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The Orchard City Record Sep 22, 1910

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Arid   the   world   is
with you';  Quit and
you stand alone.
Circulation Highest,
Rates Lowest.
Job Printing
Special Facilities for
Executing High-
Class Half-Tone and
General Letterpress
VOL. II.   NO. 43.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of City Council
Question of New Fire Hose   -   Will Not Proceed with New
Sidewalks - Water Users Kick About Bills -
The city council met last Monday
night,- the mayor, Aid. Leckie, Cox
and Jones being present.
The  minutes  of    last    meeting
having been read and adopted, the
following accounts were referred
to   the  finance  committee,  to be
paid if found correct:
A.   Hanmore,   work   on
".     waterworks.................. $    5 50
A. R. Davy teaming for
August ......;.....,........   101 70
Can. Fairbanks Co., supplies for repairing generator....,....;...7.. 7    59 10
Mr. H. H. Millie attended and
requested the council to grant him
permission  to  change  his. line of
- telephone poles from the south
side of Bernard avenue to the
north. It would make the street
look better, he said, and greatly
improve the service by getting rid
of the  unpleasant buzzing  noise,
.which was caused at night by the
close proximity of the city's electric
light wires and arc lamps. He
wanted to place the poles at the
same distance from the edge of
the sidewalk as they were at present from the other side of the
road. '  '■   7-
The mayor suggested that the
latter arrangement might at some
time interfere with an electric tram
line down the avenue.
A». motion was eventually passed
giving Mr.  Millie   permission7 to
change the.poles as he desired, the
■placing: of thie poles to ti£ Subject
- to the approval of the chairman of
theBOard-of Works.;
; Mr. Millie also mentioned that
he was intending running a new
line along- Richter street and out
past the city limits, and the placing
of the poles for this formed the
subject of a little discussion.
Aid. Leckie reported .that the
hydrants for the water system had
, not yet arrived. There had been
some little delay over the thread
for the hose couplings and he had
had to forward a hose coupling to
the firm as pattern.
The mayor mentioned that the
fire brigade were asking for, new
hose. The matter had been
brought up before, but nothing
had been done. Hose was a very
expensive item, and as no provision
had been fnade in the estimates
for a new supply, if they bought
now they would be that much
behind at the end of the year.
Aid. Jones said he had discussed
the matter with, the brigade at the.
beginning of the year, and they
had considered that they had
sufficient. If, however, some of the
hose was actually unfit for use, it
was a question of fire protection,
and they would have to see that
something was done. .
The mayor said that some of the
hose was very old, and the rubber
in it was bound to deteriorate,
even if the hose was not in use. In
reply to a question from Aid. Cox,'
he said that 500 feet would probably cost about a dollar a fddt.   v'
It was eventually left fbr the
committee to look into the state of
the hose at the fire hall and report.
Mayor, Sutherland mentioned
that some of the merchants and the
Clerks' Association were desirous
of having a public holiday proclaimed on Wednesday afternoon
instead of the regular Thursday
holiday, in order to give them an
Opportunity of attending the fair.
Aid. Leckie objected on the
ground that it would be a nuisance
to people who were not going to
the fair. He said there would be
many people come in long distances from the country who had
not heard of the holiday. They
would have to go out again without
getting - the goods they came for.
So far' as he was concerned if his
staff wished to go to the fair they
could go, but he would remain and
keep open the store.
Aid. Jones thought that the
notice given was too short. There
was no means of letting people at
a distance ..know of the change.
The merchants would no doubt be
able to make arrangements to suit
The matter was then dropped.
The mayor said that at the last
meeting a motion had been passed
to proceed with certain sidewalks
under the LocaHmprovement Act.
On going further into the' matter,
however, they had found that
the amount of money represented
was too small to make it worth
while issuing debentures. There"
was a lot of legal business to be
gone through in issuing debentures,
and for so small a sum it would
not be worth: while to proceed.
They had therefore decided to let
the matter drop.
Aid. Leckie thought they might
let the motion stand as it was, and
simply defer taking action for the
present. He had suggested to the'
petitioners that they might put in
the sidewalk themselves, and, afterwards, when the city took up the
question again, put in a bill and
have the work transferred to the,
city.7;This Was one way of getting
over the difficulty.
:_ A letter was read from the city
assessor, pointing out that an error
of $1000 had been discovered in
the assessment, and recommending
that $23.50 be returned to Messrs.
Lequime Bros. & Co., in addition
to rebate on other taxes.
A: motion was accordingly put
through to that effect. 7
, With; something of a twinkle ipj
'his'eye, Mayor Sutherland observed that he had heard that the water
committee were the subject of some
little talk in -connection jvith,the
charges which had been made for
water. He wondered if Aid. Leckie
could . throw - any light' upon the
Aid. Leckie said he had heard
of some of the kicks which certain
people were making about the bills
for water which had just been sent
put. If they had any reasonable
complaint to make he was quite
willing to go into their account with
them, and see where the trouble
was. The fact was that there were
many people without meters who
were using large quantities of water
for irrigating arid expecting tb get
it for the minimum $1.20. In fixing
the charges for those without
meters, he had endeavoured to
arrive at a fair basis, and assess
them on the amount of lawn they
were irrigating and the time they
allowed the water to run;
A Jong discussion ensued on the
way in which people were using
the water.
Mayor Sutherland, had been
making some calculations. He said
that 40 cents worth of water at the
present rate would put one inch of
water on a lawn 50x40 feet; $1.20
worth would put one inch on a
lawn 50x120 feet. According to
some people 8 bills they must haye
put filter more than three feet
deep oJi their lawns. He could
net understand how they could
have done tha{: without an enormous amount of waste.
Aid. Leckie maintained that there
was anvenormous amonnt of waste.
People had been running their lawn
taps almost continuously. When
water was sprinkled on in the hot
sun it evaporated almost as soon as
it was put on, without doing any
good. One person had confessed
to him that he had started tip his
sprinkler as soon as he had got it
fixed and never stopped it day or
night for a whole month.
One person with a meter had in
August alone used a quarter of a
million gallons—enough to supply
one hundred families — or with
domestic supply alone, a town of
500 people.
The discussion was continued
until a late hour, when and adjournment was made until Monday next.
Sunday School Convention at Vernon
The Eastern British Columbia
Sunday School Association will
hold it's third annual convention
in the city of Vernon, beginning on
Tuesday afternoon Oct. 25th and
closing on Thursday night Oct.2 7th
A very large delegation is expected since each school has the privilege of sending as many \ as may
wish to go. The people of Vernon-
have, already taken steps to provide
for their welcome and entertainment of their visitors on that occasion. All delegates are urged to
purchase their tickets attached to
standard certificates, so that in the
event of one hundred being present free transportation home may
be granted.
Among the leading specialists
expected, to address the convention
may be mentioned. Mrs. Mary F.
Bryner of Chicago, International
Elementary Superintendent; Rev.
W. C. Merritt of Tacoma, International Secretary for the North Western States; and Rev..W.C. Sanford
of Kamloops, at one time General
Secretary of the Nova Scotia Sunday School Association. A great
Convention is assured.
Huge Cromds Visit The Show Grounds—Finest Show of Apples Ever Seen in Valley—
Race Purses Draw Many Outside Entries.
Mr. P. A. Farquharson, an experienced motion picture expert,
has taken Mr. Campbell's store in
Water street, and has had it remodelled and te-fitted for holding
moving picture shows during the
coming winter. A feature of his
apparatus is that the films are of a
new fire-proof material. < Three
changes of films are to be given
each week, and really first class,
ij^-to-date entertainments are
promised. 7
The country girls Hospital 'Aid
will hold a gymkhana on Mr. Singer's meadow ou Thursday Sept. 29
commencing at 2 p. m. Horse and
foot events. Admisssbn 25 cents
tea .15 Entrance fee to each event
The " Tag Day" collection on
behalf of the hospital was a distinct
novelty, and judging by the amount
collected-$280.80 - proved a successful innovation. To be without
a tag was to run the risk, of bombardment by a detachment of the
nineteen irre'sistable ladies who
charge of the boxes, and he'was a
bold bad man who walked abroad
on Wednesday without the little
red , cross fastened to his buttonhole.
The Kelowna Lacrosse Club held
their wind-up meeting Tuesday
evening last in the Fire Hall. . The
secretary - treasurer**
Born, to Mrs. Pettman, Tuesday,
September 20th, a boy.
Born.lo Mrs. Ashworth, Thursday, September 22nd, a girl.
; otiv*. uig-
report   was
 i:« ._.
and receipts. as just even. A
presentation was then made to Mr.
