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The Orchard City Record Dec 1, 1910

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And   the   world   is
with you;  Quit and
you stand alone.
Circulation Highest,
Rates Lowest.
VOL MI.   NO. 1
a ymm
Job Printing
Special Facilities for
Executing High-
Class Half-Tone and
General Letterpress
$1.50 Per Annum.
Britsh Parliament Dissolved
Struggle Between Lords and Commons on the Veto Question
Precipitates General Election   -   Power of the Lords
Will Be Greatly Curtailed
The second Parliament in the
reign of the Late King Edward VII.,
which met on Feb. 15 last, was
dissolved Monday in pursuance of
the programme of the Liberal
government to go before the
country on the. question bf the prerogatives of the House of Lords.
The King's speech was notable
for its brevity, the only reference
to the constitutional crisis being an
expression of regret because the
conference between the leaders of
the opposing controlling parries
had failed of an agreement as to
the reformation of the upper chamber.
The dissolution, says a later dispatch, brings to a crisis the supreme
.struggle now in progress to limit
the legislative powers of the House
of Lords and thereby permit the
elective branch of Parliament, the
House of Commons, to exert larger
powers in affirming legislation,
more particularly measures relating
to Irish home rule and the financial
The present House of Commons
has a ministerial majority of 124!
and the present standing of the
various members is as follows:
. Liberals, 275 ; Labor members, 40;
Nationalists. 71 ; Independent
Nationalists, II; Unionists, 273.
Ofthe entire foregoing, the first
groups are generally counted as
supporters of the ministry, giving a
ministerial strength of 398, as
against the Unionist  strength of
7-. The last general election^follow-
. ed dissolution of January 10-last.
Prior to that the ministerial tnajctrity
was 334. The former dissolution
was also based on the issue; of the
House oj Lords, Premier Aspuith
having introduced a resolution declaring that the refusal of the Lords
to enact the-financial budget passed
by the Commons had constituted
a ''breach of the constitution and1
a usurpation of the rights of the
Rival Proposals From the Government
aad the Lords
The News-Advertiser in a recent
editorial,thus sums up the situation:
Alternative veto schemes are now
before the British people. Lord
Landsdowne has given notice of
> his plan for the settlement of disagreements that arise between the
House of Lords and the House of
Commons* His programme must
be reac in conjunction with the reorganization proposition already
submitted to the House of Lords
and adopted. Thus the conservative platform now provides—
That no man can inherit a seat
in the House of Lords.   *
Thus the Lords of Parliament
shall comprise three groups: one
elected by peers from among
themselves, one holding seats by
virtue of office or position in the
nation, and one elected by the
outside people in some way to be
That the chamber so reformed
shall forego the right to deal with
money bills, in which the provisions
arepurely financial.
That in respect to otHer legislation, if the two chambers are unable to agree in two successive
sessions, they may meet together
and determine the issue on a joint
vote, providing that in grave questions the issue may be submitted
to the electors by the referendum.
No. method is suggested to determine whether a questibn is grave
enough for a referendum, but it is
proposed that a joint committee
shall decide whether money bills
have other and foreign matters
concealed on their premises.
As opposed to this programme
the, government submits no readjustment or change in the constitution of the House of Lords, But
Mr. Asquith proposes—
That the Houre of Lords shall
not interfere with money bills, and
the House of Commons shall determine whether a measure pro
posed is a genuine financial measure.
That all other measures shall
become law if three times passed
by the House of Commons in suc-
cescive sessions in the course of
two years or more, though the
House of Lords shpuld reject it on
every occasion.
Mr. Ajsquith also proposes that
no parliament shall continue for
more than five years. Incidentally
he promises to introduce a measure
for the payment of members.
Power of the Lords Restricted in
Any EVent
It is clear that important const!
rational changes are impending.
In any case the power of the House
of Lords will be greatly restricted
Should the government programme
prevail the Lords will possess only
a suspensive power, and that only
applying to certain classes of legislation, and suspending only for two
years, without the right of referertce
to the electorate. Should the conservatives win there will be a formal surrender of power over money
bills, which power has not been
generally exercised except in cases
where it has been alleged that
other legislation has been "tacked"
on. In respect to other legislation
the power of absolute veto will be
lost, but large authority would
remain in the right to a joint vote,
and in grave questions the power
to order a reference to the people.
^Referendum New to BritUIyPolitk^
Neither the referenduir^iujfxtbe
joint vote is-known to the constitution ' of Great Britain. But both
are familiar in some of the self-
governing {dominions. The constitutions of Australia and South
Africa provide methods of ending
a deadlock between the two
chambers. Joint sittings and compulsory dissolution are the remedies
The referendum has been in use in
the Dominion of Canada and in
most of the provinces, though not
for the purpose that Lord Landsdowne proposes. It is also known
in Australia and New Zealand as
is means of ascertaining public
opinion on certain questions.   . ■
Kelowna Fruit for
Old Country
F. R. E. DeHart Gathers Car of
Choice Apples for Dominion
Government Experts to Give
Short Courses
Coming Agricultural
That Kelowna's fruit ranks high
in the estimation of all - who have
to do with the advertising of
Canada's rescourses to the folks
across the sea is evidenced by the
car of choice fruit which has just
been shipped by" Mr. F; R. E. De-
Hart at the request of the Dominion
The apples, which comprise
several varieties, are intended to
be exhibited by the government at
the great Empire Show in London,
which is being organized by that
prince of exhibition planners, Mr.
Imre Kiralfy, in honor of the
coronation of King George, which
takes place sometime-next June.
At the great Empire Show all parts
of the King's domains will be represented by characteristic scenes
and products.
The car of Kelowna apples consists of 400 boxes. Of those Mr.
Thos. Bulman has contributed 45
boxes of Baldwin and White Winter
Pearmain; Mr. Reekie, 109 boxes
of Ben Davis and Rawies Jenat;
Vernon Fruit Co., boxes of Lawver,
Spitzenburg and Yellow Newtown;
Mr. John Woolsey, Yellow Newtown ; the Farmers' Exchange siip-r
plying the balence, chiefly Ben
The fruit will go first to Montreal
where it will be placed in cold
storage, to await shipment to the
Old Country. ~
Conservative is
Elected in Yale
Tennis Court Turned
into Skating Rink
Arraangenients are being made
to utilize durin',r the winter months
the gronuds of the Kelowna Teft-
nis Club as a seating rink. Messrs.
E. G. and Walter Fuller have leased
the grounds for the season, and
are already busy making preparations for flooding them as soon as
the weather is suitable. The tennis
court which was carefully leveled
and enclo/ed for the summer game
at the beginning of the year are
admirably adapted for receiving a
covering of ice, and provided the
promoters are favored with a fairly
continuous spell of frosty weather
Kelowna skaters should have the
best place yet provided for the indulgence in the popular winter
An inner sheet of ice, 60 x 130
feet is to be fenced around and
kept clear for hockey.. Around this
will be a 15 ft. strip for skating.
Four of the old gasoline street
lamps are to be resurrected for the
lighting of the rink by night, and
placed ond on each side should
provide ample illumination.
The dressing room provided by
the tennis club is to be enlarged,
and many other improvements for
th econvenience of visitors made.
Although Kelowna's winter is
very apt at times to take on more
the appearance of summer, but
given anything like favorable
weather conditions, Messrs, Fuller
are confident that the advantages
of the place will prove sufficient
attraction to make the project
A. Lucas Takes Seat Without
Mr. Alexander Lucas, the conservative nominee in the Yale by-
election has been elected by acclimation, the liberals failed to produce a cahidate, and the Independent Canidate, T. E. Julien, evidently regarded the fight as hopeless
and did not" stand fdr nomination.
A series of lectures on fruitgrowing been arranged to be
delivered by officials of the department of agriculture at various points
throughout the province will be
begun during the month of December, and dates have already been
fixed for four places, Mission City,
December 1 and 2; Aldergrove,
December 6; Abbotsford' December 2, and Chilliwack, December 9
and 10. Other dates will be fixed
in the newyear for other points on
the mainland and the island.
Those by whom the lectures will
be delivered nre the assistant
provincial horticulturists, M.S. Middleton, C. C. Clark, J. F. Carpenter
B. S. A., and Ben Hoy; Market
Commissioner J. C. Metcalfe, and
the provincial horticulturist, R. M.
Winslow. The programme so far
as arranged may be gathered from
the following programme drawn up
for Mission City:
First day, " Selection of nursery
stock, orchard plants and planting,"
M.S. Middleton; "Soils for fruit
and their management," C. C. Clark;
" Structure and growth of plants in
relation to practical fruit-growing,,'
J. F. Carpenter, B. S. A.; "Orchard
pests and their control," Ben Hoy.
Second day: "Soil cultivation and
cover crops," C. C. Clark; " Bearing habits of trees, pruning, summer
and winter," M. S. Middleton;
" Sprays and spraying," Ben Hoy ;
" Organization and marketing,'
J. C. Metcalfe and R.M. Winslow.
Arrangements have just been
completed by the department of
agriculture for the annual conventions of the various associations
operating as auxiliaries of the department. The conventions will
take place as usual prior to the sitting of the house. That of the B.
C. Stock Breeders' association is the
first, being fixed for Jan. 4; the B. C.
Dairymens' association holds its
annual convention on Jan. 5; the
British Columbia Poultrymen'a association holds its annual meeting
on Jan. 6; the Fruit Growers' association will be in session on the 6th
and 7th; and the Agricultural Fair's
association on the 9th. The dates
Jan. 10, II and 12, are reserved for
the annual meeting of the Central
Farmers' institute and the Horticultural board will meet for the transaction of business on the 13th and
Distribution of
Seed Sam]
Of Grain and Potatoe
Date of Coronation
Fixed for June 22
Celebrate St. Andrew's
Day With Social
Last Monday .evening the Young
People's Society of the Presbyterian
church, in view of the closeness of
St. Andrew's Day (which was
yesterday, the 30th) held a Scotch
evening. Mr. Geo. McKenzie acted
as chairman and master of ceremonies, and gave a short talk on
St. Andrew, Scotland's patron saint,
whose story is so intimately bound
up with Scottish life and history.
A reading was given by the Rev.
A. W. K. Herdman on " Scule Examinations," and Miss Dalossa
Fraser read a short paper on
" Current Events." The music included some of Scotland's most
famous old national songs. Miss
Olive Pettigrew sang "Highland
Mary," and Mr. D. Leckie made a
bid for fame as a vocalist with
" The Bonnie Wee Window." Mr.
