Sir H.
Beerbohm Tree. Playing continuously up to May 19, 1884, it was
then transferred to the Globe The-
atre.in Wych St., when, Tree being
under contract to play in another
production, the leading part of Rev.
Robert was given ta W.' S. Penley,
who played it with phenomenal
success in a run of over two years,
during which time as many as ten
performances were given per week.
Since this, the piece has been played in the provinces, colonies and
all over Europe, Asia and America,
and at the present day its popularity and drawing powers are undiminished.
All who enjoy a hearty laugh
should not fail to visit the Opera
House next week, when, on the 13
and 14, of Dec, an excellent company of local Amateurs under the
auspices of the Kelowna Musical
and Dramatic Socisty are giving a
painstaking production of the
Mr. W. Haug, his numerous friends will be glad to learn, is now
almost recovered from his illness
and expects to leave the hospital
next week. His daughter Bessie
who was ill at the same time is also
well again.
Mr. Johnstone, of Vancouver,
was in town this week looking
oyer the fruit land in Glenmore
district with a view to making purchases for some friends in Montreal.
Miss Katie Lloyd-Jones entertained a number of her friends at
e party Tuesday evening last.
A general meeting  of
owna Farmer's Institute   was
last Saturday in Raymers Hall
president, Mr. G.  T.  Speers
charge of the proceedings.
The meeting had been called
for the purpose of electing a delegate to attend the meeting next
month of the Central Farmer's
Institute to be held in Victoria,
A communication        was
read by the secretary from the
Minister of Agriculture, announcing
the date of the meeting and requesting the Kelowna institute to appoint a delegate and also to frame
resolutions to De submitted to the
The secretary also read a communication from the Summerland
institute, which had held a similar
general meeting last week, submitting their resolutions for the approval and support of the Kelowna j
Mr. Colin Smith, of South Okanagan, was appointed delegate and
a committee appointed to meet
Monday morning for the purpose
of drawing up resolutions.
The following resolutions were
adopted:— -
1. Resolved : That this institute
believing .that it is to the best
interest of horticulture and- agriculture throughout the whole province
hereby request the Local Government to take steps at an early date
to establish a horticultural and
agricultural college in this valley. 7$
2,; That'it would bfr in the bestr
interest   of   the   fruit-growers   of-f
British    Columbia    to    have    the
Oregon apple box recognized as a
legal box as well as that which  is
now prescribed. ,i
3" That recognising the great
benefit derived from the packing
school conducted under the auspices of the Local Government last
winter we believe it would be very
advantageous to have these continued the coming winter and we
therefore hereby ask the Government to,arrange for these schools,
4. ■'. That for .the development of
tobacco industry in the province
some Government aid is necessary
to provide an expert to travel about
and. give information and practical
assistance to those engaged in the
5. "That the existing conditions
in connection with the control and
distribution of water for irrigation
purposes are far from satisfactory
in certain districts of British
Columbia, resulting in excessive
waste, inadequate supply, and inequitable distribution, which often
lead to costly litigation: And that
large tracts of land remain undeveloped in consequence of the lack
of systematic conservation: This
Central Institute therefore requests
the Government to introdnce and
put into effect u system of Government ownership and operation' of
the water supply for irrigation
purposes by construction ot reservoirs and distributing systems in
this district.
6. That in districts in which a
Farmers' Institute hna to include
groups of members numerous
enough to form several institutes of
their own, and where such groups
of members may reside so many
miles from the centre^ giving its
name to the Institute that it is impossible for them to regularly
attend its meetings:. The present
subscription at 50c. per head is
insufficient to allow of the expenses
for holding the meetings of the
institute, from time to time at
places more convenient for these
groups, and that to meet such cases
it should be legal for any institute
to decide by the vote of a majority
of its members that the subscription
be one dollar instead of 50c. per
annum, and that- the Government
grant to institutes doing this should
also be doubled.
A movement, originating in Cariboo, is on foot among the professional hunters and trappers of the
province, to have a license fee established for trappers, in order that
the provincial government may be
in a position to regulate the business and afford greater protection
to the fur-bearing.animal8 as at the
present rate of depletion it will not
be many years before the animals
carrying valuable skins are a thing
of the past except in the most isolated localities.
Just what value furs are to the
province as a whole it is hard to
determine, but for the past several
years the territory tributary to
Hazelton has produced about $50-
000 each year. This amount includes all raw furs marketed in the
interior at the various Hudson's
Bay posts, as well as those disposed of to local merchants. Those
taken by whites are inconsiderable
and can scarcely be taken into account but the occasional inroads
of a white trapper into the hunting
grounds of the natives have been
the cause of a great deal of destruction, and are regarded by those
well informed as being one of the
main causes for the rapid decrease
in the amount of fur sold at Hazel-
ton or passing through for shipment to England.
Since no one knows when, the
Indians have had the country divided into tribal domains ard these
in turn into the "illahees" or hunting grounds of the families of the
various tribes. Within his own
territory the Indian regards game
of all kinds, including the fur bearing anijnals, as capital to be drawn
Qpqc^only"fof his requirments and_
in such a manner as not to decrease the quantity from year to yearr
When a white man starts hunting
and trapping in the native's particular hunting grounds, it is the
signal lot an indiscriminate slaughter. The Indian regards this
territory as ruined and that he
might as well get all he can out of
it while it lasts. This has resulted
in exterminating the beaver in
whole sections of country. y
Outside of any sentimental regard the practical side of the question dictates the preservation of
the wild animals, valuable for their
skins, that are not pests to the settlers. The natives are becoming
more independent of hunting as a
means of existence and it may
easily be that some steps be taken
toward the restriction of trapping
by whites and to preserve what, to
the province us a whole, is a revenue worth considering. Qyite
recently beaver have commenced
to increase as a result of the protection affprded_and they are spr- —
eading over parts of the country
where they were exterminated
years ago.—Colonist.
Angus McMillan is we regret to
learn, in the hospital, to undergo
an operation for appendicitis.
Rutland Nws.
(From our own correspondent.)
Rev. Mr. White, Supt. of missions
in B. C. occupied the pulpit in the
Methodist church last Sunday evening. During his discourse he gave
a very lucid and encouraging di«-
cription of the Laymen's movement
in Canada.v After the offertory Mr.
Geo. Whitaker sang " How Beautiful are thy Dwellings by S. Liddle.
The church is rapidly becoming
too small for the increased attendance.
Mrs. J. W. Woolsey has been
compelled to attend the general
hospital to undergo a serious operation. Later reports state that the
operation has been successfully
performed and that Mrs. Woolsey
is doing well.
The parsonage is already assuming an imposing appearance, and
Mr. Vance hopes to be comfortably settled in it by the new-year.
LEE—To the wife of H. E. Lee, of,
Rutland, Dec. 3, a boy.,
v<fcf,_' p^^^^^^^^^^p^^
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Dec. 8
A/eitfs of //je Valley.
Principal E. W. Sawyer of the
College returned on Saturday last
from Winnipeg and Toronto.
Negotiations will now soon be
completed whereby Okanagan
College will be granted complete
affiliation with McMaster University,
which means that students at the
College can obtain a standing which
tbe McMaster authorities will
recognize.—Sum. Review.
Of course no man ever performed an act of bravery in the hope of
reward. The men who do big,
brave things are not the class of
men to look for reward. But the
man who is brave enough to risk
his life to save another, not in the
slress of hot fighting where the
spirit of indifference to danger has
been roused by the excitement of
the game, but in the cold chill of a
winter's gale on the treacherous
waters of a lake—the man who in
tlie face of death, will plunge into
tKe cold waters of a storm-swept
lake as did Mr. Frank Bastier last
v ;ek to save the Jives of Robert
Lloyd and Thomas Wardlow, who
were clinging exhausted to a cap-
Azed boat—is one of Nature's
noblemen, though he may never
wear a crown or have his name
e:nblazoned on the scroll of Timr.
E >stier may never get more than a
nivdal for bravery from the Royal
Humane Society. He deserves
more, and we should be pleased
to learn that the citizens of Kelowna
have in some tangible way conveyed to him their appreciation for
his bravery and recognition of his
courage.—Sum. Review.
Vernon is apparently up against
a serious difficulty with their new
waterworks system. This big undertaking which has involved an expenditure of some $90,000 includes
a cement-lined reservoir, adjoining
which is a storage basin. The
work was supposed to be practically completed and reaay to hand
over to the city. Owing to misunderstanding between the council
and the engineer in charge of the
work, a second engineer was asked
to report on the work. The latter
has condemned the storage basin
as not only useless but a serious
menace to the reservoir, unless
large sums of money are spent on
it. The concrete-lined reservoir
itself, which was believed to be a
At the Opera House
"The Three  Musketeers"
The Daily Telegraph, North
Platte, Neb., says:
" Sanford Dodge, with his splendid
company, gave the play " The
Three Musketeers" at the Keith
theatre last evening, and the
audience enjoyed an evening of
rare entertainment. Every actor in
Mr. Dodge's company showed an
intelligent and masterful appreciation of the part he played.
