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The Orchard City Record Dec 2, 1909

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 , i. <"i  i
"     And ' the  World   is
*"   with you;  Quit and
" you stand alone.
Circulation Highest,.
v Rates'.Lowest.   -   ■
-        ' . i    -
•__■*..*_.  PS
< '-
Job PrinmtZ:Wm
, —' — '      ' ■. yi i " \uJ%i
'  *->      l/lJisi
*    Spc...  A        *-- : „."\3S
j        Ci-tst i i,
|       Genfri
:       VA .    *
^      *       lit'     M     '
r      \
. es
..  VOL. II.   NO. I.
Council Re-enters Quiet Waters
Aldermen'Agree to Withdrawj Resignations---Electric Plant
'    > **■*"" - ' J
Discussed -- Night Policeman May be Laid Off.
It A'
**" The usual meeting of the City
Council was held last Monday,' the
Mayor and a full attendance of
aldermen being present. ,
"The"'minutes "'of" the' previous
meeting having' been read and
adopted/the clerk read the following correspondence: \ .' <"*"',,
- From1'1 the -Chief -^Inspector of
Boilers,'with reference to the work
nf straightening the shaft; and also
the way the' plant1'was installed.
"His letter mentioned that a change
in.the installation was-■made by a
local .civil -engineer,: against the
wish'of the'Canadianx Fairbanks
Co., and that company did notcon-
sider themselves -responsible' for
fault in the construction. - , r \
. TW'city clerk \vas asked .if' any
correspondence had been received
' with-reference'to the matter, • but
replied in thcnegative.
" It was agreed to write - the Can.
, Fairbanks Co., asking them for the
date -of*-;their'letter, the 'mayor
stating that he was of the;.opinion
that 'some alteration, was; made in
the"depth of ,the pit " The matter
' w~as lelt in the Hands of- the Light
Committee, to get details ready for
. - the neit'meeting.; •** * '•*''- A
. •> j .The Corporation ,of" the City of
-. - .Vernon* wrote in answer to a letter
'f 'sent? asking* them- how they treated
! light accountsJthat were,not, paid
7~->by"previous tenante,."a}id^if. they
'"* 'allowed'-the meters to remain in
*■  <  unoccupied houses it the rent-yvas
-In the farmer case the reply was
* ^  '-'that "arrears were not-'forced • upon'
""""'a' new' tenant," but, charge ,.was
i,.   'made against the property. :In' the
latter case the-meter was allowed
- ■** -to stay as long, as* rent was paid,
providing |"Jthere A were J' 'enough'
•     nietersto supply the demand. A' j
*~A_di8cus8ion_en8ued with' reference-to Mr." Glenn's, this gentleman
■•*   'having made application to retain
the' meter during the time his house
was unoccupied provided he'paid
4 ;.the. rent. - A'A   * •- ' \'? l- \   '
! -''s The mayor was of" the"opinion
-     that the meter should be taken out
as there was a shortage   at'the
present time"-"' ■       '        " /
- A" Ald.^Ball^was'of the opinion
,' that the 'costof putting up" a- new
.' meter was $2.50, and considered it
■' i   very high when the wires were all
** ready to receive it. , The city clerk
however, informed "the council that
$ I was the fee charged for replacing a metet—a sum considered
small enough to admit any person
' not using^heiriight to-let it gu-ancr
have itrrein8talled "when again re
the finance committee to deal with
as previous to payment some steps
shold be taken to have the plant
properly inspected.
Aid. Bailey stated that Mr. Smith
would be coming down soon and
there '.were several things to point
out to him. The inciter had been
working badly since the start and
he~ would not be in favour of
accepting - the account until'this
was put right. i; .    -,
Aid." -Ball also reminded the
council thatthe inspectors' official
report was* not to hand,*- and jhat
perhaps it would be better to write
the Fairbanks people, stating there
was trouble with' the inditer, and
that it would have to, be put right
before the final test was made. It
was agreed to keep the account in
abeyance until some definite agreement was made and the plant was
in good running order."
The following accounts were referred to the finance committee, to
be paid if found correct:       ,     ,,
\    i
Canadian..-Fairbanks Co.'2 .Crane   steam
taps....::  ."......$ 28 25
W. C. Blackwood, work on streets . 34 00
w ■**
A. Evansi.work 'on streets ..." -   250
Kelowna Courier, Printing ...*...,....>114 90
Hinton Co.,1 wire 'and transformers 225y 84
QiMr-MorrisonJwork on Fire, Hall_ - 8 00
s_i_r.-_._ P^J1.;' H«..» Staff ° .**.   :'f.7325"00
    78 00
Salaries Power House Staff
" _     P*T  ■* '
Salary PoleLine
•125 00
quired to register light The matter
was left in the, hands of the Light
Committee to take down the meter
if it waa Required in-another building where light required, to be
wgisleredr ' "^ "> ~~ ' J * "
• The next letter to be read was to
C. P. RL agent, /Clarke,s fromf the
Local Treasurer of „the C. P. R. Mr;
Salisburyi It appears as thoilfeh
'some -'difficulty had been experi-
encd ih checking the light account
and going through the usual formalities before the 15th of the month
and the C. P. R. were aoking for. a
special concession or extension in
order get their discount.       A
The aldermen considered that
for such a small amount, the agent,
Clarke, ^shciuld have enough authority * to pay ;it .and that no special
^'concession should be granted."
Aid. Elliott was satisfied that the
C. P. R. were, bad payers anyway,
and that a long time elapsed from
the time a debt was incurred and
the time it was paid.      -    • A    .
•Aid. Ball considered' the -bill
should be sent in earlier so as to
give more time for' checking," but
was not in favour of any concession
or extension being granted. -f\
Mayor Depart was of the opinion
that if the C. FJ.R.^could not pay
their bills up to date, they should
go back to coal oil.
. A letter, enclosing ^account was
reacl from the Canadian jFairbanks
Co., asking for paVment"of account
Aid. Ball considered that   the'
account should be handed oyer to
(1      .■
D. Mills, scavenger.....7..Y..'-
Dr., Keller.'*')' Police -Station
9* Council Chamber.rent..":f.7..:.*....   25-00
Salariei, PoUce'Dept'...'....„.!"../.... -145 '00
Salanei*, Municipal Clerk and'poll- ';' .,"7
. ing fU»..Z.A..,....:.^::..A.:.Ar: 107 99
G. Hunfjord. 10 loads gravel...;  TO 00
y, , Aid. Ball was of the opinion that
an auditor should be appointed
soon so that he", could start work
before the statements of accounts
wjsre*-" issued, andi suggested that
tenders should be called." A motion
was made > to -that" effect and
carried, tenders to . be in by Monday, December 13th.'
Mayor DeHart remarked on the
two resignations of alermen Bailey
and Rowclitfe that were handed in
at last meeting and held over. * He
asked'those aldermen if they wished to' withdraw their resignations
or whether they were to be left
Aid. Bailey said he had had conversations with people" during the
week, and had ascertained that the
turning down of By-law No. 66
was the work, of six people and
was not representative of the feeling of. the community at large.
i Aid.—R©wc!iff___8poke in   the
same strain and both aldermen
agreed to withdraw their resignations.
' The mayor, in remarking upon
our headline, " The Council Runs
Accaihst a Snag," said his opinion
was that the people had run against
a snag, when the .cost of issuing
and voting on a fresh by-law were
taken into consideration.
Aid. Rowcliffe was of the opinion
that the people should pay their
honea't debts, and that the by-law
should not have been turned down.
The mayor was under the impression that the people considered
the by-law should have been made
out and voted on before the power
house was're-built "If that had
been done" remarked the mayor,
" we should have had oui names
put up "for all time, considering
that the die at' Raymer's building
which might have swept the city,
occurred almost directly after the
power house was-put up.
. Aid, Cbxwished to knowif something could not begone to' collect
the dog tax, and suggested thatthe
Police Commissioners should insist
on the policeman collecting them
at once. >'
The mayor said that Chief Hidson had asked for a night constable
BOithat',he could devote more time
to the collection of taxes, he, however'had had a complicated case
in hand and would now be able to
get after'the taxes.   '
Aid. Bailey said he had heard
that some complaints were levied
against tho night constable employ
ed by the city, and possibly he.
would have to be taken off at the
end of the month. It was, however,
mentioned that no complaints had
been received in .the council
chamber. ,      A "'
Aid. Rowcliffe reported that Mr.
Russell had asked for a telephone
connecting his rooms in the Cox*
Block with , the power house," so
that he could be communicated'
with if anything went wrong with;
the plant when he was away- -from^
the power house off duty. - The
matter was left to the Light Committee to see Mr. Millie with refer-,
ence to the installation and to
make arrangements.    '
Aid. Cox asked if the committee
appointed to look into the" fire
airangements at the Lake * View
Hotel were ready with any report.,
'- Aid. Elliott stated that the cleiJc
had been instructed lo write, to the
owner, Mrs. Newson, and-Mr. Bows
had been again approached, with}
the result that now the' fire applj^'
vances have been nearly all put* up(
The proprietor was givenjjntil the
1st of December-to malce a start,
the work to be completed* within
fourteen days aftei that date*:' J&3&
k Aid. Ball brought up the~matfef
of insurance on the power - hovuse
and plant, and considered it was"
best to take out a policy for' the
whoie of the plant, and cover < as
much of the building as was, likely
to be lost if a fire occurred.-; He
thought the boilers should'also be
insured. , *'   »7 * ,-."■-.' h "• t
"Aid. Rowcliffe "thought*"-there
was no need to insure the, boilers,
as they were practically safe from
loss; .while Aid. Elliott considered
the bnilding was safe without in-
surance. _, - V-£--_
- -Aid. Ball was of-the opinidn'that
the buijding should be coveredlfor
the-roof and floor 'and ''all* th'at
was likely io burn," should ""a fire
start.'' The'.outlay! he stated would,
not, be very great, and- it was as
well to be'on'the safe side."     -
- Aid. Bailey waif in favour,~of a
full insurance on any part likely to
catch on fire, but did*not think the
council should spend another cent
afterthe "people had plainly shown
how.adverse they were- to the
price already paid for the power
house. - «■.- ,  -
- Aid. Elliott also considered the
matter of insurance should > be left
over. At this juncture the matter
was dropped.- _
" Aid. Rowcliffe reported that he
had i looked' into Mr. Raymer's.
account for additional workon the.
po>ver House and'-' had * made inquiries, but could notfind a carpenter willing to go over' the' building
and criticise the work already done.
He stated that what work was done
was ordered by the - staff at ,the
power house and not by the city
council. He suggested a payment
should be offered Mr. Raymer.
way to deal with the matter was to
pay the .account, or else promise to
pay it. It was mentioned that the
payment would possibly be left to
the next council.
Aid. Ball remarked on the theatre
license and collection, stating that
the present manager was liable for
3 months and 'that the .amount
from Mr. Raymer could be secured
Mayor DeHa-i: wished for a motion authorizing the transferring of
.the money spent for school purpose
to the general account.
By-laws Nos, 67 and 68, being
local improvement by-laws, were
read for a first time. i
The city clerk stated that it was
necessary to name a night that two
aldermen should sit with the mayor
to revise the voters' list. The mayor
appointed Aid. Elliott and Aid.
Bailey to sit with him, the court to
be held on Friday, December 10th
when all objections to" names being
on the list would be heard.
It was suggested -that an effort
should be.made to collect all road
and dog taxes due by December
15th, the work to be put in the
hands of Chief Hidson
not quite understand the reason,
but considered that if the city were
liable for the whole amount, and
the people were dissatisfied with
the work being done by the night
constable, a movement should be
taken in the matter, and if desirable
the services, of the constable should
be suspended for a time. He had
asked Hidson to take down ocjec-
iiona and to lay them before the
council that night. He* could not
understand why he had hot turned
up to explain the situation.
The mayor said that no complaints had been received in the
council chamber, and he could not
understand them coming up when
payment was required.
The aldermen considered that it
was unsatisfactory in the first place
that the citizens should pay hall
and the city half. When the project was put before the council, it
was agreed that a certain portion
was guaranteed by the people and
that the constable was going to get
more names on the list, so that
nearly the whole amount would be
■ It was suggested that the matter
should be laid until the- constable
gave his report, but it was mentioned that action should be taken at
once if the night constable was to
be taken-.off at the, end of the
The ' mayor reported * that the
bulbs ordered for the park from
Holland were now at Vernon "and
would be- shipped, immediately.
According to agreement they wece
to be looked over on arrival, and if
found1 in good condition planted,
if they were frozen they would be
returned to thet sender. It was
mentioned that they had been one
month- over '• the time specified.
• - The council-then, adjourned to
meet' again at: call of the mayor."
Bengough at Baptist Church
The crowd -which gathered -at
the Baptist'-church'' to hear 'Ben-
gough7*the cartoonist reciter, and
humorist, filled the littlechurch to
its utmost capacity and overflowed
into the 'porch and half way down
the steps. Bengough is indeed'a
remarkably versatile genius, and
provided an entertainment which
held the audience interested'and
greatly amused without' • a
dull moment, for over two' hours.
His dever and rapidly executed
sketches never' failed to provoke
delighted applause as soon as the
subject was recognized. Every eye
was" fixed with rapt attention on
the-easel as the picture grew under
the *artJ8t's deft 'fingers, and many
,^ere the speculations as to what it
^yc-uld be. A hasty daub or two
with colored chalk, followed by
mysterious manipulations of a
crayon, gradually assumed the
familiar > features of the victorious Premier, searching with a
-> - !•
- < ~V,l - iJ 1
*.'- .,        .      .«
"• - 1_
nn <wfVmm«imm9msm   **,■ Hi
- \        *        <   ff
$1.50 Par Aanuin.       ... 77
•     "   , -Aj
Kelowna's Spokane Winnings.
South Okanagan -Makes   Good Showing—Kelovma Apples
Temptation to Spokane Theives.
, The following are,the complete
results, so far as Kelowna is concerned, of Mr.' DeHart's exhibit
at the Spokane show:
R. E. Hanis, Russett  $10.00
H. Burtch, Cox's Orange Pippin     10.00
R.-Sweeny, Northern Spy    50.00
(There were five boxes in this exhibit, one
of which came from Munson's.)
