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The Orchard City Record Mar 18, 1909

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'f '.- A, -A-A^fp
Yl rl.\s_I ,$rrfn.\ttji.
•**-*.>' s>~   * _~u".
-r\   i.    " «* _
/oi Prififirtf
* ':   J 7   Special'F^cilities for
7 \ EjfcetutinfifJHig^
.- •.-•^CiasssHalf-Toneand
General __e7terpress
Adoeri£f *0e
? j""    IT      ■■,   -,'//
An_.   the 'world   is
with you;  Quit and
you stan&"al6n_7" •"
(Circulation Highest,
ftates Lowest. '
\ i     i. J- ~ i ' .
1 \n  j   \
H ^
j  i "*•* k
Term's? o_~-Purchase Ifof A. & T.^'Grounds Raise Heated Discussion -'--Boara   of "Trade Ask Gre
Purposes —Mr.  Dilworth
Right-Of-Way in Town.
Grant" for<•Advertising
Interviews Council  re C.P.R.
N TKere was"a' full"'attendance' bf
—the city.council o__vlonday, and a
number of citizens,  delegates  in
various interests were£present.f
The2 _iinutes of Ame 'preceding,
meeting were read and adopted,
and considerable correspondence
read and laid on the table to be
dealt with at a later meeting.
The following accounts were referred to  the  finance -committee,
to be paid if found correct. % *
Hinton Electrical'... electrical sup-?  <">
plies .  . .<. $482 25
Hinton Electrical Co., electrical supplies.../.   156 25
Hinton Electrical Co., electrical sup-,      ,,
plies        7 92
Campbell  Bros  50
W. H. Beatty, teaming      3 00
Kelowna Manufacturing Co., lettering on City Office window..7. ,  7 50
Orchard City Record, printing    "42 15
R. Pettigrew, water and light works   11 25
R. J.Paul,. do ' ' 23 15
VH. Cramp, do t II 25
H. Lamoht, testing firehose gf I 25
I 25
return to the  Canadian "Fairbanks
""Con the $600:00 paid by-them-as
' deposit on the Kelowna' contract.
I he police reportrforr ebruary
was   submitted   to 7'the." council.
During that month only two arrests
fordrunkness were made/and one
:for "vagrancy." _ \ -„er_*Vere ""ho*
complaints receivetTfof theft,' and
-the city appeared to'be  quiet arict
in order?? Jff>^'.Jf Krf It S"3'C
Ald. Elliott as chairman bf the
fire and water committee, made
som«r reedtam'eridatione' for5, exten-r
sion or the,, water system, on Water
and Abbott Streets, giving" the
estinqated cost of same. ^Estimates
were also! given, for, {the^ purchase
of further supplies fori the' fire bri-
gadS^Tlft? friatterjVwas however^
laid^aside'pending further* info.-'
mabon. «_*•». <^z: '•<_ v_ .*, ^ ,-, -,•
The j following, gentlemen waited
on the .council in behalf pf^theA.
& T. "'Association, Messrs. ^Sutherland, Dilworth, DuMoulin, Pridham land Raymer. 7   .-    /vi <-„
The delegates^ laid before' the
council some proposed^terms to be
incorporated in the agreement; between the city and the A. & T.
Association.,   -- ¥ v ^  vfrx >
lerms.to be mcorporate(d m the
agreement" between (Jiej^Gityy _>f
Kelowna and the Agrfcultural'and
1imicS s~_380CieuiOii_
(1) The agreement shall ,*apply
to the successors'1 of * .he Associa^
tion.    Successors  shajl. mean any
' ."o*ciety'o*f organization- 'formed' to
promote agricultural and horticul-
tGn. uEssas:—7;—""-" - -—
(2) The association; shall trans-,
fer their land to the city.   i|   &*  <
(3) The city shall pay ^'off _he!
indebtedness of the association.
(4) The city shall move thi
buildings to positions satisfactory
to the- a88dcia|joni .also "paint;and,
keepithem'in good,repair.   «-»"J" ';'
(5)v^ The-city sRall construct &
regulation'race track witH iti^najor
diameter North and South, and for
this purpose purchase additional
land to the. north oi the, present
track and maintam'the. rectangular
shape of the grounds. .Tjie'city
shall also fence .the track, r V ..(
, (6) The city^shall provide from
I time to time sufficient building
> space for the requirements of. the
\       association. ^a'
| (7)   The  city shall repair and
\ enlarge the, buildingr aqcording to
i -HlUiijMs. jTh'e asiqrda_on tshalhgive
i ' two month s notice for repairs'and
i '' six month's notice' for additions,
j ' J ..(QKHl^tuy^Mr-ive J»e}a«
sociation-full control of the grounds
during the fair week; two,months
shalkbe, suffifcient notice,' fpf j th
. (9) The city shall not lease or
sell the premises or any portion
' -fie-epfiofoV;-- building {_>urpp*ea
without the consent of the association. / 'f-j s {.- i i, v * - .
(IV) Officers or the. association
'shall have acce88*to the' buildings
for inspection.
'(11) The" city -Kail" not" give
similar privileges to other, agricultural societies during the existence
of the association. 7
(12) ' The^association .hall have
the privilege of holding "additional
fairs when the interests 'of 'agriculture demand same.
(13) The fall race meet shall be
held on the date of the fair.
XI4) There shall be a provision
in the agreement for the return ,of
the land "to 'the> Association *>n
payment of" the liabilities incurred
by the city."     ' ,
These, terms were taken clause
by clause and discussed with considerable animation, Aid, Elliott
opening'the debate by declaring
that for unlimited gall, it beat anything he had ever seen. The
clause relating'to the city constructing a race track was objected ■ to
by Aid. Ball, on the grounds' that
the city should not bind itself without knowing what expense should
be^incurred. jThe by-law h^d
been ltished-_through the council,
and he had hot'lu_Ltime to look
into the matter. ^ If he had under-
stood-theiby-law he. -would- never
have been in favor of it Replying
to^Ald: Ballr Mayor- DeHart-took
exception to the terms used" by
Mr. Ball, that the By-law Jiad been
tCPfhed through^ tl^e I coupcil. It
ka_f laid on-fi<^ta_Ie_af jieaiJy{*a
month.* , ' ,
With a few| exceptions each
clause' was^strerioushAdbiected to
by one or other or the Aldermen,
and alterations and additions were
made amid-heated arguments.
' Objections to what was termed
by'some of the 'Aldernien, "a .one
sided agreement, were so strong,
that Mr. SutherlandJ stated that" if
the counciU, thought these things
so-bad, perhaps they would have'
iio objection to the, A'.' c. T. Association taking, it off their hands
again, '__ He 'proposed that this be
dbne)7'and ' the ^ city grant them
$4,000 out bf the A.7& T. Association'debentures, the association to
pay .the interest and sinking fund.
He was sure'a good .revenue was
to be obtained from these grounds.
7Nothing could be decided on at
that meeting, and the matter was
left to be considered by1 the
council. '>■     '
% Messrs, J. W. Jones, G. Rose and
H. "W." Raymer" appeared   as   a
Buckland who agreed to give a
right of way through' their property, at the back of the Bank building.
It was hoped that the council
would co-operate with the. Board
'of'Trade in giving the C.P.R. every
encouragement to place their
tracks here. Tbe council,promised
to give this^ matter their i prompt
and careful attention.
.The v dirty and unsanitary condition of the jail was* brought before the council .by Mr. Dilworth,
who found on1, inspection,' that it
was unfit to put pusoners in. Chief
Hidson had complained 'of the
matter before, but nothing at that
time was done.
The council authorized Mr. Hidson to employ,a man to clear out
and do ,what(was; necessary, to
place the building in a sanitary
The indifference of some of the
ratepayers to the notice in the
papers at an earlier date regarding
sanitary Boxes, and also to warnings by Mr. Hidson, met 'with
severe censure on the part of the
council, and Mr. Hidson ,was instructed to issue summons at his
discretion. The 'health law. was
there to be enforced, and if people*
would, fnot take proper< warning,
*hey musf expect the consequences.
" By-law 56 was reconsidered and
finally passed. Nothing further, in
the'way of business wastransacted,'
and the meeting adjourned, until
Wednesday, 1 7th March.
puuiicity committee appointed-
the .Board of Trade, to request the
council-to grant them the sum of
$500.00 for advertising purposes.
•.-The-value of advertising.,to the
city was beyond doubt, and up to
the'present had "been - undertaken
chiefly by. the different land com-
dpanieq in the district Mr. Jones
thought he'•'was n well within the
parkjn^saymgjhatat least 2,000
settlers naa come here during the
past two years, although the city
haH not taken much part in bringing} them here. It was pointed
out;that many of the neighboring
towns were spending large sums
in publicity schemes, and the Board,
of Trade of Kelowna did not; want
to be behind. In supporting Mr.
Jone8,'?Mr]'f RoseT-rriphasized :the
importance of an increasing" population from a financial point of
view. More settlere "woiild mean
more > of the land within ' the
city ljmits being pecupied. and im-
provedi thua'iricre&.ing the rateable
value of the property. , He strongly advocated an aggressive advertising ppljcy, and urged that it was
to' the"'city!B best interests.i , Mr.
Raymer endorsed what had1 been
-'aiq by; ^Messrs. Jones and Rose
and hoped the council would give
the matter their'careful attention.
/.sThe S council promised to5 give
the tnatte. ?tneir favourable con-t
sideration. i ^
Mr. Dilworth waited \ on v the
coutttil with respect to- the jpP.R.
right of way for the construction of^the^ecessary tracks for, the
"railway 'cars. He had interviewed
The Bank of Montreal, The • Cen
tral Okanagan Land Co. nnd Mr. be completed.
Wednesday's Meeting.
, At the meeting on Wednesday
night. a considerable' amount of
business was transacted,^ and ,the
Council continued their deliberations until'a very late hour. ".*'.. '
"^'Amongst' other matters it -was
decided that the city council-^hake
a'grant of $250 to the Kelowna
"- With respect to the application
of the.Board of Trade for a .grant
for advertising purposes, a motion
was passed assuring the, members
of the BoardJ of Trade that the
city council recognized the good
work being done by the publicity
committee, v and although , they
would gladly have responded to
their application for the $500, for
the purpose of advertising the city
and district, the council could not
see their way clear to grant • more
than-$250/in view of the heavy
present and prospective demands
upon the city treasury.
The Fire and-Waters Committee
was instructed to purchase at once'
all necessary equipment for the
use of the Fire 'Brigade. A room
was also !granted'" in* the Fire" Hall
for the* free",use of the Fire Brigade.
It was decided to enter into the
following" agreement ^between the
Citv Council and the' Agricultural
and Trades Association, for the
purchase of the exhibition grounds
and buildings:— _•  .
Terms to be incorporated in the
agreement between^ the Corporation,of the City of .Kelowna and
the * Agricultural and Trades' Association.
1. The City of Kelowna agree
to take over the exhibition grounds
upon the following terms:
2. The Association agrees to
turn over all their interests in the
said building and grounds to the
City" bf Kelowna.
.< 3., The city/ agrees to pay off
theiindebtedness of. the Association, in accordance with the audited rtatement.
4. The city agrees to move the
buildings from the street, also paint
and keep them in repair.''
5. The city agrees to buy sufficient land to change race track
to run north jand. south and to
fence and keep same in repair.
„ 65i. The city agrees to give the
Association or their successors the
full use of the buildings and
grounds for ohe week' in the fall
to hold their fair.
>' 7. The city .will build, a high
board fence along the west side of
the grounds and 3-4 or more along
the, south side of same.
It was further decided to accept
the tender of the Dominion Securities Corporation for $7,000 debentures at 111 .and interest, provided the agreement between the
city, and'- the A. & T. Association
The annual meeting of the Kelowna Football Club took place on
the evening* of ' March' 1 I th in
Davies S Mathies' Store -and the
following officers were elected.
President-—T. Lawson.
Vice-Presidents—Mayor ''DeHart,
T. W. Stirling, F. A. Taylor, J. E.
Wheeler,    H.    Rose    and     Dr.
Manager —J. Finch. '
Captain—D. Lloyd.
Vice-Captain—J. H. Davis'.
Secretary—R. G. Smethurst.
Treasurei-—R, Mathie..
Committee—J. Fmch, W.  Kirkby,
D. Mills, W. School, A. Johnson,
H. Lee and W.'A'/Willis.
It was decided to run a junior
team as well this-year and J. Wilson was elected captain and C.
Raymer and J. Patterson were
elected vice-captain and' secretary
„TheN-membership fee for the
season was fixed at $2 for playing
and honorary members and the
Junior's subscription at\$J. * -
? The,v Secretary has written the
southern lake teams re the formation of a league and Peachland
have already signified their willingness to join int "/South'Okanagan;
Summerland^ and, Penticton still
remain to be"heard from. If these
teams are willing to form'a league,
some good football can be expected here this year. A , general
meeting Will be'.caHeel.^as ^soon as"
these clubs are heard from.
•' ^ Membership tickets may be had
from the. Secretary.,,on -and after
March the 20th."   *   """  *~      '
$1.50 Per Annum.
•j 7        i    . . i \
Meeting of Baseball Team.
•   First Match on April 1st.
