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The Orchard City Record Jul 7, 1910

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And the world is
with you;  Quit arid^f
.   you stand alone.
Circulation Highest,
Rates Lowest.
,   , Qty  of   \
-" A     (SUM
Job Printing   ;
Special Facilities for
Executing High-
Class Half-Tone and
General Letterpress
Work. .
VOL. II.   NO. 32.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of City Council
Growth of Thistles on Vacant Lots Condemned-Speed of
Automobiles to be Regulated within City Limits-Ward
' System in City to be Re-arranged.
7 00
II 25
5 00
6 32
\-  A meeting of the  city  council
was held last Monday, mayor and
Aid. Leckie, i Cox,   Harvey   and
Stirling being present.
The minutes of last meeting read
and    confirmed,     the    following
, accounts  were  submitted   to   the
finance committee, to be paid if
found correct:
G. Dillon, teaming on waterworks
for June.....  $
J. Murray, firewood for gaol	
..B.C. Gazette, ad. Court of Revision
Robertson-Godran Co., 51 Corpora-
' tion cocks... ...7   52 25
Can. Fairbanks Co., nipples and
sleeves... t..	
Hinton Elec. Co., )   box National
A. R. Davy, teaming and sprinkling.
streets for June...... '......      56 40
E..R. Bailey, P.O. box rent        3
W. Haug; lime for power house...        I
Morrison-Thompson  Co,   Wat^r ■
works supplies for June ..-.........' 325
J. Tooth, refund. of money ad vane
.'"   ed to IanMcRay ......;;...
_A. Hanmore, work on water connections ...............	
--C.   G.7-Clement, J»rickl_.yei
power .house ;....,:... M-.\ .7...,.../.
. Van. Eng.'Works, I cast T.......7
G. H. Dun, salary and petty cash
E. Fowler, salary and overtime.....
H. Blakeborpugh, salary and ovcr-
.;:    time...,;..;.......„.„.7; A.:........
: 75rjB.";Cblquette^ salary for June.....
'.-.'•p. Mills, salary for'June „•..;...
'Dr. H.L. CKeltar, rent for June
7 70
60 25
Kl 25
«_:,   ■
88 20
140 00
''15 00
.^ldK'HarVey ■■ reported that.L_Mr,
Hfall Kad spoken to him about the
^amountof thistles being'allpwedto
~::8$6yt: niar ^ his placej- and asked
at^pme steps be taken to have
^fjiiBipy<e,d.: TKe trouble was,
C*Kil<Kn.>hnTU_,_ lirii-i 'vfr_4*
imencmg to seed "before
ahyAreply could  be gbt'in'conv
- municating.with the,m.
In those cases, said the mayor,
the city will have to go in and cut
down the weeds and charge the
;•. cost to the ■ owneirijj:>A'■■■■ "J-A
' The. city clerk was.instructed to
. see constable" MacRoy about the
enforcing df the7 bv-law  dealing
Jwith    the. matter, arid serving 6f
notices on all persons who are al-
. -lowing'weeds  to grow on   their
/Aid. Cox referred to some lots
> next to Aid. Leckie's place, which
were in a,very bad condition.   He
said tljat an effort should be made,
^V^t^gi^^ref'fceeij^the main street
'cleanand: fr<ee from weeds.
AThe mayor announced that Aid.
jonee would be leaving shortly for
the east and would be away for a
month or .two.   As he was chairman of the/Parks committee, he
thought it would be necessary to
.  appoint someone else in the meantime. •■ He suggested that Messrs.
' D..W Crowley and H. S. Collett be
put on the committee.
' A motion was accordingly pawed
to that effect. . 7 A'.A.A. A
Mayor Sutherland dho, ahtiounc-
y   ed that he had been looking through
the assessment roll, and had found
that it Wonld. be necessary to have
some rearrangement pf the wards
'\irt the_:ityi . Trie" south ward- had
about? 53 per^/t^^.'i^orei^/.of^Cthe.
assessment thatt^he. riprtti.'.'wareli
and thia T^AjciQ^jfy; to .thle'Act*
The council wOuld hawtp consider
-' which was the best course to adopt
JHe thought their would either have
-o make five wards', or do away
with them altogether; ,;lf they were
' jlo have the ward system.7at,all, it
' yould be better to haye brie ward
*or each alderman.
Would it not be better to keep
to the ward system, asked Aid,
The mayor replied that personally he preferred to cut them all
out. The tendency in many small
places at the present time was to
abandon the ward system. There
were many, advantages in so doing.
It simplified to a great extent the
working   of   elections,   and   the
preparation of the voters' list.
J There was a disadvantage, said
id. Cox, and that was that if
people had any complaints to make,
they had no particular representative to speak for them.
A long letter was read from the
Reeve of Penticton in which he
endeavored, to explain his recent
damaging utterances at a public
meeting in respect to Kelowna's
water supply, by laying all the
blame on the editor of the " Penticton Press," who he said, had not
correctly reported him, and had
invented many of the statements
for his own amusement. Some of
the sfetements he admitted having
made, and his authority for these
was. information he had received
from Kelowna some time ago.
.'• The'city clerk looked up a letter
he had written in reply to an
enquiry from Pentiqton at the fime
referred to for information .concerning Kelowna's water system.
The letter was found to contain
.none of the derogatory information
whfch the reeve alleges he'received.
Si§'__u'Mayor Sutherland submitted a
draft of By-law No. 77, the purpose
of which was to regulate the speed
of automobiles within- .the city
limits. 7 .-'.•■"•'•
• Ald..StirIing said he fully.agreed
with the idea of the by-law. It was
a very difficult thing, however, ;to
prove'the speed of cars.v , ,; : ';.
S^A^iL^kie^said7he : hitaf heard
of some kind.of ah attachment \fpr.
the axles of automobiles, in which,'
when' the speed gets over a certain
limit a horn blov's. 7- "
Aid. Stirling.said that the chief
difficulty would be with cars from
outside. Such a regulation would
realjy be very little use unless all
^e^.tpwriftlri the valley- were to take
similar action.y' He'was riot against
^he___jpi^;idfi'^ People'
ought tip .drive thrpugh jthe town at
reasonable speeds.7 <" .
Aid. Leckie suggested that they
ought to get information from other
places as to" the best means of
checking the speed of cars.' The
by-law eventually passed its first
reading, the speed, limit being left
open for further discussion.,
A letter was read from Dr. Boyce
re the raising of his salary as police
magistrate, .and enclosing the
following communication from the
Attorney-General: Ay
B. F. Boyce.Esq., M. D.,7;
Dear Sir:— ■,".. '.';'•'. , . 7
'  I beg to acknowledge receipt of your
.!-_ Jetterof the 27th-!nst;,~enc!osifjg-mea
letter''from the city clerk ob Kelowna,
in reference to 'your salary  as police
magistrate.   While it is true that the:
salary is> fixed by the executive council,
still I do not feel like taking the re-
.   sponsibility of. increasing your salary
above that to which you were appointed ■ without1, their approval, so that if
you will forward meconsent from the
city council! I wilt be 'glad to give the
tnatter my. further consideration.
Yours truly,
. A  ,' W.J. B6WSER,
-..,-. ■-.' Atttotney-General.
■ Dir. • Bpvce requested, the council
to give their consent tb the raising
pYhisaalaty to $75,0;
The matter was. laid pn the table
to be discussed.in.committee.:'.-
The following motion was passed
," Tjiat the Mayor, and -Treasurer
be authorized to'borrow from the
Bank of Montreal the sum of $2,500
tp; .mfcet jsaymerits oio' the water
wprks accbunh" A ' •      , .   •
' By-law Np. 78, fpr thepUrppseof
raising a tempiprary loan to meet
"current expenses; was also introduced and passed its first reading.'
The meeting then adjourned,
until Monday, July I 1th, at 10 a.m.
New Road to the
K. L. 0. Bench
Bridge Over Creek May B^ -•
Byilt This. Season
The long talked of road up to
the K. L. O. bench seems likely to
materialize at no distant date. At
present the only means, of .communication, between an already
largely settled district and one
which is fast filling up with fruitgrowers and their families, and
Kelowna, is the old "Gulch road,"
ithe dangers of which are too well
known to need comment. This
road is merely the old brail up to
the bench, dating back to the days
before any sign of development
had taken place in the district. ' Its
difficult grades, sharp turns, and
narrow places, make; it hard to
travel and risky even at the best of
times, but in the winter, when there
is any ice on the ground, it is
courting disaster to attempt to
bring a heavy load in to town, and
pretty near impossible to take one
back. With the# advent of automobiles, however, the urgency of
the demand for a new
road has been doubled,
pect pf meeting one or
\vkh a spirited horse in some of the
precipitous places in the Gulch
road does not encourage nervous
.people to come dpwri.to town very
often. And the trouble is that the
road cannot be improved except
at enormous expense.
A short time ago a petition largely
signed by the residents- and many
of the people in town was forwarded^ to .-,- tJhe . ,Hw7 J^s^ Elljsoffi
fpr';',thVrpng '.projected; new road, to
and better
The pros-
two  autos
rfsply has been ^received to ' the
effect that a report is being made
on the new route, and the minister
will endeavour to have the new
bridge over Mission Creek under,
way this season, as he fully appreciates the importance of this
short cut to Kelowna.
; Theroad involves the_bridging'
of Mission Creek at a point much,
higherup than the present K. L. O.,
bridges and would be much more
direct, and shorter, and easier than
the present round-about course.
Rutland News.
(From our own correspondent.)
Black Mountain   School
Penticton and the
Kettle Valley Line
Railway Co. Accept Council's
The Kettle VaUey Railway Co.,
informed the Penticton council at
their last meeting that they accepted the proposal of the latter with
respect to the area of lake frontage
to be granted to. the railway. A
a telegram was also read stating
that satisfactory arrangements had
been completed between the C.P.R.
and Kettle valley railway companies for the building of a wharf and
for the interchange of traffic, so that,
now all dfficulties in the way ofthe
Kettle Valley Railway Co. making
its cheif inter-terminat divisional
point at Penticton seem to have
been cleared away.
A party of some twenty men arrived last Tuesday from Calgary
having obtained work with the
Kelowna Irrigation Co. They arrived travel weary and hungry, and
in no very pleasant frame of mind
owing to somedifficulty connected
with their baggage. Tneir black
looks as they stood around the
wharfs after the boat had gone out
soon turned to smiles as up came
Mr. Tom Lawson with a basket of
of tempting ripe cherries, and a
genf ral invitation to "dive in" as
rnuch as they wanted. No need
of any introduction with the genial
jvAt.a,meeting pf"the LadiesHpSr
fytyT. Aid 'la8t"Safurday it was? de-
cl^^/'jfo'hbld a;raspberry arid ice
clfeani festival: tpriiorrow (Friday,"
July 8th) in the Park. The city
band are to provide the music,
and a good time is expected.