H. C. Mallam, 1st in Denny's exhib. 100.00
" 1st in Foreign Country
*'v exhibit  100.00
Miss  Rose Raymer, 2nd prize for
A fire which occurred a few
yards away from our exhibit 4very
nearly had the effect of bringing
the whole show to an abrupt cloce,
but was fortunately noticed in time.
One box of apples' was sent to
the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
and the rest were sold to private
purchasers on the premises.
H. Hill
St. Lawrence
C E. Weeks
R. E. Harris
Golden Rus.
R. Sweeny
Pomme Gris
T. Bulman
Can. Balwins
R. E. Harris
J. H. Bailey
R. E. Harris
G. Thompson
Win. St. Law.
R. Sweeny
Snow                 2nd
Making a total of... $:
Agricultural and Trades
AssqciatlOD 77
j.    . . -7   .,ty
Favorable Balance-Sheet.
"*■ ''i
The annual meeting of the Agricultural and Trades Association
was held in the Rowcliffe Hall last
Monday afternoon', • good attendance being present ,".>'"    *
The< chairman,'' Mr. D..W. Sutherland, having called-the'meeting
to order, asked the aecretaiy, Mr.
B. McDonald,' to read tKe minutes'
of the previous meeting/and "also
of the, general meeting-held, on
May 1st, 1909. The minutes 'r of "*
both''meetings were adopted.; "-  , '
The, annual reportfind r financial'
statement, shows a. "very good
balance on the'right side. <■' " i A '^tt*
-    \ ><y ' .^ASSETS ;*-V; Y.^
Personal accounts received •s^wr^^i^-1'
--■**'- ,$52 50
■*■ Li ** M » "
500 00
An original demonstration of
Euclid's elements, in which an
acute angle became a piece of
cake,' and an obtuse angle, by a
wonderful metamorphosis, the wide
open ■ mouth of_ a small boy, was
highly appreciated, more especially
when a few further skilful touches
transformed the small boy ipto the
small boy's sister.
His ' sketches of people in the
audience were distinctly good.*,' A
gigantic Rev. Thompson ' shook
hands with a diminutive Rev.
Herdman in "Christian union."
"Mr. Knowles leaned over_ the
counter in his best professional
manned to sell to a bashful young
man a present for his girl In
another sketch a burst of applause
showed that,the well-known features of Mr. Leckie had been recognized. /
A humorous sketch of a " dude "
'— a type which flourishes in Vernon—lead to the" recital of a well-
written versified incident of a dude
who had  something in him after
all/    *   ' \   y   .
* A fine  description in originnal
Ai        i. "-».•.  „„..«j _._, verse,  with a decided  flavor   of
, }^to«™™**«^£ Kipli^ofthevisitoftheAmerican
whether it was wise to retain the fl<* togXu8tralia, and a cornet solo.
showed other phases of Bengough's
many talents.'
v Altogether the evening was a
delightful round of the beat kind
of fun and enjoyment, and we' can
only hope that Bengough's globe
services of the night constable.
Aid. Bailey said he had heard
that complaints had been raised,
and that several people who had
put their names down on the list
as willing to pay part of the salary
of tfve additional constable, were?trotting may soon lead .him in this
now not willing to pay.     He did I direction again.
, statement    _
Bankof Mo-tted..V.;|...-^r..
Race Committee _.... A.	
Trustees of A. & T. Assoc..
Gash in Hand..:	
Personal Accounts, pay GvBUck.'
wood .......*..;.
Memberships retained for .9K>.f.... 80.CO'
,     -   -' $80 50;^
 ' V   >t   _ 77- 4
Total Assets  4U39 54^
Total Liabilities - *_■ /80 50!.
Some of these prizes had, in
addition to their money value, a
collection of trees included. Mr,
Harris gets 50 pear trees with his
Golden Russet exhibit, and Mr.
Burtch gets 100 Cox's Orange trees
with-his Cox's Orange exhibit.
Some dissatisfaction'was felt by
those present that Kelowna did not
win the " two-two " exhibit, that is,
one that. Mr. ^DeHart earned\off
last' year. Jhe^ following f letter
from Mr. Ren- fi.'..fticW mVsecre-
tary of the show gives the opinion
of the people as well as hinting' at
his own-:',  * ,'-"     -   ~ *
Orchard City Record, ,' ,;     -
Kelowna, B.C.    . -   Nov. 29,''09.
Dear Sir,—1 must"ask your pardon for
not answe-ing your letter of the 12th
before, but were simply swamped during
the last three days preceding the show,
and we had not time to answer a great
many letters which accumulated during
week of the exposition.
Before this time your 'representatives
have probably reached Kelowna and
have explained' the situation to ' you.
-The British Columbia exhibits fortunately were grouped in the same section ef
the big enclosure, and attracted far more
attention than during the previous year,
and at all times the aisles in front of the
Nelson and Arrow Lake exhibit and the
Vernon exhibit, the Salmon Arm exhibit
by R. H. Fortune, and .the DeHart ex.
hibit/ managed by Mr/ Gibbs, were
crowded. The other exhibits were, of
course, plsced in 10 box, 5 box, single
box and other rack .where signs are not
allowed, but judging by jthe number of
prize ribbons carried away by British
Columbia exhibitors, there was no difficulty in finding the right parties when
the judges got to their work. <
liT the arrangement of ViitKo exhibits
from British Columbia there wm a
marked improvement over last "year.
Artistic display is a strong point ia the
district exhibits and in the Limited contests, of which Mr. DeHart was the winner last year, artistic display carries
one.half of the award, and decoration
the,other half. There is no question
but what the popular verdict was for
one or both of the Limited displays
from British Columbia for first place,
bjut the judges viewed the matter differently, and of course' it would be improper of me to comment further upon
this award.
Mr. Rite goes on to speak in
very high terms of the regresent-
atives in charge of the exhibits from
B. C. and of their "untiring zeal in
making the best of their exhibit
Taken as a whole the results are
good, more especially when two
boxes were stolen at the start,
thereby limiting the choice. The"
boxes thus lost were ohe' of Mcln-
tosh Red. from Mr. Long's orchard,! *he movement has. not .carried §■*
i re •_-    l        __ -_. n-i    the Province.   Vancouver/returns
and one of Spiteenburgs< hom-Mr.} show 4|800 votes^'hWorVof- ihe
Conlin's orchard, and they werej movement with' 4,100 ^"nst. The
considered as very likely prize total number of}'3votes".recorded
A striking feature is that South
Okanagan contributed largely the
prize-winning fruit, and.that the
bottom lands were more successful
than the bench lands.
Present net worth of Assoc. $1,259 JD4 „"»Sf
'. \a* i/m
- A / ■ \^:
The total profit, from the Fall vA
Fair was shown as $330.80, after/^
paying   all- expenses   and' prizeT^
money.   The profit from the Newi/p
Westminster exhibit was $448.13. -A
It was moved by' Mr. _Mworth-^3_
and seconded by G. E. Thompson, >^.
that the auditors' report and the
annual report be adopted..-. y    ,   7
_ _* Nominations, for- officers -for the _ £
ensuing year werelthen/called, the
following names being submitted:
D. W. Sutherland. H. W. Raymer,
%7 .-o
W. C Blackwood^ P. DuMoulin,,>;?:
D. W. Crowley. D. McEachem, \A%
Bowes, A McLennan,' A E. Boyer, Ap;
B. McDonald, T. a Speer, Hy. A'
Burtch, Thos. Hill, LeRoy Dolsen, ,1^
J. B. Knowles/L Holman.* -'v *• *&
A vote of thanks to thoSe who *f ■
had had a- hand in conducting a Z^
successful year's work was heartily, A
supported. Thanks and eongratU' -. yl
lations were also extended to Mr.; A
B. McDonald and Mr. A E. Boyer, ^
who had so successfully managed Ak
the Associations exhibit at New
Westminster, where it took
many of the prizes.     < ,/       it
j^The total returns on the local op^;'|s
tion plebiscite are not yet definite^t'
ly stated, but there is no doubt that;
were 13,000 and the fifty: per icent.
requited to' catty' the 'movement   >
wouldbe 6,500.-'\H^^n*?K *s
*yv -
' Lethbridge., lp^l7iinprb<Mntot ** <
work ' is" finishedv^or""JtKe^ti__
Two more boxes were stolen at'^80,000 haa bcenv\«r}eftt 'on>id*e*
the close bf the show, one n box of walks, .ewers, and stroma, besides
Northern Spies and the other Wag- nearly $200,000 on the new power
ener s.
. house.
i n
--*_ ^
• ■ * t
■5te»^AfeAiaiBfe-. ^  > »      .  A"-'     "■ -  r   -.      /■ .A-"'1 -'-    j.      i tA -■ ..'»*"''
.     ' '      V'U ,-' -v-_   ;   '   A-,..'  ;     t
The Orchard City Record
,' ' v
c/;r; w<"'
Thwraday/fPe^. fi'Vj
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and„ every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
. well and at reasonable prices.
" Call up 94," we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published eoery Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
CHAS. H. LEA THLEY. Business Manager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United Stales $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rales upon application.
According to reports received
many acres of land will be
planted in fruit trees this season
and orders for trees are being
rapidly received. The choice
of stock is occupying the mind
of nearly every grower at present, and with so many nurseries to choose from, one can
' ^easily understand that the sanation is a little perplexing.
Many farmers have found
the trees from some particular
nursery specially adapted to
his land, and yet where one
farmer will succeed in getting
good results from So-and-so's
stock,- his next door neighbor
has nothing but blame to place
-upon the same kind of stock
grown under the same conditions. s This is often the
farmer's own fault. Either, he
has planted his trees too deep
or too shallow, or occasionally
the question of over-dampness
of the soil comes in.
From the Spokane results it
is  to  be  noted that in nearly
every  case  the  winning fruit
... .has  been  picked from  stock
grown  at  home, which seems
to  show that  in  selecting   a
nursery the preference should
be given to Canadian growers.
The    climate   and   soil   in
which  foreign  stock has been
raised  differs  in  many cases
from our own, and the strength
of the young tree is too often
- > exhausted  in  trying to adapt
itself to new conditions.   More-
■ over, why not plant from our
own when their products have
proved themselves superior in
- competition with those of other
The   Okanagan   is as   yet
"*on]y just' entering the fruit iri-
*.dustryr.and consequently more
. -care/is taken wjth the choice
,-{:,andvmanipvlation;of trees.  As
- long,/ai3 J:hat.- care is .kept up
■'"" the.qualityoflhe. fruit will be
'   maintained,  but   as   soon  as
carelessness either in the choice
of stock or cultivation steps in,
the quality as well as the quan-
; tity b£ thef fruit must decrease.
.' .The* gradual decrease. of
.' apple,'production in the States
.- frpm.69jriilliori barrels in 1896
to* 23 miHioh barrels, last year,
is put down by leading authorities to' the fact that orchards
which once gloried in producing
the.finest fruit are now satisfied
to' let the old stuff grow as it
' <'will", looking upon the profit
from the orchard, if any comes,
. as something unexpected.
A " What^the result? The
?'. brchards'-df the. States are invested with pests which make
/"•th-ir fruit' unsaleable except at
Vbrea&neck price.
;:'This, stock is now flooding
our rnarkets, and selling at a
%^..-,vpriceV-*no?, well-kept orchard
&vV- could .compete with. ..But,
iSf};>thank goodness, year: by year
%',^'the supply is growing smaller,
f,4kand,soon if, the .present de-
|v.> crease goes on there-will not
!..    '    ** *   ' i-«-     -
k --
News of the Valley.
Summerland held \he first meeting of their newly established
Farmers' Institute last Monday.
Mark Manchester has returned
to Peachland, having purchased at
the coast the plant, wire and poles
for the electric lighting^system for
that town.
Engineer Harvey, of Kelowna,
was in Peachland last week surveying the ground for the power house
for the electric light plant, and
laying out a route for the pipe line
through the canon.—"Summerland
There have been great "doings.'
down Chinatown in Salmon Arm
during the past'week. On Friday
night Chong Dong run down the
street looking for Constable Thomp
son. Blood was streaming down
his face where another Chinaman,
Qyin Gee, had gone after him,
" lady fashion." By the time the
constable had arrived on the former
scene of hostilities, Qyin, like a
good little boy, had gone to bed.
Both Chinks were brought up before the magistiates on Saturday,
and as Chong had tried to let a
little daylight into his opponent,
using a cork screw for the purpose
both were called upon to help out
the municipal treasury to the extent
of $5 each. From what the constable
saw while in the Chinaman's shack
he felt justified in bringing Sam Kee
the keeper, up on the charge of
running a gambling house. He
fined $20 and costs. Picking up
from the Chinese cuss words with
which Sam told the bench that he
was not the only frog in the puddle
Constable Thompson on Sunday
night raided the^ premises of Yip
Yen, and discovered a'; game in
operation in the loft over the
laundry. The witnesses T^rought
up didn* know anything what ever
about any game being,on, but the
constable had succeeded in securing some of the paraphenalia and
money, which was sufficient to
convice the bench. The sum of
$40 and costs was realized, Wing
Lee and Quin Gee puttingup t
collateral.—Salmon Arm Obser
Hill Innis met with a pecuhai
accident one day last week. He
was going along the trail and
noticing an old bottle, lying in his
way he proceeded to give it a kick.
The bottle proved to. have been
frozen to the ground, and resented
the familiarity by nearly cutting off
his big toe.—Hedley Gazette.
Chicken thieves are"getting plentiful around the district again and
from all quarters come stories of
midnight visits and depleted flocks.
A handy gun loaded with bird shot
and tireless vigilance may lead to
something definite.—Summerland
Mr. R., H. Fortune, of the Salmon
Arm Farmers' Exchange, who had
charge of Salmon Arm's exhibit at
Spokane, has returned to his
native country, lamenting- that he
did not carry off the prize in the
" limited display" section, he has
also protested the award which
went tO'Wenatchee. Kelowna also
considers the prize should belong
to here, but what's the use of
grumbling; all the protests in the
world won't move the judges.
