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The Orchard City Record Nov 24, 1910

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Sad Double Drowning Disaster
Sailing Boat Caught in Sudden Squall and Overturned
Disowned and One Rescued With Difficulty
A distressing drowning accident
which resulted in the loss of two
lives and very nearly a third, occui-
red last Wednesday afternoon soon
after one o'clock.
Tom Wardlow, Mark England
and Robert Lloyd, three carpenters
employed by Mr. Raymer, who
had been engaged for some time
past on the building of a house for
Mr. Harry Chaplin on the west side
of the lake, having completed, the
contract Wednesday morning, started to cross over to Kelowna in a
sailing boat. When about the
middle of the lake a sudden squall
sprang up, the boat was capsized,
and the three men were precipitated into the water.
Frank Bastier, who was working
on Dane's place, over-looking the
lake on the west side, heard their
shouts of distress. He at once
hurried down to the brewery, a
short distance away, and he and
W. Dimmock and Oswald Jones
quickly got but the brewery launch,
and hurried to the assistance of the
drowning men..
As they drew near to the overturned boat they could see two
men clinging to her, the third,
Mark England, having already disappeared. They tried for some
time to get near enongh to reach
the unfortunate men, who were
rapidly becoming exhausted, but
the engine stopped and the rough
sea drove tnem back. Again and
')again theyr drew hear, but were
carried awav each tirrie. Finally
Frank Bastier, .with splendid heroism, sprang over the side of the
launch. A few powerful strokes
7enabled him to seize Lloyd,* exhausted, numbed with the cold and
yell-nigh dead. The strong breeze
had lashed the lake into an angry
sea, but bravely' the rescuer held
on and managed to keep afloat
nntil the launch could get alongside,
when Dimmock and Jones pulled
them aboard.
In the meantime the sailboat had
been rolling heavily, and before the
launch could get round again, had
turned completely over, shaking
off Jt the'? desperate hold of the remaining man, and poor Tom
Wardlow sank from sight
For a few"; minutes the launch
hung over the spot on the chance
of his rising to the surface again,
but all to no purpose, then set out
at full speed for Kelowna. Lloyd's
unconscious figure was carried into
the Royal Hotel.
When Dr. Martin, who had been
state. All three, however, managed
to catch hold of the boat, but they
were ^ hampered by their heavy
coats and the heavy rolling of the
craft. He saw Mark England hang
on for about ten minutes, and heard
him complain about the terrible
cold, but he never saw him again.
Tom Wardlow had managed to
divest himself of his overcoat, but
Lloyd could not get his off, or he
says he would have struck out for
shore. The coldness of the water
was paralysing every muscle and
his strength was going fast, when
he heard Wardlow shout: " Hang
on Bob, there's a launch coming ! "
He has no recollection of being
carried ashore.
The. case of Mark England was
particularity sad. He was a bright
young fellow from the Old Country
and leaves a wife and two young
children, one not a year old. He
has a brother in.Kelowna, but his
parents reside in Essex, England.
Tom Wardlow was Mr. Raymer's
foreman. He was unmarried, his
parents and two brothers residing
in Kelowna.
Mr Claude James went out soon
after the accident in Hayman's new
boat and after searching around the
spot brought in the _ overturned
boat. Several searches have since
been made, but it is extremely unlikely that any trace of the bodies
will ever be found.
Meeting of the
City Council
Waterworks By-law Passed
A meeting of the city council was
held Monday last, Mayor Suthei-
land, and Aldermen Leckie, Cox
and Jones being present.
The minutes of the previous
meeting were passed and the following' accounts referred to the
finance committee, to be paid if
found correct."
North   West  Electric Co.,   W.   P.
Wire . .....$88 40
North West Electric  Co., electric
metera  239 95
Parliament Opens
at Ottawa
48 00
10 58
3 33
18 47
I 50
3 00
British Parliament Dissolves
Premier Asquith announced today that parliament will be dissolved Nov. 28 thus insuring a general election before Christmas.
The announcement of the. prime
minister was-a surprise, as many
on both sides were hopeful that a
compromise would be reached.
The premier was defiant when he
addressed the House of Commons
the otKer day.
" It is useless to continue the farce
any longer," he said "To reform
the House of Lords and simultaneously to permit them to retain
the right of veto simply makes the
government a farce. The suggested
compromise has not been in the
interests of the people. The government has a distinct programme
which must be carried out."
summoned   smvccl,
scarcely a sign of life, and for a
long time his efforts seemed useless.
^At length, however,"1 his patience
vas rewarded, and indications of
returning animation became
It was an hour or more before
Lloyd was sufficiently recovered to
be able to sit up in bed and give,
his version of the accident. His
story was pathetic in the extreme.
The three of them had finished
work on Chaplin's house that
morning and were returning to
Kelowna. They had started about
10 o'clock in the morning. The
day was fine but cold, and all three
were well wrapped up with heavy
overcoats. For some time Lloyd,
who is an experienced sailor, used
to the sea all his life, and holding
a master mariner's certificate, had
held the tiller with one hand and
manipulated the sheet with the
other. But his hands, becoming
numbed with the cold he had got
Mark England to relieve him with
the sheet while he still kept to the
steering. When the squall struck
them he shouted to Mark to let go
the sheet, but the line had jambed
in some way and refused to work.
The boat heeled over and half
filled with water, and before he
could get her righted, his companions had rolled or jumped into
the water, and the boat rolling
completely oyer carried him under.
He was under for what seemed a
terrible time, and when he did
come up he was in • pretty bad.
Count Leo Tolstoi, the noted
Russian novelist and social reformer, died on Sunday last at Astap-
ova, Russia. Entering the army
when 23 years old, he served in
the defence of Sevatapol against
the French and the British. He
first came into prominence in literature by some vivid sketches written from Sevastapol.
