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The Orchard City Record Oct 21, 1909

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 '     '■ .   A:J.        .     '    _•*
Meeting of City Council.
Council Hold Short Session - Dredging of Mill a Matter for
, Next Council to Deal With
iV --Av
The City Council held a short
session last Monday, the business
only occupying on$ hour.
The councillors present were
Aldermen Bailey, Cox, Elliott and
Rowcliffe, with Mayor DeHart in
the chair. The minutes of the
meeting held on October 11, .were
read and adopted, and the following correspondence attended to:
Polman and Mooy, Haarlem, re
bulbs'for the park and , enclosing
bills of lading and invoice. -
From the Cameron Lumber Co.,
re the supply of cross-arms, etc".
Filed. ' .   .    ;   :
The Canadian Fire Engine Co.,
' re the supply of/ fire   apparatus.
Filed.  ■ , .
Secretary of the Literary Institute
1 staling that the Institute, was discontinued and that a- grant 'would
not be looked for from the council
this season and also asking"for-the
electric light to be cut off and bill
( rendered to date.        '
r Several of the aldermen* expressed their regret that the institute had
to be closed, and,instructions were
given to have the light cut'off and
,   the matter.of pavmentadjusted. -
1,   A* letter.was also-read from Mr.
«-'C.  G. Clement, asking,-that   tKe,
_. council would' pay"$ 1,00p,*' as' part
payment on the^ideWalk.inCGlenn
rAvenue, and'also •. thatlhe sideWalk
'' would be .finished in jtwo, days.   A
'request was also made'thajj-.the final
^payment. on' the' ypoiiftt-^ house
,"-' J ' fully.,complergd, and, the., roof put
\A ' in good shape! It,was decided^to
■*•"" " ascertain if all waB in order and if
found so. to pay the account.
',' TKe, plans of the extension < .to
Oak Hal!> and also' the' addition ,to
-. CUC. 'Josselyn's premises'.were
. " £ubr_iitted. Aid. Cox stated that in
r_ -tKeiomer^caseTie' had "fo*und*the
Xy plans and specifications satisfactory
' ' ^ya8.the extensioh<was*only ten-por-
• ■£" •'"> "WXVin the latter case^Mr. Josselyn
" 'v" . 'waii" 'present, and * explained r his
addition. .7     ■"■_•,     f   ' r  . .
The general opinion of the aldermen was that the addition included
too7 "much wood, and,-several
suggestions were made to Mr.
'Josselyn that the addition" .was
made of ' brick. -Mayor DeHart
asked how many years Mr. Josselyn
wished the addition to hold good
for. .'-..-■
"    Mr. Josselyn stated that his add-
. > itioh was by no means to be
considered a' permanent one, hut
would take place as soon as the
, town showed enough ^growth to
warrant a new building.
Mayor DeHart considered permission could be given to let the
addition stand for,two years, and
that if at the end of that time an
.extension; was needed application
' cduld'be made to the council for
such an extension. It was consider
ed that it would be better to get
the advice' of Mr. Burne' on the
matter, and' it was consequently
left in the hands of Aid. Cox to
report at the next meeting. *"
t  Aid. Elliott was 'asked for a re-
- port with reference to the, account
of Mr. C. Blackwood for pound
fees collected. He," however, asked
that an extension of time should be
given him for his report, as he had
not yet been able to .verify some of
-the items.        '
Mayor DeHart reported that the
council had met Mr. Aylmer, the
! Dominion engineer with reference
to the dredging of the mouth of
'Mill Creek." % A survey had1 been
made and an estimate given of
$2.50 to $3.00 per'foot. The mouth
would be dredged tot a 'depth of
about four feet.   The work could
' be done now,'but M.V Aylmer had
'suggested that it would be better
, to wait until spring. In the meantime the city <-,ould get on with the
building of a break-wwater made
of long limbers,-willow -brush and
rock.- The bfeak-water would be
required on the south, side andi a
little on the   north   side.''. This
would prevent the mouth filling in
' A suggestion was also made that
a foreman should be sent down to
have the,work started right, but the
mayor considered the whole project,? was one for next year's
council. "*
' >A remark was also dropped with
reference to the soundings taken
up the creek as far as Abbott St.
bridge, a depth of from-one and a
half to three feet only, being found
most places. The maybr stated
that the work would take between
$1,000 a'nd$ 1,500 to do "properly.
Mention was made of teams
driving over the new sidewalk in
Pendozi Street, to deliver goods to
Messrs, Willits & Co. It was considered"* that even ' though - the
precaution of putting boards down
was employed, damage might be
done to the sidewalk and the
practice must be stopped. Mention
was made of the fact to Mr. Willits
and a promise practically obtained,
to i place a gate in the, fence in the
lane which runs at the b^ack of their
premises. ."' ," .     ''   -
* The following accounts were then
referred to the finance committee,
to be paid-if found correct: >   -
C BlackwooV Watering Streets $   " 31) 50
C. D. Moodie; Workbn Pole Line
D.' R/ Putt,    •;  .      	
O. D. Fj»Ker, **",-/ v  "   .'.V '
GrMdCurety, /'I / ;   "     " >
H^Gdldsteith; Work on Water-
*  200
2 00
HO 00
i     '
2 50
should be considered/^ *£•    .    .  , t ,...— v „        	
" Smtt^ilntBnmLitt J*'*-:J
whetHer^e power ho^AaabeenJ_«i42 Ho«^..7. . ..c.±\> Vj42-«>
Dunhards frota Washington
Settle in the Okanagan
The colonization of the Cherry
Creek district of the Okanagan
Valley with Dunkards from toe
state of Washington, projected last
spring is now,being rapidly.accomplished. Already several car-loads
of effects belonging to the,settlers
have passed through Vancouver
to Vernon, the Cherry Creek lands
being distant about thirty **> miles
from that point. Much of the land
in this district is owned by'Mr. J.
S. Rear/ of Vancouver, .who has
been,largely instrumental in bringing about the immigration of-the
Dunkards. Already a number,are'
on the ground, others are shipping
their effects into the country, and
still others have started" trekking
northward over, the boundary,line,
moving their household goods by
easy stages in wagons.      _    .,
The Dunkards are declared to be
among the highest class of settlers,
being a thrifty law-abiding people,
,who^ in their religious beliefs resemble the Quakers. They' are
strongly attached to the 'land,'and
the great success which \ attends
(heir agricultural and horticultural
efforts bespeaks* the energy and
hard work which they put into
their undertakings.—Province.
A Big Step Forward  Kelowna Wins at Westminster
T. Lawson, Ltd., Open Their
Fine New Store.
C G. Clement, Balance due on
. Power House  > '30000
C G. Clement, Plastering inside *
„  Wall of Power House  50 00
^ i-.       f - r.      -.
C G. Clement, Part Payment on
Glenn Avenue .   1,000 00
Palace Hotel, Meals to Prisoners
. from ,19th April to  16th- Oct.      -21 25
Ald.-^Cpx stated that he had
heard ,-several,'complaints with
reference^ the length "of time the
building/; occupied y by j Messrs.
Crawford'& Co., and owned _ by
Mr. H.'W»\\Raymer, waa allowed
to stand in'main'street.' |^The city
clerk- was', asked. when - the time
limit for the- temporary sojourn of
the* building ih main street expired.
It wa8, found that the building was
only autorized_, to stay in position
until September, and the aldermen
considered it was time it was
moved. u
Mention was made of the boxes
and papers that were at the' side
of the, building, again making it
anything but safe from-fire. It was
agreVd-.©-give- Mr^Raymef~untii
the 1 st of November to move the
the building, the concession being
granted owing to the delay caused
in building the new store and the
non-arrival ofthe glass.
It was also pointed out that the
sidewalk'that was damaged when
the building was moved into its
present position, had not been
repaired. It was considered advisable to have this done as soon
as the building was removed,. but
that the'removal should not'be
made over sidewalk again.
The matter of both the moving
and the repair of the sidewalk were
left in-the hands of Aid. Bailey, to
make arrangements with Mr.
'. Aldr Bailey^ asked if any steps
had been taken to have the electric
light plant tested.
The mayor considered it was a
question that should be looked into at once. He anticipated a' trip
to the coast during the next few
days, and1 when- there would see
the Hinton Electric Company and
make arrangements for Mr. Hall sto
to inspect the plant and give his.
report. 'It was pointed out that'
Mr. Hall did "the work last year,
and made a satisfactory report.'"-
, It was also asked if the report of
Inspector Peck, with reference> to
the recent accident at'the^power
house,, had been received. "The
city clerk, however, replied in the
negative,   j1'   , r**    "£■"
It .was considered possible'.that
'. ,1' CvMiwiscI on p*t»b\      ■ i   7'   '
* ■     •     '      I     \|V
A most important movement has
been made in the tobacco, industry
during the past weekv 'Mr. L.
Holman .having sold his tob_cco
plantation, drying sheds, and the
plant in town, to a company_which
will start up about the ~ middleL"of
December. The company will'^be
run under a different name'biit-no
definite-arrangements as to'^either
their plans or/the name ;of^the
"company -areltti-d^pttblic. ^.Suffice*
it to say that Mr/Holman will himself be one of jJthe heads of the
the concern, , and will himself
manage the business' from this
point.. The company will extend
the manufacturing and also the
plantation, thereby largely developing the industry... ...
* Mr. A. R. Davy has sold his
butcher business to Mr. A. Wilson
together witK the slaughter house
situated, next ,to the Guisachan
Ranch; ' The change will take
place at the beginning of next
month. Mr. Davy intends remaining here until nextspring when he
will ' possibly „gb * into ranching,
locating in the Chilcotin district.
<~r "  i     ' ^ >
Monday next is 'Thanksgiving
day and will mark the folllowing
Football match between South
Okanagan and Kelowna, in Boyce's
Field at 2.30.       ^
"'tastTthoot-* for the Dominion
Union Thanksgiving service in
the Presbyterian Church 8 o'clock,
A meeting will be held in Lequ-
ime8 hall on Saturday (November 6)
for the purpose of arranging a
conceit for St Andrews's night.
All persons interested are requested to attend
1 Several Indians returning from
hop picking at Vernon passed
through here yesterday on their
way back home to the Columbia
River district. In the evening they
gave a pow-wow in the exhibition
park, a good attendance being
present. Gaily dressed in feathers
they performed all the rites and
ceremonies of their race greatly
amusing the audience assembled.
The greatest amusement however
was after the dancing was over,
when they squatted around the fire
built in the middle of the track and
dealt with the proceeds. The chief
of the tribe was one Charlie Will
Pdlken, who informed us that
about  three'  times  the    number
would perform next year.
i .
»   i   •
.There will be a meeting of those
interested in the Havana Cigar
Syndicate in the Office of & T.
Elliott On Friday night at 7.30 p.m.
to* consider the report of out
.representative, A full attendance
jjs requested.   7   . x ,      " ''
Last Friday was a proud day for
Messrs. Lawsons, Ltd., when they
opened the doors of their magnificent new store to the public. The
new building, which occupies the
same site as the old frame building
from which they moved at the
beginning of the present year into
temporary premises in the Keller
block, is a fine modern brick and
stone structure nearly double the
size of the previous one, and affords
eloquent testimony to tho rapid
strides the firm has made and the
important position it has attained.
The new store is probably one
of the largest in the in the interior
of the province, and as it is erected
on one of the most commanding
sites in the city, it is one of which
not only it enterprising proprietors
but the whole of Kelowna may be
justly proud.
The building has two large entrances on Bernard Avenue with
large window frontage, and extends
backward to the Opera House, with
large warehouses in the basement
of the latter.
But imposing as the store looks
from the outside, a peep inside
reveals still greater magnificence.
A traveller remarged to us as we
were looking admiringly around
the store, " You have to go to the
(joast to beat that." We have some
knowledge of' stores at the coast
and "elsewhere, and we have no
hesitation in saying that the inter-
fittings 'of Lawson's new store
would hot disgrace thes best of
them. Everything about the place,
counters, shelving, showcases, and
partitions are of the'same genuine
would "be-"difficult to' speak too
highly of the splendid appearance,
workmanlike finish, and wonderful ingenuity and economy of
space displayed in these;fittings.
We confess to a weakness for finely finished woodwork, and here we
have it wholesale. ' ,
. ' Each of of the five departments
has' its own portion of the store,
its appropriate fittings, viz.: .groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes,
haberdashery and clothing,. and
gent's fumihings. -
It is in 'the grocery department
where the ingenuity of the fittings
is mos. apparent. . Behind the
counters is a long row of cleverly
contrived bins, balanced so that
the have to be quite closed or else
wide open. They are moreover
dust and mouse tight Practically
every ivery inch of space is used
for shelves or cases of some kind,
while neat little glass fronted sam-
ple cases run along the front of the
counters and of the bins behind
Kelowna's Fruit Exhibit Scores Sweeping Success at the New^i
Westminster Fair - $700 in Prizes >       <vi
Another arrangement which will
be appreciated by tired lady shoppers is a row of spring seats, which
fly up .against the counter out of
the way when not in use.
- At the back of the grocery department is the ceishier's desk and
the private offices of the firm.
.Space however ■ will not permit
us to describe in detail each of
the"' many departments,' or the
elegant contrivances for displaying
and storing tne huge and comprehensive stock. Better pay a visit
and see it'for yourselves.
The lighting of the store is by
means of twelve 100 candle power
lamps, while the windows are
fitted with several of fifty candle
Lawson's has long been known
for fair and satisfactory dealing,
and their enterprise' and progressive spirit is reflected in the new
The large Provincial Exhibition
at New Westminster, which was
opened by Premier McBride last
Tuesday week, will remain in the
memories of the people of Kelowna
for some time to come.
The exhibition which is held
each fall under the auspices of the
Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of British Columbia, is
looked upon as the leading fair in
Western Canada, and it is certainly
a high honour for Kelowna to have
come away with such flying colours
from such an important exhibition.
The history of the exhibit that
was sent from Kelowna is generally
well known", but a few words as to
the collection of the fruit may not
be out of place.
Several of the specimens sent,
were obtained through Messrs.
Stirling & Pitcairn, and purchased
by the Agricultural and Trades
Association in the ordihary course,
from the usual class of goods sent
in for shipment. Then again other
specimens were obtained as they
were brought in to the Farmers'
Exchange for shipment.
Previous to the show, Messrs. B.
McDonald and A. E. Boyer paid a
visit to nearly all the orchards,
selecting prize;fruit, taking great
pains to collect the best and unblemished sorts. Very litde of the
exibit was collected from the fall
fair held here some weeks back.