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays
month at 8 a m , second and fourth Sunday
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer -at 11  o'clock;   Evening Praver at
S53I •
Notary Public,
- Conveyancer, etc.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at Ham ; evening services at 7 30
p m    Sunday School at 2 30 p m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on "Wednesdays at 8 p m
Benvoulin Presbytprian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 P m Sunday School at 2 p m
REV. A. W. K  HERDMAN. Pastor
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a m. and 7-30 p m
Sunday School at 2 30 p m.
Midweek service Wednssday at fl p.m
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a m and 7.30 p m.
Sabbath School at 10 a m    All welcome
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh, Pastor
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Sc, C. E., D. L. S.,' B. C. L. 5.
Kelowna,    B. C.
The sailing schedule of the S.S. Okanagan during the summer months is as follows.
Read up
Daily Except Sundays
Read down
Okanagan Landing
12 45
Okanagan Centre
Short's Point
6.45    ,
-   ' 3:40
■ • '4.15
.. -"
*" 4:52
Sutton's Seeds
Tomato Plants .;
Cabbage Plants
Bedding Plants
Asparagus Roots
Rose Bushes, etc.
^elowna. Greenhouse.
Shakespeare's Greatest
"As You Like It" Booked for
December 8th.
Assoc Mem Can Soc C E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc. _
P.O. BOX 137    - KELOWNA
Office:   Keller Block   "
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0 Box lUO 'Phone 06*
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.*—
Barnard Ave.        "    7
—A~visitor **" to-_5." v_~ remarK8—mar
the funniest thing he has seen outside a comic opera is a province
with its capital 80 miles out at sea.
—" Keremeos Chronicle."
Local Option carried through the
valley last week by a large majority., Vernon and Peachland
carried with Kelowna against the
law, but the other towns all had
large majorities in favour -of the
'*i"& s
be enough to supply their sxym
;*-. „ markets. Then will come B.
I C.'b, opportunity riot only to
*. supply their own country with
IvV'jhe; finest fruit, but to extend
their sales into the States.      \
News of the Prairie.
Snow has come in most parts of
the prairie to stay, and the threshing machines are stored away for
the winter. Hauling wheat to
market is now the  order  of "the
day-   , , .
Very little fall plowing has been
done this year, partly owing to the
heavy crop "and lack of a'dgquate
threshing arrangements. In some
places oats are still reported in the
stook unthreshed.
Many farmers are being deprived
of their sons during the Winter,
many leaving their homes to put in
their time on a homestead or else
enter the bush.
■ - Prairie chicken are reported in
large numbers on the plains this
year and many people are putting
aside the care for farming to go for
a ]Fe\y days on a huritin- y.
bags are being obtained.
To all lovers of these best in
drama it will indeed be a welcome
announcement which has just been
made by manager D. May, to the
effect that Mr. C. P. Walker,'of
Winnipeg, will send his elaborate
production of " As You Like It/1
the most delightful of all Shakespeare's comedies, to Kelowna.
' The company presenting the
play consists almost entirely of
English players, and a'really intellectual and finished performance'
is assured. Mr. Walker has had
two sets of scenery constiucted
for the play, one -to be used 'in
such theatres as -his own beau-
tiful Walker, in Wininpeg, and the
other, an exact reproduction of the
larger set, to be used on the smaller stages, so that we can be assured
of a perfect scenic equipment.
The costumes are new and rich,
and add greatly to the beauty of
of the performance.
William Yule, a comedian well
known to the theatre-goers of the
West, has been especially engaged
for the role of "Touchstone,'' a
part to which he does ample
Not' only does this comedy
appeal to the literary minded, but
as a comedy it interests the lover
of the humorous, and its story holds
the attention of those desiring
dramatic situations and suspense.
" As You Like It" is a play for the
teacher, for the student; a play for
the philosopher and for the amusement seeker. It pleases the ear of
the poet, and delights.the eye of
the artist. It is the nearest play to
the ideal in drama that was constructed. .
Seat sale will be open for subscribers on Saturday, December
4th, and for the public on Monday the 6th. We would advise
those wanting reserve seats to book
early, as the subscription list" is
heavy. Advance 'sale at Willits'
Drug Store.
Horses bought and sold on commission...    Dray meets  all  CP.R.
boats.   All kinds of heavy teamwork. -   -"       'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ing8,Town and Country Residences
-     _        PHONE No. 93 .      "   -
On improved property aUo other securities
'ROOM i ■       - KELLER..BLOCK
Fire, Life, and-Accident"
■, . .1 Insurance. *}
Gold, Silver, and'Bronzfc Medallist London
Academy of Music (Eng.)
is open to take pupils for Piano-;
forte lessons.       "    . -*.
Address: Post Office, Kelowna.'
Mrs. Hislop, Teacher of the Piano
in teaching pupils in all grades.   Especial
attention to touch and technique.
Beginners for the first six months taken at
a reduction.
For' particulars,  apply residence, comer
. of Water Street and Eli Ave.
7       J. E. WATSON A
- ' Mus. Bac, A.T.C.L.'.
Teacher of Piano, Organ,
and' Voice Production.
KELOWNA      -      B.G.
Orchard Work,
Pruning, Planting, Etc.
'     P.O., Kelowna.
• Miss P. Louise Adams,
'A: A      A.T.CM. 'A'A.  •   .,
Scholarship graduate, in' Pianc. and
Teacher's Cokirse of Toronto Conservatory
of Music Late Teacher in Westminster
College, Toronto.    < - ~-        „    . ~"
Pupils prepared  for examinations for
TcMtynto Conservatory of_Music... ^      , ,,
. Successor to Miss Edith L. Smith.
Address: P.O.. KELOWNA. I
"* :  *   , BANKHEAD,
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
r'»   > .,   V   *EtC.
P.O. BoxJ74,Kelotona.
I  beg  to announce that I have taken
over the    -   :: •      :: - a •:, _   ":• -       ::
Blacksmith ;SKop^
i        a" "■     _ r
** ,    "    t ^^ *. ■» _ -•
r belonging, ,to  Mr. &* X. Elliott, from
September 1 st; 1909
GIVE ME A TRIAL «     \        ;- ,   ,     "  1
1 T      - i '     ,
f  V-t       >■' i „ .   i>
$7 to $l.2:per ton. - -  ,    -
H. J. HEWETSON, Manager.
Wood and- Coal : Wm. ^HAUG
-ALERJN   „-.-     7
j <-._- -
•Duui Hollow Cement Blocks -
■. _. _> ».« .*/-
»V Box-166       ,-7    ' _   WMMtt.',.
___________.-_. -____ i *"-7"- •»''J    _ . - - w- *.   - • • -• ~*s-..T" ^
^S^&F^^P^-^. '';.*KELOWNAr.   "k ....B.C : A• ;
, -» ,,   ■«-       r -,        Vf   _kw ~--f   — , t *■ -I_■ f   -*"■ ..f/li*."*-"'' •-( "*
-   - -*            '   -.    ',      -    ' "* ->7 -A  A**"    '""-"*-;.''''' '' "A
.  - '         *            ■-   ■"'TH>E-' J*>i"-:>' ''.**"" f " \j'v* i
**                                                                                                             *           t             t                 ^~       -1.;             *
Capital Paid Up    - !
Reserve Fund'   -
Total Assets  - ' ' -'
$4.60o,ooo:":;>. -.
>5,3ob,oob -a y*
53,000,000 :; y-
t    . V Tt
t. B. UAIMILL, Manager
% y      «-'   «■
FANCY ...-■
'   -r\-
't'lVf    j.
..*• v
>' *■
*V I M'     \
i1      i \ l   .
•I        *        '  "-«     *      ^.f.   _
i \ %<*
'*»       u*} «,iV    '
■1U7-  7~
i' A i;v
7 7     : ^?A>    XH1 '.< Tw
1 J>
A   -■'•*>"
'7,   :*\
i*'. <*** **■*<, £■•£. tr*" , ,V» ■
-7 ' v., 'rsiA- Aiji, $$:<■%%$
**■ 4,'."'    .   ■»  r ?„. c^rffl
Thursdaii, Pec. 2
The Orchard Gity Record ,
i mriurninnniinn Min_iWM„ wi—Ma
.iiiir-n _mit_i i___m>*
\   I
,   '  We purchase them direct from the factory, and can
-    . save you $/50.   $/50 should be as good to you as
to a travelling-agent.  , -      * ,
Get our prices on these instruments^
>$e handle other makes and  can  give you a full
.size.Piano,/7| octaves, in Mahogany or real Walnut,
guaranteed for ten years, for $275.
Kelowna Furniture Co.
V 1 S I:T
The Royal Hotel
Up-to-date and Convenient
in all respect's ^
Facing the Wharf'
. i
J. E. WHEELER, Prop.
,*» ^
Belleoue Hotel
.A.   SOUTH ORAMAGAN        -
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the laker'
" front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting end boating,
and tennis. ..
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
Kelowna Shaving
HAIRCUT.      ::       ::
Hoi and Cold Baths
J. BOUCH, Proprietor
D. W. Crowley Co.
Kelowna -        !*«*•
Wholesale & Retail Botchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We .give our- prompt attention
to' VnaiU'orders
Phone 12
t% -   --
Humorous-Minded    Individual    Once
Played- a Joke on the Kaiser and
.   a Deputation—An< Impudent Libel
*   on Princess Lo_ise -Archduke Salvador Victim of ' a   Cruel   Hoax—
How Prince Ferdinand Was Fooled.
The "Zeppelin telegram" is not the
first hoax which - jokerb have played
upon the Kaiser.      ■ '-
A few years ego a paragraph appeared in a Berlin drily stating that
Prince Henry, who hud just returned
from his visit to the United States,
had brought home,- at _ present to" his
brother, a numb -r of plants of a new
variety of crim&on carnetion. 'As
everyone knows," th° paragraph con-
eluded, "the red cm, tion is his'Imperial Majesty's f. vorite flower."
On the day after the publication of
this news the Kai->er was due at-Aix-
la-Chapelle. A <• "t tn-* >v'**
Council suggehted that everyone inthe
town should nw I'ttonliole of-the
Kaiser's favorite flower. " *
The suggestion wis, at*onceracted
on. The frock-cor.t"d members of-ifie
deputation which waited next morning on the platform each wore proudly
a buttonhole of the deepest crimson.
The poor fellows, could not conceive
why the Kaiser's demeanor was, so
freezing. He dismissed them with a
few words, got into'his carriage, and
drove off.        7      . ,A
At the Town Hnll was another deputation, similarly .1 .or t-d. 'Pien his
Majesty's wrath exploded. "What is
the meaning of-thih insult»'7he demanded. SomeoneVxplained.'and then
one of the K-ist's attendants took
the mayor aside. "My dear sir,"' he
said, "surely you know-that the red
eamation is th"_'-mblom of the Social Democrats, and.^of all-flowers,
the one which his Majesty chiefly, detests!" -    ■ '      '   -     '
As impudent a hoax as ever ' was
heard of was perpetrated in 1904 upon
s Belgian paper. A letter, purporting
to be in the handwriting ,and above
the signature of Piincess Louise of Co-
bourg, wi.s roceiv "I by the editor, who
very foolishly p tblished it without
first assuring hhiiWf as to its genuineness. > ' *'   "".
This letter give a long "catalogue
of the wrongs of Prihcess. Louise and
©J* her sisters, and constituted a~mo3t
brutal attack upon - her father,' the
King of the Belgians. •   \-  <
The letter wes--t once copied;by a
number of other papers'. - Naturally,
it gave great puis) to the Princess herself, "and the <>' lv wonder "is that, a
prosecution for lib'l was not the.im-
mediate result. -       *■'•• ":..- _
Five years ago a young American
woman vho. v . cyirR m Copenhagen made a bet w itVi a friend that she
'Would "propose'to the King of "Denmark, "- . ' - *' ?
'~JBi& late Mai^.-i^y was accustomed .to,
devote'one morni c a week to the'reception of anyom who desired to pre-
ient any kind-of petition to him, and
it waa on-one,,of these;occasions that
the American found her-way to-the
Boyal residence.     -              1  ,       "
"What can I do for you, madam?"
'asked the King. -       ",,       ,
,   "your "Majesty, I desired to ask you
if you would like to marry me?" vra»
the reply.      * "..A    -      ".-
-   The'King merely smiled.
A"L-am* afraid I un-a.little too old/-
he said.   And at the same moment hv
beckoned to one   of  the  officials  to'
'conduct the. lady to the door.   He had
put her down as a harmless .lunatic.
A joke of rather a rough order was
played upon the firsrt cousin of the
Emperor of Austria, the Archduke
Salvator. ^ Two or three years ago
the duke, who is very^fohd of traveling, was in Paris. He was passing
the Bourse—the Parisian equivalent
,of our Stock Exchange—when his eomr
panion, a"larky young French count,
suggested that he might like to look
inside. -
- "If you walk straight in," he Baid,
''no one will notice you. -,They;^ill
take you for a stockbroker."
, The duke took him at his word, but,
of course, he was  no sooner inside
than he was at once reoognized as a
•ighteeer.   His silk hat was instantly
spirited away, and he ^ was at once"
notebooks, shouting fabulous offers to
buy or sell stock. . -, <
The duke had a desperate struggle
to reach the front lobby, and when at
lost he got there, hatless and breathless, h'e found'that some genial soul
bad pinned a long price-list to the
tails of his coat. ,    .. J
It is not likely that' any reigning
'sovereign ever got a more unpleasant
' scare than did Ferdinand of Bulgaria
some* five years* ago. His private
secretary, a young baron, was away,
in Austria on a vacation, when a let*
ter arrived for his Royal master, announcing that he did not proposo t»
return, and that he would be glad ot
the sum of $200,000. Otherwise, be
wrote, he would be compeli'-il to sell
a number of secret documents whieJf,
be had taken away with him.
Instantly Prince Ferdinand •<_♦•
spatched a couple of secret servies
envoys in chase of his missing seer*-
tary, whom they ran to ground peacefully shooting on his own estate.
