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The Orchard City Record Mar 25, 1909

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 u      V
M     1       ^
I      "*-   ./  "V   V s*     i     , .
1 .   -   '■_--*
/ofe Printing,
n   -
' Speria. Facilities .or7
~~~ E re cu t i n g -High-_
Class Half-Toneand
General  Letterpress
Work.        -       -     -
"* if 1
5    ^ -
7| i- ,u; „ ' £,? ?; 4 v 7?*,
Advertise    .v
i      ' '    . i   ,-_
j,   And J the , world ^ is
. ~, ,with,you; -Quit andf
;<!- you standalone.  ,._   '
1 Cumulation -Highest,
Rates Lowest.
r '« <v < f „  -.^yj- K ri
••_*     -^.   _
VOL I.   NO. 17.
$1.5.0,Per Annum.
.-* -y - ^ t   /-A1 'St*''1-!- i*vi* ,,(-/.,       7-h's.        •»'     •• ^'" ,
i ;   J _j	
C.P.R. Granted.Concessions for Placing Gar.'Track in City -N
Board of Trade Get Further Grant of $250.
:        The council sat late on Monday
7-'evening'discussing"various matters,
*. adjourning„at 12 o'clock.    A. ,full
attendance-o^  the., council &were
- there! with-Mayor -DeHart'. iiri?the
After reading and adopting  the
" minutes of the  last - meeting, Mr.
Ford,   representing ' the   -C.P.R.,
.,' waited on the council  asking for
^certain  concessions! in -'order.! to)
' enable them to^'placej-a car ■ track
here:     On l 'the ' motion ' of Aid.
Elliott, seconded  by Aid.  Ball  it
was decided that "the city  council
, -. hereby   grants   the     concessions
? asked for by tKe G:P.R.-in order
, to give effect to the plan submitted
.   ; by Mr. Ford  as representing the
- company, and that the company
, be requested to furnish the council
^ with a blue print of said plan.
^Mr. L C. Avis asked the council
• to approve of his application for- a
I lease of part of the lake shore beyond the power house.   • He had
published   the,  necessary  notices'
-   . and  fulfilled? all .{requirement^ in
' applying for "the'lease, and he was
; desirous of.obtaining the- council's
*„  fecolhrhen__tion"_t*r"as8i8t "Kim" in
obtaining the lease from - the' gov-
* ernment. " On - motion of . Aid.
7^ Elliott and Rowcliffe' the council
-' decided to favor the application.'
'' *' A deputation from the Board - of
-*  r Trade consisting"of" Messrs.-Rose,
*.\7r_err,Jpnes, McTavish "and  Ray-.
-   I mer, again, waited^on* the. counc_
r   5 in connection with j the requestor
' the publicity committee  for  $500
7 for advertising purposes,^ and  for
'_which"the, council had decided ''to
contribute $250.   Mi". Jones strongly urged  the  importance  of this
I line of action as bringing . the. city
!: before the public in 'other'.parts,
> and asked the:council to reconsid-
* er theirrdecision. 7 He was. ably'
'. supported* by-Messrs..Kerr,,Rose
7and Raymer, Mr. Kerr stating that
, • at present the-Bqard of Trade, had
! letters from ihe Agent '-General of
. British'Columbia in London, Eng.;
< and from the Winnipeg and -Mon-
' treal offices of the C.P.R., asking
I for descriptive   booklets ' of' this1
'      In   discussing   this  request the
council appeared  to  fully realize
the importance* of'adequate adver-
k tising, but,some members were  in
doubt as to ..whether the. city, was'
i justified in view of the  many ex-
__4_.p»£ig»Q to incur—rthis—further -ex-
| pense. A long discussion" ensued,
- but finally the delegates, being rep-
' resentative of the leading business
*men,~were" granted  their" "request,
,theJ.,f_lIpwnig, .motion   by . Aid.
Elliott and Rowcliffe being car?
' ried-r^"Jha_we.grant^th- publicity
„ committee, of jthe Bdard, of Trade
; an additional $250 for advertising
, purposes. ,\  ^ ,„,? J
'     A lengthy debate on;lh_'accept-
• ing of tenders for water pipes took
. place on:'.the   reading] of same.'
Tenders were .received, from the
weeds and burn same on Mr,
Spedding. lot, corner* Glenn-Ave.^
and Ethel street. ^ At the^ same
time, ..Id. Ball seconded, by Aid.
Cox move<£ "-"Rat" p:W. Sutherland and Wm. Kinnear be notified
that'if the weeds on the lots owned
by them are riot" cut down and
burned within 21 days from date
of notice, the city clerk will. order
same to be done, and the cost,
charged to the said owners in their
taxes for tKe "current year."
The Aquatic . Association submitted a form of lease for a portion of the lake shore in the park,
and thematter was referred to the
Park commission. ,
The Agricultural' and Trades
Association agreement was brought
up again for, consideration, the
discussion lasting until late in thec
evening. Very much'the same
groiinds, as at the last meeting
were - gone over, and eventually
the following amendments made:
Ball-Rowcliffe—'That the following amendments be .made in the
agreement ' between the" A. & T.,
Association and the city. Clause
5~*to "read as 'follows,- The city
agrees to buy sufficient land and
to change die" race "track"* to"'"run.
north and south and to fence same.'
Clause 8 to read as follows: .The,
cityvagrees to hold the; grounds for
agricultural" or" hdrticulturul" pur-
poseaTmtil such time as it jis mutually agreed between the eity and
the A., _ Tf Association td, dispose
of the grounds otherwise." '%
Amongst the correspondence
read was a petition from the property owners on Lawrence street,
asking for a .sidewalk - to be constructed and,2 or 3 lights ,to be
erected.—Referred to <! Board of
Works. ?
A letter from the Hinton Electrical Co., enclosing a tender for installing a complete fire alarm system. .A full report was also received from the same, people, regarding the test of the municipal
plant, showing same to be considerably underated as , regards output,'and'that it compares" favour-'
ably with any plant in the. county.
,t A -letter   from   the    Penticton
Boating Accident
~       O-th-Lok.
Mr. J. W. Wilks of this city was
very close to a watery grave on
Saturday, afternoon, and; but "for
the tunely aid of Mr. W. McKinley,
would undoubtedly have periehed
in the bitterly cold water. Messrs.
Wilks and McKinley left-the shore
here in separate boats, about'2:30,
to row across the lake, Mr. Wilks
intending to visit Chaplain ..ranch,
and.McKinley .going to his ^own
place.     „
About" a' niile 'out, Mr7'Wilks
got up to pull in the boat's painter
which was dragging in the water,
and in doing so- slipped, immediately falling over the" side of * his
skiff. Being a good swimmer, he
was able to recover the boat, but
unfortunately in trying to climb jn,
capsized it. At this juncture Mr.
McKinley rowed up and" seized
his friend by the wrist. ^
In this position they\ had to remain foi about 35 minutes, "as, Mr.
McKinley's skiff was too light ■ to
allow *him - dragging Mr". "-1 Wilks
aboard. jThe^ icy» watery and distance frdmshore made thingsjook
as tho' the case was hopeless, but
finally, Joe Yept, Jas. Russel_and
Paul Smith, cigar makers, observing the accident rowed out to help,
closely followed by Jim ' Campbell
in a motor launch. Mr. Wilks was
quickly^released from :his- unenviable positron and hurried ashore
and to ' bed, and is' feeling Very
little ill effects from. his long immersion. <!,!„ - .   ,.„{'".
Dr. Boyce's Camp
Broken iiito.
Some .Useful and  Interesting
-Lectures for Farmers.
Methodist Women's
Missionary Convention
Mr. C. M. McRae, who gave two
live stock demonstrations on Monday, met with very little encouragement to come here . again- for the
same purpose.' Judging from the
small attendance'at Raymer's Hall
last night, the farmers, and horse
owners ' generally are-riot much
interested in subjects that directly
affect their interests.
Mr. McRae lectured'' on horses
and^dairy cows, devoting the first
part to horses, discussing. the^ different types of breeds.^and emphasizing the benefit of pure bred
animals and a clean pedigree.- < He
gave an example^ of a pedigree
that extended back for several generations, and pointed out that in
order to intelligently deduct any
correct idea of a pedigree, it is al>
solutely necessary'to trace the ancestors on both the Dam and Sire
side. The longer a breed is kept
to a distinct type, the more prepotent becomes the breed. Fpr,
instance, a Clyde, Coach or other
horse that is -bred for' generations
to a particular type, that/class becomes powerful to ^projiuce their
own kind- On the 'other hand, a
type that,ha8 been bred for speed
alone is likely to be deficient in
conformation and .type, but nevertheless", speedy/ JiL.. .
"During the afternoon, Mr. Mc-*^-
Rae gave a "splendid lecture on
conformation and quality at Black-,
wood's stables, using several horses'
to dembnstratehis statements, and
showing the  good   qualities' and
Dr. Boyce's camp south of town
was broken'into recently, and it is
thought within^ the last  few ^days.
Entrance had been effected
through'cutting the" wire ' screen
and drawing 'down the window.
* The same' party^or parties it. is
supposed, cut the telephone wires
communicating with the ' Central
here, as according to H.1 H.' Millie,
they were in perfect order on Saturday. ' Dr.* Boyce fras not yet discovered anything missing, but steps
will be taken to, discover, who the,
depredators are. ' 7-
Shipped to H. H. Mil!|e',Two
' Years Ago.
Flemimy - Dilworth.
The following cutting,' relating
to the theft of a piano < that ■ was
shipped, toTVlr. H.,H. Miliie.of.lbw
city two years ago, appears in the
Dufferir. Uade'r. of MarcK'J8tlir-
"A young man named' Royston
Buell, was. brought before Police
Magistrate ,'Kernighan, on* Friday
charged with theft byJnspectorr'of
"the C.P.R,' service.4 * r Two /ytars
ago, while" he wa.' an assistant'_it
the C.P.R"depot here,-a piano was
put in charge of .the .company iko
be .shipped ,to > H.>H*- Millie. f.K* 1-
owna, B.C. For ^some^reasons,,. it
had been held/ior instructions ard
during that time' Buell Had * taken
the instrornent-outV'-f its''p4clcjnir'
case,' taken- it I.part, painted the
case qf the'instnimeut over to^di?
Council,    returning   the     sample
street lamps, as unsuitable.'
;>The following accounts were referred to the finance committee to
be paid if found correct:
C Blackwood, teaming $ 75 00
Morrison-Thompson-Co., of Kelowna, D..Leckie, of Kelowna,, the
* Gartshpre-Thompson^ ,(Zo., ;,,and
I Grane Co., of Vancouver.    The
awarding of tenders to outside
firms was - objected } 107- by{. Aid.',
7 Elliott, " when local , firms could
. 8upply7the7^artie-,g<J0,d8 frt-yery
' little difference in ^ price, and he
' ' urged the acceptance of,."the Mor-
' rison^Thompson CoV ^enjder as
' being a local firm, and talso,,'that
< they   guaranteed > to   furnish   the
* gooW'w.thiri1-' stated ji^ridd.' '  '
A deadlock of opinions occurred
•in this matter,! t the^afollowing
\ motions being put and,lost.' \ , Vl
1 Rowcliff erBall~Jhat 'the ^ Gart-
rv shore-Thompson tender"'be -,'Ac-
- ccpted as being the lpw'est.7  i  •
Co3t-Baile3r—That.the, Morrison-;
7Thomp8on estimate be accepted.
,    It W^;;firiallyJ decide^,, to ,em-
. power 'the* fire and,(water com-
' mitfee to order these.,v ""*«' ' M ' »
,:    Th^'wee'd^ on Mr. Speddings
property _aving' been>' allowed -to
; grow aiid threatened to ^spread, it
' was moved by Aid. Elliott seconded, by Ald..Bailey "That the Board
of Works get a man t° cut the
C. Blackwood, teaming.. ,      9 25
1-Iinton Electric Co., meter     19 00
W. Blackwood, work on streets.. ..   32 00
John Gray, white-washing'jail * " 4-00
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Electric
supplies! 7....r..7...,r...r." so55
Hinton Electrical Co., supplies    51 45
Hinton Electrical Co., testing , electrical plant/ 1... 120 00
G. H. Dunn, poll clerk and return-
.   ing officer's  fees, and cash
account .'     14 25
,    ... :i
Mr. G. H. Dunn, Kelowna's City
Clark,1",left today for Vancouver,
where he will take.part in a highly
interesting ceremony.    v     ^
R/H.rStubbs)eft today for Eng-'
land; and^ill/teturn later -in the
year,we understand, accompanied
by' Mrs. R. H. Stubbs. -   l v
7"5 'Vc.   ■  )V-n 7 -t       ■       '  '   I
Miss, Stapleton,  who  has  been
visiting,,her-,sister,;Mrs.}J. Monck-
tqh-> Case'• here  during   the   past
winter,, Jeft  on {today's  boat fpr
England. .
' During the City Clerk's absence
his 'brother, Mr. E. W. Dunn will
fill his place "in the city offices.
^;Air)ublic. meeting' of the Agricultural and Trades Association will
bis" held 'on Saturday at 2.30 in
Raymer's 'Hall, to 'arrange for the
grounds! to-b. taken over* by the
city."'" All interested in the Association;7 whether7 members or,, not,
should attend, as this matter affects
the interests of every citizen.