He was devoted to the interests
of the Russian peasantry, and began early to organize for the uplift
of that much degraded class.
Accurate information is difficult
to get, but advices so far make the
total output of fruit and vegetables
in car lots, in the neighborhood of
930 cars. The CP.R. always estimated about 1200 cars for 1911, and
with the many new orchards now
first coming into bearing, that estimate will likely come far short of
the mark.
Mr. R. E. Harriss imported last
week a registered Holstein bull
from Aylmer, Ontario. It is from
a celebrated milking strain, and
was bred by Messrs. Laidlaw & Son
and changed hands at a very high
Mr. S. Gore is starring up in the
laundry business. -He has taken
Stubbs' house on Pendozi street,
and is at present having it fitted up
ready, for the reception of the
machinery which is on order. Mr.
Gore expects extensive patronage
from people who object to having
their laundry handled in Chinatown.
G. F. Teal, work on waterworks
J. Walgod,   do. do.
R. Draper,   do. do.
S. Hanjnarck do.
do. do.
A. McMillan do. do.
C. P.-R. freight       8. 57
G. F. Jones, fire hall supplies  65
Can. Rubber Co., 500ft. hose-.  450 00
W. Sanders,   waterworks   connections    ,44 36
$/. C. Blackwood, gravelling streets 109 50
Mr. S. T. Elliott attended with a
plan of his sub-division on Pendozi
street. This was approved by
motion of the council.
A plan submitted by the Aquatic
Association was also aptxpved.
Waterworks By-law No. 80 then
came up for final consideration.
Mayor Sutherland mentioned that
it had been submitted to the city
solicitor and no changes suggested.
A motion was accordingly put
through that the by-law be finally
Mr. Claude James attended with
a request for permission to extend
the ferry building out toward? the
lake as far as the water line. He
wished to know if the addition
could be constructed of wood, as
it would be a difficult matter putting
a concrete or brick building on the
There was some doubt as to
whether the site in question was
within the fire limits, but on looking the matter up it was found that
an amendment to the ; by-law relating to fire limits made last year
had struck out all west of Abbott
street. Mr. James was accordingly
assured that the building could be
of wood so long as it met with the
approval of the building inspector,
to whom plans would have to be
Aid. Jones enquired how many
hydrants had been purchased by
the waterworks committee, and
where they had been placed.
Aid. Leckie said that twelve
hydrants had^been purchased, but
they were not all in position yet.
They were being put wherever it
was considered essentia! and at
distances apart so as to cover most
ground with the hose.
Aid. Jones remarked that the
placing of these hydrants should
now give the town ample fire protection.
Aid. Cox wondered if there was
not some disadvantage in placing
the hydrants so low in the ground.
Aid. Leckie thought that this did
not in any way interfere with their
usefulness. They were smaller
hydrants, costing about half the
price of the first ones and he
believed would do the work
equally well. He said the fire
brigade boys intended testing them
as soon as they were all in position.
He also said that in future the water
cart could be supplied with a short
length of hose for attaching to the
hydrants, thus avoiding the former
method of filling which had not
proved very satisfactory.
Mayor Sutherland said he had to
apologize to the aldermen for not
bringing in the Electric Light bylaw as promised last week. He
had been delayed in the work of
preparation by having contracted
a cold. The by-law, however,
would be ready for next meeting.
The meeting then adjourned
until Monday next, Nov. 28th,
at 8 p.m.
The third session of the Eleventh
Parliament of Canada opened last
Thursday at Ottawa with the usual
brilliant ceremony and military
Accession of a new King makes
necessary the swearing of allegiance
by Senators and members, and
clerks of both houses were kept
busy all ii.orning administering to
groups the oath both of loyalty and
In the speech from the throne
there was a reference to the death
of King Edward, and an expression
of congratulation upon the prosperity of the country and the
abundance of crops, especially in
Eastern Canada. Allusion was
made also to railway construction
and the necessity of passing the
bank act owing to lapse of bank
charters in June next. Reference
was also made to the fact that two
vessels of the Canadiap navy have
already arrived in Canadian waters,
•and that contracts will be let at an
early date for eleven other vessels,
provided for in the legislation of
last session.
Satisfaction was expressed by the
Governor-general that reciprocity
negotiations have. been entered
into with the United States Government. The agreement between
Canada and the United States for
the consideration of international
fisheries was noted with great
satisfaction. The finances of Canada were declared in a most satisfactory condition.
Sensational Charge
of Blackmail
Story of Anonymous Letter and
a Glass Bottle
Rev. F. A. Robinson, B.A., who is
conducting Evangelistic Meetings
in Knox Church, and who will
bring the mission to a close on
More Members for B.C.
at Ottawa
Born, to Mrs. Ernest Clement,
November 16th, a boy.
Mr. J. T. Campbell, Sunnyside
Ranch, should be credited with the
prize winners of last week, instead
of J. J.
The Dominions census will be
taken next summer, probably in
June, will show that British Columbia has at least 300,000 people.
The. cencus of 1901 showed B. C.
population to be 190,000. British
Columbia is at present represented
at the Dominion House of Commons by seven members. The Br-
ritish North America Act provides
that the number of members in the
house may from time to time be
increased by parliament according
to a fixed proportion calculated
from the latest census. The census
of next summer will, according to
arithmetic and the act, give British
Columbia twelve members in the
House of Commons.
The hearing of an enquiry into a
remarkable case of alleged blackmail, arising out of an anonymous
letter sent last Friday to Mr. E. J.
Pettigrew, was commenced before
Magistrate Burne last Wednesday
morning. It reads like a drama
from the moving picture show
translated into real life.
