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The Orchard City Record Jun 16, 1910

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 Job Frihtirig
Special Facilities for-
Executing High-
Class Half-Tone arid
General  Letterpress
VOL. II.   NO. 29.
$1.50 Per Annum.
City Council Meeting
A meeting of the city council
was held last Monday, the mayor,
and Aid. Stirling, Jones and Harvey
being present.
The minutes of the preceding
meeting having been confirmed,
the following accounts were referred to the finance committee, to
be paid if found correct:      ^
G. Markham,' cleaning fire hall $      1 50
C. P. R., freight         7 65
Can. Pipe Co., wooden pipe and
iron castings for waterworks..... 3819 22
Collett  Bros.,   hauling   rock   for
street     524 25
S.T.Elliott, twine...............  1  70
Kel. Sawmill Co., lumber  59 56
Kel. Sawmill Co., hauling sawdust
forMay....  .91 00
It was proposed by Aid. Harvey
and seconded by Aid. Jones that
By-law No. 75 be read a first time.
The by-law is to raise the sum of
$5000 to-further extend the city
The mayor mentioned that the
question of extending St. Paul st.
to Bernard avenue, for which a
petition had been presented to the
council was in the hands of the,
city solicitor to report, and that the
matter would ,be taken  up later. .
A petition was presented by
several owner ofjlots along Cadder
ave. for va plank sidewalk, under
the Local Improvements Act, from
Pendozi street to Long st.
The plan of Mr.7EIliott'3 subdivision was again up for consideration.. The' plan, howeveri could
not be passed until tht signatures
ot the owners oftwo adjacent subdivisions had been ^teined, as
the proposed streetsWould haye to
pass through their/property. 7;7..
In respect td7 tKj^i^^«Mi^*ojf:vll^^
Exhibition grounds to the A. & T
Association the following motion
was put through: " That the mayor
and city clerk be authorized on
behalf, of the city of Kelowna, to
execute the lease of parts of blocks
4"? and 45 to the Agricultural and
1 Trades Assosiation for a term of
ten years at an annual rental of
one dollar.
New Bishop of
Rev. A. U. De Pencier, rector of
St. Paul's Church, Vancouver, was
elected bishop of the diocese of
Westminster and Kootenay at the
synod meeting held in New Westminster yesterday to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of the late
Bishop Dart.
The Rev. Mr. De Pencier, bishop-
elect, was born' in 1866 at Burritt's
Rapids, Carlton County, Ontario.
He is a graduate of Trinity University, receiying his B. A. degree in
1894, and his M. A degree the
following year at which time he
was married to the only daughter
of the late Lieut-Col. Wells of the
Forty-third regiment.
His first charge was as priest
vicar of St. Alban's Cathedral,
Toronto, under the late Archbishop
Sweatman. He served as senior
curate at St. James Cathedral, Toronto, for three years under Canor.
Welchr the present vicar of Wakefield. Before coming to Vancouver
he was rector of St. Matthew's
Cathedral, Brandon, wherex he
succeeded tKe present bishop
coadjuctor of Qu'Appelle, the Rev.
Dr. Harding. Bishop-elect de
Pencier has been in Vancouver for
the past two years.
More Reports from Fruit Centres
Mr. J.'C. Metcalf Continues His Itinerary of the Fruit Markets
-   Reports from Moose Jaw, Regina, and Winnipeg.
Mr. J. C. Metcalfe is continuing
his travels in the prairie provinces
on behalf of, B. C. fruit-growers,
and this week's reports are dated
from Moose Jaw, Regina and
Winnipeg.   ...
[Death of Rev. Dr. Herdman
Artificial Rain
Mr. Clement Vacher returned
last Thursday from a trip to his
native France. Mr. Vacher is the
inventor of an improved nozzle or
spray irrigation system, and it is in
connection with this invention that
the journey to France was made.
It has been a most successful visit,
and several of the large cities of
of France have taken up the system after a most exhaustive test,
for use in their public parks. A
large French engineering firm have
undertaken the __ manufacture \ and
sale of the nozzles in France, Italy
and Spain. Mr. Vacher is reserving
for himself the agency for the
Pacific coast, and some of the
western states.
The new nozzle has the power
to throw and evenly distribute
water over an area many times
greater than any at present existing
and makes practicable a more
natural system of irrigating, namely,1
" artificial rain."
A farewell dance was give last
Tuesday evening in the Opera
House to Mrs Dorothy Lamb, who
is leaving in a day or two for Vancouver. In the departure of Miss
Lamb the dramatic society are losing a decided acquisition, her fine
voice and clever acting being especially noticeable in the recent
production of the "Mikado" in
N which she took the part of Katisha.
Sht- is going to join her father and
brothers, lately proprietors of the
pool room, who have been at the
coast for some.
'■v ,
Mrs. M. E. Holmes or Monrovia
Calgary, arrived by Saturday's boat
on a visit to Mx. and Mrs. Rembler
Paul. This is Mrs. Holmes second
visit to Kelowna, and she expresses
herself as highly pleased with the
city and district.
Mr. Adams of the Central Okanagan Lands Ltd., arrived' by Wednesday's boat, bringing with him a
large party ef visitors from Vancouver. '
The following is clipped from
the Calgary Herald pf, last week.
Rev. Dr. Herdman was a brother
o^Re^ A^WvK.- Herdm__tr xKel-
"Rev. J. C. Herdman D.D., formerly pastor _.of Knox church and
latterly superintendent of Presbyterian missions, died last night, aged
54 years. He is survived by Mrs.
Herdman and a family of two sons
and a daughter who will have the
sympathy of a very large circle of
friends throughout the entire west:
The late Dr. Herdman was born
in Pictou, N.S., and his educational
course was varied and brilliant. He
came to Calgary as pastor of Knox
church in 1885, and he was a man
after the hearts of the people of
the west. His life and teaching
was one of tolerance and broad
minded Christianity. He had hundreds of friends outside of those
for whom he specially ministered.
Hid fitness for the position of superintendent of missions was recognized by his church and he entered
upon the work with a zeal which
was more than his health could
stand, and for some time he had
been out of active work."
The    interment   took  place
Westbank Notes
From pur own correspondent.
Mr. Lavigne of the Royal Hotel
was over at the, beginning of the
week inspecting some of the land
here, where he expresses his intention of buying.
Miss Leontine Lefebvre who has
visiting Miss Effie Bouvette for the
past few days, returned last Saturday to her home at Rutland.
Mr. R. T. Heselwood was over
on Monday with a party from Vancouver, to look over some bf the
land here.
The engagement is announced of
a popular young couple of this district.    Congratulations "Jimmy."
It is reported that a party was
sent over to inspect the roads here,
but owing, to the great need of re-
pails, the road was mistaken for an
old water way, and the said party
wandered off on an old cow trail
and became lost in the hills up
near Walter Allen's ranche, where
they were found a few hours later
none the worse for their experience.
The Vemon Fruit and Produce
Co. have purchased a site near the
new C. P. R. track from Dr. Boyce,
and intend erecting a large packing
and storage building. ,
Moose Jaw,
June 6, 1910.
W. E. Scott, Esq., './
Dep. Minister of Agriculture,
Victoria, B. C. A
Dear Sir:—
I have the honor to report as
Moose Jaw, May 31st
Idaho cherries are coming in
now. Mr. Symington, manager of
the Rex Fruit Co., here, informed
me they-cost laid down this point:
Per case of 10 lbs $1.85
California Cherries per case
of 10 lbs A2.15
Selling retailers, Idaho cherries
per case of 10 lbs.. 7; 3.50
Idaho cherries Der case of 10   T,
lbs ...........  2.60
Further stated Wenatchee peaches.are being quoted them f. p. b.
there per case 45 cents, and reports from that point heavy crop
of all varieties of fruit, and the
same from California.
Regina, June 1st.
Mr. Anderson, manager for- the
Vernon Fruit Co., here, stated, their
company was putting four men in
the provinces of Alberta, and
Saskatchewan, located at each of
the following places: Calgary, Ed-
tnonton, Regina and Saskatoon,
and will be in a much better
position than formerly to look after
the company's output of fruit.
Hood River, strawberries are coming in here now, and selling to retailers at $4.50 per case. These
berries are brought through
in carloads to Winnipeg, and dis^
tributed from there. The express
rate from Hood River to Winnipeg
$ 1.89 per 100 lbs., minimum 20,-
000 lbs. Seattle express rate in
carloads to Winnipeg $2.00 per
100 lbs., minimum 15,000 lbs. No
B. C. strawberries have arrived at
this point tb date, June 1st.
Mr. Smith, manager Macpherson
Fruit Co. here, stated from present
reports received, all indicate a
heavy crop of the different varieties
of fruit from California, Idaho,
Washington, Oregon and Ontario,
and looked for prices to rule low
for all kinds of fruit, and especially
for peaches.
Winnipeg, June 4th.
McNaughton Fruit Exchange
here, auctioneers and fruit brokers,
reported having received this season four carloads of rhubarb from
growers at Mission and Hatzic, B.C.
on consignment.
I st car 616 cases arr. April 28.
2nd car 540 cases arr. May 9.
3rd car 735 cases arr. May 16.
4th car 650 cases arr. May 26.
Stated it would net growers and
shippers an average price of 74c.
per case, on the four carloads.
Freight rates from Mission 53 cents
per 100 lbs. Freight rate from
Mission Junction 65 cents per 100
lhs.. apparently, there seems to be
a great discrimination in this rate,
they being situated about one mile
apart, cars averaged about six days
in transit. A few crates of strawberries arrived here the 4th, from
the lower Mainland, B. G, arrived
in fair condition, but poorly graded
and packed, somewhat green and
baskets not full.
The following is a report of fruit
received and Bold by auction by
the McNaughton Fruit Exchange,
Winnipeg, for the year of 1909 :
Ontario Shipments via Freight
154,978 baskets grapes
8,919 baskets pears
1,485 Cases pears
524 baskets quinces
5,095 baskets apples
591 cases apples   ,
99 baskets egg plant
221 cases cabbage
27 baskets nuts
5 I baskets cherries
5 baskets onions
15,227 baskets peaches
3,641 cases peaches
16,378 baskets plums
2 7,208 baskets tomatoes
433 baskets peppers
1,133 cases strawberries
300 cases cukes
979 doz. corn
32 baskets muskmelons
5 baskets gooseberries.
Showing a total of number of 237,-
333 pieces.
Of the above total 199,483 pieces
came from the St. Catherines Storage Company, St. Catherines.
British Columbia Shipments via
Express 1909.
633 cases strawberries
1,266 cases plums
851 cases raspberries
91 cases pears
29 calses apples
246 cases cherries
5 casses rhubarb
77 cases gooseberries
42 cases red currants
10 cases cukes.
extent, interfering with the sale of
our fruit products from the fact of
our fruit being later in ripening
and shipping, it will be further
necessary for our growers and
shippers to use the greatest care in
putting up their fruits in every
respect, as the better product will
find a readier sale and at a higher
price . The marked agressiveness
of Ontario and American shippers
this season in pushing the sale cf
their fruit products throughout
these provinces will necessitate you
as glowers and shippers of being
even more so, by all legitimate
means and methods at your disposal.
