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The Orchard City Record Oct 13, 1910

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 OCT 17 1910
'ctqria, V\J*
And   the   world   is
with you;   Quit and
you stand alone.
~ Circulation Highest,
Rates Lowest.
Job Printing
Special Facilities for
.E^jecuting High-
(_!._,'// Half-Toneand
General Letterpress
.-■■. yi
VOL. II.   NO. 46.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Hon. Price Ellison's
Change of Portfolio
s ——
Will Be Minister of  Finance
and Agriculture
The Hon. Price Ellison, who has
been for the past year head of the
department of lands, is, according
to an announcement made by the
Premier last week, to  be  minister
of finance and agriculture, a portfolio held by the attorney-general,
Hon. W. J. Bowser, since the death
of CaDt. Tatlow.   This arrangement
will allow Mr.  Bowser  to  devote
the  whole  of  his attention to the
SSfSince  his appointment   to   the
department of lands the Hon. Price
Ellison  had some  very important
questions to handle,'and it is gener-
'   ally admitted. that,  aided  by  his
'  wide  experience  in such matters,
he has fulfilled the  duties  of the
office  with  credit  to himself and
"benefit to the province. As minister
v of agriculture, no doubt he will be
equally at home.    He is one of the
most successful farmers and ranchers  in  the  west,  and   knows the
needs of the farmers and agricultural  interests  as few  other men
know them.
His successor in the department
of lands will be Wm. R. Ross, KG,
M.L. A., of Fernie.
Kelowna Fruit Heads the List
at New Westminster
Makes Brilliant .Showing at the Provincial Exhibition Against Keen Competition    -
Adds One More to Remarkable List of Successes
Presbyterian Church
The Highest Fruit Award in the Fair
$700 in Cash Prizes
Kettle Valley Line
i _______—_-■.
Construction Starts at Midway
- Construction work on the Kettle
^ Valley Railway west from Midway
started last week. The big outHt of
J. G. McLean & Co., railroad contractors, with a large number of
stock has arrived, and it is the intention of the contractors to hurry
the work as much as possible before the snow flies. * A. Schulli left
Phoenix with a crew of , 100 men
for Midway, having the contract
for laying ten mile's of steel on the
old grade of the Midway and Vernon, which has been taken over by
the Kettle Valley line.
The headquarters of the contractors will be at Midway for the present and the laying of the steel on
the- grade to Rock Creek will be
proceeded with, This should take
a comparatively short time, ... as
with the exception of a few washouts the old grade is now ready for
the track. When this section is laid
^ the camps will be moved to Rock
'Creelc'and 4>rt will then fly on the
new work further west. A number
of subcontracts have already been
let and construction will .proceed
all winter. Thirty miles of the road
are   under   contract   at 'this end
wnirn will in _K_h _»__il_a_b _\r n /• nnnl«
of years link up with the thirty
mile section now under construction out of Merritt. The route is'
by way of Penticton, at which
point the Kettle Valley company is
making arrangements for a divisional point. "■
- A competive examination will be
held at Victoria and other centres
on Wednesday, November 9»h, for
twenty executive cadets and ten
engineer cadets for the Canadian
navy. Applications from intending
candidates must be filed with the
civil service commission/ at Ottawa
on or before Oct. 15 th without
The grand jury sitting in Victoria
in its report, recommended that a
permit be required to be taken out
by all persons wishing to cany firearms, the age limit to be fixed at
16 years and the applicant tQ. pass
an examination to prove his ability
to handle firearms judiciously, and
that loaded firearms shall not be
carried in public conveyences or
in places much frequented by the
public, .
s . The provincial government has
contributed $2,500 to the Cambell-
ton relief fund.
The first shipment of freight dVer
the National Transcontinental was
shipped to Fort William last Thursday. There were four train loads in
Once again Kelowna has demonstrated the justice of her claim to
be regarded as the-premier fruit
city of the province by carrying off
the highest award at the Provincial
Fair held Jast week at New Westminster.
The show was opened last Tuesday week by" Lieutenant-Governor
Patterson in the presence of a large
and distinguished gathering. Although the heavy rain which the
coast cities have-been experiencing
during the past week or so interfered somewhat with the comfort
of those attending the show, yet it
is generally admitted that in the
number of entries and in the
general interest taken in the Fair,
this year has been a record one.
An4 this was especially true of the
fruit section. The competition in
box exhibits for instance was much
larger than last year, and in other
classes the same increase was
noticeable. It was undoubtedly
by a long way the finest collection'
of fruit ever placed on the tables,
or for the matter of that ever before
seen in the province.
Kelowna's exhibit, prepared
under the auspices of the Agricultural and Trades Association, by
Mr. A. E. Boyer and his associates
as usual scored heavily,,: adding
still another triumph to the remarkable run of brilliant successes
which our exhibits have met with
on previous occasions.  '
The blue ribbon of the fair so
far as the fruit 'section was concerned, was the first prize gold
medal in the District Fruit Exhibit,
and it.' is no small feather in
Kelowna's cap, that this coveted
prize has been carried off. The
trophy, which is of solid Fraser
River gold, is presented by the
Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of B. C. It has engraved
around the edge: " Won by Kelowna, B. G, 1st Prize District Fruit
Exhibit, Provincial Exhibition, New
Westminster, B. G, 1910—World
In the five box exhibits of apples
there were twelve classes in all, and
the result shows shows that in the
face of the keenest competition
prizes have been won in eleven of
them, in the case of Jonathans and
Kings the first, second and third
prizes for each variety.
In the two box pear classes the
result is scarcely less remarkable.
Seven classes were entered and
prizes were scored in five of them.
On his return last Monday from
New Westminster, Mr. Boyer was
accorded an enthusiastic welcome.
The greatest credit is due for the
energetic way in which he and his
assistants have engineered the collection and arrangement of the
fruit, and it is only fitting that their
efforts should be crowned with so
much success.
Only those who have ever taken
part in the getting up of an exhibit
of this kind know the vast amount
of work involved in gathering and
selecting the choicest specimens to
meet the keen competition. Mr.
Boyer, with Mr. A. R. Muirhead
and Mr. Dixon, who were assisting
him.have been busy many weeks
past visiting the orchards and getting the fruit together. Much depends on the packing of the fruit
for exhibition, and Mr. Jack Sewell
certainly had-a heavy task.
A great disappointment 'was in
store for Mr. Boyer on reaching the.
coast. A large portion of the exhibit had been sent on some time
ahead and placed in cold storage
in Vancouver. Owing to some
bungling on the part of the storage
company the temperature had
been allowed to fall too low, and
.R E Harriss..
First Second
Belle de Boslcop... : .....J Conlin ....
Grimes Golden ..T Bulman.	
King R Binger O A Pease"
Jonathan ^ R Mansfield... W Geen	
Northern Spy..!  E B Glass... O A Pease T W Stirling..
Ontario  G Thompson A E Boyer	
Spitzenberg  D McLean	
Wealthy R Mansfield W Geen   	
Wegener   F Mawhinney	
Yellow Newtown W Geen A E Boyer.......'fr.-TT.	
Gravenstein , T G Speer	
Bosc  T W Stirling	
Howell T W Stirling J L Pridham „	
Doyenne   J L Pridham A E Boyer	
Louise Bonne T W Stirling    	
Boussock :....'..."...J L Pridham f.   :	
Apples—Gravenstein     H Hill R E Harriss...
Maiden's Blush..... TW Stirling R E Harriss	
'Alexander.  „ 	
Jeffries  „       7   ...;.R E Harriss J L Pridham..
Wolf River   ...J L Pridham       	
Ribston   Pippin'.....   ;....A E Boyer	
Canada Red R E Harriss."..'. „ t	
Ontario ...H Hill..........A..W C Blackwood.....!	
Pewaukee.. J L Pridham......SC Cosens	
s   Sutton's Beauty.... .-      'A. W C Cameron...
Wealthy.. ..AH Hill  R Mansfield	
Yellow Newtown P J L Pridham...
Belle dcBoskop  J   Conlin...	
' Collection Apples, fall RE Harriss:	
„ .,    winter    -. ...R Mansfield  	
Pears—Beurre de Anjou...T W Stirling  E B Glass	
Winter Nellis '.  ..  J L Pridham E B Glass....
