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The Orchard City Record May 13, 1909

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 > -N>      .
\    *   77
j.        .   .' ,,->  ."    '        7
/ofe Printing „
Special Facilities for
Executing High-
• Class Half-Tone and
General Letterpress
Publish ...l&t"
TJTeO. ctard Ctty  of-     '
J&rct -5ft Cpl_<jm/nd.,.
*S   I
7 ' "
Advertise   .
'And   the   world, is
with you;  Quit and    ■.    fj
you stand alone.     . '       * -'
Circulation Highest,
Rates' Lowest,,       ,
'   "<■   - it    .
*   ^„*     /    i     r _. * .»_.
VOL. I.   NO. 24.
$1.50 Per Annum.
eeting of the
City Council
A meeting of the City- Council
was held on Monday last, a full
attendance of aldermen being
present, Mayor DeHart being, in
the chair.
The minutes of the previous"
meeting having 7 been read and
adopted, the following' correspondence was dealt with.
Canadian Fairbanks Co., re receipt of cheque.
Canadian Road Machine Co., re
scavenger waggon,
Dominion Securities Co.,' confirming wires and letters.
Chas. Clarke, re connecting C.P.
R. new works with  water system.
These   having   been  read  and
filed the police  report for April
was next dealt with.
Some little discussion ensued as
to the number of drunken and dis-
"' orderly people taken up, but little
was left to report.  ' .   *
Mr. H. H. Millie attended to ask
the council if they would agree to
the extending of his franchise for
say five or ten years. , He promised an improved system, so as
to make it more valuable to himself and present subscribers. He
asked that he might collect rates
the same as the council are how-
doing, and to give a rebate of a
certain amount if the account was
paid within ten daysMof .being
issued. The present plans meant
expending four or five~ days in
collecting accounts,-and he thought
_ that the system of rebate,, would
Telieve this task. When" asked by
the , council .if he , contemplated
making a faster service-he replied
that new .witch -boards would be
fixed next week, and these, would
relieve the operator of four different movements, consequendy. accelerating the service. "The installation of these switches would oc-
xupy Saturday night, all Sunday
and possibly up to noon on Monday, but the [service would be resumed as, quickly, as,possible. He
was quite' willing to pay for all
legal matters and publishing of
by-laws and asked jhe) council .to
give the matter their consideration1.
This matter having ; been,, disposed of for .He'-present. '    J'tr
The question of planting trees
was before the 'council. "-Several
trees had been? planted in the
various conspicuous streets', and in
order to finish Mayor DeHart had
given" 106 more elms.  .
Aid. Elliott remarked that' he
had gone into the matter of having
a water; trough in the,city, and , so
—far could not obtain a definite
estimate. The sum of $5 had been
mentioned for an ordinary wooden
horse trough. The question also
before the,council was the?locality
of the trough,' if it was /decided to
put one up.   ...'it.
Mayor DeHart did not advocate
it being in main street, but Aid.
Elliott did not mind if a site was
taken right by Kis shop 6s it was
greatly needed. The advisability
- of a drinking fountain being '■ attached was also discussed, -but; no
definite movement" was made in
the matter. ( -.
The Mayor-informed the council
that the agreements between the
A. ficTAahd' Messrs.' Crowley   &
Co. were going through, and the
deeds were being made out'   Mr.
'Harvey , had   surveyed .the^ land,
'and it was found that there would
'be sufficient {o make'V regulation
.rack, and leave a space _oI about
SjJ.feet.on,the north end, from the
itrack to the outside boundary rails.
}Mr. Harvey would set,oiit.hie pegs
,and grading could be comm-riced
.very.soon. '■•>'''    t\t .    * >r„      •,
,    In Wly ti) Aid. EkiUMaybr De-
Hart   explained   that   the   work
< would not cost much owing to.the
grading being only needed  in a
| few places, and where _ was need'
ed   the5 hauls   of filling, material
" were very' short.
Aid) Ball thought all work ought
1 to be put up for tender.
Mayor DeHart wishfcd for,the
building inspector's report on Raymer's building, and pointed out
that no plans were available with
Mr. Sutherland's signature on,
showing that they had been passed by the last council.
The Aldermen did not like the
look of , the wooden pillars used
in the front of the building, and
thought these ought to be of iron.
_ld. Cox pointed out that he
had heard iron was worse than
wood in case of fire. The council
left him to look further into this
It was moved by Aid. Rowcliffe,
seconded by Aid. Bailey that the
city clerk be authorised to request
H. W. Raymer to submit the plans
and specifications of his new building not later than the 24th of May,
Also to repair cement sidewalk
damaged while removing ,the
building across the street. -
\ The question of sidewalk repairs was largely gone into. Aid.
Cox did not think it would be a
success to repair the one injured
by Raymer's building- until after
that building was removed. He
pointed out that other sidewalks
wanted repairing.
Mayor DeHart did not think it
possible to go into the sidewalk
question until the assessment rolls
were returned.
The estimates of the Fire and
Water Committee were again laid
before .he council. It was generally thought that the Fire Brigade
had enough'hose for .present use.-
The hydrants were close together,
and the-present hose did not seem
in a very bad state of repair.
' Aid. Bailey did hot like butting
that item entirely-' out of the es-
tirriate, /.but would sooner see it
Aid. Elliott said he had estimal
ed as low as possible. 800 feet
had.been asked for by the fire
brigade, and he had cut it down to
500 feet.
Aid. Ball pointed out that the
present hose might get damaged
by either burning or bursting, and
it would be a sorry'1 plight to be
left with nothing to fall back upon.
Ald.*Bailey thought the idea Was
one of penny wise pound foolish,
If hose'was.wanted it ought to be
included in the estimate, but it was
decided to return to the matter at
no distant date., ,
After the water connections had
been made on Abbott Street, the
Mayor was sure a surplus of money
would be left over at this point,
and he suggested that that surplus
be expended in hose for fire, pur
Aid. Ball thought 400 feet would
be enough and that some fresh
couplings were wanted.
,Ald. Elliott remarked that he
had "already' sent for couplings.
He wished to add to his estimate
$120 ,for sprinkling streets, that
sum entailing 5 months work at
$40 a month. The life buoys
would -soon be placed on the
wharf,-he was waiting for their
arrival.' .Grappling irons had been
already prepared. ,
TKe following accounts were
^referred to the finance committee
tq be. paid if, found correct.
A. M. Skncwork on waterworks.^
H.'HA Millie,, phone and telegraph
C. Nichol, work on water work*...
H. Lamond, work on water worka
J. Chaplin, planting 203 trees at 16c
J. Chaplin, ctatting'weede off Sped-
ding's lot '	
Canadian Fairbanks Co.,  electrical
-supplies ."    '    3 "26
Canadian Fairbanks Co.\  electrical   .
!   i'supplies .;    16 28
Canadian Fairbanks Co.,  electrical
supplies ■•• 215 05
J It was agreed to have the' fire
hall pjainted at once, also the inside repaired. Tenders to be put
out for the painting.   . ;
' The estimates of the Board of
Works was next takejn into consideration.
It was decided not to spend any
money on Gertrude Avenue as no
traffic went ^ down there. The
Mayor mentioned that „it was Jthe
widest  street   in   town,   and   he
5 60
21 00
8 75
10 00
32 50
5 00
thought as very few vehicles went
/down it last year, it was  needless
to expend money on it  this  year.
It' was . decided   to   repair Ellice
i Street, as far as the A. &T. grounds,
, and  to  expend   $150   on   Smith
1 Avenue, as there would be quite a
lot __pf traffic when the new C.P.R.
■ wharves are put in working order.
| It was  decided  to  proceed  with
i the other estimates as  laid   before
the council last week.
Aid.  Cox of  the   Health  Committee  asked   for   a   new   dump
wagon, as the present one  was' in
a terrible state, having been patched up and repaired,  it was  now
practically of no use.
J     Aid.   Ball   thought  that' in   the
estimates of the   Light  Committee
due consideration should be taken
as   to   what   ahould   be   directly
charged to the council  and   what
should be charged to working  expenses.    He took for example   the
salary of the City Clerk.     He utilises some   of  his   time  preparing
the  accounts  for light.     He  did
not think this ought to be charged
to general revenue.    Some portion
of the salary ought   to   be   written
off the general   working   expenses
of  the  electric  light.     The  light
was supposed to be  on  a  paying
basis, and to find out  if  that- was
so it was necessary  to   charge -up
all   expenditure  against  the  light
account.     While the light account
ought   to   be   credited   with   the
amount due' from the  Arc  Lights
in- the streets   and   other public
places. !   t
Mention was made . that at the
present time, during the ,rush of
work, the city clerk would require
some help and it was decided to
arrange for this, t
". It was moved by Aid. Elliott and
secopded by Aid. Rowcliffe that
the city clerk be instructed* to '_fe'E
the A. & T. debentures printed as
soon as deedswere signed," carried.
The meeting then adjourned to
meet again on Monday next*at
8 p.m. 7
Board of Trade
onthly Meeting
Annual Meeting of J.C.T.U.
1 The annual meeting of the W.
C.T.U. was held on Tuesday last
at the home of Mrs. Martin. The
reporta7given by the different departments, of the, work engaged
in during the past/year were very
'   The   following    officers     were
elected for the ensuing year :
Presidentr^Mrs- D/McEachren
I st Vice-President—Mrs! Hislop
2nd, 3rd and 4th Vice-Presidents —
The resident Minister's wives
Corresponding  Secretary—Mrs. J.
Recording Secretary—Mrs. W. S.
"Fuller l ,
Treasurer—Mrs. A. S. Cox	
The presided, waschosenasdei-
egateto attend the provincial* convention to be held in Vancouvei
from I5th to 19th of June, 1909.
monthly ' meeting of the
Board of Trade was held in Raymer's Hall last 'night, only eleven
members being present. Mr. Pitcairn being in the chair. The
meeting which was due to start at
eight o'clock was greatly delayed
by the nori-attendance'of members.
After the minutes of the previous
meeting had had- been read and
adopted, the Secretary, Mr. R. B.
Kerr read the following correspondence.
Letter from the Noble Advertising Co., Vancouver, signed by C.
W. Esmond, re the issue*of advertising pamphlets.
F. R. Stewart & Co., re sending
some choice fruit for show at
Clement, of Montreal, Trade
with France filed.
Heaton's Agency, re advertising.
Associated Board ,of Trade of
the Okanagan Valley, re advertising and the distribution of Mr.
Orchard's Guide book at a reduced rate.   ,' ^,
The Vernon Board of Trade,
. asking for a delegate to be appointed to represent Kelowna,
when Vernon sent "their delegate
to ask for the establishment of a
Land Registry Office at Vernon.
Mr. Keer in criticising this letter
sa*d it was useless to (think of
sending a 'delegate from Kelowna
to ask for a Land Registry Office
for the following reasons.
Vernon is too small to deman
such, a f project. Such towns as
Fernie," Rossfand, Kamloops and
Revelstoke stand a prior' chance,
while the Yale district is
to a Land Registry Office and
would'get it before Vernon. _He
pointed out that we only have on-
representative in ^Parliament, while
the boundary district-has^ two. It
was possible that as soon- as we
asked for a land registry office
through our one member, the'other
two for the boundary would want
one in their.constituency, .and under the circumstance would get it,
To send a delegate from this point
would mean a lot of' expense for
nothing, and he advocated writing
Vernon and explaining that the
Board did not see their way clear
to send a' delegate!
The   following   accounts   were
'recommended to be paid if"found
correct.      , _
J. Conlin, apples for Spokane
Show ' $ 7 00
Orchard City Record  27 50
Kelowna Reading Room,.._3_00
It was proposed by Mr. Leckie
Mr. Herdman GoesJ-fishing.
. the Rev. A. W. K. Herdman
had an unpleasant experience the
other day, though he can now fortunately afford to laugh over it.
He and his little boy, fired with the
prevailing enthusiasm, went for an
afternoon's fishing  in  the Creek
The chairman thought this matter ought to be taken up and a
reply obtained as soon as possible.
The telegram was rather vague
but it implied that the Government
wished for a Kelowna representative and it was only right they
should have one. He wished the
Ma3ror was present so that his decision might'b'e arrived > at,' but _t
was possible that the Mayor wouId<_
have to be away' six months, and
he rather doubted if he could spare
such a long .period. He \vould
ask the board to name som«» practical men to be approached should
the Mayor be( unable to entertain
the project.
The following names were then
submitted! Mr. B. McDonald,"1 Mr.'
T. G. Speer,. Mr. H. B. Chaplin,
Mr. Boyer, sr., and Mr. F. A. Taylor. It was decided to arrange
this matter as quickly as possible
and'give a ( reply to Mr. Stirling.
