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The Orchard City Record Jan 28, 1909

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 I (-'  Iff
11    1 ', ','
fob Printing    ,
Special Facilities for,
Executing High- 'I
Class Half-Tone and
o     General  Letterpress
J, Work, i    : -
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£>ritl5h CP^W
4dvirtvse\ ?*>*
"i f
And   the _ world   is
,    with you;  Quit and
,  you stand alone. ""
Circulation Highest,
Rates Lowest.
VOL I.   NO. 9.
$1.50 Per Annum. -,
- DURING 1908.
    ie   completion   of  the   large
Keller block, and the near approach
to completion of the new . Opera
House in. the Raymer block, draws
%one'o attention to >the extensive
.building operations that have been
'going on in the city of Kelowna
during this-past vyear. The city
contains'a number of contractors
.who have been busy' right along,
'and by the-' courtesy 'of these
gentlemen we are able to give an
'estimate of the building, renovating
etc., during the year   1908, within
' the city.    " -'■    '•   "   ' V
Mr. H. W. Raymer, one of Kel-
owna's largest contractors, has
constructed buildings close on to
forty-seven thousand dollars, made
up as follows:—
Royal Hotel '..r..... .$ 6,000
. K. L; O. Co., Manager 8 residence.;. .-..:/._.* v.:...'..,
R. Morrison,' Sr., business
JHblock/...".... r. .•:..:!. r.:. .V...
H. L.  A. Keller,  business
block '	
'W. A.  Hunter,   carpenter
HEwort only..'. '....;....
James Bros., frame building
City, two bridges*     2,450
J. Bowes, Sample room        800
Opera House V...'.'.A.....] 0,000
Repairs,   and   small   jobs,
aggregating ;:     1,600
Next in size comes Mr. Curts,
whose forty thousand odd dollars
'of construction work, swells very
considerably the amount of building operations.,jn^the city. This
amount is made-up as follows
T. W. Stirling's Cottage.., .$ 2,500
,< Rowcliffe, Business block?    6,500
'J. Bailey, P.O.b>:k.*-....,..^..-..r...\2.500
'W. B. M. Calder, store........    5.500
Dr. Boyce .\?. ,'.'..V...\.'..\S. "...   '5.000
R.H.Hall \...v    4.500
Saw-Mill House..' ." .".      700
Curt's residence .'.....;  ,1,200
* *■    r
Haug, Enlarging works...'.."..;     '600
K.L.O.. Office1:..'..: i.*."".. '   600
Courier Office/.:.?.v.:..z...'r. :.:.v.  4,200
Hospital, basement     1,500
"Ibufranco Cottage  700
Small jobs, additions, etc    4,500
Police Chief Moves Against
,Mr. J. A. Bigger's estimate as follows:    \
D. W." Sutherland,4 addition to resi- •'
dence $ 2,000
,D. W. Sutherland, addition to store   ' 600
Capt Knight, Summer Cottage       500
F. Small, residence , „     1,200
Capt. Philp, residence    3,000
F. R. 1. DeHart, addition, etc....?.'...   - 500
Ladies' Club .".     1,500
Power House; (City).'......' ;  WOO
r Kelowna Saw Mill, house       850
Odd jobs, .additions, etc     1,400
— — ——$\),Y3\J
The new Bank block, nearly com- , <
pleted, builtjjy Mr. Ireland, about 14,000
Other contractors, buildings    7,100
Making in alia grand total of $122,100.
A very large amount of building has
been going on-just outside the city limits,
and in the country around, but the figures
give a rough estimate of the value of the
work within the city, and it was endeavoured to make the estimate as conservative as
possible, rather than'over state the amounts;
The city, has spent twelve thousand „one
hundred'ahd forty'seven dollars in sidewalks, streets and gradings, in addition to
building the bridges mentioned in above
statement, and has installed a modern
.water and light system. When completed
this system will cost about about forty nine
thousand five hundred and eighty one
dollars, for most of which debentures are
sold. The lighting system i is already in
operation and giving every satisfaction,
and the water system is close upon completion. "        - i
I  Geo. Rowcliffe:   Nominated by Geo. A.
Moikle and M? J. Curts. '%'''■
SOUTH WARD".      <
Jos. Ball:   Nominated by D. Leckie end
D. W. Sutherland.
E. R."Bailey:   Nomina.ted,by E. W. Wed-
>-, del and Geo. C. Rose.
The above gentlemen are elected by ac
clsjnation. t ,,
The "zeal" of tramp preachers
who have visited Vancouver and
who every summer go to that city
will get them into serious trouble if
Police Chief Chamberlain lays
hands on them. ■■ As the, result of
letters which came to the chief today,' the force will be instructed to
keep a watchful eye out for these
"no-sect" preachers, who are so
numerous as to be hard to classify
except as vagrants.
■ Letters were received from
England and Ireland., They ,warn
police officers to be on the lookout
for this class of preachers, who
are travelling among all nations,
self-styling themselves "free church
It is charged that they deport
jjoung girls from one country to
another, stripping them of Aevery-
thing except the-clothes'they wear,
then" making white slaves of them.
The girls can do nothing for their
protection, as their masters keep
them attached to them through
fear for their lives should they attempt to escape.
It is claimed the tramp preachers
are nothing but seducers, and that
in Belfast,, Ireland and Suffolk,
England/sufficient evidence is in
hand to show judge and jury that
these captivators are guilty of conspiracy, fraud, libel and abuse of
young girls.
These spurious mimics of divines
are believed to now have in hiding
in Vancouver a girl named Alice
Pipe, who was enticed away from
her' home" in Suffolk,'. England.
Miss Pipe's description has been
furnished the police.
Letters have been received by
the relatives of these girJes, • which
describe their painful experiences
with the tramp preachers: - Efforts
to locate the girls, however, have
failed through the cunning methods
adopted by their captors in keeping
them-in hiding and - burying, their
identity^       .
An organized campaign * for the
elimination of the tramps has been
started, and Vancouver authorities
will assist. In England and Ireland
the ^underhand work has been
carried on" most - extensively.
Preachers of character have taken
up the fight, and from indications
will wage it persistendy until the
vagrant class is wiped out and the
guilty ones serit to the penitentiary
for their crimes.
Important Matters Discussed - The Question of Freight Rates
Inspection and Marking of Imported Fruit.
An account appears in the last
issue of the _Summerland_Reyjew.
showing that'our neighbor down
the Lake won honors for Okanagan
fruit at the late Spokane exhibition
and to whom we extend our congratulations. '
It was a small hurriedly picked
exhibit that Summerland sent in
charge of Messrs. Simpson' and
Ross, but it won praises from all
who saw it.
The following is a list of prizes
taken by Summerland.
" Best three-tier box, any variety,
in any, exhibit, open to the-world
outside United States, first prize,
won by Mr. Thos. Dale with
Northern Spies.
Paragon apple, first prize, won
byMr. J. J. Mitchell.
Hubbardson Nonsuch, second
prize, won by Mr. Jas. Gartrell.
Salmone and Rode Island Greenings, medal and diploma, Mr. Ivlc-
, White Winter Pearman, fifth
prize and, diploma, Mr. Jas. Gartrell.
^Yellow Belle  Fleur,  fifth prize
A ^iew Rotary Spray has been
invented by Mr. Clement Vacher,
of Bear Creek, ..who has been
experimenting since last May
on the ranch of Mr. H. Chapelin,
Bear, Creek, with various, forms of
rlozzles, in perfecting his invention.
Fine descriptive circulars are out
explaining this new -spray in detail.      - *
i'i.V   : •*
The delegates to the meeting of
the Associated Board of Trade from
the various boards in the Okanagan
met at Armstrong last Thursday
and transacted business of a very
important nature, materially affecting the welfare "of the;Okanagan.
G. A.-Henderson, of Vernon, occupied the chair, and the various
resolutions were deahvwith thoroughly. The principled question,
and one that has been on the minds
of farmers and fruit, growers *for a
long time past, was that of freight
rates, and important resolutions
were dealt with and ordered to*be
submitted to the B. C. Government
and C. P. R. officials at Victoria on
the 14th of~Feb. next. Numerous
letters had been received by .the
Board from Mr. Llanigan, C. P. R.
freight traffic manager at Winnipeg,
in which he stated that his Company were ^extremely anxious 'to
meet the views of the B. C. fruit
and produce growers as far as
possible, and endeavour to put a
stop to the marketing of fruit on
the prairies from United .States
growers, and asking for a r full
representation at the Victoria meeting."     - '      / \ .;/ ";_  '
A resolution was adopted relating
to 'the fruit canning in the Okanagan. Mr. Ritchie, of Peachland,
demonstrated that the Ontario~can-
ner had an advantage of -25 per
cent. * over 'the home_manufacturer.
The- resolution asked for^ailower
rate on empty cars and on carload
lots of the finished product.
A resolution from Kelowna was
carried asking the. legislature of
British Columbia for three members
instead of one to represent the
Okanagan, and • suggesting one
for the northern portion from Vernon north; one for Vernon, includ-
White Valley and south to Okanagan Centre; and the other for the
southern portion of the riding.   ^
The following resolutions were
adopted:— *
Asking for a* daily boat service
on Okanagan Lake.
That a lecturer on British Columbia be engaged to tour the
United States.'
.That the Board instruct Mr.
Burrill, M.P., to look into the new
clause of the Water Bill of Lading
that came before the Senate of
That the express rates on fruit to
Kootenay and/the boundary points
be reduced from their present prohibitive schedule
appears to have been the result of
the lack of a sufficient number of
competent inspectors familiar with
Canadian and particularly B.C. and
Pacific coast fruit: be it resolved
that all fruit, thus imported > into
Canada should Be made to conform with' all the -requirements of
the said Act as to grading and
marking; that to ensure such conformity, all imported fruit should be
rigidly inspected, and for that, purpose an adequate staff of competent
inspectors should be employed.
That this associated Board of
Trade forward copies of this resolution to the Hon. Sidney Fisher,
Minister of Agriculture, and to Mr.
McNeil, Chief Inspector of the Fruit
Department at Ottawa, thus bringing this unsatisfactory state of
affairs to their notice"; also a copy
to the Hon. R. G. Tatlow, Minister
of Agriculture at Victoria; to Martin Burrill,.M.P., with instructions
to press for a better enforcement of
the Act; and a copy to Sir Thos.-
Shaughnessy, president of' the
C.P.R. . .
An informal dinner was given to
the delegates by the local Board at
the Okanagan Hotel.
Those present at the meeting
were as follows :!—     -
From Vernon—G. A. Henderson,
P. Dickson, H. P. Rogers, J. Val-
lance, T. G. Wanless, and W. C.
Ricardo. *
From Kelowna—iW. A. Pitcairn,
T. ElIiottTand P/'DuMoulin.     , .
- From Peachland—T. Ritchie and'
W:Logan.'1   *  •   .,
From Armstrong—J. M. Wright,
H. B. Morley, P. D. Vanleek, A. E.
Sage, F. C. Wolfenden, T. K. Smith,
and C. T. Daykin.
A Nicht Wi' Burns.
That copies of all resolutions be
forwarded to Mr. Llanigan and the
Deputy Minister" of Agriculture at
Victoria, as well, as to those particularly interested in the resolutions.
That the minimum weight of
mixed cars of fruit and vegetables
be reduced, as well as on the
heavier fruits and stone or perishable fruit.
That the rate to Calgary and
Winnipeg be reduced to a fair and
reasonable rate, a reduction of 30c
per 100 lbs. being asked for.
That a rate be asked for canned
fruits to points in B. C. and the
prairie provinces when shipped in
mixed cars of fruit.
That the secretary still continue
asking for the name of Sicamous to
be changed to Okanagan Junction,
and suggesting that Okanagan
Landing be called Port' Okanagan,
and that the Postal authorities be
requested to alter these names.
That H. B. Rogers, of Vernon, be
sent-as a delegate to the Victoria
meeting, and "that each affiliated
Board be requested to send two or
more /members, preferably their
transportation committees.
The most important resolution
was:—Whereas the grading and
marking of fruit in the United States
differs from the marking required
by our Inspection and Sale Act,
which difference, operates to the
prejudice of Canadian Shippers;
and whereas the Inspection and
Sale-Act appears to have been very
loosely enforced in 1908 on fruit
imported from -the U. S. into the
prairie provinces; and whereas this
Twenty three lives were lost in a fire
which occurred at the Intermediate Water
supply crib, Chicago. Twenty seven were
rescued, all of whom were suffering from
cuts or immersion.
A description of the accident was given
by G. W. Jackson, whose company was
constructing the intake tunnel' under Lake
Michigan, and of which the crib served as
a base of operation.
The fire started from an explosion of the
powder magazine, whicluimmediatery set
60 men, 20 of whom were at work in the
tunnel under the crib, and the rest sleeping
in their bunks.
All who were not killed or injured by
the first explosion, rushed out of doors
but found no way of escape, as the cold
waters of Lake Michigan were on every
side, its surface covered with cakes of ice.