Bosc '..., E B Glass T W Stirling j:	
Idaho  ; J L Pridham 	
,   Vicar of Wakefield  T W Stirling „...'.
Any other variety T W Stirling E B Glass  	
Collection Fall Pears T W Stirling	
Collection Winter Pears... „  J L Pridham	
Hyslop Crab Apple R E/Harriss -.-.-. :	
Sugar Prune....! TW Stirling J L Pridham	
Grand Duke A E Boyer f.'. :	
Bradshaw T W Stirling ^	
Black Diamond  „  AE Boyer	
Eng Damson J L Pridham T W Stirling...
Pond's Seedling r A E Boyer	
Coe's Gojden Drop   .; J L Pridham EB Glass	
Lombard Mrs. E Bull  i- ._*..'.	
Any other variety A E Boyer	
Collection, 5 varieties... ....EB Glass  „7..".   . .?	
District Fruit Exhibit—GOLD MEDAL
the fruit was frozen and utterly
ruined. A large number of prizes,
Mr. Boyer estimates, were missed
owing to this unfortunate loss.
Mr. Boyer wishes to thank the
farmers and all who helped in the
work. Much difficulty has been
encountered this year through farmers selling the whole of their
crop in advance. It would be advisable another year for the credit
of the district for farmers to reserve
sufficient for exhibition purposes
when disposing of their crop.
Most of the fruit was disposed
of after the show at good prices,
over 50 boxes being purchased by
W. A. Scott, deputy minister of
agriculture, for shipment to the
Old Country to form part of the
government's exhibit there this
winter.. As these boxes will each
bear the Kelowna label, a good
advertisement for the district is thus
The A. & T. Association have
every reason to congratulate themselves on this latest success.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Budden and son
returned Monday from Nanaimo.
£For the Canadian National Apple
Show at Vancouver the G P. R.
have granted special excursion
rates of a one way first-class fare
for the round trip.
A special train of fifteen passenger coaches and four baggage cars
were required last week to accommodate a party of 900 Doukhobor
colonists bound for Waterloo, East
The Financial Times states that
Messrs. Holt and Renfew have acted promptly in view of the Hudson's Bay Company's movements
toward the reorganization of its
stores. The fact that they have acquired the buisness of the Dunlop
Cook Co., Montreal, Boston, Winnipeg, and the W. I. Hammond business, Winnipeg, shows they are unlikely to be passive spectators in
the titantic struggle between the
Hudson's Bay Co., and the Eaton
J. P.' McConnell editor of the
Saturday Sunset, was in town last
Tuesday and paid us a visit. In
company with his wife Mr. McCon-
nel is,making an extensive tour of
the southern interior of B.C.
A game of football Saturday
afternoon last ended disastrously
for Clarence Jones who is laid up
with a broken leg. He and another
boy were kicking at the ball at the
same time, and their legs got crossed with the result that the former's
leg was snapped in two places.
Date of Opening Services Fixed
for October 23rd
Sunday, October 23rd, has now
been definitely fixed as the date
for the dedicatory services in connection with the opening of then
new Presbyterian church. The
interior arrangements are now all
completed, with the exception of
some articles of furniture donated
by friends, and which are expected
to arrive in the course of a few
days.   ■
The Rev. Dr. McKay, principal
of the Westminster Hall, Vancouver is to be the officiating
clergyman, assisted by the resident
pastor, the Rev. A. W. K. Herdman,
and others.
In preparation for the musical
part of the services a choir of 25
voices has been training during the
past month under the efficient
leadership of Mr. J. N. Thompson.
On the Monday following the
ladies of the congregation .have
provided a supper, which will be
served at 6 o'clock in the old
church. This will be followed by
a sacred concert in the new edifice,
at which congratulatory addresses
A Mountain of
Kelowna Apples
Ten Thousand Boxes Piled in
Farmers' Exchange
Is  Kelowna's  Present Output
of Orchard Produce
will be deliver
music rendered.
Kelowna Will Make Strong
Bid For Honors at Coming
Apple Show
Mr. J. Gibb is at present engaged
on the packing of a straight carload of Jonathans which will form
part of the Board of Trade's exhibit
at Vancouver's National Apple
ShftW^iitJife end of this month. Mr.
B. McDonald, of ( the Fairmers'
Exchange, is taking charge of this
part of the exhibit, and to Mr.
Gibb has been entrusted- the
monumental task of selecting and
packing the 600 boxes which
constitutes a carload. '
Each box is to contain precisely
the same number of apples—120—
packed in exactly the same way,
thus securing absolute uniformity.
The extra labor involved in such a
task can only be appreciated by
those engaged in fruit packing.
The prize at stake-is $500 for the
best car of Jonathans, and entry is
also made for the sweepstakes
prize of $1000 for the best carload
in the show.
To Mr. F. E. DeHart is entrusted
the preparation of the district
exhibit, and the smaller box and
plate exhibits. -.
Oxley - Roberts
On Wednesday of last week,
October 5th, the wedding, took
place at the home of the bride's
parents at Vancouver, of Kenneth
T. Oxley, Kelowna, to Miss May
E. Roberts, daughter of Capt. and
Mrs. F. W. Roberts, formerly of
Parrboro, Nova Scotia. The bridesmaid was Miss Elsie Roberts, sister
of the bride, with Mr. R. T. Buxton
as best man. Mr. and Mrs. Oxley
returned to Kelowna Tuesday last.
They will take up their residence
on Beach avenue. Since coming
from Nova Scotia about a year ago
to commence business in Kelowna
Mr. Oxley has made a host of
fyends, and the Record joins in
extending heartiest congratulations
and best wishes to the young
A meeting of the Women's Auxiliary of the English church will
will be held tomorrow (Friday) at
the home of Mrs. Binger.
Born, on Sunday, October 9th, to
tne wife of A. Gagnon,,a son.
Fire broke out in the small hours
o£ Tuesday morning in Mr, Fleming's honse in Rowcliffe avenue,
near the new English church. The
trouble started near the cook-stove,
and considerable damage was done
to the wopdwork and plaster of
the kitchen and dining room before
the blaze was put out. The brigade
were summoned, but the fire was
extinguished before their arrival.
Ten thousand boxes of apples—
a mountain of choicest fruit—is at
the present moment to be seen
stacked ready for shipment in the
big building of the Farmers'
Exchange. Ten thousand bbxes
means over sixteen carloads—and
faster than the packers can handle
them or the C. P.. R. haul away the
loaded cars, the farmers in'the district are hauling in their load after
load of apples — red cheeked
beauties with scarcely a blemish to
a boxful. Even the most sanguine
of enthusiastic admirers of Kelowna's wonderful orchard country
never dreamed of the mighty
avalanche of fruit which 13 descending upon the packing houses today.
If you would appreciate Kelowna's claim to the .title of
" Orchard City," then climb to the
top of that huge accumulation of
the orchard's ripe product, six boxes
high, and look down on the sea of
fruit, stretching from one end of
the building to the other. Then
descend to the basement and see
the same long vistas of boxes there.
When the Farmers' Exchange
put up their big cement building
just over a year^ago, there were
those who said it was too big for
its purpose, and that it would be
years before it, would, be all in use.
To look^t the Ulterior of it how
one wonders how it is possible to
do any Work at all, so crowded is
it with boxes.
A staff of ten or twelve packers
are working almost day and night
to keep pace with-the work, and at
the present time an average of
about three cars a day, including
apple and vegetable shipments, are
being dispatched from the Farmers'
Exchange alone. Up to the present
date, from 105 to 110 car loads of
fruit and vegetables have been
shipped, in addition to unusually
heavy express shipments, which
would, at a rough estimate, have
filled some ten or twelve ' more
And this is only one packing
house. Messrs. Stirling & Pitcairn
are confining their attention this
seasonsentirely to fruit shipments,
and from eight to ten cars are leaving their sheds every week.      ,
Including the shipments of the
Vernon Fruit Company and Messrs.
Rowcliffe Bros., the orchard produce at present leaving Kelowna
reaches the grand total of over
thirty car loads weekly.
The C. P. R. barge which carries
the cars to and from Okanagan
Landing is being taxed to its uttermost, and the greatest difficulty is
experienced in getting cars enough
for the heavy traffic.
Packers are at a premium and
boxes cannot be produced fast
enough to supply the demand.