It is safe to say the most people
know little of " The Three Musketeers." Scarcely anyone knows
the subject matter of this classic, so
to most people the attendance at
the play furnishes an intellectual
treat. This play is arranged by
Mr. Dodge himself, and reflects
great credit upon his talent and
The Merchant of Venice
Sanford Dodge, the Shakespearean actor, made his first appearance
before a Silver City audience this
week and he made good. Mr.
Dodge is a finished and consumate
artist and gives an intelligent, sympathetic and artistic interpretation
of the great roles he assays. On
Monday evening " Faust" was
given, Tuesday evening " The
Taming of the Shrew," and on
Wednesday evening, the most
finished production of all, a skillful
interpretation of " The Merchant
of Venice." This last performance
was as decidedly deliniated and as
clean cut as a cameo, and those
who went saw a living, breathing
thing. The troupe was better cast
in this play than in the others, and
Dodge himself in the role of Shy-
lock showed a versatility and a
broad sympathetic understanding
of human nature that bespeaks for
him a great future.—-Silver City,
New Mexico.
fine piece of work has been discovered defective and leaking to
the extent of about 80,000 gallons
a day.
Many persons find themselves affected
with a persistent cough after an attack of
influenza. As this cough can be promptly
cured by the use of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, it should not be allowed to hin
until it becomes troublesome. Sold by all
Boat Builder
Launches, Sail Boats
Skiff's, Canoes and Scotos
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.
Bouvette's Express
And General Delivery.
Meets all Boats.
Prompt attention to orders.
Phone 158.
Office, Wilkes old store.
If you are suffering from biliousness constipation, indigestion, chronic headache, invest one cent in a postal card, send to Chamberlain Med. Co., Des Moines, Iowa, with
your name and address plainly on the back
and they will forward you a free sample
of Chamberlain's stomach and liver tablets.
Sold by all druggists.
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
if   A WANT AD. in the Record
will bring speedy results.
I Kirk
Nervous Exhaustion
Night sweats are a sure sign of
nervous exhaustion. They weaken the body and depress the mind.
"AsAYA-NmraAU," will overcome this condition. It feeds the
nerves with Lecithin, the element
required for nerve repair. Full
control of the bodily functions
soon returns. Restful sleep is obtained, the appetite and digestion
improve, nerve vigor is regained.
$ i, 50 per bottle.   Local agent.
41 B A h h> »
Friday, December 9th.
Dancing 8.30.       Four-piece Orchestra.
Tickets, $2.        Ladies Free.
Tickets may be had from any member of the Brigade.
TT"" '      ■———■■■ ^l^J■■ i^»   m  .   ,   'mmmm^mmmm^m^^mmm^^m^mmm^mmmmmmmmamK^
Coming to Kelowna.
Special Engagement:
Miss Amelie Nickerson
And Excellent Company, presenting
the World s Greatest Plays:
Friday, Dec. 16th,
Sarurday, Dec. 17th,
it of Venice
Elabomte and Elegant Coaume_
AU Special Scenery and Wonderful
Electrical Effects.
Crowded houses everywhere.
Secure your seats early.
-. )i
Prices, $1,  75c,  50c.
Seats on sale at Crawfords.
HELLO !   What about your Xmas Gifts?
Here we are with a full hne of Xmas Goods for everybody.
Here are a few Suggestions:
Something for the Men:
Fancy Braces,
Fancy Hose,
Silk Handkerchiefs,
Something for the Ladies:
Fancy Collars,
Belts, Elastic and Gilt,
Silk and Net Waists,
Or a nice, Warm                 :
'       Kimona.
Something for the Girls:
Golf Jacket,
Fancy Hair Bows,
Fancy Wool Gloves and Mitts.
 ; —A._.v._.-L__-___
Give the Boy a Brand New Suit of Clothes, and don't forget yourself.
Come in and let us show you a nice line of Table linen (the set), Napkins and Table Covers
from $2.25 up.    No trouble to show you goods.
Established 1850.
»>.- Vi
Ij-LJJ'iin.ijL-L ^'y?T.'T.J?LT?".TTgg-J'-;'.. U-'-V'W.T ?'-""" *''-'^^'W^Wf^WV-.^"!^!' -"iL■.-"■-'*-"''^''"WT1" "*'^!'^Jl*'^"'-'-"':'■ T*V,'"'?"-',_'."^!■'-"'*>"-*..','!wu
IIW^i WByi^IOT^^iri^ijw^wyw^
Thursday, Pee.
The Orchard Cifcg Record
Pickjjout your Christmas Toys
at once, and don't get caught in
the rush. We will carefully put
away  anything you   may   wish
to select.
Search the world over, and you
will  find  no joy like the Christmas joy of the little child.
Joyful   anticipation  is  filling the
hearts of young and old.
Etierythm Akships, Flying Machines, Trains, Whizzing
Boats, W Performing Animals, Etc.
Fancy Goods,
Toys, DoUsa
Novelties,     _
Boys' Soldier
Galloping Horses
Doll Carriages
Toy Pianos
Hockey Sticks,
Fancy China.
—   »,•==..__«.   „—,.«, w_=__i ________ ■ __<..   m_r-___»i__^,frSl__W,l_r^4_il
A large assortment of choice Case Pipes, also
; Calabash and  Meerschaum.
Makes a well appreciated present for the men folk.
For home work, all designs.   A profitable and pleasant
pastime for young and old.
A very large assortment of "wood in endless designs
ready for burning.   A fascinating hobby.
Mason Risch
jr< i i   _
victor ana
Waterman s
Fountain Pens
Gillette s Safety
* *. LT _ v \
i \-^ki $
The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Dec. 8
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
A Sensible Xmas Gift
to your wife would be one of the following popular Ranges:
The Great Majestic Range (Malleable)
McClary's Famous Kootenay Range
McClary's Famous Sask-Alta
Buck's Happy Thought
Canada Pride (Malleable)
We have all these on exhibition at our store.
Subscribe for The Record,
And get all the local news, keeping, also in" touch
with the progress and development of the Valley.
Pictures in the Home
indicate refinement, and have a refining influence.
They cheer and brighten the home when the liver is
out of order and the stomach refuses to work.
We have a
New Stock of Pictures,
New Frames, New Moulding,
and an expert framer.
Mr. S. Barber returned last Tuesday from his visit to the prairie.
He will remain in Kelowna through
the winter.
Dr. White of New Westminster,
superintendant of the Methodist
missions, was in town last weekend.
Mr. W. R. Tiench left Monday
morning on a few days' business
visit to Regina.
Next Saturday morning the
annual Court of Revision of the
Voters' List will be held, as advertised in another column. As the
time is short it is advisable that
those who have a vote and desire
to exercise it should consult the list-
hanging in the post office or at the
entrance to the Council Chamber,
and make sure their names are on.
Mrs. K. F. Oxley, of Beach Ave.,
Parkdale, will receive for the first
time on Wednesday next, December 14th, from 3:30 to 6 in the
afternoon, and in the evening from
8 to 10 o'clock.
The ladies of Westbank have
organized themselves into a club
to be known as the " Ladies' Friendly Society of Westbank." Their
object is in the first place to raise
money for the establishing of a
library. As a send-off for the new
society a Masquerade Ball has been
arranged to take place on December 21st, at the Lakeview Hotel,
Westbank, at 8:30. Prizes are to
be given for the best sustained
character of each sex.
Mrs. J. Chapman left on Wednesday to spend the Christmas holidays with her brother, E. Ellis,
Superintedent of the Buffalo Park,
Mrs. J. G. Fraser, of Glenn ave.,
will not receive on the second
Wednesday as formerly, but on the
first Monday of the month.
Mr. J. Dayton Williams, the
district representative of the Mason
& Risch Piano Co., has purchased
C. Qyin's house on the lake shore
and intends making Kelowna his
head quarters. Mr. W. H. Crawford is the selling agent for Kelowna.
Mr. P. DuMolin returned Thursday last from his holiday trip east.
The large new barge which has
been for some time past in course
of construction for the Kelowna
Sawmill was successfully launched
last Saturday.
Mr. Geo. E. Boyer will give an
account of his recent trip to England and Scotland, at the next
meeting of the Young People's
Society in connection with the
Presbyterian church, on Monday
12th, Dec. at 8 p.m.
The Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian denominations are to have
union prayer meetings on the first
Wednesday of each month during
the winter, in order to take up for
consideration the subjects presented in the Teacher's Training Course. A movement is also on foot
amongst these churches to start a
mission amongst the Oriental population of Kelowna.
The Young People of Benvoulin
have organized a Literary and Debating society which meets every
Thursday evening from house to
The Kelowna Benevolent Society
was re-organized on Thursday last
and the following officers were elected : Mrs. Capt. Philip, president;
Mrs. C. C. Josselyn, vice-president;
Mrs. Capt. Knight, secretary; and
Mrs. G. Rowcliffe, treasurer. The
next meeting will be held at the
home of the president on Thursday
Dec. 15th. All ladies* interested
are invited. Anyone having cloth-
iog (especially underwear) to dispose of, kindly Have at the home
of Mrs. Capt. Knight.
