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The Orchard City Record Nov 11, 1909

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 I)   -
VOL. I.   NO. 50.
$1.50 Per Annum.
■ Meeting of City Council.
The Fixing of a Road for Traffic to New Farmers' Exchange
Presents an Awkward Problem to a Council Without Funds.
A long session of the' City Council was held on Monday last, the
meeting coming to a close at about
10:30 p.m.,
. , Aldermen Ball, Elliott and Rowcliffe were present, with Alderman
Bailey as acting mayor in < place of
Mayor DeHart, who is away on an
electioni tour The minutes of the
previous meeting having been read
and adopted, the clerk read Tlie
. following correspondence from:—
The Dept. of Inland Revenue, re
* testing      electrical      implements,
referred to Mr. Russell.
,       A. G. Long & Co., re appliances
for, fire department.    Filed.
- Mr. Edmonds, Penticton, asking
for payment of his account.
'-The   'Vancouver     Engineering
.Works,  stating" that   they   would
leave disputed account in abeyance
. . until Inspector Peck had given his
'  report on the electric plant' •*
"7 Geo.. Fletcher, asking jfor a crossing to be placed, across. the1 road
"" by his premises. 7 A
-% Louis   F.- Fingold,'   asking ^.for
information re a recent- departure
' ' from this town.'    ' -    . ,    "   •< - •>
. "^ J. B. Whitehead, calling attention,
f\,      .to the fact that'his. sanitary box is
/not being "attended to by thetscav-
^ *-• enger.' * Referred .,\to:, the *". Health
:,*'Committee.-"-fA.AKJ[A- ; ;1 •-■''7-'
-,».:." ^ The correspondence having.been
l'?'"C -..dealt Awi&.-'Mr^Tayter.y who was
" >'/ ■ He wished,, to know) if the 'coun-f
"* cilcontemplaited doing anything to
,., help, both ,or" either of the two cases
* * of sickness, with .which he' was
;l^c_ir_tere8ted."'Mr. Axon, he stated
*"- "was in the.Hospital with Typhoid
\, fever, and his wife and* children
-\ were, not provided .for.
• 7    '- Mr. Cramer in'the other case was
down ,with ,ConsuVi.ption, and -his
i -, wife was also ill. , -"        -    '
. \'7 ■■"' The council agreed that in the
* *; latter case  financial aid  was  not'
J   necessary, the former   case.,they
.,    promised-their attention.
/    ," Aid. Elliott pointed out that (the
u;\  road.wa8-'very'bad'near his house
'>    "in Pendozi Street, and vasked  that
\ "  -a crossing ehould be made.  -
- ■    Aid. ' Ball -remarked* that   the
Board of Works had,gone, over and
' above their estimates, and although
A several things wanted seeing to, he
>  'did not know how it was going to
be done this year.
Aid. Bailey considered it would
- ' be better to fix the crossing now
than wait until spring'   The matter
. -wan l_»ft in.-hft hands of the Board
v     of Works.    *        I    7
The account fori.! police •"• work
done by  Edmunds,' of Penticton,
was again brought, up, Constable
Tooth being in" attendance.','   •
■   - Qyeried  by  the council 'as to
'   whether Edmunds was a provincial
r ! constable dtjawingila-salary, Tooth
replied that he was a special  constable, and specially engaged. for
' the case in question.. .Similar cases
, . had arisen before  with; different
* municipalities, and the usual mode
■Aof procedure ,was"for, the 'city, to
pay and then apply to the Attorney.
General's department for a refund
of the amount paid. The' account
for Constable Hynes*'was[ merely
disbursements   for 'travelling,  ex-
,   penses.
■   The city clerk said that he had
1'. seen the citv solicitor with reference
.'A to, the matter a'nd,i'found that the
,   city was liable for^the expense in
bringing back the prisoner.
Aid. Ball suggested-• that the
account, should be paid and the
Attorney-General be approached
with the idea of obtaining a refund.
• '',    Aid. Bailey remarked that, there
would' be better times "when, the
Provincial, and^Qty-police were
combmedpas there were often times
when the City police had .been able
to help the Prov. pplice, and vice
versa.^ ^    -
i ; \" The' following! accounts were
then referred to the finance committee, to be paid if found correct:
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Engine
repairs '. $114 00
I. Si Chamberlain, Eye bolts      7 00'
1   \ ^ i \ "
v.-^-V ^'^Vi-.^'S ?■>-.■'.„!. •.-■•<;*
Kel.  Sawmill  Co.,  Lumber  and
sawdust '.       97 87
D. Leckie, Hardware for October       5 00
Morrison Thompson Hardware for
October       59 21
Collett Bros.,   teaming  ,    6 00
Willits,   Medicine   for   prisoners
and Vaseline :        3 00
H. H. Millie, 'Phone and telegraph —15 00
T. Lawson Towels       -'1 50
F. McClure teaming        2 00
C. G. Clement, contract price  of
. Abbott St. sidewalk.'.    472 93
J.   W.  Diihlop,   14   days'  police 3
work .\      35 00
W_. C. Blackwood hauling gravel 24 00
J. A.  Bigger,   contract  price  for
.sidewalks......    589 39
J. Chaplin, work on Bernard Ave,       2 75
Aid"Elliott.stated that he had
not had time to go into the matter
of framing - up By-law No. 65
again. * ■> .
, Mr. Parkinson attended with a
plan of sub-division for lots on the
Stirling and Boyce property, and
asked for an assurance that the
plans would be passed. The following motion was.then passed :
Elliott-Rowcliffe—That the alteration in'plans presented by'R. H.
Parkinson of the Stirling and Boyce
sub-division, be passed and amend-
ed.      ,      _<- -    ,.   ".i;
Mr. "J. W* Wilks"attended' on behalf of Mr. C. de.Gray Murray and
"others, and, asked "for -permission
for them to stack cord wood on the
"C.ity> wharfMMr.' WUkbsUSjsd that
the petitioners, were cutting wood
at Bear Creek, and had ho place to
land what they had cut on this side.
If permission was .given to use the
city's wharf and a roadway, was
made for wagons to go in and out
the town could be conveniently
supplied with cord wood. .-•/.
. Aid. Bailey did not consider" it
right to give permission,, as if the
city .wished, to use the wharf at any
time,' it would be blocked up, and
transit would' be practically impossible. ,_   y
' Aid.' Elliott suggested - that the
city should rent .the wharf, as- it
was doing nothing at present, and
would- be a source of revenue to
the city if rented. 'It-1 was agreed
to refer the matter to the -Light
Committee for, consideration and
report. ,   -    .
Messrs. Fraser, McDonald and
Haug waited on the council with a
petitionjsigned by 39 names mostly
store-keepers in Bernard Avenue,
asking the*"'council to grade and
gravel Water Street, so that teams
could-travel_Qver—without difficulty,
Mr. McDonald Considered that a
good road could be made for $700
to $1,000 and that if a body of
shale rock, was placed over the
sawdust'it would make a good,
solid road. Taking into consideration that the petition was signed
by a large number of the'townspeople, he - considered that the
council should take immediate
steps to have the road fb^ed. ,.
Aid. Bailey considered * it out of
the question to have the road attended to this year, as the estimates
had been over spent already. He
did not agree with Mr. McDonald's
figures, as .he considered the road
would take from $1,500 to $2,000
to be'fixed in anything like a permanent manner. " To do it right,"
he said, "the sawdust should be
excavated, and * a. good body of
shale placed upon a solid bed of
Aid.- Rowcliffe agreed that it
would be'impossible to haul rock
with the streets' in their present
condition; and then Again the lack
of funds hampered the proceedings. \ **
Aid. Bailey, in excusing himself
for not including any appropriation
for * the street in ' question in his
estimates, stated that the GP.R. had
not made any definite arrangements for their slip, when the estimates were made out.
Mr.'McDonald replied that the
very fact th^t the ratepayers were
asking for the improvement to the
street, would warrant the council
taking any steps necessary to ob
tain the money.
Aid. Ball considered the only
way out of the difficulty was to put
through a by-law to borrow money
for the purpose, and have it voted
on by the people.
Aid. Rowcliffe was sure such a
by-law would never pass. The
amount of damage that would be
done to the other streets by hauling
rock, was gravJy commented upon, it being considered next to impossibly to start work until the
ground was frozen up, or else, the
spring came. <
Mr. McDonald wished to' know
what the road would be like in the
spring, he 3aid at that time it would
be impossible" to come near the
The fact of putting through a bylaw would possibly raise the-rate
to 35 or 36 mills, and the council
wished to see the rate lowered instead of increased.
Aid. Elliott was of the opinion
that the *" increased assessment on
the sub-divisions would pay for the
street with next year's taxes.' .
Further discussion ensued, as to
the lateness of time the matter was
brought before the council,' it .being remarked that the old council
left the new council an unavoidable
legacy, and that this council .would
possibly have to do the same.    ',
Aid. Rowcliffe commented upon
the short days, and said a full 'day's
work could- never be put^in.  " 7 -
Aid. Elliott suggested a -temporary repair,.with just a light coat of
rock and soil, but/Aid. Bailey wished
to see the thing done in a peraman-
ent manner.- '" '-
'Mr.-McDonald' stated that "'the
Mayor- DeHarl ,had "been over/the
road :and ,had said a * great deal
as to what i,could be ' done.nfexj
"spring," but'said naught' abquF'<_&ih-g:
anything this year.   *   A, J-*"':7
He, Mr. McDonald, ^invited the
council to crowd on to a;wagon
with a.ton load.on, and,,see'how
far they'could get .with it.-. < It was
cruel to the" horses'to get-them to
drag . even ay small load, on the
street as it was at present.'.- . -
. Thex council agreed - to look at
the" street "and-see what could be
done to aid the trffic to and from
the cars this. year. An agreement
was made to-meet the council at
10 o'clock 'on the morrow. The
deputation then retired.'
The-next question brought'up
was the plan of- sub-division of lot
139. Block 48, presented by Mr.
Duggan.. -he'samewas accepted
by the council.
' By-laws Nos. 66' and 67 were
tljeri recommended to be read a
second and third time.
A long "discussion arose a", to,
now' much money should be
borrowed to disburse the debts
incurred over the re-building of
the "power house,   and   also  the
break—down. *3,0Q0_*_iad been
mentioned at the general meeting,
but that was before the break
down occurred.
Several of the aldermen thought
that the light account itself should
pay for the break down, but Aid.
Ball considered that the aim of the
plant should be to supply light at
a cheaper rate.      '
The city clerk looked out the
profit the plant had realized in
October, mentioning the sum of
$233 as profit. He also-mentioned
that $3,884 was required over and
above the insurance money paid
for the building of the new power
The incorporation of' a specific
Aum for i the re-building of the
power house, and another for the
break down was suggested, but it
was pointed out that' the by-law
could not be legally,issued to cover
tKe expense of two separate things,
The by-law for the break down
would have to go through
separately. " '
" After further discussion rit was
agreed- to .make the sum to be
borrowed as $4,000, that sum being
considered adequate.
TKe second by-law was one to
borrow $ 12,200 for Local Improvements. ,
Aid. Elliott aqked if a light could
be placed over the bridge in Pendozi Street, as it was very dark
there. It was decided to place a
light on the south side of the
bridge.   '; ,
. The Police Report was left over
until hext,meeting.   *   v • ."*,
Young Men Organize
Social Club
A very successful move was
made last Thursday evening to organize a social club in this town,
quite a few would be members
being present at the initial meeting
It was desired to form a preliminary committee to look after the initial proceedings, to frame up rules
and regulations, also to look for
the most convenient room.
The following were nominated
to act as a committee: Mr R. Mathie, Mr Duggan, Mr P. Brooks, Mr
Moorehouse, Mr J. Campbell, and
Mr V. D, Wade.
A meeting ofthe committea was
was held directly after the general
meeting, when the cost of running
such a club was considered, it being decided that a membership
fee of $3.00 for the winter season
(5 months) would be found adequate to meet the liabilities incurred.
It was considered that after the
initial outlay had been met the
rate could be reduced.
It was decided that the name of
the club should be the K. Y. F. or
Kelowna Young Fellows Club and
that it should:
(1) Provide a place of meeting
for the members.
*   (2) Provide reading matter and
literature, also writing materials.
(3) Provide games and other amusements.
(4)Organize concerts among its
members both socially and for-profit-      '"'..* • ' ".
The preliminary rules for ,the
club were formed ,and a limit ^of
being1 decfdecT ,^tnat * all '"members
should be over the age - of seventeen. « ~    "      *•    '   *
After, a Vote of thanks had-.deen
passed to,Mr H. W. Raymer, for
the use of a' room for' the initial
meeting, an adjournment was made
with a resolution to meet again oh
Thursday November 11th (to-day)
in Lequimes Hall .when the proposition will be put before the public.
The proceedings will start at 8
oclock sharp.
Meeting of Board of Trade
Fruit to be Sent to Lord Strathcona -  Mr. DuMoulin Suggests,
Formation of a. Citizens' League.
A bare quorum was present at
the Board'of Trade meeting, held
last night in the High School, Mr,
P. DuMoulin beinglm the chair..
The minutes of the previous
meeting, held on October 13th,
were read and ..adopted, after
which the secretary read the following correspondence:
"From W. R. Pooley, pointing out
that Lord Strathcona, when speaking'about his recent tour through
British Columbia, stated that the
apples grown there lacked the
flavour of those grown- elsewhere.