Thbs. McQueen, the captain of the
club, who leaves this morning
(Thursday) for Vancouver. Mr.
W. M. Parker read an address, and
O. B. Holden made 'the presentation ; a fine French Mantel Clock,
suitably engraved. Mr. McQueen
made a very nice reply, thanking
the club for their friendline. s and
Mrs. M. Tutcher has sold her
millinery business to Miss M. Martin, formerly of Spokane, Wash.
Mrs. Tutcher will shortly join her
daughter in Kansas City, Mo.
We were favored with a fine
sample box of late peaches this
week from Mr. J. B. McKinley 8
orchard on the lake side just north
of town. Mr. McKinley has one of
the finest located places in the
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Spedding, of
Vancouver, are spending a few
days in town. They propose taking
a trip down the Arrow Lakes to
Nelson, and on through the Kootenay country to McLeod, Calgary
and Bapff before returning to the
Messrs. Lequime Bros, were
awarded the prize for the best
decorated window offered by Mr.
P. DnMoulin. They had a really
attractive display of Kelowna fruit
surmounted by the cup just carried
off by the lacrosse boys. • I
Kelowna has been a busy town
this week, and in point of attendance at least this year's Fall
Fair and Race Meet has probably
touched the high water mark. The
exhibition itself may be pronounced
a decided success. Though a little
neglected in some the classes, notably in the vegetable section, compensation has been made for this
by the increased attention paid to
other branches.
The fruit exhibition was particularly fine this year, and practically all of the more useful commei-
cial varieties were represented, the
quality and size being very good,
whilst the coloring was extra fine.
Packed boxes were not in such
large quantities as they should be
as representing so large a commercial shipping point as this, but
what was there was good, particularly the work of Mr. J. Gibb, who,
however, is to be considered as a
professional, and probably well on
to the top of his class at that.
There, was some good amateur
packing by Carsorso Bros., J. Conlin
and H.Hill.
Most of the fruit prizes were
secured by the T. W- Stirling
orchards, under the management
of Mr. Henry Birtch. For such a
comprehensive selection, and for
the high standard of their exhibits
throughout, too much praise cannot be givea. Most . prominent
orchardists make a success with
one or two particular varieties to
which they givev all their attention
and study, but almost all the more
useful varieties of apples, pears,
crabs, etc., were well represented
by this orchard, no less than thirty-
five prizes being secured.
The enlargement.of the building
by the addition of the new wing,
afforded a much better opportunity
for the display of apples and other
fruits than in previous years, and
one heard expressions of approval
on all sides of the magnificent
show of apples, which without
doubt eclipsed anything ever seen
in the district. This is as it should
be, and if the same interest had
been shown in the sections devoted
to vegetables and farm produce,
we should have had to chronicle
the greatest exhibition ever held in
the district
Another section which received
marked attention this year was the
ladies' fancy wark. Mrs. (Dr.)
Martin was a prominent exhibitor
in this line, her exhibits covering a
.wide range of work. There was a
noticeable increase, too, in the
poultry section. More anil more
fruit growers are beginning to
realise the importance of this
promising industry, and it is to be
hoped that the time is not far
distant when shipments of poultry
produce will be a marked feature
of Kelowna's activity.
An exhibit which emphasized
another branch of agriculture in
which Kelowna is some day destined to make a name for herself,
was that of the Kelowna Tpbacco
Co.,, who had an attractive booth
showing tobacco in various stages
of manufacture, and practical
demonstrations in which cigai
makers fashioned with deft fingers
the seductive weed frohi Kelowna
grown tobacco.
' Mr. Geo. James had a fine display of electrical appliances of all
kinds, a sample of the extensive
stock which they carry.
The side shows which had rented
space in the grounds were a somewhat doubtful addition to the attractions, though thev certainly
added to the gaiety of the scene.
Wagner, Cosens,
W. R. Barlee, W. C.
The following _■ the list of award*, taking
precedence in the order given:
Wealthy. G. R. Boyer l.t,  H. Hill 2nd. j.
L. Pridham 3rd.
Mclntoth, S. C. Cosens, J. Conlin, R. Man-
Jonathan, Conlin, Mansfield, T. W. Stirling
Northern Spy, Conlin, Pridham, Cosens
Grimes Golden, Pridham, F.  Wolrige,  C.
Spitzenberg,    Mansfield,   J.   McLaughlin,
Yellow Newtown Pippin,  Stirling,  Blackwood, Pridham
Cox Orange Pippin, D. McFarlane, Stirling
Commercial Apples, 5 varieties, Mansfield
Conlin, Stirling
Duchess  of  Oldenburg,   Pridham,  C. F„
Gravenstein, T. G. Speer, H. Hill
Maidens Blush, Stirling, Jas. Rae
Alexander, C. E. Weeks, Stirling I
Jeffries, Stirling
Wolf River, Stirling, J. M. Case
Blenheim Orange, G. E. Thompson, W. C.
Colvert, R. Munson, J. Conlin   •
Twenty Ounce Pippin,   Mrs. J. Smith (Sp.
Bridge), R. Munson
Haas, Pridham, Mrs. J. Srpith
Snow, Stirling, Speer
Ribaton Pippin, Stirling, Smith .
Fall St. Lawrence, Stirling, Thompson
Any other variety, Pridham, Smith  (Spns.
Pewaukee' Pridham, Thompson
King, W. A.'Lang, J. McLaughlin
Hubbardston Nonsuch, Conlin, Stirling
Ontario, Stirling, D. McLean
Yellow Bellflower. Smith, Hill
Rhode Island Greening,  S.  F.  Callender,
W. A. Lang
Red Cheek Pippin. Mrs. J. Smith
Belle de Boskoop, M. Buckland, Conlin
Aiken Red, Stirling, D. McFarlane
Blue Pearmain, Stirling
Winter Banana, Speer, Blackwood
Winter St. Lawrence, Thompson
Sutton Beauty, W. G Cameron, W.A.Lang
Rome Beauty, S F Callender
Mann, Conlin, Smith
Salome, Buckland, Cousins
Stark, Pridham
Canada  Red,  S. F. Callender, T. Renwick
Baldwin, A. H. Crichton, Mrs. J. Smith
Golden Russet, Stirling, Munson
Roxbury Russett, W. A. Lang '
Ben Davis, D. McLean, Jas Rae
Black Ben Davis, J. Conlin
Gano, J. M. Case
Any other v., Pridham, Lang
12 heaviest, same var., Weeks, Case
12 heaviest, different var., Stirling
Florence, Stirling ' '
Hyslop, Stirling, Barlee
Transcendent, W. W. Lang, D. McLean
PEARS      .
Bartlett, Stirling, Geo. McCurdy
Gapp's Favourite, Stirling, Barlee
Flemish Beauty, Jas. Rae, Stirling
Louise Bonne, Stirling
Clairgeau, Stirling, Pridham
Beurre d' Anjou, Stirling, Jas. Rae
Seckel, R. Munson
Idaho, Stirling, Thompson
Winter Nellis, Thompson, Stirling
Howell, Stirling, Pridham
Sheldon, Pridham, Barlee
Lawrence, Pridham
Duchesse d'Angouleme, Stirling
Beurre Boussock, Stirling
Beurre Hardy, Stirling
Fall Butter, Stirling
Vicar of Wakefield, Stirling
Bosk, Stirling
Collection Five Varieties Stirling, Pridham
Lombard, Mrs. E. M. Ball
Coe's Golden Drop, T. W. Stirling
Yellow Egg, W. R. Barlee. W. Grummet
Ponds Seedling, G. W. Binger, W.A.Lang
Bradshaw, T. W. Stirling
Damson, D. McLean
Rivera' Black Diamond, Stirling
Imperial Gage, W. R. Barlee
Green Gage, Ceo. McCurdy
Columbia, Stirling
Grand Duke, Wolrige, Goodacre & Browse
Gueii, Mrs. W. A. Lang, C. E. Weeks
Prince Engelbert, Mrs. W. D. Harvey
Any other variety, Collection of three varieties, T. W. Stirling
Sugar Prunes, Stirling
Italian Prunes, D. McLean, Stirling
Any other variety, Stirling. Barlee
Boston, W. A. Lang
Elberta, J. McLaughlin, H. W, Raymer
Yellow St. John, Lang
Fitzgerald, W. A. Lang
Any other variety, H. W. Raymer
Lang, Mrs. D.
W. Suther-
Concord, W. A.