At the present moment it was (impossible to exhibit as there' was,
vcy Htde fruit left. '/ It was' howV
ever proposed by Mr. KerV, seconded; by, Mr. Leckie'that Mr. Stirling,
be'advised that the Board 'recommend Mayor DeHart' to' fill > die
„Mr. Pitcairn asked the;,publicity
committee if anything "further jhad
been done about • the proposed
scheme of putting up a Kiosk for
the selling "of 'Kelpwria fruit at
,J Sicamous Junction'station.' ,.
>u > J he chairman or the committee, Mr. G.
Rose, replied that hothing i further had
been done in the mattei. He however,
wished to report that the pamphlets,, were
entitled] well on the way and he,had been looking
into the advisability of advertising in „one
of the papers in, the States. . The .paper
with about the largest circulation,. "The
Standard of the Empire" charged about
$50 a month for an , advertisement? only
about one inch in length and the width,of
only a single column, he did not thinkfthe
board could stand this expense and would
look for another paper with cheaper advertising rates and a good circulation.
Mr. C. Rose remarked that he had been
interviewed by Mr. Hudson with reference
to the purchase of a frame and'" photos to
be hung in the Hotel at' Sicamous, and
wished to' know what steps the board'
wished taken in this direction.
* Mr. Pitcairn was of the opinion that the
C.P.R. would not allow advertising matter
in their hotels, and if they did .he ^thought
the general tendency was to have a* frame
hung in the Royal Alexandra Hotel at
Winnipeg.' He suggested * thaO Mr. Kerr
be instructed to write the C.P.R. with  ref.
A New Grocery Firm,  :
Attention! is drawn to  the V new   '■
ad.   on   another page of MeeaW.
Biggin & P6ole,!whc. have bought"   '
out Mr. Hunter's grocery and con* -
fectionery, business*, possession, being taken on thg;! 5th inst Achat
with Mr.   Biggin elicited the.fact '
that a complete'new stock of 'gen-    .
eral and fancy groceries is being'
put in, which it is planned to heye    \
on the shelves oh about* opening «. -
da&th'e l'5th:'    '"'*   ■      "••.*  '"»    ;
".Mr. Poole" comeswith' first-class'
business recommendations, having,
been in-charge of >the,.bakerir.de-;   .•
partment, of the J., F. Cairn's J}e- '.
partmenl.  store" of Saskatoon,/Ior  *~?
the past five or six'yeafs. ' He"-will" - ""'
handle Jthe bakery and confection"* \y
ery>part of the business here.^Mr.,.* /
Biggin,'everybody knows^ having,    '
been in.ch.arge,of die* grocery He-   < '
partment of the T. Lawson  stores    -,
here," for the past :efgh_eeri month's^ 7
where he' has made a Host of friends'.  ~;
in. the'vicinity-*'   Ptevious to, this, **"<
he ,wasrin,charge  of the ,grocery,    f
department .at the same store 'es'*' 'j
is partner, which is the   largest    y
store in Saskatchewan.   His lafgfeT
experience will'be"a valuable asset.77.
in his new venture."* I .J ^"'t      -; ' ">
It is ^always- pleasing to see ^
friends get'a^footWn the ladder*'.
and we are*pretty sure.that not aV^
few will join "'with' us in wishing' >}«
Bert and his>"> assb'ciaW, every,,r .
success. "-'»•'*  *■/* .^    ." > .^ 2'y
r    < :ii. i MA*       /   X - ',', .
7"*.i        .ll,l>    '    .  "it vf-   *""        " (    "*.    r
m* - - ■-. f
»_ WW
if yy-
Another Spokane Diploma
>.j 7-Vl
in  the ^ree,
The boy's line,, became entangled
in the weeds near a deep pool, and ,medal for fruit display, but not  a
he  leaned  over the  water in-'an word'is said ojF Kelowna ('and the
effort to disengage it. Mr. ..Herd
man, seeing his son's position, and
fearing that he might overbalance,
went to his assistance. The water
at this point had undermined the
bank, and as soon as Mr. Herdman
put his weight upon it/the ear^th
gave way, causing the reverend
gentleman to take an involuntary
plunge into the muddy steeam,
which was deep enough ^ at,that
part to reach up to his neck. He
had not much difficulty in getting
out again, _nd made his. way home
soaked to the skin, and with his
pockets full of mud, and feeling, in
his own words, "like a half-
drowned rat." What Mrs. Herd-
man said when he reached home
is not on record, but we understand
that the greater part of the .tallowing morning was spent in scraping
off the mud from his clothes.
seconded by . Mr; McTavislj that
all .correspondence dealing with
advertising be left in the'hands of
the , publicity committee to deal
with.—Carried. \A  '  ■
Mr. Kerr said he had-received a
pamphlet)1 < from the Dominion
Government on B.C., and although
up-to-date in some respects was
very out of date in others. Kelowna was marked up with a' long
-article on tobacco growing, and it
was set forth that a large tobacco
factory had just been started.
Grand Forks is mentioned 'as a
marvel,  as  having taken a gold
■.i_a? _.-..-.
Spokane show/neither is mention
made of the Gold Medal awarded
to .he Fruit Grower's Association
of Kelowna in competition with
the fruit growers of Washington,
Oregon and British Columbia, for
the best "collection* off fresh fruit
exhibited at the North-West Fruit
Grower's Association, at Vancouver in 1907. He did not think
this a fair phamplet to be distributed and thought the Board ought to
instruct him to write a stiff letter
pointingjout these facts. The matter was placed in thefhaftds of the
publicity committee to deal with.
\ The chairman said that he had
had a telegram handed him' by
Mr. Stirling, reading: Recommend
Hart to1' take part in provincial
fruit exhibit at Seattle, if not someone else. .Signed by Senator Bos-'
natter anu suuuia me~repiy
be in the negative to again refer the matter
to the,-board.; This view, ,was finally
adopted. i
Mr. Kerr suggested advertising at Vernon.
He had heard that several people only
came as far as Vern,on, thinking 'that the
rest of the journey down the lake was a
kind of a swamp, \A few photo, there
might make them change their minds,^nd
go further down the lake.f
The chaitm__i,(Mr.1Pjtcaim,th«n ^askci
what steps were taken with  reference' to
the proposed CP.R. new sheds and wharf.
Mr. Bailey,informed h>B> .that .the plana
had passed through the council and ha^l
been signed. Mr.J.' P. Forde was to have
that day and start operations at once j, but
something had delayed him. He explained that the track waa due to •' run out to
Ellis Street and eventually to connect with
the tram lines making a country service. '
The questionof approaching the business men of Kelowna who do not belong
'to'the Board of Trade was di&usae'd.'but
no action was taken in the-mat_r. v^ .*.«.
•• Mr. Rose suggested that as. the. summer
months \vere now coming on, and the,attendances were j-becoming so j irregular,
something ought to be 'done iii the matter.
There was an executive committee and
lie would like to see them asked to attend
to the business.   -   ' {
This proposition was seconded by, Mr.
Buckland who remarked that in the event
of any important business being on hand
the Secretary, should call a general meeting, the general quarterly, meeting would
of course be attended by all the memberf.
The general-tendency-was to have the
matter settled in this way, land it was finally carried thatthe next general '.meeting
should be called by the executive committee. 1 „
n the shape^oPan-ibndrable men- „
mention diploma* for the general? 7.'
excellence of the exfbit.' ' It is inter-- >s
esting to note' 'that The Kelowna ,~
Exibit is the only'ohe^that hakbeen 7„
selected for special and individual.,,;;
commendation by tKe judges. This} AV;
shows that qiialityofdie fruit was'' *""''
greatly appreciated byJthe jiidgesj'
as well as inferring.that the other*
diplomas were won' outright.and;
not in a "just by the'skin of the
teeth" stylet TKe'Mdyor- must b_" r>
congratulated upon, the possession 1. 'Si
of, this, aa it practically^ .rolls1 the ' '
other diplomas ■ > into :> one.... We
hope the Board of Trade will allow
him to keep it ,8^ his own., .»
•     'V.     «      ■ , l
"  _t^" •'
I""... •- *. ' v-  ,
Mr. H. W.  Raymer'4s visiting
Rossland this week.''  ■' -      ,. 1
. _
"v . i
The Total amount raised for the
Sam Lister fund, is $252.50. TheA'^
limbs cost $140.00,*leaving a bal- <'•"
ance*of $112.50, <wh_ch;'will go ,to-vc ft
Ward his keep at .he'hospital and A*r&
furnish him with a little'" ready." -; U
* .^      *" '■   ! -    " '•    m    ' v-a)\\
t.v -*»*« *      '    ' /xr
Mrs. Dahlberg has fitted up "and , ^77
started the new-re^taurant opposite''', yy^k
the new Opera House.-+_ow much ' "Ay
trade is " Johp,". Chirmman going" *f§f.
to lose now?.,,,;,; , ,,;' ^
The young Ladies' Hospital Aid
Competition closed on Tnursclav.t'-^t,',
Miss Haines' side made $4 75, and"
Mis Hanley's side made $150. „ '7
committeemeri" .hri.JsreqiifeWed' to'J,4P
attend.   . ^ t jV*ft
Mr. and Mrs. D^^azer and fam- ' v^.'
ily, left by to-day's^morning'a boatl /.'£
for Moose Jaw, Sask., where they «i^ ^
will remain for some tirhe,afterwad't £v|k
making a trip to .hiix'i1 ^id'honi . .&^'
Filmore,'Saskatchewan. \    "/  'cis M
Preparations are „_'steady progtesa for \',1^
the Hospital Ba_ahtfe-e held in Rhymer's    ,^i
Hall hn Wednesday,1 Majr ltfth.} We' yrtJi Vv"^
to state that 'all areT asked to contribute, ( '7'it
and that those who1 feel .neHned to »v*\!„/. sj
._-_• V_l.__   i__.'"JI_...i.___J -_. _._.__. . t-'t^
2,"'       .. _ .1. ' "j    - ','  *.      -l   _.   tandies, or '<6akes Wreq_est«d tb bring j Xt'J
The mceunig then drew to Bclose,ther*,X-_'-__.___-_  _^i.,>-.K_.l._ U_H'-« .__      3.
there being no more business on hand tp
be dealt with.''      ' ~«*««.,
thei.   -onation. dire'il'lb the Hallop the,,
morning .the Bazaar opWs.! V
■ *.'•..I1'-."* The Orchard City Record
1   \ ,'v        '
We are particularly well fixed
- to execute all your orders for
printing/ ' With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
;and every labor saying device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published eotry Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
CHASi H. LEATHLEY,BiulneuMonager.
Subscription $ 1.50 per annum.
. To United Stales $2i00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
Grumbling is the' order of the
day—that is, grumbling at the
weather. Certainly the reluctance
of the cold weather to yield to the
laws of nature, has caused some
little anxiety, but after all the season is not so late. Last year our
shores were visited with an early
spring and consequently an early
crop was experienced. It is interesting to take the dates upon
which fruit was ripe for shipping
last year, and by comparison we
shall see how early the season was.
As far as can be ascertained these
dates are as near correct as possible :—
June 13, Early Purple
19, Governor Wood
20. Black Tartarian '"'
25, Belle D'Orleans
Black Eagle
26, Royal Anne
.   29. May Duke
30. Black Bigaroon
July   2, Montmorency
3, Black Bing
3, Windsor
3, Yellow Spanish .
3. Small Black,
9. Lake Duke
10, Morceilo y     "
11, Olivette '"■'■'- -'"■•
II, Reine Horteuse •
15, Belle Magnifique .
15, Lambert,
15, Morello
July 25, Royal Apricots
Aug.  4. Moorparlcs       (  '
July  24, Alexander
Aug.   3, Champion
7, Triumph
22, barmen
27, Hales Early
31, Early.Crawford
Sept.  7,;Belle of Georgia.
7, Fitzgerald
9 to 15. Elberta.
Nectarines were first received   for  shipment on the 5th of September, 1908;  '
25, Clairgean
30, Lawrence
July 27, Yellow Transparent
Aug.    1, Red Astrachan
4, Harvest Sweet
4, Duchess of Oldenberg
15, Lord Suffield
,► 19, Gravenstein
20, Wealthy
25, Jersey Sweet
25, Red Beitzenheimer
26, Alexander
Sept.   2, Maidens Blush
11, Celline Pippin
14, Jonothan
14, Blenhiem Orange
14, MacKintosh Red
17, King of Tompkins
17, Rhode Island Greenings
17, Colvert
21, Bailys Sweet
21, Yellow Bellflower
21, Haas
21, Lemon Pippin
22, Warners King
22, Wolf River
13, Ribstone Pippin
24; Snow
25, Wagner
25, Peiwankee
26, St, Lawrence
28, Cox's Orange Pippin
29, Spitzenberg
29, Nonsuch
30, Longfield
Oct.    I, Grimes Golden
Under this beading communications will
be receloed upon any subject of interest
Letters must be signed, be brie., scold
personalities. The Editor does not nee-
esaarillt) endorse opinions gicen beloic.
