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The Orchard City Record Feb 4, 1909

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VOL I.   NO. 10.,
~    $1.50 Per Annum.
the Year Commences in Earnest - Speeches
by Aldermen - Mayor Outlines Policy
'"    !.-
Aid. Bailey Proposes Formation of Fire Brigade
t    ,•   •
u -b ; ;	
New Committeea Formed and New JJy-Laws Read.
Extract from Interesting 'Letter
to Mayor DeHart
"""^The.new City Council met on
Friday „ last ., to, begin,. the  year's
. work. The chair was taken at 7:30
by His Worship Mayor DeHart.
Present Aldermen Rowcliffe, Ball,
Bailey, Cox and Elliott
'' After Aldermen Ball, Bailey and
Rowcliffe had been sworn in, the
council settled to ''the" business of
the evening,   i, * K
m -
e evening^.
\ A^sb6rtif$pe'echvwas made % by,
'each^.dw^Aldernien to the effect
that~uiey shouldered 'sblemn~"obli-
gations when taking the oath of
office, and it was the duty of each
pne to make good. The city affairs had com'e into their} hands
with a somewhat serious deficit and
they had therefore to observe the
strictest economy. j Each one expressed the desire'that'they would
all pull together for the best interests of the city,  and  show  them-
"   selves worthy of  the -trust-; of j the
k In reply to the Aldermen, His
Worship said^'I may say that I am
, very pleased with the council that
the ratepayers have elected this
year."    ^His, ,^prship J* remarked
''-that he haa^ndti^ntended-;; to, run
for Mayor"until'he heard of the
disqualification of Mr. Raymer^that
he did not - feel qualified-•'to-^take-'
such a position. "I do not "feel
qualified to fill-the position-of such
an able man as Mr. Sutherland,"
said 'Mayor"DeHa1ft"''"and "I" think
the city has lost in, Mr. Sutherland
the best*qualifiecl man for-the ^position in the Okanagan"j 'Thislast
was received>»with - applause, the
, council to a man endorsing Mayor
DeHart's eulogy of late Mayor
Sutherland. His Worship continued that he had always endeavoured to give everyone a* fair deal,
although he had not always agreed
with the last council. As regards
the present council,  Mr.  DeHart
- was satisfied that it would prove a
Harmonious one.,   In.oudining his
. policy His'Worship'said,1 {'I wisKTto
see the taxes, if possible, reduced
this year, although there is* a big
deficit to make up. The money I
Believe has been spent wisely and
honestly, and although there were
some things that I did not
agree with the city in doing, yet I
believe that in every instance we
_r_ceived °_Qd value for -our
money^L ^He ..called < attention* to
the   electric/light .plant "already
_^tablished,c8tating that it should
bring, in good revenue in the future.
Iii "conclusion^. His "Worship ex-
pressedjiis wishjo ^take a_ broad
view oiT every" questibn, arid "discharge his duties in  an impartial
, The Medical Health Officer's report is as follows:,   --    _ <
Tuberculosis       4 cases
Scarlet Fever    - 15
Measles                 16   "
Parotitis       -         2
Typhoid Fever     6
Puerpual Fever     1
A<: £    (Sgd.)    B. F. Boyce
1 death
0    "
0    "
0    "
0 " v'
1 "
, M.H.O.
-, The' matter -of   the   i
'Theininute3,of the last meeting
werev-reaa and adopted,' and, the
the rollowmg correspondence
fesd •'** * *>««»«r«* **»•■ *n_*_«_«-_, ***** »>*«.-* *•<-.. *~-**
$ A. letter from   D.' Lloyd-Jones,
making an offer of sale to the City
of hisTark property for $29,000,
the offer holding good until Feb.
, 20th.    -
-A form to be;filled jup in connection wtti/ the''suggested request,
to Mr. Carnegie^for a library. Laid
aside forjfurther dealings.   ; »'• .,'
s'A letter from A. Peabody, asking
that the water»be laid onf to his
premises:        '  r  '       \
IA letter from Dr. Boyce, Medical
' Health Officer, submitting' * tKe
health report for 1908.
?A- letter from J. F. Leonard,
Monte Creek, enquiring if there
was a vacancy on the city electrical
staff. >
iA letter from the Canadian Fair-
banks Co., stating that*they .were
taking the necessary Bteps for the
completion of the city water plant.
A letter from E. J^fclall,* line-
foreman enclosing statement re
culled poles, received from the
Buckley contract. N "
scavenger service, was brought up
by Aldr Elliott, rand the matter was
referred to the-health committee
to deal with.
The city solicitor read three new
Bv-Iawibjthat *_he had prepared,
N'os. 53, 54 arid 55.
By-law 53 is to authorize the
raising of a certain sum to pay for
the construction and improvements
of streets and sidewalks, carried on
during 1908, the city during that
year .not having sufficient funds to
pay for that work.
By-law 54 is to authorize the
raising of the sum of $29,000 for
the purchase of the park property.
"' ?By-Iaw 55 is to authorize the
raising'of sufficient money to complete*1 the construction of'the water
and light works';    - ±
.. In bringing up' new business, the.
Mayor suggested the advisability
of, having, gravel thrown oyer _ the
sidewalks where they are in a slippery condition",'in order to' insure
safety to pedestrians.
„.The Chairirian of ,the . Board of
Works was instructed, to get,an estimate, from Mr. Paul,, to take
charge of the city sidewalks, streets
etc., for a stated period, and to
keep same in good order.
' Great interest was shown in a
proposition made' by Mr. Bailey,
regarding the formation of a fire
brigade. The mater was discussed
at length, and the need of such an
institution was felt by all. Nothing,
however, could be decided at that
meeting, so the fire and water committee were asked to submit absolution at the next meeting.
The following committees were
formed:    .'   '     o' -' ■     I
Finance, Aid. Ball, Elliott and
Board of Works, Aid. Bailey and
The wide spread fame earned
by Kelowna fruit at Spokane, is
emphasized by the riumberof letters received by Mr. F. R.-E. De-
Hart congratulating him' on his
success, from all over the .Old
Country as well as America. The
following taken from a. letter sent
him -by T. J. Poupant,- whose
company is one of the largest fruit
buyers in Covent Garden, London,
Eng., shows what is thought "of the
Orchard City, by English buyers. >
Covent Garden.
F. R. E. DeHart, Esq.,
Kelowna, B.C.,
Dear Sir:      , '
I must congratulate you on the "wonderful show which you made of your apples
at the National Apple' Show at Spokane.
Youra must have been exceptionally fine
stuff to have beaten the Wenatchee Valley
Fruit so easily, as we have'been receiving
large consignments from them just recently
and as far as my experience goes they are
the finest I have ever seen.
* -Yours faithfully,
(Sgd.)      J. T. POUPANT.
There is a market,right there for
Kelowna grown fruit and • prices
are asked for. < i . <»
Mee_ng"of Ratepayers Unanimous in Favor of
Purchasing The Lloyd-Jones Property.
Ex-Mayor Sutherland Replies To His Critics.
-Aid. Ball Urges Passing Of The Money By-Laws.
Successful Exhibit'Taken
' Kelowna.
| 'Fire and.Water, Aid.Elliott,Cox,
and Bailey.       „      J .   -   .
Light Aid. Rowcliffe and Bailey.
Health; Aid. Cox and BaH.    *
c        < Motions. —
Rdwcliffe-Bailey—That the following accounts be referred to the
finance" committee, and if found
'correct paid. I \        "     " \
J. L Doyle, insurance city plant %64 00
J.-L..Doyler insurance city plant  64 00
Canadian Fairbanks, Power House
supplies  159 24
Mrs. Blackwood, meals to prisioners     4 25
Hinton Electric Co., supplies  664 31
Hinton Electric Co., supplies  243 91
M -j v t " • —Carried.
. Elliotr-Rowcliffe—That the Clerk
be instructed to write to Mr. Peck
and have'him come here > as soon
as possible and inspect the boiler
and pipes re water works.-Carricd.
■ Rowcliffe^Ball—That the account
of F. L Buckley, for $74.35 culled
poles^b;^ adopted. —Carried.
Cox-Ball—That    the    Medical
Health Officer-report be accepted,
* —Carried.
Bailey-Rowcliffe—That By-law
No. 53 be read a first time.
'\ Ball:Rowcliffe —; That    By-law
No. 54 be read a first time, i
.,.*.   \       ■> '•■    __cVried.
Cox-ElHott-rThat By-law No. 55
be'read'a' first tirne.        —Carried.
The meeting then adjourned until 1st. Feb., 1909.
'(For report of Mond*yVmeat»ng •«.)). 5.)"
The Northern Okanagan Poultry
Show held at Enderby on the 29th
and 30th January was very- successful, and ^ery valuable information was obtained by poultry-
men regarding the breeding and
rearing fjf stock. > The show was
held in the Knights of Pythias Hall,
which is lit by electricity and was
kept at even and warm temperature during the show. The accommodation was. excellent, and
the systematic manner in which
the exhibits were placed and the
excellent attention given to the
birds reflect great credit on the
management, andx their painstaking secretary, Mr.' English. ' Birds
were sent from nearly as far west
as Vancouver, and there were also
birds from distant Manitoba. This
show was a marked success, but
the number of birds shown, about
200, was hardly as large as expected. The judging was' done by
Dr.'A. W. Bell, of Winnipeg, a
prominent fancier himself and one
of the best judges of poultry in
Canada. The score card system
was used, and Dr. Bell was most
obliging to exhibitors in showing
them where the defects of the
birds lay, and thus prepared the
way for a much greater show next
year. He stated that some of the
birds would compare favourably'
with anything he had seen in the
large city shows.
The management of the show
advertised that they were prepared
to make,, sales for1'10 per cent,
commission, and Mr. T. Cockburn
Kerr,' who took up an exhibit from
Kelowna, washable to 'dispose of
some at a fancy price, as each
bird in the exhibit was successful
in gaining first place in their class.
Local breeder's are recommended to exhibit'at Enderby's next
show, when they will receive'every1
attention and be enabled to sell or
exchange their birds'. " -
, The townl of Enderby is to be
congratulated on, their enterprise
in getting up the -Show, and it will
greatly . further the 'interests of
poultry 'breeders in all the surrounding districts. ,
Late reports speak' favorably",of
the cohdition/'of Rev. -Wright's
little daughter, at the hospital.
-A public meeting of ratepayers
was  held  in   Raymer's   Hall   on
Thursday evening the 4th inst. for
the purpose* of discussing certain
by-laws  which  the  council  have
under consideration, chief amongst
which was that for the raising of a
sum of $30,000 for the purchasing
of Mr. Lloyd-Jones' property on" the
lake   shore  as  a public park for
city of Kelowna.   As this matter is
one which has aroused considerable  interest there was   a   good
attendance at the ^meeting. ■ Mr. J.
W. Jones acted as chairman.      . -/>
Mayor DeHart, who   was  first
called upon to address the meeting, stated that as is already fairly
well  known to   the, public,, -Mr.
Lloyd-Jones had made an offer to
the city of land on the shore of the
lake amounting to about 36 acres
for the sum of $29,000 dollars, the
offer to remain open until the 20th
of this month, and that the by-law
for the, raising, of the * necessary
funds had been rushed through in
order that--it  might be  fully dis-
cussed,at the present meeting. Two
other by-laws were also under consideration, viz.:   for the raising-of
$17',000,to meet payments already
due_ and. to .further carry on the
the work of the city's-electric light
and water undertaking;' and for the
for the raising of $2,000 to pay- off
the  deficit  on  the  municipal accounts'for the past year.  '     ^  -
-The purchase of the park being
of much greater importance, continued Mr. DeHart, the council had
not thought it advisable to bring up
at present the question of the ac-
puisition by the city of the Agricultural    and   Trades   Association's
grounds,  fearing that if they had
done so it might have lead to some
confusion in the minds of the public.   Tliat matter could very well
wait for a while.   In the meantime
it was necessary that some decision
should be arrived at in reference
to the park,as Mr. Lloyd-Jones' offer
would be withdrawn in two weeks'
Mr. T. W. Stirling openedJ the
discussion. He had no interest,
he said, in the park property, and
Mr. Lloyd-Jones had not asked him
to say anything about it. What he
had tn gay_nQW_w_s entire!y-on his
own. He had heard it said that if
Mr. Lloyd-Jones sold this property
to the city for $29,000 he would be
getting a great price for it. That
was not so. The fact was that Mr.
Jones could sell his property right
away for $30,000, showing that'he
was giving the city the benefit of
at least $1000. Mr. Stirling had
made some calculations which"he
read to the meeting showing that
a portion of the property if divided
up-into lots and good roads made
would sell for more than the total
cost of the land, thus giving Kelowna-a park which would practically cost the ratepayers nothing,
and be no charge on the city at all.
> Mr.' Parkinson advocated the
purchase of the park as an asset to
the City./ Kelowna, he said, was
already a beautiful place, and a
place that enjoyed a considerable
reputation on account of its surroundings. -It should do alL it
could to add to its attractions,
.especially when this land was offered at such a bargain.' It was
clear that'the whole of the land
would not be needed as a' public
park, and Mr. Stirling's suggestions
might be adopted, thus making the
property pay for itself. If ' walks
were laid out to advantage, and
the best of the timber.left standing,
the park might be made to, rival
those of any, other "city.   >
Mr., Elliott said he was not looking at this park from a real estate
pointof view, but was looking at it
as a park for the city, not only a
part, but all of it In a few years
it might all be needed.   He did
not approve of selling any part of
it. The City was surely big enough
to raise sufficient to pay the interest on the contemplated loan. He
thought it advisable to keep it for
the city and free for everyone.   -
Mr. Ball adopted Mr. Elliott's
view. It would not be wise for the
Council to commit itself to any
particular line of action. It had
been clearly pointed out that the
city was in need of the property,
and the council had asked for
power to raise the necessary
amount because they thought that
the citizens would be willing to go
this far.
