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The Orchard City Record Dec 16, 1909

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 i7 <■ i-^Piw^^Wo1^^ r '
t      (J- TMT*
^ A   '   *    •*■' *
-»    "      .... <    v     4.
f ■*■. ■** *Jf*i s** Aj   r ■wai'i«  +4   v^V"** Vv*"1*?*''^^+*J     ** ^ *«    .    *•»
n    t      _. ■Ml'  - -J* V Z  v » f      +
t'   k L - And   the   world   is J
-,'   jj *      with you;   Quit and (- *   ,
'- 'A ' - you standalone.^" ? A f
7 Circulation'HrghVs*t i    ^
I   .   8 Rates Lowest'-''^ ^     r
11     r -                        _ "
>J ^          'A  .,-.. i
L .
.-'i> <*,
pk 75.' j ■-   _„_'}
t .  -, '<*v T?«^^v%>^*^^'!Pi«
'' f-.
'■+■ s
Special Facilities for
Exec u t i n g High- [
Class Half-Tone and
General. Letterpress ~'
Work. -' '" -:,
-_   1/
r> *-■
VOL. II. ^NO. 3.
$1.50 Per Annum.:
mmmxt indiscussion
The Unsatisfactory Main.Shaft - A Considerable Extension
/o{ the 'l^lant<May'Soon be Necessary for Power
PurO'Ases - .More Arc Lamps Wanted
rw j;  .'< .11/ F 1
i ^
It -yvas hard work getting together
a*1'quotum to conduct-the City's
business last Monday, and it was
not' Until after eight that the meet-
- i ing started. - 1 he.members present
,- f'were'Aldexmfeh^C^jx, JE^alJ,. Bailey
- } and Mayor£||eHfert'tHti(M --Dusifiess
^unimpo^anti-md'^H^j, 7    f|»^
; v     The usual^pxehminanes^having
'   ■> been'gone throtugh;'_the7city clerk
'  j read av-, tender ^Qm'/,t_ie& Orchai'd
v."? City Record for printing'the'muni-
. s;cipal voters* Iist^7 It was mentioned
' J thatjthis worlc^was fipy, in 'Jhand
,* and Swould,, JSe*- finisKetlifbn ^ the
-, morrow.     - .        >   .      "
' ^    A letter was react from -Cfirm,,of
* steel bridge manufacturers.   ' This
i letter was.^rdered^to^be filed., y.f
'.    -T-ieWayor^by wayof- a-'casual
i remark,- stated- that some .of the
[_ -quotations ror^steel bridges might
come  in , handy' later, ^as he, had
^, heard fromfpeople" along Mission'
,'  Creek, that some danger of wash-
, outs was.likely it the- creeks over-
; flowe^*agfainvthiskear.vi Ayi'j
7i     SeVeraH-tte-fs IwereirnextHead,
!-;;£' quotings on the ^ekt1 issue'of the
fy city's" debentures, including a^tele-
gramrf_3ra.feendtt^oxon/j5c Co.,
also some1, quotations tor,the"invest-
N ment ofHli-'cityV"sinking-/fund in
F r^iRevelstoke. It was decided'ihatjthe
t^, \ matter should be left^n^he^hands
■" ~\ of the fi"nahcevcdmmitteerito*'gof in
>."v' to and report._• ^-. y«-« '^     '      i
! V"7-"te_ider"from,*!r. GriA'.tFft.her;.
/thewci^*fi^     .,        r     ^.   _^
"" 5 was^inehtioned that tKe^fjpuncil^had'
; beenJn^the^h'abit >f ^payin^SO'
'. annually foflhis work during the'
**■ il_t _i__.__ i.i_-l'-'M.*:- t-L: ;„?-
s AteP^^f*4-,^^f^l?®F*'-;^a^ rSS?TO"
» . n^dMW18UitaBIeran3'the''finar_ce'
__} committee-Vefe instructed^to look
^ hi to ' the ^matter,- with- • power 'to
~Tvact.    <*r '   "A'r{./- f <"} »,-J^-,,,Vy:f,F
7{I - Tne followiiig accounts were re-,
i-, ^ ferred' to "the finance cpmmittee^ to
; r be"paid if found-correct: f '. . „i*
cs CP.R. undercharge, on carting «haft $9.00
" . C Blackwooa, teaming oh streetT      OA ^
,. ^Miss J. Wild^typing by-laws   :.-.
' ^-.W. G^RUssell. in«pectinB~wiring.
' ") Mention*v/as made of the .various
|! -.' houses, being- wiredvfor 'electric
- ligKT? Mayor DeHart said Tie was
-_i pleased ^to'"8ee ^so-'mariy^as'^^
s houses being connected up with
, < the lighting, system   during   one
} month and hoped the^ figures jtpj.
■> conneGtions^wpuJd .cohtintfe.   i A)
I x The^oaJd^orPfr-m Oct.114,
J to,Nov. 23rd,'.8howed
20 ■&
.2 70
24 00
H of $ 11 coming to tlje city. .
. " Aid. Bailey reported on a visit,
<^to the>power.house withoreference.
^"to the main shaft having Been bent
j ;6utrof tftie^oy-islse"-'*ndtw pt&pterljr
5'8traighteried.r He suggested that
t the'council sKould pay the account
I of - the- ' Van%U*r>Engine&iS&
'4,Workb for 8tr_iiKferiin^*,the'*Bh.If*
I aa in one ofjhe£lett_r_?^c6iv8d£:if
\ ,wa8 mentioned that the ^-work was
\ done to the Satisfaction of AI^.Gil-
v more.   This_^£.K Gilrno^fe, it seenjs,
/was a gover^rp(6-|t.fin,a^e9tor''*n^
.1 hsfving once tpa84ed__Jt|lrough,. Hii
i. hands "as a satisfactory' job.^was'
J indisputable wjth the Engineefing1
i Work_;*rj.% v»t-.->f:*irf*cyi .
\ Aid.' BaH did '-apt agree wi.K pay-
1' ingi th^^accauntf Jbut^cohsidered,
J that the account should ^e held in
*{ abeyance until a reply was reteived
'I from the Engineering Works. .<• *
I "Reference was made' to" the;;re-
| marks of Messrs. Downey and
* 'Peck",' when they' visited the plant
|"8ome time ago, as t6 th^ 8haft beting untrue, and it Was.considered
» absurd that a jar of any description
\ could occur when the shaft was'in
; transit.       , ( v,~\*;'
.     -AJd-Cox was opinion that ttie
I * shaft never left the works straight^
j and that no jar had been exjper-
<f ienced when it was in transit. { He
5-thought that the- only satisfactory
I  j[ remedy was to have a new, shafjf."'
f j"    Mayor DeHart was also; of thq
l/ropirtjuon ^h&{Vsa:\neW   shaft   was
I I .neceesary, Vnd that it would not be
long before an extra unit was required on the plant, in order to
supply several plants in town with
(power.. ' He. .had^ received t word
that Mr. -D. Uoyd-Jones would use
electric power if^it was obtainable,
as "also would Mr.y^J. B. Anderson
b*bth> for sawmilling purposes. - He
clid'not consider there would be
any difficulty in getting 100 horsepower, taken? up through the town.
The cbst'of'this extension would
be between five and six? thousand
dollars,*-butfit-Was- a ("question" that
sbulcT' be* referred ito \the ^incoming
council. ,      - s
* -A.shorf discussion ensued with
references to'^ the exciter at the
p'ojver1 house, it being explained
that 'amew one was Being sent. .
? The question of lighting Ellis St.
was^next" brought 'up," Mayor De-
Hart stating that incandescent
lamps would be placed up at an
early date. '~ " *T»
., Aid. Coxwas ofthe opinion that
an j7r~Jj^ht should be placed on
Ellis 'S&eeVasfthere 'Were'some _0
dr 30 houses at present without^a'
light of any description. .' -T '
A long aiscu88ibnf ensued j as to
the advisabiH^of/^rnmg *the- arc
lightVtrahsformer'i at Aits ^utmost
v_L_<t____ .•_ t*'_:_;^.-^__.-_t^j_:'<_iS_t_._x_
Summary of B. C.
Winnings at Spokane
Kelowna Heads the\ Province
capacity it
The statements made by many
that the exhibit sent to" Spokane
this year by Kelowna.did not come
up to. anticipations or. in other
words was* a'failure, is severely repudiated by looking over the complete official prize list just received.
In comparison with other points-
in B. C.,*" Kelowna makes ah exceptional showing,, and a glariceat
the following list of prizes won1 by}
B. C. exhibitors will show how thoroughly we beat?the other towns
and districts of the^province
The. following figures are taken
from the official prize list set out
in tKe ^December bulletin'of the
National Apple Show.', Spokane, i.
Jown Amt, ■*      Ists    '-"2nd«
Kelowna       . -     $301 .'..  11 .   ..   5 "<"
Salmon Arm $72   ....    2       '.2- \
Verncn7.. ."      $56   ...   7 -.^6**/
Kelowna Orcharilist    BOARD OF TRADE MEETING
: Visits Fruit Centres
Increases   ConfidenceC
Kelowna District.
Nelscn   ....
Willow Point
Hanops,. . ,
Needles . .    .
$16 •
. I".
available arc light should be placed,
came under discusaion.iiit being
^jreeTd -"^hatrffvi^WM^p'ossible^^J
put up-ah/arc"- .icIiCatj_sKould- be*1
placed at J. rletchers corner. "-^ ->
Aid 7 Ball considered thaVa light
yras badly needed down the street
in question, but suggested, that-as
one light .was, considered "enough
for two^blocks-in.other, parts or the
town.^that onej^xd, light jypuld be
sufficient" to light the upper.portion
of Ellis st. No'defihite action, however, was taken in the matter. ..
Aldr Bailey, reported-pn a -meeting of the. Police,. Commissioners,
aihd "advised" the' council that tKe
case .which .was brought to their
notice with reference to Mr. Todd
and-relative to which Messrs. Todd
and Morris'"appeared, before'the
council JasV'week,--' should *not receive consideration.L- - 7-
_ He wg.uld have liked, to have
seen the matter brought to justice,
but^the evidence in the case was
'6nly,circun_8tantial, and he would
hot advise the council to take any
steps. ( Mr. Greenshields, - when
t»QinrXQvesLthe-C^5e—with him.—had
'staged tnat, a similar case to the one
in ""question.-was fought by the
postal authorities not long ago.
The law-breaker was traced and
experts present to give their evidence, but a lawyer for the defence
tore the evidence all to shreds, and
the case was lost.   He considered
Grand Forks.*.'.
Spences Bridge .   .     ys   , . .
_, Thus'it will be seenj-hatIhe.Okanagan district. carried/p4, eighty
jfive^ per.-vcen^of v the ; total prize-
money,, while Kelowna wak resptfri-
it was a dangerous thing for
cityito lake,up,-but thought theit'if
Mre^ddd'^uldiay the inform-
kation,, tne,_matter could lie taken'
-upTwithout'it'cbsting a .cent to jtye
parties agrievedr •
'A]d. Cox didjnot like to see * the
c_8ej,dr<jppfd,--ind said he would
like to see ?the partiea concerne
take-action in" the matter. .
*""AldrB,ailey further stated that in
reference the" dog tax, Police Hid-
4on l had agreed" tb'go round and
collect, and all who J refused to
pay * would -have - tHeir names
handed^ hi jby^the^lSth of the
month. '\'Provisioh?wa8' also made
for a special constable to take the
place of Police Hidson, when he
was away at Vernon, with reference
to a ihqrse stealing^ ca*e, it being
stated that he was subpoenaed to
attend* on'' Wednesday. Tt Was
afrit-ed- that- a special should be
put 6n. " •'
VyMd.rCdx "asked Tif something
,potiK-}* not, I^.d6np* WtaAi'pff the
incandescent .street lights .in the
early' morning, &b there was a > lot
of light going to. waste. No. action,
however, was takeln in this matter.
The council theii "adjourned, to*
meet Jagainf "at"; the *call of the
Mayor.'       V ' "  "'    '
n-lris. also~intere_ting to Vote -that
the majonty^ of' districts .received
financiaFaid in some way or'other
from public; bodies .whereas Kelowna's exhibit had no' outside ^finances' to help it along- Vernon's
exhibit it is understood cost 'somewhere in the neighborhood of two
thousand dollars.and took a whole
season'to prepare: Mayor De Hart
collected his exhibit in ten'days.
^'The-fact'that'with, such a .small
exhibfcKelowna has ,.won'. such a
large share of 'the. prizes, tshows
that we lead the way_in .the,,great
fruit-growing province of Canada,
and it is only fair: that due credit
ber given Mayor j De Hart "and Mr
Gibb who tyere responsible for an
exhibit ever, leaving this point to
earn such, distinction in the United
States. '-*•/*•   —
.■7 *■*■
Kelowna Public School
'i1 "V   .
The following is the Honor List
of the various-divisions ofthe public schools 'for the month of November. Owing to the approaching
Christmas examinations, no list for
Division 1 is given.       > *'
* *   *     Division 2.
"Junior iy.—Stafford  Cox, .Bernard
_Mc__eown., Elsie Nauman, Jean
i Kincaid."
Senior\_I_vr-r Russell   Sutherland,
, 1 r.Gladston Langille, George Silke,
k Harry Dillon., .y     •   A - •,
Junior"III.^Stanley Silke,"Kenneth
/Hislop, Arthur Silke.   "     '    '
.       r        M     f
'      Division 3.    4
Senior II.—W. Bradley, D. Evans,
L. Lemon." i
Junior II.—V. Jones, H. Buckland,
. .^T. ,£van8. ,t ",    t
First.—H. Herdman, F. Whitehead,
A. Wilson.
Second Pr.—E. Fletcher, E. Rut-
ledge, T. Crowley.