"The crib is on fire. For God's sake
send help at once or we will be burned
alive.   The^ tug,->»"
This was the message received at the
shore office, and at the last word the telephone wire broke, and those on shore
heard no more. The tug started at once
for the rescue, and on nearing the scene
men were found trying to '■ escape by
swimming. Others were seen clinging to
cakes of ice for a time, and then disappear.
After the tug reached its goal, the victims of the fire were found, 'their hair
singed off and faces blackened, struggling
in the water. xSome fought against their4
rescuers, sinking into unconsciousness on
the deck when forced aboard the tug.
.' "When I neared the crib" said Capt.
Johnson, "I saw a number of men, their
clothing ablaze, run <.out of the blazing
structure and jump into the lake. Others
rapidly twisted ropes about anything they
could find and jumped into the water to
prevent being, drowned. Others used
boxes and pieces of timber as life preservers..
"When we got within 50"feet o{ the
crib, I slowed down the engine, ~ and we
began throwing out ropes and life preservers to the men in the water. As we
bumped against the ruined structure some
of the'men jumped aboard, but others we
so' unnerved that we had to' climb out and
drag them aboard.
All the Macs, in town met in
Raymer's Hall on Monday night to
celebrate the Bobbie Burns Anniversary, and it was a pronounced
success. An energetic committee
had decorated the large hall very
prettily with red, white and blue
bunting, evergreens and deer heads
and all present were there bent on
having a good time, and they  did.
The Caledonian concert, always
an attraction, was highly appreciated, and several pieces encored.
Early in the evening, weird
strains were heard by people who
were near the wharf, coming from
out of the blackness down the
lake, which later proved to be the
pipes of J. Cameron, of Naramata,
who -came up* in the "Maud
Moore" for the occasion. On , his
arrival the concert commenced,
and the following program rendered in style.
Chairman's address,
Bagpipe Selection, ; J. Cameron
Song, "Star of Robbie Burns,"
Duet, "Bonnie Doon,"      ,
Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. McTavish
Dance, Highland Fling,
Miss B. Meldrum
Song, "Auld Scots Sangs,"-
D. Leckie
Reading, "Tarn o' Shanter"
W. Meldrum
Song, Selected, Mrs. Anderson
Song, Selected, ,T- Hill
Song, "Mary o' Argyle,"
Mrs. Thompson
Dialogue, "Ludgings,"
.  r The Misses'Meldrum
After the concert supper was
served in the adjoining hall, to
which one hundred and fifty guests
sat down, Mr.Xeckie repeating._t.he
■grace, which came so readily from
the .lips of Burns himself :—"~"* "*""
'■'Some-hae meat but canna eat,
An' same wad eat that want it,
But we hae meat an' we can eat,
Sae let the Laird be thankit."
Toasts were proposed by Mr.
Sutherland, the first in honour of
His Majesty. A < second toast to
the immortal "Robbie" was proposed by Mr. Sutherland, and 'replied to by Messrs. G. C. Rose and
R. B. Kerr. - Mr. Kerr giving a
short sketch of Robbie Burns' life
;from his birth on the 25th January,
1 759, to the day of his death, 22nd
July, 1 796, showing how! this man
Robbie, son of poor people, himself unlettered, yet so intensely
human in character, has endeared
himself to thousands of people,
and is the idol of all Scotsmen.
The * interest shown during'Mr.
Ke rr's speech, showed how dear
is this theme to the hearts of all
A.third toast,/'The land we live
in," was-propo3edr1and_repiied~to"
by Mr. Leckie.
After supper, preparations were
made for dancing in the large hall,
and this was kept up with vigour
until the wee sma' oors. Mr. A.
Gordon delighted everyone with a
Sword Dance to the tune- of the
pipes, during the evening, and
music was furnished by Mr. J.
Cameron with the pipes, and also
Messrs. J. Kincaid & Son.
_ Eh mon, it whaur a bonnie nicht.
The catering, of which" everyone
speaks highly,.was' undertaken by
Mr. J. E. Wheeler' of "the Roya!
Hotel. ■    -- .
Excursion Steamer* Sinks at Sea/
deal ofjcomm'ent, as"' did
lady cow-puncher whose
The Masquerade Ball given last
Thursday night in Raymer's Hall,
was one of the most successful
events this winter. Dancing commenced prompdy at 9 o'clock, and
the hall was as full of Masqueraders
in every variety of costume, as it
would conveniently hold, and
leave plenty "of room ,for dancing.
There were between 701 and 80
costumes on the floor, while "about
50 spectators were watching the
brilliant scene from the platform
at the end of the h'all.
The night's festivities opened
with a waltz and kept up almost
without cessation until 4-a.rh. ;The
dresses were* most artistic; and'the
effect of, the harmonious .blending
of many colours, was, pleasing in
the extreme. Dashing cowboys
waltzed around the room with' grim
faced death, whilst fairy-like creatures sailed arm in arm with clowns
round and round the room. -Trou-
badors, niggers, j merry-widows,
Spanish maidens, flower girls,
formed a" continually moving mass
of colour, throngh which the form
of the evil Mephistopheles glided
with a re,alisticr effect. The dresses
of the Mexican lady and gentlemen
were very good, and won a  great
also the
was   very -effective.     The   three
Spanish ladies attracted  much  attention, ^and- between  these,, the ,
cow-puncher lady and the Mexican
lady/it*was an 'extremely^ difficult >-"-
task to"' fornvan opinion 'Joi which. - >y
was-■best. ■   The   choicer of   the  ,"\
judges finally, fell .on, 'the  Spanish : \
tambourine girl, who proved to be   ."'
Miss R. Weddeil/- t     A/<A ' ' '','■?
"' The task of'judging. the;5gehtle-
men's costumes was no'less difficult;,s
^.s' thp^oshfrnes ~were« so) varied, 'Jj
and"each"part carried well. ;)Many.i'S'
thought that, the^MexicaiL.would     ;
carry off the prize, as his. costume - *""
and make-up, was among the" best,' ^
on the floor.   Others again favour- -» -'
ed the cowboys, but the -unfortun- -
ate judges..had-,only;.their   own ^V
opinion to rely  on,   and  awarded'  '•
the prize to Mephistojjas; the,best Ai
representationof a,specified, char-^'-
acter.   Mephisto in  everyday Jife.W
is Mr. h: Willis.  , -'     ,\:V"ig
The.comic dresses ^e're" easier
to decide, as 'although there
many funny costumes, to be seen," \'*'
none \ so completely .fooled; the •■ u_-
spectators as. that of Joe Biggs.who, "*"
iii the disguise of a merry-widow, Y
carried ' himself ' with a coyness, ^ j
hardly excelled by the merry-, .>■
widow herself, whoever^ she. may,   ^
be-i*    .-.._, ;   «'-,    . -     ' '. *|
The music .was, ail-that could be A
wished," arid* wasTprbvided " by " -'*
Messrs. J.' W. Wilks, Ji Kincaid and .':
H. Bowers, whilst the judges'were ^ ^
Me'ssrs; G~benmore, T~Hi3soh V?
and F. H. Gibbs. '     , '   '
Supper was provided ins the j'Sf
small hall, Messrs. Mcjannet, Mars-i "'M
ded, and Hall being the caterers
When all masks had- been ''re- Vr-f
moved, about 11 p.m', Mr. Hudson -J4.^
took flash-light photographs,,arid.\i]J
the results are excellent.
The prizes were:
Miss Weddel. Gold Bracelet   '
H. Willis, Silver Mounted Pipe
J. Biggs, Gold Cuff Links.
A wireless message was received
on Saturday morning, stating that
the Republic, a White Star Liner,
had been rammed by an unknown
steamer off Nantucket shoal. The
Republic left New York on Friday
afternoon with 872 passengers
bound for a winter cruise in the
Mediterranean. The .passengers
however, were all taken off by the
liners Atlantic and La Lorraine,
who went to the assistance of the
Lioery Stable Burned at Moosomin
A livery stable owned by Sid. Jennings and occupied by A. McGregor was completely destroyed by
fite last Saturday with a quantity
of feed and several vehicles. The
brigade did excellent service in
confining the blaze to the building
in which it started.
were \>.h
>- * 'I
On Tuesday evening of last V-jVI
week, two of Penticton's business^-\$J
places Were burned with consider-'.;
able loss. The premises destroyed "^'
were.those of the Lee JBlock^ 'and,f^;
the home of Mr. and Mre..MalcoW^|l
Campbell.       y       '       * .«\v"'v^-i'lO^I
Red Tape in French Naoal
R. Picard,  French  minister
admitted  that   while   England   builds- a
battleship in two years, it takes France five
years to construct one.   One of the chief     t>]
i _VY L
or marine,    "'il
reasons for this, it is claimed, is that the 6
French Navy is' paralyzed by red lape and'
As an exarrtple
of what/ passes in the
government dockyards at Toulon, ^ an '
authority states that before, a rivet can be-
driven into a shaft of iron," a written re-'
quest for authorization must be transmitted AJ'M
to Paris, passing' through %e hands i, of yVfjf
of twenty.two , intermediaries,^ Un^l' the^J
head of the admiralty is reached,,, the reply;, \AA
being given in the same roundabout'way,1 ~/lt$i
• . v "•• .  '  '.    <.    ■*- ii?$At
4 V -vl
S&3.C1 :l We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published eoery Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
We were called up on Saturday
morning by Mr. F. Wilbur Jones,
Secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society, who was leaving for Vernon. Mr. Jones was interested in a contributed article in
the last issue of the Orchard City
Record, entitled "Socialism." He
states that on a recent occasion,
when perusing his vocation in the
city of Vancouver, he entered
some premises bearing over the
doorway, "l.W.W." It was the
headquarters of the Independent
Workers of the World. There
were many nationalities represented in the room, persuing/ various
journals, socialist and otherwise.
Mr. Jones states that he was astounded to see in a leading article
in one of the Socialist organs, this
sentence used, "It is the duty of all
good Socialists to put down Christianity, if necessary by force."
It is Mr. Jones' desire' on every,
possible occasion, to warn people
of the position desired by the
Socialist party, and he warns the
residents of Kelowna to take- note
of the insidious beginnings of this
work in their midst, and to decide
for themselves if they will countenance it.
An instance has been brought to
our notice, which, for colossal cheek
is hard to beat. This is nothing
else than an advertisement which
appears in a recent issue of "Canada," advertising some fruit lands
in the Kootenay country. The advertisers, a prominent Winnipeg
real estate firm, have the impudence
to insert a photograph of J, L.
Pridham'8 orchard. Kelowna, to
illustrate their Kootenay lands. It
is an unmistakable tribute to the
original, but does not speak well
firm has to pirate photographs of
other districts in order to induce
buyers, and reflects anything but
credit on the firm itself. Such an
unprincipled mode of advertising
deserves wide publicity,' and if a
firm has lands for sale of which it
is ashamed to photograph, it had
far better not publish a picture at
The Orchard City Record  is in
receipt  of a circular letter from
Mr.  N.  F.   Peters,   Asst.   Second
- Vice-President of the   C.P.R.   in
. which it atates that that company,
. with a view to encouraging the
"   development of the cities,  towns
', and villages along its lines in  the
'   West and supplying their needs,
has established an  Industrial  Department.
K        . Enquires are   constantly   being
»■       made as to openings  in the West
for factories, wholesale and retail
'   houses, etc., and it  is the aim  of
* the*C.P.R. to obtain full particulars
from the different settlements as to
.their requirments and  attractions.
Mr. Peters also invites communi-
p>'*;cations from manufacturers and intending investors who may require
information, which enquires will
.receive careful attention, and every
endeavor made to give reliable information.
The Saturday Sunset about hits
the mark when it says "Apparently
the causes of Socialism and Temperance are both hampered by the
same drawbacks—the illogical, intolerant and extreme views of
leaders and press  exponents."
National Anthem to be Played. More
For the future, "God Save the King" is,
by the express desire of His Majesty, to be
play in quicker time by all military bands
than has hitherto been the custom. An
order of the Army Council has been
issued, instructing military bandmasters
that the time is to be 84 crochets to the
minute instead of 60. It is understood
that the King and the Royal Family
objected to the slower time as too dirge
like, and the brisker rendering of the music has been tried before the King, and
approved by him. The order applies to
service bands in all parts of the Empire,
including at least 400. military bands, and
other bands will probably fall in line with
the brisker rendering.
The American Navy.
The American Navy, says and American
writer in an American Magazine, now
leads the world in accuracy and rapidity
of shooting; six years ago it was behind
the Navy of every first-class Power.
