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The Orchard City Record Apr 1, 1909

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 And  the   world"' is
g       with you; Quit abd
; you stand alone.l ' 7
Grculation Highest,
J Rates Lowest
VOL 1.   NO. 18.
$1.50 PerAnhuWi/.
The meeting called by the above
' association to finally consider the
turning over of the deed'bf their
grounds, to the city, was well attended by members of the association, and some of the leading business, men. ~ Mayor .DeHart and
most iof, the "aldermen were also
present ...'..„
Mr. D. W. Sutherland, president
of the Association, took the chair,
and the meeting was opened by
the secretary- reading over the
agreement as passed at the last
council meeting by the City Council. In his opening remarks, the
chairman stated that the association
had been behind financially, and
last year were unable to pay some
of the prize money. .The directors
therefore asked .the City Council
to take-over the land, and by submitting a plebiscite, it was found
x that the ratepayers were in favour
of this being, done. The by-law
was passed to raise the money,
and the Council had agreed to the
„ conditions laid before the meeting.
Personally, he was not in favour of
\ this agreement" and suggested.that
the Council ^graitt-the  association
'' about $4,000 of &em_ney,realized
• on the debentures, the ^association
to. assume the liability arid pay'the
interest   and   sinking   fund,   the
• grounds „ becoming.^ the     citys
'security.-;. If the*proposit_nv was
„; :«_pep-ed,   the,4'a^ociAtion?would
[ -VV!- %*£ f*J*w^v^i^Aionly an%joId
t «P_ie fcdke ota'
me _^Tance out of town,
. rwB&iS'e. and* only the iise
P ground for', one week in the
K£.^g«W' '  7'^»7V'7'       .     /
A"   \ q&Mayor DeHart, in- reply, stated
;  that Mr. Sutherland proposed to
•• .change.the entire plans of "the A
& T. Association as submitted to,
-~ "'  'and voted on by therpeople..,The
A. „& T7 Association in the first
'.,   instance- came   to   the   city and
asked for the land to be taken off
-their hands and the city-had gone
to the expense of going into the
1 matter,' drawing up and publishing
'l by-laws, and the ratepayers, by a
vote of two to one, approved of the
deal. The directors had;agreed
with the council on the'terms on
which tlie grounds should be transferred,
Mr. Sutherland ^disputed tbat an
agreement had been effected, and
such could not be done without a
vote of the members of. the associ
ation.        7
' Mr.' Stirling argued on behalf of
the association, that he' did not
 muin.—ii—iium- uioi-u»v-5«-wu"_i
wprth $15,000or $20,000, should
.  be handed over Jo. the-city, for
.   practically only the use of the buildings for one week in the year.
* *•" Mr. Leckie protested very strong-
'      . ly against tbe agreement, particularly the last clause, in which the city
, . ■   could" not   dispose   of   the land
without the association agreeing.
■  In speaking for the ratepayers,,Mr.
- Leckie stated that a number ox the
people who had voted iii favour of
it were disappointed at the outcome, and also a number did not
understand the deal.' A battle of
words ensued here between Mayor
DeHart and Mr.\Sutherland, the
, mayor-maintaining' that the agreement as passed by the council had
been accepted by the directors of
of A 8c. T. 'Association, to which
,   Mr. Sutherland replied   that  the
* acceptance was aubje<£ to ratifica-
"" " •  tion by, the present meeting, as it
was a matter for a general meeting
^ ' 'i to decide. >       ...   .
Continuing his line of argument,
Mr. Leckie said that be Van ted to
see .the A. & T. Association con-
,  Hnue, but that he thought it wrong
for the. Association to have an
,, agreement of this kin^i with the
i,city, when some of the-ratepayers
■• woiild be forced to pay for proper-
• ty that they did not want.
Mr. i Sut_erl__d'\ could / see - no
'  reason why. the city should not
.  adopt the proposal he-had mat
submitted.     By   so   doing   they
would  have  that  extra, land  to
*_***n   ** .*_-**-«- **
Aid. Elliott—"Mr. President, a
deputation of the association waited
on the council last year, asking that
they would take over the grounds
on certain  conditions, if the  ratepayers passed a by-law.   Now you
want to make another proposition
altogether that was not thought of.
The by-law was  put through  on
certain conditions, and  I, for  one
of the city council, am prepared-to
stand by it   Why did the A. & T.
Association want to have the bylaw put to the vote, if they want to
draw back now ?"
" Some disorder prevailed at intervals,  a few claiming that the city
should have absolute control of the
land, and the chairman had  once
or twice to call the meeting to order.
Mr. Stirling,- seconded  byv Mr.
Taylor, moved thatthe Agricultural
& Trade Association do not accept
the proposition, and suggested that
the     association     could    borrow
enough on a second mortgage  to
pay off the mortgage and-interest.
Mr. DuMoulin, with considerable
indignation,   resented*• the < stand
taken'by   the association  at the
present,time.   He pointed out that
some'months ago the  association,
by   resolution,   decided   that t the
grounds should  be disposed   of.
He, with*some .others/ were appointed to mate "arrangements for
this, and; after spending a lot' of
tirne^and thought,'they had  come
to jui-a^eement witK.^tj^cily, only,
to be-turned- 'down noW^like aflot
of schoolboys.--"' 7'7   " *      _"" , r*
?In.8upp6rtingyhim,,Mr. Flaymer
reviewed'thesituation.   Ameeting
of the A &_*. Association had  in
the first place'gone to the council
to ask 'for their help.   The gende-
men appointed by the association
had spared no pains in coming to
an agreeable understanding with
the city, and ihe did  not see- why
the A. & T. should now go • back
on the agreement.  'The 'guestion
raised during the meeting that the
city "should  not go in for'horse-
racing, had,nothing, to, do with the
matter.   The  council' were   only
asked  to  p_t the track',in  good
Mr. Taylor:—"If the city keep up
the course and put the'track in
repair,,the, city would be going in
for horse-racing."
Aid. Elliott:—"You might as well
say that the city is going into baseball and lacrosse, because it allowed
this in the park." - f A
The muddle that things were
getting into was' commented on by
r   vtr   1 ...1 1  »__•. :t u
j.— tr .—juiiorniiv uincu-uiai-u-ii
was possible to raise the money by
a second mortgage, it would be to
the best advantage all round. •
Several complaints were heard
that no public meeting of the ratepayers had been held in connection
with, the matter, and that it had
just been rushed through, and many
were the suggestions to put in
order, a meeting that appeared to
be getting more and more complicated.
An exciting few minutes ensued
when Mr. Dilworth, commenting
on the failure of the A. & T. in the
past, laid the blame largely on the
management , This started Mr. T.
G. Speers off, and he roundly rated
the members of the A.&T. for not
turning-out to the meetings and
so help the , management. Time
after' time he was there with. just
one or two, often without a quorum,
and he had to go out and, get them
by telephone. "As to Mr. Dilworth," said Mr. Speers, reaching
the climax, "he never appeared at
one of the meetings."
Throughout the , whole of the
proceedings the real object of the
meeting was conspicuously ignored,'
and many times the company were
reminded that the subject had been
overlooked, and a search for. the
tangled ends would lead to confusion worse confounded.
An amendment to Mr. Stirling's
motion was moved by'Mr. Mc-
Eachren, seconded by Mr. Raymer,
(Continued on page,7.)
A meeting was held in Raymer _
Hall on Friday last for the purpose
of reorganising the baseball team
for the coming season.   The chair
was taken by Mr. S. M. Moulton,
who was captain of the team last
year. v ,. . '
Mr. Moulton urged the 'boys to
get together and practice regularly.
He  was  of  opinion  that 'it was
possible to pick nine good-fellows
to play for the town, ancLwho, with
the co-operation  of, the business
men of Kelowna, would put their
life and soul into the  game and
earn tKe' reputation of plrying the
fastest  ball  game  in  the'."valley.
He was sorry  he could not stay
with the team; but business called
him  to  the   coast.     The   further
development    of    the   team,   he
thought, would be better placed in
the  hands of an advisory board.
The names of Mayor DeHart, Mr.
C.   B.  Daniel,  and  Mr. J. Bowes
were put forward as suitable people
to fill this position, and a resolution
was  carried  that - these  three be
asked to act in this capacity.   7
Mr. Moulton also strongly urged
the team "to„ work'' for Kelowna,
either by utilizing the gate-receipts
for music or uniforms for the band,
or for 8prrie^ ojher purpose ' that
would benefit-tHj|£- town itself. * "Jo
dp this, he wished, to see r4_e business men take ,Sao interest in the
gamesr^igivetLeir support.,':
, The'questioVpf^ouriHwa8lhlsxt
gorie;_nto.~ TJvfir. iJeHart:-Ǥ&; that
the present pilaris were tpplfcpend
City Council.
$3,000. for fencing andjgetAig:
order, a ground „8uitable7fotsfi.r1
class matches, where' a gate-would
be charged and spectatorslwell'ac-
commodated.   This ground-would
be'used for football, lacrosse, and
baseball.' He thought the baseball
team would be able to have two
triangles if it was found-necessary.
The question of practice was
next discussed,' and' as a suitable
practice ground could not. be
'fixed on that night, it was decided
that Mr.xPettigrewand Mr. Josselyn
be asked to search for a triangle
suitable for this purpose.
Mr. Moulton then- asked Mr.
Pettigrew to take his place as
captain pro tern, until the advisory
board elected a permanent captain
in his place.' He (Mr. Moulton)
was sorry he had to leave the team
at this interesting juncture, but he
wished it to be understood that
even though he was away in body
his good wishes would always be
with' the Kelowna Baseball Club.
It was finally proposed by Mr. J.
W. Wilks and seconded by Mr. C.
B. Daniel that a vote of thanks be
given to Mr. Moulton for his
services-given-to-the-teamTin his
capacity as captain last season, and
also for the interest he was taking
in the reorganization and formation
of a first-class baseball team to
represent Kelowna. The resolution
was carried amidst hearty applause
and the meeting then dispersed
until further plans could be made.
The question of the formation
at Kelowna of a corps of mounted rifles is not being allowed
to drop without further efforts
on the part of those interested. Mr. Harry Bower who
has been conducting .the correspondence with the Government
with reference to the matter recently wrote to Mr. Burrel, M.P.,
asking for his influence in aid of
the project and - has received the
reply that although Mr. Burrell was
anxious to encourage all such
movements, he had had a conversation with Sir Frederick Borden
and found that it would be impossible to assist the formation of
the corps financially for the present
Mr. A. Montgomery arrived by
the Aberdeen Tuesday last, having
had a short stay at Penticton. He
was so taken with this locality when
passing through that he decided to j
The council had various matters
to discuss last Monday. There was
a full attendance of aldermen, with
Mayor DeHart in the chair.
The minute8 ot last meeting were
read and adopted.
Same discussion arose about a
letter from the Canadian Fairbanks
Co. asking for a statement of satisfaction of the electric light plant
The mayor explained that he saw
no reason why the statement should
not be signed and sent to-the Fairbanks Co. He' had spoken to Mr.
Russell and he had said the plant
was in excellent working order.
Mr. Raymer attended and asked
the council for permission to move
his hall, and if necessary cut the
wires so that his building could
pass underneath.
The Mayor thought it should be
made a-by-law that when wires
were cut and damaged by the removal bf buildings, .the expense
should be borne by the owner of
the buildings.
It was finally proposed by Aid.
Ball, seconded by Aid. Rowcliffe
that Mr. Raymer should have permission to cut the wires, provided
he have the work done by a city
electrican and bore the whole expense. They thcrught Mr. Raymer
ought to be given every consideration in view of the magnificent
building he contemplated putting
up in the place of ^the one to be
removed. ~      *
7^ Aid., Elliott wa_7 ready with an
estimate _o_ painting the fire hall
als he said it was an eyesore to see
a building of that description without,paint A little discussion was
raised" on this' point, but it was
finally'decided to hold the matter
in ebeyance. .