, (Signed)   J. C. METCALFE.
3,255 cases.
This report does not include
apples in barrels received from
Ontario;       '
R. Thompson, manager of St.
Catherines Cold Storage Co., has
been here at Winnipeg and completed arrangements with the McNaughton Fruit Exchange to sell
their fruit this season.' The following is a copy of a report, or circular, received from the St.' Catherines Cold Storage Co., St.-
Catherines, Ontario, by the McNaughton Fruit Exchange, of
Winnipeg. ■'•■'.
'*' The danger from frost is now
over in the Niagara Peninsular and
prospects are now for a fair crop.
Strawberries are coming along and
promise a full' crop. Sweet cherries
full crop, soup cherries a medium
crop, European varieties in plums
look well and will be better than
last season, pears have set well,
peaches promise a full crop,
grapes will be a medium crop of
very fine quality all fruit will be a
little earlier than last season.
The company shipped over 100
cars to Winnipeg in 1900 and will
likely send a larger number this
S£__S__n    tnjkv bm  rtr*nnnn_y _■<*.
their pears, peaches and tomatoes
in the Western packages and use
the same methods. The Winnipeg
people can look forward to getting
a good sample of Ontario fruit
from this well known company."
This company ships all fruit by
freight in carloads by Grand Trunk
and across Lake, than via Milwaukee, St. Paul to Winnipeg,
avoiding Chicago with its congested yards and delay there, cars
4J days in transit. They pre-cool
all fruit and ship in iced cars.
The following is an extract in
part of a letter dated May 14 from
a North Yakima grower and shipper
giving estimates in carloads of
different varieties of fruit at that
point this season, and received by
one of the jobbers here, was handed me to read:
Peaches, 200 carloads
Pears, 300 carloads
Prunes, 200 carloads
Apples, 2,000 carloads
He reported prospects for every
heavy crop. Idaho also reports
the same.
Allowing for over estimation
from present reports the indications
are for a good crop, and it will be
necessary for our shippers to get
their quotations into the hands of
wholesalers and retailers, giving
quantities, varieties and date of
their being ready for shipment, for
the purpose of inducing dealers
here to wait until our fruit comes
in. There is a danger that these
markets may be glutted to some
The Wide Tire Act
The wide tire act seems likely to
work some hardship in the interior
of the province. Reports from
many places state that there is the
greatest difficulty in obtaining
supplies due to teams being held
up for not complying with the new
regulations. The act was gazetted
some months ago, but little heed
was given.
As instance ofthe action which
is being taken in various places,
the following telegram was sent by
A. W. Cameron,- president of the
Quesnel Board of Trade, to the
" A meeting of the business nten
of Quesnel to discuss freight congestion at Ashcroft resolved to request you to instruct your offioers
not to enforce the Wide Tire Act
on the Cariboo road. The situation
is very serious; all kinds of supplies are running short.. We are
advised to-day by Bailey, forwarding agent at Ashcroft, that merchants are being advised to stop buying goods, as it is impossible to
forward them, if the Wide Tire
Act is enforced. A reply is requested immediately."
The reply was to the effect that
the teams already on the road
would riot be stopped en route;
that ample notice had been given
the teamsters, and that the act
could not be suspended.
It is the honest hope of all that
the government be lenient in this
crisis and permit supplies to come
in, as the consequences of a continuance of the present congestion
will work'an enormous harm upon
this new country just coming to
its own. The matter of cutting a
bit of the red tape at Victoria seems
at this time an easy and most important Consideration, notwithstanding that all good and common
sense laws should be enforced and
the teamsters have by their neglect
placed themselves and the in^
habitants ot the interior in a de-
Royal Hotel License
The adjourned meeting of the .;
board of license commissioners
took place Wednesday morning at 7
10 o'clock. The mayor and com-7
missioners Boyce and Jones were'.':;
in attendance. '77.7 A
It will be remembered that the.
meeting of the previous Wednes-;;7
day was adjourned during the con-;'
sideration of the transfer of theA
license of the Royal Hotel from 7
Mr. J. E. Wheeler to Messrs. A
Lavigne & Dunk in order that they
1 commissioners might make a per-.;
sonal inspection of the'hotel prem- ;>
ises. 7 -yy
Before the formal sitting com- 7
menced a private consultation was
held between the commissioners,, 7
Mr. Lavigne and Mr. R. B. Kerr, 7-
the solicitor appearing on behalf.of :>
the transfer, being present. The7 ;
meeting was then opened by they
reading of the minutes of last meet-7y
ing, which were approved. Nbihing A
further was done, however, the 7
mayor immediately declaring the;yi
meeting again adjourned until;A
Thursday, June 30th., the cpmmi^-'7|
sioners desiring to obtain further 7;
information in connection with the A
lease of the hotel. '7 A7 7
Victoria Day Sports
The following is a detailed statement of   the   treasurer   for   the
Victoria Day sports.   It is a. matter!
of satisfaction that the committeeA'M
were able to  meet all payinehts^|^||
without^ the   necessity of  calU|i^i^l
;upon the guarantors,and tfe offic«Sj^il|
pre desirous^of  thanking MTwhp^^
so liberally subscribed to ma!c_'the5Ml
A.'- ■yyAyAm
Later reports state that the government has suspended the operation of the" act so far as the
Cariboo. road is concerned until
after July 15th.
day the success it was:
.   Afternoon .............;
Grand Stand	
Booths  .............
Entrance Fees............
Lake View Hotel.....
Palace Hotel	
\$"367 80
Rutland News.
(From our own corretpondent.)
Mr. G. Grey Donald, chief engineer in charge of the hydrographic
survey and party are camped down
by Mission Creek* Working Rutland and the surrounding districts.
Mr. and Mrs. Rev. Vance have,
taken up their residence near the
church. The fine Okanagan summer will make tent life very enjoyable for a little while.
It has been decided to hold the
Sunday and week day schools picnic on the Belgo Lands property,
beyond Mr. John Brown's, in preference to the place noted last week
This is a much prettier and more
suitable spot, and gives opportunities for the sports and games, and
shady trees for the lunch etc.
Please bring baskets and don't
forget the collection to defray ex-
pcnces of prizes, etc. There will.be
boys and girls races, three legged
race, sack races, skipping, potato
races, etc. A good time is promised on Saturday, June 25.
Mr. Muller, of the Coldstream
Hotel, Vernon, is a visitor in town
this week.
.Prizes' 7 "■.
Lacrosse Match..;.....,...
Bahd ...........:........,
Rent of Grounds .....
Cartage ,,,,,_,,__,_,„„„_„
> 59 00-   -I
9    OO: ,-^r.
""" 5§oa,_.
■ '3^251..,
$367 80
P. DuMOULIN. President 7 7^13
F. R. WILGRESS, TreasurtrB Sf 1
L C. AVISS, Secretary,  .'.-A^l
a 'A-m
—   _»	
i. A vi
Dr.  Skelton,   of the Uniyeraity77|l
commission, accompanied by Dr. 7%?■
Robertson,     Superintendent   [yoiyfi-
Education paid a visit to 'KelownaA|
last Saturday.     In  company :;;witK:Alk
Dr. Boyce and the mayor a tpur^bf j >^l
the district was made. No part(cial^"4|y^
site was visited, as the businesV'ofifM
the present commission is flQt7tp;'^|
select the actual site forthe liriiiy^i^l
sity, but merely to choose :4; •Maj_»|||||*
able location.   A great dive_*ity"9t?|f|
opinion  exists as to  the   diitric^A||
likely tp be favored by the esjab^sl
lishment of a provincial uniy«£si_y^||M
and very little will be lcnownTiwi^
certainty   until   the
makes its report.
Mr. Rembler Pauli Who ;fe^|^U
the. strongest desire:-tb7'*fe6'|i^||
university come to K*loWi.ai *" *
increased   his ..alreadyAg^ni...
offer to 150 acres, and also 6'^eM
to give the sum of $5,000 tp^||ii
the cost of establishment.   7^|||^|
The work of assessment hai.7 ""'
been completed,: the.; tSt^l?
teaching approximately$\0.
sin increase of .'nearjy'^|||LT,—„■.
-..._...__._■.•._._.._ ; ..'."■ Ayyi»v«?*' Til,!
over last year.' .■,ytyy^A'AA\ _
ymm The Orchard Citg Record
Thursday, June 16
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna. B.C.
CHAS. H.  LEATHLEY, Business Manager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United Stales $2.00 per annum.
Advertising tales upon application.
ports of damage by frost were
somewhat pessimistic, but reliable
observers now state medium to full
crops will be obtained. Sweet
cherries, medium.
are in full crop except sweet cherries, which are medium. Strawberry crops full if moisture continues in proper supply.
SUMMARY — Strawberries are
in medium to good crops. Gordon
Head (Victoria),Hammond, Haney,
Mission, and Hatzic ; Salmon Arm;
Vernon; Nelson and Creston are
the principal centres, and all report
prospects good. Cherries (sweet)
seem to be only in medium crop
over the entire Coast, and should
bring firm prices.
More accurate reports will be
made later.
News of the Valley.
Fruit Crop Prospects
The newly constituted B. C.
Fruitgrowers Association is proving
especially active in supplying its
members with the latest available
imformation likely to be of use to
them as fruitgrowers who have to
find a market for their produce, In
the following report, the secretary,
Mr. R. M. Winslow gives a brief
summary of reports and information received from various fruitgrowing centres to date. •
Victoria B. C.
June 9th, 1910
R. R. M. Palmer, Esq.,
President, B.C. Fruit Growers'
Dear Sir,
Following are crop reports and
summaries of imformation received
to date:—
Mr. E. E. Samson after a personal
suivey of conditions :—' Cherries
are light probably will be half
crop; Peaches, practically full crop,
all varieties; Prunes and Plums, full
crops; Pears, most varieties, crop;
Apples showing excellent prospects
except few winter varieties; Yakima Valley expects to ship four
thousands cars fruit, Wanatchee
probably twenty-five hundred cars.
Large increase in crop and acreage
over last year.
Other advices state that the Cherry crop will not be over a fair crop
in Willimatto Valley; Peaches a
good crop in Southern Oregon.
In California cherries are only a
medium crop, prices excellent to
date. Other fruits seem to be in
full supply.
A well imformed correspondent
states April mostly cold, with severe
May frosts; Niagara Districts prospects bright. Al fruits profuse
bloom, but early cherry and shrub-
berry blossoms frosted slightly.
North Shore Lake Ontario prospects
fine (this district ships Duchess and
other apples to N.W. Markets).
Nova Scotia only average prospects.
Later advices from Niagara state
that there will be a full crop of
nearly all kinds of fruit.
pect's average very good. Strawberries prospects of 150-1 70 crates
per acre. Sweet cherries few to
medium.- Olivet, medium crop,
largely increased acreage. Raspberries, good crop. Plums, full crop.
Prunes, setting well also. Pears
medium crop. All Apples are
showing good crops.
pects for fruit as given by one correspondent are as follows:—Strawberries, seventy. Raspberries seventy-five, Blackberries, eighty, Apples
eighty, Plums and Prunes, seventy,
Cherries fifty per cent of full crop.