Editor Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir,
I beg to thank you for placing
the position of the working man
re the postal arrangements so lucidly, yet forcibly in your last issue
and am assured that now Mr.
Bailey is acquainted with the facts,
he will be one bf thefirst to remedy
any inconvenience. In the matter
of a deputation, considering the
working men are so scattered in
the course of their several employments, I am afraid that a deputation would fall very flat; as when
they get home, they do not feel
like forming a deputation, and I
think that Mr. Bailey would rather
not waste time receiving a deputation. I think that now the matter
has been so plainly brooched, we
can leave it in his hands.
' Yours Sincerely,
A Working Man.
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
July 27.
Aug. 13.
'      20.
Guer _
Green _Gage_
Washington    .
Yellow Egg
Red Egg
Ponds Seedling
Grand Duke ''"".
Black Diamond
Late Gage   '.
Editor Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir,
For the information of owners of
property adjacent to the Vernon-
Kelowna Road, who are carrying
on, or, who intend to commence
fencing operations, it is desirable
to give prominence to the fact that
the said road has a width of 66
Thanking you for the courtesy
of publication,
Yours obediendy,
Hamilton Lang, ■
Public Works Department,'
Vernon, B. C.
May II th. 1909.
Royal Hotel
Facing the Wharfe.
Rates $1 per day.
J. E. WHEELER,  Prop
I. rf y ■'-
Aug. 20, Tennant  7
. 26; Sugar
Sept.' i,''Italian
3 to 18, Silver   .
9,.Imperial ;
18, German ' ]
■ ... >..itrfi-, .-1V.'.;.■:,     ■    :«.:-.
. Aug.   7,.Trani»cendant '.,■..;■-.    ,
15, Florence^
Sept.   I, Tranacendant (late)
2, Hyslppa
3, Florence (late)
■.-■-'.•■'.. t' ■   •■'.    ■ y
Aug.   14, Clapps Favourite       ..
' l7,':Bartlett'r7';.;;.;'7."v.;
22, Summer Seikily;
Sept.   I, Buerre Bussock   .
I, Flemish Beauty
•'.     IQ7SheU_on,77"u,7;', yy
lO^'Wiiit^Boyenne;       ; ^.t.
'2i7Bue}T«'^njou7.y.;.;^..;; y
24;: 'bwmifif^y A 7 [ .7,77
A^y^y^y^Ayy a a
Builders and Contractors
Plans and Estimates  furnished
All work promptly and
carefully executed at
reasonable prices.
Address   -    Rutland P.O.
Fertilizer for Sale
All kinds of the  best
fertilizer carried by me
Parties interested in the
growing of- all kinds of
fruit and vegetables call on
for prices on this fruit
and vegetable producer.'
^$.7 __■'.'' Ia- _■■___'..'-_..-
All B. C Sugar Refining Qompany s Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.   .
Ih? British. Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
The Kelowna Marmfacturing Co,
Window Sashes Hot-bed Sashes
Office and Store Fittings
SIGN WRITING AND LETTERING of all descriptions.
Window? Frosting, etc.
THE SPRING IS COMING. We are open to gwe
estimates on all hind- of Buildings such as
Bungalows; also complete Furnishings _or
Summer Houses.
Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets.
VV H. I     -JtHllNL/ your life away worrying over a motor
that wont work.     We have the one that does the work
better than previous makes.     Try the ROBERTS MOTOR
and  you will   no   longer worry. , One customer writes
from Portland, Oregon:
"Every race the boat entered she was a winner.   On July 4th. beat
Alamo, fourxylinder, 35-40 HP., and West Butt, «x-cylinder, 30 H.P.
Swan   15-20 ......    September 7th, competed against Barb, 45-5U
HP., 'three-cylinder; ran two circles round Barb on course, lapped
back, and finished twice. . . , , . . My mile record for fly.ng m.le .s
2 min   34 2-5 sec, which was taken going with and against the tide.
Otto W. Ranft.
We are agents for this WONDERFUL MOTOR.
If you want your motor to run successfully, come and
see us. We will put it in a good state of repair. We
have the most complete workshop for all machine repairs.
Electrical Business in all its Branches.       Cycles, both New and
Second-hand for Sale or Hire.
The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply Co.
BOX 160 - PHONE 82
*    These destroyers cannot live where trees have been treated with
Pear Blight, Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, San Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald.   The cost is Very small.   It will not wash off.
torpid-Ugh^ \^e"nvi"e nveirigation. TheArkan»«ExperimentStahor.hasusedthjs*«
paintTorfhrleVeaVa. November, 1907. they purchased 50 gallon, for free d.stnbuhon among
leading orchards.   Send for 16-page free bookleUo ^ .
G. R. LA WES, Enderby, B.C.
Sole Manufacturer for B. C.
Wood and Coal    Wm. HAUG
Masons' Supplies
Dunn Hollow Cement Blocks
Box 166
'Phone 66
We have a splendid list of
City Lots and Frait Farms
for Sale.
If you are looking for a home
call on us, and we will drive you around and save you
Time and Money.
Real Estate Agenfe
Phone 63
onea an
$1.00 per gallon
Screw Pressed New Process
Good to the Last Drop.
This is the Oil used in SHERWIN -WILLIAMS'
PAINTS, which spread further, wear longer, and look
better than any other.
The Season for Irrigating
Is at Hand
We are Contractors for all classes of this work—Open
Ditching, Fluming, Stave Pipe Mains, Pumping Plants
using Steam, Gas, Gasoline or oil as fuel.       '  ' <
We  are now  installing a small plant of 205, gallons .
per minute capacity, the  fuel for engine costs' 30 per
cent, less than gasoline.
Ask us, About This at Qnce
It Settles Your Difficulties
We have a Snap in Electric; Motors
For driving washing machine, ssmall pumps, sewing machines, etc
Get our Hand-book. ;
Our prices are the most reasonable in town.
The correct thing for this district
5V/> Job Too Large or Too Small      i
The Okanagan Valley Engineering Company
D. CAMERON, M.E., E.E., (Late Supt. Engineer Contracti, Mather & Piatt, :
'    Manchester). MANAGER. 7     v V
1       •      ll ,        ,l,  r   ,| w   lift      )'
Gold, Silver, and\ Bronze Medallist
London Academy of Music (Eng.)
is open to take pupils for Pianoforte Lessons.
Personal interview any morning at the house of Mr. R. C. Reed, corner of
Bernard Avenue and Ethel Street, when terms and dates can be arranged.    .
i> • 11 ,   -( >    ■ ■ i
>        I ,     '      -   '     ,       U.l        .,|W|        I-
New Century Skoe Store
1 beg to announce that I have taken the premises, lately
pied by Mr. J. ML Lang and am'opening at once with a,' "'   '
First-Class Stock of Boots and Sfioes
Boots repaired and made to order , ( Prices reasonable
Note new address—Lang's Old Stand, Bernard Ave.^
..,■ M! > !   /,
l^»Hll_>H_l|   wfcfll.    I*	
)     .'
^'   ,.,
<   v>' ^ ,,   '.. 7
i 1
' A PifiiiiifiiPiififSi
;S7... _=____=i___s__;
* / .
1 i >
Portrait and Landscape
Portraits by appointment
Loojc out for my new booklet (60 views 75 c)
:'       On sale everywhere. A ' , *  < _
;;'money-: __i_^:^n.;;er,;ByiiW
[ Gitylo't.Kelowjna1; .aiidj not:, needed-^fojry the;
;'p^rf|p8es; :i6r?; which;the7said ■ stim^vwas
7:; T^HEREASfunder By-law:„umber:54:of
the City of;,' Kelpwria',7 debentures :.- of >'the'
.' said ;c»ty of the^ par value of thirty Vthbus-
and ($30,000.00) ^pilars; were sold for the
purpose: of purchasing certain lands within the city of Kelowna for a p,ublic;■: park.
7. AND J WHEREAS/the sale of ; tlie 'said
debentures realized the -sum of Thirty-
three thousand three' .hundred .dollars
($33,300.00) out of which said sum, only,
the • sum of twenty-nine thousand two
hundred and sixty-five dollars ($29,265.00)
was found to be needed for the purchase
of the lands set out in the said By-law
number 54.
AND WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to expend the sum of Four thousand
and thirty-five dollars ($4,035.00) of the
unexpended balance of the moneys raised
under the said By-law number 54, on the
laying out and improvement of the said
lands purchased under By-law number 54
before mentioned.
NOW THEREFORE the ' Mayor and
Council of the city of Kelowna in open
meeting assembled enact as follows :
I. IT shall be lawful for the said Mayor and Council of the city oL Kelowna to
expend the sum of l-'our thousand and
thirty-five dollars ($4,035.00), being part of
the balance of the sum raised under said
By-law number 54, being the City Park
By-law 1909, upon,the laying out and improvement of that part of District Lot
numbered fourteen (14) in group one(l)of
the Osoyoos Division of Yale District
lying North of Mill Creek and West of
Abbott Street in the city of Kelowna and
owned by the said city.
2. THIS By-law shall before the final
passage therein, receive the assent > of the
electors of the pity of Kelowna in the
manner provided for in the Municipal
Clauses Act 1906 and Amendment Acts.
3. THIS By-law shall come into force
and effect on the day of
4. THIS By-law may be cited for all
purposes as the "City of Kelowna Park
Improvement By-law 1909."
Read a first time by the Municipal
Council this' twenty-fouth day of April,
Read a second time by the Municipal
Council this twenty-fourth day of April,
Read a third time by the Municipal
Council this third day of May. 1909.^
Received the assent of  the . electors ,of
the City of Kelowna this
day of May. 1909.
Reconsidered and finally passed  by the
Municipal Council this
day of May, 1909. '      -
Mayor,    ,
, f
.     ' Clerk,"
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon-iwhich
7 the vote of the Municipality will bet taken
at the Clerk's Office in Kelowna, on Monday, May 17th, 1909, between the hours'of
9 a.m. and 7 p.m.
G. H. DUNN.'
•   """     City Clerk.
Jives'/ three others,being.8CTereIy7injiired7
Shortly after" midnight, an engine standing
in the pit outaide, .the';jRhyinheyVRailwajr'c
Company's lbcomotive "shedsivsuddenlyf
blew up. ^Portions of the engine weighing '
many tons!'were thrown many;feet;in'the -
air, and hurled to a distance of about sixty
yards., Smaller; fragments were scattered
over a wide area. Six men were in the
immediate vicinity at the time the explosion occurred, but up to the preaenl the
cause of the accident is unknown, j The
locomotive a brass domed, saddle tanked
engine, had been sent out shunting, and
had developed some defects in conne ction
with its injector, and had been brought
back to the shed for repairs. It had just
been put over the pit, and the fires, were
about to be withdrawn, when the explosion occurred. The driver, David Lewis,
had just left the engine to superintend the
drawing of fires, otherwise he would have
been killed, as it was he sustained injuries
that will take quite a long time to get over.
The fireman was instantly killed, , being
blown against another engine, and literally
dashed to pieces, The smoke stack was
lifted many feet in the air, and on dec ending dashed through the the roof of the
Bute engine house, falling on a spot yv here
a moment before a man was sitting a< his
supper. The injured are progressing
Uniforms Returned by Tram
Five hundred employees of the United
Tramways Company, struck work at Ful-
well. At this point the largest depot of
the company, some consternation was felt,
but the strikers places were soon, filled
from other points and the system was not
seriously delayed. The strikers demanded
the following agreement. Six days work
and one day rest each week. Extra payment for Bank Holidays. The abolition of
punishment for petty offences, and an
eleven hour daly. The demands were not •
acceded to, and a notice .was issued to the
effect that all uniforms had to be returned.
The strikers consequently marched in a
body to headquarters, and, returned, their
uniforms, receiving in exchange their two
days pay and license. The march of the
men in mufti, with their uniforms in
bundles on their shoulders,, was witnessed
by a large crowd. ,
yAy A-Srferitific5 0b^an; !c£ 7 7
from Monday, May. 17_Vto
Thursday, May 27th j
Trench'sD_ug Stosje.
Capital $10,000
Divided into 400 Shares of $25 each
The Association has., been formed to promote and encourage all forms of water
* , sports,'and to. provide proper summer bathing facilities, for children, subscribers, and'
the "general public! l ' ' '?   '
onstruction of a handsome two-story pavillion. will be commenced this month
on a site granted in the-Park by the - ity- under a lease for 20 years, and it is hoped
to get the premises ready by the middle of summer.