Six years ago the standard for firing heavy
turret guns—wh:ch are now a battleship's
sole weapon of consequence in battle-
was once ir. five minutes; the average of
hits on the target now in use would not
have been once an hour. At present these
guris fire an average of one and a half
shots a minute; they hit the target once a
a minute. Six years ago the standard rate
of fire for six-inch guns was less than two
shots a minute; as shown by the tests of
1902, less than one shot a minute hit the
target. To-day these guns frequently
make as many as'twelve hits a minute,
and the average of the whole Navy is sue
hits a minute. These are the records at
the 1,600-yard range. .At the last long
range target practice iii Massachusetts
Bay the battleships of the North Atlantic
Fleet, firing at a target from three to five
away, averaged nearly 30 per cent, of hits.
With a target one-third the ■ "size of the
ships at Santiago, at distances from two to
three times as great, our Fleet made .more
than fifteen times the percentage of hits.
Translated into terms of war," these
changes mean: Six years ago an American
battleship would not hit an enemy's vessel
at a battle range of three miles or more
oftener than twice an hour. To-day every
ship of an enemy's fleet' steaming into
range would be struck by two tons of steel
shell every minute by. 'every modern
American ship firing at her. Solid metal
spatters like mud when these great projectiles strike it; when charged with their
high explosives these shells • are swept
through the ship in fragments of'from two
hundred pounds in weight down to the
finest steel dust. In all human probability
no ship in the world could stand; such a
fire fifteen minutes.     •:   ;,
The Yellow Peril.
Speaking at a banquet in London, given
by the Royal Colonial Institute to welcome
Lord Northcote, his lordship remarked on
the necessity of viewing the yellow immigration question from an Australian
vie-w point—He declared-Au«tralia_was increasingly protectionist, and . urged the
necessity of English emigration.
More Railways for B.C.
Besides rushing main line construction
in the north this year, the Grand Trunk
Pacific is formulating , plans for building
branch lines in British Columbia on a
scale of magnitude never dreamt of by the
Fruit4 Trees, Ornamental Roses, ' etc.
All stocfe strictly
first-class and home
Catalogue Free
A E. Boyer
The Orchard City Record.
\"\ Thursday,'Jan.-28
-■*■ - ""'-'- MifiMiinr"  ii'ii-iiili) """ T
Did You Ever Think Of It?
A Well Furnished House will give you
more pleasure and solid comfort for the
amount of money expended than anything else in which you can invest	
Is cheap, all else is dear at any price.
We only keep the best, and sell it at a
reasonably low price.     Think   this  over,
then  inspect  the stock at the
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealers in all kinds of
Orders filled in Short notice   •
Manufacturers of
Builders' Brick, Drain
Tile and Hollow Brick    ;
Is  an  unvarying source of pleasure,
whilst a poor one is but a constant
disappointment.        ' ,
Good  photographs  are our especial"
business, we don't do the other kind.
-Views and Post Cards of all parts of the Valley. "
• - i .
We do not cobble Boots, toe repair them and make them better
than nets. Do not fail to gioe us a trial. All workmanship
guaranteed and prices are reasonable. Mail and express orders
receioe careful attention.
Don't forget the place, in Lang's Boot and Shoe
Kelotona, B. G.
1 •
J. BR0DIE, Proprietor
harness   Lmporram
Horse Clothiers this way for all kinds of
Light and Heavy
Harness, Bits, ,
Spurs, Whips,
Robes & Blankets
'111   • if
We also handle a line of Liniment for sore Shoulders
and cuts of all /hinds, also Harness Oil & Axle Grease
S. G. KING, Proprietor
Fresh Stock of.'
) -   ■■  i       -        ■
Figs, Dates and Candies of all kinds
Grapes, Jap Oranges, Naval Oranges, Lemons; Cran-
berries, Sweet Potatoes, etc.  •
Local and Foreign Grown Onions."
Baker and Confectioners  >
Fresh Buns, Cakes, Scones, etc., daily. (
Car Lake of Woods Flour due this week.
» * t» *
i '
': TOTAL ASSETS $49,000,000.00/ ' * >";
C. B. DANIEL, Manager
'.< ~.i'
Orchard City Realty Mart
::    HOUSE TO LET    :.
Cottage of six rooms, with electric light
and phone and stable.
To Rent—Barn on Water Street.
V*       \       rl
AXEL EUTlNrManager
i.. ■ "i iii
Put in NeW,,Wicb;",aiidV(31,,\4>
with the New High Test Coal
Oil.     This will vastly improve
the light.
. i     ; V
!   ',   r
M    '
Hardware Store
--I , '!&.
Thursday, )an. 2S
I'he Orchard City fteeord.;
^    Corporation of th& City of Kelowna.    s
Treasurers Cash,Statement and Estimates for Completing
the Electric. Light and Water Works.
Provincial News.
Asks For Senate to be Abolished:
Electric Light Notice
Ottawa, Jan.  20.     Lancaster will  give,. 	
notice df  a  resolution  proposing  that  a ———.     j.
petition be sent the  Imperial Parliament Applications for connection with the Elec
asking that the British North America Act trjc Lighting  and
Cash on hand, Jan. 1st, 1908 	
, Sale of Debentures:
,/ Light and water : 36178 08
Street and bridge  5000 00
School building .^  5112 60
Local Improvement  5949 70
Rebates on notes discounted, etc....
, Interest on sinking fund	
Sale of scavenger's wagon	
Sale of bridge piles.. ".	
Government school grant	
Licenses, Hotel iv.    600 00
Special      50 00
Trade 642 50
\      Dog : :.... 120 00
Road Taxes >.	
Light connection fees	
Sole of Sawdust	
Subscriptions for street watering	
Bank of Montreal, 190 sq. feet of
308 35
52240 38
23 80
18 81
75 00
71 25
3390 00
443 75
1412 50
11889 79
106 00
105 00
16 50
, 108 00
cement sidewalk constructed
Bank property	
59 00
70268 13
Note paid on Jan. 16, 1908	
. ■ Fire Department   .
Office: R. Morrison, salary    '300 00
G. H. Dunn, Salary    450 00
Sundries    356 85
Water-works -
One-third payment on  Underwriters' pump    450 00
Distribution system 13248 38
Electric light'plant:
"     Pole line  9230 48
Power house and machinery.... 4395 31
Electric light and operating
Salaries and supplies    308 32
Fuel for plant      477 00
, Refunds road taxes, etc	
Gty solicitor js salary, J. F. Burne ...
Police magis'tes' „       „       „
City Band     150 00
Antituberculous Society      50 00
Board of Trade    250 00
Regatta      75 00
Printing and advertising	
"    Transferred to sinking fund	
-.Debenture coupons     812 50
Overdrafts, discounts, etc     345 75
Scavenger:" "
Quon Won salary    323" 75
D. Mills salary     600 00
Sundries     207 61
Bridges: '     J
v.        Contract    price    for    building
Richter,  Pendozi,  and  Abbott  <
St. bridges over Mill creek  2250 00
, Fills for above bridges " 2079 83
Police: -,
T. Hidson salary    840-00
.   Sending prisoners to Kamloops,
meals for prisoners, etc    812 00
Streets: ~~~"~~
Land for Harvey ave., W. W.
Grummett    600 00
do., G. Fletcher     |80 00
Work on streets & old side w'ks 4639 62
Local Improvements:
Plank sidewalk on -
L DeHart avel from Ethel to Richter..   350 00
Eli ave. from Ellis to Abbott St    325 00
Harvey ave. from Ethel to Richter... 350 00
Ellis st from Bernard ave. to  Block   -
41 Map 462 , ;-....   260 24
Glen ave. from Ethel to town line... 400 00
Burne ave. from Richter to Pendozi 234 77
Lake ave. from Pendozi to Abbott.. 339 14
Bernard ave. north from Richter to
"Pendozi st : ,.-fl£T.   571 55
Bernard ave. south! from Lot 18 blk.        „   '
15 to lot 3 blk. 55    340 28
Water st from 90 feet north of Lawrence ave. to Eli st .'..".    259 60
Glenwood ave from Richter to Pendozi st*    232 01
Richter st. from Harvey to Sutherland ave......    401 82
Richter st from Sutherland to Calder ave    387 50
Abbott st. from Lawrence  ave. to
Mill creek     |87 73
Abbott at from  Mill creek to Lake
* .avenue  3)8 78
Cement Walks on
North side  of Bernard  ave.,  from
Water st to lot 5 block" 15    793 "l I
South  side of Bernard  ave. from
Water to Pendozi st.    879 50
Surveying, establishing grades, etc.      97 00
Commission on Collections
T. Hidson 25 per cent dog licsn.     17 00
T. Hidson 25  per .cent, road
taxes less rebates......      24 50
Street watering ——.
Legal expense	
Miss Morrison, salary   (420 00   '
J. Hislop...-...:..'. .-. -.    34000
'   Miss Wade '.    300 00
Miss Hunter    672 00
Miss Messenger ' 840 00
Miss McNaughton...:....:.:  1080 00 >
J. SL Brawn   765 00
Neil Gregory    276 00
Sundries    985 57
Land for new school houje ———
General Expense	
Balance in Bank as per pass book 5643 83
Less outstanding cheques  1383 61
4460 22
..Cash, on hand as per pass book   991 40
600 00
155 45
1106 85
13698 38
13625 79
785 32
II 30
240 00
250 00
525 00
602 59
1493 29
1158 25
1131 36
4329 83
1652 00
5419 62
6728 03
41 50
.29 40
10 00
5678 57
4000 00
1473 98.
5451 62
70268 13
be amended in a manner providing for the
abolition of the Senate.
Attorney-General Bowser and B.C. Clubs
One of the most important of the earlier
Government measures which will be introduced to the house, will be a special club
licensing bill, fathered by Attorney-General
Bowser. All now incorporated*, and those
hereafter seeking incorporation, will under
this bill, have to take out annually a government license, and pay a fee of $100.00,
before continuing or obtaining the privilege
selling liquor. They must also all be subject to inspection, when deemed necessary
by the Government c
This proposal to put clubs under strict
regulations, is the outcome of numerous
complaints received in the Attorney-General's department regarding questionable
clubs.but carries with it no reflection upon
the better class of clubs, many of which
have been organized a long time, and in
which there is no abuse of present
Morang School Book Contract
The enquiry into the notorious Morang
School Book contract has been postponed
to March 10th, when Mr. Haultain will be
ready to proceed with the investigation.
Mr. P. W. Morse Resigns Prom G.T.P.'
Mr. Frank W. Morse, general manager
of the G.T.P. Railway has resigned his
position, and left for a trip to Europe.
Mr. C. M. Hays, president of the G.T.P.,
declined on Saturday to amplify it in any
way, beyond stating that he regretted that
Mr. Morse was leaving, and that he had
performed magnificent work in the construction of railways.
Another Transcontinental to be
Second Vice-President White, announced last Thursday that the Canadian Pacific Railway will this Spring commence
building what will eventually be a second
transcontinental line from St. Paul to the
Pacific Const. It will run from Weyburn,
Sask., to Lethbridge, Alta., 400 miles.
700 Enginees in One Order.
,v »
An item of interest to owners  of motor
boats and others comes before our notice.,
An article appears in the Cleveland Press,
1st Jan. 1909, in which the W. H. Mullins
Co., of Salem, G\,'is shown to have just
j closed the, largest'' order on record for
engines.' This-order goes to'the Ferro
Machine and Foundry Co., of Cleveland,
and includes 700 engines to be delivered
within the next 60 days.    -'
.Messrs. James JBros, of Kelowna, who
are agents for,these engines are confident
of a growing demand for them, as the advent of the gasoline motor has wrought
the most' extraordinary development in
general boating. -Where the sail-boat and
row-boat we're indulged in ten years ago,
today will find in every lake and river
that is at all navigable, powerboats of all
St. John Suffragettes.
■ St. John, N.B.,Jan.23. A delegatio Jof
women yesterday asketi that they be given
the Franchise in Provincial affairs under
the restrictions governing civic elections.
Premier Hazen promised consideration.
"rLL." Sits for Halifax.
- Hon. R. L. Borden has announced his
intention ,of resigning Carleton county/
seat and sitting for Halifax.. A letter to
the Conservatives refers to the warm
friendships made during the two terms he
represented the county,   and  thanks them
Power Service Mains
and for the inspection of the interior wiring will be received at the City Offices on
and after Nov. 20th.
2-tf City Clerk.
Advertise in The Record
It Pays
It Will Pay You
To have T. H. VELTA do your
Painting or Kalsomining
a Specialty
You will have rio time to** think
of it in the Spring
Estimates given-on farm and lawn
fencing—erected complete with posts
Agent < ' -*
Get your name on
the honor roll.
Subscribe for the Orchard
City Record.
Prices    reasonable   and
faction gnaranteed
Address, Lake View Hotel
neatly done. -
All toorh guaranteed first-class.
All kinds of Furniture
Address, Post Office
or Shop, 'corner of K.L.O. office.
Send me your tree bill for my estimate. <r
KELOWNH, B.C. . P.O. BOX 364
I furnish the eery finest grade of GENUINE   -
NURSERY STOCK at as LOW PRICES as other ,t
responsible firms furnish inferior ] grades.
