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The Orchard City Record Sep 15, 1910

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,..<„„.., I,..—,™,,.
/jf rff t3J9W
V w^wjaa
.VOL. JI.   NO. 42.,
$1.50 Per Annum.
If *.
Convention of School Trustees
Delegates Hold Highly Successful Session in Kelowna   -   Mr.
Thos. Lawson Elected President  -. Visitors Entertained
v \ at Banquet by Mayor and Council
The seventh annual convention
of the B. C. .Association' of School
Trustees commenced its sittings in
Kelowna -last Tuesday morning.
The president; Mr. J. C. Robertson,
of Chilliwack, tpok charge of the
proceedings, which were attended
by some sixty or seventy delegates
from all parts of the province.
The meeting was called to order
about 10 a.m., when the mayor of
Kelowna, Mr. D. Wv Sutherland,
delivered an address of welcome
lo the delejgates.
He said that one of the penalties
that men in" public life had to. pay
for occupying such positions was
that they -had .often to appear in
public when they did not want to.
He could'assure them, however,
that on this occasion', it afforded
him very great pleasure indeed to
welcome,them here on Behalf of
the. people -■ bf Kelowna, • and • he
hoped their stay would be an enjoyable one,: and that their work
might be pleasant, useful and in-
, structive. ~   •
He noted with interest--the pr6-
gress in B. C during the twenty-
three years he had. been here, and
particularly the advance during
the past few years. He had no
doubt that this progress was due in
a large measure to the efforts of the
The convention of school trustees
of this province was in many respects a unique organization. They
had other organizations which _re-
ccitfed some advantage frorr? tiifeir
deliberations, but with them it was
altogether different. Th^re was no
defect advantage to be gained.
-Their object was an altogether unselfish one, and he wished, them*
every success in their work.
-. It was only just beginning to be
realized, continued the mayor, that
they had one of the greatest
."countries in the world.Tand British
Columbia would undoubtedly be
the most important province.. He
hoped that, as a body, they would
use their best endeavours to give
the sons and daughters bf this
province the educational advantages they deserved.
He could not expect to see them
here often in their present capacity,
but in their private capacity he
hoped they would often be here.
He assured them that everything
would be done to make things
pleasant for them while they were
The consideration x>f certain
amendments to the by-laws of the
association followed^ some little
discussion arising over a proposal
to elect life members of the
In his addre88sfo the convention,
the president said they were grateful tp Kelowna Tor the privilege of
meeting; here.- It Was an evidence
of the city's possibilities and progress that it was able to attract this
convention, and entertain the members as it did. At the same time
it was good for Kelowna, and there
could be no better advertising for
this beautiful valley than the
intelligent and truthful reports that
ihe.members would carry away to
every part of the province.
"" He referred to the great progress
of education in the province, which
was'full of encouragement for the
future. It was a matter of great
satisfaction that the 'Association
were doing so much good work in
the province arid that the government were recognising their efforts.
. Before retiring from the pqsition
of president of the Association he
' desired to acknowledge the valuable
and ready assistance rendered him
and the great honor done him, an
lionor which he assured, them he
highly appreciated.
Mr. W. E. Flumerfelt, of Vancouver, gave a report of his.visit as
delegate to the Alberta School
Trustees' Convention, sin interesting
epitome of the proceedings at that
,h«ild last January at Lethbridge.
In his concluding remarks he referred to the benefits of an interchange of ideas from one province
to another.
Afternoon Session
The afternoon session opened
with, an address by Professor
Sawyer, of Okanagan. College,
Summerland. Professor Sawyer is
an enthusiast in matters pertaining
to the province of British Columbia
and the Okanagan Valley irt particular. He' spoke, of the great
resources with 'which--'nature had
endowed this land: of ours. With
increase of communication, he said,
and growth of population, we
should soon enter an era of progress along all the varied lines of
national adyancf ment which'
should reveal to the eyes of the
nations the magnitude of. our possibilities and the vastness of our
achievements. And these expressions were not the vaporings of
some interested promoter,-. but
rather the convictions received1
during three years' residene in the
The Association was an important factor in the life of the
province. It represented the business end of the state education of
the people. The best efforts of
minister, superintendents and inspectors might all be rendered in
a large measure fruitless without
the intelligent co-operation of the
trustees. He urged a vigorous,
progressive action in the public
schools, that in all communities we
might find people responding to
the educational ;stimulus. arid, de*
veloping into . enterprising, .intelligent and useful citizens,..ji.credit
toT their own community and an'!
honor to their land, and pleaded for
a broader; conception of the duties
of citizenship, independent of party
prejudice. ' 7.7'.
Iii the work of the public school
he_was afraid that too much stress
[was .laid upon .preparation fbr
examinations, instead of the character' building which is the real
purpose of education.
A vote of thanks was passed tp
Prof. Sawyer for his valuable address.
, Mr. P. Peebles, of New^esN
minster, read a paper on "What
our-Association has accomplished
since its establishment."
• The Hon. Price Ellison, who had
made a hurried visit to town 'in
company with the Hpn. H. E.
Young, Minister of Education, next
spoke. A
He |iad expected, he said, to be
here to put in an appearance and
nothing more.. He was delighted
to have been preserif, if for nothing
else than to hear the paper read
by Professor Sawyer. He gave
some practical advice respecting
the length of resolutions presented
to the government. He would be
pleased to lend assistance at any
time, either in his public or private
capacity, to advance the interests
of education in every possible way.
After some further caution as to
brevity in- the preparation of'
resolutions he thanked the delegates for their presence here, and
said that if anything could be done
to advance their interests it would
have his hearty, support.
Hon. H. E. Young said he had
promised himself the privilege of
being at the convention for the
past three years, but, unfortunately
other engagements Had always prevented him. Mr. Ellison had arranged matters this summer so. that
he could come. They were going
to open a school in Vernon on the
13th. Mr. Ellison was 'down at his
home, and he had changed the
date to the 12th, and said that he
(Dr. Young) would have to come
down to Kelowna with him. He
was very glad of this, as it had given
him an opportunity of meeting the
men who were practically in charge
bf the carrying out of the educational work in B. C.
Dr. Young, went on to, speak of
the medical inspection of schools,
and gave some interesting facts
and figures bearing upon that
question.    He flaid it was a stern-
necessity   not    only    that    pupils
should  be  carefully   watched  for
infectious diseases, but the teachers
too.    Many "of  the  teachers who
had  come  from  other 'provinces
had  been  attracted  here by the
press reports of the  dry, climate,
and they had come in the hope of
recruiting their health, and  at the
same time make expenses.   Althq
it might seem cruel, it   was  sometimes   necessary   to   take   drastic
action in such~case8. .....' 7.