Delaware, Lang
Niagara, Sutherland
Campbell's Early, Mrs. D. McLean
Any other variety, Lang
Champion, A. H. Crichton
Pineapple, Grummet
One box Wealthy, Jas. Gibb
„        Mcintosh, Gibb, Conlin
„       Jonathan, Gibb, Carsorso Bros.
„       Northern Spy, Carsorso Bros.
„       Grimes Gold., Smith, Gibb
„       Spitzenberg, J. Conlin
„       Yel. New. Pippin, Carsorso Bros.
„       Flemish Beauty, Gibb
_,,        Beurre Clairgeau, Gibb
The Goy. Special for best pack by  pupil of late  packing  school,   was  won by
Mr. Baker of tha Vernon Fruit Co.
Best three plates of apples of different
commercial apples, 1st J. L. Pridham, 2nd
Most attractive Exhibit of twenty apples,
won hy C. E. Weeks.
Five heaviest apples", Weeks
Best exhibit of Winter Pears, Stirling.
Best  packed   box  of  apples,  amateur,
Best three boxes apples, three 'varieties,
Carsarso Bros.
Embden geese, W. H. Fleming, a 2nd
Pekin Ducks. MissWeddell, W; C. Cameron
Light Brahmas, W. Dawson
Plymouth Rocks, Weeks, Copeland
White Rocks, W. Dawson, Copeland
Brown Leghorns, s.c, W. Dawson I and 2
White Leghorn, s.c, Dawson, I and 2
Brown Leghorns, r.c, Copeland, Weeks
Hamburg*, Dawson
Buff Orpingtons, Dawson, S. F.- Callender
White Wyandottes, Dawson. Copeland
Partridge Wyandottes, Copeland
1910 Hatch
Toulouse geese, Miss Weddell
Pekin ducks, Fred Day   '
Langshans, Dawson 1 and 2
Barred Rocks, J. Bouch; Weeks
White Rocks. J. Bouch
B Minorcas, Miss Weddell, Copeland
B Leghorns, s.c, Dawson, Weddell
W Leghorns, s.c, Dawson, Smith Bros
Hamburgs, Bouch
Pen, S. F. Callender, Dawson
Pair Buff Orpingtons, H.'Fraser, Callender
W .Wyandottes, Copeland
Any other breed, Dawson, Callender
Pen, Clayton Fraser, Copeland
Pair chickens  ready  for  table, Mrs.   D.
McLean,"_Wseke -^ ■---
1 doz white, heaviest, W.  D. Harvey.  F.
1 doz brown, C. Martin, T. Renwick
Common, R. A. Copeland
Belgian Hares, Geo. Curts
Three prints,  dairy,  made  by  exhibitor,
Mrs. P. B. Willits. T. C. Kerr
Ten  pound  tvib  or crock,  Mrs.  W.  H.
Flemmiog, Mrs. J. E. Lytle
Five pounds do.,  Mrs. Flemming, Mrs. D.
Collection Jams  and Jellies,  Mrs.  W.  C.
Cameron, H. J.' Hewetson
Canned Fruits, Mrs. Cameron, Miss Davey
Pickles, H. Bartlett
Clyde Stallion, R.'Munson
Hackney stallion, R. H. English
Coach Stallion, W. C. Blackwood
General Purpose
Mare and foal, J. J. Carney, R. Munson
Filly or Gelding, W. C. Cameron
Filly or gelding, Mrs. D. McLean
Sweepstakes, R. H. English, W.  C.  Cameron
Horses in Harness
Heavy draft team, Manly Byrns
Agricultural team, R. Munson, G. Dillon
Gen: Purpose team, F. Mawhipney, Dillon
Trotter, W. Gardiner, Dr. Martin
Saddle Horses
15 h or over, M. Byrns, R. Lambly
Under 15 h,  Mrs.  W. C. Camercn, Geo.
• Binger
Boy rider and pony,  F. W. Bawtinheimer,
A. Weddell
Continued on page 3.
1    M
.- *f t_i
- 'i    .1 vi
".* Mtf^ghtoadftMAu-jM^PM^aa^^
The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Sept 22
B El
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L, 0. Co.'s Office, Leon St.
Printing Order
We can execute them neatly and
cheaply, and give you satisfaction
every time.
9HONE 94
News of the Valley.
M. V. Allen, divisional fire warden, made a trip to Mable Lake
district last week, and reports an
extraordinary circumstance there. It
seems certain that some miscreant
had made a deliberate and well
planned attempt to fire the extensive and valuable timber limits belonging to the Enderby Saw Mills
in that section.
At diffirent points in a circle of
some five miles several fires had
been started simultaneously, and at
places the man's tracks could be
discovered, showing that the same
person had made a circuit of the
limits in the accomplishment of his
nefarious work. Fortunately a heavy
rain put out the fires before they
attained any headway, otherwise
many thousands of dollars worth
of timber would undoubtedly have
been destroyed. Suspicion points
to an individual who is known to
harbor a grudge against the company, and it is hoped that sufficient
evidence.may be secured against
him to convict him for the dastardly crime.   Vemon news.
A shocking accident occurred last
week in the Salmon Arm district
resulting in the death of Mrs. S. F.
Woodland. Mr.and Mrs.Woodland
were out driving when the rig
struck a stump in the road. Mr.
Woodland was thrown clear of the
rig, but the unforrunate woman's
foot must have caught in the lines
or somethrng, and she was dragged
along for half a mile, trailing over
rocks and stumps. She was taken
home but never regained consciousness and died a day or two
The Okanagan Telephone Co.
are contemplating the extension of
their line from Enderby to Salmon
Vernon's new Central School,
which has been erected at a cost
of $54,000 was opened last week.
The officials of the Vernon Agricultural Society are grumbling at
the scanty support accorded by the
farmers and fruit growers to the
annual exhibition. The News, in a
lengthy editorial, advocates a general district fair for the whole of
the Okanagan, to be held alternately at Kelowna, Vernon and Armstrong.
The  Vernon  Board of Trade is
making  an  attempt this year, to
overcome the difficulties experienced by those who, in former years,
have desired to forward  packages
of fruit to' friends in Great Britain.
Many have wished to send fruit as
Christmas gifts to their friends in
the Old Country, but the high express charges and the uncertainty
of the fruit arriving at its destination
in good condition have proved too
great  an  obstacle.     The Vernon
Board    has    made     arrangments
with the C. P. R. whereby a shipment of fruit will be sent forward
in November at car rates, in cold
storage, and will be distributed by
an agent at Liverpool to those to
whom it is addressed.    The charge
will  probably not exceed  eighty
cents a box, and it will be handled
in such a manner as to ensure safe
and speedy delivery in good condition.   Mr. H. P. Lee of Vernon,
has been  authorized by the Board
11 of Trade  to  take  charge  of this
[-[-shipment, and will be glad to furnish further information to those
desiring to avail themselves of this
opportunity.   Persons in any part
of the valley, we understand, are at
liberty  to  take advantage of this
Town and Country
W. D. Walker left last week for
the Old Country.
Neil Gregory was highly compli
merited last week by the convention visitors,on the shape in which
things were kept at the school
The Kelowna lacrosse boys were
highly jubilant last week over the
winning of the league champion
ship for 1910. They won the cup
and also the trophy for the greatest
number of goals scored during the
Miss L. Latimer, sister of Mrs.
W. Peterman, left last week for the
coast, staying over for a couple of
days at Armstrong.
Mr. and Mrs>J. W. Jones returned Saturday from their trip east.
Kelowna is justly proud of her
many handsome homes, and it is a
pleasure to note the care "which is
exercised by their owners to make
them look as attractive as possible.
Of all these'none are looking finer
just now than the pretty residence
of Mr. F. R. E. DeHart. Nestling
close by the creek against the
background of tall trees, it needs
little of the gardener's art to make
a pretty picture, but just now, with
a wealth of green foliage and the
showy blooms of countless petunias,
it is truly a pleasing sight. Mr.
DeHart is proud, too, of his long
rows of grape vines, which at
present are laden with enormous
quantities of fine green and black
Mr. Wm. Mawhinney, of Van^
couver, former owner of the
Harriss ranch, arrived in town
The Rev. Dr. Speer preached in
the Knox Church last Sunday. He
and his family left Monday morning for their home in Toronto.
Nelson Shields for
B. C.
We are authorized to state that
the Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona's
Nelson Shield has been offered'by
Rev. Alfred Hall, of Toronto to
each of the schools in the B. C.
There are no charges or conditions.
*.jThe British and Foreign Sailors'
Society, which received the "Victory" copper from the Lords of the
British Admiralty, has undertaken
the expense of mounting engraving
and ^distributing these historic
shields and only asks some voluntary contribution to reimburse them
and aid their Sailors' Institutes for
men of the Royal Navy, Merchant
Ships, etc., in Canada and all over
the world.