It was suggested that ex-mayor
Sutherland as head of the late
council should give his views on
the matter. Mr. Sutherland said
they had not taken the matter up
as a council but that he had gone
into the matter at various times
with Mr. Jones and'was very much
in'favour of purchasing the park.
He went into considerable detail
as to the financial aspect^ of. the
question. < f ,, f
Regarding the other by-laws,
continued Mr!. Sutherland,'"there
had been a lot of critism of the
late council. Although he did not
mind'fair citicism^ Mr. Sutherland
did not like what was untruthful.
That was what he took exception
to. He did' not 'blame the new
council. There was a' tendency
on the,public to .blame someone,
whether with reason or not. .Coming to the financial, statement, Mr.
Sutherland explained it fully to all,
showing how the 'apparent decfiit
of $ 16,000 was made up.«
' The liabilities consist of the loans
borrowed by the city from time to
time.' On the assets side we find
the municipal plant, fire' hall, etc.,
but the money that had been spent
on roads, sidewalks, etc., did not
appear. The chief point that Mr.
Sutherland wished. to emphasize
was that the city did not place the
money spent on street improvements etc., on the assets side of the
balance sheet as is done in other
cities, altho' the' said sums were
charged to the expenditures. These
Iiabilites also cover'the whole time
that the city had been in existence.
Ex=Msyor Sutherland felt considerably annoyed that certain parties
had made capital of the apparent
deficit, to make it look as tho the
council -had squandered this
amount when all the time it was
simply a matter of bookkeeping.
The report also, continued Mr.
Sutherland, had ,got.around that
the late Council had paid the City
Engineer $3,200, which was absolutely ,without foundation. If the
matter was looked up in the statement as appeared in the > papers,
the public would have found this
to be about half. The engineer's
services were obtained*at a lower
rate than in most towns, and all the
thanks the council,got was a .certain type of people lying about the
amounts. "I like and invite fair
criticism," said Mr. Sutherland,
"but I wish people could be honest
about it",
* The applause with which Mr.
Sutherland's,,statements were received by the , audience showed
that he had the sympathy and con-;
fidence of the citizens. „ Mr. Sutherland spoke feelingly of the lack
of appreciation of the work of himself and his council for the, city,
and was very clear and, fair over
the the matter of the $2000 deficit
on the late council's general account. He admited that the .council had no right to show that, and
accepted the blame, but in explaining the reason for this deficit,..won
the unstinted approval of the meeting, for it showed a true grasp of
the city's, interests by, the late council* 1     < .' .      ,        ' '*   r
One of the reasons   was   the
opening of Harvey avenue. At
almost every public meeting this
matter was brought up. There was.
at the time only one road east and'
west, and it was the general wish
of the public to have this made.
The council were unanimous in
putting this road thro even in face
of a deficit at the end of the year.'
Then as regards the matter of
grants, the council-"granted the
Board of Trade $250, which was
put to good use/ The board'was
enabled to send an exhibit to Calgary as well as to Spokane, bring- "
ing the town into prominence.
There was no one who would .
say that this , grant was wasted, in
face of the achievements of the
city at those fairs. "Did we do
right or did we do wrong?" asked
the ex-mayor. "Right, quite-right,"
came back from the audience...
With regard to the needr of .borrowing more money for the electric
light plant, Mr. Sutherland went
into this at some-length, and showed how the growth of the city demanded a bigger plant than was
originally intended, and ; indeed,-
there was every indication that a
larger one would be' necessary
in a year or so. '     '"      '
Several tilts between Mayor De
Hart and Mr. Stirling took place in
connection with an item ,$4600,
which in the statement published
by Mayor DeHart was 'shown as
spent on! roads -and 'sidewalks.
These matters were gone, into extensively. - •,     v -     «-,-.-
,MrvDuMoulin, in a-few_wprds
moved that' those present 'tender ,
their  hearty   thanks   to!" the; late.
Mayor and   council. 'c They1*' un-"
doubtedly had had as hard' row_to^.^
hoe, but'they,had made'good.j H4' >
was was warmly supported in^this'1 -
by'Mf. Dilworth, who commended}.
the work of tHejate '.councilt?in ja%
very'hearty manner^ staring  thatVirwaV a> '
pretrjr sure thing that the .busybodiea who.
were so anxious to find fault with tKe   old.
council's work, would be unable to do' the'
tame work, and in sucK-and able   manner
as has been done.   "It cornes'with a' very
poor grace from the ratepayers' to  try 'toy'
throw mud," said  Mr. jDilworth,', and   he s
thanked the Council in a  stirring  speech,
which, by the hearty  applause* rendered/ *
showed he only conveyed- the  sentiments,-
of the meeting.   The enthusiam displayed  '<
at the meeting, dispelled all  suspicion "of ->
mal-admin„trationr and even the few~who" -'
are bent on finding trouble,  seemed   con-_  ~.
vinced   that   there  was  no  cause  to, be"''
alarmed, but that the city was. in'>   good
financial condition.        ,    f     , , ,,'   ( J^
In reply, Mr.'Sutherland 'said that he and™  "
all the members of the old douncil were]" •'
extremely grateful for the^ vote;of .thanks^
the more so on   account'of the criticism,   "
which was not coming to them.   Municipal1 -
work was something that had to be studiedl
and all the. details known and understood
To quote an'
e speaker mentioned a 611 on a'
certain street, about which the late'council
lerore  passing.an opinion.
■<¥ r
had been criticised. The law held the city-
liable for accidents caused , by defective {
roads and sidewalks. This was not realized
by everyone, hence when v the council i had J
taken steps to rectify the defective piece of
road, they were condemned by' some of
triewiseacr-8 wh-~Ka~d nothing to do 'but'
talk. . ..t     .   . • "m   -    '
Aid. Ball, in' taking the floor, 'endorsed
the other speakers in} stating that the late,
council had done remarkably well.,. There
might have  been  some small items, said''
Mr. Ball, requiring a little light thrown onv
to them, but the WQrk was done well.   JHc ■
urged  the  passing of all  three by-laws. -
Two of them would have to" be, and the >■
third, relating to the park proposition, was'
a chance the city could ill afford to lose.'
This offer had toi be-either accepted'or'E
rejected by the 20th of this month, gnd tljc^
speaker thought it would'be an injury to,
the city if this proposal was turned.doWn»%.
wheh it came to the vote. [Continuing, Mr.
Ball said that he was glad to'see the financial affaiis of the 'citythnd been explained ti;
and he thought Kelowna was shown ,to be^
in a very good financial condition. ,\ *   ' jJo - 'yj
The meeting'-assumed-'.lively ^jiritiftei--' ' «?-*
Mr.  Ball  took}his, »eat, by^reason of Mr.-v^i^4
Leckie ' asking, that *the   opinion   cjf''
■ Xm
, «_i
  „, r _     pin
meeting be taken regarding tne'purch'ase'of M ' -S ^
the park. Thia .immediately^, started.Brig
argument, Mr. Pitcairn statirig'tha't lie' did t -) r*
not think it right that'the city^sh'ould'go'in*.' \^P
to the, real estate, business^"Does. d_\lN •{$$
chairman think that people would want to"'j-,-*$!$
buy lots which would adjoin an'""eighteen" Y '-1;
acre park with a lot of dirty childreh.p,lay<i - Ai'
ing in it. i his was received with consid- .v, -\.ti
'eratSle amusement, and* was 'supported byH AA/A
Mr. Storey.who, however1,; went one better^ _'£{"
d asked * if   the'  chairmaft, thought1 it 7dj!$
vixnkln hVtiMm th>t finV-V  '•lltTYMin^Pr!   kir"St''_rt
advisable wh-Ve t_ec park'surrounded b/i}J Vxm
town^ots, givitig, visitor, to A^park;an,jV ^1
unobstructed view ,of .backhouses, whi^h. -* j\ '"J
Were decidedly more obnoxious'thah _iAy>
'         \M
children,- Mr. Storey ^also | stated,, that. he(-  i  •.
wold  rather have  seen   the  debentures . ^\k
issued for'forty yea,f8'4nstead'of''rwehty^t,li (
"Moke it a hundre_i"'clipped iA'Mek\<y
McLennan, f and then you wjU hav© nothing V <tJ$
. i ..••        r! N>     .   •- *:>_•
to worry about.';, , i ^4n" v   i, ,TV ,4i^ \%3
lotion,to tak-'th.e, opinion''''; »:t!»__
e meeting waB finally- carried, and the j*p>a
result was a unanimous vote, in favour -F-j'.^*Sf
the city acquiring theiland., <KjA
A L;-JLl~ «_i'a.r.-A!i!.Ail,-i?_!.
with i
. i
. \'>  *
__. r      >l~    -A '
The Orchard Citg Record.
Thursday, Feb,-X
We are particularly well fixed
" to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
associations, who can blame the
superficial observer if he he forms
his conclusions on the assumption
that " birds of. a feather flock tor
gether." Very wrong, no doubt,
but very human.
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B C.
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription $1.50 per annum
To United States $2 00 per annum.
Adoertising rates upon application
The Armstrong Advertiser calls
attention to a case of fraudulent
advertising in theVancouver World
of the 23rd January. The "Advertiser," goes on to say that this issue
contains a half sheet advertisement
of one W. J. Kerr, of New Westminster, calling attention to the
Peach Vale Addition fruit farms
right on the Fraser river, the sale
of which commenced on the 26th
Jan. Two cuts of farms in this
advertisement represent "Ideal
fruit land," and the other "The
riches of soil." The former is the
Hales farm at Pleasant Valley,
Spallumcheen and the latter the
E. R. Burnett celery farm. The
"Advertiser," also quotes these
words, which appear at the end of
the advertisement:—
My guarantee, if after seeing this
property you do not find it satisfactory to you, and exactly as represented herein, your money will
be cheerfully refunded. Remember on receiving your wire I will
personally select your farm, and
will guarantee that it will be the
best of the unsold property. W. J.
This is another instance such as
we published last week, where cuts
from one district are used to ad
vertise another, and is a matter
that might well be dealt with by
the Board of Trade.
It is pleasing to note the action
of our new council, in taking immediate steps to form a fire brigade.
Whatever the outcome of- the
meeting next Monday may be, we
are assured that the council will do
all in its power to assist in forming
and maintaining an efficient force.
The matter was brought up in
council by Mr. E. R. Bailey, one
of Kelowna's oldest residents, and
whose opinion of the need of this
institution, must carry weight.
He was warmly supported by every
member of the council, and the
business men of the City are all in
favor. Every citizen is urged to
attend the general meeting called
to discuss this matter, and arrive
at some determination. Bring
some information and suggestions
with you. This is a matter that
affects all, and any day might see
one or other of our large business
houses in flames. As long as Kelowna is without a first-class fire
brigade, it will be a reproach to the
town and a stigma on the citizens.
The perhaps undue prominence
given in our last issue   to  a  telephone  message  of  the    Rev.   F.
Wilbur   Jones, 'secretary   of    the
British and Foreign Bible Society,
has called forth quite a deluge of
indignant correspondence from the
local  advocates  of  Socialism, including a challenge to mortal combat in Raymer's Hall  from  one
sterling supporter   of   the   cause.
The correspondence reminds   us
strangely of the old story of „ie!wo
knights who met at a point where
a shield overhung their path.    One
declared the shield was a gold one,
while the other was equally sure it
was silver.   The matter was hotly
debated.   A quarrel arose, and a
deadly battle ensued, after which
it was discovered that the shield
was gold on one side and silver on
the other.
A good deal depends upon the
' ~  point of view.   Against the Christian Socialism advocated   by   Dr.
Clifford and by our correspondents,
4 ,   which means nothing more nor less
J     than the universal brotherhood of
'*     man, few right-thinking people can
y ?„, have much cause for disagreement.
,'ij , Utopian 'perhaps, and  apparently
„^"V'impossible'- of   achievement   but
!-*J*'f that'may besajd of all high ideals.
"But is this all that Socialism means
to clay ?   What of the atheism, free
, love? abolition of the sacredness of
I Vjf * family life, anarchy, and all the rest
lA "> of the foul brood which have found
, 'shelter under the banner of Socialism?     What words can be  too
strong in condemnation of these ?
-„ It will be contended no doubt and
'srightly,Y that   these   things' have
" nothing to do with true Socialism.
>>, B^t a rnan is judged to „a certain
"extent by the company jus,keeps!
and; if Socialism will form" the^
/    A **.. •v . *'*<•   .   i
The fruit growers of this Province have now the chance of
effecting a decided stroke in their
own interests, by supporting the
candidature of Mr. John'D. Hunt
for the position on the Board of
Railway Commissioners, made vacant by the late Hon. Thos. Green-
way's death. This gentleman's
appointment is receiving the
hearty endorsation of municipal
councils and grain growers of his
own Province, Manitoba, which
alone speaks well.
But Mr. Hunt is furthermore
closely identified with the fruit industry in British Columbia, and is
a large holder of fruit lands in the
Keremeos district. In this connection he is familiar with fruit growers' grievances and requirements,
and understanding as he does the
need of adequate transportation, is
about the best qualified man for
the position.