Other correspondents give similar
figures. The tent caterpillar has
caused a lot of injury in some or
, chards, on the lower levels particularly.
district has no small fruits, crops
of large fruits will be medium to
SALMON ARM—Has excellent
prospects. Sweet cherries and
pears medium crop; others excellent.
OKANAGAN—Peaches will be
plentiful, setting a medium crop on
a very largely increased acreage.
Present indications are for a high
quality of fruit. Early Crawford is
in only light supply.
SIMILKAMEEN-Mr. J. J. Armstrong reports a largely increased
acreage coming into bearing, and
prospects good in all lines.
GRAND FORKS —Earlier re-
The Rev. Dr. Osterhout, of Vernon, was presented with an address
and a handsome silvpr table set on
his leaving to take up his duties at
the Central Methodist church at
Vancouver. vDr. Osterhout has
been in Vernon over three years.
Mr. T. Sharpe, late station agent
at Enderby, has been left a fortune
by some Old Country relative, and
is retiring from the service of the
C. P. R.
Sir Wilfred Laurier, who commences his tour of the west about
the middle of August, is to pay a
visit to the Okanagan Valley, holding a meeting in Vernon.
Summerland was jubilant last
week over the arrival of its first
freight cars. They included the
pile-driver and three cars for the
construction gang. Operations at
once commenced on the new
wharf, etc., which is being undertaken by the C. P. R.
Negotiations are being made by
Mr. T. J. Smith, of Summerland.
for the purchase of the plant which
the Kelowna Canning Co. have
discarded in moving into their
large new premises. Summerland
.till hopes to have a cannery in
operation this year.
A new jewelry store is opening
in Summerland.'
Mr. B. Hoy and Mr. J. J. Berkley,
of the Okanagan Fruit Union have
been preparing an estimate of
Summerland's fruit crop. They
place it at about 100 cars as
follows: Apricots, 2,000 crates;
Plums and Prunes, 2,000 crates;
Apples, 15,000 boxes; Peaches,
66,000 boxes; Cherries, 500 crates.
Penticton is making preparations
for a big day on the 1st of July.
Liberal prizes are being offered at
the sports, including a matched
stallion race for $500. The Kelowna Band has been engaged for
occasion, and the ' Aberdeen'. is to
make a special trip.
If the hens have a union or protective association of any kind,
Martin Carscellan has a hen that is
in danger of being fired out of the
same. This hen persists in supplying a brand ot hen fruit that is
three incheo long and contains two
yolks. If any more of them start
this sort of thing it will be necessary
for the rest to get their heads together and establish a standard
weight and size of egg that must
not be exceeded or the trade will
be ruined.—Hedley Gazette.
The Rev. H. P. Thorpe has resigned his pastorate of Salmon Arm
Baptist Church, and the resignation
has called forth the publication of
a rather remarkable letter from the
church clerk, who writes on behalf
of the church. The letter is highly
laudatory and speaks in terms of
much appreciation of the work of
Mr. Thorpe in Salmon Arm, but
says the writer, " a combination of
circumstances has caused Mr.
Thorpe to decide that his ministry
here is ended, and in spite of the
earnest entreaties of the members
he deemed it better to sever his
connection with the church. Circumstances of an evil nature have
come as a black cloud over what
before seemed so bright and promising, and so wrought upon his
mind as to temporarily unfit him
for the work in which he was
engaged. Evil rumors, absolutely
without foundation, utterly false,
yet diabolically persistent, have all
but broken the hearts of our oastor
and his wife. • So the devil has
done his work and is apparently
Chamberlain. Cough Remedy is sold on
a guarantee that if you are not satisfied
after using two-thirds of a bottle according
to directions, your money Will be refunded.
It is up to you to try.   Sold by all druggisto.
Picturesque    Sport    on    t>->e    Order    of j
*\ "Folios   Vou<   i_eaoer."
The skeeinji   i-iiins   loini  one  ot the
moat   picturcM) IJili:.'>  id lie wu   m
the Alps in winipi uiiii itiHii tiriKtit
colored tiiauket suits, ti.sseicu cups or
tara-o'-sha titer* und nu^i' wiiiie mitts,
they go through itn- snmv covered
woodlands across the uiuie mountain
slopes usually m .m:_i«- hip. periiups
8fty sliding along nl'ii-i the leader in
true Norwegian fashion indeed.-it is
a variety ot the omi name or •'follow
your leader." tor whut ne does the
others are expected to do. So it he
comes to a ledge and Jumps ott all are
supposed to leap.
But Jumping with the skee.s is not
so easy as It looks, and the end is often burial In the snow bank, rot unless one Is very sine ot his fooling th_
long, narrow wooden suits will twist
or turn without warning, and over
you go. Wltb the sl.ee one can go
over hard snow at a very rapid rate,
but when he strikes n patch of the
newly fallen snow It Is n case nt slow
to be sure, for any minute the bottom
may sink away with film.
But It is healthful as wpII ns invigorating, and the women have found
that they need Dot look awkward even
In this form ot outdoor dress, with a
ribbon here and a tassel there and
some even adorning their skees.—St
The Lawyer Said He Would Attend to
It, and He Did.
A Washington attorney Is rather
note, for the facility witb which he
forgets financial obligations. He bas
owed a certain grocer $8 for a year oi
two. The other day the merchant concluded to try a new course with him.
Meeting Mm in his store, he said:
"Judge, I have a customer who owes
me a small bill and has owed It for a
long time. He makes plenty of money,
but won't pay. What would yon do?'
"I'd sue him," said the lawyer emphatically.
"Well, 1 will put the account ln youi
hands." And the merchant presented
a statement of tbe account against the
lawyer himself.
"All right 1 will attend to It," Baid
the disciple of Blackstone.
A few days later the merchant received tbe following note from the
"In the case of — versus —, I
took Judgment for the full amount of
your claim. Execution was Issued aud
returned "no property found.' My fee
for obtaining judgment Is $10, for
whlcb amount please send check. Will
be glad to serve you ln any other tna_-
ters in which you may need an attorney."—Washington Star.
The Bashi-bazouk.
like each of tbe various clans of the
Kurds, the bashl-bazouk can easily be
distinguished by bis costume. His
shoes, or "yemenys" (meaning leather),
are red or black. His golflike stockings, which leave tbe knee exposed,
are elaborately embroidered in black,
his short Turkish trousers are ol
homespun, while about his waist Is a
short sash of wool or silk, surmounted
by a leather belt in rich colors and
embossed in red. This Is divided Into
three or four sections, in whlcb be
keeps his revolver, his chibouk, or pipe,
and his yataghan, always kept sharp.
Tbe bashi-bazouks never carry daggers, as the Circassians do. A cartridge box bangs from the side, as also
a small silver snuffbox. They weal
two jackets, tbe under one witb short
sleeves and the outside one wltb long.
At the elbow Is an opening in which
they carry ln a leather bag written
quotations from the Koran as a talisman to protect tbem from the bulled,
of the adversary. About the neck is a
chain ot silver coins, from which la
suspended a powder box.
Dividing 8om«thing.
A farm laborer in one of the western counties waa requested to vote foe
a candidate at the election, but he refused. Being asked for bis reason, he
made answer:
"Why, because them chaps be well
enough paid."
They then tried to explain to Hodge
that members of parliament in thia
country were not paid for their services.   But be was not to be convinced,
"Doan't 'ee tell met" be replied
somewhat angrily. "1 believe my eyes,
and when I zees in tbe paper as tbey
divides almost ev*ry night 1 knowa
tbey be dlvldln' summatl"—London
Old 8eott!ah Words.
Here are a few quaint old Scottish
words still used a good deal ln East
Aberdeenshire: "Mowse"—To say anything Is nae mowse means it is uncanny or dangerous. "Connached"—
Spoiled, clean connached would mean
utterly destroyed or rendered useless,
"Blaud" - To blnud anything would
mean to soil It- A child would be told,
"Dinna hlaud your clean pina." "Oar-
dies" or "Uaurdles"-A child's forearm. Tbe lust ls.a very old exprea-
slon. but we nave heard it used. "Sic
bonnle gardles he has" means the
baby bus plump arms—Glasgow Herald.
 ,tf '
A Straight Vote.
The secret ot tbe ballot Is sometime!
too good to keep "George." said the
squire, "did you vote straight, as I
told yon." "Sure. Oi did. squolre. IX
said on tb' paper to put a X, but Oi'
moluded as bow ye said 'voat straight,'
aud Ol put un straight through un'a
naame."— lxnidoa Chronicle.
'vA- £
. .Ma
#7% "7A
ly%Ai% *M-.%&$!k
OF   A
Bountiful Harvest
Is already in evidence throughout the district.
Placards are dotted around the City, denoting the great
activity with which development [and improvement
work is going on. Land is steadily and naturally rising
in value.  You can get in now much cheaper than later.
 : )	
For information as to fruit growing,  tobacco
raising, general farming, etc., write to
The Secretary.
Board of Trade,
Kelowna, B.C.
Violent delights  have violent enda
and In their triumph die like ore and''
powder which aa th*y klaa cowmi-fc—
,t__«*««p«a.»--.     ~_      •--   J Thursday, June 16
Orchard City Record
Heintzman Pianos
We purchase them direct from the factory and. can
save you $150.    $750 should be as good,to you as
to a travelling agent'.
Get our prices on these instruments.
We handle other makes and can give you a full
size Piano, 1\ octaves, in Mahogany or real Walnut,
guaranteed for ten years, for $275.
Kelowna Furniture Co.
A business that is not worth
Advertising is not worth
The value of persistent advertising has
been repeatedly demonstrated.
Keeping everlastingly at it is what
. We  are   open   to
take  conhacts for
Moving Buildings
Pile Driving
Clarke & Byrns
Box. 131 Kelowna
Offers the best and only reasonable real
estate investment in the Valley. If you
want to pay $1000 for a poorer soil, that's
your business.: Glencoe offers the best
soil in the Okanagan Valley at $50 per
acre. Quarter down, remainder in three
/ears. 5 per cent off on tracts of 160 or
over. 5 per cent off for cash. Ideal opportunities for dairy and mixed farming,
hay, fruit, berries, and vegetables.
W. Curtis Hitchener
Westbank, British Columbia.
A want ad in the
Record brings results.
Sutton's Seeds
Tomato Plant*
Cabbage Plants
Bedding Plant*
Asparagus Roots
Rose Bushes, etc.
Bellcotie Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating,
and tennis.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
D. W. Crowley Co.
Kelowna Ltd-
Wholesale & Retail Batchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
May be no'better than your neighbors', but our milk we
claim to be much better. Saientifically cooled, and
aerated, thoroughly strained .twice, all bottles and
utensils   sterilized,  sealed, and delivered in  the cool
morning before your breakfast. \»
This milk will keep better, and is more healthful and
pure than the product of the [man who has not our
Call in and see our operations about 4 p.m. any day,
and you will be 'delighted with our cleanly methods.
R. E. Harriss, Prop.
S. M. Gore, Manager.
Four Young Englishmen and One
Young Woman Dress Up as Blood
Relatives of the Late King Mene-
iik and Are Shown Every Courtesy
Usually Extended to Visiting royalty—Costumes a' Work of Art.