A meeting of the Kelowna Baseball Team was held last Tuesday
at 6 p.m., in Mr. C. C. Josselyn's
store, when the following officers
were elected: The Mayor, Mr. F.
R. E. DeHart, as president; Mr. C.
C. Josselyn, manager; Mr. Moulton
Captain; -and Mr. Marentette,
secretary. , 7
It was decided that }the first
match should be played on Thursday, April 1st, against the Cigar
Maker's team, the proceeds to be
given for the benefit of the Hospital.
The question of acquiring a permanent ground for the use of the
team was introduced and discussed
but no definite decision was arrived at.
A. _ T. AS!
A meeting of the Agricultural
and Trades Association took place
on Thursday afternoon last.7 The
president, Mr. T. G. Speers occupied the 'chair. - '<K
A good deal of discussion was'
occasioned by the reading of the
minutes', it being'i contended that
the proceedings of; the,,meeting
held in December. Idst .were, illegal
owing to there t not being ,-U-ficicnt
paid up. members' present to*_orm
a quorum. 'It*was finalh/'decided
to adopt the'minutes and to elect
fresh officers at'the present; meeting.
Cold Storage of Fruit
In consequence of certain rumours, which had been going
.round .with regard to the voting
on the purchase b> the City of
the Agricultural and Trades Association Grounds, a recount was
ordered, and on Friday morning
last the voting' papers were examined Under the scrutiny of Dn
Boyce;-Mr. ;D.,Leckie, Mr. R.
Storie," Mr. T. Lawson, and the
Mayor, Mr. F. R. E. DeHart. At
the end ofthe* recount there were
three papers in dispute, and upon
seeking the advise of the , city
solicitor it was, found that one
one more vote had to be awarded
in favour.of the purchase, making
of course one less against.
In favour 96
Against 51
, ,. Number necessary to
*-   scarry ' 89
—Giving now a~majority of_seven
over the two-thirds necessary to
cany. , '
Women's Missionary Convention.
. The Fruit.Depot Act, introduced
into the provincial parliament, last
week is probably, one of the ■ im
mediate results bf -the recent, fruit
growers conferences in Victoria.
* One of fhe chief requests made
was for the granting of government
aid to cold storage warehouses for
fruit, on the same,principal as aid
is, extended to creameries.
The act gives power to the' provincial ' board of horticulture to
license such warehouses'upon conditions whereupon tKe_ licensee is
.obliged to apply for a''loan not
exceeding three-fifths of'the" value
,of the^ jjroperry^ or7 more than'
$3,000 in any,rcase! " '.The* aggregate of such, loans is* placed 'at
$3,000. '
Teddy was jusl past his ninth birthday,
and delighted in stirring things up whenever he could find a chance. On his way
to school one day he popped into a dry
goods store.    „ - ^ ,
[ "Say, Mister,", he called .out, "do you,
keep dry goods ?'". ;
"Oh, yea!',' replied the storekeeper,
"we've kept them for years.'^     ,
'/Well!" said Teddy, starting, for the
door, "just advertise in 'The Record and
you won't keep them so long."
„ The^ Secretary's report, showing a
deficit of $653, gave rise" fd' some ."
criticicm and" comment" upon 'the
management of last f yearV • races,
the prizes for which, has ^absorbed
all the fund making „ ittijnppssible
to pay-the prize money which was
due to'the lock! exhibitors?'^' °    J * -
' The "question-then1 came up of 7
the turning over of theAssociation . _
grounds to  the  city.i ^Although"   ',
this matter-had  been, thoroughly\ 1
thrashedout at the ^ last  meeting,    ^
some _ of   the   members "present "'
seemed to  think, the 'Association,
generallyhatf'not been-jsufficieatly , „
consulted.:, '.'. '• \kj -*(*   7 ' _ 7,   rJ-
aMr. r'T. W. Stirling, said,.there
was a great danger of thef Assoc. ",
ation acting in a very irregular. 7
manner, in the turning over'IofytheT;-.
grounds-to'the city. * The -Sectors* '
he said had no xight to ^gn^the'J
transfer^of,the Iand-«withpj-t>being "*,'
sure that it had,, Been l^afified- by
the members as a whole.1 ,«t'/J",
' Mr: Raymer. &^"ea3^V'rrieCt- ^
inglRatm&^M&&nson the; :
part'of the "director.'to-.^cjjd^ an i ■
arbitrary manneraticdL-JLverjrthing';
that had been, done^laa'" been J \ -;.
jjuite regular so, far, and if iherje.^ '• r
wasT anything about the' propbded^'. ^
arrangement that- wasobjected toV,v- ^
it had'only tof bevbrough^u^v be-T'>-|?|
fore the meeting and at .would be , kf-tyl
ealt with. .,,     ^ -       ,v.„,„. a /     ;
,Ai»ew board  of ^dire-tmt£!was^
appointee! w^^MfrDV'-W^SaAer-^
land  as   president; andiarr^nge-
ments were.madev,to|Hwait^j>n -die
city council to,- discuss ^the1tterm»77 '^
under, which' the property \cbuIdV' * 7'-
be transferred.".
Sj ii'C
•r-J AV»F ■'
A convention of. the Women's
Missionary Society for the Okanagan Valley is being held today and
tomorrow (Thursday and Friday)
at Vernon. The following delegates have gone from Kelowna,
Mrs. J. W. Jones, Mrs.'Dr. Wright,
M»8s Dilworth", Mrs." Capt. Knight,
Mrs. G. Thompson and Mrs. Glass.
Mr. John Dilworth and Mr. Thos.
Lawson were passengers for Victoria by Thursday's boat.
"What can 1 do," roared the fiery orator
in Hyde Park, during a recent demonstration, "when I see my country going to ruin,
when I see our oppressors' hands at our
throats strangling us, and the black clouds
of hopelessness and despair gathering on
the horizon to obliterate the golden sun of
prosperity) .What, I ask, can I do>" "Sit
downl" shouted the audience.        >
Hoto to Sape Tradesmen's Bills.
Bihk! Stung again yesteiday.      \      '
Wink; You are always getting stung.
What now?
Bink: Answered an advertisement that
said for a dollar they would tell me how
to stive plumbers' bills. '
Wink: And the answer >
Binkt Just two. Words: "File them."—
Chicago News. ■. „    1
of Kelownai and District-^ --*
, 7',        , "       :~: » '.V'tti-^V "Srvv
' We are anxious to interest everyone'in the Columns of The Record,'*^
and in this endeavor we must not forget the boys and girlsS^Thlere'is
often a good deal of literary tuent lying 'dormant in the'young people &
and we want to give them a chance to show what theyjean^oW this"'
direction. \      '"'^-   ;*":.'» v! i<? ,SRjrtS;
We have therefore decided.to offer two prizes each month for the''
l   *' l'      '  •„•    _ *        .    '     ".'••" V "J."   -''« WjWt '[.;."!w
best essay wntten by any boy or girl under sixteen upon a subject, ,
which we will announce each month.   The firpt contest .will be hela "
during the month of April, as follows.—; 1 , :*,•','
•"-   71   •• - f'j'A, ,i_J
,     ESSAY CONTEST. No, 1,, t^j ,^ ni
First Prize      »' -    _-   l--,{   - ' 7- $2.00 bco^   '"
Second Prize      -  '' -    ' - ^ . ' ^   '$1.00^ »''*>_ ''
There are hundreds of boy and girlreaders of^TH*]^^-,^^^^) ■ '
prairies who would Kke to hear of th<s good'times whigh.the^yoda^...
v ^ *_
ra.  .-><" ad j
"Summer Life in Kelowna,    ^
From a Boy's (or.Girr»)Poiivt of, $e*&;J^
!U' >.,-t-
The essays should be went in to the .office not later than April 50th7
and the prize will be'awarded upon receipt of the judtte's deciwon. -\.
.   Conditions:
The contestant must be under 16,years of age, and the jcoipppeition  '
....v l-l: ^_u I.     : * ", ''   *V vi" rli<* t.
• $ Hi u    J M j*Vs _? _ I"
0   ""'. "•'._ w
■    *■   1
must be his or her unaided work. *■    . J
"7 ^
"--7   -    A
Ipry' -
,' J
' 5
The Orchard City Record
7 ', ">■
Thursday, March 18 -   '
", We  are  particularly  well fixed
I  to execute  all your  orders  for
'" printing.> With new  type,  new
/   machinery^ skilled    mechanics
and.every labor saving devicJe
we  can  do  your  work   quick;
well and at reasonable prices. ;
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you  :
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published eoery Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
'-'-'• \7,:, y.
i- /■    JOHN LEATHLEY, Editor.
CHAS. H. LEATHLEY, Business Manager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
" >'f
," «\
<? -.-«■
■ H-'fr       i
15*' .    ' J     .
. * ? -
lr,      <j   ■
&;■ 7"<7
; v
my, A •
t_  *! "*^v* * i
fi "*!___ _^
V7,4,A   _m«*
Qg*^,»_• _*,* ^
$& _S    .vim y*_»«.
______«"''' '
One of the leading fruit
journals in their issue for
March makes a: remark which
has a direct bearing on the
question of advertising which
is at present before the   City
] Council. " The world recognizes the value of a front foot
7 of real estate in the city, and it
recognizes the value of an acre
in the country, of a pig, a cow,
: 6r a horse, or any Mother article
of merchandise, but it ddes not
always  stop  to  think  of  the
.value of a life as an asset to a
community." Eyery new settler who comes to live in a district represents a certain money
value to each member of the
community.    He increases the
- business of the stores, the value
of all the land around him, and
benefits a hundred other interests in a direct or indirect
, That it pays a city to put
forth strenuous' efforts to increase the population by inducing settlers to locate there is
now generally recognized, and
the vigorous advertising  cam-
• paigns which' most - towns of
any pretentions are conducting
or preparing to conduct is evid-
. ence, too, that they are beginning to realize that it is not suffi-
• cient to leave the matter solely
to the resourses of private enterprise. The real estate firms
do their share, because they are
perhaps, the first to   benefit.
But where they gain one dol-
' lar from the permanent settlement of a good citizen, the city
as a whole will gain a hundred
The $500 which the Board
of Trade have asked the City
to contribute to assist in their
advertising efforts, is only.small
compared with what some-cities
with less natural advantages
than Kelowna'are spending in
_this_ work.lRegina^iient^ $3000
last year, .Saskatoon -$2000,
Revelstoke, $1000, and this
year Vernon has already voted
$500 for advertising purposes.
„The opportunity, too'/ which
it has at the .present moment
and one which comes to _ev?
towns, of following up the splendid successes at Spokane,
which have made the name of
Kelowna famous all 'over the
world, is too 'valuable to be
lost. And who should be better
fitted to use the city's money
to the best advantage than 7 the
Board ,ofT/rade? In them we
havea,.bo4y of °f the city's
keenest business men, joined
together'for the sole purpose of
of advancing the city's interest,
and who' 'have" everything >to
gftin^frbrji the 'careful • and < wise
expenditure of ^money entrust-
ted-o them by the city.
The advantages \vhich Kelowna ppsgessea*;*)!'a situation
on the lake shore, a healthy
climat#7ttu_ a magnificent surrounding country compose of
some ofthe, finest' fruit lands
in the.world.'arefacts which it-
is but necessary to make {more
widely known,-to 'indufce a
stream of settlers to flow in
here and make our city one
ofthe leading places in" the
whole province.
Under this betiding communications mill
be receioed upon any subject, ofi interest
Letters must be signed, be brief, aooid
personalities. The Editor does not nec-
. cssariliy endorse ooinions gloen below
The Editor,'>.Qrchard City Record,
Dear Siiy '7;-7
7 If you; will be" kind enough to
givejme'some space.in your, valuablepapei I will try to explain to
the public in general some reasons
why the Agricultural & Trades
Association did not pay their prize
money this year. It has been the
custom for the finance committee
to collect enough money to pay
for the sports, and leave the gate
receipts and the membership tickets, and also the government grant
to pay for the prizes. But this
year the subscription list did not
get around, and the money for the
sports was not collected. The
parties winning money outside of
the city wanted their money to go
home. 1 called the committee together and explained the situation,
and they thought it best to pay for
the sports and then go around and
raise the money for the prizes. I
called the directors' meeting and
they thought it better to try and
get the City Council to take it over,
and a committee was appointed
to wait on the City Council and
see what terms they could agree
upon. All this has caused some
delay, and is not through yet. I
notice that some of our citizens
would» pay themselves and let
those'outside who helped to make
the gate receipts, go without.
They don't like sports, at least they
don't like paying for them, but can
take a drive in the afternoon, on
the street where the price is low,
and drive quite easy.
In conclusion I might say that
all prize money will be paid, and
the Agricultural & Trades Association will be better than ever with
the new and'well selected Directors and President.
Yours truly,
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with      r     .
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
l*Le British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co,
Window Sashes Hot-bed Sashes
Office and Store Fittings
SIGN WRITING AND LETTERING of all descriptions.
Windbio Frosting, etc.
THE SPRING IS GOMING. We are open, to gice
estimates on all kinds of Buildings such as
-Bungalows; also complete Furnishings _or
Summer Houses.
Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets.
Scientific Surgerij.