Aid. Rowcliffe mentioned that
several bridges were unsafe, and
that there" was such a gap at the
side' of some to allow children
falling in the water. -
'Aid. Ball suggested 'the putting
up of a wire netting along the sides,
but 'other Aldermen 'thought "a
board nailed up would be sufficient.
The question of the iron brace
coming from the cross piece to the
railing, on the bridge on Pendozi
"street was severely criticised by
Aid. Bailey. He knew that many
people had come into collision
with it and considered it dangerous.
Aid. Elliott suggested the lengthening of the cross piece and it was
finally proposed by Aid. Elliott,
seconded by Aid. Rowcliffe to give
the Board of Works power to fix
this matter, as well as to board up
the sides ofthe bridges.
A suggestion was also put forward for the raking off of stones
on Pendozi Street and the matter
was promised attention.
Aid. Ball next put forward a
suggestion that a code of fire
whistles be established so as to inform people whether the fire was
in the east, over the creek or in
town. It was decided to refer the
matter to the Fire and Water Committee.
The Mayor next spoke about the
work done at the Power House,
and told the Council that the
second engineer contemplated
leaving at the end of the present
month and Mr. Russel would have
to 'get a man. ,'
■ A lengthy discussion ensued
which took up the different views
of the^situation and it was finally
proposed by Mr. Ball, seconded
Aid. Elliott that the resignation of
the second engineer and the appointment of another one be left
in the hands of the light committee
to dispose of it to the best advantage of the city.
The following resolutions were
Ball-Bailey—That no deed transferring   the   exhibition   buildings
and grounds will be satisfactory to
the City Council, which does not
I give the City oftKelowna the right
to dispose of the property, should
it be found advisable to do so.
Elliott-Rowcliffe—That Aid. Cox
be asked to act as Building Inspector pro tern under By-Laws
Nos. 57 and 58.
Cox-Ball—That By-Laws 57 and
58 be reconsidered and finally
Cox-Bailey—That H. W. Beatty
be appointed  pound  keeper for
1909 for city, according to by law.
Bali-Cox—That the sum of $5,0-
00 be paid to Mr. D,  Lloyd-Jones
on account of the purchase price
of the park property.
- A petition was presented by Mr.
Reed from the tenants of the lots
on the west side of Pendozi street
asking  that a  sidewalk be ■ constructed from Willitt's drug store up
the west side of Pendozi street as
far as A. Gagnon's corner, the side
walk to be of cement and under
the Local Improvement Act
The following correspondence
was read:
Letter fiom Thos. Cunningham
in reference to the growtf. of willows along townside site, which
passeo through Mr., Pridham's
orchard, arid asking that they may
be got rid of, as an effort would be
made this year to clear all orchards
of weeds.
Letter from W. H. Nott & Co.,
with reference to a hoook' and
ladder truck for use in case,of fire.
The following accounts were
referred to the finance committee
to be paid if found correct:
Hinton Electric Light Co.' 4120.00
W. J. Ruwel(»al_ry) 7.'150.00 "
T. Sampson 7   9430
T. D. Colquette ; ' 8333
J/Hetoon (*alaty) 1'.:..l.   65.00
'T. Hidson -do.:..".  ""60U0O
-.CH.'Dunn   do.'..'.:. '.    90.00
D.I_lIa(_-venging for March)   125.00
The meeting the adjourned until
April 5th.
Moving of Raymer's Kali.
11      . -'    7 / \<7 _
The. weekly visitor to town, will
wonder what has, happened   to
Raymer's Hall and when he finds
out will wonder how it was done.
The Hall during the last week has
been cut in half, raised on jacks
and the concrete foundations demolished.   Quite an army of men
have been employed on the job,
and it is hoped to have the Hall
ready to move next week. < Several
of the electric light wires will have
to be cut to allow the building to'
pass.   Itia not to be moved  so'
very far away, the position decided
on being the N. E. Comer. oi Mill
Avenue, down Water Street'   The
famous old building will'have;'to
make room for "one of the finest
Pieces of archetecture iij^ the city,
which   will   comprise,, Lawson's'
new store and the new hall.'  The
work of moving is being undertaken by Messrs. Clark c_ Ferguson
while Mr. Raymer is  busy- Urging
on the work of the naw hall" in
hopes,that it will be ready fo. use
by the first part'of May.      ,    '-
Major S. M.* Andain left Tuesday for-his ranch at Short's Point,'
and is expecting to return to the
coast to-day.  .
1 A meeting of the members' of
die football club will be held at 8
prm. in Davis & Mathie _ store today.
M-jor Gustave H. Schopf will «pe«k in
Knox Presbyterian church on Sunday, 4th. ^
April, at 11 __., on "Miarion Vork* in
Africa, aa seen by a Soldier.". The Major
will also speak in the' Methodist' church
the same evening at 7.30, and delivers two 7
lectures on Monday, and Tuesday evening-
showing trophies from three continents.,
Record Essay Contest
For the Boys and Girls
of Kelowna and District .
We are anxious to interest everyone in the columns of The Record,
and in this endeavor we mutt not forget the boy* and girls.   There is   '..*
often a good deal of literary talent lying dormant in tlie, young people     , ,*
and we want to give them a chance to chow what they can do in thk   -
direction. '
We have therefore decided to offer two prizes each,month for'the,. ^
best essay written by any boy, or girl under sixteen'upon • subjects  ~ 7
which we will announce each month.   The first contest will be held   '..
during the month of April, at follow*:— .7 ,)-,.., ,   ,'f
ESSAY CONTEST No. 1: . i.-
First Prize' - * - ' . . • $2.00 '
Second Prize      ....        $L00
There are hundreds of boy and girl readers of The Record on the 77 '
prairies who would like to hear of die good times which dm young7^-*-
people of Kelowna have during the summer months, so' the above
prizes will beawarded for the best imaginary latter from 'm boy or girl "'",'
in Kelowna district to a boy or girl on the prairie, on   , >   7 ,<
* r_i
"Summer life in Kelowna,
From a Boy's (or Girl's) Point of View"
The essays should be sent in to the office not later, than Agril 30tK, ,7* v *
and the prize will be awarded upon receipt of the judge's dsctnovuvr 0 *''
The contestant must be under 16 years of age, and _e>_t_poi»tibtis?-
rnUst be his or her unaided work.  •    .     * > 7   »"v^fjt-i
-r *■
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published eoery Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
CHAS. H. LEATHLEY, Business Monager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Adoertisfag rates upon application.
The  fog which at   present
envelopes   the  affairs   of   the
Agricultural and Trades Association seems to grow more and
dense with every meeting held
for the purpose of clearing the
air.     Each fresh meeting reverses the proceedings of the
last.    It would have been infinitely better if this question of
the turning over of the grounds
to  the city  had   been   more
thoroughly discussed, and some
.definite understanding reached
amongst the members ofthe
Association themselves before
the city jcouncil had been approached.   Although the irretraceable ' step .may   not    be
taken, ,yet" when  the   engagement has been announced, the
banns published.and invitations
sent out, ~_o\to speak, it is a
1 little late to^begin  discussing
the advisability of the union.
A by-law for. .the^ raising of
_ie ' necessary money - by the
, issue of debentures has-Been
put through at-'some expense
; by tKe- city, the vote of the
> people t^ken, and', all,'seemed
.'like straight, going.   -But the
best laid schemes of mice and
agricultural societies " gang oft
agley,"'and here we are, off the
track and in a mud-hole again.
' The wisdom  of the   city's
assuming   the   ownership,   in
addition to their already heavy
-burden, of a tract of land on an
agreement so hemmed in with
restrictions and conditions as
that lately  submitted   to   the
council by the A. and T. Association is certainly  not   very
apparent to the ordinary observer.  -. It seems only fair that
if the city is to pay the piper it
should  have the privilege  of
calling the tune.
Under this heading communications loill
be receioed upon any subject oft interest
Letters must be signed, be brief, aooid
personalities The Editor does not nee
essarillij endorse ooinlons gicen below
tne_otnef "nana it seems
bad business for the Association to hand over merely for
the payment of its debts, the
unrestricted title to land worth
„ five or six times the amount.
Is   it   quite   impossible   to
arouse in the district sufficient
' interest in   the   work   of the
7__s8dciation to enable them to
' pay 'off their debts, make the
necessary improvements to the
' grounds, and paddle their own
.; canoe in a more vigorous and
' efficient manner than they have
^Jbeen doing?.
Editor Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir,
The writer in the Nelson Daily News
quoted by the "Courier" is quite right in
advocating the use of a reliable brand of
Blood and Bone fertilizer. But how is the
farmer to know when he is buying a reliable article ? He may insist on having
a guaranteed analysis, but how much
better off is he when he has it >
The writer of this alticle has seen many
samples of reliable (?) Blood and Bone
fertilizers analysed in the laboratory. They
were generally up to the guaranteed analysis, but some of them contained as
much bone to the bag as would make
half a dozen shirt buttons, and sufficient
blood to give one the impression that the
women who had sewed up the sask had
cut her finger. This small percentage of
blood and bone is no doubt put in to
satisfy the qualms of conscience of the
makers in their endeavor to worship God
as well as Mammon.
They are no worse however than the oil
men we heard of a short time ago who
were selling oil in Kelowna adulterated
with->water, and their integrity is on a par
with the integrity of the gentlemen who
sell embalmed beef in Chicago.
If it is our duty to protect our fellow-
men from fraud as much as possible we
may say for the protection of farmers,
that an artificial fertilizer may have a
guaranteed analysis shewing a fair percentage of Nitrogen and Phosphoric Acid,
but the "nitrogen may be derived from
woollen waste, leather dust, soap scum,
horn shavings, etc., and the phosphoric
acid may be derived from phosphoric
rocks instead of Bones.     ,
This makes a considerable difference in
the value of the fertilizer as the chemical
constituents though present are not in a
readily available form for good plant
If you desire to use a mixture of Blood
and Bone the safe plan is Ho buy dried
blood and also fine bone meal, and then
you will know that you are about as near
to receiving the pure article as you may
hope to get.      '
Further, Bone Manures do not suit
heavy soils but act best on light soils.
Soluble manures such as Nitrate of Soda,
Sulphate of Ammonia, Guano, etc, are
more suitable for heavy soils, altho Guano
will give good resultson light soils also.
When Bones are used they should be
finely ground and if possible it is better to
procure slightly boiled bones, as the fat
on raw bones interferes with their decomposition and makes the results appear
much slower. Too much boiling however
removes the gelatinous matter which contains the nitrogen and as the boiling or
steaming is mostly done under great pressure by large manufacturers, to take out
the gelatinous matter for other purposes,
it is not always easy to find a good sample
of Boiled Bones.
Soluble manures like Nitrate of Soda,
Sulphate of Ammonia, Guano, etc., should
be applied in the spring, whereas Bones,
Phosphates, etc. should be applied in the
The best source of obtaining nitrogen
and generally the most economical is from
Nitrate of Soda or Sulphate of Ammonia.
The best source of Phosphoric Acid and
the cheapest is from Superphosphate of
Soda and Superphosphate should not
be mixed however, as the free sulphuric
acid in the phosphate will liberate the
nitrogen from the Nitrate of Soda. The
Superphosphate should be applied in the
fall and the Nitrate of Soda or Sulphate of
t .rnmonia ss a lOp-uFCssing in the—spring
after the crop is up. ,
For a good complete fertilizer there is
nothing to surpass a good Nitrogenous
Miss f Lena'Duthie was billed to
^^"appear at Raymer's Hall last Friday,
but owing tQ a severe cold was
.p- - > uu»w.w .~ -rr---- ^e p*? certain
rO *.* __e would nave _a_ a good house
!?>. 'J ea her talents are' not altogether un-
l£ '"f, known in the town/ Her non-ap-
' ^pearance caused much clisappoint-
7 '. ment      t'   ■ ,',   '
•' '   > S "     ' "      ""   " '    "7    **. I*
" , The KelefwWchoral -Society are
Mbusy rehearsing Stanford. "Revenge." " Next Monday* and Thursday ' rehearsalsl are ■ willed for'the
" Pirates/'-* previous to. taking" it
down the lake.
r  <
Messrs! Davies and Mathie have
t ,  i secured the contract for making the
'*}*." policemen's coats to be'used in the
-^4;j_«dudtfani of the "Pirates" when
'■* J _Kat opera,gOes down the Jake., ,.