Packing previous to shipment to
New' Westminster, was a pains
taking task, and despite the eareful
handling.at this end.,and packing,
such aa.won praise from everyone
who saw" it, including the'Judges,
who awarded it a special prize for
packing, the fruit suffered quite'a
little in transit at the hands of the
hands of the C. P. R. employees.
Mr. J. SewelF, who, won great
fame as an expert packer at the
Kelowna Fall Fair, was responsible
for the excellent packing for the
New Westminster exhibit, showing
perfect firmness, alignment arid
attractiveness in each box.
Arrangements had been made at
the Landing to have a special, car
for transferring - the fruit to the
Royal City, but this was the only
consideration shown the exhibit by
the railway officials, for the full
express rate of $1.80 per hundred
lbs. was charged,' a special fruit
rate not being considered as applying to the exhibit. This consequently ' made the cost of
transportation heavy in comparison
to what it should have been, and a
class being well competed.
Maiden'* Blush
Alexander    <
Wolf River
Winter Banana
Ribston  Pippin
Any other fall or
summer variety
Belle de Boscoop
Ben Davis ^
Blue Pearmain
 1— /        _ >.iff ,._
-  ' Arf'{M
great credit being due to those whq'.f.
had the work of selecting in hand^-ff (
and the work of cartying the fruitM
to its destinationn., , , f., . ''.^V.
The; following list of classes'^
entered and the prizes won may!*
be of interest to our readers, each*.
-'--- «--' " "   •*' J- *rl,£iM
- a#f
<■ 75cWl
, 75e*->5^
•■ 7C_.    i*
*     '?*   %
'   A   '41
• -   i< M
*• (vS4'
i    .   _*T
• 75c%$rl
I 50
I 50
1 50
I 50
I 50
I 50
1 50
I 50
Cox's Orange Pippin I 50
1 50
I 50
I 50
I 50
Canada Red
Golden Russet
Hub-ardston Non..
Longfield >
Ontario i
Roxbury Russet
Red Cheek Pippin
Sutton's Beauty
Any other variety
Bert coLTaH apple* 7 50
Best coL Winter do.
f 00
1 00
I 00
I 00
I 00 ,
I 00
1 00
I 00
I 00
1 50,f,   I 000
I 50
I 50
I 50
I 50
I 50
ls00 p75e-W,
1,00y £75rf
/1 oo. ri&if®
.5 00
APPLES (for Home U_» and Comraerriat
_..»_ r_^.^£ftli
Wealthy  ; X
King        ",■*
Wagner  rw ^
{onathan ~,^ *""
Spitzenberg     *-
Yellow Newton
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brown arrived
here last Friday from Dresden,
Ontario, and is at present with Mr.
and Mrs. A. R. Muirhead., He
intends to locate in this district.and
received a carload of settlers effects
yesterday afternoon.
The C.P.R. officials will arrive
today in connection with the new
CP.R. alip. >
Mr, D: W. Sutherland is putting
in a gasoline pumping - engine at
his house.     ,
rebate is now awaiting the adjustment of the company.
Nevertheless the shipment arived
in good condition, and it was not
long before Messrs. McDonald and
Boyer laid hands on it, to place it in
position to compete against exhibits
from the best known fruits lands in
the province.
On Tuesday, Oct 12th. at 2 p.m.,
the arduous task of judging the
exhibits began, and a finish of this
work was not made until the
following morning.'
- The faces of those in charge of
the Kelowna A. & T. exhibit must
have beamed when they totted up
the number of prizes won, 'and
were able to send the following
telegram to headquarters:
New Westminster, B. C.
October 14 1909.
Out of 250 entries, won' 72
firsts, 64 seconds and 61 thirds.
Total amount of prize money
Three special prizes were also
awarded "Kelowna for the following
well contested exhibits: v   ,
1. For the best exhibit of Winter
Apples, not less than five varieties,
(six entries,) a cash pru-eof $5. ' v
2. v For the best exhibit of Winter
Pears, not less, than five varieties,
(six entries,) a cash prize of $5. ,
3. For the best packed box of
apples for market, (seven entries,)
a cash prize of $7. >
Kelowna' practically swept die
board in every, class Jit exhibited
,    3<KT
\   u l«t
Beet col. by individual "r>
grower* (fall)    ,    7 50
Best coL do. (winter) 7/50
Bartlett I 30
Flemish Beauty    ",. I 50
Louise Bonne de J.
Sheldon }
Duch. of Anjouleae
Beurre Bouwock
Beurre Clairgeau
Beurre d'Anjou
Winter Nelli*
Lawrence   i
Vicar of WekefieLL)"
•3.00 • JOOVM'OO
e V --J-*** ■& v
v 5 00 iJ|W6«
. 5,00 % rxt
1 W~'JM_,^SeJ£
150 ^imfynm
Any other var. (fidl) "
Any other var. (win.)
I 50
I 50
I 50
I 50,
1 50.v
I 50 .j
1 50'
f 50
50 ^1100^175^1
50    voo '7l,7ikM
.. 00<V75e$
PEARS (for Home Use and *
'     .'.    P_uitini)!-
Duch. of AngpuleoM I 50
I-3U, .„. i ymi>
Beurre d'Anjou .,"   I '5ft.* T ^ *?*[*&
1 00 j^7H|
trite j
-•.-' 4W .3»00|^0
Bert CoL 5
Coe'* Golden
Yellow Egg
Pond* Seedling'
Reine Claude   .    ,
River* Blk. Diamond, ...       ...., ,
Grand Duke     —    ,-^ -i .J/flftfflJia
Geuii •.   WM 00f'
German Prune I 50 "> '   *im
Any other variety. *..   >l 50tfrA'   ' J^nj-J
-     QUINCES, any Varfe* Cw, •wi?«
- i a-, »inf; bd^pm
Transcendent ^   I 50       ,  * '_-^34'
Florence —    if 50 < *•! 00 JST
Hydop      , v       -\xJX0m
Siberiaa    '        , *■' • «^"« *■«*
Any other variety ,,
Beat CoL 5 varietU*'
Beet Pecked Apples    . * "'Y'^ISI
in box for shippng    7 50, ■■ .5. COM
Bert Paclwd^SpW        " ^t^mJ
in box for shippint;. 7 SOt^ > 5 W^f
»     AND P6Alto^tg||
' ApplM^WUaM««^
Grime'* Goldea    ^   ^,V.a
Northern J .
Red,Ch«>_ I
Wealthy    , t     .      _
Wagner    '(5, •** »*&,-*■*. — 9-, . .™
Yelfcw Newt^wa&.W^^fel^l
Gravenstein     • *« **-    • l^^-^«*v*^
H—_SWwWHf|HBWHWWWWI|j—_■_ ff _tA*.yit^l_'^'^ir/wr VJSnj^^s^ Hni_?'_riffi^ilrt.'*'*^wtiyjflA tt _. «. ____!_____! The Orchard City Record
Thursday, Oct. ;21 ;.
' We are particularly well fixed
■■ to execute all .your orders .for
printing. With; new type, new-
machinery, skilled mechanics
and. every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
•veil and at reasonable prices.r••■
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you-: 7
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published every Thursday at the Office,.
Kelowna, B.C.
. A ' JOHN LEATHLEY, Editor.
CHAS. H. LEATHLEY, Business Manager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
Are you a supporter of Cook
or do . you believe in Peary ?
This is a question of the day.
Newspapers once strong in
party politics have quitted
thinking «vbout them, and are
devoting columns of space to
trying to show by all kinds of
impossible theories that Cook
did or did not reach the pole.
The opponents of Cook will
publish with the air a scientific
treatise an array of crushing
" facts" from which there seems
to be no' escape, only to be
crushed into unrecognizable
nonsense  in  the   next   issue.
Somebody has made a comparison of the charts of the two
explorers. 'When in the same
latitude one party says the
goin was smooth, the other says
it was rough, while in another
another latitude where one
comes across nothing but the
open sea, the other encounters
the hardest of unshiftable ice.
In the meantime all we can
do is to wait patiently for the
proofs which-each declares will
shortly be forthcoming.   -
Owing to' lack of interest
the-Free .Reading Room was
closed to" trie public last Friday.
Not often has such an opportunity been placed before a
town like Kelowna" as that
which was given by Dr. Boyce
last year. when he offered the
use of the room free of cost,
provided that good reading
matter was supplied for the
use of the public, and no fee
charged for admission.
The project was taken up
with much ' enthusiasm at the
start, but gradually dwindled
down until the interest was
practically nil, and the finances
down to zero. ''
-A final effort was made to
arouse public interest by calling a general meeting and
electing, fresh officers. This,
however, failed to produce any
adequate response, and Dr.
. Boyce has now signified his in-
~~tentio-r"to_give_the_use of-the
Rutland News.
The advantages of living in a
fruit-growing district where individual hdldirigs'are limited to ten
or twenty acres were very forcibly
illustrated by the numbers who
attended the adjourned meeting of
the" l_iterary arid Debating Society
on Friday last. When forty or
fifty people' can meet together
within a radius of not more than
two miles, it speaks volumes for
the possibilities of social intercourse
and neighborly exchange of ideaa.
The Society had a very pleasant
send-off in the form of a social,
held at the home of E..C. Goodrich,
Ellison School District
On Tuseday evening, Oct. 15th,
the Ellison school house was
thrown open to allow a social
gathering to make preparations for
the weekly entertainments to be
held there during the winter. Mr.
Thomas Bulman presided, and in
his kindly and affable manner explained ths purpose of the meeting.
His remarks were followed by a
fine musical solo on the organ, by
Mrs. Stirling, who also played the
accompaniments to the songs
which followed,, and which were
amongst some of the best ever
heard  there.     Mr. Schmab's song
the president, Mr. C. H. Leathlcy, j was  beautifully  rendered   in   his
presiding. After the officers had
been appointed, a musical programme, consisting of songs, recitations, and instrumental selections
was rendered with marked ability,
proving that fruit-growers are not
devoid of taste and culture. At
" half - time," refreshments were
served by Mrs. Goodrich and the
ladies. Some of the "batchers"
(we beg pardon, we mean to say
bachelors) show a great reluctance
clear musical voice "Rocked in
the Cradle of the Deep," sung by
Mr. MacMorland in deep rich
bass voice, enraptured the audience
who were fortunate enough to
obtain another song in the same
strain. Mr. Harry Hall, one of our
favorite singeis, sang "The
Anchor's Weighed," giving delight
to his audience that they begged
for an encore. A comic song by
Mi.   Stirling,  acted   to   perfection,
at starting the second half of the {kept the house in laughter. As a
programme, having in their minds' comic singer Mr. Stirling is hard to
eyes   the   sour   dough of the next | beat. /
room to some better supported
' Under > the circumstances it
wa& decided to wind up the
society and sell off the furniture
to payfthe debts.
This * is an .unfortunate ending '* to £n institution in which
there.'were great possibilities of
future development.
day's meal.
The Society commences with a
good membership of 30, and if the
officers each do a little towards
helping to attain the object in view,
viz.: friendship and mutual contentment, they will aid materially
in making Rutland a good place to
live in.
The following officers were elected : ' Honorary President, Price
Ellison, M.P.P.; President, C. H.
Leathley; 1st Vice - President,
Williston Schell; 2nd Vice-President, Mr. Clever: Secretary-Treasurer, Lome Sproule.
We hear that a dance was held
at the Dilworth home. " Brown,"
of course, was a prominent promoter, and we understand his
friends had , a good time. We
hope to attend a house-warming
when the genial " Brown" completes his palatial residence (the
foundations of which were laid in
the spring) when he will be able to
entertain his friends without borrowing either houses or chairs
(with'or without leave).
Victor Dilworth has taken up his
residence on his own lot, and we
wish the young couple health and
D. E. McDonald, our well-known
store-keeper, welcomed his brother
and family last week. The business has steadily increased, and
will be known in future as Mc
Donald Bros.
A discussion then took place
relative.-to the organization of the
debating society followed in which
Mr. Bulman, Mr. G. Stirling, and
Mr. John Conroy took part, and a
committee, consisting of Messrs.
Carney, Stirling, Hereron, ■ Mrs.
Stirling and Miss O'Reilly, were
appointed to superintend the entertainments.
News df the Valley.
The Roof* In the Early Evening Are
Exclusively For Women.
Iu Fez,, the capital of Morocco, most
jf the houses consist of several stories
?ach being provided with a light vt>-
randa running round it and connecting
the rooms. All the windows and doors
open out into the patio, or courtyard.
the window openings in tbe upper sto
ries being covered wltb close trelifs
work Ail the bouses have flat roofs
with u wall soineTfour to six feet biffu
running around, and from 4 p. m. until
sunset the roofs are given over to the
ladies exclusively, who can then walls
about and take the fresh air without
being seen by any of the opposite se\
Tills reservation is a law ^ which i.->
never broken, and no man would be
guilty of being seen on his or on am
other roof during the forbidden hours.
Owing to tbe fact tbat tbe women ot
the bouse are uot allowed to be seen
by any other man than their lord anil
master all domestic offices are situatcil
away from the house proper, in main
of tlie larger bouses, besides the watei
fountains, others playing scent or
s.piiu-d water are to bo found. Ser-
tlons of the courtyard also are sligbtl.v
sunk, and these portions are filled with
scented oil, wbicb is used to perfume
the rooms. Tbe Moors are exception
ally particular in discarding their foot
gear before entering a room or cross
ing a rug or carpet. They even change
slippers before entering the courtyard
from tbe street. Thus the houses are
kept beautifully clean and sweet and
are not. as many people would suppose,
musty or close
the Coming Local Option
Convention at Vernon
J The Heart of every' true citi-
- '  zen    rejoiced ' last   Thursday
{  when the news of Kelowna's
\       splendid   successes   at    New
'/ '   . Westminster were made' public
7   ^Pride,.;was, ^marked on every
countenance.' Everyone was
I       .telling., everyone else about it
'' ' '   with* chesty air as if his apples
ady\von<ithe prizes.'}   bvery
Af v> fat^fe/cxrtniAginto town stop-
f'/ry yp^poAopkAt our large, poster
;" /' '•;';wm$''bore the results, <a spirit
A -- of,pride seizing him as' he read
Y    the good neWs. -?«/
•j< a\ >'In'the offices of tKe Farritiers'
'i>..'' EjccRah^e sat "Mr.   Hamilton,
■>     answering the various enquiries
f,£ryabcmt$ti)% exhibit   htim.   the
numerous callers,  while, the
,-telephone' wire* wefts k«_>t red
.4'"?^': ^tr.•P*re*«Wa_«ritho news Jhfcre,1
i*/y ?^fwere, and" 'everywhere. J
The committee in charge ofthe
programme for the Local Option
Convention to be held at Vernon
next Tuesday and Wednesday,
October 26th and 27th, has suggested the following items:,  ;
Tuesday Afternoon, .2 to 2.30
o'clock. Chair to be taken by the
Rev. Dr. Spencer, of Vancouver.