Say, we've all heearn of the progress of
scientific surgery J—sech a9 switching  the
live ear off'n one man on to another?   But
thet ain't nuth'n to what  hes  been  done
over yonder.    Hear me!    Way up to New
Jamesopolis thar  was  a 'man—leastways
thar  was  two-thirds  of  a' man—of   the
name  of  William  S.  Slapson, es   hedn't
nary leg "and no more 'n one arm, in   con-
sekens of a  littie   misonderstanding   he'd
hed with a saw-mill, the   saw-mill   hevmg
the better of the  argyment  by  two  legs
and an arm.   Jest think of  the   posish   of
thet man!   JHe did'nt know, after the mill
hed finished with him, what it was to   hev
to go mushing round on his  legs  all   day
ontil he couldn't d{ag  one   foot  after  the
other—skursley.   And he hedn't  no  particular difficulty wuth mentioning in hiding
from his left hand what his right-was doing
—no, indeed !    All he hed to   do  was   to
lie   back  on ' his  patent  spring-buffered,
pneumatic-cushioned couch, and'draw the
dividends  from    his 'invested   insurance
money, and'to enjoy himself all  the time.
I'tell you William S. was es happy . a slug
in a pumpkin-patch, ontil  a   meddlesome
medical sharp came along, and got to work
on him with his latest scientific notions, to
persuade  him  what  a  considerable  im-
rrovement it would be ef he'^d  allow him
to build to him in   the  latest  style.'. And
William S. was fool enough to   listen, and
hanker after legs and a full  set of ;arms,
and_then_they started in to graft on to him.
Thar was a man from Pennsylvania traded
him a live leg  for  five   hundred   dollars,
and,   bimeby,  a   galoot   from   Nebrasky_
swopped   him   another  for  a  handsome
consideration; while a  fellow  down east
supplied him an arm 's he hedn't no  particular use for—being out  of   work at the
time and not wanting any—and the lot was
grafted  on  to  William S. one  after the
other.   Thet was whar the worry came in.
Of course  William   S.  didn't  know   his
Pennsylvania leg was addicted to  chronic
rheumatiz, any more than he   was  aware
thet his Nebrasky toes was  plaguey  subject to chilblains 's soon 's the winter set in,
or his down-east arm most alius broke out
pesky ,bad   with  eczema  ef   he tctched
certain kinds of food—leastways he didn't
know ontil he'd got finally hitched  up  to
his ne.w sections, and then the  circus  began.   Gosh I   You never seen sech 'a time
's William S.  hed  with   his  second-hand
limbs.   He'd most roast his   Pennsylvania
leg   on" account' of 'its   rheumatiz,   and
nat'rally, the fire fetched out his Nebrasky
chilblains and started 'em ,off aching like
fury, ontil he  had , to  take  some  special
diet for 'em, and the stuff flew straight  to
his down-east arm ' and  stirred   up  the
eczema ontil  it purty  ni_h" blazed.     Of
course . toon 's he  hunched  away  from
the fire to give his^Nebrasky  chilblains  a
chance, the, rheumatiz' started   in  again;
and, then, mebbe, he'd   try  some( patent
specific, for- the  Pennsylvania  rheumatiz,
and  it would   tetch   off   the   down-east
eczema wuss n ever.   What  with  wrestling with one or another of his new grafts,
he hedn't a blamed minute' left; to enjoy
hiiBelf, and from a happy contented pyty
it turned,him into the most peeyish.^can-
tankerousesp   crank • between   here    and
yonder.—Carter Platk .in tho '}V6rkshire
Weekly Post." - f '     i-
The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply Co.
Of^'V^'f  17 C      'n  tHis  department  we have made extensive and
Ol _• I V/l_iIliO     careful preparation for the coming season, and have
      a  LARGE STOCK of  the best makes which we
are selling at a reasonable figure    Prices from $40 up.
Bicycles for the Boys and Girls at moderate prices.
17 l_v.~4.___.      ___!____.     If you have not already had your house
UleCIHC     W mng     fitted for electric light let us do the work
K for you.    We can guarantee safety and
satisfaction with every job we do.   Estimates on application
Electric Fittings   ^' an<^ see our eIce"ent 8tock of these goods.
,   ,   They  comprise   the  latest styles and most elegant
designs procurable.
' We have a number of
Second-hand Gasoline Lamps and Tanks
on the hollow wire system, which we are selling^iheap.
Water Street, Kelowna, B.C.   , Opposite Courier Office.
See those Beautiful
Parisian and New
York Models at
The Tutcher
Millinery Parlors
Mrs. M. TUTCHER,.  High-classMUliner,
Bernard Ave. (Trench.old .tore), Kelowna.!
Are You Looking for a Building Site?
„..„    If so.why not get the best?
.   .     1 have a number of half acre lob all set out to' friiit
,   tree, Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries_„and Peaches,
some in bearing/.,   '" "' '.
*• Two ten acre lots-planted, out to choice fruit that"
will bear next year, a     >' ■'   ,   . 7' i,., , 7   v
•■   One fine new brick .house"Corner  Ethel   and {>
. • Laurier Avenue. -i ,-.'-.
One fine  new. brick Cottage, corner, Ethel and'
,      t     f,        Sutherland Avenue. • < i i. t<       . *.,,
'''''•  '   Also a'few choice-lake'shore lots •and..'a quarter
>:.,/>.,   ,   Section of heavy timber close^tq the City,. yA<<i   "
Will sell any ofthe above on good terms.^ .,   <'    . ,
1 carry the 'largest stock of Orpamental Trees and Shrubs'in ihc Valley.'
' / "\  ' ' * [Call and see them   .    I \, (   M >3 .   t
F. R. El DeHArtl:;'
'{'• :
Orchard City R.alty Mart
r     . .       ^ r
' '- -'   r   .   ,      ,'      ■* >
'  ■ '■&.*'■       '   '' ,fA   ■ \
Small House on a 50 ft. byr 120 ft. loVclose ni,* ', •!
rent well.     Price,'cash,.$1,050;"on time, ," ;
$1,150. '    "   v ;
i '•
Cottage on one acre,i in good locality, $2; 100,
easy terms., " ^ ;1 "7
Stable for rent!, - , t«- ,   >  - ,
i   i        i\ i    T *     )-)
i -    *>,-
t) « ir    >A,
De Lavcd Separatorg; 1
:<    ■ - - »'    '.'     *•'  '■       ,-, __ j'r/iv   / • i -v->,--*.-   , t. ',.,     ^j"-
There, the ."mail order" outfit, _with jheir cheaply.madejJna-,  5
— chines, bought here and therei not im>de by themselves or sold under '"
the real manufacturer's name, acclaiming the earth ata_-many'of _»i),r>1'*
things that should be below'it   ""*     ''"-^'.    a.'-t«.    :iO '< /J     f_»--
■ But the merry lot changes,an_ dwindles every yttix. 'They"gni!-!-' *
ually drop out and leave 'their unfortunate^patrbhs^ helpless' with v
trashy machines. More wiU £ade away ihis'year. RTT»ef^akyifen_Br -.
like die creameryaian, ia coming to know something p{ »^[qrator».,t,c
jHe doesn't swallow mere VdUums" so easily. i96*p<»r ^cent vprf<.the . «
.world's creamerymen use DE'LAVAL machines. "TKe'percentage'of'"''
farm users content with nothing else ia always increasing. <■'<■ •  < .
There isn't a single reason why every'man •wlto''buy8 a'creafn
separator this year should not buy, a DE LAVAL.'' -There •. are' mtaiy .1' ~
'        reasons why he should.   The best (tosts no--rr/ore ,than^ the .various    v
grades of inferior imitating machines.    ,   . ,- j>'   ij     ,iJijrj.    "«    »<" ,.  ;
A DE LAVAL catalogue'may be had for the. asking.! ,As-DE;/
LAVAL machine may be tried for the asking.'   A\     ,; 7'^ ■
'       . ]        ' ''     ' '    ' 7'-'*    '0i    i'-''"*t    "—-t"^S>'7  ••.'■•■'Ji'.'.  -I,    r
1 Agent for Kelowna"-:';   •><• . - ^ - -^ <T>- *u
*< i    . r.   ~-t* /.
Hardware Store
* ■! Jii I
>  •    «
t        I      I
*■■>,'    i'     *   -s*
't      ,11
/    1
'      *■'      '    ' I  ' ,'     * *Vr*     if _  ■ «  ri   | I Mr*
.    '        < i . r
No need to get. excited;    v   !
.and--'- nin  a^ownd,7iittie7i.f}':; ft 7.'.
country fpic "JrJLelp*
r)urv.'„ > , i,
ml drop aHune to the
;    rU'rcnara kaw fxecorcli,, w.
J.J   ««•
It will do the Business Quick
_    >,
' **■<
' '1 wo cents per worahrst insertion, one
"**'"* ' j  iceht per word after.        ;L;
,■;." '_'■>'!.».
"'K' J,.ij|,
«"" ?;i " '>^i.i','"7"."'Il'tu-H.
 m '
._.' 'i7'-7-£-
.' "•        («
^iJ^a.-tA^-jU   lr.    -   i.   _1
.   t-lA* •**—»!
-''-'4 I
..J.     -\»_ 1" 1 I
Thursday, Mar.46
fhe Orchard Gitg Record
r-»v,i ^ „    ,*,,.
The Merchants and Business Men of Kelowna have
decided to close their places of business every Thursday
at 12.30 pan., from
April 1st to October 28th, 1909
PROVIDED: That no weekly half-holiday shall he,held in any
week during which a statutory holiday shall be observed or a
civic holiday proclaimed.
PROVIDED ALSO: That this agreement shall be binding on the
parties • assenting thereto only as long as its condition, are observed .by all the business firms concerned. 16-17
ire Oak Dressers
and Stands
With 24 inch British bevel plate mirrors
Are Reduced to $14.75 ;L-
No better value west of Winnipeg
V "
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
•'-   '• > ' Manufacturers of all kinds of'
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealers in all kinds of
-   - Orders filled in Short notice
Portrait and Landscape
-.     ,,. Portraits by appointment only.
Come and make your appointment.    Satisfaction guaranteed.
How about
V" '"       J   C_ Yours?
"V. . ' "
Does it need repairing?    If
so, don't forget to bring it
; ^around before the rush comes
All Our Work Guaranteed
»D«   7\L/»>
His Patienco and Skill In the Bag and
* Spear Trick.
Tbe feat known as the bag and spear
trick has been (onsidered one of tbe
greatest of tbe Hindoo magician's art
In this trick, says u writer, the Hindoo
fakir has bis assi_uut get into a sucis,
tbe mouth of which he (irmly secures,
aud then unceremoniously burls bis
helpless victim to the ground Without a sign of warning the fakir driveB
his spear through tbe center of the
After withdrawing his'weapon, upon
tbe point of wblcb no blood, stain appears, the fakir stands and gazes
dreamily over tbe heads of tbe gpecta-
tors. Tbe body within the bag flounders about as if in mortal agony. At
last, when tbe occupant is apparently
dead, the fakir ugain plunges his spear
into tbe motionless body. Tbe same
antics are repented. Then tbe fakir
releases his attendant from the bag,
and he steps out without a scratch
upon his body. ./     _
Although tbe trick is performed "with
till tbe carelessness imaginable. It calls
for more patience, skill and exactness
than any .of the so called black art
achievements From the time tbe at-,
K>ndant enters the bag both fakir and
assistant count every breath tbey take.
When a stated number of breaths have
been taken tbe fakir makes bis tbrust,
nnd tbe occupant in the bag is prepared to avoid it. Then tbe count begins again, and at tbe.proper time the
spear Is driven through the' bag- a
second time. In order to evade the
spear and make it appear to pass
through his body tbe assistant doubles
up in as small a form as possible. His
legs are drawn up close, with tbe chin
resting upon the knees and the arms
folded round the lower limbs -across
(he shins. When in this position, at
tbe fiftieth breath, tbe spear passes
under the attendant's arm. between
the abdomen and the thighs.
Tbe slightest miscalculation by either
the fa kit or his assistant would mean
a serious if uot u mortal wound for
one nnd an Unheard of disgrace for tbe
That fakir and attendant are able so
to train themselves to breathe In perfect unison while giving one of these
performances, when the slightest variation in time by either would be fatal.
Is certainly wonderful.'
V   BalIoni_te' Narrow Escape.
Henri LeBlanc and Louis Dupont,
French aeronauts, had a narrow escape
from death by drowning today while
crossing the river Scheldt in a balloon.
They mistook a sand bar in the middle of
the  river for the shore,  and  started  to
Expedition Supposed to H&oe Perished Reported Safe.
Information has reached Plymouth that
Captain William Mogg, of the whaling
schooner Olgar, and his crew of four men,
who were supposed to have perished in a
gale in'the Arctic Ocean fifteen months
ago, were safe, and were spending the
Arctic winter at Point Darrow.
The expedition, which was supported
by   the   Royal Geographical   Society   of
come down. They missed the bar and London.left P°rt Townsend, Washington,
•truck the water, the wind driving the car two JrearB a«° for the Bank» L*"6 District,
over the surf. Finally the balloon was an a,mo8t unknown r*P™ »•»«» •»«! not
driven to shore and the two men, half been vi,itcd by white men •»« ,832-
drowned, were rescued. when c°Ptain McClure partially explored
Tragedy in The National Gallery.     News of the safety of the party was con.