Why you should subscribe
,v •
There., are. many reasons why you should 'subscribe, but it is sufficient to state
FOR PROFIT. ' Because the Association will be run economically, and
the.rents-.xom- bathing booths, costumes, towels, and other privileges
should pay good dividends after meeting all expenses.
FOR PLEASURE.      Because, your 1 little  ones under   14 can. use   the
bathing accommodation absolutely free of charge; and there will be an
• experienced attendant^-a good, .swimmer—to see that they come to no
v ..harm.;. You and the,older members of your family can use the dressing-
roomsi at a •very moderate charge, or you can take out season tickets at
reduced rates.   ' '' '
FOR, PATRIOTISM.'     Because no other institution can better popularise
i >     Kelovvna ap a summer resort, and your generous assistance to make the
town attractive will bring its own reward, as of the many dollars that
summer;visitors spend,-a goodly share may-flow, into your, pockets
SHARER SOLD ON EASY PAYMENTS, viz.:   $5 cash on application;, balance
^ in cqua%payments of'$5\each on '1st June, 1st August, 1st,October, and 1st December.
r,    >
Subscription liist Now 0pen
Apply to any of the' following Provisional Directors, who have power to receive
applications and payments,' and\to;giye,ten/pora_y receipts pending issue of shares:
L C. AVISS, A. L. MEUGENS (Secretary pro tenu).
. *. _
. i".
Forged Borneo Stamps -    \-
An elaborate conspiracy to . defiaud
stamp,collectors has just, come to light.
J. Stewart Lowdenof Villiers Street Stiand
and Henry Harmer of Southcliffe on Sea,
were charged at Bow^Street with., conjpir-
acyto defraud the public, by, selling | post
age and revenue stamps of; British . North
Borneo, that were forgeries. . fr was not
suggested that there was any,fraud on the
revenue of the country, but it was owing
to a special issue being rare that forgeries
were made to, gull the public.
British North Borneo was one of the
countries which was originally made over
to the administration of a chartered j company until 1888, after this date the whole
of,the country was, ,made into a tBritish
Protectorate. The ,1887 "to 1890 issue, re.
mained valid until. December last, when
owing, to the.difcovery that excessive
forgeries .were extant, it wasj deemed
necessary to cancel the .whole issue. ' The
1894,issue was used, for. postal ,purposes,
which enchanced the.value of. the,,earlier
issues. Trading as the ]West End .Stamp
Copnpany, of Villiers street Strand, and
Herbert Mack & Co., of the same* address,
it was proved that several stamps were,,
spldat-high |priceg,7and~investigatiorr~dis~
covered, a plant withy litho plates and en-'
graying dies,to produce the,'1887 to 1890
issue, in a French engraver's office in Paris.
Correspondence was also found from H.
Mack, H. Mack and Co., and H. Mack
Limited., 'From the books it was also
found that large sums had been paid by
Mack, A rubber cancelling stamp, which
made ,a correct impress of the cancellation
mark on used, stamps was, unearthed and
'correspondence was found with reference
to stamps of Transvaal, British East Africa,
and m large number of other foreign countries. Minute instructions were given as
to perforation, paper and color and print',
ing details given. It is believed than an
immense stamp forgery will soon be
brought to light.   ,
Prince for Next Viceroy of India.'
A despatch to the Daily Mail from Calcutta asserts thatthe British Government
is considering the,question of, placing the
Viceroyship of India in the hands of a
Prince of the Royal blood. ■ A suggestion
has been,made that one of the sons of the
Prince of-Wales be trained for the post.
It will be remembered that Lord Minto is
the present Viceroy. -«
Whitaher Wright's Estate Sold.   .
>       ■• l < >      i „ <    '
Witley Cou^t, near HaUmere, one of the
finest estates in England has just been purchased by Lord,Pierrie. , The estate for-
merly belonged i to Sir Whitaker.fright,
who committed suicide in 1904, after he
had been convicted of embeaclement. The
price paid by'Lord Pierrie* was ^$100,000,
and it ia estimated that Whitaker'iwYigtit'
spent over i three., million x dollars on the
^property.    '    ^,        '   , \   '   ".
Now do not miss this opportunity
to have your eyes examined and , attended to by one who has had many
years practical experience with.John
Wanless & Co., the leading .Optical
Parlors of Toronto, besides four years'
study of medicine. Nothing but,the
highest class of work done.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
_ yyyyt;^A±<di&rAym!y0- _#
-;. - v.- 7 y?' m.?&>?!*. AyyyyyyyAA .#f |$<#
Get yQmimme on -
the horibr rolfe « ;-
Sub^cribi'for .h^ -^chard, v|
City Rfecbrd. '
..A.,.McQJ_E   •.
UPHOLDER!?.- ',  -
neatly done.
All tcork gtftittiftdgg fife .biass.
AH fcinds 'of^gijtgp' . f.
, .EXPEBiqA^B^jLA^?..
Address,; Peat 0-i.ee
or Shop, corVW&Bt ol K.L.O .office. .",*
... r _ i i
Oregon Grown Fruifclreer
Send me your tree.bill for^myjestirhate' f_i FtJO,»J909J_nel,Spr_.*
I 10, planting.   I furnish, the very finest grade of, Genuine Nursery
Stock Kt as low price's as, other responsible7 fir_8v'furnish the sain*    , -t'
grade of stock. ' Catalegues en 4. pH_t___       '; =
A ■*»...-_.
KELO_tfN__, B;C.
''"'     Agent for1 "f     ' ^ *"■' Jr"
i'tij't j.'ji,v ('
.a. on
_   ■*> *\
r '  _ _
A Kelowna Sawmill Company, limited
' will deliver • uttirigsfrom trimrnerfor,'" ' '"*''      -
/      -        r.\ >    l, '    >w    f5"-.       J.J1;,'       ^j, J
50 ;,Cjsnt§; i per a Carted
"*, i'
a,      ^ ;.
for short hauls. * Price pf this \yQodj'ust co^tj^f hauling..,,
Orders filled inrota^ipi^.,, ^.^o-;-". K<\\V'!
11. IJf} 1
A  ? _ ».       ^v'.      lv«      I    A'1&l
Bl_ _INi & P(*__.S m
(Successors to W. A. Hunter) - .>/'
,7   i  .'
High Class Sp£$$
, v^onrectionars^ r
W. '.
• -  ?    Af>}l'   o  J
To Arrive;;JhjbJ^e^' .V ,<
A straight car of staple and f*hcy groceries.
Everything absolutely fresh1 and 'i_efv/-
. jiri.
We will 'guarantee everything sold to be
of the .very.> highest^qualtty,. obtaianhlg, at
lowest possible prices and prompt deu\
Your ^K^patipniigifo. aj-j^jqrda- |mll
convince-yp.u._ _
4 7yl
r< .',.f
r L
f-   .'VI
• '1
. 5 «*■
xn-K-t^ri h>  .
Out Btead a^diJPartcy;B^5ng
will be a special feature of d^AorelLJ M1
ft ' . 1?\ Aim
Orders by phone will receive our special and,8t|i|ta_7ilsi
i       ,       attention , '> j J* »
B* ^ •* *S.y ^V)lr\ '' >i
Phone No. 39,
7 .
: *■'___ ' AV, S _:'_____j_i_i
'-1 7 'A\ _.|K. !?.,. .....J.,,
^     The Orchard City Record.
Thursday^ Mail 18
j. F. BURNE     7
" :'    ■.-   ;'. i. Notary; Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
KEI__)WNA. :: B.C.
,r Barrister
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Sc., G E., D. L. S., B. C. L. S,
Kelowna,    B. C.
News of the Valley.
Bush Fires
Damage Mara
Ahk. Mem. Can. Soc C. E        Graduate Toronto
Wstsiworka and Soworage Syttema, Pumping and
Lighting Planta, Concrete Construction, etc.
SURVEYOR,      v
Office:   Keller Block
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box 1*6 'Phone 56
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
, •   LIVERY AND DRAY     .
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets .all C.P.R
boats. ,AU kinds of heavy team
work./ 'Phone 20
M. j. M0NGKT0N
•„'     Irrigation Engineer." ,': ;'
T. **' L ': ~ \ :i * ■■ ■      '' ■** \
Assoc. Mem^ Inst C.E.   Mem/Concrete
Institute.     Late.Irrig. Dept. of India and.
Cape Colony, and with Central Ok. Co.
„ Agent for Steel Flumes.     .
KELOWNA     ;,       / Phone 88   ,
Early Monday morning some
bush fires were seen smouldering
near Enderby, nothing serious was
thought of the matter at the time,
but soon the stiff wind blew these
into a good blaze. By noon the
wind had increased in velocity, and
Mr.A H. Duncan, whose farm lies
two miles north of Enderby, on the
east side of the river, had noticed
a fire on the opposite side of the
river. No danger was anticipated
at the start, but the' wind soon came
in gusts and veered in every direction. It jumped the river, and
swept the east bank, and lightly-
wooded plateau, the Duncan ranch
being completely destroyed. The
fire swept on towards Masa, burn-
bridges enroute, gaining terrific
fury, and jumping from point to
point over clearing, and hay fields
at an awful speed. The mill and
machinery of the Rothsay Lumber
Co., and a portion of the lumber in
the yard were destroyed, and it
was only by hard fighting that Mara
station was saved. The post office
was burned. The mails and everything in connection were destroyed.
AtLambly three separate fires
seemed to have started, and with
the heavy winds which carried the
flames, there was no possiblity of
checking their progress. The saw
mills and box factory of \V. R.
Megaw, was laid in ruins. The
mill machinery being a total loss
with the exception of the boilers
which it is thought are not greatly
injured. The loss has been treme n
dous through the district, and calls
forth the deepest sympathy to those
who have been subjected to the
fate of this serious calamity.
*' Mr. R. FitzGerald Sargent has
been in the Valley the past fortnight advertising the business of
The British Columbia Trust Corporation;' Vancouver. This, corporation with its strong Board of
Directors, including such men as
Mr. F. S. Barnard, the Hon, F. L.
Carter-Cotton; M.P.P., arid Thomas
Ellis should be well patronized in
as much as besides acting as Executive and Trustees, it is a safe and
reliable institution? through which
investments can be made.
St. Michael and All Angelo'-' Church.
Holy Communion, first nnd third Sundays in the
month at 8 a.m.; octond and fourth Sundays, alter
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
MorninB Prayer at 11   o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE. B. A . Rector.
:, -       JOHN CURTS
" Plans and Specifications Prepared
' and estimates given for pbbliicBuild-
iiigs,Town and Country Residences
J      .     PHONE No. .93        , 7n
Fire, Life, and Accident
Money to Loan.
Contract Painters
Sign-writing, Graining,!MarblingV
Paperhanging, and Kal-Otntning
P.O. BOX 360        KELOWNA, B.C
Mrs. Hislop, Teacher of the' Piano
has had a  number   of years experience
in teaching pupils in all grade*. ■■ Especial
attention to touch and technique.
Beginners for the first six months taken at
a reduction.
For particulars, apply  residence,  corner
of Water Street and Eli Ave.
Knox" Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at 11 a.m.; evening services at 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 0 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. I. H. WRIGHT. Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 12:15 p.m.    All welcome.
W. C. T. U. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelcwna branch
of the W. C. T. U.
News of the Prairie.
The seeding operations are now
finished and some of the crops are
snowingabqye the ground. The
unusual cold weather has not hurt
the germination of the seed as far
as can be at present told.
; Reports are prevalent that Yellow Grass is quarantined, owing to,
an outb-ealc of small pox. The
cases are, at present known one at
the hotel, one at the Bowling Alley
and one at the restaurant. A pest
house has been established, and
those ^attacked are being well cared
The C P. R. are about to build
a! new station at McTaggart, near
Wey-urn. ' The business of this
c litre has so increased that the C.
P.'R. have found it necessary to
take these steps. Work on the
structure will begin as soon as pos
-Land is now. selling at thirty-five
dollars per acre around Weyburn
Looal  Option Facts From Otoen
1. ' Inland Revenue returns show a decrease of 45 per cent, in collections on Liquors" entered for consumption.
2. The premises occupied by liquor
stores have been vacated by the former license holders and are now otherwise employed.
, 3. Several former holders of hotel licenses have vacated their premises—some
having left town.