It appears that Mr. Pettigrew,
who a few months ago had his
confectionery store on main street
destroyed by fire, on getting up last
Friday morning, found a letter
pushed under his door. The letter
asserted that the writer had two
friends who were in possession of
certain damaging information as to
the cause of the fire. They were
anxious to go to Australia, but had
not money enough to pay the
passage. He advised Pettigrew to:
place $150 in a bottle in the end
of (the culvert on Pendozi tteet
just south of the bridge. He, the
writer would give the money to
them and thus prevent making any
Mr. Pettigrew, in his statement
said that at first he was inclined tq
treat the matter as a joke, but
finally he showed the letter to
Constable MacRae. The latter regarded the latter as serious, and it
was arranged that a dummy roll of
bills shouldhp put in a sealer and
placed in position as directed.
„j^6n i'6fter-' Fridays midnight,*
Pettigrew was aroused- from his
slumbers by a noise at his door.
He heard smeone shout: " Don't
forget that money!" and then run
away. He went to the door but
could see no one.
The bottle was put into place
Saturday evening, and Bert Johnstone, Joe Cowan and Pettigrew
stationed themselves behind some
trees and awaited developments.
Nothing happened, however, and
they were relieved about half past
seven by Constable MacRae and
Max Jenkins, who got under the
sidewalk, which is supported on
trestles at that point, and close up
to the culvert.
They had not waited long, the
police evidence stated, before they
espied a mysterious figure on the
other side ol the road. The man
crossed the road, came along the
sidewalk, stopped a while, then
commenced to get under the sidewalk by the culvert, reaching forward as if to get the bottle.
"Handsup I " ordered the constable
presenting a revolver.    For answer
No Liberal in tbe
Yale By-election
Mr. Alexander Lucas, of Agassiz,
has been nominated Conservative
candidate for the seat in the Yale
district made vacant by the resignation of Premier McBride, who
was member for both Yale and
Victoria and who has retained the
latter seat.
Nomination day for the vacant
seat has been fixed for November
26, and the election two days later,
on the 28th. At present, however,
it seems extremely unlikely that
any contest will "take place. A
Liberal convention was held last
week at Spencc's Bridge for the
purpose of choosing a candidate,
but-although the various parts of
the riding were well represented
no nomination was made owing to
the various delegates being unable
to come to an agreement.
The delegates to the convention
were divided between Mr. Stuart
Henderson and Mr. John Oliver,
the latter being the former leader
of the Liberal opposition in the
province, who was defeated in his
home constituency of Delta -last
election. Merritt sent a resolution
against contesting the election.
. - Mr. Henderson refused to stand
as candidate unless he was the
unanimous choice of the convention
and,it was not possible to arrive at
the desired unanimity from the facb
that the Nicola delegation had fcjeen .
sent pledged to Mr. Oliver's cause.
With the failit»R of the Liberal
convention to make ,a nomination,
the only opposition in sight to Mr. ,
^SS'.^^a^^^'^ J***60*"
prospectiveTndependent candidate,"
whose retirement from the contest
is already rumored.
Westbank Fruitgrowers
On Friday Nov. 18th inst a meeting was held at the Lakeview Hotel
at West Bank, and was attended by
a large number of the inhabitants
of the west side. The meeting was
called to discuss several important .
questions of interest connected with
the place: The question however,
which occupied the greater part of
the evening was the advisability of
sending a delegate to Victoria to
urge upon the government the nf,
cessity of establishing a water system which would be adequate' for
the requirements of this large and
rapidly growing settlement. It was
proposed that an organization be
formed to handle such questions
and to be known as " The Went
Fruitgrowers'   Association."
the man turned and made off, but AnotherMeeting willbes held next
Mr. D. H.- Rattenburg who has
only recently returned from Fort
George, B. C, where has spent the
last eight months has sold the ten-
acre orchard of Mr. Frederick
Woolridge to Mr. W. J. Cavanaugh
a well known real estate broker of
Vancouver who will take up his
residence here in the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Cavanaugh are just
returning from a trip round the
world and are at present staying at
the Lake View.
Mrs. Max Jenkins and her little
child returned last Thursday from
Grenfell, Sask., where she has been
staying for the past few weeks.
tripped Over a root and fellr He
was quickly secured and taken to
the lock-up. He gave his name as
Hatch and demanded to know why
he was arrested. He was told that
the charge against him was blackmail. On searching his house the
police found a writing pad, on the
blotter of which were traces apparently corresponding to the letter
sent to Pettigrew.
The accused, G. E. Hatch, a carpenter by trade, stated that he had
been down town Saturday evening after his mail and was return-
home along Pendozi street, reaching the crossing a short distance
from the culvert, when for private
reasons he found it necessary to
return and get under the sidewalk
which at that point was raised well
above the ground. Hardly had he
reached the spot when he found
himself covered with a revolver.
Thinking it was a hold-up of some"
kind, he turned to run, but fell.
Someone came on top of him, and
when his captor produced a pair
of handcuffs, he realised for the
first time that it was a police trap,
and demanded the reason of his
arrest. He denied all knowledge
of the letter, knd protested that
the whole thing was a mistake on
the part of the police, who had
trapped the wrong man. Mrs.
Hatch was called and corroborated
her husband's statements.
Accused was committed for trial
at next assizes, bail being allowed.
week, when officew will be appointed and other general business
The unsafe condition of the government wharf was then discussed
and it was decided that a petition
be drawn up and forwarded to the
Minister of Public Works.
Rutland News.
(From our own cotrwpoadsnO
Mr. Henry Elder, cousin of Mr.
T. E. Clever, who has been visiting
at Rutland recently, has bought
Mr Dickenson's place, and will
move out with his family at once.