A terrible scene has been enacted in the veyed  in a  ,etter wllich  WM carried   by
National Art Gallery, London. . Mr. John Esquimaux to Teller City, a distance of
Tempest Dawson, a wealthy retired   mer- 800 mi,es» over an almost impassable trail.
chant first shooting his wife and then committing suicide by turning the revolver The Vanished Prisoner.
upon himself. Mr. Dawson it seems has A priwner who was arrested'at South-
long been suffering from delusions, imag. ampton a few days ^ and WM being
mmg that he was the victim of gross conveyed to Dublin to Ulwer' ^recharges made against him in order to ob- charges of fraud, mysteriously disappeared
tain blackmail. These delusions seem to from tlle Kingstown mail-boat Leinster.
have so worked on his mind that he took The accused man, it is stated, went to sleep
his wife s life and then his own "to be out at ^ beginning of the voyage, and when
of it all." the vessel was near the Kish lightship hia
In Mr. Dawson's pocket was found a custodian went below for a minute or two,
long typewritten document addressed to fi.nd on returning Aat the prisoner had
,,-r   L, .,    . •      ,   . vanished, leaving only  hts  coat  and   cap
To the coroner. It was enclosed in a behind. The police suppose that the man
white foolscap envelope, sealed at each leaped overboard and was drowned; but
end with a large red seaL   The document others think he played the part of a quick
change artist, took part in the search himself, and passed off the boat unrecognised.
for a  w
Good Clean Meal
Fresh Candies, Fruit and >
obacco '
Call and see us
Nothing Is Safe From Those Afflicted
With the Craze.
In these enlightened.days anything
from the limb of a tree to a table-napkin is liable to be carried away as a
A- western girl with a well defined
case of the souvenir habit, sojourning
in New York, was dining at a. fashionable care and, being prepossessed in
favor "of the cunning pewter cream
pots with which the tables were supplied, calmly carried one away in her
muff. Can you imagine her self valuation when upon examining her prize
later on she discovered carved across
the bottom, "Stolen from M.'s?"
A Pittsburg bachelor, wandering into
a restaurant, came npon a friend Just
seating himself with two ladles The
bachelor was Invited to Join the party,
did so, and at the end of the luncheon
Insisted upon paying the costs ' The
bill being wrong, he went to the cash-
ler. desk to personally adjust tbe discrepancy, where be was informed that
the extra charges were for spoons
which tbe ladles had put In their hand
hags. And that was the first time be
had ever met them!
Upon the occasion of the presentation of a handsome silver service by
one of the United States to a battleship which was being christened in
her honor an elaborate banquet was
served aboard ship, at which the service was used. Society came en masse
from the town near which they were
over there were not enough forks and
spoons wltb which to lay tbe tables.
And yet these souvenir fanatics would
draw their moral skirts aside for fear
of contamination with a real thief.-
Bertha Reynolds' MacDonald In Bohemian Magazine.
Ha Diin't Care.
A Georgia man tells of the meeting
of a negro "literary society" In tbat
state. During tbe consideration of the
business part of the club's programme
some one had proposed that tbe regular time of meeting be changed from
Tuesday to Friday, and' this propos.
tion provoked much disputation. Finally, the president of the society being appealed to for his opiuion, tbat
official declared with muck gravity:
"Membabs of de s'ciety. pusBonally,
now, puBSonally, I don' care which
night de s'ciety meets, but fo' myse'f
I prefers Tuesday."—St Paul Pioneer
Press. .
Pish Food and National Greatness.
There Is not tbe smallest reason to
suppose that a meat eating nation
would be superior either In Intellect or
physique to a fish eating one. We as
a race were never stronger than when
we fed on fish' to such an extent that
the careful guardian of the newly en.
tered apprentice commonly Inserted a
clause In bis Indentures stipulating
that he was not to be required to eat
salmon more than three days a week.
—London Globe.
Beating a Retreat.
- "What Ik 'necessary when yon wish,
to bent ii.retrwttV' naked nn old military man nt Fort Washington. •
"I Btippose you'd have to retreat
faster than the other fellows." wns tb«'
reply that came after some deliberation,                                                        c
.Brill that are"p^sse'l almuld not bo  days.
_Mt_a>&>--taiiitn;Proverb. v .  ' •' V'1'
._'-'"■■■-'&'^_■_»- '.*-
consisted of several sheets, and was made
up of rambling, incoherent statements,
and charges against certain persons of
having blackmailed him.
Another Dreadnought Launched.
A public holiday was declared at
Barrow-in-Furnace on the occasion of the
occasion of the launching of H.M.S. Van.
guard, the seventh addition to the Dread-
naught series of battleships. The ceremony was performed by Mrs. McKenna,
wife of the First Lord of the Admirality in
the presence of thousands of people. The
Vanguard which is the production of
Messrs. Vickers, Maxim & Sons, is the
latest development of the Dreadnaught
type has a displacement of 19,366 tons.
The engines of 25,000 horsepower supplied
by water-tube boilers will give a speed of
twenty-one knots. •*
Fortune Eaten by Rats.
Once a noted French beauty, the Countess de la Premiere was found unconscious
on Monday in a wretched room in the
ancient city of Lens. The old woman had
plenty of money, but was noted for her
avarice, living the life of a miser, and
keeping her wealth in a cupboard in her
room.   #" ' ~   "" *
When the police, called by the neighbors,
who were alarmed at not seeing the countess about as usual, entered the room they
found her j nearly dead from starvation,
and also discovered that rats had destroyed a fortune by gnawing up many banknotes and bonds in the cupboard.
The Church in the West.
' The Church of England has just celebrated the jubilee of its establishment in British Columbia. It was in 1859 that Bishop
Hills sailed from this country to take up
the charge., that he held until 1892. On
his arrival he found one clergyman in his
vast 'diocese; when he had finished his
work, there were three dioceses in British
Columbia, and the staff of clergy had been
increased to eighty. The late Baroness
Burdett-Coutts gave to the original Bishopric of Columbia, with its two archdeacon-
aries, an endowment of £25,000, and the
foundation of the See was celebrated by a
great gathering of distinguished men and
women at the Mansion House. It was
largely due to their aid and influence  that
Ri«n_r, Hills be£TS21 hi" lab**"1*- ««*«.»»— •"''h-
good auspices. This week there has been
another distinguished gathering at the
Mansion House, similar to and commera-
tive of that of 1859, the object in view
being to raise a very suitable memorial to
the pioneer bishop by the establishment of
a training college for clergy, which it is
proposed to affliate as a Church Hostel to
the Provincial University of British Columbia, now being incubated, if one may use
that phrase. The initial endowment of the
hostel ia £30,000, The university itself it
to be endowed by the Provincial Legislature with no less than two million acres
of land—an announcement calculated to
fill the ancient and somewhat impecunious
universities of Oxford and Cambridge with
acute envy.—Daily Mail. '
100 Buildings .or Ruined Messina.
.The Italian Government has awarded a
contract for temporary buildings at Messina
to an English firm, Messrs. Thomas J.
Hawkins < and - Co., of Victoria-street,
London,'     - s s
, Mr. Thomas E. Hawkins has returned
from Rome, having concluded a contract
to erect 1,000 barrack buildings within the'
next three months on the outskirts of
Messina and Reggie. These will.be plain
iron' and wood structures on concrete
foundations. Each ' building will take
twenty days to complete.
It is not the intention of the Italian Government to touch the ruined cities, over
which they have spread 10,000 tons of
lime, for at least six months.
• The contract was I secured in face * of
competition by Italians, Germans, Belgians,
French and Danes. The firm is accustomed to rapid work of this description. At
the time of the last' small-pox epidemic
they .erected accommodation for 1,8000
workmen in eight days, and hospital accommodation for 3,000 patients- in twenty
Get your name on   :
the honor roll.
Subscribe for the Orchard
City Record.  • ,-    -„ ,
neatly done.
All tcorb guaranteed _r_t-claea.
All kinds b_' Furniture
Repaired,   -a     '
Address, Post Office
or Shop, cor. West of K.L.O. of. ice:
• -     * •   ' r       i'     x *.
Oregon Grown Fruit Trees
' Send me your tree bill for my estimate for Fall. 1909, and Spring,
1910, planting. I furnish the very finest grade of Genuine Nursery
Stock at as low prices as other responsible firms furnish the earn*
grade of stock. Catalogues ob Application.
R. T. HESEL__06b,
KELOMNH, B.C. P.O. BOX .364;
i Agent for "':'--      „ < ,  Al:V'i A
■ -vW *
..77. O"
<y 7/U
A->f "
s not only an art, it is al
a business, whichJ to
ecute promptly and at a
reasonable price, requires
a complete modern plant,
handled by experts.
* \jtTi*
^"^ L
T     \|
- -I
A 1.   .1
/\ncnis is~ac~your ser-^
vice, and we can promise'
you a pleasant surprise
-»"   ' i '-*-4J «t*^-   • '".
when you place your fteStt,
order with us.
'    _
• JiJ?|
job pimn;
,Vj I
- i:/I
T Vtg
' V*»J
fti^$_____£_M The 0rehaf&$i jsji7R1-C 6 r<£7f7-7V
Notary Public,  ;  .
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelowna branch
oftheW.CT.U7      7
b. a. Sc., c. e., d: l. s., b. c. l s.
Kelowna,   B. C,,
Anoc Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks end Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
Office:   Keller Block
7and Dentist
Office at Residence: 2nd House
• _..,.     East of the Club
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
_ 0. Box IM ' 'Phone 06
Office in Dr. Boyce's, Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold on commission.    Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats.   All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Irrigation Engineer.
Assoc Mem. Inst. CE.   Mem. Concrete
Institute.    Late Irrig. Dept. of India and
Cape Colony, and with Central Ok. Co*
Agent for Steel Flumes;        ,   -
KELOWNA^ . Phone88
-Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings.Town and Country Residences
Fire, Life, and Accident
Money to Loan.
Dropsy Induced by Beer Drinking.
Dr. M. H. Parmalee, physician and sur-
gon twelve years in Toledo, says: "The
majority of saloon-keepers die from dropsy,
arising from kidney and liver diseases, induced by beer drinking. My experience
has been that saloon keepers and men
working around breweries are very liable
to these diseases.' When one of those
apparently stalwart, beery fellows is attacked by a disorder that would not be
regarded as at all dangerous in a person
of ordinary constitrition, or even a delicate,
weakly child or woman, he is liable to drop
off like an over-ripe apple from the tree,
you are never sure of him a minute. He
may not be dangerously sick to-day, and
to-morrow he is in his shroud. Most
physicians, like myself, dread being called
upon to take charge of a sick man who is
an habitual beer drinker. The form of
Bright . disease known as the swollen or
large white kidney is much more frequent
among beer drinkers than any other class
of people.''
Insanity Caused by Beer Drinking.
Dr. S. S. Lungren : "The brain and its
membranes surfer (Severely, and. after
irritation and inflammation comes dullness
and stupidity. There is, no question in
my mind that many brain diseases and
cases of insanity are caused by excessive
beer drinking."
Dr. C. A. Kirkley: "Under its influence
the mental powers are more inactive . than
the physical. There is hardly a single
cause that operates more powerfully in
the production of insanity; and not only
that, but it excites the action of other
causes that may be present."
Bright's Disease Due to Beer.
Dr. W. T. Ridenour: "I have no doubt
the rapid spread of Bright's disease is
largely due to beer drinking. I have always believed that Bayard Taylor fell a
victim to the German beer that he praised
so highly. , He died of Bright's disease at
fifty, when he should have lived, with his
constitution, to a ripe old age. He'went
just as . beer drinkers are . going all the
time anc everywhere."     ,
Dr. C. A. Kirkley : "I believe that forty-
nine out of fifty cases of chronic Bright's
disease are directly produced by it. I have
never met with a case in which the patient
has not been intemperate to a -greater or
less degree. The proportion may.be too
high, but that is certainly my experience.
Mr. Christian, a celebrated author, states
that three fourths to four-fifths of the
cases met with in Edinburgh. were in
habitual drunkards."
Beer Drinking Produces Rheumatism.
Dr. W. T. Ridenour: "Beer drinking
produces rheumatism by producing chronic
congestion and ultimately degeneration of
the liver, thus interfering with its function
by which the food is elaborated and fitted
for the sustenance of the body."
Dr. S. H. Burgen : "AH beer drinkers
have rheumatism, more or less, and no
one can recover from it as long as he
drinks beer.. Notice how a beer drinker
walks about stiff on his heels, without any
of the natural elasticity and spring from
the toes and ball of the foot that a healthy
man should have. That is because the
beer increases the lithia deposits about
the smaller joints."'      7'-.
Beer Cripples the Liver.
