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The Orchard City Record Apr 29, 1909

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■A'. .'';'.   ;v., '-'-■■>;fJi ■',"■''''• ,"■'  .  V/■'''■ > ■.-,',' S?.-^-"'"' •"'■'■'. ■^•'■.' "•'i' ii l^'.v^'',   '::• 'j''
71^<-__ierailSL -ttemress'yip ■ $*%&
:MgW;ork.77l''  "':—'""" ""'
Mi[§^7^^l:*^^^^^^^^^ 111111
Daylight Saving Scheme 7- Disposal ofSurplus Money Frorri
Park Debentures 7 Opera HousevStage Roof - Dii
7 in Collection of (Water Dues^- Deputation from
7 ■ '.'A- AA-'A£m>A;>?AiAA$J!D::
.'&'■-]; .-sfe&ciatibruf
:a.   "■■ -
77 A meeting: of ,7 the'7City:;;.Council
7: was held on Saturday last, at eleven
77o'clock, a7 full7 attendance  of 7the
y     The7most important >item'■was
^Ijthe-^eading pf^y-laws Nb7597arid;
tt-ftQirallowing the7clbsirig7of Water
7;jStreet ^d.tKepG.P.R; tb^taitbuild-
.•' >? ing $ .heir '-•■ he^^wharf ;;;and 7warer
;7h6uses;on theManhattan Beach;|7r
\ 'A 7The 7 niihufes Tpf;£tfce!
vjmeetihg, being, read^and
7^the- Mayorasked 7the: 'aldermen
7 tq. think Nbver7theT! ^yi^bility7 of
7 getting the clock ahe^^pne^hdur,
_. &?as:,'he"j'-hadi'heard7wveral^yrj-opile
•7'7'advoiate ah exbraih^r^Kdaylight.'
''" : !;:|;7;Ald;;:Ellibtt; remar^d;that7the
7^plan; had been tried at i.Nelson; arid
7^ithad proved a failure, pwihg to
77the:time; not■■-yfitting\(in|JJm^7the
7|trairi: arrivals; but here tKere^wpuld
v^be nothing to prevent such an;ar-
) rangement, as the boat7 would; be
,:7in during; the:fworkiri_7 portion 7of
7|the. day77„;;:7:7;7-:'7 >fAA-AjA^A.
•0 7The question wasleftT-ritiljrifext
v'|M6hday,;i. being decided that the
.;Ipublic.might;vote :■ for^or.Tagaihst
'A k_Ci___£ _^.:i;_ Ji^_4:^_" a_ ,u„..
the insurance companies had made
n6'differeric_;in>irate_ owing to its
presence; 7Mr_, Raymer did 3>ot
thirilrithe; councils hadTany cause
to make compJamt.7 7Maypr_■;• iJp-
Hart thought that-as-^thev«building
came: within the-fire limits,;itought
tohave somebetter protection than'
sheettiri.^h Why:-ri'ot',useiplasterf:
Ald7 Gox;e _3l_.riepV;&at;Mr, • Ray-:
but it Was only general to;. haye;;a
high roof oyer the stage, and as7it
'would be fitted!>_th electric^Iightsv
the: 'charices Jbff firexwere reduced
Jo a^miriimum^l 7;:>7 :;••  7- ■ A}. A. 7!7'
v^iAld'_ Rbwicliffie wished; to know
I the project _.t^thfe;^
'•:■:} votecbh ;■' byTla\Ys^p759;, and; 6p.^|7(
Lvfread arid passed; by^thecoimciLfbr
; |the third reading; it^beiiig7decided;
sfethat bef6re< thfebyilawsi we're voted
I«v*7f on a general meeting'should ^be,
I vV ■■7'7" -'if  '_  ;?   '■'^'''.■'■-7r-_'^-':-''^'-i'^^'p$v^>rVv/i_"' ^
k ■; 7   i« called 7 so.1. •;■:as% to.;s explain}' to s the
*C^-rf_he7 fadvifebilirylt^^s^ifthfeninlr'
773'lec__sfrbmJthfr'PMk^Purehase By|
7'7jvlawtW£i8;tiext gone into^'itWas^de^
7 7;;t'xided7'tb>'place;';;^^
f any n^veirfierit:, had'been made
to iBupply the'life.saving apparatus
■fAld.:El_ottlr_plied; that he still
" Nfi"-'
The    I-elovvria -football;',teams,
both 8eriibr;ari^;junior, journeyed
to Peritictbri"lastjThu^aytiillpla^'
their return ; matches7 7 The^TClp^
velly'' was';chartered i arid V-jirived
' —  " ,"" ■" '   ■■-■■'■■■■'■'-■- '-*$■.:■
"   -5'
at Penticton about.four'o'clock.
field-but had 7a Vv-^^shbrt^gaine
bwirig;tb the: lirriited? tirrie.vvvTh^
visitors; ;and /played-'^'jhetfer^icptt-'.
binatipn7 i The closing scoreiheirig
thre^ to mljirirfavc^vb^
Juriibrsi;! A ■ 4>A 7'^R7fc7>'^"'fe^M :-
■■,;v:.'l he seniprsynext took .the ;neld
with the same team as played Penticton here 0n7 GbpH7Frid£iy7f ex^
cept 1w!the f act of >, Brooks being0ri
goal instead of JjButt.; 77ThbkPeritib
tori team^asTstrprigersthari^wften
last pppibsed by bur vb^ys^;"having
......vcided7;;tbVpla^;?_-e; ...7  ..........
I0'7l^$4,OOO foicT |riiriiprcweri_elt87 iri^ihe
17:|.:park, as it ought:to be'U8edfor*he
7j "purpose fprT-hich itwas brigiriially
'::'l;int«hd#»_^ AyyAy'AAA-fAAAAAA^^y
amount7?bugh]K7to7?be7 amply;
sufficient*?• 'to';;:put7;the fparkXiriryja
C|7 good;' sta_7 _ f repair, -ii ^^xW^^ijM
j7,;;;^d. Rpy^iffe';thbug^
A 7WateriWbrl^;^temiOUgh_;; tou ire7
ceive the first consideration or any
i  surplus money and suggested  that
7i;17sbrne'might go on ^£rt:side;bf7the
;7'-7:' 7balance';8heet.^^V?'f:'.;|'','' _'!a.-*i*_. _''■ . *
7:^77 ;Ald..Gox '^%l_'tK9 pre-p1
- ;7 Park^t&wai7ari;feyeabr.ft:;arid\as
777 soon dis'ir^a^madejto.lool-pre-
; A{. sentable the sobner;," would; people
77|;7takejari' iritweit^^'the^td^l^He!;
;; *' remmrl«d^1^trywitbr_:
'7;. }o be tumedtaway if they show'ihe
:7;|; '^ark7in;'such,:a:: state arid^tKbuglit
A'A thataai soon'as possible it ought to
.:i!. '1^- ■■ -■    ■.• . •'-■I-:. ■*"■■• ^j....v''^;V ';>>-.<u.!7>'._r ^sDil
:-;.': .7be put ln^repauv;::;';,;;,;;;;>;^;:a7.v;:.;^.y
7 17 7:AT^^unchire;the;m(eetinjj,wjas
(H   Wdj'oumed»fth-;;c^
7      meet again on Monday evening at
AJr-.■■■"■.'■■''./;: 7"7tf ;7;'- -• ■"■_.-,■,?:■■>k77v.7V7','.-'
.,"'.|".-;-'-._V._   'fJti'f.T*..'?/«"'»/' i"-a»*"''^^»'»i"'>a-'"-rf-i V" J'^ '■'•'.-'
. 7 7  A meebmgipt th? 5Vfw4jS^?inc.
i ] 7; was.held Tast].tMonday, Aldermen
■I: 4:7 Coi,(!Rowcli_:e/ Elliot^ and ^Bailey
i|7p beiriit p.e.i__7Maybr DeHart took
.:,;; nThe;minutes; of  the^7 previous
A ,,...;meeting,i^e^^d;^d."adbptedi7^'
71     .After,«the» cqrrespbriderice had
formed the council tthat* Mr.' Law-
son had'received 4. _£er\to-day
telling him that, a';, grant of .,$8000
had been mal^etfbr.the school. *• <v
'xTKe reports of', committee^ were
__ __b_A^-_l_>*_»iUV^r-'_iftrWin_
with boards along the sides, but
the bar on Pendozi Street had' not
becsn touched yet. Mr. Elliott,
whp had beven away" part a pf the
^weekvto,'Vernon, had'yeiy little
';" -ij
1 ^Ving was- gone* into, Ald.j Ba;ley re
,'   marking that the grading Vasgbing
i    on'firsUatC^5?^1'^ \y
Aid. Cox said-he had consulted
with yix. Raymer about , the plans
to'h^ submitted to the' cpuncil,'arid
he had promised to1 have some prepared.- i As far as the roof ,ons t,op
of the stage was concerned, it was
quite safe from outside confltagra-
tion as it was covered with' tin: as
had the m_:l!er7iri7hand^'bu|;was
unable at "present to find suitable
place > where; the iife7bubys^ cbu
bepurchasbd.-j AgerieraiP discuss^
arose as tb ? the7fire arrangements
at|the7 vanbuSo Jvotels,; 'it7 being
three hotels had7a?7rbpe7fixfedilK»;
the^wii^bwfpr; ii3e;iri^se of; fire
in accordance-\^ith\ the abt,Jarid the
iri8tructedftbilook:.-;;thorpujghlyi iritp^
; 7 Aid,! 1 Eniptt7wished7to' know if fit
watered, !regulai_y; he7jhad7had;i|Ei
cbn^erMtibri]yHth:Mr.- Sarnson aind;
h_d|leairrie^;|that| "thal^fgerideman
h__i_io^time5__7spare7tb$_irri i'the
hose on the; principal streets. .   He
tHat nigh^but to; all^ppiarancef it
wasmbtv iHe'had'heani it_at7$40
a month.'for=tWoVmenswas7to /be
cbri8idered7sufficierit;7 but Twishfe^d
an{e8tiriiatei for; tirh^;cpei^da3r,7_hd
.pe^ijno]^^:H^ lecufned;
tha. the ;Brigade7did;; not wanti^ a
laidder yv^pn'anbV^pu^
r$§rJM;repiae^ b^
ing concluded, it was decided 'to
readby:law No; 61 for a third time,
this' beir^pass^ed ;D^th-i'.couiiicilj!|j^
at_^^:qri^e^cou^il(tb" ask;-fbr
wat(Br.due8.7sr^Ir, ^4artiri ferriarked
tKai^he*hadvBeen outTall .day; arid
had only collected from two people
the'sun. ;pfVtw^elji^ dollars^;this-,is
riot a very :profitable:> ernplpyment
arid from ?!mariy 7whom'1, he-Jasked
for^their dues,;he only'got7a;7good
"calling down;'' most of the people
8^iri£th^bb6ld'nbt get the water
When)they/wanted it. He would
sooner someone else had the cbll
echng in.
Iwo ^icked^'meri7frbriv7Peacl
arid one' from;Fairview^b plc^for
theirii"7 Within ;_7sh^rt^H-^e7affer
the; garrie started'Pvrl-lbyd^^scpred
a goal, this^ Tcoristituting 7thes;"brily
1b, score during the g_rrie77 The7first
half was fairly;; fast^ but7 tKe7l>bl-
bwnatearii ;had7some7difficultry7iri
cbntrbllirig the; ball^as-A-l7grbviri^
was much;raster than^theagroundv
they were^used^ tp.;,m%.the park:
77. he'secphdmalf !w_s^ spbiled7by
the;strong;wirid^that :Was7 blovHne;
which'drove the^aH;iritoJthe^-_el-
bwna;gbal.7 ;Huds6risU8ed7his^fun
back ;;;weight -1 arid!;;? def ended J;the
gbal; wbll?! leavingf^tl^^^pal^^P .r;
Onlylibnce^was; sorni_7 arixig^y^felt,;
but Hudson cleared: the7ball;Vand
saved ^th _ situatipri^v
S'The■ spectatbreiwh
.were /numerous7ana »,enthusiastic,;
ev^r aw-ridledJdojira
:erid7 of "7'the,:7g4m^o^^ig-;tpS| the.
finishing;tinie^in_'sb>iat^7^^7? 77
to the "Pirates oi- Penzarice'Vshow, ■
arid were eager* supporters of their.
■theatrical' arid« iriusical conirades, '
Itwas about, three
o'clock when
"I ?,.vVi.'**'-''T*-J-
the Kelowriai-Jiraljfes boarded their
shjp rlastkjlnirsday,' .in-order to
spoil the town of Pentictbn7 The
lake 'was-sriibpth ;arid7little vice
could^be; seeri'in, the'; facesVpf the
piratical crev^* as; they '.were ; embarking. ;^T^e"|iri^brir^7carried;: f.,
smallharid bag airid;:if orie7cbuld!
(look inside^jtheseiwarpaiht^pfSall
cplpursjicpuld hayei'been 7fpurid;
nbt;tb mention a !coriiplete setT'bf
first aid^tpith^; injured7appliariceSi
the;1 onesv belbii^ing7tb7 Kelp^ma;
were a !merry.xrbwclf 'asking ithbse
.pri,: tfieiwharf !yyhb,:f elt| .inclined % tp
corrie7albrigKaridihaye;a:good time;
many agree_^tb:do this! and a crew
of-about . Sphere; taken ;frbrni the
wh_rf7; The (large ; paddle Jwheel
started to ;reybly^7^d;;sbpn7tlie
boat was speeding its way tpwarHs
Gellatly's; laiic|ing!7! 7The;' weather
being bright both piratesTand'their'
friends: w^ereCairirigV^-the deck/
talking 7and| jokirigf as7iirily! ;bri-
garids1 r know] \ wh^n^ia;|*epo'rt;i:; !was
circulated;thathead pirate;;No.;29
was'; Jabpu!t7; tb.7^cuftle|;:the 7ship!!:
This1 might ghaye^Y peeri|dbriei> had
nbtthespftatrains; of music bro
upon the ears, bf No. 29;arid forced
him; tp7'FMegb*S;h'is:;sad7emplp5^7
Musichath charrns^EuidJitwa. hot
tb^be wondered -Jtha. ,ithe?;: majority
■7> ">;'':* f^'A*'-',:■ 7* t-.i >.'f ..-':-.■'-■ */:«■;".•;''..-.■■'■■...." 7-;;  7 . j «-,' f,r'..
_F:.^.-V.f4'-.'_ ■
Hfi. ..
-djYiP^^hlarid'an^ ;Summerlaiid
leftlc .hirid?ari<_?the?towri7of"'"'P> *
■>^--r™^i.^««', *c^t,z-*t.:r
1..^,b'l_'u*^ ,.