He returned home to Milestone,
Sask., Monday- to make arrangements.
Tbe friends of Mrs. Lome Fleming
will be pleased to learn that she is
recovering from her indisposition.
What's the matter with the Black
Mountain flag ? Surely there should -.
be some  boy  patriotic enough to
see that it is . flying every school
Messrs. Clever and W. Schell
have started on a three weeks'visit
to the States, taking in the coast
cities. "7.   > .   .   ,?
A meeting of the Kelowna Farmers' Institute is being called fpr
Saturday, Dec,  3rd, in Raytqera
hall for the purpose of electing"
delegates to Central Institutes Cbn- "
vention at Victoria, and other. im- '
portant business.
1- 3 J iKtA-'.i'i »i|>M_t.^y^«
^ap*^»*f«««»(|^.^^r^rt^w*«»ifriF sa
$l/fB^XTSJ*,-**.^. >,w
The Orehard Gity Record
Thursday, Nod. 24
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Subscribe for The Record,
And get all the local news, keeping, also in touch
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Town and Country
Mr. Geo. Mappin left yesterday
on a visit to his home at Sheffield
Eng. He will be away for some
The Young People's Society of
the Presbyterian church will resume
their meetings next Monday evening, the 28th, after a temporary
suspension, owing to the evangelistic services. The evening will be
distinctly Scotch, in celebration of
St. Andrew's Day, which falls on
the 30th. Scotch songs, Scotch
music and a talk on St. Andrew
will form the programme. Refreshments will be served during the
Capt. Knight and his daughter,
Anna, returned Saturday, after their
long stay east.
Mr. S. T. Elliott returned Thursday last from his trip to the eastern
Mr. Geo. Fraser was up from
Penticton this week.
Mr. F. Gardner has taken the
office formerly occupied by De-
Hart & Harvey next to the Royal
Bank, and along with his son has
opened a boot making and repairing shop.' Mr. Gardner is a bootmaker with long years of experience benind him. For nearly forty
years before coming to this country
he has worked in some of the best
boot making establishments in
London, not a little of his work
having been seen in Buckingham
Palace itself. His speciality is light
work and ladies' and children's
Mrs. Saucier, of Montreal, mother
of Joseph Saucier and Mrs. Caza,
of South Okanagan, died recently.
Mrs. Jack Conway Was a visitor
to Summerland last week.
The Dramatic Society are at
present busy practicing " The
Private Secretary."
Mrs. Curts returned from the
coast last Thursday.
The Women's Auxiliary of the
English church meet on Friday
next at the home of Mrs. Small.
On examination by an expert
last Monday it was discovered that
an adjustment in connection with
with the new bell of Knox Church
had been bent, so that until repaired the bell must be rung by
the clapper, or the congregation
depend once more upon the Episcopal Church bell.
The series of evangelistic meetings which have been held, in the
Presbyterian church for nearly two
weeks will close tomorrow (Friday)
night. The missioner has delivered
some sane helpful addresses, and
the services generally have, been
largely attended. The soloist, Mr.
McBretney has added considerable
attraction to the services. As the
Rev. Mr. Robinson and Mr. Mc
Bretney do not leave until Monday
morning, they will conduct the
services on Sunday morning and
evening. They leave Kelowna for
Ontario. The mission has accomplished much good.
Mis. H. W. Biggin will receive
for the first time at her home on
Richter street on Wednesday Nov,
30th, from 4 to 6 p.m.
A special men's meeting was
held in the Methodist church last
Sunday afternoon, over a hundred
being present. The Rev. Mr. Robinson who is conducting the evangelistic services at the Presbyterian
church gave an address on "Seeing
Life" and the allurments of the big
Mr. E. C. Scott of the new hardware store returned Monday from
Vancouver, where he has been on
a business trip. While at the coast
he has made several good business
arrangements having secured the
sole agency for the district for the
" Great Majestic " range, " Martin
Seinure " paints, and " Rubberoid"
roofing. A large shipment of these
goods is on its way at present. Mr.
Scott is also expecting a shipment
of genuine Sheffield table cutlery.
Dr. Mathison will be at Summer-
land until December 15.
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The Orchard Citij Record
An irritation or inflarrh
ation ofthe air passage?
is quickfe ffl&rkpi'' %
the warning cough.
That is the time to begin
curing so that the later
and more stubborn
stages may be avoided.
The Remedy is
// goes Directly to the
seat of the trauble ana1
removes the infitimqtiop
It stops coughs in the
beginning, and also
cures in the shortest
possible* time in any-
Price 25c & S.Oc.bot.
W. C. T. U. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies ofthe Kelcwna branch
The W.C.T.U. meet every second Tues-
day of the month at the home of one or
other of the members. Visitors are always
The Financial Aspect oS the *
Liquor Question
Ml. Mix U.
Kelowna.     B. C.
Pla$s and E«t_m*te« Eui*ii*M
Reiidence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
Gents' Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly' attended Jta
There are "some people who are not
effected by the moral aspects of the liquor
question, impressive and convincing as
these are, who might be led to change
their attitude towards temperance reform if
they were shown that the financial arguments, though not the mo3t important, are
equally against the saloon: One of the
stock arguments commonly employed against the prohibition of the liquor traffic is
the loss of revenue which would entail.
The following figures taken by the Montreal Witness from a recent address by Mr.
Guy. Hayler bringing out very .forcibly tne
fallacy of its contention. Mr. .Hayler said
England has spent no less than £ 1,700,000,-
000 on alcoholic licquora in the : last ten
years; an average of £170,000,000 per year.