,, Mr. Wilson of Armstrong is act-
ingaspresiding officer at the examination nOw on at the High School.
Twenty candidates have preserited
selves.. •    '    ■ 777'.', '.'■• A
No money in Kelowna?    Over
$400    worth    of    cheques   we/e.|
changed at pne pf the hptels last
Friday previous tp the Aberdeen
leaving fpr 'Pentictpn.
A. Edwards and V. D. Wade are
at present training fpr the mile
swimming race at the regatta. A
swim across the lake is to be made
next Sunday.
The following are the names of
those making highest marke for
^ _     Junior Grades-
First Primer—Mona Ruth Woolsey.
Second Primer—fphn Campbell.
First Reader— Merriam Woolsey,
(Adv), Amy Flemming, 0"n)
Second Reader —Miririie Campbell.
Intermediate    Grade
Frank Sproul;  /
Senior   Grade
Junior IV—Joy Flemming
Senior IV—tS'lady Bird.
1       ' '   ' ■' '.''■■■  ■
Miss Fullerton and her sister left
Tuesday last pn their trip home (or
the summer holidays.   ;.
Haying is in fallowing this week,
a good crop generally' being harvested, and the weather so far very
favorable, i .
Mrs', Barber, daughter of Mrs.
Flemming, who has been visiting
her mother fpr a few days, return-
home to the prairie thifc week.
The annual school meeting will
be held in the the Bjack Mountain
school on Saturday at 10.30 a.m.
Mr. R. Upton returned last week
frpm an extended trip to. the Old
Country., 7        <
Mr. Joe Biggs has joined a survey party up Bear Creek.
Mrs. R. Butler arrived last week
frpm the Old Cpuntry tp jpin her
husband here. Dick is a buov
man these days getting his house
in order,.
AMr. & Mrs. J. W. Jones left Tuesday morning for two months four
of'the eastern provinces.
* The first car of the 32" steel pipe
for the syphan which the Kelowna
irrigation Co. are constructing across
the Mill valley arrived last week.
They are expecting, the arrival of
about two cars weekly from now on
In addition to the twenty men
who came from Calgary for the
Kelowna Irrigation Co. this week
pther twenty-five are expected
frpm Vancouver, making about a
hundred men in all who are now
engaged on the great irrigation
works for the Glenmore Subdivision
Arrangements are being made to
hold the convention of the B.C.
school trustees, of which body Mr.
T. Lawson is vice-president, sometime in September. About a hundred and fifty delegates are expected, induing some of the most
Prominent educationalists in the
The members of the York Loyal
Orange Lodge 1870 will hold their
annual service in the Ptesbyterian
church pn Sunday next, July 10th.
it I, I a.m. The male quartette party
will lead the singing, and render a
quartette during the offertory.
Members will meet at the Lodge
room in Raymers building at 10.30
arid will march from there to the
Mrs. Johnstone and Miss Marguerite. Millie returned Wednesday
from their trip to the Arrow Lakes.
-Mrs. (Dr.) Knox and her daughter, Miss Audrey, left Saturday for
the .coast, on a visit extending over
the summer months.
Born Sunday last, July 3rd, to
the wife of A. Pirpt, a girl.
W. Kirkby left last week on a
visit to his old home in Brentford,
Mr. and Mrs, G. W. Benson
passed through from Summerland
last Friday on their way to.the
coast.'     »
Dominion Day
at Penticton
Huge Crowd to Witness the
Races and Sports
Penticton had the biggest crowd
of its life last Friday, when the
Dominion Day sports were successfully carried through. The
" Aberdeen " must have taken a
big chunk out of Kelowna's population judging by her crowded
state as she left the wharf in the
early morning. The ' York ' took
in a crowd from Peachland and
Summerland, and the ' Okanagan '
in the afternoon brought still more,
from higher up the valley. Hotel
accommodation was at a premium.
The scene at the entrance to the
dining room was like the ' Stewart
gold rush.' Lucky was he who
managed to stake his claim in good
Penticton had assumed quite a
holiday appearance, and the streets
were gay with bunting and evergreens. The race course is some
distance out of town. The road
thither was a constant stream of
conveyances and foot passengers.
The Indians were theie in force,
and a pretty big force they must
have at that end of the lake, Many
of them had quite a prosperous appearance, and had brought along
some of the finest horse flesh in
the valley.
The field presented an animated
scene, crowded with rigs arid hprses
of all descriptions, and the grand
stand and refreshment booths  full
to over flowing.' .. V
y- ^!he ■iaaiSball match ' beStweeirl
Pentictpn and Summerland was
the first event; resulting in the de
feat of Summerland by 13 to 8.,
'      ' y ' ; '■'.'. '
Continued on pc«_ 8.
Voting og, JManey By-.
The voting on By-laws No: JA
arid, 75 took place yesterday. No.
7"4 is a by-law to raise the sum of
$3,000 to complete the new public
school building. No. 75, is to raise
$5,000 for the further extending pf
the waterworks system.
Only 33 voters presented themselves at the coudcil chamber and
the figures in each,- case were the
same, 31 voting in favour of the
by-laws and 2 against.
Important Land Sale
Several important real estate
deals have been put through in the
district recently, chief amongst
which is the disposal to an Old
Country syndicate of Mr. Long's
fine orchard on the benches east
of town.
The whole place consists pf 160
acres pf fine bench land; 26 acres
pf which is planted in apple trees
and l& acres in peaches, ■ and is
pne of the show orchards of the
district. The apples oi chard itself
was valued-flf'$1000 an acre.
Mr. Long reserved 20 acres-at
the southwest corner of the,property, tlie 140 acres included in the
sale changing hands> for $45,000.
Major Lindesay • is ,6ne of the
principals in the Syndicate acquiring the property.  ■
The wildest scenes of rioting
and disorder in several of the big
American cities followed the announcement that the negro Johnson
had defeated Jeffries in the big
fight at Reno. Several negroes
have been killed arid scores injured. A report was in circulation
last night .that the victor Johnson
himself had been shot in, travelling
from Reno to Chicago. - ■
A fine new house is in course pf
erection fpr Mr. W. Lloyd-Jones
pn Ethel street.
Belgian Capital Invested
in Western Canada
Fernand De Jardin, of Antwerp,
who during the past few years.as
co-partner with a number of other
Belgian capitalists, has sent millions
of dollars to Western Canada, has
just completed a tour of inspection
of the various holdings of his companies, and announces his pleasure
at the result of the investments.
Mr, De Jardin altogether has organized three companies for the purpose of doing business in Canada,
the Mortgage Company of Canada,
the Belgo-Canadian Fruit Lands-
Company and the Land and A'g- i
ricultural Company. The first of
these organizations is now doing
business all the way from Winnipt g
to Vancouver, and have already
made loaris to the amount of over
$3,000,000. In Saskatchewan the
Land and Agricultural Company of
Canada has purchased 200,000
acres of land, and at Vernon 17,-
000 acres of fruit lands which have
an extensive system of irrigation
completed. At Kelowna irrigation
works are being constructed on 10,-
000 acres of fruit land which th£
Belgo-Canadian Fruit Lands Co."
has purchased.. Mr. De Jardin is
managing director of all three
companies, and states that he has
a c'prps pf experts in the field.look-
ing for further investments in Wester,-?¥
ern Canada.'—Kamloops Standard.   * W.
The Childrens Recital
. A highly interesting event was
^.S^8"^! recital given by pupils' "
?&. «y^^7Rbwcliffe Hall, where °3
rt^ngJdAwas crowded  to  the '«>4
dpors^_fM__ the parents and friends
students.    A  long
^gone through, toe
in detail, and
the chid-
almost Wl!
ren acqui
ably well,
girls iriparticirf)
nique and,?, style"
moire than ordinary ma.^
piapo in the near futuife ' w
jun.,7yaried tjhe;7prp
sonie fine solos. 7
Baptist  Churclj   Y^
■y-.y- Meeting   7
•'".'.'" 7:V. ■"■''■ -;_. ■ '    '■■'■v^PfriHI^
The yearly meeting of the Baj ^^fii
fist church last Wednesday W:_.A
largely attended arid a gseatdenl;'-:
of interest was displayed ii»7ti <.".
welfare of the church. The furitt- '
ion was opened by'a banq uef, afiFT"
which under the cpairmanship cf*'
the Rey. D. J.Welsh the business pfix
the meeting was corrimericed.   i;! : "
A large increase of members way
reported for the past year, and th«   :
finances of the church  were in a
Very satisfactory condition.
The following officers were reappointed, Mr. J. H. Middleton trea-
surer, Mr. J. B. Knowles, clerk. Mi,.,
J. E. Ritchie, superintendent pf dhr -
Sunday Schpol. Mt Shapks and
the Rev. Arthtir Evans were appointed-deacons. A
The Royal License.
The adjpurned meeting of the
License Commissioners  was  held
last    Thursday   morning,   Mayor
Sutherland,   and   Commissioners
Boyce and  Jones being  present*'    ,<
Ihe business   in   hand was the., d
transfer of the Royal Hotel license "'*
frpm J. E. Wheeler to Lavigne arid
Dunk. i
After the meeting h&d been de- ^
daredojaehand'the minute^ pre-v7>-'
vious rheeting read and, «4ota(;*d.U
Dr. Boyce proposed that the Waru^Avu
fer be allowed,' There was hbWL-'^V.
ever ho Seconder to this prpribaed -7%
and the transfer was accordirlttly ,m
refused.    (- .A,   "4<?i£
W. F. Bouvette is starting « ixei^ll
express and  draying bu.sip«#>i)(p"
town, and will probably ttp^^mtS
in fpr a livery and salelft^^M
tb.e nearfuture.        s,   Af^^M
'U*.'ii_ 2
The Orchard Cifcy Record
Thursday, July 7
i-W-I.W .^Ifflf UHIHW.J<M^K-7T!CB_fH«_JI ia<M-t-___-__-5n
For 13 Days only.     July 2nd to July 16th.
5evere will be the cutting, but many lines of Summer Goods
must get out quick.
Save your Money on Bed Linen.
Sheeting, 8-4, Unbleached, regular 35c, now 25c
Sheeting, 8-4, Bleached, regular 40c, now 32c
Pillow Casing, 42ih wide, regular 25c, now 20c
Staples at Wholesale Prices.
15c Roller Towellings, .Sale price, / 2c
12|c Roller Towellings,  sale price, 10c
15c Glass Towelling, sale price, 12c
25c and 35c Cretonnes, reversible, sale price, 20c j
15c and 18c Striped Flannelettes, sale price, 13c
20 per cent, off all Bath Towels, Linen
Towels, Quilts, etc.
20 per cent, off all  Ladies' Blouses,
Wash Skirts, Suits, and Dresses
20 per cent, of Corsets, Hosiery,   ...