. ./The first district convention of
the Methodist Women's Missionary
Auxiliary of the Okanagan district,
was held at Vernon last Thursday
and Friday. Representatives were
present from Summerland, Kelowna, Armstrong, Enderby, Vernon'and Knob Hill. Many interesting papers weie read, and a
splendid address by. Dr. Osterhout
was one of the chief features, of
the convention. ' l  "
The meetings ,took the form
chiefly of a .review ""'of the work
done by the women in the past
year, and the reports showed great
The delegates from Kelowna
were:—Mrs.   Capt.   Knight,   Mrs.
/r\.\ •«/_•__..
ri»u o.-
Thompson, Miss P. Dilworth and
Mrs. J. W. Jones. It was arranged
to hold the next "convention at
Kelowna in November. Mrs.
Miller, of Enderby, was re-elected
district Organiser, with Mrs. Conway, of Summerland, as alternate.
.'. ^^      i  1
Bom—On Friday, to the wife of
J.-D..McCallum, a boy.
Born—On the  22nd  March,  to
the wife of J. Steele, a boy.
„\' ,1 • {■». -
On Saturday,'April 3rd, the Regular Quarterly Meeting of the
Ladies' Hospital Aid will be held,
in Raymer's Hall.
Campbell Bros., launched their
new steam boat on Tuesday afternoon. The "Amelia C." as it will
be named, is -33' feet long by 8
feet wide, and will be propelled
by- a 10 h.p. steam engine. It was
constructed at Campbell Bros,
workshop, and will be used as a
private1 pleasure boat. < •>
The first practice, of the new.
voiilnteer fire brigade took place
on Tuesday night."" Most of the
members met at the fire hall about
7 o'clock, and at 7;30 the signal
whistle to turn out, was given. The
boys worked well together, and
within 1| minutes of the signal,
had run one hose reel, down by
the    Lakeview   hotel,   connected
bad points of "horses'and cattle.
W. C. , Blackwood showed his
Hackney'Stallion and Shire. Mr.
McRae carefully .pointed • out - the
necessary points of these two
breed8,and certainly manifested his
proficiency-as a judge. D'Artagnan
the fine French Coach Stallion was
shown by Dr. Richards, and Mr.
McRae was quite enthusiastic and
interesting in explaining the origin
of that breed, and the --absolute
necessity of its combing strength,
quality, andi,style,\ to fulfil its place
as a general horse, to be"useful at
the, plow, as well as making a good
The judging of cows then commenced, M r. Blackwood Sr. having
there for demonstration two milch
cows, one of .which was  a jersey.
All the important points  in  judg-
j •     i_: 1
ing a- UBlry—Cu w—w ct c—cA|jiaiucur
and a concise little talk on how to
pick a good milker, was" given.
It is a pity farmers did not show
their appreciation by being present,
as there were so many things said
and demonstrated that would
prove of benefit to all stock owners.
It may be that .more would have
attended if the. Farmers' .Institute
had taken the trouble to advertise
the matter well, as' there were a
number, even in town, who did
not know that the stock judging
was taking place.
A similar instance occurred dur-
ing'the winter, when Mr. Heather-
well of Victoria came here to
demonstrate on.pruning and general orchard work. The matter
was very inadequately advertised,
and the result was only a handful
turned up. It is to be hoped future
lecturers will have a large attendance.
A marriage took- place in the
Methodist Church' oWTuesday
morning, the Rev. J. ' H." Wright
officiating, between ..erbert^Lorne
Fleming and.Carrie Ellen Dilworth,
both of Mount View. 'A large
number of friends' were^present 'at
the 'church, "arid the bride -was
supported by 'her cousiii,f'Miss,
Pearl-Dilworth. The Igrodm/'wW
supported'by his brother, __r/ John'
Fleming, and'after^'the ceremony
the newly wedded pdr IfeftW^foGStS; TKh&TaiXeited*»*___*__
mornings boat for a; trip  to-Jth«_^aviaJbloiye thelmiachjefb«tCould , .
coast "cities,' and - on their return giv^no jaison.wt«Jie, Jiiit , Me/a
wd '.-take ■ up' their Tesidtoce'^^^t^d'ta^thK^ Jin' >*,
wishes of a large'nuniber of friends^ f
for a long and happy wedded 'Jife,
The wireless telegraph station on
the Eiffel Tdwer_n"' Paris  has  es
tablished' a record bys receiving
messages from Glace Bay, in 'Canada; a distance of 3,250 miles'."   '
' ! ;; I'
By means of electrically driven Temper-
ley transporters the battleship King Edward
VII, the,flagship of the Channel Fleet,
took on board'at Portsmouth "on" Tuesday
from a floating-depot-1,451 tons in q-little
over three and a half hours, giving an
average of, about 414 tons an hour.  •    ,
time'^hd it-would appeaFhfe11 Had
U-tehded^ton canrjt.'iaway'Ctheyjr- Vi
strum^otpieceinefd,^had v_pt^his t\
.discharge -prevented its acbmp_ah-r -'7
ment-iHts work was made  easy'
/ed 7 _»_lXjP___fic      I
A. fire  ^estroyedJjiAe^Pacific
Club- and adjoinin^Jbml^inaSj^of-  ,•>
the' block   bounded p-t tSS^*    *
Broad and Broughton s't8.)'Victbria,
early Tuesday morning. •'TKe loss,^
about $200,00Q' is7mosdjr coveted v 'a
by insurance.   •«"   - ",',v,i--*'ti-V5 -_'
The distinction   ,of *' being^the    \
first -" daily publisKed'Oin^Rrince* A\
Rupert,  lpelong«-^o< the -fjrince
Rupert Bulletin,  which^ made -.its    1
first appearance on Monday.   *   J, J
Tiny tubes of radium bromide jare now '/
being sold to doctors at £100 each-lor in- ";
ternal therapeutic worL' *^ch( holds about '   J
a sixth of a1 grain of 'radium bromide.2 ir •< ■> |
n   - -.'
^ (f **»
Record essay Contest
For the Boys and Girlsl
or Kelowna and District
i\\ Ah,
>151V S
'I. r
A 'welUknown physician (says
the Family Doctor) was sought Jby
a,man who thought there was
something wrong with his heart.
Thev physician made a cursory
'examination, which disclosed a
large swelling in the man's cardiac
region. " There certainly appears
to^be'an extraordinary swelling
right here," said the medical authority, tapping his finger on the
man's side, "We must reduce this
at once, my~ good man—at once I"
, "'"Oh, ""doctor," Jexclaimed   .the
250 feet of .lose'and had a streamvpatient, jwith a faint smile, "don _
of water irrigating
fire in the park., ,
an imaginary
reduce it too much*   That swelling
is my pocket book t" - -
We are anxious to interest everyone in the columns'of The'Rocoi^l,
and in this endeavor we must not forget the boya and girls." There ia"
often a good deal of literary talent lying dormant in the young' people *
and we want to give them a chance to show what they 'tien~-0 in thia*
direction.       t' , ' '!     1  ,11       h -   ?K
« -. *
We have therefore decided to offer two prizes eacrf'month for the'
best essay .written by any boy or girl under sixteen upon a subject
which we will announce each month. ,The first contest will;be held)
during the month of April, aa follow*:— •■ -,,- ,,7,
VI ft
m r
First^Plriae -      ,-      -      _,'     $2.00
Second Priie      -      -      -      -'! '   $\Mt^c'^ '
"'     * I      ' ,"-   WW -",.j"„ '"^,
,,.. There are hundreds of boy and girl readers of The'Record _» _i.' :
prairies who would like to hear of the good time* which this''j-_ig'-
people of Kelowna have during the summer months, so the above i
prizes will be awarded for the best imaginary letter from; a; boy or girlvY?
in Kelowna'district to a boy or girl on the prairie^ on I      ' ■    ••
"Summer Life in Kelowna,
FromaBoy'* (or,Girr») Point of VieWw\,f
The essays should be sentin,to the Office not latar'than April-XK, "7"^,   -
and the prize will be awarded upon receipt of th_ fudge .,-ec_toii.' '-*'"'' ""',''
Conditions:        A"'A :".!7^ ^
- The contestant must be under 16 year* of age, and the composition ~ \
, must be his or her unaided work.   •' ^ '",!    v   !^ ' '  l*"^_ ^ nr»)
^V;1  0 ,
: -
jL__ The Orchard City Record
Thursdaij, March 26
We are;. particularly^well fixed
• to execute all. your orders for
7 printing. With new type, new
machinery, -skilled mechanics,
arid eVery labor-saving device
we can do 'your'1 work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
■ Call up 94, we'll wait upon you ,'
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published entry Thursday at I he Office,
: ,,.-.; - Kelowna,' B.C.,
sCHASl H. LEATHLEY, Business Afonagcr.
Subscription $1.50 per} annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Adoertising rales upon application.
: It-is* getting unpleasantly frequent for thte' press of this valley
to. 'have, to  expose [cases   ,of
■ fraud; on ;the part of certain
land sharks in misrepresenting
land they-.lain! to hold for sale.
It is rio'doubtJhighly creditable
. to ; tKe, Okanaigan, Valley that
this district is.so often used as
a-'bahyas   .these   same   land
- sharks .enow a ' good  country
. when" they see it.
,.    We 'have in our, hands a copy
,of the  " Minneapolis  Sunday
Tribune;", of March 14, which
contains'art" advertisement  in
! whichr after some hot air about
an apple famine, appears the
; following :,; "Let  us  prove : to
you>' that you can make $10,000
yearly income* starting on small
monthly ■ irivestments, and at
the.f^^e;iime.'enjoy';life in the
v "Italy oi America,'; the-.glorious
; lake:region of-Southern British
C^hirribia;--'' This; district won
13. first; prizes''ahcl'.:. one * second
out'of 1/4 entries;,incompetition
with the world at^ the  National
Apple iShow, Spokane", Wash.
■■■> rr 7 " We^are the largest owners
; of :fruit,_ahds oh direct lines bf
transportationl in^   British 'Co-
, lumbia,  arid will be~. glad to
l give you allrthe information in
Nour power whether ;you  buy
land from vus or not "77 7
- . The public are invited ; to
write for maps, photos,'proofs,
etc;,' to the.' Kootenay ; Orchard
Association Ltd., 421 Ward St.,
Nelson, B.C.
This  advertisement' is   so
worded that that it may not be
legally a fraud, but if it is _ not
.' so morally, we have another
< guess coming.    The inference
' is too plain to be mistaken, and
the^unwary>\'reader   of- the
', "Tribune," would naturally be-
' lieve that the Kootenay Lake
district   and - the, Okanagan
^Lake district-were the same.—
referred fto by
is   well
letter something like this:
Dear Fred,
You asked me in your last
letter to tell you something
about' Kelowna. You have
no idea of the good times we
have here in the summer. We
•7iused to live in , Sas-
7'katchewaui, until  three  years
7 ,agb;~ 7 But7it,.was all flat prairie.
7 There was, no1 lake, or  moun-
7 stains; or orchards.
7 7 Injsummer we camp on the
slipre'of the Okanagan  Lake,
'and you may-be sure-we.have
some   glorious   fun.     Father
.has a launch, etc., etc., etc.
Put down just what you
think will interest your imaginary friend, and the best letter
will get the prize.
Tbe winning essays will be
published . in the Record the
week "following the awarding
of the prizes.
The prizes
; these advertisers,  as
(j known, were taken by Kelowna
' district represented by Mayor
, DeHart.   It would, be  not a
little interesting we  think, to
peruse some of this firms maps,
proofs, etc., that they offer to
' the pubIic,for the asking.  .
> The''city' council is" to be
I commended on the favourable
. reconsideration of the Board of
J Trade's application for the full
! "} l sum of $£Q0.00 for advertis-
irking puipo]_s_^)t is little enough
\:J;,~\ compared'11' to the "returns of
j^'tgood advertising, and should
jj&fl be looked (uppn,as>a,vpaying
11\^.| investment.. .„ , . • *. ^
:;7<;"; '\ ■■>,!,>--A-*—i—■  1-
T We'would _ike to vdr&w* the
j,attention of the boy.' and "girls
h. y to.the essay, contest anpouncec[
£|/on the frofctCpag'e- xTnis.jproni-
'i&\ ises to bean interesting.feature,
Jf£ J-as well as ftistructive.
w'}   , Jus^make Relieve for. a little
[gw the prame who is very anxious
l|H I'io know what Kelowna is JUgg
i >l arid how you spend thie time      ^     (
^ J duririg'th^fiWsumrrier months. lAddrefiS. *
1J Suppose you commence your jH-
.    '   \     «,                 ,                                                 '
!_iW_,_7> ,.        /. .       '/     .	
The public meeting on Saturday, called by the directors
of the Agricultural and Trades
Association should be kept in
mind by all interested in the
question of whether the city
shall acquire these lands and
on what terms. The directors
will at this meeting confer with
the city council and discuss the
matter fully» and the meeting
will be open for questions and
suggestions from ratepayers.
The agreement as laid before
the council will be submitted,
and the matter finally decided.
Under this heading communications will
: be receiced upon any subject 06 interest
Letters must be signed, be brief, acoid
'':' personalities. Tlie Editor does riot nee-
,     ossaril y endorse ^opinions gioen belois.
Editor, Orchard City Record. .