He suggested that Lord Strathcona
be provided with some boxes of
Cox's Orange or Newton Pippins,
and at the same time attention
should be drawn to his '.emark.
asking him to test the strength of
hi8-statement It was decided to
write Mr. Pitcairn, 'who was on his
way to^the Old Country, and ask
him to secure some fruit grown in
Kelowna, and send to Lord Strathcona and also "to "-Mr. Mr. Gaston,
Lord Strathcona's agent in Scotland.      - ,    -
A publication on " Fruit Farming
in the Dry Belt," was next submitted, fhe editor^being Mr. Redmayne.
This gentleman - was here about
two weeks ago, and had,'since his
return distributed^the publication.'
, A letter was also read from - the
C.P.R., stating that the daily boat
service-would be continued as long
•_■_•*JJiV--._*:'il-*    j "*'" .52„_£-i'_o:_
the suggestion was a good one.    .  •_
Mr. Hayman'asked the board t&\,
recommend the extension of the'vf
park lights to the point, and to./'/^i
place a red"light on the point' to '?■. 5fd
guide navigation. - A'r'}Hf
The   board   decided'that the\Jv
council was the right body to, ap- '-'■"■"}i
proach on the subject     ;" - ,r  7   _
Some discussion arose as to, the, 7"7,[
time resolutions should ibe"'passedy!;Vy[
to put before the Associated Boards' ;i\f
of Trades, when they met here in',^
January.   It was decided to fbrm.-Y/.
a committee on resolutions,  thV /,.£
nominations being Messrs. Kerr, I AM
Sutherland and Elliott    '- ;_■ *s  *■'*_'
Mr. Kerr suggested that lthe;aj>-i;i
plication should be made to have1-*'
a pillar box
and  cleared.
placed on'the wharf
someone on the'^^i
Benevolent Society
• Gratifying results were obtained
at the meeting held last Friday at
the home of Mrs T. Lawson, to
further the cause for which money
has been collected, and also to
form a Benevolent Society. The ladies present decided to form the
latter society to provide help . in
severe cases, iff being pointed out
that some children were suffering
from want of sufficient and proper
„i Under these circumstances it
was decided to ask all ladies to
contribute towards furnishing and
making -childrens clothing also to
give any discarded clothing they
may have on hand to the cause.
Any such articles can be left at
the home of Mrs Dan Campbell in
Glenn Avenue or else reported to
the following ladies who will deal
with- the matter:- Mrs Rowcliffe.
Mrs Millie, Mrs Lawson, and Mrs
• The - ladies interested wish to
make a special appeal to the ladies
to come to a meeting to be held at
the home of Mi's Dan Campbell on
Monday November 15th, at three
oclock, to properly elect officers
and,also make provision for the
manufacture < of. clothes, and
care of same.
The ladsies wish to thank
Benvoulin district for another
nation of $19 ,90, towards the
Millan fund.
—  v     ,
^t"l  •   .1  !■>*.(*   ."".Is'
• Constable Tooth left Monday
for Kamloops with prisoners McLeod and Richards. * The former
was sent down for a term' for
carrying concealed weapons, while
the latter Was committed for trial
for horsestealing.
Don't fail to hear and 'see Professor Knox on November 26th.
aa the" freight and passenger'traffic
would warrant, the double daily
service ; as soon as a- loss was being experienced they would go
back to the usual winter* serviced
The letter was filed.      ■"   .
Several copies of letters from the
Associated Boards of Trade, re a
reduction in the rates were read,
also letters relating to the establishment of an experimental station,
and the fumigation of trees from
the coast nurseries. Filed.        \ '■■
A long list of bargain advertising
'schemes were submitted from -he
"Colonizer," a paper issued in
London, England. These were referred to the publicity committee.
Mr. Kerr reported that he had
received on an average, one letter
a day from persons in Ontario "and
Quebec, all asking" for literature
about Kelowna. He put the reason
down to the advertisement !n
" Canada Life and Resources," but
very few had acknowledged the
source. ' / '
Mr. G. C. Rose reported that the
council had payed the balance of
Their grant, and~thatlhe money
had been put to the credit of the
Mr. Rose also asked the opinion
of the members of the board on
changing the' day of meeting so
that a fuller report could be obtained in the papers. It was dfficult
to find time to get out a full report
and people were at a loss to know
what the Board of Trade were doing. The day j of meeting wets
found to suit the majority of members,- and no steps were taken in
the matter.
Mr. Hayman brought up the fact
that Mr, DeHart would not be
going to Spokane, and that he
would not be able to. look after the
sale of the land, won as a prize at
the Spokane Show. It was agreed
to write Mr. J. Gibb, who was
supervising the exhibit for Kelowna
and to ask him if he would look at
the land and place sale of same in
the hands of a reliable real estate
A long discussion ensued' over
the arrangements for landing cattle
at the C.P.R.8 new wharf, it being
agreed to write the, GP.R., asking
them to place a cattle shoot and
small stockyard at the disposal of
shippers and setders. ■"
Mr. DuMoulin suggested that a
citizens' league should be formed
to look after the election of .council-
men, -so that the same quality bf
good mien on the council could be
maintained as heretofore. It was,
however, agreed that theV-Hoard
would, not be well advised to go
into the matter as a body, although
boat when she arrived. Owing to fjj|
there being no maiL clerk orf the't/X.
boat the matter was dropped.' . ^'V-;^
.It was stated ''thkt..wKen'-,:Mr./^f-
Wilkinson wasjhere.lie had]pbint-v]||
ed out the advisability^bf-a _rioiio-,'-|i|
line railway out,into the cpuntry.i
Mr. Kilpatric ~bf(,the'-GP.R."$4f
also -said that .the-land.wao^M
_   suitable. •. He waaj looIq-agv!v<*|
forward to a; time when the cars ^<V
would  be loaded in the orchard 7   I
on_     _ = _.__,    J-'..-.     •._    _!__. -._1__.-£-___i.'M?l
down to Ae>harf;liVI|§I
electric power.-. '-:■ ' -^yAA'-.^ttM-m
and taken'
The Hospital Waofs Ynar Help
,    , 1—___.    . rii 7)__ j,"' V?'j-^ s. f(i|j
The secretaryv of,,the'Kelbwna?|§>|
Hospital Society appeals-to'^tKe'^f.
annual subscribers; tov th^t^soaety^W
and to all interested- in'the success'jSm
ofthe Kelowna Hospital; to "remit y||!
with all promptitude their dbnatioW^t.
in aid or the hinds. t-   •-- -.^ 'ty t'^-VJiS
During the past ten months'/l/fP^p
patients have been tinted, in'ta^pS?
institution, and over 42 operations.*^
_i : :__. i_ • t _r_.>'_i_ -i-SU?
<■ Was"*!
made.no grant this year nbr1Raa^av^l
per   capita ■ grant, been aUow&Mft]
The City Council gr-mted'Ae^um-IM
of $250 on the completion of the7>7
estimates for the municipal ye»^i§"
.[The public interestim;thec,hb8i'%|
pital, which was, well "su»tamed;'pL
during the earlier part'of;the^ari'vikf
and resulted in substantial benefit^
. has'been sadly Jack;''|^ffi
ing of late.   The institution'is. one Wl
to the funds, has been sadly lack;'|^j
ing of late.   The institution' w oneWiI
j : __!-.i »_-___.__'__■■_ __£-".!
ample measure of continuous "sup-^-vl
pott from all   It is absolutely! tin-^ I
sectarian.   The patients have been}»<v|
drawn from all races;' In our in-^.J
terest in the hospital,'andin,bur7^j
efforts on its behalf, we meet on, ^
the common ground, of sympathy,;!;;
with human suffering. ■ *y ' • '-''sp-fifo
All cheques should,be.drawn.in^vV
favour of the Kelowna Hospital r^
Society, and addressed to the Se<x^
retary, Kelowna Hospital., Cpn«^|
tribution8 will be acKnowledged^;;!'
through the press. <v. * /■;<*"vjfe?
*  " Bis ■■■--" '-1-*
»dat qui citoldatM^i's'^iiii
.    - f v. .'5'"->''f;*vSll
 „•■       ^>U#«|
' v.77, Vfc\^#|
.'    .rv^V'^AI
We have been asked to state Aa$»|
the school doors will bpen'tQy:ad>^%|
mit pupils at .9-15  ihstJaad^'of^^
o'clock. , This intimation;Uf;;fi^nw
to parents who send thetf?ch_we&||l
to school early, thmk^^^'willM^
get into the school diiw^^n'^ufcf1*
arrival.   School does not stirtuhtilf
9.30, and if they, amvi;,*V9i»l||
9.20 they will be in ample tirp!
and- will not have to stand about|||
in the wet and cold waiting j»ttih^%'k
doors to open.    .     "'. \A '^$^$!$B
_."     _ * *... Al --__.r_3
The Misses Gather, of Springwood,;.
wiD be at home each Friday afterl
MaBride en SaWday.
Ml&M-f $>
1   VI
_,.f-.vt We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
Tbe Record Job Print Dept.
Published eoery Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
CHAS. H. LEATHLEY, Business Manager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United Slates $2.00 per annum
Advertising rates upon application.
On Saturday afternoon next
the electors of Kelowna and
district will have an opportunity of hearing at first hand the
outline of the Provincial Government's future policy. Premier McBride and Attorney-
General Bowser, accompanied
by our local representative the
Hon. Price Ellisqn, Minister of
Public' Lands, are due to arrive
in Kelowna on Saturday afternoon next, and will address a
meeting in Raymer's Hall at 3
o'clock, thus giving the people
of the near-by districts, for the
large number of which Kelowna -is justly celebrated, an
opportunity to attend.
The great cry of all growing
is for transporation, and it is
mainly on a railroad policy that
the goverment is now appealing
' to the people, and all those
who have any, interest at stake,
or who have the welfare of the
„ province at heart * should not
fail to be present on Saturday
afternoon."      "&" •*•**«-
A By-Law for raising the sum of Four
1 housand Dollars to rebuild the Municipal
Electric Power House destroyed by fire on
the Third day of June, 1909.
Rutland News.
' The Belgian Syndicate are extending a telephone wire from Mc
Donalds store at Rutland to their
camp at the foot of Black Mountain.
The "Literary" held at J. Wol-
sey's had an off night, games and
a social time being indulged in.
The meeting next week will be at
Mrs. Wm. Gay's, when cuttings
from   magazines, and papers, also
. questions, will be handed to the
president,and impromptu.speeches
' made on the different subjects
brought up.
Nov. 5th, of Guy. Fawkes fame,
A day dear; to the heart of the
British youngster, was celebrated
, by some of the .benchers. The
crack of the squib,and roar of the
—rocket-denoied=that-the -old-custom
.j't ,4
i     J
■/*<*,    r _
14' A   '
was still observed around the burning tree stump which did duty for
a "Guy."
Another  custom,  vybich  is  not
always,' so': conducive of innocent
'    fun, was celebrated last week, viz.,
" Halloween," and the results go to
provc'-that  the  fool-killer 'is  not
attending to' his work.    We can all
'enjoy furi-and harmless joking, but
wh-n'it'comes to destroying prop-
riity  and  ill-using   dumb animals,
w<* conclude tltet ndnebut "smart
Alecks,"   devoid   even   of   horse
sense,  would   be  guilty   of   such
conduct!    Those who broke into
a bencher's shack' (a man who is
respected  by the more intelligent
»•   Rutlanders),-; turned     everything
movable' outside, broke open the
stable, and mutilated the mane and
.   'tail'of the horse,"deserve a salutary
'."• lesson, and   to   be . taught that, in
'    this (country at least, such conduct
will  not  be.^tolerated, and that a
' 'mail's-.-habitation,   whether    tent,
i* shack, or mansion, .is sacred.   We
understand! that-the  recipient  of
.   their  attentions  is" determined to
'K-ptfsri the case;, as the names of the
r" hooligans ". are- known,, and  no
law-abiding citizen will sympathize
r.,with ".then)' ,»f' theylget what they
,'' des'irve. •    .House-breaking   '"
criminal'pffence,-     ,  ,
is   a
. i' w
1, 'Mr. J. Murray left, .Kis   morning
, for'Gamrie,'Banff, where he will
>takc charge-o| ,th,e extensive ranch
known1'as 'Black -Hillocks, which
belongs to his father.   Mr. Murray
-fif?: 2a f'u the eldest son*    -
■"-•-\lr\ "<
WHEREAS it has been found necessary
to raise sufficient money to lebuild the
Municipal Electric Power House which
was destroyed by fire on June 3rd, 1909,
AND WHEREAS it is necessaiy for tlie
said purpose to raise by way of loan on
the credit of the said City the sum of
$4,000.00 payable on the I-irst day of
December, A.D. 1929, bearing interest in
the meantime, payable half yenly, at the
rate of Five per cent, per annum ; the
principal of such loan when raised to b.
apphed for tlie purposes aforesaid,
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the principal and inteiost it is necessary to
raise the sum of $334 33 in each and overyear,
AND WHEREAS ll.c whole ratable
property of the City of Kc.low na according
to the the last revised assessment roll i_
AND WHEREAS the amount of the
existing debenture debt of the said City is
NOW THEREFORE, the Mayor and
Council of the City of Kelowna in open
meeting assembled enact as folio.,_:-
1. It shall be lawful foi thr Ma>or and
Council of the City of Kelowna to laise by
way of a loan from any person or person-j,
body or bodies corpoiate, '\ho may be
willing to advance the same o.i the credit
of the said City, by way of the debentures,
hereinafter mentioned, a sum of money
not exceeding in the whole the sum of
$4,00000, and to cause all such sums so
raised and received to be p lid into the
hands of the City Ticasu.n for the pui-
pose and with the objects hereinbefore
2. It shall be lawful for the said Mavoi
to cause any number of the said debentures
to be made for the sum of $1,00000, bearing interest at the late of Fise per cent,
pel annum, not exceeding in the \.licle the
sum of $4,000.00, and all such debentures
shall be sealed with the Seal of the City of
Kelowna, signed by the Mayor, and countersigned by the Treasurer of the said City.