Gloves, Underwear
Dress Goods Dept. Values
20 per cent, off all Dress Goods, Silks, Satins
Big Cut on all Colored Dress Muslins
Over 1000 yards, regular 20c, 25c, and 30c values, now
offering at 15c per yard
One quarter off all Sunshades
Neckwear Special
Great variety of Ladies' Fancy IVash Collars, Jabots,
etc., half price
20 per cent, off all Ladies' White
Cotton Underwear
^__M__l^______»____JI^______q_-__^»__B (____■_■_■_■■MUMN___-____________■___■_■_■________■■
Remnants!    Remnants!
Remnants of all kinds at greatly
reduced prices
20 per cent. off.
Excepting "Queen Quality."
T and SHOE DEPT. 20 per^t. off.
Excepting "Queen Quality."
Ladies' Oxfords
$3 values for
Black or Tan
Ladies' Slippers
$2.25 values for $1.80
$3.25 values for $2.60
Ladies' Boots
$5.00 values for $4.00
$4.50 values .....for $3.60
Girls' Boots
$2.50 values for $2.00
$2.25 values for $1.80
Men s
/  Boots
Solid Leather
$3.50 values, for $2.80
$4.00 values, for $3.20
Box Calf
$4.50 values, for $3.60
$5.00 values, for $4.00
Men' Patent
$5.00 values for  $4.00
$5.00 values for $4.00
20 per  cent,
Gent's Furnishing & Clothing Dept.
ZU per cent,
Men's Two-piece Suits
\\ 150 values for $10.00
£10.50 values  for $8.40
$9.50 values  for $7.60
Boys' Two-piece Suits
$4.50 values for $3.60
$4.75 values $3.80
$5 values   $4.00
Men's Outing Shirts.
$1.50 values........ $1.20
$1.25 $1.00
$1.00 values ....80c.
Men's Balbriggan Underwear
$/.00 Suits ...80c
$/.30 Suits  $1.00
HATS  2* per cent off a11
Straw and linen Hats     HA 1 lb
The above will give you a few ideas of what you may expect during this 1 3 days Sale.
All  sale  goods  for  cash  only.
\         w ■ •	
The Kelowna Outfitting Store,
W. B. M.
■pi Thursday, July 7
Orchard City Record
Heintzman Pianos
We purchase them direct from the factory and can
save you $/50.    $/50 should be as good to you as
to a travelling agent.
Get our prices on these instruments.
We handle other makes and can give* you a full
size Piano, 7] octaves, in Mahogany or real Walnut,
guaranteed for ten years, for $275.
• -
Kelowna Furniture Co.
A business that is not worth
Advertising is not worth
The value of persistent advertising has
been repeatedly demonstrated.
Keeping everlastingly at it is what
We  are   open   to
take   contiacts for
Moving Buildings
:    AND ..'
Pile Driving
Clarke & Byrns
Box 131 Kelowna
THAT      ,
Offers the best and only reasonable real
estate investment in the Valley. If you
want to pay $1000 for a poorer soil, that's
your business. Glencoe offers the best
soil in the Okanagan Valley at $50 per
acre. Quarter down, remainder in three
/ears. 5 percent olf on tracts of '160 or
over. 5 per cent, off for cash. Ideal opportunities for dairy and mixed farming,
hay, fruit, berries, and vegetables.
Hitchener Bros.
Westbank, British Columbia.
A want ad in the
Record brings results.
Sutton's Seeds
Tomato Plants
Cabbage Plants
Bedding Plants
Asparagus Roots
Rose Bushes, etc.
For Sale or Rent.
A seven roomed house with
one and one-quarter acre of
orcharcLand garden, situated
6V the Vernon road, \'4 miles
from Kelowna post office.
For particulars apply
5. BARBER, Box 365,.
Kelowna Post Office.
D. W. (Jrowley Co.
Kelowna Ltd.
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
The Practical Joke a Celebrated Man
Played   on   Posterity.
One. nf Hi.- iii.tsi OnTiiMis ul |><r.trnor-
tetti JoUhs «».- Hun piTiiemiitNl Uy r_te
donor of the I'fii'iiiiiifii Scijiiih museum
ot pictures una oUihi vniiiMiiie objw.'ts
d'art i<> Khirnii'd Hie hii«* Sir John
'Sonne, vvlio ill-d in 1SM7 in riia will
Sir Jobn iiiiifli- i>rnvi. ion foi the opening of three seined i-ii|i1m»it(Is on certain specifier) rimes in Hie presence ot
the trustees In l.siiti mm is u> say,
almost ililny years ,ih,., tHe deiitb of
tbe testator ihe first of tlie mysterious
receptacles was wii h mm-h Ceremony
and breaking of sen is opened in tbe
presence of a coiiimutee of men, witb
"the then president of the Ko_ai academy, Sir V. (.ruin, hi their head, instead of h priceless (.ensure or some
evidence that would throw an entirely
new light upon some doubtful Incident
ln political history the contents ot tbe
cupboard proved to be worthless accounts,, letters and stationery.
Twenty years passed by. and tbe Interest tbat bad smoldered after the
disappointment of I860 was again
fanned into flame m the prospect of
breaking/the seals ot the second cupboard, at which rite there were present, among others. Dr. Alfred Water-
bouse, R. A., and Sir (then Dr.i B. W.
Richardson. Like the cupboard mentioned in tbe well known nursery
rhyme. Sir John's second cabinet
proved "bare" of any sensation, the
contents being cfjlpfly composed of letters relating to. certain long forgotten
family quarrels ih.it lnul not even tbe
merit of being interesting. If some of
those authorized to he present at the
opening of .the tbird aud last receptacle of mystery were dubious about the
profit that would .accrue by letting the
light of day fall upon tbe contents
thereof after sixty years" darkness, one
at least. Sir B VV l.f.hardson. looked
forward with tuniimied interest to tbat
day in I8!)(i when the last seal would
be broken nud the mystery solved, but
he. alas, died just two days before the
ceremony was perfon t, and tbe fact
that Sir John find played u practical
joke upou posterity wns duly confirmed by tbe presence of a collection oi
perfectly worthless letters and papers.
To Praise a Turkish Babv Is to Terrify
Its Mother  #
Turkish  women   even  the most enlightened of t item -nre very.-supe.st_"
"tious    To praise a hnhy lb its mother
is all  your  life  is  worth should  tbe
baby happen to fall ill afterward.
The evil eye Is ihe most common belief, and little children, who may be
dressed Iii the -height of European
fashion otherwise, will wpar under the
brim of their huts n piece of garlic or
other potent cimri.ii against the evil
eye. Nitlsay M.iiioinii. a woman uot
only well, edtiinted. tint possessed ol
an unusual mind, had four children.
They were fault lessiy dressed in imported Huglish clothes, but each ot
them wore some trinket against the
evil eye. I tensed her about It. and
she protested Hint It was not ber doing. "The slaves put them on. and I
do oot wisb to hurt their feelings by
taking them off," she said.
I resolved to lest-her enlightenment;
and tbe next time I saw tbe baby with
ber 1 exclaimed, "What a lovely little
"You wretcb!" sbe cried. "Spit on
that child at once!"
I laughed at ber' manifest terror, bnt
hastened to add. "I do not think ber
lovely in the. least, for she bas red
hair and freckles and a pug oose. but
1 wanted tV find but whether It was
yon or the slaves wbo put tbat garlic
on yonr babies."
She shrugged ber shoulders. "Tbe
slaves did It, but 1 suppose 1 do in the
bottom of my heart believe In tbe evil
eye. It Is ln the blood."-Mrs Kenneth Brown In Metropolitan Magazine.
A Great Work of Art
It was Apelles wbo visited tbe studio
of Protogenes lu Rome and, finding tbe
artist absent, drew a thin colored line
lu sucb a way that the Komnu Knew
that only bis Grecian brother could
have doue It. But. not to be outdone,
Protogenes drew a thinner line upon
that of Apelles. aud when this was
seen Apelles drew a tbird line upon
that of I'rotogeues. This panel was
then looked upon as tbe greatest work
of art, so says tbe story, ln tbe palace
of tbe Caesars.
We are specially equipped for the production of
High-grade Job Printing
and you will be consulting your own interest in ■
letting us figure on your work-
"Record" Job Print Dept.
A Shady Place.
A hotel keeper near New Yorfe etty
is a Frenchman, and his family know
little more about Kngllgh than be does.
His suburban hotel stands In the center of a square filled wltb large trees.
When^the proprietor wanted to call attention to this advantage be put ob bis
cards, "Tbe most sbnd.v hotel around
New York." Tbe reputation of tbe
place Is beyond reproach, and tbe proprietor does not know yet why so
many persous smile wben they read
tbe line quoted.
Not at All Stylish.
Mndnm-YVhnt a funny looking bat
that woman has ou! Adum-Don't see
anything fuuuy about It Looks mighty
sensible to me. M Ada in-Yes; that's
what makes it so funny looking. '!•.
he!-New York Times £
Just at Good, j
"Have   you   nuy   postage   stamps?"1
asked the mm entering ,m> drugstore.
.   "1  have, not."  repn,.,j  the druggtaf,
"butTve got f.lnsters that stick Just
ob good."- Yoni.t.rs Statesman.
If you wishmiy blewilug look tor it
yourself.- Ar r mo. ,
News of the Valley.
A new blacksmith shop is being
erecten in Summerland to replace
the ond recently destroyed by fire.
Vernon is considering the advisability of tinting the cerr.cnt
used in sidewalks in order to reduce the glare in the hot sun.
Postmaster Lefroy, of Vernon,
has had the misfortune to break his
collar bone by falling through the
floor joists of a new building which
is being erected.
Mayor Husband proposed the
following resolution in the last
meeting of' the Vernon council:
" That in the opinion of this council, improvements should be exempt
from taxation, and that taxes should
be levied on land values only,
and that immediate steps be taken
to secure the opinion of the ratepayers on the subject." Our
present system, declared Mr. Husband, in the course of his speech,
is a direct discouragement to the
home maker. If a man owns a
vacant lot we only tax him a certain amount, but as soon as he
shows a little enterprise and helps
to build up the city—and the business of every merchant, mechanic
and laborer in the city—by building
himself a home, we reward him by
taxing him extra for his enterprise.
Not .only does it discourage home
building in this direct way but it;
discourages it in an indirect way
in that by allowing the speculator
or absentee owner to get off lightly,
in the way of taxes it encourages
them to hold their land at too high
a price for the would-be home
builder to buy it.
Vernon council have granted
$600 to their Fire Brigade Band for
the current year.