4. One brewery has ceased the production of Malt Liquors entirely and confines ifs operations to'the making of Malt.
5. In spite of a great influx of poor
people from the old country the amount
spent by the Town Council to help the
needy is steadily decreasing. The figures
for the first nine months of the past five
years are:
1903   $528 50
1904     518 86
1905     655 64
1906 (local option)     469 50
.1907 (local option)      410 70   t ■
6. Hotel men have admitted the
efficacy 6fv Local Option by asking for a
reduction in assessment owing to Iosb of
bar trade—a claim which the . Judge
7. The secretary of the Owen Sound
Board of Trade in his annual atatemet reported that excellent business conditions
prevail j increased customs, increased grain
trade, success in lumber, cement and fruit
business, increased business in Post Office
from sale of stamps and SAVINGS BANK
business, and DECREASED Inland
8. The president of the Board of Trade
in his annual address before that body
said: " Our general business has been satisfactory ; our faotories have run FULL
TIME through the season and found a
profitable market for all productf; our
in the West and prospects are bright for
future business there. Our local exports
have exceeded all former years and none
can contemplate what the trade may be in
the near future."
never better.   Meals are excellent.
Prairie fires are causing considerable damage this spring throughout Saskatchewan. Several farmers
have been burned out just lately,
losing their barns, feed, etc.
'i j _
i -.
I.J ' '
!>_' -7
Souvenir China Sale
Adams Jasper Ware
All the Souvenir China in stock to sell at
•'VA;'.halif price..' This include.
. ' ii ....•>
3 piece Tea Sets $5.00 now $2.50
Chocolate Pots 2.50
Steins 1.25
Jugs     :t    '" 1.00
Vases                 . 50
... ■*-$
The Jeweler
Kelowna, 8. C.
■ * 7,v 'f
_   ' .. >
■ ^ i
■   I1 •..   flu 1
:k_._.    "',-
Correction—We~wish to correct a state7
ment that 5,900 copies of the " Pioneer"
are sold every week : this should read
59,000 copies.
The Bishop's Choice.        '
Sir Frederick Treves, the eminent snr-
geon, was recently consulted by a certain
Anglican Bishop. After a careful examination, Sir Frederic pronounced his verdict
and added, "Your lordship must go to
Algiers or some winter resort on the Riviera.
^''Impossible." replied the bishop, "quite
impossible. I have too much work to get
"Well," said the doctor, "you must make
your choice. It is either Algiers or Heaven."
"Dear me!" exclaimed the bishop, with a
sigh.   "Then I suppose it must be Algiers."
Truth Versus Politeness.
Ethel was going to take supper with a
little friend. "Now, dear," said her mother,
"when you are leaving, you must bid
Marian's mamma good-night, «nd tell her
you have had a very pleasant time," -
' When the little girl returned her mother-
asked if she had done as she told her.
"Not 'zactly, mamma," was the reply.
"Marian took the biggest piece of the
apple and spilled the lemonade on my
new dress, so I couldn't say What you told
me; but 1 told her mother good night, and
said I guessed Marian had had a very
pleasant time."—"Judge."
Mother: "Tommy, are you teaching the
parrot to swear?" 7
Tommyj'"No, mother; I'm just telling it
what it musa't say."
, s
Yj_f- .    ' J7, 7      v , .•",'» r    ' k
vsSfjJ.' ."»■> '• '- . !  »'.', ' >-_*    " ...   ''.   ' ' •■< __ \   i f)'<.' i   *_ _'...   '
jgfjj ." '   J'j ", i   '.'■'   '     ',.. .'"'' .'" ' '""' I"""1 ■!_-_!___—M*"t ' **T 7«—.*■ ,       «.■
9      @
at th<
We have had our parlor* renovated
for the coming season.
Everything Neat and Clean.
Crushed Pineapple, Strawberry
Cherries, Chop Suey
Maple Walnut, Sliced Reach
^ - •      -      „■.-■•
All Flavours in Ice Cream Sodas
'i    :u
Just one word about our
—tney are thet BEST
Mc laritiet 6c riail
iWuPtjrfc tJa ifimttuifrm H^-v&i.f
»*» h*4i ***i *rt"». i»^»*_ **
".  *    .
,- -} yy vyyA..-, ■:.
»41~-.' 17 lcine
The ravages of these
destructive worms can be
reduced to almost nothing
by the proper use of
Pure Paris Green
Arsenate of Lead
If they attack the fruit
trees use
Canada to be Represented in
Canada is to be represented in the worldwide military conception, in connection
with the International Horse-Show in
England. Some time ago, the Dominion
was invited to send three horses and men,
to compete for a challenge cup, donated
by King Edward, and valued at $2500. The
cup will be given to a jumping contest,
over the society's course. The contest is
open to teams of three officers of one nationality. It was also stated that a team
could compete for the Connaught
Gold Challenge Cup, valued at $1000,
The Dominion Government has accepted
the invitation, and has selected Capt. D.
Young, of the Royal Canadian Dragoons,
Lieut. Frank Proctor, of the Mississagua
Light Horse, and Lieut. W. Leonards, of
the Artillery Corps. '
It will not injure the
trees. It will remain sticky
on the trees until the cutworms disappear. A band
of it applied' around the
tree cannot be crossed by
cut-worms, canker-worms,
or other climbing insects.
P. B. Willits _ Co.
. ■_. C   .
Lake   Boat   Sinks.
Tne steamer Adrila Shores, and her
crew of sixteen men have been lost in the
depths of Lake Superior. The vessel
was wrecked during the -great storm of
last week, and found its doom between
Whitefish Point and Huron Island: "The
grave-yard of the lake." No trace of the
missing men has been found, and it is .believed they all perished on the boat. The
story of the wreck was brought to Duluth,
Minnesota, by Capt. Thomas Stevenson, of
the Northwind. He received it from the
captain of the steamer, Simon Langell 'at
Portage Lake. The Shores had been missing for nearly a we.k, and the news of
her loss was not surprising. A telegram
from the owner admits that they believe
the ship and crew lost. She was commanded by Captain Homes.
_ Seeding Nearly Finished.
. Reports from all parts of the prairie
show that the seeding of. .wheat is nearly
over. The progress made this week was
in the most favourable weather, and the
farmers are expectant ol a good crop.
Nearly 90 per cent, is now in the ground,
and before Friday the rest will be completed. Fine weather with rising temperature now prevails through the prairie
west, and in the fall wheat country of
Alberta, it has turned very warm: conditions are so'favourable, that the farmers
are getting things in with a rush.
Wholesale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse
Dealer.'' ,
Ladies' and
Gents' Tailors ',
* Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to. .
- J. G. H1KMAN'
Boots Repaired and made
to order, . - .   .   .
Small line of factory stock
Death Caused bu Curiosity.
A strange death occurred at 'Toronto
last week and one whereby Toronto's
street cars .were stopped for fully a quarter
of an hour. , Light went out and factories
ceased running. The cause of the accident was a fierce thunder storm which
rose from Beamville. The wires of the
electric light company were broken, and
out of curiosity, one Richards of that locality, waa attracted by the sparks and went
to investigate. This was at two o'clock in
the morning and at daylight some neighbors found his lifeless body, burning up
across the grounded wires. , Manager
Fleming at once directed / the generating
plant at Niagara Falls to stop, while the
body w*s removed. Thousands 'of Volts
were passing through at the time and' it
would have been fatal for -anyone to remove the body before this was done. The
whole industry of Toronto was tied up as
a result.
The City Shoeing Shop ■
. *.NEXTFIRE,HALL,,     ,
-Horae--h<_ eing a pecialt y
Corner Stone for Y.M.C.A. Building
Laid at Moose Jato.
With a ceremony befitting the occasion
Lieut-Governor Forget made the first
official visit to Moose Jaw to lay the corner
stone orthe new-Y.M.CrArbuiiding.—De;-
lightful weather favoured the occasion,
and a civic half holiday having been pro.
claimed, large crowds gathered to greet
the representative of the King. The city
was en fete with bunting and flags. > A
guard of honor of the Sixteenth Mounted
Rifles met hit honor at the railway station,
and escorted him into the city. A civic
address of welcome was presented on his
Dynamite Explosion at Field
«■ A dynamife explosion occurred in tunnel number two, on the Field Hill reduction work at Field, Alta., shortly before
the two tunnels were joined. In the accident two men were killed, two others
being seriously injured.- .The cause of the
trouble was the presence of a quantity of
dynamite in a drill hole which had been
overlooked. * When' it was struck the dynamite exploded with terrible results.
New, Paper for London.
It has been' learned that London, Ontario, is soon to have' a Conservative evening newspaper. Those mentioned in connection with the project. are Hon. Adam
Beck, Dr. F. P. Drake, A. C. Greer and
G. McCormick.   J. P. Downey of .Guelph
is to be the editor in chief.
-., -i
Roberts Encourages Rifle Associa*
Lord Roberts has sent an autograph
copy of his book,' " Forty-one Years in India," to be competed for as a prize by the
Saskatchewan Rifle Association this year.
-   V '       '   .    ,
Bifl Blaze  at Barnet.
The Northern Pacific Lumber Company's
Mills at Barnet, were totally destroyed by
fire last Thursday. The fire which started
shortly before midnight, gained headway
so rapidly that the employees, who were
quickly on the scene, were of no avail to
stop the conflagration. The loss is estimated at about a quarter million dollars, and
very little insurance was carried. Much
lumber, however, is still on hand, and extensive timber limits are held by the
company, and it is probable the rebuilding of the mill will start at once. Several
C. P. R. shed adjacent to the mill were
burned, along with some freight cags which
were standing on a siding. Had it not
been for the C. P. R. and the Vancouver
fire brigade coming quickly on the field,
the surrounding district would have suffered greatly. The C. P. R. estimate • their
damage at about $5,000.
Grain Will be Shipped West.
The grain crop of Alberta and Saskatchewan, will in future be shipped through
Vancouver, via the Horn, and across' the
Isthmus of Panama. This is the decision
of,a meeting of C. P. R. officials at Winnipeg last week, and means the shipment of
about 75,000,000 bushels, across the Rocky
Mountains. Manitoba's crop of 100,000,-
000 bushels, will go to Europe via Montreal, as heretofore.
Winnipeg to Haoe Nei» Eleoator.
Barnett McQueen,' of Minneapolis, has
been awarded the contract for the erection
of a 300,000 bushel, concrete elevator for
the Ogilvie- Flour Mills Company, at
Winnipeg. The construction .is to be started at once. '  ■
Chinks tri] to Bribe Mayor.
Two Chinks tried to bribe Mayor Robinson of Kamloops, in the matter of an
assault case, and are now in gaol, their
names are, Ah Sing, and Louie, the latter
being at the same time, cook at the'Royal
Inland Hospital. Previously, one Fred
Bennet, was before the magistrate, charged
with doing damage to Louie's, place in
Chinatown. He established an alibi and
was given his freedom. In the meantime,
Sing and Louie waited on the'' mayor at
his home, and promised him money if he
would impose a heavy fine on Bennett, or
sentence him to a long term in gaol. The
Mayor told them to wait upon him in the
City,Hall, and a constable was placed behind the screen. Louie offered, the Mayor
$10,00 if he would grant him his-wishes,
and said he would give him some more
money when the deal was through. ' The
chief then effected the arrest.
Deaths by Gas Blotoout.
Two unidentified foreign miners, were
killed in a serious accident that occurred
in No. 7 mine, Coronado, B. C, owned by
the Crow's Ne'st Pass Coal Co. A big
blow up of gas and coal occurred. The
blow up caused a large quantity of pent
up gas to burst, shaking coal with terrible
force into dust, and it was impossible for
the men in the locality' to escape death.
Luckily, the accident occurred on the night
shift: had it occurred in the day, serious
numbers would have been -killed. Some
time ago a like explosion' occurred at the
same camp, causing the death of a number of, men. It was so serious that the
Government closed No. I mine, in which
the accident occurred,
Vancouoer Man Electricuted.
Frank O'Neil of Vancouver, a mechanic
employed in the installing of new machin-_
ery, lost his life at the B. C. Electric substation! on Queen Street, through coming
in contact with a high voltage electric wire
carrying 20,000 volts. O'Neil was working
in a gallery, and on receiving the shock,
immediately fell to the floor below, a distance of twenty-five feet. Medical aid was
instantly summoned, but before the doctors
arrival the last flicker of life had depart'
ed. "•     *
' Proposal to Hold World's Fair at
,        Winnipeg.
Mayor Keary, of New Westminster, h
received a telegram from Mayor Evans, of
Winnipeg, stating that a delegation from
the prairie provinces is due in New Westminster at the end of this week, for the
purpose of discussing with the business
men, a proposal to hold a world's fair in
Winnipeg in 1912, Arrangements will be
made for a public meeting as soon as the
party arrives, and it is the feeling of the
majority of people, that such a project
will receive unbounded support.