This week the Farmers' Exchange
has been obliged to call a halt, and
for three days its doors have been
closed to the farmers, the manager,
Mr. B. McDpnald, absolutely refusing to. receive any more fruit"
until some of the accumulation has
been cleared off.
Wh^n it is remembered that only
a fraction of the orchard area ia
the Kelowna district is as yet actually in bearing, it is difficult'to
realize the vast dimensions which
this fruit traffic will assume in - the
next few years.
The moving picture show at the
Arcade (Hall is continuing to draw
good houses. The excellence of the
films being shown, changed every*
other night, is evidently being appreciated.  ,
Mr. and Mrs. Berry, who have
stayed for some time past with
Mrs. (W. G Blackwood, left Tuesday morning for their home m
Toronto. . . .   .
^-•4,, The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Oct. 13
etcalfe's Fruit Report,
Town and Country
Regina, Sept. 26.   I saw a car of
apples from Grand Forks, B. C. at i ..-..-
the Vernon Fruit Company's ware-.'     Mr Hoy   returned   Friday
house here,   contained   Alexander,' Vancouver   where he   has
^ ..--ViiKitfi.;. i^fisra'.^
i> ',\,-<i ,~-.
Cll ^
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems-
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Leon St.
faKIMatEWBBanMmnpi. ■
-'__?__ tn_5E5*JEBS
sr qricarssEEjrs'u:
oving Picture Show
eautif ul Solitaire
VALUE $60.00
Will be given to the person securing the largest
number of votes before the 4th of November, 1910
Any person may enter the contest by procuring
coupons nt any of "the undermentioned stores,
writing tho name of the person for whom they
wish to vole on tlie back, and dropping it into
any ul llu: ballot Luxes. Each dollar purchase
counts ten votes. A coupon, value 5 voteB will
also be given to each visitor to the show during >
the month.
The number of votes secured by each
candidate will be shown on the screen
every evening during the contest.
Get your name on the list of candidates
and let your friends vote for you.
The Ring, which in on exhibition in Mr.
Knowles' window, will be presented
.:■**•       ,    to ihe Winner
On Friday Evening, Nov. 4
; house here,
! Weahhies and  Jeffries, arrived  in
I excellent  condition;'   were   up   to
grade in every respect, pack, color.
. and quality.    1 also saw   a   car   of
; Washington fall apples at Stockton
I and   McMillan's   warehouse   here.
; Were all about No. 2, and cost 85c.
per box f. o. b. point of shipment.
! Stated they had another car rolling
j at the same price.    Manager of this
: house   showed   me   quotation just
i received   that   day,   Sept. 26, from
Spokane    quoting   winter  apples,
assorted   varieties,   all   red   stock,
; four tier, wrapped, fine fruit, $1.00
! per box f. o. b. point of shipment.
Mr.   Anderson,   manager   Vernon
Fruit Co. here reports car of plums
and prunes from Hatzic and  Mission, B, C,   arrived   in   poor   condition.    Did not hold up and will
show considerable shrinkage from
brown rot.
Saskatoon,  Sept.  27.    At Curry
Bros., retailers here, 1 saw a car of
fruits  from   Vernon,   B. C,  which
arrived in good condition.    Plums
j and peaches a little  over-ripe,   but
would suffer no loss from shrinkage
i and was pleased very much with
| fruit   as  a   whole.      Marly   oc Co.,
! jobbers   here,   report   having   had
live   car  loads   of   B. C.   fruit this
season to date; all arrived in good
1 condition.    Fruit was well  packed
and up to grade in every  respect.
He stated it was the finest fruit they
had    handled    this   season.     He
further stated that they had found
i it  difficult  to   obtain   enough and
| had   not  been   able to supply the
demand for B. C. fruits.    Had  one
car rolling in from B. C. now, and
thought this was our opportunity to
j push B. C. fruit from the  shortage
at other points, and further  wher-
; ever boxes were intruded,- dealers
j and consumers much preferred  to
, buy   barrels.    He   showed   me an
.' American quotation for fall apples
at 75c. and 90c. for  assorted   varieties and qualities.    The Northern
j Fruit Co., jobbers here, report our
'■ fruit the best  they  have   had   this
i season to date.    Have had a num-
: ber of car loads of B. C. fruit,  all
i being very satisfactory, and at the
| present time are  wanting   to   buy
J apples and pears, and are prepared
| to paymore for B. C. fruit than for
j American, as it has  proved  more
satisfactory..   Stated he could buy
American    fall   apples,    assorted
varieties  at   75c.   to  85c. per box
_ j f. o. b. point of shipment.
•     Biggar, Sept. 28.   Agent here re-
: ports  considerable   quantities    of
iruit coming in by local freight and
express  from   Saskatoon  and Edmonton  to this point.    I saw B. C.
lruit in all  the  retail  shops  here,
. and they reported it as arriving in
good condition, and the pack and
quality excellent.     The  following
are the freight and express rates :
Saskatoon to Biggar $ .38 per cwt.
Edmonton to Biggar... 89   "     "
' Express
Saskatoon to Biggar $ .75 per cwt.
| Edmonton to Biggar    2.50 "   ."
Edmonton, Sept. 29. A car
shipped from Haney, B. G, to
: Oscar Brown & Co., jobbers here,
containing Italian prunes, arrived
in poor condition. Was shipped
on the 9th^ arrived on the 15th, 6
days in transit, iced.   They report
it SnOWcu   COnSiuciSulc   ahfifiiCagc
from plum rot. They stated car
| was securely loaded, fruit well
! packed, and full weight to basket,
j but fruit did not hold up. I regret
! to state some of my own prunes
j were in this car; Manager of the
] Vernon Fruit Co. here reports a
I car from the Hammond Fruit
j Growers' Union, Hammond, B. G,
l as arriving poor condition, shipped
I on the 8th, arrived on the 15th,
j iced, containing prunes mainly,
I and a few crabs and pears. He
reports prunes did not hold up.
Showed considerable shrinkage
from plum rot. Manager of Oscar
Brown & Co., jobbers here, showed
me a circular letter issued to their
jobbing houses by Nash Bros., of
Grand Forks, Dakota, controllers,
or rather holders of the greater percentage of stock in these American
jobbing houses, in which it stated
they thought they would be able to
buy,, on American side at Wenatchie and other points winter
apples, best quality, at 85 c. to 90c.
per box f. o. b. point of shipment.
Nevertheless at the present time
every one of these jobbing houses
are open and wanting to buy B. G
apples at much higher prices than
they can buy American. So much
are they in favor of B. C. fruit that
the managers of two of these job-
visiting for the past week.
Percy Burrows left Monday,
morning for the coast.
Dr. Martin returned Saturday
from his visit to Vancouver.
Hall's Landing no longer exists,
the C. P. R. having given notice
that in future the name of that calling place will be "West Bank" the
the same as the townsite which it
serves. The change will prevent
many curious anomalies and much
inconvenience to which the dweller on the other side were subject.
Freight for instance, addressed to
the West Banker had to be shipped to Hall's Landing, while the letter advising delivery of same had
to be addressed West Bank, the
name of the Post Office, giving rise
to much confusion, especially with
those at a distance not familiar with
these local peculiarities.
The gravelling of.the main street
'will greatly improve the business
part of the town, and once th'e
sharp chunks of rock, unsympathetic with corns and tender feet,
get well rolled in, a fine street will
be the result. But till it does there
is nothing for it but to suffer in silence.
The Ladies Aid of the Benvoulin Presbyterian church held a very
successful "Thimble Tea" last Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
T. Renwick.
We are glad to see that Mr. Chas.
Stswaat, who some time   ago   had
the misfortune to   injure   his  foot
with an axe is around again.
We reget to announce the death
Ernest Paul Fred, the infant son of
E. P. Knippel, gardener for T. W.
Stirling. The child was taken seriously ill last week, and on Friday
Mr. and Mrs. Knipple, who were
away at the coast were telegraphed
for. They arrived Saturday, but
the baby died next morning. The
funeral took place Tuesday at the
Protistant cemetary. the Rev. A.
W. rC Herdman officiating.
An intresting paper was read last
Monday evening at the meeting
of the Young Peoples Society of
the Knox church, by Mr. A. R.
Lord on the "Canadian System of
Banking, next Monday's subject
will be "Bible Characters" by Mr.
Geo.. McKenzie.