Summerland's annual exhibition
is to be held about the 14th of
October. About. $600 is to be
given in prizes, and efforts are being made to -organize a good
Mr. T: J. Smith has installed a
canning plant in Summerland, and
will have it in readiness for this
season's crop. It is capable of
dealing with about 1000 cans a
Whilst digging a drain under the
Mountain House at Prairie Valley,
recently, the worker came across a
nest containing six eggs upon which
the mother bird was sitting, about
two feet under the surface. The
eggs were all fertile. It would be
interesting to know how the bird
came to be there, and how many
years it had been buried.—Summer-
land Review.
The members of the Canoe Club
have had a very good offer for
their war canoe. It has not yet
been decided what to do in the
matter, but seeing that the athletics
and sports ' seem to be in a very
dormant state at the present time,
it would not be a bad idea to dispose of this piece of property, and
place the proceeds in a tVust account at the bank, to be expended
at some future time in a manner
decided upon by the members.
Maybe, seeing that at present there
is no place for the bathers, it could
be spent in the erection of such an
one, or if it has to be devoted to
boats of some kind, then a good
idea would be to erect some sort
of landing for motors, &c, which
couid be used as a tie-up for craft
of this description. — Summerland
The grand stand at Naramata is
to be greatly enlarged before next
regatta, on July 28th.
Mr. John Pringle, of the Pringle
Stock Co., who recently visited
Kelowna, had a nasty accident
driving from Penticton to Keremeos. Through the breaking of a
ole-strap on the rig he was driving,
e wa thrown out, and somewhat
stunned by the fall. He was taken
into town by the stage, which was
close behind.
Robert Gibson, of Keremeos, has
planted three and a half acres of
cucumbers. He is growing a new
and litile known variety called the
" Everlasting," and is expecting to
ship to outside points in car lots.
The Penticton Press appear this
week under the changed heading
of Penticton Herald, with a new
editor in charge, "Mr. H. M. Blake,
formerly on the staff of the Vancouver Province. The paper has
been taken over Mr. Clement by a
local syndicate.
Peachland is to hold its second
annual regatta on Thursday, "July
21. Aquatic sports, Including war
ennoe races, swinning and diving
will form the programme.
Chamberlain'* Stomach and Liver Tablets gently stimulate the liver and bowel*
to expel poitonout matter, cleanie the *v*.
Min. dure constipation and lick headache..
Sold by all druggitt*.
We, sell the Best Goods at Money Saving
Prices.   Bring your orders to
Biggin & Poole s. there is Vtilue in
everything you bay.
Made from fresh cream daily.
Any size bricks always ready, or made specially to order.
'    Everybody knows the Ideal Quality.
Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Alberta Creamery
Butter by express every, week. A
The same wholesome Bread and Delicious Cakes and
Pastry baked every day.
The quality and prices we offer cannot be equalled.
Phone 39 •■■ '■', Phone 39
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66
Kelowna, B.C.
Boat Builder
Launches/ Sail Boats
Skiffs,.Canoes and Scotos
Roto Boats' and (Janoes
for hire.
Cheap Kre Wood
■   —■■I— IH    .-I I..        I   ^   ■■■■■_    ■!   -.,.. || — -■—■■_    I- ■_,.-, | ■    _■    I.-       |        .
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
will deliver 20 inch wdod for
$1.50 per Rick
Orders filled in rotation.
Fun£Jj^tt^-at South Okanagan, for the summer,
$_.U per month.
Two Cottages, on Ellis Street, $ 12 per month.
I4I7\_i7CTC_rMiT    O     WM __ J_T»rn_ rv
* «-_ tt _u_ i aJV/lT OC MAlYiTttLT
For the Farm, Garden,
or Field.
CATALOGUE   -   -   -   -
Office and Packing Grounds,
3010, Westminster Rd., Vancouver.
 " '"    "       ""    .""'  ■llMMIIHMftlyijIii,
' 1
y '4
t   1<5
'^x" ';A'' \% 4
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, July 7
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published eoery Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna. B.C.
CHAS. H.  LEATHLEY, Business Manager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
T. United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising tales upon application.
The Coming Irrigation
The subject of irrigation has become one of the utmost importance
in the west. In both the United
States and the dominion the subject
has been specialized and 3'ear by
year—profiting by experience in
practical irrigation, laying out and
operating irrigation projects and the
enacting of legislation dealing with
water rights and privileges, marked
progress is being made. To keep
western Canada in touch with that
progress and to be a factor in the
making of it, the Western Canada
Irrigation association was organized
and on the third, fourth and fifth
of August the annual convention
of the association will be held, the
place of meeting being Kamloops,
The immense irrigation works
carried on by the C.P.R. in Alberta,
the several large irrigation projects
in operation and in progress in this
province, reclaiming great tracts of
semi-arid land, and the many other
extensive tracts still awaiting reclamation by irrigation, cannot but
provide much food for thought on
the part of those interested in the
development of the west. In view
of the importance of the subjects
that come within the iange of objects of the Western Canada Irrigation association it is highly desirable, nay, it is imperative, that
the attendance at these annual
conventions should be representative of every part of the west where
irrigation is or should be practised.
The basis of representation is such
that every city, town and district
in the three provinces of Alberta.
Saskatchewan and British Columbia
may send delegates, and it is urged
that seps be taken immediately to
send as large a number of delegates
as possible so that the convention
will be a thoroughly representative
The general secretary of the
association is John T. Hall, Brandon
Manitoba, and the local secretary at
Kamloops is Thos. Calloway, either
of whom will be pleased to furnish
any information desired as.to the
convention. Special rates have
been arranged for with all the
transportation companies. Arrangements are being made for
accommodating at Kamloops the
delegates attending and their
comfort and welfare will be well
looked after by the local committee
on arrangements.
Arrangements are being made to
have the recognized expetrs in
irrigation and allied subjects address the convention, and every
opportunity will be given for the
interchange of ideas and discussions
thereon that will lead to their very
best development.
Important Discovery of
Women as Bank Clerks.
We are shown this week by Mr.
A. J. Smythe, of the Peachliffe
Farms near the Okanagan Falls, a
fine specimen of abestos, which
came from a vein recently discovered by Mr. Manard of that place.
Mr. Smythe imforms us that the
seam is 15 inches wide, and is beyond doubt the greatest discovery
of the kind that has yet been made
in Canada apart from the famous
deposit in Quebec, from which the
trade of the Dominion and a large
part of the United States is
now suppled. The vein was
found in the hills adjoining Mr. Smythe's fruit farm,
about 2 miles east of Okanagan Falls
and the value of this important discovery can hardly be over estimat
ed. We are imformed that Mr. Jas.
Ritchie, of Kaleden, has invested
$20,000 in the claim, which will be
used for developement purposes,
and that work will be prosecuted
vigorously and without delay. Asbestos when mined is worth about
$200 per ton, and when the fibre is
separated from the rock the product
sells for $1,500 per ton.—"Demon
The Bank of Montreal is experimenting with women clerks in its
offices in Montreal. If the experiment proves, a success—and the
bank officials ore confiident that it
will—the day of the male bank
clerk is doomed. The reason for
the step is the great scarcity of
suitable young men for the work.
An advertisement for twenty-five
bank clerks to come out to Canada
for service in the Western provinces, inserted in a London paper
by the Bank of Montreal, brought
only two clerks.
Dr. Mathison, Dentist, Rowcliffe
Block.   Phone 89.
The Hon. Price Ellison and a
party of 20 started this week on a
five or six weeks tour in the heart
of Vancouver I. They are to make
an extensive exploration and survey
of the Buttle Lake district which
the government are reserving as a
great park. Large numbers of
photograph are to be secured, and
acarefulreportprepared. MissMy-
ra Ellison is accompanying the parRev. Dr. McLaren, secretary of
the Home Mission Board, of the
Presbyterian church of Canada, is
going to great Britain to secure
men for home mission work.
The Negro Holiness church
Hutchinson, Kansas, called special
services'for Monday afternoon to
pray that Johnson might defeat Jeffries.
Soreness of the muscles, whether induced
by violent exercise or injury, is quickly relieved by the free application of Chamberlain's Liniment. This liniment is equally
valuable for muscular rhumatism, and always affords quick relief. Sold by all
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in the
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays, after
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.        "
Morning Prayer at II   o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE. B. A.. Rector.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at 11 a.m.; evening services at 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. W. DAVIDSON   Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.'
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
The sailing schedule of the S. S. Okanagan during the summer months is as foi-
Read up
Daily Except Sundays
Read down
Okanagan Landing
Okanagan Centre
Short's Point
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley  Co ; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in force which they wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to 'Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary. P.O. Box 69, or Room 4. Keller Block,
Kelowna, B.C.
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
Cane ■ Sugar - Only
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.     .
T!_ British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
With us unless you want to sell it.
We don't make a pretense, WE DO SELL LAND.
It is our business.
We have sold thousands of dollars' worth recently.
If you have anything to sell, list it with us, we know how
to reach the buyers, and are reaching them.
We do an extensive line of advertising, and are receiving
numerous  enquiries  every mail,  for just  the kind of
property yoil have.
W. Curtis Hitchener, of the firm, is leaving on an
eqtensive trip through the prairie provinces and
the east, selling Okanagan Valley fruit lots.
Send  us  detailed  information regarding your property
at once. WE SELL LAND.
Startling Values in Women's Wash Coats and Dresses. s!tKyG
Our big special July Sales are offering unheard of inducements to the money savers.    Starting Saturday, all our stock
of High-class Wash Coats and Dresses go on sale at prices in some cases cut in half.    Shown are all the very latest
style touches in this season s newest fabrics.     All sizes to pick from.
No Sale Goods on Approbation. Money Back if Not Satisfied.
Below we Quote a Few Bargain Prices.
$6.00 values , Sale Price $3.85
$7.50 values     „      $4.75
$8.00 values ,     $5.00
$9.00 values Sale Price $5.85
$10.00 values         $6.50
$12.00 values         $7.75
$13.0 values ..Sale Price $8.50
$14.00 ,       $9.00
$16.50 values      $10.75
Job Lot Dress Half Price.
Women's Fine Lisle Hose, Black and  Tans, with  plain,
Lace, or Embroidered Ankles, 40c. values,
Saturday, 4 pairs $1.10
Women's Fine Balbriggan Vests, styles with no sleeves,
also long sleeves, and fashioned,
50c values, Saturday, 35c each
Huck and Bath, Bleached and Unbleached, 50c values,
Saturday, 35 c. pair.
25 per cent.
Lawn, Linen,
and Nett
Men's Fine Lisle Socks, Fancys, Tans, and Blacks, all
sizes, 35c values, Saturday, 4 pairs $1
Men's Fine Balbriggan Underwear, White and  Fancys,
$1.75 suit, Saturday, $1.35 suit.
Linen, Crash, and Glass Towelling, 12$c value,
Saturday, 9c per yard
One Week More, Sale of Wash Goods, Biggest Values Ever.
New Trunks,
best values.
BROS. & Co.
Established 1850.