He outlined some of the plans
ofthe •department,;in respect-to
the public working of the act...   7
In.conclusion assured the 'dele}'
gates that the education department and himself appreciated the
spirit which actuated the Association, and al tho they could not always see eye to eye, they could
rely on everything being done to
further their movement.
Dr. E. C. Arthur, of Nelson,
delivered a paper, on "Medical Inspection of Schools," which also
touched upon some of the, same
points introduced by Dr. Young:-.-.-
Monday Evening Session
The evening session opened at
8' o'clock with a paper by the Rev.
D.J. Welsh, of Kelowna, on Character Development-; in, the Public
School. He contended that the
isupreme function of the N public
school was the development of
character,-and proceeded to discuss some of the methods by which
this desirable end might be secured.
Character, he said' was not built
the way a mason" would build a
mansion, by layjng one brick upon another. Character grows-like
the flower. It is unfolded from
within. The gardener secures his
most beautiful and fragrant rose by
diligent cultivation, frequent water-
ingf scientific pruning, but did not
putfone! bit of beauty into the color
of'^rthneBs into the fragrance. He
simply waited for the sunlight and
the dew to call these forth from
within; So.it. Wa^ with character
development. Thepublic school
period was. the garden: of life. The
teachers were the trained gardener,
cultivating, guiding, directing the
energies of a growing boy into a
superb manhood shedding its beauty arid fragrance down. the pathway of life.
The dispositions $f pupils varied
greatly, continued Mr. Welsh, and
it was the well-nigh superhuman
task of the public school to develops the highest type of moral efficiency in all. Only the teacher
gifted -with a clear insight in human
nature, could make a success of
character development under such
conditions.      • • •_
He,touched upon .the equipment
of the public school for its task,
and the provision of gymnasiums
aad other means of maintaining a
healthy body. Great stress was
laid upon, the personality of the
teacher, an all important factor of
success. A public school teacher
whose moral and religious standards were right,.and who. was in
possession of the'elements of moral leadership, could do more by
reason of his opportunity with , the
young, to uplift the moral'standards
of the community than all other
agencies combined.
In conclusion he pleaded for a
closer union of all agencies working for the development of a nobler
type of character—the home, the
church, and the public school.
An enthusiastic- vote of thanks j
was tendered "the Rev. Welsh at
the conclusion of his valuable
A paper on 7'Schpol Planning,"
from an architectural point of view
was read by Mr. ;H. B.Watson, of
Vancouver, after which copies of
the resolutions were distributed by
the resolution, committee.
Continued on page' $.
-,    ;—_»       	
Report of Irrigation Committee
Received-Association Formed
to Carry on Work.
A general meeting of the Farmers'
Institute was held last Saturday
afternoon, the president, Mr. T. G.
Speer, presiding.
The object of the meeting, the
chairman announced, was to receive reports of the meetings which
had been held in the various surrounding/districts on the question
of the government ownership of
irrigation systems.
A discussion arose as to the
advisability of carrying on the
work under the auspices of the
Farmers' Institute, some of those
present contending that the movement did not come within the
province of that body.
Mr. J. L. Pridham made the suggestion that the meeting form itself
into a separate association to.be
known as the Okanagan Valley
Irrigation Association, and at a
later stage of the meeting this was
done. Dr. Dickson was elected
president, and Mr. A. R. Muirhead
The resolution relating to the
'government taking over the irrigation question, which had been discussed arid supported so unanimously at the various district meetings was read over and unanimously
It was decided to have petitions
prepared, based upon the resolution
and to appoint a working committee to see that these were
handed round to the people for
The secretary was instructed to
write to various interested people
in the valley, explaining the work
which was being done here, and
urging them to take the matter up
on similar lines.
Meeting of City Council
More Petitions for Sidwalks Presented—Long Budget of Bills-
Many Minor Matters Disposed Of.
26 95
4 92
3 75
10 00
27 75
5 00
1 50
I 00
28 51
46 80
1 50
86 25
-108 18
, 3
Rutland News.
(From our own correspondent.)
Kelowna Beats Vernon
in Lacrosse Match
The Kelowna lacrosse boys paid
a visit to Vernon Wednesday* and
scored an easy- victory oyer the
Vernon team by 9 to" 2. Thfe game
was a league match arrange as part
of the programme of the Fair being
held there this week;
Wednesday is "Tag Day" for the
Hospital. 7
The hunting season is drawing
its devotees to the woods. Among
others, Messrs. Woolsey, Duncan,
Clever, senior and • junior, started
last Monday for a week's camp up
Mission Creek — and expect to
make a record hunt.
On Wednesday morning a son
was born to the wife of Engineer
Poor John Charlton has had his
usual sunny smile badly broken up!
He was driving Mr. Gay's team to
town, and:leading another horse,
i__.»:j _]__: _._.__._ ___.—  _t__	
ucsiiues uuiay-ocveioi uuici   imnga
at the /same time. - Consequently
he lost control, and something had
to go, so John went—into the road
resulting in a severe attack of
' gravel rash,' cuts, and bruises. He
hopes, however, to be able to pass
the plate, next Sunday with his
usual expansive cheerfulness.
Did you hear that C. Leathley
tried a short cut home >
The Kelowna Football team sadly
disappointed our home players by
not turning tip last Saturday. After
making definite arrangements, they
showed un-sportaman-Iike conduct
by not turning up. Our boys made
an extra effort, and turned up 14
strong. Better luck next time,
Rutland 1 •
The Mount View Methodist
church hold their Harvest services
on Sunday morning and evening,
and on Monday, a Fowl Supper
and Entertainment are announced
from 5 tov7 p.m.   The Rev. J. W.
Davidson of Kelowna will preach
Sunday evening.
Mr. Yale has commenced operations upon a new house upon his
place at Rutland.
A meeting of the Rutland Literary Society will be held in the
Hall on Saturday, Sept. 24th, to
elect officers and arrange for the
winter programme.
Last Monday evening's council
meeting commenced at the unusually late hour of 10 o'clock, the
mayor and aldermen having attended the lecture by the Rev. Dr.
Speer in the Opera House.
The mayor presided, Aid. Lecjkie,
Harvey and Cox being present.
The minutes of last meeting.
Jiaving been read and confirmed,
the following accounts were referred to the finance committee, to
be paid if found correct:
Palace Hotel, prisoners meals for
June, July and August  $
I.  S.  Chamberlain,   waterworks
G. F. James,   12  colored   lamps
and flash-light battery	
G. Markham, cleaning Fire Hall
and Coun. Chamber for Aug.