"■7   1 7 Division 4.  .    !
Class A.~S. Stiff, D. Francis, R.
Hall, E. Millie.     •
Class'B.—J. Marshall, K. McKenzie,
1 A. Duckworth, H. Graham.
Class C.—C. 1 Gaddes, V. Lawson,
H. Brunette, W. Raymer.
Class'D.—P. Downing, I. McGee,
M. Knight, M. Chaplin.
».'*■ f'^'v        - -f
/Word  has just (been   received
that the, Vemon> Steam Laundry
wa_ completely burnt out at about .^   ..
10.30 this, morning (Friday).' great' force1 in. Ontario
• <    <     juV" V   * /'m...        4 ,. y,         ,   ,1   (
,.*•-.*      ' •     y ■■ - -        -
Mr. S. Sproul returned last week
from a most interesting trip to the
coast districts, taking in the Westminster and Spokane shows, and a
chat with him elicited many facts
of interest "to the farmers and fruit-
giowers of this district.
Mr. Sproul, in company with his
father and mother, left Kelowna on
October 12th, and made a very
pleasant and quick ride to Vancouver in just 24 hours. A very
.enjoyable week was spent here in
visiting a brother and family, with
whom ' many of the beauty spots
were visited. Vancouver has made
big progress since Mr. Sprout's last
visit ten years -ago. It was then a
city of 30,000 inhabitants, and has
now reached-115,000.
- * Whilst at Vancouver the Westminster fair was-1 visited, and Mr.
Sproul was/enthusiastic over the
good worjc done there by the^Kel-
owna exhibit. Mr. D. Gellatly and
family, whom Mr. Sproul calls the
" Tomato King of the Okanagan,"
„and_ other* Kelowna friends weie
|_iet,and a balloon-ascent witnessed.
S" Victoria' was next-visited, after
an interesting run;on the fine GP.R.
^teamer Princess Charlotte. Mr.
^proul's sister, Mrs--IyH. Stephenson, resides -here, and his daughter,
Pearl, is also there takings college
course. Victoria has increased her
population by 25,000/during the
past ten-years. A very"nhe.city,
Mr. Sproul, thinks, and bounds to
anagan friends were
, including Dr. Gaddes'and the Hon. Price"ElKson.7 ,'j
v /Okanagan -fruit commanded* a
good price "at the coast, apples
selling .'for"$2.25 to $2.75\retail,
twice as much as coast grown fruit.
theLflaivor. of> which, is as turnips
compared "with the fruit of tKe interior. * The same thing was noticed
at^Seattle, the next,- place -visited,
the fruit of the interior states being
so'.much superior to-.that grown
around Seattle. ,
-A I trip over-the Cascade mountain, .which includes, a tunnel 2|
miles long, thiough which trains
are run by electricity, and Spokane
was reached in time for the great
apple show. Spokane is in Jthe
centre of a fine fruit country, and
is" a-favored city in the way'of
possessing abundance of cheap
power drawn from the numerous
falls on the Spokane river. There
are eleven railroads running into
Spokane and three more building,
despatching 33   trains   daily   for
various points. _        _	
The'AppIe Show from the 20flT
to the 25th of November, said Mr.
Sproul, Was good, and an education
in. itself to the fruit-grower. " It
proved conclusively where' the
good ,fru\t came from: Apart from
any bias which a man might have
for his own district, it was generally
conceded that the judging had not
been in accord with the popular
verdict, the Okanagan deserving a
much higher place than was awarded*, to*, it. A stand, displaying
Kelowna's fruit and literature, was
a good suggestion from Mr. Sproul
for next year's show.
Returning via Keremeos and
Petoticton, Mr. Sproul came back
more fully convinced of the sound*
ness of the claims made for the
Okanagah as a banner fruit-growing district. Whilst many of the
points visited have undoudted futures before them, yet * none have
so much reason to Jook forward to
a continual increase in population
and importance as the Kelowna
district^—-— v
Resolution to be Submitted to Meeting of Associated Boards', vh
-   of Trade - Committee Appointed to Consider the ,
1    „     Extension of the Telephone System.
Ckas. Hehner left this morning
for Toronto where ' he will ,take
part in" a happy event. He will
also while away confer with the
Department of Agriculture with the
idea of placing upon the market a
special spray he has invented for
destroying San Jose scale. The
Government has already tried his
preparation, and found it satisfactory, and consequendy have written him in respect to the matter,
op the; disease is' breaking out in
The usual monthly meeting of
the^ Board of Trade was held on
Wednesday evening in the schoolroom in the Keller block, only a
small attendance being present.
Mr. DuMoulin, the vice-president,
was in the chair.
After die minutes the following
correspondence was read:
From Rod and Gun, B.C. Dev-
eloment Co., Fruit Magazine, Bulman Bros., Mail Publishing Co.,
and Westward Ho! re advertising.
Referred to publicity committee.
From the secretary of the Spokane Apple Show, .thanking the
Board of Trade for the silver cup
they -had presented, and stating
that the same had been won by
Messrs., Tedford Bros., of Wenat-
chee, Washington; and from Tel-
ford Bros., thanking the Board for
the cup won by them.'   Filed.
From the Department of Agriculture, 're the resolution of the
Board in reference to the fumigating of nursery stock, and promising
the same attention.
From the Department of Marine
and- Fisheries, stating that it; waa
impossible to .stock the lake with
whitefish, as the nearestJiatcheries
were, at Winnipeg, and transportation would be too great; and1 from
Prof. ■. Prince, pointing- out-_that
whitefish could only be caught with
a netj<and could not be taken with
a hook and line.' *       - 'J        A
A" letter,. from L* J. Hill," oi the
,G./-N. Restated in repb/ to^the seel
ret&Vj^Tremarks,von,toe advisability,
"ofalinefronTPenticton to Oroville
that the' country so far had not
received any .serious attention, but
,that it would - be taken into con
sideration later. x -.">.,
_", J. Carsorso wrote asking that the
Board of Trade would take steps
to, have ,better facilities made for
the.hauling of produce to and from
the new. GP.R. wharfe, stating that
the city - council should < be approached to do their share'-and
the CP.R. to do likewise. It waa.
agreed to refer the matter to the
city council to see what could be
done, and that the council should
be asked to confer with the GP.R
on the matter. .    \   - '    -^
f "The committee" appointed pre^
sented the following resolutions to
be brought up at the Associated
Boards of Trade next January,:  A
(I) Whereas the. political representation of the Okanagan Valley
in the Provincial Legislation /is far
short ofwhatits population entitles
Mayor DeHart drawing a map on
the blackboard, showing_ the land
occupied by-the C.P. R. and by
other parties.    «     * *""" '   -A
Mr.  Leckie did not agree that
the CP.R. arrangements for loading « 'rA\
and unloading would be adequate, '' ~P
The matter, however, was* left with r-
the council to confer with C% P. JR. %
Mr.  Leckie next.stated that when/
he was at the Dunsmuir Ranch at *j
Shorts' Point, he was informed that
the Vernon Telephone Co. .were ";*
c ntemplating installing a telephoe V '■
at that point   He considered thatv -r :
Kelowna should make some moye * 'I
in that, direction, as if the other side -   J
of the lake was connected up with'A ^
Kelowna it would bring trade. He >   s*
had spoken* to Mr. Millie with refer- '/ A?y
ence to the matter, and had learned K 'Jjk
that the chief dfficulty was-that the,,      ~£
cable was working nearly ,all ,the;
time and  would  not' stand more !' j*$
connections. r Mr. Leckie considered  that another cable "should Ue 7
laid across the Jake; so as to coraal^' - -""_
some business thei-£J     'r _ -. "Vfe-le^
- It wm the "opinion of the Ijowrdv'thatw.jt^l
atept should be taken in this diiection;* it?AA|>|
being decided. that Meaars. Leckiey mid*J*"Or"
Hayman.Jbe appointed a committee to~look 7 A^v
-•-*-*L  >- '-:• - a%
into the matter.
Mr. Kerr, ma'de .mention of.the Mt^j^jT
of Mr. F.< R. E. DeHart at the Spok_iteSS»^«
Show, and.«ugg<5jted th«t"thia waa a fittingrJ^S
opportuni^- to* con__»_i_l__-_-.Mr. r_r-H».ti'A>X.-t
and Mr. Gibb
■■ congratulate-. Mr.
.on  the
it to, this meeting respectfully requests the Legislative Assembly of
B. C. to sub-divide the said valley
into thre electoral districts.
(2.) This meeting, urges upon
the Post Master General the importance of appointing a mail,clerk
on the S. S. Okanagan on the
Okanagan Lake, without delay:
• (3.) This meeting urges .upon
the C.P.R. the necessity of keeping
a daily steamboat service on the
Okanagan Lake all the year round.
. (4.) This meeting requests the
Hon. Minister of1 Agriculture*-to
establish an experimental station
in the Okanagan. ' <    *
These resolutions we're adopted
by the members'present, it being
agreed that they should be brought
before the associated boards,
The question of the disposal of
the land won at last year's Spokane
Apple Show was brought up, it
being mentioned that Mr. 'Gibb,
when at Spokane -did not have
time to look over the property.    ,
Mayor DeHart explained*' that
the land in question was valuable,
and was irrigated by means, of a
pipe system. , ,
Mr. D. W. Sutherland moved
that means should be taken to find
out the value of the land,     , ■
Mr. G B. Daniel suggested' that
the banks in the localities .should
be written to and an estimate on
their value obtained in that manner
also that die district assessor be
asked to value the land.
A long discussion ensued with
reference to the Arrangements at
the Cp.R. track, which resulted in
mentioned, that there waa a d^ot.which.
might be ctiacuatedA 7~    »   ",*• "V"' \\ji '£8&
Upon motion it waa agreed to thank Mri^;Jg|i
OeHaxt for the adrertiaeinent he had given   AA™
die vall^fcy hia cihflbil tbiayew. and alao ^,.„ ,
to fr^»fer tbe'deficitjttp'to$l-X-.\4^2c('-'L'-'a^
! M,IM^th^ked,t_-eWd^T^7
for their iindnew in thia re^>e^t. and said £ , „.
thatjf the district f exhibit .Kid falkn io7AAt|
Kelowna aa it shoold have done,he wpuld'j^-'^e;
have, been ahead.     ^   ",,A,_7.  <-J&' %&m
ed that'a _i-t ,houU"bA77Al
Mr. Kerr "movi
prepared giving the total amoont'of prize-^
money won by Kelo*rnadt_rit_g> 190*9,,^^and t 'Jk
that a committee be appointed to *prepare7A^
aucl.'a li*t_   It waa agreed that Mayor D_AA$
Hit. M.. R. B. Kerr, and Mr. G.C Roae<%"^
should form a committee to^draw up the '-^ ,**§•
pamphlet, and have 1,000 coptea printed. £%.'/:M
r  Mention waa made of the fruit~aenf Jby-'^AM
the die government to the OUXountry inA-ty-
charge of coast men/ it -being'vconsideredA^i.
that a man from the vO_-u__^an7Vall^r^^j^
should be a nt, as 90 per cent of t_»-m__t^f«fe!*Sfj
came from thia district.,'
Il  was  agreed  to  inite.^^
App«a^how directors, pointing ont thatla^ J&to
certain amount of unhufnesa^ in ^judging ^<.?'^ml
waa experienced this" year, and thatthe^'- *■*■ "™*
board would not consider showing againif. 7^
like judges were put on in future.'i&Kl-j^j. r^frl
'- The matter of entertaining delegates to"i'I\.7^i'MJ
die Associated IVoards of Trade"meetir^'^^M1
referred to the reception committee' to, be AAyffS
appointed at next meeting/  '   <-«   -.T^St ? *■>"*&_
Mr. McTavish brought up the matter-of <"•-'- —"*
obtaining a permanent ineettng- place.^no 7
no steps, however, being taken.  ' *   A   Ay...i    \-s|
- M,l__. _.... _-~«:-^J _.J_-*.ta;_.^.^-l
books' for the year, and with this the
meeting adjourned. - A •„ *-- ',
First Mate of S.S. Okanap
av Dies at V0rnoa.7^:e~$m
*_ »"?.»
- Last Wednesday, the Aberdeen   /}M
and.the Okanagan - were tat lheA-§^
wharfe together-both -flying theiir.'A^I
flags at half mast'" The .casual*;^sf|
visitor to the * wharf perhaps did*t.l$lp
not notice the fact, but it was 'not yfc?y:
long before the reason was ctrcu77^|1'
Iated around the wharf." ; Steve ^,^s
Seaman, the first mate of the .Okan-.. r "w
agan was dead.    It m onVtwVAfSwJ
weeks since he was admitted into ^A-^'L
the Vemon hospital suffering foniV^W
typhoid  fever,;and alAough^the'^SsL
reports had not been' vew>faybYr^^sj
able, very few' thought *1A»t\th¥^gM1
dread fever would eventually' take^O*^
hm.'away.     '    '      ' *'*.[/•$£$$$'
The' death occurred,WednettdaVf 'Ar3tl
morning, and the * gloom ,whj«v.,itfe^
was. noticed had come over tK&!$SM
boats' staffs spoke' of' the'highet^AA
teem in which their late.^oU*^*^"*^
bad been held by them.v The;
will be received both upland
the lake with sympatliy *nd
' The funeral ia> to take jj. (,
Friday at Vernon, a number^]
boat's staff attending. *
l.'N. Cameron left this Wbrning 755|
oV n busingss viit1 to V«*o^^V &JL
" *; *   . -A-"- v 1 . ..7'VJ'^^Mm
Examinations are now-mpr^AAf
gressatthe High SchodK">A, ';S4-3iS
'.,1 .vSf_>
ii. IntoMli I ili_iliiiiiiii_ih¥iMiiiiiiii_
1 ±<b-y< '"»V./W-
-^-^mm^yjmi ~r-f*=r-
TV.,V.':V;-"l  " &f n'-.'i^e
C      <,)    . -t*-t ^     -V _      v
The Orchard Citg Record
-•>-■» ■-*-*.»,•*?      v ■ 'i '    >?"£/■' '' ,;-~-'i  ' '\3i--f i',r '■«''    ' "W "ji> flj^-- j „«, it»-j!f ^"'.Us-'"■ «« ->vy. »■■* (-„■. '-.;_r_ ^- - .~*=B>,1
^w , ^- ~<     .   . i    ,     . -i,_. _.      <-   -''A'?.-   , y- < ^.-i f. '• ■»   -    i
v       '        V      A ■• ~ -v" 7;J -*-     . *       a    a<>     va->'    - '    fl
""        - A  -     A -^v"' "•-  A~ACV     A  -r, V-;';_.V '.-J
. ,_-    N >i * „-*/_l«i_ ______  rc_>__,. r«   -  . ii
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders foi
printing. With new type, new
'machinery, skilled mechanics
■» and every Jabor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable puces.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kilowatt. B C
-70//.V LE4 rHLEY, Editor
CHAS. H   LEATHLEY, Business Manager.