Mr. Hunt's training as a lawyer,
his personal interest in the development of the fruit industry in this
Province, and the confidence reposed in him by both grain and
fruit growers, eminently fits him
for the position to which his qualifications entitle him.
necessary by force." Mr Jones does not
mention the name of the Socialist paper he
quotes, but we will assume that he actually
did see the above statement in a Socialist
paper (because the writer has known
Socialists, as well as Liberals and Conservatives who were Atheists). In mentioning
the matter at all, Mr. Jones shows he is
making the same mistake that many people
make whose knowledge of Socialism has
been acquired from anti-Socialist publications, that is, that Socialism is an anti-
rehgious movement. Now if people were
to form their opinion about the British and
Foreign Bible Society as Mr. Jones forms
his about Socialism, no sane man would
pay any more attention to his opinion than
he would to the tramp who forms his
opinion about soap from the abominable
smell of a soap works which disturbs his
nostrils while taking his mid-day siesta in
the shade of a hay-stack in a neighbouring
It is refreshing to turn from the remarks
of Mr. Jones to a recent publication by the
Rev. Dr. Clifford, of London, England, entitled " Socialism and the Churches." Dr.
Clifford is one of the leading lights of the
Baptist denomination in England to-day.
He is a man of nous and vim as well as"
deep piety, and he has studied Socialism.
Dr. Clifford says: " The civilized world is
gradually making room for the Socialist
movement. Bit by bit, inch by inch, the
social conscience grows. Quietly and
slowly, but inevitably, the sway of the sense
of social duty rises and rules so that this
twentieth century is sure to be the century
of a conquering and beneficent Socialism.
The fact is, and this is what I want to show,
this is the plan of God. Socialism is the
soul of it, is divine.    It is of God."
There are hundreds of ministers of the
gospel in England and Amenca who would
gladly say " amen " to the above statement
of Dr. Clifford, and there are at two least in
this city of Kelowna who 1 think will endorse Dr. Clifford's utterance. The writer
is a Socialist because he is'a Christian. He
was driven to Socialism by the close study
of the teaching of Jesus Christ, which he
found to be incompatible with the beastly
struggle for existence due to the competitive system of to-day.
Mr. Jones warns the people of Kelowna
"to take note of the insidious beginnings of
this work in their midst, and to decide for
themselves if they will countenance it."
The people of Kelowna will certainly decide for themselves without Mr. Jones
warning them. If they countenance Socialism they will come and join us; if they
don't, well they will just stay away, that's
Mr. Jones is wrong, however, in referring
to the "insidious " beginnings of our work.
There is nothing insidious about it. We
hod a notice in the paper two weeks before
our first meeting was held. We published
bills and scattered them as broadly as we
knew how. Ladies and gentlemen were
invited, and will always be welcome at our
meeting, due notice will be given from
time to time. We are in the political arena
for war. We are out to preach and proclaim our rebellious gospel from the housetops. ;
Yours truly,
v-   -
Guillotine'at Work in France.^
A' public execution of a most revolting
nature took place in France, at the' little
town of Bethune. It was understood
about two years ago, that the death penalty
would not again be inflicted, but the increase of murders following the intimation
that the knife would be abolished, forced
the hands of the would be reformers    >
As soon as it became known that the
guillotine was to be used again, immense
crowds flocked to the little town, to witness the degrading spectacle, and to celebrate the execution of the victims, four
. Each time the knife fell beheading its
prey, the" populace went wild with excitement, hissing and shouting abuse.
The feeling of revulsiCn at the public
execution has already led to a demand
that the death punishment shall in future
be carried out privately as in England,
and a new law governing such executions
will shortly be outlined.
Carrie  Nation  Make's 'Herself
The notorious Carrie, the American saloon smasher, was hauled up before the
magistrate at Newcastle for obstruction.
She was followed by a danse crowd into three bars to denounce drink, and
would not desist when ordered by the
English Explorer Dead.
Word has been received that Mr. J. W.
Brooke, of Huddersfield has been murdered by a Chinese tribe called the Lolos,
while on a sporting tour in Western
Lieut. John Weston Brooke, F.R.G S.,
the murdered man, had had a very
remarkable adventurous career as a traveller, hunter and explorer, and was a son of
Mr. John Arthur Brooke, J.P., and Mrs.
Brooke, of-Fenay Hall, Almondbury, Hud-
derfield, and nephew of the late Sir Thos.
Brooke, Bart, and the late Archdeacon
Under this bending communications will
be receloed upon any subject of interest
Letters must be signed, be brief, acoid
personalities. The Editor does not nee-
essarillg endorse opinions gieen beloio
The Editor, Orchard City Record,
Sir,—In your issue of the 29th inst, I saw
a statement made by one F. Wilbur Jones
y.- -
that it is the aim of socialism and socialists
in general to crush Christianity.   If I could
believe such a statement to be true I would
not be a socialist for two minutes, but I
know it is very far from the truth.   I have
read everything I could find touching on
socialism for the past ten or twelve years,
and I never yet came across anything that
would  warrant such a statement   I defy
Mr. Jones or anyone else to produce from
any authority on socialism anything that
will  prove   him correct.   The fact of the
matter  is  that  all  socialists  believe that
Christ himself was a socialist, and the first
socialist on earth.    What socialists  really
want is more Christianity and not less, and
practiced in our everyday life.   Socialists
know better than anyone else that Christianity was always right, is right now, and
always  will  be' right, and  could   not be'
wrong.   But we have not got it—it is the
only thing we want, and when Christianity
comes all other good things will come with
it.   Socialism is purely political and has
nothing' whatever   to   do   with   religion.
There are men and women in the socialist
ranks of every creed, from bishops down,
but their religious beliefs are never questioned.     Socialism  is growing the world
over, and it will grow in Kelowna, and is
growing in spite of anything Mr. Jones can
do to hurt it. '
Respectfully yours,     ' x _
t  1^   ,
The Editor, Orchard City Record,
'Dear Sir,—Mr. F. Wilbur Jones has foolishly interfered with'a political party of
whose aims and aspirations I am convinced
he knows nothing. "Mr. Jones says he was'
astounded to see in a Socialist paper the'
following sentence: " It is the duty of all
good Socialists to put down Christianity, if
The Editor, Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir.
You seem to have extended editorial
sympathy to a distressed Christian seeking
to unburden himself of his horror at one
of those wicked Socialists. Perhaps I may
add further comfort.
Probably the Christians and moderns
might both leam much from a survey of
both past and present movements and the
parallels to be found between them. Perhaps your Biblist friend may not know that
there are quite as many, perhaps more,
earnest Christians in the Socialist move-'
ment than theie are strenuous denouncers
of representative Christianity. In the same
wayrchere were widely divergent positions
taken up within the early Christian movement ; and while James, first' bishop of
Jerusalem could put such vehemently Socialist feeling into a letter (note the fierce
cry of " Weep and howl, ye rich, for your
miseries that are coming upon you ") that
equally inflammatory language Jrom _
Socialist platform today might easily lead
to imprisonment even in our more tolerant
countries, Paul supported property, and
even property in slaves, in a gentlemanly
sort of way. | believe most moderns,
whether of the Socialist or other persuasions,
would desire to speak gently of the older
movement in its old age. That same indulgence is also due to any zealous
Socialist who forgets the aspirations of the
earlier Christians in his horror at the later
doings of the Church which < claims to
represent Christianity. For the Church, as
soon as relieved of outside persecution, at
once began persecution On its own account,
and its cruelty increased through the centuries, unsatiated by the annual thousands
of heretics,and "witches" which it burnt
to death at the stake, till it began to declare
burning too easy a death, arid blessed those
wh.o invented more lingering tortures.'And
its greed of wealth and power kept pace
with its cruelty/ Even-down tcour own
day it has steadily opposed all great movements for mercy and- freedom, and persecuted men of science,
„ Mr. Jones seems much afraid of "insidious
beginnings," but a zealot's proposal to "put
down Christianity ". (which he managed to
pick out of some Socialist paper) is'scarcely insidious, nor is he • likely to find this
Word appropriate if he makes further
acquaintance with Socialists.
'     , Y'ouro truly,  »    '
Army And Cicilian Bandsmen.
Mr. Haldane's letter^ in which he promised that Army bandsmen should not compete on unfair terms with civilians, has not
satisfied the Parliamentary Committee of
the Trades Union ^Congress. _ Another
letter has accordingly been sent to Mr.
Haldane, in which his statement that in a
certain'case £100 per week was paid for a
band of thirty-five performers is questioned,
But even if it were, say'the trade unionists, at the price paid the Army bandsmen
are themselves underpaid, , They have to
go where they are ordered, and no bandsmen has any voice as to the amount he
shall receive, so that in all probability
some of them do not get even the trade
union rates, the result being, that even at
the rates named, the Army bandsmen are
said to be competing unfairly with civilians. '   '
To Deoelop Radium in Cornwall.
There will shortly be established under
Royal Charter, the Royal British Radium
Institute, for the* purpose of facilitating research. His Majesty the King has taken
great interest in this movement.
A Syndicate has been formed to extract
radium from the pitchblende' deposits of
an old copper mine recently re-opened at
St Ives, Cornwall, where it is claimed, the
only radium can be procured, outside of
Austria. >
Cromer Dotcn on Suffragettes.
Lord Cromer is about to take an active
part in the campaign  against Miss  Park-
hurst and her mob. He has accepted the
presidency of the newly formed Men's
League for opposing woman Suffrage, and
will open fire on the feminine enemy at a
great meeting to be held at Queen's Hall.
This great statesman makes a clear
sweep, and says he would not only object
to see women in parliament, but would
debar them permanently from the right of
parliamentary franchise, as he believes
politics is not the proper sphere for women, and her influence, if. exerted, in that
direction would not be for the national
good.   .   ,
1,The Royal Hotel is undergoing
a complete renovation. The large
dining room is, being repapered
and decorated, and all the 'rooms'
will be similarly treated.       ,, -  ,.-
All interested'in  in  the .formation of aTire Brigade in ^Kelowna,
are requested by the'City 'Council'
to "meet in Raymer's'Hall on Mori-"
day,'at 8 o'clock: sharp,, when, the"
matter can be discussed.
' F. R. E. i DeHart has been trei<
ceiving a number 'of letters, from-
different parts, congratulating hint
on Kelowna's success at ^Spokane
Show." """Among them are"-onYe.
letters from the old country, show--'
ing' that Kelowna a high /standing
has been" noticed by very many; • *■
We are 'delaying isrfue of ^the
Rec_rd this weejc until Friday
morning.in_order to include a full
reports, of the ratepayer's meeting'
held in Raymer's Hall on Thursday
eyeningr       t r l
Come and see us in our,NEW STORE,
aftheOLD ST&NDl     ' f '
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Fresh Stock of- ;   <       * -" ' -•      ,  *
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Grapes, Jap Oranges'," Naval Oranges, Lemons, Cranberries, $weet Potatoes, etc
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Baker and Confectioner^ *. *'. I
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Fresh Buns, Cakes, Scones, etc., .daily.
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Car Lake of Woods Hour doe this week.
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Orchard City; Realty Mart
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rent well. ' Price, cash,* $1,050'; onetime,'J< ,J<,"
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Cottage on one acre, in. good locality,' $2,100,J'jV \
easy terms.
;'     1'       U    J'
Stable for rent.
./ .
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*■* r
•ii<   t -^i    -.    i     M      .       J.   <'">■»   "
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IJrnpty Your
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?.r .<<j   -'-,-.j,' it_..  ,"•'. ->ir.
^     1.
'    .'    _-.   -
* - -Put in. New Wicks, ^ahd-M^i-p^'j
f    with the New-High Test^ Coal J ^
.h-f1*     ■»•■
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Hardware Dtpre ,    ^ i /
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_     1 ,t
- >•*>?> i
i *
1    x  '., V.*. *. i    »   -!.   ' c.   •wt.ii.t \. y j.,* iv„  ''.''iW.^,:'.,   ,_.„>. »' '\-_>'
*J ^
"f**?- '•^ v ■ j z1**
J   if
"re **l
. "-"V,
^™*. 4   -■ >
*  '<"
_ l
•f hiicsjdau, IFebr^^ v l - V'
The, iOrpjjard Citu, Record.
- /
DidYmi Ever Think Of It?
~_^ A Well Furnished House; will! give  you'
•••'.-7,  "more pleasure and soHd ^comfort-for the
-   ^ '^,J;amdurit;df rnioney' expended'thahL_any- ^   \' '
'*' 7": '.thing'. else in'< which Cyou'^ can '-invest;. ;T*'..- \ 0'''' *
Is cheap, all else is dear  at  any   price. '
We only keep the .best, and sell it at a
reasonably low ^ pricev - Think   this  over,       ,
then'inspect  the stock at "the ".. .V.r ..
Electric -Light Notice
•plowna Sav/-Mill Company, Limited
f Manufacturers of all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
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-     -~       ^SAW-MILL AND FACTORY
..?> --.is    -'■;>^,Orders filled.-in Short notice"-
C. Hammond .Dead.
H.' C. Hammond, of the. well-known
.. Winnipeg law, firm, Oiler, Hammond and
Nanton, died on Wednesday of last week,
of consumption. The deceased founded
the Hammond fund of $60,000, to establish a sanitarium for consumptives.