Yearling Apples joii 3 Year-Old Roots
PIPPIN, Etc. -
All First-class Trees, 3ft. to 4ft. Grade. ' *' ''    " -
Price, $22.50 per lOOJ 500, 19c. each.-     ';
R. T. HESELW00D, Agent for  )   ".
Albany $ur&rte$, 3fac, 3Umi?> ©xi
Estimates /oK Completing Light and Water
'Canadian Fairbanks Co:       .,
Balance due on Light Plant 9690 33
Balance due onWaterWorka   900 00   10590 33
W. T. Ashbridge    . 	
4 per cent. Commission on
:    Light Plant to Dec. let,
lew$400paid on account   539 68
4 percent Commission on '
WaterWorksconstrucb'on     - N
to Dec 31st:    563 92     1123 60
Hinton Electric Co. *
10 per cent commission on
Pol* Line construction...
J. A. Bigger
Balance  due    on    Power
House contract	
923 04
Estimated cost of completing.
-   lighting system	
Estimated cost of completing .
. water works under construction ....  128800
Estimated cost of 8 in. mains
•   on Water street, from  Ber-
:    nard to Lawrence    800 00
Estimated cost of 8 in. main on
'. Abbot street, from Bernard
to Lawrence...',    650 00
Estimated cost of 10 in., main
, from comer of Royal Hotel
to street      75 00
Estimated cost of 20 connections to consumers' preiri- v  '      "
,     bet ^400 00
Proceeds sale of School Building Debentures  51i2 60
Paid J. Bowes for School land 4000 00
1112 60
180 90 12618 07
6226 00
Cost of Light plant to Dec. 31st, 1908  13625 79
Cost of Water Works to Dec. 31st. 1908 13698 38
'Unpaid Light plant accounts  11334 15
Unpaid Water Works accounts     1483 92
Estimated'coat of completing light plant   6226 00
'Estimated cost of completing proposed
Water Workay    3213 00
Total cost of proposed Light and Water
Proceeds sale of Light and Water Debentures	
Amount to be borrowed for Light and
Water Works	
Amount to be, borrowed for general
27324 17
12818 07
9439 00
49581 24
36178 08
13403 16
3099 39
Primate of Canada Dead.
Archbishop Sweatman,' primate
of all Canada, died at 1:30 o'clock
Monday afternoon after being ill a
week of pneumonia. The last official function over which Archbishop Sweatman presided was
the consecration of Bishop Farthing
in Montreal.
16502 55
A public meeting will be held in Raymer's Hall on Thursday, Feb. 4th, at 8*p.m., to discuss the above statement and
and estimates, also the purchasing of D. Lloyd-Jone's Park.
3213 00
22257 07
1112 60
The above statement and notice is published by order of
Mayor DeHart,
G. H.
City Clerk.
Cash on hand and in bank
Dec. 31st 545] 62
Unpaid Taxes  1415 50
13369 67
6867 12
16502 55
Evangelist Russell left for' Revelstoke
The Aberdeen was held up a mile from
Penticton yesterday, by ice.
Kelowna was beaten by Summerland
yesterday at hockey, by one point.
Married   By the Catholic Priest at Mission,
E. Keefe to      Skye.
Douglas and Ian Cameron returned to
college at Victoria today, after spending
their Christmas holidays at their home',
Guisachan Ranch.
The Social and Moral Reform association
supported by the Royal Templars, are
conducting'tk "banish the bar-room" propaganda throughout the province, circulating
petitions for presentation to the approaching session of the legislature. Not to be
caught napping the Licensed Hotel Keepers association is conducting a counter
agitation and petitions will be presented
by a fighting delegation. The attack is
being concentrated entirely on the hotel
license. -
We regret that, owing to a misunderstanding, the'treaauaers financial statement
of Kelowna Hospital, was published a few
hours before -being submitted to the
s not only an art, it is also
a business, which to execute promptly and at a
reasonable price, requires
a complete modern plant,
handledby experts. , . „
All this is at' your service, and we can promise
you a pleasant surprise
when you place your next
order with us.
^ ",ti
-, *• r. ■*> I
': -\\
."■' »;
"■ v1 L
'.Ivl ^     V    < I
mi/* i»w<a< it« r.na.T. m
The Orchard -City Record-
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
KELOWNA,        ,   :: B.C.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Sc.C. E„ D. L. S., B. C. L. S.
Kelowna,   B. C.
Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C, E   -    Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
P.O. BOX 137
Keller Block
and Dentist
Office at Residence: 2nd House
East of the Club
Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd
P.O.BoxlUS 'Phone 66
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold on commission.     Dray meets all  C.P.R.
boats.   All kinds  of  heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Dry Valley Dribbles
Yore lokel manijer feels prutry bad this
week Beein' as 'ow I ave been arsked to
rite agin. It kinder takes the shine off 'im.
He sea to me yesterday ses 'e ''Say Simon
he ses ye'd better ave the lend *o the loan
'o my fountain pen or mebbe ye'ed get
stuck for words if ye don't ave a good
flow." (Sarkastick eh I not 'alf). 1 told
im I'd stick to me ole goos kwill and it ud
remind of me im when I wasritin.
Ed, Bowers 'as been quite ill lately with
a touch of Ploorasy but bless ye Ed. don't
mind a little thing like that as 'e 'as 'ad it
afore and is gettin to be kinder used to it.
O' course the male asn't been regler since
Ed. was sick but we 'ave decided to overlook it seein he's better and back to work
agin.   We've caushoned 'im   tho' anyway.
The Bchulemaster ses 'e 'ad a visit larst
week from three Kelowna gentlemen who
wanted to borrow his kilt. As Sandy
Gordon ses "Ye carina tak the breeks off a
Hielandman", but here was an attempt to
take the kilt from a Sassenach. We hear
'owever that the said kilt was a skirt 'o the
wifes which the schulemaster fixed up
under his weskit in order to look 'is
Scotchest at a concert in Kelowna some
months back. We expeck this will be
denied but we 'ave good authority to back
J. D. McKinley informs us that "e has
struck no fresh seam in 'is coal mine as
yet and that there's every appearance 'o
being lots '6 dirt to be dug out 'o the hole
yet afore he makes a sindykit 'o the
blamed bizness anyway. He ses if he
doesn't stricke black dimonds soon he'll
mebbe just pan out another rock feller.
But ye never know ye know.
Geo. Stirling went to town larst week to
a Soshulist, meetin. He didn't get back
till Sunday but as 'e forgot to fetch the
male and other things for the missus she
talks about jinin the Soshulists 'erself sos
she can go in with him next time and see
wot this Soshulist bizness is anyway.
Poor George I
T ' * IWi'Im"<Vi IBTTi—
What a Collision Mearjs to the
Man at the Throttle.
Orchard Work
Pruning, Planting, etc.
P.O., Kelowna.
(Late with F. R. E. DeHart)
Undertakes   Winter   Pruning.     Will also
arrange for Thinning, Budding, etc.,
season  of   1909.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Town and Country Residences
Rowcliffe Block
Fire, Life, and "Accident
Money to Loan.
News of the Churches i
The various churches will return to their
usual hours of worship in future.
The annual congregational meeting will
take place in Knox Church on Feb. 3nd at
8 o'clock, when various matters of importance will be discussed.
A similar meeting will be held in Bethel
Church, Benvoulin, Feb, 5th, at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. H. P. Thorpe has tendered his
resignation to the Baptist Church here,
and has acceptecTa call to Salmon Arm.
•   ".        METHODIST
The Evangelistic services ceased on
Wednesday, and in future the services
will be held as before.
President  of Nicaragua  Adopts
Nooel Scheme to Stop Reoolts.
The most original scheme of preserving
his position has recently been hit upon by
President Zalaya of Nicaragua. His plan
is very simple. Whenever ,he leaves the
capital he takes with him all the firing
mechanism of the guns of his 'fortress in
order to prevent a revolution in the garrison, so it isvreported. He is said to have
had constructed a large brass-bound chest
in which in which all the firing pins and
delicate apparatus of each of the big guns
suimounting tne lortress walls at Canute,
are carried, and only replaced when he is
safely back at the capital.
A car of Nicola stove and furnace coal has been received by Mr.
Haug this week.
KNOWLES, the jeweler, invites that friend
Who has the moments and cash to spend,
To drop in on him and inspect his stock,
And regulate his ticker by the standard clock.
And if, perchance, an over-worked watch has stopped,
Or if by accident-it has been dropped,
His skilled mechanics will repair it well,
And teach its hjtrids the time and truth to tell.
If chanticleers shrill clarion wakes you not,
Nor saves your reputation from the blot
Of tardiness, you may avoid all harm
By buying Knowles' reliable alarm.
Rings for the finger, jewels rare,
A thousand costly treasures centre there.
Rob not ypur heart of pleasure, nor defer,
Go, buy it now, from KNOWLE'S, the Jeweler., ,
&jnOW16S«  The Jeweler
The Chances He Has to Take and His
Pate Should He Become Crippled In
a Smashup—There Are Some Things
Worse Than Physical Pain.
1 "1 just dropped In to tell you that
I tlio coroner's jury has exonerated you
I from ull blame for the wreck. They
I an> going to hold the block tower
man ••
The old engineer turned his pain
drawn face toward me. A white cap-
pe! nurse gently brushed back the
wild hnlrs from his forehead
"Thank you. miss," he said, "and you,
too. sir. for the good uews. I knew
thoj couldn't blame It on me, because
It u.is white :it Mentor. Poor Denny,
he'd tell you ho loo. If he was alive.
•All white!' he shouted when we came
round the curve nnd I gave him the
answer, 'All white!' and pulled her
wide open Then we struck the empties- on the siding and—well, you know
the rest" He wiped a trembling hand
wio-s his eyes as if trying to blot out
6oine horrible vision.
IIin eyes began to sparkle, and a bit
ol color flashed into his pale cheeks.
•'1 xiippobe yon fellows think 1 opened
lie- up and went into those boxes Just
lo fun " A smile flitted over his lips,
imi 1 then he giew serious. "Say. did it
e ; (nine to your mind that an eu-
g < im might be as anxious about his
o'mi life as he is about the lives of
tlnr-e who are riding behind him? My
wile and little one—don't you suppose
nn life counts for something with
them? .     ,.
Mid jou ever stop to think what a
cc . inn like that-at Mentor means to
th' "iigineerV Just try to figure your-
sei. in his place He rides In four
s.iimie feet of cab room, surrounded
b} .i muss of levers, rods and the' like
A head ot him is about three miles1 of
boilei pipe, carrying 200 pounds-of
steam pressure and enough hot water
to cook the meat off bis bones in a
jilt\ Clattering at his back is 6.000
gi Ion* of water and 26,000 pounds of
<< u Tuder him is 200,000 pounds
oi engine, and behind there is
(i'KHino pounds of train. Altogether he
H running along ahead of 800,<XK)
pounds ot steel, hardwood and brass
h"!J to an eighty pound rail by three-
«jii M-teiN of an Inch of wheel flange
•Why. wheu one of those big Bubs'.u, battleships fired a. broadside at
tin- Japanese the whole., thing
n'minuted only to 24,000 pounds, so the
■p.ipeis, say And that 24,000 pounds
ti.iveling eight miles a minute would
strike a Japanese ship eight miles
aw.iy with an Impact only one-tenth
o* i he force we hit the empties at
M.-ntor J,
••in course 1 was the engineer and
tlic. depended on me. There is al-
yi.',\s it lot of fine talk about engineers
h.mng tbe lives of several hundred
p.ivsengers In their hands. Thafs all
ver.\ true, but you don't want to overlook the fact that the engineer's life
Is right there along with the others
We all take chances, the train crew
as well as the passengers, only our
chances are slimmer. I had one
ch-inee In SOO of Hieing killed, or one in
twenty-five of getting right where I
ani now. but a passenger on the train
had one chance in about 3,000,000 of,
being killed aud one in 130.000 of'
beiug hurt.
"I si>e that a lot of people were killed
and a whole lot more hurt I don't
want to he a grumbler, but it appears
to me that yon fellows have kinder
overlooked the fact that both of my
lcg« aie gone Of course that might
not mean much to you, but if you
"realized.-as_I~do.-that fortherestof
m\ life It Is going to be ray Job to
holiltle out into the middle of some
country road and wave a white flag as
eu-r.v train goes bv—if you could real-
i;v what that means to an engineer-
to lieai the mocking toot of the whta
tie a« Pile conies up to the crossing and
to vW the sympathetic salute of the
ergineer and fireman as they go flying
by I tell von. m.v boy, there are some
tlilup* worse than physical pain."
Ill", r-yes filled with tears The nurse
gently wiped them .away and softly
hi timed luicli the hair.
'I wouldn't talk any more now," she
Sill I
Ml right, miss," he replied, putting
im Ids hund to me. "1 always obey
onlers"-B  R  Wlnslow In New York
Til Im ne
e immense
that has crowned bur efforts, t6 ^ give, our patrons the.
best possible article for the lowest possible1 price gives
us hope and renewed-courage, to make still gx eater
efforts in the coming year. - ,   ;.