. Dear Sir,—I notice tin your account of the proceedings .of . the
City Council,; held • lastiiMonday
evening, that you 1 quote. jMn.; Dilworth as haying said -that -he had
interviewed the Bank of j Montreal,
the -iCentral Okanagan'.Land'. &
Orchard- Co. Ltd. and Mr, Buck-
land who, had agreed to fgiye- a
right of way throughtheir prpperty"
what^ -Mr. - Dilworth * did.»say;, was
"that, he had interviewed the above
named parties and 'that he did "riot
think they would have any trouble
with them."
, I only, ask,. you to correct, this
statement, as you can readily understand 1 am not in a position : to
make, any ?su*ch agreement, off
hand, to ; dispose of ,the Banks
Yours truly,"
, '■•'■" ,''j7 .-....:,' ....Manager/'
Beer and the W.C.T.U.
Editor, Orchard City Record
Dear Sir,—The writers of the
W.C.T.U. notes in your issue of
March 18th, must be either extremely ignorant or must consider that
the public will swallow any wild
statements. They quote the experience of various doctors to the
effect that beer cause, insanity and
numerous diseases, and wind up
with the .astounding statement of
an Insurance Co. _ President to the
effect that beer-drinkers at a-touch
of cold or malaria, develop an acute
disease which kills them in ten
days I Now what are ^ the facts ?
Up to the introduction of tea and
coffee, beer was the universal drink
in England. Were the English of
the middle ages and of Elizabeth's
time a feeble or unhealthy folk ?
Germany is pre-eminently the beer
drinking country: is its death rate
higher than that of other countries ?
Are insurance rates higher on
Germans? Is the brain of the
average Gorman' less able than
that of other people ? How is it
that Germany is the country of all
others noted for deep thinking and
and profound philosophy ? Was
not Bismark,,who died at eighty-
three and was a great beer drinker,
one of the most virile men of His
time, both physicaly and mentally ?
I am sir,
' Yours etc.,
March-19,'09 VERITAS.
Schell & Brown
Builders and Contractors
Plans and Estimates  furnished
• <u~> .
, ..>■•( All work promptly and   - -
carefully   executed   at
1 >.   reasonable prices. \
Rutland P. O;
A-rtS*  *■*.-'   *%«*
• Ji   «vl»V *    *  «*    *   ^
*5_E-3_a_-_-__tT-Ii 1 .-3-HB3Z___-r_.__5_g_^^
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
ne - Dug ar
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's*., Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
Th? British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co.
Window Sashes Hot-bed Sashes
Office^ and Store Fittings      ~
SIGN WRITING AND LETTERING of all descriptions.
Window Frosting, etc.
THE SPRING IS GOMING. We are open to gioe
estimates on all kinds of Buildings such as'
Bungalotos; also complete Furnishings for
Summer Houses.
Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets.
Who said Bicycles ?
•, . Call and see our large stock of
Bicycles—New and Second-hand  /
Also our big stock of BICYCLE ACCESSORIES
AH work done by experienced hands. We
aim to give satisfaction, and our prices are
The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply Co.
BOX 160 - PHONE 82
Takes pleasure in announcing her
Spring and Summer Opening
On March 26st. and 27th.
We will exhibit a full line of Pattern Hats of
the Latest Paris and New York Designs.
Each lady mill be sewed with a refreshing
cup of cocoa with cake.
Mrs. M. TUTCHER,    High-class Milliner,
Bernard Ave. (Trench's old store), Kelowna.
Are You Looking for a Building Site?
If so why not get the best?
I have a number of half acre lots all set out to fruit
tree; Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries and' Peaches,
'   i some in bearing. ' ''
, Two ten acre lots planted out to choice fruit that
will bear next year.       ,
One  fine new brick
^ Laurier Avenue.
house   Corner   Ethel   and
One fine  new brick Cottage,  corner Ethel  and
Sutherland Avenue. **.
Also a few choice lake shore^ lots and  a quarter
'  > Section of heavy timber, close_tb the City.
Will sell any of the above on good terms.
I carry the largest stock of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs in the Valley.
, ,   .     a      'r      < ,    [Call, and see them
."•■■'_\ _*.'__. DeHART    .
iVuv' ^cVl
TOTAL ASSETS $49,000,000.00
»•      Y ^- *yt
C. B. DANIEL, Manager
Orchard City Realty _____
»' >_"•;
1       *)
Small House on a 50 ft. by 120 ft. lot, close in,   ^
rent well.     Price, .cash, $1,050; on'time',\
$1,150. .    , .__    -" '       -   ',;.    -i
_ ■'  ^        ' ' '        ' ■■ y
Cottage on one acre, in good locality, $2,100,   o
easy terms.    ' I '       ll   "' '• ' ^ "
Stable for rent. ' *     ' -   "
V       i J
., '-(j
, ..j »
' »'■ U'■■»'(
About thq     !
De Laval Sfeparators
^   i *■. j    .
There's the "mail order" outfit, with  their  cheaply  itiade' machines, bought here and there, not made by'themselves or'aold under'        ''
the real manufacturer's name,'all claiming the earth' and many of the r^" J
things that should be below it >   \>   ^,,     i  \t  .   .n'i   I ■.-. „     '.
But the merry lot changes' _nd dwindles every year.' 'They 'grsd-'   - >
ually drop out and  leave  their' unfortunate' -patrons VhelplessH with * ,»!„„"
trashy machines.   More Will fade away this year.    Jhe dairy farmer^
,like the creameryman, is coming Ho  know  something of | separators.   7'
He doesn't swallow mere '"claims" so  easily. , 98* perVcentr of the*   '
world's creamerymen use DE LAVAL machines.   Theipercentag. of C 't,/
farm users content witrfnothing else is always -increasing. ■!   v  >    A. "•• f_
There isn't a single reason why everylman 'whV -fays (a' cream' ''.I T*
separator this year'should not buy a DE LAVALi * There-are many i. tT i
.reasons why he should.   The best posts no, more  than  the.yarious..,   'i
grades o£ inferior imitating machines. ' r       7        T '
• • > 'i \     <'n   i.  i r' j/. •»   :>f •>
A DE LAVAL catalogue may be had  fore the  asking.    A DE \    }!
LAVAL machine may be tried for the asking.,  , '        '       '
^ ■       >   '        ii"''        ,      .,-.,, i i    '■»    . i
' '■
'      >'    ' Agent for Kelowna:-     J     -t"     •-. •       <
i      ii.'    >i   i• i*-   > i t, lj 11. n
i    i
_  r
M-urdware Store
.' r   h
> i > -   n 'i"
Tlie Season for Irrigating
Is at! Hand
ti.fii *
( ro
* * »     , lie:
We are Contractors for all classes of this work—Open    .   •
Ditching/Fluming," Stave  Pipe'Mains/ Pumping i Plants   - '
using Steam, Gas, Gasoline or oil as fuel; < ■"' .>%
We( are.now installing:a 'small plant of 205"'gallons ,""A
per minute capaci^r,'the fuel,for engine coits ''SO per'1 " r",'
cent, less'than gasoline.' '  "l   5       ' '^ " "r/'' ~>"    "} °"r"'"
Ask',lisJ^I^ujl:'Tto<--t,(}^ce"'«''"'•' «
It Settles fcolur DifiFicultifes   I
We have a Snap| in (Electric Motors    7, ,.>> »
For driving washing machine, ssmall pump's, seWng'rnachinW t±t€. '
Get bur Ha-»d-bck)k. 'j^> > ^    _tn-i..
All kinds of ^Machinery ^R^airs/'G'je^eral/ BJacks^ithing,'7
<     i >/      -'Horse Shoeing,, etc.etc.   ?l\ ,,;?*.','. ' j.   K
Our1 prices are-the' most' reasonable iw town.   7*7
WE HAVE5AGENCY FOR'     '- •"«"«.
Auto-Buggies and.' Automobiles1' trobfi $250iip. '  y!
The correct thing for this-district', '    /v
,     5_o Job Too Liirge or Td6 Small •« l        i» •   ■
t^'ir'.. i
The Okanagan VaUey Engineering Company
' - " " Uni'rv __i'ripi_}_! _ik/_D>> "•   ■•■'   '• '    /
<ciiYM6iimMor^,    jilIlfi
:}■-».     -'■   .7  KELOWNA i)
D. CAMERON, M.E., E£.,(LateSupt. En^ineej^Contracts, Mather■& PJattt-^.l
_i_ i_ »jj_ _ijm
ti   'i   i
.» - .*   t    J    i
!    - '
--■'      ■     ■_—
,_,., fc_i.., <L_tteoupt. engineer -ontract«,M«ttter«c4'^tt,-l-,'7 -
,     ^ManchesteriMANAGER.   , „ i(WW)i(,, ,   ,., ^lf<1
'i.'i i' ''"ii" i ■■y"wiitin-y>i.1 '"i M'ivu .' .iff
.w • '•   A, >h -..I- *V    ,,|„^, 4/j-j «  |),
ir ', i*
'V, ,,-•<
r»"**_i^£f___l .     ' "      i-    i      r"
^•^ ;.V ,i:?lT7-W7 V7t3t7_:.
Thursday, Mar. 25
'    The Orchard Gitg Record
*    ,3
v d
The Merchants and Business Men of Kelowna have
decided to close their places of business every Thursday
at 12.30 p.m., from
April 1st to October 28th, 1909
PROVIDED. ^That^d Weekly half-holiday shall be held in any
week during which a statutory holiday shall be observed or a
civic holiday proclaimed.      l
PROVIDED ALSO: That this agreement shall be binding on the
parties assenting thereto only as long as its conditions are observed by all the business firms concerned. 16-17
a   Empire Oak Dressers
and Stands
With 24 inch British bevel plate mirrors
Are Reduced to $14.75
'No better value west of Winnipeg
Manufacturers of
Builders9 Brick, Drain
Tile and Hollow Brick
'PHONE 96,     "        -, KELOWNA
, /^^ _•/_••_ .t7_ >*■**• v*1—-!. / /_ f_/T©_*/_,___9-
I have a1 full line of Light
and Heavy Harness on
hand, also a good assort-
ment of
Trunks, Valises and Saddles
Gall and see our stock.
•» •<. IS) .
>f '- .-
S.   C.   KING,   Harness-maker.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
'       - \ Manufacturers of all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealers in all kinds of
V '        '' ; SAW-MILL AND FACTORY'
Orders filled in Short notice
1 Worship of Snakes Led to Adoption of
the Mystical Symbol.
ii li:i- I41 .ii pointed out by Dr Bou-
.iii tiijii «_e worship of tbe serpeul
Ha* mi ii-iversul in antiquity that all
iiMiipli- i-aine to be knowu as "dra-
!oiJia   (serpent houses).    ~~
However that may be, serpents were
Mjpi iii iuauy of tbe temples of an-
1111 liir.\. notably In tbose of Apollo,
u hose .-.on, Aesculapius, is represented
in niiriViit statuary carrying u serpent
im wined round a staff or round bis arm.
I'hc serpent, indeed, came In time to
b(> the special mystical emblem or sym-
liol or ihe'Aesculapian art
i The serpents of the ancient"" Greek
temples were in all probability relics
of Mint primitive serpent worship
\\ liicli was at one time universal among
prehistoric peoples and has not died
uni iimong many savage races at the
preMMii day.
And "voodoo," or "obi," oerpent worship In still said to linger in the West
Indies among the descendants of
In Ilnitl especially, where negroes
were dumped down from Africa by the
old slnvp traders and were kept In reserve before belnn sold to masters in
the surrounding Islands, voodoo has
defied Itoinnn Catholic missionaries
and priesiR tor ages A French' naval
oflicer who visited the court of the
Haitian potentate Soulougue in 1H4S>
described a voodoo ceremony v. iiere
cu_nil),ilistie and other orgies were In
dulged In.       " .
it Is noticeable that the cock -_d
black goat which were solemnly eaten
on tliN occasion were both of them
sacred to Aesculapius Hence we may
infer thai the Apscuiapian cultus wai
originally au innocent form of voodoo
and at the same a primordial religiwH ..
The extreme antiquity of serpent"
worship seems, indeed, to be hinted
nt in (Jenesis, where the devil appears
in the guise of the snake god intent on
the ruin of man In the story of (he
brazen serpent healing qualities are
attrlbured to the image.—Lancet.
He Catches  Birds as Big as Larks  In
His Ma-nmoth Web.
Far up in the mountains of Ceylon
there is a spider that spins a web like
bright yellowish silk, the central net
of which is five ieet In diameter, whll<>
the supporting lines, or *uys, as thev
are called, measure sometimes ten o>°
.twelve feet, and. riding quickly in tbt>
early moiniug, you may dash right
Into it. the stout threads twining round
your face like a lace veil, while, as tbe
creature that has woven It takes up
his position In the middle, he generally
catches you right in the nose, and
though he seldom bites or stings, the
contact of his large body and long le;:-,
is any tiling but pleasant If you foi
get yourself aud try to catch him. bite
he will, and, though not venomous,
his jaws are as powerful as a bird's
beak, nnd you are not likely to.forget
the encounter.
The bo«es of these spiders are very
hnndsomoly decorated, being bright
gold or scarlet underneath, while th ■
upper part is covered with the mo«t
delicate slate colored fur. So strom,'
are the webs that birds the size of-
larks are frequently caught therein,
and even the small'but powerful scaly
lizard falls a victim. A-writer says
that he has of-ten sat and watched tlie
yellow monster — measuring, when
waiting for his prey, with his leg-
stretched out, fully six inches—striding
across the middle of the net and noted
the rapid manner in which he winds
his stout threads' round the unfonu
■late captive.