D. McFarlane sang " Loch Loman,"
Mr. Geo. McKenzie,' Annie Laurie,'
and Miss Bullus, " The Land o the
Leal/'- A duet "Ye Banks and
Braes " was given by Mr. D. Leckie
and Mr. D. McFarlane.
Refreshments were served during
the evening and altogether a most
enjoyable time as spent.
The King's proclamation, fixing
the date of his majesty's coronation
is issued in a supplement to the
" London Gazette." The date
chosen is June 22. The proclamation further warns all loyal subjects
who have, by royal command, by
ancient usage, or by right of office,
duties to perform in connection
with the ceremony, to attend, except those whose duties concern
the part of the ceremony formerly
held in Westminster hall, of the
procession. These are dispensed
Four tanks containing two and
a half million gallons of benzine
exploded recently near Berlin in
the suburb of Rummelsburg. There
were no fatalities, but the whole
city was-lighted up by the flames.
The damage is estimated at $750,-
000. Other tanks, holding two
million gallons, were endangered.
The wedding took place on Tuesday evening last at the home of
Mrs J. CroskiU, sister of the bridegroom, of Robert J. McKinley and
Freda A. Clarke both residents in
the district of Glenmore. The
ceremony was performed by the
Rev. A. W. K. Herdman.
FISHER-On Wednesday, Nov.
30th, to the wife J. B. Fisher, a
SCHELL-On Wednesday, Nov.
30th, to the wife of W. G. Schell,
a daughter.
STEWART-On Wednesday, Nov.
30th, to the wife of C. R. Stewart
a daughter.
Mr. H. A. Grey, the new Leader of the
Kelowna Band - •
The new band leader, Mr. H. A.
Grey, is making an effort to arouse
interest in the band.-which has of
late dwindled somewhat iii numbers and enthusiasm.   In order to
increase the membership  and  get
together a strong combination  of
efficient players, Mr Grey offers to
take a class of learners and  train
them for duty with the band when
the season opens again next year.
There should be many young men
around town who have the latent
musical talent to make good bandsmen, and if such  can  be got to
communicate early with Mr. Grey,
in order that a course of practise
might be carried on through the
winter   months,   Kelowna   would
next year would have a reserve of
competent musicians which would
insure a band worthy of the town.
In order to stimulate interest in
the band Mr. Grey is arranging to
produce a popular comedy some
time in February, and invites those
interested in dramatic work to enter
in and help make it a success-
Mr. Grey is not new to the theatrical work. For several years he
travelled with J. Bannister Howard
and a London company  in  " The
Earl and the Girl," as Jim Cheese.
He has also acted as understudy to
Sir Guy de Vere in " When Knights
Were Bold."
Miss Nichol of the public school
staff is leaving this week on account
of ill health. Her place will be
taken by Miss Fullerton, formerly
teacher at the Rutland school. Miss
Nichol returns to her home on the
Women of the State of Washington ..twenty-one years old and
over, now have the right to vote at
all general or special elections,
Governor M. E. Hay having issued
Monday his proclamation putting
into forcethe constitutional amendment adopted by the male voters
at the election held on November
The council meeting which
to have been held last Monday
evening had to be abandoned,
owing to the fact that there was
not sufficient aldermen present to
constitute a quorum. There was
very little business, however, to be
dealt with, which could not stand
over until Monday next.
An application had been received
from the C P. R. for an arc lamp
on the wharf.
,Jhe mayor mentioned that it was
impossible to put on an ordinary
arc lamp without removing one
from some other place in the town.
It would be possible, however, to
put an arc lamp of smalter power
on to the secondary wites.
Mill. Hitchcox returned to her
home at Prince Albeit Sask. on
Wednesday after a six month's
visit to her daughter Mrs. E. Davis.
By instruction of the Hon. Minister of Agriculture a distribution is
being made this season of samples
of superior sorts of grain and
potatoes to Canadian farmers for
the improvement of seed. The
stock for distribution has been
secured mainly from the Experimental Farms at Indian Head. Sask.,
Brandon, Man., and Ottawa, Ont.
The samples consist of oats, spring
wheat, barley, field peas, Irjdian
corn, for ensilage only, and potatoes.
The quantity of oats sent is Albs.,
and of wheat or barley 5? lbs.,
sufficient in each case to sofe one
twentieth of an acre. The sitnples
of Indian corn, peas and potatoes
weigh 3 lbs. each. A quantity of
each of the following varieties has
been secured for this distribution:
Oats—Banner, Abundance, Danish Island, Wide-Awake, Thousand
Dollar, Improved Ligowo — all
white varieties.
Wheat—Red varieties:—Marquis
and Early Red Fife, early beardless
sorts of high baking strength. Red
Fife beardless; Preston and Huron,
early, bearded.   White varieties :--
White Fife beardless; Bobs, early, v
beardless.    .  7    'Aw r  £*.>
t Barley—Six-rowed VlpWensury -
and Manchurian, a selegigpn from'
Mensury.   Two-rowed ;f||andwe__
and Invincible. Ig.
Field Peas^-Arthur and! Golden
Vine.    s--y-yyy/ *
•'". Indian Corn, for ensilage—Early
sorts: Angel of Midnight, Compter's Early and Longfollow.' Later
varieties: Selected Learning, Early
Mastodon, and White Cap Yellow
'&ex^.y^;^A^yyyy.   . ,,.4^^—^,
«P6t*to*B^EarIyvarieties: Roches. "
ter Rose and Irish Cobbler. Medium to late varieties: Gold Coin A
Carman No, I, and Money Maker.
The later varieties are, as a rule,
more productive than the earlier
Only one sample can be sent'to
each applicant, hence if an individual receives a sample of oats
he cannot also receive one „of
wheat, barley, peas, Indian corn or
potatoes. Applications on printed
cards or sheets, or lists of names
from one individual, or applications
for more than one sample for one
household, cannot be entertained.
The samples will be sent free of
charge through the mail.
Applications should be addressed
to the Dominion Cerealist, Experimental Farm, Ottawa, and may be
sent in any time horn the 1st of
December to the 15th of February,
after which the lists will be closed,
so that the samples asked for may
be sent out in good time. _Appfc	
cants should mention the variety
they prefer, with a second sort as
an alternative. Applications will
be filled in the order in which they
are received, so long as the supply
of seed lasts. Farmers are advised
to apply early to avoid possible
disappointment. Those applying
for Indian ccgn or potatoes should
bear in mind that the corn is not
distributed until April, and that
potatoes cannot be mailed until
danger from host in transit is over.
No postage is required on mail
matter addressed to the Experimental Farm; Ottawa.
Director of Experimental Farms.
The Volunteer Fire Brigade ball
on the 9th promises to be a highly
successful affair.
An unfortunate accident occurred
last Thursday at the Kelowna Sawmill logging camp hear Wilson V
Landing. A man named Violette
was knocked down and crushed
by a rolling log, sustaining severe '<
injuries, including a fracture of the
breast bone. He was brought
down on the s*. Okanagan and
taken to the Kelowna Hospital. It
was feared for some time that his
injuries might prove fatal, but later
reports state that he is doing well.' .
The Kelowna Tennis Club hold
their first annual ball  tomorrow ^
night (Friday).
< > *.7,
iir_-i_-_i__ The Orchard Gity Record
"-Thursday, Dec.
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
A Sensible Xmas Gift
to your wife would be one of the following popular Ranges:
The Great Majestic Range (Malleable)
McClarys Famous Kootenay Range
McClary's Famous Sask-Alta
Buck s Happy Thought
Canada Pride (Malleable)
We have all these on exhibition at our store.
Subscribe for The Record,
And get all the local news, keeping, also in touch
with the progress and development of the Valley.
Pictures in the Home
indicate refinement, and have a refining influence.
They cheer /ind brighten the home when the liver is
out of order and the stomach refuses to work.
We have a
New Stock of Pictures,
New Frames, New Moulding,
and an expert framer.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Trench returned Monday from their visit to
the prairie.
Constable McRae left Saturday
for Kamloops with G. Hatch.
A lighted cigar carelessly left
amongst some clothing in one of
the bedrooms of the Lake View
Hotel was the cause of an alarm of
fire in the early hours of last
Sunday morning. There was a
good deal of smoke, but the
damage was very slight.
The various stores are rapidly
assuming a Christmas aspect. New
goods have been arriving lately in
large quantities, and the windows
are beginning to show their tempting arrays of presents.
The Rev. F. A. Robinson, the
evangelist, and Mr. McBretney, the
singer, who have been conducting
the services in the Presbyterian
church left Monday morning for
Copper Cliff, Ontario, where they
purpose holding a two weeks'
mission before returning Toronto.
Mrs. Leckie returned Friday from
the coast, where she went for the
sad purpose of attending the funeral
of her mother.
A meeting of the Benevolent
Society is to be held to-day at 3:30
p.m. at the home of Mrs. Rowcliffe.
Mrs. Pressley who has been staying for some time with Mrs. Geo.
Fletcher, returned last week to her
home in Alberta.
The Kelowna Land and Orchard
Co. have now moved into their
new offices in the Keller block, in
the rooms formerly occupied by
the High School. The rooms have
been re-fitted, and re-furnished
throughout, and the result is a suite
of offices much more commodious
and suitable for the transaction of
the business of the company than
the old building on Leon street.
We hear that the Rev. Robert
Spalding is expected in town at an
early date. He is hoping to meet
all old friends and to make a host
of new ones at the Opera House
on Dec. 13th and 14th nex1.
The Ladies' Hospital Aid meets
on Saturday afternoon, Dec, 3rd at
at the Presbyterian Sunday school
hall at 3 o'clock.
The Handkerchief Bazaar of the
Ladies' Hospital Aid is on Wednesday afternoon Dec. 8th in Raymer's hall (supper hall) at 3
Mr. Kenneth Sheppard, tinsmith
with E. C. Scott & Co. has been
this week the recipent of a remarkable series of bad news. On Monday last the mail brought him the
sad intelligence that his aged father
whom he had left in Newfoundland
when he came west a few weeks
back, was on the point of death.
The same day brought a telegram
with the brief announcement that
his brother John had been killed
in the collapse of a building in
Montreal. Mr Sheppard visited
his brother in Montreal as he came
through from Newfoundland, and
a few pleasant hours were spent.
This was their first meeting for fourteen years. A wife and five young
children are left behind to mourn
the loss of the unfortunate young
man. The Record joins in
with sympathy for Mr. Sheppard
in his trouble.