Subscription $ I 50 per annum
To United States $2 00 per annum
Adoerlismg rales upon application
Under tins li.tiding coimniinKaiions tcill
be ri ccircd upon any t>. b|cct of interest
Lett..-, in i>,t bn aigncd, ti. b uf, ucoid
, pcr_o_„]iti .s fii. 1 ditor do' s not nee-
essunl ij endorse opinion, gic. n b.loio
Editor Orchard C.ty Record,
Sir,—In your editorial on the
Canadian navy quest'on you infer
that, the chief objectors to a local
navy are the sliip-buslcloi. of the
old country who aie nfler contracts.
I think that statement is hardly in
accordance with the facts. No
doubt a local navy is bound to
come sooner or lalei, but ihe present extremely dangerous European
situation cannot be ignored, and if
we possessed a local navy aL the
present time we should not as a
partner in the firm of John Bull &
., Co   sacrifice   the   strength   qf  the
> g£ the* home fleet, or concentrate
all our attention on our own navy
to  the  detriment of.that squadron
, which must always remain out onl}'
real protection. Ii guarantees the
heart of the empire, nnd at the
same   time   the empne I'-clf from
, disaster.    A local nav}', if efficient,
.will, guarantee   us ,against   a few
■ individual    corrlmerce   destroyers
"which   mighl   break  through   the
/ BntisK cordon.    I refei to a poss-
^ihle" wari-with   Germany and hei
allies^and'it is "only by a study of
the concrete conditions of the particular   conflict  we   ha-.e   in' mind
that we can  arrive at a sine conclusion.     Our  local  fleet, for decades   to   come, would "only be a
*   mouthful fo,r the fleet^of any great
■ , -naval . power — Germany,* for  in-
'"_ stance—if  the   Royal   navy   were
''defeated.    It "is as- much our duty
.'as'the   motherland's   to keep the
7 premier* fleet up^ to the mark, and
qur'local fleet must be regarded as
■ 'ot minor importance* from'a strategical _andf practical, view-point.
With the supremacy of .the lioind*
fleet* assured by ' the combined
efforts   of  the   British Empire, our
- - local fleet might indeed do good
^service in protecting our ports and
.,"*commerce, 'but  it   would   hardly
render any "practical aid to Britain's
"7;b£ttlfe flei^t(in a great naval action
Germany is only a few hours steam
, from Sheerness, and a naval campaign -"might -easily   be,' decided
*. before  our   local   fleet , got   well
- 'starred, supposing we should aspire
Rutland News.
The Rutland Literary Society
met at the home of Mr. C. H. Leathley on Friday last, * the evening
being devoted to a study of Tennyson and his works. A large number of people were present and an
inteiesting evening was spent. Dr.
Baker introduced the subject by a
short character sketch of the poet,
when Miss Fullerton read " The
Children's Hospital," a work which
perhaps more than any other shows
Tennyson's intense love for children. Miss Gladys Bird read "Dora,"
and Miss Ida Fleming sang "Some
Day," and Miss Lillian Sproul recited " Minnie and Winnie." Selections were also given by Dr.
Baker, Mr. Leathley and Mr. Dickerson.
Tomorrow (Friday) the Society
meets at Mr. S. Sproul's, when a
discussion, on " Socialism" will be
led by Mr. Geo. Stirling Next
week being Christmas eve there
will be no meeting, but the week
following an inter-debate has been
arranged between the Ellison and
Rutland societies.
Mr. Reed met with a nasty accident last week. He and his partner Mr. Green were levering a
large stone out of a well when the
plank slipped and caught Mi. Reed
an undercut on the jaw, causing
him to see stars, and also several
teeth. This method of extraction
could scarcely be called "painless."
We are glad that it proved no
Mrs. Goodrich is visiting fiiends
at Airedale, Alta.
Mr. and Mrs. Clever left for the
prairie last week, and will remain
there until after the holidays
The Ladies' Aid of the Mount
View Methodist church held a sale
of work-^on Tuesday evening last,
when a creditable amount was
gathered in. Miss Annie Gay attended to the candy stall, while
Mesdames S. Sproul and J. Woolsey had chaige of the refreshment
The Churches
ANGLICAN       -     ,
St. Michael and All Angela' Church.
o in the
lays, after
Holy Communion, first and third Sundayi
month at 8 a' m . second and fourth Sunda
Morning Prayer
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock,   Evening Prayer at
7 30
Knox PreBbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at 11 a m , evening services al 7 30
p m    Sunday School at 2 30 p m,
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p m
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p m Sunday School at 2 p m
Notary Public,
-    Conveyancer, etc.
Kelowna Methodist Church. .
bsbbath Service at 11 a m and 7 30 p m
Sunday School at 2 30 P m
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p m
REV  S   I  THOMPSON. Pastor
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a m and 7 30 p m.
Sabbnth School at 10 a m    All welcome.
Wed . 7.30. Rev D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
Assoc Mem Can Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Con-   „
strucbon, etc
1-ELOWNA,    .       :: B. C.
The sailing schedule of the S. S. Okanagan during the summer months is as follows
Read up
10 45
6 45
6 15
Daily Except Sundays
Okanagan Landing
Okanagan Centre
Short's Point
Read down
*   2-25
News of the Valley.
The &cho&l house at, Peachland
had a narrrow escape from being
stall.    The   articles  made   by  the -burned   down    last   week.     The
to a battle-ship'fleet-in the future.
t',' r A Canadian commerce-protecting
i;   .
fleet i- a logical ambition ; a battle
^' 'ship fleet-(I refer to the future)
. vvpuld be a strategical blunder.
-c* ;:'J""'T cannot agree with'your state-
>;.*",. ment that.CjMi.ada .would be fulfil-
t"". , ,lirig her^duty'to the empire and
"I, •_ .h'erself bybuilding a "tramp" des-
.<f,,' troying^ fleet, ..which for .j'.ears to
/^j, come could only play aminor and
" - tcdmparatively_ insignificant pait in
Aa. great-war, and could only be of
any practical value if we assure the
^J supremacy., of the ■, Royal* navy.
"* There is 'no reason why, Canada
-should'not build herJpoal fleet
5, Herself-with.thd aid. of a few British
"_'e>_lJerts, andr.your statements on
this aide; of 'the-c'aae are hardly
/'.vtifran.edA- - ''{, A > ' .,
, 'I "would suggest a debate some
time this winter; in towrjVto talk
the matter pver," and proinote'local
■interest,.-i-and /-remain,, cordially
ladies were sold by Mesdames
Fleming, R. Sproul, and Whitehead.
Towaids the end of the evening
Mr. Dickerson auctioned off some
of the articles, and proved that in
time of need he could profitably
add the piofession of auctioneer
to those of cow-puncher, orchard-
lst, and debator.   ~
Mr. W. Schell returned »from
Enderby last Saturday. We can
quite believe that the competition
amongst chicken fanciers was very
keen when he" failed to carry off
the prizes with his splendid lot of
white Wyandottes!
What might, have been a very
serious accident accurred on Tuesday night- when! Everitt Feming
was driving to the Methodist church
and Eddie Goodrich and Edith
Gay were going to the store. The
rigs collided in the darkness, throwing the Eddie and Edith Gay to
the ground, they luckily escaping
with a few bruises. __,veritt and
his sister Ida were also fortunate
in escaping serious itijury. " The
harness of the Flemings' team was
badly damaged, and Gay's buggy
smashed. The horses continued
on till they reached the church,
when they stopped of their, own
accord~from force of habit.    ' -
Be sure 'and attend the Christmas
tree entertainment given by the
kiddies on Monday at 7.30 p.m. at
the school. Also the concert by
the Sunday School, at the Church
on Wednesday, at 8 p.m.     '    '    *
'i ;*. *
blaze which started in the furnace
room was at once noticed by the
caretaker, Mr. Dry den. who ga.e
the alarm. With the assistance of
rhe pupils and a few pails of water
the blaze was soon put out, with
little damage resulting. The trouble
was caused by a smoke pipe 'coming in contact with a joist.
.. . . I
As one of the electric light poles
were being raised into position at
Peachland, it swayed in the wind
and fell, catching Mr. Keating and
rendering, him unconscious for a
H. Fraser, formerly one of the
proprietors of the of The Observer
was in town this week in the interest
of the Red Cliff Mining Co., which
owns some valuable mining propety
on the coast.'Mr. Fraser, F. Wilcox
and J. Savage are amongst the
former residents of this place who
are   interested   in   the    property.
—Salmon Arm Obsetver.   - J
Mrs. B. Reeves had a painful
experience on Tuesday nigh. She
had been up tojhe mill of Ruth &
Turner and lost her way on the return trip, getting lost in the bush.
She wandered around all night and
was brought into town in the morn-
ins, with both hands and one foot
and Solicitor,  '.
Notary Public.
KELOWNA,       .    ::'
B. A. Sc, C. E.. D. L. S., B. C. L. S.
- Kelowna,    B. C.
I beg £6 announce that I have taken .
over the        :: ,     ::      ,:: **   . ».   '"::
_. ^
'   - ,   _  -       *-■*...■
"   -.       "~A _ ,    '
belonging - to  Mr. Si- T. Elliott, from
September ,1 sit, 1909
*      >        i
A    KELOWNA"    >A
n  -•f   ~-~ A*
Office:'  Keller Block <
Dr. J, W: Nelson Shepherd
P 0 Box 136 ' 'Phono 86
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
' Barnard Ave.
$7 to $J 2Cp<er ton; :<*-~ '•- ' v 1
H. J. HEWETSON, Manager.
■  ^U.'kI"
_1-        1-     	
r.(  ..
'* . 7'MADAM SATAN_.
-Tho May^Roberts Gillard Company, who
» ar\- putting,? Madam _at_n 'Vat-the^ppera
,,  <$h Saturday night, come hero with «_ big
reputation, and'should   draw.- crowded
iiousei   In Calg&ry where they played for
1    six weeks.-The Herald says. " May Robert
^Gilkrd  is   probably, -the . finest**, comedy
( actress Calgary Has ever deerfifc.-'^.'S  ,    '
,      IheEd^ontoi-'jouroaUaya: "Mr. and
Mrs. Gillard ate the finestactorsEdmonton
ttf the ladies'of this city, as BMtne coahitned'
Rev. S. J. Thompson will continue the series of sermons on the
Christian rjome, preaching next
Sunday , on '"The Model Son."
Much interest is being taken ih fhe
sermon9, as they follow a slightly
different line from' the usual'pulpit
theme. They are practical, sensible
talks on the true home life. Young
men and boys specially invited for
next'Sunday night.*   '     ,   _ ' •     ,
'^Rev. Herdman and Thompson
will exchange'pulpits'next Sunday
morning.      ^ ,
The Epworth League social
gathering at' Mr. I. Mawhinne/s
last Monday evening,' waa a great
success. A short programme was
given, which was hearily^ appreciated, after whidh a guessing contest
and an auction sale caused7-inuch
amusement.^ A vote of -thanks to
the tiost and'hostess brought/fordi
an eloquent reply, vafter which the
meeting dispersed. _ > t » -. . > ,   ,#
(your -, Christmas
Salmon Arm Observer.
At Kamloops'recently, H. Fraser
appealed from the decision of local
magistrates, who fined him $ 10 and
costs and $50, the value of the dog
which was shot by him. The dog
in question was "worrying Mr.
Fraser's sheep—appeal was allowed.
A big irrigation scheme is planned in the"vicinity of Oroville. It is
proposed to tap the Similkameen
above tbe falls 'and run -the water
through a high level ditch. Land,
owners are to be asked to turn over
one-third or one-half of their lands
in return for getting a water service
for the remainder. Chicago capital
is behind the rscheme.—Keremeos
Chronicle. J
■Shooting at ducks has been one
of the pastimes of the past week
indulged in by local powder burners. Many a little duck- is telling
hair-raising stories of sudden claps
of thunder and violent hail storms,
which, however never touched
them.—Summerland Reoieto.
An Indian named Andclap, while
out hunting at Kirchner a few>days
ago,  missed ^his' footing- while on
top of a high mountain, and actually
slid to,the bottom of the highNhill.
It is 8tatedibjf onlookers th'e Indian
shot like an arrow' fully a  quarter
of a'mile down' the mountain side.
Strange to say he was "not hurt, in
the leadt, except jfoi1 some scratches
-.. i'_ i '_. —_.jf_:_._._-._.^-r,i«-.ii_i-»'
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all CP.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. - 'Phone 20.