7 Drl S. H. Burgen: "The first effect on the
liver is to congest and enlarge it. Then
follows a low grade of inflammation and
subsequent contraction .of- the capsules,
producing 'hob-nailed' or drundard's liver,
the surface covered with little lumps that^
^ This
News of the Churches
'..   7 7   -ANGLICAN. 77777-77
St. Michael and AH Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays iri" tKe
month at 8 a.m;j second and fourth Sundays; after ,
Morning Prayer.        ,        '"'i:  .7
Litany on the first and third Sundays.      -
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock;   Evening Prayer": at
.    7 ;    7:30.  . ''^7:7
REV. THOS. GREENE. B. A.. Rector.v7:v
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at It a.m.; evening services at 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. H. WRIGHT, Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, EUice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 12:15 p.m.   All welcome.
The Baptist Church of Kelowna
have extended a call to the Rev.
D. E. Hatt, who is at present general missionary for British Columbia, and who is well-known for his
clever Drummond recitals. Mr.
Hatt occupied the pulpit at the
Baptist Church last Sunday and
the Church has decided to invite
him as supply for the next three
The Baptist Church has just been
made the subject of a handsome
donation from Mrs. Alfred Postill,
one of the old-timers of the district,
in the shape of a beautiful oak
pulpit and three chairs. The pulpit arrived last week and was in
use for the first time last Sunday.
look like nails on the soles of shoes,
develops dropsy. The congestion of the
liver clogs up all the springs of the body,
and makes all sorts of exertion as difficult
and labored as it would be to run a clock,
the wheels of which are covered with dirt
and gum." '. .. 7
E_ *   __ '"
SiK-t *■$)'! f
&?. in
p$*«. s«7
Diamond Buying
Diamond Buying is not done every- day
therefore the more reason why one should
know,.what they are about when selecting
a Diamond.
We have just received from Montreal the-
largest assortment of Diamonds ever
brought into Kelowna. They are certainly very fine.
By buying in such quantities we can offer
even better value that ever before.
Should we not have a suitable setting in
-I stock we can make up what you want at a:
-•few hours notice.
.W«;make a specialty, of resetting and
making over Diamond Rings and Brooches
The Diamond Specialist
Beer Drinking and Longevity
.The president of theConnecticet Mutual
Life Insurance Company—one of the oldest
in the country—has for years been investigating  the   relation  of .beer drinking  to
longevity;   or .otherwise,   whether   beer
drinkers are desirable risks for a life   insurance company. s -.
He declared, as the result of a series of
observations carried on among a selected
group   of   persons    who   were   habitual
drinkers of beer, that although for two or.
three years there was nothing remarkable.*
yet presently  death began to strike, and
then the mortality became astounding and
uniform in its manifestations.
There was no mistaking it; the history
waa almost invariable; robust, apparent
health, full muscles, a fair outside, increasing weight, florid faces; then a touch of
cold or a sniff of malaria, and instantly
some acute disease, with almost invariable
typhoid symptoms, was in violent action,
and ten days or less ended it. It was as if
the system had been kept fair on the out-'
side, while within it was eaten to a shell,
and at the first touch of disease there was
utter, collapse, every fibre was poisoned
and weak.
' And in its main features, varying in degree, has been his observation in beer
drinking everywhere. It is peculiarly
deceptive at first; it is thoroughly destructive at the last   -
Huge Scheme of Profit Sharing.
W. H. Lever, M.P., the chairman and
principal propiietor of the great soap
manufacturing firm of. Lever Bros., Limited, of Port Sunlight, near Liverpool, explained to a meeting of 2,000 work people
at Port Sunlight the scheme of co-partnership certificates, to be distributed among
the employees of over five years' service
in annual allotments.
His speech explaining the scheme in
detail was received.with tremendous enthusiasm, and at its conclusion the whole
2,000 rose and joined in singing "For he's
a jolly good Fellow."
A Case for The Doctor.
Husband: Our_ttle boy is sick, doctor,
so please come at once.
Physician:' I can't get over much under *
an hour. !•
Husband: Oh, do doctor. You see, my
wife has a book on "What to Do Before
the Doctor Comes," and I'm afraid she'll
do it before you get therel"
Royal Hotel
Pacing the Wharfe.
Rates $1 per day.
j: B.. WHEELER, Prop
Everybody knows through expenV
ence and repute that we selUGood
Goods at Cheap Prices.
- - - Try Our Cocoas for Breakfast - - -
We have
<: -     .,7  ; a _
Fry's Baker's Van Houten's
Cadbury's Bournemouth's
These are Reliable Goods and are both stimulating ■"
and nourishing.      f ^
DIAMOND Brand Jams and Marmalade
15c. per Bottle. 7;  ~
We have a heavy stock of seeds and can give you cheaper
prices than anywhere in town. . Try us and be,convinced.
We have just received direct a large shipment of Hundey
& Palmer's Biscuits.   Fresh from the factory. s v >s;
SOAPS - - Royal Crown and White Swan
Four Packets for 90c.
Six Bars Golden West Soap 25c.
  " i. v
The Latest Thing in Milk Chocolate
Lucerna in Lemon, Banana, and Pineapple flavors
10c. per Cake
Do not forget that Our Bread is
\"_i   2
In the town.
Phone your orders to No. 35
_77*    t
'..  *.
j^,-?' /,';'
7, 1'
t      1       "-v. .«•>
„%, .I*, i■i^r.iiiif,.' p-V    .- -.i l^-^A'^ ,"**-. >v; *-7-^7?^r'' \ '
"(   7.q ~-   v v i   ~*    " <■
">, V"-!
^ * ^77
'^7V77, "-' A^-'^-'^^A  i  . '>'i,^^A '•77"i;.Sf_*r-.
\,    -f:    --*   '7-r x . ■', 7- *■' a- wi"
1' '
I?   '-" '
Thursday ;-Meryl8        ; ^
,   The, Orchard City Record
'on't Loose
any peopte
two or three tweeds
at this time of the
year.    .They  Are
i   down!  and
out of sorts."
You cannot work
unless you are well.
Little is accomplished
and time is wasted.
The proper reme-
will double your
The   remedy  that
helps most people and
* will   probably   help
you is 7
agrees with everyone,.
pleasant to' take, and •
you do not have to wait
long for results..
P; ns .CO.
J. -   . - ' .1 ,    . •     ■*
,       .-—- .
Kelowna,. - B. C >
Wholesale and Retail    "
''Bntehor." '
Cattle, Sheep and Hone
^Daalen •
LiLadies'lahd -_^_^~
: Gents* Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
' promptly attended* to.
Long "Death Roll From'Tornado'in
;- Arkansas.
A terrible tornado is reported o have
swept Arkansas, resulting in the death of
thirty or more people and a large number
of injured, and the loss of over a million
dollars worth of property.     \
A Hundred Scotch Lassies for
Mrs. Helen Sanford, superintendent of
the Winnipeg Girls' Home of Welcome,
left last' week for Scotland with five
thousand dollars, provided by Western
farmers. Her object is to bring over about
a hundred girls for work in Canada. Mrs.
Sanford has'already been the means of
bringing out a great many old country
domestics for service over here and has
always been successful in finding them
comfortable homes.
Shot for Slapping Highwayman.
Jennie Ried, 22 years old, of Baltmore,
was murdered last night by a highwayman
at Mount Washington, a residence suburb.
She and J. Meuller, to whom she was engaged to be married, were on the way to
visit friends at Mount Washington, and
according to Meuller's statement, left the
car at South avenue. When they,,had
walked half a block, and were in a lonely
place, they were stopped by a man1, who
levelling a pistol, called for their valuables.
Mueller says he gave up what money he
had, and then the highwayman desired a
necklace worn by Miss Ried. Her reply
was a slap in the face, upon receiving
which the man fired, the bullet striking
the girl behind the left ear. She was
carried into a nearby house, but death
had been almost instantaneous. The
highwayman disappeared.
Alleged to Haoe Stolen From Fernie
Relief Fund.
, Herhert G. Lockhart has been arrested
at Moncton, N.B., charged with having
stolen $900 from the Fernie Relief Fund.
1 -The Manufacture of Cider.
The following is an extract from a recent
bulletin' issued by the Inland Revenue
Department,' and may be of interest to
apple-growers:' / :
"The manufacture of cider has not received the attention which it deserves; and
this,_ is especially true bf Canada. /The
apple crop of Canada is stated as 18,626,186
bushels for 1901. It is capable of,great
increase; and the manufacture' of cider,
under proper conditions, may become a
great industry in Canada. That the world's
market for cider is not fully supplied
appears from the fact that dried apples,
cores and parings are regularly shipped
from the United States to France, to be
used in the manufacture of a low quality
of cider, in spite of the fact that France is
itself the largest apple-producing country
of the world . The annual production of
cider in France is 647,000,000 gallons.
' Fighting Red Tape With a Gun.
An exasperated settler from Indiana
held up a switch crew at Emerson, Man.,
with a gun. W. J. Veitch bound for Saskatchewan with a car of. horses and settlers' effects was unloaded at quarantine'
yards and was delayed so many hours by
the crew and quarantine regulation to the
point of exasperation, until he took command of the Canadian Notthern line and
held Engineer Sinclair of the switch crew
to get his car spotted.
He was up before Magistrate Whitman
and Mayor Hamilton this morning, and
pleaded guilty to the hold-up, stating that
persuasion had failed and being in desperate straits, having only $39 dollars and
his,family on the road to meet him, he
had to do something desperate to get
what he wanted.
The magistrate, after consultation, said
as the gun had got him in trouble it would
be confiscated and let Veitch off on suspended sentence. The magistrates agreed
that the quarantine .regulation and other
such delays as he 'had experienced were"
somewhat exasperating.
Canada's Maritime Interests.
.The annual report of the Canadian
marine department for the last fiscal year
shows that the total number of new vessels
built and registered in the Dominion during the year was 392, measuring'38,410
tons register, with a total estimated value
of $1,728,450. The total number of vessels
on the register books of the Dominion at the beginning of last year was
7,528, measuring 698,688 tons. The number of steamers was 3,007, with a gross
tonage of 471,795 tons.
In respect to total registered tonage Canada ranks tenth among the maritime
countries of the world.
Forty-seven sail and steam vessels of
6,334 gross tons were built in the United
States, and officially numbered during the
month of February, according to a report
by the bureau of navigation of the department of commerce and labor.        ;
The distribution of these vessels in the
various water, where they will be put in
service, is as follows: Atlantic and gulf,
25 ; Pacific, 11; great lakes, I ; western
rivers. 10. " -J "
Six of the vessels are of steel construction, while the others are built of wood.
Why the Chinese are Successful
Toronto Doctor's Strange' Wish.
. In the will of Dr._ Daniel Young, of
Toronto, who _ died' on February 22nd,
there has been found this peculiar clause:
"1 will that upon my death and before my
burial, my heart and arteries shall be filled
with a composition made of resin and
olive oil, heated together, or some combination that becomes solid on cooling and
-used warm enough to remain liquid sufficiently long  to fill the heart and  arteries
..._!! ..
._j .1	
ulva   »t>V*t   f/_
To Get
7    S      . "•
Good Bread
You must use
The Best'dn the market is   ,
made by __e l_akej'of.1They\
f'Woida'MUI_ag _£_*■''^
Try it and you will always use it
7 We also have a full line of ^
, / General-?Groceries and 7,'
7        Choice Candies'. . *   v
\ Try our JVavel Oranges at 40c.
'; '     &_ ; f'>: 'fa doz. ^li;t*f r
New Lemon, and Bananas just in
liquid to the solid state, and a 'regular
physician shall perform the said task of
Physicians are of the opinion that
Young feared burial alive and knowing
that such an operation aa he requested
would necessitate not only opening the
heart, but that it would insure death.
A Nets Sport—Harmless Duelling
Wax bullets were used recently in a
duel af the New York Athletic Club. The
combatants, Eugene Pitou and Dr. Edward
Fowler,' standing 60 feet apart, each were
hit just below the shoulder, but neither,
of course, waa injured; although the marks
of the little pellets were plainly visible on
the garment specially worn, for the contest.
The bullets, which are the first importation
to this country from, France, were fired
from'the regulation French duelling pistol
of 44 calibre, -Considerable interest was
taken in the novel spectacle, and the new
sport promisea to be popular.
Weyburn Settler'Found Dead.
Fred Stetler, residing twenty miles northeast of Weyburn, waaTound dead, in his
shack on Wednesday morning by a neighbor. -A coroner was called, who decided
that it was not necessary > to hold .an inquest. ' An examination showed that there
was no evidence of violence'.'"-The de-
ceased was exceedingly fleshy, weighing
300 pounds.,' Death wa»*_ue to heart
failure. ' Ho had ;bcen dead about two'
days when, found." He was bathing at the
time of his demise,'. . •
A bill'has ' been ' brought before the"
Senate,. providing, for the spending of
$9,000,000 -ort-the -improvement of San
Frandscp har_b_r7 7 ,i', 7 '        -    '
'. * ."\.r i" ... i
They have latent power . . . .that is
why I believe in them. They play poker
well,   for  instance—play  it  like   fiends.
That. becaus it fits them. Strange to
say, of all the trash we've put up to them,
the game of draw poker is the only thing
that fits the_Chinese character at every
turn." It's as if they had spent all these just
to perfect themselves for that game. It appeals to them .... it's philosophical, it's
got sense. And so they play it, inscrutable
smiling with pleasure in their hearts.