These Nelson Shields are highly
valued for their patriotic and educational uses in the Universities,
Colleges and Schools where they
are already placed.
Private Colleges and Schools are
eligible to receive the Nelson Shield
and should apply for them.
Mr. Aitken's and daughter from
Hamilton, Ont, arrived Monday
on a visit to the former's sister, Mrs
W. D. Harvey.
The Young Peoples* Society of
Knox church held a meeting Monday evening last to re-organize for
the fall and winter session. There
was a fair attendance, and the following officers were elected: Pres.,
Mr. Geo. S. McKenzie; vice-pres.,
Mr. A. R. Lord, Mrs. Capt. Philp,
and Mr. Wade ; treasurer, Mr. J.
McMillan; secretary, Mr. Jas. Pettigrew. The society will meet every
Monday evening, and all young
people are invited.
We are glad to hear that Mrs.
Geo. Rowcliffe, who has been in
tlie hospital undergoing an operation for appendicitis, is home
again. Rube Archibald, who was
in the hospital for the same purpose; has also returned home.
Dr. Sepprell, principal of Columbia College, is to occupy the
pulpit at the Methodist church
next Sunday. He is one of the
most eloquent preachers in the
Methodist body, and has done
splendid work during his connection with the college.
The city was again startled last
Thursday evening by an alarm of
fire. Before the brigade arrived on
the scene, which they did in remarkably quick time after the alarm
was given, the building an old barn
behind the Lakeview Hotel, was
well alight, and flames were leaping high in the air. A few minutes
application of the powerful jets of
water from the hose however sufficed to extinguish it. The stable
itself was unoccupied and of little
value, but its dangerous proximity
to other buildings made the quick
work ofthe boys all the more commendable.
About a dozen people including
the Rev, D. J. Welsh, Rev. A- W. K.
Herdman, and Rev. J. W. Davidson
drove out to Rutland on monday
night to the supper' and social in
connection with the harvest services at the Methodist church there
On Friday,'1 Sept. 16th, to the
wife of Jas. Lytle, of Benvoulin, a
On Friday, Sept.. 16th, to the wife
of Victor Dilworth, of Rudand, a
On Monday, Sept. 19th, at the
Gifton Nursing Home, to the wife
of Geo. Longstaffe, a daughter.
Dr. Mathison, dentist, Rowcliffe
Block.   Phone 89.
i ■     	
Not a minute should be lost when a child
•hows symptoms of croup.   Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy given as soon as the child  By   taking
becomes hoarse, or even after the croupy Liver Tab!
cough appears, will prevent  the attack, 'by all dru|
Sola by all druffists. j
Your complexion as well as your temper
ia rendered miserable by a disordered liver.
By   taking  Chamberlain's  Stomach, and
Tablets you can improve both. Sold
druggists.   .    •   '
"The MightyReo.^
The car with the get-there-and-back
Wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds  these two special facts:
Robin  Hood  Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour. '■■
Robin Hood Flour absorbs more moisture
than other flours, therefore add more water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats, Bran, Wheat,
Barley and Oat Chop
Fresh Clean Stock, Just In.
Just placed in stock.
y-       Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
PHONE 150    ^
Your Photograph
made at
Graij's Photo Studio
can be mounted in the very latest
Call and see samples and arrange for a sitting.
Rowcliffe Block.
Skims Clean, Turns Easy,
It runs and does perfect vyork without being level.
It lessens your work and increases your profits.
It is the busiest bee on the farm—it works every day.
It is the Holdfast machine, others come and go, but the
"Magnet" works on forever, making money.
Sold on Easy Terms. Qill and Inspect.
ni.ii mnmsLiipji
■.-M^*ur**"iiifcM*U>*M v.y/Vvl
Thursday, Sejpt. 22
The Orchard Citq Record
The Cream
That Makes
No   one doubts  nowadays
that the regular  use of a
good cream  will  build   up
8c beautify the complexion.
One lady customer tells us
Is the Best yet. .'' N
Koowing what it is made of
- toe believe it to be the best
article and best value we
have, and have no hesita*
tion in recommending it
Ask for Nyal's, and let us
tell you about it.
Large jars, 25c.
P. 8. WilliLs _ 1,0.
• Kelowna.     B. C.
Kelowna Fall Fair.
Continued from page I
j. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10  Lawrence Ave.
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Frederic Clark, the well known
star, will appear this season in a
magnificent production of Hall
Caine's most wonderful work, The
Manxman. His engagement here
' is for one night only at the Opera
House, Monday' Sept. 26th.
The Manxman is one of those,
wonder stories of that master play
' builder, Hall Caine, and leads us
1 through the gamut of human emotions with life and love and romance bristling on every side, to_ a
fitting ending, Caine's most brilliant propensity is the singular power of blending the lives of the rich
and poor and teaching a powerful
lesson in a highly interesting way.
He works his Manxman up to a
magnificent climax with all the
skill of his wonderful imagination.
He gives his characters real flesh
and blood, hearts arid souls and
never for one instant allows a note
which jars with probability to creep
into his theme. Mr. Clark is under
the management of Mr. J. Cdsgrove
, and is supported by a carefully
selected company of players, his
scenic equipment is second to not-
< hing so far seen in this vicinity.
Shetland ponies, in harness, C. Martin
Potatoes,- Roch. Rose, Louis Ramponi
Early Rose, Leon Gillard ..
Burbanks, G. R. Binger'
Satisfaction, L:. Ramponi
'New Variety, not before exhibited, H.
Royce, Goodacre & Browse
Any other variety,  Binger, Royce
Cabbage, summed, Weeks, Ramponi
Carrots, Vincenso Risso, A. McLennan     '
Parsnips, H. Bartlett, Ramponi
Beets, long, H. Bartlett
Beets, Globe, Bartlett, W D Harvey
Onions, Yel Globe Danvers, D. McEachern
Flat Danvers, H Royce, D McLean
Red Wethersfield, L Gillard; Royce
Large Red Globe, Royce, Conlin
White Globe, Royce, Conlin
White Pickling, Bartlett
Yel. Pickling, Bartlett
Collection, correctly named, Royce
Corn, table. W C Cameron, D W Sutherl'd
Squash, WC Blackwood, W C Cameron
Squash, Hubbard, Barlee ;
Pumpkins, D McLean  .
Veg. Marrow, Binger, Goodacre & Browse
Tomatoes, Weeks, Sutherland
Collection tomatoes, Week's, .)■ and 2
Cucumbers, Bartlett
Cucumbers, pickling, Bartlett, Weeks
Cauliflower, McLean
Celery, white! plume, and wihter, Weeks  •
Citron, Binger, Sutherland
Melons, water, L Newby, C Martin -"
Melons, musk,.Bartlett
Melons! nutmeg, C Webster
Salsify, Bartlett, H W Raymer ,
Peas, shelled, Bartlett
Tobacco, Havana, J E Lytic
Spanish, Ly tie
Mangolds, Fred Davy.
Pumpkins, Mrs W D.Harvey
Field Corn, C Martin
The display of Flowers was" very comprehensive, and well represented the fine
gardens of the city and district. Amongst
the prize winners were Mrs. R. Jones, Mrs
DuMoulin, Mrs A E Harrison, Mrs Kohler
Mrs Jas Rae, Mrs D McEachern,, Mrs, S T
Elliott, Mrs D "W Crowley, Mrs G F Bud.
Mrs P B Willits'; Mrs Dr. fvIartin.T W Sjir-
lins- A
There was a particularly fine'display of
Fancy Work, and the judges were well
taxed in placing the awards.- Most-of the
work was of a particularly high brder. The
prize-winners were Mesdames Dr Martin,
K League, SF Callender, D McEchern,
S C Cosens, J Gibb, RN Dundass, W D
Harvey, R Munson, A McKay,. Goodacre,
J Bouch, R N Dundas, Lambly, Crichton,
Knitting, Sewing, Wool Work, etc.,
brought out a few competitors, the prize-
winners being Mesdames Dr Martin, W D
Harvey, J Gibb.S C Cosens. 5 F Callender
D McEachern
Children's work did not bring ' many
competitors, the prize winners being Miss
Nettie Harvey and Miss McLellan.
Best collection of poultry, challenge cup,
value $25 to be won three years in succession, presented by C C Josselyn, won by
,W Dawson, Peachland
Beat single driving turnout, local horse,
Genuine whalebone whip, presented by
T Cooper and won by Dr Martin
Ten pounds of Butter,, in rolls, $10. Presented by H H Millie and won by'Mrs
W H Flemming
Two loaves of home made bread, 1st, Mrs
D McLean. 2nd, Mrs Philp, 3rd. Miss Ray.