Mrs. Mark England and brother
wish to return thanks for the many
expressions of sympathy which
they have and are receiving at thia
sad time of their bereavement.
Mr. N. D. McTavish left Wednesday morning for a visit to the
The peculiar properties of Chsmberlan's
Cough Remedy have been thoroughly
tested during epidemic, of influenza, and
when it waa taken in time we have not
heard of a tingle case of pneumonia. Sold
by all druggist*.
Dr. Mathison will be at Summer-
land until Decejpiber 15.
Electric Wiring
AU kinds of Electric Wiring
neatly and promptly done.
Best Workmanship and Materials
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Enquiries addressed P.O. Box 160
._ will receive prompt attention.
Knows and appreciates the advantage of quality in Kitchen Utensils.
Articles in everday use such as Pots, Pans, Kettles, and the hundred
and one items of household equipment, must be of first-rate quality, or
be a constant source of irritation and annoyance. And when the best
goods made can be bought at rock-bottom  prices, no  time should be.
lost in investigating.
We are Specialists in
Household E^
Everything the housewife needs in her daily duties of Cooking,
Washing, Cleaning, and caring for the home, from a clothes-pin
to a cook-stove.
We are adding to it right along.   Several cars of goods are now
in transit, and we have a host of labor-saving notions to show you.
* ...'.'— *•*■*" ■'.    . '  '     y   '        : -
Compare our Prices and you will be
surprised at the values we offer.
On Saturday next, December 3rdf we are offering a
A- .      A     '   •. s
Special Discount of Ten per x&nt.
Cast Iron Enamel Lined Ware.
Pots, Saucepans^ Stewkettles, etc.
We do this to introduce to Kelowna pieople this splendid, durable,        __
and practically everlasting line of goods, feeling-sUre it only needs
a trial to prove its merits.
Ten per cent. Discount' orr$iherware.
Pickle Dishes, Butter Coolers, Cake Baskets, Cruets, Salad Bowls, .
Biscuit Jars, Berry Spoons, Toast Racks, Sugar Shells, etc.   These
are all the famous Rogers'1847 and English make.
Special ShowM:FaUtiL
Martin-SenouY Brand, 100 per cent. Pure.
These goods are guaranteed absolutely pure, and sold subject to chemical analysis.
Cover 25 per cent, more surface, wear%riger,and are therefore more economical
than lower-pricea adulterated paints.
A large stock of ISTAJI^S all sizes and kinds.
*' ' ',''■■.".'
Prompt delivery and satisfaction at -
.'■ y    .     '■ '      :
Keller Block,
Corner of Pendozi St. and Bernard Ave.
AMM0M$£A^yAy Thursday, Dec. 1
The Orchard Cittj Record
Pickjfout your Cbristmas Toys
at once, and don't get caught in
the rush. We will carefully put
away  anything you   may  wish
to select.
Search the world over, and you
will  find  no joy like the Christmas joy of the little child.
Joyful   anticipation  is  filling the
hearts of young and old.
Everything on^^ fc Airships, Flying MacJiines, Trains,  Whizzitig
Boats, J^himrig^ M Animals, Etc.       I
Early Shopping
Always Pays
Fancy Goods,
Toys, Dolls,
Galloping Horses
Doll Carriages
Toy Pianos
Hockey Sticks,
Ferny China.
i'9F.&l£f£SZ(&l&'£S*J&l    JL   A.JAl____ik_/    if^MtiPfmSKSl'tfSSK
A large assortment of choice Case Pipes,  also
Calabash  and Meerschaum.
Makes a well appreciated present for the men folk.
For home work, all designs.   A profitable and pleasant
pastime for young and old.
A very large assortment of wood in endless designs
ready for burning.    ^ fascinating hobby.
Victor and  a
Waterman s
■ ■.•••-y-y.'-y'
' ;777!#a
■:,^r- ■ ::■. -ff]fp.
v-yy' ''■:•*' Av ■'__§*
-•' -:y$LMi
y0M> The Orchard Citg Record.
Thursday, Dec. 1
New Development of
Kettle Valley Line
A Penticton correspondent of
the Province states that the Kettle
Valley Railway is planning to link
up Penticton and the Southern Okanagan and the Similkameen, and
the latter district with the coast by
a system of branch lines. The
company will apply to parliament
next session for an act changing its
name from the Kettle River Valley
Railway Company, to the Kettle
Valley Railway Company, the
name by which it is now con.monly
known, and authorizing it to construct a branch from Penticton by
the most feasible route to a point
on the international boundary at or
near the shore line of Osoyoos
This will connect Penticton with
the rich district directly south, and
will make the town an important
distributing point, as all produce,
etc., destined for the coast or other
parts of the province from Southern
Okanagan and Similkameen will
pass through Penticton.
The application to parliament
also provides for the construction
of two other branches. One of
them is from a point on the company's line ajready authorized, which
is understood to* be either Merritt
or Penticton, by the most direct
route to a point at or near Allison
or Princeton. The third branch is
from the Coldwater River to the
Fraser river, and to Steamboat
Mountain mining camp. By these
branches the Kettle Valley Railway
Co. will provide transportation
facilities for Southern Okanagan,
Similkameen add Nicola, and will
enter the list as a formidable rival
of the V., V. &E. Railway.
B.C. Fruit Winning Honors
in the Old Country
At the Opera House
That British Columbia's fruit now
on exhibition at the Old Country
shows is destined to sweep this
years honors 13 indicated in a cablegram summarizing fruit results
which was received by the Hon.
W. J. Bowser, as minister of agriculture, recently, in Victoria. At its
despatch nine of the twenty-four
Old Country exhibitions were matters of the past, and at these nine
British Columbia succeeded in
winning seven gold and two silver
gilt medals, the highest aggregate
that any district or colony has yet
achieved in a similar number of
shows. The gold medals were won
at Southampton, Bath, Bristol, Bradford, Leeds, Chester and Bolton,
and the silver-gilt at the Crystal
Palace and at Birmingham. It is
anticipated that the provincial ex
hibit will score equally well at
fifteen remaining exhibitions.
"My  Wife's    Family'
Good House
Commission on Technical
Education Sits at Vernon
Vernon's new curling rink is
nearing completion. It will contain
six sheets of ice and will be up-to-
date in every respect, costing about
One of the latest triumphs of engineering is to be seen in the new
government road between Kelowna
and Vernon, seven miles of which,
along Long Lake, have now been
finished, including the worst portion. The improvement has been
a.source of satisfaction to both
towns.—B.C. Building News.
Penticton is planning the raising
on debentures of $2,500 for fire
fighting equipment.
The commission on technical
education, which is gathering information on behalf of the Dominion Government, held a session at
Vernon last Friday. Among the
witnesses examined were Mayor
Husband, Manager Ricardo of the
Coldstream Ranch, Secretary Reid
of the Board of Trade, George
Heggie, manager of the Land and
Agricultural Company, W. Scott
Allan, prominent fruit grower,
Principal A. Smith of the public
They urged the need for an
agricultural college in Okanagan,
for education along horticultural
and for skilled packers. Evidence
was given regarding the labour
situation, particularly in the insufficiency of fruit packers. Mr.
Ricardo emphasized the value of
trained horticulturists. Mr. Scott
Allan advocated the employment
of Orientals. Principal Smith detailed school needs for manual
training and domestic science.
The rehearsals for " The Private
Secretary" (Farcical Comedy) are
in full swing, and the Society hope
to produce on Ihe 13th, and 14th,
of December.
Merry musical mix-up is a right
name for W. L. Stewart's production of " My Wife's Family" as
staged at the Auditorium last night.
" A scream from start to finish "
and a laugh provoker the equal of
which has not been seen in Fort
William for many moons, catchy
music, bright stage folk, new songs
and real live jokes and the bulletproof mother-in-law are the features which rqake you forget your
worries for two solid hours of fun.
—Times Journal, Fo.t William.
A sprained ankle will usually disable
the injured person for three or four weeks,
this is due to lack of proper treatment.
When Chamberlain,. Liniment is applied
a cure may be effected in three or four
days. This liniment is one of the best and
most remarkable preparations in use. Sold
by all druggists.
If you are suffering from biliousness constipation, indigestion, chronic headache, invest one cent in a postal card, send to Cham-
berlain Med. Co., Des Moines, Iowa, with
your name and address plainly on the back
and they will forward you a free sample
of Chamberlain's stomach and liver tablets.
Sold by all druggists.
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
q   A WANT AD. in the Record
will bring speedy results.
Nervous Exhaustion
Since the tissues receive their tone
from the nerve centres, lustrous
eyes, a clear complexion and symmetrical figurecanonlybe preserved by maintaining full nerve vigor. When the mirror warns,
"Asaya-Nhukau," Is required.
It feeds the nerves, induces sleep,
quickens the appetite, aids digestion, and restores the sparkling
radiance of full nerve vitality.
$i .50 per bottle.   Local agent.
*  BA.I9.-I9 *
Friday, December 9th.
Dancing 8.30.       Four-piece Orchestra.
Tickets, $2.        Ladies Free.
Tickets may be had from any member of the Brigade.
Saturday, Dec. 3rd.
And her Clever Company, in
Stephens' and Lintons'
Merry Musical Mix-up
Clean Comedy.
Clever Commedians.
An  Evening of
Prices, $1,  75c,  50c.
Seats on sale at Crawfords.
HELLO !   What about your Xmas Gifts?
Here we are with a full line of Xmas Goods for everybody.
Here are a few Suggestions:
Something for the Men:
Fancy Braces,
Fancy Hose,
Silk Handkerchiefs,
Something for the Ladies:
Fancy Collars,
Belts, Elastic and Gilt,
Silk and Net Waists,
Or a nice, Warm
Something for the Girls:
'     Sweater,
Golf Jacket,
Fancy Hair Bows,
Fancy Wool Gloves and Mitts.
■Give the Boy a Brand New Suit of Clothes, and dont forget yourself
Come in and let us show you a nice line of Table linen (the set), Napkins and Table Covers
from $2.25 up.    No trouble to show you goods.
Phone 22
Established 1850.
MMSfP lUiursdai), Dec. 1
The Orchard Citij Record
You have  intended
buyingsfor a long
time should be
bought now.
Our Fall
Is here.
A better line, more
kinds than ever.
All sorts for indoor
or outdoor use,
and for special purposes.
Prices range from
25c. to $6.