*. ■ 7
' .i
■.  .. ,.;■'     .
a j wc _ J. '-i.i-Lt.\ i •■■ii i th      i    i' r--| Ml _. 'm'iihii ''    if- ■'■•■■
ikttMfc ■ t*H**f*t
u, -.U^iW***"*-****1 meamsmmsssB
Thursday, July  7
The Orchard Citij Record
The buggy months are in
full swuig, and the time
when vehicles must have
a good deal of attention
to keep them looking
You will need
Sponges and
We have them, good ones
and a lot of them. We
can suit you as to Quality,
Size, and Price.
. . i
See the lot of
In  our Window.     They
are very handy to keepj
the boat clean.
General News.
p. b. wants i co.
■ * '
Kelowna,     B. C.
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
10 Lawrence
Ladies' and
Gents' Tailors
ReDairincr and Pressinor
promptly attended to.
Everybody feads our
"Want" ads.
Try one next week.
Is expressed in every
detail bf your business
Our study is to improve,
not merely imitate, the
individuality and distinctive character of
your office supplies.
Let us convince you on your
next order.
The Orchard City
Record Job Print
The C.F.R. are putting in some
large extensions ih Calgary. The
yardage facilities are to be increased, providing stowage for 1000 additional freight cars. A new concrete machine shop and round
house is already in progress, and
a new wing is being added to the
station. In addition the Company
has practically completed, the task
of doubling the freight warehouses.
The urgent necessity of the exten-
tions is proven by the Western
Division report just issued, which
is operated from Calgary, has added seventy miles of sidings and
passing tracks and twenty miles of
industrial sidings, in order to handle the constantly increasing business. -
The coal holdings of the Hon.
James Dunsmuir.on Vancouver Island, amounting to something like
eleven million dollars, have been
transferred to William Mackenzie,
of the Canadian Northern Railway.
The first attempt at a passenger
airship has ended in disaster, The
captain, crew of ten with twenty
newspaper men, sailed from Dus-
selldorf last week in Count Zep-
perlins passenger airship Deutsch-
land. A high head wind sprang
up and made progress difficult. To
add to their troubles one of the
motors refused to work. A whirlwind struck them, then a storm of
rain. They finally Qame to rest on
the top of some pine trees, forty
feet from the ground. The passengers escaped uninjured but the
airship was .torn and twisted into
ruins. -   '   .
A report from London states that
it is definitely settled that Earl Grey
will remain in Canada another year
as governor general.
Carmen Siylva  Queen  of  Rou
manio  is reported  dyiug from  a
relapse following appendicitis.
A group of B.C. capitalists have
sent an agent to Germany to enquire into the possibilities of • a
passenger airship service.. If his
investigations prove favorable it is
their intention to establish this latest meanslof transportation between
Ashcroft and Fort George.
Weyburn, Sask, has been particularly unfortunate in the recent
terrible wind storms which have
been sweeping over certain sections
of Sasckatchewan. Buildings have
been torn down and several deaths
recorded. .In one case a family of
homesteaders were in the house
watching the  storm.    They, were
shocked to-see  their  own  bam
turned completely over and smashed to matchwood, but no sooner
happened than .the very house they
were in was torn from its foundation
lifled over their heads, and rolled
over and over, breaking and crashing as it went. The mother' and
father and a child twenty months
old were left. Beds, tables and
chairs were lifted by the gale and
carried many yards. The stove
wasblown over next,'and as it went
it struck the child a heavy blow on
the head, stunning the little one.
The mother had the child in her
arms, and had her arm broken, the
flesh being torn by the the stove as
as it swept past. The child died
soon after.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A.Sc, C.E..D. L.S., B.C. L. S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Amoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
KELOWNA, :: , B.C.
'•■    A. WILSON'
When you toant a choice
cut, gioe us a call,
or ring up 24.
Frank Baiotinhimer, Manager.
P.O. BOX 1,37
*' Financial Agent.
Money to Loan on reasonable terms
All hinds of Financial
busiiless transacted.
Phone 58
Office, Leon Avenue.
P.O. box 273
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box ia»
'Phone (16
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
v   _    CLIFTON
Mrs. LAWRENCE. Graduate Nurse.
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C.
Phone 134
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all CP.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings.Town and Country Residences
P^ONE No. 93
A novelty in Ontario stock raising may be seen out in Plympton,
in Lampton county, where T. L.
Borrowman is raising black foxes.
Mr. Borrowman secured his foundation stock in Rainy River and
in Wiscosin. He keeps his stock
enclosed by means of a closely
woven wire fence sunk deep in the
ground. He recently sold a pair of
his youngsters for $2,000, and he
has one individual for which he
says he would not take $2,000.
In honor of the late minister of
Finance and Agriculture ,Capt. Tatlow, who was accidently killed
some few months ago, an unchrist-
ened- peak ofthe Casade mountains
immediately to the south of Nem*
iah valley is to be given the name
of Mount Tatlow.
Dr. Alex Sutherland, one of the
most prominet figures of the Canadian Methodist church, passed
away last Thursday. Dr. Sutherland
has devoted his life for nearly forty
years to the work of missions, and
at nearly eighty years of age lays
down the task for which he has
achieved so much.       '
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
Insurance. ,
Miss P. Louise Adams,
■-   ' A.T.C.M.
Scholarship graduate in Piano and
Teacher's Course of Toronto Conservatory
of Music. Late Teacher in Westminster
College, Toronto.
Will  receive  pupils  for  pianoforte
tuition at the studio.
Lawrence Avenue, off Pendozi Street.
Address: P.O^ KELOWNA.
,      BANKHEAD,
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Keloicna.
When the stomach fails to perform'it*
functions, the bowels iecome- deranged,
the liver and the kidneys congested caus-
ing numerous diseases. The stomach and
liver must be restored to a healthy condition
and' Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablet* can be depended tipon to do it.
Easy to take and most effective. Sold by
all druggist*.
Ifipe Fitter,, Wells Dug and
Pumps,  Windmills, Drains,
etc, repaired and installed.
Haroey Aoenue, East.
Do You Know
.     THAT
real estate investments are the best in the
Okanagan    in   quality   of   soil,   location,
prices,   etc.,  and  that  they will triple in
value in one year ?   Have you stopped to
consider?     If  not,   just   remember  that
Westbank will be the largest, most industrious, and  influential place in the valley.
Now is.your opportunity.   Most excellent
bargains.   The lots are cleared, cultivated,
fenced, and have young orchards on them;
well  irrigated,   and  have  good domeati
-water.    Prices, $175 to $200 per acre.
Other most valuable land bargains
$25 per acre up.
Hitchner Bros.
Westbank    -   British Columbia
Best Selection of
Local Post Cards
and Views
Largest Studios in the Interior
Portraits by appointment.
Pendozi Street   -     Kelowna
Smith Street     -    Penticton
P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale arid Retail
If your business is
not worth advertising,
advertise it for sale.
Fresh Meat
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
'V • '• '
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135 _
■'-:■<& '•'
Having the advantages of-both Town and Country Life.
f-... •
You will have to act quickly if you wish to secure a lot in this desirable
sub-division, for it is selling rapidly.   The locatiori is ideal, half-a-mile
from the town limits and one hundred .feet higher, commanding a
beautiful view of the Lake, City, and surrounding country.
The soil is a light loam, with slope sufficient for irrigation and drainage.
Unimproved land, as desirably situated as ours, is selling readily in the
fruit sections of Washington and Oregon for from $650 to $1200 per
acre.   Conditions are changing here; before you realize it, this land will
have doubled in price.
' We advise you to inspect the property at once, and make your selection.
It is going fast.   The property has been little more than a week on  the
market, and at the end of the week, May 21 st, there were but nineteen
, lots remaining unsold.   Our town  is rapidly growing, and it will not be
1 long before this property will be practically a part of it, and we feel  safe
in saying, the choice residential section.
We might also state that it is the Company's plan to reserve the adjoining
1,000 acres, to be improved and planted out in  one large orchard  and
■   r~ '■•• retained for itself.
jXCapsofthc sub-division, together with information regarding prices and terms may be
had at our office.
V *
>?, i,
><€ 6
The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, July 7
The Kelototid Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
: '  i
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Leon St.
W. C. T. U. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelowna branch
of the W. C. T. V.
_____ 4
Your Photograph
made at
Graij's Photo Studio
can be mounted in the very latest
styles. ,     '
Call and see samples and arrange for a sitting.
Rowcliffe Block.
All kinds of Shoes Cleaned
and Polished.
Tan Shoes Dyecl Black.
Travelling Bags and other Leather
Goods Cleaned and Dressed.
Entrance to Raymer s Building.
The W. C. T. U. meet every second Tuesday of the month at the home of one or
other of the members. Visitors are always
A Group of Good Questions.
One of the documents used in the  fight
against the saloon in a town   in the Western States was a card upon which the  following pertinent questions were printed :
" Do you want saloons?   If so, why?
" Who of us want them, and for what?
" Is time spent in them that could be
better spent elsewhere?
" Is money spent in them which could
do more good spent otherwise?
" Is there likely to be any gambling
there ?
"Is any money worse than wasted in
them ?
" Do fathers set bad examples there for
their boys by patronizing them ?
" Do our boys get good habits there that
will make them good men, or habits that
will make them goo'd-for-nothing men ?
" Do you think it is a good place for
students ? '
" Would saloonkeepers themselves, and
their families, be better, happier, or more
useful in some other business ?
" Do saloon keepers want to do us good
or get our money ?
" Do you like the diciation of the saloon
in polictics?
" Let us think of these questions, and
vote as we think is right, not as those who'
only want our money wish us to vote.
" Has anybody been hurt by having
these places shut up ? If so, who? And
how have they been hurt?"
Canada Temperance Act.
At this time a few facts in connection
with recent temperance legislation might
be read with profit. The "Canada Temperance Act" is in part as follows:—
This act applies to "Counties" and "Cities"
in British Columbia.
Any city can take a vote for and by itself.
Each county or city takesavoteby itself;
25 p. r cent, of the electors can sign a petition asking for a vote.
The Federal Government fixes the day
of voting and appoints returning officers
without expense to the city.
A straight majority carries and all licenses cease.
Makers and shippers of liquor connot
import it into distsicts were the vote carries.
This is an effective remedy to 'blind-pigs'.
The no-license period is for three years
and can be continued by similiar vo,e.
On reasonable grounds a re-count is
The voting connot take place on any
other election day.
Liquor cannot be sold or given away
during time of voting.
One druggists or other person, is appointed bythe government to dispense certain
quantities of liquor under medical certificate for sickness, or under certificate of
two Justices of Peace, for other purposes.
For personal, or family use, liquor can be
obtained under restrictions, but orders cannot be solicited, no account* therefore collected in no-license districts.
Fines for violation are:— first offence, $20
or one month; second offence $100 or two
months; third offence four months imprisonment, with no option.