- 3. The said debentures shall bear date
the First day of December, 1909, and shall
be made payable in twenty jeais from the
date hereinafter named for this By-Law to
take effect, al the Bank of Mor.tteal in the
City of Kelowna.
4, The said debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of interest at the rate the of Five per cent, per
annum an the arrount of the aai'I debentures, and such interest shall bi* pa>a°i°e
half-yearly on the First day of June and
December in each and every year, nnd the
signatures to such coupons may be either
stamped, printed, or lithographed.    .
5-.. A rate on the dollar1 shall be lev'cd
?nd shall be raised annually in addition to
all other rates on the taxable property of
the City, sufficient to pay interest on the
debt hereby created during the currency
of the said debentures, and to provide for
the payment of such debt when due.
6. The sum of $200.00 shall be raised
and levied annually by a rate on all the
ratable property in the City of Kelowna,
in addition to all other rates, for the purpose of paying the interest on the said
7. The sum of $134.33 shall be .aised
and levied annually by a rate nn all the
latable property in the City of Kelowna, in
addition to all other rates, for the^payment
cf the debt hereby created when due.
8. It shall be lawful for the .City of
Kelowna from time to time to repurchase
any of the : debentures at such price or
prices as. may be mutually,agreed upon,
and all such debentures so;repurchased
shall forthwith be cancelled arid no reissue
of any such debenture or debentures shall
be made in consequence of such repurchase. 7    *  '
9. This By-Law shall before the final
passage thereof receive .the assent of the
of the Electors of the City of Kelowna in
the manner provided for in the Municipal
Clauses Act, 1906, and amending Acts.
10. This By-Law shall come into force
ber, 1909.' 7.,:
11. This By-Law may be cited.for all
purposes as "The City of Kelowna Power
House Reconstruction By-Law, 1909."
Blacksmith Shop'
belonging   to   Mr.   S.   T.   Elliott,
September 1st, 1909
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Total Assets  -
Loan on
I ■ II Wl II II '111111*1 I <UTVK1
Masons' Supplies
Dunn Hollow Cement Blocks
Box 166
C. B. DANIEL, Manager
. Read a first time by the Municipal
Council this twenty-sixth day of October,
1909. ' .'. \.A
Read a second time by the Municipal
Council this second day of November, 1909.
Read a third time'by the Municipal
Couecil this eighth day of November, 1909.
Received the consent of the electors of
the City of Kelowna this 7W of
Reconsidered and fu'mlly passecl Jiy the
Municipal Council this day of
Take notice that the above is a true copy
of the proposed By-Law upon which the
vote of the Municipality will be taken at
the Council Chamber, in Kelowna, on
Monday, the twenty-second ' day of November, 1909. between the hours of 9 a.m.
and 7 p.m.
'     G. H. DUNN,
50-1   ' City Cleik.
:? t let
'4'.. '
" &c ( <_v.-_> 7
Notice is hereby given that the pai trier-
ship heretofore subsisting betweon us the
undersigned as woodworkers and contractors in the city of Kelowna in the Province
of British Columbia.under the firm name
of "The Kelowna Manufacturing Co." has
been this day1 dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts owing to the said partnership
are to bo paid'to Frank E. Sninll, at Kel.
owna aforesaid, and all claims against the
said parnership are to be presented to the
said Frank E. Small, by whom |the saiiie
will be settled.
, f.   .    REGINALD F. MINNS
' R. C. REED
1     F. E. SMA.LL
Dated at Kelowna this First day of
Nov6niher, A D. 1909.
Witness: JOHN F. BURNE.
Osoyoos Division Yale District.
Notice is hereby given that an application
will be made tinder Part 5 of the Water
Act 1909 to obtain a license in the Osoyoos
Division of Yale District.
(I.) Name and address of applicant.
William Alcock, Farmer, Kelowna, B.C.
(2.) Water to be used for irrigation and
agricultural purposes, from a spring gulch
located about 350 yards from the North
West corner of the West half of Section 20
Township 27, being preemption record No.
4876. Point of diversion, Mill Creek.
■'. (3.) The quantity of water applied for,
100 inch es more or less.
(4.) The character: of the proposed
works'to be a flurric, pipe, and ditch.
(5.)   Said water   to' be   used   on   the
preemption No. 4876.    :
..(6.)   The land intended to be irrigated
is on preemption No. 4876, containing 320
acres; .   .  v
(7;) The land likely to be affected by
the proposed works is that belonging to
ihe   Belgian   Syndicate,   above   the   said
"' i
property. ~        ~   '
(7.) This notice was posted on tne 14th
day of October, 1909, and application will
be made to the commissioner on the 14th
day of November. 1909.
Rutland, B. C.
On Saturday,Nov.!3th,
AT 3 P.M.
A WANT AD. in the
Record will bring speedy
Pruning, Spraying,
\ Planting out Trees,
Garden ground dug
P.O., Kelowna.
Premier McBride will speak on his policy of
railway development fpr the province;:,:
1      -   , 7       ,  s    ' 7|i , i,
I. ' ,J        .    ■-■ ■" ' '
You are interested ih this.    Come and hear him
The Liberal Nominee is invited to be present;
i i _ • *.'.,',,.
; rt.. W. JRAYMER.'Pres. Lib.-Cons. Assoc. ", E. Weddell, Seel
v^S^fyd jV    '
lit     lM fr(V ,
J   'i'
ft, I
!  Ft . ^ .«  , #.,.>-'.
,V.*f' ,#W , ,^pr/^f^
Thuffidaq^fifop. IT     * .'.
The Orchard City Record
- >"x-  . -<■* .w; -j a \:\) Sid
eintzman rianos
We purchase them direct from the factory a_id can
save'yon_$/50.   $/50 should be as good to you as
r        to a travelling agent.
'     Get our prices on these instruments.
We handle other makes and can give you a full
size Piano, 1\ octaves, in Mahogany or real' Walnut,
guaranteed for ten years, for $275.
Kelowna Furniture Co.
& CO.
Manufacturers of'
Builders' Brick, Drain
Tile and Hollow Brick
Pendozi Street   -    Kelowna
We, are <open> to   l
take contracts for
Mqving Buildings
"V '  1     AND
Pile Driving
-»<   __.
Clarke & Byrns
CdNTItACtORS      '
Box 131 Kelowna
The Royal Hotel
Up-to-date and Convenient
- in'air respects.
, Facing the Wharf
J. E. WHEELER, ftop.
jBelleoufe Hotel
'Rate*, two dollars per. day.
"    Beautiful situation on the lake
front, dote to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating,
' and tennis.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
r 'V -w n j A •*. *«
HAIRrCUT.       ::       ::       ::
Hot and Cold Baths"
J. BOUCH, Proprietor
U. W. Crowley Co.
Kelowna Ltd.
t -,
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
. N     the City
w-   • /    -   -
■We give our prompt attention
Phone 12
" i >.
We are special^ equipped for the production of
Hi&fograde Job Printing
and you will he cprisaltlng your own interest in
/ letting us figure on ydtir work. '
"Record" Job Print Dept.
The Story ef ScoScfo. an Obedient and
v VJS/fm IJOg.
A most interesting e_ well as a most
oathetic dog'story ia related by Enos
A. Mills in hia bode. ^Wfld Life on
the Rockies.", Mr. ______ and his dog
Scotch were on' a tear days' tramp on
the summit of a desolate and lofty
range far above the timber line, and
Mr. Mills, stopped to take some photographs. The woik wqaiied that he
should remove has riwapBian mittens/
which he placed in __&■ coat pocket.
The story ioHowb:
From time to tfano es I eKmbed' the
summit of the cwUnMitftl divide I
stopped to take photographs, but on
the summit the «dd pierced my silk
gloves, and I felt lor my mittens, to
find that one of them was lost.
I stopped, ptti aa «_m Sfoond (scotch,
and told him I had lost a mitten and
•that I wanted bim to go down for it
to save me trouble.
Instead of starting off wOMngly, as
he had invariably done before in
obedience to my aanmaztd-. he stood
still. Ithougb-babadmisui-deratood
me, so I patted ______ sad then, pointing down tbe atom, said: "Go for the
mitten, Scotch. I vffl watt here tor
He started for it, bo* vent unwillingly. He had always served me so
cheerfully that I could not understand,
and it was not until bate the next afternoon that I realized that he had loyally and at the risk of his life tried to
obey me.
My cabin, 18 miles sway, was tbe
nearest house, and the region was utterly wild. I waited a reasonable
time for Scotch to, retain, but he did
not come back. As it was late in the
afternoon and growing colder, I decided to go on toward my cabin along
a route, that I felt sore he would follow, and I reasoned thsfc he would
overtake me.
. When at midnight he had not come
1 felt something waa wrong. I slept
two hours and decided to go to meet
him. The thermometer snowed 14
below zero.   I kept on going, and at
2 in the afternoon. 84 hours after I had
sent Scotch back, I paused on a crag
and looked below. There in the snowy
world of white he lay by the mitten
in the snow. He had misunderstood
me and had gone back to guard the
mitten instead of to get it.
After waiting for him to eat a lunch-
eon..we started merrily toward home,
where we arrived at 1 e*dock in the
morning. \.     '
Had I not returned. I" suppose
Scotch would have died beside the
mitten- In a region cold, cheerless,
oppressive, without food and perhaps
to die, he lay down by the mitten because he understood that I told him
to. In the annals of dog heroism I
know of no greater deed. '
Lingering  Bettaf  In   Ntagic.
The man in the country knows better'than to .offend tbe occult powers
by "cutting them' dead," an, offence
which - soon bears its own. punishment. In Devonshire to tins > day,
when someone is afflicted with 'what
is known as "a white leg," a bandago
is put on the leg, and "the following
formula is repeated nine times, each
time followed by the Lord's Prayer":
As Jesus Chris* "was walking He
saw the Virgin Mary sitting on' a
cold marble stone. He said unto
her: "If it is a vwhite'ill thing, or a
red iD. thing, or a black ill thing,
or a sticking, cracking, pricking,
stabbing, bone ill thing,. or a sore
ill thing, or a swelling 01 thing, or a
rotten iE thing, or a cold creeping ill
tlitng. or a smarting ill thing—let it
fall from thee to the earth-in My
Name, and in the Name of toe Father, Son. and Holy Ghost.—Amen."—
Occult Review.
A Prohibited Inscription.
In-the west cloister of Westminster
Abbey, in the eldest part of the building, imbedded in the pavement is a
slab of marble marking the gram of
John Broughton, who was a verger in
the abbey for more'than thirty years
and before he obtained the situation
was the champion prisefighter of
Great Britain, holding the belt for
more than twelve yeaza. The. guides
who show people around the abbey
say tbat when he was buried in the
cloister some of his admirers wanted
__% __i_iww4iftli»_   "him   yjth mi * _L_}DTQ_.
Incite epitaph, and they indicate a
blank space under his name which
was left for the inscription, Tor
twelve years champion prizefights, of
England," but it was peobibited.—
How K Grew.
Mrs. A (to Mrs. B.)—That Mrs.
Newcomer is so fond of children. The
other day .when I' called she was
blowing soap' bubbles with them
through a common clay pipe.
Mrs. B. (to Mrs. 0.)-T_a± Mrs.
Newcomer is so funny. Mrs. A. saw
her'amusing the children with a common day pipe.
Mrs. 0. (to Mrs. D^—Tbat Mrs.
Newcomer  smokes  a oonornn   «Uy
-TBm. D. (to,Mrs. K-MBwt Mrs.
Newcomer; smokes a botrid pipe. I
dont see how any woman in her
sober senses could do that.
' Mrs. E. (to Mrs. F.)-T_ast Mrs;
Ne-weomer smokes a pipe and drinks
awfofly.—London Beraps.
A 'Roumanian
A sfaange custom is still observed
in Bounania When a servant has
diseased his or her master, the of*
fender, takes his boots in his hands
and places them before the bedroom
door of his master. It is a sign of
great submission, and the boots are
either kicked away as an intimation
that the fault Will not be forgiven, or
else the servant is told to place them
on his feet,*which shows that he is
Citieese In 8oup.