, ., lu   \ »   ."'      ',        '    ■*        "-V-_ 'r J
Schell & Brown
Builders and Contractors
Plans and Estimates  furnished
All work promptly and
carefully   executed   at     '•
reasonable prices. '!
Address    -    Rutland P.O.
._ ( i
Fertilizer for Sale
All kinds.of  the- best '
fertilizer carried by me
(-.       »I i     '
N   • .- Parties interested  in  the'
growing  of all  kinds of
fruit and vegetables call on
for prices on this fruit >
and vegetable producer. *
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
___* British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co.
Window Sashes Hot-bed Sashes
Office and Store Fittings
S1GNWRIT1NG AND LETTERING of all descriptions.
Windote Frosting, etc.
THE SPRING IS GOMING. We are open to gibe
estimates on all kinds o. Buildings such as
Bungalows; also complete Furnishings for
Summer Houses.
Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets.
Who said Bicycles?
Call and see our large stock of
Bicycles—New and Second-hand
Also our big stock of BICYCLE ACCESSORIES
All work done by experienced hands. We
aim to give satisfaction, and our prices are
The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply Co.
BOX 160
are nere !
Arrived To-doiy"
Our car of Buggies, Democrats and Carts was unloaded
here to-day. They will be set
Orchard Gty Mty Mai.
Small House on a 50 ft. by 120 ft.iot, close in,
rent well.     Price, cash, $1,050; on time,
- $1,150. - • ; v
*- - _.
Cottage on one acre, in good locality* $2,100,
easy terms. ""       '       '
A    r.  ., - J       :   ,   A.7>   t   ,
'• Stable for rent.   " "'
- i
i >r
<    ,'.
up and displayed in our show
room immediately.
Every Day With Us is Reception Day.
Stroll in and look around.
"*       TUT   1     I'   '     ~-  4       .«'"«
, -- Make your build-
t ings Bright and clean
'thisSpring* Weh&ve
' 'the best and mo_t economical 'pfiirit fd_ ~y<_j
, to use.-. \>. ,
. tne_,paint jthat
£< spreads ./farthest',
^ wears 1'oAgest,
&looks Hest. :/Made
_,_ ?<rf jpiinS-tfrnaterials.
£*&*  A Record:of forty
1-,[' years.'dfjjjqo-paint
making behind it*
>>        *■■ ■* t'   -, _J i**
This may interest you:
, As Planting Season is here again ^and I am going out of the
Nursery Business, I will sell my stock at much below the prices
regularly paid for nursery stock,   ''    ,i       • ,   '/ '
77' ■    lyear old Apple trees from lO.cts."to .5 cts»
,   -   2  „,V   .      "    , '"      -  15     "r^ 20   »'      "
, , • ' 3    ■" ,       "     ,'    "   ,_  '25     M ( 30 ,.    ^ ' '
'   s      Grape Vines
-   2 year old, 25 "cts.     ■ 3 year old,'50 t6 75 cts. (these J '
will bear this year.)   I_arge Rhubarb roots 50 cts! ,   lf.
Ornamental Trees and Shrubs at half regular price.   rSome
Fine'Roses for 25 cents each.
This is a fine chance for you  to get a fine. lot, of home  grown
-nursery stock at half-price.   Call early' and get first choice.
. F. R. E. DeHART 7
gPr S HEREIN - Wy_ _*_ iif _
D M I U  _■ O     H*VE  THE MWEST SALE >0F
'' .5     \"
'  '-    .!
<t » M
Hie Season for Irrigating
,       Is at Hand
We are Contractofs'for all classes of this wo'rkr-O&en
per minute capacity, the ifuel for engine costs ~S^perT;' ^'J
ceht. less than gasoline'.1'   ,  t        {,''   '""^.^ ,*': '   ir    '
Ask us About iPhis at Once
. >
AA'   •    »»'
For driving
It Settles.Your Difficulties
We have a Snap in Electric'Motors "~
; Washing machine, -small pumps,'sewing foa£_ihe.retc. '
,   .   ^7: Get ourjHana.bdok.    •"•'/ ; \(\ J £
All kinds of Machinery Repairs, General.Blacksmithing,
'--f      Horse Shoeing,-etc., etc.    ,, & t ,- _■ '• '_.j 1
Our prices ave the most reasonable in* towti. '    - f -"
; y ,    : WE-HAVE 'AGENCY'FO^; 7r'[-;; r\ j. 'f7.
Auto-rBuggies and Automobiles from:$2SQIup.",,
f>        •('   '    ( The torrect thing'for.thif district(rtv   '•-       '•
- '' t^Cp'jobToo'l\arge'or Too}Small. ' ' "f" ■•
tlie Okanagan. Valley Engineering Company
i v["CITY SHOEING SHOP"  .     /'    .,'
NEXTFIRE HALL'       I--•,/.. KELOWNA    ,
D. CAMERON,'M.E., E.E.,.(Lato Supt. Engineer Contracts, Mather «k Piatt, , ,
, , , Manchester) MANAGER.
i, it.
•'( j *
•. .  -a
„.*VaqtV'Vv. _:'*V*. J'!./, k^ ■-k.O i' >^i 1*..&_.#_ w _ ./ _ ^ -    *       _■
< -- J uv/  .
;   «. y'KX'.. '
<■ iz A ~~ '* <
a'   f
7       '.- .   _.,■-  / >   -4>7
iJPhura^aqjyApi-- 1;.
V'l   *'
H      ' li i    | ■ ~    '  ■
r,- '-..' The -Orchard Gittj-j Record.
'. , pa •
.     *
Empire Oak Dressers
* * _
/   and Stands
With 24 inch British bevel plate mirrors
Are Reduced to $1475
^No~ bgfter-value west bf Winnipeg
it :
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
■   „ -"   !    >'     'A Manufacturers of all'kinds of ^
77 ■-). ' - A '*    ^ A< >-  .. '       -   ' '        '""
Rough and Dressed Lumber
(, - -*''       Dealers- in- alLkind$ „of-.      - "i       -» -
„-    .    Orders filled in Short notice.
One In Which Comanches and Panther*
<' - Were Outshrieked.
The noisiest, the jolliest. tbe most ex.
citing and perhaps least logical cam
paign was that of 1.40 William Hen.
ry Harrison, hero of an Indian victorj
at Tippecanoe, a pi iln old man whc
bad lived, 'bis opponents sneeriugly
said, In a log cihin decorated with
coonskins and 'had drunk hard cider
was selected by Thurlow Weed as a
better candidate than Henry Clay.
Tbe Jssues between Van Buren, the
Democratic candidate, and Harrison
were not clearly > drawn, but the adventitious circmiihtaiices of Harrison .
early life were skillfully utilized for
theatrical effects. Processions miles
long with log < a bins, cider barrels and
coouskln caps on poles stretched from
state to state. <lli. clubs.were a feature of the cuiup ilgu. and the_,l_dinn
fighter was fulrh surf; into office.
In the conventi hi of 18!() began th?
modern custom <>t cheering -and counter cheering The Seward contingent
gave n par.ide the day nf the convention While Hi. \ were inarching Lincoln -upp'iriei.s /Hied the Wlgtfaia
With the nami.ig ni the candidates
began the cheeiing .MurafHalstead
said tbat when Seward was nominated
and se<onih*d vilie shouting was absolutely 'fr.niil .n-;il mid wild. Comanches it p.ti l .eis never struck a
higher nole oi pm* s. re.nus with more
infernal IntenslH Looking from the
Stage over the \.i.t amphitheater, nothing was (o be von below but thousands of h:its--,-i black, mighn swnrm
of hats flying wli'i tbe velo it.\ of bor-
,nets over a id.iss of. human heads
mo . of the ul >nibs "of whi; h were
open" - "
But wbeu l.i'i oln's nomination waa
seconded the m . was be.ird^from.
"1 thought the Seward yell could not
be surp.i-.sed. .111 llal .ead. "but the
Lincoln boys wire <K>arly ahead/and
feeling their vi lury as there was .1
lull In the storm, took deep breaths all
nrnurtf .ind g.ive a scream that wn?
po-thelv i>\M- iind accompanied It
with htnmplng Hut made every planU
and pillar In the building quiver."
Ou the third ballot Lincoln was nominated The shouting'was so deafening that the 1 itnnnn which was dis
charged on the roof of the building
could not be he.trd Inside - Chicago
Record-Herald     ' >   .     - "
Stop! Look!
-   Listen! ■
v Before it is Too Late!
"Dear Old Charlie."
Admiral Lord Charles Beresford, of the    .   •        '  "_ \
British   Navy  hauled   down   his  flag  on
Wednesday, 24th inst, signifying his re- You are in good health to-day. Only
tirement after 50 years active service. Ten those in Good Health can secure protection
thousand friends and admirers assembled in^ a Fraternal Beneficiary Society.' You
at Portsmouth .to give him an enthusiastic may become very ill to-morrow: why not
send off, and Lady Reginald Talbot em- join a society that makes provision to care
braced him, kissing him, and calling  him   for sick members ?
"Dear Old Charlie,'' which appellation was The Modern Woodmen of America is
promptly adopted by the crowd. such a  society.   In   its   great Sanatorium
any member who becomes ill from Tuber-
Dam Breaks  and Drowns Fourteen  culosis will be treated free of charge. This
7 :J" f°r a
Goocl Clean Meal
Fresh Candies, Fruit and
"' Tobacco "
, , ^Call^and see us   ,
one feature alone is worth much to every
member ''—
If you find it hard to pay interest on the
mortgage and meet every-day living
expenses of your family, how do you suppose your wife could pay the interest and
keep the family together if you should
happen to die ?
A certificate in the Modem Woodmen
!        ^^M^Pi-
-    1
T  ^        ___________-_______!
^ ____________j_B_l
,            ___h£_________h!
^           . J./. H_S__H__i
~**- 1 VB__K_____I_____
0.                MfyOjBEBB15M_B_-
-               j-        u K8-"»'S&ftB________
"   - 1
: itl/ijr\ 1
l.     !
.. •   JDUlLu
-". Tie-,
r'PHONE 96,/.
Portrait and Landscape
Portraits by appointment only.
The Tragedy "on Which Bellini Wrot<-
, His Celebrated Opera.* " .
Somnambulists can maintain*; theli
footing In the most perilous places so
long as they remain in a state of som
nnmbullsm, but If suddenly awakene.l
they Instantly-lose their self posses
sion and balance ,       ^ ~
- On one occasion a young woman liv
ing in Dresden was seen at midnight
walking on the edge of the roof of kher
house Her family were lit)medln'tely
told of her.plight, but .were'afraid to
go near ber The neighbors gathered,
about the house _ind placed mattresses
and'blankets along the street-in hopes
that they might save her in ~case she
fell. . '
;She danced for over an hour on the
slanting roof, apparently retaining her
balance without difficulty, and every
now and then she would advance to
the .edge and bow to "the silent crowd
standing many feet below her.
At last she climbed down on to the
wide gutter which ran In front of the
"window through which she had come:
with the evident Intention of re-enter
ing,the house 'The crowd watching
.her so Intently drew a sigh of relief
But,' unfortunately, her terrified' rela'
tlves. thinking to assist her, had placed
two lighted candles in the room near
the window, nnd as she approached th7
light felt'directly In her eyes.
Instantly the shock awakened' her.
and she swayed back and forth in her
perilous position; then, with a frightful
scream, she fell headlong to the ground
She was fatally hurvt and died In n
few hours It-was on this tragedy thai
Bellini wrote bis celebrated opera "Lit
Bonnambula?' " '~~~ '
Overwhelmed by the bursting of a cofferdam fourteen men men loBt their lives in
the new Vit.oria Dock at Birkenhead.