Attempt to Burn Store at Salmon
Arm. •
i - "   < '
t An attempt was made last week', to set
fijce to the store and post office, belonging
to S. M. McGuire. The fire was noticed
fortunately, in its early stages by a passerby. Investigation showed that a quantity
of kerosene soaked sacking had been
stuffed in the letter box, and ignited, but
fortunately all the mail matter was removed. The authorities are endeavoring to
trace"the offender.  , 4   .
Settlers- Suffer for Want of Trains
Traffic on the Grand Trunk in the Saskatoon country was held up for three
weeks during January, causing considerable
hardship to settlers who had made' no
"provision for"the tie up. '*
Cannibalism in Quebec.
A case of cannibalism discovered last
summer near Lake Chaumovchouan, is
being followed up, very closely,''"and will
probably be" solved in the near future.
Applications for connection with the Electric Lighting and Power Service Mams
and for the inspection of the .interior wiring will be received at the City Offices on
_The railway commission  „as  definitely L and after Nov. 20th.    " >
decided on the following dates for  sittings
of the board in the west.
New Dates Arranged, for Railway
"" * -< Commission/
A ytar ago two
Bernard left Rclier-
Le   ieix, \vi h   t' o
-   Manufacturers of
Builders' -Brick, Drain H
Tile and Hollow Brick
TH6N&96".      'Jrh  : KELOWNA
trnppfrs, Grasset and
. al v'itU a guide narred
i. :_< i»n cr trnppirg
anr] prr spec l g n Cue ga_( o" cist tct.
i; iVa Lst, a rarty '* l'".m_is discovered
ilia re n„ s \.f Le i.ls vjt j all the-fiea'py
pa"'s ca'ved out, an J evecy indication that
tl.e ir issi 'g parts, ha 1 not ! een eaten oi t
by i\ olves, but cut ouc witii a knife.
A search was made for Lemieux's companions, and a few weeks later a party of
natives reported the discovery of another
body, which responded to that of Bernard.
Grasset meanwhile, appeared 'to have
wandered towards Jame's Bay, and was
discovered by some Hudson's Bay em~
ployees in the wilderness, with both * feet
frozen. . - ,r
Acting on advices received, they held
him prisoner, although he claims to be not
guiltyt .The. trial will come off as soon as
winter breaks up, and the man can be
brought east. - -
Winnipeg, February I to 10; Regina,
February II and 12; Medicine Hat, February 15 and 16; Calgary, February 17 and*
18; Edmonton, February 19 and 20; Vancouver, February 23> to 26; Victoria, February 27; Nelson and Lethbridge, during
the fir87week of March.
It has been decided that Commissioners
Mills -and McLean and Traffic Officer
Hardwell are all who will go west.
,   Cure for Suffragettes.
Professor Shipley has been putting in
some brainy and thoughtful work on the
suffragettes. He considers that, they are
suffering from the medieval malady known
as Taranti8m. The cure for which, according to Paracelsus was to deprive the
sufferer of her liberty and make her "sit^
in uncomfortable places.'* Medical science
does not seem to have advanced much
since Paracelsus' day. ,
City Clerk.
Portrait and Landscape
'a c- ^Photographer    .
Portraits by appointment onlyr
;- '    'Lady Gait Dead.
Lady Gait, widow of the late Sir Thomas
Come and make your appointment.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
• Gait, died at her home in Toronto^ on
27th Jan,, aged 86.
Statistics Shoioing.the JSIatioittj and
Religious Belief of Those Now in
the House of Commons.
Ottawa, Jan. 27.—Excluding the seats for
Carleton and Comox-Atlin, vacant, and one7
for~Ottawa, filled for the present by Sir
Wilfred Laurier, statistics show that the
present House of 218 members consists of
204 native-born Canadians, compared with
200 in the old House; 6 Englishmen, compared with 4 in the last House; 2 Irishmen,
compared with-4; "3'American born, as
against 3 ; 3 Scotsmen, as against 3; South.
'American, I. -<■
l ~ In religion the House is made up of 70
Roman Catholics, the same as the last house;
50 Methodists, compared with 40; 46 Pres-%
byterians," compared with 47; Anglicans,
41, compared with 42; Baptists, 6, compared ,with 7; Congregationalism 3, same as
last; I Lutheran and I Farrington Independent, same as last house; and one New
Universalist. '"^*        >
Price of Lumber Goes Up.
Vancouver, 'an. 27.---Luntiper pri<"*shave
advanced $2 per thousand feet on common
grades in Vancouver, and within a very
short time there will be an advance affecting all outside points.     v
This was the statement of a sawmill
operator, who declared that so certain are
milkmen of a general'advance that many
of them are refusing orders from Northwest points on the present list prices. It is
stated that the price of logs has advanced
considerably since last summer, and they
are now next thing to scarce.
Charge of Graft at Gait.
A. J. Davidson, town foreman, is charged
by Geo. Egerton.a responsible citizen, with
employing corporation workmen'' on his
farm, charging the ..time to the board of
works.'' Egerton says he has proof.
Davidson announced that he will sue
Egerton for libel. The suit may obviate
the riecessity of the town'paying the tost of
the investigation.
.Edmonton Wants Railway Extension
Edmonton, Jan,~ 27.—-Mayor Milne, Ex-
Mayor Cousins and John T. Hall, of Medicine Hat, luid R. Van Orman, Taber, will
interview the Government to press the
need of railway extension in the south
country. -
, It io understood tney will^ask for an
extension west 80 miles from Medicine
Hat,' through the country to be irrigated
"by the Robbins Irrigation ^Company. The
delegation will 'also press for. the establish'
ment of an experimental dry farm at Medicine Hat, to conduct experiments in dry
r Mayor Milne says this farm has already
-been assured by Hon. Mr. Finlay, the minister of agriculture.
Girl  Causes Trouble Between Two
Nations.   '
-Mary O'Neil, known as the girl without
a country.is making no end of trouble for
immigration-* officers at St. Stephen, N.B.
and at Calais, Maine. If she is found in
St. Stephen she is chased across the bridge
into Calais, and if the American Officer
gets sight of her he sends her back. The
case has been referred "to Ottawa and
Mary could not get along with her step-'
mother and was put out of the-house, and
the St. Stephen authorities, fearing she
would become a public charge, ordered
her into Calais, but the authorities in the
latter place told Mary that her home was
in St. Stephen.
A Pill for the Saba tion ists.
~     r i
W. R. Trotter, Canadian labor representative in London, protested last Friday to
the Labor party's conference''against- the
Salvation Army's immigration operations.
He said that if any one started a competition as to the best way to prevaricate, the
Salvation Army's emigration programme
1909 would: obtain first prize/. (Laughter.)'
He said every statement made by the
Salvation Army crucified the truth of the
Carpenter of Nazareth, and placed Ananias '
on a pedestal. There were many thousand of unemployed in Canada, yet the
Salvation Army proposed to send 80,000
people there. <*
Tired Operators and Train Wrecks
Telegraph operators throughout the
prairie province on all lines, are signing a
monster petition to parliament for an eight
hour law. The preamble declares that
many wrecks are due to the fact that operators are overworked. Where only one
man is employed at a station he is practically on duty all the time.
VSeoere Storm in Central States.
'Telegraph service to points west and
north of Chicago was destroyed last week,
by the worst storm this year. The wind
and heavy snowfall levelled miles of telegraph poles and wires, rendering them useless.
Prince Rupert to be a "Drg" Town
At a meeting held last week by Rev. Dr.
Chown,_of_Toronto._at_Prince_Rupert, _a_
resolution was unanimously "passed by
those present, that the people of Prince
Rupert are not in favor of any license
being granted for the sale of liquor in
Prince Rupert, and praying the government to refrain from granting any.
/     .     Wily Cliinha.
A new scheme on the part of the Chinese
to evade the $500,poll tax, has just been
exposed. Two Chinese recently arrived in
Montreal with certificates from the Government of Yucatan to the effect that they
were merchants, and also $500 each. The
department of trade and commerce investigated, and decided that they were
labourers, to whom the $500 had * been
lent They will be deported at the expense of, the New York Central, which
brought them in.
* > '
'       Laird-Scott Libel Case.
'. • ,\ *'      - -       '
i Sensational evidence was produced in
court Friday in connection with'the famous
Laird-Scott alleged libel case. ' The prosecution rested early in the morning, after
establishing the publication of the alleged
libel by the" premier. Then the defence •
began its case, and after devoting the
whole of the morning and a portion of the
afternoon to proving that contracts were
lefVhile'Mr. Laird, was hi <the council,
F. F. Fry was called. The sensational
feature of Fry's evidence waa that he
swoj_.it was necessary to pay $500 to Mr.
Laird and Alderman Cooper, and that
two otherl members of the council had
to be "fixed." In regard to the Laird'
money, however, he said that this was
paid for the provincial riglns campaign
fund of 1905.
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The Orchard City Record.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Sc, C E„ D. L. S, B. C. L. S
Kelowna,    B. C.
News of the Churches I
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in the
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays, after
• Morning Prayer.    ■
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
7:30. -        .    .'•,
REV. THOS. GREENE, B.A.. Rector.
Ellison School District
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at 11 a.m.; evening services at 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E        Graduate Toronto
University '
Waterworks and Sewerage/ Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
Office:    Keller Block
and Dentist
Office at Residence: 2nd House
East of the Club   -
The annual meeting of the Presbyterian
congregation was held in Knox church on
Wednesday night. There was a very large
number present of members and adherents.
Reports of the various societies were
read and found interesting. All showed
financial balance* on the right side. .
The matter of a proposed new church
was discussed at length, and finally left to
a committee composed of the session
Managers and others selected. The plan
that found most favor with the great majority was the project to erect a $15,000 "or
$20,000 solid brick structure on the corner
lot of the church property. This to be
finished by autumn of the present year.
The annual meeting of the Ladies' Aid
of Knox Church, met on Wednesday afternoon for the election of officers for the ensiling year, and the following were elected:
President, , Mrs. Hardy.
Vice-Pres.,    Mrs. Jas. Harvey.
Secretary,    Mrs. MacTavish. __y
Treasurer,    Mrs. Calder.
The debate at the school house on
Tuesday last proved to be a difficult task
to handle, the subject being the divorce
question. On account of the religious
principle of the speakers, it was difficult to
treat the question properly without giving
offence to some lady, and as either religion
or politics are not to be discussed at those
debates which are intended chiefly for
amusement, the speakers soon found themselves to be treading on dangerous ground.
"However, good humor prevailed throughout the whole entertainment and decision
was given against divorce, by -Messrs.
Montford and Caza, judges. A nice programme of songs and short anecdotes followed and a very enjoyable time was
spent. Those taking part in the above
were Mr. and Miss Ross, Mrs. Hereron,
Miss Berarde, Mr. Berarde, Mr. Casorso,
Mrs. Wilcock, Mr. Manning, Mr. Carney,
Mr. Hereron, Mr. Mainse and the Misses
Caza and Hereron.
Preparations are being made for a concert in aid of the Kelowna Hospital to' be
held at the school house on Tuesday.
Messrs. Clarke and Hall are looking after
the musical part which , promises to be a
great success. '.-
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN. Pastor.
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P.O. Box mo 'Phone 66
Office in Dr. Boyce .Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold oh commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Orchard Work
Pruning, Planting, etc.
P.O., Kelowna.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. H. WRIGHT, Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11-a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 12:15 p.m.   All welcome.
REV. H. P. THORPE, Pastor.
W. C. T. U. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelowna branch
. oftheW.CT.U.
Plans and Specifications" Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings.Town and Country Residences
Fire, Life, and Accident
Money to Loan.
Dr.'C. A. Clinton of the San Francisco
Board of Education has made a special
study of the effects of cigarette smoking
among the public .school children of that
city and expressed himself in the following
unmistakeable language. " A good deal
has been said about the evils of cigarette
smoking, but one-half the truth has never
been told. I have watched this thing fo_a
long time and I ;say calmly and deliberately
that 1 believe cigarette smoking is as bad a
habit ,a8 opium smoking. I am talking
now of boys, remember. The effect upon
grown men is of course not so marked. A
cigarette fiend will lie and steal just as a
morphine or opium fiend will lie or steal.
Cigarette smoking blunts the whole moral
nature.' It has an appaling effect upon the
system. It first stimulates and then stupifies
the nerves. . It sends boys into consumption
It gives them enlargement of the heart and
sends them to the insane asylum. I am
physician to several boys' schools and 1 am
often called in to prescribe for palpitation
of the heart. In nine cases but of ten it is
caused by the cigarette habit.
Every physician knows the cigarette
heart. I have seen brighTb-yTfurne-ihto
dunces and straight-forward honest boys
made into miserable cowards by cigarette
smoking. I am not exaggerating, I am telling the truth, that, every physician and
nearly every teacher knows,"   .
Leaders at Ottawa - have agreed that
Canada is at a disadvantage in the matter
of treaties with . the United States. Mr.
Borden objected to the publishing in the
United States of the details of important
treaties affecting Canada, the same privilege
being withheld from the Dominion parliament until the assent of Downing street
was given to publication. There- should
be simultaneous publication.      ..
Sir Wilfrid Laurier said that he could
not controvert Mr. Borden's statement.'
Undoubtedly the present arrangement was
inconvenient. It followed the traditions, of
British diplomacy, and he admitted that a
change was desirable;
Mr. Borden went a step further and said
that no treaty affecting Canada should be
binding until ratified by the parliament of
the Dominion.