J.   F.   BURNE
.   Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
When you want a choice
cut, gioe us a call,
or ring up 24.
Prank Baictinhimer, Manager.
B. A. Sc, C. E., D. L. S., B. C. L, S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Amoc. Mwn. Can. Soc; C. E   ~  Graduate Toronto
. :  University
Waterworks and Sew erase System., Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
Do You Know
real estate investments are the best in the
Okanagan   in   quality .of   soil,   location,
prices,  etc.,  and  that  they will triple in
value in one year ?   Have you stopped to
consider.      If  not,   just   remember  that
Westbank will be ths largest, most industrious, and influential place in the valley.
Now is your opportunity.   Most excellent
bargains.   The lots are cleared, cultivated,
fenced, and have young orchards on them;
well  irrigated,   and   have   good domeati
water.   Prices, $175 to $200 per acre.
Other most valuable land bargains
$25 per acre up.
Hitchner Bros.
Wwtbank    -   British Colombia
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd
P. O. Box 146
'Phone SS
Comer Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue. .
Mrs. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nurse,
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C
Phone 134
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all CP.R.
boats. All l^inds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
. "Can be aepended upon" is an xe-
pression we all like to hear,' and when it is
used' in connection with Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy it
means that it naver fails to cure diarrhoea,
dv*«nt«ry or bowel complaints. It is
pleaaant ta take and equally valuable for
children M>d adults. J
Beat pan home made buns, presented
by Thos Lawson, Ltd, and won by Mrs
Philp.Ist, Mrs W Hang, 2nd, and Mrs
Bawtenheimer, 3rd
Best plain cake, $5,  presented by  E.
Weddell, and won by Rose Weddell
-  Best display of Okanagan Canned Fruit,
$5   Presented by J F Burne, and won by
Mrs W C Cameron  .
Best twenty pound box of canning tomatoes.—case of canned goods, presented
fcy Kelowna Canning Co, and won by C E
Weeks .*,.-.-.. ,.'.
Best three plates of Apples, different
Varieties, $10 and $5 Presented by Lay.
ritz Nursery Co, and won by C E Weeks
Five Heaviest Apples, $4, presented by
W Haug, arid, won by C E Weeks
Best three boxes of apples, $25, presented by Central Okanagan Lands, and won
hy Casaraa Bros
Exhibit Winter Pears, $5   presented by
WW Pooley. and won by T WStirling
*- Packed Box'of Apples, amateurs, $5,
presented by D McEachern,  and won by
For best trimmed window during fair
week, $3 and $2 Presented by P Du
Moulin, and won by Lequime Bros
Best ten Kodak Pictures, $5, presented
by G H E Hudson, and won by R W
For best writing by children under 16
presented by Lequime Bros, and won by
Ida Pettigrew, and Dorothy Evans
Black and White Map of British Colum-
bia, presented by Mrs J B Knowles, and
won by Nettie1 Harvey
Best Scotch Collie, owner resident in
Valley, presented by Mr C Clarke, and
won by T W Stirling
Continuad on p*f* 4, .
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBtiild-
ings.Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
On improved property also other securities
G. A. FISHER   •
Fire, Life, and Accident
Miss P. Louise Adams,
Scholarship graduate in Piano and
Teacher's Course of Toronto Conservatory
of Music. Late Teacher in Westminster
College, Toronto.
Will receive pupils for pianoforte
,   tuition at the studio.
Lawrence Avenue, off Pendozi Street.
Address: P.O. KELOWNA.
Planting, Pruning/Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
Pipe Fitter, Wells Dug and
Pumps,  Windmills, Drains,
etc., repaired and installed.
Hafoeu Aoenue, East.
I. V
• ■_<
- .1
Financial Agent.
Monet] to Loan on reasonable terms
All hinds of Financial
business transacted.
Office, Leon Avenue.
Phone 58 P.O. box 273
If your business is
not worth advertising,
advertise it for sale.
Best Selection of
Local Post Cards
and Views
Largest Studios in the Interior
Portraits by appointment.
Pendozi Street   -    Kelowna
Smith Street     -   Penticton
P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135
There is no Wagon made which presents
so many reliable, lasting, and superior
features as the
Known from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
as the last word in wagon manufacture.
We have them in several styles to suit
every purpose.
- "*_
J   < \r- dr
. • '^
'    *     4
*.    \    .
. 1        «V
VV  -*.'
It is the foundation of a prosperous
farm business.
Don't fool with a broken tumbledown old heap of junk
on wheels, which will cost you more in horseflesh and
repairs than it is worth, to say nothing of the worry
and anxiety and trials of temper such an outfit gives.
\ 7.',;,
Plows, Harrows, Orchard Cultivators,
and all kinds of Farm Implements.
S.   T.   ELIJOTT   -    Kelowna, B. C.
J A, "x
•   Mi
r ' y
^Tv »_S
J       Lt *^fl.
■ « $y$&
i_._9   fV
_i    s
y   ,_ \
, 7 \ t ityym^
'   J-iA'Im
■ fu iV
^ .
_j,a___ * M $L'Aai bSuwUA tB«lV=»*»' JtUtt
w-ritei. iMftrtttfttowiM^^
12 A
The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Sept. 22
r*«     MVt      jpj      o
rail rair.
Continued from page 3.
Tuesday's Races
The first day's racing opened
with the Boys' Pony race, always a
popular event. Fancy Me won
first a little ahead of Towser, with
Whitefoot third.
The one mile Harness race between Reflector, owned by Marce-
ieay, of Penticton, Harvey M, by
Buller, of Calgary, I. Chamberlain's
Darkie, and Copeland's R.A.C.,
attracted a good deal of interest.
In the first heat Darkie stepped
out well from the start, maintaining
a good lead most of the time, winning an easy first, with Harvey M
second, and R.A.C. third. Time,
Four entered for the quarter mile
dash, Alice and Actress, both from
McLeod, Alberta, Rosy June, a
Penticton horse, and Pyman's Polly
ridden by R. Lambly. Actress
first, Alice second, Rosy June third.
Time 25 seconds.
The second heat of the Harness
race had the same result as the
first, Darkie first, Harvey M second,
and R.A.C. third. A little better
time was made, 2:321.
The Five-eighths of a Mile dash
was won by Melair, of Nicola, with
Fullers' horse, Don E, second, and
Actress third.
Half-mile Pony race, Alice first,
Dr. Richards' Pinkie second, and
Pyman's Paddy third.
The Cowboy race was won by
Harry Dillon on a horse belonging
to Albers, with Carsorso second,
and J. Bowes' horse third.
Wednesday's Races
Wednesday's r3C;ng drew a record crowd, the grand stand being
just about filled. The entries were
of a somewhat higher order than
usual, and the racing generally was
keenly contested.
The first race called on was the
free-for-all Harness Race, with four
entries, two Vancouver horses,
Subscription and Johnny Mack,
with Eli Johnson's horse, Corsican,
and the Kelowna horse, Darkie,
belonging to I. Chamberlain. The
first heat was exciting, the sympathy of the crowd being naturally
with the home horse, Darkie, who
had done so well at Vernon the
previous week. J. Bowes, the
starter, got them away in nice order!
and the dispute at once settled
down between Darkie and Subscription for the lead. Darkie
broke badly, however, allowing
the Vancouver horse to drctw
ahead, with Johnny Mack a close
third and Corsican fourth. In tbe
second lap Johnny Mack collided
with the fence, turning the cart
over, but his driver pluckily held
on and completed the xace, being
allowed owing to faulty track.
Darkie and Subscription still struggled for first place, but Darkie
again broke badly, and dropped to
third, Subscription sailing home an
easy winner, with Corsican second.
Time, 2:30.
An interesting race was the Half
Mile Dash, drawing three outside
entries, including Actress and Alice
from McLeod, Katie Bell, from
Nicola, and E. G. Fuller's horse,
Don E, of Kelowna. The horses
were well trained, but the usual
amount of jockeying took place
before a good start could be made.
The patience of the crowd was
well tried, but eventually a capital
start was made, with the horses
well bunched up until the first turn
was made, when Actress, most
cleverly ridden by Alwyn Weddell,
drew well to the front. Alice
here got in some fine running, and
rapidly diminished the lead which
had been secured by Actress. It
was a hot, well-contested race
from start to finish, Alice and Actress straining every muscle to got
away from each other, and the
excitement ran high as they came
to the wire with Actress leading by
about a head. Alice second, Don
E third, and Katie Bell fourth.