The  men,were  engaged in  excavating
work,   and   a dam   had been   constructed
between   the   outer  dock  and the  point
where the   men  were  working.   Double
lines of piles, 60 feet high, filled  in with a   ./a "1"v."T„ • _r.     .l 1        l- u
1     ,     ,   ,      f ii. t-i     . . ,    °» America furnishes the means by which
bank ot clay, formed the dam.   The high  »l_ . •( /       \        a.    ,     •.       •__ _
... , . . . e     the wite can keep the family with her.
Ode  and heavy  gale pressed  together on       a _    «    ,, _    »1
,1       , 11     . 1     , , .. Are you a member?   If not, you should
the  dam  all  night, but  the   crisis  came  get j_ .„ ^ nd fl        anJ b(jcome   -
about _n hour «md a ha f after the men charter Member
had started work. Unable to bear the
.pressure any longer, the dam gave way
and the water rushed into the excavation
and onto the doomed men. The excavation was a veritable death trap and there
was no exit to safety. Only one man
escaped and then by a miracle. He was
carried with great force against a dock,
wall and managed "to cling there until help
arrived.    -
A heavy crane was fixed at the edge of
the excavation. This fell, carrying with it
the engineer, craneman and crane signal
boy. The engineer clung to a floating
plank amongst the debris, but the signal
boy was pinned under one of the crane
supports and when rescued was found to
have a broken leg.
Cost to join :   $5 and  medical  examination.
Apply to C. R. IMERSON,
District Deputy H. C, M..W. of A.,
Royal Hotel,
Get your name on
the honor roll.     .
Subscribe for the. Orchard
City Record.
neatly done.
All tcorb guaranteed first-class.
All kinds.of Furniture .
Address, Post Office
or Shop, cor. West o. K.L.O. office.
n *    1 - »  f,   -v*l r-*t ■**■    ' (•    --.-« - •*■_ *'
I have;a full line of Light
arid Heavy, Hafriess. on
hand, also;_, good arssort-
ment.of '
Triinksr Vtfiies
GalMrid see^ our stock.
and Saddles
3i?'   %>•
'. The'Tragio Loco*Weed. .
~ The abominable Mexican plant known
as the loco weed has the peculiar prop
erty of making Irrational both men nnd.
beasts who partake of It Horses nnd
cattle out on the prairies after grazing
upon It go crazy, and a "locoed" pony
will perform all kinds of queer antics
It 1b said that If a man comes'under
Its spell be never regains bis senses,
the Insanity produced by It being Incurable. It Is said that the loss of mind
of tbe ill rated Cnrlotta was no doubt
dne'to the fact that some enemy, drugged het with a preparation of loco, nl-
tfcough hiBtory has It that she weut in-
mum by reason of her husband's execution.—Baltimore American.
A Gentle Husband.
Woman (to her husband, busily en-'
gaged "writing) - My dear, correctly
-peaking, what is a dentist? Husband
(crossly)—Derived from dent, French
for teeth, a man who pulls teeth. (Husband settles down to writing again-
Wife—My dear, you said thia morning
that linguist was derived from the Latin lingua, a tongue. Husbaud (crossly)
-Yes. "Wife-Well, dear. Is a linguist
a man who palls out tongues? Husband—No, nindnm, but \ wish be dld.-
Loudon Answer-
Leeds Church Wrecked.
Owing to the destruction caused by
hooligans to St. Philip's Church, Wellington street, Leeds, it was found impossible
for the congregation to worship within its
walls. All the windows on the north side
were broken and the building itself greatly
damaged. The church was built in 1847
and was situated in one of the poorest'
quarters of Leeds.
Boy Thieoes Haoe Long Innings.
Twenty or more cases of theft have been
traced to five boys, aged from twelve to
sixteen, who after baffling the police for
some time have , at last been brought to
justice. < 1
The arrest was due to a workman who
heard unusual sounds outside his workshop.
He went out and found one of the boys
handing confectionery to his companions.
When arrested the boys had in their
possession a "Jimmy" which corresponded
to marks on telephone boxes which had
been broken into, and also with several
letter boxes of business forms. Postal
Orders, which were left open were cashed,
the others were destroyed.
The magistrate said it was the most
extraordinary case he he had ever heard
in court and "sentenced to four years in a
Garage for Airships.,,
The Aero Club have acquired the • land
at Shellbeach on Sheppey Island as a site
for its aerodrome, and it is understood that
within a month garage accommodation
will be ready for several machines.
Several villa residences are to be erected
and "let exclusively .to members of the
Aero club, and the, enthusiastic "air travellers" will find it just as necessary to_ have
his villa  at Shellbeach  as his -hunting or
or ttnnnfin-   _Q_. .	
First-class Nursery Stocli
for Present Planting now laid down in Kelowna
r. t. hesel__66d
KELO__N_, B.C. P.O. BOX 364
Varieties : <<. .   jA
Apples—Mcintosh Red, .Wealthy, Gano,..Winter Banana,
Orenco, Wismer Dessert; Transcendent and Hyslop Crabs
Cherries—Six Sweet Varieties and Three Sour Varieties.
Apricots—Royal, Moorpark and Tilton.
Plums—Small quantity. Peaches—Small quantity.
Pears—Bartlett and other best varieties.''    ■
Prunes—Italian, etc.
All trees grown on whole roots.   First .lass stock.   The greatest1
care is exercised to keep the varieties true to name, and will be'
sold at reduced prices by v      ' j
Agent for - , ^  ' - 7
aibanp j£ttrftrie& 3fra:, _£ltmnp,; ©re.
The Best Man.
"Why Js It.^" naked the dear girl,
"that-the bridegroom's attendant li
called .l_:,be.. itiun?'"
J'l suppose It's lieeau . he Is the best
oft" growled the fussy .old bachelor.
.Consider?'. Censorship. *
, "Does youi^fntlun know I ,love you. ,.
. ''No/ Pn|>a Isn't very w„ell,'and we've
keptM fi_u b»jn.-7  -,  <  1
Exhibition at Shepherd's Bush.
This'year Mr. Imre Kiralfy will add to
his long list another success in the shape
of the Imperial International Exhibition
which is to open on the 12th May. There
will be a Scotch village and an Indian
theatre, .with native actors. The North
Pole, with Polar bears, will be on .view,
and an electric railway will pass through
scenery unequalled for splendour, while a
representation of .the earthquake at Measi.
na will be another attraction.
< r f
'    Unfrocking 0. Stmjthe Pigot't.
John Hugh Smyth Pigott, of Abode of
Love fame, has been unfrocked by the
Bishop of Bath and Wells. The proceeding* were conducted in Wells Cathedral.
Japan Wants British Guns!    -
Messrs.',Armstrong, Whitworth & Co.,
and Messrs. Vickers, Sons & Maxim, of
Barrow, have almost completed the erection of large steel works at Muroran, Japan.
It is reported that the works will be carried
on under the direction of the Japanese
Admiralty assisted by English experts.
The Tqburn' Tree.
A gruesome memorial is to be erected
in London at the junction of Edgware roajl
and Oxford street. His Majesty's office' of
Works' has ordered to be cast a bronze
tablet, which i will be placed within the
park railings, bearing the following, irtsrip-
tioni^ "The Tyburn Tree. The triangular
stone in the roadway 75 feet north of thia
point indicates the site of the'ancient gallows 'known aa Tybum Tree, vrhich waa
_emo_»h.di_ l760."-~ ' '      1     !: '
Is not only an art, it is also
a business, which to execute promptly arid at k,
reasonable price, requires
a complete modern plant,
handled by exj_kts,: ~
All this is at your service, and we can promise
you ai pleasant surprise
when you place your next
order with us. .•
i 7
i  >"
7 J
i 'rfi't I
■ -  I
< .ii.
moN&94 y ._. '.;■
The Orchard City Record.
'-Thursday,' April 1
Notary Public,
,   Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B.A.Sc.,C.E.,D.L.S., B.C. L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E        Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
. ■.,-.   Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
Office 7 Keller Block
Dr. J.-W. Nelson Shepherd
DENTIST       -.
. 0. Box 1.3 "Phone 56
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold on commission".     Dray meets  all  C.P.R.
boats.    All kinds   of  heavy  team
work. -Phone 20.
Irrigation Engineer.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.    Mem. Concrete
Institute.     Late Irrig. Dept. of India and
Cape Colony, and with Central Ok. Co.
Agent for Steel Flumes.
KELOWNA Phone 88
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings.Town and Country Residences
Fire, Life, and Accident
Money to Loan.
Summerland Notes.
Rev W. Russell, who has been
conducting special services at Summerland for the past three weeks,
has met with great success, every
meeting being well attended. His
next field of work is in the Kootenay country, where he will take
part in a great evangelistic campaign.
All the local business men have
agreed to hold a half holiday on
Thursday afternoons, beginning
April 1st. 7*
The Summerland Band has reorganized with about $300 deficit.
A new rifle range has been completed in Garnet Valley, and/the
first shoot'will take place on Saturday.
At The Hotels.
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in the
month at 8 a m , second and fourth Sundays, after
Morning Prayer
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11   o'clock     Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE, B. A.. Rector.
The following visitors have registered at
the hotels during the past week.
F. Richardson, P. Johnstone, J. A.
Wooton, M. Mackay, B. Fison, A. S. Bain,
P. Atkinson, W. L. Death. W. Whitehall,
Hamilton Lang, J. W. Roger.
J. A. Mackenzie, H. Bains, J. H. Small,
J. Scott, F. A. Clayton, F. Bryan, C. Taylor,
A. Newboed.
G. Kendall, R. Cowes, J.T. Double.
R. C. Barclay, W. H. Hunting, B. A.
Clarke, M. P. Williams, Lome Ross, L.
Beaumont, Major Audain.
R. Lawrence, G. A. Germain, R. H.
English, A. Montgomery.
C. Drimach, F. Strutton:
Thos. A. Bailey, J. F. Stamton, F. A.
Clayton, Jas. Miller, S.-'M. Moulton.    '
G. A. Benson, H. M. Witter, G. R,
Sharpe, J. E. English.
W. J. Evans, C. R. Smerson, R. T. Hes-
J. ..Blanse, A. E. Moulton, Hermann
Brown, T. Maxwell, T; Mclvor.
J. H. Glass, Wm. Duke.
J. Murray, Richard Potter, Alex. Duncan.
Mr. Marsden and wife.
M. B. Hanafin.
Public Notice is hereby given that all
persons desirous of having sidewalks constructed under the Local Improvement By-
Law by the City during the . current year
must file a Statutory Petition for same
with the City Clerk, on or before April 1st
_, City Clerk. 7
Say, Old Man!
It's time to pull down that
old rail fence and put up a
new one, or if you hiave no
Get the Best at a reasonable price—
heavy and strong and that will not slip
erected complete if desired.
The Great West
Woven Wire Fence
General Agent for'Okanagan District
Royal Hotel
Facing the Wharfe.
J. E. WHEELER,   Prop
i -7'
f4.  .
• _
We have recently added to our repair shop
the above department, and have a full, line of
Ambers, Bone Screws, Ferrules, etc.,
in stoclc. ' We have also dies and taps to assist
in fitting, the same. . So now we are prepared to
do'all of this,work at short notice.
A trial job is solicited. ' ,,
The Jeweler
Kelowna, B. C.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at II a.m.; evening servicesat 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on 'Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN. Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. I.-H. WRIGHT. Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 12:15p.m.   All welcome.
W.C.T.U. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelowna branch
oftheW.CT.U.      -
Only a glass in the barroom;
Only a single glass ;
Only a lack of courage,
Only the answer, " Yes."
Only an evil companion.
Slyly luring him on;
Only a" free-hearted Willie,"
7 And the fatal work is done.
Only " a little bit tipsy,"
Only bloodshot eyes;
Only a pleading mother,      ,,
Only a wife's surprise.
Only an aching forehead,
Only a bruised face;
Only a broken promise,
Only a deep disgrace.
,   Only a cheerless shanty,
Without fire or wood,
And little half-clad children
Waiting and crying for food;
Only curses for kisses,
Only sorrow. for woe;
.Only a drunken father,
Only an angry blow.