The Presbytery of Kamloops is
at present engaged upon a visitation of all the congregations within
its bounds. The delegates appointed to visit the Kelowna district will
hold a conference with the congre
gation of Knox church on the
evening of Wednesday, Oct. 19
along the lines oi the Layman's
Missionary movement, for the enlisting of~young men for the min-
stry- and other business,
There will be an exchange of
pulpits next Sunday evening between the Rev. Mr. Vance of Rutland and the Rev. Mr. Herdman of
WJ'.O l«>    ' '1 'i  " in" ' **"-.*?'""•-_■*••****'•'*■
Poole, Crowley
may be obtained at the following Stores:
oAmg Co., Knowles, die Jeweller, Biggin   &
& Co., Lequime Bros., Crawford  &  Co.,
or the Pool Room.
_a__ri an rv _nrr—i_m,. —« im r y
..sfaCT .a'wtTimirMWMWiMWi
" falsely marked," as they were not
up to giade marked on box. I
could not see the inspector, as he
was out of town. He further reported they were not offering these
for sale' until he returned and
inspected again. The same firm
stated to me they had bought
heavily of B. C. winter apples, and
were offering the same to the trade
and quoting at $ 1.80 per box in
car lots f. o. b. yoint of purchaser
anywhere here in all provinces.
The McPherson Fruit Co. here
stated they had bought 75 car lots
of winter applee at different
American points paying 75 c. to
90c. per box f. o. b. point of shipment for assorted varieties, all to
be No. I, with the exception of the
Jonathan apple for which they
are paying $1.10 per box.
To summarize,   plums,   prunes
and peaches are  over..    Jobbers
and retailers are now looking for
quotations on   winter apples" and
our shippers should  get in touch
by quoting prices as soon as possible, or having their travellers call
upon   them    personally.     Apple
prices are firm and demand good,
so there is no necessity for sacrificing  or ^putting of prices.   'At the
Isame time it will be •necessary to
watch  American   shipments   and
quotations    from   the   American
I and  coast  states,' as they are our
I competitors, and not Ontario, with
jthe   exception   of   the   Winnipeg
market in which they figure largely
" The Mighty Reo."
The car with the get-there-and-back
Wait until you have seen, a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds these two special facts:
Robin  Hood  Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour.
Robin  Hood  Flour absorbs more moisture
than other flours, therefore add more water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf. .
Oats, Bran, Wheat,
Barley and Oat Chop
Fresh Glean Stock, Just In.
Just placed in stock.
■ —— ■ I- I I        '  ■ —■!■—■! ■ II   ■   I . " ii   _ ■■■■■■ .      ■ ——■—^^_W^^—
\ Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements.
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
'phone 150
Your Photograph
made at
Graq's, Photo Studio
can b_e mounted in the very latest
Call and se&4amples and arrange for a sitting.
Rowcliffe Block.
bine  houses    contemplate    going' _    ,     ■    ■■   .« ~ j
umg  wu«™ r **,    *J At the same time our growers and
ffc les ^ a SUPply °f sh'ppcr^ should remember to keep
Calgarv, Oct. 1.    I saw a car *f up the present high standard and
,    6      'J •__•■.• ri       rm imrcAo  nt rvlllf  r>af.l_   ltl   _U(>tV rftdOef.t.
apples   from.   Victoria,   B.  C.  at
Plunkett   &   Savages .warehouse ali^her  price8f our lruit for it3
in   comparison- with
arid compel them to buy, as it were,
here.   Mr. Savage stated Dominion
fruit inspector proposed branding e^(
We have what you want^
It is called PEROLIN, Don't Forget the Name.
What Perolill k:    It »> wonderful new dustless
as       Sweeping Compound.
It absorbs or eats up the dust. >
It keeps out moths and disease germs.
It gives a beautiful durable fmisht to your carpets, _;
linoleums', floors, etc.
It does the work of a Vacuum Cleaner.
It is a life, time, and money saver.
It is cheap—45c. will Buy enough Perplin  to last
from two to three months.
Full directions with each package,  y *
________ WA
thUBsda^ Oct. 13
Here is what
makes a salad
Even if you have the best
receipt in the world? and
know   how   to   combine
the ingredients just right
it is  impossible  to jmeke
'a:good'.salad  dressing if
poor olive oil is used. '£%.
We\have   just received
from the importers some
of the real
The Orckard Citq Record
When a Weak Flay Appears'
a New York Thsater.
. v 9
f;' Jfrom. France. It is the
(: first pressing from selected fruit.
It is sweet, as fresh as
cream, and has that fine
nutty flavor that makes
a salad taste so good.
Prices, 40c, 75c.,^
and $1.75 bottle.
t B. lilts .1 Co.
Kelowna,    B.C.
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimate* Furnished
Residence,   10  Lawrence Ave.
Ladies and
Gents' Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Everybody reads our
Try one next week.
Is expressed, in every
detail of your business
Our study is to improve,
not merely imitate, the
individuality and distinctive character' of
your office supplies.
Let us convince you on your
next order.
The Orchards Gity
Record Job Print
The Judicious Distribution of "Com-
plimentaries." by the Manager Ss-
euros Well Dressed Audiences and
Saves the Appearance of a "Frost."
Long before ihe <-uiii!iu jj<h»s down
at the end of ti -■new |in«lii tion rbe
manager bus deciilo'i. unit' liuitw in
ten, wbetbei'' lie tins n sm-icss or uot.
But be does uot ruciiu lo Lit? ciiugbt
napping in either event. If he believes
tbo pluy is n "frost" or eveu ti semi-
Buccess the house for the next few
Bights must benr every out wnrd evidence of prosperity.
ln other words, he uiiisi "buck tbe
line" of adverse t litIciMii hy "papering
the bouse." l-'oi n week ut least be
must make a "from" iu ihe orchestra
chairs, no mutter it there i> desolutlou'
In tbe box oliice. Let Iii in make the
public believe ihe ueu piece has attracted a large utimUer ot patrons for
Biz or eight perfonuHiues and there is
a chai/ce ot enough business to prop
up a forced run of a lew weeks, which
nay help things "on the road. This
means that "paper" or free tickets
must be judiciously distributed.
Every manager of u theater,has a
large circle of friends This may .be
due partly to bis possession of a genial'
personality, but undoubtedly tbe business he is in has iu itself an attraction
for many. A majority of these people
will accept passes wben they are offered; some are uot above asking for
them, while still others—but these ure
rare—will buy tickets when compli-
mentaries are not tendered.
When the manager bas a play tbat is
in danger of going to pieces for lack
of patronage be sends tickets to all
these friends of his nnd whenever possible obtains a promise tbat tbey will
be used by tbe persons to whom be
gives then. It is not difficult to extract anch a pledge. Being on terms
of more or less intimacy with the manager, the favored ones know he will
be likely to see them in tbe theater or
if they are not there tbat he will take
note of those wbo do not use the tickets. - He keeps a record of the seat
numbers opposite the names of those
who- should occupy those particular
chairs and can tell at once wben bis
hospitality has been abused.
Another class which sees many plays
in New York city gratis is to bo found
ln department stores. Nearly every
director of a theatrical company—as
distinct from a theater manager—is on
cordial terms witb tbe beads of departments in large retail mercantile
establishments. Each of these beads
will accept from .six to a dozen pairs
of tickets occasionally to distribute
among his subordinates.
Often It Is possible tor get rid of 200
tickets or more in a day in this way,
and when this is repeated In four or
fire stores tbe manager is sure of the
Irttendance,of au appreciable number,
of well dressed young women ln the
newest millinery and style of coiffure,
each wltb a respectably attired cavalier and all on tbelr best behavior.
These people may uot be ultra fashionable, but they will not disgrace their
Unless the theatrical man Is acquainted with the department heads,
bowever, it Is not an easy matter to
five away tickets In such' an establishment. - The average clerk ln a
large store, especially of tbe feminine
gender, is suspicious. She does not
understand sucb open banded generosity, and there must be a lot of explanation to convince ber tbat ln offering
something for nothing tbe manager
tuts not some sinister design. As for
the* male clerks. If he gives them any
direct!" the° are sure to tell every one
what a pull they bave with tbe manager and pester him for tickets ever
afterward, particularly wben he has a
success, witb "tbe free list absolutely
It Is far less of an undertaking to
bay a hundred dollars' worth of low
priced goods than to make a present
of two tickets apiece to a dozen persons behind the counter. The telephone girls, stenographers and manicurists look osknnce at free tickets
from a stranger, although wben their
confidence is won they will generally
accept them with due gratitude.—
Theater Magaeine.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
When you toant a choice
cut, gioe us a call,
or ring up 24.