G. Dillon, teaming on waterworks
for Aug	
W. F. Bouvette, teaming on sts.
T. Lawson, Ltd., Power  house
supplies for Aug.	
Orchard City Record, advertising
A. Francis, cutting weeds	
Kel.   Manuf.   Co.,   waterworks
Collett Bros., teaming for Aug....
C. C. Snowdon, Potato Scale
Can. Gen. Electric Co., 6 Iightn'g
>J.  Laidlaw,   cutting   weeds   in
gaol premises	
Gillis Hunfjord, cutting weeds on
streets. ;.T ....
Mather.Youill & Co., repairs to
electric generator	
Kel.  Sawmill Co.,  lumber, and "
.hauling sawdust- Aug.... y:-.-.-.-,•. ■*■
H. li. Millie,' 'phone and telegraph for Aug.	
W. R. Trench, stationery ......
G. F. Teal, 12 days work water,
works... ,..\....y..-..'.'.....-.,.:....
R. Rowe, work on'waterworks...
S. Gilma, work .on' waterworks...
S. Hsirijnarick, work on water-,
works ...........'...;...    '
A. Tait, work on waterworks...,.
J. Wilgod, work on waterworks..
Municipal Construction Co., sup.
plies for waterworks	
Morrison-Thompson Co., waterworks supplies	
Ian MacRae, constable's sal.......
S. D. Colquette,11st engineer sal.
H. Blakeborough, 2nd   "      sal.
E. Fowler, lineman, salary        88 60
G. H. Dunn, clerk's salary a»d
petty cash	
P. A. Gorman, assistant clerk's
salary ......:..........y„...	
p. Mills, scavenger's salary	
Dr. Keller, rentof council chamb'r
E. H- Thomas, work on  water-'
F. Gardner, work waterworks....;
W. Langley, work waterworks...
C. P. R- «n»_.
Aid. Harvey, on behalf ofthe
Board of Works, reported that he
had received the tenders for gravelling Pendozi street and Bernard
avenue.      '
After some consideratiou of the
various tenders submitted ■ it was
decided by motion that the lowest
tender, C. Blackwood's of $ 1.20 per
yard for hauling and spreading, be
A letter waa presented from the
Kelowna Canning Co. claiming $30
damages fiom the city for damages
to clothing, due to falling into an
unprotected waterworks trench in
Ellis street. Referred to committee.
Aid. Cox mentioned that the fire
brigade had been complaining that
the water had not yet been connected up with the fire hall. It
was explained that the men on the
connecting work had been too
busy in other parts of the town,
but that the connection would be
made as soon as possible.
Two petitions for sidewalk were
presented; one for north Richter
street and Wilson street, and another for Cadder avenue.
In commenting upon the petitions,
the mayor said that the difficulty
in constructing sidewalks under
the' Local Improvement Act was
that there had to be a %ufficient
amount required to make it worth
while issuing debentures to raise
the money. It was a case of either
rounding up several other applications to go with them, or leaving
48 00
I 80
29 86
A v   .   '
25 66
15 34
66 70
37 43
80 00
140 00
100 00
111 05
50 00
150 00
15 00
II 30
5 00
5 «
them over until next spring.
The matter was discussed for
some little time, however, and
eventually the following motion
was passed':
"That sidewalks be constructed
on Richter, Wilson street and
Cadder avenue, as petitioned for,
provided petitions are found to
conform to laws governing same."
The mayor mentioned that the
earth thrown out in the construction
of the ceriient sidewalk on Glenn
avenue had not been removed, although the contract had called for
that. Most of the earth could be
shovelled back against the walk.
It was decided to call Mr. Clement's
attention to the matter.
The following motion was also
passed :" That the balance due Mr.
C. G. Clement on his contract for
construction of sidewalks be paid,
on condition! that he repair the
break on the walk in front of the
Lakeview Hotel, and contract
otherwise complied with."
The mayor also referred to the
electric light meters destroyed in
C. C. Josselyn's fire. He said that
the contract signed on connecting
electric light placed the responsibility for meters on the owner of
the property. A claim had been
presented in this case, but had been
refused. The matter was referred
to the city solicitor for his opinion.
Aid. Harvey asked if the city
could' take, upon - themselves to
construct sidewalks withouthaving^
a petition from the property owners.
He referred to the bad condition
of the sidewalk on the south side
of Bernard avenue from, Pendozi
street to the Presbyterian church.
He said the planks were all rotting
away and it was costing the city a
great deal to keep it in repair.
The; mayor said that the city
would'have to advertise the fact
that they wished to construct the"
sidewalk, and if a sufficierit number
of the property owners favored the
proposal thev could go ahead in
the usual way. More than half the
assessed value of the property adjoining had to be in favor before a
sidewalk could be constructed.
* vlt 1
Mr. Dougan particularly requests
us through him to express the
hearhrappreciation which has-been
voiced~by the entire delegation for
the very warm welcome tendered
them by the people of Kelowna.
Particularly do they appreciate the
untiring efforts of the Mayor, Mr.
Sutherland, and Mr. T. Lawson for
their comfort
The convention has been the
most successful one, -and at the
same time the most enjoyable one
in the history of the Association.
The weather has been perfect, the
pleasant drives through lovely
orchards, the lake and mountain
scenery, all combined to make the
brief stay here one to be long remembered.
A party of the delegates to the
convention were taken ori the
"Clovelly" for a trip down the lake
last Wednesday evening.
The W.CT.U. will have a "Rest'
Tent" on the exhibition ground for
the use of tired women with  little
children, and all such are cordially
invited to make full use of the tent.
f*  i$
The   Secretary   of '•'' the hospital
acknowledges   with    thanks   the "
following subscriptions and donations.
Friend $2.50
Royal Bank 25.00
A. E. Harrison 100'
R. B. Reid - England _    25.00
G.H. Packer 5,00;
Proceeds of J. C. Speer's Lecture'
_ 1^
_£i___Vt •rf
The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, Sept. 15
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.;.
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Leon St
I <.
Send us your
______: _s__s___s
Printing Order
We can execute them neatly and
cheaply, and give you satisfaction
every time.
List of Delegates.