■ MliH
^Ald;7Ellibtt wished to kripiy7if,
would sign   a   paper.7   Mr.
Martin remarked that;they wanted
the';t_ater,,ibutgdid,,riot want'to
*(*■, 6-# ''1_   h:'",-fe.'':' ■'tit J    '      ■'"-■■ ,',"*." ■'
pay- for __ y-A.'-.AiA'■."."'■'.'   -y.:;7; :■".
■ Mayor DeHart thought the test
lt_7wpuld\ be to hold the;w^ter
ack; and soon the people would
be coming ^fonvardrtciththembney
in their hands offering to pay. 7 It
was-acasevoyerT-which^the  city!
bwn^ghaci^ rib; jurisdiction,^ and
they ^were. afraid they could hot
help either Mr'. Martin or Mr. Black-
WocA-'iri that direction.'   -
^Several members of the A. & T.
Assbciation were, present to ask
next takeftV^ld.'*Bailey-Jrt'markirig I$* a rrtum .to, the original eight
thk thevbridg.srh/aa'b"eeh'_xed up clause agreement-with the council
  •       ■ •      •      for the purchase or the grounds in
connection .with that society. , Mr
Rayrrier remarked that the first
agreement was a fair and ' Square
deal, and why should it be turned
dowi\.     l '* ••*
^Iayor.DeHart, wished to know
why'the" present jigreernent' was
turned" _ow_ by/the'/' Association
last Saturday.   v " "'   /
x v Mr.-. Raymer,t explained ' that it
was because they jclid riot Wish1 to
divide their interests.
fMayors DeHarVeaid the eight
clarise agreement was ttirned down
by the council because they did
not iikev the ' mutual agreement
with regard to sale. ,    * <<
C<m__u«il <m (_■« 2
< j5
>_ 'i-i/Af,-,
.11   "H
Itwa8!a.hardi8tart7the;; Baseball
8ta!rted bri :T^ursday7l^t;!tb:':'
the ifirstmatchithis^seasoh 7;against
•Svufeei^and]{College: ^The., boys
had chartered ^Carripbell's J launch;
to!take!theni to Surnmerland, when
rriairi pijpe .on!' the j (cylinder;7brbke^
and< madfe:, the start;impossible.
Th%|GJpyelly"had;aIready start^
with the 'Football •boys'. torTTpentic-,
tori, leaving the ;;Tut-Tut the only
available craft,uriless time was lost,
ari^Jj^l^pj^wM^ldpwri^by the
Okanagan' on her special trip.
7 The'a^eararice'pf/thbvOkana-
gai- wellipri^urie^decided^the teaip!
and they formed part of the passengers on board the Pirate boat.
*7The; little reverse did -f not dis7
hearten! the boyp.;. Dressing on the1
boat they were Sible.to ihake up a
little of ;ttie lost: time; and arrived
at Summerland 7by 74:45, to find
rigs waiting1 to drive them but fto
the triangle.'    v ' '""
The play was hard owing to the
wind that was blowing, the sandy
flat was continually visited by gusts
of wind which Blew sand about in
clouds,'hampering the players on
both sides. The score was thirteen
to eleven in favour of our team.
The boys had a long wait for the
return boat'from Penticton, which
arrived about one o'clock in the
morning, nevertheless they were
awake enough to raise a' cheer as
the "Okanagan' steamed towards
the Summerland landing.'
'' The return match will be played
today", and it is to be hoped a good
crowd will turn out ani help the
boys keep up the namethey have
already, obtained in the Valley.
They want«your support to do this.
i    ■''<*?"■ v"      *
The extensipn t to * the Royal
Hotel will begin ih'aboutamonth-
time. ' . •
.^lbn^id^th^^Mf^uid 'Tquicld^
!^i^^bbut;!tpraid the7T7wn;;HalI
twhen; thecdiiirier; bell J rang; ■put;;.its
that tthe Piratesjhad:: in\ mind.;
gbbdM'i_eals^at7the ;;"Pentici
,   Very!; few ^?bebple! attended!;! the
A. & T. meeting brilSaturdafc^
present.'; t;-77;7-:7-.v^';7.^7ij7Sv;'
. In the absence of Mr.^ S^hiferlarid
The 7 rriiriute8 7_em^f re^d^the
chiefbusiness befbrevt^
bf the;A?sbpi^ipri,w^7^^-^^reei;
, ment^with the^epuncil fc^the ;pur>
chase bf their larid7 '■-. He happened
to; be"befbre;the7cbun\:il7thie!bther
?light:; and ; heard 7 thp ; a^eement
ead_but<did,i'nbt tflnderstarid^yerj':
much sabout jitj-.; as fair.. as/. he ;co]lild
under8tand7,th^; original 7_>rbpbsi^
tioni to7sell;• ^he!7grbundsj;Jjo,jjt|ie:
counci) arid;hay^;the7righ^7tot;«
themjduring7a^certairi;7Reripd |pf
the -year; had |heen%tunie^ i^pwn
because it;:^s{ fpiiinHjjfault^aricl
that all;, preyious7'^Mments;: had
bben^cahpelled . arid7a7new7 one
7;; Mayor! _)&a^7had 7 explainied
that the bpuricil:hadjhptfbund iimie
original agreements faulty, but-had
turned ;thew7(db^!|becM|B_|^li^yv
wished to- make7an_out, aridjibut
they had therefore agreed; to. lease
grouridsjVbris bond itiws^;&at:_^ey
yyyWtf: -;:0:;i^^n^tl ::7ig(^7^7^|f I
agreed; ,at7Iast%! mee^ft^j^^5_Jptp|i',
.acceptbd; by \ the,-'cburicil7^:5W";i:ri"<:'^^'
chexpu..__,. _,__ _„„,.,.,.._._.._„,,,,nry^-i..
the park, and 'that the; ciryVshould V' ; J
""""     ' '"" "' "'     ' "•  "       "^SbK3kI
for■ a- HriipJiri;fe_timfAwi^(Mra        ;lt»-1
gopd.T;meal:;-/at.c the "7 i-'entictpri"
sprn^hatjri^easeci their^appetites
■and-1!- they 7wallced ;^uietly7arpiirid
tp^^uritiltthey; nn^lyitobk^Stew*
^    appreciative
,...., ience^awake7H\H^h^''a;'ffe\^
their!imaricei_vres; sjfinally.returning
;,yeiyi_itUe_a-mage '■■ tb7the;;toAvn.
More ;^aamage..?,might;'ihayev' been
;dpriehad;nbt a bpdybf'police ar-
riyed iri^the;nick of;:time; 'arid kejit
;the:pirates welliurider^sway ;until
the^jwere'safety ;ori1bb
■7;;The, return was made _ri7record
;Jime, d few'Deing'on thfe>;K.elowna
;wharfv;at' _:0O7a;m7?fo: welcome
'hoirii- the*?exc_rsibriists*yttyAA
two concerns,':
brses andjbuggies^or;ir«they fde-
 A A
this*, week. 7
bu'siri^s!wi^fpitKis;tpwn, arriving
by Wedne^OTVboatfe';*"^
7 Master' j^Ppimell.^Kriight gave
a;party to^nuniber |jbfj:.his.)'young
^rierid8:bri]Mwday afterribbnlY  a,
^Pr'^Hu'yckerasks^us^ acknowl^
UHgereceipttbf7$2 from'Mr;Ag^
riew; of -South  Okanagan -and to
state same will 'he^ placed'bn' the
Lister subscription list.'\(, A^,;;.
There will be a special meeting
of the Young Ladies' Hospital
Aid, at the home of Dr. Boyce on
Thursday, May 6th, at 7:30 p.m.
All members are requested to be
present as important business is
on hand.
The Okanagan ( will start her
double trip on May 1 st, leaving
here at 8 o'clock, and arriving at
the Landing at 11 o'clock ,She will
arrive here in the'afternoon-at ab-
out"-* o'clock. *'
Mr.r J. Dilworth returned from
Portage ^ Prairie, he reports the
weather still very cold in that, locality. Before long here will beleav-
ing her and moving into hjs new
property at Vittori_.     < ' \
,'M$8&r8!x DeHart & Harvey havp
just closed a deal Jor 8 acres of
the Bankhead Ranch, belonging,to
Mr.'Stirling. The buyer, is M_- J.
Harvey} Senior. -     ,
;s;ire'd7 tpj-hjblH ^ariy^r??^f'%^':'|!
;ipn'that if?!thcM7 &^1^7wanteci 1 anjii
'to shb\v^ff^l^cSi^he^i^^wbul^
be pleased 'to'grarit pefrriissibn: for
d- i .;•,*■: ,:-ji;.vi,>-.- rif_Tii?i "<ii_'»ii:»^&« ' fe
ie v useteor;. .tfie;. present • ./\v &nv
.tirounds,/ even*though sold; tp.s the
council they; would > still - be;there,
v^;Mr;}tl aylpr thought;it;was^pseH
^ssjfelkirig^fhe^ riiatter,. ib^_i0imti)!
the proposed ;lepsewa8^^^'^
all present might knpw7 what they:
were talking;abbut.:7./:,7:"v;;:-.':7!rv!_'-'
;7 _j helease was then read , by/, the
sepretaryy!Mr.;McDonald-7,;. 7 |v7
7 Mr.*'I?ridh'am 'wished toSJeribw' if'
.Lr\l'''** '#'- _|' -:,'.t'f. !« t. v ■'*';»■*'■''_ ■■:>?-._
the lease make it imperative to put
'up; a;.buildirig;7777;. A-AAyAAki7<;
7; 'M^prljDe^Hart ^explained; that
the council had j riot7made; it;uri-
pefatiye except under the guii
of Mr. Sutherland; who; had
riess -o-fe.yi_c^edS^^^-^|ftS
tKat^b^s^aJ^ife^KiS^.^, ^v,_
" '^rttg_^tei|;yi__5!no^^
;_i'_S'. n'fcm * fe«_^^;_S_i_5 i_vV_S_^
the agreement,Sand,:;made !agree-
clauses in; the; agreement^; The
building would be.the property ;of
the Av& ;^;Md;the^
it'as they wished, the: present A. &
T. buildirigs; would ; become Jthe
proper^or the city. "As regards,
the lease• it would be! one. of720
years standing, and could be re-
newed.1 ;■,*,,.-.•■:>'..,,v;':. :-.v ;■;•;.;:..;.;3i;v7
7! Mn .P^idham^wiiB^
that was all the- Av*&KI-got;^after
twenty'; .y^rs7?;the^new;^cqvuicil
might ;.nbt7grant a fqrther lerise,
exc_^t"_t^;^hb1rb_ari^ i7
"Mr. Lawson did not see ;fthe
force , of thesef arguments,^'he,
thought the 'present1 documents
before the Association were satisfactory, , arid wanted a general
opinion of'"the rnerribera as to
whether rlu-price Was satisfactory,
and whether"the 'deal should go
through.^ '..*,-; .1A I
. Mr. Stirling said it \was a clean
deal and a good proposition, but
he thought the land was worth
more than the council'were -of-
renng. ■*   , >V( ,,>     *< 1
Mr. "'Bigger,} thp.ughtv that f the
question of having two shows m
different places would be awkward.
Mayor DeHart?was,of t;hef opinion that if trotting races and .horse
shows^ 'wpre wanted the shows
could, be held at separate d_tes
1      *   L   ' *      'L> ^    *         -_2____
.. ,.Bpth:Mr7Pri_h_iri3_^|Mra*fw|
a*twenty>yearleaaewas onlyiftrantT;
might xoirielaitirne
OUIIUGl I HI _lU Ul fiU-UIiai
'■'•$?$. '.,ri?^v _____;-l^«il^|^
>7^777?W>7f ^) 7&;£7-S_^ .^^
ranged by the Young;;_a^MiHos^
and not caus.' any inconvenience, [i ^»_ _ ^ _ ^ ^'ftf%i4nrxteSn'.'>
'   MrlTaylbr.'thought th_tbffofeF     ESSAY C0MES!P^
they wffcnt 'pn' with  discussion.
was ""bes.^ .0^ res,c|1di Jthe morone
made at last meetingl" sJ        f
others too^pprt^Th^gye^^.
W«? well repe}Vfid»,and,! *-" "
isr due to .thos^who^ad^^attw^»^
w a nfi   ? _^*« W^X V-#.\ <'^1
«The fire'brifeade are^ke^ing 'up§_J
their Tuesday Night.-^^Q^'weU^
Last Tuesday they ha^wate-playtjL j
ing down main'Wee. libjyksst^p^l^j
two^mWutes temithe-ti^^sist^S
nal was gitvento kav^_»^are'|iAll,7s#!
„-.j...., .tPA^V,^
t *<^',i
Wii.t \ _„,!<<llv/VVitf 1
'1 1
I* '
**      '__
_   '^
"1 f Jif
.-^ < T. »
a i.v"■'^i'^.yf'
r^?".    ' '--_______TOh__-
The Orchard City Record
's Thurad'al/'Apifil'29v
I ■ -l.1   L
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94,,, we'll,wait .-upon'you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelotona, B.C.
CHAS. H. LEATHLEY. Business Monager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
City Council Meeting
The following correspondence was dealt
Telegram from the Dominion Securities
Corporation, Toronto, re debentures as
per by-laws No. 45, 46, 54 and 55.      7
■The"Union of B.C. Muuicipalities, ack-
howledging' receipt of $10 subscription
fee for 1909—Filed.
' Canadian Road Machine Co., re purchase of scavenger wagon.—Filed.
Vancouver Rubber Co., re purchase of
Fire Hose.—Filed.
The following motions were carried.
Elliott-Rowcliffe—That the delegatton
re sports on Victoria Day be granted permission to use the city park for sports>
providing they do not collect a gate fee.
Cox-Elliott—That Mr. Lloyd-Jones be
paid the balance of purchase price of the
parlc property upon surrender of deeds to
the city clerk.
Cox-Rowcliffe—That the hotel premises
be inspected by the fire and water committee to ascertain if proper fire escapes are
provided in compliance with the Act, or
have assurance that same will be provided.
Cox-Bailey—That by-law 61 be rea . a
third time.
The council adjourned to meet again on
Monday next at 7:30.
Under tbia heading communications will
* * *    _ ._ _ ...    J^_..   _--__.f_._._  n_T ^rifcA«/iali
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they |
should be put up with
Continued from page I •"
' Mr. Pridham remarked that he thought
the deal fair and square and did not see
why a mutual agreement with regard to
sale would affect the council. His idea
was that if the land, when sold, realised
over $7,000 the money over that amount
should be divided. He understood the
council would run it for sports, and eventually the A. & T. were only getting $2,900
and one weeks use of the grounds a year.