The peculiar properties of Chamberlan's
Cough Remedy have been thoroughly
tested during epidemics of influenza, and
when it was taken in time we have not
heard of a single case of pneumonia. Sold
by all druggists.
Dr. Mathisorrwill be at Summer-
land until December 15.
Electric Wiring
AU kinds of Electric Wiring
neatly and promptly done.
Best Workmanship and Materials
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Enquiries "addressed P.O. Box 160
will receive prompt attention.
Knows and appreciates the advantage of quality in Kitchen Utensils.
Articles in everday use such as Pots, Pahs, Kettles, and the hundred
and one items of household equipment, must be of first-rate quality, or
be a constant source of irritation and annoyance. And when the best
goods made can be bought at rock-bottom  prices, no  time  should  be
lost in investigating.
We are Specialists in
Household Epuipment
Everything the  housewife needs  in her daily duties of Cooking,
Washing, Cleaning, and caring for the  home, from  a clothes-pin
to a cook-stove.
We are adding to it right along.   Several cars of goods are now
in transit, and we have a host of labor-saving notions to show you. -
Compare our Prices and you will be
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On Saturday next, December 3rd, we are offering a
Special Discount of Ten per cent.
Cast Iron Enamel Lined Ware.
Pots, Saucepans, Stewkettles, etc.
We do this to introduce to Kelowna people this splendid, durable,
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a trial to prove its merits,
Ten per cent. Discount on Silverware.
Pickle Dishes, Butter Coolers, Cake Baskets, Cruets, Salad Bowls,
Biscuit Jars, Berry Spoons, Toast Racks, Sugar Shells, etc.   These
are all the famous Rogers' 1847 and English make.
Special Show of Paints.
Martin-Senour Brand, 100 per cent. Pure.
These goods are guaranteed absolutely pure, and sold subject to chemical analysis.
Cover 25 per cent, more surface, wear longer, and are therefore more economical
i     than lower-priced adulterated paints.
A large stock of NAILS all sizes and kinds.
Prompt delivery and satisfaction at
E. C. SCOTT & Co.
Keller Block,
Corner of Pendozi St. and Bernard Ave.
rj'."JMr^r^r~'>'"' - .r—T.' • •r'frffijMMiiffi«*>"w »J^<-«^!M«KfW^^^'V™^^^^
Thursday, Dec.
Orchard Gity Record
"The Mighty Reo."
The car with the get~there-and-back
Wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds these two special facts:
Robin  Hood Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour.
Robin Hood Flour absorbs  more moisture
than other flours, therefore $dd more water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats, Bran, Wheat,
Barley and Oat Chop
Fresh Clean Stock, just In.
Just placed in stock.
Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
If You Want a
fOodMeal a*.
- Go to
Goldman's Restaurant
Meal Tickets at Reasonable Price.
Rooms to Rent.
fori the New Year Well
by subscribing to the Record.     $1.50 pays for 1911.
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Christmas, 1910
Your choice of Christmas presents will
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I \J I 5.    In toys we have all the latest novelties.
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A good selection of useful articles will be found in our stock of
Toilet aud Fancy Goods, Manicure Sets, Dressing Cases,
Fountain Pens, Gillette Razors, Boker Razors.
Special line in Razor Strops in Christmas package.
Do not buy a pipe until you inspect our fine range of
Briar and Meerschaum Pipes
CHRISTMAS CARDS of every description.
Lord Rosebery, in the course of
a speech recently at Manchester,
said: " The house of lords has
ceased to exist; it has surrendered
its powers to the nation. This is a
fact of enormous importance." Lord
Rosebery admitted that it was
deathbed repentance, but he contended that deathbed repentance,
if sincere, was valid and valuable.
By the terms of an agreement just
entered into with the Dominion
Government, the Vancouver Dry
Dock and Ship-building Company
has definitely undertaken the construction of a huge dry dock at
Roche Point on Burrard Inle,t, and
near to the city, at a cost of $1,214,-
154. The work is to be started
within six months and finished by
December 1, 1912.
A prize fight at Akron, Ohio, last
week was opened with prayers by
the Rev. Biederwois, an evangelist,
who was introduced by Mayor
King George and Qyeen Mary
will be crowned at Delhi as
Emperor and Emfcress of India on
January 1, 1912. The announcement came as a surprise, as there
is no precedent for such a function.
The ceremonial, it is hoped, will
help to destroy the germs of disaffection growing among the teeming millions of their Oriental
Japan has placed an order with
Vikers Sons & Maxim, Barrow-in-
Furness, for a Dreadnought bigger
than any under construction. She
will be a tonnage of nearlv 28,000
and will cost about $12,250,000.'
The coal miners on strike in the
Rhonda Valley, South Wales, are
acting in a most riotous manner,
destroying property and causing
immense loss to the owners.
The United States will have . to
draw largely on Canada for flax as
the result of the partial failure of
the crop across the border this
Honest John Oliver, one time
leader of the British Columbia
Liberals, was held up at Colbrook
station on the Great Northern last
week and relieved of $ 100 in cash
and a gold watch. Two men did
the " sticking up " and one of them,
it is stated, was later caught at
Blaine, Wash., where he is alleged
to have made a confession.
The C. P. R. will start two new
steamship lines — one "to South
America and the other to the West
Indies—from St John.
The moving picture men of Ottawa, alleging that they have been
unfairly discriminated against by
certain of the aldermen with regard
to the raising of their license fees
to $200, have decided to retaliate
by advising the general public who
patronize their establishments to
vote against the aldermen in question at the municipal elections.
Lantern slides to this effect will be
thrown on the screen at the various
moving picture houses at election
The report of Sir John French,
Inspector General of the Imperial
forces, upon his inspection of the
Canadian military forces, was presented to Parliament last week by
Sir Frederick Borden, Minister of
Militia. He finds the material and
fine spirit of the service in all ranks
excellent, but there is insufficiently
developed organization; inadequate knowledge in the higher
command ; in the test qualifications
for non-commissioned officers of
the active militia laid down in
regulations, not being strictly enforced ; and in the rank and file
uot being compelled to fulfil their
engagements. Only when the
regulations which govern the
constitution and maintenance of
the Canadian militia are strictly enforced will it be possible to say
whether the present system meets
the defensive requirements of the
country or not.
In the House of Commons last
Thursday, the Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King introduced his bill to
prohibit the manufacture, sale or
use,of opium, except for medicinal
purposes. The most important
provision of the bill is that it makes
it a criminal offence to smoke
opium. Mr. King explained that
the bill would make more effective
the legislation of two years ago. It
makes more provision for effective
search in cases where smuggling
is suspected, and places upon the
owners of opium supplies the onus
of establishing that they have it in
their possession for medicinal purposes only.
F. W. Peters, assistant to second
vice-president Whyte, of the C. P.
R., has bought a seventy thousand
dollar site for the C. P. R. offices,
at Edmonton. The owner bought
the land for fifteen hundred dollars
ten years ago, and sold it for fourteen hundred a foot to-day.
Ten thousand acres of land in
the West are to be divided into
ready-made farms for the eldest
sons of the Scottish and English
tenants of the Duke of Sutherland,
his Grace having instructed the
land department of the C. P. R. to
this effect.
. At a very large demonstration
made by Ulster Orangemen in
Belfast, it was decided to open
funds to provide arms if necessary
and arrange a revolt against home
mle being granted. % Thousands
bound, themselves never to pay
taxes to an Irish parliament. On
the other hand the United Irish
League of America has opened a
fund to aid the Irish in the fight for
Home Rule.
The  Old  Cheshire  Cheese,  In
the Heart of London.
A Noble Pastry It Is, and It Wu
Sampled by Such Men na Gladstone,
Diokens, Thackeray, Tennyaon, Trol-
lope and Whistler.   ".
The new fhe hose and reel re.
cently ordered by the city arrived
the other day. This will give the
brigade a very fair equipment of
Can be had by ambitious - young men
and ladies in the field of wireless or railway telegraphy. Since the 8-hour law
became effective, and since the wireless
companies are establishing stations throughout the country, there is a great shortage
of telegraphers. Positions pay beginners
from $70 to $90 per month, with good
chance of advancement. The National
Telegraph Institute operates six official
institutes in America, under supervision of
R.R. and Wireless Officials ant) places all
graduates into positions. It will pay you
write them for full details at Davenport,
la., Gncinatti, 0„ Portland, Ore., or Memphis, Tenn.
The Rev. Dr. White, superintendent of 2 ethodist Missions, occupied the pulpit last Sunday morning at tne Methodist church. In the
afternoon he visited the Whelan
and Mount View churches.
Work is now practically over at
the camps of the various irrigation
for the season; and large numbers
of the men are coming down into
If you are suffering from biliousness constipation, indigestion, chronic headache, invest one cent in a postal card, send to Chamberlain Med. Co., Dee,Moines, Iowa, with
your name and address plainly on the back
and they will forward you a free sample
of Chamberlain's stomach and liver tablet*.