Vancouver City,    W. E. Flumerfelt
J. D. Breeze
Dr. W. D. Brybone Jack
Geo. J. Dyke
J. J. Dougan
E. C. Hope
J. H. Watson
North Vancouver, A. R. Stacey ,
N. Vane. Dist.,      T. S. Nye    .
Nelson. Dr. E. C. Arthur
New Westminster, P. Peebles
L. Thornber
Slocan T. McNeish
J: A. Anderson
Wm. Clough
Wm. McBride
J. W. Fairhall
Capt. Stewart
R. Smith
F. E. Elliott
R. Barker
G. Greenslade
Spencer Robinson
J, M. Wright *
R. J. Offerhous
D. McLean
F. J. M. Norris
Mrs. Birch
Ewen Martin
F. F. Semens
E. Edwards
F. W. McGregor
R. W.Tetlock
T. Lawson
Dr. J. W. Knox
N. D. McTavish
A. Patterson
D. McLean
M. Hereron
A. C. Lephart
T. G. Speer
D. McEachern
Dr. Baker
S. Sproul
J. H. Baillie
H. J. Barber
B. T. Malcolm
Chilliwack, Di3t.   J. C. Robinson
A. H. Gillancers
R. D. Barrow
1. C. Lucus
C. A. Queesnnelle
C. Christian
R, C. Ecclestone'
D. D. Bowes
J. Aarwood ■
A. E. Herris
Grant Lang
P. Murray
Point Grey
S. Vancouver
N. Saanich
Salmon Arm
Okanagan . ,
Mission Creek
Ok. Mission
Chilliwack, City
Blue Springs
Pine Grove
Mr Geo Mackenzie is staying
with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, of Rutland during his holidays.
Mr. and. Mrs. Davis, Miss Kathleen Morrison Mr. Chittenden and
othei friends are camping on Black
mountain for two weeks.
. The Young People's Society of
the Presbyterian church will reorganize Monday evening next, the
19th. The election of officers and
arrangements of winter's programme will take place. All are cordially invited.
Hon. Rodolphe Lemieux has ordered fifty automatic stamp-vending'
machines which will shortiy be distributed in the principal cities of
the Dominion and later to other
The Rev. J. C. Speer D. D. of
Toronto, delivered an interesting
and amusing lecture last Monday
evening in the opera house, on the
"Songs and Singers, Grave and
Gay." Dr. Speer who is a brilliant
speaker and thoroughly master of
his subject, highly delighted his
large audience. The, proceeds of
the lectnre, about $35.00 was handed over to the hospital.
About the first of the coming
year two new steamships, the
Princess Mary and the Princess
Adelaide, now being built for the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company
at Glasgow ship-yards, will make
their appearance, and be added to
the C. P. R. fleet which makes the
triangular run between Vancouver
and Victoria direct. At this time
only the tonnage of the Princess
Adelaide, the small vessel, is known.
She will register 1186 tons- CP.R.
officials say that the Princess Mary
will be twice as large as the Princess Adelaide. Captain J.W. Troup,
manager of the coastwise steamships, it is reported, will leave for
Scotland this month to witness the
trips of the two new vessels which
will take place early in October.
Town and Country
. An interesting wedding. took
p'ace last week at the Roman
Catholic church of the Mission,
when Dr. A. C Nash, of Peachland,
was married to Miss Margaret
Farrell, of Kilkerrin, Ireland.
The ceremony-was performed by
the Rev. Father Verbeke, Dr. and
Mrs. Nash afterwards left for
Mr. and Mrs. Peabody returned
Saturday from their long trip east.
A man was fined $10 and costs
this week before Magistrate Boyce
for exposing deer meat for sale
without the head on it.
Have some Silver in your pocket
for "Tag Day on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Camden and family came in Saturday last from
Langdan, Alta., for, the purpose of
looking around the district. It did
not take the Camdens long to decide that Kelowna was the.place for
them. By Monday morning they
had rented a house in town and
Tuesday morning's boat carried Mr
Camden on his way back to Alta.,
armed with hand bills announcsng
the sale of his household effect^,
farm impliments and stock, at
Langdan. Mrs. Camden and family remain in town until his return.
Mr. Currie, of Edinburgh, Scotland, representing some Old Country financial institute was in town
this week on bnsiness.
Mrs. Canavan and children, and
her sister, Miss Clarke, who have
been occupying Mr. Dan Campbell's house for the summer, lefl
Tuesday morning for their home in
Victoria. Mr. Canavan, who is
engineer for the Kelowna Irrigation
Co., accompanied them to the
coast, but will return in a week or
The Rev. J. A. Logan of Vancouver was a visitor to the Manse
last Friday, leaving on the boat
Saturday, where he is supplying
at the Presbyterian church
Mrs. Tom Hill and family returned last Friday from Revelstoke
where she has been visiting for the
past month.
Mrs Harrop, daughter of Mr. Jas.
Harvey, left Tuesday morning returning to her horrie, Indian Head.
Mrs. Harrop and children were
visiting here for the last three
Dr. Gaddes left Tuesday morning
for Vancouver, taking with him
several cases of fruit for an advertising display there.   V
Land sales have been picking up
quite a bit during the last week or
two, and every boat brings passengers from prairie points looking
for a location in the valley. The
Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd., last
week sold $25,000 of their property,
and they report future prospects as
distinctly good.
Mrs. Jas. arid Mrs. Chas. Harvey
were passengers to Vernon Tuesday morning.
Mr. Coons, of the British Canadian Securities. Ltd., was in town
We are indebted to Mr. Weeks,
for the present of a fine sample of
celery grown on his farm at Benvoulin. Mr Weeks is enthusiastic
as to the possibilities of celery
growing in. the district, 'and he can
certainly show the goods to back
his statements. We already place
on the Vancouver market better
celery than the the California
grower, but the latter ships such
huge quantities, that they have
acquired a name which helps to
sell their goods.
Mr. J. W. Clement \vas a visitor
in town last Tueiday.
Wednesday next Sept. 21st will be
"Tag Day" for the Hospital.        _,
Mr. and Mrs J. N. Thompson re-
tnrned from a two months trip to
Nova Scotia Wednesday.
The "Clovelly" has been up out
of the water during the past week
for repairs and painting. She was
pulled back into the water by the
S.S. Okanagan asNthey left the
wharf Wednesday.
On Sunday, Sept. 11th, to  Mrs,
John Avender, a girl.
Dr. Mathison will return on Sept.
On Monday, Sept
J. D. Croskell, a boy.
12th. to
Mrs.    - Your complexion as well at your temper
[ is rendered miserable by a disordered liVer.
~- — ■ - J Qy  taking  Chamberlain's  Stomach   nnd
On Monday, Sept. 12th, to   Mrs., Uver Tablets you can improve both. Sold
W.Blackwood a boy. I by all drugg..t..
The car with the get-there-and-back
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. before buying your automobile.
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Robin  Hood  Flour absorbs  more moisture
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when you use it, and. get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats, Bran, Wheat,
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' __»
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/-... Thursday, Sept. '5-
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That Makes
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J. A. Bigger
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Residence,    10  Lawrence Ave.
Ladies' and
Gents' Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna. B.C.