He was unable to understand why the
sale could not be a joint agreement.
Several words were thrown about and a
general argument ensued, it being remarked that if the A. & T. still held the
grounds it was very likely not to improve,
but if the city took it over it was likely to
become a boon to the city in ten years.
Mayor DeHart suggested that it was
useless for the A. fit T. to come - forward
without first having elected a deputation
to make definite plans ,with the council
and would «_ the A. _ T. to gather that
deputation together on Saturday so as to
attend on the council the following Monday. As far aa Tie could see the present
agreement to lease a portion of the park
was a good straightforward . one and one
that would be  beneficial  to  the A. & T.
- They could have the new building' fitted
up with electric light and hold_ shows at
night," while the A. _ T. grounds. could
be leased for the races during the day.
He had noticed that the general inclination at shows was to come late and make
straight for the grand stand, several people
never visiting the exhibits at all. If a
•how -_• held in the two places people
could come during" the afternoon and see
the races, and afterwards go to a well
lighted   hall  in  the  evening  to  see  the
' exhibits.
Mr. Raymer wished to know what rental would be charged fo'r the use of the A.
& T. grounds atr the end of the twenty
years lease. He suggested one dollar | a
year. - '
Mayor DeHart  wished   to  know  what
- the city benefited by it.
Mr. Raymer said the city benefitted by
letting it out as an athletic ground.
Mr. Crowley remarked that nobody had
any right to make any agreement, except
the eight clause agreement, and the city
council turned that down.
Aid. Bailey was of the opinion that the
trustees turned that down.
Mr. Raymer thought it best for the A.
&-T. to k_-n the ground.
All B  C. Sugar' Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
I_Le Britih Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
be receioed upon any subject of interest
Letters must be signed, be brief, acoid
personalities. The Editor does not nee-
essorillu endorse oolnions gioen beloto
Editor Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir, s
Would you be good enough to
allow me space in your paper to
say that Mayor DeHart had no
authority for stating'at the council
meeting as reported in your issue
of the 22nd that "before long Richter Street would run right through
W. C. Cameron's place."
Yours truly,
W. C. Cameron.
Editor Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir,
Don't you think it high time the
City bought.a good active team and
hired a smart man to clean and
water the City of Kelowna. What
are we paying that enormous high
tax for, and have to put up with
the   dirt  and  awful  dust  of   the
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co,!       C B. DANIEL, M aiiager
Window Sashes Hot-bed Sashes
• Office and Store Fittings
SIGNWRIT1NG AND LETTERING of all descriptions.
Window Frosting, etc.
THE SPRING IS GOMING. We are open to gioe
estimates, on all kinds of Buildings such as
Bungalows; also complete Furnishings .or
Summer Houses.
TOTAL ASSETS $49,000,0,00.00 j  .
I   '
i .
Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets.
A snap on
Pendozi Street
Two acre lots, containing about half
acre of fruit trees, coming into bearing,
price $1,250, with easy terms.
Also two acre lots, with house, stable,
and chicken house (more land could be
added if desired), or would consider
exchange for farm property.
Who. said Bicycles ?
Call and see'our large stock of ,
Bicycles—New and Second-hand
Also our big stock of BICYCLE ACCESSORIES
All work done by experienced hands. We
aim to give satisfaction," .and our prices are
moderate. ' >
The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply Co.
BOX 140 - PHONE 82
'  The Aldermen agreed it,would  be  the
best plan and said they would   pass  such
an agreement that very night.
" A-epuUtiQn17 was' present to ask  for
1 ____ use tliApark for sports on Vic-
:toria Day, 24th bf May.    Mr.  Mcjannett
' reading, .he names of a strong committee.
■'" The'project was received  favourably  by
* ' Aid?Cox saying it was'a good proposition that'ought to be encouraged.    Leave
was given on condition that no gate money
' was charged.
/} Al_ Cox thought it time a  commission
was appointed to inspect the Chinamen's
Royal Hotel
Facing the Wharfe.
Rat-tQ  $1   nor dun
J. E. WHEELER,  Prop
-/ ''" ' quarters'-! regards sanitary conditions
,77 "// '"It was agreed to appoint Aid. Cox, i
'h.'fh 'B-iiey-nd Chief Hidson, to do this.
|jf/','^lJtfMi8pired'*Btthe'iame time that" Do
IT; / ■ .Boyce had received instructions to inspect
fefc^^g;r-,nally-e_cnthlnamen. \
ta.     A  '77J\|j'itil;|2„ wi.K^rl to have a notice   in-
,.   7 .Aid/ Bailey wished to have a notice  in-
f'i£V'««_- in __ pipers that' all back yards
1 be cleared of re_rt«'by'May   15th.'  The
i locality-to -which- the refuse was to be
,' hauled was left with Aid. Cox.
' ^Ald. Elliott said  he  had  noticed  fires
about quite close (to buildings F in; the  fire
H < limits, '_n'd   thought some people were
IVT 'f;>'^burning rubbish' that, had .been warned
■$!• <<   ' not to,   _t was agreed to refer the  matter
} >J|7 to Chief Hidson; 7 , j   .  , , ..
0K'''      A question of renting  the  old  lodge
J-7'   t ■  ■■ _.__:» l}_-in«r_ __ll as a  ovmnasium
Sdhell & Brown
Builders and Contractors
Plans and* Estimates  furnished
All work promptly and
carefully executed at'
reasonable prices.   ,
.„   I.  , _-
Address    -    Rutland P.O.
These destroyers cannot live where trees have been treated with
Pear Blight, Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, San Jose Scale, Oyster
Shdl,Ba?kLou.eandSunScald.   The cost isvery small.   Itwill not washoff.
One application ]a,t, for two year■:   W»rn^^
.toodtheteot.for 5 years in all parts of the uf,'«?*£"•   "r£Derime_ Station has used this tree
'^TorKyeafs' T^lVr^ ^p^^^Xr *- ***"« —
leading orchards.   Send for 16-page free booklet to _„~e    _.   j     i        rt r>
G. R. LAWES, Enderby, B.C.
Sole Manufacturer for B. C.
Wood and Coal
..v.    ,     JIATT-7
Masons' Supplies
Dunn Hollow Cement Blocks
Box 166
'Phone 66
'M', ,)-y room in ftav__r> Hall as a  gymnasium
'M,^'';' for the 't\ii _ Kg__r w_i' touched  on . but
f$.-V   7 nothing was decided  in  the  matter, Mr:
j'*,:'?{.„   -tymer.t_in? .unable to rent the room be.
fe&L'V ' tote the'new'Ws.  room i» built.'        '
m»*}A'<'' API* following accounts were handed
f-7<, i ^ over to th* lrtoanfce Committee to be  paid
[$., .^ If fouri- correct. •-       •-,   *   <
_?..'.:$:.': Hinton Elertrictl Co., seals *nd   ^   .■
,, «e__g tool* for, meters.....!$2 63
Palace Hotel, meala for prisoner. 6 tiO
at_n>ta*nra_>] i
Fertilizer for Sale
,AU kinds of the  best
fertilizer' carried by me
Parties interested in the'
growing of all kinds of
fruit and vegetables call on
for prices on this fruit. .
s and vegetable producer.
i <
f,   \> "
Eight-room New Modern Cottage on good lot on Park
Avenue, not far from the lake; a pretty spot; only
$3,200.     '
A good lot on the corner of DeHart and- Richter Streets,
with small building on, only $600.' Terms easy.
A fine' Residence on Bernard Avenue, almost new, will
sell for $2,500.    Is worth $3,200. ,        •
If'you are looking for a nice farm, how would this suit
you?-—II acres good orchard land,- with house,
stable, chicken-house and buggy' shed. The land is
" all under cultivation, and partly under orchard. _rx
miles from Kelowna. Good irrigation and the best
of land.   Only $3,000.
* We have, nouses to rent.
Real Estate Agents
Phone 63
$ 1.00: per gallon
Screw Pressed        New Process
Good to the Last Drop.
This is the Oil used;in SHERWIN -WiaiAlVlS\ '
PAINTS, which spread further,' wear longer, %and look
better than any other."
0. L_6_Il
_ ^       ,* _-*
■   (
The Season for Irngaling
Is at Hand
We are Contractorafor all classes of this work—Open
Ditching, Fluming, Stave Pipe Mains, Pumping, Plants
using Steam, Gas, Gasoline or oil as'fuel.
We' are now installing a small plant ,of 205 gallons
,   per minute capacity, the fuel for engine costs  3U per •
cent, less than gasoline. ; <   ,    i
, Ask us Abiout This at Once
It Settles Ybur Dif___ti&
We have a Snap in Electric Motors
For driving washing machine. _na!l punip* sewing machines, etc.
f    ' ' _ _r ' *
Get our Hand-book.   <
Our prices are tKe most reasonable in town.
Aiito-Buggies and Autbhiobile* from $250 uj>.
The correct thing for this district.
s 1 '
thio Job Too Large or Too Small
The Okanagan Volley Engineering Company
BOX 8    / ;--        '-- KELOWNA. .
D. CAN4ERON, M.E., E.E., (Ute Supt. Engineer Contracts, M»ther & Phi.
Manchester) MANAGER.    *
Made of heavy No 9 4ua8e,J^_8_\V^^
*\' Locks perfectly secure., % .    \
In 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 rod rolls'.."    Erected if desired
Agent for Okwiagan District RUTTLAND P.O.
i    A*\
i1     ',._ ii i ,t \ . ,i i
.    7 ■nmnftBrtapp
April29,, "     -;'      7 ^    ' ""    ,     t 7 -v The Orchard Gitu,. Record.       ;      - "' .        > '   "   * A V,'1   v., :r     ^'t\i_-St-
ig Sale Still on
THAN EVcER.r   . f \
We have a full line of •>
Te_niscafld7Fo!-. Ball"Shoes
i at prices unheard pf before.,
A few lines of Furnishing/reduced away
below wholesale price.
JJ-4 f f , . / '     I       «., ,
Children's Shoes Rave had another
slice taken off their price*
G. ft e:
Portrait and Landscape
"i DL_jj_--*^^___^j _________
Portraits l^_pfH?__3_e_.:
Look out for my neyf. bbokjet (60'views 75c)
• On sale everywhere.
The Unexpected Beat to General Quarters at Midnight       i
Tbe ship' is lying at anchor lu a
distant "port It is night __d -orbing
Is beard bat tbe .tramp of tbe -entry
on tbe forecastle and tbe ripple of
water at the gangway
* Only tbe officer of tbe deck, the quartermaster and tbe guard are awake.
Tbe entire crew are below decks and
>lreatiling In their hammocks
Tbe cabin door opens and tbe captain
rteps forth softly, folly dressed and
wearing his sword and revolver. He
speaks,In.a low tone to the officer of
the' deck, who sends an orderly forward wltb a message. In a mordent
the orderly returns. brlngt__ wit!, blm
tbe drummer, who stands silently at
tbe mart! drumsticks ii. ha__,v watcu-
Ing the commander. " •      •„ a .
"Eight bells"-midnight—to struck.
At a silent signal from the commanding officer tbe drummer poises his
sticks an Instant, then soond. tl_ long
roll^or "alarm." which _rat.once foi-
.lowed .t).r tbe qu__ _e_t t. "general
quarters." (
Instantly tbe scene changes to one of
apparently the utmost confusion. Four
hundred men leap from their ham-
"uiocka Passing n few turns of tbe
lashings aronnd them, they throw them
Into- tbelr "nettings." -then- sprjng'-to
their stutlous at tbe batteries and cast
loose the guns
1 A « mofnent more 'and> a"' bright flash
and .-or. r from the forecastle pivot gun
burstH upon tbe stillness and gloom of
the night, followed quickly by tbe
broadside battery. /
Each gun is Bred once, a blank
charge, but enough to show that the
gun is in good order and ready for
As suddenly tbe pandemonium subsides. Confusion gives place to silence
and order and not a,sound is heard,
but the*battle lanterns flashing along
the crowded deck reveal the"well disciplined crew standing at their quarters,
every man equipped with cutlass and
pistol, silent and alert Sponges, rammers, supply I _ _s and battle axes litter- the deck: everything is provith'd
and, ready as for action, while the
captain, accompanied by the executive
officer (the first lieutenanti. with nn
orderly bearing a lantern, makes a
thorough Inspection fore and aft and
below. Including the powder division,
magazines and~shell rooms, to see that
nothing is lacking which *would be re;
quired .n real action.    r      >
\t the touch of the drum" the,ship
has lM>en changed from deathlike stillness to readiness for battle, every* officer and man at bis station, armed, silent, expectant—and all, in less than
three minutes!* -x
Do'Not Ea.Too Little.    "
J f , i      '
Writisg   in ''the "Quiver, a'   phybician
discusses thex problem of whether we ent
too much.   The   man, who j start* ^ with ,(a
foi  porridge.^acon and' eggs,
break ,fast
in   due   course passing) to a   substantial
dinner,   to say nothing of   little snacks  at
A Life off Forgery.
The death has just occurred  at Streat-
ham of W.ffiam Roupeel, at the age  of d«nner'   to My "*»»* ,°>u .
eighty,thu.endingone.fthe rmo.tremarfc-  f «™*>« * .*• ™d possibly  »»te suppery.
able criminal careers.    At the age of 27, fc ^>fm« f« more T",.J    tj
U-.„t.     j _•  - a.   ■ . _   • j bjet laid down.   OntheotheT!haria,c__W
he entered his father s > business, and was . ....
subsequently elected'to represent South'
Lambert in Parliament. In 1656 he managed to forge a deed of gift purporting to
to be signed by his father, which conveyed
to him certain lands at Kingston. On the
strength of this document, he obtained a
mortgage of $35,000. The following year
his father died, leaving valuable property
to his other son, Richard, William appeared
with another will, supposed to be signed
later than the one Richard held, and by
this means managed to get from $1,000,000
to $1,500,000. He speedily disposed of it
to various parties living in a wildly extravagant style, and when all was blown in
calmly admitted the forgery to his brother
at the courts.      William admitted that he
food schemes err on ther other side of
under-feeding. Doctors will'tell you of
numerous instances where the following of
a rigid diet scheme has led to serious loss
of weight andpbwer. Neither,overeat nor
undereat. You know quite well what food
and how .-much suits you best. |f you
must break bounds' in one direction .or
the other, I would counsel,,you, in all
seriousness, to eat too much rather than
too little.