Sold by all druggists.
Rings for Christmas,
We have a very attractive Hne of these
goods at the disposal of Christmas shoppers
It has never been our privelege to offer a
more beautiful and pleasing line of Rings
at a scale of prices affording such perfect
satisfaction to the purchaser. We are
proud of our stock and pleased to show it.
Ladies' Solid Gold Signets, from $2.50.
Xmas Presents a Specialty..
Nearly all Amerlcaus wlien they go
to London make ii a point to visit that
quaint old tavern in the lieart of the
newspaper unci printing business, the
Old Cheshire Chee.se. to partake ot
Ita famous pudding.
it Is the Londoner's delight wheu ho
gets back lo Fleet street to make a
rush for tbo pudding, mid It Is almost
the last thing lie puts before leaving
It. Travelers in the Sahara have seen
mirages of that pudding, aud during
the Boer war the men shut up in
Ladysmltli and Mufeklug dreamed of
It at regular Intervals.
Precisely at r o'clock p. in Tom conveys the pudding from the first to the
'main floor, it Is a big pudding, and
the price of It la just '2 shllllngs-that
ia to say, a feed of It Is 2 shillings, as
much as you please, aa many shares as
you ask for, cut and eome again, all
for 48 cents of American coId. Cheap,
aye. and, oh. how good It is! it is
worth crossing the Atlantic to get a
sniff of It, mid the aroma lingers ln
the memory for many u day.
Big? The dimensions are Falstafflan.
It Is a round earihen vessel something
more than two do/.eu Inches deep, with
a diameter of about eighteen inches.
A noble pastry, my masters!
When It Is placed upon the service
table an elliptical white crust meets
the hungry gaze. Tom and his myrmidons take their places in front facing tbe host, who, knife and spoon in
hand, poses with geutle dignity and
benignant mien. It Is a moment of
solemn thought wheu every man hopes
that his portion will be larger than bis
friend's and that he will be blessed
witb an abundance of gravy. Bat
they ought from years of acquaintance
witb tbe host to understand that bis
band is as steady as bis Judgment is
No more and nothing better for one
than for another. He waves bis weapons, and the first onslaught Is made.
The room Is full of a delicious steam
bearing with it the concentrated essences of ambrosial substances. Tbe
guests sniff it up aud murmur choice
blessings on the cook, tbe original inventor, the house and tbe host. It la
a time when men feel good, one toward the other.
, One smell of tbat pudding makes
tbe whole world kin. This famous
pudding, which bas tickled the palates
of thousands, is thus compounded:
A cm. t or flour, water afii suet
Sheep's kidneys.
Mushrooms (freshly fathered).
Pepper and salt.
But it Is the boiling tbat does tt
For at least twelve hours this heaven
sent pudding Is kept slowly simmering
in nn immen.se copper specially constructed for tlie purpose. 'It must not
boil quickly, hut tbe same temperature be kept up the whole period. Tbe
Btenk assumes a Juicy tenderness; the
larks—not sparrows, as some malignant spirit has suggested, although
sparrow pudding is not to be despised
—are seethed to tbe bone, and you
can chew up eacb little songster without nn effort; tbe kidneys are soft and
mushy and offer no resistance to tho
digestive organs, and tbe oysters, despite their lengthened cooking, are not
leathery. Tlie amalgamation and assimilation of tbe variety of constituents are perfect; the result Is bliss.
Then* Is a story told of one eminent
litterateur who had seven helpings of
the pudding and still yearned for more,
and there Is another remarkable narrative of four men wbo ordered a pudding of the regulation size aud finished
it among tbem.
.). I'lerpont Morgan praised tho pud-
dins, and Theodore Roosevelt was de-
ligh'ed with It. Lord Heaconsfleld bestowed Ids approbation thereon, and
tJladsione I bought It far superior to bis
famous "three courses." Dickens.
Thackeray, Meredith, Swinburne, Tennyson. Trollope. Whistler. heighten,
Sain. I'hll May-all aorta of the best
of men of their day have fed upon tbe
pudding, and It no doubt helped to
inspire thetr work.
Apparently any cook can fashion It,
mix It. tin It. boll It. Let any cook try.
It. Lots of cooks have tried It, but tbe
results have not been satisfactory.
There 'wa. a man who ouce ran the
Old Cheshire t'heexe, and In bis day
the pudding first achieved Its great
fume When lie sold the old hostelry
and took n house in tlie financial district he announced that tbe same pud-
dlng the same In every respect—would
lie served every Saturday.
Many of ihe Clieene's old patronB
came aivunil to celebrate. Thpre was'
Hip size. I.in the aroma waa wanting;
fh. re were tin- Identical materials, but
tin tinvor was not In them It was not
ti"' same, not a lilt of It. There was
ii'iiiethlng mlving It may have been
■the shades of the rippnrted great ones
nt a hyp me time. And ho It In tbat
today, tiie fatuous dish or the Old
< In-shire cheese tauten as of old, nnd
its (levntees ininiot lie seduced by any
•leslvrnl^g Invitation based upon "Just
,i. L'ood" Mlniply lieeiuise there Ih noth-
•nn Just us good    I'hlladelpbla Ledger.
Striking Results Shown in a Test With
Gray Parch.
Even tbe fishes of the sea have pic-
lures on memory'h wail Experiments
have been i_n:de with neverul Ashes
as to their faculties for remembering,
but the must striking results have been
obtained with the gray perch, whlcb
live, chiefly on small tdlvery hued
sardines. Some of these were taken
andx colored red and were then put
Into the tank where the percb was
with several silver colored sardines.
Of course the normal sardines were at
once seized aud eaten, but it was not
until hungry tbat tbe percb made a
tentative meal of one of tbe red col*
ored victims. *
On recognizing the sardine flavor,
however, be promptly demolished tb*
remainder. Later tbe percb devoured
tbe sardines Irrespective of color, thus
showing not only truces of a memory,
but also tbe power to differentiate
Subsequently surdlnes colored red
and blue were placed In tbo tank together wltb tbe silver ones. Tbe same
scene was repeated, tbe blue sardines
not being attacked until tbe others
were eaten and buuger compelled investigation of the newcomers. After
this introduction tbe percb ate tbe sardines of all three types without any
Some spines of tbe sea nettle were
then fastened to the bine sardines.
These were at once avoided by the
percb, wbicb promptly got out of tbe
way of the newcomers. This showed
traces of memory, as tbe results of
contact wltb the sea nettle were, shown
and recognized.—Chicago Tribune.
Why It Comes Out Cold Through Partly Closed Lips.
When one breathes out used air from
the lungs through the wide open
mouth the breatb has the same temperature as tbe body, 98.0 degrees F„
aud frequently on a cold day we warm
our fingers by breathing on them. If,
however, we blow tbe breatb vigorously from the mouth tbe temperature
of the breath appears to be much lower than wben breathed gently and with
open mouth aud la decidedly cooling
in Its effect, writes J. Gordon Ogden
ln Popular Mechanics.*
The latter fact is due to tbe well
known principle established by Lord
Kelvin, tbat a compressed gas upon
expanding will absorb heat The
breatb. compressed_by being forced to
pass through the small orifice made
by the puckered lips, immediately ex-
pauds upon being admitted to tbe outer air and to do so must take up heat
This is also tbe Identical principle
Involved lu the manufacture of artificial Ice. Ammonia gas Is first compressed into a liquid and then liberated into a network of tubes surround-
lug large sheet iron boxes filled with
distilled water. Tbe liquid ammonia,
set free at oue end of the pipe system,
begins at once to evaporate, and by
the time It has scampered through tbe
long Iron tubes It bas become gas. As
we have learned, to change a liquid to
a gas .requires beat This beat Is
taken from tbe iron piping, an excellent conductor, which in turn robs the
water of Its beat,, thus freezing it
Tha Mexican Mosquero.
Tbe finest fly traps are not in It
witb a little Mexican spider named
mosquero. Natives gather from oak
trees a branch covered wltb this spider's nests and baug It up in the bouse.
Tbe spiders begin on tbe flies by wholesale. Mosquero nests are very tidy,
pretty and old muldish. A lot of tiny
beetles make their borne therein wltb
the spiders. Tbe beetles live on fly
legs, tbe crumbs and scraps from the
mosquero's table, and pay for tbelr bed
and board by keeping tbe web " -une
perfectly clean aud refined, eating
everything and dropping no litter In
the Mexican professional gentleman's
bouse. Mrs. Mosquero Is a very quiet,
orderly lady wbo never wanders from
ber own fireside or strays from ber
own back yard, bnt wben a fly calls
round she gets very busy wltb ber
spider knives and saws.—New York
.■.■■ni. Iii'*   are    mightier   than
,.c:mth of hand.  Sophocles.
Lovers of Sports.