The Inland Revenue Officer or any other
person, or enforcement officers appointed
by the city or county can prosecute- The
Crimimal Code Part XV is also available.
The burden of proof is on the defendant.
—Vhe Standard.
Town and Country
Friday, June 8th ?
Sale commences at the
at 2 o'clock.
V. D. Wade,
Kelowna,       B.C.
Mr. Levitt left Wednesday morning for Vancouver.
, The death occurred in the hospital last Thursday, of Margaret,
wife of Thomas McGefrity, a well
known resident in the district. The
old lady, who had rer.ched the age
of 77 years, had resided in the
district for the past five years,
coming here from Montreal, where
she had resided for fifty years.
The chief mourners at the funeral,
which took place Saturday at the
Catholic cemetary, were: P. Mc
Garity, son of deceased, and W.
Alcock and A. Carsarso, sons-in-
law. The pall-bearers were John
Carsarso, John Conlin, L. Carsarso,
Vincens Risso, Tom Orchard and
C. Carsarso. Montreal papers
please copy.
Mr. W. D'Aeth returned last week
from the coast.
Mr. Tom Robertson, who is retiring this week from the leadership
of the band, was the object of an
interesting presentation last Friday.
The occasion was the sport", at
Penticton, chosen because that was
the last time Mr. Robertson would
appear with Kelowna band. A gold
locket fob with an inscription
stating that it was presented to Mr.
T. Robertson by the members of
the band and orchestra, was handed
to the retiring leader.by fvjr. D. W.
Crowley. The ceremony took
place in the Penticton band stand,
immediately after the races. Under
Mr. Robertson's leadership the
band has made a wonderful improvement as their performance at
Penticton showed, and it is to ,be
regretted that he is not to retain the
leadership. He left yesterday for
Mr. Thomas Shankie left for
Vancouver by Wednesday's boat.
The Rev. D. J. and Mrs. Welsh
left Monday morning for the coast.
They will be away for two weeks.
Mr.-Chas. Stuart, of Benvoulin,
met with a, painful accident last
Thursday. He was chopping wood
with an axe he had sharpened up.
By some means he missed his aim
and striking his foot, split his toe.
He is under medical care.
The Rev. J. Ball preached a
patriotic sermon in the Presbyterian
church last Sunday morning.
The Rev. A. W. K. Herdman
will preach next Sunday morning
at 11 o'clock in the Presbyterian
church, and in the evening at 7:30
in the Baptist church. The evening
service in the Presbyterian church,
and the morning service in the
Baptist church will be omitted.
Miss J. Hyatt left Monday for
Revelstoke, where she will spend
the vacation.
The following have been granted
diplomas atthe Provincial Normal
School: Miss Kathleen' Cockrell,
who has taken a position in the
public school here, Misses Gertrude
E., Annie M., Myrtle L. and Ruby
M. Hunter.
Miss Cameron left last Saturday
for Calgary.
The camping season is opening
up and Manhattan Beach is being
re-populated. Mr. F. R. E. DeHart
and family have moved into their
summer home. Mr. J. Ball and
family have pitched their tent, and
several others will do so in the next
few days.
The Rev. Gifford, who has been
supplying at the Methodist church
for the past six weeks, leaves
Kelowna to-day. The new pastor,
Rev. J. W. Davidson, is expected to
preach here for the first time on
Sunday next.
The Rev. T. McAfee, from
Indian Head, will deliver his popular
lecture on " Ireland" in the
Presbyterian church on Monday,
July 11 th, at 8 p.m. Appropriate
music will be rendered.
Miss Shaw who has been visiting
with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Knowles
returned last week to Vancouver.
Mr. J. S, Reekie, of Vancouver,
a former resident of Kelowna, is
spending a few days here.
The Kelowna Land and Orchard
Co. have just completed the sale of
30 acres of fruit land to Mr. Hart a
tea planter of Assam snd Glasgow.
Mr. Hart will be coming shortly to
take up his residence here.
Teething children hove-more or less
diarrhoea,' which con be controlled by
Riving Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhcett Remedy. All that is necessary
is to give tho prescribed dose after each
operation of the bowel* more than natural
and then castor oil to cleanse the system.
It is safe and sure.   Sold by all druggists.
"The Mighty Reo."
The car with the get-there-and-back
Wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress  upon  your minds  these tw;o special facts:
Robin  Hood  Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour.
Robin  Hood  Flour absorbs  more moisture
than other flours, therefore add more water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats. Bran, Wheat,
Barley and Oat Chop
Fresh Clean Stock, Just In.
Just placed in stock.   . ~"
Dealers in Farm and *
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
"Nobody Knows How Dry I Am."
Kelowna Water Supply
Is good, the Penticton Reeve notwithstanding.
However, it is admitted that the addition
of Lime-juice, Sherbot, Nabob Lemonade
Powder, Big Wheel Lemonade, or any of
the summer beverages, will more effectually quench your thirst.
We have a full fresh stock.   Try one.
▼ T   •      J«Vm_«        JL J__TL__L__X ^ ,^_/JLJ__
Drugs and Stationery.
Get Ready for Hot
Weather and Flies.
i > 'i
■ i
We  have" a large assortment of
Refrigerators from $10.50 to $75
Ice Cream Freezers, all sizes.
Screen Doors,   Window Screens.
J \s
**r ' "P"" '     mr^ffi) nmmwum.\»Mmmm
Thursday, Julq 7
The Orchard City Record.
The   Romantic  Story   o*   an   Old   California   »\. mer.
"The finest ni'iiLii'inan I evet knew."
said  Mark   1'wain mice, "'was an  old
the Prices Tumbled, and
Sold Out All His Stock.
Dan MacQuinu. who runs a general
merchandise store in a country lon'u,
California minei wu<> could barely ! conducts more (Miriam iand special
write his own name He was a forty- ! sales than all the oihei merchants piit
miner, and ne and tii* parser had i together. And the seemingly strange
struck It rich it. me cany days.   The    P"rt of u lf5 ",at "r mnkw a bt8 9U("
old man.hud m-niie. :-h\> u not child.
and he bad worked nani an tils life,
and when lie did get nis money ne
hardly knew wiiai tn do witb il
"He did not try tn jump into society
or tb push his way with the 'big fellows' there, lie emi tinned to live with
the people wbnrn hi- Had associated
wltb all his lite, and many an act of
kindness was done, many a wandering
son and fathei saved, many n sorrowing woman's burden lightened and her
borne brightened by an unknown donor, whose Identity with tbe old man
was only known to a few.
"It was different with tbe partner.
He bad a wife and two daughters with
social aspirations, and u.ter a whole
lot of poshing and naming and shoving they landed In society. The expense was too much ot a drain on the
husband's purse, aud be speculated,
wltb the inevitable outcome. He lost
his entire fortune and then shot himself. Then It was that the true gentleness of the old man showed itself.
The widow and her daughters had no
one to torn to but him. nnd he did not
disappoint them. He saved their home
for them when everything else went
under the hummer, and he maintained
them ln all tbe regal style to which
they were accustomed, although he
still lived in his old lodgings. Be lived
long enough to see both of tbe girls
well married and the mother carefully
settled ln life. Then ne died In a
charity hospital iu San Francisco. He
had spent every penny be owned on
tbe family ot bis partner."
The  Way   Charles   II    Was   Dosed  by
His Fourteen Doctors.
Charles II. of Knaland lived less
than a week nftet he was attacked by
his fatal Illness, and It Is wonderful
that be lived so long A monograph
on "The Last Hay. nt Charles II."
gives some eslraonliiiary details of
those Inst day*:     '£>.-
"The royal partem nad fourteen doctors in attendance I'hey bled him to
the extent ot thirty four ounces; they
shaved his halt and applied blistering
agents ail ovei his nead: they also ap-
,plied plasters lo the sntes ot his feet,
and they dosed lilm with -orange Infusion of the metals, wnlte vitriol dissolved In compound peony water, powder ot sacred outer, sirup ot buck
thorn, rock salt, emetic wine, two-
bleud pills, bryony compound, powder
of white hellebore roots, powder of
.cowslip (lowers, best niatitin. cream of
tartar, barley and licorice, sweet almond kerueis. sal ammoniac, antidotal
milk water, mallow root, melon seeds,
chicken broth, bark oi elm. a Julep of
black cherry water, flowers ot lime,
lilies ot tbe valley, penny compound.
spirit ot lavender, prepared pearls aud
white sugar candy, senna leaves, flowers of camomile, gentian root, nutmeg,
ale made without bops, spirit of human skull (commonly employed In convulsive disorders: the purpuse was suggestive—viz. to excite horror, as It was
to be tbe skull ot a man who had died
a violent dentin. I'eruvian bark, sirup
of cloves, l_alelg|i's stronger antidote,
Goa stone. Rhine nine and oriental
bezoar stone."
Dr. Raymond Crawford, the author
of this odd historical «keteb, believes
tbat tbe king's trouble was not apoplexy, but Bright's disease.
Easy Oysters.
During a discussion on finance Id tbe
United States aeuate'out. of tbe speakers traced the history ot tbe various
mediums of exchange, their development and changes from the days of
barter to tbe days ot gold aud silver.
"1 call to tbe attention ot tbe senate." be said iu tbe course ot the
speech, "tbat at one time tbe medium
of exchange was oyster shells. Oyster
shellB were used for money."
"Delightful!" broke u> tbe late Senator Hoar of Massachusetts. "If that
system only prevailed now we could
order half a dozen oysters ou tbe half
■bell and pay for ihetn with the
shells."-Saturday Evening Host
Painfully Frank.
Tbe caller didn't look it, but tbe declared to little Clorlndu that she dear,
ly loved children, it may be that she
Maid so be- a use she beard the distant
swlsb of the skirts of Clorindas roam-
ma; but. whatever tbe cause, she repeated It urglngly. Then, as tbe small
lady with tbe pet cat made no move
to answer her Invitation to come and
make friends, she asked. "Why Is it
that you love your kitty better than
me, dearie?"
And Clorinda's mamma entered the
room witb au III concealed smile as
she beard her daughter answer,
" 'Cause she purs as It she meant It"
cess out of every sale.
Recently he conducted a tinware
sale. All kinds ot tinware. tiousi-Doid
utensils were displayed on tables and
shelves about the storeroom. IMreetlv
In tbe„eenter ot the room was an im
mense standing case with eight or ten
shelves, on which was arrauged a
wide variety of pieces ot tinware 4II
marked in bold flint res
About the time the store was packed
wltb bargain seekers there came a ter
rifle  crash   from   the   center   of   the
room.   A   lumbering  expressman   had
tipped over the case, and the tinware
was   scattered   everywhere,   but   not
damaged   to any extent.   Dan  Immediately rushed to the scene of the con
fusion.> 80 did all the women attend
tag the sale.   After giving tbe dray
man a severe calling down Dan. who
appeared to be In a terrible rage, au
notmced that rather than pick up one
piece of the ware he would sell every
piece for 6 cents.  The original prices,
marked   plainly  on  each  piece,   were
from 10 to 15 eeuts.   Dan sold every
piece right from tbe floor and did It in
less than five minutes.