CHAS. H. LEATHLEY, Business Manager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising tates upon application.
C. Metcalfe's
Fruit Report
The following are extracts taken
from commissioner Metcalfe's current report:—
Edmonton, August 29. A car of
mixed fruits arrived here today for
the Vernon Fruit Co. Selling agent reports it in good conditition.
Dealers here report they prefer to
handle B.C. fruit when they can get
a regular supply, but up to the
present have not been able to do
so, and are obliged to buy American fruit to meet the requirements
of their trade. Supply of fruit
handled by dealers at present date
is drawn chiefly from B. C. either
from jobbers here or direct from
the grower. They further report
the pack and grade of B. C. fruit
much improved over former years
even on the part of individual
shippers, but there is room for
much improvement particularly
in the pack' and weight of fruit in
packages in comparison with the
better American shippers. Some
of the B. C. shippers have asked
for the local freight rate on fruit to
this point. The following are the
rates L.C.L. to Edmonton, per 100
From Vancouver, apples and
pears, $ 1.20
From Vernon, apples and pears,
From Vancouver,   mixed  fruits,
From Vernon,' mixed fruits 2.35
Prices have been well maintained up to the present time, although
great quantities of American fruit
have been received on these markets to date before B. C. fruit was
ready for shipment. Jobbing houses here report having received a
number of cars from B. C. of mixed
frurt and report arrival in good
condition, nice stock, peaches a
little over ripe for distribution to
rual points, advise picking greener.
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Fire, Life, and Accident
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Their repertoir is new and bright and affords the people an opportunity to see the
latest New York productions. The opening play will be "My Sweetheart." Not
only has Mr. Pringle made it a point to
give the theatregoers a good up-to-date
line of plays, but he has been particular
in his selection of players capable of producing the plays. Miss Charlotte Hammar
the leading lady of the company, is a very
capable actress of metropolitan experience,
of charming personality and magnetism.
She is considered in the same class with
Miss Blanche Walsh, Olga Nethersloe, and
other famous stars. Other members of the
company are Miss Brown, Miss Florence
Pringle. Harry Pringle, Gerald Clute, John
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'' ' .V
Am y.
The Orchard Citii Record.
•Thursday, Sept. 16
An Italian wa3 cut in two last
week on tlie railway near Enderby.
He was trying save a hand-car from
a collision with the work train and
fell across the track.
f\eWS  Of   lite   Valley,   j    A report is in circulation to  the
jeltect that Jim Hill has taken over
the Shuswap & Okanagan Railway,
runniug from Sicamous Junction to
Okanagan Landing. The story is
that the leate of the C. P. R. lapses
soon and that the road has been
bought by President Hill. That
he proposes placing some up-to-
date steamboats on the lake and
rush his line along as far as Penticton and make a strong bid for the
Okanagan traffic. 1 he report not
been confirmed, but has been so
often repeated during the week
that »ome are inclined to give it
credence.- - Okanagan.
Mr. H. Phinney, of Summerland,
passed away last week at the age
of 76.
A stage has been established
over the Mabel lake route between
Enderby and Hupel.
A Sunday School convention is
to be held in Vernon, commencing
on the 25th of this month.
Mr. Hamilton Lang, the road
superintendent, of Vernon, has received a large fifteen ton steam
roller, with rock crushing attachment.
Not a minute should be lost when a child
shows symptoms of croup. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy given as soon as the child
becomes hoarse, or even after the croupy
cough appears, will prevent the attack.
Sold by all drug^isl3.
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in  the
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays, after
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11   o'clock ;   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE, B. A., Rector.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at 11 a.m.; evening services »t 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meefcng on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afterno** eervice at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m;
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. W.  DAVIDSON   Pastor.
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Uo-n. When y»u see the name NYAL'S ou a family
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. have been proveo.
'hai we know the f ornmEa and
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   AH welcome.
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
The sailing schedule of the S.S. Okanagan during the summer months is as follow.1-.
Daily Except Sundays     Read down
3 '
now it toco
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Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley   Co ; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in force which they wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary, P.O. Box 69, or Room 4. Keller Block,
Kelowna, B.C.
M«M*»UMM«HW«,aUUJMM«_UWJJIIJWWIl^^ T HlUt". , .Willi X
era nouse,iveiow__a
Starting Monday, Sept. 19th.
Opening Play, The Four Act Comedy Drama,
Change of Programme Nightly.
Seats on Sale at Willit's
Drug Store.
Reserved Seats, 75 c.
General Admission, 50c.
Children, 25 c.
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-. >-;
Thursday, Sept. 15
Orchard Gity Record
■ It's Wall Paper time. .'
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spotted paper into ai new
and attractive room with one
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Clarke & Byrns
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Tomato Plants
Cabbage Plants
Bedding Plants
Asparagus Roots
Rose Bushes,1 etc.
Kelowna. ..... Greenhouse.
1st class School Teacher's Certi-
.ficate; '   two   years'  residence
' Whiteland's Training College for
A Schoolmistresses, London.
0 \
Next Tejm begins   Monday,
September 5th.
A want ad in the
Record bririgs results.
D. W, Crowley Co.
Kelowna *-td-
Wholesale & Retail Botchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
Meets all Boats.
Prompt Attention to all Orders.
Phone No. 158.
Office ih Wait's Old Stdre
If You Want a
Good Meal °t Any Time
Go to
v    Goldman's Restaurant
* _■    in  ■■■     ,..-     ■ 11—-      i   ~ — ■ -
Meal Tickets at Reasonable Price.
Rooms to Rent.
.   Continued from page I.
Wednesday Morning
A long list of resolutions was
-presented by v the resolution committee for consideration. The following were adopted :
That some scheme of old-age
pensions be introduced for teachers...  '..'■..■■.
That the interest of the leaching
profession be materially advanced
by allowing teachers actively engaged in'teaching to write off their
first class in three or four sections.
That pupils be allowed tp keep
all their text books because of the
danger of transmitting infectious
diseases under the present system.
That section 42 of the school act
be amended. -
That the government be asked
to give some official encouragement for the formation of cadet
corps, or for military drill in public
schools, somewhat similar to the
system prevailing in Australia.
That the government supply all
rural and assisted schools with
up-to-date maps and desks.
That in view of the fact that
there is nothing in the public
school curriculum which is particularly adapted to the needs of the
rural as distinct from city schools
the Department be asked to supply
travelling lecturers in technical subjects, who shall go with their equipment from district to district in the
same way that dairy instructors do
A resolution relating to government assisted libraries was also
Also a resolution requesting the
government to institute the teaching of first aid in the Normal school
Wednesday Afternoon
The continuation of the discussion on resolutions occupied the
first part part of the afternoon
session, after which the election of
officers was proceeded with.