Time, 52f seconds.
The second heat of the free   for
all made an exciting event.    Much
disatisfaction was expressed in the,
crowd over the start, Johnnie M;>ckj
being a full length   behind   at   the I
word go.    The horses all. worked!
exceedingly well, but Subscription
seemed to make   the   pace   again,
and took the lead throughout.   The
race was kaladaeoscopic, and w
hard to follow, change of position
taking place several times • during
the heat. Darky behaved much
better this time, but was evidently
getting tired, having had a hard
day Tuesday. Johnny Mack nnd
Subsscription made a good fight
for it, and Johnny M. although
starting so far behind, finished
only a head behind Subscription
the  winner,  with  Darkie   a   long
third.  Time 2.31
Mr. Buller, of Calgary, gave a
fine exhibition heat with a particularly good horse, no time or
name being given.
The second heat of the half-mile
dash was next called.and what with
the wickedness of the horses and
the cuteness of the jockeys, it was
trying work getting a start.
When the crowd had been worked
up to a considerable degree of nervous excitement owing to the long
delayed start, they were suddenly
electirfied by an alarm of fire, and.
smoke was seen rising in front of
the stand. Everybody at once
jumped to their feet, and a rush
started for the exit. Only the prompt
action of one or two in the neighborhood of the alarm prevented a
serious accident. The fire, which
was caused by a match thrown into a lady's dress, was instantly extinguished, and the crowd quieted,
when the interest again centred
in the endeavors of Mr. Bowes to
get his horses away. Tnere was
another howl at the starter, and
Jim began to look cross, but he
stayed with it, and eventually got
them away in extra fine order. It
was an exciting race too when it did
come off. Alice took a slight lead
at tha first turn, but Actress disputed every inch of the way, and a
most severe struggle for first place
was continued until the wire was
passed, Alice the winner, only leading by about half a head, with
Don E. again third.
The, third heat of the half mile
was not run, as Alice was found to
have gone lame. First money was
awarded to Actress, with Alice
second and Don E third.
The third heat of the free-for-all
was a complete reverse of the preceding ones. Subscription took a
slight lead at the start, but Johnnie
Mack shot clear ahead, and kept a
long and ever-widening lead to the
finish. The horses were strung out
round the course at the second
crossing of the wire, with Johnny
Mack first, Subscription a long
second, and Darkie third. Time,
The Polo Pony quarter mile race
aroused a great deal of interest, all
being local horses. Paddy and
Polly, owned by C. K. L. Pyman,
Pinkie, by Dr. Richards, and Fancy
Me, by G. K.  Smith.    Polly  took
Mr. Barlee, however, by a piece of
clever riding and judgment fairly
lifted Pinkie across the wire just at
the finish, winning by about half a
head, amid the well-deserved enthusiasm of the crowd.
A very poor start was made in
the fourth heat of the Harness race,
the horses being strung out a full
length at the word " go." Johnny
Mack took the lead from the start
and ltept it to the* finish, being a
long way ahead of Subscription.
Darkie again broke badly and lost
a lot of ground. The best-time in
the race was made in this heat,
viz., 2.26.
A special matched Polo Pony
race bcetween Blue Lass and Snip
was run, resulting in an easy win
for the former.
The tandem race had three en-"
tries, horses owned by J. Bowes
winning first, and Dr. Richard and
Albers second. Carsorso's horse
bolted from the track, putting him
out of the race.
The final heat of the Harness race
was between Johnny Mack and
Subscription, the former winning
first place.
Three horses entered lor the
half mile Consolation race, Esca-
lante, Katie Bell, and Fly, finishing
in the order named.
Don't waste your money buying plasters
when you can get a bottle of Chamberlain's
Liniment for twenty-five cents. A piece
of flannel dampened with this liniment is
superior to any plaster for lame back, pains
in the side and chest, and much cheaper.
Sold by all druggists.
Monday, Sept 26th.
T. Gosgrove presents
Hall Caine's Towering Success
. a
the lead and lead the way almost
up to the wire, Pinkie making a
tremendous struggle close behind.
has cured more than a few
chronic cases of rheumatism.
We are fairly certain that it
would be beneficial in your case
because we know what's in it.
Any'.IiinK t ,„.
you buy $.'%2
with Ihc fA
nunc     V_
Sold and guaranteed by 22S5
P. B. WILLITS &Co.f Kelowna
In the leading
A Powerful Cast.
A Wealth of Scenery.
' Prices, $1.00,7 5c, and 50c.
We are now prepared to show you the Latest Products of the most famous tailor shqps in
this country, the most beautifully tailored and cleverly styled garments made in Canada.
Come in and see these famous garments.
Special Garments made to Order. Fit and Finish Guaranteed.
New Sweater Coats and
New Irish Poplin
■ m
Phone 22
& c
Established 1850.
Phone 22
V. tmm
Thursday, Sept. 22
Orchard Gity Record
Brighten Up!
It's Wall Paper Time.
Time to replace the dingy
spotted paper ipto a new
and attractive room with one
of the beautiful parlor papers
we are showing.
v   It will well repay you in returns of satisfaction
arid actual comfort.
It is no trouble to show goods.
Kelowna Furniture Co.
The Store of Quality and  Style.
If You Want a
Good Meal atAny Tim<
Go to
Goldman's Restaurant
Meal Tickets at Reasonable Price.
Rooms to Rent.
We  are   open   to
take  contracts for
Moving Buildings
Pile Driving   .,
Clarke & Byrns
Box 131 ..    Kelowna
Sutton's Seeds
■"  Tomato Plants
Cabbage Plants
Bedding Plants
Asparagus Roots
Rose Bushes, etc.
Bouvette's Express
And General Delivery.
Meets all Boats.
Prompt attention to orders.
Phone 158.
Office, Wilkes old store.
For Sale or Rent.
A seven roomed house with
one and one-quarter acre of\
orchard and garden, situated
tin the Vernon road, 1^ miles,
from Kelowna post office.
For particulars apply
S. BARBER, Box 365/
Kelowna Post Office.
TRadc Marks
"AnyoM inapt ■■*»
qalottr atoirufiT oar <
mvmflon Is probablr j
UoMrtrtoUroonfldentli ^^^t
••at frM. Otasst MMOtttfIS
HPit.aU taken. tfirouth Mai
enlJ^'oTtJijr MlauUfle^oarntL JSSSf.Kr
aSSk, t*.i. a year, postal* pnpald. Bold bj
all Mwidialaft.
ibaatti Mot, fa W Bt, Washlnatoti. i. a
D. W. Crowley Co.
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
To the Ladies of
Kelowna and District
Rutland News.
(From our own correspondent.)
I wish to announce that
the Millinery business, of
Kellar Block, and extend
vitation to attend   my
1 have taken over
Mrs. Tutcher, in the
to you a cordial in-
Opening of Fall Styles,
Sept. 30th, Oct. 1st.
The many friends of Mr. and
Mrs.Victor Dilworth will be pleased
to learn of the arrival of a daughter
to their home on Friday last.
A~daughter was born to the wife
of Mr. Geo. Longstafife on Monday
the 19th.
The harvest services at the Methodist church last Sunday and Monday were records from every point
of view. The sermons preached
by the Rev. J. W. Davidson, of
Kelowna, were greatly appreciated
for their forceful, thoughtful, and
and helpful nature. The church
choir very materially helped to
make the day's services pleasant to
the memories of the Methodists
and their sympathizers in Rutland
district. The church was nicely
decorated with fruit, vegetables,
and flowers, the high color of the
apples lending itself well to decorative purposes.
Then on Monday night the supper! Oh! the supper! The
memory of it will linger long in the
minds of those who were fortunate
enough to be present. The Ladies'
Aid certainly excelled themselves.
A large number of friends drove
over from Kelowna, one of the
party possessing an appetite which
would be worth money to him if
he conld sell it to- a dyspeptic!
And even he expressed himself as
satisfied. The offering • asked for
was $100, and the trustees are
thankful to be able to announce
that the sum needed to free the
church from indebtedness was
raised, and now they are ready
and willing to undertake further
liabilities when called upon for a
new church.
The progamme of the evening
was bright and entertaining. The
Rev. Mr. Vance took the chair, and
and short addresses were given by
the Revs. J. W. Davidson, A. W. K.
Herdman,- and D. J. Welsh. The
programme included chotuses by
the choir, auto-harp solo by Mr. A.
Wigglesworth, reading by Miss
Gladys Bird, duets by Alda Mc
Donald and Gladys Bird, Rev. Mr.