Hon. Mr. Pugsley announced that .hereafter all tenders received by  the  government would be opened in'the presence of
the minister'of the department and one of
his officials/ " '""
This is the outcome of the timber" limit
scandal, and is a decided score for" the
Conservatives.        '-'.':
e immense puccess,    777.7 *
.i— — —-.___■■____ ,   -_,..,,     -,.- ,.__■ —__ -     - —_i——■ i. ■-—____■—.■■ .1—_■.,■.*''   i   -i       ii*. m -mrmm '
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Oyster. Shells
Crushed Bones
6 lbs.
6 lbs.
' ' - ; ' Li_rW.
The spirit ol' !i :;!;,■ is ijulci'diilm! 1
and fearless ■",.::. but it is a!:-o' i
sharp sighted v\y.*:\\. It is ii _.c-init 1«-r .
sagacious, discHMiinating, 'farwelijg in
telligence. It is jealous of eni'marli-
ment, jealous of power., jealous of
•.nan. It deimur!:' checks, it seeks for
guards, it; insists on securities, it intrenches its-'elf behind strong defenses
and fortifies itself with, all possible
care against the 'assaults';of ambition
and passion. It does" not trust the
amiable weaknesses of human nature,
and therefore it will not permit power
to overstep its prescribed limits,
though lieiiev.o!:';::e.: good intent and
patriotic purpose come nioug with it.
Neither does Ii satisfy itself with
tlashy and temporary resistance to illegal authority -I_r otherwise It
"Seeks for dun::!na and permanence.
It looks before a:i I after, and. building
on the oxperie;].'!' of ages which ate
past. It labors diligently for the benefit of ages to coini'.—Daniel Webster.
Tested 7
Our Optical Department was never
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The Jeweler and Optician,
The DluSsSky.
The blue sky which reveals itself ns
ment Iii (lie- absence of clouds Is the
far depths of/the air sending back Io
the observer 'some part of the solar
illumination which they receive. The
light thus returwd to the eye Is "blue"
simply because the particles of the nlr
are of such exceedingly diminutive
size that they can effectively deal with
only the smallest of the luminous vl-
-rations—that is. with the "blue" undulations. There are a few faint In-
termlngllngs of the other colored rays
Jn the blue of the sky, but they are
In such trifling quantity that the blue
swallows them up. *
Pure Castile Soap^
2 lbs. Ginger Snap Biscuits .       .
Pure Fresh Roasted Coffee /       .
Bean or ground
Rich Strong Black Tea.*       .        . ~~
Fresh Devonshire Cream, fresh daily
20 oz. bars, 10c
."• ■   per lb. 25c
per lb. 25c
Tho Cricket. Chirp.
The variation of speed In the chirp-
(ng of .crickets depends so closely on
temperature ib:ii the height of tho
thermometer tuay be calculated by observing the number of chirps In a minute. At 00 degrees P. the rate Is
eighty chirps a minute, at 70 degrees
P. 120 per I'llimte. and' the rate Increases four chirps to the minute with
a change of one degree. Below a
temperature of HO degrees If. the cricket is uot likely to make apy* sound.
Fresh Red Salmon
Delicious New Dates   .
Onions        ...
New~Evaporated Apples
Sago   .       .       .       .
.per tin, 10c and 15c
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.    8 lbs. for 25c
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Thursday, PebV_
.     The Orchard^ _% itecdrd
,   ft   ^
j      P *»■*«, «_ri    -a-  ti
If you have any
distress after eating
you need a remedy.
The sooner used the
better, if it is an
effective one. Neglect leads to chronic
dyspepsia, . which
takes much longer
to cure.
If your case of indigestion is recent you
can he free of it
a week.j
Price 50c a, Package.
P. B. His S l,ii.
Kelowna,-,   B. C
Wholesale and Retail
. Cattle, Sheep and Hone
/ -
■ Ladies' and
: Gents' Tailors
Pi7r_nh7i_sTP. RT__ '
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended.to.
Prices Quoted to Any
on the Lake
Box £6 Kelowna,'B.C.
Facing the Wharfe.
- -, i' -1
Rates $1 per_day.
J, E£ WHEELER,  Prop,
Monday Night's Meeting.
A second sitting of the City
Council _ook place" last Monday,
with Mayor DeHart in the chair.
Present, Aldermen ^Elliott, ~Row-
clilte, Bailey, Cox and Ball.
The minutes of the 'proceeding
meeting were read' and adopted,
and the following correspondence
A letter from E. W. Hall stating
that he had inspected 101 electric
light installations up to 30th January, and that he found them in
order in every case. As he was
leaving the city shortly, Mr. Hall
tendered his resignation. ^
A letter from city engineer Russel, recommending a rate for power service be based on a sliding
scale, and submitting such a rate
before the council.
A letter from F. J. Fulton, Chief
Commissioner of lands, stating that
he understood that the municipality
desired to have incorporated in the
Water Clauses Act, a provision
giving municipalities control over
the distribution of irrigation water
within their corporated limits, and
asking the council to 'advance their
reasons for such a provision, .and
immediate attention would be
A letter from M. J. Monckton, in
reference to the Carnegie library,
and urging the council to use their
best endeavours in making arrangements with Mr. Carnegie. As word
had been received from Mr. Carnegie's representative at last council, and the matter was being dealt
with, Mr. Monckton's letter was
laid aside.
A letter from a Mrs. L. B. Harlow,
enquiring if there was an opening
for a kindergarten school in the
city. . -
The matter of the city sanitary
arrangements was again brought
up for discussion, and the 'council
determined to enforce the existing
by-laws referring to the removal of
refuse. In discussing the scavenger's services, it was mentioned
that these services would be facilitated if -citizens would comply
with the Health By-law. "And
why is not this" by-law enforced,"
asked an indignant aldermen, who
thought that all offenders should
be treated as such. The' law in
question, among other provisions
calls, for all privies to be fitted with
galvanized iron drawers, or metal
lined watertight' wooden drawers,
and investigation showed /that the
city council, with' his Worship the
Mayor included, are all - offenders.
They intend, however to enforce
this law just as soon^as they are
able to get fixed up themselves.   -
By-law No. 56, to authorize the
raising of a sum of money for the
purchase of the A. &' T. Association grounds was read for the first
The assessment roll for this year
is to be made up by Mr. Doyle',
who has been assessor for the past
two or three years.
7 Motions.
Elliott-Ball—That the communication from Mr. Russell be referred
to the light committee.   —Carried.
Elliott-Rowcliffe—That the report from Mr. Hall be read and
filed and his resignation be accepted. * ■* —Carried.
Cox-Rowcliffe—That communication from Hon. F. G. Fulton, re
city control of irrigation water be
referred to the fire and water com-
mifteeT- ^7^ ^Carried;
Ball-Rowcliffe—Your committee
appointed to 'enquire into the matter of the salary of the city clerk
beg to report as follows:—We have
found Mr. G. H. Dunn to be a
thoroughly reliable and efficient
officer. He has devoted his time
and knowledge unstintingly to the
affairs.of the city. He is a capable bookkeeper and is in every
way a valuable man for the duties
of city clerk, and consider that he
is'Hot now" receiving adequate re-
numeration.and would recommend
that his salary be, increased to
ninety dollars per month, to date
from 1st Jan., 1909.       —Carried.
Elliott-Rowcliffe — That By-law
No. 56 be read a first time.
r' -—Carried.
Bailey-Elliott—That By-law No.
56 be read a second time.
<. v <, '•--,".   ,       <   -^-Carried.
Rowcliffe-Bailey—That Mr. Russet's estimate for supplies be ordered. —Carried.
Elliott-Rowcliffe—That the clerk
get a copy oi the map of pole line
of the city, for use in Council
Chamber,     r
•  Elliott-Rowcliffe — That By-law
No. 53 be read a second time.
Ball-Cox—That By-laws 54 and
55 be read a second time—rCarried
Rowcliffe-Bailey—That By-laws
53, 54and 55 be read a third time,.
Elliott-Rowcliffe—That Mr. Russel. salary be placed $150 per
month'. ■■ —Carried.
Elliott-Rowcliffe—That the city
Social and Personal
Mrs. Hill left for the coast on "Ttiesday.
Mrs. J. Downton, of Summerland, spent
last week end with her sister, Mrs. Vernon.
Pat Woods returned on Thursday to his
ranch at Notch Hill.
T. G. Speers was a business visitor Jo
Summerland on Friday.
* Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Fleming returned
home on Wednesday, after a visit to Vernon,
Mrs. C. Lowry and daughter of Brandon
are visiting Mrs. Dan McLean.
Messrs. Garbutt, Hingston, Bert Johnson
arid H. Barnes left for a trip to the Coast
on Thursday.
Mrs. Radcliffe returned to England on
Thursday, accompanied by" her mother,
Mrs. Jolly.    •   -
C. A. MacConald, of the Beautiful Valley
Land Co., Moosejaw, was visiting his friend
Mr. J. E. Wheeler, on Monday.
Dr. C. Wright has opened up his office
in the front of the Cox block, opposite the
Post Office. v
R. H. Parkinson, C. E., left on .Saturday
for Carrs Landing to wind up some survey
Congratulations are extended' to "Mr.
W. G. Schell of Rutland, who arrived with
his bride from Ontario, on Wednesday.
Rev. J. H. Weight returned homc'-n
Wednesday after attending the Orangemen's meeting at Vernon.
Mr. and Mrs. Osborn, of Carman, Man.,
are visiting a few days this week with
Mr. and Mrs. D. Leckie.
Thos.  McKidley,  who   is
after being operated at the
on Monday for his home.
Mrs. T. Allen, entertained a party of
friends at her home,. Bernard Avenue,
las^ Friday.\
Mr. F. W. Taylor, was joined last Friday;
by his wife and family, who came down
from the Coast.'
Mr. and Mrs. D. McEachren, returned
last week from the coast, where they have
been spending the past month.
Miss Marjorie Leckie, was spending last
week end.at the home of Mr. LeRoy Dol-
son, Benvoulin. /
Mrs. -John Downton returned on Monday
to Summerland, after having spent the
week end with her sister, Mrs. Vernon.
E. W.Hall left on Tuesday
where he will superintend
tion work_for his company.  -
Rev. Mr. Wright left on Tuesday to be
present at the Orangemen's meeting at
Vernon. ;
Mr. Howe, late proprietor of Howe's
restaurant left on Tuesday for Roleau,
Sask., where he will reside in future,
Mr. Moore left on Tuesday
staff of the "Salmon Arm
Salman Arm.
Mr. D. W. Crowley's son Henry, was
operated/on at the hospital last week, and
a portion of deseased bone removed from-
his arm.     * '    '   -
Hospital,  left
for Vernon
some installa-
to  join the
Dr. G. More, of Ferguson, B. C, was in
town this,week, looking over some prop,
erty he purchased last year, leaving On
Thursday for Vancouver.
Mrs. Geo. E. Boyer has just received the
sad intelligence of the decease of her
brother, the Rev. G. Hewitt, Vicar of St.
Lukes, Prestonville, Brighton, England.
Mr. Wm. Glenn returned home on Wed-
nesday, after a visit to Indian Head and
other points in Saskatchewan. He was
accompanied home by his brother, Mr.
Joseph Glenn.
Mr. J. A. Ramplin, the organizer for the
Woodmen of the World is.holding a_meetr
ing in Mr. Bouch's barber shop Friday
evening Feb. 5th. Mr. Ramplin will be in
town for the next two weeks.
A very pleasant evening was spent on
Tuesday, at the home of Miss Brisbane,
who entertained about forty guests. A
skating parry was one of the features' of
evening, and the ice at the rink being in
first-class shape, added to the enjoyment.
After skating, the party returned to the
house where refreshments * were served,
and spent the balance of the evening with
music and singing. Messrs. W. Lloyd-
Jones and Goodwin proved the skill in the
dressmaker line, by winning first and
second prizes respectively, in hemming
clerk be instructed to get some
person to scrub out the council
chamber. , —Carried.
Ball-Cox—That the letter of
Mrs. L. B. Harlow be referred ""to
the school trustee. —Carried.
Rowcliffe-Bailey — That Mr.
Doyle be appointed assessor"for
1909, for the sum of.$150, and
have roll returned by 1st April.
Ball-EIlibtt-^-That voting on Bylaws 53, 54 and 55 be held on
^Wednesday, 17th February, from
"9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and that Ithe .city
clerk be returning officer.-Carried.
Elliott-Rowcliffe—That the following accounts, be referred to the
finance committee and paid if
correct. , - - ,,
Pyman & Salvage, 4 cords of wood$ 9 00
Water works time sheet to Jan, 30. 150 70
E. W. Hall, salary and meter inspection fees  210 50
Pole line construction pay sheet to <'
Jan. 30th  177 50
Patric Mautin, scavenger's assistant   32 52
Adjourned till next Monday.
MM'ii' •vw>">"
• «__S_
ST4**     .VL*
.   \Y/1TH   Kelowna winning the highest awards at the different Fruit
"" - Exhibitions, this district will receive considerable attention from
homeseekers arid investors in the Prairie Provinces,' United States and
Great Britain. -     .    - _   . - >       <
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lqjs, ready for. planting
- V next spring, in -the centre of a beautiful valley.     '   . - ■
In our Woodlawn Sub-division, between Richter ^
and Ethel Streets.    Prices,  $250 and  upwards,
on easy terms.   .       .-       .       .       .        .    '  .   ^f  .
_- __. , '     " T" ,,   ... J
Central Okanagan Land& Orchard Co.
.-*.  KELOWNA, B.C. , \
Time For
Winter Spraying
\ Do it Better     '
Do it Easier
More Economically
_    GET A
Power Sprayer
For practical"demonstration see
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
agent for
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
Vancouver, BiC.