Prank Baictinhimer, Manager.
B.A.Sc.,C. E., D. L.S., B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Aiwc. Mmd. Can. Soc. C. E       Gnduite Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lichtinff Plantt, Concrete Construction, etc.
Do You Know
real estate investment* are the best in the
Okanagan   in   quality   of   soil,   location,
prices,  etc.,  and  that  they will triple in
value in one year.    Have you stopped to
consider)     If  not,   just   remember  that
Westbank will be th« largest, most industrious, and influential place in the valley.
Now is your opportunity.   Most excellent
bargains.   The lots are cleared, cultivated,
fenced, and have young orchards on them;
well  irrigated,   and   have  good demesti
water.   Prices, $175 to $200 per acre.
Other most valuable land bargains
$25 per acre up.
Hitchner Bros.
WMtbank    -   British Columbia
P.O. BOX 137
Financial Agent.
Monet] to Loan on reasonable terms
All binds of Financial
business transacted. .
O0ice, Leon Avenue.
Phone 58 P.O. box 273
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
p. o. Box iae
'Phone 06
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
-Mrs. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nurse,
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C.
Phone 134
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all CP.R.
boats. All kinds of- heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings.Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
Purciisr's Panaoaa.
' Tom Purdie. ap old manservant in
Sir Walter Scott's household, used to
folk of the famous "Waverley Novels"
as "our books" and said tbat tbe.read-
log of thom was the greatest comfort
'to bim., 'A-:    .,.'■';/■ ;   A
"Whenever; X-am off. my sleep," he
confided1 to James Skene, tbe author of
"Memories of Sir Walter Scott," T
have only to take one of the novels,
and before I have read two pages It la
sure to set me asleep."
On improved property »Uo other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
Plenty on Hand.
.. "Have you  ever  wondered  about
your husband's past?"
"Dear rae, no. 1 have till I can do ln
taking care of his present and worrying about his future."-Boston Herald.
Domastlo Note.
"I've noticed one thing.**
"And what is that?"
:■-• "When one gct» loaded It's usually
'bis wife wbo explodes.'*^Birmingham
U Re-Herald,
One own anpor doea us more harm
[tii-Mi ihc tiiniK whlcb makes u* angry.
;- Sir John Lublxwy. -._,_.
Miss P. Louise Adams,
Scholarship graduate in Piano and
Teacher's Course of Toronto Conservatory
of Music. Late Teacher in Westminster
College, Toronto.
Will receive pupils for pianoforte
tuition at the studio.
Lawrence Avenue, off Pendow Street.
Address: P.O, KELOWNA.
 _^_ ■,.  -■;   y-y—:	
TH0MAS.P. kill
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
If your business is
not worth advertising,
advertise it for sale.
Best Selection of
Local Post Cards
and Views
Largest Studios in the Interior
Portraits by appointment.
Pendozi Street   -    Kelowna
Smith Street     -   Penticton
ant a Wagon?
There is no Wagon made which presents
so many reliable, lasting, and superior
features as the
Pipe Fitter, Wells Dug and
Pumps,  Windmills, Drains,
etc, repaired and installed.
Haroe   Aoenue, East.    V
Known from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
^ as the last word in wagon manufa«_tUTt2;^   ^
We have them in several styles to suit
every purpose.
It is the foundation of a prosperous
farm business.
Don't fool with a broken tumbledown old heap of junk
on wheels, which will cost you more in horseflesh and
repairs than it is worth, to say nothing of the worry
andanxiety and trials of temper-such an outfit gives.
Plows, Harrows, Orchard Cultivators,
and all bands of Farm Implements.
S.   T•   EUliQ I I     -    Kelowna, B. C
■ 7>/J
^ Ms
u   i_ *
•_  * > i
"*** * A
v. The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Oet_8
imicipai Voters'
If you want to vote at the next municipal election in January, sec that your
name is on the list of voters. The names
of the assessed property owners are placed
upon, the voters' list by the City Clerk,
all others who pay a road tax or a
license, other than a dog license, are en-
titled to vote, but they must make a statutory declaration before the Police Magistrate, a Justice of the Peace, or Notary
Public, and file same with the cily clerk
within 48 hours after same has been made
All declarations must be filed before 5
p.m. on November 1st.
I he necessary forms of declaration, nnd
any further particulars may be obtained
from the City Clerk.
G, H. Dunn, City Cleik.
Kelowna, October 1st, 1910
Can be had by ambitious young men
and ladies in the field of v/ireless or railway telegraphy. Since the 8-hour law
became effective, and since the wireless
companies are establishing stations throughout the country, there is a great shortage
of telegraphers. Positions pay beginners
from . $70 to $90 per month, with good
chance of advancement. The National
Telegraph Institute operates six official
institutes in America, under supervision of
R.R. and Wireless Officials and places ail
graduates into positions. It will pay you
write them for full details at Davenport,
la., Cincinatti, O., Portland, Ore., or Memphis, Tenn.
Nervous Exhaustion
When convalescing from LaGrip-
pe, Pneumonia or Wasting Diseases, nothing hastens the return
to health like a short period of
treatment with "Asaya-Nru-
raia." It feeds the nerves, induces restful sleep, quickens the
appetite, aids digestion, and soon
buoyancy of spirits and the sense
of restored vitality are attained.
Afewdosesconvince. $i.5oabot-
tle. Obtain from the local agent.
Rutland News.
( From our own correspondent.)
It is in time of sudden mishap or accident that Chamberlain's Liniment can be
relied upon to take the place of the family
doctor, who cannot always be found at the
moment. Then it is that Chamberlain's
Liniment is never found wanting. In cases
of sprains, cuts, wounds und bruises Chamberlain's Liniment takes out the soreness
and drives away the pain. Sold by all
A WANT AD. in the Record
will bring speedy results.
>_flien you're off color—a little bit sick yet not sick enougii
to call the doctor—you want a SURE and SAFE family
RELY ON.   That's why we are advertising this trademark.
Look for the dandelion-colored wrappers and the name Nyal's. The formula: of
Nyal's Family Remedies are all exceptionally good—very similar, to v/h..t your own
doctor would prescribe. There's a special Nyal Remedy for most ordinary, everyday ailments which we know to be effective.
We strongly recommend Nyal's Family Remedies because we know what's in them
—your doctor can know and you may know too.
Anything you
with the name
will   give   you
Sold and guaranteed by
P. B. WILLITS  & Co., Kelowna, B.C.
A substantial sum has already
been promised for the building o
a parsonage for the Mount View
church, and work is being commenced at once in order to get it
finished before the cold weather
sets in. i
j The Rutland Literary Society
seems to be hanging fire this year.
A meeting was called some time
ago, but not sufficient attended to
do any organizing.
The syphon gang of the Rutland
Dilch company has been laid off
again owing to the creek being too
Mr. T. and R. W. Bird and the
small boy have just dug with forks,
picked up, and pitted 120' bushels
of potatoes in one day of eight
hours. Think this will hold 'em
for a while all right!
Billy Huckle happened a nasty
accident last week whilst watering
one of his colts down at the creek
near his homestead. It is an awk
ward place, and the colt getting
out to the length of the halter
shank, reached around and struck
him on the head, cutting it very
deep and dangerously. He was
cared for by Mr. Stoess and others
of the camp, and came down to
the doctor as soon as he was able.
We are glad to learn he will soon
be all right again.
Dr. Baker is having a. large addition built to his house at Rutland.
A cement foundation has been"put
in and the framework is already
well advanced.
-The Rev. A. W. K. Herdman
will occupy the pulpit at the Mount
View church next Sunday.
Under this heading communications icill
bo receioed upon anij subject ofi interest.
Letters must be signed, be brief, aooid
personalities. The Editor docs not nee
cSBtirlhj endorse opinions giccn bcloic.
The Cost of Rural Telephones
Ellison News
On Tuesday next, the 18th inst.,
the mew.bers of the Ellison Literary
Society will open their winter
session with a concert given by
some of the pupils of Mr. G.