Further investigation proved the mil-
sive to be nothing but a hoax.
Old Country News
Early Election Anticipated.
Developments in the budget situation
probably will result in the whole question
being laid directly before the people in the
form of a general election earlier than had
beeen planned, which was about the
middle of January. The cabinet met
within the last few days on account of the
situation caused by Lord Lansdowne'a
motion to withhold the consent of the < B°* 66
House of Lords to the budget until it bed
been ratified by a general election or a
referendum, and it was decided to call Jin
immediate, meeting of the Liberal party to
outline a plan of campaign.
Suffragettes Receice Heaou
'^ Sentence/
Mrs. Alice Chapman, the militant suffragette who injured a polling clerk at the
Bermondsey bye-election, when elie
smashed a bottle containing corrosive acid
on a ballot bos, has been sentenced to
seven , months' imprisonment. Three
months of her punishment was given for
the'offence of interfering With a ballot box,
and four months for attacking a polling
clerk. Miss Alizon Neilands, who made a
similar attempt to express suffragette sentiment at the b\e.elcction,-but with less
serious consequences, was sentenced to
three months' imprisonment.
.Veteran Sport6man Intends to Lice
in B.G.
An English exchange says: George
Jarrad, the good all-round veteran sports-,
man, has left England and is on his way to
Michel, British Columbia, where he will
make his new home. It waa as a swimmer
that Jarrad was best known? and prior to
long distance swimming being in vogue,
he swam from Teddington Lock to Barnes
Bridge' 8ome"*45_ years ago, he then being
in his eighteenth year. Jarrad more than
held his own on the running track, and
was well-known on the river as a member
of Nelson," Surrey, and OldCobdenrowing
Duchess of Manchester Buried.
The remains of. Consuello, Dowager
Duchess of Manchester, were buried last
week at Kimb'olton, Huntingdonshire, in
the presence of the Duke and a large number of intimate friends. - Kimbolton is the
family seat of the Duke of Manchester.
An1 Old Custom Reciced.
l.Fot the first time in for^. years a Lady
Mayoress rode in the Lord Mayor's pro-
cession'on its return from the Law Courts
to the Mansion House. _ Lady KniU, who
was responsible for this revival of an old
custom, was attended by a charming bodyguard consisting of fifteen maids of honor
and one page. Sir John Knill decided to
depart from the -usual custom of going
straight from the Law Courts to the Guildhall, returning'instead to the Mansion
House, and "afterwards proceeding to the
guest hall of the City, accompanied by tbe
Lady Mayoress.. » **   '
Last oJ the Inns of Chanceruv
' Clifford's Jnn, situated in Fleet street,
London, is doomed at last, for its qwrer,
Mr. William Willett, has declared hie in.
tention of erecting modern offices upon the
site. It u one of the few "remaining quiet
corners in the city, and the last of the, old
Inns of Chancery. It seejns to have been
informally founded about the year 1345,
when a mansion formerly occupied by the
fifth * Baron Clifford was rented at £.10 a
year to " students of the law." In Eli»-
beth's reign the Inn (which was .«n ir.de-
pendent sch^l^f lawTand inWwaycowr
nected with the Temple) could claim 150
students, but • little later the property fell
into the hands of the king, and the stu-
'dents banished.-*"
Prices Quoted to Any Point
, on the Lake'
j 1
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Kelovnai B.C.
1   > •r  *      ______
,       1.      ry        - t  *-    f  *--■■*     ^.\**^  *■'    _ ^.   -" »   )      .
Bok Builder
Launches, .Sail Boat?.
Skiffs, Canoes and Scotss
■      ^     '',«-- '' -l7,
JRot?r Boats', and Canoes-
.,, ,.£or;'flire.A-'.    '-
'       "      -i ». '"        'A   r'     .    V
'      KELOWNA, B.C.
1  *f
Business Change .r.
I wish to announce' that I have '
taken over the Butcher business of-
A.' R. Davy.    Mr. F.  Bawtinheim'er'
will manage the business > on .my,be- „
half.   From Monday ri«t_ .November
. 22nd, he will be. in the sliop to attend
to' your wants, >, and will •> use every
endeavour to give. satisfaction to old
and new customers.
!   i
k. Wilson
High-Class. Bakers, GroQers riid
w  _jv.»"avj- >!-.' I"
,.1      ..    C.      il   .
i- 7 „ y^*
Foi" people like ourselves, Who
consider aualitu first"    ..jA^L
Russians Like Perfumery.
, The Russians uro very good and.
lv%ativc customers to the makers of
perfumery, fpr it flows like water aa
*» spray in their apartments ami in
'ihe little ornamental fountains that
decorate _ their diawing-roou"» ^nd
, state apartments, among tho utmost
'luxury that prevails in rare flowers
and plants, especially in St. Peters*'
'bttrg during the long winter sent,on
. _*
Crimean Veteran of 106.
A centenarian named John Burjc*,
■ who fought in the Crimen, died re-
'eently ut Tremmloc Kng. - Ho was
'aged 105. utid bore u^etu on the_wrist
the result of a aw-ord thrust. Up to
last winter luf retained nil Ms faculties, and a \vulki to Portmailoc and
b-xck.-a vtUsliuice of two miles, in uo
way tirea hiiu.   , v
t. :"• f» ^ *•   t ' ^ ^ - . \
^    A A •■' * w-'.
A  j A Mean Thle*. *
> m,
A well-dressed man has been calling at
several-houses in Brixton, and saying that
Mr. So-and-so (the occupier) had met with
a serious accident and was in the hospital.
The occupants went at once to the hos.
pital, to find the newa false, and in their
absence their houses were robbed, pre-
sumabiy by the false informant.
Attached and Throan on the Line.
An extraordinary outrage has been com.
mitted on the Lancashire and Yorkshire
railway. A man named George Hunt,
who works "at Heywood, was returning
home by train to rtochdale. when, he says.-
he waa attacked by four men a d thrown
out on' the line. He was run over by a
train lUit managed to crawl down the embankment and over a fence to the Gale
Inn, half way,between Castletonand Rochdale.   Both legs had to he amputated.   . «.
Canada Most Interested.
The invitation from the United States to
Great* Britain to participate in an international conference with a view to regu-
lating the killing of seals in the waters of
North America, has been referred through
the colonial office to Canada, as it is con-
sidered that the Dominion is more inter,
etted in this question than js the mother
Before bu^njgypunXmas Fruits],
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V tv
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famous _ybburghBisc»rifes-,r..,..,^
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Phone No. 39
The Home'of Pure Gajtds'^lffl'
.    /-.U^^y&^^M
>■ A     ► 7. x   "\ it", * ,  jS-' Vv>l,(i*S
^ V1   »  v.l*.i   > ^        * t <■•**%»
1 d   <-7 ■■hi"'.
■>   -v.
"<i"sA.\y As . >( ,\'>v fa3§
i-±.- -VAAiii ,ij_i \___$»__
»iiMiaB>»»i^<!MB»^'MI__i_»^^^ <r.
i-_ '"N't
The Orchard City -Record.
7. A. 7:   .^-aWv -> ^huradaij,ipAc^;
Rutland News.
A most interesting debate took
place in connection with the Rutland Literary Society on Friday last
atthei-home Mrs. Goodrich. The
; -bjecf of debate : Resolved that the
pen has been mightier than the
sword in the cause of civilization,"
was handled very cleverly' by the
leaders,'Mrs. Dilworth and Mrs.
Gray. Mrs. Dilworth, for the pen,
pointed out that during the long,
early struggles and civil wars in
England there was no progress in
. civilization, that the country was in
a state of semi-barbarism, and it
was .not. until the freedom of the
press and freedom of speech was
secured that any progress at all
took place. The pen was symbolical pf our great educational systems
and the wonderful advancement
caused by education was far in
excess of any good that may have
. , been accomplished by war. War
brought misery, poverty and heavy
burdens in its train, but the pen
brought progress, peace and
' Mrs. Gray then took up the side
of the sword and said it was only
through the sword that any advancement towards civilization had
been possible in the past, instancing
^he Crusades, which had been the
cause'of a wonderful spread of
Christianity; the long struggle
which led up to the signing of the
Magna Charta; of the marvellous
uplift during the age of chivalry,
and of the wonderful civilizing
influence of the sword in holding
barbarity in check.
Enthusiastic appreciation was
given both leaders, and a majority
of the members present took part
in the interesting discussion which
followed, the arguments for and
against being sumarised as follows:
Mr. Goodrich : Queen Victoria by
a stroke of the pen has averted
many wars; the abolition of slavery
was championed even more by the
pen than by the sword. Dr. Baker:
The power of the sword is not past
even though it be sheathed. The
great armajnents of the nations did
' n.ost to preserve peace and pros-
" perity. Mr. Schell:'The trouble
between the North and South
would never, have been settled by
the pen, it required a mightier
weapon. Mr. J. White: It is only
by the use of the sword that the
,-_.; pen is given a chance. Mr. Huckle:
The sword has" had its day, the
present and future was for the pen.
The debate was also entered into
with cleverness and enthusiasm by
Mrs. Goodrich, Mr. Sproule, Mr.
Yale, Mr. Clever and the president,
Mr. Dickenson acted as critic, and
gave some interesting pointers to
the various participants in the debate. TKe vote being taken, a
verdict in favour of the sword was
secured by a large majority.
An interesting reading was then
given by Mr. Charlton, closing the
evening's proceedings.
Next week the meeting will be
dispensed with in view of the
public meeting which takes place
in the school house for the discussion of local improvement matters and the disposal of the old
school house. December I Oth will
be devoted to "An Evening With
Tennyson," under the direction of
Dr. Baker, when a short paper on
the life and personality of Tennyson
will be given, followed by selections
and illustrations from his works.
Mr. Facey returned from the
prairie last Thursday and reports
good crops. He has sold his land
on the Central Okanagan Bench to
Mr. P. Morin of Montreal, and
expects to leave the valley for good
next week.
David M. Turner, who has been
staying for the last 3 months in a
tent On the Rutland Bench, left
last Wednesday for his home in
Calgary, intending to return here
in the spring.
Victor Dilworth and his wife
have gone hunting and will stay in
the hills 6ntil next Monday. On
Sunday they will sing that world
renowned anthem : " How Beautiful Upon the Mountains."
Born—To the wife of Mr. D. E.
McDonald on Monday, Nov. 29th,
a daughter.
A Scottish'laird overheard some
lowland cattle dealers discussing
the use of " England " instead of
" Britain " in Nelson's famous signal, "England expects that every
man will do his duty." According
to one patriotic Scot, there was no
question of the admiral's forget-*
fulness, and when a companion
expressed surprise at the " injustice," the patriot reassured him.
" Nelson," he explained, *" only
' expects' of the English ; he said
naething of Scotlan', for he kent
the Scotch wad do theirs."
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
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Your Launch; Motor Needs Repairs?.
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The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply; Co.
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The Kelowna Maurfactariog €o3
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Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streete.
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Pear Blight, Rabbits, Mice) Borers, Canker' Worm, San Jose Scale.iQyster
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Sole Manufacturer forB.C. -
*,   \   ''-(Licensed by B*.C..Government)   -*-. ■       ,   - '
-  A choice selection . of Fmitran^ Shade'Trees, Shrubs,
Bulbs, Farmand,Garden^ Seeds,' SeedPotatoes, etc. !      >.
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_-■ > ni - j. j^^>.'
v.-:v.«a  -«   kelowna; b.-c^ ^: :>pu;«:^
. ~       .■.        J     ■ s.J    r * vn J.n\v r-   .- '*'-_C^-r.i_'!-r1 ..?*». "V. >_ -
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'■;? This store forss
Established T850.
Xmas G|fts
* v
P-jp-_-_a_-__ii illinium niimif
kVT       V,r';"^.*;"v^'AAVA7. v  '<¥(■>' '*  ^''-.'''■•r, ;                   "       AA    ''     ,-   7'        ,     , "'- 77. * ?.. „*•  ^-7      "-^,«       "',7*'    ,A,     v' -\r 7 A   ^',^ '-t,    ' A."! ,'^-A-f Ac    ■"??.' '   "«  - m'".j^ -'fi
I"*;  ,>y^<i.   -^'^-.^A-V    ,-<    '.'»   *•  7***-^   '* A1    ' *s.'»i.         v'            A^   7         ,-"• ,         ,.•'/>•■_;-.-<■                     -1           '     ^         7.""'    A,  'A* "T    >. "■•*.   ••*  .\ •' ;  "'. A\l .*.»->'- ^-^V^'V
p^i^^'^^^^y^. .' AA^AAA7AAAy:77 . ^A^A7^^.-^7..,..: - :s.y.A A&^i^im^m&m:
xLItl AfJj   ^f." '■jfj.  t^<        ",JJ   '            1 *^    .    "->   iV-  1-Mil,- -" ■ -■-■ -im__rn__Wf#______W___Wtf-H_^^ ^WljtJ-i.'J''*1**1 iWBw>»»tw_iWJMfliit^iiUiuii^ty*.*Wj»ff*f»M'.*".l'^'V»HCT°**t*^<lff**^l*''l^ '-\r/.'—■** X"'.^ -v** ti-frr- v^v;v^   -,  a>"    : **;.--    '--' *    {     " - \ *   ,   7 ;/--^'v^l
■f"'''•yflB"1'.', '   »*,!  "   n "  ■■ '       '•" ■     "'    ■'"'■■■  TTini.ni.'     nri nirim     ■» itni.i nm in r.,i, .    i   , , ,, *~ „..     itihp   ri im ii m mi  riiVi~^i«rifrr'-^rwi«iaifcW»W^-ffli^ i'"A I
" >«ws -  : - - ■  ■       - *     > l  *r    * v '"**-,   ASV.t^l
i« u-
RoadjGrader Diecooers Skeleton.
, , |   ,A sensabpn.has been caused in Creston
, ls.,.at jhand.  "AH   Waijt'tO  by" the 'discovery of a* skeleton by--John
. * give.     It is ?'wh^P tO   give  Hu^roft while grading a road eight' miles
that worries'..,-Jjet „U8 Ho
-"the ("worrying •* this >year.