Gold and Copper Found Near Kam-
-   , loops
Reports are to hand from" Kamloops, of
a quantity of copper and gold ore having
been found. A rich strike was made at
the Kimberley mines last ,week, the-ore
body being very extensive and near the
surface. ' Valuable ore has also been
found in the Wheal Tarrter mine in the
local camp. Herman Beckman, who owns
the Kimberley mine has set a large body
of men to work and it is expected before
long the whole mine will be in a working
condition.*,   ?_'  .       ,'  . ;
'*■  ,<n"t
"W/ITH   Kelowna winning the highest awards
at the different Fruit
Exhibitions, this district will receive considerable attention from
homeseekers and investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States and
Great Britain	
; i
- i
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre, Fruit Ubts, iready for planting '•    '. J
next spring, in the centre of a beautiful valley.         .                  .   j f
(l   A- f
. <,
In  our Woodlawn Sub-division, between Richter.
and  Ethel Streets.    Prices,  $250  arid upwards,
on easy terms.	
;   .'
Central Okanagan Land & Orchard Co,
\i-t,>. .J.H y !.u
If you are interested in the com-
parative merits and .economy of
gravity ditches and small pumping'
plants, write for our" Booklet on
Practical Irrigation.
We have installed many hundreds of successful.pumping plants
all over the arid west.
We also have a new instructive
, bulletin  on  "How   to  Spray and
When to Spray Fruit Trees" which
. may interest you much.
Vancouver, -    ,   ,B. C.
and other principal cities, or
■V* *r % 1+ V.fl.
. _ - V.
ce Cream .Freezers
„■     '     ,,      ,.   " » - '   '    *'     h'7 .    v.. . - *■•*,    •
>   ;We have just -received :a large' consignment ofj ,*..
i*        , 7*   - • i        '< -vi',',
Michigan Cleanable Refrigeratbrs
Alaska   ;
. •'
|,<   -7«« $
 1 nc, best, finish uand. most, complete;Jine., of. R«?togcratQra * t
on the market.   Ten different styles and prices to choost from,;'
Ice Cre&mffrreezers;^Ail
i 'i
v    -  ■ ■ ~   . __■»
.    K»>]
The li/f    •      nn
ri viorn§mmAQQfttpson
Hardware .Col i
. .1
I    nix   ,
Vs J
Importer and Dealer in all hinds of
.5 ^ , i
' TKe Celebrated Adams wagon
Hamilton Wagons—both one and two-^<_g^f^Ai$o all
kinds of one and two-horse Cultivators; Plows;
Harrows and Spring-Tooth Cultivators. S
Come and see the Latest Improved, l(
If you want a FirsLClass Carriage go to fllhtt's.' We hJidltt^lngf
s'   but the best McLaughlin and Canada Carriage. \^U s s!\f
1 \ i i'
^    4v
♦*5 r
- $_
1 „
' 6. .1
Every, Rig Guaranteed
^V'/i   _\
  » ^ <*  ' V" i  f   i   .     i   ,n i 'mini ii|j,Mil,i
*:>.    '       '    aa>a:     '    .l^/.^^^W^
•7.-A\,, h;-•'•■ yyv'wi viuV^t>zti&i<£&M^^ '^^^^^^$^^^^^g
TiteOrcharcl Gitij) Record
Yearling Trees,
Glean, Well-grown Stock.
Buy at Home and Saue Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fast.
m.Q. Ofe, Leon St., or
Manager's GffficeratGreMrd.
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,    10   Lawrence Ave.
Belleoue Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
Kelowna Shaving
HAIR-CUT.       ::        ::        ::
Hot and Cold Baths
J. BOUCH, Proprietor
D. W. Crowley & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our1 prompt  attention
to mail orders
'Phone 12
•V' V";f  >."«!'    .">,^l|■Ar>,, '     .I""'.'
Lake Shore Lots For Sale;
■ ■ s • .'       . We have ten. lake snore lots for sale by the
new sports grounds.     66 ft. frontage.     All
-grass.   One mile from city, limit.     You will
need a. lake shore lot and  these are, all we
have left.        -        - -   .    -        -
South Kelowna Land Gj, Ltd.     "
H^ J. HEWETSON, Manager,
Lifting and
Moving Houses
AU work Guaranteed.
Social and Personal
Mr. C. G. F. Robertson left last
Saturday for New York.
Mr. Driscoll left for Edmonton
last Saturday.
Miss Ramsdale left by Saturday's
boat for Victoria.
Ted Beran has accepted a position -with H. H. Millie as night
operator on the telephones.
Father Conan of Revelstoke,
Roman Catholic Missionary among
the Indians, left for Penticton last
Mr. and Mrs. H. Martin of Victoria are visitors in town this week.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Mandeville arrived here from Brandon last
M. Eastman returned from an
extended trip to Vernon last
Mr. and Mrs. Stray and family of
Spokane arrived here last Saturday
with the intention of settling here.
Mr. Stray was so taken up with the
locality when here last winter, that
he decided to go back and bring
his family with him.
Mr. Steeples, colporteur of the
British and- Foreign bible society
will be in town for the next few
weeks. He preached out at
Mount Pleasant last Sunday.
R. T. Heselwood left by Tuesday's boat for Vernon.
Constable Tooth arrived from
Penticton on Tuesday after an extended trip both up and down the
Mr. Robert Hughes, who bought
land from the Central Okanagan
Land & Orchard Co., about two<
years ago, was in town this week
and was' surprised at the rapid
growth the town has made since
his last visit.
Doctor Nast and Mr. Needham,
of Peachland, were visitors to town
last Tuesday.
C. A. Stross, arrived from Ker"
emeos last Tuesday and is staying
at the Lake View.
Mr. S. Lister wishes to thank all
those who, by the'- assistance bf
Mr. C. A. Marshall and Mr. Childers
have so kindly contributed towards
his artificial limbs. The kindness
of the people of Kelowna has long
since been conveyed to his home
in England.
We are pleased to see E. Wil_-
enson around again. Last Tuesday he had a fall from his horse
when returning from the Mission,
severely bruising himself: he however feels better now.
V, _■-._*' .,_. . t     -T
J    .   .--
._: i       ,1.,.,  .-.*... V-M.
Wishes io announce tbat he is opening a
In the RowclifjfeiBlock
7 About may nt
Twirib-ftot.yean' experience in.Portraiture has. enabled him to attain
success in this btancb.   Jhe jatest tpounts will be kept in stock-
Clark & Ferguson
Geo. E. Ritchie
Plans and Estimates
_._ _-^r_ #.«-_ -Skat*-..*- —
Box 10d      Kelotona.
q A WANT AD. in the
Record will bring speedy
results. .-■'■'■■■-
V    ,i-~:.l!!r   ■.}   ..,,l..,.fi    r ....    ■,     •.,>.-.,!
I ■,,«,"
J  "  ik
\ i y.
; y'\
.H___ft& F^Fgrs. Norsemen, Poultrymen!
We have the sole agency for the famous
"jn^^tiofiairj€ure§>tRemedies, and Foods .	
Gall Cure
Healing Oil
Cur«f fityffftjmd'i Sorts*
)'M     )}* I      ■
Cures; Strtarwi 'etc "
Foot Remedy
Heave Cure,
For Asthma, Broken Wind,
Loupe Killer
A sure thing.
Worm Powder
, i
Cure* Cholera, Fever, etc.
Poultry Food
Means More Eggs
Hoof Ointment
Cholic Cure
Sure Cure
Stock Food '
A Great Conditioner
() \    '        T.',1"!'   '     <   <  ' '    "1
%«pfyr.Article. Absolutely Guaranteed
V  .|J"-}»'i.^   ''I-
> FL0V%
_.,,„., ,...v ^— ---..JIII-IIIIPIII I
■'. V', *M'it -,    . '     »    \     " ' 1
_._._- ... v;   L   _,
t 'A'
Dr.  Mathison,  dentist,  next  to
Post Office.   Phone 89.
'   A snap on
Pendozi Street
Two acre lots, containing about half
acre of fruit trees, coming into bearing,
price $1,250, with easy terms.     ;
Also two acre lots, with house, stable,
and chicken, house (more! land could be
added if desired), or would consider
"aKK*ifge~f«"firih_pMVeHyt^^     .   7
i  r
Richter Street
8 acres in corporation, suitable
for subdivision, ' 15 minutes
walk from Post Office. 1 acre
in 8 year-old trees, remainder!
in 3 year-old. ' Good five room-,!
ed cottage, stable ' and chicken
Price $6,000, on good terms
Apply to
Town arid Country Netds:.
Several delegates from the Methodist Church, including Mr.J.W.
Jones and Mr.J.A.Biggar and Mrs.
Cox left for New Westminster last
Monday, to attend the conference
of the Methodist Church at that
R. E. Lambly left foi Gleichen,
near Calgary, last Monday. Both
he and his father own extensive
ranches there, and it is possible
that "Bert" will bring back quite a
few good saddle ponies.
Mr.H.H. Millie is about to install
two new full metallic switch boards,
which will greatly improve the telephone service. The service will
be all day and all night one except
on Sundays when the service will
be open from 9. 30 to 10. 30 and
from 5 to 6 pm. In case of fire
it will only be necessary to call
"Fire" down the telephone, and the
name of the person calling. The
telephone officials will do the rest.
' Several fine trout were caught
off Mission Creek this week, the
largest weighed about ten pounds
and was' on view at Lequime's
■ We are asked to acknowledge
the sum of $2.00.from Geo. Mun-
ford for the Sam Lister fund. The
new limbs which have arrived
were supplied by Messrs. Willits &
Co., at cost price.
Messrs. Sullivan and Gerrard
will leave this week on another
"Bear Hunt," others will be leaving
shortly on a "wild gopse chase.";
The Rifle Association has started
its practices, and quite a few members left here last Thursday to pay
a visit to the Rifle Range. A good
shoot is reported.
The Baseball team will visit
Summerland on May 24th. Posters
are out notifying a good day-
sport, as well as a baseball game.
Quoits started last Tuesday
evening, several good throwers
being present in the park. Why
not try and again establish a quoit
club? , '•
Collett's new livery barn is now
budding forth in all its > glory. A
good job has been made of the
concrete walls, and the roof is now
in course of erection. It will hot
be long before the whole is finished and ready for occupation.
The Kelowna Rifle Association
is paying visits to the butts, every
Thursday afternoon. Last .Thursday Leon Gerrard came., off . with
top score, closety followed by J. N.
Cameron. * .    j'
The death of-William Wilsoni of
Woods Lake, near Okanagan Cen
tre, took .place in the. Kelowna
Hospital- after an illness of ten
days duration. ; He died on Saturday night and his remains were
taken to the Presbyterian church
on Sunday. The funeral service,
which started at two o'clock wias
conducted by the Rev. A. W. K.
Herdman, the body leaving, the
.church at 2:30 o'clock. At the
grave the Rev. Thos. Greene, assisted. The pall bearers were Mr.
D. W. Sutherland, Mr.' Weddell,
Mr. Whelan, Mr. Swallow,- Mr. W.
Haug and Mr. Lloyd-Jones. Mrs.
Wilson is at present staying with
Mrs. Lloyd-Jones.
W. Blackwood, the new water
bailiff is becoming a familiar figure
round the town, mounted on his
horse and with a long handled
spade over his shoulder.
The volunteer fire brigade' had
to answer a'false alarm of)fire, jlast
Friday? The alarm was given at
the instigation of Mr. Samson, who
wished to see how quickly the
boys could turn out. The hose
reel was out of the fire hall by the
time the last whistle blew, and within a few minutes, 500' feet of hose
was laid, along main street. Great
- credit is due boys for this display.
Are they training for the Marathon?
The new labelling, instructions
were fully carried out, when Mr.
Daniel left last Saturday for Victoria. The label was hard to decipher, but ran something. like as
follows: I am going to GETMAR-
ever was not kicked out of the
town with much force, several taking the liberty of removing their
boots and placing) them on Mr.
Daniel's trunk, before seeing him
safely on the steamer. Mr. Daniel
now wonders why so many people
use wire instead of laces to tie
their shoes.
The report that our old. fire engine is in imminent danger, is without foundation. Two of our prominent business men ur»fe contemplating making a trip with it to the
States, but it was thought that if it
left these shores, it would be nothing to " see at all."
The " Aberdeen" will run a
special trip on Victoria'' dax, 24th
ofi May,, leaving the Kelowna
wharf at eight o'clock p.m., after
the races. She will make a southbound trip to all points between
Kelowna' and Penticton. • " Good
luck to her."
Dr. Nash, secretary of the Peachland Chess Club was in town this
week trying to arrange a contest
between Peachland and Kelowna.
It is possible a match will be made
in the near future.