■fcf    "	
Captain Robert Marshall, the Well known
dramatist, is very fonb of billiards. Some
had obtained about $350,000 by stealing time ago he dropped into his chid,' 7 and
and fraud during his father's life time. In there found two of the members very intent
1862 he confessed to all the frauds, and upon a game. Neither was a Roberts; and
was tried before Justice Byles in Septem- one of them was particularly hopeless With
ber of that year, being sentenced to 20 his cue. Noticing that, Captain
years penal servitude.     Since  doing  this appeare_ much  interested,' the
Cause of Oiwitlam.
learned Italian doctor says jtbpt
slant ism is a morbid process, a disease
,due to an enlargement of a part of tlie
brain which,is endowed with' growth
regulating functions. When that part
of the brain enlarged, the limbs grew
to'an a linormat extent and other physical changes occurred, the excess of
.growth being chiefly in the lower jaw,
the arms nnd legs. No giant ever attains length of days. The average life
,ls only n fraction-over.twenty year .
IrelH'nd has produce)! at least four
giants-McOrflth/bort in Tipperno in
1736 (he was seven feet Ave Inches in
heighti: Malone. seven feet six inches;
_urphv. seven feet three inches, and
Charles Byrne, seven feet six inches.
None of them ever reached great mental -development,
- '.Old'Daneea In Old Times.
In Edward Scott's "Dancing In All
Ages" are some carious details about
tbe dances of old Rngiind. '■ '   r.
"loan" Sanderson" "was a "Jolly
dance" in Mr Scott's definition, for before it was ended each lady had kls .d
nil tbe gentlemen twice, apd each man
h_a-been equally enterprising. Mai.v
Stuart danced tbe "Tolta," though
"not so high jind so dlspoeedly" as
Elizabeth In KlntfCha-feal* .ime people dnnced Trencto6re);'. _ie "Cnsh-
\otfdhffce,'. "Oninl__~_at_enim" nnd
"Holte cum Tolte."   '
"All In a Garden Green." "Gathering
of Peascods." "Lamps of .Padding."
"Under and Over." "The Bath." "The
Slaughter House" and "Have at Thy
Coat. Old Woman." an dances not
quite so old.<   "
"    ' i   - ■•      I   t  Ml 1	
The Meanina ef *Muff.
The,, record of tho fact tbat muffs
frarefoMto worn by more men than wo-
H_W,(h Parta angjjeste the old Ingenious
deflnltioo of a muff & "a soft thing
that holds a lady's hand without squeez-
taf It" "MuflT appears to have come
to 08 from German, la which language,
e-rionaly, "moff" means not only a
hand comforter, .hat also a sulky per-
Ma or a growling doc. These seem.
however, to be two different words.
W«_\osr own metaphorical "muff" an
to toe effeminacy of motor simply an Intimation tbat
wan distinctly "softr-
time he has lived for a quarter of a century
at Steatham, where his identity'was unknown. He had the reputation of' being
good at planting and planning out gardens, and many would stay and talk with
him, and buy eggs and flowers from his'
little cottage in Christchurch Road, Streat-'
ham, nobody knowing the real identity of
the man.
Destroyer Sunk.
Almost cut in two, the destroyer'Black-
water sunk in the Channel, stern first. The
crew who remained orderly all the time
were transferred ' to the scout Forward.
The cause of the mishap can be put down
to a dense fog, the Blackwater was at the.
time cruising with the second destroyer
flotilla, and,was on^he way from Portland
to the Firth of Forth, when she met the
"Hero" of Bristol, off Dungeness. Very
little damage was done to the latter boat,
her bow only being stove in, and she was
able to carry her passengers and crew
safely to shore. /The crew of ^he BJack-
water took passage in the Forward by
way of Sheerness. . The Blackwater is a
turn screw torpedo" boat destroyer of 550
tons and has a speed of about 25 knots/
She was built in 1904 and is of the Exe
type. - Her commander is J. M. D. E.
Warren, R.N. ,
Motor Turns Turtle. ,
; Through trying-to take a corner too
rapidly & motor full of people was overturned'at' HarroW,'thus1 imprisoning > the
whole .u'tfit." Luckily some'men> were at'
work on the' Metropolitan Railway close
by and >s they were able- to liberate the
prisoners with the'useof jacks. Investigation showed' that' th. driver, a"young1
man named Daniel Kerewood' was dead,
while anotheroccupaht 'was severely injured and had to be taken to the Hospital.
The. part of road where* the -ccident' oc-
cured1 appears'quite straight until _t is
nearly'approached, and it ia'supposed that
when the"driver, who was unaccustomed '
to the >road found "this'out, put on all
brakes and so turned the motor over.        '
one remarked that
play seemed to be
attention. <
he was glad that his
worthy   of so   much
i 'Iii
for a ^A'% ff
jGoodClMh IVfeaF
'       ■• *'->?^ \
1 Fresh Cand^Fnii. and -
1 •        l T<pbacco4 ,»   J - '
, • ,■» / -y *j
CnJf^n^neejua^   ,.«
_,__■■-__. mil  f.inn.klM     II    f|      I  -IMIIMII  l<
.~i i\   4S
v > "-■
y y #1
Get your name on
the Honor roll.   ;?^4 7
Subscribe for the Orchard
City Record. s
/£_.'• t
neatly.-6-9i - ■<
All «5ork auarantoejl.firat-clasa.
All hinds of Furniture
, *  t «\' '  '
Address,; Post OF.ice
or Shop, cor. Weet-oJ K'Lr.-O. oMlc*..
Oregon Grows Fsikit Trees
_.. *■
Send, me 'your tree"bill.fo^ my estimate for Fall,-1909,-_n_-Spring-    ^f
1 10, planting!   1 furnish the'very finest (grade of Genuine Nursery   .
Stock at oo 16w prices'aa' other responsible, firms ? furnish the Mine & \-
grade of stock. ' Catal-guW oal B^j_i_rti__/^ ■ -
*  -ifca
R. T.
. Agent fdr
saiiianp mt&tke, 3nt, aianp; mi.
T      Ti T Tli
t'.^-i-*-. jrr i
- _
tsieap rire
Kelfawn^ Saw^Millv Company, I_L__itefl
will deliver Cuttings from trimmer for-
50 cents" tier C&iMoad^
for short hauls.
'^_ *vir
•   Price of'thiswpbdvjuat-coat„of haulma.'V!!?^
Orders fill^^^ijon. ^„^«. ^ ~^
J- %t
. «
.,s --^
r ty, ■
T_M_ tho Mas*. f
__».*teCLm. ftonrf exclaimed tbe dla
■Mfyod mother _V>_e saw all ber boy's
belonglngB stacked, In a corner of tho
cfonet "Etaven . .- tried over and over
ttf-,t_iC_^>0-Uhhr:yo_-a_o_Rrblv* a
place for everything."
; "Yep." said the flon cncerfull/,, _nd
tfcto _ th«*p4ace.M t    'J}'      :■?>
»u..     i       ,   i   'i  j,,      r
-   "W-O-.W*-   JfliU06^OTW_|r   __<_
tho?t_i_»f|_ i-^.^a-'ln _ngl_Ui lit-
emtare      A^
"He ijan, pir. 8niuael,.lnbnaon'a preiw
ig_iiM anfiwercd the' young auto with
£_<»'bad-eyfe.-Chicago Tribune.  .   .
't >i - .'    ., ,       i^i..1    ;, . '
Good temper to ll<:r* a annny day-It
ih_l«   IN, >\H«,,"\i umvjw .. ,Vvi>r.v^lMi_7r
Scalded School Children.
Stanford Place, Council,School, Hull,
Was the scene, of a general hot water bath
just lately. The teacher and seven .children being badly scalded by the , bursting
of the hot water nipes. Tbe • explosion
took place in the(infants classroom where
some „a_tty, children were- assembled.
There wasaternble report and streams
of hot water rose, almost to the ceiling.
The teacher who was near-thc-pipe-was-
knocked over and when the head mistress
rushed in she ,,was endeavoring to open 1
the door to let the children out. , Passers-
by gave a hand and the children were
quickly removed,from the premises and
scalds attended to. The only, dangerous
j&alding case is that of the teacher who
was right in the line of fire. She refused
tb leave the,room until she was sure all
the children were outside and safe.
The Hydroplane at Worh.
A novel sight appeared before the spec-
tators'on Hammersmith' bridge ' the other
day; a* frail craft seeming to b» composed
of  two'' nkrrow'' debked  canvass' 'canoes
with or'lafge'four' bladed propeller away
up in* the air.   A .ignal from the-1 skipper
started"a'6' cylinders fifty   horse-power
mbtoi," imd'the whole  .ontrivance was
seen'to skim the Water at a fefcrful pace.
Yet'With-II th. speed .here'wlu no Washi >
_e^<rterleft behiri- was- as'smooth as
that th. boat wka> comirVg to meet. ' A-*
_ght;mi*hap"'to'the rudder stopped the'
progreis V)f the hydroplane, but it is likely
some .utute development* will be - made.
I    i
Is. not only an art^ifcjsafcpr
a business. whidK; toti&]
'■ i "< _
J,' ~.   -■,']
a;corhjilete modeiii plant,
• _ _ _. -*
■t, AlLthis fe1 _it° Votii. fftS*'^
vicej-and we can proraiae  !
you- er pleasant- suiprise^
when-ypu pi8fceyo-trn-_lfc:
order with us.,
. 7. _
i   \*n
.v  ,f.i
Bread Dearer,    i
The prjee of bread has gone,up in the
. Id jQountry the same as it is going up
here.'the, quarter loaf has advanced from
5} d. to 6 d., it is anticipated that before
long another,half-penny ,w_, be added.
_i_i- : ■
.V'John." The footman declined hjis head
deferenM«)ry.t ^Johni step, toward* Fido
«md speak a kind word to him,' tb, make
bi_!wwj;hi8,toil.   He hafchacf no exercise
W-ay. *v^ ''  l-     '
,'•,'... ' :' „ „        .   v '^   •, - • '  -i ->^* i r^m=-_j j_- -i^>^';_ \^\ .        .. Aa/a<<m\, ')ify,:'A:
Li.77w;v7:;7' :.   :; ..,.■. 7
lil';,;:^;'';.'    ?'f ' ■•" ,..,.; ■ '•   ,
■^.«Mah^i»WmJM>»*.rr.»nr. ■« «■ >.M:.if<^wiw»ywM^wi^WM,fcC«raaAia—
:-,','.,*i!~'ii*.r.":;----""■■'""-''"* '•- V 7.'■■■•'-.■-   .'.;•.•■■•■■ ■';w;;!:.>;.W^.l;>Vi;i,^fc:a!.;.M
■ ■■i:.,.--i..i .'i.v.,;,.- ,.,., .. -;,;■■ "-:;;-^7.^'Hh"'^v':.-:"r7:y.7;:^ j|a
■  ■ - '      1" '  1 i ■'   i"   ■■"'■1 ■" ■   I    ■ ' II 1 ui. .. :■.-■■ jj
}_ F. BURNE 7
; - :f '.   <5 7r.•? ■>■.-.        ■..  |7
. Solicitor,.
1  Nbtary Public;
Conveyancer, etc.
...R." R KERR
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
■'RA.Sc.^t ,__,'• D.'-L,!_iB.GLS.
'     Kelowna,    B.C.
Awoc. Mem. Gin. Sob. C. E .    Graduate Toronto
University   '7
Waterworks and Sewerage Syatema. Pumping and
Lightinu Planta, Concrete Con- . .  .      •
'. itruction, etc. :' ''.''■
KELOWNA ::  7;    B.G;
PjO. BOX 137" ' -     KELOWNA
Office:   Keller Block
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
dentistV V;
. 0. Box itt« ' '" 'Phone 86
Office in Dn.Boyce's Building.
_j_fnard Ave.   " ":7
mission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats.. All kinds of heavy team
w«rk. 'Phone 20.
News of the Valley.
Summerland is organizing a regular city baseball team which will
be stronger than last years. Their
colors will be maroon, with green
stockings and caps.
Delegates representing Summer-
land, Vernon, Peachland and Armstrong are to meet Kelowna with
the object of instituting a baseball
Why do we delay with our electric fire alarm and gong system,
both Summerland and Peachland
have the gong which takes the
form of an old circular saw to be
beaten with a 2 x 4.
The Penticton Hotel was crowded last Thursday, the occasion
being the arrival of the "Pirates of
Penzance" and the football boys,
both parties left a favourable impression behind.
The^corporfition of the City of
Enderby have issued a by-law for
raising the sum of $2,500 to carry
out the improvement of certain
streets in the city. The same will
be voted on on May 4th.
Keremeos is getting ready for
May 24th. Sports arid music are
promised during the day, and a
ball is to be held at night.
-■''■■■ The Penticton football team will
no longer be in existence, it having
been decided to break it up, owing
to the difficulty in getting an eleven
together., TJhey played, four outside men last Thursday, and decided that would be their last
Mr. James Ritchie offered some
tim. ago a town lot for the best
name to be given to the Dog Lake
townsite. At Summerland, Evangelist Russell has been awarded
the prize, the name chosen being
"Kaleden," meaning • Beautiful
Eden. Over two hundred people
competed, and the task of judging
must' have1-Veen very severe.
St. Michael and All Angels" Church.      ;
Holy Communion, first and third Sundwa in the
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays, after
......   Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11   o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE, B. A„ Rector.
News of the Prairie.
The weather still remains cold
on the prairie, fur coats being still
in demand.   Why don't the inhabitants of the prairie come to the
,      f        *   ,   Okanagan, where fur coats are not
Horses bought and sold on com- required?
' Seeding is general all over the
prairie provinces.    f
At Rogholin the right of way
has been purchased for the railway
as far out as 4. 8. 20. The town
is about I _ miles south east of Dry
'.   M. J. MONCKf ON
Irrigation Engineer. "_
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.   Mem. Concrete
Institute.     Late Irrig. Dept. of India and
Cope Colony, and with Central Ok. Co.
Agent for Steel Flumes.
.KELOWNA Phon. 88
i     JOHN * CURTS
Plans and Specifications Prepared
an4 estimate^ givpri forpublicBuild-
ings,Town arid Country Residences
'',     -    ' PHONE No. 93
  tr       ■       RlfCSTJCII-  . .      - i.
—        u.—n~ r iuiiu a—	
Fire, Life, and Accident
x Insurance.
X      Money to Loan.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at II a.m.; evening servicesat 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at Z:1U p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at B p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W.'K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.    ,
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. I. H. WR1CHT. Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.,
Sabbath School at 12:15 p.m.   All welcome.
IV. CT: U. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelcwna branch
of the W. C. T. U.
It is reported that Weyburn  will
soon " have •   its    steam    laundry
working it   will    rhake   a    great
seidditition to the town.