Spraying and Pruning
C. Blackwood
,. .We are carrying a full line of
Spraymotor Spray Pumps
■Carvers' Auto
Spray Hose, Nozzles, Rods;;_«£;,
Pruning Knives,  Shears,. and
Saws of all kinds   .
-' .   '      * :        :    '■•,••.':..*   r  r
»■       ■ ■ - <- -'     .iij>(<
.; v. .**■"
T»I j__
=__ Morrison'I hotnpson
Harduiare Co. :c:''
f „
. v:
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables   :   :
Commercial Driving a
Draying and.Freighting.
',       v'Phone 25
i   i -.
Importer and Dealer in all kinds of!
Agricultural; Implements, Wagons, ,and
;-j:. Carriages
-    * Headquarters for "> <••?
Horse Blankets __ Robes.
ri   ,.        •„
t   Also Poultry Supplies including "Beef I1.    .   ,
Scraps, Dried Green Bone, Sea Shell s, ' ,.
* "■    ? ' ;,i !"  "■" >
v * i   ; *      - \   '    •* \     ,    ■> ..  r w^. t    '' '^v    4
-     < *      ;       .v  ' . '   '     ":',<. '"\ .7 >, ",.*     ■•'        it    ":
Warehouse on Barnard Aoenue, Kelotona, B. C. .:
,   .     ... .*  ^ '   -.     *.i-'"'t     K.^.^i
^ V|
i    '    j'
\   .*     "**|
- *   lf-'-H
- - / -1 "^'A
" \ y ,vJ
-.*.' - \v>. ^
,'- 4 ■*., ','5-
\?y* t .)>w.
,    i*)i   'f'^f
■<-.  VVV'.iijf
'•■ *.--\,Wg
Jr] ''$®W
.,..,.)?■«i,...;. „'...,,i_
.. . i   7>
' '*        ■■ ,     '.,'.'  *"$.\   o^!'1'1-   "h$&?U**
>•'      I. A-"--   A&*\hS'■<y^*i2l&<h-fM -^    'iV      „.       ""-V.;,
2     V
'_   'A,
The Orchard City Record. ,
ThU-8dag,,Pet."_;;\5«,   '■
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,    10  Lawrence Ave.'
Jonathan,    Northern Spy,
Wagner,     Mcintosh Red,
Wealthy,     YellotD Netoton,
Spitzenberg, Duchess,
Yearling Trees,
Clean, Well-grown Stock.
Buy at Home and Saue Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fast.
KL.Q. Office, Leon St.; or
Manager's Office, at Orchard.
Belleoue Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
Kelowna Shaving
HAIR-CUT.        ::        ::.       ::
J. BOUCH, Proprietor
D. W. Crowley & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City   t    .
] We give our  prompt attention
to mail orders
v 'Phone 12
Dry Valley Dribbles.
v   (Contributed)      , '
1 don't think" 1 told ye that our schule
isn't the Dry Valley Schule "enymore.
We've .'ad a krisnin party. Ye see the
boys kinder thought it looked like a~pro-
hibition schule bein' dry_and they didn't
want any rong impressions to git round so
they called a meetin*.
It was kwite a big meetin and o' course
the press was to it, that's me. There was
a lively debate about what to call the
schule. Old man McKinley he ups and
sed he thought it oughter be called after
some grate man and sujested the late
President McKinley. He pinted out that
o' coorse he was no relashum o' his but he
just thought the McKinley schule would
sound fine and would carry down to prosperity the name oi that dowty President.
Nobody secunded him.
Then Old man Bowers he up and sed if
they called it the McKinley schule fokes
might think it was being called after old
man McKinley. He thought this 'was a
grand objeckshun. He sed it oughten^to
be called after any man, but there was
plenty o' good names o' streets & sech like
that had a more felutin sound so to speak.
He said there wus a fashnable seckshun in
New York called the Bowery and he proposed that it be called the Bowery Schule
and backed up his argument by showing
that thesschule was Bowery enough anyway seein there was ten Bowers kid at-
tendin' to it.    Nobody secunded him.
Then Eccleston he up and sed he 'ad
'ad a wide experyunce in the pianner bizness back East and met with all kinds o'
people in the stores & in conversashun he
learned thet there was a rooral schule back
East called the Eccleston Sctiule and it
tickled his fancy soens 'c 'card- il Se <'e
ses wats' the matter with cal'in it the Eccleston Schule same as they did back East
were the wise men came from. This was
a powerful argyment & appealed to his
brother espeshly, but nodody didn't
secund 'im.
Then things got lively & after the ink
pots got to flying around the room fur 'arf
an 'our, I ses to meself there's goin' to be
a row 'ere I se». Jist then Bowers he ups
& ordered the-press representatives to be
put out wile they diskussed the matter
within sealed doors, so'out I shot. After
five 'ours deliberashun I was informed that
they 'ad decided on callin the schule Pine
Grove. That name is now dooly' registerd
at the Eddikashun Offis.
BiUSwalwill save the yung fokes a dance
larst Friday. Bill's gettin kwite frisky
these days. Keep yung Bill as Jongs ye
can fur a yung 'eart didn't do nobody any
Town and Country News:
at Gr
for 1909.
TJAVING sold Seeds in Kelowna for four seasons, we
have been able to order seeds that are   best
adapted to local conditions.
This year we have the largest and best assorted
varieties in bulk and packages.
With our orders we have seeds for growing vegetables for cannery and pickling purposes.
Make up your orders and leave them with us early,
so that we can give them our best attention, and order
s any special variety you may wish in good time.
A few prices (subject to change):
Best Quality Red Clover    -    18c per lb.      ^
Timothy-       -    lie
Alfalfa   -       -    22c
No lower grades kept in stock but will be supplied on short notice.
Best Yellow Globe Onion    $ 1,90 per lb, ..
Vx;   v-/.
• <y
Dave McDougal killed a mountain liar
larst Wensdy. It meshured 9 feet from
nose to tip.
Tommy Morrison 'as lost is puttys. He
leaned them up agin the stove pipe to dry
& blamed ef they didn't ketch fire. 'E as
our sympathy.
Joe Murray is down 60 feet in his well &
asn't struck water yet. We didn't 'no were
Joe was goin' to wen we furst saw him
down his well & wen he called back "a
well" we didn't kwite 'ear 'im good and
thought Joe was gittin' kinder profane, but
he explained things wen he come 'up.
Joe's Scotch & he doesn't like to be beat
so is just keepin' on diggin'. It got to be
tiresome hauling the dirt up 60 feet .so Joe
just dug a hole on the side o' the well"
down below to threw the dirt into. 'E ses
it saves a power o' time.
There was nearly a kalamity on the
Stirling layout last Satterday, but Mrs.
Stirling jest kep a cool hed & things got
The legs o' the stove got tired some and
fell out all but one & the stove turned
clean over & the stove pipe spewed out
red soot all over the place. Mrs. Stirling
was in the tent at the time and saw the
stove going so quickly grabbed the kettle
o' bilin' water; despached Howard Thorpe
for Mr. Stirling who wasn't far away, &
then quickly started in to scrape up the
red 'ot wood and cinders off the floor.
George soon got on the job and in a few
minutes things were fixed up good. It was
a near go with the whole outfit.    >
Total loss. One puddin* which was
flung all over the oven door/ contain' 8
apples, 2 eegs & a pint o'-* milk & the
blamed thing wasn't inshoord neither.
The Kelowna Curlers who-returned from Vernon last week, are
keepings very quiet.
The Choral Club of Okanagan
College are advertised to give, a
concert in Raymer's Hall on Saturday, Feb.1 9th, at 8 o'clock.
At a meeting of the School
Trustees on the 26th. Jan., Mr. G.
H. Dunn was appointed Secretary
of the Board.
A. E Boyer was a business visitor
to Pe"achland last week, where he
was displaying some nursey stock.
Reports a good demand.
A sleighing party of about 20
members drove out to Benvoulin'
Thursday, and an enjoyable evening was spent at the home of. A.
The captain of the baseball team
was displaying his prowess to an
admiring throng on Friday night,'
by pitching bags of oatmeal across
Bernard Ave.
We understand that anobtig the
first works to be undertaken by
the provincial government this
spring, will be the alteration and
straightening of the Swamp road
and the continuation of Bernard
Avenue. Money has been appropriated for these improvements.
The Women's Missionary Auxiliary of the Methodist Church will
hold a Social on Thursday, >l 1th
Feb. at the home - of _Vlrs. J. W.
Jones, at 7.30 o'clock. The evenings entertainment will consist of
vocal and instrumental music, reading and~games, after /which refreshments will 'be served. - A cordial
invitation is extended to the young
people of the*city. Collection to be
taken in aid of the auxiliary.
A horse and cutter made a dash
for liberty on Monday night, starting off from Pendozi Street, coming
around,the corner of Bernard Ave.
in a hurray, and making a bee line
for iLawson's Store. Here . it
wheeled zuid stirred up things in
Bernard Ave., taking the sidewalk
at Lawson's old stand.nearly scaring uMr.. Hunter into ] his ,dough
trough, and starding Mcjannet so
badly that he gave .a customer
_ lb. more sugar than he should
have. Apparently the horse^ was
one of the "yield not to temptation? kind for he passed,all hotels
without stopping.and finally wound
up at Collet's livery barn for refreshments, leaving a train "of indignant citizens who had taken to
the road wondering what had happened.
. James/?Bros/ are   exhibiting,"'a-
bady's   glpve,Jn 7-their7 window^
which was found on the premises."
Will- someone   please    take  the
baby around." ',       ';<•   ■     /
The ' plan . for   the -" Pirates • of
Penzance " will be open on Thursday, 11 th. Feb., and can be seen -at j
Willits     Drug    Store..    Members
please J:ake> note.        ,"   ,    '    -   [" i
The Annual General Meeting of
the Osyoos Farmer's Institute will
be helcUhr Raymer's Hall, Wednes- .
day Feb. * 10th, -at 2.30 'sharp. *
Everybody welcome. 7 Important"
business to'be transacted'
On   Tuesday,   Feb." 9th;. Miss i
Hardie will give a lesson on  making home-made candy,'' in  aid-I-of ■
the  Young  Ladie's   Auxiliary   of
Knox Church, at her home • at  3 '
p.m. sharp, lesson 50,cts.     Kindly
bring pencil and note book.
/   " J:\ i   '    " i )
The Provincial' Bureau of Information have ordered ,t 100  photo- „
graphs from  G. H. E. Hudson,-of/'
different   orchard . scenes' around
Kelowna.   These will be  sent • to
different points in the east  and in.. ■
the old'country, to show what ,thjs   ;
country will-produce."    v-'"  7   7
The local court of the "Canadian -
Order of Foresters, No7 1050 will
hold a Social. dance in', Raymer's
Hall on*the 12lh"inst'. 'All members are requested to.cdmmunicate
with the financial secretary, Mr.*
Neil Gregory, on or before Monday
whether they intend to btrprescnt.,
Our   popular   photographer vis" '
getting lonely, and has introduced'
three little'.devils 'into   his'studio
for company. ■., Two; can7 be  seen
in  the  front window,- while : the
third keeps guard in the little~-win-
dow, and all are electrically lighted, to give 7 a firey . appearance.^
Talking about' that little •- window, ;
dark and  mysterious  doings  are-
going on behind it, '.which" will be
exposed, to the public, next Wednesday, r    *7.   ,^y'AA:   .    "-    . ;
, > A 'most distressing occurrence'
took place early Tuesday morning
at  the  home'of the''Rev.'''J.7H.':
Wright of the Methodist Church.
Dorothy, Mr. Wright's five year old
daughter in  attempting to-throw
some^paper-into the stove set  fire^
to   her  clothing  and   was^, badly
burned about the. arms  and body'-
before Mrs. Wright,-" who1 was""in';
an  adjoining room   could   reach
her.   Dr. Knox was  hastily sum- •
mond and after having her injuries
attended to the child was removed
to the Hospital.   Mr. Wright had
unfortunately left.for^yernon by
the boat an hour before.   ' ',. •    -
: *r
--    V
==_•=, Lire,   oickness,-
Plate Glass.
u_.   .c ..
en4* .
'.   j )•
We only  represent 'the
Strongest Companies:.
__oyal, Guardian,  Sun, Law Union, Ada.,, '
London &'Lancashire? , Confederation Eife^ '
 - 1 ., -1    * 1    _ l .        -*■    ^_     r       -^
The' ■ following subscriptions
have been received by the Kelowna Hospital Society:
Miss F. Woolridge ......$10.00
Crawford & Co < <,,. 56.75
r> i.' ■>
>   ■ i
7 „     <v       Come to        v l
',     ' >'        ■ ">l" a . "''     -     -   A  *
!Good Clean Meal
.( Fresh Candies, Fruit and
7 Tobacco
!        ' Call and see us
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co.
If you want
Strong Children's Sleighs
Window Sashes Hot-bed Sashes
Greenhouses „    Jardinieres^ ; "H
Picture Frames -'    *
Office and Store Fittings    '  , ,
in short, ANY Olib'THING/'coco- amd^e-IUS? ^
.SIGNWRITING AND LETTERING of all descriptions.
. .,"   , WindowiFrosting, etc.   > „
__:  & ;7»J \," £x fL
tl Corner'of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets. "» "
' 7
i jit
I ' Wood and! Coal 7.Wm,VrJ__UG
Dunn Hollow Cement Blocks ,,
■hi ►   f C
Box 166
A .   . •". -Y
'Phone 66
,~B.C.   \
„u   *.,'. *-5>    t- c< ?<s.   , tr   f/',
'1 i
.' I   " >   ,'       * I'
'< \ )>
,'rj «'ll   «!".*' , J.