General subject of discussion:
"The Coming Plebiscite." Rev.
Dr. Osterhout, Rev. S. J. Thompson, and J. W. Jones are expected
Tuesday, at 8 p.m. Mass meeting. Chair to be taken by Mayor
Bell of Enderby. Singing in charge
of Rev. Mr. Bauton. Addresses
will be given as follows: " Is Local
Option as Successful as a Prohibitory Law," by Rev. Gifford. "The
Respons'.bility of the Voter,'" by
Principal Sawyer. " Local Option
and Democracy," by C. S. Stevens;
" Is B.C. Ready for Local Option?1'
by Dr. Spencer.
Wednesday, 9 to 11 a.m. Organization of District League, appointment of committees' re literature, voters' list, public meetings,
etc.   Ajournment.
Reduced 'rates are to be given
by the C.P.R., and billets will be
provided by the W.C.T.U. of Vernon. Delegates are asked to purchase tickets on Monday, and it is
understood that all' persons in
favor of Local Option are invited
to 'the convention.
The W. C. T. U.'areholding'a
medal contest in the Opera House
next Thursday, October 28th, commencing at 8 o'clock. "An excel-
lenf programme is being arranged,
and those attending will spend a
pleasant and profitable evening.
Tlie ladies of the W.C.T.U.-held
a very interesting meeting; last
Tuesday week, when the subject of,
equal franchise was ably discussed.
Mrjs. 3. J. Thompson lead the discussion, being well versed- on the
subject. '
The C.P.R. steamer York, which
has been moored at the landing
for some time past, came down to
Short's point last Friday to fetch a
boom of piles for use In the construction of the new station wharves
at-the Landing.
' After a meeting of the police
commissioners at Vernon it was,
agreed to dispense with the sev-
yices of Constable Bailey, the
decision to take effect the*'middle
of the month.        '
Mr. Brandrith and Mr. Thornton
of the Department of Agriculture
were in Vernon last week. They
left last Thursday, together with
Mr. W. E. Scott, for the Old
Country where they will take
charge of a carload of Okanagan
fruit which wifl be used for exhib-
tion purposes.
A taagedy, resulting in the death
of one person, occurred near Hed-
ley a few days ago. Billy Coon
and his wife, both of whom, it is
stated, had been indulging too
freely, started to drive home in a
buggy. They were met by one of
their neighbors, who noticed their
condition,- and later on, Mrst. Coon
was found on the roadside, dead,
having broken her nepk, the cause
of a fall. Coon wss found on the
road further on, incapable from
over-indulgence in drink.
Work has now started on the
Okanagan River bridge, at Penticton.
A representative ofthe Dominion
Government Telephone service,
Went~l)ver_t'.ie~^ut^for—the—proposed extension from Penticton to
Naramata last week. A service is
to be connected "up   in  the  near
The Legge-Willis Company, of
Kelowna, are playing "Dandy
Dick," at Summerland, on Saturday next. The production should
meet with the same success that
attended it when it was produced
here during the Race week.
News of the Prairie.
■ Several well, known merchants
of Brandon were before the magistrates recently, charged with having
combustable material uncovered at
the back of their yards, within
200 feet of the building. A fine
of $5 and costs was imposed in
every case.
A threshing gang, working at
Creeford, Manitoba, had a narrow
escape last week, through the explosion of a lantern in the caboose.
The men were asleep when the
explosion occurred, and the flames
got ready hold of the woodwork,
and filled the shack with tongues
of flame. Several of the Occupants
had narrow escapes, but all managed to get away from the burning
mass. Clothes, money and other
personal effects of the men were
destroyed, many losing quite a
large sum of, money,
A Swedish  View of English   Life and
Manners. -
A sharp tongued correspondent of n
Swedish paper.- tbe Svenska Dag-
biadet, thus comments on some of- the
peculiarities of English life aud manners.
English cleanliness is much spoken
of. Tbe Englishman must hare a
great deal of water to wash with. A
quantity must be splashed all over tbe
room, and in particular there must bo
a great pool near tbe wasbstand
When an Englishman washes his face,
in seventy-eight cases out of a bun
dred be simply takes the water la b1«
bands and blows Jt all over the floor
Englishmen are bad over fresh all
The expression may seem ironical t<
those who know how in London ou<
does not so much breathe the air a-
swallow It Tramway car windows-
stand open the whole year round, and
there is no country like England for
tbe prosperity of dealers in cough and
cold medicines.
Hygiene may appear to be perfecr
in London, bat they still say that
much remains to be done. Spitting l«
not allowed in tbe p'a_ks7at least not
near tbe seat. I have found that one
of tbe cheapest and best places foi
spitting is tbe British museum, where
' it costs only $10. On tbe Great Bast-
em railway it does not cost more tbe
first time, but afterward the price is
$25 a time. In direct opposition to the
usual business principles of discount
Inhaling Water.
Undoubtedly the-majority of bather--
who are drowned meet their death"
from cramp. Cramp is liable to seize
anybody at any moment, and -wben ti
comes in deep water few swimmers
have sufficient presence of mind to
turn on rbeir backs and wait quleth
until the attack has departed. Sotbev
go under. But there is another*dangei
quite as imminent as'crainp. though it
is probably less known. This is wa
ter Inhaling. A swimmer or even h
wader is always liable io ln__ale spru>
through his nostrils, which, passing
through tbe pharynx and behind the
epiglottis or windpipe guard, gets into
'the windpipe and causes death Ap
one would expect, water inhaling is-
almost wholly confined to the sea and
very rarely occurs In fresb water. All
the, same, it may. happen anywhere. -
Hl.iihanrra » - 	
Dolphin and Flying Fbh.
A ship was lying at anchor at-^Boc-a
Grande, says tbe Funta Gorda Herald,
lately when the crew observed a dol
phln chasing a flying flsh. both comln.
.directly toward, tbe ship.. On neurlnp
tbe vessel the flier,arose In tbe nil
and passed over the bow just nbufi
the foremast. As it did so tibe dolphin
went under the ship and, coming up
ou the other side, sprang from me
water and caught tbe flying flsb on
"the fly" Just as it-was'curving graee
fully down In Its descehtto the water
Fooled Hi* Doctor.
The late itev. B. tt. "Huwels. whe
was equally double 88 preacher, jour
nalt-t, lecturer and musician, suffere.
from a dangerous fhtp disease when _
boy of nine. The celebrated Sir 'Benjamin Brodie. w_o, was asked if v»
change of scene weald benefit the af
Aided youth, answered. "Tal^e hlir
any where—It does not matter."
Haweis lived to .laugh at bis doctor
and halt a century later, after a life ol
exceptional Industry, be was in-vigorous health.'        ""
Walking leisurely around the Bgyp
tlan sphinx, the traveler from Ameri
ca inspected It from all points of view.
"It's a shame-' he exclaimed, "t"
leave tbe thing hi that shape. If I,
had It out In Chicago I could clap it
good cement nose- on that face so qulch
It would make lt»."neml.flwlm!"—Chic»
go Tribune. -v. ,    •  -      ,
Grass Baskets.
To restore the Snigreipre^f ito'lslret.
ronde from' mwwc hc-ibmi grnss -aflei
they have iipi'jrewly insf *It. plung
tbeui   lulo  hot Ho tf   \vyt?i,   rciuo>hi.
tbeui almost instiintly.
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund    -
Total Assets   -
- • 5,300,000
C. B. DANIEL, Manager
* "i.
STOVE, -®*
Money to Loan on'
First Mortgage   /
$6,000 at 8 per cerft
-        - -      11    . -
Hewetson & Mantle
I beg to' announce that I. have taken ...
over tne        ••        ••        ..     ,   ••, *,     •• ,
Blacksmith SHop
■     '      .      ,, '. '  •■ ""       '    '-<■■■
belonging to Mr. S. T. Elliott, from
September J st, 1909
• •l A '   - •   .
,. ..* '   ■ '    '-KELOWNA' :v      ' -■'   '■  .'J.* .if
Thursday,* Oct Si
r    ,JP      t-
'A, V
The Orchard City Record
'f ,-   i      >'     ' ':     A' ,'«'>,r,>''Jif.  '{iA~.r*\\j - i \~. 'V.^?;^
1    . '' . i.s - .     '       r-. • \'?i   7.5.'-'.
Heintzman Pianos
We purchase, them direct .from the factory and can
,save you $/50. $/50 should be as good to you as
to a travelling agent.   ' '
' v'" '   ' ''' Getour prices on these'instruments.
We handle-other makes and can give you .a full
size Piano, 7] octaves, in Mahogany or real Walnut,
guaranteed for ten'years, for $275/
Kelowna Furniture Co.
& CO.
Manufacturers of
Builders i Brick, Drain
Tile and Hollow Brick *
~h» Reason the Brakeman Quit
reading For Awhile.
Danny   Wlluoartb  was a  brakeman
One day while his train was on a side
brack at a town in Ohio another irai-
that was doing some kwitching on tbt
same tracks suddenly bumped Into tbe
caboose on ,the rear platform of which
Danny was standing, and be was severely bruised. He was taken to a
local hospital,'where it was found that
his Injuries were so serious as. to necessitate his remaining several Weeks
for treatment At the end of a month
be surprised his mother at ber home
In Pittsburg by walking into the house
on crutches.
"Why, Danny," she exclaimed, "what
Is the matter? What has happened to
"Why, I wrote and told you. mother."'
he answered wltb a grin.
"No, son. you didn't All you wrote
was' that you were going to quit rail
reading for awhile, that you had found
something else to do and that It was
an Indoor job. Ton didn't say a word
about getting hart or anything of thai
kind." -   '
''I surely did, mother. I told'you
what happened to me."
"You surely dldn'tr
"How did I say I came to be staying
in that town?"   • *
"You said you happened to be caught
there between trains."
"Well, I was."-Youth's Companion'
Schell & Brown
Honey Haroest.Poor.
The Honey harvest has been a failure
this year. One of the principal bee keepers has obtained only 150 pounds sections
from 28 hives at Harply.' Norfolk, a
decrease of 1,000 (sections on last year's
crop. Of run honey, about 90 pounds were
taken from the hives, showing a decrease
of 900 lbs. The bad crop has been caused
by the damp and cold season.
' » Killed bt) a Wasp.
A death is reported from Dumphries,
owing to sting from a wasp setting up
blood-poisoning. The > wasp stung the
lady through her glove as she was entering
Builders and Contractors
Plans and Estimates  furnished
All work promptly and
**- carefully   executed   at
reasonable prices.
Address   -    RutlandP.O.
The Royal Hotel
Up-to-date and Convenient
7   in all respects
Facing the Wharf
J. E. WHEELER, Prop.
American Money  Kings From a Qer
man Point of View. x
in a satirical article entitled "The
Natural History of American Million
aires" a writer in the Berliner Tage-
Watt says:   "They all  came  to 'New
York.  Chicago or  Philadelphia   wltb
one shirt and  with one cent in the
pocket of the only other garment.   All
served as bootblacks, errand boys or
even In more humble positions and in
the  second   week  had saved  enongb
to buy a waistcoat.   After one month
they appeared before their respective
employers  clad   in  new ' clothes and
told  them   with  imposing selfconfl
dence that the organization - of their
business  was defective and  required
reorganization.    A year later tbe boy
has become a partner, in two years he
has   outstripped   the  former   boas  in
wealth, and a year later he has grown
'smart enough to kill off the benefactor
of other days    All American millioh-
aires arise at 3 in the morning, eat
and drink almost nothing, cease their
work at midnight and allow only .bos.
to  five   whom   they  think   are  good
enough to invite.   Every dollar king
founds a university, an opera, a1 museum" or a picture gallery     Life .becomes a burden to them when.ther.
are   no   more   competitors   in.' their
branch worthy of destruction. , Then,.
they lie down and die of ennui."
We  are   open   to
take  contiacts for
Moving Buildings
.•■ and"    . .
. Pile Driving
Clarke & Byrns
Box.l3lV< „.*
Kelowna Shaving
Belleoue Hotel
Rates, two "dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating,
'and teflnis.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
D. W. Crowley C6.
Wholesale & Retail Butcher.
- ' Almost Heavenly'.
,'That is Saturu you see now," ex
'plains the astronomer, while'tbe visitor
to the observatory .peers through the
telescope at the' mysterious orb wltb
its rings and with its moons showing
as little points of light,
i "'IF s away off isn't -it?" asks tlie
visitor.     _
"Oh, yes".   Saturu is so far off that
It requires thirty of our years to make
tbe circuit around the sun."
"Thirty years!"   -    '
"Myl Saturn must he pretty close to
heaven." ■ ;
"I couldn't say us to that."
"I should call it nlinost heavenly uot
to have to buy spring dresses and hats
for my wife aud daughters not more
than once in thirty years."
For fear the visitor would have
something to say about the summer
engagements ou Saturn being respon
sible for tfoe rings, the astronomer
quickly pointed the telescope toward
Jupiter.-Chicago Post
London's Neto Lord Mayor.
The livery men of the City  of London
have elected Alderman Sir John Knlll as
Lord Mayor- for the ensuing year.   'The
aldermen had received a  letter  from  the
Protestant  Truth   Society   urging  that  a
promise should be exacteed from Sir John,
who is a Roman Catholic, that he would
pay the necessary respect to the Church of
England   when   visiting  it  on   any   civic
occasion, and that he would   not  propose
the toast of the Pope  before  that  of  the
King, as was done by Sir John's father in
1893.     The    following    questions   were
consequently asked befor the election was
completed:   ( 1.) Will you   undertake,  if
elected to attend St. Paul's Cathedral and
other churches on all ceremonial occasions
according to  ancient custom)   (2.) Will
you appoint a Protestant Chaplain ?   ( 3.)
Will  you   undertake  that   all   charitable
funds raised at the  Mansion  House shall
not suffer on account of the denomination
or purpose for which   they   are   raised.