The   officers, erected    for    the
ensuing year were as follows;      y
Hon. Pres.—Hon. H. E; Young,
M.P..L.L.D.;   Minister    of
, r President—Thos. Lawson, Kel-
. 'ownaA
1st Vice Pres.—W. E. Flujnerfelt,
Vancouver.  -
; 2nd Vice Pres. —H. J. Barber,
Sec.  Treasurer — J. J.   Dougan,
Executive Committee
Dr. Brydone Jack, Vancouver.
Capt. Mackintosh, Victoria.
Mr. John Shaw, Nanaimo. ,
•   R. Barker, South Vancouver.
Mr. C. E. Hope and Mr. . Maxwell Smith,' of Vancouver, were
elected honorary members.
■ The question of the place of
meeting for next year s convention
was then discussed. Invitations
came froim North Vancouver,
Salmon Arm and Vancouver, and
Vancouver was selected almost
Wednesday Evening
The session was resumed at 8
o'clock on Wednesday eVening,
when Mr. J. D. Breeze, of Vancouver, read an interesting article
which had appeared in one of the
papers on the. subject of agricultural teaching in tural schools.
Votes of thanks followed tb the
various officials and  all  who had
„n..W-U...._ J
to   wic   SuCCcSS
•1_ _
The convention then closed with
the singing of the National Anthem
and "The Maple'Leaf Forever."
The Evening's Banquet
A fitting termination, as one of
the delegates put it, to a most successful convention, was the splendid
banquet at which the visitors were
entertained, by the mayor and
council of Kelowna in the Lake
View Hotel. Over, one hundred
and twenty people sat down to the
three long tables spread with good
things, and presided over by his
worship the mayor, Mr. D. W.
Sutherland. An attractive menu
was provided by the management
of the Lake View which was highly
After the feast, came the 'speech-
making. A long toast list had been
arranged headed by that of " The
King," and the singing of the
National Anthem.
Mayor Sutherland then proposed
our visitors,' " The Trustees' Convention. " On behalf of the council
and the city he assured them that
it was a great pleasure to have them
amongst us. He said it waa a pity
that more school boards did not
send delegates to the conventions.
It would be a good idea if the
various boards would set aside a
special fund for that purpose. The
trouble of it was at present that the
beat of the trustees attended, while
the " moss-backs," who had most
need of the help t>i the convention
remained away.
Mr. T. Lawson, the newly elected
president, responded. He thanked
the convention for the honor they
had done him in electing him their
president, and would do all in his
power to help, along the work.
The association was an important
one and was becoming well known
in the province* . and they were
pleased to know they had the support of the government. The convention had been a most successful one, the addresses delivered
had been excellent, and would
help them to take a still deeper'
interest in educational matters. He
had done his best to get the delegates around the district, and show
them what kind of a country we
had here, and to give them a good
Mr. Flumerfelt, Capt. Mcintosh,
Mrs. Birch, and Mr. Stacey also responded.
"The Inspectors of the Province"
was the next toast, which drew
forth an interesting speech from
Mr. Millar, one of the government
school inspectors. He discussed
in an entertaining way the much
debated question as to what constituted an educated man, giving
as his definition — a man, who,
knowing the difference between
right and wrong, sets himself deliberately and persistently to do
the ." right. The great problem
which the public schools had to
face was to bring about .that state
of affairs in the education of the
A great many theories and remedies were advanced from time to
time to overcome thh difficulties of
and failing of public school teachr
ing. One great reason for the ills
which affected educational work
was failure to master the subject
they had to Jeach. He believed
that the present course of study in
public schools was a strong and
sensible course. If a boy had thoroughly mastered it he was in a
position to take up any line of
He wished the trustees and new
officers every success and expressed his readiness to help in any
A toast to the "Teachers of the
Province";was replied to by Mr.
Lord and Miss McNaughton.
The next toast was "The Professions," to which Dr. Arthur, Dr.
Brydone Jack, and Mr. R. B.Kerr
'The- " Press" to which Mr. J.
Leathley replied, and "The Ladies"
by the Association Secretary, Mr. J.
j. Dougan, and Mr. Wm. McBride,
of Surrey. A
Mr. McBride had a story to tell
about the discovery of the valley.
This individual hesaid"had arrived
somewhere in Black Mountain,"
and when he saw the broad expanse of fertile land he was enraptured, and, calling, up his
followers he said " Blessed be God
for making such a valley. If He had
only known about that beautiful
place a few thousand years ago
He would have made Adam and
Eve there, and called it ihe Garden
of Eden."
Mr. Shaw, of Nanaimo, being'
called upon gave some interesting
reminiscences of the early days of
teaching in the province, during
his thirty years' experience in the
work. When he first began to
teach there were 2000 pupils and
40 teachers. Now there were 35,-
000 pupils and ■ 1000 teadhers.
The cost of' education, too, had
risen from $44,000 a year to $1,-
250,000. It was almost amusing,
too, to note some of the changes
which had taken place. All kinds
of fads had been introduced into
the curriculum and taken off again.
We had now a pretty good system,
and were getting down to pure
educational methods. He spoke
very strongly against the evils of
the written examination which he
hoped some day to see removed.
The Annual meeting of the
Ladies' Hospital Aid was held on
Saturday.   / ._
The Society's income during the
year has been derived from several
social entertainments given by the
society, from "Talent money"
donated by individual members,
and from the membership fees.
The report showed Aid sums
voted by the society for renewed
or improved furnishings in the
wards, linen store, and operating
room; and also $325.00 in the
course of the year voted toward
the running expences of the hospital and toward the expences of an
indigent patient.
The rules of the society were
revised and slightly*changed. Meetings are to be held monthly on the
first Saturday of each month.
The following officers were elected to the Executive Committee:—
Mrs. Cameron, President; Mrs Will-
its, Treasurer; Mrs. Dora F. Kerr,
Secretary; Mrs. D. wV Sutherland,
1 st Vice-president; Mrs. Peabody,
2nd Vice-president; Mrs. Dillon;
Mrs. C. Harvey; Mrs. Knox; ,Mrs.
STEAM  FERRY 11     Boat Builder
Prices Quoted to Any  Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66
Kelowna, B.C.
Launches, Sail Boats
SkiMs, Canoes and Scotus
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.
Cheap Fire Wood
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
will deliver 20 inch wood for
$150 per Rick
Orders filled in rotation,
■-'- A<51
Cost $3,700. For Sale at $3,000.
$1,200 Cash,    $1,800 First Mortgage.
' Owner must sell within thirty days.
Well built eight roomed house, one-third acre fruit
trees, outbuildings, etc.