Oh-eee is almost always a nice ad-
d-tion . to , a' soup. Besides being
agreeable to the palate, it adds nutriment-to "the soup if it is not lich in
itself, like* the tomato and the' vegetable soup. Any good yellow cheese
can be utilised in this way, even
■ordinary Canadian cheese. In foreign-
(households  • clear     consomme    and
Operation on Ocean Liner.
An ocean liner, travelling at 20 knots
per hour is not the best place to perform
a difficult operatien, yet this feat was
successfully accomplished on the Cunard
liner Campania, which arrived in Liverpool
a few days ago. The ship's surgeon, Dr.
Robt. Bruce, assisted by two medical passengers, was compelled as a last resourse to
operate for appendicitis on one of the
stewards. On arrival at Liverpool the
patient was sufficiently well to proceed to
his own home in Birkenhead.
Ocean Gables in Time off War.
A bill has just been passed in Australia,
enabling the the Federal Government to
seize and hold in time of war, all ocean
cables touching Australia.
Suffragettes Throw Stones at
Teleqraph Wires.
During a speech by Mr. Walter Runci-
man, MP. at Radcliffe, several women
went to the post office and endeavoured by
throwing stones, to break the telegraph
wires, in order to prevent the right hon.
gentleman's address being telegraphed to
the newspapers. They were successful in
this, but managed to break one of the
large plate glass windows. Five of them
were taken into custody.
Hired Boat to Chase a Liner.
Miss Rose Smith, who had booked to
New York by the White Star Liner, Cedric
is a young lady not to' be overcome by
trifles. She arrived in Qyeenstown Sunday
morning, to find the Cedric just steaming
out. She hired a boat and .gave chase, but
though the boatmen rowed their hardest,
they were unable to overtake the liner.
Miss Smith then requsted to be put on
board the Cunard Lusitania, which was
just setting sail, and from there communicated by wireless with the Cedric, explaining
the-situation, and receiving their consent
to travel by the Lusitania. She will probably arrive in New York a day "or two
ahead of the Cedric.
Burglars' Mean Trick.
Burglars entered the residence of Capt.
Higginson, R.N., at Ealing, and stole a
quantity of silver plate. Not content with'
this they obtained a quantity of lard from
the kitchen and carefully plastered it all
over the drawing room wall.
Ploughs up an Ancient Fattle.Field.'
' A farmer ef Ardee Co., Louth, recently
sent one of his men to plough up a field,
unearthed about 50 human skeletons. Enquiries showed the place to have been the
scene of several battles, which occurred
about 300 years ago. The farmer had the
skeletons removed and reinterred, marking
the place by the erection of a cross.
Warrant Issued Ttoeloe Years Ago.
Twelve years ago a warrant was issued
for the arrest of a Nottingham young man
who, however, managed to escape from
the country. He is now desirous of returning to his home, in order to see hia
invalid mother. The magistrates, however,
refuse to withdraw the warrant
An Aeroplane Dance.
.A new dance, the outcrop of aviation,
has made its appearance. - Its name is
" L' Aeronnette," and it has been introduced by M. Leport, president of the Academy
of Paris Dancing Masters. The dance, says
"Gentlewoman," is composed of four
distinct movements. No. I, the couples
perform a slow step, imitating the " rolling "
of the aeroplane; No. 2, the couples raise
their arms slowly, indicating that the aeroplane is rising in the air, whereupon they
advance with little steps; No. 3 illustrates
the unsteadiness of the aeroplane at the
start, trying to recover its balance; No. 4
finally describes the descent.
Schell & BroWn
- Builders and Cotttractors
Plans and Estimates  furnisRed
All work promptly and
carefully executed at
reasonable prices.
_____B_p_________________H____m   r
Address   -   Rutland P.O.
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every* Friday.
Box 66 ' Kelowna, B.C.
Shackleton Starts on
Lecture Tour.
consomme    ,...v_. - .   . , ,„,
other .soups ar«   often   Uccompanied Lused by,the iwgonty of school children.
kgr grated (J?urmesj-j^oueese
Lieutenant Shackleton has commenced
at Queen's Hall, London, a lecturing tour
which will make him a busy man for some
time to come. "Never before," says' the
manager of the lecture agency which has
programme, "has such a long list of lectures been set down tb the name of a
famous man for a single tour." AU the
principal towns and cities in the United
Kingdom and the chief capitals of Europe.
Then will follow a visit to the United
States, with visits to at least 30 cities.
School Teachers Ought to be
' Speaking at University College, Phon-
eticsi Professor Jones said that it was high
timo the teachers in schools learned to
pronounce their words properly. The
pronunciation of children in public schools
was deplorable, and jn most cases tho
teachers did not improve it, often leading
astray some of the children by their extraordinary use of th English language.' Tha
sooner the teachers are taifght the correct
way to pronounce their* -words the better,
as it way partly owing to ^heift adhelreing
to the spelling, that the wrong aotinds were
• \ „¥.
(Successor to J. A MdUEMAN);'
High Grade
Lxxal and imported
^"resh-Fruit       .   ,
Full Line of Cigar^tAace^.
and Cigbfeiti*
ni-i'   irf f   i iinfc ■ "»■•*'
L. G. ft¥_SS
Launches, Sail'Boats .
Ski-fa, Cattoe_ ;afld:Scow8
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.
*■     i        s
Oregon Grown Fruit Trees
Stock at as low prices
v      grade of stock.
<    ■;>;
*"Agcat for
Sllt-am- ^u.s.ri_S, 3nc. aibanp, <£i-_.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company,
will deliver 20 inch wood-(or
$1.50 per Riek
*- Orders filled in rotation.
* r -,i.
High-Class  Bakers, Srdceik arid
Confectioners,     '*.V*v.w*
Is what we cater tor.        \ "  "'.'
' " i
Those housekeepers wlio tmnk
and plan will find ah econbhiy
in buying all their eatables Were
High grades are facts with life.
Wagstaff,s Jams, Preserves,,    y*i:
and Mincemeat
Cadbury's and G.B.Chocolltes
Carr,s and H. & P. Biscuits
Bread, Cakes, and Afternoon
. i * 'a. ■
;tv', -_*
.-.  "i""
s The * Home of. Pure Goods |?$f|?
Phone No. 39
^ i
?-__2,v^ I '''j'.:-.''a-K
?.■-•>.■ 4'
's Exhibit.
Leaves for Spokane
'' ' Last Saturday, the exhibit, prepared at the hands of Mr. F. R. E.
DeHart and collected from all the
best known orchards in the district,
, left for its destination at Spokane,
Washington, where it will be exhibited against fruit from the best
known fruit producing districts in
.the world.    The total number of
boxes shipped were sixty-one, sixty
of which produced  the  best  fruit
that  could  be   picked   from   the
various orchards, the remaining one
. containing literature for distribution
1 among the admirers of the exhibit.
* The    total   number   of   entries
number well over fifty, comprising
i exhibits in the box, .pyramid and
.plate, exhibits, each specimen looking a;perfect winner.   .■      ',
The   packing, which,-has   been
-done during the past few days by
Mr. J. .Gibb,,the expert packer, who
had charge of that part of last year's
exhibit, is certainly a work of art.
Each box was carefully  packed
with a double top and bottom   so
as  to   minimize    any   chance    of
bruising during the rather  rough
transit.   The shipment of the fruit,
which in the "absence of Mr, De-
Hart, who is away on electioneering
business, was made by way of Pen-
•, ticton,   at which   point   a  spring
<■-wagon will  be ready  to   carry  it
_ over the rough  road   to  Oroville,
Washington, from whence, it .will
travel directly,to its destination at
** , Spokane.-This route will save time,
besides causing less handling than
,, Jast year, and will   not  deteriorate
» the 'condition of the apples nearly
„ as.. much,  as   last ■ year's   transit
,    Messrs. J. Gibb  and N.   Lloyd
left.by the same boat,   and   will
personally    conduct   the    exhibit
trough to Spokane, and look after
the'1 setting of it up.
- Mr. Gibb, who knew the exhibits
v sent in last year, felt very confident
': of success, and although' he does
- not  consider  the   colour   of   the
apples is equal   to' last 'year,   the
trouble in this  respect  is   general
through the country, and  will  not
materially impair   the   chance   of
success.    Taken   for  granted   that
the exhibit.goes on itsway without
mishap, it is practically   bound   to
■ win outright, for it includes some
off the finest   fruit  ever  grown  in
this country and the world.
In the capable hands of Mr.
Gibb and Mr, Lloyd, the fruit will
be insured of a good display and
it now remains for us to await the
result: longing for the time when
it will be in season to pat Mayor
DeHart on the back and congratulate him on another success, such as
he obtained last year at the same
apple show.
Hortense Nielson in " Magda."
The Orchard City Record.'
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
Thursday, Hoc. 11
ane - Sugar - Only
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's ■ Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
ULe British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
Magda in many ways is the most remarkable of Suderman's great plays that has
ever been produced. Burndunt, Duse,
Mentford and by many of our great stars.
No one ever considered that a run of over
a year could be accomplished until^ Hortense Nielson made the character of Magda
one of the greatest creations of modern
times. Before Miss Nielson produced
Magda, she studied the character for three
and then went to Germany, where it was
then played"*under Sudmann's direction.
She not only had the opportunity of seeing
the original German company, but also
had the chance to study the people,and
their character. She is an ideal Magda in
size and looks, weighing only 115 pounds
Miss Nielson is a woman of broad and
delicate art, her magnetism is said to be
remarkable and her individuality of con-
ception that she has given the role makes
her* presentation distinctly original. A
young and beatiful woman, she attracts all
classes of play-goers with her splendid
'talent and genius.      , """"
\ Magda will be played on Monday, Nov.
15th, and Ghosts will be produced on the
previous Saturday, Nov. 13th.
V     Port Your Helm and Steer, into -
Campbell V Harbor of Refuge
every time you have any trouble with
your motor car. If your helm won't
port then 'Pone 82 and we will make
a special trip and make matters right.
Your Launch Motor Needs Repairs?
Let us have a look at it, and we guarantee
to put if in good working order.
We are  noted  for our neat workmanship and finish
The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply Co,
BOX 160
The Kelowna Man_fariiiriag Co.
f On another page' will be seen our Notice of Dis
solution of Partnership.   The above named firm will be
carried on by Messrs. F. E.^Small and R. C. Reed, and'
every endeavor will be made' to give "satisfaction in all
branches of the business.
We beg to thank our numerous customers for past
favors, and hope to merit a continuance Qf tneir patronage in the future.
KELOfTN^ MFG. CO., j £ | SR^L
Corner .of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets.
'   '    CALL ANEfSEE US.     -    '- (" ' ''
These destroyer* cannot live where trees have been treated with
Pear Blight, Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, San Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald. The cost is very small. It will not wash off.
One application lasts for two years. Warnock-s Tree Paint is not an experiment. It has
stood the test for 5 years in all parts of the United States. It is an absolute Preventative and u re
for Pear Blight We invite investigation The Arkansas Experiment Station has used this tree
paint for three years. November. 1907. they purchased 50 gallons for free distribution among
leading orchards.   Send for 16-page free booklet to
G. R. LAWES, Enderby, B.C.
Sole Manufacturer for B. C.
(Licensed by B.C. Government) t ,
H O I_ D
A first-class collection of Fruit Trees, Bulbs, Shrubs, etc.
correctly named and scientifically grown.
Our trees are grown on limestone £oil, and are acknowledged
by fruit growers to be better than coast grown "stock. *
Before you buy other stock see .
* A., R. MUIRHEAD, Agent for Kelowna. .
He Will explain. '' Box 353
We have a splendid list of
City Lots and Fruit Farms
for Sale.
If you are looking for a home
call oh us, and wcwill drive .you around and save you
Time and Money. ..
i -   ."-'**. -    . •  \(-
,;   Real Estate Agents
Tliis week' we put on Sale some very striking Blanket
Bargains.    The values and qualities are such that shrewd
buyers will find it to their saving to investigate.
1 Note the descriptions below.
•   Regular $2.75    .- \ 61bs„ ., -    Special, $2.00 a pair
Regular $3.50    -    61bs.,;  -   Special, $2.75 a pair   /
Regular $475   -    61bs.,    -    Special, $3.75 a pair
. Regular $6.25    -    71bs.,
, Regular $7.00   - . 81bs.,
c :„i H.A an o ^oJv
Special $4.75 a pair
Special $5.25 a pair
y..- -%&
> i , ■'
- *. i
ty"     *
'■:'""*   4'J    .
i vy-vvs-ftrttf
i'\i/f\ A1
Qne-quarteiyOff Sale of
;   ; FariGy Linens. -
f'^'.'VfeoncWned.in this very special offering of stunning
\ Linen Values are the most attractive goods we have ever
'^'dbtO^hr^'TKiy Cloths, Centres, Tea Cloths, and Scarfs.
:t:„-,/.-gee our
20th Century
Big Range-of Wool-filled Comforters
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One more week of Big Doings
in our Staple Departafreiit.
Our many customers who took advantage of last
week's bargains will find it equally to. their saving to take
advantage of these saving prices.'