(4.) Will  you  agree  on   all   ceremonial
occasions  to   put   the   King   before   the
Pope?     Sir John   gave    the    necessary
promises.   ' .
Mrs. Panhhurat Sails for Neto York.
Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst, the noted
suffragette, and leader of the suffragette
movemeut, sailed for New York' last week
on the steamer Oceanic. Mrs. Pankhurst
will tour the United States in the interests
of woman suffrage.
J. M. Barrie Secures Dioorce.
J. M. Barry, the novelist and playwright,
secured a divorce from his wife, last week
on the grounds of the latter, misconduct
with Gilbert Cannon, a young author. The
suit was undefended. • Mrs. Barrie was
formerly an actress*, appearing under the
stage name of Miss Mary Ansell.
Scott for the South Pole.
At'a meeting at the Mansion House,
presided over by the' Lord Mayor and
several other' prominent persons, it was
decided to start a public subscription list
to, equip an expedition under Captain
Scott to the South Pole. The list was
started with a subscription of £1,000 from
Sir George Speyer, several smaller sums
being subscribed by others present. Capt.
Scott was present and gave a brief outline
of the course and the estimated cost of the
expedition. -      ' /    ,
Goods delivered to any part of
.  the City      •    .
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders .
Doing a Man's Work.
Tbe Widow Skinner has been iwlo
harM-VAri    nnrl<aha   _.__. _-_.llfnr. m-. AJ./IH1
her two husbands over a cup of tea
"Boggs was the first." she sale
dreamily, "a ornery hound wot usuec"
i to git drunk and comehborne and lam
bast© me all over the place. Ariel
Boggs, died I married Skinner. H.
was a good for nothln', ornery crlttei
wot 'ud turn op-full, and I'd lam hin
tm be couldn't see."
She chuckled with quiet amusement
"Well," said a listener, "the last wm
better than the first, at'least."
Bat the widow shook her bead.
'.•No.-'tw'an't." she said "I'd kludei
got used to Boggs'. little ways; and lr
Skinner's case I never cottoned to tht
Idea of doln* a man's work about tht
boose."-'---xc-mnge. <
London's 34,000 Landlords.
The London County Council have, spent
a decade in preparing a plan of London,
showing the owners of the land. This is
nearly completed, and shows that 34,600
landlords own land covering 113 square
miles, these being mostly' Bingle householders. Sixty square miles are owned by
1.87 persons, organizations, and companies,
while one-third of this area belongs to the
crown,  the   ecclesiastical   commissioners,
Drifted Into It.
"Yes, I've mnnnged to get Into debl
pretty deeply." snld Kayrliss
••Indeed." remarked Wise. "I gavt
yon' credit for more sense than yo.
seem to have.'V. *
'** "H'nil Tbe trouble was tbat my tal
Jar;'gave' ine credit' for more dollar'
than I seem to'have," nald Knyrliss.-
Cathollc Standard and Times.
7  Nothing to .Offer.
"Have you," asked the Judge of a re
eentlyiconvfcfted man. "anything to of
fey the-court before'sentence Is pass-
- "Ko, your honor," replied the prisoner.- "My lawyer took my last farthing.'
-London Mall.
the county council, and the citycorporation.
The value of the land is estimated at over
Sixpenny Cab Fares.
A regiment of sixpenny cabs will be
placed on the streets of London soon. The
Kensington Hackney Carriage Association
are the proprietors, and the experiment
will be watched- With great interest by
other owners. The drivers who will accept
the'sixpenny fare will carry a flag with the
words "sixpenny fares" printed upon it.
Hitherto the minimum fare has been' fixed
at one shilling.
Dooer's Neto Harbor Completed.
His Royal Highhess, the Prince of Wales
opened' the' new Admiralty Harbor at
Dover last week. The work which has
been thus brought to completion started in
1898.' The new harbor, which has an area
of 610 acres, can accomodate Dreadnoughts
and all other heavy types of vessels at all
times, an'ia to be used by the Atlantic aa
well as the Home Fleet in the North Sea.
"What's this)" demanded the customs
officer, pointing to a package at the
bottom of the trunk,
"That is a foreign book entitled Polite-
ness," answered the man who' had-just
landed. '
"I guess I'll have to charge a duty on it,"
rejoined the inspector.   ''It competes with
a small   and struggling  industry, in   thia'
country."—Chicago Tribune ,
-- Johnny—'That lady bought me a box of
chocolates." Mother—H hope you behaved
nicely and thanked hbr." , <   *
Johnny-"Oh y^s/mother, I did;- I toW •
.her I wished Dad had married her."
*   *    s ..If. X
High Grade   ■ '.'■*4^l
. Lontectionery
' Local artd fangfostad I li -«
/ ,;   f_e&hlFsru-t7- * ;/
Full Line of Qgan, Wdwxm;'-
~l ill   HI      Mil llllIII    Ijf   }
>r ( \
; Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Feny to Bear Creek every Friday.
Bo* 56 Kelowna, B.C.
' I   ■       rr
, fill
: -.IT
h *■ _*T   1
_i,-v..*nt*1"M|*fi(ri*r .iij M
Oregon Grown Fruit Tf5ee$
Send me your tree bill'for my estimate for Tall, I909,'^iid<_lpr_ife
I 10, planting.   I furnish the very finest igrade.of Gemote,Nvftsny .    j.
_tock at as low prices as other responsible firms fur»-Ai&e,HMw "T
grade of stock. Cat-dAguw W«p>Ti«#fc£ ' '
■ R. T. HESELMOt^i    -7
KELO__NH. B.C. P.O. B&X .S69•.*.
' Agent'for . *   . , -,      '
glbrotp Muvxtxitx, Stic, iiltom?, $$?. <
.' „..*-7|
"5* tftl
» >*i
1 ,m
Cheap Fire Wi
i  .>
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, limited
1 * , i * i     j.
will deliver 20 inch wood for     ' ,'] "
$1.50 per R_<3c "'
' ■ \       *'   !, cr' ,    '
Orders filled in rotation.  .,   .
I   ^J^L
It v-.ii
- j'AJ
' 'ii-n
i\" L^l
'V^i tl
''.'*' Ac 4=7/,';^'
v    ■ -    •'' 'vn   v_.y  Vial
I     -""'
■^ A-^Jm\lf-i"i"\
•.._-_«__!*      xy    1
4    ., >-''i."';Sil'i7^
High-Class  Bajkers/ (brocete 'dtocl^i^
ir" *tv
-> i-   .
'   '. jf&c\A4
Every Family's
  -      * r
Every Day flfafc
' <■  - -.1—1
..  A-V.'< j.4
1     r f     L.1
In the way, of Eatafcjes.ate
t t '   "**»«
BEST vtf_e!rt*bought<Kfei£;,:;;'<-"M
BEST for t^efamayh^C'1-1;!
BEST for the family, pittse.,
If you give us a chance we
can prove it to you.
, _.   i_
'i    <■]
I'.   I l'».
.   '.' -■ \y,t\.
. -  y.   .>
- i   i? B J, kf
■.•* tw
V1 «■?•**     -'
-  ''**• 7>vu*.£
^ The Home of... Pure Goods
<\ -       . > ?    A7~'\'$AA-'pf/&:r
-Phone tio. 39    *,,     ','       .  ,,'■ > '' ' Phbii^N^lt
1 ;    : * l'-   '   c.     /   //, ^-$m$e
, .   v . • ,    ' il_ ^-tse
.    S.     _S    ..     *   ,1 ^        *l 7   *>->■""'
\.y •- v,-"' v.' »iv"
r^ Jjt. x
'"-.',• * ,- *v.'   -A^r-"- v. '  »>*',   f , >'?
, *,; i     •■ ••   -    ,-.'.-' . -, ■-: a:- :■.. ^K^Y$mw4
> '•      i        ,-        *i s -    , -• -      ">.--»'.,   7>v-",,'.,. -";,&_>> l' .w;*?*■■*ib'-
_ .7   'iv',   ,*, -,„ J.t\ 4'*>« v    \.A   v.v i  „,\   •rtk'--U^7^w-l,%VA_-__!h,"H^T-Stv
M Spokane, Wash., Oct.—Fifty-two
competent .bandsmen • swill '. furnish
the musical, programmes at the
Second National Apple Show in
;'Spokane, November 15 to 20, also
heading two parades daily during
the week, The largest organization
is the National Apple Show band
of 32 pieces; under the direction
of A. G. Reemer, which scored an
instantaneous hit at the first exposition last November. The Knights
of Pythias band of 20 pieces has
also been engaged. This band has
been heard; on. various occasions,
meeting, with favour at all times.
The National Apple Show band
will" be7stationed in the Armory,
where;a new stand will be erected,
while the Pythians' band will be in
the main exposition hall.
" Probably this is the lagest combined band that has ever been
heard in this part of the Northwest," said Ren H. Rice, secretary-
manager of the show, " and we
expect this will be a big feature
during the week. Professor Reemer
is now at work on a new march,
which will be dedicated to the
National Apple Show, Inc.; while
W. Van Hinkle, of the Pythians
band is arranging for a composition
in honour of King Apple.
" We have also completed our
board of judges by the engagement
of W. J. Green of Wooster, .chief
ofthe department of horticulture
at the Ohio experiment station. He
has been actively engaged for 35
years in promoting the interests of
fruit- culture, and is in hearty
sympathy with the interests of the
apple show.
"The judging department is
headed by Professor H. E. Van
Deman of Washington and the
associate judges ; in addition to
Professor Green are, A. P. Bateham
' of Mosier/Ore., H. M. Duhlap of
' Savoy, 111.; and George J. Kellogg
of Lake Mills Wis.
"The engagement of Professor
" Green will be of particular interest
'< to former residents of Ohio, now
« living in the Inland Empire. He
' has been horticulturist'of the Ohio
' station for 26 years, during which
- time he given special attention to
\ the apple, its culture and exhibition
'at'fairs and expositions.    He has
J also-served  as judge  at   various
- hdrtculttfral-and'pomological meet-
' ings, also at county and state fairs.
He is a member of the American
Pomological Society and an honorary member of several horticultural
associations. ■
"We are pleased with the way
entries are coming in and believe
that the displays will be larger and
more representative than those at
the first show, the reason for this
being that the growers realize the
advantage to be gained from
exhibits, especially prize-winning
ones at the coming exposition. We
shall have entries from practically
every commercial district in the
country, including the valleys in
Washington, Idaho, Montana and
Oregon, also a big showing from
the province of British Columbia
and probably from other points in
Canada. •      ,
" Our correspondence files show
that growers and handlers all over
the country as well as many in
Europe are awake to the fact that
the apple is a staple product, and
that because of the wide-spread
exploitation during the last two
years the markets at home and
abroad are widening rapidly.
They realize, too, that prices for
apples of colour, size and flavour
are advancing and that the consumers are ready and willing to
pay for clean and wholesome fruit,
also that such a thing as over production is entirely out of the
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
AU B. C. Sugar" Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of .Pure CANE SUGAR.,        .
!!_- British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
A Bit Thick.
It was on one of the Clyde steamers.
Some of the passengers were relating their
experiences of fogs.
* "Yes," said the old salt, "I've seen some
pretty thick fogs in my time. Why, off the
coast of Newfoundland the fog was sometimes so thick that we used to sit on the
rail and lean against it I We were sitting
one night, as usual, with our backs up
against the fog, when suddenly the fog
lifted, and we all went flop into the
water.   A bit thick, wasn't it ? "
Playing Safe.
"Doctor." said the caller, "I'm a victim
of insomnia.   Can you cure me ?"
"I can," replied the physician. "But
before I take the case I want to ask you
one question. Are you in business for
yourself or do you work for others?
'•I'm employed as a clerk in a grocery.'
answered the patient.
'Then you'll have to pay in advance,"
said the doctor. I'm not doubting-your
honesty, but after I get through with you
the chances are you'll lose your job. Then
you can't p ay me.
Port Your Helm and. Steer into
Campbell's Harbor of Refuge
every time you have any trouble with
your motor car.    If your helm won't     ,'
port then 'Pone 82 and we will mak<,
a special trip and make matters right.
Your Launch Motor Needs Repairs?
Let us have a look at it, and we guarantee
to put it in good working order.
We  are noted for our neat workmanship and'finish
The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply Co.
BOX 160 - PHONE 82
The Kelowna Mannfactiiriag Cq>
y \ r- _
Funeral Directors;
Windoto Sashes   .Office and Store Fittings
 '— ,..,.  - - ■
SIGN WRITING AND LETTERING, of all descriptions.
Windoto Fro8tingf,«etc.
'    , . 1-;. r( ,
Have you seen our, new California Fruit Ladders ?   They
just what you want.     Come and see samples.-
Our machine plant is in better^ shape than ever, and we
wanting your orders for all kinds of Cabinet work, etc.
Estimates given on Cottages, Bungalows, etc.
Screen Doors and Windows a specialty.
- " .'   ->      . -
Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets.
(Licensed by B.C. Government) .
' H O _E_ D ■:   ,    . '
A first-class collection of Fruit ;Trees, >Bulbs, Shrubs, etc.
correctly-named and scientifically grown. '
Our trees are grown on limestone 'soil, and are acknowledged
by fruit growers to be "better than coast grown stock. (
Before you buy other stock see   , c
A. R. MUIRHEAD, Agent for Kelowna.
He will explain. .7,   f  ,-.,   ,,  Box 353
*■" TKrne destroyers cannot live where trees have been treated with
These destroyers cannot live where trees have been treated with
SESrS"T^L**e.Et~d50<b-* •"-■ *—-t-
.   MR. C. H. CORDY;
G. R. LAWES, Enderby, B.C.
■   Sole Manufacturer for B. C
We hav/5 a splendid list of   t .
City Lots and Fruit Farms
for Sale.      _ \.- .
If you are looking for a home
call on us, and we will drive you .around ,and .save-you *  •,
Time and Money. -" ;   *      ~"   ""   \
t ^
* _ '       i ' y * "■
DeHART & HAR¥EY    •
Real Estate Agents
eeirtg our
assortment of
■ 7r r
f'A-H '•'£
4'J-Tj   A '
iAV v.. y,\
Warm Underwear
For Women.
Broadest showing here
Low prices
The best lines and the most
standard makes are here in
every weight and every
style. Underwear that we
kkow we can guarantee the'
quality of,, the values we.
know are unmatched.
7 . 2. i i'   K       ',      t- '     ■ • '
Women's Heavy Weight Fleeced
Cotton' "Vest1 and Drawers, at • 35c. a.