' Our, stock'affords .gifts -for
.every .member of the 'family.'A   .  *  -   -  - ;   .
/ _
• ;-_,    Lies in delaying^purchases
»',!> I until-the^asjforments are
-•£c ' j broken ;< in 'finally "buying
',       in^haste1 f in'' buying * for
v?» ilo6ksinstead]or<qual*(.ty."
H- ^ .Goes withvtheVsuitable,'well
7'^"chosen fgif£. ?Our ^stock ,is
;;lrmacle/up o/^fts^that* will
"" !.' please-the v kind" jwith ^?frt.
^'^ beauty,7and.utility in them
s. -->^selecte^-tO'Suit^every,purse.*
| . Vs -> r -V* J * ^ -.-. '    -     >  •■; '   **
A~-    ■** .7_KeloVma. • B..C
1. c* "
.1  l"<Avl- * * -    '_       r
ji    «.   j^*       f~       .    .       ■_______■«« .».     i
* Notica in hereby(-given,^»et the partner-
, _.«hip heretofore aubaitting between ua^tbe
17 Jrv *a_j0er8-Bne<la8,woodworker»and(contract-
l*-,' . o'ra invthe'city of Kelowna, in'the." Province
t-f, "^of BritiahkaTuniWunder the'fiirm' name
rV> /<of v'The Kelowna Manufacturing: <_o.".tha8
#> -, been thia* d&y dissolved by mutual consent.
Hi 4-Aliyebta pwina toythej^aid jjartnenhip
JJ- ** are. to, be{paidi.to,_trank EvSinallr at Kel-
A   'ipwnafiiforejioid, and.all claim* againstIthe
^laald parnenhip ar«?_<?be pn»e"n-te<-to|the
«' '-aaidK'Frahl- E.^Snjall.'.bwiwhomfthe same
- 7-*wiU.be)-9ettled.7 ".r < *""" '-' •. '(.
,„; -  -/-j "^A^-.BEGINALD F.,M1NNS'->
^F.,e: SMALLS .■*
"H.^  .
^    '-_
r,'7 -i^^f.
 S'7 .   ,'^.
^3"-J '^
/r4_iad_es ^and
G; *t-tV*Tp "•1'-     '
ente  i?allo^
„,«-*" -^ ji
-1- "V.
<• '■!
. kjR^«iring.;and Pressing -,,
.^P-omRdy'attjftnded^^ A-
wn.  Mnjjj-
from Creston.,. The , body was evidently
oyer sue feet tall.   It is believed to be' the
( _^ T
remains of a prospector named Wallace,
who was thought to have been murdered
by his companion, another prospector, 50
years ago. ~     . <■        (
Northern Lands Rich in Goal.
i * i
' Captain Befmer ^delighted a large audience atlthe-weeklyvluncheon of the Canadian Club of. Montreal, vwhen he > gave an
address on his recent Arctic1 trip. He
pointed out the immense5 value of land he
had taken posession "of for''Canada, saying
that .while Peary r and Cook claimed'the
expensive luxury of having discoveded an
invisible point called the Pole, he * had
established Canada's claim to the whole of
the Arctic archipelago. '~1 he land he had
claimed * for - Canada was not less than
50,000 square miles. It teems with animal
life" such as .musk ox andJdcer, while the
fisheries which. havec thus ' passed ' into
Canada's possession ,are'of such magnitude
that .if Newfoundland were to come into
Canadian federation,**Canada would con-
troll the, fish 'jnaikets, of the^worjd. } A
very,large quantity of"land was also^coal
bearing. -In fact, instead of being a barren
twaste,..this -northern .land ,was ^fulKiof
natural resources of untold^value.      <-     ^
_.   - __ . , » '-^\ . V"
"-.Vancout.er'8 Boy BurglBrB. ,-*
^ A" gang- of boys 'have1 been doing big
business'in Mount Pleasant, tVancouver,
with --jimmies and other burglars'"tools.
They "committed several robberies-*, and
puzzled^the police for some-time. The
chief is at a lossjto/know how to 'deal vrith
the' cases, for' he \ is «averse to trying fhe
lads with1 old criminals.   ? 7 *
j. \       » *:, *-        ^' '>
Ay i. Must Dip,Di8ea8ed Cattle. -
-jHarris "Matherley, a fannen."of"Talbot,
was Summoned "by1». inspector>Nybletf fpr
negleCtsngito . have^his cattle treated ifor
m«n*ge as-requiredjbyithe Department of
Agriculture. - The'case iwas^heard'-before.
Inspector-" Worsley and "W. Gray, J.R.^and
the'-etefendant was? fined '$150 and'iosts.
It Ma .the. second >timefMatherley has been
fined for the same offence. *<■* _
« _
\ Winnipeg's 'Powei\Cut Off!
v ^tJ**..  ^J*?i>*- .     , " sn** —i**" |. f    '
("Owing ito a.jaulty|nume<sbeet tlje power
of the Wini)ippg,Electric RaiLway Company'
h"arbe_a^completeIyicut o£f,Anclthe.entire
plant,. con«isting7qf ^ninecgenerators, .is
flooded. \ f^ortymen' have been busy, trying
to closewp the (great- contrplli-K gate ,but
without .^success':", Tlie ^-situation may be
be* summed) up aaiollows; _ When the, gate
is*, closed "the^pterijln.the powerjiouse,
which is from eighteen inches tojEour feet
deep','will have*"to'tbex pumped out before
the'full extent'ofthe damage canbeascer*
tained^'*' All nineJgenerators'wiU then have
to be dried out, either, by rahort circuit, if,
the exeitora can ba put,* in-working order,
or'by^outside- heat'by- afovea>'or other
**>   • 1   •   1      t   _. "*.1 C> tl
-Mammoth-Engine^foti Field.
' One of the ]argeat"engines>made and b\^
far the largest locomotive yet seen on Canadian teoil, arrived in Winnipeg last week.*'
The engine is a home product bejnp made
at>the Angus shops in >Montveal end ''has.
aometof the most marvellous poipts, ,one
of which is a, re-heater, to accommodate,
which the boiler has been cut into two
sections, -which makes it practically a feed
weter heater in the front and a steam gene
I   -W."
r i
lUll l Hill  l
rator in tne rear section.
• ImportantIn8urance DecisiOf»r*''
A   decision,   v. hich   if  upheld   by" the
higher..-courts | Will \Open-.;the.doprlof tfie
Dominion of Capoda to-jjll foreign tnsuror\CQ
comoames .without  their being^subjected
to the singulations prescribed »by thcjCanadian   insurance   act, -was  rendcrpd*; Jjyr ]
Judge Leet at Montreal the other'day.  fin
deciding" m  favor of fthe defendant in a |
case-brought by the Crown;Rga:n8ts"Wi)liss
Faber  and   Company,  insurance ..agents,
representing ' Lloyds,  of * London, > Judge
Lert held the Canadian insurance act to be
invalid     This act provides that no un.eg-1
lstced    insurance    company   may   write,
insuiance injCanada. j        ^
"Fell into Furnace.   >~
.' Roland, the twenty year"oldison of John
Greenough   Milter, had   a narrow'escape1
from being roasted alive at a pulp* mill) at.
Liverpool, Ont    He w.as eating (his,Jur|ch ,
at the top of one of the fumaces,(when it'
caved in, throwing him into.the fire, and
in^his  efforts  to .escape.-the  wall of<the *.
structure was pulled in upon hirn.   Finely
Milton dragged himself out ofithejurnape,!
his clothes blazing, and ,rancor the.nver,
into'.which-he   plupged, putting-otit^hel
flames.    Doctors say that he will recover.j, |
- ' Paooi8 GompulBortj Militat;ij^ :
:','* Seroice. ,' M,
' -' . - \ - - x} <" "*.
Lieut.vCol." Hamilton Merritt.-m.an.rad-
dress at ..the'Empire ^Club luncheon,* declared * himself. in - favor of ',cprapuJi_pry%
mihtary_i"service7,"We-. require,'Vhe,"s^id,
"a military system capable o. putting.'U it
came'to the worst, two million'men i>ito
the-field fn* Canada in the-sccond'ycaS,of
f    _ _.        J       —■?    n _"     f-
war. - , > .       - v*t
on that Houae or
Stop a moment and conisiHer howlllow
our rates' are, and '-then /call o^phonft u§
the extra,amount you.\^ant^ddedr 4 -
i-' 11
, A
x  (Suc^r to J. XrMdJSLtAlJJ)" J
-High XjiafteA v. ,-v^
a ^ Confectionery
,"">       7 ' *■      r S
- . Local and1 Imported \~.,
.,1 j-.y Fresh Fruit  .  ,/'
Full Line ofXigars^Ti^accos.
and Cigan$tes;
aiy,"a process which owing" to thei'rnmence
si^'e bf the^generators, willbe^no haljtpne'.
The "awifchboihtd* is - placed .* J>n.a> gallery
above"'reach*,of fthe .water, buf all cable
communications.are under water and will
be out of commission. These must either
be.j;eplacedtby new ones,! and the. work of
_jku_g.outtbe.o!d'onesiv/ill be a long task,
_y^tK«y-____'h»ve>to ba dried by outside
Han Line Rumors.
,   •       - ,'A<
itness announces„that ^it
the "street that the reason
PRIjapplying to^parliarrientjfor
fdmehts ^to' its<charter»pro*iding'for
the""appointment-of. two additional viccr
presidents,*"is in order that with the amalgamation of the Allan linesynth'th«'VC If R7
the*Allans maythave representation onlthe
boaid of.directors ^ HughjA.1'Allan is said
to be slated for one of thepice-presidenaies.
At the hea'd^offices of the CP^R. no statement could be obtained. ''
■   A-       "   "i       A~ ' -1
.British Demand foi* Canadian   ''
.-;'« -: \^: Wfteat   ,    ^
''William Ross'er, of.the'/Manitoba Grain
Growers' Association stated at Calgary
that\ the demand* for' export wheat is'at
present. much* greater than the available
supply. Canada is now being called upon
to .supply tKe'iBritiah markets. 'Thisjap.
cording to'Mr. Rosser, ia c^ue, to 'Argentine
shortage, where the crop'' has been 'damaged ^to7thev extent J?£,00$000 bushels as
co^_p_j-ed»with last. year." He predicts that
the. present high'pripes wiH be'maintained.
—_ * ► - , -       "v  \
i - , ' -   y s    -' *
_ Claims to Haee Discooeredi Per- '
ome mag .
. We represent only strong-xompanies:
Liverpool and London and ©lobe,
Phoenix, British _ America^ Westchester,,
Occidental arid Imperial Underwriters:'   ■•
_*   :'-*7'1
, ' ''^
r   l w
i iA'
i.   V-j
■r o
ft in.'j
.   ?- v
Central Okanagan Laind& Orchard Co.
i "AS
.V 'i;&£l
"-* Mi
'< ■:"
"*^ i\
J*    r-
' . <;>'
r^     AJ
heat,,a iprpcaas'tquitejas long. It ia esti-
matpd ."fhat" once -th<? gate is'a^t, power
will, not be possible for over a week, and
the> _epflrt1of}hs»vy''wfl«'thei7«lieBd, with
the t^iqpevatUfQ att24 degrees below zero,
i» notJooked-wrylfaVorablj&upon. It piay
be possible,that'thafr9M,will.be. so severe
aato close .the wholo, plant .'down for many
wmW  ,,^   A     - ^   :j" •  .       »-\
', -        '". ■-
""V - ^Shortage 0-.Go_il Feared.
■-> y -'»* * - k    <
;An investigation tby'the Department of
Agriculture goes to confirm the reports
recently published of serious coal shortage
in' tt»e swestern "portion ot the province.
The" coal dealers»appear to be without
stocks, and no supplies are being received
from fh*linir*. ATlvvdopa*fin>en' J>"MUte
pal«hed A. F/iVlantei; Wead of the rtatUti
ical -branch; to"^ make an investigation at
Lethbridgc Taboji.and,other mining points
with a view to fixing^he reaponsibility of
C7_   "' \ pet-uajMotion.- ""
.    -\f -■ y    _   --   • *
^ A .^Winriipog ^mechanic j claims to have
discovered something which people in all
parts of the world-have been endeavouring
to eabiblikh for th« jaat.l'^00 years or more,
something which j has puzzled mechanical
workers'■andi thinkers -to'soch tan exten*:
that they-have 'sacrificed their.lives in the
attempt's I to'reach the " mueh^iaoyght for
goal. J. fW.' R.'Smith, a jwell-knowa
Winnipeg mechanic, ckdma i to "have dis^-
covered perpetual-motion, and in conversation with'a i Free*-1 Press representative
aaid that he would defy any critic to prove
to , the .contrary. Mr. ^Smith would | nol
divulge to the reporter anything that might
indicate the secret nature of hia perpetnaj
power, but waa mpst positive in his asser*
lions UiAt.be{hac^at lastpolved the mystery.
".t-u^ If you are interested m the com- t
-=, parative  merits and  economy  of
-_ gravity ditches and^small pumping-'
A plants^, write for' our Booklet < on
A-poetical Irrigation. %       "^
"    *5-  * V- ' ,     '
/.r, -We have installed many hund-~*
-?eds of''successful pumping plants ^t
0 all over the arid "west.
*. - — «
•^ ."We also have a new instructive-!
^bulletin ,on "How to* Spray, and -.V
J-^ruin to Spray Fruit Trees" which
'i*aay interest^you'much. _       ^t.
7A> * •   '.      * * .
=C_. _   F
'   and other principal cities'; or
• ,*i NEWBY, Kelowna
Just received a large shipment of )lI.
Air-tight Heaters of all kinds a'■ :
> f       '   ' '      > _*   ' ' ~.   ' ^H   *
Coal and Wood lr_eaters of- all, kuids*. t
Washington GQ,alfGr^tes. - '"; ^
V-1 VI. "WVTV 1       ^m I   ? \
'  ' .*.