Five young men and one young
woman, all of them extremely well
connected, and all of them, well-to-do,
have perpetrated a most amazing arid
somewhat reprehensible practical
joke on the Admiralty, the British
navy, and H.M.S. Dreadnought in
It is a joke of such colossal proportions, so audacious—Theodore
Hook, that master of practical jokes,
might himself have been proud of it
—that it is a little hard to put it in a
Briefly, however, it may be said
that on a recent day three of the
young men and the . girl, fully disguised as Abyssinian princes, traveled down to Portland, and were there
received with princely honors on
board the flagship. The two other
young men played the parts respectively *>f attache to the Foreign Office
and interpreter.
From start to finish they were
forty minutes'on board H.M.S. Dreadnought, and from the point of view
of the perpetrators of the joke, the
escapade was entirely successful. In
fact, on the following d*y. the battle-
ship in question put to sea without
one single officer or man • on board
being aware of the manner in which
they had been hoaxed.
That the matter could have remained a secret forever was. of course,
impossible, as the practical jokers
used certain means of carrying
through their jest which caused instant inquiry on the part of the Foreign Office. These inquiries were so
pertmont that the majority of the
young men sought seclusion, but one
of them, bolder than the rest, remained in London to tell the tale.
The ndventure had been brewing
for some time, but the exact lines
upon which the joke was to be worked were not mapped out till about a
fortnight previous to its operation.
Then the commander-in-chief of the
enterpri..y hied himself to an entirely
innocent and unsuspecting costumier
of world-wide, renown, and requested
him to furnish make-up for.four Abyssinian princes. Expense api;.*ared to
have been of no account, arid the
ringleader actually took to the costumier books showing exactly what
the princis should wear. Of course,
they coi'ld have been fitted out in
rough-and-ready fashion at an instant's notice, but this was not in the
least the idea of this latest follower
of "Captain Koepenick." He demanded accuracy of detail, and so some
days had to be spent in procuring a
rigidly correct make-up.
Indeed, so reckless was he as to
what the adventure might cost that
he one day rushed out ofthe shop
declaring that mock jewels were of
no value, and r-.nurned half an hour
later with $2,500 worth or so of pre:
cious stones purchased from a neighl-
boring jeweller. ~ ;<
The make-up when complete was
certainly striking. The three young
men and the young woman all had
their hair cut short, and were fitted
with black woolly mats which conK
pletely covered their skulls. They
were all provided with short, crisp,
curly black beards and the most complete sets of nigger lips. Their faces,
arms, and hands were dyed to the
proper hue. They wore turbans and
flowing robes. Round the neck of
each, suspended by a gold chain, was
an early Christian cross. Their persons fairly glittered with costly
jewels. '
But .even in this ''make-up" the
humor of the instigator of the plot
struck a dominant note. The-Abyssinian princes were all furnished
with enormously long, pointed, elastic-sided patenWeather boots. The
princes were indeed a glorious sight.
The man who was to pass as the
interpreter—supposedly a German-
looked his part. The dress of the
Foreign Office attache was, of course,
an easy matter to furnish.
On the day selected for the raid on
Portland all the conspirators were so
anxious that their appearances should
present no blemish that they arrived
at the costumier's at six o'clock in
the morning, and were not satisfied
with their Abyssinian toilets until
after noon had struck.
Then, unfortunately, they allowed
their determination and the exuberance of their spirits slightly to outrun
their judgment, and the following
telegram was despatched to the Oom-
mander-in-Chief of the Home Fleet at
"Prince Makalin and suite will arrive at Weymouth at 4.20. Kindly
make all arrangements to receive
them." <%
This telegram, it must regretfully
be said, bore the name of a high official whose lightest wishes were likely to be received with respect.
And so it was that the "princely"
visitors were received on board the
flagship, and marines presented arms
as "Prince Makalin" and hia gorgeous suite stepped over the side.
Here it may be mentioned that all
the "princes" bore names which had
been specially invented for the ooca-
sion on the journey down from London; the name chosen for the lady,
waa "Prinoe Mendax."
Still, no one suspected even the
mendacious Mendax.
With characteristic hospitality, the
officers of the battleship strove their
utmost to shower honors and attentions on their guests. There was unfortunately tio Abyssinian flag on
board, so, as a makeshift, the flag of
Zanzibar was hoisted to the main-
must. .(Tnluckily. too, the National
;Anthem of Abyssinia could not be
idiscovered among the music. Again
iZanzib. r wns brought tp the rescue,
. and the National Anthem of that state
fM rendered  quite  efficiently/ con
sidering the  short  notice   the   band
had received.
The attache from the Forfiprn Offiep
was charming, and his'-explanations
were complete.. He tohl,what pleasurr
it would give the "prince?" to see
over the warship, nnd informed one'
of the officers that the "princes" vv.r.
on a visit to England in order to
make arrangements for sending their
sons and nephews to school at Eton.
So the "princes" were shown
everything—the wireless", the guns,
and the torpedoes, and at every fresh
sight they murmured in chorus,
"Bunga bunga," which, being interpreted, means "Isn't it lovely?" That
is to say, three of the "princes" did,
but the fourth "prince," being afraid
to reveal her naturally treble voice,
assumed a cold, and murmured,
"Chuch-a-choi, ' chu'ek-a-choi," by
which she intended to convey her
great appreciation of her surroundings. #
After the inspection of the ship a
grave peril for a few moments confronted the conspirators. They were
asked to take tea. but this was not
to be thought of,va_ it would certainly have ended in the "princes' " false
lips becoming detached. "Prince
Makalin," apparently overcome by
the hospitality which had been shown
him, desired to present an officer with
the Grand Dross of Abyssinia. The
officer regretfully explained that he
could not receive the Order. No one
apparently stopped to ask whether
there were Grand Crosses in Abyssinia.
Then the "princes" left. They
were delighted, and the officers were
delighted,, too. It was altogether a
most pleasant afternoon.
They  Ease the  Mind  of the  Mart  ol
Moderate  Means.
"All things," said the man of moderate means, "impress us by comparison. If a man had lived all his life
in a palace, why, then it would have
to be a very grand sort of place indeed
that would.seem anything particularly fine to him, whereas if one had always lived- in a shack a very modest
house would seem to him luxurious.
"If since autos first came in we had
been driving steadily a $10,000 automobile, then obviously it would take
quite considerable of a kerosene cart
to give us any added joy in that line,
while if we had been accustomed constantly to ride in the street cars, why,
then the simplest bf gasoline gigs
might give us great glee. All things
go by comparison.
"Take, for instance, smoking. My
regular smoke is a stogy that costs
$1.45 a hundrbd, but I buy also for
special occasions a special brand of
cigar for which-1 pay $2 a hundred.
I buy a fifty box at a time for a
dollar. Commonly I smoke the stogies, and I think they're pretty good,
at a little less than a cent and a half
a smoke, but if I happen to strike a
little streak of luck, why, I then blow
myself to a couple of those choice
smokes out of the other box, in which
really I find great pleasure.
"It's all by comparison. Some men
would have to pay $10 for a cigar to
get any fun out of it. I can get a lot
of fun out of a two center.
"And, speaking of great pleasure,
I m glad I have not exhausted all my
great pleasures. I've still got them
all, or most all, to enjoy. My capacity
for novelty and enjoyment has never
been much taxed.' It is still-practically boundless. I have got life ahead
of me, not behind, and when I do get
money, as I certainly hope to do some
day, why, everything will be new and"
charming to me, and. I shall enjoy
everything and all immensely.
"I've got something to look forward
to anyway, and I think there's something in that."
Why He Worried.
"Great Scott, old man!" exclaimed
his best friend, coming upon him in
dejected attitude and with pale and
haggard face. "What's up?"
, "Up!" he responded. '^Why, Snooks
had * bad fall last night and hurt his
"Sorry to hear it, old ehap," said
tne best friend carelessly. "But it
won't do him any good for you to
worry. ^ And who is Snooks, anyway?
Never heard of him in my life be-
"w!?!00!8^"  £\ r«Peated   dolefully.
"Well, I don't know him personally
very wed myself." ^ -
i JTthenfrSd0n "rth b°therr «**•
aj"Why'.Iou ^ot'" roared the dejected one. Snooks owes mo $10, and the
doctor says he'll probably lose hi.
memory. "-London Answers.
An Afterthought.
_kn?- ?la?k-p.ided hera«" on her
abUity to tram her servants, and she
had just been bragging about the
treasure she had in her new colored
coojjben the following dialogueTool
"Now. Amaranth, I'll oome out and
fry the chicken, but I want you to
have it all ready for me. Dress it
carefully and be sure to singe off
every hair." ^^
',Tien *£ [i^ J"ust M l showed
you the other day. Do you remember?" ™«™«
"Wash and drain it well. Yoa
"Yes'm." Then, as an afterthought.
"Shall I kill it?" ^ -
As Others Saw Him.
A rather pompous looking deacon
was endeavoring to impress upon the
young minds of a class of boys the
importance of living a Christian life.
"Why do people call me a Chri-7
tian, children?" the worthy dignitary
asked, standing very erect and smiling down upon them.
A moment's pause, then a shrill
little voice was heard to say, "Beceuse
they don't know you."
Ant Hill Bricks.
Excellent bricks nre made of the soil
of ant hills in Central Africa. The
natives tread St with water into a
doughlike substance, which is shaped
in rouirh woodiMi wolds. It is then
dried in the *uu n:nl aiu-iwatd bnked
In utttivs ki.ai.
We sell the Best Goods at Money Saving
Prices.   Bring your orders to
Biggin & Poole s, there is value in
everything you huy.
Made from fresh cream daily.
Any size bricks always ready, or made specially to order.
Everybody knows the Ideal Quality.
Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Alberta Creamery
Butter by express every week.
The same wholesome Bread and Delicious Cakes and
Pastry baked every day.
The quality and prices we offer cannot be equalled.
Phone 39 Phone 39
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66 Kelowna, B.C.!
Boat Builder
Launches, Sail Boats
Skiffs, Canoes and Scotos
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.
' 11
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
will deliver 20 inch wood for
$1.50 per Rick
Orders filled in rotation.
us your
Printing Order
We can execute them neatly and
cheaply, and give you satisfaction
every time.
mom 94 :^
1 A
**<> A fhe Orchard City Record.
Thursday, June 16
A Poultry Garden
One of the most valuable assets
. of the hen yard is the fertilizer
produced; no one who throws
this away can hope to succeed.
This guano is worth $3 per barrel.
What business could afford to
through away such a by-product ?
A combination of small fruits
or truck and poultry is ideal, and
the only way one can make the
fullest use of the products of the
To utilize the manure it is only
necessary to have a few barrels—
whisky barrels are best—and bore
about two hundred small holes
around the sides in rows. Then
fill this with soil and the guano,
and in each of the holes place a
strawberry plant. As you fill up
the barrel gradually to the top,
place a small hollow tile vertically
in the barrel so that the top of the
tile just comes to the top of the
barrel; then water through the tile
every other day, filling the tile with
water. In this way two hundred
plants can be raised on space that
would take care of but five plants.