P. B. Wit. S Co.
•Kelowna.    B. C
W.C.T. 0. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelcwna branch
of the W.C. T.U.
The W.C. T. U. meet every second Tues-'
day of the month at the home of one or
other of the members. Visitors are always
Facts and Figures of Canada's
Liquor Traffic
l A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   1Q Lawrence Ave.
Ladies* and
Gents* Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Everybody reads our
"Want** ads.
Try one next week.
John T. Long
Planting, etc.
P.O., Kelowna.
Canada'e population in 1901 was 5,371,315,
on July 31, 1908 the Census Bureau estimate a population of 6,940,304.
Assuming these figures to be correct the
population on 31»t July, 1910 will not ex-
ceed 7,500,000.
. Based upon the government's report of
the consumption of liquor in Canada it has
been very carefully estimated by Mr. F. S.
Spence, Ex-controller of the city of Toronto, that the sum of $76,367,649 was spent
in cash by the people of Canada last year
for liquor.
That this estimate is well within the
mark may be seen from the fact that there
are 6,000 licensed places in Canada, and if
they took in an average of $40 a day and
were opened only 300 days a year would
mean $72,000,000 per year. As a matter
of factjudging by the advertisements of the
hotels for sale as.they appear in the papers,
it is only the very poorest of bars that bring
in so small a revenue. That means an annual average in Canada of more than $10.
per head! men, women andVhildren. And
be it remembered that this takes into account only the cash" that goes into the
liquor man's tills. It does not include the
vast sums required to take care of the fruit
of the traffic, nor yet the loss due to lessened production, shortened lives and damaged property. Many estimate this indirect
loss at a sum greater than the direct cash
cost. Be that as it may the direct cost is
over ten dollars per head.'
Now in order, to grasp the meaning of
these figures let ua make a few comparis-
0n'" *
The wheat crop of the prairies may yield
this year 100,000,000 bushels, and if the
grain nets the producer an average for
good and bad wheat, say 70 cents per bu.,
it will ta^e every kernel produced on the
plains from the Great Lakes to the Mountains to pay the Nation's whiskey bill. The
Canada year book says thet the total value
of the wheat harvest in the north- west
provinces for 1908 was $72,434,000. Our
liquor bill last year was greater than the
wheat crop of the plains.
If some sudden blight should pass over
the fields and every maturing head be
blasted, it would cause such a panic in
Canada as the country never saw before.
That is what the liquor traffic does—and
does every year. It destroys the cash value
of the entire wheat crop of the plains.-
On the other hand if by virtue in the
sunbeams, or new element in the soil the
crop now ripening should yield just double
its present promise, and 200,000,000 bushels
be reaped and an extra seventy-six millions
of dollars should find their way into the
banks to the credit of the producer, then
we would see such a new dawn of prosperity as would make all the past look dim
beside it. The destruction of the liquor
traffic would have just that effect.
The entire paid up capital of the chartered banks in Canada in 1908 was $96,147,-
526. The direct cost of the liquor traffic
was seven-ninths of the capital of the
chartered banks.
Canada's national debt in 1908 was $408-
207.158, enough to pay our liquor bill for
a little over five years.
Canada spent a trifle over $26,000,000
on her public and high schools in 1908
and three times that much on liquor. One
dollar to make' good citizens and three dollars to degrade them. One dollar to make
strong men and three dollars to make
. The Protestent Churches of Canada raised in 1908 for all their far flung plans at
home and abroad a little less than $20,-
000,000—this is after making liberal allowance for some of the smaher bodies whose
reports are not available. Twenty millions
for the Gospel, seventy-six' millions for
liquor. Twenty millions for all that makes
for bright, happy and prosperous homes;
seventy -six millions for all that makes fer
poverty, crime, misery and ruin. Twenty
millions for heaven—seventy-six millions
for hell.
The Churches
St., Michael and All Angels' Church.
Koly Communion, first anil third Sundays in the
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays, after,
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first andlhird Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock j   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE, B. A.. Rector.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at II a.m.; evening servicesat 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer MeoJinj on Wednesdays nt 8 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN. Pootor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. W.  DAVIDSON   Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
The sailing schedule of the S.S. Okanagan during the summer mouths is  as   foi
Read up
Daily Except Sundays     R
ead down
Okanagan Landing
Okanagan Centre
.   Short's Point
j D. W. Crowley Co.
Kelowna Ltd-
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our  prompt   attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
Do You Know
real estate investments are the best in the
Okanagan    in   quality   of   soil,   location,
prices,   etc.,   and   that  they will triple in
value in one year ?   Have you stopped to
consider?     If   not,   just   remember  that
Westbank will be the largest, most industrious, and influential place in the valley.
Now is your opportunity.    Most excellent
bargains.   The lots are cleared, cultivated,
fenced, and have young orchards on them;
well  irrigated,   and   have   good dome'sti
water.   Prices, $175 to $200 per acre.
Other most valuable land bargains
$25 per acre up.
Hitchner Bros.
Westbank    -   British Columbia
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley   Co ; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in force which they wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year/from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary. Room I. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275, Kelowna, B.C.
Portraits and Local
Views, in Calendars,
Post (-ards and
Christmas Cards.
Largest Studios in the Interior
Portraits by appointment.
Pendozi Street   >     Kelowna
Smith Street     -   Penticton
That Photograph you intend to
send at Xmas or New Year's can
be made at Grays Studio any Wednesday to Saturday inclusive. Rowcliffe Block.
URNS & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat Daily
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135
All Varieties.
Phone  110.
The greatest danger from influenza is of
its retailing in p neumonia. This can be
obviated by using Chamberlain's Congh
Remedy, as it not only cures influeaza, but
coutracts any tendency of the dsseaoe towards pneumonia.  Sold by all druggists.
Dr. Crippen Protests
Innocence to End
Alleged Confession Denied
Dr. Crippen paid the last penelty
of .his crime last week. To the end
he protested his innocence though
reports of a confession, since discredited appeared in the press.
His last statement is published in
a Sunday paper in the fornv of two
final letters to Miss Ethel Leneve.
The letters are not reproduced in
their entirety, it being explained
that they contained personal confidences, but nothing in the nature
of a confession. Crippen throughout declared his innocence. The
letters began with protestations of
love for the girl and repeating con-
standy the phrase " God help us
to be brave in the face of the end
now so soon."
Mr. Andrew Carnegie is celebrating his 75th, birthday by making a
gift of $3,500,000 to the Carnegie
Technology schools in Pittsburg.
Of this sum, $ 1,500,000 is for building and equipment, and $2,000,000
for endowmemt. Mr. Carnegie has
previously given $20,000000 which
went to found the institute there.
On a recentjvisit to Pittsburg Mr.
Carnegie said he was perhaps
prouder ofihis schools thanjof any
other philanthropic venture.
We hold a big stock of
A "Want" ad. in the Record
is a sure dividend-paying
Boot & Shoe Maker
and Repairer.
Ladies' and Children's Work, and
Men's Light Goods.
Next Royal Bank.
"A West Toronto man was amazed on returning from work to
find his child playing with a package of bills of the value of $6,000.
The bills were Traders Bank notes
and unsigned. , Communication
with the police revealed the fact
that the bills were part of 't\ consignment of bank notes stolen while
enroute from Ottawa ta Toronto,
the man only recently occupied the
house. The police expect to make
an arrest as the result of the find.
The child found the bills under the
tiling of the front gate.
On behalf of six owners and promoters af the South Fort George
townsite writs have been issued for
alleged libel on the Ford-McCon-
nell Publishing Co., and Mr. J. P.
McConnell. The alleged libel is to
the effect that fhe defendants in the
"Saturday Sunset" referred to the
promoters of the townsite as "Bootleggers, tinhorns, friskers and
fourflushere." Each of the six plaintiffs claims damages to the extent
of $10,000.
V        >\|
Drop in and see them when next in town.
S.   T.   ELLIOTT   -    Kelowna, B. Cl
,   'l.    «'sjr<t_< 6
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday Dec. 1
Fruit Trees
Shrubs, Shade Trees, Roses, Ornamentals, and
general Nursery Stock.
Book your orders at once for spring planting.
The highest class of stock, true to name, and all the
standard varieties.
Salesman for the Okanagan Valley.
K.   E.   BOYER,   Manager.
On Pendozi Street, close in, with
one acre of land,
For $ 1 5 per month,
from Dec. 1 st.
Situated within one half mile of town, and being
about .100 feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town, lake and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
There is only one GLENMORE. Don't miss the opportunity of selecting a few acres of this desirable
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and we will
show you our sub-division
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.     Prices low.   Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
Wood and Coal
Masons' Supplies
Dunn Hollow Cement Blocks
Box 166
'Phone 66
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
Cane - Sugar -Only
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
Ih? .British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited,
Cheap Fire Wood
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
will deliver 20 inch wood for
$1.50 per Rick
Orders filled in rotation.
His Disregard of Money and Failure
as a Publisher.
The Mousquetaire, a Parisian journal founded by Alexandre Dumas,
grew and flourished for a short time
and then became extinct. It was carried on during a brilliant existence
with an astonishing disregard of business methods commonly in vogue. Ita
staff was the largest and most varied
ever known. Persons would walk into the office, propose working for the
paper and find themselves at once
accepted. "*$
"What will you allow me?" a new
man would ask.
"Whatever you like, my boy," Dumas would return. "By the way," he
would explain to every new aspirant,
"we must understand one thing: I
mean you to be handsomely paid. You
must have 1,000 francs a month, and
if you should want a month's pay in
advance now don't scruple to ask for
Everybody was dazzled, and Dumas
himself more than all tlie rest. No
business enterprise, however, could
exist on such a basis, and the journal
began to languish. Then a man named Boule proposed taking the speculation out of Dunius' hands. He offered the great man 100 francs a day,
which . eant more than .$7,000 a year.
"Here," said Boule, "is a check
book full of those little tinted leaves
you are so fond of. Every morning
you have only to write your name at
the foot of one, send it into the office
and touch your .'.00 francs."
Dumas loved money, and his face
beamed with delight. "But suppose,"
said he, "that some day 1 should want
300 or 400 francs?"
"Well, all you have to do is to send
in three or four oi your checks. Nothing is more simple."
The book lay on the author's
desk, a delightful and ready resource.
Did a creditor call? A slip of paper,
and he was paid. A poor woman was
about to be turned out into the street.
A few more slips, and she was relieved. At the end of the week nothing
was left of the book but the cover.