We claim to be able to give you better values in this
department than you.canfind elsewhere. Buying at lowest figures and importing direct ,frorri;me Best staple houses
— J.     _L  —      fllJ      f        *m.mmm.m.l.m~m.m. . ^-_-.-^       l-_^^_l f. *>. •_-_ #1 _-| ___ V* fr 1T1.    '  Q O Ml «hTt/V       .tT/M1-
_U1_LI1C7V^IU_\^U UUU y } W C~1CC1 ov/l-iivac-iii.—in—aoowixxxig—jr v/u."
that our prices cannot be beaten. ^    '
This week the inducements are very special. •
$2.25 Sheets, Plain and Twill, 72 x 90, Special,. $1.65 pair
$3?00 Hem-stitched,. 72 x 90, Special, $2.25 a pair
$3.50 Hem-stitched, 72 x 90, Special, $2.65 a pair
40 x 42in., Regular 40c. pair, Special, 30c. pair    ;
42 to 46in., Regular 50c. pair, Special, 35c. pair.
Regular, $1.25, Special, 95c.Regular, $1.50, Special,$ 1.10
-' »
• \.
. *
-    4
f   1
i   t V '■
-.'■->-■/.• •..,vv-v7;K!';;i>!.;;,.-.-i-v-.-f' yy^Ays:LAyAyyAyy*AyA'yyA'yyyymAy ._ >   v >. >       r •   '---aa\- -,*>
iih„\i.i■!■,.wi■»;wMjm<*p■ ■ ■w„w„-*»rttt "—"i,",':,:i,;'Vifr^T*".'!' ■??r!_'v_!i_'._r*v ■ *     i..'rfrwt*nF&*r***$*$i*3iL^^ * ■w '>"•<— ■w"-rr% I /
J.         ,      <WV    i            ^
f. ■*•"
*- '
"V.      M „
1    v
* *>J      '.        '_
J.   / *   '
■v      .
J \ '- >""-r
Thursdag, Nod. 11
z    The Orchard City Record
Always keeps on hand
during winterN months a
good supply of such drugs
/ and remedies as are liable
to be needed at a moment's notice. Sickness
is liable to come to stock
or family, and safety lies
in having suitable remedies at hand/"*
We .make a  specialty of
supplying   v   \        v
A large trade in this line
enables us^to carry such
goods in quantity,^ and we
are always in a position
, to furnish the article needed in almost any quantity.
We guarantee the quality.
P. Hut. .Co.
**  Kelowna.-   B.C.
■-        a>
PHONE 19 -
Wholesale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Hone
Dealer. /
i   j*   * ]
>   Gents' Tailors,
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
-    Steps to Establish Kaoij.
* **■ / '
On_ of the first steps toward the actual
establishment of the n w Canadian navy
will be the securing from Great Britain of
two second or third class cruisers as train,
ing ahijjs for officers and men, and as fisheries protective vessels in Canadian waters.
The crjrisers will be loaned to Canada,
-pending the construction of the vessels for
the Canadian navy "and arrangements have
now been completed between the Admiralty and the Canadian government.l' One
vessel will be used on the Atlantic coast
and the other on the Pacific, and will begin
the training of men at once. A naval
academy may also' be established as a
necessary addition for the efficient training
of the crews. v *
Quebec Bridge. "     ;    '
The expert engineers who were sent to
report and prepare plans for the Quebec
bridge^ have sent in their report fo the
Minister of Railways. They state that it is
possible to span the St. Lawrence-^t the
site of the old bridge structure with a
bridge either of the suspension ^F-canti-
Iever design.
Already Wanting Space at Next',
Neto. Westminster Pair.
"The New Westminster Exhibition has
reached a position of undeniable importance the in estimation of the various fruitgrowing districts of the province. Altho
the exhibition has only been closed about
three weeks applications are already coming in to the secretary for space in next
year's show. Summerland, it seems, with
characteristic energy, istaking time by the
forelock and seeking representation in the
1910 fair. Other districts who have made
application are Comox.'Surrey, Armstrong
and Mission. The exhibit from Comox
at the recent exhibition experienced very
great difficulty in getting to its^Jestmation,
having been transshipped no less than
eight times in the course of its journey
from the Island;-
Still Seeking Carriboo Hold-ups.
The police hnve been busy searching
for the two highwaymen who held up the
Cariboo Stage recently, but have not yet
been successful. ,,The stage held several
registered packages, but the loss is not so
great as was originally estimated,
cheque for a large amount covers the
majority, of the $5,000 reported lost, and no
gold dust waa-on the stage. Payment of
the cheque has been stopped, and a strict
watch is being kept on the various banks.
The only clue as to what trail the robbers
took after the hold-up is in aome clearly
defined hoof-prints'* indicating that they
made a hurried exit from the'district. '    .
Ellison School District.
For Fall Planting
BULBS from the best Euro-
'' pet_n and Japan growers
Home grown fruit and ornamental'
trees—grown on upland soil without '
irrigation, in  the only part of the
American   continent   not   infested
with the San Jose scale.
Garden, Field  and  Flower Seeds,'
tested stock from the best  grower*,
in the world.'     ■'  '
,   Wire Fencing and Gates
Spray Pumps. Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Cut Flowers, Spraying Ma-
*'   'terials, etc.
^hite labor only
167 Page Catalogue Free.
^ Qresnbonaa'' and Seedhonso
8010, Westminster Rd.
7 Branch Blurasrg  ^ South Vanconcsr ,
! \   t
*\,K  1. **\*        *   t»
The,subject for last Tuesday's
debate was , "Woman .Suffrage."
Unfortunately owing to the roads
being rather muddy, and the appearance - of a few drops of rain,
very few turned out, making the
subject a very difficult one to
handle., Mr. Ge6. Stirling was
chairman and spoke long and
earnestly in favor of women's
rights. He thought as women
must obey the laws they should
have  a  share in  the making of
them H*> _ flymnnthized  with   the
suffragists in England, and predicted that- ere long women would
have the right of voting there. ^ He
enlarged upon the noble qualities
of women, their steadfastness in
their ideas of right, the good in-,
fluence their presence should have
upon men engaged in political life,-
their high morality, their strict
Mr. Clarke, whilst acknowledging
that there are many good noble
women well fitted for Parliamentary honors, thought that there was
a much less capable class of
women-who would be entitled to
vote who wohld be of no benefit
to the country.. Still, he was rather
in favor of women having the vote?
. Mrs. Hay asked if the tide of
the tide of foreign immigration
affected the polls of women in this
Miss O'Reilly thonght the more
sacred duties' of women in'' the
home life would suffer by entering
the political arena. She also mentioned the likelihood of women
being subjected to sneers and hisses
from her opponents.
. • Mr. McDonald said voting should
at least be limited to single women
owning property, whilst Mr. W.
Munson was , pf opinion that if
women .had the right of voting
should be discussion hfthe home.
Mr. Sirling clearly answered most
of the "-objections, and on a vote
being taken it was found to be in.
favor of franchise for women.
Caused Prairie Fire.'
One of % the rare cases when a man is
broughtsto justice for starting a prairie
fire was heard before Police Magistrate
Shannon of KillarncV, Manitoba. Tne
man, whose name was Lester - Parks,
pleaded guilty to being the cause of the
conflagration, as he was setting fire to
stubble and did not have an adequate fire
guard. He was fined $50 or six months
in jail.
Hold-up at Niagara Falls.
A most daring hold-up^ occurred at
Niagara Falls at five o'clock in the afternoon last Thursday. Two strangers came
to the door of the express 'office, situated a
few yards from the Grand Trunk Railway
station, and one of them asked the clerk if
there was a trunk for him. As the clerk
was bending over the book looking for the
name the man struck him over the head
with a loaded pipe, rendering him unconscious. The two men then leapt over the
counter and gathered up bank notes to
extent of many thousand dollars. The
police bad to wait for some time until the
clerk was well enough to give his evidence
and a description of his assailants. It was
not until this was received that the police
were able to start on their search.
__ r I
Naoij Bill Will Appear Thi8 Session.
The Canadian Parliament will open
today the session possibly continuing for
six months. yThXchjef item of discussion
on the programme will be the bill by
which the new Canadian navy will be
constituted. There' will be a tarriff discussion, but little legislation will be looked
for  beyond < a  bill to confirm the Franco-
- . r
Canadian Trade Treaty. The Canadian
Gazette contains many notices of intended
applications for (legislation.' The Kettle
Valley railway, the Vancouver, Westmin
star, and Yukon railway, and the Victoria
and Vancouver Eastern railway all seek
time extensions to build their lines.
"*'*- a\ > ,- v..   1>     * \V7i-y#a-*'
w' \ "<■'-, v* -->£&.>;'*
awlMB_.i * ,  n-Z
Report Shows Wheat Increase/.
.The reports of the Winnipeg Grain Exchange show that nearly double, the
output of grain is anticipated this year as
against last, owing to the increased acreage
in * crop 'and the .greater yield per acre.
Fort William heads the list for the output
A~ "of- grain, the total number of bushels estimated being 4,599,000. Port Arthur comes
second with over three million bushels.
'News of the Valley:
A Salmon Arm orchard is lamenting the loss of nine or ten boxes of
Ben Davis apples, the " Observer,"
calling the theft a foolish one. We
agree, why not go for Suttons or
Newtons ?
William-Fulkard, a young man
of 23 years of age, met his death
last week at Enderby.being practically blown to pieces by dynamite.
The deceased was thawing out
powder for blasting stumps on the
government road, at the time of,
the accident, happened to be loading one of the holes. He took up
a box of caps and some fuse, when
the contents of the box exploded
in his arms, injuring him terribly.
The injured man was taken to the
Vernon  Hospital,  but  the  shock
 l: i ...:_i_ _i i -f
Ll J
was too much for him. He died
within a few hours after being admitted.
The Summerland Review relates
a strange romance, which, however
does not have' the happy ending
A young woman, it appears, who
lived at Gellatly, had a squabble
with her parents and' resolved to
leave her home. -She consequently
boarded the Okanagan, and when
on board, told her pitful tale to one
of the passengers. When the pair
got as far as Summerland, the
young man's sympathy was aroused, and he decided right there and
then that they would see a priest
and he would claim her as his'own.
A telephone message from the
father, however, cut the wedding
short and the runaway was forced
return home. The young man
made a hurried exit, as there was
some mention made of arresting
him in connection with the case.
•     Norval McGregor.
Norval McGregor, Miss Hortense Nielsen s
moin support, holds the distinction of hay.
ing played in more countries than generally
falls to the lot of the average actor. He
has received the praise of the press and
public, not only in critical New York, Boston and San Francisco, but, the, English
critics in the Oriental countries have compared him very favorably with their great
English acton. He carries with him notices from the Hong Kong Daily Mail, The
Englishman of Calcutta, the Bombay Gazette, The Age, of Melbourne, all testifying
to his ability in ■ their opinions. He haa
run 'the Whole gamut of Shakespearian
drama, and holds the distinction of having
played in five Ibsen plays abd originated
two of the leading roles in this country. -
/„  "
on that House or Shop ?
• '   Stop a- moment and consider how, low       -
our rates are, and then call or phone us
the extra amount you want, added.
<   J
Your House may bum next!
T *
, 1
We represent only strong companies:
. Liverpool   and   London    and   Globe,
Phoenix, British' America, Westchesjter, *
Occidental and Imperial Underwriters..
Central Okanagan Land& Orchard Co.
.   A AS
1 *- .-1- L
* ' '.|
... i ."•
*  ,'?
-j  / 'if
i  < -
.'r   I   21
. % v,
A      J 1
4    .      T.
_ 'i.:*l
r   "^l
y- t?~f'
is ""_*■■
'   - If you are interested in the comparative merits ahd economy of
gravity ditches and small pumping
plants, write for our Booklet ony
Practical Irrigation.
We have installed many hund-
'reds of successful pumping plants
-.all over the arid west.
We also have a new instructive
■ bulletin on "How to Spray and   ,
When to Spray Fruit Trees" which
' may interest you much.
and other principal cities, or
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
• «
Just received a large shipment of
Air-tight Heaters of all kinds    : /
Coal and Wood Heaters of all lands.
Washington Coal Qrates.
Franklin Wood Grates.
A Large Display    Lowest Prices ■><
We should like to draw your atten-
: . tion to the following facta:
If you need a tonic for your hair, to
make it grow, to make it thicker, and
give it more vitality, use Mrs, Garri-
son** Hair Restorer, price $1 per bottle
Many ladies in town will recommend
this tonic as the best.
It Your Complexion Good?
If not, use Mrs. Garrison's Massage
Cream. Thia will keep your skin soft
and fine and free from wrinkles.
, Mrs. Bradley's Face Wash .will clear
your face of sunburn, no matter how
bad, also blackheads and pimples. It
will cure freckles. This fs sold either
in packages, ready to be, put up 25c,
or in bottles ready for use, 40c.
Sold by Mrs. Hislop, corner
Water St. and Eli Ave.,
Hair Treatment, Singeing,
' Shampwmgi Massaging, a
"Specialty.  Terms mode.ate.\
* I
Famous Kootenay; & Sask-Alta
*'.*** I
Importer and Dealer In all hinda of
i i \    . - >
>   1"
■ ■.   -* t \
vw>wvww»Vvwv^vw^w^<^*mwm ■
* (j
/ ^      4_y "j* *   t. 1.1 * -* * *
The Celebrated Adams wagon
Hamilton Wagons—both one and tv^horsei;'Also/all
''   kinds of one and two-horse Cultivators. Plows," * " A-y
Harrows and Spring-Tooth Cultivators
Come and see the Latest Improved
If you want a First-Class Carriage go lo Elliott's.   Wt hahMe letting {; >
' bat the best McLaughlin and Canada Carriage. ''?- ^ ^ v \
' **' ^ ^,' ''      i"l, »■'
Every Rig Guaranteed ; ,;;,v
' vv. i-
T     , lit
*"    l,t?