/ Mr.:,G. H7E7-Hudson was a
travellor to' Sicamous las_'|Wednes-
day. He took-' with him ■ oner of
those everlasting proofs that Kelowna is a "picturesque spot."
' A. W. Lanne, of St. Louis, arrived
in town last Saturday,'and "will remain'here'a few days days on bus
Rutland Notes.
i   >' i ,'_  - ..
Mr. J. L. Dunton and family left
for Vancouver Saturday morning
to take up their- residence there.
We wish.them success.,.
The shower this week did a
great dealof. good/ and potatoes
and other vegetables'.are looking
Look out for the Mount View
Bible Class picnic on .the 20th inst.
Bring your basket and come along.
20th Century
_.'-.    ;   Barbei: Shop
Bernard Ave.
_ ;
Hair-cutting,Shaying orShampqo
ing.   Facial Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.
w r 1 ■
A great city is springing ^into'- being in British Columbia; - It
is Prince Rupert—the,city of,destiny.
Prince Rupert is the terminus of the Grand Trunk Pacific
—the emporium of Northern British Columbia, Alaska, and "the
Yukon—the centre of the great fishing industry of the'north—
and destined to become,one of the great commercial an^iridus-
trial centres of population on the continent.
Between 2,000 and 2,^00Jpt^will be oflfer^JpjpjjidR,
by public .auction in Vancouver, B.C., May 25th to 26th.
Terms:—-one quarter "cash ; balance one, two, and three years
at'six per cent,interest.:    Titles aie • abaolutely<''inde_ea8_ble»»
which means that all titles are guaranteed Jby the Br»tiel},Gplmn-
bia Gov-rnment. ' - '■ -1' .. " -"ft    vK   '**'■ ''■.">
, No city in the making ever presented to the world greater
possibilities than Prince- Rupert. '.' What Sari' Francisco(is to
California.—.what.(Portland is' to ^regonp-what, Seattle is to
Washington—and what Vancouver, is to Southern B/O./Prince
Rupert .will be to the great developing region of the North.
For maps and further particulars, write
t ' Agent forGovernment^nd/lR__y.yfpy1'(
.   ■   /      \    Vancouver, B. C.
BJI^-.J^-i'"'_*.. .!_ .       '_- '.' .'*!' ".." '" ''  .'.bfLIm ij;yi.i i [ii hiijii*.Hji»uU-jw -l-.i»fc*
.        V
' '.I
- '   ■.   'V/   .
■A   {&:..'. '.  ' > .Vtyfef Ay^hy' ,''■ ♦' \ ,,'tV '.»;&$ :i,S-!^i_iP*___r__^i..ija_^«g,f__i.
" ~        ?j_?__.ff__^SKJ^^Wrt*rf,!"*'!"",!'!-™-
.-r*_T__ T7..    .:f'r»S.   ~!'.*-iT3T;af5!^*»3uj
aarEJSrrV3 . x\rr.. .   ._    ..   .   ...
iVifiiiiiiii ii i.ffiiiiiiiii i ■! nam i
V™™".^™™—j^»«_rH.'i'_rlr_.TfA^s-jfc. _*s...m Tnssar J. *■ rt..rrmTai.ii  ■ T_ ■.ffr_5-r'-i_n-_Tw'_.T7a__,frMiMM» —«_—«r^-   ■ -■■■   .^».. ,   ,..    ^,it n,,-.r- fTjTj___...-r_ ..._pyy— . __ -.__ ..—.-..   By, ^fiiia^nmh.., n-fc—-^^ ■*_,?,„r_i-in./^rini—wahp»i%ji¥ii■rtMr.iihn,iT_i-miniii i—niam ■ hiTi-*iiwiilw-.IvftiMiiMmto—>"-h_r _n—»r-i
ar r-'7^i;ra*4*J.wlUlLt«I'_l_I*.ii* i_ _._;_'_;._-.-i___!_ ____!_.: i_:_r_:^___ ..._'_ -,77. .-7V ■;_••.:._.-_■'..7vv7'iw-77-7";7._7. -V7.^ .7 ..£?.;. A ':JM-'7or--"'7~7r^
7 Our Essay : Contest provoked
■pot -a: Htlte iritereist: amongst t^
;:7yoiing;;:.pec!pl^7 ai^7quite7a7Htt!e.
rBatch : of ;;;tehattjr'^ arid'..interesting,
letters, have7reached 7pur. office.-
;;TJhe children of Kelovvna;' at jfcasti
judgiiig-frprn the to'ne^of some of
7 these lettera^ have ho doubt about
the attractions of their city in the
summer time. -
The First. Prize of $2 goes to
NETTIE HXRVEY, for her chatty
little letter which we print below.
ini the parki■•iI^^;^py^Md,'f^^ed;,'_kii
pretty 'waves roll iii;jaiid the vlpv^ly boats
on t|«.\.liter; jit^up!With Japanese lantern.
and :the park;wasstrung' with- them' too.
The band;played "and I 'enjoyed Tnyself
until I had ^oVgq''honi^V:Vv77!::77^,i->';'7'7
^ I hope I have as good a time this summer as I did last. 7    -7
"y^AAAy.J;.; 7777 :' X°% friend,.; 7.;.''''
7:7yA':'yAyyy■> Ayy Ay-'-Nettie H^rve^
A'AAf?;i'y. .:',''';/.-'Age:J l,:.years7i7::i:   A...
Second Prize,' by Ewan McLennan.
The Second Prize of $1 has been
We have pleasure therefore in
informing these two young people
that their prizes await them at this
First Prize, by Nettie Harvey.
Kelowna, B.C.,
April 26th. 1909.
Dear Mildred:—
Don't you wish you were in Kelowna
having a good time with all the girls and
boys? It is,a very pretty place, and I
have lots of fun playing with my neighbors
in the summer' time, and that pleasant
time will soon be here again, and the trees
will be out in leaf.
Last summer we used to take our lunch
up on the mountain on Saturday morning
and would stay till about two o'clock and
then come home.
I can play tennis a little. I remember
the game I had with a little boy last summer and I won.
I used to go bathing nearly every day in
the lake, but I can't swim yet.
There is some beautiful scenery around
here. Crawford's Falls is a nice place
most people say, but I haven't been up
yet to' see it
Last summer we' had such a nice time
at our Sunday School picnic. We had it
at Okanagan Centre. We played games,
and watched the boys., playing baseball, then gathered pretty stones by the
water, till it got quite late, and then we
had supper, and when the Okanagan boat
came in we went hbme and was pretty
tired when we got there.
' They have lots of picnics and seem 'to
find nice places to take them to.'
} I have been across the lake to the peach
orchard and had some fruit,  and   it is  a
very pretty place and I   had  a very  nice
_! ,1       t.   .    '«   ' •      '       i1 "
1 ; r—	
Kelowna, B.C.,
April 23, 1909
Hector McLean,
Chigwell, Alta.
Dear Hector:—
The city of Kelowna is situated on the
east side of Okanagan Lake, which affords
an excellent swimming place during the
summer months. In one place it gets, very
deep within a few feet of the shore. Here
there is a spring board, off of which many
delight in diving. There is , also another
place for beginners, where a person can
easily wade out a hundred yards.
Other times you will be enjoying a game
of baseball, football' or lacrosse. They
have already started baseball and football.
After you have had a game, and you are
hot and tired, it refreshes you to have a
swim. The regatta is what we are all
looking forward to.
When you begin to get tired of city life,
you can take a g_n5and fishing tackle, and
go out for a day of sport in the country.
If you like, you can go down to the docks
and fish. Sometimes you will catch a
trout, but they are not so plentiful as in
other parts of the lake. Sometimes we
boys catch squaw fish and suckers and
sell them to the Chinamen.
We are not always doing the above
things. We have to hoe the garden and
water it. Besides cutting and bringing in
the wood and all the rest of the chores.
During the summer holidays we some'
times get a job and earn some money,
which is spent about as fast as it is made.
The general placea where work is found
during the summer is at the sawmill,
canning factories, dn the farms, on the
streets, put up buildings, etc.
Yours truly,   -
Ewen McLennan,
7The Best Engine
777'-.-;. on the ;
.'■•.'We can
',:'-.•'    show you.    7
Leading Boat
Y: Builders.     ;
sizes - 1, 2,
3 to 25 H. P.
ts -
_ Ti"e S . M?.n5e En^ne embodies the best features of the finest automobile engines It
has the offset cylinder, reducing vibrotioh and increasing power, the counterbalanced crank
Tk l(Sv_nB *-?. °n l." _"• best coolmB and ollmF '«""' "ntl <W- other improvements.
______abl.dcy-nd"e. head?ItT^"' *° eXam'ne *" W°rki"g """^^ «'<** ""'   En(fine
The 1909 Ferro is the Great Engine of of the Year
Over 2,000 sold before the season opens,
Made in a large number of sizes-.-for any kind of boat for any service—work or pleasure
FerrYLTZ) -." y<. t\°U Phe Fe-° "nd the ,Fe"-° _ear' And we want l° »»>°w y°" *«
ferro Special—the greatest 3 H.P. engine ever made for the money.
Come in and get a catalogue and ask questions.
The Okanagan Electrical Snpply and Machinery Co.
Electric Light and Power Engineers, etc.
P.O. Box 90. On call all hours. Phone 84.    '
Mr. FisHerm-ui^
If your stock of tackle needs renewing,, come
and inspect our new supply. We carry everything
in the fishing line, including , /     ',
Rods Trout Mies' Fish {Baskets      A  Lines
Leaders       Fly Books Hooks Reels
Otter Baits   Landing Nets Spoon Baits < $c.
Note.—This being the first season to handle this line
of goods, all our stock is perfectly new.
Druggist and Stationer.
Teacher: "Now what is the noble Red
Indian's wife called?"
Tommy Jones: "A squaw, miss."
Teacher: "Quite right! And what are
the Red Indian babies called?"
Tommy Jones: "Squawkers, missl"
For The, Spring Trade.
Seeds for the Farm, garden, Laion or Conseroat-
ory from the best growers in England, France,   -
Holland, United  States*,
and Canada.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Small Fruits, English Hollies
Grown in the only part of the American continent not infested by the
San Jose scale. Our trees do not
have to be fumigated and conse-'
quently damaged.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies
Spratj Pumps
Cut Flotoers, etc.
157 Page Catalogue Free.
Greenhouse and Seedhouse
3010, Westminster Rd.
Branch Nursery   -  >outh Vancouver
We can supply first-class one
and two-year-old trees, either
grown at Kelowna or Victoria
(Head Nursery), in the best
commercial varieties' of
Apples, Plums, Pears, Cherries, etc.
We have also now at Kelowna,
/       Ornamentals
of many kinds; Shade Trees,
Lilacs, Spiraea, etc.
We would be pleased to have you visit
us and select your specimens.
Catalogue and Price List Free.
A. E. Boyisr
_.r^_.!*ten°i.Ve s_iower,001faI>kind» °f Fniit Treej, and other Nur-
d___?. -V fV- * JR° "if"' Sh^b"' *nd °™«"«>tol free., .nd oSa to'
plantera ot Orchards, choice treea, true to name. '       ™ t. •
The most experienced planters realize that young treea mown in'
_?.tapnr: _,_rra ?e°rbt. ?ilar condidon" •■ —ifi» *• •= 3
„M „1 "J P5. pared *>Xun,il,1> "One y«r old tree.," on a three yet
£_.-._ "-^ye".^^ on a four year old ^ot. a, derirU «
price, that will be considered reasonable. ^
««.__! ffiiT *„ DucheS8 Dwarf Pear very extensively, which is being:
used as a filler by a good many planters. T  _
i*   °iir Pellch• AV.   e' Pear' cherry Bnd Plum toes are all of first'oual-
ity well grown, weTfrooted. a.d will please the most Sitical buyer.?
^Ljfei cultivation in our Nurseries ensure a splendid root iy.tem
which ot course is most necessary in a young tree,
to -Pn-i.^ffk1".   ^ »e"»onJ. e have successfully .hipped our stock
d__L. ,    ProV*n(.' and c?a «"■«»«««• Mufyaetion to all our
exnL>n!?.eTlJ-.ofoUrfi™"e_*1-1 Dr«?>«l Nurserymen. wit-Hong
S_£n_l ' •y<,reKn™B th«r whole time to this one business.
_.Pn_3;iKSve,Tkn?er*y det*. o'.&e work of/gro_ng..pack£w   .
«___«. J iu1}'  (     "■ r .1,ve an«>ng the tr«s. wat-hSTwiS
zealous care the development of every acre of our vast plantings.
tion Ilk", fc *JC<iVadil,j en?en>rise of 25 y^ars-standingriia our reputa-
tion is behind all our dealings, give us your order and you' .  "
gret it.