•' A branch of the Home Bank of
Canada is to be opened in Sintaluta
this week, Mr.Nickerson until
lately manager of the Union Bank
has been appointed manager.
' Grenfell will celebrate Victoria
Day with a five mile roat-race and
an afternoon, of sports.-
,   -The Regina leader have installed
'a twenty-twb-Potter-Webb perfecting printing press. By this machine
20,000 copies can be .printed  per
hour",-from cylindrical plates.
i ' _    ■* ^r_ 1   •
A      ____________    «.*«•%*__     __*_«_'' II a ii t_r_ in
that H. F. Caldwell who .has held
his wheat for the last two years
had, 15,500 \bushels of wheat,
which he sold a few weeks ago at
$1.20_. The grade was No. 2
Northern, netting a total of $18,-
The Bane o. Liquor Advertisements
In _e_-paper_—Misleading"
" "• Statement- and Their
Mr. Dooley' has recently given us some
exactterminology to apply to the beer and
whiskey advertisement with"'"which the
newspapers "knife the public," "for blood
money, trust money, hush money' any
money at all' just so it is money.
He calls' them "stiletto, ads,"- and says
that'if the saloon must be taxed to pay the
bills their liquor imposes' on the public,
the newspapers that help sell the liquor
through; their columns should pay their
share to the tune of about $500,000 apiece.
The term "stiletto ad" is particularly
appropriate, for like the stiletto, it stabs in
the dark the unprepared aud defenceless.
.' The newspaper that prints stiletto ad
enters into conspiracy with the offender,
for it keeps the public in the dark by
refusing; .to print the refutations science
brings to the   liquor dealer's* false claims.
The stiletto ad thrusts before the reader
the statements that beer makes rich, red
blood, and the newspaper manager will
not enable the victim to defend himself
with the knowledge that exact labaratory
experiments, such as those of Professor
Latinen, of Helsingsors, have demonstrated
that in the case of animals the equivalent of
half a teaspoonful of alcohol a day—the
proportion furnished by one-half pint of3J
per cent, beer to a man weighine 150
pounds—injures the red corpuscles and
reduces their oxygen-carrying power.
The stiletto ad tells the newspaper reader
that beer is "nch in food values." If we
bought milk that yielded but four or five
parts of true stuff in a hundred we should
not consider it very "rich." No more than
this is contained in any "pdre ' beer, and
to get that one must take a similar quantity
of alcohol, a narcotic poison. For money
the newspaper prints the hoax and" holds
back the'truth.      „ t
The stiletto ad stabs at the American
home with the plea, "Drink it(beer)at
table and   have   your wife drink it. too."
England   points   us   a   lesson with   its
fit i!,   ,
7 - L, \
i ■
__ -I'   I    '
Make Money f
We know of.no way in which you    '
could "make it easier than by buying •   :
one *or .
:   ,     KNOWLES'    7
$25 Watches for $20. 7;
or a
Bis Sale ends next Saturday
May tet'»7/ 7>   '■'.
The Jeweler     /
Kelowna, B. C.
!' 71--u»«
increase of drinking women and defective,
neglected children. But the newspaper
witholds the warning'this knowledge would
give, and for money lets the liquor dealer
in upon the bulwarks of the nation.
The'stiletto ad  asserts that in  countries
where most beer is intemperance is rarest.
This is quite 'untrue. Belgium has the
largest per capita consumption of beer of
any country' in Europe, In 1897, <he
Belgium prime minister, M.LeJeune, said
publicly, "With us in Belgium alcohol
produces dreadful ravages." England ranks
second in the consumption of beer, and
her drunkenness is causing universal alarm
throughout the country., .Germany stands
third in per capita consumption of alcoholic
drinks. A member of the German, Reichstag said recently that there are 11,900
p'crsons, in the hospitals suffering from
delirium tremens., i Professor Pettenkofer
the nqted Bavarian hygienist, said that the
rapid increase,.in the consumption of
alcoholic liquors had, dispelled\the hope
that an increased use of beer woyld bring
about a corresponding decrease in the
amount -f whiskey,used. The smaller
percentage.of alcohol,in beers' is counterbalanced by the greater amounts drunk,
'" It should perhaps be noted here that the
nineteenth century conception of intemper-
incCno logger'suffice* for the'tWehtieth
century. Intoxication fwas' then ''quite
generally Held"t- denote'the limit where
visible harm begins."' Neither that nor the
amount -which" without'l__xicating injures
a man's liver and heart U now taken as the
limit. The 20th,'century standard fpr in-
temperance or alcoholisrh is the quantity'
that increases a man Vsick days, reduces hit-'
money-earning ' power, and ' stamps '
mediocrity or d.geWeration upon"; his
children.T-E- U Trannseau, in The
GJnhectie_ Citi__r '   ',   '   ,
"'      '     ... '    " p^
7 AAA>AIA^A^iAi]^$cy4 '•% A ;;0y^mAxi<: -f^^^A^ p$!fS; f|?
You know what <it-means. j?xf 77^ ^f
dealing at tke        7
Good Goods at Cheap rrices;
Reduced Living -Zxpeii?es '
.. f
30c tin boxes
Making our customers come back I
That's just what our
is doing.
40c and 50c per Ibv
! >.
What's the use of buying Fffir Coffee ?.
Try our Bulk Coffee, 35c and SOiCTlb;
• i        ~       i   ■    -
. Fresh Ground.       Unequalled Anywhere.
'     ■,'''     -1 )
!;\*\'.    . ' 7
i     .
if.. *.
/   j-t „
..   /
Puffed Rice, 1 ,,Qc\ pgr^piacketj
/ <•
i V
La Farria, Kim, HaroldH, .Gordon, Black Prince
.   • 5c-eadhA-' -■' ■• /-!    s <   —
\ ilii
■ * s    *
Don't forget that our iBread is,
The Lightest
The Whitest and
V    'f '
. <        M
V* ft
1'   \~>
T   -'      1     ,
h   \ -'   Lr   LI    \J.
iw^Vi _ ... J/ifiii'i.-.:
' v    i a" r**r v'~"^ 'l
/. » 'V
. v v
1 .   7-Uii  Ai-AA! A> *V. i 7'  i
I      : CaKes;; Pastry,  Buris,   etc.   ' s
t      t ' I v .        --,   i      lip1-'
V' -S
^il   » i f. 1
• >()
'«   .*       ■ \     c *
KELQSWS4 ;_• .fii
.»   !.".
#.»   .,*   f      \
•     I   .1!
.V* - \
:.7 \
71 .r*
-,7 V
,:.'.. &J
Thursday April ,29
The. Orchard Cifcii Record
11 ?
__, *
The .ravages ,of these
destructive worms can1 be
reduced to alipost nothing
by the proper use of
\ % *
_ /
[Pure Paris Green^ or
Arsenate of Lead
i        -       i
ii I*
If they attack the fruit
trees use -
Ptovincial and General News
Well Accident.
i Tree Tanglefoot
'-   It will not injure   the
-   r    i     1 >    l    .    " .
trees.1 It will remain sticky
on the trees until the cutworms'disappear. A band
of it applied around the
treejcannot be crossed by
cut-worms, canker-wdrms,
•       )   . - j
or other^climbing insects.
- From Saskatchewan comes news of 611.
alarming well accident. ' Donald Munroe of
the eagle Lake district is now lying at his
home suffering from what appears fatal
ihjuri :s. Munroe had just struck water
some seventy feet from the surface and
was I eing hauled up by some neighbors
who ' vere assisting him, when near the
top tl e rope broke, precipitating the unfortunate man to the bottom. After some
time a new rope was procured, but so
severe were the man's injuries that he
asked to be allowed to die in the well,
instead of being brought to the surface.
Munroe is one of the brightest settlers in
the Eagle Lake district and is generally
M it
>•     Kelowna. v. B. G'     >H ,„<
k    ---U      K;v    0U
'i -, 1'S
Wholesale 'and Retail
Butcher.  '
Cattle, Sheep awl Hone"
s -
1'      '
Ladies* and   -
Gents- Tailors
R-pairinfc'ahd Pressing
promptly attended to..
Niagara Palls in Danger.
The situation at Niagara Falls is very
grave, the ice choking up the mouth of
the river will have to be removed, otherwise the'town and its environs will be
completely wiped vout, the entire area
around the docks is under water. If the
waterl continues rising at the same rate as
at present there will be a torrent 200 feet
wide within a few hours. The*°water has
reached the first floors of three big hotels,
imprisoning over 300 guests who^ had to
be rescued in boats. Thousands of fam-
ilies are threatened and property worth
many millions is in danger. The situation
has no parallel in history or tradition.
Manitoba^ College Veterans Return-
Several changes are to take place in the
staff of the Manitoba Colleges at the close
of the present term. There will be involved by the retirement of Rev. Dr. Hart
and the Rev. Dr. Bryce who are both
Veteran professors.
The news'of the retirement of Dr. Bryce
will be-received with regret' by all who
know him, ■ he was the founder of < the
college 40 years ago, and it is owing to
advanced years that he * has sent in this
resignation; During his life at the College
hfe has published several books best known
of which are "A short history of the Canadian people" and "Manitoba, its infancy,
"growth and present conditions."
'Accident at Vancoucef Horse Shot.
The boxes and balconies were full of
people anxious -, to. witness the t various
horses as they, came into the arena' to <be
"judged'it the Vancouver Horse" Show, and
the days sport was only marred by one
regrettable accident'caused by reckless
driving. . Driver Murray for W. S.Holland
was showing off the winners of the Blue
Ribbon, and in order to urge on the winners cracked his whip occasionally,* this
frightened the other team that was occupying the ring at the same time, and the
whole rig went against the side 'of the
arena and turned over. Had itv not been
for the presence of mind of the ring
master a serious' accident might have
occurred. The driver was "thrown out of
the rig and was 'nearly trampled on by
the horses in Murray's care.
,  >      •     1 1
r - ./,   ,, \ -,
Canadian and American Line   '
-7   Rioal8.
The C.P.R. have decided to invade North
Dakota in competition with the Hill lines.
It is reporteda that the road will at once
extend its branch to Dakota to connect
with the Soo line, the present ending
beingf at Mowbray in South Manitoba.
The Soo line will also be extended to
Brandon, Man., giving a direct line from
Brandon to Minneapolis, and will run
parallel and betweeirthe- two-Hill-lines,
which now run into Manitoba, one ending
at Portage la Prairie and the other at
Brtndon.' I
New? _ailioat]8 for Alberta.
The C.N.R. will this year start a branch
south from Vegreville into Camrose and
on to Calgary, which is to connect at
Camrose with a branch from Strathcona.
A large portion of the metalo have already
been placed in readiness, and it is expected that the fall will see the work completed.
Neto'Linera for Canada.
To accommodate the steadily increasing
trade between England and Canada, the
well known ship builders, Messrs. Harland
and Wolff, of Belfast, have just completed
the two liners, "Laurentic" and "Magnetic**
for the White Star Dominion service between Liverpool and Canada. They are
fitted with every modern convenience for
the comfort of passengers and besides
being fitted with safety water tight compartments have the Marconi apparatus
which keeps them constantly in touch
with land. Their large displacement and
big keels assure absolute steadiness. The
Laurentic will makei, her first trip from
Montreal on May 15th, the Magnetic being
due to sail _i the 3rd of July.
Does Milk _ Coio.    '
A strange case of animal cunning comes
from New Westminster, and solves the
mystery of the disappearance of a family's
milk supply before it was taken ^from the
cow. The animal which had failed to
give its usual milk" supply was watched
and it was found that a number of dogs
in the neighborhood had been milking her
during the day when she was in pasture.
During the operation the cow would stand
quite calm, and other dogs were standing
by taking a lpsson from those that had
already>learned. It is believed that jf the
mystery had not been solved it wou^d not
have been long before the animal was
milked completely dry each day by the
canipes. , ",""■'-  v
1 ^ailtoat] Bridge' for Edmonton.
* - - >"
The CP.R. will commence < at once to
build a high level bridge between Edmonton and Strathcona, and wril also build a
handsome station and hefel ion ninth
street-. 'The report has caused the price
of lots to go up by leaps and bounds.
Yesterday the company bought thirty
three lots for $102,000 and  obtained  an
option on another lot for $20,000. ,
» \      1 ,
'    •       i' '    -      .    „
e' < [The, Canadian "Marathon.-
f 7 ^
The list of entries for the Canadian
Marathoil Derby now" totals nine.''' Fred
Simpson, pf Ojibway.Thunderbolt, J. D.
Marsh of Winnipeg, Red Hawk of Midland, Wm. McNeal of Toronto, Abbie
Wood of Montreal, J, George of Ojibway,
E. Riley of Beverton, R. Boott of Deer
Park, and W. F. Cumming of Toronto.
'Abbie Wood is likely to be a strong favorite, bearing in mind how he* chased
Hans Holmer, Maritime Province champion to town, in the 15 mile race at Montreal last fall, Holmes only beating Wood
by a single yard.
'" '    A Non-Spinning Rope.
A non-spinning • rope has been recently
made for use in quarries, mines/and similar
places, where it is desired to hoist heavy
weights with a single rope. With the use
of the rope of standard design. s the load
has a tendency to rotate, because the action
of the weight is to untwist the strands,and
must be overcome by the use of a guide
rope, by which the load is controlled in its
journey'through the air.
Aa a test a.block of marble auspended
'.H. I
' v     ft      1    #'       h
: I haoe sold oiit mtj busl-
,  ness, arid wish to announce
that all accounts due to me
th_at   be   settled at once/
either by..cash or note toith.
-i«|lO days. • ,   .
' I \ *     \ 1   ,-.     ..'.•.   '.  *'
« , I I tahe this opportunity 0?
thinking' my1 feuBtomers for' •'
■ their patronage1 during th_;;
eight years I haoe been1 in
business in Kelousna.   *<    •■ 7
* I    v     rPHpNE39
1      '   . \7'' ({■;
•1 /
Chinese Still Arrioing.
The Empress of Japan has just arrived
with 600 .Chinese on board. The liner
also has a full cargo of silk. ' This ia the
largest shipment of Chinese since- last
rammer and it is- expected that -all will
find work in Vancouver' within -he next
few days.
Better Glass of Emigrants
t< , Arrioing. ,•
, The, teaaon for emigration has well
opened and Arthur Piers, Manager of the
CP.R. 'steamboat service say* there is
every chance of a good, but not extraordinary busineis in the Atlantic steamship
trade this year. Business" men in shipping
circles last year .noticed, the decrease, in
7      * I      ■ ' L     j'
emigration and in ' many cases had to
pass their dividends.'- Mr. Piers' says the
emigrants booking! for this year'are of "a
better ekes than the average of the past
three years,' and at present the bookings
are standing pretty brisk.