JOHN  CURTS     .' "
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Town 'and Country Residences
t PHONE No. 93 •'      "    '
"      MONEY TO LOAN/  ,  ,   J
On improved property, also,other securities.
G. A. FISHER     >"
ROOM 4       '  KELLER BLOCK   .
Fire, Life, and-Accident  -
Insurance..    '
Mrs. Hislop, Teacher of the Piano
has had a * number' of years experience
in teaching pupils in all grades. ^ Especial
attention to touch and technique.
Beginners for the first six months taken at'
i    ,,- -   -      a reduction.
For particulars, apply residence, comer
;   "    of Water Street and Eli Ave.
.  -   *" •» JU -'
■     I
- >      : '
-    * i<y>
;  J.<_E. WATSON
Hu8.-Bac. A.T.C.L.
Teacher of Piano,** Organ,
and Voice Production.
on liis-knee.—Keremeos Chronicle
Orchard Work,
Pruning, PUnting, Etc
,    P.O., Kelowna..
'21 branches in,british c^lljm^a
'""'", •:-:" IvVCV-a'V:.
Capital Paid Up    - -J   --       ---->,    H^O^OO ,.
; Reserve Fund    - *_   -  T -     * -       _   .SiOOjOOOi:^:
Total Aaaets -   ' - * ~':y -   r,- ^53,000,000-V. Ar~!
v -    -■'.;-'   ^ ^- •rt
^».    ».
S..**      r- <i     u-  / <lf ." _.       - J
' yr *■   >i~ *' -^,.-   »        -^
l.-v*.      K^-"    _    Tl. \ ^     —     vww v*iJif. » J * _.  w
'    SAVINGS ElANK^DEPARTMENT j. * • - A-u yv
,".-, Miss' P. Louise Adams,
. "    J  : '       A.T.CM.
Scholarship graduate in,, Piano and
Teacher's Course of Toronto Conservatory
of Music Late -Teacher in Westminster
College, Toronto.  .
Pupils* prepared for examinations for
Tbronto Conservatory of Music. '
*    Successor to Miss Edith L. Smith.
Address: P.O. KELOWNA.
- '   }.       BANKHEAD,
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
"- Etc.
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
\: Mrs. LEGGE-WILLIS   v
Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medallist London
■i Academy of Music (Eng.)"  ■'
is open to1 take pupils for Piano- ,
'      i~y  "Torte lessons.    r    **■-    '\
Address: PoatrOjfice, Kelowna.
Pipe Fitter, Wells Dug and
Pumps,. Windmills," .Drains/
«tc,,.repaired and ► i*stt}lled.
' Haroey Aoe-we, East. -
){\n m;,";  hi.  himiu  *v\ s-ijw \\\ ym
em m umt
- ^^L_ll_-^-__~_i_^,*' <■ ?£,
^^^_^____5^B_____^^_^^^^     . *- '
. We can .e^ect^te tKem ineatly-ancl
-cheaply, and give you satisfaction
every time.    , . {      ..
'     "     -   -   '    /.    A>-       ' '       A    .    A^      •
. j_> ».y?.K>.!
- ;};ri.-r-y' a . v ,a -a \a   yVHomwy >. •
'  -' '.        - t'...;. - *   . (•■ ,.u7'v „,,.      *      .,     sf ... sr'.f-** j   \r?,f .   «.'t,.ti
A A . ' ' ^. *Vlt      - r, .i,       f     V    _.    .XI       "7,,       %
"    ,      W .1*^ '     "l1"   \f\i'>,        ** ^- i        s    >.     *     >"" "J ■* -. 1*'   "vl       ,    \ « "■'    »-~
_ >.    i     «!> .   -» , -      \~ i *>i4 •■      -■>   i   t1 *"** i'-\ H   '.    - . y a.. a_raFr.T,___Ti..T_- S^SJ^Zia^tJiS^i3^t&x<iaUm\ia.uisi
-Thufsdatjf .Hec/, 16
Villi     n 1    'J.'r  i    .'"''. """■*■""■'•"'
;. 'WE- HANDLE'**
Hdntzman Pianos
.    .-   We purchaseTthejm 'direct from tKe factory -arid can
t     ' save jrou $/50.   $/50 should be as^ good to" you as
/^-    to a travelling agent. - " . •    • -
. . / -'       ,        -~ .A      Get our prices on these instruments.
We handle other, makes and  can  give you" a  full
size Piano, 7]'octaves, in Mahogany "or real- Walnut,
guaranteed for ten. years, for $275.
Kelowna Furniture Co.
-A    ~,   _
1  J-
1 t
!              "1
i   ' ? ^ c
**■  •*
"-           f-
,   *v*   .
J   s J
'    'PA
/■     '
.Sutton's Seeds.
-Tomato Plants
'.   -     Cabbage Plants
1 -Bedding •- Plants'
Asparagus Roots '(
*f, - , Ro»« Bushes, etc£.\
7;H. LYSONS:"?'
Kelowna. ;>l  _ Greenhous^.
.> i-,-   _
.t i .-
^. -. p.. ■./■.
We* are. open to
take' conhacts for
Moving -Buildings^
-:V"^ ( VANi>^e.K AA,*-
r{ Pile Dnying kf
*  .     * ESTIMATES GIVEN       .
Clarke & Byrns
-w"     ACONTRACTORS   * - _.r, *<
Box. 131 _-* j '71.' _■ 2  -. K-i _-' Kelowna'
Belleoue Hotel
r     »■   -
Rate^^twol dollars 7per- day.
' -Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close' to. the new .wharf.
Fishing, shooting -and boating,
'^mnd tennis." ,
Gilbert HassejlyProp,
Kelowna Shaving
HAIR-CUT.-     ::. \:: '    ::^
Hot and Cold Batb ,
J. BOUCH, Proprietor
D. W. Crowley Co.'
Kelowna Ltd.
. MTI   x ■     £   a   •»   ■»-*<
wnoiwaie & KetaU Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
• 7 ~ the City
We, give our, prompt.attention
to mail orders
v -       -Phone 12
A Queer Trial'
a Queei
_   -
The 8o"ution "of tne. Difference In
Weight~Of~the Bex at Cape Nome and
at 8an Francisco— The Clever Move
of an Astute   Young   Lawyer, '
One or tbe iwwt muTCHting trials
tbat ever rook p.in h m ntij country
was that or.lann- su-wii-ln (lie Call-
fornIn oourlR foi Hihii I'tie circumstances were an r'Hinw x
Therp were Nun"* iiiii-.pci-tora Id the
Klondike replon ulii-n t hA|;oldv fever
tbere waa at tin ik-i.Mii atiionu whom
BteveiiB wan. •■in1 I lit-v "sinjck It
rich." divided ii|> mid «iiirii-d out for
thp United sttin»- .,lust -berore leay-
inpr Stevens k«i into n faro pi me and
lost everything in-lind Winter was
coming on and in- "m<lo fulr to starve
unleRs soirjptliliiir un^ ilunc for ,blm
Sq tbe othpr ihivc <!<•« uti-rl to pay bim
bo much to l'iimiiI Mii-ii dust on tbe
ship and pn.. ul- w'n\ Home'to San
Prnni-isoo Tlie. *.<< li ti.i.t their share
or dust and inm..<>n- ncciirotely
welRbPd"and ih»»n inn ihem Into a
common pile ih-ikIIhj; nf course, tbetc
reappnrtloniiipni^.-ii .Hsu tiin« port
This tbey placi-d In a r«5tronjr box
wbli h they nailed up nnd >>piiIp(1 carefully It was Stevens duty to watch
this by day and «.n..|i hy It.bynlRbt
until tbe' dcxiliiiiiimi wns 'reached.
Thpre was esn< n\ .'•«> pontidp nvolrdu-
pnii of ihe gold swum to b> a repular
weigher It wn«> wnrth a great, deal
of money       « i ,'.   ,""■'„     t"
Well.everytblng nenl hIcidr smoothly
until San FrancNi o was reached. Stevens seeming to nppre<-lnie "what.bis
former pnrtnprs were dolnjt for him.
and guarding ni« tmsr|paiously'When
tbe ship ciimc Into port the,box, was
fmmpdlalPh renuned. under the^super'
vision or stpM-ris to n 'place > of -re;
weighing, so ihiij »>uch could'take bis'
share again and deduct .so much for
Stevens' pay. A. "_
It was found Mint instead of having
60(1 pounds or cold :is IWore there was
nov. only a frai-tn>n'ovpi 598 pounds
Tbp partners wie loath-to2 distrust
Stpv'pns and inni n-.re«'pigbedAwlce,'
but with (he same rf^mt each,time    "
Reassured n*. ilieji ^were of ,bls,guilt
and having contcuipi for'such'jngratl.
tude." they   Iminedmiely ^swore^opt i&
warrant  for»hi«   irrest   .He all"the
timeyproiestp4 IiNinnocence.'bnt^was,;
jiot atile'to aci'iiiim for the lossA   1*7-
" Tbe" poor" fellow* was* thrown J;lnto'
prison'and held'-for rrini * Not baring'
'any'money ot friends.*_e*'gnve*;up,"alJ
i bopp. nf being !ii-i|iiitted.' as the clrp-
cumst'antlal t>\idem-e.sppmed absolate^
ly against hlw - A voung lawyer was
appointed by the court to defend him.
This young man. \[haddeus Wayne by
name, set to "work on .the seemingly
hopeless job  with  great  enthusiasm,
as  be bad  fpw clients anyhow  and
plenty of rime. ,
;;~Tbe rase wii« «onn called and all the
circumstantial'-fevidence" set forth
'."Wayne did-no. m-n question a wit-
nes's'^      __    -" 'A - "i.
' Wtien   all   Hi A i--tfmbny ""was   la
Wayne rei|uo<«te(! j lie judge to, allow
-Wm  tn'~qunllf.\  ^*iimuei   L. Johnson,
teacberof pb.vsics in a high school, as
an .expert, witness'I'he Judge, not see»
'ing" any" relation", of'' pbyslt-   to  tbe
theft, was about to refuse tbe voung
man when"a,peculiar glimmer In tbe
-letter's eye\ persuaded^ hlfii to humor
tbe boy.   Johnson was placed on tbe
stand; and' the. following colloquy en-
.sued:- " '        '     . -  " . -
"With'what does.pbyRlcs deal?"
'"With' natural  phenomena,  or tbe
changes In tbe state or condition of
matter."    **■"
' "Does the weight of a* person change
as be changes his location on the
Provincial Paragraphs
Doped Whisky.
Both the city of-Fort William and. the
Ontario Government are cons derably ex-
ercised as a result of statements made by
the city police and .the coroner, G. W.
Birdsall, to the effect that 'a new,™ hislcy,
which contains sufficient poison or "dope"
to kill the person who drinks it steadily for
a few weeks, is being sold across bars at
Fort William. Several recent deaths have
been traced to poison from drink, and one
man about three weeks ago went blind
after taking five drinks. He may never
regain his eyesight. At an inquest held
the other day on the remains of a
man who went to sleep in a drunken
stupor and never awoke, coronor Birdsall
said that morphine in the liquor would
affect the optic nerves. A special dispatch
to a local daily from Toronto stales that
the Ontario government will at once institute a rigid investigation into the affair.
Net© C. P. R. Hotel for Kootenay.
William Whytc, second \ ice-president of
the C. P. R., is said to have approved of
Balfour, opposite Proctor, as a site for the
new C. P. R. tourist hotel in the Kootenay.
The choice was made by F. W. Peters,
C. E. McPheison, and H. W. Wills, and it
is said that' construction will commence
early in the spring. The building will b-.
rushed to completion so that it n ny be
available for tourist traffic next fall. Balfour is 22 miles from-Nelson, at the junction of West Arm with Kootenay lal e. -
Methodists to Build Theological
Plans are now under~way for the new
Methodist $100,000 theological college
which is to be erected on the university
site, Strathcona, in connection with Alberta
college, . The construction of the college
will commence in the i pi ing with-the
object of having the building completed in
time for the opening of the fall term next
year. A site of seven acres has been
granted by the senate of the university for
a Methodist theological college from the
250 acres included in the university site.
The new college will have a Residential
accommodation fcAabout 90 students, and
will have five or six large rooms in which
the faculty v. ill carry on their work.
Typhoid at Montreal, -
Typhoid fever if becoiring increasingly
prevalent in Montreal.. The hospitals now
have 148 cases and in every instance they
have had to turn away anywhere from
four to 35 patients applying for admission.
Numerous deaths from the disease are "already repoited. Infected water supply is
the apparent cause of the outbreak.   .
Gooernment Buys Victoria Property.
i   . *■      «
_, Hon. Price Ellison, as minister of lande, ■
tendered c.eques last, week lo the last of'
the owners in Parliament square, Victoria)
who-have, not sold out their property to
the. government.     Expropriation proceedings'will be entered and later the govern-^
ment  will  negotiate, for the acquision of -
property occupied*by the drill hall.   When*
all  have  been  acquired the government
will  proceed
Prices; Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
<y    .
Ferry to Bear Creek every Fiiday.
Box~66 Kelowna, B.C.
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KE..OWNA, B.C.    ".    *
*   ',
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with it plans for additional *
—t«y ftsT" ~^~*    :7~~~     ~~"       '
, "Just  bow does tbat  happen, and
bow much does the weight cbangeY"
'The weight of any body Is .greatest
at the poles of ttie.eartb, as tbey are
tbe nearest' points to the center.    It
gets-less and.lexs tbe farther we travel toward the equator, for we go away
from tbe renter     This effect la en-
vbanced by the rotation of tbe earth,
bodies.tending to (ly off more at tbe
eqnator than near tbe poles    The combination of these two makes a body
weigh '. one    two- hundred and-elgbty-
nlntb'less at the equator than at tbe
poles and a pro|iortlonate amount for
distances between." ,
- i'About what.fraction of Ita weight
wotlld a body lose In going from Cape
'Nome, Alaska, to San Prauclscof
-l "lehould say about one In 800."