If any one of the bargain seekers
had happened around the store after
the sale was over they would have
been surprised to see Dan banding the
expressman a piece of money, appar
ently very, well satisfied wltb tbe result of a clever ruse which had
brought a big day's receipts.-Modern
Methods. <#
Sunday  Clothes  a   Favorite  Collateral
In Holland.
The Dutch pawnshop ot Amsterdam,
known as Bank van Leeniug, is under
the control of tbe municipality. Up to
1616 the. business was teased by the
city to a private company, but as it
refused to reduce Its Interest on pawned articles tbe city took over tbe bust
ness aud has managed It ever since.
The first shop was established lu the
Bnge Lambardsteeg. and business Is
still doue Iu tbe original building. As
the business Increased braucb houses
were opened, and there are now fifteen
such branches throughout the city!
Each article pawned costs about 6
cents for administration, and about
$25,000 per annum is lost ou articles
pawned which do not pay more than
4 per cent Interest
it appears to be tbe custom of some
people in Holland to pawn their best
clothes on Monday morning, redeem
them on the Saturday nigbt following
and repawn tbem on the following
Monday, securing their use for the
Sunday outing. Over 40 per cent of
the business of tbe pawnshop consists
ot this class ot pledges.
Tbe revenue is derived from Interest
on pledges, to 10 cents charged on
each loan for administering expenses,
amounts received from the sale of
pledges and rent of parts ot the building owned by tbe pawnshop.
The minimum advanced on any article is 16 cents and the maximum $20L
Tbe interest paid runs from 6 per cent
to 13 per cent Tbe amount of Interest collected Is regulated every three
years, so that the bank will not receive at any time more than 3 per cent
on the capital invested.—Consular Reports.
The Arabs of Syria.
Among the Arabs of Syria a man
changes his name after tbe blrtb ot
bis eldest son, assuming tbe name
whlcb has beeu bestowed upon tbe
belr. witb tbe prefix Abu. meaning
"father ot." Thus. If tbe son is called
Fudle Allah, "Cod's bounty." the father will be henceforth known ns Abu
rudie Aiiah. "father of (iod's bounty."
In like oiaiinei the mother would become known us 10m l-'udle Allah,
"mother of God's bounty." This custom Is not merely one ot common
speech, but exteudB to all occasions
and eveu to legal documents. Still
more strangely, eveu when a man
though married has 00 son tbe courtesy of oriental society demands thut be
should be addressed as Abu Snilm or
Abu .Mahmond. after an Imaginary
sou whom politeness confers upon bim.
It Was Not Surprising, Though, In
View of the Explanation.
Letters of introduction are not invariably serviceable. For one reason,
they may be too frank. Harry Fur-
nlss in his "Confessions' of-a Caricaturist" says that when a brother artist
was setting forth on his travels in foreign climes he was provided with a
letter ol introduction to a certain British consul.
The writer of the letter inclosed It
in one to tbe artist saying that be
would find tbe consul a most arrant
snob, a bumptious, arrogant humbug,
u cad to the backbone. Still, be would
probably offer £ome courtesies to any
one who bad 'a good social standing
and thus compensate the traveler for
having to come ln contact witb such
an insufferable vulgarian.
On the return of the artist to England the writer of the letter asked
bow be bod fared with the consul.
"Well, ray dear fellow," drawled tbe
artist, "he did not receive rae very
warmly, and be did not ask me to dinner, tn fact he struck me as being
rather cool."
"Well, you do surprise me," rejoined
his friend. "He's a cad. as I told you
Id my letter, but he's very hospitable,
and 1 really can't understand this state
of things. You gave him my letter of
introduction V
"Why, 1 thought so; but. do you
know, on my journey home I discovered it in my pocketbook. so I must
have handed to him instead yonr note
to me about him."
The explanation was quite adequate
"What we want Is harmony," said
the statesman.
"Yes." replied Senator Sorghum; "it
makes me think ot a glee club I used
to belong to. ..very fellow's Idea ol
harmony vvus to pick nis own key and
sing so loud nobody else could De noticed."-Washington Star.
8teps to the Presidency.
"Pa," said little (ienrge. "I've chopped down yout favorite cherry tree."
"That's a good «tart tow'urd the presidency,    son,"    responded    wise   Mr.
Washington.   "Mow spill It into rails
—tflttaburg Post.
Cashed Her Bouquets.
A young woman walked Into a well
known florist's and. motioning one of
the men aside, said a few words tu a
low voice They stepped back to tbe
desk, and he gave her some money
Some time after she had left be said
to one of the other men:
"Did you notice that girl? Mr. B.
left a standing order to send her a box
of flowers every Saturday, lie's away
just now, and when she sees something that she had rather have than
her weekly bouquet she comes lu here
and cashes hei (lowers, so to speak.
She's not the ouly one elther."-New
Tprk Suu. (j)
Just Like Iron.
"See here," said the irate customer
as he entered the clothing store, "you
said this pait ot trousers would wear
like Hon. I've woi-li them less than
sis week*, and now icon at them. Uo
you en 11 that wearing like irou."
"Hell, wti.v not':" rejoined tbe proprietor "Aren't they rusty enough to
suit you?"-- Chicago News.
Sounded Like a Gam*.
"We had an African expioreivat the
emu inst evening. He talked of pro
givMsivo. Abyssinia."
"Siiitiuls interesting, flow do you
vim ii'-'"   tout.-**tilt* Courier JoarojU.
The   Act  by   Which   One  Controversy
Was Decided.
Three men were disputing in Berlin
one day as to .which of them had the
best memory, and finally they asked a
well known writer to decide tbe matter.
"Read me any page of Goethe's
prose works," said one of the three,
"aud I will at once repeat It word for
"I can do better than that," said the
second one. "Put me in a corner of
this room, and I will play three games
of chess simultaneously without ever
looking at tbe boards."
"That's nothing to what I cau do."
said tbe first speaker again. "Begin a
conversation with me now about the
most absurd things possible, and at
tbe end of an hour I will repeat the
entire conversation to you."
Tbe third man was silent, and t'be
referee said to him: "Why don't you
tell us what you can. do? A few min',
utes ago you were boasting a good
deal of your wonderful memory."
"1 know it," was the reply, "but 1
did not then know that my two friends
took tbe matter so seriously. And as
.they are so much in earnest I will not
try to surpass them, for I cannot forget that each of them did me a favor
"Yesterday?" asked the referee.
"Yes," was the reply.
"AJid you have uot yet forgotten it?
In that case tbe laurels belong to you.
for yon have Indeed a wouderfu. memory."
Numerous are the quper beliefs con
cernlng tbe number seven. From the
very earliest uges the seven great planets were known and ruled this world
aud tbe dwellers in it, and their uumber entered Into every conceivable
mntter »bat coucerned man. There are
seven days in tbe week, "seven holes
In the bead, for the master stars are
seven," seven ages botb for man aud
tbe world In which he lives. There are
seven material heavens. There are
seven colors in the spectrum and seven notes ih tbe diatonic octave, and
the "leading" note of tbe scale Is tbe
seventh. Be it noted that the seventh
son Is not always gifted wltb beneficent powers. Iu Portugal be is believed to be subject to the powers of
darkness and to be compelled every
Saturday evening to assume tbe likeness ot an ass.-St. James' Gazette.
,-A Tragic Wedding Bing.
A tragic story of a forgotten wed
ding ring Is told lu the "Lives of tbe
Lindsays." He should have been at
church when Colin Lindsay, tbe young
Eari ot Baicarras, was quietly eat
ing his breakfast ta nightgown and
slippers. Reminded that Mauritia of
Nassau was waiting for biro at the ai
tar. he hurried to church, but forgot
tlie ring. A friend present gave him
one, which be. without looking at.
placed on the bride's finger. After the
ceremony was over tbe countess glanc.
ed at ber hand and beheld a grin
nlng death's head on her ring. She
fainted away, and tbe omen made such
an impression on ber that on recovering she declared she was destined to
die within a year, a presentiment that
probably brougbt about Its own ful
lillmeot, for in a few months the careless Colin was a widower.
The Old Way of Passing Bills.
A document found among the Duke
ot Rutland's papers at Kel voir castle
throws a curious tight upon the mode
ot getting private bills through tbe
English bouse ot commons tn tbe days
ot King Charles II. The case tn band
was tbe divorce bill of John Lord de
Roos, an affair tbat caused a great
deal of gossip in its day. One of bis
lordship's agents wrote In January,
1667: "On Wednesday last 1 got six
and forty of tbe bouse of commons to
the Dog tavern, tn the palace yard at
Westminster, wben were present Mr.
Attorney General and Mr. George
Montagu. As soon as tbey had dined
we carried them all to the house of
commons, and they passed the bill, as
the committee, without any amendments, and ordered it to be reported
the next day."
Send us your
Printing Order
We can execute them neatly and
cheaply, and give you satisfaction
every time.
News In Olden Time*.
Not many minutes after a statesman
bas finished a speech nbwadays the
news is selling In the streets and bas
been flashed to every capital ln Europe.
It was different ta tbe elections ln
the time ot i'ltt He made a memorable speech one March, and the eager
public only learned exactly wbat be
said from tbe Gentleman's Magazine
of tbe following November.—London
Saturday Review.
On the Wrong Back.
Charltnble Lady—I gave your father
the money to bny you a coat last week.
I see you're not wearing It.   Boy—No.,
mum; 'e pat It on a 'orse. Charitable
Lady-On   a   horse?    But   he  should
have (bought of your comfort before'
that ot an animal.—Throne and Country.
Blissful Ignorance.
He (pointing wltb bis whip)—There's
a   tobacco   Held.    She—Give   me   the
lines, dear, and see It yon can find a
ripe cigar for.yourself.-Harper's Ba-
/     \
Natural Qas.
Natural gaB Is a member of the paraffin series formed by tbe decomposition of animal matter, as ln Ohio and
Indiana gas, aud from vegetable matter, as in Pennsylvania gas, this decay
having occurred within tbe rocks and
probably at moderate temperatures.
Wben ouce formed It accumulates In
the pores of tbe rocks in wbicb it originated or lu tbe overlying layers, but
Is usually kept from escaping to tbe
surface by tbe preseuce of some layers
ot Impervious rock. It Is then obtained
by the piercing of these strata by
wells, or where the beds have beeu
Assured by folding or faulting It may
Issue from natural channels. - New
York American.
Why not get an Automobile ?