We hi
A Free Translation.
'•And you -a> the idiot of a teacher
told \'uu that you had an extravagant
tool ut a father?"
••Turn's wimt he meant" ,
"Kut what did he say?"
"lie iii Id It "was criminal folly to
waste money on tbe education of such
u chump as 1 inn."' ,
Nothing Left.
"Time you" n-'ked the Judge of a
recently com Uteri man. "anything to
offer (he court before sentence is
pns>ed?v '"  '
"No. your honor," replied the prlB-
oner: "my Inwwr took my last far
thing "-l.nnil.il rit-Blts.
The I ast Word.
Condurioi I hi- here transfer expired
an hour ago. i.-uh The Lady (digging
in her purse • u ipplshlyi—No wonder
with not a kIii0'i' • entllntnr open in the
whole carl
i>, „,
If yOU WOUld  relfih   vmil   fool    I'
or it—Danish i'« . ciIj
ave maae a iName
i \
- for selling the BEST and CHEAPEST-.      ' f.       /
Groceries & ProvisipSS
and we mean to keep it.
all the time at the
Plunket ■& Savage's    Stock   Food
at half price
25c packages for^lSc      - 50c packages for 25c
Oyster Shells     .        .        6 lbs. for 25c
Crushed Bones .-    - .        6 lbs. for 25c
20 oz. bars, 10c
. 25c
'.       per lb. 25c
Pure Castile Soap
2 lbs. Ginger Snap Biscuits .
Pure Fresh Roasted Coffee .
-   Bean or ground
Rich Strong Black Tea.        .        .       per lb. 25c
Fresh Devonshire Cream, fresh daily
Fresh Red Salmon      .       .per tin, 10c and 15c
Delicious New Dates  .      ..       .   2 lbs. for 25c
Onions        .       .        .       .-   -  .-   8 lbs. for 25c
New Evaporated Apples
Barley   ^   .
Sago T
2 lbsrfor 25c
4(lbs. for 25c
3 lbs. for.25c^
'3 lbs. for'25c "
(   t,r«'    ^
and hundreds of other articles equally good and cheap at
i *
- '  i«\
* "lib;
i (j
'"       "•>;
'    l'..   '1 '  I       '>  \  .    I.. 1      \)U*.   >>
1,0 • M
•*•    «       ii    1
rB. C
1 -X^»     i; ;
; j
'^.'.-.'vv^t '
.*..<    ^..y.i'.rfV^,,
r «. '-■" . . r
v -AK v>
A' ,     ' i^ ■
a^' ".V »i ■ Thur^a^Jti^28^; '' fi.
c i rm ii
». >•
It is legal- to have
a cough any time
now, but it is needless to let'a' cough
get a hold on you
and set up chronic
Alright, by
curing every cough
promptly with
Social and Personal
This is
that cures-coughs
when ordinary,remedies fail..
':. Equally effective
for young, or old.,
i«J .*«■ - r 5'   ,   •>   •   y    ' .     /      --   /•
. .,. Kelowna,     B.C.
l^l>V ~r
•i I -    r
.JVVholertle and [Retail ./
i' j     _ i.iji       ..    l  ■     -i
ifC*ttle,SkeepuidHor*e, ,
i •■
'.tjjt-'i t ~v»x ^;,>-
A.'Jti. Wade, of Penticton, was a Kelowna
visitor on Tuesday.' ^        '
W. S. Lang, of Peachland, was in Kel.
owna'on Tuesday. '     „    ' '■'
Miss Brown, of Peachland, was visiting
in Kelowna on Tuesday."'
Rev. Mr. Mclntyre, of Summerland, was
a visitor to Kelowna over Tuesday.
Mrs. Blackwood Sr., returned on Friday
from Toronto,    i )
Mrs. T. J. Clark and daughter arrived
from the coast last Monday.
Miss Day returned from Toronto on Friday, after undergoing treatment at the
hospital there.
Mr. J. E. Wheeler returned from Mooie-
jaw and other eastern points on Monday,
and reports cold weather. -'' '
Mr. T. 1. Dunn, of Vancouver, was in
Kelowna for a few days this week visiting
his nephews, Messrs. Dunn Bros.
Lizzie Munson "was taken ill suddenly
last week, and is now in Kelowna Hospital
suffering from inflammatory rheumatism.
Mr. J. Bouch returned on Friday with
wife and family," who have, been visiting
points in Ontario during the past four
Messrs. Elliott;.Pitcairn and DuMoulin
returned from Armstrong on Friday, where
they had been attending a meeting of the
Associated Board of Trade.' .,   '
, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stuart and family, of
Benvoulin, returned last Friday from Vancouver, where they have, been spending a
month;with friends/ They report very cold
weather there.
Mrs. Jas. Rae, 'of Benvoulin, has been
laid aside through falling on the ice last
week, injuring her knee-cap." It will
probably be several weeks before she is
around again.
Mrs. Armstrong, who was so 'painfully
injured at Benvoulin last,,.week, has
been brought into town where she is
cared for at the home of Mrs. F. M. Buck-
land. Latest reports say she is progressing
The adjourned meeting of the W.CT.U.
will be held next Saturday afternoon at 3
o'clock at the home of Mrs.'Curts'. A good
attendance of members is requested. AH
Christian workers welcome/   ■*
Principal Murray, of Peachland, who has
been staying at Kelowna Hospital for, the
past few weeks, returned to Peachland on
Wednesday.- ' .-
'I Dr. Gaddes returned from Calgaiy on
Wednesday, accompanied by., Mr. W. E.
Adams. •>      ,   _       J
Mrs. Welsh of Didsbury, Alta., arrived
on Wednesday, and is visiting at the home
of Mrs. Gaddes.
Mr. Bingham Newland, of Qu'Appelle,
is visiting Kelowna, arriving on Wednesday's boat "* '
Queer- Old   Time   Notions,   Some   of
,, Which Still Survive. _
] The one fish medicine of which modern science thoroughly approves Is cod
liver oil. and this, though-In .far less
nauseous form than formerly, is swallowed (a tons every yegir., ''
Itf'old days a much wider use was
made of fish as cares for various evils.
and some of these practices have nur
vived to the present day. Some little
time ago-a* boy died of epilepsy In a
north Wales parish. The doctor, called
In too late. Inquired If the deceased bad
been given any medicine. „ "Oh, yes."
was the answer. "We caught a trout,
drowned It In new milk and gave It to
the boy."
Eels are supposed to possess all kinds
of virtues. In tbe dark ages of medi
cine a powder-made of "eels' liver was
considered an absolute specific for deafness ftid was also employed In cases of
ague or fever. A decoction of eels' fat
Is still used by Dutch peasants' as u
remedy for falling hair.
But the most valuable part of the eel,
according to popular superstition. Is Its
Bkln Many an old farmer wears a
belt of eelskln as a preventive against
rheumatism, and some believe that u
garter made of the skin of this snake
like fish worn next to the human skin
ns,a preventive not only against rhe'u
matlsmr but also against sprains or
similar injuries.
, Another cure for rheumatism, which
finds,, favor with salt water fishermen,
is a red herring.; The herring being the
most plentiful of all the sea fish, ii
number .of superstitions have attached
themselves to it For lack through the
ensuing year one mast be sure to eat
a herring on New Year's day. ,
Fishermen believe that each shoal tn
headed by a king herring, which is
more than double as large as any of IN
followers. They believe that when one
of the "kings" comes up in tbe net ii
should be thrown overboard; otherwise
tho next day's fishing will be a failure
i  Ladies' arid "•-
\  Gents' Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
• to
'.*'■' ■'-  ijV
Prices Quoted .tp Any" Point
r—~" oTaie^r	
1l hayman
Book 66 Kelowna, B.C.
To Mrs. J. Saucier, on Sunday morning a
At"Kelowna Hospital)' to' the, wife of W.
A. K, Conolley, of Vancouver, a boy.
janT 24th. ' To the wife of Pi A. S/AUen,
Ontario Man Tarred and Feathered
Koyal )Hotel
' Facing thcMA/Hiirfe.
Rates $1 .per day.
J. BJ $$EELEft,  k^rop;
H"l VK "JW„m v\«v tmmrmwmm
_ A house on the Scane sideroad; about
5 miles'from Owen Sound,'was scene of a
''Whitecap" outrage last week, when a
party of menj-wearing-masksr^dragged'a
man named Owens from bed and,' having
administered a copious coat'of tar and
feathers, the second to which he had been
treated within a week, escorted him from
the neighborhood'to the accompaniment of
revolver shots. ,
Last fall, Owens, who is nearly 60 years
old, and who has a wife in" Chatham,
whom it is alleged he does not support, became very attentive to a 20-year-old girl in
Ridgetown, and a few weeks ago he ac
cbfnpanied her to her home on the Scane
road, where they took up their residence.
The girl's father came here and laid a com.
plaint before a justice of the ^peace, and
as a result the two migrated to Morpeth, a
village on Lake Erie, about twelve miles to
the'south.    ' ttt
<; At Morpeth the* vill&gersTook stoong exception to their presence, and 'on New
Year a night a party took the man out and
tarred and feathered him. The couple
then returned to the paternal abode and
again qUutered themselves on the family.
This was a little too much for the neighbors. A ".Whitecap" party broke into the
house, where they foundjhe man and'girl
and Owens was again' smeared with tar
and feathers liberally scattered -over'him.
He was then given - solemn warning that
worse would befall him if he showed his
face their again, arid after an interval spent
by the victim in removing as much of the
tar as possible, he was driven away several
of his assailants'firing their pistol as an-ad-
dibonal deterrent to his reappearance.
He .Used the 8word and;Not (the Ax
s     Prior to 1483.
I am inclined to think that prior.to
1483 the 'sword and riot, the ax' was
usually employed as the weapon' for
Judicial decapitation arid that a-block
wasuHspensed with,' the victims..receiv-
iugnbeir doom "meekly kneeling9upon
their.'knees," and in this opinion I am
fortified by the concurrence of. an-eminent clerical historian. This learned
writer, agreed with me that the ax did
not become-the "regulation" lethal in/
pletrient until after-th'e rpugb.arid ready',
"heading" of Lord Hastings, on ^the
Tower green, when he_was summarily
dispatched by order of the protector,
Gloucester.     , '
. In this instance. * according ,to the
chroniclers, the victim's neck was
stretched .upon a piece of. timber then
In use for the repair of. the; adjacent
church of St Peter ad.VlncuIa,v probably a^ "putlog.'' part of the scaffolding
whlch'ij,we read, "conveniently lay In
tbe ' way." ' Contemporary accounts
seem 'to indicate-that the executioner
straddled over tbe prone body, and
from this position I Infer that the de
capitation .was' effected by the tool
known as an adz, tbe cutting edge of
which is at a right angle to and not In
n plane wjth the'baft
I may add that the only-eontempo
.rary reference I have come across ol
the use or proposed use of an ax unci'
block for Inflicting capital punishment
prior to this'tragedy Is in one of the
Pnston series of lettersldes^iibing^he
peril of an unfortunate captive of .Fuel;
Cade's rebels (A* D. 1450),"a" generation
liefore Lord Hastings was so clumsily
hacked (6 death —London Notes and
The Hair.
A single hair, which can support n
weight of two ounches,- is so elastic
that It may be stretched to oneithird o_f_
Its entire length and then regain Its for
mer size and condition. Dr. Plncn«
has measured the growth of hnlr b\
cutting off circles about one Inch In
diameter from the 'heads of tienltli.v
ineu and so comparing the growth ol
the patches with that of'the rest or the
hair. He found,' that, tbe growth,rate
generally became slower after cutting,
that lu some cases the hair on the
patches' grew at tbe same rate as (he
rest, but that It never grew any fnntei
Tbe ordinary length of the hair on
the bead ranges between twenty-two
Inches nud about forty-five Inches, the
latter being considered unusually long
-London Standard.        ,
Attempted Life of Czar Fe^iriarja.
An ottefnpt.onthe.lijfebf Ciar Ferdinand,
of Bul^s^a isjysporttd, butB^ou^sover-
al arrests* have beet < made, details —
^IThe Itev Theodore Wood, a well
known English authority on beetles,
makes an Interesting observation on o
little beetle, found1 frequently' in the
flowers of the primrose, but nowhere
eNe. which Is quite a mystery It Is
sinnll. brown and flat and Mr. .Wood
remarks of It: "How Its life Is lived
uobody knows Where its-eggs are
laid." what-the grubs'feed" npbh,v where
the chrysalis .he hidden, nobody knows
Nobody knows even why the perfect
beetle gets Into the primrose blossom."
An" Easy Way.,,,.     ,
. "In.order ta^uiveed in life," said the
experienced'p'ertton.-"yon must not be
nfrnld to make enemies."
"Then," answered the tractable
youth.„''you would probably'advise mo
to put In some Utile as a baseball —
pfre." l .     ,
When the Adamses Move.