'"''       v"*     if~   U * -l"       "*
■Tharsdag,V?Feb.5" _
i 't m n unit tiiiiniiiiifUftiHiiUMiMi (iimii
The-Orchard City'Records
. r~ j.
will present
Coloration of the City
"   of Kelowna.
BY-LAW No: 53.
urates o:
On Thursday and Friday,
FA. 18th &19th.
Plan open at r?. B. Willits & Co., on Thursday, Feb. 11th.
Reserved Seats, $1.00. Rush Seats, 75c.
. A By-law for 'raising the sum of Two
Thousand Dollars, ($2,000.00) to pay1 for
the constructian and improvement of
streets and side-walks in the City of Kelowna which construction and improvements were carried out during" the year
A.D. 1908.'    ,,    .-      "     ~   ,
WHEREAS it was founds expedient in
the interests'of the Gty of Kelowna during
the year 1908 to construct and improve
certain streets and sidewalks in the said
AND WHEREAS the Council for the
said year A.D. 1908 ,had not sufficient
funds to pay for the whole of such construction and improvements of streets and
side-walks done by them.'
AND IT IS NECESSARY ,to raise' a
sufficient sum to complete the pajment for
AND WHEREAS it is necessary for the
said purpose to raise by way of loan upon
the'credit of the said City the sum of Two
thousand dollars, payable-on the first day
of March, 191*4, bearing interest in 'the
meantime payable half yearly at the rate
of six per cent per annum ; the principal
of such- loan when raised to be applied for
Corporation of the City
of Kelowna.
'BY-LAW:ho.55.      '"'
If you Want Your: Jams, to keep, they
-**«i       must bb put up with ~/
. i\ '. - H.1
Cane - bugar ■■? Only
m »-■
un  yy- v -   w    'A-'       «■      . f ^    ,   .   ; .,.
All B. C. Sugar Refining ..Company's Products
/,K   "Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.  !
"■"*■"""■"    HftliuFACTURED AT VANCOUVER, B'C'BV .
™? British Cokmbii
d?' vs„-;&$ir^£>Jh.x?ii<j!?. *__
•- rj.
*. .  v    '< «•     r       7.  i -    .      7 , -y
"■ %
J   The New Edison Phonographs
Playing the 2 and 4 minute Records. Also a full lirietf Attachments
jo# same. Attyonc^wishingt to. have' the 4 minute attachment put on to
as^ old machine can bave this done Free of Charge.    .,
, j Also Agents for the Columbia^ahd all'other Disc
■•{'*'"      '     '    ■     v Machines -v' '" r«    ■;   _.   -
SubscriptionsAaken fotall Magazines
Copies of the .Latest Noyels can be obtained here
f he'NeW _909' Diaries'can now,be had in all size.
Stationera and Office. Stttailtpjr 	
-irnnjy?y7~"TI7~,A' ".Try*'*"'—
etc '
^ -,7ChoicejChocolates constanUy/kept on hand
Are Yqu Looking fog » a.- Bmldimg Site ?
-•ar^^^iowh^nWgetth-beatr ^    ^
. I have a number of. h/Jf acre lots all set out to fruit
tree, Apples; Peare» Plums/ Cherries and Peaches,
some in bearing. _ *■-_>*>•'_
Two ten acre lots planted'out to choice 'fruit that
£ :     will bear next year. "
\       '   '    "    '    ''" v N
j       J One fine hfe,w "brick" ho^i_e^'Comer, Ethel  ^lid
V '^ Laurier Avenue. \>     77"'i    /   V    v ":"   I
\ .One fintf^new brick Cottage, corner Ethel and
i   • *    Sutherland Avenue.r\ ;'"\\ : '-      :"v    . ■  '<
u " ",  ki vV'   \, • i -7     - -,        j* -
s Also a few choice lake- shore' lots! and a quarter
,> Section of heavy timber close to the City.
!""      4. r. 'J "\i   Willteell any of the^aboY© on' gopd terms.
I cany the largest stock of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs in the Valley.
Call and see thein *
the purpose aforesaid
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
principal and' interest it is necessary to
raise the sum of $489.25 in each 'and'every
year. '°    *   '        <■>   •   ' '   -[' "
\ AND" WHEREAS >e whole, rateable
property of, the City of Kelowna according
to the last ..revised assessment roll is
$755,240.00. -,-,,„
AND WHEREAS the amount of ""the
existing Debenture 'debt of the said City is
$65,500.  ^        l ,' . ' '        "     '  7     '
NOW THEREFORE, the' Mayor and
City Couocil of ■ the City of'Kelowna in
open meetingassembled enact as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor and
Council of the JGty$*bf Kelowna' to raise
by way of loan from any_p'erson 'or per-
sons, body or bodies corporate, who may
be willing, to .advance die same on the
credit of the said Gty, by way of,therDe.
bentures hereinafter, mentioned a sum of
money not"exceeding in the whole the sum
of $2,000.00 and to'cause all such sums to
raised and received to be paid into the
hands of the City1 Treasurer for the pur-
pose and' with the objects hereinbefore
recited., ,.    .' • i    v   ■
2. - It shall be lawful for the said Mayor
to cause any number'of the said debentures'to be made for the sum of^ 1,000.00,
bearing interest'at the rate of six per cent,
per annum, not exceeding in the whole
the sum of $2,000.00, and-all such debentures^ shall be sealed with" the Seal of the
City of Kelowna," signed by the Mayor and
countersigned by' the Treasurer of the
said City. ' ' -
3. The 'said debentures shall bear date
the first day of March 1909, and shall be
made payable in five year from date hereinafter named for this By-Law to take
effect at the Bank of Montreal in the City
of Kelowna. ■
4. The said debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of interest at the rate of six per- cent per annum on the amount of the said debentures
and such interest shall be payable ' half
yearly on the first day  of September and
I and March in each and every year, and
the signatures to such coupons may be
either stamped, printed or lithographed.
5. A rate on the dollar shall be levied
and shall be,raised annually in addition to
all other rates on .the taxable property of
the City sufficient to pay interest on the
■debt hereby created during the currency
of the said debentures and to provide for
the payment of such debt when due.
"'"6. The sum $120.00 shall be raised
and levied annually by a rate on all the
rateable property in the City of Kelowna
in addition to all other rates for the purpose of paying the interest on the said
debentures., ,    ' - •„ ,
t 7. -The sum of $369.25 shall be raised
and'lev_d_annually by. a ra-_on_all the
ratable property in the Gty of Kelowna in
addition to all other rates for the payment
of the debt hereby created when due.
8. It shall be lawful for the City of
Kelowna from time to time to repurchase
any of the'1 debentures at such price or
prices as may be mutually agreed upon,
and all such debentures so repurchased
shall forthwith be cancelled and no reissue
of any such debenture or debentures shall
be made in consequence of such repurchase.
19. This ,By.Liw shall before the
final passage '     thereof        receive
the assent of the electors of the City of
Kelowna in the manner provided for in
the 'Municipal Gauses Act' 1896, and
amending Acts,
10. This By-Law shall come into force
and take etfect on the first day i of, March,
1909.       ,     •       „, ,.
11. This By-Law may be cited for all
purposes as the Street and Sidewalk Improvement By-Law, 1909.'
i'   ' t'       >
Read  a first  time   by   the   Municipal
Council this 29th day .of January, ,1909.    ,
1' Read a second • time-, by * .the  Municipal
Council .this:nrst day of February, 1909.
- Read a third time by- the   Municipal
Council this first day of February, 1909.
> Received the assent of the Electors of
the Cityof Kelowna this > >   day
of >      ' 1909.   -
' Reconsidered and finally passed by the
Municipal Council this' '    ' day of
%"   '»        Clerk.  "     '     -   Mayor/
J        .1' *' "    »!
,. Take notice that the above 'is a true
copy of the proposed By-Law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
at the Clerk's Office in Kelowna on Wednesday the Seventeenth day' of February,
1909, between, the hours of 9 a.m. and
/ pM, '      .  . „ .",     •    v
^Gty Clerk
A By-law for raising the sum of Seventeen Thousand Dollars to complete the
construction of the works for supplying
water and water power, electric light, and
electric power to the inhabitants of the Gty
of Kelowna.
WHEREAS it has been found necessary to
raise sufficient money to complete the construction of the works for supplying water,
water power, electric light, and * electric
power. J
AND WHEREAS it is necessary for the
said purpose to raise by way of loan upon
the credit of the said City the sum of
$17,000.00 payable on the- first day of
March 1929 bearing interest in the mean-
time payable half yearly at the'rate of six
per cent per annum; the principal of such
loan when raised to be applied for the pur-
poses aforesaid.
AND "WHEREAS for the payment of
the principal and interest it is necessary to
raise the sum of $1,590,89 in each and
every year. N
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
property of the Gty of Kelowna according
to the last revised assessment roll is
AND WHEREAS the amount of the existing Debenture debt of the said City _s
NOW THEREFORE, the Mayor" and
Council of the City of Kelowna jn open
meeting assembled enact as follows:
I. It shall be lawful for the Mayor and
Council of the City of Kelowna to raise by
way of loan from any person or persons
body or bodies .corporate, who may be
willing to advance the same on the credit
of the said Gty, by way of the Debentures
hereinafter mentioned a sum of money not
exceeding in the whole the sum of $17,000
and to cause all such sums so raised and
received to be paid into the hands "of the
City Treasurer for the purpose and with
the objects hereinbefore recited..
2. It shall be lawful for the said Mayor to
cause any number of the said debentures
to be made for the sum of $1,000.00, bearing interest at the rate of six per cent per
annum7 not, exceeding in the whole the
sum of $17,000.00, and all such debentures
shall be sealed with Seal, of the City of
Kelowna, signed by the Mayor and countersigned by Treasurer of the said City.' -
3. The said debentures shall bear date
the first day of-March 1909,' and shall be
made payable in twenty years from the
date hereinafter named for this By-Law to
take effect at the Bank o Montreal in the
City of Kelowna.     ,_ '.
4. The said debentures shallhave coupons
attached for the payment of interest at the
rate of six^per' cenf'per annum on the
amount of the said debentures, and such
interest shall be payable half yearly on the
first day of September and March in each
and every year, and the signature's to such
coupons may be either stamped, printed or
5. A rate on the dollar shall be levied
and shall be raised annually in addition to
nil other rates on'the taxable property of
the City sufficient to pay interest on the
debt hereby created during the currency
of the said debentures and to provide for
die payment of,such debt when _.ue.   ' I
6. The sum of $f,020.89 shall be raised
and levied annually by a rate on all the
rateaole property in the City of Kelowna'
in addition to all other, rates for the purpose of paying the interest on the said
7. The sum of $570.89 shall be raised and
levied annually by a rate on  all the rate-
j j. Pr°Pertv "n the/Gty of Kelowna in
addition fo all other rates for the payment
of the debt hereby created when due.
8. It shall be lawful for the City' of Kel-
o*wna from time to time to repurchase any
of the debentures at such price . or prices
as may be mutually agreed upon, and all
such debentures so repurchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and.no> reissue'' of
any such debenture or debentures shall be
made in consequence of such   repurchase.
9. This By-Law shall before the final
passage thereof receive the assent of the
electors of the City of Kelowna in the
manner. provided for in the 'Municipal
Clauses Act' 1896, and amending Acts-
10. This By-Law shall come 'into force
and take effect on the first day of March,
11. This By-Law maybe cited for all
purposes as the Electric Light and' Water
Works By-Law, 1909.
Why pay
$400 for 50 ft. Building-'Lots
when ypu can buy Half-acre
Lots on Glen Avenue for only ' ]
Read   a - first'.time   by   the   Municipal
Council this 27th day of January, 1909.
Read a second "time -by  the   Municipal
Council this 1st day of February, 1909.
Read a Third time by the Municipal
Council this 1st day of February, 1909.
Received the assent of the Electors of
the Gty of Kelowna this day of
Re-considered and finally passed by the
Municipal Council this , day of
Clerk. Mayor.
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed By-Law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
at the Clerks Office in Kelowna on Wednesday^ the Seventeenth day of February,
1909, between. the hours of 9,a:m. and
7 p.m. /
Gty Clerk.
These lots are planted in fruit
trees which should be bearing nicely
this year. r
^Haye^ a look at these before
buying elsewhere.
Apply to E. L. CLEMENT
f A WANT AD.- Yrf the
Record will bring speedy
results. '
20th Century
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
Hair-cutting,Shaving orShampoo
ing. Facial Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.
Cause of Coal Oil Explosions to be
IriDestigafced.    ,
Senator Domille gives notice that he will
move for the appointment of a royal com-
.mission, to investigate the) recent t coal oil
explosions in Western Canada., The Com:
mission will make full' enquiry into tKe
way in which coal oil is imported and sold.
.  A'    s  *r'
"Fruit Trees, Ornamental Roses, etc.
All' .stock strictly
-irst-class and home"
grotonr    * "-v;'.
i r    i -
7:. Catalogue Free>
Applg '      _
* * _ -^      .t
Established 1850
._    -    _Vfc» _%_•   "A -rt M-_*tf   «**V
-: Newest >Styles
Splendid Showing-x>f
1 *      r r *
S / -     I   * 4 %.*■  ^ ^ -\ "H
i Ah -New " •   -*
, 11
;»  *"
,   Have you been waiting for the 1909
styles? ' ■      -j...
t We have just' received hundreds' of
the nobbiest patterns of, Clothing^
Y     ever shown in Kelowna..