Only.weeping children,
Only a dying wife;
Only another's promise,
Only a drunkard's life.
O, the woe and the anguish
That mortal tongue can tell!
Only a glass in the barroom,
Only a drunkard's hell I
The Cost of Alcoholic Insanity.
Dr. Frederick Paterson, of New York, in
an address before the New York conference of Charities and Correction, declares,
" Alcohol is the chief poison factor in the
production of insanity. Twenty per cent
of all the insane in the United States owe
their condition to alcoholic poison." A
medical expert has calculated that one insane, person is an approximate loss to the
state of $400 per year, hence the actual
loss to the United States amounts to the
enormous sum of $12,000,000 per year.
Value of Human Life Lost to The
State bu Drink.
According to bulletins of the New York
-tate^Department of Public^Health, one
hundred and five .deaths from alcoholism
occured in the state of New York for the
one month of September, 1907. Allowing
each life to' be worth $3,000, an amount
stated by State Commissioner of Public
Health, Dr. Eugene H. Porter, to be a low
estimate, drink was the direct cause of a
pecuniary loss to this one state in one
month of $315,000, or, ^t the sarne rate,
$3,780,000 annually. This leaves entirely
out of consideration 2.287 deaths from
suicide and diseases such as apoplexy,
liver cirrhosis, heart disease and pneumonia
in which alcohol is admittedly a large
causative or contributory (actor.
""__:—   —_	
Evangelist^Russel was  amongst-
the passengers on Tuesday's  boat
on the way to Vernon.
• Mr.,Pete Lantour arrived .from
Vernon on Monday and left on
Tuesday for Westbank, together
with the furniture for setting up a
home there.
Mr.\ Marsden left for Vancouver
last Tuesday to set up in a grocery
business on Westminster Ave. A'
number of friends met him at the
boat to wish him adieu, together
with good wishes for his success'
in his enterprise. • y'
Mr. Hugh Rose has resigned his
position as Provincial Constable
and has decided to leave Kelowna
to take up a chicken ranch at Salmon Arm.' Mr. J. Tooth has been
appbinted in his 'place and will
commence duties'1 on the I st of
April. -, Constable Tooth has been'
stationed at Penticton for about
three years.
To every enquiring mind We recommend an actual investigation. In
simpler phrase,
and be convinced that you can get
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Huntley &   aimer's Biscuits
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Nice, Cracknel ancl other varieties.
FRESH DATES 15 cts; per lb.
Do not Forget our Prize Tea--50 cts. per lb.
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2 Tins==Peas, Corn, Beans==25 cte.
^ont forget to get our prices when in the city.
Our Bread is
>  V
annet & Hall
&\    .      iA   *     *t     1
0'   . v,7__7__
1   i  *
:. .■_
- - i. ,< i
-;■..'•_,  7u-'.. iaBWf_B-gaa_-i
Thursday, April }
The, Orchard->Citi} Record.
' ^ fhe season is ju&t
here when eggs
will be very plentiful and the price
consequently low.
Whether you have
them to buy or sell
a good Egg Preserver   will   save
-    money.
Water Glass
Is the most modern,
. economical, satis-
factory and easy to
use preservative on
the market. Its
preparation is simple—mix with water and put in the
eggs. They will
remain fresh a year.
25 cents a Can
Calgary Old Timer Expires.
Mrs. Ann Boag.'aged 7Qgdie last Thursday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs.
D. W. Moore. The deceased lady was
twice married, and her second husband
was Joseph Boag, principal of Calgary
high school in the late eighties.
British Flag at South Pole.
Lieutenant Ernest P. Shackleton, of the
British Navy, who left Cape Boyd last
October on a'^eological trip in the- anti-
arctic regions, has returned' after an
arduous journey to within 111 miles of the
South pole.
At this point, he was 354 miles nearer
the pole than the expedition made by the
Discovery, of which he was an officer,
and the narrative of Lieutenant Shackle-
ton shows that the party endured the
greatest trials and privations.
Marking the spot nearest the South
pole ever obtained by any man, flies the
Union Jack, presented to the explorers by
her majesty the Queen, and guarded all
round by an expanse( of silent, frozen
wilderness. *
P. BL Willits i Co.
zr'       ^Kelowna. •*' B. C."
and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse
Ladies' and-
Gents' lailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Just Arrived
Lake   of The Woods
Five Roses Flour
Buffalo Brand Rolled
Special prices on large quantities
-   War With Germany.    ' .   '
There appears to be a feeling abaord
that a conflict between Germany and the
Old country is imminent, and a Toronto
military man atates"thatthere is reason to
believe that the Canadian department of
militia and defence has received a tip
from the War Office, to be' prepared for
squalls. The Germans are ambitious and
have for years been" jealous . of England's
growing power.
, Britain and "Uncle Sara."
In a speech at Victoria _.C, recently,
Rear-Admiral Evans of the U. S. Navy,
stated, "We are always glad to hear of
England building more warships; they
constitute a defence for America. The
two nations will always be found fighting
on the same side for the . supremacy of
Ho8tilitie8-Iminent Between Austria'
and Seroia.
It is considered that the Balkan situation
has now reached its most acute' stage, on
account of the irreconcilable attitude of
Austria Hungary, and that peace or war
will be decided in a  few days.    7
King of ItahfWant- General Peace.
At the opening of the Italian parliament
the King said that the government would
labour to find an equitable solution of the
conflict between capital and labour, and to
substitute co-operation of all the so-called
classes for fruitless struggles.
His Majesty also stated that Italy was
negotiating with other countries, with the
object of ensuring general peace.
Generous Donation off Lord Strathcona fpr Military Drill.
Lord Strathcona, Canadian High Commissioner to Great Britain, has offered in a
letter to Sir Frederick Borden, to donate
the sum of $10,000 per annum for the
encouragement of physical military training
schools in Canada.        * '
Sir Frederick announced that he had
cabled Lord Strathcone a grateful acceptance, and asked permission to name the
fund "The Strathcona Trust.'' Earl Grey
has agreed to become patron of the trust,
and Sir Wilfrid Laurier vice-patron.
Canada's Attitude to British Maoy.
Leave your orders for
Baker and Confectioner',
PHONE39   ,77-  1 -
U '
':--aa^ aa.
A number of patriotic addresses were
given at Vancouver, by members of .the
Board of Trade. "*w
"Let Laurier cable to Asquith: 'Build a
a Dreadnought and send us a bill.'
"And let it not be the first. Canada
can afford to make this an annual contribution. Her import and export trade is
now over $465,000,000 yearly.- Her pro-
portion of contribution fo the navy, figured
at two and one-third per cent., would
amount to $10,847,000, roughly equal to
one Dreadnought per annum.   ,
"The mother country pays nearly seven
dollars per head to imperial defences as
compared with Conada's sixty cents. This
is a humiliating position for Canada, a slur
upon our character.
"If the Dominion doei not see fit to act,
it is a matter,which might even be seriously considered and undertaken by British
Columbia, and we should scarcely feel it.
It would form the best kind of national
insurance and repay itself many times
over." (" " ,,      "
' Not one note of opposition • was heard,
and the above are but a few of the high
notes of patriotism heard at the meeting.
The' following resolution was also telegraphed to the premier.
"Whereas the safety of the. empire and
the peaceful development of commerce in
all parts of it, depends upon the maintenance of the supremacy of the British navy.
And whereas a matter of such vital importance td*Canada should not remain in
doubt'and should be above the exigencies
of party politics in the United- Kingdom.
Be it therefore resolved that this board
is of the, opinion that the Dominion of
Canada should at once offer to the imperial authorities a'sufficient sum toy build a
modern Dreadnought qjF the strongest type.
fi :\-
' Ontario Suffragettes.
"Votes for Women," is the plea of one
hundred and fifty members and friends of
the Woman's Suffrage Association. A
monster petition was presented to Premier
Whitney and members of the Ccbinet.
The Premier was very non-committal, and
stated that the petition would be seriously
considered by the Cabinet.
Conference Between C. P. R. and
The Canadian Pacific railway and its
mechanical employees have been considering a new working agreement at a conference opened in Winnipeg last week.
Among other importar t questions is the
pension question, the men wanting the old
workers reinstated to the positions they
filled before the strike of last summer.
Renounces Sercian Throne.
George, Crown Prince of Servia has renounced , his righf of succession to the
Servian,Throne, on account of a bitter
press campaign in which he_was accused
of being the cause of one of his servant's
_  Sobriety of France.
Statistics for 1907, just issued by the
ministry of finance indicate that "the consumption of alcohol is gradually diminishing. The decrease is more rapid in towns
than in the country.
The prohibition of the sale of spirits in
military canteens is given as one of the
principal reasons for the decrease. Another evil arises to take the place of the
alcohol decrease however, in the rapidly
rising quantity of absinthe consumed.    .
C.P.R. Hotels Change Hands.
• v ".    \
There will be a change in the management of the CP.R. Hotel, Vancouver.
Capt. Pym has resigned and will be succeeded by Charles Dervnville, who for
some years has been in charge of the
Chateau Frontenac at Quebec. Mr. Hutchinson who was Mr. Dervnville's assistant at the Frontenac will take over the
management of that Hotel.
Ho'rses Stolen ac Moosejatrv
Several horses were stolen last week
from a stable on a lane between-River and
High" Street, Mooaejaw., The chief loss is
3 horses one of which is- a thoroughbred
racing animal valued at .$400. t The
animals were the property of Mr. Robert
W. Brown a large rancher and dealer in
the district.
The thief made a clean out of the stable
leaving only the grooming kit and a buggy.
Mr. Brown has many friends in this district who will sympathise with him over
this loss.    *
Sky Scraper for Victoria.
Mr. Angelo - Calori is to erect a sky
scraper in Hastings Street, Victoria, at, a
cost of $ 150,000. It will be built of, re-in-
forced concrete, and will therefore be
fireproof. The building will be 10 stories
in height in front' and six stories in height
at the back, and will be ~ used 'as a large
-rooming or apartment home, and all modern conveniences will be installed throughout the structure.
Banish Gooernment Seek for Lost
9 Explorers. -.
A   f»l__i»nm  rrrtm   flm*i.ftnnncr#.n   friv^s    in-
formation that Egnar Mikkelsen the arctic
explorer and leader of the Duchess, of
Bedford expedition will start shortly to
look for the bodies of Mylins Ericksen and
Lieut. Hagenj who died onjthe north-east
coast of Greenland in November 1907. It
is believed the bodies can be found by
papers left at the supply department at
The expenses of the expedition will be
paid by the Danish Govt.
The ship used in this expedition will be
of the same class as the one used by Captain Roland Amundsen in making the north
west passage in 1905 and will be named
the Mylins Ericksen. TJje expedition is
expected to last until the fall of 1910.   '   '
Iron Works in Vancouoer.^.
James A. Moore- of the Moore Iron
Works, Port Townscnd, Wash., is nego-
tiating a site in .Vancouver on which to
locate an immense iron works and possibly
a steel factory, ' It is estimated that the
initial expenditure will amount to half a
million dollars. s
Mr. Moom is a well-known capitalist of
Net. Experimental Farm.
. P. G. Black, of High River, Alberta, has
gone to'Rosthern,* Sask., to take over
charge of the new experimental farm in
that' district. Active operations will be
started as soon as the snow has gone.
Machinery,' horses and supplies are being
"A residence for the superintendent is to
be built, but the government will only put
up a small 'stable aa they will not place
much live stock on the farm this yeaV.
'     < - ,'  '     A       .. v
%     '    7''   ' \.A' ''»'    v
' I   i    1 ii     *
TVTlTH  Kelowna winning the highest awards at the different Fruit
Exhibitions, this district will receive considerable attention! from
homeseekers and investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States and
Great Britain	
- 1 7 7'"      ' "    1
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit- Lots, ready for planting   >
next spring, in the centre of a beautiful valley.