Whitaker, assisted by Mr. C. Grove,
Mr. T. Smith, of London, Eng., Mrs.
M. Hereron, Mr. J. Hall and Mr. H.
Schwab.  ^Everybody welcome I
Editor Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir:
In Manitoba the fanner on a
party telephone line pays $20 per
annum. In Saskatchewan the
farmers build their own lines, the
government supplying the poles
free. The farmers buy their own
instruments, and the government
makes a small charge for connection
with the central offices.
In Alberta the charge is stated to
be $15 per annum to farmers on a
party line. No charge is made in
Manitoba or Alberta for the installation of telephones.
A farmer in the Kelowna district
on a party line pays $36 per year
for the use of a 'ph°ne, and for the
privilege of getting one at that
figure he is obliged to pay an ad
ditional sum of $10 at the date of
It is to be hoped that visitors to
this district who come with the intention of buying a piece of land
will not be under the impression
that the above rate is a fair criterion
of the cost here of every other
utility and commodity, if so, they
will be very apt to leave without
putting the real estate dealer to
much trouble.
Can vou, Mr. Editor, or can any
one else explain to us why the
farmer here has,to pay such a high
rate ? Is it because he is so much
more prosperous than are the
wheat growers of the three prairie
provinces that he can afford to pay
nearly double what they do ? 1
doubt it very much.
Yours truly,
" RUS."
We   are   open   to
take   contiacts for
Moving Buildings
Pile Driving
Clarke & Byrns
Box 131 Kelowna
Bouvette's Express
And General Delivery.
Meets all Boats.
Prompt attention to orders.
Phone 158.
Office, Wilkes old store.
A serious accident occured Satur
day last at West Bank to Albert
McDougall, who has been hauling
logs for Mr. D'Aeth. A heavy load
of logs through some mishap passed over his feet, breaking the bones
in the arch of the foot in each case.
The unfortunate man who was also badly cut in the leg, was removed to the hospital. I
A Snap in
Fine modern house for
sale in the highest and
healthiest part of Kelowna
ten minutes walk from the
.. wharf. Large lot with
110ft. frontage on the main
street. . House has four
large rooms on the first
flour; four bedrooms, bathroom, and linen closet, and
large concrete cellar. Complete plumbing, with taps
for hot and cold water, hot
water cistern and large
tank inside. Papered
throughout. Garden planted with fruit trees. Concrete path. Will be sold
For further particulars apply
Orchard City Record
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
dws in ..._
month nt 6 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays, after
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in thi
second and fourt
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE. B. A., Rector.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at 11 a.m.; evening services at 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Praysr Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
Benroulin Presbyterian Church.
Aitemosa service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. W. DAVIDSON   Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Servicesat I.I a.m. end 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
The sailing schedule of the S. S. Okanagan during the summer months is as follows.
Read up
Daily Except Sundays
Read down
Okanagan Landing
8:05      .
Okanagan Centre
Short's Point
»  m
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more conren.
ient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley  Co ; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in' force which they wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospilal Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,,
which ar; not be admitted to the hospital!
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary. P.O. Box 69, or Room 4, Keller Block,
Kelowna, B.C.
We are now prepared to show you the Latest Products of the most famous tailor shops . in
this country, the most beautifully tailored and cleverly styled garments made in Canada.
Come in aijd see these famous garments.    _ ,
Special Garments made to Order. . Fit and Finish Guaranteed.
New Sweater Coats and
New Irish Poplin
Phone 22
Established 1850.
Phone 22
.tii.iiiii <i  iljij  ■!..   .-..i -■;'■;
.>./:_ Thursday, Oct. 13
Orchard Gity Record
Brighten Up!
.', It's Wall Paper Time.
Time to replace the dingy
spotted paper -into a new
and attractive room with one
of the beautiful parlor papers
;A we are showing.
It will well repay you in returns of satisfaction
A and actual comfort.
It is no trouble to show goods.
^lowna Furniture Co.
The  Store of Quality and  Styles
Electrician and Gasoline_Engine Expert
All kinds of Electrical Supplies
and Fixtures carried in stock.
Estimates given  on any contract
large or small.
DeHart & Harvey bid stand, next door Royal Bank.
Phone,  159.
rabc Marks
_ urates
8mrS8o?TrwoBsSlr pstgtf_^Bi__Poni"'gnlt)l-
ssntfrse. Oldest wme7j%MouIuaateDUu
Patents tsim UiroMh Mo^SoSiwhIts
Semifine lia mean.
omsly nimttsfcrt
-(.soy seUnttfle . ...
in a.jssr, potiai* jcspald.
D; W.~ Crowley Co.
Kelowna Ltd.
Wholesale & Retail Batchers
Goods delivered to any part of
7   '■'      the^iry," ~
.." y ..
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
us your
Printing Order
We can execute them neatly and
cheaply, andgive you satisfaction
every tinie. y
ill Exhibit B.C. Fruit
in Old Country
Department of Agriculture Is
Sending Eight Hundred
.1. You Want a
Good Meal ^Any Time
MealTiekets at Reasonable Price.
Rooms to Rent.
Eight hundred cases pf B.C. fruit
are being dispatched this" week by
the Department of, Agriculture for
the annual display at the various
centres in Great Britain. A large
proportion of this consignment is
taken from the Okanagan, some of
Kelowna's prize fruit from the New
Westminster show being included.
Upon arrival in Great Britain the
fruit will be placed in cold storage
and taken .out as reguired for exhibition purposes. The fruit displayed at each exhibition will be
sold immediately afterward, a fresh
lot being taken down from cold
storage for each occasion. By this
method, the display will be kept
always fresh.
The provincial exhibitions
throughout Great Britain will be
the first to receive attention. These
will take up the time until December 1st, when the Royal Horticul-
I tural Colonial Fruit Show will open.
Here the British Columbia fruit will
come into competition with that of
all the colonies of the Empire. It
was agent-general Turner who first
persuaded the authorities of the
Royal Horticultural Society to have
th^. displays of Colonial fruit which
have proved such a very great
attraction at their shows. For this
reason theduplay from British
Columbia is always made especially
welcome and given full Opportunity
for being" arranged to the best advantage, The show is usually
opened by some prominent person,
the Duke and Duchess of Argyle
officiating last year. __ 'A
When this exhibition is closed,
arrangements will be made with
one of the large stores in London,
wherebvthe British Columbia fruits
may be shown in: the window to
attract the Christmas trade.
The exhibit in England will be
looked atfter by E. Bullock-Webster.
The packing of the fruit is being
attended to by J. Brandreth.^ The
cars in which it will be taken to
Quebec have been furnished by
the Canadian Pacific Railway without charge. The consignments
this year are of better quality than
have ever before been sent tb
England. This is partly because
the season is more forward than
usual and partly because of the
increased acreage from which to
select..-: ''■■      .      ■•; ._.
A number of'medals were, won
by the British Columbia fruit exhibit
in Great Britain last year. These
comprise the gold medal, four silver
gilt medals and three silver jnedals
from the Royal Horticultural Society; silver-gilt medal from Crystal
Palace; gold medal from Southampton ; silver-gilt medal from
Aberdeen, and gold medals from
Bath, Harwick and Blackburn. The
gold medal of the Royal Horticultural Society has been awarded to
British Columbia for five years in
succession and Mr. Bullbck-Webs
ter expresses his condidence that
this year will make the sixth.
Irrigation Will Open Up
In the United States, most of the
irrigation of arid lands'is  by private owners, but  government  aid
of irrigation in the Western Hemisphere began with the passage by
the United States Congress   of  the
Reclamation Act of June 1 7, 1902.
Under this law, the  United  States
constructs   the    necessary    works
with money received from the sale
of public lands.   It is  reimbursed
by the sale of rights to  the water,
the users paying for their rights in
ten annual payments* without interest ; and the report of the Secretary of the Interior estimated  the
total receipts to June 30,  1909, at
$58,582,140, with the  net  expenditures   of   $43,737,919;    Private
irrigation was estimated at 13,000,-
000 acres while the  government
had actually irrigated 424,549 acres.  In Northwestern Canada the
C. P. R. is developing a large  irrigation project,  By a law passed in
1908,  Mexico  has    established a
bank for aiding irrigation schemes.