1    < '        »   .' 7  1. V
' - Canada's'Grain.Production.
A statement, has been forwarded to
Lord 'Strathcona giving Canada'• crop
production as follows. Total yield 474.-
575,855 bushels. Wheat 126,795,127 bush-
els. wheat production west of' great lakes
105,613,454, of which more than 50 per
cent, was grown in Saskatchewan. ■ It is
estimated that 14,672,254 bushels of wheat
is already held by farmers. ,   u •
by the single line was raised from a depth
of 250ft. without making a half-turn in its
ascent   No guide  rope   was  necessary.
, In the construction of this rope an inner
series , of wire strands is wound in one
direction over a core, and an outer series
of wire strands is wound in the opposite
direction about the inner series as a core.
The wires which make up each of the
individual inner strands are twisted in the
same direction as the lay of the strand,but
in the outer strands .the individual wires
are laid in opposite directions to the lay of
the strands.
The number of strands required for the
second or outer layer must,'ai course, be
greater, than the number of strands in the
inner layer. For this reason the inner layer
has the wires as well as the strands all laid
in one, direction as described thereby
giving them a tendency to untwist very
much faster than if they were twisted in the
direction opposite to the lay of the strands.
' The wires in the outer layer, being laid
in an opposite,direction  to the lay of the
■    .     .     «  < k ■ i 1 .'J     A ' '
strands, do not tend   to untwist as fast as
the inner layer.'   The. strands in the'outer
layer, howeve. counteract the tendency of
untwisting the rope aa' a whole.   When a
weight ia applied to' the end oi the   rope
the greater number strands of tKe outer
layer  has a r tendency  tountvriatin  one
direction, whereas the fewer strands of the
inner layer have a tendency to untwist very
rriuchi faster in the opposite direction, and
it is found in practice that these two actions
almost balance each other.,  -'
Yf.       " '    „
Hi _•
. v-' 'i jv
*»__» -U'vS17_«fc
1 .
vi. a"
- v ,)   ' Hi \ r_ -aw1 .a
r      i\ l I >      *    ' I   -       (   > l      \   *    , * '
W/ITH   Kelowna winning the highest awards at the different Fruit
v *    Exhibitions, this district will receive considerable attention from
homeseekers and investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States and
Great Britain	
.       ' -.   <wy< j
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lots,, ready,for planting
next spring, in the centre of a beautiful valley.
In our Wooellawn Sub-division, between Richtei
l Xf*
/. .
nc'' i
and Ethel Streets.   Prices, i$2 50 and upwards;
on easy terms.   .       .       ..".,;-.•■'"■" .
y \
i ^j,
%-A*>'> .ji
>-. i w
'   'fAi
r ,&?K\
'V  SJ  -T I
»l\\,*i -<-l
■._)*_ JJI
t, V _
ilf you are interested in the com- '
parative merits and economy of
, gravity ditches and small pumping
plants,  write for our Booklet on
Practical Irrigation. " ''
•  t We have installed ''many hund-
-   reds of successful pumping plants
, all over the arid west.
, « v i.
We also have a new instructive
.bulletin on "How  to Spray and
r When to Spray Fruit Trees" which
may interest you much.
Vancouver,        -        B. C
-, ft'-c-w - h fc_T^'
f.   ^ . __ft I-»    'i i-& IvsfX
V"* _-
_ A
We have just received-a large consignment HiUi
Michigan Cleanable ReMge_'s(l§M-!*>
/\lasr_a „ v., , j
'4. ^
'■     The .-est .finish _nd • most-complete. line -oLRerog«ratora__
on the.mar;ket.,sjrenT.4ifferent1stKles and Rfices, to,c)iq,Q^eJroj]nvi,
■  Ice Crea^i' Ereez^ers^ au «&,
The A /f •_ _ -1   -7TL__________i_Ll
■ > Hardware €oA n\ j*vi
.i «-vF|
'fflrj   iSAM
1  „t,i*'„-I
y tti «1
_   _ j*C__   T'
• f ■'?_
'5    .vi'*l
Kmyjtm&fctrvC-_^M_a */!*w«-»MWp»>^i»V_«j^»»rt^->
Importer and Dealtr in all binds off
1   1-J    . vf__»|ni'.I,\t|
a «   1   a     Irntf 1L__ __=__.
}^)r{tf***i ■> ft^,7  .W><yjM*i«-.  ■.
iKHjf.^B^iHlM*-^**»"•/*•'**"'** T
. ,    Harrovvs aqd Sp-jngf-Tooth Cultivators ^ * ?m}J^].)
-t__, «ia _l ** _-__U£i<i« ^ftif^yiJfs
. ,\ EXTENSIONu>dR&VE___WSG'      :
• If yo, __rY_-U^Kra^_ ■ -. jityf&jj.£
^    " but the but McLaughlin and-Canada CmHi^^^^ii
'< \'
".._,.. _ A.     t7... _ .
,i *-' H** _•.  « *
■^K1. 9
iii«-i_iii-»_'iiiin>ii''iii„«^miM«._B»i<i«iBl_nii,i_ii»■ "iH.     "''il'i''""nr:''i"|! i'"!'V"'''7«ii___w<_^i_i_^ii^'»'>:!fiy'!il
The Kelotona Land
Orchard Co.,
Haoe .or sale the following oarieties:
Northern Spy
Yelloto Newton
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,    10   Lawrence .Ave.
PHONE 95 .
Belleoue Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop-
Yearling Trees,
Clean, Well-groton Stock.
Buy at Home and Saoe,Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fas..
K._;<_ Office; Leon Sty**
Manager's Office, at Orchard.
Kelowna Shaving
•  HAIR-CUT. '     :: :•:        ::
J. BOUGH) Proprietor
D. W. Crowley & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
'  "   "   ;*    ..»  -   '
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our  prompt  attention'
to mail orders
INSURANCE ^ *fent-
•    ''; j' ■'' ' —. Lire,   oickness, ■
)     We only  represent  the      Plate GlaSS.
Strongest omp'Biiies:
" /-oyal,  Guardian, Sun, Law Union, Atlas,
w London & Lancashire,   Confederation Life.
Wishes to announce tbat he is opening a
Phot6grdphk Studio
In thc-KowcUffv,Block
* a
About MAY lit
enty-fittej)ears'experience jn Porlraitwchas enabled him to all
access in this branch.   The laiist mounh*will be kepi in stock
Now is the time to buy your
Canning'varieties a speciality. " Send for.
catalogue of Seeds and Fruit Trees
Rosefield Nursery, Gellatly, B.C.
Lifting and
Moving Houses
AU work Guaranteed.
Clark & Ferguson
Geo. E. Ritchie
Plans and Estimates
;     on application.
Box 10© !>'  Kelotona*
11 >
' >" "* f ^ '
t> .
you say
: Vies, we have k gooBVssoitmerit of the* choicest Cheese.? ,
t_*orgonzolaj- Limberger,«. owiss, Koman,
i   *  ^ _ L
Camemb^ Qlcl English Stilton
t    ,^ rich.
. *
ft " \'\; t e      >_ji, -Ju^y
^PA   *   C  >C*
i ^a ,7" V   * in  •
TLOWR    '
'. "%   "     FEED'
"(. j .. ^
7':Mry Kerr arrivedion Friday from'
a business trip to Vernori; 7    Ay.A
y :Mr. Muir,' district organizer; of
the Canadian Order of Fore-ters,
left7on Friday; for, Summerland,
Peachland arid Penticton, ' I)uririg
his short stay here he has made
many friends who made :him
promise to "look in" on his return
! journey. .    ,r ,,'.777
i     F.   Benest   has   started   a   shoe
'black   stand   outside   the    Royal
H. Paul left on Thursday last for
Summerland to help the Baseball
boys in their match against the
College. He left Summerland for
Vancouver on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Smith, accompanied by Mr. C. C. Allen, left
for Victoria on Saturday. They
will spend a few weeks with
friends before returning.
C. White of Summerland, arrived
by the boat last Saturday, arid
preached in the Baptist Church' on
Mr. Driscoll will be leaving in a
few weeks for Los Angeles/ California. The climate here does not
agree with Mrs. Drisccjl and makes
this more imperative.
The death "is anounced of Jas.
Meagher, aged 70 years. He was
the father of Mrs. Aa O. Burnette
and was buried on Sunday last.
A. E. Boyer is receiving large
shipments of trees from the Layritz
Nursery frequently. The amount
of new orchard being put ii. must
be tremendous.
Mr. Daniel spent the week's end
at Summerland, returning on Monday morning by the Ferry.
Mrs. Thompson of Wolseley
Sask., arrived last week on an extended visit to her son, Mr. J. N.
Mr. Ross of Calgary, who is connected with the Confederation Life
Assurance Co., was in -town last
week making a tour through the
country with the idea' of- taking
up landt in this locality. He was
very favourably impressed with
what he saw.
A large gathering of the Ladies'
Aid of the Knox Church met at
the home of Mrs. T. A. Hardy on
Wednesday last?,
R.! Smithurst left on Saturday last,
for Vancouver, where he has
accepted a position of manager
of the Gents' Furnishings Dept. of
Messrs. McLeod, Macbeth & Co.
Mrs. Witter and child arrved
from the States by last Monday's
boat' to join her husband, who has
taken a house here.
Messrs. J. Bowes, J. Milligan, D.
W. Sutherland, and Mr. and Mrs.
Peajiody, returned from Vancouver
last Monday. "• ■
Mr. Clement of the." Penticton
Press " was in town last week end
visiting Mr. W. C. Clement. - ••
Mr. J. E. Wheeler has purchased
the _, house 011 Bernard—- Avenue
which previously belonged to' Mr.
Donald Fraser. ''  ■
What might, have been a serious
firewa8 happily averted last Sunday
Some careless person had thrown a
lighted match or cigarette on some
dry jatuff under Mission Creek
Bridge, and by the .time Messrs.
Beatty and Tooth were on the
scene' a good blaze was' starting.
This, they immediately* put' out,in
all possibility saving the timbers of
the bridge.
The local chess club is nearing
a good finish to' its tournament.
Messrs. Ellison, F. A. Taylor and
Mathie can be seen in deadly contest. -1      • t,
*^' m % _!_ '7;'^'^*'r_T*,'£'' Hf-7 '>v mi _' £m■/ «rf;:»^'^^/'!^^_A^7'i;:ir'':'^-'■j^'.'
47;7tfe I
Dr.  Mathison,  dentist,  next to
PosbOffice.   Phone 89.
1   ,      , 1
-Say, Old Man!"
It's time <to pull down that,
old rail .fence and put,up,a .
new one, or if you have no
Get the' Best at a reasonable price—
heavy and strong and that will not slip
erected complete if desired. ,
The Great West,   ,
Woven Wire Fence i,
;     A. E.' CLARKE-
A General Agent for Okanagan? District. .'<
'i_;ted|uiE^iwii_^ a:;fte;w•'' stair case'^utg
side ;8o;is"tb;7i)i^i
7 ^
light '^saying bill7no'w>:befo^(BVour|
council;?.Get up( at five instead ;,<_,
six; arid go, to bed at; nine instead
of ten. You wont know the difference if you put the clock on an
hour. > .
It is getting near the time that all
blouses were made for the competition to be held shortly in aid of
the Hospital. If you have not
made one, really you ought to. The
material must only cost a dollar,
and very little time need be expended in making an article worthy of
taking off one ofthe prizes. Even if
you are not lucky enough to get a
prize, you have the glory of knowing you are supporting a good
cause, which in itself ought to be a
prize worth grasping.
The sooner something is done in
the way of watering the streets the
better. The winds" of the last few
days1 have bean blowing clouds' of
dust about; making every dirty and
The majority of people have
now got their gardens in for summer. It is marvellous how a litde
garden produce relieves the housekeeping bill. In fact reports are to
hand of an economical batchelor
with no garden, who resorted to a'
little earth in a shallow box, arid" is
anticipating a record crop 'of mustard arid cress.
Enthusiam waxes great-over' the
formation of a minstrel troupe." in
this town. One of the 'the members has gone so'far as to obtains
well itrimmed hat of - minute proportions.- -It is anticipated that there
will be niggers on the beach in the.
near future. ■ ■   '.   •
Communiori Services will he
held at the Presbyterian Churches,
both in town and atBenvoulin, next
Sunday. The first in town at the
morning.service, and at Benvoulin
at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Presbyterian ■ services will be * held in
town on .Friday,-and-in the country
pn'Thursday at>8 o'clock; A collection will be taken- for' the- missions. t ' "
1 Some cattle took a strange notion into .heir heads last Friday,
when en route to Mr. Davy s slaugr
ter h'ouse, from across .the lake, instead of landing, on the .wharf, the
beasts decided to swim ashore, and
it took.the ''Clovelly" quite, a..'time
to round' them up; before a , safe
landing swas made.' .,,    '      ■ ,
CA Ball is advertised' for .the.op-'
ening of the new restaurant on
Water Street." The event will take
place to-night and a large crowd is
Don't forget the baseball match
to be played in Dr. Boyce's field tb-
, .     ' '' I r
Mr. Dalian'has met,with a serious accident, having broken' his
leg when) jumping off' his * dray.-
He is not •'expected* to< be about
again .for..a'few weelcs^ • At this
eventfui"time'ofcthe year^8uch_an
accident ia very''inconvenient' and
he has our sympathy.
Mr. J. E. Wheeler was a passenger on Tuesday, to Moose Jaw, >on
business connected with" his new
Saw Mill'at Westbankj >
froni Salcombe^ j Deybrii7!Erigland7
t :(FromV>ur own;Corre»pondent.)7 A:.
What might have been a .fatal
accident happened' to Mr. Harry
Facey on Saturday evening last, on
his way home from Kelowna. The
Rutland flume' crossing, the-road
into"McGray .'residence,has' be'en.j
altered from the side of the road
to the centre, and a bile of lumber^
used in its new construction has
been left right in the roadway.
Into this Mr., Facey came with
horse.and cart. Hewaavioleritly
thrown out and lighting on head
and shoulder was knocked^ insensible: The horse ran a-way leaving '
him there until he managed. later
to start with difficulty for home.
We notice'that with the iricreas-' f
ing population on the Bench .the -
craze for fine horses is rampant.
You -vouldtha/dly say- they, were
farm horses', yet they do that work
very fair. Among, those ^possess?
ing fine animals might be mentioned Mr. Gi E. Yale;heha8'a _ahdy.
Mr. Gray also has a beauty, and
Mr. Maxwell's''span,' where* 'can
you find abetter?    .,, ,,      ,
' Tree .planting and seeding is
still going 'biv ih 'plaices.'"[ NSw
buildings, are beingput up, in fact
things are busy^all round."