I've spoken this way because I feel that
even with you there remains an inborn
prejudice against his race. He's yellow,
his skin is yellow. Well, I admit it. But
living as I have along the coast, I've grown
into 'boundless respect for - these yellow
people that you talk about. They have
the strongest racial tendencies in the world;
they are the m6_t absolutely well-knit nation that I know.. Say what you-will, their
individual characteristics are tremendous.
I mean along the line of racial power.
Nothing can touch them.   They throw
vu thd-WCn—a1_£* GUr   TcugiOn-anu-Cirii!
ation aa instinctively as you'd throw ofl a
man that was trying to suffocate you. They
don't want 'em 1 They have a code of
their own. By heavens 11 give them credit
for seeing the grave faults,in our civilization .... and, anyway, it's utterly unfitted for their needs. The results are too
plainly written, and they must know beyond a question that we white men haven't
got any thing that will last very long. Progress, progress I where has it ever led to
but the grave > We teach our children
how deplorable it is that China has lain
'dormant for thousands of years; to me it's
one of the wonders of the world that she's
been able to. with every little religion and
philosophy and vice in our category knocking at her doors.
- .Isn't that the Caucasian all over, though
think of the insufferable conceit of it I The
minute he thinks anything, or learns anything, or even dreams anything, hurry up
and tell it to the next man—babble about
it, disseminate it, spoil it, run'it'into the
ground, cram it down somebody's throat
who doesn't want it, but for goodness sake
never keep it to himself to' live and thrive
by I ' No wonder the Chinese laugh to see
us'running about on such wild missions,
they know so well that even in our country
the charm doesn't always work: They've
seen how inconsistent and irresponsible
our own Government and religion and
ethics are, And they laugh, as an old man
laughs at a boy I—Lincoln Colcord in 'The
American Magazine." > ,
Schoolmaster; "Jackson, I don't believe
you've studied your geography."—
Young Jacksont,"No, sir. I heard pa
say the map ofthe world was changing*
every day, and I thought, I'd wait a few
years till thing. ^ aittlid." -" "
i,ljr A    •
W7ITH  Kelowna winning the highest awards at the different Fruit
"v   Exhibitions, this district will receive considerable atten_on£from
homeseekers and investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States and
Great Britain	
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit- Lots, ready for planting
next spring, in the centre of a beautiful valley.
- r-t •* - ^
In our Woodlawn Sub-division, betwreen Richter
and Ethel Streets. Prices, $250 and upwards,
on easy terms. /     .
Central Okanagan Land& Orchard Co.
»- t, _
-   -,
Marine Engines
"Standard of the World"
_ Most races at British Columbia
-inland regattas were won with
the "Fairbanks-Morse"Engines
last year, although the "Fair-
, banks-Morse" is by no means'a
" "freak'' speed engine, lasting
a few hundred miles only.
Our 1909 large marine catalogue is out and yours for the
asking. It contains highly interesting information on our latest
types and up-to-date motor boat
fittings, and it is worth investigating.'
Vancouver,,       -        B. C
7,7  ? or
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
A Lime-Sulphur Solution
This Spray has been tested at all the principal
experiment stations and is recommended as one '
of the Best Sprays on the market.
The Yakima Valley Fruit & Produce Association
says:* "There is Nothing Better."
We have also reliable testimonials from several of the, ,„
largest   fruit growers   in Washington, Oregon and'
British Columbia.
■ ... Sold by   ■     •   , , .   .       . -'-;""
A     Hardware CV_    ^   '
All kinds of suitable Spray Pumps; Nozzles, et^ iiilstodc,
' ■I11,'1]..
" >  -><_»••« -i.tmiwt * i_j. !.}«_&
Importer and Dealer in all hinds of
•   7        < >^-<    <
Agricultural Implements, Wagons, and
f       . \H ...
...    j. ^
-  ■■* .    * i'
Headquarters for *
Horse Blankets & Robes
Also Poultry Supplies including Be»f" ^^|.i
La V
,4 ■    ., *' I
j   TV       '       ~i '
i:' "■ .
'$'A'; r
?■<: -'a-\
i 7VW-
J  1>:-;_il
l .^>'7. r. i
fl\i'<7-. *.'■
L^f-W _
if' V V'?-1.- _
i». _!
Scraps, Dried Green Bone/ Sea Shell       v^§
■>   u
* 7     A-V:    J
.7 ^   .   > .   '
, Warehouse on BarnardTloeniie, Keloi-tfajaB. !§«_*&
 'im, j, 11   n   ,11)11    i|^u        lijlViUiiutVh.iiilii^W^Mlfeillj, '.  ^$M
i, ,.     .*•..■   7 ...j\lii„ .:i; '7.'i i v*fV <v>^^_____________l ■:'*').;■';
the Orchard Ciityrtecord
and Orchard Co.,
Haoe for sale the folloto ing oarieties:
Jonathan,    Northern Spy,
Wagner,     Mcintosh Red,
Wealthy,    Yelloto Newton,
Spitzenberg, Duchess,
Yearling Trees,   ^
Clean, Well-grown Stock.
Buy at Home and Sace Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fast.
7        '  ■ "
K.L.O."Office, Leon St, or
Manager's Office, atOrGhard.
J. A; Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,    10  Lawrence Ave.
BelleDue Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation oh the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
Kelowna Sfcaving
HAIR-CUT.        ::        ".   "    -
J. BOUCH, Proprietor
D. W. Crowley & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton
Wholesale & Retail Butchers]
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our  prompt  attention
to mail orders
'Phone  12   ■'-;■;■■'
Mr. W. Haug returned Friday
from the Coast, where he has been
during the past week.
Mrs. T. Lawson went up the
Lake Saturday on a visit to Armstrong.
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, of New
Brunswick, are in town looking
round with the intention of settling
The Rt. Rev. John Dart, Bishop
of New Westminster, was amongst
the arrivals by Monday's boat.
•   Mr.  and   Mrs.   Lloyd-Jones   returned Monday from the Coast.
E. H. Thompson, of Grenfell,
Sask., who has been staying here
for some time past, returned home
Tuesday morning.
Mr. Blair, of Enderby, who has
been visiting at the home of Mr.
A. S. Cox, left Tuesday.
The brother of Mr. J. W. Wolse-
ley, of Rutland, arrived this week
with a car of settlers effects to take
up residence here.
Mr. J, H. McArthur, of Clares-
holm, Alberta, has come in with
the intention of settling upon the
land which he has recently acquir-
from the Central Okanagan Land
and Orchard Company.
M. J. H. Middleton went^ up to
Salmon Aim by Monday's boat.
His marriage to Miss Stewart is to
take place there this week.
Mr. E. A. Barnaby who was
married recently at Vernon, to
Miss Munro, has returned with
his bride to South Okanagan.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. D. Russell,
have returned to Rutland from the
Old Country, where their marriage
took place.
Mr. and Mrs. Seddon, of Short's
Point are visiting here  this  week.
The regular quarterly meeting of
the Ladies' Hospital Aid Society,
will be held in Raymer's Hall on
Saturday, April 3rd., at 3:30 p.m.
Mr. and Mrs. Cole - returned
Wednesday from a trip south to
California for the winter.
The NewEdfeon Phonographs .—
Playing the 2 and 4 minute Records. AIso a full line of Attachments
for same. Anyone wishing to have the 4 minute attachment put on to
mold machine can have this done Free of Charge.
Aiso Agents for the Coliimbia and all other Disc J
Subscriptions taken for all Magazines
TKe New 1909 Diaries can now be had in all sizes
V   Stationery and Office Supplies
• Choice Chocolates constantly kept on hand
Now is the time to buy your 7
Canning varieties a speciality.    Send for
catalogue of Seeds and Fruit Trees
Rosefield Nursery, Gellatly, B.C.
Geo. E. Ritchie
Plans and Estimates
on application.
Box 106      Kelotona.
i **   If-
ii ft i
::: PICKLES and SAUCES :::
,*;...      /■*.,'
15 ■<»
to „;,
if T K.f 1
..■     HND   FEED.
--.   Bee Stings and Rheumatism
Whether bee stings are an effective
remedy for rheumatism, as has so often
been asserted, seems to be a matter of
widespread curiosity. Perhaps the most
conclusive report is that of Dr. Tere, of
Marburg, Styria.'y In. twenty years this
physician has used bee stings in more than
700 cases, and has found that three or four
operations give immunity to the pain and
swelling from the stings, and that a single
treatment may cure rheumatism, although
old cases may require hundreds of stings.
Believing that formic acid is the active
agent, Dr. Lamarche has tried hypodermic
injections of this substance on rheumatic
patients with good results. As this theory
does not seem to be conclusively established, however, Dr. Walker is inclined to
attriubute the curarive action to a neutral-
isating of the rheumatic poison by some
'special toxin introduced by jhe bees.
Test games are being played by
the members of the chess club,
with a view to deciding the handicaps in the forthcoming tournament.
The marriage is announced of
Miss Carrie Ellen Dilworth and
Herbert Lome Fleming, at the
Methodist Church on Tuesday,
March 23rd.
Born to the wife of Mr. Eddy of
Peachland, Monday, March, 15, a
Mrs. G. Rowcliffe returned Monday from a few days visit to Armstrong.
Mr. Allan Wilson is putting up
a fine new residence on Richter
Those'who were priveleged ■ to
hear the Jubilee Signers on their
visit to Kelowna last year will be
glad to know that they will be
here again from April 14th to 16th.
An alarm of fire startled the
people of the-town on Monday
morning shortly after seven
o'clock. The new fire brigade
valliantly turned out in anticipation of a chance to distinguish
themselves. The fire however
turned out to be nothing worse
than a chimney at the house of C.
G. Clement which had developed
a crack under the roof, allowing
the smoke to escape under the
shingles, The only damage done
was the cutting of a hole through
the roof to locate the source of
the trouble.
Surgeon-Major Schoof, the distinguished lecurer and traveller in all
parts of the world, has arranged to
visit Kelowna at the ■ beginning of
April. On Sunday. April 4th., he
will preach in the Methodist Church
and on the following Monday and
Tuesday, he will lecture under the'
auspices of the Epworth League on
" Hunting Fields, Diamond Fields,
and Battle Fields of Three Continents." He will also lecture at the
Mount View Church on Wednesday.
A Shamrock Tea was given on
Wednesday in aid of the Hospital
by Miss Anna Knight and Miss
Fanny Copeland, at the residence
of Capt. Knight, and. proved a
great success. # The house was
beautifully decorated with shamrocks and ferns, and dainty refreshments were served. The
popularity of the young hostesses
was shown by the largeness of the
receipts which' amounted to about
twenty dollars.
Dr: Sawyer, principal of Summer-
land College is preaching at the
Baptist Church on Sunday.
The pile-driver hasbeenatworks
for the last few days placing the,
piles for the' new box factory. * '
The Rt. Rev. John Dart, =D.D.,
bishop of New Westminster, held
a confirmation serviee at the English Church , on Monday night,
fifteen candidates presenting themselves for confirmation.
Building' operations are , now
getting into ,full swing, and new
houses are going up all over the
town. There are signs of a marked development along Ellis Street
this spring, .three .new houses
being already in construction there
and several (others will ;be commenced in a few weeks time.
The Rowcliffe Block is under-;
going still further improvements,
the Rowclifie Bros, .-being now
busy fitting up the east half of the
ground floor in fine style' for the
display of a carload of buggies,
etc., which they expect .will be
here in about ten days. -
A large gang is now at work on
the new livery' which is being
erected for Collett Bros.: The new
building, which is to be of cement,
will provide room for about fifty
stalls, in addition to loose boxes,
buggy accomodation, etc.
The performance of^ "Monte
Cristo" which is booked for the 24th
of this month, is to be the last one
held in the old Raymer Hall, which
is to be either pulled down ^ or
moved to some other , site during
the next week or ' two. The''new
opera house ,is" being py-hed forward, and is to be got ready for
use without delary.
The Enderby Fruit and Produce
Exchange has been. compelled to
go into liquidation, with Mr.-Geo.
R. Ldwes as liquidator. The cause
appears,to be pver the. non^pay-"
ment of $3;000,3ue Jbyjthe Central
Exchange of Revelstoke, this latter
institution is, we'understand, making an , assignment.—Armstrong j
Advertiser.^- ■      — J< •
. The sale of home-made cooking
and candy - which was held in
Lawson's old store on Saturday
last was very successful and the
funds of. the Ladies' Aid of the
Methodist Church, benefited to the
extent of $22.
Mr. Jas. Harvey, Mr. G. Rose
arid. Mr. Willits have been appointed on the Parks Committee in conjunction with Aldermen Ball and
Bailey, with the Mayor as chairman.
The following are the amounts and value
of imports from Canada in January:
Cattle, 4284, £71.129; wheat, 949,300
cwt, £405.005; flour, etc., 113,000 cwt,
£62,345; peas, 9460 cwt., £4333 ; bacon,
35,710 cwt. £95,987; hams, 2607 cwt.,
£6852; cheese, 42,015 cwt, £123.038;
horses, 12,600.
Indignant Artist (in studio, after rather
severe criticism): "You talk about a picturel
Why, man, you never painted onel How
on earth do you expect to know one?"