./ ^
A 4%
•\ '
1   f    .        ^        '■!       .' \  <.     '   1 - v- .   " -<    «     ?»VS|
\. .' 'VJ.v! •     i     ..        )V"'i^«<9 _^_§£_lli__i__u_^^^ * 'ffi~*¥&i&i*Wi%W,*
t *
The Orchard Gitij Record
(Thursday Noo. II
and Ofphar d
___. »i«ami»_Mll.«___l_A_m»m_i___l__
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
, and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street 'a
Willow Avenue
LIMITS        :
On; Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
B.A.Sc.,C. E., D. L.S., B.C. L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Assoc. Mem. Gmi. Soc. C. E        Graduate Toronto
•   ■       University
. Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
fCELOWNA,      *    :: B.C.
"Office:    Keller Block
Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd
DENTIST        i
P. 0. Box ittQ "Phono B6
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office-.Leon St.
Horses bought and sold on commission.     Dray meets fell  CP.R.
boats.   All kinds  of  heavy  team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings.Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
-- or*:
Phone 58
Offices on
Leon Ave.
P.O. Box 273
Mrs. Hislop, Teacher of the Piano
J ImlVmtO -tHtp^l
-hiw^jinu— a—number—of—y
in teaching pupils in all grades.   Especial
attention to touch and technique.
Beginners for the first six months taken at
a reduction. *
For  particulars,  apply, residence,  corner
of Water Street and Eli Ave.
us your
„ \
■ t i
■V ■ i- ■
\?AA   >
AA"' i
\y >" A ' ,
** { r
' *v   . >
4£f^-'* A **
v$_,**V {
if■'" ■
■*_.. i v v
Ifey *V,-''
■2af. f. _
Printing Order
We (5an execititei them neatly and
t cheaply, arid give you satisfaction
every time.
*     •■     - \       ,i
. T'l" """■   - '"
iii'i Ifi
tf** r^T\- Mf ('    ry^bf   vc,
_»$H$. ^,MA- 7'   >• : , _.„    «-'''
Mus. Bac, A.T.G.L.
Teacher of Piano, Organ,
and Voice Production.
Orchard Work,
Pruning, Planting, Etc.
P.O., Kelowna.
Miss P. Louise Adams,
Scholarship graduate in Piano and
Teacher's Course of Toronto Conservatory
of Music. Late Teacher in Westminster
College, Toronto.
Pupils prepared for examinations for
Toronto Conservatory of Music. , i
'   Successor to Miss Edith L. Smith.
Address: P.O.', KELOWNA.
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
'   - Etc. > •
, P.O. Box 174, Kelowna.
' A1
Social and Personal
F. R. E, De Hart, left last* Saturday for Salmon Arm, where he
will commence his canvass of the
district in the Liberal interests.  •
Alec Bernie, came up from Vernon last Friday on business connected with the courts.
A. S. Cox, returned last Saturday
from a business visit to the Centre.
J. P. Forde of Revelstoke, was
in town last week in connection
with the new C. P. R. slip.
I. R. Oneal, was a visitor in town
from Vernon last week.
Miss E. Fenwick was an arrival
from the Old Country last week.
D. C. Percival and wife were
visitors from Chicago last week end
arriving last Friday.
G. W. London of Loumis spent
last week end in town.
H. Manning of Vernon wa» a
visitor in .town last week.
Messrs J,. Gibb and Norman
Lloyd, left last Saturday for Spokane., Washington together with
the National Apple Show Exhibit.
Mrs Cather left last week for
Vancouver where she spent a few
days visiting friends, after which
she left for Honolulu where she
will spend the winter months,
Andrew Ireland returned last
Thursday from' an extended visit at
R. Paul returned last Monday
from a visit to the coast.
J. E. Wheeler left for Hall's Landing last Monday.
The Rev. M. Pike, of Newfoundland, has been appointed to the
Mount View Church, Rudand. \He
will arrive here in about two weeks.
Geo. E. Boyer preached in the
Methodist Church last Sunday
Rev. Thompson preached in the
Whelans' Church last Sunday afternoon and in the evening at the
Rutland Church.
The Rev. S. J. Thompson wishes
to announce\ that next Sunday he
will take, for discussion, the objections to Local Option. .
A parlor meeting of theNW.C.T.U.
will be held at the home of Dr.
Gaddes next Tuesday afternoon
at three o'clock. The subject of
" The Social Evil and the White
Slave Traffic" will be dealt with
by the Provincial Superintendent
of Moral Education. All women
interested in the moral welfare of
the rising generation are cordially
invited to be present. A collection
will be taken in aid of the Provincial Rescue Home for girls and
Mr. and Mrs. Mcjannet and
family and Mrs. Mcjannet, sr., left
last Tuesday morning for Winnipeg where they will stay for a few
Mr. Pitcairn left last week for
the Old Country, where he. will
spend the winter months.
 Mr-and Mrs-Graharr «f E™"«"'>>
Landing were visitors in town this
week, arriving .on Tuesday last.
The concert which will be given
on November 26th ia, we understand, to outdo anything ever
given by the Musical and Dramatic
Society. Knox is a prince of impersonators.
Dr. Mathison, dentist, Rowcliffe
Block. Kelowna.   Phone 89.
Mr J. W. Bengough, the well
known cartoonist * and humorist
who is on his way through Canada
from Australia; will appear before
a Kelowna audience on Tuesday,
Novemcer 30th. The entertainment
will be held under the anspices of
the members of the Baptist Church.
• A general meeting of the K. Y. F.
club in course of organization will
be held this evening in Lequime's
Hall. The work of the evening will
be the initiation of members, and
all interested are' requested to attend. The meeting will start at 8 oc
Ladies interested inthe formation
of a local branch of the Farmers'
Institute for women, are reminded
that a meeting will be held in the
Raymer Block to-morrow, Friday.
Rehearsals are in steady progress
for a production of ' Oh! Susannah!'
a farce by Mare Ambient, which
will be produced by the Kelowna
Musical and Dramatic Society on
December 9th and 10th.
The Lyric Theatre has been engaged by the Hortense Nelson Co.,
for November 13th, 15th, 16th, whe'n
two plays will be produced,
"Magda" and "A Doll's House."
After a successful run at the Coast
it was decided to place the company on a tour throughout the
Prouince, and taking outside report
as a criterion, the productions rank
with the best companies travelling.
A meeting of the K.Y.F. Club
will be held in Lequime's Hall today. All who contemplate being
members are requested to attend.
The proceedings will commence at
8 o'clock sharp.
Owing to the small attendance
at Lequimes Hall last Saturday, the
concert projected to be held on St
Andrew's night was dropped. ' A
social evening ' may be held but
nothing definite has yet deen decided. '   ■   . ,
The Persistency Club held a
social last Thursday evening at the
home of Capt. Knight, when the
local ministers were invited ' to be
present as guests of the club. A
very enjoyable' social evening is
Rev. K. S.-Magee, field secretary
for the moral reform of the Methodist Church, will speak to a Kelowna congregation Sunday evening
November 21st, taking as his
subject, the Local Option Plebiscite.
A mass meeting will possibly be
held in the Opera House after the
service in th'e Methodist'Church.
The Secretary  of the] Hospital
begs to acknowledge receipt of the
following subscriptions:
,J W. J.'Mande $10 00
\ R. B. Kerr 10 00
M. Hereron   / 5 00
C. Martin     '' 5 00
In view of the approaching plebiscite, the Rev. A. W.K. Herdman
will preach on Local Option oil
Sabbath evening next in 'Knox
Laymen's missionary meetings
(interdenominational) "Tare"-to be"
held in Vernon on Thursday, 18th
inst., and at Summerland on the
19th inst.
Friday, Nov. 26th, marks the
appearance of Mr. Knox, the. famous impersonator, who gaye^such a
fine performance last year. This
time he comes under the auspices
of the Musical and Dramatic Society, who will help in conjunction
with this more than ordinary performer.    '
■Who said a,dog did not know
his own 'country ? . A sure proof" '
that at least  one  member of the .
canine race cither did not" like the
climate  on  the  other side of the
lake, or'else  saw no  prospect  of
getting fed, was shown last Friday,
wheij Sport, a dog belonging to Mr. -
J. E. Wheeler, was taken across the (,
lake' on the ferry, and somehowSor  I
other got left  on  the 'other side   '
when the return journey was made.
Determined not to be done, the
dog started the long swim across \
the lake, arriving'home in the wee
sma' hour8 of the morning arid
made his way to the hotel, where,
in a siffened up condition?he slept
for some twelve hours utterly/, exhausted.    Truly a good  " sport"
eh I
A. Shatford, of Vernon, and A. .
P. Morris, of Kamloops, have been j
appointed returning officers for the -1
Okanagan'and'Kamloops Electoral \
'districts. J. A. Brown, of Keremeos i
is appointed returning officer _ for
the Similkameen.     v   •
1 Premier' McBride will - arrive in
this district on Saturday, November
'13th, and will hold his first meeting
in Penticton. , On the"sime day he / j
will visit Summerland and Vernon, _|
taking in Kelowna on'his "way up
the-valley.     He will  address  the
meeting here at about three o'clock |
in the affernoon.
A slight alteration has been made
during the ' past week: in the boat
service, the time -of leaving the
Landing being altered from 12:15
to 12:457 Consequendy the afternoon boat will be scheduled to
arrive here thirty minutes later/
namely at 3:05 instead of2:35.
- The Lyric T heatre ' found itself
capable    of   comfortably, seating
eighteen peopleJa__t_Friday,.ori'the  »'
occasion ofthe Cassels Percival
Co.'s visit to this town.    Friday, is
considered a bad day for theatrical ^
entertainments anyway, owing to
the'fact' that  quite' a ' number of
people are attending choir practice
and other functions, "but the'show
put up by this first class company,
was certainly worthy of a better
attendance. ,.
Last Friday,' final arrangements
-were made between Mr.'. J. E.
Wheeler'and Mesars.'Lavigtie and
Dart for the'purchase'by. the latter
party of the -Royal Hotel. The
deal, which we understand is a
cash one, will be very satisfactory
to Mr.'Wheeler, for'he haw beeri
wishing to get back to"*his interests
on the prairie 'for some months
past. The new proprietors are
from Strathcona and are related to
each' other, Mr. Dart being Mr.
Lavigne's brother-in-law. Mr. J. E.
Wheeler will leave,-.together with
his family about the end of this
month" for Moose Jaw and Caron,.
and while we are sorry to say goodbye to this popular proprietor, we
are pleased to shake hands with
the new parties in the project The
change in the management^ took
place last" Monday.
Attention is drawn to the secretary's remarks with reference to the
yearly subscriptions to the Hospital
which are now " due. .We understand that the cost "of running{the
institution i is away ahead of the
funds' coining in, and in order to
meet the expenses of the institution,
it is absolutely necessary that those
subscriptions and donations should
be sent in regularly and prompdy.
The cement mixer started work
last Friday, filling the forms for the
foundation of the new, school on,
Corner Richter St and Glenn Ave..
You would enjoy eating
HAM and
'*  ri '
More than ever if you, were to try the kind
we are selling;    It is the famous Star Brand
and ours is the only store in the city where 1
you can get it.   The makers of Star Brand
,   are known as being thoroughly clean in
their methods. Their curing formula is, unequalled;
Try some - the flavor is delicious.
\_*»« -, \_/«
<•.'• \
, [FL0V%
.-.-,.!.    .   FEED  '.  •;
■' i   LW'
a ...•_.' .._ ..?vf;; *';_■*,
7 -i-    J\    "'
' 'A  ' '"> V.Vi'y'r'<^-'  ''*" -  aw/.*,  -/;_*-   77/-/. *
' A " 7* '. '''   '   ' "" A Jv ''      i-'*1"
' *'',     ''       ~    '- *_'!.    ■''     '        77
'/    , fhur3tfag~ ;febo/H)
1 V t \        - I / 1 t _ . 1
The Orchard City Record.,
'7-    o»   <?: 17.,.,    *■•"•/«/.  ^-fif
St. Michael and All Angels' Church. ,
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in,, the
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth" Sundays, after
' Morning Prayer.
"Litany on the first and third Sundays.        1
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock;   Evening Prayer, at
REV. THOS. GREENE B. A . Rector.
[Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Servicesat II a.m.;eye
>.m.   Sunday School 1
Sutton's Seeds
*> ',
Tomato Plants
Cabbage Plants
Bedding Plants
', (      Asparagus Roots
Rose Bushes, etc.
Morning Services at 11 a.m.; evening servicesat 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
•'      Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p m. Sunday School at 2 p.nf.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN. Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2-30 P m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p m..
*"*• REV. S. Fi THOMPSON. Pastor.
' ' BAPTIST '  .
Kelowna Baptist Church, Eliice St.  ',
Sabbath Servicesat Ham. and 7.30 p.m.
, Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   AU welcome.'
Wed . 7.30. Rev. D. J. Welsh, Pastor.
■ The sailing schedule of'the S. S. Okanagan during the summer months is as £ol-<
lows. ,   . _        .     .
tali's Boarding House
re-opened by
Large    comfortable    rooms
with or without board *
Terms very reasonable
Apply Clifton House, Glen
' Avenue   *
Read up
Daily Except Sundays
Read down
Okanagan Landing
Okanagan Centre
Short's1 Point
.   .6:15
Summerland    -
J. A. Bigger
Flans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10  Lawrence Ave.
v  ""  - PHONE 95
-" r-    - <• ' <
. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medallist
London Academy qf Music.(Eng.)
i      f   • ^
-** v
is open to take pupils for, Pianoforte, Lessons.'
- V "*   ' -„-1    •<      ■
! • Address: Post Office
i-    <
Rowcliffe Block.
Appoidtments for sittings can be made any
- Between 10 a.m.. and. 4 p.m.
The Newest Designs
in Fall and Winter
>/ The University,   (   The. Ragldnette
The Strathcona      The Harvard
These are the vejjf latest coat styles shown, this fall.
! ';   • • . . • ;.
Prices,$12.50, $15.00, $18.00, $20.00;$22.00, $25.00
The House of Fashion
' y'''l^''______ 4
W. C. T. U. Notes.
Conducted by the I__di=s of the Kelcwna branch
ofthe W.C T.U. - '      '
What Local Option has Dona for
Net). Zealand.
The remarkable results of the*".local
option" and "1 eduction" polls, taken in
connection with the tecent New Zealand
general election, have already had a most
beneficial effect. At a rr.etting of the
Auckland Brewers' and Licensed Victuallers' Association, reprenting all the wholesale and nearly every member of , the
retail trade, held at Auckland,' it was
unanimously resolved "to abolish barmaids,
to abolish private bars, and to raise the
age limit" of youth who may be served
with liquor from J8 to 20 years. No
woman will be supplied with liquor for
consumption on the premises unless she is
boarding in the house. In an interview
the mayor of Auckland, who is himself a
brewer, stated that "since the trade has ■ to
ask the people every three years for the
continuance of ita existance, it is necessary
for it to be -conducted on lines approved
by the public at large." During the recent
discussion on the Licensing Bill in this
country we * heard much about the hardships of " throwing defenceless women out
of employment," but here in New Zealand
we have seen an enlightened liquor'traffic
prohibiting barmaids, protecting .women
and children from the temptations of the
public house without the aid of legislation.
Local Option is truly a most reforming
influence, and might, if tried in this
country almost render unnecessary many
of the important but minor clauses of the
recent Licensing Bill. ,    '
Shingling Roofs.        -i
Chaplain McCabe tells a story of a drinking man who, being in the saloon late at
night, heard the wife of the saloon keeper
say to her husband, " Send that fellow
home, it is late." " No, never mind," said
her husband, " he's shingling our house
for us." ' This idea lodged in the mind of
the drunkard, and he did not return to the
saloon for six months. When passing the
saloon keeper in the street, the latter said,
"Why don't you come around' to my
place any more ? " " Thank you for your
kind hospitality," replied the former victim,
"I have* been shingling my own roof
lately." , -    ■      ,
One Phase of the Curse., ' -
" Experts in the treatment of feeble-
mindedness, insanity, and epilepsy, are
now almost unanimous in attributing to
to the drink habit a great deal of the
serious evils with which they have to deal.
Sad indeed is the lot" of little children who
have* to carry, one^of the heaviest of the
burdens imposed upon humanity because
of the wrong-doing of others.
Dr. V. H. Podstata is tho superintendent
of an asylum for insane and epileptics in
Illinois. In a recent article he forcibly points
out the relationship just as stated, and tells
a sad story of a boy thus afflicted, then he
goes on to say:
" But while the case is pathetic, it is not
rare. • There are today in this fair State of
Illinois about eight thousand, epileptics.
More than half of them are children.
Nearly two thousand could, if they knew
enough/justly point their fingers at their
fathers, , or mothers, or at both, and say,
'You are responsible for'my misery—you.
through the alcohol which made you its
" And when most of these children die
early, prematurely, usually in horrible con-
vultions, with their poor little limbs drawn
together in spasms, and their child-faces
purple and twitching, from the physician's
view-p6int the  case  it a case of murder,
and the name of the murderer is Alcohol."
Ladies should look out tor the
fine display of hats at Mrs. Tutcher's
millinery sale—$5 and under.
Under this beading communications islll
be receloed upon any subject ol Interest.
Letters must be algned.be brief, scold
personalities. The Editor does not nee*
ossarlllu endorse opinions gloen tolotc.
- 7    i" i ,-iti -     •'    . ,i     .'.. *-'>   «7,   -5 ■<   y a v    '<-
V     "  -r.;  *«. •, '   O      .    tVVV.*'..    '-'».    ^ sH7l isA  **j;'     ...
V*' "p'V■ 4vr ■ *;...       -,'• *$y     -7    ,V*V %*, \"' K< A U'#   .   "
■ {_ __ 'Mi     A   .' k_ *   <      i-.i . V"^ ,•      *• ,  \  'u.    AIjA,     .l<i-r   v*-?     >f i   j
..vjftfl»1> ..V-lfr.' AAthilb ••,. >,.A^^«r^sti-.../,u;l--^^:.7.A.^AS ^...@.',7 LLrti.".f'
Editor Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir,—It has,- come to my
notice .that 'some person selling
trees has circulated a report that
no trees are grown at Kelowna in
connection with' the Layritz Nurseries. I would like to inform our
customers and those expecting
planting out orchards in this vicinity
that this year over. 20,000 trees
have been grown at Kelowna by us,
these all'being strictly first class,
there still being a quantity of this
unsold. In the best commercial
interest, and for future business.
Mr. Layritz, of Victoria, has recently purchased ten acres of the very
best land procurable a short distance out of Kelowna, which will
be used entirely and solely for the
enlargement of his" branch nursery
here.' This.new acquision is being
carefully worked and prepared
now for next spring's   extensive
planting.      \ "    : '
i        -   Yours trulyt '   '   i
of Men's and Boys' Clothing
Having decided to close out all our Men s Clothing
we offer our entire stock at greatly reduced prices- tp/
clear quickly in order to make room for other goods.
Our stock of MEN'S SUITS is very complete
having just received a large shipment of the latest patterns and styles. '  7
Men s Tweed Suits at $8.50;   clearing out at $6.40
. 9.00
Men's English Worsted
Suits at 15.00
Men's Navy Serge Suits 16.50
Boys' 3-piece Suits at $7.00; clearing out at $5.25;-
6.00      '■' *   " .420.
Boys' 2-piece Suits at    5.00
. ->
Men s CravenetteOvercoats,$ 10.00; clearing at$7.60
9.00 " 6.50
Men s Fall Overcoats .9.00 " 6.50
Men s Canvas Coats, ^ljned      3.50*       "       ,2.65-
», i ,J, "cirJ
"' *-; A'4
' *"'_>■
■'. .' s -".  _
-     p.l.";J
.   '/, A'V)J
.     A   -,<*-
•■   i ■* j %   r _
'.ii AyAK'S
. A'"'*)%I
*'-." '.4_1
*» ;•   ..', 11
-. .v "A»tf
'    ,_-»,ifk|
,,_,t.« .«
..•-" Wif|
r-.f «,y-t^|
*    iAm&$8\
'} •; J^vL*yW.M
■'-- wL
Men's Mackinaw Coats
Men's Sheep-lined Coats
Men's Frieze Pea Jackets
\    f^*-"-   MA"*"*!
375 - Pairs of Men's Odd Pants - 375 ;'_
Mens Odd Pants at $5.50;   clearing 6utat;$4;J5r
'.''""', "■'".I
* " » i     ■
We would advise intending purchasers to make an
early selection while the stock is well assorte<_U.#- M
",   \  1        -**_H fV I
_ _t.\)i_.'_Sl
I < • J,f. f»«
-     ■-        . .= Mns--____-___a--   ,   i     ..J!;, mi.ii>_<--___-_.;<-m}«wa?p;s
, . ~       ~r'm? ■'V>J7. W«V.
The Kelowna Outfiftmg SbifcS»
W. B. M. CALDER   ,--   ^^^*^
i i \     n
>\& w-t^i*it&y>i£ _. ?<___i-.
v. -», v
. 1. 1-1
"-. ^        i      .. v        ',"7-' i       <   ,   ''!-,!••   >.il vj! Orifice."feiv^i
vi'V"       <v-'    ".' -7- "'-': ^ '" °     % "uW^X^/n^lfejlk
.  -11,11. '\ - '.' 'u s>^ .,".V.-v   ''''*.> \\ V .   -  \'V,owW*-,sv^_S__a_SSHJi
^..,lP.■.i"..V^.^^^._._.''J^^.^V^Aji!B^£il^Il^i^K^-■.3 ^■•'^-^'-V''^wWft_f"^S^_m^ S_£p'*'_S"*_.J__^.l__^^
The Orchard Citq Record.
C. A QU1NTARD submits
America's Foremost Emotional Actress, supported by
norval McGregor
The world-renowned Shakespearean Actor, and her famous New York Company of 16 artists.
The Most Wonderful Dramatic Sensation of the Year
2 Cents per woi-J, fust im.ei-i._on anc'
1 Cent per vord oach subsequent
inrerlion, mK-'n-um 25 Ct>ni_.
FOR SALE—Hay. i7 to $12 per ton. Swi tli
Kelowna Lai.c! Cc , L'i_,, H. J. Hewclion
FOR SALE"—Cheap, n <*<-.p_ J-iver, easy
in saddle, also ./IcLnunlilin buggj,
harnesb and saddle. Apply box J, Record Office 50
WANTED -200 -. tons of White
Potatoes to,, ship at once.
Apply C. C. josselyn, Grocer.
'    ' 47
_ _
FOR SALE—Edison Standai d Phonograph
and 50 lecords. Apply P.O. Box 65
Kelowna. 46-tf
FOR SALE--ons good general purpose
colt, coining two years old, weight about
900 lbs. Also about eight tons of hay
in good condition, Prices reasonable.
J. Rowcliffe, sr. 48-9p
FOR SALE—a six months old mare colt,
halter broke; will sell cheap if taken
now. J. Leithead, late McRory, Vernon
Road. 48-9p
Saturday, November 1 3th :
" GHOSTS,      Ibsen's Gr<_.*xt Moral Drama
Monday, November 1 5th :
ii Ti /l A /^ T~\ A     "       Herr Hermann Aoclermann's Wonderful
lVJL_r*.Vw-XJL//l.« Dramatic Success
• . . ' • .1
As played at Manhattan Theater, New York City for a run of nine months.
Tuesday, November 16th :
Ibsen's Masterpiece
WANTED—two or three good families'
washing. Fetched and delivered, large
open drying ground, work well aired.
Household," per doz., fancy .work b>
piece.    Apply Box 36, Record.        ' 49tf
WANTED-vSome young geese, also eai ly
hatched chickens.    Apply P.O. Box 347 !
Kelowna B.C. or at Mission Ranch.- !
FOR SALE—saddle pony, quiet and -well
broken; also Mexican saddle and bridle
Apply Box, 10, Record. ** >.
As played at Bijou Theater, New York City, for a run ol over one year, and before the Kaiser
. 7 ' of Germany and the Royal Courts of Europe.
PRICES :    Reserved Seats, $1.00 and 75
Admission, Adults, 50c;  Children, 25c.
SPECIAL: Moving Pictures and Illustrated Songs between acts.
igr,-e-"im i-T^-wy.Tjwi««_i_iM»^gmp^c»»mTi.w<wTTO»»_i.wi7ine-p .
The People's Store
:„      :fV.       Is  Cleanliness Personified.
, •' Every article not in original  package is  put  directly
r --   • . into air-tight dust proof, mouse-proof* bins, consequently ,
everything is sanitary, safe and sweet.   In other wdrds
f.i. the godtls are delivered as  from  the  original  packer.    -
to-you.       = ... r '
No Dust. No Dirt.  No Deterioration. r        ,
■5'This week we would mention New Evaporated Pears,
New Peaches, New Prunes, Figs, just placed in stock.
King Oscar Sardines, in pure olive oil, slightly smoked,
each, I jc. <
<- Crosse &jBla'ckwells Dried Red Herring, in cans, 40c
r i -,  - *-     *
^Aylmer Chicken 5oup,21b. tins, used in all the hospitals
^"••-    each, 30c.
CcTbasfced Corn Flakes, the sweet heart of the corn, 2 for 25c
Oiv  J *   . .   '■ - *-* *'
TB. & K. Self Rising Flour, Handy for hurried housewives, each 25c.
®rBoried Boiled Ham, sliced'while you wait, per lb., 50c.