Then Boule changed his mode of procedure.
Canada v. Russia.
Canada will still have to "go some"
to overtake the l.ussian Empire'slead
in grain production, as shown by the
comparative illustrations.
Bussia also produced last year
896,835,000 bushels of rye against
Canada's. 1,715,000 bushels.
In peas we compare more favorably,
the figure being 31,189,000 bushels_for
Eussia against our 8,145,000 bushels.
Eussia raised 1,192,240,000 bushels of
potatoes against Great Britain's 137,-
237,109 bushels and Canada's 99,087,
200 bushels.
The comparison of the yield per
acre is of interest, showing that Great
Britain excels us while we excel Russia, though the figures for Eussia are
based on estimates not considered as
The Verb "to Strike"  Illustrates th«
Difficulties of English.
The verb "to striki." is likely io
provoke more or lcen bother among
persons seeking to acquire the English language.' It may have any one
of several meaning.-;.
"To strike" means to hit, beat, assault. It is this moaning of the term
that is brought to mind by the spectacle of a blackened eye. Often it
may be avoided by moving on wives
the policeman says so.
"To strike" means n mere attempt
to hit, as when a batter, recording to
reports on the sporting page, "fans
the air," therefore a miss. This sug-
gests a contradiction; but, no matter
—there are others in the language.
"To strike" means to leave a job
because of dissatisfaction with conditions. This sort cf strike is never
a miss, for it h.vs something every
"To strike" v.-hen qualified by the
words "it rich" is to discover while
prospecting a deposit of precious
metal or an ore bearing vein. From
this use the term has been adapted
to express the achievement of sudden
wealth in any field. To make "a
strike" in bowling, however, is different.
Again, "to strike" is to make a ge_i-
tie touch directed toward a friendly
pocketbook. Here the strike is in the
effort and not in the result. Chances
are there will be no result.
A few lines might be devoted to
"pare," "pear" and "pair," identical
in sound, but in nothing else except
spelling by the foolified method.
Briefly, "pare" is a verb meaning
to denude of tegumental covering, but
applies mostly to fruit; also potatoes.
You may pare an apple, which is to
skin it, but you may not pare an elephant, although it is possible to skin
it if you have the elephant. Pear is
a penological product that grows on
a tree. If the tree had but two pears
there would be a pair. A married
couple sometimes constitute a pair.
A pair, in short, is made up of two of
a kind.
By remembering these simple facts
the student will be enabled to avoid
A Baby's Tumbling Feat.
In a certain street in Putney, Eng.,
one day recently, a woman with a
baby in a mail cart stepped from the
kerb, behind a van, ^and pushed the
mail cart out into the middle of the
road. A cyclist dashed into the mail
cart. His wheel caught the cart in
the middle, knocked it over on one
side towards the pavement, and sent
baby and pillow flying. The pillow
was shot, low down, to the pavement,
the baby shot up, turned a somersault, and then sat quietly down in
the middle of the pillow, none the
worse for his experience. He wore a
very serious look for some time after,
as if vainly trying to figure out what
had really happened.
Compact Quarters.
It was the tiniest of tiny flats.
"Yes, sir," said the maid, "the stork
arrived with a fine baby boy."
"Great Josephus!" exclaimed Mr.
Flatte, who had been away on a trip.
"That means more room.   Have you
hung the broom in the air shaft?"
.   "Yes, sir."
"And trimmed the leaves of the
rubber plant down to one-half their
normal size?"
"Yes, sir."
"Then take the pet dog to the fancier's and have his tail cut off. We
must economize room some way.
Thank goodness it wasn't twins 1"
A Bubble In a Sapphire.
There is exhibited in the National
museum at Washington a sapphire
weighing nine carats which contains
a bubble that appears and disappears
with changes of temperature. It is
believed that a cavity in the gem incloses a quantity of carbonic acid gas
under great pressure. When the temperature is such as to correspond with
the "critical point" for that gas under the particular pressure to which
it is subjected in its brilliant prison
house it liquefies and becomes visible
as a bubble.
Shark With 250 Pound Liver.
Singapore has an important shark-
fin trade, which supplies the local
200,000 Chinese with this Oriental delicacy. The $157,753 worth imported
in 1908 came from Borneo, Penang,
Sarawak, Madras, Ceylon, Celebes,
and the Coromandel coasts, and over
half of this amount- was re-exported
to China.
The Malay shark is the most dreaded by the natives. During the terrible disaster to the French steamer
La Seyne from its collision with the
British ship Onda, in the Straits of
Ehio, last November, many of the
ninety passengers lost were, as soon
as they reached the water, seized by
the sharks and dragged beneath the
surface, to be devoured by these fierce
Malayan fish.
Seventeen species inhabit the Far
Eastern seas, some of them attaining
a length of 25 feet. A black-fin shark
was captured some time ago whose
liver weighed 250 pounds.
Blinders and Tight Checkreins Make
Horses Miserable.
Horses are placing mankind daily
under everlasting obligations to them,
says an official of the Humane Society, but how cruelly and thoughtlessly are they repaid by those who
are most indebted to them. A horse
is a noble animal—patient, kind
hearted, self sacrificing, willing to
work till he.dies in hia tracks, uncomplaining, a lover of kind treatment
and who is willing to -work a whole
lifetime with no other compensation
than his bed and board..
Of the many things which make
the daily life of a horse miserable two
are blinders and the tight oheckrein,
the worst parte of a horse's harness..
Very many people believe that they
are part and parcel of a hone and
that he would not be a horse without
The majority of the horses could
readily dispense with Winders, and all
could if they had never been invented. Blinders were first used by a
nobleman in England to hide a defect
on his horse's head and later were"
found excellent locations for the displaying of his coat of arms.
A horse's head was never intended
for blinders, for his eyes are so set in
his head that he can see behind him
without turning his head, and of
course the blinders deprive him- of
seeing the very things he should see
for his own safety as well as the driver's. A horse's eye is a beautiful object, and it is a shame to cover it.
Whenever I see a man driving a
horse without blinders I always feel
like stopping him and shaking hands
with him. A horse'B head is the best
part of him and should have on it as
little harness as possible.
Another instrument' of torture to a
horse is the tight checkrein. It is
responsible for poll evil, abscesses,
sprung knees, paralysis and disorders
of the brain and muscles. It spoils
his appearance.and detracts from his
free and graceful movements. —Horse
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Moorhouse,
C. Harvey,
B.A., Sc, C.E., D.L.S.,
and B.C.L-3*
Kelowna,.   B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
The Sexes In Church.
The separation of the sexes aeeai te
have been formerly by ne neazu aa.
uncommon practice in the Ohureh of
England. In fact,-Edward VI.'s prayer
book specially mentions that at the
communion service "the men shall
tarry on one side and the women on
the other." The papers of a church
in Westmorland include elaborate directions for the division of the sexes
at its services. All wedded men were
to be placed first before any of the
young men, and all young wives were
to "forbear and come not at their
mother-in-law's forms"—this was presumably iefore( the days of the pew—
"as long as their mother-in-law lives."
—London Chronicle.
Doctors In Franc*.
A French newspaper publishes soma
statistics showing tne causes of death
in the medical profession. The figures are impressive, but there is no
indication as to the source of information. We read that 44 per cent, die
from heart disease, 20 per cent, from
nervous affections, 20 per cent, from
the morphia habit and 7 per cent,
from tuberculosis. The prevalence of
morphia is ascribed to the fact that a
doctor knows when his malady is incurable, and morphia is sought to
soothe the mind.—London Globe.
A Poet's Pastime.
A magazine editor received a
lengthy typewritten poem the other
day entitled "Falling Snowflakes."
The "snowflakss," having had no return postage attached to them, fluttered lightly into the scrop basket
after the editorial eye had run hastily
over the first lines. The editor gave,
however, a trifle more attention to the
letter because of the following explanatory phrase:
"The inclosed poem wm written
many-years ago by one who has for
a long time slept in the grave merely
as a pastime."
A Vegetating Student.
During a lecture at a Manchester
college on the industries of Europe
a wayward student was so deeply engrossed in the perusal of a novel
which he held beneath his desk that
he did not hear the sharp voice of the
lecturer as he asked, "What is Brussels noted for?" There was a tense
silence as all eyes were turned in the
direction of the unconscious reader.
"N., what is Brussels noted for?"
came the question in a louder tone.
The student hurriedly whispered to
Ins neighbor on the right, who happened to be the wag of the class, and
then, drawing himself up with an air
of assurance, boldly replied,
The Valuable Match.
There was a loud splash, and a'
moment later a dripping head appeared above the waves. On the end ol
the dock was a stevedore nonchalant-
ly lighting his pipe.
"Help, man!" cried the chap inthe
water. "Can't you see I am overboard? I can't swim."
; "How often you been down?" asked.
the stevedore, shielding the flickering
match from ike wind.
"Once, I believe^ but hoary up,
man!' Grvc »e a hand!"
"You wait! You have two tinws
yet to go down, and I have only one
match. I'll catoh you on the last
trip." -
Amoc. M«n. Can. Soc. C. E      Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage SytUau, Pumping and
Lighting Plant*. Concrete Con-
■troefcon, etc.
P.O. BOX 137
Financial Agent.
Monet) to Loan on reasonable terms
All binds of Financial
business transacted.
Office,  Keller Block.
Phone 5 P.O. box 273
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P.O. Box 109                                    'PbonaOfl
Comer Peneozi Street and
.   Lawrence Avenue.'
Mr.. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nun*.
Glenn Ave., Kelowaa, B.G
Phone 134
Scared by Mirrors.
When cannibals attacked Captain
Crcenhill and erew of thct'British ship
George Fleming off the coast of Pata-
trohia the Britishers held up mirrors
in front of the savages, and when the
latter saw their images they fled in
Italics are letters formed after the
Roman mod:'], hut sloping toward tha
right, used to emphasize words or
sentences. They were lirst used about
__i:0 A D. hy Mnnutius, a Venetian
] r ;it«'.r, who dedicated them (o the
I;iliiin'states; hence the name.
The Hot Spot.
The hoit.st r^don on earth is along
tne Persian Gulf.
Shakespeare's Anachronisms.
The very head and front of all of*
fenders in the perpetration of anachronisms was 8hakespeare himself. He
speaks of cannon in the reign of John,
whereas cannon were unknown until a
century and a half later; of printing
in the time of Henry II.; of clocks,
and striking clocks at that, in tha
time of Julius Caesar; he makes Hector quote Aristotle and Coriolanus refer to cats and Alexander; he dower*
Bohemia with a seacoast and makes
Delphos an island.