** "Then gold weighing ttOO pounds In
Nome could norpoeslbly weigh over
698 pounds bere.oould It?"
-."Itjcould not."*
ItlB needless to say .bat Stevens waa
acquitted on this evidence. Bis former,
partners were so sorry or tbelr recent
suspicion and so etiger to mattp amends
that tbey not.only paid bim tbe salary
tbey bad promised bim, but set him
tip in busineiw from their ample fnnds.'
This fact la peculiar, but perfectly in
•word- wltb. reason. It la recognized
by'tbe United States government Bv-
ttry! time bullion Ia sent from Washington to tbe New Orleans mint a certain
amount or weight is lost iu tbe mere
act of transit, so Id order to get tbe
tame amount of metal in each coin
compensating weights or those specially calibrated, have to tje used or else,
•pecial acftltea. If tbe weights are made
fet' Washington and sent to New Or'
leans of course they will lose In weight
and will, weigh true on a palt of balances. But spring .balances ennnot be
««ed.-~Lawreuce' Hodges .lu Denver
$tn»«- * ,'  A;,  - ,. - 1
Neto Blue-Funnel Liner.,:,_
c.-0(ficers of the Blue-funnel lirrr BeNcro-
phon, now in port, have received advices
from' England that the new' liner Protheai-;"
laus,-which is approaching completion at
Hawthorn:Leshe - yards at Newcastle on
Tyne, will sail from LiverpccI for Vancouver on her maiden voyage on February 5,
arriving in Apiil. The Prothesitaus will
include a new feature in the Blue-funnel
line for she will have limited passenger
Among her orhcers'will ~
Collins,  who   waa in
be  chief engineer
charge  of ■ the Bellerophon's erigire room
on her last voyage here,      .  -
'A *. . Premier to Visit Yale.
- premier McBride has returned from the
south .and has signified his intention of
leaving' with the Victoria contingent for
Kamloops convention. Afterwards he will
go to Yale to meet his constituents. It is
understood that the Premier will ait for
Victoria in the new legislature and that
Mr, C. A. Scmhn may contest Yale in the
conservative interest at the by-election thus
necessitated. Mr. Semlin is a former
,   > '   Recount at Victoria.   '  -
-The recount upon, the spoiled ballots
cast in the local option plebiscite throughout the province will be held before the
county judge in Victoria. Formal application for'this has "already been made by
Mr. C-N. Hariey, ,legal adviser for the
local option league/Its officers feel confident of victory in the end, * although by a
somewhat narrow margin over the necessary
50 per cent. r •'
" Our position throughout the province
has not been greatly changed within the
past few days," said Rev. Dr. Spencer to
day.- "Richmond returns just received
giv* us 260 majority. In the 28 conMitu.
encies thus far received we have considerably over 2,000 majority. We have yet to
receive definite returns from the remaining 14, which, we are sure, will highly
increase our majority, and wo believe will
giye uA the necessary percenter."       < ^
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18th to Friday, December 24th. /* ' f
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2.30 to 530 p.m.    r ^   --,
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i: *-    -_-*^
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'm A'ff
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■S"»j.-*.   .
• -If}
. Phpnc^Oir3t9
,.-, 7\  .,-_'V\'
1    *
*■' 1
___a The Orchard City Record.
v, v Thursday, .beei i6
7 '".
fc? *.*
Winter Injury to Fruit Trees.
The following article from the report of
the horticulturist at' the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, is so full of interest-
mattei and valuable advise to the fruitgrower as to the care of his trees during a
severe winter or unfavorable weather conditions, that we think a useful purpose
might be served by reprinting the whole
During the past twenty years much experience has been had at Ottawa in winter
injury to fruit trees, and the observations
which have been made during that time,
and the conclusions drawn and recommendations made are now summarised, in
the hope "that- much injury may be prevented by adopting the best methods. It
would appear that there are at least ten
distinct forms of winter injury. ,
if one could make an accurate estimate
of the number of fruit trees which have
been winter killed in the colder parts of
Ontario and the province of Quebec, the
figures would be astounding, they would
be so large. Trees which were killed the
year after planting; trees which were
killed just when they were beginning to
bear fruit; and trees which were in their
prime and bearing bountiful crops, all have
suffered. This terrible destruction from
winter haa caused great discouragement
among the people, and has been one of
t e belief causes of the slow development
of the frUit industry in the colder parts of
'Much "of'this loss could have'been
avoided if the hardiest trees only had been
planted, but how f w there are who know
the details connected with the establishment and maintenance of an orchard, and
who know there is almost or quite as much
difference in the hardiness of vaiieties of
fruit as there is between the hardier and
tenderer kinds of vegetables. All farmers
have learnt by observation that with a veiy
slight frost potato.tops will be killed, but
that it will take a much lower temperature
to kill a cabbage. But the cause of death
in fruit trees ' still continues to be a very
mysterious thing to most farmers, who
when a tree has been root killed, for instance, sees^ it, leaf out and bloom but
eventually wilt under his very eyes in the
summer from no apparent cause. Unfortunately this lack of knowledge on the
part of the farmei has been taken advantage of by unscrupulous men, and farmers
have been urged to buy the varieties of
fruit which appeal to them most strongly
in the colored plate, or from the glowing
description of the agent. Of late years
our. best nurserymen seem to be impress-
ing upon their agents the importance of
offering only those varieties suited to the
district in which they are sold, and we
have been very pleased to have these
agents call upon us at the Central Experimental Farm and get what information we
could give them on the fruit most suited
to the district they were working in. For
a long time it was not known what varieties
of fruits were hardy in the different parts
of the provinces of Ontario and Quebec,
but experience has taught which will succeed, and the results of this experience
have been recorded. With the literature
now available and the information which
may be obtained by applying to the proper
authorities, there is no reason why anyone
should plant varieties which will not succeed with him, provided he has the
proper soil in which to grow them, and
gets good trees and looks after tliem
The forms of winter injury which will
be discussed here are root-killing, bark-
splitting, trunk-splitting, sun-scald, trunk
or body injury, crotch injury, killing back,
black-heart, killing of dormant buds, killing of swollen buds.
ROOT-KILLING.—Root-killing is caused
by the exposure of roots to frost, a d by
the alternate thawing and freezing of the
roots. It is most prevalent in winter when
the soil is dry and when there ,is little or
no snow. • It is of very common occurrcr.ee
in Manitoba and the Northwest provinces,
and in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Dakota. Roots are in many cases
tenderer than the tops, and are sometimes
killed when the tops remain uninjured.
Some valuable experiments were conducted
by the Nebraska Agricultural Experimental
Station to determine the condition under
which root-killing occurred. Trees were
planted in boxes 2 feet' square and 18
inches deep, each box having 25 young
apple trees. Six boxes'were left outside
about the middle of December with soil
having different percentages of moisture.
One box was covered with a mulch of
straw 4 inches deep. One was kept
covered with about 4 inches of snow
whenever snow fell. The remaining boxes
were left without any covering, any snow
which fell being swept off. The trees
were examined in February, when out of
25 apple trees set in the unprotected box
containing 10.4 per cent, of moisture, the
roots of 20 trees were dead and the remaining five uninjured. In the unprotected
box containing 15.2 per cent, of moisture,
19 trees were dead and 6 injured. In the
box with a moisture content of 19.8 per
cent 3 were dead, 10 injured, and 12 uninjured. In a box with 25.6 per cent, r.ois-
ture,"8 trees were dead, 4 injured, and 13
uninjured. The box covered with straw
mulch contained 16 per cent, of moistuse,
and none of the trees were dead in this
box and but 7 injured. In the box occasionally covered with snow and containing
15.8 per cent, moisture, 7 were dead and
8  injured.    Not  a   root  was injured in a
9 *> Fa
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Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets.
] box   stored   in   a cool dry cave, though it
I contained but 10 per cent, of soil moisture.
' These figures are very striking.   The fact
, that the trees kept in a cool dry cave were
, uninjured was believed by the experiment-
| ers   to   prove that cold as well as dryness
was   necessary  to   cause the death of the
roots, which is borne out by our own ex-
l perience.     The   fact   that   the injury was
< found to be so great in the dry soil would
! appear to show that the dry, cold air entering the soil killed the roots by dry freezing
and that in the soils which were moist even
thawing  and   freezing  would not destroy
them.     As  the   soil  in  ihe provinces of
Quebec and Ontario is usually moist in the
autumn and further drying out is usually
prevented by a covering of snow, root-
killing 'doaa not often occur, there having
onJy been three times during the past
twelve years when there has been much
injury. This infrequency of root-killing is,
however, liable to make fruit-growers, careless, and a time comes when an orchard is
just in its prime when the trees are pwept
out by root-killing to the owner's great
disappointment and discouragement.
"What   then   are the^preventives of root-
killing .
(To be continued next week) ,     .
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—~—*\ ntft»£«
Thursday, flee. 16
The Orchard City Record
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Pudding, This only deals with the
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The' dry goods department is
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Kenneth F. Oxley.
He has'only been here a few
weeks, but a glance at. his window
shows that he is'open for, business
and a lot of it too. Fruits of all sizes,
shapes and colors are here, not to
mention the cranberries; many of
which will go to make jelly or
sauce for- the Xmas Turkey . or
Goose.      i " ;
» Past* numerous other stores, including the old curosity" shop
belonging to Mr. J. W. Wilks,:and
other,well decorated windows we
come'across the general hardware
store of -,    a    '
' Crowley & Company   "
are carrying as usual a good show
of turkeys and other Christmas fare
including the sausages which are
a most important'accompaniment.
, D. Leckie & Co.
Skates and stoves, (a very good
combination for the. winter) are
tastefully displayed, the former being wreathed in holly in the window
Cutlery, too, forms,a part-of the
window-display, but. the same as
reveals numerous other handy
articles which make desirable gifts
at all times as well as Eit Xmas.
Although the next store of
Biggin & Poole
is mentioned down the list a little
way, their store is usually'the first
consideration of the housewife at
this particular tiu.e'of the year.
Pies,- puddings, chocolates and
tempting Christmas Cakes are 'all
displayed with excellent taste/ and
many will be the small boys who
flatten theix noses against the windows'of the store,, longing for a
good big lump of that ice covered
cake and a box'of those chocolates
the very sight of which makes ones
mouth water. Still further along
we come to^the store jointly occupied by
Parker and Trench.
The former, as jeweller, displays
in one window a choice assortment
of Yuletide gifts and it would be
a hard task to find which one would
be the most acceptable to the'
Mr. Trench has somewhat departed .from his usual line and has
his store window filled with toys of
all kinds and descriptions, ready
for the stocking and the Christmas
tree, but his special line comes in
later on, when everyone is sick
with an overdose of Yuletide fare,
and physic plays a great part in
the recovery from this over indulgence.
* Crawford & Co.   ,„
Mr. Crawford has done full justice to his large new store by making a fine show of * toys and fancy
goods as Christmas gifts for young j
and "old.-..Tasteful  calendars   and
leathei goods are hero in plepty.
Thomas Lawson, Ltd.  '
This firm can be congratulated
upon a vety attractive window display this   season,   and   for  artistic
arrangement their   china   window
is one of the best   they   have  yd
exhibited.     Stockings   filled   vilh
Xmas candies and a host of other
seasonable  -delicacies   form    the
display in another window, while
the other two arc utilized   for the
display   of   neatly    embroidered
table linen and other dry goods.
To  frame  a good "opinion   as to
what the store really carries, a  trip
inside is   the onlj   way of  finding
out, and  the   various articles displayed inside almost bewildering.
Mr. Lawson believes in giving  his'
customers   choice,    both    in   the!
description of the articles and  the j
quality' of  the   goods,   and so he'
cannot  be' blamed    for  puzzling'
them with such  an  unlimited .dis-'
play. ' ^
I laving left Lawson's, which is a
very hard thing to / do, you cross
to the
Oak Hall Clothing Co./     >,
This imposing store is always
filLd with good stylos and fashions
in clothes of all kinds, and there is
little doubt that "once inside, one is
forced (of your own free will) to
buy something. ■ The window display s usually the best, and the
best has exceeded itself this year,
possibly owing to the increased
window space and the commanding position they occupy on-the
main street. This week one window '
is practically taken up with hand A
keichiefs of all sizes, colored and
plain borders, while the opposite
sid-.* is filled with neckwe-ar of all
One-of   the   hardest ' stores-to
decorate  is   a   butcher   shop, and,
) A. Wilson ~   ,.
has.made a very neat showing of
his Xmas goods this year. Turkeys
geese, sausages and the good old
round ^ of beef are shown off to a
good advantage in the windows.
.Somewhat hampered by the unfinished alteration of his premises,
C. C. Josselyn *■
has had a hard task putting in an
attractive window. He, however,
can be congratulated on 'having
been successful, despite the difficulties. All you need for the Xmas
dinner,is Here displayed. .Figs,
fruits, oranges, spices, currants,
raisins'and the usual other Xmac,
fare are ready for you to look at,
and why not buy ?
[Tutcher Millinery Parlor.
Mrs. Tutcher is' tempting 'the
ladies with a display of fancy needle
work in addition to her usual stock
of millinery.
The Kelowna Furniture Co.,
are, this year making a speciality of
pictures, and have ,on view some
fine works of art, ready to'decorate
the walls of your room. Of course,
pictures are not the only teing that
this store provides.- Furnkuie of
many kinds, frpm baby carriages
up to the old man's easy chair.