The Anglo-Saxons love sport. No
mutter In what part or tbe world tbey
are found the spirit is strong among
tUein. Wherever the restless Anglo-
Saxon dominates tbe love of snort ia
dominant Tbe Americans are—at
least tbe most of (bem-descendants of
this virile race, and nowhere la tbe
love of sport so much exhibited as lit
this country. Our people, are patrons
of howe racing, of baseball, of golf, of
football, of all out of door sports aa no
other people. The Kugllab are great
sportsmen, but uot to the extent tbat
Americans are. for the reason that the
>PPortunlties are greater bere.—Nasb>
rllle Amerlcau.
Bad Advice.
Friend-What's worrying you? Manager—The prima donna of my company refuses to sing oftener than twice
a week 1 am making only hundreds
whore I ought to be making thousands.
Friend -I'd settle tbat. if I were yoU
I'd marry her (A year passes.) Krlead
-My .gracious, you look seedy! What's
happened. .Mannger'I took yonr advice and married the prima donna, and
now she won't slug at ail.
There w one word which may serve
as a line of pnntlee for one's life.
That ivoril is "reciprocity " What yoa
i« net « l n dene to yourself do not do
o  iilllefs
•'r -&■
"**>! W.
•  Hi.
■ it...
one Ann tn two bodies.-
A *,fc« ^.M^ky.^,.
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Dec.
Fruit Trees
Shrubs, Shade Trees, Roses, Ornamentals, and
general Nursery Stock.
Book your orders at once for spring planting.
The highest class of stock, true to name, and all the
standard varieties.
Salesman for the Okanagan Valley.
K.   E.   BOYER,   Manager.
On Pendozi Street, close in, with
one acre of land,
For $ 1 5 per month,
from Dec. 1st.
Situated within one half mile of town,' and being
about 100 feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town, lake and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
There ii only one GLENMORE. Don't mis* the opportunity of selecting a few acres of this desirable
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and we will
show you our sub-division
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.     Prices low.   Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
Wood and Coal
Masons' Supplies
Dunn Hollow Cement Blocks
Box loo
'Phone 66
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
Gane ■ Sugar ■ Only
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
Ih? British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company9 Limited.
Interesting Facts That Were Unearthed by Bill Nye.
Cheap Rre Wood
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
will deliver 20 inch wood for
$1.50 per Rick
Orders filled in rotation.
The Humorist'" Researches Shed a
Flood of Brilliant Light Upon th*
Peculiar Traits of the "Astronomical
Parodies on tho Planets."
Tbe famous Amerlcnu humorist, Bill
Nye, wrote the following article on tha
traits of comets for the San Francisco
Argonaut, Id which it was published
a Dumber of years ugo:
Tbe comet Is a kind of astronomical
parody on the planet. Comets look
some like planets, but they are thin*
ner and do not hurt so burd when they
hit anybody ns u plauet does. The
comet was so nil led because It bad
balr on It. I believe, but of lute years
tbe hnldheuded comet is giving Just
ns good satisfaction everywhere.
The characteristic features of the
comet are a nucleus, a uebulous light
or coma and usually a luminous train
or tall worn high. Sometimes several
tails are observed on one comet, but
this occurs only in Uusb times.
When I was young I used to think
I would like to be a comet ln the sky,
up above tbe world so blgb, with
notblng to do but loaf around and play
with tbe little new laid planets and
have a good time, but now I can see
where I was wrong. Comets also
bave their troubles, tbelr perlhellons,
their hyperbolas and their parabolas. A
little over 300 years ago Tycho Brabe
discovered that comets were extraneous to our atmosphere, and since then
times have improved. 1 can see that
trade is steadier and potatoes run less
to tops than they did before.
Soon after that tbey discovered that
comets all had more or less periodicity. Nobody knows bow they get it
All tbe astronomers bad been watching them day and nigbt and didn't
know when they" were exposed, but
tbere was no time to talk and argue
over the question. Tbere were 200 or
SOO comets all down with it at once.
It was an exciting time.
Comets sometimes live to a great
age. This shows that tbe nigbt air is
not so injurious to the health as many
people would bave us believe. Tbe
great comet of 1680 is supposed ta
have been tbe one tbat was noticed
about tbe time of Caesar's death, 44
B. C, and still wben It appeared in
Newton's time, 1,700 years after Its
first grand' farewell tour, Ike said that
it was very well preserved indeed and
seemed to bave retained all its faculties in good shape.
A late writer on astronomy said that
the substance of tbe Debuloslty and
tbe tail Is of almost inconceivable
tenuity. He said this, and then death
came to his relief.
Another writer says of the comet and
Its tail tbat "tbe curvature of the latter and the acceleration of the periodic
time in tbe case of Encke's comet indicate their being affected by a resisting medium wbicb has never been observed to bave tbe slightest influence
on the planetary periods."
1 do not fully agree with tbe eminent authority, though be may be
right. Much fear bas been the result
ot tbe comet's appearance ever since
tbe world began, and it is as good a
tbing to worry about as anything I
know of. If we could get close to a
comet without frightening it away we
would find tbat we could walk through
it anywhere as we could through the
glare of a torchlight procession. We
should so live that we will not be
ashamed to look a comet ln tbe eye,
however. Let ns pay up our newspaper subscription and lead sncb lives
tbat wben tbe comet strikes we will be
Some worry a good deal about the
chances for a big comet to plow Into
tbe sun some dark, rainy night and
thus bust np the whole universe. 1
wish tbat was all 1 had to worry
about—tbe comet's crashing into tbe
sun and knocking Ita daylights out
Tbere is much in the great field of
astronomy tbat is discouraging to the
savant who hasn't tbe time or means
to rummage through tbe heavens. At
times 1 am almost hopeless and feel
like saying to tbe great, yearnful, hungry world: "*
"tirope on forever. Do not ask me
j for another scientific fact Find It out
yourself. Hunt up your own new laid
piauets and let me bave a rest Never
ask me again to sit up all night and
take care of tbe newborn world while
you lie In bed and reck not"
At Solemn as a Funeral, With the Wo.
men All Weeping.
A Chinese in»nmi:t' is mi ceremony
—no talk, no levin nml unii-u cryiug.
The solemnity ot a tuueriM prevails.
After the exchange. <jf presents the
bride Is dressed with much care In a
red gown, brocade «>r sill; if she can
get It; her ejeius'ies are paintfHi a deep
black, and she wears a heavy red veil
attached to a sen rim heniUtress, from
which imitation pearls are pendent
over the forehead ^
A feast is spread iipmi :i table, to
whlcb the blushing iiiuie is led by five
of her best female friends. They are
Ben ted at the table, inn no one eats.
The utmost silence prei ails, wheu finally the mother leads nfi' in a cry. the
maids follow, and the bride echoes ln
the chorus. Then all the bridesmaids
leave the table, and the disconsolate
mother takes a seat beside the chair
of state where the bride sits.
The bridegroom now enters, with
four of his best men. The men pick
up the throne on which the bride sits
and. preceded by the bridegroom, form
In procession and walk around the
room or Into an adjoining parlor, signifying that he Is carrying ber away
to bis own home. The guests then
throw rice at the happy couple, a custom we bave borrowed from tbe heathen.—St James' Gazette.
Varying 8ounds That May  Be Heard
Through the 8tethoscope.
Tbe doctor hears some curious noises
when be places tbe stethoscope against
your chest Wheu the lungs are In a
healthy condltlou the medical gentleman bears a pleasant, breezy sound,
soft in tone, aa you draw in the breath
and expel It Should the Instrument
convey to his ear a gurgling or bubbling sound be makes a mental note of
the fact tbat you are in what Is known
as the moist stage of bronchitis. In
the dry stage of t,be same complaint
the sound Is a whistling, wheezy one.
One of the signs of pneumonia is the
crackling note that comes through the
stethoscope. It Is not unlike tbe sound
tbat can be beard wben your finger
and thumb have touched a sticky substance and you first place tbem together and then part tbem, holding
them close to your ear.
Doctors occasionally hear a dripping
sound, and that Indicates that air and
water have got Into some part of the
chest where they have uo right to be.
Blow across a bottle, aud you will pro
duee a sound which is actually to be
beard in your chest. It is caused In
the same way—that is, by air passing
over a cavity.
Did You  Ever Hear the Fans Cheer
Him For His Work?
Tbere Is one unique phase connected
with the life of the umpire which per
baps has never occurred to most lovers of baseball. You have often beet.
to a theater and seen the hero or hero
too—yes, even the villain—win round
after round of applause fbr some excellent bit of acting.
You have been to a football game
and heard some ball gladiator cheered
to the echo for making a long run that
resulted In a touchdown or for a flying tackle that prevented imminent
defeat When some player Is injured
they convey tbelr sympathy to him by1
cheering bis name.
You bave been to a ball game and
beard the fans cheer some crack
pitcher because In a pinch he fanned
some mighty batter. Ifs Just the natural way of the American to show admiration and appreciation.