■ ,/     .
A Wise Answer.
The Shah once asked a group oi
courtiers whom they thought the
greater man—himself or his father. At
first he could get no reply to so dangerous a question, the answer to
which might cost the courtiers their
heads. At last a wily old courtier
said,. "Your father, sire, for.-though
you are equal to your father in all
other respects, in this he is superior
to you—that he had a greater son than
any you have."
The Business of Life.
Our business is now to make the
most of this great and beautiful ex-
Ssriment of living, to leave behind us
owers for beauty and fruit for use,
to make our life a harmony, our ending a serenity and our awaking an
eternal joy.—John Page Hobbs.
Naples and Coral.
Coral manufacture is an important
trade in Naples. The tourist will be
astonished at the number of shops
which sell thi_  article in all forms,
jewelry and table ornaments especial
ly.  The low price of labor there is as
Popular Fiction. '
"I'm so glad to see you!"
"Oh, what a beautiful new gown
you have!"
"My friends, it gives me great pleasure to address this magnificent audience."
"I assure you it will not be the
slightest inconvenience."
"Although you have defeated me, I
sincerely congratulate you on your
''Why, you don't .look a day older
than you did twenty years ago I"
"I shall be delighted to have yon
"I do so enjoy hearing you sing."
An Intelligent Horse.
A baker living in the west end ol
Dundee, Scotland, possesses a most
iarkelligeat horse. ^ While waiting in
front at hia —stir's shoa fee assagai
h often sailed upon to cWr B_n way
to allow the tramway, cars to pass,
land this it does regularly and without the slightest assistance. On hearing the clanging of the car bell tha
horse immediately crosses over to the
other side of tjie street and allows
the car to pass; then, looking around,
as much as to say; "All dear I" ii
again takes up its original position.—
Wide World Magasine.
An Ancient French Custom.
Anpientlv in many parts of France
when a sale of land took place it waa
the custom to have twelve adult wit-
nesses accompanied by twelve little
boys, and when the prioe of the land'
was paid and its surrender took place
the ears of the boys were pulled and
they were beaten severely so that the1
Sain thus inflicted should make aa
npression upon their memory sad,'
if required afterward, they might bear
witness to the sale.
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
iu gs,Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
important factor.
an I
A Friendly Dig.
Ethel (confidentially) — Do yoa
know, Clara, that I had two offers of
marriage last week? ,
•Clara (with enthusiasm)—Oh, I am
delighted, dear! Then the report is
really true that your uncle left you
his money?—London Pick-Me-Up.
The Attraction.
"You say you are in love with Miss
Baggs?" '
"I am sure I am." i
"But I can't see anything attractive
about her." j
"Neither can I Bee it.   But it's i»
the bank, all right." 1
Just the Mian. '
First Artist—Well, old chap, how is,
business? Becond Artist—On, splendid! Got a commission this morning1
from a millionaire. Wants his wife
and children painted very badly, First
Artist—Well, you're the very man to)
On improved property also other securities -
Fire, Life, and Accident
Miss P. Louise Adams,
Scholarship   graduate fa 'Piano   and,
Teacher's Course of Toronto Conservatoiy
of Music   Late Teacher,in Westminster
Collage, Toronto.
Will receive pupils for pianoforte .
tuition at the studio.
Lawrence Avenue, off Pandas Street
Ael<lws»« P.O, KELOWNA.
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelowna.
Pipe Fitter, Wells Dug and
Pumps, Windmills, Drains,
etc., repaired and installed.
Haroey Aoenue. East
mi iii ififil/'iVii j'liiiiiii"■»<ijjji»uMiniiiitou. >n
- -i At *■; ■'
Thursday, Dec. 1
Orchard Gity Record
The car with the get-there-aricl-back
Wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds  these two special facts:
Robin  Hood  Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour..
Robin  Hood  Flour absorbs more moisture
than other flours, therefore add_more water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats, Bran,
Barley and Oat Chop
Fresh Clean Stock, Just In.
Just placed in stock.
■^ ''y -\     ..:•'    y'      ■'■.-.  ■
Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
If You Want a
Go to
Goldman's Restaurant
Meal Tickets at Reasonable Price.
Rooms to Rent        .
Start the New YmrWell
by subscribing to the Record.     $1.50 pays for 1.9.1 L
New subscribers can get balance of 1910 free.
Christmas^. 1910
Your choice of Christmas presents will
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df every description  from the sleeping beauty to the
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the city"wouj^l liketo tWe-inher home.    /
A good selection of useful articles will be found in our stock of
Toilet aud Fancy Goods, Manicure Sets, Dressing Cases,
Fountain Pens, Gillette Razors, Boker Razors.
Special line' in Razor Strops in Christmas package.
Do not buy a pipe until you inspect our fine range of
Briar and Meerschaum Pipes
CHRISTMAS CARDS of every description.
- Provincial and General News -
The American settlers in Alberta
are objecting to the singing of
"Rule Brittania" in the public
A lawsuit which may have some
disturbing political consequences
has been commenced by M. Rerikin,
the Belgian colonial, minister,
against a newspaper, Le Progres.
At the beginning of the year it was
found that the late sovereign's
estate, included a sum of £ 1,200,000
which had been derived from his
personal . administration of the
Congo, and which should have
been turned over to the Belgian
government, with certain other
assets. Le .Progres accused the
colonial minister of complicity in
King Leopold's proceedings by
which the above sum was lost to
the state. -.-■'■
Geo. Dunn was prosecuted at
Hamilton for coughing in the
Baptist church. It appears it \yas
not a natural cough, but one simulated to offend the minister. The
court, after hearing all the evidence
ordered Dunn to give bonds to
preserve the peace in future. Rev.
Mr. Allen prosecuted.
Disgusted with the apparent
apathy of the Dominion"1 government regarding the construction of
a railroad to Hudson Bay, the
provincial grain growers' convention made the first step towards the
construction'"of the line by the
farmers of the three western
provinces. A number of farmers
each subscribed ten dollars toward
the building of the line and a
regular canvas for subscriptions
was made. If funds permit construction will be started at the
earliest possible moment.
A message, telephoned from Ka-
talk has been received announcing
that the Glacier in the. Behring
River valley in the Yukon has burst
ana an internal lake set free, which
Swept with terrific force the large
ice masses down the river to the
sea. .Miners' huts were dashed to
.pieces, and the fate of many prospectors is as yet unknown.
The first attempts to apply the
Canada Temperance Act, or " Scott;
Act " in the province are announced for Chilliwack , and Prince
Rupert. The number of names
appended to the petition; asking
that a vote be taken'was 244 in
Prince Rupert* and 149 in Chilliwack. The result of the vote, will
be proclaimed December 16. In
the event of the Scott Act being
carried the law provides that license
holders shall have at least three
months to dispose of their stock.
After the expiration of three
months the law goes into force by
proclamation and no repeal vote
can be taken for three years.
" The.campaign in Winnipeg for
the raising of $350,000 for a Y. M.
G. [At'..was highly successful and
$4000 more than asked for was
secured- The street railway alone
gave $5000.
"Can be had by ambitiousyoung men
and ladies in "the field of wireleH or railway i.teJegraDhv^_S?flce__J__e..8-hour law
became effective, "and'since the wireless
companies are-establishing stations through-
out the country, there is a great shortage
of telegraphers. Positions pay .beginners
from $70 to $g0 per month, with good
chance of advancement. The National
Telegraph Institute operates six official
institutes in America, under supervision of
R.R. arid Wireless Officials and places all
graduates into positions. It will pay you
write them for full details at Davenport,
la., Qncinatti, 0„ Portland, Ore., or Memphis, Tenn.
Blackhead, the disease which is
causing alarm among farmers and
poultrymen by killing* off flock
after flock of turkeys, is more widespread than is generally known.
While the greatest losses are in
Eastern Canada, out-breaks are reported from various sections
throughout the Middle West.
Definite instances have been cited
where flocks of forty, sixty and of
seventy-two turkeys have been
wiped out.
The South African parliament,
following the examples of New
Zealand and Australia, has decided
to make an annual grant to the
Imperial navy.
A terrible fire is reported from
Newark, N. J., in which some
twenty girls employed in a paper
box factory met their death. In the
panic which followed the outbreak
of the flames, many of the girls
leaped from the upper story windows rather than wait for the fire
brigade to help them.
It is estimated that the terrible
forest fires which have taken place
recently in Idaho and Montana,
have burnt up or rendered useless
six million board feet of timber. In
the former of these states not only
have three billion feet been destroyed, but there is left behind a
burnt district of nearly half a
million acres. In order that the
damaged timber may be removecf
and place given for new timber to
grow, the partially burnt timber
will be sold at once to timbermen.
It is estimated that the amount of
lumber-producing forest burnt is
one or two per cent, of the whole
standing merchantable forest ofthe
United States.
The Northern Construction company of Winnipeg has been given
the contract for the construction of
139 miles of the Canadian Northern line in British Columbia.
A balloon flight from the' Pacific
to the Atlantic coast as proposed
by the Association of International
Aeronautical Pilots at its annual
meeting in Boston, a few weeks
ago, will be attempted next year as
the result of an offer made by Mr.
P. Chester Thompson, of New
York, to give $10,000 to finance
the trip besides a trophy valued at
$ 1000., Mr. P. H. Clayton, aide in
the balloon Pommern, which won
the international balloon race of
1908, will be- the pilot of the coast
to coast trip which he is.confident
can be made in four days. A
rubber silk hydrogen balloon from
160,000 to 200,000 cubic feet
capacity will be ordered. Mr.
Thompson makes no ' conditions
other than that the start shall be
made at some place on the Pacific
coast and the landing within fifty
miles of the Atlantic Ocean.
Easy  Way  In Which the Intent of a
Law May Be Changed.
"A joker it* its simplest form con
slsts Id a word or a clause whi«h, introduced Into proposed legislation
filches away from the public its powet
to establish such laws us it desires
either by emasctiluting an enactment,
or by perverting the essence and purpose of it." So writes Samuel Hopkins Adams In Americau Magazine,
and he cites these instances of bow
tbe joker game is worked:
"Sometimes It Is Id one word, as
where tbe sale of a piece of public
property to the lowest bidder was once
authorized. Sometimes It may Inhere
in tbat elusive character, tbe comma,
as in tbe case of tbe tariff clause of aft
old schedule providing for the free en
try of fruit plants, where somebody
carelessly allowed a comma to creep
In between 'fruit' and 'plants,' thereby
udmlttiDg.millions of oranges and lem
ons hito tbe country duty free and
costing tbe treasury hundreds of thou
sands of dollars ln loss ot Imports.