I you"« will not re-
and^iX"1 * SOO<1 TdiM" ™Bn l° '^ °ft" -°Ur bu™e"in Kelowna
ourB^hcIC-SfcchTffi^0^        ''em,, talesmen to "
CHAS. L. TROTTER, Manager, 1125 -thW. W'
'A   *
Catalogue Free on Request.
,  7    "'-     'You will always find     '
Qaod Fresh Groceries and Provisions
at Lequimes
Jij. V*X*f*"ii_^|
At this particular season of the year the lDusy house-keeper finds it
hard to find something fresh and, apetizing for the table.     Perhaps
can assist you by a few suggestions from our fully assorted stock.
Rolled, Oats 45c.
Canadian Wheat flakes 40c.
Carnation .Wheat Flakes 45c.
Cream of Wheat 25c.
Corn, Flakes 12J
_ Malta_Vita '. !2J-
Triscuit'   15c.
Ham 20c.
Breakfast Bacon 23c.
Picnic Hams   15c.
Fresh Eggs .....30c.
FolgersGoldenGateCoffee 50c.
Ridgways A.D. Coffee 50c.
Braid's Best Coffee 50c.
Braid's Big 4 Coffee 40c.
C. _ B. Marmalade...!/. 65c.
Keillers Marmalade 65c.
Robertsons Marmalade 65c.
Wagstaffs Jams, pail 95c.
Clark's Lunch Tongue 40c.
Almyer Lunch Chicken 35c.
Cambridge,, Sausage 25c.
Roast Mutton 20c.
Corn Beef Is 20c.
Corn Beef 2s 35c.
S\     T* f\       «/\
-v^x-i ongue _8 .ttt;vucT"
Deviled Ham 10c.
Potted Tongue 10c.
Potted Chicken 10c.
Potted Beef 10c.
Ready Lunch Loaf 20c.
Anchovy Paste   20c.
Bloater Paste 20c.
Chipped Dry Beef ...20c.
King Oscar Sardines 20c.
Sardines in Tomatoes 15c.
Bensdorps Cocoa $1.00
Van'Houten's Cocoa $1.00
Ridgways Cocoa  85c. '
Lowney's Cocoa 65c.
Baker's Cocoa 65c.
Cowan's Cocoa ...65c.
Soups 15 c.
Oxtail, Mock Turtle, Vegetable,
Chicken, Tomato and Mulligatawny ,
Corn, Peas, Beans, To matos  15 c.
—Lee &-perrin _-Worr SauceTTiTTTT.740c.
Holbrook's Wor. Sauce 25c.
Rowats Wor. Sauce -25c.
H. P. Pickles 40c.
Gillard'a Relish 40c.
C B. Pickles 40c.
Rowat's  Pickles 25c.
Lee's Pickles 25c.
, Bananas 40c. doz.
Lemon's 40c. doz.
9ran8es 50c. doz.
Nuts, all kinds..A 20c. lb.
McLaren's Cheese '.
Ingersoll Cheese	
Roqufort Cheese '.	
Grand Showing of Dainty w
New White and ColoreiWaists
-i ■ ■       '.,,j       .        '    '      "   ..''r ^ t ■ ~ -.
Just arrived the largest and most attractive,
showing of new waists we have ever before
shown and our values have never been better.
.i *
New white Lawn Waists, Tucked Front, Long Sleeves, $1.25       0
New White Lawn Waists, Trimmed; Fancy Embroidered and Insertion
-   Front, Long Sleeves, $1.75*
New White Poka Dot, Swiss Insertion Front, $2.00
New White Lawn, Trimmed embroidered front with lace yoke, lone
sleeves, $2.50 ,
New Tailored Chambry, Fancy colored check, with white embroidered
collar, $2.50, '; '
Our stock in Fine Lawns, Nets v arid Silks,
were never more replete. All the ^newejst
novelties you will find shown here." Hqces to
suit all purses. '■'      ,/; 1    > ,
. 0. I
. ■ -
V 'I
•» 'A
' " _
r. V ?
Come, in. and, see our stock, it will pay you.
lines which we, have not space here to mention,
dowh town call up phone No. 22 and we will do our best to deliver
orders with greatest dispatch possible.
We have many other
if you  can  not come
per cent. Discount Sale of Fbje
Muslirl Undergarments;        j
Starts Saturday, for Three Dkys Only     (
_-__•      i   i   •    '   * _ ' i!     v"  /   • •   **'    ,; '
1 his sale brings, valuer that haye hitherto
been unequalled attire xpmmerjcemeRt of [a
season. The garments offered for this sale are
fresh and new. Ladies \isiting, the, sale,, will
find it to their saving to buy their summer supply now. This sale includes all values. Don't
miss this opportunity.
■-.'. i
\\ *_
.' i'~.' V'1!
. '. ' .J"A*
.  - Ji_.H
7 ,*.*!.<(_
ihvji..,- V.'.1
,  J   ;; .-^___« T^T
_ie o^^'Qifr--R^
Is not only an art, it is also
a business, which to execute promptly and at a
reasonable price, requires
a complete modern plant,
handled^by experts.
All this is at your service, and we can promise
you a pleasant surprise
when you place your next
order with us.
Mr. Whitehead has retired from
his position as conductor' ofthe
Kelowna Orchestra.
S, P. Pond   of  Nelson   B.C.   is
j' visiting in town this week.
R.T. Heselwood returned from
Vernon on Wednesday last.
Mr. Wheeler who has been away
the last two weeks for a trip • to
Moose Jaw and district returned
by Wednesdays boat
Messrs. English and Sharpe left
for Enderby toda? where they
anticipate holding another sale of
boots and shoes. '
Mr. Newby and Mr. Kirker have
! accepted positions in connection
: with the West Bank Saw mill.
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
without land.
Morden's hbuse, with or
Apply G. E. Boyer.
24 -6p
FOR SALE—Good general purpose horse
$75.00., Apply, WHITEHEAD, Rutland. _      24-27
IN POUND—One Bay gelding, four years
old, branded A on left shoulder. W. H.
Beatty, Pound Keeper, 23-tf
FOR SALE—One full sized oak bed, including mattress and spring. A bargain.
Apply P. O. Box 122, Kelowna.      23-25
ROOMERS WANTED—Furnished rooms
in private family, three minutes walk
from Post Office, Mrs. Hislop, Corner
Water Street and Eli Ave. 23-25
On   May   6.    The  wife   of  W.
Saunders, of a girl.
On May, 10.    The wife of Harvey
Small, of a boy.
."•   *i*7*;-
Pure Bred Shire Stallion
"Mona's Rocket"
No. 25.438 (Imported)
Foaled June, 1905. ^
The property of       j
Oyama P.O.
"MONA'S ROCKET" is a grand
bay. Four white legs and nice flinty
bone of the right sort; the best of
feet and joints. Present weight is
1,900 lbs.
Won 1st Prize and Reserve Champion as best foal at Bodedern Horse
Show, 1905; 1st Prize at Toronto as
a three-year old, 1908; 1st Prize at
Vancouver Spring Show, 1909.
This horse wiil travel between
Woods Lake, and Kelowna, and will
be found at Blackwood's Livery,
Kelowna, every Tuesday night until
Thursday morning, and at the Home
Ranch, Oyama, Friday until Monday
morning. , -,
Mares kept at pasture.
Terms: $20 to ensure; $15 for the
season; $10 single leap.
For furrher particulars apply to
...lull' mw*.
A Garment with Distinction
.. : v    ".■'''  '    ■- ■■-;,-
and Popularity.
tf'_.  ■,
M i - '•
Our three button and two button
Sacks. Styles and price are things
Quality is hidden away inside the
linings. The foundation of good
workmanship is the special feature
of all our Clothing which means that
the coat lapels will not turn up at
the corners, the pockets will not sag,
the coat fronts will-not wrinkle and
pucker, our trousers bag or become high-water; the coat sleeves
will not pull up. In fact all our
clothing means
'— Headquarters for The Economical Buyer.
Notice is hereby given that, thirty days
after date, I, Gilbert Hassell, of South Okanagan Mission, B. C, intend to apply the
8uprintendent of provincial police,' F. S.
Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail
liquor license for the Bellevue Hotel, located
at South Okanagan Mission, B. C, on the
East side of Okanagan Lake,        ^
Kelowna, B. C. April, 30th 1909.     23-26
FOR SALE—Democrat wagon in good
condition. Horse and harness, also
Thoroughbred White Wyandottes. In
quire C. C. Josselyn, Grocer. 22-24
FOR  c. I-E— Five year  old   mare,   well
/ broken, quiet. Apply G.P.Doisen. 22-25p
WANTED—Three or foui teams with men
and trucks, to truck logs. Apply C. J.
B. Anderson^ Kelowna,    . 23-25
FOR SALE—320 acres of land at $7.00 per
acre cash, or $8.25 on easy terms. Apply
to Ernest Snowsell, Alta Vista Ranch,
Kelowna, B.C. 20-tf
PURE BRED Single Comb Buff Orpington
Eggs for hatching. $2.50 per 15, $4.00
30.   DUNN, P.O. Box 334, K.L.O. Ranch
FOR SALE—14 Acres on K' L. O. Bench
for particulars, apply to P. O. Box 261.
Kelowna, B.C. 17tf
TO LET—Six roomed cottage on North
Richter St. Apply Mr. Cornelius Martin
on premises. 19-tf
Notice is hereby given that all persons
posting notices on the electric light poles
or other City property after March I, 1909,
will be prosecuted.
13tf City Clerk.
Contractors and Builders of
Houses, Flumes, Coffer Dams.
Hardwood Finishers.
Stair Building a Specialty.
All work guaranteed to be satisfactory.     Plans and specifications
Residence: Pendozi St., Kelowna
P.O. 87
Advertise for
Situations Free
Result of Investigation Made by
Forest Expert in Alberta."
Forestry in Western Canada (as everjy.
where else) means far more than 'the
planting of trees. The first step in' forestry is the preservation of forests already
existing, and, as far as Canada—east and
west alike—is concerned^ that means the
keeping out of fires. 'Something in this
direction has already been done in Canada,
but much remains to be done.
Forest fires in the Rockies, their effects
and means of preventing them aire discussed by Mr. H. R. MacMillan, Asst.
Inspector of Dominion Forest Reserves, in
the December- issue of the Canadian
Forestry Journal. His article gives the
result of investigations made by him during the season of 1906 in the Crow's Nest
district of Southern Alberta, more accurately defined as the valley of the' middle
fork of the Old Man river between the
Livingstone range and the western boundary of Alberta.
Originally this whole region was heavily
timbered, so the reports, of explorers and
other early visitors to the district say, with
the exception of a small area.(eighteen
square miles in extent) situated above
timber line. "So numerous and so disastrous have been the fires following..' in the
wake of travellers, settlers and railways,'
Mr. MacMillan writes, "that at present,' of
the original 212 square miles of forest,
only 33 square miles remain." Moreover,
the timber which is easiest to get at is
always the first destroyed, and what is left
is situated at high levels and in other
places where it is hard to get at.
Not only has the timber originally on
the land been destroyed, but in some
cases all possibility of producing, without
going to an enormous expense for artificial
planting, more timber (or anything else)
on the land has been taken away. In
this Crow's Nest Valley alone there are,
out of the 212 square miles of its total
area, 85 square miles of such land. Originally covered by a heavy forest of fir, it
is now but a "poor, gravelly prairie, unfit
for agriculture and of very little use for
grazing." One fire alone does not usually
have this effect, but "a second or third
fire rarely fails to kill all the forest' reproduction" (i,,e„ the little trees) "to destroy
the remaining seed trees, to burn' off the
upper layer of soil, and leave a desolate
waste" such as the country just spoken of.
On portions of this area nature has
made a good start toward creating a new
forest. Sixty square miles of the area are
covered by a dense growth'of young trees,
the land so covered lying too high on the
hillsides and being too rough, stony and
gravelly to be fit for agriculture < or valuable for grazing. All that this area requires in order ,that it may again be covered with dense forests is protection - from
fire. '""
Thus fire protection is obvionsly the
great need of the region, and the Department of the Interior, through its Forestry
Branch, is devising means to this end. So
far, the measures used for the protection
of forests from fire in. Canada / have consisted of the patrol"of the' forests by
rangers, who constantly travel through the
forest, keep a look-out for fires (often discovering and extinguishing in. their beginnings fires which, rftglected, would
burn over miles of territory), fight fires
and warn campers and travellers against
the careless use of fire. This patrol will
in all probability form the basis of the
system of protection eventually put in operation, supplemented . by the use of
"look-outs', and the telephone.
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