He usually throws the coils about
the head until (he wretched victim is
first blinded and then choked In
many unfrequented dark nooks of thN
jungle you come; across most perfect
skeletons ef small birds caught In
these terrible snares.
Violet Ink the Choapost.-
"Look   here,   you,   a   literary   man
can't afford the extravagance of violet
The literary man tore thoughtfully a
pendent piece of leather from the sole
of his shoe.
"I know," he admitted, "that violet
ink costs thrice as much as black
but black corrodes a pen .In a week,
whereas violet Is noncorroslve, a ml
with Its use it is possible to make one
pen last six or seven months. Tbe late
Russell Sage, who used violet ink exclusively in bis office, revealed this
great truth to me during my brief cler
teal career in his office."—Exchange.
Didn't Want to Be Singular.
, It was in the drawing room after
dinner that they discussed an absent
maiden friend's had points with tho
usual grim and scathing glee. Having
thoroughly dissected her personal ap-,
pearance, they next paid attention to
her mental shortcomings.
"She is a very singular girl,^ spake
the one.      :
"Yes. indeed," responded ber companion. "But, then, tbat is not her
fault, for I never saw a girl so anxious
to bo plural."-Argonaut
Where Pat Made a Mistake.
"Oh." soblied Mrs. Casey, "some wan
told mo husband, Pat, tbat he c'd have
his punts pressed bo lettln' th' steam
roller run over them, an' Pat trold
th' schemer"
"Well, phy do ye cry?" asked the
friend, Mrs. Onrrlty.   '
"Oh."-walled the wife, "Pat forgot
t' take th' pants off first!"—Judge.
One Advantage.
Little Willie-Say, pa, what Is tbe
differonca between' genius and insau
lty? Pa—The lunatic, my bob, is at
least Rut-^o. his board and dotbea.—
Exo_aa«-    . .    ......
Mr. Burns and Baby Foods.
Mr. John 'Burns informed a deputation
in the House of Commons-recently that
the Local Government Board, under his
direction, had set up a separate food sub-
department to give special attention to the
quality and character of food. He had
specially relegated to the two skilled doctors at the head'of the sub-department the
question of the character, quality and constituents elements of babies' foods.
Seoen Brothers Play Seoen Brothers
Seven brothers named Williams, of
Haverfordwest, sons of a former police
superintendent, have issued a challenge to
any other seven brothers in the United
Kingdom to play a game of Rugby football
for £200 and the championship. Their
ages range from twenty-two to forty-three.
The football challenge was accepted by
the brothers Randall, of Llanelly, the
brothers Phillips, of Maesycwmmer; the
brothers Davies, of Llandilo; the brothers
Williams of Ammanford—all in South
Wales—the brothers Hall, of Gloucester,
and the brothers Marsh, of Newcastle-upon-
Ab the challenge of the Llanelly brothers
was the first received it has been accepted,
and the match will be played on the Saturday before Easter, probably at Carmarthen. If the Haverforwest boys win they
will challenge any other seven brothers in
the world.
Escapes from Prison Disguised as
Marathon Runner.
A convict, Edward Toye,.escaped from
a Glasgow prison by means of a very
clever ruse. How he actually got outside
the walls is a mystery, but as soon as free
he smartly divested himself of his prison
clothing and arranged his underwear to
give him the appearance, as he ran for-
freedom, of a Marathon runner out for an
early training spin.
On at least three -previous occasions
Toye had slipped through- the fingers of
the authorities. The last time he escaped
he slid down a pipe and got on board an
Atlantic liner. He reached New York in
safety, and was deported as an undesirable
alien. Landing at Glasgow on the return
voyage, he was recognised and_taken back
to prison. k       ""■"*"
The police are inclined * to believe that
he is now simply hiding in the city, and
anticipate his recapture on the first day he
Chinamen Cut Of. Their Pigtails '
and Join ttfe Church.
A ceremony of a unique character took
place in Liverpool a few days ago, when a
number of Chinamen were confirmed at
the Tuebrook Reformed" Church of England. • _,
The Chinese population in the Mersey
city is of large proportions, the numerous
laundries having resulted in the establishment of a prosperous and growing Chinese
quarter.      "* - , \
1, Some time ago the members of the
Buckingham road church thought that
there was special need for the provision of
special Sunday school classes on behalf of
the Celestials, and the little enterprise
proved so successful that now there are
seventy Chinese attendants. Several of'
these have been baptised, and on Sunday
no fewer - than sixteen went through the
confirmation service. All of them were
dressed neatly in well-cut English clothes,
whilst each one's jet black hair had been
carefully oiled. In order to show their
sincerity as Christains^ the Chinamen had
also cut off their pigtails, and their demeanour was earnest in the extreme.
~ Bishop"Eidridge, oflne" Reformed-Epis-
copal Church of England, addressed the
converts.      ►
Zulu Prince in Jail.
Dinizulu, one of the sons of Cetewayo,
and therefore a prince of the Zulu royal
line, has been sentenced after a prolonged
trial to four years' imprisonment and a fine
of $100 for harboring rebels. The expenses
of the Crown in connection with the trial
were approximately $10,000.
"Escaped" Nun.
The flight of Miss Madge Moult, a young
nun, from the Roman Catholic Convent at
East Bengholt, Suffolk, has created a sensation in that district. She claimed that
the monotony of convent life would have
driven her mad. For two years she had
been planning an escape, and had appealed to the Mother Prioress hoping that
arrangements could be made for her to
leave, but in vain. Early this month however, she contrived successfully to escape,
and managed to elude her pursuers who
attempted her capture, and is now staying
with friends'in one ofthe London suburbs.
Forbid Employees to Drink Liquor.
The Gas Light and Coke Qo.j Ltd., of
Westminster, have caused considerable
discussion by forbidding their employees
to enter any public.house in the immediate vicinity of the'office, except on office
The order-is meant to apply only* to the,
working hours of the staff, but it is bitterly
resented by the people affected, and it
is looked upon es an attempt to in.
terfere with the private affairs of the
company's employees.
Territorial Armij Opposed btj -,
Socialists.   .
* A resolution in favor of the Territorial
Army met with strong opposition at a
meeting in the Battersea Town Hall.
The Mayor of Battersea presided and
delived an address.
On marching to the hall headed by
their band, the 23rd Battalion of the
County of London Regiment met an opposition procession playing the Dead
March, and bearing a banner on which
was inscribed an indictment of the Government for adding to« the ranks of the
unemployed, by allowing military bands
to accept engagements while civilian
bands could not get work.
The addresses by Lord Lucas and Mr.
Shirley Benn were continually interrupted,
and it was only under a threat of expulsion that order was finally obtained,
Smyth Pigotfc to be Unfroched.
The Bishop of Bath and Wells has now
decided to take the final and extreme step
of deposing Pigott from Holy Orders.
The sentence of deposition will be pronounced by the bishop at a special service,
which will be held for that purpose at the
No such function has taken place in
this old cathedral during its thousand
years existence.
The London Bakers' Protection Assoc
iation have raised the price of bread owing
to wheat shortage, and a half quartern
loaf now costs I-2d rnore.
• ST&. *s .. i
.Come to ,
for a-
Good Clean Meal
Fresh Candies, Fruit and
"A - Tobacco
Call and see us    7
Get your name on
the honor roll.
Subscribe for the Orchard
, City Record.
* neatly'done.    .    ,
All toorh guaranteed .irs. class.
All kinds o. Furniture   .
Address,-Post OH.ice
or Shop, cor. West of? K.L.O.-dffiee.
First-class Nursery Stock
for Present Planting now laid down in Kelowna ^
K__OJ_NH, B.C. - P.O. BOX 364'
Apples—Mcintosh Red, Wealthy,'Gano"," Winter" BahaJaaV
, Orenco, Wismer Dessert; Transcendent and. Hyslop Crabs
'Cherries—Six Sweet Varieties and Three'Sour'Varieties.
Apricots—Royal, Moorpark and Tilton. ' i7 •"." ;}, .*""-r
Plums—Small quantity. Peaches—-SmalLquantity.
Pears—Bartlett and other best varieties.     '  _' r  .       *'
Prunes—Italian, etc. <
j- <".<
All trees grown on whole roots.    First-class stock.   The greatest
care is exercised to keep the varieties true-to name, and will be
sold at reduced prices by
, Agent for   *
gftmnp J^urisferie*, Stic, gtoanp, ®tt.
.~tt'  >- - * •*;«?'_.»■'-- -.,.
-r   z   ^-',-
Is not only an art, it is also
a business, which- to ex-
ecute promptly ariq.at a
reasonable.price, requires,
a complete modern plant,
handled by experts.
All this is at your; ser-
vice* and we can; promise
you a pleasant, surprise-
when you place y^MtWtt
order with us.
' V'   -
i -   J.    '4,
•j., -"
t    7
- _ri
**-: -"-tl
' ^TV" * s'»t7!7
1 t v-,<
7 \\
L   "_
<„*  V*
w          ^
"    -
v r
.  Tl
L   <M
'■?   \   J
1       *           >
!              '*   .  .
1 \
1   -i1^
_f.i .-.■»l^_>.1
m.,w*hmwm in uviBiiiwtrtH r_i_i_iimiwiiM_i_, ^.yy
»~»-  ^ .      ...   '. J>r\S     ^.   I*, *Jl  ^^i
. -„ ^ v .. h7-'v/•': - . -y
'...:....A'..',iA.^:>.:_:*»■- •,r.v_A7t_'>_r_a _____^________________^____i_5j____^^
|7>   .-
f he Orchard City Record.
f hursdag, Mar ,26
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Sc., C. E., D. L. S., B. C. L. S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
W. C. T. U. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelowna branch
Amoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
KELOWNA ::      ■•'"B.C
Office:   Keller Block
and Dentist
Office at Residence: 2nd House
East of the Club
Dr. j. W. Nelson Shepherd
_ 0. BoxiM 7; — 'Phone 86
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold on commission.     Dray_meets all C.P.R.
boats.   All kinds of heavy team
work. " vr 'Phone 20.
Irrigation Engineer.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.   Mem. Concrete
Institute.     Late Irrig. Dept. of India anil
Cape Colony, and with Central Ok. Co.
Agent for Steel Flumes'.
KELOWNA Phone 88
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for pub IicBuil d-
ings,Town and Country Residences
Fire, Life, and Accident
Money to Loan.
One Year Without Saloons.
Hon. C. W. Trickett, assistant attorney-
general of Kansas, has recently made the
following statement with regard to the
closing of Saloons in Kansas City and the
effect thereof:—
This city is the metropolis of Kansas,
with a population of about 100,000. The
inhabitants are largely • wage-earners, and
represent every nationality. We are located on the border, only an invisible line
separating us from Kansas City, Missouri.
The city ranks fifth in the list of manufacturing cities of the United States.
One year ago there were 256 saloons in
this county, 200 gambling dens, and about
60 houses of social evil. To-day there is
not a saloon, no open gambling dens, nor
a disorderly house. It is the largest city
in the world without these dens of vice,
and as we hare now existed twelve months
without them, it affords a living example
of the fact that a large city can' grow and
prosper without such evils.
At the commencement of the contest a
large number of our people thought it
would ruin business and destroy our prosperity, but it has stimulated business in
all lines.
Our population'has increased at a greater rate than ever before.
The deposits of the banks. have gained
by one and a half million dollars.
The merc'ia-ts upon our streets have
had to employ additional clerks.
The attendance in our public schools
has increased largely, and we have had to
employ eighteen additional teachers. The
teachers inform us that this increase is
largely of boys and girls of from twelve to
sixteen years of age, who prior to the
closing of the saloons were compelled to
assist in supporting the family, by reason
of the father spending his wages for drink.
The charitable institutions report a reduction of more than two-thirds in the demand for aid. The juvenile court which
has the care of dependent children, had
but two applications in the past eight
months, while prior to the closing of the
joints from eight to eighty-eight children
required aid and assistance each month.
Prior to the closing of the joints we sent
from fifteen to twenty-five young men to
the reformatory every year. In the twelve
months since  closing  we   have  sent   but
two.' 7 •'"
The expenses for prosecuting criminals
have been reduced $25,000 per annum.
Expense for the police force has been reduced as much more.77
For the first time in twenty-five years
the court of common pleas of this country
opened its term the first Monday in May
without a criminal case
The city courts, created for the express
purpose of trying petty suits for the collection of rents and grocery bills, and formerly crowded with a black docket everyday,'
have now practically no business, for the
reason that people are paying their bills
instead of being sued for them.
.'. A year ago this city wets trying to devise
ways and means to spare the money to
build additions to our city jails. To-day
the doors of the jails swing idly upon their'
hinges and we have no use for those we
One year ago, not more than two-business men on the principal thorough-fares
of the city would have favored the closing
of saloons. To-day there are not two who
would favor opening them.
-Twice since the saldbns were closed we
have held a city-election, at which the
issue was presented to the people, and at
each election the people have endorsed
present conditions. , Every banker is loud
in praise of the present civic situation.