Vance and Mr. W. Schell, Mrs.
Wigglesworth and Mrs. Blencairn,
readings by Miss Gladys Bird and
Miss Craig, and solos by Mr. E.
Clark, Mr. H. Schwab and Mr..G.
for Exhibitions
and Farmers'Institutes j STEAM  FERRY
Kelowna Fair Gets Grant of
.   $459
What is believed to be the first
cyclone ever, known in the interior
of B. C, visited Creston last week,
doing considerable damage. It tore
a barn to pieces, leaving heavy
timbers weighing four hundred
pounds on the roof of a building a
hundred and fifty yards away.
Last month's traffic to Penticton
was more than double that of
August, 1909.
The-exhibit of B.C. fruit and
products at present being made by
the Department of Agriculture at
Toronto, is supposed to be one of
the finest displays of fruit ever sent
from British Columbia. It is in
charge of Mr. Edward Bullock-
Webster, of Penticton, who is the
exhibition commissioner of the
province. The Okanagan is well
represented with fruit of all kinds,
and some excellent photographs
are  on   view,    including   several
owna   ai
Mr. M. A. Jul], who is doing so
much for thexpoultry industry of
the province, has been appointed
provincial Live Stock Commissioner, in place of Mr. Hodson, who
The new sanitarium at Trapauille,
near Kamloops, was opened last
week by Lieutenant - Governor
Patterson. There was a large
gathering which   included   many
prominent fitf¥£e* *n *^e wor'c °'
the B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Society.
During - the next few weeks the
few national banks in the United
States rated as "weak " will have
their last chance to strengthen themselves or' get ouK op buinAeWi The
examiners have been instructed to
carry their Ailtettattun to every
board of directors UwfcneQcbriir.
Chiefly as a result of suggestions
offered at the convention held at
Victoria in January last, when the
British Columbia Agricultural Fairs
Association duly organized under
the auspices   of  the Department
of Agriculture and with an official
of that department as permanent
secretary,    the    appointment    of
provincial  government   assistance
to the several exhibition, asociations
throughout the province has this
season been on a standard system
providing in itself guarantee against
the possibility of favoritism or partiality in the allocation of grants.
The system also provides a stimulus
for local fair promoters in doing
their part wejl, the securing   of
larger   memberships   and   more
adequate prize lists meaning se-
quently a large, contribution  from
the provincial treasury.    For the
purposes of grants to fai r associations, the government included in
the estimates of last session a vote
of $50,000. Of this sum $37,304
was appropriated toward assisting
several  of the larger   and   more
provincial exhibitions  and toward
the costs  of buildings   for   their
various purposes, leaving a balance
of $12,697 for the encouragement
of  the   rural   fairs — those local
theatres of keen  and fascinating
competition which go so far toward
improving the   standard   of   production conditions in  any   rural
community.   In the distribution of
this amount to the smaller organized fair associations of the province,
consideration has been given to the
prize classification for the present
year's exhibitions,  and   also   the
membership rolls of the interested
societies,  the amount allocated to
each association being determined
upon a fair and equitable basis.
The different fairs in the Okanagan will benefit by the distribution
as follows:
Vernon (debt)  .$3,000
Okanagan     960
Kelowna     459
Armstrong      984
Salmon Arm...        307
Summerland       291
Grant* to Farmer*' Institutes
The Department of Agriculture
is also engaged at present, it may
mentioned, in distributing arranged
assistance to the varipus farmers'
institutes throughout the province,
assistance in which the women's
.institutes (a comparatively new
departure) are properly sharers.. In
the estimates of last session a sum
of $12,000 was set aside for the
furtherance of the useful aims and
objects pertaining to the development of institute work in British
Columbia. At' present there are
in all some forty-five institutes
scattered throughout the province,
representing a total membership of
approximately 5,000; in compar-
son with this showing the institutes
at the close of 1909 were but 38 in
number, with a' total membership
of 3,806.
The following shows, the membership of neighbouring institutes
with the amount allocated by the
government on a per capita basis:
Mem. Amt.
Okauaagan.... ......... 134 $ 58.50
Penticton  47 23.50
Peachland  30 15.00
Kelowna .93 46.50
Spallumacheen 334 108.00
Salmon Arm 185 71.25
Summerland ..113 53.25
Next Sunday will be obsenred
as "Children*Day" in the. Presbyterian church at lh«; morning,service. In the evening a "Harvest
Home" service will be Heter;:
The Rev 1. C. Archibald and
wife, missionaries enroute to India,
will address an open meeting in
the Baptist; Ghunch onv Fridfay eve*
ning at eighro'clbck. tmd»t< the au»
pices of the Woman's Mission
Circle. An^ offering will be received.
A cordial invitation is extended to
interested in missions to be present.
Dramatic Society to Produce
Handel'. "Metciah."
The decision of the Kelowna
Musical and Dramatic Society to
produce the first part of Handel's
'Messiah" in Christmas week will,
we are sure, meet with the enthusiastic approval of the district This
wonderful oratorio, the'most popular work in the world, has an undying charm, and its production in
Kelowna calls for the assistance of
airVho can sing. The solo parts
will be adequately rendered and a
chorus of one hundred voices is
The opening practice of the
Choral branch will be on Tuesday
next the 27th inst. in the society's
room behind Crawfords store and
all who have sung or would like to
ling in "The Messiah/are cordially
invited to attend. If vou have a
Copy of  the! work, please bring
it.   ..■ '■';.
The Work will be conducted by
W. H. Whitehead who has exceptional knowledge of this class of
work, having produced "The Messiah" on several previous occasions.
Prices Quoted to Any Point;
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66
Kelowna,' B.C.
Li. -vi.
Boat Builder
Launches, Sail Boats
Skiffs, Canoes and Scotos
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.      '
Cheap Fire Wood
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
will deliver 20 inch wood for,
$1.50 per Rick
Orders filled in rotation.
Cost $3,700. For Sale at $3,000.
$1,200 Cash,   $1,800 First Mortgage.
Owner must sell within thirty days.  •
Well built eight roomed house, ont-third acre fruit
trees, outbuildings, etc.
Situated within one half mile of town, and being
about 100 feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view ot the town, lake and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
There is only one GLENMORE.   Don't miss the opportunity of  selecting* a few acres of. this desirable
.'   properly.,     'y ■■   ■   ■  ;■ ■'-'A7'■'; A.''
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and we will
show you our sub-division .-.   A
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.    Prices low.   Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only ^he best board companies..
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
Cane - Sugar - Only
'  »P-M«MWM»»»»MM»M»_IM__«_lww __»_-____-__________*M«-l
7 J*
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.    , ;    '
S» British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
"»'       if \ -s«v
KM-    V
v' xt-
ii1. >f*
,«« t,nu__^>Mw*i-m.jwij>*»«w^.i ry^-T'y^"-y -y "^"T"'"'^7^
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Sept. 22
About the only sure way we know to
save your money, is to buy
all your Groceries and
Provisions at the
If it's a Bargain you want, we have it.
Bring your next order to us.
All goods delivered promptly.
All kinds of Repairs
And Three Lots for sale, on
Glen Avenue.
Has  8 rooms and a lean-to
addition with 3 rooms.
Lots planted with fruit trees.
Will be sold together and with furniture
or separately as desired.
For further particulars apply
Orchard City Record Office.
Metcalfe's Fruit Report
Phone 35
Phone 35
The Money Saving Store.
Osoyoos Division Yale District.
Notice ia hereby given that an application
will be made under Part V. of the " Water
Act, 1909," to obtain a license in the
Osoyoos Division of Yale District
(a.) The name, address and occupation
of applicant—S. Sproul, Rutland farmer.
(6.) The name of the lake, stream or
source—North Fork of Mission Creek.-
(c.) The point of diversion—At the intake of the Belgo-Canadian Fruit Lands
(d.) The quantity of water applied for
—eight-tenths cubic foot per second.
(e.) The character of the proposed I
works—Taking the water along the ditch
of the Belgo-Canadian Fruit Lands Company, thence by flume, ditch or pipe^to
the land to be irregated.
(/.) The premises on which the water
is to be used—5 1-2 of S.W. 1-4 Sec. 25
Lot 26. ,      '
(g.) The purposes for which the water
is to be used—Irrigation.
(A.) If for irrigation describe the land
intended to be irrigated, giving acreage—
70 acres, S. 1-2 of S.W. 1-4 Sec. 25, Tp.
(j.) Area of Crown land intended to
be occupied by the proposed works—
None. •
( k-)   This notice was posted on the 23
day of August, 1910, and application wii
be made to the Commissioner on the 26th
day of September, 1910.