Did you ever stop to figure out the advantages which a reliable
Automobile possesses over the old-fashioned horse and rig ? ,
Did you ever think, you who live in the country, what a big
saving of precious time in the busy season it would be to have a car
which would run you into town and back in the time it would take
to catch, the old horse and hitch him up ?
What a quick means it would present of marketing your small
fruit, vegetables, dairy, and poultry produce?
Do you know that over 76,000 farmers in the States are runningv
automobiles?    They are realizing the benefits of quick transportation
in their business.
Just sit down right now and think it out for yourself
and then come arqund let us talk to you about the best car to meet
your individual needs. It will cost you nothing to get advice and
see the various styles we'sell.
An Inspiration.
"What's the name of her successful
"Gracious: "What does It mean?"
"She doesn't know."
"Where did she get it?»
"Why, she was on a train wondering in a discouraged way where she
would get a name for the story. And
just then the brakeman opened the car
door and called the next stolon."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Got His.
"I'll admit I was trying to get something for nothing."
"1 got what 1 deserved.**—Washington Herald.
Never forget that the nearest ap-
proneh to perfect domestic happiness
<>:i <•Mi-t.li ._ the cultivation of unselfish-
L«._cl. .        . _ _
are made by a reliable firrn with a many years' reputation to maintain. They are the embodiment of ease and comfort, simple to
manipulate, powerful, efficient, durable, and economical.
elowna, B. C.
■.m "V!
The Orchard Cittj Record.
Thursday, Juul 7
Goods of the highest quality, and at
the lowest possible prices, is what
you can always depend on
gettting when you leave
your   orders   at
K.   F.   OXLEY'S.
Here are a few of our Every-day Prices:
Choice Ham, 26c lb.
Choice Bacon, 28c lb.
First-class Butter, 35c lb.
Red Salmon, 10c tin.
Canned Corn and Beans, 2 for 25c.
Canned Tomatoes, 31b tins, 15c.
Canned Pineapple - - - 15 c.
Pint Fruit Sealers - - $1.15 doz.
Quart        „ -   -    $1.35 doz.
Half-gal.    „        ■   r   -    $ 1.65 doz.
Continued from page I
All other goods at very low prices.
All kinds of Frcit and Vegetables, fresh every day.
5ave Money, and get Satisfaction by buying from
Phone 35 Phone 3 5
The Money Saving Store.
The results   of  the   horse   races
were as follows:
Free for All, trot or pace— 1st,
Corsican, E. Johnson, Vernon ;
2nd, Jap, C. B. Smith, Vernon.
Special, Matched Trot—Not called
on account of insufficient entries.
Quarter Mile Dash, open--1st Rosie
Jim, Marceleay, Penticton; 2nd
McGinty, Hans Richter, Keremeos.    Time 26_:.
Half Mile Dash, ponies 14J hands
and under—1st, Fancy Free, W.
Homphrey ; 2nd, Black Beauty,
Richter.    Time 57_*.
Half Mile, repeat—1st, Baldy, Ufer
Abries; 2nd, Scamper, F. Fisher.
Association—1st, Rex, M. C Kendall ; 2nd, Sunny Jim, F. Marceleay.
Cowboy Race—1st, Blue Bird, E.
Raincock; 2nd, Blliy, D. Allison.
One Mile, open— 1 st, Canny Campbell, H. Briston ; 2nd, Skinny, C
Allison.    Time, 1.5 1.
Interspersed with the horse racing
at  intervals  were   foot  races and
other events as follows :
High Jump—1st, C Shuttleworth ;
2nd, W. Kruger; distance. 5ft.
Hop, step and Jump— 1st, W.
Kruger; 2nd. Chas. Alec; distance
37ft. 2 Inches.
Long Jump—1st, C Alec; 2nd, W.
Kruger ; distance, 1 7ft. 4 inches.
Putting the shot— I st, J. Costen ;
2nd, W. Kruger; distance, 35ft.
4 inches.
100 yards, under 16—1st, I. Brown
2nd, W. Nesbitt; time, 13 sec.
Half mile, under 20, 1st, E. Adam-
son ; 2nd, Alex Aeneas; time
100 yards, men—1st, W. Kruger;
2nd, J. Conway ; time, 12 sec.
It was a tired crowd which
wended its way back to the wharf
in the evening, and a still more
tired one which stepped from the
boat at Kelowna, and started on
the home stretch.
! I
Two large cool front rooms,
papered, electric light and city
water. Moderate terms to permanent tenant. Apply A. S.
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
We  have just  received  a  large  shipment of
Rice Straw Brooms
From Japan.
These we are selling at the
Ridiculously Low Price of 3 for $1.00.
As you know, the price of broom corn is very high, and it is almost
impossible to get a good corn broom for less  than  50c. to  75c, so
come and try the rice straw before they are all gone, as we cannot
get any more at the same price.
A large shipment of these   just to   hand,  in all  the latest shapes and
colourings,  ranging in  price  from   $](_.££  to  $_»8
A  full assortment of    (jLAuuWAiilLi    ^as ^U8t   ar"ve^'
Table   Setts,   Water Jugs,  Ice  Creams, Tumblers  of   all   kinds,  Ales,  Ports,
Sherries, Champagnes,  Whiskies, Beers,  etc.,  etc., at prices to   suit  everyone.
Remember Five off for Cash at Lawson's.
—■■■——■—■■■■—■—"'  i___mi...i i !■..■■,__. f  .,, ■-1 ■__■———■!■ ■ ■■ 1-1 _ ii _m i i     ■ . i ■__■.  n i.-
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
Saturday, July 9th,
Davys Livery Stable
Horses, Cattle,
Farm Implements,
Harness, Buggies,
And  many  other  articles  too
numerous to mention.
Also a quantity of
Household Furniture,
Will be offered, including
1 Sideboard,  1 Sanitary
Couch,   Cook Stoye,
12 Lengths of Pipe,
Arm Rocking Chair,
Extension Table,    Dresser,
Wash Stand,   Rug,
Oilcloth, Window Blinds,
Kithen Table,
20 yards Japanese Matting.
A. R. DAVY, Auctioneer.
The Great City of  the Great West.
Aug. 15-20, 1910.
$30,000.00 in Prizes.
The Great Spectacular Show,   "Fighting the Flames."
Six Days' Solid Enjoyment under Vancouver's  sunny
skies, on the shores of Burrard Inlet.
Cheap Rates on all railways and steamboats. '
Full information from Jas. Roy, Manager,
Vancouver Exhibition,
319, Pender Street, Vancouver.
Teething children have more or leu
diarrhoea, which can. be controlled by
giving Chamberlain'* Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. All that is necessary
is to give the prescribed dose after each
operation of the. bowels more than natural
and then castor oil to cleanse the system.
It is safe and sure.   Sold by all druggists.
Large and   attractive
rooms and offices in the
Raymer Block
Appk to
Bernard Avenue
The world's  most  successful  medicine
for  bowel   complaints   is   Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.     It
has saved   more  lives   than   any   other
_g medicine in use.   Invaluablk for children
^ "nd adults.   Sold by all druggists.
Don't Lose
Any Time
These fine mornings, but get up
bright and early and get your
work done before the heat of
the day. If you can't wake up
yourself, I will sell you a good
Alarm Clock for $1.50 ^nd
guarantee it to give . good satisfaction. Good American make
and long, strong alarm. Try
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed
Eight-roomed house   (Morden's) opposite
Pridham's  orchard, with   half  acre  land,
small fruits, etc.   Apply Geo. E. Boyer.
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
FOR SALE.—Twelve acres of good fruit
land on benches, with water record,
also an 8-roomed house on Park Ave.,
Kelowna.   Apply P.O. box 175.    13tf
A large  store  in  Water  Street.
Campbell Bros., Kelowna.
18 tf
E. A. Day will   not  be   responsible   for
any debt contracted in his name and with-
out his written order. '   26-38p
To let, with cellarage and stable  at  back.
$10. a month,   situated in Pendozi  Street.
Apply in first instance to   Box  J,  Record
Office. 20tf
widow, thoroughly domesticated, with two
girls  aged  8  and  9, desires  situation as
working   housekeeper  where  if  possible
her two children could be with her.
Apply P.O. Box 163. Kelowna.       x
Good smart boy from 15 to 18 years of age
to learn the automobile business.    Apply,
S. T. Elliott. 30 tf
Matched team grey gelding, 8 and 9 years
old; weight 3,100.   Splendid   work  team.
T. S. Drennen Keremebs, B.C. 30-33
At once for St. Michael and All  Angels'
Church.     Apply  to   F.  A.  Taylor, Esq..
churchwarden, Kelowna. 31-2
Thoroughbred Jersey bull calf, 7 months
old.     Dan  McLean, three   miles  east on
Vernon road.. 31-3p
Heavy team, $350.   Can be seen working
at Bear Creek.    Apply L. Lefroy.      31-4p
at once, three in family, one child.    Mrs.
J. B. Knowles. 32-3
at immensely reduced prices. We are
offering all makes of typewriters for sale.
These machines are in perfect condition,
having been rebuilt in our own workshop
by the most expert workmen in the city.
Send for price list. The Oliver Typewriter Agency, 321, Homer St., Vancouver,
B.C.     P.O.Box 1481. 3T-4
Pure bred Berkshire Pigs, 10 weeks old,
Apply R. C. Harris, Hawksdale, Kelowna.
Books and pamphlets, including "What is
Theosophy?" "The Ancient Wisdom,"
"Scientific Corroboration of Theosophy,"
"Christian Theosophy," "The Law of
Cause and Effect," etc., may be had on
loan, free of charge, from W. B. Pease,
Kelowna. 32tf
Two _ large  cool   front   rooms,   papered,
electric   light,   and  city water,  moderate
terms to permanent  tenant.       Apply A.
_.Cox. 32tf
For  general    house   work,   Apply   Mrs.
Rembler Paul, P.O. Box 302, Kelowna.
Containing cash and revenue receipt.  The
may have same by describing contents and
paying for this ad, at The Record Office.
-Court of Revision-
Notice is hereby given that the first sitting
of the annual Court of Revision of the
Municipality of the City of Kelowna will be
held in the Council Chamber, Bernard
■Avenue, Kelowna, B.C., on Monday the
1st day August, 1910, at 10 o'clock a.m.
for the purpose of hearing complaint*
against the assessment aa made by the
Assossor, and for revising and correcting
the assessment roll. N
Dated at Kelowna, June 20th, 1910.
City Clerk.
Take notice that I John Delbert McTavish
of Rossland, occupation Laborer, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted half mile
west of the north-west corner of A. J. Edwards pre-emption claim : thence west
eighty (80) chains; thence south eighty (80)
chains; thence east eighty (80) chains;
thence north eighty (80) chains to point of
Date April 13, 1910. 24-31
I hereby give notice that I will not be
responsible after this date for any debts
contracted in my name without my written
order. f (Signed) J. A. MORRISON.
June 30, 1910. 31-3


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