Rack your brain, think your hardest recall every game you have ever
attended, then see if you can remember a time when the umpire drew applause for his work. Have you ever
beard the fans cheer the name of the
umpire after be has worked a fifteen
Inning game which fairly bristled with
close and unusual plays and got away
without a kick? If you can recall such
an Incident. Just dot it down In your
notebook that you were present at a
very, very unusual happening. /•
Do they cbeer the umpire's name
wheu be stops a foul tip with his shin
or has a swift shoot bounced off bis
mask? Yes, they do—not Any injury
to tbe umpire usually gets a round of
derisive laughter from the crowd-.
Generally, if he bas been going bad.
some leather lunged Individual re
quests that he be killed or chloroformed. Of course there are many people
In the stands who sympathize with tbe
umpire. Their sympathy is usually
silence. That isn't much balm to bis
Injury or feelings.
Applause would sound so strange to
an umpire's ears that be would proba
bly become so thoroughly frightened
be would Jump the back fence.—Billy
Evans In New York Tribune.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public,
B. A. Moorhouse,
C. Harvey,
B.A., Sc„ C.E., D.L.S.,
Kelowna,   B.C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
Amoc M«n. Can. Soc C. E      Graduate Toronto
Unhrenky .
Waterworks and Sewerage "Syatamt, Pumping and
Lighting Plant*. Concrete Con-
■truckon, etc    ——
Pooketed the 8llver.
There Is an amusing anecdote re*
gardlng Lord Crewe bow on one occasion ut a charitable entertainment he
leaned against a corridor 'wall and
went fast asleep wltb his hat In bis
hand. Home young fellows started
dropping half crowns and coppers into
the hat from a balcony above, and the
chink of the coins wpke him up. when
he promptly pocketed nil the silver
nml pelted his Impromptu benefactors
witb the pence.-London M. A P.
A Wink In the Dark.
There was to be tin attack by .night
The darkness was Impenetrable. A
sergeant addressed his section as follows: "Now. pay nttlntlon. No. 2 station. We are going to do a night attack Tin'Ye'11 lie no talking or smoking. If ihere nre any orders to be
piivw .1 d.iwn I will Just tip you the
It Is n great misfortune not to have
inlml enough lo spenk well or Judg-
:.M*tii I'lMiigli to be silent.
Filipino Buglers.
"Speaking of buglers," says Boatswain Juraschkn in bis article, "Captured by Filipinos." iu Wide World
Magazine, "It astonished me to find
tbat the insurgents had so many buglers and that many of them were of
tbe best. Tbey knew all our army
calls, although they did not know their
significance, i was often asked the
meaning of various calls and was careful to give them any but tbe proper
one. One Insurgent colonel asked me
what call was sounded as the retreat
from the charge. 1 told him that we
had no such call, but that, the charge
once sdunded. American soldiers -and
sailors went through or never came
back. He was very much Interested
and with good reason, as he bad just
escaped from tbe attack of our men at
Hollo and could well believe It He
said that charging was unfair—that
both sides should simply snipe at each
8o He Would.
A little country girl visited city relatives who dwelt In a fiat. Her visit
.lasted two weeks, and all of the time
they were warning her not to make so
much noise, not to run across the
street and not to waken tbe people In
the adjoining flats. In fact, they were
constantly curtailing her freedom.
Wben she got home Bhe told her papa
she never wanted to go to tbe city
again, and be said:
"You must have bad a hard time of
it    You do look hollow eyed."
"Well, papa." she said, "If yoa bad
folks hollerln' at you all the time you'd
look holler eyed too."-Pittsburg Dkv
Not Ambiguous at All,
In oue of Kngland's elections,a candidate for parlluuient, tbe late Lord
Kuth. called attention to himself by
cui'iins of a donkey, over whose back
two panniers were slung bearing a
ribbon band on wbicb was printed
"Vote For I'npa." It must be added,
however, i '• • • In each pannier stood
one of 4.oi u ...ith's daughters.
On a visit to his grandmother Harry
examined her handsome furniture with
interest and then asked, "Grandma;
where is the miserable table that papa
says you always keep?"-Success Magazine.
Galilei's   Rude   Instrument   the
Used In Astronomy.
Tbe first telescope was pointed toward the sky on Jan. 7, 1610, when
Ualilei first tried his rude instrument
and was rewarded by discovering some
of the moons of Jupiter. No great
magnifying power was needed for this,
us at least one of the moons-is large-
enough to be seen by the naked eye
dhl not the n^arneas of the brilliant
planet prevent this. Lenses'had been
known for a long time and were at
that time In common use by nearsighted persons.
The name of the real discoverer of
the telescope seems to be unknown,
but the accepted story now Is that
two young sons of a Mlddebury optician named Llppereley ' some time
between 1C05 and 1008, while playing
with some lenses, happened to bold
two of them at a distance from each
other and were surprised and delighted to find that the weather, vane on a
neighboring tower seemed to come
near them when looked at through tbe
two lenses. In April, 1(509, a little
telescope made In Hollnnd was offered
for sale In Paris.
The next month;Galilei, then a professor IB the university at Padua,
heard of this Instrument aud realized
nt once Us Importance In the study of
astronomy From the description of
the' Dutch Instrument\ he had one
made at once, and in August be astounded the people of Venice by showing them from (he top of the cam-
paulte persons entering tbe doors of
the church at Muruno. This spyglass
was less than two Inches in diameter
and magnified three times. From this
crude instrument of Galilei to tbe
monster telescopes forty Inches tn
diameter of the present day Is the development of only three centuries-
An Interruption.
Among tbe primary pupils enrolled
iu a Rultimore school is the son of a
prominent business man of that city,
says Harper's Magazine. One afternoon at close of school the youngster
sought out his father ln his office, to
whom he said:
"Dnd. I'm getting tired ot school. I
think I'll quit"
"Why," asked the astonished parent,
"what's - the matter, Tommy? I
thought you were fond of going to
school." -
"So I am, dad," responded the youngster, suppressing a yawn, "but it
breaks up the day so." —-
P.O. BOX 137
Financial Agent.
Money to Loan on reasonable terms
All binds of Financial
business transacted.
Office,   Keller Block.
Phone 5 P.O. box 273
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P.O. Box 180
'Pbose as   ri
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Mrs. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nurse.
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C
Phone 134
Hones: bought and sold on commission. 7 Dray meets all CJP.R.;
boats.   All kinds of heavy team.
<vork -A777 'Phone 20^
An Extremist.
A Loudon bookseller recently received this order from a customer:
"Please forward me a copy of Tennyson's poems. l)o not send one bound
ln calf, however, because 1 am a vegetarian."
Good Reason.
"Here's the doctor nguln, miss. Don't
you think he conies mote often than
he needs to?"
"It oil depends. Fie may be very
poor, Marie.".   -'roll Krou.
Think not that thy word nnd thine
done tinift be rlyiit   gophocles.
His Opening Break.
A congressman bad returned to bis
constituency to deliver a carefully pre-,
pared address. The day arrived, and,
loosening the first button of bis Prince
Albert, be "uttered Bis carefully prepared prefatory remarks, and to this
day he cannot understand tbe ripple
of laughter which swept over his audience when he uttered bis opening
sentence, "Before I begin to speak to
you I desire to say something." Be
said it.-Kansus City Star.
V        JOHN CURTS       Vi
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings.Town and Country Residences (\
PHONE No. 93
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
Miss P. Louise Adams,
A.T«(JmM« '■-
Scholarship graduate in Piano sad'
Teacher's Course of Toronto Conservatoqr
of Music. Late Teacher in Westminster
College, Toronto.
Will receive pupils for pianoforte
tuition at the studio.
Lawrence Avenue, off Pendozi Street.
Address: P.O., KELOWNA.
On the Way.
"1 understand that you owe everything to your wife," said the tactless
relative. ..'*'■
"No," answered Mr. Meekton, "but
I will If I don't stop playing bridge
wltb her and her mother."
Hsr Slip.
He-Do you think if 1 were to kiss
you your dog would bite me?   She -
Well- er  he's never doae it to any
one before.
Planting, Pruning, Sprauing
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
/ - <i
Pipe Fitter, Wells Dug and
Pumps, Windmills, Drains,
etc., repaired and installed.
Haroeif Aoenue, East gThuredai), Dec. 8
The Orchard Citij Record
"h& Universal
Ih making your selection
of Christmas remembrances, it will be well to bear
in mind that good books
are always appreciated.
Everyone would like more
They are treasured a life-
l time, and never lose their
!r present stock
wds you a selection
n>the world's
irary masterpieces.
prose and poetry,
mlar and classical,
fh artistic cloth or
ither bindings,
ndsomely decorated
a variety of editions
d wide range of
B. Willits _ Co.
Kelowna.    B. C.
(ONE 19
:. A- Bigger
and Estimates Furnished
lideqce,   10 Lawrence Ave.
Ladies' and
'Gents'. Tailors
[Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
jeiybody reads our
one next •week.
Mm T; Long
| Spi^ng,7
[O.* Kelowna.
Ail Varieties,     '{'
PhowllO.   .,. ..
W.C.T. U. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelowna branch
of the W.C. T.U.