(/.) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees who
or whose lands are likely to be affected
by the proposed works, either above or
below the outlet—None.
Rutland, B. C
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
We   have placed in our already
equipped store, a  Sterling   Slicer,
would suggest that you give us your
Bacon orders.   We can slice it thick
thiri, as you   wish, always   have
fresh Bacon in stock.
Calgary, Sept. 6. Dealers
report blackberries coming in
limited quantities and arriving a
little soft. Demand is also limited.
They seem to be unseasonable now
weather is cool, arid further, such
an abundance of other varieties of!
fruit upon the market. Black-'
berrie-. selling to retailers at $2.25
per case. I saw plums in the
Vernon Fruit Co.'s warehouse here..
Came in by express from the lower
mainland, were of good size and
well packed, but going with plurn
rot. Would advise shipping such
fruit into local markets or cannery,
or, if shipped out, to ship to nearby local points. After commission
and express charges are deducted
there is not much left to the shipper, they have to be picked over
and sold at a low price, and at the
present low figures realized for
that kind of plums, there cannot be
much return to shippers, and at the
same time are not satisfactory to
the trade and injuring the reputation of B. C. fruit as a whole.
In conversation with the selling
agent for White & Crum, of Lewis-
ton, Idaho, he stated that they
would handle six hundred car
loads of fruit this season. Would
make two car loads of that amount
in these provinces. He further
stated they were about sold out of
the smaller large fruits, viz: plums,
prunes, peaches and pears. Had
only about five car loads of peaches
to offer for sale now. White &
Crum control to a great extent the
output of Milton & Freewater,
Oregon, and also the Alpowai
Orchard Co.'s output of Wawawai,
Washington. Prunes are being
quoted from North Yakima 40c.
per case in peach boxes, these are
not packed and are short in weight
2 lbs., or more in comparison with
the 4 basket plum crate. 'The
packages cost less, no paper being
used, and no cost as to packing
and generally a poorer grade and
quality of prunes from what I have
seen than the fruit put up in plum
crates with baskets and paper.
Jobbers at this and other points
have spoken to me of the wrapping-of apples, would prefer to
have early and fall varieties that
are well colored not wrapped.
This would only apply to early and
fall varieties, and where the < distance was not too great to be shipped. The reason assigned was that
they showed up to better advantage
being much more attractive in appearance, and for that reason sold
more readily, but with green varie.
ties and winter apples would be
better for being wrapped for
Medecine Hat, Sept. 7. Car of
American mixed fruits arrived here
yesterday from Good & Co., Lethbridge, shipped to them by H. J.
Shinh & Co., Spokane, for H. W.
Ireland & Co., retailers here. The
boxes were not marked, neither
with name, grade, teir nor variety
of fruit. This should not be permitted on the part of the dominion
government inspectors to allow
importers to offer for sale, without |
being marked, in conformity with
the requirements of the Fruit Marks
Act. It is not fair tq our growers
and shippers in B. C.
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Eight-roomed house   (Morden's) opposite
Pridham's   orchard, with  half  acre land,
small fruits, etc.   Apply Geo. E. Boyer.
On old Prather Ranch. If you have any
Mock you wish pastured, telephone Cather
Springwood Ranch. The bunch grass is
in abundance, and the 40 acres of meadow
will be at the disposal of stock after first
crop is taken off. 33tf.
at immensely reduced prices. We are
offering all makes of typewriters for sale.
These machines are in perfect condition,
having been rebuilt in our own workshop
by the most expert workmen in the city.
Send for price list. The Oliver Typewriter Agency, 321, Homer st., Vancouver,
B. C. 3-
Warhouse on Lawrence Ave. Apply S. T.
Elliott.    7 ■     '    "• 38tf
Small family cook stove, and upright heater, both in good condition.  Apply F. E. S.
P.O. box 314, Kelowna. 40tf
Can be had by ambitious young men
and ladies in the 'field of wireless or railway telegraphy. Since the 8-hour law
became effective, and since the wireless
companies are establishing stations throughout the country, there is a great shortage
of telegraphers. Positions' pay beginners
from $70 to $90 per month, with good
chance of advancement. The National
Telegraph Institute operates six official
institutes in America, under supervision of
R.R. and WireleBs Officials and places all
graduates into positions. It will pay you
write them for full details at Davenport,
la., Cincinatti, O., Portland, Ore., or Memphis, Tenn. 43-2
Coldspring Ranch, 28 acres of first-class
fruit land, situated on Sushwap Lake.
Three miles from C.P.R. Station, weekly
steamboat service, no irrigation required,
creek and springs, telephone, 500 feet of
lake frontage, new bungalow, six rooms,
100 feet veranda, 7ft wide. Finest'view
in B.C. Price $8400, $3500 down, balance
Geo. Packham, ,
ShusWap Lake,
43-44 Notch Hill P.O.. B.C.
General purpose horse,  about   I0501bs.,
must be quiet and able to   ride  or  drive
double or single harness, and used to farm
work, roan preferred. Address L, P.O.
box 298, Kelowna. 43-4p
Owner may have same by describing it
and paying  for  this  ad.  at the Record
Single or en suite, in the Spedding block,
Apply on the premises
Good second crop hay, also sojne oat hay
Horses pastured $3  per  month, (prepaid)
big reduction on two or more.
R Stubbs, Benvoulin    ' 43-4p
On Monday, September 26th, the
Young People's Society of the
Presbyterian church will give a
social evening. A cordial invitation
is extended to everyone. Refreshments wiii be served.
'  Osoyoos Division, Yale District.       .,
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made on Wednesday,-the 19th
day of October, 1910, to the Commissioner
to change the point of diversion of witer
record" 1160, from a point li west of the
north-east corner of Lot 2924 to a point
about u half mile further west on Bear
Creek. Dated the 19th day of*September,
I9IO.       Chas. Hehner,     )   ,
Thos. Parker,      f Chas. Hehner
C. J. M.Gordon   »
C.J.M.Gordon   '     Agent
For winter in exchange for feed   Must be
gentle and broke to ride or 'drive   Apply
Mr. de Pfyffer, Mission Ranch 42p
Just received all
the Latest
Creations   in
Paris and
New York
Inspection Invited.
The Kelotona
The Store off the
Stglish Shoe
P.S. Remember we
have always given 5
per cent, off on all
cash purchases.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is to-day the beat known
medicine in use for the relief and cure of
bowel complaints. It cures gripinig, diar- .
rhcea, dysentery, and should be taken at
the first unnatural looseness ofthe bowels;
It is equally valuable for children * and
adults. It always cures. Sold by all
Agency for all kinds of Music,
Songs, Dances, Instrumental,
and  Church Music, and
Teachers' Supplies.
Violins' Banjos, etc., and fittings
for same.
If you desire  prompt   delivery   at
lowest rates order from
P. O. Box 325, Kelowna.
New York
Good Meals at all hours.
Noodle Soup, Chop Suey.
Torpid, lazy liver causes
biliousness and headache—two common
Boiled Ham, thick or thin, as you may desire.
No more ragged slices or bad ends.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
Nervous Exhaustion
Nervous exhaustion/the ailment
of the age, results from the destruction of nerve cells by overstrain faster than they are rebuilt.
The only remedy is Food, Rest
and increased nerve repair. "Aa-
aya-Nsurall" is and makes
possible this cure. It feeds the
nerves, _nducessleep,qtt_ckensthe
appetite and digestion, restores
buoyancy ofspirits. $1.50 per bottle.  Obtain from the following
p. r wioam
wake up the liver—arouse it
to action, speedily restoring
good health. A purely vegetable remedy that has a beneficial effect on stomach and
bowels as well. Because it's
NYAL'S we know what's ta
it.   25 cents a box.
yoa bar
with the
{ Sold and guaranteed by       »SS
P. B. WILLITS & Co. Kelowna
Don't put off having your watch attended to if it ia not running properly.
Many good watches are practically
spoiled by being kept running without
cleaning. When your -watch ' suddenly begins tb'Iose, don't move the: regulator to make it go faster and .'think
you have remedied the cause. Some
watches , run for months with broken'
jewels and finally stop when the pivot
is worn off the staff, then it'costs much
more to repair it than if^it had been
attended to at first. When your watch
goes wrong bring it to me and I will
report on it. and make the cost of repair as low as possible.
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed
Cabinetmaker and
Undertaker.    !
Certified Embalmer.
. . '     ."' - 1     ■ ■ A.   '
JameS Bros. Block.
Phone 88.
T*'r^*fiT".,—:™-^" •*''"'


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