From the furniture store, we go
ontothe-hafdware-store~of     *-
Stop a moment and consider how low
our rates are, and then call or phone us
the extra amount you want added.
our Mouse may burn
We represent only strong companies
Liverpool and London and Globe,
Phoenix, British America, Westchester,
Occidental and Imperial Underwriters. ..,
. l **   \
Central Okanagan Land & Orchard Co,
Morrison and Thompson
where skates and stoves make the
chief window attraction, and as we
said before, a noble combination
providing the material for a good
healthy amusement for the young
folk, and ifor the older folk a good
stove can be reccftied as something
good to sit by on a cold < vening
when the means of keeping warm
by skating is impossible. In another
window we see a splendid array of
lamps and cutlery, not to mention
numerous needles and scissors and
knives. '
Pass along please,—we are now
counting buttons at
W. B. M. Calder's
store, together with numerous other
young folk who are busy at the
same job. A large doll is the prize
offerered to the person guessing the
correct number ofbuttons in a jar
then there is no wonder all the
children are-so eager to get at the
right number. The rest of Mr.
Calder's window is cramed with
toys of all descriptions, while gents'
furnishings are displayed to advantage in thogother window.
. P. B. Willits & Co.,
have gone largely into the stationery buiness, and, have received a
shipment only recently of leather
bound books with" really superb
illustrations. They' are also making
a special feature of Waterman's
Fountain pens, a most suitable gift.
A library of Shakespeare's works
with colored .plates is included
in the display, and would make a
very presentable, Xrnas Gift.
Sales conducted on per
' - centage or contract.
> P.O. Box 383, Kelowna.
.        *   - i.
mentfof ?; ]
1        *  A -1
.     A -- A"
:p**.#"j.   W-.*,
Across the road from Willits, we
have the new
City Meat Market
with Mr. Ludlow behind the counter
Buy! buy! buy! Turkeys, geese,
sausages, beef mutton or fish, all in
the ' shop. If you don't like it in
cutlet form, try a chop.
S.T Elliott
—When in town farmers should
take a visit to S. T. Elliott's to inspect his extensive stock of labor-
saving devices for the farm ; easygoing buggies and demociats, not
lo mention the latest noiseless auto-
buggies. Mr. Elliott has been
meeting the boat pretty regularly
of late, for he is expecting a car of
cutters and bob-sleighs ready for
the winter trade, together with a
good assortment of harness, and
no wonder he is anxious fot their
arrival for he sees real Christmas
weather ahead. A special line of
garden seeders is also included
in the stock and are well worth
having a look at."
Campbell Bros. •
Another store well worth a visit
if you are contemplating having
your house wired for electric light
is Campbell Bros., and a glance at
the'select stock of electric fixtures
they are displaying at the present
moment leaves little more to be
G. H. E. Hudson
in addition to' postcards and view
books has some very neat calendars which are made so that they
will receive the purchaser's photograph —a really natty contrivance.
The Gray Studio
Mr. Gray is, working night and
day to cope with the rush of Christmas business. He is turning out
some excellent work these days,
and it is small wonder that his
business is rapidly increasing in
. Just received a large
i A *        '*■  -
Air-tight Heaters .c
Coal and Wood Heaters of all kinds.
<-_  ' ■• . -
Washington Co.
Franklin Wooc
Large Display   ..Lowest
»» A TUTYIIT A Ffcr___/-«_-__
ilAIU/WAM, tUr
Famous Kootenay & Sask-Alta
Ranges.1     • '"■"• ;H"
i sW,t|
Car bf Cutters^ Bob-Sleighs,
*■.        * ' '..MX,, ,     rj',.^^^.-,!
Harness,,and Democrats,,
Importer and Dealer in
all hinder*
_ 'J^m
■^ V ___^^ W    V1
W     ■■__■_«.    W^      __     V
»    ■ -     •"**     A     -»*"*? *
-to **'•■
, j*.    . .-
n •* .•'»    (Mi- -,   ■" i
* - u j- ■*-* ' *   ^ry   *-»^^vtt)U^WfSffii^»
i*. t
1*3? ^^»%!_
m *■ y s im
1 J. VfeMi
w *fi
A '^N&td*
V, 1
A% ■
{rt.  «■      W    ^       W     *■ ** 4 ** The^Orchard Oitij Record
•_ f   *•
Thursday, Dec.„ 10.   s
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
i _
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Leon St.
Social and Personal
Mrs. G. Mitchell returned to her
home at Peachland last Thursday,
after a visit to friends in this district.
L£Jf «_
D. May, the manager of the
Opera House, left on an extended
visit to Vernon ? last Thursday.
Mrs. W. T. Ashbridge left on
Saturday last for eastern points.
Mayor De Hart has accepted a
tedious task. He has undertaken to
count the number of buttons in the
glass jar in W. B. M. Calder's window, after the competition closes.
J. Biggs returned from a visit to
the coast last Saturday. When
away he spoiled Vancouver of
walking sticks, which were going
at a cheap price, owing to the
increase in the price pi umbrellas.
Mr. Wm. Patterson returned to
his home at Benvoulin on Friday
last, after three months' visit to the
Rev. and Mrs. Herdman wish to
return thanks to their congregation
for the installation of the electric
light into the Manse with appropri-
D. Tupper left on Wednesday
for California.
Mr. and Mrs. Burns left for Victoria last Wednesday.
M. J. Brien was a visitor from
Vernon last Tuesday.
Percy Bird returned from the
coast last week, and has accepted
a position with Mr. K. F. Oxley in
the new store. Many will be pleased
to see Percy back in his old stand.
Mr. and Mrs. Currie, of Yellow
Grass. Sask., were visitors in town
last Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. Mathison returned
from Summerland last Wednesday.
Mrs. E. B. Waterson was an arrival from Salmon Arm last Monday.
' .Charles Hardy, of Armstrong,
was a business visitor in town this
We are pleased to see Mr. H.
W. Raymer round again after his
And you wont go wrong in purchasing the
following delicacies for your
©ysters and Soups
Spanish Grapes
pickles-   Sauces
Huntley & Palmers* Biscuits
~ Cranberries
,   Edam Cheese
.   Cadbury's Chocolates
Turkish Figs
Malaga Raisins
Valencia Almonds
Grenoble Walnuts
English Chestnuts
Plum Pudding    .
it ■.   v *'
*?*'*"  .
S.* / j
. • Fresh Fruit in season.
Josselyn's Teas and Coffees add a, relish to your Xmas
*"•-meali and are of a quality you cannot excel.
*>.•)»■* -»ii
/,if,v'>l   J ', -*»
If you. are unable to phone,.call atf the store of
"t A
J/JA*VA . '
Fprf §tiaple and Fancy Groceries.
_■<;. j*
•t &te£*t un*"t&. *>*_
■ v..
§*"*«*     .    -.3_-}t, 'a   i J     t J   »    »
h^y?.,A\,y ->
of   Vessel    is,    Perhaps,
Secure in the World.
Probably th • m.youty of people, if
asked what they considered to be the
safest spot foi "them to be in, would
reply, "In bed, oi in an arm-chair
by the side of tho fire " But they are
quite mistaken Tlie nsk of injury
is much greater than if one was tra-
velmg b> sin.1 n i i '*" leut, mat
is the conclusion which the writer of
an article on . ccKlent ui-urance, published in the Woi d's Work, has corns
to. ».
The curious I <.• ■-« i.'-Mitioned that,
according to statist.es, o0 pei cent, of
accidents happen while the victimg
are at home <>i in the .tieet, the explanation beihg th.'t a man when
going a jomne>. oi entering upon-fc
hazardous undeit.ikniL'. exercises ape-
cial care, thus esca|)ing injury, but
while at home, oi taking exercise,
vigilance ik rel.ueil, f<i niilmrity with
common dang'-i.s bie-i'mg ontumpt.
Probably the safest place on land or
sea is the tie.!. -       »   ' '>r.t-cliiBS
ocean luier. A fn t.t-claF* lailway cap.
riage is also nn exceptionally safe
place. This is so clemly recognized
that accident insurance companies
can afford to double the compensation
when accidents occui on lailways or
tramcars. Certain companies will in-
suie coii'ii.iici ' ti -1»i*i :- > pieni-
iums appreciably lower than thos*
charged by general accident insurance
A man mav undeitake a journey
round the world with a comparatively
light heart. But extieme care and
vigilance are needed should he venture to hang his pichue.s or walk
down his own stairs "• he perils of the
streets in London and our big cities
are, of course, so well known that
there is no need to comment thereon.
Most people imagine that they must
be fairly safe in bn<-\ Yet accidents
happen even theie Not long ago s
wealthy man was seriously injured by
being burned*" by a hot-w (iter bottl«
after he had rntued to rebt. The moral
is, of course, that whether a man lie,
. sit, walk, drive, or engage m any oo-
cupation or sport, he is always exposed to- the n.k of "accident and
should take his precautions accordingly.
Origin of the Cherry Tree.
As a cultivated fruit the cherry is of
eastern origin The first garden cherries, as well as the name, have coina
from an . la di." tovn on t,.? so. them shores of the Black Sea. The
name of the colony was Cerasos, and
the inhabitant, cultivated the cherry.
So in Greek, the cherry became
cerasos, in Latin cerasus, in French
cense, in English cherry. Pliny^ relates that the Roman General Lucul-
lus, conqueror of the great Mithrii
dates, brought the cherry . from
Cerasos to Borne. A tree laden with
fruit is said to have adorned his triumphal procession In the course of
the next 120 years*the culture of the*
cherry had spie.'d far and wide' and
reached even remote Britain.—London
"v?   the Second Fiddle".'      ~-*A'1
The second-fiddle is, on the whole,,
the most widely played of all instruments—fortunately, .since it i.s .so especially the instrument of harmony.
A great many men have an aptitude
for the second fiddle, and, where they
take it up at once without too much
vain experimenting with more pretentious parts, they find much satisfaction in it. There is plenty of poor
woik done with the second fijldle,
though. Men who are forced to it by
marrying or other mischance are very
likely to-play bail]'.-
A master of tho second fiddle is not
least among masters, and he has * besides the promise nf inheriting the
earth.—Puck.    -
'Another Coportunity. * <
*A Certain Man, having read somewhere that Oppoi .unity knocks only
-once at each one'b Door, concluded to
Sit up all Night for ffear he would
Miss the Call. So while he was Sitting near his Door there came a heavy
Knock thereon.
-When he opened the Door a
Stranger seized him and Beat him all
up and Took his Money and Garments
and Chided him foi being so Easy.
- "But," said the Man, thinking to
-excuse-himself,JU * hought_it_was_Op^_
portuiiity who knocked."   _
"So it.-"\:is," i . o. ted tho Other.
"but it was my Opportunity."
Moral.—It is Bettei to Carry your
Opportunity with you.
An Attentive Daughter.
, "I don't see why you are not as considerate of my comfort as you .used to
be ot your father's," remarked a husband to his wife, who had shown signs
of neglect. "When I come into ,the
house I hnve to hunt for my 'slippers
und everything else I happen to want,
but when* I used to court you, and
your-father would como in from the
city, you' would gather up his things,
wheel his easy chair to the fire', warm
his slippers and get him a head rest
.ind a foot rest, so that all he had to
do was to be comfortable."
- "Oh, that was only to make him
go to sleep sooner!" was the young
wife's* sati. factory explanation.—London Mail.
Town and Country News.
v In Doubt.
A promiui'iu'o nrh worker of Baltimore was delivering one Sabbath a
talk to a class comprising pupils who
lived in a rathei squalid seotion of the
town," says Harper's Weekly. ,
The good man touched upon the
quality of unttuthfulness, and at one
point in Iim address he said:
"I want evCry little boy'who has
never told a lie lo inisu his hand."
, Not a hand went up.   But a lad in
the rear rose to ask a question.     .   v .
"What is it,.my„boy>"       "    '
"Well, sir, what I want'to ask is is
it a lie if nobody ever knows?"
^ What He Meant,,     "
"Your novels will not. endurei" said
the critio.    ' ' (
"I. know it," said the author. *
-•'They are not literature," said Qkl\,
"^ "Correct," soul the author. j
'A'AVeJl, then, what do you mean by
' "Money," said the author.   "Wttit-i
it, fetch mo .  nortprhousfi stank."     r'
We are pleased to see Mr J,
Axon around again after dis severe attack ot typhoid fever, and
his long confinement in the Kelowna Hospital. He however feels
a little shaky yet 'but the wholesome climate of the Okanagan will
soon set that to rights.
To-night marks the first performance of "Oh! Susannah'at' the
Opera House, and there is little
doubt but what all the persons who
can will turn out to witness this
the Mustcal and Dramatic Society's
initial performance of tKe season.
1 he chief part in the play, will be
taken by Mrs Legge Willis, and is
a character part, a la Louie Freear,
and is a part which "could only
be taken by-an accomplished actress. As the play has no"preliminary, but starts right into fun directly the curtain lifts, it has been requested that all' patrons will be.in
their seats before the-curtain" rises:
The play starts ' at eight oclock
What a dandy thaw wejh'ad last
Sunday. Even though' old Sol did
not peep through the clouds it got
kind of uncomfortable with j* fire
and many windows were .noticed
thrown wide open to cool off the
room. Winnipeg papers ^report
weather, ~thirty-one degrees below
zero: Guess J, the people in the
North West ought to come up here
to get warm.
' The Public Examinations and
Xmas exercises in connection with
the Public School, will take place
Friday morning, from 9:30 to 12
o'clock. Parents and" friends- are
cordially invited. ~ • , '    ,
" The Baptist Sunday School
Christmas,entertairmrent. will^ be
held in the church Tufsday evening
Dec. 23. A good programme of
music and recitations has - been
prepared, and a cordial invitation
to parents and friends to be present
is extended -by the committee in
charge.        ,    " i A-  -' - ,' *-'' '-. -
Christmas/week, beihg . theVqc-
casion of the Gladstone Centennial,
Rev. D.J. Welsh, B.AV;"B.D., will
deliver his lecture oh " Gladstone;
the Great English.Commbner," on
Sunday evening,"Dec. 26fh. -This
will be the first in a- series "on
"Great"Men andjtheir Religion."