The city is clean, crime is at a minimum,
This city is now the experimental
station of the would. If Kansas City,
Kansas, can close its saloons and keep
them closed, and if closing produces prosperity, happiness and ''contentment, then
it is reasonable to assume that such' results will follow a like policy in other large
cities.—The Union Signal.
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays, after
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. CREENE, B. A . Rector.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at 11 a.m.: evening services at 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 P.m.
Weekly rrayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. H. WRIGHT, Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 12.15 p.m.   All welcome.
■ ,f' i. *■
\A*- <f.A
|i _ •{ r
.... •*■
I'f,     -   ;'
?r    \
We have recently added to our repair shop'
the above department, and have a full line of
Ambers, Bone Screws, Ferrules, etc.,
in stock. We have also dies and taps, to assist
in fitting the'same. So now we are prepared to
do all of this work at short notice.
A trial job is solicited!
The Jeweler
Kelowna, B. C.
Grenfell News.
The "question is being considered
of incorporating the Village of
Grenfell into a town.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W.' Faulkner,
who are leaving Grenfell for Broadview, were last week presented
with a very handsome sectional
oak book-case. The presentation
was made by Mrs. Davis on behalf
of the friends, in the Methodist
church, and was accompanied by
an address in which appreciation
was expressed of the good services
of Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner in church
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cooke have
removed from their farm and will
in future reside in town, their farm
being rented Mr. Tom Potts.
Mr. John Waker has recently
been appointed Process Issuer.
Eleven were baptized into the
Methodist Church last week.
In the early days the hotels of Nelson
had a bunkhouse attachment for the use
of prospectors who packed their own
blankets. The bunkhouse was a shed in
which were cots filled with hay. You
could sleep in there without any charge.
Bunkhouse Brown, afterwards1 known a*
Stepladder Brown, slept their many a night
and laid the foundation of his fortune. It
was Brown who painted a sign on the door
reading thusly: "Hotel Paris. Guests must
keep their socks on and not eat hay
Anybody taking whiskey to bed or knocking down the stove will be fined the drinks.
If bedbugs are found report to the police.
Petticoats are considered contraband. No
snoring aloud. The gas must not be
blown out nor the door locked. ■ Guests
without baggage must take the top bunks.
Ring the cow-bell when the porter or bartender is required. Guests needing more
hay can get it in the barn."
Royal Hotel
Facing the Whar.e.
Rates $1 per dag.
J.-B. WHEELER,  Prop
Weyburn News.
Thomas Ashford and Geo. Foster left
last week for British Columbia to look
over land in the Okanagan Valley. They
expect to spend some time in the far west.
Mr. F. W. Wheeler, of Regina, will fill a
position in the- Weyburn branch of the
Bank of Commerce.
.; Mrs. JohnCCNickle, accompanied by
her children and brother D. Moore, left
for Ontario where. she was called by the
sudden illness of her mother.
Clark Roberts has sold a half section of
land to Mr. I. B. Gillis, of London, Ont.,
who arrived recently with his wife.
Mr. A. K. Harvie, who has been engaged in the Canadian Bank of Commerce
since its incorporation at Weyburn, has
been transferred to Humboldt, Sask.
 ntCArwivi,-miiU-itu.. . ••  ^^..»-»—»...—..»•— —
united in the holy bonds of matrimony
on the 16th inst., at the residence of Frank
Moffet   Rev. R. S. Leslie officiating.
For Cheap Goods
re an
Everybody knows through
ence and repute that we sell G
Goods at Cheap Prices.
- - - Try Our Cocoas for Breakfast - <-
We have
Fry's Baker's , Van Houten's
Cadbuiy's Bournemouth's .,-.;
These are Reliable Goods and are both stimulating
and nourishing.   ^        ^
A SNAP! .■'>$#:f-
DIAMOND Brand Jams and Marmalade
15c. per Bottle
:    FOR ONE WEEK 0N_Y   A   - ■ 4
We have a heavy stock of seeds and'ean give .you cheaper
prices than anywhere in town.   Try us arid be convinced.
We have just received direct a large shipment of Huntley
& Palmer's Biscuits.    Fresh from the factory.
SOAPS - - Royal Crown and White Swan
Four Packets for 90c.  .      !_...
Six Bars Golden West Soap 25c.
The Latest Thing in-Milk Chocolate
Lucerna in Lemon, Banana, and Pineapple flavors
10c, per Cake -
Do not forget that Our Bread is
In the, town. ,
Phone your orders to No. 35
»r -
annet &
9   D» ;,V>#
' > .7 >'    H' \ -f"
.7   .--V.W" .ti r' " S-v'V
*. .-v nl
fhursdatj, __ar 26   ',,
The Orchard Cifcg Record
. ^
Many people loose
two or three weeks
at this time of the
year. They are
'run down" and
'out of sorts"
, 'You cannot work
unless you are well.
Little is accomplished
and time is wasted.
The prope_~reme-
dy-will double your
energies.    ;
The   remedy' that ,
help's most people and    '
will   probably    help
you is, --"
Express Train Runs Through
-    Waiting Room.-
, A C.P.R, express train from Boston arrived in Windsor street station last week
without either driver or fireman, running
through the ladies' waiting room and
finally came to a standstill in the general
waiting room. One woman and two girls
were killed outright and eighteen other
persons.who were in the waiting rooms at
the time were more or less seriously injured.
It is feared that the portion of the station
where the train is may collapse, and all
the cierks have been moved from the
offices above and the police have placed
safety lines round the station to keep the
people back.
A gang of men were got'to work clearing away the wreckage.
' Investigation shows that a steam plug
blew out of the locomotive and the en-
gineer and fireman'jumped from the engine, the driver injuring himself by so
It agrees with everyone,
is pleasant to take, and
you -do not have to wait
long for results.      " '-
c Italian DraiC8 Stiletto. '
An Italian laborer-made things pretty
lively.in Timothy Eaton's store in Toronto
last week. The store detective was endeavoring to arrest him for stealing a number of purses, when he drew his stiletto.
The officer however closed with him before he could do any damage. Help was
quickly summoned and the Italian was
taken to the police station. ,.
A number of ladies in,the store at the
time were badly scared. -
—        1
'"       .Kelowna,     B. C.
-    "s
Wholesale and Retail
. Cattle, Sheep and Horse
Dealer...   ~- .   .   ,.»
'"•Negro Burned at"Stake.
- A dreadful scene took place last, week
in Rockwell, Texas, the account of which
reads like^a story from the middle ages.
A negro named Anderson Ellis was tied
to an iron stake, and burned to death in
the presence of a thousand people.
The burning of the colored man was
preceded by the shooting and killing earlier
in the evening of Will Cldrk, also colored,
when he refused'to permit, the mob'to
search his premises for Ellis who was
supposed to be concealed there.    ■*
Mra. McKinney.. was attacked in ; her
yard early Friday morning by Ellis. The
alarm was quickly spread about and scores
of men began a search for the negro. Ellis
finally ..was surrounded at a farm house,
where he fired several shots at the posse
and was himself wounded twice.';/
Ellis was taken to the county jail but
shortly afterwards a 'mob gathered, overpowered the jailer and took the prisoner
to the public square. Here cord wood,
saturated with kerosene, was piled about
him and the torch applied.
He admitted his guilt.
Labour, Troubles in Winnipeg.
It is expected that builders, and contractors in Winnipeg will meet with serious
difficulty in their labour. Plasterers,' Carpenters and Bricklayers are all demanding
higher wages than were paid last ,year,
and the master buiiders are drawing up a
new wage schedule to< reduce the wages
5c. per hour.. Unless the matters are
speedily adjusted, a deadlock  will, ens
Earl Greu and _t. Patrick's Society
Earl Grey has withdrawn his patronage
from the annual concert of St. Patrick's
society because there is to be a political
address by E. B. Delvin, M P., on Ireland's
position in the empire.
Immigration Flock In.
The tide of immigration,, has started in
earnest. Many carloads of "settlers and
their effects from the United States bound
for the Canadian west passed through
Gretna. Dominion Government Immigration officials say the rush is unprecedented,
and is greatly in excess of any previous
year.  - _^
- Windsor Man Killed at Humbolt.
J. C. Riley of Windsor, Ont., was killed
by an engine running over him in the
C.N.R. yards at Humbolt, last Thursday.
A verdict of accidental death was returned at the inquest
' r-
Dead and Duing Together at Fernie
In a shack near the Great Northern
Station last week, two Englishmen were
found, one dead and the'other-dying.
The dying man is demented and can give
no account of himself. They appear to
have left England last February" by the
Empress of Britain.' Money and clothes
were found in the shack and several grips,
but who they are remains a mystery at
present.   The sick man is in the  hospital.
Sir James Goioan Dead. '
. Sir James Gowan, died at Barrie, Ont.
last Thursday after a few-days illness.
The deceased figured ' prominently .in
public life at* one time as a lawyer and
parliamentarian. Sir Gowan was a -volunteer in the rebellion of 1837. and his services in other ways frequently elicited recognition and approval from the government. He was knighted by Her'Majesiy
Qyeen Victoria in 1893. ""
"Canada and United States Will
.  __ 'l_eoer go to War' s
"There will never be war between Canada and the United States," said - George
W. Ross, former prime minister of Ontario
an da member of the Canadian senate)' in
an address last week at the Auditorium
Annx hotel at the tenth annual banquet of
the Railway Maintenance association. ' We
are too close together in many ways," he
added, " and yet we are unlike  in  many.
You are homogeneous, while we are not,
but may become so. No other country or
nation is so homogeneous as the United
States and this has been made so through
the achievements of your railway engineers.
TJhese engineers have created and extended commerce between all countries
and what they, have overlooked the great
Panama canal will finish. The triumph of
the civil engineer has developed the world.
Now let him devise a safe and sane way
of transportation and his work will be well
done."    . i
Yf/'ITH   Kelowna winning the highest awards at the different Fruit
Exhibitions, this district will receive considerable attention) from
homeseekers and investors in the PrairieProvinces, United States and
Great Britain	
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lots, ready for planting
next spring, in the centre of a beautiful valley.
In  our Woodlawn Sub-division, between Richter        <
and Ethel Streets.    Prices,  $250 and upwards,
on easy terms.   .  ;*.
'- .
Central Okanagan Land & Orchard Co.
,? -
■ - -*<•-■
.   .>■
Strange Will.
Ladies lu_(_~
Gents* Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
-.promptly attended to..
Mrs. Si.ton Dead.
Mrs. John W. Sifton, mother of Hon.
Clifford and Chief Justice Sifton died at
Winnipeg last Friday, in her 76th year,
succumbing to a severe cold.
Mauor^Do_giaB~o."Vancouoer Weds
"Mayor Douglas of Vancouver has announced his wedding to take place this
week, and thereby taking his friends by
surprise. After only a fortnight's courtship, His Worship will lend Mrs. Elizabeth
Manley, a well known society woman of
Toronto, to the altar.
Mrs. Manley is a widow of Major F. E.
Manley, and has two sons.
Lord Burton, who recently died in England leaves a strange'will in which he directed, " before my body be placed in the
coffin the spine and spinal marrow of the
neck shall be completely severed by a
competent surgeon and and my heart removed and placed in a separate vessel to
be enclosed in the coffin."
"    To Get
Good Bread
YWmUst use ">
Good Flour
The E_8t on the market ia -
made by The Lake of The
Woods Milling Co. "
Try it and you will always use it
> We also have; a full, line of
General Groceries and
Choice Candies,
Try dur'Naiel Oranges at 40c
per doz.
New Lemon* and Bananas just in
Wv A,
PHONE 39 i 7
Rioal to Radium Discooered.
The scientific world announces another
discovery' in radio-activity. Frederick
Soddy, one of the leading English investigators describes Radiothor, the ' new rival
to radium, and which it is claimed is a
positive remedy for locomotor ataxia,
cancer and, other maladies that have long
troubled medical science. *>
i     .C.P.R. Branch Lines.
At the Commons railway committee,
M_ Rutan, M.P. for Prince Albert, opposed the bill for the renewal of the charter of the CP.R. branch line from Lanigan
to Prince Albert unless the company was
ready to go ahead at once, and moved 'an
amendment that the company must build
thirty miles within a year in order to uphold its rights in regard to the line in
question. The amendment, however, was
defeated and the bill reported. ■" Various'
other extensions of the CP.R. in the west
were also adopted.       ,
Insurance Go. Fails.
The Standard Mutual Fire Insurance Co.,
has been forced to go out of business
owing to the past year, which has been a
disastrous one for them.
Arrangements have been made with the
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company., of Toronto co take over the business.
Canadian Trade Wanted by Germany
The new Canada line between Halifax
and the German Ports, opened up business
for the first time on • the 17th of this
month, when the Prince Oscar left for
Halifax.     .
The Canada line only carries storage
passengers, and no accommodation has
been made for better class passengers to
This is to be altered shortly, as the decree has gone forth that Canada must be
wooed and conciliated, and no efforts are
to be spared to promote better relations
between the two countries. ->
Chinese Get Bach at Japanese.
Marine Engines
"Standard of the World",
Most races at British Columbia
-v inland regattas were won with
the " Fairbanks-Morse " Engines
last year, although the "Fairbanks-Morse" is by no means a
"freak1' speed engine, lasting
a few hundred miles only.
Our 1909 large marine catalogue is out and yours for the
asking. It contains highly interesting information on our latest
'" types and up-to-date motor boat
fittings, and it is worth investigating.