In our Woodlawn Sub-division, between Richter
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J * *    I s <       < 1   .   >   '
■;-..■ ,'._ -; ;•.■>
,  *
" V 11     ' _
i'  .  -I
Marine Engines
-"Standard of the World"
Most races at British Columbia
. inland regattas were won with
the " Fairbanks-Morse " Engines
last year, although the "Fairbanks-Morse" is by no means a
"freak" speed engine, lasting
a few hundred miles only.
Our 1909 large marine catalogue is out and yours for the
asking. It contains highly inter-
_esting information on our latest
r types and up-to-date motor boat
fittings, and it isworth investigating.
Vancouver, - B. C.
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
A Lime-Sulphur Solution i     '•
This Spray has been tested at all the principals
experiment stations and is recommended as cine/ -.
of the Best Sprays on the market. '' '
The Yakima Valley Fruit & Produce Association
says:   "There is Nothing Better."
We have also reliable testimonials frorn several of the
largest frujt growers in Washington, Oregon and
British Columbia. ,   . » . ,   7 - .—;
Sold by
> *„-..
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All kinds of suitable Spray Pumps, Nozzles, etc., in stock.'
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The Celebrated Adams wagon
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iii|H .1111 1 mi \aamateimim~
_-*.v* _
_V vf
- ?s if
v>   1,1
I  fl_ I  III!        ■    'Will _ __)UM "Ml I Ml  I l»NIWia»__»»_--        , > 7
x • •    .».    ^ ; ..-.*■<>V..    1 J-.-;7 77"
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Yellou- Newton Duchess
Bellecue Hotel
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Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
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Yearling Trees,
Glean, Well-grown Stock.
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Manager's Office, at Orchard.
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Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
■ to mail orders
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Lifting and
Moving Houses
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Clark & Ferguson
Geo. E. Ritchie
Plans and Estimates
-    on applieation.
Box 105      Kelotona.
_ _
UA   \fj
P* -It
-ft *   &
j     /-■;_,; }.  Y"\, IS AT HAND
m IS ___ri_W Sl-WSER       SAPOLIO        BON AMI   '    GILLETTE'S LYE        SAL SODA
f C , 'SI** -   •"
■«- *> *< 7     '     ' '" " 7   ■< .'• ■> -■,.
mhih\^•AJSAA-)^ii'*^\f >•!• y.'•
- FLOV%, .
-   FEED
F. M. Buckland was amongst
Saturday's business visitors to Vernon.
Messrs. Ward Duncan and W.
S. Watson, students at Okanagan
College, were visitors to the city
'on Saturday. Mr. Watson, who is
a divinity student at the College,
conducted the services in the Baptist Church on Sunday, at which
Mr. Ward assisted by some well
rendered solos.
Mr. J. Wentworth Spittoll, who
has been residing in Kelowna for
the past year, left on Saturday for
his home at Douglas, Isle-of-Man.
During his residence here Mr.
Spittoll made a large number of
friends, who regret his departure,
but who hope to see him back in
the "Sunny Okanagan" again soon.
A. H. Bell, of South Okanagan,
returned on Friday from an" extended visit to the Old Country.
Mrs. H. W. Knight, who has
been visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. D. W. Sutherland during
the past week, returned on Saturday to Vernon.
H. W. How, who has been in
city for the past three weeks on
business, was a passenger on Saturday's boat, on his way back, to
Roleau, Sask. -
Stanley Gore, who has been engaged for the past two years on
the Guis Achan Ranch, has left for
the ranch of Mr. D'Acth, on the
west side of the lake.
S. M. Moulton, captain of the
baseball team last year, left on Saturday for Vancouver, to fill the
position of assistant to W. Cunningham, Provincial Fruit Inspector. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Rutledge, who
have been visiting points in Ontario during the past winter, returned
to Kelowna on Friday and have
taken up their residence in their
former home on Bernard Avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Hayman^were
visitors to Peachland on Friday,
returning home on Saturday.
Mr.   Ling  has taken   over the bo_ghV fru¥iote on thVCompan/s
management of  Mr. W. C. Camer- sub.division( a8 weH a8 Residential
on s ranch for the second time, he    r      rties at Woodlawn, and on
having  been  engaged there pre- -..,.    g Tj~ „ _,•
Rev. j. H. Lambert, Rector of
All S&ints Church, Vernon,., .died
very suddenly at the rectory last
Thursday night from heart, failure.
The deceased gentleman was very,
well known, and his removal leaves
a gap in Vernon, y Saturday's-boat
conveyed Rev. Thos. Greene, Recto, of St. Michael and All Angels
Church, Kelowna, to Vernon -to
conduct the funeral services over
the late Mr. Lambert. ^     „ ~~^
Jerry Vacher brought some fine
pelta to town last Friday, which
were exhibited outside the office
of J. W. Wilks. Two cougar skins,
good size and in fine condition,
were to be seen and found a-ready
purchaser, and also four lynx, well
marked. An otter skin completed
the outfit, and all were<captured in
the Bear'Creek country.
A scheme is on foot to erect a
substantial canning factory at Summerland and appears to meet with
general approval. 1
-A Chinaman at Armstrong,.who
had been arrested for misbehaving
himself on the streets, made two
determined attempts at r suicide in
the lock-up. The first'time he
tried hanging himself by means of
his queue, and when he was" prevented, nearly accomplished the
job by tying his queue tightly
around his neck.
Constable J. Tooth will be transferred from Penticton to Kelowna
on the first of'April.—Penticton
In this week's advertisement, Mr.
F. R. E. DeHart announces that he
is going out of the nursery business.
The building committee in_ connection with the . Presbyterian
Church meets on Thursday evening
this week in Knox > Church at 8
o'clock.        -        "
The party -of excursionist-
brought in last week by Mr. Adams,
o£ the C. O. L. Co., were very .favourably (impressed with Kelowna
district.    Some   of the" members
vious to Mr. S. M. Gore
Mr. S. M. Gore crossed the lake
last^ Friday to take over the management _of Mr. D'Aeth's ranch at
Mr. Humphries, the organist of
SCMichael's church, was last Friday suddenly taken sick with
la grippe. He is at present staying
with Mr. Ernest Wilkinson, under
whose care it is hoped he will
.speedily recover.
. Mr. G. H. E. Hudson is putting
up two show cases on Main street.
They will surely- be an attraction
to visitors and newcomers, as well
as a worthy addition to the street
Mr.~ G. A. Benson, of Aguar
Calientes, Mexico, as visiting „his
sister, Mrs. J. E. Wheeler.
Messrs. W. Shanks.W. S. Watson,
and D. Ward were passengers Jjy
Monday's boat to Summerland,
where they will resumdtheir studies
narran  IrtllAcrA  -
I.MgW...     -W**»*«.0-~. ■ ■	
»•._._ n_
Mr. and Mrs. Martin and family
arrived by last Monday's boat.
Mr. Martin has been to the old
country, while Mrs. Martin and son
have been to Kirkswall, Missouri.
They met at Sicamous Junction,
and continued on the homeward
journey together.
The Rev. Thos. Greene returned
Monday from Vernon where he
has been conducting the funeral
services of the late vicar of that
Mr. D'aeth paid a visit to Vernon,
returning Monday.
' Miss Mary E. Harvey is leaving
shortly* for Vancouver, where she
intends to go through a course of
training at the General Hospital fpr
the nursing profession.
L Major Andain has just bought
the estate on Short's* Point which
lately, belonged to Mrs. Dunsmuir.
J" Mr, L. V. Beaumont was- a passenger by last Tuesday's boat to
Dr.'Mathison will be at Summer-
land from March 25th "toApril 15th.
(>       NOTICE.-
Mr. Marsden, having retired from the
firm of.McJannet, Marsden _ Hall, all accounts owing by and to them will be paid
and received by the undersignftd.v    -
.A    'McjANNET-* HALL,
•- <     i , Kelowna.
Ellis Street.    They are>
comers from Alberta."       ~   -
Mr. Blanchard had a narrow
escape last-Tuesday when driving
from Bear .Creek to Westbank
ferry landing, his new buggy turning over.. Luckily he washable to
jump out in time, otherwise a
serious catastrophe might have
resulted. , '
Knox Church Sabbath School
was favoured with a very practical
acldress last Sabbath" on'the temperance lesson by Dr. Wright       , <
r.The tC. P.-R.'   steamerr " York"
arrived at the wharfe Tuesday, withj
a load of settlers* effects, the property bf Mr. Maxwell who is settling -
in this district.
j f *■' 7
An unsigned communication was
received at the " Record "^office on .
Saturday enclosing 50c for the Sam 7
Lister-fund. < We   also .'have  to
acknowledge'the receipt of $2.50
from Mr. M. J.- Monckton and  a"
cheque for $10.00-from, D. Lloyd-
Jones for the same purpose.    The
amounts will be duly handed' over
to Mr. C. Marshall.        \ „ "     r.
-   The    lessbnsL at J3t/ Michael's
Church were read, last Sunday by ,
Mr. F. A. Taylor, in the'absence of ,
the Rev. Thos. Greene.   No service
was held in the evening. >
*" Mr." J.~W. -Wilke has received, a -
supply   of  " Regenerate'd' Abundance " seed" oats from the Department of Agriculture.   They are a
fine^  sample,   grown   by > Messrs.
Carton'Bros.,'Warrington, England,
and are beingyi8tHbuted to farmers-
so .that they^can^ make a trial of
this-variety". - Mr. Wilks has also"
some 40 or 50, lbs. of> Paris green
which' is supplied- by the Government.      The    war - against^xut'
worms will soon begin  and  Mr.
Wilks will ;be7pleased  to , advise
anyone how -to  stamp  outJ these
pests., -j . , v.   ,     -J
the Choir of St. .Michael   and'
All   Angels   Church 'will*: render
"Fling wide the Gates" from Stai-
ner's  "Crucifictioh^ next Sunday
evening.* .       '
The S. S. Okanagan is laid up at
Penticton, it being found necessary
to repair here before the daily service began on May 1 st' The Aberdeen - is taking her daily 'trips"
until "she is?in full trim again.
-Messrs. W. S. Watson'and D.
Ward were" present at the Baptist
Church last Sunday. The former
preaching   the   sermon ,and   the-:
latter sang a "solo." ■< ' *
-..'■;-      '      - s * x ~
" The Lake,View hotel; has -been.
installed with electric switches and -
a-new set of electric1 rlighte.; <<rThe ',
change-is a decided improvement
. The Penticton Football Club has
decided  to   play--a -match   with
Kelowna.on.Good Friday, April.9,
when both senior and. junior teams'
will ,visit. the town.^It is to be,
hoped that avgood crowd will fturn
out to witness the   game.   It Ja"
practically ■ settled to" play the fe=
turn   game   when   the    Kelowna
.Musical'and Dramatic Society take
the "Pirates of Penzance" down to_
Penticton. ■    -
.; :l
Wishes to announce tbat-he isopenhig~a
Photographic Studio
In the Rowcliffe Blocl^r,
About MAY) 1st   - 1   . .'   "'     .
Twenty-fine years' experience in Portraiture has enabled him to attain
success in this branch.   The latest mounts will be kept in stoctt.
i,"i       7 )
We only represent die     Plate -fil^SS- ' ,    '„
1 Strongest Companies:/        ■•-i    -   1   >. .7 k
*\J1 TV '    * \.
.'- ,.
. Royal, Guardian, rSmv«Law' Union,' Atlas, , •'-,- 7
London & Lancashire,' -Confederation Life.
& mantle;
*•   ftt,1t    i
* V(> -■ ft/  (**-».    \.*}.*i   ,WI. »^*' A ''. '_1J*   .7 k
f 1
'A ni
J_>J_-< <i   . t
7<   ,   f~;
»^' *■' -„ ■>
:: ^ ',;^^^haa&rii if^cf * *»
..... -
V The Orchard Ciig Record.
," 7 1        J
< . ' •-",*, '<?^%7 iq
_ -   •.,    "~<.>rA7 7 f.