Of this amount the working classes spent
£IOO,000,OTO, or about a tenth of their
annual income. By far the larger proportion of this high sum went in profit to the
.liquor seller. For instance, Guiness & Co.
of Dublin, employ about 2,QO0 hands, pay
in wages £100.000, and have a profit of
about £1,300,000. Thirteen times more
.profit than wages 1 Little, labor and gr^at
profits are the general restjts of the money
employed th the manufacture of alcoholic
drinks. It has been noted that England,
which spends this £826,000.000 or so on
drink, spends less than £645.000,000, on
bread.butter, cheese and eggs. Less than
£680,000,000 on tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar,
milk, fish, potatoes and all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Less than £729,000.000
on all woolen goods, cotton, linen, boots
and" shoes, furniture end coal for household
uses. With all this expenditure the.^trade'
employs only 211,833 individuals in the
manufacture, sale and distribution of liquor
against 832,181 cotton and wool workers
and 648,944 coal miners. The lose of revenue is a small thing in comparison to ithe
tremendous waste by which thousands are
beggared to enrich a few, not to - mention
the moral ruin of the victims of intempr-
ance, the misery and sorrow which it creates
on every hand and the cost to the nation
of the crime of which it is directly or in-
strumentally the cause.   ■   ,
Notary public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
D. W. Crowley Co.
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt  attention
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Phone  12
C. Harvey,,. B. A. Moorhouse,
B.A., Sc, C.E., D.L.S., B.C.L.S.,
an'4 B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone ,147.' P.O. Box 231
Everybody rea^a^r
" Want" ads.
Try one next ^eejt.
Mr. J. B. Hawkes, of Regina^who
lately visited Kelowna, was interviewed last week on his trip by^a
representative of the Regina .Standard. He declares that if a poet
were to describe the town .of Kelowna, he would probably call it a
veritable uljopia. The apples were
still on the\trees when he yisited it
i iNloyeinb^r) ma the grass green
arid the'.flower* i__;J>lo<>m.
Mr hawkes was shown the .tomb
buih by Mr. Rembler Paul. " Though he is still hale and hearty " he
says, "and has■,fair prospects of
living at least another decade,
"Rembler Paul, aged 80 years, pip-
neer of the Regina District, hps
builded> for. hirr^elf a tomb in Ijhe
face of a mountain situated nepr
his palatial .hbjne, at"Kelowi\a,
where he has been living retired
since leaving Regina some sewpn
years ago. Mr. Paul argues that
it is just as seasonable to prepare
ft pls.ee to recline aft^r d$atn as it
is to insure ones life. The mortuary
is cot^tiruj^ed of concrete, and i < is
situated in' a pleasant location being secluded on all. sides bvj.roc|K8
and trees."
Many school children .vfn from easfti-
parian, which is often tha emm of twj-
ing stupidity at Ggsons. Chamberlain s
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: Lighting Plant.,' Concrete Construction,, etc.
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All kinds of Financial
business transacted.
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Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
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Corner Peneozi Strfcet and
Lawrence Avenue.
Mrs. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nurse,
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C
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boats. Altkijijds.of heavy ,team
work. 'Phone 20.
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ings.Town and Country Residences
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Bouvette^ Express,
And General Delivery.
Meets* all Boats.
P$>mpt> at^tjon i^yrj&Lf-
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Planting, etc;
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Fire, Life, and Accident
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Teacher's Course of Toronto Conservatory
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College, Toronto.
Will receive pupils for pianoforte
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Lawrence Avenue, off Pendozi Street.
Address: .P.O, KELOWNA.
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- $6,900,QOO
- $95,000;000;
Savings Bank Department.
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Crpup is most prevalent during the dry
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Plows, Harrows, Orchard Cultivators,
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,A.( The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Nod. 2ft
News of the Valley.
Salmon Arm, which carried off
the first prize in the two-two exhibit at Vancouver apple show, has
accomplished the same feat at
A gang of three men—Peruvians-
broke into Fulton's hardware store
at Enderby last week, and took the
entire stock of revolvers, a couple
of boxes of ammunition and several
heavy jack-knives. With this deadly
array of weapons the men got
away, but were captured a short
distance from town.
Mr. S. V. Bray, of Kelowna, has
purchased twenty acres from Boss
Bios, and is culling for tenders for
slashing, stumping and plowing
same ready for spring seeding. —
Armstrong Ad.
The Rev. N. K. Simpson, a former Baptist minister, who was acting
as water commissioner for Mr. Jas.
Ritchie at Kaleden, met his death
under very sad circumstances last
week. He was riding at the time,
and his horse stumbling, threw him
to the ground with great force,
crushing him so that he never regained consciousness. He was an
extremely popular man, and his
death is much regretted by everybody. He leaves a widow and
The building of a new" wharf at
Chute Creek—the site for North
Naramata the town yet to be—will
be the first step toward the development of the new townsite. The
building of the wharf will be undertaken by Government officials.—
Sum. Review.
Mr. Donaldson, of Okanagan
Landing, is offering $ 1000 for the
conviction of the person who shot
one of his Jersey calves—presumably in mistake for a deer !
That Photograph you intend to
send at Xmas or New Year's can
be made at Grays Studio any Wednesday to Saturday inclusive. Rowcliffe Block.
The old, old story, told times without
number, and repeatrd over and over again
for the last 36 years, but it is always a
welcomd story to those in search of health.
There is nothing in the world that curss
coughs and colds as quickly as Chamberlain's Cough remedy.. Sold by all druggists.