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
A Lime-Sulphur Solution     *
This Spray has been tested at all the principal  '
experiment stations and is recommended as one
of the Best Sprays on the market. ~J'
The Yakima Valley Fruit & Produce Association
says:   "There is Nothing Better."
We have also reliable testimonials from several of the
.-largest   fruit growers' in Washington, Oregon ,arid
British Columbia.
Chinese Business. Block at Victoria
A'wealthy syndicate of local Chinese
merchants have purchased the block of
property on the north-west - corner of
Broad and Johnson streets, Victoria. " The
sum involved was about $15,000, and they
intend erecting a handsome brick" build*
fi _(___** *tor°ye high, and cbtting>bout
The occupation of Pratas island by
Japanese has caused a revival of the boy.
cott at Hong Kong. The Chinese are determined to make 'the commercial war
more bitter than heretofore until the Jap.
anese surrender the island and pay an indemnity. The viceroy of Canton has
memorialized the throne urging that an
apology, restoration of the island and compensation be demanded from Japan. The
Japanese consul is alarmed at the aspect
of the Chinese and is advising his government to restore the island and take such
steps as will evert a revival of the boycott
-   It in ^ reported  that a Japanese colony
has'settled "in the. PaTacel Islands.   The
Chiifcsfe are _v«_ig«Ung.  . 7-    ' , j.
cv    *. '   '
i.       .        *      ■'    v*      »'-, V 4
Sold by
^Morrison- Thompson
Hardware Co.
All kinds of suitable Spray Pumps, Nozzles, etc, in stock.
Importer and Dealer in all hinds of"
Agricultural Implements, Wagons, and
Carriages _   ,';V^;^ ;^
Headquarters for . ^ a "
Horse Blankets & Robes
i0 r'-j,,, .
Also Poultry Supplies including Bfc*.
Scraps, Dried Green Bone, Sea Shell
Warehouse on Barnard Aoenu., Kelotona, B. C. ,•.■ -_f
r" '"H* ■ MIWHII--—II      I--I  L    II I _-ll1llH»M>l>l|trSljil*| llWllll HILtS 411   t     ,\ 6
The Orchard Gi.y Record
The Kelotona Land
■';.     :■    *     '.        .'' , j' . \
and Orchard Co..
Haoe for sale the „.llot.ing oarieties:
Northern Spy
YellotD Netoton
Lieoland- Raspberry
Yearling Trees,
7?61ean, Well-groton Stock J ,
Buy at Home and Saue Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fast.   '
;_ffi#|@MicefLeon. St, or
$**.£ 777 ..AAjA..7.7   A'-   ■'  . , - ■    -.   '
Manager's Office, at Prchard.
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnisheu
10   Lawrence
Belleoue Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.-
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
Kelowna Shaving
HAIR-CUT.        ::        ::        "•
J. BOUCH, Proprietor
D. W. Crowiey & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part
' the City
The New Edison Phonographs
Playing the 2 and 4minute Records. Also a full line of Attachments
for same. Anyone wishing to have the 4 minute attachment put on to
an old machine can have this done Free of Charge.
Also Agents for the Columbia and all other Disc
•■ .   7 ■ t. '7' -        ; •     ^  ■■
-lA :   ■:.-.        .  :■..-:'■ '..: = ..■■;• ■ ■     ■■    ■'■■■.'   •     , .        ~ ~ •:
Subscriptions taken for all Magazines
Copies of the Latest Novels can be obtained here
__. jri m T ioaq n_.__a . u,_ l_ j_: n _:	
give our prompt  attention
to. mail orders
'   'Phone 12 '   : '?'
Now,is the time to buy your
Ginning varieties a speciality.    Send for
catalogue of Seeds and Fruit Trees
Rosefield Nursery,' Gellatly, B.C.
. {}'  v Stationery and Office Supplies
Choice Chocolates constantly kept on hand
Agentrib^ AND FILMS
Geo. E. Ritchie
Plans and Estimates
on application.
Box 105      Kelotona.
\~?A |.
fc_i!r   T
I_Ir  (3
R. _ ?7
J'f-u? li
l£ <?_r
Call and
Oulr Stock
These seeds aire the very best selected
and tested Specially suited to conditions in
the Kelowna district.
'Groceries     -     Flour     -     Feed
Mr. E. Clever with his wife
and sister from Nanton, Alta., have
located on ^leminson's Ranch,
Rutland, which he has recently
purchased from the Central Okanagan Land Co.
Mr..Dickson, from Nanton, Alta.,
arrived by Friday's boat.
Mr. and Mrs. Hurst, of Vancouver, are visiting town this week.
Mr. Osperbauer.of Nanton, Alta.,
rtis   amongst the  number  of   new
settlers   in   the   Rutland   district,
having purchased   land   from  the
C.O.L. Co.
Mr. Sanderson, of Cranbrook,
B.C., arrived this week, to reside
on his property, recently purchased
from the C.O.L. Co.
Dr. Sawyer, of Summerland was
in the city last week end, to conduct the Sunday services in the
Baptist Church.
Mr. J. T. Long has taken over
the management of the orchard for
Mr. T. Bulman and moved out
there on Monday with his  family.
Capt. Riddley has now recovered
from the effects of his broken knee
sufficiently to get around slightly.
He drove the stage in on Monday
and seems well on to recovery.
Mr. A V. Waters, returned on
Monday, after spending the winter
at his home in England.
G. H. E. Hudson returned from
Sicamous on Monday's boat, where
he had been arranging the K.L.O.
Co.'s display of views of Kelowna
Mr. Arnold, of Cardiff, Wales,
arrived on Monday, on a visit to
Mr. O. Pease.
Mr. A. J. Hancock, representing
the Great West Permanent Loan
and Savings Co., of Winnipeg, was
in Kelowna this week, in the interests of his firm.
Mr. A. McKillop, of ^Vancouver,
one of the directors bf the new
Kelowna Canning Co., was among
the arrivals on Monday's boat.
Messrs. J. Dilworth and Thomas
Lawson returned from Victoria on
Monday, where they waited on the
government as a' delegatio'n in
some educational matters.
* Mr. and Mrs. Kinlay left for their
home in South Dakota on Tuesday
after a vsiit to their daughter, Mrs.
T. G. Speers.;      ?
Mrs. Welsh, who has been visiting at the , home of Dr. Gaddes,
returned on Tuesday to her home
at Didsbury, Alberta.
The Misses Blomfield entertained
a number of friends at bridge on
Monday evening in honor of Miss
James, who expects to leave' for
England in a few weeks.
Mr. J. W. Rodgers, of Winnipeg,
visited Capt. Knight for a few days
this week.
The high esteem in which Miss
LeDoux is held, was shown on
Monday evening, when a number
of her friends surprised her with a
"Kitchen Shower." The following
morning she left for an extended
trip in Eastern Canada.
"^Wr^ShlfflkSpwhb-is attending
Okanagan College at Summerland,
was in Kelowna over Wednesday,
to attend a meeting of the local
branch'Canadian Bible Society^ of
which he is Secretary.
R. Lambly moved from .West-
bank to South Okanagan on Tuesday, taking with him all his stock
and, effects.
Mr.' Geo. Boyer preached 'at
Knox Church last Sunday evening,
and at Benvoulin in the afternoon,
in the place of Rey. A. W. K.
Herdman who was' indisposed.
Miss Rigby has been "staying
with Miss LeDoux since the latter's
return from the country.
Mrs. Capt. Knight returned on
Monday from Vernon.   ■
Dr. and  Mrr.  Mathison  left on
I Wednesday's boat for Summerland
G. P. Dolson, of Benvoulin, returned from the Coast on Wednesday. '
j Mr. Adams of the Central Ok-
' anagan Land Co., arrived on Wed-
: nesday's boat, accompanied by a
j number of prospective land pur-
J j    Dr- Mathison will be at Summer-
land from March 25th toAprill5th.
[,   V      NOTICE.
I Mr. Marsden, having • retired from the
firm of Mcjannet, Marsden & Hall, all  ac-
| counts owing by and to them will be paid
and received by the undersigned.
-   ' ''     McJANNET & HALL,'
* „  - Kelowna.
What might have been a very
serious accident happened at the
Sawmill on Friday. W. S. Budden
in walking past a" line of shafting
had the bottom of his pants caught
by a projecting key. Fortunately
Budden was able to jump clear,
but left his pants whirling gaily
round the shaft. It certainly was a
narrow escape, and he is to be
congratulated upon having come
through without injury. <
Married—At Salmon Arm, on
Wednesday, I 7th March, by Rev*
H. P. Thorpe, James H. Middle-
ton and Miss M. Stuart, both of
Kelowna. The contracting parties
returned to Kelowna on Friday's
boat, and that evening gave a
wedding supper to which about
thirty guests were invited. After
receiving many beautiful gifts and
the hearty congratulations of their
friends, a pleasant time was spent
in music and games.
The Kelowna Ferry will start on
a strictly cash basis, on and after
the I st of April.
The subscription list for the purchase of artificial feet for Sam Lister, who is still in the Kelowna
Hospital, has met with generous
response by the public. The required amount is not however, yet
made up, and the list is still open
for those desiring to help. Mr.
C. A. t Marshall, who was raising
the subscription is at present out
in the country, but donations, may
be sent to him. Box 238, Kelowna,
or will be received at the 'Record*
A meeting of the directors of
Agricultural and Trades Association Was held last Thursday, to
consider the transference of their
grounds to the city. A general
meeting of this Association has
been called ,for Saturday afternoon.
In future "The Vernon Okanagan" will appear as an eight page
weekly, publishing - Wednesdays.
The management have considered
this step advisable as they are of the
opinion that an eight page weekly
gives the public much more up-to-
date reading than is possible with
a six page semi-weekly.
Vernon Board of Trade have
decided to engage a man at a salary of $100.00 per month, to be
paid by public subscription, to
collect fruit for exhibition purposes.
It was thought that this - was the
best way to advertise the town.
A number of new settlers have
arrived in the city to locate on
properties purchased from local
land companies in the outlying districts.
. Two carloads of settlers' effects
werejanded at Kelowna last Sunday.    _
The warm weather is now attracting boating parties on the
lake, and the mild weather of last
Sunday enticed a number"to spend
the afternoon in this way!     1 .
The Volunteer Fire. Brigade,
have had notices printed giving
the different signals for fire alarms, ■
and fire brigade practice' calls.
In case of fire, the alarm'will be
three short and one long whistles.
For Brigade practice, two short and
one long whistles will be blown at '
7 o'clock at night, followed at 7.30
with one long whistle.
'   * '
" It pays to advertise. The 'Record'
is this week in,receipt of ji letter
from a resident in Yates' City, 111.,
subscribing for the paper, and saying that he is thinking of locating
Salmon Arm last week organized
a Board of Trade elected "'officers
for sarnie.'™     ■ l -
Mr. Marsden*returned .from the
coast on Sunday after .purchasing
a business there. It is his intention
to return if possible by 1st of April
to take over the grocery business
lately, owned by McArthur, on
Westminster Avenue, Vancouver,
and will be accompanied in the
concern by his son, who is at present at Rossland. Bills are out and
a notice appears in this week's
issue announcing his sale of furniture.. Mr.' Marsden will take
with him the esteem ,of all who
have'had dealings "with him,/and
his many friends join-in 1 wishing
him a prosperous career in his new
■   v ■ " •     .   'r
7A pleasan. evening was -spent
by the young people" of the  Methodist church and their'friends on
Monday  evening- when  the   Epworth League held a singing  contest and   social - gathering.     Old
familiar songs were  sung by the
two contesting sides  which  were
captained by Messrs. Ira.'; Dilworth
and G. Fuller.'"The.contest, which
was called a draw .by, the judges,
was " followed .j by -.several. son^s,.
readings and  recitations,'given .by.
the young people present.  Among
those deserving., of mention were
the solo by Miss Dilworth, duet by
Misses Mawhinney and Knight and
the . trombone  solo  by  Mr.' C. L.
Thompson, while  Mr. W.  Levitt'
rendered a recitation' in -his'usual
very - realistic   style.    ■ After   the
musical  part   of   the  programme
had   been  finished,  refreshments '
were served and a social half-hour "
Wishes to announce tbat he is opening a   ■
i .
Photographic Studio
In the Rowcliffe Block
• . ■   •.      • .
About MAY, 1st
enty~fioe years' experience in Portraiture has enabled him to ati
uccess in this branch.    The latest mounts will be kept in stock
T    ,     P     1      "1
We only represent J the   , P|ate, .C1I-I8S.
Strongest Companies:' ,    , .
.Royal, Guardian, ;Sun, La!wAUhioh,' At__7
London & Lancashire,    Confederation Life.        ,
1 ■Thtirsdaij ~Mareh _6 ■
•\   The following visitors have registered at
v-he hotels during the past week. /
* LAKEVIEW     .„
^ U. S. Grant, ASJJrquhart,,. Geo. Foster,
^T.^Ashford, W. E." Mitdhell, vYellpwgrass;
'> C. E. Salisbury, Calgary";',C. C. 'Gladwin,
if Vancouver.; A. N. Newson, Hamilton;
;C B. Price, St. Thomas^; .MrA. J.£. Clever.