Nobody ever found out whether this
was a printer's slip or a carefully devised scheme. Certain It Is that the
trainers of the schedule never Intended it.
"Again, the entire body of tbe pro
vlso may constitute the Joker by purporting to carry one meaning when It
In reality carries quite another. Con
gress still preserves Ihe tradition of
the Irish representative from Massachusetts who proposed that March 17
be made a legal holiday in celebration
of the 'Boston "tea party." Several
New Englandcrs whose zeal exceeded
their erudition warmly supported the
measure uutil some one pointed out
that March 17 was much more closely
.associated with the supposed birth of
the proposer's patron saint than with
the destruction of the obnoxious tea,
which latter, indeed, was a midwinter
' Many persons find themselves affected
with a persistent cough after an attack of
influenza.. As this cough can be promptly
cured by the use of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, it should not be allowed to run
until it becomes troublesome. Sold by all
Bouvette's Express
And General Delivery.
~[. Meets allBoats.
Prompt attention to orders.
Phone 158.
Office, Wilkes old store.
We find from year to year there is an
increasing demand for Sterling SiWASr
articles, and to meet this demand we have
stocked for the Xmas trade this year more
Sterling Silver articles than usual, and we
shall be very pleased to show you our
complete line in Manicure Set*, Dressing
Sets, Photo Frames, Bonnet and Hat
Brushes, and many other very tasty and
appropriate articles for this season of the
The   Court   Always   Tries   to   Settle
Them by  Reconciliation.
In oue important respect the Swiss
surpass other nations in.the management of tbelr divorce cases, says an
English correspondent.
In every towu there is a kind of official paper known ns tbe Feullle d'Avls,
lu wbicb one may read daily tbe following announcement:
".M. and Mine. X., who are in Instance of divorce, are requested to appear privately before the judge, alone
or with their lawyers, ln order to
come to a reconciliation If possible."
Before the beginning of every divorce case tn Switzerland this notice
is published nnd sent out to tbe interested parties, leaving the couple, of
course, free to attend before the judge
or not, as tbey wish. Often tbe couple
AltboHgh there are no statistics published on the subject, I am told by a
leading lawyer In Geneva whose specialty W divorce cases tbat at least SO
per "cent of divorce cases—"much to
my loss unfortunately," the lawyer
added, with a smile—are settled by
the paternal advice of tbe judge at
these meetings out of court
In fact. Swiss lawyers wiir not definitely take up a divorce case until it
has" passed through the reconciliation
If oue of the couple does not attend
tlie rendezvous this means thiit tbe affair Is to he fought nut. hut In any case
Swiss divorces are not expensive.
The average cost In a contested case
Is $200, often J!00. and tbe lowest
when both parties are agreed $10 or
$15.~Smi .'rniielsco Chronicle.
Be a Real Power In the World.
It Is a great thing lo start out In
active life with the resolution that you
will not be n men* ciphei in your community, tint a 'real constructive force;
thin you will stninl for something more
than a real living getter or a dollar
gatherer; that you will not tie merely
one nx>re citizen, mil a strong, robust,
vigorous force, a power respected, a
force Unit moves ihiiigs To be known
as a progressive man who stands for
everything that Is tor the betterment
oi his community, every one should be
ainiiiiiotis tn be something aa a citizen
besiiles a specialist lu bis vocation.—
Success Magazine.
The Wild Beet.
Heels werv-llrst found growing wild
In sandy soils near the sea in Kurope
und western Asia The wild beet still
found there Is regarded by authority
us tin- original type. 1'bls wild beet
lu slender rooted and has a taste so
diO'crcui from ihe iieet we know today thin oue must consider' the first
man who tasted one nnd thought It
possible to develop bud <gifts of bope
and Imagination fur beyond ordinary.
The beet has been cultivated since 200-
800 B 0.
Tlie second Uui.e ot Wellington was
handicapped ihrmigti lift, by his father's dune Bernal Osborne ouce asked him why with his undoubted talents he made no ..effort to shine ln public affnlrs. Tlie duke replied: "If you
hud sat so' long us I have under tbe
shadow of n great tree you would be
as colorless us I am."
Too Clever.
Hfitel Clerk-Let me see. You're tbe
Mr. Rnrni. who acts Itomeo. aren't
yon? I think I've seen you climb
down from Juliet's balcony. Barne I
am that famous actor, sir. Hotel Clerk
• Cash In adviitice. pleaso, Vou climb
too well for auy other terms.—New
lYork Journal.
The love nHiei.tity.ls tn*le; tbaCN**
Uuti of bcuutj is art.- Etuersou.
Molten Rock That Bores Upward
Through the  Earths Crust.
Butbollte is a. lerm Invented Dy the
rreat Germ;i_) geoiugisi Kdmird Huess
o describe the gigamii' intrusions of
uoiteu rock which. a<-ci. niing to him,
)ore their wiiy upward iliriiugh the
:ruat of the earih from' Hie "eternal
lepths" below, cutting through the
itrata and folds of ihe mountains very
nucb as a white bot soldering iron
nay be thrust through a plank, burn-
ng its way across the grain of the
(rood as tf it were cheese.
These batholltes lurk deep in the
jarth, where Ihe temperature Ir thoa-
lands of degrees, und gradually melt
:helr way to the surface above them.
Benerally they issue lu the form of
xemendous domes of hot rock, tower-
ug up to moiiiioilu heights and often
jiving birth to volcanoes. When a
.athollte, as sometimes happens, does
iot reach the surface Its roof open*
:u a network of fissures, lava pours
iut and a whole group of volcanoes
ippears at that point.
Suess has recognized the remains »t
many cooled batholltes on various
parts of the earth's surface, and ha
jays that the consolidated crust of the
Mirth, even at the present day, may
De exposed to these mighty intrusions
from below. Tbe batholltes bring up
witb them many metuls from the Interior of the planet, and rich mlues
tre often opened in tbe dikes that are
:hus formed.
Suess describes the rock about Boat-
ler, Colo., ns nn ancient butbollte.
which covers 5,000 square kilometers
if surface. But there are others still
more prodigious in extent.
Sometimes they have been worn
lown nearly to the general level, but
near Elkborn the old balholite yet
towers up to an elevation of 0.000 feet
above the sea. The diamond dikes of
South Africa have thus been thrust up
from tbe profound depths df the earth,
where there exists a laboratory of na-
mre in which she performs what seem
miracles to the petty inhabitants of
Ihe planet's surface.
The face of the moon shows us most
:learJy what butholiies are capable of.
The vast circular plains ringed wltb
steep mountains, which make its surface so marvelous lo look upon with a
telescope, have, according to this view,
been formed by intrusions of colossal
batholltes, aurl Suess calls them by
the startling name of "smelting furnaces"—furmtces thousands of square
miles in extent—in wbicb the frame
of that little world has been melted
and dissolved like a snow bauk lying
in the path of n How of molten iron.
And if we could remove the sedimentary accumulations of ages from
the face of our world, says this astonishing German savant, we might find
now bidden under our feet a network
of tbe seared skeletons of ancient
batholltes. grander than any on the
moon!—Garrett P. Servlsa In New
Von Moltke's Simplicity.      .
Once while traveling General Moltke
entered a small Swiss hotel, and aa tbe
bead waiter saw his gaunt figure stalking In, wrapped ln a wornout, dusty
cloak, carrying ,-in old leather satchel,
he measured his wealth by his looks
and ordered his assistant to show bim
to a small room In the uppermost
story. As be was making himself comfortable in tbe attic another assistant
came, as Is customary there, to ask tha
silent stranger his uauie and rank.
The consequence was that a few minutes later the proprietor, In full dress,
appeared at the door of the attic to Inform his excellency tbat a better room
had Just been vacated.
"Give that to my servant," replied
Moltke. "when he comes with my carriage. This Is good enongb for me."
And be remalued.
The Silks of Samarkand.
The silks and velvets of Samarkand,
long'famous for the rainbow blending
of their colors, have a season, exactly,
tike fruits or garden truck; and can only
be purchased at that particular time
of the year; When the worms are
ready for spinning they are all brought
to the silk bazaar nnd sold. Tbe silk It
then spun and dyed, nnd all tbat Is not
used ln the maker's family Is exported
ln the form of cloth. Thus, unless yoa
happen to be In Samarkand during tha
season. It Is all but impossible to And
any of the native silk for sale except
In tbe form of ready mode kbalats,
which nre a sort of glorified dressing
gowu.-E. A. Powell In Kverybody's.
Cordially Invited.
Glasgow Invitations are .nothing If
not hearty. Two friends met after a
fairly long separation.
"Man, Tarn." says one, "wbaor ln a*
the nlrtb hae ye been bldln' yersel'T,
1 hnvena seen ye for an age."
"Wecl. Jcems, I've been doon Oon-
rock, way n guld while. Come doon an'
see me sttme. I've got a set ot gooJt
boxing gloves, an' if ye come doon any
tiny I'll knock the face aff ye."—Lott-
don Tlt-Blts.
The Other Way.
"You may pay me'fioodowti and 128
a week." said the physlclnn offhand.
"Sounds ns If I were buying an automobile." the patient said.
"No," said the doctor thoughtlessly;
"I am."-Ruffnlo Express.
Didn't Follow Dlreotlon*.
"Burtin seems rather sore on yon,
old nmn."*
. "Yep; he nimoyed trie yesterday, and
1 told lilm to go and take a back seat'* ,7.
"And ho took n(Trout, »&?"— Boatoo  -' f'
No legacy t* bo rich «» hotnat#^»
t^afcespoara.  p      ,
»^VA 8
The Orchard City Record.
Thurstfaij, Doc. 1
Send or leave your orders for
Xmas Fruits.
Our stock is fresh and of excellent
quality.   Finest assortment in the City.
Seeded Raisins, Sultana Raisins,
Currants, Figs, Dates, Peels,
Malaga Grapes,   Table Raisins.
Don't forget Saturday is
Bargain Day:
Red Cabbage, Onions, Chow Chow,
and Mixed Pickles, for 30c. bottle
Fine Creamery Butter, 141b box 30c lb.
Cold Cream Toilet Soap, 10 bars 25c.