Franklin iWajodi-Grates/
*_ **
Large Display    Lowest Prices-
"t '
. ■ .-
-: SOLE  AGENTS rFOR   4 '--'■* v'
Famous Kootenay & Sask-Alta
n "_i
the v.pwaent ^bort^je. — Winnipeg-' Free-
Rrea(|. .    , "     I ^       \
Police Veteran Retiree.
Jamesi BlakeJ after 22 years oft active tt*.
vice*-in -*a R.-N. W.'M. P.,4<" retirtd,
feoip the force. H* aerred twifce in South
Africa", receiving^ medal. He-waabaa>
quetted and presented with a.teatimonial
by hia. comrades', ia .appreciation of his
i *   ,     _ t - !
(l\Iame o? Station Changed.    '-.
■• *.
Tha Oiarid Trunk" Pacififrhaa chahg«d.
the name of Earl atation to South Saska-
toouSwWcJVi^tooM upon at thifi»t«tep
^Canadian Alaoy Building.
Negotiptjpns are going on between the
(Can«dian ^Government and a number of
kh-ipibuild-^g firms for the establishment of
one or more modern and thoroughly,
equipped yards in Canada, and there fo
every, indication that an announcement
will .be made within a ahort time that a
•hip ywd' isv to be opened. Qualified
fauthprjfteimtate that there is no reason
why cruisers and destroyers can rjot^e
built-n Canada up to the British admiralty
Standard. The coat of the first vess^f
ihight bo slightly graate than it woujd be
if the orders were placed in British yards,
but thoGovernment feels that the event,
-ual -benefit .Js-^o. country which would
Result from the establishment of theiship-
bbi{du)g indmlry «in' Canada on a darge
scsle iBjj-mpl6 j&tincation for the increased
t naval vessels.
And \fernon Dry Cleaning
vand-Dyeing Works
at Office, Pendozi Street, next door
'   ^Kelowna Mfg. Co.   -   •»
Or drop a phtt card to
Aeent, KELOWNA..
Collections,   Monday.
Delivery,   Saturdays.
rt: ■»*    '
Vi    .,'
*" t_
B<4' M£?'i
r* r
> j_
—in '       a   *  ii   j   i    ai' >■ *■ * tf  li      .*""i*i   vmm {ffft»tt
.   -   **«   . . i v        *#«-. ^"^i^yvi'c
Hamilton Wagons—both one and two-horse.   Ab©«B
kinds of one and ^ct^Ai^Ai^tbr^-l^b^,. ] J-CV
x  , Harrows aiidJ5pOfl«-:XooJ»^tmyaJ^       - -J ■' -
fru** i> - ^M V*1* ■,_.        |  «* ^
Come and see the Latest Improved \,. M     ' , r.      .
//j^u own/ o Flrst-Class Carriage go to ffl/&& ^fffo fahdk&tte? '.
*' " ,A*«/ /Ae *ei. McLaughlin and Cana^'0drriag*.   ", A^   v\'
Every Rig Guaranteed
'4 ."^ » j-'   .. -
-        '             7     . A      7,   •"■___'••*- -___..*■'■-v  * Ki
n ■ -inia m>«HMi.iiin     "   ■"■"ik 'J'JH'1,;   "-mill iilaniAiiiyiiiiiiB/-, A -   . A.    .';
The Orchard Gity Record
ThuradaqvI)ec. 2
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
v. 7
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L 0. Co.'s Office, Leon St.
I *
Ops Will'Last a Smoker, or Maybe an
Entire Family, a  Day.
J'Iih American i imnu'Hi' liomekfor a
vi-.ii fiom Bui inn .nccpicn* a proffered
> iji.rrHip nnd roiled tt ».Mitl.v between
-his fingers. a '
"At tlie risk of -eei x ungiateful,"
lie said. "1 rise to lemark that.the
•.pedinen you h«M> mi _- iiicli.\ tendered
me strikes m.\ ini|iinpil sense of k tbe
iitiiess of such tliiiiiis a-- highly'Inade-
i|iintp    Merely as in mzc, i mean.
■Tlie cigarette ol Uurma is a remarkable (onti-ivam e ranging Id
length from a tout tn a foot and a
hair, an Inch in diameter and uot unlike a giam hici-i-u ker iik general
Miape. If poi]i|»i-»'il wholly of tobacco
it would tie demlu As a matter of
I net. Jt contains \ei\ little tobacco.
It is made ot i-oiiiiiii'K ni- leaves of
innocuous plants mltcri tight and wltb
shreds of the dl. inc weed between the
layers. One will last a smoker for a
day, tre<iuentl.v an enilie family for a
"The women ot l-int 11111. tbe most
handsome and iniHiigen! ot their spx
iu the east, smoke tlie-e I'lfjarettes habitually It N -.oini'iliing of a-shock
when the \ Nitm hi-M -.ees a pretty
woman puffing .11 one of tbpse enormous cylinders It Is still more ot 11
shock if slip Is parrying a youngster
astride her hip In approved native
fashion. Betwei-ii pulls she offers her
cigai'pttp to the 1 iiild. who never refuses the InvitHiiiiii.
"A<5 to efteci. 1 lie Burmese cigarette-
are pra'-ticiith harmless. As to Oavor,
they are insipid and unpleasant."
The   Romance  of   Benedello   Marcello.
the Venetian Composer.
Benedello Marceilo. one of the most
famous Venetian composers. feH in
love with a beauiiful girl named
Leiiunra Mantrotii. who married Paolo
Seraii/o. a \eiiiMiiii noble She died
a short lime afiei her marriage, a victim to the I1.1 -li .ind jealous treatment
of her hiislinm!
Hei bod., nib laid out in state in
the church of Wei Krari. and her lover
actually sin-eel .I'mI in stealing the
corpse and n>u\e ing it to a ruined
tOpi in one <•! she Islands, and here
be sat da,\ and ni-lit by his lost love,
ringing and |ila»ii'_ to her. as though
by the fon-e n| in- •n- he could recall
her to lifp
' Leonora bad a 1 w in -ister. Eliade.
who wn» so like hei that her closest
friends < mild si-an-et. distinguish
them One da\ l.ii.uie heard a sinner
in a gondola -iiitriiiir so exquisitely
1 Inn -he tiai-cd the gondola to the deserted island, and there she learned
inter tbe fate of bet sj_ ler's corpse aud
the identity of Marcello. Aided by a
M'l-wint. Kliade -iib-tltmed herself ,for
hei --i-ter's both and wbeu Marcello
iptiirned and called Leonora to awake
he did not ask iu vain, for apparently
-he rose alive fiom t*he coffin. Marcello when be found out tbe delusion was
•liiite satisfied and married Eliade. but
his happiness was short lived, as he
died a few years afterward.—London
Offices on
Leon Ave.
P.O. Box 273
Whoever Loves Is Never Old.
When life ha- been well spent age to
a loss ot what it <an w»ll spare— mus-
< nlar strength, organic Instincts, gross
bulk _nd  works th.it belong to these.
But   the leiitrai   wisdom  which  was
<i!d in infamy was young in fourscore:
years and   dropping oft obstruction!-,
leaves lu happy subjects the mind pt-,
litied  and   wise     1   have beard that
whoever lo\es is in no condition old.
1 have benVJ tbat whenever tbe name
of man is spoken the doctrine of'lto-v
mortality Is announced.   It cleaves to
bis constitution.   Tbe mode of It baffles our wit. and 110 whisper comes to
us from the other side..   But the Inference from tbe working bf Intellect,
having knowledge* having skill—at tbe
end of life Just ready to be born—af-
* f* v-     ..      v %
IW, 1
Send us your
Printing Order
; Wg P^n execute them neatly and
?i . .cheaply, arid give you satisfaction
I     eyeiy.time.-.
-, 1
■■>. j •*
V '■
I" ■ 'i f'-'i
ii ^  ,--.,-
t-i-v    4 *
p-jA' +'
Ir'YJ  .
WW   :
f''    ..    ft   * <
r    *•*■•*
;a- I-,5
L-T--   f
f A .■.*•*•'
"   ri       *>.     \     	
x.-> .7' .J* ' ^z^mm^.\m^mm*\
_*.   \   i*    " _( *
rJ■_*,, *
l»7_ i? *&
■ . •> J- 1
1  1 - y  '.■*- •_ '
^diK'\ "" „   n. 1 1 1. 11 i/i
firms the inspii-ation of affection and
of the moral -cntimeirtAKalpb Waldo
A Mother's Troubles.
'J'hp motlier of n large family fell 01
and died, and the attending physician
reported that sbe died of starvation.
H v..i< Incnidlbie. but he^ proved tt
The woman bad to get tbe dinner and
then spend the next two boura In waiting on the family and getting tbe children to tbe tabic. It was never on
icord that she got all of them there
ni The same time, and they came straggling in all the way from potatoes to
pie. By 1 be time she had wiped the
last face her own hunger bad left her
and she bad do desire to eat. Chickens. 1 he.doctor said, come running at
feed'time, but children jjon't. A hen
bas a better chance to eat than •
Social and Personal
J. Biggs left on Monday on a
visit to Victoria and coast points.
Dell Coon left on Saturday for
Mortlake, where he will take charge
of one of the hotels belonging to
J. E. Wheeler at jhat point.
C. Vacher left on Monday for
Paris. He is making a tour of the
foreign counties with the idea >-of
patenting his rotary spray in each
one.    He will return in April.
Miss Hudson returned last Monday from Penticton, where she has
been staying for a few days.
J. Chaplin left on Monday for
eastern Canada. He will return in
the spring.
James Harvey left for Waterdown
Ont, last Monday. Rice formed a
prominent part, in his send * off,
and—well it usually means something, does it not ?
Mrs. Thos. Welsh arrived last
Friday on a viait to her son, Rev.
D. J. Welsh.
J. Harv.ey returned last Friday
from a visit to the Spokane Apple
Show and the coast. **
A. Townsend left last Saturday
for Vancouver, where he intends
making his future home; he finds
the altitude of the Okanagan too
trying for his nerves. *"*
A. R. Muirhead returned from a
visit to Vernon and Enderby last
Rev. Pike arrived last Friday,
driving out to Rutland the same
evening. He commenced his
duties as pastor of the Methodist
Church at Rutland last Sunday.
^Mr. J. W. Wilks has sold his preemption on the other side of the
lake to Mr. T. W. Stirling, and is
congratulating himself on the "deal.
It is his intention to leave shortly
for New Zealand, where he will
join his wife. A number of his
friends will be sorry to say goodbye to him.
Mr. Thos. Lawson returned last
Saturday from Chilliwack.where he
has been attending- the School
Trustees Conventional. He report's
a'highly interestins^^^^mfc/.Mr.
Lawson has beeSK-AeJjHi^^i/ice-
■president of " the^^^^^&o^j<iT_
ensuing year, the ne»r^-0_^ehtjon
of which is to be held here.,-in
, »
Leslie Dilworth left on Tuesday
morning for Winnipeg, Manitoba,-
where he will remain for about a
month. - )
J. Gibb, who has been supervising the Spokane exhibit this year,
returned last Monday, via the coast.
He did not see that land, neither
did he have time to make arrangement for its sale.
.': L.* Norris came down from Vernon last Monday on business.
Mr. and ,Mr8. A. Grant were
passengers to Vancouver last
W. Morgan has accepted a
position as 'first violinist in 'an
opera house orchestra at the coast.
His brother, F. W. Morgan, has
gone into the real estate business.
S.'C. D. Carter of the Centre Vas a
visitor in town last Monday.
A Trying'-'I'jm*.
"Colonel." asked the beautiful girl,
"wben wus'the iim-t trying moment oi
your lite?'
"ll was when 1 wetit to tuy wife's
father tor tbe purpose of iwklng bim
to let me have he. de was very deaf,
and 1 bad to explain the matter be*
fore twenty clerks." , » •; .
Particular. ;
Patience I'cujm Is terribly afraid 01
microbes.       \
Patrice Kuim.\ she'll allow any ef
the ynuii!_ iiien io kMs her.
"Ob, she'll oiiij Ms- iiy.telepbonor   -
-        A
Tactfi' Tftics.
'Ml** Supijii'ii Co .'ii sell anything
to restore me i-oiitpifwoii. .'hemlst-
liixtore! \<>\\ M •••in 1 ii'-erve, miss.
ilie.11 'to tin- 11 noiHii ot IN. <ld. t ni me-
tfl'iiei)  i'_V. i.i.-.j.   i_uii-uii   laller.   \
Wm.  Leithead was an   arrival
from Settler, Alberta, last Tuesday.
- The English Opera Singers are
due to give a performance in the
Opera House to-night, (Thursday,)
and according to reports, they are
travelling with a first-class company.
A large number are expected to
turn out to hear them.
Gunley Morgan, who is -staying
at Mr Pease's ranch at Rntland met
with what might have been a serious accident, when out riding last
week. Falling under his horse
near the Mission he received some
severe bruises, the horse taking a
notion to tread on him. Fortunately
however he escaped without injury
to his ribs.
The Dominion estimates provide
for additional telephone wiring
between Kelowna and Penticton
on $7,600 and a telephone exchange at Merritt $3,000.
Persons claiming a bounty on
big horned owls will in future be
required to procure the head of
the bird instead of the^egs as
heretofore. ,
Mayor DeHart was presented at
Vernon last week, with a gold
watch by the Vernon .Board of
Trade for winning the prizes,
amounting in all to $4,000 at the
Spokane Apple Show last. year.
The band met him at the station,
and he was given a great welcome.
Last Friday saw the first concert
given by the Kelowna Musical and
Dramatic Society, in conjunction
with that clever impersonator, Mr.
Eugene Knox. The evening's
entertainment was one of the best
given in Kelowna for a long time,
and showed up the Orchestra to
perfection. Under the leadership
of Mr. J. Watson, a marked improvement upon last year's musical
numbers' is noticed, and great credit
is reflected upon him foi the
admirable way in which the
Orchestra performed their part of
the programme.
A large number turned. out last
Thursday to witness the results of
the election shown upon the screen
in the Opera House, and great
credit is due , to Mr. May_and his
assistants for .the promptness * in
writing out the various'slides after
the results -were received. The
telegraph.office was in one state of
bustle receiving and giving the results, and Mr. Millie ia great in his
praise of the operator at Vernon,
who had a hard task to" perform.