1 Boots Repaired and made
, to order. .    .    . -.
Small line? of, .actbry stock;;.
carried. ^      .   .   . ,..
The City Shoeing Shop
• ■ • NEXT.kl_&__A_J_.»«r ».
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
ir-cuttingfShkvirig orSh^rapoo
ingr^Faciarmassagcra Specialty
[ Everything-dUhif-tte«J. ''"   f '»'
1      1
v       .     ***.
.1     1   •
1 ' *
The first sale of Prince Rupert lote wilLbe-heldat  ]'
Vancouver,; British C6l_inb.a,'Me\y  25th to ,29th,   1909.
Prince Rupert is the Western'terminusp^th^rGrap^tXronkri 1
Pacific'Railway.     The sale will be held.in .the, in|ere«-? pft« w
the^Grandt Trunk' Pacific(RailwayfCon»pany1ai]id.thenGoy-!:f ;
.ertiment of British'Columbia-; half "the .otsi offered1 £ei_gi    if
1 owned'by each party1.'   From'2,00'0 t<r»2v400rloti»(wil-be* • v
'     offered;';   '/"/     ! \        '],•'    ' ■•-      < V»»•'■
\    • The' sal. wilt b*«held > byr auction and thj(jterifl* of,A _,'
,. payment, will be?'bne^iuarterca4h and the,bf^n^fti^.J ".,
,   one, two, and' thr&yedrV/wit]^ .
Agreements will'be executed immedia^ely^on poyment-of^,   >;
the first, installments and) purchasers may enter into ipopses- >
•sion at once. *       t      f ,
TidpSi are absolutely, indefeasible, which  means': that
' ' the government of British'Columbia guarantees all titles.
For maps and further particulars," write,? ", „ > "j' l
,   ' ■  l   "  l\- '!   "     , ; ' A D. RAND,
, Af*  7, .'I Adjent for Government and Railway,
■ 1 ' ti   -l   * . .    '     ,.,,' Vancouver, B. C.
/''',''   ' '   ' ''       *.\' ;'     '       ''   -
' Ar'     1        .' .      > ,    '
p^,     -;.;,.>   <\   .-.'<,',,. 1    «      ' ■..?•'/'       !-       ' '   ' v      y   >'-   A-'1
* t    *    r*_
—n\j> •V ."V ""
,/jf      ^   f .Mj  *■  £_   j
7 The, Orchard Citu Record.
A v-      • fi -        i  «■* t 	
A meeting of the" abdye association, was held in'the Fire Hall, last
i Tuesday,' the chief items -being the
, election bf officers, and the swearing in of new members. ' Mr. Geo.
Rose took' the" chair; and informed
the members present that they had
succeeded in getting thirty mem-,
bers together, and;could now start
a company'of their, own/ What
was now required wa_ to reorganize the association, and he would
ask those present to elect officers
for the season. '
The following were elected :
President, Mr. F. A. Taylor.
Vice-Presidents, Messrs. Raymer,
Bowes, Wheeler, DeHart, and J. F.
Burne. Captain, Tom Allen.-Vice-
Captain, Tom Hidson. Sec-Treas.,
S. Ellison.
•      '' Committee.
. Messrs. J. Cameron, A. L. Meug-
ens, C. James, and Chas. Harvey.
, The question   of  a range was
fully gone into j Mr. Harvey reniark-
" ing that if a suitable site was not
found, he would see if the range
could be moved to his prbperty at
the benches, and if tHi^'{wa^,o possible, the members wotild^b- quite
welcome to use that locality. In
the meantime it was decided to see
Miss Porte, and try to get permission for the range to stay on' her
grounds, until after the Annual
'Shoot. A committee, consisting of
chief Hidson and Claude James,
were elected1 to look after the matter, and to report at the next meeting. -After'recording a hearty vote
of thanks to Mr. Raymer, for being
present, and swearing the new
members in, the  meeting  closed
"* 1
with a'decision to meet again on
Thursday, 29th of April.
'y    •'    8teel Pen Helps Forgers.l   >>, A
'The crime p_ forgery bas been facilitated and Increased by the modern Introduction of metallic pens, gold and
.steel, says.a writer in'the Indianapolis
News. The old fashioned quill pen was
smooth and  pleasant < to  .vrite  with, ■
though It sometimes balked and sputtered, but it did not lend Itself to skill
foi Imitations as easily ns the metallic-
pen does. The crime of forgery doubtless has been promoted by the'almost
universal education of' modern times.
Ia an' age when everybody writes and
when many are skillful pen men'forger-'
lee are much more frequent .ban they
were centuries ago, when tbe person
who could handle a pen was an exception.   Many modern criminals make a
living,by committing forgeries,' victim
lslng hotels, banks, capitalists and business men generally.
Domestic Economy.
"Hey, mon," exclaimed the brnw.
bonnle north countryman, "thrift is n
wunnerful thing!1'
"Tee," replied bis English traveling
companion. "You're right there. Now.
I gave my wife u ten ponnd note to
manage on last time 1 was away, and
—would you believe it?-instead of < „
ceedlng it she saved nearly a sorer
elgn ont of it to buy herself a hat!"
"That's nowt," replied the Scotsman
"My'wife gives the kids ha'pennies
apiece to go to bod supperless: when
they're asleep she takes the ha'pi u-
nies off on 'em ageean. and then slie
makes 'em do wi'out ony breakfasts
for losin- 'em! Hey. mon, that's
thrift!"—London Scraps.
The Best Engine
on the
Market Today.
We can
show you.
Not an
,, Sold to
Leading Boat
,We learn later that.the members
of the   Rifle Association obtained
.permission to use' the range' on
'Miss Porte's land, for'the, whole
.eason.   We have been asked in
■the name of , the "Association   to
\ thank'Miss "Porte for  her co-oper-
ation in this matter.
The Mendicant.
There  are  those   who  ascribe  tbe
word "mendicant" to the silly appell.i-
-tion put forth as a conundrum, meaning a poor wretch beyond the power of
.mending.   But something very close to
the term was in use as long ago us
when Chaucer wrote his "Canterbury
Tales."    In  the  "Sompnoure's Tale"
this occurs:
Therefore we "mendlanta,' we s'ely freres.
Bee wedded to poverte and continence. -
To  charitee,   bumblesse  and   abstinence.
The "sompnoure" of Chaucer was, of
course, a summoner, or apparitor, and
a person ot low estate, and here we
have, it is believed, _ the origin of the
word, which came into common employment later.
sizes - 1, 2, and 3 Cylinders -
3 to 25 H. P.
The Ferro Marine Engine embodies the best features of the finest automobile engines It
has the offset cylinder, reducing vibration and increasing power, the counterbalanced crank
shaft, saving wear on beannea, best cooling and oiling systems, and many other improvements,
The 1909 models enable the operator to examine the working parts with great ease. Engine
has removable cylinder head, etc
The 1909 Ferro is the Great Engine of of the Year
Over 2,000 sold before the season opens.
Made in a large number of sizes—for any kind of boat for any service—work or pleasure.
We want to tell ycu about the Ferro and the Ferro Gear.    And we want to show you the
Ferro Special—the greatest 3 H P. engine ever made for the money.
Come in and get a catalogue and ask questions.
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery Co.
JAMES BROS.      ",
Electric Light and Power Engineers, etc.
P.O. Box 90.
On call all hours.
Phone 84.
Mr. Fisherman,
If your stock of tackle needs renewing, come
and inspect our new supply. We carry everything
in the fishing line, including •      ','-.,
Rods Trout Flies Fish (Baskets Lines
Leaders       Fly Books Hooks Reels
Otter Baits  Landing Nets Spoon Baits &c.
Note.—This being the first season to handle this line  -'    v
/ of goods, all our stock is perfectly new.
> > _
* *".7
Druggist and Stationer.
___ <-
How About a Good B?ek View?
"Auntie Liz bad .a bard time having her picture taken today," said her
nephew, who, bad just opened a photographic studio and had very courteously asked his aunt to come and
pose lor a new picture. '*
"Why, what was tbe trouble?" asked
Ms brother.        _   "
"Well, yon see. Twhen I told her to'
look pleasant she didn't look natural,
nnd when I .told ber to look natural
she didn't  look  pleasant."
For The Spring Trade.
Seeds for the Farm, gar-'
. den, Laton or Conseroat-
onj from the best grou>    '
ers in England, Prance,
Holland, United  States
and Canada.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Small Frtrite, English Hollies
Grown in the only part of the Am-
erican continent not infested by the
San Jose scale. Our trees do not
have to 'be fumigated and consequently damaged.      ,.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies
Spray Pumps  . T *
Spraying Materials,
Cut Floioers, etc.
157 Page Catalogue Free. <
Greenhouse and Siodhouee ,
3010, Westminster Rd. ,
VANCOUVER, B.C.     . 7
Branch Nursery - South Vancouver,
We can supply first-class one
and two-year-old. trees, either
grown at Kelowna or Victoria
(Head Nursery), in the best
commercial varieties of
Apples, Plums, Pears, Cherries, etc.
We have also now at Kelowna,
of many kinds, Shade Trees,
Lilacs, Spiraea, etc.
We would be pleased to have you visit
us and select your specimens.     *
Catalogue and Price List Free.
A. E; Boyer
 „rowers of all kinds of Fruit T
sery Stock, such as Roses, Shrubs, and Omamenl
planters of Orchards, choice trees, true to name.
(11 fVPW   1)
, .ther f _
rees, and offer to ,
Are extensive growers of all kinds of Fruit Trees, and other^Nur-
The most experienced planters realize that yount trees grown in
!va_ in the Interior of
Ontario, under somewhat similar conditions as prev
this Province, are the best. ""       ' " " ,"" '"■ '  . '
We are prepared to furnish "One year old treia," on a three f__r
old root, or a two year old tree on a four year old root, as desired, at .
prices that will be considered reasonable. ^ .,.'„.       ' ' I
We grow the Duchess Dwarf Pear very extensively, which ia being
used as a filler by a good many planters. l
Our Peach, Apple. Pear, cherry and Plum trees are all of first qua). ,., <        ,, .
lty well grown, well rooted, aad will please the most critical buyers. (
Thorough cultivation in our Nurseries ensure a splendid root system _.
which of course is most necessary in a young tree. , '   /!f    ^    7, 'lAi   .''
During the past two seasons we have-successfully shipped our stock','\Jf,' '^ i
to all parts of the Province, and can guarantee, satisfaction to all lour^ „^,,rM 7 1
patrons. t.    . - ■     < >
The members of our firm are ell practical Nursemnen, with long        ', *•    • 7
experience, and they are giving their whole time to, thia one business, %-   *'
constantly overseeini
shipping, etc.   T~
zealous care the
seeing every detail of die work of growing, packing, _.   _ (
The fact is, we live among, the trees, watching with
b development of every acre of our vast plantings.1"',' t       ./-",
This is a Canadian enterprise of 25 years standing, and our repntac
n is behind all our dealings, give us your order and j
I you will not re-
don i.   „-. „ .    -,-
gretit. ,    ,.,- . =      I      •■ -i ■   , ._<>
We want's good reliable man to look after our business in Kelowpa , *    -..
and vicinity. r     .     '    -- "■ ~ 7   ■■ ''    >     J
Apply for particulars in regard to prices and terms to salesmen to '     ' ,
our British Columbia Branch Office.    *       '        , *l      '      l<
Catalogue Free on Request.
ii Manager, 1125 8th Ave.' W^ 7 ;*7
-   '' 's i Vancouver.     ;>,
■" _
S .I
_____ji S* ^'"'■11
„     T f»" ~   K   ■|'7,'?'V|
v  '
Ready with ^spring and summer garments.     Your
muslin or knit underwear, needs .can be properly iat- '
tended to at this, store.- . Never before were the assortments greater, and surely, never-were the values better./
Now is the time to make a  selection.   '' Call and  see.
the showing.   - ^       "   '
Meyr'Neckwear for Spring.
Latest Novelties in Elmbroidered Wash Collars,
y   y '/?5c, 35c and 50c.
New Frillings in:Chiffon or Net, colors white, pink,
sky, corn and black, 15c and 20c a collar'length.
New Directoire Corsets
<l>. &! A. Makes      '
We are showing models to fit perfectly, all figures.
Prices $1.00 to $3.50 each.
Bias Filled Corsets,    I
,     '-'-.;    Clearing,on Saturday
J r * t j     , i
*'''-*  - 5 <vi 'Fburj Lines "<■ -   a,
c'CoreetsofFiiseC-UtiHe,; .his cor_et is made, for com- .
vrort, c-mbined wiljh durability.        •'''    '._'',.       "■•
•, vklues $K25-for 85c.   ,v s values $!.75.for, $1.20.  K"
•values $1.50. for $1.06      • values $3.50 for $2.45. -'
Cotton, Linen and Wool Fabrics
The newest weaves,  latest colorings,
broadest assortments and best possible
, values is afforded the woman who makes
a purchase of Dress Fabrics at this store.
>     The showing in now at its best, and is '
on,e that should be seen by every interid-
ing purchaser. '   ,
All wool Panama and Stripe' Serges at
60c. a yard.
'"•r-T \fchm
/__o • «* s*
i, *
"T.Tgfeat range ofSelT7--firfpe, and-twer
tone Che\ ron Stripe Suitings.    Elxclusive
Suit patterns, $7.00 the suit length.
AJl wool Chiffon Broadcloth.    Exclusive
suit colorings, $9.00 the suit length.
* V
I " f -
Our .range is the largest in Dress Ginghams, Ghambrys, Linen Crash, Poplins,
Muslins, etc.    Lowest prices.
\ New Spring Suits
y   ''*■"   ' i/7l'\ "^^"i'      '•' 7 \ .1      i >'
Coats and Skirts are shb.wri in a pleasing
vanety or the season s latest styles.,,; ,We
inyitevthe:;ladies tp see our range bf these
sgoods.    rnces to suit all.
«. .\:
Saturday's Sale of Staples
60 ih: 3-4 Bleache_7_inen! _)a^i_sk| S
,    50c:.fort40c. -\ 'yl^k%
58 in: Full^ Bleached Linen Damask,
65c. for 50c.
70 in.^ Full Bleached  Pure   Lijxehf
Damask, 85c. for -»5c.