.. . > t      * / '-
-     ,-   /    »        9.'    -J ,»
Havek?- arm Time:
_/___ **"
? *'^-4 » f    --"wlf £ _V    1 f'k-  W< '»' .. _ v*    r
* ,      -(Continued from Page l>     '.   • *
'   ^that the1 association do "accept the
„' ~ .city.&. proposal -,-$- take „thevgroiinds
*- yoyen*  "6--7 7 7 7,-/;    ~ < f sr
-"   "The matter of voting on these
7   rfiotions started . the meeting off in
'j   'another direction as to who  were
'„f    membfers and who .were not,janH
" \ ' who<w6_ft 'entitled to vote and who
"Were not.v The -htfirmanV,' ruling
on-his was sustained with only, one
dissenting voice, though  after'the
vote was taken, a; number present
-}     appealed td-him for-another ruling.
-tr.  For,-some..time1 fa deadlock of
7, -opinions- kept, the* meeting at. a
, 7; standstill,,'and finally Mr. Leckie
,-    stated, that;; to/help. the matters
.   along _e was prepared ,tp see,hat
f    the money required, was raised on
a second mortgage, r The members
. <*    of the ciry„ council raised V strong
■i   .objections, Aid. Bailey .stating'that
. > % .the council had carried out the,-will
,:    of the, people as shewnr. by a vote
"< v .of over iZ to 1.   A, vote ..was ^ taken
,;   on" Mr. McEachren _  amendment,
but \t was lost by a 'good majority.
'. |i^i!Maybr DeHart ^and'AlcL Elliott
7 0 denounced.the, association's action
v    in no- measured^te/ms.7 The 'city
,£{, had, the! bonds<.ready,^to   raise
*?V~$7,0p0.4and anpffer. waiting.'and
7 now the'A.'&T.  went-',.back j on
"° " their word.* 7 ./,„-    -
*'     „ In reply, Mr. '-Sutherland' said a
£,    lot of, trouble .< would '-feave' been
i > avoided if-,the.preliminaiy business
. ^   had 'been jdone'fight/.The -by _aw
7 '  had been submitted too soon. The
J  agreement should have been made
,   first and sjgned by both parties, 'and
7, then7fembbdled in the" by-law'to' be
v^ 7 voted j on.t -The 'fault „ lay^ -in ""not
f ^-having die. agreement signed' and
'-».  embodied _n the by-law.;,-}      \
Mr. Stirling, in. reply to  Mayor
s;  .DeHartiand Aid. .Elliott said that
'  '-)   theyapparendy'tnought the agree-
''     -niferit:■htfdilbeen''cFos'ed, atfd; that
the A. &.Thftd gone'back on'their
word,_whil_, as:'a" matter of/fact,'
the " business   had   never   been
brought .-before /.the   association^
"before this.  To  explain -matters,
v Mr.   Sutherland f stated «.f that: i the,
regular ^roceefdure'* hadj-'jin' "this"
instance,-/ been 'reversed. - In 'this
case',^h„()-^pncinhVd;%_-eed, to
do something, and then the association- came in  the last thing, and
the second mortgage
or, that
be consid
ered.^. - A~7 ».,»»' "
' ''At'this'MrlDuMoulin bbiidemne'd
feelingly the action of the association.- -He and others''had worked,
Jiard at the request qf the directors"
ana-had, laid.as proposition before
the council.''- Now they were turned
cldwri, 'although '-tthey"were' em-
powered'by the"Jvgeneral, meeting!
HeivaritedWdo the right thing by
the city, and;, would not."hear of a
second mortgage in the business.
The association had* had ample
time to turn this" thiifg down last
year and ,this|' and1 although very
few 'seemed to . take any interest
before, now a. lot of outsiders carrie
and vetoed it, '■•',■"
/ 'Mr. Dilworth;'in supporting-Mr.'
DuMoulini stated that at the annual
meeting of,the association last fall,
they were unanimous in recommending! that the grounds be taken
oft their hands, and now they were
trying to get them' back again.
It was finally'"'decided to leave
the matter of arranging with Mr.
Leckie fo. the second mortgage.
A lot"of*excitement 'prevailed at
the meeting, and terms used by no
means"mild, \ '■■     '7 ,' 7~ -
At the close "of the genera-meeting the directors remained to confer
on the'situation.- "In" view of the
turn -hing8(< had taken, Mr1. Du-
Mouliri resigned his" seat on the
directorshipUand .the' outcome , oi
an animated " discussion, was to
throw out Mr. Leckie's proposal
with 'regard to a seconds mortgage.
Mr. Dilworth claimed that the" giving of this mortgage would place
them in" a7worse1*'position than
before, as after, the first .'mortgage
was paid off .there would- not be
sufficient' funds to "carry.ion..the
association's improvements. The
whole business will come up again
next -j Saturday, '.before.* another
general' meeting, and the" original
proposal again submitted.
;<- •
: :•:      '*        '- OUR STOCK OF '7
: High Grade English bicycles :
'   -■"" . , Has just arrioed n       -^
--^. •.j+i.h *r *
*.******    ■**,    •**?<
'H   1  *'     1
We are selling,these First-Class rhachines.at a'
1 *- 1 "- \
price you cannot beat in any city of the Dominion; ;r
'     We also have a. few GOOD SECOND-HAND
A F-tirStock.O- Repair Parts and Fittings altoaus
on hand.
- CALL AND INSPECT's,      -•'   *
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery _.
r - '   Electric Light and Power Engineers, etc
/P.O.4 Box 90.   -      ,     " •. On call all hours. Phone 84.'
t   i
_i_. <*.
«;; Watch our ^toinddt-S .or our dtsplau o_
..   -     .'-     % a? a*    <■/ a    ^-,v
EastcrChoeolate and other Nooelties
E_aJster %g: Dyes no% in'Stock
Druggist and Stationer.
- "*■__*'-«*,.-7 _i__ft ■*->»J." J-    h"  v -f rt>""'/=»^w»*'v *   •»*■-»
.  s
:7 jChief'Hidson has been, making a
tour through the town, and-inspect-
ing'the sanitary _ arrangements in
'back'yarHs, -kitchenW.-etc.'," atfd reports that it' is-surprising the number of" white people who keep
their back yards in" an unsavoury
condition.'-There>'is-no knowing
what these unsanitary conditions
may 'cause. "Typhoid fever' is a
usual follower, and people should
see thit the backs of their premises
are kept clean in order to ward' off
'any disease.'    % ""'"r'r  ,
For The Spring:Me.
-'- Te8ted.8-oc_, seeds'.or
-farm, garden, or  con-' *
_    8-"roatory, from the best
;     grotcer8in Eng la nil,,  -
x--   France, Holland, United "
States and Canada.
Fruit and Ornanfental Trees"
Small fruits,1 hqme-groton
; Fertili_er87_ee Supplies " ;• -t
, Spraying Materials ^
Cut Flowers, etc., <'
, 140 Page Catalogue'FfeeT' 7
-.' Office Greenhouse and Seedbouse 7
- -'  8010, Westminster Rd. _
. '   "   VANCOUVER, B.C., 7 .
Branch Nut-cry  - houtb Vancoueer'
Fruit Trees, Ornamental Roses, etc.
All stock 'strictly
first-class and home
groton: -   7   -.
j   Catalogue Free
-   Apply {   ;. f
t     *       ^ -    s     >■ I   ■
A. E. Botjer-
J, W-
'  1 < y    UMrrED>of Ontario; "*«-f  "•
Are extensive growers of all land* of Fruit. Treei, and other Nursery Stock such as Roses. Shrubs, and Ornamental "Trees, aid offer to
planters of Orchards, choice trees, true to nam—* '' '
The most experienced planters realize that younr trees grown in '
Ontario, under somewhat similar conditions as prevailin'thfe Interior of
*■ ' this Province,'" are the best. "  * "   _
We are prepared to famish "One year old treei," On a three year
old root, or a two year old tree onra four year bid root,'aS»_e*_ed. at
prices that will be considered reasonable.      '-'«■■••
We grow the Duchess Dwarf Pear very extensively, which ia being -
used as a filler by a good many planters. , f
-1       ' ••    Our Peach, Apple. Pear, cherry 4nd Plum trees ktt all of first qual
ity well grown, well rooted, and wiQ please the most critical buyers.
Thorough cultivation in our Nurseries ensure a splendid root system
.' ""    which of course is*nost necessary in a young _ee. ,
' ' J During the past two seasons we have successfully shipped our stock
to all parts of the Province, and can guarantee satisfaction to all our
patrons.   ""
The members of our firm are all practical Nurserymen, with long
l v       experience, and they are gh-ig their whole time to this one business,
?        '   constantly overseeing every detail of the work of growing, packing,
~ shipping, etc.'The fact_is, we live among the trees, watching with " „
zealous care the development of every acre of our vast plantings. ''
This is a Canadian enterprise of 25 years standing, and our repot-.
tion is behind all our dealmgs, give us your order and you will not re-
,' « -ret it • i .' ■* ,
,1 ' A We want a'good reliable man to look after our business in Kelowna
^ and vicinity.     ;   -^^ -   o, . - _""  * .
Apply for particulars in regard to prices and terms to salesmen to
our British Columbia Branch Office. _
' CHAS. L TROTTER, Manag-r, 1125 8th Avi. W, ', A.
Catalogue Free on Request — 'Vancouver.
s y t ;See Our Showing of    ',;
New Spring Hats
ROS, k CO,
\  r\ »"> '
■ ii      -        !■
Our values in White-   ^ f
i^tfliad the 6ay>     I
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r X   B j;    _
?_-.!:,'  _•>_;;*/>*.>~7_'
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,J.H    'TV-i,»,l
Your bpnng? ouit
J^? .LT ''-'Yo^Rmishiiigs,-
1   New Season's sty- '
■^,._  7     l«8i   20thf7Century ,
* ,.   Brand, Suits,'that^
,   - ,mak«_.ydi_'a well
dressed man. New
Frabrics,- New Pat-^
>   terns, New Colour' ■
7t    ings. =
!  A
•• -$25.00
We measure^.to
,, , your   specif  size,,
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' _-._SS-   'Hundreds *
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\ terns' to' make   a
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I   )   f
New Hats .
All the latest shapes
and styles. > < Prices
tosuitall.  a- .      *
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' \vWs_e'''showing* -Ke^fineat' rartge ofj Summer
^UMrw-ar-in the^'City.  "'B^lbriggaii, B.V. D.
Nainsook, Natural Wool and Silk and Wool. ,
'"   _)j*  '. '" *' ~v> >f'1'j ;<>,,>> 'i    *'-   ii '
i     ~l
New Curtains and Curtaining
We are now showing a splendid assortment, dozens of new window
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.;NEW CURTAINSjn'Nottingham and Irish Point Nets, in white, ecru *
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V  A
•*       Bright New Wash Fabrics
Here you have your choice of two store designs in the season's >newe&t^
t Fabrics!. Colored, Chambrys, Ducks, Drills and „Ginghhams in plain
colors and wide and narrow stripe effects.   J_c, 20c, and 25c, a "yard.
iO .?      Vj- 7v    i
A t Week of  Unusual I
:tWluie^ibStepes. :
A..        r   ti.
»/!. ••
ivainty musims ana uimirys^ colored muslins in pretty Horal designs at
15c a yard. ... . !    ' .
Fine India Dimity and Muslins, in Spots, Floral, wide and narrow stripe
' effects,./ 30c, and 35c, a yard. -     '   • ' ,
•■   ~ .    '     ',
Excellent Value in Children's Dresses
A particularly fine line of Children's Chambry, Duck and' Gingham
Dresses, made in Frock, Buster Brown and . Blouse and Skirt effects.
Sizes to fit from'4'to 10 years. ' Prices 75c to $2.00.
'A Grand showing of.Girls and Boy's Blouses, all sizes and;prices.
;        New Season's Style in Dress, Skirts:;
^ We are ready with a comprehensive showing of the new. styles in
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/;f :*-.•;■"• f1'"^:" New Ties^
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,- r
Savings of Vital Importance.