Celery, Sweet-Potatoes, Bananas, Lemons, Oranges.'*
i'A.y 3 . ^1    Smoked, Fish Fresh.Every. Weefc.^ .
v^c,(>We^are specialists in, the. art of appetite.,:satisfypg; -, l
Peasant Sharpshooters and the
They Are Trained. ' ''
Some idea of tlie accuracy of a TyW
i Mn crack shot may be gathered £ra___
the fact that unless he can, ataffifr
i/ g. put five successive, bullets into
■i space that can be covered by a W*ff
c. o--i. piece at ,200 yards he -onmdaes
himself in very poor form. Even thsal
his score may be only 20 out of-a pd»'
sible 30. A'poor shot, though a nun
•vho can get on' the>12-i?ich bull eTOW
timp, may find himself, credited* wtta
a paltry five or rsix. It is dishearten.
ing work for a novice,-even if he tuts)
not done so badly at Bisley in-forme*
dt.ys and proudly sported the mae__>
man's crossed rifles on his vofamtcW
That thi- -fancy shooting—there fe
no_ better name for ifc^does not apefi
the Tyrolese peasant,for military rifig.
shooting is amply demonstrated whsBJ
we witness an Imperial rifle regiment
on parade.   It would seem aa if
man   wore  the  green    velvet	
dangling on Ins breast, the Austrian
Army badge of marksmanship. Bat
excellent weapon as is the Austria-.
Mannlicher rifle, it is of little use flft
the tiny targets of the national shoot'
ing ranges.
Tlie writer has had ample oppocta_»
lty of studying the Tyroleae peasant
marksman at home. Every village Off
cluster of villages has its own rife
range, run by the village council, and
controlled by the state. Membership
is not obligatory, "but there is on subscription attached to jit, and, ones q
member, the peasant may use any
rifle range throughont the' coanfeju
A further piivilege is granted him after the completion of his threeiyeasS"'
military service—namely, that OSS
of the annual1 three weeks' trainings with the colors as reserv__|
is remitted to the Standeschmta; off
member of the National Rifle CbafeJ
This is also an . exclusive Tyxoless
privilege.   _     A .'
When a youth'readies tbe age of If
—__ he must attend the nearest rifle'range.
TO RfNT. Rooms over Trench's .tore tof^^!? *™g^ °l ?°*'?3
Nevfty papered arid renovated. Apply flL*;?^ A?"^0* ^^ Awl
box 257, Kelowna. '    « S''l.  ? ?aS8ed- ^ milxtairMg.
 '  ._ ; vice,  he   must again fixe a certain
-1 number of rounds ac conscript ere be
*jj joins his regiment. The regimental
-"- authorities thus know the shooting
possibilities-of each recruit^and then
preliminary tests are carried oat witfe
the service rifle, of which every' canal
must-possess a'few.
Weather permitting, every-range is
open for, practice, on Sunday throughout the^year from 11 aon. till son*
down. Ammunition is supplied at
cost price, but most marksmen prefer
to supply, their own cartridge* wbidl
they fill themselves. - The clerk of the
range enters every score on an official
sheet, and-a nominal charge of font
hellers (less than a halfpenny) - is
made for each1; shot enteral therein.
ThiB pays for the upkeep of the
the markers, etc.', -.-,/' . ,
An''additional'zest is given by
weekly Gnadengabe (gift of gritM)
from .the Government whereby', tbtf
top scorers of the day receive'two Off
three shillings each as a prixe.r.Ih9
older men-and crack shots, however
seldom compete for these small priiei
and give their ' younger, and
comrades a chance to pay their" day's
shooting expenses—Befin&ld Wyoe, te
.Chambers' Journal... ,    .„...,*,
As In a LeoktnfdQItts.
"I know I -am looking like. aN-iig&t
to-night," said the woman.   -    .
The man studied her dress, her
hair" and her complexion dosety.
"I don't see anything the mattef
with you," he said.- "So -far as I eaa
see, you are looking as well as
usual." « .
"But I am not." she insisted.
"There. is - something' wrong, and thai
head waiter saw at a glance what M
is: ' If I had .been up to the mad-
he wouldn't have put as sway arc-
here in this out of the way eorner.
He would have given' us a taMs
right under the chandelier "in the
middle of the room.*--All the best
dressed people are always seated ia
the ,most .conspicuous piaees,.,BO>.fM
to make the restaurant look attrao'
tive. ■ I am glad to say that-that is
where I usually' sit. The" plain pee*
pie are ranged along the -.sides- sC
the room'just as we ace to-nighL** -
of  the
' fsolicf is. hereby given  t'lat an   a_ppjjca- '
tion will !jc made under  Part   V,
"'X'a' T 'Act / I""-*%'," to oi.t iii" n'Jlicense  i t ]
t! .i Osn-. odfa Divi_'on of Y.ilevDi in'icf.' ^<
(a )    Tlie tw".ie| address nn'd />icuoahtT.i
pplicanl.—Loviia    Cn3jiso,    Kci-
.f    t-
r.. I*
'\\i )    Vhe I'ame of the  la'.v-,    .lred,iiior
'sou.ee.-—\ stren.u nt>i.if! <.b*Vju: 300- yard
in.itn of Ji.hn Cns^iso's, s  ut!i-w»st cirne:
<rf lev n^itli half'nf'section 5, to\vn9l.ip 26,
,'\c )-   I Tie    point,   of     .aversion—Dilcli
head from point mentioned. ,  ■
f (d.) Jhe quantity of> water applied   foi
—100 inches. .   ,
' (e.)   The   character   of   the   proposed
works—Ditch and Hum. ' '
(f.)   The premises on which t the  watei
js tp be used—Louis Casorso.*
(g.)''The purpose,for which   the  water]
is'to be used.—Agriculture.   '''' -
(h.)   If for irrigation "describe  the  Ian
intended to b'e irrigated, giving a acreagi
A six acre lot, in section 6, townshipe, 26'
This lot  is  on the  south-east  corner ol
George, Fortine's land, bounded as follows;
thence south three hundred and ninety-ei:
feet, thence west  six  hundred  and sixl
feet, • thence   north   three- hunnred > and]
ninety six feet, to the south  boundary- ol
said George Fortine's land. ,
- (j.) Area of Crown la*nd intended to bei
occupied by .the proposed .works.—John]
(k.)   This notice was posted o'n the
day of October 1909, and application  wi
be.made to the'Commissioner' on the  Is'
day of November,* 1909.   '  «.',-.
.   ".  .'    '       " LOUIS CASORSO.
• J'   ■' * Kelowna, B.C.
Jonathan, •    Mcintosh Red,
Wagner,        Northern Spy,-
Italian Prunes, etc.
A large quantity of. stock
can yet be supplied, grown
at Kelowna, which can be
planted same day as dug
from  nursery.
Catalogue and Price List Free.'
A.< E. Boyer
To intending purchasers. If
you are in need of a watch
or any piece *of jewelery,
a look at my stock will re-
Day you. New goods arriving for the, holiday season.
Little inexpensive gifts that
look and wear well, and the
All work absolutely guaranteed
■so bring your repairs to
'.  Bernard Avenue.
All work guaranteed. '>
Old English.Ubel Suit
Parlinmcntnrv    rpt_-_r__-_
upheld by Lord Brougham, especial
ly during the great refonn defeats*
of the last century. On one>beeasiant
when anti-reformras were trying Is
howl him down by <mitwtipg the
sounds' made   by various   animals^
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
, ,* , "A'*,. •' -'Phone 214    ;-.. '.    '
wi<ikje&kim^^ xt ,'''1'' •.""-<s^'■ '* '"^'A1 a"y:**>'?"* \iy-,-' -'-" ''. \w'AAAiW t
For £Ffall Planting
..BULEiSJrom the best Euro'-
''"A' pean and' Japan ^growers
..Home.grown fruit, and ornamental
Jtrees—grown' on upland soil without
• irrigation, in the only part, of the'
'American   continent   not   infested
with.the Sap'Jose~*_tale. '\  *
^Garden,'1' Field  and   Flower'Seeds*,
i tested'stoak from the best -growers
T   ',        ,   in the,^ world..    - r
, Myire'Fencing and Gates     >
Spray, Pumps, fertilizers, Bee Sup^
.plies, Cut Flowers, jSpraying Ma-
/' i    *     _> terials, etc.
7' ',    ' * 7    I •
,--. 7    White labor'Only   ,   >
- 187,,Page .Catalogue Free, i'
!■-> 'u;.'-:':M.j:VHE_Jr-Y,   'l
>V >i.' flrjeenbonae. and Secdhouso
jcfaoiOLWeBtminster \t&.
' /VANqOUyER.jB.C.,'
Brnnftli Rluraa^u' - SoutU Vnncouc.'
7    .'  • ■  m     **■   .
among which the braying of the
was most recurrent* be waited tax '•
pause and then, remarked impertorb*
ably that by a wonderful disposition
of nature every, animal had ita peeul>
iar mode of expressing' ttseB nd bs
was too. much of a ..philosopher to
quarrel with- any w,o_ those, medea.
This was no leas severe than the
famous libel on Uw Earl of Limerick,
calling him' "a thing with human
pretensions," which-appeared in The
Times in 1831-and.for which the printer was fined $500 and oonfined for an
indefinite vjSeriod - in Kewgate.—London Chronicle.
Agent for the
Sovereign Fire
' Insurance Co..
of Canada
•   .'    and the   -.
, ■• i '     •       v."     .
Excelsior Life   -
" Insurance Co.,
i of Canada.   7
Book-keeping in all its<j
'  a  'branches.   1
A lafgeMUjp^f'pfi
Second-hand; Articles}
yAalioays on saleu ?-*:\
'       V •. . - ■
For, full particulars- apply;
' ■  Bernard:Avenue A
; .Glenn Avenue, Kelowna
:   Principal:.-       *        >- ^
j. -      <■     "'.     .-     -    *   _."
First-class Trained Certificated ,
t Two years residence-Whiteland's *
' ,1 'Training College, London1.
., Long experience in Public School
" '•   ™   '      .TWiching.
.Teacher's Drawing Certificate^ subjects
! TeacherV Music Certificates from Sir
.-- I^Kn <<f«i_i^r _ Tonic Sol.fa College -
Mrs. Whitehead also holds certificates
for nine Sciences, Kindergarten, Needle-
-work, and French, and has, lived for
{our years in Mauritius (lie de France).
The School will be opened as soon [
as possible. '   • [
The number of Pupils will be limited.
Special attention will be" given to •
t»_ ri delicate ^children.      •
1 . Americanism. \ > , '*
"Dop't," said Lady Ladandte fee
American heiresses she was'aboot to
launch^ in London—"dont say, dask
when-yoii mean shop "Assistant - A
elerk is 'att writer,- not, aSaalesmaa.
Prcnounce/|t./clark.'.,by, the woy. ,
' "Don't say' 'mad* ,when;you',,oiea_i
'angry.'   Madness^ insanity.-! s
"Doh't W /on*w"a street.-but'in" *
'street.   " __,  , ,, "
,','Don't say 'it.isrelalmedtthat ftv
and-so.' Say'it'is aedared'.'or *H'is|'
stated.'.   Why?' Ob,, because  'it is1
^claimed' .is .an -Amewaniem. In good.
Ozford" English,  the-, exprepsien  is
neither written nor spoken. \  v~   (.
"Don't: say. 'petent/- .Sar >'>bssV
'tenf"       '  ",■,,      A   7- /> ,
• Armless, But'-Useful, -f "•'* ■
' Professor Karl Lobxneyer offikonigs*
; berg, (wh,o' died" at Danzig, at thft'figB
of V8, vwos born'^without tarns. IA
special perniit was,'granted_t_-'allow,
his entry * into theu univferaity ■ servitJe'.;
His student's opened- jind. shut door a
for liirii^ buy hp.',turned'..tlie( page*"of
books .with • His mouth1 and 'Aoiuld' sktt
his-'biune- _lrmly;,with' a p^#ai_ te^
4i«*nAt_* 1_1j_   4_k____W    .   t"\*-   r       'A.\.'s   K*T        -    .        A
Osoypos Division Yale District. v.
:,-.}   '.AAA.  ', .?,,   isS -l[   \\
'.Notice is hereby given|that on application,
-will be made Under Port 5^ of the "Water;
Michael Hereron, Kelowna, B. C:' >
T X.Z-.) • Water to Loused forirrigotion-anq
domestic purposes, from a spring or sprini
.rising on T, Bulman's land on the S. W.j
•comer'of »ub-divi»pn lot,121, 10, Clover/;
daledrvision, by means-of a cover ditch
•across the Vemon rpad( and corner of W
146,'"Cloverdale'Division to a part in all 9»
".acres of lot 122. Land situate on %\ie westljl
|\«]de'of'Vernon Road.,
(5.)   Said \yo'er to l>e  used,— .-"j,*
premises belonging to Nlichael Hereron.'jSl
.'* (6.)" The'area^of'Criwn land'intendePf
-to be occupied by the propoied Vprks vrith
'be*direct liiie from the'S.'W. corner'(0
'lot 121'to', the East side of lot 146, .'acrosl
-the Vei_6n,Road'by^ftneans of a cove*
..ditch: f» -':  , ;ji',   j. ■   V.,   s  'Jiii
.- (J.) jThis notice wm posted onthe22n*'*
.day of Octot*=r' 1909, nnd application wii]
Tbe made to the'commissioner on.the '23r4
•day of November, 1909..- v „i . ' T
- i' v ;*:, ■); MICHAEL'HERERON,,
'      A[,V-y A'Ke!iwaa,'nB.C.v|


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