Mrs. K.. ;tvVhlle. felling her- children
about Adatri' aJiif.ICve and the beauties
of tbe garden of, t2<1envwnB lntej;rupted
by ono'"bf the' tiny- tots saying. '.'Oh,
M((tr)tna,', whej) I hime^,Adamses move
Bwny let us get that5 place to live in."
J^D«Uaoalo^,:; & A";'-
" ! ,
TV7ITH  Kelowna, winning the highest awards' at the^different Fruit
V *    Exhibitions, this district will "receive considerable attention from       ',
homeseekers and investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States and
Great Britain. ,  ,.
Come'and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lots, ready for planting
next spring, in the centre of a beautiful valley.     -   . .
In our Woodlawn Sub-division, between Richter '
and Ethel Streets.    Prices,  $250 and upwards,
on, easy terms.   .    ■- :       .. ..*.-.     :.-.,. !?■■ :<■"■   .
l.   >"■    *   ^ -
Time For
Winter Spraying
i*   *
v' Do it Better
Do it Easier
r ~
More Economically
Eow^r Sprayer
For practical demonstration see
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
agent for
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
Vancouver, B.C
C. Blackwood
The Great Majestic Range  ■
McClaru's Famous Sash-Alta Range^f
McClaryls Famous Kootenay, Range
Bucks Criteri^Range,       —*."
,*.A     - ''  -
AH these leading Ranges sold by
=Morrison- Thompson
Hardware Co.
>* XI
Sole Agents for Kelowna and District
X, <■*    "
Importer and Dealer in all hinds of
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stable*   :   :
;:   Specialty
Agricultural Implements, Wagons, and
< Carriages     ;\v/-^V^'
Headqnartera for
/   '.y<
Horse Blankets 5: Robes
w *
^*   'r
fil 'I <
"1.        'V
Also Poultry Supplies including Bfee*
;'r   Scraps; Dried^Green Bone, Sea1 Shell - ^ -; r
* ' - WJ
'', \*. *    v* .     4 'l " "     „,       '
Warehouse on Barnard ^Abeinue, Kelotona, B. Cj , :
, .' v * '* >     ' * • ' ' '
; ^    ^   -
* y;
1      \* Si
»   '71   i-i
f 1.5. ^,1 \m
(,, '?<V    I !,!'■?■•:;
The Orchard Citu -sReeord.
The Kelotona Land
Orchard Co.,
Haoe for sale the following oarieties:
Jonathan,    Northern Spy,
Wagner,     Mcintosh Red,
Wealthy,     Yellow Netoton,
Spifczenberg, Duchess,
Lieoland-Raspberry, .
Yearling Trees,
Glean, Well-groton Stock.
Buy at Home and Saoe Money,
Order at once as the stock is going fast.
K.L0. Office, Leon St., or '
Manager's Office, at Orchard.
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10  Lawrence Ave.
Belleoue Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the. lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
Kelowna 5
HAIR-CUT.       ::      .::        ::
j. BOUCH, Proprietor
D; W. Crowley & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our  prompt ■ attention
to mail orders   "
'Phone 12
was paid by American Railroads for .the three words:—
Stop! Look! Listen!
irid it will pay you to use them in regard to this ad. space.   Something new each week.
Breakfast Foods
is a toast cracker
or wafer.
is the highest
' achievement in
. the science of
food production.
Grape Nuts
The system will absorb a greater amount oj nourishment from
I lb. of Grape Nuts than from 10 lbs. of meat, wheat,
"   oats, or bread.
 ^ShreddedJKheat Biscuit^=_
Consists of the entire wheat grain (nothing added), made light
and short by mechanical shredding and thorough cooking.
Cream of Wheat
One of the most delicious breakfast foods.
Carnation and Canadian
Wheat Flakes
' Made from the choicest of wheat.
"The concentrated malted food, ready to eat.
Corn Flakes
Made from the best grade of pure white corn, flaked and
cooked to'a delicious crispness. r
Ii A.
Com Meal
The old reliable.
'.,.   i      BLACKMAN & KER'S
: Rolled Oats and Standard
is most delicious
when served with
milk or cream...
So nourishing
and satisfying
that a person
thrives on it.
'You will
like it.
E V; tr
' -Yqti doubtless understand that these goods must be strictly fresh to be as represented, and we
i keep our stock in first-class condition by buying small quantities at short intervals, and although losing
-a little in regard to cost price, we are making by our ever increasing volume of trade gained by this
'policy. -   -'i ■  t ■' ' .i.  '    ""'   "  • '*
iff -
GROCERrp,IFLlliIi;arid FE£D
The Colonies and " Ne'er-Do- Weels"
At a number of Essex Petty Sessional
Courts on Tuesday, a communication was
read from the Home Secretary, intimating
that strong representations had been made
by various Colonial Governments, against
the practices of some benches in the
county of dealing with offenders, on condition that  they emigrate to the Colonies.
The Home Secretary endoised the remonstrances against the practice.
■» ■
Conseroatice Conoention at
The great Conservative Convention at
Victoria, concluded with resolutions of
confidence in Hon. R. L. Borden and Premier McBride. A close run was made between Kamloops and New Westminster
for the honor of the next convention, Kamloops being selected.
An interesting resolution, and one that
was passed unanimously, was one urging
the local government to consider the question of government ownership and opera-
tionof telephone lines in rural districts.
Another resolution which was heartily
supported, and which receives the endorsement of every right thinking citizen, is
"That the members of this convention
again put themselves on record as
advocating that Canada shall be preserved
as a white man's country, and that it
heartily approves of the course which has
been consistently followed by the local government in respect to Asiatic immigration,
and as heartily condemns the policy of the
Dominion Government in this connecrion.
Another resolution commended the action of the local government in its effort to
to assert the rights of the province with
respect to the efficient control of the fisheries.
Chess and Checker Clnb.
A meeting of the Kelowna Chess
and Checker Club was held at the
Literary Institute' on Friday, the 26
inst at 8 p.m„ Mr. D. Leckie in the
chair. The followi g officers were
President, D. Leckie; Vice-President, F. M. Buckland; Sec. Treasurer, N. Ellison; Executive officer,
A. G. Mathie. The subscription
was placed at 50c. It was decided
to hold the club meeting on Monday and Thursday nights at the
Institute. Handicap tournments
will be held, and- if possible
matches be arranged' with other
clubs. All persons desirous of
joining the club,, are requested to
communicate with the secretary.
-*■ -
Queen Alexandria 111.
It is reported that Queen Alexandria is seriously ill, and has been
confined to her room -for the past
fortnight, and to her bed for the
past week. It is said to be a case
of severe influenza, and two
physicians are in constant attendance.
The real nature of the case has
been kept secret, but her suffering
is said to be extreme. This illness
is reported to be the worst the
Queen has suffered in recent years,
as ordinarily her health has been
The Annual General Meeting of
the Kelowna Hospital Society took
place last Friday in Raymer's Hall,
when the treasurer's balance sheet
was passed, and, report read.
^Elections of officers for the ensu-
ing year took place, resulting the
election of.Mr. T. W. Stirling again
as,; president, Mr. Lawson as vice-
president in the place of Mr. Cox
who resigned, Mr. Weddell, treasurer, and Mr..Gorrie, secretary.
The board *of directors for this
year' is composed of the following
gentlewen:- Messrs. "Burne, Cox,
Buckland, Dilworth, Martin, Reekie
Stirling, Sutherland, Weddell, Hereron. Speeis
20th Centurv
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
Hair-cutting.Shaving orShampoo
ing. .Facial Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.       /
' Proprietors"
Come to
for a,
Gopd Clean Meal
. Fresh Candies, Fruit and
.1 " . Tojbacco
<J'   • CaJLand see us^.   ;\
Town and Country
A team of hockey players left on
Wednesday to play Summerlad.J
Some very good photographs of
the Masquerade Ball are to be had
at Hudson"? Studio.
The petition to the Government to widen the swamp road is
still lying, in Hewetson & Mantle's
office, for signatures.
The notice over the bridge on
Pendozi street forbidding vehicles
to cross faster than a walk, has
now been removed by order of
Mayor DeHart.
Remember the night of the 18th
Feb. That is when the Kelowna
Operatic Society will present
"Pirates of-Penzance" (Gilbert and
Sullivan) in Raymer's-Hall.
News was brought into town'on
Tuesday night that Captain Riddley
had been thrown out of his democrat while driving home, breaking
his knee-cap in two places.
Mr. S. Marshall of Westbank
completed a real estate deal last
week, disposing of-some property
to a new comer from the east.
It was found necessary to amputate both feet of S. Lister, the
young man who was lost in Bear
Creek country a week ago. This
was done last Tuesday at Kelowna
Hospital, where -he is lying at
present. "      ,>
On account'of the extraordinary,
success of the Masquerade Ball last
week, a similar ball will be given
directly after Easter. Announcements will be made later.'
The members of the Ladies' Hospital Aid Society are asked to keep
in mind the Social Tea to be held
in Raymer's Small Hall on Saturday, ' Feb. "6th, when the talent
money earned for' the Hospital,
will be handed in. Mr.- W. M.
Crawford "has kindly donated a
prize for the lady who earns the
most money this way. Everybody
invited.   Tea and cake 25 c.   .
A hockey match was" played in
the^ skating rink last Tuesday, between the Linemen^ and Cigar-
makers, resulting in 3-2 in favour
of the Linemen. Steve ! Irwin's
No. 10s, developed by long practise in scaling telephone poles,
stood" him in good' stead as • goalkeeper, and defied many attempts
of the "cigars" to put the puck' in.
The Rowcliffe block has been
undergoing a change lately. Contractor Middleton has been busy
putting up ."a dividing""" partition
in the large warehouse^ and is
preparing it for, occupation ,by
Johnston & Bowers as pool .room.
Electric light is installed,', and
when completed it promises to be
a great attraction to^pool and billiard enthusiasts.
No More Lowney'aCahcBes For
v  ,    Prohibitionista: ., -  ''"'-.
•'• ? i _       ___=    * ,' ^'
The revenue police of Montreal have
made a seizure on the premises" of the
Lowney company of a quantity of brandy,
and chocolate drops loaded with the same .
intoxicant. ^ As .a result of the seizure"'
warrants have been served upon about
thirty dealers, charging them with selling
liquor without a, license. Each chocolate
contained about half a teaspoonful of bra-
dy, and the drops ran about twent-five to
the pound.   ,,
Great Blast Set Off-at Prince Rupert.
'A huge puff, of smoke, through which
shot stumps arid massive rocks that were-
carried for,hundreds of yards into the harbour; a trembling of the earth similar to a
slight shock of   earthquake,' with a" dull
muffled roar, and 20,000 yards of rock in .
the bluff south of the  wharf was either
hurled into wate£ or broken up so fine by
the force ofythe explosion that steam shovels
will Be" able to handle it without the slight,
est difficulty.1. The scene" was witnessed by
the residents of Prince Rupert from the„
surrounding hilltops,'; arid'as, the 'shot is the
most successful one^put off so far, the eon-
tractors are jubilant.
For some weeks gangs of men have been
drilling coyote tunnels under this bluff
from the water's edge and on grade level."
Three of these tunnels which .averaged
75 feet in length, and are located 100 feet
apart were then cross-sectioned at' the end '
and half-way by tunnels 30 feet in length,
forming huge-'pockets"into which was
packed twelve tons, or the contents of a
thousand 25-pound cans of black powder.
The magazines were connected by wires
with a galvanic battery on the whjjrf, from
where the'J'sh~ots?"were fired' after the
tunnels had been filled up with loose rock
and hermetically sealed to prvent them
from blowing out.
Carrie Nation on the Warpath."
Mrs. Carrie'Nation, the'Amazon of pro- ,
hibition, has carried her vigorous personality and her vigorous tactics' across the
ocean to Bonnie Scotland. On her arrival
at Glasgow this gentle saloonlsmasher of
the States announced: "If you want to
wake people up, you must shock them."
It is'likely that .the canny. Scots do not'*
consider that they need arousing, at least
in the tender manner usually adopted by -
the, irresponsible  Carrie; and although a
large crowd met her at the station on her   -
arrival, they very inconsiderately, escorted
her to a licensed hotel, which she,immed-
iately - left   in   great, disgust. when  she
became   cognizant  of the  dreadful fact
^ After Glasgow} she paid a visit to the fair
city of Edinburgh, but was 'ejected from \
from many of the public-houses.   At one
she pointed to a customer and exclaimed. *
" Look at that" facet" which was distinctly '
personal, not to say impolite. But Mrs. ,
Carrie Nation" has Her own pecular idea* (
on these matters.
INSURANCE ?*■-£**■
"" Lire,, bickness,
We 'only represent  the',    Plate GlaSS.:;     "-<
Strongest Companies: , - .