TKe W. C.T. U. meet every second Tuesday of the mo(nth at the home of one or
other of the members. Visitors are always
Facts Worth knowing.
The principal of prohibition it a well-
known one in reference to all forms of
human life. Tlie first country in modern
times to enact constitutional prohibition
against the manufacture, importation and
sale of intoxicating liquors was Iceland, in
1906, with a population of 85,000.
The inhabitants of the Danish Faroe Islands, off the north coast of Scotland, ab.
olisHed the liquor traffic in 1907 from the
entire group.
■ By international agreement in 1888, the
sale of liquor at sea by " Coopers " to the
North Sea fishing fleets was suppressed.
Tne Finland Prohibitory law was voted
in 1908 and reaffirmed by a vote of 158
for and 34 against in Nov. 1909. But the
Czar of Russia refused imperial - sanction.
To counteract this piece of wickedness, to
make the "will of the people effective, 300-
000 persons leagued themselves together
to abstain from   all spirituous,liquors  in
Tamerfor, a Finnish working-class centre
with a population of 25,000, has put prohibition into effect aitd entirely abolished the
liquar traffic.  —       .
After the strike in Poland in "J 1606 the
spirit shops of the Russian government
were attacked by Workingmen, who pour,
ed the vodka . (liquor) into the gutters.
Tens of thousands pledged themselves to
abstain from spirits to prevent the government monopoly getting the money. , In
Poland there are ; four- temprance newspapers and 22 total abstinence societies;
In the Sweedish parliament, by a vote
of 89 ty> 86 in 1907, prohibition was approved since which date the "movement has
spread. A. meeting, called by the state
church ministers in Upsala cathedral declared itself in favor of prohibition, - under
which law four-fifths of the population aire
now living.. There are'[■ 136 'members bf
the parliamentary temprance group, 86 being total abstainers. There are 125 newspapers advocating temprance, or prohibition, and refuse liquor advertisments.
In Norway, in 1906, the;.direct veto was
extenced to the cities, and nearly one half
of these are now under prohibition. At the
Jast elections an average of 87 per. cent, of
the Voters declared against the traffic. Forty
daily newspapers adopted prohibition principles. -'/A A ■'■''■'■■■':■■'    '"''
In Denmark 446,000 people signed a petition asking for a prohibition law, giving
each district a vote7 Votes' taken , pve a
majority of 90 .per" cent. '•' ih favor - of '■ • re.
form. ;7 A"A -'/.'!'"' 7 -A-'.' 7  '"'A'
In Holland (a great drinking country) the
number of licenses is being steadily reduced. ^
The second World's International Con-
grass will be held at The Hague in Sept
1911, by the invitation ,of the- Qyeen of
Holland, at which 40 countries of the world
will be well represented and will deal with
matters of national and international legislation, medical science regarding alcohol
economies arid sociology.
The* above bets are food for thought,
not only; for our British Columbia temprance workers, but for our. politicians who
are most decidely n long way- behind the
advance steps' in legislation ' concerning
moral rform. Indeed, it makes us think
that we are stlH iiiTthe middle ages on the
west coast instead of being in the twentieth
The Churches
' St. Michael and M\ Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in the'
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth' Sundays, after
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock j  Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE, B. A.. Rector.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Service, at 11 a.m.; evening servicesat 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayar Mediae on Wednesdays at 6 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
D. W. Crowley Co.   |
Kelowna Ltd-
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Gooc.9 delivered to any part of
the City
We give our  prompt  attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
■   Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 6 p.m.
REV. J. W. DAVIDSON   Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Servicesat 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.
Wed . 7.30. Rev.D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
Tlie greatest danger from influenza is of
its reulting in p ri eumonis. This can be
obviatad by using Chamberlain's Congh
Remedy, as it net only cures influenza, but
coutract* any tendency of the disease towards pneumonia.. Sold by all druggists.
A "Wanjt" atf. in the Record
is a sure dividend-paying .
GP.R; TIME TABLE. .    $25 pel• ^«PT
Do You Know
real estate investments are the best in the
Okanagan in quality of soil, location,
prices, etc., and that they will triple in
value in one year ? Have you stopped to
consider? If not, just remember that
Westbank will be the largest, most industrious, and influential place in the valley.
Now is your opportunity. Most excellent
bargains. Ihe lots are cleared, cultivated,
fenced, and have young orchards on them;
well irrigated, and have good dornesti
water. Prices, $175 to $200 per acre. '
Other most valuable land bargains
Read up
Read down
The sailing schedule of the S.S. Okanagan during the summer months is as foi
lows. ':
Daily Except Sundays
Okanagan Landing
Okanagan Centre
Short's Point'
Naramata ..'.
5:25       -    '    Summerland
5:00 Penticton
Wwtbank    -   British Columbia
Hitch^rjros. !| p. BURNS & Co., Ltd.
' Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley . Co ; Ltd.    .
The Kelowna Hospital Society, have ari
Insurance in. force which .they wish to
bring before the notice of the public. ■<;■
For the sum of $10 bachelors ormarried
men- may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which .'entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageoiis or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary, Room 1. Keller Block, dr P.O. Box
275, Kelowna, B.C. -
KeloWna Public School
Portraits and Local
Views, in Calendars,
Post Cards and
Christmas Cards.
Largest Studios in the Interior
Portraits by appointment.
Pendozi Street   -    Kelowna
Smith Street     -    Penticton
That Photograph you intend to
send at Xmas or New Year's can
be made at Grays Studio any Wednesday to Saturday inclusive. Rowcliffe Block.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat
Daily      ^
Full supply of Hams and Bacon f|
Fresh Fish in season
e__j_  *__E* ____.
5____t_ ^*-Jp
'    *.'
<    v.
W LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135
A sprained ankle will usually disable
the injured person for three or four weeks,
this is due to lack of proper treatment.
When Chamberlain,* Liniment is applied
a cure may be affected in 'three or four
days. This liniment is oat of the best 'and
most remarkable preparations in use. Said
by all druggists.
Boot & Shoe Maker
and Repairer.
Ladies' and Children's Work, and
Men's Light Goods,
Next Royal Bank.
... The following, aire the ntuties of
the pupils whose regularity of at.
tendance and diligence in work has.
been of an excellent nature. The
names are arranged in order of
meirrit:   7; : '■■/■■' '.' ''- ;'; ".
Senior.  IV. — Gordori Whitehead,
-.■ • Ethelwyn "Jones, Will McKeown,
Bernard McKeown, Chas. Shayler
Junior. IV. — Geo.. Silke, Ralph
Ritchie, True Davidson.
Senior 111.'— Louie - Evans, Lydia
McKeown, Beata Lloyd-Jones,
Teria McMillan.
Junior Ul.—-Dorothy Evans, Willie
Bradley, Frances Buckland, Violet
Ling.   ■;'■■*' : A'\-
Senior., JI.-^ToriA_Eyans._ _Norman^
DeHart, Mack Copeland, Vivian
Jones, Roland Barlee.   V  v 7
Junior II.—Geo. Pettigrew, Judson
Copeland, Cyril Weddell, Harold
Herdman, Guy .DeHart.:;.
Senior I,—Terence Crowley, Clayton Fraser, Emma Rutledge, Clifton Ferguson. .:  j
Junior I.—Dorothy Francis, Vera
Lawson, Ray Elliott, Emma Millie
Kathleen McKenzie.
2nd Primer, Sr.—Pearl Downing,
Carl McKenzie, Allie Bawtin-
heirrier, Jacob Krimmer, Eva
Collins. 7 7 yA A '    .; r
2nd  Primer, Jr. — Lizzie Wilson,
Flossie Patterson, Isabel Copeland, Henry Tutt, James Ander*
'.. son. ;-'.A A. A
1 st Primer: Class A—Annie Wilson
Emile Marty, Bob Burtch, Joe
Sandi, Gladys Hall.
Class B—Nellie Jones, Flora Ball,
-   Gladys Teal.  Leonard  Gaddes,
Beth Davis.
Class C—Violet Dillon, Kathleen
Hinks, Gunti Teal, Willie Birch.
No. on roll Average
Div.   I.        34 30.18
""    H.        45 40.72
"   IU.        36 33.91
"  IV.        46 44.54
"   V.        40 34.13
Total       — —r—
201 183.38
Aattendance percentage 91.23
A R. LORD, B. A,
We hold a big stock of
Drop in and see them when next in town.
S.   T   ELLIOTT,  '-: Kelowna, B. C.
-1 v«f
s-1* *"\ »'•"•
m    -X<~    •      " .     .
1 'i_a____L _*___&_i______
^-.-    .   . fljsffigiijSjFffi'i^^
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Dec. 8
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can do for you.    We can save
you money.
We please others, why not please you ?
Quality and a Satisfied Customer.
Specials for Saturday, Dec. 10th.
Laundry Starch 10c package
Cooking Figs  31bs 25c
Bulk Raisins    31bs 25c
Sardines in Oil  3 tins 25c
Fancy Table Syrup  21b tin 20c
'_*fllifeRUrrS AND CANDY
Dec. 13 th & 14 th.