Another way is to use tomatoes
instead of strawberries. Fewer
holes would be necessary and it
would be further necessary to
prune the vines quite closely as
they grow. The guano should also be used in hotbeds in early
spring. In fact, it should go very
far toward supplying the fowls with
The yards soon become foul from
droppings. The ordinary poultry
keeper grows despondent at 'the
losses through disease from this
filth. The proper way should be
to make a frame about six inches
or more high and cover with wire
netting. Under this frame cover
the ground completely with wheat
or oats and then cover with a thin
layer of soil. Water this daily and
a very thick sod will spring up and
the wheat or oats will grow up
through the wire to feed the
chickens. They will eat it as fast
as it grows high enough to reach,
but will not scratch the roots up.
When the soil is thus purified
place the frame elsewhere in the
yard and repeat the operation till
the whole yard is purified, and then
keep on doing the same thing over
again. Thus the great value of the
guano is made an asset, whilst the
average poultryman makes it a
source of contagion. This little
plan will furnish green food perpetually.
The selling of eggs for sitting
should be counted in as part of a
utility plant; it would be madness
for any poultryman to breed from
anything but pure bred stock.
There is a demand for eggs from
such stock which will advertise
itself, and no breeder would be
wise to breed from mongrels when
there is a demand for eggs at fiom
50c. up to $30 per sitting for eggs
from pure bred stock.
Poultry raising goes naturally
with large and small fruits. Each
needs the other, and fancy breeding is also a part, for no one would
buy eggs from the finest mongrels
at anything more than say five
cents above market price.
The Pringle Stock Company will
open a short season at the Opera
House on Monday, June 20th. This
excellent organization is the oldest
stock company in Canada, having
played all the larger cities in the
eastern and western provinces.
The have just finished a six weeks'
engagement in Victoria, and are
playing the mountain towns during
the summer. The Pringle Co. are
combining business with pleasure,
the management realizing that the
summer season is not a money
making proposition. Their repertoire consists of the latest up-to-
date comedies and dramas. There
are no long waits between the acts
as they will introduce high-class
vaudeville, thus making the performance continuous.
The opening play will be the
five act comedy drama, "Woman
Against Woman." As a special
inducement for the opening night
purchasers of a reserve seat will
be allowed to reserve a seat for
one lady free. This is done for
the purpose of advertising the
company's first appearance.
A Splendid Hair Tonic that Makes
Beautiful Hair
Every hair dresser should know a out
Parisian Sage, the quick-acting hair dressing,
that does just what this paper tells you it
will do.
Parisian Sage is a most delightful and
different hair dressing, a fact that will be
recognised the moment it is applied to the
scalp. There is not a particle of stickiness
in it; it is not greasy; it has a delicate and
refined odor, and it is a truly invigorating
tonic that will make hair grow, if the hair
root still show the least sign of life.
Try a bottle of Parisian Sage. It will
brighten up the hair in two days.
Parisian Sage is guaranteed by P. B.
Willits &t Co. to cure dandruff, stop falling
hair and scalp itch in two weeks, or money
back. It is particularly in demand by women of refinement, who desire soft, luxuriant
hair, that compels admiration. Price 50 c
a large bottle by P. B. Willits & Co.or direct, all charges prepaid, from the Canadian
makers, the Giroux Mfg. Co., Fort Erie,
St. Michael and AH Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sunday* in the
month at B.n.m.; second and fourth Sundays, after
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock s   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE, B. A., Rector.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Services at 11 a.m.; ev<
>.m.   Sunday School i
Morning Services at 11 a.m.; evening servicesat 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
" It cured me " or " It saved the life of
my child," are the expressions you hear
ivery day about Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and diarrhoer Remedy. This is true
the world over where this valuable remedy
has been introduced. No other remedy in
use for diarrhoer of bowel complaints has
received such general approval. The secret of the success of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is that it
cures.   Sold by all druggists.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is sold on
a guarantee that if you are not satisfied
after using two-thirds of a bottle according
to directions, your money will be refunded.
It is up to you to try.    Sold by all druggists.
When you want a choice
cut, gioe us a call,
or ring up 24.
Frank Batotinhimer, Manager.
Kelowna Methodist Church. .
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at S p.m.
REV. S. I. THOMPSON. Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh. Pastor.
The sailing schedule of the S. S. Okanagan during the summer months is as follows.
If your business is
not worth advertising,
advertise it for sale.
Read up
Daily Except Sundays
Read down
Okanagan Landing
Okanagan Centre
Short's Point
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley  Co ; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in force which they wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary, P.O. Box 69, or Room 4, Keller Block,
Kelowna, B.C.
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they,
should be put up with
Cane - Sugar - Only
Alt B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
Th* British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
And fine business stationery will give
a higher tone and dignity to your
business, whatever line.
Fit Guaranteed
20th Century Brand Clothing
are the equal of the best tailor-made. They are all hand-tailored, so retain their shape. The
best business men in Canada* from the Atlantic to the Pacific, wear them. We have all the
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No charge extra for Specials. Perfect Fit Guaranteed.
If you once wear 20th Century Garments, you always wear them.   Call and inspect our
showing. ■      .
See oar showing of New Summer Shirts.       Styles to please all.
r_     . .         "v /■■■       "'      ,'"  ■••    ' ■_.,., .. nn,    u.r   ,   ■  ...  7  i=        ii.     ,
Lequime's Saturday Specials
Half Price Corsets
All our broken lines to go on sale Saturday
at half-price.    Good sizes are limited,
so be here early.
Linen Napkin Bargains
This lot comprises about nine dozen very
special priced Napkins.
$1 values 55c per doz. Saturday
$1.35 "     85c
Housewives, this snap is worth consideration
Our Staple Values lead
the Day
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Baskets of
Women s Fancy
Scarfs, Purses,
Belts, etc.
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15c Women's Black Cotton
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Clearing Lot of Frillings
5c Collar Length
These are regular values from 15c to 30c
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Special English Ginghams
10c yard Saturday
Only a few pieces at this figure.    Nothing
to touch the value in the city7
Best Tailoring   REMNANTS, REMNANTS, REMNANTS. AU "JjS pwnd at genuine
Bathing Suits, all
styles for men
Established 1850.
5 per cent. Dis.
for Cash
tp.  . fhursdaq, June 16
Th© Orchard Cih| Racerd
These are nine cases out
ten the direct result of Eye
Eye Strain
is caused by:—
1. Close application to any
2. Errors in the refractive
media of the eye.
3. Muscular weakness.
The dangerous results of
these can be overcome by
Properly Fitted
Our Optical Dept.
is  fully equipped and is
at your service.
REMEMBER that in case you
should require glasses,
You take no risk
We  guarantee  absolute satisfaction.   Call and see us.
a speciality.
P. B. Hits & Co.
Kelowna.     B. G
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Famished
Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
Provincial and General News -
Ladies' and
Gents' Tailors
pAr%aifin_Y £_n<4 Presainor
promptly attended to.
Everybody reads our
"Want" ads.
Try one next week.
Is expressed in every,
detail of your business
Our study is to improve,
not merely imitate, the
individuality and distinctive character of
your office supplies.
Let us convince you on your
next order.
The Orchard City
Record Job Print
The venerable Professor Godwin
passed away last week at his residence in Toronto at the advanced
age of 80.
Sir George Newnes, founder and
publisher of the "Westminster Gazette". "Tit Bits", "Strand Magizine"
and numerous other journals died
in London last Thursday.
A game fish hatchery will be constructed an operated by the Dominion Goxernment on the Cowichan
river. Two and a half acres has
been purchased from W. E. Oliver.
This will be the first game fish
hatchery established in British Columbia.
Earl Grey was the central figure
in a runaway horse accident last
week. He was walking along Sussex street, Ottawa, on his way to
Rideau Hall when a horse came
dashing along the street. His excellency who is a splendid horseman, rushed forward as the animal
approached, and, seizing the bridle,
soon brought it to a standstill. The
street was crowded at the time and
Earl Grey certainly averted, what
might have been aserious accident
to some one.
Under the name of the Canadian
Free Trade League, a non-political
organization has been formed, and
as the name implies, its membes
will endeavor to secure free trade.
Branches will at once be formed
throughout Canada, and arrangements are now being made to that
Before the highest triburnal in the
British empire, Deputy Attorney-
General Sydney B, Woods has begun his fight in London, England,
on behalf of the province of Alberta
to force the Canadian Pacific railway Co. to pay oyer to the provincial
treasurer some $26,000,000 in taxes
which; the railway has so far refused to pay. The action against the
Canadian was begun during Hon.
C. W. Cross during his regime as
attorney-general and it has been
conducted so well that the province
has w;on out-in every instance so
far and forced the railway to appeal direct to the House of Lords
judicial committee.
Italy has no sooner recovered
from the devastation wrought by
one terrible earthquake than another comes to spread death and disaster in their midst. . The town of
Calitri in the department of Campania is the sufferer this time.
Reports state that half the buildings
in the town have been wrecked,
while the death roll reaches a hundred or more in the town and district. The ruin involves a vast area
of country and several other towns
have suffered in a more or less degrees The King and Queen ofs Italy at once trareU'ed to the scene
and relief measures were promply
undertaken by the government.
Monday last was the twenty-fourth
anniversary of the big fire which
destroyed the city of Vancouver of
that day.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablet*
will br»ce up the nerves, banish sick headache, prevent despondency and invigorate"
the whole system.   Sold by all druggists.
Harry Furniss, the well-known
caricature artist, died last week.
His black and white drawings in
most of the principal magazines
have earned him a world-wide
reputation, and latterly he achieved
considerable popularity as a
humorous lecturer.
Several Russian immigrants who
have manifested symptoms of insanity since their arrival in Canada,
are now being taken back to the
country of their origin via the
Canadian Pacific steamers to England. One of the immigration
officers at Montreal said that the
men are undoubtedly insane
through that strange malady nostalgia, from which many of the Slav
immigrants suffer. Nostalgia is
nothing more or less than homesickness, but homesickness so acute
that it assumes the form of a
It is the intention of the B.C.
Pharmaceutecal Association to
make application at the next session
of the legislature for certain changes
in the Pharmacy Act making the
sale of such habit forming drugs as
morphine and cocaine illegal, except upon the prescription of a
qualified practitioner.
Applications from fifty different
districts throughout Manitoba have
been received by the provincial elevator commission for the erection
of grain elevator. The commission
has a staff of twelve experts on the
road investigating elevator facilities
and possible sites for public elevators. These confidential agents are
daily sending in favorable reports
to the commission. The engineering department has been inaugurated with E. P. Estler as cheif engineer. He is engaged at present in
drafting a new elevator sysem for
Manitoba. The commission expects
in a short time to have applications
,from 60 per cent, ofthe grain-growers of Manitoba for the installation
['of the public elevator system at
principal points in the province.
A case of reported cattle lifting is
occassioning much excitement in
the vicinity of Hedley and Fairview.
Thet Orangemen of the province
are uniting in the protest against
amendment of the kings oath.
Rudqlph Francke who was associated Dr. Frederick A. Cook in
Arctic exploration, has brought suit
against Commander Robert E.