Royal, Guardian, Sun, Law Union, Atlas,
_ j        London & I -anrashire.    Confederation Life.   ^ _
- /
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co,
-■ ■ ■ -1 ,    -    t .     ., =
' If you want
^   Strong Children's Sleighs. ?v .,_
Window Sashes Hot-bed Sashes
reenhouses,   .  Jardinieres «-•* -•*
-       Picture Frames ^ ,.
* ^Office and Store Fitting '*," ,\ 'r
in.short,: ANY OLD-THING, come ated see US.
 - \ i*
SIGN WRITING AND LETTERING pf all descriptions.'.
,f *„     .. ■ Windoto,Frosting, ete. --•*•" ■■-*-       -
Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets.   \
i. >■
:t* '/;"•■-
?     **
V /   i ty
'*?~A- -* .r'vuv^ 'b ».'-
-    -   J..
}-t     -,    **    / M
uV , V-Vr    A .„.-,, j  p. ;»",f   v"1   >>' '*-'*"        ;   'V,      "■" '        j-    '    " *-.
fi      ;,-.
u j ; r
'«••      J\
.+'1.  A?
\ ft-* *
< ,K< V.
Kelowna Elect tic Light alid Bicycle Supply Co.
>■ >i,
'_• i
All kinds of
you the tip my'friends,'" said Miss Klattera,  through'the "Streets. "The'police^pursued ' ,
(~\ls$ C^mi*tt^ii   \\lait\tf ' I   "we cant "^ t'° tnB* because if we  were  in aWitor "car, and'-as, they, approached, - , 'i\
\Jia   ^OUniry 1 yeWS ^totty to get>TO'arried < tomorrow Uere ^ ^ robbers opened  nrc "with 'Vutorn'atic, i
Mad Mullah Again on Warpath.
Bicycle and Motor Repair Wotk
neady and promply done.
; i,    Electric Wiring a Specialty
We are the pioneers of Kelowna in this work.    Safety and satisfaction guaranteed.    '
<r       - ALL work ^thoroughly tested, j Estimates given on application.
. We also have a choice lot of dainty FITTINGS
and "will ^shortly have a large "consignment of the latest styles and most elegant designs
*'.     in stock:" THEY' ARE ON' THE- WAY, arid you will do well to ,see them ~-    "'
-"•   '      - "■--  T  '    ' _ before purchasing elsewhere.     ' _,"-",
not enough men to go round." pistols, hitting a number of meni and^boy^ 'i    ^i
>  The dead Bill was contained in a mima-  who were on ^the etreet? fi -  g*. ^ _|", ' " r'^ J -I f
ture'coffin^wrapped in white cloth, 'bear- ,   Keeping'ehead of the pohce, A^fugitive^
A Reuters dispatch from  Aden on the  ingin black letters, "Killed  by the Gov- boarded  a" trolley  car,  and   forced^."the
2nd inst., says:   "The  Mullah  has  again  ernment" v The'hearse* was a  light four driver to throw''on full  speed ..until  they'
attacked the friendly tribes, and  the  «tu- wheeled \waggon,  drawlTl>y  a "decrepit .reached   Tottenham  Marsh, where  they/
ation is becoming critical."-     i     \> horse.      f *-',.•     ",," jumped from the^carand made a last stand
j The many attempts to capture the Mad      Several   impassioned   addresses   were** in the marshesv        <
Mullah of Somaliland will be still recollec-  given by some of the ,women, who 'are "   Here they were quietly^ surrounded by
ted.   From 1900 to 1905 campaigns were more militant than ever; and Mrs. Despard  the poh'ce'andVseveral hundred^labourers ,
carried on against him, and he  has  been  proposed, "That  this  meeting condemns  who  had'  gathered,   and   finding   their"'
defeated on several occas.ons with  heavy the Government   for   not   carrying   Mr.  p081tion    hopelCMf     they r turned    their .
losses, only to reappear however, with Stranger s Bill into law, and calls upon the  weapons upon themselves.      . J
larger forces each time.      f ^ Government to put women's suffrage into ' ' J
-t the King's Speech and carry a^Women'o        ...    „-,'-.   " .. . ' ,i -\ ¥*
Disloyalty Denounced in India. Enfranchisement Bill next session." Joe   ChamberaUn to run Again.
> Joseph Chamberlain has announced that,   \. '.
Gat Explosion in London. t     he will again offer himself as a candidate, * -' 'I
Last week an explosion of gas occurred  for ^e8t Bir,nin8httm at the next general
WE AIM TO PLEASE, because'we believe a satisfied customer.
/' ,   . .", . .'x      v   ' is the best advertisement. \   * ' -''
■our Prices are Moderate
pur. Work is Rights—
>    ~a''- "?- ^ Place your-work with us .and'we will treat you fair
-, w.
At a meeting in Lahore, Dec. 31, of the
Punjab Chief's Association, a new organisation of landed aristocracy of ancient ._„.„„ w.
lineage, created to resist the 'revolutionary beneath t^^hCfali! Road, "b^ *,cction
influences  of  demagogues,  a resolution^ond^y, London, which,resulted in the . j ,,        l
was pawed earnestly urging the Govern- death   Df  a   boy   and  injuries to   three Two Hundred Thousand Homeless. .
ment to employ the sternest measures to otner ^ ^d a women.    The explosion „         ,,        ,        '            ?'
extirpate from the soil the germs of dis- wa8 presumably caused by the frost acting The Problem °* catin« for *e 200,000^
loyalty and anarchism. upon the gaajnainjSi   Tj,e bov.„ hcad WM persons made homeless by the earthquake ^
n.. A      D     . almost completely severed from the  body.  ,n SiciIy and C^**™'' »  confronting the' '
Old Age Ppns.ons. Twq more exp,o8iona ^^  ^  ^   Italian Government. , It is estimated that ,t '
The Old Age Pension Scheme  recently third report being followed by the bursting « costing $ 100.000 ~a^ day  at  present,  to
instituted by  the  British' Government, is of flames from holes made in the pathway. me«t the simplest necessities, which,rieith- -
hot an  unmixed blessing.     Some of the Considerable damage was dones to  prop!: « «ntema««>nal chanty nor  the^State  can
private people, and in at least one  case, a erty in the vicinity,  railings  being blown1 long bear-   -          '                        "    >      '"■"
public body, have discontinued  pensions down and the windows of a public-house ...
to old folk, on the ground  that they  can shattered. Briti8her8   Applauded   '.'TeddgV
take advantage of the Government Act *          •   -,   '         .,     •           " Utterances".
Pensioners of the Royal Patriotic'Fund, Unemployed Riot at Sheffield.'- - -' "'
received a circular note early last Decern-'
■ l^ftTl'll
ber, addressed by the  Royal Corporation  c'ij.     ..
.      • j ' ...      new in the
to widows over seventy years,   directing
.A notous scene was witnessed in' Shef-
small  hours  of  Wednesday
morning of  last week.     Intimation  had
President Roosevelt preference to British
rule in India made in his"address at Washington on the 18th inst, is welcomed great-
them to apply for pensions under the Old  ,          .        ,'                .'    >    ,   . <°n ' a ly by the imperialist newspapers. ■*
a   'd     •     " a .                                            been given that a number of the unem- ti   r\   t   »«   i      n          i      r .     „
Age Pensions Act.                   »                       ,      j        ...            .    .       ,     _ The Daily Mail  calls  it  the  friendliest
*■ M»:_. -•     '         •       .l .  •.            •  - Ployed would be required at the Corpora- „.            j. . .      t ,,     r.          A
No imitation was given that it was  in-  ^     ,,         ,          -                 .           * utterance that has fallen from an American"
tended to stop or reduce  the  allowance, A, ., . ,        ,". , president,   regarding' English  affairs, and
but this was found to be only too true  on fj^ ^"J "J™' ^ *£™* *' that it will do good to India'fed. to Eng-
New Year's Day  at Queenstown,  when . '  ,     , ^   ,   _Jt       ,       land, but most of all to  America.*    On  a.
widows who were entitled to Government
pensions found that their allowance  had
came demonstrative.
i were dissappomted,  then  be.
I/      i j i    .i ' . - The yard gates were  smashed, * and  a
been lessenedjjy the amount, 5 s. in most    „-j'Vi     , -A, , ,
i l- l A u        •      t i     crowd entered the depot    A number of
cases, which they would receive from the
matter involving investigation such  as the1 J'
-   ~y     gigantic issues, says the Mail, Great Britain''
can   never   be   indifferent   to < American
police were fortunately in attendance, and      D a A       p    v i. l       '     . l j
-■   - - - -   Kenecting  bnglishmen   have   watched
State.     Most'of these pensioners of the    j.-" ,,-,,» -   »«
P.—- ^-' r-    j     ■    -   .i       ■     i   .   v   i    others arriving promptly cleared the yards.v    ., , <■  i     »
atnohc rund were paid quarterly in  ad-   r.      l   ,.,    , , , .    with anxiety the progress of the American
 ci  io- l ^ wi •. j. .i       •    ror a while the  men  hung  threateningly .    . D ..   ,      ,   .    ,   ,
...        ...      campaign against British rule m India.
premises,  but  ultimately  d,s-      The Standard thank,  prc31tlent Roo6e.
vance £3, 18s, but to their dismay the or- ,     ^ ,,
jr     r      iL   \ . about the
der  tor  the- current quarter  was   only -       ,
for 13 s. -    ' persed'
I    -
J';-1    '
1   r .
f   (S»-s
.Opposite Couriei* Qffice
,.t^.iw».  .
*^   J *^ . -r
•X <£.-*?- "'*'* ir- ■
\    ^TheiNeW ^Edison PhbhoWapfos    r.
1 P/ayft^ rte 2 anU 4jjhtnute RecOrdt^ Also a full line of AttacTunmts ,
^r same.   Anyone wishing fo haoe the 4 minute attachment put*onto~
an old machine can have this aone F?ee of Charge.    , * » ~   „
r>',f Also Aigents for the Columbia anchall other Disc   I
.A^^;tV^.^-^   Machines^;  7^-'— :. / '\:
Subscriptions ttilfchfdr all Magazines \
:- ' ."Copies-of the Latest Novels can be obtained here
The New 1909 Diarie8_jcan_now_be_had in all-sizes——
Stationery and Office Supplies
 • >  -
Choice Chocolates constantly kept on hand
*   '.Cigarette Smoking-in ChimC"   ' :
The United States Consul at Nanking, in
a report on cigarette smoking in China
says:'     _-..v N   '    ',"' ^
"The demands forxigalrette smoking in
China today is oily^exceeded, ty * that for
kerojene. Nor is, this habit; confined alone
to the-male portiont of the population;
the females of all classes and' ages, from
ten years up, indulge as freely and openly
in cigarettes/and with as much apparent
enjoyment, as do their brothers,
" "The introduction of'this habit * among
the Chinese dates'back only, a few years,
audits universal spread, throughout the
empire has been astonishingly rapid. The
manufacturers say that their production is
up to the standard i and entirely free from
opium. The cigarette has superseded the
cumbersome water pipes heretofore so
common among the Chinese,' and it even
used by opium smokers, <. who" find an
added pleasure in smoking of as cigarette
after inhaling the opium fumes.
—"The unlimited advertising or the merits
of the various brands, through the medium
of flaring posters pasted on the doors and
walls of sacred temples, mission churches,
city gates and walk and other conspicuous
places, attracts the Chinese to the point of
experimental indulgence, for the poorest
coolie can find'the five cash (one-fourth
* 1
cent) necessary to purchase a 'cigarette.
The company practically enjoying a mono
pry of the cigarette trade in" China has
been compelled to increase-its plant to
keep up with the increased demand.''
Suffragettes Bury Their Franchise Bill.
At a meeting,in Trafalgar Square-on
Highwaymen in London.
velt for his generous panegyric/ which the
paper is not too "modest to say is deserved, v.. -i>
9ji     ii.c^     -      ••        , ,A 8en8atio,nal &^emPt at Highway: rob- Frustrated Attempt to As8as8anateV£T „   A
/nd Jan., the Sufrragettes with  mock, cer.  bery occured on the 23rd inst, ia which "    . . ■<■   , Sultori ^     * Ti^''1      ■«  " >'M
emonial, "buried" the Women's Franchise  five people were killed, and over twenty     "»       A~~ A    r *'  L " '\ C\    *;V, - 1
Bill, which at the  prorogation  of  Parlia- --are in^hospitals at Walthamstow. 3. \ x  'Word-comes   from  Constantinople^ of;'-;
ment automatically became extinct. -   ' vThe attempt was made bo two Italians,  another attempt to assassanate thevSultan,  + *"H\
frage movement, that women ought to get^ factory, and seized a bag of money con- -tan, thereby dissolving the parliament, andrv'^Vj' J
marrried and'stay at home.' "Let me give  tainingfthe"• Week's "pay,    bolting" away annul the constitution.   ' "   , r'" < v-;i" V-V-^*|
Newest Styles
Are You Looking for a Buiiding Site?
r If so.why1, not get the best ? * x  '    '
I have a number k>£ half acre lots all set out to fruit
tree, Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries wd'Peaches,
some in bearing.