There was something like a riot
last week outside the municipal
hall at Penticton. The council had
assembled to investigate a complaint lodged againat Constable
Henry Murk on the information of
a man named Welland. He had
been arrested by Murk, but claimed
that the latter had told him that it
waa Reeve Foley Beennett, and not
the constable, who was in reality
apprehending him. It was generally understood that the investigation was to be an open one and a
crowd collected about the municipal
office only to find that the doors
were closed. The crowd dispersed
but a number later returned and
showed their disapproval of the
star chamber proceeding by engaging in a free fight on the streeet
and battering away at the door of
the municipal hall. Constable Murk
was asked to investigate. His appearance on the street was the
signal for a small riot. The Reeve
and councillors rushed out to find
him seated upon one of the disturbers while several others were
dancing about him. To add to the
confusion the arrested man's wife,
alarmed by her husband's cries,
rushed to the scene and promptly
fainted in the arms of one of the
municipal officers. While in this
embarrassing position a bucket of
cold w_.fer was dumped over the
impromptu gallant and the lady
by an excited spectator. Constable
Murk took advantage of the confusion to get away with his prisoner.
The latter, a man named Pringle,
was fined and severely reprimanded by the Stipendary Magistrate.
production one of pure, clean
comedy and a beautiful story that
illustrates why merit wins.
"Joshua Simpkins"
"Joshua Simpkins," a four act
New England play, will be presented at the Opera House, Wednesday, Nov. 30. The climax of stage
realism, it is asserted, bas -been
reached in the presentation of this
stirring saw-mill scene in " Joshua
Simpkins" and will be presented
in this city by a peculiar mechanical
device, which has never been in-
ttoduced here before. This sawmill scene is claimed to be a vast
improvement over any attempts in
a similar line. The company also
boasts of a splendid orchestra,
which is carried complete by the
organization, to aid in the proper
presentation of the play, which is
said to abound with musical and
dancing specialties of a high order.
To assist " Joshua Simpkins " in
popularity, a band of music is also
carried, and a concert is given
which is said to be far above anything usually heard with a travelling
musical organization. The parade
will leave the theatre at the usual
time and take the usual route,
making.a burlesque parade.
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
q   A WANT AD. in the Record
will bring speedy results.
At the Opera House
"Ole Olson"
" Ole Olson," the comedy which
has delighted millions and which
has won its place as an everlasting
success, with crowded houses as
steppinb-stones, will be presented
at the Opera House, Saturday,
Nov. 26.
" Ole Olson" has no end of
opportunities for the display of his
delectable Swedish drollery, amid
the environment of fresh and graceful medley, songs and dances. Do
not confound this play with any
other, as there is only one " Ole
Olson" and it is the only real
Swedish dialect comedy. A caste
of excellent   reputation   and   the
On the occasion of his seventieth
birthday last Sunday Sir Wilfrid
Laurier received a telegram of
congratulation from His Majesty
King George.
Trade ,
Asaya Neurol!
Nervous Exhaustion
Whipping an exhausted nerve
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Food, Rest and nerve repair,
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* B A h> h *■ '
Friday, December 9th.
Dancing 8.30.       Four-piece Orchestra.
Tickets, $2.        Ladies Free.
Tickets may be had from any member of the Brigade.
Wednesday, Nov. 30.
Big Fun Show.
Mr, Frank O. Ireson
See the Funny Sawmill Scene,
and the
Funny Farmer Band Parade.
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Thursday, Noc.  24
Orchard Gity Record
The car with the getahere-and-back
Wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds  these two special facts:
Robin  Hood Flour must satisfy you in two
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is what you need. Don't get frightened about these
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a splendid combination. The cod liver extracts
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wild cherry soothes the bronchial tract and the
hypophosphites supply phosphorus to the nervous
.system—-just the thing it needs. And the taste is
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You will be pleased.   The price is One Dollar.
Anything you
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P. a WILLITS & Co., Kelowna, B.C.
-■■ Provincial and Genera! News
Ralph Johnstone, of Denver Col.,
the brilliant young aviator,, holder
of the world's altitude record, fell
from a height of 500 feet into the
enclosure at Overland Park aviation
field last Thursday afternoon and
was instantly killed A. A frantic
crowd of souvenier hunters swarm
ed over the wreckage almost as
soon as the machine touched • the
ground, and some disgraceful scenes were witnessed. Before the
doctors or police could reach the
scene one man had actually torn
out from the mangled body of the
aviator a jagged splinter of one of
the stays of the machine, and run
away bandishing his ghastly 'prize.
The cro / d tore away the canvas
and fought for the very gloves on
the dead man's hands.
An army of suffragettes, 1,000
strong, marched last week on the
House of Lords. The suffragettes
had determined if possible to force
the police cordon about the House
of Lords, and 1 caching Premier
Asquith to insist on the introduction of a soman's suffrage bill. The
police however were" too strongly
entrenched and the women, who
tried every means in their power
to force the line were thrown back.
Eighjy two of them were arrested.
Vancouver Conservatives are
contemplating the erection of permanent headquarters by the erection of a ten-story brick block in a
central location. . The structure
calls for an expenditure of $450,-
I- In Winnipeg the Chinamen, who
number twelve hundred, have decided to organize a society for the
protection ofA their rights. A
charter will be applied for within
the course of a few days. One
member is worth $100,000.
Amongst resolutions adopted at
the recent Conservative Convent-
tion at Nelson was one-catling jip-
pn the government to pursue some
policy of colonization with the idea
of filling British Columbia's fertile
valleys with settlers. The Conven.
tion affirmed the "White British
Columbia policy," and wants to see
the adminstration tlike steps to
bring in Old. Country people for
the land.
A handsome gift to the Church of
England was made by Mr. W. J.
Walker, of New Westminster, who
has undertaken to build and equip
six new church buildings 'and to
bear the cost of the support of one
Twentw-six million bushels of
grain have been shipped from the
head of the great lakes this season.    7
The revenue of Canada has increased almost $10,000,000 during
the first seven months of the present fiscal year.