It was not until after: one o'clock
that the wires ceased working.
Work at the Opera House, too, was
heavy, for each wire had. to be rewritten and -worked out previous
to a 'definite report being placed
on the screen. '*• A selection" of
moving' pictures filled * the" gaps
between the results.
- The Young Ladies' Hospital Aid
will hold a bazaar- in the. new
Rowcliffe Hall on December • 16th,
when many useful, and attractive
articles will be place on the taBies
ready for sale. .A
The. Rev, Dr. J. H. White Sup't.
of Methodist Church Missions in
B. C, preached in, the Methodist
Church last Sunday, and on Monday  evening  gave, his lecture on
B. C. Missions, illustrating with a
fine set of slides. .A large-number
attended the services.
A new block is in the course , of
erection in Pendozi Street, next to
Messrs. Davies & Mathie,' when
completed the offices will be used
by Dre. Huycke, and Shepherd.
*' During the week progress has
been made with the extension of
C. C. Josselyn's store, the work being now practically complete. The
extension affords a great improve*
ment to Bernard Avenue.
Messrs. E. 6c S. Clarke,-of Okanagan Centre, were business visitors
in town last Monday.
The death occurred' last Friday
of;Mis8- MurieL DeHart; half-sister;
of Mayor, DeHart and daughter of
Mrs. E. DeHart.   The funeral took
place, last Sunday,  many, friends
and   relations   of   the   deceased
following the remains to the grave
side.    The service,* which was con-
ducetd in the house-by the Rev. A.;
W. K. Herdman, assisted by Mr. J.
Ball,  was  of a very appropriate')
nature, the  pastor speaking  from;
the 5th Chapter of St. Mark, 23rd ^
verse. At the grave the Rev. Herd-.
man was assisted by the Rev. Glass,
minister at Benvoulin'. k   7\
Mrs. W. T. Ashbridge will receive I
on Monday next for\the last "timei
before leaving to spend the winterj
The Muscal and Dramatic society .
have  decided  to  postpone' their*
production of " Oh Susannah," until \
the   16th  and   1 7th of December,.
having, made room forthe'produc-'
tion  of   Shakespeare's' "As Youj
Like it,", at the-Opera  House oni
December 8th, by the'C. P. Walker J
Shakepereah Company. The Dram-|
atic Society s  production   is^Vell]
rehearsed and in first-class shape,
and being acknowledged as one of j
the best plays produced will consequently be sure to  draw a large'
house. " -      •   *
Rev. S. J. Thompson will conduct both 8ervice8;in the Methodist
Church next Sunday. Morning
subject: " God's Love lo^- the
World." — Evening v. " The Right
Kind of a Father," being the first /
of a series on the Christian Home.*
The'public are cordially invited.
*■-'   •-■. ^.r ■<■ - A   - -*- - -'--*-
'   'An>organ recital * will be - given
by Mr. J. E. Watson,  the  organist
at St. .Michael   and < All   Angels -
Church next Sunday, commencing
directly after the evening service.
, Last Sunday a-St. Andrews ser-
vice'was held in" the Presbyterian
Church, the church being crowded
to the doors. Rev. Herdman'spoke
on John Knox, and pointed out how J
the  Scotch  had  been  helpful in
obtainingJiberty and freedom. in_
Canada.     The - Psalms,, Readings r
and hymns were, especially/ fitting,
with special Scotch solosJby Messrs.
T. Hill and'A. McFarlaine.",   , '
*■" _       *"        - *" .    **  v       ""        f
s* - -
Mr. Geo.' E. "Boyer preached" in;j
the Bethel Church, Beuyoulin, last 1
Sunday. ^-     .". "       '•    A_
>   • ■ A   -     . ,",.■_,.. ^
A-movementis on foot to-have'
a Scotch ebneert and a. dance'-.on
December," 31st,     thev 'Rowcliffe
Hall being engaged for.the.pur-/
pose.   The (whole, affair .-will' be
advertised with more details at an,
early date.-,-."'-*
« 1 "*-
L Bengough, the famous cartoonist
gave a performance before ' a
large audience in the Baptist church
last Tuesday. All those who were
present report a first-class entertainment   ' '  , \ ** '*- -\ - - • -
•-' A successful ^bazaar was held in
theT Keller. Block last '** Saturday,'
some fine work .being on sale. The
piomoter8 ''can be congratulated
upon their display of goods, which
were- all. of useful and good
quality.-     :. . **
A. R. Muirhead left last Tuesday
for Vernon and district in connection with the nurnery business. Mr.
Muirhead was •' in receipt .of a
communication from. his firm - last
week together with a list .of the ,
work done at the various branches J
each week. He was.surprised to
find his name heading the list.'
-Dr. Matheson will be in §um-
merland until December 4th.
It is now time to think about
our Amas
and Puddings
' •    ■    1.
I have a full line of selected ingredients.
.*■      .       FEED.
iiT\Vv,,>; *'i    .'    . .-
K.I .|.*W.     ..   .r .- \» .   ..
'*'?>*.■> tt
7_i_',;^;  '*''*-■-'■
>'V ' .
"17. ._,.)_,
■^.Miwrt  *T
• H C {
rrr*--: ' / «■! rt
-     >
xy y$.yy,rv^ ^A-
' ii;     A " v    vrer
«{■"» i jX \*f ■-.,   -,
j*. '.7-
•!SS*r «
J3 '11
..... <■-.
'-*'   T
■^t&iiradilgVj-'^ge. £
i*f —
life' Orchard t!lti| Record.
rx-:y, C'^a^i
______i__i__i_ ■■       -6  fJ,ia
ji ~js -ifr*. *
Wishes to announce that he
9i r~*
Is  'ir
^The business of Mcjannet & Hall,
^starting=^ednesd^y, E}ec. 1 st.
-'       '- A '
^A ftilt and complete stock of
.General Groceries and Provisions
: will te earned,1 and;he hopps to
meet alLthe old customer^ and
S-w       *■       *"W 7(._-s ^ J^>~~ (■*■*■ ■ » w
\-'Hpy:i?eW ones at the store.
•> -_.
»-,»  ' 4-
.    j
' rrn.     (^
*tj}<*- "i »»*'MtHi 'jx**-;5
,-r >
.*■>*-*• .IK .if?
■*-<>       -*"t-v.s
',__-    J
•,$ '-Qives-gs much pleasure in propprtibn to the,.
'i'-^y'A-- >;;; amount jnvested as.<fa .7 t- /
^4ipHbT(S|SR^PH7 V";:
,. Jt a; a V- ^Receiyed;pr ^given: as a     :y ;
Received ;or. given as a
Have\yours taken at-: """■•;'
^"i — «■.
4GMu'a PHoto :Studid
_•/•-•_ .,_r*_i ' J   l
Qur Qisplay of J^igh-qlass Suits
, is. now'at its best?J>; r.j;
nri^-Hn'^'-Pl3 T 'AfF>]V/f of aFit-Rcfprm^uit lies
yptjlpi ^i^^TVWA       in tfiis combination of
r;'A    ,'deairable', features to an 4ihusual f degree,   viz:
>_        Gemiine Value, Distinctiveness of-Style, that ap-
.^pearance-of/nattin^ and^.perlectipniof't^uild"
; "^   * For. FjfeBefoiHi. §uits retain thei^sma^t appearance
v*r-,     and shape afterlopgppntinususyfear. j
Prices rangeVfrom $20 ,tb^$3.2,
'ThtHoujse ofyEashion
Conducted by the Ladies of die Kelewna branch
i. ">  of the W.C T.U.
. _ I- -f 1 - /    'f       sZ?     '
'-r   Does Veto Hurt Business?
In an age like this when the dollar bulks
so' big' this ia- an all-important question.
The liquor traffic,^driven b> fhe stem logic
of ", things as they_are," from,one position
to. onollier. has 'taken ita last stand upon
the quesiion that the veto hurts business.
This is a master that cannot be settled
by theory,'-, or. philosophy,- or^individual
opinion.. (Much' jless can-it be^aettled by
the' ipse, dixit .of a few dry travellers or
other friends of the trade.''''' "
If veto hurts business, then in the nature
of the case, the business men in veto towns
"   "-V,"- Vk' V*-  .i'X'^^'t.^ > . ix     .
would  be  the 'first to know it.   If it kills
towns;'then the townspeople in the dead
towns-tunless they are dead "too—would
grasp the fact.   This is too obvious to need
Nl/yu. ji—n«f i.j. in* far>* 5L. —_—: r
-. W. H. B. Hill, mayor of Hartney, Man.,
and -the leading merchant, who does not
pose aa a temperance man, says: " I have
no ..'hesitation in saying that business con-
?itioni.are infinitely better.under veto than
under license. Hartney most effectually
disproves-*the statement that towns with
bars draw business .from veto towns. Our
tow commands every pule, of territory due
to it, and more.
Councillor A. Fry. of Hartney, Bays: " I
have , always"* worked against veto, and
thought that we,*"would be better,off with
a. license. But I want to be honest and
must say vet<x.is a success. 1 do not believe ten men'could" be found to vote
agaipst it."
R.' B*. Griffith, of Grand Forks, the mer.
chant prince of North Dakota, says: "The
saloon is a, competitor to the store and a
'detriment to every legitimate business. As
a purely- business, proposition, any com
\After three years of- Local 9?lion »n
Toronto Junction, and with two new banks,
one bs&kcr ,Mid': "We have $100,009
more in our' savings department than'we
had three years ago.
..   A       l___h__at___w   ^ t&wnf      «
room days have money'now and are buying better goods and paying cash."
L'I-ether-y. 'mayoVo?'Midland,
Epigrams Designed to Cheer Up Che
Ablution Department.
It is very odd that while mottoes
have been.-- made, invented and borrowed for every other room in the
house, the bathroom should be motto-
lese. Verses appropriate to the bedroom come prettily framed, the din-
i_g-room walls sometnites 'show a
mural decoration of good cheer, ai
appropriate verse is carved-into th-
library mantel, while smoking-room,
'den and living-roo u cj ch "bo-fat- a
"special incentive to smoke, loaf, or in-
'dulge in cheery chatter in painted)
pyrographed, or stencilled verse or
prose. Only the bathroom remains
mottoless. *
No invitation to tuin on as hot a
bath as one wishes adorns its walls.
No cheerful assurance that "in ,this
house water is a luxury, not a necessity, bo use It at will." Not even the
commonplace that clennliness is next
to godliness serves as an inducement
for the children to become amphibious
oftener than -they are driven.
Surely, with' so vast a field for invention or imitation, there should be
no dearth of mottoes for the bathroom. For example, take Bacon's
"Cleanness of body was eve* esteemed
to proceed from a due reverence to
God." 4   ,
And here's one from sixteenth century's John Hey wood—
i   The loss of wealth is loss of dirt,
As sages at all times assert,
The happy man's without a shirt.
Or Pope's scon ful | rod, "A heap of
idust alone remains of three." ' Ay 1
there's the rub 7i .i','ht,be carved into
the towel rack, while let into, or over
the tub, Dryoi>S uncp _"ore iji on tne
waters, yet once more." Or.Milton'e—
Listen where thou art sitting
' Under the glossy, cool, translucent
.f     wave . '
< would be most appropriate.
These are only a few crude suggestions with which to enliven the walls
•of the most important room in the
house. Anyone with time and ingenu-
- ity, with a quotation book or a ready
pen, may make the bathroom walls
bo interesting to the sometime bajbher
that even the boy of the family may
hear, without sullen acknowledgment,
the old, familiar "Be sure and take a
bath, Bobbie, before you go to bed."
WSRLD'o C..C '_.ST ME'.
Fortunes   Typical    of   Countries   in
Which They Were'Made.
The greatest foi tunes in" the largest
cities of the world are curiously typical of the countries   in   which their
^owners live, as the death of the noted
shopkect i oi _* m, .     \ Chauchard,
reminds those who observe the. characteristics of nations and races.
This great retail ar of  merchandise
founded- his   business   on   women's
■clothing and women's finery. His success began in that field, whiclTis exactly where the richest man-in Pans
might be-expected to find his wealth.
The French metropolis certainly lived
S_p to'its-reiu... uj »* huiI'"'-^a fortune for a refail merchant which overtopped/all 'other big estates, in that
•gay centre"of the1 world's fashions and
1 the" world's .merrymakingA"*   -
< The Richest man in New York built
his" vast wealth on manufactures.   So
did the owner of the second  of»the
"great fortunes" of that city's residents.,
The'richest Londoner is supposed to
be the Jhike of Westminster,   whose
wealth represents landed possessions
acquired from ancestors who obtained
their real estate by royal favor gen-,
'orations ago. In Germany the greatest,
fortune belongs to the heirs of a mak-
'er of  cannon and other  products of
'iron and steel. _Since Krupp'is"dead,-
the richest man in active business in
the German Empire is probably a Berlin banker.    " ...-,',
mi the gossip of financial circles, Is
£tovbe relied upon, the greatest for-
ttunes in Austria-Hungary and Russia
are landed estates;-* the accretion '.of
:generations of special privileges and
grants from, sovereigns.   Like cond^
,tior.s exist in Sprun and Italv, though
"in the last eogntry,some of the manufacturers *arV"faBt rising to the level
'otthe richestnobles, in pecuniary n-
sources.        ~" ,
But PariB fatea its mjast famous
shopkeeper as'Mts wealthiest dtiten,
which is in perfect »ccord with t_»
fitness of things.
Subscribe now for
The Orchard GityRecord-
and get all the.pews of
the valley Week bytveek^
1 * y >
[n   --|
R          J
H            i *
"- li -.
The Mean Thingl
j %Mn7 Poyndexfer was dropping 08
to sleep, but her husband was wakeful" "I heard a story to-day," he began; J'abbut "- *
-"Oh/'don't bother me, JasonI" ah*
murmured.  ."I'm sleepy."
"I.wbb only going to say—-^ '
"VI don't want to hear it!"