In Argentina the irrigated area in
1908   was    1,800,000  acies, and
Brazil and Chili have important irrigation works. India has the largest
irrigated area of any country—18,-
500,000 acres being supplied with
water by the government and  25,
500,000 by private works.  Turkis-
tan has about 5,000,000 acres under irrigation, largely  by   ancient
canals; and the recent works in Egypt supply over'400,000 acres.
W. C. T. V. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelowna branch
of the W.C. T.U.
The W. C. T. U. meet every second Tuesday of the month at the "home of one or
other of the members. Visitors are always
Mark Guij Pearxe's Teetotal
Mayor  Husband  of Vernon is
£nllir_c-  a',niinlii.im«*hi__r.iii.ViirnAn
for the purpose of considering the
advisability of establishing a branch
of the Y. M. C. A. there.
The convention of B. C. Municipalities meets in Salmon Arm on
Thursday, November 10.
It is reported that a new company has taken over the holdings
of the Penticton Lumber Syndicate
and will proceed to establish the
first important industry in Penticton. A large sawmill and also a
factory will be built arid the manufacturing pf piping for irrigation
purposes and of fruit boxes will be
conducted on an extensive scale.
. It is related of Rev. Mark Guy Pearse,
that one bitter winter night he had taken
a cab from a London suburb, and on reaching home, bade the driver come in and get
something warm and comforiable, but non-
intoxicating. He noticed that "cabby" had
no overcoat, and inquired how it was that
he was so. insufficently clad. The man explained his poverty, and Mr. Pearse said
"Well now, I've got a coat upstairs that
would suit you, but before I give it to yon
I'm bound to tell you that there's something
peculiar about that coat, and ilia right that
I should explain it to you before you put.
it pn."'.> -■>
"What's that, sir?" said the man, considerably linystjfiod, and not knowing whether he might find it wise to decline the
mysterious garment.
Said Mr." Pearse solemnly, "That coat
never had a glass of beer or spirits inside
of it from the day it was made until now.
I want you to promise me that aa long as
you wear that coat you will let. the drink
alone."   .
"All right air/' said the cabby, holding
out his hand. "All right sir; I won't upset
the coat by putting any-drink inside of it.
Many months fatter Mr. Pearse met the
man again, and learned that he had; kept
his promise.—C. E. World.
Hon, Geo. Hedley Vicars Bulyea,
Alberta's first lieutenant-governor,
has been reappointed for another
five'year term. Mr. Geo. William
Brown, a barrister of Regina, is
appointed lieutenant-governor of
Saskatchewan in succession to-lieutenant-governor Amedee Emmanuel Forget, who retired after a long
term of office,-first as lieutenant-
governor of the Northwest Territory, and since 1908, as lieutenant-
governor of Saskachewan.
Dr. Mathison. dentist, Rowcliffe
Block.   Phone 89, 7
The pleaeant purgative effect experienced by all who use Chamberlain*! Stomach
and liver tablets, and the healthy condition of the body and mind which they
create, makes one feel joyful. Sold by all
Idruggiits. ,
A Temprance Tale.
A mouse fell into a beer vat.'and a cat
(Sassing by saw the struggling little creature
The mouse said to the cat:
"Help me out of my difficulty."
"If I do I shall eat you." said the cat.
"Veiy well" replied the mouse, "I would
rather be ea(en by a decent cat than drowned in such a horrible mesa of stuff aa
It waa a sensible cat, and _aaid: "I shall
certainly eat you, and you must promise
me on your word, of honor that I may do
"Very well, I give you the promise."
So the cat fished the mouse out, and
trusting to the rromise she dropped it for
an instant. The mouse darted away into 'a
hole in the corner, where the cat could
n'ot get him.
"But didn't you promise me I might eat
you?" said puss.
"Yes, 1 did," replied the mouse, "but
didn't you know that when I made that promise I was in liquor)"
And hdw many promises made in liquor
have been.kept?
Abraham Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln once said: "The liquor
traffic ia a cancer in society, eating the vitals and threatens distruction, and all attempts to regulate it will not only prove abortive, will aggravate the evil. There must
be no more attempts to regulate the cancer. It must be eradicated, not a root must
be left behind; for until this is done, all
classes must continue in danger of becoming victims of strong drink.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has become famous for its cures of coughs.colds,
croup" and influenza. Try it when in need.
It comtains no harmful substance and gives
prompt relief. Sold by all druggists.
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66 Kelowna, B.C.
Boat Builder
Launches, Sail Boats
Skiffs, Canoes and Scotos
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.
Cheap Fire Wood
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, limited
will deliver 20 inch woqd (or
$1.50 per Rick
Orders filled in rotation.
Cost $3,700. For Sale at $3,000.
$1,200 Cash,   $1,800 First Mortgage.
■Owner must sell within thirty days.
Well built eight roomed house, one-third acre fruit
trees, outbuildings, etc.
•Situated within one half mile of town, and being
about 100 feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town, lake and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town' and Market
There is only one GLENMOKE.   Don't miaa the op-
.   .       portuhity of selecting a few acres of thia desirable
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of Und call on us and
.' — - show you our subdivision
just four blocks from the centre of the town.    Prices low.   Tetna «_qr,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the beat board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
t    \
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
Cane - Sugar ^Only
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products  ~
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
™e British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, limited.
■v    '_«-
1 W*,
________ A  '> \Sv
i ..**feM_rf?t_- 6
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Oct. 713
Are you taking advantage of the Big
Bargains every week-end at Oxley's ?
You will benefit by so doing.
Specials for Saturday, Oct. 15 th
Choice Orange Pekoe Tea,     31bs. $ 1
Evaporated Cream, 20oz. cans, 2 25c
English Malt Vinegar, 20c. Bottle
Norwegian Sardines, 2 for 25 c.
Come, or send your orders  Saturday
and every day.
Phone 35
Phone 35
The Money Saving Store.
All kinds of Repairs
And Three Lots for sale, on
Glen Avenue.
Has  8 rooms and a lean-to
addition with 3 rooms.
Lots planted with fruit trees.
Will be sold together and with furniture
or separately as desired.
For further parliculors apply
Orchard City Record Office.
For Sale or Rent.
A seven roomed house with
one and one-quarter acre of
orchard and garden, situated
on the Vernon road, 1 \ miles
from Kelowna post office.
For particulars apply
S. BARBER, Box 365,
Kelowna Post Office.
Sutton's Seeds
Tomato Plants"
Cabbage Plants
Bedding Plants
Asparagus Roots
Rose BusHes, etc.
I Your cough annoys you. Keep on hack-
; ing and tearinr the delicate membranes of
! your throat if you want to be annoyed. But
if you want relief, want to be cured, take
; Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Sold by
' all druggists.     ,
IBU3 l_H
The People's Store
Phones:   Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
Butter Butter Butter
On account of the high price of feed and the enormous
demand for Canadian Butter, there is  going to  be  a
scarcity of Creamery Butter this winter. Doubtless many
merchants will be short in consequence.
We have been  fortunate  to  make a contract with a
reliable firm, and we will be supplied with
throughout the winter months. In this case, as in all
others, we made Quality the predominent factor when
buying, and will guarantee to give you the Best Alberta
Creamery Butter.   The price is now and  will remain
40c. Per Lb.
If you prefer
We confidently state that we buy from the majority of
the good butter 'makers in the district, and can generally
supply you with First-class Fresh Dairy.
For those who must have fresh Butter, direct from the
churning, we would suggest EDEN BANK, which we
-  3 i a get every week by express.    Per lb. 50c.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
It Gave Columbus tho Idea For His
Voyage of Discovery.
Mediaeval fciurope know but very Utile of eastern and northeastern Asia.
Many of the most learned cosmogra-
pbors of tho time taught that Aslai
stretched eastward indefinitely, and no'
one Imagined that it had an eastern
roast washed by the ocean. It was seriously taught that eastern Asia was a!
laud of vast swamps, inhabited by
monster serpents and dragons. Tbis|
'was the opinion that still rivalled1 up|
to within 200 years of the time of Co-'
At this time two Venetian merchants
of the name of Polo went on a vast
trading expedition to the uttermost
parts of Asia. They were gone many,
years. Upon their return the sou of
one of them, a young man named Marco Polo, wrote out a full account ofi
I heir travels, described the empire of
Hie grand khan (the Chinese emperor)
and revealed the fact that Asia was
bounded ou the east by a vast ocean,
lie described this eastern coast minutely, with all its vast cities and its
wealth of precious stones and spices.