A very hearty invitation is extended
to young men to attend this series
of Sunday evening lectures.    '.  '-_
"' "       y -   w *-
- - The entertainment and Christmas
tree in connection with the Benvoulin Sunday School, will be held
in the church there on Thursday,
Dec' 23rd, at'7:30 p.m."'-
rOm account of- the . peculiar,
circumstances in connection with'
the death of Mr. Kenneth McMillan
which did,not permit of',funeral
services being held" at the house,
the Rev. A. W. K. Herdman, at the
close of his sermon.' last Sunday
morning, spoke in feeling terms of
the deceased, who', has been a
member -of Knox Church ,for
five years^. Ay      - 'V'A
We are in receipt of the Xmas
issue of the " War, Cry," a -publication issued by the Salvation Army.
TLJ :j _.._
._ *u:_.
paper has taken since- in inauguration have at last brought it. up to
date and on a level with'Other
publications, and the Xmas number
is certainly a very creditable piece
of work.    ~   "•
•The Presbyterian congregation
have- made a unique Christmas
present to their pastor,' the Rev.
A. W. K. Herdman, having had
the manse fully installed with the
electric light.
7 See-Jo88elyn'8 advert, to the left
of this notice. .
r~~    ^ i i
Mr, S. Sproule has just returned *.
from Spokane, via Keremeos and
Oroville. He reports a long and
tedious journey over the road, but
brings back word that the Keremeos
people are great in their .praise of '
Kelowna - canned goods. Canned
beans and tomatoes are among tKe
the favourites and are branded by
the Keremeosites as the best. •
Mrs. K. McMillan has "asked us.
to express her thanks tothe people
of Kelowna for the kindness extended both to herself and to her family ^
during ^their   recent   illness  arid-
bereavement. .  "'
Kelowna has again achieved ~a
triumph with  her fruit j this-time-
prizes Joeing taken for a display in
the Ojjd Country. It will be(remem-"
bered'that a display, of fruit""was •
collected some time' ago, and sent
to England with Mr. Scott—for this"
exhibit B.' C. has received a ■ gold
medal. The exhibit was practically
an advertisement for B.C., and not
for any one district,'but it is pleasing to    notice      that      in-*   the.
awards Kelowna has npt been forgotten.  -Messrs. Stirling & Pitcairn
are the winners of a silver Banksian' -
medal, .while the Okanagan exhibit-7
as a whole,"is winner of a silver "
knightian medal.    A large amount;
of the fruit in the Okanagan exhibit ,
came, from this" district,  and -^ill '
serve as a good advertisement for -
the valley. - _ A
y < .        ■ .. _.       ^
' The Secretary bf ,the- Board of
Trade was in1 receipt ^of  abetter
from the Old Country last Thura- -
day, marked " urgent,"'and quickly '
tearing  open  the   envelop'e'Awas"
surprised to' find-that \the contents *
were, a   request   for 'a- Board,of -.r
Trade pamphlet A Hiis^only^goes-.O
to show how people are clamoring*
for hews bf the Okanagan Valley.'
and - the * rwonderful* town 7and
"district bf Kelowna." **;' \  -\Al ,\
Mrs. T. Lawson is the. winner of
the gold 4watch given by Mrr J. B. ■
Knowles -for,the nearest _ guess at" — j
v/hat'time'the watch, which Mayor A
DeHart,wound- urj  last Saturday!'
would run. --In^all the ..watch' run ;<»
32 hours, 37- minutes'* and  16"- secA
MrirLawsbhVguess was 32.hours,;y
40 minutes arid 10 seconds,jclosely" *.
followed by^Willie "McKedwn "and A,
Miss  Rose   Weddell,*' who'- both   v
guessed 32 Hours,j40 min. 'and 20-Vj
seconds.    > '" , f (' '-  "', A'^   -Tl ~A'''
There is a well  founded; rumor •-. ^
abroad to the effect that.tKeCIf:R/; v}
will resume their'mnter^service "oni • ("
the_fir8t of January next. • Efforts A
have Been made by the Board, of . -
Trade and others to'persuade, the'/
company7_to. continue- the  every-" A
week day'service all the year round - '-
but apparently they do not consider, ,y
it_advi8able.*' If .the rumor is true   ;;
vits shall have to be contented with, :
Kaving the'Okanagan ct>nie>- downTA]
only three'times during the * week,^*
instead oisix._*",x 7 P _,   - "^ aJ, ;
T. Hidson^Constable -Tooth and
Mr. McMinno <left'for Vernon "on-
Wednesday to attend'the'trial, of *r
Richards, the horse thief, who was   '.
detained Here' on- the charge of   {
stealing three horses and committ- '
Tooth and Hidson are also away
in connection2 with' the'' McLeod "
case  , ' -..
The May, Roberts Gillard Com- _.
pany haye booked the Opera House
for Saturday next when^ey "will
produce the society play," Madam/. J
Satan."   This is one of Chas." Froh-'.''?
man's successes in New York, and
should draw.a^full house on Sat-J
urday..  A
, - -   i'.    ' -'   ,   '- y.'
Df. Mathison, Dentist, Rowcliffe''
Block.   Phone 89,
17 ' J '._r- -*■ •
■ y*~
mi. (i L. !.»■ t, M^jt ■^aij»|jia(gj»
■'<-!. .
i -. i-_7fle*< 7 ,v-%
i > «* y
7     ",'i-1-
\f' <fr\    f -+1
_   .T
"S ^
A7 , ,
r '
jf.    *   *<f** *■"   «*   if   tr^viSSLfftifa*
±l>       1 r >'V«1
t_    --
#|_firada§,-l>Gc:,.6    ;
'*r '  ""    i^iiimaiitl0^Kimmtlfi '	
(    7-
iteg-flgcfiairtyCajj Record.
_ /'
I ~       I
5 pA¥s More
if i
■**-_■ .* *•* * j.        i- „y »
-ForGood Goods,  Gpod Serviced aikl Reasonable Prices,
4 l Give u&a call.r        ^- >"'* *     <    a J
.   <
-    rv
J (
f Y;Heakquarter^ tot rdiofci Groceries,    .. ^ ^
^Amas C^andyj; Nuts,r-Fniit, etc., etc.    "h"~
___>^_ _ v        j        ".   '    . .i_   " j _>/<•_ *•
A *
- *'
•.     "*r^Tf
«►**-"   "-«-! — 7 -^v    •- f_        ' _        7. *   ~ i    * * '>»**<
v   x   A-,
**  CWf -^       -   fc* " a<     -n    *"^" •*—   r-,~   "  f>v   t        »»~     ■->. ^ v>,   ~1 ~
r vj^
»C *
*S- i-   -"7".  "*    -"fa*  -_r -v * -       /_ _, -       A      '     -^      ~„ __  **_. ■* vi
" At   - A^y -«- _   - '-• h.% ^ :***       +"?       A- , vf --
.•"-*> GMs,-as .iTHich^pleasure ifi' aroportiotf jto the^." -
■* *   amount, invested as; av - •
-v>     " <■* *i '^
70aoypos ©iYi^ion^Yale^Distncr.-
„^i   -;—T
■   r
i. .
i *^T "j
7 chkistm^s^resent:
*:-*nave yours taken at— . a.
•_  j. __ t i
-v    * _'
~     r
■^  **■ -_
I *   ■»
... .
.; vf <A~ i- P 7a^    _  m4~*A ' *""- ^j> j- *■ rv
/ viy^
■V^rf   ^ %
*w ^ *■«•    J   **   -*«,«*       -/
ht,r -   _■
<i,,>»£-. i\'f^n A* <4i*.'fi'jV   -^"•i's.f^-
. _
f   **t
l-r »1
i', -i
„ N°'lce,18 hereby given that an opphcaUon
wi|libern;die under Part 5' vf tbe Water
Act 1009 to obtain a license in the Osoyoos
Division ofYale Dis net. <j -.
y I ),_ Name and ad lres^' of, applicant,
Michael Hereron, Kelowna. B C,
^ (2.) Water to LeusecTfor irrigation and
domestic pnrposes, from a spring or spnns
ruing 011T Bulrpan's land on the S. W
^°\nel4 WWIl* 4*1. M > C'9ver-
dale divinop,Jby»m«|n8 afl tt iCo^ver^ ditch
?2^**enY°_'in*_? *&* *** co',T'5, °* ,ot
I to, Cloverdale Division to a part in all 95
acres of lot 122.   Land situate on the west
,\X) The quantity of water applied for,
2»»wclyjs    »    "^   .'   ,.  -  ' f
^,(4.)  The charachter "'of .the" proposed
works to be a cover ditoh.- -      _
^(A.^Sad.wa^r^to  be  uasd   on the
premises belonging to Micliael Hereron.
?*W 'Tt^.ffW^r'CwjOTi'^nd Anteyded
to be occupied by the proposed works will
the Vernon ^oa-ljby means i_f U cover
ditel}.   r_'7
"fTJ*?/n Ijbis^oace was Wed MthT22rTd
day of October 1909, and^ application w^ll
be made to ihe oommiasioner on the 23rd
1 v I
Ohp Great Naval Hero and the Duchess of Chartrea
- Tbo Dncbem. of t hnittf^ uas nn en
thns-aat Id the <imim t.t AmerH 111 lib
erty and a varm friimt n. ji^ ^resit
-aval champion I'mii loiut v\bom
e_e Dlckoamed tho I ntliii-d ImiIjjH
of the 8m " The dm ii«>ss w ih a royal
princess and a ver,\ ^nat udi. and
Captain Jones wn^ a sailor self <h1u
cated and tbe sou of -i Scotch garden
er, but to tbe ex<h.iu_;t> of K'ffs and
compUmenta which \< 1 ording 10 the
costoia of tbe day In I mm . attended
their friendship, be u i- tint 10 be "outshone.
At a Inncbeon whl< h -.\n> Ku\e Just
before he sailed fnun 1 tou.e In the
Ranger on that .anions cruise of his
which carried tbe vwir to the very
shore of Britain It mw the good for-
tane of Paul Jones to aba re In a conversation touching a Krencb naval engagement In which the grandfather of
the dnchflsa bad bornv a conspicuous
parf and to,defend and explain his
manejiyeni on that occasion, showing
a knowledge of every ship and every
captain engaged and winning on the
spot the ardent personal]adherence of
Mme. de Ohartres        / _
At the dose of ibeef&st she present-1
ed him a valuable watch which bad
been ber grandfather's ^ Takpn by snr _
prise, the American captain neverthe-B.'
lees accepted It  with a grace that
charmed tbe courtly company..promising that In return. If fortune favored
him, he would some day "lay an English frigate at ber feet"
It waa a daring boast, but In A. a
Baell's biography of I'anl Jones it Is
rotated bow he kept It" Within two
years occurred the^marvelous victory
of the Bonbomme Rlcfiard over the
Serapls, concerning which Ihe victor
wrote the duchess a letter, ending,
"The enemy surrendered at thirty five
minutes past l(Kp m by your watch,
which 1 consult only to flz tbe moment
of victory "   A
That was a pbrase-to delight a society tbat reveled in 'pretty phrases,
and the duchess Was amply satisfied
When Paul Jones reached J'aris she
gave a grand banquet In bis honor
Just before It ended be reminded her
of herjgtft^and bis promise  >_y servant
was sent "to~bfs roonr and .returned
with a long leather case, wblcb the
duchess took atnld tbe exclamations
and eager curiosity of the company.
r"Your royal highness perceives the
impossibility of« keeping niy^ promise
In kind." explained the knlRht of the
sea,  smiling   —The   Kngilsb   frigate
proved   to  be "a "forty-four  on   two
decks, and she is now at (.orient .with
-Trench colore flying    1 be best i can
do toward keeping my word of two
years ago is to place lu your dainty
hands ,tbe sword of the brave officer
who commanded her .  I have the honor to surrender to the loveliest of wora-
,fn ^ fjvoj^jRurmiaered to me by „_„.
one of.Jhe hr«U'«t of'uien-tbe sword?^,
.ofCap-talnfth. Hon^ltl. Hard PrarsoS8
jot his Biitaunlc mnjt sty's late ship
the^8erapte,i'-   -~
c v
day of November, 1909.
w    p't-r?'*  ,£"   ,j<   jj. -   _____E_>_.   D r>
if -'        Pooled.
_ JBe was a doctor and wasrpatlently
\waltlng Jot- bis tlrst patient y
jt:Thought be: "It tbe^ mountain ^wllllr**
not*comevti» Miibomet. Mahomet must
'SOjo tbe-iiinuiitain.   And"as>atlent8
'wl" PS* •W-*'1. "IP <"»tl must nepds-seek
them out"   *        lf    - j^
rvPf..8tro',M, tlirjmgb tbe'iheap mar
vket and presiniiiy saw a tnaii" buy six
nice cut umbers.    j-_ ■* ,
^""Here's a chancer* suld be" and "followed hliu home.      % ■""  '■--
\ ^Patleutlviie waited for four long and
lonely hours, jyirt nbpur inlduigbt the
nfront door <iui< ki\ iipened. and tbe matt
clashed down the steps    '■"*
X:HeT8ela«l bln> t»y the arm and cried
earnest...:          *- *?
^'•Doyou wimt n doetorr            *•' *
-f^Kor   replied   ihe" man „roughly
"Want^more (Uciiiiibersr-Londoo An
swers.                  >                    I    -f
tr,   .         £  -Li*
'  'A, '__    _ 1   *    .