Candid Friend; "But, my dear friend, I
know a bad egg when I see it, and I never
laid onel"
A colored woman of Alexandria was on
trial before a magistrate charged with inhuman treatment of her offspring. Evidence was clear that the woman had severely beaten the youngster, aged some
nine years, who was in court to exhibit
his battered condition. Before imposing
sentence, .his honor asked the woman
whether she had anything to say. "Kin I
ask yo' honoh a question?" inquired the
prisoner. • The judge nodded affirmatively.
"Well, then, yo' honah, I'd like to ask yo*
whether yo' was ever the parent of a
puffectly wuthless cullud chile?"
Wishes to announce, tbat he is opening a
Photoeratohic Studio
In thejiowcliffe Block
About MAY 1st
Twenty-five years' experience in Portraiture has enabled htm to attain
success in this branch.  The latest mounts' will,be kept in stock- _
*i *«
Dr- Mathison will be at Summer-
land, from March 25th toAprill5th.
■\ ,
Mr. Marsden, having retire, from the
firm1 of Mcjannet, Marsden & Hall, all ac-
counts owing by and to them will be paid
and received by the undersigned.
■«.:"-',, 7   7 >. -„       . ': .7 •".
===================== Lire,   bickness,
We only represent the     Pl&te GlaSS.
Strongest (_>mppni-8: '
/.oyal,. Guardian, Sun, Law. Union, Adas,
London & Lancashire,    Confederation Lifer i'~- '
7 ■■'VC.-7'.'
._..>   >____.____
____ ji^FhV ttskJoFi^e i«tpert ;wKo TenS ravpurt'
7; Jf otheirithinjgs aiod OT^ms^wasjestjdyi
j to g_j _qck/oinet 7E ses there goin to lap
quite a bit 'o the mop. dug up this year."o.
noo roads laid <Io'wn in their  places  ef 'e
'. _in_Rd[y,z8--_- ^o dirt .& men tp _.«_povel
i» it round.   We cud menshun  a  few  men
'"" who wouldn't know  the  road 'ome  from
ttwb'_n JBatterdy .mtev e. Mitw jest had a
fr^'^d^Iviparpa|J«;arp^nd.     ,
-vV%!f cuf^dp wj't^ou* 'seventeen ^brijes
up. the Dry .Valley, Road to get across some
'' o'the gufiies till V _s Hi_» to nlK'em in.
_ * *
"   ,      The roomer that fthe schulemaster at the
-"' Pine Grove _*__e ;waa going to   get 'is
-Swages riz to $100 a month in a pure fab-
'»   rikashun.   I/ave' this on good authorityvas
y the   schulemaster    told    me   'e   started
the roomer 'isself. <. * *■■     t  - . ,
* ^^Ed still -fcepsi _aulin'_ wiod ,&«- haj^- &
I stubble to town &. brings back the male
? regler every^tipje 'e got* to town, wen^he
,   goes twice a week regler so there  ainVno
* kickcomin there. '   ' A . *
* ' Theres no change in the name o the
i Pin Grove Schule since last ri_n* but- we
'. thank Rutland correspondent for his good
'" sejestion. I 'ad thot 'o the name "Simon-
v ian Instichute" meself but ef the kids got
V lost they wouldn't be able to tell anybody
*, what schule they'was strikh-'ifur 'as .that
7-. names kind'o'sientifik anyway,'6c besides
they might think I was gettin "Gay."
^ I  don't think   there   was   a   Soshulist
\ raeetita' in town ^on Satterdy^But enyway
'' Mrs.' Stirling kept to her word & went in
\ with her husband to look after him.   Poor
- George.        »"    {'••> '•*      •«.'
XI The Nelson City Council passed n resolu-
£ tion last week to return to standard time
" ^following .the citizens' 'vote' in' favor of tthat
' move.   At midnight the hands on all,city
_- "clocks were put back«an hour,    r   *■*' •
.,.   :       _ ^       „        _       57
7 "If such a man as Lord Roberts thinks
"? the presence^of 5p,0p0fGerrnans in England
"„    is a  menace* to'that-co-ntry'sur-Iyi, the
%    15,000 Japanese  we 'now, have  an<£ the
* .^ V\v    -1V,K -"' £v'_ 1 -- •' - ■*   _
,<5u many more'who may boinfel toius may be
3" 'considered as a menace to Canada.,^The
race thafdeveloped Ontario^ that oioneered
late iyears;it/; h^i^rtn^«in^Kfieid7 byS the
discoveries' 'mB^j^^^Fi^^ij^citisii:
j3ruyl_i_S;.Sdmelof .'iKeMflniayUbV) _'iciefl»:
sumrnari8ed as.follows ^;;7;7;5;;'.:-::7:;;:7;-i;^
7:.When'ia'satin finishedfp_per.i- partially
iodi^yapipr^ the par^^t;WM*)? moistened;
allowed to fall on a smooth "finish   pape^,
and to dry, and then the paper  is  dipped
in water,   dried,  and  exposed   to  iodine
vapor, the  places where the 'first drops
fell can be distinguished.      s j i
If a paper on which erasures h'ave been
made is .exposed,, to iodine vapor, the
roughened surface takes a- different tint
from, that portion'which"'has not been
tampered with. t
If tBe erasure' has' been lightly made,
only the ink or pencil lead .being J rubbed
away, and the mark left in 'the fibre of the
paper, iodine vapor causes the writing to
reappear/' This is because wherever the
paper has been roughened, more iodine
is absorbed than by a smooth surface.
This test is effective within three months
after the making of the alteration."  '
The discovery of the action of iodine on
partially moistened paper led to Bruylant's
discovery of its "action on a partially
roughened surface, and to his invention of
a system of invisible writing by using a
glass point dipped in water, this tracery
becoming viaiblelwhen exposed to iodine
V,aP°r*   s      '"    ' LA' • !    "     ' -
' "" •
Frederic  Clarke and Excellent
,. Company in' "Monte Gnato."'
Launches, Marine Erigineaf,' A
Batteries,^ Spark Cdils^^*- 7;
Stationary Gasoline Engines,.]
Spark PlugsiiOils, Grease, '::
and all accessories.
Agents for ^_
"Ferro" Marine Engines
"Caille" Perfection Marine Eng.
" Fleur de Lis ".Dry Batteries
Electric Motors and Dynamos
REPAIRS ol all descriptions done by experienced hands.
k}}tyAA -:VA'T'rfy
The quality c>f paper- is good
and byr pricmialfei|ight. /",
/.' -'"'-...-(..;'''.*
W. R.7Tr-ilim
J>'_1-.-/ ' ...
c. V
Druggist and StHboner 7' »'< "j  /<i^,.,Vj ?>
: .- i-.r^o      -.- :fa7.77^^^j- „^r 4.~ ,'^r{*Jc^'<
''" -1'    Canadian Club.
v     i«Ji*v>^->- y-r^- ■<"
-The offering at the Opera House 'on
Wednesday, March 24th will be "Monte
Cristo" the great French drama by Alexandre Dumas. This piece will be presented by Frederic Clarke and a company
of Sterling plays. The piece is splendidly
staged and the Company is well balanced.
Mr. Clarke is a leading man in his profession.and'holds, tut assured position in
theatrical circles, throughout the States as
.well, asf Canada, "l^onte ^Cristo" is the
strangely Jthrilljng story of two jovers' turbulent lifc^during jhe 18th ' Century at a
time'when romance-was'in the atmosphere,
and heroic - deeds were commonplace.
Qumas', great drama will be produced "the
same here'as "in the .large cities' of the
United States., «MessrsrWillis & .Cosg'rove
take great pleasure in offering this play
to the Western'-Canadian Theatre 5 goers,
and feel they" will appreciate their 'efforts
in this charming production of "Monte
CriSto."?: Mrs'Clarke asI'/TWCount on
Monte Gristd" holds the audience spell
bound by his artistic protrayal of, this difficult role. Ddn't forget the date, Wednesday .'March _4th.    ' - - ~     , -*•<•* < '„
For The Spring Trade.
Tested stock, seeds .or-' 7
farm, garden, or  con-
.  sercatory, _ rota the best
growers in England,
France, Holland, United -' „
States and Canada. .
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Small f ruits, home groton
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies
Spraying Materials
v Cut FlotDere, etc. , ' if
, 1.0 PageCatalogue Free."
^ Office Greenhouse, and Seedhouse .
3010, Westminster Rd.  :
,'  '     VANCOUVER," B.C:    ''-
Branch Nursery   -  South Vancouver "
"ij'l    J.1.U
A A'
Advertise _i-N The Record f
•-' _ It Pays -   ~ «      ;
' Fruit  Trees,    Orna-'
mental' Roses,   etc.
_   All    stock ^.strictly,
first-class and home
grown. ■
Catalogue Free-
' -    '    Applg> •      -      7
A. E. Boyer:
"-V_'<£C   ,if *~,ji ;jt-. htr:
'I 'I   I . -J
i rtzn.c^U5«—- -'ftt .jfi*?.**,.
•^7    -;U    -        LIMBED. M:ON^p7^}^    V" J
Are extensive growers of all kinds of Fruit Tree*,"oinf"other'Nurr"' "
sery Stock, such as Rosea, Shrubs, and Ornamental Trees, and offer to
planters of Orchards, choice trees, truejo name.: / '
The most pqjerie-ced planters realize'; that younjj trees groijmiin   ■* }
Ontario, under somewhat similar "conditions aapreVailjnthe^Tfitenor pf .
this Province, are the best"1 -^    "   * '•<~fj' '■'■:.: -" ^'^.;i*^^Vj:> k' " *• « '
, We are prepared to furnish "One year old trees,*' on a three year *
old root or a two year old tree on a four year old root.; as desired, at
'prices that will be considered reasonable^
* We grow the Duchess Dwarf Pear very exten_vely,^ir_t<„ _-'bejnjr
used as a filler by a good many planters.-'■■■        '•..■■"•■   •>v'*''.'' *
Our Peach, Apple. Pear, cherry and Plum treea are all of first quality-well grown, wdLrooted.Bad i^ ple««^ro^en^^feiy«^
Thorough cultivation in our Nurseries ensure a splendid rootaystem
which of course is most necessary ma young tree. .'* ,■" ^c-.'J !,
During the past two seasons we have successfully shipped our stock
to all parts of the ProWnccland can guarantee. nt>afactiop^4p j$l our
patrons   ^ '      , . *,
The members of ourjirm are all practical Nuisemuqn. jmAi long,
experience, and they are giving their whole time to this one business,'
constantly overseeing every detail of the work of ^tqwipg, parking,
shipping, etc    The fact is, we live among the trees, watching with
zealous care the development of every acre of our vast plantings.
•-  ' This u a Canadian enterpnae of 25 year* staodipff.-pqcliOtir imputation is behind all our dealings, give us your order ana you will not regret it ^ j     '      ,        i .-)
We want a good reliable man to look after our business' in Kelowna
and vicinity r i ^
Apply for parties lare in nsard to prices and -tenm 4a "aalmmni .to
r British Col__b__xaachi_ficp.^^„ , ^_ 	
^*»^--,-*-v^ -■
rf-v   +^*>*    /■"■«.      f   s>
i^m'--* m£ 7
>   T
> V* r m*
t      ~;
s ^
^ K.S   A.     _
See Our Showing of
; >bi?  New Spring Hats
rUl   ,j    .
i Vf'Ji ,-JS!,*'
.lC4     ^*—
.. •«  'l, i
1 ..,!       ^ .
"~A'. *MnTj«««Bl_ - *■ _ » •
; f-"3i»,i-Sr3ii_<5?Ra&f4e<
-    ",!.,_
£%• values m$Kfr'
^#ar ^ead-^e pay
I ,1
1.    "SJ" "•*    "!» 3S
unit t\ih
vi'ly     ^*
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K :;    TJEffefets at AH Prices
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a_ g _ fVfeep ,$2.ppf ^ ?Ǥ9 .each 7
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ery, high pointed collars.    JIf
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New Lace Curtains for Spring
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, t J_^*,V *v "."'   t,*
»»«'.i   C
. If 1 .,1     -
^»t ■.     _    s » ^j 7'"
An ^7
1 .wi.
.   ,'<7.\
i\ ">
,'   .
. \    tfl)
»it ^
7V /S_t"i- i_i-"' vSs o
The Orchard City ftecord
?What Is Socialism?
i Contributed for The Orchard Cttg Record. .
\f.' »■
Abwinch of the  Socialist\f Party
lof Canada has recently rbeeniform-
'; ed in our midst and we haye been
h duly warned by a certain reverend
! gentleman to beware of the   insid-
\ ious beginnings of this work.    As
I far as we can hear  no steps  haye
I as yet been taken to interfere with
: this;     desperate    organization    of
- desperate men.    In fact the police
haye not even inquired the names
• of the  first place  of business  or
residence.on the list, to  be blown
• to blazes! ' Really to a  Socialist' it
; is depressing .that Kelowna should
beso calldusin the face of. this
new and revolutionary departure in
its civic.life. There seems to us only
*• one solution of this apparent indifference and it is, that the people
of this city are a little better in-
i formed as to. the character of
Socialism than some people would
have us belieye, and therefore' we
will be serious. .      ,    ,-,;;
We have:from time to time seen
definitions of Socialism which can
•i  only be"due to gross ignorance  or
}  deliberate malice.    We have seen
:   it defined as anarchy ; as a system
;* which'which advocates  free- love
and the break  up   of  the  home;
atheism', the Antichrist and so forth.