It was from reading this book that
the Imagination of Columbus was fired,
aud he conceived the bold idea of
reaching this eastern coast of Asia by
sailing toward the west around the
So when he discovered Cuba he had
not a doubt that he had landed upon
the coast of Asia and that he looked
upon the same scenes that Marco Polo
had gazed upon 200 years before.
In tho Majority of Cases It Is /Under
Eight Feet.
The average term of an elephant's
life, although there is no precise information on the' point, is seventy or
eighty years. The elephant is not in
full vigor and strength till thirty-five.
The most ready way of forming an
approximate idea of the age is by tho
amount of turnover of the upper edgo
of the ear. In young animals, some*
times up to the age of eight or nine,
years, the edge is quite straight It,
however, then begins to turn over, and*
by the time the animal is thirty tho
edges lap over to the extent of an inch,
and between this age and sixty this
increases to two inches or slightly
Extravagant Ideas are held as to,
the height of an elephant Sucb a
thing as an elephant measuring ten
feet at the shoulder does not exist In
India or Burma. Sanderson, an ad*
mitted authority on the subject, said)
the largest male he ever met witb
measured nine feet ten inches and tho
tallest female eight feet Ave Inches.,
The majority of elephants, however,
are below eight feet, and an animal'
rarely reaches nine feet, the femalo
being slightly shorter than the mala
The carcass of an elephant seven feet
four Inches tall weighed in portion*
gave a total weight of 8,000 pounds, so
an elephant weighing two tons should!
be common enough. 'The skin wad
about three-fourths of an inch thick.  ,
Kind Words Moan Much.
Cultivate^ kindness of heart;  think
well of your fellow men; look witb1
' charity upon the shortcomings In their
Uvea.   Do a good torn for tbem as op-
j portunity offers and, finally, don't for*'
-get the kind word at the right time.
| How much a word of kindness, en-
| couragement or appreciation means to
others sometimes and how  little It
costs us to give it   We do not need
to  wait  for  some  special   occasion!
Wben  calamity   overtakes  a  friend'
words of sympathy and encouragement''
are offered sincerely enough, yet In
certain respects as a matter of course.
Such an occasion calls for expression'
on our part, and we naturally respond,'
But why wait for occasion?   Why. not
speak the kind word when there is ne
special occasion?
The Komaif Senate.
The* Soman senate had fbr many
centuries but 800 members, selected
from tbe patricians, or aristocrats.
The office of senator was for lite.
The body was practically supreme in
matters of legislation and administration. The majority of votes decided
a question, and the order in wblch the
voting took place was Invariably determined by rank, beginning with the
president and ending with the quae-
tors. The senators wore on tbelr tanks
a broad purple stripe—a badge of die*
tlnctlon, like a modern decoration—
and they had the exclusive right cf
precedence at theaters, tbe amphitheater and all other public gatherings.
What She Wanted.
"Are you* fond of etchings?"
tiie young man wbo bad taken the
lostess" pretty niece down to supper.
"As a general thing, yes," she answered, looking up into bis eyes witb
an engaging frankness tbat threatened
havoc to his heart, "but," she added
hastily as he started to say something
pretty, "not any tonight, thank yon;
it la rather late. A small piece of cake
will be sufficient" ;
Prims Fools Evidence.
The lat© Lord*- Morris on one occasion gave a characteristic illustration
of the meaning of "prima facie evidence."
"If," he said to the jury, "you saw
a man coming out of a public hones
wiping his mouth, that would be prima
fade evidence that he had been bar*
ing a drink."
^mnsrmmi*ximmm*!iir,n*i!«r-KHrwr.™.™^., I      m_
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
perils per word, first insertion an<
Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Eight-roomed house   (Morden's)  opposite
Piidham's   orchard, wilh   half   acre  land,
small fruits, etc.    Apply Geo. E. Boyer.
at immensely reduced prices. We are
offering all.makes of typewriters for sale.
These machines are in perfect condition,
having been rebuilt in our own workshop
by the most expert workmen in the city.
Send for price list. The Oliver Typewriter Agency, 321, Homer st., Vancouver,
B. C. 3-
Good milch   cow,   pait  Jersey.   Apply
E. King,   Wilson's Landing. 46-48 p
Upright heater in good condition. Apply
P. O. box 314 x
Post card views on sale at Trench's store.
General purpose horse,   about   I0501bs.,
must be quiet and ablcto   ride  or  drive
double or single harness, and used to farm
work, roan preferred. Address L, P.O.
box 298, Kelowna. 43-4p
Single or en suite, in the Spedding block,
Apply on the premises
Good second crop hay, also some oat hay
Horses pastured $3   per   month, (prepaid)
big reduction on two or more.
R Stubbs, Benvoulin       43 4p .
For winter in exchange for feed    Must be
gentle and broke to  ride or  drive   With
option of purchase.    Apply     ,
Mr. de Pfyffer, Mission Ranch \ 44
Wantetl on hire for a short time at Peachland by EYRE &  CUTBILL.    No   reasonable offer refused. 44-6
Furnished or unfurnished,to suit, in  Park-
dale.   Apply box F, Record Office.   44-8
To buy, mangolds or other feed   for  pigs.
Address Mr. dePfyffer, Mission Ranch    44
WANTED     -
Boots to Repair, by  competant .workman.
Oak tanned leather of -best  quality  used.
Prompt attention to  orders  at  CROFT'S
Second-kand cook stove.
Apply   Pool
A Jersey Cow, must be quiet and a  good
n-ilker.   State  when freshened, age,   and
price.   Apply box A, Record Office. 46-7
To all whom it may concern,
All persons having claims against the
estate of the late James W. Wilks are hereby notified to lodge the same,.duly certified, with me within thirty days from date,
nnd all persons indebted to same to make
payment likewise.
Dated at Kelowna, this thirteenth day of
October, 1910.
Osoyoos Division, Yale District.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made on Wednesday, the 19th
day of October, 1910, to the Commissioner
to change the point of diversion of water
record 1160, from a point 1J west of the
north-east corner of Lot 2924 to a point
about a half - mile further west on Bear
Creek. Dated the 19th day of September,
I9IO.       Chas. Hehner,   -|
Thos. Parker,      f Chas. Hehner
C. J. M. Gordon    '   * Agent.
Agency for all kinds of Music,
Songs, Dances, Instrumental,
and  Church Music, and
Teachers' Supplies.
Violins' Banjos, etc., and fittings
1 for same.
If you  desire   prompt   delivery   at
lowest rates order from
P. O. Box 325, Kelowna.
New York
Good Meals at all hours.
Noodle Soup, Chop Suey.
• Friendship. j
f--*--) friendship, like the ivy, decays 1
tins the walls It-embraces, bnu
leodsliip gives new life and«a_-i]
toJbf^obfectJtjjBfaM,        j
Mrs. Davies (nee Miss E. Blackwood) will continue the agency for
the Spirella corsets. Office over the
tailor shop of Messrs. Davies and
Mathie, Pendozie street. Watch for
ad. in next weeks issue.
The Kelotona
| Outfitting
Store -
When we say
That we are'show-
-.  ing by far the best
values     and     the
finest assortment of
Ever shown by this
or any other store in
Kelowna, we know
we are not exaggerating in the least.
An inspection of the
New Goods
Will prove a pleasure
to you, we are sure,
and will be appreciat-
ed by us.
The Ladies';
Fashion Shop
P.S. Remember we
haye always given 5
per cent, off on all
cash purchases. .
And what they think is sometimes
vastly different. Not so here. In the
case °f Repairs I tell you exactly the
truth of the matter, and^how you )he
proof. If I think the watch will not be
as good as ever it was, I will tell you.
Few people have any idea of Ihe amount of work in repairing a broken
watch.and therefore do not realize when
they are' overcharged. If you bring
your repairs to me, you can'rely on
them receiving careful and prompt
attention, and the cost made as low as
possible. - f
nrniviiu ninvrn
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed
Cabinetmaker and
Certified Embalmer.
On call night and day.
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.
Hoarseness in e child subject to croup
is a sure indication of the approach of the
disease. If Chamberlains Cough Remedy is
given at once or even nfter the croupy
cough has. appeared, it wall prevent the
attack. Contains no poison. Sold by all


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