Peary in the sum of $10,000. This
amount is estimated as half the value of furs and walrus and narwhal
teeth which Francke bought from
natives in the arctic regions, upon
arrangement with Dr. Cook that
they should share them half and
half. According to Francke's
statement Commander Peary found
him seriously ill at Etah, owing to a
fall on a glacier and took advantage
of this circumstance to demand the
Arctic collection for transporting
him to America.-
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Sc, C. E., D.L.S., B.C. L.S.
Kelowna,   B. C.
Aatoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
P.O. BOX 137
Financial Agent.
Money to Loan on reasonable terms
All kinds o_ Financial
business transacted.
Office, Leon Avenue.
Phone 58 P.O. box 273
Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box 146
'Phons 86
Corner Penepzi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
]-       CLIFTON
Mrs. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nurse,
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C
Phone 134
Lame shoulder is almost invariably caused by rhumatism of the muscles and yields
quickly to the free application of Chamberlain's Liniment. This Li_iiment is not only
prompt and effectual, but in no wise disagreeable to use.   Sold by all druggists.
For the Farm, Garden,
or Field,
CATALOGUE. -   -   -   -   FREE.
Office and Packing Grounds,
3010, Westminster Rd., Vancouver.
Hortes bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all CP.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ir_gs,Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
*   _■_■■_•. tV*«.I>      T1/\      I    /Mil
On improved property also other securities ,|
Fire, Life, and Accident
Miss P. Louise Adams,
Scholarship graduate, in Piano and
Teacher's Course of Toronto Conservatory
of Music Late Teacher in Westminster
College, Toronto.
Will receive pupils (or pianoforte
tuition at the studio.
Lawrence Avenue, off Pendozi Street.
Address: P.O. KELOWNA.
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
Pipe Fitter, Wells Dug and
Pumps,  Windmills, Drains,
etc., repaired and installed.
Haroey Aoenue, East.
If you have a laugh in you
Pringle Stock Co.
v^y m1* .
-.,ft£4w :&***•* < - -.-<■» <&?
Opening for a week's season, starting
Monday, June 20th,
Presenting a Repertoire of the Latest in Comedy
and Dramatic Successes.
Mon, June 20,
Every> person purchasing a reseaved
ticket will be entitled
to reserve andther
seat for one lady free
Monday Night, the Humorous -a
" Woman Against Woman."
■^^yi—I———H^_■——      ■■■ll-l   IPII——————■——
Prices 50c. and $1.    Children, 25c.
Seats on sale at Willit's Drug Store.
Your Photograph
made at
Grains Photo Studio
"■s^^Tfc—'■■■■-*__TTir~'iiiiii      ii   i|i    ■■■■■       iii   iii'   i'    ■   i-ij'i'i-lj    ■■■■■—■■■ iii ■—■-in■_____! m*mw—~mJS3Z
can be mounted in the very latest
Call and see samples and arrange for a sitting.
Rowcliffe Block.
■ *_ 6
The Orchard Oilq Record
Thursday, June 16
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Leon St.
Good Business Snap.
Ice Cream and Confectionery Business
For Sale.
In Bernard Avenue, Kelowna, one of the
best stands in city, doing a good cash
business. Fresh clean stock. Investigation
solicited. Leaving district. Low price for
puick sale. Apply
E. J. PETTIGREW, Kelowna.
We are specially equipped for the production of
T    7      1^1
tligh-grade Job Printing
and you will be consulting your own interest in
letting us figure on your work-
"Record" Job Print Dept.
IV. C. T. U. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelcwna branch
of the W. C. T. U.
The W.C. T. U. meet every second Tuesday of the month at the home of one or
other of the members. Visitors are always
It   didn't Pag.
In Indianapolis they tell a story of a certain attorney to explain why he quit drink-
so suddenly, He had patronized one saloon with great liberality for years. Lately
the proprietor of the place bought a house
and lot and he employed another lawyer
to examine the abstract for him.
The steady patron when he heard it,
went after the saloon keeper roughshod, demanding to know business favors weren't
exchanged when there was an opportunity.
Why did the saloon keeper turn away from
his own customer and give business to a
man who never bought anything of him—
nor of any other saloon keeper?
The saloon keeper was amazed at the
complaint; he thought the explanation ought
to be plain enough. "When I've got business," he said with childlike frankness, " I
want it done by a sober lawyer.''
Suddenly the attorney too concluded it
was all plain enough : his friends say that
he hasn't touched liquor since.—The Interior.
The Country's  Morals
British Columbia will test the advantages
of the Canada Temperance Act which by
a recent amendment is now applicable to
province. Dr. Spencer of the Local Option
League, says: "What the Temperence people could not get from the Provincial Government under the conditions imposed at
the plebiscite they have now obtained from
Ottawa, and will shortly decide which cities, towns and districts will make the first
A movement that is having good results
within the Roman Calholic church in Eastern Canada is a pledge signing campaign
among the boys classes. The boys are
pledged to abstain from the use of intoxicating liquors until twenty-one years of age.
The Attorney-General's Department of
Manitoba has published a pamphlet giving
the particulars of recent legislation bearing
on the protection of neglected and delinquent children. Much ignorance on this
point has been shown in •other provinces,
too, and a similar pamphlet would be help-
to them all.
A white-slave traffic organization has
been unearthed in northern Minnesota, revealing the danger of the Canadian girls in
the border country. The leader, who has
been arrested, has been inthe habit of luring girls from this side on promise of employment, dodging the immigration officials
and disposing of them to houses of ill-fame
for $300 per head. Books were kept and
orders taken in this nefarious treffic.
Mr. Thomas O'Connell, special Dominion
Indian Officer for British Columbia, is authority for the statement that the Indians
of that province are becoming more temperate. "The leaning toward temperance
has been very marked in the last three
years, an indication that the advice of the
agents and the missionaries is beginning to
have effect. In the olden days it was nothing unusual to see 200 and 300 cases of
convictions among Indians for drunkenness
during a fishing season at Steveston. Last
fishing season only seven Indians were convicted of drinking at Steveston.
Iceland, it is said, has no jail, no penitentiary, no court and only one policeman.
Not a drop of alcoholic liquor is made on
the island, and its 78,000 people are total
nbstainers, since they will not allow any
liquor to be imported. There is not an
illiterate person on the island, nnt a child
ten years old unable to read, the system
of public schools being almost perfect.
If you are not satisfied after using according to directions two-thirds of a bottle
of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, you can have your money back. The
tablets cleanse and invigorate the stomach,
improve the digestion, regulate the bowels.
Give them a trial and get well. Sold by
all druggist*.
Phone 34
Phone 34
Keep food products for ever, and are specially adapted for home canning of
Vegetables, Fruits, Meat, Soup, G"1 ~"\ ^tc.
Come in and let us explain its many uses.
C. C Josselyn
For Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Town and Country
Mr. C. J. R. Stirling, cousin of
Jfttr. T. W. Stirling, ia a recent
I arrival in town. It is his intention
to take up residence in the district
and devote his attention to fruitgrowing.
Mr. J. F. Burne was a visitor to
Vernon Saturday,
Mr. D. S. Williams, editor of the
' Prairie Witness,' Indian Head, has
been in town during the past week
visiting friends.
Mrs. Geo. Chick arrived from
England last week, being met by
Mr. Chick at Sicamous.
Mr. Wm. Raze and family arrived from Cornwall, England, and
are at present staying with Mr.
Goldsmith. Mr. Raze will take up
work at the brick yard.
The Provincial Police Dept. have
been asked to make enquiries for
Frank Irish, of Southsea, England,
who is supposed to have arrived in
the province some time early in
1909. Before coming to B. G,
Frank Irish is said to have worked
for a short time on a government
tug boat at San Francisco, and
previous to that as a locomotive
engineer on one of the South
American railroads.
Mr. L. C. Aviss has just laid the
keel of a large new sailing yacht
for Mr. T. W. Stirling.
Mr. Chas. Regenery left Monday
for a six months' trip to Germany.
The opening game of the Lacrosse League is to be played this afternoon in Dr. Boyce's Field, when
Armstrong will play the Kelowna
Tobacco planting is going ahead
now as fast asthe plants can be got
into the ground. A very large area
will be under the crop this year.
Mrs. Jas. Harvey jun. sang a solo
at the Presbyterian Church last
Sunday evening.
Mrs. J. Middleton is visiting Mrs.
William of Peachland.
The Public School examinations
are to be held on Friday June24.
Miss Cameron's room in the Kellar
Block, in the morning 10 o'clock to
12, and the other rooms in the
public school ln the afternoon from
1.30 to 3.30. The parents of the
scholars arc invited to be present.
The Young Ladies Auxiliary of
Presbyterian church at its annual
meeting last week appointed the
following office bearers for the ensuing year: pres. Miss B. McDonald
vice-pres. Miss Maude Newby, sec.
Miss Morrison, Treas. Mrs Smith,
Conv. H. M.Miss M. Tait.
Miss Shaw of Vancouver, is visiting Mrs. J. B. Knowles. Miss
Shaw is a graduate nurse of Newport hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Knowles and
Miss Shaw were away last week exploring the wilds of Bear Creek.
The journey up the course of the
creek was made on cayeuses, and
the party penetrated almost to the
North Fork, and a considerable
distance beyond v. here any white
women, at least, has ever been before. There is a beautiful country
back there beyond the beaten trails
which few people know anything
The wedding tookplace on
Monday, June 6th at Calgary, of
Ira McClure of Kelowna to Maria
Meldrum, of Perthshire Scotland.
The ceremony was performed by
the Rev. John A. Clark.
To celebrate the anniversary of
their wedding day the Rev. E. B.
and Mrs. Glass, with a number of
their friends had a delightful out-
ins on the lake shore at South Okanagan on Tuesday. Everything
was propituous, the weather, the
drive, and the banquet, and wishing the genial couple many returns
of the happy event, the friends
separated, having spent a most
enjoyable time.
Don't forget the strawberry and
ice cream festival which is being
arranged for tomorrow, (Friday)
night, by the young Ladies'
Auxilliary of the Presbyterian
church. Come down to the Park
at 7:30.
" The Mighty Reo."
The car with the get-there-and-back
Wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon  your minds  these two special facts:
Robin  Hood  Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour.
Robin  Hood  Flour absorbs  more moisture
than other flours, therefore add more water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats, Bran, Wheat,
Barley and Oat Chop
Fresh Glean Stock, Just In.
Just placed in stock.
Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
Writing Paper and Envel
opes at Reduced Prices.
Swiss Lawn Papieteries
Regular 35c.
Thurs., FrL. Sat. at 25c.
Drugs and Stationery.
Get Ready for Hot
Weather and Flies.
We have a large assortment of
Refrigerators from $10.50 to $75
Ice Cream Freezers, all sizes.
Screen Doors,   Window Screens.
HQ Thursday, June 16
The Orchard Cifcij Reeord.