, Situated within one half mile  of town,  and   being'
about 100 feet above the-lake, it commands a beauti-      ; ,
ful view of the town, lake and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil.    :       Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
There is only one GLENMORE.   Don't miss the op-   \
portunity of  selecting 'a few acres of this desirable        '
'property.  7 ''.'■■'■' ..
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and we will
show you our sub-division
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.-   Prices low.'. Terms easy,
'monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
y. ■-'■'%%
'■'■'77' :^"tfi„
-•AA-"- y-A'#m
■ -.:77' 7-a$I
y y :-:'yyy^x^
■ ..-•.;."' . .. ™rff*M
• - {'y'.i'..^--.\}Li
y !,.y--yyyLii
■ ■V.'-.'.f.L-JIFikX
'■..•.■7v,'«\.".'/^'r- **-
"■'■': i*;K'Ci;.-«S
t"' *.™\ti
, •.,'-.-j!r-'iV-^l
l —r-::L.-f^-M
y. yyyi
a1.: ''r'-V'."--^'^')!
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
One ■ Sugar ■ Only
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
■,'•■■■   ■ '■.>
T*Le British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
^ -ft ]Xr
I *    r    HI
A-$mi yV%<
J >
"I    '*.'
•   f*   ,    A.<       t.   Jv v   "Aft >$A\MM r i n*iv^-"Uinrf\fs.>-
■■■■   /:
The Orchard. City Record.
Thursday, Sept. 15
Some people want quality, and others
want price.
Sensible people get both  when  they
purchase all their Tea, Coffe and
Groceries at
Tenders for Gravelling Bernard Avenue
and Pendo/.i Street.
Saturday, September 17th:
Malta Vita     -        -        1 Oc. package
Macaroni    -        -        -   1 Oc. lb.
Old Dutch Cleanser        1 Oc. tin
Dhoice Raisins    -        -   1 Oc. package
Anything in the window for a dime.
No   old  stock,   everything  absolutely
fresh.    One trial will convince you.
All kinds of Fresh Fruits  and  Vegetables always on hand.
Get the Habit, and Get it Right,
and Patronize
Tenders will be received by the undersigned, up to Wednesday, Sept. 7th, 1910,
for supplying, hauling, and spreading from
'100 to 500 cubic yards of shale rock on
Pendozi Street, south of Mill Creek bridge,
and the same amount on the west end of
Bernard Avenue. Tenders to state price
per cubic yard.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
G. H. Dunn, City Clerk.
Kelowna, Aug. 29th, 1910. 40
And Three Lots for sale, on
Glen Avenue.
Has  8 rooms and a lean-to
addition with 3 rooms.
Lots planted with fruit trees.
Will be sold together and with furniture
or separately as desired.
For further particulors apply
Orchard City Record Office.
Phone 35 Phone 35
The Money Saving Store.
Osoyoos Division Yale District.
Notice is hereby given that an application
will be made under Part V. of the " Water
Act, 1909," to obtain a license in the
Osoyoos Division of Yale District.
(a.) The name, address and occupation
of applicant—S. Sproul, Rutland farmer.
(b.) The name of the lake, stream or
source—North Fork of Mission Creek.
(c.) .The point of diversion—At the intake of the Belgo-Canadian Fruit Land:
(d.) The quantity of water applied for
—eight-tenths cubic foot per second.
(e.) The character .of the proposed
works—Taking the water along the ditch
of the Belgo-Canadian Fruit Lands Company, thence by flume, ditch or pipe to
the land to be irregated.
(/.) The premises on which the water
is to be used—5 1-2 of S.W. 1-4 Sec. 25.
Lot 26.
(g.) The purposes for which the water
is to be used—Irrigation.
(h.) If for irrigation describe the land
intended to be irrigated, giving acreage—
70 acres, S. 1-2 of S.W. 1-4 Sec. 25, Tp.
0'.)    Area   of   Crown   land intended to
be   occupied   by   the  proposed   works—
I None.
' (£.) This notice was posted on the 23
i j day of August, 1910, and application will
i be made to the Commissioner on the 26th
: day of September, 1910.
] (/.) Give the names and addresses of
! any riparian proprietors or licensees who
' or whose lands are likely to be affected
i by the proposed works, either above or
i below the outlet—None.
Rutland, B. O "
The People's Store
Phones:   Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
W. C. T. U. Notes.
Conducted by tlie Lfidies of the Kelcwna branch
of the W. C. T. U.
The W. C. T. U. meet every second Tuesday of the month at the home of one or
other of the members. Visitors ire always
"It does not pay to have one citizen in
the country jail because another citizen
sold him liquor.
It does not pay to have fifty workingmen
poor and ragged in order to have one barkeeper dressed in broadcloth and flush of
It does not pay to have fifty working-
men living on bone soup and half rations
in order that the liquor men may flourish
on roast turkey and champagne.
It does not pay to have ten smart, active
and intelligent boys transformed into hoodlums and thievas to enable one to lead an
easy life by selling them liquor.
It does not pay to have one thousand
homes blasted, ruined and turned into
hells of disorder and misery in order that
one wholesale liquor dealer dealer may
amass a large fortune.
Iceland has no jail no penitentiary; there
is no court.and only one polieceman. Not
a drop of alcholic liquor is made on the
island, and its 78.8C0 people are total abstainers, since they will not permit any
liquor to be imported.
There is not an illiterate person on the
island, not a child ten years old unable to
read, the system of public schools being
practially perfect.
There are special seminaries and colleges, several good news papers, and a
printing establishment which every year
publishes a number of books on verious
The snartest men the world has ever
known cohdemn liquor, here is what a
few of them say:
Lincoln:    "The liquor traffic is a cancer
in society, and all attempts to   regulate  it
■v. ill aggravate the evil.    It must  be   era
McKinley: "Every man who votes for
licence becomes of necessity a  partner  to
the liquor  traffic the most   degrading
and ruinous of all human pursuits."
Roosevelt: "The saloon tends to produce criminality in the population at large
and lawbreaking among the saloon-keepers
"Why! but these art works do fun into
money." remarked a passenger. When I
was in Chicago, I saw a little painting about a foot square, that was held at five
hundred dollars. If I had a million of
money you'd never catch me paying five
hundred dollars for a painting like that.
"That's the way you talk," spok,e np a
bashful travler, "but I'll guarntee that you
have paid four times as much money for
a painting not one tenth part as big," What
me". "Yes you." "What painting." The
one on the end of your nose."
Are  now arriving  in  large  quantities.
We have all the Latest  Novelties  in  Neckwear and.
Hair Goods,  direct from New York.
New  Dress Goods  in  all the  Latest Colors
and  Materials.