,  "It's about "      .    .        —
' ""Can't you let me go to sleepr*
■ "About Mrs. "
"Mrs. WhoP" demanded his wite,
sitting straight up, wide eyod and ill*
1 "I've"always 'noticed," said Mr.
Poyndexter; yawning, "that the way
to get a woman's attention is to tell
Ker a story about some other woman."
Rattling a Witness.
"I will ask you, Mr.' Giles," said
the .lawyer, proceeding' to cross-examine him. "if on the night of May
16,-1904, you \yprr not threatened with
bodily violence "-by your neighbors, for
munitv is a'gainer by abolishing the liquor   beating your o_d father on the head
>_.__>•    '""" ' '   "'    ' with'a-club?"       • i
"8ir I" spluttered the indignant witness    "What do you mean?"
"Oh, well," rejoined the lawyer, "it
.isn't fair, perhaps, to ask yoii that
question.   H has nothing to do with
*-_ •_•—i;/—-.-.•"    . _-r tW case.   "_ou needn't   answer ' it.
A. leading dry goods man of Toronto That.fl aH Mr   q^^   you may step
Junction' says:   " In spite of the increased gjj je,»
competition my business is better today.
Families (hat had  little to spend in bar-
\      ' A^ Scare.
A*- ivoman rushed excitedly down an
w       ive:   alley in Manchester and stopped at a
,,A^menu'of;'tIie'liquor interests .hat   house. i8ho knocked once very nerv?
Local Option would injure business 'or   ously—no reply. A second knock pro
cause a diversion from here, are in my   duwd no answer.   Presently the win
opinion absurd.   There has been absolute
ly no diversion ,of,business from here— ».v„»_.i o _■«.«. »i^_.«v.. _..« ..w^..^^
with the^cepUon'of the liquor traffic, below looked up.nnd exclaimed hur
n..r «.«.*iltr»»_ ,-.n(~Hn. « _nK«r»nrial in.   riedly, "Mrs   Skinner, yer 'usband a
imprisonment I       Oh,
.»» repw mo p.™™.».,v«.um »-   ---- ---.,- Thingumjr," rtpllediho
jtfaumtfjfejfcbti-rtl bars'were run-  plher, "'ow yer did frighten me!   I
Ki?r_r«-wj v<-- •■• r " tjwught H was tho man after tlie rent
^-u'inJ'^Mfincheater Guardian..
"" r Vj > "■ »• *-
A way will be deeply ^
paper.-   We willysmi^M
to them J or one ymrfoi
nt     "-a A y,.y
/DC.    a        .-:•■'■&■
^       r    J-*
( '   »
r"        ** „
*    ^H
lw/A  1    - , - m
.. pre
i ^ " -
Orchard Gty R&mfdi
and any of the. fdkgiftg:^
•  ■?-
Better Fruit, monthly, §225\
2.00 ■
_: n
- • -vi
. -J
♦1 -1?
'7' l
Saturday Sunset
Wesward Ho      „
Can. Horticulturalist
Can. Poultry Review
Rod and Gun   f,,
Vane. Province, weekly, 22%
Farmers Advocate  „
Montreal Star     ' %, >*££
(With Fine.Premium)  > - 'V.^
Farmar,dDqiw,^^,§7^ ,i?
Daily Province ; -  .-4'A-^W.
-   - _.. «*tf 6
Si. r
1 xi'
,5^ tiAi
.v *-
1 '   rfi>. .
1 ?A_ X
'jf»,   A)" < -v| ,:-.*•
777       '    ,^A    -,        lfi7VSS.£,'
■■   %   \<a\a -, .r- uy.,:^m
r   >      Ky •y - -< a^r^jq
J\   _        (S' .'S'iCI
'J _   >> '''t? T^^-
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday Dee.; 2
beg to announce that they have opened
up a New Butcher Shop at the above
address. Mr. Ludlow has been with
A. R. Davy for the past two years, and
is experienced in every branch of the
butchering business.
They are prepared to do all in
their power to give satisfaction, and
respectfully solicit your custom.
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
FOR SALE—Fresh  Jersey .cow.    Apply
Box 191, Kelowna. 1-4
FOR 'SALE—-'Cider   and   Eating  apples
Apply R. E. Harris, Kelowna. It.
FOR SALE—House and lot with furriture
also Bell Organ, on reasonable terms.
Apply R. H. Cole, Lawson Ave,       I -3p
TO RENT—Desk room in good office   on
Bernard Ave.  Apply Box 337, Kelowna.
FOR SALE—Cheap, a good  driver, , easy
in   saddle,    also    McLaughlin    buggy,
harness and saddle. Apply   box J, Rec
ord Office 50
FOR SALE—Edison Standard Phonograph
and 50 records. Apply P.O. Box 85
Kelowna. 46-tf
WANTED—Some young geese. * Apply
P.O. Box 347 Kelowna B.C. or at Mis
aion Ranch.
FOR SALE—saddle pony, quiet and well
broken; also Mexican saddle and bridle
Apply Box 10, Record. .    .
ASTRAY. One light roan horse, branded, triangle on left shoulder, hind feet white
aged. Came to my place about Oct. -15th.
H. B. Mills, or leave word as Rutland P.O.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Phone 135
The People's Store
Christmas !   Christmas ! !
_ ^r
"*■ i
Cadbury's Nut Milk Chocolate
5, 10, and 30 cent packages
Cadbury's King Edward Chocolate
\65c. and $1.25 boxes
Cadbury's Pets and Fancy Chocolates
wrapped in foil, 1 Oc. box
(   «a_-Jk_tiirxr o  I   _-it"__t£_v  c_-i-»_-l   Kurnt   ___ Im/~_y-_/-I	
->^>cicii_/u.X"y_o_v-»i*xg%_.x— t*,i._.va.—j__ha*-_j_».—_ __.__. iv^ixva	
Chocolates, 75c. box
Stewart's Pure Chocolates in Boxes
^lb. & 1 lb., seashore scenes, 25c, 50c.
Stewart's Pure and Delicious Chocolates,
i   in Greek, illuminated, floral, and high
art boxes, from 75 c. to $5 box
Stewart's Bulk Chocolates, pure; and delicious, the best made in Canada, in
any or all flavors.
Crystalized Pineapple Rounds,
Assorted Fruits and Cherries
U\ Next week we are showing a lin^ of China and Glass-
r Ware which will surpass any yet shown in the Okanagan
v      i.
lr* -rV, '
TV"       Jf
Christmas Stockings and Bon-Bons
in many sizes and varied designs.
^]'^Rememher9 we arc experts in the, art of appetite, satisfying.
\ y - 'r>_
1 .
still unsold:
Jonathan, Mcintosh Red,
Wagner, Northern Spy,
Italian Prunes, etc.. -
A large. quantity of ~ stock
can yet be supplied, grown
at Kelowna, which can be
planted/ same day as dug
from  nursery.
Catalogue and Price List Free."  \
A. E. Boyer
PHONE ::.      - A      .110
Watch Chains
Cuff Lini^s
Scarf Pins  -
Tie Holders
Tie Clips
Signet Rings
Military Brushes   Shaving Minors
And many other usefut and
attractive presents for the
* coming Xmas stason.  »
Christmas suggestions galore,
So urup in uitu ifiucoMgutc.	
No trouble to show goods.
Bernard Avenue.
All work guoranteed.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
Phone 214
For Fall Planting
BULBS from the best. European and Japan growers
Home -grown fruit artd ornamental
trees—grown on upland soil without
, irrigation, in  the  only  part  of the
American, continent   not   infested
with the San Jose scale.
"Garden,  Field  and  Flower Seeds,
"tested stock from the best  growers
1 * in the world.
' Wire Fencing and Gates
Spray Pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,  Cut  Flowers, Spraying Materials, etc.
.   '.. White labor only .
157 Page Catalogue Free.
s Greenhouse and Seedhouae
■   i~ 3010, Westminster Rd.
v  '*    VANCOUVER, BlC. '
, Branch Nursery  - Soutli. Vancouoer , .
A ii eeting will be held on Monday evening in the Fire Hall to
make preliminary arrangement for
the starting of a skating rink for
the winter months. All who love
this healthy sport are requested
to attend.   < - r~ . .   *"        .   - ■*
Remember Knowles' big* Watdh
Guessing. Contest.      '' s
Will the two ladies who posted
their Hospital Aid fees on Nov.
6th and 30th to the treasurer kind-
let her have their names. Also
will all those who have not sent in
their fees kindly do so this month
as the treasurer is anxious to have
the list completed before the new
A meeting of the Kelowna Benevolent Society will be held at the
home of Mrs. D. D. Campbell on
Monday next, Dec."6th, at 3.30.
Jack Minor met with what might
have proved to be a serious accident last Sunday when out shooting in the vicinity of Duck Lake. It
appears that,'the man accidentally
fell upon his rifle, the weapon at
the time discharging itself and
knocking him unconcious. The bullet struck' Minor in the close, vicing
ity of the heart, and when he recovered conciousness he was of the
opinion that he had been shot in
that vital part of the body. A trip
into town was made, and Dr. Knox
consulted it being/ found that the
bullet-had' struck' -one of Minor's
ribs and had guided itself round
the man's left side and out again.
Except for a severe flesh wound the
injury is not dangerous.
Don't'forget Knowles'{Grand
Xmas Opening, Saturday. Orchestra
in attendance.
On-Friday, Nov. 26th, to the
wife of J. Glover, ^daughter.**."%
On'Friday, Nov. 26th, to the
wife of W. T. Drassin, a son.  - . ,
Tenders will be received by tire the undersigned ; up to'-and , including- Friday,
December 31st, '1909, for the construction
of hotel at Naramata. Tenders to be given
for labor and material separately in the
following branches:
Construction of building,  including
plastering and masonry work.
Plumbing and heating
.   Painting and decorating
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
accepted.        ' . y     .
. Plans and, specifications maybe seen "at
the following places: ""   "* ,
Office of W. A. Peters, Architect,
Kelowna,' **' *"     **  -     *•—--'
Office of the Vernon News, Vernon,
Office'of W. J. Robinson, Summerland
Address, marked Tenders for Naramata
Hotel to W. A. Peters, Architect, Kelowna
>  Building to be delivered by the  first  of
June. 1910. '.'    »  /<.    '  -
Tenders will be received "by the undersigned up to Monday, December 13th,
1909,'at 5 p.m., "fpr7auditing« the city's
books and preparing f a statement of,the
finances of the city, including a' statement
of assets and liabilities for the current civic,
The lowest or any tender not  ne-easar-
ily accepted.   . .*'   -, "  T " „
• G. H. DUNN. .City Clerk.' :„
Kelowna,'B.C. '
•—    November 30th, 1909.     ,.  . *.   .    ,. .
Ji U;a 1910. ^     i y[ ?
Notice is hereby given that the Court of
Revision will be* held on Friday, December
10th, 1909, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon,
at the-C>ty <_Ur_'__office._Bernard .avenue,
for the purpose of hearing; andpdetermin-
ing any application to'-strike out the name
of arty person which has been improperly
placed'upon the Municipal Voters' List,
1910,'or to place on such list the name of
any person improperly omitted from same.
"-    (.      - -G. H. DUNN, City Clerk.
Kelowna B. C.
November 30th 1909.
' v +       ~ . /»*,"-.*■.»*._''•'    * ..
Remember Knowles'. big Watch
Guessing Contest. 7      _,   „	
J. W.
-  Agent for the -.   ■
Sovereign1 Fire
Insurance Co.   }
of Canada ",    y;
and the
Excelsior Life, .-
Insurance Co.*
'of Canada.
Book-keeping in all its
branches    * ^
** Tl
A large number ofs *
Second-hand Articles
always on sale.k] >
For full particulars apply
Bernard Avwiue .„. _..
J-.W (X.H.  ii. SI
i   ii li iin^WjJB
t       * *■*■■■      ■"._■!   ■.'■■■'
t-w ^*er
The Kelotona
OutitittingStore |
''l"5'i'i '   'I*'-'
m t
"  Proprietor
§   A   WANT-AD;  in-^th*
. .Record willjbcing^speedy
,   results.
yfll,   <>-s^
, Sales^ conducted on per
♦**-<'*"*'., •
centage or contract.
; P.O. Box 383? Kelowna.
.      .    *     r   **■
BUIlllliKTairdtllW I KAt 1UK^
Plans and Estimates Furnished
\-*r f-+*  y &  •• Tt t     rc«   «.r-
Residence,   10, Lawrence Ave.
f ^ .!■, - -+Tr~ ,1 PHONE 95u'«-' If4.'-'JiV.'
Osoyoos Division-Yale District. '.  1
Notice \% hereby givin'.that an application
will be made under'Part 5 of the Water
Act 1009 to obtain a license in the Osoyoos
Division of Yale DUtriet;
( 1.) Name and address of applicant,
Michael Hereron,' Kelowna," B..C j "
i(2.) -Water to be used for irrigation and
domestic pnrposes, from a spring'or sp'rins
rising on T. Bulman'* land on the S. W.
corner *of sub-division lot 121, 40, Cloverdale division, by means of a cover ditch
across the Vernon road and corner of lot
146, Cloverdale Division to a part in all 95
acres of lot 122. Land, situate on the west
side of Vernon Road.'''
i ( 3.) ( The quantity of water applied for,
20 inches. • "   ■
(4.) (The.charachter of the ^proposed
worksite be aVover ditch..  t;
(5.) Said wa'er to be used on.the
premises belonging to Michael,Hereron.
(6.)../The area of Crown land intended
to be occupied by'the proposed works will
be a direct line frorri the Sl>W,. corUer-of
lot 121 to the East side of lot 146, across
the Vemon Road .by, means of a cover
ditch.   :"   i   <     f-.     I     *•
> ( 7.) This .hotice wa* posted on the 22nd
day "of Octob'er 1909, and-.application will
be made to the commissioner on the 23rd
day'of November, 1909. '
i   X '   A*      MICHAEL HERERON,   *
Kelowna, B" C. \
J.-^.^'JJk V/!'"',
M^i,mi ii i  .i'mi


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