Applications are before the federal parliamentfor the riiht to build
a large number of branch railways
in the Canadian west.
Can be had by ambitious young men
and ladies in the field of wireless or railway te!B_rraphy_ _ Since ithe- 8-hour law
becatne effective, and since the wireless
companies are establishing stations through,
out the country, there is a great shortage
of telegraphers. Positions pay beginners
from $70 to $90 per month, with good
chance of advancement. The National
Telegraph Institute operates six official
institutes in America, under supervision of
R.R. and Wireless Officials and places all
graduates into positions. It will pay you
write them for full details at Davenport,
la., Gncinatti, O., Portland, Ore., or Memphis, Tenn.
Jas. Berry the ex-hang;man who
s now "converted" and touring the
country as an evanglist, sued Rev.
Geo. Dymock, of the Blackburn
(England) People's Mission, for
£4 17s 4d for services rendered.
Berry had conducted a weekend
evangelical mission. The terms agreed upon were that he should receive the entire proceeds of the
lecture on his life. During an interval an official handed him about
$50. Berry contended that as the
place accomodated 800 persons,
and charges of 6d and 3d were
made, he was entitled to a larger
sum. The defence was that the
the accomodation was only for 532
persons and that Berry received the
er.lire proceeds.
Despite the removal of fifteen
prisoners from the provincial jail to
Victoria, there are still over 100 in
that place, although accomodation is provided for only 66. A
rumor that a new jail was to be
built on Lulu Island but has been
denied by the authorities.
During the first four months ofthe fiscal year 155,549 immigrants
arrived in Canada, as compared
with 90,249 for the corresponding
four months of 1909. American
immigration jumped from 40,982
to 100,852, or an increase of 102
percent. During July alone 25,-
.218 immigrants arrived in Canada,
as against 16,1 13 for July, 1909, an
increase of 5 7 per cent.
In addressing the delegates at
the Conservative convention at
Nelson last week, the Hon. W. R.
Ross created a furore of excitement
when he described Premier McBride as the coming manin federal politics. He declared that the
Hon. Richard McBride would hold
the highest office in the gift of the
Dominion Conservatives when next"
they held office at Ottawa. The
premier himself also spoke and in
the course of his address outlined
the sessional programmes both for
the Ottawa house as disclosed by
the speech from the throne, and
for the Provincial House as considered by the government. .He criticised Sir Wijfred Laurier's Asiatic
policy, and expressed the firm opinion that the Federal Liberals
were nearing the end of their term
of power.
A London despatch states that
political crisis whose prospect startles even the Conservatives in contemplating, faces England to-day.
A monarchial revolution in addition tp the revolution against the
House of Lords, hangs suspended
at the pleasure of King George,
and should the king, as it is generally reported today, refuse to create
additional Liberal peers to provide
for curtailment of the privileges of
the Lords, the gravest happenings
in centuries in the United Kingdom
are expected.
The(Panania canal will be completed December 1 st. • 1913. This
information was given to President
Taft while inspe cting the famous
Gatun dam. The official date of
the opening Jan. 1st, 1915.
, Railwivcontractara are moving
their construction outfits from the
prairies to B.C., owing to the cold
weather coming on.
When a cold becomes settled in the sys- j
tern; it will take several days' treatment to ,
enre it, and the beet remedy to use is
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It will cure
quicker .han any other, and also leaves
tlie system in a natural and 'he'althy condition.       Sold by all druggists.
Watch Knowles window for the very
newest articles in the artistic world, direct
from the big Eastern cities.
Select your Xmas presents early, and we
will hold them for you.
Shop Early [and have the advantage of
First Choice.
Shrubs, Shade Trees, Roses, Ornamentals, and
general Nursery Stock. 7
Book your orders at once for spring planting.
The highest class of stock, true to name, and all the
standard varieties.
Salesman for the Okanagan Valley.
H.   E.   BOYER,   Manager.
Cheap Fire Wood
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
will deliver 20 inch wood for
$1.50 per Rick
Orders filled in rotation.
On Pendozi Street, close in, with
one acre of land,
For $ 15 per month,
from Dec 1st.
, Situated within one half mile of town, and being
about 100 feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of. the town, lake and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market
.;. There is only one GLENMORE. Don't miss the opportunity of selecting a few acres of this desirable
property. -—
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and we will
show you our subdivision
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.    Prices low.   Terms ea»y,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies. -
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
KELOWNA, B.C. . '   "■
i '?:
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
Cane ■ Sugar ■ Only
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
15? British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
1 v:(, i'M
■?i 6
The Orchard City Record.
huredfrq, Moo.jq
Xmas will soon be here, and it is time
now you were thinking of those
Our Fresh Stock of Xmas Goods have
just arrived, and we have an enormous
stock of Good Things to Eat.
Dates, Figs, Layer Raisens,  Cleaned
Currants, Seeded Raisens, Peel, and
everything fancy to put in your cakes
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Watch our Bargain Window
We sell  Shamrock Creamery Butter
for 35c. lb. v    Fresh Eggs, 50c. doz.
Choice Ham, 26c   Choice Bacon, 28c
And several other things just a
little cheaper than the rest.
Phone 35 Phone 35
The Money Saving Store.
Saturday, Nov. 26th.
The Greatest of all Dialect Comme-
dians, and Sweet Singer,
Ben Holmes,
Ben Hendrick's Famous
20 Years Continued Success
110 Laughs in 110 Minutes.
Seats at Crawford's.
Prices, $ 1,75c, 50c.
2 Cents per word, first Insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
at immensely reduced prices. We.are
offering all makes of typewriters for sale.
These machines are in perfect condition,
having been rebuilt in our own workshop
by the most expert workmen in the city.