By a capable local amateur company.
Under the auspices of the Kelowna
Musical and Dramatic Society.
Doors open at 7. Curtain at 8 sharp.
Tickets and plans of house at Crawford's store.
Phone 35
Phone 35
Agency for all kinds of Music,
Songs, Dances, Instrumental,
and  Church  Music, and
Teachers' Supplies.
Violins' Banjos, etc., and fittings
for same.
If you  desire   prompt   delivery   at
lowest rates order from
P. O. Box 325, Kelowna.
2 Cents per word, first Insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Bay Horse, about 1500 lbs., branded H in
circle.   Information may be left at Record
Office.   Finder rewarded.
Two furnished house keeping rooms  in
the Spedding block.  Apply on premises.
If your business is
not worth advertising,
advertise it for sale.
All kinds off Repairs
10 acres of improved fruit land five miles
from Kelowna with 450 fruit trees set  out
in spring of 1909.     Price  and   terms  on
application to,  W. Shanks, Kelowna
The People's Store
Phones: Grocery, 214   Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
In an endless variety from 5c. up.
There is nothing that will make a nicer present than a
real nice Handkerchief,
And this is the place to get the very latest.
To complete your Costume
the LISSUE Handkerchief
(Section 35.)
Application.(or License
Notice is hereby given that, on the 31st
day of December next, application will be
made to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police for the grant of a license fer the
sale of liquor by retail in and upon the
premises known as the Lakeview Hotel
situate at Westbank, B. C, upon the lands
described as Lots 9 and 10, Block 6.
Dated this 24th day of November, 1910.
The Actor's  Encounter  With an  lm-
pertinont Critic.
Many yeara ug<> Kdwiu Forrest, the
celebrated actor, wben In New Xork,
waa In tbe ttablt of dining at Win-
dust's, a noted restaurant on Park
row that wub a favorite resort of actors and literary men. It usually happened tbat Forrest would be Joined by
friends and that tbe little'group would
Bit together at one table. On one occasion It chanced that an Englishman
witb a reputation for conceit and Im^
pertinence, who had scraped acquaint
ance with the tragedian, was one ot
tbe group.
Early in the course of the .dinner tbe
Englishman began to make criticisms
whlcb he considered pleasantries about
Forrest's conception of certain roles.
Encouraged by bis own appreciation,
be gave full play to his humor and
concluded' each of bis Impertinences
with "Pardon my freedom, sir—It's my
To the astonishment ot all who knew
Forrest's Irascible disposition he bore
I be Briton's offensive remarks patiently and seemingly Ignored tbem as far
ns possible. Wheu, however, the nuts
were brought In by the waiter be
took several cracked walnuts in his
band and, walking over to the Briton's
place, jocularly snapped tbem successively ln (be face of that individual,
lightly saying after each shot, "1'ur
don my freedom, sir—It's my way,"
nud snapped bim out of the restaurant.
Wanted, capable for  general housework.
Family of five,  no  children.   Apply P.O.
box 270, Kelowna. 2
Secondhand Gramaphone or phonopraph,
state make, slso side hill plow  and  small
iron bed.   Postmaster, Wiison's Landing
Ladies and gentlemen interested in Stage
Production to communicate wjth H. A.
Grey who is producing a well known London comedy in aid of local charities and
the City Band fund. v
TTHE LISSUE is of cobweb fineness
*   and (eels like silk. White, and several
charming coloured patterns to harmonize
with the gown. The finish and colours are
absolutely guaranteed to suffer
no harm from washing..
Every LISSUE Handkerchief Is
guaranteed indelible colours,
superior quality and permanent
finish. If found otherwise, you
can obtain six handkerchiefs for
everyone that fades or rune In
Municipal Voters' List, 1911.
Notice is hereby given that the Court of
Revision will be held on Saturday, December 10th, 19 It), at ten o'clock in the forenoon
at the City Clerk's office, Bernard Avenue,
for the purpose of hearing and determining any application to strike out the name
of any person which has been improperly
placed upon the Municipal Voters list 1911
or to place on such List the name of any
person improperly omitted from same.
Kelowna, B. C, G. H. DUNN,
December 1st, 1910. Gty Gty.
Over 8eventy-eight Miles an Hour Haa
Been Recorded.
Interesting facts about waves were
given by Dr. Vaughan Cornish In one
of his lectures, lu the north Atlantic,
be said, waves bad been measured, tbe
largest of which was somewhat more
than forty feet high, with a length
from crest to crest of 560 feet It was
in the southern Indian ocean tbat
waves attained their fullest development, and tbey bad been measured
there with a length of 780 feet.
In tbe Atlantic it bad been found
that waves attained a speed of tblrty-
figbt miles an hour in a wind of about
forty-four miles an hour. Speaking of
tbe swells In the waves that run freely on the surface of tbe sea after the
wind bus ceased, Dr. Cornish said tbat
during a storm In December, 1808, be
recorded breakers near Bournemouth
which moved at sixty-seven miles an
hour nnd und a length from crest to
crest of 1.900 feet. In February. 180tt.
In» observed breakers on the same
shore wblch had a speed In deep water of not less than seventy-eight and
a half miles an hour.—London Family
For Sale only by
Headquarters for the Economical,Buyer
01 E.A1T1
1 l_4l\lVl
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66 Kelowna, B.C.
When Kissing Was Costly.
The case of tbe people against Mur-
line. hoard by tbe governor of New
n.ivpu colony in council on May day.
KitiO, indicates tbe attitude toward unlicensed kissing In those times. It ap-
pen red that Jacob Murllne and Sarah
Tuttle hnd bran caught kissing each
other Jacob tried to throw the blame
on Snrab, saying be thought she bad
••with Intent let fail her gloves." Sa-
nib denied tbe Intent. Jacob tben admitted that he "tooke ber by tbe band
and tbey both sal down upon a chest,
hut whether he kyssed her or she
lijr.sed him be knows not, for be never thought of It since until Mr. Raymond told bim that he bad not layde It
to heart as he ought." The stern governor, after duly lecturing the guilty
parties ou the enormity of tbelr offense, decreed that "the sentence therefore concerning them Is tbat they shall
liay either of tbem a fine of 20 shillings to tbe colony."
That-we have
The Finest
Stock in Town
from which
to select your
gifts for relatives and
Your thought-
fulness in giving something
Ihey might
have to buy
will appeal to
the practical
mind, and is
doubly sure of
being appreciated on that
The Kelotona
P.S. Remember we
have always given 5
per cent, off on all
cash purchases.
You intend to send
Xmas or New Year
can  be   made   at
Photo Studio
Any Wednesday to
Saturday inclusive.
Khartum owes its existence to an
oriental form of treachery. Wheu
Khedive Mohammed All Invaded the
Sudan iu ii20 he -marched triumphantly to Shendl. where his troops were
fiitertalned at a banquet by tbe submissive natives. Rut while the the-
dive's high officials were seated at tbe
feast tbey shared tbe fate of the
rlauds and were themselves reduced
to funeral baked meats. Pal) of fury,
the army fell on Shendl nnd demolished It. Marching south, the Invaders
reached tbe Junction of the Blue Nile
nud White Nile. Wltb the conqueror's Instinct they recognized tbat the
strip of land, wltb Us few fishermen's
huts of straw, formed ideal strategical
headquarters, so Khartum finally grew
Into the most sensitive part of the
Sudan organism.
Cabinetmaker axiji
Undertaker.   7
Certified Embalmer.
On call night and day.
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.
Rowcliffe Block
Doubling Up.
A boy of eight years was asked by
sis teacher where tbe zenith was. He
•eplled. "Tbat spot ln tbe heavens dl
.'ectly over one's bead."
To test bis knowledge further the
teacher asked:
"Can two persons bave the same m-
nlth nt tbe same time?"
"They can."
"If one staud on the other's bead."
Taxing ths Language.
Daughter-Mamma, can't I have a
little money for shopping this rooming? Mrs. Malaprop-No. dear; there's
the taxes to pay. and I expect the tax-
iditrtnlat arouud any moment-Boston
Ths Value of Art.
De Friend-What Is that picture Intended    to   represent?    De   Artist —
iBoard and lodging for six  weeks. -
Milwaukee Wisconsin.
I Learning le ever lo tbe freeboeM of
ff ;_*%m° (or tte old.~A«Kl)_.lMt
Ate You Puzzled ?
to know what to give for Xmas. If so,
perhaps a look through.my stock will
lessen the difficulty. I am showing a
line of small inexpensive novelties that
will surely please the recipient and
make the task of choosing a little easier,
for the giver. . The time' is ' passing
quickly and the puMic should bear in
mind to "shop early" thereby getting
the best sslction and saving worry at
the last minute, Drop in and look, around anyway and perhaps you Will find
"it" Here.
No trouble to show goods. ',*
Bernard Avenue.
All wori\ absolutely guaranteed
t^     .,. *mw i*«*^u..-,^f.,»f..»"*H«ff-


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