On the desk before Us lies a copy
of a sermon preached in London,
Eng., on Feb; 14th, by the Rev.
Chas. Voysey, B.A., in which .appears these words:—"Socialism is
the name given to the most
diabolical scheme for the sake of
utter coyetousness and downright
robbery^ inspired by that very envy
and greed which Milton tells us
was the sole cause of strife
heaven itself and which turned
even angels of God into Devils."
A local editor has described it as
"preaching the gospel of discontent
and echoing the wail of the ur.
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
from modern society, and substitute co-operation; would introduce a more perfect and equal
distribution of the products of labor, and would make land and
capital as instruments of production, the joint possession of the
There are many divergent views ( __	
as to the working out   of   the   de-1 poR SALE-^-About forty hens for sale,
in I tails of   a  Socialist  state  such   as I    Apply. T. A. HARD1E. (
"  have been propounded by present,    Box 298. kelowna, B. C
day    Socialists    like     Blatchford,
Hardie,   Campbell,   Shaw,   Webb
and Francis Willard, or by   earlier
writers such as Ruskin, John Stuart
Mill, Marsc and Engels,   but   from
FOR SALE—stack of Timothy hay, about
4J tons.    Apply J. Rowcliffe. -   12"
iccessrui. »«"*, ■•""— —— —°	
Without   begging  the   question  our reading of the above mention-
by asking you to accept off hand
our own definition of Socialism let
us turn to the unbiased words of
standard outhorities.
' (The . Encyclopedia Brittanica
says:—The ethics of Socialism are
closely akin to the ethics of Christianity, if not identical with  them."
Websters Dictionary says:—
"Socialism. A theory of Society
that advocates a more precise,
orderly and harmonious arrangement, of the relations of mankind
than that which has hitherto prevailed."
Century"     Dictionary      says:
"Socialism.    A theory or system of
social' organization  whiqh   would
abolish entirely, or  in   great  part,
the individual effort or competition
WAN TED—Ladies Second'Hand English
saddle   in   good   condition,   reasonable.
Apply. Box S 25. RECORD OFFICE
Temperature for Feb. 1909 ;
These temperatures were taken
about fifty yards back-from the
'Listen to Them Coming
"Buggies! Democrats!
I!   Democrats!!"
 These vehicles left Plattsville, Ont., about a
week ago, so they should arrive here within
a few days. The car is coming direct from
those old
Reliable Manufacturers, 'The McKie Co."
Our premises are being better prepared to show
this stock,, and visitors will be welcomed.
ed writers and lecturers we are
convinced that they arc unanimous
regarding the foundation principles of Socialism and could t>ay
in the words of John Ruskin ("Unto I
this last") "Government and cooperation are in all things the laws
of life; anarchy and competition
the laws of death."
The   present   industrial  system
stands for competition and   death;
Socialism is like the voice   of   one
crying in   the   wilderness   for   cooperation and life more abundant.
We would like to deal at length
at some future time with   the  subject    of "Competition   versus   Cooperation" but  in  passing  would
merely call your   attention   to   the
recent conference in  Victoria "between the   Fruit-Growers   and   the
C.P.R.     What  does  it'alb mean,
Mr. Jonathan Grower?     You  are
in business for profit and   in   your
own colloquial language  you   are
indeed "up against it."     The C.P.
R. will from   time   to  time  throw
you a little wheat to keep you from
cackling, but   you   need   not   fear
they will kill you   for   the   golden
eggs.    You, the creators of wealth
will just have to rustle for your food
most of the time and your  friends
may tell you  to "put  your  hands
to the rope   and   plant  your   feet
firm," but it would do you a  great
deal   more   good   if  some   of the
capitalist profit-mongers  who   are
robbing   you    of   your    produce
would put their necks to   the rope
and let  their  feet   dangle.    They
are so depraved however by   their
lust for  gain   that   they   have   not
even the decency that  Judas  had,
to go and hang themselves.
FOR SALE-.20 acre lots, shore property,
I £ miles from centre of Kelowna, six
roomed cottage, etc , guing cheap, apply,
Box 295, Post Office, Kelowna. lop
FOR SALE—Pure bred Buff-Orpin&ton
Eggs for hatching $3.00 per selling, 2
for $500, 5 for $10.00. 1 invite inspect-
ion of my Birds. "Cook's Strain.' No
other breed kept. Order early I will only
have a limited supply.
A. E. Harrison, Kelowna, Rutland P. O.
 / lo-9p
FOR SALE—Good Clover Hay at $12.
50 per ton and Timothy at $15.00 per
ton. Apply D. McLean, 3 miles east on
Vernon Road.'
4   •■
8 '
In the Matter of the Estate of
J. M. Lang of Kelowna.
«J A WANT AD. in the
Record will bring speedy
SEALED TENDERS. (Tobesupercribed,
"Tenders re J. M. Lang Estate.") will be
received by the undersigned up till
Wednesday, 24th March 1909 for the purchase of the Stock and Fixtures of this
Estate. i .ji
Tenders must b_ accompanied by a
marked cheque for $25000 and terms of
proposed purchase to be stated in the
tender. The highest or any tender not
necessarily accepted. Cheques from unsuccessful bidders will be returned. 'For
Particulars, apply to the undersigned or to
H, J. Perrin on the premises, Bernard Ave.
Kelowna, B. C.
J. F. CHAMBERS, (Assignee)
347 Pender Street,
Vancouver, B. C.        16
Applications  for   the   position   of City
Pound Keeper will be received by the undersigned until April 1st., 1909.
City Clerk.
WANTED By energetic and experienced
Salesman,    responsible    position    with
pushing firm either land or mercantile, i
Box F. Record Office.     15 I7p.
Notice is hereby given that sixty (60)
days after date I intend to apply to the
Water Commissioner, of Vernon, B.C., for
a change in the point of diversion of my
water record on Mission Creek from a point
500 or 600 yards in a South-easterly direction from the Schoolhouse in the Benvoulin
district to a point about one half mile
higher up the said Creek, or 60 or 70 yards
in a South-easterly direction from die
South-east'corner stake of District Lot 126,
Group One (1) Osoyoos Division, Yale
District (late Evett's estate).
Dated at Kelowna, B.C., this 19th day of
February. 1909.
12.21 - G. P. DOLSEN.
than another that has made' this
store popular'for Ladies' 'Shoes
it is their, splendid custom tfyle.^
Expert workmanship, arid .
the vqry finest materials en- ,
ter into the making of'
McPherson Shoes
1       .Ml
FOR RENT—Smalfhouse,   clean  and   in
good repair. -
Box B16 Orchard City Record.     16p
On to my place one -red heifer, about 3
years old. Has right' ear split, and cut
under left ear.    Has been around about two
EGGS FOR SALE—Pure bred White
Wyandotts from a choice pen headed by
an imported bird from J. C. Fishel: $2.50
per 13; Pekin ducks, $2.00 per 13; $10
per 100.
S, C. Cosens, Kelowna. B, C.      16 19p
' arid we give them' year-
round preference, because
of their unusual quality and
value..      . „    ,,    -  .    . -    <
FOR SALE—Smart saddle and drive pony
or exchange for larger horse. * Apply at
Record Office. «
j^-..,       -«,—   -       .    - Tenders will be received by the under-
under left ear.    Has been around about two | 8;gnecl unt;l April 15th., for the building of
months.  Apply A. W. Dalgleish. Kelowna  a brick residence.   A tender for the whole
or for any of the following parts will be
received : Carpentering, Painting, Masonry,
Plastering, Metal Work, Plumbing, Heating
Electric-Wiring.  »,
Plans and specifications may be seen at
the residence of "Jas.   Harvey, on  Bernard
Avenue. ' -     . ._ _
,-,    CHAS. HARVEY." ■*» f   16-8
■.,-.-   -   I_AN_57-_T-. * -   »,-
Dry Goods Department
Phone 314.
diy__ X:7oH
B. _
. \
— •« rA»c ■ »""■ /' '"
Spring Opening.
"A- k^r March \ st we will have on .display alLour
New; Spring Goods.
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
n  .'• -       , -
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
' Box €6 Kelowntt,' B.C.
If you believe correct root-
wear is worth while ^you
can't help but be interested ,
in ■   ' '-'-  "        "
The New Styles
we have ready. - >•"
They have all the snap
and ' superb' 'finish of ,the
latest custom sshoes.       r ,
The Kelqu. na. :,c
Out-ittTng Stored
W J. M. Calder, Prop.
Why pay
r**  ^y*"'-***;!1 wI_____i____I
._i .7
"  •-!r",
■v   u
Ladies' New Spring Coats and Suits.
_,. Ladies' New Spring Blouses,
fenuifacturedfby the ^oKerty Mfg. Go., in all
; j i"mw." ;;   . s   the Latest Styles: -     .
Boots and Shoes In all the Latest Styles and Shapes,
, Manufactured by J. & T. Bell,  Ahies Holden,
and Getty & Scott,
Three of the best makes in Canada.
-    ;era-3tArfull line of all the latest Hats and Caps,
Including the celebrated Hfeniy Carter Stiff Hat,   „
< 'NeW. spring, Clothing in the very Latest'stales & patterns
_n. *^ _-T vnM^e, latest;vthihgs in Dress Goods for    ,.   _
4    ^ Spring,and bummer. -'■
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days after date
I P. R Brown of Peachland, occupation,
mason, intend to apply for the following
described land. Commencing af'a post
planted at South East corner of lot No. 1380.
Thence South 20 chains, thence West -20
chains, thence North 20 chains, thence East
20 chains, to point of commencement and
containing 40 acres, more or less. t
Dated January 19th.. 1909 ' -"l0-l7p
$400 for 50 ft. Building Lots-
when you can buy Half-acre.,
^Lots on Glen Avenue for only I!
These lots are planted in fruit
trees which should be bearing nicely
this year.
Have, a look at these before
buying elsewhere. _, ,
Ai_pli/to E. L^CLEMENT
* Notice is hereby given that all persons
posting notices on the electric light poles
or other Gty property after March 1, 1909,
will be prosecuted.
,     G; H. DUNN,
13tf w       ' City Clerk.
J^Qne^otthe finest, display^ of Laces, Embroideries, and
^immings ever,showh'lh Kelowna! will '"
*u* W 02.V*:... be-shown by us next week.
Public Notice is hereby given that all
persons desirous of having sidewalks constructed under the Local Improvement By-
Law by the City during the current year
must file a Statutory Petition for same
with the City Clerk, on or before April 1st
City Clerk.-
20th Century
}^ED_-.|Builder J
Launches, Sail Boatsj
Ski.-8, Canoes and Scotps
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.
KELOWNA, B.C.       ,'   ■
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
-cutting.Shaving orSKampoor.
—Facial Massage aSpecialtjrj
I Everything disinfected.
Proprietor*  ''     C"
Sutton's Seeds
..-.^^rTomato-Plaiita  i;
>*   ,v Cabbage .plants i
" '•  ' Bedding Plants ^
L   ?JA»pa<agu8 Kootl-
Rosebushes, etc.
;,7H:'%fSOffS I
l/_1^.7i„   ' "A**' l f i r.X.Ln_oii!
i n * .* . .  —______
,4V —
v      i    _W
t *) i r v l f '
^     One Night Only
Wed March 24
*•• .Willis &tCosgrovecrj_e8ent
r Frederic Clarke & Company
,     In a Great Production of
>  'Alexandre Duma*'Great Play
"Monte Cristo"
-   ■       'i >       i.,'   'I.   l :  t , i
Elegant Scenery, Gorgeous Costumes, Great Mechanical and
<  Electrical Effects.    Mail orders will receive prompt
>1   •,     i attention.-       ,-
Positively tno6ne'8eated'*'d^ring
actionjof play. $ ^
-Curtafn rises* at 8.30-harp'v
Prices $1.00 - 75c. -B0c.
Seats oh Said at Willits & Co.
: Greenhouse.
Our New Shirts-for Springand Summer  \     .
have just arrived'and have"been opened"       f,
f?<- • s7>. vxtet rtgid *""    '■
;       upt      v.-,.jux».    .•   .....   v-w».-   ».,»;_ i   ty   :   >        ^
We havd'all .^:New^l^erE_5 j
f^rfthisi 8g^£.™«oH
'  _.r'i
■ .V
$1.00    iiS  ? 4.50
V ),'J .'• -.j' - -IN^FLANNELS^-H t'n ■■ « ./   |
$1.25,1.50,1.75, 2.b0;2.50; 3:0p
See our Shirt Dispay in Window on Saturday    «'i
The House of Fashion .
 "■-    " '■_&*_
i. 1
"V" '"M " 7 \ "
. ? f>A ,HM
„i.i^.!_ »_.*-
1 i    .
,,,.   ,.., <i „.,, X\^. !.;ii,m ,11, , ,ii,li\.,.i,<,ii  »'", i^'.'"M'.:v1''.'..'j r.l'K',.'»..:"   I   j'TJ',,iMiiJ,..fe..iit  i m il imiiiww


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