Two ten acre lots planted out to choice fruit that
will-bear next year.    ,        *\'
-*;'*'    y ~ • * >i   j \
.One 6ne jiew-fbricfe\"hdu8e'|Corner  Ethel «nd
Laurier Avenue.* " i "  «?'
One fine new brick Gottage, corner Ethel and
* Sutherland Avenue. -        J^v.'   ,        «"   "  '     k
Also a few choice lake shore- lots and a quarter
Section of heavy.rimber close to the City.
' Will aellany of the above on good terms. «
I carry the largeti stock of Ornanreatsl Tms tad Shrub* in th« Valley.
■^ '   N Call and see them
»J^,v--1      *     Wf  ^^-« >j».'sl^ry5  tv*
v  ^
Nets Vice-President of G.T.P.
E. J. Chamberlain >has been appointed Vice-President and general
manager of the G.T.P. since the
resignation of F. >W. Morse. Mr.
Chamberlain Was formerly general
manager, of the" Canada, Atlantic
railway system,, but' since the absorption of the Canada Atlantic by
the Grand Trunk, has been engaged ' in railway construction
work/-   r 1
Earthquake in Asiatic Regions.
The seismographs of' England
and the continent . recorded a
severe earthquake shock early
Saturday morning. The intensity
indicated by thfe ' needles, was
nearly as, great as that recorded at
the time of the' Messina' disaster
last month,' . * * 1
-■■ The distance from the point of
record is estimated to be from
2000 to 3000 miles eastward,
which would place the disturbance
in ;tKeC^pain region, or beyond
in Asiatic Russia,   ,
Splendid Showing of
: • "New:7' ' -j •
..'.   Samples
-. ' ;V
' *l - - i
Have you been waiting for the 1909
styles ?      *"
• v-:>        ■
"We have just received hundreds of ,
the nobbiest patterns of Clothing <
ever shown, in Kelowna.
We .would be pleased tor take, your
"y  *.    . u   •■*''"
measure now for your new Spring
or Summer suit.    <
1   H I
* ~ 1
4. r t~    v . I
■-     v. Iv4
A' ™
it   f
Fit and finish guaranteed.
^ ..  x /-PURSE ,
1 Honest
Be sure arid see these natty
, ' ,i~ .   » patterns        _,   ,
i - ^ t-
' 1'
'.V v.. .W** ■*
J ■f'rf'Ji
i r
■  y'thl
- t. rXf |
iiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiWHsftpA     ^:;4 11-«
The OrchardlCitij Record.
' /■'■*•
J   '   •
Thursday, Jan., 28
P.O. Box90
■» t    T If
w-'A    ,
Oh Call at all Hours
'Phone 84
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery Go,    servants'-_sign language
Electric. Light and Power Engineers
12 Years Experience in Electrte Light, Power & Mechanical Engineering
You are cordially invited to inspect our stock of
Electric Light Fittings, Shades, Lamps and
all necessary Supplies  for lighting your house
Our prices are right and
we will.guarantee satisfaction and good workmanship
We will duplicate the prices
of any responsible firm; and ir
possible, do better. Give us a
trial and be convinced.   .
Remember, 'The Cheapest' is not the best, and
we do not wish for that
Our Slogan:    Quality, Durability, Square Dealing,
Fair  Prices  and prompt attention to all, orders.
Full line of Launch Supplies and Accesories, Batteries,  Spark Coils,  Spark Plugs,  Oil,
Grease, etc., etc., ,r
Bicycles, Parts and Repairs, Bells, Lamps, Repair Kits.    If you have an old machine,,
we will buy it or allow a fair price on cost of new one.
Agents for The Packard Incandescent Lamps
The Caille Perfection Marine Engines
Fleur de Lis dry Batteries
The most durable Ignition Battery on the
market."   Once used always used.
D '■• C *   1*       Our repair' Department  is qualified to handle any
KepairS a Specialty class of work and is equipped for repairs of all descriptions. Marine Motors, Gasoline Engines, Steam Engines and Boilers, Motors,
Dynamos, Meters, Bicycles, Guns, Rifles, etc., etc.   All work done by experienced men.
\Y/E wish to inform our patrons that the moving of
'   ■  . the stock has not interfered with the business
whatever in this department, and if possible we are in
a better position than ever to pay the best attention to
your esteemed orders. Our stock is fresh and com-
plete, and nothing but the Highest Quality of goods are
offered by us at the Lowest possible prices.    If you
want the best, WE have it.
Canned Goods.
(Triangle Brand)
Corn, Peas, Beans, and all
kinds of Fruits.
WagstafFs Pure Jams and
Heinz's, C. 6c B., and  .
Holbrook's Pickles.
Trimble's Fresh Creamery
Butter, arriving every week
from Alberta.
Home grown Lettuce and
Onions always on hand.
Fresh Celery by   express-
twice a week.
Everything guaranteed.
When ordering by phone, ask Central for Grocery
Department. v ,., ■
Business will go on asusual while moving.
Peculiarities of Employers and Tour
ists Noted by Marks.
Servants .and liotel porters In many
cities of Europe have a sign language
as complete as that of the AmericaD
"It is uoi generally known," said a
courier, "tint servants are in tne habn
of giving useful tips to their sncces
sors and to the man who delivers the
groceries .mil meat by marks on the
back entr.ineo In most of the big
Paris iluls and apartments, such as
Americans like to take for the season-
the baci; dour Is literally covered wltl
barely perceptible signs which nobodj
but tiie Initialed can understand.'
"A freshly engaged domestic know?
exactly whsit to expect, whether hl^
masters are easy or hard to please
whethci It Is 'monsieur" or 'madamr-
who Is hard to get along with. Othei
signs tell whether the food is good oi
bad. whether the work to difficult or
not, etc >
"The boy from the grocer's o'r the
baker's 01 the butcher's will also be
Informed whether he can expect a big
tip or not
"The system is even more developed
among hotel servants. A family arriv
ing from Italy, after having refused tr
give what ''nine Italian porter consid
ered a <=iitfi<-ient tip, will have the fart
advertised in every hotel he visits ii.,
Switzerland or France. A little mark
on the frfsnk is all that is needed."-
Philadelphin Ledger.
2 Cents per .word, four insertions for
the  price  of  three.- ',J
-Energetic Canvasser for-Sub-
Department,   Orchard    City
FOR SALE, or trade for Kelowna'acreage
a modern seven room house at Mount
Pleasant, Vancouver. Address, "Boi
D, Record Office.
WANTED—One good newly-calved or
about to calve Jersey cow, age from 3
to 5 years. Must be gentle and ;jive a
good flow of milk. No othert wanted.
Apply to Geo. Whelan, West Holm
Farm,^Vernon Road, Kelowna.*     3-tf
The Struggles of a New Yorker In a
Paris Restaurant.
He gazed complacently at the gay
labels on his trunks. "Funny how you
hear In Pm-K'-so he continued his
reniliiN«en'-os of travel—"our thin
American accent struggling with the
sonorous French .tongue. You heai
queer mi-takes, too—no end of 'em
The queerest I came across was made
by a New York man.
"This tourist at the Chatham wanted
to say. '1 am hungry.* He should have
said, ".Pal faim.' „Then- the waiter
would have" brought" him a meal at
once.   What he did say was:
"\Te suis fameux, garcon.' He said
there. Tin famous, waiter.' And the
waitei, impressed, bowed and smiled
'Congratulations, sir.'
"No food came. He must have inad«
an error, so he tried again: .*'•■■■
'"Garcon, j'ai une femme.' That
meant he had a wife. The waiter said
he was sure she was a winner.
"Rather red now, he took a third
"'Je suis femme.' - This time-'tue
New Yorker said he was a woman.
"'And'madam'dresses'in this way
for comfort's sake?* the waiter inquired,   with' a   gallant. smile.
HOUSE' TO RENT in Park Dale,- furni
ished or unfurnised, or for sale, containing 7 rooms a large basement.
P.O., Box 17. *
WANTED— By young lady, experienced
shorthand and typewriting, situation in
Kelowna. - Apply" J." Record Office.
WANTED—Girl  for general house work.
Apply, Mrs. Curts, Kelowna.        6tf.
FOR SALE—18 inch level, cloth covered,
new,'made'by Wjttshab, Beilin. Apply
F. W. Jones, Okanagan Centre. 8-9p
FOR SALE—An Orchard Plough, by
Gardner,- also a. set of'strong team harness nearly new, cheap. David ' Mills,
Kelowna. 9-10p.
FOR SALE—20 acres of lake shore,property, within a mile- and a half of Bernard
Avenue, Kelowna, with seven-roomed
bungalow, chicken house, wharfe/ etc.
Good land for peaches, sheltered position,
suitable for early crops. Rtdiculously
low price for quick 3ale. Apply P.O.
box 285, Kelowna, B.C. 8-1 lp
q A WANT AD. in the
Record' will bring speedy
"Chuck It, Duke!"
While tbe Duke of Connaught was
i_ Cairo he went for a stroll one morning, and on his way back to his quarters he came face to face with an old
Englishman wearing the ribbon of'the
Indian mutiny on his breast.' Tbe
duke stopped and spoke to the man
about' his military service for some
little time Presently the man said,
not knowing, of course, to whom ho
was speaking, "Are you in the army
yourself.' then, sir?" The duke smiled
and admitted that he was. "Getting
on all right?" was the next question
The duke smiled again and said (hat
he bad not very much to grumble at.
on the whole, though perhaps he. was
not doing quite so well as be could
wish "No, and you never will, my
hoy." was the surprising retort of the
veteran "What you want In the army
' today Is either brains or a tremendous
nmounr~of_infiuen"ce"behind-you You
may take my tip, old chap, nnd chuck
itr-Londnn T P "O.
\Y/E have now
r finished our
stock-taking and
have culled out all
short ends, which
we are offering, at
to clear.
Remnants' of Dress Qoods
Remnants of Silks
Remnants of Prints
Remnants of Flannelettes
Remnants of Sheetings
Remnants of Pillow Cottons
Remnants of Touiellings,
'  Remnants of Table Linens
Remnants of Ribbons
*       Remnants of Laces
Remnants of Embroideries
etc., etc, etc.
W. BC Bl. €aider9 Prop.
**' 1.
*    s.
J17 A
4 V       .''   ' "r
■:\5 *"\ n
!•■/ (
■M (
1 AT
T ■ :-:A \
HiC: ^if
I J\i
L/0.,f .\. u...,
V ; -<a> ilt.
.         .!■
Fenoing With Umbrella*.
Uccently a French publication printed a picture of some American girls
fencing with umbrellas and stated that
they were trying to acqnlro thus the
necessary skill and assurance to parry,
with a simple" gesture, an attack of
It also stated that this sport was not
born lu America: that for so vera I years
In France a noted fencing mistress.
Mme. Guillemot, at the same time that
she taught fencing with tbe sword for
hygienic reasons and for personal defense, also taught her pupils to "play"
with the umbrella1.,   •   '■   *     ;  '■   'l-
The "article, finishes by* saying,that 11
is certainly,"piquant" that this moderu
application of an ancient, sport .was
taught, by a Parlslenno long before
America claimed the original idea.    -'
8plrit of tho Open Life.
The great charm of scenery And the
country' life is the moral feeling that
-seems :o pervade it. This has prevail'
ed through, all English literature from
Chaucer to Wordsworth and down to
.oMv.oyvii .tlnieB, -It baB,eastern spell
over almost all of our Canadian poets,
who have wooed nature in her most secret'haunts and,studied her minutest
"caprIces.-Montreal Witness..,
,'"., .,>.-. Pjwd Him Up. «' -,.
■ '/Brlggs—I ha\;e inad'ea, will ftavjng
' tuy brain*'to' the hospital' and Just'got
an"acknowledgment from 'the authorities Urlggs-Were they" pleased?
Brlggs—They' wrote that every little-
helps.   •     <   -',.'-  '
'-r,.f/-, - —■ *    -
.,; „ k „, , .i,  Ebb Tldft..- 'Vi\.- ■' r ' ■
f".Pathec (eminent stockbrokefl-Witll
the flow the sea rises," my boys w^ltb
mm-' the ebb It falls.        \
^^""     Son (n-ohlp of the old block)--Thea
.would be tbe tima to buy,' wouldn't it, -
'daddyf •,;'' -'   ;, , y.        ;   j '
,•*' ■   . ") •'■■.III    I    ,1 --'•'
Do you, want Helpf.?,   A.;:,
Do you want a Situation?
Have * you   anything, you
wish to dispose of?
Is there anything you want
to buy?
We can tellit to everyone"
.:, in the district tor.you at
the   rollowing   msignifa-
cant figure:   ..,.:
!  - '<
Four Insertipns^for (ttie price
• -'i of 'three. -^",'-''' • r-' ^ ^'
Minimum charge, 15 cents.
'•■"-"v  s^V—*'"


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