Somen's Natural Merino Vests, good
weight, high neck long sleeves, and- buttoned front, well  finished garments at
'50c. each.   Drawers to • match at same
^Childreiv a   Knit Underwear,   in   all
styles and.prices.;.. \\ *»,/    >    'y'\   ,
A superb showing of Smart Autumn
Here you will find all that is of the
very latest in FallSuitings,Fancy Striped
•"Fowteds^yenetiaiw, and Broadcloths,
J*th¥^!siu.ae_/  h ..<   !■•<" [•-., -:
Prices from $7 to $21 suit end
ti .«H _>r.« vi
Before the nicest patterns are picked out. Come in and have
FIRST CHOICE of our large collection. This is the time to
choose. Our stock has never been.larger, nor our prices lower
on this line. Tea-sets, Chocolate sets, Jardinieres, Fern Pots,
Different desirable articles suitable for gifts or for home use.
"*• n
oatiidhAV RA.Rn.AI'NS>
6 Bars Fairy Soap, 25c.
6 Bars Oatmeal Soap, 25c.
10 Tins Good Sardines, $ 1
Boys'- House Slippers*, 25c.
Girls' House Slippers,- 25c.
Men's House Slippers, 40c.
Very Special .Values. .inj
Blankets and Comforters
Time to look for warm
bed covering if youhave nbt
already dbrie: so;   We are
1   "' £
presenting  a   number   or
splendid lines of, grey and
Guaranteed Kelowna Honey   \ Women's „        „       40c.
Guaranteed Kelowna Jam 41bs. Roast Coffee, $1
Picnic Hams, 18c. lb. 41bs. Assam Tea, $1
3 pkts. Force, 25c/ ^
W mens, Dress Skirts
..■'•■,•*-       .      ■ '      •    .■. V--: '
In New Fall Styles.   A collection of smart models, that should
' appeal to women of refined taste.   All new cloths and shades.
Prices $4 to $11.50.
white blankets and 5 com
torters. *
Fine Grey Blankets,.soft;
[ and fleecy, 6 'lbs., ,60 x $2;;;
special, per pair, $4
All wooKBlankets, b.|
Grey, Navy, and Red, 71bs.; j
special, per pair, $6 - 5
Extra Special White, 61bs -]
60 x80„special; pair $4.50 ;
* Comforters. Special dis- \
count of -10"-per cent; "off ;
k\YWool-filled :ana:^ Eider- i
down Comforters. *
j  '  *i *
& Go.
A''' ',
Established 1850.
fi *
i '■ ,■
'•■ii ri' '.nnh^n.inYv l^::;-if_L:^l,_:__^^4i'i^^t1.11:i'^'J^ ' '" ^'^^^ 1    y.-y^t. rt ._>
'.7?- . - f-'-v'w, T  .y:y-'r *> '• ?t
r   Thursday, Oct 21
V' * '- ' "•/,      .' ,,    -',     . "7 ' ,• v<      -      >'"* '    % . ,      -<*;', , >.  ■ ,,7''' <&"  1
'   -     ■   * -      V      ■*  •-" it -' " . \     -. l     "'.'•',,.,"'".     ' ,    v'v, '--  '   **     -    J
", ■     . The Orchard City Record v  J,,       '    \-:;--'"«-"^ •;; • *■  - *    ^y-.'w.^.1 7:^'   d
-_-_,_-_i.,-_<a-i' ,    5./I
w_u__mm__m_c> .    a, // '^di
- In a strict sense you do
\ not catch cold, but rather
*. *■■
the* cold catches you:  .   ,
- -..' ■,'     f
'jit' catches   you ' when
your vitality is low, when
the circulation is impeded
by sudden- draughts   of
cold air. '.
'. The right thing to 6.0
■ is 1 to reverse things and
catch the cold in the1 start
and stop it before it,has
you firmly caught.    **■
You can do this with   ,
1       y '  1
_, It.stops colds in the be-
ginning, and cures'settled
,, colds in one fourth of; the
usual time."' ' ■   -''-'
P. B. Willifs m
>*1 !
'■.     .Kelowna.
'rt-ONE'"l9»      *''>
J.I '»!-
Wholesale and.Retail
Butcher. 7
7 " Cattle, Sheep and Horse
Dealer. /" '
 'J'     \
KELOWNA,,(,a ,,,.RC
i Ladies'.and
Gents' Tailors
(,     i i
Repairing and Pressing
- promptly attended to.
" Bull Breaks Loose at St. John:
A large bull, which had been landed
from'a river boat at St. John! N"B., made
its escape, and turning on one of tbe dock
hands gored him severely. The animal
then dashed up main street, knocking
down a young girl, goring the child badly
before a workman near .by could could
interfere. The workman was next attacked
and severely injured before the infuriated
brute was chased away. After two hours
the bull was caught, tied to a telephone
pole, and shot.     ' >
React) Snoio in Ontario. ,-
A heavy fall of snow, the first this season,
is reported from Kenora and Ignace, and
the C.P.R. has been forced to place snow-
plows on their trains between Kenora and
Fort  William.     The' snow seems to have
come to stay.
'*   Faulty Switch Wrecks Train.
A local train from' Moosejaw was
wrecked at Broadview last week, but fortunately no ope was injured. As the train
which was travelling about twenty miles
an hour, was passing a house track switch,
the mail car and those behind took the
switch and derailed the engine." The track
was torn up for several yards, the engine
burying itself in the ground. The engine,
tender, and baggage cars were completely,
wrecked, but the other cars remained uninjured. A delay of about two hours was
caused before the train could proceed
upon its way. i
'  "E.R." to Remain on Stamps.   v
A report was circulated some time ago
that the letters "E. R." on the official
postage stamps were to be superseded by
the letters "D. C", (Dominion ot Canada).
The Post Office Department have, however,
denied that any such change is pending,
startng that they had never entertained any
such proposal. • .
"Times'! Editor Hurt.
'   '-''   .f     .   ' r '
' L. F. Amery, chief editor ofthe "Times"
(Eng.), sustained severe injuries when out
riding with Earl and Lady .Grey at Winnipeg. His stirrup'caught on a* post while
he was soing' through a half open gate,
and he sustained a double fracture, of the
ankle, being thrown violently,to the ground.
Mr. Amery. has been nominated for, a third
time "as the Unionist candidate for Wolver-
hampton'at the.coming general election,
and is fenxious to get back to England. .
*■"■.."•" ' - ' .. . .!*
To Find the South Pole.,
' Captain Ronald-Amundsen, the well-
known Danish explorer, who is about to
start on a polar expedition, has decided to
try a remarkable innovation in the use of
draught animals for polar,travel. He will
endeavour to make polar bears draw/ his
sledges., Some time ago Amundsen made
a contract -with a well-known trainer for
twenty ice bears, three years old..j The
bears .''ordered* have, been, obtained^ and
trained, and.the results obtained promise
to make the animals .of ^service in polar
work., The start for the pole will be made
rom Christiana in December..
.' .' -    i.   i .
• Damage bu Fireat Rapid Cittj."
A fire broke out at Rapid City last week;
which, before it could be got under control, did damage to the extent of $10,000.
It originated in Glendenning's carpenter
shop, and spread so rapidly that soon the
four buildings adjoining were in flames.
The town hall was destroyed, as also were
'_ _;__.___   _ _..._.1l:— __..— -jJ »L_ ~<C<—
of Mr. Young, veterinary surgeon. After
an hour and .a half hard fighting the fire
was subdued.
.' Lords Day Alliance on Milk.
. *
The Lords Day Alliance has' 'protested
against Cobalt hospitals being supplied
with milk from Toronto on Sundays. The
protest which has been sent to one of the
directors of the hospital board, has been
received with no small amount of comment. '       :
Boiler Bleu? Up.
With a roar that startled all the inmates
of the Bath > ,HoteI and other adjacent
buildings at Montreal, one ot the boilers
in the cellar of the hotel blew up. Arthur
Willett --the fireman, ' was so seriously1
injured that he died soon afterwards,' another man near by was terribly shaken up
but will recover. The immediate cause of
the accident is not, made public. '
A Thief's Cheek. '
A Strang, theft is reported from Montreal, the thief getting away with'a sum of
money in one of the coolest ways imaginable., A man very smartly dressed, walked
up to-the cashier in A. E. Rae's store and
representing himself as Mr. Rae demanded
$170 stating at the same ttme that he> was
in a great hurry. The girl' immediately
counted out the money and handed it, to
her supposed "boss" without any hesitation,
and the thief got clean aWay before, the
theft was found out.
'       >.,
Record Price For1 Front.
A recorcj price was established last week
in Vancouver when the Bank of Ottawa
purchased the south west corner of Hastings and Seymour Streets with 62 > feet on
Hastings Street at $3,000 per foot frontage!
Will Gi.e Free Seed.
.For .Fall. Planting
(BULBS 'ffom the best Euro-'
f    pean and Japan growers  -
iHome grown fruit and. ornamental
i trees—grown on upland soil without _
', irrigation, in the only tipart of the
'American continent" nott infested
.with the San Jose scale., "r \ <\'j
'Garden, Field and Flower Seeds,'
j tested stock front the best growers
> in the world.
; Wire Fencing and Gates
s Spray Pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Cut Flowers, Spraying Ma-
; terials, etc.    .
j White libor only/
|    157 Page Catalogue Free. ,
j;     m: J. HENRY
\        Oresahonso and Seedhonse ■ '-
\     8010, Westminster Rd.
f VANCOUVER, B.C. ., ,   .
•f   Branch Nuresrir • South Vaneoucsr v  i
Bomb Outrage at Ingersoll.
The police at Ingersol, Ontario, are looking, for a man who threw n bomb at Alderman James,.Buchanan. The circumstances os the case are most peculiar, as
nd definite'reason can be given for the,
outrage." "Aid. Buchanan was in the barroom of the Kirwin House, and as he waa
lighting a cigar, a bomb was thrown at him.
The machine exploded with terrific force,
tearing away two fingers of his right hand,
and otherwise injuring him. He was rendered unconscious for some time. A
search-is'being made'for a stranger who
was noticed; Hanging; round .the doors of
the bar about the time the outrage took
place. •   %
Storms on Great Lakes.
i A terrific storm has been raging on the
Great Lakes during*' the pajt week, keeping
all the smaller boats in shelter and making
it difficult for the larger and passenger
snips to ply'their trade. '-Port Arthur has
been besieged'by boats taking refuge.
No White Waitresses Allowed.
f    . ': r ■     ," -1.
It has been p-inted out *- to the police
commissioners at Toronto, that it is against
tho law to grant licenses to Chinese rest-
uaranta, unless tho Chinaman agrees not
to employ white girls a* Waitresses. The
board have therefore decided that it will
refuse all licenses until this stipulation is
agreed to. X* to" what,,"steps, shall bo
taken with those who have already obtained licenses without the agreement, no"
decision haa been arrived at yet.
Help is to be given-the sufferers
the great prairie fire north of Red
which occurred a few days ago. Hon.
Frank Oliver has stated that the government
will supply free seed for one year at "least,"
and possibly two years seed may be
supplied., The information was received
by the almost destitute farmers with a sigh
of relief they having 'lost practically all
they had. -Financial help is also, promised
from the larger towns of Alb,erta.    -    _    "._
'."     '      - • ',
No.Exhibition For,Vancouoer. ',
Owing "to the fact that.the new exhibition
building at Vancouver has; not yet been
finished and building operations are delayed, it has been decided that no exhibition
will be held at Vancouver1 this year. ', The
street car service to the grounds whjch was
to have been extended in order to cope
with rhe increased traffic has also - been
"delayed, and under the circumstances the
association has decided to withdraw its
proposed, show   for- this   autumn.
t Council Again-t Peace Comtnem-
' *-' oration.
>The council of the Montreal Board of
Trade extended a deaf ear recently to the
proposal of the Canadian Peace and Arbitration Society, that a petition .should be
signed to the • government praying for
international peace'in commemoration of
the'century of peace between Canada and
the United States. They are"" practically
the only public body that have' refused to
sign the petition, and their action is causing world wide comment   .   , ,"
f o    i
. Jap Sentenced to, Death,
_^^esh____r.a,_thr_Jep__e_e_w_iQ_!_illed-- a
countryman - by disembowelling him at
Skeena, has been sentenced to death. The
deed was the result of a quarrel between
the murderer and his victim,' the former
objected to the latter turning down the
wick of a lamp in a cannery bunk-house
and a fight ensued resulting in death. The
sentence will be performed on December
10th.     . *»
' To Succeed Mr. Maxwell Smith.,
The' government has appointed M.B. Robertson of Pine Head to be fruit inspector
for, British Columbia to succee'd 'Mr.
Maxwell Smith who has gone into the
newspaper business.
Danger of the Spread of Weeds'
'.  j     , Aoerted   ,«-,*', \"
It ts ,'noted in the Census and Statistics
Monthly that information was recently received >by the Weed branch of the Dominion Government, that cargo of wheat screenings, were being shipped from Port Ar-
thu'r to Montreal. - On account of the danger in the spread of noxious weeds through
carelessness in handling screenings of this
sort, an officer was sent to Montreal to inquire into the disposition of the cargo.
The analysis of .a sample of the screenings
showed that they contained I..3 of wheat
46.9 weed seeds, and 36,8 inert matter.
.The.weed seeds were represented by 29
different varieties, eleven of which were
of the kind tarried in the Seed Control
Act. It was found that the screenings
were being offered at $19 per ton, and
would be sold either whole or ground into
meal, 3'hq germinating powers however
are riot killed in the grinding. It is evident
that there is considerable danger of intro-
duciti- noxious weeds by caresness in han
dung screenings.   /. , ,      7.
on that Hotisd or*
Stop a moment and consider how low
our rates are, and then call or phone W'"
the extra amount you want added. f '''
\    A      *     £    "f
"~i'\, ••*,:
.      *-Y
A}\->- J
Yout House
t   i       - ff    . .\ ^-' f    i,    i" fi
"9    r r>     :-       "-' J-   -*'.
burn ne)dT\
, .;•'. ,:ti.O  4fc77-'*
>iv >
'**    '■
yi     -.,111
j ,     .% L
"v -
■ 'A'i'vl
! '"W r
L_ "   '(I
7 Ar.
Ia ^
^ ft   *    ICE
t", >,vJ
AW' .'.fit
. ,f-
.   . .
i    ) . h '   . •_ /
:. .