«ri)A^ANT/;AD.,fin the
■-.    _ ..a
*        I r * <"   V
"•^-M-'t'if -t-r X
j. -     -
t~ <,,'    7
, - ,^ri©^y>,^j[%K^^ §uits
;;.    is now at;ft87Dest. '
..'/  i" "< A J» ">
(\J[ o£> Fit-Ref«Mm syjt lies 5
" * Ji'■*$ thi«'[aM^l_jnatipn of ,
■^.s ,    and shape after lon*|fpptinusu^^ear. - c ,,
#rices,ra_g-4«m $_0^$32t "'    77
,S.tJb_rl i5
Record vrill bring speedy
1        ^
* \        >>,lA       ,
X\    *.    ^     ** w _? _     ^ _
- k^theHwtse of Fashion
.. 7 >■' *'■
<<»v   1 ' 4S  »,  j< («  ^
And Vernon Dry; Cleaning
Mi\*-j    ' ? 'p •> ■
\}A   *
•; t«AyiJQ«-*ll«H*S
at -Offiw, f^ndftii Strttl, c?at <W
^A»mt,   c   >m KELOmA.
T^C'Co^onVMHV .    u
j- ^  ;Tha Bride's Linen Ropm
r-^»rt8 gruuni ^leiTUBBTiorTirovidea'an
extra room to bin house for storing hie
bride's linen he should build it lo time
^MP^Jbfpe'^HysVbeoever a gjr,
marriee ber- mother closes 'her lip.
grimly, goes after pa's pocSetbook aud
does, the ""right thing wltb nine doseu
towels, fifteen dozen napkins, eighty.
JfotuCpairs,or'sheets, etc SbejfloMn'l
expect ber daughter to open a boarding
[house, but'she has proper pride and In
tends"to do thetlgfit thlng;by the girl
.•trji^int^bn^ks pa -Atchison Globe.
V- 5r    l"   Couldn't Forget hT V ..
y'} "8aturday ulgbt some miscreant lug-
i;ed off a whole <ord of my wood, aud
.somehow J'can't forget about itr de-
tlared'hllas^ '*« t* r .
^^eaf?"yott tried to forget Itf ln-
y'ulml his friend.   - '   >V
f'Vtf-C * Hntidai I morning J went 'to
<-hurch hoping 1 could get It off" my
mind, and before I had been there five
minutes the" choir started In singing
•The, Lost Chord,' so 1 got oatr-
'J-qdgeA^ V, ,  *       ,'
""■t      \  ="7^   ■•'
/^ \    tunch and iunohten.        ,**-
W' $$'k*>tix>\VbnfT b» Ibe nil^dle
of tbe dtiy at our boarding bouse any
more.*V rf      l"x ^     /A'(
V ".ou have lunch. 1 suppose?*»J
"^No. luncheon."
i*$Well. that's the same thing.1?   s   s
n^'On. no. It isn't!   Lttnch^Uj a tight
dltlner. and Juucheon ts a light lunch."!
1   "1>^_._.   .mi *
7^^' 7
-i   >Xs'.'",« ■*  ^
tj i <}«•!• vffen. Iflbnesomeiwfs. ^
, The r^dheatjed ^Irl Is a wlnuer-and
the man who g^t^nm> vfHtnot he lone-
some,; He will soon (iiM out whether bo
has drawn a 'ildnu boifed angel $r a
< on.blni.Uon of 11 ej«lone and a arm
^iwtSKattiuom Huu -y   .     -     «
Tickets on'sale at ^illite' _3nig^«
v,     k v A   7, A- * -- y.r    \,u-^,fyi%\k    V-A'-jfi
... -111 it ■ 1 > 1 m 11 iiiii      1     11 1      i. m iiiii miBi
" .„ -   ^'; ^-!^<%A «^* ^
^'      .7 ;...: A.-J. .J-7   v A*** v ^ v»"v'a     ?■-- A^.    W&
■_iia_u_i_rtj_-_L_i>iiii>i—iilNiiiii mils (iiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiuiiil yA"
■   ^A,       V.1^7   iv   M   f< A<   v^a^^'7l|
V' fir-
-IZpTTT, *.* yy£y?,!_____ji_L-__,_.- _—.-^-au
•f^. ,-M 1fJ5r _; ^k. r ^ ^.   v.' v ^ i    -*      %'     >■»  ,_i
. .     ,     _..  .
'   ''
r r i
The Orchard Citq "Record.
/A.Thursday^ Dec, 16
SW) '
2 Cents per word, first insertion ancT
1 Cent per word eacK* cubsequenl '
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.'   -
beg to announce that they have opened
up a New Butcher Shop at the above
address. Mr. Ludlow has been' with
A. R. Davy for the past two years, and;
is experienced in every branch of the
butchering business.
They are prepared to do all in
their power to give satisfaction, ana
respectfully solicit your custom.
FOR SALE—One "Pec-less" 200 egg
incubator, used only 4 times. Apply
G A. Fisher, Box 275, Kelowna.        3-7
—         ' ——      i'     "■"■' -"" * -
FOR SALE—Fresh Jersey cow. Apply
Box 191, Kelowna. ,  1-4
FOR  SALE—Cider   and   Eating  apples.
Apply R E Harris, Kelowna. Itf
.f - .
FOR SALE—House and lot with fur iturc
also Bell Organ, on reasonable term?.
Apply R. H. Cole, Lawson Ave,
TO RENT—Desk ronm m  good office   on
Bermird Ave.   Apply Box 337, Kelowna.
rOR SALE—Edisrtn Standard Phonograph
and 50 records. Apply P.O..Boxi85
Kelowna. t" ,      46-tf
WANTED—Some  young   geese.     Apply
P.O.  Box 347 Kelowna B.C. or at Mis-
sion Kancn. "    ...   .     , i
_    »       _ *
Our Xmas Stock is now complete,
with all the Latest
Kf'l  .
'In order to help you make your selections we give
you a-few suggestions pf-wnat you can give to your'
,,,wife, husband, moflier.'fatK'<;r,7 brother,- sister,  your
\ bestlD^au, op sweetheart.    tf
«*... *-«.it
FOR SALE—saddle pony, quiet and' Well
broken; also Mexican saddle and bridle
Apply Box 10, Record. x
WANTED— Five acres -fruit' land, state
lowest price first letter, to Box 16, Orchard
City Record. 2-3p
FOR SALE.—Pair   Hockey   boots   and
skates, size 7J, Record Office x
| Layritz.-.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Phone 135
I'A A"
The People's Store
Phones: Grocery, 214   Dry Goods, 314     Office, 1.43
PRACTICAL PRESENTS Area^tedhe mosthifehly'
. ' i'
/^l     •   . D f The best opportunity of the year for re-
^jLlllStr__la.S  1   iCSCllto. membering by gift, relatives, friends and
admired * ones.     There  are  numerous  ways of doing this, some wise, some
otherwise.    Among the wise is wearing apparel.   Our facilities for furnishing
-   gifts "of this kind are unexcelled.
We still have a few nice setts left in Black Lynx, Mink, Marmot, emd Opossum
, Neckwear is Practical.
Dainty StoclTCoIlars^f SillcTNet, andChiffon, Lmbroidered_btocksAi_inen  CoiiarsA
Jabots, Net Bows, Ruchings, Etc.
We are also showing a table of very fine Embroidery-
Work, comprising the following:
Doyley's in all sizes.       Centre Pieces, Embroidered in Silk
Five o'clock Tea Covers Sideboard Scarves
Dresser Covers Handkerchief' Cases, etc.
Gift Suggestion from the Novelty Department.
Busy Christmas Shoppers seeking practical and appreciative gifts at moderate cost
should pay this section a visit. '
Pincushions in endless array, from 25c to $4.50
Souvenir Whisk Holders from 35c.        Hat Pin Holders, 25c,- 35c, 75c.
Scissor Holders, 35c Match Holders, from 35c.
Needle Cases, 35c, 50c, 75c.       Handkerchief Holders
\7    '*■ '    Tie*Holders       Pipe Holders, Etc.
.:V Our Furnishing Department.
.Silk'Handkerchiefs, imported silk, with or without initial.
Silk Mufflers, in all colors Gloves of every description
Jonathan,       Mcintosh Red,
Wagner,       Northern Spy,
Italian Prunes, etc.
A  large quantity of   stock'
can yet be supplied, grown
•f   »," -1 <■•        _ ,
at  Kelowna, which ,can . be,
planted  same   day  as  dug
from  nursery.
Catalogue and Price List Free.
A.;E. Bbijer
Just One More
x   ' * **• * „
Week to finish your Christmas shopping. Drop in and
let me show you a* nice new
line of Pearl Brooches (an
acceptable gift for any lady).
Also Braceletts, Beauty Pins,
Necklettst and Rings.   ' -' >.
No trouble to show.goods.
j- -i
, ..,  Bernard Avenue.^ A
All work and goods absolutely
"^y^ '/'X^Fancy'-Veats, in Leather, Plain and Fancy Knitted Cashmere, etc.
:_____ ._i...v*__D__A'"ii-".1*''' r> !_• i •• -.f   01 _ • _
Ladies'  Handkerchiefs, Fancy Swiss Embroidered,
.  |.,.._-J5c. to;$!i.^o .    -
Ladies' Real Lace Handkerchiefs, $1.00 $1.50
| j-Ladies' Initial Handkerchiefs (linen), .$1.5Q per box
J    A .A    of Half-dozen      ]-   .    %o.f)     ••*■ i .   -
Ladies'-Silk Head Shawls, ;$1-.£0;-.$2r$2.50.'$3, $3.50
Ladies' Fan8ra:splendidiass6rtment"t6.choose from,
prices ranging from $1.00 to $5 '
Ladies' Kid Gloves, best quality $/.50 per pair
Lad-es'^Fancy Belts, all th^newest styles t        .    .
/LadiesVxColla'rs and^Ti'es in-endless variety.    ,
Ladies Net and Silk Blouses _    ,
Ladies' Handbags ^ _.        -' r
'.Ladies' House;Slippers;; V      *«J «
/•iMiies' <_5pera*Coate»and ^apes^A, ''    .
"ft* Dress or* Waist'Length of Silkj a.gift good to give
and good to get ..        * ' .    .^
...;   , ,GiftsHliatMen-;App^
Silk-Handkerchiefs, Plain or "Colored Borders    -
; Linen *-Hankerchiefs        ■   . _
Silk-Mufflers'     Fancy Braces  \   J
Fancy Knitted Vests
Kid Gloves, in English and French- makes -lined and
">-V'unlihed     «-.1.*0'^   "< —•' ;
* House Slippers, in Fancy Felts or Leather,;-  ''
■* Ties, the latest stylea^dipatjki^'jfj^jfjSOc, 60c, 75c-
Fancy Embroidered'Sox, etc., etc. ,   , ".
.. We. wish, to draw your, attention ^to.-thei fact^that
the'time to b\iy your Xmas goods is^ridw. ;Eachday
that you delay you are only allowing the choicest of
7the goods which-are beingjshown to' be-picked  up
,by the early- shopper. **:   ^*--
■      SS
Kelbwria Outfitting Stdre,
\/W::B. MlG^'LDEK Pr($r . ••
m.J< 1    <*r*i~»»jtmfr*V~*lirt.     (*VT*^"VV|-«354.
Man Wants But    i
LittleiHerei Below,
'.   .  .   -■.'.r^i-'   i;;|*'-A,\7 '
But' tHatlfljtde't ipj^ok. times
migrity :hcir<_ .tobgetnvf.
-.   /    ;.   -wl     -'> X'   i); ,l/\x'' ■-* ',
Make your wants, kno^n through
/snfV''**1'?. «-.w,Us:i ;-.■-..-
TT>Two^ ceiits p6x{ word firsT'
insertion, s
One cent per word each
subsequent insertion.
»    5T
• Ti. V'
•. J*"-.*""' J   '
t__ >.__!_-
Suspenders in every description of .Plain and Fancy Silk
.   Armbands and Garter-
Neckwear, all the latest styles in English Silk both fancy and,plain
/« I'A complete range of Plain and Fancy, all wool.        ■
"'- , Smoking Jackets, in Silk and Heavy Lambs' Wool! iU
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
$&■!$ >y #i*,,.A!,t\\-' " V,u ■        Phone 214 .-.'- ,
7'--7„--:___    *  "'    Ai ': a       *     i '       ■   "    --:'
• ^
"7.-"* ■
A7* -
{. i ' j. ,> ~im.
. For Fall Planting
BULBS f/om^tHe ^est'^European and Japan growers
. Home', grown -fruit and'ornamental
trees—grown on upland soil without
irrigation, in the. onljr 'pari; of ,tho
American continent'*not -infested,
with the San Jose scale.
- Garden', Field 'and** Flower Seeds,
tested stock from the ,besf  growers
, , *,- in the.wcjrld.   , „
/ •' Wire1 Fencing anil Gatesf
Spray Pumps,rFertilizers, Bee Sup.
plies/ 'Cut Flowers,  Spraying Ma-
terials, etc.
' 167 Page Catalogue Free. \
f V      *    ,.        I     '        . »
Greenhouse  and Scedliouso
3010/We8trhiti8ter Rd.' .
* * _ «
Branch NurseryJ - iSoutb Vailcoucor
-- . _.   _. -,C3_.'*.-.
A   . ; v       > ALL" KINDS/ALL ^PR-CES' "'^
-Mechanical Toys&fQm;;;i(0c. up■
4 tToyoWaggpns ^£tJir:\ 1
Dolls % anyvpld pn^/ 'y f
Miniature Trains; Str^et'Gkr^ 5
• ^'Rocking*- Ho_*s4s]' et& - f' "\.)
\kJk.a'      kpy A '_._A X_l__V-*ll.J.'-- ^    ',
W. R.
^•fti^was. rfrV *cfei» «i
1". vj
_ .   I I1


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