New Fall  Coats for  Ladies   and   Children,  due   to
arrive next week.
Full line of Ladies' and Children's Shoes for fall
just to  hand.
This is the place to buy your School Boots.
•trtia ,
Nervous Exhaustion
Indigestion, Heartburn, Dyspepsia and Constipation result more
often from nervous exhaustion
than from food. Dieting or pills
willnotavail. The only remedy is
nerve repair. "Asaya-Nbu-
rau," is and makes possible this
cure. It feeds the nerves, induce
sleep, quickens the appetite and
digestion, and these disorders dis
appear. $1.50 per bottle. Obtainj
from the local agent.
Don't waste your money buying plasters
.when you can get a bottle of Chamberlain's
! Liniment for twenty-five cents. A piece
j of flannel dampened with this liniment is
I superior to any plaster for lame back, pains
' in the side and chest, and much cheaper.
' Sold by all druggists.
We have just to hand all the Latest Samples of Fall
Suitings, and if you are in need of a new suit,
come  in  and  get  measured  up.
We guarantee Style and Fit.
New Fall Stock of Shirts, Underwear, Sox, Ties,
and Collars arriving every day.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is to-day the best known
medicine in use for the relief and cure of
bowel complaints. It cures gripinig, diarrhoea, dysentery, and should be taken at
the first unnatural looseness of the bowels.
It• is equally valuable for children and
adults. It always cures. Sold by all
Trade Marks
>     DE8IQNS
.... Copyrights Ac.
.Anyone tending a sketch and description nmr
oulokly ascertain our opinion free whetlior an
Invention Is protonbly patentable, Communion.
  '-'-'■ ifldonttal. HANDBOOK on PatonU
t ngoncy torseourioirpatentB.
1 tbrouKh Munn * Co. r»<
lions strictly oonfldontfi
aent free. Oldest agency .for buv........	
Patent* taken tbrouRQ Munn * Co. receive
tpectat notice, without ohargo, (a the
nectai TWHCC, wimuu*. mmhikw. i_» wi.
Scientific American.
A handsomely lllustialad weekly. , &"£?«' circulation of wiy scientific Journal. .Terms for
Canada, js.75 a year, po»UW« prep&M. Sold by
aU newsdealers. »
2 Cents per word*, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Eight-roomed house   (Morden's)  opposite
Pridham's   orchard, with   half  acre land,
small fruits, etc.    Apply Geo. E. Boyer.
On old Prather Ranch. If you have any
stock you wish pastured, telephone Cather
Springwood Ranch. The bunch grass is
in'abundance, and the 40 acres of meadow
will be at the disposal of stock after first
crop is taken off. 33tf.
Sorrel   horse,   pack  saddle _ or   buggy
horse,   gentle.   John   F.   Guest,   back  of
Ellison School, Vernon Road, Kelowna.
at immensely reduced prices. We are
offering all makes of typewriters for sale.
These machines are in perfect condition,
having been rebuilt in our own workshop
by the most expert workmen in the city.
Send for price list. The Oliver Typewriter Agency, 321, Homer st., Vancouver,
B. C. 3-
English  double  barrelled   breach-loading
shot   gun,   12   bore, in  perfect condition,
may be seen at the Record Office, x
Three first-class feather beds.
Apply Mrs. Collins, Glenn Avenue
Warhouse on Lawrence Ave. Apply S. T.
Elliott. 38tf
$3000 to $6000 worth of property in good
Sarkatchewan town to- trade for property
in Kelowna or district. Apply P.O. Box
70 Kelowna. 40p
Hereford heifer, branded G on left  hip,
Came into my place about Aug.10. Owner
can have same by paying expenses.
T. Cockburn Kerr.   40-2p
Between town ■ and Hepburn's  corner, ten
days  ago,  a   boy's   brown   coat.    Finder
please leave at Record Office, or   at  John
Curts, Kelowna. 39-0
Small family cook stove, and upright heater,-both in good condition.  Apply F. E. S.
P.O. box 314, Kelowna. 40tf
First-class goods. Bring your own boxes
to old Farmers' Exchange, or to my' orch"
aJd.--R. A. Pease. 41p
Osoyoos Division Yale District.,.
Notice is hereby given that an application
will be made under Part 5 of the Water
Act 1909 to obtain a license in the Osoyoos
Division of Yale District.
(a) Name, address, and occupation of
applicant—Danie\ McLean, Kelowna, B.C.,
(b) The name of the lake, stream, or
source—Dry Creek.
(c) The point of diversion—At Robert
White's headgate, being 317 feet west of
Dry creek bridge. *
{d) The quantity of water applied for—
1 cubic feet per second.
(c) The character of the proposed
works—Water to be- conveyed through
(/) The premises on which the- water
is to be used—South half lot 531, _l|&up 1.
(%) The purposes for which water is to
be used—Irrigation.
(h) If for irrigation, describe the'lands
intended to be irrigated, giving acreage—
31 acres of said south half of lot 531,
group I.
(/). Area of croyvn land intended to be
occupied by proposed works—none.
{h.) This notice was posted on the 2nd
day of Aug. 1910, and application will be
made to the Commissioner on the 2nd day
of September, 1910.
(/.) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees who
or whose lands are likely to be affected
by the proposed works, either above or
below the outlet—None.
Kelowna, B.C.
Is expressed in every
detail of your business
Our study is to improve,
not merely imitate, the
individuality and distinctive character of
your office supplies.
Let us convince you on your
next order.
The Orchard City
Record Jol? Print
An unusually attractive display of
New Fall
just received.
New Dress Goods
New Blouse Silks
New Delaines
New French Flannels
New Dress Trimmings
New Buttons
New Barrettes
New Golf Coats
etc., etc.
We  earnestly ask.
your inspection knbwr
ing full well the effect
the   sight    of   these.
handsome goods will J
have upon your purse
| strings.
1 The Kelotona
I Outfitting
1 Store
|    The.Store of the
1    Stylish Shoe
P.S.  Remember   we
have always given 5
per cent,  off on all     A
cash purchases.
"   ' A             •    ■ -
Don't put off having your watch attended to if it is not running properly.
Many good watches are practically
(.spoiled by being.kept running without
jj cleaning. When your watch7sudden-
ly begins to lose, don't move the regulator to make it go faster and'think
you have remedied the cause. Some
watches run for months with broken
jtiwels and finally stop when the pivot
is worn off the staff, then it costs much
' more to repair it than if it had been,
attended to at first! When your watch
goes wrong bring it to me and I will
report on it, and- make the cost of repair as low as possible.
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed
Cabinetmaker and
Certified Embalmer.
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.


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