We would be pleased to take your
measure now for your new Spring-'
.   ;    or Summer suit. r    _ "
Fit and finish guaranteed. <
>>■ * >-
\ -*«-.„.„ r-*^    Vv,V +   _\ ^   ■
Honest   «-
,   be sure,,_ind see these natty 7^/7
7'     5-7. r,;    *^(i     \   „   .   . *    ,    77?7
^«,T  -n.  •> *<»*
4K ___-__C__tW_
,      ....
' V"    "' ■■■■>t-  - ,  1 ,,!■■      irgT  7, ' • • -"  ' ""     * Hi 4stM   V
l/        *—**^*1*—WthlllWiy.t—HI _.<_»_!■>» Hill,  ■      _SW-__A#S-._»«t*-* ■■mis 'I    ■■■*■»>■:«"»""■'—«•-■'"»*—»<J    X**  '^_'V^T^        ^ ^ ^    '
aEiNBiy_4leb^_ffe:^-_MKN^te ton f&m^m^JH 'J
nMMlMMIWnnn—■llmi— —,—■■ I^IBMIIMtiaiiyi MMl_«l»M,iMIII««llll«lllMM«lMlll«IIM«IMIIIIMi«MllMlll<.»*ll»lM-|llliltlllM.Ml'll llill III
l-i '.>
7 A\?\      -
1 v'f rt'
■^-    '   7: ^   >a(ycleyk;" gW !» ■■■■■ln.j-iw i.iiiw , k'U  in'     iji 1 mfamfcJZmqifc ff,«
_____,n:^-^ -- —    -^ ■ ^^•^Mrt,__,":r:^i^f^n■^lt""" *' *"te - T-KW°^ •^-^■'^-'^^■^^^fa*^^ 6
fhe jOrchar^G
'""'"",' '"""' I"""! '" ,"'"""* '"""'" /'-^_rs_^<F_l_'il'	
P. O. Box 90
On Call at all Hours
'Phone 84
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery Co.
Electric Light and Power Engineers
12 Years Experience in Electric Light, Power & Mechanical Engineering
You are cordially invited to inspect our stock of
Electric Light Fittings, Shades, l^amps and
all necessary -Supplies for lighting your house
Our prices are right and
we will guarantee satisfaction and good workmanship
We will duplicate the prices
of any responsible firm; and if
possible, do better. Give us a
trial and be convinced.
Remember, 'The Cheapest' is not the best, and
we do not wish for that
Our Slogan:    Quality, Durability, Square Dealing,
Fair  Prices  and prompt attention to all orders.
Full line of Launch Supplies and Accesories, Batteries,  Spark Coils,  Spark Plugs,  Oil,
, Grease, etc., etc.,
• ' , -
Bicycles, Parts and Repairs, Bells, Lamps, Repair Kits.    If you have  an old  machine,
we will buy it or allow a fair price on cost of new one.
Agents for The Packard Incandescent Lamps
„    The ferro m^
The Caille Perfection Marine Engines
Fleur de Lis dry Batteries
The most durable Ignition Battery on the
market.     Once used always used.
Ronaivc a .narialfv ^ur rePa*r Department is qualified to handle any
I\-.pairs tt OpeClaliy class of work and is equipped for repairs of all descriptions. Marine Motors, Gasoline Engines, Steam Engines and Boilers, Motors,
Dynamos, Meters, Bicycles, Guns, Rifles, etc., etc.   AH work done by experienced men.
\Y7E wish to inform our patrons that the moving of
the stock has not interfered with the business
whatever in this department, and if possible we are in
a better position than ever to pay the best attention to
your esteemed orders. Our stock is fresh and complete, and nothing but the Highest Quality of goods are
offered by us at the Lowest possible prices. If you
want the best, WE have^itT" ~a.
Canned Goods.
(Triangle Brand)
Corn, Peas, Beans, and all
kinds of Fruits.
WagstafFs Pure Jams and
Heinz's, C. & B., and
Holbrook's Pickles.
Trimble's Fresh Creamery
Butter arriving every week
from Alberta.
Home grown Lettuce and
Onions always on hand.
Fresh Celery by   express
twice a week.
Everything guaranteed.  .
When ordering by phone, ask Central for Grocery
Department. "•
r,7-1 ?
,   J '-
Business will go on as usual while moving.
Incidents That Greatly Surprised «
Visitor From Germany.
On his Qrst visit to the Unit _i
States a German manufacturer whs
the guest of a kinsman in New York.
lie expressed surprise when, a few
days after his arrival, he saw a number of men help /themselves to papers
at an unattended newsstand, where
some men laid down the exact price
of their purchase, others made change
for themselves and still others walked
away without paying. He was told
that the last named'group were customers who paid only once a week, but
that no one ever failed to pay.
To demonstrate his contention that
"most people are honest In this country" the Americanized German took
liis visitor that day to a restaurant
where both were unknown, and when
I hoy had finished their luncheon the
host went to the cashier's desk with
his check and said he had no money
with him, but would pay the next
The cashier gave the couple a hasty
glance and said, "All right; I'll take a
chnnce," and the men started for the
street. At the door a right about race
movement was executed, the check was
paid, a good cigar was handed to the
cashier, to whom the plot was revealed, and the German exclaimed,
"Grossartlg!"   (magnificent).
Ceylon White Ants and Their Numerous Natural Enemies.
It is estimated that two-thirds of tht
island of Ceylon Is undermined by
white ants. The number of. these insects is certainly quite Incalculable, but
it is fortunate, that their natural enemies are almost as numerous.
The workers are preyed upon by true
nuts and many other Insects; by spiders, lizards and centipede; by rats,
mice and palm squirrels. __ But it .is
the adult winged Insects that are especially victimized. It Is probable tint
scarcely 1 per cent of the mature lu-
.-.ects survive the dangers of the pts-
'.iodic fights.
They run the gantlet of nearly every other animal. Birds, bats, squirrels, rats, toads and lizards all Hock
io the feast. Dogs and cats eat the
vhiged ants with avidity.
"Hven man himself does not disdain
'o participate," says B. B. Green. "The
Tamil cooly looks upon a mess of
tilcd termites as a great dainty, and I
have several European acquaintances
who consider- that termites on toast
form a dish worthy of more general
inclusion In the menu. They-are-said
to taste not unlike mushrooms."—Agricultural Journal of Ceylon Botanic
The Warning Signals.
A Boston physician tells a story of a
youngster of his own that an o-»er-
strenuous vacation bad pnt on tbe sick
list. The father had An appropriate
prescription filled and left the bottle
with the child's mother. As she, bow-
ever, is very forgetful, he'gave her a
chart and suggested that she set down
thi' hours when tbe medicine should
be given, checking off each' dose, as
taken. Upon returning from his evening calls, however, he found the chart
blank.    ~ '   ■
"Good gracious, Mary!" he exclaimed. "Surely you haven't' failed to give
Tom his medicine?"
"Oh, no I did not miss a slngle
lime," his wife assured him.
"How In the world did you remember It without tho chart?" he asked. .-
She smiled.
"That,was easy. I just told Tom
this morning at what hours he was to
have it. and half an hour before each
time he would begin hallooing that he
wouldn't take it."
The French Are Good Travelers.
Tho French on their travels nrc tho
very reverse of the English. Imper-
and without the slightest effort' as a
mere matter of course, make the best
of everything. I have made journeys
with many French friends of both
sexes, young, middle uged and elderly,
often in out of the way places meeting with discomforts enough. Nothing
rii(lies their temper. .Pleased to enjoy fresh sct-OH with a genial companion, they extract the utmost possible pleasure from every incident even
llttlo annoyances being turned to Rood
account — Miss Betham-Edwards la
London Chronicle.
What He Would Keep.
When the. late Francois Coppet* was
elected to tbe academy, he told htn
friend,* Theodore _e Banvllle. that he
vvisbed ho. were lu too, Banvllle de-
rllued to canvass. ',•
"Suppose your nomination • were
brought to you "one fine morning on a
•liver salver."
"I don't know' what   I   should' do
vlth the nomination," said Banvllle,
'but   I   should   certainly    keep -the
*alyer,"   " u.. •■   >
\   .    —:—r—:         'e     <
,    . Financial Advice. , ',,,   »/."
, "Here's a man," said the old citizen,
'who lost $5,000- in a bank wbar he
>ut, it fer safe keupln'.   Bill, don't ,v,on
r*ver,take no risk like that  .E_,evet
i ;<>u gits hold of any money, do like
<our father before you done—bury It
in' spen' tbe rest of your life slttln1
"over. It with n sliotgun," ', ^ -._■,      , j"
>:■• • _ ■_______* v
aj j wj»<Mii-»*i>nu_wa>*a
. '"   " A'Verbal Bracer7  " ,'
"My ' wife.'", an Id the first clubman,
'always mixes me a cocktail when I
«o hpme feeling frnzzlwi." '
"You're In hick;" dpclared the MK*
and ciubman "The best I get is a
_doLfijg,'HPt. Louis I_p_M_. _
2 Cents per word, four insertions for
the,.price .of  three.
WANTED—Energetic Canvasser for Sub.
scription Department, Orchard City
FOR SALE, or trade for Kelowna acreage
-    a modern seven room house at Mount
Pleasant,  Vancouver.    Address,   Box
D, Record Office'.
HOUSE TO RENT in Park Dale,'; furnished or unfurnised, or for sale, containing 7 rooms a large basement.
P. O., Box 17.
WANTED— By young lady, experienced
shorthand and typewriting, situation in
Kelowna.     Apply "J." Record Office.."
WANTED—Girl  for general house work.
Apply, Mrs. Curts, Kelowna.        6tf.
FOR SALE—18 inch level, cloth covered,
new, made by Wittshab, Berlin. Apply
F. W. Jones, Okanagan Centre.lr   , 8-9p
FOR SALE—An Orchard Plough, by
Gardner, also a set of strong team harness nearly new, cheap. David Mills,
Kelowna. 9-1 Op.
FOR SALE—20 acres of lake shore property, within a mile and a half of Bernard
Avenue, Kelowna, with seven-roomed
bungalow, chicken house, wharfe, etc.
Good land for peaches, sheltered position,
suitable for early crops. Rtdiculously
low price for quick 3ale. Apply P.O.
box 285, Kelowna, B.C. 8-1 Ip
WANTED—to purchase, ten to thirty
acres fruit land, improved preferred
within five miles- of "city. 'Give lowest
price and full particulars in first place to
Box C Orchard City Record. lOtf
A PARTY has several thoesand dollars to
lend on "improved farm lands. Apply to
R. B. Kerr, Barrister, Kelowna, B. C.
On to my place one red heifer, about 3
years old. Has right ear split, and cut
under left ear. Has been around about two
months.  Apply A. W. Dalgleish. Kelowna
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days after date
I P. R. Brown of Peachland, occupation,
mason, intend to apply for the following
described' land. < Commencing "at a post
planted at South East corner of lot No. 1380.
Thence South 20 chains,' thence West 20
chains, thence North 20 chains, thence East
20 chains, to point of commencement and
containing 40 acres, more or less. >* " *
Dated January 19th., 1909 ■-     -   *-|0-17p
WE   have   now
r   • i     i
hmshed our
stock-taking    and
have culled out all
short ends, which
we are offering at
to clear.
Remnants of^press Qoods
Remnants of Silks '"-':
y Remnant% of''Prints-ti
Remnants of Flannelettes
,., , Remnants of (Sheetings. ,K
Remnants of Pillow Cottons
Remnants,of Towellings
Remnants of Table Linens
■< Remnants of Ribbons''>
■ -''"" yRemnanfs''of'Lacesf-r
1 T **.'    ■*■ r\r -»-  *3S *■**»>
Remnants of Embroideries
,..    ,. etc, etc, etc
The .Kelotona:
Outfitting Store
W. BrMeCaWerrpfop;
_«. _v**tV -     —    _<rrk -*w- r
r» _V #-,**•   _*•»■*
■„ 1   \ h\ u   *\
\   f.      r
. - \.y
'9;-<?-    ,->r.-i\
• . -*
o you want Help ?
Dp you want,a;Situation^
Hv   *V\'     -   '"   ' ."   ••'''i.1".«7V-i
ave   vou   anything vou
V _r -•_■■*; ;«r :—
•    wish to dispose <of?.\C/l?;!
Is there anything (yoii want
... to buy ?■.   .      ,    ,
We can tell it to everyone
•'/'iW _^?f_?!®^,ic^^.fy___L^§_k
the .following., insignifi-
',"' /c^nt,figure;!;'"/ :\)
***!     !li }
, ;      .-..
I'".      •       h    V ^   '
.'     '        '    ■'    X     '1,        \<   "
.' li>   1t'_'
J? .' >l _'   '
n,.'    i-*      j        1
I 1
. rt 'J i 1
f\ //: 'l><' 1 1..X:
■I,   '   -> I I        \,     ) \   '   ''"I I
Four Insertions fornthe price
i'f.'l'v1'* '"I ' I'lSj'f i'll  v/>;!' fr,',',   "f«;i %     _  _* l^'»,;"..ij '?■_ \-"(iS'i t
or three.     ; ,.;
.Minimum charge, 1.5 cents.
^-^»>var^J^'t'***'T*"(v,<ur'*'^v*^*'""%J"'*'*''" ** """rH.K**™"1"*s"' " ^■"'•■■*x-»i/V*"* ~


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