A Snap in
Fine modern house for
sale in the highest and
healthiest part of Kelowna
ten minutes walk from the
wharf. Large lot with
11 Oft. frontage on the main
street. House has four
large rooms on the first
flour, four bedrooms, bathroom, and linen closet, and
large concrete cellar. Complete plumbing, with taps
for hot and cold water, hot
water cistern and large
tank inside. Papered
throughout. Garden planted with fruit trees. Concrete path. Will be sold
G. H. E.
For further particulars apply
Orchard City Record
Beat Selection of
Local Post Cards
and Views
Largest Studios in the Interior
Portraits  by appointment.
Pendozi Street   -    Kelowna
Smith Street
Do You Know
real estate investments are the best in the
Okanagan   in   quality   of   soil,   location,
prices,  etc.,   and   that  they will triple in
value in one year ?    Have you stopped to
consider?     If  not,   just   remember'  that
Westbank will be the largest, most industrious, and influential place in the valley.
Now is your opportunity.   Most excellent
bargains.   The lots are cleared, cultivated,
fenced, and have young orchards on them;
well  irrigated,   and "have   good domesti
water.   Prices, $175 to $200 per acre.
Other most valuable land bargains
$25 per acre up.
W. Curtis Hitchner
Westbank    -   British Columbia
Mr. I. W. Watts, Provincial Manager for the Royal Insurance Co., is here for a few days. If you desire Sny
information on the subject he will be pleased to discuss
it with you.    Send us a line and make an appointment.
Special Policies issued to discharge your mortgage and other liabilities  at  death, and  clear
your estate.
A   !.ii'i.6i th   .MALE.
:&<>e vV-v in. ..W-ic 't Resembled a
Tin, Specie. oi Fi&n.
Oflf rtllilel sum.- Y^ilrs HjJO a largo
Wtmif «:i>-K-INWl ii'-ii' >ne nt the At-
■lulitl*- -.■ii|M.ris ti. •■»ri-iiss wils taKen
a^Ht'ii-p; miuifi 'hi iwo tint cars and
trnt'i!S|MiriMii  ifu   iiii;iim,I  in i-lties where
■a wliiiif \vitc -i ■ ;iirri>xitj Ihnt people
wiiiiiit. im> hi ■»'«- ii "ii-; 'uwessury. nf
riiiirsf. jtia; 'in- -viii'iiiii.n.s "iKHild De
JClVen Ml  iiiilli-n'i-i!  Mails   mid as It  WHS
a c(H() "iiiiei in_ u naif .uepr in a tair-
I.V mind -!t;|iHjii pi.■•...( viiiinn for a eon-
SlfleniD'f iinmtiei n| ivwiis before It
berailie  lilipei'll'Ive1 <i> /Muse the ailUlse-
ineiii  se;i<i.ii 4i• nn  >isma' particular
CeUlceiin     was    ••iiii.e.lu-il        While    tt
was on ,-xliiiii'li.n in I'lih-aK" a mer
ctiani rroin.a itiie iii.wn in southern
Illinois, wiiii iin|ijii.i,.Mi tu tie in tne city
mi' business \i •-11 • in <h. n. When tie
returned tiuine ne i.hmi lalb ot ootb-
ltlfj else.
"You inaj ihinu voirt-f> spi»u big flab,"
he said 'inn uiih-ss vou ve_ome across
II  wlmle soniett In-if vou  Haven't."
"How uiiii. was it, left." somebody
ns_ed bim
"It was mighty close to ninety feet
and about tlM'-en leet thick. It was
the bluest itniiu i e\ei taw nut of the
water Miai swim, m itie water."
"Well." said the villaKf doctor, "you
didn't expect io rind it a smelt, did
"No." he answered hesitatingly, "but
It did. Juki a ilttie   - __x< hiiuge.
Tbey Became a Society Craze at One
Time In  England-
Pfastei patsies were introduced ln
England in tUe ivijrn ot Bdward VL
by a foreign .nrt> woo tn tbls manner
Ingeniously coiu-enied a wen od ber
ueck. l'he.v beiame sucb a craze and
were earned to sui-o exaggerated
lengths thai they were finally lampooned nut of sis;i)t The men, as well
as the women, stuck themselves over
witb these beamy spots. No lady ot
fashion considered nei toilet complete
until she wiis eipilpped witb ber little
box of pinches, cut in ner favorite design. It one hapVetied io come oft In
company she nurnediy replaced. It
with a "rresh one from the bos.
At len-rii) pnti nuiu m Kngiand wpnt
so tin timr party spirit was symbo-
ii/.iMi ny die pnsiMoii of the patc'bes.
A icltei In the impel on June 2. 1711,
tens ot a "visit i.. die Hnytuarket and
the disVover> tiv ipe wrltei ot three
'•lasses ol women in. the poxes all differently pah he<i l^piiii iii«iuirjr he
iliscnvnico ih.-ii tiiiise who patched on
ilie auiii Jide.ni ine' forehead were
vvniirs Him nn'sf wiio fitrored the left
were lories. «'Mie those Who patched
iiidiBeriMiiiy on eiihei side were a'
tieinrjii tiiirty wnose faces had "not
yet declared themselves.-London Sat.
tiird.ay Keview
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund   -
Total Assets  -
Special Attention Paid to Savings Depositors
P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat Daily
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135
A, Lazy Race.
A nizlei nuiii than the average Bur-
man It wuuio tie exireiuiy hard to
Und When it is absolutely necessary
for bim to worn he generally bits upon
sutne'metiiod which wiii save ttlro ajot
ot exertion.' it he wishes to cultivate
a pie. e ot iiroin|(i ne sets light to the
tiriisiiwiMin as a •'•heap, easy and efficacious inettiod of preparing the soil.
I'm two oi three rears be cultivates
that piece of .and. ana then be seta
Hgbt to anotbet spot, allowing tbe Jungle io t:ri>& tn the old place, which
will be ready for" reburnlng when the
other. ground wants a rest. Rice
growers dispense wltb plows, turning
loose Instead a number of buffaloes,
wbicb cut up the saturated soil wltb
their hoofs Wben a Burtnan has
earned a little money be immediately
proceeds to spend it all, for the Burmese have do ambition to be rich and
never board: consequently there are
no large landowners, and, there being
no aristocracy, the people are as near
being on au equality as-possible.
A Poser. -
__ vegetarian writer narrated In a
recent address a "poser" that his little
son bad put to him.
"My little boy," s&ld tbe speaker,
"often turns away from bis lentils and
expresses a lodging tor chops ud
roast beet
"Tbe other day at table 1 explained
to bim that we become what we eat-
that by eating vegetables we become
mild and placid, but by eating meat
we become savage and gross.
"'Well. papa, said tbe lad, If Hfs
true that we become wbat we eat;
why don't' cannibals become jnlssloi.
arlesi. "
Pishing For Plunder.
, A vlsitoi to one ot tbe hotels at Pekin was awakened during tbe night
by tbe noise caused by tbe tall ot a
roll of paper, netting out ot bed, he
sa w witb astonishment a pole, to
wbicb were attached a Ashing line and
book, moving about tbe room, collect-.
Ing various objects and removing them
through tbe window; Opon going
downstairs he wan heard by tbe burglarious Chinaman outside to whom
tbe rod belonged and who escaped,
leaving bis Ashing line behind bim.
An Effectual Cure.
"8be wauls to be a sister to me."
"Yon can easily get her oat ot that
"Treat ber as you would a sifter."—
Kansas City Journal.
Her Guess.
Huhby-There's another chap committed siiirld. bemuse bis home was
Wttie-i dare say it will be happlet
now.-Illustrated Bits.
A cruel story  runs on wheels, and
even   nn nn mis the  wheels as they
1UU     VUI4-.
Having the advantages of both Town and Country Life.
You will have to act quickly if you wish to secure a lot in this desirable
sub-division, for it is selling rapidly.   The  location  is  ideal, half-a-mile
from  the  town  limits  and  one  hundred  feet higher,  commanding a
beautiful view of. the Lake, City, and surrounding country.
The soil is a light loam, with slope sufficient for irrigation and drainage.
Unimproved land, as desirably situated as ours, is selling readily in the
fruit sections of Washington and Oregon for from $650 to $1200 per
acre.   Conditions are changing here; before you realize it, this land will
have doubled in price.
We advise you to inspect the property at once, and make your selection.
It is going fast. The property has been little more than a week on the .
market, and at the end of the week, May 21st, there were but nineteen
lots remaining unsold. Qur town is rapidly growing, and it will not be
long before this property will be. practically a part of it, and we feel safe
in saying, the choice residential section. y   '
We might also state that it is the Company's plan to reserve the adjoining
1,000 acres, to be improved and planted out in  one large orchard and
•"retained for itself. J
CXCaps of the sub-division, together with information regarding prices and terms may be
had at our office. ,7
.)   :.i
On View at the Kelowna
Farmers' Exchange
The Up-to-date Implement Dealer,
' y
m fhe Orchard City Record.
Thursday, June 16
Come One!
Come All!!
Preserving season will soon be on, and
we have a Proposition to bring before
How About Fruit Jars?
We are making a Special Sale on
Fruit Jars Saturday; only watch for
our Prices. These Jars are the Best
Improved Gem, with Screw Tops.
You are at a Loss if you let this Opportunity pass you.
A Gallant Record.
Roar-Admiral A. A. 0. Galloway has
a \v< .iderful record of gallantry in attempting the saving of life at sea. He
began this part of his career when he
was'a midshipman, in 1873. In Gibraltar Bay a seaman attempted suicide. It Was at night, but Mr. Galloway went overboard at once, and saved the man, in spite of his struggles.
For this he received the Royal Humane Society's medal. Five years later, again at night, Mr. Galloway
sprang from the Pallas, at Port Said,
to save a stoker who was swimming to
the ship, and was drowning. In 1882
he, with a boat's crew of volunteers,
went off from the Warrior, in the Bay
of Biscay, during a heavy gale, to
pick up a man who had fallen from
another ship. On this occasion the
Duke of Edinburgh, in a general signal, thanked him for his service.
Headquarters for
Drinks,   Fresh
Ice  Cream
Fruits  and
and Soft
The  Sentry's  Error.
An officer tells this good story:
"A French sentinel iu Algeria had
for colonel a very tall, lanky, round-
shouldered man.
"This round-shouldered colonel one
night was making a quiet inspection.
Passing tlie sentinel, he found, to his
rnge and indignation, that he was not
challenged. So he returned to the man
and roared:
" 'You didn't challenge me!'
" 'N-no, sir," faltered tbe sentinel,
" 'Well, why didn't you?' the colonel
" 'Excuse me, sir,' said the sentinel,
'but I thought—I beg your pardon,
sir—I thought you was a camel'."
Her Great Question.
This desire to uplift the sisterbood
has. many drawbacks and discouragements. Mrs. Lysander John Appleton
! recently conducted such a meeting.
j She spoke of the blind groping of her
! sisters for higher ideals and the trou-
j bled- questions that obtruded them-
i selves upon their subconsciousness all
! through the day and night. "I would
j like to hear from you," she said. "Per-
! haps in your yearning for a solution of
I the problems that confront you I may
j be able to help you. Mrs. Boogs, tell
! us what is the great question of your
I life." Mrs. Boogs rose, pale and trem-
| bling. "It is this," she said: "What
: shall I get for the next meal?"|
This Man's Better Half Had It In an
Aggravated Form.