■ j ^ -     i /.
dL D. Gauthfer) Montreal;"C. deCMurray,
tBear Creek;   B.  Marshell,   Bear  Creek;
_. _ McFarlane,' J _
jFrank Gordon, UrU. Foster^ V^couvef;''
■|H.R. Cornish,'Winnipeg; E."W. Mappjh,
5,City; G N.Gordon, Bear Creek; H. fB.'
^"-vin, Victoria; lames W. Scott, Victoria;
C. Freeman) Ok. Centre; G. K. Salvage,
/    F. Osterbaner and son. p.
>    E,—F-  Healy,  South   Okanagan;   J.hj.
^Gullivan,,H.J. Oerron, F.  L. Grantham,
'R.E. Shaw, Vancouver;   F.'B.  Tupper,
•;High River:  J.  M. Donovan,  Toronto;
?„ J. J. Simpson, Revelstoke V'N. H.  Mots,
♦/Revelstoke; A. E. Belyea, Toronto; C. M.
. McRpe,   Ottawa;   Mrs." Maddock,   Mrs.
, Malloney.^G.?A.^Strickland.^Okanagan;
#D. W.-laywood.-wire *aii_J family^Van.
><couver;TA. >Mc_iUop,  Vancouver;   J.-P.
? Forde," Revelstoke; .'E/Bfown^Revelstoke.
5*    A. E. Sage", Armstrong i H. GreigT Vancouver;   Mrs.  Vicaur,-Peachland ;   Miss
-Bell, Peqchland; J. W.Rodger's, Winnipeg;"
^A. B.Coisar, PeachlariaV W. A.  Peters,
i;Summerland; C. O. Blanahard, Westbank;
* F. Strutton, Cfanbrook.
„    Chas. {McKay, t Winnipeg;. >C.   Sweed,
j,Toronto; J. K. McCutcheon,  Toronto; _.•
.   - M.   Drapert   Vancouver;   Geo. Johnson,;
. Winnipeg; * J.   H.f r Paskhell, . Winnipeg;
? W.oE. ^Adams,\ C.'Or L. Land 'Co.;   Mr.
.} Moody, W. Page. Mr.- Lock,' Mr.  Sib bell.
7 Mr. J. E.j.OHerhead,.Mr. Dewar,, Mr. Bail-
*iey, Edmonton;'J.'P.'Cam.ronJ-Vancouver,
/ N. Stuart, Saskatoon ; F. Clarke and  wife,
£ Winnipeg; Mrs. H. MacKenzie, Winnipeg;
f, Mr. Hughes, Banff; B. Francis, Armstrong;
Sj. Skeet, Ipswick, Eng.; F. Strutton,   Cran-
# brook; E. A. Davidson, Westbank;   J. $?.
fMacKay, Armstrong; W..B.  Fison,  Kam-
.loops; W-'Sf B_in,\Victo~ria'.J.»v- 7^
i ^ \   ROYAL HOTEL   -       - *
•'    D. O. Murray, Toronto;   J. Sanderson,
' ^Cranbrook;'N.'J^Baileyr_dmonton.      jj
£    D. G. Grant, F. Marceleary, Mr. Barley,
gW.  Allen, J.  Heenfjord,  H.. Brown,  H
k Ashworth; CGeo.' Browh,' Vancouver.    - ,
s    C. Lemon, G. Brown, Nanton, Alta.   £
5 - F.  Davis,1' M.~t J.' ^Curtis,'VwwJouver ;*J.,
NSkeets, England; L^J.Dobson.B'adsworth,'
■   2 Sask.; F.'Gibbs, Oxbow." 7 i\<
} .f    J. Drought, S_>Charlton. W.„Lagan. _/
5S. Robertson, Peachland; Joe Goodwin./
,   -    F. Clarke Theatrical. Co.;   J. Lyson.'F/
^Strutton, Oxbow, Sask. -        -. *     _  l
I *" "' ^"-"PALACE'HOTEL"7 ~ -J,;
£    G. C. Hirst  and  wife,  Vancouver; 'H.'
ft Mitchell, Vancouver; H." Mitchell, J„L_S.
, % rence. J. R. Fuller.. f»{,<j ?,  ' *.f < 7 ' £7
.    J. R. Fuller; W. Evan*.  Kitagf   \    8 \
' J - H.'W. Brown, W. T. Schejl,v Rutland, f' >
g    Capt. Ri'dBley and JM&r Schrb_, )}M:
•&Reid, S. D. McLellan^ _    *    7>   ^   '\,
£    Geo. Fortine. J)vj» » t ^    * ^
.{' ' H. Wilson. WestfeanlfoW.'sDukej  VSr'-'
r^'noi-«_. W..iTnv_l_in,J_,,rra». i\       -_ ,
Base Ball Teams Adoertise a Town.
,^The,experience of.the new century, an-
nals of professional  base ball, as  regards
the beneficial'effects of advertising a town
or small  city, on .account^ of its  having a
professional   base ball   club located in   its
midst, or of a town or city being connected
with a base'ball league or association, has
practically,taught a lesson.to business people of small cities and , towns, which  the
intelligent and, progressive  class of  hotel
and storekeepers  of a country  town have
not been slow of late to avail themselves,
for such  business men   have realized  the
advantage- above referred to. ~v
In small towns and villages .the scores of
games are usually published in the local
newspapers. This helps the places where
the.games are-played, and when the winner of the championship is known .he
impression'prevails'that the victory is due
to the enthusiasm and support given by
the "rooters" of the. place in which such
team is located.,
We know of many small country towns
which would never have been known or
heard of outside of their own immediate
vicinity, but* for' its base ball club arid
team. The fact is, if the business people
of a town, not previously benefited by
having a base ball club and a good enclosed
ground, were to get their best-men together
for organization purposes, they^ would soon
realize what an'advertising medium a well-
managed professional club is to the hotels,
boarding houses and stores. '
** 'In'the old "days,'Jwhen professional base
ball was  unknown, a general  impression
prevailed in the fraternity that the strongest nine that "could   be placed in   the field
was' a "picked nine," that is, a nine com-
posed  of players   noted -for their., special
excellence in playing their respective home,
positiohs: * Btit" the1 .ate' veteran,   Harry
Wright,' exposed 'the'fallacy of,this opinion
very-pjainly—as  we hrfd 'done,this*,years
bdfore—when, at Cincinnati' in the sixties,
he practically ' developed the great  possibilities of team-work inV nine as'the only
avenue to success in r pennant-grinning;-as
he-flidi-Btill more-i effectively in Boston  in
the  seventies;   and   nowia1' picked Inine
stands^nor  show   against  a  trained  nine
with its team-work  players in  position.—
Spalding's Official Guide. * *" "'   "'   '
We have 'rebejvecTa large stock  of assorted
shapes and sizes in "     ' * *       ' "! • < "-"
v -'..1"    ■_
Wire Shade Frames
Call and see what Beautiful and
Artistic Light Shades can   i
be made from them.     .
Orders taken for Shades, in frames
. r
The Okanagan Electric-Supply and .Machinery Co.,
Electric Light and power Engineers, etc.'/ '
»__-_-)•    '*-_i-_.       T   __k^A.       ^      ^->« ^
j .     i"    .v        ^    „ ,/ ^        £ i\ V__     ft   ^.     J?     __
«, _i.v     r>v-*       %*    ,i    ^*, C      -s„r   *&•&&«       t^f**  v«i*
We still have" some lovely wall i
lpaf)erUeft; .> Jf you are minkmg I
°f Papering your house, now is I
the time to make, your selection. I
1 he quality or paper is good ?
and our.prices are right-.;
P.O. Box 90.
On call all hours.
,-Phone 84.
_. '1ST
: ' -   < *
:>non)f<G. W.uTovdlfJiroMurray.' 'J
V G 725,8, Millions in Rent:   -»   '
• *The* last' gross" rental .of England^ and
Wales, according to a report issued recently, is'£258,905,070. oKwhich London yields
£53,768,226. t Jn ;the t last t five years the
rateable value "of agricultural land has
fallenlfroml£23;800.qqpto £23,640,000; that
of 1 buildings in London has risen from'
£40,000,000 -♦to ^£43,500,000, and ' from
£l29,000,000vto\£l4l.000,000 in tKi rest of
England.. ..
For Tlie Spring Trade.u
, Jested stock,'seeds'. or •"'
N. x^farm, garderj^or con- - _
^ceroatory/.ron) the best   "
grousers in E n g 1 a ri d',
Prance, Hollaad, United   >
States and Canada.   '     -      \
Fruit and Ornamental Trees   '
, - Small fruits,' hopie grown
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies- ,    ,.
-    r Spraying Materials
,v   'Cut Flotcers, etc.'i"^    - "
% 1„0 Page Catalogue;Free. ^ „
Office Greenhouse and Seedbouse
'SOlO^Westminster Rd.'
Branch Nursery
.   1  f
.South Vancouoer
Advertise in' The JRecord
^ •   7 .;., Ite Pays'   *
7 Fruit  Trees,   Orna-
mental   Roses, ^etc.
All    stock    strictlg
- • first-class and^home
groton.    ,.  . \ ,'";
Catalogue Free -
"•    .   -;>.      '    ii,-
-    " -7 " -       h
' A   .   Appltj    ,
A, E. Boger
,   * .'.    .KELOWNAV .' '.,    •
.   ., „v pMIJED./of .ONTARIO.
^     ^.ijt©
■>     '   »- r-v< wmMiiL/.for.yiNl/vr-U.^y.   *i
.i-^r" t?ten<?ve-4°Ker,lf- »"til_»bf Mt Tr«a'^;Lllr l4r-
sety Stock, such a, Roaea. Shrubs, and Onikmental". remand o-aTto
plantere of Orchards, choice trees, true to name.
OntX-5 _.0Jt,eXP2.n*?_!.d Pla?ter« '"J.^ •»»» young trees grown in
_T_P__,        »«*»«"»•«» *nJar cond.tions as pre^fin the Interior of
,,.this Province, are the best —fkr $. * * p ~,, •, .   ^\
" U W«re Prepare- to farSwT,"One year old lee£- oh'a three year
- prices that will be considered reasonable '
u.^_-fii!u_f Duch<58Dwarf,Pear very extensively, which is being-
used as a hllcr by a good many planters. , »
' tJ°vF F^_- A?pk'Po?<<:S>"rV 'and Plum trees-ate all of first qual-
1 ty well growiijf weirrootedjVnd wifl please the moVofac-11>ny5s?
'   wl„X,_r^8iLC"ItivB^n in our Nur»en«> «>«nre a splendid root system
fwhich or courseis most necessaiy in_ young tree. m,tZ\ ", ~t srV^i
,n.?«f_f -?."_ tw°'««,»n»we„aveiu'ccesJfiillj-hippSi'ouVitock
to all parts of the Province, and,can guarantee satisfaction to all-our
i-jahon..^   i;   rv^u ,   A"r-~»'m*«ft***l
«n,n.<;^e_ J-.0 atfin?ar_al.1 P?<?»c. Nurserymen. w'th^Iong
expenence, and they are gnong their whole time-to fhis one business,
constantly overseeing ewyy detail .of the -work- _f Srowrfng. ,»d_ng
zealous care the development of every acre of our vast plantings.
.-...^j."u "PW8"1""enterpriseofZSvearsatanding, ind our a-eputa-
tion » behind all our dealings, give'us your order and ydu tall ii_t*re.
We >vant a good reliable man to lool^after our business in Kelowna
our-SihfsfurbSfenchrea&p^™i^ ",e".raen to
■ Ji  i*i
*     .5si
.   *'T
i* '*'/l
- uA
"    •_
;» .1
CHAS. L.'TROTTER, Manager, 1125 8th Ave. W.,
, - 1
fr 1 *^^V-< j^>^*-*<: ^y*. ■
See Our Showing of
i New Spring Hats
'     U Ik
i ! «Ji
C-i ._
".b?v>Kr  IBOM
i,wK *
V ~" »■'>-5?T^R3.t«;»
«f\ <,*<•
?i*«-i ;i-i
>, -
I) bnj- •"'7i-'
I; 'i
WV*.   l**^.»i-l^
irahd :S__owinff of ,r~,
wia Season s Me west Dress
:-r:-;Latest Styles aod Shades -
Uur values m White-
wearJtfe^d the.Day/
■ - *%_*'?* *^._  il
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,.1 •
" _
Ne>w White Waists in Latest Style
11 a
'3^artVtailored Lawn Waists
trimmed .with hicks and in-
fil/s;e^i6ii;' new,fryje sleeves/ ' J
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Jace^nsertion ?tnd 'embroid- r„
^^H"-41 '-.^7j.   .&. j^ _11H   ^   i4-   i.)
ery, nigh pointed collars.
•;(:;:fj^^;$l;50:tc5jiMf!':r,'rv q
Valu_8 thtft; -hould'lintere8t every 'tiuirchaser
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Pljam ,^lack ^Cashmerer l^Ipae, .with > ^pamle^^J
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_• i.   rff.
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F 1 i1.   . 6
The Orcliar^^
I _'1
■'•'-iVif J*  * I
Rutland, Notes.
(From our own Correspondent.)