==3 .*
SHEETS..  Heavy .English Cotiohl
Sheetings.    :7,2 in. Futt jBleadted.;
splendid quality cottdnMMihr -wil|-ft
'^  '      value 35c. for!25&^   \ ^
30 in. Dress Holland, Me<;?quairyR
•'    ' ■■::  25c..forl20c."',      T   "
___   %
owels.   Linen CrjasK. (IMrge^__-4;V
s .value 45c. tor 35c. afpair.t;   i j
Bleached   and   uribleachear \BatKA
1T6welSt good wi
'New wash Belts, insertion 'aha<,,3enf«:
'      ■ " broidery, 35d':to.60<:/'-,fyTjffl
J     \   \   y     a    ,r #^-fo A**sm
; --      - _u_-_--______fi_fi
7    •■• broidery, 35ci:t6.60c^^ 1
> fill > ,r   .;>ry \tm<gtiQ^^^ 1
V>0. .   . ;• :, ;Fabrifc, Kid and MocKj. \ *«,$$, i
* i >
fv'i \
i *      i \
Uwn,N-tWSilk    ,
. .1
'T'J '*'"(')•' «-'"v -.-J.H. .'";' ..^ a '- .,•'..    "yjyy,.] ,7/Vj. s ' ,, '   ,■   .'s.->','    "   ,     ^y\y-'}    T'*"."   ' ' ,v','*-'.   .      '"v ^.a^vSTV y, The,Orchard Citg Record.
.ThUr^dai), ;Aprilj29
_ecord Essay Contest
For the Boys and Girls
of Kelowna and District
We are anxious to interest everyone in the columns of 1 he Record,
an- in this endeavor we must not forget the boys and girls There is
often a good deal of literary talent lying dormant in the young people
and we want to give them a chance to show what they can do in this
We have therefore decided to offer two prizes each month for the
best essay written by any boy or girl under sixteen upon a subject
which we will announce each month. The first contest will be held
during the month of April, as follows:— .
First Prize
Second Prize
There are hundreds of boy and girl readers of The Record on the
prairies who would like to hear of the good times which the young
people of Kelowna have during the summer months, so the above
prizes will be awarded for the best imaginary letter from a boy or girl
in Kelowna district to a boy or girl on the prairie, on
"Summer Life in Kelowna,
From a Boy's (or Girl's) Point of View"
The essays should be sent in to the office not later than April 30th,
and the prize will be awarded upon receipt of the judge's decision.
; 7 Conditions:
The contestant must be under 16 years of age, and the composition
must be his .or her unaided work.
Your Last Chance
To secure a beautiful half-acre
lot on Glen'Aveniie at trie ex--
ceptionally  low- price of-$800.'.
If not sold by the end of April
the price will be raised.
Size of'lot 75x295
For terms and particulars
Apply to
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66 Kelowna, B.C.
The " Clovelley " is receiving a
coat of paint pr.evious tr. her summer trade.
Delegates from various points
will meet here on Thursday afternoon, with the object of forming a
baseball league.
Mr. Milligan has purchased a
home in Victoria from Mr. DeHart
and will very shortly be leaving
foi that locality. Mr. DeHart will
m all possibility take ovei Mr. Milligan. house here on Pendozi
We are pleased to pleased to
state that Mr. Dalian is progressing
favourably. He will probably be
laid up for six weeks, having
broken his leg above the ankle.
Fortunately, he carries accident
insurance with the Ocean. Accident
and Guarantee Corporation, and
has made claim for indemnity
through the company's local agent,
Mr. G. A. Fisher.
Mr. J: Milligan will be leaving
next week for Victoria, and advertises'his furniture for sale: everything is nearly new and some bargains ought to be picked up.
Possibly the largest cheque that
will ever be signed by the council
in this city, was signed last Tuesday by Mayor DeHart, .and the
City Clerk, it being for the sum' of
$24,265 due Mr. Lloyd-Jones for
the balance of the purcnase money
ofthe Park.    '   '    '";       :'  ]   7  '<
The council have granted the
Park grounds for'the sport on Victoria Day, and a subcription list
has been started, and some • substantial support has been forthcoming during the past few days.
It is the object of the committee to
to charge an entrance fee of twenty-
five cents for each event, the money
obtained in this way, and through
private subscription to go to the
prize fund.
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents. (
FOB SALE—Baby chicks from one to
four weeks old. White Wyandottes and
Anconas One new "Peerless" 200 egg
mcubatpr Apply T C. Kerr, or G. A.
Fisher,   Keller   Block,   Kelowna   B   C
FOR SALE—Democrat wagon in good
condition. Horse and harness, also
Thoroughbred White Wyandottes. In
quire C. C Josselyn, Grocer. 22-24
FOR SALE—Four year old mare, well
broken.   Apply J. P. Dolsen.        42-25p
LOST—Brown plaid rug, probably in Pendozi Street, April 23rd. Monckton,
Kelowna. _  22
WANTED—Situation by married man on
farm six years experience on orchard
work.     Apply, box   P Record   Office.
FOR SALE—"Iceberg" Refrigerator,   30 x
46, app.ly P.O. Box 141, Kelowna 21-23p
TO RENT—Mr. Morden's house, opposite
Pridham'^ Qrchard. Apply G. E. Boyer. 2l-23p
Which Was It.
She (as her lover is about to deparj.on a
voyage  around    the  world):     "My  dear
Adolph, will you be true to me when you
' are far away?    Promise   me that you   will
1 write to  me from   every   town you visit!",
He:"Oh, Ada, is it love that prompts you
i to say this?    Ada,   swear   to me, do   you
' really love me, or are you merely collecting
i foreign postage stamps?
FOR SALE—Edison Phonograph and 35
records, can be seen at Campbell Bros.
Apply Box Z. Record Office 21-23p
FOR SALE—320 acres of land at $7.00 per
acre cash, or $8 25 on easy terms. Apply
to Ernest Snowsell, Alta Vista Ranch,
Kelowna, B.C.    * 20-tf
PURE BRED Single Comb Buff Orpington
Eggs for hatching. $2.50 per 15, $4.00
30.   DUNN, P.O. Box 334, K.L.O. Ranch
HOUSE TO RENT—On Glen Avenue,
two blocks from school Apply at
house. '    x""
FOR SALE—14 Acres on I.' L. O. Bench
for particulars, apply to P. O. Box 261.
Kelowna, B.C. 17tf
For Sale—Palmer piano, almost new,
also brand new Drop-head Singer Sewing
Machine; full Set of Dinner Dishes;
two Bedroom Sets, Sideboard and
Secretary; Carpets, almost new.   Apply
A. McGee's Upholstering Shop,
19-tf Corner next K.L.O. office.
LOST—Between E. Newby's and Sawmill
logging chain.   Return to Record Office.
EGGS FOR SALE-^rom a nice pen of
Barred Rocks, mated to'imported, cock,
bred from best laying strain in America,
$2.00 setting. C. E. Weeks, Benvoulin,
B.C. *     . ' 19-tf
TO LET—Six roomed cottage on North
Richter St. Apply Mf. Cgrnelius Martin
on premises. 19-tf
E _W ;7.7f_akJt-i-H__J-UI_~(l
• f     »
Garment with Distinction
and Popularity.
Our three button and two button
Sacks. Styles and- price are things
that speak jfor, themselves.
Quality is hidden away inside the
linings.. The' foundation of good
workmanship is the special feature /
pf all pur Clothing which means that
the coat lapels will 'not turn up at
the corners, the pockets will not sag,
the coat fronts will not wrinkle and
pucker, our trousers bag or^ become high-water; the coat! sleeves •
will nbt pull up. In fact,, all, our
clothing means
FOR SALE—Good cow, due to calve in
two weeks' Apply H. W. Beattie, Blackwood's Livery.   , . 19-tf
,    CITY OF KELOWNA*   ^ . '
Notice is hereby given that all persons
posting notices on the electric light poles
or other Cityiproperty after March 1, 1909,
will be prosecuted.
'I3tf "" ' City Clerk.
Advertise fyr     x
Situations Free
, , , Tj   ,
Committee Meets to Make
Ameeting of the sports committee was'
held on Wednesday last, Mr. ,Wilks kindly"
lending his office for tlje occasion. (
The meeting opened with the,,electing
of Mr. Claude James as Chairman. Mr.
Jame.8, in his opening speech said he was
pleased to be associated with such a noble
pioject as that which was/ occupying the
minds of the committee that evening,
namely, to provide healthy and manly
sports for Victoria Day, and wished for a
vote of thanks to be passed to the council,
for having granted permission to use the
Park for that occasion.
The first business  was  the  electing  of
officers, the following being  chosen  with
power  to   add   to   their  number  should
occasion arise. ■
Secretary, Mr. J. W. Wilks\ '     •>
Finance Committeer Messrs. J. Wilks,
C. James and V. D. Wade.
Working Committee, F. Frazer, C. James,
H. Davis, L.   C.  Aviss,   J.   Finch,  V.'D.
Wade, J. Bowes, H. Muirhead,   D.   Lloyd,
H. B. Lloyd, P. J. Brooke and G. A. Chick.
It was also proposed to aslp the   following to act in the following capacities.
President, F. R. E. DeHart.
Vice President, Messrs. Cox, Ball, Bailey,
Rowcliffe, Elliott and Pridham?
The officers having been elected, the
dnection of the committee was turned
towards the Marathon Race. It was proposed,to raise a subscription to provide
the prizes, $100 of which was to be applied to this rate, in the proportion of $50
value first prize, $25 second, $15^thirdand
$10 fourth. The winners of all events to
be supplied with a note for the amount
due. That note to be used in connection
with th stores in town. The route chosen
was the reverse to that published in the
Record a few weeks ago, viz, from wharf
up Pendozi Street, along the' K.L.O. new
road, past Benvoulin, turning down the
road leading to the five bridges, by Prid-
ham's Orchard to Barnard Avenue, and
straight back to the wharf. It was decided to line the route with martials, each
martial to be provided with refreshments
in the way of lemons. The course waa
mentioned as _eing 9 miles in length. It
was decided to run a rig around the
course before and after the race, to set
down and take up martials and stragglers
in the race. ',   .7 -    ' •
The following schedule of prizes for the
other races was decided on, ->3 runners „ 1
prize, 5 runners 2 prizes, 8 or over 3 prizes.
Thelfollowing races were decided 'on,
I mile, 1-2 mile. 1-4 mile, 220 yds, 100 yds.
120 yds. hurdle", Sack race, Three-legged
race, Obsta cle race. High Jump, Boys under fourteen, Girls under fourteen, Ladies'
race 100 yds, Long Jump, and Greasy Pole.
The secretary wished to place before
the committee the following subscriptions."
From-J.E. Wheeler f"$25,,-from W. Mcjannett a ham for greasy pole.' s    I,
It was decided to take' entries at once,1
for all events, although entries will be
taken to within an hour of the time of the
race. The entrance fee was fixed at 25c.
each event, 'except^ tKe < Marathon .which
would be free. Entries will be received
by the secretary or any of the , Finance
Committee, and all money, "collected this
way will go with the general subscription
to form' the prizes for the various events.
Messrs.' James and Wade were elected
to approach the City, Band, with a view to
getting them to play during the afternoon,
and after a hearty vote of thanks had
been passed to the chairman for presiding
and also to Mr.-Wilks for the loan- of., his
office, the meeting dispersed to meet again
on Thursday, May 6th, when all members
are requeeted to attend. < y    '} ' f ,,    m'^\,
' J   i '4V/
, rf-t I.
Clearing Sale
-   OF
■ >i
' i
• . . 'I« *  *        ,-wr .  <> -    ,
Headquarters for The Economical Buyer.
iV; .*Vi*   '/ .•*   -'.; •
7 In order to.help when help is
most needed, we have decided
to insert
Free of Charge
Such ads. must be limited to thirty
words. The replies may be'addressed direct to the advertiser or
to a-.private box I at the } Record
Office. ,
r <-      < ,   - '  »     [
We are ;now~ offering the
balance of our Ladies' Trim-
|med Hats at "   '' ,
„    7        •' y
25 per cent.
Discount \  „,' V
'       ■      viz:
Our   regular   $12.50 'Paris
Model Hats at 25- per> cent.
•<_f, now $9.40       V
Our   regular. $12.00   Paris
Model Hats at 25  per cent.
,   .off, n_w $9.00"'     y,
Our   regular   .$10.00   Paris
Model Hats at 25  per * cent.
1     'off^now $7.50'■'/'. "
Our'vregular '$9.00 , Paris
ModeHftats at*25 per cent
>\ ^Mi now $6.75   .,,;,
Our ; regular   $8.00 a Paris
Model Hats at 25  per 'cent.
•     'off, n6w $6.00- y -'<>-
Our .regular $7.50 FJaris
Model Hats at ,25' per. ;cent.
( ,,       off, now $5.65 . .
Our   regular   $6.00 "Paris
Model Hats at 25  per'cenfc
*1 ' off, how $4.50 '    it '•
See our Jwihdqw,,
display * in
S/Jl    I "J
.ffi r,;
The Kelqwna f t
Outfitting- Store ,.
4 ' 7"! "        ,'i *   „ a    V i.1   >      '   ■
W. It i Caider, Prop.
Unprofitable.^. •
Kind Old Lady: Why, my dear" little _o>%
what is the use of crying^like that> j     * .
, Little Boy:   'Tain't no   use.   I've, been
cryin' like this all^mornin' an' nobody'ain't
given me a penny yit.—"'Judge."
"l_fo__f Builder ..j
W'A-i ' «    -» ,V' k
.   Launches,'Sail Boats |
\ Ski-_s, Canoes ^andjScotos
Roto Boats arid Canoes
•-■"'"''-or'hire:- ;'      "
i        .""7  '-    !.< :   1 •   <   iv-.l.,
.r,    A   A AA     „...   I
Sutton's Seeds (
r   Tomato Plants
t        Bedding Plants     r.
.1    .Asparagus Roots }
'      "   '    _>_.__.  D.._U_._    __,   -.
7' a? _Y5£>NS
All otlier Want ads.
t!, 'Ai"nA   \ 7 tf r  . * 1A~
l. at our special low rate" of
"   -"■ •   -'':'*'   - .,At'U\ -
Tw£ Icents per word
>        first insertion
One cent pet; word
following insertions
7'«' >
v,< ,/►<
f, >
7 V
•'.. '
7 51-
' .1
riot try I
our, way.      •
v-v We have a strong line of gingery'
\ patterns all ready for you to select
, from_n"'^Sovereign iBrand/VTand
you don't have to wait. We can
'fit you in 10 minutes with a suit
•. youMl'be proud to own) and at a
, (aricfeyo.u can Afford,.to* pay, and
feelupieased~$i5,s\$lft   $?6j
"$25.  .   .   ,
Oak Hall •-';
(Uothmg Lo.{
j *
The House of Fashion -, \
•*     I   *
\i~A' iV-'''1"
•w- %!


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