We represent only strong, companiejs:
Liverpool   and    London    and . Globe,
. Phoenix, British America',  Westchester, [/! 7f
Occidental and Imperial Underwriters^1; ^ ^ :-'-
-v t-'Jy\
s' ?Ji'A
'. ,J >■'', ■
".* 'J,,rf*5l
■«•? i* T   _
1 a' -A.i
.- T, ..fi.-
i",i i      >J.-|
\%\   ASi?
%-:< '""*(
V' - -Ta
*'.' '^yl
' irAA
X la - * *
• If you are interested in the comparative  merits and economy of
* .gravity ditches and small pumping
-plants, write for our Booklet oti
■- Practical Irrigation.
V ii, i'    ' - -.
- 'We have installed many hundreds of successful pumping plants
all over the arid,west.
We.also have a new instructive
bulletin "on "How to Spray and,
When to Spray Fruit Trees" which
may interest you much* ,     >
.* ' '  ' '
_ _«-P^m aw*i _. «-«r
■"-7" cuwirAwi
Vancouver, - B. C
and other principal cities, or
E. NEWBY, Kelowna ,
-" "   t.
t j    '   ■* -
vU "I**--
-->'. f
Just received a large shipment of '
Air-tight Heaters of; all kinds
Coal and Wood: Heaters of all^kiiiiclaii
Washington GoalGratesi
Franklin Wood Grates.*-:     f
Large Display    Lowest Prices •*'"*■:
i      - fg i_r_r_i«r a.._n_■"■.._/-#•%-._,-   --   --.
———iranuwAKfi tur
amous ivootenay & pask-Alta   ,
, AM tj   [ : «;->• j«o'r • -Pv'Ai ,"'. if, S'/H'J. 7A«n
'i.   ^-   unt^v^l W
v i". "TS-J;fls_ft r
We should like to draw your atten-
tion to the following facts:
If you need a tonic for your hair, to
make it grow, to, make' it thicker, and
give tit,'more vitality,"use Mrs.. Garrison's Hair Restorer, price $l> per bottle
Many,ladies in town will recommend
this tonic as the best.
,   , {'h Your Complexion Good P
IF not,'use Mrs. Garrison's Massaga
Cream!, This will keep your skin soft
and fine and free from wrinkles.
Mrs. Bradley's Face Wash will clear
your face of. sunburn, no matter how
bad, also blackheads and pimples. .It
will cure freckles. This,is sold either
in packages, ready to, be put,, up 25c.,
or in bottles ready for, use, 40c.
'Sold by Mrs. Hislop, corner
Water St. and Eli Ave.
Hwr'-Treatment, Singing,
. Shampoing, Massaging, a >
Specialty, hernia moderate.
. - z."       a -y ,-«7'7'.
i *      . .IV
1       , >
Importer and Dealer in all hinds of
- .7
The Celebrated Adama wit|o»  ; fi
.,   rt    • w        ,  ,    i v\/ \,- i ?, ii
Hamilton Wagons—both* one. and twoihortfe. - fl
inds of one and two-horse Cultivators, Plows;-^ x
Harrows and Spring-Tooth CultivaV
Gome and see the Latest Improved .«m^^r<n»«'^iM«ihi&-''
.»-;.v.«.' EXTENSION imd I^VE-am_2JDISC^
It yotrwmt a Flnl-Claas CtirHagigo to glliott'i.   Wt hchdlo hoiking .
>    ^        but the best MiLatighUnmVui Canada Carriage, v' '*; 4 &ff\
-, Every Rig Guaranteed "ffi^tf'k
"•T) '-'•'J,JK
.'{ '. *-','-'-.1
esc? .1       »Ar*:
f,  'isiiSfft
lirv -i -J£*.JI
'» %l\ '- *)
1 V./
■, * **   K  tL
\    -V' ».    .-',.
The Orehard Gitu Record
'     -.      ».'^';'  "-   <7 / ,. '   <7  "    " -V--   '7-V'?,"   .iV '   • V ^V1 •>.*■•"■<■   -V'- V"'1 -ii
'"       -        i: "■ > <~,.       ■ ,.     -     7'rV,'r     ,•,'. .    ,    ..  ■ ,1   f
; ,   :• ' ,'/"       Thurs,daij,.pct:2r: %„
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
I, L
On Easy Terms
I Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0, Co.'s Office, Leon St.
_  .
r    (i        a-
us your
Printing Order
■'    i -f (i _       *     nn  nTT   I   * ii. —
:;V;. <•'*     >■ .   i ' .
JX J. i '   i
We,;can,execute them neatly and
cheaply, and give you satisfaction
every time.
_■)€,» -M,    «■       -4* x
*v   .       *   J "
J! fi r   "*■'"        . U""    V        » ^
k'- *-'  ***    $' _£"j\   ,_
iv/.L     w' ) / J lil.
7.-.-.*!i "t ,.'
> hi
'PZ/piVE 94
»Vf. .    '  i"
}'i.>'W V''' 'M,
h-*.-"*"'...V'... M/
-. . • W
£■>,>'-!.<> I        '
" -.. ,(>
' ' '[.*
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Sc, C E., D. L.S., B. C. L. S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Syjtems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Con- '
.miction, etc. '
KELOWNA, ::       ■   B.C
Office:    Keller Block
Dr. J'. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. O. Box Ht6 'Phono 66
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold on commission.     Dray meets  all  CP.R.
boats.    All kinds  of heavy  team
work. \ 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Town and Country Residences
PHONE No.' 93
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
i      »
Mrs. Hislop, Teacher of the Piano
lias had a  number   of years experience
in teaching pupils in all grades.   Especial
attention to touch and technique.
Beginners fonhe-first~six monttftTtalcenat
a reduction.
For  particulars,  apply  residence,  corner
of Water Street and Eli Ave.
Mus. F_ac., A.T.C.L.
Teacher o. Piano, Organ,
anct Voice Production.
KELOWNA      -      B.C.
Orchard Work,
Pruning, Planting, Etc.
. P.O., Kelowna.
-Miss P. Louise Adams,
A.T.C.M. '     *
Scholarship graduate in Piano and
Teadhers Course of Toronto Conservatory
of Music. Late Teacher in Westminster
College, Toronto.
Pupils prepared  for examinations  for
Tdronto Conservatory of'Music!      '
Successor' to'Mim Edith L. Smith.
Address: P.O., KELOWNA.    ■
f|, A  WANT  AD.  in the
Record will 'bring speedy
Social and Personal
P. Prozesky returned from Eastern points last Friday.
Born—To the wife of G. E. Knippel
on Wednesday, October 6th,
1909, a son. ■*    k
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Jones returned last Saturday from a visit to the
A.-Y.-P. Exposition and the New-
Westminster Fair.
Mrs. W. G. Russell returned Saturday from a visit to friends at the
Mr. Cummings, who, until lately
was associated with the Royal Bank
at this point, paid a flying visit to
his parents last week, returning to
Vancouvei on Saturday.
Mr. J. A. Davy, manager of the
Dumont Coffee Plantation in Brazil,
paid a visit to his brother, Mr. A.
R. Davy, during his illness. He
left last Friday for England, from
whence he will proceed back to
R. G. McPhee returned last
Saturday from a visit to the coast
and the New Westminster Fair.
Paul Murray, of Peachland, was
a visitor in town last Saturday. .
H. Cartridge, of Vernon, was in
town last week end, on business.
A. D. Mclntyre, barister of Kamloops, was a business visitor in
town last Friday.
Wm. Somerville, of Peachland,
spent last Saturday in town.
L. Holman returned from a business visit to the coast on Saturday
Messrs. Pooley and Carruthers
left last Saturday for Northern
Mrs. Daunton, of Penticton, was
a visitor in town last Monday.
Heber Percy left on Monday
last for his home in the Old
Mrs. H. W. Beatty and sister left
on Monday last ,for Streetsville,
Ontario, where she will stay with
her brother, Mr. J. Gartley.
G. Ritchie has the building contract in hand fo'r a large brewery,
which is in course of erection
across the lake. The building is
nearly completed and can be seen
standing out along the. shore line
from this side.
W. H. Oliver, of Penticton,, was
a visitor in town last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Isiah Mawhinney
will receive on Tuesday, October
26th, both afternoon and evening,
between the hours of 3 and 5 and
8 and 10 respectively, the occasion
being the 60th anniversary of their
Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland, Mr.
and Mrs. Morris, and K. Scratchead,
all of Vernon, spent last week end
in town.
Ernest Wilkinson has been busy
taking soundings of the depth of the
lake during the past week.
- 0. S. Grant, of Yellow Grass,
Saskatchewan, was a visitor
in town last week end, looking over his property a,Westbank.
 Ed, M_Cl_skey.._o__Vernons paid
a business visit here last Monday.
The new cement sidewalk on
Glenn Avenue will be completed
this week. It is a fine piece of
work, and adds a most attractive
and permanent appearance to the
Dr. Mathieson, dentist, Rowcliffe
Block, Kelowna.   Phone 89.
I lit 'iVm-lr*-.!"!.!-*-
Town and Country News.
The Young Ladies' Auxiliary, of
the Presbyterian Chcrch,, ( have
signified their intention to' give a
party on the evening of November
1st, (Halloween.) Announcement
will be made by hand bills, shortly.
A large number have signified
their intention to be present at the
Local Option Convention, to be
held at Vernon next Tuesday.
Special excursion rates are to be
given by the C. P. R., to all visiting
the Convention.
Mr. A. R. Davy wishes to thank
all those who so kindly asked after
his progress, during his recent
E. Bevan caught a fine three
pounder, when out fishing at the
beginning of this week. Some say
fishing is over, but Ted says it is
At a . meeting of the Literary
Institute, held last Friday, it was
decided to prepare a private bill of
sale, ahd to sell the furniture for
the best price obtainable. Only
five members were present and the
above course was resorted to, as
the general public seemed to have
lost all interest in the affairs. It
was agreed that the secretary
should wipe off all out standing
subscriptions, as bad debts, and
that he should make arrangements
for all newspapers and periodicals
to be given over to the hospital.
Lawson & Co. had a busy day
of it last Thursday, moving ' into
their new' premises in the Raymer
Block. It was not "until five o'clock
on Friday morning that the store
was got into shape, ready to open
to the public at the usual opening
-     ' » * •
The Lyceum Concert Co., advertised to appear last Tuesday, cancelled their arrangements after the
announcement appeared in print,
giving as their reason, that -they
had accepted a special engagement
at Revelstoke. They,- however,
state that they will fulfill their programme here at an early date.
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co.
have made an addition 'to their
premises, which they'-will use for
office purposes, thereby being able
to enlarge their work-shops, and
conduct the clerical work away
from the din of the machinery.
News has been receceived by
Mr: J. W. Wilks'that a meeting of
the Farmers' Institute will be held
on Nov. 3rd, when Miss" Laura
Rose, of Guelph, -Ontario,' will
lecture on Domestic Science and
Women's Institutes. Mr. B. Hoy
will also lecture on horticultural
subjects. In the afternoon Mr.
Hoy will give practical demonstrations in pruning and fruit packing,
providing that arrangements can
be made to carry out that part of
the programme. '        ■   ,
The Oak Hall Clothing Co. have
commenced the alteration to .their
store. It is their intention to put
in a new front which will extend
forward to the sidewalk.
The first instalment of our clubbing offers appears this week on
another page. Some of the most
interesting publications areiriclud-^
ed, and offered at reduced rates.
F. R. E. DeHart has been busy
during the past', week collecting
fruit for the Spokane Show.. Last
Monday he paid a visit to South
Okanagan, bringing back many
fine specimens from that point.
He expresses himself very; well,
satisfied with the collection He has
made. .
. Rev. Rochester, western secretary -,
of the Lord's Day Alliance, ,and
Sunday Observance S6ciety, spent/
the week end at the Wilsons' home
in Glenn Avenue, leaving on Monday for Penticton, where he addressed a mass meeting.
Mrs. Snyder, matron of the"
Chinese Home and School, in* Canada, run under the auspices of the
Women's Missionary Society of the
Methodist Church, is visiting the
Rev. S. J. ■ Thompson, at the
Methodist Parsonage. She addressed a gathering at the home of
Dr. Gaddes last Monday afternoon.
A branch of the Local, Option
League was started at Rutland last
week, the following officers being
elected: Dr.' Baker, preident, Mr.
Bird, vice-president, and1]. Charle-
ton secretary. It. was decided to
take immediate steps to secure a
large i membership.    ...      >
Rev.vRochester, westem'secretary
of the Lord's Day All.anee. addressed a large congregation in the
Presbyterian Church last > Sunday
morning, in the interests of his ,
society. In the evening he xaddress-
ed the congregations at the Baptist
and Methodist Churches. i,
A  Union Thanksgiving.^service.,
will be  held  on  the  evening  of.
Thanksgiving" Day, Monday next,"
commencing at 8   o'clock.     The
service will be conducted (by the
Rev. A. W. K. He'fdman/ assisted
by Rev. Welsh, in ,„t,he devotional
part of the service.   The Rev. S. J.
ThornpsonJwill preach thefcermbn.
A collection will be taken in aid of
the hospital. '  ' x
' Mr.,Geo. E. Boyer preached in .
.the Bethel Church, Benvoulin, last
Sunday afternoon,
i Mrs. James Rae,' of .Benvp.tilin/;
has signified; her intention to f Hold
a Halloween Tea Social at'' her
home on Friday, October 29. The
admission-will be 25c. for * adults
and 1 Oc. for children. The social
is being- held, in connection .with .
the Laddies' 'Aid Society of* the!
of the Benvoulin Presbyterian'.,
Church.  '   ' <
An important land - deal. went
through last week, when the Messrs.'
Dixon-Brothers purchased from Mr,,
Swalwell, 320 acres on the Vernon *
Road* TKe whole'/of _t__e>>land ,is
to be plowed up,*p_evibt_s'to being'
put into tobacco..It is the intention
of Messrs. Dixon to go largely into'
tobacco culture, and the land will -
be seeded down next-spring;' '
Amongst  the  latest  arrivals in ;
town, are Mr. and Mrs." Jocelyn B. r
Whitehead and family, who' have
taken the house, recently occupied
by Mr. S. C. King, in Glenn Ave. '•
It is. Mrs. Whitehead's intention,
shortly to start a private day school.' <
There is no doubt, a need for a_.;
school * of   this . kind,   and   Mrs. ,'-'
Whitehead  is eminently qualified .'
by experience aud training to conduct a really first-rate institution.