-rr.-„:/ .'7-    ■■KavJ.'-i-i
Is being held at the house of
Thomas Marsden
Richter   Street
Consisting of:
1 Kitchen Range (with plate heater and fitted for hot
water), 1 Queen Heater (stove pipes, etc), I Extension
Table, 1 Oak Sideboard (with bevelled plate glass back),
1 Bed Lounge, 1 Morris Chair, 2 Rocking Chairs, Bedroom and other chairs, I Bookstand, 1 Bookstand, 1
Centre Table, Carpet Squares, Linoleums, etc., 2 Kitchen
Tables, 4 Iron Bedsteads (Two single, one %, and one full
size), 1 Mahogany Bedroom Dresser and Stand (Bevelled
plate glass mirror), 1 Wash boiler, Household dishes,
pans, pails and numerous household requisites.
They are Here!
Arrived To-day
Our car of Buggies, |Der__o-
crats and Carts was unloaded
here to-day.  They will be set   '
'up and displayed in pur show
room immediately.
Every Day With Us is Reception Day.
Stroll in and look around.
A very pleasant social evening
was spent at the home of Mr. John
Wolsley,; on Thursday, 18th inst.,
under the auspices of the Organized Adult Bible Class of Mount
View Methodist Church. Attended by members and a large number of their friends, as well as some
strangers who are always made
very welcome at any time. Games,
Music and speech-making were
quite in order, and generally getting acquainted. Miss Ela Farmer and Miss Lillian Bird contributed to the- musical programme,
while speech-making was indulged
in by Rev. J. H. Wright, pastor,
Mr. A. E. Clarke, teacher of the
class, M. Victor Dilworth, president, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Fleming
and others.
Rutland is very much alive just
now, pruning and spraying being
quite the order and new tree planting, while many are staking out
for trees. Come out "where life is
worth living," breathe the pure air
and see the sights.
Mr. Yale is to be congratulated
on the excellent shape in which he
has gdt his lot for tree planting.
A great planner and worker. But
that's nothing, all Rutland people
are like that.
Mr. C H. Leathley, may also be
said to be a man of enterprise. He
does not believe in picking his
fruit off another man's tree, so he
makes straight to Rutland and
procures a bearing orchard for
himself. He's sensible. He knows
where to come.
Mr. Ed. Clarke was sensible also. He is to be congratulated on
the beautiful bench lo't acquired by
him this week.
We notice that our postmaster
and stoiekeeper, Mr. McDonald
has quite a stock of good looking pumps and piping on hand.
Say fellows the old habit of rope
and bucket looks bad, better^get a
good pump.
Why do Messrs. Brown and
Schell go to town so often ? To
build new. houses of course. They
are always at it. They are the
"busy nailers" you know.
2 Cents pe_wor_i;fiMt insertion and
1 Cent.peri word; each>ulisequent 7-
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.' 7 7
FOR SALE—stack of Timothy hay, about
4_ tons.   Apply J.1 Rowcliffe. 12tf
FOR SALE—About. forty hens for sale.
Apply, T. A. HARDIE,
. Box 298, Kelowna, B. C.    I6p
WANTED—Ladies Second Hand English;
saddle   in   good  condition,   reasonable.'
Apply. Box S 25. RECORD OFFICE
FOR SALE—20 acres lake shore property,
IJ miles from centre of Kelowna, six
roomed cottage, etc., going cheap, apply,
Box 285. Post Office, Kelowna.        16-9p
FOR SALE—Pure bred Buff-Orpington
. Eggs for hatching $3.00 per setting, 2
for $500, 5 for $10.00...' I invite inspection of my Birds. ".Cook's Strain." No
other breed kept. Order early 1 will only
have a limited supply.
A. E. Harrison, Kelowna, Rutland P. O.
. 16-9p
FOR SALE—Good Clover Hay at $12.
50 per ton and Timothy at $15.00 per
ton. _ Apply D. McLean, 3 miles east "on
Vernon Road.
In the Matter of the Estate of
J. M. Lang of Kelowna,
SEALED TENDERS. (To besupercribed,
"Tenders re J. M. Lang Estate.") will be
received by the undersigned up till
Wednesday, 24th March 1909 for the purchase of the Stock and Fixtures of this
Tenders must be accompanied by a
marked cheque for $250.00 and terms of
proposed purchase to be stated in the
tender. The highest- or any tender not
necessarily accepted. Cheques from unsuccessful bidders will be returned. For
Particulars, apply to the undersigned or to
H, J. Perrin on the premises, Bernard Ave.
Kelowna, B. C.
J. F. CHAMBERS. (Assignee)
. 347 Pender Street,
 ' Vancouver, B. C.       16
WANTED—By energetic and experienced
Salesman,    responsible'^'position    with
pushing firm either land or mercantile.
Box F. Reco'rd Office.     15 I7p.
< fe'rtilizer,xarried ;b^
75777 777^Partirt7jnieifestecl J^P? ^£;
y- 77';"7^:t: L,'growih'g7of7all71aiW8^jDif;
■/■7 •    7 '/;;'v'":v'_''uit'ariy^egefabl«B,:caH'on'.
foe prices on this"fruit,;;;7 7
'and vegetoble^prbducer^;/
7-It's'tirhe to'pull down tthait-
7old rail fence and put. up ;."a;7f'
new one,' or if you have" rid' ..
Get the Best at a reasonable price-
heavy and strong and that will not slip
erected complete if desired.
The Great West
Woven Wire Fence,
General Agent for Okanagan District
FOR RENT—Small house,  clean  and  in
good repair.
Box B16 Orchard City Record.     I6p
t   3 -
Patters Thomas Lawson,
I * J      McCall
"IU.    Patterns
At this season of the year one's mind generally
runs to
What Will be Needed for Spring
We are here with the Newest and Nattiest in every Dept
New Curtains, etc.
Linen Suitings
'   We have just received from the European market the Very Latest in Curtains,
Muslins, Corset Embroideries, Lawns,
' Nainsooks, India Linens, Laces, etc
New Spring Blocks
in Men's Hatwear
. In its selection of 'latest spring blocks,
•'"v the Lawson Hat stands out for all that
7:-the English and American market can
In Stiff Hats we have all  the Latest
' .   color_~__rownJ    Elephant    Grey    and
Black---at   $2.50, $3.00   and   $4.00
for Spring Wear
The  showing is  very  large,
Plain colored, stripe or check linens in
latest effects. 40 cts. per yard.
Plain Linen Suitings, Blue, Tan and
Brown, in very fine quality, at 35cts. per
Men's Clothing
Men's Clothing
EGGS FOR SALE—Pure bred \Vhite
Wyandotte from a choice pen headed by
an imported bird from J. C Fishel:'$2.50
per 13; Pekin ducks, ^$2.00 per 13; $10
per 100.
S, C. Cosens, Kelowna, B, G      16 19p
FOR SALE—Smart saddle and drive pony
or exchange for larger horse. Apply at
Record Office.  * •,        .-      tf
FOR SALE—14 Acres on K' L. O. Bench
for particulars, apply to P. O. Box 291.
Kelowna, B. C. 17tf
FOR SALE—New No. 7 Remmington
type writer, slightly used, may be_ seen
at Central Okanagan Land & Orchard
Cos Office, or .apply Box 'G Record
Office. 17tf
Notice is.hereby given that sixty (60)
days after date I intend to apply to the
Water Commissioner, of Vernon, B.C., for
a change inthe point of diversion \ of my
water record on Mission Creek from a point
500 or 600 yards in a South-easterly direction from the Schoolhouse in the Benvoulin
district to a point about one half mile
higher up the said Creek, or 60 or 70 yards
in a South-easterly' direction from the
South-east corner stake of District Lot.126,
Group One (1) Osoyoos Division,' Yale
District (lute Evett's estate).   -   '    ''
Dated at Kelowna, B.C., this 19th day of
February. 1909.   .  ■ '     '.  -        •'
12-21     - r , ,    G. P. DOLSEN.
■I,: -'
Prices Quoted to1'Any -Point
."     on the Lake0     r
-Ferry to Bea. Creek every Friday;
Box 66
Kelowna, B.C.
-\J"VW"*t Vf IK »JV'*_..3*\
WANTED—Man to dig well by contract.
Apply at Orchard City Record Office 17tf
TO RENT—House on  Glenn   Avenue,  5
rooms  down   stairs,  3  bed rooms   up
stairs—$20.00 per month.     v
Apply, D. D. CAMPBELL,  Glenn Ave.
'     •      '   17tf
TO RENT—7 Roomed House in Kelowna.
Also House and small bearing orchard
in Victoria, B. C. for sale. Apply Box
V Record Office.       - ^17tf
WANTED—To purchase stock  saddle, in
2good   condition   and   cheap   for 'cash.
Apply Box J 50 Record Office 17tf
Tenders will be received by the undersigned until April 15th,, for the building of
a brick residence. A tender for the whole
or for any of the following parts will be
received : Carpentering, Painting, Masonry,
Plastering, Metal Work, Plumbing, Heating
Electric Wiring.
Plans and specifications may be seen at
the residence of~jas7~ Harvey~~on— Bernard
Why pay
'.$400 for 50 ft. Building Lots-
when you can buy Half-acre
Lots on Glen Avenue for only
These lots are planted in fruit
trees which should be bearing nicely
this year.
Have' a look at these before ^
.buying elsewhere.    .,   «        v,,
Apply-to E. L. CLEMENT;
20th Century
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
r,   <" M.k
<!' I
' f    *   i
'     '('
„       t".
-     /
i7-l' * ■
Soft Felt Hats in Latest Alpine, Tourist
i .'"">■
and Telescope shapes, in all the newest
colors. , Sizes, 6| to 7\.
■ This season's fashion fancy is strongly
expressed' for novelties—the coat, with
Form-Fitting Back and Flare Skirt with
Fancy Cuffs and Pockets, seems to be
the most popular, .while men of conservative tastes will find that this store is not
•lacking in all staple lines.
_7      <      % ft.* '- 7'-rr7     7
' _
_a_^_._iM|W___ -	
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days after date
I P. R, Brown of Peachland, occupation,
mason, intend to apply for the following
described land. Commencing at a post
planted at South East corner oflot No. 1380.
Thence South Z0 chains, thence West 20
chains, thence North 20 chains, thence East
20 chains, to point of commencement and
containing 40 acres, more or less.
Dated January I9th„ 1909        '"   '10-I7p
Notice is hereby given that all persons
posting notices on the electric light poles
or other Gty property after March I, 1909,
will< be prosecuted.
13tf '>       ' - Gty Clerk.
NOTICE ••  - •
Public Notice is hereby given that all
persons desirous of having sidewalks constructed under the Local Improvement By-
Law by the City during the current year
must file < a Statutory Petition for same
with the Gty Clerk, on or before April 1st
'   G.H.DUNN,'   " .
. \     City "Clerk.     •'<
f *
Applications for   the  position of Gty
Pound Keeper will be received by the un.
dersigned untilApril 1st, 1909!
-•    .    ' G.H.DUNN.
'. ,  *   •      '' City Clerk.
'.    I.
., If'
Hair-cutting.Shaving orShampoo
ing. Facial Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.    '
11   -.oi, 7
?.-!W<- take much"plea_ufe'in'&
of French and Ne^
'York Models
«-     */•■ .ii
Alsoa'full line^of - ■>_
Children's Hats
v>    =■'
Thurs., Mar. 25
'   And Following Days .-^
m f.
;> • .
.-We extend,to>you a* 7
'cordial invitation'to   i
:he present on that'7'-
.,, interesting occasion.! «
->.. -} • ■■■    ,. •_. >~. i   t i a-
-   '   >..    "'":'••     -*-'      - 2 '   "
%. *.-.
Th ,5 Keloibna 7  „'*>
Outfottihdi Store i
Sutton's Seeds
'       Tomdto Plants
Bedding Plants
Asparagus Roots  '
Rose Bushes,* etc '
■f~. '
Kelowna.  "'      ^ Greenhouse.
. r .'.
Why You'll1AM<&>\
Want nwiefusm
' I .  » 1 . 'k \
If we can only sfcll you. one pair of INVICI^JS Shoes,
we know you will never "want to wear any bth_r kind.
INVICTTJS Shoesj;J8t_rid,f.oi; perfect,fiti<,highe8^1a8» •
workmanship, beat h^at6rial," newest styles''and longest
- wear.   Don'j take our. word fori(it, ask some of ypur /
"■ friends who" wear tKem whitt they think.of INVICTUS
Shoes.'     *""•   *'       >-*':'/1 '    ""'M ' *'"• '.,'   ^   . >^', <•:•
We want et)e&"wearer of INVICTUS"Shoes to be satisfied!*'
- Don t leave our store, until you ,get,a shoe that fits -
erfectly. 'If they^pirich W,cVamp 'don't Ttake!
'   yourfoot pei , _,, r.„«„ v.iW.„
7 them, we have others that will fit you.'-
m   'If you follow these precautions you,will never,regret ,*
having investedlyour money in a pair ofINVICTUS Shoes' L' ['-
We want every wear.. ofJNVICTUS/shoes to1 be per- ■'  I
„fectly satisfied, because a satisfied customer,means a (
' permanent customer.,7 \ \k:J- }}f^ liA^A \^{ T
The House of Fashibn T
t i r ■* r"
,~     ; ,,    ,,.,..1.1 1 , - J'"mmJ^^mmmi!m'm,
'W ^'•.■"' ^ ',J\yA.i~ J*/1 >n*j. ■'X'W''."^^!'/."'^.'*?.^
Boat Builder ^  f
Launches, Sail Boats/
Skiffs, Canoes and Scotos
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.       -   f
-     "KELOWNA, B.C.      - 7-


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