Choice Seeded Raisens, 10c. package
Water Glasses, worth 90c. dozen,
Saturday, 60c.
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nothing to get our prices.
Highest Quality, Greatest Quantity,
Lowest Prices, always at
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until it becomes troublesome. Sold by all
Bouvette's Express
And General Delivery.
Meets all Boats.
Prompt attention to orders.
Phone 158.
Office, Wilkes old store.
Agency for all kinds of Music,
Songs, Dances, Instrumental,
and  Church Music, and
Teachers' Supplies.
Violins' Banjos, etc., and fittings
for same.
If you desire  prompt   delivery   mt
lowest rates order from
P. O. Box 325, Kelowna.
Phone 35
Phone 35
The Money Saving Store.
If your business is
not worth advertising,
advertise it for sale.
All kinds of Repairs
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
When you are  doing your Christmas Baking, always
get the newest and best goods.
This week all stock will be complete in every
Christmas Condiment.
California Seeded Raisens,
16oz. pkgs. -
Patios Currants, re-cleaned, 16oz. pkgs. ' - 2 for 25c.
Bleached Sultanas, the very nicest and whitest, 3 for 50c.
Orange, Citron, and Lemon  Peel,  mixed,  20c. per lb.
Smyrna Figs, California Figs, Hallowi Dates,
Fard Dates, Cluster Raisins, and all other
Christmas Cooking requisites.
Oranges, Bananas, Lemons, Grapes, Cranberries
Christmas nuts arrived new and fresh,
Including shelled almonds.and walnuts,
Marbot Walnuts, Valencia Almonds^
Choice Pecans, Jumbo Peanuts, Washed Brazils, and Sicily Filberts.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
She Said  It Was Irrevocable, but Ha
Knew Better.
It was all off. They had quarreled,
finally and Irrevocably. It doesn't
matter now what it was about. The
chances are that in their anger neither
remembered anything except that he
had disappointed ber In some awful,
unforgivable way und she had seized
the diamond engagement ring from a
dnlhty, slender finger and thrust It
upon bim wltb a gesture of Infinite
For an Instant be held tlie cltclet ln
his hand ruefully. For another instant be paced the porch, bands in his
pockets, bead low, his voice quivering
with emotion as be pleaded. Suddenly he stopped In front of her.
' "That's final, Is it?" he inquired.
"Final." sho replied Icily. "No man
with a spark of—
"All righl!" he snapped. "Thia
thing's no use to me, then."
His right arm shot out like the arm
of a ball pitcher, and a second later
tbe tiakle-tiukle of metaUon the con*
crete walk half a block away told her
he had thrown tbe ring away.
"Oh!" she cried, aud tbere was sudden anguish in ber heart, "I didn't
raeaD it!   We must find It—at once."
"I don't eare for It," he Bald stubbornly. "Life bas mighty little now
to make"—
"Silly!" she cried. "Help me-lmme-
He couldn't let ber go alone, witb
night coming ou, so, after proper reluctance, he followed. In the eagerness of searching all her anger melted.
It took a long time, but finally be
stooped quickly and exclaiming, "Here
It Is!" held up the diamond ring.
Whnt happened In the next hour Is
nobody's business except their own.
Tbe human, masculine part of tbe
story was disclosed to bis bosom
friend late tbat night In the quiet ot
their room.
"Had It in my pocket all the time."
he* said. "Threw a quarter down the
street And, dad bling it, I didn't find
It either!"
But It did the work.—Kansas CIt?
One   Case   Where   the   Half   Proved
Greater Than the Whole.
Tbere Is no painter wbo lends him
self to "splitting" so much as Botticelli—I. e.. n division of tbe panel into
two parts so as to form separate pic*
tures. fears ago I sold to a Mr. Buttery of Loudon half a Botticelli, wbicb
Is now owned by Herr Kaufmann of
Berlin. I hare myself seen tbe other
half of the picture, as well aa the plo*
lure in Its entire state.
In oue case I can recall the halt
proved greater than tbe whole. A certain Signor Bnrll! bequeathed a valu-
Mble Botticelli to his two grandsons,
who were twins. But, although twins,
these two young men were rather
quarrelsome mid had no taste in com*
num. One proposed to sell tbe picture,
which had been painted for one of tbelr
ancestors. It Is said, by Botticelli himself. Tbe other would not consent
The first then proposed that tbe other
should buy his share and keep the plo
ture himself, ne took me wltb bim,
and I assigned tbe value of the plo
ture nt 5.000 lire, saying I would glva
that for It. The brother declined and
suggested placing tbe picture ln th*
custody of an aunt pending an adjust*
litem of the terms. "Oh, very well,"
cried bis brother, flying into a passion,
"if you won't buy and won't let me
sell there's only one thing to do," and
before any one could Interfere be emptied three chambers of a revolver into
tbe panel, completely destroying one*
baif of tbe composition. Including a St
John and a Joseph. Tbe picture being sent to me to restore, I could do
nothing witb it and strongly advised
separating tbe panel. Shortly after I
did so the owner died, and I disposed
of tbe work for 8,000 lira to Adolph
Kaon. It is now. I believe, in Russia.
-ES. Panzone In Strand Magastne.
2 Cents per word, first Insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents. .
at immensely reduced prices. We are
offering all makes of typewriters for sale.
These machines are in perfect condition,
having been rebuilt in our own workshop
by the most expert workmen in the city.
Send for price list. The Oliver Typewriter Agency, 321, Homer st., Vancouver,
B. C. A 3-
Will be received up to 10th December for
the renting of the  skating rink  for  the
season.      Any    tender   not   necessarily
accepted.   Apply W. Haug. 52-1
Bay Horse, about 1500 lbs., branded H in
circle.   Information may be left at Record
Office.   Finder rewarded. 52tf
To  buy small   potatoes   for   pigs,   and
mangolds.   Pigs for sale.    Apply D.r P.
de Pfyffer, Mission Ranch. 52-1
Two furnished house keeping rooms in
the Spedding block. Apply on premises.
10 acres of improved fruit land five miles
from Kelowna with 450 fruit trees set out
in spring of 1909.     Price and ierms on
application to,  W. Shanks, Kelowna
On corner of Abbott St. and Beech Ave.,
gold and amethyst hat pin. jinder please
return to Mrs. DuMoulin and receive
reward. Ip
Good small onions,   reasonable. P.   O.
box 113. ^Ip
(Section 35.)
Application for License
Notice is hereby given that, on the 31st
day of December next, application will be
made to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police for the grant of a license fer the
sale of liquor by retail in and upon the
premises known as the Lakeview Hotel
situate at Westbank, B. C, upon the lands
described as Lots 9 and 10, Block 6.
Dated this 24th day nf November, 1910.
Wanted, capable for  general  housework.
Family of five,  no children.   Apply P.O.
box 270, Kelowna. 51 2
Secondhand Gramaphone or phonopraph,
state make, slso side hill plow  and  small
iron bed.   Postmaster, Wiison's Landing
Mexican, in good condition.   Apply Box
C, Record) Office. 52
First-class, experienced in fancy ironing.
Steady job and good wages.   S. M. Gore,
Okanagan Laundry, Kelowna. 52tf
Ladies and gentlemen interested in Stage
Production to communicate with H. A.
Grey who is producing a well known London comedy in aid of local charities and
the City Band fund.
Small furnished house on Abbott Street
for terms, call at Oillinery Srore.     l-2p
iow bavisn.
Mrs. Dobbs waa trying to find ont
the likes and dislikes of her new
boarder, and all she learned Increased
ber satisfaction.
"Do you want pis for brvakfastT*
she asked.
"No, I thank yon," said the new
boarder, witb a smile. "Pie tor l_nafe>
fast seems a little too much."
"That's ]ust tbe way I look at it,"
said Mrs. Dobbs heartily. "1 say pto
for dinner is a necessity, and pto tor
supper gives a kind o* finishing touch
to the day, but pie for breakfast if
what 1 call putting on airs."—Yonth's
Boat Builder
Launches, Sail Boats
Skiffs, Canoes and Scows
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.
. The Usua. 8equel.
When tbey reucbed Montreal on their
elo|>eiueut Chicago seemed ~tu, far
nway, aud tbey were both homesick.
"I will just telegraph tbe letter 'I*
to father," said tbe beautiful bride.
•'That will mean forgiveness."
"Better make It two 'E"s,,n advised
tl* young bridegroom.
"Gracious, dear: And what will two
•FV mean?" '
"Why, forgiveness and funds."—Chicago News.
Poor Memory,
tunde   a   horrible
Green's dinner party tbe other night"
"What was it?"
"Called Ibe hostess by her first husband's iuiine."-Detrolt Free Press.
The Old Master.
Mistress-Has anybody 'been to see
tbat old oil painting I bought? Mary-
No. ma'am.   Somebody called to mo
the old master, bat I
Prices Quoted to Any Pout
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66
Kelowna, B#€.
Mrs. J. H. Davies    '.
Representing the
of Canada, Ltd.
Office over Tailor shop of Davies &
Mfcthie, Pendozi Street
At home every Monday,  between the
hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. to receive
NP.O. Box 177, Kelowna.
Ladies' & Child's
At 25 per cent Discount.
5 only, Ladies' Mantles, at $12.50
cut to $9.40
1 only Lady 8 Mantel;
at $13.50,
cut to $10.14
1 only Lady s Mantel,
at $14.50,
cut to $10.90
2 only Ladies'Mantles
af $16.50
cut to $12.40
3 only Ladies'Mantles
at $17.50
cut to $13.15
2 only Ladies'Mantles
at $22.00    y.
cut to $16.50
1 only Lady's Mantel
at $23.00
.   cut to $77.25
All Children's Mantels at 25 per cent,
Come here for your
New Winter Coat.
We will sell you one
that is just right for
you, one that is absolutely correct in style,
and dependable in
The Kelotona
P.S. Remember We
have always given' 5
per cent, off on all
cash purchases.
a;    ■ - \.      .'.'...
Certified Embalmer.
. On call night and day. -
jame* Bros. Bidcfc;
Phone 88.
is high grade watch repairing. English
Swiss and American watches repaired
and guaranteed, promptly and at very
moderate charges, also clock and jew.
elery repairs.
I am just opening up the first arrivals
of Christinas novelties in silverware and
cut glass. It will soon be time to look
around .and plin your gifts. Don't for-
get to look in here. Catalogue "prices
don't frighten me. and mine will surprise you.
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed


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