Mrs. Whitehead, too', is the mother
of a family herself, and understands   .
well the needs, of,children.   She is,  ,
moreover, the possessor of numerous certificates in many subjects,
and will, no doubt, do' thorough
her care. *     *        •'   - '
• B. MdDonald and -AtEf Boyer
returned last Moday from* their
visit to the New Westminster Fair,
receiving the congratulations of a
number of friends as they stepped
off the boat.' Each had to' Hectic
down to a large batch of correspondence which had accumulated
during their absence.
' *.(■
V t.
For fall planting and
house culture: .."";.
i      c
.   FLOW!
■- i.'.'i''." {'
,' yA..A ,'f.»/ -;t,7. .-   > '', i. '  /• ! , /,,, ,,    J  ,.»r _    < *        .-'-   ', 7. «.. vw" «  '•      -     i     * •    _ : >■ ^.c.'^. . . 7>        ■ ■!.*,-    ;, yA>- h'
..JI.. .,(■«■>< .*«■■. ■Utfiifi HX. .,__■ b_,,_ ..._■-__.. «.■*. ■, ■—,-..., -_■...-_,_!, *! —_ . .--,.^*--* *U~l*i*^..-j.*-^t IfJ  ■»     .   -M. .   .m~~. ^ e. .._■____•_ ■_____!*-.______■■_<■  . JfflUatf-A- t tiL--C--K.1 w*. jjww^ W-Mw»wft»ttVi*-^«_'»'^ :><
'f huraday, Pet 21
' '.T.
I,'-* , _"
,- '<*w.
W. ,  /<
ANGLICAN     '   " ,
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in the
month nt 8 a.m.; aecond and fourth Sundays, after
i Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.'
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
,      REV. THOS'GREENE, B.A.. Rector.
,' Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at;l I a m ; evening services at 7-
m   ii   JPm-   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
'   _   REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
Sutton's Seeds
Tomato Plants
' Cabbage Plants     -
Bedding Plants   -
Asparagus Roots
Rose Bushes, etc.
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
A' ' '       '
The,Orchard fcity Record.\!'
'    Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.   -
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
-    REV. S. J. .THOMPSON.' Pastor.
*     Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Servicesat l_l a.m.*end 7:30p.m.
f  Saljbath School at 10a.m.   All welcome.
r Wednesday. 7.30.   D.1 J. Welsh, Pastor.
tail's Boarding' House
re-opened by '
Large   comfortable ' rooms
with or^ without bpard
Terms very reasonable
Apply Clifton House, Glen
' ..The sailing schedule "of the S.S. Okanagan during the aurrirner months is as foi.
lows.       - '   - 7 ■  .   .
Read up
10:45  _.
. 8.-05 ''
-,   "•   *■■
-7:15 '
[6:15'' _
, . 5:25
« Daily Except Sundays
Okanagan' Landing
Okanagan Centre
Short!s Point
i   Kelowna
'    Gellatly   ,-
. -- Summerland
Penticton   .
Read down
J. A. Bigger
'"" *■
Plans and. Estimates Furnished
Residence,    10  Lawrence Ave.
,, PHONE 95
He Got All the Young Men to
Church on Sunday.
"Many Interesting stories arc told ol
Kishop Wilmer of Alabama. who ,wns
noted'for his wit and sharp repartee.'
«nid u clergyman. "A story which is
cousidered characteristic- of the man
was told by a Virginia minister:     ,
•"When Bishof) WUmer was rector
of the little Protestant "Episcopal
church at Upperville. "-Va.. be was
much worried by the uouattendance at
service on Sundays of tbe majority oi
the young men of the community. On
inquiry he found that Instead of going
to church they were in the habit'of
playing marbles for stakes Marbles
in thos? days, it must be remembered,
was a much more serious game than
It Is now, occupying much the same
position In the realm'of sports as do
billiards and pool in these days    ■
"'Bishop Wilmer. then a parson not
well known, determined to break tip
.this practice. He himself hod been an
expert marble player in bis boyhood.
Accordingly one Saturday he came
across a number of the young men
engaged-in a game. The good bishop
asked several questions and Anally
challenged the lot to play him for
"keeps."   They readily consented.
" 'Much to their astonishment, the
young minister wou steadily, and scon
they had to go to the stores to replen
lsh their stock. Toward the close ot
the'afternoon Mr Wilmer had won
every marble In the'town of Upper
viller Putting his "winnings" In a
bag. he remarked as he walked away
"Now, gentlemen, since you" can't play
marbles tomorrow I hope to see you
ail at church." And he did.' "-Washington Herald.
W.C. T.U: Notes.
Conducted oy the Ladies of th'e Kelowna branch
of the W. O. T. U.
The Act Most Beneficial,
Crossed  the Ocean   to  Supervise  One
Course of a Dinner.
George W. Harvey, the1 inventor on
steamed oyVers and a famous restau
rant keeper, was once the hero ot ah
Incident that  In some respects made
the   exploits   of   I.ucullus   and   other
noted gourmets of ancient Home' look
cheap-and commonplace    He made a
6,000 mile jouniej to cook or supervise
the cooking of a single course of a'dih
ner. -• ■■ , c
A- wealthy Englishman noted for his
love of good living while on a visit to
Washington was. given a dinner-at
Harvey's, at which terrapin formed^
the piece de resistance. It was the flrst
time the Englishman had encountered
the famous Maryland delicacy, and it
made an instantaneous and profound
hit with him- He decided that, he
would introduce the dish to his London
frlends and at onie entered into negotiations with Harvey to come to London and do the cooking
Harvey named, his price, and it was
accepted without a murmur, although
it was a stiff "one. as he was a verj
portly man "and did notrl_ke"_o travel.
At the appointed time he engaged his
passage for England., took > sufficient
number of  live   terrapin t along  with
him and sailed for.Lotidon   He supervised tbe preparation of the turtles In
the kitchen of bK generous employer,
saw that they were, cooked and served
properly. collectedMiis £200 honorarium
and his expense*, and took the next
steamer back to New "fork.-Exchange
In Clacton the Act has worked   a   great
change, the spectacle on excursion days of
bars filled with children and parents have
entirely disappeared. The following report,
from various towns have been received :
Yarmouth :   The police say the   Act   has
proven very effective, though no prosecut-
ion has been necessary.   Folkstone :   The
Chief Constable is of opinion that the   Act
has proven most beneficial, and ihinks it is
a very wise   provision.   At   Clacton   the
Act has worked far more   smoothly  than
was at first   thought   it   would,   and   its
efficacy has been so great that the  undes-
irable spectacle of   bar-rooms filled   with
parents and their children on a big excursion day is a" thing of the past.   At Worthing
there have been a few.cases of   pecuniary
loss to license-holders through the operation
of the Act, but most have   got   over   the
difficulty of accomodating   both   children
and parents'; whilst at   Hastings the great
majority of parents resort   to   temperance
centres, but where needful publicans have
provided kpecial   accommodation, if   only
it be a few seats outside their  house.   At
Margate, instead   of   being    kept   in   the
public bars until closing time children are
now very often left at the   lodgings in the
care of the landlady.
The Now.Kind.
, - Among -the passengers In a parloi
car attached to a southern train leav
-ing Washington were* a reticent indi
vidual desirous of reading his pupei
and a talkative person equally desirous
of engaging the reserved one. in con
rersatlon.' At first the- reticent man
took the questions of his neighbor in
good part..,,tetu.ning short but polite
answers. Finally, however, he grev.
somewhat irritated at the persistence
of the other. '
"The grass Is quite green, eh?" was
the Idle query that next came from the
garrulous one as he gazed through rhp
window. >"" • I
"Quite!" said the bored one. with tt *
■mothered irrnwi__"B_i.   «■_._.,.  «....„u ,,
what a chauge It is from the pink ami
mauve grass we've been having la tow-Harper's Weekly. >-     -
0. ——•
It was Bilkln's wedding day. and In-
waa teasing bis young brother-in-law
» "Well. Johnnie." he said solemnly
"I'm going to take your sister a long
way, off aud have her all to myself.
where you won't see her any more." v
"No; really, are you?" said tho imi
"Yes.' 1 am..   What do you think of
"Nothln'.   I can stand tt if you can."
—Pearson's Weekly.
^-The Neto License'Duties.
The opposition  of the Brewers* Parlia-
mentary Committee to the licensing clauses
of the Finance Bill is not mollified by   the
Government's   amendments, which, it   is
declared, in no   way   affects   their   case.
Arrangements  have   been   made for   an
exhaustive discussion of .the   new   duties
and the suggestion that the whole of   the
licensing clauses can be disposed of in two
days is scouted.   So far as off-licenses are
concerned, however.it is admitted that the
changes made are almost revolutionary in
that the taxation, on this   branch   of   the
trade, especially in Scotland and'  Ireland,
is in  effect   very   greatly   reduced.   The
Irish trade   in particular is   understood to
be well pleased with'the concessions made
inthe   small   businesses.   Many   London
Liberal members are greatly  disappointed
at the retention of the principle of graduation     of     license    duties  according     to
compensation   value^-a   principle   under
which as was pointed   out to   Mr.   Lloyd
George by a deputation, London will   pay
? I?,u-ch^>lr*Fr   Proportion    of   the'new
taxation thah it would  haVe done o_v'the
basis of sales.    To   secure, if   possible, a
discussion on the matter.   Mr. ,W. Pearce,
the member for Limehouae.' has put down
on the paper an amendment; the  intention
being to ask the Chancellor of   Exchequer
to frame a new   scheme   for   application
within the county of London.
•■ "
Milh Versus Beer.
Subscribe tioW for
TheOrchard CUgMioM
arid gel all the mMw
the valley week hiWee%i
■* Kit L
,The House of Fashion
i'What'B your fare?" asked old Flint
■kin of his cabby tbe other day aud
was met with the stereotyped reply:
"Well, sir.'I will leave" that to you."
"Thank you; you're very kind." wild
old F..' buttoning'-up his'pockets and
walking 'off.   "You're the first person'
why ever left tne anything yet."-London Pan. '
Not'at First.
"■Whe-T you first sow Niagara falls
old you feel that almost Irresistible
Impulse to throw yourself over the
precipice thatvso tunny experience'."
"No. I hadn't seen my hotel bill
yet."--Cleveland Leader.
' Quite 8lmpl«.-
"What will you do with your-money
when you tiler
"1 shall lenve li to my children "
"But suppose ,vou have no children?"
•Then It will go to my grandchildren I" :    ' ^
'Peace to'not' mere, tranquillity, for
trnnijunilry may be i_Mliffeienca.-Duf-
tki&  - i    "■
In the course of his presidential.address,
"delivered to the   National   Federation. of
Dairymen and   Cowkeepers' Associations,
iii the Oak Room of the  Mansion   House.
Dublin, lastweek.   Mr. AnthonyHailwio'd.
J. P., of Manchester, dealt   with  the food
value   of   milk,   and   declared   that   the
consumption of milk should be  increased
among children, and that could   only 'be
done by impressing   on  the   parents   the
value of milk as a food.   There   was   no
doubt that  milk   was ,an  ideal food, for
weakened stomachs and nervous disorders,
and there were   many "cases   where ' the
latter troubles   had   been   cured   by   the
judicious use of   the   lacteal   fluid.   Thi-
chairman proceeded   to   draw a   contrast
between the uses of alcohol and milk, and
said there was an overwhelming evidence
of medical men in favor of the use of - the
latter by those who   suffered-from   what
waa known as "the craving for drink."   If
said the chairman, a man when he   found
it difficult to pass a public-house went on
further and.got a drink of milk,  he would
soon find himself a better man and able to
resist the desire for drink.   The  consum-
ption of drink in hospitals was going do »vn j
the milk requirements were going up; and
in 1905, Guy's Hospital London,  took  in
44,732 gallons of milk.
Will be deeply.,
mfaested ■i^yprlocdtWI
paper.   We will' seaiM
for one year
' 1-.
See To Your Bulbs Not©.   '  '
While the fine autumn days last; few
people think of the bulb planting season ;
At a "rule they wait until the early frosts
have destroyed the beauty of the summer-
flowering plants, and then begin to consider
next springs display. This waiting, how-
ever, is a mistake, for the' early supplies
of bulbs are naturally the best, and even '
if they cannot be planted they should be
All bulbs should be taken out of the
bags as soon as they arrive, and put where
they wijl obtain plenty of air. This is a
point tp which if it impossible to'attach too
much importance in all seasons; especially
so thia year, when the ripening off <wat
done in-rather,,   Unfavourable  conditions,
T'Mfs/v? r
The trouble   itV that   when   left
I      iii—, »...**    — ncti   icic   pacKeo
closely in bags the mast heats, and it is
certain that if this continues long many
bulbs willbelott. Growers do not need
to be reminded, that it is far cheaper in
the long run to pay a'fair price for bulbs
than to hunt for those lowest in price.—-
"Agricultural Economist and Horticulture
.CJfo * ■   ■
Orchard C#yRecord*
and any of the following:
getter Fruit, monthly, $2.M
Saturday Sunset    -      ^i?r
Vand Province} weekly*: 02\
(With Fine Premiwn)
h\.'V     ;"-. <-. '   V   ■ " lcrnnaullllh.h,rtv.u,«^rrMa n,._. J ».:■—. r>."— ™ norncuuura, a       - y ,    t V^m__M5a
7;y>.V|i.;   ., "V,     /1(T„7*'7!7^K' ..AA.h'v^V-^iV .'"'.;.«•-■. 'J^Vit&y%iV*"^A^S*'tti&'   Ah>*<    <<-hf\A'l<\. >r^'-j}r'Ai \.    .       ^"-,S' .v,,,.s\.\v7'v\^    ,'     '..('VVH' ' \\77>^j;pls%*^^rr,f7.V>?"*'7.X^ 8
The Orchard City Record.
<   i
• 'ft-r.'f'.
'     Thursday/ Oct.,.21
,ij i   _
:• >
,, i i
Kelowna Wins at
Continued from page I
A comparison of Kelowna's score
card with other districts, is of great
interest, more especially when such
well known districts as Nelson,
Chillewack, Salmon Arm and
Spences Bridge are included,
In Jonothans, Kelowna scored
first, second and third prizes,
obtaining the following marks, out
of a maximum of 100.
1st, 98i. 2nd, 97_, 3rd, 96_,
other districts 93, 84, 81. Wealthies
scored, 1st, 97i, 2nd, 96£, 3rd, 96,
while Northern Spys scored 98,
95* and 92.