Send for price list. The Oliver Typewriter Agency, 321, Homer st, Vancouver,
B. C. 3-
Will be received up to 10th December for
the renting  of the  skating  rink  for the
season.      Any    tender    not    necessarily
accepted.   Apply W. Haug. 52-3
Bay Horse, about 1500 lbs., branded H in
Information may be left at Record
Office.   Finder rewarded.
To   buy  small   potatoes   for   pigs,   and
mangolds.   Pigs for sale.    Apply D.r P.
de Pfyffer, Mission Ranch. 52-3
Two furnished house keeping rooms  in
the Spedding block.  Apply on premises.
10 acres of improved fruit land five miles
from Kelowna with 450 fruit trees set out
in spring of 1909.     Price and  terms on
application to,  W. Shanks, Kelowna
Airedale Puppies, through-bred. Enquire
at Kelowna Ggar Factory. 50-2p
(Section 35.)
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
Xmas is Drawing Near
An now is the time to make your purchases for friends*
at a distance, and at the same time have a better
choice than you will later.
We have one of the Finest and
Best Selections of Fancy Linens.
Consisting   of  Tray Cloths,  Table Covers,  D oileys,
Dresser Covers, etc.,* ever shown in Kelowna.
In Neckwear and Belts, we are showing
all the Latest Styles for this season of the year.
All the Latest Novelties in
Belt and Beauty Pins, Comb
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very nice presents.
Fancy Handkerchiefs in endless variety.
A beautiful range of Foune's Celebrated Gloves.
New Dresses, New Waists and New Skirts.
All the latest things in Fancy Hosiery.
All kinds of Wool Goods for the  Kiddies, Toques,
Hoods, Mitts, and Bootees.
The Celebrated Granby Rubbers for men, women, and
children.   The only one that lasts.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
Pentictdn Constable
in Trouble
Application for License
Notice is hereby given that, on the 31st
day of December next, application will be
made to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police for the grant of a license fer the
sale of liquor by retail in and upon the
premises known as the Lakeview Hotel
situate at Westbank, B. C, upon the lands
described as Lots 9 and 10, Block 6.
Dated this 24th day of November, 1910.
Wanted, capable for  general  housework.
Family of five,  no  children.   Apply P.O.
box 270, Kelowna.
Secondhand Gramaphone or phonopraph,
state make, slso side hill plow  and   small
iron bed.   Postmaster, Wiison's Landing
Mexican, ia good condition.   Apply Box
C, Record Office. 52
After a perliminary hearing last
tng over two days former Munici
pal Constable of Penticton, Henry
Murk, was sent up for trial before
a judge at the next sitting of the
court in Vernon.
Murk will be called upon th face
the charge of purgerv, which has
been preferred on the information
of W. H. Tapley, formerly proprietor of one of the Penticton hotels.
The charge arose out of circumstances in connection with theinterrup-
tion of a closed door meeting of
the council held last Monday, when
Murk, then constable, performed
one arrest. A summons was later
lodged against Tapley in which it
it was allegedthat he was one of the
disturbers. The case against Tapley
was dismissed and the latter accus-
ee Murk of commiting purgery in
having given certain evidence against him.
1 he perliminary hearing commenced an Friday afternoon, Muni
cipal solicitor Gahan, appearing for
the prosecution and Murk undertaking his own defence. A considerable number of witnesses were
called on both sides. Murk, who
handed in his resignation as constable on Saturday, was admitted to
bail bonds in $600.
First-class, experienced in fancy ironing;
Steady job and good wages.   S. M. Gore,
Okanagan Laundry, Kelowna. 52tf
Boat Builder
Launches, Sail Boats
Skiffs, Canoes and Scotos
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.
AAR, of the Ladies' Hospital Aid
will be on Thursday afternoon,
December 8 at Raymers Hall.
If your business is
not worth advertising,
advertise it for sale.
All kinds of Repairs
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creeknvery Friday.
Box 66 Kelowna, B.C.!
Mrs. J. Hi Davies
Representing the
of Canada, Ltd.
Office over Tailor shop of Davies &
Mathie, Pendozi Street
At home every Monday,  between the
hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. to receive
P.Q. Box 177, Kelowna'
Agency for all kinds of Music,
Songs, Dances, Instrumental,
and Church Music, and
Teachers' Supplies.
Violins' Banjos, etc., and fittings
for same.
If you desire  prompt   delivery   at
lowest rates order from
P.O.Box 325, Kelowna.
Ladies' & Child's
At 25 per cent Discount.
5 only, Ladies' Mantles, at $12.50
/  cut to $9.40
1 only Lady's Mantel,
at $13.50,
cut to $10.14
1 only Lady's Mantel,
at $14.50,     *
cut to $10.90
2 only Ladies'Mantles
at $16.50
cut to $12.40
3 only Ladies'Mantles
at $17.50
cut to $13.15
2 only Ladies'Mantles
at $22.00
cut to $16.50
1 only Lady's Mantel
at $23.00
cut to $/7.25
All Children's Man-
tels at 25  per cent.
Come here for your
New Winter Coat.
We will sell you one
that is just right for
you, one that is absolutely correct in style,
and dependable in
The Kelotona
P.S.  Remember  we
have always given 5
per cent, off on all.
cash purchases.
Certified Embalmer.
On call night and day.
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.
' /!
is high grade watch repairing. English
Swiss and American watches repaired
and guaranteed, promptly and at very
moderate charges, also clock and jewelery repairs.
I am just opening up the first arrivals
of Christmas novelties in silverware and
cut glass. It will soon be time to look
around and plan your gifts. Don't for*
get to look in here. Catalogue prices
don't frighten me. and-mine will suri
prise you.
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed


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