• -* c* *>       ft .j      \ '*»j jr       ^ _i
Heavy English Sheeting, Bleached, Plain and
Twill. 172ihch' wide, regular 35c.. 7_
Fine SHeeto, size 86 by 78, plain or twill,    , a| he}
regular $1.75 pair, Bpecial. for*' _>*• «^3j
. Pillow Cases, in Fine Heavy' English Cotton;       <o r    ?
42 by 44, regular 50c. pair,    special, pair   J-*C%
68inch Pure Linen Damask "Table linen*, roll'     jj    ;,-
Bleached, regular 65c,7     r> Especial for- ^?C»3
^/(/^ri _•   ' •>* -' .    *.>>   . . «u   v*;   .,i
Linen Huck Towels, for. Bedroom use, a    ' *■■. ' *%V
good wearer, regular 35c pair,'special for -&JC
i ■
• . '. I    . , <        i        «   ■<   '    •      '     "        f
White Turkish Towels,, extra large siee forV ^ f«;n "^ !
bathroom use, regular 65c. pair, special for "-J yC_r-
. .    ' I-     M Jt     .
t i
EownesVFabric jGHoves,
■     'y "A\'<" j* .
'?        ^'.i
->< t   -
Silk, :Lide, and>6dttonj
,' _
•N \
.-_(' .«^-j 7 ft-
1 " ii.'J"
11-       '     -
i *-. ••' (    v"'1. ;kV',;/u
Trunks, and, Suit Gases^ ;:ri^>; li 1
in all9Siz|s4
. -7 _^
New Laces and Embroideries  ";- .„ ^Novelty Effects
t. Advance Styles KSgWng 7
^  '-   'V7.V.S   7A-I2*.     i-fcTfc _f_-3-*'.a_
"    Skirts, Sm_.« Kituitlive
"'*••'< ^V-*_-5
*t \v7'.,'il
.7-7?   ■.:.-if-    'v?  '••* -■'■. «.-••■_;.   T»      V.VV.„_ ,..-   -ESTABLISHED 48S0, '       ' '" - , " 7?.,..'. 7 7777^^*1
■iiF^»<lliU>^iirt_^_il#_;  »iim ii liLlyl.MriMMl--lll.uu ' m  ^iwiiW'jiiiijiyy -J
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday^ April 1
Haying bought the bankrupt stock of
J. M. Lang, we now propose to sell
Regardless  of Cost
the whole of the stock and fixtures at a price
unheard of before in Kelowna. You cannot
make any mistake in coming to see our stock
and hear our prices.
Nothing makes one feel so well as a good fitting shoe and we have
Some Beauties for a Fraction of what
such goods usually cost.
Thomas Lawson, Ltd.
_P_  ' "J
At this season of the year one's mind generally.,.
- .■'.■■. -runs to   . •' _'■ '
What Will be Needed for Spring
We are here with the Newest and Nattiest in every Dept
New Curtains, etc.
r.  •-
7V     i,
 vr/_ l :..__ __    • ] f_ _i c..^_
-_—yycnavc juoncCcivcu iiyiuuic i_uiu-
pean market the Very Latest in Curtains,
. Muslins, Corset .Embroideries, Lawns,
Nainsooks, India Linens, Laces, etc.
f .■.■■■,.■•■
New Spring Blocks
in Men's Hatwear
In its selection of latest spring blocks,
the Lawson Hat stands out for all that
the English'' and American market can
manufacture. 1
In Stiff Hats we have all the Latest
colors—Brown;    Elephant    Grey    and
Linen Suitings
The showing is very large,
Plain colored, stripe or check linens in
latest effects. 40 cts. per yard.
Plain Linen Suitings, Blue, /Tan and
Brown, in very fine quality, at 35cto. per
^rard.   . -^ ■■—'•'   ■ - 7 ."■ '
Men's Clothing
Menjjs Clothing
This season's fashion fancy is strongly
expressed for novelties—the coat, with
. 'blacks—at . $2.50, $3.00   and   $4.00   Form-Fitting Back and Flare Skirt with
Soft Felt Hatsjn Latest Alpine, Tourist
and Telescope shapes, in all the newest
- colors, i. Sizes. 6| to 7|.
Fancy Cuffs and Pockets, seems to be
the most popular, while men of conserv-
ative tastes will find that this store is not-
lacking in all staple lines.     .
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
WANTED—Young   girl   to   assist    with
housework—one sleeping at home pre-
18-9p       , P.O. BOX 337
WANTED—To purchase, a young  team.
Address Box A-15, Record Office.    18-9p
HOUSE TO RENT—On Glen Avenue,
two blocks from school. Apply at
house. .' x-tf
FOR SALE—About  forty hens for sale.
Apply, T. A. HARDIE.
Box 298, Kelowna, B. C.   16p
WANTED—Ladies Second Hand English
saddle   in   good - condition,   reasonable.
Apply, Box S 25, RECORD OFFICE
FOR SALE—20 acres lake shore property,
IJ miles from centre of Kelowna, six
roomed cottage, etc., going cheap, apply,
Box 285, Post Office, Kelowna.       !6-9p
FOR SALE—Pure bred Buff-Orpington
Eggs for hatching $3.00 per setting, 2
for $500, 5 for $10.00. I invite inspection of my Birds. "Cook's Strain.'- No
other breed kept. Order early I will only
have a limited supply.
A. E. Harrison, Kelowna, Rutland P. O.
' 16-9p
FOR SALE—Good Clover Hay at $ 12.
50 per ton and Timothy at $15.00 per
ton. Apply,D. McLean, 3 miles east on
Vernon Road.
WANTED—By energetic and experienced
Salesman,    responsible    position    with
pushing firm either land or mercantile.
Box F. Record Office.      15 17p.
FOR RENT—Small house,   clean   and  in
good repair.
Box BI6 Orchard City Record.     16p
EOGS FOR . SALE—Pure bred White
Wyandotts from a choice p_i headed by
an imported bird fromJ.C.-Fishel: $2.50
per 13; Pekin ducks, $2.00 per 13; $10
per 100. ■     *
S, C. Cogens, Kelowna, B, C.      16 I9p
FOR SALE—Smart saddle and drive pony
or exchange for larger horse. Apply at
Record Office. tf
The old trick of appearing lame and
asking for,support has reached Kelowna,
but in this case it did not act. Chief Hidson has met cases like that before- and
knows the Vagrancy Act and. gave the
offender twelve hours to leave the town.
The Council has appointed Mr. H. W.
Beatty to be Pound Keeper for this district,
and from him all matters in relation to the
pound will be obtainable.
Mr. Stevenson, represeniing the American Type Founders Co., wm in town last
week.Jeavjng Monday for Penticton.
Mr. Neville H. Percy made a business
trip to Westbank on .Wednesday.
Mr. Percy Johnstone left by this'morning's boat for Vancouver,
Mr. Shoultsly, who represents several
Winnipeg capitalists, is at present looking
through the Valley. Mr. Shoultsly is a
relative of Mr. A. Patterson. He left on
Wednesday for the Similkameen and the
Kootenay countries. '
Mrs. Stillingfleet is having a house built
on the lake shore at South Okanagan.
She will live there during the summer
months with her mother.
\New Goods
Just Receiving
FOR SALE—14 Acres on K" L. O. Bench
for particulars, apply to P. O. Box 261.
Kelowna. B.C.  ; 17tf
FOR SALE—New No. 7 Remmington
type writer, slightly used, may be seen
at Central Okanagan Land & Orchard
Cos Office, or apply Box G Record
Office. 17tf
TO RENT—House on Glenn  Avenue, 5
rooms  down   stairs,  3   bed rooms   up
stairs—$20.00 per month.
Apply, D. D. CAMPBELL,   Glenn Ave.
■■■■■-f"H ' ■ m
TO RENT—7 .doomed House in Kelowna.
Also House and small bearing orchard
in Victoria, B. C. for sale.     Apply  Box
, V Record Office.     - .   •    I7tf
WANTED—-To purchase stock .saddle, in
good condition and cheap for cash.
Apply Box J 50 Record Office 17tf
Tenders will be received by the undersigned until April 15th., for the building of
a brick residence. A tender for the whole
or for any of the following parts will be
received: Carpentering, Painting, Masonry,
Plastering, Metal Work, Plumbing, Heating
Electric Wiring.
Plans and specifications may be seen at
the residence of Jas. Harvey on Bernard
Avenue.  ..
. CHAS. HARVEY.      '     16-8
Notice is hereby given that sixty (60)
days after; date I intend to apply to the
Water Commissioner, of Vernon, B.C., for
a change in the point of diversion of my
water record on Mission Creek from a point
500 or 600 yards in a South-easterly direction from the Schoolhouse in the Benvoulin
district to a point about one half mile
'higher up the said Creek, or 60 or 70 yards
in a South-easterly direction from the
South-east corner stake of District Lot 126,
Group One (I) Osoyoos Division, Yale
District (late Even's estate);
Dated at Kelowna, B.C., this 19th day of
February, 1909. ^
12-21 G. P. DOLSEN.
Your Wants
In   The
Orchard City
Cents Per
First Insertion,
One Cent.
per word after.
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake  •
Ferry to Bear, Creek every Friday.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the
undersigned, as Hinman & McCiure. as
Shoemakers in the Gty of Kelowna, British
Columbia, has this day been dissolved by
mutual consent
All debts owing to the said partnership
are to be paid to the undersigned Jasper
G. Hinman, at Kelowna aforesaid, and all
claims against the said partnership are to
be paesentedto the said Jasper G; Hinman,
by whom the same will be settled.
Dated at Kelowna, B.G, this 29th day of
March. 1909.    .
Witness: J. G. HINMAN.
Every department of our
store is now filled, with new
I New Skirts,
Pretty Panamas, Voiles; and
Cloth Skirts, shown in all the
staple.shades. Also new Linen and Duck Skirts in a large
'  variety of colors.
New Blouses
In exquisite showing of Dainty
Swiss    Muslin,   and   all-over
Embroidery Blouses, is shown
Prices ranging from $1 to' $7.75
New Dress Cottons
Cham_ ray8, in a large variety |
of checks and stripes.' •'    '      I
New Foulards (in mercerized
finish) plain shades, also fancy
stripes' 7 ' ■   . . \.
7 '      "r-      "       '
New Prints .' i
' Crams' .English  make,  every
yard guaranteed fast colors.
Beautiful     '     '      -
White Waistings
We are showing a fine assortment of these goods, in stripes
crossbars, and floral designs
• Everything new in'Ducks,
Drills,, Dress, Linens;^Ging-
hams, Piques, etc..
Inspection Invited/ • .,
The.K01C-U.na  ;
Outfitting Store'
WJ.I Calder, Prop,
Boat Builder
, Launches, Sail Boats
Ski.fe, Canoes and Scows
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.
Sutton's Seeds
Tomato Plants
Cabbage Plants
Bedding Plants
Rose Bushes, etc
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
-, Notice is hereby given that all persona
posting notices on the electric light poles
or other pry property after March I, 1909,
will be prosecuted.
13tf <    City Clerk.
On Pendozi Street—some
in fruit trees—from $600 to
$600 per lot.
Why You'll Always
■f ■
If we can only sell you one pair of 1NY-CTUS Shoes,
we know you will never want to wear any other kind.
INVICTUS Shoes ' stand for perfect fit,, highest class
workmanship, best material, newest styles.and longest•
wear.   Don't take our word for it, ask some of your
friends who wear them what they think of INVICTUS
Shoes. 7
v   We want ci)c® bearer of INVICTUS Shots to be satisfied.
• Don't leave our store until you get a shod that fits
•'• - your foot perfectly. If they, pinch 'or,.cramp don't take
7    them, we have others'that'will fit youi _7  .   .- '
(       If you follow these precautions,, you will never regret
haying invested your money ina pair of INVICTUS Show i <
We want every wearer of INVICTUS Shoes to be per- '-
.    fectly satisfied, because a satisfied customer means a
" permanent customer. ..■•■■.  ( x-
The House of Fashion
_m»UMi«IHW i|i|>i^>ji-BqBW»ags^y"ywiW,^i'Ull#i iB)>w«qiysiMWWBiiiwij^^
" __>__________!


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