An interesting score is the one of the
King variety of apple. Kelowna is
supposed to be backward with fruit.
Chillewack is pronounced the home of the
King.   The score is at follows:
Kelowna 99, Kelowna 98, Kelowna 97,
Chillewack 66, Salmon Arm 81, Lilloet 77.
Space prevents us going more fully into
scores which are most interesting, showing
how thoroughly we beat our competitors.
It may appear strange to most people
that Kelowna wins three prizes in nearly
every class, and that one exhibit was
practically put up against its own town.
This can be explained by the fact that
several farmers were showing through the
A. & T. Association, and their separate
names were used in connection with the
exhibit. This accounts for the large
number of second and third prizes.
The attendance at the show was
remarkably good, and the comments
passed by the visitors showed that the
exhibit waa attracting more than usual
In all, the exhibit coraalled $700 and
adding to this the amount realized over
the selling of the fruit, the exhibit showed
a profit of about $1,000 less expenses.
The fruit was practically scheduled to
be shown at Spokane thia year, and we
believe that it would not have been sold, if
another exhibit for Spokane was not in
preparation at the hands of Mr. DeHart. *
The whole exhibit was of Kelowna
fruit, not one sample being takan from
outlying districts.
One of the chief features of the exhibit
was the '15 boxes of Jonothan Apples,
which would possibly have beaten the
world, if the world was showing against
it. '",""• ft.
Both Mr. McDonald and Mr. Boyer
speak in good terms of the way they were
received by the officials, and altso the
accommodation that was afforded them
for their exhibits.
A larger representation was asked for
next year, and a promise made that the
district exhibit which Kelowna won last
year, and which was not included in this
year's premium list should be reinstated
next year. A cup or gold medal, together
with a cash prize was promised, and will
be one of the features of next year's
The tasteful display of the whole exhibit
was commented upon by every visitor, and
the name of Kelowna will live long in the
memories of those who visited one of the
largest shows held in the province, and
noted our numerous awards.
Continued from page I
Mr. G. H. Dunn informs us that
our editorial last week has brought
no less than two persons to file
their names on the voters' list. It
is at least pleasing to know that
the glory of these two added
names is extended to us and not to
the large notice- posted on the
light pole (not the electric light
pole) outside the Keller block.
Our reporter was collared last
Tuesday for the road tax, being
informed that it was not considered
etiquette to write a long editorial
on the subject and then not live up
to what is" written. The beaming
face of the city clerk as he scooped
in the shekels was a thing to be
noted and remembered. He was
just about to collect the dog tax as
well when our reporter " scooted."
The council meeting is consequently cut rather short this week.
F. DeCacquery returned last
Sunday from a hunting trip around
White Mountain in company with
Leon Gillard. The chjef object of
the expedition was to look for
black and grizzly bear, but none
were seen by daylight. One night,
however,' a noise was heard dangerously near the camp, making
the campers get up and fire a few
shots to scare the animal away.
To the wife of Melville Bailey
on Monday October 18th 1909
of a daughter.
To the wife of J. H. Cambell at
Westbank on Monday October 18th
1909   of a daughter.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made under Part V. of the
"Water Act, 1909," to obtain a license in
the Osoyoos Division of Yale District.
(a.) The name, address and occupation
of the applicant.—Louis Casorso, Kelowna, B.C.
(b.) The name of the lake, stream or
source.—A stream rising about 300 yards
north of John Casorso ., south-went corner
of the north half of section 5, township 26.
(c.) The point of diversion—Ditch
head from point mentioned.
(d.) The quantity of water applied for
—100 inches.
(e.) The character of the proposed
works—Ditch and Hum.
(f.) The premises on which the water
is to be used—Louis Casorso.
(g.) The purpose for which the water
is to be used.—Agriculture.
(h.) If for irrigation describe the land
intended to be irrigated, giving acreage—
A six acre lot, in section 6, townshipe 26.
This lot is on the south-east corner of
George Fortine's land, bounded as follows,
thence south three hundred and ninety-six
feet, thence west six hundred and sixty
feet, thence north three hunnred and
ninety six feet, to the south boundary of
said George Fortine's land.
(j.) Area of Crown land intended to be
occupied by the proposed works.—John
(k.) This notice was posted on the 1st
day of October 1909, and application will
be made to the Commissioner on the 1st
day of November, I909.v
Kelowna, B.C.
Mr. John Fife representing the
Prudential Life Insuarnce Co., was
in town this week. In his official
capacity he travels through all the
large towns in the Dominion and
knew Kelowna when the old
Lequime Store was the only one in
the district. He made1 a few
remarks to us the other day generally praising up the rapid progress
of the town. Lawson's new store
attracted his attention and he
considered it the best fitted store
in the interior of the province.
Is your name on the voter's list ?
If not see Dunn.
Mrs. R. Clouston and Mrs. Ross
of Summerland were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. R. Mathison last
War Canoe dance in the Opera
House tonight."
*   «   ._ i*
The People's Store
Are You Ready to Look at
the New Models in Suits
and Overcoats?
If there is one thing more than another that has helped
us in building up this business it is the pleasant, intelligent service, and tKe courteous attention shown customers
«ft*V_~-T _0__%*_«S.
i. _T' 'X
Very many people are reluctant to enter a clothing
store unless they have definitely decided to make a purchase. They consider they are imposing upon the good
nature of the salesman in asking him to show the stock.
We do not want you to feel that way about this store.
We are glad to have you come here, whether you come to
buy or just to look.
Our present exhibition of fall suits and over-coats is
the largest and finest we have ever made.   The assortment
. of models and patterns is broad,  the fabrics ' beautiful in
, design and colorings, the tailoring excellent, and the styles ,
authoritative. /
Come-r-at your earliest convenience.
Suits $10 to $30
Overcoats $15 to $25  .
Newest hats, $2.00 to 7.50.   All .weights in underwear  for fall and winter; new' neckwear, shirts,
' hosiery1—everything for men.
li.'.>>f.V* . -   ,k
Jm^m-. A
f_r7_ yJfc.
, Ltd.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
Phone 214
the final inspection of the plant could be
made next week.
Mr. Aviss attended and asked if the
council could find it convenient to pay a
visit to the foreshore by his. premises so
that some arrangement could be made for
the completion of his proposed lease. It
was decided to pay a visit to ihe point in
question at 9 o'clock on the following
morning, to make final arrangements with
Mr. Aviss.
A discussion ensued as to whether the
council should pay in full, the account of
the Vancouver Engineering Works, as the
shaft which had been sent them 'to
straighten had not come back true. It was
suggested that the bill should be paid, as
the firm in question did not guarantee to
straighten the shaft, but taking into account
the fact that Inspector Peck had mentioned
that the work was not done satisfactory, it
was agreed to write them with te idea of
adjusting the matter.
The city clerk stated that there was an
over draft in the bank, and asked for the
authority to borrow money to meet it. It
was agreed upon motion that the mayor
and city clerk should have power to
negotiate a loan of $2,500 for Local
Improvement purposes.
Mention was also made of the various
sidewalks in course of construction, the
mayor asking when they would be finished.
It was agreed to urge the matter on as
quickly as possible, so as to strike the
total amount of debenteres required to be
issued for Local Improvement purposes.
It was also decided that Mr. C. G.
Clement should be seen with reference to
the defective sidewalk on the North side
of Bernard Avenue, and to request that
same should be put in repair at an early
Aid. Cox wished to know if any steps
were being taken to collect the dog taxes
over the city.
The city clerk said that some difficulty
had been experienced in, getting the tags
from the coast. The matter, however was
receiving almost immediate attention from
the Chief of the Police.
The council then adjourned, to meet
again on Tuesday, October 26th, at
7.30 p.m.
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
WANTED-200 tons of White
Potatoes to ship at once.
Apply C. C. Josselyn, Grocer.
J. W. Wilks
Agent for the
Sovereign Fire
Insurance Co.
of Canada
* \
and the
Excelsior Life
Insurance Co.
of Canada.
Book-keeping in all its
branches    ,
A large number of
Second-hand Articles
always on sale.
For full particulars apply
Bernard Avenue
WANTED—Second handwashing machine
occasional table, rocking chair, armchair
and ordinary chairs, and dinner sewice,
and other crockery. Apply Box 23,
Record Office. , 47-9
For Sale   Ladies Side Saddle.   Apply P.O.'
Box 236. ' 45-7
For Sale Cheap, two teams of general
purpose horses, well broken. Apply
S.T. Elliott Kelowna. 45-48
POSITION WAN1*E_>—permanent position in town.
H. E. C. Harris.
46f Glenn Avenue.
FOR SALE—1 Sorrel Mare   3
years old
well bred, fast   saddle   horse
$ 100
1 Bay Horse 5 years old.
1 New Cart.
1 New Set Harness (driving.]
1 New Saddle.    ,
1 Bridle.
Will sell all for two hundred cash.
Apply E. J. Pettigrew,
Kelowna Saw Mill.
FOR SALE—Edison Standard Phonograph
and 50 records. Apply P.O. Box 85
Kelowna. 46-tf
FOS SALE—pure    bred   Pekin
Apply P.O. Box 236.
Municipal Voters'
If you want to vote at the next municipal
election in January see that your name is
on thd list of voters. The names' of the,
assessed property owners are placed on
the list by the City Clerk, all others who
pay a road tax or a license, other than a
dog license, are entitled to a vote, but they
must make a statutory declaration before
the Police Magistrate, a Justice of the Peace
or Notary Public, and hie same with the
City Clerk not later than October 30th.
The necessary forms of declaration and
any further particulars may be obtained
from the City Clerk. _ -
, G. H.DumC
46-8 r     City Clerk.
Similkameen District
Glenn Avenue, Kelowna
Principal: **  ,
First-class Trained Certificated,
Teacher  -
Two years residence Whiteland'a
Training College, London.
Long experience in Public School
Teacher's Drawing Certificate^ subjects
Teacher's Music Certificates from Sir
John Stainer's Tonic Sol-fa College
Mrs. Whitehead also holds certificates
for nine Sciences, Kindergarten, Needlework, and French, and has lived for
four years in Mauritius (lie de France).
The School Will be opened as soon
as possible.
The number of Pupils will be limited.
Special attention will be given to
delicate children. '
1, John Carsorso, Kelowna, B.C.. intend
to apply for permission to purchase "320
acres of land, situate in the vicinity of
Kelowna B.C., Similkameen division.
From a post planted at the north-west
corner of the north-east quarter of section
23, township 29, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence west 80 chains, to point of
commencement, and containing 320 acres
more or less.
Aug. 4th. 1909' :Kelowna,'B.C.
Agent, Joseph Carsorso.
Osoyoos Division Yale District.
Half-acre Fruit Lots
,        Just room in front for 0 nice
dwelling, the remainder of the
lot filled with live year old
bearing fruit trees.
For a short ttme I offer these
beautiful lots for the exceptionally low price of $850
If you Can do better elsewhere do so:  if not apply to
Notice is hereby given that an application
will be made under Part 5 of the Water
Act 1909 to obtain a license in the Osoyoos
Division of Yale District. '  ,,
(I.) Name and-address of applicant.
William Alcock, Farmer, Kelowna, B.C.
(2.) * Water to be used for irrigation and
agricultural purposes, from a, spring gulch
located about _ 350 yards from the North
West corner of the" West haif of Section "20
Township 27, being preemption record No.
4876.   Point of diversion, Mill Creek.
(3.) The quantity of water applied for,
100 inches more or less. -.
(4.) The, character of the proposed
works to be a flume, pipe, and ditch. *
(5.) Said'water to bo used" on the
preemption No. 4876. ■-.
(6.) The land intended to be irrigated
is'on preemption No. 4876, containing 320
(7.) The land likely to be affected by
the proposed works is that belonging to
ihe Belgian Syndicate, above the said
(/.) This notice was posted on tne 14th
day of October, 1909, and application will
be made to the commissioner on the 14th
day of November, 1909.
Rutland, B. C
Notice is hereby given that thirty days
after date, we,-The Westbank Trading Co.,
Ltd., of Westbank B.C." intend to apply to
the superintendent of the Provincial Police,
F.S. Hussey of Victoria for a license for
the Grand Hotel situated tit Westbank B.C.
on the west side of the'Okanagan Lake.
The Westbank Trading Co.
October 1st 1909.
.NOTICE .   *  .•
,   - - i ,
""" a"* 1
Notice is hereby given that thirty days
after date, I, Gilbert Hassel of South
Okanagan Mission B.G intend to apply to
the superintendent of the Provincial Police,
F.S. Hussey of Victoria for a renewal'of a
retail liquor license for the Bellevne Hotel
.ocated at South Okanagan Mission B.C.
on the east side of the Okanagan Lake.,  ,
Gilbert Hassel. ;   'j,
*    '      "■     October 1st 1909.
Display of
Fall Goods
> ,.
We invite you to
call and inspect our
very excellent-show.
ing of '     '
NewFall Dress
Goods,    New
and Stylish,
Autumn Suitings,
Comprising all  the
new shades,   Taupe,"
Grey, Reseda," Navies
Amethyst, Wisteria,
.Canard, Catawba,
Greens,'etc., etc.
Every boat adds to our
already . comprehensive
showing 'of the ver£
Latest Novelties. So that,
you may know that the'
new things are here in
great variety. __
We invite your'
The Kelotona
Kelotona'   . ;
- „•"    **<■
\ We can supply first-class one
and- two-year-old "trees, either
grown at Kelowna or Victoria
(Head Nursery), in the best
'commercial varieties of
Apples, Plaint, Peart, Cherriet, etc.
.We have also now at Kelowna,
-   Ornamental* v-
of many kinds, Shade Trees, '*■
. .     Lilacs, Spireeai etc'      "
-We would be pleased to have you visit
' r   us and,select your specimens.
-Catalogue and Price List Free.     \Jj
_£', E; Boyer
Well Sinking andj
done by contract <'
Apply A. GREEN, Box.189
THIS!   7
Unlessi you believe in the
methods of advertising.
v '    Every merchant-.Jls behinc
his advertisement, and his
{'    reputation for fair dealing
depends upon his living uj
to Ms "ad." '.«•    .
/" "*■
My point is this: All work
absolutely guaranteed, and
the same'holds good, in the
class of the. jewelery I,.sell.
, Try me^witli you repairs^
and then form you. o'pinior|
No job too small or too large:
.Bernard Avenue.
«   • ' ,    AH work guaranteed.^ 'Al'


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