There's nothing in that old saying
about women not having any sense of
Here's a case that happened:
The Campions, Mr. and Mrs, boarded the Euclid car to make the homeward journey. i
Campion had just discovered that
he was entirely without funds except
a check tucked away in his pocketbook
—not even a dime for car fare.
"I've spoken to you several times
about such carelessness," observed
Mrs. Campion in a vexed tone. "If I
didn't happen to have 20-or 30 cents
in my purse we'd have to walk home,
for it's too late for you to get that
cheek cashed. You ought to make
sure that you have change in your
pocket before you get on the street
"Oh, well, s'long as you've got car
fur. lot's don't worry about what
illicit happen," put in Campion irritably. "I've never been put off a street
car yet."
Tlie car was bo nearly filled, that
they couldn't get seats together, but
sat down on opposite sides of the aisle,
still glaring at each other.
"My wife'll hand it to you," says
Campion, nodding in the direction of
his helpmeet.
The fare taker went over to her. She
handed him a quarter, and he gave
her 15 cents change.
"What's this for—my change is a
nickel short?" she inquired icily.
"Took out for your husband," replied the conductor.
She looked around. "What! That
man told you to get his fare from
me? Why, I never saw him before.
He's an imposter."
Campion was game. And all that
saved him from being put off the car
was that he persuaded the conductor
to accept three two-cent stamps.
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
FOR SALE.—Twelve acres of good fruit
land on benches, with water record,
also an 8-roomed house on Park Ave.,
Kelowna.    Apply P.O. box 175.    13tf
Eight-roomed house   (Morden's) opposite
Pridham'a  orchard, with   half  acre land,
small fruits, etc.    Apply Geo. E. Boyer.
A large  store  in   Water  Street.
Campbell Bros., Kelowna.
18 tf
E. A. Day will  not   be   responsible   for
any debt contracted in his name and without his written order. 26-38p.
Second-hand,   in   fairly  good   condition.
Apply Record Office.
To let, with cellarage and stable   at  back.
$10. a month,   situated in Pendozi  Street.
Apply in first instance to  Box  J,   Record
Office. 20tf
River-Ericcson  6inch    Hot-air    Pumping
engine in good order.    Apply   to  J.   Ball,
c | o Thomas Lawson, Limited 29tf
Improved 10 acre lot, house and barn,
Lot 36, map 425. Apply Box 140, Stettler,
Alta. 24-27
Go to
Phone 35
Phone 35
Too Much.
Suburban Resident/—It's simply fine
to wake up in the morning and hear
the leaves whispering outside your
City Man—It's all right to hear the
leaves whisper, but I never could
stand hearing the grass mown I"—London   Express.
Main Cause.
The Minister of Education of Ontario in his annual report notes that
for the first time in forty years the_$
is an increase in the number of men
training for the teacher's profession.
The increase in salaries paid is given
as a main cause of the situation noted.—Halifax Herald.
The  Peopl
Phones:   Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
Huntley and Palmer's Biscuits.
Nineteen Varieties, and everyone fresh, crisp, and tasty.
There is nothing more appetizing on the supper
table, or for afternoon tea than a plate
__. D
OC 1   .
Do you know that there is more nutriment in Cheese
than in meat?
McLaren's Cheese comes to us direct from the
manufacturers, and is always in good condition
In foil packets, 10c. In jars, 35c. and 65c.
For Cooling Drinks and Appetizing Camping
Supplies we can satisfy the desires of all.
Pleaded   Her  Own   Case   In
High Court of Babylon.
Among the most interesting treas-;
ures of the British museum are the
clay tablets of ancient Babylonia.
These tablets, resembling unglazed
tiles, throw quaint lights and shadows
on the manners and customs of long
ago. Usually the records are fragmentary, but are occasionally fairly complete, as is that of legal proceedings
instituted by a "woman of Borsippa,"
which action- is of particular interest
as showing that a married woman's
property law was in force as early aa
550 B.C.
The proceedings to which the "documents" refer were taken by a woman
against her brother-in-law to regain
possession of property left by her husband. The evidence showed that a
man of Babylon had married the woman from Borsippa, and with the
money of her dowry he had bought an
estate. After a few years, having no
children of their own, they adopted a
son, and shortly' afterward the husband mortgaged the estate. Later he
died, leaving the estate mortgaged,
and his brother attempted to claim
the property.
The widow took the majtter before
the court at Borsippa, but it was beyond the jurisdiction of this court
and was referred to the high court
at Babylon. Here the case was duly
heard, and the judges rendered a decision to the effect thai as the property
had been the husband's the widow
could have it upon paying off the
mortgage and that the brother had no
claim. Eventually the estate would be
the property of the adopted son. It is
expressly stated, as though a matter
of some interest, that the woman
pleaded her own case in the high
court of Babylon without assistance.
He Got the Money.
The, following is an amusing story
of yotmg Prince Alexander of Batten-
berg, while at Eton:
"like many other little boys, he ran
short of pocket money, and wrote an
ingenious letter to his august grand-
■mother, Queen Victoria, asking for
some slight pecuniary assistance. He
received in return a just rebuke, telling him that little boys should keep
within their limits, and that he most
wait till his allowance next became
due. Shortly afterward the undefeated little prince resumed the correspondence in something like the following
form: "My dear Grandmamma: I am
sure you will be glad to know that I
need not trouble you for any money
Young girl   to  assist  housework.    Small
family on ranch.     Mrs. Frank Crane, Rutland, B.C. 28tf
Town lot and beach lot at reasonable price.
C. C. Josselyn 28-9
Just  received   direct
from the manufacturers in England, a
large shipment of
The   Celebrated
"K" Boots.
Men's  White   Buckskin Tennis Shoes,
Rubber Soles,
Men's   White Buckskin Boots,
Rubber Soles.
Applications will be received <\y the undersigned for the position of second Nurse
(qualified) at the Kelowna Hospital at $30.
per month, duties to commence on July 1st.
Applicatants state age and experience.
Seretary, Kelowna Hospital Society. P.O.
Box 69. 28-30
A minature picture of little girl in copper
frame.     Of  no  special  value   except   to
owner.   Reward for return.    S. M.   Gore,
Hawksdale Dairy. 29-1
widow, thoroughly domesticated, with two
girls  aged  8  and  9, desires  situation as
working  housekeeper  Where  if  possible
her two children could be with her.
Apply P.O. Box 163, Kelowna.       x
Good, cheap, single bedstead, tables, chairs
chest drawers and other furniture, two
seated . spring waggon, single harness,
cultivator, orchard implemsnts. Box 80,
Orchard City Record. 29-0p
. Take notice that I John Delbert McTavish
of Rossland, occupation Laborer, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted half mile
west of the north-west corner of A. J. Edwards pre-emption claim': thence wast
eighty (80) chains; thence south eighty (80)
chains; thence east eighty (80) chains;
thence north eighty (80) chains to point of
Date April 13, 1910. 24-3.1
en s  Tan Willow
(-alf Boots,
Light and  Heavy
Inspection Invited.
The Kelotona
The Store of the
Stylish Shoe
Proprietor    /
3 One-acre Lots between Pendozi
and Richter streets. One of these
is a corner lot. This property contains about half an acre of bearing
fruit trees. Price $2,200 with very
easy terms.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Water Commissioner to change the point of diversion
under a certain water record dated the 29th
j . .    __ i   .    ins\n i i    i i  i f i
uay or January, I7uu, ana neia Dy  josepn
Saucier, and numbered  719,  the  present
point of diversion being on Priest's creek,
and about five   hundred  yards  from   the
south-east half mile post  of  District  Lot
360 in Group one of the Osoyoos Division
of Yale   District,  and  the  new  point of
diversion is situated on  the  said  Priest's
Also wanted a one horse wagon in
good condition.
A. FRANCIS, Kelowna, B.C.
P.O. Box 80.
jus^ now^ jorvIjold ^t^lMtktter to Creek> ab?ut m yard, above ,he originaI
~      ~~      "       """" point of diversion hereinbefore mentioned
and is just below a small fall.
Thia notice was posted on the nineteenth
day of May, A.D., 1910, and  application
will be made to the Water Commissioner
on the 25th day of June, A.D., 1910.
Joseph Saucier,
Kelowna, B.C.
Remember Five off for Cash at Lawson s.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
another boy here for 90 shillings'.'
The general postofflce at Paris onoe
received a letter addressed "To Mon-
Bieur, My Son, Rue ," etc.   They
were going to send it to what in
France corresponds to our dead letter
office, but a clerk objected..
"There must be two foola in that
family," be said. "We shall find out
to whom it belongs."
Sure enough, in a few days a stupid
looking youth entered and Baid to the
olerk: ..._._
♦'I'd like to find oat if you haven't
kept here  a letter  for me  from  my
"Yes, sir," replied the clerk. "Here
it ia."
Farm Close to Town
Tendors in writing will be received by the
undersigned for the purchase of Lot 54,
Map 186, Osoyoos Divison of Yale District,
until June 27, 1910. The highest or any
other tender not necessarily accepted.
_ This is a piece of K.L.O. land   believed
A Great. Favor. to contain nearly 13' acres,' south-east  of
So  you  are  the  noble  youth  who   town, less than three miles by road   from
plunged into the raging flood and res-  Kelowna post office.   Good water rights,
""      """   " and plenty of water.    Excellent soil.   First
class roads.   Pleasant neighborhood. Good
house and buildings.    Young orchard.
P.O. Box 54, Kelowna, B.C.
For High Grade
Watch Repairing
try Parker the Jeweler. You should
cuoose your watch repairer as you
would your Doctor. Your watch needs
careful attention when in need of re.
pair. All kinds of watches, clocks and
jewelery repaired at moderate prices
and all work absolutely guaranteed.
A nice new line of Blouse Sets,
Beauty Pins and Sash Buckles just come
in, which I would be pleased to show
you, also a full line of watches, chains,
lockets, bracelets, links and fobs.
All new petterns and designs.
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed \
cued my daughter from a dreadful
death P"
"Yes " sir."
"And you have oome to ask me for
a great favor?"
"Yes, sir:"
"You have come to ask me to let
you marry my child?"
"No,, sir. I've come to ask you to
let me have $7 until next Saturday
night." ,
One Attraction Missing. j     .y. ,        j
"Say," said the young writer who  WOmS and.OjflCeS W.  ttlC
had been engaged by the^circus man
to write up a prospectus of the show,
"I've about exhausted my vocabulary
on this thing. Have you a thesaurus?"
Large  and   attractive
"No, by thunder I" said the circus
man. "We've only got a rhinooeroi,
fewl Z*U «bk evw Md tar one,"
Raymer Block
Appb to     H.W. RAYMER
Bernard Avenue..
- Asaya Neuroll
Nervous Exhaustion
When' convalescing fromI,aGrip-
pe, Pneumonia or Wasting Diseases, nothing hastens the return
to health like a short period of
treatment with "Asaya-Nhu-
RAr,L." It feeds the nerves, induces restful sleep, quickens the
appetite, aids digestion* and soon
buoyancy of spirits and the sense
of restored vitality are attained.
Afewdosesconvince. $1.50 a bottle. Obtain from the local agent


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